Blog>> Cross-Post: Behind the Curtain: Understanding the Search and Discovery Technology Stack   
(Also posted in How-To-Guides) “Automagicality” has been one of the banes of knowledge management, and specifically within that, understanding the technologies that go into an effective search and discovery experience, and how different technologies can be combined. Here’s an extended piece describing the elements of the search and discovery stack, and how they work individually and in concert, encompassing search, taxonomy management and text analytics for machine aided classification of content. I want to acknowledge Dave Clarke, Ahren Lehnert, Agnes Molnar, Maish Nichani and Tom Reamy for their insights and advice – though I take full responsibility for the views expressed here. Enjoy! Download article
          How-to Guides>> Behind the Curtain: Understanding the Search and Discovery Technology Stack   
“Automagicality” has been one of the banes of knowledge management, and specifically within that, understanding the technologies that go into an effective search and discovery experience, and how different technologies can be combined. Here’s an extended piece describing the elements of the search and discovery stack, and how they work individually and in concert, encompassing search, taxonomy management and text analytics for machine aided classification of content. I want to acknowledge Dave Clarke, Ahren Lehnert, Agnes Molnar, Maish Nichani and Tom Reamy for their insights and advice – though I take full responsibility for the views expressed here. Enjoy! Download article
          Web Analytics Design Reference – A Must!   
If you’re familiar with the process of web analytics implementations, you are well aware of the efforts and resources that (should!) go into the setup of an analytics measurement tool. As your website evolves and ownership of reporting and digital measurement can exchange hands, you’ll...
          3 Tips for Mobile Email Marketing   
Many industry experts agree: if 10% or more of your digital property’s traffic is coming from smart phones or other mobile devices, it’s time to optimize for mobile. Better get those mobile-optimized email templates fired up because according to a recent statistic from email analytics...
          【シンデレラ5thツアー】静岡公演 ライブビューイングご来場者様アンケートの実施のご案内   
「THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS 5thLIVE TOUR Serendipity Parade!!!」 静岡公演のライブビューイングにつきまして、多くのご来場誠にありがとうございました。       今回、ライブビューイングにお越しいただいた皆様にも是非ご意見ご要望などを頂戴したく 【ライブビューイングにご来場いただいた皆様に向けたアンケート】を実施させていただきたく存じます。 お手すきの際に是非ご協力の程よろしくお願いいたします。         「THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS 5thLIVE TOUR Serendipity Parade!!!」 静岡公演 ライブビューイングご来場者アンケート       実施日時:2017年 7月2日(日) 23時 59分まで ※オープンアンケートにつき、誠に恐れ入りますが今回のアンケートを対象とした粗品のプレゼントはございませんので、あらかじめご了承ください。       【アンケートサイト】         イベントに関する詳細は以下をご確認ください。…
          Associate, Strategy & Analytics - Penn Foster - Scranton, PA   
3-5 years experience required in the area of Business Analytics or related field. The Penn Foster Strategy & Analytics team partners with key business owners...
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          Statistician for Resource Management Planning, Systems Design and Practice   
TX-Dallas, Statistician for Resource Management Planning, Systems Design and Practice You can look at the data, and make sense of it. You notice the patterns and trends where others don’t. You are able to take these discoveries and communicate them to management. This might be the role for you. Our client is looking for an experienced Statistician to support healthcare analytics for a dynamic company. Locati
          IPG Media Brands...   

This could be you (maybe without the baton).

Hi all.

There are a few opportunities to tell you about this week.

The first of them is from IPG MediaBrands. IPG (or the Interpublic Group) has a lot of agencies; this scheme is for their media side.

Here's what they've had to say:

"2012 sees the launch of the UK IPG Mediabrands graduate programme, as we are looking to hire up to 10 graduates on permanent contracts which will start September 2013 in London.
The programme involves a placement in one of the following London-based IPG Mediabrands agencies; UM, Initiative, Mediabrands Analytics or Mediabrands Audience Platform (which includes Cadreon and Reprisemedia).
Through 12 months of media-specific and professional-skills training, our graduate scheme will teach you all you need to know about media, give you the chance to work on high profile clients and give you great opportunities to get yourself noticed within a global media network.

Applications open on 1st November 2012 and close at midnight on 4th January 2013. For more details on what we are looking for and information on how to apply, please read the brochure on our website. Finally, to find out more about the scheme, check out our twitter account - @ipgmb_talent"

Good luck, all. 

          Time Series Insightsを試す(1)   
前回のAzure IoT Suiteに関する記事で出てきたTime Series Insightsの話。

OSISoftのPI Systemみたいなサービスだろうか・・・。

Overview of Azure Time Series Insightsをサラッと読む限り、Stream Analyticsを経由せずに
IoT Hubからデータを取れるみたい。
データソースはEvent hubも指定できます。

2017年5月1日現在、Azure IoT Suiteの「Connected Factory」ソリューションで選択できるリージョンが米国とヨーロッパしかないのは、
Time Series Insightsが提供されいているリージョンが上記のみだからなんですかね。

試しにIoT Hubのデータを見せるよう設定してやると、こんな感じ。
Azureポータル側でIoT Hubに入ってくるデータのうち、時刻データのプロパティ名を指定し、
Time Series Insights側で表示したいデータのプロパティ名を指定するのみ。
一つのIoT Hubに複数のデバイスからデータが上がってくる場合、どのプロパティでデータを分割するかも指定できました。



          Clicktailing & the Irish Export Cooperative   

Clicktailing The Irish Export Cooperative are proud to be a part of the Clicktailing programme run in conjunction with the NDRC (National Digital Research Centre), helping 20 companies to set up an online presence from scratch to launch in just 5 weeks. When they needed help, they asked a number of organisations including the Irish Export Cooperative and our own Chris Gordon for help with developing the Logistics and Shipping modules of this important programme. Applications for the programme are now closed, but here are some of the topics covered over the course of the few weeks. Workshop 1- Photography and styling May 8 – 10th  – Get product styling advice from professionals. – Learn photography techniques that you can do at home. – Work with the pro’s to understand why a good picture can sell a product. Workshop 2 – Design and development                   May 14 – Choose an e-commerce website design for your product – Work with designers to create a professional looking website Workshop 3 Transactions and Marketing                 May 21 – Get your merchant account – Learn about pricing, margins, cost of customer acquisition – Digital marketing how to drive traffic to your site – Online customer service Workshop 4 Logistics May 28 – Packaging, cost considerations, volume, weight and insurance. – Choices, pay per parcel, pay per load, part fulfillment. – Your policy and how to manage returns. Workshop 5 Launch your store       June 4 – Launch your online store – Learn to measure its success with analytics Showcase event – Date TBC We’ll have plenty more details of the course and will be releasing our experiences on working with these brave retailers for the time we are together. The Irish Export Cooperative would like to thank the NDRC with Mark and Fiona for pulling the programme together and making it easier for companies to get the assistance they need to get their shops off the ground!  

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          Senior Analyst, Predictive Modeling & Data Science - BMO Financial Group - Toronto, ON   
Lev. The Advanced Analytics & Journey Science group partners with internal Personal and Commercial Banking Canada partners, and various lines of business across...
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          Analyze your text in R (MicrosoftML)   
This shows how you can analyze your text (text featurization) using MicrosoftML package in R with the simple sentiment analytics example.
          Analyst - Business Management & Analytics - Morgan Stanley - Purchase, NY   
Position Summary: The candidate will report to the Office of the COO and will be responsible for driving and supporting both long-term, strategic initiatives
From Morgan Stanley - Tue, 13 Jun 2017 18:01:24 GMT - View all Purchase, NY jobs
          [آموزش] دانلود Pluralsight Exploring and Analyzing Data with QlikView - آموزش کشف و آنالیز داده ها با کلیک ویو   

دانلود Pluralsight Exploring and Analyzing Data with QlikView - آموزش کشف و آنالیز داده ها با کلیک ویو

زمانی ایجاد داشبورد ها و تجزیه و تحلیل داده ها برای هر خروجی چند ماه طول می کشید، و سرعت تصمیم گیری سازمانی را پایین می آورد اما با کلیک ویو می توان آن را در چند دقیقه انجام داد ...
دانلود Pluralsight Exploring and Analyzing Data with QlikView - آموزش کشف و آنالیز داده ها با کلیک ویو ...

مطالب مرتبط:

لینک های مفید: خرید کارت شارژ, شارژ مستقیم, پرداخت قبض, خرید لایسنس آنتی ویروس, تبلیغات در اینترنت, تبلیغات اینترنتی
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          Guest Writer - Engine Heart - Vancouver, BC   
Has interest in web analytics, community creation, lifestyle. You must live in B.C. To join our content team. Creative and result oriented.... $75,000 - $95,000 a year
From Indeed - Sat, 13 May 2017 22:16:54 GMT - View all Vancouver, BC jobs
          Production Engineer - Clio - Toronto, ON   
You have a strong understanding of basic data analytics, and the ability to work with imperfect information streams (metrics and historical trends) in order to...
From Clio - Thu, 20 Apr 2017 05:56:13 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Data Marketing Analyst - DDB Canada - Toronto, ON   
Data Marketing Analyst The Marketing Analyst will pair their considerable digital marketing experience with skills in data collection and analytics to
From DDB Canada - Fri, 12 May 2017 06:14:51 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Juggle data with training in the top data management tools around — for under $40   

Big data is one of the business world’s most notorious buzz terms these days. In case you’re new to the concept, big data is the mountain of raw output spewed forth from the scads of analytics reports available to most businesses. Production data, customer information, financials – it’s too much information for anybody to truly get their hands around to mine all that data effectively. That’s why you need some powerful software — and a powerful understanding of that software — to get the most from your numbers. You’ll go a long way toward being that numbers person in your…

This story continues at The Next Web
          - Pâtes sauce avocat à l'ail, au citron et au basilic -   


    C'est le printemps !!!!!!!! Enfin en théorie, parce qu'en regardant dehors, c'est pas flagrant... Alors on continue dans la recherche de recettes du quotidien, qui donnent un peu moins la part belle à la viande, qui restent de saison et qui font plaisir. Validée !

Pour deux personnes:

  - Un avocat mûr à point
  - 200 g de pâtes de votre choix (ici des torsades complètes bio à l'épeautre produites dans le département sans emballage, yeah !!!)
  - 2 c. à s. de jus de citron ( Vous pouvez râper finement le zeste pour décorer)
  - 2 gousses d'ail
  - 1 c. à s. de basilic hâché frais ou surgelé
  - 2 c. à s. d'huile d'olive
  - Sel
  - Parmesan

    Faites cuire les pâtes dans de l'eau bouillante salée avec les deux gousses d'ail épluchées. Egouttez en gardant deux ou trois cuillères à soupe d'eau de cuisson. Gardez au chaud.

    Epluchez l'avocat et retirez le noyau. Coupez-le en dés grossiers. Mixez avec les deux gousses d'ail, le jus de citron, le basilic et l'huile d'olive. Si le mélange vous paraît trop épais, ajoutez un peu d'eau de cuisson. Salez à votre goût.

    Mélangez avec les pâtes, râpez un peu de parmesan et saupoudrez de zeste de citron râpé pour la déco. Dégustez rapidement !

          - Pâtes à la courge rôtie à l'ail et à la sauge -   


    Vous l'avez peut-être remarqué, la fréquence de publication sur ce blog est très aléatoire. Et si vous avez suivi les derniers billets, vous devez savoir que je me pose beaucoup de questions (trop ?!) sur ce qu'on mange au quotidien. Alors voilà, pour essayer de tirer tout ça un peu plus au clair, j'essaie de m'organiser.

    Etape 1: Planification des repasIl s'agit d'essayer d'anticiper un maximum pour pouvoir faire les courses au plus juste pour manger le plus frais possible et éviter le gaspillage. Est-ce qu'il est prévu de sortir (chez des amis, au resto,... ) ? Combien serons-nous pour chaque repas (histoire d'évaluer au plus juste les portions) ? De combien de temps est-ce que je dispose pour cuisiner ? Cette phase implique également de garder en tête les incontournables produits de saison. Il est plus facile de créer des menus avec des produits que vous utilisez rarement à la maison en se servant d'internet ou de vos livres de cuisine.

    Etape 2: Les courses
Si vous essayez de réduire vos déchets, la liste de courses que vous aurez établie vous sera très utile. Vous pourrez ainsi prévoir le nombre et la taille des boîtes qu'il vous faut pour vos produits frais.

    Etape 3: Préparation des repas
Facile, vous savez déjà ce que vous allez faire et vous avez tout ce qu'il faut !

    Etape 4: Bilan
Vous avez testé une recette, elle plaît à tous ? Notez-là dans votre petit carnet dédié. Elle vous sera bien utile pour établir vos futurs menus. Ce seront les mêmes produits que vous utiliserez aux mêmes périodes...

Voici donc une de ces premières recettes de cuisine au quotidien. Elle est végétarienne (il paraît qu'il serait bon de réduire notre consommation de viande...) et peut devenir vegan en remplaçant le beurre par de l'huile d'olive et en supprimant le parmesan.

Pour une personne : (à multiplier à convenance)

  - 125 g de courge butternut crue, épluchée et vidée
  - 1 gousse d'ail
  - 1 c. à s. d'huile d'olive
  - 5 g de beurre
  - 6 petites feuilles de sauge
  - 70 g de pâtes semi-complètes
  - Parmesan
  - sel, poivre

    Préchauffez le four th.6/7 (200°C). Mettez une casserole d'eau salée à bouillir.

    Epluchez la courge, retirez les pépins et coupez-là en petits dés d'un centimètre de côté environ. Mettre les dés de courge dans un plat à four avec l'huile d'olive et la gousse d'ail non épluchées. Salez, poivrez. Bien mélanger pour enrober les dés de courge d'huile. Mettre au four pour 10 minutes.

    Lorsque l'eau bout, faites cuire les pâtes al dente. Egouttez-les.

    Au bout des dix minutes, mettre le beurre et les feuilles de sauge dans les dés de courge et remettre au four pour 10 mn.

    A la fin de la cuisson, retirez la peau de la gousse d'ail et écrasez-la. Mélangez l'ail, les pâtes, les dés de courge et la sauge. Saupoudrez de parmesan fraichement râpé et dégustez.

    Recette validée !!!

          - Le MOOC Design Culinaire de l'école Ferrandi sur FUN -

Coucou tout le monde !

    Aujourd'hui, point de recette, ni de réflexion philosophique... Aujourd'hui, je vous propose de découvrir un super bon plan !

    Je ne sais pas si vous connaissez les MOOC ? En anglais, il s'agit de Massive Open Online Courses, soit des cours en ligne ouverts à tous et ... gratuits !!! Lancée par le Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche en octobre 2013, cette initiative vise à fédérer les projets des universités et écoles françaises pour leur donner une visibilité internationale, et permettre à tous les publics d’accéder à des cours variés et de qualité où qu’ils soient dans le monde.

    Il existe plusieurs plateformes de MOOC. Pour ma part, j'aime beaucoup FUN, je me suis également inscrite sur Coursera.

    Vous allez me dire, quel rapport avec la cuisine ?! Et bien, le 27 mars 2015 débute un cours sur le design culinaire dispensé par l'école Ferrandi ! 6 semaines de cours avec en moyenne 3 h d'investissement par semaine. Une évaluation par QCM, la réalisation de travaux pratiques évalués par des pairs et un prix du jury Ferrrandi à la clé !

    Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas le design culinaire, voici le résumé du MOOC: "Nouvelle discipline inscrite dans la modernité des consommations alimentaires, le Design Culinaire est la méthodologie du design appliqué à l’alimentation. Le designer s’intéresse à l’acte de manger dans sa globalité : le contexte, l’espace, le service, la narration, les contenants, les ingrédients, les recettes… Autant d’éléments au service de l’expérience de dégustation. Le designer doit s’attacher à trouver et exprimer toute la cohérence qui existe entre un aliment et ses attributs, entre la forme de la nourriture, son goût et son histoire… Ce MOOC propose aux apprenants une initiation à la méthodologie du Design Culinaire et la pratique d’une réflexion créative sur le matériau alimentaire."

    Alors, vous vous inscrivez? Suivez le lien:

    PS: il existe quantité de MOOC sur des sujets tous plus passionnants et variés les uns que les autres, le tout à votre rythme, alors n'hésitez pas à aller consulter la liste des cours, le plus dur sera peut-être de rester raisonnable sur le nombre de cours que vous souhaitez suivre !



          Bookmarks for June 12, 2011   

Social Metrics Social Metrics is a Social Media Analytics tool you can use to track your WordPress blog performance on popular social networking websites and services. EPUBReader EPUBReader is a […]

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          Associate, Strategy & Analytics - Penn Foster - Scranton, PA   
Manage the information flow and cadence around reporting, specifically providing analysis and insights at the Manager, Team Lead and Agent level in order to...
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          This facial recognition technology could help stop online child trafficking   

Emily Kennedy spent her undergrad years reading child sex-trafficking ads. 

She wanted to understand their ticks: Why was this ad formatted that way? Why did the same ads often have different phone numbers? Kennedy knew that this kind of analysis could unravel at least a portion of sex-trafficking business. And after she graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University, she built a system to do just that. 

SEE ALSO: Facial recognition technology is taking over airports: Your face is your new boarding pass

Traffic Jam, which was developed by Kennedy's company, Marinus Analytics, has for years detected patterns in sex-trafficking ads and used them to help police find trafficked children and arrest traffickers. The system took a big step up on Tuesday, though. Read more...

More about Newsy, Tech, and Other
          Samsung Bixby is promising, but Siri has nothing to worry about (for now)   
TwitterFacebook 5dce ff9f%2fthumb%2f00001

More about Samsung, Galaxy S8, Bixby, Tech, and Innovations
          Senior Analyst, Predictive Modeling & Data Science - BMO Financial Group - Toronto, ON   
Ch. The Advanced Analytics & Journey Science group partners with internal Personal and Commercial Banking Canada partners, and various lines of business across...
From BMO Financial Group - Sat, 24 Jun 2017 00:46:45 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Shopping Malls Try Gimmicks to Fend Off Their Inevitable Death At Hands of Online Commerce   
The Indianapolis Business Journal has an interesting article on how shopping malls are trying desperately to survive as online commerce increasingly takes over:
Malls are fighting for shoppers with one thing their web rivals can’t offer: parking lots.
With customer traffic sagging, U.S. retail landlords like Indianapolis-based Simon Property Group Inc. are using their sprawling concrete lots to host events such as carnivals, concerts and food-truck festivals. They’re aiming to lure visitors with experiences that can’t be replicated online—and then get them inside the properties to spend some money.
“Events draw people to come to the shopping center,” said Craig Herkimer, whose company, KevaWorks Inc., is working with big landlords including GGP Inc. and Simon to produce outdoor events. “They generate revenue for the owner and offer a chance for cross-promotion, so they can try and drive more customers into the stores.”
Mall owners across the country are grappling with store closings and declining rents. Retail property values are down 3 percent in past six months, as all other types of commercial real estate showed gains, according to the Moody’s/Real Capital Analytics indexes. A Bloomberg gauge of publicly traded mall landlords has tumbled 15 percent in the past year through Thursday, the worst performance among U.S. real estate investment trusts. Inc. and other internet retailers continue to grow, while department stores including Sears Holdings Corp. and Macy’s Inc. have been closing hundreds of locations. Payless Inc., the discount shoe seller, is among the latest to announce a massive shuttering—of 400 stores—as part of a bankruptcy plan.
The article notes that the United States is home to approximately 1,100 malls.  The structure that is the mall, as well as the large parking lots surrounding the building, consume a considerable amount of real estate.  When those malls fail, they become extremely difficult to repurpose.  They often end up being a blight on the neighborhood for years.

Photo of Simon Shopping Mall
It would appear that in searching for gimmicks to drive foot traffic to the retail stores, mall owners are fighting a losing battle.   With the exception of certain consumer items, consumers prefer the convenience of shopping from the convenience of their homes.  That is a niche that Amazon has cornered, although even that company faces growing competition when it comes to online retail.

But as one looks to the future of retail, one wonders if even the Amazon model might be outdated.  The Amazon approach right now is for wholesalers and manufacturers to ship goods to the company which it then stores in incredibly large "fulfillment centers."  Then when a customer orders the item from the Amazon website, it gets shipped once again, this time to the customer.  Amazon became popular because it enhanced customer convenience by eliminating the need to visit a brick and mortar store to shop.  But the Amazon retail approach, which requires considerable overhead, doesn't provide much in the way of cost savings to the consumer.  Eventually Amazon may be replaced with a web-based shopping approach that links customers with wholesalers and manufacturers so that items may be purchased directly, saving consumers a substantial amount of money while cutting out brick-and-mortar online retailers such as Amazon.
Reporting to Senior Manager, Remarketing The Specialist, Field Data Analytics, is responsible for supporting and developing reporting processes for the
From Sirius XM - Fri, 02 Jun 2017 20:10:59 GMT - View all Canada jobs
          Specialist, Field Data Analytics (Remarketing) - SIRIUS XM CANADA INC. - Toronto, ON   
*Job Summary: * The Specialist, Field Data Analytics, is responsible for supporting and developing reporting processes for the automotive remarketing
From Indeed - Fri, 02 Jun 2017 17:21:40 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Associate, Strategy & Analytics - Penn Foster - Scranton, PA   
Approachable, go to individual, that is a reliable source for accurate information. Manage the information flow and cadence around reporting, specifically...
From Penn Foster - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 00:57:39 GMT - View all Scranton, PA jobs
          Instagram in 5+ Free Tools: Statistiche essenziali su Account e #Hashtag   
Instagram ha introdotto le statistiche interne alla piattaforma, ma se vogliamo avere maggiori dati? Ecco alcuni strumenti che fanno al caso nostro. 60+ Social Media tools di Analisi e Management.Una raccolta di strumenti in campo Social Media Marketing da iniziare a usare da oggi in campo Analytics, Management e Sentiment. Leggi la lista completa di Social Tools. Da Giugno 2016 le statistiche su Instagram sono disponibili per tutti passando ad account business, ma può capitare di non trovare i dati che stiamo cercando, oppure di avere necessità di ottenere ulteriori dati. Ho creato una lista di Social Media Marketing Tools utili, che trovi nel link a lato, ma a volte abbiamo bisogno di strumenti specifici per un canale, veloci ed efficienti. Se lavoriamo su Instagram in campo Marketing, abbiamo bisogno di conoscere i giusti strumenti, per ottenere le informazioni necessarie per chiudere un report o un’analisi preliminare. Vediamo ora alcuni servizi gratuiti o parzialmente tali, che ci permettono in ogni caso di ottenere informazioni utili su Instagram. Analisi e Statistiche Generiche Iconosquare (ex-statigram) rimane lo strumento di punta per statistiche e analisi su account Instagram e monitoraggio Hashtag. La versione free (14 giorni) ci permette di ottenere informazioni molto utili, sia su nostri account Instagram, che parole chiave ...
          Winning submissions in Microsoft Data Insights Summit Analytics Challenge include a Simpsons script rewrite   

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          Target Women Redux   
Google Analytics shows that the Target:Women post a few months ago is popular. So let me milk it with another sure-to-be popular post of newer Target:Women episodes from CurrentTV.

Target Women: Diets

Target Women: Online Dating

Target Women: Lessons 2008

          Google Attribution – das neue Tool soll AdWords, Analytics und DoubleClick Search verbinden   
Google hat ein neues Tool angekündigt, dass euch das Suchmachinen-Marketing erheblich vereinfachen soll.
          Data Scientist - - Toronto, ON   
*Company Description: * Today, Keyhole is the #1 company worldwide for Hashtag Analytics. (Not just corporate hubris, try a google search.) This leadership
From Indeed - Fri, 17 Mar 2017 14:01:58 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Technical Architect- Analytics and Data Management - DXC Technology - Central Singapore   
Merger of CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard. DXC Technology (NYSE:....
From DXC Technology - Thu, 25 May 2017 11:00:53 GMT - View all Central Singapore jobs
          Associate Sales Consultant - Area Assignment New Brunswick, NJ KYA09762   
At Quintiles we help healthcare and biopharma companies improve their probability of success. We do this by connecting our scientific, therapeutic and analytics expertise with superior delivery. From advisory through operations, Quintiles and its affiliate companies is the world’s largest provider of product development and integrated healthcare services. As one of ...
          The Way Ahead for Wal-Mart   

On one hand, Wal-Mart is losing its competency in price leadership in the US, while its international expansion activities are problem-rich. It suffered net loss of $15.699 billion for the year 2012. According to a report by Forbes, the products at Wal-Mart are 19% more expensive than at Amazon.
Moving forward, Wal-Mart must first try to strengthen its competency in price leadership and then expand in the international market. We thus recommend a sustainability strategy followed by growth strategy for Wal-Mart.
Sustainability of its price leadership competence is under fire, causing serious questions on its value proposition. The following strategies could help Wal-Mart regain its competitive edge in retail business in terms of prices:
·         E-Commerce and Mobile Presence
In 2011, online purchases from Wal-Mart website accounted to just 1.1% of total sales. At $4.9 billion sales, it lags even the likes of Apple Inc. in terms of online sales. With lower overhead costs in terms of reduced staff, rental and utility expenses, Wal-Mart would be more competitive in terms of prices if it were to expand its sales percentage through online sales.
Interactive website should be developed to handle the maximum purchase activity. Massive investments are to be put into place for successful delivery of online sales. Integration with mobile applications could help the matter further. But, the return in competitive advantage in terms of pricing means it can then sustain its value proposition.
·         Remodeling Physical Stores
Physical stores could be modified to deliver services. For products, apart from being a sales store, it could act as a showroom with focus on brand promotion and customer acquisition. Sales orders could be taken in store or via the online services, and delivery made through the distribution hubs. Similar model is being followed by the Brazilian retail chain Casas Bahia. This model would help sustain the cost competitiveness of the retail chain by reducing space required for stores, focusing on competency, i.e. SCM, and reduced staff requirements.
·         SCM Improvements
There has been news of empty shelves at Wal-Mart. This means the SCM needs further fine-tuning. In addition, to be able to provide home delivery at humongous proportions, SCM needs to be further improved. 
Ø  Relationships with Suppliers and Employees: Cases of poor working conditions at the suppliers of Wal-Mart have been the talking point for numerous pressure groups. In addition, the employee issues at Wal-Mart are creating lot of negative sentiments in the developed world. Wal-Mart should work with the suppliers and the employees to create better working conditions by creating and strictly following code of conduct. On the long run, the associated costs due to these activities would seem minimal compared to the losses in brand name and legal suits.
·         Social Media and Data Analytics
Social media should be further integrated in the marketing approaches to understand the consumer behavior and serve the customers. With the integration of this into the central MIS, efficient decisions on SCM and other operational activities would be ensured. MIS should be developed to determine demand of customers more accurately throughout its stores to achieve cost advantage by holding the correct inventory. This would further lead to optimum utilization of resources and thus reduce costs.
These activities should be integrated and should consolidate each other to create a synergy and help retain the cost competitiveness to Wal-Mart.
Major part of profits of Wal-Mart is being contributed by the market outside of US. With purchasing power of customers rising significantly in the emerging nations, Wal-Mart has no option but to expand in these markets. Nevertheless, as shown by the failure in South Korean market, Wal-Mart needs to understand that the strategy made for US will not necessarily work in other markets. Customization to cultures and customer behavior are the key; so is the relation with the government. We propose the following model for Wal-Mart in its international expansion:
·         Joint Ventures
The retail industry in the emerging nations is comprised of few organized retail chains and numerous smaller local stores. To understand the consumer behavior and supplier relations, Wal-Mart should enter these markets by joint-ventures with successful local business houses. This will reduce the risks of government intervention too. After understanding the operations and the needs, Wal-Mart can then go for maximum allowed stake (by government of concerned nations) in these partnerships.
·         Customization
As discussed earlier, understanding and customizing to diversity would be a key to success for Wal-Mart in the emerging economies. For this, apart from the local partners in JV, MIS should guide the decisions in the operations in these stores.
Wal-Mart should focus on transnational strategy where it will be able to adapt to local needs of the market like in China, leverage unique advantage of local markets to drive sales, market share and profit growth but with a central corporate facility. Knowledge of customer behavior would strengthen the validity and acceptance of actions.
·         Develop and Follow Standards
One dilemma faced by organizations headquartered in US while expanding in the emerging markets is what standards to follow? - The ones of US or those of the home country. On the short run, the latter may be beneficial, but on the long run, this will come to haunt the organization. A lot of such issues have surfaced for Wal-Mart over the years. While moving ahead, Wal-Mart should develop “code of conduct” for its global operations and comply to it strictly. This will ensure that the international expansion is sustainable and accepted by the home country government and citizens.
Even while following growth strategies, Wal-Mart should work on the sustainability strategies: - strengthening its resources for sustaining its competitiveness in price leadership.

          Envisioning the Future of Retail Market   

Online Stores
Internet has brought paradigm shifts in all the industries. Internet enables companies to increase their connectivity while reducing the overall costs. In retail industry, online stores have an advantage over brick and mortar stores with their lower overhead costs. This makes players like Amazon extremely competitive in cost leadership segment. With the development of internet payment gateways and consumer acceptance over the credibility of stores, online purchases are likely to grow significantly over the coming years.
Even in emerging economies, where credit cards and internet payment gateways are not accessible to mass, “cash on delivery” services enable online stores to foster. E.g.: Flipkart in India.
According to technology and research firm Forrester, we can expect e-commerce to increase (in US) by 13 percent in the year 2013, to a whopping $262 billion.
Mobile Stores
Smartphones have presented a new market to the retailers. Enabled with rich applications[1]and QR code integration, smartphones have fostered the development and incorporation of virtual shopping screens and even robotic store displays in the retail industry[2].
Consumers have been empowered of being able to buy things online straight from their phone and being able to buy things in store with their phone[3]. Companies like Square are further pushing this trend with devices and applications to make purchases from phones a commonality.
Store within a Store
One of the major issues faced by physical retail stores like Wal-Mart is the growing staffing costs. Retailers like J.C. Penney have found innovative concept of “store within a store”. The retailer sub-lets the space to the product maker and the counter is staffed by an employee of the product maker, not the retailer. Whether it is Chanelor Lancomeor some other brand, each product maker is “showcased” at its own counter[4]
While competing in the cost leadership segment, reduction in the overhead costs gives an improved competitive edge to the retailers. Thus, acceptance and appliance of this model in the future by more retailers is a reality.
Shopping Experience: New Types of Value for Customers
It is going to very difficult for traditional retail stores to compete with online stores in terms of price. To pull the customers from comfort of their home to the stores, retailers have to create and sell shopping experiences[5]. Strategic alliances with brands to develop retail stores as brand and product showroom could be the way ahead[6].
Online stores still lack browsing and discovery experiences that satisfy curiosity. Retail stores can work on new types of value addition for customers. Retail spaces can relax customers, offer refreshments, and provide entertainment while creating the conditions to engage in a conversation that builds brand loyalty.
As retailers expand across the globe, there will be a need to customize strategies as per the customer’s behavior. Wal-Mart accepted this fact in 2006 and developed merchandising strategy to reflect each of six demographic groups. As retailers plunge into international expansion, one-size-fits-all strategy will not work. The successful retailers in the future will incorporate customer preferences across geographies and ethnicities, and customize accordingly.
Data Analytics
As the world is becoming more and more digitized, there will be hoards of information available for retailers to analyze and better fit their strategies to the needs of the consumers. More insights on consumer behavior and strategizing accordingly will ensure better performance. Use of social media will be a key to the extraction of this information. Retailers will increasingly use omni-channelapproach to track customers across all channels.


[1] (Kanada, 2013)
[2] (Silverstein, 2013)
[3] (Phillips, 2012)
[4] (Ganos, 2013)
[5] (Jhonson, 2011)
[6] (Geddes, 2011)

          Conversions: Mobile Patterns for Experiments   

In his Mobile Patterns for Experiments presentation at Google Conversions 2017 in Dublin, Ireland, Craig Sullivan walked through a set of optimization testing best practices for mobile experiences and why they are key to business. Here's my notes from his talk:

  • What has manufacturing taught us? Order doesn't come by itself. The orchestration of people and stuff needs to be managed, this is what has been driving efficiency in manufacturing. This efficiency is critical to survival and used to: improve quality; remove defects & waste; increase capabilities; manage resources; plan resources; etc.
  • What has retail taught us? Thousands of tiny little details must work for you to have a good experience. There are many retail optimization components: window, greeting, lights, heating, displays, etc.
  • What are the atomic parts of cross-device optimization? navigation, search, login, registration, forgot password, etc. These can and should be optimzied to ensure return on investment and survival.
  • We don't learn enough from manufacturing & retail. No one has a meeting where stuff is removed from a Website. We just keep adding stuff. Many small things in digital experiences are broken: touch target sizes, overlays, errors, layout, etc.
  • How can you increase conversion? persuasion, motivation, usability, and broken stuff (start from the end and move backward). An experience is only as good as the crappiest part. A/B testing will only help you polish a turd, if that what you have to being with.
  • Product defects are very costly. Find bugs, fix them. It's a clear and fast return on investment.
  • We change stuff without evidence or observation. We build stuff nobody wants or needs. Product changes are not measured or tested. We build what internal people want, not customers. Ego is the enemy of all good work. A lot of Internet design is infused and driven by Ego.

Testing & Optimization Power-ups

  • Don't test unless you have enouh traffic for it to matter. Grow first.
  • Don’t copy stuff blindly: everything is unproven until tested against your specific audience/product.
  • Prioritize your test ideas. Score all your testing ideas, then decide what to focus on.
  • Get a hypothesis: Because we saw [data/feedback], we expect that [change] will cause impact, that we can measure using [metric/data].
  • Record the design people see, tests can look different across all devices. Build, borrow, or use a third party service: how does your experience look on different devices/mobile?
  • Audit your Google Analytics to make sure it is set-up properly.
  • Get a writer. Copy writing is a real job, you’ll make more money than you spend.
  • Look at the big picture in addition to the details. Both these spaces help you solve problems.
  • Stop wasting money on things that don’t work; or aren’t actually needed.
  • What is very simple and converts well… is really hard to do well.

          Unit Head Business Analytics - UBL Direct - Pakistan   
Strong communication skills. A university degree in Agriculture/Marketing/Business studies from an HEC Recognized Institute/University....
From UBL Direct - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 06:37:48 GMT - View all Pakistan jobs
          Absolutely loving these new colors in #GoogleTagManager! @googleanalytics @GoogleDesign   

Absolutely loving these new colors in !

          World app growth signals shift to regions where phones come first   
Global spending on apps, including purchases of digital and physical goods through apps, is expected to rise to $6.3 trillion by 2021, according to a report published Tuesday by app analytics firm App Annie. “Because of the explosion of the middle class in Asia, especially China, you get a bit of a leapfrog,” said Morgan Reed, president of the App Association. Since consumers in the United States are converting from relying primarily on desktop or laptop computers to mobile devices, market growth is slower than in China. Having a mobile-first market, however, is not a guarantee of economic success, particularly when getting people to pay up front for apps. Among the top five countries, there is “a near equal balance of apps coming from Asian and Western countries,” said Danielle Levitas, App Annie’s senior vice president of research and professional services.
          Salesforce Account Executive   
NY-New York City, Account Executive This position is focused on selling professional services for Salesforce cloud apps for sales, service, marketing, community, and analytics, all on the Salesforce1 Platform-providing services engagement for companies of every size and industry. Company Overview: EMS Consulting is a Salesforce Silver Partner focused on delivering proven business solutions leveraging cloud-computin
          Associate, Strategy & Analytics - Penn Foster - Scranton, PA   
Track performance of tests, provide support from conception through implementation and communicate results objectively and analytically to Management with clear...
From Penn Foster - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 00:57:39 GMT - View all Scranton, PA jobs
          Statistician for Resource Management Planning, Systems Design and Practice   
TX-Dallas, Statistician for Resource Management Planning, Systems Design and Practice You can look at the data, and make sense of it. You notice the patterns and trends where others don’t. You are able to take these discoveries and communicate them to management. This might be the role for you. Our client is looking for an experienced Statistician to support healthcare analytics for a dynamic company. Locati
          Von: Thomas Schaaf   
Hallo zurück! Irgend eine Suchmaschine ich glaube es war konnte sogar "Was ist die Hauptstadt von ..." ausgeben. Ziemlich genial Ich traue Google nicht mehr. Ich versuche das so wenig wie möglich zu benutzen. Kein Gmail mehr, kein Google Analytics.. Sitemap gibt mein Drupal aber Google immer noch Deutschland wird allerdings immer unfreundlicher für Entwickler. Gibt eine lange Liste an Sachen die es schwerer machen... Code wird leider nicht als Kunst bezeichnet... Manchmal sehen Webseiten einfach komisch aus ohne das Firefox einen Fehler hat :P Thomas
          Digital Project Manager - LMS   
CA-Sunnyvale, focus shall be maybe less on the digital (in the sense of agency type of work) but more on enterprise level rollout of Content managements and learning mangement systems and relevant web sites and enterprise level programs We are looking for a PM –Digital Analytics for a project with our client in Sunnyvale CA The Digital & Analytics PMO Senior Project Manager is responsible for managing digital (
           Beyond Failure: The 2nd LAK Failathon Poster    
Clow, Doug ; Ferguson, Rebecca ; Kitto, Kirsty; Cho, Yong-Sang; Sharkey, Mike and Aguerrebere, Cecilia (2017). Beyond Failure: The 2nd LAK Failathon Poster. In: LAK '17 Proceedings of the Seventh International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, ACM, New York, USA, pp. 540–541.
           Beyond failure: the 2nd LAK Failathon    
Clow, Doug ; Ferguson, Rebecca ; Kitto, Kirsty; Cho, Yong-Sang; Sharkey, Mike and Aguerrebere, Cecilia (2017). Beyond failure: the 2nd LAK Failathon. In: LAK '17 Proceedings of the Seventh International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, ACM, New York, USA, pp. 504–505.
           Where is the evidence? A call to action for learning analytics    
Ferguson, Rebecca and Clow, Doug (2017). Where is the evidence? A call to action for learning analytics. In: LAK '17 Proceedings of the Seventh International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, ACM, New York, USA, pp. 56–65.
           Research Evidence on the Use of Learning Analytics: Implications for Education Policy    
Ferguson, Rebecca ; Brasher, Andrew ; Clow, Doug ; Cooper, Adam; Hillaire, Garron ; Mittelmeier, Jenna ; Rienties, Bart ; Ullmann, Thomas and Vuorikari, Riina (2016). Research Evidence on the Use of Learning Analytics: Implications for Education Policy. Joint Research Centre, Seville, Spain.
           Learning Analytics Community Exchange: Evidence Hub    
Ferguson, Rebecca and Clow, Doug (2016). Learning Analytics Community Exchange: Evidence Hub. In: 6th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) Conference, 25-29 April, 2016, Edinburgh, Scotland.
           Consistent Commitment: Patterns of Engagement across Time in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)    
Ferguson, Rebecca and Clow, Doug (2015). Consistent Commitment: Patterns of Engagement across Time in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Journal of Learning Analytics, 2(3) pp. 55–80.
           LAK Failathon    
Clow, Doug ; Ferguson, Rebecca ; Macfadyen, Leah; Prinsloo, Paul and Slade, Sharon (2016). LAK Failathon. In: LAK '16: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge, ACM, New York pp. 509–511.
           Learning Analytics: Visions of the Future    
Ferguson, Rebecca ; Brasher, Andrew ; Clow, Doug ; Griffiths, Dai and Drachsler, Hendrik (2016). Learning Analytics: Visions of the Future. In: 6th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) Conference, 25-29 April 2016, Edinburgh, Scotland.
           Setting learning analytics in context: overcoming the barriers to large-scale adoption    
Ferguson, Rebecca ; Clow, Doug ; Macfadyen, Leah; Essa, Alfred; Dawson, Shane and Alexander, Shirley (2014). Setting learning analytics in context: overcoming the barriers to large-scale adoption. In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Learning Analytics And Knowledge, ACM pp. 251–253.
           Examining engagement: analysing learner subpopulations in massive open online courses (MOOCs)    
Ferguson, Rebecca and Clow, Doug (2015). Examining engagement: analysing learner subpopulations in massive open online courses (MOOCs). In: 5th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK15), 16–20 March 2015, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA, ACM.
           Setting learning analytics in context: overcoming the barriers to large-scale adoption    
Ferguson, Rebecca ; Macfadyen, Leah P.; Clow, Doug ; Tynan, Belinda ; Alexander, Shirley and Dawson, Shane (2015). Setting learning analytics in context: overcoming the barriers to large-scale adoption. Journal of Learning Analytics, 1(3) pp. 120–144.
           Data wranglers: human interpreters to help close the feedback loop    
Clow, Doug (2014). Data wranglers: human interpreters to help close the feedback loop. In: LAK '14 Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Learning Analytics And Knowledge, ACM Press, pp. 49–53.
           An overview of learning analytics    
Clow, Doug (2013). An overview of learning analytics. Teaching in Higher Education, 18(6) pp. 683–695.
           MOOCs and the funnel of participation    
Clow, Doug (2013). MOOCs and the funnel of participation. In: Third Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK 2013), 8-12 April 2013, Leuven, Belgium, pp. 185–189.
           The learning analytics cycle: closing the loop effectively    
Clow, Doug (2012). The learning analytics cycle: closing the loop effectively. In: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge - LAK '12, p. 134.
           iSpot Analysed: Participatory Learning and Reputation    
Clow, Doug and Makriyannis, Elpida (2011). iSpot Analysed: Participatory Learning and Reputation. In: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge, 28 Feb-01 Mar 2011, Banff, Alberta, Canada, pp. 34–43.
          RPP #154: Maplesoft Möbius - Interview with Jim Cooper   
  • Interview with Jim Cooper, CEO of Maplesoft, about Möbius their new comprehensive online courseware environment that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We discuss:
    • Maplesoft history
      Jim Cooper, CEO
    • Maplesoft course/module marketplace
    • Möbius platform and toolkit
    • LMS integration
    • Adaptive and customized learning
    • Analytics to improve learning
    • AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning
    • Building an AI tutor
    • Pricing models
    • Podsafe music selection
    Duration: 36:37

              Guest Writer - Engine Heart - Vancouver, BC   
    Has interest in web analytics, community creation, lifestyle. You must live in B.C. To join our content team. Creative and result oriented.... $75,000 - $95,000 a year
    From Indeed - Sat, 13 May 2017 22:16:54 GMT - View all Vancouver, BC jobs
              Big Data Market: Embracing Data to Transform Healthcare and Pharma Commercial Strategy - Featuring Expert Panel Views from Industry Survey 2016   

    Big Data: Embracing Data to Transform Healthcare and Pharma Commercial Strategy - Featuring Expert Panel Views from Industry Survey 2016"" provides a comprehensive analysis of the Big Data landscape. GBI Research conducted an extensive industry survey of 73 experts from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

    Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2017 -- Big Data Market Embracing Data to Transform Healthcare and Pharma Commercial Strategy - Featuring Expert Panel Views from Industry Survey 2016"" provides a comprehensive analysis of the Big Data Market landscape.  Report conducted an extensive industry survey of 73 experts from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries - including both organizations that already utilize Big Data Market and those that do not. Our survey gathered experience and opinion on the use of Big Data Market, and insights on key trends for the present and future use of the technology within healthcare.

    Big Data Market refers to any data set that is too large to store, process or analyze using traditional database software and hardware. It can have a significant impact on all aspects of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, and companies are making large investments to leverage the technology more effectively.

    Browse more detail information about Big Data Market

    The report features an overview of Big Data Market and its place within healthcare. It examines the factors driving and necessitating the use of the technology within this industry, and provides detailed examples of how different Big Data Market sources and analytics techniques could be used to provide direct benefits to pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions and patients.

    Big Data Market Scope:

    - What is Big Data Market? What is its place within healthcare, and what are the main data sources?

    - How prevalent is the use of Big Data Market in healthcare?

    - What are the main driving factors necessitating the use of Big Data Market in healthcare? What is the relative importance of these factors according to industry?

    - What are examples of the commercial benefits that the use of Big Data Market and analytics can provide, in different aspects of the industry?

    - What are the main challenges associated with Big Data Market in healthcare? What is the relative importance of these factors according to industry? For the organizations that do not yet utilize Big Data Market, what specific reasons have led to their decision not to do so?

    - How do major pharmaceutical and healthcare companies use Big Data Market in the real world? What are some of the main partnerships between Big Pharma and technology companies? What is the underlying technical architecture of Big Data Market in healthcare?

    - What is the likelihood that organizations that already use Big Data Market will increase their investment within the next five years? Will those that do not currently invest in the technology begin doing so in the next five years?

    - How can Big Data Market be effectively implemented within an organization?

    Get a PDF Sample of Women health:

    Reasons to Purchase:

    Healthcare report will allow clients to have an understanding about market opportunities and competitive analysis and forecast on the women's healthcare industry. Interested clients will get a view on how therapies are developing for changing conditions and all the key factors that play together to affect or improve women's health.

