igra istine   
nema, ovi zadnji su bili nesto sujetni, svakako nisu bili dobri modovi...

imamo samo admina, koji brise kad dodje...

opravdavas li drasticne mere moderisanja?
          igra istine   
i da znas da cu te prijavit adminki zbog tvog ponasanja ovuda znass cim dodje s,odmora sve cu joj rec i neces ga vise ulazit ovamo ako se ne popraviss magarcu edan klempafi Tongue
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Sorry,pricam gluposti...Ne chat nego poruke...Razmenili smo nekoliko...Zivis u inostranstvu ako se ne varam...Rekao sam da ne volim bas poeziju,ti si odgovorila da ne volis bas previse ni ti ali ti se svidja ta pesma... wink

Da, da lol Setila sam se. Bio je to Prever i pesma "...hladno je VI srdacnim TI, ona zamenila..." lol lol

Bio je razlog da je napisem, bas to Vi i Ti lol wink Secam se.

Tacno...Kakva memorija...Ja se nikad ne bih setio pesme...A Jesenjina sam ja pominjao-"kerusu"...bas mi je drago da smo se ovde nasli... :D

I meni, takodje. Ja mu dodjem kao neki veteran na ovom forumu lol oops
          MUITO BOM!!!!   
Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Estou passando para contar que foi muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito bom voltar ao trabalho... as crianças ainda não voltaram... iniciam somente na semana que vem... mas já deu para sentir o gostinho de estar novamente dentro de uma sala de aula.
Até uma salva de palmas eu recebi das minhas colegas de trabalho em homenagem ao meu retorno... confesso que fiquei bastante feliz...
Ah! Amanhã tenho exame de sangue lá no ICESP- Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo e meu retorno com o oncologista será dia 16/02...
Peço que rezem por mim para que tudo esteja maravilhoso...
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijos iluminados

          MSH - Batman Family   
Here are cards with base stats for Batman, Robin and Batgirl for use with the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG.
I based these on the '60s TV show versions so they may appear a bit weaker than other stats floating about the 'net.

Their tokens-

And some villain tokens-
(Note: These are not all traditional Batman villains. I threw in some Golden Age DC villains that I thought would fit well with a Batman campaign.)

          Japończycy dostaną SMS z ostrzeżeniem przed zbliżającym się pociskiem balistycznym   
Mieszkańcy Japonii przyzwyczajeni są do otrzymywania informacji o zbliżających się katastrofach naturalnych za pomocą wiadomości tekstowych. Teraz jednak do katalogu katastrof, o jakich informować będzie tamtejsza agencja do spraw zarządzania kryzysowego, dodano kolejną, dość nietypową – informacje o zbliżającym się … Czytaj dalej
          Looking Backward   

ST. LOUIS—Remember when this was John Kerry's race to lose? Now the question on everyone's minds is whether he's lost it, and if so, what it will take for him to win it back. The Kerry campaign remains stagnant—though improved from where it was a week ago—because, despite claims to the contrary, it hasn't absorbed the lesson of Michael Dukakis' failed presidential bid. Or worse, Kerry might have learned the wrong lesson from 1988.

The Kerry campaign's belated response to the false allegations leveled by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth was hailed as evidence that the specter of Dukakis looming over the campaign had been lifted, because Kerry had finally "responded." But merely rebutting a charge isn't sufficient to avoid Dukakis' fate. Standing up and saying "I am not a wife beater" doesn't fix the problem. Saying the other guy beats his husband does. The lesson of the Dukakis campaign isn't that you need to "respond" by defending yourself. The lesson is to change the subject with a counterattack.

Look at the Bush campaign's response to Kerry's criticism of the 17 percent hike in Medicare premiums. Rather than rebut Kerry's charge or defend the administration's decision, the Bush-Cheney team released a new ad Thursday blasting Kerry for voting "five times to raise Medicare premiums." The 30-second spot ends with the kicker, "John Kerry ... he actually voted for higher Medicare premiums ... before he came out against them."

The despondence among Democrats over the superiority of the Bush-Cheney campaign team is real. The news cycle has taken a turn in Kerry's favor, but his campaign hasn't figured out how to turn the news to his advantage. During the past week, the 1,000th American died in Iraq, the administration announced the largest deficit in the nation's history, new documents about Bush's service—or lack thereof—in the National Guard emerged, and Dick Cheney made a statement so repugnant that his own staff disavowed it almost immediately. What has Kerry been able to do with these events? Maybe worse than nothing. Most notable, the 1,000th casualty led Kerry to describe the situation in Iraq as "the war on terror," and the campaign hasn't devised a good explanation for why he did that. (Though there is an emerging theory that by agreeing with Bush that Iraq is part of the war on terror, Kerry can use Iraq as evidence that Bush has mismanaged not just a sideshow in the war against al-Qaida, but the whole thing.)

The event some Democrats point to as emblematic of the Kerry campaign's refusal to play rough: Back in August, after Tom Harkin called Dick Cheney a "coward," the Iowa senator was yanked from a bus tour. The Kerry campaign denied the two events were linked, but not everyone believes them, particularly in light of the fact that the Kerry-Edwards team vetted the speeches at the Democratic Convention to ensure that no speaker criticized the president or his record too harshly.

There's a good reason not to want Sen. Harkin as the point man attacking Cheney's war record: During Harkin's 1992 presidential campaign, the Wall Street Journal called him "carefree" with the facts, particularly about his military service. "Mr. Harkin did serve in the Navy during the Vietnam era, but exactly what he did, and for how long, remain a matter of some dispute," the newspaper reported.

But if the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have taught us anything, it's that the credibility of an accuser is less important than the explosiveness of the charge. The Democrats may finally be learning that. Harkin is now back on the bus, so to speak, being trotted out to fire away at Bush and Cheney in much the same say Bob Dole and President H.W. Bush were sent out to lend credibility to the Swift boat charges. "Never defend, always attack," was Harkin's advice to Kerry in the New York Times, and the campaign seems to have taken him up on it. Of Cheney's statement that electing Sen. Kerry as president would invite a catastrophic terrorist attack, Harkin said on CNN Wednesday, "You know, I thought Dick Cheney limited his obscenities to the Senate floor." Showing mastery of the art of flinging whatever accusation you can, no matter what the topic, Harkin decided it would also be a good time to attack Cheney for war profiteering: "You know when you think of Vice President Cheney and his viciousness in that kind of remark, the fact that he still has his hand in the till of Halliburton that is making money off of Iraq, I would say that Mr. Cheney is the 2004 version of Spiro Agnew."

Kerry doesn't need to be making accusations like these himself, as he unwisely did the night after Bush's convention speech when he attacked Dick Cheney as a draft dodger. That's what surrogates are for. There was a sign Thursday that the candidate may have learned that lesson, too. At a Des Moines town hall, Kerry was talking to a 91-year-old veteran, and he told her, "That's something you never forget, your service number." From the crowd, a man called out, "George did!" Kerry waited for the laughter to subside, and then he paused and said nothing more than, "Well, moving on."

          Trading Places   

LOS ANGELES—John Kerry did something I thought was impossible tonight. He turned himself into John Edwards. This may be the secret of Kerry's success in the Democratic primaries: What Bill Clinton did to infuriate the Republican Congress during his presidency, Kerry does to his fellow candidates. He co-opts their issues, their message, even their language. When Howard Dean was the obstacle in Kerry's path, the Massachusetts senator talked about throwing the special interests out of Washington and putting the people back in charge. Now that Edwards is the lone serious contender, Kerry pitches himself as the positive, optimistic candidate with "real solutions."

"I've offered a positive vision of what we ought to be doing in America," Kerry declared in the opening moments of Thursday's debate. "Once we have a nominee, this country will have an opportunity to hear a positive vision of how we can offer hope to Americans, optimism about the possibilities of the future, not divide America but bring it together to find real solutions. And that's what I'm offering: real solutions." Edwards must have felt like a sitcom character, the candidate for student council president watching his classmate deliver a stolen version of his speech. The "Real Solutions Express" is the name of Edwards' campaign bus. "Real Solutions for America" is the name of Edwards' 60-page policy booklet. It's also the phrase plastered across the top of Edwards' campaign Web site.

But unlike the sitcom character, who takes the podium and falls flat on his face, Edwards dominated the early portion of the debate. He throttled Kerry—with an assist from an aggressive Ron Brownstein—after Kerry couldn't explain why he thought the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional in 1996 but that a constitutional amendment isn't needed now to ensure that states are not forced to recognize gay marriages from other states. After Kerry's long-winded and unsatisfactory answer to whether he would vote for the Defense of Marriage Act today, Edwards jabbed, "I'm not sure what he said about that. But I would not vote for it." Then Edwards deftly moved to Kerry's left on the issue, saying he believes the federal government ought to be required to recognize gay marriages if they are recognized by a state. Edwards also looked strong when he confronted Al Sharpton to defend his support of the death penalty.

Despite the inclusion of Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich, they weren't much of a factor. They sat on the far end of the table away from the TV camera, and they were confined mostly to interjecting asides to the main debate between Kerry and Edwards. They seemed like the political debate version of the two grumpy old men who issue catcalls from the balcony during The Muppet Show.

But despite Edwards' strong start, by the end of the debate a second impossible transformation had occurred. John Edwards turned into John Kerry. Kerry answered a difficult question from Larry King about his opposition to the death penalty—"A person who kills a 5-year-old should live?"—clearly and directly. "Larry, my instinct is to want to strangle that person with my own hands," he said. But the system is flawed, it's applied unjustly, and as a matter of principle, "the state should not engage in killing." That's the best answer you can give to that unpopular position. Edwards, by contrast, sounded like the Kerry of old when he tried to explain why he supports a system that King said "nearly executed over 100 people who didn't do it." He talked about how "serious" the issue was, and how "serious steps" need to be taken, such as "making the court system work." Finally, King bailed him out: But why do you favor capital punishment? Oh yeah, Edwards seemed to think, that's what I should be talking about, and he brought up some liberal red meat: "Those men who dragged James Byrd behind that truck in Texas, they deserve the death penalty."

On another occasion, Brownstein had to repeatedly query Edwards to get him to explain whether there were any substantive differences between him and Kerry on the issue of reforming the way Washington works. "Do you view Sen. Kerry as part of the solution or part of the problem?" Brownstein asked. Edwards dodged the question. "Is there a difference in your commitment to this cause and what you see from Sen. Kerry?" Brownstein tried again. "Yes," Edwards said, because I'm an outsider. But that's not substantive, Brownstein objected. "He is saying many of the same things. Are you saying that he is less committed?" Edwards demurred.

Then Kerry swooped in to damn Edwards with praise. "I don't think there fundamentally is a difference," he said. "I mean, John has raised almost 50 percent of his money from one group of people in the United States"—"Is that the trial lawyers?" King interrupted—"That's correct. And I don't ever suggest that he is beholden to them," Kerry continued magnanimously. "Because I know he stood up on the patients' bill of rights."

The real Kerry returned a few moments later, with a preposterously unclear statement on his first executive order: "Reverse the Mexico City policy on the gag rule so that we take a responsible position globally on family planning." But then Edwards picked up the Kerry torch when Los Angeles Times editorial page editor Janet Clayton asked him how he can criticize the president for a war that he voted for. Edwards tried to appear thoughtful and serious, saying he gave "an awful lot of thought and study to it." Not only that, "I was worried about it. All of us were. I took this responsibility seriously." But why did you vote for it? "What we did is we voted on a resolution," Edwards stammered. And Bush didn't conduct the war properly. "So are you saying you were suckered?" Clayton asked.

King asked Edwards if he regrets his vote for the war. "I did what I believed was right at the time," Edwards said. "Do you regret it?" King asked again. "I did what I believed was right at the time," Edwards repeated. "Do you regret it?" King asked again, this time to laughter. "We don't get to go back, Larry," Edwards insisted. "Well, you can regret something," King said.

Kerry pounced on his chance to play Edwards to Edwards' Kerry. "Let me return a favor from the last debate to John," he said. "You asked a yes-or-no answer: 'Do you regret your vote?' The answer is: No. I do not regret my vote. I regret that we have a president of the United States who misled America and broke every promise he made the United States Congress." Substantively, this is the same answer Edwards gave, but it was clear instead of evasive and concise instead of tortuous.

It couldn't have been clearer: Edwards had become Kerry and Kerry had become Edwards. Kerry's critics will likely see this as more evidence of flip-flopping opportunism. Kerry will likely see it as victory.

          Dean Goes Offline   

MADISON, WIS.—If the "Wisconsin or bust" primary began as the bargaining stage of the Dean campaign's death, as one staffer told me, then by Election Day, everyone had settled comfortably into acceptance. It's not quite right to say that those in attendance at Howard Dean's primary-night rally at the Madison Concourse hotel appeared resigned in the face of their candidate's defeat. It's fairer to say that Dean's impending withdrawal from the presidential campaign felt irrelevant to the entire affair, as if it had already happened. Staffers openly discussed future plans—What are you doing tomorrow? Wanna party with me in New York this weekend?—in the press filing center. Hardly anyone watched the returns come in on CNN. In contrast to the sober yet chaotic feel of Wesley Clark's campaign in its death throes, what was almost certainly Dean's final presidential campaign event (other than his withdrawal speech) had a celebratory, even self-congratulatory air. They came to praise Caesar, not to bury him.

Dean knows how to give only one kind of speech, a victory speech, and that's what he delivered. You have "really worked hard to change this country and change this party," he told his assembled supporters. "And guess what? You have succeeded." It was a victory for a movement, not a campaign. "You have already written the platform of the Democratic Party for this election," Dean said. "A year ago, the Democrats were falling all over each other to vote for the war in Iraq. They sure don't talk like that now." Dean also claimed credit for getting the Democrats to stand up to "reckless budget deficits," "huge tax cuts," and "the president's education policies, which leave every child behind."

But the change in the Democratic Party, Dean declared, would be illusory if he and his supporters did not continue to challenge the Democratic establishment. "We together have only begun our work," he said. In what sounded like a shot at John Kerry, he continued: "The transformation that we have wrought is a transformation of convenience, not of conviction, and we have to fight, and fight, and fight until it becomes a transformation of conviction."

What does this mean, exactly? No one's certain. Other than Dean himself, "I don't think anyone but Roy Neel knows" what's going to happen next, an aide told me. But it's wrong to think that it means that Dean will continue campaigning. Instead, the smart money is that when Dean drops out of the presidential race, he will likely announce that he and his supporters will remain active in the campaign by transforming Dean for America into a political action committee or a 527 group, something that would allow him to try to become a power broker in Democratic politics.

If Dean dislikes Kerry as much as he is reported to, and if he really thinks John Edwards would be a superior nominee, then he's right to get out of the race quickly. I'm not convinced that Edwards is more electable than Kerry—with apologies to my colleague Will Saletan, so far the evidence for Edwards' electability is that he keeps losing elections—but a two-man race is Edwards' only chance. CNN and the Los Angeles Times will do voters a disservice if they invite Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton to their Feb. 26 debate. Kerry cited the fact that Kucinich and Sharpton were still in the race to dodge a question from Anderson Cooper about the prospect of a head-to-head debate with Edwards. But CNN shouldn't be asking Kerry whether he's going to debate Edwards one-on-one. They should be telling him.

One final thought about Tuesday's results: Isn't it possible that Matt Drudge, and not NAFTA, was the factor that led all those undecided voters to break for Edwards at the last minute? If a Wisconsin voter knew one thing about Kerry, a Dean staffer told me, it was that there was a rumor that the senator had an affair with a younger woman. It was all over local radio, not to mention the fact that Rush Limbaugh was flogging it for three hours each afternoon. Yes, the woman has denied it. Yes, there's no evidence for it. And yes, there is evidence that Drudge got the facts wrong in his report. But just because a rumor is unsubstantiated doesn't mean that voters aren't affected by it. Live by electability, die by electability. If the entire rationale of your campaign is that you can win in November, voters would be completely justified in rejecting you because of a rumor, even one that they believe is untrue, if they think that other voters might not vote for you because of it.

I can't quantify Drudge's impact on the campaign, but his rumor-mongering is the simplest explanation for the closeness of the race. I find it hard to believe that the independents and Republicans casting ballots for Edwards harbor deep anti-NAFTA feelings, while the Democrats voting for Kerry are ardent free traders.

The Internet couldn't win the presidency for Dean. But it's possible that the Internet almost lost Wisconsin for Kerry.

          membres danger, annonce ect *CHECK*   
Membres en Danger Information Ici seront notés les membres VALIDÉS qui ne se sont pas connectés depuis bientôt un mois - un mp sera envoyé quelques jours avant le jour fatidique, et si nous n'avons pas de nouvelles, compte sera supprimé. N'hésitez pas à nous mp ou à poster une absence pour éviter que vous vous retrouviez dans cette situation. nuadodo
          igra istine   
imam svoju jutarnju dozu, jaka crna kafa u veeeelikoj solji, 3dcl i jos jednu takvu kada dodjem u kancelariju. prvih sat vremena kada ustanem ti je ono - ima slike nema tona - lol

da li ustajes ranije da bi stigla da popijes kafu kuci pre posla?
          igra istine   
Mrzi me da dolazim ovdI, sad su me isprovocirali sa jednom temom i dodjoh... Inace, primecujem da je forum oziveo u poslednje vreme, mozda se i vratim. Cenim da je Karlo doneo neku novu energiju, ko ce ga znati. Vidim da moderatori ne rade svoj posao, neke baljezgarije i dalje vidim na naslovnoj strani i takoo...

Ljubim i ja tebe puno, 'ajde dodji mi na rodjus?
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Ubledela si mi danas nesto, dodaj malo pudera... lol lol
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
otje da dodje da se poigramo lol lol lol lol
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Zao mi shto se dosadjuje bebac,dodzi da se poigramo lol
          igra istine   
zavisi od situacije, nekad kisa dobro dodje wink

kad radite sutra?.
          igra istine   
kajsije na prolece...
pola se isusilo zbog obilnih kosa i visokog vodostaja...
sada cu saditi drvo koja podnosi vodu...

brala si neko voce, skoro?
:D :D :D

he he he buljas a sosa? a? lol lol lol lol lol Trte je seoski dodzovi jos uvek a? lol lol lol lol
          #4: Bare Reality: 100 Women, Their Breasts, Their Stories   
Bare Reality
Bare Reality: 100 Women, Their Breasts, Their Stories
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          igra istine   
Ako sam ja nesto opsovala nek me odmah tramvaj pregazi .

I cush ti mala , nemoj vise da se za*ebavas , koliko imas godina ?

ona je zaista mala...
ima tek 6 godina...

dodaj nulu
          igra istine   
jesam malopre pod tuss,a plaza bila punaaa
rekose sutra jugo znaci opet vrucee

oces dodjes na neki dan? malo u kontrolu do sajma da ga capimo na delu a?
          Vitor Belfort is not not being tested, says exasperated White   

Dana White briefly lost his trademark serenity during last night’s UFC Fight Night 27 media scrum, when a questioner implied that Vitor Belfort had fought in Brazil to dodge regulations on performance-enhancing drugs. Belfort, 36, has publicly used testosterone replacement therapy since last year, but White rejected the idea that the middleweight’s last three fights […]

The post Vitor Belfort is not not being tested, says exasperated White appeared first on Fightlinker.com.

          igra istine   
Ne ljuti se covece... dodje mi da pojedem sve figurice kad izgubim... lol

Teraj me odavle, inace cu se ujutru opet uspavati? evil
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Kad pomislim, dodje mi da ne mislim...mislim... roll roll
          igra istine   
ma taj cas dodje cas ode...

kako razbiti nervozi njusku?
          New Forest Film Festival opens today   
THE New Forest Film Festival launches today at Brockenhurst College with a gala screening of the classic silent film, Beggars of Life, with live music provided by The Dodge Brothers and the acclaimed silent film pianist, Neil Brand.
          igra istine   
Galija - Dodirni me

Sta vas je zadnje nasmejalo?
          igra istine   
Evo nista...ja kuliram..

El Kid...ovdje opet smrdi na barut?

Ko se macha laca,od macha i gine... wink

Mislite li da je virt. sex najbezbedniji? roll

Este Tongue
A sto Kid..bojis se da ne zatrudnis? lol lol lol

Mala,kad ti dodjem jedno od nas ce da zatrudni Tongue wink lol

Izvinte na ubacivanju...ignorisite... wink

Zar ti mi licimo na ljude koji gnorisu?
To nEje lijepo. lol lol lol
          igra istine   
Evo nista...ja kuliram..

El Kid...ovdje opet smrdi na barut?

Ko se macha laca,od macha i gine... wink

Mislite li da je virt. sex najbezbedniji? roll

Este Tongue
A sto Kid..bojis se da ne zatrudnis? lol lol lol

Mala,kad ti dodjem jedno od nas ce da zatrudni Tongue wink lol

Izvinte na ubacivanju...ignorisite... wink
          igra istine   
pa dodjem da se zezam a on nam uvalioo temuu za pritisak lol

esi napravila kameru?

Ne moze on nista da napravi, sto Vi ne dozvolite. A Vi mu dozvoljavate.
Je li ja tebi licim na inGinjera...Di ja znam da napravim kameru? lol
          igra istine   
pa dodjem da se zezam a on nam uvalioo temuu za pritisak lol

esi napravila kameru?
          The Submarine Podcast   
itunes pic
Genre: Deep Techno Duration: 68 mins Date: January 2009 (Mastered by Mauxuam) New episode of the Abyss saga :) This time is like having a party in a pressurized Submarine cruising underneath Arctic pack ice, searching for the right spot to re-emerge in the surface. The frame-shell of the mix is a sequence of several bits from the tracks listed below, sometimes simply mixed one after the other, but often assembled from different synchronic loops and samples, weaving inside and out during the mix, sometimes carrying on as atmospheric patterns in the background to create drammatic ''dense'' surroundings. Download button below TRACKLIST: 01. Brando Lupi - Mutant Phase \\\ Detune 2007 02. Plastikman - Okx \\\ NovaMute 1993 03. Ø - Atomit \\\ Sahko Recordings 1997 04. Cio D'or - Kimono(Mavi's Traum Mix) \\\ Motoguzzi Records 2008 05. Minilogue - 33000 Honeybees \\\ Cocoon 2008 06. Staffan Linzatti - Slightly Increased \\\ Synewave 2008 07. Oliver Dodd - Tokens \\\ Konstructure 2008 08. Heron - The Way Home \\\ Three60 Recordings 2008 09. JPLS - Combination03 \\\ Minus 2008 10. Ø - Medusa \\\ Sahko Recordings 1997 11. Truss,Donor - Abbott \\\ Synewave 2008 12. Speedy J - Red Shift \\\ Electric Deluxe 2008 13. Sex Trothler - Face(tribute to head) \\\ Wagon Repair 2008 14. Niederflur - Sprinkler \\\ Minus 2005 15. Styro2000 - Linguini Al Dente \\\ Bruchstecke Records 2004 16. Ricardo Villalobos - Skinfummel \\\ Perlon 2008 17. Cio D'or,Paul Brtschitsch - Safran \\\ Broque 2008 18. Obtane - Tribute To Mandragora(Damon Wild Remix) \\\ Synewave 2008 19. Octave - Past Flash \\\ Minus 2008 20. Ellen Allien - Ondu(Paul Ritch Remix) \\\ BPitch 2008 21. Eon,Baby Ford - Dead Eye \\\ Ifach01 1994 22. Gurtz - Frogs \\\ Einmaleins Musik 2007 23. Pascal FEOS - Deep Conga \\\ Subconce Records 2008 24. MRI - Take Kare Not Acid \\\ Resopall Schallware 2008 25. Planetary Assault Systems - MOD \\\ Figure 2008 26. Stewart Walker - Last Week's Disappearance \\\ Persona 2007 27. Sleeparchive - Hospital08 \\\ Sleeparchive 2007 28. Surgeon - Floorshow1.2 \\\ Curle Recordings 2008 29. MRI - Le Bateau \\\ Resopall Schallware 2008 30. Philipp Wolgast - Unrasiert Und Fern(Dilo Mix) \\\ Kompass 2008 31. Johnny D - Scope Of Mind \\\ Amused 2006 32. Function - Pressure \\\ Thema 2008 Play it loud!
          naked news: naked dodgeball   
nude, nudist, nakednews, eila-adams, rachel-simmons, dodgeball, erica-stevens, rachelle-wilde, whitney-st-john, katherine-curtis, peyton-priestly, marina-valmont
          igra istine   
i kod nas se ripka a posle kad se razvedu se ne ripka lol

ce da dodjes malo ovamo?
          Noragami Subtitle Indonesia   

Noragami ~ Setiap hari, seorang gadis SMP bernama Hiyori Iki selalu bersabar saat di-bully oleh teman- temannya. Suatu hari ia pergi sendirian ke toilet dan menangis. Namun di satu dinding toilet tertulis nomor telepon dan tulisan "Saya akan memecahkan masalah Anda." Lalu ia telepon dan bertemu dengan seorang lelaki pengangguran dan tunawisma bernama Yato yang mengaku kalau dia adalah Dewa!

Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 5, 2014 to Mar 23, 2014
Producers: Bones, Avex Entertainment, FUNimation EntertainmentL, Kodansha, Ai Addiction
Genres: Action, Adventure, Shounen, Supernatural
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
Subtitle : Anti Fansub & Shirosubs
ReEncoded :

Download Noragami Subtitle Indonesia ( MP4 mHD ):

Episode 01
Episode 02
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Episode 01
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Episode 09
Episode 10
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Episode 01
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Episode 06
Episode 07
Episode 08
Episode 09
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

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Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04
Episode 05
Episode 06
Episode 07
Episode 08
Episode 09
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

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Episode 01 - 12 [Kumpul Bagi]


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Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04
Episode 05
Episode 06
Episode 07
Episode 08
Episode 09
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04
Episode 05
Episode 06
Episode 07
Episode 08
Episode 09
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04
Episode 05
Episode 06
Episode 07
Episode 08
Episode 09
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

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Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04
Episode 05
Episode 06
Episode 07
Episode 08
Episode 09
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

Folder Noragami  HD  :
Episode 01 - 12 [Kumpul Bagi]
          igra istine   
sa 8...palac je za razmak pa dodje na 10 Smile)

da li bi voleli da ste na pustom ostrvu?? Smile
          igra istine   
uspeh je sladji kad se do njega dodje na mukotrpno


          Aktualizacja mapy NavRoadMap TRUCK   

Na naszej stronie jest już dostępna aktualizacja map dla subskrybentów 3-letniej licencji NavRoadMap TRUCK, stworzonej specjalnie z myślą o kierowcach samochodów ciężarowych. Mapa daje możliwość ustawienia dodatkowych parametrów żądanej trasy, m.in. wysokości i szerokości samochodu, czy nacisku na oś. Najnowsza wersja mapy do pobrania TUTAJ.

