More Young Justice Cards for DC Heroes RPG   
Phase two of the Young Justice character cards.
I took a bit more liberty with these.
You may notice a few new characters or looks/names.
I tried to fit everyone in that I wanted.

Stats are not perfect. I winged it for most of them. Where possible, I referred to their DCU counterparts and lowered the stats a bit to adjust for age and lack of experience.
Any suggestions would be accepted.

Donna Troy became Troia because I wanted to keep the Cassie version of Wonder Girl available.

Kyle Rayner became Ion because I felt he would fit the team better in that identity than as a Green Lantern. Powers could be from a ring, a ring particle or inborn. And the fan art I found online really fit that concept.

I chose to call the Tim Drake Robin "Red Robin" to keep Robin available. Although Nightwing is still added, as well.

I also chose to call Bart Allen "Impulse" to keep Kid Flash available.

Hawk & Dove got major changes. I found a couple nice fan art pieces of Hawkgirl and converted them into a pair of Thanagarian sisters that have been selected by the Lords of Order and Chaos.
Powers would be similar to Hank Hall and Dawn Granger with flight added by their wings.
Dove may or may not have some light based powers.

I found a fan art drawing that really fit Pantha, so I touched it up and added her.

So without delay...

          antiander – sine (character) android cyborg hyena robot   
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          Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex 1st GIG E16-20 BDRip 1080p Ita Jap x265-NAHOM [BDRiP] [Seed (1)/Leech (0)]   

Titolo: Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex 1st GIG
Anno: 2002
Genere: Fantascienza
Produzione: I.G. Production
Distribuzione: Panini Video 2006
Numero episodi: 26
Durata approssimativa episodi: 24'

Ambientato nel XXI secolo Ghost in the Shell è in superficie un thriller di spionaggio futuristico che segue le imprese del maggiore Motoko Kusanagi, membro della Nona Sezione, una squadra speciale di operazioni in incognito della Commissione nazionale di pubblica sicurezza giapponese specializzata nel combattere crimini legati alla tecnologia. Sebbene tecnicamente sia pari grado agli altri membri, Kusanagi ricopre il ruolo di leader della squadra e viene solitatamente chiamata maggiore a causa del suo passato rango nelle forze armate. È in gran parte robotizzata, un cervello umano in un corpo artificiale capace di imprese sovrumane e specializzata per il suo lavoro.

L'ambientazione di Ghost in the Shell è distintivamente cyberpunk o postcyberpunk, simile a quelle della Trilogia dello sprawl dello scrittore di fantascienza William Gibson, sebbene l'opera di Shirow sia maggiormente focalizzata sulle ramificazioni etiche e filosofiche della fusione tra l'umanità e la tecnologia. Gran parte degli uomini sono collegati alla rete, a cui possono accedere non soltanto mediante terminali fisici, ma soprattutto attraverso impianti situati nel loro stesso cervello. Diversi uomini sono diventati cyborg, ovvero esseri in parte organici in parte robotici. Quello che differenzia un cyborg integrale da un robot è la presenza di un cervello umano e del Ghost, ovvero dell'anima, qualcosa di intrinseco e inspiegabile che permette agli uomini di "sentire" sensazioni particolari. Il Ghost è l'istinto non mediato dai calcoli. Lo sviluppo dell'intelligenza artificiale ed un'onnipresente rete computerizzata sono il palcoscenico per la rivoluzione dell'identità umana e della unicità di sé stessi. In particolare il manga affronta direttamente queste problematiche: Kusanagi ed i suoi colleghi devono affrontare minacce esterne così come soffrire conflitti interni dovuti alle loro proprie nature.

[ Info sul file ]

Nome: Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex 1st GIG E16 BDRip 1080p Ita Jap x265-NAHOM.mkv
Data: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 23:26:33 +0200
Dimensione: 224,396,762 bytes (214.001429 MiB)

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Tipo file: data

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Durata: 00:25:18 (1518.186 s)
Contenitore: matroska
Production date: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 23:26:17 +0200
Totale tracce: 5
Traccia n. 1: video (V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVC) {und}
Traccia n. 2: audio (A_AAC) {jpn}
Traccia n. 3: subtitle (S_TEXT/ASS) {eng}
Traccia n. 4: subtitle (S_TEXT/ASS) {eng}
Traccia n. 5: audio (A_AAC) {ita}
Muxing library: libebml v1.3.4 + libmatroska v1.4.5
Writing application: mkvmerge v13.0.0 ('The Juggler') 32bit

[ Traccia video ]

Risoluzione: 1920 x 1080
Frame aspect ratio: 16:9 = 1.777778
Pixel aspect ratio: 1:1 = 1
Display aspect ratio: 16:9 = 1.777778
Framerate: 24.000001 fps
Dimensione stream: 169,486,725 bytes (161.635137 MiB)
Durata: 00:24:51 (1491.24994 s)
Bitrate (bs): 909.233096 kbps
Qf: 0.01827

[ Traccia audio nr. 1 ]

Codec ID: A_AAC
Freq. campionamento: 24000 Hz
Freq. campionamento output: 48000 Hz
Canali: 6
Dimensione stream: 29,403,307 bytes (28.041179 MiB)
Tipo di bitstream (bs): AAC SBR (Spectral Band Replication)
Frames (bs): 34,457
Durata: 00:24:30 (1470.165333 s)
Chunk-aligned (bs): Sì
Bitrate (bs): 160.000002 kbps VBR
Freq. campionamento (bs): 24000 Hz
Modo (bs): 6: front-center, front-left, front-right, back-left, back-right, LFE-channel

[ Traccia audio nr. 2 ]

Codec ID: A_AAC
Freq. campionamento: 48000 Hz
Canali: 2
Dimensione stream: 24,485,748 bytes (23.351429 MiB)
Tipo di bitstream (bs): AAC Main
Frames (bs): 71,165
Durata: 00:25:18 (1518.186667 s)
Chunk-aligned (bs): Sì
Bitrate (bs): 129.026284 kbps VBR
Freq. campionamento (bs): 48000 Hz
Modo (bs): 2: front-left, front-right

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          Saitek Cyborg X   
Einleitung Pünktlich zum 10 jährigen Jubiläum der Cyborg Joystick Reihe aus dem Hause Saitek macht sich das Unternehmen mit deutschem Sitz in München mit dem Cyborg X selber ein Geschenk. Nach dem erfolgreichen Cyborg Evo, den man bei nahezu allen Fragen hinsichtlich: „Suche guten und günstigen Joystick“ empfohlen bekommt, hat Saitek nochmals einen Schritt nach […]
          Cris Cyborg Preparing For Best Megan Anderson At UFC 214   

Cris Cyborg was a guest on Submission Radio recently to discuss her upcoming July title fight with Megan Anderson. Below is a transcript of the interview: How it feels to finally have an opponent and be fighting for the title “You know, it’s the one thing I’m really happy. After two years I’m gonna fight […]

The post Cris Cyborg Preparing For Best Megan Anderson At UFC 214 appeared first on

          Comment on Cyborgization by Erik Starck   
Mer här:
          Cyborganic Plants Music Experiment Infographics   
          HELP! Teh Internetz Is Coming!   
This video was made in response to a great article at Cyborgology blog, about the collision between our online and offline selves. The author, DA Banks, was himself responding to a rather snooty piece in the New York Times by Sherry Turkle (great name), harking back to a time before our lives were taken over […]
          Down a Cyborg Rabbit Hole    

Mark McGwire, in hot pursuit of Roger Maris's Major League Baseball home-run record for a single season, admits to using a dietary supplement. It has a testosterone-boosting compound.

Most fans still cheer him on since what he ingests is not banned by professional baseball. But the added strength from the drug may taint what for Mr. McGwire is a routine feat - blasting a baseball out of the ballpark.

What if he placed a micro-chip in his eye that let him see like a hawk? Fans would reject any record set.

Computer professor and Englishman Kevin Warwick doesn't hit home runs. But he threw the cultural equivalent of a bean ball last week. He had a silicon chip implanted in his arm. The chip didn't make him stronger. It let him open doors, turn on computers, play audio signals, just by walking into a room.

Gail Chaddock's cover story (at right) grapples with the profound implications of humans jumping down the cyborg rabbit hole. Wearing a sensory-enhancing computer is one thing. Grafting one into the body is quite another. Thankfully (we can catch our metaphysical breath for awhile at least) the good professor had the chip taken out yesterday.

Some context is helpful here. We're not talking gross-out like that first encounter with a waiter, diamond ring pegged to his nose, serving soup. The concern goes beyond vexation that the glittery object will pop off into the chowder. The concern is about bionically extending the nervous system. It's about human identity and the Pandora's box where the sum of the parts may be greater than the whole.

Remember the brouhaha when Johnny brought a hand-held calculator to class.

Was a math turbocharger fair? Should he be allowed to use one? When doing homework? When taking a test? Today, it's a non-issue.

We want number-crunching computers in the hands of every student.

Ten years ago, combing the words "female" and "East German athlete" meant Olympic gold medal. Now, all that comes to mind is national disgrace. Discovery of systematic abuse of anabolic steroids stripped many of that nation's athletes of their medals.

Performance enhancing drugs cross a threshold we don't accept. An anabolic substance entering the body, altering the way it works, isn't fair to other athletes. And it can be unhealthy for the athlete using it.

Ten years from now will we be as comfortable with bionically enhanced individuals - their listening, seeing, memorizing powered up - as we are with the hand-held calculator? Or will we be as opposed to such electronic accretions as we are with the use of steroids by the East German athletes? Slugger McGwire's four baggers thrill because we still recognize him as the agent behind the blast. Chaddock points to a whole new ballgame.

* Comments or questions? Write to Ideas Editor, One Norway St., Boston, MA 02115, or e-mail

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          Simplify — Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft II   
Vor fast einem Jahr habe ich diesen Blogpost verfasst. Dies ist ein Resumee des vergangenen Jahres.

Was mache ich im Moment:

Es stehen immer noch mehr als zwei Umzugskartons hier, die aussortiert bzw. an den Mensch gebracht werden müssen. Ich habe dennoch große Fortschritte gemacht, denn nur ein geringer Teil der Kartoninhalte war dort auch schon letztes Jahr. Ich habe in den ersten 8 Monaten dieses Jahres über 300 Dinge weitergegeben und bestimmt noch mal so viel entsorgt.

Was habe ich seit Oktober 2012 geschafft (und möchte ich aufrecht erhalten):

Ich habe meine Kosmetiksammlung aussortiert und benutze einfachere bzw. selbst gemachte Lösungen. Ich habe fast alles bis auf ein "Ausgeh-Notfall-Schminktäschchen" zusammengestrichen und entsorgt. (Bis auf meine seltsame Nagellackkollektion... DABEI HABE ICH NICHT MAL FINGERNÄGEL!). Ich benutze nur noch Seife statt Duschgel und Shampoo sowie selbstgemischte Haarkur statt Spülung und ab und an auch Sidr für meine Haare.

Ich habe meinen Kleiderschrank auf "Herbstfarben plus Schwarz" zusammengestrichen. Kein Navy, kein Rot, kein Froschgrün. Es hilft.

Ich besitze endlich eine wasserdichte Jacke und praktisches Reisezubehör. Ich habe mir eine sauteure wundervolle Outdoorjacke gekauft (Haglöfs Spinx Q Jacket in true black und WTF warum ist die in der aktuellen Kollektion nicht mehr drin?!) und besitze endlich auch ein gutes Mikrofaser-Handtuch für unterwegs und überall. Keine 50 verschiedenen Körperpflegeprodukte mehr in meiner Waschtasche.

Ich habe meine kompletten Dokumente eingescannt und das unbenötigte Totholz dazu vernichtet. SO VIEL PLATZ! Arbeite noch daran meine alten Uni-Unterlagen einzuscannen, das ist auch wieder ein Riesenkarton Luft für meine Wohnung.

Ich habe mit Bogenschießen und CrossFit angefangen. Ich habe schon lange eine geheime Liebe zu solcherlei Tätigkeiten gehabt, aber endlich geschafft, auch einfach mal loszulegen. Es ist genau der Ausgleich zu Uni und Kreativkram den ich gesucht habe, glaube ich. Ich bin sehr glücklich damit. 

Ich schaffe es schon viel besser, auch einfach mal "Nein." zu Arbeit und Stress zu sagen. Das ist gut.

Was möchte ich noch erreichen:

neu hinzugekommen...

Fit und stark werden (Projekt Cyborg). Ich habe ja einen gewissen Hang zu performance-verbessernden Body Modifications und mich interessiert, wohin ich meinen Körper durch Krafttraining (lies: LANGHANTELN, BITCHES!) und passende Ernährung bringen kann. Wie stark und fit kann ich werden? Und: wird es mir gefallen? Wird mein Leben dadurch cooler, besser und einfacher?

Eine Entscheidung bezüglich meiner bald zu groß werdenden Lieblingsklamotten treffen. Ich trage sie sowieso nur sehr selten, aber jetzt werden sie auch noch zu groß (wir erinnern uns an die Sache mit der Fitness...). Ist es die Nostalgie wert, sie zu behalten und zu ändern oder sollte ich nicht mehr daran festhalten und mir lieber aus meiner aktuellen Inspiration neue Lieblingsstücke machen?

und noch nicht ganz geschafft im letzten Jahr...

Weniger Handtaschen besitzen. Ich besitze immer noch 4. Es scheint doch das Minimum zu sein. Eine davon ist eh die "Hundesitter-Survival-Tasche".

Lernen, meinem Packwahn Einhalt zu gebieten. Ich packe immer noch zu viel Zeug ein, wenn ich wegfahre, aber es wird schon besser :)

Mehr einfache Putzmittel benutzen. Essig, Soda, Waschnüsse, Zitronen, ... habe ich leider noch nicht wirklich umgesetzt. Aber naja, ich hasse putzen ja auch wie die Pest :P

Meinen Wollvorrat dezimieren. Läuft. Aber noch so viel loszuwerden!

          Control Your Cyborg Friends At A Distance   
          #152: Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, “Moonfaker”   

Starring Marc Evan Jackson as Sparks Nevada, Mark Gagliardi as Croach the Tracker, and Molly Quinn as Pemily Stallwark. Also starring Brendan Hines as cyborg president Chicky Sullivan; and Busy Philipps as the Red Plains Rider.

Recorded January 10, 2014.

          #113: Cactoid Jim, King of the Martian Frontier, “Good Jim”   

Starring Nathan Fillion as Cactoid Jim. Also starring Mark Gagliardi as Croach the Tracker, Brendan Hines as the cyborg Chicky Sullivan, Molly Quinn as Pemily Stallwark, Joshua Malina as the Barkeep, and Alan Tudyk as Kaward. Songs and narration performed by Weird Al Yankovic with Paul and Storm.

Recorded November 3, 2012.

          #112: Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, “Support Your Local Marshal”   

Starring Marc Evan Jackson as Sparks Nevada and Mark Gagliardi as his faithful Martian companion Croach the Tracker. Also starring Annie Savage as the Red Plains Rider; Brendan Hines as the cyborg Chicky Sullivan; and Nathan Fillion as Cactoid Jim, King of the Martian Frontier.

Recorded November 3, 2012.

          12 Worst Parts of New ‘Justice League’ Trailer (Photos)   

Millions of people woke up on Saturday morning to a new trailer for the “Justice League” movie and, if you’re anything like us, you were totally baffled by it. Here are the absolute worst parts of the trailer — though if you’re looking for Aquaman-bashing here, best look elsewhere.

If there’s one thing everyone complained about “Batman v Superman” not having enough of, it was pointlessly indulgent and nonsensical displays of light and color. Good thing Zack Snyder is bringing them back for “Justice League”!

In case you were wondering, Lois Lane is in this movie. I would guess they tossed in this random shot because they needed to remind everyone that there could be some redeemable aspect of this movie. Poor Amy Adams.

Here’s the Flash battling an alien wearing a Nazi uniform in a really oddly composed and claustrophobic shot. Were they afraid of pulling the camera back?

Likewise, we get to see Batman take down an alien bug in a shot that’s weirdly small scale for a movie like this.

Every action shot in this trailer looks bizarrely small scale, aside from this ultra-wide battle shot that was seemingly ripped straight from the prologue of “The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.”

Did “Aquaman” director James Wan do this scene? That’s the only explanation I can think of for why it looks like it came from another “Insidious” sequel.

It’s not really a surprise that a “Justice League” movie would involve a glacier somehow given Superman’s propensity for hanging out in them. That said, Superman is not in this trailer, and this shot was inserted seemingly at random because at no point do we see the glacier aside from this half-second shot.

Here we see the Justice League preparing to do battle inside what appears to be the throat of a Xenomorph from the “Alien” movies. No explanation is given in the trailer for this decidedly ungrounded setting.

Football may be America’s game, but in this trailer all this shot does is remind fans that this long-awaited superhero team-up movie is also saddled with the extra baggage of being the origin movie for Cyborg for some reason.

Oh wait, it’s actually two origin movies, as this shot of the Flash visiting Billy Crudup in jail reminds us.

Not hard to imaging Snyder’s directions on this shot: “OK, so you gotta grab the Batshuriken out of the air, but like in a cool and stylish way that makes no sense.”

I love this part of the trailer where it shows the four non-Batman leads doing a photo shoot for the “Justice League” character posters.

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'Justice League': Ben Affleck on Film's Tone Shift from 'Batman v Superman'

          ‘Justice League': First Look at Amber Heard as Mera (Photos)   

Warner Bros. has released the first look at Amber Heard as Mera, the Queen of Atlantis who will appear in Zack Snyder‘s “Justice League” and upcoming “Aquaman” films.

Snyder is directing “Justice League,” which unites superheroes Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher).

Warner Bros. will release “Justice League” on Nov. 17, 2017 and “Justice League: Part Two” on June 14, 2019.

James Wan is set to direct “Aquaman,” starring Jason Momoa as the title character, which is due for release in theaters on July 27, 2018.

The studio also released concept art for the character, who first appeared in 1963 in the comics and has the power to control water.


Oscar-nominated costume designer Michael Wilkinson designed the outfits for both Mera and the rest of the members of “The Justice League.”

Check out his sketch for Mera.


Also, a short time-lapse concept-art video below reveals the progression of the costume design for the Atlantean queen and wife of Aquaman.

Heard recently starred in “Magic Mike XXL” opposite Channing TatumJoe Manganiello, Matt Bomer and Jada Pinkett Smith, as well as “The Danish Girl” along Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander.

She also stars in “London Fields,” whose Toronto Film Festival premiere was cancelled last fall over legal issues between producers and director Matthew Cullen.

The production still, concept art, and sketch for Mera first appeared on IGN.

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Zack Snyder Celebrates Wrapping 'Justice League' With 90-Second Behind the Scenes Sizzle Reel

Jason Momoa Thanks 'Justice League' Crew With Shirtless Photo as Filming Wraps (Photo)

'Justice League' First Look: Zack Snyder Reveals Tactical Batsuit

          Amber Heard Confirms ‘Aquaman,’ ‘Justice League’ Roles   

Amber Heard has finally confirmed her role as Mera in “Aquaman” and “Justice League” and even gave fans a little taste of what her costume will look like.

“It’s interesting,” Heard told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m wearing, like, half suit of armor, half scales. It’s strange. But we’re in the process of building it now. It’s coming along.”

In January, TheWrap reported that Heard was in talks to star in Warner Bros.’ upcoming “Aquaman” opposite Jason Momoa. She would play the female lead of Mera, Aquaman’s love interest and eventual queen of Atlantis. The character first appeared in 1963 and has the power to control water.

Heard will first star in “Justice League” as Momoa’s love interest and then reprise her role in “Aquaman.”

“Justice League Part One” is due in theaters next year, and is directed by Zack Snyder. It stars Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Momoa as Aquaman.

“Aquaman” will be directed by James Wan, who helmed “Furious 7,” and is looking at a July 27, 2018 release.

Watch the Amber Heard interview above.

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Jason Momoa as Aquaman Sparks Social Media Frenzy: 'Makes Me Wet,' Says Kevin Smith

Zack Snyder Reveals First Look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman (Photo)

          The TR Podcast 74: The terminator mouse, flying the C-130, and X58 vs X58   
With our elite panel of Scott, Geoff, and Cyril (plus audible cameos from Geoff's dog, Snookums), we cover a wide range of topics on this episode of the TR Podcast. After some listener questions from Twitter, we tackle Geoff's old-fashioned yet sensible affinity for buying music CDs, and Scott revels in finally playing the famed C-130 level of Modern Warfare. We then digress momentarily to note the loss of Intel's Greg Wagnon, a superb PR guy who helped Scott with Intel Xeon products for years. Moving on to the reviews, Cyril breaks down the Asus N82Jv 14-inch notebook, another mobile computer with great graphics and disappointing battery life, and Geoff pits two Asus X58 motherboards against each other and identifies the winner (which received our TR Recommended badge). We go over a pair of Nvidia stories before wrapping things up with two gaming-related reviews: Geoff's take on the Cyborg Rat 7 adjustable gaming mouse, and Cyril's look at the first Corsair gaming headset.
primer v2 bikebot



kukarobot besiegt Boll

Robot Sanitorium in 2L

James, Joint Action for Multimodal Embodied Social Systems, von Fortiss

TUM Phoenix Robotics - studentische Gruppierung an der Fakultät für Maschinenwesen der TU München



angefangen beim automaton







les robots bei panoplie

Christian Rothmann /Roboter-Portraits: Fotografien und Objekte

robotic dance competition 1983

bottin style concepts : the robot within : robot style dance

[youtube= ] c64 impossible mission


pädagogisch nicht sinnvolles, sinnlos zerstörerisches geballer in paradroid obwohl ich 1985 rum einmal sogar direkt den 999er mit dem 001er übernommen habe, ohne schäden anzurichten

gregorianische choräle 1984 gesungen von einem roboter auf dem commodore 64

creepy singing android heads




Roboter im Fraunhofer Forschungsblog


Robotic Tagger

Wer (oder was) beherrscht Wikipedia?
Zur Bedeutung von Bots

Die Roboterjournalisten kommen

Narrative Science- journalistische Algorithmen

Can an algorithm write a better news story than a human reporter?

Can the computers at narrative science replace paid writers?

bots bei xlqr

webmasterworld forumbeitrag

zu robots.txt

artikel in deinbaer.blogspot

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forum yacy zu robots.txt

aihub - community site for Artificial Intelligence and chatbot news, articles, links, downloads, and discussion

film robots

agent rubys edream portal

elbot chatbot

lasergesteuerter roboter

webcrawler, automation und barrierefreiheit

robotik und orthopädie

hexapod robot


robot-spider arana mecanica

Jesse Sullivan Operates a Bionic Arm with his Brain at RIC (no sound)

رجل الي يصل Islamic Robot IIUM Robot is praying (witir)

exoskelett hilft menschen mit neuromuskulären behinderungen


roboter operiert am schlagenden herzen

roboter der blut abnimmt

zahnarztpatient-roboter kokoro

Roboterassistierte laparoskopische Prostataentfernung an der klinik lindberg

DaVinci Roboter-assistierte Chirurgie in Bildern®

claudia mitchell operates a bionic arm with her brain



the trons- robot band macht gute musik

Robot DJ

hand robot klettert am buchregal hoch und holt sich ein buch


sprachgesteuerte Flugdrohne


robot rights

kurzweil AI

virtual humans

iGod chatbot

"i build my own friends"

alicebot chatbot

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5voltcore roboterkunst

X-Stitch Robot no.8 by ELIOT

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happy robot von evelyne janssen

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getaggt mit "toilet cleaning",artikel über lady-bug styled robot to clean restrooms

scooba und roomba




tetra vaal policebot

tv-robotics human substitution technologies

björk- all is full of love

Krach der Roboter: experimenteller Music Performer

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="495"] Krach der Roboter im Kulturpalast Wedding , Foto (c)[/caption]

yt-vid "Roboter im Kulturpalast"

humanoid robots thomas and janet kissing

bayrischer polizeiroboter

care-o-bot museumsroboter und mobile serviceroboter


unterhaltungsbots von neobotix präsentiert

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asimovs gesetze der robotik und reaktionen aus dem netz darauf

etymologisch: bot-roboter-rabota 1920 : Karel Čapek, Autor von "R.U.R."


film "i robot"


kleiner bot der dominosteine aufstellt

KI 2008 Exhibition

schwärme von fliegenden LED-coptern bilden schwebende 3D-displays

Film AI - künstliche intelligenz - über Mechas und Orgas

Film Proteus - des Teufels Saat - über ein KI haus das sich selbständig macht und eine Frau schwängert

das Cover der LP "Normalette" von "der Plan" zeigt einen am Fluß angelnden Roboter

in der zeichentrickserie futurama geht es auch viel um robotik und das verhältnis von menschen zu maschinen, mmi

Brain-Computer Interface for Disabled People to Control Second Life With Thought

David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj - Turn me On - Musikvideo im Robotik-Secondlife-stil natürlich wieder mit Autotune

Gespräch vom 24.01.2008: Was im Reich der Robotik heute schon möglich ist, in welchen Formen uns die Maschinengeister heute schon zur Hand gehen, und wie intelligent Roboter heute, oder in absehbarer Zeit, sein können und dürfen - darüber spricht Gert Scobel mit Holk Cruse, Klaus Mainzer und Rolf Pfeifer.

- The Most Evil (?) Robots in Science Fiction Movie History -

[gallery link="file"]

Bots mit gültigem Bot-Flag auf Wikipedia:

2013-10-11 21.13.15


Roboter trampt allein durch Kanada

Programmable self-assembly in a thousand-robot swarm

Riding an ABB IRB 6600 Robot 1

KUKA robot playing with people on ELECTROcom 2011 exhibition in Budapest

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"The non-verbal documentary ROBOT WORLD depicts the evolution of robots from a mechanical somnambulist to an autonomous sensorium. The neoclassical violinist Matt Howden emphasizes the film’s message: these artificial people are our alternate doubles."
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Donna Haraway - Cyborg Manifesto
:|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|] :|]

          Incontro e mostra XL comics   
Da 10/06/2017 a 09/07/2017 - LE ALI DELLA LIBELLULA Primavera 2017 incontri con gli autori a cura di Flaminio e Massimo Balestra Sabato 10 giugno, ore 19 ALBERTO CORRADI, MASSIMO GIACON E DAVID "DIAVÙ" VECCHIATO converseranno a margine del volume XL Comics (Panini, 2016) Al termine della presentazione si inaugurerà XL Comics: una piccola mostra per grandi fumetti con tavole di AlePop, Alberto Corradi, Pino Creanza, Dr. Pira, Francesca Ghermandi, Massimo Giacon, Ale Giorgini, Maicol & Mirco, Ratigher, Squaz, Davide Toffolo, Tuono Pettinato e David “Diavù” Vecchiato a seguire NUNC EST BIBENDUM Azienda vitivinicola Giarola Umberto, Palazzuolo di Sona VR FONDAZIONE TITO BALESTRA ONLUS Galleria d'arte moderna e contemporanea Castello Malatestiano di Longiano (FC) ingresso libero XL comics Dal 2005 al 2013, le pagine del magazine La Repubblica XL hanno ospitato il meglio del fumetto italiano e internazionale, risolvendo in modo del tutto inatteso l’eterna diatriba tra mainstream e underground. XL Comics, che raccoglie la quasi totalità delle storie a fumetti apparse sulla rivista, presenta gli straordinari frutti di otto anni all’insegna dell’arte del fumetto, dei suoi eventi e della sua anima più squisitamente rock ‘n’ roll. Trenta autori che attraversano trasversalmente gli ultimi trenta anni della storia del fumetto italiano. . Alberto Corradi Autore di fumetti, illustratore, visual artist e curatore classe 1971, le sue storie e immagini dal 1993 a oggi sono apparse in Italia e all'estero a cavallo tra graphic novel, riviste, antologie, mostre, graphic design e progetti collettivi. Oltre ad aver creato i temibili personaggi di Mostro & Morto per "La Repubblica XL", per la storica testata del settore "Linus" dal 2010 al 2013 ha pubblicato la serie Conte Vlad. Ha realizzato il romanzo (autobio)grafico Smilodonte (Black Velvet Editrice) e l'antologia senza parole Regno di Silenzio (NPE). È al lavoro su La Maledizione, un graphic novel ambientato nel Seicento giapponese. Dal 2011 è una stabile presenza sulle pagine dell'agenda Smemoranda per cui nel 2016 ha realizzato una gamma di gadgets tra cui adesivi, spille e gif animate con protagonisti i suoi personaggi e mostriciattoli.come illustratore per l'infanzia ha collaborato con la Adriano Salani Editore nella collana i Criceti, mentre dal 2013 la sua serie a fumetti per bambini Il mostro nella tazzina esce per il "GBaby", mensile prescolare delle Edizioni San Paolo. Dal 2011 al 2016 è stato direttore artistico delle mostre internazionali del TCBF Treviso Comic Book Festival. Vive e lavora tra Verona e il mondo. Massimo Giacon Massimo Giacon è nato a Padova nel 1961. Fin dal 1980 ha lavorato a Milano come autore di fumetti, artista, Illustratore, designer e musicista. È stato una tra le figure chiave del rinnovamento del fumetto italiano degli anni ’80, collaborando a riviste come "Linus", "Alter", "Frigidaire", "Dolce Vita", "Cyborg", "Nova Express". Ha lavorato per prestigiosi studi di design come Sottsass Associati e Atelier Mendini, e per diverse aziende tra cui Alessi, Artemide, Swatch, Memphis, Olivetti. Dal 1983 ha iniziato un’attività artistica che l’ha portato a diverse personali in Italia e nel resto del mondo. Dal 1983 ha suonato con varie band da lui fondate, e ha inciso due dischi come solista. Le sue attuali attività comprendono la progettazione di oggetti di design, progetti editoriali (libri, riviste, graphic novel), mostre e performance artistiche e musicali in giro per il globo. Diavù (David Vecchiato) Diavù è nato a Roma, è pittore, musicista e artista pop. Dagli anni 90 ha fondato e diretto riviste, tra cui "Tank Magazine", pubblicato fumetti e illustrazioni su varie testate, disegnato cover di libri e dischi ed esposto le sue opere in musei e gallerie italiani e internazionali. È stato curatore dal 2007 al 2012 con Serena Melandri della MondoPop International Gallery con sede a Roma e ha curato lo URBANSUPERSTAR SHOW, prima mostra internazionale dedicata alla Urban Art, Pop Surrealism e Lowbrow Art in un museo italiano, nelle sue edizioni del 2009 e 2010 presso il Museo MADRE di Napoli, e del 2012 e 2013 nella Galleria Provinciale di Cosenza. Vive nel quartiere Quadraro a Roma, da cui è partito, in contemporanea a MondoPop, il suo progetto denominato MURo (Museo di Urban Art di Roma), concept che ha finora coinvolto un nutrito gruppo di noti artisti da tutto il mondo e che dal 2013 è approdato in tv su Sky ARTE nella serie omonima curata da lui stesso. Dal 2014 Diavù ha intensificato la sua attività di street artist: ha dipinto murales in diverse città d'Italia e il suo progetto Popstairs lo ha portato a dare una nuova vita alle scalinate di alcune aree della Città Eterna, da Trastevere a Prati, da Primavalle a Corso Francia. Ingresso gratuito
          predominantly male versus male   

"Hackers, gamers and cyborgs" by Brendan Keogh
"The story of computers transitioning from the flesh to the digital, from the clerical (feminine) to the militaristic (masculine), provides a compelling origin myth for the digital computer." is a great sentence. where clerical (feminine) is in the context of women being the first "manual computers", where the name "computer" came from - it was good to see that the writer acknowledged this.

BUT this paragraph needs to be clarified:
"Even as computers became increasingly significant devices in the last decades of the twentieth century, they remained entrenched in broader patriarchal structures that inscribed them as mathematical, scientific, important – that is, as male. They were embedded, more often than not, in parts of society already explicitly gendered: the science lab, the maths classroom and, when they moved to the home, the son’s bedroom rather than the daughter’s."

I think the writer should add a "predominantly" to next paragraph: "that is, as male" --> "that is, as predominantly male" & another clarification in the next sentence also. it was not "explicitly gendered", it was "predominantly gendered".

because there were and are some women who fit his example, myself being one. it was always annoying to be classed as "male" in this regard, when clearly, I and other women are not male. university researchers even did studies on us (two) female engineers at work in late 1980s/1990s asking how we felt to be doing "male jobs" which I found to be strange since I was doing my job, so how could it be a male job. & since I did physics (albeit only girl in class), chem, higher maths when at high school the statement is not true that it's male only. it needs to be clarified: "predominantly male", yes ok, I can agree with that

these statements are still annoying. as if we don't exist / are invisible.
and there are many more girls & women doing these things these days also - just as there were other women when I started, and women before me too. plus I did have a computer at home growing up (it was in the loungeroom so both I and my sister could use it, not the bedroom), not only the boys did. I programmed it too. as everyone did back then. and I'm sure there were other girls doing it too, across the world.

I can't see where to comment of the article, so ranting here (& twitter). if anyone has the writer, Brendan Keogh's contact pls let me know so I can let him know. if he's a PhD candidate at RMIT University then surely he should know better. I'm surprised his supervisor allows these declarative statements, and the editors of Overland Literary Journal too. with all the articles every day about women leaving technology you'd think people would start writing the history more accurately. adding one clarifying word can make a difference. women have been written out of history already too much!!

and now that article is in print, for yet another inaccuracy to continue. it seems things will never change.

I find it completely ironic that Brendan Keogh should write an article about gamergate and women in gaming "in the context of the broader patriarchal structures" and yet he write about women in computing / technology by applying those same patriarchal structures, leaving them out of history, and even though he admits that the article is flawed, does not want to correct the mistakes or improve it. how different is this to gamergate really anyway? to me, it's the exact same attitude.

it's just annoying and disappointing. when people write the history of tech / computing without women, and especially the exact examples used in that article which I know to be incorrect (as I was doing them) it feels like they are dissolving the past ~30 years of my life. why wouldn't they just add 1-2 words to include women in tech. someone else complained about his comments on gamers being male-only too, so I was glad to read it wasn't only me taking issue with it. not that it made much difference.

and yes, I was playing games during this time also - it's not a male-only characteristic as is implied later in the article.

I'm disappointed in overland too - I expected more, especially after reading their values on 'about' page. so much for "democratisation of politics and culture, providing room for diverse and marginal voices alongside the established and the authoritative" & the rest

update: I posted this on the Overland Facebook page for the article also. I was sent the author's contact details via twitter and had a conversation with him about changing the article. it may be possible to have the web version updated, but sadly the printed version will still be inaccurate.

update 20/04/2015: I asked the author, Brendan Keogh, how the update was going and he said he wasn't going to update it.
he also questioned why I replied to his tweets so my followers could see - well, it's not so they could reply also (although one friend did), it's because I believe it's safer for women, online and offline, to have witnesses when dealing with difficult men, which he proved himself to be

Brendan Keogh @BRKeogh · 11m 11 minutes ago
@AliaK Hi! Saw your tweets but didn't wanna just jump in. Ultimately, yes I agree. I leave things implied that should've been more explicit

@AliaK: Apr 16 @BrendonKeugh hi, I think there should be a few clarifications rather than declarative statements in your article.
@AliaK: Apr 16 @BrendonKeugh I enjoyed the history you wrote about, but it's not 100% male. I wrote my comments on overland fb page
@BRKeogh: Apr 16 @AliaK Hi! Saw your tweets but didn't wanna just jump in. Ultimately, yes I agree. I leave things implied that should've been more explicit
@AliaK: Apr 16 can you have the article changed? @BRKeogh it makes a difference
@BRKeogh: Apr 16 @AliaK possibly tho it's just a reprint of a print article. Do you just want 'overwhelmingly' replaced with 'predominately?'
@BRKeogh: Apr 16 @AliaK Or am i misunderstanding which part you take issue with?
@AliaK: Apr 16 @BRKeogh overwhelminly is fine. the paragraph starting with ""Even as computers became increasingly significant devices" needs clarifying
@AliaK: Apr 16 @BRKeogh "that is, as male" -> "that is, as predominantly/overwhelmingly male" whichever word, just to clarify not imply 100% male. +
@BRKeogh: Apr 16 @AliaK Right I getcha. I meant 'inscribed as male' as in 'naturalised by society as male' not 'only males use computers' but i see how...
@AliaK: Apr 16 @BRKeogh + "in parts of society already explicitly gendered" this needs clarifying too. explicitly reads as though it's 100% male, when not
@BRKeogh: Apr 16 @AliaK ..that is unclear. Really I should've used 'masculine', not 'male'.
@AliaK: Apr 16 @BRKeogh even masculine is not correct. I think if you wrote 'inscribed as male' even, it would have been better.
@AliaK: Apr 16 @BRKeogh as there are women/girls doing these things too, how can it be male-only or masculine-only. it's not logical. majority, sure
@BRKeogh: Apr 16 @AliaK well my intent was to say 'inscribed as male'! 'Inscribed as x, y, z--that is, [inscribed] as male'
@AliaK: Apr 16 @BRKeogh each declarative statement saying male only, just belittles women's work. we are ignored enough as it is without continually being
@BRKeogh: Apr 16 @AliaK but maybe. I should've repeated the verb rather than have it implied that's the verb the clause is linking back to
‏@AliaK: Apr 16 @BRKeogh written out of history
@AliaK: Apr 16 @BRKeogh I've made suggestions on how to improve the wording. I'll leave it up to you to decide what is best to use
@BRKeogh: Apr 16 @AliaK But i don't think I ever say 'male only'. Huge difference between a space being inscribed/naturalised as male and...
@BRKeogh: Apr 16 @AliaK no women at all being in that space. I say as much explicitly further down to stress that point.
@BRKeogh: Apr 16 @AliaK And I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!
@AliaK: Apr 16 @BRKeogh "that is, as male" - where are the female here? explicitly gendered - the son’s bedroom rather than the daughter’s.
@AliaK: Apr 16 @BRKeogh each sentence should be correct or it's wishy washy anyway.

update 20/04/2015: I asked the author, Brendan Keogh, how the update was going and he said he wasn't going to update it.

@AliaK: Apr 20 how did you go changing the overland article @BRKeogh to be more inclusive of women in tech? it still seems unchanged?
@BRKeogh: Apr 20 @AliaK I respect & appreciate your critique of the piece but I don't agree that edit needs to be made and I won't be changing it, no.
@AliaK: Apr 20 that's different to what you said last week? why the change of view? @BRKeogh
‏@BRKeogh: Apr 20 @AliaK I still agree the piece overall could be better, which is what I said last week.
@BRKeogh: Apr 20 @AliaK Also, I'd appreciate it if you didn't move my @ to the end of the tweet to try to get your followers onto me.
@AliaK: Apr 20 why would that worry you @BRKeogh. I also don't appreciate lip service "respect & appreciate" - actions speak louder than words
@AliaK: Apr 20 you also said the web version could be updated and then proceeded to talk about what word to use over numerous tweets. then nothing @BRKeogh
@BRKeogh: Apr 20 @AliaK Well I do appreciate the feedback even if I disagree on the particular sentence. Anyway, have a good evening.

web version of the article archived 21/04/2015: (ZIP)
letter to Overland editors 22/04/2015: (PDF)

::: location:

          Trets Cybertrash Xl   
Després de dècades d&59;observació, els estrangers han enviat la seva cyborgs a destruir la terra i es reuneixen tots els recursos restants. Agafar la seva arma, aturar els cyborgs i salvar el planeta de la destrucció
          Kage Baker: A True Steampunk Author   
My heart was broken when I heard the news that Kage Baker had died of cancer in January. She was a true steampunk author before steampunk had its name. Her tales of The Company and their time-traveling cyborgs brought technology into the steampunk age with a better explanation than most. Here is the complete list […]
          The Emperor's New Clothes   
Diana Lobb

Auguste Comte and the followers of positivism would most likely disagree, but I think it’s fair to say that current consensus is that the discourse of the sciences can make no more persuasive claim to be the sole voice of the True or the Real than did the discourses of theology or metaphysics. As much as anyone’s critique of scientific positivism, Foucault’s archaeological and genealogical analyses of the history and philosophy of the sciences, particularly The Order of Things, effectively put an end to science’s claim to speak with a pure objectivity. Whether you agree with Foucault’s arbitrary approach to historical data or not, it is difficult to argue with his conclusions that the discourses and philosophies of the sciences operate in complex interconnectedness with every other discourse in a particular socio-historical moment. These “regimes of knowledge” affect and are affected by the “regimes of power” that orchestrate the place and time in which they operate, and together, the interaction of these “regimes” trace out an elaborate network of meaning-making processes.

Foucault is not the only contemporary philosopher to critique scientific positivism’s pose of objectivity, isolation and mastery. Michel Serres and Gilles Deleuze, amongst others, agree with what The Radical Academy proposes is the contribution of scientific positivism to the Western philosophical project: “None. In fact, Positivism destroys the very foundations of commonsense philosophical realism. Positivism has been one of the main contributors to today’s intellectual insanity” ( This being said, my question is why, in the humanities, do we not see the insights of Foucault, Serres, and Deleuze more often reflected in our contemplations of humanity, its creative potential, and its relationships to itself and its environments? The kind of humanities research I’m objecting to presents itself as pseudo-science, discovering “by a well-combined use of reasoning and observation, the actual laws of phenomena - that is to say their invariable relations of succession and likeness” (Positive Philosophy). Worse, I find, is analysis that breaks its back genuflecting to the Truth as revealed by the “master” scientific discourse.

There seems to be a deliberate refusal in areas of the humanities to recognize that the discourse of the sciences and the discourse of the humanities are equally valuable, mutually interactive parts of a bigger picture - be that bigger picture called discursive field, episteme or world view. In my more cynical moments, I wonder if this refusal exists, and persists, because tracing out the multiple and multivalent interconnections within and between discourses and the fields in which they operate requires slow, meticulous work that does not usually produce something slick and sexy and readily commodifiable.

In the disappointing field of texts that attempt to relate the humanities and the sciences, Paul Gilroy’s Against Race stands out as a welcome exception to what I see as the “normal” and normalizing approach. Perhaps because he explicitly locates his object of research, the concept of `race,’ as a historically situated and trans-disciplinary phenomenon, Gilroy is able to focus our attention on the connections between the discourse of the sciences and the discourse of the humanities that bring into destructive being both `race’ and racism. The discontinuous pattern of consolidations between the discourses of “the human” and “the nation” that Gilroy traces, effectively debunks the idea of the evolution of, well, “evolution.” Darwin did not reveal the Truth. The discourse of the sciences had not “evolved” to a sufficiently advanced state of wisdom and complexity to allow it to finally announce the Real. Instead, as Gilroy demonstrates, the discourse of the sciences adapted to incorporate new data within the framework of its moment and interpreted that data in a way consistent with the social truths of late Eighteenth Century Imperial Europe.

Advocating a careful and cautious engagement with the philosophical aspects of the complexity sciences and their elaboration in the development of post-Darwinian evolutionary hypotheses allows Gilroy to trace the formation of raciology. The map of raciology - Gilroy’s proposal of a large, complex discursive formation within the modern episteme - demonstrates that “survival of the fittest” did not emerge “naturally” from a continuous thread of increasingly sophisticated scientific discourse that incorporated Vesalius’ anatomy, Linneaus’ taxonomy and Lyell’s geology. Instead, the “science” of evolution was always already enmeshed with Locke’s notion of the human, Kant’s notion of the nation, and Malthus’ rather brutal ideas about population. The patterns of raciology make visible the notion of “evolution” as never purely a facet of scientific discourse or of the discourse of the humanities. It was always a “rational absurdity” (Against Race 14), a strategic synthesis of supposedly autonomous categories: logos and icon, rational and occult knowledges, the discourses of the sciences and the humanities.

Gilroy is not the first theorist of the “Human Sciences” to advocate a critical engagement with the implications of the complexity sciences for the humanities. However, his suggestion of a careful, deliberate translation of the complexity sciences from a “science” into a discursive formation differs from some of the more “transgressive” suggestions of theorists like N. Katherine Hayles. Hayles, who Matheson and Kirchoff refer to as “the most influential theorist in the area of chaos and literature” (“Chaos and Literature” 32), attempts, like Gilroy, to link the insights of the complexity sciences to French post-structuralist philosophy. However, her methodological approach to the question of how to relate the discourses provides a useful contrast to Gilroy, and in many ways exemplifies my complaints with how the humanities have attempted to incorporate the discourse of the sciences.

Hayles finds the transgressive “aura of mystery and excitement” that surrounds the “highly charged signifier” of chaos to provide an apparently irresistible strange attraction. She concedes that the discourse of the complexity sciences she appropriates does not appear to share her enthusiasm for the concept of “chaotics”: “chaos theory and the science of chaos are not phrases usually employed by researchers who work in these fields” (Chaos Bound 8-9). In Hayles’ analysis, complexity sciences offer not just “new methods of analysis for complex systems” but a metaphor for what she suggests is the divided and fragmentary nature of the postmodern moment. In other words, what Hayles proposes through her engagement with the complexity sciences is not a possible framework for the analysis of postmodern society but rather a “new” ontology to announce the (latest) Truth of a fractured and fragmented modern humanity.

Despite her own recognition of her misuse of disciplinary terminology, Hayles ironically suggests that an act of translation across disciplinary knowledge bases is not necessary when considering the relationship of complexity sciences to the humanities. Since “an interest in disorder and unpredictability in literature analogous to that in the sciences” (xii) occurred in a proximal moment, the convergence of interests must be evidence of a singular event which shifts the singular epistemic structure from which both disciplines are produced: “Different disciplines are drawn to similar problems because the concerns underlying them are highly charged within a prevailing cultural context” (xi). Because this trans-disciplinary interest in “chaos” is posited as the result of a “feedback cycle [which] connected theory with culture and culture with theory through the medium of technology.” Hayles suggests that it is possible to apply directly the methodologies and terminologies from one discipline to explain phenomena in another (xiv).

This interesting, if problematic, conflation of what even Hayles acknowledges are “isomorphic” (xiv) notions into assumptions of a uniform epistemic construction leads Hayles to make the assertion that “[t]he paradigm of orderly disorder may well prove to be as important to the second half of the [20th] century as the field concept was to the first half” (xii). Unlike Gilroy who engages complexity sciences in order to propose a utopian moment of rupture in raciological modernity, Hayles appears to suggest the moment of rupture has already occurred and has assumed the “always already” operation of a “chaotic” postmodern episteme.

However, it is in Hayles’ insistence on interpreting complexity as “chaos” and “disorder” that her application of complexity theories to the humanities diverges most widely from Gilroy’s proposed translation. In Hayles’ conception, the “chaotic” paradigm destabilizes a “dichotomy” of order/disorder in such a way as to make it possible to “draw parallels between post-structuralist philosophy and scientific attitudes to chaos” (176). While Matheson and Kirchoff raise persuasive doubts as to the validity of the comparison Hayles draws between complexity theories and her interpretation of post-structuralism, what is interesting in comparing Hayles to Gilroy is Hayles’ equation of the methodology of deconstruction with the scientific methodology of denaturing (266-69). To denature an organic molecule is not simply to “deconstruct” it. Given Derrida’s deliberate ambiguity in defining the methodology he employs in demonstrating the arbitrariness of categories and the permeability of their supposedly fixed boundaries, it is difficult to accept Hayles’ attempt to fix the meaning of deconstruction as an unambiguously liberating “violation” (283) that dismantles oppressive constructs in order to reinvent those constructs in ways that are more open to the expression of difference.