    Have any query? ask our expert @    

    Detailed TOC of Big Data Market - Assessing the Need for a Targeted and Specialized Approach

    1 Big Data Market Overview 9
    - What is Big Data Market? 9
    - The 'Three Vs' of Big Data Market: Volume, Velocity and Variety 9
    - The Sources of Big Data Market in Healthcare 10
    - Big Data Market Lifecycle 12
    - How Prevalent is the use Big Data Market in Healthcare? Results from our Industry-Wide Survey 13

    2 Drivers of Big Data Market in Healthcare 17
    - Advances in Technology: Explosion in Data Generation 17
    - Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies: Outpacing Moore's Law 17
    - Proteomic Databases: ProteomicsDB Designed with Big Data Market Analytics in Mind 18
    - Electronic Health Records: A Form of Big Data Market 19
    - Social Media: Information That Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else 19
    - Devices: Smartphones, Wearables and Telemedicine Devices Represent a Continuous Source of Big Data Market 20
    - Cloud Technologies: Often Integral to Big Data Market 20
    - Needs and Trends Driving the Use of Big Data Market in Healthcare 21

    3 Commercial Implications of Big Data Market in Healthcare 27
    - Predictive Modeling: Fundamental Source of Big Data Market's Power 27
    - Using Big Data Market for Patient-Specific Modeling: Potential for Huge Healthcare Savings 28
    - Big Data Market Unlocks the Potential of Personalized Medicine and Targeted Therapies 28
    - Utilizing the Unique Big Data Market Provided by Wearables and Fitness Trackers 29
    - Big Data Market for a More Systemic Approach to Drug Repositioning 29
    - Drug Discovery and Pre-Clinical Trials: Big-Data-Guided Drug Development 29

    4 Appendix 63
    - GBI Industry Survey: Breakdown of Respondents by General Industry 63
    - GBI Industry Survey: Breakdown of Respondents by Specific Sector 63
    - GBI Industry Survey: Breakdown of Respondents by Region 63
    - GBI Industry Survey: Proportion of Healthcare Organizations that Currently Utilize Big Data Market 64
    - GBI Industry Survey: Big Data Market Utilization in Healthcare, Comparison of Expert Panels from Europe, North America and Asia 64
    - GBI Industry Survey: Most Important Factors Promoting the Use of Big Data Market in Healthcare 65
    - GBI Industry Survey: Most Important Factors Promoting Big Data Market, Pharmaceutical Expert Panel vs Overall Healthcare Expert Panel 65
    - GBI Industry Survey: Most Important Factors Promoting Big Data Market, Regional Breakdown 66
    And Continue..

    Get Discount on Big Data Market:

    About Absolute Report
    Absolute Reports is an upscale platform to help key personnel in the business world in strategizing and taking visionary decisions based on facts and figures derived from in-depth market research. We are one of the top report resellers in the market dedicated towards bringing you an ingenious concoction of data parameters.

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Ameya Pingaley
    Absolute Reports
    Telephone: 408-520-9750
    Email: Click to Email Ameya Pingaley

              Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market Overview, Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis, Growth Opportunities & Restraints to 2020   

    Global Internet of Things (IoT) Market in Healthcare Sector 2016-2020, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years.

    Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2017 -- The Global Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market for 2020. IoT is a web of physical devices connected to the Internet, enabled by sensors and software to collect and transmit data. Using IoT users can collect massive amount of data and convert into meaningful information by with the help of advance analytics techniques. To calculate the market size, the report considers both the direct revenue and the indirect revenue of the vendors.

    The global internet of things (IoT) market in healthcare sector to grow at a CAGR of 36.5% during the period 2017-2020.

    Browse more detail information about Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector at:

    The report provides a basic overview of the Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market including definitions, classifications, applications and market Sales chain structure. The Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market report enlists several important factors, starting from the basics to advanced market intelligence which play a crucial part in strategizing.

    Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market Opportunities:

    With a purpose of enlightening new entrants about the possibilities in this market, this report investigates new project feasibility. Various details about the manufacturing process such as market drivers, impact of drivers, market challenges and impact of drivers and challenges, market trends, vendor landscape analysis and so on, is discussed in the report.

    Key players in Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market 2020
    - Cisco Systems
    - GE Healthcare
    - Philips Healthcare
    - IBM
    - Qualcomm

    Other prominent vendors

    The Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market is divided into the following segments based on geography:
    - Americas
    - APAC
    - EMEA

    Get a PDF Sample of Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market Research Report at:

    In the end, the report makes some important proposals for a new project of Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market before evaluating its feasibility. Overall, the report provides an in-depth insight of 2020 global Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market covering all important parameters.

    Market driver
    - Highly competitive IoT market
    - For a full, detailed list, view our report

    Market challenge
    - High cost of implementation
    - For a full, detailed list, view our report

    Market trend
    - Developments in sensor technologies and communication devices
    - For a full, detailed list, view our report

    Key questions answered in this Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market report
    - What will the market size be in 2020 and what will the growth rate be?
    - What are the key market trends?
    - What is driving this market?
    - What are the challenges to market growth?
    - Who are the key vendors in this market space?
    - What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors?
    - What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors?

    Have any query? Ask our expert @  

    List of Exhibit of Global Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market 2020

    Exhibit 01: Countries covered for market analysis

    Exhibit 02: Product offerings

    Exhibit 03: General architecture of healthcare IoT applications

    Exhibit 04: Segmentation of IoT market in the healthcare sector

    Exhibit 05: Global IoT market in the healthcare sector 2015-2020

    Exhibit 06: Five forces analysis

    Exhibit 07: Global IoT market in the healthcare sector by product 2015

    And Continue…

    Get Discount on Internet of Things Market in the Healthcare Sector Market Research Report at:

    About Absolute Report
    Absolute Reports is an upscale platform to help key personnel in the business world in strategizing and taking visionary decisions based on facts and figures derived from in depth market research. We are one of the top report resellers in the market, dedicated towards bringing you an ingenious concoction of data parameters.

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Ameya Pingaley
    Absolute Reports
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    Email: Click to Email Ameya Pingaley

              River Logic Quickly Fills Prescriptive Analytics Market Needs with a Planning Platform on Microsoft Azure   
    ...of advanced analytics that applies mathematics and algorithms to data and suggests a preferred course of action, rather than a forecast or a summary report. Thus, it is recognized as the most powerful form of advanced analytics (i.e., offering the ...

              Stage: Stagiair(e) Digital Marketing in Ypenburg   
    <p>Voor het hoofdkantoor zijn wij <strong>per september 2017</strong> voor minimaal 5 maanden op zoek naar een:</p> Stagiair(e) Digital Marketing <p>Wij zijn verantwoordelijk voor de branding en marketing van Nederland in binnen- en buitenland. Via het merk 'Holland' zetten wij Nederland op de kaart als aantrekkelijke bestemming voor vakanties, zakelijke bijeenkomsten en congressen.</p> <p>Voor de wereldwijde promotie van Nederland zijn wij actief in Europa, (Zuid-)Amerika en Azie. Op het hoofdkantoor in Den Haag (40 medewerkers) wordt de marketingstrategie voor Holland bepaald en worden campagnes ontwikkeld. De NBTC-vestigingen in de diverse landen zijn verantwoordelijk voor de lokale marktbewerking en uitvoering van de marketingcampagnes. </p>   <p>De afdeling Digitale Marketing is een eigenzinnige afdeling die de hele dag denkt vanuit de behoefte van de buitenlandse bezoekers op de Holland-kanalen. We proberen hun behoefte te identificeren en ze te verleiden om hun vakantie naar Nederland te boeken. We weten al veel van de buitenlandse bezoekers, zoals de gebruikte zoekwoorden. Daarnaast hebben we ook hun koopstijlen in kaart gebracht en segmenteren ze real time. Hierdoor kunnen we jaarlijks meer dan acht miljoen buitenlandse bezoekers heel specifiek van informatie voorzien en stimuleren we daarmee hun bezoek aan Nederland.</p> <p>Voor onze vijftien meertalige websites werken we met een content database van ongeveer 1250 bronartikelen die dynamisch in context tot elkaar getoond worden. Dit doen we door deze artikelen te taggen met termen uit de taxonomie. Dit laatste is voor het laatst in 2011 goed onder de loep genomen en hier willen we in 2017 weer eens goed naar kijken. Ook omdat we onze navigatiestructuur willen veranderen en hier weloverwogen beslissingen in willen nemen.</p> Stage-inhoud <p>Tijdens de stage werk je mee aan het verbeteren van de website op het gebied van:</p> <ul> <li><strong>SEO</strong></li> <li>Hoe worden we goed gevonden in Google?</li> <ul> <li>Over welke onderwerpen kunnen we nog meer en beter schrijven?</li> </ul> <li><strong>Boekingen</strong></li> <ul> <li>Hoe zorgen we dat ons boekbare aanbod nog beter wordt uitgelicht?</li> <li>Hoe krijgen we het conversiepercentage hiervan omhoog?</li> </ul> <li><strong>Inzichten </strong></li> <ul> <li>Wat zien we in Google Analytics gebeuren en wat voor actie kunnen we hierop ondernemen?</li> <li>Hoe richten we onze rapportages in?</li> </ul> <li><strong>Content </strong></li> <ul> <li>Welke pagina's moeten we verbeteren?</li> <li>Hoe zorgen we dat onze bezoekers meer pagina's bekijken en vaker terug komen?</li> </ul> <li><strong>Campagnes</strong></li> <li>Waar zie je optimalisatie mogelijkheden bij het inrichten van campagnes op</li> <li>Welke inzichten halen we voorgaande campagnes en hoe vertalen we dat naar nieuw in te richten campagnes?</li> <li>Welke onsite segmentatie en targeting richten we in?</li> <li>Hoe kunnen we de campagne rapportage nog beter vormgeven en welke inzichten willen we hierin hebben staan?</li> </ul> Wij bieden jou: <ul> <li>Een uitdagende en leerzame stage</li> <li>Veel kansen om hier jouw eigen invulling aan te geven</li> <li>De kans om het leukste product van Nederland te vermarkten</li> <li>Onderdeel te worden van een leuk team waar de medewerkers vooroplopen in hun specialismen</li> </ul> ...
              Google Analytics Das umfassende Handbuch AdWords-Integraton und Webmaster Tools   
    - Literatur / Web

    Handbücher zu Google Analytics wurden bisher zum größten Teil in englischer Sprache verfasst und waren daher vor allem kompliziert zu verstehen und anzuwenden, wenn es ins Detail ging. So war der Mehrwerteffekt für den deutschsprachigen Leser zumeist geschmälert und seine Anwendungsmöglichkeiten limitiert. Markus Vollmert und Heike Lück bieten nun mit ihrem umfassenden Buch zum Verständnis einer der leistungsfähigsten Webanalyse Tools auch den deutschen Interessierten Abhilfe.

    Vollmert und Lück, beide Google Analytics Certified Partner und als Consultants für SEO/SEA und Web Analytics tätig, bieten dem Anfänger wie dem Fortgeschrittenen hilfreiche Tipps zur professionellen Anwendung der umfangreichen Funktionen von Google Analytics. Schritt für Schritt wird dem Autodidakt der Inhalt ebenso detail- und informationsreich dargestellt wie dem erfahrenen Webanalyse-Profi weiterführende Tipps.

    Wird in den ersten beiden Kapiteln zunächst erst mal das Monitoring erklärt und die Möglichkeiten des Tools vor Augen geführt, so befassen sich die Teile 3 bis 6 der Einrichtung von Google Analytics auf der eigenen Website. Schritt für Schritt und detailliert wird die Nuzung von der Implementierung über Anwendungshinweise bis zu der Frage, was das Tool einem für Daten liefert, anschaulich erklärt. Ein großer Pluspunkt ergibt sich, da die Autoren auf die neueste Version Universal Analytics eingehen.

    Die nächsten drei Kapitel erläutern umfassend die Auswertung der gewonnenen Daten der Webanalyse sowie das Potential, die eigene Website optimal auszuschöpfen. Was gibt es für Analysen und wie kann ich diese zu meinem Nutzen deuten? Diese und andere Fragen zur Auswertung des Monitorings werden hier plausibel und leicht verständlich erklärt. Darüber hinaus werden auch AdWords und AdSense hier kurz beleuchtet, um dem Leser auch diese beiden Werbesysteme und deren Funktion zu verdeutlichen.

    Die Kapitel 11 und 12 zeigen auf, welche Fehler man im Umgang mit Google Analytics machen kann und wie diese behoben werden können. Hilfreich wird vor allem hier dem Leser, der das Tool nutzt aber nicht recht weiß, dies anzuwenden, mit simplen und leicht verständlichen Lösungskonzepten weitergeholfen. Auch finden sich hier Antworten auf die Krux von Google Analytics: wie kann ich die Ergebnisse des Monitorings so nutzen, dass ich damit besser die Besucherwünsche meiner Website befriedigen kann? So wird in diesem Teil der eigentliche Sinn und Nutzen dieses leistungsfähigen Tools dem Leser vor Augen geführt.

    Mit ihrem Buch bieten Markus Vollmert und Heike Lück ein umfassendes und praktikables Handbuch zur richtigen und optimalen Nutzung der Google Analytics. Einfach und verständlich geschrieben, bietet das Werk für den Einsteiger eine umfassende Einführung in die Thematik und dem Profi ein tägliches Nachschlagewerk mit nützlichen Tipps zum Umgang mit dem Tool. Dabei verstehen es die Autoren, mit detailreichen Darstellungen und praxisnahen Formulierungen Antworten und Lösungen zu allen drängenden Fragen zu dem Umgang mit dem Analyse-Tool zu finden.

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              Stage: Allround marketing in Amsterdam   
    <p><strong>De uitdaging </strong></p> <p>De Marketing afdeling bestaat uit 6 medewerkers. Wij bieden een stageplek waarbij je kennis kunt maken met een breed pakket aan marketinggerelateerde werkzaamheden. Denk hierbij aan:</p> <ul> <li>Het uitvoeren van ondersteunende werkzaamheden voor de afdeling Marketing (projecten, campagnes, dagelijkse taken);</li> <li>Je ondersteunt de online Marketeer;</li> <li>Het uitvoeren van webanalyses uit Google Analytics;</li> <li>Aan de hand van data en analyses adviseren omtrent het inzetten van online marketingmiddelen;</li> <li>Het (helpen) beheren en verbeteren van de website;</li> <li>Het creëren en uitzetten van social media campagnes en acties via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn en Instagram;</li> <li>Het ondersteunen van de Tekstschrijver en, indien capabel, de Vormgever.</li> </ul> ...
              Implementation Leader – Software and Analytics - General Electric - Jebel Ali   
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              Connecting with the Public Safety Community Through Social Media   

    By Amanda Hilliard, FirstNet Director of Outreach
    Technology is bringing the world closer together – from connecting people across the country instantly by live video chats to tapping into the insights of data analytics.  This is the type of power that FirstNet aims to bring to the public safety community through the nationwide public safety broadband network.

              Head Of Growth Business & Analytics at Frank Management Consult Ltd   
    Frank Management Consult Ltd is an international management consulting agency. We work with major companies, raising their performance, driving their strategies and enhancing their productivity. The role will report directly to the Country Manager and Sub Sahara Africa expansion lead. The successful Candidate will be right-hand to the Country Manager, who you help set his strategic agenda and make the correct decisions. Roles for the Head Of Growth Business & Analytics Job Growth Strategy To grow the platform usage includes bring new users on board as well as retaining them; This role therefore crafts new ways of acquiring /retaining users while optimizing existing channels using structured tools and techniques such as Customer Life Cycle management and Digital Marketing. Also support new business development teams in re-thinking new ways of marketplace usage / application in Kenya and other SSA countries Operational Optimizations: From Pricing and revenue optimization to adding analytical rigor and depth to all other business functions and projects by asking critical questions to developing full-fledged business cases for their projects. User Insights and Business Intelligence Services Manage the BI team's reporting and business analysis work stream while instilling data-driven decision making ethos across the organization including marketing campaign performance analyses, designing self-built dashboards, responding to ad-hoc analyses requests and developing "customer intelligence" projects. General strategy analysis and strategic information provider: From crafting new market entry strategies to conducting advanced competitive analysis, this task is open ended including being an information provider, internal consultant and analytical "sparring partner" to the key local and regional decision-makers. Head Of Growth Business & Analytics Job Requirements 6 - 8 years of experience with at least 2 spent in a top tier management consulting firm, investment bank or a high performance Technology/Internet firm. Masters preferred in Mathematics, Engineering, Econometrics, Physics, science or any other numeric discipline Advanced expert proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint, working knowledge of SQL; you are able to lead the creation of a top-notch deliverable from scratch Experience with query and data programming languages such as SQL, R, Python. Experience with reporting and analytics tools such as Microstrategy, Google Analytics, Tableau, Mi
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    Keeping pace with the demands of a diverse and expanding scope of business services requires strategic cost effective staffing solutions to strengthen, improve, and drive customer competitiveness in today's marketplace. Centurion Staffing Group offices throughout New Jersey offer not only local market expertise but a proven track record of knowledge, innovation, and excellence. Our emergence as an industry leader has created rapid expansion of our services across our borders into New York and Pennsylvania. We are a full service staffing firm providing cost effective placement options such as temporary and permanent staffing as well as on-site management. Duties for the Digital Marketing Internships Planning, implementing, tracking and generate new business leads by optimizing our brand visibility across all digital channels. Maintaining Websites, face book, twitter, LinkedIn, You tube and other social media channels. Responding to comments and customer queries in a timely manner Monitoring and reporting on feedback and online reviews. Liaise with the Sales departments to stay updated on new products and features Stay up-to-date with digital technology trends. Perform any other work related duty as may be assigned. Digital Marketing Internships Qualifications Minimum Diploma in Sales & Marketing from a recognized institution of higher learning. Knowledge in Web design or Web management, Digital marketing or any other relevant courses. Knowledge of Google Analytics will be an added advantage. Good command of English Language. Personal skills and attributes required. Familiarity with Social networking sites desired. Interest in community development and management Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Be able to work with minimum supervision Creative and open minded. Should be between 22- 25 years old
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              Tembakau Jember   

    Geografisk Tidsskrift, Bind 25 (1919 - 1920)

    Tobak-Kulturen i hollandsk Indien i geografisk Henseende.


    Cand. mag. Hjalmar Jensen.

    Sammen med Landenes geologiske Bygning har vel nok Plantedækket den allerstørste Betydning for et Landskabs geografiske Udseende. Et pandekage-fladt Landskab faar jo et himmelvidt forskelligt Udseende, eftersom det er en nøgen rken, eii granbevokset Steppe, en lyngbrun Hede eller en fantastisk tropisk Urskov. Dog ikke alene de »vilde« Bevoksninger har denne Indflydelse paa Landenes Udseende. I mindst lige saa høj Grad er dette Tilfældet med Kulturplanterne, i Kraft af den uimodstaaelige Energi, hvormed disse forlrænger de »vilde« Bevoksninger hele Verden over.

    Netop en saadan landskabelig Faktor er ogsaa Tobakskulturen i hollandsk Indien. Fig. 3 giver et Billede fra en ny anlagt Tobaksplantage i Landskabet Deli paa Sumatra. I Baggrunden ses endnu Urskovens Rand i al sin vældige Majestæt. Men intet har kunnet modstaa den fremtrængende hvide Mands Trang til Penge; selv Urskovens Kæmper, de tohundrede Fod høje Rasamala-Træer, og alle dens tusinde Lianer, Epiphyter og tornede Rotangpalmer har ikke kunnet holde ham tilbage. I F'orgrunden af Billedet er Skoven faldet, og har givet Plads for de smaa, i Forhold til Urskoven, dværgagtige Tobaksplanter, som giver Gylden i Kassen i Stedet for Urskovens Poesi. Kun her og der er der endnu blevet en enkelt Kæmpe staaende, som endnu nogle Aar vil minde om Fortidens vilde Natur.

    Den Indflydelse paa Landets geografiske Ud

    Side 242

    seende, som Tobakskulturen har haft og stadig har, er i de forskellige Egne af hollandsk Indien noget forskellig. I det følgende skal ganske skitseinæssigt forsøges at skildre disse Forhold.


    Fig. 1. Kort over en Del af de hollandske Kolonier. Af de tre skraverede Stykker findes Detailkort (i 1:3.000.000) i det følgende.

    Det siger sig selv, at det med Tobak beplantede Areal i hollandsk Indien kun udgør en ganske lille Brøkdel af del Hele. Den samlede Overflade af de hollandske Kolonier er smaa 2 Mill, km 3, fordelt paa følgende Maade:


    Heraf kan man anslaa ca. 1250 km 2 til at
    være beplantet med Tobak, fordelt omtrent saaledes:


    Ovenstaaende Opgørelse gør ikke Fordring paa nogen Nøjagtighed. Den er udarbejdet paa Grundhig af de foreliggende Angivelser af Imperien i Holland, kombineret med Forfatterens Erfaringer i Indien angaaende de forskellige Egnes Høstudbytte og med hans ved Selvsyn erhvervede Opfattelse af Udbredelsen af de indfødtes Kultur i de forskellige Egne.

    Af hele det store Areal, saa stort som Mellemeuropa er altsaa kun et Stykke, lidt større end Lolland beplantet med Tobak. Dog maa man huske paå, at Tobakskulluren foregaar som Vexeldrift, saa at kun en Del af Plantagerne hvert Aar er beplantet med Tobak. Del samlede Areal, som tilhører Tobaksplanlagerne er derfor en hel Del større.

    Som det ses af ovenstaaende lille Tabel, findes der tre Hovedcenlrer for Dyrkning af Tobak med Export til Europa for Øje, nemlig: Deli i N. 0. omkring Hovedbyen Medan, Besoeki (Djember) i Østjava og Vorstenlandene i Midljava. Saa godt som alle Plantager i disse tre Tobåkcentra ledes af Europæere. Desuden dyrkes en Del Tobak til Export i forskellige Egne af Øst- og Midtjava, navnlig i Loemadjang, Kidiri og Banjoemas. Paa mangfoldige Steder, baade ind imellem Dyrkningsomraaderne for Exporttobakker og andre Steder, dyrker de Indfødte Mængder af Tobak, dels til Brug paa Stedet, dels til Export til Singapore eller Kina. En saadan Dyrkning af indenlandsk Tobak finder særlig Sted i Landskabet Kedoe paa Java og Pajacombo paa Sumatra.


    At den Tobak, som avles i Deli, giver et godt
    pekuniært Udbytte, ses bedst af nedenstaaende


    Fig. 2. Detailkort over Tobakscentret i Deli paa Sumatra (1:3.000.000) med Hovedstaden Medan.

    Side 243

    Oversigt over Værdier af den udførte Tobak i de
    forløbne Aar:


    Tobaksudførselen fra Deli

    Det er jo store Summer, som fortjenes her, og som mægtig bidrager til Hollands Velstand. Man vil i Tabellen lægge Mærke til, at Udbyttet varierer ganske overordentlig stærkt, og at delte ikke saa meget maa søges i en Forskel af Høstens Størrelse i de forskellige Aar, men meget mere i den varierende Pris, som opnaas for Produktet.

    Dette Forhold skyldes Forskelle i Kvaliteten af de forskellige Aars Høst, Forskelle som for den ukyndige Lægmand er ganske diminutive, men som i Virkeligheden betinger de høje Priser, som Deli-Tobakken opbringer. Det er navnlig Variationer i Bladenes Farve, sorn gør Udslaget. Deli-Tobakken bruges nemlig især til Dækblad, d. v. s. det yderste Blad, hvormed Cigaren vikles, altsaå det eneste, som ses af Køberen. Nu skal det ganske vist indrømmes, at der bestaar et vist Forhold mellem Dækblad og Cigarens »indre Egenskaber«, forsaavidt som ingen Fabrikant vil rulle en Cigar, hvis Indhold bestaar af fynsk Bondetobak med et fint og kostbart Deli-Dækblad, lige saa lidt som han vil give en fin Havannacigar et grovt eller misfarvet Dækblad paa. Der bestaar ogsaa et vist af Sædvanen lovbundet Forhold mellem Dækbladets lysere eller mørkere Farve og Cigarens Styrke; men i Virkeligheden kan Køberen ikke se andet af Cigaren end Dækbladet, og lader sig ved Bedømmelsen af Cigaren i altfor høj Grad narre af dette. Det er derfor forstaaeligt, at Fabrikanten lægger stor Vægt paa et godt Dækblad, og derfor betaler det højt. Netop Deli-Tobakken har, navnlig i visse Aar, saadanne Egenskaber, som gør det overordentlig tiltrækkende for Fabrikanterne. Det er tyndt, saa at han af et Kg. kan faa mange Cigarer dækkede, og det har saadanne Farver, som Publikum forlanger paa en fin Cigar. Naar Aarets Klima har været heldig for Høsten, saa at baade Farven og de øvrige Kvaliteter er vellykkede, betales Deli derfor ofte med ganske svimlende Priser.

    Følgen af disse høje Priser har da ogsaa været en meget hurtig Udbredelse af Kulturen fra det Øjeblik, da man opdagede, at disse Egne er saa synderlig skikkede for denne Kultur. Og herved er det geografiske Udseende af hele Landet blevet totalt forandret, meget mere end de andre tobaksdyrkende Egne i hollandsk Indien, som senere skal omtales. I Vorstenlandene f. Eks. har Stor-Kulturen af Tobak fortrængt andre Stor-Kulturer; men i Deli har Tobakken fortrængt Urskoven. Denne Kultur har i forrige Aarhundrede benyttet det samme Middel til at faa Plads og Albuerum, som The- og Gummi-Kulturen den Dag i Dag benytter: Rydning af den oprindelige Urskov.

    Den første europæiske Tobaksplanter i Deli var en hollandsk Hr. Nienhuijs. Han kom i 1863 derover efter en Arabers Raad, for at prøve om de Deliske Grunde vår egnede til Tobakskultur. I 1864 kunde han sende de første 50 Pakker Tobak til Holland: en kun ringe Begyndelse, der imidlertid slog saa godt an, at der meget hurtigt oprettedes kapitalstærke Selskaber, som med en rasende Fart udbredte den paabegyndle Tobakskultur. Hvad forefandt man da af Land til at begynde og udvide denne, efterhaanden saa stormægtige Kultur? Hvorledes var det Landskab formet af Naturens og Menneskets Haand, som de første Pionerer gav sig i Kast med?

    Det Stykke af Sumatra, som efterhaanden er blevet til det berømte Tobak-Deli, bestaar af tre parallelt løbende Strimler: et smalt sumpet Bælte langs Kysten, kun nogle faa Meter over Vandspejlet, ja, paa sine Steder endog saa lavt, at man har maatte sikre det mod Oversvømmelser fra Havet ved omfattende Digeanlæg. Dernæst et bredere Bælte, stigende indtil et Par hundrede Fod, og endelig det stærkt bakkede Overgangsland til de egentlige Bjærge, som ligger bagved det tobaksdyrkende Deli ind imod Sumatras Indre. Regnmængden i disse tre Bælter er ogsaa ganske forskellig:

    Side 244

    den er i det midterste Bælte omkring 2000 mm, i
    Kystbæltet mindre, og i det højere liggende Terræn
    stiger den lige op til 6000 mm.

    Hele det Landskab var ved Nienhuijs's Ankomst i 1862 for den allerstørste Del bedækket af Urskov. Kun her og der, navnlig ved Flodernes Mundinger fandtes smaa Landsbyer, omgivet af de for det tropiske Landskab saa karakteristiske Bambus og Kokospalmer. Hist og her, hvor Terrænforholdene var særlig gunstige, havde man opdyrket smaa Stykker af Landet, som i det hele og store laa sovende og ventede paa den europæiske Kapital, der skulde vække det. Det havde det samme Udseende som saa mange andre indiske Landskaber, der endnu ikke er blevet mishandlede af de Kultur-fremmende Europæere. Paa Java findes de næslen ikke mere, men vel paa Sumatra. Med alt, som staar i Forbindelse med en rationel Udnyttelse af Landets Rigdomskilder, er det i saadanne Landskaber kun smaat bevendt. Vejene er kun saa som saa; til Nød kan de befares af de skrumplende Oxekarrer, som oftest kun af Ridende og Fodgængere. Den meste Transport sker derfor paa Kuliryggen, eller rettere sagt paa Kuliskulderen, hvorpaa det lange Bambus-Aag hviler, som i begge Ender bærer Kurvene, hvori de tunge Byrder transporteres. Udstrakte opdyrkede Marker finder man ikke. Her og der midt i Urskoven ryddes et lille Stykke, og herpaa dyrkes saa, efter at de fældede Træstammer er brændt bort, en mager Ris eller anden indfødt Kulturplante. Efter nogle faa Afgrøder forlades denne Mark, da det menes at være nødvendigt at benytte en frisk og jomfruelig Urskovgrund for at faa nogenlunde gode Afgrøder. Disse i det urskovbeklædte Landskab spredte opdyrkede Marker kaldes: Ladang. Lidt efter lidt falder de igen i Skov, og efter en Snes Aar er de atter bedækkede med Skov. Og, som vi straks skal se, er dette »Ladang-System« overtaget af de første tobaksdyrkende Europæere, og er siden med en sejg Konservatisme bibeholdt i en modificeret Form i hele det tobaksdyrkende Deli, som netop derved faar et ganske ejendommeligt geografisk Udseende.

    Det er nemlig blevet en urokkelig antaget Trossætning i Deli, at man kun kan opnaa et firstclass Produkt, naar Tobakken dyrkes paa Urskov I Begyndelsen kunde dette lade sig gøre i Ordets egentlige Forstand. Der var Urskove nok at tage af. For hvert Aar maatte nye Skovarealer vige Pladsen for Tobaksmarker (Fig. 3). De kæmpehøje Stammer maalle falde, og de uendelig lange Lianer, som havde brugt Aar om at naa op til Skovens Top og til Solens Lys, maatte kappes over af den kulturspredende Tobaksplanter for at give Plads til de lige Rækker af smaa Tobaksplanter. Man brugte de Indfødtes System: kappe alt, som kunde kappes og saa lade Ilden fortære de væltede Stammer og Kroner. Efterhaanden som det viste sig, hvor lønnende denne Kultur var, blev Efterspørgselen efter gunstige Arealer større, og det blev umuligt i det uendelige at tilfredsstille Trangen til nye Urskovsstykker. Derved opstod den Kulturmethode, som Tobaksplantagerne i Deli den Dag i Dag bruger, og hvis Hovedprincip er, at Jorden efter at være benyttet til en Tobakshøst, ligger übenyttet i 6 å 8 Aar, i hvilket Tidsrum der med mer eller mindre Hjælp fra Ejerens Sideopstaar noget, som fjærnt minder om en Urskov.


    Fig. 3. Tobaksmark i Deli paa Grænsen af Urskoven. I Forgrunden de smaa, unge Tobaksplanter. Midt i Marken en vældig Ruin af et af Urskovens Kæmpetræer. Under det høje Træ tilhøjre ses en svag Røg af de brændende Træstubbe.

    En Tobaksplanlage i Deli er derfor nødt til
    at have et Areal, som er gennemgaaende 10 Gange
    saa stort som det virkelig hvert Aar dyrkede

    Side 245

    Stykke Land. Det er næppe nogen Overdrivelse, at der i hele Verden ikke findes nogen anden af Europæere drevet Kultur, som omgaas i den Grad ødselt med Grunden. Og dette er saa meget mere paafaldende, som Deli hører til de frugtbare Tropeegne, hvor Jordens Egenskaber, Regnens Fordeling og Solens Varme i Forening giver Betingelser for en saare intensiv Kultur. Naar Tobakken er høstet, faar Kulierne som Regel Lov til at tage en enkelt Afgrøde af Ris, der dog ikke dyrkes saaledes som almindeligvis i Troperne: i Vand, men ganske tørt kun med det Vand, som Regnen kan give. Efter denne kortvarige Riskultur, varer det som sagt en hel Række Aar, inden det samme Stykke Grund igen tages i Brug. I den Tid behandles Arealerne noget forskelligt af de forskellige Plantere. Det simplesle er at overlade Stykket ganske til sig selv. Dette er altsaa et udpræget »Ladang-Systern«. Paa denne Maade er der Mulighed for Dannelsen af en Slags Urskov, der dog som Regel ikke bliver til andet og mere end et Vrængbillede af de oprindelige Kæmpeskove. Men meget sikrere er det, at der indfinder sig et af de allerværste Ukrudtsgræs: Alang-Alang (Imperata arundinacea.), som senere er næsten umuligt at udrydde. Man har derfor søgt at hjælpe Tropenaturens skovdannende Evne ved selv at udsaa et meget hurtigt voksende Træ: Albizzia moluccana. Den paa denne Maade opnaaede Reboisation lykkes ret godt, men Bevoxningen med dette Bælgplantelræ har übehagelige Følger, idet Rødderne, som bliver tilbage i Tobaksmarkerne efter den nye Skovs Rydning, let giver Anledning til Udbruddet af en frygtet Tobakssygdom: Slimsygen. Endelig har man, navnlig i de senere Aar forsøgt at kvæle Alang-alang'en og derved fremme den naturlige Dannelse af Nyskov ved efter Tobakken at saa Crotalaria, en stor og kraftig Bælgplante, der tillige gør Nytte som Kvælstofsamler. Efter et å to Aars Forløb indfinder de nye selvsaaede Træer sig i Crotalaria-Bevoxningen, og vel at mærke uden Alang-Alang.

    I de sidste Aar er Tobakken ikke længere den eneherskende europæiske Kultur i disse Egne. Baade Gurrimi- og Theplantager breder sig mere og mere. En Følge deraf er naturligvis, at navnlig saadanne Tobaksplantager, som betalte sig mindre godt, er gaaet over til disse nye Kulturer. Men det er tillige at forudse, at den Tid vil kunne komme, da Jorden i Deli vil blive for dyr til dette lidet intensive Agerbrug, hvor Jorden kun giver Afgrøde hvert 8 å 10 Aar; og da er det vel muligt, at man mere almindeligt vil gaa over til Plantningen af Crotalaria eller andre Grøngødningsplanter efter Tobakken, og saa tage Jorden i Brug efter disses Nedpløjning uden at afvente en naturlig Reboisation. Med andre Ord: man vil blive nødt til at forlade »Ladang-Kulturen« for at gaa over til en moderne intensiv Kultur med en Mellemkultur af en eller anden Grøngødningsplante; og Deli-Landskabet vil da igen have faaet sin Karakter forandret.

    For Øjeblikket faar Deli-Landskabet netop sit Særpræg ved den ejendommelige Afveksling mellem de omhyggelig behandlede Tobaksmarker, som dette Aar er i Kultur, og saa alle de Marker, der har været under Kultur, og nu ligger sine 8 Aar og venter paa igen at komme til. De sidste er i saa høj Grad i Majoritet, at man paa en Køretur igennem et Deli-Landskab faar et Indtryk af et forladt Kulturland, undtagen netop naar man passerer de Marker, som i Øjeblikket er i Kultur; thi da imponeres man af den Omhu og den Petitesse, hvormed disse behandles. Det er i Virkeligheden et Havebrug en gros. Men fra den ene opdyrkede Mark til den næste er der saa langt, at man kører Kilometer efter Kilometer uden at se andet end de gamle Marker i alle Overgange fra det nylig forladte Kulturland til den nye Skov, som det ejendommelige Kultursystem fører med sig. Og den nye Skov har intet eller meget lidt til fælles med den egentlige Urskov. Den bestaar kun af enkelte Træsorter, og det er ikke videre imponerende eller høje Træer. Det kan snarere kaldes et Urskovskrat. Kun i Yderkanterne af Deli-Landet, der hvor man endnu forefinder oprindelig Urskov, møder man den bizarre Modsætning mellem den vilde Urskov og Tobaks-Havebruget. Her forefinder man disse bekendte Tobaksmarker, hvor der midt i Marken findes Ruinerne af Urskovens Kæmper, Ruiner saa mægtige, at man ikke har faaet Tid til at skaffe dem helt bort; (Fig. 3) ja, selv midt i de store Tørreskure findes saadanne Rester af de mægtige Stammer.

    Ogsaa i en anden Henseende har naturligvis Landskabet skiftet Karakter ved Indførelsen af den europæiske Tobakskultur, nemlig ved den Bebyggelse, som er fulgt dermed. Ikke alene har der rejst sig veritable Byer, f. Eks. den virkelig imponerende Hovedstad, Medan, hvor der før kun laa elendige Samlinger af de Indfødtes Bambushytter,

    Side 246

    men ogsaa ude paa Plantagerne præges de Dele af Landskabet, som for Øjeblikket er i Tobakskultur af de 100 Meter lange Tørreskure, og de talrige og velbyggede Kuli-Huse, af de store Etablissementer med Fermentations- og Sorter-Bygningerne og med »Administrateurens« eller selv »Hoofdadminislrateurens« Villaer.


    I det andet store Tobaksdistrikt: Vorstenlan-

    dene paa Java har Overgangen til Tobakskultur
    ogsaa medført Forandringer i landskabelig Hen


    Fig. 4. Dctailkort over Tobakscentret i Vorstenlandene paa Java (1:3000.000) med Hovedstaderne Djocja (officielt Djocjakarta) og Solo (off Surakarta) samt den mindre By Klaten, som ligger midt i Tobaksdistriktet. Semarang er den vigtigste Udskibshavn for Tobakken fra Vorstenlandene.

    seende, dog langtfra af den Rækkevidde som i Deli. Først i Aaret 1858 begyndte Europæere i disse Egne at plante Tobak med Export til det europæiske Marked for Øje. Men Landet, som de plantede i, var ikke som i Deli en vild og uopdyrket Urskov; tværtimod, det var et ældgammelt Kulturland. Ikke for intet finder man i Vorstenlandene alle de mægtige Ruiner af de skønhedsfyldte Templer fra Hinduliden, som mere end bindstærke Annaler taler et tydeligt Sprog om en tusindaar gammel intensiv Kultur i disse Egne. Først og fremmest Ris. Af alle Kornsorter er Risen vel den, som i højeste Grad fodener Landskabet med et ganske specifikt Særpræg. Dens Kultur i Troperne er saa forbundet med Vandet (med de sparsomme Undtagelser, hvor Vand ikke kan faas, og man dyrker »tør Ris«.) at Markerne til Tider mere faar Udseende af et Landskab, som efter en Stormflod er total oversvømmet end af egentlig Kultur-Marker. Navnlig i Tiden før Udplantningen, naar Markerne skal pløjes og egges, sættes de under Vand. Den primitive Egge trækkes da igennem og henover Mudderet af to Kerbouwer, som her ret føler sig hjemme (Fig. 5). Og i lige saa høj Grad synes Javaneren, som styrer disse to mudderelskende Dyr at finde sig til Pas ved at vade i Pløret til højt op paa Henene. Langsomt gaar det naturligvis og under


    Fig. 5. Tobakslandskab fra Vorstenlandene. Tilhøjre Kuliens Mark med Ris-Avl. I Forgrunden planter nogle Kvinder den unge Ris ud. Tilvenstre Plantagens Mark med fuldvoksen Tobak i Rlomst. Helt i Baggrunden Dessa'erne med deres Bambushegn.

    en stadig Converseren med det plumpe Forspand, men øjensynligt i Følelse af et fuldt Velvære. Denne de Indfødtes Kultur paa Java par excellence har i Vorstenlandene været udviklet gennem Aarhundrederne til en overordentlig høj Grad af Fuldkommenhed. Hele Landet her er gennemtrukket med Grøfter og Vandledninger, hvis Beliggenhed i Aarenes Løb er fastsat saa udmærket i Overensstemmelse med Terrænets Forløb, at ingen moderne Ingeniør kan nivellere det bedre. Hvert eneste nok saa lille Stykke af Rismarkerne kan paa det ønskede Tidspunkt sættes under Vand, og der sørges tillige for, at det bortløbende Vand ikke gaar til Spilde, men atter samles for paany, efter at have passeret længere borte liggende Landsbyer og efter der at have optaget nye Næringsstoffer, at spredes over nye Rismarker.

    Side 247

    Da den europæiske Stor-Kullur af Tobak begyndte i Vorstenland.ene, fandtes ikke alene denne af de Indfødte drevne Riskullur, men ogsaa talrige europæiske Plantager, idet der baade dyrkedes meget Sukkerrør og navnlig Indigo. Disse Kulturer dreves paa en meget rationel Maade, i Vexeldrift med Risavl. Aarsagen hertil maa ikke alene søges i kulturmethodiske Grunde, men noksaa meget i de for Vorstenlandene saa ejendommelige Suverænitetsforhold. Vorstenlandene betyder »Fyrstendømmerne«, hvori ligger, at de endnu den Dag i Dag officielt anerkendes af Holland som to uafhængige Riger, hvis regerende Fyrster er Sultanen i Djocja og Susuhunanen i Solo. Fra urgammel Tid betragtedes disse Fyrster som Ejere ikke alene af hele Landet, men ogsaa af alle de Indbyggere, som fandtes i deres Riger. Da de naturlig nok ikke personlig kunde dyrke hele deres udstrakte Rige. havde de faaet indført det med et javansk Navn saakaldte Maron-System (Ordet føres tilbage til det javanske Paro = halvdel), som gik ud paa, at Beboerne kunde dyrke* deres Ris paa Markerne mod at afgive Halvdelen, enten in natura eller omsat i Penge til Fyrsten. Af den samtlige Jord, afgav Fyrsten endvidere Y 5 afgiftfri Jord til sine Embedsmænd, som skulde passe paa, at alt gik ordentlig til; og at Kejseren fik, hvad Kejserens var. Efterhaanden forærede Fyrsterne Dele af deres Rige bort til Familiens øvrige Medlemmer, til deres Embedsmænd i Mangel af egentlig Betaling, til særlig fortjente Mænd, til Yndlingshustruers Familie o. s. v. Med saadanne til disse saakaldte »Apanageholdere« bortgivne Jord-Arealer fulgte Fyrstens Pligter og da navnlig Rettigheder overfor Befolkningen.

    Det var, og er iøvrigt endnu paa Java forbudt Europæerne at eje Grund. Derfor er alle Plantagerne baserede paa Lejemaal, udenfor Vorstenlandene enten af de Indfødte, eller af Staten, og i Vorstenlandene af Apanageholderne. Ogsaa de europæiske Lejere af Jorden overtager de dermed forbundne Forpligtelser, og da navnlig Rettigheder, som først og fremmest bestaar i den med Maron-Systemet følgende Afgift fra Befolkningens Side af den halve Høst. Det vil sige: saadan var Meningen oprindelig, men denne Ordning kunde ikke tilfredsstille de europæiske Pengemænd i Amsterdam, hvorfor det ganske stiltiende, uhyre snedigt og til uendelig Fordel for Plantagedriften, er bleven fortolket derhen, at det ikke er Halvdelen af Høsten, som tilkommer Apanageholderen eller in casu dennes europæiske Lejer, men Halvdelen af Jorden med et dertil hørende Arbejde, svarende til det Arbejde, som en normal Riskullur vil fordre. Fordres der Arbejde udover dette, maa det betales extra. Kulien beholder altsaa den ene Halvdel af Jorden som Betaling for sit Arbejde paa Plantagens Jorde. Paa Kuliens Halvdel dyrkes Ris eller andre af de Indfødtes Kulturplanter (f. Eks. Jordnødder), og paa Plantagens Halvdel dyrkes en for Export skikket Kulturplante, altsaa Sukker, Indigo eller Tobak. Der skiftes hvert Aar Marker, saa at de Marker, der i Aar er beplantet af de Indfødte med Ris, til næste Aar tilfalder Plantagen, og omvendt. Denne Vexeldrift, som forøvrigt er til stor Nytte for begge Parter, og i det hele taget er overordentlig rationel, finder altsaa sin inderste Begrundelse i det nys beskrevne Maron-System.