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          NavRoad X5, czyli nawigacja samochodowa bez plątaniny kabli…   

W ubiegłym tygodniu do rodziny naszych nawigacji dołączył najświeższy model, X5. Stosowany dotychczas w naszych urządzeniach aktywny uchwyt został zastąpiony udoskonalonym uchwytem magnetycznym. Dzięki temu zarówno montaż, jak i demontaż urządzenia trwa ułamek sekundy. Co ważne, uchwyt magnetyczny w NavRoad X5 oprócz gniazda zasilania wyposażono dodatkowo w złącze Video-In, dzięki czemu nawigację można bardzo łatwo […]

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          Ekspert o inicjatywie Kukiz\'15: "Gdyby nie szczepienia, nie byłoby połowy narodu"   
Paweł Grzesiowski, ekspert w dziedzinie profilaktyki zakażeń, zaapelował do posłów, by nie mieszali medycyny z polityką i dodał, że w medycynie nie ma demokracji, jest dyktatura faktów.
          igra istine   
necuuu!! u germaniju

dodjite vi ovamo?
          igra istine   
vataj prvi avijon i dodji lol

a kad dolazite? roll
          igra istine   
Slatku, a jaku...onu tzv tursku, a spremi i dve,tri kesice jacobs 3in1... lol

I, kad da dodjem? lol lol
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
...dodjite da plivamo zajedno ..ili da tonemo hehehe
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Rale,superishka je oops :D
prvi me docheko ovde,dodushe kako beshe burno... lol
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Daj meni, ja cu da joj dam kad dodje, tu jagodicu.... wink lol
          E4 Sting   

We've been meaning to work with tip-top illustratorer FonFon for awhile now and when she suggested we entered the E4 Sting competition we jumped at the chance. Yeahhhhhh! Bananas for everybody!
          igra istine   
nista, sada dolazi trend takvih, nadam se...

koliko baba ti dodje u prosecnoj drugoj smeni?
lol lol
          Friday at Rumpus HQ   

Joe and Seb are both out today, so I've just been chillin in the office. Bit boring actually.
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Dete shto si se usro... Idi peri se... Pa ondak dodji choek... wink

Tragedija je u tome sto je on u godinama, takoreci matori smrad, da je mladji pa da se ovakvo ponasanje i pripise mladosti, s obzirom da je drtina matora, moze se samo nazvati ozbiljnim bolesnikom, i ignorisati ovakve njegove bljuvotine.... wink
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Dete shto si se usro...? Idi peri se... Pa ondak dodji ko pravi choek... wink
          igra istine   
aiiii, kuku lele, bolje pitaj sta ne, a posto si ti sve lepo odradila i ne
mozes da pajkis, ajde ljubi te Kontra dodji na kaficu i videces, cim ti uvalim peglu ili dzoger u ruke, nema vise da me pitas nista :D

bili u provodu sinoc?
          igra istine   
Ne sve kao drugima
Moze kafa ?
Dodje. 8)
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
nenkice, dodji na kafu, znam jedno mirno mesto!

wink wink wink
          igra istine   
E, toJ ti je nasa Micojka, uvek kasni. lol U potpunosti te razumem. I meni dodZe, da poludim, kad je tako nema. lol Onako u poverenju, toJ je sve Perisha kriv. 8)

Da li umete da budete bezobrazni?
          igra istine   
Aham. Smile Jos uvek. Smile Mada mi nekada dodje, da mu glavo sraufam. lol

Da li vam se desava, da vam kod partnera idu na zivce neke osobine, koje primecujete i kod sebe? lol
          igra istine   
Nece san da dodje obilazi me roll

Fino vece tj noc?
          igra istine   
Dodirni me...Galija lol

Omiljeni film?
          anyabanya hozzászólása (Nem, a kutyád nem a gyereked)   
Tudod, néha látni a tévében cuki felvételeket, ahol kimentik az utcagyőztes kutyát valami csatornából. Ott van vagy 10 ember, mindenféle eszköz, feltörik az utat, a csatornát, nem drága. Vagy a ló beleesett a gödörbe, x-en segédkeznek, és jaj, de felemelő, hogy megmentették. Tudom, ezek nem az emberektől közvetlenül elvett segítségnyújtó eszközök. DE. Biztos vagyok benne, hogy az ominózus helikopter sem ment volna oda, ha van máshol dolga. De milyen bájos lett volna az RTL-en a felvétel, ahogy az angyalszívű hős mentős kimenti a kutyust a vízből. Hepiend, ha a kutyus túlélte volna. Nincs siker, nincs sztori. Azaz van, csak ellentétes előjellel. Nem értem ezt az agresszív megnyilvánulásodat a posztban. És nem én oktatok ki mást (téged), te oktatsz ki másokat, hogy hogyan kellene élni. Kattogsz a helikopteres sztorin, pedig az már eléggé kérdőjelessé vált. Hivatkozol a szomszédra, mentősre(?). Azt meg elengeded a füled mellett, hogy nem igaz, hogy olyan erőszakosak az állatbarátok. A te empirikus véleményedet mérvadónak találod, az enyémet (miszerint rám soha életemben egyetlen állatbarát sem tukmálta semmilyen módon a kedvencét) nem akarod meghallani. És még abszolút értéken sincs alátámasztva a véleményed. Nézd meg a reakciókat a blogon. Hányan értenek egyet, hányan nem. Innentől hiteltelen a szomszédra hivatkozni. Őt csak te hallottad nyilatkozni, én nem. Meg szerintem az nem érv, hogy pedig x meg z is azt mondja. De a meg b meg c meg kispista meg akárki meg mást.
          "Rick convida" este mês: Toda a alma poética de: Mariana Arboit.   

O dia morre mais uma vez.
Ele ressuscitará pela manhã?

Sinto que não preciso mais respirar embora meus pulmões desejem ardentemente o vento que sopra-me para o alto. Daqui de cima eu posso ver as luzes desta cidade, como um longo conjunto de vaga-lumes - às vezes parece que estão dançando. Desejo por algum momento que fossem estrelas cadentes, pois eu tenho um pedido na ponta de minha língua.
Tento cantar uma oração para os minúsculos seres vivos que caminham embaixo de meus olhos, perdidos, distantes.
A queda me parece longa, infinitamente longa, mas daqui posso tocar a Lua.

E a Lua esta noite é cheia...


 Mais obras da mesma só no fantástico:


          Eszter hozzászólása (Nem, a kutyád nem a gyereked)   
Nem mondom, ha figyelsz, láthatod, h azt mondom, h el kell fogadni, h az a te világod, a mentős és a szomszédod meg másképp látja. Ennyi.
          igra istine   
Da , sebe , a i druge veo rado .
Jel da dodjem da te masiram????? Tongue 8) wink
          Jokowi Nyapres, Sedih atau Senang?   
Mungkin ini adalah berita yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh semua orang bahwa hari ini Jokowi resmi menerima keputusan Megawati untuk menjadi capres 2014 dari PDIP.  Ada tiga mandat yang diamanahkan Megawati kepada Joko Widodo melalui surat perintah yang ditulis tangannya sendiri.
Berikut ini adalah tiga mandat dalam surat perintah harian tersebut:
"Perintah Harian: Merdeka!"
"Saya, selaku Ketua Umum Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan; kepada seluruh rakyat Indonesia yang mempunyai mata hati, keadilan, dan kejujuran di mana pun kalian berada!

1. Dukung Bapak Joko Widodo sebagai calon presiden dari Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan.

2. Jaga dan amankan jalannya pemilu legislatif terutama di TPS-TPS dan proses penghitungan yang berjalan dari segala bentuk kecurangan dan intimidasi.

3. Teguh dan tegarkan hati dalam mengawal demokrasi di Republik Indonesia tercinta.

"Pesan harian dari Ibu Ketua Umum ini kami harap disebarkan pada seluruh rakyat Indonesia," ujar Puan saat membacakan surat tersebut. (Sumber: AntaraNews)

Aku nggak tahu harus senang atau sedih membaca berita ini. Jujur saja, aku sangat menyukai karakter Jokowi yang santun, rendah diri, dan kebiasaannya yang suka blusukan. Tetapi aku tidak menyangka jika Jokowi akan menerima mandat yang diperintahkan Ketua Umum PDIP, Megawati, untuk mencalonkan diri sebagai calon presiden 2014. Mengingat ia baru beberapa bulan menjabat sebagai Gubernur DKI. Apalagi setiap kali ditanya oleh media selama ini terkait pencalonannya sebagai presiden, dia selalu menolak, dia mengatakan ingin fokus mengurus Jakarta dulu, ingin fokus mengurus masalah banjir dulu. Tapi sekarang tiba-tiba dia memutuskan menuruti perintah Mega, tentunya hal ini menuai pro dan kontra. Persoalan pertama adalah, Itu menandakan bahwa Jokowi tidak konsisten dengan kata-katanya sebelumnya yang tidak mau mencalonkan diri sebagai presiden. Kedua, jika sekarang ia mau maka itu artinya ia tipe orang yang bisa disetir oleh atasan. Manut sama semua perintah pimpinan, yang artinya kalaupun nantinya dia terpilih sebagai presiden 2014, bukan tidak mungkin jika segala kebijakan dan keputusan yang diambil akan dipengaruhi atau diatur oleh orang yang menyetirnya. Jokowi memang tipikal pemimpin yang patut dicontoh yaitu suka blusukan dan apa adanya. Dua hal ini adalah hal yang sangat jarang dimiliki oleh para pejabat tinggi. Tetapi dari apa yang saya lihat selama ini, Jokowi bukan tipe pemimpin yang bisa memberikan suatu inovasi atau memiliki gebrakan atau ide-ide brilian dalam menyelesaikan sebuah permasalahan. Buktinya sampai hari ini Jakarta masih tetap banjir. Mengapa saya katakan demikian? Kemarin malam pada tayangan matanajwa diperlihatkan bupati Bantaeng. Dia berhasil mengubah Bantaeng yang dulunya bukan apa-apa tetapi sekarang menjadi salah satu daerah yang sangat indah. Dulu permasalahan yang dihadapi daerah itu adalah masalah banjir, tapi dengan ide briliannya, pak bupati membuat sebuah inovasi bagaimana menampung air dikala hujan dan mengalirkannya kembali di saat kemarau datang. Inovasi itu yang akhirnya merubah Bantaeng yang tadinya sebuah daerah yang rawan banjir menjadi daerah bebas banjir. Nah ini yang saya maksud tidak dimiliki oleh Jokowi. Dia memang baik, santun, blusukan, merakyat, tapi menjadi RI 1 atau seorang presiden dibutuhkan orang yang lebih dari sekedar blusukan, tetapi mampu memberi inovasi dan gebrakan untuk menyelesaikan setiap permasalahan yang ada. Apalagi menjadi presiden yang akan dihadapi adalah orang-orang yang jauh lebih berat lagi. Orang baik seperti Jokowi bisa saja tergelincir. Di sisi lain, coba kita sedikit melihat pada warga muslim Jakarta. Apa yang akan mereka dapatkan jika Jokowi terpilih menjadi presiden dan mereka harus dipimpin oleh non-muslim? Masih ada Jokowi sebagai gubernur saja kebutuhan mereka mulai terpinggirkan, apalagi jika tidak ada lagi Jokowi? Bukan berarti Ahok tidak bagus, namun ketika minoritas memimpin mayoritas maka hal itu akan membuat ketimpangan karena sebaik apapun minoritas tentu dia akan lebih memperjuangkan kaumnya sendiri. Dan ada satu kalimat yang selalu dikatakan Ahok bahwa Indonesia bukan negara Islam tetapi sekuler. Jadi coba kita bayangkan bagaimana nasib saudara-saudara muslim kita di Jakarta? Wallahualam, semoga Tuhan memberikan yang terbaik, siapapun pemimpinnya semoga bisa membawa Indonesia kepada kemajuan dan ke arah lebih baik. Yang pasti jangan ada di antara kita yang GOLPUT. Karena ketika kita golput, itu artinya kita membiarkan orang yang salah untuk menjadi pemimpin. Ingat bahwa nasib bangsa Indonesia, nasib perekonomian, masa depan Indonesia, harga bahan pokok, bahan bakar, semua ada pada pemilihan april mendatang. Karena pemimpin yang akan menentukan arah bangsa, kemajuan dan kemunduran ditentukan oleh keputusan-keputusannya. Selamat malam :)

          igra istine   
Njok, to je njegov pos'o. Smile Ja se samo nadam, da ce imati vise srece, nego onog' drugog'... lol

A, sta ti dodZe ta mera PRC 38?
          igra istine   
Kuvanje, dodjem kuci kad je najveca vrucincina i provedem kraj sporeta jos najmanje pola sata...d'umrem bre.... roll

Kuvas li ti?
          igra istine   
Ponekad je nazalost neminovno, jer neke stvari bas ne zavise samo od nas, koliko god mi azurni bili, uvek postoji neko ko spori...dakle, cekanje je vecinom opravdanje... roll Pitaj one koji su cekali Godoa da li im se isplatilo... wink

Zasto Mito ne dodjes? lol
          igra istine   
Mozda...ako opet pobedi ona zla asocijalna Ja...Baksuzna...

Kad mu to dodje...?
          igra istine   
Neznam šta me pitaš... shock shock

O'š mi rastumačiti "pacuVa" ? roll :?

Peca-uva... lol ....kad' se lupim...niko zivi ne razume...pa dodjem kao pametna oops
          igra istine   
Da se skrenem sa Nas od ovLe...A Ćane je smešan nadimak pa mi doDZe još zanimljiviji?

A Šta Ćane pecuVa?
          Británia chce, aby na dodržiavanie práv občanov EÚ dozeral nový orgán   
Nový orgán vzniká ako vážna alternatíva v snahe nájsť kompromis medzi Európskou komisiou a Britániou, ktoré sa nevedia dohodnúť, aký súd bude po brexite obhajovať práva občanov EÚ v Británii.
          igra istine   
Ja bi' njih kaznila za primer? shock Da se zna i više ne greši... Jedna po jedna neuljuljkana zena i brzo dodjosmo do gomile...a gomila neuljuljkanih zena je Već opasnos' !

Imas li ideju...?
          igra istine   
nEsmo al cuva valjda neku teglu za uz kafu kad se vidimo za nedelju dana lol lol lol lol

tjes da dodjes i ti saS shvesterkom? wink
          Letní duhové šatičky, NOVÉ, vel. 104/110 - 195   
Nabízím moc pěkné, duhové šatičky, kupované na Aliexpresu, koupila jsem dvojí velikost, jedny prodávám. Materiál podobný viskoze, příjemný, není to umělotina. Jsou k nim dřevěné korálky. Dodám míry. Cena je 195,– a pošta. ...
          igra istine   
novo je da ja dolazim u SrbijO tacnije u BeJograd i da je bila prozivka za kafu, daklem ako se javljas za doticnu svrni kod men na pp i ostavi br da se organizuemo lol lol lol

zaboraJi pitanje bem ti, shtash mi kupite kad dodjem? lol lol
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Dodje pa ode i tako u krug. 8)
          igra istine   
Pa ako stignem da uhvatim koju zraku sunca kad dodjem s posla iskoristicu je... roll

Volis li da se izlezavas na suncu? wink
          igra istine   
Ko hoce bolje, siroko mu napolje.... wink

Da li biras sredstva da dodjes do cilja, ili si od onih koji preko mrtvih gaze? wink
          Opóźnione zbiory kukurydzy ziarnowej   
Z powodu deszczowej aury opóźnione zostały także tegoroczne zbiory kukurydzy na ziarno. Nieustannie mokra słoma utrudniała omłot, a z kolei na bardziej zwięzłych stanowiskach, dodatkowo zbyt wilgotne podłoże uniemożliwiało wjechanie na pola kombajnów. Efekt jest taki, że lokalnie nawet 20-30 proc. kukurydzy stoi jeszcze na polu. Cieszy natomiast, że deszcze znacząco nie powodują wzrostu wilgotności ziarna.
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
ne dao Bog da taj iz tvog avatara dodje po mene, jos mi je rano wink lol lol lol lol

aman maskirao sam se, da prepadam zeMske twisted
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
ne dao Bog da taj iz tvog avatara dodje po mene, jos mi je rano wink lol lol lol lol
          Wodna instalacja do dogrzewania prosiąt   
Prosięta i lochy mają różne optimum temperaturowe otoczenia, w którym czują się najlepiej. Dlatego podczas modernizacji porodówki Marcin Szopa zdecydował się na budowę specjalnej instalacji wodnej, która teraz dodatkowo ogrzewa strefę dla prosiąt nowo narodzonych i odsadzonych.
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
kad god ja dodjem ovdI da mislim o nekome nesto.tuJ je parkirana buMbamara shock

ljubac bubo lol

Ajk sad ,mak'se tamo....da mislim o nekom drugom wink

          igra istine   
U debelu 'ladovinu...bilo gde... wink

Sta je najbolje piti kad dodju vrucine? roll
          An American in Amaracchiacity   

Amaracchia da ragazzina studiava musica, un corso di clarinetto e uno di solfeggio, e nei pomeriggi dopo scuola si armava di valigetta, sottraeva 500 lire dal portaspiccioli dei nonni in piena pennica pomeridiana, attraversava la strada, comprava una chewing gum rosa sintetico e attendeva l'ora di lezione giornaliera.
Chiaramente nel periodo di crisi mistica l'impressionabile Amaracchia si convinse che le sciagure del mondo erano dovute a quei pochi spiccioli sottratti al nonno, ma questa è un'altra storia, quasi totalmente superata.

Del corso di Solfeggio Amaracchia ricorda poco, a parte un libro giallognolo con la copertina verde acqua tutto interamente evidenziato con un bel giallo intenso, una bruttura estetica talmente evidente che ancora oggi resiste una idiosincrasia leggendaria per gli evidenziatori.
In realtà ricorda anche che era noioso da morire, che si sentiva idiota a far svolazzare le mani e che una volta capito il funzionamento non era poi così difficile coordinarsi, mentre il suo compagno di banco insisteva con prenderla a ceffoni facendo finta di sbagliare.

Il clarinetto, invece, era la sua croce e delizia.
Faceva figo per una ragazzina di dodici anni avere un clarinetto di ebano e saperlo suonare senza troppi fischi, solo che vedersi allo specchio mentre si esercitava le faceva venire l'ansia e la pelle paonazza e questo non era bene in quella fase della vita.
Ciononostante Amaracchia ignorò il secondo problema e continuò imperterrita.

Quello che la mente volitiva Amaracchiesca ancora non riesce a sotterrare sotto altri ricordi della giovinezza è la figura del suo maestro di clarinetto, un baldo 30enne idolatrato dall'intera popolazione femminile della scuola media, sempre impeccabile nei suoi capelli mossi col ciuffo, magro, alto, col nasone e esibizionista.

Improvvisava leggii costruendo grattacieli di sedie e banchi, assestava il libro con gli spartiti degli esercizi e teneva il tempo schioccando le dita mentre correva e si agitava per l'aula; quando era di ottimo umore lasciava suonare le scale agli allievi e, ignorando le stonature straccianervi, ricamava il suono col suo clarinetto costosissimo.
Per spiegare un suono o un effetto ricorreva sempre a George Gershwin, era la chiave di tutto secondo lui, ma per pecoroni di dodici anni era come assistere ad un seminario sui sistemi dinamici e la teoria del Caos, follia allo stato puro.

Aveva la chiara tendenza a fare bella mostra di sé: ripeteva fino alla nausea l'attacco di Rhapsody in blue, sempre ai suddetti pecoroni di dodici anni, che erano sì rapiti da quel suono deformato e tondo, ma, ammettiamolo, non era granché corretto.
Diciamo che gli piaceva vincere facile.

Ogni fine anno c'era un saggio in cui si cantava e si suonava e a parte i cori, gli strumentisti si esibivano in assoli portentosi.
Lui, il baldo maestro, assegno alla sua classe Gershwin, naturalmente, e Nino Rota, il secondo suo pilastro di vita.
Preparò spartiti scritti a mano per i suoi cinque clarinettisti, tra cui una Amaracchia persino solista in"An American in Paris", un estratto da "Il Padrino" in cui Amaracchia si esibiva in una sessione di bassi portentosi e un accenno di "Rhapsody in blue" in cui si era preso lui stesso l'incarico dell'intro.

Inutile dire che rispetto a Brilla brilla mia Stellina o Il ballo del Qua Qua si faceva un gran figurone solo a pronunciare il nome del gruppo di clarinettisti: pionieri della musica di qualità, mai venduti al sistema infantile come fu per oboisti e trombettisti, radical chic fin nel midollo.

E faceva nulla se poi Gershwin e Rota ne venissero fuori straziati a fine saggio, sarebbe stata una scelta politica del gruppo e del suo maestro.

Caso volle che l'Amaracchia ribelle non preparò affatto il suo pezzo da solista, perché era giovane e un po' rincoglionita probabilmente, e al saggio si accontentò della poderosa sezione di bassi illudendosi che fosse sufficiente per il proprio ego, e lo è stato anche per parecchi anni.
Ma poi, caro Maestro, Amaracchia l'ha ricercata tra i profili facebook e l'ha ritrovata, sempre col suo ciuffo invidiabile, il suo nasone, impeccabile nella sua giacca e camicia nera, con la barba di un giorno ben visibile, un tuffo al cuore e anni di convinzioni son volate via.
Amaracchia fece male, malissimo ad accontentarsi all'epoca, avrebbe vissuto i suoi dieci minuti di esibizione sentendosi Gershwin in persona, un Gershwin dalla mise orribile, certo, ma pur sempre un talento, e forse un giorno avrebbe raccontato in questo blog il trionfo e i fiori sul palco, gli applausi vigorosi e l'ovazione sua,oh maestro, che in questo blog si sarebbe trasformata in quella di mille jazzisti, senza il minimo pudore.

Ma ahimè, la giovane e ignara Amaracchia scelse di accontentarsi, errore madornale mai più ripetuto, ma se fosse possibile riparare sarebbe un sogno.
Ancora lei, il suo clarinetto e il pubblico distratto, e lo spartito scritto a mano.

Quando vuole, Maestro.
Con commozione,


          Where is wonderland?   
Ma dov'è Wonderland?Come ci si arriva e come ci si potrebbe rimanere, eventualmente?
Parlando per metafore: Amaracchia è stata gettata in mare aperto, senza punti di riferimento e senza ciambella salvagente, tuttavia le è stato detto di costruire un villaggio vacanze, sempre nel suddetto mare aperto, usando la misera dotazione di un cappellino di paglia, una trombetta e della colla vinilica.
Uscendo dalla metafora: Amaracchia non è Mac Gyver, ergo è oberata di lavoro e non sa nemmeno da dove iniziare.
E' nei momenti di questo tipo, allora, che si cerca la propria Wonderland personale, un luogo, fisico o mentale, carico di pensieri felici, confortevole e facile da raggiungere.

Fin dall'età scolare, uno dei più amati rifugi mentali di Amaracchia è stato il playback, un fantastico e salutare playback da quattro soldi.
Si cominciò con la classica scopa, troppo alta e palesemente senza microfono; si continuò, poi, con l'asta appendiabiti, favolosamente regolabile proprio come le aste dei microfoni veri, ma pericolosa con quell'uncino finale che si schiantava regolarmente sulle gengive nei momenti più sentiti.

La vita da rocker immaginaria è dura, ma piena di soddisfazioni: concerti interminabili sui balconi di casa, mtv awards nella camera da letto dei genitori, il grammy da ritirare in piedi sulla scrivania e lo stage diving sul materasso cigolante della propria stanza.
La giovine Amaracchia prediligeva le "fatalonatate" alla Alannah Myles, o la drammaticità della terrificante Bonnie Tyler, con tanto di mantelli e strascichi ricavati da lenzuola e grembiuli da cucina.
E si sentiva tranquilla Amaracchia, in quel mondo di tamarraggine tutto suo pieno di folle adoranti, in cui cantava con voce da uomo o da donna a seconda della canzone fissa del periodo, toccando anche le ottave Barry White, perchè in Wonderland tutto è possibile, anche emozionarsi per Perdere l'amore di Massimo Ranieri.
Il periodo buio del playback si ebbe quando Amaracchia scopriì le corse nel corridoio di casa, a mò di Axl Rose; percorrendo a tutta velocità il percorso sul marmo del pavimento con le ciabatte da rocker immaginario, l'asta da appendiabiti in una mano, il walkman da dodici chili nell'altra e l'impeto di giovane dodicenne nel cuore, si sfragnò più e più volte sul pavimento di casa, sui bordi di ottone del letto matrimoniale dei suoi, perdendo l'aderenza nelle giravolte selvagge e schiantandosi sull'armadio imbottito con labbro superiore uncinato.
Ma questa, si sa, è la sofferenza del rock sul palco, perchè al mondo non c'è nulla di più serio e terapeutico del playback da quattro soldi con un pubblico immaginario.

          Scuse tardive   
Il figlio della vicina di casa di Amaracchia avrà meno di sei mesi, ma riserve di grasso di un dodicenne e cresta e piglio serioso del più truzzo dei Mister T. Ha indicato Amaracchia col dito grassoccio e l'ha fatta sentire colpevole, non si sa di cosa, ma tanto colpevole.

Ci sono persone che hanno questo potere di colpevolizzare solo rivolgendo la parola e per Amaracchia coincidono, più o meno, con tutta la popolazione mondiale.
Lei si sente in colpa per tutto, per qualsiasi cosa vada storta nel mondo sente che c'è una parte di responsabilità che è strettamente correlata alla sua pigrizia, e sebbene con l'età abbia imparato a nascondere la preoccupazione sul suo ruolo nello scatafascio mondiale e italiano, le manca ancora il passaggio successivo, la negazione.
E così in una qualsiasi conversazione, mentre gli altri elaborano tesi e controbattono , Amaracchia elabora tesi, controbatte con veemenza, ma nel suo intimo è già convinta che un po' è anche colpa sua se la raccolta differenziata è una chiavica qui in Amaracchialand, e tutto perchè quel giorno non separò la carta dalla plastica nelle buste da lettera con finestra.
Per non parlare, poi, del Tetrapak: cos'è, plastica o carta?

Nel 2006 Amaracchia fu trascinata ad un grosso evento rock nel Nord Italia, ed essendo giovane ed inesperta di grossi eventi, si lasciò prendere dalle emozioni del momento beccandosi la peggiore insolazione della storia mondiale, con annesse crisi isteriche e di gioia quando partivano i concerti la sera.
L'ultima delle tre sere, persasi nel marasma di quasi 50mila persone, vagò spaesata per una buona mezz'ora, ubriaca di facce e pestata di gusto da ogni tipo di essere umano.
Nella penombra le si avvicinò un piccoletto con volto rugoso: "Vuoi un po' di zucchero?", le chiese di fretta.
Amaracchia, intontita com'era, aprì il suo migliore sorriso e rispose a cotanta gentilezza ringraziando più e più volte "ma ho già il mio zucchero nella tasca!".
Il giovine rugoso grugnì e andò via.
Entusiasta dell'empatia umana raccontò del gentil rugoso alla sorella che l'aveva seminata nel marasma: "Sai un tipo m'ha visto spaesata e ha pensato che avessi bisogno di zucchero per rimettermi in forze!", e fu allora che la sorella le rivelò l'arcano e Amaracchia si sentì talmente idiota che riparò con un meraviglioso: " Ma dai, sei sicura?"

A distanza di 3 anni, o caro amico rugoso, Amaracchia vuole scusarsi della sua tontaggine e della mancata preparazione del gergo di voi ggiovani rugosi, e seppur ringraziandoti, si vede costretta a declinare l'offerta, la bustina dello zucchero rubata al bar è più che sufficiente.
Scusa per il disturbo.
          Punta tacco Baby one two three   

Amaracchia cammina per casa in tuta grigia, tshirt di Hogwarts e sandali tacco dodici nell'illusione di abbandonare l'andatura da velociraptor in poco meno di due giorni.

E' più probabile, e sano, che Amaracchia si presenti in ciabatte al matrimonio del giorno trenta.

          Mugshot Monday - “Small Vintage A&W” mug with A&W Root...   

Mugshot Monday - “Small Vintage A&W” mug with A&W Root Beer

This little glass mug weighs almost 2 pounds! You can tell it’s super thick by how my neck looks in the photo. Ha!

I remember drinking A&W Root Beer from heavy glass mugs like this when I was a little kid and it made the experience seem SO IMPORTANT. It’s very different these days with the 32oz+ plastic cups with lids and 24 inch straws where kids just suck down soda almost without even thinking.

Most of my A&W Root Beer memories are from the drive-in restaurant located in Dodgeville, WI off County Road YZ. We’d get root beer floats after swimming at Governor Dodge State Park or taking a break from the hot summer sun during Friendship Center Camp. It’s still there today!

Back then, they had a huge Root Beer Bear mascot statue on the front lawn. As kids, we’d try and climb up it but it was too slippery. We’d slide down and bounce off his big feet into the grass. But my mom said someone stole it a couple years ago! I wonder where that statue is now?!

It’s Memorial Day today and the root beer paired really well with the barbecuing this afternoon. The boys agreed. Today we remember the veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our country. Raise a mug if you have one.

See also my 380+ photos from the Mugshot Monday project here:  www.MugshotMonday.com – Every Mug Has A Story

          ATC janvier 2016   

Et c'est reparti pour une nouvelle année d'échanges, ce coup-ci chez Magali .  Je n'en oublie pas pour autant Malina chez qui je fais un échange en mars.