When Hayles’ understanding of “deconstruction” is conflated with the notion of “denaturing,” some disturbing (and unexpected) consequences arise. The input of heat or chemicals or extreme alterations of the pH of a biological system does result in the loss of organic molecules’ secondary and tertiary structure through the unfolding of the peptide chains of proteins. In Hayles’ terms, the molecule is “deconstructed.” However, Hayles’ analogy overlooks the result of the process: the reduction or destruction of the denatured molecule’s biological activity. The example that the Oxford Dictionary of Biology gives is particularly telling: boiling an egg effectively denatures the egg’s proteins and makes the egg consumable by humans. However, the same process effectively kills the embryo that was gestating in the egg. Denaturing is not unambiguously and universally positive and life affirming, as Hayles’ deployment suggests - definitely not to chickens!

All flippancy aside, Hayles’ argument that the paradigmatic shift to “chaos” results in the denaturing of language, context, time and the human renders language, context, time and the human biologically inert - in other words, dead. It is difficult to see how Hayles’ re-articulation of the Hegelian “being towards death” is postmodern in the sense Hayles’ implies or how is differs from what Gilroy argues is the modernist “discourse of differentiation that is struggling to supersede crude appeals to `race’ ” (Against Race 27). Gilroy proposes a possible discursive formation of complexity that overcomes the fragmentation of humanity produced by raciology and posits the possibility of a heterogeneous species unity. Hayles, however, appears to conceive of the advent of the complexity sciences as an opportunity to revel in the progressive dissolution of any humane, or even human, text.

Hayles’ appropriates the discourse of the complexity sciences in order to propose a “new” ontology for what she claims is a postmodern moment. Arguing that “disorder has become a focal point” within the episteme of modernity, Hayles proposes complexity theories as a way in which to both explain and contain the “convoluted ambiguities” that are “deeply characteristic” of what she calls cultural postmodernism (Chaos Bound 256). Through the logic of what she mis-names the “sciences of chaos,” Hayles claims both the being of postmodern and the being of the “posthuman” (284). Unfortunately, Hayles does not appear to consider that all humanity has not been incorporated within a notion of modernity’s “human” before she supplants the human with the cyborg. Unlike Gilroy’s “cautious” engagement with complexity to project the possibility of a post-racial postmodernity, Hayles’ enthusiasm for “chaotic” transgressions forecloses that possibility and reinscribes the orderly pattern of raciological modernity’s fragmented and fragmenting authority.

In terms of the arguments I have with the mode of humanities scholarship that Hayles exemplifies, it is not simply the case that I find the conclusions of her analysis questionable, and in terms of my personal politics, absolutely not liberating. What I take issue with is where and how she grounds her methodology: the singular epistemic event that produces an “interest in disorder and unpredictability in literature analogous to that in the sciences,” an event that forms the justification for her amalgamation of “chaos” and Derrida. As her analysis unfolds, her methodology is to observe the “facts” that visibly overlap the discourses of the sciences and the humanities in order to deduce the “new” and “actual” laws of the “feedback cycle” she claims to have identified. She attempts to describe the reality of “postmodernity” by establishing the connection “between different particular phenomena and some general facts” (Positive Philosophy). By disciplinary convention, Hayles’ analysis may be located in the discourse of the humanities, but structurally it reveals its unwavering allegiance to scientific positivism - and we’re back to where I began my complaint, with the humanities trying to borrow the credibility of the “master” discourse by shaping its discourse as pseudo-science.

If our goal in the humanities is to achieve, as Hayles’ would have it, a liberating “violation,” or to break through into a moment of post-modernity (assuming epistemic time can be quantified as such), or even to see how the “truth” of right now works to maintain an oppressive status quo, then we must find a way to reject the lure of scientific positivism and the seduction to participate in the “master” discourse. If what we want to do is rid ourselves of the authority we invested in the “master,” then Gilroy’s mode of analysis provides some essential signposts for us to follow: flatten the hierarchy of discourse; trace the map of interpenetration and mutual co-construction; stop trying to discover the “laws of a phenomenon” and instead, look for how the “True” has been constructed to manipulate the truth.

It’s the trans-disciplinary perspective that the notion of raciology affords, not just on the discourse of the sciences but on the whole Western Modern episteme, that makes Gilroy’s analysis so valuable. Arbitrarily establishing the idea of “race” as a node within the Western world-view, the idea of raciology facilitates an analysis of how networks of discourses and structures of power intersect, altering themselves and each other in unexpected ways. This is not simply a strategy of self-reflexivity that places the analyst, tacitly or not so tacitly at the centre of the study. Instead, it is a deliberately “counteranthopological and sometimes misanthropic” (Against Race 17) strategy that rejects the researcher’s authority to announce the Truth. But this is not a retreat into relativism. It is an attempt to trace the complex patterns that give language, concepts and ideas the effect of the Real - even the power to kill, as has been so efficiently demonstrated in Auschwitz, Rwanda and Serbia (not to leave out North America - Tuskegee and Davis Inlet).

The “rhizomorphic” (127) pattern of interconnected discourses and power structures made visible by a consideration of raciology maps both the archaeology and genealogy of the idea of “race” not simply to prove that “race” is a dangerous and deadly fiction, but to map out how the idea of “race” has been consolidated and propagated as a concrete historical object: a social construction that has left evidence of its mutagenic and mutated path through and across disciplinary boundaries. Dismantling the hierarchy of discourse and its arborescent pattern of meaning-making potential, the rhizomorphic map of raciology demonstrates that neither the discourse of the sciences nor the discourse of the humanities (or even the discourse of raciology) can authoritatively claim to be the “master” discourse.

Gilroy traces out his map of raciology by analyzing a temporal segment of the pattern of interconnections between “scientific” explanations of the being of “the human” and social and cultural thought, demonstrating how the various elements of “rational” and “absurd” knowledges consolidate to construct an ontology. This act of construction is not an objective deduction of the “actual laws of a phenomenon” but an articulation of a specific discursive formation that establishes an analytical stance through which the social text of human can be read, interpreted and given a particular meaning. It draws on a deliberately impure and hybridized methodology that blends a critical engagement with the complexity sciences with a critical engagement with French post-structuralist thought. The example of raciology demonstrates that it is possible to take possession of the profound transformations of thought made available by structural transformations in the discourses of the sciences and the humanities and “somehow set [them] to work against the tainted logic that produced [them]” (15). Refusing the logic of fragmentation that separates and isolates categories of knowledge in order to establish hierarchies of meaning, Gilroy demonstrates the value of instantiating in our thinking ” a `chaotic’ model in which shifting `strange attractors’ are the only visible points of fragile stability amid social and cultural turbulence” (128).

It is only by deliberately rejecting thinking rooted in the science and politics of “narcissism” (16) that Gilroy is able to enact his trans-disciplinary methodology without forcing either the discourse of the sciences or the discourse of the humanities to assume a subordinate position within the structure of his arguments. The flattened epistemic pattern that Gilroy assumes allows for both to co-exist at the same level of consideration; the same level as all other discourses and power structures in a given place and time. The critical engagement with complexity theories that Gilroy undertakes exposes the mutually transforming transactions between raciological thinking and its social, cultural and political manifestations. It opens an analytical space in which “racisms” can be re-considered within a history of the interaction and developments of co-evolving systems rather than as solely a history of the development of “man.”

Works Cited

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          The Rise Of The Biobot: Mixing Biology And Technology   
In a recent article posted on the The Guardian website, author and new-age guru Deepak Chopra made an interesting observation. “A cyborg future is coming. Man's relationship with machine is merging and machines are an extension of our own intelligence. I'm so into it. I wear all kinds of bio-sensors to [...]
          Comment on I am now a cyborg. Allow me to explain. by Sableshade   
Remember to use your electromagnetic sensing powers for good. Also, beware of other magnets. You don't want to stick to objects too strong for your own magnet.
          Comment on I am now a cyborg. Allow me to explain. by Monica Byrne   
Thank you, Bill :)
          Comment on I am now a cyborg. Allow me to explain. by Bill Sterner   
Bravo, Monica. Really impressive. Bill Sterner
          Adopt Robin a Siamese / Mixed cat in Sherwood, OR (18460604) (   
My adoption payment is $200. I'm currently in foster care with my siblings Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven. Main color: Lilac Weight: 1.21 Age: 0 yrs 0 months 7wks

          DC Comics Icons adds 3 new figures to lineup   
The DC Comics Icons series introduces this Static Shock figure. We’ve got Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Deathstroke, too!
          Comment on Trailer: Justice League (2017) – 3 by SteelScissorsInYourSkull   
If it's the Justice League there has to be a Green Lantern (any of them). Cyborg is a Titan. This trend makes it clear it'll take forever for DC/Warner to create a decent GL flick. The last one was bloody awful.
          Doctor Who Season   
Season 1
Season 1, Episode 1: Rose
Original Air Date—26 March 2005
Rose Tyler is just an ordinary shop worker living an ordinary life in 21st century Britain. But that life is turned upside down when a strange man calling himself The Doctor drags her into an alien invasion attempt!
Season 1, Episode 2: The End of the World
Original Air Date—2 April 2005
The Doctor takes Rose on her first trip through time to the year five billion, where they join a group of alien delegates preparing to watch the Earth being consumed by the sun. But there's a traitor on board who's prepared to kill them all...
Season 1, Episode 3: The Unquiet Dead
Original Air Date—9 April 2005
The Doctor has great expectations for his latest adventure when he and Rose join forces with Charles Dickens to investigate a mysterious plague of zombies.
Season 1, Episode 4: Aliens of London
Original Air Date—16 April 2005
The Doctor returns Rose to her own time - well, sort of - but her family reunion is ruined when a spaceship crashes in the middle of London. What is the origin of the spaceship, and where has the Prime Minister gone in this time of crisis?
Season 1, Episode 5: World War Three
Original Air Date—23 April 2005
The fiendish Slitheen have been unmasked as the ones who crashed the spaceship into London as part of a ruse to trigger World War Three. But how can The Doctor save the planet when he's trapped inside a locked room?
Season 1, Episode 6: Dalek
Original Air Date—30 April 2005
The Doctor becomes the main exhibit at a billionaire's alien museum in Utah. But there's something else in there with them - the last member of the most vicious, evil species in the galaxy, and if The Doctor can't stop it, the whole world may be destroyed!
Season 1, Episode 7: The Long Game
Original Air Date—7 May 2005
The Doctor and Rose arrive in the year 200,000 to see The Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. But something has gone wrong - someone is holding back the development of mankind. Who could have done this? And why?
Season 1, Episode 8: Father's Day
Original Air Date—14 May 2005
The Doctor takes Rose back to the day her father died, but when she tries to save him she creates a paradox that damages time and space. As the universe starts to come apart, the monstrous Reapers - creatures that feed on time distortions - begin to consume the Earth. And this time The Doctor will not be able to save the day!
Season 1, Episode 9: The Empty Child
Original Air Date—21 May 2005
The emergency signal from an out-of-control timeship lands the Doctor and Rose in the middle of London in World War II. As Rose grows close to a mysterious American named Jack, The Doctor pursues a ghostly, deformed child through the fog...
Season 1, Episode 10: The Doctor Dances
Original Air Date—28 May 2005
Albion Hospital is overrun with the Empty Child's zombified victims. Worse, The Doctor, Rose and Jack are trapped in there with them. Their only chance of stopping the Child lies in a crater outside the hospital - but they have only minutes before German bombs destroy it!
Season 1, Episode 11: Boom Town
Original Air Date—4 June 2005
Stopping off in present-day Cardiff to recharge the TARDIS, The Doctor, Rose and Jack encounter an old foe in the midst of hatching a scheme that could destroy the entire planet.
Season 1, Episode 12: Bad Wolf
Original Air Date—11 June 2005
Jack, The Doctor and Rose have been kidnapped and forced to play terrible and deadly games. But what happens to the bodies of the murdered contestants? And what sinister plot do the games hide?
Season 1, Episode 13: The Parting of the Ways
Original Air Date—18 June 2005
The Dalek fleet is poised to destroy the Earth and only The Doctor, Rose, Jack and a band of television producers can stop them.

Season 2
Season 2, Episode 0: The Christmas Invasion
Original Air Date—25 December 2005
It's Christmas Eve, but this is to be a far from silent night - the cruel Sycorax have come to Earth to enslave mankind and, as ever, only The Doctor can stop them. Unfortunately, he's lying in a coma in Jackie's home...
Season 2, Episode 1: New Earth
Original Air Date—15 April 2006
As Rose Tyler embarks upon her first big TARDIS adventure with the newly-regenerated Doctor, they discover a sinister hospital run by strange cat people and run in to two old acquaintances, The Face of Boe and Cassandra.
Season 2, Episode 2: Tooth and Claw
Original Air Date—22 April 2006
The Doctor and Rose are transported to 19th Century Scotland, where they meet Queen Victoria, and try to protect her from a ravenous werewolf and a band of assassinating warrior-monks
Season 2, Episode 3: School Reunion
Original Air Date—29 April 2006
The Krillitanes - aliens with a mix-and-match physiology - are trying to crack the 'God-Maker', a paradigm to give them ultimate power. They are using children as a computer, and only the Doctor and Rose, re-united with Sarah Jane Smith and K9 can prevent them from becoming masters of time and space.
Season 2, Episode 4: The Girl in the Fireplace
Original Air Date—6 May 2006
The Doctor, Mickey and Rose land on a spaceship in the 51st century only to find 18th century Versailles on board, the time of Madame De Pompadour! To find out what's going on the Doctor must enter Versailles and save Madame De Popmpadour but it turns into an emotional roller coaster for the Doctor.
Season 2, Episode 5: Rise of the Cybermen
Original Air Date—13 May 2006
Upon landing on an alternate version of the Earth, The Doctor, Rose and Mickey learn that Peter Tyler is apparently alive and well. Lurking in the shadows are creatures made to destroy - one of The Doctor's greatest fears have come true...the Cybermen are reborn.
Season 2, Episode 6: The Age of Steel
Original Air Date—20 May 2006
Lumic's army of cybermen is on the rise, and with more and more people being converted by the hour, time is of the essence. The gang are reduced to fugitives as they roam the streets of parallel London trying to rid the earth of cybermen.
Season 2, Episode 7: The Idiot's Lantern
Original Air Date—27 May 2006
In 1950s London, the police are hunting down strange, mute creatures. The people of Britain gather around their new-fangled "tele-vision" sets to celebrate the new Queen's coronation - but is something affecting the signal?
Season 2, Episode 8: The Impossible Planet
Original Air Date—3 June 2006
The TARDIS lands on an alien planet shrouded in a darkness that even the Doctor can't figure out. And what is lurking at the bottom of The Satan Pit?
Season 2, Episode 9: The Satan Pit
Original Air Date—10 June 2006
As Rose battles the murderous Ood, the Doctor finds his every belief being challenged to the core, as the Pit beckons. With the planet threatening to fall into the black hole, the Doctor must make the ultimate sacrifice.
Season 2, Episode 10: Love & Monsters
Original Air Date—17 June 2006
A run in with the Doctor at a young age leads Elton to a group who's studying him, they become friends and have a laugh until Victor Kennedy arrives. Suddenly everything becomes more serious then people start disappearing from the group. Can the Doctor save Elton and explain his past before he's absorbed by the Absorbaloff
Season 2, Episode 11: Fear Her
Original Air Date—24 June 2006
The Doctor and Rose travel to London in 2012 to see the Olympics - only to find that children are mysteriously disappearing before peoples very eyes. The answer seems to lie with a young girl named Chloe and her strange drawings - but is there something more sinister behind the disappearances?
Season 2, Episode 12: Army of Ghosts
Original Air Date—1 July 2006
As the ghosts of loved ones appear, the whole world celebrates. But as the Doctor investigates he believes that there is a more sinister motive behind their appearence. And deep within the Torchwood tower, a mysterious sphere containing the greatest enemies of the Doctor is opened...
Season 2, Episode 13: Doomsday
Original Air Date—8 July 2006
Earth becomes the battlefield for the greatest and deadliest war of all time, as the Daleks and the Cybermen clash with the whole universe at stake. The Doctor and Rose, reunited with old friends and Cybermen experts Mickey and Jake, race to find a way to bring the war to an end before it brings about the destruction of the whole of space and time. But the Doctor soon faces an even bigger dilemma - could ending the war mean the death of Rose?

Season 3
Season 3, Episode 0: The Runaway Bride
Original Air Date—25 December 2006
A young Bride on the eve of her wedding finds herself mysteriously transported to the TARDIS. The Doctor must discover what her connection is with the Empress of Racnoss's plan to destroy the world.
Season 3, Episode 1: Smith and Jones
Original Air Date—31 March 2007
When the hospital where medical student Martha Jones works at is transported to the moon, only the Doctor can come to the rescue and face the might of the Judoon.
Season 3, Episode 2: The Shakespeare Code
Original Air Date—7 April 2007
The Doctor takes Martha to 1599, to meet none other than William Shakespeare in the Globe Theatre...but can he stop the curse of the three witches?
Season 3, Episode 3: Gridlock
Original Air Date—14 April 2007
The Doctor and Martha go back to New Earth were The Doctor will encounter the Face of Boe who will tell The Doctor "The Great Secret".
Season 3, Episode 4: Daleks in Manhattan
Original Air Date—21 April 2007
The Doctor and Martha confront a host of surviving Daleks from the Canary Wharf battle. What are those creatures in the sewers? Who is Solomon? And why are the Cult Of Skaro attempting to create a Dalek/Human hybrid...?
Season 3, Episode 5: Evolution of the Daleks
Original Air Date—28 April 2007
Concluding part to Daleks in Manhattan. In 1930s New York, the Daleks' plan is in full force. Faced with the cyborgs' most evil and dangerous scheme yet, will the Doctor and Martha be able to defeat their greatest opponents?
Season 3, Episode 6: The Lazarus Experiment
Original Air Date—5 May 2007
The famous Dr Lazarus has appeared to discover the secret of eternal youth - but do his experiments hide a sinister secret?
Season 3, Episode 7: 42
Original Air Date—19 May 2007
On a spaceship headed straight for the center of the sun, The Doctor only has 42 minutes to save Martha and the rest of the ship's crew from an inevitable doom...
Season 3, Episode 8: Human Nature
Original Air Date—26 May 2007
In 1913, Martha watches in jealousy from afar as The Doctor learns what it is to be human and to fall in love with the local school nurse, Joan Redfern.
Season 3, Episode 9: The Family of Blood
Original Air Date—2 June 2007
The Doctor must deal with the repercussions of his decision to become human, as The Family Of Blood unveil themselves...
Season 3, Episode 10: Blink
Original Air Date—9 June 2007
"Don't Blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't Blink. Good Luck." These cryptic messages left on 17 DVD's leave Sally Sparrow on a journey to assist the Doctor and Martha Jones, who are trapped in 1969. But Sally is in 2007, and they won't meet until 2008. Strange? Unusual? Not if you are the Doctor.
Season 3, Episode 11: Utopia
Original Air Date—16 June 2007
Soon after bumping into old friend Jack Harkness, Martha and The Doctor head off to Malcassairo, a distant planet where an old professor will do anything he can to keep his people alive...
Season 3, Episode 12: The Sound of Drums
Original Air Date—23 June 2007
The Doctor, Martha and Jack return to the 21st Century eighteen months after the Doctor and Martha left. They find they've missed the election, and the new Prime Minister, Harold Saxon, is someone they've met before by another name.
Season 3, Episode 13: Last of the Time Lords
Original Air Date—30 June 2007
It's been a year since The Master unleashed the mysterious Toclafane onto Earth. With the human race and The Doctor enslaved under The Master's control, Martha Jones is the only person that can help stop the evil Time Lord.

Season 4
Season 4, Episode 0: Voyage of the Damned
Original Air Date—25 December 2007
The Doctor finds his TARDIS colliding with a spaceship based on the RMS Titanic during a Christmas party. With the help of a waitress named Astrid, the Doctor must take on the race called the Hosts as the lives of the Titanic crew and those on Earth are in danger.
Season 4, Episode 1: Partners in Crime
Original Air Date—5 April 2008
With a new weight-loss pill tested in London by Adipose Industries, The Doctor goes to investigate the sinister truth behind the product, only to find out that his old friend Donna Noble is investigating as well.
Next US airings:
Fri. Nov. 20 5:00 AM SYFY
Season 4, Episode 2: The Fires of Pompeii
Original Air Date—12 April 2008
The Doctor and Donna visit Pompeii in AD 79, on the eve of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
Season 4, Episode 3: Planet of the Ood
Original Air Date—19 April 2008
Finding themselves on the Ood-Sphere planet in the 42nd century, The Doctor and Donna discover the truth over the Ood's willingness to serve humankind.
Season 4, Episode 4: The Sontaran Stratagem
Original Air Date—26 April 2008
UNIT's newest recruit Martha Jones enlists The Doctor's help to investigate kid genius Luke Rattigan and his ATMOS system that is used in every car on Earth.
Season 4, Episode 5: The Poison Sky
Original Air Date—3 May 2008
With planet Earth choking under the poison sky, the Doctor must stop the Sontarans' threat to the planet.
Season 4, Episode 6: The Doctor's Daughter
Original Air Date—10 May 2008
Caught in the middle of a war between the Humans and the Hath in the planet Messaline, the Doctor finds himself once again a father.
Season 4, Episode 7: The Unicorn and the Wasp
Original Air Date—17 May 2008
With a 1920s dinner party turning into a murder mystery, The Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie on the eve of her publicized disappearance.
Season 4, Episode 8: Silence in the Library
Original Air Date—31 May 2008
The Doctor and Donna join a group of archaeologists at a 51st century library. What caused the library to become abandoned? What are the Nodes? And what links the library to one little girl? All they have is one warning - count the shadows.
Season 4, Episode 9: Forest of the Dead
Original Air Date—7 June 2008
With the library darkening, the Doctor takes on the Vashta Nerada while figuring out what links River Song to his future. Meanwhile, Donna finds out the mystery of Dr. Moon and the Girl.
Season 4, Episode 10: Midnight
Original Air Date—14 June 2008
As part of a well-deserved holiday, the Doctor takes a bus tour on the planet Midnight. Little does he know that something is knocking on that bus' wall...
Season 4, Episode 11: Turn Left
Original Air Date—21 June 2008
What would happen if Donna never met the Doctor? How would Earth handle the Racnoss, the falling Titanic or the Sontarans? Aided by a familiar blonde time traveler, Donna corrects the alternate time line from happening.
Season 4, Episode 12: The Stolen Earth
Original Air Date—28 June 2008
The return of an old enemy leaves Earth along with 26 other planets stolen from their places. As the Doctor and Donna look for the whereabouts of Earth, former companions of the Doctor assemble a resistance against the new Dalek Empire.
Season 4, Episode 13: Journey's End
Original Air Date—5 July 2008
In the wake of Davros' threat to destroy the existence of the Universe itself, the Doctor's companions unite to stop the Dalek empire. Which one will die by the prophecies and what will the fate be for the Doctor?
          'Cyborg' Justino: Tonya Evinger fight at UFC 214 will be more exciting than Megan Anderson   
Now set to meet Invicta FC bantamweight champ Tonya Evinger for the UFC’s vacant 145-pound title, Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino says “irresponsibility” was the reason behind Megan Anderson’s withdrawal from their UFC 214 scrap.Filed (...)
Título Alternativo: Muteki Koujin Daitarn 3
Episodios: 26
Idioma: Japones.
Subtítulos: Disponibles en Español.
No. de DVD's: 4
Tipo: Dvd Original
Género: Infantil, Animación.

Sozo Haran era un brillante cientifico que se encontaba realizando una investigacion en Marte. El creo una forma de vida cyborg con la habilidad de pensar por si misma. Estos cyborgs, llamados Meganoids, pronto se tornaron fuera de control y mataron al Dr. Haran y a toda su familia, aunque pudo salvar a su hijo mas joven, un chico de 16 años Banjou Haran.
Banjou escapa de Marte en un cohete junto a un Super Robot potenciado por energía solar llamado Daitarn 3, quien fue construido con metales especiales de Marte. Ahora con 18 años y viviendo en la Tierra en una lujuriosa mansión, Banjou pelea contra los Meganoids con la ayuda de su fiel ayudante Garrison y sus dos compañeras, una ex agente de la Interpol Reika Sanjo y su amiga de la infancia "Beauty" Tachibana. Juntos deben detenar a los malvados Meganoids quienes buscan convertir a todos los humanos en cyborgs y asi "mejorar" a la raza humana.

-Menú Interactivo
-Selección de Escenas
-Galería de fotos
-Inicio Automático
-Duración: 700 mins, Aprox.
-Audio: Sonido Dolby Digital
-Clasificación "A"
-Formato de resolución DVD-5
-Región 1 y 4
Región 1. Estados Unidos, Canadá.
Región 4. Australia, Nueva Zelanda, islas del Pacífico, América Central, México, Sudamérica y el Caribe.

Daitarn 3 6
Daitarn 3 7
Daitarn 3 8
Daitarn 3 9
Daitarn 3 10
Daitarn 3 11
Daitarn 3 12
Daitarn 3 13
Daitarn 3 14
Daitarn 3 15
Daitarn 3 16
Daitarn 3 17
Daitarn 3 18
Daitarn 3 19
Daitarn 3 20
Daitarn 3 21
Daitarn 3 22
Daitarn 3 23
Daitarn 3 24
Daitarn 3 25


01 - Arriva Banjo
02 - La sfida del Comandante Nero
03 - Il collezionista
04 - L'energia tutta per me
05 - La sfida di Brandol
06 - Anymad contro Banjo
07 - L'avventura spaziale di Toppy
08 - Yara, la donna Meganoide
09 - Uno strano inseguitore
10 - L'ultima macchia di luce
11 - La guerra dei carri armati
12 - Una lontana stella d'oro
13 - L'assalto dei Megaborgs
14 - La tortura di Gyldon
15 - Il castello di Zenoya
16 - Rad, il guerrigliero pentito
17 - L'impero di Imis
18 - L'uomo che si disperse nella galassia
19 - Spaccare la terra in due
20 - Koros non riesce ad ammazzare
21 - Radyk, l'uomo dell'organo
22 - Il divo Meganoide
23 - Genova, o il potere del fuoco
24 - I funghi mortali
25 - Vita e morte dell'ammiraglio
26 - I prigionieri di Milena
27 - L'illusionista
28 - Gli insetti nemici
29 - Una sorella Meganoide
30 - Il Cavallo di Troia
31 - La leggenda della bellezza
32 - I giocattoli micidiali
33 - La Meganoide venuta dalla giungla
34 - La battaglia dei robots
35 - Il trionfo dell'amore
36 - La lotta contro l'irreale
37 - La vendetta di Kidogawa
38 - Un nemico in comune
39 - Il Meganoide dei mille volti
40 - La disfatta di Koros e Donzauker

          The Overnightscape #291 (9/26/05)   
Tonight's subjects include: Electronic coffee injuries, a ghostly cat face and cyborg horse, Weaseldrift Road, Olympic power lifting, listener email ("Rob DiCaterino"), beverage review ("Lost Energy Drink"), Frank's upcoming 38th birthday, The Scary Photo, candy review ("Bromilow's Chocolates - Pretzel Balls", "7-11 Big Gulp Milk Chocolate Bar", "7-11 Big Gulp Milk Chocolate Bar with Crisp Rice"), NYC Podcasting Association Meetup, Special J Lonely, West Paterson, partially-human mice, and trying too hard to be cool. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (30 minutes)
          Attention Mutant Future and Apes Victorious fans!   
I've been working feverishly on a little something for y'all...

I know... it's naughty of me to have something in the works and not let anyone know. Well, consider the cat out of the bag. The book is around 36 pages (and it's all written; I'm just polishing obsessively at this point), will accommodate both the Mutant Future™ and Apes Victorious™ rules from Goblinoid Games (but mechanics are very light, and it'll really be usable with any science fantasy rules, even that one with the Greek letter in the name... umm... Theta World or something?), and will also feature a huge poster map suitable for printing and framing. Here's a meager sample:

This isn't a typical post-apocalyptic setting where everything is ruins and wastelands; this is one with a semi-civilized world to explore and interact with. There are pockets of high technology trying to civilize (or conquer!) the rest of the world. It's very much a gonzo kitchen sink setting, think a mish-mash of every 70's post-apocalyptic theme you can think of (especially Genesis II/Planet Earth and Marvel Comics' Terror on the Planet of the Apes). 

I think it's safe to say that release is imminent. It'll be all pdf and print-it-your-own-damn-self, but fans of the original World of Greyhawk folio will find the book format very familiar. :-)

Look for an announcement that it's available soon. Really soon. Did I mention I was obsessively polishing?

What, you want more? Fine. Here's the back cover copy:
A thousand years ago, the world died.
Now, out of the ashes of the great nuclear-biological Devastation comes a new world. A world where intelligent apes hunt humans for sport. A world where subterranean mutant cyborgs serve great disembodied brains and plot world domination. A world where apocalyptic cults try to finish what the bombs started. A world where frightful artificial intelligences command armies of robot servants, and entire nations of clones lead peaceful and productive lives, unless you’re not of the right clone-lineage. 
And it’s also a world where mankind and his newfound fellow intelligent species try to pick up the pieces and rebuild civilization.
This is a world where a force for good, knowledge, and science works to help restore that which was lost, to guide this new world onto a path of justice and learning. That force is called Project Oasis.

          Thoughts on Post-Apocalyptic Games   
I just received Goblinoid Games' wonderful Apes Victorious hard copy book today (I am a HUGE Planet of the Apes fan), and having looked through it, I find myself thinking of a post-apocalyptic sort of game that doesn't seem to be very current, although the concept was pretty alive in the 1970's, when I was earning my sci-fi chops.

I'm talking about the notion that in a post-apocalyptic world, civilization hasn't completely fallen. There are not only pockets of relative civilization (as we see in movies such as The Ultimate Warrior, where a handful of survivors is peaceful and develops new crop strains in the middle of Manhattan), but there are outright civilizations, usually single cities, sprinkled throughout the wasteland. Sometimes we see those cities or organizations sending teams out to restore civilization.

Logan's Run is a great example. We have the City of Domes, a bastion of civilization and high technology in and amongst the ruins of the holocaust. If one goes to the (in my opinion, underrated) television show, there are outposts of savagery and civilization across the blasted landscape.

There's also the pair of made-for-TV movies, Genesis II and Planet Earth, made by Gene Roddenberry as pilots for a potential new series that, alas, never happened. There we see the organization known as PAX, which sends agents to various pockets of savagery to try to elevate them, while at the same time subtly undermining more militant cultures.

Which brings us to Planet of the Apes, the TV series. That featured a planet Earth that was a bit more balanced than the one we saw in the original movie, Humans could still speak, although they were pretty much slaves (or at best serfs) in ape society. But there was also an underlying plot line where there was some technological society that still existed, and that was the hope of the astronauts Burke and Vern; to find that civilization and get their ship back into space, and thus back home.

And the kids television show Ark II, which featured a crew of suitably-multicultural scientists in a super-technological truck roaming across the post-apocalyptic wilderness bringing the benefits of science to the survivors. And they had an intelligent chimp and took every opportunity to use the jet-pack!

The Judge Dredd comics (I omit mention of the movies by choice) have the same set-up. There are the three Mega-Cities, and in between them are the radioactive wastelands (the "cursed earth"), full of anarchy, mutants, and untold dangers.

And let's not forget the Buck Rogers movie and TV show, where the gleaming city of New Chicago arose from the ruins of Old Chicago, where there were still packs of uncivilized survivors running around making trouble for the members of the spacefaring civilization that takes a stroll outside the confines of their enclave.

The Apes Victorious book makes me think along those lines, for some reason. A grand post-apocalyptic campaign where there's a bastion of civilization in and amongst various pockets of semi-civilization, separated by radioactive hellwastes filled with mutants.

I never got the impression from the original Gamma World that its default milieu was so organized. But I'm contemplating a campaign where there's a high-tech city in the Rocky Mountains, and blasted wilderness across most of North America filled with mutants, with an ape civilization in the northeast, a mutant civilization adjacent (with huge brains in jars!), the various Gamma World factions around as nation-states (or something akin to that), the southwest with genetically engineered dinosaur cyborg war machines, and so forth.

I am really liking this idea. Not only does it give opportunities for more role-playing goodness, but it's also a way to slide the apes' milieu into the whole Gamma World-esque post-apocalyptic world. It's just another piece of a huge jigsaw spread across North America. My idea for the Beanstalk could easily be fitted into this sort of concept; indeed, the Beanstalk could be the high-tech center trying to bring civilization back to the Earth.

I want to run this, damnit!
          Addicted to the Techno Distraction   
'Our relationships with information technologies are incredibly deep and express unique human capacities. It sometimes seems that technology threatens to reduce us all to scary, soulless machine cyborgs like the Borg and the Terminator. But as Andy Clark, a philosopher and cognitive scientist at Edinburgh University, argues, we're really 'natural-born cyborgs," forever seeking to extend our bodies and cognitive abilities through technology. In fact, it's best not to see the mind as something confined to the brain or even the body; it's useful to think of oneself as having an 'extended mind' made up of overlapping parts that link brain, senses, body, and objects. Today's information technologies, I contend, cause us pain not because they're supplanting our normal cognitive abilities, which have always been flexible and mobile, but because they are often poorly designed and thoughtlessly used; they're like limbs that we can't bring under control. That's why it's necessary to be contemplative about technology. You have to look closely at how you interact with information technologies and how you think about those interactions in order to understand how your extended mind develops and works.'

From The Distraction Addiction by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
           Spinoza, Locke, Reid, Berkeley, Voltaire & Leibniz, Hume, Rousseau   
Back from the conference in Ottawa and KC, where I've now comfortably rebooted my old tradition of resetting the season and preparing the return to life known as Opening Day (met the author of a book by that title in Ottawa, celebrating the heroic courage of Jack Roosevelt Robinson). It was easier to walk across the hall for the annual baseball conference, but as Baruch Spinoza would tell you if he could, easy is overrated.

Spinoza didn't make it easy on himself by affirming pantheism, but perhaps he found the solace of solidarity with nature and the universe sufficiently off-setting and worth the cost in personal terms. He thought he'd touched all the bases: God, nature, freedom, emotion, everything. QED (Not quite easily done.)

He "claimed to demonstrate both the necessary existence and the unitary nature of the unique, single substance that comprises all of reality. Spinoza preferred the designation "Deus sive Natura" ("god or nature") as the most fitting name for this being, and he argued that the its infinite attributes account for every feature of the universe."

An infinite God leaves no remainder, but also leaves individuals without a personal savior. He didn't think he needed one, with his rationalist's intellectual love of God. Free will may be an illusion, but a Spinozism of freedom is supposed to free us from reactionary passions like anger and self-pity. He would have been pleased by Einstein's endorsement. “I believe in Spinoza's God, who reveals Himself in the lawful harmony of the world, not in a God who concerns Himself with the fate and the doings of mankind..."

But, freedom? "It would be moral bondage if we were motivated only by causes of which we remain unaware, so genuine freedom comes only with knowledge of what it is that necessitates our actions. Recognizing the invariable influence of desire over our passionate natures, we then strive for the peace of mind that comes through an impartial attachment to reason." Much easier said than done. But again, Spinoza wasn't about easy.

John Locke's empiricism overstated the blankness of our slates, and relied too heavily on memory as a guarantor of personal identity. Thomas Reid was not in his league, but may still have had a better idea with his overlapping memories thesis. Until we become cyborg, total recall will not be an option.

Locke "greatly admired the achievements that his friends in the Royal Society had made in physics, chemistry, and medicine, and he sought to clear the ground for future developments by providing a theory of knowledge compatible with such carefully-conducted study of nature. The goal of his An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690) was to establish epistemological foundations for the new science by examining the reliability, scope, and limitations of human knowledge in contrast with with the pretensions of uncritical belief, borrowed opinion, and mere superstition. Since the sciences had already demonstrated their practical success, Locke tried to apply their Baconian methods to the pursuit of his own philosophical aims. In order to discover how the human understanding achieves knowledge, we must trace that knowledge to its origins in our experience."

Samuel Johnson's stone-kicking refutation of Bishop Berkeley's idealism is usually met with derision, but as a practical response I place it in the same category as Diogenes' ambulatory refutation of Zeno's paradoxes. Works for me.

Berkeley's idealistic immaterialism ("in which he employed strictly empiricist principles in defense of the view that only minds or spirits exist") deserves some derision, though it also makes a perverse kind of sense if we don't repudiate Locke's representational realist assumption about ideas and their putative inferential sources. Better to repudiate, and admit that experience gives us the world - not just ideas of a world. But it gives us a world in need of elaboration and refinement, which was always the point of reflecting on experience in the first place.

Better also to repudiate the idea that being and perceiving are one. But, Berkeley's Three Dialogoues between Hylas and Philonous (1713) is still an entertaining read. "Here Berkeley spoke through Philonous ("Mind-lover"), who tries to convince his reluctant friend Hylas ("Woody") that it is only by rejecting the artificial philosophical concept of material substance that skepticism can be finally defeated and the truths of common-sense secured."

The poet Pope, like the Panglossian metaphysician Leibniz, said Being can't be improved on. What a demoralizing thought. "Superficiality incarnate," James called it. "Leibniz's feeble grasp of reality is too obvious to need comment from me. It is evident that no realistic image of the experience of a damned soul had ever approached the portals of his mind..."

François-Marie Arouet, aka Voltaire, agreed acerbically and hilariously with James. But there was nothing funny about the Lisbon quake, or any natural cataclysm. If we have grounds for optimism it's not in the fact of such events, but in the constructive and ameliorative human response to them. Rebecca Solnit points this out effectively in her book A Paradise Built in Hell:  The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster. She cites James's firsthand account of the great San Francisco quake of '06, wherein he details the sense of "social uplift" he took away from the willingness of people to pitch in and help one another through disaster. Hope springs eternal, for those who can keep their heads in a crisis.

Brains, John Campbell says in his Berkeley Philosophy Bites interview, are a big asset. "It's very important that we have brains. Their function is to reveal the world to us, not to generate a lot of random junk."

Voltaire, dubbed by Russell "the chief transmitter of English influence to France," was an enemy of philosophical junk, too. One of the great Enlightenment salon wits, a Deist and foe of social injustice who railed against religious intolerance (“Ecrasez l’infame!”) and mercilessly parodied rationalist philosophers (especially Leibniz, aka Dr. Pangloss). "Pangloss was professor of metaphysico-theologico-cosmolo-nigology. He proved admirably that there is no effect without a cause, and that, in this best of all possible worlds, the Baron’s castle was the most magnificent of castles, and his lady the best of all possible Baronesses…" Candide [V&L, u@d]

“There is a lot of pain in the world, and it does not seem well distributed.” [slides here]

Plenty of people believe in a "pre-established harmony," and seem to find comfort in it. I've never understood the mindset of feeling blessed by the hurricane that obliterates the other side of the street, but that reflexive response seems always on tap for people in hurricane alley. It's hard to cultivate your garden if you and your garden have been blown away.

David Hume was a cheerful and clear-headed freethinker, prudently advised by friends not to say everything he thought in so many words. The dialogue form gave him just enough cover to keep people guessing as to the full extent of his heresies. But he was plenty clear that miracles, if by the term we mean anything other than an exceedingly improbable (though perfectly possible) event, do not happen. “No testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle, unless the testimony be of such a kind, that its falsehood would be more miraculous, than the fact, which it endeavors to establish.” Hume also said
  • “Reading and sauntering and lounging and dosing, which I call thinking, is my supreme Happiness.” 
  • “Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions.” 
  • "'Tis not contrary to reason to prefer the destruction of the whole world to the scratching of my finger."
  • "A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence.” 
  • “He is happy whose circumstances suit his temper, but he is more excellent who can suit his temper to his circumstance.”
  • “Be a philosopher; but, amidst all your philosophy, be still a man.” 

He was also clear that he thought Epicurus had the right attitude towards life and death, annoying Johnson and Boswell with the calm he brought to his final hours.

And he thought Epicurus asked good questions. “Epicurus's old questions are still unanswered: Is he (God) willing to prevent evil, but not able? then he is impotent. Is he able, but not willing? then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? then whence evil?”

Hume tried to be a friend to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, but they became "enlightenend enemies." The bumptious Swiss was a peripatetic but also a bit of narcissist and rogue, and an advocate for the public interest (the General Will) as deserving priority over personal self-interest. He was right, if we're going to go to the trouble of creating civil institutions we really need to fund them. We all need to pay our share. But we all need to have a voice in identifying the public interest, too. We're finding out, aren't we, if that model will work in our time.
On this day in 1832, Charles Darwin (books by this author) traveling aboard the HMS Beagle landed on the shores of Rio de Janeiro as part of a five-year trip. “There seems to me too much misery in the world. I cannot persuade myself that a beneficent and omnipotent God would have designedly created the [parasitic wasp] with the express intention of their feeding within the living bodies of caterpillars.” But he remained hopeful that "the vigorous, the healthy, and the happy survive and multiply."
Hope is the subject of another terrific book by Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark... and of today's eponymous poem by Lisel Mueller. "It is the singular gift/we cannot destroy in ourselves, the argument that refutes death, the genius that invents the future, all we know of God."

Solnit: “Perfection is a stick with which to beat the possible.” And, "To hope is to give yourself to the future - and that commitment to the future is what makes the present inhabitable.” And, “Hope just means another world might be possible, not promise, not guaranteed. Hope calls for action; action is impossible without hope.”

And, someone concluded his book on William James with:

Hope-the need for it, the possibility of it, the sense of it as the only reputable alternative to inadmissible despair-is the center of his vision as I see it. The prime requisite of hope is confidence that what we do matters and may make all the difference further along the chain of life... "Hope" is that thing with feathers/That perches in the soul/And sings the tunes without the words/And never stops at all.

5:30/6:30, 61/78/58, 7:09

          ‘Cyborg’ Justino: Tonya Evinger fight at UFC 214 will be more exciting than Megan Anderson –   
MMAjunkie.comCristiane Justino has lost her UFC 214 opponent, but she seems on board with the alternative. After some active campaigning from both fighters, former Invicta FC featherweight champ “Cyborg” Justino was set face Invicta FC 145-pound titleholder Megan …Cris Cyborg will face Tonya Evinger at UFC 214 with Megan Anderson outMMA FightingCris Cyborg to face […]
          “More Trans Than Transhuman” by Todd Seavey on SpliceToday   
I’ve been saying for a decade on this blog that the final battle may be between jihadists and transgender cyborgs, and I revisit that notion in today’s column in the wake of Orlando.
          Ten Of The Best: Van Damme   

Ten of my favourites from Jean Claudius Van Dammage

  1. Kickboxer

    A classic of my youth and the first Van Damme movie I ever saw. I prefer this to Bloodsport, even if that is blasphemy amongst some Van Damme fans.

  2. Double Impact

    Such a fun flick. Double the Van Dammage, double the awesomeness.

  3. Hard Target

    Never understood the bashing this film has gotten over the years from some...Unless of course these people are basing their opinion on the US cut, which I had the misfortune of seeing when it was randomly shown on TV a while back, it's so neutered it's ridiculous. See the uncut version...better yet, get a hold of the work-print, It's ridiculous, in a good way.

  4. Universal Soldier

    Although this is a Van Damme list I must be honest and say that it's Dolph Lundgren who truly steals the movie in Universal Solider. Over acting, gurning and chewing scenery, but brilliantly.

    I remember really wanting to be a UniSol when i first saw this as a kid. Never really taking into account that i'd have to be dead first of course.

  5. JCVD

    Van Damme proved to the world he could really act in this "fantasy biopic". Superb. If you can't stand Van Damme, this film should convert you.

  6. Cyborg

    The last film that Cannon ever produced if I remember correctly. And what a way to go out, with Van Damme in a post-apocalyptic landscape kicking ass.

  7. Bloodsport

    Kumite! Kumite! Kumite! OK USA!

    That is all.

  8. Sudden Death

    Yes, it's "Die Hard in an ice rink", but that doesn't stop it from being very entertaining and better than most post Die Hard inspired action flicks. Powers Booth is fantastic as a the sadistic villain. And watching JC beat the piss out of a hockey mascot is really something to behold.

  9. The Shepherd: Border Patrol

    A solid flick from Isaac Florentine with some great fight choreography. Plus it features Van Damme vs Scot Adkins and Van Damme carting around a pet rabbit everywhere for some reason. One of the best along with Wake Of Death and In Hell from VD's more recent output.

  10. In Hell

    Ringo Lam directs this extremely entertaining prison tale. Van Damme is chucked in an eastern European slammer for gunning down the man who killed his wife and is forced into fighting for the wardens amusment. Yes, sort of formulaic stuff, but very entertaining, with some great gritty action.

          Generalist Reel 2012   

Generalist reel for 2012.

00:05: Wolf-bot: Design of robot, all 3D elements (not particles). I supervised the mocap shoot, baked the data to a rig and cleaned it up. All lighting comes from final gather from the background sphere. We used a 3D workflow between Maya and After Effects.

00:17: Palace: I cleaned up / re-created the Basic layout from a Sketchup model then made all details, statues, furniture, greenery etc. Modelling was done in Silo, Maya and zBrush. Growing vine bushes made with Xfrog. Rendered in Mental Ray. I also did the initial comp in After Effects.

00:30: Wirly glowing shape: Made in Silo/Topmod, animated in Softimage and rendered with Thea Render before comping in After Effects.

00:34: Naked Mole Rat type creature: Made in Silo and zBrush. Rendered in Maya with Mental Ray.

00:50: Plane Explosion: Modelled in maya and textured in Photoshop. Explosion was a combination of bits of stock plus Maya fluids. Comping in After Effects.

00:56: Symmetrical object: Made in Maya and After Effects.

01:00: Cyborg POV shot in mirror: Modelled in Maya / Silo / zbrush and textured in zbrush / photoshop. Architectural elements faked from reference of shot location including mirror scratches. I used an HDRI sphere for the lighting. Comping in After Effects.

01:07: Slapstic Man: All Maya, (originally meant as a test of Human IK).

01:20: Cube based motion graphics: Made in maya using rigging / scripting techniques. The rendered output was five of these screens!

01:32: Collision text (paint on road): A combination of maps generated in Photoshop then put through a shader network to make the paint weathering match the ground.

01:33: Waves: Realflow and Maya. I had to make a number of these in three weeks.

01:40: Cloth dancing: Maya ncloth with some After Effects sweetening.

01:48: Old Man: Mostly Zbrush with some Silo. Rendered in Thea Render.

01:50: Terry Gilliam style animation: Backdrop elements made in photoshop and characters animated in After Effects.

01:50: Bird: Playblast, all done in maya in a day.

02:03: Blobby glowy thing: Maya Nparticles and Ncloth, rendered in Mental Ray.

02:09: Green Monster: Modelled in Silo and zbrush. Rigged, animated and rendered in Softimage. Comped in After Effects.

Cast: John Keates

Tags: Animation, Maya, Softimage, Thea Render, zbrush, silo, photoshop, After Effects, motion graphics, monster, robot, cartoon and demo reel

          Agent Danielle Shebby Joins CAA From WME   

CAA has hired Danielle Shebby as an agent in the motion picture talent department, reuniting her with former colleague Dana Harris, who moved from WME to CAA in April.

Shebby began her career at WME in 2010 and was promoted to agent in 2013.  At WME, she had a client list including “Hidden Figures” and “Moonlight” star Janelle Monáe, “Boardwalk Empire’s” Steve Buscemi, “It’s” Bill Skarsgård, “Lady Macbeth’s” Florence Pugh, “Asassination Nation’s” Odessa Young, “Power Rangers'” Naomi Scott, “Apostle’s” Kristine Froseth, “It Comes at Night’s” Kelvin Harrison Jr., “Hello Destroyer’s” Jared Abrahamson, “Iron Fist’s” Jessica Henwick, “Million Dollar Baby’s” Hilary Swank, “It Follows'” Maika Monroe and others.

CAA went on a promotion spree in March, upping 22 trainees to agent and awarded a few executive titles in the process. Last week, the agency held its first annual CAA Amplify summit at the Montage Laguna Beach, where luminaries including Ava DuVernay, JJ Abrams, Lupita Nyong’o, DeRay Mckesson and Kerry Washington discussed how to accelerate the growth, value, and visibility of diversity in business. And Wednesday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared at the agency’s Century City headquarters for a spirited discussion on climate change moderated by CAA Foundation co-director Rachel Kropa.