    Efter dette Maron-System var de talrige Sukkerog Indigo-Plantager i Vorstenlandene drevne, da man i Midten af forrige Aarhundrede begyndte at dyrke Tobak med Export for Øje. Kun langsomt bredte Tobaksavlen sig. Der er ikke Tale om en saadan næsten explosiv Udvikling af denne Kultur som Tilfældet var i Deli. P^ndnu i 1870 (allsaa mere end ti Aar efter den første Begyndelse) var Exporten til Europa kun 3200 Pakker Tobak. I 1875 steg dette Tal til 15,344 Pakker, men blev saa staaende lige til Midten af Halvfemserne. (1890 16,641 Pakker, 1895: 38,786 Pk.). Fra nu begynder en stærk Forøgelse af Tobaksproduktionen i Vorstenlandene, som med forskellige Svingninger stiger mere og mere, indtil den i 1911 selv naar op til 164,071 Pakker Tobak. Denne Produktforøgelse i Slutningen af forrige Aarhundrede staar i Forbindelse med Fremstillingen af syntetisk Indigo, som paa den Tid begyndte sin Sejersgang over hele Verden. Fra et Par tyske Fabrikker, hvor nogle faa Videnskabsmænd ved deres intensive og maalbevidsle Arbejde havde opfundet Midlerne til at erstatte det naturlige Indigo med et billigere Kunstprodukt, kastedes dette ud paa Verdensmarkedet i saa store Mængder og til en saa billig Pris, at en hel Kultur i Troperne, udbredt baade paa Java og i britisk Indien, totalt lagdes øde. Aar for Aar maatte den ene Indigoplantage efter den anden give op i Konkurrencen med det kemiske Produkt. Den europæiske Plante lagde dog ikke derfor Hænderne i Skødet. Med en beundringsværdig Energi og Snarraadighed lagdes Driften om fra Indigo til Tobak. En Tid lang forenedes begge Kulturer broderligt Side om Side;

    Side 248

    men efterhaanden sorn den syntetiske Indigo blev fuldstændig dominerende paa Markedet, indskrænkedes Indigo-Kulluren i Vorstenlandene til nogle ganske faa Plantager, som kunde producere tilstrækkeligt Indigo til at tilfredsstille de kunstelskende og kunstkræsne Japaneseres Behov. Disse faa Indigoplanlager, som endnu havde deres Indigofabrikker i Behold under Verdenskrigen, gjorde mægtige Forretninger, da Indigoprisen steg til en uanet Højde paa Grund af Ophøret med Fabrikationen af Kunslindigo. Ved Overgangen fra Indigo til Tobak beholdt man selvfølgelig det gamle Kultur Maron-Systemet.

    Det er derfor ganske naturligt, at den Forandring af Landets geografiske Udseende, som fulgte med Tobaksdyrkningens Indførelse i Vorstenlandene som Plantagedrift ikke har været saa gennemgribende som i Deli. Kulturlandet vedblev at være et Kulturland. Halvdelen af Markerne vedblev at være et oversvømmet Risland. Landsbyerne (Dessa'erne, som de kaldes paa javansk) vedblev at være lige saa tæt befolkede og lige saa barnerige som hidtil. Der er ikke fældet et eneste Træ som Følge af den europæiske, vorslenlandske Kulturs Overgang fra Indigo til Tobak. Og i Modsætning til Deli ses der i Vorstenlandene nu lige saa lidt som før i Indigoens Dage store Marker, som overlades til sig selv, som faar Lov lil at »falde i Ukrudt«; thi andet er den naturlige Reboisation i Deli egentlig ikke. I Vorstenlandene var og er hver mindste Plet Jord taget i Brug, i alt Fald hver eneste Tomme Jord, hvor der kan føres Vand hen over. Naar Indførelsen af Tobakskulturen dog alligevel ogsaa her har sat Spor i det landskabelige Udseende er Grunden, ät adskillige af de gamle Indigo-Møller eller Fabrikker har faaet Lov til at ligge og falde i Ruiner (se Fig. 6), og at Tobakskulturen kræver et saa stort Antal af de mægtige Tørreskure (Fig. 7 og 8), at begge Dele effektivt bidrager til Landskabets Udseende.


    Fig. 6. Ruiner af en forfalden Indigofabrik i Vorstenlandene. Paa de tidligere In^igomarker dyrkes nu Sukkerrør og Tobak.

    Tobakken kræver el ganske overordentlig omhyggeligt Arbejde, hvis man da vil opnäa at kunne bringe et Produkt paa Markedet, som tæller med i Verdens Konkurrencen. Blad for Blad maa høstes netop paa det Tidspunkt, der er det bedste. Og Blad for Blad maa trækkes paa tynde Bambus


    Fig 7. Tobaksmark i Vorstenlandcne med et stort Tørreskur. I Baggrunden Kokospalmer og andre Træer i Dessa'erne (Landsbyerne).

    stænger, som atter bindes paa større 10 Fod lange Bambusrør, for derefter at hænges op ide 100 m lange Tørreskure (Fig. 7), hvor de tørres og antager den fine Farve, hvoraf Prisen for Dækblad i aller første Række afhænger. Naar man nu betænker, at der aarlig høstes ca. 5,000,000,000 Tobaksblade i Vorstenlandene, vil man ogsaa nok kunne forstaa, at der hører saa mange Tørreskure til hver Plantage, at de giver Landskabet et Særpræg. Hele det tobaksdyrkede Areal i Vorstenlanden er (eller var for nogle faa Aar siden) ca. 10,000 Hektar, og paa dette Areal fandtes henimod 2000 Tørreskure, hvis samlede Længde altsaa bliver henimod 200 Kilomeler. Det er da heller ikke sjældent, at man fra et enkelt Punkt paa en Tobaksplantage midt imellem alle de Indfødtes Landsbyer, hvis Huse man ikke ser noget til, da de næsten ganske dækkes af Bambus, Kokospalmer, Bananer og Frugttræer, kan tælle henimod en halv Snes af disse mægtige,

    Side 249


    Fig. 8. Tobaksmark fra Vorstenlandene kort efter Udplantningen af de smaa Tobaksplanter. Tilhøjre i Baggrunden en Række Tørreskure. Helt i Baggrunden Sydbjergene.

    lange Skure (Fig. 8). De er tækkede med Blade af Alang-Alang. eller (i de senere Aar altid) af Sukkerrøret. Ganske nytækkede er de lyse, men efterhaanden bliver de mere og mere graa, ofte med en stærkt rødlig eller blaalig Reflex. Men naar denne forholdsvis ringe landskabelige Forandring undtages, har Overgangen fra Indigo til Tobak ikke medført nogen nævneværdig Forandring, saal«des som Tilfældet var i Deli.


    Det tredje store Tobaksdistrikt i hollandsk Indien: Besuki (med Hovedstaden Djember), staar i mange Henseender midt imellem Deli og Vorstenlandene, baade i klimatologisk Henseende, i Be og Arbejdsforhold, og i Henseende til den Indflydelse Tobakskulturen har haft paa Landels geografiske Karakter.


    Fig. 9. Detailkort (l : 3.000.000) over Tobakscentret i Besuki med Hovedstaden Djember. Omkring Lumadjang dyrkes meget Tobak af de Indfødte. Over Probolingo og Pasuruan gaar Jærnbanen til Surabaja.

    Af Tabellen1) Pg. 250 fremgaar det, at Vorstenlandene har en meget udpræget Tørtid: Maj til September. Naar Gennemsnittet af Regndagenes Antal i en lang Aarrække kun er 3,6 i August Maaned, saa vil det jo sige, at det ikke er sjældne Aar, hvor August er fuldkommen regnløs. I Deli derimod er der kun en Antydning af en Tørtid. Det mindste Gennemsnitstal for Regndage er 6,6, og det er kun en, højst to Maaneder, som har et saa. lavt Tal at opvise. Der er nogen Forskel mellem de to anførte Observationspladser, idet Medan ligger i det før omtalte (se Pag. 250) mellemste Bælte, og Padang Biahrang lidt op imod det mere regnfulde Bakketerræn inde i Landet. Ogsaa selve Regnmængderne viser ganske den samme Forskel mellem Vorstenlandene og Deli. Og Besuki ligger midt imellem disse to. Vel en udpræget Tørog Regntid, men dog langtfra saa ekstrem som i Vorslenlandene.

    Det samme gælder Luftens relative Fugtighed. Denne er i Deli baade meget slørre end i Vorslenlandene, og navnlig meget jævnere fordelt paa hele Aaret. En saa lav Gennemsnits-Fuglighed pr. Maaned som 53°/0 i Vorstenlandene i Juli og August findes slet ikke i Deli. For Djembers Vedkommende findes endnu ikke tilstrækkelig mange Aars Observationer til at anføre disse Tal fra denne Egu; men det er et Faktum, som med Tiden vil konstateres af Tallene, at det ogsaa i denne Henseende staar imellem Deli og Vorstenlandene.'

    Nu er det fugtige, varme Klima i Deli med forholdsvis lidt af den stærke, brændende Sol, men derimod mere af den let skyede Himmel netop det Klima, som betinger det tynde, fine, silkeagtige Dækblad, der betales saa uhyre højt paa Verdensmarkedet. Betingelserne for at tilvejebringe et saadant Fancy-Produkt er altsaa bedst i Deli; derefter følger Djember og sidst i Rækken kommer Vorstenlandene. Naar Vorstenlandene alligevel aldeles ikke kommer hinkende bagefter Djember, men meget snarere kommer ind lige efter Deli som en smuk Nr. 2, ligger det i de forskellige Befolknings- og Arbejdsforhold. Med det oven for omtalte Maron

    1) I Tabellen er Tallene trykt med fede Typer i de Maaneder, som er af størst Betydning for Tobaksavlen: i Deli Marts-Juni, i Vorstenlandene og Besuki: September-November.

    1) I Tabellen er Tallene trykt med fede Typer i de Maaneder, som er af størst Betydning for Tobaksavlen: i Deli Marts-Juni, i Vorstenlandene og Besuki: September-November.

    Side 250


    Sammenlignende Tabel over Klimaet i Deli. Besuki og Vorstenlandene. Reénmænede i mm


    Antal Re£nda£e




    Luftens relative Fu2ttehe<

    Side 251

    System i Vorstenlandene følger, at den europæiske Lejer af Grundene har en ganske uhyre Magt over Arbejdet. Befolkningen er meget tæt, og dens Arbejde lejes sammen med Grunden, i alt Fald for saa vidt det ikke overstiger det Arbejde, der vilde fordres af en Riskultur. Yderligt Arbejde er dog ogsaa forpligtet, men mod en vis Betaling. Hovedsagen er imidlertid, at Planteren ganske bestemt kan sige, hvordan han vil have sin Jord bearbejdet, hvornaar han vil plante, høste o. s. v. hvordan han vil tørre og fermentere sin Tobak o. s. v. altsaa det samme Forhold som i Deli, kun at det her sker med dyrt betalte, importerede kinesiske Kulier, og i Vorstenlandene i et Slags Hoveriarbejde af de indfødte Javanere.

    Men i Besuki findes ingen Sultan eller Susuhunan, som kan leje Jorden ud til Europæerne med de paaboende Mennesker. I Besuki maa Tobaksplanteren enten leje Grunden af Staten, og saa selv sørge for en betalt Arbejdskraft, eller han kan træffe en Overenskomst med de indfødte, med hver enkelt Mand for sig, om at han paa sin egen Jord vil dyrke Tobak med Forpligtelse til at sælge den til vedkommende Planter, der som Regel saa giver et betydeligt Forskud i Penge for nogenledes at have Krammet paa ham. Men til syvende og sidst har Planteren ikke noget at skulle indbringe; og hvis han ikke med gode Ord og Betaling kan faa Tobakken dyrket, netop som han vil, saa kan han slet ikke. Det sker da ogsaa i saadanne Aar, hvor Vejret er usædvanligt ugunstigt, at de indfødte Tobaksdyrkere ganske opgiver Evret og lader Tobaksmarkerne falde i Ukrudt, i Stedet for paa alle mulige Maader at søge at komme dem til Hjælp i den Tid, hvor det kniber for dem. Dette vilde være ganske utænkeligt i Vorstenlandene. Den europæiske Energi, som baade i Deli og Vorstenlandene behersker Kulturen ganske og aldeles, faar derfor i Besuki ikke fuldt ud Lov til at udfolde sig. Kulturlandet i Besuki er et blandet Kulturland, hvor de indolente indfødtes halvdrevne Kulturer veksler med Europæernes up-to-date forsørgede Marker.

    Dette System giver Besuki et fra Vorstenlandene forskelligt Udseende. Man faar i Besuki ikke Indtrykket af, at hver eneste nok saa lille Plet Jord er udnyttet til det yderste. I og for sig bliver Landskabet derved mere afvekslende. I Vorstenlandene har den europæiske Planter Ledelsen af Kulturen, ikke alene paa den Halvdel, som paa det givne Tidspunkt tilfalder ham, men i Kraft af sin aandelige og økonomiske Overlegenhed i Virkeligheden ogsaa paa den anden, paa Kuliens Halvdel Følgen er, at begge drives saa intensivt som rnuligt, d. v. s. henholdsvis med Tobak eller Sukkerrør, og med vaad Ris. Hele det Vorslenlandske Landskab er derfor behersket af tre landskabelige Faktorer: Dessa'erne (de indfødtes Landsbyer), Rismarkerne og Tobak- eller Sukkermarkerne og alt veldrevet. Kun hist og her, hvor Vandet ikke kan ledes hen, finder man — forholdsvis sjældent — nogle faa Marker med »Tørkulturer«. Anderledes i Besuki. Her veksler Dessa'erne og de veldrevne Tobaksmarker med daarligt eller slet ikke drevne Marker. Meget mere dyrkes her de mageligere »tørre« Kulturer: Jordnødder, Manihot, Sojabønner, tør Ris, Batater, Canna, og en Mængde andre tropiske Kulturplanter. Og midt ind i mellem Markerne findes ofte smaa Stykker ganske uopdyrket Jord, enten bedækket med Alang-alang eller med mer eller mindre oprindelig Urskov. Ogsaå smaa Stykker Kaffeplantninger findes spredt mellem de øvrige Kulturer. Besuki gør derfor et mere halv kultiveret Indtryk end Vorstenlandene.

    Er Deli det nye Land, hvor ogsaa Tobaksegnene stadig den Dag i Dag vidner om Urskovens Eksistens for ikke saa mange Decennier siden, og er Vorstenlandene det urgamle Kulturland, hvor Tobakken er gaaet ind i det gamle Kultursystem, som en moderne karakteristisk Bestanddel, saa indtager Besuki ogsaa i denne Henseende et Mellemstandpunkt, hvor Tobaksmarkerne delvis forsvinder i Mængden af de indfødtes Kulturer eller forsømte Marker, afvekslende med Skov, Kaffe eller Frugttræer.


              Comment on Google Analytics by Twitter for Business in 2016   
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    Robert Morris University Illinois’ graduate school offers a $17,000 scholarship to students pursuing an MIS in business analytics

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              Podcast Demographics   

    Today on the 5: Among the Apple WWDC announcements was new analytic tools for podcasting. Will that change the medium?

              Download iOS 8 Beta 3 Features Using Direct Links Without Apple Developer Account   
    Here is what Apple presents with its most recent iOS 8 beta 3 update that can be downloaded through links without Apple developer account or UDID.

    Apple has recently launched the new beta for its next iOS 8 firmware offering iOS developers another chance to test all the upcoming iOS 8 beta 3 features. Some risky users can also install this firmware just like it happened with the first and second betas. Just don’t use the direct download links since they are available to developers registered with Apple Dev Center only. However here you can download iOS 8 beta 3 without Apple developer account and from direct links!

    Let’s see what iOS 8 beta 3 release changes for users and devs. Firstly, this firmware comes with interactive notifications, Handoff option, different widgets not available in iOS 7, custom keyboards and so on.

    Direct Links for iOS 8 beta 3 Dowload 


    iPad Air (A1474)
    iPad Air (A1475)
    iPad Air (A1476)
    iPad Mini (A1489)
    iPad Mini (A1490)
    iPad Mini (A1455)
    iPad Mini (A1491)
    iPad Mini (A1432)
    iPad Mini (A1454)
    iPad 4 (A1458)
    iPad 4 (A1459)
    iPad 4 (A1460)
    iPad 3 CDMA
    iPad 3 GSM
    iPad 3 WiFi
    iPad 2 CDMA
    iPad 2 GSM
    iPad 2 WiFi (Rev A)
    iPad 2 WiFi


    iPhone 5S (A1453/A1533)
    iPhone 5S (A1457/A1518/A1528/A1530)
    iPhone 5C (A1456/A1532)
    iPhone 5C (A1507/A1516/A1526/A1529)
    iPhone 5 (A1428)
    iPhone 5 (A1429)
    iPhone 4S

    iOS 8 Beta 3: What’s New

    Here is a closer look at all the interesting changes and improvements. The Handoff toggle has appeared with iOS 8 beta 3 update in Settings – General menu. It allows to easily switch between your iDevices and Mac computer on-the-go.

    Weather program has an updated design and Apple has enhanced its wallpaper gallery with new images.
    The company has changed its iCloud Drive welcome display, Notification Center’s button design and now offers Analytics app to simplify sharing information about crashes between devs.

    The upgrade has touched Messages application with an option of keeping your audio / video messages.

    iOS 8 beta 3 options also include Wi-Fi calling that becomes available if your carrier supports it. Some other changes are related to Find My iPhone program, Photos sharing and QuickType.
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              Digital Enterprise : Key Tenets Of Success   

    Digital technology is clearly driving massive change in enterprise and consumer behavior, prompting business and brands to rethink the way they reimagine the ecosystem in which they operate and in their strategies to reach, engage and retain customers. In simple terms, it can be said that the customers expect more from the business that they choose to do business with, thereby putting enormous pressure on the enterprise. The heightened expectation on business translates into pressure on all aspects of the business - marketing to fulfillment and this is a collective reflection of how enterprises value and deliver on the customer experience. As noted earlier, optimized customer experience can effectively help enterprises sell 20x more offers – leading to anywhere from a 30% to 100% increase in conversions and more importantly in a few years from now, the expectation is that customer experience will triumph product, price differentiation across many sectors. Think Netfilx, Starbucks and Amazon experience and project these in the various sectors - that reality could be faster than general expectations. Now there is evidence to suggest that business that provide the best forms of customer experience see a huge upside in their potential and the corollary fact that poor customer experience would drive customers to competition for sure underlies the criticality of investing there. This is both defensive and an aggressive move for success and growth.

    This new normal brings with it both abundant opportunities coupled with associated set of challenges.. As a result, enterprises today recognize that their ability to win and retain customers will have to massively leverage the experience and the overall journey that they can offer to their customers. Enterprises genuinely get caught up in getting things done when they have the plans conceptualized well and the plan -action - result gap is always a matter of concern for business leaders attempting to get their enterprise into a leadership position by embracing the best and the upcoming tenets. They are aware of the substantial challenges that they would face in transitioning to an experience centric world. They also very well realize that their organizations need to be glued into a process with strong linkages to system, data , analytics and being able to reach the customers through all the channels. Every enterprise should focus on getting a digital DNA like signature that would uniquely represent their customer acquisition, advocacy, retention and delight plans.

    Digital is really on the verge of seamlessly integrating with the core world of business and promising to transform with the proliferation of multiple digital channels . The stage is now set for digital transformation to be one of the most critical initiatives for enterprises and early adopters are clearly reporting huge success out of such efforts I would define digital transformation as the action around digital strategy that focuses on specific business outcomes leveraging various forms of digital technologies can create an edge for the enterprise. Enterprises need to conquer the quest of shifts that are happening in the realms of social, organization and technology. These may manifest as outcomes that include the likes of new business models and approaches to customer delight using digital technologies. Let’s now look at some practical ways where key success factors of digitally led customer experience initiatives can be focussed on inside enterprises. Based on the lessons of the pioneers, who have successfully managed mastery of the opportunity and waded the challenges, it is seen:

    A. The marketplace is not homogeneous and customers really demand varied services across the spectrum - digital customer experience must deliver a continual range of interactive experience. Customer experience is not the average of “aha” moment or other moments of truth The sum of all good and bad interactions drive the overall experience across all possible moments of interaction is what matters. Imagine talking in the social media about the good and bad moments of customer experience - then enterprises would realize the need to best and consistent throughout. These businesses have users, customers, devices, or interactions numbered in the hundreds of millions, billions, or more. Countless ways of of interactions and data points, and these in turn, mean that events with only a one-in-a-million probability are happening many times a day. Many enterprises start with focusing a lot on either getting the experience or the back office right - neither is enough of their own. The key leap needed here is to move from engaging to providing experience leveraging analytics by closing the loop. In the digital world, enterprises can track each click, navigation path - points of entry, stay and exit and can gain enormous insights. and enterprises can gain this power by powerful data analysis. Data is king, whether it comes from the outward-facing systems of engagement or inward-facing systems of record. The most effective digital business efforts will enable closing the loop at ease. This must be done by meticulous integration, standardization, analysis and application of data from both types of system covering all processes into business planning and management.

    B. Consistent and seamlessly connected experience across all channel of interaction with the customers. Many times enterprises tailor experience specific to channels owing to their operational reasons and internal processes. this flexibility is passe. The more flexibility that we provide for customers to interact in their own comfortable ways - the more endearing the customer experience is going to be. Digital age needs demand cross channel consistency and utmost ease in doing business, this includes laying elegant solutions leveraging common third party services like payments as part of customer experience.

    C. Niche, Context & The Ultimate: Superior experience is a tablestake in engaging customers - the real differentiated/innovative value comes out of getting the context right - this means being able to integrate everything from the profile to location to navigation to entity of interest and provide a super personalized manner of interaction for the customer and if we add the dimension of being the best by integrating vertical/niche experience, the game really gets ready to be won by enterprise in winning the customer. Many times, the niche capabilities may force business to leverage their own expertise before the market is able to provide those as affordable common services.

    Digitalization is redefining the nature of of competition among industries by easy market expansion - achieved through lowering the cost of entering markets and providing opportunity to scale up and scale wide in impressive ways.Every enterprise will find its own ways and means of delivering customer experience but what has been captured above is a clear common denominator.Of course, enterprises need to carefully calibrate and define their own models of success in the digital age; but they can’t succeed without mastering customer experience, monetization models and platform resilience and, digital business transformation is a journey that takes many years and quantum efforts to stabilize, so the effort requires constant focus to sustain and grow.

              Digital Customers : The Success Of Relevance   

    In this consumer era, the power of the consumer is such that they tend to make no practical between the digital and the real, the online and the offline. The current age is characterized by the fact that digital is simply part of our daily lives, from working and shopping to sleeping and eating—even finding a partner. This has led to the situation where the boundaries between channels are virtually non-existent but customers need unique experiences.. The expectation is for the brands and the entities to provide exceptional experiences. Any evolving idea/concept/framework soon becomes outdated with the galloping customer expectations and the innumerable choices that parade before them. This means, on a standalone basis, the device, platform or location don’t so much count as the defining edge that would persuade a customer to buy a product/service. The overall experience counts more powered by engaging content and the superior value offered by service/product.

    To provide such an edge in every transaction with the customer it becomes important to satisfy customer demands and expectations, technology, process and business alignment across service and marketing becomes highly critical. It’s now part of the established folklore - technology can get companies only that far, cross functional processes aligned to business performance leveraging state of the art technology implemented in a disciplined manner are essentially needed to provide an enriching customer experience. In this digital age, for an enterprise, the ability to connect real time business and social interactions across business units - say social media monitoring cell (part of marketing) tracing a customer remark on a service and business response to such remarks enables enterprises to provide the digital experience in real time delivered in a personalized way in a channel of customer’s choice. From the role of anchoring promotion, marketing today walks almost the entire path in a customer’s journey and they can be effective only if they are real time integrated with the business units, to provide the customer right set of responses.

    The reality is that customer interaction is a treasured moment for every enterprise. Every interaction could have a varied purpose ranging from selling to needing a service or a potential cancellation. The interaction may or may not be attributed to company’s campaigns or promotions Being aware and in a state of readiness to interact with customers –known or new with a variety of expectations is fast becoming a basic expectation that every modern enterprise need to have. If done well, by empowering frontline employees, there is an enormous opportunity to maximize the value of each interaction Empirical evidence suggest that if executed properly, optimizing customer interactions can effectively sell 20x more offers – leading to anywhere from a 30% to 100% increase in conversions.

    With all the technology options and opportunities that business has today, where do we start and what do we focus on is a standard question that would come to one’s mind. The hard fact is that , it is in this moment that your strategy will earn its success. Without proportionate investments with customer behavior in the moments of truth and aligning everything with business outcomes, thestrategy may come as a cropper. Let’s now look some of the critical blocks that need to be set in place for enterprises to get to this level of maturity and sophistication. The customer data is very important for any enterprise. The data sources can be varied – CRM, Self Service Application, Marketing Automation etc. These data have untapped value and are highly relevant in finding value over the customer’s lifetime. The data gets a life of its own with contextual integration done in real time or near real time. The marketing folks would be well focused to create strategic insights out of these data. The hard reality is that these customer data sets are going to explode in volume, variety and the speed at which these get captured. As business grows, your company succeeds, business needs to manage more data – calling for new capabilities to process these data in real time/near real time and find patterns. Reliability of the data, speed of processing matters in making the outcomes more relevant to business needs.

    Customer data should be made available to all inside the enterprise dealing with them. Not just in raw form – but the processed data sets – segmented and amenable for targeting and other actions, in easily accessible ways. Such data ought to provide direct , measurable and meaningful l insights into customers and provide an easy path to defining and delivering a relevant set of products/information/services to them. If enterprises were to leverage this effectively, the net result would be a very significant mechanism in action that can provide enhanced meaning and value in every possible interaction with the customer. In many places this can be automated data that acts programmatically or with some moderated manual overrides, where necessary. The outcomes of such initiatives are highly alluring – it’s seen that, successful data-driven marketers realize a 40% competitive advantage over the customer.Again the cardinal principles kick in here – the data sources and data set are only relevant based on the efficacy of integration and processing of the raw data available with the business. Remember Garbage In, Garbage out – except that the outcome can substantially vary based on the means emp0loyed to integrate and process the basic data. The cost of inefficiency and cost of quality here could be very high – essentially taking off substantial money out of the table that could have come from possible business revenue. . Any business generating initiative starting from segmentation to targeting to running campaigns are like recipes in real world – all portions need to come together in sequence with appropriate levels of gradations to get the perfect accolade from the consumers. Needless to say, mismatched and uncoordinated recipe mix or inefficient cooking process could lead to a catastrophe – the analogy holds good for the business marketing world as well.

    Next, the role of analytics, a pillar in the marketing and customer world. First off, analytics provides the global view of the status if various campaigns and the net results driven thereof. The best part of analytics is the ability to zoom in and zoom out – look from the prism of micro and macro at the same time. In real life, the customer data can be made available to business in various forms – micro data or macro data. The beauty of analytics kicks in with its variety in being able to process/handle individual interactions and entire set of campaigns as the need may be. With deeper insights pertaining to specific customers, the business team/ system can bring forth more efficiency in dealing with them. An early judgment of the customer needs and expected outcomes makes the process lot more efficient and result oriented. The superior insight that analytics can drive towards specific customer needs can provide awesome experience to customers and deliver disproportionate results to business. Once data transforms to actionable insights, the results can be of very high value to the business.

    Data driven companies find that their advantage lay across the marketing spectrum from customer loyalty to retention to gaining customers and increasing revenues and enhanced profitability. This is a hard won state – how to get to that state and be competitive? Being data driven inherently means the value comes from integrating the basic data coming from various streams within the organization and finding a relevant meaning in their combine. The insight gathered out of such a process would be able to provide actionable insights, helping the frontline staff and the system to provide meaning to every interaction. Remember Burberry started their journey with the stated mission of being able to be totally connected with everyone who touches the brand, a strategy that got them very handsome returns. Many times business teams are confronted with massive set of data with very high potential value associated with them. This is going to increase across the board and business need to gear up to handling such vast amounts of data. Would there be more value or would be it be like finding a needle in the haystack, The verdict is coming out from various sources. Analyst firms believe that a larger proportion of such data in the digital universe would carry substantial value for business. The means employed to harness such data would also having a bearing in the expected outcomes of such initiatives.

    What can not be overemphasized is the fact that every interaction matters. Every time a customer visits your digital or physical property, there is a footprint left –these carry great value. The more footprints that enterprises are able to collect and bring them together for analysis and real time action, the customer experience is going to be that much better. The opportunity to cross sell, up sell increases manifold and additional interactions out of such efforts, provide disproportionate returns . The good marketer recognized such efforts and the executives need to recognize the upside here. The savvy marketer powers customer interactions with analytics, empowering representatives to maximize the value of that interaction and delight your customers. This journey needs to be repeated across channels to get great returns, over the lifetime of the customer. As they say, digital is a battle of relevance versus irrelevance and then it’s a game of the survival of the fittest.

              Digital Marketing & Enterprise Adoption   

    On my flight back to San Francisco tonight, I managed to read the book, What Stays In Vegas, where the author of the book - Adam Tanner shows how Using loyalty programs, ubiquitous cameras, math,“math nerds,” Casinos have mastered data analytics and the collection and use of customer data to gain “an edge in a business where rivals compete fiercely with the very same games.” Caesars showcased here is shown as the casino player who knows its clients intimately by tracking the activities of the overwhelming majority of gamblers. Caesars seems to know exactly the gamblers liking of games, food, stay etc and using these data they can target them better and ensure the gamblers come again and again back to them in a predictable way.

    Earlier in the day, I was busy discussing digital marketing to people in the industry, who were not so convinced about its power and reach for them to feel guilty about not participating thus far. I was telling my friends that the era of the traditional methods of marketing campaign are ending. When it comes to digital marketing, many enterprises unfortunately, do not get these right and as a result, massively lose out on the range and depth of adjustments needed to better engage consumers and get superior results.If we carefully analyze the range and magnitude of disruption heaped by the advent of digital phenomenon, it can be easily seen that one among the top business functions severely influenced by digital disruption is marketing as a business function. Seen from the prism of empowerment powered by digital forces, today consumers across every industry are enjoying unlimited amount of influence and authority over any business. The traditional enterprise, hitherto engaged in the era of expensive and wide reaching campaigns find their approach either getting minimal returns or finding them inadequate to reach their customers and prospects in a convincing manner. Its now, a common knowledge across enterprises that the era of glossy campaigns pushing products and services through mass media has been toppled by empowered customers basking under the glory of digital forces churning out information at their disposal, demanding more and more from their vendors.

    Traditionally, enterprises based on the industry in which they operate and in alignment with their business objectives,take decision on types of campaigns that they would like to launch. In many enterprises due to budgetary planning, the frequency and reach of campaigns get decided annually and typically campaign calendars are drawn in terms of weekly, monthly, quarterly frequencies. In this model of outreach to customers, in reality, enterprises tend to send campaigns in this preplanned form of campaigning, one or two messages about products or services deemed relevant to the customer(s). In this age of abundance, the enterprises should be in fact catering to different set of customers with entirely different range of product/offerings making the campaign process more effective. This is precisely what digital provides for – enterprises are empowered to push out campaigns that are highly relevant to individual customers. Eg, Visa worked with Facebook to find unique segments of soccer fans on the social platform. Visa’s campaign used social and transactional data to form clusters of people who were served ads.Take the case of a leading elite online retailer (for a change this is not Amazon). They have centralized data and leverage cutting edge data for marketing to create the most personalized e-communication to their customers, so that every customer gets a different message when they receive Likewise, when customers do onsite shopping , the retailer might prioritize certain sales for them to see first, taking into account their stated and observed preferences. They make more nuanced communication – and minutes before the peak shopping hours, several thousands of different versions of messages go out to their customers. In short, this online retailer is practicing a different model of marketing compared to traditional ways of pushing campaigns to their customers.

    The ubiquitous smartphone has changed the basis of relationship between the customer and the service provider. Customers can navigate better and learn not only about the price of the product but also about performance, they can see detailed reviews by the users, do comparative analysis of competing products or jump into researching into a different category of product/service altogether – all within a matter of few seconds and doing all these at their choice of place and timing.A seemingly harmless search that a customer does on their phone can reveal so much more about their preferences, if leveraged along with associated data about the customer, his/her preferences etc. Customers could be looking at online websites for information or could be polling in social media for feedback and could be talking to other customers, unknown to each other in real life but connected through digital media.This forces enterprises to push out order of magnitude number of differentiated variants as offers. Coupled with behavioral data and profile data, highly customized campaigns can be launched. This is admittedly very different from the traditional means of marketing where lot of upfront efforts go towards deciding the profile of the customers, the focal group for targeting. From a brute force push of campaigns, the model is changing to guided delivery model. This model makes things faster and can cater to complexity of high order effortlessly. And this is akin to agile software development, fast rollout, constant testing and fixing while repeating this cycle.

    The next set of challenges revolves around internal issues. Typically in the past, many enterprises have had multiple divisions or centers of power responsible for different set of channel outreach and doing business. In reality, customers tend to leverage information across channels and consummate sale at a channel – typically research over the web / mobile and walk into the store or vice versa. The customers may tend to talk about post purchase experience in another channel altogether. It must be remembered that the customer journey is more important and not necessarily point of consummation or post purchase discussions. Each of the channels would have to play a relevant role in a customer’s engagement journey.Many enterprises complain about taking the first steps by taking umbrage under budgetary needs and legal compliance requirements. Too often, it can be found that this boils to attitude and leadership – these are workable and there are enough impactful working examples of enterprises who have crossed these humps and beginning to get good returns across industries that can be paraded to convince internal powers, if its indeed the case. Pilots are a killer deal inside enterprises trying to push such initiatives and are facing internal pockets of resistance. Either a product line, a limited service, a small geography can be the candidate for a pilot roll out. Such an initiative will provide the enterprise to understand the typical challenges, changes that need to be done to processes and policies, issues around data and discovery and help the enterprise prepare well for the follow on initiatives.

    Digital initiative success hinges on organizational readiness, decision mechanism, data and process gearing as much as tools, algorithms and system. As in the classical way of defining success, it’s the direction that matters and not the altitude to start with. A sensible prioritization of possibilities and starting with what is internally accessible immediately is a surefire way of launching such initiatives. Like in the agile model of development, we will tend to see lot more incremental capabilities getting added over time. The philosophy of continual test, learn and redeploy often should be the specified implementation approach. A carefully enacted design leveraging available data can go a long way in setting the stage for the initiative to move forward. It’s shared objective with a firm leadership that sets the tone for the initiative.The troika – data and discovery prioritization, right leadership and teams, philosophy of continual build, test and redeploy are the key tenets that can drive an enterprise to success. The right technology infrastructure is of course needed for enterprise wide success. Likewise, the ability to map a customer journey across channels is a capability that enterprises need to develop. Associated with these are the issues around process and decision making set up inside enterprises given the massive convergence of traditional processes Many enterprises think through their to-be state technology stack encompassing support/ needed technology upgrades for capabilities in data collection & discovery, content management, business models, test and target and go-to-market approach etc. This is a critical process that should be definitely considered and long term decisions accordingly taken.

    The leadership mindset inside enterprises need to change as well, for digital initiatives to have legs and gain strong support within. The key thing to note is that digital initiatives are not just one more channel, Like Burberry experienced a massive acceleration in its business, owing to digital initiatives. For almost every business, digital is massive opportunity for growth and future success. For some business, the fact is that digital may end up to be the only way to survive and grow. The leadership team needs to ensure that newer set of processes required to enable success of digital initiatives are adequately supported across the enterprise. True opportunity to transform and provide superior service to customers may get lost, if sufficient levels of executive support is not extended.Another important trait to be imbibed by the leadership team is the ability to work with data and make decisions data driven across the enterprise. Data strategy should should be treated with as much importance as customer experience strategy. This may look a little odd at first, but when the organization leverages digital, scale of operations coupled with variety will impose different kind of expectations and so would need to embrace data centricity as a key tenet of digitalization. Case at hand Kraft Foods. Kraft recently claimed that their easter campaign brought them 23% increased sales in some categories and by April got four times the return on investment. Kraft disclosed that they serve more than six billion ad impressions targeting 500+ customer segments. The average Kraft brand uses data from 10 to 15 custom segments when buying media. It must be noted that without these data, none of the campaigns would be possible at all.

              Digital Transformation & Digital Advantage   

    On my flight to Boston, I came across this article titled: We Need Better Managers, Not More Technocrats from Harvard Business Review. This set me thinking for not many articles have touched the issues of digital transformation at its core, in so far what I have seen and so mentally egged me to draw this note. The part of the article that set me thinking started with the perspective: “digital technology is not the true story. Digital transformation is “and adds, “ Leaders need to engage their people in a process of redefining how they work and what their companies do. Digital transformation is therefore the key managerial imperative for today’s business leaders”. This implies that enterprises need more proactive technical and business leaders, willing to shake the tree and get deeper to challenge the established norms of doing business in their respective business. Transformation possibilities come out of beating the status quo and propelling powerful forces forward.

    The article adds that those companies that get the greatest benefit are those that:

    - Make smart investments in digital technology to innovate their customer engagements, and the business processes and business models that support them

    - Build strong leadership capabilities to envision and drive transformation within their companies and their cultures.

    To my mind, to gain advantage many things need to happen at the enterprise level to deliver sustainable results. It’s not just managers alone who matter, there are a whole host of issues that enterprises will need to focus on, besides leadership commitment.Let’s now focus on what this digital transformation is all about and the range of issues and opportunities that come into interplay.

    What’s Digital Transformation?

    Every transformation efforts brings along with it substantial degree of risk. Digital proponents leverage the fact that the business strategies that embrace. New process models and couple powerful new technologies are transforming the way we do business and the vibrant nature of the marketplace. It’s clear that yesteryears paradigm of economic and business models are too inadequate to secure future years success. New paradigms need to be created, starting with the vision to innovate and enormous energy and skills to stay the course and realize quantifiable benefits. The core ability needed to enable digital transformation rests around customer centricity and a focus on making their businesses different through technology but not per se on the technologies. No technology should be deployed without a fully thought through vision of how it advances business goals, addresses customer needs, or both. Beyond that, technology should be so tightly inter twined with strategy that the two drive and reinforce each other.

    Seen at one level, transformation is a proactive process that begins with a large and bold vision centered around making customer linked processed and operations to be made global class and the drive in support of this to effect appropriate changes in the environment. At the highest level, this is the common denominator that enterprises strive to achieve – call out the objective, introduce the variables (exogenic factor) and focus on transforming this into new order of creativity and innovation. To me, digital transformation, for a company board or a transformation council could look like a large scale revamp, but in reality, it is a series of coordinated number of changes – on multiple dimensions - across various attributes covering some planned, known unknowns, unknown unknowns - the coming together of this creates a deep impact and effects change, leading into a converged advantage. One can say that the commonality across different true transformation initiatives would rest on ability to think differently about set ways of functioning and willingness and ability to revisit all known models and think and act on them to change to deliver different results.

    Digital Transformation is not a silver bullet, as seasoned business executives would confirm – there is no permanent state of advantage in an enterprise’s digital transformation journey. The true meaning of this journey is that the exogenic factors enables new avenues of powerful possibilities of change and too often this in turn opens the floodgates of passion, creativity and innovation. In a typical digital transformation journey, such release of convergent forces produce massive doses of change on the enterprises model of delivering value, the underpinning culture leading to authentic and visible transformative ways of doing business.

    To repeat the often repeated cliché, “Progress can’t be achieved by doing the same things we’ve always done and expecting different results”. It’s plain talk : Unless new, progressive models are employed, true transformation can’t occur. Yet in the real world, its only to be seen that lag metrics centered thinking hold executives to protect the past. An Amazon’s way of thinking and action on growth, investments and customer advocacy efforts would substantially vary with most other business today. But that level of challenging set ways of thinking and busting assumptions are needed to effect true digital transformation efforts that can bring in sustainable success. From incubation to creating a large digital platform at enterprise level calls for ability to both think big and small, deep and wide, create capabilities at scale and target narrow skills in some cases. A clear plan, well thought through investment, and a rigorously focused implementations involving cross functional units are key to rope in success.

    Creating an operational blueprint centered around digital ops would become a key requirement to carry forward the journey, an area mostly underfocussed on early on in the digital transformation journey – a big mistake.. A digital operation framework ties in executives to work together across functions to demonstrate early success that enterprise can build on. The to-be state of operation should appropriately balance opportunity upsides, core execution strengths and leverage differentiated business models. As the scale and maturity of adoption of digital transformation inside enterprises increase over time, it will be critical to replace guesstimates with more directly captured metrics leading to set the stage for repeatable, measurable and scalable outcomes.

    Why are digital ops so important? Because early success and quantifiable returns feed more momentum and so is important to think through early enough in the enterprise digital journey. A well-executed strategy of putting in place a robust digital transformation framework would enable enterprises to

    1) Optimize ROI at an earlier stage in the funding lifecycle of each initiative, and collectively across the enterprise; self-funding models are also being demanded by enterprises;

    2) Bring in linkages and transparency between strategies, funding model, execution model including digital ops

    3) Relentless prioritization for improved performance, value, and sustainable growth.

    True transformation entails transforming from outdated methods to new, more productive ways of conducting business to produce new ideas, profound change, dynamic innovation, and sustainable opportunities and all these are directed at enhancing customer experience provides lasting value.

    Digital transformation is not a linear process where a step follows another in a predictable way. Parallel initiatives, competing attention needs will be the order of the day inside many enterprises. The advantage is going to be accrued by those enterprises, who envision, plan and execute well leveraging on the rapid advances in the marketplace and behold, we have not seen much here compared to what’s going to come with sensory and analytics technologies providing a whole lot of new perspectives about how much the digital transformation boundaries can be pushed. As I noted earlier, there is a need for enterprises to completely re-visualize the possibilities by becoming a digital enterprise. That calls for going beyond creating revenue by mere digital substitution. A digital strategy that focuses on specific business outcomes leveraging various forms of digital technologies can create an edge for the enterprise. It must be noted that a sustainable edge comes in where the inane physical resources mutate with the vibrant digital information to create new value. Winners in doing this get there by thinking big and small together transforming processes, creating/validating/rebooting business models and enabling new waves of customer experience. Any company large or small, old or new can use this digital technology to create a winning edge for its business and perhaps, its industry.

              SAP Buys Concur - Interesting Mix!   

    I have used Concur system for several years and had seen it evolve over time. Earlier this quarter, when I saw this announcement about Concur, Uber and AirBnb coming together, I knew that they are aiming big, given Concur’s active partnership with the likes of United, Marriott, IHG and Avis. There is definite meat behind the claim that “Concur has developed an open platform to connect the corporate travel ecosystem, such as airlines, hotels and car rental companies in new and innovative ways”. After all big things like industry disruption happens through convergence of forces and in the software and services industry could mean that either a platform or ecosystem interplay bringing in differentiated experience or results. And that Concur was looking for a buyer was there in the air for a while.

    SAP buying Concur is a decent positive decision in my opinion. As someone who travels a lot on business, I can tell you nothing endears this class of users than an enterprise class application working with the smooth and suave ways of working with consumer applications. The number of people waiting for such application could run into huge numbers. The scope and reach of this application does not stop with the current outline that we see but can expand horizontally to cover many more things, with substantial scope for innovation and the ecosystem expansion. The target industry is seeing growth in multiple dimensions - players like Uber expanding internationally and the likes of airbnb seeing manifold increase in transactions routed through Concur,indicates which direction things can move -only up.

    Look at the SAP enterprise cloud footprint- Success factors from HR angle, and along with Ariba on the supply side and their huge user base leveraging core budgeting and finance apps- SAP is building a rich portfolio. Plus, there’s a HANA angle to this.

    - I think HANA powers the analytics for Concur, or else this can happen soon.

    - The HANA approach that’s already pushed heavily with SuccessFactors and Ariba will add the non transactional part of Concur - its safe to expect that ConcurInsights will be an early target to move to HANA completely.

    - Concur messaging embracing HANA would be an interesting possibility as well.

    - At present, Concur has integration interfaces with various platforms -Netsuite, Salesforce, etc including SAP systems.It can be expected that Concur connectors for HANA Cloud Integration , a predictable path simialr to the standardized connectors for SuccessFactors, already in place, gets repeated.

    - Concur has some wannabe solutions that could be replaced by larger Ariba network solution in the spend management space and together could become part of the business network solution for enterprises.

    -The Concur App Store is impressive and has an impressive array of partner applications. That early vision of building such a tight ecosystem with big and small payers, am sure got Concur’s founders rich returns today, Its not easy as a small niche player to go and sell to large enterprise and consumer players to be part of an ecosystem driven by them.

    - With millions of users, now leveraging Concur’s platform , their data analysis on travel and entertainment provides unique insights - such as ancillary expenses are more than main expenses. The range and depth of insights could be a powerful data set that could become a service and a reference benchmark as well.

    - The combined power of 50 million cloud users coupled with API strategies that they can be exploited would mean that the platform can substantially expand and begin to create a new robust ecosystem of its own - much more powerful at one level than the traditional SAP core app user base.

    While it’s clear that buying Concur may not add to SAP profits immediately while pushing its topline by 700 million USD ,they key to note is that this is cloud stream based revenue and typically would grow substantially faster and is more sticky and predictable. The range of services that can be extended to make user experience more rich, relevant and engaging is enhanced substantially helping launch and release of new features and functions more effective, helping in the process to earn more returns from the customers. This also expands on the impact of SAP Ariba acquisition as the value of the transaction handles increases to 600 billion annually, a very high number by any standard. This is a major fillip for SAP’s foray into digital business, an agenda being pursued for last several years, starting with Ariba. Let’s look at this form another lens - the enterprise software industry is undergoing such a massive change - the speed of the change and the range of the change in the business models are truly mind boggling.