2016 01 Penkie (1)

reçue de Penkie, au beau milieu d'une dodue (je la gâterai en décembre....)

2016 01 Penkie (2)


voici celle que j'ai réalisé pour Isabelle91 

2016 01 n°29 Grenouille (4)


2016 01 n°29 Grenouille (1)

j'avais acheté cette planche de stikers pour le roseau que j'ai mis sur l'ATC (entre autre...) Je suis très déçue de cette série (à + de 3 euros , les motifs sont superbes MAIS indétachables!!! la base du roseau de l'ATC est d'ailleurs âbimée...



          igra istine   
Ko priznaje pola mu se dodaje, imas od mene jos pola krastavca... lol nadam se da ces ga mudro iskoristiti...

Jel doTa? lol
          Spc. Edward W. Brabazon, 20, of Philadelphia, Pa., died March 9, 2005   
No. 168-04
DoD Identifies Army Casualty

The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Spc. Edward W. Brabazon, 20, of Philadelphia, Pa., died March 9 in Baghdad, Iraq, of a non-hostile gunshot wound. Brabazon was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C.

The incident is under investigation.

For further information related to this release, contact Army Public Affairs at (703) 692-2000.



Disclaimer: Not related to this person. This news release is being submitted for its genealogical value: name, age, hometown, date, place and cause of death, and military service. No political viewpoint is being expressed.

          igra istine   
dodjite kod mene da vas rashladim,u potpisu rumenko Tongue
          MUI Akui Terima Keuntungan Golden Traders   

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Ketua Bidang Perekonomian Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), KH Amidhan, mengakui MUI menerima keuntungan saham sebesar 10 persen dari PT Golden Traders Indonesia Syariah (GTIS). Keuntungan tersebut diterima Yayasan Dana Dakwah Pembangunan milik MUI.

Menurut Amidhan, keuntungan tersebut diterima karena pengurus MUI duduk sebagai dewan penasihat di GTIS. »MUI hanya menjadi dewan pengawas syariah di GTIS,” ujarnya kemarin. Dewan pengawas dari MUI, kata dia, adalah Sekretaris Jenderal Ichwan Sam dan Ketua Bidang Fatwa KH Ma’ruf Amin.

Amidhan menuturkan, emas yang dikelola GTIS hanya 1,2 ton atau bernilai sekitar Rp 600 miliar. Dengan demikian, kabar bahwa dana nasabah Rp 10 triliun raib tidak benar. Nilai emas ratusan miliar rupiah, kata dia, masih aman karena sudah diblokir oleh Bank BCA dan Bank Mandiri.

Menurut Amidhan, Presiden Direktur GTIS Michael Ong dan Direktur Edward sejak pekan lalu menghilang dari Jakarta. Manajemen langsung mengamankan rekening perusahaan dan rekening pribadi dua direktur asal Malaysia itu. Namun dia mengakui kedua direktur itu telah membobol Rp 4 miliar dari rekening pribadi dan Rp 10 miliar dari rekening perusahan untuk dibagikan ke sembilan orang. Menurut Amidhan, nama penerima dana masih dalam penyelidikan.

Deputi Komisioner Edukasi dan Perlindungan Konsumen Otoritas Jasa Keuangan Sri Wahyuni Widodo mengatakan pihaknya tak bisa mencabut izin GTIS. Upaya yang bisa dilakukan adalah memberikan rekomendasi pencabutan izin usaha. »Kepada lembaga yang mengeluarkan izinnya,” ujarnya kemarin.

Kepala Badan Pengawas Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditas Syahrul R. Sempunajaya menyatakan polisi berwenang melakukan penyelidikan. »Karena ini ranah pidana,” ujarnya.

Nasabah GTIS di Mal Taman Anggrek, Jakarta, Hendry, menyatakan menunggu hasil rapat umum pemegang saham Senin depan untuk penyelesaian uang miliknya. Ia mengaku berinvestasi Rp 1 miliar di GTIS.


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          igra istine   
Nisam,ako si nevin onda si jos mlad za forum.... lol

Sta mislite o poslovici:"Svuda podji,kuci dodji"? roll

Ne moz da se stigne na red.... shock
          Diggy Dig Apk v1.2.1 (Mod Money)   
Diggy Dig Apk v1.2.1 (Mod Money) Is Action Game . Download Diggy Dig Apk Mod From ApkModx With Direct Link . ?Simple controls! Just swipe or tap to dig! ?Dig through blocks and rocks & dodge water jets and lava as you try to beat your high score! Collect coins and sweets along the way …
          Harddisk Definition   

Hard disk drive (HDD)
A computer hard disk drive (HDD) is the mechanism that controls the positioning, reading and writing of the hard disk, which furnishes data storage. A hard disk drive -- often shortened to hard drive -- and hard disk are not the same thing, but they are packaged as a unit and either term can refer to the whole unit. Hard disk drives can be found in desktop computers, mobile devices, consumer electronics and enterprise storage arrays in data centers.
5 Data Storage Technologies to Watch in 2016
For the past 13 years, the experts at SearchStorage.com have honored the best and brightest technologies for the upcoming year. As always, we're proud to present a batch of technologies we believe will make a big impact on the data storage market.

History of hard disk drives
The hard disk was created in 1953 by engineers at IBM who wanted to find a way to provide random access to high capacities of data at a low cost. The disk drives developed were the size of refrigerators, could store 3.75 megabytes of data and began shipping in 1956. Memorex, Seagate and Western Digital were other early vendors of hard disk drive technology.
Hard disk drive form-factor size has continued to decrease as the technology evolves. By the mid-1980s, 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch form factors were introduced, and it was at this time they first became a standard in personal computers (PCs).
Hard disk drive density has increased since the technology was first developed. The first hard disk drives were able to store megabytes of data, while today they are in the terabyte (TB) range. Hitachi released the first 1 TB hard drives in 2007. In 2015, HGST announced the first 10 TB hard drive.

The Voice Tracker II ™ Array Microphone

Speech Recognition
 Mobile With Devices



1.1 Latar Belakang

Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) adalah perpanjangan varian dari Rasional Unified Proses dan dikembangkan oleh Scott W. Ambler dan Larry Constantine pada tahun 2000, terakhir dikerjakan ulang pada tahun 2005 oleh Ambler, John Nalbone dan Michael Vizdos. EUP diperkenalkan untuk mengatasi beberapa kekurangan dari RUP, yaitu kurangnya dukungan sistem dan akhir penggunaan sistem software. Jadi dua fase dan beberapa disiplin ilmu baru ditambahkan ke RUP.

1.2 Tujuan

Tujuan pelaksanaan ini adalah untuk memberikan panduan pembelajaran bagaimana, EUP merupakan implementasikan dalam suatu pengembangan perangkat lunak

1.3 Ruang Lingkup

Pengembangan aplikasi intranet potal dilakukan menggunakan metodologi Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) dengan menggunakan perangkat lunak Rational Enterprise Suite. Perangkat bantu yang digunakan adlah Rational Requisite Pro untuk menemukan dan mendokumentasikan kebuuhan user terhadap aplikasi yang akan dikembangkan dan Rational Rose untuk melakukan pengembangan kerangka aplikasi
Dalam implementasi akan dikembangkan aplikasi intranet protal untuk fullright indonesia sebagai model dan studi kasus dengan menggunakan RUP dalam proses pengembangan aplikasi, Adapu ruang lingkup pengembang Aplikasi intranet portal mencakup hal-hal sebagai :
  • Pengembangan spesifikasi dan moldul aplikasi antar muka (interface) yang menjadi penghubung antar pengguna dengan infrastruktur dan sumber daya yang dimiliki Fulbright Indonesia.
  • Pengembangan spesifikasi dan modul aplikasi perangkat bantu (tools) yang dapat diintegrasikan ke sistem seperti yang diperlukan oleh sistem.
  • Pengembangan spesifikasi database yang diperlukan oleh sistem.



Enterprise Unified Process

2.1 Pengertian Enterprise Unified Process

Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) adalah perpanjangan varian dari Rasional Unified Proses dan dikembangkan oleh Scott W. Ambler dan Larry Constantine pada tahun 2000, terakhir dikerjakan ulang pada tahun 2005 oleh Ambler, John Nalbone dan Michael Vizdos.EUP diperkenalkan untuk mengatasi beberapa kekurangan dari RUP, yaitu kurangnya dukungan sistem dan akhir penggunaan sistem software. Jadi dua fase dan beberapa disiplin ilmu baru ditambahkan ke RUP. EUP melihat pengembangan perangkat lunak bukan sebagai kegiatan mandiri, tetapi tertanam dalam siklus hidup sistem (yang akan dibangun atau ditingkatkan atau diganti), Siklus hidup TI dari perusahaan dan organziation/bisnis adlah siklus hidup perusahaan itu sendiri. Ini berkaitan dengan pengembangan perangkat lunak dilihat dari sudut pandang pelanggan.

2.2 Penurunan pada Enterprise Unified Process

2.2.1 Pengertian Rational Unified Process

Rational Unified Process (RUP) merupakan suatu metode rekayasa perangkat lunak yang dikembangkan dengan mengumpulkan berbagai best practises yang terdapat dalam industri pengembangan perangkat lunak. Ciri utama metode ini adalah menggunakan use-case driven dan pendekatan iteratif untuk siklus pengembangan perankat lunak. Gambar dibawah menunjukkan secara keseluruhan arsitektur yang dimiliki RUP. RUP menggunakan konsep object oriented, dengan aktifitas yang berfokus pada pengembangan model dengan menggunakan Unified Model Language (UML). Melalui gambar dibawah dapat dilihat bahwa RUP memiliki, yaitu:
  • Dimensi pertama digambarkan secara horizontal. Dimensi ini mewakili aspek-aspek dinamis dari pengembangan perangkat lunak. Aspek ini dijabarkan dalam tahapan pengembangan atau fase. Setiap fase akan memiliki suatu major milestone yang menandakan akhir dari awal dari phase selanjutnya. Setiap phase dapat berdiri dari satu beberapa iterasi. Dimensi ini terdiri atas Inception, Elaboration, Construction, dan Transition.
  • Dimensi kedua digambarkan secara vertikal. Dimensi ini mewakili aspek-aspek statis dari proses pengembangan perangkat lunak yang dikelompokkan ke dalam beberapa disiplin. Proses pengembangan perangkat lunak yang dijelaskan kedalam beberapa disiplin terdiri dari empat elemen penting, yakni who is doing, what, how dan when. Dimensi ini terdiri atas
Business Modeling, Requirement, Analysis and Design, Implementation, Test, Deployment, Configuration dan Change Manegement, Project Management, Environtment. 

Je li cekas da ti dodje "iz g... u glavu?" roll
          igra istine   
i zimi izimi lol

da se javis ko dodjes?
          I approve of this   
In the video, the Arkansas Capitol dome can be seen lit against the night sky as the Dodge Dart accelerates to 10, then 20 mph. “Oh my goodness,” a man says as he flicks on the car’s lights. “Freedom!” The … read more
          My Boys' June Books    
Even though we officially finished up our schoolwork by the first Friday in June, my boys have still been reading just about every day.  Alec, in particular, has been reading up a storm and they have all picked some really great books to read lately!

The Wolf Keepers

The White Wolf

Miles Taylor and the Golden Cape

Splat the Cat; The Rain is a Pain

The X-ed Out X-ray

I have had so much fun reading this month!  With our school year ending and spending more of our days relaxing I have had a lot of time to read... and I found so many wonderful books to indulge with.

1.  All Dressed In White by Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke--  I love mystery novels and this book was fantastic!  5 years after Amanda mysteriously disappears from a seaside resort just days before her wedding her family asks the show Under Suspicion to do an expose on what really happened; hoping beyond hope to finally find out what happened to Amanda on that fateful night and answer once and for all the question of whether or not she's still alive.

2.  Irresistible by Susan Mallery--Elissa is a struggling single mom who has sworn off men until her daughter is old enough to leave home.... then her new neighbor, an ex- marine, and all around helpful guy begins to lend her a hand.  Will he prove to irresistible to ignore?

3.  Distant Shores by Kristin Hannah-- When Birdie and her husband Jack Shore find themselves with an empty house and unfulfilled dreams they are left wondering how life passed them by. As they drift apart they decide to purposely spend time apart and end up on opposites sides of the United States with Jack in New York and Birdie enjoying the pacific northwest.  As they both struggle to hold onto their dreams they are unsure if they should let one another go too.

4.  Still Alice by Lisa Genova-- I watched the movie when it first came out on DVD and just loved it but I had put off reading the book; mostly because I found the movie so moving and emotional I had no idea how I would survive the book.  It was fabulous!  When Alice first begins forgetting simple everyday things she chalks it up to the onset of menopause but soon realizes that these are not run of the mill memory lapses.  The book shows her and her family's struggle to cope with early onset Alzheimer's.

5.  Delicious by Susan Mallery -- In this prequel to Irresistible I got to read all about how Penny and her ex- husband Cal reconnected and fell madly in love with one another.  Even though they both had lots of issue, secrets, and misunderstandings.

6.  Sizzling by Susan Mallery-- After reading the first two books in the series, I just knew I had to keep going!  In sizzling Reid meets his match with feisty home nurse Lori.

7.  Tempting by Susan Mallery-- I just had to finish up the series and learn what happened with black sheep of the family; Dani Buchanan.  When she discovers who her real father is, Dani must decide what to do about him and his adopted son, Alex.

8.  We Are All Made of Stars by Rowan Coleman-- Stella, a hospice nurse, finds solace writing last letters for her patients making sure that their last words and thoughts are preserved for their families.  With her husband returned from Afghanistan a totally different man, she find escape and meaning in her work.  One night while writing a letter, Stella is faced with a dilemma.  The letters are always delivered after the patients' death but just this one time Stella feels that there could be a very different ending if she delivers it before...

9.  Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews-- Greer is thrilled when she finds a small town Florida town that fits the exact specifications of her bosses list.  As a location scout for a movie company, Greer is used to paving the way for the film crew and all that shooting a movie on location entails but she meets her match in Cypress Keys when mayor Eb takes objection to their plans.  Will they find a way to make their movie in this beach town?

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          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
krevetac uvek dobro dodje!
          Colony 13   
A patchwork picture essay of Colony 13 in Aberteifi | Cardigan open August 2013. Not inclusive and slightly random, I was running scared of all the halogen lights at low level - I have photo-sensitivity

The complete set of images

colony 13 Anne-Mei Mellis best viewed as camera flashescolony 13colony 13 Kathryn Campbell Dodd
colony 13 Roger Loughercolony 13nobody plays records anymorecolony 13colony 13colony 13 gwrandocolony 13

more, many more, images of Nobody Plays Records Anymore HERE

colony 13 we communitycolony
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
8) Na prvi pogled se vidi da je čoek - mangaš i šmeker, podseća me na mene iz mladjih dana.
wink Mislim da se nekim našim forumašicama tresu gaĆke pri samom pogledu na njegov avaTr. I krajnje je vreme bilo da dodje neki mladji junOša da im se malo "ustalasa" krv u žilama...
          igra istine   
Nemam predlog...ovom ne moze nista da se doda... shock

Ko ce da budu nase manAkenke? roll
          igra istine   
aj ponesi, kad ti otmu djeca onda si za vecernju setnju :D

Sama dodjes, saS medu?
          igra istine   
Zato idem gola al u vecernje sate (zbog radi djece) lol

Dodji da budes uz mene da vidimo ko ima bolju masku:D

          Hoành phi câu đối tại Đức Viên   

Đức viên giản dị là vườn của Đức, lấy ngay tên mình cho gọn. Với tên Minh Đức bố mẹ đặt cho cũng hy vọng đứa con trai đầu lòng luôn giữ Đức  trong sáng. Ngẫm lại mình cũng đã sống đến đoạn cuối của cuộc đời, tự xét mình trải qua bao thăng trầm không hổ thẹn với tiền nhân vẫn giữ vững chữ Đức trong cuộc đời.
Khi dựng  khu vườn này mình cũng muốn đây là nơi mang chủ đề riêng “ lấy Đức làm trọng”. Theo chủ đề đó mình đã cố công sưu tập các câu đối cổ phù hợp.
Mấy năm trời lượn ở chợ đồ cổ Lê Công Kiều rình rập xục xạo trong kho hàng chỉ thấy những câu đối nặng về kinh doanh hay thưởng ngoạn nhưng rồi một lần mình đã gặp được 2 cặp câu đối  ưng ý và mang về  nhà thờ tại Đức viên.

Cặp câu đối thứ nhất :
Vinh nghiệp sở cơ trung tín từ tường gia chí bảo
Đức kiên danh lập cung khoan mẫn huệ thế thượng trân

Gốc của  sự  nghiệp vinh  quang : trung, tín,  nhân  từ,  cát  tường là châu báu của gia đình
Kiên  trì  đạo đức lập nên công danh: cung kính, khoan dung, cần mẫn, là trân châu trên đời

Cặp câu đối thứ hai:
Thịnh lập gia cơ ứng thị phúc nhân cư phúc địa
Vĩnh dương thế nghiệp nguyên vi thiện chí hữu thiện tâm

Hàm nghĩa:
Gốc của gia đình lập nên cường thịnh cần phải là người có phúc sống trên đất có phúc
Nghiệp trên đời thăng tiến mãi  nguyên phải là có thiện chí, có thiện tâm.

May mắn nữa mình cũng mua được ở kho đồ cổ của anh Ngọc Lê công Kiều một bức bình phong cổ mang 4 chữ Đức thụ khai hoa ( cây Đức nở hoa). 

4 chữ đó hàm chứa nội dung mong muốn của chủ nhân Đức viên muốn răn dạy con cháu luôn giữ chũ Đức sẽ nhận  được phép mầu trong cuộc đời. Cùng với đôi câu đối nói trên treo tại nhà thờ quả là một sự kết hợp hoàn hảo. Đúng là mình đã may mắn thừa hưởng lại di sản của những tiền nhân trong các gia đình nào đó đã lấy Đức làm trọng.
Nhưng phải nói điều đáng nói hơn cả lại là tình bạn của những bạn bè từ thủa thiếu thời tại trường thiếu nhi Việt Nam Quế Lâm. Cổng của khu vườn treo bảng chữ Đức viên. Đó là tấm bảng của cụ đồ Thế Long ông nguyên hiệu phó Đại Học Y Hà nội, một ông tây học nhưng lại rành cổ văn và thư pháp.  Với nét chữ thật đẹp, ông đồ Thế Long đã viết rồi thuê khắc chạm một tấm bảng gỗ quý thật đẹp với hai chữ Đức viên trong khung viền hoa văn.

Một dịp đến thăm ông đồ Đỗ Long nguyên Viện trưởng Viện triết tại Vũng Tầu cùng với nhà thơ Quang Trung và ông đồ Thế Long, hai cụ đồ lại đàm đạo và cụ Đỗ Long đã viết đôi câu đối sau tặng mình:
Minh chí duy tân thành ý quy nhân tầm nghĩa đạo
Đức tâm học cổ sùng văn thượng võ báo hy lai

Và ông đồ Thế Long  lấy tên hai cuốn sách trong tứ thư đã viết:
Đại học minh đức duy tân chỉ ư chí thiện
Luận ngữ xuất hiếu nhập đễ tắc dĩ học văn

Hai câu đối của hai ông đồ trên được Thế Long viết trên giấy hoa; mình đã treo trên hai cột trong nhà thờ.
Nghĩa của hai câu đối trên mình mong hai cụ đồ làng QL ta giải nghĩa thêm.
Đức viên tràn đầy tình nghĩa Quế Lâm.

          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Jedan čovek je odlučio da se ženi. Troumio se između tri slične kandidatkinje.

Da bi rešio trilemu, odluči da pokloni svakoj po 5.000 $ i pričeka da vidi šta će one učiniti s tim novcem.

Prva ode u salon za ulepšavanje. Uredila je kosu, telo, našminkala se, doterala, kupila novu odeću i uredila vrlo lepo za tog čoveka.
Rekla mu je da je sve to učinila da bi mu bila što privlačnija, jer ga jako voli.
Čovek je bio impresioniran.

Druga žena je otišla u dućan i kupila čoveku poklone. Kupila mu je štapove za golf, neke nove dodatke za kompjuter, skupu odjeću. Dala mu je te poklone i rekla da je potrošila sav novac na njega, jer ga jako voli.
Ponovo je bio impresioniran.

Treća žena je uložila novac na berzi. Zaradila je nekoliko puta više nego što je uložila. Vratila mu je 5.000 $, a ostalo stavila na zajednički račun. Rekla je da želi ulagati u njihovu budućnost, jer ga jako voli.
Naravno, bio je impresioniran.

Dugo je razmišljao o novcu, ženama, o tome šta su one učinile s novcem i tada je odlučio...

Oženio je onu koja je imala najveće sise.

Takvi su muškarci.


Danas se u svetu potroši više novca na povećanje grudi i Viagru nego na razvoj lečenja Alzheimerove bolesti. To znači da će 2040.godine postojati široka populacija starijih ljudi sa velikim, stršećim grudima i čvrstom erekcijom - koji neće imati pojma šta da urade s tim.


Bài đã đăng trên blog LusonQuelam thang 7-2013 xin in lại ở đây như một lời tri ân

              VÀ NHỮNG KỶ NIỆM ĐẸP 
                                                                                           Đinh Công Kỳ

  Tôi nhớ vào mùa thu 1954, các bạn ở Lư Sơn xuống, còn  một số chúng tôi ( Huy Túc, Tài Đức, Đinh Kim Lân, Nguyệt Nga, Thúy Kim, Dục Tú….) trước ở QL xuống KHX, rồi lại quay lên QL. Chúng ta tập hợp thành lớp 5.
         Lớp 5A trước đó do Tiến Nguyên làm lớp trưởng. Cũng vào thời gian đó ở trường bắt đầu tổ chức Đoàn Thanh niên Lao Động. Tiến Nguyên sang làm bí thư Thanh niên. Lớp 5A cần một lớp trưởng.
         Chức lớp trưởng thì chẳng có gì đáng nói, nhưng cách thức giáo dục một con người, khơi dậy thiện chí và lòng yêu quý đồng đội của các anh chị giáo viên thì làm tôi nhớ mãi.
         Lúc bấy giờ tôi là một học sinh thuộc loại ba gai. Vì có sức khỏe nên dường như tôi là anh đầu xỏ trong tốp học sinh ba gai.

         Chủ nhiệm 5A là anh Tuấn. Sau này tôi mới nghĩ lại : Việc chọn một học sinh chăm ngoan để làm lớp trưởng thì rất dễ dàng. Nhưng trong lớp có một số bạn ba gai, cần có một người có thể vừa “nói chuyện” được với các bạn chăm ngoan vừa có thể “nói chuyện“ được với các bạn ba gai. Đã một vài lần anh Tuấn gặp tôi bảo tôi làm lớp trưởng. Tôi ngang ngạnh từ chối, tôi vẫn là một thằng  ba gai mà. .
       Một hôm, không biết các bạn đi đâu vắng hết, chỉ còn tôi ở nhà, đang lúi húi làm việc gì đó. Anh Tuấn bước vào, anh cũng không nói gì với tôi, anh đi qua đi lại, đứng xem tờ báo tường rồi bước ra cửa sổ lơ đãng nhìn xuống sân. Rồi bỗng anh ngâm nga một bài thơ, anh ngâm đi ngâm lại, rất tâm đắc, tha thiềt,  như đang tâm sự với chính mình.  …tôi lắng nghe,  và rất ngạc nhiên vì đó chính lại là bài thơ tôi viết trên báo tường. Tôi bỗng cảm thấy sung sướng,  tự hào và…yêu anh Tuấn vô cùng.  Tôi cảm thấy như anh Tuấn rất yêu quý mình, rất hiểu mình và rất tin tưởng mình.
     Một hai hôm sau, anh Tuấn gọi tôi vào phòng, anh đặt lại vấn đề tôi làm lớp trưởng,  tôi bỗng bối rối, cảm thấy thật khó nói, không thể nào ương bướng với một người yêu quý mình, thân thiện với mình như vậy. Tôi không biết nói gì, mồm lí nhí: Em thấy khó quá sợ không làm được. .. Anh từ tốn: Em nhanh nhẹn, mạnh mẽ, rất có bản lĩnh, nhất định em làm được, nếu có khó thì anh sẽ giúp em.   Và từ một học sinh ba gai tôi bỗng trở thành lớp trưởng. Các bạn ba gai đầu tiên có vẻ cười tôi nhưng rồi các bạn có lẽ …cũng nể và ngại đụng độ nên tất cả đều vui vẻ. Chính vì vậy, cho đến nay một số bạn gặp tôi vẫn nhắc lại việc này và nói đùa là anh Tuấn đã lấy độc trị độc.
     Tôi còn nhớ có một lần đi tắm sông. Sông Ly ở đoạn đó có một kè đá chắn nước ngang sông và có một guồng lấy nước ngày đêm quay đều. Bình thường nước thấp hơn mặt kè, nước chỉ chảy qua guồng nước. Hôm đó nước lớn, ngập mặt kè, hạ lưu kè nước chảy xiết. Bạn Bang Ngạn đi trên kè bị trượt chân và  trôi xuống hạ lưu. Bang Ngạn bơi giỏi, bạn ấy cứ nhằm thẳng hướng kè mà bơi vào, nhưng nước chảy quá xiết, không sao vào được, càng bơi nước càng đẩy xuống xa. Chúng tôi đứng trên kè nhìn không biết làm cách nào. Thấy Bang Ngạn bắt đầu hoang mang và đuối sức, anh Tuấn đã nhảy xuống, bảo Bang Ngạn bám vào cổ rồi anh lựa dòng nước đưa Bang Ngạn vào bờ. Tôi nhớ mãi hình ảnh dũng cảm và mưu trí của anh Tuấn đã không quản nguy hiểm cứu được Bang Ngạn giữa dòng nước chảy xiết.
      Sang lớp 6A, chị Quế làm chủ nhiệm. Chị Quế là người chị hiền từ và tận tâm dạy dỗ chăm sóc chúng ta. Trong thâm tâm chúng tôi, chúng tôi vừa coi chị như một cô giáo vừa coi chị là người chị hiền trong gia đình. Tôi vẫn làm lớp trưởng. Có một lần trong lúc trang trí bàn thờ tổ quốc vào dịp tết. Tôi và một bạn trong lớp nói qua nói lại, cái máu ba gai của tôi nổi lên, tôi giơ thẳng tay tát bạn ấy một cái. Ngay lập tức sau đó tôi rất hối hận, tìm ra một chỗ vắng người và đứng khóc dấm dứt. Toàn bộ việc này đến tai chị Quế. Tôi biết là chị đã biết, và chắc sẽ gọi tôi lên cho một trận. Mấy hôm ấy tôi rất ngại gặp chi.  Mỗi khi đối diện là tôi lại tìm cách tránh mặt. Chắc chắn là chị biết rõ tư tưởng của tôi.  Chi không nói gì. Vẫn cư xử với tôi bình thường. Mấy ngày sau, nhân một lần gặp chị để nhận công việc của lớp, nói chuyện xong, tôi lý nhí nói với chị: Hôm trước em có lỗi...Vừa nói đến đấy chị ngắt lời tôi : Chị biết rồi, và chị biết là em đã rất ân hận về việc này.  … Chỉ một câu như vậy thôi nhưng đối với tôi bằng cả một bài thuyết giáo dài dòng. Chỉ một câu thôi nhưng tôi biết là chị vẫn tin tôi, vẫn tin ở khả năng tự nhận biết và điều chỉnh của mình. Nói rộng ra, đối với người có lương tâm, nhất là với người đàn ông, khi người đó có lỗi và đã biết lỗi thì hãy để tự người đó suy nghĩ và điều chỉnh. Càng nói dài dòng càng làm cho vấn đề trở nên căng thẳng hơn
         Sau này, sau khi đã nghỉ hưu, trong thời gian làm việc tại một công ty của Đài Loan ở TPHCM, phụ trách hành chính, nhân sự, tôi đã gặp một trường hợp: Một cô nhân viên người Hoa làm thủ kho, cô là người hiểu biết, làm việc rất chăm chỉ và hiệu quả nhưng cô có một cố tật là luôn luôn đi muộn, mỗi ngày chỉ đi muộn 5-10 phút thôi, song ở một công ty nước ngoài thì việc đó không thể chấp  nhận được. Ông tổng giám đốc phải viết một bức thư cảnh cáo và giao cho tôi trực tiếp gặp đương sự để đưa bức thư và xét trừ tiền thưởng cuối năm của cô ta. Tôi cầm bức thư và gọi cô thủ kho lên gặp ở văn phòng công ty, trong tay tôi là một bảng thống kê rất đầy đủ những ngày mà cô đi muộn.  Vừa bước vào phòng,  cô thủ kho nói ngay:  Cháu có lỗi  hay đi muộn, cháu rất xấu hổ… Tôi nhớ lại cách làm việc của chị Quế trước đây, với một người hiểu biết và đã biết lỗi của mình thì không nên nói gì nhiều. Tôi mời cô thủ kho ngồi. Đưa bức thư của ông TGĐ rồi nói rất ngắn gọn:  Cháu đã biết lỗi, cháu phải cố sửa, đáng lẽ hôm nay chú công bố trừ tiền thưởng của cháu, nhưng chú tin là cháu sẽ sửa được. Sau đó tôi hỏi thăm tình hình gia đình con cái của cô như một người bạn.
       Từ đó và suốt 5-6 tháng cuối năm cô không đi muộn một lần nào nữa. Có hôm cô vừa bấm xong thẻ thì chuông reo. Cô len lén nhìn tôi đầy vẻ bối rối. Một buổi sáng cuối năm, ngay sau ngày phát thưởng, cô đi rất sớm, bước nhanh qua chỗ tôi rồi dúi vào tay tôi một cái phong bì. Tôi giật mình, nếu trong này là tiền thì tôi sẽ phải lập tức lập biên bản và tôi cũng có liên quan. Ở công ty nước ngoài người ta nghiêm cấm việc này.  Tôi giở phong bì ra, may thay đó chỉ là một mảnh giấy nhỏ viết vắn tắt: “ Con được thưởng loại A, con cảm ơn bố rất nhiều. Tết này con sẽ mua cho các con con mấy món đồ thẫt đẹp và nói là ông ngoại Kỳ cho cháu”. Tôi cười một mình và nhớ lại hình ảnh chị Quế ngày nào.
         Sang lớp 7a, anh Qúy làm chủ nhiệm. Anh Quý là một nhà giáo giỏi, tận tụy, hiểu sâu tâm lý của học sinh. Về cá tính, anh là một người giầu nghị lực, kiên trì phấn đấu đến mức khắc khổ.  Ngoài công việc giảng dạy, tôi nhớ mãi những đêm nghe kể chuyện, anh Quý cầm trên tay một quyển sách dày cộm, đó là tác phẩm “ Những người khốn khổ” bằng tiếng Pháp. Anh vừa nhìn vào sách vừa  thao thao bất tuyệt  kể lại bằng tiếng Việt. Lúc đó có lẽ anh Quý cũng chỉ độ 25-26 tuổi.  Không biết làm cách nào và thời gian nào anh đã đạt đến trình độ thông thạo ngoại ngữ như vậy. 50 năm qua, nhiều bạn chúng ta đã đi học ở nước ngoài hoặc sống ở nước ngoài hàng chục năm, không biết có ai có thể làm được việc tương tự như vậy?. Bản thân tôi đã sống ở Treung Quốc gần 12 năm. Có một thời gian, khi làm việc với anh Minh Đức, để sớm có sách và để tận dụng thời gian của cả người dịch và người đánh máy. Chúng tôi cũng đã dịch theo kiểu nhìn sách và dịch vào băng ghi âm rồi có người đọc băng ghi âm đánh máy lại. Thú thực cứ  vài ba câu tôi lại phải tắt máy, cho dừng lại để có thời gian xem sách. Không thể làm theo cách kể chuyện như anh Quý được. Những lúc như vậy tôi cứ ước ao giá mình được như anh Quý 50 năm trước đây. 
         Nhân kỷ niệm 55 năm ngày thành lập trường LSQL, tôi xin ghi lại một phần rất nhỏ trong rất nhiều những kỷ niệm tốt đẹp về các anh chị giáo viên của chúng ta.