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          Americarnage #213: Don't Ask Boring Questions   

Nat, Mike and Dan are all together again! It seems like it’s been ages but in many ways, not long enough… To make things even better the gang are joined by the award-winning sports journalist, old friend of Iron Mike and man who holds the key to the question he must never answer “will there be a London Franchise?” NFL’s David Tossell.

In other news: Mike talks about what it is to be human; Dan talks about great telly; David mentions his new book which you need to buy – The Girls of Summer (it’s to do with cricket); Nat breaks the great news that we’re bringing back Ask Mike – new videos coming soon gang, get your questions in and we return to the cult of personality; in the NFL, lots of things were stolen and fraudulently sold but this time it’s nothing to do with the [insert least favourite coach here]; Mike rates the Baltimore, Green Bay, Seattle and Cinci; in the NBA, season MVP is Steph Curry - why even bother to debate it, not only did he win for the second year running but is probably a cyborg sent back to kill Trump who took up basketball instead and got all 131 first choice votes, the first player in history to do that; actual games happened, Dan tells you about them; in the NHL, the Lightning obliterated the Islanders; in the West the Sharks and the Predators have split 6 games, after San Jose cruised to a two game lead with Logan Courtue and Brent Burns scoring for fun; things happen in baseball, including slow, old, amazing home runs; loads of Mancave Mailbag goodness and my gosh with David in the house is there much, much more…

          Adopt Robin a Siamese / Mixed cat in Sherwood, OR (18460604) (   
My adoption payment is $200. I'm currently in foster care with my siblings Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven. Main color: Lilac Weight: 1.21 Age: 0 yrs 0 months 7wks

          Comment on New Issue of PKD Otaku by Frank Bertrand   
BREAKING NEWS.....BREAKING NEWS!! To all girls, boys and slithering clams, there is going to be a "special issue" of PKD Otaku in 2017 devoted to The Penultimate Truth. If you would like to send in an essay, article, column of commentary, review, poetry, and/or artwork that SPECIFICALLY deals with The Penultimate Truth, or some aspect of it (why does the word "fog" occur 21 times in the novel?) please let Patrick Clark ( know, as he recovers from a knee replacement operation. He's trying for FDO cyborg of the year!! Also, feel free to spread the news far and wide and all over the place about this forthcoming special issue. The more people worldwide we can get involved with this, the better. That is all. Over and out.
          POLITIKANG SEKSUWAL: Kumander Parago versus One Billion Rising   

-- ni E. San Juan, Jr.
Professorial Lecturer, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Ang tao ba ay katumbas lamang ng kanyang katawan, o bahagi nito? Ang kasarian ba ay walang iba kundi organong seksuwal? Seks ba ang buod ng pagkatao?

    Kung hindi man ito kalakaran, ang tumututol ay siyang nagtatampok ng problema, bagamat salungat sa namamaraling opinyon o doxang pangmadla. Sinomang bumanggit ng seks ay kasabwat na ng mga bastos at mahalay. Sabi-sabi ito. Batikusin mo, ikalat mo't palaganapin. Bakit mali ito?

    Ang usapang seksuwal ay di na masagwa o mahalay ngayon. Buhat noong maging sikat, bagamat kontrobersiyal, ang "Vagina Monologues" ni Eve Ensler, tila hindi na nakasisindak tumukoy sa mga maselang bahagi ng katawan ng babae (Wikipedia 2015). Ang estilong bugtong o talinghaga sa seks--gawaing pakikipagtalik--ay itinuturing na sintomas ng neurosis o maselang sakit ng budhi. Paano ang seks ng transgender, hybrid o cyborg?

    Ordinaryo na lamang ang seksuwal chitchat sa kontemporaryong praktika sa sining at publikong huntahan. Bakit hindi kung laganap na ang advertisement sa Viagra at iba pang drogang nagpapaudyok sa hindutan? Anong masama sa masarap na "dyugdyugan"? Di ba utos kina Eba at Adan: "Multiply...Magparami kayo!" Kung di kaya, uminom ng pilduras o di kaya'y virgin coconut oil. OK ito sa mga pariseo ng simbahan.

    Wala bang sariling ating pukaw-pukyutan? Katutubong pukyotan-putakang pangsarili. Biro ng iba, kung instrumento ng progresibong sektor ang popularidad ni Ensler, bakit di pumatol ang "Penis/Balls Monologue"? Kung sobrang tsobinismo o makismo ito, e di symposium o colloquium ng mga genitalia? O sunod kina Bakhtin at Levinas, diyalogo ng balun-balunan, bukong-bukong at puwit? Demokratikong pagpapalitan ng kuro-kuro at kiliti. May reklamo ka?

Pambihirang Pakulo

    Iwan na muna natin ang katawang performative. Dumako tayo sa milyung  espirituwal, sa palengkeng neoliberal. Pambihira talaga. Walang clone si Ensler. Isa na siyang korporasyon ng Power Elite ng Global North. Isang haligi ng Imperyong U.S. Naging selebriting burgis si Ensler, kumita ng di-makalkulang yaman at prestihiyo sa di umano'y peministang hamon sa moralidad ng puritanismong lipunan.

    Nagsilbing kultural kapital ang cause de celebre, ginawang passport o pretext para isalba ang kababaihan saan mang lupalop tulad ng neokolonyang Pilipinas. Talo pa niya si Mother Teresa. Ililigtas sina Mary Jane Veloso, Andrea Rosal, Wilma Tiamson, at iba pang inaaping babae sa rehiyon ng BangsaMoro at Lumad (San Juan 2015).

    Huwag nang idawit ang Birhen, o babaylang Reyna sa TV at pelikula. Hindi biro, naging talisman o magayumang lakas ang seks ng babae. Sino ang  may reklamo sa One Billion Rising ni Ensler? Ang Vagina Men sa Quezon City o sa Congo? Pati mga gerilya ng New People's Army ay nagsasayaw sa direksiyon ni Ensler sa tulong ng mga kakutsabang kabaro. HIndi na monologo kundi koro ng mga diwata sa gubat kung saan ang masa ay mga isda, ayon kay Mao.
Magaling! Tuwang-tuwa ang mga hito, talakitok, dilis, bia, tanggigi, bakoko at tilapya. Mabuhay ang rebolusyong umiindak, naglalambing. Kung hindi tayo kasama sa sayaw, sambit ni Mother Jones, bakit magpapakamatay?

Karnibal ng mga Paru-Paro?

    Kaalinsabay ang usapang puk# sa liberalisasyon ng diskursong seksuwal sa klimang anti-kapitalistang protesta sa buong mundo. Tampok dito ang Women's Liberation movement (simula kina Simone de Beauvoir o Shulamith Firestone) noong dekada 1960-1970. Bumunsod na nga sa pagturing sa prostitusyon bilang sex work/trabahong makalupa. Ewan ko kung anong palagay ni Aling Rosa at mga Lola ng "Lolas Kampanya Survivor" na naglakbay sa kung saan-saan, salamat sa tulong ni Nelia Sancho, ang coordinator ng grupo (tungkol sa industriyalisasyon ng seks, konsultahin si Barry 1995, pahina 146-51).

    Sa ngayon, 300-400 Lola ang buhay pa sa bilang ng 2000 "Comfort Women" sa Pilipinas. Wala pang hustisya sina Lola Julia, Lola Fedencia, atbp hanggang ngayon. Patuloy nilang iginigiit na ang ginawa ng mga Hapon noong giyera ay hindi pag-upa sa babaeng trabahador kundi talagang gahasang tortyur, panggagahis sa sibilyan, isang masahol na krimen laban sa humanidad. Usapang putangna iyon, walang duda. Ang babae ay makinang ginamit upang magparaos ang mga sundalong Hapon, tulad ng mga "hospitality girls" sa Angeles City, Olongapo, at iba pang R & R sentro ng US sa kanilang pandaramong sa Vietnam, Cambodia at Laos noong mga dekada 1960-1980.

    Sa kasalukuyan, walang pang artista tulad ni Kenneth Goldsmith na mangagahas sumulat ng isang tula tungkol sa "Katawan ni Lola Rosa, "Comfort Woman."  Nang sambitin ni Goldsmith ang kanyang tulang konseptuwal, "The Body of Michael Brown" (Goldsmith 2015), katakut-takot na puna't panunuri ang sumabog sa Internet at mass media. Bakit? Ang katawan ng Aprikano-Amerikanong biktima ng karahasan ng pulis sa Ferguson, Missouri, ay tila naging banal, sagrado, hindi puwedeng gawing paksa sa makalupang aktibidad. "Off Limits," wika nga, sa mga puting naghahari, puting makapangyarihan (White Supremacy).

    Akala natin ay nasira na ang mga hanggahan, regulasyon, o bakod na naghihiwalay sa iba't ibang uri, paksa, ugali, kaisipan.  Akala natin, kung popular na ang "Vagina Monologues," maaari nang pakialaman ang anumang bagay; wala nang pag-aaring pribado o di kakabit ng espasyong komun o komunidad. Paano mangyayari ito kung umiiral pa ang pribadong pag-aari ng mga kasangkapan sa produksiyon ng ikabubuhay? Umiiral pa ang tubo, salapi, pribadong lupa o espasyo. Binibili pa ang lakas-paggawa, hindi lamang lakas kundi buong katawan at kaluluwa mo. Pati panaginip mo, damdamin, iyong matimtimang pagnanais o pangarap mong kalakip ng iyong puso't budhi. Walang sagrado sa korporasyong multinasyonal, sa palengke ng kapitalismong global. Biniro ni Goldsmith, kaya siya natisod sa apoy ng umaatikabong alitang di lamang kultural kundi tahasang politikal at moral.

    May aral kaya ito sa mga alagad ng ONE BILLION RISING? Anong panganib na sumusunod tayo sa modo ng publicity ng isang haligi ng burgesyang imperyo? Paano mababago ang diwa at institusyong mapang-api kung wala tayong kabatiran sa maselan at masalimuot na rasismo't makauring ideolohiyang kaakibat ng patron ng produktong inilalako ni Ensler?

Radikal at Mapanuri?  Bawal!  Huli 'yan!

    Bago sumabog ang peminismong radikal, mahaba na rin ang tala ng rebelyon ng mga alagad-ng-sining laban sa sensura, ipokrisya't pagbabawal sa malayang paglalahad. Historya ito ng ebolusyon ng modernidad. Kasi, laging pinaglalangkap ng Patriarkong Orden ang militanteng sining at pornograpya. Hindi sumusunod sa istandard ng burgesya. Taktikang pagbubusal iyon sa kritikang kamalayan. Isipin na lang ang kaso sa dalawang nobelang Ulysses ni James Joyce at Lady Chatterley's Love ni D.H. Lawrence, o mga libro ni Henry Miller. Pati Catcher in the Rye at Huckleberry Finn ay pinagbabawal sa ilang aklatang pampubliko sa U.S.

    Nakakabagot itong ipokrisya, testigo sa paghahati ng lipunang mapagsamantala't makahayup. Huwag na nating balik-tanawin pa ang mga sinaunang halimbawa ng Satyricon ni Petronius, Decameron ni Boccacio, Gargantua at Pantagruel ni Rabelais, at mga akda ni Marquis de Sade. Sinubok nilang sugpuin at pigilin ang pag-unlad ng kamalayan. Laging umiigpaw sa kontrol ng mga naghahari ang lasa at nais ng madla, hindi ng mga awtoridad na umuusig sa mga "ideological State apparatus" ng makauri't mapagsamantalang lipunan.

    Sa larangan ng pintura, masilakbo't maengganyo ang balitaktakan. Armadong puwersa ang nakapangingibabaw, hindi argumentong rasyonal. Nakasalalay ang kapangyarian ng Patriyarkong Burgesya. Pwedeng banggitin ang eskandalo tungkol sa "Olympia" (1865) ni Edouard Manet, "The Origin of the World" (1866) ni Gustave Courbet, "Ecstatic Unity" (1969) ni Dorothy Iannone, at mga litrato ni Robert Mapplethorpe. Halimbawa naman ng mga paggamit ng tema o imaheng relihiyoso, mababangit ang eskandalo tungkol sa "Piss Christ" (1987) ni Andres Serrano o "The Holy Virgin May" (1999) ni Chris Ofili (Frank 2015)..

    Sa atin naman, magugunita ang pagsasara ng "KULO" exhibit at ang "Politeismo" (2011) ni Mideo Cruz. Kung itinanghal ang "KULO" sa Pransiya o Italya, marahil walang problema. Baka naging mabenta pa ang mga mapangahas na likhang-sning, karibal ng mga milyong dolyar na produkto nina Andy Warhol at De Kooning.

    Ngunit sa neokolonyang mahal, ang diskurso ng libog o praktikang pukaw-pukyutan ay tabu pa rin, sa pangkalahatan. Merong pasubali. Sa akademyang sekular, umiiral ang regulasyon sa takdang lugar ng usapang libog. Ngunit nananaig pa rin ang tradisyonal na moralidad ng iba't ibang simbahan--mga ugali, gawi, kostumbre sa kilos, salita, at sentido komun ng bayan.Sino ba ang nakikinabang sa ganitong paghihigpit? Di na tayo makababalik sa hardin ng karinyo't lampungan (hinggil sa kontrobersyang legal at etikal kaugnay sa pornograpiya, konsultahin si Strossen 1995).

    Magtiyaga na lang kayo sa kampo ng mga nudist, susog ng mga miron. O pornograpikong eksena/video sa Internet. Mag-ingat ka, ang surveillance ngayon ay di lamang estratehiya ng pulis, kundi maniobra ng mga espiya sa Internet, satellite, drones---wala kang ligtas! Puputaktahin ka ng isang katerbang buwisit at kamyerdahang panghihimasok.

Hamon kina Gabriela Silang at Mga Babaylan

    Paano kung ambisyon mo ang tumulad kay Shigeko Kubota? Lalaki ka man, puwede ka ring gumaya kay Kubota.

    Sino itong Kubeta? Kubota po, hindi kubeta. Ipinanganak siya sa Niigata, Hapon, noong 1937, kalahi ng mga Budistang monghe (Wikipedia 2015). Naging kasapi siya sa organisasyong Fluxus sa New York noong dekada 1960. Si Kubota ay tanyag na avantgarde video-iskultor,  lumilikha ng video installation, sumusuri sa pamana ni Marcel Duchamp, ama ng modernismong sining. Kalahok ang mga maraming likha niya sa Dokumenta 7, Kessel (1982) at iba pang museo't galeri. Naging propesor siya ng teknolohiya ng video/pelikula sa iba't ibang unibersidad at institusyong global. Unang napag-aralan niya ang komposisyon ni John Cago noong 1963 sa pagsasanib niya sa grupong musikero sa Tokyo, ang Ongaku, kasama si Yoko Ono.

    Naging tanyag si Kubota sa "Vagina Painting," na ginanap sa Perpetual Fluxus Festival,Cinematheque, New York noong Hulyo 1965. May foto ng akto niya sa libro ni Peter Osborne, Conceptual Art (2002), pahina 71. Subaybayan din siya sa Internet sa dokumentasyon ng "Vagina Painting" at iba pang likhang-sining niya (Godfrey 1998).

    Sa pangyayaring ito, inilatag ni Kubota ang isang malapad na papel sa sahig. Doon nagpinta siya nang abstraktong linya sa pulang kulay sa bisa ng galaw ng brotsa. Nakakabit ang brotsa sa singit. Huwag mo nang itanong kung gaano katagal ang aksyon at ano ang reaksyon ng awdiyens noon.  Sinasagisag ang kanyang vagina bilang bukal ng inspirasyon. Ang pulang pinta ay kahalintulad ng dugo sa regla na hulog mula sa lugar na tinaguriang kawalan ng phallus (sa metaporikang pakahulugan; ibig pahiwatig, hindi penis o titi). Sa gayong palabas, pinasimulan niya ang isang perspektibang makababae sa tipikal na pagtatanghal ng Fluxus hinggil sa operasyong pagbabakasakali, pasumala o patsansing-tsansing("chance operations").

    Iminungkahi ni Kubota sa kanyang akto ang isang alternatibo sa agresibong teknik ng action o drip painting ni Jackson Pollock. Isang hamon din ang ginanap ni Kubota sa papel ng babaeng artista na laging pinapatnubayan, ginagabayan, at inuugitan ng kalalakihan--awtoritaryong disiplina ng mga Patriyarko. Dagdag pa, pinuna ni Kubota ang paggamit sa babae bilang brotsang buhay, nilubog sa pintang kulay asul, na pinagapang sa kanbas, na masasaksihan sa Anthropometrie serye ni Yves Klein noong dekada 1950-1960.

    Salungat si Kubota (na asawa ng bantog na si Nam June Paik) sa ganoong paggamit ng katawan ng babae, isang uri ng "human traffiking" ng kababaihan. Kapanalig niya sa krusadang ito sina Yoko Ono at Carolee Schneeman, na hindi masyadong nagustuhan ng kanilang grupong Fluxus (Osborne 2002).

Makibaka, Huwag Magsipsip

    Sunod ba ang One Billion Rising sa pintang pukyutan ni Kubota? Aktibo pa rin si Kubota sa New York. I-Google ninyo. Uliran ang kanyang halimbawang napasimulan sa pagpukpok sa pukyutan upang pukawin ang bihag at nakukulong na kamalayan. Isang sandata iyon sa conscientization ng madla.Bakit hindi? Bakit hindi gamitin ang katawan--na siyang lugar ng "Kingdom" ng Tagapagligtas--upang palayain ang pagkatao't kaluluwa (kundi pa naisangla o naipagbili)? Bakit pa nagkaroon ng inkarnasyon kung tayo'y mga anghel na walang puwit o bunganga, walang titi o puk%?

    Anong reklamo mo? Manunuod na lang ba tayo ng "Fifty Shades of Grey" at YOUTUBE seryeng pornograpiko, at mga artifaktong pabalbal sa Internet tulad ng  "Kakantutin ka lang nila" (mahigit 4,081,933 ang taga-subaybay sa YOUTUBE; Lordganja 2015). Kuntento na ba tayong laging nakatungaga sa mga strip-tease at sirko ng mga egotistikong selebriti sa TV at pelikula? Marami tayong reklamo, sigurado, kaya dapat ipahayag na ito. Pasingawin at ibilad ang mga pasakit, himutok, hinanakit. Kundi, baka magkarambulan sa sikolohiyang pantayo't pambarkada.

    Alam nating lahat ang tunay na situwasyon. Tulad ng anumang bagay, puspos ng masalimuot na kontradiksiyon.  Lahat ng bahagi ng katawan ay may reklamo, laluna ang sikmura, uhaw sa hustisya. Marami nang pasubali: kaya bang ipahiwatig ang damdamin ng buong body politic sa makitid at partikularistikong paraan ng Vagina Monologue o Vagina Painting? Binugbog at pinarusahang mga katawan ng sambayanan, isinasangkot sa pambansang mobilisasyon ang lahat ng kasariang inaapi. Bukod ito sa One Billion Rising. 

    Pag-ugnayin muli ang pinagwatak-watak na bahagi ng katawan upang mabuo muli ang kalayaan at pagkakapantay-pantay na winasak ng imperyalismo't kapitalismong global. Usapang mapagpalaya, hindi lang usapang puk%, ang rebolusyong sumusulong, kabilang ang lahat ng nakikiramay ngayon kina Ka Leoncio Pitao at  Ka Vanessa Limpag, biktima ng barbarismong kabuktutan ng rehimeng Aquino at US imperyalismo (Dulce 2015). Mabuhay sina Kumander Parago at Ka Vanessa, bayani ng lahi, laging buhay sa puso ng masa.


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E. San Juan, Jr.
Professorial Lecturer, Polytechnic University of the Philippines
E-mail:  <>



-- ni E. San Juan, Jr.
Professorial Lecturer, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Ang tao ba ay katumbas lamang ng kanyang katawan, o bahagi nito? Ang kasarian ba ay walang iba kundi organong seksuwal? Seks ba ang buod ng pagkatao? 

Kung hindi man ito kalakaran, ang tumututol ay siyang nagtatampok ng problema, bagamat salungat sa namamaraling opinyon o doxang pangmadla. Sinomang bumanggit ng seks ay kasabwat na ng mga bastos at mahalay. Sabi-sabi ito. Batikusin mo, ikalat mo't palaganapin. Bakit mali ito?

Ang usapang seksuwal ay di na masagwa o mahalay ngayon. Buhat noong maging sikat, bagamat kontrobersiyal, ang "Vagina Monologues" ni Eve Ensler, tila hindi na nakasisindak tumukoy sa mga maselang bahagi ng katawan ng babae (Wikipedia 2015). Ang estilong bugtong o talinghaga sa seks--gawaing pakikipagtalik--ay itinuturing na sintomas ng neurosis o maselang sakit ng budhi. Paano ang seks ng transgender, hybrid o cyborg? 

Ordinaryo na lamang ang seksuwal chitchat sa kontemporaryong praktika sa sining at publikong huntahan. Bakit hindi kung laganap na ang advertisement sa Viagra at iba pang drogang nagpapaudyok sa hindutan? Anong masama sa masarap na "dyugdyugan"? Di ba utos kina Eba at Adan: "Multiply...Magparami kayo!" Kung di kaya, uminom ng pilduras o di kaya'y virgin coconut oil. OK ito sa mga pariseo ng simbahan.

Wala bang sariling ating pukaw-pukyutan? Katutubong pukyotan-putakang pangsarili. Biro ng iba, kung instrumento ng progresibong sektor ang popularidad ni Ensler, bakit di pumatol ang "Penis/Balls Monologue"? Kung sobrang tsobinismo o makismo ito, e di symposium o colloquium ng mga genitalia? O sunod kina Bakhtin at Levinas, diyalogo ng balun-balunan, bukong-bukong at puwit? Demokratikong pagpapalitan ng kuro-kuro at kiliti. May reklamo ka?

Pambihirang Pakulo

Iwan na muna natin ang katawang performative. Dumako tayo sa milyung  espirituwal, sa palengkeng neoliberal. Pambihira talaga. Walang clone si Ensler. Isa na siyang korporasyon ng Power Elite ng Global North. Isang haligi ng Imperyong U.S. Naging selebriting burgis si Ensler, kumita ng di-makalkulang yaman at prestihiyo sa di umano'y peministang hamon sa moralidad ng puritanismong lipunan. 

Nagsilbing kultural kapital ang cause de celebre, ginawang passport o pretext para isalba ang kababaihan saan mang lupalop tulad ng neokolonyang Pilipinas. Talo pa niya si Mother Teresa. Ililigtas sina Mary Jane Veloso, Andrea Rosal, Wilma Tiamson, at iba pang inaaping babae sa rehiyon ng BangsaMoro at Lumad (San Juan 2015).

Huwag nang idawit ang Birhen, o babaylang Reyna sa TV at pelikula. Hindi biro, naging talisman o magayumang lakas ang seks ng babae. Sino ang  may reklamo sa One Billion Rising ni Ensler? Ang Vagina Men sa Quezon City o sa Congo? Pati mga gerilya ng New People's Army ay nagsasayaw sa direksiyon ni Ensler sa tulong ng mga kakutsabang kabaro. HIndi na monologo kundi koro ng mga diwata sa gubat kung saan ang masa ay mga isda, ayon kay Mao.
Magaling! Tuwang-tuwa ang mga hito, talakitok, dilis, bia, tanggigi, bakoko at tilapya. Mabuhay ang rebolusyong umiindak, naglalambing. Kung hindi tayo kasama sa sayaw, sambit ni Mother Jones, bakit magpapakamatay?

Karnibal ng mga Paru-Paro?

Kaalinsabay ang usapang puk# sa liberalisasyon ng diskursong seksuwal sa klimang anti-kapitalistang protesta sa buong mundo. Tampok dito ang Women's Liberation movement (simula kina Simone de Beauvoir o Shulamith Firestone) noong dekada 1960-1970. Bumunsod na nga sa pagturing sa prostitusyon bilang sex work/trabahong makalupa. Ewan ko kung anong palagay ni Aling Rosa at mga Lola ng "Lolas Kampanya Survivor" na naglakbay sa kung saan-saan, salamat sa tulong ni Nelia Sancho, ang coordinator ng grupo (tungkol sa industriyalisasyon ng seks, konsultahin si Barry 1995, pahina 146-51). 

Sa ngayon, 300-400 Lola ang buhay pa sa bilang ng 2000 "Comfort Women" sa Pilipinas. Wala pang hustisya sina Lola Julia, Lola Fedencia, atbp hanggang ngayon. Patuloy nilang iginigiit na ang ginawa ng mga Hapon noong giyera ay hindi pag-upa sa babaeng trabahador kundi talagang gahasang tortyur, panggagahis sa sibilyan, isang masahol na krimen laban sa humanidad. Usapang putangna iyon, walang duda. Ang babae ay makinang ginamit upang magparaos ang mga sundalong Hapon, tulad ng mga "hospitality girls" sa Angeles City, Olongapo, at iba pang R & R sentro ng US sa kanilang pandaramong sa Vietnam, Cambodia at Laos noong mga dekada 1960-1980.

Sa kasalukuyan, walang pang artista tulad ni Kenneth Goldsmith na mangagahas sumulat ng isang tula tungkol sa "Katawan ni Lola Rosa, "Comfort Woman."  Nang sambitin ni Goldsmith ang kanyang tulang konseptuwal, "The Body of Michael Brown" (Goldsmith 2015), katakut-takot na puna't panunuri ang sumabog sa Internet at mass media. Bakit? Ang katawan ng Aprikano-Amerikanong biktima ng karahasan ng pulis sa Ferguson, Missouri, ay tila naging banal, sagrado, hindi puwedeng gawing paksa sa makalupang aktibidad. "Off Limits," wika nga, sa mga puting naghahari, puting makapangyarihan (White Supremacy). 

Akala natin ay nasira na ang mga hanggahan, regulasyon, o bakod na naghihiwalay sa iba't ibang uri, paksa, ugali, kaisipan.  Akala natin, kung popular na ang "Vagina Monologues," maaari nang pakialaman ang anumang bagay; wala nang pag-aaring pribado o di kakabit ng espasyong komun o komunidad. Paano mangyayari ito kung umiiral pa ang pribadong pag-aari ng mga kasangkapan sa produksiyon ng ikabubuhay? Umiiral pa ang tubo, salapi, pribadong lupa o espasyo. Binibili pa ang lakas-paggawa, hindi lamang lakas kundi buong katawan at kaluluwa mo. Pati panaginip mo, damdamin, iyong matimtimang pagnanais o pangarap mong kalakip ng iyong puso't budhi. Walang sagrado sa korporasyong multinasyonal, sa palengke ng kapitalismong global. Biniro ni Goldsmith, kaya siya natisod sa apoy ng umaatikabong alitang di lamang kultural kundi tahasang politikal at moral.

May aral kaya ito sa mga alagad ng ONE BILLION RISING? Anong panganib na sumusunod tayo sa modo ng publicity ng isang haligi ng burgesyang imperyo? Paano mababago ang diwa at institusyong mapang-api kung wala tayong kabatiran sa maselan at masalimuot na rasismo't makauring ideolohiyang kaakibat ng patron ng produktong inilalako ni Ensler?

Radikal at Mapanuri?  Bawal!  Huli 'yan!

Bago sumabog ang peminismong radikal, mahaba na rin ang tala ng rebelyon ng mga alagad-ng-sining laban sa sensura, ipokrisya't pagbabawal sa malayang paglalahad. Historya ito ng ebolusyon ng modernidad. Kasi, laging pinaglalangkap ng Patriarkong Orden ang militanteng sining at pornograpya. Hindi sumusunod sa istandard ng burgesya. Taktikang pagbubusal iyon sa kritikang kamalayan. Isipin na lang ang kaso sa dalawang nobelang Ulysses ni James Joyce at Lady Chatterley's Love ni D.H. Lawrence, o mga libro ni Henry Miller. Pati Catcher in the Rye at Huckleberry Finn ay pinagbabawal sa ilang aklatang pampubliko sa U.S. 

Nakakabagot itong ipokrisya, testigo sa paghahati ng lipunang mapagsamantala't makahayup. Huwag na nating balik-tanawin pa ang mga sinaunang halimbawa ng Satyricon ni Petronius, Decameron ni Boccacio, Gargantua at Pantagruel ni Rabelais, at mga akda ni Marquis de Sade. Sinubok nilang sugpuin at pigilin ang pag-unlad ng kamalayan. Laging umiigpaw sa kontrol ng mga naghahari ang lasa at nais ng madla, hindi ng mga awtoridad na umuusig sa mga "ideological State apparatus" ng makauri't mapagsamantalang lipunan.

Sa larangan ng pintura, masilakbo't maengganyo ang balitaktakan. Armadong puwersa ang nakapangingibabaw, hindi argumentong rasyonal. Nakasalalay ang kapangyarian ng Patriyarkong Burgesya. Pwedeng banggitin ang eskandalo tungkol sa "Olympia" (1865) ni Edouard Manet, "The Origin of the World" (1866) ni Gustave Courbet, "Ecstatic Unity" (1969) ni Dorothy Iannone, at mga litrato ni Robert Mapplethorpe. Halimbawa naman ng mga paggamit ng tema o imaheng relihiyoso, mababangit ang eskandalo tungkol sa "Piss Christ" (1987) ni Andres Serrano o "The Holy Virgin May" (1999) ni Chris Ofili (Frank 2015).. 

Sa atin naman, magugunita ang pagsasara ng "KULO" exhibit at ang "Politeismo" (2011) ni Mideo Cruz. Kung itinanghal ang "KULO" sa Pransiya o Italya, marahil walang problema. Baka naging mabenta pa ang mga mapangahas na likhang-sning, karibal ng mga milyong dolyar na produkto nina Andy Warhol at De Kooning.

Ngunit sa neokolonyang mahal, ang diskurso ng libog o praktikang pukaw-pukyutan ay tabu pa rin, sa pangkalahatan. Merong pasubali. Sa akademyang sekular, umiiral ang regulasyon sa takdang lugar ng usapang libog. Ngunit nananaig pa rin ang tradisyonal na moralidad ng iba't ibang simbahan--mga ugali, gawi, kostumbre sa kilos, salita, at sentido komun ng bayan.Sino ba ang nakikinabang sa ganitong paghihigpit? Di na tayo makababalik sa hardin ng karinyo't lampungan (hinggil sa kontrobersyang legal at etikal kaugnay sa pornograpiya, konsultahin si Strossen 1995). 

Magtiyaga na lang kayo sa kampo ng mga nudist, susog ng mga miron. O pornograpikong eksena/video sa Internet. Mag-ingat ka, ang surveillance ngayon ay di lamang estratehiya ng pulis, kundi maniobra ng mga espiya sa Internet, satellite, drones---wala kang ligtas! Puputaktahin ka ng isang katerbang buwisit at kamyerdahang panghihimasok.

Hamon kina Gabriela Silang at Mga Babaylan

Paano kung ambisyon mo ang tumulad kay Shigeko Kubota? Lalaki ka man, puwede ka ring gumaya kay Kubota. 

Sino itong Kubeta? Kubota po, hindi kubeta. Ipinanganak siya sa Niigata, Hapon, noong 1937, kalahi ng mga Budistang monghe (Wikipedia 2015). Naging kasapi siya sa organisasyong Fluxus sa New York noong dekada 1960. Si Kubota ay tanyag na avantgarde video-iskultor,  lumilikha ng video installation, sumusuri sa pamana ni Marcel Duchamp, ama ng modernismong sining. Kalahok ang mga maraming likha niya sa Dokumenta 7, Kessel (1982) at iba pang museo't galeri. Naging propesor siya ng teknolohiya ng video/pelikula sa iba't ibang unibersidad at institusyong global. Unang napag-aralan niya ang komposisyon ni John Cago noong 1963 sa pagsasanib niya sa grupong musikero sa Tokyo, ang Ongaku, kasama si Yoko Ono. 

Naging tanyag si Kubota sa "Vagina Painting," na ginanap sa Perpetual Fluxus Festival,Cinematheque, New York noong Hulyo 1965. May foto ng akto niya sa libro ni Peter Osborne, Conceptual Art (2002), pahina 71. Subaybayan din siya sa Internet sa dokumentasyon ng "Vagina Painting" at iba pang likhang-sining niya (Godfrey 1998).

Sa pangyayaring ito, inilatag ni Kubota ang isang malapad na papel sa sahig. Doon nagpinta siya nang abstraktong linya sa pulang kulay sa bisa ng galaw ng brotsa. Nakakabit ang brotsa sa singit. Huwag mo nang itanong kung gaano katagal ang aksyon at ano ang reaksyon ng awdiyens noon.  Sinasagisag ang kanyang vagina bilang bukal ng inspirasyon. Ang pulang pinta ay kahalintulad ng dugo sa regla na hulog mula sa lugar na tinaguriang kawalan ng phallus (sa metaporikang pakahulugan; ibig pahiwatig, hindi penis o titi). Sa gayong palabas, pinasimulan niya ang isang perspektibang makababae sa tipikal na pagtatanghal ng Fluxus hinggil sa operasyong pagbabakasakali, pasumala o patsansing-tsansing("chance operations"). 

Iminungkahi ni Kubota sa kanyang akto ang isang alternatibo sa agresibong teknik ng action o drip painting ni Jackson Pollock. Isang hamon din ang ginanap ni Kubota sa papel ng babaeng artista na laging pinapatnubayan, ginagabayan, at inuugitan ng kalalakihan--awtoritaryong disiplina ng mga Patriyarko. Dagdag pa, pinuna ni Kubota ang paggamit sa babae bilang brotsang buhay, nilubog sa pintang kulay asul, na pinagapang sa kanbas, na masasaksihan sa Anthropometrie serye ni Yves Klein noong dekada 1950-1960. 

Salungat si Kubota (na asawa ng bantog na si Nam June Paik) sa ganoong paggamit ng katawan ng babae, isang uri ng "human traffiking" ng kababaihan. Kapanalig niya sa krusadang ito sina Yoko Ono at Carolee Schneeman, na hindi masyadong nagustuhan ng kanilang grupong Fluxus (Osborne 2002).

Makibaka, Huwag Magsipsip

Sunod ba ang One Billion Rising sa pintang pukyutan ni Kubota? Aktibo pa rin si Kubota sa New York. I-Google ninyo. Uliran ang kanyang halimbawang napasimulan sa pagpukpok sa pukyutan upang pukawin ang bihag at nakukulong na kamalayan. Isang sandata iyon sa conscientization ng madla.Bakit hindi? Bakit hindi gamitin ang katawan--na siyang lugar ng "Kingdom" ng Tagapagligtas--upang palayain ang pagkatao't kaluluwa (kundi pa naisangla o naipagbili)? Bakit pa nagkaroon ng inkarnasyon kung tayo'y mga anghel na walang puwit o bunganga, walang titi o puk%? 

Anong reklamo mo? Manunuod na lang ba tayo ng "Fifty Shades of Grey" at YOUTUBE seryeng pornograpiko, at mga artifaktong pabalbal sa Internet tulad ng  "Kakantutin ka lang nila" (mahigit 4,081,933 ang taga-subaybay sa YOUTUBE; Lordganja 2015). Kuntento na ba tayong laging nakatungaga sa mga strip-tease at sirko ng mga egotistikong selebriti sa TV at pelikula? Marami tayong reklamo, sigurado, kaya dapat ipahayag na ito. Pasingawin at ibilad ang mga pasakit, himutok, hinanakit. Kundi, baka magkarambulan sa sikolohiyang pantayo't pambarkada.

Alam nating lahat ang tunay na situwasyon. Tulad ng anumang bagay, puspos ng masalimuot na kontradiksiyon.  Lahat ng bahagi ng katawan ay may reklamo, laluna ang sikmura, uhaw sa hustisya. Marami nang pasubali: kaya bang ipahiwatig ang damdamin ng buong body politic sa makitid at partikularistikong paraan ng Vagina Monologue o Vagina Painting? Binugbog at pinarusahang mga katawan ng sambayanan, isinasangkot sa pambansang mobilisasyon ang lahat ng kasariang inaapi. Bukod ito sa One Billion Rising.  

Pag-ugnayin muli ang pinagwatak-watak na bahagi ng katawan upang mabuo muli ang kalayaan at pagkakapantay-pantay na winasak ng imperyalismo't kapitalismong global. Usapang mapagpalaya, hindi lang usapang puk%, ang rebolusyong sumusulong, kabilang ang lahat ng nakikiramay ngayon kina Ka Leoncio Pitao at  Ka Vanessa Limpag, biktima ng barbarismong kabuktutan ng rehimeng Aquino at US imperyalismo (Dulce 2015). Mabuhay sina Kumander Parago at Ka Vanessa, bayani ng lahi, laging buhay sa puso ng masa.


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E. San Juan, Jr.
Professorial Lecturer, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

E-mail:  <> <>

          Brain Parade   
The feature where we pester smart people. This week's question revolves around near future spaceflight, should it be manned or unmanned?

In case you've missed them Jose's original piece is here and Charlie's is here.

In terms of immediate priorities, there's no question that unmanned missions are far more cost-effective. At the moment Cassini is showing us yet again that every planet, moon and lump of rock in the Solar System is not only unique but has surprising features. The Mars robot explorers have shown us the same. But they've also raised questions that would be very easy to answer if only we had people there. In the longer term, we have to go ourselves.

Ken MacLeod is part of a new generation of British science fiction writers, who specialise in hard science fiction and space opera.

Ask an antarctic researcher if he/she could be cost effectively replaced by a robot without any loss of understanding of his findings. It is the cost of space transprtation which drives this sterile debate and it is that problemwe need to solve. Robots should always remain our assistants, not our substitutes.

Alan Bond is Managing Director of Reaction Engines Ltd [1] and associated with Project Daedalus, Blue Streak missile, HOTOL and Skylon.

Well, I agree with Carlos. Spaceflight isn't just about economics; indeed, I decry the worldview that says that all things should be reduced to the bottom line. Space travel is an ennobling adventure; it's part of our reason for being as a species. As the closing title card of Star Trek: The Motion Picture said, "The Human Adventure is Just Beginning."In fact, I sum up a lot of my thoughts on this in my own novel Hybrids, which contains this speech on this topic from a fictitious US president.

Robert J Sawyer is a rockin Canadian hard SF writer

Jose, being an astronomer by training, I'm prejudiced in favor of unmanned exploration -- the scientific return per dollar is orders of magnitude greater than you can expect from manned spaceflight.

Add to that the near certainty that George Bush's "return to the moon" pledge is just so much vapor. There's no money. There wouldn't be enough money even if he rescinded the tax cuts his wealthy pals enjoy.

Add to _that_ the fact that the shuttle has always been a dangerous juryrigged compromise vehicle, and now it's a geriatric one. Incredibly, there's no real successor on line; it will be at least eight years before one leaves a launch pad.

I'm greatly in favor of eventual manned flight, and I do believe that the ultimate destination of humanity is space. But the next step is a technology that will allow the transfer of large masses to Low Earth Orbit economically -- perhaps the space elevator; perhaps something else -- because nothing permanent is going to happen until cislunar space offers goods and services that can't be had more cheaply on Earth.

I'd like to be proven wrong.

Joe Haldeman has been shot on three different occasions. We don't know why, he seems nice enough to us.

Dear Jose: You and Charles are rehashing an argument I've watched develop over many decades.

In the 60s I couldn't figure out why they didn't land on the Moon with Apollo 1. Why wait until 11? Okay, that was naive. The machines have to be developed and tested, and the men don't get there without the machiness. What I notice is that your arguments (for the machines) are clear, precise, and rich in hindsight. Charles's arguments (for sending astronauts) are very much based on postulates and theory, and lead way around Robin Hood's barn.

And what I notice from my lifespan is that the machines, from magic telescopes to rovers and Voyagers, have shown us the universe in detail I could only imagine, and wrongly. Today's plans don't put men on Mars within my expected lifespan, and they could be cancelled at the stroke of an election.

But maybe I can hang on long enough to see Pluto. I've come to bet on the machines.

Larry Niven's Science Fiction classics delayed the loss of Jose's virginity

Robots will not have the capacity for a sense of wonder for many decades, I suspect. This aspect of human experience in space--the prospect of personal awe and discovery in the midst of infinite mystery--will propel funding far more over the long haul then robotic exploration, as marvelous as that is. People want to go and explore, not just sit and watch.

Greg Bear is a science fiction author. His work has covered themes of galactic conflict (Forge of God books), artificial universes (Eon series) and accelerated evolution (Blood Music, Darwin's Radio, and Darwin's Children).

As we speak, unmanned space missions are exploring the moons of Saturn, heading to Pluto and the dark reaches of the Kuiper belt, and finding evidence that the Universe is mostly made of stuff we don't understand: dark matter and dark energy. Meanwhile, people aboard the International Space Station have a full-time job just keeping the thing repaired. Promised technological spinoffs like crystals grown in space aren't really amounting to much. The crew made news recently by throwing a space suit stuffed with rags and a radio transmitter into Earth orbit, just so ham radio fans could track it: a clear sign of diminishing returns.

Why are we even bothering with manned space flight? As a character says in Charles Stross' wonderful novel Accelerando, "NASA are idiots. They want to send canned primates to Mars!". This stunt, which will cost billions if we don't stop it, is the scientific equivalent of putting a goldfish bowl on top of Mount Everest.

It would be much smarter to spend the money creating cyborgs who don't breathe and can stand hard radiation; these guys will actually enjoy space travel. We can do this and we can do it quicker than you might guess. In the meantime, let's send machines into space, like the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna. This project, if funded, has a decent chance of seeing gravitational ripples left over from the Big Bang. It's the only known way to see through the wall of fire that cleared up when the Universe was 400,000 years old, back to the first microseconds of history. And it's cheaper than sending canned primates to Mars.

John Baez is a a mathematical physicist who specializes in quantum gravity and n-categories.

As a one-time Astronaut Applicant, and a working space scientist who
works with unmanned science missions, my opinion is that the best space policy is to embrace the power of "and" when it comes to the manned/unmanned mission question. Unfortunately, it has become customary to pit the one against the other. Right now good unmanned missions are being cancelled and delayed because the Powers that Be have decided once again that "science must bear the cost" of the manned space program. This is short sighted, and among many bad things it turns the space community upon itself. We're being divided in order to conquer us. I'm confident that President Bush's Moon/Mars initiative will go nowhere, but in the process of going nowhere it will cause a number of good science programs to be cancelled.

There *are* scientifically sound reasons to put people into space. As others have pointed out, there are also reasons which transcend science. All of these are legitimate reasons to expend our time and treasure on a progressive and reasonable manned space program. It would be nice if someone had such a thing. The current US manned space program suffers from a number of
accumulated problems which have origins back in the late 1940s, and which have become entrenched policy over the course of successive administrations.

Space scientists resent the long-standing practice of raiding the space science programs for money to support the manned space program. Space scientists rightly point out that the International Ultraviolet Explorer accomplished more, at lower cost, than the two ASTRO missions flown aboard Space Shuttle flights. This is but one example of misguided efforts to tie science missions which could be performed by unmanned spacecraft to the manned space program.

NASA is fundamentally an engineering establishment. Scientists have always been in a minority at NASA, and science has never been the main driver in NASA organizational decision making.

While I'm not entirely sure that transfering space science funding to the NSF would be the best solution, I think it would be better than the status quo. NOAA has a nice partnership with NASA whereby they get NOAA weather satellites launched and into orbit. The NSF and NASA could develop a similar partnership that would insure continuting integration, test, and launch
support from NASA while moving the mission operations and data analysis funding out of NASA's budget into the NSF where it more naturally belongs. NASA would be left with manned spaceflight and its too often neglected aeronautical research mission.

Bill Gawne works for a NASA contractor in Maryland and teaches physics and astronomy at Towson University and is a top bloke

          Four Innings and a Pennant   
They did it again. The Kansas City Royals have won back to back American League pennants. Really.

As recently as May of last season this didn't seem possible. But here we are, about to watch the boys in blue play in the World Series for the second time in two seasons. The run through this year's playoffs has felt different though. Last October didn't feel real, like a dream, a wonderful, wonderful dream. Don't get me wrong now, I don't believe the 2014 Royals were a fluke. They were a very good team who deserved to represent the American League. It was all just so unexpected. I think the miracle comeback in the Wild Card attributed to the dream-like state. That game, man. The game 7 loss to the Giants hurt. The season wasn't supposed to end like that, destiny's darlings and all that. I tried to write a post afterwards but to this day it remains unfinished in my drafts folder. I just couldn't.

This year they played, in my opinion, tougher competition in the playoffs. The Angels and Orioles had good teams last year but they didn't make me nervous. I thought the Royals would play them tough though I didn't expect sweeps. The Astros and Blue Jays both brought dangerous teams to this year's postseason. The Astros in particular terrified me. The Royals, however, held no such fear. Houston unsurprisingly pushed Kansas City to five games. It took six to dispatch Toronto. I don't think anybody predicted sweeps this season.

Four innings stand out this year. Four innings that would have changed the future if things had broke differently. Four innings that will long be remembered by Royals fans. I'll look at them one at a time

ALDS Game 4 - 8th inning

I didn't watch the Wild Card game last year until the next day. The difference between 1985 and 2014 was that in one I was a 14 year old with no responsibilities and in the other a 43 year old who worked nights. I didn't get to watch the epic comeback live. This year was a little different. I still work nights but MLB had my back and flooded the postseason with day games. I got to watch this one.

The Astros were six outs away from advancing to the ALCS. They were at home and had just turned a one run game into a four run game in the bottom of the 7th inning. The crowd was going wild, the players were amped in the dugout, it just felt over. As usual, the Royals ignored the memo.

The top of the 8th started out innocently enough with a single by Alex Rios (the Blue Jays and their fans may not believe this but nobody saw that hit coming). Then Alcides Escobar and Ben Zobrist followed with singles of their own and all the sudden the tying run was at the plate. Nine pitches into the inning and the Royals win expectancy had risen from 3% to 18%. Lorenzo Cain's single brought in the first run of the inning. Eric Hosmer stepped into the box representing the go ahead run. Think back to the aftermath of the Colby Rasmus home run a half inning earlier. Who would have believed the Royals would get the potential winning run to the plate a short time later with nobody out?

Hosmer has not had a great postseason but he's come through when needed several times. This was one of those times. His single to right field brought home another run and, just as importantly, put the the tying run in scoring position. There was still nobody out and the Royals win expectancy had jumped to a doable 45%.

Kendrys Morales was now at the plate. I imagine if there was anyone in that situation the Astros didn't want to see it was Morales. He led Kansas City in runs batted in with 106. He had clutch hit after clutch hit this season. But he also hit into 24 double plays. That led the team and was fourth most in the American League. He was either going to break Astros fans hearts or hit a ground ball tailor-made for a double play. He did both. Carlos Correa is a great player, and is going to be among the league's best shortstops for years, but that video above is going to haunt him for a long time. If he fields it cleanly, a run still scores, but there would be two outs. Instead two runs scored and the go ahead runs was just ninety feet from home plate. There was still nobody out and the Royals win expectancy had risen to 75%.

Mike Moustakas made the first out of the inning in a ten pitch battle with Tony Sipp. Luke Gregerson came in to face Drew Butera. Butera was in the game because Terrance Gore pinch ran for Salvador Perez an inning earlier. Gore stole second and third but was ruled out when the replay system failed. Nobody wanted Butera up in that situation. He needed to make hard contact to get the ball past the drawn in infield. You won't find hard contact hitter anywhere on Butera's resume. Gregerson and Butera also put together a ten pitch battle and when it was over Butera was standing on first base due to a well earned walk

Future Royals Hall of Famer Alex Gordon was now at the plate with the bases loaded and one out. Gordon has hit eighth in every game this postseason. During the regular season he had a .377 on-base percentage and 120 OPS+. He's not the type of hitter you normally find in that spot. Gordon hit a ground ball to the right side. Jose Altuve's only play was to first base. Hosmer scored from third and the Royals were leading 7-6. After Rios followed with a walk to reload the bases Escobar struck out to end the inning.

