Welcome to the Fourth Wave? Cognitive Tech and AI are Reshaping Humanity — By Eric Chase | Toffler Associates   
“The point is that wearables, bionics, AI, virtual/mixed/augmented reality – all bleeding edge technologies that (literally) are reshaping how we work, interact, learn, and live – are doing so as ‘other’ to our individual, biological selves.” Read more
          Implanted a bionic arm to a FOP patient   

Actually Ashley , now 31, suffers from a rare genetic disease called fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva ( FOP ) . This disease is known as the " stone man syndrome " , as the muscles , tendons and ligaments of sufferers are being developed into bone.

Doctors in the Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk have been built to Kurpiel a prosthetic arm that connects to your torso. A small sensors myoelectric prosthetic arm in detecting small electrical charges that are created when Kurpiel moves a muscle. Some small motors and batteries make the prosthesis meets those contractions , giving mobility.

Kurpiel is just one of the 800 confirmed cases of FOP worldwide , according to the International Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Association ( IFOPA ) . The disease affects men and women equally, usually appears in childhood and those who suffer gradually lose control of the majority of its members.

Ashley is adapting quickly to his new prosthetic arm that allows you to hold a glass , handle phone and eating.

          The strangest human prostheses   

Fortunately, science advances is an outrage and surprise us with prostheses of all kinds, here are five more strange that there.

Penile prosthesis

For men with congenital or erectile dysfunction, a penile implant can suponerles a radical change in their lives. Some of these prostheses are simply creating a rigid rod always erect penis, but others use a pump that can be filled or emptied of liquid the prosthesis depending on the situation.

Prosthetic nose

Scientists at the University of London have developed a prosthetic nose complete with mucous membranes and small blood vessels. To manufacture, take a mold of the original nose of the person and a glass mold creating a polymer backbone. Cells are added to the bone marrow nose shape to grow on it, by surgical implantation in the patient's arm. Finally, the prosthesis is attached to the face by reconnecting blood vessels hundred.

Octopus Arm

For those who are bored with monotonous human arms, designer Kaylene Kau, University of Washington, has developed a prosthetic arm that curls around objects, such as an octopus tentacle. The arm is filled cables and powered by motors so it may hold a variety of objects.

Functional Eyeball

Several researchers have developed visual prostheses that are light years ahead of traditional glass eyes and someday could help blind people see again. So far, only one company, Second Sight, has received FDA approval for bionic eyes. This system uses a tiny camera to see the world and a team that converts data into electrical signals that the brain can interpret.

Mermaid Tail

Nadia Vassey lost both legs at the knee as a child and since then always dreamed of somehow being able to swim in the sea, after much thought decided to write to the company to request Wetta Wokshop creating a novel and interesting prosthesis to help her swim. The company will build a real mermaid tail.

          Pharrell is eco-friendly at New York Fashion Week   

Designers usually wait to show their faces after the models hit the runway. Not Pharrell.

The pop star led a dozen models Friday during New York Fashion Week for his RAW for the Oceans spring-summer collection.

He sported his signature hat and denim was a staple for the line, a collaboration with G-Star and Bionic Yarn, which produces fabrics made by fibers collected from recycled plastic bottles.

"It's very easy to forget we live on this planet," Pharrell told the crowd. "We don't want to just talk about it, but we actually wanted to put it in practice."

The large room at 23 Wall Street was smoky and gloomy as lights beamed and ceiling featured a projection of artsy white spots. Frank Ocean and Jay Z's "Water" played in the background.

Pharrell, who has had huge success as a singer, rapper and producer, says he's always been interested in fashion.

"I have been given opportunities by really great companies, and I've been given opportunities by really great people," he said in an interview. "I wanted to learn more about what's out there creatively and how I could further find new ways to express myself."


Associated Press writer Gina Abdy contributed to this report.

          Pharrell is eco-friendly as New York Fashion Week   

Designers usually show their faces after the models hit the runway. Not Pharrell.

The pop star led a dozen models Friday during New York Fashion Week for his RAW for the Oceans spring-summer collection.

He sported his signature hat and denim was a staple for the line. The collection is a collaboration with G-Star and Bionic Yarn, which produces fabrics made by fibers collected from recycled plastic bottles.

Pharrell told the crowd at 23 Wall Street in New York City that it's "very easy to forget we live on this planet."

The large room was smoky and gloomy as lights beamed and the ceiling featured a projection of artsy white spots. Frank Ocean and Jay Z's "Water" played in the background.

          BIODISH-1000 Hearing Amplifier – Say what ?   
List Price: $200.00 Get it For $119.00 at Buy.com Expiry Date: Limited Time Offer HOT DEAL! This new device is the bionic ear with a new twist. Designed for those long distance stake outs the dish will amplify sounds while the built in monocular will allow you to watch everything all from a safe distance. [...]
          Good Game   

This week:

Take A Piss
The Death of "Superman Lives"; What Happened?
Bionic Six

Music for the show provided by Reed Love.

          Down a Cyborg Rabbit Hole    

Mark McGwire, in hot pursuit of Roger Maris's Major League Baseball home-run record for a single season, admits to using a dietary supplement. It has a testosterone-boosting compound.

Most fans still cheer him on since what he ingests is not banned by professional baseball. But the added strength from the drug may taint what for Mr. McGwire is a routine feat - blasting a baseball out of the ballpark.

What if he placed a micro-chip in his eye that let him see like a hawk? Fans would reject any record set.

Computer professor and Englishman Kevin Warwick doesn't hit home runs. But he threw the cultural equivalent of a bean ball last week. He had a silicon chip implanted in his arm. The chip didn't make him stronger. It let him open doors, turn on computers, play audio signals, just by walking into a room.

Gail Chaddock's cover story (at right) grapples with the profound implications of humans jumping down the cyborg rabbit hole. Wearing a sensory-enhancing computer is one thing. Grafting one into the body is quite another. Thankfully (we can catch our metaphysical breath for awhile at least) the good professor had the chip taken out yesterday.

Some context is helpful here. We're not talking gross-out like that first encounter with a waiter, diamond ring pegged to his nose, serving soup. The concern goes beyond vexation that the glittery object will pop off into the chowder. The concern is about bionically extending the nervous system. It's about human identity and the Pandora's box where the sum of the parts may be greater than the whole.

Remember the brouhaha when Johnny brought a hand-held calculator to class.

Was a math turbocharger fair? Should he be allowed to use one? When doing homework? When taking a test? Today, it's a non-issue.

We want number-crunching computers in the hands of every student.

Ten years ago, combing the words "female" and "East German athlete" meant Olympic gold medal. Now, all that comes to mind is national disgrace. Discovery of systematic abuse of anabolic steroids stripped many of that nation's athletes of their medals.

Performance enhancing drugs cross a threshold we don't accept. An anabolic substance entering the body, altering the way it works, isn't fair to other athletes. And it can be unhealthy for the athlete using it.

Ten years from now will we be as comfortable with bionically enhanced individuals - their listening, seeing, memorizing powered up - as we are with the hand-held calculator? Or will we be as opposed to such electronic accretions as we are with the use of steroids by the East German athletes? Slugger McGwire's four baggers thrill because we still recognize him as the agent behind the blast. Chaddock points to a whole new ballgame.

* Comments or questions? Write to Ideas Editor, One Norway St., Boston, MA 02115, or e-mail Ideas@csps.com

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          Bionic Parts Good   

This week:

Hell On Wheels
GTA Online
Buying Studies
Bionic Leg

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          Sonic TALK 312 - Karl Hyde, Bionic Ear   
A real treat for us this week, Karl Hyde of Underworld joins us for a chat about his solo project Edgeland, we talk about new musical challenges and working with a band. Then we move on to the the rest of our panel and cover the ColorPlay project, a bionic ear and what that might mean, OS X 10.9 rumours lead to a discussion about a dedicated audio OS.

          Re: Editorial: The Frustrating Quest for a SNES Mini is Bad Business for Nintendo   

Wowsers, not since "EA are the devil!" have I come across so many rampantly over the top comments about a bloody video game or games machine. You would think that Nintendo had started a war or poisoned the water supply or something. It's a novelty mini console containing 20 games which have been available in 400 different forms already and can be played by anyone who can be bothered to pick up one of those formats. The 21st game - Star Fox 2 - is also something of a novelty, let's be honest. I still quite enjoy Star Fox but it is pretty hideous to behold now.

People need to calm down and realise that it is only a retro games machine and that the thing doesn't even release for 3 months so this is a rant based on what possibly may happen. I wonder how many people are angry that they couldn't get a pre-order in when they only want one because apparently no one could get the NES Mini.

By BionicDodo

primer v2 bikebot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXX1GQLukkI




kukarobot besiegt Boll https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6HrPPoLdjNynZCvUrJbmBw

Robot Sanitorium in 2L http://slurl.com/secondlife/Whimsy%20Kaboom/213/200/3490

James, Joint Action for Multimodal Embodied Social Systems, von Fortiss

TUM Phoenix Robotics - studentische Gruppierung an der Fakultät für Maschinenwesen der TU München





angefangen beim automaton







les robots bei panoplie

Christian Rothmann /Roboter-Portraits: Fotografien und Objekte http://www.galerie-jordanow.de/ausstellung-rothmann.html

robotic dance competition 1983

bottin style concepts : the robot within : robot style dance

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aNdv0-gsHU ] c64 impossible mission


pädagogisch nicht sinnvolles, sinnlos zerstörerisches geballer in paradroid obwohl ich ca.um 1985 rum einmal sogar direkt den 999er mit dem 001er übernommen habe, ohne schäden anzurichten

gregorianische choräle 1984 gesungen von einem roboter auf dem commodore 64

creepy singing android heads





Roboter im Fraunhofer Forschungsblog


Robotic Tagger

Wer (oder was) beherrscht Wikipedia?
Zur Bedeutung von Bots

Die Roboterjournalisten kommen

Narrative Science- journalistische Algorithmen

Can an algorithm write a better news story than a human reporter?

Can the computers at narrative science replace paid writers?

bots bei xlqr

webmasterworld forumbeitrag

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artikel in deinbaer.blogspot

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aihub - community site for Artificial Intelligence and chatbot news, articles, links, downloads, and discussion

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webcrawler, automation und barrierefreiheit

robotik und orthopädie

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robot-spider arana mecanica

Jesse Sullivan Operates a Bionic Arm with his Brain at RIC (no sound)

رجل الي يصل Islamic Robot IIUM Robot is praying (witir)

exoskelett hilft menschen mit neuromuskulären behinderungen


roboter operiert am schlagenden herzen

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zahnarztpatient-roboter kokoro

Roboterassistierte laparoskopische Prostataentfernung an der klinik lindberg

DaVinci Roboter-assistierte Chirurgie in Bildern®

claudia mitchell operates a bionic arm with her brain



the trons- robot band macht gute musik

Robot DJ

hand robot klettert am buchregal hoch und holt sich ein buch


sprachgesteuerte Flugdrohne


robot rights

kurzweil AI

virtual humans

iGod chatbot

"i build my own friends"

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X-Stitch Robot no.8 by ELIOT

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getaggt mit "toilet cleaning",artikel über lady-bug styled robot to clean restrooms

scooba und roomba




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tv-robotics human substitution technologies

björk- all is full of love

Krach der Roboter: experimenteller Music Performer

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="495"] Krach der Roboter im Kulturpalast Wedding , Foto (c) http://kulturpalastwedding.wordpress.com/2010/03/26/die-welt-der-bilder/ http://www.angelagrasser.de/?p=39[/caption]

yt-vid "Roboter im Kulturpalast" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYvkrWEFf9E



humanoid robots thomas and janet kissing

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asimovs gesetze der robotik und reaktionen aus dem netz darauf

etymologisch: bot-roboter-rabota 1920 : Karel Čapek, Autor von "R.U.R."


film "i robot"


kleiner bot der dominosteine aufstellt

KI 2008 Exhibition

schwärme von fliegenden LED-coptern bilden schwebende 3D-displays

Film AI - künstliche intelligenz - über Mechas und Orgas

Film Proteus - des Teufels Saat - über ein KI haus das sich selbständig macht und eine Frau schwängert

das Cover der LP "Normalette" von "der Plan" zeigt einen am Fluß angelnden Roboter

in der zeichentrickserie futurama geht es auch viel um robotik und das verhältnis von menschen zu maschinen, mmi

Brain-Computer Interface for Disabled People to Control Second Life With Thought

David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj - Turn me On - Musikvideo im Robotik-Secondlife-stil natürlich wieder mit Autotune

Gespräch vom 24.01.2008: Was im Reich der Robotik heute schon möglich ist, in welchen Formen uns die Maschinengeister heute schon zur Hand gehen, und wie intelligent Roboter heute, oder in absehbarer Zeit, sein können und dürfen - darüber spricht Gert Scobel mit Holk Cruse, Klaus Mainzer und Rolf Pfeifer.

- The Most Evil (?) Robots in Science Fiction Movie History -





[gallery link="file"]


Bots mit gültigem Bot-Flag auf Wikipedia:


















2013-10-11 21.13.15

https://www.engineeredarts.co.uk/ https://www.engineeredarts.co.uk/socibot/ https://www.engineeredarts.co.uk/robothespian/






















Roboter trampt allein durch Kanada


Programmable self-assembly in a thousand-robot swarm



Riding an ABB IRB 6600 Robot 1


KUKA robot playing with people on ELECTROcom 2011 exhibition in Budapest


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http://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/a-807771.html Drohnenballett: Spiegel-Bericht von Ein EU-Projekt erforscht die Zukunft fliegender Autos. Sie könnten sich in Schwärmen bewegen wie Zugvögel. Das Lehrreichste dabei sind derzeit oft noch die Abstürze."
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"The non-verbal documentary ROBOT WORLD depicts the evolution of robots from a mechanical somnambulist to an autonomous sensorium. The neoclassical violinist Matt Howden emphasizes the film’s message: these artificial people are our alternate doubles."
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Donna Haraway - Cyborg Manifesto
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          BIONIC WATER – бионическая вода   
Ученые и исследователи из разных стран проводят научные исследования, связанные с водой. Результатом является открытие процесса структуризации воды, сделан вывод о способности воды воспринимать, хранить и переносить информацию. В чем же отличие обычной структурированной воды от бионической воды Bionic Water (BW)? Отличие заключается в  спектре биологического воздействия на человека. Все знают, что наиболее чистой и […]
          Google - Google studia come realizzare l'occhio bionico (MarquisPhoenix)   
MarquisPhoenix scrive nella categoria Google che: Quando lessi la prima notizia relativa alle lenti a contatto smart mi chiesi sino a che punto ci stessimo spingendo e se non si stesse parlando solo di un qualcosa di fantascientifico. La misura di d
vai agli ultimi aggiornamenti su: google
1 Voti

Vai all'articolo completo » .Google studia come realizzare l'occhio bionico.
Google studia come realizzare l
          Chemical Brothers dj set + 2ManyDjs - Official Event    
29/07/2017 - Sabato 29 Luglio - ore 18.00 Summer Beach Arena presenta The Chemical Brothers dj set + special guests 2manydjs Nathan Detroit Capofortuna Toa Mata Band live Andrea Speed b2b LENny early ticket: 20 euro bit.ly/MailticketChemicalSummerBeach bit.ly/CiaoTicketsChemicalSummerBeach evento: 18+ infoline: 0541.51004 - 338.6447956 media partner : www.djmagitalia.com www.m2o.it Per tutti gli amanti della Dance-Music, l’evento che si terrà sulla Spiaggia Libera di Rimini il 29 Luglio 2017, sarà uno dei più acclamati di questa stagione estiva . A Rimini nella Summer Beach Arena si esibiranno per la prima volta, sulla sabbia della Riviera Romagnola, i Chemical Brothers Dj Set per un sabato sera di fine luglio tutto da ballare ! Il duo Inglese non ha certo bisogno di molte presentazioni: il dj-set dei Chemical Brothers rappresenta uno dei punti più alti della club culture a livello mondiale. Oltre ai Chemical Brothers ci saranno anche i 2ManyDjs, nati quasi per scherzo da una costola della band belga Soulwax, sono divenuti in brevissimo tempo uno dei gruppi più accattivanti del panorama elettronico, grazie a dj set spettacolari e divertentissimi. Tutto nasce dall’idea geniale di mixare assieme delle combinazioni impensabili di generi come l’house, il rock, l’electro e l’hip hop. Veri e propri creatori del bastard pop i 2ManyDjs sono capaci di creare bootleg impressionanti e di tendenza come “As Heard on Radio Soulwax” dove il mash-up avviene tra Green Velvet e i Led Zeppelin, le Destiny's Child e i Nirvana, le Salt'n'Pepa e gli Stooges. A completamento della line up artistica di questo mini festival che si svolgerà dalle 18.00 alle 02.00 di notte, ci saranno in sequenza : Capofortuna, nuovo progetto elettronico di Rame membro dei Pastaboys assieme a Riccardo Cardelli, fondatore del collettivo Funk Rimini, Toa Mata Band live, un'orchestra meccatronica ideata e concepita da Giuseppe Acito nel suo studio Opificio Sonico, composta da otto piccoli personaggi della serie LEGO Bionicle, programmati per suonare drum-synth, percussioni acustiche e smartphones, apriranno l’evento il duo talentuoso di dj riminesi Andrea Speed e LENny. La Summer Beach Arena si pone come novità assoluta di questa estate 2017 e la location sarà senza dubbio una delle più suggestive a livello nazionale. La spiaggia libera di Rimini all’ombra della ruota panoramica è entrata ormai nell’ immaginario collettivo dei giovani di tutta Italia grazie alla Molo street parade e al Corona Sunset festival svoltisi negli ultimi anni.
          Josh Brolin teases cybernetic Cable transformation for Deadpool 2    

After working his arms into insane shape to play Cable in Deadpool 2, Josh Brolin is getting a face to match.

In a behind-the-scenes photo posted to Instagram on Wednesday, the actor shared a glimpse of his plaster-coated mug and hinted that he’s getting a striking cybernetic makeover in the superhero sequel.

“Insanity on the brink,” Brolin wrote. “Face is morphing into something machine, fierce, hair sliced, arm machined, bulged. Where is Deadpool?!?”

RELATED VIDEO: Ryan Reynolds: My Rowdy Upbringing Groomed Me For Deadpool

In Marvel Comics lore, Cable (a.k.a. Nathan Summers) is the time-displaced son of the X-Men heroes Cyclops and Jean Grey. He’s usually depicted as a brawny mercenary with a bionic arm, a glowing eye, and an arsenal of high-tech weaponry.

Brolin is starring in Deadpool 2 opposite Ryan Reynolds as the titular antihero, Zazie Beetz as Domino, and Jack Kesy as the presumptive villain. The film is slated to arrive next June.

Check out Brolin’s photo below.

          I love toonami   
just watching it with my kid love itbleach - naruto - soul eater - Sym-Bionic Titan - thunder cats - Eureka 7 - Tenchi muyu gx - fma b - cowboy bebop - inu yashaand just went off samurai 7 - ...
          Bionic leg brace   
This leg brace stores and saves your energy. Read more
          Maggie Koerth-Baker & Kyle Munkittrick   
Was it ethical to turn puny Steve Rogers into Captain America? ... Voluntary amputation, bionic augmentation ... The dark side of creating super soldiers ... Rogue paleontologists and magical physicists ... The scientific realism of Thor, God of Thunder ... X-Men vs. Social Darwinism ...
           Blonde MILF Bionic Woman Parody    

          Software to Help Scientists Create Realistic Touch Sensation With Bionic Hands   
A computer model that simulates the response of nerves in the hand to any pattern of touch stimulation on the skin has been found by Neuroscientists from the University of Chicago.

          Comment on “Stitchers” Season 3 Preview with Jeffrey Alan Schechter by dutch   
That was a fun listen. Stitchers is fun to watch but I FORGOT to replay last season's last 2 eps so I was a little taken back watching 301. I DVR everything and watch streams whatever is posted (proper channels people. Even if you have the technology ... Oops Bionic-man[sic] moment.) The seasonal windowing works for shows like this - and the syfy experiments; Killjoys. Great writing seems to have been put in a vault by broadcast networks - Lucifer is only one I can thing of that makes good watching. Cable networks are doing good - FreeForm, syfy, AMC, and bits on other networks. The cast of Stitchers is great all the quirks are there and it's what a big tech/almost magic/psychological story work. Before I just yammer forever I'll go on record : Suicide Squad is ok as long as I don't think too much. Batman - Superman is still in my queue stopped at 15 minutes. And in the movie released so far -- Spiderman is just pointless.
Conștiința gândului dincolo de om, a fost greu, apoi totul a fost structurat. Atom. Apoi iubirea se destramă hormoni exteriori ce aclamă, gândul și el negreșit a fost și el denumit. Roboții sunt pregătiți pentru viață omul prea obosit să trăiască, descoperiri, oameni bionici, computere, drone, savanții atomici. Mă tot întreb dincolo de eu cine urmează să ia loc de Zeu ...
          Insist on the Best Inpatient Rehabilitation   

If you or a family member is recovering from an injury or illness – such as a stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or multi-trauma – you deserve the best inpatient rehabilitation available to return to the people and activities you love more quickly and with more function and independence. You have the right to choose your rehabilitation provider, so insist on the best.

Why should you insist on Good Shepherd? Patients come to Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital (GSRH) from all across America to receive inpatient rehabilitation from the nation’s leading experts. Below are just a few of the reasons:

Good Shepherd Has More Technology for Mobility Recovery
GSRH is a national leader in the use of rehabilitation technology to help patients regain mobility. The organization is a clinical super-user of the Ekso bionic exoskeleton for spinal cord injuries and recently became the first health-care facility in North America to make Ekso with Variable Assist available for patients who suffer a stroke or other neurological conditions. The device allows Good Shepherd therapists to help patients get on their feet faster and regain the ability to walk more quickly.

Good Shepherd Has More Specialized Staff
Your recovery should be guided by experts who specialize in rehabilitation. Good Shepherd employs more rehabilitation specialists than any other provider in the region. We have the most:

  • Physicians who specialize in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)
  • Therapists and nurses certified as Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS)
  • Nurses who are certified in rehabilitation nursing (CRRN)

In addition, our hospital staff will coordinate care with your trusted family physician and other specialists for seamless continuity of care.

Good Shepherd Is Focused on Rehabilitation
You want a hospital that is focused only on rehabilitation care and has the full range of expertise needed to diagnose and treat patients with various types of physical disabilities. Almost 60,000 patients each year receive care at Good Shepherd, because physical rehabilitation is its core business. The experts at GSRH focus on your care and recovery.

How can you insist on Good Shepherd? If you are a patient at an acute-care hospital, inform your care manager that you would like to speak to a Good Shepherd liaison. A representative from Good Shepherd will come to your room to discuss your recovery plan and care options. If you are at home or in a nursing home, call 1-888-44-REHAB or use this form to contact Good Shepherd.

          The Overnightscape #7 (4/24/03)   
Tonight's subjects include: Food courts, dandruff, abandoned warehouses, Bionic Woman scrapbooks, TV review ("Mr. Personality"), song review (Steely Dan, "The Last Mall"), food review ("McAnn's Irish Oatmeal"), rock concert review ("The White Stripes"), Iraqi freedom, bus etiquette, and drugs. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (45 minutes)
          The Overnightscape #579 (2/12/07)   
Tonight's subjects include: A very special episode of The Overnightscape recorded with Mad Mike Masters in the brand new Anything But Monday Show studios. Mike and Frank discuss their premium podcast, "Anything But Monday Show", which is premiering one week from tonight, on February 19, 2007 at ABMSHOW.COM. The discussion touches on minorities, Barack Obama, bad shows, divorce, premium content, negative attitudes, free stuff, quality equipment, simulacrums, Anna Nicole Smith, astronaut love triangle, diapers, space madness, Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, technical issues, getting lost, dirty websites in a work environment, ABM audio ("Disclaimer", "Intro"), voice overs, features, founditemclothing.com, owning Pluto, Wonders of the World, Stonehenge, Japanese beverage review ("Original Bionic Drink Lifeguard", "Nescafe Santa Marta Au Lait", "Fujiya Lemon Black"), dorm revenge liquid mix, the French, glucose, Michael Jackson, MadPlayer, Bic Banana Pen, celebrities, hobo operators, more details on ABM, soil from the Holy Land, mediocrity, listeners from the future, "In The Year 2525" by Zager and Evans, Mike sees the lights, estimating the length of the show, Super Bowl pool update, sports talk, ultra obscure reference of the day ("Exterminating Angel"), Luis Bunuel, and Orel Hirshiser. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (90 minutes)
          Theeshow 5 – De quiz   
De quiz Het moge duidelijk zijn; radio Gamba was niet meer uit het dagelijks leven weg te denken. Elke maandag avond kreeg het station er weer meer luisteraars bij. Ook de chat stroomde langzaam maar gestaag vol met bezoekers. En dan nog maar te zwijgen over de bellers. Maar liefst twee nieuwelingen dienden zich aan. Gamba kreeg academische steun van Drs. Prof. Ing. Antonius Nussen, een specialist op het gebied van bionica zo bleek. Hij naaide meneer T tenminste gelijk een nieuw rechter oor aan. En de sympatieke Ben Wintjes liet van zich horen in naam van zijn bridgeclub. Hij bleek een verstokt luisteraar van radio Gamba en heeft na dit eerste gesprek nog veel van zich laten horen. Maar zo ver is het nog niet. Luister de show Een overzicht: Introductie Meneer T Meneer bernard gaat op panda jacht Brinckie heeft een fietsenlease plan Elmo heeft straf van de juf De kwis 1- Meneer T. laat opgave horen De kwis 2- Rodney wint wéér geen CD De kwis 3- Antonius Nussen wint de kwis en naait meneer T. een oor aan Ben van de Kook - De BeeBees - Haagse snuifschlagers Ben Wintjes belt voor de bridgeclub
          என்னதான் நடக்கும் பார்த்துடலாம்...! (அவசியம் படிக்க வேண்டிய கட்டுரை... Must read )   
நம் வாசகர்களுக்கு ஒரு மிக அதிசயமான ஒரு கட்டுரையை பகிர்ந்து கொள்ள விருக்கிறேன்...

நம்மிடம் ஜாதகம் பார்க்க வரும் பல அன்பர்களும், புலம்புவது - ஆண்டாவன்னு ஒருத்தன் இருந்தா, அவர் ஏன் நம்மளை இப்படி சோதிக்கிறார்? எனக்கு மட்டும் ஏன் இவ்வளவு பெரிய தண்டனை.. ? கடவுளுக்கு கண்ணே இல்லன்னு , நொந்து போயி பேசுவாங்க... எவ்வளவோ பேர், மன விரக்தி அடைஞ்சு - தற்கொலை பண்ணிக்கிட்டு இருக்கிறதை , செய்திகள் ல பார்க்கிறோம்..!