Hồi ấy, ở Quế Lâm, bọn con trai chúng tôi rất thích đánh khăng. Cứ hết giờ tự học mà trời nắng ráo là chúng tôi ra sân chơi khăng. Tôi hay chơi với thằng Hưng. Hưng khỏe mạnh, nhanh nhẹn, thường thì Hưng luôn thắng tôi. Ngay trước ngày về Khu học xá chúng tôi cũng chia tay nhau bằng một ván khăng. Tôi lại thua 100 điểm. Hưng giao hẹn:
-         Mày còn nợ tao 100 điểm. Vể KHX chơi tiếp nhé.
-         Được ! và tao sẽ thắng.  
   Bẵng đi gần 10 năm sau, chuyến tàu hỏa liên vận về cách Hà Nội khoảng 40 km thì nhận được tin đường ray bị máy bay Mỹ đánh hỏng, phải chuyển sang đi bằng ô tô. Khi mọi người lục tục tay xách nách mang xuống xe ở trường Bách Khoa thì tôi bỗng nhân ra Hưng. Hưng cũng hét to:
- Kỳ !
Chúng tôi bắt tay nhau. Hưng xởi lởi:
- Mày ăn cơm Tàu có khác, béo thế.
Tôi nhìn Hưng, bây giờ Hưng đã là một chàng trai vạm vỡ, trắng trẻo, trí thức. Hưng vẫn luôn vui vẻ:
-         Mày còn nợ tao 100 điểm khăng, hôm nào mình tìm chỗ chơi nhé!
-         Không có vấn đề và tao sẽ thắng mày. 
   Lại gần 10 năm nữa trôi qua. Tôi đi công tác Nam Hà và trở về bằng tàu hỏa. Khi vừa xuống ga Hàng Cỏ, trong ánh sáng mờ mờ của đèn ga, tôi thấy một đoàn bộ đội đi vào, ba lô nặng trĩu, quần áo Tô Châu mồ hôi nhễ nhại. Đang bước trên ga bỗng có người gọi tôi:
-         Kỳ !
   Tôi quay sang, nhận ra Hưng, nó đen đủi, rắn chắc. Hưng ào tơi ôm tôi, chiếc mũ cối trên đầu nó suýt nữa thì rơi xuống. Tôi hỏi Hưng:
-         Mày đi đâu thế?
Hưng trả lời gọn lỏn:
-   Đi giết người. Rồi nó lại vô tư nói tiếp: - Mày còn nợ tao 100 điểm khăng, khi nào vào Nam chơi tiếp nhé.
-         Nhất định rồi và tao sẽ thắng.
     Những người cuối cùng của đơn vị đã bước đến gần toa tàu, đồng chí chỉ huy đơn vị nhắc nhở: - Đồng chí Hưng về hàng ngũ. Hưng vội vã quay đi.                            
  Tôi xuống xe, xách cặp lên thang máy đến lầu 9 một tòa cao ốc ở trung tâm Sài Gòn. Vừa bước ra khỏi thang đã nhận ra Hưng. Hưng cũng như tôi trong bộ comple đen, cà vạt nổi bật. Tôi reo lên: Hưng ! Hưng chậm rãi bước đến, mái tóc hoa râm nhưng trông người thật đường bệ, đĩnh đạc. Chúng tôi lại ôm nhau. Tôi hỏi:
       - Bây giờ mày làm gì? Hưng móc cặp đưa tôi một tấm danh thiếp, chưa kịp xem Hưng đã nói:
-         Trưa nay mày có rảnh không, chúng mình đi ăn cơm?
  Tôi phải xin lỗi vì trưa nay tiếp khách nước ngoài. Giọng Hưng bỗng hơi khác, dường như cố cho thật vui vẻ, nhưng mắt thì hơi buồn:
-         Mày còn nợ tao 100 điểm khăng, hôm nào kiếm chỗ chơi nhé.
-         OK  và tao sẽ thắng mày.
Hưng nhìn đồng hồ rồi vội vã bước đi. 
    Tôi nằm bệnh viện Thống Nhất đã 3 hôm nay, chiều nay sau khi ăn cơm và làm thuốc, tôi xuống sân ngồi hóng gió. Bỗng thấy một người quen, là Hưng. Chúng tôi ngồi sát nhau, tôi hỏi:
-         Mày nằm viện lâu chưa?
-         Hai tuần rồi…
      Cả đời chúng tôi chẳng bao giờ được chuyện trò thảnh thơi như lúc này. Chúng tôi kể cho nhau nghe quãng đời sau Quế Lâm. Rồi bỗng Hưng đưa mắt nhìn quanh khu vườn hoa :
-         Chỗ này đánh khăng được đấy chứ ?
Tôi đồng cảm. Chắc là Hưng thật lòng nghĩ như vậy.
Hưng hỏi tôi:
-         Hồi ở Quế Lâm mày học lớp mấy?
  Tôi trả lời và thấy hơi ngượng, vì cho đến nay tôi cũng không biết Hưng ở lớp nào.
     Hai hôm sau, Hưng điện thoại cho tôi:
-         Báo tin vui cho mày, tao đang làm thủ tục xuất viện, mày sang chơi đi.
   Trước khi ghé sang, tôi qua phòng bác sỹ trưởng khoa hỏi han và biết được tình hình của Hưng.
  Xe nhà Hưng đến đón, có cả vợ con và vài đứa cháu. Tôi tiễn ra tận cổng. Hưng quay lại:
-         Hôm nào đến nhà tao chơi khăng nha, mày còn nợ tao 100 điểm, không được xù đâu nhé. 
  Tôi gật đầu và cố không để cho dòng nước mắt chảy ra. Tôi biết lần sau đến gặp Hưng sẽ phải mang một vòng hoa và tôi đành mãi nợ Hưng 100 điểm khăng.
Nguồn : dinhcongky.blogspot.com

3 nhận xét:

  1. Tôi nghĩ rằng , khi cuốn " Ngược dòng ký ức " ra mắt bạn đọc, chắc nhắn sẽ có rất nhiều người vừa đọc vừa rưng rưng nước mắt ,vừa cảm phục , yêu quí những thầy giáo cô giáo và những con người như tác giả Kỳ Gai cùng nhiều bạn một thời K5 của chúng ta. Tôi cứ đinh ninh , cuốn sách sẽ là tài sản tinh thần vô giá không những chỉ của mấy người bạn già sống bằng những kỷ niệm xa lắc xa lơ...
    Trả lời
    1. Chuyện những cách dạy dỗ của thày cô giáo chúng ta đã thấm vào bạn và được thể hiện đến lúc trưởng thành làm tôi vô cùng xúc động. Trong tận cùng ý nghĩa của những kỷ niệm đó là tính nhân văn thật cao cả. Đấy chính là nguyên nhân sâu xa nhất để chúng ta yêu quý đến mức tôn thờ trường cũ của mình ! Xin cảm ơn bạn !
      Trả lời
    2. "Một trăm đểm khăng" đúng là một chuyện ngắn thật hay. Chẳng ai sắp đặt được cả, chỉ có TRỜI thôi Công Kỳ ạ!
      Trả lời

          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Neki radodaran co'ek. 8)
          Book Tag: Cuentos clásicos   
¡¡Hola, holaa!!

¿Que tal se presenta el fin de semana? Espero que fenomenal!

Hoy vengo con un book tag que he visto en varios blogs y que me parece muy entretenido, consiste en buscar libros con alguna característica basada en los cuentos clásicos de Disney , es idea original de Silencios entre páginas.. Yo tengo muy mala memoria para ponerme a rememorar todos los libros que llevo leídos en mi vida, por lo tanto lo haré con las últimas lecturas o aquellos que me vengan a la mente en el momento.

¡Espero que os guste!! Empezamos...

La liebre y el conejo

Un libro que leíste muy rápido y uno que te demoró mucho tiempo leer

 Muy rápido, El jinete de bronce, es una novela que me gusto muchísimo, me engancho de tal manera que lo leí en un pis-pas

Muy lento, El efecto del aleteo de una mariposa en Japón, se me hizo un poco pesado y tardé más de dos meses en terminar de leerlo.

Los tres cerditos

Trilogía Saga que en un principio no te acababa de convencer pero que finalmente se ganó tu corazón.

No tenía ninguna intención de leerla, pero me encontré el primer libro en un rastro a muy buen precio y no resistí la tentación, fue toda una sorpresa, pues a pesar de mi reticencia terminó por encantarme.


Un libro en el que tenías puestas muchas expectativas y acabaste odiando

La trilogía "Sueña" de Lisa MacMann, quizá porque tenía las expectativas demasiado altas es que terminó por decepcionarme. Me forcé a leer hasta el segundo libro por si la cosa mejoraba, pero nada, no le cogí el punto a la historia. La verdad es que la idea para la trama es muy buena y pudo haber dado mucho juego, pero a mi parecer se quedó en un simple intento..¡una pena!

Peter Pan

Libro que has leído muchas veces pero del que jamás te cansas.

Si tuviese que elegir cual es la mejor novela del mundo sin duda elegiría El principito, la mejor historia jamás escrita. No recuerdo la edad que tenía cuando lo leí por primera vez, pero era todavía una niña, por aquellas no entendí del todo el trasfondo de la novela, pero tras varias re-lecturas como adulta se ha convertido en uno de mis libros favoritos y que nunca me cansaré de leer.

El libro de la selva

Un libro que perdiste o tuviste que tirar por algún motivo.

Libro de lectura obligatoria en el instituto, recuerdo que me lo prestó una compañera con la mala suerte de que volqué encima de el un vaso de agua, quedo inservible por lo que tuve que tirarlo y comprarle un ejemplar nuevo, por supuesto. Creo que es el único libro que he tirado nunca, porque la verdad es que guardo hasta los cuadernillos rubio del preescolar...
Un historia muy juvenil y entretenida por cierto, es los pocos obligatorias de los que recuerdo la historia.

Fecha de publicación:09/01/2014
440 páginas
Código: 10011660
Formato: 14,5 x 21,5 cm.
Presentación: Rústica sin solapas
Colección: Chick Lit

Ana y Nekane regentan un estudio de fotografía en el casco antiguo de Madrid. Un día se declara un incendio en su edificio y, aunque están acostumbradas a trabajar con modelos de lo más glamurosos, no pueden dejar de sorprenderse ante aquellos valerosos «machomanes» vestidos de azul que no se preocupan porque su pelo se encrespe ni sus manos se ensucien.

Cuando el objetivo de la cámara de Ana se centra en Rodrigo, su corazón le indica que ya nada volverá a ser igual. Él se da cuenta de lo embobada que lo está mirando y, a pesar de que no le gusta, inician una extraña amistad.

Todo se complica cuando Ana descubre que está embarazada y Nekane la anima a que cumpla su fantasía sexual con el bombero antes de que la barriga, las estrías y los vómitos matinales se manifiesten y lo espanten.
Pero una mentira de Ana a sus padres ocasionará un sinfín de enredos y situaciones alucinantes que dejarán a Rodrigo sin habla.

Leer a Megan Maxwell es siempre una delicia, especialmente cuando necesitas una dosis extra de energía y buen rollo, porque eso es lo que desprende cada una de sus historias; para mí es como una terapia ¿Qué he tenido un día malo? ¡¡Púes leo algo de Megan!! Cada uno de sus libros me ha encantado, pero este que os recomiendo hoy tiene un “algo” que lo hace todavía más especial, quizá ese algo sea lo identificada que me he sentido con la protagonista en todo momento, y no, no porque tenga la suerte de tener un pedazo machoman como Rodrigo loquito por mis huesos, pero si he sido madre soltera y he vivido los mismos miedos e inquietudes que Ana en la historia. Es una de las cosas que más admiro de la autora, la capacidad para tratar temas tan actuales, y en algunos casos delicados, de manera tan natural y desenfadada, sin restarle importancia, pero tampoco sin llegar a convertirlo en un drama.

Pero volviendo al hilo de la reseña, Melocotón Loco, nos cuenta la historia de Ana, una chica de clase alta londinense que renuncia a su vida de lujo para venir a España a cumplir su sueño, ser fotógrafa. Uno años después no solo ha logrado cumplir su sueño, sino que junto a Nekane,  su mejor amiga, dispone de su propio estudio fotográfico.  Un buen día la apacible vida de las chicas se verá trastocada por un incendio en el edificio y por los pedazo de bomberos que llegan para rescatarlas; desde que la mirada de Ana se cruza con la de Rodrigo algo se incendia en su interior y ya no podrá pensar en otra cosa, pero sus iniciales planes de conquista se vendrán abajo cuando descubra que está embarazada de un turista suizo del que únicamente conoce el nombre.  A pesar de ello, entre Ana y Rodrigo surge una bonita y especial amistad que los llevara a un gran enredo con la familia de la chica… ¿puede el amor superar todas las barreras?

Como su autora ya nos tiene acostumbradas, las protagonistas de esta historia son mujeres independientes, de esas que cogen la vida por los cuernos y luchan por lo que quieren, pero Ana quizá se sale un poco de ese patrón, solo un poquito, pero tras esa fachada de mujer fuerte se deja entrever un hilo de vulnerabilidad que le da un toque de mayor realismo a su personalidad, es una de las protagonistas de las historias de Megan que más me ha gustado y con la que más empatice.  No puedo decir lo mismo de Rodrigo, con quien me sucedió todo lo contrario, llegando incluso a no soportarlo en algunas ocasiones, demasiado mujeriego y cabezón para mi gusto, aunque finalmente es imposible no caer rendida a sus “encantos, porque hay que admitirlo, a las mujeres nos vuelven loca esta clase de hombres…

Los personajes secundarios, como también es habitual en Megan, tienen especial protagonismo,  viviendo sus propias historias a la par. Nekane tiene una personalidad arrolladora y particular que no deja indiferente. Y como no, tengo que nombrar a Encarna, la vecina gallega de las chicas que es la monda, todas deberíamos tener una vecina así, ella es la culpable de las inevitables carcajadas mientras leía.

La historia que viven los protagonistas es preciosa, un amor que surge de forma lenta y pausada a pesar de las circunstancias; en medio de un divertidisimo malentendido. Como no, es una historia llena de humor, con escenas de lo más cómicas que a mi, literalmente, me han echo llorar de la risa. 

A rasgos generales, Melocotón loco, sigue el mismo estilo lineal que las anteriores obras de su autora,  la misma pluma fresca y desenfadada, junto a un lenguaje coloquial y su característico toque de humor; una novela chic-lit en toda regla; pero tiene ese “algo” que no se definir de otro modo, que la hace diferente, o puede que simplemente sea mi visión particular. Sea como sea, es una novela que he disfrutado mucho y que recomiendo  enormemente; en especial para esos momentos en los que es necesario desconectar del mundo y permitirnos el lujo de soñar un rato.

En definitiva, Melocotón loco, es una historia de amor cocida a fuego lento, una historia que nos hace ver el gran poder del amor para cambiar a las personas y superar todos los obstáculos. Una novela que desprende buen rollo, ternura y simpatía, a través de unos personajes maravillosos que se hacen hueco en el corazón del lector. Una novela chick lit en toda regla muy al estilo Megan Maxwel, ¿la recomiendo? Por supuestísimo que si! 

          igra istine   
Naravno da cu da dodjem. ne u bar...ali eto me u CG

Sta da radim saS djecom po ruznom vremenu? roll
Je li pedagoski da ih zakljucam u sobe na 5 dana? lol
          igra istine   
Jugoo jak kisaa, potrajace

oces dodjes stvarno?
          igra istine   
Da,tad se najsladje smejem wink

Shta radite kad dodje "zuta minuta"?
          igra istine   
Izgleda da se dodaje...cutanje je zlato shock ...

Polu puna ili polu prazna?
          igra istine   
iskrenost i casnu rec

jel se dodaje ili oduzima kad se prizna?
          igra istine   
hahahaha.......ma jok...nego sam se zavuko u neki cosak...cekam da mi srede moj PC.....nesto su ga sebali prethodnice Tongue
a ti slobodno dodji da me tuzis roll

oce li jos koja da mi dodje...??? msm da me tuzi lol
          igra istine   
Nisam roll

Pravis veceru da dodjem wink
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
ce dodje cica na kolica
          igra istine   
..ako koja dodje do mene tek ce da platii ccc

na odmor da se odmoritee ili i provedete?
          Tips y consejos para pintar un dormitorio pequeño   

Mostrando Habitación matrimonial - SW6204 Sea Salt.jpg
Pintando las paredes con los tonos y las combinaciones correctos podés hacer maravillas
Habitualmente, toda casa tiene un dormitorio que nos parece demasiado pequeño y probamos sacando muebles, quitando cortinas, reemplazando lámparas grandes por otras más chicas pero ni aún logramos generar sensación de amplitud. Sin embargo, es posible recurrir a trucos visuales para cumplir con nuestro objetivo. Todo depende de tomar en cuenta algunos consejos a la hora de pintar y elegir los colores apropiados.
Elegí colores claros, especialmente el blanco
Un dormitorio pequeño debe ser luminoso y una buena forma de lograrlo es con el uso de los colores suaves y del blanco. Todos estos tonos ayudan a la luminosidad y permiten que los espacios se vean más despejados y menos agobiantes.
Algunas opciones para crear el efecto de amplitud son los colores beige como Intricate Ivory (SW 6350) o el Crisp Linen (SW 6378) de la paleta de Sherwin Williams. Este tipo de tonos pasteles ayudan a agrandar las habitaciones porque reflejan la luz y dan claridad. Asimismo, hacen ver los dormitorios más acogedores y cálidos.
Para magnificar los espacios, utilizá parte del mobiliario y elementos de decoración del mismo color que las paredes, así como cortinas livianas y blancas o de tonos neutros suaves.
Los colores azules y verdes pueden ser una buena elección
Los colores fríos pueden hacer que un espacio se perciba un poco más amplio de lo que realmente es. No necesariamente hay que pintar todas las paredes iguales, ni tampoco utilizar variantes muy oscuras. Lo mejor es decantarse por las tonalidades medias y suaves como el verde Sea Salt (SW 6204) utilizado en la fotografía de la habitación matrimonial que acompaña este artículo. Este color es uno de los aliados a la hora de generar lejanía entre los objetos y aumentar las proporciones reales del dormitorio.
Por otra parte, la gama de los azules como el Byte Blue (SW 6498) es ideal para transmitir amplitud y tranquilidad. Además, estos colores combinan perfectamente con el blanco creando espacios frescos y luminosos.
Alejate de los grandes contrastes
Un ambiente pequeño puede lucir amplio si se unifica el color, pintando todas las paredes iguales, incluso el techo puede ir en el mismo tono. Si el resultado te parece un poco aburrido, destacá una pared en un color de la misma gama un poco más oscuro.
Los colores neutros son siempre recomendados
Los neutros son bienvenidos siempre en ambientes pequeños. Un color neutro crea un clima relajado y armoniza con casi cualquier otro, por lo que podés pintar las paredes de arena Popular Gray (SW 6071), o probar con un gris suave como el Repose Gray(SW 7015) que está presente en la fotografía del cuarto infantil.
Acerca de Sherwin-Williams Argentina
Sherwin-Williams es una compañía multinacional dedicada al desarrollo, fabricación y comercialización de pinturas y recubrimientos. En 1926 se instala en Argentina por primera vez y, desde entonces, mantiene su posición de liderazgo e innovación. Sherwin-Williams es percibida como una compañía de altos estándares de calidad que marca tendencia en cada temporada con sus lanzamientos y nuevas paletas de colores. En la actualidad, Sherwin-Williams Argentina comercializa productos para los segmentos arquitectónico, industrial y automotor. Las marcas de su línea Hogar y Obra están compuestas por Sherwin-Williams, Loxon Larga Duración, Z-10, Kem, Shertex, Rexpar, XR y Krylon, entre otras.
Desde hace 150 años, Sherwin-Williams se sustenta en los mismos valores que la mantienen a la vanguardia: calidad, innovación y servicio, posicionándose como el experto en pinturas y recubrimientos.


La Roche- Posay lanza Effaclar Dúo (+) FPS 30, un producto capaz de tratar y corregir las marcas del acné y protege de la radiación UV, el factor más agravante de esta problemática.
“El acné es una enfermedad genético-hormonal de la glándula sebácea, que puede afectar a cualquier persona y estar presente durante distintas etapas de su vida, no solo en la adolescencia”, explica el Dr. Lucas Ponti, médico dermatólogo (M.N: 130. 388) asesor para La Roche-Posay. “El primer factor agravante del acné es el sol y esto se debe a dos motivos: la piel se deshidrata y aumenta su espesor, obstruyendo los poros; mientras que a la vez favorece la aparición de marcas y manchas pigmentarias. Es un mito que los rayos del sol pueden tener un efecto positivo o embellecedor porque secan los granitos”,desarrolla el Dr. Ponti.
La Roche – Posay suma un nuevo producto a su línea Effaclar, la más recomendada por dermatólogos para tratar el acné, una enfermedad que se ha convertido en el primer motivo de consulta al dermatólogo en Argentina. Este producto, Effaclar Dúo (+) FPS 30 es un tratamiento 4 en 1 para el acné, ya que corrige y desincrusta los poros, reduce las imperfecciones del acné y corrige y previene las marcas mientras que protege diariamente la piel de la radiación UV, el factor agravante #1 del acné.Además, es hipoalergénico, no contiene parabenos y es libre de aceite, lo que permite mejorar la calidad de vida de las pieles sensibles.
En envase de 40 ml, Effaclar Dúo (+) FPS 30 tiene la misma tecnología que Anthelios FPS 30: protege frente a los rayos UVA cortos y largos, UVB, infrarrojos y también de la contaminación. Se aplica durante la mañana en todo el rostro, luego de una adecuada higiene
La fórmula de este nuevo producto de La Roche-Posay contiene activos anti- imperfecciones y anti- marcas con el objetivo de ofrecer la protección adecuada y aumentar la eficacia del tratamiento:
現在価格:1 円,入札数:1,終了日時:2017/07/02 23:14
          Coca-Cola usunie stewię z jednego ze swoich napojów   
Coca-Cola w ubiegłym roku zmieniła recepturę swojego napoju Vitaminwater, dodając do niego stewię. Zdaniem koncernu, miało to uczynić produkt zdrowszym. Decyzja ta spotkała się jednak ze sporą nieprzychylnością konsumentów, którzy zaczęli wyrażać swoje głębokie niezadowolenie z powodu zmienionego smaku. Coca-Cola ugięła się pod presją i zdecydowała się powrócić do pierwotnej receptury - informuje telewizja ABC.
          The End of an Era?   
At the end my last post, I wrote briefly about some signs I noticed that seem to signal the general decline in the American spirit. The economy is in the crapper, unemployment is high, many people have lost their life savings and the government is more unresponsive and corrupt than I have ever seen. I saw first-hand on my trip last month how these things have a negative effect on the individual citizen's and the national collective psyche. The whole country is in a blue funk.

An event happened last week that twisted the knife of despair a bit more; the last US manned space flight mission ended as the Space Shuttle touched down at Kennedy Space Center. It was a good 50 year run that I personally thought would never end.

Final Space Shuttle Landing at Cape Canaveral

I have enough years under my belt to remember most of the manned space program, it was always an interest of mine and I assumed it would always be around to innovate, explore and inspire. Mercury, Gemini and Apollo......those names were known by all and generated excitement all over the world. Obviously, the lunar landings were the pinnacle of the manned missions.

Schematic of Mercury Spacecraft

Original Mercury Astronauts
Gemini Space Capsule
Apollo Schematic
Lunar Excursion Module. Your mobile phone has more computing power than this thing did! Yet they pulled it off!
The Eagle has Landed
Us Americans just HAD to get a car up there

The moon shots would prove hard acts to follow. The Space Shuttle was already on the drawing board during the Apollo program. It was conceived as a vehicle to usher in the next phase of space exploration, sustainability.. The design was to contain many reusable parts. Compared to the sleek Saturn V rockets of the Apollo program, the Shuttle was chunky and utilitarian as befitted its mission of hauling stuff into low Earth orbit.