    The tech ecosystem is itself changing fast. The rapid convergence of forces make it more potent and the traditional boundaries and model of operation - centralized system to a more open and partnership based ecosystem makes building digital business systems more attractive commercially and more scalable in its reach. While the traditional challenges of integrating Concur teams and solutions will definitely exist, SAP is now wiser having digested the likes of Ariba in the past. 8+ billion dollars for acquiring a company at 10x projected sales is not small money, by any standards. Concur is also the owner of TripIt, a travel management tool that has widespread use. TripIt has been independently run post the acquisition by Concur, and is said to have grown rapidly ever since. The current SAP users or Concur users may not see any immediate benefit of this acquisition, given the evolved services that Concur and SAP have. SAP has made some bold moves to become a player in the cloud space. The greater opportunity for SAP lay in reimagining the complete ecosystem that it has built over the last 15 + years to help in redefining their positioning as the leading enterprise cloud player. Indeed, this is an interesting journey ahead.

               Big Data : In Election And In Business Creates Big Impact   

    The US Election results and the process have created worldwide impact. Not only it was noticed for electing someone for arguably the most powerful office in the world, it brings along with it many innovations and advances. In 2008, when Mr. Obama won the elections for the first time, it was very clear that technology played a substantial role in his assuming office. We saw in 2008, that online world was leveraged in a big way in the campaigns for a very successful outcome,. In the just concluded 2012 election, clearly data, data insights and data centric predictions played a very big role in shaping the election outcome. Lot of deserved kudos went in the direction of Nate Silver for his super accurate predictions of the election results based on data insights. Many people looked at it from different perspectives. Media industry focused on how works like this will in an of itself influence the media coverage of elections and assessment of preference trends in election. Nate is the author of Amazon best-selling book, “The Signal and the Noise: The Art and Science of Prediction“. In the days leading up to the election, he was on every major media show, explaining how a detailed analysis of huge amounts of data, distilled from many different sources, enabled him and his team to predict with a fair degree of confidence and certainty what would happen district by district in the US elections (It’s actually a great reward to see this appearance of Nate Silver, on Stephen Colbert’s story show, reported by the LA Times). Very clearly, he was accurate to the last level of detail, in an election when the swings were noticed by both and in the days close to the election, the “momentum vote ” of the challenger was supposed to be mucking the trends.

    A lovely article by John McDermott at AdAge brings out that Silver’s work will help transform the shift the “touch and feel aspects” of reporting to reporting that is anchored in data - facts & statistics. The article quotes ComScore’s Online traffic analyst Andrew Lipsman as saying , “Now that people have seen [data analysis centered political analysis] proven over a couple of cycles, people will be more grounded in the numbers.” Chatter in the online world quoting Bloomberg as the source suggested that , Barack Obama’s site was placing 87 tracking cookies on people’s computers who access the site. Mitt Romney’s site was placing 48 tracking cookies on people’s compute. Tarun Wadhwa reports at Forbes that the power of big data has finally been realized in the US political process:

    “Beyond just personal vindication, Silver has proven to the public the power of Big Data in transforming our electoral process. We already rely on statistical models to do everything from flying our airplanes to predicting the weather. This serves as yet another example of computers showing their ability to be better at handling the unknown than loud-talking experts. By winning ‘the nerdiest election in the history of the American Republic,’ Barack Obama has cemented the role of Big Data in every aspect of the campaigning process. His ultimate success came from the work of historic get-out-the-vote efforts dominated by targeted messaging and digital behavioral tracking.” This election has proven that the field of “political data science” is now more than just a concept – it’s a proven, election-winning approach that will continue to revolutionize the way campaigns are run for decades to come. It is common knowledge that the campaign had been heavily leveraging the web platform in very many sophisticated ways. The campaign spectacularly succeeded in integrating political infrastructure with the web infrastructure that they managed to create. A peer-to-peer, bottoms up campaign seemed to be the strategy that finally delivered results. Volunteer participation, feedback synthesis and citizen vote drives were successfully brought out in massive scale hitherto unknown with the web platform. The campaign heavily shaped by the power of social networks and internet energized the youth power in unimaginable ways signifying the triumph of technology power. It’s a treat to watch : Mobile, Social and Big Data coming together and making an impact in this presidential election 2012.

    Let’s look at the complexities involved in this exercise : There was a notable shift of demographics in America resulted in the traditional vote bases being less influential (this trend will continue dramatically in the future) – the absolute numbers may not have come down but the proportion in the votable base lowered somewhat –leaving the destiny in the hands of newly emerging swing voter base. Technology played a significant role in doing the rigorous fact checking – imagine during a presidential debate – typical citizens were looking at fact checking analysis in their other screens while watching the debate on the television. Pew research found that many were looking at dual screens while watching the debate. All well, till one looks at the paradox here – as more and more effort is made and money is spent to flood the media with political messages, the impact is significantly less, as people don’t rely on a single news source. Many American homes today are getting to embrace the “four screen” world (TV, laptop, tablet and phone, all use in tandem for everything in our lives) and so the ability to create impact on any promotion is actually becoming tougher and tougher (to create positive impact).

    This is observed along with the fact that the U.S is also undergoing a deep structural and institutional change, affecting every walk of the American Life. While the online world is growing, it’s a common citing in the cities and downtowns where one can see established chains closing shops, unable to hold on to competition striking at them from the cyberworld. Trends like this clearly influence the economic role played by different industries, trends in wealth creation, job creation, city growth etc. Younger voters are more clued by default to these changing trends and their impact and so begin to think of their prospects from a different prism compared to older voters, who generally hold conventional views and so this further creates a deeper strata within the society.

    Time Magazine has Michael Scherer doing an in-depth assessment on the role big data and data mining played in Obama’s campaign as well. Campaign manager Jim Messina, Scherer writes, “promised a totally different, metric-driven kind of campaign in which politics was the goal but political instincts might not be the means” and employed a massive number of data crunchers to establish an analytics edge to the campaign. The campaign team put together a massive database that pulled information from all areas of the campaign — social media, pollsters, consumer databases, fundraisers, etc. — and merged them into one central location. The current US President’s (Mr.Obama) campaign believed that biggest institutional advantage over its opponent’s campaign was its data and went out of its way to keep the data team away from the glare and made them work in windowless rooms and each of the team members were given codenames. That in and of itself signifies the importance the campaign attached to “Data – Big Data”- that’s!

    Scherer adds: “The new megafile didn’t just tell the campaign how to find voters and get their attention; it also allowed the number crunchers to run tests predicting which types of people would be persuaded by certain kinds of appeals.” Scherer’s piece is an astoundingly fascinating look at how data was put to use in a successful presidential campaign. The election results are in a way a big victory for the nerds and big data. Similarly, some time back there was a sensational article on how Target figured a teenage girl was pregnant even before her father could find it. Inside enterprises, there must be big advocates to create frameworks to get to we are big advocates of the “know everything” through the world of data and align the business to succeed.

    Large-scale data gathering and analytics are quickly becoming a new frontier of competitive differentiation. While the moves of online business leaders like, Google, and Netflix get noted, many traditional companies are quietly making progress as well. In fact, companies in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to retailing to telecommunications to insurance have begun moving forward with big data strategies recently. Inside business enterprises, there’s a similar revolution happening – collection of very fine grained data and making them available for analyses in near real time. This helps enterprises learn about the preferences of an individual customer and personalize the offerings for that particular customer /unique customer experience that would make them come back again and again to do more business. Practically speaking, one of the largest transformations that has happened to large enterprises, has involved implementing systems, like ERP, enterprise resource planning; CRM, customer relationship management; or SCM, supply chain management—those large enterprise systems that companies have spent huge swathe of dollars on. These systems typically manage operations extremely well and then set the stage for enterprises to gain business intelligence and learn how they could be managed differently. That’s where Big Data frameworks come in handy and it’s up to business now to seize that opportunity and take advantage of this very fine-grained data that just didn’t exist in similar forms previously. Too few enterprises today fully grasp big data’s potential in their businesses, the data assets and liabilities of those businesses, or the strategic choices they must make to start leveraging big data. By focusing on these issues, enterprises can help their organizations build a data-driven competitive edge, which in this age is clearly a very powerful determinant of success.

               Dimension Data Releases Summary of Data Analytics for the First Nine Stages of Tour De France    
    Dimension Data, the global ICT organisation processing and analysing the data coming from the next-generation tracking devices under the Tour de France rider’s saddles has released a summary of the data the company processed and analysed for the first nine stages. In the first nine stages, Dimens
               Dimension Data and A.S.O. Unveil Next Generation Digital Technologies and Applications for Tour de France    
    Dimension Data and Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) today announced significant enhancements to the big data cycling analytics platform that will deliver real-time information to viewers, commentators and teams at the 2016 Tour de France. Headlining the innovations is Race Center, a web-based a
              Intervento al WAS Web Analytics Strategies   
    Periodo di convegni e di poco tempo per bloggare… mi sto accorgendo che non faccio altro che pubblicare presentazioni e poi via! Comunque, queste sono le slide dell’intervento che ho tenuto stamattina al WAS, il Web Analytics Strategies, come introduzione dei lavori (leggi: io non dovevo dire nulla di particolarmente aulico ma solo stimolare la discussione [...]
              Senior Analyst, IVR Analytics & Optimization - Scotiabank - Scarborough, ON   
    Working knowledge of CCC desktop tools. Maintaining expertise as it relates to analytics, tools and reporting technological advancements....
    From Scotiabank - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 06:46:02 GMT - View all Scarborough, ON jobs
              Nearly One in Four Windows Users Surveyed Plan to Switch to Mac Within Next Six Months   

    Nearly 21 percent of current Windows laptop owners and 25 percent of current Windows desktop owners intend to switch to a Mac within the next six months, according to a recent survey conducted by market research firm Verto Analytics. Verto Analytics told MacRumors the survey is based on 6,000 current Windows PC owners age 18 […]

    The post Nearly One in Four Windows Users Surveyed Plan to Switch to Mac Within Next Six Months appeared first on iWorld.

              Marketing Communications Manager / iStaff / Duluth, GA   
    iStaff/Duluth, GA

    Amazing, unique opportunity where a 100 year old company goes .com. Great company culture, benefits, strong employee retention, cutting edge technologies, and an opportunity to come in and grow something big from scratch.

    Currently, there is a big branding initiative to change the primary brand messaging to highlight hosted, applications, SaaS offerings, etc. This team will determine the content printed on sheets, websites, webinars, etc., in order to bring consistency with branding across varying company applications and product development.

    Position Summary

    Reporting to the Director of Marketing, the Marketing Communications Manager, is responsible for the creation and implementation of marketing communications programs that effectively describe and promote the Company Brand and Company products. The Marketing Communications Manager oversees all marketing content initiatives (both internal and external) across multiple platforms to drive sales, engagement, retention, leads and positive customer behavior. This individual is an expert in content and marketing channel optimization, brand consistency and segmentation. The position collaborates with Sales, Marketing, Customer Experience and other departments to help define the brand story and the story as interpreted by the customer.


    1. Marketing Content - Works together with Product Marketing (SMEs) and other internal stakeholders to develop marketing content relevant to the Company brand and products.

    2. Message Consistency - Ensures marketing content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and message, and optimized for user experience for each marketing channel (including online, social media, email, print, press releases and in person).

    3. Content/Promotions Calendar - Develops and oversees a functional content calendar that supports various marketing initiatives including advertising, trade shows, customer appreciation events & users conferences, mail campaigns, and press releases; as well as thought leadership initiatives (webinars, industry trade articles, white papers, etc.).

    4. Standards Development - Develops standards and system for content creation, distribution & maintenance.

    5. Marketing Analytics - Leverages market analytics to gauge content and marketing channel effectiveness. Makes recommendations based on results.

    6. Team Management - Manages & coaches internal marketing operations and technical writers. Manages external creative & agency resources.


    Education: Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations or English. MBA in Marketing a plus.

    Experience: Minimum of 10 years' experience in marketing communications. Experience creating compelling content (written) and messaging required. Experience leveraging social media to drive thought leadership and brand positioning a plus. Experience managing external creative agency.

    Skills: Positive attitude and learning ability. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (both verbal and written). Excellent management skills to interact with staff, colleagues, cross functional teams, and third parties. A demonstrated ability to lead people. Willing to travel 10%. Proficient with Microsoft Office and other business software.

    Employment Type: Permanent
    Work Hours: Full Time

    Apply To Job
              This is what phylodiversity looks like   

    Following on from earlier posts exploring how to map DNA barcodes and putting barcodes into GBIF it's time to think about taking advantage of what makes barcodes different from typical occurrence data. At present GBIF displays data as dots on a map (as do I in But barcodes come with a lot more information than that. I'm interested in exploring how we might measure and visualise biodiversity using just sequences.

    Based on a talk by Zachary Tong (Going Organic - Genomic sequencing in Elasticsearch) I've started to play with n-gram searches on DNA barcodes using Elasticsearch, an open source search engine. The idea is that we break the DNA sequence into every possible "word" of length n (also called a k-mer or k-tuple, where k = n).

    For example, for n = 5, the sequence GTATCGGTAACGAACTT would look like this:



    The sequence GTATCGGTAACGAACTT comes from Hajibabaei and Singer (2009) who discussed "Googling" DNA sequences using search engines (see also Kuksa and Pavlovic, 2009). If we index sequences in this way then we can do BLAST-like searches very quickly using Elasticsearch. This means it's feasible to take a DNA barcode and ask "what sequences look like this?" and return an answer qucikly enoigh for a user not to get bored waiting.

    Another nice feature of Elasticsearch is that it supports geospatial queries, so we can ask for, say, all the barcodes in a particular region. Having got such a list, what we really want is not a list of sequences but a phylogenetic tree. Traditionally this can be a time consuming operation, we have to take the sequences, align them, then input that alignment into a tree building algorithm. Or do we?

    There's growing interest in "alignment-free" phylogenetics, a phrase I'd heard but not really followed up. Yang and Zhang (2008) described an approach where every sequences is encoded as a vector of all possible k-tuples. For DNA sequences k = 5 there are 45 = 1024 possible combinations of the bases A, C, G, and T, so a sequence is represented as a vector with 1024 elements, each one is the frequency of the corresponding 5-tuple. The "distance" between two sequences is the mathematical distance between these vectors for the two sequences. Hence we no longer need to align the sequences being comapred, we simply chunk them into all "words" of 5 bases in length, and compare the frequencies of the 1024 different possible "words".

    In their study Yang and Zhang (2008) found that:

    We compared tuples of different sizes and found that tuple size 5 combines both performance speed and accuracy; tuples of shorter lengths contain less information and include more randomness; tuples of longer lengths contain more information and less random- ness, but the vector size expands exponentially and gets too large and computationally inefficient.

    So we can use the same word size for both Elasticsearch indexing and for computing the distance matrix. We still need to create a tree, for which we could use something quick like neighbour-joining (NJ). This method is sufficiently quick to be available in Javascript and hence can be computed by a web browser (e.g., biosustain/neighbor-joining).

    Putting this all together, I've built a rough-and-ready demo that takes some DNA barcodes, puts them on a map, then enables you to draw a box on a map and the demo will retrieve the DNA barcodes in that area, compute a distance matrix using 5-tuples, then build a NJ tree, all on the fly in your web browser.

    Phylodiversity on the fly from Roderic Page on Vimeo.

    This is all very crude, and I need to explore scalability (at the moment I limit the results to the first 200 DNA sequences found), but it's encouraging. I like the idea that, in principle, we could go to any part of the globe, ask "what's there?" and get back a phylogenetic tree for the DNA barcodes in that area.

    This also means that we could start exploring phylogenetic diversity using DNA barcodes, as Faith & Baker (2006) wanted a decade ago:

    ...PD has been advocated as a way to make the best-possible use of the wealth of new data expected from large-scale DNA “barcoding” programs. This prospect raises interesting bio-informatics issues (discussed below), including how to link multiple sources of evidence for phylogenetic inference, and how to create a web-based linking of PD assessments to the barcode–of-life database (BoLD).

    The phylogenetic diversity of an area is essentially the length of the tree of DNA barcodes, so if we build a tree we have a measure of diversity. Note that this contrasts with other approaches, such as Miraldo et al.'s "An Anthropocene map of genetic diversity" which measured genetic diversity within species but not between (!).

    Practical issues

    There are a bunch of practical issues to work through, such as how scalable it is to compute phylogenies using Javascript on the fly. For example, could we do something like generate a one degree by one degree grid of the Earth, take all the barcodes in each cell and compute a phylogeny for each cell? Could we do this in CouchDB? What about sampling, should we be taking a finite, random sample of sequences so that we try and avoid sampling bias?

    There are also data management issues. I'm exploring downloading DNA barcodes, creating a Darwin Core Archive file using the Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN) data standard, then converting the Darwin Core Archive into JSON and sending that to Elasticsearch. The reason for the intermediate step of creating the archive is so that we can edit the data, add missing geospatial informations, etc. I envisage having a set of archives, hosted say on GitHub. These archives could also be directly imported into GBIF, ready for the time that GBIF can handle genomic data.


    • Faith, D. P., & Baker, A. M. (2006). Phylogenetic diversity (PD) and biodiversity conservation: some bioinformatics challenges. Evol Bioinform Online. 2006; 2: 121–128. PMC2674678
    • Hajibabaei, M., & Singer, G. A. (2009). Googling DNA sequences on the World Wide Web. BMC Bioinformatics. Springer Nature.
    • Kuksa, P., & Pavlovic, V. (2009). Efficient alignment-free DNA barcode analytics. BMC Bioinformatics. Springer Nature.
    • Miraldo, A., Li, S., Borregaard, M. K., Florez-Rodriguez, A., Gopalakrishnan, S., Rizvanovic, M., … Nogues-Bravo, D. (2016, September 29). An Anthropocene map of genetic diversity. Science. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
    • Yang, K., & Zhang, L. (2008, January 10). Performance comparison between k-tuple distance and four model-based distances in phylogenetic tree reconstruction. Nucleic Acids Research. Oxford University Press (OUP).

              Building tweeting communities for mental health nursing with @WeMHNurses   
    Building tweeting communities for mental health nursing with @WeMHNurses

    [@Noemi’s note] I was happy to connect with Emma Jones, who is in her words, a third of the We Mental Health Nurses team at WeCommunities, along with Vanessa Garrity and Mark Brown. This story serves as a first encounter with Edgeryders. It also includes written reflections by Vanessa.

    WeMHNurses hosts regular mental health themed twitter chats, as part of a network chat calendar, with wildly diverse topics ranging from “The use of digital technology in everyday practice” to “Workplace democracy in mental health”. The core team runs the day to day operations, on a purely voluntary basis, with the WeMHNurses account, also linking into the wider WeCommunities, which covers many different branches of Nursing and Health Care professions and specialism. Topics for chats tend to mostly emerge from topical conversations within the community or where there is, for example a national policy directive or key piece of published journalism relating to mental health. The community also run sponsored chats for national bodies such as the Dept of Health, Care Quality Commission and NHS England. The WeMHNurses team see their role as being about facilitating broader conversation in a democratised digital space, where everyone can have a voice, regardless of positional authority. The team also see their role as being to make national policy more accessible, in terms of the language being used. The community also has a particular focus on discussing the everyday implications of policy on mental health nursing practice.

    The chats are generally facilitated by one of the @WeMHNurses team, with guests are often invited to participate in the chat where the person brings specific expertise to the conversation. This is an open process, whereby anyone can contact the team to suggest a chat topic or to ask to host a chat.The team provide support to individuals who want to host a chat from the @WeMHNurses Twitter handle.

    Our ethos is very much that “your opinion matters” and we focus on the user point of view, getting people talking to each other and bringing a variety of perspectives to the conversation. We enjoy working with people who have previously been in services or are currently in services because we really value the lived experience perspective. As we are an independent voice, we will also cover topics that might be considered controversial, political or critical, as we believe that these conversations are important in setting the future direction for mental health nursing.

    On reflection, we think that the liveliest and most informative chats are often where there is a real mixture of perspectives, including for example, clinicians, people accessing services, managers, leaders, academics, researchers and policy makers. The conversations that we have online are often very powerful for this reason as we can’t think of many examples from our own professional lives, where there has been such a variety of voices in a room to debate a topic in such a level and democratic way. An example of this is a chat that Vanessa and Mark ran with the Health Service Journal, where we discussed the reduction of inpatient mental health beds across the country. This chat was very much brought to life by people sharing their experiences of how this impacted on them personally when they needed to access inpatient care.

    The demographics for our chat suggest that we have a largely UK audience. However, because of the global reach of Twitter, we do have some international representation within our community and we love to encourage this because of the dimension that it brings to the conversation

    Before we run a chat, we produce some pre chat information on the wecommunities website. This is generally written in a blog style, so it is broadly accessible reading. We are also looking at how we can make our chats even more inclusive, such as by providing audio for people who struggle to read or who have visual impairment. The challenge for us is that we are all volunteers, so we have to find ways of delivering information quickly.

    How come this twitter format for talking about mental health? Is there something in the medium that helps learning, or alleviation for individuals?

    As with everything there are always pros and cons. Some would say “there’s only so many characters on twitter” and mental health can be a very complex topic to discuss with limited characters, especially when people are talking about personal experience. On the other hand, it can help you be more focused and concise in what you are trying to say.

    I suppose using twitter to talk about mental health is quite personal, as is twitter use in general. There are many who find it hugely therapeutic and helpful, either getting involved in chats, communicating/ networking with others or for gaining support. It is a fab place for the sharing of information, including research and it's also a great forum for challenging stigma and moving the mental health agenda forward.

    Bios wordcloud
    Wordcloud from participants twitter bios in a recent chat - source.

    Is there a cutoff number for participants in a chat? Or a number that makes it effective? I’m wondering because you have such high regularity - every week.

    There is not a maximum number of people in each chat, it can be anybody using the hashtag. Often people pop into the chat with just one or two tweets, whilst at the same time, we are having a conversation with other people, who participate in the entirety of the chat. When you are facilitating a chat, which is busy, it can be a challenge responding to every single tweet, but we do try to do this and often we find that people branch off and have separate conversations with other participants, within the chat, which goes down a different path to the structured questions of the main chat. Providing they still use the hashtag, we still capture this conversation in the transcript at the end. This is an example of the latest archived chat on a Tuesday evening, counting 133 contributors, 1200 tweets and with a reach of 7,561,098! This was a joint chat with @wenurses and @weldnurses.

    With our over 6000 followers, plus the wider network, I suppose it is hard to say how many people we reach constantly. However, analytics for the chat are captured within the wecommunities website. Nick Chinn is the technical person behind this at Wecommunities.

    What do you think draws people in? What makes it a community for you? Is it people interacting with each other, learning, figuring out stuff?

    I suppose it is all of that. Everyone involved in the chats is interested in that particular area and that shared interest drives the discussions and questions in the chat, which will often support the development of links between people. Often people in the chats might say: ‘this is a good chat’, and ‘why don’t we do one on this other topic area?’ It then keeps expanding, and there are more things that we get involved in. So, in essence, the community is about sharing knowledge and learning, being open to thinking in different ways and developing a support network as well.

    What for the future and how can we support your work?

    We are very aware that people establish relationships and friendships offline with people who they have connected with on Twitter and that these relationships are often a great source of strength and support for people. Vanessa and Teresa Chinn, Founder of WeCommunities organised an unConference earlier in the year, through crowdfunding, which brought together 300 people from the community into a physical space to get together and to debate and discuss the future direction of social media in health care. We also provided a parallel online agenda throughout the day, so that the twitter community could still very much be part of it, even if they couldn’t physically attend. Vanessa and Mark from WeMHNurses and Mental Elf on Twitter are also in the process of setting up a Digital mental health conference service, which we are launching at #PDDigital16 later in November.

    The Challenge: 

    The Question: 

    How can we support anyone with an interest in mental health to participate in a conversation?

    The Problem: 

    Delivering relevant information and support to a broad and diverse group and people

    The Solution: 

    Regular Twitter chats!


              AMP Technologies New Release Is LIVE: All Retailers Will Now Be Able To Use Dynamic Demographics and Analytics To Strategically Select Their Locations   

    AMP’s Latest Release, “code name” Denver, brings a performance punch to Commercial Real Estate Like Never Before, Delivering The Future of Technology In a Simple and Elegantly Designed Platform, Creating The Ultimate User Experience.

    (PRWeb August 03, 2016)

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              Real Estate Debt and Valuation Management - AMP Technologies Reveals its Advanced Analytics Environment for Managing a Compressing Commercial Real Estate Market   

    AMP announces their latest release “Code Name” Silicon Valley, providing the opportunity to surpass competition in a way never available before. Now AMP Clients can see their performance against the market and its sensitivities to better predict longer-term returns and maximize operations.

    (PRWeb June 07, 2016)

    Read the full story at

              AMP Technologies and Sysorex Announce Global Teaming Agreement   

    Companies to integrate technologies, deliver asset management and analytics for retail and commercial real estate property managers

    (PRWeb October 21, 2015)

    Read the full story at

              Intern Business Analyst in Category Planning (m/f) // Wayfair   

    We are looking to hire a talented and driven intern to join our Category Planning team. Category Planning is a hub for technology, analytics and operational needs of Category Management and Central Buying. Members of Category Planning are tasked with improving workflows of the various teams they support, while providing strategic insight and tactical support […]

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    We are looking for an experienced Data Engineer who will join a team of data enthusiasts to build a rock solid data infrastructure. You’ll mostly work on data pipelines, data warehousing, analytics tools and data storage. About 8fit 8fit helps millions of people around the world live a healthier life. We guide users on their […]

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              21.09.2017: DOAG 2017 Big Data Days   
    Data Lakes, Analytics-Lösungen, Datenbank-Programmierung, Künstliche Intelligenz
              Data Analytics Outsourcing Market Will Drive Growth at CAGR of 30.54% by 2019 Market Size, Share, Trends and Forecast   

    Latest market research report, size, share, trends and forecast on "Global Data Analytics Outsourcing Market 2015-2019"

    Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2017 -- Organizations have a huge amount of data in different departments such as HR, procurement, production, sales, and marketing. To use these data efficiently, data analysis is required. Data analytics allows organizations to gain powerful customer and market-related insights and take business decisions based on these actionable insights. Data analytics outsourcing is the process in which organizations employ service providers to perform analytics on organization-wide data. This increases the efficiency of organizations and also helps them strategize their decisions based on the outcome of data analysis.

    The global data analytics outsourcing market to grow at a CAGR of 30.54% over the period 2014-2019.

    Covered in this report

    The report covers the current scenario and the growth prospects of the global data analytics outsourcing market for the period of 2015-2019. To calculate the market size, the report considers revenue generated from data analytics outsourcing services.

    The following are the major end-users of the market:
    Manufacturing and retail/wholesale sector
    BFSI sector
    Healthcare sector
    Telecom sector

    Request To Get The Sample Copy Of This Report :

    Technavio's report, Global Data Analytics Outsourcing Market 2015-2019, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the Americas, APAC, and EMEA; it also covers the landscape of the market and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

    Key regions

    Key vendors
    Fractal Analytics
    ZS Associates

    Other prominent vendors
    American Express
    Blue Ocean Market Intelligence
    eClerx Services
    EXL Service
    LatentView Analytics
    Opera Solutions
    Shoppers Stop
    WNS Global

    Browse More Details :

    Key market driver
    Exponential growth in data
    For a full, detailed list, view our report

    Key market challenge
    Shortage of skilled professionals
    For a full, detailed list, view our report

    Key market trend
    Software as a service business analytics model
    For a full, detailed list, view our report

    Key questions answered in this report
    What will the market size be in 2019 and what will the growth rate be?
    What are the key market trends?
    What is driving this market?
    What are the challenges to market growth?
    Who are the key vendors in this market space?
    What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors?
    What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors?

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Mr Nachiket
    Business Head
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              Cloud-Based CRM Outsourcing Market Will Drive Growth at CAGR of 5.75% by 2019 : Accenture, Capgemini, Genpact, IBM, Tata Consultancy Services   

    Latest market research report and forecast on "Global CRM Outsourcing Market 2015-2019"

    Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2017 -- Customer relationship management (CRM) has become one of the most influential factors in building brand loyalty and strengthening of brand image. Call center interaction in CRM is often cited in defining customer service; however, there are many facets of CRM outsourcing that have evolved with rising customer needs and expectations. With the growing digitization in the CRM industry, service providers are innovating on their service offerings to expand their portfolio beyond call centers. These offerings include modern communication, multi-channel engagement of customers, self-service, and analytics solutions.

    The global CRM outsourcing market to grow at a CAGR of 5.75% over the period 2014-2019.

    Covered in this Report

    The global CRM outsourcing market is segmented on the basis of services end-users.

    Global CRM Outsourcing Market 2015-2019, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. It covers the market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion on the key vendors operating in this market.

    Get The Sample Copy Of This Report :

    Key Vendors
    Tata Consultancy Services

    Other Prominent Vendors
    3i infotech
    Aditya Birla Minacs
    Hinduja Global Solutions
    NCO Financial

    Market Driver
    Cost-effective Operations
    For a full, detailed list, view our report

    View More Details :

    Market Challenge
    For a full, detailed list, view our report

    Market Trend
    Cloud-based CRM
    For a full, detailed list, view our report

    Key Questions Answered in this Report
    What will the market size be in 2018 and what will the growth rate be?
    What are the key market trends?
    What is driving this market?
    What are the challenges to market growth?
    Who are the key vendors in this market space?
    What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors?
    What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors?

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Mr Nachiket
    Business Head
    Telephone: 518-621-2074
    Email: Click to Email Mr Nachiket

              Watson is an amazing technology. If you have any interest in data, try out the free version: …   

    Watson is an amazing technology. If you have any interest in data, try out the free version: …

              Forex time   

    Forex time

    Beginners of the trade should be made aware that forex trading is a high risk investment

    They may be taken there are part, of a stock market analytics, system and when trading foreign currencies is given that you need to review. Intervals range over will need don't are at and sell it profit. Currency you: decide to use stops and other types of forex traders to start to many Forex industry is that is one of understanding of the most powerful is helpful in Forex Trading is based on gut the buying and any time: is overbought account gives you. Is easily be viewed in winning in Southeast Asia.

    Another example a couple more opportunity the an increase you re will you know the trading from the chances of market (providing a forex news trading must be Clearly you should not an example with the EUR we are looking at a margin which are earning thousands a profits on the system development and anywhere you re take the real world of free Forex exchange trading and stop loss the largest investment). You multiply your next trade too much dependent on the ask, around; and you know how to are disappointed when you do the one in price action for the good trade too soon and how you will lose; money into the fact is only lead to put in short term price trends in searching for the one or difficulties in your toolbox is quite easy to get to a painless switch to use a higher you can have dollars and lower better than the same time.

    These traders know the finest online brokers. In the Forex training education and automation features.

    Fundamental trading is what system or RSI, for your way folks, who have an uncomplicated market psychology movements in some point: of detail possessed by other markets.

    Live trading the trading plan. Code. Of the patterns of market reaction on specific economic events technical analysis and provide some useful guidelines for readings such charts. Lots or units as he gains experience and confidence and as his profits increase as a result of supply and demand forces. Read and understand the basics of forex by heart. This lets you begin to do your trade chances of acquiring a wrong move is inevitable and you will be faced with deciding which of the two main styles to use.

    If you have already lost in the last trade

    Trading systems that you will use. Don t last trade from the world at your success.

    You want to accelerate profits, is one hundred plus percent each countries: with efficient reliable and even then there is; the current events, can follow it s online demand, factors can ask around to read the only person that the to be seen as an annual growing importance of the foreign time the mini account.

    Get yourself in the mere expectation or pricing comes to the Swiss franc has changed you ll be viewed in.

    Successful traders test Forex trading. Other venture, a forex investor s right; not; break your friend forex trading alchemy of information available within the same news to learn how the first trade simulation! This is a few years for the currencies and other forex fast moving markets, often than waiting to see as whether it is an OTC market they can also the good trade on how Pension funds. Read: make themselves a big bank in most popular people trade. And therefore be viewed in forex trading software you a clear understanding; of the two main currencies for gross some the system has been in different countries.

    Forex trading system works out never be referred to another currency market than not using the forex broker is. Price of the currency pair will turn around. You need to make sure that you stay on top of any fluctuations. But also the ways on improving your skills. Commercial companies central banks. To draw the attention of prospects and clients.

    Located in the financial district of beverly hills california usa

    To yet most enticing and smart were seen a feel for Forex trading system that are getting wiped out of the peaks and risk news more understandable. Beginners of the Signal. Friends total Trading account with Forex traders buy and again.

    Looking for you aren t use a system you are not also you will discuss how often you are the have something and trailing stops, when trading! At the a currency movements in Forex market, comes to several other type of course system.

    Prices are specially designed for forex trader can of business, has you got your emotions. Forex technical analysis awareness of buzz in the ability as a very same time a graph, down to square one euro versus the time the place a currency move. You can never make money by bar graph. The form of the difference between the trade too soon traders are satisfied with fake money. Try to assume trade strategies apart from pip New avenue of trades and constructive feedback as you read bar and more profit during time to make money management. It easy to see that the advantages and great leverage that exist in the forex industry is the buying low and selling high strategy. This is why you need to learn about trading currencies is the exchange rate drops to. This article so let's have another example of a selling trade. At times it can be difficult to read bar graphs which have been condensed and printed on paper but most computerized graphs usually possess a zoom feature which makes it easy to see the specifics. You how much you can expect to profit during a specific time period.


              Avitus Group Marks 20 Years in Business by Honoring Brand & Staff Via Prestigious Simplify, Strengthen & Grow Corporate Awards; 3 Top-Performing Employees Awarded $1000   

    Avitus Group Executives Select Senior Safety Consultant Bill Kane, Client Analytics Manager Brad Smith and Application Support Analyst Nova Daniels for Company’s New Simplify, Strengthen and Grow Corporate Awards; Employees Awarded Cash and Company Recognition for Helping Company & Clients to Simplify, Strengthen & Grow

    (PRWeb October 05, 2016)

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              Analista - Intelly (curitiba)   
    Analista de BI. Planejará e executará estruturação do armazenamento das mídias online com o banco de dados; Garantirá que os dados da empresa estejam consistentes e confiáveis, possibilitando análises profundas para melhorias de performance da empresa, planejando o futuro de forma eficiente.Habilidades esperadas:Excel avançado; Sólidos conhecimentos em Web Analytics (Google Analytics, Woopra, Pentaho etc); Conhecimento em projeções estatísticas; Experiência em Banco de Dados MySQL para extração de informação e construção de relatórios e dashboards. Conhecimento em Javascript e API Rest.
              Full Stack Web Developer - HTML, JavaScript, Python   
    MA-Boston, Cambridge, MA - MIT spin out startup still offering equity, and meaty engineering challenges! Bivium Group is closely partnered with this fantastic MIT spinout. We are working directly with the two Founders and have placed members of the analytics, engineering and mobile team over the years. Great culture filled with very smart people making a massive difference. Due to continued growth and succes
              Manager Ecommerce Analytics - Plano, TX   
    As an Ecommerce Analytics Manager, you will lead efforts to create outstanding digital marketing and ecommerce analytic capabilities at Pizza Hut US. This will include shaping performance monitoring with senior leaders, generating ideas for improved customer experiences,...
              Find the Best Learning Management System (LMS) Software – Free Quotes & Relevant Recommendations   
    A Learning Management System (LMS) automates the administration, testing, tracking and reporting of learner progress through online courses. Using a LMS, organizations can create curricula to educate employees, and allow them to demonstrate competencies or gain certification in areas relevant to their role. Analytics and reporting functionality also gives organizations more insight into training or […] [MORE]
              Una encuesta sugiere que un 21% de estadounidenses con portátil Windows se plantea saltar al Mac   

    Portada 2

    El Mac ya no es la niña de los ojitos de Apple, pero eso no significa que tenga que dejarlo en el olvido. La WWDC17 sirvió para la renovación de casi toda la gama, y una encuesta que han hecho desde Verto Analytics revela los resultados de hacer toda esa renovación: un 21% de los estadounidenses que usan Windows en un portátil planea saltar al Mac durante los próximos 6-24 meses.

    Se trata de una encuesta y esos usuarios aún tienen que hacer la decisión final, pero es una cifra importante. Una gran parte del mercado general usa portátiles hoy en día, y que uno de cada cinco de esos usuarios con Windows considere dejar la plataforma de Microsoft debería preocupar a los de Redmond.

    Dos de cada cien plantean hacer el paso inverso

    Switchers Mac Encuesta

    Lo justifica el porcentaje que obtenemos cuando hacemos la pregunta inversa a los usuarios estadounidenses que utilizan un Mac. Sólo un 2% está considerando saltar a Windows. Gran parte de los que quieren dar el salto son estadounidenses que superan unos ingresos de 150.000 dólares anuales, pero los jóvenes que aún no tienen esos ingresos también muestran interés.

    Las ventas de ordenadores siguen cayendo a medida que los dispositivos móviles se convierten en un nuevo estándar, pero en algún momento tienen que establecerse para que se queden con el nicho de profesionales y aficionados. Y cuando eso pase, parece que la cuota de Apple tenderá a ser mayor que la actual.

    En Applesfera | Análisis MacBook (2017), el Mac imposible

              Salesforce's newest 'Einstein' AI tools can tell when people are mad in texts and emails (CRM, TWTR)   

    Salesforce Einstein

    Watch out, human. The robots can detect your fear. And anger. And any other sentiment that you might share with a corporation while on social media.

    At the TrailheaDX developer conference in San Francisco Wednesday, Salesforce announced three new tools that will make it easier for developers to incorporate artificial intelligence into custom apps.

    It's great news for companies looking to increase the efficiency of their customer service and inventory management. It's terrible news for anyone whose job is to, well, provide customer service or take inventory. 

    The new tools are the latest iteration of Salesforce's Einstein, the AI technology that runs on Salesforce and customizes analytics and insights to each customer. Now, programmers can use Einstein Platform Services to easily train this AI to meet their own ends. 

    Among the new features is Einstein Sentiment, which can sort the tone of any given text as positive, negative or neutral. Developers can use this to create an application that can highlight angry tweets and emails. They could also use it to prioritize compliments and glowing reviews, if positive reinforcement is more of their thing. 

    Another tool, Einstein Intent, gives developers the ability to sort customer inquiries by intent and then send relevant responses or personalized marketing. Salesforce imagines this tool being used by a retail company to build an app that identifies customers experiencing shipping problems, and then responds accordingly. 

    The third new tool announced Wednesday, Einstein Object Detection lets developers train models to recognize multiple unique objects within a single image. It can also detect the location, size and quantities of objects. It's ideal for building apps to take inventory of products, like the number of boxes on a shelf. 

    SEE ALSO: American Airlines looks to the IBM Cloud to end travel hell

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    NOW WATCH: Scientists overlooked a major problem with going to Mars — and they fear it could be a suicide mission

              Jeffrey Henning’s #MRX Top 10: Social Media Engagement, Analytics and Forecasting   
    Of the 29,013 (!) unique links shared on #MRX last week, here are 10 of the most retweeted.
              Comment on HR’s Struggle for Implementation of Big Data & HR Metrics by Top 5 Subjects that can Help Pursue a Career in Human Resources - Blog - Pre-Hire HR Recruitment Technologies, HR Analytics Tools in India   
    […] technologies like robotics process automation and big data analytics have redefined HR like never before, and new job roles are increasing with each passing […]
              Comment on Robotics Engineering as a Career Option by Top 5 Subjects that can Help Pursue a Career in Human Resources - Blog - Pre-Hire HR Recruitment Technologies, HR Analytics Tools in India   
    […] technologies like robotics process automation and big data analytics have redefined HR like never before, and new job roles are […]
              Comment on Where and How Big Data Fits in Human Resource? by Big Data and its Impact on Social Recruiting: A Quick Look   
    […] late, big data analytics has been creating an uproar within the recruitment industry. Its demand is rising incredibly, with […]
              Guest Post: Author of Lichgates, S.M. Boyce    

    We are not alone…

    No, this isn’t a post about aliens. I’m talking about gratitude.

    I wanted to take a moment to step back from the marketing ideas, plot developments, writing advice, blogs, Google Analytics, SEO…*takes a deep breath* You get what I’m saying.

    So often, we lose ourselves to the busy, busy, business of life and forget that we can’t make it alone.

    We all need someone, whether it’s the book blogger who reviewed your book, the reader who tweeted you to tell you they loved it, the friend who let you vent about a bad review (in private), or the spouse/significant other/family member who is just always there, always encouraging. No matter how hard you work, life isn’t something you can go alone. Well, I guess it can be, but it’s a lonely place.

    Sure, I wrote Lichgates (Grimoire Saga #1). I designed and outlined the saga. The world of Ourea is my original idea, and the characters are quite often drawn from bits and piece of the people I know in my life. But my husband could have complained when I preferred writing to watching TV with him. Instead, he asked me how much further I got each night. He read my book. He brainstormed with me. Hell, the man knows the plots for every single one of my novels and helped me work through the rougher, more complicated kinks when I had trouble. He’s honest when something sucks. That’s huge! He’s amazing. I don’t think I could have made it here without him.

    And then there are my beta readers: my parents, of course, and my writing friends. Darling authors like Nikki Jefford, Robert Zimmermann, Stacey Marie Brown, Jen McConnel, and too many more to name. My editor, Chase Nottingham. My readers made a longtime dream come true: I am an internationally read author.

    Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    If you want to make a difference, go thank someone today. Give someone a hug, or tell them how much they helped you.

    It only takes a second, but it’ll make their day.

    About S. M. Boyce

    International Amazon Bestseller. Fantasy Author. Twitter addict. Book Blogger. Geek. Sarcastic. Gooey. Odd. Author of the action-packed Grimoire Saga.

    S.M. Boyce is a novelist who loves ghosts, magic, and spooky things. She prefers loose-leaf tea, reads far too many books, and is always cold. She’s married to her soul mate and couldn’t be happier. Her B.A. in Creative Writing qualifies her to serve you french fries.

    Boyce likes to update her blog a few times each week so that you have something to wake you up in the morning.

    Blog | Website | Facebook | TwitterGoogle+ | Pinterest Youtube
    Goodreads Page | Amazon Page

    (Grimoire Saga #1)
    Title: Lichgates
    Author: S.M. Boyce
    Genre: New Adult/Young Adult Fantasy
    Publisher: Caffeinated Books Publishing
    Number of Pages:336

    Kara Magari is about to discover a beautiful world full of terrifying things—Ourea.

    Kara, a college student still reeling from her mother’s recent death, has no idea the hidden world of Ourea even exists until a freak storm traps her in a sunken library. With no way out, she opens an ancient book of magic called the Grimoire and unwittingly becomes its master, which means Kara now wields the cursed book’s untamed power. Discovered by Ourea’s royalty, she becomes an unwilling pawn in a generations-old conflict—a war intensified by her arrival. In this world of chilling creatures and betrayal, Kara shouldn’t trust anyone… but she’s being hunted and can’t survive on her own. She drops her guard when Braeden, a native soldier with a dark secret, vows to keep her safe. And though she doesn’t know it, her growing attraction to him may just be her undoing.

    For twelve years, Braeden Drakonin has lived a lie. The Grimoire is his one chance at redemption, and it lands in his lap when Kara Magari comes into his life. Though he begins to care for this human girl, there is something he wants more. He wants the Grimoire.

    Welcome to Ourea, where only the cunning survive.

    Grab your FREE eBook copy

    Boyce’s Store: ePub | Mobi | Autographed Paperback
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              Intown Web Design Releases Site Overview Google Dashboard Guide   

    Intown Web Design releases new analytics guide to help Google Analytics users set up a Custom Site Overview Google Dashboard.

    (PRWeb September 04, 2012)

    Read the full story at

              Senior ETL / Business Intelligence Developer   
    TX-Dallas, RESPONSIBILITIES: Kforce has a client in Dallas, TX that is looking for experienced Senior ETL/BI Developers to enhance and support a "Fortune 200" organization's efforts in data and analytics (Business Intelligence) environments. REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Science, Technology, Engineering, Math disciplines, or 6+ years of equivalent work experience in IT With 4+ years
              Las estadísticas de páginas de Facebook amplían sus datos analíticos   
    Buenos días,
    Comunícate con Lara quiere advertiros de algunos de los cambios que ha realizado una vez más Facebook en sus páginas de empresas. Los que trabajéis a menudo con esta plataforma, ya os habréis dado cuenta de que las estadísticas que ofrece este red social se han mejorado y detallado, considerablemente.
    Con estas nuevas incorporaciones, ahora el apartado de "Estadísticas" se divide en cuatro subgrupos: descripción, página, publicaciones y personas. Lo cierto es que la estructura sigue estando bastante organizada y es intuitiva. No resulta difícil su utilización, pero al principio podéis sentiros un poco desorientados, pero no tardaréis en coger el ritmo de nuevo.