You know what happened next. Hosmer homered in the 9th to put the Royals up 3 runs and Wade Davis was Wade Davis. The series came back to Kansas City where Johnny Cueto shut down the emotionally deflated Astros.

ALCS Game 1- 6th inning

Edinson Volquez was brilliant the first five innings of game 1. He was touching 97 on the gun with movement and was hitting whatever spot Perez laid down. The Royals led 3-0 going into the top of the sixth with Toronto's three best hitters coming up. There wasn't much concern due to Volquez's brilliance, and he had thrown less than 80 pitches. If he ran into trouble you'd figure Ned Yost would go to the bullpen to bail him out. There are situations when Ned doesn't do what logic suggests he should. Sometimes he's right, and sometimes Jose Bautista is hitting a game tying home run off Ryan Madson instead of facing Wade Davis.

When Josh Donaldson led off, the Blue Jays win expectancy was at a manageable 13%. This is a team hits lots of home runs. All they need is the tying run at the plate for a chance (see above). Donaldson worked the count full and then walked on the ninth pitch of the at bat. Jose Bautista came up next. He also worked Volquez for a nine pitch walk. Uh oh. So now the Royals were in the position they didn't want to be in, a struggling pitcher on the mound with Edwin Encarnacion, Chris Colabello, and Troy Tulowitzki up next. All three were capable of tying the game with one swing.

Every pitch from here on out would be huge, with each carrying game changing potential. The Blue Jays win expectancy sat at 24%. That's as high as it would get the rest of the game. Volquez struck out Encarnacion on four pitches for the first out of the inning. He was less sharp against Colabello and went to a full count for the third time in the inning. On the eighth pitch Colabello ripped what looked like a gapper but was caught by Gordon for the second out. Tulowitzki came up next and became the fourth Blue Jay to run the count full in the inning. I don't know his thought process on the pitch that struck him out but he sure looked like a guy who was begging to be walked.

When it was all said and done Volquez had faced five hitters. He walked two, struck out two, and threw 37 pitches. His Houdini act gave Yost the confidence to let him try a similar escape in the sixth inning of game 5. That one backfired and Toronto ended up scoring 4 runs.

I'm not entirely sure but I think the 6th inning of game 1 took about two years off my life. I don't think a person is supposed to hold his breath for thirty minutes.

ALCS Game 2 - 7th inning

As unlikely as the comeback in Houston was, this one was even unlikelier. David Price was dealing. After Escobar's leadoff single he retired the next eighteen hitters. Toronto entered the inning leading 3-0 and had an 88% win expectancy. The bottom of the 7th started off with a bloop into right field by Ben Zobrist. Miscommunication between Bautista and Ryan Goins allowed the first out to fall in for a leadoff single.

Lorenzo Cain, as he always seems to do, followed with a single to right field. Four pitches before, Price stepped to the mound with a three run lead. He was now facing the tying run, Eric Hosmer. Tom Verducci wrote an article for Sports Illustrated about how the Royals advanced scouting had picked up Price tipping his changeup. It's an informative piece partially about this inning. Like he's done many times in his postseason career, Hosmer stepped up. His single on a changeup brought home Zobrist and put Cain on third. With runners on the corners and nobody out the Royals win expectancy had jumped from 12% to 44%.

Remember when I mentioned Morales and double plays? Rusty Kuntz was ahead of it. He sent Hosmer and a ground ball up the middle only retired one instead of two. Cain scored and the tying run was on second base with one out. Moustakas came up next and drove a Price changeup into center field. Hosmer scored from second base and the game was tied. Perez came up next but struck out for the second out of the inning.

One way or another, Gordon would probably have been the last batter Price faced. The Royals win expectancy was now north of 50%. A battle of the bullpens would heavily favor the one with a cyborg. Gordon worked the count full before driving Price's eighth pitch into the gap in right-center. Moustakas scored the go ahead run and Price exited on the hook for another playoff loss.

Aaron Sanchez came on to face the suddenly rejuvenated Rios. Interesting enough, the same situation would play out in game 6 with the same result. A Rios single would turn a 1 run game into a 2 run game. After Escobar made the final out, the Blue Jays left the field trailing 5-3. Kelvin Herrera and Davis closed it out and the Royals were two wins away from returning to the World Series

ALCS Game 6 - 9th inning

Even with the two improbable comebacks, and Johnny Cueto's gem in game 5 of the ALDS, this might have been the most entertaining game of Kansas City's postseason. Moose's controversial home run, Bautista's game tying home run, Cain's mad dash to home, I'm telling you, this game had it all.

Davis entered in the eighth inning because Madson failed to protect the lead. Yost wanted to avoid bringing him due to an impending weather delay. When the rain departed, and play resumed, Cain and Hosmer teamed up for an LCS moment that will be talked about for decades. The Royals led 4-3 when Davis took the mound in the top of the 9th inning. The Royals win expectancy was at 84%. The heart of Toronto's came up the inning before so things looked set up for an uneventful ending to the game.

Russell Martin led off with a single and was removed for Dalton Pompey. The tying run was on base and was fast. That Pompey would be allowed to steal not one, but two bases, is somewhat amazing. With the tying run on third, and no outs, Davis walked Kevin Pillar. The Royals win expectancy had fallen to 45.

Dioner Navarro pinch hit for Ryan Goins. With the count 1 and 1, Davis threw a pitch that looked outside but was called a strike. Recognizing the zone had widened Davis went to the same location. Navarro swung and missed for out number one. Pillar stole second base and now the go ahead was in scoring position for Ben Revere. With the count 2 and 1, Davis again went to his favorite new location and was rewarded with a called strike 2. Davis came inside on the next pitch, but instead of taking ball 3, Revere swung and missed for the second out.

This series was destined to come down to Josh Donaldson. It was inevitable from the moment he took issue with being pitched inside by Royals pitchers during the regular season. Donaldson had a good series. I mean, not Alex Rios good, but still good. Earlier in the game he hit an absolute missile to Moustakas. This time, with his team's season on the line, all he could muster was a ground ball. For the second straight year the ALCS ended with Moustakas throwing across the diamond to Hosmer. For the second straight year Donaldson's season ended on a roller to third base.

Sometimes, life is fair.
          La terza via fra scienza e umanesimo   
Esistono in Italia due culture, umanistica e scientifica: dal connubio di queste due apparentemente contrapposte visioni del mondo dipende la sopravvivenza della nostra stessa società. Giovani ricercatori e scienziati possono fare la differenza
          [Drama] Akihabara@Deep   

*Tựa đề phim tiếng Nhật :アキハバラ@DEEP

*Dịch : Akihabara@Deep

*Thể loại : Hành động , hài hước

*Số tập : 11 và 1 tập đặc biệt ( Bí mật )

*Kênh trình chiếu : TBS

*Thời gian phát sóng : 19/6/2006-->??

*Ngày phát sóng : Thứ 3

Nội dung

Akihabara là một quận thuộc Tokyo nơi được biết đến với rất nhiều manga,
anime , đồ chơi điện tử , phim ảnh và games , đó cũng là nơi tụ họp của
rất đông người đam mê những thứ ấy , những người được gọi là Otaku .
Page , Box , Akira , Taiko , Druma và Izumu là sáu Otaku , với những rắc
rối riêng họ tìm kiếm cho mình sự giúp đỡ qua một website có tên là
"Yui’s Lifeguard" < lá chắn bảo vệ cuộc sống của Yui> . Khi người
chủ Yui của trang web bị chết một cách bí hiểm , sáu người bọn họ -
những chuyên gia trong những lĩnh vực khác nhau hợp nhau lại thành nhóm Akihabara@Deep nhóm " Những nhà dàn xếp " quyết tâm bảo vệ Akihabara và giải quyết những rắc rối của người dân nơi đây .

Diễn viên

_ Kazama Shunsuke as Page

_ Tên tiếng Nhật : 風間俊介

_Tên : Kazama Shunsuke

_ Nghề nghiệp : diễn viên

_ Sinh ngày : 1983-June-17

_ Nơi sinh: Tokyo, Japan

_ Chiều cao : 165cm

_ Cân nặng: 47kg

_ Nhóm máu : A

_ Công ty quản lý : Johnny's Entertainment

Các phim đã tham gia

_ Sugata Sanshiro (TV Tokyo, 2007)

_ Akihabara@Deep (TBS, 2006)

_ Yonaoshi Jyunan! Ninjouken (TV Asahi, 2005)

_ Taikoki (Fuji TV, 2003)

_ Engimono ~ America (Fuji TV, 2002)

_ Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Natsu (TBS, 2001)

_ Shounen wa Tori ni Natta as Koiichi (TBS, 2001)

_ 3 nen B gumi Kinpachi sensei 5 (TBS, 1999)

_ Nemureru Mori (Fuji TV, 1998)

Ikuta Toma as Box

_Tên tiếng Nhật : 生田斗真

_Tên : Ikuta Toma

_Nghề nghiệp : ca sĩ kiêm diễn viên

_ Ngày sinh : 7/10/1984

_ Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan

_ Cao: 173cm

_ Nặng: 58kg

_ Cung : Libra

_ Nhóm máu : A

_ Công ty quản lý:Johnny's Entertainment

Các phim đã tham gia

* Hachimitsu to Clover (Fuji TV, 2008)

* Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Fuji TV, 2007)

* Hana Yori Dango 2 (TBS, 2007, ep1)

* Akihabara@Deep (TBS, 2006)

* Gekidan Engimono ~ Otoko no Yume (Fuji TV, 2006)

* Asuka e, Soshite Mada Minu Ko e (Fuji TV, 2005)

* Dekabeya (TV Asashi, 2005)

* Gekidan Engimono ~ Nemureru Mori no Shitai (Fuji TV, 2005)

* Engimono ~ America (Fuji TV, 2002)

* Hito ni Yasashiku (Fuji TV, 2002, ep5)

* Neverland (TBS, 2002)

* Love and Peace (NTV, 1998)

* Agri (NHK, 1997)

Himura Yuuki as Daruma

_Tên tiếng Nhật :日村勇紀 (ひむらゆうき)

_Tên : Himura Yuuki

_nghề nghiệp : Actor and comedian

_ Ngày sinh : 1972-May-14

_Nơi sinh: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

_Cao : 172cm

_Cân nặng: 70kg

_Cung : Taurus

_Nhóm máu : O

_Công ty quản lý : Horipro

Phim đã đóng

* Abarenbo Mama (Fuji TV, 2007)

* Akihabara@deep (TBS, 2006)

* Fugoh Keiji 2 (TV Asahi, 2006, ep9)

* Maiko Haaaan!!! (2007)

* Hold Up Down (2005)

* sở thích : bilard

* là một thành viên của nhóm hài "Banana Man" ”バナナマン”

Hoshino Gen as Taiko

* Name: 星野源

* Name(romaji): Hoshino Gen

* Profession: Actor

* Birthdate: 1981-Jan-28

* Birthplace: 埼玉県

_Cao : 168cm

* Weight: 61kg

* Star sign: Aquarius

* Blood type: AB

* Talent agency: Otona

Các phim đã tham gia

* Mirai Koshi Meguru (TV Asahi, 2008)

* Tantei Gakuen Q (NTV, 2007)

* Seishun★ENERGY (青春★ENERGY) (Fuji TV, 2006)

~Mou 1 tsu no Sugar & Spice~ (もう1つのシュガー&スパイス)

Volume ~Taka Omoi No Kare~ (2006-Sept-20)

* Akihabara@deep (TBS, 2006)

* Yasashii Jikan (Fuji TV, 2005)

* Tiger & Dragon (TBS, 2005)

*sixty nine (2005) as Nakamura Yuzuru

Kosaka Yuka as Akira

_Tên tiếng Nhật : 小阪由佳 (こさか ゆか)

_Tên : Kosaka Yuka

_nghề nghiệp : Actress, gravure idol, and singer

_ Ngày sinh : 1985-June-27

_Nơi sinh: Kanagawa, Japan

_Cao : 168cm

_Nhóm máu : A

_Công ty quản lý: A-Team

Các phim đã tham gia

Akihabara@deep (TBS, 2006)

Gakko no Kaidan (2007)

Drift 2 Deluxe Edition (2006)

Matsushima Hatsune as Izumu/Izm

_Tên tiếng Nhật : 松嶋初音 (まつしま・はつね)

_Tên : Matsushima Hatsune

_nghề nghiệp : Actress and gravure idol

_ Ngày sinh : 1987-November-13

_Nơi sinh: Tokyo, Japan

_Cao :158cm

_Cung : Scorpio

_Nhóm máu : A

_Công ty quản lý: Anthem

Các phim đã tham gia

_ Kirakira Kenshui (TBS, 2007)

_ Akihabara@deep (TBS, 2006)

_ Unfair (Fuji TV, 2006)

Dear Friends (2007)

Hobbies: Oil painting and making udon

Honjo Manami as Yui

_Tên tiếng Nhật : 本上まなみ

_Tên : Honjo Manami

_nghề nghiệp : Actress

_ Ngày sinh: 1975-May-01

_Nơi sinh: Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan

_Cao : 168cm

_Cân nặng: 43kg

_Cung : Taurus

_Nhóm máu : B

Các phim đã tham gia

* Galileo (Fuji TV, 2007, ep9-10)

* Hyoten 2006 (TV Asahi, 2006)

* Akihabara@Deep (TBS, 2006)

* Be-Bop High School 2 (TBS, 2005)

* Shukumei (WOWOW, 2004)

* Be-Bop High School (TBS, 2004)

* Kanojo ga Shinjyatta (TBS, 2004)

* Ranpo R (NTV, 2004)

* Koi wa Tatakai (TV Asahi, 2003)

* Tengoku e no Kaidan (NTV, 2002)

* Le Parfum De La Jaolusie (TV Asahi, 2001)

* Onmyouji (NHK, 2001)

* Another Heaven (TV Asahi, 2000)

* Suna no ue no Koibitotachi (Fuji TV, 1999)

* Yomigaeru Kinro (NTV, 1999)

* Nemureru Mori (Fuji TV, 1998)

* Fukigen na Kajitsu (TBS, 1997)

* Jajauma Narashi (Fuji TV, 1993)

* Yume Juya (2007)

* Sakai-ke no Shiawase (2007)

* Shiawase no Switch (2006)

* Kamiya Etsuko no Seishun (2006)

* Tokyo.Sora (2002)

* Gunjo no Yoru no Hane Mofu (2002)

* Abunai Keiji Forever: The Movie (1998)

Quảng cáo đã đóng

Epco (2005)

Những diễn viên khác

* Kitamura Kazuki as Nakagomi Takeshi

* Matsuda Satoshi as Tosaka

* Izumi Masayuki as Shimoyanagi Konosuke

* Isayama Hiroko as Watao Akane

* Nobukawa Seijun as Rui / Tama-chan (Hipopo)

* Fukunaga China (福永ちな) as China

* Akimoto Miri (秋本未莉) as Miri

* Fuji Rika (藤井梨花) as Rika

* Mochizuki Misa (望月みさ) as Misa

* Nanasawa Ayaka (七沢彩夏) as Ayaka

* Nomizu Iori as Tsuku (Hipopo)

* Shitara Osamu (設楽統)

* Kawamoto Bunta (川元文太)

* Kuroda Toshiyuki (黒田俊幸)

* Mickey Curtis (ミッキー・カーチス)

Diễn viên khách mời

* Yamane Kazuma (山根和馬) as the gang leader (ep1)

* Kubota Kazunobu (久保田和靖) as the Cat Fight Announcer (ep2)

* Tachibana Misato as Katsurai Mami (ep3)

* Sano Natsume as Tachibana Satsuki (ep3)

* Hibi Daisuke (日比大介) as Akada Shunichiro (ep4)

* Kinami Haruka as Kaira (ep4)

* Hiraiwa Kami as Shoko (ep5)

* Konno Narumi as Mizuki (ep5)

* Suho Reiko as Kuno Akiko (ep6)

* Mari as Nagomi (ep8)

* Takizawa Nonami as Mikiko (ep9)

* Matsumura Yuki as the Fukusyuya (ep9)

* Ishida Ira (石田衣良) as himself (ep11)

_ Kịch bản xây dựng từ tiểu thuyết cùng tên của nhà văn Ishida Ira (石田衣良)

_Kịch bản : Masahiko Kawahara (河原雅彦), Yuuko Kawabe (川邊優子)

_ Nhà sản xuất : i-cf corporation (株式会社アイ・シー・エフ), Geneon Entertainment Inc., Yomiko (読売広告社)

_Đạo diễn :Hitoshi Ohne (大根仁)

_ Nhạc phim :# Music: Tucker

Tiêu đề tập phim

* Ep 01: Search 1: Aikihabara của chúng tôi . Hủy diệt Otaku

* Ep 02: Search 2: Đánh cô bồi bàn Akira , trả thù trong Cat Fight!

* Ep 03: Search 3: tìm hiểu về cái chết của Yui! @DEEP được thành lập . Bắt được Cosplay Peeper!

* Ep 04: Search 4: Taiko yêu ! hãy bảo vệ những đứ trẻ bị tẩy não ở Aikibara

* Ep 05: Search 5: Sự xuất hiện của kẻ giả mạo Yui! Những vụ tự tử đang nhắm vào Ota

* Ep 06: Search 6: người phụ nữ trên đài tin tức đối đầu với Otaku. Ngăn ngừa sự điên loạn .

* Ep 07: Search 7: Akiba của sự chết chóc . Đẩy lùi Otaku Zombie.

* Ep 08: Search 8: Trận chiến lớn của những cô bồi bàn . Điều tra quán cafe Ero Maid.

* Ep 09: Search 9: Quá khứ của chiếc hộp . Chinh phục nỗi sợ hái của phụ nữ .

* Ep 10: Search 10: Daruma suy sụp ! @ DEEP tan rã!?

* Ep 11: Search 11: @DEEP tiến về phía trước . Giải thoát Yui từ bộ não điện tử .

Những điều khác về bộ phim

Daruma là một cosplay Otaku. Anh đã từng hóa trang thành các nhân vật
trong Anime Amuro Ray (Mobile Suit Gundam), Alan Tracy (Thunderbirds),
Maetel, Tetsuro (Galaxy Express 999), Cyborg 009 (Cyborg 009), Cobra
(Space Adventure Cobra), Black Jack (Black Jack), Nobita (Doraemon),
Shinguji Sakura (Sakura Taisen), Alexandria Meat (Kinnikuman). Trong câu
chuyện thứ hai anh đã biểu diễn rất nhiều bộ trang phục cosplay , đáng
nhớ là Aya ( người đánh Guita chính cho Psycho le Cemu). Trong PV
Prism đã kết thúc với màn múa bale vơi chữ kí là cái cánh màu hồng .

Nakagomi Takeshi là một fan của Gundam , người đã làm rất nhiều thứ về
Gudam , anh đã cosplay nhu Char Aznable và sở hữu 1/1 người mẫu Char
Custom zaku và vài người mẫu từ Gundam anh cũng có một cái Kaneda bike
từ Akỉa.

Được xem như một thành viên của akihabara@DEEP và cũng có 1/1 Char
Custom Zaku model cũng như a 1/1 model của Snake từ Metal Gear Solid 3.

Tòa nhà Digital Capital , tòa nhà đã xuất hiện trong phim là 1 kiến trúc hỗn hợp của tòa nhà Akihabara Dai .
          Book of the Week: A Pick by Forrest Soper   

Book of the Week Book of the Week: A Pick by Forrest Soper Forrest Soper selects Grinders by Hannes Wiedemann as Book of the Week.
GrindersBy Hannes WiedemannSelf-published, 2016.
Forrest Soper selects Grinders self-published by Hannes Wiedemann as Book of the Week.

"I’ve always been interested in biohacking. Ever since I picked up my first science fiction novel, the idea that technology and science can be used to augment humanity has fascinated me. As time progressed, many of the technologies detailed in the books and films that I loved have become a reality, however, many more still seem out of reach — fantasies rather than achievable goals. One seemingly impossible science was the idea of cybernetic enhancements, or using integrated technology to improve the capabilities of our human bodies. You can imagine the excitement I had when I learned that people were actively trying to incorporate technology into the human body.

Often called Grinders, individuals in the biohacking community believe that they can use technology to improve what it means to be human. From embedded computers that can read and transmit biometric data, to LED arrays under the skin that can visually change with different inputs, many pioneers are using themselves as test subjects as they begin to explore this new technology. Largely ignored by the established medical community, these innovators have been welcomed by the body modifiers, and as a result, have been able to work with professionals in order to implant these devices (albeit without anesthesia). Primarily self-funded and relatively off the grid, the biohacking community has grown into a diverse group of individuals who are actively implanting devices into their bodies for a multitude of different reasons.

Enter Hannes Wiedemann, a German photographer who, in 2015, set out to document the biohacking community in the United States. The images Wiedemann captured document this relatively new technology in a striking fashion. Set in garages and makeshift laboratories, the images in Grinders are detailed, depictive, alien, static, and often jarring. Strange devices, circuit panels, and bloody operations fill the pages. Implants of various sizes are shown being inserted into fingertips, heads, and arms. As you flip through the large pages, new questions arise as quickly as others are answered.

In addition to the striking imagery, Grinders is also a fascinating art object. Bound with eyelets and housed in a PVC sleeve, the book mimics the devices that biohackers design and work with. The third place winner of the 2017 Kassel Dummy Award, Grinders has already generated a lot of interest. So much interest in fact, that this book sold out from the publisher before this review was even published. If you are a fan of technology, science fiction, fringe communities, or if you are like me and have dreamt about an implant of your own then this book is for you. We may be a long way from cyborgs like we see in the movies, but thanks to the Grinders, we are closer than ever before."
— Forrest Soper

Purchase Book

GrindersBy Hannes WiedemannSelf-published, 2016.
GrindersBy Hannes WiedemannSelf-published, 2016.

Forrest Soper is a photographer and artist based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. A graduate of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, he also has previously worked at Bostick & Sullivan. Forrest is the Editor of photo-eye Blog.

          2 points of confusion on the newer versions of Doctor Who   
1) The Cybermen were the original badasses, moreso than the Daleks to me. They were people that went cyborg, been pestering the Doctor since his 2nd incarnation. Now though they originated from a parallel reality and started as humans from the Earth there, but shortly after Rose started hanging with the Doctor we see an old school Cyberman head in someone private collection. What happened to the original Cybermen?

2) The Sontarans used to be as tall, if not a bit taller, than the average human. They were massive, heavily donned in black armor and powerful. Nowadays they wear shiny blue-ish armor and they're tiny. What caused the Sontarans to shrink in the wash?
          Frikadas que encontré en el internuts esta semana   
Listado! qué bien, ahorramos el blabbering y nos vamos directo al grano.

1. Death by Lego
Está la hice para L. Me topé con este dude llamado "Monsterbrick" y ahora entiendo más aún el porqué piezas de plástico pueden ser tan fascinantes como la muerte misma.

2. La mera exitencia de este juego es abrumadora y estúpida a la vez.
KERN es de esas cosas que yo llamaría innecesarias en esta vida, pero me enviciaría de todas fromas. Consiste en alinear una letra en su lugar en una específica palabra y fuente. Imperdible!

KERN iphone game demo from Jason Franzen on Vimeo.

3. Al verte bailar me dan ganas de... comprar una Mac?
Steve Ballmer, director ejecutivo de Microsoft tiene ritmo, lo hace más atractivo que a Bill Puertas. Video antiguo, pero de seguro me ayudará a tomar desiciones importantes sobre mi equipo a adquirir de ahora en adelante.

4. Ya pasó San Valentín, pero el romance nunca está de más.
Carta a la mujer who crapped in my car. Esta se la debo a los posts de J.V. Decir "At some point in life, everyone has gambled on a fart and lost" no es manera de conseguir una segunda cita, definitivamente.

5. Reacción similar a la de gallina cuya cabeza fue despojada de su cuerpo.
Desesperarse por perder un avión y ser filmado para que suban tu berrinche a Youtube, priceless.

5. Lemmy en el Guitar Hero: Metallica
"It's great to be in Guitar Hero with all these famous people and I'm really pleased to be in it with Metallica...but James is still taller than me". Algo me dice que desde el 29 de Marzo seré hermitaña viciosa del play de nuevo (sería lindo though, tener el juego ese mismo día!)

6. Los lugares más misteriosos del mundo.
Este es un trip literal desde Oak Island hasta Maree Man. Escrito y narrado por Jerry Grove, un ocioso del Google Earth. Parte 1 de 4.

7. Prueba de que Dios no existe, o que el dios que crees que te ama en realidad te odia más de lo que puedes saber.

8. Shane Acker hace una película espectacular, Tim Burton la produce, gente estúpida le llama película de Tim Burton.
9, nueva película animada que se le atribuye a Burton, para septiembre de este añou! (mismo caso de Nightmare Before Xmas, I love you Henry Selick) Voces de Martin Landau (kyaaaaaa!), Elijah Woodz, Jennifer Connelly y Xtopher Plummer.

9. Quiero!
Teletienda CJ! presenta: Mickey Optimus Prime. Japoneses, nunca dejarán de sorprenderme.

10. Cyborg Wienermobile

          Episode 128: John Semper, Jr.   
From Spider-Man to Rocketmen! Writer/producer John Semper, Jr. joins me to talk about his time telling tales on Spider-Man: The Animated Series, his upcoming plan to reunite the Spidey cast for War of the Rocketmen, and launching the “Rebirth” of Cyborg for DC Comics! Photo courtesy John Semper, Jr. Images TM & copyright © Secret […]
          CYBORG 90 MIN   

I decided to draw a full page character sketch of cyborg and try to do it in under 90min. eric canete seems to excell at stuff like this so i thought i would give it the ol' college try. and wadda ya know. something decent came out of it. thanks for the inspiration eric. i hope ya'll dig it!
          New Mission: Forward Air Base   

A week has gone by, allowing you lots of time to observe, bite into and digest our first new mission, Civilian Extraction. How did it taste? Like a juicy, medium-rare steak? Or perhaps more like a sweet piece of mama's pumpkin pie? Or maybe you didn't like it, and it tasted more like a glass of hot bin juice.

How ever you liked last week's mission, I have a new, fresh and steamy serving for your palate to experience today; Forward Air Base!

Forward Air Base mixes the long serving focal points, which traditionally score at the end of a game to Vehicles and Infantry, with the missions Ground Control and Domination, in which Aircraft can score as well as Vehicles and Infantry. Although I enjoy these two missions, they tend to pull a mixed reaction when fielded at a tournament, and I know exactly why; all the bloody number crunching. Allowing every model fielded to score on every inch of board space can create analysis paralysis for some gamers, especially in Domination where you score on turns three and six, and adding to that Infantry counting as double in buildings - cue calculators and nose bleeds. I'm hoping that Flight Zones go some way to easing this strain whilst still allowing for an underused unit type to contribute - the Aircraft.

I'm a fan of the idea of aircraft scoring, and we simply don't see enough of it. By tweaking focal points to score on the third and sixth turns and to score only for Vehicles and Aircraft, it should help add a new dimension to game play. For a start it gives your dropships something important to do once they drop their cargo! Deployment of your AA will also be key to unlocking the door to all the VPs possible.

Importantly Infantry cannot contribute and score in a Flight Zone. Infantry are and should be an important part of the game, but I have removed them from scoring in order to emphasise the aircraft angle. This will also allow all the boys, girls, cyborgs and hedgehogs to concentrate on the objectives on the table.

Now, I'm fully aware that I've not reinvented the wheel, just rather added some spokey-dokeys to it to make it colourful and exciting. It's actually a little surprising that Hawk haven't made something similar yet, but there you go.

Lastly I will point out the slightly alternative board set up, with players deploying from readiness from the corners, rather than the long board edges as you would normally see in this kind of mission. This should make the 'opponents' Flight Zone a little more available and less dangerous to enter, as their force will be split diagonally across the table, rather than all coming on from behind the zone.

Let me know what you think, your feedback is golden and always welcome!

Forward Air Base Mission

          Tyron Woodley vs. Demian Maia added to UFC 214, winner gets Georges St-Pierre   

UFC 214 on July 29th just got a third title belt added to it with welterweight champ Tyron Woodley taking on Demian Maia. UFC 214 continues to get better and better. After a rough day of news that saw Cris Cyborg’s opponent for the 145 pound women’s featherweight title switch from Megan Anderson to Tonya […]

The post Tyron Woodley vs. Demian Maia added to UFC 214, winner gets Georges St-Pierre appeared first on

          Specieswatch: The Cybermen   
The Cybermen are one of Doctor Who's most popular and endearing foes, making their first appearance in the 1966 serial The Tenth Planet and making return appearances right up to the present day.

Fictional History

Millions of years ago, Earth had a twin planet. Named Mondas, it shared Earth's orbit and, for reasons not entirely understood, the two worlds were mirror images of one another in the layout of their landmasses.

At an unknown point in time, Mondas was flung out of its orbit. According to some reports, this was the result of the arrival of the Moon in Earth's orbit, the perturbations causing Mondas to be ejected from the Solar system (and the native sentient species on Earth, the Silurians, to take shelter in vast underground caverns).

According to most histories, Mondas wandered to the outskirts of the Solar system over the course of millions of years. As it receded from the Sun, Mondas became less and less habitable. The planet's dominant intelligent species were humans evolved in parallel to those on Earth, although some suggest they actually evolved at a much faster rate (due to the worsening environmental conditions). Like humans on Earth, the humans of Mondas developed an industrial civilisation. However, unlike Earth which became divided between squabbling factions, Mondas was united, its people working together to survive as the habitability of their world decreased and the planet grew colder.

The Mondasians turned to both cybernetics and space travel to try to save their race. At one point in time they were able to make contact with a formidably advanced humanoid species and were able to procure the use of a 400-mile-long, 100-mile-wide colony ship to help evacuate tens of thousands of people from the planet. The details of this chain of events remain unclear, but it is known that the would-be colonists perfected cybernetic transformation and created the first human/machine hybrids, or Cybermen. Simultaneously, the people on Mondas itself were able to create their first AI systems. The combination of the two phenomena resulted in the creation of a new species, enhanced humanoids utilising biological brains welded to formidable computing power and cybernetically-enhanced bodies. This came at the cost, however, of emotions and imagination.

Calling upon their scientific knowledge, the Cybermen halted the movement of Mondas away from the Sun and began the slow, multi-millennial task of returning it to its original orbit. They also utilised FTL technology (possibly ransacked from the alien colony ship) to settle planets in other systems. The most successful of these colonies was located on the planet Telos but others were scattered across the galaxy.

During Mondas's return to the inner Solar system, the Cybermen detected signals from Earth and learned that the humans of that planet had forged a significant industrial civilisation. They sent a scouting force to invade Earth circa 1975, but this was defeated by machinations of the Gallifreyan Time Lord known as the Doctor.

The original Cybermen in The Tenth Planet.

Eleven years later Mondas drew close to Earth and the Cybermen mounted an assault on the planet, storming the planet's Space Command in Geneva and a major base in Antarctica to forestall any space-borne attack on their homeworld. The Cybermen's plan was to absorb energy from Earth to replenish their dying homeworld, convert the population of Earth into Cybermen to replenish their own ranks and finally destroy the planet with humanity's own weapons of mass destruction to prevent any resistance being mounted against them by any surviving humans. However, the intervention of the Doctor (shortly before his very first regeneration) saw Mondas absorb too much energy and disintegrate, killing all of the Cybermen present (reliant on energy from Mondas).

With Mondas destroyed, it fell to the colonies outside the Solar system to mount renewed attacks: these invasions were designed to either conquer Earth as a new homeworld, forcibly convert the population into Cybermen or both. An attack was mounted on Earth in 2070 via the planet's Moonbase and another attack via a station located deep in interplanetary space. Both attacks were thwarted by the Doctor in his second incarnation, ending the threat of the Cybermen for several centuries.

An iconic shot from The Invasion.

The Doctor was also present when an Earth exploration team inadvertently awoke the main Cyberman colony on Telos in the 25th Century. This sparked a renewed period of hostility by the Cybermen towards Earth, culminating in the Cyber Wars. Humanity discovered that the Cybermen had a weakness to gold, which could corrode their internal systems, and swiftly made use of this to defeat the Cybermen en masse. An attempt to use a space freighter to destroy Earth in the early 26th Century was thwarted by the Doctor in his fifth incarnation, albeit only at the cost of the life of his companion Adric. Later, the Sixth Doctor aided the Cryons, the natives of Telos, in destroying the Cyber colony on the planet and reclaiming their homeworld.

These defeats reduced the Cybermen to tiny remnants in deep space, on remote colones or on ships in flight. Several centuries after the end of the Cyber War, the Doctor, in his fourth incarnation, helped thwart a renewed Cyber offensive using Space Station Nerva and the Voga asteroid, the source of much of the gold used in anti-Cyberman weaponry. One group of Cybermen apparently discovered a time-travel capable vessel and travelled back to mount an attack on Earth in 1988, but was halted by the Doctor in his seventh incarnation.

The Cyberman threat appeared to have been contained, with the Cybermen playing no role in the Time War. However, the course of history was altered when it was discovered that, in an alternate timeline, a more aggressive race of Cybermen had been created. These alternate dimension Cybermen invaded our universe and were halted by the actions of the Tenth Doctor, the Torchwood organisation and a squad of Daleks known as the Cult of Skaro. Another faction of these Cybermen breached the dimensional boundary to invade London in 1851 with a huge war machine, but were again stopped by the Tenth Doctor.

The Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors confronted several renewed threats to the galaxy from the Cybermen, who appeared as a resurgent threat in the far future. The Twelfth Doctor also stopped an attack on Earth in the early 21st Century by Cybermen working in concert with "Missy", the regenerated incarnation of his old enemy, the Master.

The Doctor, along with his companions Bill and Nardol and an apparently rehabilitated Missy, then encountered the Mondasian Cybermen on a massive colony ship they were apparently using to flee their dying homeworld. The Doctor discovered, to his horror, that a previous incarnation of the Master had apparently helped create the Cybermen and that his companion Bill, who had been "converted" as per the Master's instruction, may have become the very first Cyberman.

Behind the Scenes
In the mid-1960s Dr. Christopher "Kit" Pedler, a medical scientist and parapsychologist, with an interest in science fiction, was recruited by the BBC to lend expertise to several of their television programmes, most notably Tomorrow's World. The Doctor Who production team recruited him because they wanted to do more stories about real science and harder SF concepts, as these seemed to be resonating more with audiences.

Pedler's first contribution became the story idea for the story The War Machines. Gerry Davis, the show's script editor, was impressed by Pedler's talent to find a good story and they decided to collaborate on a script. Pedler had an interest in the growing field of cybernetics and transplant surgery, and told Davis about a conversation he'd had with his wife about how many of a human could be replaced by machinery before they were no longer human. This led to the creation of the Cybermen.

The Cybermen were cyborgs like the Daleks, but the Daleks had been forced into their state by the need to survive a nuclear war and were no longer recognisably human. They had also discarded positive emotions, but retained negative traits such as hatred, prejudice and rage. The Cybermen were much more recognisably humanoid and were completely emotionless and amoral. Whilst the Daleks wanted to exterminate all other lifeforms, the Cybermen were keener on converting other races to become like them, a more horrific concept.

The Cybermen were a huge hit, with their first story, The Tenth Planet, being one of the most popular stories from the black and white era of Doctor Who. The story also saw the Doctor regenerated for the first time, with William Hartnell replaced by Patrick Troughton. The producers had found a replacement for the Daleks - who were being retired at the end of the fourth season following licencing issues with creator Terry Nation, who was trying to launch a spin-off series in the States - in the nick of time. The Cybermen returned for four further adventures in rapid succession: The Moonbase later in Season 4, Tomb of the Cybermen and The Wheel in Space in Season 5 and The Invasion in Season 6 (which also introduced UNIT).

The design of the Cybermen changed several times. In their first appearance the Cybermen were still recognisably human, with their faces covered in a type of close-fitting cloth, human hands and moving mouths. Although some considered this eerie and frightening, some fans felt it wasn't particularly scary. For their second appearance in The Moonbase their suits became much more robotic. The Invasion added large panels to either side of the head. The one constant in their appearances has been "handlebars" on their heads.

The Cybermen as they appeared in Earthshock.

The Cybermen did not appear during the Jon Pertwee era, apparently as the production team couldn't come up with a good story for them. They did return in Revenge of the Cybermen in Season 12, Tom Baker's first season on the show, but after this did not appear again until Season 19 in 1982. Producer John Nathan-Turner wanted a big action "blockbuster" story for Peter Davison's first season as the Fifth Doctor and script editor Eric Saward was really keen on bringing back the Cybermen.

A significant amount of money was spent on this story, which pitched the Doctor and a team of space marines against the Cybermen for control of a huge space freighter. Interestingly, considering it was made four years before the movie Aliens (to which it has some superficial similarities), the story had a link to that franchise in that some of the Nostromo sets and props were re-used in this story. This story also killed off the companion character of Adric, played by Matthew Waterhouse, who was not popular with fans (at least not until he was killed off!). Adric remains the only long-term Doctor Who companion to have ever been killed off, with the previous fatalities (Katarina and Sara Kingdom, both in the 1965 serial The Dalek Masterplan) having only been companions for a few weeks before dying.

The return of the Cybermen was extremely popular with fans, so they were brought back in Season 20's The Five Doctors (where three squads of Cybermen menaced both the Doctor and the Master on Gallifrey) and Season 22's Attack of the Cybermen. Less successful was their return for the 25th anniversary special, Silver Nemesis. The story was bitty and unsatisfying, with some poor writing and acting. It compared unfavourably to the season opener, Remembrance of the Daleks, which was later taken by fans to be the real anniversary story.

After the show's long rest, the Cybermen was reintroduced by Russell T. Davies in 2006. Fearing their backstory was too confusing, Davies deliberately had these new Cybermen hail from a different origin on an Earth in a parallel universe. After Davies's departure, new producer Steven Moffat quietly shifted back to using the Cybermen of the original timeline (albeit using a very similar design).

After Peter Capaldi was cast as the Twelfth Doctor, he asked Moffat if there was a way of bringing back the original 1966 Cybermen from Mondas, as he considered these to be the scariest and most disturbing version of the creatures. Moffat complied in two of his three final scripts for the series, World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls.

The Tenth Planet (1966)
The Moonbase (1967)
Tomb of the Cybermen (1967)
The Wheel in Space (1968)
The Invasion (1968)
Revenge of the Cybermen (1975)
Earthshock (1982)
The Five Doctors (1983)
Attack of the Cybermen (1985)
Silver Nemesis (1988)
Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel (2006)
Army of Ghosts/Doomsday (2006)
The Next Doctor (2008)
The Pandorica Opens (2010)
A Good Man Goes to War (2011)
Closing Time (2011)
A Nightmare in Silver (2013)
The Time of the Doctor (2013)
Dark Water/Death in Heaven (2014)
World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls (2017)

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          Specieswatch: The Ice Warriors   
A return for this very occasional series of articles exploring different alien and non-human races in science fiction and fantasy. This time, we take a look at the Ice Warriors from Doctor Who.

 The original Ice Warrior, played by noted British comic actor Bernard Bresslaw in very heavy makeup and costume.

Fictional History

The Ice Warriors are the original inhabitants of the planet Mars, a race of reptilians who evolved at a time when Mars was much warmer than now and had a breathable atmosphere. Their civilisation took shape along the shores of the Oceanus Borealias and the Hellas Sea, building great cities under the rule of their Queens. They developed spaceflight technology, but Earth and Venus, closer to the Sun, were too warm for their tastes, and the moons of the gas giants further out from the Sun were too cold.

The Martian civilisation achieved greatness but also came to extol the virtues of battle, honour and noble sacrifice. Wars wracked the surface of Mars, accelerating the planet's cooling (the result of its magnetic field disappearing, resulting in the planet's atmosphere being stripped away by solar winds). As the planet became less and less habitable, and with their incessant warfare reducing the time and resources for technological research (the Martians never developed FTL on their own), the Martians eventually had no choice but to built vast cryogenic vaults deep under the surface. With Mars becoming a dead world, they went to sleep for millennia.

The Ice Queen Iraxxa, who led her people out of hibernation, helped mastermind the relocation to New Mars and forged the original alliance between the Ice Warriors and the Alpha Centaurians.

However, some Martians had noted that their neighbouring world of Earth had started to become more habitable. A scout ship was sent to the planet circa 3000 BC, but it crashed. Its severely wounded pilot placed himself into suspended animation to heal. Five millennia later, in 1881, he was awoken by British colonial soldiers. He formed an alliance with them and they helped him repair his ship and return home, where he awoke his hive and its empress, Iraxxa. A potential conflict between the Ice Warriors and humanity was averted by the intervention of the Time Lord known as the Doctor (in his twelfth incarnation). By his internal timeline the Doctor had encountered the Ice Warriors on numerous previous occasions and was able to help broker a peace deal. The Doctor then signalled the neighbouring spacefaring civilisation of Alpha Centauri, which helped relocate the Martians to a new, more suitable homeworld, New Mars. However, isolated hives of Ice Warriors would remain buried deep beneath the Martian surface for many centuries.

Grand Marshal Skaldak without his helmet.

In 1983 another Ice Warrior scout ship was recovered near the North Pole by a Soviet submarine. The pilot, Grand Marshal Skaldak, considered himself to have been attacked by the Soviet personnel and prepared to wipe out the crew and seize its nuclear arsenal to sterilise Earth. An earlier incarnation of the Doctor (the eleventh) proved unable to convince Skaldak that his race survived on another planet, but the crisis was averted when an Ice Warrior starship arrived from New Mars to pick up the Grand Marshal and take him to his new home.

In the mid-21st Century an Ice Warrior invasion force planned to invade Earth utilising its new T-mat (matter transmission) system and its relay base on the moon. The Doctor (in only his second incarnation) averted this invasion. It is unclear if the Ice Warriors in this incident were a rogue faction from New Mars attempting to conquer a planet in their home system, or from a rogue hive on Mars that had awoken; the latter is more likely given their lack of FTL or other advanced technology.

A thousand years later, a research base on Earth, studying the advance of glaciers in a new ice age, inadvertently stumbled across an Ice Warrior spacecraft, possibly also left behind from the same era as Skaldak and the Ice Warriors loyal to Iraxxa. The Ice Warriors disdained attempts at peaceful communication and planned to destroy the base. The Second Doctor, in (by his own internal chronology) his first encounter with the species, helped the base repel the attack and destroyed the Ice Warriors.

Ambassador Alpha Centauri, Ice Lord Izlyr, the Third Doctor and Ambassador Arcturus on Peladon.

The Doctor next encountered the Ice Warriors in the latter part of the Fourth Millennium. By this time Earth had joined Alpha Centauri, Arcturus and New Mars (amongst many others) in the Galactic Federation. A Federation delegation was sent to the primitive planet Peladon to negotiate mining rights and possibly discuss it joining them. A spate of murders took place, with the presence of an Ice Warrior embassy raising the suspicions of the Third Doctor. In the event, the Ice Lord Izlyr and his Ice Warrior bodyguard Ssorg proved blameless and helped resolve the situation peacefully.

Fifty years later, the Third Doctor returned to Peladon at another crucial moment in its history, with again a Federation delegation attending. This time the Ice Warrior representatives were indeed up to no good, planning to annex the planet on behalf of the Galaxy Five Confederation, but were stopped by the Doctor.

Behind the Scenes

In 1967, at the end of Doctor Who's fourth season, the Daleks were permanently (or so it was believed) retired, the result of rights issues as their creator Terry Nation tried to launch a spin-off series in the USA. However, the show had successfully introduced a new race, the Cybermen, to replace them a recurring foe. Building on this success, the BBC and the show's producers decided to create several new races of recurring monsters. They had a surprisingly high hit rate, with the Macra (from The Macra Terror) and Great Intelligence (from The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear) going on to make return appearances even in the rebooted, post-2005 version of the show.

However, the most successful new of the "Monster Season", as Season 5 was often dubbed, were the Ice Warriors. Writer Brian Hayles was inspired by a story about a baby mammoth being found in the Siberian ice in the early 20th Century and by his own fascination with the planet Mars. The 1951 movie The Thing From Another World was also cited as an inspiration. Originally the Ice Warriors were described as being cybernetically linked to their armour but this was downplayed due to fears of confusing the viewers with the Cybermen (this idea was resurrected in later stories). The Ice Warrior costumes were built from fibreglass and far more expensive than was normally the case on the show, but the producers felt the script was strong and they wanted to bring them back the following season, which would help spread the costs.

In a slightly surprising move, the veteran and popular British actor and comic Bernard Bresslaw (best known for the Carry On movies) was cast as the lead Ice Warrior, despite him being completely unrecognisable either in appearance or voice. Apparently this was down to the producers going after the tallest British actor they could think of and Bresslaw enjoying the experience, even going as far as studying reptilian vocalisations to give the Ice Warriors their recognisable rasping voice.

The Ice Warriors and the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) in The Seeds of Death.

The Ice Warriors indeed turned out to be a major hit, and returned the following season in The Seeds of Death. This story revolved around teleportation, a standard SF idea which Doctor Who had not explored much previously. Contrary to popular belief, this episode was not inspired by Star Trek (which did not start airing in the UK until several months after it aired) but may have been influenced by the 1958 horror movie The Fly. Although a solid story which expanded the lore of the aliens a lot more (introducing their militant structure and hierarchy, with the Ice Lords and Grand Marshals established above the basic Warriors in rank), The Seeds of Death was less well-received and with the series switching to a format with a lot fewer episodes the aliens were rested for several years.

Their next appearance came in The Curse of Peladon, which aired in 1972 as part of the show's ninth season. For the past two-and-a-half seasons the Doctor had been exiled to Earth by the Time Lords with only brief forays to other worlds permitted. For this story the production team were experimenting with sending the Doctor to other worlds once again and the success of the story convinced them to permanently rescind the Doctor's exile the following season. For The Curse of Peladon returning writer Brian Hayles decided to satirise the discussions and controversy surrounding Britain's entry to the European Economic Area (the forerunner of the EU). A miner's strike saw electricity supplies interrupted across large swaths of the UK during the airing of the serial's later two episodes. An irritated Hayles used this to inspire a sequel, The Monster of Peladon, which aired in the eleventh season two years later.

And...that was it, at least for the original series. The Ice Warriors didn't show up again until the show's unofficial cancellation in 1989. This wasn't because of a lack of interest or popularity, just that the writers couldn't come up with a good idea for their return. In 1985 producer John Nathan-Turner decreed that they would return and directed Philip Martin to write a two-part story that would see the Ice Warriors joining forces with Martin's own popular creation, the slug-like alien Sil. However, the BBC almost cancelled the series and reversed their decision at the last minute, after ordering a completely new storyline to be created for the entire season.

Sarah Jane-Smith would confront the Ice Warriors in The Monster of Peladon (1975).

The Ice Warriors would go on to appear in the New Adventures novel line for Virgin Books. Gary Russell penned the novel Legacy, in which the Seventh Doctor and Bernice Summerfield would travel to Peladon some time after the events of The Monster of Peladon and again join forces with an Ice Warrior ambassador. It was established that Bernice was a huge fan of the Ice Warriors (from her archaeological work on Mars) and fangirled them incessantly, to their bemusement. They also showed up in other novels, such as Godmachine, which attempted to untangle the somewhat confusing history of Mars on Doctor Who and reconcile the presence of the Ice Warriors with the Osirians (from Pyramids of Mars).