The Space Shuttle failed to captivate the imagination of the public.The mission was boring but ended up productive.
Saturn V used in the Apollo Program

Saturn V Liftoff, Loud and Sexy!

Predictably, as the excitement and danger of the previous far reaching missions gave way to a "space truck" taking lab rats into low orbit, public interest waned even though a lot of valuable research was done that resulted in many things we take for granted today. The Shuttle program, although productive, just wasn't sexy.

The Space Shuttle needed to be retired. It was old technology even when it was new and proved to be way more troublesome and expensive than imagined. It never achieved the goal of almost monthly launches as envisioned by its architects.We lost two of them, Challenger and Discovery.. Challenger from brittle O rings and Discovery from some bad ceramic heat tiles. Time to put the old girl back in the barn.

Challenger Explosion

What upsets me is that there is no replacement on the horizon. For the first time in 50 years, the US is incapable of sending a human into space. Now we have to hitch a very expensive ride on Russia's Soyuz capsule that was designed in the 1960's. The Soyuz is currently the only game in town.

Russian Soyuz in Orbit
Soyuz Schematic
A Not so Subtle Soyuz Landing in Kazakhstan, Hey, But It Works!!!

Soyuz Post Landing. Vodka consumption  is part of the re-entry checklist.

If they pull the plug on that relic, I hope the last astronaut leaving the multi-billion dollar International Space Station remembers to turn the lights off as it will be awhile before anyone steps foot aboard again.

International Space Station, hide the keys under the doormat when you leave..

The rocket scientists at NASA knew the Shuttle retirement was coming at least 15 years ago and just sat on their hands. Oh, they did waste $9 billion trying to develop potential replacements such as the Constellation and other programs but when things got too difficult for them, progress was not made and the money dried up, they just said "screw it" and went back to whatever rocket scientists do when they are not making rockets. There was much motion but little progress.

Once an Icon,  but has recently lost their way.

NASA has become as bloated and inefficient as the US government so I am not surprised talent and innovation do not thrive there anymore. Too bad, that wasn't the case at one time. It looks like as the NASAsaur fades into irrelevance, we have to look toward the movers and shakers in the private sector to pick up the baton to keep manned space flight alive, Profit is a strong motivator and if there is money in it for these entrepreneurs, they will make it happen. There are already some bright spots on the horizon.

Well, to make a long story short (I know, too late), America's abandonment of its manned space flight program is just another symptom of a general malaise that is lingering in the country.  For 50 years these programs were a source of pride, inspiration, and a large part of America's identity.. The manned space programs motivated people from all over the world to look up to the night sky and maybe forget for a time the dreary details of daily life. We dropped the ball.

It doesn't bother me so much that the Space Shuttle program is no more, its that there were no replacement vehicles seriously considered.  This indicates an abandonment of the pioneer and "can do" attitudes of the past that the US and Americans are known for. Lately it has seemed we are just consumers of Chinese imports, producers of dodgy financial instruments, whiny wards of the State, world policemen and contemplators of our own belly button lint. Not a good path to follow. Remember what happened to Rome when Emperor Nero was plucking his fiddle

 In general, the US has been declining in spirit and purpose for awhile now. Maybe it is the inevitable maturing of a society. We have seen this before with other countries and empires in the past. America's heyday of the 1800s -1900s are over and maybe it is time to take a breather and hopefully we will rediscover the values and drive that made the US and Americans a unique country and culture. I am intolerant of mediocrity and hope that I can see a positive change in my country soon. There is still so much potential there.

          Annual Leave 2011 Part 2   

So I stayed in St, George, Utah for awhile. I visited where I used to work and saw a lot of my ex-coworkers and friends. St. George is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, it is in between the mountainous Colorado Plateau and the Mojave Desert. This gives the area a unique geography. You have granite mountains on one side, red sandstone on another and  real desert on another replete with Joshua trees I love the changes. Each turn of the road reveals another scenario. I never get tired of it.

St. George, Utah. Heaven on Earth
A Joshua tree,they are not to be screwed with! I love the desert.

 After a few days there socializing and taking care of some personal business, I had to drive to Las Vegas for a flight to Florida to see my mother.

Virgin River Gourge

Interstate Highway 15 Though the Virgin River Gourge

My Car-- Topless in Mesquite, Nevada
Virgin River Gourge

Interstate Highway 15 Virgin River Gourge

I am here to tell you that there are few things more pleasurable than hauling ass at 90 MPH in an American Ford V-8 Mustang GT five speed convertible on a long, straight desert highway. The rumble of the engine combined with the sun on my face and wind in my hair made the journey one to remember.

The Virgin River Gourge was one of the last sectors to be completed in the American Interstate highway system due to the rugged terrain. To this day, mountain goats and dynamite marks can be seen on the mountain sides which makes this one of the best 20 miles of road in the USA.

I got to Las Vegas OK and stayed with some friends and flew to Florida the next night. One complaint I have is my flight left out of Terminal 2 and all the bars were closed at 9 o'clock. That just ain't right as I was in the supposed fun capitol of the world and I couldn't even get a cold draft beer before my flight! Bullshit!

The overnight flight to Florida went alright except the airline misdirected my baggage in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They made up for it the next night by delivering my bags to my mom's house. Mom was doing well and after being reunited with my clean skivvies from the recovered luggage, I was good to go. I got lucky at the rental car company as they gave me a new 2011 Fire Engine Red Mustang. I flirted with the attractive Filipina attendant and she gave me the Mustang instead of a boring Buick Lucerne.God love her!

2011 Mustang...Mom's house, Ft. Walton Beach Florida
Loved the Car!

I spend a few days relaxing in Florida as it was hectic in the previous week. I haven't felt so rested in months I spent time driving around neighborhoods where I grew up and to the beach. A year ago, the coast was threatened by the large BP oil spill. The area dodged a bullet as there are few signs of the accident now. Maybe all the crude is on the sea floor but none is evident on the beach.

A Sandpiper

Not a Good Day for the Beach

Wayside Park
Wayside Park
Inclement Weather

Southern Speak

Children's Art From Destin Elementary School

I Found This Hanging From a Tree Branch

One day I went to the Blue Marlin Tournament at Sandestin. I was early as no boats came in to the docks that day for a weigh in but I had a good time nevertheless.
No Thanks!
Northwest Florida Wetlands
More Wetlands Maybe a Gator or Two In There
A Cool Bar

Baytowne Marina, Sandestin Resort
I Don't Think So

Life is Good!
World's Largest Fishing Lure

Are you Shitting Me...My Speedo does Not Go That Low!

One of the Premiere Billfish Tournaments in the World

While at Sandestin, I met this little buddy. They are commonly known as cameleons but are really anole lizards. They change from lime green to tobacco brown in an instant. You can see the color change in the photos. He/she is turning brown. The throat thing is a territorial sign for me to keep away. Didn't work. They are good cat toys.

Turning Brown and Threatening Me
Edited June 10 for more photos and content.
Stay tuned for part 3
          igra istine   
Cekam, al' nikako da dodZe... 8)

A sto cekate?
          igra istine   
Nisam i ne volim da mi se dodeljuje ta titula, kaze jedan pametan covek, to je samo 15 cm.... hahaaha
ne volim kada me neko laze i petlja, ali to nema veze s ljubomorom, kada neko krije nesto ili radi namerno da se sumnja, kada neko zeli da se osecas nesigurnom, a u stvari sam je nesiguran... bla bla bla...
nisam ljubomorna....

Da li vi danas mislite da cu ja da ruckam ?? Tongue
          igra istine   
meni dodje da ih stipam..ujedamm pa pitah..cisto da vidim jesam li sam u tome

Mislite da dosezete do potrebne dubine?
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Dodjem ovde....da vidim sta Vi radite....

Grad u koji bi ovog casa otisli da zivite.....da mozete?
          Multiculturalism at work   

Charing Cross Road, a heaving mass of punters, tourists and ambling drunkards flows past Samuel's workplace at its usual frenetic, clogged pace, until one of its number dislodges himself. An ambling drunkard. He sports baggy pants, a loose striped jacket and a whiskery, unkempt beard. He shouts at Samuel to the rustle of a plastic Waterstone's bag. "Fuck… eh, you….you… what are you doing?" "What!" Samuel stays back, keeps cool. The abuse runs in thick streams, words can barely be made out. Curious shoppers stare wildly over their issues of Zoo and The Economist. The man is black; Samuel is black too. "Fou!" Is it French? Red-eyed, mouth agape, the man keeps screaming, grabs his bag and plunges back into the crowd. Punters dive back into their torrents of headlines, semi-nudes and Harry Potter blurbs at the Borders storefront. Samuel resumes his lax position at the reception, wistfully contemplating the crowds.

Charing Cross Road is the pulse of multicultural London, an artery of pleasure, strife and boredom, snaking from the imperial grandeur of Trafalgar Square to the heart of Oxford Street. Its pedestrian flow makes a garish display; multicultural, festive and sweaty. Almost half of the UK's ethnic minorities live in the capital, clustered in villages: Jews up Golders Green, Cypriots in Haringey, Arabs at Edgware Road and hip white things in Islington. Charing Cross road is where they meet, shop and scuffle: but it is also a place where cultures are put to work. If the now bitterly contested British model of multiculturalism is falling ill, Charing Cross Road is a good place to take its blood pressure.

The security guard

"We don't get too much abuse. We are trained to handle this," Samuel says laconically. No security guard clichés apply to his five foot eight inch frame: no bouncy muscles, towering torso or chiselled face, and only a small corporate insignia on his plain T-shirt indicates he might be at work. Except, that is, for one distinct marker of those guarding the shopfronts and clubs of central London's incongruous geography these days, a marker by now too clichéd to even be noticed by most Londoners: Samuel is black.

"I have been working as a security guard for three years," he says. "You get a lot of junkies in this area. Sometimes you have to be aggressive." Samuel smiles, pushing out his chest a little. "You have to know how to act depending on the person. It's like science – action and reaction." He chuckles ever so slightly.

Samuel comes from Nigeria, as do many others in his profession. His eyes flick back and forth, scanning the throng of people. "You can't stand like this for too long, talking – somebody might just go in, take a pack of CDs and leave," he says. Samuel excuses himself, adding his name and a furtive handshake as an afterthought. Less than five minutes' talk in all.

The private security sector is expanding, and guards now adorn even the humblest of supermarket checkouts and dingiest of clubs. A "visual deterrent" to crime, security companies claim. And this visual deterrence is increasingly performed by bored-looking black Britons and Africans. The good news may be that black minorities, still two and a half times more likely to be unemployed than white Britons, are now entrusted with security matters, inching a bit higher up London's pecking order. The bad news is that an ethnic furrow is drilled into London's asphalt, channelling black men into badly paid, vulnerable frontline positions.

Politicians, pundits and even the police have often praised the multicultural British model of integration, not without good reason. Nobody will launch into patriotic sing-a-longs or wave a Union Jack in the face of the hookah-smoking, Morris dancing, Qur'an-chanting and sauerkraut-eating masses. But this is all multiculturalism by night. Multiculturalism also works – works hard – up Charing Cross Road, down dingy backstreets, at the back of fusty pubs, deep in the cellars of milk-white Kensington hotels, under the sterile bulbs of NHS surgeries.

It may be insolent to heave another load of real-world grit onto multiculturalism's back at this time of trials by government, racism and terror. But dreary work is the flipside to London's multicultural project. Black bouncers, Asian shopkeepers, African parking attendants, Polish bartenders, Spanish chambermaids, Irish builders, African nurses, Indian doctors – they all come to London and find their place, as if by serendipity, from £4.85 an hour and counting. Europe's financial capital is insatiable, spongy, absorbent. But do people pick jobs according to ability and preference, or is the grid already laid out for them; colourful, deceptive and non-negotiable as a London tube map?

The parking attendant

Like security guards, parking attendants are too busy for a chat. Brisk, outsourced, undaunted, they roam the capital's grimy single yellow lines armed with just an oversized machine to crunch number-plates and a council vest against cold winds and the evil eye. And they are virtually unstoppable, furtive figures.

"I am too busy, don't have time," says my first interview target, a stern black parking attendant. He walks off briskly, escaping the lunging white hack. Luck comes in the voluminous shape of a fast-paced black woman negotiating a Camden sidestreet. Her vest is deceptively branded with a comforting council-green dye that blends with a minuscule NCP insignia – the private, nationwide parking venture that won Camden Council's lucrative enforcement contract in 2001.

Is this one of London's toughest jobs? "No, it's not that hard!" she chuckles, scanning a white van's pay-and-display ticket. She treads along briskly. "Really, it's OK," she assures me. "In the beginning it's harder, but you get used to it. The abuse comes daily, of course. It's not the job for you if you can't handle abuse. But if you know you are doing the right thing, it's OK. You just walk away when they start shouting."

She is matter-of-fact, stout and cheerful, her hair sculpted into a bun. I tag along, barely keeping up. Is she running away from her stalker? What's her name? "You can call me this!" she chuckles again, pointing to her shoulder cuff. It says 1571. "I am not allowed to say my name. Here I am a number – my name doesn't matter." 1571 looks busier and busier. The radio crackles. Where is she from? "Nigeria." Why do so many Africans do this job? "Oh, I don't know," 1571 says, curtly or just briskly. We reach the end of the block, another grey Camden thoroughfare beckons beyond, with a neat stack of pay-and-displays. She is speeding – wait … too late. 1571 chuckles, says goodbye. A colleague approaches – could be her cousin: hair neatly wrapped, fast-paced, African features. Then a male colleague – black, African traits. One, two, three, all heading down the same street, an avalanche of attendants … And my failed source, pacing briskly as ever. But now he smiles. "So, you found somebody?" His accent, too, is African.

No job evokes such hostility as parking enforcement, more so since public-private partnerships and new profit-making incentives began unleashing a ticketing bonanza on the capital's streets. But London's parking business has been doubly outsourced: to private ventures and flak-catching Africans, who have relentlessly populated the payrolls. At the public-private faultline they teeter, armed with silly hats and plastic machinery, come rain or shine or saliva-spattering owners of four-by-fours.

Enforcing London's rules and patrolling private property are tough tasks, but somebody's got to do them. Not to worry: multiculturalism assigns the posts. Please tick the ethnic monitoring form and wait in line. If you tick "black", the chance is you will soon find your place within London's hard-working, visually deterring foot soldier community.

Who's doing what – A rough guide to working Britain

4.3 per cent of Pakistanis work as shopkeepers, wholesale and retail dealers, compared to 0.5 per cent of white Britons

4.2 per cent of Indians work as medical practitioners, compared to 0.5 per cent white Britons

16 per cent of Bangladeshis work as chefs, compared to 0.7 per cent white Britons

11.3 per cent of Bangladeshis work as retail assistants, compared to 6.3 of all Asians and 4.5 of whites

2 per cent of Asians work as cashiers or checkout operators, compared to 1.1 per cent of whites

9.4 per cent of Pakistanis are chauffeurs or cab drivers, compared to 0.5 per cent whites and 0.9 per cent of blacks

8.5 per cent of black Africans are nurses, compared to 1.7 per cent whites, few South Asians and 11.2 per cent of "other Asians"

3.6 per cent of black Africans work as security guards, compared to 0.5 per cent of whites

Approximations based on data from the Quarterly Labour Force Survey, December 2004 – February 2005. Ethnic minority data is unreliable due to sample size.

The shopkeeper

Aftab huddles behind a desk cluttered with weekly glossies, breath mints, KP nuts and 2p sweets, the radio filling his shop with muted noise. "Violence is not the solution," he sighs, referring both to the still recent 7 July London bombs and Iraq. On a shelf by the open door, a four-year-old copy of The Economist peeks out next to a gaudy selection of lads' mags. "The day the world changed", its front page trumpets, to the dust and fumes of Manhattan. "It reminds me of when it all started," Aftab says softly.

His cornershop is set in the shadow of thronging, roaring Camden Town station. Aftab comes from Pakistan, or rather, Kashmir. "Ever since Pakistan was created out of the British Empire in 1947 by [Muhammad Ali] Jinnah, it has failed to reconcile the different nations within its borders. It's an artificial creation. Actually, there are only two countries in the world created on the basis of religion: Israel and Pakistan," he says, bemused. "Their borders are a colonial legacy."

Since coming to Britain in 1997, Aftab has become the hub of a local community made up of itinerant builders, international students, crackheads, Bangladeshi shopkeepers and working-class families. He knows everybody. "My brother was running the shop when I got here, then he fell ill. I started coming to the shop, reading four-five papers a day: that's how I got to know all the people around here." He has braved shoplifters, stinkbombs and random yobbery, and recently appeared on the BBC after launching a petition against drug-related crime.

Aftab holds a Masters in Sociology from the University of Karachi. "When I came here they told me that if you have a Third World qualification, you need to get a diploma in this country," he says. "The Job Centre is just there to give you your £52 a week in benefit, and then you're off. They don't help you find jobs. I was registered there for two years, and scanned job offers all the time. At one point I said, 'please, just give me anything!' I told them I could study for a diploma to complete my qualifications, but they weren't interested. Then I started to get more involved here." He still wants to study a Masters of Science in Human Rights.

Has he felt discriminated against? "No, it's the same for everyone." He smiles. I ask him why he thinks so many Asians have set up shop. He looks unsure, and eventually produces a bit of sociology. "When migrants first started arriving here, many were uneducated and set up shops and have continued since then. But their children often prefer to go looking for employers. With Sainsbury's and Tesco opening local stores, the cornershop is becoming a thing of the past."

In this "nation of shopkeepers", shopkeeping has been subcontracted to that old imperial safeguard of the nation's values, British Asia. Small-scale entrepreneurs of Indian or Pakistani extraction have absorbed the retail function, running cornerstores as well as staffing supermarkets, high street stores and bank counters. They are not alone, of course: Turkish Cypriots have carved a clothes-and-food niche out of north London. But Asian shopkeepers are the only group with full-spectrum dominance, from Haringey to Hampstead. However their market share is increasingly threatened by supermarkets that wedge their slick Express, Local, Metro and Central chains into minuscule urban spaces. Does that leave you, or your kids, unemployed? Please tick the "Asian" box, and be patient: the chance is you will be handling supermarket tills, sorting ballpoint pens in a stationers, or stacking crates before you know it.

The supermarket assistant

Feronda pauses from stacking tins and dons a sincere, expectant grin worthy of the glossiest of Corporate Social Responsibility reviews. He is happy with his job as a Sainsbury's customer assistant. "I'm from Sri Lanka. I'm a refugee. Only I and one more are from Sri Lanka in this shop – most of the other people here are Pakistani." Actually, all the other customer assistants seem to be Brits of Pakistani background. Even the security guard is Asian. Why does Feronda think this is so? "Oh, this I don't know," he says, tugging his grin along, keen to move on to the next question. "I like it here, I want to stay – I especially enjoy being on the shop floor. Before I worked for four years as a car mechanic up the road," – he waves past pea cans, north – "doing night shifts. That was very hard." Now he works 3-11pm, five days a week, at £6 an hour. "Let's see… about £850 a month for a 39-hour week," he says. He looks thrilled, grateful. Before coming to the UK he studied computers, but struggles to translate his education into British levels. "I didn't apply for any other jobs – just this," he says. But is there anything he doesn't like about the job? "No, no," he says, with the sparkling grin making a lingering plea for mercy. The largely white Chalk Farm clientele scavenges for breakfast bagels and tender-stem broccoli. Feronda's colleagues shuffle past, aisle-wide looks in their eyes.

Whether British supermarkets' workforces are as diverse as their stock of curries, mozzarella and stodgy German bread is hard to ascertain – their statistics slip from your hands like salmon. Fourteen percent of Sainsbury's employees and three to four percent of its managers come from ethnic minorities: more detailed figures are not available from either Sainsbury's or Tesco, despite their equal opportunities policies.

Sainsbury's prohibits discrimination and strives to "move beyond simple legal compliance," according to Cheryl Kuczynski, a spokeswoman. "We actively look to employ colleagues who reflect the diversity of our customers," she says. Tesco, the behemoth of the British food market, says targets have been set to get so-called "ethnic groups" into managerial positions. Flexible work during Ramadan and Diwali and briefings in languages like Hindi, Urdu, and Bangladeshi are two selling points. All according to its Corporate Social Responsibility review.

Katie Jenkins, Tesco's employment spokeswoman, says that diversity "creates a great atmosphere in stores" and makes everybody contribute with different skills and knowledge. "Retail is a fast-paced environment, so we look for people who can adapt well to change, people who are very customer-focused. The stores reflect the demographics of the local area. It is about recruiting local people into local jobs."

In lush white Hampstead, amid the cobblestones, blonde beer, Unitarian churches, window displays of pains au céréales and fragrant Jojoba oils, lurks an unbecoming Tesco Express. Inside, Jayvishal is morosely stacking boxes of vegetables. "I can't do an interview if it's going to take time," he warns. I try an optimistic note. What does he like most about his job?" "I don't like it at all," he says, his slightly pained face sloping down into an unlikely smile. "It's hard work, very hard work. Packing all the time."

Jayvishal is from India. "There are not many Indians here – mainly Sri Lankans and some Europeans," he says. By European he must mean British Asian: all the shop's staff look Asian. How did he find this £6-an-hour job? "Oh, through the Job Centre, and then I had some friends over here," Jayvishal answers, somewhat cryptically. "I have been in the UK since 2003, and couldn't find a job for a while. It was very hard. Legally, international students are only allowed to work 20 hours a week, but during vacations I do overtime. It is difficult economically – I have to pay rent, transport and everything, and only earn £500 a month."

Jayvishal is studying a Masters in Business and Finance at London's Metropolitan University. While not in India he lives in Queensbury, zone four, on the Jubilee line that branches through a parallel part – or galaxy, perhaps – of north London. Skills and knowledge he has: a local he is not. The manager, a short-set, trim-bearded man of South Asian features presses up against us, fingering the stack of plastic boxes. Time to retreat. "And when you're finished…" – the orders fade, giving way to wine bars and American ice cream parlours slanting down the north London hillside.

Hampstead is at the extreme end of the spectrum. But a random Monday afternoon headcount at seventeen West End supermarkets, where workers are least likely to be drawn from a residential pool, confirms the ethnic pattern, albeit with minor variations. One hundred customer assistants were of Asian background, fifty-eight were black, nineteen white, and four "other Asians". The eleven security guards on duty were all black but for one.

The bar tender

It would be a mistake to think that low-paid jobs are the reserve of the Queen's post-colonial subjects. Some minorities have fared quite well: ethnic Indians, for one, are now approaching the employment chances of white Britons. Meanwhile, London's pint-pullers earn even less than its shelf-fillers, and a terrifying ninety-seven percent of pub workers nationwide are white. Why?

Perhaps Al Murray's comedy act the Pub Landlord hinted at the answer when saying that there should be no things foreign in a proper English pub, with the natural exception of peanuts. Peanuts are more nondescript than exotic, a bit like the "white other" box on the ethnic monitoring forms. And so it is that Europeans, Australians and their fellow Antipodeans have been swallowed by the fusty land of minimum wages, ruddy-faced regulars and sticky floors.

Behind the bar, a twenty-something lad moves packets of crisps about. Covent Garden's cobbled streets unfold outside. "Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning all the time," he says, in spotless English. "There's lots of cleaning in this pub." He doesn't look glum at all saying it. The pub is one of a constellation of glinting properties on the online London map of the Spirit Group, one of the UK's biggest pub businesses with over two thousand venues to its name. Boleslaw has worked here since May, and shares the pleasure with a girl from Sweden, another from France, an Irish boss and two other Poles – a friend and the assistant manager. He got his job through the previous manager, also Irish. "That's a traditional English pub for you!" he says.

This is not the first time I come across the Ladder. The Ladder is a peculiar upstairs-downstairs way of ordering the capital's economy. The lower steps of many a London workplace are, predictably enough, dominated by the poor relatives of the world economy: Poles, Colombians and Nigerians abound. But climb one step up, and surprisingly often you will find employees from closer to home: Irish managing continental Europeans, perhaps, or Spaniards managing Colombians. On the top of the Ladder, perch the white English top managers and boardroom staff. The Commission for Racial Equality's (CRE) chairman Trevor Phillips has called it "snow-capping", or white on black: only 1.4 percent of executive management comes from ethnic minorities.

"It's a very hard job and not paid very well. The minimum: £4.85," Boleslaw continues. No big deal. This is his third bout of pub work in London. "At least this is a very nice area, with lots of theatres around." Nice areas make customer flows impressive, and it's hectic, lager-churning madness. "After a while you get used to it – even if it's packed you can listen to the music and chat up a girl. But you work till late and don't have time for yourself. You wake up at nine or ten next morning and start work at 12. It's like a full circle." He smiles. "If you get some days off, you just chill upstairs," he adds, pointing heavenward. Boleslaw and his colleagues sleep upstairs: it's a live-in pub.

Despite paying rent to his landlord-bosses, Boleslaw can save "a few hundreds" each month, he says. He is a graphic designer and photographer, a graduate of Poland's Academy of Fine Arts, and has worked for advertising agencies back home. "It's a dodgy job market in Poland, simple as that," he says, unapologetically. "The UK market is more stable. You can do bar work for a while, then start looking around for what you really want to do."

A man with entourage orders pints of Tetley and pork scratchings. A colleague shows up, and Boleslaw breaks into Polish for a few sentences, cackling until the colleague disappears into the sunshine.

What do his fellow Poles do in the capital these days? "Any job you can get," he says. "Normally, guys who are tough enough go work on building sites, but others go into these jobs. The guy who just left, for example, is a doctor." A doctor? "Yeah – it's easy to find them working in pubs. We got lawyers, we got doctors, graphic designers, actors, the lot. This country has got the most educated bar staff ever," he says cheerily, pouring pints of Guinness for a couple of Koreans. He has only applied for one graphic design job so far, and saves his pounds with determination. "I felt I had too good qualifications. They looked at my portfolio and said 'you're too good, you better go somewhere else'. When the time comes, I'll do it."

Years back, London's fleet of theme pubs, Irish pubs, local pubs and all the other concept and brand name pubs shop-fronting for Japanese investment banks were manned by cheery mates from Down Under. The Anglo-Saxon reaches of empire supplemented London's homegrown working class with much-needed building and boozing skills. Aussies and Kiwis provided the pint-pulling crowd. South Africans joined the Irish on the building sites. The Working Holiday Visa kept the children of the Commonwealth snuggled on old England's beer belly for years.

But in 2000, New Labour sowed the seeds of a revised migration strategy, which has blossomed into today's demand-based, quotas-and-points approach. Working Holiday rules for Commonwealth countries changed in 2003, and Antipodeans have moved into administration, computer work and public services with the easing of job-type restrictions. Poles are entering the pub-and-scaffolding race, quickly filling their predecessors' place. Some 98,500 Poles had applied for Britain's worker registration scheme in May 2005, over half of all new east European hopefuls arriving in the wake of 2004's EU expansion. Eighty percent of them earned up to £5 an hour.

The arrival of Poles is changing the demographic makeup of other parts of London's service economy, too. José Vigo, employment adviser, senses a growing fashion for east European employees at his West End Job Centre, which specialises in low-paid hotel and catering vacancies "that have not been taken through the domestic labour market".

Southern Europeans and Latin Americans, often over-skilled but with poor English, have peopled the lower reaches of London's job market for years, where a dank stereotype of the Latin service worker has grown. A recent Job Centre language survey confirms the lingering Mediterranean makeup of London's catering and hotel trades: Spanish clocked in as first language, followed by Portuguese, French and Italian – but with upstart Polish wedged in at third place.

Statistics are scant and unreliable and the turnover ferocious, but Vigo confirms that employers now head for eastern Europe rather than scavenging the Iberian soils for catering and hotel staff. "There they get better levels of English and people willing to do that kind of job."

The service sector is likely to continue haunting southern European visitors, however. "London is still one of the most popular places in Europe for young Spaniards," says Manuela Martínez, adviser for EU employment network Eures in southern Spain. "People want to master English and make their CVs look better. But if their level of English is low, they will work in places where they don't deal with the public, in 'backstage' jobs. They end up spending a year in London and bring back three or four words related to the hotel trade. Then, naturally, they only tell people about the good things that happened, and the process starts snowballing."