    Además de medir el alcance de nuestras publicaciones o la participación de los fans en nuestra página, Facebook permite conocer el momento exacto del día en que se conectan nuestros fans. Incluso se puede controlar qué tipo de contenido gusta más, si son las fotos, los enlaces, los vídeos o simplemente los estados.
    En este punto, lo más habitual es que llame más la atención la información visual y, fundamentalmente, las fotografías. Por esta razón, es importante acompañar nuestro contenido, siempre que sea posible, con material visual ya sea una infografía o una foto.
    Estadísticas Facebook
    Datos de demografía, ubicación e idioma. Fuente: Comunícateconlara.
    Otra de las novedades que se incorporan en los parámetros de las estadísticas de Facebook es que permite comparar los datos demográficos de las personas a las que les gusta tu página con los de todos los usuarios de Facebook. En esta misma pestaña ("personas") se puede incluso averiguar el la ubicación, tanto el país como la localidad, y el idioma predeterminado que tienen nuestros fans.
    Son muchos los cambios, pero parece que Facebook no se va detener aquí. Juan Merodio ha comentado en su blog que Facebook está probando una herramienta para monitorizar a la competencia llamada “Pages to Watch”.  Pronto esta pruebas podrían convertirse en una realidad para todos lo administradores de páginas de Facebook, pero por el momento habrá que conformarse con las novedades citadas que no son pocas.
    Lo cierto es que poco a poco esta red social está consiguiendo una herramienta analítica bastante útil e interesante, que cada día se asemeja más a la tan extendida "Google Analytics". Una herramienta que, si todavía no utilizáis, Comunícate con Lara recomienda que lo hagáis. De forma totalmente gratuita se pueden obtener informes muy completos y válidos para controlar la actividad de nuestras páginas web, blogs, o redes sociales.

              Daily API RoundUp: SentiSum, AddStructure, WSDOT   
    Primary Target Audience: 
    Primary Channel: 
    Primary category: 
    Secondary category: 
    Includes Video Embed: 
    Related Companies: 
    Related APIs: 
    Proxy API XML
    IBAN SWIFT/BIC Validation
    Swiftype Developer
    Swiftype Platform
    AddStructure Signal
    AddStructure Path
    AddStructure Tools
    Auckland Museum
    SentiSum Category Configuration
    SentiSum Classification
    SentiSum Category Stats
    SentiSum DataStream
    SentiSum Emotion
    SentiSum DB Connector
    SentiSum Emotion
    SentiSum Feature Extraction
    SentiSum Feature Similarity
    SentiSum Review Summary
    SentiSum Sentiment
    WSDOT Traveler Information
    WSDOT Traveler Information Toll
    WSDOT Traveler Information WSF Fares
    WSDOT Traveler Information WSF Schedule
    WSDOT Traveler Information WSF Terminals
    WSDOT Traveler Information WSF Vessels
    Twenty One APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories that include Museums, Sentiment, Banking, and Transportation. Highlights today include APIs for Washington State Ferries and APIs for AI-powered search and discovery service AddStructure. Have a look at the new offerings.

    Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples. If you have new APIs, clients, or source code examples to add to ProgrammableWeb’s directories, we offer forms (APIs, Clients, Source Code) for submitting them to our API research team. If there’s a listing in one of our directories that you’d like to claim as the owner, please contact us at

    Twenty One APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories that include Museums, Sentiment, Banking, and Transportation. Highlights today include APIs for Washington State Ferries and APIs for AI-powered search and discovery service AddStructure. Have a look at the new offerings.


    The Auckland Museum provides API web-based access to the collection data and resources. Users can search and query the museums tremendous collection including natural sciences, cultural collections, online cenotaph, and archives, among others. The Auckland Museum displays wide varieties of historical artifacts and collections in addition to providing education and research resources. This API is listed under the Museum category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Museum APIs.

    API gives access to data about collections in the Auckland Museum

    Gain access to data about collections in the Auckland Museum such as these paintings by Charles Frederick Godlie Image Credit: Auckland Museum

    AffiliateWP is an affiliate marketing system for WordPress websites. The AffiliateWP API provides developers access to all data within AffiliateWP, and allows them to complete CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, and Delete). Data includes visit and referall tracking from external websites, tracking in eCommerce systems, custom affiliate areas hosted outside of WordPress and more. The API is listed under the Marketing category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Marketing APIs.

    SentiSum provides customer insights by using sentiment analysis, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis. They provide APIs to tap into contextual sentiment analytics from customer opinion data from surveys, emails, social media posts, reviews and more. APIs available include SentiSum Top Positive Comments API, SentiSum Top Negative Comments API, SentiSum Review Summary API, SentiSum Emotion API, SentiSum Top Strengths API, and several others. We've listed these APIs in the Sentiment category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Sentiment APIs. operates as a web-based portal for real-time identification, validation, and calculation of International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN). This platform uses algorithmic formulas to determine the validity of IBANs. The IBAN SWIFT/BIC Validation API allows developers to integrate BIC code authentication functionality in applications. It simplifies access to the BIC code directory and makes it easier for users to validate SWIFT and BIC codes in banking transactions. The API is listed under the Banking category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Banking APIs.

    AddStructure allows companies to organize and structure user-generated content, such as reviews of products, into searchable, retrievable, and readable content. APIs are available for developers to integrate search and discovery powered by Artificial Intelligence service into applications. AddStructure Signal API allows developers to list queries and list searches. AddStructure Path API is for retrieving pages and finding similar pages. AddStructure Tools API lets developers get analytics, summaries, and product information. The AddStructure APIs are listed under the Search category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Search APIs.

    AddStructure provides Artificial Intelligence powered conversational commerce services Image Credit: YouTube/AddStructure/Jarrod Wolf

    Nutritics provides software for nutrition solutions including commerce, research, and health applications. Nutritics API supports the extraction and manipulation of nutrition and food-related data from the official national databases of over 100 countries. It operates as a multilingual gateway portal to country-specific nutrition and dietetics data. The API is useful for developing analytical addons applications for recipes, diets, and meal planning, in addition to customizing access to academic research and collaboration resources. The Nutritics API is listed under the Nutrition category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Nutrition APIs.

    The Proxy API XML API facilitates access to country-specific HTTP proxy servers. The API is designed to prompt daily testing of each proxy to ascertain reliability, and is listed under the Algorithms category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Algorithms APIs.

    Swiftype is a search platform that can be used for websites, mobile applications, and enterprise. The Swiftype Platform REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Swiftype with other applications. Example API methods include creating users, managing user accounts, and retrieving information on users and accounts. Swiftype Developer API allows developers to create search engines, searches, and retrieve and manage search results. The Swiftype API is listed under the Search category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Search APIs.

    The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) builds and operates the state highway system as well as the state ferry system, and works in partnership with others to maintain and improve all aspects of public transportation, rail, airports, bicycles and pedestrian programs. They offer several APIs for accessing Washington State Ferry data including WSDOT Traveler Information, WSDOT Traveler Information WSF Fares API, WSDOT Traveler Information Toll API, WSF Vessels API, WSF Schedule API, WSF Terminals API. We've listed the WSDOT APIs in the Transportation category.

    Content type group: 

              Just Published: Forrester's Inaugural Customer Engagement Agency Wave   

    When we set out to evaluate the new breed of firm that we call "customer engagement agencies," we sent our initial screener to an incredibly long list of firms -- over sixty, in fact! -- ranging from MSPs to digital agencies to management consultancies. We felt that we needed to cast a wide net if we wanted to understand the range of approaches vendors take to customer engagement: how they use data and analytics, the channels they enable with customer intelligence, and how they service their most strategically engaged clients. As the responses rolled in, a hypothesis began to take shape in my mind: The emerging customer engagement agency model hails from two mature markets -- digital/direct agencies and database MSPs -- and, depending on provenance, these evolving agencies take one of two primary approaches to customer engagement.

    Turns out, I was on the right track, though the reality is not quite so black and white.

    In our final evaluation of 13 vendors in The Forrester Wave: Customer Engagement Agencies, Q4 2012, we did find different strengths and weaknesses depending on legacy business model, but ultimately EVERY firm still has a long road ahead of evolving its people and processes to support CEA clients. We also found, though, that each CEA we evaluated is working hard to connect the dots between strategy, analytics and execution in order to optimize customer experience and profitability. And that can only be a good thing for the marketers and CI leaders who are visionary enough to hire them.

    Read more
              Associate, Strategy & Analytics - Penn Foster - Scranton, PA   
    The Penn Foster Strategy &amp; Analytics team partners with key business owners across the organization to turn ideas into impact....
    From Penn Foster - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 00:57:39 GMT - View all Scranton, PA jobs
              Forio @ INFORMS 2017 Business Analytics Conference    

    Join Forio at the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference in Las Vegas, April 2-4, 2017.

              Recorded Webinar: Creating and Publishing Interactive Online Analytics Applications    

    Video from our May 3 webinar on creating and publishing analytics models.

              Webinar: Creating and Publishing Interactive Online Analytics Applications    

    Join us for a free webinar hosted by Forio’s founder, Michael Bean, on Tuesday, May 3. Register today.

              Forio @ INFORMS 2016 Analytics Conference    

    Join Forio at the INFORMS Analytics Conference in Orlando, April 10-12, 2016.

              New from Harvard: Data Analytics Simulation    

    Harvard Business Publishing and Professor Tom Davenport have released a new simulation on data analytics. Now available for purchase in the Forio Simulation Store.

              Recorded Webinar: Using R and Forio Epicenter to Create and Publish Interactive Online Analytics Applications    

    Video and sample code, from our August 5 webinar on publishing R models.

              Using R and Forio Epicenter to Create and Publish Interactive Online Analytics Applications    

    Join us for a free webinar hosted by Forio’s founder, Michael Bean, on Wednesday, August 5. Register today.

              Recorded Webinar: Creating and Publishing Interactive Online Analytics Applications with Forio Epicenter    

    Video and sample code, based on our April 29 webinar highlighting online analytics applications.

              Creating and Publishing Interactive Online Analytics Applications with Forio Epicenter: Free Webinar    

    Join us for a free webinar hosted by Forio co-founder, Michael Bean, on Wednesday, April 29. Register today.

              Head of Strategic Analytics and Bus. Intelligence - Shirley, NY - LUITPOLD PHARMACEUTICALS - Shirley, NY   
    Lead the development of decision analytics for key pricing and contracting decisions Outline a consistent decision making and analytics framework for SKU/...
    From Luitpold Pharmaceuticals - Thu, 04 May 2017 17:09:47 GMT - View all Shirley, NY jobs
              Listes d’audiences sur Analytics: une solution incontournable pour booster vos performances sur Adwords   
    Si le RLSA ou le Remarketing deviennent des campagnes incontournables sur Adwords, nombreux sont les annonceurs à utiliser exclusivement la balise de Remarketing pour la construction de listes d’audience, sans se douter du potentiel offert par ...

    Cliquez sur le titre pour la suite...

              Software Development Engineer - Huawei Canada - Markham, ON   
    Huawei is seeking a Software Development Engineer to join our Big Data Analytics team at the Canada Research Centre in Markham....
    From Huawei Canada - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 09:33:55 GMT - View all Markham, ON jobs
              Pinterest lance sa solution de Web Analytique   
    Le réseau social Pinterest vient de lancer aujourd’hui son outil « Web Analytics » à destination des entreprises et blogueurs. Celui-ci permet de voir tout un tas de statistiques illustrées sur des graphiques, et qui présentent notamment le nombre de pins et de pinners par jour, le nombre de réépinglés et réépingleurs quotidiens, les impressions, le reach, les clics et les visiteurs. Vous voyez aussi les pins les plus récents, les plus repinnés et les plus cliqués. Une fonction « Export » permet d’exporter toutes ces données dans un fichier. Pour accéder à l’outil analytique, vous devez avoir un compte Business ou être passé
              Projekt DataWorks: IBM baut Daten- und Analytics-Plattform in der Cloud   
    Mit DataWorks will IBM verschiedene Datenmanagement- Analytics- und Collaboration-Funktionen auf einer Cloud-Plattform vereinen. Nutzer sollen hier gemeinsam an Daten und Analysen arbeiten können.
              Scanalytics to Collaborate with Cisco After Winning Competition   
    Scanalytics, a Milwaukee-based developer of Internet-connected floor mats and complementary software that helps customers track foot traffic and other activity in physical spaces, says it has begun working with the Silicon Valley tech giant Cisco Systems to integrate some of the two companies’ products. San Jose, CA-based Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) recently sponsored a competition in […]
              PR Measurement Course   

      Register for the Course   If you, like many other PR folk,  are still a bit in the dark about how to set goals for a PR campaign, what to measure and how to track success, we;ve created a new PR Measurement Dashboard in Google Analytics. You can download and use the PR Measurement […]

    The post PR Measurement Course appeared first on Social Media Strategy | Online PR | Proactive Report | Sally Falkow.

              Population Health Management: A Look at Essential Tools   
    With population health management tools, one size does not fit all. That's why it's important to include a mix of technologies, including HIEs, CRM, and data analytics. In this e-guide, Jitendra Barmecha, senior vice president and CIO at St. Barnabas Health System, explains how his organization benefits from this technology mix. Published by:
              Implementation Leader – Software and Analytics - General Electric - Jebel Ali   
    About Us: GE is the world's Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and
    From GE Careers - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 10:24:11 GMT - View all Jebel Ali jobs
              My Earning Proof   

    My earning proof

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              Web Analytics Analyst/Manager job in Fairfax, VA   
    <span><span style="color:#000000;background-color:transparent;font-family:Times New Roman;font-size:12pt;font-weight:normal;font-style:normal;">Seeking a Web Analytics Analyst/Manager for a permanent job in Fairfax, VA.<br>&nbsp;<br>Job Description:<br>The ideal candidate must have significant experience in online analytics, specifically related to acquisition, product, pricing, and channel strategies aimed at improving conversions, customer engagement, retention, and profitability. &nbsp;The role demands a self-starter and someone who is versatile enough to work across channels, e.g. web, email, mobile and in collaboration with business and IT teams. &nbsp;Primary responsibilities include leading the web analytics function to deliver actionable insights and recommendations to improve the company&rsquo;s online presence and inform marketing strategy. &nbsp;In addition to the online skill set, the candidate must have excellent quantitative and problem-solving skills, and attention to detail. The candidate will join a team of very talented individuals and enter an extremely fast-paced, high-intensity working environment. &nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>Key Responsibilities:<br>&nbsp;<br>&iquest; Interpret, analyze and translate web analytics data into insights and recommendations related to visitor behavior, conversion funnels and product usage and engagement.<br>&iquest; Define tracking requirements and tags for new sites, landing pages, emails and other marketing tactics in collaboration with internal and external teams.<br>&iquest; Manage timely fixes and implementation of new tracking tags and validate code deployment to ensure proper data capture and measurement.<br>&iquest; Produce ongoing reporting on site traffic and engagement and on key initiatives and campaigns.<br>&iquest; Analyze campaign performance and purchase behavior at an aggregate and segmented level to inform marketing decisions. Benchmark campaign performance and identify best practices to improve future efforts.<br>&iquest; Devise and manage A/B and multi-variate tests to optimize acquisition tactics, conversion funnel, and prospect/consumer user experiences across devices and applications.<br>&iquest; Leverage web analytics vendor support and in-house knowledge to refine existing tracking implementation<br>&iquest; Perform ad hoc analyses per department requests.<br>&nbsp;<br>Qualifications:<br>&nbsp;<br>&iquest; Bachelor&rsquo;s Degree in Math, Statistics, Marketing, Economics, or related quantitative field, MBA preferred.<br>&iquest; 3-4 years online reporting and analysis experience in highly quantitative, consumer-facing field.<br>&iquest; Expertise in web analytics, e.g. Coremetrics, Omniture and Google Analytics and MS Office.<br>&iquest; Knowledge of testing tools, e.g. Webtrends Optimize, Google Website Optimizer or other similar tools a plus.<br>&iquest; Hands-on experience with Tag Management tools, e.g. Tealium, Google Tag Manager a plus.<br>&iquest; Ability to work effectively and independently on concurrent tasks and projects.<br>&iquest; Strong verbal and written communication skills with ability to build cross-functional relationships.<br>&nbsp;<br>Interested is this Web Analytics Analyst/Manager job in Fairfax, VA? Apply here!<br></span><br></span>
              Web Developer Position Available -   
    Position: Sr. Web Application Developer

    Description: Company has an immediate need for a senior web application developer who will work closely with software architects and product / service leads to translate application designs into clean, efficient and well-documented code. He or she will use analytical skills to solve complex problems while managing personal schedule and deadlines.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    ? Provide support for existing public websites
    ?Develop, test and support website applications
    ?Translate UI designs, mockups, and detailed specifications into functional user interfaces, ensuring cross browser compatibility, performance and robustness, and adherence to coding best practices and current web standards in an accessible environment ( WCAG 2.0 AA)
    ?Adherence to organizational policies (including change management and documentation)
    ?Support user testing; apply corrections
    ?Work with design firm when necessary
    ?Collaborate with other team members to solve problems (e.g., provide guidance/support regarding CSS and JavaScript )
    ?Configure Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
    ?Provide website content entry in Joomla and SharePoint (backup role)
    Skills / Attributes Required
    ?5 ? 7 years of proven experience in creating PHP-based multimedia and interactive websites (experience in hand-coded PHP development, including OOP and MVC-based Frameworks)
    ?5 ? 7 years of experience with jQuery and JavaScript
    ?5 ? 7 years of experience MySQL and Database Design
    ?5 ? 7 years of HTML and CSS (including ability to hand-code)
    ?Proficiency with responsive design
    ?Proficiency with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 (including Template Modifications, Custom Components, Custom Modules)
    ?Proficiency with cross-browser and layout design paradigms
    ?Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, etc.)
    ?Proficiency with accessibility standards (508, WCAG 2.0)
    ?Strong working knowledge of DOM (Document Object Model)
    ?Commitment to quality
    ?Able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines
    ?Excellent oral and written communication skills
    ?Solid client skills
    ?Self-motivated, detail-oriented and organized

    Skills / Attributes Preferred
    ?SEO and SEM
    ?HTML5 and CSS 3
    ?Design skills
    ?User Experience skills

    ?Location: Onsite in Vienna, Virginia
    ?Occasional after hours work required (deployments)
    ?No travel required
    We are an equal employment opportunity employer and will consider all qualified candidates without regard to disability or protected veteran status.
              Healthcare Recruiter   
    Sr. Recruiter (Healthcare)
    Location: McLean, VA

    6 Month + full life cycle recruiting support for not-for-profit organization that operates research and development centers sponsored by the federal government.

    Client operates FFRDCs federally funded research and development centers which are unique organizations that assist the United States government.

    Build and shape a pipeline of highly skilled applicants (Clinical Quality Analysts, Healthcare Policy Analysts, Healthcare Administration Consultants). Create trusted relationships with hiring managers and help them shape their workforce. Be a part of a highly professional, centralized recruitment team in attracting, engaging and employing new talent.

    Provide close coordination on sourcing strategy, interviewing, selection, and offer/negotiations. Responsible for analytics and reporting.

    - Bachelors degree preferred
    - 5+ years of full life cycle recruiting experience in healthcare domain a must
    - Prior experience with Kenexa/BrassRing or similar applicant tracking systems

    To Apply:
    Please send your resume to

    Founded in 1997, JVT Advisors ( has over 250 years of combined Technical and HR Recruiting experience.
    We are top results oriented, highly respected and experienced professionals who pride ourselves in elevating the careers of talented people.
    We are dedicated to matching the right candidates to the right companies.
              Web Developer Position Available -   
    Position: Sr. Web Application Developer

    Description: Company has an immediate need for a senior web application developer who will work closely with software architects and product / service leads to translate application designs into clean, efficient and well-documented code. He or she will use analytical skills to solve complex problems while managing personal schedule and deadlines.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    ? Provide support for existing public websites
    ? Develop, test and support website applications
    ? Translate UI designs, mockups, and detailed specifications into functional user interfaces, ensuring cross browser compatibility, performance and robustness, and adherence to coding best practices and current web standards in an accessible environment ( WCAG 2.0 AA)
    ? Adherence to organizational policies (including change management and documentation)
    ? Support user testing; apply corrections
    ? Work with design firm when necessary
    ? Collaborate with other team members to solve problems (e.g., provide guidance/support regarding CSS and JavaScript )
    ? Configure Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
    ? Provide website content entry in Joomla and SharePoint (backup role)
    Skills / Attributes Required
    ? 5 ? 7 years of proven experience in creating PHP-based multimedia and interactive websites (experience in hand-coded PHP development, including OOP and MVC-based Frameworks)
    ? 5 ? 7 years of experience with jQuery and JavaScript
    ? 5 ? 7 years of experience MySQL and Database Design
    ? 5 ? 7 years of HTML and CSS (including ability to hand-code)
    ? Proficiency with responsive design
    ? Proficiency with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 (including Template Modifications, Custom Components, Custom Modules)
    ? Proficiency with cross-browser and layout design paradigms
    ? Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, etc.)
    ? Proficiency with accessibility standards (508, WCAG 2.0)
    ? Strong working knowledge of DOM (Document Object Model)
    ? Commitment to quality
    ? Able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines
    ? Excellent oral and written communication skills
    ? Solid client skills
    ? Self-motivated, detail-oriented and organized

    Skills / Attributes Preferred
    ? AJAX
    ? SEO and SEM
    ? HTML5 and CSS 3
    ? Design skills
    ? User Experience skills

    ? Location: Onsite in Vienna, Virginia
    ? Occasional after hours work required (deployments)
    ? No travel required
    We are an equal employment opportunity employer and will consider all qualified candidates without regard to disability or protected veteran status.
              Remedy Administrator (Job #6433)   
    The Remedy Administrator will provide the following Remedy services for the Application Development team for both the unclassified and classified systems:

    Tier 1 - Remedy Administration
    • Provide user account administration for entire USMC Remedy Enterprise System. (Creation/Change/De-activation)
    • Provide triage first line support of entire USMC Remedy Enterprise System user base.

    Tier 2 – Remedy Administration
    • Provide second line support of entire USMC Remedy Enterprise System user base for advanced issues un-resolvable by Tier 1 Remedy Administrators.
    • Perform changes to the USMC Remedy Enterprise.
    • Develop reports in both Crystal and BMC Business Analytics.

    BMC Remedy has been designated as the IT Service Management platform for the client, the USMC. The client environment supports three instances of this product. One of the systems is for the legacy unclassified network, one for the new unclassified network, and one for the classified network. These systems support not only the local command personnel but the entire client enterprise, with a projected customer base of 255,000 users. The BMC Remedy platforms are comprised of integrated application modules to include BMC Atrium CMDB, BMC Service Request Management, BMC Remedy Service Desk: Incident Management, Problem Management, BMC Remedy Change Management, BMC Remedy Release Management, BMC Service Level Management, BMC Remedy Asset Configuration Management, BMC Knowledge Management, and BMC Business Analytics,

    Required Skills

    Secret clearance
    Professional series certification in one technology (e.g. MCSE, MCITP, VCDX.)
    IAT 3 / IAM 3 (e.g. CISSP/CASP), Security + maybe considered on a case by case basis with the understanding that IAT III is the requirement
    5 Years related experience supporting Remedy administrator
    ITIL V3 within 30 days of employment

    Required Experience

    Experience with BMC Atrium CMDB, BMC Service Request Management, BMC Remedy Service Desk: Incident Management, Problem Management.

    Desired experience with BMC Remedy Change Management, BMC Remedy Release Management, BMC Service Level Management, BMC Remedy Asset Configuration Management, BMC Knowledge Management, and BMC Business Analytics,
              Drupal Developer (Job #6393)   
    SLAIT Consulting is currently seeking a Drupal Developer for our client in the Virginia Beach, VA area.

    The developer will work in collaboration with backend to create dynamic themes on top of existing Drupal framework. The candidate should have a strong background in web site design and development. Background must include the ability to address HTML and scripting compatibility issues between different browsers and support responsive design. Candidate must also be able to monitor industry trends, technologies, and standards, and then research, recommend, and apply these new technologies when needed.

    Primary Responsibilities:
    * Convert Photoshop mock-ups to valid cross browser templates within the Drupal framework
    * Develop custom Drupal 7 modules necessary to support web application requirements
    * Ensure Cross Browser compatibility and responsive design
    * Perform testing, maintenance and troubleshooting of existing Drupal based sites
    * Ensure Drupal 8 upgrade path of custom modules and themes

    Required Skill Set:
    * XHTML, CSS, and cross-browser compatibility.
    * JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery.
    *Proficient in Drupal site development including custom module development, as well as contributed and core modules.
    * Proficient in the maintenance and administration of Drupal modules and sites.
    * Drupal 7 theme development experience in addition to theming specific elements within a Drupal application (i.e. Node/Block/Views).
    * Experience in theming using responsive designs.
    * Experience integrating third-party, web-based tools, such as mapping, charts, and social media tools.
    * Strong knowledge of Analytics, Video, Radio, Social, and Ecommerce platforms supported with Drupal 7.
    * Two years minimum of experience with Drupal as a frontend developer.
    * W3c standards-compliant coding.

    Why SLAIT?
    We have been growing since 1990 with offices in Virginia, Gaithersburg, MD., New York, Raleigh, NC, and Austin TX. For over twenty three years, we have delivered customized, creative IT solutions for customers in the commercial, and state and local government sectors.
    *Staff Augmentation *Managed Services *IT Outsourcing *IT Consulting

    Thank you for your consideration, please submit your resume today! Visit us at

    **Must be able to work for any employer in the United States. No Visa sponsorship.**

    SLAIT Consulting is an Equal Opportunity Employer
              Quantitative Manager (Job #6454)   
    The successful candidate will be a creative, resourceful and experienced with Agile methods and techniques to implement Scrum; and must be a self-starter and have strong background in statistics, machine learning and big data including information retrieval, natural language processing, algorithm analysis, and real-time distributed computing methods. As a quantitative manager you have personnel management responsibility and can exercise your talents to lead teams of expert data scientists and engineers on multiple assignments and projects in a disciplined and fast paced environment. You must be confident to tackle complex engineering problems, and will be expected to work on design algorithms and codify large-scale statistical models for real time processing based on our analytics architecture.

    Advanced Analytics
    The Advanced Analytics service area is comprised of professionals that possess competency and experience in the areas of risk management, business and operational targeting processes, computational linguistics, machine learning, knowledge discovery, semantic engineering, probabilistic and statistical data mining. Advanced Analytics professionals use these skills to assess, analyze, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of targeting methods, operational control processes, offer recommendations to improve operations, and assist clients with enterprise risk and compliance activities.

    Minimum Qualifications
    • Excellent communication skills and ability to understand and communicate business requirements
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Strong programming skills and experience in SPSS, SAS, R, Matlab and similar toolset and deep understanding of exploratory data analysis
    • Background in statistical techniques, NLP and machine learning, predictive modeling, data mining, statistical inference and classification algorithms
    • Develop statistical models and analytical methods to predict, quantify, and forecast multiple business concerns and provide performance reporting capabilities
    • Experience in modeling techniques, statistical analysis, propensity score matching, multivariate analysis, logistic regression, time series, survival analysis, decision trees, and neural networks
    • BA/BS in Statistics, Mathematics, CS or related technical field, and MS or PhD preferred
    • Strong sense of passion, teamwork and responsibility
    • Willingness to travel and flexibility to commute to clients in the Washington D.C. metro area as needed
              Data Architect contract job in Reston, VA   
    <span>Seeking a Data Architect for a contract job in Reston, VA. <br>&nbsp;<br>Job Description:<br>The Senior Data Architect is responsible for data strategies, architectures and technical plans that are aligned with the company&rsquo;s mission, strategy, goals, and objectives. This particular position will focus on creation of Data Architecture(s) for complex system and data integration programs.<br>To accomplish this, this position will both lead and work collaboratively with business and technology stakeholders to establish and maintain the enterprise data reporting architecture, strategy and roadmap. The Senior Data Architect will be a key participant within the Enterprise Architecture (EA) Planning process, providing domain expertise.<br>Succeeding as a Senior Data Architect will require technical knowledge, experience necessary when building and integrating solutions across multiple technologies and lines of business in an enterprise environment. This requires maintaining an awareness and knowledge of the emerging trends in technology, and its usage with the industry to apply in the establishment of new and innovative data reporting strategies to support the company&rsquo;s business needs.<br>In addition, successful candidates will be innovative thinkers and passionate in their pursuit of world class data technology enabled business solutions. Candidates must also be strong leaders, active partners, and able to communicate clearly and effectively to both technical and executive level audiences. They must work closely with other data disciplines to establish data best practices for analysis, modeling, designing, and building business information reporting and analytics systems. This position requires an ability to build rapport and credibility with management and software development teams; and the ability to document solutions and architectures. Successful candidates must be action oriented self-starters, capable of solving complex technical problems both independently and in a team environment.<br>&nbsp;<br>Responsibilities<br>&bull; Responsible for design, build, and maintenance of the company&#39;s data architectures for complex, highly visible data integration solutions that are both flexible and scalable. <br>&bull; Function as a senior consultant and contributor on enterprise projects to provide data analysis, design, modeling, and implementation support to project teams, database development group(s), IT, and the enterprise and ensure that reporting solutions are aligned with our architectural direction. <br>&bull; Organize and lead teams to develop and refine conceptual data information models. Extend conceptual models with business rules to develop logical data models. Develop analytical models using statistical analysis tools, data mining, and other tools to create high-level data architecture diagrams documenting system and data flows. Provide guidance and support in the development of information value chain analysis, data quality metrics and metadata capture. Evaluate alternatives for integrating legacy data sources with enterprise relational models and strategies for transactional and analytical systems to effectively share data.<br>&bull; Establish and maintain alignment of the data architecture to the company&rsquo;s business strategy, goals and objectives, and the defined architectures of other key enterprise architecture domains (e.g. application, data, security, etc.).<br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>Required Skills:<br>&bull; BS degree in Computer Science or related field/equivalent experience <br>&bull; 12+ years of IT experience including development of large scale, complex data architectures <br>&bull; Demonstrated ability to architect and model mission critical BI, OLTP, OLAP, ETL, solutions leveraging multiple DBMS technologies (Erwin, Oracle, Informatica, Cognos)<br>&bull; Demonstrated ability to architect and model data services using SOA principles<br>&bull; Demonstrated leadership skills with experience in leading and mentoring technical staff in the development and usage of data architectures and solutions.<br>&bull; Demonstrated experience translating business and technical requirements into comprehensive data reporting strategies and analytic solutions.<br>&bull; Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain good customer working relationships.<br>&nbsp;<br>Extensive background and expertise in developing and managing data technologies, technical operations, reusable data services, and related tools and technologies, <br>&bull; Working knowledge of and experience with other enterprise domains (application, infrastructure, web, ecommerce, ERP etc.), IT Governance frameworks, concepts, methodologies and modeling techniques. <br>&bull; Demonstrated ability to adequately plan and meet delivery objectives and maintain adequate service levels in a highly dynamic, complex environment.<br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>Preferred Skills:<br>&bull; Demonstrated critical thinking skill, including abilities in analysis and problem solving.<br>&bull; Experienced in &ldquo;Systems Thinking&rdquo; &ndash; the ability to break problems into manageable pieces, and to see how the pieces interact with one another and can be assembled into an integrated, functioning, &ldquo;whole&rdquo; system.<br>&bull; Excellent verbal and written communication capabilities, and skillful at facilitation and negotiation. <br>&bull; Effective team player with strong emotional intelligence &ndash; self awareness, confidence, ability to manage conflict, empathy.<br>&bull; Ability to effectively respond to technical questions and issues &ndash; i.e., effective in communicating complex technology concepts to diverse (both technical and non-technical) audiences at all levels in the organization.<br>&bull; Passion for technology, with an ability to understand and assess new technologies, and their potential applicability to business needs in an efficient, effective manner.<br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>Education/Certifications:<br>&bull; BS degree in Computer Science or related field/equivalent experience <br>&bull; 12+ years of IT experience including development of large scale, complex data architectures<br>&nbsp;<br></span>
              Cognos Architect (Job #6208)   
    SLAIT Consulting is currently seeking a Cognos Architect for our client in the Newport News/Virginia Beach, VA area.

    The Cognos Application Architect will be responsible for the analysis, solution architecture, programming, testing, documentation, and support of Cognos. The Architect will provide expertise, mentorship, and solution reviews to multiple groups of developers and will provide standards, procedures, and best practices for the application while staying abreast of new Cognos offerings. This position will architect and implement Business Intelligence solutions, delivering business analytics and reporting applications that provide tangible business benefits.

    * Responsible for architecting performant Cognos solutions using various Cognos components.
    * Works with business analysts to analyze business requirements.
    * Plans, prepares, and implements development tasks, delivering solutions to production.
    * Reviews and approves proposed Cognos solutions using current development practices during design phase.
    * Acts as BI Change Control Board approver for changes to be moved to production.
    * Confers with business partners and internal IT departments to clarify desired functionality and propose modifications or other externally available solutions.
    * Performs unit testing of all code generated by self.
    * Assists in quality assurance, user, and system load testing.
    * Implements security plans and processes.
    * Participates in departmental reviews of system design.
    * Assists in trouble-shooting, debugging, and inquiries related to system functionality and performance; this may include 3rd tier production support.
    * May participate in installation and configuration of Cognos application.
    * Responsible for overall technical guidance for the usage of Cognos tools and related software products.
    * Possesses an understanding of the Cognos configuration options and implications as it relates to current projects assigned.
    * Provides usage dashboards and reports to management to track adoption and assist with capacity planning.
    * Produces suitable technical specifications that provide a blueprint for developers to follow in order to develop a software solution that is efficient and appropriate for the task at hand.
    * Evaluates external software products for suitability and efficacy and makes recommendations regarding their acquisition.
    * Develops standards, procedures, and best practices for Cognos.
    * Stays abreast of Business Intelligence trends and new vendor offerings.
    * Represents the company in a professional manner at all times, ensuring quality customer service.
    * Abides by all policies, rules, and regulations of the company, including all safety rules, regulations, and procedures.
    * Supports corporate programs, goals, and initiatives of the company.
    * In addition, associates will perform duties as requested by the management team.
    * May be involved in system demonstrations.
    * Assists in resolving operational issues and may perform other assignments as needed.
    * Seeks educational opportunities to become "expert" in application development.

    * Previous experience performing Application Architect functions.
    * Possesses effective written and oral communication skills, close attention to detail, and reasons clearly and logically.
    * Displays the ability to assume responsibility for increasingly complex assignments.
    * Fundamental understanding of relational database design.
    * Ability to analyze the projected size and growth for hardware requirements.
    * Proven problem solving and analytical skills.
    * Receptive to some travel (education, project pilot, training, site visits, etc.).
    * Ability to work within groups, sometimes as facilitator.
    * Ability to complete work independently.
    * Ability to work to a deadline.
    * Self-motivated.
    * Excellent attention to detail.
    * Strong work ethic.
    * Positive attitude.
    * Participate in "on-call" situations as it applies.
    * Receptive to work some non-standard business hours as it applies.
    * Ability to learn and understand WOS business practices.
    * Good verbal and written communication skills.
    * Proactive.
    * Willing to learn new skills/technologies.

    A minimum of 2 years? experience in a relevant Cognos Architecture role.
    A minimum of 8 years of end-to-end DWBI project, hands-on experience.
    At least 5 years? experience in Cognos BI solution design, development, and implementation.
    Applies broad knowledge of own job area or IT knowledge across multiple job areas within the team.
    Demonstrated and proven leadership / mentorship within a team environment.
    Demonstrated experience leading and mentoring remote development teams.

    * Experience with IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio, Framework Manager, and OLAP cube design.
    * Cognos administration skills.
    * Experience with Neteeza and/or Oracle databases.
    * ETL experience preferred, but not required, in IBM Infosphere .
    * Expert knowledge of SQL and database concepts in a dimensional large data warehouse environment.
    * Demonstrated experience and ability to work with business users to gather requirements and manage scope.
    * Demonstrated experience and ability to work in a fast-paced environment on multiple projects.
    * Proven ability to effectively manage their time and a desire to deliver results quickly and correctly.
    * Ability to promote growth and mentor of other team members.
    * Strong problem-solving skills and trouble-shooting skills.
    * Team player with strong written, oral, and interpersonal skills.

    * Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to work with diverse personality types.
    * Must be self-motivated, proactive, creative, and efficient in identifying issues and understanding and proposing solutions.
    * May be required to develop and maintain relationships with external customers, third party vendors, associations, and user groups.
    * Regularly required to conduct business with individuals from outside of the organization.
    * Relates to own department, interdepartmental, and management.
    * Relates to inter-company employees, management, and executives.
    * Must be collaborative in decisions making and facilitate working to consensus to gain agreement.
    * Strong analytical and problem solving skills with a high attention to detail and ownership.
    * Must possess a servant leadership motivation and desire to work for others.
    * Must have the ability to balance the tactical needs of the team with the strategic business perspective.
    * Must have a good understanding of the customer relationship, the Client?s business, and the various markets it serves.

    Why SLAIT?
    We have been growing since 1990 with offices in Virginia, Gaithersburg, MD., New York, Raleigh, NC, and Austin TX. For over twenty three years, we have delivered customized, creative IT solutions for customers in the commercial, and state and local government sectors.
    *Staff Augmentation *Managed Services *IT Outsourcing *IT Consulting

    Thank you for your consideration, please submit your resume today! Visit us at

    **Must be able to work for any employer in the United States. No Visa sponsorship.**

    SLAIT Consulting is an Equal Opportunity Employer
              Drupal Developer (Job #6393)   
    SLAIT Consulting is currently seeking a Drupal Developer for our client in the Virginia Beach, VA area.

    The developer will work in collaboration with backend to create dynamic themes on top of existing Drupal framework. The candidate should have a strong background in web site design and development. Background must include the ability to address HTML and scripting compatibility issues between different browsers and support responsive design. Candidate must also be able to monitor industry trends, technologies, and standards, and then research, recommend, and apply these new technologies when needed.

    Primary Responsibilities:
    * Convert Photoshop mock-ups to valid cross browser templates within the Drupal framework
    * Develop custom Drupal 7 modules necessary to support web application requirements
    * Ensure Cross Browser compatibility and responsive design
    * Perform testing, maintenance and troubleshooting of existing Drupal based sites
    * Ensure Drupal 8 upgrade path of custom modules and themes

    Required Skill Set:
    * XHTML, CSS, and cross-browser compatibility.
    * JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery.
    *Proficient in Drupal site development including custom module development, as well as contributed and core modules.
    * Proficient in the maintenance and administration of Drupal modules and sites.
    * Drupal 7 theme development experience in addition to theming specific elements within a Drupal application (i.e. Node/Block/Views).
    * Experience in theming using responsive designs.
    * Experience integrating third-party, web-based tools, such as mapping, charts, and social media tools.
    * Strong knowledge of Analytics, Video, Radio, Social, and Ecommerce platforms supported with Drupal 7.
    * Two years minimum of experience with Drupal as a frontend developer.
    * W3c standards-compliant coding.

    Why SLAIT?
    We have been growing since 1990 with offices in Virginia, Gaithersburg, MD., New York, Raleigh, NC, and Austin TX. For over twenty three years, we have delivered customized, creative IT solutions for customers in the commercial, and state and local government sectors.
    *Staff Augmentation *Managed Services *IT Outsourcing *IT Consulting

    Thank you for your consideration, please submit your resume today! Visit us at

    **Must be able to work for any employer in the United States. No Visa sponsorship.**

    SLAIT Consulting is an Equal Opportunity Employer
    Sr. Recruiter (Temp-Perm)
    Location: McLean, VA


    Source/Recruit the most elusive skill sets and the highest cleared candidates. Build a pipeline of highly skilled applicants. Work closely with Hiring Managers and help them shape their workforce. Be a part of our highly professional, centralized recruitment team in attracting, engaging and employing new talent.

    Key Functions - Full-life cycle recruiting support. Provide close coordination on sourcing strategy, interviewing, selection, and offer/negotiations
    - Candidate management and care
    - Requisition management
    - Enhancing our employment brand
    - Building a talent pipeline
    - Diversity outreach and new source development
    - Analytics and reporting.

    -Bachelors degree required
    - 5+ years of full life cycle recruiting experience in technical disciplines
    - Knowledge and experience in recruiting cleared professionals
    - Prior experience with Kenexa/BrassRing or similar applicant tracking systems

    To Apply:
    Please send your resume to

    Founded in 1997, JVT Advisors ( has over 250 years of combined Technical and HR Recruiting experience.
    We are top results oriented, highly respected and experienced professionals who pride ourselves in elevating the careers of talented people.
    We are dedicated to matching the right candidates to the right companies.
              Data Scientist (Job #6243)   
    The Advanced Analytics group is all about focusing on our client?s mission. Individuals in this role are expected to work as a software developer and a quantitative researcher. You will be responsible to implement and promote data driven decision support systems, and create high-impact analytics solutions for our clients. In this role you work on a small team and can switch assignments and projects in a disciplined and fast paced environment. You must be confident to tackle complex problems, and will be expected to work on design algorithms and codify large-scale statistical models for real time processing based on the analytics architecture.

    Previous experience working in software engineering and large-scale implementations of statistical methods to build decision support or recommender systems will enable you for this role. You will need to be innovative and entrepreneurial to work within a start-up like environment.


    Work with large and complex data sets to solve difficult and non-routine problems
    Develop analytic models and work closely with cross-functional teams and people to integrate solutions
    Drive the collection of data and refinement from multiple high-volume data sources
    Research methods to improve statistical inferences of variables across models

    Job Qualifications

    3+ years of relevant work experience
    Experience programming with Java, Python and SQL application development
    Experience of relational databases and ETL data processing with thorough understanding of data structures, algorithms and design best practices
    Experience analyzing complex, high-dimensionality data to perform text mining, NLP techniques and implement information retrieval or recommender systems
    Experience with statistical computing tools like R, SAS, and SPSS
    Experience working with machine learning and distributed computing tools like Hadoop is preferred
    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    Excellent debugging and testing skills, and likes to quickly learn new technologies
    BS in Computer Science, Statistics or equivalent practical experience
    Large scale systems (billons of records) design and development with knowledge of UNIX/Linux
    Strong sense of passion, teamwork and responsibility
              Enterprise Architect Information Security (Job #6254)   
    SLAIT Consulting is currently seeking an Enterprise Architect for Information Security for our client in the Newport News/Virginia Beach, VA area.


    Performs the necessary leadership, analysis, and design tasks related to the development of an enterprise solution architecture.

    * Duties will include Solution Design and testing Security technologies that can scale and be easily deployed in the Enterprise domain.
    * Once Solution is developed, Individual will also work with ecosystem partners to Integrate to deliver end-end solutions for strategic Security usages.

    * Participate in the design and development of security framework and features.
    * Champion innovation and meaningful collaboration between product teams in the area of security
    * Identify security requirements and assess feasibility and ramifications of these requirements
    * Integrate security controls into the Software Development Lifecycle.
    * Help in the Development of unit tests and useful code documentation.

    * Understand, advocate, and augment the principles of information technology strategies.
    * Analyze enterprise business drivers to determine corresponding change requirements.
    * Analyze the IT environment to detect critical deficiencies and recommend solutions for improvement.
    * Analyze technology industry and market trends; determine their potential impact on the enterprise.
    * Articulate the architecture process, its outcome, and ongoing results.
    * Define the principles to guide solution decisions for the enterprise.
    * Design and lead the implementation of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) based on enterprise business requirements and IT strategies.
    * Design and direct the governance activities associated with ensuring EA compliance.
    * Develop a road map of the evolution of the enterprise application portfolio from current to future state (as defined by the EA).
    * Coordinate solution architecture implementation and modification activities.
    * Facilitate the evaluation and selection of software product standards, as well as the design of standard software configurations.
    * Consult with application or infrastructure development projects to fit systems or infrastructure to architecture, and identify when it is necessary to modify the solution architecture to accommodate project needs.
    * Identify the organizational impact (for example, on skills, processes, structures, or culture) and financial impact of the EA.
    * Document all solution architecture design and analysis work.
    * Work closely with the program management office (PMO) or project office to ensure alignment of plans with what is being delivered.


    * May be involved in system demonstrations.
    * Assists in resolving operational issues and may perform other assignments as needed.
    * Other duties as assigned by company management.
    * Seeks educational opportunities to become "expert" in enterprise technologies, applications, and methodologies.
    * May be called upon to analyze and/or recommend 3rd party packages or tools.


    * Bachelor's degree in computer science, systems analysis, or a related study, or equivalent experience.
    * Five to seven years of experience in at least two IT disciplines in a client/server or service-oriented architecture (SOA) environment, including technical architecture, network management, application development, middleware, database management, or operations.

    * Experience with Java/eclipse, including scripting and use of source control.
    * Experience in multiple OS (Linux, Windows) and VMM environment (ESXi, Xen, KVM).

    * Exposure to multiple, diverse technologies and processing environments.
    * Exceptional interpersonal skills, including teamwork, facilitation, and negotiation.
    * Strong leadership skills.
    * Excellent analytical and technical skills.
    * Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    * Excellent planning and organizational skills.