எல்லோரும் , தயவு செய்து இதை படிங்க... உயிர் விலை மதிக்க முடியாத ஒரு விஷயம். கடவுள் தரும் சோதனை , நீங்கள் நிச்சயம் எதையோ சாதிக்க வேண்டும் என்பதற்காகவே... ! எதை நினைத்தும் கலங்கவேண்டாம் என்று சொல்வது எளிதுதான்... ! ஆனால் ஒரு பக்குவம் உங்களுக்கும் வேண்டும்.
Whatever happens , life must move on... ! மேலே படிங்க...

அண்மையில்மெயிலில்எனக்குவந்தஇந்தக்கதையைஉங்களுடன்பகிர்ந்து கொள்ளத் தோன்றியது.

1995 ஆம் ஆண்டு பெங் ஷுளின் ( Peng Shulin ) என்ற ஒரு சீனர் மேல் ஒரு லாரி மோதியதால் அவரது உடல் இரண்டாக வெட்டப் பட்டது. இப்படியான ஒரு பெரிய விபத்திலிருந்து அவர் உயிர் பிழைத்தது விந்தையானது. 20 டாக்டர்கள் சேர்ந்த குழுவொன்று போராடி அவர் உயிரைக் காப்பாற்றினார்கள். அவர் தலையில் இருந்து எடுக்கப் பட்ட தோல் பரிசோதனைச் சாலையில் வளர்க்கப் பட்டு வெட்டுப்பட்ட உடல் பாகங்கள் மூடப் பட்டன. அவர் ஆப்பரேசன் தியேட்டருக்குப் போய் வந்த எண்ணிக்கை கணக்கிலடங்காதது.

இத்தனை முயற்சிகளால் உயிர் பிழைத்த அந்த மனிதரின் உயரம் 78 cm ( இரண்டரை அடி ) மட்டுமே. அன்றிலிருந்து படுக்கையில் வாழ்ந்த இந்த துரதிர்ஷ்ட (?) மனிதர் சாதாரண வாழ்க்கை வாழ முடியுமென்று எவரும் கனவு கூடக் கண்டிருக்க முடியாது. ஆனால் அவர் தன்னம்பிக்கைக்கை யிழக்கவில்லை. தனது கைகள் பலம் பெறும் வண்ணம் தேகாப்பியாசம் செய்யத் தொடங்கினார். தனது அன்றாடத் தேவைகளை முடிந்த அளவில் தானே செய்ய முனைந்தார். பல் துலக்குவது , முகங் கழுவுவது போன்றவற்றை அவரே செய்தார்.

இவரது விடா முயற்சி பற்றியறிந்த சீன புனர் வாழ்வு ஆய்வுக் கழகம் இவரை நடக்க வைக்கும் முயற்சிமுயற்சியிலிறங்கியது. எவருதவியுமில்லாமல் நடக்கும் வகையில் வடிவமைக்கப் பட்ட உபகரணமொன்று கண்டு பிடிக்கப் பட்டது. ஒரு முட்டை வடிவில் அமைக்கப் பட்ட ஒரு உறையினால் உடம்பின் கீழ்ப் பாகம் தாங்கப் பட்டு , அதனுடன் இரண்டு பயோனிக் கால்கள் ( bionic legs ) பொருத்தப் பட்டன. பலரையும் பிரமிக்க வைத்து இந்த மனிதர் அடியெடுத்து நடப்பதைப் படத்தில் பாருங்கள்.

பன்னிரண்டு வருடங்கள் கட்டிலில் வாழ்ந்த இந்த மனிதர் நடை பயில்வதைப் பார்த்து வியக்காமலிருக்க முடியவில்லை. இதை மருத்துவ தொழில் நுட்ப விந்தை என்று மட்டும் கருதி விட முடியாது. அந்த மனிதர் முகத்தில் தெரியும் பிரகாசமும், தன்னம்பிக்கையும், உற்சாகமும் .......அந்த மனவலிமைதான் முக்கிய காரணமென்பதை நம் அனைவருக்கும் சொல்லாமல் சொல்கிறது.

சின்னச் சின்னத் தோல்விகளைத் தாங்க முடியாமல் துவண்டுவிடும் போதெல்லாம் இந்தக் கதை நமக்கு நினைவில் வரவேண்டுமென்று தோன்றுகிறது.

          Iron Man Meeting A Child In Need Will Really Make You Smile   
Iron Man Meeting A Child In Need Will Really Make You Smile Robert Downey Jr. is the coolest man on earth.

          Robo-Psychophysics: Extracting Behaviorally Relevant Features from the Output of Sensors on a Prosthetic Finger   
Efforts are underway to restore sensorimotor function in amputees and tetraplegic patients using anthropomorphic robotic hands. For this approach to be clinically viable, sensory signals from the hand must be relayed back to the patient. To convey tactile feedback necessary for object manipulation, behaviorally relevant information must be extracted in real time from the output of sensors on the prosthesis. In the present study, we recorded the sensor output from a state-of-the-art bionic finger during the presentation of different tactile stimuli, including punctate indentations and scanned textures. Furthermore, the parameters of stimulus delivery (location, speed, direction, indentation depth, and surface texture) were systematically varied. We developed simple decoders to extract behaviorally relevant variables from the sensor output and assessed the degree to which these algorithms could reliably extract these different types of sensory information across different conditions of stimulus delivery. We then compared the performance of the decoders to that of humans in analogous psychophysical experiments. We show that straightforward decoders can extract behaviorally relevant features accurately from the sensor output and most of them outperform humans.
          Eight Star Wars gadgets that are now real   

Bionic hands, hovercars, 3D chess, lightsabers (sort of) - here are the bits of Star Wars tech that have become reality

Star Wars Episode 9

Just as no Back To The Future anniversary can go by without the internet hammering on the floor and screaming …Continue reading »

The post Eight Star Wars gadgets that are now real appeared first on NME.

          No Bunnies, No Coppertops, No Outlets, No Problem! - The Future Of Powering Bionics   
Exploring new and innovative ways to power bionic devices.
          New Bionic Ear Can Even Pick Up Your Favorite Radio Station   
The combination of 3-D bioprinting and electronics have allowed researchers to develop a bionic ear made of cells rather than plastic. The fully functional ear is made from a coil antenna and cartilage, giving the ability to detect signals outside of the normal human hearing range, including radio waves.
          Six Million Dollar Man's Bionic Eye Becomes Reality   
Science fiction is inching closer to reality as researchers unveil a revolutionary contact lens that allows telescopic vision with the wink of an eye.
          ‘Deadpool 2:’ Josh Brolin Shares Photo of Himself in Cable Makeup   

With production on “Deadpool 2” currently underway, Josh Brolin has shared a picture to give fans a sneak peek at how he’ll look under prosthetics as super-villain Cable.

“Insanity on the brink. Face is morphing into something machine, fierce, hair sliced, arm machined, bulged. Where is Deadpool?!? Looking. Looking. All I got are these two…molding me, prodding, turning me into something hard,” wrote Brolin in his Instagram caption.

Created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Louise Simonson, Cable first appeared in a tease at the end of “The New Mutants” issue #86 in February of 1990. The scarred, ravaged character has a bionic left arm, a cybernetic eye, and embedded technology that allows him to hack into computer systems.

Meanwhile, a year after leaving indie movie audiences rolling with laughter in “Hunt For the Wilderpeople,” Julian Dennison also joined the cast of “Deadpool 2.”

The casting was announced Wednesday by the Merc himself, Ryan Reynolds, also via Instagram. Reynolds celebrated the signing with a photo showing Dennison getting a piggyback ride from Deadpool while pointing up to the sky like a chubby Yoda.

“Deadpool 2” hits theaters June 1, 2018.

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          20on20 -- 2010 playlist   
1. One Less Bell To Answer/A House Is Not A Home -
Kristin Chenoweth & Matt Morrison, Glee
2. Next Best Thing - Nikki & Rich
3. Like A Virgin - Glee Cast
4. Right Where You Want Me - Jesse McCartney, Right Where You Want Me
5. Hate On Me - Amber Riley, Glee
6. Bionic - Christina Aguilera, Bionic
7. Don't Rain On My Parade - Lea Michele, Glee
8. Cinema Italiano (Ron Fair Remix) - Kate Hudson, OST Nine
9. I Begin to Wonder - Dannii Minogue, Neon Nights
10. Believe [Moon version] - The Bravery, The Sun & The Moon
11. Telephone {feat. Beyonce} - Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster [Deluxe]
12. There's No Place Like Home - Michael Giacchino, Lost: Season 4
13. More of You - MoZella, Belle Isle
14. Just Say Yes - Snow Patrol, Up To Now
15. You Keep Me Hanging On - Dianna Agron, Glee
16. Womanizer - Britney Spears, Circus
17. Like A G6 - Far East Movement, Free Wired
18. La Ritournelle (Mr Dan's Magic Wand Mix) - Sebastian Tellier
19. Mind Heist (Music from Inception trailer) - Zach Hemsey
20. Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus, Can't Be Tamed
*21. Uprising - Muse, The Resistance
          Seven-Year-Old Boy Hears for the First Time   
A deaf seven-year-old Guatemalan boy, Henry Rivera, can now hear. It’s all thanks to  missionary Erin Van Oordt, who brought him to America for a life changing operation. Advanced Bionics donated equipment totaling $40,000 so Dr. Disher could perform the procedure at Lutheran Hospital, Indiana. Watch here to see how Rivera reacts to hearing for the first time in his life.
          Collaboration with Viktoria Modesta Revolutionizes the Future for Instruments and Prosthetics Design   
Collaboration with Viktoria Modesta Revolutionizes the Future for Instruments and Prosthetics DesignFlorida International University’s Prof. Eric Goldemberg, alongside Veronica Zalcberg from MONAD Studio teamed up with Anouk Wipprecht to design 3D printed instruments and interactive sonic body enhancements for UK based, bionic pop artist, Viktoria Modesta. The collaborative effort consisted of the incorporation of different disciplines that include architecture, design and art to create a new […]
          Re: 3DS eShop Recommendations thread   

@x-Lyfa I would not recommend any of those games you mentioned, even if someone put a gun to my head...

If you want RPGs, just stick to the VC games. Any of them - the whole lot that shows up when you sort by VC+RPG in the eShop. All of them are great, or at least pretty good. All, erm...10 of them...okay, maybe not Mystic Ninja...

As for more Zelda/Metroid-ish adventure games outside of the usual suspects, I've quite enjoyed Bionic Commando: Elite Forces, and I'm pretty sure there's a Blaster Master Game Boy game on there that's good. (Emeny Below! That's the one!) Oh, and of course I'd recommend Gargoyle's Quest, if you don't mind an extreme challenge and some slowdown.

Oh yeah, and I guess NES are an option, too - In that case, I can include Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness, as well the original Blaster Master. I can't quite tell if you have a New 3DS or not (Please use less Leet-speak or whatever they call that rediculous shorthand nowadays. It just makes your posts more difficult to read, and unless you're typing with a number pad, you don't have an excuse in this day & age. It's not kosher, so to speak) - However, in case you do, I can add:

  • Breath of Fire
  • Breath of Fire II
  • Demon's Crest

I think they're all on the EU store, I can't quite tell, and I'm American, so that's the most help I can give at the moment.

          'Bionic Contact Lens' Adds Computing Power to Sight   
The bionic eye has arrived: engineers have, for the first time, combined a flexible, biologically safe contact lens with an imprinted electronic circuit and lights.
          3D-printed ‘bionic’ parts could revolutionise aerospace design   

3D printing made news at this year’s Paris Air Show. The two largest aircraft builders, Airbus and Boeing, brought here advanced planes powered by LEAP jet engines with 3D-printed fuel nozzles. Those fuel nozzles help make the engines 15 percent more fuel efficient compared with their predecessors made by CFM International, the 50-50 joint venture between … Continue reading "3D-printed ‘bionic’ parts could revolutionise aerospace design"

The post 3D-printed ‘bionic’ parts could revolutionise aerospace design appeared first on GE Reports Australia, New Zealand & PNG.

          Episode 178: Steven de Souza   
ACTION! This week, I’m hangin’ out in the Lair with writer/producer/director Steven de Souza, the man behind the stories of some of our favorite characters including the Six Million Dollar Man, the Bionic Woman, the Spirit, Sheena, and many more! Photo courtesy Steven E. de Souza Images TM & copyright © Universal Studios, Warner Bros., […]
          Episode 157: Stephen Kandel   
What do Batman, Star Trek, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man have in common? My special guest – Stephen Kandel! He’s penned stories for each series and we’re revisting those classic episodes today! PLUS – an Arrow season three Blu-ray giveaway! Photo courtesy Stephen Kandel Images TM & copyright […]
          Episode 138: Lindsay Wagner   
Emmy-winning actress Lindsay Wagner joins me this week to talk about her iconic bionic role as Jaime Sommers from the landmark 70s sci-fi smash hit – The Bionic Woman! PLUS – a preview of this year’s TerrifiCon! Photo courtesy Daniel T. Gramkee Images TM & copyright © Universal Studios, Dynamite Entertainment Lindsay’s website    Follow […]
          Episode 60: Richard Anderson   
Hey, pal! Richard Anderson – the man who sent the bionic duo on every mission as Oscar Goldman – joins me in the Lair to talk about the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman! Order Richard’s memoir from BearManor Media    “Like” Richard on Facebook
          Episode 23: Kenneth Johnson   
From the bionic duo to the Incredible Hulk, V and BEYOND! Legendary writer/producer/director, Kenneth Johnson talks about creating the iconic shows we love! Kenneth’s website
Bionic Six

Mike Vosburg designed the Bionic Six? Who Knew?


          Smartphone-Controlled Bionic Bird   
Smartphone-Controlled Bionic Bird
A realistic smartphone-controlled bird that can flap its wings and fly indoors or outdoors at speeds up to 12 mph.

Click Here For Complete Details

          Ballet For A Girl In Chicago - The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Vol. 119   


Love means never letting your ice cooler run low . . .

Ballet For A Girl In Chicago - The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Vol. 119

1. Healer - Todd Rundgren Buy From iTunes
2. Magneto and Titanium Man - Wings
3. Not One Of Us (live) - Peter Gabriel Buy From iTunes*
4. Something's Coming - Yes Buy From iTunes
5. Comfortably Numb (live) - Govt. Mule
6. Death On Two Legs - Queen Buy From iTunes
7. This Is Love - All Mighty Whispers
8. Entangled - Genesis Buy From iTunes
9. Sink Or Swim - Bad Lieutenant Buy From iTunes
10. King For A Day - XTC Buy From iTunes
11. Free Hand Live) - Three Friends Buy From iTunes*
12. You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio - Joni Mitchell Buy From iTunes
13. Morning Has Broken - Cat Stevens Buy From iTunes
14. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - The Beatles
15. Ballet For A Girl From Buchannon (live) - Chicago Buy From iTunes*
a) Make Me Smile
b) So Much To Say, So Much To Give
c) Anxiety's Moment
d) West Virginia Fantasies
e) Colour My World
f) To Be Free
g) Now More Than Ever

The Best Radio You Have Never Heard.
Bionically enhanced for your listening pleasure . . .
Accept No Substitute.

          Dirty Scalpel - The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Vol. 118   


Bring me some tequila and a belt to bite on . . .

Dirty Scalpel - The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Vol. 118

1. One Of These Days (live) - Pink Floyd Buy From iTunes*
2. Red on White - Stabbing Westward Buy From iTunes
3. Knife's Edge (live) - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Buy From iTunes*
4. Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy Buy From iTunes
5. Razor Face - Elton John Buy From iTunes
6. Up On Cripple Creek (live) - Bob Dylan and The Band Buy From iTunes
7. I'm Only Sleeping - The Beatles Buy From iTunes
8. Powerhouse At The Foot Of The Mountain (from San Jacinto) - Peter Gabriel Buy From iTunes
9. Supernatural Anaesthetist (live) - Genesis
10. The Knife (live) - Genesis Buy From iTunes*
11. Hurt - Nine Inch Nails Buy From iTunes
12. One Of A Kind - Bill Bruford Buy From iTunes
13. Please Please Please - The Smiths Buy From iTunes
14. Just Another Onionhead / When The Shit Hits The Fan/Sunset Blvd. / Le Feel Internationale - Todd Rundgren Buy From iTunes

The Best Radio You Have Never Heard.
Bionic music for the masses . . .
Accept No Substitute.

          A Burned Child... and a Blessing.   
I am beyond words mortified by the events that have enfolded about this family in the last couple of days. These revolutions of a globe have been horrifying and tragic at best. To help wrap my own mind around the developments of what happened last Tuesday I seek to tell the story just one more time. A story that has been uttered with an increase in volume, and strength with each rendition of it. A story that with each slow playback becomes less surreal and more a clinical reverberation of the events.
The day was Tuesday, July 28th, 2009. It started out as all the others before it. Leaving for work early in the morning and with the same amount of harassing phone calls from bored children at home. Eager for school to start, they played with the same toys, the same games, the same pets that they had spent all summer with. My 15 year old had a friend come over. Mainly staying in his room they watched TV and listened to music.
After lunch the boys became restless, and the swamp cooler was doing little to keep the house cool in the 115 degree heat. They all were sweating and needed a cool down. Colton, my oldest and most responsible son, took his friend and his two younger brothers into the backyard to play in the sprinklers. Upon turning on the water they spayed themselves, the water was cool, but not cold. So he started spraying down the two younger boys with squeals of delight filling the backyard... the game was a foot. Colton being the bigger brother, grabbed his youngest brother and shoved the hose down the back of his shorts. Brotherly games of playful torture... no harm no foul.
Except, that is when tragedy struck. The light green hose, 150 feet in length, had been laying half under the protective shade of the tree in back, and half on the radiating sand of the Mojave Desert. The water was cool to the touch from the comfortable shade of the tree, but once it was in the back of Dustin's cotton shorts, it turned scalding hot from the portion that had been laying in the sand and sun. An innocent hose, a lazy summer day, a playful group of young boys, and tragic accident.
Dustin began to scream a blood curdling scream, one that Colton knew was wrot with terror, fear, and pain. He grabbed for the hose yanked it from his young brother's pants and rushed the 6 year old from his feet, whisking him into the house, down the hall, and into a cold shower. With the cool water raining down on him he seemed to be fine for the moment. Dustin was calm and quiet. Colton ran back outside to turn off the water so that the shower would have greater water pressure. He knew he was hurt, but not how bad. As he finished turning off the water spicot, the screams of terror and pain came flooding back to him from inside the house. He grabbed the phone and frantically called me at work... no answer. "Come on Mom! Pick Up, PLEASE Pick Up!!!" He in a frenzied panic dialed again.... MOM PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE! No answer. I was in a meeting. By this time the blister were starting to form and breaking in the cool water, and Dustin was really hurting bad. The terror and panic was getting thicker by the minute, Colton knew this could not wait until I could be reached. He ran across the street and got a good family friend and neighbor the boys affectionately call Grampy. He ran over, and soon had Dustin out of his shorts, keeping him in the shower for as long as he could stand it. He was freezing, shivering, within the cool water flowing down his little body. And Yet his flesh was burning still from within. Donnie (Grampy) Called me twice more, but this time left messages on my work phone, which Colton in his heightened state of dealing with the situation was unable to do.
10 min. later I got out of my meeting and got my messages. Grampy's voice was cold, and stern, more direct then I was use to. The words did not immediately register but the tone of voice did. Someone was hurt. I listened to that message and I got only two words... call immediately. My heart sank, and ever thankful for the missed call button on my phone I immediately redialed his cell. Grampy was curt and direct. The words were a jumble of my own heart beat ringing in my ears and muffled sounds coming from a phone. The whole office where I work seemed to get deafening silent, and the whole world began to slow down. My arms took so much more time to move, my feet were heavy and planted to the ground. In trying to run I found myself in a slow frame of a bionic man movie, waiting in the back of my mind for the music to begin. My thoughts became s rush of who to call, what to say, how to get approval to go. I chased down Rob and Ken, my bosses, who had moments before walked out the door to go to another meeting in another building on the NASA Dryden site. They granted me leave and asked me to check in to give a status update later on. I agreed, ran to grab my things, shut down my computer, and run as fast as I could, stuck in slow motion hell, to my car. Once inside I drove the speed limit for about 2 min. and then could clearly not care if they took my license away or not. I drove like a bat out of hell... easily reaching 100 miles an hour on the short stretch of freeway between the Edwards AFB exit and Clay Mine Road. It was amazing as if God himself had cleared me a path. Cars and Big Rigs ran side by side in front of me far from the exit, and again in my rear view mirror... but nothing and no one was around me. OK, so it was not the parting of the sea, but it was the right mini miracle that I needed for the moment.
Once on Clay Mine Road it was the gates wide shut, stuck behind an old man going 5 miles an hour in a beat up mini van... I glance to the on coming lane... no cars. I take the hop. This is not in my nature... I would rather wait and make my trip 45 min longer then ever pass another vehicle. It is unsafe, and it is scary. This moment, I did not care... one of my sons was hurt and they needed me. I did not know how bad, or if there was anything that I could do, but I needed to be there... and I needed to be there NOW! The drive while only moments long was hard and tedious. When I got there and saw him, I thought for a moment on what I should do. A million thoughts flooded through my mind. Do I take him to the ER? Do I call an ambulance? Do we have insurance? Does it freaking matter? What do I do, What do I do, What do I do. I grab the phone and pause looking at it unsure if I should or should not call. Silently arguing to myself. Until finally a voice from deep within me cuts though the voices. IT IS YOUR BABY JUST CALL!!! So I did...
911 what is your emergency? My son has been burned. Where is he now? He is on the bedroom floor. Is he coherent? I uh ummm. Is he answering you when you talk to him? Yes, Yes, he is fine, answering fine. Put him in the shower, cold water Mame. OK, I hand the phone to Colton... And I begin to mobilize the troops... My voice is calm and steady... My thoughts are clearer and more direct... Colton, I need you to play relay tell me what they say and tell them what I say. All the while scooping my son, Dusty Joe, scared, wet, and hurting into my arms. I carry him to the bathroom and place him back into the cold water of the tub, he just got free of. He begins to cry softly. I ask George to get me two cups, I begin pouring water over each butt cheek one at a time. It is blistering and the skin is falling away from his body. I keep repeating this process over and over and over again. Not daring to stop until help arrives. I tell George to go out front and wait for the ambulance to wave them in. I lean into him closely and as softly and calmly as I can I tell him he is going to be OK. I tell him that I love him, and that I remind him that I have never left him before and I am not about to start now. I ask him if he trusts me... He says yes. I ask him if he believes me... He says a little stronger...yes. Good, I tell him, this is my job, this is what I do... I take care of you. Just do as I say and it is going to work out... I promise. He seems comforted now, still cold and afraid...
Donnie comes in and asks if he can take over pouring cold water on his poor burned bum. I, grateful for the relief, say yes. I leave the room pacing waiting for help to arrive. I place blankets on the front room floor for when the paramedics arrive, a pillow too. Dustin will need to be comfortable while they stabilize him. Symptoms of shock are racing through my head... Cold clamy skin ( He is wet in a cold shower), what else? Hypotension (like I have a blood pressure cuff his size), next! ummmmm irregular breathing, rapid pulse... I run back into the crowded bathroom looking at the veins in his neck... and the rise and fall of his chest from the back... all the while changing a toilet paper roll that somehow got neglected to hide my true intentions for being there. A little elevated, but not much, in fact I think mine is more rapid then his. He is doing well... where are the paramedics? I make my way back to the front yard... no sign of them. I hear sirens off in the distance... they are coming... coming for Dustin... what a wonderful sound... sirens...a moment of time when seconds turn into minutes. And there is a feeling of peace. But before you can get comfortable or even take a breath you are snapped within an instant back into reality. What are some other signs? Weakness, confusion, anxiety, loss of consciousness. I mentally review Dustin's condition. OK, so far so good... A big truck rolls up... my first thought was, you aren't the ambulance... then it dawns on me. Duhhh it is the fire department, they get here first. Moments before the paramedics... within the flash of an eye they are off the truck and coming into my home... Do you want him out of the tub? So you can get to him easier? I ask in half relief and half pleading for help. Yes was all I heard before I was running back to the bathroom to swoop and scoop my son once more to the front room. By now more people were swarming about... So many different uniforms, partnered teams, stretchers... I had to get out of their way. Mom Mode kicks into high gear... Colton, George get back, get out of here so they can work. The boys move to the far wall just beyond the couch, but still within close view of their brother. Fear in both their eyes, my heart bleeding for both of them, but more intent on making sure Dustin was stable. Then out of the corner of my eye I see Tyler Irish. A young man from the church who just weeks before was sitting having a late dinner of homemade tacos and corn chips at our very own dinner table with his sister and my children. He was working on the Hall Ambulance rig today, and Dustin was his call. I hear Grampy talking to Dustin; Dusty, you know Tyler don't you? You remember Jessica's brother? Little man turns his head to look over his shoulder and recognized a face in a sea of would be rescue heroes. Yes, Hi Tyler. He says before resting his face back onto the pillow. Hey little guy, I am going to take good care of you OK? I am right here. Dustin's body relaxes and he knows he is going to be OK. In the blink of an eye, the stretcher comes in and so many hands are on it, it seems out of some movie scene. He is only 55 lbs. soaking wet, I could pick him up. Within the moment, too quick for my mind to registe the thought, he was on the stretcher, burn blankets were already in place, and discreet blankets draped his tiny frame as he was being belted in for the ride. Dustin was scared for just a second... his eyes wide with panic. Don't worry, I am not leaving you. I am coming with you. He is put into the rig, and I in the front seat. There is a little square window that allows the paramedic and the driver to communicate. Dustin is wildly looking about. I call out to him. I am right here son, I am right here... he searches for my voice and upon seeing me settles down and relaxes. Tyler the paramedic is busy placing electrodes, taking vitals, starting two IV's. He works silently, quietly, efficiently. A graceful dance of life saving ebbs and flows as the rig sways gently with the road. Dustin is at ease. He is calm. Tyler the driver trys to calm me down with small talk, and then the rig becomes silent. The road becomes long, and the stillness, the unknowing of how bad it is, and where will he be going, how long will he be gone, how far away will the hospital be from the rest of the boys, how am I ever going to make this happen? All these flooded thoughts drowning me. I don't know the answers. I say a little prayer... Dearest Heavenly Father, I don't know your reason for his trial, I just know that it is for his greater good, please let your will be done, take care of us. Amen. Tyler offers a tissue, as tears stream down my cheeks. I agree. He hollers for the medic to get me one.... no, no, no I grab for some left over napkins from one of their lunches... this is good. Tyler smiles. Good Enough.
I think to myself...yes, good enough. I begin in that moment to see the many blessings. How well he is doing, how calm he is. How well taken care of he is. I call the pair of Ambulance guys Tyler Squared. Young men, both doing an excellent job. I am amazed at the way his little boy is designed to tighten up to the pain of the burn and his vital areas are left unscathed by the searing heat of the water. How he takes no meds on the way there and only a single cc of morphine upon getting to the ER. This kid is a trooper. He talks to the nurses and tells him his pain level is a 6 on a scale of one to ten. A 6! I know some women who would complain that their own menstrual cycles are a 6, and his entire butt cheeks are bubbled and blistered and nearly gone. Is he serious? Yes, a 6. They give him the morphine shot.
Colton had offered before I left to go with Dustin to the hospital. I told him, I had to be the one to go now to do the insurance paperwork , but if he is admitted he will be staying with Dustin if he liked it or not. This thought comes to me... our family is blessed. Richly and deeply blessed. My immediate family is not close. And I have often wondered how I could teach my own children about having each others backs, and the meaning of family when mine is such a loose interpretation of that word. And yet, today, going trough the trials and tribulations set before us this day. Amongst the painful dressing changes, and the truly bleak financial situation this places us within... we are blessed. Blessed beyond measure, because we are wealthier then most. We are a family by every definition of the word. In times of strife and tragedy we can and will mobilize all of our talents and abilities to rise to the challenge, meet any hardship, and overcome any obstacle. This road is not an easy one, but the right roads never are... so I take solice in knowing we are on the right path... going in the right direction, and this team I call family is only growing tighter and stronger with each day.