The backstage jobs of London's fickle service economy have a convenient feature: as Portuguese hotel workers, Spanish chambermaids and Latin American kitchen porters mingle in their trade, they speak Spanish instead of English. And the less English they speak, the more likely they will languish in their underpaid niches. London keeps luring job-hunters into its wide nets, its finance-fuelled economy selects and cherrypicks the candidates, and multiculturalism keeps them apart, blissful in their ghettoes.

The state's story

Government departments are blissful in their ghettoes, too, and keep chucking the ball out of their own ponds. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) does not target specific ethnic groups, says Ben Lloyd, a spokesman, who suggests I try the Department for Trade and Industry (DTI), which deals with safeguarding employees' rights. And what does the DTI think? A spokesperson mentions Tony Blair's 2003 cross-departmental Ethnic Minorities Employment Task Force, but little more: the DWP is wrong – "we don't deal with getting people into jobs."

Academia is also suffering from a "paucity of research" on ethnic recruitment according to Dr Sophia Skyers, senior research fellow on the London labour market with the public interest company Office for Public Management (OPM). She explains ethnic niching in relation to London's expanding knowledge economy. "We are seeing a polarisation of the labour force into, on the one hand, high-paid jobs in professional and financial services and, on the other hand, retail, protective services and other personal services like healthcare," she says. "What we get is a pattern of occupational segregation – a lot of people are forced into particular employment groups, often because of discrimination in other sectors. The stereotype goes with the job, and sticks to the people who get these jobs."

Professor Michael Hardt, co-author of the watershed tome Empire about how power has been redistributed in a globalised world, agrees that multiculturalism plays an economic role in the new economy. "Britain's multicultural model can facilitate an ethnic division of labour, a model that has perhaps a longer history in the Americas," he says. "Racialized hierarchies and exploitation do not always function along the old or assumed models of exclusion. But it's worth insisting that recognizing that cultural diversity can be part of a new scheme of exploitation does not mean we should be against cultural diversity as such. What we need to strive for is equality and freedom within this multicultural society."

Trevor Phillips has criticised multiculturalism for keeping people apart, labelling it "a typically British way of dealing with difference". But now the stakes are higher. While London Mayor Ken Livingstone praised multiculturalism in the wake of the 2005 London bombings, Tony Blair announced a crackdown on Britain's permissive liberal consensus to a chorus of tabloid approval. But even multiculturalism's defenders often have little clue of what it really is, or does. Multiculturalism is not only a heap of colours, it is a machine with cogs that whirr. It not only fuses, but keeps apart. It doesn't so much discriminate as direct a choreography of cultures. Much like a latter-day, benign sort of empire, where all races and cultures play a minor part in the symphony of power.

On the ring road again

Your no-frills flight descends among thick nighttime clouds and your bags emerge from the bowels of Stansted airport. Now it's business the British way. Bearded Muslims, lavish Iberian girls and red-nosed Brits clutching Su Doku books mingle in the halls and tow their luggage into the rainy night, stared on by billboards vying for their London fare. Outside, hordes of many-accented hustlers flog £5 one-ways for cheap airbus upstarts. Beyond the Pink Elephant car park waits the National Express. A stream of people crosses the wet asphalt, oblivious to the hustlers' calls. This is how multicultural London commutes, in and out of London, twenty-four hours a day, every fifteen minutes.

Chris descends from his bus and lights a quick fag before his next drive. "The job is not as stressful as it looks," he says. "It's easy, and the pay's quite good. £22,000 a year because I do night shifts." He cuts a stoic figure, tall and bulky, his shaved head pinched by an earring. His colleagues, like him, are overwhelmingly white, bald, and big, emblems of the well-fed English working class. They ferry multiculturalism in and out of the capital. What do the people boarding his coach to the throbbing financial hub of Europe do, then? "Well," Chris puffs on his fag, thinks. "We carry a lot of students, some come over on a gap year, a small portion are on business and the bulk of them are tourists and sightseers."

What about the workers? Where are they? Who notices the shelf-stacker in the business student, the pint-puller in the graduate, the cornershop owner among the businessmen, the sandwich wrappers, cappuccino steamers and doormen among the tourists? Not Chris, not Ken, not Tony, nor Middle England or the City elite. The City: white as a scrubbed cathedral wall, home of offshore dollars and high-value bonds, generator of the service economy and its guards, attendants, retailers, cleaners, drivers. And Chris, where does he live? "I live in Haverhill, outside Cambridge," he says, stubs out his fag, and sets the motor purring towards the M25.

          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
pocinjem da se brinem za nju, obzirom da je neverica simptom vecim problema...
kolega, dodjite malo na divan!
          Shin Godzilla   
Il nuovo Godzilla firmato Toho
* * * 1/2 - (mymonetro: 3,50)

Regia di Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi. Con Satomi Ishihara, Hiroki Hasegawa, Yutaka Takenouchi, Nicolas Reillabahc, Jean Laurent Oibur, Jun Kunimura, Shinya Tsukamoto, Mark Chinnery, Takahiro Miura, Takumi Saitô, Kengo Kora, Pierre Taki, Issei Takahashi.
Genere Fantastico - Giappone, USA, 2016. Durata 120 minuti circa. Da lunedì 3 luglio al cinema.

Dopo una pausa di dodici anni, la Toho produce un nuovo film su Godzilla, grazie al revival della franchise ottenuto dopo il successo del film Godzilla diretto da Gareth Edwards. Le riprese si sono realizzate nell'autunno del 2015, il film uscirà nell'estate del 2016. La storia è ambientata in Giappone e il Godzilla presente in questo nuovo film prodotto dalla Toho, il primo dopo una pausa di 12 anni, sarà alto 108 metri, molto più alto di quello comparso nel film di Gareth Edwards.

Recensione | Critica | Trailer | Locandina

          Skoro domieszka odpalasz, teraźniejsze umyka   
Gigantycznie znaczącym stanowi właściwy rozrachunek między niniejszym co się opłaca dodatkowo co się w zmian sądzi. By wynosić zaś godny obrachunek przystało się świadomie natomiast brawurowo przyjrzeć jedynemu sobie, miejscowym myślą również zatwierdzić niniejsze, iż nie przeważnie egzystuje się faktycznie
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We are looking for a highly motivated, fun, easy-going ASE certified technician to join our growing team....
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smanjujem tenzije, zelim da se odmorim ovog praznika...
proveo neko vreme sa decom...

imas nekad superculo dodira?
          igra istine   
culo dodira wink wink

Kako vam je prosao danasnji dan? wink lol
          igra istine   
da, to valjda dodje s godinama wink lol

Da li optuzujete preljubu u braku? wink lol

          Alembic Pharma Freshers Walk in Interview 2017 for QA, QC, Production, R&D Jobs on 2nd July   
Alembic Pharma Hiring 2017 for QA, QC, Production, R&D Jobs : Alembic Pharma Hiring for Pharma QA, QC, Production, R&D Jobs. Applicants Who are Qualify Graduation or Post Graduation in job Required Stream are Applicable for this Latest Pharma Jobs in Vadodara Alembic Pharma . This is the Good opportunity for who are waiting Latest QA, QC, Production, R&D […]
          1899-10-31 Joe Gans W-PTS25 George McFadden [Broadway Athletic Club, Brooklyn, NY, USA]   
1899-11-01 New-York Tribune (New York, NY) (page 5)

"Joe" Gans, the clever colored Baltimore boxer, received a decision over George McFadden after fighting twenty-five rounds at the Broadway Athletic Club last night before one of the largest crowds of the year. This was the third time the men had met, the first meeting ending in a victory for McFadden and the second contest ending in a draw.

1899-11-01 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, NY) (page 16)

Joe Gans of Baltimore completely upset the calculations of the reputed wise set in pugilistic circles, at the Broadway Athletic Club last evening by defeating George McFadden of New York, in a twenty-five round contest at 133 pounds. McFadden was a big favorite in the betting, his followers flooding the house with money at odds of 100 to 75. In making Mac the favorite the crowd forgot the last fight between the men when Gans really ought to have received the decision. They looked only at his recent performance with Kid Lavigne, but again forgot that Gans was an altogether different style of boxer from the Saginaw boy and that the latter virtually defeated himself.

At no time last evening did the New Yorker make any kind of a showing at all. Instead of sticking to his old style of blocking and allowing his opponent to make the fighting and thus wear himself out until he was so weakened that it would be an easy matter to finish him, Mac Immediately took the aggressive and attempted to do the leading. In Gans, however, he found a master hand at his own game of blocking and his attempts to land were usually futile. He put in some hard left swings on Gans' head and sent the right at times well to the body, but Gans met him every time he rushed.

Gans penetrated McFadden's guard with straight lefts and with one of the fastest and surest rights ever developed by a boxer, rocked George's head time and time again, and in the twentieth round sent Mac to the floor, Gans' footwork was wonderful and the way he sidestepped and threw his right to the body caused the crowd to cheer repeatedly. As the fight proceeded the odds on Mac steadily receded until Gans' admirers were offering 100 to 40.

Mac stayed the limit but was extremely lucky to do so for Gans had him groggy many times when the gong came to his aid. After the decision had been awarded to Gans, Al Herford, on his behalf, issued a challenge to any light weight in the world, O'Brien or Erne preferred, and offered to post a side bet of $5,000.

In the preliminary bout, Kid Trueman of New York and Johnny Reagan of Brooklyn met for twelve rounds at 116 pounds. They fought a fast a clever fight, Reagan getting the decision. Johnny White was referee.

1899-11-01 The Evening Telegram (New York, NY) (page 8)
Baltimorean Defeats McFadden in the Third Attempt by His Blocking and Jabbing.
"Joe" Gans, of Baltimore, was a popular victor at the Broadway Athletic Club last night, when he defeated George McFadden, of this city. It was his clever blocking and jabbing that gave him the triumph. He wore down his opponent until in the end McFadden was saved from a knockout only by a rare exhibition of clever blocking. When Gans was given the decision on points the referee was cheered.

Many bets were recorded on the result, with McFadden the favorite at odds of 100 to 80. McFadden and Gans had met on two former occasions. In the first contest "Mac" knocked the colored boxer out after twenty-two rounds of fighting. The second contest went to Gans on points.

Contrary to his custom, McFadden rushed his man when the bell called them to the centre, landing his left on Gans' face and cleverly dodging a right swing aimed for the jaw. Gans clinched. After breaking away the New Yorker again rushed, and scored with right and left on Gans' head. Gans clinched and held his opponent. The referee separated them and told Gans that if he continued his holding tactics he would disqualify him.

1899-11-01 The New York Times (New York, NY) (page 8)
Joe Gans Whips George McFadden.

Joe Gans, the colored boxer of Baltimore, and George McFadden of this city put up one of the hardest fights of their careers for twenty-five rounds at the Broadway Athletic Club last night. The fight went to the limit, but it was astonishing that it did so, for Gans gave McFadden a beating hard enough to knock out an ordinary 133-pound fighter. McFadden stood up under blows that were heavy enough to fell an ox, but his fight after the tenth round was a hopeless one. Referee White gave the decision to Gans. McFadden was the favorite in the betting at odds of 100 to 80, and many thousands of dollars changed hands at that price.

1899-11-01 The World (New York, NY) (page 10)
Little Negro Was Worried in the First Two Rounds, but Then Began to Fight.
Gave McFadden an Awful Punishment and Several Times Nearly Put Him Out.
Stood a Mauling That Would Have Made Nine Out of Ten Fighters Lie Down.
Joe Gans, of Baltimore, defeated George McFadden in twenty-five rounds at the Broadway Athletic Club last night. It was the best lightweight exhibition of fast, clever fighting and bulldog courage and endurance ever seen in New York.

Both men aspire to championship honors, but last night the clever Baltimore negro made McFadden look like a fifth-rater. He punched him almost at will, and almost put him out several times.

McFadden's display of gameness and endurance was wonderful. He never stopped fighting against certain defeat.

Each man had let his friends know that he was in perfect shape, and was sure of winning. The result was that from the moment the doors opened betting was heavy.

The Baltimore men came to Gotham with a pot of money. McFadden had a host of friends, and was the favorite at 100 to 80. Probably $15,000 was wagered at these odds before the bout began.

Even at the increased prices the house was well filled. Four thousand spectators were on the benches. Johnnie White was the referee.

McFadden Started Well.

McFadden, who is usually slow to begin and cautious, rushed at the negro, sending in a fusillade of blows. Gans retreated, fighting back cleverly. Both blocked beautifully. For two rounds McFadden had slightly the best of it, but in the third Gans was all over his opponent. He sent straight lefts to the face again and again, and swung the right three times heavily to the jaw. McFadden slipped down, Gans helped him up.

The pace was too fast to last. It was all Gans in the next three rounds. McFadden was not fighting in his usual close blocking style, and the clever negro landed blow after blow with right and left.

Gans tried so hard that he grunted as he put all his strength in each blow. He is the weaker of the two, and McFadden is strong as a bull and stood the furious work without showing it.

McFadden's face and neck were red and swelling. He began to do more blocking and less leading. It was Gans all the way until the ninth round, when twice he turned McFadden's head around with a right swing, but Mac swung his left to Gans's jaw and staggered him. Then he ripped a right to the negro's body that hurt. The betting changed to even money. The referee had to tear them apart in the clinches.

They kept up the race for four more rounds, Gans still having the best of it although McFadden was blocking better. In the fourteenth round Gans punched McFadden almost at will. He swung right after right on Mac's jaw and had him almost groggy at the bell. Mac came back like a bulldog for more and got it. He was bleeding from the nose.

Gans Punches Hard.

Gans continued to punch McFadden on head, jaw and belly for three more rounds. McFadden came back doggedly, but he was gradually getting weak under the awful punishment. Gans again almost put him out with a right swing on the jaw in the eighteenth round. The bell saved him.

Gans looked at him as much as to say, "Well, who can put you out?"

McFadden was knocked down in the twentieth round. He stayed there nine seconds, got up groggy and fought back to the bell.

McFadden came up surprisingly strong. He was game as a pebble, and tried for a wild knock-out. Gans fought cautiously, looking for a knock-out chance. He almost did the trick in the twenty-fourth.

McFadden rushed desperately in the last round, but couldn't touch Gans, and was almost put out again.

Referee White gave the fight to Gans.

The preliminary bout was the hottest kind of a fight. Johnny Reagan, of Brooklyn and Kid Trueman, of New York, fought twelve rounds at 115 pounds. Reagan won.
          1917-09-18 Johnny Dundee W-PTS12 Pete Hartley [Armory Athletic Association, Arena, Boston, MA, USA]   
1917-09-19 Boston Journal (Boston, MA) (page 9)
Johnny Dundee Is Far Too Good for Pete Hartley.
By Jack Malaney

Johnny Dundee walloped all the championship aspirations out of the new Durable Dane, Pete Hartley, last night at the Armory A. A. show at the Arena. The Scotch Wop didn't succeed in scoring a knockout over Hartley nor is it likely that anybody will do that little trick for some time to come, but Dundee tried his best at several stages of the affair to flatten Peter as flat as a Durable Dane could be flattened.

Thanks to the willingness of Dundee to make a fine battle out of anything at all in the line of a battle, the contest was a very fair one. Thanks to the Wop's ability to be able to take many a punch that ordinarily he wouldn't think of taking, with also sufficient credit to Peter for doing his best to do well, the bout was about 50 per cent. above expectations.

Hartley Starts Well

But while Dundee won about as he pleased, he didn't win all the way. Hartley started off in great style. He was shooting his left in straight at the beginning of the battle, and hooking, both with the left and right, and in general connecting with Dundee. Johnny was doing some missing, too. It began to look as if all the dope was about to be crossed up, but Dundee was only kidding Hartley.

It wasn't Dundee's best battle by any means. He loafed aplenty all along the route, and only spurted to keep the fans from thinking that Hartley was doing well.

Careless on Defense

In the last few years Dundee has grown more and more careless about his defense, until now it doesn't appear that he has much of any at all. Last night he apparently didn't want to have any. He just laid his defense aside and let Pete take many a pop at him. But after Dundee got beated up a little, Peter had to take four or five in trade for almost every one that he sent across.

Dundee initiated Hartley into the graceful arts of ducking, dodging and bounding off the ropes during the encounter, and Pete took his lesson like a little major. He proved an apt scholar, too, so much so that he began imitating Dundee and making the Wop miss quite often.

Up to the eighth, Dundee made little effort to see how much Pete could stand. But from the eighth on, Hartley had to stand for a lot of solid wallops that Dundee sent at him.

Jumping in as a substitute without much of any conditioning didn't do Joe Pete Stanton any good in the semi-final. Joe Pete took on his old arch enemy, Tony Vatlin, and Tony beat him. The crowd failed to take to the mill.

Both six-round prelims were spirited affairs, Al Gerard and Frank Toronto going to a draw in the opener, and Charley Miller beating Freddie Williams in the other.

1917-09-19 The Boston Daily Globe (Boston, MA) (page 6)
Gives Dundee a Good Battle at That at Armory A. A.
Tony Vatlin Scores an Easy Win in Bout With Joe Stanton
Johnny Dundee defeated Pete Hartley in their 12-round bout at the Armory A. A. last night. Hartley took quite a whaling, but did not show any fear. He kept forcing Dundee all the time. The latter was in his usual good form, as speedy as ever. He did most of his punching with the left hand, repeatedly hooking and jabbing Hartley to the jaw and body. He landed some hard rights, too.

Dundee staggered Hartley a few times, but the latter blocked so well that his rival did not have a chance to bring off a knockout. Hartley sent Dundee's head back a number of times with left jabs. He also caught Dundee some good punches on the jaw.

Dundee tried his rope trick a few times, but Hartley did not let him land a punch by its use. Indeed, he gave Dundee the best battle he has had in this city in a long time.

Tony Vatlin had an easy time defeating Joe Stanton in their 10-round bout. Al Gerard and Frank Toronto boxed a fast and hard battle for six rounds. It was called a draw. Charlie Miller defeated Fred Williams, also a six-round affair.

Mike O'Dowd and Joe Connelly will box in the feature bout at the club next Tuesday night.

1917-09-19 The Boston Herald (Boston, MA) (page 6)
New Yorker Beats Pete Hartley in 12 Rounds at Arena--Prelims Tame.
Constantly shifting his attack, Johnny Dundee of New York proved too much for Pete Hartley of Brooklyn and Referee Conley's 12-round award to the Scotch-Italian was well received by the big crowd at the Armory A. A. last night.

Is a Ring Master.

A ring master, Dundee, by his superior knowledge, outclassed the Brooklyn boy, but to the latter's credit it must be said that he fought back in clever style. Dundee hit Hartley enough times on the face to sink a couple of dreadnoughts had there been any power behind the wallop, but either Hartley is a wonder at assimilating punishment or else Dundee carries a couple of balloons in his gloves.

On the other hand, Hartley, in the punches he landed, had plenty of kick behind them, and while he failed to stagger Dundee in the 12 rounds, he rocked him a few times. While Dundee was far and away the cleverer, the bout was interesting.

Dundee is always a spectacular performer and last night he injected a few of his kangaroo leaps into the bout to show that he can furnish an attack from any quarter. Dundee entered the ring a top heavy favorite, but the wise ones were a bit leary in the first few rounds, when Hartley carried the fight to Dundee. Johnny was sizing up his opponent during this stage and he cut loose with his usual vigor after the third round.

In the fifth round Dundee executed his first leap against the ropes, only to rebound and duck twice, making Hartley look foolish. In the eighth round the boys indulged in some lively swapping, with Hartley holding his own in the exchange. Two rounds later Hartley used a straight right and he landed solid blows on Dundee's chin. This was the best session of the mill.

The semi-final bout between Tony Vatlin of Brighton and Pete Stanton of Cambridge was a flivver, with the Italian getting the 10-round verdict after a dreary bout. Charlie Kid Miller of Roxbury and Freddie Williams of Cambridge furnished a tame six-round affair, with Miller winning.

The opening six-round bout between Young Toronto of Dorchester and Al Girard of the North end was a lively affair. The little fellows slugged their way through six rounds to a draw.

One of the interested spectators at the bout was Frank Dwyer of the New York boxing commission.

Mike O'Dowd of St. Paul and Joe Connolly of Charlestown will furnish the main bout of 12 rounds at the Armory A. A. next Tuesday.

1917-09-19 The Boston Post (Boston, MA) (page 8)
Johnny Dundee of New York carried too many guns for Pete Hartley, also of the "Big City," in their 12-round bout at the Arena last night and won the verdict on points. It was a spirited contest over the entire route, with Hartley the aggressor in a majority of the rounds. He was game and willing, but found the "Scotch-Wop" too speedy for him. The bout was a good one and was appreciated by the fans.

The 10-round semi-final between Tony Vatlin, Brighton, and Joe Stanton, Cambridge, was not very exciting. The men took things easy, did a lot of slapping and too much handshaking. Vatlin was given the award.

In the first prelim Young Toronto held Al Gerard to a draw in six rounds, while in the second six-rounder Charley Kid Miller beat Freddie Williams.
          1897-11-06 Joe Gans ND6 Wilmington Jack Daly [Arena, Philadelphia, PA, USA]   
1897-11-07 The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA) (page 9)
Instead of Punching Gans, He Makes an Exhibition of Himself.

The wind-up at the Arena last night was a disappointment to the majority of the spectators, who thought that Daly would punch Joe Gans full of holes. Instead of punching the Baltimore colored lad full of air vents Daly made an exhibition of himself. It is true that Gans did not hurt Daly to any extent, but if a decision had been given on points an impartial referee would have been compelled to accord the verdict to Gans, who outpointed and outboxed Daly from start to finish.

After the bout Daly was vigorously hissed, and to some of his tormentors in the upper galleries he responded in language more forcible than polite. There was never a stage in the six rounds when he had Gans in trouble. Some of his leads were ludicrous, the majority of them falling short, and the others falling harmlessly on the back of the colored lad. Gans, on the other hand, showed surprising cleverness by the evasive tactics, and every now and then landed in good style on Daly's wind.

In only one round--the fourth--did Daly land with any telling effect, and then he got in a right-handed swing that counted for keeps, but the round was too far gone for him to take advantage of it.

In the preliminaries Dan Dougherty and Harry Crawford made a rattling good go. Tom Sweeny, of New York, quit in the second round of his bout with Joe Dougherty, of this city, and "De Kentucky Rosebud" and John Henry Johnson made an even break of it. Pepper Griffin, of this city, managed to stay the six rounds with Jim Janey, of Baltimore, but the latter had all the better of it.

1897-11-07 The Philadelphia Record (Philadelphia, PA) (page 8)
Jack Daly and Joe Gans Give a Poor Display.
Jim Janey Puts Him to Sleep With a Punch on the Jaw--Jack Bennett Defeats Tommy Ryan.
The opening programme of the weekly boxing contests usually given on Monday evenings at the Arena, Broad and Cherry streets, but which will hereafter be given Saturdays, took place last night. The house was well filled when the first bout was put on. The principal go of the evening, the wind-up, was between Jack Daly, of Wilmington, and Joe Gans, colored, of Baltimore.

On the whole, the contest was disappointing, and did not satisfy the sanguinary expectations of those in attendance. Throughout the entire bout both men put up a scientific set-to and at its conclusion neither had much the better of it. Most of the leading was done by Daly, but his leads were generally evaded by Gans, who delivered a good stiff punch in return. At no stage of the bout did either man show a disposition to mix it up, and their merits were undecided when the six rounds were finished.

Pepper Griffin in his bout with Jim Janey, also colored, of Baltimore, gave one of the worst exhibitions ever witnessed at the Arena. From the start of the "go" he ran around the ring, followed by Janey, whose attempts to make him stand and fight were amusing. Griffin, when he saw he couldn't get out of the road of a punch, dropped to the floor and remained there until time was almost up. The shouts of the spectators of "Fake!" "Take him out," etc., were unheeded by Referee Crowdhurst. Griffin kept up these tactics, and some moments, when cornered by Janey, would make a fierce return. The hope that he would continue to box in his old-time form entertained by some of the audience was not realized. Finally Janey, by a couple of well-directed punches on the jaw in the sixth round, compelled him to drop to the stage. Then the audience saw, that it was not Griffin's usual "bluff," but that he was really out.

Walter Edgerton (the "Kentucky Rosebud") and John Henry Johnson put up six red-hot rounds. They were always willing to go at each other, and received rounds of applause for the "go." Johnson found Edgerton a slippery customer to deal with, his hardest efforts being easily dodged by the Rosebud. Toward the end of the final round Edgerton got in several hard blows that had a telling effect on Johnson.

Joe Dougherty found Tom Sweeney very easy. They were to box six rounds, but after Dougherty had made two terrific rushes at Sweeney, which he dodged very cleverly, Dougherty landed a hard one in the stomach that made Sweeney go to the floor. He did not arise and showed no inclination to continue, so the contest was stopped. Sweeney has not been having the best of care lately and was in no condition to fight.

Dan Dougherty and Harry Crawford put up a pretty bout, with honors about even. It was announced that the wind-up on Saturday night next would probably be between Jack Bonner and Joe Butler. The former has already signed a contract, and the latter is expected to agree, as he is known to be anxious for another trial to show his mettle.

1897-11-07 The Times (Philadelphia, PA) (page 11)
The Going Throughout the Six Rounds Was Very Light Work.

There was a fair crowd at the Arena last night and the show was quite up to expectations. The principal feature was the bout between Jack Daly, of Wilmington, and Joe Gans, the clever colored boy, of Baltimore. The men shaped up nearly one size, Daly having a slight advantage in height and reach.

Both men were cautious in the first round. Daly landed two of his famous chop blows without much damage. The round was clever and scientific, but very light and neither men showed any marks.

Very little work was done in the second. Gans worked for the stomach and landed twice lightly. Daly landed a chop and two swings on the head near the end of the round. In the third, Gans again landed two light ones on the body, and Daly evened matters up with two good ones on the head and one in the wind. There were few blows landed in the fourth round, both doing light work on the body. Daly landed a left on the head as the round closed. In the fifth Gans landed three very light taps on the body, and Jack landed a hard left on the head. Both exchanged swings on the head without any damage as the bell rang. There was no material advantage when the men shook hands for the last round. Both men exchanged light swings, and although Gans did a little forcing neither seemed over-anxious to mix it up, and the bout closed with honors even.

The first preliminary brought out two clever bantams in Danny Dougherty and Harry Crawford. The latter had all the best of the weight, but Danny kept away from him and jabbed his opponent with straight lefts. Crawford made a rally in the sixth, but it was all Dougherty's bout.

A party who was introduced as Tom Sweeny, of Brooklyn, next came on for a "go" with Joe Dougherty, the hard hitting local. The bout just lasted about one half minute. Dougherty missed two right swings and then landed a right over the heart and the New Yorker went down on one knee. Dougherty attempted to help him up, but Sweeny refused to come and after sitting there for about ten seconds Referee Crowhurst waved his arms and then helped the Brooklyn boy to his seat. It looked about as near to a rank quit as anything ever seen here.

For a cycloramic display of wall-eyed swings and a conglomeration of all sorts of punches and odd capers, the bout between Walter Edgerton and John Henry Johnson was all right. There were not many blows struck, but there were enough tried to knock out a half-dozen men. Johnson had a slight lead in the first part, but his exertions and four or five hard lefts in the last two rounds had him very tired, and the honors were slightly with the Bud.

Pepper Griffin put up one of the worst exhibitions of boxing, if it could be called such, that has ever been seen at this club. He had Jim Janey for an opponent, and from the first punch looked as if he was scared to death. Janey knocked him down in the first round, and he was long enough down to have been counted out. Griffen was a regular punching bag for Janey, and he was knocked down at least a dozen times. After Janey had hit Pepper so often that it became tiresome to look at, Griffen was finally knocked out by a right-hand punch on the jaw. Janey made himself popular and was nearly as much disgusted at Griffen as were the spectators. One feature about Griffen was that he took all the punishment, but he lost this credit by his awful exhibition of running, back-turning and dropping to avoid blows.
          1912-02-23 Mike Gibbons W-KO2 Willie Lewis [Empire Athletic Club, New York, NY, USA]   
1912-02-24 New-York Tribune (New York, NY) (page 5)
Knocked Out by Gibbons in Second Round of Bout.