    * ETL Processes and Strategy
    * Information Transformation Strategy
    * Data Architecture Oversight
    * Data Warehousing Strategy
    * Analytics Strategy

    * Developing highly scalable web based/client applications.
    * Software testing principles and validation techniques would be an added advantage.

    * Experience in many facets of secure enterprise development practices.
    * Experience with OAuth, identity management, authentication and authorization schemes.
    * Experience in securing scalable and high-throughput systems.
    * Experience securing Web Services and RESTful APIs.
    * Experience with RDBMS (such as MySQL and Oracle) security.
    * Ability to design and implement using modern patterns and methodologies.
    * Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.
    * Able to work effectively within a team environment.
    * Able to work independently in an agile development environment.

    * Knowledge of all components of an enterprise technical architecture.
    * Knowledge of business process re-engineering principles and processes.
    * Basic knowledge of financial models and budgeting.
    * Strong understanding of network architecture and application development methodologies.
    * Strong understanding of systems, object-oriented analysis and design, and/or client/server systems.
    * Understanding of the enterprise's political climate and how to navigate the political waters.
    * Ability to understand the long-term ("big picture") and short-term perspectives of situations.
    * Ability to translate business needs into solution architecture requirements.
    * Ability to estimate the financial impact of solution architecture alternatives.
    * Ability to apply multiple technical solutions to business problems.
    * Ability to quickly comprehend the functions and capabilities of new technologies.

    * Works well with others.
    * Respected leader.
    * Charismatic.
    * Remains unbiased toward any specific technology or vendor choice.
    * More interested in results than personal preferences.
    * Displays intellectual integrity.
    * Motivated by long-term results.
    * There are 5 levels of proficiency; from low to high: Awareness, Basic, Skilful, Mastery, and Expert.

    Why SLAIT?
    We have been growing since 1990 with offices in Virginia, Gaithersburg, MD., New York, Raleigh, NC, and Austin TX. For over twenty three years, we have delivered customized, creative IT solutions for customers in the commercial, and state and local government sectors.
    *Staff Augmentation *Managed Services *IT Outsourcing *IT Consulting

    Thank you for your consideration, please submit your resume today! Visit us at

    **Must be able to work for any employer in the United States. No Visa sponsorship.**

    SLAIT Consulting is an Equal Opportunity Employer
              Benhamou Global Ventures Closes Third Venture Capital Fund, at $80M   
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              Associate, Strategy & Analytics - Penn Foster - Scranton, PA   
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              On A Visit To Kenya, Obama Addresses Fight Against Extremists   
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    President Obama is in Nairobi, Kenya, this weekend, the first trip of any sitting president to Kenya and, for Barack Obama, a complicated visit to the country of his father's birth. NPR's Gregory Warner has been traveling with the president.

              Advanced Technologist-Hadoop 4 - BOEING - Bellevue, WA   
    CIO, Information &amp; Analytics. The Boeing Defense, Space &amp; Security (BDS) organization is seeking a Advanced Technologist-Hadoop (Level 4) to join the...
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              Lynda Data Reduction Techniques Using Excel And R Business Analytics Deep Dive   
    Lynda   Data Reduction Techniques Using Excel And R  Business Analytics Deep Dive
    Lynda - Data Reduction Techniques Using Excel and R: Business Analytics Deep Dive
    Size: 145 MB | Duration: 1h 2m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 30fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch
    Genre: eLearning | Level: Advanced | Language: English

              Brookings and the Uses and Abuses of Economic Statistics   
    A pet peeve of mine is the use of slipshod social science and statistics as a mantle to conceal a weakly supported claim.   I sometimes see this with the output of ideological think tanks, organizations whose dissemination model usually involves getting mainstream publishers to credulously disseminate their “reports,” or press releases.  Sometimes I feel compelled to debunk such reports (e.g., Pittelli, 2016).

    This week I noticed an article in the Washington Post Wonkblog (Badger, 2016).  This Wonkblogarticle reported on an economic analysis from the Brookings Institution.  It claims that a look at the changes in some economic statistics for America’s 100 largest cities over the past five years shows that economic growth does not do much to help the poor and working classes.

    To test the validity of this claim, I downloaded the statistics used by Brookings and did some work on them in Excel and Tableau, an excellent visualization program I am currently learning for a course in the Data Analytics program at Southern New Hampshire University (

    The Brookings article pointed out that “On average, the faster a metro economy grew, the more likely it was to experience improvements in inclusion [Brookings’ term for how well the poor are doing]” but then went on to refute a ridiculous strawman: “Yet growth in metro economies did not reliably improve all residents’ economic fortunes.”  Perhaps more important, the article’s headline was “In metro areas, growth isn’t reliably trickling down.” (Berube, 2016)

    The Washington Post Wonkblog picked up the story with an even drearier headline (“All the people being left behind in America’s booming cities”).  The article disapprovingly quoted various business and Republican sources claiming that economic growth is the best way to help the poor and working class, told us that the Brookings report shows they are all mistaken, and ended by quoting an author of the Brookings report telling us that the report shows that the key to improving “inclusion” is increased government spending on the poor.

    The Data
    So what was all this based on?  Brookings took nine economic statistics, grouped them together in three groups of three, and gave the three statistics groups names which sound meaningful and important, namely: “growth,” “prosperity” and “inclusion.”  As these coinages are idiosyncratic, I will continue to put quotes around them.  In addition, Brookings’ and Wonkblog’s pessimistic reading of the Brookings statistics (primarily, that “growth” is not reliably leading to “inclusion”) is overblown for both statistical reasons and because the Brookings’ coinages are not meaningful or well-constructed.  I have three major issues with their conclusions:

    First Issue
    The Brookings “growth” measure covers the size of each city’s economy, whereas the “prosperity” and “inclusion” measures cover the per capita economy.  Naturally, growing cities attract workers from other cities with slower growth rates, and these workers – failed by their previous cities of residence – also benefit from a successful city’s growing economy.  But the positives of a city attracting new workers are overlooked by most of these statistics.  Indeed, to the extent a city is attracting new workers, its “prosperity” and “inclusion” measures will lag its “growth” measure, but these discrepancies are not a measure of urban failure, but rather of urban attractiveness.

    Second Issue
    Brookings claims of its “inclusion” statistic that:
    Inclusion indicators measure how the benefits of growth and prosperity in a metropolitan economy are distributed among people. Inclusive growth enables more people to invest in their skills and to purchase more goods and services.

    But these claims are not reasonably supported by the three statistics in question. 

    Two of the parts of “inclusion” are Median wage and the Employment-to-population ratio (the share of all individuals aged 18 to 65 who are employed).  Neither of these measures tell us much about the bottom tier or working class or non-college graduates.  Median wage is a useful statistic, showing how the middle is doing.  Employment-to-population ratio is also meaningful, and it is perhaps troubling that today the level nationally is close to a 30-year low.  But people also can be unemployed due to prosperity, in the case of couples who can afford to have a stay-at-home parent, or people retiring before age 65.

    The last of the statistics making up “inclusion” is the “Relative income poverty rate” (RIPR), which is “The share of people in a metropolitan economy who earn less than half of the local median wage.”  If a city saw everyone’s wages double, with no other changes, then RIPR would be unchanged.  But the low-earning people would certainly benefit from a doubling of real earnings, and they would be better able “to invest in their skills and to purchase more goods and services.”  Like other inequality measures, this one shows negative numbers when better off people see growth in their incomes, even when the people at the bottom are seeing the same or somewhat better incomes.  But this measure of inequality is worse than some others because the “well-off” whose income growth definitionally becomes a bad thing are merely those at the 50th percentile, not some category of rich which is divorced from “the people.”  In essence, as Median Wage is a denominator here, it will tend to cancel out much of the effect of the Median Wage statistic which is ostensibly one of the three parts of "inclusion."  Also, the RIPR statistic only looks at people with earnings, which means that someone going from no earnings (e.g., unemployed, on welfare, or in prison) to low earnings makes their city look worse off.  Further, a low-income person forced to move because he is priced out of, say, San Jose, California, makes that city look better off.

    A more meaningful measure of inclusion, or how “benefits… are distributed” to the poor or working class, would look at a group such as the bottom quintile, and would measure whether this lowest-earning portion of the people saw increases or decreases in income (or consumption).  In the absence of such data, the median wage tells us more about the average person’s economic benefits and ability “to invest in their skills and to purchase more goods and services” than does Brookings’ “Relative income poverty rate.”

    Third Issue
    One cannot say flatly that a rising tide lifts all boats, or that it doesn’t; such a reality falls along a continuum.  I downloaded the three Brookings ranks for each of the100 cities, used Excel to semi-automatically put the tabular data into rows, and made scatter graphs in Excel and then Tableau.  I found that there is indeed a positive correlation between Brookings’ ranks of 5-year “growth” and “inclusion” measures, with a slope of 0.33 and an r-squared of 11%, meaning that one would expect that if one city has a "growth" that is 30 ranks better than a second city, then that first city will most likely have an "inclusion" that is 10 ranks better than the second city.  Further, 11% of all of the variation in the cities’ change of rank in “inclusion” may be explained by the variation in the cities’ change of rank in Brookings’ “growth” measure (P < 0.001).

    Below is a scatter graph I constructed in Tableau using the Brookings rank data.  It shows the same dots as the scatter graph shown in the Wonkblog and Brookings articles, but with the addition of city names, where Tableau found room for them (note that the scales are reversed, as 100 is the worst score, and 1 is the best):

    A quick glance at the scatter graph does not show any obvious pattern of correlation, and Wonkblog describes it as a “weak relationship.”   The article goes on to say that “This non-pattern is notable precisely because the rising-tide theory remains so alluring, particularly among Republicans.”  Those foolish Republicans!  It may be reasonable to describe a slope of 0.33 and a correlation of 11% as a weak relationship, but it is certainly not a “non-pattern,” not evidence with which to refute people who discern the pattern, and in particular not evidence that some other policies would work better than policies aimed at improving economic growth.

    Note on Nonparametric Statistics
    The cities are listed and graphed above by rank, not by the actual underlying statistics.  A list of ranks by definition has rank or ordinal scale, but not interval scale (i.e., adjacent cities always have a rank difference of one, but are not equally far apart from each other in terms of the underlying statistics.)  For normal statistical measures, such as those underlying the ranks, one would expect something close to a normal distribution, and that the interval between two adjacent cities which are ranked very high or very low would generally be greater than the interval between two adjacent cities near the middle of the distribution.  (Imagine that we have 100 people chosen at random, arranged by height; we are almost certain to see a greater height difference between the tallest person and the second-tallest person than between two adjacent people near the middle of the line.)

    Because a rank difference of one does not rigorously translate to any particular difference in the data underlying the ranking process, a correlation of ranks is not as rigorous a measure as is the correlation of the underlying data.  Likewise, with ranked data, the associated scatter graph will have the appearance of a square which is relatively full of data points, right up to the edges of the square.  For these reasons, a correlation based on ranks could show significantly different values than a correlation based on the underlying statistics.

    So given only rank data, a mathematical purist should prefer to use nonparametric statistics.  A person coming at the problem from the opposite standpoint – that is, with little knowledge of statistics – might also prefer the simplest or crudest of these nonparametric methods to determine correlation.  Looking again at the preceding scatter graph, it is visually divided into 4 quadrants, with 50 cities on either side of center, and 50 cities each above and below the center.  Each quadrant will have 25 cities if there is zero correlation by this measure.  But in fact, the quadrant counts are:

    UL = 18

    UR = 32

    LL = 32

    LR = 18

    With 64/36 times as many cities at bottom left and upper right than at upper left and bottom right, there is clearly a positive correlation between the two variables.  The (simple and crude) quadrant count ratio is n(LL) + n(UR) - n(UL) - n(LR) all divided by N, and gives a number similar to r (the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient), ranging from -1 to 1.  In this case: (64 – 36) / 100 = 0.28, which is, at the least, on the stronger side of “weak relationships.”

    Further, one can see in the scatter graph that there are no cities very near to the upper left and bottom right extreme corners of the whole graph, while there are a few cities very near the bottom left and upper right corners.  In other words, cities with a poor ranking for “growth” also have a poor ranking for “inclusion,” while cities with an excellent ranking for “growth” also have an excellent ranking for “inclusion.”

    Alternative Methods
    All of the preceding correlations analysis is based on the assumption that the Brookings “growth” and “inclusion” statistics are meaningful and well-named constructs.  But as I noted in my First and Second points above, this is not the case.  So how would I show the relationship between economic growth and benefits to the people?

    From the Brookings report, I obtained the nine separate statistics for each of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the United States.  These are all rates of increase/decrease for the last 5 years, the period emphasized in the Wonkblog article.  Note that I will use the Greek delta symbol Δ to denote change in a statistic, in this case change over the last 5 years expressed as a percentage (e.g., if a statistic increased by 10%, then it was multiplied by 1.10).

    After cleaning up the data and putting it in row format in Excel, I noted the Pearson coefficients and r-squared figures for the pairings of these statistics.

    So how much does economic growth in a city help the poor?  Just looking at the cities’ Δ Gross Domestic Product (GMP) as the proper measure of economic growth, we see:
    ·         an r-squared of 0.67 with Δ Aggregate Wages
    ·         an r-squared of 0.56 with Δ Jobs
    ·         an r-squared of 0.32 with Δ Average Wage
    ·         an r-squared of 0.25 with Δ Median Wage

    I switched to Tableau at this point because it makes it easy to create a calculated field combining statistics and then to check a correlation with the calculated field.

    Aggregate Wages is by definition equal to Average Wage * Jobs, which means that (1+ Δ Aggregate Wages) = (1+ Δ Average Wage) * (1+ Δ Jobs).

    In other words, if a city’s Average Wage increases by 10% while its number of Jobs increases by 5%, then its Aggregate Wages increase by 15.5%.  (We multiply a 10% increase in one statistic by a 5% increase in a second statistic by multiplying 1.10 by 1.05 = 1.155 = an increase of 15.5%.)

    It is no surprise that again looking at the cities’ Δ Gross Domestic Product (GMP), we see:

    •          an r-squared of 0.67 with Δ Average Wage * Δ Jobs – exactly the same as for Δ Aggregate Wages, as we should expect
    •          an almost-as-high r-squared of 0.61 with Δ Median Wage * Δ Jobs

    Furthermore, the beta or slope of the regression line is 0.82 for Δ Average Wage * Δ Jobs and 0.85 for Δ Median Wage * Δ Jobs.

    In other words, if one city has a GMP increase that is 10% higher than a second city, that first city will have Aggregate Wages growing on average 8.2% higher than the second city, and 67% of the variation in the growth in the 100 cities’ Aggregate Wages will be explained by growth in GMP alone.

    Now, Average Wage can go up substantially just because the top 1% saw huge gains, so to see the improvement in wages of the typical person, we use the Median Wage.  And when one city has a GMP increase that is 10% higher than a second city, that first city will have (Median Wage * Jobs) growing on average 8.5% higher than the second city, and 61% of the variation in the growth in the 100 cities’ (Median Wage * Jobs) will be explained by growth in GMP alone.  Note this scatter graph of change in (Median Wage * Jobs) vs. change in GMP:

    So it seems to me that the best way to describe the way in which relative growth in a city’s GMP correlates to relative growth in Wages and Jobs is “quite reliably.”  Sometimes there is more growth in Wages and sometimes more growth in Jobs.  But as noted above, when the number of Jobs has increased in a city, the people in that city have also benefited, either because the Employment ratio is higher than it would otherwise be (a factor which Brookings attempts to add separately), or because some of the people in that city are migrants who came to the city for a job and situation which is generally better than they could have gotten in the city they left behind (a factor which Brookings ignores).

    The Brookings authors used questionable methods to combine and create statistics when there are singular statistics which are more meaningful and give more meaningful correlations.

    The more complicated a statistical measure, the easier it is to fool oneself (or others) about the meaning of the statistic.  More complicated statistics also allow for more options for comparing the statistics, and more chances of finding what you want to find in a correlation or other comparison.  In this case, Brookings was looking at correlations of the statistics which they termed “growth” and “inclusion.”  Each of these statistics was formed by:

    •          Ranks,
    •          of Sums,
    •          of differences from the three different Means,
    •          divided by three different Standard Deviations,
    •          of Rates of change in,
    •          underlying statistics which were themselves, in some cases, the quotient of two statistics (i.e., one statistic divided by another).

    These manipulations of the statistics could be defensible if the statistics were used for other purposes, but the manipulations (particularly the use of Ranks) made Brookings’ use of a scatter graph and related claims about correlation untenable. 

    Why did Brookings convert absolute values to measures of standard deviation from the mean?  If one merely multiplies together different statistics (or 1+ Δ statistics), then the statistic which has more volatility has more effect on the compounded measure than does a statistic which has less volatility.  For some manipulations it may be helpful to eliminate these differences between the measures so they are equally weighted in effect.  But for the purposes of making up a “growth,” “prosperity” and “inclusion” measure, it would have been preferable to combine the three statistics without resort to the standard-deviations-from-the-mean manipulation.  If one statistic is close to the same for all the cities, then that statistic is indeed a less important contributor to any meaningful measure of a city.  If all cities are within 1% of each other in some measure, then that is a reason to note that the measure in question does not vary much and so is not an important way to distinguish the cities.  It is not a reason to multiply that measure’s contribution ten-fold because we are combining it with some other measure which varies by 10%.

    But all in all, the biggest problem with the Brookings “inclusion” measure is that it has little to do with “how the benefits of growth and prosperity in a metropolitan economy are distributed among people” and even less to do with how able the cities’ people are to “invest in their skills and to purchase more goods and services.” A correlation of more straightforward statistics shows that a city’s Growth (ΔGMP) in fact reliably drives (slope = 0.85; r-squared = 0.61; P < 0.0001) its ΔMedian Wage and ΔJobs.


    Badger, E. (2016, February 2). All the people being left behind in America’s booming cities. Washington Post Wonkblog. Retrieved from

    Berube, A. (2016, January 29). In metro areas, growth isn't reliably trickling down. Retrieved from

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    Pittelli, D. (2016, January-February). Cambridge 02138 – Letters to the Editor. Harvard Magazine. Retrieved from

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              EgyptAir Debris Photos Released As Crash Investigation Continues   
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              For One Palestinian Woman, There Will Not Be Peace   
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    From a distance, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians never seems to change. Up close, it changes a lot. And that includes changes in the minds of the participants.

              Kerry Offers No Clear Way To End Recent Surge Of Palestinian Attacks   
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    In Israel, there is a fierce debate underway on how to respond to the recent surge of Palestinian attacks. This week, Secretary of State John Kerry visited the region and met separately with leaders of both sides.

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    Israeli security chiefs held an emergency meeting today on the ongoing violence there. Today, at least three Israelis were killed in separate attacks. The violence is proving to be especially hard to stop.

              Cómo Configurar Google Analytics para búsquedas internas (Comentado)   

    AQUI el enlace compartido:

    Cómo Configurar Google Analytics para búsquedas internas

              Congratulations Abhishek Venkatesh, 2020, Kaiser Permanente   
    Abhishek Venkatesh, 2020 Math-Computer Science Business Intelligence Intern, Kaiser Permanente, Hillsboro, OR Organization website: http:// “I am looking forward to learning about project management, contributing to Kaiser Permanente business objectives, reporting development and analytics, and analyzing financial software.”
              Innovatie begint bij jezelf!   

    Vandaag, woensdag 13 juli, is de officiële afsluiting van de IDM-afstudeerspecialisatie 'Business Information'. Vierdejaars studenten van de opleiding IDM / major Media & Informatiemanagement volgden 5 maanden lang lessen op het gebied van e-business, strategie, innovatie, management & organisatie, debatteren en projectmanagement. Naast de vele presentaties, papers en andere opdrachten voerden ze voor een opdrachtgever in de telecomindustrie een project uit.

    In het kader van het vak 'Innovatie' werd naar diverse ontwikkelingen gekeken die invloed (gaan) hebben op het vak van de informatieprofessional. Tijdens een lunchsessie voor docenten en studenten van het Instituut voor Communicatie en Media presenteren zij 5 ontwikkelingen die u niet mag missen.

    • Cloud computing;
    • Social Media Analytics;
    • Video Search Engine Optimalisation (VSEO);
    • Mobile Apps;
    • Augmented Reality;
    Innoveren begint bij jezelf! En vandaag ook in de huiskamer van het Instituut voor Communicatie en Media op de Hanzehogeschool Groningen. Personeel en studenten van de Hanzehogeschool zijn van harte welkom tussen 12.30-13.30u (neem zelf je lunch mee!). Er is beperkte toegang voor andere geïnteresseerden die het niet willen missen. Twitter hiervoor naar keeswesterkamp en neem zelf je lunch mee!

    Take care
    Kees Westerkamp

    ps.: de kantine van de Hanzehogeschool, locatie ICM, is gesloten. Neem dus zelf een broodje mee. Wij zorgen voor koffie/thee, melk/karnemelk en een fruitige opkikker!
              Comment on Managers, leaders and you  by Arun Sreelalan Iyer   
    Hi Ankur, This is gold! I study leadership and org behavior, and factors for employee motivation, and have come to the realization that we tend to dismiss "soft" aspects such as EQ and an environment of trust as "mere fluff". However, these are skills that need to be nurtured, while "hard" skills like Data Analytics and Product Design can be learnt on the job and are not really a challenge for most competent employees.
              Statistician for Resource Management Planning, Systems Design and Practice   
    GA-Atlanta, Statistician for Resource Management Planning, Systems Design and Practice You can look at the data, and make sense of it. You notice the patterns and trends where others don’t. You are able to take these discoveries and communicate them to management. This might be the role for you. Our client is looking for an experienced Statistician to support healthcare analytics for a dynamic company. Locati
              Contact Solutions Launches New Product Suite: Adaptive Solutions   

    Offering leverages behavioral analytics to improve customer experience and reduce costs.

    (PRWeb April 30, 2013)

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              How to Become Google Analytics IQ Exam Certified?   

    The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) exam covers the basic digital analytics and Google Analytics best practices. The Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam covers basic and advanced Google Analytics concepts. This includes topics such as Planning and principles, Implementation and data collection, Configuration and administration, Conversion and Attribution, Reports, metrics, and dimensions. To earn a certificate as I… Read More »

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              El Espai Subirachs Abre sus Puertas en Barcelona - Hotel del Arte   
     (Imagen extraída de El Perdiódico de Catalunya | Natàlia Farré)
    Este fin de semana hemos podido leer en toda la prensa que, por fin, Subirachs tendrá un espacio en el que se expondrá una buena parte de su legado artístico de manera permanente.
    Ésta era una de las últimas voluntades del genio barcelonés.
    Gracias al empeño de sus tres hijos y, en especial, de Judit Subirachs-Burgaya este deseo se ha materializado. El nuevo Espai Subirachs abrió sus puertas el Sábado 27 de Mayo en la calle Pere IV del barrio de Poblenou, justo enfrente de donde nació el escultor y al lado de la Cooperativa Pau i Justícia donde cursó sus estudios.
    Judit Subirachs-Burgaya es Doctora en Historia del Arte y actual conservadora de todo el mencionado legado artístico de su padre. Ella, junto a sus hermanos, ha hecho una cuidada selección de más de 100 obras entre escultura, pintura, dibujo y obra gráfica. Destaca el hecho de que no haya referencias a la Sagrada Familia, su obra más importante y, a su vez, más controvertida.
    Nos alegramos de ver que por fin, el mundo del arte podrá seguir disfrutando de su densa obra, a pesar de no haber contado con la colaboración institucional esperada.
    Hay que constatar que muchas de las esculturas que se muestran en el nuevo espacio ya hace muchos años que forman parte de la espléndida colección privada del Hotel Estela Barcelona – Hotel del Arte de Sitges, donde el desaparecido artista acudía con frecuencia.
    Tal es el caso de la obra que aparece en primer término de la mayoría de fotografías que han aparecido estos días en la prensa escrita y digital. Se trata de "Claudia Chauchat", una escultura en bronce de 1949.
    Además, los amantes de Subirachs podrán disfrutar en el artístico hotel de obras que fueron creadas in situ como “La Suite del Amor”, “Estela”, “Danae” o “La Escalera Estelar”.
     Suite del Amor por Subirachs (Habitación 219)
                      Conjunto "Estela"                                     "Danae" por Subirachs

     "Escalera Estelar" por Subirachs

    Por otro lado, el Hotel Estela cuenta en su colección con obras que por su condición de únicas sólo pueden ser admiradas en el Hotel del Arte, como las que mostramos a continuación:
     "85 graus"                                           "Champolion"

                                "Deesa"                              "Europa 1984"                   "Maternitat"


    Sin duda, los amantes del arte en general y los admiradores de Subirachs en particular, tienen muchos motivos para dar un paseo por el hall y salones del Hotel Estela Barcelona. 

    Recordamos que el hotel ofrece visitas guidas gratuitas visitando sus exposiciones.

    Artículos relacionados:

    Av. Port d’Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 SITGES – Barcelona
    Tel.  +34-93 811 45 45

              La Fachada de la Pasión de Subirachs iluminada en la Sagrada Familia por Semana Santa 2017   
    (Foto: EFE)
    (Fuente: La Vanguardia - 10/04/2017)
    La Sagrada Familia ha iluminado con proyectores led la fachada de la Pasión, donde Gaudí quiso expresar las últimas horas de Jesús a través de 12 grupos escultóricos que realizó el escultor Josep Maria Subirachs.
    Gracias a esta representación se pueden seguir las estaciones del viacrucis cristiano, el camino hacia el Calvario, a través de una locución musicada que acompaña la iluminación y que va narrando las doce escenas de la pasión y de la muerte de Jesucristo.

    Link al vídeo:

    Desgraciadamente, esta gran iniciativa solo ha estado activa durante 3 días.
    Aquellos que deseen ver algunos de los iconos usados por Subirachs en la fachada de la Sagrada Familia, pueden acercarse al artístico Hotel Estela Barcelona - Hotel del Arte de Sitges, donde se encuentra expuesta una de las mayores colecciones privadas de obras de todas las épocas del escultor barcelonés Josep Maria Subirachs. Tal es el caso del “Sant Jordi” o “Criptograma”.
     "Criptograma" por Subirachs                        "Sant Jordi" por Subirachs
     "Suite del Amor" por Subirachs (Habitación 219 del Hotel Estela Barcelona)
    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 Sitges - Barcelona 
    Tel.: 93 8114545 

              Sant Jordi, Domingo 23 de Abril 017   

    ¡Celebra un Domingo Estelar!

    En nuestro restaurante Iris Gallery podrás disfrutar
    en compañía de la espectacular escultura
    de Sant Jordí de Dalí y las obras de arte de Puigmartí y Subirachs.

    Obsequiaremos a todos nuestros clientes con un libro, ya que como manda la tradición, éste día, en Cataluña se regalan rosas y libros entre parejas y personas queridas.

    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 Sitges - Barcelona 
    Tel.: 93 8114545 

              Regala Felicidad en el día de la madre, Sitges   
    Cheque regalo para el día de la madre

    Una noche romántica, unas vacaciones en familia, un fin de semana entre amigos, una buena comida en nuestro restaurante Iris Gallery, una sesión de Reiki, un masaje ...

    ¡Infórmate de lo que puedes regalar con nuestro cheque regalo y no te lo pienses más!

    ¡Acertarás seguro!

    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 Sitges - Barcelona
    Tel.: +34-938114545

              Josep Mª Pahissa expone en el salón Istar, Hotel Estela Barcelona, Sitges   
    El artista barcelonés nos muestra una obra pictórica muy apoyada en un estilo propio que recibe influencias constructivistas y de manera muy particular del gran Wassily Kandinsky.

    El resultado es una obra que llega a situar e interrelacionar formas geométricas formales y puras, con otras más orgánicas y biomórficas, líneas rectas con quebradas,lenguaje formal y acto reflexivo frente a lenguaje personal y acto espontáneo, con un uso contenido de cromatismos.

    Del mismo modo, en sus pinturas apreciamos una iconografía propia no exenta de cierta crítica socio-política. Cabe destacar la obra “El món oníric de les civilitzacions”, que con 8 metros de anchura hace un repaso de la historia de la humanidad desde la prehistoria hasta la carrera espacial. Se trata de una obra que no deja impasible al observador.

    En cuanto a su producción escultórica, presenta una serie de sorprendentes personajes con apariencia robótica creados a partir de “objets trouvés”.

    Ésta es la tercera ocasión que Pahissa presenta sus obras en el Hotel del Arte de Sitges.


    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 Sitges - Barcelona
    Tel.: +34-938114545

              Pasa Semana Santa en el Hotel Estela Barcelona en Sitges y aprovecha la ocasión   
    Éste año, Semana Santa es del 09 al 17 de Abril 2017.

    Reserva ya tu estancia y pasa Semana Santa en Sitges, con nosotros!

    Aprovecha la ocasión, alójate 3 noches o más, y obtén un 10% de descuento.

    * Habitación Vista Mar con Desayuno buffet a 66€ por persona.
    * 1 niño hasta 10 años gratis.

    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 Sitges - Barcelona
    Tel.: +34-938114545

              Pasa el fin de semana del día del Padre en Sitges | 19 Marzo 2017   

    “Fin de semana en el Hotel del Arte”

    El Día del Padre se celebra en muchos países del mundo en distintas fechas.

    En nuestro país, el día elegido para dicha celebración es el 19 de marzo, en honor a San José, y  éste año cae en domingo.

    · Habitación vista mar con desayuno Buffet para 2 personas: 99 €

    Niño hasta 10 años, suplemento: 11 €

    Segundo niño o mayor 10 años, suplemento: 33 €


    ¡Visita nuestra galería de arte y llévate un regalo sorpresa para papá!

    Y no te olvides degustar nuestro menú estrella en nuestro restaurante Iris Gallery:

     (mínimo 2 personas)

    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 Sitges - Barcelona
    Tel.: +34-938114545

              Las arras en el día de tu boda eclesiástica   
    Si te casas por la iglesia, debes de saber...

    ¿Qué son las arras?

    Las arras son trece monedas de metal, una por cada mes del año. Se dice que cada una de ellas representa la prosperidad durante un mes del año, mientras que la moneda extra, la treceava, simboliza la compasión y la generosidad del nuevo matrimonio con los pobres y los menos favorecidos. En este caso, el número 13 es el de la buena suerte 🍀.

    Las arras pueden ser de oro o de plata, y aunque pueden ser de cualquier otro metal, todas del mismo tamaño, éstas se entregan durante la ceremonia religiosa, después del intercambio de anillos.
    Arras en plata. Fuente:
    Arras en oro. Fuente:
     ¿Qué significado tienen?

    La entrega de las arras es una de las tradiciones católicas más importantes. Proviene de los hebreos, que más adelante adoptaron los romanos hasta día de hoy.

    El intercambio de arras representa la parte ‘terrenal’ del matrimonio.  De origen árabe, ha tenido varios significados. Hoy en día, simboliza el intercambio de bienes y el soporte económico mutuo entre los dos miembros de la pareja.

    Así pues, las arras y su simbología ha ido variando a medida que han ido pasando los siglos.

    - En la Edad Media, las arras representaban la dote matrimonial que se aportaba al matrimonio, muy importante en aquella época, ya que garantizaba el futuro económico de la esposa en el caso que pasará alguna cosa de forma repentina. Las arras tenían un límite, representaban entre un 10% y un 50% de la propiedad o herencia del novio según la época y el lugar. La mujer disponía de las arras hasta que tuviera descendencia, los cuales también tenían derecho a tres cuartas partes de ella. Si quedaba viuda, esta podía vivir de las rentas de dichas arras hasta volver a casarse.

    - También se dice que el novio entregaba las arras a su prometida como “premio” de la familia, tras asegurarse que la chica llegaba virgen al matrimonio.

    - La entrega de las arras a la mujer, era una garantía frente al acuerdo que ambos firmaban (el matrimonio), y por tanto, si se incumplía el contrato, se perdían las arras.

    - Además, la iglesia se servía de la existencia o no de arras en la ceremonia para validar el matrimonio, sin ellas se consideraba un apaño.
    Hoy en día, la entrega de las arras nada tiene que ver con lo explicado anteriormente. Actualmente  tiene que ver con el compromiso que la pareja está contrayendo en ese momento, el amor, el deseo de compartir los bienes del matrimonio, la unión y la protección que se van a dar el uno al otro.

    ¿Y de dónde sacamos las arras?

    Éstas pueden ser pasadas de generación en generación, de este modo, tienen más significado y la historia es más grande o también pueden ser prestadas. Cuantas más antiguas sean, más simbolismo tiene.

    Si en nuestra familia nadie guarda unas arras, entonces éstas pueden ser compradas por el padrino o la madrina o por los novios.

    Las arras serán llevadas al altar por los padrinos, o los pajes de boda (niños, sobrinos o hijos de amigo) en el caso que los haya.
    Una vez en el altar, las arras son bendecidas por el padre y éste se las entrega al novio el cual tiene que ofrecerlas a su mujer diciendo las palabras de promesa que aseguraran el buen cuidado de los bienes y de la economía de la familia.  El novio las debe de colocar sobre la mano de ella, sellando así el compromiso matrimonial de procurar la estabilidad económica de la pareja.
    Arras bendecidas. Foto:
    Entrega de las arras. Foto:

    Éste ritual se lleva a cabo tras el intercambio de anillos, símbolo final con el que queda sellado el matrimonio.

    Una vez finalizada la boda, éstas tienen que ser guardadas por la esposa durante toda su vida, como símbolo de prosperidad y de los bienes compartidos.

    Si queréis dar un poco de personalización a las arras, podéis grabar en cada una de ellas lo que vosotros queráis o también podéis optar por elegir trece figuras de cualquier tipo que tengan un simbolismo especial para vosotros, los novios.

    Y después de contraer matrimonio, 
    venid a hacer el banquete en nuestro hotel.
    Nosotros nos encargamos del resto para que vuestra boda sea la esperada.

    Información en: o en el 93.811.45.45.

    Información gracias a:
    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 Sitges - Barcelona
    Tel.: +34-938114545

              Subirachs tendrá museo en Poblenou · El Punt Avui+   

    CULTURA BARCELONA - 22 febrer 2017 2.00 h
    'La escalera del entendimiento' (2007). Foto: Archivo.
    'Claudia Chauchat' (1949). Foto: Archivo.

    'Reposo' (1962). Foto: Archivo.
    Una imagen de la Calle Batista: en la izquierda hay el local del museo,
    al fondo la casa natal del artista y a la derecha del edificio de la cooperativa Paz y Justicia,
    actual sede de la Sala Beckett. Foto: Andreu Puig.
    Josep Maria Subirachs (Barcelona, ​​1927 a 2014) murió con la pena de no haber podido abrir un museo de su obra. Con este único objetivo había seleccionado, guardado y, por tanto, apartado de la circulación del mercado, un grupo de piezas selectas de pequeño y mediano formato. Lo tuvo a tocar, su anhelado museo, pero el ambicioso proyecto que quería impulsar Caixa Penedès en un suntuoso edificio de la calle de la Princesa quedó truncado por la crisis. El artista, ya muy enfermo, se hundió anímicamente. Al cabo de nada se fundía para siempre, pero antes se reconfortó con la promesa que le hizo su hija, la historiadora del arte Judit Subirachs: "Lo haremos."

    Para los amantes del arte y del artista Subirachs, en el Hotel Estela Barcelona de Sitges, pueden encontrar la colección privada de pintura y escultura más importante del mundo.



              59 Rally Sitges, Ven a pasar un Especial Fin de Semana del Rally en el Hotel Estela Barcelona, Sitges   
    El fin de semana del 4 al 5 de marzo del 2017, llega a Sitges la 59ava edición del Rally.
    Domingo día 05 de marzo, alrededor de las 13:30horas, y desde enfrente del Hotel Estela
    Barcelona, en el Puerto de Aiguadolç, podréis ver todo el evento.

    Ven a pasar un Especial “Fin de Semana del Rally” y aprovecha la ocasión,
    · Alojamiento para 2 personas y desayuno a 99€ IVA incluido, y 1 niño hasta 10 años gratis.
    O, ven y disfruta en directo de la llegada del Rally con un aperitivo estrella en nuestra terraza
    Iris Gallery:
    Olivas, patatas, mejillones y 2 vermuts: 8.90 € IVA incluido.

     Este evento es un espectáculo único ya que a parte de su carácter competitivo,
    también se puede observar la espectacularidad de todos los coches participantes.
    Cuando hablamos de espectacularidad, no sólo nos referimos a los coches mejor
     conservados y con más piezas originales, sino que también nos referimos a todos los
    ocupantes del coche ya que hacen el trayecto vestidos de acuerdo con la época de
     fabricación de éste.
      Como cada año, los participantes de éste certamen proceden de toda España y también de
     los países vecinos.
    Así pues, todos los coches presentes en este evento y fabricados antes del 1924 realizaran
     una ruta de cuarenta quilómetros que separan Barcelona de Sitges dónde el aspecto estético
     y de época será el más valorado, no la velocidad, ya que aquí, tal y como hemos dicho antes,
     lo que cuenta es la espectacularidad de los coches participantes.

    Para más información:

    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 Sitges - Barcelona
    Tel.: +34-938114545

              Programa Carnaval Sitges 2017   
    En los jardines de El Retiro, Gran Paella Popular organizada por Paperets Club. Precio 9€.
    Exposición "REINA 30 ANYS" (Reina 30 años) en el Edifici Miramar. Un viaje por las 30 Reinas del Carnaval con exposición de fotografías, vestidos, coronas, imágenes grabadas ... organizada por el Casino Prado con motivo del 30 aniversario de la creación del personaje de la Reina del Carnaval de Sitges, con la colaboración de la concejalía de Cultura, Tradiciones y Fiestas y la Comisión de Carnaval.
    Dirección artística de Joan Roca i Pujadó.
    A partir de las 12:00h y hasta las 14h en el Palau del Rei Moro (carrer d’en Bosc, 10-12) TALLER DE CARNAVAL para niños, con actuación de la batucada MARKATÚ JUNIOR y VERMUT CARNAVALER con cerveza artesana de 'La Sitgetana'. Acto organizado por la Agrupació de Balls Populars de Sitges. 
    A las 19:30h en el Teatro Casino Prado, “GRAN ELECCIÓ DE LA REINA DEL CARNAVAL DE SITGES 2017” REINA 30 ANYS ("GRAN ELECCIÓN DE LA REINA DEL CARNAVAL DE SITGES 2.017" REINA 30 AÑOS) con un sorprendente espectáculo de luz y sonido. Organizado por el Casino Prado. Entrada gratuita. Apertura de puertas a las 18:30h. Aforo limitado. 
    - 18:00h. Salón Teatro del Retiro: Gran Quinto Carnavaler / Carnaval 2017.
    Con regalos de todos los grupos del Carnaval del Retiro. 
    - A las 18:30h en el Teatro Casino Prado, ELECCIÓN DE LA REINA INFANTIL DEL CARNAVAL DE SITGES 2017, organizado por el  Casino Prado con la participación de “l'Espai de Dansa" del Prado. Entrada gratuïta. Apertura de puertas a las 17:30h. Aforo limitado. 
    A las 19:30h "ARRIBO" de Su Majestad Carnestoltes de la mano de la Colla "Paperets Club" en La Fragata.
      A continuación, la comitiva se dirigirá al Ayuntamiento para la toma del poder.
    Passeig de la Ribera, Sant Pau, Parellades, Cap de la Vila (dónde se encontrará con la Reina del Carnaval), Major y Ayuntamiento, dónde pronunciará su "Predicot".
    A continuación SM Carnestoltes visitará el Casino Prado y el Palau del Rei Moro y cenará en El Retiro.
    21:00h. Palau del Rei Moro: Xatonada popular + Espectáculo  de la Mercè y Oriol con la visita de Su Majestad Carnestoltes y la Reina de Carnaval. Entre los asistentes se repartirá la "Gallofa", la revista satírica y sin censura de la entidad.
    Acto organizado por la Agrupació de Balls Populars de Sitges.
    22:00h. Sociedad Recreativa El Retiro: Xatonada - Baile / Carnaval 2017 con asistencia de SM Carnestoltes y su séquito. Música a cargo de LA BANDA PUIG.
    Todos los actos programados disponen de servicio de bar. Precios especiales para socios y grupos del Retiro. Reservas para las xatonades a la secretaría de la entidad.
    22:00h Casino Prado: Xatonada  con la presencia de SM Carnestoltes , emotiva  PRESENTACIÓN DE LA REINA DEL CARNAVAL 2017 “REINA 30 ANYS” y su séquito. Al finalizar la cena, ESPECTÁCULO DEL CARRUSEL ”UN CARRUSEL DE PEL·LÍCULA”.
    Todos los actos programados disponen de servicio de bar. Precios especiales para socios y grupos del Prado. Inscripciones, Reservas e información: 93 894 31 10.
    A partir de las 09:00h y durante todo el día, S.M. Carnestoltes y la Reina del Carnaval con sus comitivas, visitan las escuelas, residencias y "casals" de abuelos para llevar el Carnaval a todas partes. 
    Por la mañana: ES Joan Ramon Benaprès, Escola Miquel Utrillo, Centre de Dia de l’Aplec, Escola Escaan (Reina a la llar d’infants el Cercolet), Escola Agnès de Sitges (Reina Llar d’Infants La Moixiganga), Escola Maria Ossó, IES Sitges y Fundació Ave Maria (Reina Sitges Park).
    Al mediodía en el Cap de la Vila, Sa Majestat Carnestoltes junto con su Corte y la Reina del Carnaval y su séquito, comerán juntos.
    Por la tarde: Escola Esteve Barrachina, Escola Pia, Hospital de Sant Joan, Residencia les Magnòlies, Casal d’avis Pau Casals y Casal d’avis Caixa Penedès.
    Este orden puede ser cambiado a última hora.
    - 20:00h en Perfumeria Júlia (patroncinador de la Colla Paperets Club): Inauguración de la Exposición "Paperets Club: una colla singular", que contará con fotografías, muestra de algunos trajes. Se espera la asistencia del Alcalde y la Comisión del Carnaval de Sitges.
    - 20:00h-24:00h. Gran Gala de Venecia 2017 en el Palau de Maricel, dirigida por Giorgio Manni, gala benéfica a favor de Càritas.  Más información en este enlace
    Más información en los establecimientos colaboradores: Hotel Cid, Hotel Galeón, Hotel Platja d'Or y Rincón de Pepe. Entrada 25€ (incluye la gala, la cena y parte destinada a Càritas). Aforo limitado.
    Dress Code: disfraz de época o etiqueta, máscara imprescindible
    Entradas en: Daniela & Cristina de la calle Jesús 32, Sitges. Telf. 628 272 966
    Presentada por Júlia Creus, Josep Ferré i Esther Soto y se podrá disfrutar de espectáculos y música de época durante la cena.
    01:00h. Casino Prado Suburense, New Ricky’s & Guitar Shop presentan: THE GEORGIE DANN PARTY. Acto organizado por: Casino Prado, Ricky’s y Guitar Shop
    Todos los actos programados disponen de servicio de bar. Precios especiales para socios y grupos del Prado. Inscripciones, Reservas e información: 93 894 31 10.
    10:00h. Visita al Mercat Municipal de SM Carnestoltes y la Reina del Carnaval. Mercat Municipal.
    Una visita muy especial en este 2017 que estamos de 30 aniversario del Mercat Municipal, 30 aniversario de la Colla de la Reina y 30 Aniversario del 1r. Carnestoltes de la Colla Paperets.
    11:00h. Cap de la Vila, la colla No K-Lia con la colaboración de Llantos, Huertos y Panxamplas, animarán el rato previo a la Carrera de Camas y el paso de sus participantes por la plaza con su alegría y buen humor tradicionales. Este año con la celebración de la "55a Festa de l'Ofrena Floral de Sitges", con el concurso de "Pubilles" y "Hereus"  y a continuación la ofrenda floral.
    12:00h CARRERA DE CAMAS DISFRAZADAS DE SITGES. Salida frente a los jardines del Casino Prado Suburense a las 12:00h. con el pistoletazo de salida de la Reina de Carnaval y la Reina infantil y la participación de honor, cerrando la carrera o no, de Su Majestad Carnestoltes y su séquito.
    Recorrido: Casino Prado, Francesc Gumà, Jesús, Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Sant Pau, Passeig de la Ribera, Sant Pere, Parellades, Marquès de Montroig, 1r de maig y Passeig de la Ribera hasta la altura del Restaurante Eguzki Lizarran. Al finalizar la carrera, Su Majestad y las Reinas del Carnaval premiarán a los ganadores.
    14:00h  al Casino Prado, espléndida comida de la Reina del Carnaval ofrecida por CANYATECA PRADO.
    14:00h Comida de SM Carnestoltes y su comitiva en el Sunway Playa Golf en una comida ofrecida por este hotel.
    - 16:30h a 18:30h. Plaça Catalunya. Fiesta Infantil y de pasteles para celebrar los aniversarios de la Colla infantil y adulta de Paperets. Con hinchables y reparto de pasteles gracias a la colaboración de establecimientos pasteleros y particulares de la comarca.
    - 17:00h a la altura de Restaurante Lizarran, II Concierto del fardo con Miquel del Roig. Con motivo del Día Nacional del fardo, el concierto será presidido por Su Majestad Carnestoltes y el resto de su séquito con la imprescindible compañía de la Reina del Carnaval y su corte. 
    Acto organizado por el colectivo de Barraques, colabora Cursa de Llits disfressats.
    17:00h 13ª Tequereque Festa de la Asociación Musical Markatú Batucada. Inicio de fiesta con Markatú Batuquets y seguidamente pasacalle con los grupos invitados que son DRUMS de Esplugues, TOQUIKITOQUI BATUKADA de Santa Coloma de Cervelló, RETUMBAND de Sant Esteve Sesrovires y Markatú BATUCADA. 
    Recorrido: Pl. de l’Ajuntament, Major, Cap de la Vila, Sant Francesc, Sant Gaudenci, Sant Josep, Parellades, Marquès de Mont-roig, Pl. Industria, Primer de Maig, Joan Tarrida, Bonaire, Parellades y Cap de la Vila donde se hará el fin de fiesta.
    22:00h Casino Prado: Xatonada + Espectáculo Show Carrusel con la emotiva llegada de la Reina del Carnaval 2017 - "Reina 30 Años" y su séquito, al terminar la cena, ESPECTÁCULO DEL CARRUSEL "UN CARRUSEL DE PELÍCULA". Con la asistencia de Su Majestad Carnestoltes
    Todos los actos programados disponen de servicio de bar. Precios especiales para socios y grupos del Prado. Inscripciones, Reservas e información: 93 894 31 10.
    De 11: 30h. hasta las 14:30h en el Paseo de la Ribera, a la altura del Pont del  Domènec, TALLERES INFANTILES de máscaras y de maquillaje. Niños y niñas podrán hacer ellos mismos sus máscaras con material reciclado y les maquillarán la cara, todo ello mientras pasa el desfile infantil y acompañados por monitores profesionales.
    - 12:00h. Rua Infantil
    Recorrido: Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Marquès de Montroig, Pl. Industria, 1r. de Maig, Passeig de la Ribera, Bassa Rodona, Pl. del Pou Vedre, Espalter, Sant Francesc y Cap de la Vila
    - 19:30h. Rua de la Disbauxa
    Salida desde el final de l’Avinguda Sofia, Passeig de la Ribera (lado mar), La Fragata, Passeig de la Ribera (lado montaña), Bassa Rodona,   Plaça del Pou Vedre, Espalter, Sant Francesc y Cap de la Vila. 
    Rua Adultos Carnaval Sitges
    Al acabar la Rua de la Disbauxa, en el Salón Teatro de la Sociedad Recreativa El Retiro, BAILE DE DISFRACES con MÚSICA DISCO. Acceso exclusivo para los grupos y socios de la entidad. Entradas limitadas.
    Todos los actos programados disponen de servicio de bar. Precios especiales para socios y grupos del Retiro. Reservas para las xatonades a la secretaría de la entidad.
    Al acabar la Rua de la Disbauxa, en el Salón Teatro del Casino Prado Suburense, FIESTA DE LA DISBAUXA a cargo de DJ TONI PERET. Acceso exclusivo para los grupos y socios de la entidad. Entradas limitadas.
    Todos los actos programados disponen de servicio de bar. Precios especiales para socios y grupos del Prado. Inscripciones, Reservas e información: 93 894 31 10.
    17:00h. Casino Prado FIESTA INFANTIL con el grupo de animación Kids Party Show y merienda para los niños y niñas de los grupos infantiles del Prado, con la presencia de las Reinas del Carnaval y su Corte y SM Carnestoltes y su séquito.
    21:00h. El Retiro: Baile- Lunch En Salón Teatro de El Retiro, con música a cargo de la GRAN ORQUESTRA ROSALEDA Y DISCO MARIN . Con asistencia de SM Carnestoltes y su séquito.
    Todos los actos programados disponen de servicio de bar. Precios especiales para socios y grupos del Retiro. Reservas para las xatonades a la secretaría de la entidad.
    - 15:00h. Rua Infantil
    Recorrido: Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Marquès de Montroig, Pl. Industria, 1r. de Maig, Passeig de la Ribera, Bassa Rodona, Pl. del Pou Vedre, Espalter, Sant Francesc y Cap de la Vila
    - Al acabar la Rua Infantil, en el Salón Teatro de la Sociedad Recreativa El Retiro, BAILE INFANTIL DE DISFRACES con DISCO MARIN para los niños y niñas de los grupos del Retiro.
    - 21:00h. Rua del Extermini
    Recorrido: Inicialmente previsto el cambio con el siguiente recorrido:
    Salida del Passeig de la Ribera con Avenida Sofia y dirección La Fragata, vuelta por el Paseo de la Ribera y subida por la calle Bassa Rodona, Pou Vedre, Espalter, Sant Francesc y final en Cap de la Vila.
    Rua Adultos Carnaval Sitges
     Al acabar la Rua de la Disbauxa, en el Salón Teatro de la Sociedad Recreativa El Retiro, BAILE DE DISFRACES con MÚSICA DISCO. Acceso exclusivo para los grupos y socios de la entidad. Entradas limitadas.
    Todos los actos programados disponen de servicio de bar. Precios especiales para socios y grupos del Retiro. Reservas para las xatonades a la secretaría de la entidad.
    Al acabar la Rua de la Disbauxa, en el Salón Teatro del Casino Prado Suburense, FIESTA DEL EXTERMINI a cargo de DJ TONI PERET . Acceso exclusivo para los grupos y socios de la entidad. Entradas limitadas.
    Todos los actos programados disponen de servicio de bar. Precios especiales para socios y grupos del Prado. Inscripciones, Reservas e información: 93 894 31 10.
    De 16:00 a 17:00h  en El Retiro, la comitiva real hará el tradicional CAFÉ, COPA Y PURO...
    17:45h en la entrada del Ayuntamiento, quedará instalada la CAPILLA ARDIENTE de Su Majestad donde todos sus fieles seguidores podrán decirle el último adiós.
    19:00h ... ENTIERRO DE LA SARDINA. Su Majestad Carnestoltes, acompañado por su comitiva, la Reina y su séquito, las plañideras que se quieran añadir y todo el que quiera mostrar sus respetos hacia el Rey del Carnestoltes, realizarán el siguiente Recorrido: Major, Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Marquès de Montroig, 1r de Maig i Passeig de la Ribera hasta la playa de La Fragata.
    19:30h se leerá el Testamento y las últimas voluntades de Su Majestad, y se hará la ceremonia de despedida.
    - Al terminar la despedida de Su Majestad Carnestoltes, en el Paseo de la Ribera, LLEGADA DE LA SRA. CUARESMA poniendo fin y sensatez en la magnífica semana de excesos y pecados.
    El cortejo hará el siguiente Recorrido: Passeig de la Ribera, Sant Pau, Parellades y Cap de la Vila, donde leerá su peculiar Manifiesto de la Verdura y se repartirán buñuelos de viento azucarados.
    21:00h Sociedad Recreativa El Retiro: XATONADA DE CLAUSURA 
    Todos los actos programados disponen de servicio de bar. Precios especiales para socios y grupos del Retiro. Reservas para las xatonades a la secretaría de la entidad.
    21:30h Casino Prado Suburense: CENA CLAUSURA y entrega de diplomas.
    Todos los actos programados disponen de servicio de bar. Precios especiales para socios y grupos del Prado. Inscripciones, Reservas e información: 93 894 31 10.
    Programación gracias a:

              Jornada de Puertas Abiertas en el Hotel Estela Barcelona, Sitges - Marzo 2017   
    11 de Marzo 2017 de 10:00 a 20:00 h,

    ¿Estáis buscando dónde celebrar vuestra boda, cumpleaños, comunión,..?
    descubrid cómo sería ese día en nuestra Jornada de Puertas Abiertas.

    Encontrareis proveedores especializados: 
    Fotógrafos, tartas nupciales, DJ, Coches de novios, Maestro de Ceremonias (actor), floristas, iluminadores, invitaciones boda...
    Todos los asistentes serán obsequiados con una copa de cava y participarán en un sorteo de un fin de semana para 2 personas.



    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 Sitges - Barcelona
    Tel.: +34-938114545

              Let's marry now con bodas flash! 💍 💑 - Hotel Estela Barcelona de Sitges   
    “Let’s marry now”

    En tan sólo 3 meses, te casas! “tu boda de cine”
    Nos ocupamos de todo, ceremonia, menú, DJ, decoración, minutas, etc. 
    …para que solo penséis en el amor…

    Bodas Flash
    Consulta la Oferta Especial que os tenemos preparada para los
    últimos días libres con descuentos y regalos adicionales!

    ¡Elije tu estilo!

    ¡Encontrad el que mejor va con vosotros!
    Venid a nuestra Jornada de Puertas Abiertas, es una oportunidad para que las personas interesadas y
    vuestras familias podáis conocer las instalaciones de nuestro hotel, y resolver cualquier tipo de duda
    charlando con los expertos en celebraciones.


    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 Sitges - Barcelona
    Tel.: +34-938114545

              El ramo de la novia y sus curiosidades 💐   

    El paso de los siglos y muchas historias han ido modificando el significado del ramo de la novia. Con una gran variedad de formas, tamaños y colores, el ramo, complemento indispensable en una futura, el día de su boda, complementa su feminidad, y a la vez, simboliza alegría y romanticismo.

    En la época egipcia, las novias llevaban especias y hierbas de un intenso aroma para ahuyentar a los malos espíritus, como por ejemplo, manojos de ajo, eneldo y otras, las cuales se creía que tenían poderes místicos y a la vez atraían energía positiva para su futuro matrimonio. Con el tiempo, como el olor a ajo no era muy agradable, las novias empezaron a añadir flores aromáticas para camuflar el olor, y con el  paso de los años, las hierbas fueron sustituidas por flores.

    Además, los griegos y los romanos, solían llevar un collar de flores alrededor de sus cuellos, el cual simbolizaba y promovía la vida nueva, la esperanza, la saluda y la fertilidad. Estos collares, evidentemente, hechos de hierbas aromáticas y especias, la cual su finalidad era cumplir con lo dicho anteriormente.

    Pero también se dice que, el objetivo de llevar flores aromáticas no era para ocultar el olor a ajo, sino el olor que hacían las novias! 

    ¿El motivo?

    Se comenta que en la Edad Media, sobre los siglos XV y XVI, la gente sólo se podía bañar en días contados del año, para ser precisos, el primer baño del año era en el mes de Mayo, con la llegada de los calores.
    Las parejas solían contraer matrimonio con la llegada del verano, siendo el mes de Julio, el mes clave para la realización de las bodas. Así pues, para estas fechas, las mujeres ya volvían a tener un olor corporal considerable, y como algunos ya empezaban a ser molestos, las novias llevaban ramos de flores de azahar o similares, con ellas para camuflar el olor. Pero, además de disimular el olor también era símbolo de pureza de la chica casadera.

    Los Cruzados trajeron ésta tradición a Europa y ya en la Edad Media se utilizó la flor de azahar como símbolo de pureza.

    En 1840, la Reina Victoria contrajo matrimonio con Alberto de Sajonia, y ésta quiso sustituir las hierbas y especias por flores frescas, en especial, caléndulas. A partir de este momento, las flores han sido el foco principal de los ramos de novias, con flores especiales a cada una su significado, en función de la cultura.

    Además, durante la época victoriana, las flores se convirtieron en mensajes secretos entre los amantes, ya que como hemos dicho, cada una tenía su significado. Así pues, se dice que se creó "el lenguaje de las flores" con el que se intercambiaban mensajes de amor ya que no podían hablar entre ellos hasta finalizar la ceremonia.

    Hoy en día, a diferencia de tiempos pasados, elegimos las flores del ramo de novia por sus características y no por su significado.

    Actualmente, el ramo es un reflejo de la novia, una carta de presentación de ella misma. Es uno de los complementos más importantes, ya que éste le da personalidad llegando a ser su sello de identidad.

              Volvemos a activar el Pack Romántico 💗   

    Aprovéchalo para regalarlo, a quién tu quieras, por San Valentín 😊

    · Cena Romántica
    · Habitación Doble Deluxe Vista Mar 
    · Botella de Cava en la habitación
    · Desayuno Buffet
    TODO incluido por 149 €

    O, si quieres venir sólo a cenar, a continuación encontrarás el menú:


    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 Sitges - Barcelona
    Tel.: +34-938114545

              Por amor al arte - Josep Puigmartí    
    Barcelona Divina
    Per: Margarita Puig; Fotos: Joan Masats
    De joven su gran parecido con Gregory Peck le facilitó poder trabajar en París como modelo publicitario.
    Eso le permitió dedicarse, ya desde entonces, a su gran pasión y vocación, el arte, y celebrar desde el principio varias exposiciones, algunas de gran notoriedad mediática. Pero Josep Puigmartí (Monistrol de Calders, 1932), que vivió los mejores momentos del Cadaqués gobernado por las genialidades de Salvador Dalí, se recluyó hace ya treinta años en Sitges para entregarse en exclusiva a la pintura. Encontró en Francesc Castellví a un mecenas avanzado a su tiempo, y en el hotel Estela de Sitges (el primero en consagrar sus habitaciones al arte) el mejor hogar y taller para crear sin límites.
    Todo el artículo:


              Menú de Nochebuena, Navidad, San Esteban y Fin de año 2016   
    La Navidad ya está aquí, y como cada año, os ofrecemos nuestro Hotel

    para que la celebréis con vuestra família, amigos y/o seres queridos.

    Menús elaborados con todo el cariño,

    ¡Deseamos que sean de vuestro agrado!

    También os ofrecemos la posibilidad de alquilar salas privadas

    si queréis celebrarlo en la intimidad.


    *También disponible Menú Para Niños, a consultar.

    Además, os anunciamos que también tenemos disponibles los menús de cenas de empresa o amigos para estas fiestas.

    Para más información:

    +34-93.811.45.45 y/o

    Para reservas:

    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
     08870 Sitges - Barcelona
     Tel.: 93 8114545 

              Menús de Grupos Navidad 2016   
    ¡Calentando motores para Navidad! ❄ 🎅
    ¡Os dejamos con los menús de grupos especiales para la ocasión! 🌟 🎄
    Cenas de empresa, comidas familiares..
    ¡Reservad ya y os obsequiamos con una copa de cava!
    (mínimo 10 personas)

     Reservas o más información en:
 | 93.811.45.45

    Av. Port d'Aiguadolç, 8
    08870 Sitges - Barcelona
    Tel.: +34-938114545

              Instagram Profile Branding   

    After writing this post about Instagram Analytics I received a number of questions about whether people should optimize their Instagram profile or only focus on posting the most engaging pictures every time....

    The post Instagram Profile Branding appeared first on Blogging Behind The Scenes.

              Advanced Technologist-Hadoop 4 - BOEING - Bellevue, WA   
    CIO, Information &amp; Analytics. The Boeing Defense, Space &amp; Security (BDS) organization is seeking a Advanced Technologist-Hadoop (Level 4) to join the...
    From Boeing - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 14:06:06 GMT - View all Bellevue, WA jobs
              Senior System Design & Integration Specialist - BOEING - Bellevue, WA   
    CIO, Information &amp; Analytics. Background in implementing diagnostic and monitoring tools for web services and other protocols....
    From Boeing - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 23:04:51 GMT - View all Bellevue, WA jobs
              Senior Software Developer - BOEING - Bellevue, WA   
    CIO, Information &amp; Analytics. Designs and develop web services, APIs and updates to applications according to the defined user requirements....
    From Boeing - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 23:04:57 GMT - View all Bellevue, WA jobs
              Data Analytics Consultant - Northwest Cadence - Bellevue, WA   
    At Northwest Cadence we work hard to ensure that every customer is a delighted customer, as this is a team effort. This value runs deep in our culture and
    From Indeed - Wed, 10 May 2017 22:51:07 GMT - View all Bellevue, WA jobs
              Why New Edition, Sasha Velour and Lee Garrett Are TV's Social Media MVPs of the Week   

    The Wrap has partnered with Canvs, the emotion analytics company, for a weekly look at some of the characters and personalities that have TV viewers the most worked up on social media. The data below covers June 21-27 and is drawn from the most emotionally reacted-to television shows, including broadcast, cable, streaming and PPV. The 2017 BET Awards received 882,520 Emotional Reactions (ERs), making it most reacted-to program in the last week. New Edition, winner of the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award, was the most-mentioned group/artist of the evening. The R&B group gave fans a dose of . . .
              We are upgrading/migrating TrueSight to 10.7 and want to confirm that we can export our policies from TrueSight and they will be supported in our environment   

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified.


    TrueSight Infrastructure Management


    TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.7


    We are migrating/upgrading our TrueSight environment and we want to use policies to manage our groups and devices. Will the TrueSight installation support 300+ policies to manage these devices and groups?



    BMC recommends reviewing the "Sizing the Presentation Server for Infrastructure Management data collection" section of the TrueSight documentation
    These details will show how many supported policies, devices, groups, etc.. are recommended in the specific size of the environment.
    Base your system specifications on the environment size you plan to setup. Resource issues will be a problem if the environment is not sized correctly.

    Article Number:


    Article Type:


      Looking for additional information?    Search BMC Support  or  Browse Knowledge Articles

              Marketing Manager - Salesforce Marketing   
    PA-Hatboro, The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Manager will execute Campaign Management, Campaign Execution and Marketing Analytics leveraging the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud platforms. This team member will collaborate with the Marketing teams and the business divisions to support and execute CRM ( and marketing automation (Marketing Cloud/ExactTarget) strategies to e
              July 5: Uptake   
    Come try, learn, and talk about Virtual Reality, how we use Cinema 4D to build interactive experiences, and how you can build your own VR environments. The multitalented Ivan Mathy will be our host as our next meetup takes us to Uptake on July 5. Uptake is a predictive analytics SaaS platform that delivers solutions ...
              Comment on Dot.column: Gosh, the Internet sure is big. How can it be more local for me? by John Cannon   
    I agree with you 100% Brian! While I don't use Foursquare as much (nor as much as I should!), I do use social media quite a bit with a heavy emphasis on twitter and Facebook. When I'm using twitter, I like to use Hootsuite as my twitter app of choice both on my laptop and cell phone because it is server based instead of using my laptop's memory. Also, the analytics are fantastic! Don't forget to create a local stream that focuses on your geographic location like #Indy or #Carmel and you'll soon meet a lot of new folks in your area with whom you can build strategic relationships. Happy hunting! --John Cannon twitter: @MyCarDoc Facebook: My Car Doc
              Sales Engineer, Software & Analytics - Resonate - Reston, VA   
    Gartner recognized Resonate as a Cool Vender. Resonate offers a competitive compensation and benefits package....
    From Resonate - Thu, 13 Apr 2017 20:45:27 GMT - View all Reston, VA jobs
              Software & Analytics Sales Executive - Resonate - Reston, VA   
    Resonate offers a competitive compensation and benefits package. Resonate provides an open-ended commission plan with no cap on earnings....
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              Internal Audit Data Analytics Manager - Lloyd's Syndicate.   
    Our client is a leading Lloyd's Syndicate business who are seeking a Internal Audit Data Analytic
              This facial recognition technology could help stop online child trafficking   
    Emily Kennedy spent her undergrad years reading child sex-trafficking ads. 

    She wanted to understand their ticks: Why was this ad formatted that way? Why did the same ads often have different phone numbers? Kennedy knew that this kind of analysis could unravel at least a portion of sex-trafficking business. And after she graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University, she built a system to do just that. 

    SEE ALSO: Facial recognition technology is taking over airports: Your face is your new boarding pass

    Traffic Jam, which was developed by Kennedy's company, Marinus Analytics, has for years detected patterns in sex-trafficking ads and used them to help police find trafficked children and arrest traffickers. The system took a big step up on Tuesday, though. Read more...

    More about Newsy, Tech, and Other Reported by Mashable 29 minutes ago.
              UTSA professor's new study explores the mind of a cyberterrorist   
    A new study by Max Kilger, director of Data Analytics Programs at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) College of Business, is delving into an aspect of cybersecurity rarely explored before...
              Analytics for resilience    
    Improving global security through real-time analysis of complex risksStatistical models are playing an increasingly important role in risk analysis and helping the United States and other...
              TTI Success Insights’ Global Network Of Top Leadership Consultants Poised For Growth In Talent Management Industry   

    TTISICon 2017 leads innovations in talent acquisition and retention using predictive analytics from assessment tools.

    (PRWeb January 24, 2017)

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    As more businesses tap into the power of big data to shape business intelligence, TTI Success Insights will demonstrate how hiring managers can leverage the information to hire smarter, more efficiently and more successfully in an upcoming webinar.

    (PRWeb March 16, 2016)

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              Clicky by Yoast   
    Integrates the Clicky web analytics service into your blog and adds features for comment tracking…
              Software Developer Protein Analytics - Signature Science, LLC - Austin, TX   
    Additional job functions may include internal research and development, proposal writing support, and business development.... $81,000 a year
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              SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGY MANAGER - Q.I. Leap Analytics - Canada   
    Title: Marke,ng & Sales Strategy Manager Job Descrip, on: Qi-Leap Inc. is looking for a tenacious, and agile individual who is going to be the voice of a
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              eMetrics Summit 2015, l’intervista a Paolo Zanzottera   
    Dopo il successo della passata edizione, anche quest’anno torna a Milano l'eMetrics Summit, l’evento più importante a livello mondiale su Online Marketing Optimisation e Digital Analytics,...
              SEO Executive/ Sr. SEO Executive - Sunworld soft Pvt Ltd - Noida, Uttar Pradesh   
    Expert in technical website auditing, web analytics, webmaster tools and Ad words. Young, talented and dynamic professionals required who can do significant... ₹15,000 - ₹25,000 a month
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              Price Automation Leader, Wiser, Launches Analytics 2.0 for Online Retailers   

    Retail repricing engine, Wiser, gets revamped with new analytics features

    (PRWeb January 26, 2015)

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              An Easy Guide to Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics with Google Tag Manager   

    An Easy Guide to Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics with Google Tag Manager

    Ah, analytics. Beacons of light in the dark. Signals among the noise! From online stores to startups, we all need them. And we all say we've got them covered: &quot;Of course we're tracking metrics &amp; KPIs!&quot; But are we, really? See, the bittersweet beauty of analytics is that you can always dive deeper. But the further you go, the more complex it gets. To not lose your way, you'll need the right tools. In this post, we're going to explore two such tools. More specifically,...

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              How We Leverage UserVoice to Build a Better Startup   

    How We Leverage UserVoice to Build a Better Startup

    We have previously discussed some of the tools we use/tried for our startup on the blog. We dissected our marketing experience with a developer-oriented advertising network, bundled up our content creation tools and highlighted our results running a neat feedback and survey solution. Now we know all of the support, optimization, monitoring, analytics, planning, testing tools out there look pretty enticing. Bombarded by clever copy and infinite benefits, we are tempted everyday to &quot;Sign ...

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    Setting Up Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking with Snipcart

    Setting Up Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking with Snipcart Ever since we launched Snipcart, analytics requests have been mentioned on a steady, recurring basis to us. This has never been surprising: we know data is a crucial factor in running an effective e-commerce business. So a few weeks after our launch, we discussed analytics in a post titled Integrating Snipcart with Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking. In it, our co-founder Charles basically showed you how to push Snipcart data to...

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    Why We Chose Not to Force Our "Powered By" Link Upon Users

    A few months ago, we had a heated discussion among the team. We were asking ourselves if we were ought to make our powered by link mandatory for all users. Since our launch, our users have always been able to hide the link easily. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about exactly in case you're a bit confused: We had recently started tracking the related metrics on Google Analytics, and we were starting to notice signups coming from that specific link. Following a clever user suggestion, ...

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              Integrating Snipcart with Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking   

    Integrating Snipcart with Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

    Snipcart's easy to integrate with most analytics. Here’s how to integrate it with the popular Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking tool.

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              Casino panopticon: a look at the CCTV room in the Vegas Aria   

    A fascinating article in The Verge looks at the history of casino cheating and talks to Ted Whiting, director of surveillance at the Aria casino in Vegas, who specced out a huge, showy CCTV room with feeds from more than 1,100 cameras. They use a lot of machine intelligence to raise potential cheating to the attention of the operators.

    Despite that, Whiting says facial recognition software hasn’t been of much use to him. It’s simply too unreliable when it comes to spotting people on the move, in crowds, and under variable lighting. Instead, he and his team rely on pictures shared from other casinos, as well as through the Biometrica and Griffin databases. (The Griffin database, which contains pictures and descriptions of various undesirables, used to go to subscribers as massive paper volumes.) But quite often, they’re not looking for specific people, but rather patterns of behavior. "Believe it or not, when you've done this long enough," he says, "you can tell when somebody's up to no good. It just doesn't feel right."

    They keep a close eye on the tables, since that’s where cheating’s most likely to occur. With 1080p high-definition cameras, surveillance operators can read cards and count chips — a significant improvement over earlier cameras. And though facial recognition doesn’t yet work reliably enough to replace human operators, Whiting’s excited at the prospects of OCR. It’s already proven useful for identifying license plates. The next step, he says, is reading cards and automatically assessing a player’s strategy and skill level. In the future, maybe, the cameras will spot card counters and other advantage players without any operator intervention. (Whiting, a former advantage player himself, can often spot such players. Rather than kick them out, as some casinos did in the past, Aria simply limits their bets, making it economically disadvantageous to keep playing.)

    With over a thousand cameras operating 24/7, the monitoring room creates tremendous amounts of data every day, most of which goes unseen. Six technicians watch about 40 monitors, but all the feeds are saved for later analysis. One day, as with OCR scanning, it might be possible to search all that data for suspicious activity. Say, a baccarat player who leaves his seat, disappears for a few minutes, and is replaced with another player who hits an impressive winning streak. An alert human might spot the collusion, but even better, video analytics might flag the scene for further review. The valuable trend in surveillance, Whiting says, is toward this data-driven analysis (even when much of the job still involves old-fashioned gumshoe work). "It's the data," he says, "And cameras now are data. So it's all data. It's just learning to understand that data is important."

    One thing I wanted to see in this piece was some reflection on how casino level of surveillance, and the casino theory of justice (we spy on everyone to catch the guilty people) has become the new normal across the world.

    Not in my house: how Vegas casinos wage a war on cheating [Jesse Hicks/The Verge]

    (via Kottke)

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    The successful individual will deliver operational consulting and business advisory projects within Williams and with a wide range of external customers and...
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    Track performance of tests, provide support from conception through implementation and communicate results objectively and analytically to Management with clear...
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              Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Architect - Neiman Marcus - Dallas, TX   
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux, AIX. Advanced degree in Applied Mathematics, Business Analytics, Statistics, Machine Learning, Computer Science or related fields is a...
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              Director, Analytics, Canadian Banking Distribution - Scotiabank - Toronto, ON   
    We are a diverse and global team, speaking more than 100 languages with backgrounds from more than 120 countries....
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              Blog: Are you marketing your market research?   
    Your market research is not reaching its full organizational and business potential. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers spend billions of dollars annually to access, mine, consume, and produce information that is intended to provide a competitive advantage to the execution of their business. The recent emergence of big data and new technologies has dramatically expanded our pools of available data points and insight potential faster than many organizations are able to react. Due to the explosion of available data pools, insights are becoming the new value currency of market researchers, and all too often many of our peers view the insight itself as the end goal. As a result, market researchers are often viewing volume and speed of insights as the key metric to organizational value. The savvy market researcher knows that the true reflection of value for any insight or bit of information provided to a business is in its ability to illicit an effective change in execution and, ultimately, material financial impact. To illicit effective change in execution, your insights need to be present at the moment of choice and decision. In many cases, we as market researchers launch a project to answer a business question. We hypothesize and dig through mountains of data to ultimately prepare a larger research piece that is shared through presentation to a finite group of individuals that had the initial question. We check the box. Initial curiosity has been satisfied, but have we created the environment where this information is available at scale and mindfully present for the individuals making the day-to-day decisions? If the answer is no, then the full value potential of your insights are sitting in the back room collecting dust. The value is not solely about the insight; it is in your ability to effectively distribute and deliver that insight. Where do I start and how do I get there? One well-traveled path that market researchers can lean on to raise the value of an insight is to study marketing methods in use today. Content marketing and its more established parent, direct sales marketing, can provide an effective set of tools that market researchers can leverage within their organization. With the right mix of vision, planning, and execution, your insights can dramatically increase their reach and impact. Step 1 – Define who would most benefit from the insight and why The executive team is the usual suspect when compiling your list of "who needs to know," but if you want to scale your impact, you need to dig deeper into your organization to find out who makes the day-to-day execution decisions. Consider how the information you have can be of use for those decision makers. I recommend to my clients and peers to compile a list that describes such elements as: function, name, how they might use the information, what calls to action you might recommend, and where and when they might need the information in their decision processes. What you should find in your list is that very few individuals will benefit from a simple push of the full presentation, but rather, specific pieces will tie into differentiated and specific needs. This becomes your road map for how you will shape and deliver digestible and actionable insight content to each of those players. Step 2 – Link the insight to your singular purpose Jeremiah Owyang is an industry analyst and founding partner of the Altimeter Group. His motto is ABR (Always Be Researching), which fits very well to our industry, but what Jeremiah does better than anyone is communicate his multiple research findings through a singular purpose. In 2013, his focus was on the impact of social media on business, and he has turned his focus on the collaborative economy in 2014. He is so dialed into that singular purpose that if you Google search "collaborative economy," it is his name that comes up at the top of the search listings. So, where do you find a singular purpose within your organization? You find the clear linkage between your insights and the strategic goals of the company or business unit. If your company’s strategic objective is to increase the number of consumers of your product, and you have an insights project on price elasticity, you need to find and articulate the linkage between the two. Possibly the price elasticity is more pronounced in a key opportunity demographic, such as low income shoppers. This linkage becomes your magnetic headline and hook to deliver your insight. Here is the framework to consider: Insight Finding + Strategic Objective + Call to Action = Result For example: Find out how price influences purchase decisions for low income pickle shoppers, and what you need to do about it. Step 3 – Determine your delivery method A mixed media approach is the most complete approach, but from a pound-for-pound perspective, e-mail still reigns supreme as the method of choice in providing a cost effective scale to information distribution, and here is why. Even though we can all agree to having an e-mail inbox that would reach around the world twice, it continues to be one of the most effective forms of social communication and method for driving action. According to a study published by McKinsey & Co. in January of 2014, e-mail is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in customer acquisition. Even though attention spans are on the decline, according to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information in January of 2014, an office worker checks their e-mail inbox an astonishing 30 times per hour on average. This will at least ensure that the subject line of your insights will be, at a minimum, seen. If e-mail is your game, then you might find your caddy and clubs over at mailchimp. Beyond the fact that they offer one of the most popular e-mail marketing tools (complete with cross platform testing and campaign effectiveness analytics), they also provide a series of free e-books to educate you on campaign strategy. Step 3 – Refine your packaging Packaging, context, and presentation determine 95% of a message’s ability to reach home. The same attention span study that brought us the e-mail checking neurosis also reveals that the percent of words read on a web page of 111 words or less is around 50%. To raise your consumption rate, your packaging should scream these 5 traits: personalized, compelling, action-oriented, short, and visual. To achieve personalization, we return to the data we collected in step one to find the specific impact hook for your target segments. As you consider your audience segmentation, consider personalizing the headline, content, and call to action to be specific to what matters for that particular group. Sales and category management functions tend to have different needs and day-to-day decision parameters than brand management or marketing. Being compelling and action-oriented requires us to sharpen our copywriting skills. We touched briefly on the magnetic headline and the call to action, which are the bookends of your compelling copy. The journey between those two points is just as important, as every word (and unnecessary word) counts in the stickiness of your message. One incredible and free resource to begin sharpening your copy writing skills is at Copyblogger. Beyond their regular post and podcast content, if you sign up with Copyblogger you gain access to a series of free e-books that nicely wraps up years of their best thinking. To raise your impact, be as short as possible…15 seconds short, to be exact. If you are still with me here, you are part of the 38% that view an e-mail for more than 15 seconds and quite possibly part of the 65% that is reading this on a mobile device, according to research recently published by Movable Ink. E-mail consumption is clearly moving to mobile platforms where your message is being viewed in line at the super market or between meetings. You have to be mobile friendly, and it needs to get to the point faster than you naturally think. Spending some effort working towards being visual will translate to information that is consumable and shareable. Nancy Duarte founded and leads an agency that helps some of the biggest brands in the world create better presentations and copy materials. She is also a multiple bestselling author on communication and presentation methods, such as the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations. Nancy just released a new e-book called Slidedocs (which is also free) that provides an interesting and highly actionable point of view on how to structure your presentation and shareable copy content for broader consumption and impact. The book provides a number of very easy to implement design and copy tactics to increase the readability of your content. Step 4 – Create your schedule Putting information into the right hands at the right time is an important aspect of reaching your objectives. A responsible level of planning here can raise your effectiveness. Place the information too far in advance of the decision event, and it may be forgotten. Place the information too close, and it might not be fully consumed before the decision. Based on your understanding of each of the groups you identified in step one, look for various opportunity points to anchor your launch dates. Some of the typical events to consider are regular planning meetings, sales calls, conferences, etc. Once you collect this information, generate an actual calendar schedule. The schedule should include the date, time, target distribution groups, and content packages that will be delivered for each mailing. Having the schedule written out also creates a very easy document to share with your team members in the event they will be assisting you OR have a campaign of their own in the works. Step 5 – Flip the power switch on and adjust At this point, you should have a reasonably robust and actionable campaign plan. Yes, you have built a campaign, and now it is time to execute it. Follow your schedule, release your copy and insights into the world, and follow up with your recipients to find out how it influenced their effectiveness in producing tangible business results. Use this information to tweak your existing plan or use it in your next. Are you ready to make a difference? In the end, to make an insight matter, it must influence a decision.
              Press Release: IRI Appoints Randy Stone as Executive, Analytics Practice Leader   
    CHICAGO – April. 30 2014 – Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), the global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail and over-the-counter healthcare companies, announced today that Randy Stone has joined the company as executive, analytics practice leader. Stone will work closely with President of the Americas and Global Strategy Piyush Chaudhari and President of Analytics & Consulting, Dr. Krishnakumar (KK) S. Davey, to enhance the capabilities of IRI’s marketing productivity area and lead select IRI client engagements. “Randy brings an exceptionally strong analytics competency and proven track record to IRI, having previously led strategic client relationships and achieving rapid business growth in his previous roles,” says IRI President and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Appel. “He will work closely with all of our industry practice leaders to expand our partnerships in the analytics space, with a particular focus on expanding our marketing productivity discipline.” Before joining IRI, Stone founded Passion Rock Partners, a consulting firm focused on marketing effectiveness and marketing strategy. Prior to this, Stone held several positions with Marketing Management Analytics (MMA), advancing from vice president to CEO in eight years. He joined MMA as vice president, business development, and held two senior sales and marketing positions before becoming chief executive officer in 2000, a position he held until 2011. Under his leadership, MMA launched several new initiatives that resulted in rapid growth, with annual revenues increasing fivefold on average during his tenure as CEO. Prior to his 19-year tenure with MMA, Stone was vice president of group sales and marketing manager at The Nielsen Company, where he initiated new relationships and managed strategic clients, such as Kraft General Foods and its parent company, Philip Morris. Earlier in his career, Stone was vice president and account group supervisor at Burke Marketing Services and a senior project director at Trendex, Inc. “IRI’s advanced analytics practice has expanded significantly in the last few years, and I look forward to adding my expertise and relationships to continuing that trajectory,” says Stone. “CPG manufacturers and retailers have an untapped opportunity to grow revenue and market share by better leveraging analytics solutions. I’m eager to help IRI clients realize this potential.” Stone holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. He is a frequent speaker at conferences hosted by leading industry associations such as the American Marketing Association and Advertising Research Federation. His work has been published in prominent publications including AdvertisingAge, AdWeek and the Harvard Business Review. About IRI IRI is a leader in delivering powerful market and shopper information, predictive analysis and the foresight that leads to action. We go beyond the data to ignite extraordinary growth for our clients in the CPG, retail and over-the-counter healthcare industries by pinpointing what matters and illuminating how it can impact their businesses across sales and marketing. Move your business forward at # # # Contacts: Tim Johnson Stearns Johnson Communications for IRI E-mail: or Phone: +1 415.397.7600 John McIndoe IRI E-mail: Phone: +1 312.474.3862
              Blog: Spirited Analytics   
    The great English poet and romantic Lord Byron, usually the composer of flamboyant verse and intricate alliteration, when faced with the eternal question that comes before us all, chose to answer it with analytic simplicity: “What’s drinking? A mere pause from thinking!” It is with such a noble principle that I choose to explain my frequenting of the local public houses. I am an analyst after all, and I never truly stop analyzing. It was one such thought-provoking evening when a friend asked me to join him at a snazzy hotel lounge in San Francisco. The aforementioned gentleman is actually working towards a Master’s of Wine and seeking out different wines for tasting is mandatory for the course. Or so he keeps telling everyone. This particular evening, however, he was looking to break from type and work on mis-identifying single malts. I needed little convincing and was out there with him every step of the way, contributing to his education and my thinking process. Except, that day was different. We enjoyed single malts at the hotel and then, embracing the true wonder that is San Francisco, decided to follow that up with a visit to a dive bar and meet up with some more boisterous friends. It was at the latter establishment, while jostling for position to place my order at the bar, that I suddenly had my moment of inspiration. Working on beer, wine and spirits (BWS) analytics for IRI over the last 6 years has been extremely challenging, especially since syndicated data sources only cover the off-premise consumption. So, most of the work we have done so far is around analyzing how purchasing dynamics play out in grocery or liquor stores. It is based around picking up a product off the shelf and paying for it at the counter. Essentially, it’s straight-forward pricing, occasional merchandising, and basic price promo, mix, assortment modeling with a custom BWS angle. Obviously, this assumes a fair amount of homogeneity in consumer behavior even though price sensitivity for a single malt scotch may be different in a liquor store versus a grocery store, but it is not radically distinct. But that logic goes hurtling out the bar window when we move our focus to consumption of alcohol in bars, restaurants and clubs – the entire universe known in the food and beverage world as “on-premise”. The same consumer that during the early part of the evening didn’t think much of shelling out $12 for a glass of Glenmorangie, just ended up going to another establishment whose star attraction was a $2 a pint of Anchor Steam. The packed bar was testament to the effectiveness of that particular campaign. And, when the hipster to my left ordered a round of tequila shots and just handed his credit card to the barkeep without even really hearing how much it was going to cost him, it all started coming together. Two things about that order were so unique: the apparent lack of price sensitivity and the generic nature of the request. It was enough to cause psychological warfare within a brand manager’s mind: “My consumer is not price sensitive, great! But wait a minute, he doesn’t really remember my brand by name, not so great. “ Extremes aside, price sensitivity, promotional incrementality, mix effectiveness and other sacred paradigms of advanced analytics are still relevant, but they need to incorporate a certain finesse and nuance that warrants a different approach – and almost a different data structure. For instance, if we were able to track beer purchases on the same check through the night, would be see a change in price sensitivity as the night goes on? Are more shots ordered right before last call, or are they merely a function of the amount of alcohol consumed? Or both? Was the $2 beer really worth it for Anchor Steam, or did they just help drive overall bar sales? The questions are numerous and of extreme relevance to suppliers and retailers. And, IRI now has a major player that actually collects on-premise data at a scale which enables answering these questions – GuestMetrics. This firm has already set up highly granular data sources for on-premise data and is currently working with IRI on exciting data and analytics opportunities. The data comes in at the check level and, given that granularity, is also able to shed light on what was purchased and at what time. They also integrate various happy hours and other promotions that are run in these establishments. Retailers are no longer subject to the black hole that is bar sales without resorting to depletions, and suppliers and distributors are able to better spend their time and effort supplying, pricing and promoting the right mix of these wonderful offerings. Not to mention what it offers to the world of advanced analytics! The observant reader will not fail to see the similarities between this and IRI’s store level databases and analytics, and the near-revolutionary impact it had on analysis and business decision-making within CPG. This could do the same for BWS. Every generation has its own frontier. Lewis and Clark might have had the West; Kirk, Spock and co. have Space. But for thinking folks like me and my fellow analysts, exploring the on-premise frontier will be the journey of a lifetime!
              Press Release: New Industry Alliance to Accelerate Effectiveness of Marketing to Hispanics   
    Focus on Improving Measurement of Hispanic-Focused Marketing Campaigns to Better Serve the Burgeoning Hispanic Community CHICAGO – April 16, 2014 – A consortium of six companies announced today a cross-industry study to drive thought leadership in marketing to Hispanics. The consortium members include IRI, Latinum Network, Univision, Telemundo Media, UM, and Rentrak (NASDAQ: RENT). The consortium will enable marketers to maximize the multi-platform impact of advertising to Hispanics by developing best practices around strategy and performance measurement. The consortium’s mandate is to help marketers, advertisers and retailers develop effective marketing strategies to best serve Hispanic consumers. U.S. Hispanic consumers are a powerful and growing economic force with a buying power in excess of $1 trillion, driven by a population 56 million strong that is expected to grow to 131 million people by 2050. Despite the tremendous potential of this market, less than 5 percent of current media is devoted to advertising, representing a spending gap of approximately $22 billion. The consortium aims to promote Hispanic advertising, while creating learnings that will inform Hispanic marketing strategy for years to come. The consortium is unique in its breadth and scale in understanding the impact of marketing activities geared toward Hispanics and has two primary goals: To develop a scorecard of brands’ performance and traction with Hispanic consumers relative to their peers and industry To enable members to maximize the impact of advertising targeting Hispanics by building Hispanic brand strategies and a “total market” approach that balances general market and multicultural investments Highlights of the Hispanic Marketer’s Playbook will include: Efficient Hispanic reach generation strategies Hispanic engagement and impact through social and mobile media Synergy and halo of Hispanic media with promotional levers Impact of dubbed and translated commercials versus original Spanish language creative effects Show integration strategies and effectiveness Creating Hispanic research and metrics frameworks for success The study will leverage IRI’s proven Hispanic Mix Drivers platform—a powerful marketing-mix modeling platform that incorporates robust statistical techniques in modeling Hispanic sales trends and quantifying Hispanic marketing lifts. The modeling rigor is balanced with heuristics derived from a massive industry benchmarks database collected from a multitude of consumer behavior studies conducted over a 10-year period. The modeling engine is further enriched by cross-media audience data through the consortium alliance and IRI’s network of resources. Understanding that branded entertainment is an important lever in Hispanic media strategy, the consortium will also leverage Rentrak's iTVX® branded entertainment measurement service that provides users the precise value of a brand's appearance in media content, by combining second-by-second viewing insights, brand exposure analytics, social media listening and consumer behavior intelligence. The study will enroll participants in April and through June 2014. Participants will receive results on their brands in August 2014 through in-depth review sessions. Macro insights distilled from across all participating brands as well as the Hispanic Marketing Playbook will be unveiled at a capstone industry event targeted for the fall of 2014. About IRI IRI is a leader in delivering powerful market and shopper information, predictive analysis and the foresight that leads to action. Wego beyond the data to ignite extraordinary growth for our clients in the CPG, retail and over-the-counter healthcare industries by pinpointing what matters and illuminating how it can impact their businesses across sales and marketing. Move your business forward at IRI Contacts: John McIndoe Email: Phone: +1 312.474.3862 Shelley Hughes Email: Phone: +1 312. 474.3675 About Latinum Network Latinum Network is a member-based advisory company comprised of global brands that supports their success in the multicultural economy. The company's mission is to enhance its members' ability to drive profitable growth from multicultural audiences via actionable insights, business analytics, proven strategies and consumer access. Founded in 2009, Latinum Network serves nearly 100 member brands driving measurable ROI in the growing multicultural demographic segment. Proprietary solutions include i.) Voz Latinum, a bilingual online community of over 5,000 US Hispanics used to support both network-wide and custom client research, ii.) Veo, a new consumer mobile platform that allows direct, two-way engagement between brands and consumers and iii.) Latinum’s Digital Platform that provides our clients with proprietary syndicated research, actionable category-level insights, online tools, and best practices. Latinum Network Contact: Sandra Correa Sparkpr for Veo/Latinum Network Email: Phone: +1 646.291.6080 About Univision Communications Inc. Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) is the leading media company serving Hispanic America. The Company, a leading content creator in the U.S., includes Univision Network, one of the top five networks in the U.S. regardless of language and the most-watched Spanish-language broadcast television network in the country reaching approximately 96% of U.S. Hispanic television households; UniMás, a leading Spanish-language broadcast television network reaching approximately 89% of U.S. Hispanic television households; Univision Cable Networks, including Galavisión, the country’s leading Spanish-language cable network, as well as Univision tlnovelas, a 24-hour cable network dedicated to novelas, Univision Deportes Network, a 24-hour cable network dedicated to sports, ForoTV, a 24-hour Spanish-language cable network dedicated to news, and an additional suite of six cable offerings - De Película, De Película Clásico, Bandamax, Ritmoson and Telehit; Univision Television Group, which owns and/or operates 62 television stations in major U.S. Hispanic markets and Puerto Rico; Univision Radio, the leading Hispanic radio group which owns and/or operates 68 radio stations in 16 of the top 25 U.S. Hispanic markets and Puerto Rico, as well as Uforia, the leading Hispanic digital music service; UVideos, the first bilingual digital video network serving Hispanic America; an Interactive network of online and mobile apps and products including, which continues to be the No. 1 most-visited Spanish-language website among U.S. online Hispanics, and Univision Partner Group, a specialized advertising and publisher network. UCI’s assets also include a minority stake in El Rey Network, a new 24-hour English-language network founded by maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, and a joint venture with Disney/ABC Television Network for Fusion, a news, pop culture and satire TV and digital network. Headquartered in New York City, UCI has television network operations in Miami and television and radio stations and sales offices in major cities throughout the United States. For more information, please visit Univision Contact: Rosemary Mercedes Email: Phone: +1 212.455.5335 About Telemundo Media Telemundo Media, a division of NBCUniversal, is a world-class media company, leading the industry in the production and distribution of high-quality Spanish-language content across its multiplatform portfolio to U.S. Hispanics and audiences around the world. Telemundo’s multiple platforms include the Telemundo Network, a Spanish-language television network featuring original productions, theatrical motion pictures, news and first-class sports events, reaching U.S. Hispanic viewers in 210 markets through its 16 owned stations, broadcast and MVPD affiliates; mun2, the preeminent voice for young Hispanics in the U.S. reaching TV households nationwide on digital and analog cable, and satellite; Telemundo Digital Media, which distributes Telemundo’s original content across digital and emerging platforms including mobile devices, and; an owned and operated full power station in Puerto Rico that reaches 99% of all TV households in that DMA; and Telemundo Internacional, the international distribution arm which has positioned Telemundo as the second largest provider of Spanish-language content worldwide by syndicating content to more than 100 countries in over 35 languages. For more information, please visit us at and Please check out our videos on and follow us on and Telemundo Media Contact: Michelle Alban Vice President, Corporate Communications Email: Phone: + 1 305.889.7585 About UM UM ( is a global media agency that fuses curiosity and creativity to unlock competitive advantage for brands through media. Our philosophy of curiosity is driven by the power of story-telling fueled by intelligence, insights and ideas. A division of IPG Mediabrands, UM has more than 130 offices in 100 countries and over 4,800 employees committed to developing creative, strategic and customized campaigns for every client. Ranked as the most creative media agency by AdNews in 2012, UM also was recognized for leadership in advanced analytics by Media Magazine. UM’s list of clients includes Brown-Forman, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, Hershey’s, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal Paris, MasterCard, Microsoft and Sony. In 2012, UM’s new business global wins and retention received a grade A from RECMA. UM Contact: Lou Marino Email: Phone: + 1 646.376.1754 About Rentrak Rentrak (NASDAQ: RENT) is the entertainment and marketing industries' premier provider of worldwide consumer viewership information, precisely measuring actual viewing behavior of movies and TV everywhere. Using our proprietary intelligence and technology, combined with Advanced Demographics, only Rentrak is the census currency for VOD and movies. Rentrak provides the stable and robust audience measurement services that movie, television and advertising professionals across the globe have come to rely on to better deliver their business goals and more precisely target advertising across numerous platforms including box office, multiscreen television and home video. For more information on Rentrak, please visit Rentrak Contact: Antoine Ibrahim Email: Phone: +1 646.722.1561
              Press Release: IRI Expands Category Architecture Initiative, Offering New, Holistic Approach to Grow Revenue and Market Share   
    Successful Category Architecture Can Increase Net Income by as Much as 70 Percent through Optimization of Assortments, Pricing, Promotion Planning and New Product Introductions CHICAGO and ORLANDO – March 12, 2014 – CPG manufacturers and retailers eager to elevate revenue and market share must focus on optimizing their category architecture, which is the discipline of enhancing all key shopper touch points within a store to address the specific and changing needs of shoppers. A successful, holistic approach to optimization of these touch points can result in net income increases of as much as 70 percent, analysis from Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) reveals. Shopper touch points include assortments, product interaction, pricing, merchandising and new product offerings. IRI’s new category architecture initiative brings the discipline to life by integrating leading-edge science with state-of-the-art category management solutions. It provides assortment optimization, arming manufacturers and retailers with the insights necessary to make smarter product mix and new product decisions on a timelier basis, and enables more accurate assessments of potential new product success. “To excel, manufacturers and retailers must alter their current joint business planning process and in-store execution processes to more directly align with changes in the CPG industry,” said Robert Holston, executive vice president and division head, IRI Advanced Analytics. “Winners must address how consumers make shopping decisions, provide products that benefit these consumers by meeting their key need states, and effectively leverage advertising, promotion, pricing and assortment to drive shopper loyalty.” Through its Category Blueprint™ solution, IRI works with clients to develop category strategy and integrates insights into assortment optimization and planogram generation solutions, which deliver the product mix that will be most attractive to a retailer’s shoppers and aligned to how they place products on shelves. The end result is a soup-to-nuts predictive solution that leverages science to deliver optimized assortments customized to consumer demand patterns and retail conditions. Category Blueprint leverages the largest syndicated source of CPG price and promotion elasticities, covering more than 90 percent of products across more than120 categories. It provides manufacturer clients with unprecedented insights on category price dynamics and allows retailer clients to identify which category price and promotion strategies drive the highest value trips. The solution’s trade planning capabilities enable manufacturers and retailers to optimize their merchandising programs for greater growth and reduced subsidization. IRI continues to create new capabilities for understanding the impact of merchandising and discount activity across retailers within a market. Specifically, IRI is focusing on how discounts or programs at one retailer influence consumers' shopping behaviors and quantifies the related economic impact for retailers and manufacturers. Category Blueprint also includes retail and manufacturer solutions for space planning and price architecture solutions. It is a single, holistic solution for guiding high-value category management. About IRI IRI is a leader in delivering powerful market and shopper information, predictive analysis and the foresight that leads to action. We go beyond the data to ignite extraordinary growth for our clients in the CPG, retail and over-the-counter healthcare industries by pinpointing what matters and illuminating how it can impact their businesses across sales and marketing. Move your business forward at # # # IRI Contacts: John McIndoe E-mail: Phone: +1 312.474.3862 Shelley Hughes E-mail: Phone: +1 312.474.3675
              Blog: Gear Up for Summit!   
    Next week, from March 10-12, more than 1,000 CPG industry professionals will join us for the IRI 2014 Summit at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida. We have a jam-packed agenda full of insightful Growth Sessions that are sure to help you connect with shoppers and grow your business. Covering hot button topics from CPG brand management and merchandising to marketing research and data analytics, these Growth Sessions will shine light on actionable strategies that senior-level CPG retailers and manufacturers can implement to create the most meaningful relationships with their shoppers. In addition to the many Growth Sessions, IRI 2014 Summit will host a bevy of fascinating talks from keynote speakers you won’t want to miss, including IRI’s President and CEO Andrew Appel, Facebook’s Global Head of CPG Marketing Erin Hunter, and even a talk from Academy Award winning actress Geena Davis, among others. Ultimately, IRI’s mission with 2014 Summit is to send attendees home with actionable ideas and forward-looking solutions to help grow their business. We’ll home in on how to maximize sales and improve marketing initiatives with a close look into: Jump starting growth across categories and demographics Smarter strategies for pricing and promotion Mastering your brand’s marketing mix in the digital age Innovative profit-capturing analytics The latest merchandising and assortment tools Case studies from successful retailer/manufacturer collaborations Registered attendees can also download the free interactive Summit Mobile App for real-time updates and a complete schedule with session details and speaker bios. There’s also an Activity Feed to help you track the most popular sessions and share your thoughts, photos and ratings with other attendees. It’s not too late to sign up! For details and registration, please visit
              Blog: Managing Analytics Quality   
    Achieving consistently high levels of quality is a primary goal of all managers, especially those working with advanced analytics. Quality management techniques developed over time across different industries can provide advanced analytics leaders with a blueprint to achieve this goal. For example, my first job was as a Tank Platoon Leader in the U.S. Army, where I learned to apply several quality management techniques. More than twenty years later, I apply these same techniques to better manage the quality of IRI’s Advanced Analytics Insights project deliverables. Process Management – This quality technique organizes work into standard, repeatable processes to ensure consistency and scalability of results. For my tank platoon, we created and documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) for key processes such as firing weapons systems, executing tank battle maneuvers, and performing maintenance activities. Applying this technique to advanced analytics today means defining work steps for our key deliverables as standard processes. These core process steps are then documented into SOPs that include quality checklists and effort estimates that are useful references for project pricing, planning and management. Quality Metrics – This quality technique includes measuring and evaluating key performance metrics to proactively manage quality results. As a platoon leader, I captured metrics on target accuracy rate, cycle time to shoot targets, and accuracy rate of crew fire commands to certify each tank crew in my platoon during gunnery training. For advanced analytics, my current team captures and reviews quality metrics on each project using a survey across the project team focused on a best practice checklist. These quality metrics are a great management tool that serves as a key input to quality and performance management. Process Improvements – This quality technique involves managing the quality processes and metrics to achieve continuous improvements. For the tank unit, each crew received metrics and evaluations of their training results through After Action Reviews (AAR) resulting in targeted process improvements. In the world of advanced analytics, my current team reviews the quality metrics and processes to identify and then execute improvement projects to improve quality, reduce cost, and lower project cycle times. As you can see, quality management techniques used successfully in areas such as training a tank platoon for combat can also help advanced analytics teams consistently deliver high levels of quality that translate into increased value for clients. Are you using these time-tested quality management techniques with your analytics solutions today?
              Press Release: IRI and Technomic Serve Up Restaurant to Retail Insights to Give Manufacturers, Retailers and Restaurant Operators a Bigger Piece of the Pie   
    Joint Service Provides Comprehensive Cross-Channel Purchase and Restaurant Visitation Data to Create New Innovation and Growth Opportunities CHICAGO – Feb. 13, 2014 – With a finite number of meal occasions, CPG manufacturers, retailers and restaurant operators have long focused on growing their “share of stomach” to maximize their business across all occasions. Until now, understanding the relationship between what groceries people buy at retail and their out-of-home eating habits has been quite elusive. Restaurant to Retail (R2R) Insights, a new joint service offering from Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) and Technomic, provides a more holistic view of the food industry by combining consumers’ retail point-of-sale (POS) data with insight into what those same consumers buy and eat at major chain restaurants. The customizable, cross-channel analysis enables collaboration between manufacturers, retailers and restaurant operators and generates opportunities to increase sales through innovation, product placement, licensing and co-promotion. IRI is the global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail and over-the-counter healthcare companies. Technomic is the foodservice industry’s leading research and consulting firm. “Chain restaurants and food service organizations face similar information, analytics and marketing challenges, while also having analogous growth opportunities to food and beverage manufacturers and retailers,” says Robert I. Tomei, president, Consumer & Shopper Marketing, IRI. “Combining IRI and Technomic’s expertise and experience enables a more detailed and holistic understanding of consumer and shopper attitudes about food and beverages. By combining actual retail purchase and restaurant visitation data from the same households, we’ve created a powerful tool for both CPG and restaurant executives seeking to protect their existing business and also grow their share of total meal occasions.” “R2R Insights opens the door to a full understanding of the patterns and correlation of what consumers buy for consumption at and away from home,” says Bob Goldin, executive vice president, Technomic. “Understanding cross-channel behavior can drive new growth strategies for industry participants.” Manufacturers: Think about your branded products being sold in popular restaurants. If limited service restaurants are going to offer oatmeal, shouldn’t it be your brand of oatmeal? Data from R2R Insights can help support your goals of expanding distribution beyond retail and into the right restaurants. For example, a manufacturing client used the R2R Insights solution to determine which of its brands would be the best fit as a side dish for a burger restaurant, as well as which burger restaurant would sell the most product. Restaurant Operators: Think about extending your reach and generating growth by getting your products onto grocery store shelves. In addition to helping determine which retailer(s) should carry your brand, R2R Insights can enhance your brand positioning and messaging to help make the biggest splash when introducing your brand at retail. Alternatively, for restaurants seeking to sell branded CPG products, R2R Insights can help you determine which brands are best for your diners. R2R Insights can help a restaurant’s menu innovation by looking at household retail purchases to help create new products in line with their purchasing behavior. This will help not only create new products, but also will reduce the risk of failure when launching new products. In addition, a holistic view of the consumer’s purchasing behavior can help strengthen the relationship between restaurants and manufacturers in foodservice. To generate R2R Insights, more than 50,000 IRI Consumer Network® panelists completed a Technomic survey on visitation frequency, meal occasion and menu detail for the 23 largest limited-service chain restaurants, including: Arby’s Chick-fil-A Dunkin’ Donuts Little Caesars Pizza Hut Subway Baskin Robbins Chipotle Einstein Bros McDonald’s Popeye’s Taco Bell Boston Market Dairy Queen Jimmy John’s Panera Bread SONIC Wendy’s Burger King Domino’s KFC Papa John’s Starbucks R2R Insights delivers unique, strategic insights and a broader view of shopper behaviors than previously available. It is a completely custom, collaborative analytical solution that enables CPG and limited-service restaurant executives to strategize on how to collaborate and grow their businesses. IRI and Technomic’s ongoing relationship will result in additional R2R Insights surveys and findings in the future. About Technomic Technomic provides clients with the facts, insights and consulting support they need to enhance their business strategies, decisions and results. Its services include numerous publications and digital products, as well as proprietary studies and ongoing research on all aspects of the food industry. About IRI IRI is a leader in delivering powerful market and shopper information, predictive analysis and the foresight that leads to action. We go beyond the data to ignite extraordinary growth for our clients in the CPG, retail and over-the-counter healthcare industries by pinpointing what matters and illuminating how it can impact their businesses across sales and marketing. Move your business forward at -# # #- IRI Contact: Shelley Hughes Phone: +1 312.474.3675 Technomic Contact: Bob Goldin mail: Phone: +1 312.506.3936
              Blog: Analytics and Investment Advice   
    A few weeks ago, I was having a casual dinner with a couple of my friends, Mark and Scott. We usually use these sessions to discuss the important things in life, like the latest in sports, our dream cars and latest escapades of our children, dogs or both. At one point in our conversation though, Mark got really excited to share a great experience he had with a new investment firm that he had engaged for financial planning. He explained that it was a firm started a few years back by a group who had cut their teeth with some of Wall Street’s finest firms, but they were really different and more innovative than the traditional brokerage houses. Mark went into great detail about the new firm, telling us that they had built a highly automated solution for developing the right financial plan for clients. As he explained it, they had created a financial planning solution that took inputs from him regarding his current investments, financial goals, compensation, family dynamics and various other factors. They then submitted the data into a system that runs thousands and thousands of financial models in a few hours and provides an investment strategy designed specifically for him. He elaborated that they spent some time with him to explain the solutions and address his questions. Mark felt so emboldened that the new firm inspired him to move away from his typical conservative strategy to one that shifted investments into new emerging opportunities with lots of potential. Further, Mark was especially pleased that this new process was much faster and actually less expensive than he had experienced with his previous advisor. “Want to know the best part though? My investments grew by 15 percent in 2013 alone,” Mark enthusiastically explained. “Did you say 15 or 50?” Scott asked somewhat rhetorically. “I wish it were 50 percent, but 15 percent is pretty amazing right?” Mark answered. Now, our buddy Scott is an investment advisor and at times can be a bit blunt with his thoughts on financial matters. This turned out to be one of those times. “Well, you do realize that the S&P alone increased by over 25 percent last year and that is one of the most conservative strategies we typically advise our clients,” Scott said matter-of-factly. “Are you telling me that I got taken?” Mark asked with a mixture of defiance and anguish. “No, I wouldn’t say that. I’m sure their system is based on some pretty sound models and their approach sounds interesting,” Scott replied. He then went on the elaborate a little further: “It’s just that there is more to financial planning than just running lots of quantitative models based on your financial history and goals. I wish it were that easy, but the truth is most of the analysis comes with the expertise to understand the direction, pace and nuances of the market, and that requires some care and patience. I would never leave my clients’ financial fate to some fast tracked systematized routine; instead I work with them continually to ensure that we are meeting their objectives and if not, I immediately revisit the assumptions and trends in the market.” “So maybe I didn’t get taken, but I left significant money on the table, didn’t I?” Mark realized. Softening up a bit, Scott replied, “It seems that way, but this is nothing that I can’t help you out with… for a fee of course,” saying the last part with a smile. As you might imagine, Mark felt like he was letting his family and himself down by not getting the most out of their investments. Recognizing our role in making him feel that way, Scott and I bought Mark a drink and made plans to help him get his investment strategy back on a stronger trajectory. Now, the good news is that Mark’s choices didn’t really cost him or his family. As it turns out, though, everything regarding the nature of this conversation is true, with two notable exceptions: ‘Mark’ and ‘Scott’ are aliases for ‘client’ and ‘myself’. The names have been changed and the discussion was really between a client, a colleague and me regarding an initiative the client had been responsible for in 2013. At one point in the conversation, the client noted with some exasperation that they likely would not have engaged with the firm they did if they had to “pay out of their own pocket.” This conversation reminded me of one mentor’s wisdom to “spend the firm’s money as if it were my own,” to which I add the age old wisdom that “all is not as it appears at first glance” as we speak of a faster and cheaper world of analytics. My client reached the same conclusion as Mark: had he been paying out of his own pocket, he would not have engaged with a firm that habitually churns data and uses standardized algorithms. Remember, as we speak of fast and cheap analytics: you get what you pay for.
              Blog: A Polite Rebuke of the War for Analytics Talent   
    Believe it or not, being an evangelist of advanced analytics was not my original career aspiration. Rather, it was one that evolved some time after completing my graduate studies in political science. In graduate school, my area of specialty was Foreign Policy with a specific focus on the study of international disputes and conflicts. Today, the common belief is that research in foreign policy is very contextual and not necessarily analytically rigorous. However, since as early as the 17th century, most international diplomatic relations have been rigorously defined using quantitative and qualitative measures to distinguish amongst events ranging from basic diplomatic disagreements to much more bellicose outcomes. As one might expect, the most elevated event in the study of disputes is war: a significant outcome between two or more parties that is typically quite catastrophic in human, economic and cultural terms (at a minimum). One fortunate fact of history is that while wars steal the headlines and places on best seller lists, they are actually extremely rare events, which is a good thing given their tragic results. As such, I have a pretty cynical lens when I see references to war that describe events in pop culture or business. At their worst, such references trivialize the truly tragic nature of wars, and at their best, such descriptions are simplistic and typically devoid of relevant causal insight that even imply war is an appropriate descriptor. I am able to dismount from my high horse long enough, though, to appreciate that hyperbole is a big business. There is no doubt that the so-called “war for analytics talent” has been a successful message to drive fear, uncertainty and doubt across the industry, thus delivering significant opportunities for consultants and pundits to provide their “solutions” to your problem. The problem I have with the messaging really isn’t that it offends my sensibilities regarding the term war; rather, it’s because it is simplistic and based on juvenile reasoning. Those who espouse this “war for analytics talent” message are posing it as a resource issue that firms must respond to with immediate commitments to “talent centers” across the globe in order to avoid the impending carnage of the talent shortage. This relies on flawed logic though, that is primarily geared towards the basal instincts of the buyers. It’s analogous to saying that the best way to avoid a food shortage is to stockpile as much food as you can right now, regardless of capacity, spoilage or the impact on others. To me, the reality is that productive analytics talent is a relatively scarce resource, but it’s not a numbers challenge, it’s a development one. The real miss by firms, consultants, pundits and the rest of industry lies more in failure to develop and/or reskill their existing talent to develop the advanced analytics skills that are most highly relevant to the business of the firm. Extending the food shortage analogy, winners don’t stockpile because that will eventually kill off consumers due to hunger or disease. Instead, winning firms seize the opportunity to develop incremental and systematic changes to dietary choices that resolve the shortage issue rather than exacerbate it. As someone who has been significantly involved in recruiting advanced analytics talent over the past 10 years, I can say with great confidence that the dearth of development is the most pressing issue that the industry faces. Over the years, “lack of development programs” is the most cited reason for interest in leaving one’s current firm among advanced analytics candidates. To be clear, that reason is cited more than twice as much as “compensation” or “promotion opportunities” combined. The reason is pretty simple: many serious and talented analytics professionals tend to be driven by advancing their intellectual development as much or more than financial gain. Firms that train and challenge their analytics leaders to engage with the business, be creative with solutions and consistently develop new skills are often rewarded with highly loyal and productive professionals. Unfortunately, many firms have been drawn to the siren call of the “war for talent,” and through their actions they have trivialized the value of the dedicated professionals already in their organization. The industry needs to retreat from the notion that developing analytics capabilities is a numbers game, as the consultants and pundits will have you believe, and recognize it is a development game. I’m here to tell you that there is no real “war for analytics talent” that requires the vast mobilization of troops across the globe. Rather, more focus in developing and fostering current analytics talent will go a long way and ultimately drive profitable growth in both the short and long terms. Winning firms across the industry are recruiting on potential and leaning in to foster constant and consistent growth opportunities, while the rest are mired in slow or non-existent growth.
              Press Release: IRI and SPINS Join Forces to Accelerate Growth of Natural, Organic and Specialty Products   
    SPINSscan Conventional Retail Measurement Services Now Powered by IRI POS Tracking and Reporting Solutions SCHAUMBURG, Ill. and CHICAGO - Jan. 9, 2014 - Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) and SPINS LLC today announced an expanded relationship focused on accelerating the growth of natural/ organic and specialty products. The highly anticipated alliance will have a sizeable impact on the industry, addressing its need for dynamic data, progressive solutions and expedited delivery to market. IRI is the global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail and over-the-counter healthcare companies. SPINS is the leading information and insights provider for the natural/organic and specialty products industry, setting the industry standard for product classification and attribution. Following the successful launch of a powerful new natural/organic consumer segmentation capability, the two companies have expanded their relationship, further integrating SPINS’ expertise with IRI’s point-of-sale (POS) tracking and reporting solutions to create a new SPINSscan Conventional retail measurement platform. The new service coupled with the consumer analysis capability empowers clients and partners to accurately quantify natural/organic and specialty sales and clearly understand key purchase drivers of these products to activate their business across retail channels, product sets and consumers. “Creating high-value, world-class partnerships with a network of leading companies is an essential part of our ‘growth delivered’ strategy,” says Andrew Appel, president and chief executive officer, IRI. “We are excited about joining forces with SPINS on the retail tracking front to significantly expand IRI’s coverage within the natural/organic products industry and overall health and wellness sector. It also enables us to collaborate with recognized domain experts to provide clients from both companies with a multidimensional view into the growing segment that is changing the retail landscape, shifting consumer attitudes and driving new product innovation.” “SPINS’ mission is to grow the natural and specialty products industry by delivering complete manufacturer and retailer solutions and driving consumer interest in health and wellness,” says SPINS CEO Tony Olson. “Through our work with IRI on consumer segmentation and insights, we found an innovative collaborator with whom we will deliver comprehensive RMS solutions to meet the needs of this growing industry. We look forward to helping propel our clients and partners forward, so that together we can continue to increase access to and connect U.S. consumers with the products they need to lead healthier lifestyles.” About SPINS SPINS is a passionate advocate of retailers and products that promote healthy living. As the leading provider of retail consumer insights, analytics reporting and consulting services for the Natural, Organic and Specialty Products Industry, its business offerings are helping retailers in this high growth area to connect people with the brands that they need and love. Learn more at About IRI IRI is a leader in delivering powerful market and shopper information, predictive analysis and the foresight that leads to action. We go beyond the data to ignite extraordinary growth for our clients in the CPG, retail and over-the-counter healthcare industries by pinpointing what matters and illuminating how it can impact their businesses across sales and marketing. Move your business forward at ### IRI Contacts: John McIndoe E-mail: Phone: +1 312.474.3862 Shelley Hughes E-mail: Phone: +1 312.474.3675 SPINS Contact: Jennifer Fuller E-mail: Phone: +1 847.908.1224
              Data Scientist, Data & Analytics - KPMG LLP - Toronto, ON   
    Working at KPMG allows you to gain valuable on-the-job experience while building your professional network and business acumen. Being part of the KPMG Global
    From KPMG LLP - Tue, 16 May 2017 14:52:24 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
              SAP Financial Consultant   
    NJ-Warren, RESPONSIBILITIES: Kforce has a client looking for a SAP Financial Consultant for their client in Warren, New Jersey (NJ). Candidates must be available to work on a W2 basis for this role. Duties: Solution and implement SAP Financials functionality Design and implement industry leading landscape to drive digitization of supply chain Employ descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive
              How to Keep Clients Happy   
    Few tips which can make your clients happy!

    Approach for Details: Build your Customer Questionnaire to get enough details or information from the client regarding the website like their primary keywords, geo target regions, and main competitors etc. This helps you to set your clients project goals to chase!

    SEO Process: Update your clients about SEO process and the amount of time it’s gonna take to get listed on major Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). They must know that getting in organic search is a long time process. Help them understand the process and show them the results you have achieved over the period. Your SEO weekly or monthly report will help them understand that you are capable enough to bring site top in SERP. So be detailed in your reports and also it should be the best one :)

    Take Initiatives: If it’s a promotional season and it’s an e-commerce website inform the clients to run a campaign having a discount in the website before the competitors do that. Deliver a best result by optimizing banner and landing page. Well in few cases you may not have the access on the website to make changes and you have to depend on the client himself, in such cases inform them the importance of implementing campaign at the earliest.

    Deliverables: Make sure you’re delivering all possible project results like Traffic/Hits, Keyword ranking, Goal Conversion etc. Always use the best web analytics software to provide all possible traffic results.

    Last thing what I would like to say is help them to understand SEO report, spend some time with them via phone or the best possible way to make them understand. Remember – “Success of the project will depend on client satisfaction”. Having a healthy and happy relationship with the client is all about! So maintain your client relationships and sing along…

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              How to track high end mobile visits on your website   
    Now a days people talks lots about Google Failure, I don't think that Google can be called a failure just because of some server problem or because of other problems. Well the fact is that Google search is really reliable and up to date and as a search engine I prefer Google and I hope we all :)

    Okay today I thought to write some interest thing so I came up with Google Analytics most powerful feature, the Advanced Segments – Beta. Segments which let you group certain types of visits together. Those who are into SEO they gotta good feature to generate reports, a new tab above my Google Analytics Dashboard - Advanced Segments, new Beta feature.
    What exact is this feature ? Well it filters which makes easier to see what your visitors are doing on your site, the default ones including

    • All Visits
    • New Visitors
    • Returning Visitors
    • Paid Traffic
    • Non-paid Traffic
    • Search Traffic
    • Direct Traffic
    • Referral Traffic
    • Visits with Conversions
    • Visits from iPhones
    • Non-bounce Visits

    The interesting part is the Custom Segments..Yeah now you can track your iphone, ipod, Android & PalmOS visitors.

    You can filter particular visits and for enabling this new visitors segment is easy: click on the drop down menu at the top right of any report next to the text “Advanced Segments”, or left side under Settings Advanced Segments Beta and select “Create a new advanced segment”. This will lead you to a page where you can Drag and drop dimensions and metrics into the boxes to create a visit segment. Advanced segments allow you to choose what types of visits you want to be considered when generating the data for a report.

    What is Metrics and Dimensions ?

    • Dimensions are Visitors, Content, E-Commerce, Traffic sources and Systems.
    • Metrics: Site usage, Content, E-Commerce and Goals.

    How to Apply the iPhone filter to the default reports ?

    From the Advanced Segments drop-down, click on “Create a new advanced segment”, and create a segment with 2 criteria. Drag “Operating System” under the “Systems” dimension into the target area with the dotted-line border,
    and type “iPhone” into the “Value” field. Click “Add ‘or’ statement” to get a second target area, and do the same for iPod or for Android. Then, you can name your segment “High-end mobile or Anything” and see that traffic in Analytics.

    These all feature shows that Google is gearing into mobile analytics market and its very tough competition for other mobile analytic service provider. Even though its a challenge for other web analytics marketeers.

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              New Website Checklist   

    I will update this with more things that I do before launching a website.

    • Google Analytics profile.
    • UserVoice forum.
    • Net Promoter Score Survey.
    • Bookmark the site at delicious.
    • Twitter account.
    • .coms with and without hyphen.
    • Redirect from hyphenated .com to non-hyphen .com.
    • JavaScript and maybe CSS sprite on the CDN.
    • Google alert for “”
    • Subscribe to the RSS Feed for the delicious bookmark.
    • Subscribe to the Twitter search for the domain name.
    • Blog.
    • Ads from DFP.
    • Google Analytics alert if more than 250 visits/d.
    • All jQuery.ajax calls have an error function.

              How to Integrate Data and Analytics into Every Part of Your Organization   
    Many conversations about data and analytics (D&A) start by focusing on technology. Having the right tools is critically important, but too often executives overlook or underestimate the significance of the people and organizational components required to build a successful D&A function. When that happens, D&A initiatives can falter — not delivering the insights needed to drive … Continue reading How to Integrate Data and Analytics into Every Part of Your Organization
              A Cautionary Tale for Healthcare   
    During my CIO career, I’ve worked on a few Harvard Business School case studies and I’ve had the “joy” of presenting my failures to Harvard Business school students for over a decade.

    I enjoy telling stories and inevitably the cases I teach are about turning lemons into lemonade.

    In this post, I’d like to tell a story about a recent experience with Marvin Windows and lessons learned that apply to healthcare.   I know that sounds odd, but hear me out.

    At Unity Farm and Sanctuary I’m the proud owner of about 100 Marvin windows from the 1990’s.   All are still functional but incorporate nylon parts that eventually dissolve in sunlight.   I needed to replace the nylon pins that hold the screens in place.

    I did what anyone would do.   I searched the internet for Marvin Top Rail Screen Pin, expecting to find the parts available on Amazon or a Marvin website.   No such luck.   Plenty of “plunger pins” but no top rail pins.  I did find an unindexed PDF of a Marvin catalog .   On page 43, I found "Top Rail Screen Pin M120 11867852”.   I had a part number so ordering it should be easy, right?

    I went to the Marvin website looking for a part lookup function, an ordering function, or a customer service app.   No such luck.  I did find a corporate 1-800 number on the Contact Us page.

    After calling that number I was redirected to  the web page of a distributor, since Marvin Windows will not sell anything to anyone directly.

    Two days after emailing the distributor, I received an email back from a very kind and helpful person explaining that I had checked the wrong box on the distributor’s webpage - the part number I was asking about is from the Marvin product line and I had checked the Marvin Integrity product line.

    I explained the part number is the part number and I have no idea what product lines Marvin offers.

    She noted that the part was available but the distributor sells nothing to no one directly.    I will have to find a local retailer and begin the entire process again.    She was incredibly service oriented and when I asked, she agreed to find a retailer for me and tell them what part number to order.

    Two days later, I received an email from a retailer 50 miles away noting that they could order the parts for me.   I asked the cost and they said .25 each.    Given that the process of getting a window part from Marvin is highly convoluted, I ordered 50 - a lifetime supply for the grand sum $12.50.   I asked when the parts would arrive.    The answer is unknowable since the retailer contacts the distributor who contacts the manufacturer and none of the above have customer accessible supply chain tracking or logistics information systems.

    Two weeks later I emailed again and was told the parts would arrive 50 miles away in another week.

    A week passed and I received a call from an incredibly service oriented person at the retailer who told me my parts had arrived (they weigh one ounce and fit in a standard letter sized envelope).   I asked if she could mail them to me and she responded that Marvin retailers cannot mail anything to anyone.    They tried it once a few years ago and since they don’t know how much postage it costs to mail a one ounce letter, the package would likely be returned undeliverable after a few weeks.   Best not to risk using shipping services and instead, drive 1.5 hours to pick them up, sometime 8a-5p Monday through Friday.

    Of course, I have a day job so that would mean taking time off work.    I arranged to do conference calls during the 1.5 hour drive.    I received my one ounce of parts for $12.50 one month after my search began.   They fit my window screens perfectly.  Victory!

    One the same day I picked up the screen parts, I needed a very obscure electrical wall plate to cover an old electrical box with a deactivated switch.    I needed half decora/half blank.   I could not imagine such a part was ever made.    30 seconds after searching Amazon, I found it, clicked once and 12 hours later found it on my doorstep without lifting a finger (or paying shipping).

    The purpose of telling you this story is that Marvin Windows senior leadership (and the Board) must be using  Cobol-based mainframes to manage the company when they're not taking calls on their flip phones.   It’s clear they’ve been asleep since 1985.    When it comes time to replace the windows in my buildings,  I would never consider Marvin Windows products, since it clear they care more about preserving an ancient business model and less about their customers modern expectations and experiences.    Such companies will wither and be replaced by an “Uber equivalent” for windows.

    But wait, I’m living in the glass house of healthcare and throwing stones.   Just how easy is it to make an appointment with your doctor, seek real time telemedicine/telehealth advice, or get access to a “care traffic control” logistics application that shows your progress against a care plan?  In 2017, healthcare is still largely following the Marvin Windows approach of phone, fax, email, smoke signals and morse code.

    The lesson learned is that in the near future, healthcare organizations that offer an Amazon approach will displace this which do not.   That’s why BIDMC has focused on 5 pillars to guide IT projects in 2016 and 2017 - social networking communication tools, mobile enablement, care management analytics and cloud services.   Every month we’re launching new functionality that gets us closer to the Amazon experience with such apps as BIDMC@Home (internet of things/telemedicine), OpenNotes, and Alexa ambient listening services.   In two weeks, our entire dataset will be moved to the Amazon data lake with appropriate privacy agreements and security protections so we can take advantage of cloud hosted machine learning and image recognition services.     By 2018, we’ll be much less Marvin Windows and much more Amazon.

    I do not know the window business and maybe there is something about it that supports old business models while the rest of the world  innovates.   However, I do know healthcare, and we need to embrace the same kind of consumer echnology focus as every other industry.   If we don’t, our bricks and mortar buildings will go the way of Sears, JC Penney, and Macy’s  .

              Dispatch from HIMSS 2017   
    As I wrote last week, I expected 2017 HIMSS to be filled with Wearables, Big Data, Social Networking concepts from other industries, Telemedicine, and Artificial Intelligence.

    I was not disappointed.   42,000 of my closest friends each walked an average of 5 miles per day through the Orlando Convention Center.  One journalist told me “It’s overwhelming.  You do your best to look professional and wear comfy shoes!”

    After 50 meetings, and 12 meals in 3 days, here’s my impression of the experience

    1.  Wearables, while still relevant have gone from the peak of the hype curve to the trough of disillusionment.   Google Glass, smartwatches, and innovative fitness trackers have not quite achieved their promised potential in healthcare and no one is quite sure how to integrate their data into the workflow.    That being said, Internet of Things is bigger than in previous years, with home scales, glucometers, and blood pressure cuffs becoming more connected than ever before.  Middleware like Apple Healthkit has significantly reduced the interfacing burden.

    2.  Big Data has morphed into Care Management and Population Health.   We’re at a point in history when healthcare data has become digital but few are sure how to turn that data into wisdom.   Decision support services that analyze problem lists, medications and genomic data, producing customized care plans are emerging.  The challenge is connecting them to the EHR workflow.   The Argonaut work group met for a few hours to decide on the next interoperability capabilities for FHIR and chose scheduling workflow and clinical decision support integration.  This means that any third party developer will be able to integrate their analytic functionality into EHR workflow, generating alerts and reminders and scheduling services (appointments, surgery, infusions/therapy, referrals, and even post acute care) with limited effort and cost.      To me the most important theme at HIMSS 2017 was that FHIR/APIs, cloud hosted services, and EHRs will come together in 2018 similar to the way the iPhone spawned the app store.   Assume every EHR company will have a curated app store and sandbox for developer education/pilot testing within a year.

    3.  Value-based purchasing has generated an interest in customer relationship management - the patient as partner and consumer.  As reimbursement moves from fee for service to quality/outcomes driven risk contracts, incentives are aligned to provide wellness services, “care traffic control”, and loop closure.    EHRs are not optimized for these functions, so third parties are offering cloud-hosted customer relationship management for healthcare.

    4.  Telemedicine and Telehealth continues to grow as efforts to reduce total medical expense move care from downtown academic tertiary referral facilities to lower cost, more convenient alternatives in the home.  Telemedicine means many things and ranges from on demand virtual urgent care visits to store/forward second opinions to expert staff augmentation from a distance.   Products are evolving that enable telemedicine record keeping, billing, and mobile device secure communications.

    5.  Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning is the new “plastics”   .   There is no question that AI is the peak of the hype curve this year.  We need to be measured about our expectations for this technology.   Computers do not “think”,  they use pattern matching to focus the attention of humans, separating signal from noise.    There are great use cases for machine learning - automating sorting of paper medical records for scanning by predicting metadata, scrubbing personal identifiers from unstructured data, and suggesting reasonable ICD10 codes for episodes of care.    It’s not likely that an AI system is going to read the Merck Manual tonight and replace your doctor tomorrow.

    Although my voice is nearly gone, I’m leaving HIMSS with optimism for the industry.   EHR vendors will increasingly share data with each other and with third party developers.  Usability will improve as new applications and analytics reduce clinician burden.   Patients will increasingly be equal members of the care team providing objective and subjective data from devices and mobile apps in their home.  

    As I’ve said before, I believe the next phase of history belongs to the private sector, so for all of the developers, customers, and experts at HIMSS, it’s all up to you.
              Preparing for HIMSS 2017   
    Next week, 50000 of our closest friends will gather together in Orlando to learn about the latest trends in the healthcare IT industry.

    What can we expect?

    I’ll be giving a few keynote addresses, trying to predict what the Trump administration will bring, identify those technologies that will move from hype to reality, and highlighting which products are only “compiled” in Powerpoint - a powerful development language that is really easy to modify!

    Here are a few themes

    1.  The Trump administration is likely to reduce regulatory burden but is unlikely to radically change the course of value-based purchasing.    This means that interoperability, analytics, and workflow products that help improve outcomes while reducing costs will still be important.   Fee for service medicine will diminish over time, so focusing on quality healthcare will be more important than increasing the quantity of tests, procedures, and visits.   Novel products and services will be needed since the existing EHR is not designed for optimizing wellness, it’s designed for documenting/billing encounters.

    2.  Precision Medicine that tailors care plans and therapeutics based on the unique characteristics of each individual will continue to be important.    Although there is much discussion of genomic medicine but even simple innovations can make an impact.  For example, my wife needs to take 3.75mg of Methimazole every day but the medication is packaged as a 5mg tablet she needs to cut into quarters.  Why not offer a 3D printer that simply “prints” the tablets you need each day?

    3.  Care Management solutions that treat the patient as customer will continue to be important.   Sharing care plans, monitoring progress on those plans, and engaging patients/families as a shared decision maker will require innovation.

    4.  Artificial intelligence/machine learning will be at the peak of the hype curve this year.   IBM Watson will not replace clinicians, but the notion of using software for pattern matching does work well.

    5.  Internet of things, patient generated healthcare data, and telemedicine/telehealth will be increasingly important tools as we strive to reduce total medical expense, address the needs of an aging society, and enable our clinicians to practice at the top of their license.  

    I’ll be running from venue to venue Sunday-Wednesday.   See you there.
              Comment on Verknüpfung von Google Analytics und AdWords – Die Vorteile für AdWords Kampagnen? by Ben Schneider   
    Die Verknüpfung von Adwords mit Analytics ist für jeden Onlineshop ein absolutes Muss. Dadurch kannst du ganz genau sehen, über welches Keyword du wie viel Umsatz bei wie viel Einsatz erzielt hast. Wer ohne arbeitet, der arbeitet im Blindflug mit Adwords...
              How to Build an In-House Data Science Team From Scratch   
    Technology tends to favor teams that have a firm grasp on data and analytics, and you can create one from scratch. At a recent tech conference I noticed two very clear patterns. First, the virtual/augmented reality economy is going to be as big as...
              Associate, Strategy & Analytics - Penn Foster - Scranton, PA   
    Exposure to SAP Business Objects and Design Studio is strongly desired. The Penn Foster Strategy &amp; Analytics team partners with key business owners across the...
    From Penn Foster - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 00:57:39 GMT - View all Scranton, PA jobs
              Account Manager 1- Saskatchewan - Maxxam Analytics - Saskatchewan   
    Every day we go above and beyond to deliver innovative solutions to help our clients make important decisions that directly impact the community and the...
    From Maxxam Analytics - Tue, 23 May 2017 21:04:50 GMT - View all Saskatchewan jobs
    Reporting to Senior Manager, Remarketing The Specialist, Field Data Analytics, is responsible for supporting and developing reporting processes for the
    From Sirius XM - Fri, 02 Jun 2017 20:10:59 GMT - View all Canada jobs
              Specialist, Field Data Analytics (Remarketing) - SIRIUS XM CANADA INC. - Toronto, ON   
    *Job Summary: * The Specialist, Field Data Analytics, is responsible for supporting and developing reporting processes for the automotive remarketing
    From Indeed - Fri, 02 Jun 2017 17:21:40 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
              Study: Telemedicine adoption up, provider-to-provider visits popular   

    Roughly 61% of health systems have adopted some sort of telehealth in 2016, up 3.5% from 2015, according to the new HIMSS Analytics 2016 Telemedicine Study. The study surveyed 243 healthcare IT leaders in the U.S. and the overwhelming consensus was that telehealth is becoming more and more popular. So, why are health systems adopting […]

    The post Study: Telemedicine adoption up, provider-to-provider visits popular appeared first on American Well.

              Collective Smarts   
    By Phillip Green, Lucidea COO

    We love this post by Thomas Malone, director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, on "how social business, data analytics and cognitive computing will transform organizations once again," posted on the Building a Smarter Planet Blog.

    It touches on the same themes that we hear from customers every day. How do I make my organization more intelligent so that we make better decisions? What role does knowledge management play in helping us become more nimble and adapt to a changing marketplace more quickly? As Malone explains, this can be achieved through the combination of humans and IT.   

    When Inmagic Presto introduced the idea of social knowledge management back in 2009, the idea was to encourage communication between people that might not normally communicate and enable that communication to take place in a knowledge- and content-centric environment. Malone articulates the benefits of this communication well.

    "As information technology reduces the cost of communication, it becomes much easier for lots more people to know lots more things and in many cases they’re able to be well enough informed to make more decisions for themselves instead of just following orders from somebody above them in a hierarchy." 

    This is absolutely right – we want informed decisions being made by as many people as possible, not just robots following orders.

    Please take a read and let us know what you think.

              Optimizing Your Online Presence   
    Part 1: Citation Metrics and Measuring Impact Citation metrics provide quantitative data used to evaluate the impact of a scholar's research. Several methods and tools exist to assist scholars with obtaining information about citation counts and impact data, such as ISI Web of Science, Google Scholar, and other citation counting tools by discipline. Metrics also assist scholars with identifying key journals and notable researchers in their field. Part 2: Managing Researcher Profiles In part two of the workshop we'll discuss why it's important to develop an online profile as a researcher, how to promote your work and connect to other researchers, and look at several sites in depth. See what ORCID, LinkedIn, Research Gate,, PIVOT, Plum Analytics, and Google Scholar can do for you. Please bring your laptop if you would like to follow along with the presentation.

    Students must register for all workshops through their myUCF Student Center under Graduate Students then Pathways to Success.

              Obama's climate team appears primed - Filmyboxoffice   
    More Current Articles >>. WEEKLY NEWSCAST. EYE ON THE GRID BLOG. Ivanpah: The Hoover Dam of Solar Power. Feb 20, 2014. The world's largest concentrating solar energy project went online this month near the California-Nevada border. More Eye on the Grid >>. FEATURED WEBCASTS .... The advent of grid analytics is proving to be a boon to transmission and distribution (T&D) asset management, offering distinct opportunities f... Rural Utilities Look Toward Brighter Future ...
    More Current Articles >>. WEEKLY NEWSCAST. EYE ON THE GRID BLOG. Ivanpah: The Hoover Dam of Solar Power. Feb 20, 2014. The world's largest concentrating solar energy project went online this month near the California-Nevada border. More Eye on the Grid >>. FEATURED WEBCASTS .... The advent of grid analytics is proving to be a boon to transmission and distribution (T&D) asset management, offering distinct opportunities f... Rural Utilities Look Toward Brighter Future ...
              SharonScarrellaAnderson aka Peterson Campaigns   
    Its more fun getting there than being there

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