          Josh Brolin teases Cable makeup in new Instagram still   

[India], June 29 (ANI): Josh Brolin is all set to transform into Cable for 'Deadpool


Since his casting announcement, Brolin has been teasing fans with new images or videos from

behind-the-scenes of the film, but this latest tease is surely going to make Marvel fans go


The 'Everest' star took to Instagram and shared a photo in a makeup chair getting prepared for

what will be Cable's iconic bionic enhancements.

He captioned the picture, "Insanity on the brink. Face is morphing into something machine,

fierce, hair sliced, arm machined, bulged. Where is Deadpool?!? Looking. Looking. All I got

are these two...molding me, prodding, turning me into something hard."

Cable's bionic facial implants, eye, and arm/shoulder all come from a "techno-organic virus"

the time-hopping X-Man was infected with as a child.

Recently, Brolin revealed his beefed up look for the role by posting a video of his intense

work out.

'Deadpool 2' shooting began on Tuesday. Reynolds shared the news via an Instagram post of a

movie slate.

The flick has a June 1, 2018 release date. (ANI)

          The Sound Barrier Podcast: 4: Mindhorn / The Mystery Of The Leaping Fish   
This fortnights Sound Barrier podcast tackles comedy for the first time. And in particular the comedic potential of detectives and drugs. On the modern corner with have British meta farce Mindhorn, where Julian Barrett plays Richard Thorncroft who played Isle Of Man bionic detective Mindhorn. He is drawn back to the Isle Of Man to […]
          New on Netflix July 2017   

It's that time of the month again!! Time to find out what you'll be able to watch on Netflix next month. Here is a complete list of everything coming and going from Netflix in July 2017.

Arriving to Netflix:

July 1


The Originals: Season 4

Free Willy

Disney's The Mighty Ducks

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Capo "El amo del tunel": Season 1

El Barco: Season 1

The Truth Is in the Stars

Deep Water: Season 1

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Hostages (Israel): Season 2

Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang

The Invisible Guest (Contratiempo)

Albion: The Enchanted Stallion

Liar's Dice

Offspring: Season 6

Boat Trip

Mixed Signals



Yours Fatefully: Season 1

The Ultimatum: Season 1

Unriddle II


Yes We Can!: Season 1

Spice Up: Season 1

World at Your Feet: Season 1


The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Last Night

Out of Thin Air

Witnesses: Season 2

The Longest Yard

Jackass: Number Two

Punch-Drunk Love

Are We There Yet?

Are We Done Yet?

The Land Before Time


The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving

Here Alone

Spawn: The Movie

Code Name: The Cleaner

The Astronaut Farmer

Best in Show

Proof of Life

Matchstick Men

Taking Lives

Police Academy

July 2

El Chema: Season 1

July 3

Diamond Cartel

Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story

July 4

The Standups: Season 1

July 5

iZombie: Season 3

July 6

Speech & Debate

The Void


July 7

Castlevania: Season 1—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Dawn of the Croods: Season 4—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Degrassi: Next Class: Season 4—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Luna Petunia: Season 2—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

1 Mile to You (Life At These Speeds)

July 8

Bad Santa 2

Horse Dancer

July 9


July 11

Gabriel Iglesias Presents The Gentleman Jerry Rocha

July 14

Friends From College: Season 1—NETFLIX ORIGINAL



Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

July 15

Rake: Season 4

West Coast Customs: Season 4

July 17

Uncertain Glory

Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness

A Cowgirl's Story

July 18

Aditi Mittal: Things They Wouldn't Let Me Say—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Ari Shaffir: Double Negative: Collection—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce: Season 3

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

July 20

Pretty Little Liars: Season 7B

July 21


Last Chance U: Season 2—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

The Worst Witch: Season 1—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

July 22

Railroad Tigers

July 24


July 25

Joe Mande's Award-Winning Comedy Special—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Munroe Island

July 28

The Incredible Jessica James—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Daughters of Destiny: Season 1—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

The Adventures of Puss in Boots: Season 5—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

July 31

After The Reality


Dark Night

Taking Earth

Being Mary Jane: The Series: Season 4—Date TBD


Leaving Netflix in July:

July 1

Blazing Saddles

American Pie Presents: Band Camp

Flicka 2

9/11: Stories in Fragments

Secrets: The Sphinx


Working Girl

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

An Unmarried Woman

Hello, Dolly!

MacGyver: Seasons 1–7

Ghost Whisperer: Seasons 1–5

Futurama: Season 6

Day of the Kamikaze

Mystery Files: Hitler

Mystery Files: Leonardo da Vinci

Nazi Temple of Doom

The Hunt for Bin Laden

The Incredible Bionic Man

History in HD: The Last Bomb

Secrets: A Viking Map?

Secrets: Richard III Revealed

Shuttle Discovery's Last Mission

Titanic's Final Mystery

Samurai Headhunters

America's Secret D-Day Disaster

Black Wings

Blondie's New York

Bombs, Bullets and Fraud

Death Beach

Hip Hop: The Furious Force of Rhymes

American Pie Presents: Beta House


American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

While You Were Sleeping

Kate & Leopold

El Dorado

July 3

The Last Samurai

Two Weeks Notice

July 6

Los Heroes del Norte: Seasons 1–2

July 11

Opposite Field

July 12

Sleeping Beauty

Adventures of Pepper and Paula

In the Basement

July 13

Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain

July 15

Lessons for a Kiss

All That Glitters

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          Redesigned Motorola DROID BIONIC pictures surface   

Motorola took the wraps off of the DROID BIONIC back during CES 2011, shortly thereafter announced that it had delayed the device until summer. Now, the first shots of the newly redesigned DROID BIONIC are beginning to surface. The images show the device has — what appears to be — a new version of Motorola's MOTOBLUR user interface. We assume most of the other specs remain the same: the phone clearly shows an 8-megapixel camera capable of recording 1080p video, it has a 4.3-inch qHD display, and support for Verizon's 4G LTE network. Unfortunately there's still no word on a possible release date, but let's hope the BIONIC's battery life is better than Verizon's other 4G phones. Hit the jump for two more images.

          Interview: Kelli Berglund Of Disney XD's Hit Series 'Lab Rats' Kelli Berglund stars in Disney XD’s hit series “Lab Rats” as Bree, one out of three bionic siblings   
Interview: Kelli Berglund Of Disney XD's Hit Series 'Lab Rats' Kelli Berglund stars in Disney XD's hit series "Lab Rats" as Bree, one out of three bionic siblings

Kelli Berglund

Kelli Berglund

Kelli Berglund

Kelli Berglund

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She can sing, she can dance and she can definitely act. Kelli Berglund stars in Disney XD's hit series "Lab Rats" as Bree, one out of three bionic siblings. She stars alongside Billy Unger, Spencer Boldman, who play Chase and Adam respectively, as her super powered siblings. The series follows their lives as their creator's stepson Leo (Tyrel Jackson) discovers them in an underground lab, and introduces them to the real world.

Starpulse had the opportunity to learn more about "Lab Rats", her cast-mates and Kelli herself in an interview with Kelli.

Starpulse: What were your thoughts when you found out that you were cast as Bree?

Kelli: I was ecstatic! I really loved the character and worked really hard throughout the auditioning process. I felt so blessed to have been given this opportunity.

S: What is your favorite memory with the cast of 'Lab Rats'?

K: We have so many fun memories! One of my favorites, though, would have to be when we all watched the premiere of the show together in a huge screening room at Paramount Studios. It was amazing watching all of our hard work finally pay off, and seeing it together made it that much more exciting.

S: What is the cast of 'Lab Rats' like?

K: The cast is literally my second family. All of us have become so close and we all get a long so well. I always know that whenever I'm on set, they're going to put a smile on my face.

S: What is a typical day for you like?

K: A typical day for me is usually being on set, doing schoolwork, and sleeping! I have to wake up super early to drive to the set, and once I arrive, I have to do several hours of school. After that, I'll have rehearsal or I'll begin shooting depending on whether it's a filming day. After having fun on set all day, I'll completely crash on the drive home!

S: What are some Disney channel shows that you watched when you were younger?

K: A big favorite of mine was "That's So Raven." I also really loved "Lizzie McGuire" and "The Proud Family."

S: Is there any Disney star that you look up to?

K: I really admire Debby Ryan. I began watching her on "The Suite Life on Deck," and since then, I've actually become friends with her. She's such a sweet person and has an amazing head on her shoulders. She gives off such a happy glow that everyone loves to be around her!

S: What are your plans for the near future?

K: I hope to continue filming "Lab Rats" for several more seasons, and from there, continue what I love doing... acting!

S: Tell us a fun fact about you.

K: Most people don't know that I'll eat anything spicy. A little extra kick is always a good thing!

S: Who is your celebrity crush?

K: Liam Hemsworth! He is so adorable.

S: If you could be a cartoon character, which would it be?

K: I've always wanted to be Blossom from "The Powerpuff Girls." Being a super hero, saving the world... I guess I'm living the dream, but as Bree!

          Disney XD live-action comedy series "Lab Rats" Kelli Berglund stars as overly outgoing super-human Bree with lightning speed abilities   
Disney XD live-action comedy series "Lab Rats"  Kelli Berglund stars as overly outgoing super-human Bree with lightning speed abilities

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Kelli Berglund stars as overly outgoing super-human Bree with lightning speed abilities. Bree is one of three bionic teen siblings, who tries to navigate a "normal" world of school, friends and family, with the occasional bionic glitch, in the Disney XD live-action comedy series "Lab Rats."


Berglund has graced the small screen in such series as "Hip Hop Harry," "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" and "America's Next Producer." She also appeared in the feature film "Bye, Bye Benjamin."

She has been featured in commercials for Old Navy, Hundai, Bratz, McDonald's and Mattel, among others, and has appeared in print campaigns for Reebok and the Camarillo Academy of Performing Arts.

Berglund is also an exceptional dancer, who is trained in ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary styles. She has received numerous honors and national recognition in major dance competitions with top choreographers, and was a featured dancer in a national promotional event for "Happy Feet."

Personal LifeEdit

A native of California, Berglund resides in Moorpark, California with her parents and younger sister. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, choreographing dance moves with her high school team, spending time with her sister, video editing, still photography and creating original films on her computer.


She is a triple threat dancer, singer and an actress.
She is good friends with Olivia Holt. (from Disney XD's Kickin' It)
She and the cast like to hang out after shooting an episode.
She is also good friends with upcoming co-star, Gina Wallace.
She has a little sister who also dances. (hiphop)
She has a youtube account as she confirmed in a youtube video.
She tap dances, does ballet, hiphop, and modern dancing.
She has been in 'Hip Hop Harry.
          Kelli Berglund Disney XD series, Lab Rats as Bree Davenport, a bionic teen kelli berglund kelli berglund twitter kelli berglund disney billy unger hal sparks lab rats disney kelli berglund bracy kelli berglund tumblr kelli berglund thanks   
Nude Kelli Berglund Disney XD series, Lab Rats as Bree Davenport, a bionic teen kelli berglund  kelli berglund twitter  kelli berglund disney  billy unger  hal sparks  lab rats disney  kelli berglund bracy  kelli berglund tumblr  kelli berglund thanks

Kelli Berglund
Born Kelli Michelle Berglund
February 9, 1996 (age 16)
Moorpark, California, U.S.
Occupation Actress, dancer
Years active 2006–present

Kelli Berglund (born February 9, 1996) is an American actress and dancer.[1][2] Berglund currently stars on the Disney XD series, Lab Rats as Bree Davenport, a bionic teen.[3][4]


1 Career
2 Personal life
3 Filmography
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Berglund began her career at a young age, gracing the small screen as a series regular on TLC's Hip Hop Harry. TV appearances also include Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader,[5] and America's Next Producer. Berglund also appeared in the indie film, Bye Bye Benjamin. Her commercial credits include campaigns for Old Navy, Hyundai, Bratz, McDonald's and Mattel, among others.[4] She has also appeared in print and modeling campaigns for Reebok and the Camarillo Academy of Performing Arts.[4] Berglund has been honored with many awards in dance for her lyrical contemporary, hip-hop, tap, and jazz techniques. Though she is equally versatile in these types of dance, her favorite style is contemporary — a blend of ballet and jazz.[6][7]

Berglund stars as overly outgoing, bionic super-human Bree with lightning speed abilities, in the Disney XD live-action comedy series Lab Rats alongside co-stars: Tyrel Jackson Williams, Billy Unger, and Spencer Boldman. Bree is one of the three bionic teen siblings, who tries to navigate a "normal" world of school, friends and family, with the occasional bionic glitch.[5][7]

Personal life

A native of California, Berglund resides in Moorpark, California with her parents, Mark and Michelle Berglund, and younger sister, Kirra. Berglund has spend her 2012 summer vacation at Oʻahu to try new things and have fun. She is now a junior in Moorpark High School's independent study program. During shooting, Berglund often must be at the studio. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, choreographing dance moves with her high school team, spending time with her sister, video editing, still photography and creating original films on her computer.[4][7]


Year Title Role Notes
2006 Bye Bye Benjamin [7] Unknown Minor role, independent film
2006–09 Hip Hop Harry [7] Herself Recurring role, TLC's TV show
2012–present Lab Rats Bree Davenport Main role, Disney XD Original Series


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On Tuesday morning I was riding to work on my scooter. A driver pulled out without looking, and I had to slam the brakes on. I skidded, dropped the bike, and broke my wrist. Here are some tweets from the last few days -

  • I'm Nil-by-mouth now, whilst everyone around me is eating breakfast. Rubbs!
  • This is so they operate on the correct arm. Which is reassuring. http://twitpic.com/115awq
  • Hello world. Am alive and back on ward. Arm dead weight due to nerve blocker. Quite surreal. Op all as planned.
  • I am the bionic man now - http://twitpic.com/115y9x
  • Arm is waking up. It's as if a hundred frozen cars have defrosted and are trying their engines, one by one. Vroom (ow), Vroom (ow) etc
  • Look what's right outside my hospital doors? http://twitpic.com/117ksn
  • SHUT THAT FUCKING BEEPING UP!!! #tryingtosleepinahospital
I've decided not to ride a scooter again. I normally don't allow things like this to set me back, but my other half has asked me not to. She very rarely asks me not to do anything, so I have to take notice. Thing is, I'm an excellent rider, driver, and cyclist - all in all, a very aware road user. But accidents like this happen completely out of your own control, no matter how good you are. So I'm going to stick to the tube and the camper from now on. Was fun while it lasted and I'm glad I learnt to ride and had some fun.
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Gal Gadot in Wonder Women

Sing, O goddess, the wrath of Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Queen Hippolyta, that brought countless ills upon the scions of Germany. Many a brave soul did her ruinous wrath send down to Hades, many a hero did it yield to dogs and vultures. For so were the counsels of Zeus fulfilled from the day on which Hippolyta, queen of Amazons, and her thoughtless daughter first fell out with one another.

When I was a kid in the 1970s, I watched the Lynda Carter version of Wonder Woman religiously. I was 8 when the show premiered. It was one of the only times popular culture let me exercise my inner aspirations for my gender identity without betraying them to the world at large. I've heard a lot of women my age talk about how they played at being Wonder Woman in the 1970s using Underroos as costumes and jump ropes as Lassos of Truth. I didn't get to do any of that, though I might have wanted to. My neighbor across the street was such a girl and I was insanely jealous of the fact that she had a Wonder Woman tiara and bracelets. I had to settle for pretending to be Batman, which was acceptable to a point. I couldn't do the things I wanted as play activity, but I could watch the show, and watch it I did. Because it was superheroes and nominally an action show, it was permitted for someone who was perceived to be a boy. But it spoke to me as a girl. Wonder Woman was an aspirational figure: gorgeous, badass, invincible. Hell, even her secret identity, Diana Prince, worked for a spy organization. No life of motherhood and housewifery for her. Moreover, there was a transformational element to to Wonder Woman that was absent in her near contemporary rival for girl power superheroics, The Bionic Woman. Jamie Sommers required six million dollars worth of bionic upgrades to become a hero, which was way out of reach to a lower middle-class kid like me. Diana Prince spun around and magically transformed into Diana of Paradise Island. There's a hardcore wish fantasy involved with Wonder Woman's spinning transformation, which maybe explains how Wonder Woman's fantasy gifts seemed more attainable than Jamie Sommers's technological ones. Magic doesn't have a price tag, after all. A lot of girls my age spent time spinning in hopes of becoming Wonder Woman. I did it myself in private moments every once in a while.

Wonder Woman #1 by George Perez

Wonder Woman comics in the 1970s were lousy, though. Her best stories generally appeared in team books like Justice League of America, where she was often sidelined in favor of male characters, or damselled. In her own book, the stories were often silly and usually pretty patronizing, even when the creators were aware of her status as a feminist icon. The first Wonder Woman series I ever bought was Kurt Busiek and Trina Robbins The Legend of Wonder Woman mini-series, followed closely by George Perez's revamp in 1987. The Legend of Wonder Woman was a loving pastiche of the original Golden Age version of the character, while Perez's book re-imagined her along more mythological lines. Perez's version is the canon from which the current character is drawn and it populates Wonder Woman's rogues gallery with mythological figures in preference to costumed enemies (though some of those show up too). It also changes Wonder Woman's mission in the world. She is an ambassador for both Themyscira and Amazonian ideals of peace and kindness. Moreover, the Perez comics largely avoid a male gaze when drawing both Diana and the other women who populate the story. The Amazons themselves and their island and Mount Olympus itself are rendered in loving pastiche of Hellenic art and architecture, often crossed with the gonzo spacial experiments of M. C. Escher. Perez provides Wonder Woman with an arch-enemy in Ares, the God of War. These comics are mostly pretty good. They are state of the art (in 1987) traditional comics. They stand out in stark contrast to the deconstructive versions of Batman and Superman and superheroes in general that are their contemporaries.

But they have their issues.

Wonder Woman by Azarello and ChiangMost comics created almost exclusively by men are going to step on their own dicks when writing about women eventually, and the Perez version of Wonder Woman is no different. In one issue, Diana's friend, Julia, goes off on the god, Hermes, with a righteous anger that's fully justified. At the end of the book, her outburst is written off by the character herself as menopausal, as if women's anger isn't justifiable if there's not an underlying feminine reason. Menopause, PMS, whatever. That's not to say that men can't write about women or Wonder Women specifically--Greg Rucka's superior version of Wonder Woman is largely free of this kind of shit--only that these things often happen when they do. The New 52 version of Wonder Woman, which debuted in 2011, is almost laughable in its anti-feminism. It's as if writer Brian Azarello went through the Perez origin story with the intention of demolishing its finer points, as if he wants to say, "Look! The Amazons are just as bad as Patriarchy." As if to establish a false equivalence between feminism and patriarchy. When Azarello revealed that the Amazons repopulated Themyscira by raping men and selling resulting male children into slavery, I should have checked out (the lovely Cliff Chiang art kept me reading for a while afterward, much to my chagrin). When the New God, Orion, slapped Diana on the ass and she failed to even attempt to rip his arm out of its socket, I did check out. (1) The New 52 more generally pursued a misguided romance between Diana and Superman that was just too much to bear. DC comics of the current decade really doesn't understand the appeal of most of their characters when they aren't brooding dark-night vigilantes.

In any event, these are the poles of depiction that the new film version navigates.

There's a shot in the otherwise dismal Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice that tells you all you need to know about Wonder Woman. She's just taken a hit from Doomsday. She wipes her face and grins as she gets up. She's enjoying the fight, and because she's enjoying it, the audience enjoys it, too. Alone of all the characters in Batman v. Superman, Wonder Woman seems free of angst and moral conflict. She's there to kick ass in the name of righteousness, and kick ass she does. She kicks ass better than either of the nominal lead characters, as it so happens. Any fan complaints about Gal Gadot's suitability for the role are erased in a heartbeat. She inhabits the character completely. Her own movie continues in that vein. Right at the outset of Wonder Woman, when Diana is a little girl, she mimics the training she witnesses among her fellow Amazons, much to the disapproval of her mother. She wants to fight from the get go.

Connie Nielsen and Lilly Aspel in Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins's Wonder Woman (2017) strikes me as a women's movie in only the most minimal of ways. Directed by a woman, sure, and I don't discount that, but it was written by three men. The first act on Themyscira passes the Bechtel test and provides a plethora of strong, diverse women, but that first act only lasts, what? Twenty minutes? Enough to establish Diana's origins. If someone was to make a movie that spends its entire running time on Themyscira, I'd be down with that, because I want to know more about Hippolyta and Antiope and Niobe and Artemis and Nubia and the other amazons, most of whom only have a walk-on role in Diana's story as it breezes through her childhood and beyond.

The Amazons of Themyscira are a conundrum. Created by the gods to show man a the errors of their ways after they've been misled by Ares, god of war, they're a living avatar of the dictum, "Si vis pacem, para bellum " ("If you would have peace, prepare for war." ). Fighting war with more war seems to my mind a fool's errand, and the fact that most of the new film is set during the "war to end all wars," demonstrates that, on some level, the filmmakers are aware of this. The Perez comics are aware of this, too, and when Diana eventually confronts Ares himself, she doesn't destroy him with his own power, as she does in the movie, she disarms him with truth through the instrument of her magic lasso. She demonstrates to him that if his nuclear apotheosis follows to its logical conclusion, he will have lost everything. This is canny. This is Diana transcending her intended role as a warrior and becoming a peacemaker. The film botches this in every possible way. Her discovery of the power of love results in more violence? This seems wrong, somehow. She's attempting to dismantle the master's house with the master's tools, to paraphrase Audre Lorde. I don't know, maybe the film is aware of this conundrum, too, given the historical placement of the film's action. Maybe it's the point. The disaster of World War I was followed by World War II, after all. Ares may have lost in this film, but he wins in the end, doesn't he? He's planted the seeds of man's destruction, hasn't he? Is Diana's mission to weed the fruits of those seeds? I suppose it's possible.

If Themyscira is Eden, then Steve Trevor's arrival is the apple and the serpent. The war follows close on his heels, and suddenly "man's world" has intruded onto both Themyscira and Diana herself. The stories her mother has told her about the Amazons and about her own birth have primed her to leave the nest and hunt for Ares. She sees Ares's hand in the war. of course, and takes it upon herself to end him and to end war. Once the movie leaves Themyscira, it becomes more conventional. Diana's banter with Steve Trevor both on Themyscira and on their way to London is the stuff of rom coms. Of course Diana is familiar with the pleasures of the flesh. And of course the Amazons have determined that men are necessary only for procreation, but not for pleasure. And, of course, Diana falls for Steve Trevor. The movie stacks the deck here. Its version of Trevor transcends his usual role as Lois Lane in drag. He's a heroic figure. Played by Chris Pine, who has lately been discovering his own movie star charisma, he's an enticement to a male audience. He's the figure provided to the male viewer for their own fantasy identification, brave, "above average," heroic. The movie gives him feet of clay--he's a spy, so there's a certain amount of duplicity involved with his character--but never once does he transgress in a way that voids that identification. I like Steve Trevor in this film, but I'm disappointed, too, that the filmmakers aren't brave enough to encourage a male audience to focus their identification on Diana. Women have been asked to identify with male heroes for decades, after all. This is a problem that plagues the film until the end.

Chris Pine, Gal Gadot, and Lucy Davis in Wonder Woman

Once the film moves to London, the roles of women diminish. Steve's secretary, Etta Candy, briefly provides Diana with another woman to act as her foil as she navigates Man's World as a fish out of water. The film has some fun adapting her to the role of women circa 1918, with its ridiculous and constricting fashions. The scene where Diana mistakes corsetry for armor is cute. Etta makes a throwaway line about women fighting with their personalities that notes that women don't have the vote just yet. When Diana follows Trevor into a meeting of parliament, she brings the deliberations to a halt with her very presence. During these scenes, the filmmakers "get" it. It's in these scenes that the film is at its most feminist, but it's feminist in a way that will not discomfort a male viewer who is neutral on the subject of feminism. It's assertions that women should have the vote or shouldn't have to bind themselves into corsets are uncontroversial, though perhaps these things need to be reasserted at the present political moment.

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

Once the film moves to the war proper, Diana becomes a smurfette. Or, maybe more accurately, she becomes Snow White. She's the center of attention, sure, but she's the center of attention for an all-male supporting cast. Worse, she's a Madonna figure, too, an object of admiration and even worship. She's a principle more than a character. Placing a woman on a pedestal--especially a character who is described at one point as "the most beautiful woman you've ever seen"--rather than letting her be a character unto herself is a problem. This portion of the film mitigates this some. It gives some of her supporting cast foibles that humanize them while giving nods to the broader DC comics universe (I never, ever, expected to see Apache Chief as a character in a film, but this film does a good job of imagining him for this particular milieu). Moreover, if Diana is to be an archetype rather than an actual woman, then this film does a splendid job matching her to archetypal images. The scene where she crosses no-man's land is as iconic a display of super-heroics as you're likely to ever see on a movie screen, as is the subsequent scene where she takes out a sniper in a bell tower (a scene that echoes a scene on Themyscira earlier in the film when Antiope takes out a trio of well-concealed German soldiers that may be equally iconic). Superhero films are action films, after all, and the stuff that's derived from World War I provides splendid cinematic action. It also provides the film with the opportunity for Diana to ignore the dictates of men, as she does what's right in spite of the weakness of the men around her. These scenes tend to highlight the dichotomy of Wonder Woman as this films imagines her, though. She's an emissary of peace, but she murders the hell out of a bunch of German soldiers here, though maybe the film has a point to make from this. After she dispatches her main human enemies, she's shown the goodness men are capable of in Steve Trevor's final flight. Greater love hath no man, and all that. Certainly, this is necessary after Diana realizes that Ares isn't necessary for men to find reasons to kill one another. This act is an act of redemption for Trevor, too, who has fallen from grace with Diana.