Mike Gibbons, the St. Paul middleweight, knocked out Willie Lewis, of this city, in the second round of a ten-round bout at the Empire Athletic Club last night. One minute and twenty-five seconds had elapsed in the second round when Gibbons whipped over left and right hooks to the point of the chin and Lewis fell, to box no more for the night.

The bout was one sided from start to finish, and Lewis was never in the hunt. He landed about four punches, and was fortunate to last out the first round, as seven seconds before the end he was knocked down and saved from defeat then and there by the bell.

Gibbons went at his man at the start in a manner that forecasted the summary ending that followed. Stepping up briskly, he circled about, and, feinting Lewis into kinks, hit him when and where he pleased. Lewis, clever as he is, looked like an untried schoolboy, and was thoroughly afraid of the man before him. In an effort to take a chance he went in close, but Gibbons handled him like a child. His efforts at infighting were smothered, while Gibbons ripped solid counters home at pleasure.

1912-02-24 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, NY) (page S3)
Willie Lewis is in the Down and Out Club. The clever fighter from the Gas House district hit the toboggan slide at the Empire Athletic Club in Manhattan last night, and still is on his way to oblivion. Mike Gibbons, the St. Paul middleweight, started Willie along the road. It did not take Mike very long to bid Willie "bon voyage." After one minute had elapsed in the second round, Mike tapped Willie with his right on the point of the latter's jaw, and Willie peacefully passed away. So ended the second lesson, the first having been read at the Fairmont Athletic Club in the Bronx a month or two ago.

Lewis never had a lookin during the encounter. His first knockout at the hands of Gibbons had left the former afraid of the clever fighter from St. Paul, and as a result, Willie wanted to keep well out of the road of Master Gibbons. The St. Paul man kept after the New Yorker and dropped Willie in the first round for the full count. However, the bell saved Lewis and he was able to get to his corner for a minute's rest. Hardly had the second period started than Gibbons sent over his right and Lewis dropped dead to the world. Not waiting to hear the count, Gibbons reached down and helped Referee Tone carry Lewis to his corner. It took a good two minutes to bring Lewis back to the land of the living.

1912-02-24 The Evening Telegram (New York, NY) (page 6)
Gibbons Makes Short Work of "Willie" Lewis in Ring
Western Boxer Knocks Out the New York Pugilist in the Second Round.
Wide Open Swings Are Quickly Taken Advantage of by the Winner of Bout.
By Ed. Cole.

It took one round and one minute and twenty-five seconds of the succeeding round for "Mike" Gibbons, of St. Paul, to knock out "Willie" Lewis, of New York, at the Empire Club last night. But for the very friendly bell Lewis would have passed up the fight in the first round, as he was down and the count was going on when the gong sounded to cease hostilities. He came up for the second round in fairly good condition and tried his best to get a swinging right to the young man from St. Paul. But it was a sorry attempt, and after Gibbons pumped a few left jabs into Lewis' face and hooked a short right to his jaw he went down, and everybody, about three thousand lovers of the boxing art, donned their wraps and went home.

That Gibbons is a master of the art of boxing he demonstrated last night without a question of doubt. He showed that he lacks nothing. He knows everything that was ever known in the art of self-defence. In the last three months he has developed what appeared to be lacking in his early fights in this city--a knockout punch. This he has proved he possesses twice within a month by knocking out Cashman and Lewis.

In regard to his cleverness, both with his hands and his footwork, old timers at the boxing game compare him with the one great boxer of the old days, "Jack" Dempsey, "the Nonpareil," who mastered opponents in the most artistic way until he met "Bob" Fitzsimmons. A fighter never leaves a positive record on the books that can prove decisively which is the better man unless they meet, hence it is only a matter of opinion whether Gibbons or the late and much thought of "Jack" Dempsey was the greater fighter.
Gibbons a Phenomenon.

One thing is positive, however, Gibbons is not only phenomenally clever, but he has a snappy punch with either hand that will bring an opponent to the mat. This is something that Dempsey never boasted of. That is the one addition to Gibbons' stock of ability that will possibly give the impression that Gibbons would have proved Dempsey's master had he lived in the days of "the Nonpareil."

That Gibbons is headed for the middleweight championship is assured, and he is loaded to the muzzle with all kinds of shot. He intends to have another meeting with "Jack" Denning some time in April, and if he is in as good condition as he was last night it is only a question how long Denning will be able to stand his punishment. After that there is but one other fence for him to climb, the "Eddie" McGoorty obstacle, and the latter will no doubt prove the hardest proposition he has had to deal with.

Last night's contest needs little description. It was lopsided throughout. That Lewis' intention was to bring Gibbons to earth by a right swing was evident before a minute of the first round had elapsed. Lewis jumped into action immediately he left his chair. He shot his left out and Gibbons dodged it and in return for the attempt Gibbons hooked up his right and followed in one, two succession with his left. Lewis then tried another right swing, but Gibbons just backed away as cleverly as a batter gets away from an inshoot.

Gibbons drew Lewis into a right swing and then sidestepped a trifle and as Lewis floundered from the force of his swing Gibbons hooked him on the point of the chin and passed the left over on him as his head bobbed up from the force of the uppercut. Then with a short stinging right, again on the point of the chin, Lewis toppled over in bad shape. The referee started to count him out but the gong sounded and Lewis was helped to his corner.
The Last of Lewis.

No sooner had the second round been called than Lewis made another effort with his powerful right hand, but it met atmosphere and not Gibbons. That was about the last thing Lewis did in the fighting line, for Gibbons smashed him with right and left, upper cut him and jabbed him. Lewis covered up with both hands, but the storm of gloves that bounced off him caused him to wobble about like a beheaded chicken. Then Gibbons waited for a couple of seconds and Lewis opened his gloves to see where Gibbons was. He didn't have time to locate him, for "Mike" shot his left into his face and hooked up his right to the jaw with the accuracy of a rifleman locating bull's eyes. Another right and left to the jaw and the story is told.

At the ringside Gibbons tipped the beam at 151 pounds and Lewis at 149½ pounds. To-day Gibbons leaves for St. Paul to see his wife, who expects to present a young middleweight to her husband in the near future. After that event he may return here to meet Denning and probably a local boxer in Bridgeport, Conn. He and his manager, "Ed" Reddy, will then take a trip to the coast in search of middleweight game.

1912-02-24 The Evening World (New York, NY) (page 4)
Lewis Cries When He Realizes Mike Gibbons Has Knocked Him Out
Local Fighter Quickly Disposed Of in Second Round by St. Paul Fistic Artist.
Three thousand fight fans witnessed the bout between Mike Gibbons of St. Paul and Willie Lewis of this city at the Empire A. C., and after it was over these same three thousand persons left Manhattan Casino proclaiming the Westerner one of the greatest fighters for his weight they have ever seen in action. This high compliment was tendered to Gibbons for the easy and graceful way in which he knocked out Lewis in the second round, after about one minute of fighting, with a terrific right hand swing on the jaw.

Gibbons would have accomplished the feat in the first round had it not been for the clang of the bell, which sounded while Willie was groggy on his feet after having got up from the floor in a helpless condition from a heavy blow on the chin.

Up to the time Gibbons put in the punch that stowed Lewis away the Western "phenom" had given an exhibition of cleverness, ring generalship and clean and terrific hitting which are seldom seen in bouts at the local clubs.

Gibbons fought an entirely different battle from those which he put up in his previous six contests here. Instead of doing a lot of unnecessary feinting, sidestepping and ducking, as he did in these other bouts, Gibbons just walked out of his corner and with his guard high he cut loose at Lewis in a way that showed he was out to win as quickly as possible or lose out himself in the attempt.

After jabbing Lewis a few times in the face Gibbons let fly an overhand left hand swing, which nailed him flush on the cheekbone. The moment the blow landed Lewis's legs began to wobble, and as he started to stagger Gibbons dealt him left and right hand swings on the jaw. These blows dazed Willie completely, and he began to rush at Gibbons, letting fly with a right swing. Gibbons saw the punch coming and, stepping back, let the blow fall short and then countered beautifully with two straight jabs into Lewis's face, sending his head back.

By this time Lewis was bewildered, and Gibbons, seeing he had him at his mercy, hooked a left swing to the jaw which sent him reeling. As quick as a flash Gibbons drove in a right uppercut, dropping Lewis to the floor.

After Referee Tone had counted six, Lewis staggered to his feet. He was very shaky, while both hands hung at his side. Gibbons was just about to put over the finishing punch when the bell rang, causing Referee Tone to go between the men.

When the second round started Gibbons waded right into Lewis by jabbing him hard in the nose with a straight left. Willie then threw over a left hand swing to Gibbons's jaw, which seemed to rile him, for he let go three stiff jabs to Willie's face and then crossed his right to his jaw, sending him to the floor on his back.

With the exception of a slight turn of his head and the raising of his right leg, Lewis did not move, and was counted out. At the fatal count of ten the referee and Gibbons bent down and picking Lewis up carried him to his corner. After he recovered consciousness Lewis, broken-hearted over his defeat, put his head on his glove and began to cry. He was still crying when he was escorted from the ring by his seconds.

Gibbons Best Man I Ever Met, Says Lewis in Adieu to Ring.
By Willie Lewis.

I think Gibbons is a wonderful fighter. He is not only clever and shifty, but he can certainly deliver a terrific blow. Before my fight with him this time I was confident he could not punch. I know different now, for he proved to my satisfaction that he is one of the hardest punchers in the business. I have fought middleweights, light heavyweights and heavyweights, both in this country, England and France, but none of them hit me so hard as Gibbons. I wish to state right now that I am through with the fighting game forever. I have fought my last fight. I took on this bout with Gibbons to find out if I was still there or all in. I am satisfied now that I am all in, and that is the reason why I have retired from the game. I have been fighting for thirteen years next June and I think it's about time for me to quit. I intend to pay strict attention to my cafe in the future and forget the past. I wish Gibbons the best of luck and hope to see him middleweight champion in a year or so.

1912-02-24 The New York Herald (New York, NY) (page 11)
Gibbons Knocks Out Lewis
St. Paul Middleweight Puts Local Man Away in Second Round at Empire A.C.
Beaten into a state of utter helplessness and knocked out in the second round, "Willie" Lewis made a sorry showing against "Mike" Gibbons, the St. Paul middleweight, in the Empire Athletic Club ring last night. Gibbons did not allow Lewis to land a single clean blow, but went after him from the opening gong and battered him down in impressive fashion.

The crowd of five thousand that jammed the hall got an excellent idea of what was coming when Gibbons hammered Lewis down in the first round. Had not the bell come to the local man's relief just as he arose it is highly probable that he would have been saved the necessity of going into the second session. Gibbons took matters coolly, doing the execution in a businesslike way with right and left uppercuts, jabs and smashing jolts to the body. Lewis attempted several left hooks, but he was wild and the St. Paul boxer stepped inside the swings with straight lefts to the head. Gibbons landed half a dozen right uppercuts and left jabs and Lewis hit the boards. As he got up, wavering, the gong sounded.

The second round went just 1m. 25s. Gibbons repeated his programme of the previous round, and finally knocked Lewis out with a ripping left to the jaw. The Minnesota boxer's hair was not even mussed, and he failed to get any perspiration up. In the second bout in the city Gibbons easily defeated Lewis in ten rounds. "Willie" clamored for another chance, and he got it with a vengeance. Gibbons entered the ring weighing 151 pounds and Lewis scaled at 149½.

In the preliminaries "Eddie" McFarland, the Oklahoma lightweight, made a fair showing against "Kid" Alberts, the latter winning on points. "Willie" Chandler stopped "Young Terry" Martin, a negro, in five rounds. "Battling" Reddy and "Phillie" Carmine went six rounds to a fast draw.

1912-02-24 The New York Press (New York, NY) (page 7)
St. Paul Fighter Lands Haymaker with Ease.
New Yorker, Unable to Put Up Defense, Takes a Count Soon After Start.
There's another wreck on the track. Mike Gibbons, the St. Paul Limited, booming along at a mile a minute clip, crashed into Willie Lewis of the Gashouse district at the Empire A. C. of Harlem last night. All that was left of Lewis was the pieces. The once great welterweight was a mere toy in the hands of Glittering Gibbons. Willie's light went out in the second round. After dropping the former pride of the Parisian boulevards toward the end of the first round, the bell coming to Willie's rescue and postponing is enforced sleep, Mike caused the swan song to be sung over McKetrick's roustabout before the second round was half over. Mike sent a snappy right hook to the jaw and the tottering Lewis dropped like a log. Willie fell on his face, unconsciously tried to pull himself up and rolled over on his back while Referee Dan Tone tolled the full drone of the doleful decimal. Lewis was carried to his corner. Two minutes afterward he was revived and led weeping from the ring.

The beginning of the end came in the first two minutes of fighting. About the middle of the first round Gibbons hooked a hard left to the jaw. The punch rocked Lewis from head to toe, and but for his falling into a clinch he would have been floored. Gibbons fought himself free and shot rapid-fire lefts and rights to Lewis's head and body. For a few seconds Lewis weathered the gale. Then "crash!" and he was driven to the boards from a one-two punch, a straight left and a crossing right. Willie arose at the count of five. The fog was still in his eyes and he walked blindly in without offering to protect himself. Gibbons shook the staggering Lewis with stiff punches to head and body, but just when Willie was ready to fall the bell came to his rescue.

Lewis, staggering to his corner, was showered with water by his seconds. He was weak and groggy, however, when he came up for the second round. Mike went right in to finish him. For a few seconds Willie tried to block the lightning punches that Gibbons shot in from all angles. Gibbons, however, picked out the holes in his armor, and drove home shot after shot. Lewis threw discretion to the winds and waded in with his guard down, risking all on one good healthy swing. It was Gibbons, however, that landed the haymaker. He sent three lightning left jabs and a terrific right to the body. Another left jab and a vicious right uppercut followed. Then the terrible crossing right and--it all was over but the count.

Though defeated Lewis was not disgraced, and he went down to defeat like a man. It was another case of the pitcher going once too often to the well. A great fighter in his day, Lewis's stamina and vitality were sapped by loose training that often amounted to excesses. He was but a shell of his former fighting self. In fact, he has been living on his reputation since he was beaten to a pulp and knocked out by Frank Klaus a year ago. His ring generalship and courage have carried him through several tough battles since then, but it only was a question when some good, fast, hard-hitting man would come along and "bust" the bubble.

Gibbons entered the ring at 9.55 p. m., accompanied by his manager, Eddie Reddy, and a retinue of handlers. Lewis followed a minute afterward. Danny McKetrick and Joe Jeanette looked out after things in Lewis's corner. It was announced the men had weighed in, as agreed, at 147 pounds at 3 p. m. The announcer said the ringside weights of the men were: Gibbons, 151 pounds; Lewis, 149½. While the men were donning the gloves Jess Smith, Johnny Dundee, Tommy Coleman and Knock Out Brown were introduced, and a collection was taken up in behalf of the widow of Connie Schmidt, the Jersey fighter who was killed by a freight train last week. The McMahon brothers donated $50 and those around the ringside contributed generously, several hundred dollars being taken up.

The gong rang a few seconds before 10 p. m. Lewis lead with a light left to the face, Mike coming back with a snappy left and a right-hand uppercut to the face. The punch hurt Lewis. Gibbons shot a left to the jaw and Willie, returning the compliment, fell into a clinch. Lewis hooked a right to the jaw on the break and, quick as a flash, Mike planted a left and right to the face. Gibbons stepped back and then leaped in with a crossing right labeled "knock out." The punch missed the mark, grazing the jaw. Lewis shot a left to the face and tried the right for the jaw, but was blocked. Mike then began peppering Lewis with straight lefts. Gibbons shot in his punches with the speed of a bullet, and Lewis could not block or duck them. Willie got wild and missed a hard left swing. Lewis landed a right to the jaw, and then Gibbons hooked a vicious left to Willie's mouth. The punch shook Lewis from head to heel, and he fell into a clinch. Mike fought himself free and hooked a left and right to the jaw. Again Gibbons sent the left and right to the jaw, following with a right cross. Lewis was sent to the boards. He got up at the count of five. Gibbons tried hard to finish him. Lewis, though groggy, was set to receive the punches. Mike was showering him with stiff lefts and rights, and Willie was staggering when the bell came to his rescue.

Lewis had trouble getting to his corner. It looked as if he would fall before he could get to his chair. Frantic work by his seconds brought him up for the second round. Mike opened the round with a left to the face. Lewis missed a right and clinched. Mike shot a right to the body and hooked the left to the face. Gibbons reached the face with a straight left and crossing right. Willie reached the body with a right, and Mike sunk a left and right in Willie's mid-section.

Three times Mike jabbed Lewis in the face. By this time Lewis was almost in. He dropped his guard and tried to land one good, solid punch. Gibbons stepped in and placed a right to the body. He jabbed the face and uppercut the jaw with his right. Suddenly Gibbons crossed his right flush to the jaw. Good night.

1912-02-24 The New York Times (New York, NY) (page 12)
St. Paul Man Has New Yorker Staggering Around Ring in Empire A. C. Fight.
Willie Lewis had his chance last night at the Empire Athletic Club to prove that his recent defeat by Mike Gibbons was a fluke, and the St. Paul whirlwind brushed the erstwhile king of welterweights into dreamland in less than five minutes. A right to the jaw was the finishing punch and it did the trick so effectively that Lewis was still in the land of dreams when Gibbons carried him to his corner. The knockout arrived less than two minutes after the second round began.

From the bell which started the rival battlers on their way until Gibbons dropped Lewis to the canvas for the full count, there was nothing to the bout except Gibbons. Lewis, noted for his feinting ability and all-around boxing cleverness, was as powerless before the St. Paul boy as a novice, and during the five minutes he failed to land a single effective punch on Gibbons. Mike simply toyed with the New Yorker, feinted until Willie was dizzy, stepped out of the paths of Lewis's punches without apparent effort, and penetrated Lewis's guard with his terrific punches as often as he desired. It was evident before the first round was half completed that Lewis was in for the trimming of his life. He took almost as much punishment as could be crowded into such a short space of time.

Before the bout was ten seconds old Gibbons had jolted Lewis's head back with two lefts and a right. Within a minute he had Willie staggering around the ring, and before the bell sounded Gibbons dropped Lewis with a terrific right uppercut after staggering him with a left swing. Lewis regained his feet at the count of five, and the bell sounded just in time to save him from a knockout.

Gibbons went in to make a quick finish of the bout in the second round, and succeeded. He was landing often on Willie's jaw with either hand, and Lewis was unable to stop the shower of blows. His right eye was swollen and his face was very red from the punishment already received. A series of rights and lefts soon had Lewis groggy, and Gibbons shot out that terrible right with enough power to end the bout. Lewis did not move a muscle while Referee Tone tolled off the fatal ten, and Gibbons helped Willie's seconds to carry him to his corner.

1912-02-24 The Standard Union (Brooklyn, NY) (page 8)
Mike Gibbons, the St. Paul scrapper, to-day laid claim to the welterweight championship of the world, following his decisive victory last night over Willie Lewis, at the Empire A. C., of Harlem. Mike declared that he had been vindicated by knocking out the New York boy who claimed that Gibbons' recent decision over him was a fluke.

"I said I would put him away in a hurry, and I made good," was Gibbons' comment to-day.

A ring victory was never more decisive. In the first round Gibbons put over a crashing blow which would have ended the battle had not the bell rung while Lewis was lying helpless on the floor. In the second round the St. Paul wonder duplicated, but this time the bell did not come to the rescue.

1912-02-24 The Sun (New York, NY) (page 11)
Gibbons Does the Trick in Second Round at Empire A. C.

Willie Lewis, the local welterweight who once claimed the world's championship, was knocked out cold in the second round by Mike Gibbons of St. Paul at the Empire A. C. in Harlem Casino last night. Lewis was no match for the wonderful Western boxer. He could not land his heavy swings and also found it impossible to defend himself when Gibbons went after him. Gibbons outboxed, outfeinted and outslugged Lewis from start to finish.

Just before the first round ended Lewis was floored with a heavy right hand hook to the jaw. He was just getting on his pins when the bell rang. Gibbons cut out fancy business in the second round and made a punching bag of the Bowery boy.

He hit Lewis from every angle, putting so much power into his punches that a knockout was inevitable. A left hook on the chin finally put Lewis away in such a manner that he was dead to the world when the tenth second was counted.

Attracted by Gibbons, one of the largest crowds ever housed by the club gathered at the ringside, and by the time the preliminaries were at an end there were few empty seats in the big casino. The ringside weights were: Gibbons, 151; Lewis, 149½. Dan Tone was referee.

First Round--As Lewis tore in Gibbons landed a hook with each hand and made the local man break ground. Gibbons danced around his man with great foot work, jabbing him with lefts and sending over a terrific right to the ear. Lewis blocked for a moment and then, rushing in, he received more hooks in the face. Gibbons feinted beautifully, after which he shot a left to the jaw. Lewis's swings were short, and again Gibbons jabbed him in the face. Lewis tore in with a right on the neck, whereupon Gibbons cut loose with a blinding volley of punches. A right put Lewis down, and he staggered up just as the bell rang. Gibbons had the round.

Second Round--Lewis missed a hard blow with the right and Gibbons stepped in with hooks and upper cuts that made Lewis reel. The latter rushed and Gibbons sidestepped him. Again Lewis rushed and this time Gibbons landed a fierce right hook under the chin. Lewis tottered, but instinctively threw up his hands. Gibbons drove in body blows underneath his guard and then, shifting with a left hand upper cut, he reached the point of the jaw. It was a terrific wallop and Lewis's legs bent under him. He sank to the floor in a heap and after being counted out he was literally carried to his corner, where he soon revived. It was an easy victory for Gibbons.
          1916-01-03 Sam Langford L-PTS20 Harry Wills [Tulane Athletic Club, New Orleans, LA, USA]   
1916-01-03 The Daily States (New Orleans, LA) (page 11)
Negroes In Good Shape and Promise Fast Bout, Says Promoter Burns

Harry Wills and Sam Langford will enter the ring at the Tulane Club arena Monday night in good condition to furnish the local boxing fans with the first negro heavyweight scrap seen here in several months, according to word forthcoming from the local promoters of the scheduled twenty-round bout.

When the two last met here, the bout only went ten rounds, the decision going to the local negro. This was more than a year ago. Since then the Boston "Tar Baby" dropped Wills for the count in a bout on the coast. In this last scrap Wills floored Langford twice before the Boston negro packed the fatal wallop.

While showing here in but very few bouts, Wills is said to have made a big improvement in the past year. His fight here with Battling Jim Johnson was too one-sided to determine whether or not he has improved to any great extent.

Sport writers from the various sections have boosted Wills and fans will see for themselves just how good he is when he meets the most experienced negro fighter in the game at the Howard street arena.

Langford has been fighting for years during which time he has bested some of the best in the heavyweight division. Of late, Wills seems to be the only fighter in his class to give him trouble. Langford has trained hard for this mill and is looked for to put up his best fight against the local negro. Wills has been made the favorite.

1916-01-03 The New Orleans Item (New Orleans, LA) (page 8)
Wills Has Chance To Show He's Best Of All the Heavies
(By Ham.)

The assertion frequently is made that Harry Wills, either now or in a year from now, will be the world's best fighter--in other words, will stand just where Jack Johnson stood just after he defeated Jeffries.

Joe Woodman, manager of Sam Langford, will not admit that Wills has much of a chance to beat Langford in their 20-round fight Monday night, but he does say that in one more year Wills should beat Langford and the rest of the blacks, and he intimates very strongly that he believes Wills, if properly handled, will develop into a better man than Willard.

They have been saying such things about Wills for more than a year. He hasn't developed as rapidly as was expected of him, but now that Jim Buckley, the man who contributed largely to the making of a near-champion out of Gunboat Smith, has him, the New Orleans negro may show surprising improvement over his last fight here, which was with black Jim Johnson.

This Was a Bad One.

That fight, by the way, left a dark brown taste in the mouths of local fans. Johnson was hog fat and had to stall his way through. It takes two to make a fight and Wills had no chance to show anything that night.

Langford will enter the ring considerably to the fat himself, but Sambo has had three experiences with Wills and the last, which was a boxing session of ten rounds, was so much of a Wills nature that Sambo has taken no chance this time, and is said to have trained harder for this engagement than for any in a long time. Sam probably knows he's sliding, and knows that this tall young copper-shade will get him if he is not very careful.

But Sam knows how to be careful. He hasn't been in the game for nothing all these years, beating some of the best men in the ring. He went down five times before Wills in their Los Angeles fight, but Sam was crafty and Wills wasn't and the result was that Wills took the full count in the fourteenth round.

Black Hope Needed?

Many wise fans fight shy of the black squadron, knowing that a lot of stuff has been pulled in the past year that wouldn't bear close scrutiny. Most of it has been in the 10-round no-decision bouts, however, and Wills and Langford showed in Los Angeles what is likely to happen in a longer fight.

Wills has a chance to stop Langford if he keeps a cool head. If he doesn't Langford will stop him again. Either outcome would not be entirely unexpected.

If Langford is knocked out Joe Woodman will have to start a search for a black hope. The only classy negro of the old brigade left besides Langford is McVea, and he is going. Wills would have no real competition as he is the only young one coming up.

1916-01-04 The Daily States (New Orleans, LA) (page 12)
Negroes Fight Fastest Twenty Rounds Seen In An Orleans Ring In Recent Years--Local Negro Is Now Top of His Race.

Jess Willard, heavyweight champion of the world, is fortunate Harry Wills of New Orleans and Sambo Langford of Boston are negroes. If they were any other color, the celebrated "wild west hero" would be forced to defend his title against either man with a possibility of being bumped off the Queensberry throne.

In earning a twenty-round decision over Langford Monday night at the Howard-street arena, Wills convinced a majority of the big assemblage he is championship material. Langford, too, showed himself a great fighter, for in keeping Wills busy from start to finish, the defeated negro put up a very creditable scrap.

The black men, contrary to the word passed down the line, "who's turn is it?" gave a corking-good crowd a run for its money. It is doubtful if any heavyweight scrap of recent years measured up to it for speed. And as for the blows traded, something more than a wallop is necessary to put Sambo down for the count of ten.

With the possible exception of the twelfth when Sambo tried every trick he knew to ease the dreamland wallop over and had Wills worried, and in the eighteenth, Wills sending the Boston black to his corner partly groggy, there was not the least semblance of a knockdown.

Wills Loses Head When He Is Hurt.

Wills, however, is an improved fighter. He lacks experience to cope with a man of Langford's ability. His biggest fault is the same as when he fought McVey, losing his head when hurt. Langford peppered Wills with slashing rights and lefts to the jaw at different periods and in almost every instance, the native black opened up and narrowly escaped the deciding swing.

For the first ten rounds, and it is doubtful if two middleweights could have gone the same pace as the negroes, Wills, because of his advantage in height and reach, stabbed Langford with a left jab, using his right at times for a cross and hooking it to the wind. Wills showed a variety of punches that if used by Willard or some other fighter, would make him the best touted man in the heavyweight division.

In the second half of the scrap, though a trifle slower, excelled any black bout staged here in the past four years. Langford realized his only chance to earn the decision was by dropping his opponent to the cloth and the Tar Baby began a systematic attack, loafing one round and cutting loose with everything he had in the next.

Wills Shows Respect For Sambo's Left.

Wills continually retreated during the twenty periods and in the closing number hardly tried to land a blow. The local negro was also guilty of an unusual lot of holding, especially in the last half of the mill. Another referee would have probably penalized him for these tactics. It was evident throughout that Wills had a lot of respect for Langford's left, as every time the men locked, Harry tucked Sambo's southpaw lunchhook beneath his arm and held it as tight as if it were in a vise.

Just how much stamina Langford possesses, even though he is supposed to be a "fat old man" who has seen his best days in the ring, isn't difficult to imagine when he assimilated all of Wills' wallops to the midsection and continued to carry the fight to his opponent.

If Sambo is ready for the scrap heap, he surely must have been a great fighter when at his best.

In the preliminary mill, Young Kid Green lost a decision to Eddie Palmer.

According to the announcement made from the ringside, Langford and Wills fought for a $1,000 side bet. The currency posted was in the shape of a check. Tommy Burns handed it over to Wills at the conclusion of the mill.

1916-01-04 The New Orleans Item (New Orleans, LA) (page 8)
Wills Is Another Black Peril to White Heavies

The black squadron has an admiral. Another Jack Johnson has come out of the colored population of Louisiana and boxed himself to the front through the ranks of the Langfords, the Jeannettes and the McVeas--all good ringmen and better than the run of white heavyweights.

One or two of these still may be good enough to win a decision over Harry Wills, but his improvement, as shown in his 20-round victory over Sam Langford Monday night, means eventual command of the situation, and that very soon. He has been beaten by the entire trio of black rivals, but in his last three times out against them he has outboxed McVea in 12 rounds, and outpointed Langford both in ten and in twenty.

Langford has been the best of the negro fighters, Johnson excepted, for a long time, and a decisive victory over him even at this late day is quite enough for the fans of ebony hue in New Orleans and vicinity to rave about.

Will History Repeat?

Such a feat establishes Wills as the best heavyweight in the world, barring Jess Willard, and a little development may soon make him a better man than the white champion.

This comparison may be distasteful to many followers of fighting, but who knows that the time isn't far off when this brown-skinned negro of New Orleans and the giant of Kansas will meet to settle the supremacy of the races just as Jeffries and Johnson did--when the black man won?

It doesn't take a great stretch of the imagination to picture this in the face of ring history that is not seven years old. The then invincible Jeffries retired and bestowed his title on another white man, Tommy Burns, who refereed last night's fight, came along and won it.

How Demands Started.

Burns was a good fighter, but a small man. He would have been a great champion of light heavyweights. Everywhere the fight fans and experts of the game said there lived a better fighter than the champion himself. Eventually Burns agreed to defend his championship against the black man and the black man won.

Then the call for Jeffries to come out of retirement. The title must be restored to the white race. Wasn't Jeffries the real champion, anyway--only in retirement?

Public appeal and the false confidence that has carried nearly all champions to their defeat brought Jeffries out of retirement--but the black man won again. It took a young Lochinvar to come out of the west to restore the title.

Is It the Last?

Jack Johnson's reign was thorn enough in the sides of white men, but it was more odious because of his criminal character. An exile from the United States it was necessary for Willard to meet him in Cuba.

"Well, that's the last. There'll never be another fight between a white man and a negro for the championship," declared the sporting public with great relief from its agony.

Willard declared he would not meet a negro as long as he held the title, and recently when he signed for a championship fight here he demanded that the phrase "any white man" be inserted in the articles.

Let's hope sentiment will always stand as an effective barrier against "mixed fighting." If there should be a return to it for only a few matches there same condition that prevailed when Burns was champion might arise again. Wills probably could beat the Morans and Coffeys, and the fighting world doesn't yet look upon Willard as a great champion.

Wills Sambo's Master.

From the time Wills shot a straight right to Langford's nose in the first round and sent him half-way across the ring until the twentieth round, Wills was master of the situation. There were isolated instances of Langford's superiority, but it would be hard to give the Boston tar baby more than four rounds of the entire twenty.

Though in the early rounds Langford's hitting was the cleaner, and though he carried the fight in the majority of rounds, Wills scored point after point when his shorter opponent was unable to reach him at all. It suited Wills for Langford to carry the battle to him. Inexperience might have led the local negro into many an error had he been compelled to force the fighting.

Sam Can't Put It Over.

Langford had only one effective weapon in his attack, and that was a vicious lightning left hook, which sometimes rocked Wills' head, but more often was dodged or blocked. Wills surprised the ringsiders several times by ducking under this blow, and Langford had trouble measuring it.

The tar baby sacrificed boxing and all else to land a knockout via this punch. He took blow after blow hoping to "get one over." Had he landed half the punches that Wills scored the local negro never could have weathered the 20 rounds.

Wills was content with his boxing, and only now and then traded blow for blow. His long left, which he sometimes used in a sort of corkscrew jab, worried Sambo considerably, but Harry's only drive of any force was his straight right, which would have been more punishing had he not drawn his body from it as he shot it.

There was no lack of speed or action. It was the fastest and best heavyweight fight staged in any New Orleans ring in years.

1916-01-04 The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA) (page 11)
Local Negro Proves Himself Peer of All Fighters of His Color.
After one of the greatest ring contests ever seen in New Orleans, Harry Wills, local negro heavyweight, was awarded the decision over Sam Langford, of Boston, in twenty rounds at the Tulane Athletic Club last night, and thereby established himself as the peer of all negro heavyweights.

Wills earned eleven of the twenty rounds, while Langford could claim but five. And when the final gong sounded the end of what probably was the fastest heavyweight battle ever held in a roped arena, there was not one of the 4000 spectators that packed the arena who was not of the opinion that the verdict of Referee Tommy Burns was a just one.

None was more convinced of Wills' right to the victory than the veteran fighting machine, Langford, who showed as early as the twelfth round that he realized his only chance of winning lay in a knockout. This frank admission on the part of the great little Boston fighter, coming in the form of a throwing off of all intentions of trying to win on points, was well received by the fans, who appreciated that "Short Sam" was acknowledging that he must win by a knockout or lose.

For twelve rounds Langford used every bit of his remarkable boring-in defense to cover him while he attempted to penetrate Wills' guard, with unsatisfactory results. The giant New Orleans negro was Langford's master at the finer points of the game, and the Boston "Tar Baby," whose experience as a ring gladiator extends through nearly fourteen years, made no attempt to evade the issue by hiding the fact that he knew he was being outpointed.


And it was this willingness on Langford's part to toss aside the chance of getting a draw anyhow by slowing up and making Wills lead, which made the struggle one which long will be remembered by those who saw it. Throughout the entire twenty rounds the Boston negro kept after Wills with bull dog tenacity, forcing the fighting as fast after he dropped his guard as when he was picking off Wills' blows coming in.

At the end of the twenty rounds, Langford was beaten, but not disgraced.

There were no knockdowns, but this must not be taken to mean that there were no hard blows landed. There hardly was a second during the whole contest when mighty blows were not being exchanged, in the clinches, which were few and of short duration, as well as out of them. That there were no knockdowns, can be attributed to the fact that both men were in remarkable condition.

Never did Harry Wills fight as he fought last night. Only once during the whole battle did he appear to be facing defeat. This was in the twelfth round, when Langford shook him up considerably with a stinging left hook and a mighty right cross to the jaw, causing Wills' knees to sag.

Outside of that spell, however, the local heavyweight seemed one of the most confident fighters in the world, and though there were other rounds in which he was bested by his stocky antagonist, he always walked to his corner with the bearing of one who was sure of victory.

Seldom missing his punches, Wills pecked away at Langford's guard in the early rounds, sometimes raining ineffective fusillades on Langford's gloves and arms, but at other times beating down the Easterner's defense and peppering Langford's face with left jabs and hooks and right crosses and uppercuts.


While in the clinches and in most of the toe-to-toe bees, Wills held his own in the majority of cases and in some fought the ever-coming Boston negro to a standstill and momentarily checked "Short Sam's" advance.

Langford could have made a better showing if he had cared to wait for Wills to come for him. He could have kept covered for twenty rounds and probably would not have been outpointed so far.

But the Boston negro considered himself champion fighter of the negro heavyweights, and he was out to prove it. He had knocked Wills out once, and he was anxious to show that this victory was no fluke, and though he did not accomplish his end, he at least proved that it was through no fault of his own but solely because in the Wills of last night he met a greatly improved fighter from the Wills he knocked out in fourteen rounds at Los Angeles, and because the Wills of last night proved himself one of the greatest heavyweight fighters the ring has known in recent years.

As has been said, the end of the twelfth round found Langford with a little the worst of things as far as points were concerned, though he had been the aggressor throughout.

At this stage of the game, the Boston "Tar Baby" decided he had waited long enough to begin his real battle.

So he bored in even faster than he did before, only he decided to devote more of his attention to landing blows than to blocking them.

While he did not altogether quit picking off all the dangerous wallops he could, Langford obviously showed that he was out to land a decisive wallop if he had to take a hundred. And right here let it be said that Joe Woodman's veteran battler stopped many a blow with his face during those last eight rounds. His left eye, which had been badly puffed since the early innings, closed altogether in the fourteenth, while his right eye, lips and nose were considerably battered up.

From the thirteenth round on, every move of Langford's was pointed toward one goal--a knockout. His vicious left hooks to the body, and his right and left hooks to the head carried worlds of steam, and once or twice he rocked Wills.

But Wills remained cool and collected, and showed lots of stamina in assimilating Langford's hardest punches, at the same time keeping a volley of left jabs and right crosses in Langford's face as he stepped around and landing many a terrific right swing and uppercut to Langford's kidneys and ribs in the clinches.

So anxious was Langford to turn the tide of battle that as the rounds wore on he became wild, and Wills' advantage stood out in stronger contrast.

Wills enjoyed every physical advantage, being more than a head taller than his opponent, and thereby being able to reach over Langford's shoulder and deal telling blows to Sam's kidneys.

Langford was much faster than when he fought Wills here before, sometimes dancing in like a flash with a left jab to the wind, and with left hooks to the jaw.

Wills weighed about 210 pounds, while Langford scaled in around 190.

The men fought for a side bet of $1000, which was handed to the winner by Tommy Burns after the fight.
          1913-12-29 Jack Britton ND10 Al Dewey [Peerless Athletic Club, Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA]   
1913-12-30 The Scranton Truth (Scranton, PA) (page 8)
Too Fast and Clever for Luzerne County Fighter Who Makes Good Showing.
Jack Britton, known as the Chicago wizard, and who has trimmed nearly all the topnotch 135-138 pound boys in the land, Packey McFarland excepted, outpointed Al Dewey of Wilkes-Barre last night in ten rounds before the Peerless A. C. in that city. The battle was one of the most exciting staged in that burg in years. Every round was a thriller, Dewey doing his utmost to land a knockout blow while Britton was jabbing away at him and avoiding wallops in clever fashion. About 1,700 spectators were in the arena.

Britton's principal stock of trade was his left hand which he used to jab his rival throughout the fight. Sometimes he would land five jabs on Dewey's face and head without getting a return. Jack didn't do much at infighting for the simple reason that this is the department in which he is weak. He is a wonder at long range and whenever Dewey permitted him to fight at that style, the visitor had things his own way.

Two Went to Dewey.

Dewey had two rounds in the fight and the others were Britton's by a wide margin. The first was Britton's and the second went to Dewey. For the next seven rounds Britton outboxed Dewey enough to give him a good lead. Dewey made a garrison finish and deserved the round, although he didn't do all the fighting in that period.

The second, seventh, ninth and tenth rounds were the stellar periods of the engagement. The seventh found each boy standing toe to toe walloping away at one another. In this round Britton shot his famous right across twice and one of them gave Dewey a shaking. In the ninth round Britton shot the same right to Dewey's jaw but Al simply smiled and went back for more. Dewey took good punishment, but was not cut up very much. Had he been able to get away from Jack's left handed jabs it would have been a closer exhibition.

Conway the Winner.

In the semi-final Scranton had a representative in the person of Young Conway of the South Side. He met Rubber Gibbons of Ashley for the fifth time in about two months. Conway won the bout by a good margin, although neither scored a knockdown and neither was marked up to any great extent. It was a first class scrap and pleased the sports who were put out by two preliminaries that had been cut short.

1913-12-30 The Tribune-Republican (Scranton, PA) (page 12)
Famous Chicago Pugilist Finds Wilkes-Barre Boy Tough Customer. Young Conway Winner.
Special to The Tribune-Republican.
  WILKES-BARRE, Dec. 29.
Jack Britton, of Chicago, considered one of the greatest fighters in the world, outpointed Al Dewey by a good margin before 1,100 fans in the Peerless club arena tonight. The combat went ten rounds, the limit, with neither boy suffering a knockdown and with neither being badly cut up. Britton was by far the cleverer and there was no question but that he won. However, it must be said that Dewey put up a slam-bang argument--his showing being better than was expected of him by some of his best friends.

Britton had height and reach on Dewey and used the reach to good advantage. The Western fighter was as heavy, if not heavier, than his opponent. It was said both boys entered the ring weighing under 138 1-2 pounds. But if one of them was over the person was Britton.

Britton Had Good Left.

Only occasionally during the battle did Britton shoot his terrific rights over. In most rounds he was satisfied to jab away at Dewey, some of these reaching his face, but a majority going to his forehead. He did little fighting in the clinches. With his advantage in reach he managed to keep away from a number of Dewey's hard rights, although on one or two occasions Al made them reach their mark and Britton's face took on a surprised look.

It was a splendid battle. Each round had a lot of action, Britton satisfying the sports by his clever footwork and boxing, while Dewey's continued forcing of the milling won for him the admiration of the big crowd. Britton had about seven of the rounds by a good margin. Three were fairly even and one went to the local boy. Dewey's best rounds were the second, ninth and tenth. He was fighting in wonderful style at the close.

Dewey a Tough Boy.

After the battle I asked Britton what he thought of Dewey and he said: "He's a good, tough boy, and don't let anyone think otherwise." Dewey was well pleased with his showing. He admitted that Britton was one of the cleverest boys he ever tackled. "He has a dandy left jab and that right of his carries a wallop, too," said Dewey.

It was the greatest crowd that the Peerless club has ever catered to. The total receipts amounted to about $2,400, of which Britton received $1,000. He fought under a guarantee with a privilege of percentage. It isn't known what Dewey pulled down.

Young Conway, of Scranton, and Rubber Gibbons went the limit in the semi-final, with Conway winning by a larger margin than he did last Thursday, when the two boys fought in Scranton. Conway hit the harder blows tonight and worked better at infighting. Gibbons' best work was in using his left hand jab. It was a dandy bout.

The referee announced that Porky Flynn, of Boston, and Jack Curfey, of England, heavyweights, fight next Monday night. On the following Monday night Frankie Burns tackles Tommy O'Toole.

There were about 100 Scranton sports at the mill.

1913-12-30 Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader (Wilkes-Barre, PA) (page 14)
In a battle "Al Dewey of Edwardsville stayed the limit with "Jack" Britton of Chicago in 10-round mill at the Peerless A. C. last night. The local boy was on the short end at the close of the fifth round, but from that time on Dewey took the aggressive and forced the fighting. It must be conceded that Al proved himself a game, clever fighter and that he gave his opponent all he was looking for.

The crowd was one of the largest that ever attended a mill at the Peerless A. C., nothing left but standing room at 8:30, and the fans continued coming until time for the main bout to start. Naturally the majority were in favor of Dewey, but Britton also had his admirers.

The latter was there with a wicked left jab which he shot to Al's face time after time, only to have Al come back with a vicious right to the head or body. Britton's famous right did not seem to be working and he seldom landed with it. Dewey forced the going and kept boring in all the time, but he was wild and many of his blows were wasted through the clever dodging of Britton.

The first round was fairly earned by Dewey, who landed left and right to the wind and a corking left to the head. Britton jabbed Dewey in the face with his left, but not hard enough to hurt.

Britton won the second, third and fourth rounds, by pushing that left jab over on Al's proboscis with alarming regularity and drawing blood from the Edwardsville lad. Al came back with a couple stiff lefts to the face, but not enough to balance up with Britton's jab.

The fifth was one of the best of the match. Dewey rushed matters at the start and landed two left hooks to Britton's face which shook the latter. "Jack" then came back, assuming the aggressive and took the round. His best blow was a right uppercut which fairly raised Dewey off the floor.

Dewey showed a lot of stuff in the sixth round and made a wonderful spurt, planting a right hook to Britton's head and then coming through with three smashes to the mouth. The visitor was unable to keep Dewey back with his left jab in this round. Dewey won all the way.

The seventh session was pretty even, Britton trying to score with a chopping right, but Dewey made him miss several times. The eighth was a repetition of the seventh.

Dewey put on steam in the ninth, but Britton kept him away in fine shape, neither boy doing much damage. The tenth and last round was full of action and Dewey had a shade on his opponent, landing several hard rights.

The semi-final between Rubber Gibbons of Newtown and Jimmy Conway of Scranton was a fine battle. Both boys were in there fighting all the time. Conway earned the decision by a shade. Gibbons was bothered by a bad right hand which he sustained in his bout of Christmas afternoon.

Billy Welsh of Pringle and Kid Pritchard of Forty Fort met in the first preliminary and Welsh put his opponent away in the third round with a hard right to the jaw.

In the second preliminary Johnny Cooney of Ashley put the kibosh on Spike Hennessey of East End after one minute and forty seconds of the first round had elapsed.

In an added bout Johnny Cooney took on Freddy Haefling for four fast rounds and the milling was about even.

Jack Curphey, heavyweight from England, a new man in Dewey's stable, was introduced and it was announced by the referee that he would meet Porky Flynn in the wind-up at the Peerless A. C. next Monday night.

Crisp and Breezy Comment on Current Events; Pertinent and Newsy
Were you at the Peerless A. C. last night?
If you weren't you missed a corking good bout.
Dewey fought the best battle of his career and surprised a lot of the knowing ones.
Britton's left jab was a beautiful thing to watch and he kept banging away at Dewey's head all through the bout.
Rubber Gibbons put up a great fight considering the condition of his right hand, which he injured in the bout at Scranton Christmas afternoon.
With all Britton's jabbing, Dewey kept boring in every minute and the Chicagoan was kept moving all the time by the West Side boy.
That sure was some crowd at the Peerless A. C. last night. Just goes to show that the fans will patronize good attractions. Dewey and Britton must have cleaned up right on the battle.
          Zometool Hyperdo   
162,90 EUR
Über 35 cm Durchmesser hat dieses Modell eines Hyperdodekaeders. Es enthält 120 Zellen: 720 fünfeckige Flächen, 600 Ecken und 1200 Kanten und somit 120 Dodekaeder. Ein wunderschönes, präzises Zometool Modell.Die Bauzeit für das erste Modell eines Hyperdodekaeders dauerte über 2 Jahre (Drahtmodell von Paul S. Donchian in den 30er Jahren). Mit Zometool geht es schneller, viel schneller. Dabei hilft die Anleitung in Farbe. Zusätzlich gibt es eine Menge Hintergrundinformation.Geeignet ab: Grundschule, weiterführende Schule, Universität, HochschuleGeeignet für: Sachunterricht, Sachkunde, GeometrieunterrichtGeeignet als: Lehrmittel, KonstruktionssystemFördert: Geometrisches Verständnis, Entwicklung geometrischer DenkweisenFördert: Verständnis von Strukturen und FormenInhalt: 970 Teile und farbige Anleitung.Für Fortgeschrittene.Achtung! Für Kinder unter 3 Jahren nicht geeignet. Der Artikel enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile.

          Podatki - możliwe zwolnienie, bo...   
Jednostki świadczące usługi medyczne, które osiągają dodatkowo przychody opodatkowane, mogą odliczyć VAT od wydatków związanych z opodatkowaną działalnością.
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Kad ces ti?
So, I am going to put a whole post about someone else's blog. OK? If you don't like it, go over to Cosmo Catalano's Cyclocosm and watch everything obviating this whole post.

I used to write a bunch about pro cycling and mostly doping, but I got tired of it and ran out of time and lots of other people like Cosmo are doing it better. I wanted to give Cyclocosm a bit more press as I think Cosmo has of the best pro cycling coverage out there, and someone actually needs to pay him to do this, so he can escape the confines of Connecticut and move into Lance's apartment in Girona while he covers pro cycling full time. So I am sure, among my many readers, is someone who makes decisions at NBC sports and they can just go ahead and make that happen...

As classic season is upon us, there are too many races and not enough easy ways for us Murricans to see em. I, for one, am too lazy to get up to scruffle for some dodgy Belgie live feed that may or may not actually work. In fact, I timed the publication of this post to coincide with groggy eyed people waiting for their Sporza/steephill/etc feed of Gent-Wevelgem to actually work. However Cosmo has been doing a great job on race recaps of all the big races for his How The Race Was Won (HTRWW) series. See HTRWW for all the videos. I will embed my favorite one ever, due to the fact that is was a good race, a excellent recap and dude wrote his own John Techesque race score for the whole shebang:

How The Race Was Won - Paris-Roubaix 2013 from Cosmo Catalano on Vimeo.


I recommend checking out his recaps from last years Tour de France which were better, funnier, and a much, much, much, more efficient use of time than the NBCsports coverage. I also like to go back and watch old HTRWW for races right before they happen again, thus refreshing my memory of the course, the key riders and the general race feels. Also the nyuks.

His newish The week in bike Series is excellent as well, for brief sardonically transfixing recaps of what all happened in pro cycling last week. Also his tumblr is great too.

Cosmo also had a gig with Behind the Barriers TV for cross coverage last year, so there are a whole bunch of US based cross HTRWW out there. Here is me and Cosmo, a TSBC member from way back, himself at the cross natz in Boulder last year, where he was doing some race coverage production.:

Cosmo C from outer space and how the race was won.

And hey, did you know that you can order the styling caps that the scary bearded man is wearing? TSBC CAP ORDER DETAILS HERE

Finally I will leave this here with no further comment, this will feed into next Sunday's post somehow, maybe (foreshadowing):


Someone hire this dude already. Rumor has it he used to nordic ski a bit. Waiting for the HTRWW for all of the olympic nordic races please (foreshadowing)...
          Press: Corrado de Biase in Glamour Italy   

Corrado de Biase's nylon organza shirt in Glamour Italy.


          Press: CORRADO DE BIASE in ELLE France   

CORRADO DE BIASE in ELLE France Juin 2012


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          Sieć Eden przyłącza 15 sklepów   
Otwarty w grudniu ubiegłego roku oddział w Płocku rozwija się bardzo dynamicznie. Obecnie do płockiego oddziału należy 52 sklepy. Dodatkowo na etapie zaawansowanych rozmów akwizycyjnych jest ok. 15 potencjalnych kupców.
          Hospitality Guest Mix for BBMLive - Maker    
itunes pic
Ahead of the Hospitality Australian Tour we're honoured to bring you this very special guest mix from 22 year old Cameron Bowden, an up and coming Drum & Bass DJ and Producer residing in Perth, Western Australia. After only being in the Drum & Bass scene for a short while he has already secured a large number of shows supporting artists such as Fred V & Grafix, Borgore, Getter, D-Jhasta Mefjus, Rene Levice, Mind Vortex, Sigma, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, xKore, Dodge & Fuski, Dose, Sadhu and was also lucky enough to be included in the lineup for Breakfest 2014. Be on the look out for Maker as he will be making very large waves in the Perth and Australian scene very soon. Australia and NZ Hospitality Tour Dates 26/03/2015: Wellington @ James Caberet 27/03/2015: Christchurch @ CPIT 28/03/2015: Dunedin @ Union Hall 29/03/2015: Auckland @ Mantells on the Water 03/04/2015: Adelaide @ HQ Complex 04/04/2015: Sydney @ Chinese Laundry (Garden Party) 04/04/2015: Perth @ Metro City Concert Club 05/04/2015: Melbourne @ 170Russell TRACKLIST S.P.Y - BRSTL Hardcore << Spectrem - Run Spor - As I Need You Fred V & Grafix - Recognise OwnGlow - Gold Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound DBridge - True Romance Chase & Status Feat. Takura - Street Life Commix - Be True Break - Steam Train S.P.Y - Mass Effect Teddy Killerz - Impossible Alix Perez & D.Ablo - Playing Games Camo & Krooked - Ruhepuls Nu:Tone - 'Til Dawn Chase & Status - Take Me Away Russ Chimes - We Need Nothing To Collide Camo & Krooked Feat. Metrik - Aurora Wilkinson - Tonight Urbandawn - Warp Drive Dimension - Jet Black Metrik Feat. Shockone - Resonate Frankee - Black Heart Dimension - Whip Slap Document One - Body Like Wow Metrik - What's Out There? Tantrum Desire - Human Mind Shockone Feat. Metrik - LazerBeam Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Spring Heel Jack Tantrum Desire - Reach Cyantific - Ice Cream Dirtyphonics - Dirty (Metrik Remix) L Plus - Red Planet << Frankee - Gully Tantrum Desire - Adventure Through Space Delta Heavy - The World Is Ours The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot For more info visit www.bbmlive.com
On Your Bike
A selection of the crew that went for the cycle on Saturday morning.
Tesco Blue Chip Collection
One of the Tesco Blue Chip Collections at the moment is in aid of Midleton AC. So please when doing your shopping remember to collect your blue chip and put it in the club's collection box.
Coolagown 5Km

Well over three hundred runners turned up here on Thursday evening and we as always had a very fine crew of twenty five runners out from our club. Helen Gilroy who is flying once again finished 4th overall and won 1st O/50 as well. Anne Marie Perry took 2nd O/45 her second prize in a week and her mother Margaret Barry took 1st O/65. It was great to see Margaret back in action once again after being out for a while. Whilst John Cashman got 1st O/50 and Edmond O'Sullivan 2nd O/55 making it his third prize within the week. Our first man home was Edwin Cashman with a time of 18.02 showing he is on the recovery road after the Cork marathon. Our first lady home was Helen Gilroy in 20.07. Well done everyone.

On Your Bike

Instead of the usual long run for some next Saturday morning the 17th of June we will be doing a Leisure Cycle instead. Meet at 8.30 outside the courthouse. The plan is Midleton to Youghal and onto Tallow. Coffee stop there and then back to Midleton via Dungourney. All welcome. People will be able to pull out at any stage but it will be a slow cycle and the route will be gone through beforehand. 


This is one of the nicest races around. A good course in a beautiful village just out the road. Great prizes and spread after.Well worth supporting Danny
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...a da dodJem tebi u odaje? :D
          Generation Gap   
Chrysler, Ford and GM Industry icons - the 1920's, 30's, 40's (WWII efforts), 50's and 60's each decade, each year, US manufacturers created bench marks that ignited trends in industrial design, white goods, colors, moods, spirit and freedom itself.

Suddenly, and without warning, while the Federal Government was mandating such ingenious innovations as 5 MPH bumpers, seat belt interlock systems and air pumps, the 1973 gas crisis hit. Six years later the gas crisis hit again - fast forward 28 years later - the fab three haven't recorded a single hit record and continue to loose altitude in a downward spiral.

Whats wrong?

It's the brands themselves.

Aged and tired names in a new generation of texting, My Space and video games.

Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury are brands where nostalgia sells, but not much of anything else.

The big three must reduce, re-use and re-cycle by getting down to very simple brand communications i.e., "Trucks,Cars & Retro".

Here's how:

GM Trucks (pick-up line/8 Passenger Family mover)
GM Cars (one micro/hybrid car, one mid sized and one full sized).
GM Retro ("nostalgic brand offers" via catalogue for the old timers - one Cadillac, one Chevy, One Pontiac till the boomers die off).

Chrysler and Ford in a similar way. Easier said than done, but you have to start some place.

Please remember to keep the "iconic" logos somewhat smaller, placing greater emphasis on bench mark innovation and world class products, the core of which started it all in the first place.


(next we can take on CBS, NBC and ABC - prime time dinasours).
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Elem, najlepsi avatar po vama ima ko ?
          igra istine   
Da dodjem da je skupim.
A na drugi nacin?
          igra istine   
da li pocupa sve dlacice, gde i koji parfem, koji lak, ...
volim kad dodjem na sredjeno, doterano i spremno za igru bez granica....
          igra istine   
mmmmmm...njami, njami... dodji Smile

hoce li me neko voditi na veceru (veceras)? wink
          Restauración de la Parroquia   
El 21 de Mayo la Parroquia Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, de Claypole, BsAs, cumplio sus primeros 75 años de vida, fundada el 21-may-1936 por San Luis Orione.

Te pedimos tu ayuda, porque la estructura de nuestra Parroquia está muy deteriorada y según los estudios realizados, se plantea la necesidad colocar un nuevo tipo de techo, que proteja de los agentes climáticos y urbanos adecuadamente.

Por eso ofrecemos un bono contribución de $ 30 con dos números. Lo reacaudado estará destinado a cubrir parte del presupuesto de la reparación.