The Ice Warriors returned to the screen in the episode Cold War, airing in 2013, 39 years after their previous appearance. This episode, written by Ice Warrior fan Mark Gatiss, showed what they looked like without their armour for the first time, but otherwise was fairly accurate to previous depictions of the species. They returned again in 2017 for Empress of Mars, which was the very first time they actually appeared on Mars, despite frequent mentions of the connection between them. This story also featured the first appearance of the Alpha Centaurians since The Monster of Peladon 43 years earlier (with the same actress supplying their voice!).

The Ice Warriors are one of Doctor Who's more interesting antagonist races. Before the advent of the Sontaran Strax, they were the only one of the "Big Four" monster races (the others being the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans) to be shown as a complex race of individuals and factions, rather than murderous cyborgs or clones. The wrong-footing of the audience by having the Ice Warriors as the good guys in The Curse of Peladon remains one of the classic show's more adventurous and amusing moments. There's also a certain timelessness to the original design from 1967; their redesign in 2013 was surprisingly restrained, mainly restricted to removing their slightly silly "Lego hands" and streamlining the armour somewhat.

The Ice Warriors have been around on Doctor Who for fifty years, making surprisingly sporadic appearances. It may take awhile, but I daresay they will show up again.

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          Comic Book Reviews: June 9, 2010   

This was a good week! 15 titles (13 Marvel and 1 DC/Wildstorm and 1 indies) came home and the majority of them were pretty good. X-Men: Second Coming is back and Avengers’ are represented by the Invincible Iron Man, Captain America and the new Avengers Academy. The Rawhide Kid was nice surprise and the Punisher: Max has an introspective look as only a Max title can!

The Score Card

RAWHIDE KID #1 ★★★★★





NEMESIS #2 ★★★★☆


UNCANNY X-MEN #525 ★★★☆☆


DREAM LOGIC # 1 ★★★★☆


IRON MAN NOIR #3 ★★★☆☆

SHIELD #2 ★★☆☆☆

★★★★★ = Really, really good.
★★★★☆ = Better than average.
★★★☆☆ = Average.
★★☆☆☆ = Below average.
★☆☆☆☆ = Not good.
= Unreadable.

Breaking it Down

The Top Dog (Greg’s Top Pick of the Week)

RAWHIDE KID #1 ★★★★★ (w: Ron Zimmerman/a: Howard Chaykin) If you hadn’t been reading The Lone Ranger (or Desperados), it may have been a while since you’ve read a good western comic. If you’re jonesing for a good cowboy fix, the Rawhide Kid is it. Zimmerman returns to the character that he helped stir the height of controversy a few years ago. Whether the sexual innuendo that is woven into the dialogue of the series (and now the character) are your cup or tea or not, this is still a really good western that draws upon classic western themes. The Kid is a great archetype, with a fantastic twist to the old genre. The sequence with the villain, Cristos Pike and his henchman, is old-school Justice League hilarious. And Chaykin’s art is a real treat, as good as his work with American Flagg! This series may not be everyone’s cup of tea (which is their loss) as it has started off fantastically. Especially the very-unexpected cameo at the end of the first issue, talk about flamin’ surprises!

The Good

PUNISHER: MAX #8 ★★★★☆ (w: Jason Aaron/a: Steve Dillon) As “Shadowlands” gets ready to kick off in the Marvel Universe proper, with some of the same players, the Punisher: Max series continues its ultra-violent, simple-straight forward, and brutal plot. Don’t ask why, but I have this sinking suspicion that about three chapters (or less) into “Shadowland” you’ll be longing for the Kingpin and Bullseye to be more like these re-imagined versions than their 616 counterparts. The Punisher has always danced a strange jig around waging his war against crime without waging war against the law (or at least most of those who enforce it). While Bullseye continues to try to “get to know” what it’s like to “be” Frank Castle, the Punisher has to re-define the very concept of what does it take to “be” the Punisher. Even the Kingpin has his own look in the mirror, in this “mirror darkly chick-flick” version of the Punisher: Max.

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #27 ★★★☆☆ (w: Matt Fraction/a: Salvador Larocca) One of the downsides of being the best of anything is that everyone always expects you to be that best. So if you happen to do something that is good, but not quite great, it gets noticed in a not-so good way. Invincible Iron Man #27 is one of those books, it is a good book in the middle of a strong story arc, but it reads like a middle chapter, not really “filler”, but not really the meat & potatoes of the story either. While there is some good action, it’s starting to seem like the new suit has been around for a while and we’ve hardly gotten to see what the old boy can do. On the other hand we have a lot of movement going on in Stark: Resilient (the company): an old friend returns to help out (surprise!) and Pepper gets her way (not surprise!). Larocca’s artwork is good, but Stark is looking painfully more and more like Josh Holloway from Lost with each issue. There is a pretty cool Rhodey moment towards the end, which is even more poignant after his whole cyborg-not-cyborg adventures of late, but overall this issues is more “part of...” than anything else.

ULTIMATE COMICS: AVENGERS 2 #3 ★★★★☆ (w: Mark Millar/ a: Leinil Francis Yu) The first two issues of UC: Avengers 2 were surprisingly better than expected. But if you’d read the previews you knew that Ghost Rider was on tap. Despite the very commercial comic-turn that the Ultimate line took with Ultimatum, it is still hard to imagine the Ghost Rider in the Ultimate U and even harder to think that it could be done well. UC: Avengers 2 continues to surprise. While the Ghost Rider may very well be a throwback to the wild-ride of the 70s, a little bit demon, a little bit biker and really hard to imagine it being serious (Millar-Ultimate serious) – but Millar and Yu pull it off and UC: Avengers 2 #3 continues to deliver across the board.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #606 ★★★★☆ (w: Ed Brubaker/ a: Butch Guice) Captain America #606 is a tidal wave of Marvel legacy with elements that run from the Silver age, through the 90’s into the Heroic Age. A long time ago Captain America was blown up and cast into the ocean where he was frozen in suspended animation until the Avengers revived him decades later. The same explosion was believed (for decades) to have killed Cap’s kid-sidekick, Bucky. Fast-forward and Bucky is back and has been living as a Soviet super-spy, he teams back up with Cap, who promptly finds himself dead. Bucky becomes Cap. Now while Buck was fighting Capitalism in the cold Soviet, the man responsible for the explosion that ended their WWII career, Baron Zemo had also re-emerged, only to have his plans foiled by, none-other than his old rival Captain America. Zemo dies, but as these things seem to go, his son takes up the hood and a new Baron Zemo emerges. Interestingly enough, one of junior’s more memorable capers involved creating the Thunderbolts, who turned out to be a bunch of super villains pretending to be heroes. And you open Captain America #606, Bucky is now Captain America. The original Captain America, Steve Rogers, is now the head super-cop of the United States and Baron Zemo (Junior) is back and this time he is up to no good. The Zemo story arc is off to a good start as the villains plot begins even as Cap-Bucky is still reeling from the events of the Two Captains arc. Brubaker & Guice make the very most of this very complicated relationship of characters and they don’t shirk away from any of the “history” of the key players.

NEMESIS #2 ★★★★☆ (w: Mark Millar/a: Steve McNiven) For production value alone Nemesis is a good read. The story concept is cool and the art is fantastic, but it is hard to shake the feeling that this series was written with one eye towards the silver screen. Not that Nemesis would make a bad movie. Nemesis #2 gives us more background and even provides an identity for the masked anti-hero star of the show. More of his capers are revealed and there’s even a (somewhat familiar) car chase.

AVENGERS ACADEMY #1 ★★★★☆ (w: Christos Gage/a: Mike McKone) At first Avengers Academy reads like a re-issue of early Initiatives issues upgraded to reflect a post-Dark Reign era instead of post-Civil War, but then you start to think: Hank Pym, Speedball, Quicksilver, and Tigra... are the instructors. Hank Pym the guy who invented (keeps inventing?) Ultron? But before you can realize the implications of this strange bunch, Gage brings the mix to the forefront. All the while, you are treated to an introduction to the Academy cadets and all of their teen-social angst and drama. Oh yeah, and super-powers. As it turns out, there is a very interesting twist to the organization of this particular academy. While on the surface the twist may help make sense of the chosen instructors, after a little bit more reflection it’s kind of like hiring a kleptomaniac as a night watchman. Regardless the plot is strong (except for the whole wolf in charge of the chickens concept) and the new characters and their backgrounds are interesting enough. Add the plot twist and this is a fun first issue.

ASTONISHING X-MEN : EXOGENESIS #2 ★★★☆☆ (w: Warren Ellis/a: Kaare Andrews). This Astonishing mini-series has a really interesting plot and Ellis makes great use of most of the X-men. The same can be said about Andrews’ artwork. There are two glaring exceptions that set this title back: whatever Ellis is doing with Emma Frost is just weird and a lot creepy and there is a fairly important plot reference back to Ellis’ last run on Astonishing X-men. Now, if you know what that means you’re going to be okay. If you didn’t read Ghost Boxes, you might be a little lost or at best just feel like you’re missing some interesting (important?) plot information. If you can get past the strangely diminutive Frost, the rest of the Exogenesis is a very interesting character-driven story that finds the X-men in Africa on the verge of what looks like the re-birth of the mutant-race. Or is it? The Beast steals the show, while Cyclops plays the mutant-leader to a “t” and Storm’s role as conscience and native guide is a very effective use of the character. Overall, really if it weren’t for Frost this series would be no less than ★★★★☆s.

UNCANNY X-MEN #525 ★★★☆☆ (w: Matt Fraction/a: Terry Dodson) Cyclops has sent Cable and X-Force on a suicide mission to the future, we’re all pretty sure we’ll never see that Wolverine fellow again. Hope almost demonstrates a very familiar looking mutant power and the Avengers and Fantastic Four are still outside of the dome trying to bust through. Ten chapters into Second Coming and we have the first, “huh? Too bad I wasn’t reading any X-Titles before Second Coming when Professor X shows up, inside the dome. I guess I had just assumed he was dead again. Or off planet, or dead and off planet. There is even a nice little shout-out to the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the news cameras is from “…RON-4”, the inimitable KRON, beacon of news for the Bay no doubt. Uncanny #525 is a good chapter of Second Coming, but lacks the legs to stand on its own as a single issue, which is to be expected this late in the game. Regardless, expectations continue to rise for this series and it continues to meet the challenge.

DREAM LOGIC # 1 ★★★★☆ (David Mack) Dream Logic is more of a sketchbook than anything else. As such things go, this is a very nice introspective into the creator of Kabuki and popular comic artist. While these types of books come out too infrequently (or are very expensive) if they are done well they can be nice showcases for the creators. The rating on this book applies more to the production value than the content in Dream Logic. $5.99 is a great price for a book like this, as opposed to the $14.99 or $49.99 price tags that accompany some of the bigger, over-produced (think hardcover, glossy pages, etc.). The coffee-book type books may have a certain appeal, but books like Dream Logic or the pamphlets you can purchase at Cons (or creator-run websites) are much more “in touch” with the medium.

YOUNG ALLIES #1 ★★★☆☆ (w: Sean McKeever/a: David Baldeon) If you haven’t been following along, at first Young Allies may seem like an alternate (say, MC2) Universe, but the Heroic Age banner tells us otherwise. The Young Allies features four familiar characters (Firestar, Nomad, Gravity and not-Spider-Girl) and one new one (introduced in this issue). The familiar characters have been kicking around for awhile, heck Firestar has been around since the early 80’s (Spider-man and his Amazing Friends animated series!), hung out with some New Warriors and on the fringes of the X-community. Arana, who is going by “not-Spider-Girl”, has lost her powers but is pal’ing around with Rikki Barnes (Nomad), the former Bucky from an alternate universe. Think of Nomad as a “What if the Robin from Dark Knight” wound up in the DCU - where no one she knew was around (or knew her), that’s pretty much Rikki in a nutshell. The fourth familiar character is Gravity, who like Firestar, has bounced around a bit (and even died once already!) since his semi-successful first appearance (the McKeever-penned 2005 mini-series). These “kids” are right in McKeever’s wheel-house, the story is light and simple but still juggles multiple sub-plots. Overall Young Allies is a “good little” comic that lacks the “bite” of an actual Avengers or mainstream Marvel U title.

IRON MAN: NOIR #3 ★★★☆☆ (w: Scott Snyder/a: Manuel Garcia) The pulp-noir Iron Man story hits its stride as Tony finally gets into armor! This series has been one twist and surprise after the next and Iron Man: Noir #3 is no different. Garcia’s artwork, which was strong enough to carry the first two issues, seems a bit stretched. Still, the "cliffhanger"-Saturday Matinee feel to the series continues as it rushes towards the end of the mini.

The Not-Really that Good (But hard to say “bad”)

SHIELD #2 ★★☆☆☆ (written & illustrated by: Jonathan Hickman & Dustin Weaver) Hickman may very well be a very talented writer, but so far as SHIELD and the Fantastic Four go, they are definitely an acquired taste. Both are complex and have intricate plots, but somehow miss the mark. SHIELD is chock full of historical elements, interesting characters and gigantic sweeping plots. Unfortunately it is also very difficult to become invested in. This maybe a good title, if you can buy into it the big picture.

The Reading Order

SHIELD #2 ★★☆☆☆

DREAM LOGIC # 1 ★★★★☆


NEMESIS #2 ★★★★☆





RAWHIDE KID #1 ★★★★★


UNCANNY X-MEN #525 ★★★☆☆


IRON MAN NOIR #3 ★★★☆☆




CHEW #11

          Hot Picks for the week of May 26, 2010!   

GARRISON #2 - The first issue was surprisingly good in a vague, set-up sort of way. Over the past year or so, WildStorm has produced some interesting mini-series. Where North 40 was a sample from the horror genre and Red Herring was from the… uhm, X-files section, Garrison is an action-adventure/espionage story. And so far it has been pretty good.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #632 - Shred! The Lizard story arc continues and the Gauntlet begins to close as the Grim Hunt draws near. So far, Shred! has been a well executed chapter in the Gauntlet and the build up to the Grim Hunt is almost boiling over into the main story. Join Zeb Wells and Chris Bachallo as Amazing marches on!

SECRET AVENGERS #1 - Steve Rogers, War Machine, Hank McCoy, Moon Knight, Black Widow, Nova, Valkyrie… in days past that might sound like a really bad West Coast Avengers reunion, but not any today. Not sure how the Beast got off Utopia (ahem), but this promises to be the dark-horse, sleeper series of Heroic Age. Either that or its going to be really bad (think: West Coast Avengers reunion).

THUNDERBOLTS #144 - Luke Cage comes full-circle. A reformed con become super hero/Avenger takes the reins of the Thunderbolts! The T-Bolts have become Marvel’s answer to the Suicide Squad with better storytelling. The Heroic Age sampler from last week was a tasty look into the future of the T-Bolts. Juggernaut, Crossbones, Ghost, Moonstone and Man-Thing round out Cage’s team. With a cast like that, what could go wrong? Man-Thing… ?

WOLVERINE WEAPON X #13 - LOST is over and done with. The Sarah Connor Chronicles are gone. But you still need your time travel fix? Don’t worry Weapon X has got you covered (for better or worse)! Join super-star Jason Aaron (w) as he takes Wolverine & company up against an army of time travelling cyborgs. You’ve seen that movie, but wait… these are Deathloks! I know, not really all that different, but this story arc has been a fantastic read.

X-FORCE #27 - Second Coming Chapter Nine. The X-men and a portion of San Francisco are jarred-up beneath a Stephen King-like sphere. Bastion has Nimrods (who look a lot like Iron Man) pouring through a portal through the Golden Gate. Also, don’t miss X-Men: Second Coming – Blind Science, an ancillary (tie-in) mini-series that starts this week!

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          Cyborg2 World of Warcraft Guild   
Just a quick note for those of you who are interested to say that a Cyborg2 World of Warcraft Guild has been running for the past few months - we're located on the EU RPPvP Realm "The Venture Co" on the Horde side, mostly concentrating on world PvP events and Arena play but with some instancing.  Any players who're interested in joining us should either whisper "Morund", "Sorranus" or "Wrathmeil" in game or post a quick note here.

There is no level, class, spec or experience requirement, we only ask you're mature and in it for fun, we're always happy to help out less experienced players.

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          Stats update   

I'm back - "Yey!" i hear you all cry (or maybe not )

Anyways, PsychoStats 3 is out, so I've upgraded and setup the stats to actually update on the servers we have. Sadly there was no upgrade option so it's all fresh and clean so you will need to re register. There will obviously be a preriod of fine tuning whilst adjusting clan tag's etc, but that aside go forth and enjoy.

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Happy Near Year to everyone, best wishes for 2007 from the admin team.
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Merry Christmas all, from the admin team here at UK2
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          BoA Shows Her Colours With “Camo”   
Bo·a /’ˈbōə/ noun a constrictor snake with the ability to camouflage, depending on the environment. After what feels like years since her last dance hit, BoA is back to reassert her place on the throne as she transforms into a futuristic cyborg with her new song “Camo”.  Produced by the American duo The Underdogs (Damon […]
          More cyborg stuff brain wave additional use cases : 2013-04-10 16:03:37 - SecurityCurve - So you know I m super interested in Project Glass
          Josh Brolin y su nueva transformación en Cable para 'Deadpool 2'   

Ahora que Deadpool 2 comenzó con sus filmaciones de manera oficial, Josh Brolin está listo para subir al set y comenzar a rodar sus escenas como Cable y gracias a la magia del internet nos muestra una vez más la forma en que se prepara para el papel.

Después de enseñarnos su arduo entrenamiento físico y su corte de cabello hipster, Brolin publica una vez más su trabajo en el cuarto de maquillaje listo para convertir la mitad de su cara en una gran placa de cyborg a la Terminator.

En la descripción de la foto, el actor muestra su entusiasmo y sobre todo las ganas que tiene por encontrar a Deadpool. La película se estrena el 1 de junio del 2018.

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          Gordy Show 7th Nov 07   
7th november playlist:

dtrain- your the one for me (paul hardcastle remix)
paul simpson connection- treat me (dub mental mix)
9.9- all of me for all of you
change- lets go together
atmosfear- return of lb
frantique- strut your funky stuff
jacksons- shake your body down to the ground
sylvester- i need you
stone- time
tom browne- turn it up
newcleus- cyborg dance
sterling void- it's alright
the endless pokers- the poke
fast eddie- acid thunder
k-class- rhythum is a mystery
tc1991- 1991
n joi- anthem
the prodigy- out of space
the prodigy- girls
broken glass- style of the street
run dmc- runs house
globe and whizz kid- play that beat mr dj
the b boys- two three break
the sugerhill gang- livin in the fast lane
          Elon Musk Thinks We’re Already Cyborgs   
Elon Musk has not always been an optimistic voice for AI, warnings of its dangers to humanity. But here he sounds more muted about the threat. He sees the AI future as inevitable, with dangers to be mitigated through government regulation, as much as he doesn’t like the idea of them being a “bit of […]
          Comment on DC Rebirth Reading Order by David Jimenez   
does cyborg take place before or after justice league?
          Comment on DC Rebirth Reading Order by Daniel Hayden   
Cyborg isn't up to date, the imitation of life storyline runs through to issue 9. Really am enjoying your reading list. Do you know when or if you will update with the latest issues?
          Comment on Is Rust coming to Xbox One? by CyborgGuy   
Why did this stop, I really want to know what's going on with it
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          Saga Ghost in the Shell   

Ghost in the Shell

A mediados de los 90 junto con el boom del manga en España llegaron multitud de películas de anime, entre ellas cabe destacar “Ghost in the Shell” (Kôkaku Kidôtai), adaptación del manga de título homónimo de Masamune Shirow, autor también de “Appleseed”, “Dominion Tank Police” y “Orion” entre otros. La película destacaba por contar con una animación excelente, escenas de acción que estarían a la altura de muchas súper producciones americanas e imágenes que en algunos casos parecían reales. Ambientada en una ciudad del Japón del 2029, para la que los dibujantes se inspiraron en Hong Kong y así huir de otra copia de la metrópoli de Los Angeles de Blade Runner, la historia nos presenta a la mayor Motoko Kusanagi, una cyborg cuyo cuerpo ha sido íntegramente sustituido por componentes artificiales, al servicio de la Sección 9, una división especial del gobierno japonés. Pero más allá de tratarse de una película futurista “Ghost in the Shell” reflexionaba sobre temas que son atemporales, la identidad del ser humano o que es lo que nos define como lo que somos. Semejante obra corrió a cargo de Production I.G. bajo la dirección de Mamoru Oshi, que ya han trabajado juntos en otras grandes películas como “Patlabor”, “Jin-Roh” y “Blood: The Last Vampire”. Puede que más de uno reconozca el nombre de Production I.G. por haber creado la secuencia animada que aparece en "Kill Bill".
Aunque la película difería respecto al manga en determinados aspectos, entre otras cosas la película resulta mucho más seria que el manga, que mantenía un tono cómico a lo largo de gran parte de la historia, olvidando la fidelidad de la adaptación cinematográfica es indudable que “Ghost in the Shell” se convirtió en una de las grandes películas de animación japonesa y también dentro del género de la ciencia ficción, tanto por los aspectos técnicos de animación, diseño, sonido y dirección como por la historia que narra.

Stand Alone Complex :

La serie de televisión
Tiempo después de haber realizado la película Production I.G. se puso manos a la obra con un nuevo proyecto relacionado con “Ghost in the Shell”. Una serie que se alejaba de la historia del manga para relatar las operaciones de la Sección 9. La serie, titulada como “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”, mantenía más el tono general del manga alternando humor con temas más serios. A pesar de no alcanzar la calidad vista en la película la serie es una muestra más de la calidad que llega a alcanzar las producciones de I.G. siendo esta una de las series más espectaculares que se ha realizado últimamente en Japón.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, se ubica en el 2032, cuando la frontera entre máquinas y humanos se ha reducido a niveles apenas distinguibles. Los humanos han prácticamente olvidado lo que significa ser humano en cuerpo y espíritu, mientras que los pocos humanos que quedan coexisten con cyborgs (espíritus humanos en cuerpos enteramente mecánicos) y muñecos (robots sin componente humana).
Batô es un cyborg, su cuerpo artificial cubre lo poco humano que le queda (recuerdos sobre una mujer, y partes de su cerebro). Batou es además un detective del gobierno, de la unidad antiterrorista (la sección 9 de Seguridad Pública), e investiga a una gynoid, un robot femenino hyper-realista creada para compañía sexual, que ha sufrido desperfectos y ha matado a su dueño.
La investigación de Batô lleva a preguntas sobre el deseo humano de la inmortalidad a través de su imagen en las muñecas, al mismo tiempo que combate a yakusas, criminales y burócratas en un asunto más complejo de lo que parece.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence trata la historia de un cyborg solitario que se aferra desesperadamente a lo que le queda de humanidad, en un mundo donde el alma humana se desvanece y su valía se pierde en la oscuridad.

Basada en un comic, es el segundo proyecto anime de Go Fish Pictures, una división de DreamWorks SKG. La cinta fue el primer anime en competencia por la Palma de Oro en Cannes, y fue la sexta cinta animada en participar en dicho festival.

En mi opinión las dos películas son muy buenas pero de argumento intrincado y lleno de filosofía, excelente para personas que gusten de películas con tema, rebuscada para el que simplemente quiera pasar el rato. Yo la recomiendo a todo fan del anime como inprescindible del género.

          Cyborg Blames Opponent Change on Megan Anderson’s ‘Irresponsibility’   

Originally, Cris Cyborg Justino was scheduled to take on Megan Anderson at July 29’s UFC 214 from Anaheim, California for the vacant UFC featherweight title, but late last night, it was announced that Anderson had withdrawn from the bout. Now, Cyborg will be taking on Invicta FC bantamweight champion Tonya Evinger. In a statement released […]

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          The Cambion Chronicles: Book 4 Chapter Three   
Hey Guys! So sorry for the wait.  I’ve been working on multiple stories at once and I haven’t had the time to post chapters as regularly as I hoped. Now that I have some extra time, I can now post weekly as I wanted. Chapter 4 will be up next Wednesday and the party really begins!
Click the links to read Chapter One and Two
Leave a comment below for feedback and predictions!


The first step in vanquishing an opponent was learning as much as you could about them. You’d find out where they lived, what they liked to do on weekends, who they had a crush on and so forth.
Xander with an X had become a person of interest, and I needed proper confirmation to implement an attack. That quarter-profile glimpse was all I had to go on, because he nearly broke his neck trying to avoid me yesterday. Between classes, he’d duck into a side hallway or the boys’ bathroom, and went as far as slipping into the faculty lounge to get away from me. I was on to him and he knew it, which could be why he hadn’t showed up today.
This morning, I rolled up to school in bounty hunter mode to discover my target missing. Dougie mentioned something about a stomach flu, and even he knew that that was complete BS. Mia and Dougie were already suspicious of my plan, so I had to extract info from the student body. What I got was an unusual string of accounts that had me raising an eyebrow throughout the day.
“I heard he got a girl pregnant and had his family ‘take care of it’, Mafia style, if you know what I mean,” a girl in my Spanish class whispered during our pop quiz.
“Ohmigosh, he’s so hot! I heard he was a model in New York and he had to leave the business because this one chick was stalking him.” My co-worker, Alicia Holloway gushed on her way to gym. I turned on my heels and left her fangirling in the middle of the hall as I headed to the cafeteria.
“He’s a handsome devil, ain’t he? Reminds me of my late husband — heaven rest’em. It’s funny ’cause he looks nothin’ like ‘em. But somethin’ in his eyes got me thinkin’ ’bout my Henry. Whenever he comes through the line, I gotta remember I’m old enough to be his grandmother,” the lunch lady supplied and slapped a pile of tater-tots on my tray.
“Yeah, I heard he spent the summer in a detention center for setting a church on fire or something. Pretty badass,” Midnight, the vampire kid, said from across the lunch table.
“I don’t know, but there’s been a lot of the peculiar happening around here. Like that Malik boy that went missing not too long ago. Found his truck on the Parkway, but never found his body. I figure there’s gonna be more ‘peculiar’ going down before the school year’s out — mark my words,” Mr. Graves, the custodian grumbled while emptying the hallway trash.
By last bell, I was worse off than when I started. It was time to call in the big guns. I’d sent out a S.O.S at fourth period, and Jason Lao was just now getting back to me. On my way to the student parking lot, the gossip sleuth emerged from the crowd like a phantom and sidled next to me.
“Okay, here’s what I’ve got so far.” Jason consulted the data on his tablet as he kept in stride with me. “Xander Santos, age 18, Capricorn. Six-one, 173lbs.  Transferred from Herbert Mason Academy, a unisex Private school in Upstate New York. Has a 3.27 GPA. No current extracurricular activities. Drives a vintage black Pontiac GTO with a New York license plate. Speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese. Listens to mostly EDM and Skrillex and he’s a fan of the Fast And Furious movies. Prone to chase sour Warhead candy with Red Bull during class,” he reported.
Jason Lao had the spy game on lock, but one detail confused me. I slowed my pace and asked, “Did you say Santos?” It sounded close to Santiago. Maybe it was a cover name like the one Ruiz used when he was on a case.
“That’s what’s printed on his transcripts.” Before I could ask how he got a hold of school documents, Jason cut me off. “Don’t even ask. Anyway, if you need to know more, it might take a few days. Xander’s a pretty private guy; keeps to himself.”
“No, I’m good for now. Thanks though,” I said when a shrill voice cut through our conversation.
“Oh my God, Selma! Are you after Xander, too?” Courtney B. chided as she brushed past me at the exit. “You’d think you’d learn your lesson after Malik Davis, but I guess not. I don’t know how Caleb puts up with you cheating, Sonoma. I would’ve kicked you to the curb a long time ago.” After serving me a nasty smirk, she sped off to join the other two Courtneys waiting for her. It was like a drive-by without the car. Even worse was the fact that her comment reached the ears of the most vicious news shark in school.
Catching the scent of blood in the water, Jason turned to me with a devious grin. “Is that true? You’re interested in Xander?”
“Hell. To the nah,” I replied slowly. “And if you post anything about it on your blog, we’re going to have a misunderstanding. One that involves piano wire and a shovel.”
With a quick nod, Jason scurried away, leaving me with more questions than before.  Maybe I was going about my operation the wrong way. On to plan B.
When I got home, I found Mom’s as well as Ruiz’s car parked in the driveway. Usually, no one was home this time of day, and my first thought was, “Oh my god! Somebody died!” My second thought was, “They better not be doing freaky stuff in there. That’s where I eat and sleep, people!”
Eventually, I climbed out of my car and entered the house, praying I didn’t walk in on something that would scar me for life. I found Mom and the detective cozied up on the living room couch with an opened photo album on their laps. The giggles and coos from Mom made it clear what they were looking at, and my joints locked in terror.
Oh no! Not the baby pictures. Please, don’t let it be the baby pictures.
Mom’s head popped up and she flashed me a dreamy smile. “Hi, Sweetheart. How’s my birthday girl?”
She was doing the goo-goo baby-talk thing, further validating my growing suspicion. Since Mom’s recent dive back into the dating pool, Mia had diagnosed her with ‘baby rabies’. Side effects included: moon-eyed nostalgia, digging up old photos and baby paraphernalia, staring too long at toddlers in the grocery store, crying over diaper ads, and rambling about ticking clocks. The symptoms got worse every year, but it flared up really bad around my birthday.
“Uh… hi. What’s going on?” I dropped my book bag in front of the stairs. The vertigo and hallucinations still occurred whenever I entered the living room, so I kept a safe distance in the foyer.
“David and I are just looking at old baby pictures,” she said. “You were such an angel. Ohhh! Look at those cheeks! I could just eat her up.”
“Are we really doing this now?” I asked. “Before you answer that — why aren’t you at work?”
“I decided to take a personal day and clean up around here and I found these photos,” Mom explained while lovingly stroking the laminated pages. “Oh look, David. This is Samara when she was two. She could never keep a diaper on, especially in daycare. She’d fling it at the other kids then run around naked as a jaybird. Such a free spirit. But would you look at all those curls! My beautiful baby.” Mom squealed and melted into the couch in a sniveling puddle of mush.
Someone kill me now.
I threw my head back and wailed to the ceiling, “My God, woman, pull yourself together! No one cares about my preschool exhibitionism. You’re being weird.”
“I don’t mind,” Ruiz spoke up. “You were a cute kid. A bit on the chubby side, but cute.”
“I still am, but thanks. Can I talk to you for a sec?” I motioned toward the kitchen.
Ruiz got to his feet then handed Mom a box of tissues before following me through the hall. Keeping my back to him, I used the short trip to the kitchen to think of a good ice-breaker. The Cuban Necktie wasn’t the most forthcoming person in the world and gathering intel from him required a ton of finesse. My mother and Angie oozed a subtle grace that could unearth a man’s darkest secrets. Lilith’s influence could enslave men at will, in turn, making me a black belt in gentle persuasion.
So when I heard Ruiz’s Italian shoes click on the kitchen tiles, I turned around and blurted out, “Who the hell is this Xander dude?”
“Good afternoon to you too, Samara,” Ruiz replied in amusement. “As for your question, I happened to have a nephew who goes by that name. But why you would know that is the real question.”
“Well, Uncle David, your nephew is now enrolled in my school and has an unhealthy interest in my friend.” I fired back.
The pause that followed told me that my report was news to him. “Really? Which friend would that be? Miss Moralez or Mr. Emerson?”
“Mr. Em—Dougie,” I replied, thoroughly confused. “Why on earth would he be after Mia?”
“She was at the park that night and had been in direct contact with the demon Tobias. The air exposure alone qualifies her for observation. It’s just a security measure. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.”
Lilith jittered up my spine at the name of her old mate, but the ‘Mia’ part was what had me leaning against the counter for support. “Are you saying that Mia might be contaminated? She didn’t breathe in any of the smoke,” I told him.
“You are aware of the origin story and how the beings first possessed a human host, aren’t you? Back then, the villager’s believed a funeral pyre was harmless as well, and look how that turned out,” he replied, and even his trash talk had a dry, straight-faced delivery. Though no longer a Cambion, Ruiz was born into the demonic hybrid world, and yet he acted the least human among us. “In any case, I wasn’t aware that Xander was already in town, but I’m not surprised. I’ll look into it,” he said.
“You do that.” My stare drifted to the clock on the microwave, noted the time then I rushed to the entryway.
My therapy session began in forty minutes and only death could excuse my tardiness. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one around here who needed therapy, but I was the only one being pressured to attend every appointment. Dad was at his wits’ end trying to get me back to normal—whatever that was. He had no clue I was a Cambion, and logic demanded that he put a name to the strange face that resembled his daughter. Unless a specialist wrangled demons on the regular, it wasn’t going to happen. But I had to at least act like I was trying.

 “I do have a question,” Ruiz called after me as I exited the kitchen. “Why does Julie have pictures of you drinking from the toilet?”
I stopped mid-step. My stomach lurched and my back curled inward. Only my parents and Caleb knew about my weird toilet water phase and that was three people too many. Photos or not, I wasn’t about to own up to a damn thing. “Well, why does she keep my baby teeth in an old pill jar in her sock drawer? I don’t know, man. Most moms be on that cray, especially my mom.” I raced upstairs to change and made a mental note to burn that photo album when I came home.
I had no problem getting up in someone else’s business, but when the tables were turned, I went deaf, blind and mute real quick. My roommate felt some kind of way about the weekly meetings and the ceaseless prodding as well. Whenever the counselor brought up Nadine’s death, Lilith skittered up and down my spine like a cat chasing a laser pointer. The death of her former host and her old mate trumped any trauma I might’ve experienced. But Lilith and I were one now, two souls sharing the same body, feeling the same loss and seeing the same vision of a dead body on my living room floor. I couldn’t go into any of that, though. In fact, I said as little as possible during my sessions for fear of getting thrown into a padded cell.
After an hour of mental yoga, I just wanted to go home, drown my sorrows in leftover birthday cake and fall asleep on the phone with Caleb, but I swung by the minimart near my house first. My gas needle was on E and I wouldn’t have time to fuel up before school tomorrow. Plus I had a new gambling habit to support. I wasn’t trying to go broke, so my first adult decree was to set a limit of three tickets per week. Effective tomorrow.
 Having the most paranoid mother on the planet taught me to remain aware of my surroundings and being a Cambion made me suspicious of male attention. You didn’t know what was genuine attraction or a side effect of the Cambion draw. The old dude working behind the register left no doubt that he suffered from the latter. Flashing all six of his teeth, he dragged out a ninety-second transaction to ten minutes of spitting weak game. Around his third mention of my green eyes was when Lilith began licking her chops at the invitation.
Down girl,I admonished in my head.
When the clerk handed me more change than required, I called him on it. He tore his greedy stare away from me long enough to check the register. “Pump five, right? You already have twenty on there.”
I turned to the store window. The parking lot was empty save the black Pontiac parked next to mine on the opposite pump. I noted its tinted windows and the New York license plate on the back. The odd part was that the driver wasn’t interested in the replenishment of his own vehicle. It could’ve been a mix-up, but the way he stood on my side of the pump and slipped the gas nozzle inside my fuel tank appeared deliberate.
By the time I got outside, he leaned against my car and watched numbers climb on the meter. This would’ve been the time to whip out the pepper spray hidden in my purse or run back in the store and call for backup, but I didn’t sense any dangerous vibes from him. Besides, I knew who he was. The muscle car tipped me off. The driver’s height, build and posture supported my hunch, and my growing annoyance confirmed it.
It’s not every day a hired spy offered to pump gas for you, but I’d seen too many gangster movies to know this wasn’t a kind gesture. At best, this was a simple meet-and-greet among local Cambions. At worst, it was a warning shot.
He kept staring at the pump, his face shrouded in dark waves that covered his ears. “You take Plus, right?” he asked.
As I approached my car, I still couldn’t see his face. “I’m actually a Regular kind of girl. It’s cheaper.”
“Oh come on, Samara, we both know there’s nothing regular about you,” he quipped.
Why wasn’t I shocked that he knew my name? He probably knew my social security number and bra size. “Yeah, well if you’re done playing gas attendant, I can take it from here.”
I expected more small talk, but he got right to the point. Since it was a question he already knew the answer to, the words came out as a statement. “You spoke to Ruiz about me.”
There was no point in lying and I wouldn’t know where to begin to care if Mr. X was mad at me for snitching. “You’re on my turf and you failed to give a proper intro. You guys are clearly related, so I figured he might know what’s going on.”
“He doesn’t, so I need you to stop interfering in things you don’t know about,” he said.
“I know that if you hurt my friends, my foot and your ass are gonna have a meeting. I know that much.”
Only after he pushed off my car and turned to me did his face come into full view. All the hype in school was real — he was a good-looking dude, but that could be the Cambion draw talking. Our kind wasn’t immune to each other’s allure.  However, anyone named Santiago made me dry-heave and Mr. X was definitely one of them. For real, it was like staring at Ruiz’s yearbook photo. They had the same stern jaw and full mouth, the same blank cyborg stare. Ruiz’s light brown eyes held some trace of humanity, but Xander’s coal-black orbs were straight alien spooky.
Now that the mystique was over, I focused on the issue at hand, to which he gave the “I’m not here to hurt your friends and I come in peace,” spiel that proceeded every war in history.
 “Yeah, because the Santiago’s are famous for their peaceful tactics,” I replied. “Dougie’s been through a lot and I don’t want him sucked into whatever you guys are trying to pull.”
He returned the gas nozzle to its cradle. “As long as Tobias is really dead, we won’t have a problem.”
At the name, Lilith did that twitchy thing up my spine, but I stood my ground. “He is dead. Caleb and I took care of that.”
“The family likes to be thorough. We don’t want any loose ends and I need to make sure that demon isn’t hiding out in Emerson’s body.”
I stared him up and down. “Aren’t you a bit young to be an agent of darkness or whatever?” I must’ve hit a nerve, because he rounded on me like he was ready to throw hands.
Instead he said, “I’ve been in the field since I was fifteen. We sometimes need young operatives for observation purposes. The spirit is the most active and unstable in our teens.”
The field? Operative? Was there a Cambion Quantico that I didn’t know about?  “Are you here to spy on me too?” I asked.
Wow. Even his smile looked robotic. I bet he had to watch a tutorial on how to emote before going undercover.
“I’m capable of multitasking, but my main target is Emerson,” he said.
I didn’t like the word “target” and Dougie’s name in the same sentence. I also didn’t like the smug look on his face, so I had to shut that down. Lilith wasn’t feeling him either and the visible world around me took on an emerald green tint.
“All right, I tried to be nice since you’re new and all. That doesn’t seem to be working, so let’s try something else.” I shoved his chest, sending him stumbling back against the car door. “Look all you want, but don’t touch. You lay one hand on Dougie, and I’ll take you out myself. I’m sure you’ve heard all about me and what I’m capable of.”
Xander no doubt caught the glow in my eyes and his smile vanished. “Is that supposed to scare me?” he asked.
“You don’t have to be scared for me to wreck your shit up. You just have to be stupid enough to believe that I won’t. Now get off my car!” The guy was a tank, but I manage to push him aside so I could open my door. I climbed in then started the engine, fully prepared to run him over on the way out when I heard tapping on the glass. 
Xander stood by my door gesturing with his fingers for me to roll the window down. No way was that happening. Then a lime green envelope was pressed flat against the window, one with curling designs and fancy handwriting.
His muffled voice traveled through the glass. “So I guess I’ll see you at the celebration then? Can’t wait.” He tucked the invitation in his jacket pocket then strolled to his car.
Ooh, I was pissed! Granted, he was a Santiago, but did all the family members have to come to my party? I needed to get this debut thing under control, or at the very least have a say in who was on the guest list.
I stomped on the gas and peeled out of the mini mart, hell bent on calling Angie when I got home. Score one for the bad boy, because he definitely won this round. But the next one would be mine. I would see to it.

          Comment on Cyborg Raiden is “literally falling apart” by john   
@The Undying Sheep you can find out by watching the begginning in the game, it's all explained
          Comment on Cyborg Raiden is “literally falling apart” by The Undying Sheep   
I'd like to throw out there that I actually loved Raiden in MGS2, a rookie agent with no real espionage experience being thrown in the deep end for some hardcore tactical stealth shit... I wanna know how he became a child soldier, and I wouldn't mind a game being released about him as a teenager, fighting wars he should never have even heard of at his age... That'd be a damn cool idea, Kojima, please tell me you'll read this comment, and make a game about Raiden before MGS2... I like how he handles himself, and his leaping outside-crescent to inside-crescent kick was a pretty awesome move! I quite liked the Plant as a level, and its story line, and how Raiden becomes incorporated with the story. What does confuse me, is why does he call himself "Snake" at the start of the mission?
          Tonya Evinger replaces Megan Anderson for title fight against Cris Cyborg at UFC 214   
Invicta bantamweight champion, Tonya Evinger, to the rescue!
          Adopt Robin a Siamese / Mixed cat in Sherwood, OR (18460604) (   
My adoption payment is $200. I'm currently in foster care with my siblings Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven. Main color: Lilac Weight: 1.21 Age: 0 yrs 0 months 7wks

          Cris Cyborg Great Fight   

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          Ghost in the Shell   


(donnée non spécifiée). 2 volumes

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell Steelbook Collector Blu-ray

2029, Newport City
Le Major Motoko Kusanagi, femme cyborg ultra-perfectionnée, à la tête de la Section 9, une unité d'élite anti-terroriste, enquête sur un nouveau cyber-virus capable de contrôler les esprits et d'altérer les souvenirs de ses victimes.
Le suspect principal, surnommé le « Marionnettiste », à la réputation aussi mystérieuse qu'insaisissable, devient la cible d'une traque intense sur fond de rivalité avec la section 6, à la solde du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et de son mystérieux Projet 2501. Ecoutant sa voix intérieure, Motoko se lance corps et âme dans une quête sans relâche qui l'amènera à questionner son existence et sa part d'humanité.

          Ghost in the Shell   


(donnée non spécifiée)

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell DVD

2029, Newport City
Le Major Motoko Kusanagi, femme cyborg ultra-perfectionnée, à la tête de la Section 9, une unité d'élite anti-terroriste, enquête sur un nouveau cyber-virus capable de contrôler les esprits et d'altérer les souvenirs de ses victimes.
Le suspect principal, surnommé le « Marionnettiste », à la réputation aussi mystérieuse qu'insaisissable, devient la cible d'une traque intense sur fond de rivalité avec la section 6, à la solde du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et de son mystérieux Projet 2501. Ecoutant sa voix intérieure, Motoko se lance corps et âme dans une quête sans relâche qui l'amènera à questionner son existence et sa part d'humanité.

          One Piece   

One Piece

One Piece Z Blu-Ray

Le légendaire roi des pirates Gol-D- Roger a laissé derrière lui un fabuleux trésor : le ONE PIECE. Depuis, les pirates des quatre coins du monde parcourent les océans à sa recherche. C'est le début d'une nouvelle ère de liberté et d'aventures, l'avènement de l'âge d'or de la piraterie ! Lorsqu'il était enfant, Luffy rêvait de devenir un grand pirate comme son héros, Shanks le Roux. Ayant mangé par mégarde l'un des fabuleux «Fruit du Démon», il a depuis acquis un pouvoir très particulier: son corps peut désormais s'étirer comme un élastique. Revers de la médaille, la malédiction liée au fruit le condamne désormais a couler si jamais il tombe à l'eau. Mais cela ne va pas empêcher Luffy de prendre la mer afin de réaliser son rêve ! Dix années plus tard, affublé du chapeau de paille de Shanks, qu'il arbore désormais comme un étendard, Luffy vogue vers l'aventure. Dans son périple, il rencontre plusieurs compagnons : Zoro, un virtuose du combat à trois sabres ; Nami, une voleuse devenue navigatrice ; Usopp, un as du tir ; Sanji, un cuisinier aux jambes dévastatrices ; l'espiègle Chopper, un petit renne très doué pour la médecine ; Robin, une archéologue en quête de vérite historique ; Franky, un cyborg charpentier ; et Brook, un squelette musicien coiffé d'une boule afro... Après avoir surmonté de multiples épreuves, cet équipage aguerri poursuit la deuxième partie de son aventure en se lançant a la découverte du Nouveau Monde : une mer au climat extrêmement dangereux, grouillant de pirates terriblement puissants... L équipage au chapeau de paille défie tous les dangers avec détermination, sans jamais renoncer.

          Freddy Todd - Feeln   
If youand#39;ve been wondering where Detroit glitch captain Freddy Todd has been, lately, weand#39;ve got your answer: he fell into some sort of psychotropic wormhole in a grimy Motown alley, shot 158 years into the future, and cyborgs taught him how to speak the binary language of our alien overlords.
          Inside the Black Box   

A Black Box, is often thought of as the flight recorder found after an airplane crashes. But in scientific circles it is understood as any closed system where the inputs and outputs of the internal processeses are known, though what is happening to create the outputs is the result of such a complex interaction that the internal processes cannot be strictly tracked or determined using a traditional cause and effect method.

Within the financial markets algorithms are bouncing around reacting to each other at the same time as they respond to their programmed variables. A quant can create a brilliant algorithm but once it's unleashed into the black box of hundreds or thousands of others,  they have no certainty of what it will produce. If it does well everyone gets paid (a lot more than you), but it also has the potential to create cataclysmic destruction in seconds.

You may say - well of course we know some things about how the stock market functions! Buy low and sell high!  Invest for the long term, don't bet on bubbles or take high risks without consulting a broker and doing your research. You're responsible for your own choices, right?  Usually that's true, and you can certainly choose to keep your pension investments out of the stock market, and I would too - except I live in Australia. 

The digital marketplace has gone far beyond what an average person can concieve of. Yet our pensions, employment prospects, interest rates, all flow through the playground of traders and the weaving, reactive algorithyms created by the quants. The future of millions of people around the world is risked for the sake of profiting on a fraction of a cent on a trade taking place in a milisecond.  As you'll see in the documentary above and those listed below, many quants will strictly not invest in the stock market themselves. For those with a choice, I'd recommend following their example.

Other recommended viewing:
The Wall Street Code
Quants, the Alchemists of Wall Street
Inside Job - not specifically about high speed trades, it's still the standard for understanding how the abstract nature of packaged 'financial products' caused the GFC

          Ill Chris, SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD & Robb Banks Collide with 'One Punch Man' in "Kill Sh*t"   

Last month Ill Chris, Ski Mask the Slump God and Robb Banks released an hard-hitting collaboration titled "Kill Sh*t" (word to G Herbo and Lil Bibby). Today, the trio return with a brand new music video produced and directed at the people at 88rising. The music video, shot with a lo-fi '90s camcorder, finds the rappers draped in head-to-toe camo, shopping at a BAPE store, flexing foreign whips and toting AK rifles. The visual also incorporates scenes from popular anime series One Punch Man, showcasing Saitama and his cyborg disciple Genos in action. Watch the video above and for more from 88Rising, check out a video of Playboi Carti reacting to Higher Brothers' Famous Dex-featured track "Made In China."


          Space Team   
Space Team
author: Barry J. Hutchison
name: Bryan457
average rating: 4.06
book published: 2016
rating: 4
read at: 2017/05/02
date added: 2017/05/03
shelves: antihero, cyborgs, funny, own-it-ebook, prison, profanity, science-fiction, shapeshifters, smart-aleck-wise-ass, thieves-n-con-men

          Hard Duty: Merkiaari Wars (Merkiaari Wars, #1)   
Hard Duty: Merkiaari Wars (Merkiaari Wars, #1)
author: Mark E. Cooper
name: Bryan457
average rating: 3.50
book published: 2012
rating: 2
read at: 2017/02/07
date added: 2017/02/12
shelves: own-it-audio, own-it-ebook, alien-invasion, cyborgs, science-fiction-military
I kind of had a hard time getting through this.
My attention kept wandering.
I wanted more about the cyborg.