The relationship between Steve and Diana leads inevitably to Diana's sexuality. The film takes some time out of the action for a romantic interlude between them, in which she "learns" to dance, and then is delighted by her first encounter with snow. After which, she takes Steve to bed. I'm okay with this, I guess. I like the idea of Diana as a woman in command of her sexuality, fucking whoever she wants and screw anyone else's judgement of who she should take to bed. I'm even okay with her taking a man to bed even though I know she's queer as hell. The film incorporates this better than most of its canonical elements. I think this scene, and the scene in which Diana first sees Steve naked, and the scene where they discuss sexual mores on the boat to London, are the areas where having a female director are most evident. The sight of naked Chris Pine is a female-gaze shot if ever there was one, and he's more undressed in this scene than any woman is in the film. The double entendres in this scene are also focused on Trevor's, um, physique, which is refreshing. In the scene after Steve and Diana dance, Diana is clearly neither naive or compliant to Steve's desires. She wants him on her own and she takes him, even if the film is mercifully reticent about showing the actual act of their lovemaking. This is all in the control of her agency, not the agency of some man. Of all of the film's nods to feminism, this is perhaps the most important. If we must have romance, this could have gone much, much worse than this.

I am disappointed by the villains in Wonder Woman. I mean, General Ludendorff is a cartoon Nazi twenty-five years before the fact. That he's played by Danny Huston, who specializes in such roles, is almost lazy given the actor's career anima. When he dispatches of the German high command and throws them a useless gas mask, then has a good laugh about it with Dr. Maru, the film has crossed over into mustache twirling. Ludendorff was a real person, by the way, and maybe the movie has the right idea about him, given that after the war, he was a prominent Nationalist (later the Nazis) and took credit for the victories of others while promoting the idea that Germany lost the war because they had been stabbed in the back by Jews and Bolsheviks. Having Diana stab him with the Godkiller sword may be historically dubious, but it IS cathartic. He was a piece of work. Doctor Maru--aka Dr. Poison--is one of Wonder Woman's oldest villains in the comics. Originally a Nazi scientist in the comics, she retains that role here. She's more complex than Ludendorff. There's something broken inside her that's teased to the surface by Steve Trevor in their scene together at the Kaiser's ball. Elena Anaya gives a more layered performance in this scene than she does in others. The film's conception of her motivations, though, is deeply troubling. Maru wears a mask over part of her face, and when that mask is removed by Ares as he urges Diana to despise human beings, there's an equation of disfigurement with evil and beauty with virtue. Diana has every reason to destroy Maru, but she chooses the right action in spite of the film's troubling implications more to spite Ares than because it's right action. But right action even for the wrong reasons is right action, right?

Elena Anaya and Chris Pine in Wonder Woman

Diana's final battle with Ares is disappointing, too. Ares's dialogue in this section of the film is awful, base-standard super villain stuff. Ares is an uncomplicated villain, even if he does unfold uncomfortable facts about Diana's origins. As an action sequence, this is very much of a piece with the battle with Doomsday in Batman v. Superman. While I understand that Warner Brothers was leery of this film and obviously didn't plan for sequels (foolishly, as it turns out), I wish they had more foresight. Ares is a threat that should have continued into another film (set, perhaps in World War II?), with his minions as the big bad in this film. The Perez books set Diana against Ares's sons, Deimos and Phobos (Terror and Fear), before they ever brought Ares on stage. For that matter, there are a host of related female villains that would have suited, too. Eris (goddess of discord) for one example, or Enyo (a related goddess of war). Admittedly, one theme of the film is Diana vs. Patriarchy, and that means Ares himself, but this is a missed opportunity.

The presence of Ares, and to a lesser extent Zeus, highlights one of the film's odder lacunae. Where are the female gods in the Greek pantheon? The film intimates that Ares has killed them all, but surely Hippolyta would have told Diana about their role in the creation of the Amazons. Not only are the female gods absent from the screen (save for a couple of silhouettes in Hippolyta's picture book), none are even named at any point in the film. Not even Diana's characteristic exclamation of "Great Hera!" This suggests to me a film that is really a boy's film. The filmmakers have done the bare minimum to suggest this is a women's film, but if it's unnecessary to the broader virility of the film, feminine elements like goddesses and major female villains have been stripped from the film.

If I sound ambivalent toward the film, I'm not, really. I liked it enough to see it twice, so my ambivalence falls on the side of affection and admiration. I like it a lot more than I like any other film based on DC comics going back twenty-five years or so. A comparison between this film and its companions in the DC extended universe is instructive. Unlike the other films in the series (Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad), this film has a very clear three act structure. It's almost classical in comparison to Suicide Squad, which has so many characters that anything approaching a "structure" to the narrative is virtually impossible. That film was downright clumsy in its unfolding, giving each character a snippet of exposition, then giving them another snippet of exposition, and finally still another snippet of exposition. It wastes a ton of time on this before it comes anywhere near an actual plot (though whether the film has an actual plot is debatable). Much the same complaint can be laid at Batman v. Superman, though it's not nearly as profligate with its exposition. It's so intent on sewing together two intractable and incompatible source texts while occasionally taking time out for franchise building that its good qualities are swamped by its own narrative incoherence. Wonder Woman has a plethora of origin stories, so it could be forgiven for rendering her movie origins incoherent, but the movie itself is crystal clear on this point. Moreover, each act of the film flows into the next in a way that provides narrative continuity. The action of the previous act has consequences in the next. I will admit that the transition between Diana and Steve's conversation on the boat and then waking up in London was jarring; where exactly IS Themyscira? Off the coast of Turkey? That would make sense with the backstory Trevor is given. Off the coast of, say, France? That would jibe with the movie time elided in the cut between Steve and Diana's conversation about sex and the next morning. But whatever. Most blockbuster movies are impatient with time and geography anymore.

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

The element of the film that most yanks this away from the domination of men is Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman herself. This is a star-making performance, at once nurturing and feminine and hard as steel when required. The scene where Wonder Woman is revealed in full for the first time is a scene that has to have an actor to match it, and Gadot inhabits the role so effortlessly that you never question whether or not she's Wonder Woman, because she IS Wonder Woman. She's the best match of actor and role in superhero movies since Christopher Reeve in the first Superman film (a film to which this film pays homage in one of its best scenes). In truth, this film is well-cast in depth. The actors who play the Amazons are all suggestive of deeper stories (the brief scene of Niobe besting all comers has a narrative to it). This is especially true of Robin Wright as Antiope and Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta, two sisters with ideological differences regarding the mission of the Amazons. If the producers of this film were to take all of these actors and make a Game of Thrones-style TV series about Themyscira, I'd watch it. The male cast makes less of an impression, Chris Pine excepted, but they mostly fill their roles in a way that adds texture to the film. Make no mistake, though, this is Gal Gadot's movie. (2)

This all comes back to representation and little girls twirling around in circles hoping to transform into Wonder Woman.

Warner Brothers apparently had no faith in the film, and projected it to do relatively modest business compared to other superhero movies. They failed to sign Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins to long-term deals for subsequent films, which is going to cost them a lot of money when both women come looking for bigger paychecks next time. Meanwhile, out in the real world, women are going to see this film in actual packs. To an extent, this film is a cultural bellwether. It appears at a time when many women feel under siege by the new patriarchy of the current political reality, and Wonder Woman stands as a heroine for the present moment. She's the zeitgeist in a bottle. Ordinarily, I would have seen Wonder Woman with my brothers because it came out in the window of time when we go to movies together to celebrate their respective birthdays, but instead, I found myself in a first-weekend audience with a veritable posse of other women. A friend of mine booked an entire block of seats and rounded up lady friends to fill them. I look at this film and I marvel at how dense male film executives can be about women headlining action films. Mad Max: Fury Road was a mere two years ago, after all. It wasn't men who bought all those Twilight tickets, or all those Hunger Games tickets, or all those Titanic tickets. Make a good movie in which women can see ourselves as something other than an accessory for a male hero and we will come to see your movie.

I've all but accused this film of being a boy's film in disguise as a women's film, but the experience of seeing the film in the theater runs counter to that impression. I've mentioned the scene early in the film when young Diana mimics the training she sees the other Amazons undergoing. That scene has a specific real-world resonance for me, because the first audience I was in for the film had a fair number of young girls in it. There was a girl in the row in front of me who was behaving exactly like young Diana as the credits rolled, miming Wonder Woman in action. There were two more out in the lobby as I made my way to my car. There's obviously a deep and atavistic pleasure in seeing someone like you in the role of hero, and girls and women are starved for this kind of representation. Many long years separate Ellen Ripley from Imperator Furiosa and Wonder Woman. So who am I to call this a "boys' movie" then? Because if women and girls are taking it to heart, then it belongs to them.

(1) If you want an example of how this might have played out, I would suggest the second issue of Joe Keatinge and Sophie Campbell's version of Glory. Glory was a Wonder Woman knock-off created by artist Rob Liefeld for his creator-owned universe. Keating and Campbell radically re-imagined
Glory in 2012. In the issue in question, Glory ends up ripping the arm off of Supreme, Liefeld's Superman knock off. It's gory and cathartic.

(2) I am aware of the controversy surrounding Gal Gadot's nationality and perceived Zionism. I acknowledge this concern, but I am not equipped or prepared to engage in a discussion of this issue. I think one could just as easily take the film to task for being an American film as you can for having an Israeli star. I'm concerned that accusations of "zionism" are often a means by which the left can indulge in anti-Semitism under the cover of social justice activism. There are legitimate reasons to criticize Israel, but there's a knife's edge to walk here and I don't feel like trying to walk it. If this bothers you, I encourage you to research the facts and form your own opinion on the matter.

Christianne Benedict on Patreon
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          Will Bionic Woman Be Canceled?   

Originally posted on: http://geekswithblogs.net/scottkuhl/archive/2007/10/05/Will-Bionic-Woman-Be-Canceled.aspx

First a show like Cavemen is allowed to see the light of day, now Bionic Woman's ratings are dropping like a stone.

“Bionic” fell 30 percent during its second episode to a 4.0.  Moreover, this morning the industry is buzzing that the pivotal second “Bionic” episode, the result of extensive behind-the-scenes retooling, was a creative disaster—cliché-packed dialogue, a nonsensical villain, one-note characters. The much-heralded arrival of Isaiah Washington (who in a New York Post story Wednesday proved yet again you don’t need bionics to be a tool) was a non-event; just another performer trying to inject humanity into a clunky show whose most arresting visual is Miguel Ferrer’s neck jowls.

Have any of you watched this show an not liked it?  The only thing I don't like so far is how much emphasis they seem to be putting on the Good Bionic Woman vs. Evil Bionic Woman.

ABC Triumph: 'Private Practice' Overthrows 'Bionic Woman'  (Great, another medical drama.)

          Маленькое дополнение к обзору экипировки.   
Основной пост
Позади более 1600км, можно сделать определенные выводы.

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К этому добавил:
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Несколько слов о нем ТУТ

Теромзащиту шеи. Для теплой и жаркой погоды.

Эффективна. Позволяет полноценно функционировать вентиляции шлема. Из минусов, при длительной поездке на голове «шухер».

Балаклавой. Для прохладной погоды.

Эффективна. На голове полный порядок. Из минусов, т.к. шлем подбирался с плотной посадкой и внутренности еще не обжались, то если недельки 1,5 -2 не стричься — будет дискомфортно.

При выборе подшлемников столкнулся с проблемой — запотевания очков при прикрытом носе. Поэтому балаклаву выбрал с отверстием по более, чтобы нос оставить открытым. Защиту шеи так же одеваю под нос.
Теперь вернемся к основному комплекту.

В целом получилось не плохо )
Сидит достаточно цельно и плотно. Конечно внешний вид не утилитарный, джинсы смотрелись бы более цивильно, но они не стыкуются с курткой молнией что «–« Кожаная куртка успешно противостоит ветровой нагрузки (ветровичок на мотто символический), маракая(белая), почти после каждой поездки приходится чистить. Штаны комфортны – не жарко и не холодно. В жару открываю вентиляционное отверстия, за карманами, и не застегиваю нижнюю молнию с липучкой позволяя более эффективно работать мембранам сапог. Сапоги весьма удобные – позволяют передвигаться пешком без затруднений, разве что поскрипывают, и оставляют ноги сухими и теплыми даже в дождь. Шлем – шумит, сравнивать особо не с чем, но шум есть, причем от использовании различных элементов вентиляции звук меняется )

Теперь очень интересное наблюдение, поездки в дождь и грозу, которые для Питра и ЛО обычное явление.

Т.к. дождевиками еще не обзавелся, то катаемся в чем есть. В целом экипировка выдерживает натиск стихии очень неплохо. Куртка сопротивляется, штаны хоть и намокают но не глубоко и быстро сохнут, к сапогам никаких претензий.

А вот с перчатками иная история. В жару в них очень комфортно, за счет перфораций. Но стоит температуре опуститься ниже +14…+12 руки начинают мерзнуть. Во время дождя, они намокают в момент и пропускают влагу под куртку этак на 10см выше кисти — руки уже дубеют. А самое главное – жутко долго сохнут. Если за бортом +30 то может процесс был бы веселее, но при +20 о просушке во время движения после дождя можно не мечтать (они даже дома к утру не высыхают (( ). Пожалуй, самый слабый элемент — поищем альтернативу.

Буду рад, если эта информация кому-то пригодится.

Постоянный адрес публикации: bikepost.ru
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Всех интересующихся прошу под cut.

Следуя народной мудрости, решил с пользой потратить зимние месяцы и закупался экипировкой. О которой несколько слов ниже.

Куртка IXS Kaban
Куртка из натуральной воловьей кожи. Подмышками текстильные вставки для лучшей вентиляции. На рукавах и спине световозвращающие полоски, визуально черные в свете светло-голубые (см.фото). Расцветки черно-белая и бело-черная, выбор пал на последнюю.

Куртка обладает встроенной защитой локтей, плеч и спины. Локти и плечи в меру мягкие, имеют штамп о сертификации по EN 1621-1. Карманы для плеч выполнены впритык, так что если подбирать альтернативные вставки нужно быть предельно внимательными к размерам, локти крепятся чуть более свободно.

Вставка спины носит скорее декоративный характер, но меняется на фирменную защиту PROTECT T (X99556) сертифицированную по EN 1621-2 Level 2.

У куртки так же есть теплая подстежка.

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Штаны IXS Nairobi
Текстильные мотоциклетные брюки из Polyoxford 600D и AIRGUARD 1000D. Водоотталкивающая, дышащая и ветрозащитная мембрана SoltoTEX. Пять карманов.

Встроенная съемная защита коленей, аналогична той, что в куртке. Удобный доступ в отсек защиты снаружи,

а отсек фактически прослойка во всю длину, сама защита крепится на липучках.

Вставки защиты бедер номинальные и требуют замены.

Так же есть теплая подстежка.

Одним из основных факторов послуживших в пользу выбора куртки и штанов одной фирмы стала возможность объединить их молнией

Ссылка на описание _http://acidmoto.ch/cms/content/essai/2011/03/09/ixs-nairobi-pantalon-toutes-saisons-et-toutes-utilisations
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Специальное силиконовое анти-скользящее покрытие в области ладоней. Две застежки липучки.

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Тут сделаем небольшую паузу.
Все выше перечисленное было подобрано в интернете, а место покупки фактически определено зимними скидками. До полного комплекта, в первом приближении, не хватало сущей мелочи – сапог.

Изначально выбор пал на IXS Road 2

почитав форумы и посмотрев обзоры осознав, что конечно они удобные, но чуть лучше чем кроссовки, решил пересмотреть концепцию в сторону большей защиты.
Везде рекомендовали SIDI ST Air

собственно бросился на их поиски.
Найдя их и померив, понял, что встала очередная проблема, плоскостопие (предпоследней степени) внесло свои коррективы и, увы, эти боты пришлось оставить в магазине.
Дальше были поездки в магазины и примерки различных моделей. В результате, было обнаружено, что наличие внутреннего фиксирующего сапожка в целом решало мою проблему.
Такой сапожок был обнаружен в двух моделях: Dainese Axial Pro

Интересный вариант но цена в 25т.руб у нас (и около 20 в интернете) несколько остудила интерес к ней.

В итоге выбор пал на Alpinestars S-MX Plus Gore-Tex
Спортивно-туристические мотоботы для мотоциклистов — Alpinestars S-MX Plus Gore-Tex
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Усиленная пятка.
Новевшая система защиты Alpinestars Multi Link Control от гиперэкстензии, чрезмерного наклона и вращения ступни, с защитой «ахила» и пятки.
Внешние эргономичные, подвижные панели с мягкой защитой из вспененного материала EVA в области «ахилла» и на подъеме мотобота.
Мягкая отделка окантовки мотобота.
Защита голени выполнена из ударопрочного из пластика.
Защита жесткая из ударопрочного пластика в области косточки.
Невысокий каблук для снятия нагрузки со ступни и удобства положения мотобота на подножке мотоцикла
Область носка мотобота имеет специальную отделку для защиты от повреждения в следствии контакта с металлом, в частности рычага переключения передач
Жесткая защита из полиуретана носка, пятки, щиколотки, голени.
Внешняя защита передней части мотобота, так же дополнена пластиковым слайдером (сменный, съемный).

В магазине мерил Alpinestars S-MX Plus, но т.к. моего размера не оказалось — заказал в известном интернет-магазине в варианте GORE-TEX, что по цене оказалось дешевле чем у нас обычные, и спустя 2 недели получил заветную посылку на почте.
Достаточно удобные, после часа хождения по дому при +22 ногам было комфортно.

Черепах Alpinestars Bionic 2 protection jacket

СЕ-сертифицированнные протекторы плеч и локтей. Съемная защита спины Bionic Back Protector CE level 2. Основание: стрейч-сетка. Пластиково-пенная защита груди. Полуавтоматическая молния YKK. Регулировка обхвата рукавов и плеч. Регулируемый двойной пояс на липучке

Про данную модель много чего написано. Выбор в пользу черепахи сделал по следующим причинам: более жесткая; площадь локтей и плеч больше; присутствует защита груди и пояс в районе почек; универсальность. Рассматривал различные варианты, основными претендентами были Forcefield, Dainese Jacket W-T Pro 2 и Alpinestars Bionic 2 protection. Первый отпал из-за гибкости, хоть и с большей заявленной степенью гашения энергии, второй не удалось найти моего размера с защитой шеи, а без нее защита спины на мой взгляд сидит слишком низко, хоть и прикрывает копчик. А выбранная черепашка разместилась под курткой можно сказать впритык )).

Шорты Alpinestars Bionic freeride short
Наколенники Alpinestars Adult defender knee guard

Были куплены в том же магазине что и черепаха. Шорты, как и черепаха, достаточно известны. А вот наколенники подбирал из условия ношения под штанами, притом, из всех предложенных моделей (в магазине), защита коленной чашечки у них была наилучшая, хоть и более объемная.

Надеюсь, данная информация поможет кому-то определится с выбором.
В планах докупить комплект термобелья и защиту шеи (типа ALPINESTARS NECK ROLL)

Ну и на последок, разбавлю этот занудный пост фото в стиле Crazy Frog ))

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          Psymbionic Adds Glitch Hop Remix Magic to Trillbass Tune - FREE DOWNLOAD   
In anticipation of their upcoming album, Trillbass has released Psymbionic's glitch-hop/drumstep hybird remix of the unreleased traack "Cheif Rocka".
          Psymbionic Remixes "Give It Away" and Does Just That   
Psymbionic released a remix of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Give It Away" in anticipation of the upcoming release of his EP Illusions on December 13th. The remix as well as the instrumental (sans Kiedis) are available as free downloads.
          Psymbionic Releases Debut EP "Illusions"   
The debut EP from Austin, TX producer Psymbionic arrives today on California-based Made In Glitch. Drawing on a wide array of influences, the "Illusions" EP traverses the spectrum of bass music with five tracks that weigh in on multiple sub genres of Dubstep.
          Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (Psymbionic Remix)   
John Burcham is one of the most talented and well-respected music producers emerging from andquot;The Live Music Capital of the World,andquot; Austin, TX. His comprehensive knowledge of music and experiences in the crowd, on stage, and behind the scenes in the music industry provide him with different perspectives and an innovative approach to creating music. Contributing to the production of SXSW showcases, and performing frequently under his alias Psymbionic, Burcham has helped further the success of SXSW and foster the cityand#39;s bass music culture.
          Psymbionic - Ride With Me (Truth Remix)   
For the past few years, multifaceted producer and entrepreneur John Burcham has been churning out originals and remixes that have covered every angle of the bass world. A lot of high-profile reworkings have gained him much deserved attention, but today itand#39;s a remix of his work that has us excited.
          Psymbionic Releases 'Ride With Me' VIP Mix   
As a thank you for helping the "Ride With Me" EP break the top 20 on Beatport's dubstep album charts, Psymbionic has put together an alternate take of the title track in true 'VIP' form.
          Psymbionic Shares Remix of Incubus' "Stellar"   
Simultaneously fresh and nostalgic, the newest free remix from Austin, Texas based Psymbionic is a brisk, bass heavy retake on "Stellar" by rock band Incubus.
          Gravitas Recordings and Psymbionic Launch Neurovation Charity Compilation and Contest   
Gravitas Recordings and Psymbionic have teamed up to create a unique charity compilation record, titled “Neurovation”, which will be released September 25th. Preview the tracks, preorder the album and enter to win signed artist merchandise from The Glitch Mob, Starkey, Kraddy, The Untz, Livid Instruments and Dubspot!
          Psymbionic - Podcast Episode 131   
John Burcham, a.k.a. Pymbionic, is featured on this week's episode of The Untz Podcast. He curated a compilation album coming out on Gravitas Recordings on September 25th that features Kraddy, Mochipet, Sugarpill, Gladkill, Minnesota, Govinda, and so many more, with all proceeds going directly to Charity:Water.
          Pharo's "Native Range" EP Release and Contest   
Pharo Releases Debut EP "Native Range" featuring remixes by Omega and Psymbionic on Gravitas Recordings + Custom Painted Untz/GRC Snapback Contest!
          Psymbionic Presents: Neurovation (A Compilation for Charity:Water)   
On September 25, Gravitas Recordings and John “Psymbionic” Burcham will release Neurovation, a musical compilation extremely unique in its mission. Neurovation was born out of a desire to support Charity:Water, an organization who works to provide clean water to rural villages and developing nations across the globe. 100% of Neurovation’s proceeds will be donated to Charity:Water.
          Steve Miller Band: Fly Like An Eagle (Psymbionic Remix)   
Out of nowhere, Psymbioinc has released yet another nostalgia invoking remix. This time he throws a rather funky glitched out twist on the classic Steve Miller Band song "Fly Like An Eagle." Give it a listen and grab the free download.
          VibeSquaD: Bionic Hijinks Review   
One thing I can definitely say about VibeSquaD’s new EP is that it wastes no time. Aaron Holsteinwants listeners to know, in no uncertain terms, what the aim of Bionic Hijinksis: to get them on their feet. Coming in at a razor-thin 16:39 album length, the EP comes roaring right at listeners like the custom hot rod on its cover.
          Psymbionic Releases New Free Original + Muti Music EP Announcement   
Psymbionic releases a new original track for free download to coincide with the announcement of PostWaveFutureCore, his next EP release, on Muti Music in January 2013. This Friday Psymbionic is at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco for RE:SYNCH The Untz 3 Year Anniversary with FreQ Nasty, Wick-it the Instigator and more!
          Psymbionic releases PostWaveFutureCore EP   
Never one to shy away from pushing musical boundaries, Psymbionic proves yet again that he has no limits on his latest EP, Post/Wave/Future/Core out today on Muti Music. Loose funk grooves permeate this cohesive and chromatic 6 track album as it spans many of the -step, future-, and -hop genres that the electronic music community has embraced.
          Psymbionic remixes 311's "Amber" for Valentine's Day gift   
Fresh off his PostWaveFutureCore EP released a few weeks ago, Psymbionic hits the ground running with a brand new FREE remix just in time for Valentine's Day! The classic 311 love song "Amber" gets a bass heavy treatment, turning it from a reggae-rock ballad into a driving drumstep gone dnb venture.
          D.V.S*: Hit the Clouds Running Review   
The most recent release in a plentiful bounty of productions by Derek VanScoten, better known as D.V.S*, is the downtempo dance dreamscape album Hit the Clouds Running. A lot of collaboration went into the creation of this soundtrack, featuring guest artists such as Govinda and Psymbionic, as well as a myriad of vocalists and instrumentalists. The result is a lighthearted, groovy progression full of eclecticism.
          Psymbionic: PostWaveFutureCore: Remixed   
Get ready for an aural experience you don’t wanna miss. From heavy ’n trippy looped-out dub to definitive glitch-hop spanning bass innovations yet to be named, Psymbionic’s PostWaveFutureCore: Remixed is where it's at. John Burcham gathered six of his friends and favorite producers to get down, taking on four of the original album’s six tracks and the results are nothing short of spectacular.
          DESTROID unveils insane live show in San Francisco (VIDEO)   
Donning post-apocalyptic alien spacesuits and arming themselves with futuristic sonic weapons forged in some underground dungeon by a bionic warlock, Canadian bass god Excision joined forces with fellow dubstep demon Downlink and drummer KJ Sawka for the official unveiling of the DESTROID live show at the Warfield in San Francisco.
          Minnesota: Stardust Redux (Psymbionic Remix)   
Hot remix alert! Psymbionic just dropped free remix of Minnesota’s banger “Stardust Redux”. This song was awesome before the remix. Psymbionic didn’t feel the need need to make any super drastic changes. The hypnotic chords in the intro are still entirely intact. And while the drop is heavier and glitched out, it never takes away from the initial awesomeness of the original cut.
          Minnesota - Eternal Frequencies: Equinox Remix EP   
Everyone wants to take a shot atandnbsp;Minnesota. In a good way! The Austin, Texas-based label, Gravitas Recordings, gifts to fans and fanatics everywhere a seven-track collection of Minnesota remixes from some of the best and brightest producers in the bass biz.andnbsp;Psymbionicandnbsp;kicks off the collection with a glitchy take on andquot;Stardust Redux.andquot; The Redux remix contest netted a trio of incredible takes, includingandnbsp;Perkuklat0rand#39;s competition winning contribution and a filthy offering fromandnbsp;Filibusta.
          Aligning Minds - Folk Lore (Push/Pull Remix) [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]   
Weand#39;ve been waiting a while for this one! The albumandnbsp;My Heart Is Loveandnbsp;from Asheville-Baltimore duoandnbsp;Aligning Mindsandnbsp;took us by surprise earlier this year. Full of downtempo, psychedelic, glitchy goodness, the healing vibes of the long play took us on a fantastical journey from which we never wanted to return. Until now. Dan Merrill and Mike Folk got a bunch of their buddies in the industry to throw down some tasty takes on the albumand#39;s tracks forandnbsp;My Heart is Remixed.andnbsp;KiloWatts,andnbsp;Psymbionic, andandnbsp;Androcell, among others, took turns putting their own spins on these cuts, but todayand#39;s premiere fromandnbsp;Push/Pullandnbsp;stood out to us.
          Psymbionic and D.V.S* review / The Parish (Austin, TX) / Nov 21, 2013   
Austin’s homegrown soundscape artists and bass engineers, Psymbionic, D.V.S*, Somatoast, and B!unt Force made a statement last month with their townie takeover at The Parish. The night radiated a local vibe with undertones of something grander on the verge of erupting, as it showcased local raw talent and contagious creativity. The talent of Thursday night’s lineup exemplified electronic music with substance; all four guys produce and perform their own original music, keeping the show far from the average DJ set.
          Gravitas Music Showcase featuring Dub Fx LIVE from SXSW!   
The Gravitas Music Showcase at SWSW kicks off TODAY at 1pm CDT from Barcelona in Austin, Texas. If you are not making it to SXSW this year, have no fear, Domelandia.TV has got you covered with a LIVE stream direct to your living room (or office as it may be). The event presented by Symphonic Distribution, TheUntz.com and Dubspot will feature legendary beatboxer and "Worldwide Looping Street Performer" Dub Fx as well as Govinda, Pysmbionic, D.V.S*, The Digital Connection and more.
          El Diablo - Weird Science ft Too $hort and Oh Blimey (Samples Remix) [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]   
Whoand#39;s still got the Bay on lock after all these years? Of course itand#39;s legendary rapperandnbsp;Too $hort--ALWAYS reppinand#39;. Well heand#39;s wandered over into Untz territory with his latest project a full-length remix LP released in conjunction with bass imprintandnbsp;Mal Label. Bringing on some of the best in subsonic sounds, includingandnbsp;Mochipet,andnbsp;Dirt Monkey,andnbsp;Omega,andnbsp;Psymbionic, and so many more, theandnbsp;Weird Scienceandnbsp;release marks a crossover that will delight fans on both sides of the hip-hop and EDM spectrum.
          This 3D-printed bionic hand can replace or support a limb   

Pinned onto Arduino Blog

3D-printed appendages are, as one might suspect, generally meant for those that are missing a limb. Moreover, there are many other people that might retain partial functionality of a hand, but could still use assistance. Youbionic’s beautifully 3D-printed, myoelectric prosthesis is envisioned for either application, capable of being controlled by muscle contraction as if it were a real body part. […]

          Art Outside (October 24-27 - Rockdale, TX) drops big Wave 2 lineup   
The annual gathering of artists, performers, musicians, and wildlings of innumerable talents known as Art Outside just dropped a whopper of a Phase 2 lineup on us! Joining headliners Papadosio, Conspirator, The Polish Ambassador, Emancipator, and Blue Sky Black Death are psychedelic dub masters Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, Andreilien, Plantrae, and previously announced Phutureprimitive and Random Rab. Hometown hero Psymbionic will return to AO, along with mash-up master Pumpkin. On the deeper tip, Orchard Lounge, Thriftworks, and Welder will be joining Little People and Wildlight. Performance, projection, and production troupe Quixotic is a major highlight of the bill, as are the non-electronic acts Karl Denson's Tiny Universe and Toubab Krewe.
          Psymbionic and Of The Trees team up again for '2 Wicked' [Gravitas]   
The festival sets are over for the night, but that doesn’t mean the entertainment has to end. Psymbionic and Of the Trees is your late night entertainment, and boy do they drop a massive performance on this new collaboration. That’s right, the same duo that connected for “One Thing” featuring Cristina Soto, which got a delightful Bassnectar remix, is back at again. This time the boys decided to take a glitch hop/psychedelic direction with their new track “2 Wicked.”
          Bassnectar moves NYE to Birmingham with The Glitch Mob, Paper Diamond   
It's official. We know where the Lord of Bass will be on the coveted New Year's Eve date. Bassnectar brings his legendary 360 degree stage to Birmingham, AL with The Glitch Mob, Paper Diamond and Psymbionic. Pre-sale tickets are on sale tomorrow and will sell out immediately, be quick with the click and have a credit card ready. This show is one of those bucket list type events. One those tell your grandkids about kind of moments. Something you need to experience before you die.
          Top 10 Summer Jams curated by Psymbionic   
In our continuing series of artist-curated lists, we turned to one of our longest-running allies in this funky lil' corner of the music industry. In addition to his duties at the helm of Gravitas Recordings, the Austin, Texas-based underground label dedicated to the weirdest, wildest, and wobbliest electronic music he and his crew can find, John Burcham has been hard at work on a new Psymbionic EP.
          Sea Urchin Biomimicry! Echinoids Inspiring Applications from knives to glue!    
Tiny teeth
Its been awhile since i've done a "What have we learned from Echinoderms?" type post.. So, this week a news round up about the utility of sea urchins and their inspired applications!

Although I talk about several different inspriations, two of the stories below focus is the elaborate jaw mechanism in sea urchins known as Aristotle's Lantern! A nice basic definition can be found at the Echinoid page on The Natural History Museum in London (here). 

Aristotle's Lantern is this weird yellow piece in the picture below. These sit over the mouth opening and the "teeth" or jaws of the sea urchin emerge through the bottom..

This illustration gives you an idea of the orientation

Image from page 201 of "Elementary text-book of zoology" (1902)

And here's a video that allows you to see the teeth emerging through the oral opening and back again. 
Urchins use these teeth to rasp algae and other food off the substrate. They are quite effective when one considers just how much algae a sea urchin eats!

ALL of the stories below are part of a field known as biomimicry!

Basically, taking the idea/engineering from ACTUAL biological structures that have demonstrated effectiveness and reverse-engineering them so that they can be used in industrial or other applications!! Urchins have been quite the inspriation of late! Here's a round up of some of the recent and more interesting ones!

1. Self Sharpening Blades/Knives! 
Based on this account in Advanced Functional Materials and a summary in National Geographic (here) sea urchin teeth were studied with x-rays and determined to occur in separate layers with different structural textures which are interlaced between softer organic layers.                                       
One of the textural layers breaks very easily but is also replaced very easily. These areas get "torn away" whenever the teeth on sea urchin jaws are used.. but are also replaced quite quickly! 

Thus, functionally, the teeth grow continuously and are thus CONSTANTLY being rejuvenated and are essentially always sharp! 

2. Sea Urchin Jaws Inspire Space Exploration??

You can also just watch this video account of the whole thing...

Here's an Italian "bionic model" of how the Aristotle's Lantern jaw might work.. Kind of similar to the way a claw in one of those arcade "grab claw" games works! 

3. Architecture: Urchin Test Shape distributes Stress! 
Its been commented upon at sites such as these that the "oblate" shape of sea urchin skeletons (i.e., the test) is very effective at distributing stress evenly over the surface. Thus, the shape of urchin skeletons might actually be useful for inspiring better shapes in building! 
urchin test
...and then of course, there's the TARDIS in Doctor Who! 

4. Sea Urchin Spines Inspire Idea for Concrete! 
A paper by Seto et al in PNAS from 2012 studied the physical structure of sea urchin spines and discovered that they were composed of crystals that were bound together with a second type of calcium carbonate, acting as sort of a mortar, but with no crystal structure. These give the spines a highly resistant texture that suggest a better way to make fracture resistant materials.  A summary of this was in this BBC story.  and yet even more can be found on this blog about Mesocrystals and concrete! 
Sea Urchin spines
5. Adhesives!
Amazing sea urchin tube feet

Instead of "suction" as had been believed for decades, it turns out that urchin tube feet work on a chemical adhesive basis! In other words,, they STICK instead of SUCK!  You can go through a brief summary of these details here. 

These provide a lot of potential for marine adhesives if the means of adhesion can be understood and "reverse-engineered"!

Other posts in the "What good are echinoderms" series to be found HERE   
and here

          Liquid Stranger talks kickboxing and keeping ahead of the game   
Swedish-born electronic artist Martin Stääf a.k.a. Liquid Stranger has been stomping through the countryside on his Rise of Wakaan Tour. Early on, the tour made its way into the Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, NC. It was a launchpad for Liquid Stranger’s new Wakaan label, as the night progressed with the tour’s all-star assortment. The night’s menagerie included tour mates Space Jesus and Au5 along with special guest Psymbionic, who spun trippy, twisted, underground bass for the sold out house of subsonic junkies. B2B sets with Stääf, Austin Collins, and Jasha Tull drove the energy above and beyond what Charlotte event goers expected.
          Psymbionic teases Vision with Cloudchord title track collab [Gravitas]   
These last few months have put John Burcham on the fast-track to superstardom (if he wasn't already). Minding his business as the label manager of one of our favorite tastemakers, Austin, Texas-based Gravitas Recordings, suddenly Bassnectar remixed Psymbionic's joint with Of The Trees, asked him to join his NYE 360 extravaganza in Birmingham in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans, and all of a sudden Burcham can't find a minute to catch his breath with cross-country excursions on the regular. But someone, he managed to find the time to put together a brand new album, Vision, full of all-star collaborations and some mind-bending bass. The new record is out on February 23rd on--what else--Gravitas, and boy do we have something special for you today.
          Park Yourself Bitch   

This week Alison, Alex and Tom talk self parking cars, the worlds first bionic penis and the baffling fact that Microsoft has it's own digital watch... and has for a while!

          CloZee and Psymbionic bring BioHackers Tour to Asheville   
CloZee and Psymbionic hit Asheville, NC's New Mountain Theater on December 8th!
          CloZee's Harmony grounds and awakens fans from their winter slumber   
CloZee's, Harmony release this week was a much needed shot of unconditional love naturally chased with a pint of fearlessly conspicuous tenderness. Of course, under the Gravitas Recordings banner (alongside longtime collaborator, friend, and label co-leader John Burcham a.k.a. Psymbionic), we knew this was going to be bold, playful, lovely, and unapologetic from a kilometer away.
          The Militant's Epic Militant CicLAvia Tour XVII!   

View larger map here!

The 17th CicLAvia is upon us this Sunday, and it takes us to Watts and the historically industrial cities of southeaster Los Angeles county. First off, for those who haven't been to the area before, this map might not make sense; only a quarter of the route falls within the city of Los Angeles, but it made a lot more sense once you see that it ties together several pedestrian-oriented retail corridors: Pacific Boulevard in Huntington Park, South Gate's Tweedy Mile and Lynwood's Plaza Mexico shopping center. And unlike the last CicLAvia in the San Fernando Valley, this one is accessible by both the Metro Blue (Firestone and 103rd St stations) and Green (Long Beach Blvd station lines.

The Militant visited the area last weekend for his Militant research and discovered this region is the land of historic movie theatres, formerly the home of several large industries (which, though have been gone for over 30 years, their effect on the area is long-lasting) and a local burger chain called Bobo's Hamburgers. But there are other great places to eat along the route, as you'll see below.

The Militant creates these guides to give the CicLAvian a deeper understanding of the history and the living community along these streets, so if you learned something (or have something to add), please share in the comments below or share via a tweet.

You know you've been waiting for it, so here's The Militant's Epic Militant CicLAvia Tour XVII!

1. California Theatre
6528 Pacific Blvd, Huntingron Park

This CicLAvia route is full of historic theatre buildings, and the first stop on the Epic CicLAvia Tour is definitely one of them. Built in 1925 as the 1,500-seat Fox California Theatre, it was designed by architects George Lindley and Charles Selkirk, who also designed Glendale's Alex Theatre. The cinema screened Fox pictures from the 1920s on. In the 1980s, the cinema became a three-plex, and later became a two-screener, finally closing in 2006.

2. Eastern Columbia Building
c. 1930s
6604 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park

Most of you are familiar with the emerald-colored Eastern-Columbia Outfitting Company's onetime flagship store building in Downtown Los Angeles along Broadway, but the California store chain also had a location right here in Huntington Park. And like its famous Downtown mother, this one had a pyramid-shaped roof and a clock. Today, the building houses a jewelry store and a clothing outlet.

3. Warner Theatre
6714 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park

This next historic theatre was built in 1930 as part of the cinema chain owned by Warner Bros. Pictures to showcase their latest releases (which included the Warner Beverly Hills, San Pedro's Warner Grand Theatre and the Warner (now Wiltern) on Wilshire. Architect B. Marcus Priteca, who also designed the San Pedro and Beverly Hills Warner theatres, as well as Hollywood's Pantages Theatre, drew up this 1,468-seat movie palace, which eventually became part of the Pacific Theatres chain. In the 1980s, the cinema became a two-plex, specializing in peliculas en Español, eventually closing down in the 1990s. In the 21st century, there has been a move to restore the theatre to its former glory, especially after the city of Huntington Park designated it a historic building, but the current owner has adaptively reused the venue as a retail space.

4.  Underground Arcade
C. 1980s
6901 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park

Deep within the recesses of Huntington Park lies a subterranean arcade, usually open from 11 a.m. yo midnight every night that offers unlimited play of its video, pinball and billiard games for just $3 ($2 after 6 p.m.). Yeah the place is all tagged up, maybe 20% of the video games don't work, and you wouldn't want to go near the restrooms, but there's no place like it anywhere in Southern California (props to Erick Huerta @ElRandomHero for the tip).

5. Los Angeles Railway Right of Way
Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park

The northern leg of Sunday's CicLAvia route was once traversed by the Yellow Cars of the Los Angeles Railway, our more urban-centric streetcar system of the early half of the 20th century. The Los Angeles Railway's "J" line ran from Jefferson Park in the west through Downtown Los Angeles and down into Huntington Park, The line terminated a few blocks from here, turning east on Florence Avenue before zig-zaging south again on Seville Avenue down to Santa Ana Street. The line ran from 1920 to 1963 and was one of the last Yellow Car lines in operation.

6. Bobo's Hamburgers
7300 Pacific Blvd, Walnut Park

In the mood for a burger round these here parts? You might want to forego an In-N-Out, a Fatburger or any burger joint using a variant of the name "Tom" for one of the Bobo's Hamburgers (no, not Bob's Burgers) locations, which are native to this area. The family-run chain opened in 1975 and in addition to this location on Pacific Blvd, you can find two other Bobo's Hamburgers on this CicLAvia route on 2709 E. Firestone in South Gate, 1220 E. Firestone in South Los Angeles, and one just a few blocks east of Long Beach Blvd, on 3390 Imperial Highway in Lynwood. This is Bobo's Country. You cannot escape the wrath of Bobo's Hamburgers.

NOTE: If heading west on Firestone Avenue, skip to #18.

7. Elizabeth Bakery
8903 Long Beach Blvd, South Gate

At this first junction of CicLAvia legs at Long Beach Blvd and Firestone Ave is this South Gate institution that has been baking up cakes, bread, pan dulce and pastries since 1977. In addition to baked goods, they also sell bionicos, juice, raspados, sandwiches, tamales, and also will bake whole turkeys to order during the holiday season.

8. Teatro Los Piños (Vogue Theatre)
8903 Long Beach Blvd, South Gate

This Art Moderne-style cinema, originally called the Vogue Theatre (strike a pose) was built in 1937 and designed by celebrated and prolific architect S. Charles Lee, who designed 250 theatres in the Los Angeles area, and also crafted the Los Angeles Theatre and Tower Theatre on Broadway in DTLA, The venue, now known as Teatro Los Pinos still functions as an active teatro today, hosting concerts, comedy shows and occasional movie screenings.

9. Site of General Motors South Gate Assembly
2720 Tweedy Blvd, South Gate

Much like the last CicLAvia in Panorama City, South Gate's economy largely revolved around a General Motors automobile factory, which employed as many as 4,000 workers and operated from 1936 to 1982, churning out Buicks, Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs throughout much of its history. There were also two other auto factories in the area - a Studebaker plant in Vernon and a Willy-Overland facility in Maywood. After the 1960s, the GM factory made Chervrolets and Cadillacs before closing down for good in 1982 due to lower American car sales and air quality concerns. The site was later razed and is now the site of the LAUSD's South East High School complex.

NOTE: If heading east on Tweedy Blvd, please skip to #14.

10. Sushinaloa
10350 Long Beach Blvd, Lynwood

Imagine if there were a food truck out there on the streets that sold Mexican-style fusion sushi. Now imagine that there's no food truck but an actual brick-and-mortar eatery in Lynwood, right along the CicLAvia route, no less. Enter Sushinaloa, the best Mexican-Japanese fusion in the Los Angeles area since Fernando Valenzuela met Hideo Nomo. But apparently Sinaloan-style sushi is an actual thing, and The Almighty Jonathan Gold has given this place his imprimatur, so, hit up this place before everyone else does.

11. Plaza Mexico
3100 E Imperial Hwy

This massive suburban-style retail center is a re-creation of Mexican plazas (sort of like the Plaza del Valle (from the March CicLAvia) on steroids), with a layout inspired by the ancient city of Monte Alban, is part-outdoor mall, part-tourist attraction. And in a total So Cal twist, the owners of the mall are San Gabriel Valley-based Korean real estate developers. Donald and Min Chae owned the former Lynwood Marketplace and Lynwood Town Center and, dictated by demographics and dollars, decided in 2001 to invest $20 million into transforming their shopping centers into a Mexican-themed marketplace.

12. Pacific Electric Lynwood Depot
3780 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Lynwood

Originally built in 1917 on 11453 Long Beach Blvd to serve the Pacific Electric Railway's Santa Ana Line, the Mission Revival-style station was moved in the 1980s and later restored to make way for construction of the 105 Freeway. Now the offices of the Greater Lynwood Chamber of Commerce. Contains plaque dedicating building to former Lynwood mayor John D. Byork.

13.  Weird Al Yankovic's Childhood Home
3636 Burton Ave, Lynwood

A short bike ride south of the CicLAvia route will take you to the childhood home of Lynwood's greatest product, parody rocker "Weird Al" Yankovic. This video confirms that he grew up in this modest home next to Lynwood Middle School on Burton Avenue, where he lived here from 1959 to the early '70s, when he went off to college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. It was here where he started to learn the accordion, after a door to door salesman offered music lessons to a six year-old Alfred Yankovic. And the rest is music history. Note: This is a private residence, please do not bother the current occupants.

14. Tweedy Mile
Tweedy Blvd between State St and Hunt Ave, South Gate

The city of South Gate, as you might remember, was named after the South Gate Gardens of the old Cudahy Ranch. The old downtown of South Gate evolved into Tweedy Mile, the main drag of the town, featuring shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and civic and cultural institutions. The street was named after the Tweedy Family, headed by patriarch R.D. Tweedy, who came here from Illinois in 1852. The family soon owned about 2,000 acres in the area. Tweedy Mile is also home to the city's two biggest annual events, the Tweedy Mile Classic Car Show in March and the Tweedy Mile Festival in June.

15. Allen Theatre
3809 Tweedy Blvd, South Gate

Yet another historic cinema along the CicLAvia route, this single-screen 673-seat movie house opened as the Garden Theatre (a reference to the old Home Gardens tract it was located on) in 1924, and was remodeled in 1936 when it was renamed the South Gate Theatre. In the 1940s, it was purchased by the Allen Brothers, who ran several cinemas in the area. It was showing films until the 1980s, and later became a live music venue. It was closed in 2007, but recently undergone renovation, and some of the South Gate locals have told The Militant that the theatre will re-open this October as an arts venue. Even better, the Allen will give a sneak preview this Sunday and reportedly be open during CicLAvia with live music performances!

16. South Gate Veteran's Memorial Fountain
Tweedy Blvd and Walnut Ave, South Gate

Located on the south end of South Gate Park, this memorial fountain, originally dedicated to South Gate's World War II and Korean War vets, and later dedicated to veterans of all wars since, features an eternal flame (how cool), while a memorial marker lists the names of local vets. Also of note is the U.S. Army M60A3 Patton tank on display, located a few yards west of the fountain.

17. Legacy High School Complex
5225 Tweedy Blvd, South Gate

The eastern terminus of Sunday's CicLAvia route is along the campus of the Los Angeles Unified School District's Legacy High School Complex, which opened in 2012 after a quarter century of planning. Originally the site of a pesticide factory and other heavy industrial properties, the 36-acre plot of land was the center of controversy as the ground was heavily contaminated, mirroring the LAUSD's more (in)famous toxic campus project site, the Belmont Learning Complex just west of Downtown Los Angeles.  It took an entire decade and $22 million to excavate the land 30 feet deep and import uncontaminated soil into its place to build the school campus.

18. Firestone Tire & Rubber Factory
2525 Firestone Blvd, South Gate

One of South Gate's largest industries was this Firestone Tire and Rubber factor, built on a former 40-acre bean field y along Firestone Ave (hence the street name) between Alameda Street and Santa Fe Avenue. Company owner Harvey Firestone (no, not Harvey Fierstein) made the first tire himself, which rolled out of the assembly line on June 15, 1928. The Firestone factory was also followed up in the region by other large tire factories, such as Goodyear and Uniroyal, and for a time Los Angeles was the largest tire-producing region in America. The plant closed down in 1980 when the plant's 2,000 workers were laid off. Coupled with the GM plant's closure in 1982, that ended an era of heavy industry in the city of South Gate. But unlike the GM plant, the Firestone tire factory's building still stands today (East Los Angeles College has been eyeing it as a satellite campus).

19. Alameda Corridor
Along South Alameda Street

Adjacent to Alameda Street is a set of below-grade freight railroad tracks -- both the street and the tracks form the Alameda Corridor, a ground transportation system opened in 2002 that allows trucks and trains to easily access the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach -- important gateways for importing and exporting for not just Southern California, but the entire United States. Toys from China and cellphones from Korea pass through the Alameda Corridor in the form of intermodal shipping containers en route to Chicago or other U.S. destinations. The corridor began construction in 1997 as a way to consolidate the Union Pacific and BNSF railroads onto a unified, high-capacity, mostly grade-separated track to and from the port area. North of here, the tracks run directly to railroad yards southeast of Downtown Los Angeles.

20. Col. Leon H. Washington Park
8908 S. Maie Avenue, South Los Angeles

There are many parks that line the Blue Line route, but this one is unique for two reasons. As you head southbound and depart the Firestone Station, look immediately to your right and you'll see a park and recreation center. It's a Los Angeles County-run park called Colonel Leon H. Washington Park, named after the founder of the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper (originally called The Eastside Shopper), the city's premier publication in the black community. The other reason is that the rec center here is a popular spot for NBA stars such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant and others to play pick-up games and compete in the Nike-sponsored Drew League, a weekend summertime program where the biggest stars in basketball play with and against locals from the community.

21. Ted Watkins Memorial Park
Dedicated 1995
1335 E. 103rd Street, Watts

Originally built in the 1930s to memorialize Western actor Will Rogers, this 28-acre Los Angeles County park was re-named in 1995 after the late Ted Watkins, a local community activist and the founder of the Watts Labor Community Action Committee, which he started in 1965, just months before the Watts Riots. The aftermath of the rebellion heightened the purpose of his nonprofit agency, which dealt with social services, community development and empowerment for the Watts area. The park also features a youth baseball field built by the Los Angeles Dodgers, a newly-built community swimming pool and gym with basketball courts.

22. Hawkins House of Burgers
11603 Slater St, Watts

Forget those lame-ass newbie overpriced East Coast transplant burgers. Forget even In-N-Out, Tommy's or Fatburger. You might even need to forget Bobo's. Because Hawkins House of Burgers might just be the king of them all. The Hawkins family has been operating malt shops, markets and this eatery since 1939 (though the current hamburger business opened in the mid-1980s). They make all their burgers to order, use fresh angus beef, real smoked bacon (none of that supermarket stuff) and fresh ingredients, all at real decent, unpretentious prices.  You might have to wait as long as 20 minutes, but it's all worth it. Hawkins House of Burgers is perhaps the biggest institution in Watts after Simon Rodia's steel towers, and some of the burger stacks are probably just as tall.

23. Pacific Electric Watts Depot
1686 E. 103rd Street, Watts

Adjacent to the Blue Line's 103rd St/Watts Towers station is a mustard-colored building that was once the Pacific Electric's Watts depot. A popular stop along the old PE Long Beach Line, the building survived not only the PE's abandonment, but was the only wooden structure that was not set on fire during the 1965 Watts Riots. After a renovation project in the 1980s, the Watts Station has functioned since 1989 as a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power customer service center.

24. Watts Towers
1727 E. 107th St, Watts

You all know the story by now: Italian immigrant Sabato "Simon" Rodia collects scrap reinforced steel bars (using the adjacent Pacific Electric Santa Ana Line tracks as a fulcrum to bend them) and other found scrap material from rocks to broken glass to bottle caps, and builds 17 structures on his property over a period of 33 years. Then in 1955, he up and left for Northern California and never came back. Now that you know the story, see them up close for yourself. You don't deserve to call yourself an Angeleno if you've never visited the Watts Towers before.

25. Locol Watts
1950 E. 103td St, Watts

LocoL, the affordable healthy fast food venture from Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson, opened here in January and had lines around the block. Things have settled down since them (The Militant ate here last Saturday and was the only one inside when he ordered), but no doubt the joint's proximity to CicLAvia would no doubt start those lines up again. Get your Burgs, Foldies and Yotchays and wash it down with some Apple Line agua fresca.

Enjoy CicLAvia, see you or not see you on the streets this Sunday and STAY MILITANT!

          Yağmur Şıklığı   
Tchibo her hafta yenilenen temaları, modayı kaliteyle bütünleştiren ürünleri ve lezzetli kahveleriyle sevdiğimiz markalardan biri.

Bir Tchibo mağazasına girdiğinizde sizi karşılayan harika bir kahve kokusu duyuyorsunuz. Ürünlere bakmak için sabırsızlansanız bile kahve standının önünden güç bela ayrılıyor ve ürünlere doğru yöneliyorsunuz. Ürünlerin hemen hemen hepsi keyifli renklerde ve tarz ürünler. Üstelik hepsi birbirinden kaliteli ve dayanıklı. Tchibo ürünlerinin kalitesi, alanında uzman kişiler tarafından çok sıkı ve acımasız testlerden geçiyor ve sadece testi geçebilenler satışa sunuluyor.