          Selling Out (Quantum Gravity #2)   
Selling Out (Quantum Gravity #2)
author: Justina Robson
name: Bryan457
average rating: 3.71
book published: 2007
rating: 3
read at:
date added: 2016/12/23
shelves: fights-n-fighters, sci-fi-fantasy-mixed, superhuman, transported-to-alternate-universe, spies-n-special-agents, own-it, cyborgs, demons

          Going Under (Quantum Gravity #3)   
Going Under (Quantum Gravity #3)
author: Justina Robson
name: Bryan457
average rating: 3.71
book published: 2008
rating: 2
read at:
date added: 2016/12/23
shelves: fights-n-fighters, own-it, sci-fi-fantasy-mixed, superhuman, transported-to-alternate-universe, urban-fantasy, spies-n-special-agents, cyborgs, demons

          Billy Nunez’s Disassembled Robot Ladies   

“Future Face” is an illustration project by graphic designer, animator, and videographer Billy Nunez, aka Biz20. Currently, this young talent is pursuing a BFA in Communications Design at Pratt Institute. Take a look at his feedback-loop-inducingly-awesome renderings of sexy cyborg ladies after the jump.   … Continue reading

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          Private becomes public   
itunes pic
I'm sure that some young people, and perhaps others too, now feel incomplete if not wired up, as if something of themselves is missing. I now understand why some cultural theorists are keenly interested in the notion of cyborgs - part human, part machine. Previously, I could not understand why they gave this subject such significance. The music, 'A Clearing', comes from
          Review: The Last Adventure of Constance Verity by A. Lee Martinez   
The Last Adventure of Constance Verity by A. Lee Martinez is an outrageous series adventures and take on the life of a superhero. These adventures, with seemingly no real rhyme or reason or even a sense of logical design through in everything and the kitchen sink – if kitchen sink is an evil cyborg alien musical pirate magician and maybe Yakuza enforcer as well, or just Verity’s grade school teacher. Every ridiculous form of an ‘evil antagonist’ is possible, likely, and quite possibly combined in some improbable match with another to make things more interesting and humorous.

Constance Verity is said superhero – magically endowed at birth to have adventures, she’s good at them and repeatedly saves the world. But…she’s tired, and it becomes almost a buddy adventure when Connie teams up with her (mundane) best-friend for her ‘last adventure’.

But, through all of the wild, over-the-top fun of this book, I couldn’t help but begin viewing it a metaphor for women in modern American society. Perhaps I’m reading into this book too much, but stay with me for bit. The entire universe is literally throwing ‘adventure’ after ‘adventure’ at Constance Verity. She can’t get a cup of coffee without some Yakuza ninja enforcer getting in the way. Or maybe a lizard alien magician. Etc. She never gets a break. The universe is literally a machine designed to make sure she has no close attachments, distractions or anything else in her life that could keep her from doing what it want her to do. She’s exhausted, she’s tired. She just wants a ‘normal’ life and some rest. She was literally cursed to this life this by a sadistic fairy godmother working on behalf of the machine of the universe. Hell, the book opens with us learning that the earth is nothing more than a giant monster that a cult wants to feed Constance Verity to as a sacrifice of appeasement. Yes, the whole world is literally out to eat her.

Then I take a look at my wife, all the shit life has thrown at her lately. All the responsibilities that the machine of society throws on her. All of the asshole men of the world who make it that much harder. The impossible expectations that society forces up on her. To not be too assertive, but not be timid. Too appear how society views is appropriate, but not to be too much. Etc. Etc. How completely beat down she can get by it all. How she so often just wants to give up on all of it. And how she gets out of bed the next morning (after not getting enough sleep since sometime in the ‘90s), and saves the world…again.

Once I captured this vision of The Last Adventure of Constance Verity, I couldn’t see it any other way. It transformed the outrageous, fun adventure into something more – bitter, angry, and intensely sarcastic satire. Which is right where my warped sense of humor lives.

Further, take a moment to think about what the name Constance Verity means.

Constance: Firm of purpose, constant
Verity: Truth

Ouch! And fuck you!

And then my sense of humor kicks in and I laugh for 5 minutes.

Look, I don’t know Martinez and from what I gleaned from a quick bit of reading blog posts and the like, Constance Verity gets its origins more from superhero lore with a good bit of discussion of free will, determinism, and agency in life. Plus you know, fun, humorous, and completely over-the-top adventure. It doesn’t look like Martinez set out to write a dark, satirical feminist manifesto about women ‘having it all’. And I’m sure with a close look the metaphor would probably break down in some troubling ways. It for sure breaks down toward the end of the book – a happy ending plus some nice balance in life achieved? That only exists in Hollywood, self-help books, and mommy blogs. But I simply cannot un-see my view of the book, and I think it’s better for it.

So…most readers will joyously take The Last Adventure of Constance Verity at face value – and more power to them, because it is completely ridiculous in all the best ways. You can feel the fun that Martinez had in writing it, and that fun is contagious. Or maybe you’ll see it through a similar lens as I do and your own sense of humor will allow for a different level of amusement. Or maybe something entirely different. But do read this book, because however you choose to filter it, it’s outrageously fantastic. Oh...and my understanding is that this was not actually Verity's last adventure and more are to come with Constance Verity Saves the World expected in 2018.

Constance Verity Series

The Last Adventure of Constance Verity: Amazon
Constance Verity Saves the World: Amazon

          サイボーグ009 / Cyborg 009 Call Of Justice Vol.2   
Cyborg 009 Call Of Justice Vol.2
Cyborg 009 Call Of Justice Vol.2
Release Date: 21 Jun 2017

          Cris “Cyborg” Gets New Opponent For UFC 214   

Cris “Cyborg” Justino has received a new opponent for UFC 214, approximately four weeks out from when she will battle for the vacant 145 title. The UFC has announced that “Cyborg” will no longer fight Megan Anderson at the Anaheim event, as the latter has pulled out of the contest due to person reasons. Stepping […]

          Comment on Robots Frozen in the Snow by Understanding Robots Through Derrida « The Cyberlit Blog   
[...] I’ve used it before, as an emblem of the opposition at the heart of defining what is human (  Čapek’s 1921 play R.U.R. captures the fearful aspect of what results from the human [...]
          Comment on The Cyberlit Blog…In Exile by cyborgia   
          De nuevo cambiamos de bando... y seguimos sin ser villanos   

Saludos, gente. La semana pasada vimos los mejores cambios de héroe a villano en el mundo del cómic y hoy tenemos los 10 Cambios más Chipocludos de Villano a Héroe. Volver villano a un héroe busca mover los cimientos, pero el caso contrario casi siempre responde a dos opciones: la primera es cuando el guionista lo planeó así desde el principio (alguien de buen corazón que fue contra su voluntad o  aprendió una lección sobre no hacer el mal); la otra posibilidad es que el villano se le haya salido de las manos a su creador y sea tan popular que él o el editor decidan explotarlo como héroe, como pasó con la Viuda Negra. En cualquier caso, hoy veremos los mejores y les recuerdo que es una lista personal y están invitados a poner la suya en los comentarios.

*Mención especial al número 11 de mi lista: Harvey Dent. Esta etapa fue corta, cuando tras una cirugía, Harvey eliminó su apariencia de Dos Caras y con ello su locura malévola, además de tomar el lugar de Bruce como protector de Gótica. Lo atractivo, pero triste a la vez, era que todos sabíamos que no podía durar.

Ahora sí, vamos con los 10 primeros:

Honestamente es una locura que un asesino así haya sido aceptado tantas veces en los X-Men, pero Wolverine es igual o peor y al menos Creed no es hipócrita y ha mantenido su actitud salvaje y cínica en cada ocasión.

Terra era una infiltrada en los Teen Titans, cómplice (y al parecer amante) de Deathstroke, sin embargo la convivencia con el grupo, en especial Changeling, la transformó. Un cambio honesto, que terminó con un emotivo sacrificio y fue eje central de Judas Contract, saga determinante para los Titanes y una de las grandes historias del cómic en general.


En la era de Wally West, varios villanos del velocista mostraron su lado noble y un par de ellos dejaron la maldad. El mas destacado fue el Flautista, que se hizo su amigo fiel. En la etapa de Geoff Johns volvió al crimen, aunque aún entonces no tuvo alternativa. Lo que haga hoy en día ya no me importa.


Visión no tenía opción: fue creado para el mal. Luchar contra su programación para unirse a los héroes que debía combatir no fue un accidente sino la prueba máxima de que era humano en su interior. Si bien tuvo un par de recaídas que hicieron cuestionar su lealtad, es un emblema de los Vengadores.


Si antes hablé de un emblema, este es quizá el arquetipo del Vengador, un ejemplo de esos personajes creados para redimirse, porque era demasiado noble para ser un villano de IronMan (sin mencionar, técnicamente muy inofensivo para él). Su cambio de bando era obvio, pero pocos debieron imaginar que tan lejos llegaría.

Tras la enorme sorpresa que vimos al final del número uno de Thunderbolts era, quizá, predecible que algunos cambiarían, pero el guionista Kurt Buziek manejó bien el tema y exploró todas las opciones posibles, desde el que se arrepintió de corazón hasta la que sólo buscaba evitar la cárcel. El resultado fue el cambio mas orgánico de la lista.

Fue un caso similar a Visión, pero sin los sentimientos. El Erradicador no es popular pero fue uno de los enemigos más grandes de Superman, estuvo cerca de matarlo, pero cuando Clark efectivamente murió a manos de Doomsday su programación original se activó: defender la vida kriptnoniana. Fue responsable directo de su resurrección, su compañero en la batalla contra el Cyborg y quien le devolvió sus poderes sacrificando su vida para ello.

Danger era tecnología viviente, encerrada contra su voluntad por el monstruo glorificado, Charles Xavier. Ya libre, resultó ser increíblemente poderoso (poderosa, porque eligió una forma femenina) casi matando a los Hombres X. Su cambio de bando fue pausado, primero por la promesa de recibir al Profesor X como recompensa, para efectuar su venganza, después logró conciliar sus sentimientos y fue parte de la alineación más poderosa de X-Men.

2.Barón Zemo.
No lo incluyo en el puesto de los Thunderbolts porque no se redimió junto a ellos, al contrario, fue su antagonista principal en los primeros 2 o 3 años de historia del grupo. Lo más atractivo de este cambio es que Zemo nunca dejó de ser él mismo, era maquiavélico y manipulador, pero con el propósito de salvar al mundo, incluso pensando que el mejor modo de mantenerlo a salvo era gobernarlo.

Para mí este es el caso más interesante, porque Magnus es un villano trágico, que no quería hacer el mal sino proteger. Todos sus planes fueron motivado por el deseo de cuidar de los suyos; Xavier lo sabía y jamás dejó de creer en que podía llevarlo por el camino correcto. Aunque invariablemente termina regresando a sus viejos métodos, Magneto ha estado del lado heroico en distintos momentos y la mayoría de ellas como líder.

Eso es todo por hoy, pueden poner su propia lista en los comentarios o solo criticar la mía. Adiós.

          Iron Maiden   

toure [arisen]:


....any IRON MAIDEN fans out there??

i would love to lie and say that i am their biggest fan, but, i'm not. i just have always found their mascot, EDDIE, to be.. rather.. striking.. 

This is EDDIE.
at first glance, i thought EDDIE was a SHE, a la

still effing scary

aside from invoking Edvard Munch's haunting painting "The Scream",

..upon further inspection, the renowned mascot made me also think- ZOMBIE

oh yeah

the band's art reinforces this.. the art above especially. THIRD Eye, CYBORG, sphinxes.. seems like the guys in Iron Maiden were on some shit. with just a little research, i could already see that Iron Maiden was a band who's art was misunderstood in its time..

For Example: 

ABOVE is the cover art for Iron Maiden's 1982 album "The Number Of The Beast".. notice that the DEVIL is not only holding a small puppet, but is Actually a PUPPET HIMSELF.. a puppet of the undead.. interesting. i was born in 1982, and this was the THIRD album.. Iron Maiden has, all in all, released a grand total of THIRTY-SIX albums..


in typical fashion, the conservative talking heads and the religious right got all fussy, pulling the SATANISM card and burning things..

"The album was strongly criticised by social conservatives – especially in the U.S., where the band were accused of being Satanists. Public burnings of the band's catalogue were organised, although some religious groups smashed the records with hammers, for fear of inhaling fumes from burning vinyl.[11][23] Harris has stated, "it was mad. They completely got the wrong end of the stick. They obviously hadn't read the lyrics. They just wanted to believe all that rubbish about us being Satanists."[24] As a result, The Beast on the Road tour was subject to numerous boycotts and demonstrations: venues were sometimes surrounded by activists who handed out leaflets and, in one case, a 25-foot cross was carried in protest."

Another Example of said misunderstood art:

here's a picture of Iron Maiden chillin with MARGARET THATCHER-

aaaand here's the cover art for Iron Maiden's second single -ever- "Sanctuary"

and Yes, that is First Female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, murdered..

"The artwork is very tongue in cheek, as usual. At that time, Maggie had visited the old USSR and, following her tough stance with them, had been christened the Iron Maiden. Eddie took offence to this, and even more so when she started taking our posters."[8]

..apparently due to a fatal knife wound inflicted by a ZOMBIE named EDDIE can probably see where this is going..

i hadn't noticed until now that IRON MAN's armor is colored RED and GOLD

i've already written plenty about the goddess and her robot, but after Jake's latest, this scene from ROBOTS seems especially relevant..


          Notes from the Meat Cage, by Fran Wilde   

“It turns out that what I wanted wasn’t the story of a young woman coming to terms with her brace or her body … what I wanted was something to love.”

Invisible 3 CoverFran Wilde is one of the contributors to Invisible 3, which comes out on June 27 and includes 18 essays and poems about representation in science fiction and fantasy. You can preorder the collection at:

Amazon | Kobo | Smashwords | Google Play

(It will be available for Nook and iBooks as well, but we don’t have those links yet.)

Any profits from the sale of the collection go to Con or Bust, helping fans of color to attend SF/F conventions.

As with Invisible and Invisible 2, the contributors to this third volume have shared work that’s heartfelt, eye-opening, honest, thoughtful, and important…not to mention relevant to so much of what we see happening in the genre today.

I hope you find Wilde’s essay as powerful as I did.


At twelve, I perfected the baggy clothes drape. I stood and leaned against walls rather than sitting. Leaning kept the bottom edge of the hard, white fiberglass brace from digging into my thighs and the top edge from pinching under my arms. Either or both would drag my clothes funny and ruin the effect. I was pretty careful, but one pat on the back or a joking poke at my ribs and thunk. Hip to collarbone, my identity was wrapped in a hard shell.

Other braces, before and since, were easier to hide if I wanted to hide them. Foot braces, worn at night, turned my feet in the right direction, and no one was the wiser. Their ugly cousins, the orthopedic shoes, went away by third grade. The current knee and wrist braces and all the bracing tape? Those disappear under sleeves and skirts. And they’re mostly soft, not hard.

But I’ve always identified with that thunk. Part of me has always been a brain rolling around in a cage—both the skin and bones cage that doesn’t behave, and the shells that try to help fix that.

Growing up, this sucked.

Worse, the available books I could identify with sucked too. Deenie? Once was fine, but everyone gave me Deenie as if there was nothing else. And there really wasn’t. I started leaving annotated pages of Deenie secreted around my doctors’ offices in protest.

The year before I was cast for that second brace, I found science fiction.

I realized early that I identified more with the ships I was reading about than their captains. Especially the brain ships. (I’m still incredibly partial to liveships like Farscape’s Moya, Bear & Monette’s The Lavinia Whateley (“Boojum”), and Aliette de Bodard’s mindships.)

It turns out that what I wanted wasn’t the story of a young woman coming to terms with her brace or her body (seriously it’s a fine story, but it didn’t fit me at all—or, rather, it fit me like a brace, constraining and awkward). What I wanted was something to love. I was listening for that familiar thunk on the hull; I just didn’t know it. That recognition that there was a mind inside a cage of muscle, bone, pain, fiberglass, and metal. The acknowledgement that a mind could do things—heroic things! Cool things!—even if the body rebelled.

The first time I read Anne McCaffrey’s short story “The Ship Who Sang,” I read that painful first line—”She was born a thing,” and the ensuing replacement of Helva’s body with something better, a brainship shell—and felt guilty that I had it easy in comparison, while being thrilled that the main character was female. At twelve, I didn’t quite grasp some problematic aspects of the story.* What I knew immediately was that “The Ship Who Sang” delighted me.

That delight stemmed from recognizing a part of myself in the story—a singer, an artist, a perfectionist, a twisted form, triumphant inside a hard, albeit fiberglass, shell.

I fell in love with Helva from the start, and never really let her go. She’s mine. My ship.

She was so much better than freaking Deenie.

Later, another story caught me up in similar ways, though, again, I didn’t realize why until a lot later. William Gibson’s “Winter Market” (Burning Chrome), features Max, a recording engineer, and Lise, a wunderkind artist about to go viral. Lise’s genetic disorder requires her to wear a full-body brace in order to survive, but this is faulty equipment too, so much so that the brace once trapped her starving and unable to move in a pile of garbage. Told from Max’s point of view, “Winter Market” opens with Lise’s escape to immortality: “It was like that the day her agents phoned to tell me she’d merged with the net, crossed over for good.”

In “Winter Market,” Lise creates something astoundingly beautiful and Max sees her for who she is when no one else does. I love the story. I thought I loved it because of what it said about art and dedication and rage; because of the connection between two people; because of how angry Lise was whenever anyone looked at her with anything approaching pity.

Lise is better than Deenie too.

But, as I said above, Lise is already gone by the time “Winter Market” begins, and my love for Gibson’s story has grown more complex and layered.

Lately, I’ve been arguing with Gibson in my head about Lise. (And, to a lesser extent, with McCaffrey about Helva.) Because Lise is a prop for “Winter Market.” She’s gone, and what she’s left behind and what she’s become are not Lise any more, in the narrator’s eyes especially. Because her tech cage failed her, maybe. Because her meat cage failed her too, probably. Because her mind needed to escape all that she was in order to fulfill what she was capable of.

I’m arguing about that now for a lot of reasons. First, because I can’t get out of my cage—none of us can—and second because I do not want to be gone. I want a world that lets me live, and love, and create, and be me, with whatever braces or tech I need. One that doesn’t stand in my way or expect me to disappear in one flaming act of creation. Gibson’s and McCaffrey’s stories helped me understand this, in their own ways.

So when I write characters like Djonn in Cloudbound and Horizon, or Lane in “Happenstance,” a short story coming out this summer in the FutureScapes anthology, I write them uncaged, even as I give them braces and tech to help support them. The cage I’m talking about is the story’s definition of who they are—where Lise is at one point garbage and the hole she leaves in the story, where Helva cannot be at all, unless her parents make her a ship. Djonn and Lane and others aren’t defined by their bodies and limitations; they have the tools to do their jobs and live their lives.

Sometimes people don’t notice my characters have disabilities because these characters are too busy living their lives.

I’m really very fine with that. I’m busy living my life too.

Even when the meatcage goes thunk.

*And has been beautifully explored by readers and academics including Dr. Ria Cheyne, in “She was born a Thing, Disability, The Cyborg, and the Posthuman (Journal of Mondern Literature 36.3)”


Fran Wilde is the author of the Andre Norton- and Compton Crook Award-winning, Nebula-nominated novel UPDRAFT (Tor 2015), its sequels, CLOUDBOUND (2016) and HORIZON (2017), and the Nebula- and Hugo-nominated novelette “The Jewel and Her Lapidary” ( Publishing 2016). Her short stories appear in Asimov’s,, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Shimmer, Nature, and the 2017 Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror. She writes for publications including The Washington Post,, Clarkesworld,, and You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and at

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          Bases 2015   
The Bases Project was founded by Miles Johnston twenty-one years ago to investigate the claims of several individuals who came forward to say they had been involved with a secret military base which they say lies deep underground beneath the village of Peasemorein Berkshire. These claims are deeply disconcerting; activities on the facility are alleged to include kidnapping and extrajudicial imprisonment, illegal human experimentation, genetic engineering, mind control and covert research into UFO's and extraterrestrial life, see: and: I've investigated Peasemore myself, see: Since then Miles has carried out a large number of interviews and investigations and has produced films he calls the Bases series. The Bases Project, previously when amalgamated with AMMACH, has also hosted a number of public events, see background links below, but the most recent one was by far the most ambitious.

The Bases Project Film Festival and 2nd International Conference 2015 was a three day event held from Friday July the 31st to Sunday August the 1st. It brought in speakers from as far away as Germanyand the United States of America, and delegates from locales such as the Netherlandsand Switzerland. One man travelled overnight by coach from Oban, Scotlandjust to be there for the final afternoon session. My good friend Colin gave me a lift from Oxford; he lives in Londonand therefore I'm about half way there so he often picks me up when we're both attending events in the West Country. He had with him in the car Dr Robert Duncan whom he had to meet at the airport. Dr Duncan had just arrived after a long journey by air from Idaho USA and so was completely doped up with jet lag; he slept in his seat for most of the drive to Wiltshire. I was delighted at the prospect of the upcoming conference. As regular HPANWO readers will know, I never travel abroad and take few domestic holidays, but the UFO/conspiracy/paranormal conference circuit is my equivalent of that. This is despite the fact that they are often working breaks. At the last Bases event I was a speaker, see: This time I was a judge in the Film Festival... as it turned out this was to be just the start of my involvement. The venue for this year's event was again a school, but a very different one to last year's traditional elite Illuminati induction centre with its esoteric ancient mound topped by a tank of polluted water. This time we were in the modern atrium of St John's International Academy, see: It was empty of pupils at this time of year. The conference was to be held in the theatre which had steep rows of folding seats like a lecture theatre, but it had a standard raised stage. As we arrived, Matthew Williams was exactly where I expected to see him, in the makeshift gallery at the front setting up his film and audio equipment. Miles Johnston was stomping around in Bermuda shorts and a tweed jacket with his face flushed and his white hair standing out like a lion's mane. "Where's the feckin' Blu-Ray remote!?" he bellowed in his Ulsterbrogue. "I left the fecker right here a minute ago on top of the feckin' projector for feck's sake!" Then the sweet anticipation I'd been feeling was satisfied as one old friend after another turned up and we had a happy reunion. The first speaker was David Hodrien ( The main conference wasn't due to start till Saturday, but Friday was the only day he was free so he was slipped into the schedule before the film festival. Dave gave a fascinating lecture about how music has been influenced by the UFO phenomenon. On my HPANWO Radio shows I sometimes play the 1947 song When you see those Flying Saucers, by the Buchanan Brothers, for example see:, and according to Dave it's the first ever certified UFO song. However it was by no means the last and many established artists have written pieces of music inspired by UFO's and alien contact; including David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Dickinson. There are also some bands with a dedicated UFO theme like Element 115 and C.E.IV, whom I've seen playing live at the Weird 11 conference in Swindon. Many musicians have had encounters too, including some household names like John Lennon, see: There's also a story told by VernonPresley, father of the "King of Rock and Roll" Elvis Presley, that there was a UFO flying above the house when his son was born. There's a tragic element to this story because Elvis had a twin who was stillborn. He expressed grief for his lost brother his whole life and had a shrine built for him at Graceland. It's possible that his feelings contributed to his eventual nervous breakdown and premature death, see: But is it possible there was a "walk-in" situation here, or attempt at one. Sometimes babies initially diagnosed as stillborn emerge alive and occasionally extraterrestrial influence could be the cause of this happy eventuality, as with Jason Andrews, see:
The Bases Project Film Festival was originally due to happen on a different date, but I think it was a good idea to have it consecutively with the main conference. The films began soon after David Hodrien's speech and I settled down with my notebook to watch them. Some of them are available free on YouTube, but I decided it wouldn't be fair to preview any of them unless I could do so for all of them. There were many entries out of which Miles selected ten nominations. The Dutch artist Mirjam Janse designed four beautiful trophies, three of which to give to the award winners, see above. The three categories were amateur, semi-professional and professional. The following is based on notes I made while watching the films. These are running observations based on a single viewing; I sometimes change my mind about a film after I've seen it more than once:
Beyond Apathy. Duration 5 mins 34 secs. Category: amateur. Dir. Anna Bragga.
A short film about the plans to introduce fluoridated drinking water into Bedfordshire. Serves as a good introduction to the dangers of fluoride. Will hopefully encourage viewers to find more details for themselves. Consists mostly of interviews with activists. (
Voice from the Gasfields. Duration 1 hr 1 min. Category: semi-pro. Dir. Ian R Crane.
Ian is a personal friend of mine, but I didn't let this prejudice me. Covers the resistance to fracking in Great Britain and Australia. Sadly Australiais well advanced of the rest of the world and there's a warning that we must learn from the Australians' mistakes or we'll go the same way. Subtitle It started with just One Well indicates that. Good use of music and graphics. Ian has shot hundreds of lecture recordings, but this is his first feature film and that requires different skills. Good first effort. It was moving to hear about how the ordinary folk living in the Queensland forests have had their lives ruined by fracking. (
22 The Light Codes. Duration 34 mins 30 secs. Category: semi-pro. Dir. Jergen van Meeteren.
This was an animation. No narrative and was purely abstract. Featured beautiful graphics and was very dreamlike and hypnotic. Even psychedelic. Its imagery included fractals, crop circle-like patterns and mandalas. (
Daisy Wheel Toruscope. Duration 7 mins. Category: amateur. Dir. Joanne Gray.
Another animation, much simpler this time. Has a lovely score; especially the opening piano solo. Illustration of a new discovery about how sacred geometry connects to the calendar, the hours of the day, astrology and astronomy. Even life cycles and plant seed growth. (
Fight for Justice. Duration 5 mins. Category: amateur. Dir. John Walson.
Another good summary and introduction like Beyond Apathy. It's about a personal ordeal at the hands of organized child abuse by the state and religious institutions. Very disturbing, but dignified. Stylistically it resembles a movie trailer for a longer film. (
Street Eyes. Duration 1 hr 15 mins. Category: pro. Dir. Ollie Marshall.
A fictional feature film. This covers a lot of important concepts rarely seen in Hollywood like Reptilians, demonic and angelic possession, indigo children, black-eyed humanoids, Area 51, zombies, men-in-black etc. The final scene is about the extraterrestrial abduction of unborn babies and was very disturbing. The narrative was slow-moving and tedious with some inept and botched attempts at humour. Acting and characterization were rather poor, but the actress who played Natalie wasn't bad. Technically it was very good. Well-composed score and sound effects, highly atmospheric. Excellent lighting and makeup. Some original and neat stylistic devices like designer crackling and lines on the screen. The ending was truncated, a bit anticlimactic. Could make room for a sequel? One of the minor characters was played by Stephen Bassett! (
Rush, Duration 1 hr. Category: semi-pro. Dir. Jane Clements.
Award winning film already, screened and Monacoand Cannes. All about the remarkable case of the "Fire Burn Doctor". Includes detailed testimonials of many people instantly cured of burns by the helpline. Interviews with Dr Philip Savage, the founder of the service. Amazing idea, but not enough info. Could have been longer and gone into more detail. Hope to see a sequel. (
Walk in Case. Duration 18 mins 29 secs. Category: amateur. Dir. Sandra Daroy.
Fiction. Tackles a lot of vital issues like the Djinn and implants. Mentions the late Dr Rauni Kilde. Very good score. Chilling scenes in the psychiatrist's office. The pub scenes were filled with background noise so the dialogue was hard to hear, but maybe that was the venue's audio. Was one of the characters based on Miles Johnston? (
Mind the Matrix. Duration 2 hr 14 mins. Category: pro. Dir. Christianne van Wijk.
Introduces various conspiratorial elements like GMO foods, vaccines, fracking etc. What's more the "Matrix" continues beyond death in a cycle of birth and rebirth. Interviews with Ian R Crane, Max Igan, Vinny Eastwood. Effective sinister score and sound effects. Resembles Voices from the Gasfields in style. Some of the scenes include different lighting effects within them. (
The Lake Drain. Duration 1 hr 23 mins. Category: pro. Dir. Jerry Griffin.
Another fictional feature film. Like Street Eyes it covers some vital esoteric subjects, including the hazards of CERN and the Large Hadron Collider. Features scenes that might be distortions of spacetime. Parodies of hillbillies. Very strange and offbeat. Surreal in both style and content. There's some humour, but is it intentional? A segment on deep underground military bases and an interview with the real Richard Sauder. The plot was hard to follow. I suspect the score and sound effects were all from a free music library. There are some weird sound effects inserted at odd moments, animal calls, helicopters and thunder claps. Spooky and a bit frightening in places. Intriguing movie. (
In the amateur category Fight for Justice won with Beyond Apathy as a runner up.
In the semi-professional category 22 The Light Codes won with Voices from the Gasfields as a runner up.
In the professional category Mind the Matrix won with Street Eyes as a runner up.
The viewing session was very long because we had short breaks between the screenings and in the end it even overlapped to the following day. Afterwards I got together with the other judges to make our decision. I know it's a bit of a cliché, but I mean it when I say standards were very high at this festival. I can honestly state, I did not dislike any of the films nominated and would happily watch any of them again. None of the films received no votes at all. The award ceremony was hosted by the woman I call "Jenny" in this article: She is now a regular at alternative events and we've become firm friends. The award ceremony was filmed and during it she appears and partly reveals her identity, but I don't know yet whether this footage will be published so I will not. As I say in the link, she is a fairly famous media personality, and we all know what happens career-wise to people like that who stray from the directed conformist norm.
The conference suffered from a number of setbacks. Along with missing remote controls there were a few more technical hiccups, yet Matthew and Miles recovered from most of them and the show went on as it must. However when the main conference began on Saturday we were without a master-of-ceremonies. Danielle la Verité (see here for more details: had originally been booked but she had not turned up. It is no secret that Danielle suffers from agoraphobia, a psychological disorder that means she feels very uncomfortable leaving home. I approached Miles and offered to step into her place seeing I have experience of being an MC, see:, and he agreed. I had some smart clothes in my bag and so got them out and ironed them. I had not put this set on for a few years as I'm not habitually a formal dresser, and to my frustration I found that they'd shrunk... I hope that's it anyway; the alternative is that I've grown! The trousers were completely indecent, but the shirt just went round me. However it left a draught gap at my midriff and constricted my throat a bit. So I wore that with my normal trousers and hoped I didn't look too silly. I also kept a hat on my head because photos and film of me without headgear tend to white out my scalp on camera, a bit like the snooker player Willie Thorne. My hat was white and therefore equally reflective, but I look less ridiculous with a hat whited out. Matthew said next time he'll give me some makeup! I wished Danielle a speedy and complete recovery and then took to the stage. Because of my MC duties I was not able to take notes of the speakers' talks so my reviews below will have to be brief. The first speaker was Daganac'h (!daganach/c1enr) a beautiful Norwegian lady. She describes herself as an embodiment of the divine feminine and somebody dedicated to helping humanity return to divine natural law and order. I had got to know Daganac'h quite well because we were both staying at the home of a mutual friend. She is very likeable and friendly. We helped cook a dinner together after we arrived on Thursday night. She was originally an air hostess with SAS airlines, but had a spiritual awakening which changed her life. I'm glad to say that she is opposed to conventional secular feminism because I'm also a very harsh critic of it, see: As far as she's concerned, liberating women is about creating a spiritual balance and not just supplanting male domination with its female antithesis. Simon Miles ( gave a talk that might make you reconsider if you've decided that you've got crop circles sussed, whatever your personal conclusion. Simon has found that there are symbols encoded into more than one crop circle that appeared in the same area over a period of many years. These include a menorah, a ritual Jewish candlestick with seven heads, the famous "pi" crop circle and a strange decoding of the Bible called "the Bible Wheel". As you can see in the link above, the author Simon draws on has renounced his previous discoveries; would Simon's work make him think again? Unfortunately I had to swap hats during the next session and become a film judge again, so I missed most of the talk by Dr Emma Therese-Lewis ( which is a shame because she looks really interesting. Once I'd introduced her I just popped back in to call her to time and give her an outro. She's an academic and clinical psychologist who runs a private practice locally, so in the West Country perhaps that's not really mainstream and career-threatening. She was running one of the workshops at the event. Maria Wheatley ( was another speaker whose talk I had to miss in part. She lectured with her usual passion and eloquence about the ancient megalithic sites and her research into them. Interestingly, a bit of history here, I once met Maria a very long time ago in 199-something, long before I started HPANWO, when I went on a dowsing course at the Rollright Stones, Oxfordshire. I'd been invited along by a New Age pseudo-friend. She was accompanied then by her late father who shared her interests and skills. Harald Kautz-Vella ( came all the way from Germany for a second visit in just a few weeks; he had shared the stage with me at the Woodborough event, see: He is a prolific author and covers a wide variety of interconnecting subjects from social engineering, cultural Marxism and mind control to chemtrails, the black goo and transhumanism. He believes our "bio-field" has been moved from non-linear empathic forms to binary, egotistical and left-brain centred forms, deliberately. Then after a tea break came the first in a double bill with our keynote speaker Dr Robert Duncan (, now with his circadian rhythm adjusted to British Summer Time. His speciality is transhumanism, the creation of cyborgs and how it relates to mind control. His research ties in well with Harald Kautz-Vella's although he is far less radical. In fact Harald and Dr Duncan had a long and very jargon-dense debate about mad cow disease during the Q and A's on both days. I asked him a question myself because he seemed to be giving out two different messages about transhumanism. During his two addresses he gave us multiple reasons to be concerned about how such high technology could be abused, but then went on to say how positive it was. How can such a subject be in any way positive without a social revolution beyond anything we can imagine? Max Igan puts it very pithily in his film about transhumanism; how much can we be transhumanized without losing our humanity? Especially when we have an elite which has none. The vision the ruling class might have for a cyborg future is likely to be very different to that of naive fools like Ray Kurzweil, see here for more details: Saturday ended very late because the first speaker on Sunday, Dollie Indigostar ( had to be shifted forward to Saturday at short notice. Dollie was certainly the most charismatic speaker. She is a very diminutive woman whose head barely comes above my waist but she is packed with energy. She glided up and down the stage in flowing movements wearing Gypsy pantaloons and lots of unusual jewellery. She talked about indigo children, whom we've all heard of, but also "golden", "crystal" and "rainbow" children. These are all "starseeds", humans with extraterrestrial souls, who are intended to bring healing and spiritual enlightenment to the world. This ties in eerily with David Hodrien's talk where he mentioned Elvis.
After the day's proceedings were over I shed my shirt and tie with relief. Colin and I headed for Knap Hill to watch the sunset and skywatch as we have before, see the links to my coverage of previous Bases events. The sun was shining although heavy cloud was rolling in. We didn't see any UFO's but did wonder at the glory of the full moon rising, tinted blood red by atmospheric filtering. I heard the voice of Douglas Adams, creator of Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, echoing in my head: "Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?" I don't agree with Adamsat all, in fact I think his point is pretty meaningless. I fantasize replying to him: "Is it necessary to disbelieve that there are fairies at the bottom of it in order to appreciate the garden's physical beauty?" I haven't paid Dr Steven Greer his five thousand dollars and so don't know the CE5 protocols, but I played a recording of David Griffin being interviewed on my mobile phone. However the UFO's did not flock to the sound of a familiar voice. While we were on Knap Hill, Colin and I filmed a "fast blast" video for Facebook, see:

The Bases conferences 2015 have taken place in a period of controversy for the organization. After the initial investigation of Barry King's claims related to the Peasemore base another man came forward professing knowledge, James Casbolt aka Michael Prince. He has just been sentenced to twelve years in prison for blackmailing and threatening his ex-wife and her family, and for stalking other women, see: I first met James Casbolt back in 2006 at the Probe conferences. Interestingly he had a girlfriend with him in those days, a blonde American called Haley, although according to the newspaper link the couple met four years later. Was this a different girl? How did a rich heiress like Haley Meijer end up marrying such an unlikely man? What's more his fast-tracked American citizenship papers and enlistment in the USarmed forces seems unusually easy. A lot related to this story doesn't add up. Not least because of James' extraordinary personality change. Believe it or not, he used to be a cheery, happy-go-lucky character yet when I bumped into him again at last year's Bases at the Barge, see: background links above, he was transformed. He was cagey and dour. He seemed almost embarrassed to meet me. On stage he was very aphasic and evasive. Then I began hearing from some of my female friends that he had been harassing women online. It was inevitable that this subject would be tabled during proceedings at the conference. Another piece of news that emerged during the conference was that "Rowdy" Roddy Piper has died. The Scottish-Canadian wrestler turned actor is well known in the Conspirasphere for playing the lead in John Carpenter's incredibly meaningful film They Live, see: I gave a few quotes from the movie from the movie on stage as a tribute to him.
Mirjam Janse ( opened the day's activities. She ad-libbed an uplifting and interesting lecture about healing, crop circles and aliens; and how they relate to our own bodies and souls. Mirjam also had a workshop running in one of the adjoining rooms. She is... if you were paying attention... the artist who designed the Film Festival trophies. Then came David Shayler ( a former British intelligence officer who bravely spoke out against corruption and murder by the UKgovernment. Hopefully this will serve as an example for other agents to follow. He talked about the law and how the UKjudiciary is an unlawful institution that has stripped us of our constitutional rights under English common law. He also talked about the wonders of hemp and its predicted suppression. See here for a HPANWO Radio interview with Shayler: Graham Harvey ( gave one of the best talks of the event. His subject is one I am fascinated by and consider one of the most important in the world: farming; because if we have no food nothing else matters. He explains how modern agriculture could be made so much less harmful if it went back to a "mixed" system of arable and livestock together rotated around different fields. Instead we have factory farms producing monoculture produce, toxic chemicals and genetically modified crops on the land. He didn't mention "terra preta", but off stage he and I talked about it, see: Next we had an extended presentation by a couple, Max Spiers and Sarah Adams ( They spoke both together in dialogue and as individuals about many subjects. They gave a bit of their own back story about their own unpleasant relationship with James Casbolt. Max has been involved with elite mind control projects while Sarah has had a spiritual awakening that has helped her deal with the troubles she's had in her life. Max and Sarah are a sweet couple who are very manifestly in love and who both have a vision for a better world.

When I gave my final address as MC, I warned the delegates about what was to come at the end of the conference. As I've said many times before, for example here:, the end of a good UFO/conspiracy/paranormal conference can be a surprisingly unsettling and gloomy affair. The closure of the event is very abrupt. Once we've had all the thank you's and goodbye's the lights go on, people get up from their seats and leave the theatre to begin their journey back to the normal world. After a weekend of being around people who understand and appreciate us for who we are, we all have to go back to our private isolated bubbles where everybody around us thinks we're crazy. It's difficult to describe to an outsider the camaraderie of the UFO/conspiracy/paranormal conference circuit. Events like those organized by Bases are very intense. The emotion, atmosphere and surroundings can be deeply intoxicating. A few of us hung around in the auditorium while Miles and Matthew hastily tidied up their equipment while Roger and Rosemary on reception did the same. I found myself feeling almost angry with these friends of mine, not because I dislike them; on the contrary, it's because I love them so dearly. I was angry because being separated from them made me feel the way it did. Angry that the conference couldn't just carry on indefinitely and we could just stay together. Some of them talked about heading down to the pub for a drink before going home, but I just wanted to get the painful parting over with and set a course for Oxfordright away. In the end Jenny persuaded Colin and me to go to the pub. Once I was there I was glad I'd come and my spirits lifted a bit. The others were staying for a big organized dinner, but not me and Colin. We said a heartfelt goodbye to Jenny and left Marlborough. We were accompanied on the drive home by a jolly and talkative man whom I'll call "Tom" (not his real name). He lives in Kidlington, just outside Oxford, so he is one person on the scene I can stay in touch with locally. He wasn't going straight home though; we dropped him off at a lovely pub called the Gardeners Arms, one I used to go in regularly, where he was taking part in a pub quiz. He was very enthusiastic about us joining him for a "swift half" before leaving. However as I stood in the pub full of people hunched over their quiz sheets talking loudly I felt my surroundings closing in on me. I hinted to Colin that I wanted to get out of there right away. Tom meant no harm and I don't blame him; it was just the mental state I was in. I may be a big tough ugly ex-hospital porter, but I'm not invulnerable; I have my limits. Thank you very much to Miles, Matthew, Roger and Rosemary, and everybody else who made the Bases Project Film Festival and 2nd International Bases Conference 2015 happen. That includes all the speakers and delegates. I enjoyed every minute of it. The good news is that in a few weeks it's the Warminster 50 event, see: a lot of the people at Bases are also going there, so we'll meet again very soon. Watch the HPANWO space for a report on that.

          AMMACH Conference 2013   
See here for the AMMACH homepage:
Here’s their YouTube channel with all their interviews: 
Here’s my HPANWO TV reportage on last year’s AMMACH Conference:

The AMMACH Project is only just over two years old, yet in those twenty-seven months it has taken the UFO/conspiratorial community by storm. The Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline (0795-1752-0813) has created a community of researchers, ET contact experiencers and their supporters, filmed hundreds of hours of interviews with witnesses and built a network of meet-ups and support groups, both closed and open. They’re based in England, but have operated in other countries too, like the United States and the Czech Republic. Their videos have been shown on the brilliant PSTV channel which is broadcast on Sky TV 191. AMMACH’s directors, Miles Johnston and Joanne Summerscales, are two people I have encountered before at other events before I did through AMMACH (see: and they come across as very different characters indeed; but they obviously gel together very well in their working capacity to have achieved what they have.

It was a cold and grim morning as Ustane and I trudged through the Saturday morning streets of Nottingham. The spring of 2013 has been so cold that it’s virtually non-existent, an “Indian Winter”. We approached the venue with curiosity and trepidation because it was The Belgrave Rooms, see: This imposing building on Goldsmith Street was built in 1880 and today is hired out for conferences and wedding receptions etc, but just a quick look at the exterior and interior will show that it is a Freemasonic Temple. Of course there are many buildings created by Masons that are no longer Freemasonic centres and have been converted by new owners to other functions, but it appears that The Belgrave Rooms are still actively used by Nottingham’s lodges, see: I’ve made an accompanying HPANWO TV video, that will be uploaded shortly, in which I study the very blatant and ostentatious Illuminati symbolism of this building, see: Oddly enough Ustane and I had been there before to a Truth/UFO/conspiracy event; in 2009 Lloyd Pye, owner of the Starchild Skull, spoke there. Personally I don’t think it’s very sensible for we in the Truth Movement to hold our events at locations that are in any way associated with the Freemasons. I don’t know the circumstances in which AMMACH organized this conference, except that I heard they tried the Britannia Hotel again and it was not available; but I would have advised them never to consider The Belgrave Rooms unless it was an absolute last resort, or the only option for minimizing ticket costs etc. I was talking to one of the speakers afterwards and they said it “messed me up”. Ustane and I entered the building and were led to a large and elegant room called the “Ionic Dining Room”, a vaulted hall filled with round dinner tables covered by tablecloths. This was far bigger than the small conference room with rows of seats where Lloyd Pye had done his lecture. I think this conference had originally been planned for a smaller room and moved to this larger chamber at the last minute; therefore it took a while for Miles to set up all his equipment. But nobody minded because it gave us longer to socialize. It was great to meet up with friends like Cathi Morgan (see: and fellow Critical Mass Radio host Sacha Christie (see Links column) Also my Probe-buddy Dave Morgan was there, and other friends like Ellis Taylor and Ann Andrews, who were speaking. Sadly Colin Woolford was not able to attend; he was very much missed by us all and I’m sure he regrets his absence too. As I sipped coffee in the entrance hall to the venue I was approached by a group of smart-looking young women who asked me to sign a TV disclosure form. I’ve dealt with these kinds of forms before and therefore recognized these people immediately as a TV production crew. I got talking to them and they told me they were from a company called Off the Fence Productions, see: They are commissioned to produce a documentary about AMMACH for Channel 4. Alarm bells rang! I hope Joanne and Miles know what they’re doing. Getting involved with mainstream TV is a precarious business; my own experience in that department is almost entirely negative, see: However, after talking to them for a while I relaxed; I was quite impressed with how positive they sounded. I’ve often said that even in the mainstream media there’s a limit to what can be forcibly covered up and biased, see:; these people seemed very genuine. One of them said: “This project has been a real adventure for me, a life-changing journey”. The programme is scheduled to be broadcast in the autumn and I look forward to it; I feel that the quality of this forthcoming TV programme could be a major gauge by which to measure the impact on society of not only AMMACH, but UFO/conspiracy matters in general. At the moment I feel optimistic that Miles' and Joanne's gamble will pay off and it will be a well-composed and fair programme. Time will tell for sure.

(These reports on the speakers' addresses are based on notes I took during the speeches which I've recorded to the best of my abilities. If I've made any factual errors then I apologize.)

Jeff Scott
ET Surveillance and the Military
There’s a common notion among the Skeptics that people who go public with stories about alien contact and government surveillance do so because they’re desperate for attention and want to attract fame and fortune. This is total nonsense, and one look at Jeff Scott should prove that to anybody. Far from being a seeker of the limelight Jeff Scott is a very softly-spoken young man wearing casual clothes and with long dreadlock hair, who appears quite reluctant to appear on stage in front of many people; he is inexperienced in giving live lectures and has not made his public persona a high priority in life. In this way he reminds me very much of Chantelle Piper from last year’s AMMACH Conference. He says he comes from a mixture of Celtic, Jewish and Norwegian bloodlines and sees this as significant. Genetics and alien contact is a big subject, but I’m not sure general racial origins make any difference on their own; specific families however do and I’d be interested to know more about Jeff’s. What’s happened is that for all his life he has been abducted from his home in Reading, Berkshire by the Government in what is known as a “Military Abduction- MilAb”. The earliest one he remembered happened when he was aged four. He was also, as an adult, staying in a hotel in Manchester when he was taken from there by a group of people led by a blonde woman. He had electronic implants inserted into his body through his nose into his brain, a feature Marie Kayali would bring up later in the day. The relationship between MilAbs and alien abduction is one sprinkled with all kinds of theories. Some people regard one as a charade to disguise the other; I disagree with both. It’s particularly fashionable nowadays to claim that all alien abduction is nothing more than “stagecraft” to launder the activities of military abductors; but the more honest and intelligent researchers understand that this is simply fallacious. That being said however, the involvement of the Government and military in alien contact and those experiencing it is undeniable. Jeff is the son of a Ministry of Defence policeman who was responsible for nuclear weapons facilities like the Trident base in Scotland. In Reading there is an old stately home called Caversham Park used by BBC Monitoring, an organization set up in World War II and acts as a link between TV and the intelligence services. According to Jeff it’s guarded by Americans armed with guns and when he tried investigating this place he found himself under surveillance. He was followed by strange people and was then attacked by a man at a party in London whom he identified as a Mossad spy. He was even followed on holiday to Spain and had his luggage tampered with at the airport. Most disturbingly of all, he had his mobile phone replaced by a dummy that matched it in function but gave off a signal many times too powerful, so much so that it gave him a cyst in his mouth and made a lightbulb burst. He says that there is a base in south Oxfordshire near Junction 6 of the M40. This is just by Lewknor where the coaches stop on their way between Oxford and London. There is a major excavation there where the motorway cuts through the peaks of the Chiltern Hills, “the Stokenchurch Gap”, but I’ve seen nothing suspicious there myself. Although the area seems to have a strange microclimate; sometimes it's sunny on one side of the Gap and raining on the other. What's more, a dozen miles further east, just past High Wycombe, the motorway passes within sight of Egypt Wood, part of the Burnham Beeches area that is reputed to be the location of Satanic ritual. Jeff has a very mature attitude to alien contact and understands the point I made above: it isreal, but this does in no way diminish the reality and importance of MilAbs. He comes from a region of England that I’ve noticed has particular properties. It is many miles across and covers the southern border of Oxfordshire and into Berkshire as far as Reading. It is populated by people who appear disturbed and demoralized. Didcot, for instance, a few miles north of Reading, is a place where everybody seems miserable and irritable; the staff at the railway station are always rude and aggressive. Another feature of this area is that it contains a large number of large, heavy industrial scientific laboratories, like the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, see:, the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the Diamond Light Synchrotron, see: It’s also reputed to be the location of the Peasemore base, as described by James Casbolt/Michael Prince and Barry King. This is said to lie beneath the countryside at a depth of three hundred feet. It does look as if this region holds some kind of significance in that area and Jeff’s information adds to the evidence. It was a very interesting speech; Jeff was beaten by the clock in finishing, but he ended on a positive note that I wholeheartedly endorse: the key to planetary change is transformation of the collective consciousness of humanity. Kindness and compassion has to take the place of distrust and resentment.