Gelelim Tchibo’nun bu haftaki temasına; Yağmur Zamanı. Evde battaniye altında bir fincan kahveyle camdan yağmuru izlemek çok zevkli, evet. Ama yağmurda dışarı çıkma özgürlüğü bambaşka bir zevk. Su ve kir geçirmeyen doğayla dost Ecorepel ürünler, su ve kir tutmayan BIONIC FINISH ECO malzemeden kumaşlarla yağmur çamur demeden sokağa çıkmaya hazırsınız!

Yağmur Zamanı temasındaki tüm ürünler birbirinden güzel ama yağmur kıyafetlerinde şıklığından ödün vermeyenlerdenseniz içinizi açacak ve cam önünde “Yağmur yağsa da yağmurluk giysem!” diyerek beklemenize sebep olacak onlarca ürünü bu temada bulabilirsiniz.

Yağmur Kıyafetleri denince akla ilk gelen yağmurluk oluyor tabii. Bele hafif oturan, kırmızı ve lacivert renk seçenekleriyle şık bir yağmurluk arıyorsanız, buldunuz bile! Yağmurluk, çizmesi olmadan bir hiç. Uzun fermuarlı, siyah bir Yağmur Çizmesiyle de kombinasyonunuzu tamamlarsanız, yağmurlu sokaklar birer podyum, siz bir model olup çıktınız demektir.

Yağmur Zamanı temasında bunlardan başka birçok ürün daha bulunuyor. Daha ayrıntılı incelemek için Tchibo.com.tr’ye tıklayıp, keşfe başlayabilirsiniz. Aynı zamanda 444 28 26 numaralı Telefonla Sipariş Hattı’ndan da alışveriş yapabilirsiniz. Şöyle keyifli bir alışveriş yapıp, sonrasında da kahveyle yorgunluk atmak isteyenleri, çalışanlarının yüzünden gülümseme eksik olmayan Tchibo mağazalarına davet ediyor ve ekliyorum yeni temalardan herkesten önce haberdar olmak için Tchibo Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tchiboturkiye) sayfasını beğenebilirsiniz. Keyifli alışverişler!

Bir bumads advertorial içeriğidir.

          MAC McRAW, AUDESSEY & OXYGEN 'B-Boy Bionics' 12" *SOLD OUT* - £9.99   
Artist: Mac McRaw featuring Audessey & Oxygen Title: 'B-Boy Bionics' Format: 12" Vinyl Label: Cold Rock Stuff Cat #: CRS-002 Track Listing: A1. B-Boy Bionics A2. Dust (McRaw's OG SP1200 Demo Version) A3. Dust (Daily Diggers Remix) B1. Dust (Jack Jones Remix) B2. B-Boy Bionics (Instrumental) B3. Dust (McRaw's OG SP1200 Demo Instrumental) 250 copies commercially available (300 pressed). Mini mix of all four vocal tracks, in order, on 12"...
N.B. - All orders will be sent via Royal Mail with 'Proof Of Postage' being obtained for every package. Please refer to our "Shipping Policy" for additional options. Postage & packing costs: United Kingdom = £3.75 (add £0.50 for each additional 12"). Europe = £6.00 (add £3.00 for each additional 12"). Rest Of The World = £8.50 (add £5.00 for each additional 12"). IMPORTANT! Orders for clothing and vinyl cannot be combined automatically via the Big Cartel checkout system, please order seperately and you will be refunded the difference after your package has been shipped. IN STOCK NOW! Shipping commences Tuesday 18th November.
          MAC McRAW, AUDESSEY & OXYGEN 'B-Boy Bionics' 12" - SPECIAL DJ DOUBLE PACK *SOLD OUT* - £18.99   
SPECIAL DJ DOUBLE PACK. 2 x 'B-Boy Bionics' 12" vinyl. Artist: Mac McRaw featuring Audessey & Oxygen Title: 'B-Boy Bionics' Format: 12" Vinyl Label: Cold Rock Stuff Cat #: CRS-002 Track Listing: A1. B-Boy Bionics A2. Dust (McRaw's OG SP1200 Demo Version) A3. Dust (Daily Diggers Remix) B1. Dust (Jack Jones Remix) B2. B-Boy Bionics (Instrumental) B3. Dust (McRaw's OG SP1200 Demo Instrumental) 250 copies commercially available (300 pressed). Mini mix of all four vocal tracks, in order, on 12"...
N.B. - All orders will be sent via Royal Mail with 'Proof Of Postage' being obtained for every package. Please refer to our "Shipping Policy" for additional options. Postage & packing costs: United Kingdom = £4.25 Europe = £9.00 Rest Of The World = £13.50 IMPORTANT! Orders for clothing and vinyl cannot be combined automatically via the Big Cartel checkout system, please order seperately and you will be refunded the difference after your package has been shipped. IN STOCK NOW! Shipping commences Tuesday 18th November.
          Motorola Droid Bionic And Atrix 2 Fastboot Files Leak – Come Back From Soft Brick In A Snap   


Hot on the heels of the Droid Razr's leaked fastboot files, two more Motorola devices can now be restored to stock configuration in case of emergency.

Motorola's Atrix 2 and Droid Bionic have both had their fastboot files leaked in recent days, providing a bit of insurance for daring users and developers alike. The Atrix 2's files are available here, while the Droid Bionic's fastboot set can be found here.

Read More

Motorola Droid Bionic And Atrix 2 Fastboot Files Leak – Come Back From Soft Brick In A Snap was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


I came across Dan Farber's post on "Enterprise 2.0 = Next Generation IT" and the various discussions around the term "Enterprise 2.0." His colleague, Dion Hinchcliffe, drafted a definition with a nice graphic:

Enterprise 2.0 in general describes the liberation of often previously inaccessible corporate information to be opened up to general discoverability, consumption, and reuse using a Web-based model.

I would add to Hinchcliffe's definition that it is not simply opening up corporate information but opening up the corporate culture to the commonly practiced behaviors within the consumer "Web 2.0" space. While obvious and esoteric, this is important to emphasize because it will be a point of tension and conflict within companies for years to come as they struggle to deal with open conversations between themselves and their customers, partners and the media. As the number of "Web 2.0" users grow, the workforce will become more familiar with blogging, sharing, mashing up, and other behaviors and practices of this new era and companies will eventually be forced to play catch up.

Our team, at GoingOn Networks, deals with this everyday since we are by definition an "Enterprise 2.0" platform and actively selling to the market. After we did our "soft beta" launch several weeks ago, we started poundng the pavement to sell our "private label MySpace" to companies and organizations. Through these discussions, we learned an incredible amount in terms of what companies want, expect, and don't know about. And we continue to learn.

Dan Farber points to related posts, so I read Jerry Bowles' post on "Top 10 Management Fears About Enterprise Web 2.0" which comes more from an IT perspective. This is important for our company down the road, but not so relevant now since we're strategically focused on selling to marketers as a first step. Why? Least path of resistance. We're providing powerful communication tools for marketers and making life easier for them where they don't have to go through their IT departments.  This is similar to tools such as WebEx and Citrix's GoToMeeting. Corporate employees didn't have to go through their IT departments anymore to access and use such meeting tools. All they needed was their PC and a credit card.

Vinnie Mirchandani has an interesting checklist definition of "Enterprise 2.0," which I'll answer some of them from our startup's perspective:

a) supports choice of customer deployment of functionality as a service, and in installed mode  YES

b) is architected and priced/sold as a series of services  YES

d) largely automates bug fixes/upgrades which require little customer (or service partner) intervention
YES. The beauty of software-as-a-service and the benefit of being a GoingOn customer is that we are constantly upgrading our platform and integrating the best features and third-party technologies into it.

g) commits to transparency to customers around product quality, customer service ticket resolution, outages (where provided in SaaS mode) etc.

i) actively encourages a on-line developer/integrator community and pushes for an "open source" licensing of community intellectual property
YES. We will be opening up our platform in the near future, so developers can build on top of it. Since our platform is based on modules, we want developers to create modules to share or sell to the greater GoingOn community.

It has been exciting and fascinating to watch the market unfold as the months go by. After we started to spec out our software platform back in early 2005, BusinessWeek came out with their "Blogs Will Change Your Business" cover story. We didn't expect the market to move so fast towards what we envisioned.  Now it's not simply about blogging but more companies and organizations are seeking out the transparency of their customers or members. Intelligence gathering capabilities are important for companies and something we planned from the very beginning to offer to them.

When we begin selling to IT departments for internal corporate communications and collaboration, it will be interesting to see the response and resistance which will be different from our current experiences. Our product will also have more options for these types of customers. You will see our message board module coming out soon along with a job board, wiki module, and file sharing capabilities. Any other modules or functions that are important for enterprise? Ping me and we'll definitely consider it.

The first Festival with mobile plants & dancers. A fresh, fun & unconventional experience to learn with plants
Aka Thiemele, Lu Cong, Becha, Jean Paul Agudeli, Richard Quintana, Judith Rosillo, Lyncoln Diniz...
Music: R Vincenzo - soundcloud.com/rvincenzo/nascente-set


Tags: bionic festival, hönevo, bionic dance, party, dance, mobile plants, danza bionica, danza and honevo

          Iron Maiden   

toure [arisen]:


....any IRON MAIDEN fans out there??

i would love to lie and say that i am their biggest fan, but, i'm not. i just have always found their mascot, EDDIE, to be.. rather.. striking.. 

This is EDDIE.
at first glance, i thought EDDIE was a SHE, a la

still effing scary

aside from invoking Edvard Munch's haunting painting "The Scream",

..upon further inspection, the renowned mascot made me also think- ZOMBIE

oh yeah

the band's art reinforces this.. the art above especially. THIRD Eye, CYBORG, sphinxes.. seems like the guys in Iron Maiden were on some shit. with just a little research, i could already see that Iron Maiden was a band who's art was misunderstood in its time..

For Example: 

ABOVE is the cover art for Iron Maiden's 1982 album "The Number Of The Beast".. notice that the DEVIL is not only holding a small puppet, but is Actually a PUPPET HIMSELF.. a puppet of the undead.. interesting. i was born in 1982, and this was the THIRD album.. Iron Maiden has, all in all, released a grand total of THIRTY-SIX albums..


in typical fashion, the conservative talking heads and the religious right got all fussy, pulling the SATANISM card and burning things..

"The album was strongly criticised by social conservatives – especially in the U.S., where the band were accused of being Satanists. Public burnings of the band's catalogue were organised, although some religious groups smashed the records with hammers, for fear of inhaling fumes from burning vinyl.[11][23] Harris has stated, "it was mad. They completely got the wrong end of the stick. They obviously hadn't read the lyrics. They just wanted to believe all that rubbish about us being Satanists."[24] As a result, The Beast on the Road tour was subject to numerous boycotts and demonstrations: venues were sometimes surrounded by activists who handed out leaflets and, in one case, a 25-foot cross was carried in protest."


Another Example of said misunderstood art:

here's a picture of Iron Maiden chillin with MARGARET THATCHER-

aaaand here's the cover art for Iron Maiden's second single -ever- "Sanctuary"

and Yes, that is First Female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, murdered..

"The artwork is very tongue in cheek, as usual. At that time, Maggie had visited the old USSR and, following her tough stance with them, had been christened the Iron Maiden. Eddie took offence to this, and even more so when she started taking our posters."[8]

..apparently due to a fatal knife wound inflicted by a ZOMBIE named EDDIE

..you can probably see where this is going..

i hadn't noticed until now that IRON MAN's armor is colored RED and GOLD

i've already written plenty about the goddess and her robot, but after Jake's latest, this scene from ROBOTS seems especially relevant..

Here’s the Sun:

“Tipsy Robot, a 2,500-square-foot bar to open Friday at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, boasts two robotic bartenders ready to make your favorite concoction any way you like.”

The bar is being run by Rino Armeni, the chairman of a company called Robotic Innovations, who said he decided to open the first robot bar in Las Vegas to give the city a leg up on other nightlife hubs like New York City and Miami.

Here’s how it works:

“Customers place their order on one of the dozen tablet stations in the bar or through the Tipsy Robot app on their smartphone. They then pay with cash or credit card and enter their email address.


A QR code (barcode) is sent to the email, which the customer places above various windows available. The barcode is scanned and the drink is entered into the system. Patrons can see where their drink is in the queue and are alerted when their order is up.


Each robot has access to more than 60 kinds of liquor, and drinks can be mixed and poured into a 12-ounce plastic cup within 70 seconds.”

Armeni stressed that the robots are meant to be a novelty, and that he believes Technology that carries out human jobs ultimately won’t replace human servers.

“We have a human bar on the side, and the robotic bar is mostly an attraction and entertainment,” Armeni said, “It’s no different from the fountains at Bellagio and the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.”

However, if the robots’ performance lives up to the description provided by the Sun – well, let’s just say that bartenders who were hoping to make a good living in Sin City might want to consider a move.

“Ice, lemon, limes and sugars are stored behind the wall of the robots. Juices, sodas and liquors are housed above them.


Aside from perfect pours every time, Armeni said the robots don’t spill and don’t waste any ingredients.


“They work to perfection, so everything the robots make is perfect,” he said.

Tipsy Robot’s location at the entrance of the Miracle Mile Shops on Las Vegas Boulevard was chosen because of its heavy foot traffic, Armeni said.

“We wanted to find a place where there was a lot of people coming through,” Armeni said. “At this location, there is an average of 24,000 people coming through a day, so that was what sold it to us.”

In addition to the robots, the bar will employ 16 humans, including what Armeni calls “Galactica Ambassadors,” women dressed in space-themed metallic silver dresses – they’re basically a squad of hostesses. Technicians are also on hand to tend to the machines should problems arise.

The techs also ensure the robot's self-cleaning system is working properly because unlike bartenders and other servers – whose hygiene habits are largely a matter of trust – these robots automatically clean their robot “hands” between each drink.

Now, if two robots, whose only associated costs are the initial investment, maintainence costs, and the electricity required to operate them, can perform the exact same job as a human server, ask yourself: How could anybody justifying being paid $15 an hour to perform the same job - but not as well - as an oversized electric back-massager hooked up to an iPad?

          Новый корабль, Новый ШОК! Royal Caribbean Cruises опять поражает...   
Внимание! Внимание! В многодетной семье Royal Caribbean Cruises скоро ожидается новое пополнение! Причем каждый новый ребенок краше, умнее и больше по размерам, чем все предыдущие! Встречайте - красавица, девочка Symphony Of The Seas New Ship 2018 5* По словам родителей корабль будет претендовать на звание "Самый Большой Корабль" на нашей планете. Он будет на 4 метра длинее своего брата-близнеца Harmony Of The Seas New Ship 2016 5*, у него будет на 28 кают больше, чем у последнего. Сохранятся все инновации, уже внедренные ранее и добавятся новые. Бродвейский Променад, робо-бар Bionic, самая большая водная горка - это только малая доля того, что будет ждать гостей на корабле. И, кстати, специально для этого корабля в Майами строят НОВЫЙ ТЕРМИНАЛ! Во как! Начнет свое путешествие корабль по Западному Средиземноморью в апреле 2018 года с посадкой в Барселоне. Это просто прекрасно, что есть возможность посмотреть на него в живую. А к зимнему сезону лайнер уйдет на свою Родину - в Майами,...
          Жизнь и бионические приключения новых киборгов   
Костя 15 августа 2014 года 23-летний журналист Константин Дебликов, выступая в фаер-шоу на свадьбе в Воронежской области, лишился кистей рук: взорвался некачественный пиротехнический фонтан. «Когда я очнулся в больнице, уже шел сбор денег, его начали ребята, с которыми я выступал. За два с половиной месяца собрали почти четыре миллиона рублей, на них купили бионические протезы BeBionic3: они выглядят очень […]
          [Update: Now $120 Off] Deal Alert: Droid Bionic Available For $179.99 ($120 off) From Amazon Wireless   


With Verizon's Droid Bionic page having just gone live, it is inevitable that deals will begin springing up. Well, the first one didn't take long.

Update: The price just dropped even further by another $20 - to $179.99. Amazon is turning up the heat!

Amazon Wireless is now offering the Bionic on a new 2-year contract for $199.99 $179.99. That's a cool $100 $120 off the price that Verizon is offering direct from their website.

Read More

[Update: Now $120 Off] Deal Alert: Droid Bionic Available For $179.99 ($120 off) From Amazon Wireless was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

          Motorola Droid X2, VZW's First Dual-Core Android Phone, Now Live At VZW.com For $199.99, Amazon/Wirefly For $149.99   

imageThe refreshed version of the original and very popular Motorola Droid X - the dual-core Droid X2 with a hi-res qHD screen - is up online at VerizonWireless.com for $199.99 on a 2-year contract a whole week earlier than you will be seeing it in brick and mortar stores. With free overnight shipping, you can rock Verizon's newest and, ironically, first dual-core Android phone by tomorrow (Bionic who?).


The Droid X2 features a dual-core 1GHz processor, a 4.3" qHD display, an 8MP camera with 720p recording (no 1080p :-[), HDMI with mirror capabilities, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, DLNA, 8GB internal memory, and 8GB microSD.

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Motorola Droid X2, VZW's First Dual-Core Android Phone, Now Live At VZW.com For $199.99, Amazon/Wirefly For $149.99 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

           Sounds synthesis with slime mould of Physarum polycephalum    
Miranda, E., Adamatzky, A. and Jones, J. (2011) Sounds synthesis with slime mould of Physarum polycephalum. Journal of Bionic Engineering, 8 (2). pp. 107-113. ISSN 1672-6529 Available from: http://eprints.uwe.ac.uk/26427
           Towards physarum engines    
Tsuda, S., Jones, J. and Adamatzky, A. (2012) Towards physarum engines. Applied Bionics and Biomechanics, 9 (3). pp. 221-240. ISSN 1176-2322 Available from: http://eprints.uwe.ac.uk/26424



Belum lama ini, beberapa ilmuwan Amerika, Perancis dan negara lainnya pada saat melakukan survey di area dasar laut Segitiga Bermuda, Samudera Atlantik, menemukan sebuah piramida berdiri tegak di dasar laut yangmeter, tingginya 200 meter, dan jarak ujung piramida ini dari permukaan laut sekitar 100 meter. tak pernah diketahui orang, berada dibawah ombak yang menggelora! Panjang sisi dasar piramida ini mencapai 300
Jika bicara tentang ukuran, piramida ini lebih besar skalanya dibandingkan dengan piramida Mesir kuno yang ada di darat. Di atas piramida terdapat dua buah lubang yang sangat besar, air laut dengan kecepatan tinggi melalui kedua lubang ini, dan oleh karena itu menggulung ombak yang mengamuk dengan membentuk pusaran raksasa yang membuat perairan disekitar ini menimbulkan ombak yang dahsyat menggelora dan halimun pada permukaan laut. Penemuan terbaru ini membuat para ilmuwan takjub.

Bagaimanakah orang dulu membangun piramida dan hidup didasar laut dengan lautnya yang gemuruh menggelora? Ada beberapa ilmuwan Barat yang berpendapat bahwa Piramida di dasar laut ini mungkin awalnya dibuat diatas daratan, lalu terjadi gempa bumi yang dahsyat, dan tenggelam ke dasar laut seiring dengan perubahan di darat. Ilmuwan lainnya berpendapat bahwa beberapa ratus tahun yang silam perairan di area Segitiga Bermuda mungkin pernah sebagai salah satu landasan aktivitas bangsa Atlantis, dan Piramida di dasar laut tersebut mungkin sebuah gudang pemasokan mereka.

Ada juga yang curiga bahwa Piramida mungkin sebuah tanah suci yang khusus dilindungi oleh bangsa Atlantis pada tempat yang mempunyai sejenis kekuatan dan sifat khas energi kosmosnya, dia (Piramida) bisa menarik dan mengumpulkan sinar kosmos, medan energi atau energi gelombang lain yang belum diketahui.dan struktur pada bagian dalamnya mungkin adalah resonansi gelombang mikro, yang memiliki efek terhadap suatu benda dan menghimpun sumber energi lainnya.

Benarkah demikian? Master Li Hongzhi dalam buku Zhuan Falun mempunyai penjelasan tentang penemuan peradaban prasejarah sebagai berikut ;

“Di atas bumi ada benua Asia, Eropa, Amerika Selatan, Amerika Utara, Oceania, Afrika dan benua Antartika, yang oleh ilmuwan geologi secara umum disebut ‘lempeng kontinental’. Sejak terbentuknya lempeng kontinental sampai seakrang, sudah ada sejarah puluhan juta tahun. Dapat dikatakan pula bahwa banyak daratan berasal dari dasar laut yang naik ke atas, ada juga banyak daratan yang tenggelam ke dasar laut, sejak kondisi ini stabil sampai keadaan sekarang , sudah bersejarah puluhan juta tahun.

Namun dibanyak dasar laut, telah ditemukan sejumlah bangunan yang tinggi besar dengan pahatan yang sangat indah, dan bukan berasal dari warisan budaya umat manusia modern, jadi pasti bangunan yang telah dibuat sebelum ia tenggelam ke dasar laut.” Dipandang dari sudut ini, misteri asal mula Piramida dasar laut ini sudah dapat dipecahkan.


10 Ramalan Masa Depan Yang Gagal Dilaksanakan
future_city_downtownSUKA nonton film fiksi ilmiah tentang kehidupan masa depan? Jika iya, Anda pasti melihat gambaran masa depan yang hampir sama: mobil terbang bersliweran dan robot di mana-mana.
Selain itu, banyak film yang meramalkan kejadian itu terjadi di abad ke-21 (Film 2001: Space Odyssey (1968) bahkan menyebut bepergian ke luar angkasa jamak dilakukan di tahun 2001!). Well, kita sudah hendak melampaui 10 tahun pertama abad ke-21. Tapi, di jalanan belum ada mobil terbang atau robot jadi pembantu di rumah kita.
Hm, menyalin dari Time, daftar ini dibuat untuk mengingatkan apa saja ramalan yang sudah dibuat manusia tentang kehidupan di masa depan tapi belum jadi nyata (hingga kini).


2. Manusia Bumi Pakai Baju Seragam
Jerry Seinfield pernah membuat lelocun lucu soal ini: “Setiap kali saya melihat film atau serial TV berisi orang di masa depan atau dari planet berbeda, semuanya pakai baju yang sama. Sepertinya, ada suatu saat mereka memutuskan, ‘Baiklah, cukup. Mulai dari sekarang, baju ini akan jadi seragam kita: baju ketat warna perak dengan tanda V di dada dan sepatu bot. Itu sudah cukup. Kita ingin pergi ke planet lain danmesti terlihat sebagai satu tim.” Di serial TV dan film-film Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, atau berbagai film tentang penjelajahan luar angkasa, semua orang mengenakan seragam yang sama atau kalaupun beda warna, motif busananya sama. Sepertinya, semua orang di masa depan mendapat perintah untuk membuang semua baju di lemari mereka dan hanya punya satu jenis baju: pakaian seragam. Untungnya, kita masih ingin terlihat beda dari orang lain dan lebih nyaman tak pakai seragam saat bepergian.

3.jet-pack-thunderballJet Packs
Jet Packs adalah semacam jet yang difungsikan mirip tas punggung. Alih-alih memanggul tas, punggung Anda memanggul mesin jet yang kemudian bisa menerbangkan Anda. Awalnya, ide ini muncul tahun 1920-an di majalah fiksi ilmiah seperti Amazing Stories dan lalu muncul lagi di salah satu film James Bond (Thunderball) dan komik (dan film) The Rocketeer. Asal tahu saja, Nazi Jerman pernah serius melakukan penelitian dengan mengikatkan mesin jet ke tubuh para pilot mereka lalu mencoba terbang di atas lapangan. Tapi, percoban itu tak pernah betul-betulberhasil. Tapi, impian membuat jet packs tak perbnah pudar. Tahun ini, kata Time, sebuah perusahaan pembuat pesawat di Selandia Baru Martin Aircraft Company menandatangani kesepakatan kerja sama senilai $12 juta untuk mulai membuat jet packs dan akhirnya anti akan dijual bebas. Hm, semoga segera jadi nyata.

4.pill_mealMakanan dalam Bentuk Pil
Makanan di masa depan diramalkan akan muncul dalam bentuk pil. Sekali makan pil, sudah kenyang. Hal ini sulit jadi nyata karena rata-rata setiap orang butuh 2 ribu kalori sehari. Jika kalori dipadatkan dan jadi sebutir pil, kita tetap harus menelan setngah pon pil sehari. Itu belum termasuk karbohidrat, protein, dan vitamin-vitamin yang berguna lainnya. Hm, masih lebih enak makan seiris pizza atau cheese burger, ya? Kendati begitu, bukan berarti mimpi makan semacam pil sirna. Peneliti di Institute of Food Research di Norwich, Inggris, mengatakan mereka sedang dalam tahap akhir mencipta permen yang rasanya seperti makan penuh.

5.worldwide_governmentPemerintahan Dunia

Di banyak serial TV atau film fiksi ilmiah mulai dari Star Trek, Babylon 5, dan macam-macam lagi, dunia tak lagi terdiri dari berbagai negara, tapi ada satu penerintahan tunggal yang memerintah seluruh manusia di bumi. Pemerintahan itu bisa berwujud Federasi, Pesekutuan, atau bahkan PBB. Bagaimana pemerintahan dunia muncul? Robert Heinlein, yang menulis novel Starship Troopers (yang kemudian difilmkan 1997), memberi penjelasan bagaimana satu pemerintahan dunia tercipta. Pemerintahan global Terran Federation tercipta setelah banyak negara demokratis jatuh pada kekacauan pada abad ke-21, yang kemudian memberi kesempatan militer mengambil alih dan mendirikan negara tunggal di dunia. Wah, jangan sampai kejadian deh.

6.flying-carsMobil Terbang
Mobil terbang adalah gambaran paling umum dari sebuah dunia masa depan. Kota di masa depan pasti dipenuhi mobil-mobil terbang bersliweran. Budaya pop, lewat film, komik, serial TV, melanggengkan gambaran itu. Serial The Jetsons, trilogi Back to the Future, Blade Runner hingga The Fifth Element menampilkan mobil-mobil terbang. Seharusnya, mobil terbang tidak terlalu sulit terwujud. Kita sudah punya mobil dan pesawat terbang. Lalu, apa susahnya membuat mobil terbang? Well, mungkin memang sulit membangun mesin terbang dengan kapasitas sebuah mobil. Kita tunggu saja.

7.time_machinePerjalanan Melintasi Waktu
Kita sudah digoda berkali-kali bahwa perjalanan waktu dimungkinkan lewat karya sastra (The Time Machine), film (Back to the Future, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure), dan TV (Quantum Leap, Time Trax, Doraemon). Tapi, hingga kini, konsep jalan-jalan ke masa lalu atau masa depan masih fiksi. Kecuali jika Anda percaya kalau Bill Gates dan Steve Jobs adalah manusia dari masa depan yang membocorkan teknologi masa depan pada kita.

Pasti asyik bisa berpindah tempat dalam sekejap dari satu tempat ke tempat lain. Kita tak butuh mobil, pesawat, atau kendaraan lain, dan tentu, akan menghemat waktu. Masalah kemacetan Jakarta sirna bila kita bisa menemukan tweknologi ini. Tapi sayang, teknologi ni hingga sekarang masih fiksi alias baru ada di serial Star Trek dan semacamnya. Walau masih fiksi, langkah mewujudkannya jadi nyata tengah digagas. Sejumlah fisikawan, dan bahkan Angkatan Udara Amerika Serikat, meneliti apa manusia bisa berpindah tempat lewat semacam lubang cacing. Semoga cepat-cepat jadi nyata deh.

8.underwater_cityKota Bawah Laut
teleportation Selain luar angkasa yang tanpa batas, lautan yang dalam juga memberi misteri serupa. James Cameron membuat The Abyss yang mengadaikan di dasar laut tinggal alien. Para pembuat film era lampau punya ide lebih segar: kota bawah laut! Film-film kelas B era 1950-an mengandaikan tokohnya tinggal bersama makhluk-makhluk amfibi manusia yang bernafas dengan insang dan tinggal di kota indah bawah laut. Sesungguhnya, dengan naiknya permukaan laut seiring pemanasan global, kita seharusnya memikirkan membangun kota bawah laut. Kota bawah laut memang belum ada, yang sudah ada hotel mewah di Dubai menawarkan sensasi makan malam di bawah laut.
cyborgManusia Cyborg
Setengah manusia, setengah mesin. Itulah cyborg alias cybernetic organism. Istilah ini muncul 1960-an dan terkenal tahun 1970-an lewat serial The Six Million Dollar Man. Di serial itu, setelah jadi setengah mesin, Steve Austin jadi “Better. Stronger. Faster.” Saat ini, sudah ada sejumlah manusia yang bagian tubuhnya diganti mesin—misalnya tangan mesin pengganti tangan yang hilang karena kecelakaan. Tapi, belum ada yang lantas jadi punya kekuatan super seperti Bionic Man, Bionic Woman, atau Robocop. Jika nanti jadi nyata, apa ada jaminan kekuatan super cyborg hanya dipakai untuk kebaikan? Hm, pikir-pikir dulu deh sebelum mencipta cyborg.
cyborg the-road-movieDunia yang Hancur Karena Bencana Besar
the-road-movie Sudah banyak film fiksi ilmiah meramalkan dunia masa depan bisa jadi suram. Bencana nuklir membinasakan miliaran manusia dan bumi tak lagi akrab untuk ditinggali.Atau, polusi yang demikian parah membuat bumi begitu rusak. Film-film Mad Max, The Road, Terminator, Wall-E, dan macam-macam lagi sudah meramal hal itu. Kita beruntung ramalan masa depan yang ini belum terjadi, dan semoga saja tidak.



Teknik sniper…. Petembak runduk memiliki kemampuan khusus, latihan yang berlanjut dan peralatan yang unik. Tugasnya menembak sasaran dengan sangat akurat yang tidak mungkin dilakukan oleh petembak biasa dikarenakan factor jarak, ukuran, lokasi, kondisi alam, atau bentuk pandangan. Selain keahlian menembak, petembak runduk memerlukan keahlian dasar infanteri, kemampuan survival pada kondisi alam yang sulit, memiliki insting dan kesabaran yang tinggi.

Seni petembak runduk harus dipelajari dengan serius dan latihan yang rutin dan berlanjut. Latihan menembak tepat (marksman) dalam jarak jauh, serta keahlian menyatu dengan alam untuk memperkecil risiko operasi.


Misi Primer, dalam pertempuran untuk mendukung operasi tempur dengan melaksanakan penembakan tepat jarak jauh atas target pilihan. Dengan misinya, dapat melukai serdadu lawan, memperlambat gerakan lawan, membuat pasukan lawan menjadi takut dan menekan moralnya, serta mengacaukan operasi lawan.
Misi Sekunder, mengumpulkan dan melaporkan informasi medan tempur. Petembak runduk yang terlatih baik, kombinasi antara senapan dan amunisinya secara inherent, merupakan penunjang bagi komandan pasukan infanteri dilapangan. Yang penting bagi petembak runduk jangan mengukur jumlah korban yang diakibtakan, tetapi lebih kepada efek yang ditimbulkannya. Petembak runduk dapat saja merupakan anggota dari unit yang didukungnya, atau sebagai personil tambahan yang diambil dari unit lain.
Peran petembak runduk sangat unik dimana ia harus dapat menembak sasarannya pada jarak diluar jarak efektif senapan serbu biasa. Lebih lanjut lagi, apabila sasaran berada ditengah-tengah kerumunan personil sipil, atau dalam misi anti huru-hara.
Penggunaan senapan otomatis dalam sebuah operasi dapat melukai atau membunuh personil non-tempur. Petembak runduk dioperasikan dalam berbagai tingkatan konflik. Termasuk serangan konvensional dan dalam posisi bertahan dimana penembakan presisi dilakukan dalam jarak jauh. Termasuk juga dalam misi patroli, penyergapan, operasi kontra-sniper, elemen observasi depan, operasi militer diwilayah urban, dan operasi lainnya dimana petembak runduk merupakan bagian dari pasukan atau tinggal di belakang posisi pasukan lawan.


Calon peserta latihan petembak runduk harus disaring secara cermat. Komandan harus menyaring record individu untuk menentukan personil yang potensial menjadi petembak runduk. Petunjuk dasar penyaringan calon petembak runduk diantaranya:
1. Petembak tepat (Marksman). Peserta latihan sniper harus memiliki standar petembak tepat. Memiliki catatan kualifikasi tahunan yang tinggi. Sering mengikuti perlombaan menembak tahunan atau memiliki latar belakang hobi berburu.
2. Kondisi fisik. Karena sering beroperasi dimedan yang sulit dengan waktu tidur yang singkat serta bekal air dan makanan yang terbatas, kondisi fisik calon sniper harus sangat prima. Kondisi kesehatan prima dengan daya reflek yang tinggi, stamina dan kinerja otot tubuh yang baik. Memiliki rasa percaya diri yang tinggi dan atletis.
3. Sehat mata. Mata merupakan aset utama petembak runduk maka standar mata 20/20 vision menjadi salah satu syarat utama. Tidak berkacamata dan tidak buta warna.
4. Per okok. Petembak runduk disyaratkan bukan seorang perokok atau pengguna tembakau yang dapat menimbulkan bebauan.
5. Kondisi mental. Calon petembak runduk harus memiliki mental yang baik, disaring melalui evaluasi psykologi.
6. Cerdas (intelligence). Karena tugas sniper memerlukan berbagai keahlian, maka calon sniper harus cerdas dan mampu mengoperasikan berbagai peralatan seperti mampu menghitung kemampuan amunisi (peluru yang akan digunakan), penyetelah alat bidik dan perhitungan kecepatan serta arah angin, prosedur operasi alat komunikasi. Observasi dan penghitungan penembakan senjata mortar dan meriam artileri. Kemampuan navigasi didarat, intelijen militer, identifikasi seragam dan peralatan. Dapat membuat keputusan secara tepat.
Dua hal penting lainnya selain yang tertera diatas.
1. Keseimbangan emosi. Mampu mengontrol emosi, sabar dalam menghadapi berbagai situasi, termasuk dalam melakukan rencana penembakan atas target.
2. Keahlian lapangan. Sniper harus familiar dengan situasi kondisi lapangan. Memiliki
pengetahuan mengenai alam sekitar, bila perlu tentang flora dan fauna.
Setiap anggota tim sniper memiliki tanggungjawab yang spesifik. Hanya dengan latihan yang berulang dan berkelanjutan tim dapat menjadi kompak dan mengetahui beban tanggungjawabnya masing-masing (petembak dan petugas observasi).
1. Ta nggungjawab Sniper: menentukan posisi yang nyaman dan aman. Mengidentifikasi dan melokalisir target. Menghitung jarak dengan target, elevasi dan pergerakan angin. Mempersiapkan kondisi kesiagaan untuk menembak, mengatur nafas, mengendalikan picu senapan. Mnentukan saat yang tepat untuk menembak, dan bila diperlukan mempersiapkan aksi penembakan berikutnya.
2. Tanggungjawab Observer: Secara pasti memposisikan dirinya. Memilih target. Membantu perhitungan jarak tembak. Menghitung efek kondisi cuaca terhadap balistik. Melaporkan data perhitungan pembidikan kepada sniper.

Tim sniper harus mampu bergerak dalam kondisi medan pertempuran. Misinya melakukan penembakan secara tepat dan terukur. Diperlukan koordinasi tim secara kompak antara sniper dan observer secara bersama untuk:
* Memperhitungkan efek cuaca terhadap balistik.
* Menghitung jarak terhadap target.
* Melakukan perubahan pembidikan bila diperlukan.
* Mengobservasi perkenaan peluru.
* Mengoreksi penampilan/posisi sebelum melakukan penembakan.
Misi utama tim sniper untuk mengeliminasi target yang ditentukan dengan ketepatan penembakan jarak jauh. Seberapa sukses tim sniper melaksanakan misinya akan bergantung pada pengetahuan, pengertian dan aplikasi dari berbagai teknik lapangan yang memungkinkannya untuk bergerak, bersembunyi, melakukan observasi dan mendeteksi target.
Untuk itu, sebelum melakukan misi diperlukan pengetahuan teknik lapangan, diantaranya:
KAMUF LASE. Bentuk-bentuk teknik penyamaran dan perlengkapan penyamaran, termasuk perlengkapan pakaian seperti baju ghillie.
Mengetahui berbagai berbagai indicator yang dapat menjadikannya sebagai taret musuh seperti, suara bising, kilatan yang ditimbulkan oleh peralatan yang dibawanya, termasuk pantulan cahaya dari kulit badan dan gerakan mata, bebauan (bau badan, bau asap rokok dan lain-lain), gerakan yang mudah terdeteksi, bentuk dan warna perlengkapan penyamaran, kondisi hewan yang ada disekitarnya dan hal-hal lain yang dapat menimbulkan perhatian orang.
Saat bergerak, tim sniper harus selalu ingat akan aturan gerakan;
a. Selalu berasumsi bahwa daerah dimana tim berada, sedang dalam pengawasan lawan.
b. Bergerak lambat. Sebaiknya sniper menghitung gerakannya dalam ukuran inci atau kaki.
c. j angan menimbulkan gerakan berlebihan pada pohon, semak, atau rumput tinggi dengan mencekalnya.
d. Mer encanakan setiap gerakan dan bergerak dalam segmen rute seketika.
e. Berhenti, perhatikan dan dengar situasi sekitar.
f. Bergerak saat ada kebisingan tembakan, ledakan, kebisingan pesawat udara, angin atau apa saja yang dapat mengalihkan perhatian musuh.
Teknik ini digunakan oleh tim sniper untuk bergerak tanpa terdeteksi. Teknik ini mencakup; sniper low crawl, medium crawl, high crawl, hand-and-knees crawl, dan berjalan. (lihat gambar)
Low Crawl

Medium Crawl


Bila memungkinkan, tim sniper dimasukkan dalam elemen keamanan (regu atau pleton). Elemen keamanan memungkinkan tim untuk mencapai daerah operasi secara cepat dan aman dibandingkan tim operasi tempur. Beberapa tuntunan bagi sniper saat bergabung dengan elemen keamanan:
1. Komandan elemen keamanan merupakan komandan tim sniper saat ia bergabung.
2. Tim sniper selalu tampil sebagai bagian integral dari elemen.
3. Tim sn iper menggunakan seragam yang sama dengan anggota elemen lainnya.
4. Tim sniper menjaga posisi dalam formasi elemen.
5. Sistem senjata sniper dibawa dengan posisi menempel dengan badan sehingga tersembunyi.
6. Semua peralatan tim sniper dalam posisi terlindung/tersembunyi.
Saat berada didaerah operasi, tim sniper akan memisahkan diri dari elemen induknya dan beroperasi sendiri. Dua contoh pemisahan tim sniper dari elemen keamanan:
1. Elemen keamanan memberikan perlindungan saat tim sniper mempersiapkan operasinya:
a. Tim sniper menyiapkan perlengkapan penyamarannya (ghillie suit dan menyamarkan kulit tubuhnya yang terbuka seperti muka) serta peralatannya.
b. Tim memastikan bahwa semua perlengkapannya sudah siap.
c. S aat tim sudah siap, dan sudah memperoleh posisinya maka elemen keamanan akan meninggalkan areal tersebut.
d. Saat tim keamanan sudah meninggalkan lokasi, tim sniper menunggu ditempat perpisahan tersebut untuk waktu yang cukup untuk memastikan bahwa baik dirinya maupun elemen keamanan yang sudah meninggalkannya sudah dalam posisi aman, kemudian baru tim sniper bergerak untuk mencari posisi tentatif.
2. Elemen keamanan melaksanakan pengamanan singkat pada titip perpisahan.
Tim sniper berhenti, memastikan mereka dalam posisi yang baik, aman dan mengetahui posisi masing-masing. Kemudian tim pengaman meninggalkan lokasi, tim sniper tetap dalam posisinya sampai elemen pengaman memastikan areal tersebut dalam keadaan aman. Tim sniper kemudian akan menyiapkan diri untuk bergerak sesuai dengan tuntutan operasinya. Sistem pemisahan ini dalam teori dikenal dengan sebutan situasi MOUT.
Saat memilih rute, tim sniper harus ingat akan kemampuan dirinya.
1 . Hindari posisi diketahui musuh dan hindari halangan medan.
2. Cari semak belukar atau area yang dapat memberikan perlindungan dan penyamaran.
3. Ambil keuntungan dari medan yang sulit (rawa, kepadan rimba dll.)
4. Jangan menggunakan jalur, jalan raya atau jalan setapak yang ada.
5. Hindari areal bangunan atau berpenduduk.
6. Hindari areal yang diperkirakan merupakan daerah aktivitas gerilya musuh.
Saat tim sniper bergrak, harus selalu berasumsi bahwa daerah operasi berada dalam pengawasan lawan. Karena tim sniper yang kecil dengan firepower terbatas, tim hanya menggunakan satu formasi yaitu formasi gerakan sniper. Karakteristik formasi antara lain:
1. Observer menjadi pointman (yang didepan) dan sniper mengikutinya.
2. Daerah pengawasan observer adalah arah jam 3 sampai jam 9, sementara sniper kebalikannya, arah jam 9 ke jam tiga (overlapping).
3. Kontak visual harus dipelihara walau saat dalam posisi tiarap.
4. Saat istirahat jarak keduanya dipelihara yangan lebih dari 20 meter.
5. Sniper harus siap bereaksi terhadap aksi pointman (observer).
6. Kepala tim menentukan teknik gerakan dan rute yang akan ditempuh.
7. Kepala tim menentukan titik-titik pertemuan (rally points)
Tim sniper harus berupaya untuk tidak melakukan kontak senjata dengan pihak lawan, Ia harus senantiasa siaga tetapi bukan untuk menghadapi pertempuran. Beberapa aksi tim sniper diantaranya:
1. Kontak visual.
Bila tim sniper melihat kehadiran musuh, tetapi musuh tidak melihatnya, upayakan untuk diam, bila masih memiliki waktu, sebaiknya berbuat:
a. Membuat/mencari tempat perlindungan.
b. Tetap pada posisinya sampai musuh berlalu.
Jangan sekali-kali melakukan kontak.
2. Penghadangan.
Dalam penghadangan, tim sniper harus menghentikan kontak secepatnya. Contoh untuk menghadapi situasi semacam ini:
a. Observer melakukan penembakan cepat kearah lawan.
b. Sniper melemparkan granad asap pada ruang antara observer dengan pihak lawan.
c. Sniper melakukan penembakan terarah pada target yang paling mengancam sampai labirin asap memenuhi areal.
d. Observer melemparkan granad fragmentasi dan mengundurkan diri menuju posisi sniper, pastikan agar dalam gerakannya Ia tidak menghalangi bidang tembak sniper.
e. Tim bergerak ke lokasi yang tidak terlihat oleh lawan ataupun tempat sasaran tembak lawan.
f. Bila kontak tidak dapat dihindari dan berkelanjutan, sniper segera meminta dukungan tembakan tidak langsung atau mengontak elemen pengaman (bila ada).
g. Bila tim terpisah, upayakan segera kembali ke titik pertemuan akhir yang telah ditentukan dalam jalur tempuhnya.
3. Tembakan tidak langsung.
Reaksi atas tembakan tidak langsung (artileri/mortar), tim harus bergerak keluar dari areal tersebut secepatnya. Gerakan seketika ini akan menimbulkan lokasinya akan diketahui. Maka, tim tidak saja bereaksi atas efek tembakan tidak langsung tersebut, tetapi juga melakukan menyembunyikan gerakannya.
a. Ketua tim membawa tim keluar dari daerah penembakan melalui jalur yang tercepat dengan memberi arahan mengenai arah dan jarak (gunakan kode jam: arah jam 3, arah jam 5 dsb.).
c. Ketua tim harus menggerakan timnya sejauh mungkin dari daerah penembakan dengan menempuh jalur yang tersembunyi dan melanjutkan misi melalui jalur alternative.
d. Bila anggota tim terpisah, mereka harus kembali ke titip pertemuan akhir yang telah ditentukan dalam penjabaran rute tempuh.
4. Serangan udara.
a. Anggota tim memastikan perlindungan yang terbaik untuk bersembunyi.
b. Waktu pesawat berlalu, anggota tim segera bergerak ke posisi yang memiliki perlindungan lebih baik dan tersamar.
c. Tim tidak perlu menembak pesawat tersebut.
d. Anggota tim kembali keposisi sampai pesawat yang melakukan penyerbuan berlalu.
e. Bila anggota tim terpisah, mereka harus kembali ke titik pertemuan akhir yang telah disepakati dalam penjabaran rute tempuh.
f. Untuk membantu navigasi tim sniper, tim harus mengingat rute dengan melihat peta, photo udara, atau sketsa. Tim memberikan penandanaan (gunung, jurang, jalan raya dsb.) dan lokasinya sehubungan dengan menentukan rute. Juga harus direncanakan jalur-jalur alternative. Selama melakukan misi, tim sniper memperhitungkan halangan medan yang ada disekitarnya.
g. Tim sniper senantiasa memelihara orientasinya. Beberapa aspek pembantu untuk memelihara orientasi:
(1) Lokasi dan arah aliran arus.
(2) Bukit, lembah, jalan raya dan halangan lainnya.
(3) Jalur kereta api, jalur listrik, dan obyek-obyek buatan manusia lainnya.
Hal-hal diatas merupakan sebagian dari kemungkinan situasi yang akan dihadapi oleh Tim Sniper dalam menjalankan pesawat tanpa awak Berbagai upaya dilakukan untuk meminimalisir kecelakaan dan jatuhnya korban jiwa. Teknologi pesawat tanpa awak adalah salah satu terobosan untuk mengurangi jatuhnya korban nyawa manusia dalam tugas-tugas di udara. Teknologi pesawat tanpa awak seperti apa yang kini telah berkembang? berikut ini ada beberapa jenis pesawat tanpa awak yang pada umumnya di pakai : RQ -8A Fire Scout: Helikopter tanpa awak ini diadopsi dari jenis helikopter ringan Schweizer Model 330SP. RQ-8A Fire Scout digunakan oleh U.S. Navy dalam misi pengintaian. Helikopter ini dapat beroperasi selama empat jam lebih dengan jarak 120 mil dari pusat kendali. Fire Scout dilengkapi dengan sistem navigasi berbasis GPS dan mampu beroperasi secara otonom. Karena mampu beroperasi secara otonom, pusat kendali dapat mengendalikan tiga helikopter tak berawak ini secara simultan. Sea Scout, kembangan dari helikopter tak berawak ini, bahkan mampu mengangkut rudal udara-darat (air-to-surface missiles) untuk misi pengeboman.

RQ-8A Fire Scout
RQ-2B Pioneer:
Pesawat tanpa awak ini adalah hasil kolaborasi antara AAI Amerika dan Israel Aircraft Industries. Pesawat ini telah dipergunakan oleh U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy dan U.S. Army sejak 1986. Pioneer bertugas melakukan pengintaian, pengawasan, pencarian target, dan mendukung penembakan angkatan laut baik pada siang hari maupun malam hari. Pesawat ini dapat diluncurkan dari kapal dengan bantuan dorongan roket atau diluncurkan dari darat dengan bantuan ketapel. Dengan panjang badan 14 kaki dan rentang sayap 17 kaki, Pioneer dapat terbang hingga ketinggian 15,000 kaki selama lima jam. Pioneer dapat mengangkut beban hingga 37 Kg dan dapat dilengkapi dengan sensor optic atau infrared dan alat pendeteksi ranjau.

Boeing Scan Eagle : Pesawat berbobot 20 Kg ini dapat terbang selama 15 jam dengan ketinggian lebih dari 16,000 kaki dan kecepatan 60 mil per jam. Pesawat ini dapat diluncurkan baik dari darat maupun dari kapal laut. Scan Eagle adalah pesawat tanpa awak yang tidak dapat dideteksi oleh radar, selin itu suaranya pun hampir tidak terdengar. Scan Eagle terbang dengan dipandu sistem GPS dan dilengkapi dengan kamera dan sensor infra-red. Boeing Scan Eagle Northrop Grumman Global Hawk: Global Hawk adalah pesawat tanpa awak yang terbesar dan tercanggih di dunia saat ini. RQ-4 Global Hawk adalah pesawat tanpa awak pertama yang mem[eroleh sertifikasi dari FAA (badan penerbangan Amerika) untuk terbang dan mendarat di bandara sipil secara otomatis. Karena keunggulannya ini, Global Hawak diharapkan dapat menjadi perintis pesawat penumpang dengan pilot otomatis dimasa mendatang. Pada saat pengujian, Global Hawk mampu terbang dari Amerika Serikat menuju Australia pulang pergi dengan membawa sejulah alat pengintai. Untuk keperluan militer, pesawat ini dapat dipergunakan untuk melakukan pengintaian, pengawasan dan survey intelejen pada daerah yang luas dan dalam jangka waktu yang lama. Northrop Grumman Global Hawk General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper:
Reaper adalah pesawat multi fungsi tanpa awak yang dikembangkan untuk menjadi mesin penghancur. Dalam operasi militer Amerika di Afghanistan dan Irak, MQ-9 dilengkapi dengan rudal AGM-114 Hellfire dan dipergunakan untuk memburu dan menghancurkan target. Pesawat ini dapat mengangkut beban hingga lima ton, berkecapatan 230 mil per jam pada ketinggian 50,000 kaki dan dapat terbang sejauh 3,682 mil. Pesawat ini dilengkapi dengan IR targeting sensor, laser rangefinder dan synthetic aperture radar. MQ-9 dapat dibongkar pasang dan diangkut ke berbagai lokasi dengan mudah. General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper
AeroVironment Raven dan Raven B: RQ-11A Raven, yang dibuat pada tahun 2002-2003, adalah versi kecil dari 1999-vintage AeroVironment Pointer, yang dilengkapi dengan GPS navigation system, dan peralatan control. Badan pesawat ini terbuat dari Kevlar dan berbobot, dua Kilogram. Pesawat tanpa awak ini memiliki radius operasi lebih dari 6 mil dan dapat terbang selama 80 menit pada kecepatan 60 mil per jam. Raven B dilengkapi dengan berbagai jenis sensor dan laser target designator. AeroVironment Raven dan Raven B: RQ-11A Raven Bombardier CL-327: Karena bentuknya yang unik, pesawat tanpa awak ini sering disebut sebagai kacang terbang. Bombardier CL-327 VTOL adalah pesawat pengawas tanpa awak yang dimotori mesin Williams International WTS-125 turboshaft engine berdaya 100 tenaga kuda. Dengan bobot maksimum 300 Kg saat takeoff, CL-327 dapat difungsikan sebagai alat relay komunikasi, menginspeksi keadaan lingkungan dan melakukan patroli di daerah perbatasan. Pesawat ini telah banyak membantu aparat dalam upaya pemberantasan narkotika dan dalam operasi-operasi pengintaian militer. Pesawat ini dapat mengudara selama lime jam dan dilengkapi dengan berbagai sensor, datalink systems dan sistem navigasi baik berupa GPS maupun inertial navigation systems. Bombardier CL-327
Yamaha RMAX: Pesawat ini adalah pesawat terbang tanpa awak yang paling banyak dipergunakan di dunia untuk keperluan non militer. Helikopter mini Yamaha RMAX, dapat dipergunakan untuk berbagai keperluan misalnya untuk menyemprotkan pestisida dan pupuk, dan melakukan survey untuk keperluan penelitian. Helikopter ini mempergunakan mesin YAMAHA dua langkah dan dapat terbang hingga ketinggian 500 kaki. Yamaha RMAX

Lockheed Martin Desert Hawk: Desert Hawk mulai diproduksi pada tahun 2002, untuk memenuhi kebutuhan militer Amerika dalam misi-misi pengawasan di Irak. Desert Hawk digerakkan dengan mesin listrik dan dilengkapi dengan GPS. Pesawat ini dapat terbang hingga ketinggian 1000 kaki dan beroperasi secara otonom dengan panduan GPS. Pesawat tanpa awak ini dapat terbang dengan kecepatan 57 mil per jam dalam radius tujuh mil. General Atomics MQ-1 Predator: Predator yang mampu terbang dengan kecepatan 135 mil per jam ini adalah pesawat pengintai tanpa awak yang dilengkapi dengan persenjataan tempur. Predator mampu terbang hingga ketinggian 25,000 kaki dan menempuh jarak 450 mil. Predator dilengkapi dengan dua rudal AGM-114 Hellfire berpemandu laser. Pesawat ini merupakan pesawat terbang tanpa awak pertama yang dapat menghancurkan terget-terget di darat. Predator pertama kali dipergunakan dalam operasi militer Amerika di Afghanistan.