Ann Andrews
The second speaker to take the stand was somebody I know very well and have met many times, Ann Andrews. The point I made above about attention-seekers applies even more to Ann Andrews. She is a gentle and maternal character who lives in a remote farmhouse. She has always maintained that she wanted nothing more from life than to be left in peace with her family and animals to bring up her two sons. She has been forced into the situation in which she finds herself today by her experiences. I myself have visited Ann’s home and can vouch for the strange things that go on there: The strange occurrences surrounding her younger son Jason started at his birth and continue to this day when he is aged almost thirty. Most significantly there was an incident when he was a small child in which a huge thunderclap was heard above their house and somebody knocked hard on the door. Jason then went into a trance and began reciting complicated mathematical formulae. To begin with Ann and her husband Paul took Jason to the doctor to try and heal his strange behaviour; they were not originally people naturally inclined to believing in “superstitious nonsense” and did what nearly all parents would do when concerned for their child. It was only when Jason’s psychiatrist failed to get to the bottom of his condition that Ann and Paul very reluctantly began to accept that they might be dealing with the fact that his alien encounters were real; they then approached the late and lamented Tony Dodd, a former police officer turned alien abduction researcher. It was then that Ann began recovering memories of her own alien contact experiences, and also mysterious events surrounding her own father, a Gypsy. Gypsies are people with a great tradition in mystical wisdom and esoteric arts and her father was a horse-whisperer. What's more, as I said above, these things often run in families. Unlike many people in Exopolitics, Ann thinks that the link between UFO’s and other paranormal phenomena, and indeed the spiritual, should be emphasized, not rejected. This I agree with and I’ve always doubted the classic Extraterrestrial Hypothesis; UFO’s are not necessarily nuts and bolts spacecraft, more sophisticated versions of our own Saturn V and Space Shuttle, piloted by flesh and blood aliens, flying here across light-years of space from a planet we could see if we had a good enough telescope. The truth may be very different, and far more interesting. I think studying the UFO phenomenon alongside other kinds of unexplained occurrences is very progressive. There is a definite link between them as John Keel discovered many years ago. Ann saw “ghosts”, including one of her dog, as well as aliens; this is why I called my article about her house My Trip to a Haunted House. She and her family have encountered men-in-black and have taken orb photographs. Interestingly a lot of these photos were taken on disposable film cameras, not digitals. This nullifies one of the main Skeptic arguments: that orbs are simply a product of digital photography. Ann’s family have been often harassed by the authorities, another feature of extraterrestrial contact. Her computer has been wiped and her home broken into. She has more recently had incidents happen in her life that make her think… or hope, that she is protected by otherworldly powers. A recent grassfire near her house was deflected away by a means she still doesn’t understand. Also her son was involved in a terrible car crash that under normal circumstances would probably have killed him, yet he walked away from with a few bruises. After seeing the high strangeness in Ann’s house for myself, along with reading Ann’s story, I find my normally resilient and diplomatic tolerance for the Skeptics strain. Ann is not… not… hankering after fame and fortune. Her connection with the world of the outlandish has caused her much heartache. In her books she reveals aspects of her contact experiences that she does not talk about live because the emotional agony of them is still so great. She is both an ordinary, and extraordinary, lady who has had to adapt her life to a world in which the unbelievable has become everyday. Both she and her family have had to struggle to do this and for them to adapt back would be a huge weight off their shoulders.

Ellis Taylor
A Life in the Daze
See Links Column   
My old mate Ellis Taylor hardly needs introducing to regular HPANWO-readers. He describes himself as an “otherworld traveller”, somebody who from an early age has experienced the worlds normally hidden from view behind what conventional wisdom calls “reality”. I have synchronistically just managed to get hold of a copy of the controversial new book by Rupert Sheldrake, The Science Delusion, (see: and was reading it on the coach on my way to Nottingham. So I was in a perfect frame of mind to understand Ellis’ lecture. To begin with he explained how science has changed the world so much for the better, it has taught us so much. Ellis is a fan of the American physicist and philosopher of science, Michio Kaku, as I am, and we are certainly not as the Skeptics like to portray us: “anti-science”. In fact it is scientists like Silas Beane who are more and more confirming what we so called “loonies” have been saying for centuries. Beane has described reality as a “grand computer simulation”. Yet Ellis also understands how science in the wrong hands can serve as a tool for suppression and limitation. Interestingly Rupert Sheldrake was attacked by a man wielding a knife, see:’m sure I wrote an article about this at the time but it seems to have disappeared. I must replace it with a new one). Ellis related many of his particular experiences that I have written about before in articles like this one: The biggest secret, Ellis says, is not just the title of a book by David Icke, but is the true nature of reality, spiritual reality. This is the secret that governments keep from us more than any other; it’s bigger than aliens, bigger than 9/11, bigger than Free Energy, bigger than the Reptilians. Both science and religion, these two apparent opposites, are used to suppress this biggest secret; science says: “It’s mystical nonsense”, religion says: “It’s witchcraft and the Devil”. But I’ve seen how they will put all their “differences” aside and stand side by side, shoulder-to-shoulder, and unite in condemnation of anybody approaching that biggest secret. But there is a dark side to spirituality and the dark side has rallied with hoaxers and plants, the mainstream media playing a role. For Ellis “news” is an acronym: “NEWS- No Evidence Will Suffice”; very good! Must remember that one. It’s a shame because many journalists are taught the Journalists Creed by Walter Williams, see:, but everything in the practical reality of modern propaganda breaks this creed. But, as I’ve said above, there are limits on what can be kept from us, even in the most tightly controlled mainstream media. For instance nobody could prevent such an illustrious figure as John Lennon relating his own UFO experience, see: But then he was assassinated by Mark Chapman, a man whose name means “dealer in war”. Ellis doesn’t think the names of people like his are a coincidence. I enjoyed this latest speech by Ellis as much as I have all of his others; along with the stories he tells every time he always includes something new. He has been speaking out for a long time and was one of the first esoteric researchers I encountered when I first became conspiratorially-aware. 

Marie Kayali
The AMMACH Conference 2013 is dedicated to the loving memory Marie Kayali's daughter Gina who died in suspicious circumstances on November the 2nd last year at the age of twenty. The banner of the conference, which I reproduce with the organizers' permission, is based on a painting she did just two hours before her death. The lovely, colourful butterfly motif is very poignant; it reminds me of the research of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Kubler-Ross visited many old death row prisons and death camps and saw time and time again that people had been carving pictures of butterflies on the walls and wooden bedsteads etc, as if the image, a classic symbol of rebirth and the Afterlife, had come into their heads just before their own passing. Marie herself has had contact experiences from the age of three at her home in Ireland; blue-suited Nordic beings coming out of the walls of her bedroom. She also saw "Angel Hair" in a field. Nowadays this is a rare addition to the UFO phenomenon, see: She had another experience aged seventeen at her boyfriend's house when she moved to England. He was so traumatized by it that he had a nervous breakdown and has never recovered. Her surname is Arabic, not Irish, and this is because she was married to a Syrian intelligence agent who is the son of a famous diplomat; Henry Kissinger is a close family friend of the Kayali's. When she was pregnant with Gina she was told she had such a perfect pregnancy that she warranted "assisting with medical research"; something she regretted in later years. In 1998 her daughter, aged about 5 or 6 at the time, saw a triangular UFO. Like Jeff, Marie has also had implants put in her body, a dozen or more in her joints and head. Many of them are inside her brain and cannot be safely removed. However she had her first implant removed in 1966 as a small child. She's had a scan just a few weeks ago at the International UFO Congress in Arizona USA; the implants are still there. What sometimes happens is that even when implants are removed they often come back, with as much mystery as when they first appear. She allowed her examination by Steve Colbern ( to be filmed: Oddly enough Steve and his team had to drive two hundred and fifty miles to get to Congress and they have reported missing time on the way, and on the journey back. Marie has had no identifiable contact with the military and is positive that all her experiences are truly extraterrestrial. I've never had any experiences like hers myself, but I find opinion varies considerably and appearances can sometimes be deceptive. However, as I said above, there's no doubt the reality of both ET contact and MilAbs is true. Marie also revealed another aspect of her contact experiences that is also a common feature of the phenomenon, dating right back to George Adamski and his contemporaries; she was shown images of the planet Earth being destroyed by war, environmental damage and other human ecological crimes. The aliens often stress that these are not predictions, they are warnings. They are what will happen if we do not change our ways and evolve our consciousness to a higher spiritual level. Marie ended her speech with a dig at the media: "They treat UFO's as a joke. Well that in itself makes them a joke" Well said! Take note, Off the Fence Productions. Don't be like the others; break the mould! 

Sarah Goodley and Kate Baxter
The last address was a two-hander by two ladies involved with a new affiliated project AMMACH CHEX- Child Experiencer Reports. I have recently read Jon Ronson's book What I Do in which this renowned conspiratorial pundit pours scorn on the concept of "Indigo Children" and comes close to accusing parents who take the idea of ET contact seriously as virtually negligent, even abusive. In today's Britain, where Social Services will snatch children from the arms of their parents almost on the nod, those are dangerous words; the other side of the story needs to be told. For some reason children with a rhesus-negative blood group are statistically far more likely to be abducted by the State; this may be related to the Royal nature of that group. One of Henry VIII's wives probably had it due to the problems she experienced during pregnancy. Sarah comes from a family in which there have been many stillbirths; a life-shattering experience that I can sympathize with because it's affected my own family too. Her father spent most of his life in mental care and Sarah thinks he was an experiencer. She wistfully spoke about Turkey, a country in which experiencers are treated far better, and today Turkey has a productive UFOlogical community, see: Children especially need institutions of support, freedom of expression and belief by parents and other adults. They need to be able to cope with duality because that invariably results. CHEX will provide child-parent workshops, eclectic methods and identification for further support. We're living in a world in which there is a War on Children, there's no other word for it. The State is intervening in child-rearing wherever it can, probably with a goal to breaking up families and replacing it with communal upbringing by a Big Brother government. Children are being hit with multiple vaccines and pharmaceuticals at every opportunity. ET contact experiences are one more way the Government can use to tear their lives apart.
Kate Baxter (I'm guessing that's not her real name) insisted on having all the cameras turned off when she took the stage. She is a serving midwife and if her employers found out she was speaking at AMMACH she'd be instantly discharged. Regular readers will know that I can put myself in her shoes very well indeed, see: Also for nine years I was a Delivery Suite Porter and worked alongside midwives and obstetricians in the "birthing machine" as she called it. During the Q and A I asked her for more details and apparently they could easily have her on the NHS whistle-blowing policy. I gasp with frustration when people tell me that if there really were secrets in medicine we'd all hear about it because "the doctors would tell us"! Kate Baxter explained how so much of the drugs, medical interventions and post-natal treatments for babies are unnecessary, not only unnecessary but unnatural and pathogenic. In this way she echoes perfectly the research of Jeanice Barcelo; I highly recommend this interview: Like Jeanice, Kate bravely speaks out bravely against the artificial and robotic nature of pregnancy and childbirth. Women conceiving babies without a good lover, being forced to work through their pregnancy, being induced, given harmful drugs, the babies not being allowed to be held by the mother and enduring as their first experience of life injections, being laid on cold tables, Jeanice speaks of them having their genitals mutilated. I do miss Hospital Portering, but my feelings are very ambivalent. Being out of it is a huge weight off my conscience! The mechanization of childbirth is a manifest symptom of the mechanization of humanity itself. Miles said himself during the Q and A that natural human beings are on the verge of extinction; we're being wiped out by the Illuminati elite and replaced with a slave race of cyborgs. Useful idiots like Ray Kurzweil trumpet the advantages of transhumanist technology without understanding that it contains the keys to our downfall as a species; and our planet, as Marie Kayali's experiences revealed.

After the Conference was over we all went to the pub for an informal celebration. There I had some brilliant conversations with the speakers and delegates. One of them was a young woman who used to be one of the early AMMACH witnesses, but had asked for her video to be removed after her child was taken into care, so corroborating the portent of Sarah Goodley's and Kate Simpson's. I took out my camera and shot a brief vox pop HPANWO TV video with some of the other AMMACH delegates there; it also contains footage of the venue, see: I felt extremely tired by then. Conferences take a lot of my energy and the better they are the more tired they make me. Seems strange when all we're doing is quietly sitting down. Luckily Ellis Taylor was staying with me and Ustane and so we got a lift home in his car. I really enjoyed the AMMACH Conference 2013 and I'm very grateful to Miles and Joanne, all the speakers and everybody else involved with organizing it. It was even better than the conference last year, and that was very good as I've said. AMMACH has done a lot of good work and I hope it continues. Another interesting thing, out of the myriad of interesting things that happened that day, was that I was sitting in the auditorium writing the notes that are the basis for this article, and my pen ran dry. The pen was one I've been using for a number of months; it's a only a cheap, grey plastic disposable biro, much like any other. The remarkable, and possibly synchronous, thing was that it had printed along its barrel, the words: Britannia Hotels- Nottingham. Yes, I picked it up and first used it at the first AMMACH Conference last year, and it has lasted exactly long enough to run dry at the second. I've decided to keep the spent pen as a souvenir, along with my programme and ticket.

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          Von: Johannes   
Nun, der Punkt bei der Sache ist doch, dass Gott in Jesus Christus sein volles Ja zum Menschen gegeben hat, wie er von ihm geschaffen wurde und dass solche Cyborgs ein klares Nein zur Schöpfung Gottes und zur Liebe zum Menschen, wie er ist, ausdrücken. Denn die Forderung ist doch, es besser zu machen als Gott und die leidige Begrenztheit des Menschen zu überwinden. Dass neue technische Errungenschaften für einige Menschen hilfreich sein können, ist wohl wahr – und dazu können auch Implantate, Prothesen usw. zählen. Aber darum geht es hier nicht wirklich. (Es wäre auch für sehr viele Menschen hilfreich, ihnen einfach Wasser und Brot geben – man kann natürlich auch sehr teure Roboter auf den Mars schießen.) Christen haben etwas besseres als elektronische Krücken, die einige menschliche Grenzen überwinden mögen. Sie haben das Evangelium von der Gnade und Liebe Gottes, das Schuld, Hass, Zorn und letztlich die für Menschen unüberbrückbare Grenze des Todes überwindet. Gott macht es immer besser als wir!
          Von: Cristiano   
(auf Englisch) This is very an interesting subject. If you think in the example of Google Glasses project, one can also see that we are already using technology to augment the way we perceive our reality (so, "augmented reality"), even if we are not becoming cyborgs [1]. So, for me, this is already a type of "post-humanism". A human being will always be a human being, with or without implants, technological or not; the question is (and again I'm thinking on Google Glasses example): is it always good "to augment ourselves"? What's the purpose of that? What drives us to become "super-humans"? [1]
          Von: Schandor   
Und auch hier: und hier: und hier:ündigung-Gesellschaft/dp/3100624130/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1345735940&sr=1-1 und hier: Das müssen – wenn man den Cyborgs glaubt – lauter Trottel gewesen sein, die solchen Unsinn verzapft haben.
          Larry Vales: Traffic Division, creator's commentary 1   
I will be posting this elsewhere as well, maybe in a somewhat refined format, maybe not. But I might as well toss this up for now. Somebody uploaded a walkthrough in five parts, and though it obviously misses out on a lot of the description-window jokes, it hits enough of them that I thought I'd write this up for anyone who might be at all interested.


The voice: Though it's practically identical to the Monty Python "Gumby" voice (any dis-similarity is down to my utter lack of skill as a voice actor), the voice is actually an in-joke with some friends of mine. It's based on a boy we went to school with, who actually sounded very little like that, but such is the nature of schoolyard harassment. I don't mean to make it sound as though our impersonations of him were relentlessly cruel; it was light-hearted and I never heard him complain or get too upset. It's just that, at some point, we decided that every single sentence in the world would be funnier if spoken in that voice. If you disagree--and you probably do--then you should thank your lucky stars that you didn't know me in person 10 years ago. The misreading of the title cards is a separate, unrelated joke, and one that I quite like.

The icons: The graphical cursors are enormous, unwieldy, and ugly. You wouldn't know it to look at them, but I modeled them on the cursors from Space Quest 6, which I thought were an absolutely perfect design for what they were supposed to do. Somehow I ended up with something almost entirely different; as though I intended to single-handedly duplicate the recipe for Coca-Cola, but didn't get any further than making sure the can was red.

The score: A Hitch-hiker's Guide reference, though I doubt anyone out there didn't know that already. There are a few too many 42s sprinkled throughout this game and its sequel. I apologize belatedly for the reliance on this non-joke. I'm sure the me of 2000 has a good reason for thinking it was so funny, but the me of 2010 certainly doesn't. Also, you will exceed the maximum score by the end of the game. This is a little funnier. A little.

References: "Bladerun Like Hell" is a reference to Bladerunner, of course, a film with which the game's plot shares a similarity. If I had gone with my original plot idea (read on) the parallels would have likely been much stronger. It's also a reference to Run Like Hell, a song by Pink Floyd off of their album The Wall. It's the first of a few Pink Floyd references, which is somewhat surprising to me now as I didn't become a genuine fan of theirs until a few years later. (At this point I was mainly into Bob Dylan and The Who.) The alternate title is a reference to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which is the Philip K. Dick novel that inspired Bladerunner, and is thus one of the few jokes in this game that doesn't feel shoe-horned in beyond any respect for natural enjoyment or cohesiveness. Enjoy it while you can!

The music: Sultans of Swing, by the Dire Straits. Not a huge Straits fan, but they've got some excellent stuff. My process for scoring this game consisted of visiting this enormous archive of MIDI classic-rock songs. Sometimes I'd think a song would be perfect for a certain scene, so I'd download the MIDI and realize how much different it sounded than what I heard on the radio. (Go figure!) Eventually I just downloaded masses of songs that I knew by name, and listened to them all separately from how they were "supposed" to sound. This means that my selections were made based upon the quality of the MIDI's sound, rather than upon any particular fondness I might have had for the actual song. I wish I could remember what some of my original song choices were, but that information is long forgotten.

The scene: I drew this? It's hideous. The color scheme isn't bad. The walls, floor and door are, at least, not offensive to the eye (in terms of hue, that is), but everything about this is wrong. I'm not a much better artist now than I was then, but Jesus goodness, how was I able to face myself in the mirror after drawing this mess? Some elements of the scene have black borders, most have none. The doorknob is the size of Semprini's head and if you held one end of that telephone to your ear, the other end would bash you in the penis. The desk is gigantic, and Commissioner Fishbian is, for some reason, dangling his arms over the side rather than resting them on the top, which I'm sure is what I was going for. This is horrible stuff.

The cut scene: Also, what you're witnessing is an introductory cut scene, which, as you can tell by the floating wrist-watch, is unskippable. I'm pretty sure that the only way to NOT watch this cut scene is to load a saved game from the "Bladerun Like Hell" title card. Nowhere are you told this in the game. It's poor design, but, I can say honestly, it was at least intentional. I enabled the action cursor on the title card for just such a reason. I can't remember why I DIDN'T enable it here, but I think it had something to do with the music or the dialogue going screwy if someone accessed the toolbar during this long conversation. There were better ways of handling this; I used none of them.

Professor Semprini: Semprini is a reference to an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, in which the word "semprini" is said to be very naughty indeed, though we never find out what it's meant to mean. I wish the joke were any deeper than that, but considering some of the other crap I expected you to laugh at back then, maybe it's good that it's not.

Commissioner Fishbian: The name Fishbian comes from my final year of high school, when I was a co-anchor for the school-based local news. We'd put together a show every week, and it'd air relentlessly through the next week on the local information network. It was a great deal of fun, and some of my best memories come from that class. Anyway, a new student arrived in the class at some point during the school year, when all of the positions were filled. We invented a new position just for him: he'd read out the birthdays for that coming week. One week he had to read out the name "Mr. Fishbein," which was pronounced "Fish Bine." But whenever he got to the name, he'd read it as fish-be-in. It was one of those moments where one person's laughter causes everyone else to start laughing, and each time we did another take (I'm sure we did a dozen), it took longer for us to stop laughing. There was something tremendously funny about the idea of a Fishbian. Ultimately, we just didn't air birthdays for that week. Such is the curse of having a name that makes it sound like you sleep with fish.

The caption: Whoever made this video inserted the following caption: "The art might look a bit raw to put it gently, but the creator is a writer, not a cartoonist." I think him for this (accurate) acknowledgment of the reason for the art's limitations. Unfortunately, this leaves me with no defense at all for the poor quality of the writing.

"...": It still bothers me to this day that the characters use their speaking-animations whenever they say "..." All I wanted to do was get them to pause for a beat for the purposes of comic timing, and I couldn't figure out how to do that. So instead I have them say "...", which would be kind of like instructing the actors in your stage production to say, "I'm pausing for thought" instead of just pausing for thought. I hate it. It probably has something to do with the fact that I programmed the entire game with the graphical editor instead of using any actual coding,'s just an excuse either way.

The Lovely Rita 4200 Parking Enforcement Cyborg: Another 42, another lazy song reference in place of a joke (Beatles this time), and the revelation that I didn't actually know what a "cyborg" was. Oh well. At least I got the "Parking Enforcement" thing right.

Mr. Barkwoof: I'm surprised I never ended up showing Mr. Barkwoof as a character. In fact, I wasn't even planning it for LVIII, in which the K-9 patrol was going to play a substantial role. I guess I just forgot about him. The "Mr. Barkwoof" name is a pretty standard "funny dog name" joke, so it works simply because I can't be blamed for it, but it's also based on Mr. Barky, who was an actual K-9 patrol-pooch in my hometown. He almost attacked a friend of mine when the cops arrived after he crashed into a tree. I guess Mr. Barky had already claimed that tree as his own.

"You might as well send a pudding.": I didn't know what a pudding was, either. One of a few Britishisms that made their way into this game. I sometimes wonder if I had any capacity for language whatsoever, or if I just strung together pieces of other people's sentences and hoped for the best.

Sideburns: For whatever reason, sideburns get a big reaction out of people. No idea why. I had them at the time I made this game (and for a year or two before), and people would always, without fail, comment on them. Sometimes to make fun of them...sometimes to stare in vague mystification. Once I had a Wal-Mart employee tail me for a few minutes. When I turned around to see her, she asked me, "How did you GROW those?" I shrugged and told her I just didn't shave there. I don't know why sideburns seem so alien to people, but being as Larry's sideburns are remembered so particularly by those who played this game, I think it's something universal. They're funny, but damned if I know why.


"A talking monkey?": I've never seen Any Which Way But Loose, but for some reason I assumed Clyde could talk.

"A dead guy who gooses people?": I've never seen Weekend At Bernie's, but for some reason I assumed Bernie would goose people.


"Webster?": A pre-Family Guy reliance on the recognition of somebody else's creation in order the generate a chuckle of familiarity. I really liked jokes at that point in my life; I just wish I actually wrote a few.

"Lounge-lizard type": I had no idea what a "lounge lizard" was. Are you noticing a pattern here?

The music: "Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" by Bachman Turner Overdrive

The badge: Our third 42, and the game hasn't even started.

Pitchfork Productions: A production "company" I shared with two friends, Joe O'Sullivan and Justin Leary. Whatever we produced at that time (usually individually) bore the Pitchfork Productions stamp. At some point we really did want to build Pitchfork into something meaningful, a company along the lines of Apple Corp. that would have helped other young artists get off the ground. Of course, you can't help people off the ground if you yourself haven't left the ground, so it went nowhere.

Philip J Reed, VSc: Blame Harry S Truman for the missing period after my middle initial, and Red Dwarf for the VSc distinction. (For the record, it stands for Video Scholarship, which I earned at the end of the school year for co-hosting the local news. I think it was a check for $25.)

Larry Vales: Nothing particularly funny about the name, and I have no idea how or why it occurred to me. It's a GOOD name, of course, unlike most of the others in this game. It's believable, but slightly off. I probably should have changed it to Harry or something, as there was already a very popular Larry series in adventure gaming, but I was stubborn that way. Larry Vales was actually first used as a minor character in a novel I was writing when I was around 15, as a traffic patrolman, but he wasn't created specifically for that novel...

Traffic Division: I had an idea many, many years ago for a game called Larry Vales: Traffic Division. It was to be an adventure game, just like this, and it was to feature Larry traveling to various locations all over the country to track down and deactivate these berserk police robots. Each area would function independently, with its own puzzles and things to do, allowing the player to finish the game in whatever sequence he or she preferred. One of the locations was to be an enormous tourist trap called South of the Interstate, which is a much funnier name and concept than The Jolly Parasite Motor Estates turned out to be. It was going to be the same type of game, only much, much better. When I ended up making Larry Vales: Traffic Division, I didn't even bother to attempt the multiple locations. This is for the best; there's no way I ever would have finished such a massive game, especially my first time designing one. I gave Larry a single location, and did my best to craft a round, rich experience from there, based mainly upon the single-location elasticity of Leisure Suit Larry 6 or Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist. (The latter of which is still my all-time favorite adventure game, and the ideal model, I feel, for anybody looking to design on.)

The Jolly Parasite: Probably the result me trying to think of a funny name, failing, deciding I'd figure one out later, and never getting around to it. I'm not even sure what's MEANT to be funny about it. I did want to give the little green bug a tophat, and have him take it off and put it back on again repeatedly, and I don't remember why I didn't do it. All of my animation was actually done by assigning several backgrounds to a single screen, and cycling through them. I was just that good. The idea for staging all of the action around a hotel probably came from LSL 6, which I mentioned above. Great game, and the hotel setting really proved that you can accomplish more with a character in isolation than one who is given free reign over the entire planet. (Compare LSL 6 to LSL 2 for evidence of that.) I don't think I INTENTIONALLY thought I'd use a hotel because that's what the other Larry used, but I'm willing to believe it was indirectly responsible for my decision. Again, Freddy Pharkas was my main inspiration, so I'm going to chalk up the hotel setting as a semi-coincidence.

I'm surprised this player even visited this screen, but I'm glad he did, as it's worth talking about. I had big plans for the "mystery" element here. The idea was that you'd be able to see everybody's vehicles at the beginning of the game (all in violation of parking laws in some way or another), and, as you progressed in the game, the Lovely Rita would kill off those characters. You'd always be one step (at least) behind the murderer, so the farther you got in the game, the fewer folks would be left to interact with. I think I DID actually do this somewhere, with the lifeguard I think (I'll have to check again when we get there), but the plans to create a tense, cohesive thriller built around parking enforcement just didn't pan out. Also, you were going to be able to search the cars for useful items. This was basically an important screen in my head. Then I made the game, and it was actually totally unnecessary. I do feel the game is poorer for my not having included the gradual murders, though...and the existence of this screen is just a reminder of what probably should have been.

The walk: Man, check out that walking animation on Larry. Good stuff, huh? He glides along as though on ice, bolt-stiff like he's paralyzed from the waist up. This is horrible stuff. It's the one thing all of the reviews focused on at the time, and I can't blame them. Even the best reviews (and, shockingly, this game got more than its fair share of them) had to point out how awful the walk cycle was. Maybe I got lucky, in that way...the awfulness of the walking animation distracted them from the weakness of the writing.


So Charlie Striker (your partner) must have entered the hotel without you. Don't know why I didn't show that as a cut scene, or make any direct, unavoidable reference to it. As it stands, you don't even SEE your partner until halfway through the game, even though he's "meant" to be there all along. Very poor design choice, and not really excusable at all. Also: Charlie's surnamesake is Ted Striker, from the movie Airplane! They have nothing in common; it's just a great movie, and was one of my favorites growing up.


Music: Give Me Some Loving, by the Spencer Davis Group. This is one of those songs that fools me into thinking I'm having a good day whenever it comes on the radio. Also, the MIDI soundtrack was somewhat appropriate for the feel of this hotel. I remember, as a child, staying in a hotel in Florida with my parents. I took a walk alone to the gym, or the pool or something, and, in the elevator, something clicked, and I realized that the crappy muzak I had been hearing the whole time we were there was actually crappy muzak versions of popular songs, rather than non-descript session-musician noodling. Specifically, the song that clicked with me was So. Central Rain, by REM. Hearing the flute-and-castanet version of that in the elevator stuck with me, for some reason. Just this bizarre sort of artless approximation of a great song. (Is there really any reason hotel elevators can't play the ACTUAL songs?)

Dodge Vipon: Oh wow. Vipon was the subject of a comedy routine I remember Norm MacDonald was about a child he went to school with who was developmentally disabled. If I shared anything else I remembered about this routine with you, you'd think I was a genuinely horrible human being for remembering it so fondly. So I won't. But that's where it comes from. An absolutely tasteless--but thoroughly enjoyed by myself from a much crueler point in history--monologue by Norm MacDonald.


Mercedes, Bend: A sex joke, of course. I can't remember if it's actually mine. I get the feeling it's something I read somewhere...the punchline of some other joke that's been told a thousand times...but Google isn't helping me, so I have no evidence. It's possibly my joke. I'm not going to fight anybody else who'd prefer the credit, however.

Sandy: There was a reason I named the receptionist Sandy. I just wish I could remember what it was. Somehow I think I'll realize it was some lame-ass pun whenever her last name is revealed.

Message board: Quartet of Skokie really does make corkboards, as you probably know, but this was meant as a reference to The Usual Suspects.

Shitzu: ha ha ha

Wow, what a clue! You'd think that with all the truly great adventure games I grew up playing, I would have been a little better at designing the puzzles for this one.


The electricity bills are so high because the Lovely Rita has been recharging herself in the maintenance shed. Not that anyone cares, but there it is, as I'm not sure I made this connection clear enough in-game.

I love it when the back of Larry's head faces the person he's ostensibly talking to. Did I mention how humiliating it is to watch this again?


The Underwater Macarena: A comedy sketch a friend of mine wrote when we were in high school. Well, he didn't get any further than the title, but I'm sure that would have been the best part anyway.

Larry's speech pattern: He sure peppers his dialogue with a lot of "Why yes," "How odd," "But of course..." and shit like that. You can build up a certain type of character by having him or her talk this way, but, for me, I'm sure it just happened because I wasn't paying any regard to how any of this would sound in real life, coming out of an actual person. As such, Larry comes across as sort of a blue-blooded English gentleman with a serious concussion.

"I AM the law.": Oh good, I was hoping that 20-year-old Phil would make a Judge Dredd reference.


"For some reason the transitions take very long in this game.": I can't explain that. I don't remember them taking particularly long back when the game was new, but computers have come a long way in 10 years, and it's fully possible that the game data isn't being processed the same way that it was back then. It's also possible that because computers were so much slower back then anyway, there was no reason to single out the transition time between screens of Larry Vales: Traffic Division.

Room 142: Man, I sure am glad that 42 thing gets funnier every time I use it.


Lust For Vice: I do remember having a lot of fun hiding the titles of the other Larry Vales games in this one. They didn't exist, of course...but it was fun coming up with them. I think that's something else I borrowed from Leisure Suit Larry. Or possibly Space Quest. But I'm sure it's somebody else's joke.


So Charlie is in the shower. It's a serious problem in this game that you don't even get to see your partner until so much later. It prevents him from becoming much of a character. I honestly don't know why I didn't just have him arrive later in the game, or something...or be off in some inaccessible room. It's pointless to have him scamper into the hotel before you see him, then be out of frame in the shower as you walk around the's like trying to hide Snuffleupagus from the adults in order to maintain the possibility that he might be imaginary. Eventually you realize you don't need to bother with this crap, and I should have realized that much sooner. As it stands, Charlie Striker might as well be Larry's Harvey.

Shake Your Groove Thing: I think this was meant to indicate that Charlie has laughable taste in music. Of course, EVERYONE in this game has the same taste in music, so the joke is kind of...unnecessary.

The music: Stuck in the Middle With You, by Steelers Wheel. God. Watching this is like one of those dreams you have where you're suddenly naked in the middle of school, and you try to run out of the building before anybody notices. Only instead of a dream, it's hidden-camera security footage that you're watching with your mother.

"Points! Ka-ching!!": Freddy Pharkas had a voice clip every time you earned a point. Blame that game for this one.

The candy: Why the hell didn't I just draw the candy? I might have had trouble with the object appearing "behind" the bed, rendering it inaccessible. No idea, but it's likely.

The room: This room was meant to serve as a sort of hub-point for Larry's adventure. He'd have to return several times for reasons I was never able to figure out...and so he never needed to return. You just need to visit it once and loot the place, I think. A definite missed opportunity to create a sort of "homey" feeling safe zone.

The fire evacuation map is 100% accurate.

The player here seems to have trouble leaving the room. I did, too. I never could figure out why it was so difficult to get Larry out of this room. Something to do with where/how I defined the exit area, I'm sure, but I do remember spending a lot of time trying to clear up the issue, and never succeeding.

Vomitorium: I don't think it's actually a word; just something I remembered someone saying on Seinfeld.

A Teddy Bears Picnic reference? Jesus Christ, I sure was casting the net wide, wasn't I?

1984, by George Orwell. Room 101 is the room O'Brien uses to break and brainwash the protagonist Winston Smith.

          Tiro Cybertrash Xl   
Dopo decenni di osservazione, gli alieni hanno inviato loro Cyborg per distruggere la terra e raccogliere tutte le risorse rimanenti. Afferra la tua arma, fermare il Cyborg e salvare il pianeta dalla distruzione
          6/29/2017: Star Sport: Tonya is a title Threat   
TONYA EVINGER will get a shot at the vacant featherweight title at UFC 214 in California on July 29 after Megan Anderson dropped out due to personal reasons. The Invicta bantamweight champion will face hot favourite Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino. “This is...
          Resisting the Interview   
Katherine Wills

Art Disturbs, Science Reassures
-Georges Braque

Internet artist Mark Amerika’s oeuvre distinguishes between an aesthetic of Internet art that marks class and an aesthetic of Internet art that demands political participation. To force political interaction into the artistic experience, Amerika constructs hypertextual works that require the audience to participate by making choices: to click or not to click into the virtual. Amerika’s art embodies the advice of the late (h)activist Kathy Acker: “The only reaction against an unbearable society is equally unbearable nonsense.” To dramatize art’s servitude to bourgeois values, Amerika morphs himself into a commodity to be bought and sold. His entrepreneurial fervor pervades his art ad nauseum as he anticipates that the most astute members of his audience will resist the surfeit and begin to question their subjectivity as consumers of art: this is his purpose. Mark Amerika resists art enervated by its status as a commodity for the highest bidder. While Warhol iterated motifs of soup cans and starlets, Amerika uses the New Media palette challenge to pirate and replicate Internet art. He challenges audiences to situate art as an interactive, ongoing, political process, not only as an aesthetic commodity.

Internet art’s immateriality and simultaneity challenge longstanding notions of art as a static marketable commodity in the service of the hegemony. How thingish museum art was before the virtual: mummies, Louis XIV chairs, structural steel sculptures, and dour portraits. Amerika counters thingification with an art of process and participation. Artists and critics have just begun to formulate digital aesthetics. The classical Greeks situated aesthetics in the mathematical certainty of the Golden Mean; da Vinci situated aesthetics in the visceral by dissecting cadavers to reveal the underlying sanguine beauty. In order for emerging Internet art and the aesthetics of informatics to move beyond pandering to the hegemony, artists through their work and audiences through their political participation need to counter the culture industry as described by Adorno. The culture industry openly promotes false needs and commodity fetishism. Needs are created in people that can rarely be satisfied. The need for fetishes increases as the price of those objects grows. Need satisfaction comes to those who have more purchasing power. To date, most Internet art can be accessed freely by audiences by computer.

At the intersection of informatics and aesthetics, Amerika seeks to resuscitate cultural production and distribution in at least three ways:

· recast cultural production and distribution of art as an interactive process that utilizes the mutability of hypertext instead of the fixity of consumer exchange. In doing so, Amerika reconstructs social subjectivity through hypermediation of the text;

· counter the capital-driven concept of intellectual or artistic property and the authoritative text by reviving notions of textual or digital remix and theft;

· revive subversion in art. Amerika, through his electronic network Alt-X and the Avant Pop movement provides an aesthetic of informatics - interactive and political - for audiences and artists who have succumbed to consumerism and wish to escape.

Vlaisslav Gordic, a critic of Amerika’s work, notes that Amerika’s Avant-Pop movement combines Pop Art’s focus on consumer goods and mass media with the avant-garde’s interest in subversion. Amerika foregrounds the subversive by reformulating himself into an entrepreneurial Internet art brand name - Amerika. He combines recent expressive forums such as hypertext, e-books, palm pilots, print texts, and books-on-demand with extant expressive forms such as the word, icon, event, and the party.

The danger remains, however, that the New Media, like the Old Media, will be in the service of the same masters. Note his recognition in the mainstream: recipient of the Whitney Biennial American Art award for GRAMMATRON; cited as one of Time Magazine’s “100 Innovators;” Creative Writing Fellow at Brown University; faculty member at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and much more.

The following email interview with Amerika reads like a cyborgian interview slam. If the interview is challenging, it was meant to be so because this print interview resists conventions, commodification, and authorship. Amerika’s art is exclusive in that it solicits a critical audience that questions artistic expression as measured by cash price. Amerika’s art is democratic in that it is accessible by click-thru technology worldwide. The interview might appear like an imitative fallacy. In other words, in attempting to delineate aesthetics of fragmented information, fragmentation is produced. Yet, the interview holds together with snippets of linearity, code, idiosyncratic vernacular, enjambment, the human voice, and what seems to be non-sequiturs - if viewed from the perspective of print conventions. The interview does not explain who is the interviewer and who is the interviewee: readers confront uncertain attribution. The medium is the message. Form follows function. The play is the thing. Amerika says, “I am intrigued with the idea of exploding the standard model for narrative construction.” New Media demands its own aesthetics of Informatics situated in the political to disturb complacency about artistic production, distribution, participation, and purpose.

ready…aim…[texting 1, 2, 3… texting 1, 2, 3…]
texting the machine
authenticating the silence
the subject of communication

“we are all cyborgs”

<<<…read yourself into me and then translate it back into an on-the-fly decharacterization of what you want to become>>>

<<<before becoming>>>

<<< “The self is a grammatical fiction” or: the writer as pseudo-autobiographical work-in-progress.>>>

<<<Every time I hear the word culture/ I reach for my checkbook.>>>


<<<In the 1999 Steve Dietz Interview you say “Works that challenge the corporate aesthetic’s “illusion of control” can cause the user to reflect on the nature of the medium he or she is using and perhaps point the way to a more proactive model of cultural production, instead of passive consumption.”>>>

<<<How does altx serve as an antidote to informationalization?>>>

<<<”by defamiliarizing what commerce has made common”>>>

<<<How have you escaped the managed and regulated space of governmentality with its seminal/ovo/blood links to ARPANET?>>>

<<<”we have not escaped. we are trapped in the prison-house of email.”>>>

<<<Have you hybridized altx into offline work?>>>

<<<”all the time…altx is a social network more than anything else…an always reconfigured/reconfiguring social network with major nodes in Boulder, New York, L.A., Chicago, San Fran, Rome, Berlin, London, Sydney, etc. we throw the best parties…”>>>

reconfiguring the author

I link therefore I am

machine orgasms

amerikan autopoiesis

the ends of man

<<<What changed when you changed your medium from the print of Sexual Blood and The Kafka Chronicles to GRAMMATRON? How did your authority change? Did it?>>>

<<<”I became liberated. First, I was free to escape the posture of copyright maximalism that attaches itself onto intellectual property laws. I was free to leave the distribution bottlenecks of the book world. I was free to say sayonara to the politically correct book review mechanism and its pseudo-liberal pretensions. Of course, for some cultural critics, this is the worst thing that could happen - a total disaster. All of a sudden, you don’t have the mainstream publishing world or the conservative literary academic world pulling on the reins, trying to keep you in what they would like the culture-at-large to perceive as an irrelevant avant-garde ghetto.”>>>

<<<”This all changes in a networked environment like the WWW. What you do is you put your work online and let the people decide if they want to engage with it or not. I did that with GRAMMATRON and in its short 3 1/2 year history, it has attracted over a million visitors. Can you imagine a million-plus people taking your book off the Border’s bookshelf? I released GRAMMATRON as a “public domain narrative environment” - what we might now call an “on-demand ebook” or “cluster of interconnected copyleft documents” that were always already published and - this is essential - exhibited in the electrosphere. GRAMMATRON also enabled me to start challenging what we normally think of as the ‘author function.’”>>>

<<<”Perhaps we should look at writing as a kind of network performance that lives in the moment. Gertrude Stein conceived of this before I did, saying it was ‘the business of art…to live in’ a ‘continuous present’ and that we needed to immerse ourselves in ‘the complete actual present and to completely express that complete actual present.’ I think that’s very well put. Successful creative writers and literary/social critics who have invested a great deal of time and energy in the development of their own, authoritative, book-centric network-value, have a terrific problem with all of this, and who can blame them? They have created their own network-value by successfully marketing their stories and ideas via a bottlenecked distribution system that not only favors the social elite who control the publishing establishment, but also helps them all locate a consumer-audience that guarantees mainstream visibility and myriad ways of electronically streaming revenue sources into their bank accounts. Their network-value is intimately connected with a production/distribution model that is totally dependent on the past while losing touch with this ‘continuous present.’ They perceive real threats from this simulated social world of internetworking, a world that has consistently challenged their ideological foundations. Watching their ideas becoming instantaneously appropriated by the collective web-self for its own uses isn’t easy and they won’t take it lying down. In fact, as roaming dinosaurs trouncing through the intellectual landscape, they are by far the ones best positioned to defend the past they still live in.”>>>

<<<”one last point, in this, my longest answer: why do all of the hypertext critics, electronic theorists, and cyborgian feminists still find themselves attached to the book? do as I say, not as I do…”>>>’ ascii. fiction/e-mail. network. discourse. subjectively.

speaking.””’s.too.much.”manipulate.yourself” now… >>>>>>>>>> >><<< <<< << <~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>>>>> >>> >><< <<<<<< <>o o > > / > > </man> > > > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<<<*I agree to do whatever you want. I am here for you to do as you may* - who said that?>>>

<<”could you elaborate?”>>>

<<<*We’re like machines. Only by pppppplaying out these phantasies that sharpen the faculties in our imaginations can we even begin to breakdown the structural unity of the State-machine that controls us. The machine is machining.*>>>

<<<”machining is ___. the social-cyborg texting other social-cyborgs in an endless feedback loop…an edified conversation…”>>>

<<<It has not been definitively proved that the language of words is the best possible language. And it seems that on the stage, which is above all a space to fill and a place where something happens, the language of words may have to give way before a language of signs whose objective aspect is the one that has the most immediate impact on us. Considered in this light, the objective work of the mise en scene assumes a kind of intellectual dignity from the effacement of words behind gestures and from the fact that the esthetic, plastic part of theater drops its role of decorative intermediary in order to become, in the proper sense of the word, a directly communicative language.>>>

<<<”There you go texting me again. what sort of social-cyborg do you think I am? a reconfigured subject that not only undermines the concept of human subjectivity but threatens and promises to transform the very subject matter of the study of human communication?”>>>

<<<¥¥¥yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes¥¥¥>>>

<<<what sorts of questions does my texting raise for you?>>>

<<<”are you a passive reader or do you prefer to interact with the text? how is texting like making love? how is making love like making history - or making history up? are you culture-jamming the Unknown? does mere textuality make you wet or must there be a synchronized subjectivity informing the reconfigured author who texts you? is this even possible or is authorship vanishing in a blur of manipulated and manipulating data? if so, then who is doing the manipulating? who is the Other? is this feeling of “being manipulated” mutual? how does this effect our understanding of use-value and how can we even begin to take these arbitrary traces that find their way into this communicative space at their *interface* value? or is the interface disappearing too?”>>>

<<<¥¥¥I eat POWER. POWER Eats me. Power eating itsef…¥¥¥>>>

I did not like that last e-mail

I did not like that last e-mail

I did not like that last e-mail

I did not like that last e-mail

<<<being spammed>>>

<<<ergotic mantras>>>

<<<post-human waste>>>

<<<click-thru consumerism>>>

<<<self-questioning: “what is literature’s exit strategy?”>>>

<<<or: “who am I this time?”>>>

<<<”To each being, several other lives were due.”>>>

ready…aim…[clicking 1, 2, 3… clicking 1, 2, 3…]

<<<So tell me, Amerika, who has authored YOU? Who do you read while fingering authority?>>>

<<<”right now, I am being rewritten by many, most notably Celine, Stein, Acker, Beckett, Flusser, and an emerging avant-pop writer named Lidia Yuknavitch - check out her new novel ‘Liberty’s Excess.’ who do you read?”

<<<I read the electronic conversations. I read bodies, Z, The Nation, In These Times. I read fiction from Sun & Moon, Dalkey Archive, and FC2/BIB presses. Like Curtis White I want to include those from alternative journals who leftist intellectuals seem to be exclude from their critical studies. I read Dick Grossman, Cris Mazza.>>>

<<<”oh, I see: a collectivist. me too (I think). where were we?”>>>

<<<The first time I saw you you were at Computers and Writing 2000 Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. You and the other speakers were textulating about copyleft, open code, Unix, the subversion of leaving text, flooding text, dropping text all over the place to subvert, well, I guess the old print authority, the dominant hegemony stuff, the old in-out. What DO you do as a copyleftist? When does it happen? How does copylefting operate on a significant cultural level and not just a witty semiotic or discursive jerking-off?>>>


:—– © *


[“copy machine,” R. Mutt]

<<<Who is MA? If we were to clone you, what experiences must your clone have to be a writer/cyborg/editor/professor/artist/hactivist? Is there anyway we can understand your politics thorough your personal?>>>





<<<That’s the opening passage from your second novel, Sexual Blood. As a feminist, the rape scene of Danielle toward the middle of SB reminded me of a suede 60s/70s sex orgy. Mario Puzo on steroids, misogynist Kerouac rehash. All this “undress,” “touch yourself,” “spread your legs” and she obeys - agrees,..Even then you were deconstructing notions of power and authority through the power metaphors of sexual politics.>>>

<<<”Yes, a close reading of this scene in SB will reveal, first of all, that this scene was for the most part written by a woman, a woman who has gone on record saying that she wrote these words to try and seduce a man she desperately loved (she succeeded). But even more than that, structurally, within the narrative of SB, this same exact scene repeats itself, almost word for word, 20 pages later when Mal is being seduced by the hip, young, African-American “feminist-goddess” who has changed her name to Zulu. Same words, different context - or maybe not so different depending on your reading. Also, don’t forget the final passage of the book where Mal encounters the virtual Madonna who, as telerobotically controlled machine, starts ripping pieces of her body off in acts random violence against what can only be the “self,” and then, as if unaware, begins forcing these body parts into all of Mal’s open orifices. Who’s controlling the virtual Madonna and why is she being so - emotional? These power metaphors you refer to are being refracted all throughout the story’s discourse.”>>>

<<<I see cadres of hactivistas organizing under a blinking banner of MA! MA! How do you teach your compadres resistance to tired authorship? How do you counter web authority? What is the music of resistance? Even a cyber-movement needs a beat, maybe.>>>

<<<”Oh yeah, definitely. Right now I’m continuing my recent investigations into the interrelationships between DJ remixing and cyborg texting. There was some of it in GRAMMATRON, but my second Internet art project, PHON:E:ME, which was commissioned by the Walker Art Center and nominated for a Webby Award in the Art category, is all about taking writing into remixable sound space. With PHON:E:ME, I started developing relationships with artists from various backgrounds and disciplines and I continued exploring the potential of reconfiguring the writing practice into something else altogether different, an expanded concept of writing, and in so doing envisioned an mp3 concept album about concept art, where the author function becomes something more in tune with network conduction. The Author as Network Conductor has many implications and possibilities, which I won’t get into here now, but the change is significant because it means that writers must make (h)activist cultural production a major part of their practice. I think this gets overlooked by too many intellectuals who are looking for the optimum comfort-zone for their theoretical musings and, needless to say, creates discomfort for many traditional writers who are bound by the book, intellectual property rights, and the big mainstream publishers and their publicity machines.”>>>

<<<”The first step in problematizing this notion of an “authoritative voice” [i.e. composing a counter or contraventionist art work that would challenge authorial control] was to digitally record my voice saying all of the phonemes in the English language. These digital recordings then became source-material for DJs to experiment with in their unique studio environments, taking what was supposedly the voice of the author, his utterances, the basic sound units that form sensible language, and manipulate them for their own (DJ) uses. I’m reminded of what my friend the late Kathy Acker said when we were doing a radio gig together and the M.C. asked her to talk about her voice. ‘What voice?’ she asked, incredulously. ‘I have no voice: I just steal shit.’”>>>

<<<”In addition to these sound manipulations, there was the creation of the hyper:liner:notes which accompanied and soon became a central feature of PHON:E:ME. The textual patterns that emerged and became the hyper:liner:notes were also heavily manipulated. Each text chunk was some form of manipulated writing that came from pre-existing sources. The *way* each source gets manipulated is what keeps the narrative - the rhetorical flow - constant and somewhat interconnected, no matter what order they come up in. You can see them as hypermediated text chunks that then become randomized within a Shockwave interface. In fact, we tried to limit the so-called ‘hypertextual’ element as much as we could, reconceptualizing online narrative space as an anti-link (and thus anti-consumer) environment. We became more interested in what we started calling ‘openings,’ ‘wandings,’ ‘conducting,’ etc. How to make narrative something more akin to digital rhetoric - that was the experiment - and at times it was music to my ears. Other times it just came out noise.”>>>

<<<”My new project [it has multiple namings and renamings] will be a live network performance featuring streaming audio, live vocals and sound-manipulations by various DJs and myself. I’m interested in the way writing, sound, music and noise all work together in network-connected social environments. The world premiere is to take place in Switzerland (and simultaneously on the Web) in April. Some might even call this kind of networked sound-writing performance a real-time publication…”>>>

<<<Nicky Hager’s article on Internet surveillance (Telepolis reviews New Zealand’s attempts to “hack covertly into individuals’ computers [thus]forcing people to hand over computer passwords and encryption keys so that e-mail communications and computer files can be read.” These interception methods could dam up the liquid architecture in the electrosphere.>>>

<<<yes, it’s amazing what governments will try to do in an attempt to dam up our workflow. Our utopian pla(y)giarism. we’re fighting our own battles here in the USA too. I just filed my fourth or fifth affidavit in the last two years against yet another conservative state Governor trying to limit free speech in cyberspace. Fortunately, my lawyers at the ACLU and I have yet to lose a case nor have we had to appeal it to the U.S. Supreme Court. At least not yet, but who knows what’s possible nowadays with the legislatures and executives trying to bully their way around the laws of the land.”>>>



0 0


[lingua mortis]

<<<Revisit your utopian days. How would you (would you?) qualify that utopianism?>>>

<<<”actually, I’m living my utopian days. my you-topian days are happening now…”>>>


elaborate me




<<<”But she was different like all single American women travelling are different. She had an open-endedness that came as a result of her wanting to escape. Everyone here was escaping authority. Mal knew this and wanted to be the beacon of anti-authoritarianism.” That’s also from Sexual Blood. You made the intuitive leap from page sex to cybersex and informationalized the body in GRAMATRON. Where can you take the post-novel-network-narrative while still cutting the edge of authority?>>>

<<<”I think it’s going to have to be live performance in globally-connected social networks. A kind of site-specific environmentalism that creates momentary utopias for those who want to participate in this kind of experiential reality. It need not happen on a mass scale. Most people I know are quite happy with their houses, SUVs, kids, and 24-hour TV-sedatives. But there are alternatives and there now exists a distributed community of social-cyborgs who are experimenting with their life-design in ways too cunning for elaboration here. The key thing is to begin using the emerging forms of digital rhetoric to augment one’s experiential reality. This kind of (h)activist practice would be a tonic to the vaporware logic of Virtual Reality. I’m reminded of what Allen Ginsberg asked me, off the top of his head, while we were discussing so-called Virtual Reality - he said, ‘yeah, but can it make you come?’ Good one, Allen.”

<<<You must have read Artaud. I watched a play about Artaud where he is sitting on a toilet and dying of rectal cancer. Artaud, the actor playing Artaud, covered with stage blood, jumped into the audience and began to drag horrified spectators onto the stage. What do you find most absurd about your work and the work of asking questions?>>>

<<<”I told you; no works, no language, no words, no mind, nothing. Nothing, except fine Nerve-Scales. A sort of impenetrable stop in the midst of everything in our minds.”>>>


<<<”The truth is, the explosion of the World Wide Web into the mainstream culture has radically altered the way we give and receive texts. Writers can reconstitute social subjectivities.”>>>


<<<”Hyperrhetorical gestures. How to be patient in a world that’s moving so fast you always feel left behind.”>>>



<<<You are a writer native to the medium. What exactly is this new communication spawned by the WWW? I still see many of the issues of authority as in print technologies. And someone can always pull the plug or bug the cyberline.>>>

<<<”I guess it was Burroughs who said a paranoid person was someone who has all the facts at her disposal. Really, though, the bug is up our ass. The question is: who’s listening?”>>>

<<<This is not how I expected this to go.>>>

<<<Are expectations a form of authority - an anti-interview?>>>

<<<Has the medium taken over the message?>>>

<<<DEFANGED_Meta meta meta****&***.>>>

          Director Doug Liman Leaves Justice League Dark   

Well, The DCU has hit a road bump in the road with Justice League Dark, since director Doug Liman has had a change of heart. Find out why Doug Liman decided to step away from Justice League Dark… has learned that Doug Liman has stepped away from directing Dark Universe, the Justice League Dark […]

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          Ghost in the Shell (2017)   
Major è un singolare ibrido umano-cyborg delle operazioni speciali a capo della task force d’élite Section 9. Dedicato a contrastare i più pericolosi criminali ed estremisti, Section 9 affronta un nemico il cui unico obiettivo è eliminare gli sviluppi di … Continua a leggere
          Why it might be time to look beyond cinematic universes   
Ryan Lambie
Jun 29, 2017

Universal’s Dark Universe. Transformers. Are audiences and filmmakers alike starting to grow weary of cinematic universes, we wonder...

When Marvel made Iron Man in 2007, it didn’t just release a new superhero movie; it also embarked on something quite new in cinema. While we’ve all seen sequels, prequels, spin-offs and remakes before, the notion of a movie universe was different: a series of interlinked films, all building up to the summer blockbuster equivalent of a team-up comic.

With each subsequent entry - well, apart from The Incredible Hulk, which people don’t really talk about much anymore - Marvel’s movies built up anticipation for the main event, so that by the time The Avengers came out in 2012, it brought with it a sense of occasion akin to the World Cup or the Olympic Games. Little wonder, then, that The Avengers wound up making such an enormous amount of money: aside from the entertainment value of the film itself, the years of waiting to see Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Captain America and Black Widow together on the silver screen really captured the public’s imagination. 

We all know what happened next: the rest of Hollywood saw what Marvel was doing and decided they wanted cinematic universes of their own. Consequently, we have Warner-DC doing a similar thing with its DC Extended Universe, which has so far resulted in Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. The studio’s own team-up extravaganza, the three-hour-ish Justice League, is out later this year. 

The critical reception to these movies has varied wildly, from the low point of last year’s Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad to the widespread praise lavished on director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. Financially, on the other hand, Warner-DC can rest easy; in total, the studio’s four Extended Universe movies have made almost $3bn worldwide - and Wonder Woman hasn’t even left cinemas yet.

Other studios, meanwhile, have been rather less successful with their own cinematic empire building. Anyone with an eye on these things will know what happened to Sony’s plans for Spider-Man: following the less-than enthusiastic response to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the studio’s collection of interlinked movies was put on hold. Three years later, and Sony’s made a team-up of its own - with Marvel Studios, in the hope that installing Kevin Feige as producer on Spider-Man: Homecoming will generate a bit of summer blockbuster magic. If the forecasts are correct, the collaboration will pay dividends.

Away from the realm of superheroes, we have Universal Studios and its recently-announced Dark Universe. In the run-up to the release of The Mummy, the studio confidently released a photograph of the stars it had arrayed for a planned slate of big, horror-tinged tentpole adventures, taking in the likes of the Invisible Man, the Bride of Frankenstein, and Jekyll and Hyde. If Universal thought the billion-dollar smile of Tom Cruise could help launch a franchise to rival Marvel and DC, however, it would soon be disappointed: The Mummy was soon knocked off its perch by Wonder Woman. What Universal does next, exactly, isn’t entirely clear. 

Leaving aside the folly of announcing sequels before you’ve even launched the first film in your planned franchise - something Simon wrote about a few days ago - there’s the question of whether audiences have quite the same appetite for shared universes as studio executives appear to. This summer’s Transformers: The Last Knight was initially billed as something of a soft reboot, intended to pave the way for - you guessed it - a bunch of linking sequels and spin-offs, beginning with a movie based on the character Bumblebee. This may indeed still happen, but the signs so far, looking at the box office figures, suggest that The Last Knight hasn’t done much to reinvigorate audience interest in a franchise that’s been on a gentle financial decline for some years now.

Back in 2015, our own Rob Leane wrote a list of the cinematic universes that were then currently in development, and it paints a telling picture of how things can pan out. Exactly what happens with Ubisoft’s videogame adaptations is currently unclear following the tepid Assassin’s Creed. The status of Sony’s plans for a string of Ghostbusters films - with an all-male entry devised by Channing Tatum and Drew Pearce - is similarly cloudy. Things have been very quiet on the Hasbro front, which was reportedly going to bring us more G.I. Joe sequels and connected films based on M.A.S.K, Visionaries and other names from the company’s archives.

The big hitters on that 2015 list are the aforementioned Marvel and DC universes, plus Warner’s growing Lego franchise, which has done extraordinarily well so far, buoyed up as it is by its effervescent humour. Then there’s Star Wars, which through the weight of its fame alone is absolutely gigantic; 2015’s The Force Awakens made plenty of money, and so did last year’s Rogue One, the first of Disney-Lucasfilm’s spin-offs. 

Then again, even Star Wars provides a revealing insight into what can go wrong within a shared universe potentially worth billions of dollars. The making of Rogue One brought with it stories of extensive reshoots, with word that director Tony Gilroy had been hired to work with original filmmaker Gareth Edwards on the new sequences. The production of next year’s Han Solo origin film has been struck by even more drama: the dismissal of directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, and the hiring of Ron Howard in their stead. Directors leaving projects isn’t all that unusual; having them fired five months into principal photography is almost unprecedented on a film of this scale.

It’s that scale, we suspect, that is part of the inherent problem with shared universes: the bigger and more complex the machine becomes, the more likely it is for something to go wrong. Far from the driving, creative engine driving that machine, the director becomes a cog: no more or less important than the producers, the investors, the merchandisers, the offices full of writing teams who, as Robbie Collin describes it in his fascinating piece, huddle together, highly caffeinated, drawing up their interlocking stories. Not every filmmaker will take to that assembly line process of making movies, and by the same token, we can’t help but wonder whether audiences will start to grow similarly weary.

It might be instructional to look at what’s been going on over at Fox. Of late, it’s effectively had its comic book movies running along on two tracks. On one, there are the X-Men movies, with last year’s Apocalypse being the most recent entry. On the other track, there are Deadpool and Logan: more adult, less directly tethered to a wider comic book lore, and refreshingly individual. While X-Men: Apocalypse had its defenders, we’d go out on a limb and say that, where Apocalypse feels like a big, loud, slightly muddled and somewhat generic superhero film, Deadpool and Logan feel more self-contained and grounded in one filmmaker’s identity. 

Only the other day, comic writer Mark Millar and Jordan Vogt Roberts engaged in a lively Twitter conversation about a movie based on Millar’s one-shot comic, Superman: Red Son. Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of Kings Of Summer and Kong: Skull Island, said he’d pitched his idea for a Red Son adaptation to Warner; Millar replied that some director friends of his had engaged in conversations with the studio about the same thing. During that exchange, Millar and Vogt-Roberts said some pertinent thing about the pitfalls of the movie universe:

“The danger with shared universe[s] is the same as nature,” Millar wrote. “without diversification and with everything connected, it just takes one problem for a wipe-out.”

“100% agree - in the excitement for shared universes I think people forget the fundamental potency of cinema is a beginning, middle and end,” Vogt-Roberts concurred.

None of this is to say that good - even great - films can’t come out of the cinematic universe paradigm. Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier - they’re all big, fun and smart summer movies. But when we start looking beyond these comic book franchises, and over at the studios contorting themselves into all kinds of weird shapes in an effort to recapture the same lightning in a bottle, and the pitfalls become clear.

Ultimately, movies are about self-contained stories, compellingly told. Yes, they can be part of a bigger story - like the superb Planet Of The Apes franchise which restarted in 2011 - and they can even build to some big event, like The Avengers. Warner’s Toho MonsterVerse films - Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island have been fun so far. But when the worst examples of these movies begin to feel like adverts for other films not yet released - the Quicktime trailers Bruce Wayne watches for Cyborg and The Flash in Batman V Superman, the extraneous villains piled into Amazing Spider-Man 2 - and you can almost feel the whole edifice begin to falter. In the case of Spider-Man, Sony had little choice but to start building again from scratch.

We recently read a rumour that Eon is thinking about making an entire universe of James Bond movies, designed to explore what all those supporting characters get up to while 007’s on his exotic adventures overseas. Based on everything we’ve seen of other studios’ efforts at this modern kind of franchise making, Eon should be careful what they wish for. What might at first feel like building an invincible empire can soon resemble a tottering house of cards.

          Blog Post: A success on all fronts.   

What is there to say about the series other than all of the games have been great? Strider, ever since it's first carnation, has held a special place in my heart. Not only does the series hold a great story, the difficulty has always given a person an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. This entry into he Strider series does exactly what needed to be done. It's a great entry for newcomers who had never heard of it, all the way to the die hard fans like myself. In Strider, you play as Hiryu, a cyborg ninja with a bad ass sword called Cypher. As simple as the character sounds, he has a rich and compelling tale for those that want to search it on the web.  Now, graphics-wise this game is beautiful. Rich and vibrant colors constantly explode on the screen with each enemy slain. Hiryu is wearing an amped up version of his classic garb and he himself looks fantastic. The ONLY fault I have found in this entry is the voice acting, not to mention the annoying voices of your enemies can, from time to time, drive you insane. Otherwise, the audio is crisp sounding and as clean as a AAA title. The combat in Strider is not that complex to begin with but by the end of the game you have numerous attacks and options at your disposal. All in all, this entry is a MUST for fans of the series and the everyday gamer alike. I give Strider a 9.5 out of 10. Thank you very much Capcom, now if you could stop with all the dlc on your other titles that'd be great :D!

          Lavie Tidhar - Osama A Novel   
Just wrote what I thought was a decent review of this book at Goodreads, and given the dearth of new material here, thought I might crosspost, expecially since Goodreads gave me the option of copying my html easily. Fans of music only please forgive, but I'm scrambling for content here, you know?

I recently discovered Tidhar through the new Dozois Year's Best, which included "The Book Seller," a tale told in the author's "Central Station" universe. Dozois describes this universe as being set ". . . during a time when humanity--including part human robots, AIs, cyborgs, and genetically engineered beings of all sorts--is spreading through the solar system."

"The Book Seller" takes place in Tel Aviv, but as I discovered when I went back into previous editions of Dozois' series, searching for more by the man, Tidhar's stories in the cycle are just as likely to be set on Titan, or on one of the moons of Pluto. "The Memcordist," a story I found in Year's Best # 30, itself spans the solar system, and is certainly one of the best sci fi short pieces published this century.

These two, and others, beyond presenting a somewhat outsider (read: non-WASP) view of the possibilities in the sf field (as both reviewers and Tidhar himself will be proud to tell you), are extremely character-oriented. Tidhar presents his evocative world, introduces a character . . . and then not much happens, the author being content to present the character and his history against the multicolor background. Let me stress this is not a flaw. His characters are so good, they even make the intoxicating variegated future he postulates recede a bit.

Was reading comments somewhere, and the commenter compared the Central Station stories to a less-dense Rajaniemi. That may give you an idea, since Rajaniemi would be pretty fantastic if he just knew how to write characters.

Anyway, all the excitement I felt about the Central Station stories drove me in the direction of the author's non-series novel Osama, which very famously beat out works by George RR Martin and Stephen King to win the World Fantasy Award in 2012. Those who know me and have read here know I've got a few opinions on Global Islamic Terrorism . . . so you might find the review/discussion of the book I wrote somewhat surprising.

But then, Osama is a surprising novel, a fantastic one I wholeheartedly recommend. It's about what you think it is, but only partly so. Perhaps what I've written below will give you some additional things to look for if you choose to read it.


The deliberate internet contrarians who are starting to pop up notwithstanding, I think the comparisons to The Man in the High Castle you see in many of the reviews here are dead on.

Joe's reality at the beginning of the book has simply unraveled by the end of it, and if that ain't Dickian, I don't know what is.

I enjoyed Osama more than I enjoy most of PKD's fiction, and the reason is interesting to me. Dick, for all the gobsmacking he does, for all the times when he turns the reader's expectations upside-down in the span of one paragraph, was quite ordinary in plot and in characterization. You might well then say that this sets up the greater contrast for him, and I wouldn't argue, but the fact is his characters are boring. They have boring jobs, they're married to boring wives, they live in boring places.

Well, not so Joe. He's a deadpan drinkin' 'n' smokin' gumshoe in Laos. How about that for exotic? How about that for coolness? It's as if Dick had written his Deckard in the way that the movie did. I've been obsessed with cool ever since I learned how to behave and affect my way out of being the grade school nerd; of course I wanna read about Joe. Shit, I'd love to be Joe. Cheap suit, bottle of Johnny Walker in the top drawer of the dusty desk, and always two packs of smokes at hand, in case you empty the first one.

Of course, there's somebody else who deep down wanted to be Joe, and that's the ur-Joe, the Joe that existed before he became a refugee, or fuzzy-wuzzy. And Tidhar wants the reader to think about that well.

Sure, you've got the gradual unmooring of reality. Sure, you've got the pain of these clinically-described terrorist acts, but Osama is also a rumination on how we'd--most of us--love to re-write ourselves in response to social and literary tropes.

There's another book with the word "Castle" in its title that comes to mind when considering Osama, and that's Lord Valentine's Castle. Silverberg's book begins as the once and future Coronal ascends an overlook. We the reader know nothing more, and neither does the character. Like Joe, Valentine has had the entirety of his life ripped away from him by an act of war, and like Osama, the rest of LVC is concerned with the discovery by the main character that the life he is living is on every level a fabrication.

The only thing is, Valentine, when confronted by the facts, chooses to resume his earlier life. Silverberg's book is heroic fantasy, and what else would a hero do? Full of duty, he (at times reluctantly) reassumes the mantle of kingship, and goes back to who he had been.

But Joe's no hero, and neither are most of the rest of us. At the end of the book, Joe is literally slapped into recognition of his former life by the woman whom he had loved, and still--STILL--he refuses to go back. He'd rather continue playing the hardboiled detective in the tropical paradise.

Of course there are other things going on. Joe's wife was murdered in ways both brutal and clinical, and that's a pain he'd have had to deal with every day for the rest of his life had he chosen a return.

Yet it remains that Joe took the easy and lazy path. He uncovered the truth and ignored it, and I can only assume it was because he liked the fantasy life--the cardboard fantasy character he was playing--better.

You see criticism of Tidhar's characterization in Osama here and there. I find that interesting because his Central Station stories are almost exclusively focused on character, at least given their particular exotic milieu. So, what? Did Tidhar forget his characterization skills for Osama?

Not likely. Instead, I'm sure that he wrote to pulp trope to serve a purpose, to highlight an uncomfortable truth about us: that we'd play a fantasy role, even a stock one, rather than inhabit the well-rounded, if mundane, one we are all heir to.

OsamaOsama by Lavie Tidhar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

          Comment on ‘Cyborg’ Santos is Going with the Old “Tainted Supplements” Defense by The investigator   
Title... [...]here are some links to websites that we link to due to the fact we think they may be really worth visiting[...]...
          Atlas Weekend 2017: расписание фестиваля и билеты   
Фестиваль Atlas Weekend 2017 состоится 28 июня – 2 июля в Киеве. Место проведения неизменное – ВДНХ, на проспекте Академика Глушкова, 1. Atlas Weekend 2017 – один из самых ярких фестивалей этого лета. Там выступят как лучшие украинские исполнители, так и известные зарубежные звезды. Сайт 24 рассказывает, где и за сколько купить билеты на Atlas Weekend 2017, и предлагает полную программу фестиваля. Atlas Weekend 2017: билеты на фестиваль Абонемент на все 5 дней фестиваля можно приобрести по специальной цене 1450 грн в Киеве в кассе клуба Atlas (ул. Сечевых Стрельцов, 37-41) ежедневно с 12:00 до 21:00 и в кассе игрового бара AROUND (бульвар Леси Украинки, 38-В) с понедельника по пятницу с 12:00 до 21:00. Билеты на все дни фестиваля онлайн можно приобрести по цене 1600 грн. Билет на 1 день фестиваля стоит 650 грн. Atlas Weekend 2017: программа фестиваля Перечитайте список хедлайнеров Atlas Weekend 2017, и вы уже не сможете пропустить этот фестиваль. В частности 29 июня выступят Kasabian, Alex Clare, Nothing But Thieves, Бумбокс, Monatik, Onuka. 30 июня на фестиваль стоит пойти ради непревзойденных The Prodigy, John Newman, The Hardkiss. 1 июля посетителей Atlas Weekend 2017 порадуют Röyksopp, Ріанобой, Хамерман Знищує Віруси, Dakh Daughters. А 2 июля не пропустите выступления O. Torvald, Jay-Jay Johanson, Submotion Orchestra, Example & DJ Wire, Noize MC. Atlas Weekend 2017: расписание на 29 июня Kasabian Бумбокс Monatik The Erised Melovin Kadnay The Maneken Onuka Alex Clare Nothing But Thieves 4етыре апреля Jinjer Royal Canoe Space of Variations Epolets Three Days Grace Сальто Назад Курган feat. Агрегат Тартак Жак-Энтони Yellow Claw Armo Costa Timkov Shevchuk Kemper Kasabian – хэдлайнер 29 июня на Atlas Weekend 2017 Atlas Weekend 2017: расписание на 30 июня The Prodigy Артем Пивоваров John Newman The Hardkiss Monochromea Brunettes Shoot Blondes Bahroma BrainStorm Therr Maitz Операция Пластилин Соня Сотник Сергей Кузин Северный Флот Крематорий Алина Орлова Вера Полозкова Goldie Leftie Lenzman MC Illaman Dillinja Ulterior Motive Sunchase Mujuice (Electronic Live Set) Cape Cod (Live) The Prodigy – хэдлайнер Atlas Weekend 2017 30 июня Atlas Weekend 2017: расписание на 1 июля Röyksopp Open Kids Ріанобой Colaars The Elephants Seafret Bondage Fairies Дай Дарогу! The Hypnotunez Trubetskoy Валентин Стрыкало Гига1 Orgonite T-Fest Yarmak Хамерман Знищує Віруси Один в каное Dakh Daughters Perturbator Mustelide Ba-Blow Leat'eq Mark Devite Deann Hawkk Cyborgs Raft Tone Fabian Mazur Rudimental (DJ Set) Норвежский электронный дуэт Röyksopp – хэдлайнер 1 июля на Atlas Weekend Atlas Weekend 2017: расписание на 2 июля Detach O. Torvald Jay-Jay Johanson Submotion Orchestra Example & DJ Wire '68 Listener Sinoptik Stoned Jesus Louna Скруджи Anacondaz Noize MC Riff Raff Sophie Villy Мария Чайковская Maru 2 июля на Atlas Weekend 201 выступит представитель Украины на Евровидении группа O.Torvald
          Transurfing Vivo - Oltre i Confini della Matrix    

La realtà in cui viviamo non è la stessa di qualche decennio fa e le regole di sopravvivenza sono cambiate. L'umanità ha compiuto una svolta radicale, allontanandosi dal suo stato naturale e seguendo uno sviluppo tecnologico che ha portato la creazione di nuove leggi.

In questo nuovo sistema, definito "Matrix" come nel famoso film, l'uomo diventa solo una semplice pila di alimentazione. Non siamo più in grado di controllare la realtà e le informazioni che vi circolano, ma siamo completamente sottomessi al sistema: siamo semplici cellule di Matrix, che è padrone della nostra energia e della nostra coscienza.

Cosa possiamo fare? Come facciamo a liberarci da questa trappola?

In questa sua nuova straordinaria opera, Vadim Zeland, ci spiega come diventare lucidi , una volta per tutte! La soluzione si trova in una dimensione insolita, lì dove la metafisica incontra il quotidiano. Per capire quello che normalmente sfugge alla logica, è necessario depurarsi fisicamente, in senso letterale, la coscienza e la percezione: bisogna liberarsi di tutti gli stereotipi mentali che ci impone la società.

Titolo originale: Живой Трансерфинг

NB. Il testo è pubblicato solo in lingua Russa e in lingua Italiana con Macro Edizioni, attualmente non esistono altre pubblicazioni.

Anteprima Transurfing Vivo - Oltre i Confini della Matrix LIBRO di Vadim Zeland

«Negli ultimi otto-dieci anni sono alla ricerca della felicità, del successo e della festa della vita. Dopo aver iniziato a leggere i suoi libri, ho trovato quello che stavo cercando e i primi due mesi era tutto meraviglioso, la vita era diventata magnifica, ero diventato profondamente sicuro di poter scegliere una qualsiasi variante.

Ho capito il significato dell'unità dell'anima e della ragione e il mio potenziale energetico era al massimo. Grazie ai suoi libri sono passato a un nuovo lavoro. Tuttavia dopo un po' è successo qualcosa, la festa è finita nonostante io seguissi i suoi consigli continuamente, tanto da averli resi abitudinari.

Ora non è più come prima: l'importanza interna ed esterna oscillano continuamente, io cerco di trovarmi sempre in uno stato di consapevolezza ma non riesco in alcun modo a ridurre l'importanza; il timore verso il futuro è aumentato, tutto mi sfugge di mano, non posso fare nulla che valga la pena di fare, sento un peso nell'anima... È come se mi trovassi in coma profondo.

La negatività mi si inccolla addosso, nonostante io faccia regolarmente esercizio fisico, presti attenzione ai canali energetici e mi nutra di cibi sani e gustosi, che in realtà non mi procurano alcun piacere. Esisteranno dei metodi di programmazione del subconscio che aiutino a uscire da questo stato oppressivo?».

Continua a leggere - Anteprima Transurfing Vivo - Oltre i Confini della Matrix LIBRO di Vadim Zeland

Il Transurfing vivo è il Transurfing apocrifo

Il libro Il Transurfing apocrifo (Apokrifičeskij Transerfing), edizioni Eksmo, 2010 è uscito in Russia qualche mese prima del presente Transurfing Vivo.

Quest'ultimo ne è una versione riveduta e ampliata. Ha ottenuto una forte risonanza tra i lettori e ha scatenato un'animata discussione.


Continua a leggere -  "Il Transurfing vivo è il Transurfing apocrifo"

Indice del libro

  • Capitolo I - Ci siamo risvegliati in un'altra realtà
  • Capitolo II - Il fine: un percorso o un punto d'arrivo?
  • Capitolo III - Il Credodell'Arbitro
  • Capitolo IV - Il mondo dei sogni
  • Capitolo V - Buongiorno, compagni cyborgs! 
  • Capitolo VI - I parassiti della coscienza
  • Capitolo VII - Parliamo di sesso 
  • Capitolo VIII - Un bicchier d'acqua
  • Capitolo IX - La seconda civiltà 
  • Capitolo X - Un passo fuori dai ranghi
  • Capitolo XI - La meccanica dell'invecchiamento
  • Capitolo XII - Una minaccia occulta 
  • Capitolo XIII - I parassiti del corpo
  • Capitolo XIV - Gli architetti della "matrix"
  • Capitolo XV - L'acqua viva 
  • Capitolo XVI - Un diapason di cristallo
  • Capitolo XVII - L'aria viva
  • Capitolo XVIII - E ancora "Avanti nel passato"
  • Capitolo XIX - L'arretramento del processo di invecchiamento
  • Capitolo XX - Un Sapere non per tutti 
  • Capitolo XXI - Il cibo vivo
  • Capitolo XXII - L'energia d'intenzione
  • Capitolo XXIII - L'intenzione di salute
  • Allegato 1 - Principi di base per aumentare il potenziale energetico
  • Allegato 2 - Ricette sistematizzanti
  • Allegato 3 - Fatti poco conosciuti
  • Allegato 4 - Domande inevitabili
  • Allegato 5 - Le caratteristiche distintive dei vegetali e dei prodotti di origine vegetale
  • Allegato 6 - Intervista personale 
  • Allegato 7 - Glossario dei termini 
  • Bibliografia

Curiosità sul Transurfing: come ne parla la traduttrice

La traduttrice Vera Bani delle edizioni italiane ci racconta la sua scoperta del Transurfing e una chiave di lettura utile a comprendere meglio cosa Vadim Zeland ci vuole trasmettere con le sue opere.

Sette anni fa, mentre passavo in rassegna gli scaffali di una piccola libreria vicino a casa, i miei occhi caddero su una serie di volumetti, cinque, semplicissimi, di colore rosso cardinale. Quando ne presi uno in mano, apprezzai il disegno stilizzato centrale, scuro, quasi ipnotizzante, e solo in seguito, alzando gli occhi verso il titolo e il nome dell'autore, ripescai nella memoria uno strano termine che solo poco tempo prima avevo sentito nominare da un "coach" cui mi ero rivolta per aiuto. 

Continua a leggere - Curiosità sul Transurfing: come ne parla la traduttrice

For the first time in either the history of the Best of the Web podcast or maybe just the year 2016, we're going all out with four people on the podcast! Four J's, even: joining me and Jessamyn are long-time MeFites not_on_display (Jim!) and churl (Jesse!), as we talk about the month in MeFi, the Best Post contest, and the dark Jungian substrate that lies beneath the fragile shared fiction we call "reality". Also some bathroom stuff. With all this personality bopping around, we're ringing in the new year with a hefty 2 hours of show this time, covering December 1st through January 4th.

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Guest facts!
- lives in Massachusetts!
- has a very good beard!
- is totally Jessamyn's sweetie!
- is a musician!

- lives in Portland!
- keeps a pretty short trim on his beard!
- records a podcast with cortex called The Crapshoot!

- Ever dream this man?

- MetaFilter is was hiring

- Airports (and more!) of New England (and beyond!) by backseatpilot (MeFi post)
- If You're Reading This again
- Goddam Facts, by ignignokt
- OlogyBot, by divabat
- HIBRYD HIBRYD, a superb 9-year callback by Faint of Butt
- A butt a day at, by CharlesV42
- Final Consternation 4 again
- what Greg Nog has learned from a month of not eating raw chicken (MeFi post)
- Thank You Notes by raisindebt

- Happy Birthday, Lemmy! by jbickers
- actually Lemmy's dead it turns out, notes Cookiebastard
- Of which, the tags vs. umlaut dilemma (but cortex later overruled it in a boring bid for searchability)
- are there two slightly different sized Luke Skywalkers, by Greg Nog (also, this video game character post from 2011)
- an alphabetized Oz, by Obscure Reference
- Barbiephonic from MeFi's own mhoye, by frimble
- Tubular feels, by a lungful of dragon
- Antique Molds by knuckle tattoos
- Whitewashing All of Mankind, by orticon halo
- on interacting with nature, by saul wright
- mathowie's s/gun/dildo/ project, by maxsparber
- the invention of basketball, by Etrigan
- Dune sandworm bread and also many many Dune jokes by gregglind
- adult coloring books by Bella Donna
- the animation work of Phil Tippett by brundlefly
- A Dune coloring book that actually existed, somehow by ricochet biscuit
- on holding emotional (not parking) space by flex
- the confused Vincent Vega meme by entropicamericana
- a lengthy argument about Star Trek fan projects by doctornemo
- To MIDI And Back Again, A Mariah Carey Holiday Song's Holiday by overeducated_alligator
- on multiple frogasms by valkane
- Clickhole on manhood by schmod
- the post Jessamyn and Jim were betting about
- Jim's old Sifl & Olly post that Jesse remembered
- the Markovization of Jessamyn West by kcds
And lots more, it was the December Best Post contest, see MetaTalk below for a ton more!

Ask MetaFilter
- how to build a safe prop bomb by aaanastasia, for her SWEDISH CHEF REENACTMENTS OMG
- jessamyn wants to order glasses online without an eye exam tyvm
- What is that 80s sax song that goes "do dwee do dododo?, wonders kittensofthenight (and several other folks)
- your fave 90s alt rock videos?, by glaucon
- real words that don't sound real by acorncup
- movies that treat cash realistically by woman
- the joke about freebasing a cat by OrangeVelour
- that goddammed paint-roller-on-face-TV-show question still by sarcasticah
- of driving in Morocco by kingoftonga86
- rad gross gifts for a seven-year-old by pretentious illiterate
- who was that Star Wars torture critic? by mattoxic

Songs used for interstitial music this month:
- Auld Lang Syne by aegispolis
- Uni, by ludwig_van
- I Got You Babe, tropical remix, by aegispolis
- Coventry Carol, by AppleSeed

December was the annual-ish Best Post contest! Weekly roundups with winners:
- Week 1
- Week 2
- Week 3
- Week 4 and month-long prizes

Also: welcome aboard Eyebrows McGee, our new part-time mod!

          Cris Cyborg Excited to Face ‘Real Fighter’ Tonya Evinger, Says Megan Anderson ‘Owes’ Her   
Cris "Cyborg" Justino will still fight for the UFC women's featherweight title on July 29 but she has a new opponent. She'll face Tonya Evinger in California.
          Are Cyborgs In Our Future? 'Homo Deus' Author Thinks So   
The human species is about to change dramatically. That's the argument Yuval Noah Harari makes in his new book, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow . Harari is a history professor at Hebrew University in Israel. He tells NPR's Ari Shapiro that he expects we will soon engineer our bodies and minds in the same way we now design products. Interview Highlights On how we will begin to engineer bodies The three main ways of doing that, first of all, is to take our organic body and start tinkering with it with things like genetic engineering, speeding up natural selection and actually replacing it with intelligent design — not the intelligent design of some God above the clouds, but our intelligent design. The other way is to start combining organic with inorganic parts and creating cyborgs. For four billion years all of evolution — not just of humans but of all beings — was confined to the organic realm, but very soon we might be able to break out of the organic realm using things like
          Josh Brolin Has Some Schmutz on His Face in a New 'Deadpool 2' Cable Transformation Photo   
Josh Brolin’s Cable is, at this point, the most anticipated part of Deadpool 2, and as we have seen, he’s very game to get to get into full time-traveling cyborg warrior shape. He’s also game to have some weird-looking blue molds taken of his face, apparently, as his latest Instagram tease of his characters shows. Continue reading…
          Happy New Year: Welcome to the future.   

We hope everyone had a great holiday, whichever you celebrate! And have a happy new year! We’re in the future, people. Right in the middle of a sci-fi novel. Proof of that is the fact that we’ve got cyborg suits … Continue reading

The post Happy New Year: Welcome to the future. appeared first on Get Real.

          Anderson se cae del UFC 214: Evinger peleará ante Cyborg   
Continúa el baile de rivales para disputar el título del peso pluma femenino. Megan Anderson renuncia por motivos personales y la sustituye Tonya Evinger.
          TERROR OF THE ARCTIC-Episode 5-Copyright2005R.Franklin   
itunes pic
Murder and mutiny among the intrepid explorers complicate efforts to defeat determined cyborg predators.
          PERDON!!! -Pequeña Continuacion-   

1) Su bloggera es terca!
2) Tiene lesionado el brazo!
3) no ha entrado a su compu por causa de depresion
4) Los ama<3

D: pues veran yo soy una persona que detesta quedarse quieta xD ama los deportes etc, pero tengo el tobillo lastimado y tambien el brazo.....jaja y como soy terca se me olvida :v por lo tanto me han estado controlando MUCHO xD en fin aqui les continuo la historia cap xD
Titulo: Solo era cuestion de saber la verdad....Solo Un sueño

Danica: *corriendo de regreso a la base* DR!!!! *sonriendo*
DR: Danica! donde te habias metido!
Antonio:*caminando* Andaba con un amigo
DR: amigo?....seguro no es nadie, nee...que vamos ha hacer ahora?
DR:...creo que es hora de que sepan la verdad....*acariciandole la cabeza a danica*
Ambos: verdad?
Danica:....que verdad? n.n
DR:...Antonio....Yo te saque de una dimension donde estabas sufriendo....y aunque no la recuerdas...esta chica..*acariciandole denuevo la cabeza a danica* te hizo cambiar de idea sobre como son....tu sientes como una persona normal..pero en tu sangre hay Cyborgs microscopicos...que te mantienen al margen....
Antonio:...*mirando en silencio*....Mi renacimiento?
DR: exacto...
Antonio: como mori...
DR: ella no lo recuerda....pero tu la salvaste de una vida llena de mas dolor...del que ella podria soportar...creo que es todo lo que debes saber...Danica
Danica:*sin entender la situacion*....?? droga que te aplique el dia que llegaste....te puede causar la muerte...
Danica: que?!
DR: Hay solo un 20% de posibilidades de que vivas....pero no te dare esperanzas, es estupido decirte lo inevitable.
Danica: Morire?..*mirandolo*
DR: si pero...*veia el rostro triste de la mas joven* No no llores..*abrazandola* Calma, estare aqui..
Danica:..*en silencio*..
DR:..Vayan a descanzar....por ahora lo necesitan....*mirandolos irse*

debo encontrar la manera de salvarla, por que demonios cambie de idea, la verdad nunca me lo pregunte pero no pude evitar sentir nostalgia de mi pequeña niña. Mi hija fue asesinada a causa de esa misma droga, pero Danica no es ni humano ni ninguna especie que sea viva Danica es.....

NARRA Danica

"Calma, estare aqui" son las palabras que muchas personas me han repetido tantas veces y ahora estan 5000 metros bajo tierra, entre a mi habitacion y me acoste mirando al techo asi es, soy una asesina y ladrona serial pero temo el dia que me muera, ese dia es como todos los demas, nunca le vi en interes a nada ya que todo lo puedo hacer exactamente igual....

"esto es aburrido" "quiero irme" pense, la droga me iba a matar asi que, supongo que ahora es mejor dormir para no sentirme asi, cai en un profundo sueño donde solo veia el agua, ahogada, cayendo al profundo vacio, a esa oscuridad que calcome a todas las personas en este putrefacto mundo, a los plagios, a los fakes, a los ladrones, a los violadores, a los asesinos, a todos! A los buenos le pasa lo bueno? por favor! esa es una puta historia de disney! A los buenos y a Los malos les pasan las mismas cosas, Hay cosas que no se deben saber...

"Quiero ser eterna" asi llore y chille por los que he perdido ya no importa por que.."YO LOS MATARE" y ellos no podran hacer nada, Asi se siente el dolor, Como estaran mis hermanos? Los chicos?, en donde me han atrapado, quien es la Danica que ahora estan viendo, Por que siempre tengo que ser yo la que pase por esto, Sufro por otros, pero no por mi misma, Lucho por otros, Pero no por mi misma, Mi madre me lo decia asi, Mi padre me decia lo contrario, esos dos de jovenes nunca se llevaron bien, Me siento tan culpable por todo pero......

ya no hay marcha atras.....


Sentia que los ronquidos de sonic estaban cerca me daban ganas de darle un golpe, pero cuando me levante solo vi oscuridad....que puedo hacer con ese dolor en mi corazon, Disparare sin dudar, la compasion no existe ahora, el gatillo hoy voy a soltar, senti el dolor, de lo que significa sufrir aunque mis lagrimas yo las pude ver venir, no se por que todavia siento dolor, aunque el extrañar se convirtio en odio....





Danica: AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *me levante agitada*...S-Solo fue...un sueño?....*mirandose* Cuando me cambie de ropa
Tails: Danica *sonriendo* todos estamos desayunando baja o se comeran tu desayuno *dijo como siempre con esa tipica sonrisa**me levante y baje a desayunar* ngh..*veia borroso* que me sucede
Sonic: Danica! *sonriendo con la boca llena*
Danica: Traga tarado! >:c
Sonic: perdon
Shadow:*llegando*...hola a todos...
Cream: como esta señor shadow n.n
Shadow: no me digas señor me hace sentir viejo..¬¬U
Danica: señorito cuenta?
Shadow: no no cuenta*se va a comer*
Danica: (mente: shadow me odia....)...comere mas tarde
Catty: tu no puedes salir de aqui
Danica: eh?
Cream: tu estas muerta ¨*sonrio* 
Danica: no es...
Todos: Tu nos mataste...*sonriendo*
Danica:..*sentandose en el suelo*


Danica: AHHH!!! *levantandose sudando*...un...sueño?...E..era un sueño
Antonio:*mirandola* estas bien? me tenias preocupado
Danica:*le peñisca la mejilla*
Antonio: X_X ah! por que lo hiciste!
Danica: para saber si era un sueño
Antonio: debes hacertelo a ti misma! D:<
Danica: e-e me iba a doler
Antonio: por que estas tan alterada...
Danica: por nada....por nada..*levantandose y saliendo*

Asi es como yo, voy callendo ahogada en la oscuridad de la vida....

Hasta la otra!!! XD

PD: los chicos hablaran para el sgte capitulo uwu<3

Ahora si BYE!!!<3
          [Torchlight II Impressions]   
In simple list form, since I'm not feeling verbose:

- New Game+
- Randomized dungeons\sidequests
- Offline Singleplayer option
- Character/pet customization (this includes class builds/gear combinations)
- Fishing. If nothing else, because you can get permanent pet-transforming items from it.
- The Enchanting/Alchemy system... gambling for cool item buffs is a great gold sink
- Interesting item sets (the randomization of stats makes even two of the same item unique)
- The soundtrack
- The boss fights

- I wish Normal difficulty wasn't simply Easy mode with a different name. It's too easy, even for a newb to the genre like me.
- I wish there was appearance slots for gear, or the ability to pay a Transmuter to re-skin gear.
- I wish my Stash space was expandable.
- I wish you could get at least one full respec of stats/skills per character.
- I wish the story/setting was a bit better explained (How's anyone to know, for example, that the Zeraphi and Ezrohir are a race of ancient Ember-powered cyborgs unless you read the official wiki? The game sure doesn't bother to really explain who they are or why they're at war). I know that too much story exposition can bog down a game like this, but it could've used a bit more here and there... perhaps rolled into the short animated cutscenes between Acts.

Overall, I give the game 4/5 stars (for what my opinion's worth), and recommend it for anyone who likes the ARPG genre. It's a solid offering and very enjoyable.

What is it about fishing in RPGs that's so compelling?

          Celtric Crackin' Bass (Old Skool)   
itunes pic
Old Skool D&B Vinyl set feat tracks by E-Z Rollers, Pascal, Evil 5, Lomax, 30Hz, Dilinja, Eat Static, Cyborgz, Technical Itch, DJ T-Rex, Panacea, Skoptic, ...
          O Criador   

Nome: Akira Toriyama

História : Akira começou a trabalhar como designer gráfico e foi aos 23 anos que entrou para o Mangá. Aos 30 já estava o tempo inteiro neste ramo e fartava-se de trabalhar. Pessoalmente, Akira não gosta de estar tão ocupado e, para ele, as melhores horas do dia são quando ele está dormindo. Pudera, quando ele tem uma idéia para um desenho, a põe no papel até se cansar e sair bem. Nos seus tempos de criança, queria ter um cavalo, por isso sempre desenhava esse bicho até que se esqueceu dessa idéia. Tanto desenhou que se encheu. Define-se como uma pessoa que se aborrece facilmente. Tem de estar sempre surpreendendo-se com qualquer coisa. Depois de ter desenhado Dragon Ball durante dez anos, Akira teve de repensar a série. Levanta-se ao meio-dia, trabalha com o seu assistente até às 19 horas, janta, leva o seu cão pra passear e faz exercícios físicos até ás 21h. Depois vê televisão e trabalha ao mesmo tempo até ás 23h. Toma um banho e volta a trabalhar até às 4h da manhã. Que rapidez! Akira detesta o frio. Prefere o Verão e o Sol. Se ele pudesse, hibernava durante a estação mais fria do ano. O autor de Dragon Ball não é indiferente aos bonecos da Disney. Ele gosta tanto dos seus personagens, que já foi à Disneyland mais de seis vezes. Akira inspirou-se muito na natureza e nos ambientes que a Disney utiliza nos seus filmes animados. Aliás, a sua paixão pelo verde reflete-se no personagem Cyborg C16.

Data de nascimento: 5 de Abril de 1955
Lugar de origem: Nas proximidades de Nagoya, no Japão.

Um pouco sobre Toriyama: Akira Toriyama largou os estudos em 1977 para começar a desenhar e algum tempo depois foi contratado pela Shueisha, uma poderosa editora japonesa. Descobriu o desenho quando criança com clássicos Disney e obras de Osamu Tezuka. toriyama é casado e tem um filho chamado Sasuke. Adora filmes de ação, videogames e como hobby possui uma coleção de carros e motos antigos.


Outra obras: Dr.Slump também foi uma obra de Akira. Algunss dos personagens de Dr.Slump também entram em Dragon Ball.
          News From The Front Of The War, On Weather   

The dull rumble of thunder fills the air like the opening salvos of artillery on the Qatari front, and rain crashes down in sheets as lightning flashes across the sky. Harbingers of the Eschaton that has been unleashed by our ancient enemy, the Weather.

Cyborg Musk

You see, what has happened here is that the climate has changed and Texas, which failed so miserably to pay its weather tax, has been struck and struck hard. New York City, under the brave, resolute, socialist leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio, net worth $1.5 million, are safe. 

Submission Merkel

The Weather won't attack Manhattan, San Francisco or Austin; they're sanctuary cities where everyone is safe because they obey their green globalist overlords. But in Texas, as opposed to Austin, that's not the case. This means sacrifice.

Snigger. Trudeau

There's no shooting because the range is a swamp. No fishing; who wants to get struck by lightning? And no riding; it's not fun to slosh around in a bog and get paralyzed when the horse falls over in the mud and snaps your neck. Does that mean we're defeated?

Di Caprio

No, it doesn't. We refuse to kow-tow to Macron, Trudeau, Merkel and their transnational elitocrat puppetmasters. We won't submit to millionaire green socialists like Di Caprio, Bloomberg and Elon "I'm Not A Cyborg" Musk. 

No sir. Come hell or high water, we stand for freedom and Texas.

Weather, bring it on.


          Adopt Robin a Siamese / Mixed cat in Sherwood, OR (18460604) (   
My adoption payment is $200. I'm currently in foster care with my siblings Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven. Main color: Lilac Weight: 1.21 Age: 0 yrs 0 months 7wks