General Atomics MQ-1 Predator Puna/ Indonesia,
Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT) mengembangkan Pesawat Udara Nir Awak (PUNA) untuk berbagai keperluan pemantauan dari udara, seperti pemetaan, pemantauan kebakaran hutan, mitigasi bencana, pencarian korban hingga keperluan militer.
Prinsipnya PUNA mampu membawa terbang berbagai peralatan seperti kamera, alat pengintai dan sejenisnya hingga seberat 20kg,” kata Deputi Kepala BPPT bidang Teknologi Industri Rancang Bangun dan Rekayasa, Surjatin Wirjadidjaja di Jakarta, Senin.
Mengenai harga pesawat nir awak dengan pesawat sejenis buatan negara lain, ia menyebutkan, sekitar ratusan juta rupiah. Nilai tersebut bertambah tergantung dari peralatan yang dibawanya.
Kegiatan pengembangan PUNA diawali dengan pembuatan wahana sasaran tembak atau target drone yang digunakan untuk meningkatkan kemampuan prajurit Pusenart (Pusat Senjata Artileri) TNI-AD. PUNA dirancang mempunyai kecepatan jelajah 80 knot dengan jangkauan terbang mencapai 30 km di ketinggian sekitar 7.000 kaki.

10 pistol terbaik…..

Pistol merupakan senjata api yang bisa ditembakan dengan satu tangan.Kata ‘pistol’ mulai digunakan untuk mendeskripsikan senjata api genggam pada abad ke-18. Pada abad ke-15 pistol berarti sebuah pisau kecil yang bisa disembunyikan di dalam pakaian. Pistol atau senjata api genggam dibagi menjadi dua jenis utama. Revolver, yang menggunakan kamar peluru yang berputar. Dan pistol biasa, yang kamar pelurunya menyatu dengan laras. Pistol menggunakan kaliber peluru yang bervariasi, dari .22 sampai .50 cal. ini ada beberapa urutan jenis pistol terbaik di dunia menurut saya. Berdasarkan akurasi, daya tembakan, kapasitas keampuan dari setiap senjata. Berikut ini ada 10 jenis senjata api katagori (Pistol/Revolper)


Specification :
round box magazine/ semi-automatic

          Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman #5   
          Robert Downey Jr. Delivers Bionic Arm to Disabled Child (Video)   

Robert Downey Jr. took some time out from his big-screen play-acting in order to engage in a real-life act of heroism recently, bringing a bright moment to a young boy with a serious physical impairment.

Downey, star of the “Iron Man” superhero-movie franchise, teamed up with the Collective Project to brighten the day of a seven-year-old boy named Alex, who was born with a partially developed right arm.

The actor, in character as billionaire playboy industrialist Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), along with Albert Manero, a college student who builds and donates 3D-printed bionic limbs to kids around the world, met with Alex to present the tyke with his own functioning version of an Iron Man arm, which he quickly used to share a fist-bump with Downey. Something tells us that Alex just earned some serious playground bragging rights.

There won’t be anything bionic about the lump in your throat when you watch the clip.

Watch Downey give a kid a hand in the video.

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The flags are flying high for the last Bionic Runner lunchtime hit-out before #gcam17. If you're hit by injury, drop us a line and Innovfit will show you the benefits of impact-free running training
          LinuxGameCast Weekly Video: LinuxGameCast Weekly 244 – The 90s Called   

Humble goes wild! DoTA wants your number, Mech Commander 2 comes to Linux, and we’re giving away a copy of Prison Architect. Then Asura faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

Controlla update

  • Well, that’s handy. When you create a controller configuration, they automagically inject a link to it into your clipboard.
  • You can no longer hijack the key combo activators with another controller.
  • And the issues of syncing a new controller, if a receiver already a few active controllers registered with it, seem to have been fixed as well.

Bundle Vives

  • I don’t think the problem is people not having VR ready boxes, Brad.
  • The problem is that everyone who wanted a 1’st gen Vive already bought one.
    • Shhh. All problems everywhere ever are about not being able to afford shit
  • And there’s also the fact that there are still no games even remotely interesting for VR which couldn’t work just as well in a simple “traditional” display.
  • Short version: You can finance a 1070 and a vive for 50 bucks a month, a vive and a desktop for 100 a month, a vive and a beefy laptop for 125 a month
  • Or you could pick up a 1070 and a vive for a grand. Not exactly an awful deal if you wanted to get into VR

DOTA Calling

  • Trying to cut down on smurfing.
  • High-rank players creating accounts at a lower rank.
  • Two-week grace period

Two Worlds II the sequel

  • “…with a major HD engine update!”
    • It’s the Raven’s Cry engine, isn’t it?
  • Make it less buggy this time, yeah?
  • Good luck getting yourself a GTX780. Otherwise you won’t be able to run the game well enough.

Fixed Co-Light

  • zombie voice chat lure issue fixed
    • Damn. That sounded kinky AF
  • Apparently there was some issue with co-op games timing out. This has been resolved
  • Maybe I can justify forking over the cash for it… once it’s goes on sale again.
  • Guess the interns finally got around to fixing it.
  • Now, fix the damn multiplayer in Dead Island because that shite don’t work and you know it.


  • Bionic hookmando?
  • The time mechanic look neat.
    • As Brother Chappelle taught us, almost everything looks better in slo-mo

Le Holla Knight

  • Hot damn this thing is pretty.
    • It’s the lighting. Very well done
  • Tight controls are tight.
  • First time I ever put “defeat second any boss” on my to-do whiteboard.
  • Apparently this is one of those Unity platformers which did manage to get its controls right.
  • And it looks like someone had paid Tim Burton to make a cutesy cartoon.
  • Also curious to see on which side of the (glaringly obvious) metroidvania genre it lands on.
  • Is this a Guacamelee/Salt and Sanctuary type thing which is Castlevania in all but name, or is this more along the lines of Axiom Verge and Metroid?

4k Terraria

  • The UI scaling is definitely a thing I wish other games of this ilk *cough* starbound*cough* would have
  • They’ve fixed a number of stability issues on linux, including one where the game would crash on world generation

Late access

  • Honesty in an Early Access project, nice.
    • The game deserves to have many of its details to be better.
  • As such, backers get the game in it’s current state, but they’re not going to cut a GA release release their…early access….what….

Horse sharing

  • They’re introducing free mode, which will let you design crazy, mario-maker esque levels.
  • You can also share the levels you create.
  • Their trailer has some sample levels you can check out


570 580

  • So it’s a big pile of meh, got it.
  • Unless you are looking for a card that uses more power and provides less performance than it’s NVIDIA competitor.
  • So while Nvidia keeps pushing out crazier, more powerful, cheaper and more energy efficient cards, AMD just overclocks their old shit.
  • Does we think we’re in the clear after not fucking up ryzen?
  • So the 580 and 570 are literally overclocked and rebranded version of the 480 and 470.
  • I guess you can leave it to AMD to keep on rebranding with every other architecture.
  • The 560 and 550 seem to use a different GPU architecture, which doesn’t really mean much when for the exact same price range and 75W TDP you get the 1050ti.
  • Now, I can speculate on the performance of the 1050Ti in Linux seeing as how it seems to be a PCIe Powered 970 with worse GL performance and better Vulkan performance.
  • I have no idea how good the AMD drivers on Linux perform nowadays, but from personal experience a few years ago, probably not ideal just yet.
  • Speaking of which…


  • Oh man, there’s so much green on the mesa matrix page now
  • Haiku build issues have been addressed.
    • It won’t be long now…
  • Correct OGL version reporting for i965 and several nouveau fixes.
  • Support for the RX 580 and 570 and improved error handling for R600.
    • Still waiting on OpenGL 4.3 support on this netbook, Brad!

OCAT 1.0

  • Can you build this on linux? I see some VS stuff, but nothing that indicates cmake, scons, etc.
  • Seeing as it seems to rely on DLL injection in order to present a DirectX based overlay, the answer to that is no.
  • Would be nice if all those people who claim their Radeon GPUs work so well under Linux and they don’t see any performance issues, if they could make this work over here in penguin land. Be it in OpenGL or Vulkan, preferably both.
  • Unless of course, that spiel is just internet posturing…

Humble gone Wild

  • Multiplayer ice fishing… FINALLY!
    • I smell aftershow bait

Protip by Frictional

  • Tips from the studio that has only made one game… four times.
    • To be fair, they did it really well.
    • It was also 5 times, three Penumbra titles, Amnesia Dark Descent and SOMA.
  • Presence == Immersion.

Free craft

  • Now that they ported SC1 and Brood War to the SC2 engine, there’s no point in selling the OG Starcraft anymore
  • Mind you, finding a pirated copy of starcraft is easier than convincing your mom to deepthroat a sausage, but hey, it’s something
  • Don’t work in the WINE.
    • The ancient ass-pirated version does though.
  • Did they ever allow it to go over 800×600?
    • IIRC, that was always a balance thing. Limit the available map size


  • What the hell is wrong with this boy.
  • Really shows what WebGL can do
    • Well, i mean, they did get UT3 Running in webGL, so whatever
  • But when will we start seeing electron wrapped games that use it? Its the future doncha know

MC2 (from madhi)

  • MechCommander 2 is abandonware so have at!
  • Dude has fixed a LOT of bugs including those in the original game.
  • Sound system still needs some work.
  • Doesn’t seem to like my devel package of SDL, so it doesn’t like to build on F24

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Asura
Devel: Ogre Head Studio
Engine: Unity
Price: 9.99 / CDN 10.99

Wazzat: Asura is an indie, top-down, Hack ‘n’ Slash game set in a fantasy world inspired by the richness of Indian mythology. It features heavy rogue-like elements and a unique procedural skill tree which changes on every play-through.

Mandatory Disclosure: They sent us keys

Makes with the working


  • This critter only started working on Wed.
  • Yeah, that’s three days after the initial release.
  • The initial launch caused my UHD monitor to power cycle.
  • Everything works, now.


  • #lestrider
  • TV box had some issues


  • Wouldn’t start the first few times I tried.
  • Tried restarting Steam, didn’t work.
  • Had to close Steam and launch the game from outside and then it started working properly.
  • When it did finally start it failed to recognize my multi-monitor setup and set itself to 2560×1440.


Shiny / Sounds


  • When are people going to learn how to encode intro videos so they don’t look like absolute wank?
  • Brass tax, this looks like a mobile game.
  • Granted it looks like a good mobile game but we’ve seen far better from smaller teams.



  • As I’ve mentioned in the past, aesthetics in video games should only serve to complement gameplay.
  • In Asura, the visual aesthetics do just that. And I do mean just that.
  • They are completely unremarkable and the different demon people you play as are literally palette swaps of the same model as are the enemies.
  • The sound… For the first few runs through the game, if you’d asked me what I thought of the sounds I would have replied “Are there sounds?”
  • And the moment I started paying attention to the very muted sound effects and extremely subtle music, I kinda wish I had stayed in blissful ignorance of the Sounds.
  • A meaty thwack when you hit an enemy can and often does go the distance between making the combat as impactful as waving a feather duster at a concrete wall to taking a jackhammer to said concrete wall.




  • The last update caused the Xclone controlla to alway press up.
  • This was resolved by relaunching the game.
  • Why for the love of FSM did you bind movement and aiming to the same input?
  • No WASD?
  • More like no option to do AK and ALL with the keyboard controls.


  • Correct prompts for my dualshock 4? You get a bite sized snickers
  • Has Some problems with the steam controller on the steam box.


  • No rebindable controls on the keyboard? In 2017? You get dinged a chair.
  • The only reason you don’t get dinged 2 is because you can at least rebind the controller mappings.
  • Not that you’d need to…
  • I’m the most particular about the controls, here at LGC Weekly, and even for me the controller bindings worked just fine on Steam Controller.




  • Oh look, permadeath.
  • I like progression and storylines vs live die repeat.


  • The game’s random elements seem like a bit too much at times
  • Your plethora of abilities aren’t consistent between each playthrough, so sometimes you get really good ones and sometimes you get super shitty ones
  • Enemy drops are inconsistent as well
  • In some respect, I like the idea. You can split your effort between trying to get good gear or level up to get some neat powers and better stats, or you can double down on one or the other
  • But in the situation where you get shitty equipment and shitty powers, you pretty much have no choice but to feed yourself through the meat grinder
  • Not sure how I feel about the kill based cooldown mechanic either
  • The gameplay itself isn’t too bad. Dodge enemies, shoot arrows, spears or magic, mind your stamina bar, murder things
  • When the RNG works out in your favour it’s pretty fun
  • When it doesn’t it’s just frustrating.


  • What happens when you mix The Binding of Isaac and the original FORCED?
  • Some pretty weird fanart, that’s what!
  • What you don’t get is Asura, because it’s an entirely different video game. Made by people completely unrelated to either of those.
  • There is one reason this game doesn’t get 4 chairs here and it has absolutely nothing to do with the bland/forgettable aesthetics.
  • Random generation as a gameplay element is all very well and good, so long as it doesn’t affect how reliably you can perform in the game.
  • That’s actually one of the reasons I stopped playing Isaac.
  • If you want to randomize the rooms, enemies or even item drops, that’s fine.
  • But make sure you at least give people a sense of consistency in your randomness.
  • The best example I can think of is Enter the Gungeon.
  • Even though most of the stuff in Enter the Gungeon is almost as random as in this game, it does something which I think is imperative in these roguelites.
  • They always give you a weapon, some armor and a bit of health whenever you kill a boss.
  • That gives you not just the feeling of being rewarded for killing an enemy which is much harder, but it also gives players the tools they need to progress.
  • In Asura, like in Isaac, you can end up getting so shafted by the RNG that you don’t get a better weapon, better armor or even enough currency to “craft” one yourself.
  • This overt randomness is often more frustrating than it is fun.
  • That said, if they did what FORCED Showdown did with its small levels and taking away your buffs in between stages in return for a permanent increase in some stat, and some healing, it would cut down on the frustration quite a bit.
  • But, frustrating as it was, I did have fun with it.


Final –

Hate Mail:


  • I want all of ya’ll to fundle my coin purse ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Humble II

  • That is what you should always do, regardless.
  • Slide the money for the non-Linux games down to 0.

          The Incredible Bionic Man   

October 28, 2013 Movie Review By: Mr. Roboto Year: 2013 Directed by: Tom Coveney Source: Smithsonian Channel Rating: 9 out of 10 “Gentlemen, we can build him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic man.” Overview: Ever wondered how close we are to making a real artificial, cybernetic […]

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          America's First Robot Bar Opens In Vegas: "Perfect Pours Every Time"   

Here’s a headline that should send a chill through the spine of every bartender and server in America: “Bionic bartenders deployed at Las Vegas Strip bar.”

As we reported last week, Cowen analyst Andrew Charles calculated that McDonald’s “Experience of the Future” strategy  could allow it to replace 2,500 cashiers with “Big Mac ATMs” by the end of 2017 – and another 3,000 in 2018.

Now, in a hint of what’s to come for the nightlife industry, the Las Vegas Sun reports that the a bar relying solely on robot bartenders – the first of its kind in the US - will open on Friday.

Here’s the Sun:

“Tipsy Robot, a 2,500-square-foot bar to open Friday at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, boasts two robotic bartenders ready to make your favorite concoction any way you like.”

The bar is being run by Rino Armeni, the chairman of a company called Robotic Innovations, who said he decided to open the first robot bar in Las Vegas to give the city a leg up on other nightlife hubs like New York City and Miami.

Here’s how it works:

“Customers place their order on one of the dozen tablet stations in the bar or through the Tipsy Robot app on their smartphone. They then pay with cash or credit card and enter their email address.


A QR code (barcode) is sent to the email, which the customer places above various windows available. The barcode is scanned and the drink is entered into the system. Patrons can see where their drink is in the queue and are alerted when their order is up.


Each robot has access to more than 60 kinds of liquor, and drinks can be mixed and poured into a 12-ounce plastic cup within 70 seconds.”

Armeni stressed that the robots are meant to be a novelty, and that he believes Technology that carries out human jobs ultimately won’t replace human servers.

“We have a human bar on the side, and the robotic bar is mostly an attraction and entertainment,” Armeni said, “It’s no different from the fountains at Bellagio and the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.”

However, if the robots’ performance lives up to the description provided by the Sun – well, let’s just say that bartenders who were hoping to make a good living in Sin City might want to consider a move.

“Ice, lemon, limes and sugars are stored behind the wall of the robots. Juices, sodas and liquors are housed above them.


Aside from perfect pours every time, Armeni said the robots don’t spill and don’t waste any ingredients.


“They work to perfection, so everything the robots make is perfect,” he said.

Tipsy Robot’s location at the entrance of the Miracle Mile Shops on Las Vegas Boulevard was chosen because of its heavy foot traffic, Armeni said.

“We wanted to find a place where there was a lot of people coming through,” Armeni said. “At this location, there is an average of 24,000 people coming through a day, so that was what sold it to us.”

In addition to the robots, the bar will employ 16 humans, including what Armeni calls “Galactica Ambassadors,” women dressed in space-themed metallic silver dresses – they’re basically a squad of hostesses. Technicians are also on hand to tend to the machines should problems arise.

The techs also ensure the robot's self-cleaning system is working properly because unlike bartenders and other servers – whose hygiene habits are largely a matter of trust – these robots automatically clean their robot “hands” between each drink.

Now, if two robots, whose only associated costs are the initial investment, maintainence costs, and the electricity required to operate them, can perform the exact same job as a human server, ask yourself: How could anybody justifying being paid $15 an hour to perform the same job - but not as well - as an oversized electric back-massager hooked up to an iPad?

          Cataclysm roguelike - - Update   
It is the day after tomorrow, humanity is dying, and the zombie race is taking over the land. You have survived the initial cataclysm and now you must survive with what little skills and talents you have. Your first order of business is to find tools and weapons. But be quick about it, the zombies are approaching, you can hear them in the distance. Then you need to decide what to do next. You can flit from house to house in the neighborhood, hoping to not run into any trouble. You can hit up a library, and read some books to increase your skills. If you are lucky, you may know of a compound nearby where surivors are gathering. If not, you may want to start hiking. But remember, zombies aren't the only things out there. Just be sure to bring provisions. Also remember to keep your spirits up! If you don't you will never survive. Without good spirits you won't have the gumption to learn or do anything productive at all! After all, what is the point in existing in such a saddened state? But if you can survive you will become innured to the hardships, and may find exciting things such as bionics, which can give you amazing powers not usually seen in mortal hands. Or if you are really lucky, you may find a radioactive site, decide to chance fate, and gain a mutation. Usually bad, but sometimes very very good. Who knows, the choice is yours. A graphic TILES mod is also included. The 2 versions shares the same "save" folder.
          America's First Robot Bar Opens In Vegas: "Perfect Pours Every Time"   

Here’s a headline that should send a chill through the spine of every bartender and server in America: “Bionic bartenders deployed at Las Vegas Strip bar.” As we reported last week, Cowen analyst Andrew Charles calculated that McDonald’s “Experience of the Future” strategy  could allow it to replace 2,500 cashiers with “Big Mac ATMs” by […]

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          Bionic Race   
Speel Bionic Race nu op Spelle.nl.
          Captain Underpants And The Big Bad Battle Of The Bionic Booger Boy   
Speel Captain Underpants And The Big Bad Battle Of The Bionic Booger Boy nu op Spelle.nl.
          Bionic Commando Rearmed - Démo jouable (PS3)   
          Bionic Commando Rearmed - Vidéo (PS3)   
          Bionic Commando - Vidéo (PS3)   
          Artificial Organ Bank 2017 Global Key Players Berlin Heart Gmbh, Second Sight Medical Product, Boston Scientific Corporation, Biomet Inc, Edwards Lifesciences Corporation Market Analysis and Forecast to 2022   
Artificial Organ Bank 2017 Global Key Players Berlin Heart Gmbh, Second Sight Medical Product, Boston Scientific Corporation, Biomet Inc, Edwards Lifesciences Corporation Market Analysis and Forecast to 2022 Artificial Organ Bank Report Details: This report focused on global and regional market, major manufacturers, as well as the segment market details on different classifications and applications. Major Key Players              Berlin Heart Gmbh  Second Sight Medical Product  Boston Scientific Corporation  Biomet Inc  Edwards Lifesciences Corporation  Ekso Bionics  Heartware International  Jarvik

          X-BIONIC® HOTEL, Šamorín   

Zľava 58%

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          Christina Aguilera: Bionic – Portada de album – Yaaay or Naaay!   
Christina Aguilera: Bionic – Portada de album – Yaaay or Naaay!

Christina Aguilera es ‘Bionic’ (a) en la portada de su cuarto álbum. De hecho, pueden verla mitad humana (gorgeous!) y mitad robot..?  El cuarto trabajo discográfico de Christina Aguilera saldra el 8 de Junio, ha reportado RCA Records. El título del álbum Bionic ‘refleja la habilidad de Christina de usar y  llevar su voz a niveles nunca antes escuchados’. It’s true! Christina Aguilera tiene una de las voces más impresionantes. El primer single  ‘Not My Self Tonight’ es un ‘himno energético y feroz’ y se estrenará en ChristinaAguilera.com a las 6 PM EDT el 30 de Marzo y estará disponible en iTunes el 13 de Abril.

continúa leyendo Christina Aguilera: Bionic – Portada de album – Yaaay or Naaay! en Farandulista.

          Christina Aguilera chante National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011)   
 Christina Aguilera – National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011) Christina Aguilera – National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011)
Regarder la vidéo Christina Aguilera – National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011); Christina Aguilera va faire hymne national américain , “The Star-Spangled Banner”, au XLV mois prochain Super Bowl, selon les rapports. La blogosphère est atwitter avec buzz que le multi-attribué Aguilera, qui a vu son projet de retour 2010 – Bionic, bombe des charts pop an dernier, est pressenti pour ouvrir match de championnat de la NFL avec son interprétation de la chanson patriotique. Xtina a chanté l’hymne à deux reprises au cours de playoffs NBA de l’année dernière Christina Aguilera au Super Bowl 2011 a oublié les paroles de l'hymne national américain. Elle a été huée par le public ahuri ! , le match Christina Aguilera – National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011),

“La diffusion des listes FOX un botté d’envoi 6:25 pm, ce qui mettrait la superstar de la pop et lauréat du prix Grammy sur le terrain chantant” La Star-Spangled Banner “, peu avant l’AFC et NFC champions déploiement,”

Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé et Whitney Houston sont parmi les superstars chantent d’autres qui ont chanté l’hymne national lors du Super Bowl. En fait, la version de Houston de “The Star-Spangled Banner” – circa 1991-est considéré comme le meilleur de la-réalisée dans l’histoire américaine.

Le Super Bowl 2011 débutera à Cowboys Stadium à Arlington au Texas, le 6 février.

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foot Christina Aguilera – National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011) Voir Christina Aguilera – National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011) en streaming , Résumé Christina Aguilera – National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011) , vidéo buts Christina Aguilera – National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011) ,Vidéo résumé Christina Aguilera – National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011),Match Christina Aguilera – National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011) ,Christina Aguilera – National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011) en live ,regardder Christina Aguilera – National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011) ,

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'Christina Aguilera chante National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011)'
'Christina Aguilera chante National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011)'
Christina Aguilera chante National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011) ">Christina Aguilera chante National Anthem (Super Bowl 2011)

          Linkpost | 10.25.2011   
• Android Blows Past Apple To Take The Lead In Market Share For App Downloads – Given the number of Android phones in aggregate outnumber iPhones, this was only a matter of time. • Motorola: Ice Cream Sandwich devices coming 6 weeks after release (Update: devices confirmed) – The Droid Razr, Bionic and Xoom will
          Womp Womp Wednesday (Ft. Figure, Kai Wachi, Excision & More)   
Welcome back to another great installment of Womp Womp Wednesday! This was a strong week in the bass & dubstep community and we have monsters released by Twofold & Figure, Jacka, and Kai Wachi x Lumberjvck. Excision and The Frim brought on Luciana while we also introduce tracks by Tisoki, Au5, Dack Janiels Ft. Owl Green, Notixx, Tha Trickaz & DJ Kentaro, Culture Code, EH!DE, Psymbionic & The Digital Connection, Soltan, and Noclu. Follow us on SoundCloud!: HERE Follow @WesTheFresh FREE DOWNLOADS–> Pre-Order: Twofold & Figure – Traptor Download: Jacka – Uh Yeah Download: Kai Wachi x LUMBERJVCK – Dukkha […]
A former secret agent with a bionic eye lands a private detective job on the Isle of Man.电脑翻译: 一个有仿生眼睛的前特工在 man. 岛上找到了私家侦探导演: Sean Foley编剧: 朱利安·巴拉特 / 西蒙·法纳比主演:...
          First light from Weston on Android   
A couple of months ago, Collabora assigned me first to research and then make a proof of concept port of Wayland on Android. I had never even seen an Android before. Yesterday, Weston on Android achieved first light!
Galaxy Nexus running Weston and simple-shm.
That is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smart phone, running a self-built image of Android 4.0.1. Weston is driving the screen, where you see the simple-shm Wayland client. There is no desktop nor wallpaper, because right now, simple-shm is the only ported client.

How is that possible? Android has no DRI, no DRM, no KMS (the DRM API), no GBM, no Mesa, and for this device the graphics drivers are proprietary and I do not have access to the closed driver source.

Fortunately, Android's self-invented graphics stack has pretty similar requirements to Weston. All it took was to write a new Android specific backend for Weston, that interfaces to the Android APIs. Writing it took roughly three days.

And the rest of the two months? I spent some time in studying Android's graphics stack, but the majority of the time sunk into porting the minimum required library dependencies, libwayland, Weston, and simple-shm to the Android platform and build environment. Simply getting the Android build system to build stuff properly took a huge effort, and then I got to write workarounds to features missing in Android's C library (Bionic). Features, that we have taken for granted on standard Linux operating systems for years. I also had to completely remove signal handling and timers from libwayland, because signalfd and timerfd interfaces do not exist in Bionic. Those need to be reinvented still.

Android has gralloc and fb hardware abstraction layer (HAL) APIs. Hardware vendors are required to implement these APIs, and provide EGL and GL support libraries. These implementations are usually closed and proprietary. On top of these is the Android wrapper-libEGL, written in C++, open source. My first thought was to use the gralloc and fb HAL APIs directly, but turned out that the wrapper-libEGL does not support using them in the application side. Instead, I was forced to use some Android C++ API (there is no C API for this, as far as I can tell) to get access to the framebuffer in an EGL-compatible way. In the end, I had to write a lot less code than using the HALs directly.

The Android backend for Weston so far only provides basic graphics output to the screen, and offers (presumably) accelerated GLES2 via EGL for the server. No input devices are hooked up yet, so you cannot interact with Weston. I do not know how to get pageflip completion events (if possible?), so that is hacked over.

Simple-shm is the only client that runs for now. There is no support for EGL/GL in Wayland clients. Toytoolkit clients are waiting for Cairo and dependencies to be ported.

The framebuffer can be used by one program at a time. Normally that program is SurfaceFlinger, the Android system compositor. To be able to run Weston, I have to kill SurfaceFlinger and make sure it stays down. Killing SurfaceFlinger also kills the whole Android UI infrastructure. You cannot even power off the phone by pressing or holding down the physical power button!

A video about simple-shm running on Galaxy Nexus: