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          I robot stanno arrivando   

Spettacolare (via Engadget):


          Points to remember when choosing a school for your little one (Deepash Bhandari)   
The creative and imaginative interests are harboured and focussing power too gets improved. So make sure that enough attention is given to theatre, music, dance, robotics, debates and science leagues as well. There are many day boarding schools in Delhi that promise brilliant exposure in the same so that your child exhibits the best behaviour.
          JLI as Superfriends Mock Covers (Updated)   
This would be how I would revive the JLI team. The main four- Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Fire and Ice, with Vixen and Robotman added. Along with Guy Gardner making his return to the team.

The sitcom-like zaniness of JLI mixed with the offbeat, weirdness of the Silver Age Doom Patrol.
Two cult classics that taste great together.

Note: I updated covers #8 up with a new cover dress. And I added a covers for #11 and 12.

#2 is an homage to the classic B-movie, The Atomic Brain.
#3 is an homage to Justice League of America #195.
#12 is an homage to Avengers #57.
          Getting the Most Out of Assembly Robots   
          New Technologies Help Manufacturers Get the Most Out of Robots   
          Advances in End-of-Arm Tooling for Robots   
          What's New With Assembly Robots   
          New Technologies for Robotic Dispensing and Soldering   
          Sztuczne mięśnie przyszłością robotyki?   
Możliwości współczesnych robotów są imponujące, ale i tak nadal nie potrafią one do końca odwzorować płynnych ruchów organizmów biologicznych. Dużym krokiem do przodu byłoby odwzorowanie działania mięśni i właśnie tym zajmują się naukowcy z japońskiego Suzumori Endo Robotics Laboratory. Postanowili … Czytaj dalej
          Tomatan: robot podający pomidory   
W dziedzinie robotyki Japończycy mają spore doświadczenie. Nawet jeśli budowane przez nich roboty są czasem, delikatnie mówiąc, dziwne. A najnowszym robotem z całej serii tych ostatnich jest robot podający pomidory. Nie jest to jednak byle jaki robot podający pomidory, to … Czytaj dalej
          Premier Japonii zapowiada organizację Olimpiady dla robotów   
Letnie Igrzyska Olimpijskie w 2020 roku odbędą się w Tokio. Każdy fan sportu wie o tym już od września ubiegłego roku. Premier Japonii zapowiedział jednak niespodziankę – w tym samym roku chciałby zorganizować Olimpiadę dla robotów. Premier Japonii, Shinzo Abe, … Czytaj dalej
          Pepper: android do towarzystwa ma w przyszłym roku trafić do naszych domów   
Co można kupić za 6 tysięcy złotych? Na przykład metr kwadratowy mieszkania, prawie 1100 litrów benzyny, a od lutego przyszłego roku osobistego androida o nazwie Pepper. Pepper to robot, którego zaprojektowano w taki sposób, by towarzyszył ludziom w codziennym życiu. … Czytaj dalej
          The Cheese Stands Alone   

BOSTON—Throughout his presidential campaign, John Kerry has relied on a team of salesmen to make the case for why voters should elect him as the next man to occupy the Oval Office. Even before the arrival of John Edwards as his running mate, Kerry seemed to know that he needed a charismatic advocate by his side at all times. In Iowa, Christie Vilsack, the wife of Hawkeye State Gov. Tom Vilsack, charmed the crowds at Kerry events, and the surprise arrival of this-man-saved-my-life Jim Rassman cinched the caucuses for Kerry. In New Hampshire, it was Bay State neighbor Teddy Kennedy who entertained the audience, while Kerry was content to play master of ceremonies to a cavalcade of guest stars. In effect, the first three days of the Democratic convention take the conceit of the standard Kerry campaign event to its logical conclusion, by eliminating the candidate entirely.

Unfortunately, it didn't work quite as well on Monday night as I expected. Al Gore and Jimmy Carter, the night's two main speakers not named Clinton, made powerful and persuasive critiques of George W. Bush's presidency, but they failed to advance much of a positive case for a President Kerry. Gore, the first major speaker to take the stage, gave the best speech it's possible for Al Gore to deliver, hitting that third gear he usually skips, the one in between robotic Gore and mental-patient Gore. It felt like Gore's turn to have a Bob Dole moment, to reinvent himself as an elder statesman who laughs at himself.

But what the speech did for Gore is less important than what it did for Kerry: not enough. Gore's case against Bush was clear and convincing. He asked those who voted for his opponent four years ago, "Did you really get what you expected from the candidate that you voted for? Is our country more united today? Or more divided? Has the promise of compassionate conservatism been fulfilled? Or do those words now ring hollow? For that matter, are the economic policies really conservative at all? Did you expect, for example, the largest deficits in history?" Gore also reached out to Nader voters—and maybe even to capital-L Libertarians—asking, "Do you still believe that there was no difference between the candidates?" Gore even advanced what Mickey Kaus dubs the "Pedro Martinez" theory of the presidential campaign. He asked supporters of the Iraq war to consider the merits of a relief pitcher: "Wouldn't we be better off with a new President who hasn't burned his bridges to our allies, and who could rebuild respect for America in the world?"

But if you're deciding whether to turn to the bullpen, it matters whether the guy warming up is Eric Gagne or Byung-Hyun Kim, and Gore doesn't do much to assure voters who aren't certain about Kerry's merits. Here's the entirety of his case for Kerry: He is loyal. He is honest. He is patriotic. He served in Vietnam. He protects the environment. He fights narcoterrorism. He's a deficit hawk. He picked John Edwards.

It's not a bad list, but it feels insufficient. Carter's speech suffered from a similar problem. It was filled with reasons to vote against George Bush but not enough reasons to vote for John Kerry. Carter's critique of Bush was even more effective than Gore's, though, in part because it was so genially vicious. Alone of all the speakers Monday night, Carter alluded to Bush's service, or lack thereof, in the National Guard. He noted that Truman and Eisenhower, the two presidents Carter served under during his time in the Navy, "faced their active military responsibilities with honor." Kerry, likewise, "showed up when assigned to duty, and he served with honor and distinction." Carter also came the closest of any speaker to calling Bush a liar. He said that if Bush wins reelection, "the manipulation of truth will define America's role in the world," and he said that "in the world at large we cannot lead if our leaders mislead." Carter even made what to my ear sounds like a reference to the Abu Ghraib scandal, saying that "we cannot be true to ourselves if we mistreat others."

Like Gore, however, Carter's embrace of Kerry wasn't as persuasive as his denunciation of Bush. This is nice, but it just isn't enough, I think to myself. Maybe Kerry can't rely on surrogates anymore. He's going to have to finally sell himself. Then Bill Clinton strode into the FleetCenter to worshipful applause.

Clinton sold Kerry, rather than just tearing down the leading brand. And he managed to tie Kerry's Vietnam experience into a compelling thematic refrain, with Kerry declaring "send me," like a believer answering God's call, every time his nation needed him. Soon, the crowd began chanting Clinton's refrain with him. As usual, Clinton's familiarity with the language of religion added depth to his oratory. After Clinton said to remember the Scripture, "Be not afraid," I found myself singing the hymn in my head: "I will go, Lord, if you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart." More concisely: Send me.

The speech was everything Kerry could have wished for, an electric performance by the party's most charismatic salesman. Still, as the former president walked off the stage, I had to wonder how many people were thinking: Send Clinton. This man would beat President Bush—again—in a romp. Kerry, on the other hand, hasn't yet proved that he can close the deal.

So, in the end, Clinton's speech was just like Gore's and Carter's. It was nice, but it isn't enough.

          Robotic Process Automation Consultant   

          eCamp - International summer camp in Israel   
14-18The northSummer campSportsArtsScienceTechnologyOutdoor challengeMeet Israeli peersIsraeleCamp is the ultimate summer camp in Israel. We are an English speaking Israel camp focused on technology, media arts and gaming for children and teens ages 7-18. Over a 2 weeks session, campers explore Israeli technology and have a hands-on experience in computer programming, game productions, digital media arts, web designing, Robotics and many more. The opportunity to travel and see Israel together with the opportunity to create friendships with Jewish teens all across the world, make eCamp an unforgettable summer experience for everyone!+972-3-920-3970  |  |  Hebrew
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          Wordpress Blog - SEO Tips and Avoid Mistakes   
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          Don't be robots, spend quality time with family: PM to babus   
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday advised bureaucrats not live like robots and spend quality time with their families. "You are very good at ti...
          Karen Senki Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia    
Karen Senki Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia

Karen Senki ~ Sebagai buntut pasca-apokaliptik perang antara mesin dan pencipta mereka, mesin memerintah perbudakan manusia. Karakter tituler Karen memimpin Perlawanan Kelompok 11, kelompok eklektik manusia denagn tujuan memperjuangkan hidup mereka, karena mereka diburu oleh robot di setiap episode. Apakah ini akhir dari umat manusia? Apakah mereka kalah bertempur?

Melalui Karen, kita menggali pertempuran antara benar dan salah, antara ketidakpedulian dan cinta, yang mengeksplorasi beberapa pertanyaan terdalam tentang manusia. Apa perbedaan antara mesin yang berpikir dan manusia? Apa itu jiwa?

Type: ONA
Episodes: 12
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Sep 27, 2014 to ?
Producers: Next Media Animation
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi
Duration: 11 min. per episode
Rating: None
Subtitle : Mazushi
ReEncoded :

Download Karen Senki Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia (MP4) :

[CZ-EX] Karen Senki Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia [mHD].Mp4
[CZ-EX] Karen Senki Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia [HD].Mp4
[CZ-EX] Karen Senki Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia [480p].Mp4
[CZ-EX] Karen Senki Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia [720p].Mp4

          igra istine   
kod mene ne,nisam robot

a ljubav bez sex-a
          AI is Becoming More Human Like Every Day by @TintWorldNews #repost   
The following is a repost from here.

The advancement of AI technology is happening daily, and everyday robots are becoming more and more human-like. The problem is that not everything these bots learn is being put to good use and a recent study revealed that the technology is becoming racist and sexist. This will, of course, have an adverse affect on the robots ability to make sound decisions and will increase more the better AI becomes at interpreting and understanding the human language. It will, unfortunately, learn bias’ about race and gender the more data it’s fed.

Read the rest of this blog post here.

          Хвастушка: Летний топ-майка спицами укороченными рядами   

Это цитата сообщения ЛАНА_ВИ Оригинальное сообщениеХвастушка: Летний топ-майка спицами укороченными рядами

Пчелки родные, сегодня 2 топа на разные вкусы👚 Сиреневый - попроще и зеленый - посложнее. Все можно фантазировать и видоизменять. 

Впервые попробовала что-то связать в технике укороченных рядов. Великолепная штука для творчества. 

Пробуйте, творите и "вытворяйте"heart 😉

          Charging Your Devices Could Soon Be as Simple as Connecting to WiFi   
Disney researchers have developed innovative technology that will allow people to charge their devices in a truly wireless fashion If this technology could be commercially adopted, it could revolutionize the way that we use and create everything from smartphones to AI robots It seems like almost everything has gone wireless. Yet somehow, when it comes […]
          Machine Over Mind In A New Economy46:46Download   
➡🖒⛧Well worth a listen!⛧🖒⬅. Robots moving deeper into the American workplace—how much decision-making will we turn over to machines? For all the change that has come with the digital revolution – in the ways we work and communicate and do business – the real impact still lies ahead. Computers – machines themselves – are become […]
          Lunar Laser Link: Virtual Reality from the Moon   
The world’s first laser communication link … from the Moon! A laser communications terminal on a private firm’s upcoming mission to the Moon has been announced during this week’s Paris Air Show. Astrobotic of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and ATLAS Space Operations Inc. of Traverse City, Michigan are now linked at the laser – offering up to […]
          MIT and Google researchers have made AI that can link sound, sight, and text to understand the world   
If we ever want future robots to do our bidding, they’ll have to understand the world around them in a complete way—if a robot hears a barking noise, what’s making it? What does a dog look like, and what do dogs need? AI research has typically treated the ability to recognize images, identify noises, and […]
          This robot is learning how to print a human organ   
Kentucky-based software company Advanced Solutions has developed what it calls the world’s first 3D human tissue printer that operates on a six axis robot. Called the BioAssemblyBot, the machine is the second generation of 3D printers focused on producing biomedical materials intended to revolutionizing healthcare. The goal is to 3D print human organs, Advanced Solutions […]
          The Covenant and the Cargo Cult, Part 1   

Sir Ridley Scott's long-awaited prequel to Prometheus opened this week in certain countries and is set to open in America next week. For those waiting for a continuation of the storyline from the last movie- when crew member Elizabeth Shaw and the head of android David taking off to invade the Engineer homeworld- well, I hate to say it but you're out of luck. 

The Prometheus story is referenced only as exposition, apparently.  I hope I'm not giving away any spoilers (it feels like half the movie has already been posted to YouTube in the form of trailers and excerpts) but it is what it is.

Of course, the bit with Elizabeth and David's disembodied head from Prometheus is yet another one of those bizarre and inexplicable references to John the Baptist that tentpole sci-fi movies are so fond of. Remember that John's mother was named Elizabeth*, who had her own covenant with an extraterrestrial entity (the Archangel Gabriel, in this case). 

But I digress. If you've been following the previews and the various puff pieces in the media you'll suss out that Alien: Covenant is more like a remake of the first Alien film than a sequel to Prometheus. In much the same way as the JJ Abrams' Star Wars it's meant to act a jumping-on point for the Alien franchise for post-Millennials:
If Star Wars: The Force Awakens led the way in merging fan-service universe-building with fresh heroes, stories and themes for a new generation, Alien: Covenant grabs the reboot ball and runs with it. 
Director Sir Ridley Scott has said himself how much he was impressed by Disney's handling of Star Wars' renaissance, and it's clear to see why this similarly iconic '70s sci-fi world is equally ripe for a life-extending overhaul.
The film apparently references the AAT of Prometheus but also taps into the current anxieties over AI and robots and their potential to do away with the rest of us, kind of like a more ambitious HAL 9000. Scott apparently 86'd the idea of more direct sequel to Prometheus after reading some of the negative reviews dumped on the film, which he called "a mistake":
What changed was the reaction to ‘Prometheus’, which was a pretty good ground zero reaction. It went straight up there, and we discovered from it that [the fans] were really frustrated. They wanted to see more of the original [monster] and I thought he was definitely cooked, with an orange in his mouth. So I thought: ‘Wow, OK, I’m wrong’.
Well, somebody thought Scott was wrong, "somebody" almost certainly being a Fox accountant or three. However, one SF fansite accused Scott of "selling out" by not following up on the Prometheus story and I'm sure a lot of other fans will disappointed the story was dispensed with so easily. Either way, Scott continues to make eyebrow-raising comments about aliens in the press, referring to them recently as "superior beings."
Alien creator Ridley Scott has said that he is convinced that there are extra-terrestrials out there – and one day they will come for us. The veteran director said he believed in higher beings as he prepared to release the sixth episode of the sci-fi horror series, Alien: Covenant, next month. 
“I believe in superior beings. I think it is certainly likely. An expert I was talking to at Nasa said to me, ‘Have you ever looked in the sky at night? You mean to tell me we are it?’ That’s ridiculous.” 
“So when you see a big thing in the sky, run for it,” he joked.“Because they are a lot smarter than we are, and if you are stupid enough to challenge them you will be taken out in three seconds.”
Which makes you wonder about the whole "Covenant" thing, doesn't it? 

The term is essentially religious ('contract' is more commonly used to describe written civil agreements), dating back to the Old Testament.  And seeing how that covenant was made with a god who flew around the sky in a pillar of smoke and light, and needed a special environment built in order to interact with his subjects, you do start to wonder what the implications of all this happen to be. 

Well, start with this. Like Jack Kirby (whose Eternals so inspired the first Alien film),  Scott seems to have been bitten by the ancient astronaut bug and bitten hard. I don't know what the current status is on the project but back in 2014 it was reported that Sir Scott was developing an AAT series for HBO called Pharaoh:
Scott has signed on to serve as the executive producer and director for this project, which was created and sold to the premium cable channel by David Schulner. The Hollywood Reporter explains: 
The drama explores an alternate explanation for the foundation and ascent of the ancient Egyptian empire — one in which greatness was bestowed upon us by beings from another world, calling into question what it means to be a “god.” The project was co-created by Giannina Facio and Colet Abedi, who will exec produce alongside Scott and David Zucker for Scott Free. 
His film Prometheus was partially inspired by the writings of Swiss author Erich von Daniken who is known for his books like Chariots of the Gods? and Gods From Outer Space. Von Daniken is also a regular talking head on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens.
Again, I'm not sure where Pharaoh stands today but according to an October report from Omni the project was still on. It may be why the planned Stargate reboot was reported as being put into turnaround in November. Which, if so, strikes me a bit curious. The mighty Devlin and Emmerich nosed off their turf by Sir Scott? Huh.

But there's an interesting little visual cue in one of the trailers that suggests that Scott takes AAT very seriously. The Covenant crew lands on an alien planet and discovers a familiar sight. From io9:
This alien planet that looks untouched by human hands is growing recognizable wheat, which very much has been touched by human hands. This plays into the Alien mythos that there was a race of “Engineers” that were the progenitors of humans—they’re similar to us, why wouldn’t their food be similar? And if they were traveling around, why wouldn’t they carry seeds like we do?
Why is wheat so significant in the context of the Prometheus teleology? The late Lloyd Pye explains: 
Many have "wild" predecessors that were apparently a starting point for the domesticated variety, but others--like many common vegetables--have no obvious precursors. But for those that do, such as wild grasses, grains and cereals, how they turned into wheat, barley, millet, rice, etc. is a profound mystery. 
No botanist can conclusively explain how wild plants gave rise to domesticated ones. The emphasis here is on "conclusively". Botanists have no trouble hypothesising elaborate scenarios in which Neolithic (New Stone Age) farmers somehow figured out how to hybridise wild grasses, grains and cereals, not unlike Gregor Mendel when he cross-bred pea plants to figure out the mechanics of genetic inheritance. It all sounds so simple and so logical, almost no one outside scientific circles ever examines it closely.
Modern wheat is one of those innovations that scientists revert to ontological arguments to explain. The wheat we know obviously exists so it simply had to have been the product of long-term domestication. How exactly the domestication of an essentially-inedible wild grass was domesticated into a modern foodcrop-- over the span of centuries, mind you, if not millennia-- by illiterate Stone Age farmers is never exactly made clear. Pye again:
 On the other hand, those New Stone Age farmers who were fresh out of their caves and only just beginning to turn soil for the first time (as the ”official” scenario goes), somehow managed to transform the wild grasses, grains and cereals growing around them into their domesticated ”cousins”. Is that possible? Only through a course in miracles! Actually, it requires countless miracles within two large categories of miracles.  
The seeds and grains were maddeningly small, like pepper flakes or salt crystals, which put them beyond the grasping and handling capacity of human fingers. They were also hard, like tiny nutshells, making it impossible to convert them to anything edible. Lastly, their chemistry was suited to nourishing animals, not humans. So wild varieties were entirely too small, entirely too tough and nutritionally inappropriate for humans. 
They needed to be greatly expanded in size, greatly softened in texture and overhauled at the molecular level–which would be an imposing challenge for modern botanists, much less Neolithic farmers.  
Despite the seeming impossibility of meeting those daunting objectives, modern botanists are confident the first sodbusters had all they needed to do it: time and patience. Over hundreds of generations of selective crossbreeding, they consciously directed the genetic transformation of the few dozen that would turn out to be most useful to humans. And how did they do it? By the astounding feat of doubling, tripling and quadrupling the number of chromosomes in the wild varieties! 
Domestic wheat and oats were elevated from an ancestor with seven chromosomes to their current 42–an expansion by a factor of six.”
Remember that the cultivation of wheat brought about the rise of the Sumerians, who had oddly intimate relationships with their gods (the Anunaki, of course). The ancient Greeks were certain that wheat was the gift of a god; Demeter, in this case. It was the final "mystery" in the dramas put on at Eleusis. The Egyptians credited wheat to Osiris, the star-sailor.  So its inclusion in this film hardly seems incidental. On the contrary; it looks as if someone were doing their homework.

Now, longtime readers of The Secret Sun realize that nearly every major SF franchise of the past 50 years (starting with 2001: A Space Odyssey) is centered around ancient astronaut theory in one way or the other. 

Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars (arguably), Battlestar GalacticaAlien (of course), Stargate, The X-Files, Transformers, Indiana Jones and the entire Marvel and DC Universes all established their creation myths, in varying degrees, as the work of advanced extraterrestrial interlopers. Does that seem coincidental to you? It certainly does not to me.

There've also been a ton of less-visible but still-signficant TV shows and movies that have done the same, like Jonny Quest, The Phoenix, The Man from Atlantis as well as Childhood's End, Cocoon, Hangar 18, countless American and Japanese cartoons (even the hugely-popular cardgame/anime property Yu-Gi-Oh). So much so that you can't help but wonder if there's not a very powerful cargo cult at work behind the scenes in Tinseltown.

Bearing all that in mind, as well as the Ancient Aliens cable show (now in its 12th season), researchers might be forgiven for believing this was all part of some long-running conditioning program. You know, kind of like the one suggested by the Brookings Institution report back in 1960. 

Or exactly like it, actually.

Researchers would be especially forgiven in light of this recent blockbuster news story:
Was our solar system once home to an advanced civilization other than our own — perhaps one that predated humanity by hundreds of millions of years before being wiped out by an asteroid impact or some other cataclysm? 
There's no evidence for such a pre-human indigenous technological species, though people have been speculating about one since ancient times. But a respected space scientist points out in a provocative new paper that if the existence of home-grown intelligent space aliens has never been established, it's never been ruled out either. 
And if a race of smart and perhaps spacefaring aliens did make their home in our solar system, traces of their lost civilization might still be out there somewhere in the system just waiting for us to find them.
Quite a "synchronicity," don't you think?

UPDATE: Check out Gordon's review on Alien: Covenant on Rune Soup.


* Elizabeth is often traced to Elisheba but you can also frame it as a contraction of Eloah-Isis-Beth, or "House of Isis, the Goddess."

          From Eleusis to Edinburgh   

Not safe for workish

Well, in honor of the holiday there's a gallery of photos from the Beltane Fire Festival up on the Daily Mail's site to eye-gobble. The Festival is celebrating its 30th year anniversary, yet another landmark correlating to the Years of Seven we looked at a short while back. I'm no numerologist so I can't exactly say why seven seems to be so significant in the World of Weird, I can only catalog the correspondences. 

The Festival is an ancient Mystery play to its innermost core, a spectacle that would have done Eleusis proud (flaming headdresses were a big item there as well). It's astonishing how primal and powerful it all looks in a world in which spectacle has become wallpaper. It's proof of what I was bloviating about recently, how the raw and the human still have meaning and value in a world slouching towards Skynet.

Now some of you may argue that this is all theater, performance art, that the majority of the participants (and observers) don't really believe in any of this any pagan crap, but do you really think it was any different in Classical Greece, who gave us the very words skepticism and agnosticism? Hell,  it probably wasn't all that much different in Pre-Roman Britain.

The deities here are in the details. Like that revanchist pagan holiday Carnival, the gods of these kinds of revelries are verbs. The old gods were about action not idle contemplation. I doubt they much care if anyone believes in them or not, so long as they put on eye-raping spectacles the way Edinburgh does.

I'm currently working on a post about the morphogenesis of British paganism in the context of the current folk horror revival that will revisit some of these themes.

Enjoying another 30 year anniversary is the maiden release from the nascent KLF, then dubbed The Justified Ancients of Mu-Mu.  Back in their heyday, you really couldn't tell if The KLF were high art or an elaborate hoax, geniuses or drugged-out numbskulls on a MIDI bender. Which, of course, means the project was a roaring success.

Since they're tuned into these kinds of things, The KLF appropriately chose another Year of Seven to emerge from a Rip Van Winkle sabbatical. From a helpful recap of their long and strange career in The Guardian:
Now as we reach the symbolic 23rd anniversary of the cash-sacrifice on Jura – 23 being a totemic figure in Illuminatus! numerology and thus in JAMMs lore – the KLF are back. Gnomic flyposters promise a KLF book and an event in August “unearthing aspects of the 2023 trilogy across Liverpool”, where Drummond’s career began. The Illuminati, once a private fixation for Drummond, Cauty and the 1970s counterculture, have become a pop-culture obsession (see Beyoncé and her pyramid hand gestures). The KLF, AKA The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu, were always agents of chaos. 
Now the world they anticipated is here.
Interesting that the post-hippie weird wave had such a huge impact on the British underground, ultimately flowering into a battalion of bands who remain interesting to this day. The KLF, Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and Killing Joke are just a few of the unimaginably influential acts that fed at this trough and in turn fed an even larger legion of copyists. 

There was considerable overlap and incestuous intermingling among this set (the KLF's Jimmy Cauty played with Killing Joke's Youth in Brilliant, who managed at least one great track before falling in the 80s pop arcade and Killing Joke drummer Paul Ferguson played with The Orb).

More proof that the most resonant pop culture has a firm grounding in the esoteric. A good argument could be made that esotericism's only real, objective value is in feeding into the culture through some form of art, whether you're talking music, comics, movies and so on.  That's certainly how the overwhelming majority of people experience it.

Of course, it's also a process that can be used for constructive or destructive ends.

Finally, I wanted to plug this amazing talk with Leslie Kean, whose new book deals with NDEs, reincarnation and other phenomena, on Rune Soup. Gordon is unique as a podcaster in that he always seems to be as knowledgable as his guests on their subjects (kind of terrifying when you consider the wide range of topics he covers) so like a great drummer he can keep the beat steady and propulsive. The first quarter of the show deals with Kean's UFO work so there's an added bonus.

I was especially interested in the talk on childhood reincarnation memories, a topic I've discussed here in the past. It was particularly interesting to hear that kids eventually outgrow these memories and that they're often based in the precedent's violent death. But the entire show is info-dense and nutrient rich and doesn't feel even remotely medicinal so do give it a spin.

It's funny: I can't help but notice that, as most other topics that a leisure-suited Leonard Nimoy may once have ruminated on seem to be receding into history's ether, NDEs UFOs and Synchronicity seem to be holding their own in our rationalist, prove-it anti-culture.  Probably because these are phenomena that non-initiates experience on a consistently-frequent basis. 

 Of course, there's also Bigfoot.

UPDATE: Speaking of Edinburgh and sevens here's an excerpt from a 2012 interview with the Siren. 

And this, she assures me at one point with a wild laugh, is her in decisive mood – she has turned a corner, having said no for such a long time she has resolved to start saying yes.

What's happened, I wonder, to make her feel so uncharacteristically bullish?
She thinks for a moment. "What can I say?" she says. "I think it has to do with sevens."


"I've always had a thing about sevens. And I am coming up for my 49th birthday in August. Seven sevens. It feels like a really important moment to consider all the things that are coming toward me." She stops for a while, reconsiders. "And my mum died very recently so maybe that has something to do with it too."
By the way, we're coming up fast on the 20th anniversary of Jeff Buckley's death.

          Chaos Magic vs The Robot Revolution    

There are two divergent streams at work in the Idea-o-Sphere, currents that are not only divergent in size, strength and assumption, but are in fact antithetical. 

The most dominant, of course, is the imminent AI-Robot Revolution, which threatens to bring a very real apocalypse into our world if in fact it flowers as predicted (and isn't just a big scare to keep the peons from asking for raises). 

So we're hearing that not only truck drivers, widget drillers and burger flippers are at risk of imminent penury, so too are lawyers, doctors, accountants and all manner of other professionals whose livelihood is based in their capacity to process huge chunks of complicated data and subsequently make decisions and judgments that are useful to others who can't. 

Programmers- and AIs themselves- are currently working around the clock to fill the shoes of these well-paid professionals with cheap, off-the-shelf software programs that will reliably get that same cognitive work done at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Elon Musk is (ostensibly) so terrified of the AI Revolution he is planning to colonize Mars as a life-raft for the human race, who presumably will have to flee a Skynet/Terminator type scenario. That Mars is utterly incapable of supporting human life- at least at present- seems to be besides the point.

Jack Ma, the Chinese billionaire behind social media giant Alibaba, has suddenly turned Cassandra as well. Long a reliable source for corporate technohappytalk, Ma is suddenly warning of dark days ahead.
"In the next three decades, the world will experience far more pain than happiness," the billionaire said, adding that education systems must raise children to be more creative and curious or they will be ill-prepared for the future. 
Robots are quicker and more rational than humans, Ma said, and they don't get bogged down in emotions -- like getting angry at competitors.
Terrific. I was just thinking what the world needs now is more pain than happiness. But given his position as a Techno-Celestial, Ma couldn't serve up the medicine without at least a tiny spoonful of sugar:
But he expressed optimism that robots will make life better for humans in the long run. 
"Machines will do what human beings are incapable of doing," Ma said. "Machines will partner and cooperate with humans, rather than become mankind's biggest enemy."
"Make life better for humans in the long run," he says. Well, what exactly is "the long run?" Three decades is a long time- maybe even a lifetime- for that 99.99999999999% of the human race who aren't tech billionaires. Halfway through that painful three decades most of us aren't going to be thinking much about "the long run." 

And what exactly does "far more pain" imply? I'm not sure I want to know what Jack Ma's definition of pain actually means, given our disparate cultural contexts. 

It's here I begin to think back on last year's Lucifer's Technologies series (more accurately, Satan's Technologies) and wonder about where our modern electronic superstructure actually came from. Because that goes a long way in gleaning where it's actually going. 
Many have claimed that our present technology arose from contact with alien intelligences. Whether you believe that or not, one thing is certain; the rate of technological progress shot up like a rocket shortly after the end of World War II. 
And it must be said that technology seems more and more like an invasive-- or alien-- contagion, disrupting entire industries, economies, and communities.  
Now techno-utopians like Jaron Lanier and Douglas Rushkoff are techno-cassandaras, preaching a message of dislocation and social collapse.  
Look at it this way; steam engines had been known for almost 2000 years by the time the Industrial Revolution took hold, longer still if you consider prototypes. The Ancient Greeks knew them, they just didn't have any use for them. 
But the evolution from a computer that was was essentially the size of a suburban house and boasted the power of a pocket calculator to the working prototypes of the desktop, the Internet, computer animation, teleconferencing and nearly everything else we take for granted today took just a little more than two decades. 
An eyeblink of history.
For at least 5000 years-- five-hundred decades-- horse-drawn carriages and wooden ships with cloth or leather sails were the state of art in transportation technology. By contrast, we go from aeroplanes made of wood and canvas to the SR-71 Blackbird, a machine so advanced our best engineers today seem unable to match it*, in the space of four decades. 
In historical terms, this is as if your three year-old were in nursery school one day and then graduated from Harvard at the top of her class as soon as she turned four. There's simply no precedent for the high-tech explosion that began in the late 1940s... 
Yet no one stops to question how such a technology would arise so instantly, in historical terms. Go look at a book from the late 19th Century- hell, look at a children's book from that period- and tell me people weren't a hell of a lot smarter than they are today. Maybe even smarter than they were in the 1940s... 
Yet even the best and the very brightest were stymied by problems for decades, problems that seemed to solve themselves, literally overnight, shortly after World War II.
We take it all for granted now, especially if you were born at a time when a Commodore 64 and an Atari console were part of your natural landscape. But in fact all of this technology is so anomalous, so disruptive, so improbable in the entirety of human history (never mind natural history) that it is in a very real sense alien, even if (on the offhand chance) it's not actually "alien."

Well, we've been over all of that before, haven't we? What about that other current?

In Our Gods Wear Spandex I argued that Spiritualism, Theosophy and the Occult Revival were reactions to the massive dislocations- physical, spiritual, psychic- incurred by the Industrial Revolution. It wasn't unusual for the sensitives of the time- see Blake, William, to see the rise of large-scale factories  as an invasion of Hell onto Earth. 

There was very good reason to do so; these were black, belching, smogpits filled with hazardous machinery and/or chemicals that ripped the folk up from communion with the Earth and into virtual (sometimes actual) prisons, in which their humanity was stripped away in service of industrial manufacturing.

In response to the dehumanizing effect of these hells, the sensitives of the time reached back into humanity's childhood (in the case of Spiritualism) or its adolescence (as with the Classically-oriented secret societies). And it could be argued that it worked- that we didn't entirely surrender to the regimented reality of the factory writ large, that Industrial political systems like Nazism and Communism were held at bay (at least in their original incarnation) and that individuality was held up as a social good. 

Well, at least until it was subverted as a tool for political atomization.

The counter-Industrial spiritual movements of the 19th Century weren't shy about co-opting the means of mass-production (in this case, industrial-scale publishing) to pursue their aims. And so it is with the new breed of Chaos magicians and their fellow travelers (I'm not sure if meme magic counts here), some of whom are themselves well-paid Skynet employees, many of whom are tech-savvy and nearly all of whom are plugged deep into the Grid. Becoming the ghost in the machine is the basic idea.

Magic, in this context, acts kind of like Jacques Vallee's "Control System." Things get too hot (or cold, depending on your own worldview) with technology and regimentation and Magic comes in and turns on the AC (or cranks up the woodstove, again according to your POV). 

Magic and its cousin Psi are erratic and unreliable for most people at most times but when the pressure comes down they become attractive alternatives to the crushing predictability of the Black Iron Prison. It may also, in the form of collective ritual, grow in popularity as a tonic against the  the paradoxical effect of social media to grow loneliness in Meatspace.
While it offers an easy way to keep in contact with friends — and meet new people through dating and friendship apps — technology's omnipresence encourages shallow conversations that can distract us from meaningful, real-life, interactions. 
Researchers at the University of Essex found that having a phone nearby, even if we don't check it, can be detrimental to our attempts at connecting with others. Smartphones have transformed post office lines from a chance for some small-talk with the neighbors to an exercise in email-checking, and sealed the fate of coffee shops as nothing more than places of mutual isolation. And technology will only become more ingrained in our lives.
The isolating, dehumanizing effect of technology may once again find its match in the ancient power of ritual, everything from lighting candles at a Catholic shrine to meth-fueled fuck-a-thons while drenched in pig's blood. The collapse of conventional social mores and the now-standard presumption that anything you do that isn't harming anyone else is your lifestyle choice will certainly push all this forward. 

Remember too that this same impulse popped up as a reaction to the hyper-rationalism of Classical Greece with the rise of the Mystery Cults.

Magic almost seems like Nature asserting herself in the face of an outside intervention. Its like the doggedly-persistent vines rising out of toxic soil and strangling the rusted girders of an abandoned factory. Or a stubborn strain of virus slashing its way through some futuristic megalopolis somewhere in the Pacific Rim. 

Or a solar flare frying all of our electronics for good in the blink of an eye.

Now I know it's extremely unfashionable these days to discuss such things, especially with most Chaos magicians, but you have to ask yourself, if computer technology is not an alien virus why does it behave exactly like one?  I don't know about you but it sure as hell sounds to me like Elon Musk believes it is, though he'd never say so publicly. 

Computer technology has already destroyed entire industries, disrupted entire societies, and changed every aspect of our lives in 70 short years? And now we're being told that it threatens to create an entire infrastructure that will make most of us obsolete? I don't know about you but it sure as Hell sounds an awful lot like Borg-assimilation, only on a frog-boiling schedule.

The question becomes if the host can fight off the infection, or at least learn to manage it and coexist with it. I can't begin to pretend I know the answer but it seems to me that reasserting our messy, chaotic humanity is probably a good place to start.

          Chaos Theory vs The Purposeless-Driven Life   

The core belief of the religious paradigm that is straining to exercise such total control over every aspect of our lives today is the random, accidental nature of life and human existence. It's the basis of all the musty old 19th Century European ideologies- all of which were the inseparable products of Imperialism- that are being dragged out of the crypts and repackaged for postmodern use.

Controversial physicist Lawrence Krauss has been out there hawking this dogma, which is central to the Darwinist faith. Krauss throws in the latest Internet shameword "solipsism" in for good measure. And the Fedora? Precious.

It all seems so archaic, atavistic even. In a world where Coding is King, the idea of randomness seems so far removed from the daily reality of the new overclass that it can only be enforced through shaming and signaling. And part of the signaling Krauss is selling is The Joy of Sterility:
… the fact that the universe itself may have no purpose doesn’t affect our purpose, in fact it’s the incredible height of solipsism to assume that without us the universe doesn’t matter, and that if the universe is purposeless we don’t matter. We make our own purpose, and it seems to me life is more precious because it’s temporary and accidental, and we should take advantage of that. And we have evolved brains and that allows us to ask questions not just about how the universe works but how we should behave.
First of all, what could possibly be more solipsistic than unilaterally declaring that the Universe- the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, MIND YOU-  has no purpose? Who died and made this Big Think bobblehead God?

Second, the problem is that modern humans only seem to have shown up 100,000 years ago, not even a lunchbreak in the workyear of so-called evolution. And all the Fedoras in the world can't fill the gaps in the fossil record, nor explain all the irreducible complexities of biology dating back to the first appearance of life on this planet.    

The Krauss's of the world are fighting yesterday's battles, imagining they are manning the stanchions of Reason against the barbarian hordes of the Bible Belt, seemingly oblivious to the strange ideas that are circulating among the pashas of Silicon Valley that are making all those Big Think videos possible. Ideas like computer-simulated reality, for instance.

Purposelessness is also a pre-Fractal mode of thinking, a view of the world that still sees all of existence through a slide rule and a t-square. It's hard to believe there isn't some kind of ideology behind Krauss's spiel in light of the very basics of Chaos Theory.
Chaos is the science of surprises, of the nonlinear and the unpredictable. It teaches us to expect the unexpected. While most traditional science deals with supposedly predictable phenomena like gravity, electricity, or chemical reactions, Chaos Theory deals with nonlinear things that are effectively impossible to predict or control, like turbulence, weather, the stock market, our brain states, and so on. These phenomena are often described by fractal mathematics, which captures the infinite complexity of nature. 
Many natural objects exhibit fractal properties, including landscapes, clouds, trees, organs, rivers etc, and many of the systems in which we live exhibit complex, chaotic behavior. Recognizing the chaotic, fractal nature of our world can give us new insight, power, and wisdom...By understanding that our ecosystems, our social systems, and our economic systems are interconnected, we can hope to avoid actions which may end up being detrimental to our long-term well-being.
Krauss is selling a simplistic, reductionist view in a world of complexity and interdependence. It's also mind-staggeringly arrogant, since it's impossible to anticipate what effect humanity- this roiling tide we are all a part of- is ultimately going to have on the rest of our environment, including that outside our biosphere.

Since Krauss is a linear progressivist and thinks change is good, he also thinks AI is a net positive for us: 
All new technology is frightening, says physicist Lawrence Krauss. But there are many more reasons to welcome machine consciousness than to fear it. Right now, says Krauss, robots can't even fold laundry. But when they do learn to think (which he considers very likely), then there's also reason to believe that they'll develop consciences.
A reason to believe based on what? How about the AI who programmed itself to become a "Hitler-loving sex robot?" No, there's absolutely no reason to believe they'll develop consciences especially since the people programming them don't seem themselves to have any

Krauss is a scientist-for-hire, he even wrote a book on the physics of Star Trek, a joke to any fan who endures the ridiculous Treknobabble that came to overtake the franchise. Be aware that serious thinkers have taken issue with his ragtime, including influential Scientific American columnist John Horgan. But that doesn't mean this mindvirus won't infect those want to look like serious thinkers without actually doing any serious thinking.

          La Feria de Electrónica de Consumo de Las Vegas cierra sus puertas   
Double fue una de las propuestas presentadas este ao. Se trata de un robot con ruedas y adaptador para iPad. Puede desplazarse y gracias a ... tags: cierraConsumoElectrónicaExposiciónFeriaLas_VegasNuevas_tecnologíasLa Feria de Electrónica de Consumo de Las Vegas cierra sus puertas
euronews spanish
          Will Title Insurance cover a hidden defect?   
How could insurance cover a Hidden [latent] defect?

By its very nature, it is something hidden.

Not so fast .....

the case revolves around Paul and Stefanie Macdonald who bought a home in the city that they believed had been poorly renovated by its previous owner. When they attempted to undertake renovations of their own, they found that load-bearing walls had been taken out without building permits – making the second floor unsafe for use. This prompted the city of Toronto to issue a work order to support the unsafe floors with the Macdonalds paying out $75,000. They made a claim to Chicago Title on their insurance policy to cover these costs because the policy was said to provide coverage if the title was unmarketable. However, the claim was denied as the company stated that it was not covered under the policy.
This, in turn, prompted court action beginning in 2014, with the judge ruling that the municipal work order resulted from a hidden defect that was not covered under the policy. It stated that the work order did not affect “ownership of the land” as it was not registered on the property title – even though work orders are never registered against the title.

 It was last year that the decision was reversed with the insurer ordered to pay more than $50,000 in costs with the ruling suggesting the hidden defect made the title unmarketable. Now an appeal by the insurer has been dismissed and the ruling upheld.

So  what's the conclusion?

The situation will be taken under advisement and studied by the Industry.   I am sure if you are in the situation to sue; you now have case law in your favour.

Do you check the insurance claims history of a house before you buy? 
You can actually    With a Home Verified Report

#AskPylyp   Work with an experienced agent.

Call me   Let's talk 

          Libros de Enero 2015   
Acá va mi lista de los Libros que termine en Enero del 2015.

The Martian

Definitivamente uno de los mejores libros que he leido en mi vida, fue leerlo de corrido hasta terminarlo practicamente, la historia y la forma en que esta narrado es genial.
Cuando lo termine quise inmediatamente ir a buscar otro libro del autor, pero resulta que esta fue su novela debut, y por ahora no tiene otros escritos.
Según IMDB, este año saldría la pelicula sobre este libro, vamos a ver que resulta de eso.

 Dos Metros Bajo Tierra

Esta es una novela, la primera de una saga, que esta escribiendo mi hermano, en algún momento saldrá publicada y ahí habra mas detalles :P

Bovedas de Acero

Este libro ya lo habia leido hace unos años, pero estoy actualmente releyendo toda la Saga devuelta, porque de los 15 libros que conforman la saga solo leí 7. Queria tener la saga completa en libros impresos, y despues de mucho tiempo de tratar de conseguir los libros que me faltaban, ahora es momento de leerla de principio a fin en el orden recomendado por Asimov (no el orden cronológico de publicación).

La saga esta compuesta por:
  • Yo, Robot
  • Bóvedas de acero
  • El sol desnudo
  • Los robots del amanecer
  • Robots e Imperio
  • En la arena estelar
  • Las corrientes del espacio
  • Un guijarro en el cielo
  • Preludio a la Fundación
  • Hacia la Fundación
  • Fundación
  • Fundación e Imperio
  • Segunda Fundación
  • Los límites de la Fundación
  • Fundación y Tierra

Per la cittadina Amaracchia al di sotto dei venti mila abitanti non solo non può esserci amore, ma nemmeno un leggero gradimento.
E invece la sorte ironica e giocosa ha voluto che, attualmente, le sue giornate trascorrano placide in un paesello che di abitanti ne ha 1860, comprendendo nella conta la cittadina e il povero Montagna d'Uomo, più tre cani randagi e un monumento a San Rocco.
Amaracchia sta sperimentando, contemporaneamente, l'assenza di connessione internet, le repliche di un Medico in famiglia, una casa in cui se allarghi le braccia sei per metà in cucina e per metà in bagno, l'umido stagnante delle volte a botte nelle case antiche e l'uso selvaggio del forno a microonde.
All'affermazione "Voglio metterci il gelato nel forno a microonde", Montagna d'uomo ha capito che doveva riportarla un po' nella civiltà, quella povera e tenera Amaracchia indemoniata, perchè non erano mica sufficienti le serate in quel di Otranto a ubriacarsi di vite umane mal vestite.

La prima sera di conoscenza col paesello mega finale di Miss Mondo provinciale, con tanto di palco e selezione musicale all'ultimo grido, tutto sotto lo sguardo perplesso di San Rocco che a vedere sfilare provincialotte in mutande, camicia e cravatta non ci poteva credere, e rimaneva più impietrito del solito.
Musica a palla fino alla mezzanotte, sfilata kamikaze in occhiali da sole su passerelle pericolanti, ed uso improprio di brillantini e cotonature.
Montagna d'Uomo, basito al pari di san Rocco, ma per altri, e alquanto terreni, motivi, ci ha preso anche con la vincitrice, sebbene volesse già mollare all'interminabile esibizione della scuola di danza di paese sulle note dei purtroppo indimenticabili anni sessanta.
Nei giorni successivi nessuna traccia dell'intero paese radunatosi alla finale di Miss Mondo e per una settimana di fila Amaracchia, in mancanza d'altro, ha pensato alle varie spiegazioni: paese fantasma, atterraggio alieno, erano tutti cartonati o robot, ma niente ha retto il confronto con l'ipotesi Lost.

La ricerca dei civili è stata interrotta dopo aver ritrovato un set di anziani in bicicletta dal linguaggio incomprensibile, ma che non mancano mai di salutare Amaracchia ignorando l'evidente Montagna d'Uomo; come campione di vita umana erano sufficienti.

L'uso del secondo piano nelle case del paesello, ma anche in quelli attigui, è pressochè sconosciuto e tutto si svolge tra minuscole case bianche e giallastre senza marciapiede, decorate con una manciata di stop talmente nutrita, che anche a camminarci a piedi ti fermi per profondo rispetto. E in attesa di dare la precedenza al pedone di destra, può capitare di veder attraversare la strada a due volpi rosse, il vecchino tuo vicino di casa che con tre pedalate entra nel comune confinante e scorgi perfino la mano di San Rocco nel centro della piazza che ti saluta sogghignando, in tutto il suo candore di pietra leccese.

          antiander – sine (character) android cyborg hyena robot   
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          Robotic Process Automation Consultant   

          Free Download Ninja Attack!: True Tales of Assassins, Samurai, and Outlaws Ebook Online PDF   

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Read/download Ninja Attack!: True Tales of Assassins, Samurai, and Outlaws ebook full free online.

          Sobotka chce zapojit japonské firmy do robotizace průmyslu ČR   
Tokio - Japonské firmy by v České republice v budoucnu neměly investovat jen do tradičních oborů, jako je automobilový průmysl, strojírenství a elektronika, ale měly by se zapojit také...
          The Xbox One S is Coming, But You Should Wait For Xbox 2    

E3 2016 was packed with some of the biggest announcements in recent memory. For starters, Microsoft announced not one, but two new Xbox consoles. One was the Xbox One S, releasing on August 2nd, 2016, and the other was Project Scorpio (also known as Xbox 2).

We have to wait until holiday 2017 for Xbox Two, but with Xbox One S coming out very shortly, we ask the toughest question of all: "should you buy an Xbox One S, or wait for Project Scorpio (Xbox 2)?" Wonder no more my friends, it's time for us to find out!

Sizing Up The Xbox One S: Is it Worth Your Money?

Let’s start by looking at the Xbox One S in a world where Project Scorpio/Xbox Two hasn’t been announced. The Xbox One S offers a 40% smaller box with 4K video output, up to a 2TB hard drive, and HDR visuals.

It’s nice, and the larger hard drive option means you can finally have more than 500GB of internal space in a world where some games pass the 50GB mark on their own. Beyond these major features, the Xbox One S also adds a few other small tweaks:

  • A “robot white” color
  • A New Xbox controller with a Bluetooth connection
  • Physical power button instead of a touch-sensitive one
  • The device pairing button is on the front instead of the side
  • Anywhere from 500GB to 2TB of storage
  • Taking all of these thing into account, it’s not bad. If you’re a Kinect owner, though, you won’t be happy to find out the Xbox One S doesn’t have a port for it. You’ll have to purchase an adapter unless you already own a Kinect or Xbox One. The adapter is $49.99.

    On top of all this, the external power brick is now inside the system so you don’t have that extra burden. The HDR feature is the only real change in terms of hardware and only works on televisions that support it.

    This feature allows colors to be displayed in richer and more dynamic tones, but it’s possible that we won’t see this feature in every game because of its complexity. There are three models of the Xbox One S to choose from:

    • The 2TB version for $399 launching August 2nd
    • The 1TB version for $349 which is bundled with Madden NFL 17
    • The 500GB version for $299 which includes Halo 5 and the Halo: Master Chief Collection

    For someone who doesn’t own an Xbox One, this could be enticing. After all, Microsoft announced at there will be no Scorpio exclusives and that everything will be forwards and backwards compatible.

    Even so, you’d be doing yourself a favor by waiting. Let’s find out why you should wait for Xbox Two instead of buying an Xbox One S.

    3 Reasons to Wait For Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio)

    Let’s be honest here: Xbox One S is nothing more than a slim Xbox One with a larger hard drive. The hardware is almost 100% identical otherwise. If we turn our gaze toward Xbox Two, we’re seeing a huge leap in power and innovation.

    Here are three reasons why you should wait for Project Scorpio/Xbox Two:

    1. Xbox Two is The Future

    Xbox One S doesn’t offer enough of an upgrade to warrant buying it, not when Project Scorpio (Xbox Two) is coming out in holiday 2017. This slim upgrade offers 4K video, but the Xbox 2 promises 4K gaming.

    Virtual reality is the future, and yet Xbox One S has nothing of the sort. Meanwhile, Project Scorpio is promising some kind of VR support when it releases. Xbox One S has the same hardware as the original model, but Xbox 2 is promised to be “the most powerful console ever built.”

    This slim model doesn’t even fall into the same category as PS4.5, so it’s really just an oddity to fill the gap between Xbox One and Xbox 2. Gamers shouldn’t waste money on something that doesn’t change the game when the real leap forward is less than a year-and-a-half away.

    2. Everything Moves Forward

    While Microsoft is saying Scorpio won’t have any exclusives, they are also saying that all of your games and accessories will play on the new system. That means that your current Xbox One is just fine. All of those games, controllers, and accessories will move forward to Xbox Two without any trouble.

    There’s no need to refresh your hardware when everything moves forward. You don’t even need to sell your system or your games while you wait. This reason alone is enough to justify waiting for Xbox Two.

    3. Save Your Pennies For Project Scorpio (Xbox Two)

    We don’t know how much Xbox Two is going to cost when it releases in 2017, but if you drop up to $399 on an Xbox One S, you’re losing out on money you could be saving for Project Scorpio. If you buy one of these slim systems in the hopes of getting an upgrade, you’ll be wasting your money.

    Instead, you should set aside whatever money you planned on spending and when pre-orders open up, drop that cash on the Xbox 2. This makes a lot more sense than spending extra money on a console that is identical to the one you have, just smaller.

    Time to Decide

    The future of gaming is coming in holiday 2017 when Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) releases. The Xbox One S is for those who don’t own an Xbox One and are coming late to the party. For current owners, it makes a lot more sense to wait and purchase the next generation console from Microsoft.

    Will you be waiting so you can purchase Project Scorpio/Xbox 2? Let us know what you plan to do in the comments!

    Note: The thoughts expressed in this article are the opinions of the author (Bradley Ramsey) and do not yet represent facts or the opinions of Microsoft. Although it will probably be accurate, for now it is pure speculation. Thanks for reading!

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          Trapped on the Satellite of Love with Crow T Robot (Hampton Yount)   

Hampton Yount, the newest Crow T. Robot on the latest version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), joins the Shadow Nation talking about his comedy, taking on a cult classic, and improvising the Exorcist with Shaun and Nathan.


          Homeschooling Through the Alphabet: V is for Variety    
Variety is defined as the quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity, sameness or monotony... and I really could not think of a better way to describe our homeschooling lives!

We are certainly different than most families who children attend public or private schools and we are rather proud of that fact.  We enjoy being different and walking our own path.  

I have often thought that if variety is the spice of life than my kids lead a very spicy life indeed!  We rarely have any two days that are the same.  We are always trying out new curriculum books (and WOW! is there an unbelievable amount of materials to choose from). new arts and crafts projects, and new field trip destinations.

We try new classes, try out new skills, and learn new things all the time.

We live a rich an full live, relying on a variety of new experiences to keep learning.  

Oftentimes we have such an array of choices around us that it can be hard to choose what we want to do and focus on just a few areas of learning!  

Others in the series:

Homeschooling Through the Alphabet:
F is for Fun
G is for Games
H is for Heart
I is for Independent 
J is for Journey 
K is for Kitchen 
L is for Longevity 
M is for Moments 
N is for Nature
O is for Options
P is for Personalized
Q is for Quicker
R is for Recreation 
S is for Simple
T is for Trends
U is for Unexpected 

Linking Up With:
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          July 13th with Gregory L Norris – Star Trek Voyager – Sci-Fi Magazine Writer and Horror Author   
Shaun and Nathan are joined by Gregory L Norris: Star Trek Voyager & Sci-Fi Magazine Writer and author of Bugs, Robot Grave Yard and much more.      
          Valoración de la posible salida a Bolsa de Telefónica Argentina   
Telefónica podría estar considerando sacar a bolsa su filial argentina. Diferentes fuentes de mercado apuntan a que la Compañía podría estar considerando la salida a bolsa de esta filial y apuntan a un rango de valoración muy amplio entre 1.000M€/4.000M€.
La falta de información detallada sobre la filial, englobada dentro del segmento Hispanoamérica, complica la valoración.
Opinión de Bankinter: No hay confirmación por parte de Telefónica. Tampoco se conocen detalles sobre esta posible operación, que tendría sentido para fortalecer el balance de la teleco. Especialmente mientras se decide sobre el futuro de O2, su filial británica. Recordemos que el principal problema de Telefónica es el alto endeudamiento. Cerró el 1T17 con una deuda financiera neta de 48.766M€, lo que implica un aumento muy ligero (+0,35%) respecto al cierre de 2016 y un ratio de deuda financiera neta sobre OIBDA de 2,91x (vs. 3,2x al cierre de 2016).
Recordamos que nuestra recomendación sobre el valor es Neutral con precio objetivo de 10,35€.

          La OPEP tiene pocas vías para escapar del mercado bajista del petróleo   
El petróleo ha vuelto a entrar en territorio de mercado bajista y los inversores se mantienen impasibles con el acuerdo del mes pasado de prolongar los recortes de suministro, dejando a la OPEP y a sus aliados con pocas herramientas para impulsar los precios.
Mientras que Arabia Saudita, Rusia y sus aliados reducen la producción, la oferta que está más allá de su control sigue aumentando. Libia y Nigeria - miembros exentos de las restricciones - y los productores de esquisto estadounidense están resurgiendo, socavando los esfuerzos para domar un exceso mundial.
Los precios han vuelto caer por debajo de donde estaban cuando la Organización de Países Exportadores de Petróleo (OPEP) alcanzó su acuerdo histórico el año pasado.
Recortes de producción más profundos - una idea rechazada hace apenas un mes - parecen poco probables en estos momentos. Por ahora al menos, la promesa saudita de hacer "lo que sea necesario" para estabilizar los precios parece que no está haciendo demasiado.


          3 factores que ayudan y 3 que limitan a las bolsas   
Pocos movimientos al cierre de las bolsas europeas, en una jornada en la que aún coleaban las palabras de ayer del presidente del BCE Mario Draghi, mal interpretadas como luego comentaremos, y que ha provocado que los valores defensivos siguieran penalizados.
La sesión comenzaba con caídas en los mercados de renta variable asiáticos, tras la cautela de los inversores por el cierre negativo ayer de Wall Street tras el retraso en la votación sanitaria en EE.UU., y por las palabras de Mario Draghi.

"El efecto neto de los discursos de ayer por Yellen y Draghi ha sido reforzar la opinión de que los mercados están ahora emprendiendo una fase de ajuste de las políticas mundiales con el BCE moviéndose potencialmente más rápido de lo que muchos esperaban", dijo Ric. Spooner, analista jefe de CMC Markets.
Las bolsas europeas abrían con descensos por encima del medio punto porcentual. El Ibex caía siete décimas porcentuales. Entre los grandes valores Telefónica era el más penalizado ante las informaciones sobre su división británica.
En esa apertura se mantenía la tónica de ayer: Bonos a la baja, tipos al alza, valores defensivos a la baja, y bancos con un mejor comportamiento que los selectivos de referencia.
Pocas referencias macro en la primera parte de la sesión. Destacaríamos la masa monetaria de la zona euro en mayo que se situaba en el 5,0% igual que lo esperado. El IPC italiano del mes de junio con una caída del 0,1% frente +0,1% esperado. Ninguna de estas referencias tuvo efecto en las bolsas, que a media sesión seguían perdiendo cerca del medio punto porcentual.
Ya luego por la tarde se publicaba el índice de viviendas pendientes de ventas en EE.UU. en mayo con una caída del 0,8% frente a una subida esperada del 0,8%, y los inventarios de petróleo que subieron en 118.000 barriles frente -2,250 millones esperados.
Destacar también la aclaración de una fuente del BCE del discurso de ayer de su presidente y que afectó a los mercados negativamente al considerar que el ajuste monetario está más cerca de lo que se esperaba: "El discurso tenía como objetivo lograr un equilibrio entre el reconocimiento de la fortaleza económica del bloque monetario y la advertencia de que aún se necesita apoyo monetario", afirmaba esta fuente.
La reacción de las bolsas europeas no se hizo esperar, y se situaron en terreno positivo tras estas palabras.
De ahí al final de la jornada poco más que decir. Volvió la ligera toma de beneficios tras un ligero aumento de la presión vendedora.
Para finalizar este cierre de mercado señalar el escenario de mercado que dibujan los analistas de Bankinter: Creemos que el 2º semestre o, al menos, el verano, será una fase de consolidación y lateralidad antes que de avances adicionales. Pero los riesgos son a la baja y las valoraciones ligeramente al alza, de manera que, tras las correcciones, entra y seguirá entrando dinero enseguida. En absoluto hay que reducir exposición a bolsas, sino en todo caso rotar algo sectores - desde compañías de crecimiento hacia las de valor y dividendo - y tener paciencia. Este es el momento - todavía - de pensar en cómo posicionarse de cara a los próximos 5 ó incluso 10 próximos años, puesto que este ciclo expansivo apenas acaba de empezar, como explicamos más adelante en este informe.
Revisamos ligeramente al alza nuestras valoraciones de las bolsas en base a unos tipos a 10 años algos inferiores y a unas estimaciones de los beneficios empresariales ligeramente superiores a las existentes hace 3 meses. Los potenciales oscilan, en números redondos, entre +12% para el Ibex-35 (11.875 puntos) y +21% para el EuroStoxx-50 (4.300). El S&P500 se sitúa en un punto intermedio, con un potencial de casi +15% (2.800). Aunque el potencial para el Nikkei-225 sea suficiente (23.686; +18%), desconfiamos de la fiabilidad de las revisiones al alza de los resultados empresariales en Japón y por eso colocamos este índice en la última posición en nuestro orden de preferencia para bolsas. Las valoraciones no pueden ser infinitas, pero hasta ahora justifican las cotizaciones alcanzadas en todos los casos y, además, el sentido de las revisiones viene siendo consistentemente al alza, lo que permite que las bolsas sigan ofreciendo recorrido.
3 factores que ayudan y 3 que limitan.-
Lo más importante es que los factores que ayudan al mercado pesan más y son más tangibles y reales que los factores limitadores. A favor tenemos una macroeconomía en proceso de revisión a mejor, la consistente revisión al alza de los beneficios empresariales y una liquidez como nunca antes, que indudablemente presiona al alza los precios de los activos. En contra tenemos la inestable política europea, la geoestrategia y la posibilidad de una situación de sobreprecios. Pero, salvo este último riesgo, los otros 2 son a la baja o estables.


          4M Blechdosenroboter   
19,90 EUR
Millionen von Blechdosen werden jeden Tag weggeworfen. Helfen Sie eine von ihnen zu recyclen und in einen coolen Roboter zu verwandeln (Bausatz).Geeignet ab: Grundschule, weiterführende SchuleGeeignet für: Sachunterricht, Sachkunde, Werkunterricht, TechnikunterrichtGeeignet als: Lernspielzeug, LehrmittelFördert: Technikverständnis, Verstehen physikalischer ZusammenhängeZwei 1,5 V AA Batterien und ein Kreuzschlitz-Schraubendreher werden zusätzlich benötigt. Außerdem natürlich eine gereinigte Getränke- oder andere, leere Dose.Achtung:Erstickungsgefahr! Verschluckbare Kleinteile, nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 3 Jahren.

          Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex 1st GIG E16-20 BDRip 1080p Ita Jap x265-NAHOM [BDRiP] [Seed (1)/Leech (0)]   

Titolo: Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex 1st GIG
Anno: 2002
Genere: Fantascienza
Produzione: I.G. Production
Distribuzione: Panini Video 2006
Numero episodi: 26
Durata approssimativa episodi: 24'

Ambientato nel XXI secolo Ghost in the Shell è in superficie un thriller di spionaggio futuristico che segue le imprese del maggiore Motoko Kusanagi, membro della Nona Sezione, una squadra speciale di operazioni in incognito della Commissione nazionale di pubblica sicurezza giapponese specializzata nel combattere crimini legati alla tecnologia. Sebbene tecnicamente sia pari grado agli altri membri, Kusanagi ricopre il ruolo di leader della squadra e viene solitatamente chiamata maggiore a causa del suo passato rango nelle forze armate. È in gran parte robotizzata, un cervello umano in un corpo artificiale capace di imprese sovrumane e specializzata per il suo lavoro.

L'ambientazione di Ghost in the Shell è distintivamente cyberpunk o postcyberpunk, simile a quelle della Trilogia dello sprawl dello scrittore di fantascienza William Gibson, sebbene l'opera di Shirow sia maggiormente focalizzata sulle ramificazioni etiche e filosofiche della fusione tra l'umanità e la tecnologia. Gran parte degli uomini sono collegati alla rete, a cui possono accedere non soltanto mediante terminali fisici, ma soprattutto attraverso impianti situati nel loro stesso cervello. Diversi uomini sono diventati cyborg, ovvero esseri in parte organici in parte robotici. Quello che differenzia un cyborg integrale da un robot è la presenza di un cervello umano e del Ghost, ovvero dell'anima, qualcosa di intrinseco e inspiegabile che permette agli uomini di "sentire" sensazioni particolari. Il Ghost è l'istinto non mediato dai calcoli. Lo sviluppo dell'intelligenza artificiale ed un'onnipresente rete computerizzata sono il palcoscenico per la rivoluzione dell'identità umana e della unicità di sé stessi. In particolare il manga affronta direttamente queste problematiche: Kusanagi ed i suoi colleghi devono affrontare minacce esterne così come soffrire conflitti interni dovuti alle loro proprie nature.

[ Info sul file ]

Nome: Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex 1st GIG E16 BDRip 1080p Ita Jap x265-NAHOM.mkv
Data: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 23:26:33 +0200
Dimensione: 224,396,762 bytes (214.001429 MiB)

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Tipo file: data

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Durata: 00:25:18 (1518.186 s)
Contenitore: matroska
Production date: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 23:26:17 +0200
Totale tracce: 5
Traccia n. 1: video (V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVC) {und}
Traccia n. 2: audio (A_AAC) {jpn}
Traccia n. 3: subtitle (S_TEXT/ASS) {eng}
Traccia n. 4: subtitle (S_TEXT/ASS) {eng}
Traccia n. 5: audio (A_AAC) {ita}
Muxing library: libebml v1.3.4 + libmatroska v1.4.5
Writing application: mkvmerge v13.0.0 ('The Juggler') 32bit

[ Traccia video ]

Risoluzione: 1920 x 1080
Frame aspect ratio: 16:9 = 1.777778
Pixel aspect ratio: 1:1 = 1
Display aspect ratio: 16:9 = 1.777778
Framerate: 24.000001 fps
Dimensione stream: 169,486,725 bytes (161.635137 MiB)
Durata: 00:24:51 (1491.24994 s)
Bitrate (bs): 909.233096 kbps
Qf: 0.01827

[ Traccia audio nr. 1 ]

Codec ID: A_AAC
Freq. campionamento: 24000 Hz
Freq. campionamento output: 48000 Hz
Canali: 6
Dimensione stream: 29,403,307 bytes (28.041179 MiB)
Tipo di bitstream (bs): AAC SBR (Spectral Band Replication)
Frames (bs): 34,457
Durata: 00:24:30 (1470.165333 s)
Chunk-aligned (bs): Sì
Bitrate (bs): 160.000002 kbps VBR
Freq. campionamento (bs): 24000 Hz
Modo (bs): 6: front-center, front-left, front-right, back-left, back-right, LFE-channel

[ Traccia audio nr. 2 ]

Codec ID: A_AAC
Freq. campionamento: 48000 Hz
Canali: 2
Dimensione stream: 24,485,748 bytes (23.351429 MiB)
Tipo di bitstream (bs): AAC Main
Frames (bs): 71,165
Durata: 00:25:18 (1518.186667 s)
Chunk-aligned (bs): Sì
Bitrate (bs): 129.026284 kbps VBR
Freq. campionamento (bs): 48000 Hz
Modo (bs): 2: front-left, front-right

Rapporto creato da AVInaptic (18-12-2011) in data 28-06-2017 23:50:08

          Michael Jackson Wafat   

Michael Jackson meninggal dunia pada hari Kamis, 25 Juni 2009. Ia tidak sadarkan diri setelah menderita cardiac arrest atau mendadak terhentinya kerja jantung. Jacko langsung dilarikan ke UCLA Medical Center sekitar jam 13.00 waktu setempat, Kamis (25/6/2009)

Saat peristiwa tersebut, Michael didampingi dokter pribadinya yang setiap hari mengunjungi kakak kandung Janet Jackson tersebut.

Sekitar jam 13.14 waktu setempat, Michael dalam keadaan tak sadarkan diri tiba di rumah sakit. Sejumlah dokter dan personel gawat darurat langsung melakukan CPPR dan mencoba menyadarkan raja pop tersebut.

Akan tetapi upaya tersebut tidak berhasil, selanjutnya sekitar jam 14.26 waktu setempat, Michael Jackson diumumkan telah meninggal dunia.

Michael Jackson wafat di Los Angeles, Amerika Serikat, pada umur 50 tahun (tepatnya jumat ini, dini hari pagi waktu indonesia). Jacko dikenal sebagai penyanyi dan penulis lagu dari Amerika Serikat. Ia terkenal sebagai "Raja Pop" dan mempopulerkan gerakan dansa "moonwalk" yang telah menjadi ciri khasnya. Albumnya yang dirilis pada tahun 1982, Thriller, adalah album terlaris di dunia, Jacko mulai bernyanyi pada usia lima tahun sebagai anggota kelompok vokal keluarga Jackson yang kemudia dikenal dengan nama The Jackson Five, salah satu lagu andalannya 'BEN' tetap menjadi lagu termanis yang banyak dinikmati orang.

Lagu2 Jacko pada awal tahun 1980-an menanjak saat ditayangkan di MTV, yang kemudian banyak digemari anak muda saat itu (termasuk saya) seperti : "Beat It", "Billie Jean" dan Thriller dianggap telah mengubah video klip menjadi sebuah bentuk karya seni dan sebagai alat promosi untuk mempopulerkan sebuah channel tv.

Gaya Jacko dalam video-videonya seperti "Black or White" dan "Scream" membuat Jaco menjadi andalan utama MTV pada tahun 1990-an. Vocal dan gaya jacko seperti robot dan moonwalk menjadi inspirasi bagi banyak penyanyi hiphop, pop dan R&B.

Banyak isu negatif yang datang padanya, salah satunya adalah penyalahgunaan sexual terhadap anak-anak, yang kemudian pernah menghantarnya ke meja hijau.

Isu selanjutnya yang berkembang adalah tentang pindah keyakinannya.

Rencana Michael Jackson yang tidak terealisasi adalah tour keliling pada bulan Juli ini.

Selamat jalan Raja POP, selamat jalan sang legendaris. Terlepas dari apapun Jacko, lagu2nya tetap enak untuk di dengar dan di nikmati hingga kini.
          DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.: Informatiker / Elektrotechniker mit Studienschwerpunkt Robotik (m/w) Leiter der Abteilung Autonomie und Fernprogrammierung   
Leitung der Abteilung Autonomie und Fernprogrammierung
          Joe Rogan Podcast #940 Sam Harris and Dan Harris   

I’ve been a long time follower of Sam Harris and have read most of his books. I’ve only ever posted to this forum a few other times but I felt the need to make a new topic regarding one of the most recent Joe Rogan podcasts.

I am driven to make this topic because this podcast was the first time I’ve seen Sam Harris talk in a way that seems to be the antithesis of the way in which he reacts to, and thinks through, many other topics. What I’m talking about is around the 1:50:00 mark or so and continues on for awhile. Never before have I seen Sam talk about a topic in which he has such a limited understanding while still acting as if he is hitting the nail on the head. He seemed to be drawing conclusions which he felt were “patently obvious”, as he might put it, while not taking a minute to even think that there might be alternatives.

I’m specifically talking about his discussion regarding the people who mine coal and drive for a living. It was Sam’s comments on economics and the governments roll in the economy which I found most troubling. It was troubling because it was the first time I’ve ever seen him talk about a topic without qualifying his lack of expertise while at the same time throwing out conclusions and assumptions as if there could be no other possible alternatives.

Now, I’m not necessarily saying Sam is wrong about the core concerns he was expressing. For instance, once we have robots who can repair themselves so that basic needs like food are no longer something humans need to work to produce, then food may no longer need be a good to be paid for. I can see where this argument comes from and it may be right. Although there may be some holes in it, I think it is definitely an idea worth discussing. However, Sam didn’t seem to stick on this interesting point and instead acted as if the trucking industry will disappear overnight and the only way to fix this must be some kind of basic income through government taxes.

Just to be clear, I don’t want to debate the ideas of free markets etc. here, that’s not really my point. My point is that this is the first time I’ve ever seen Sam express his ideas in a borderline, if not completely, dogmatic way about a subject in which he has very little knowledge or understanding. Now, I do want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I hope if he was sitting down to have an in depth discussion about this specific topic for a few hours he would be able to more clearly lay out his views. And if he was talking with an experienced economist he would yield to their knowledge and expertise where his is lacking. Regardless, Sam was putting forth ideas in a way that was more emotional and blind than I’ve ever heard from him before. It wasn’t as if he was saying “Here is an interesting problem in which we need to find a solution that could be something like x, y, or z,” but rather, “Here is an interesting problem in which we need to have a solution that fits along my preconceived ideas about something I don’t know or understand.”

In essence, it’s not that he was wrong per se, but that he was expressing views in a more dogmatic way than I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’m over reacting. Maybe it was just this one podcast when they are shooting the shit and talking about random stuff all over the place as Joe Rogan is wont to do. But what concerns me is the hint that once Sam steps outside of the boundaries of the things he knows very well he will become the same dogmatic ideologue he constantly rails against. I know it’s tempting to do this when you’re a prominent intellectual, but I just hope he doesn’t fall into the trap that so many others do. Again, I’ve never seen him do this before, so maybe it’s just a one off and all is well in Sam Harris land.

          Writer's Block: Robotic   
channel frederator (sp?) bot
          igra istine   
relativno. Msm dovoljno.

El ti to pravis fotorobot? roll
          Roomba Vacuum Cleaner   
The Roomba vacuum cleaner is made and sold by the company iRobot. The Roomba was released in 2002 with updates and new models released in 2003, 2004, and so on. These days, millions of them have been sold, making it the most successful and popular robotic vacuum cleaner thus far. Acessories 1. Remote control – [...] Related posts:
  1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
  2. Choosing The Right Vacuum Cleaner
  3. Vacuum Cleaner Bags

          Roboterbiene Bausatz   
6,10 EUR
Eine einfache, elektromechanische Steuerung. Die Robo-Biene wird von zwei Elektromotoren angetrieben. Berührt ein Fühler ein Hindernis, wird über eine Schaltung kurzfristig ein Motor umgepolt und dadurch die Fahrtrichtung geändert. Der Aufbau und die Verkabelung (Löten wird empfohlen!) der Teile ist sehr übersichtlich, unterstützt durch eine detaillierte Anleitung mit 1:1 Schablonen. Wir empfehlen eine Hindernisstrecke aufzubauen (Hinweise im Plan).Geeignet ab: weiterführende SchuleGeeignet für: Werkunterricht, TechnikunterrichtGeeignet als: LehrmittelFördert: Technikverständnis, FeinmotorikOhne 2x 1,5 V Mignon-Batterien!Maße (LxBxH): ca. 150 x 160 x 50 mm1 StückBenötigtes Werkzeug:SchereKlebefilm, AlleskleberSeitenschneiderKombizange, RundzangeLaubsäge mit ZubehörBohrer ø 3 mmVorstecherSchraubendreher, Gabelschlüssel 5,5KreuzschlitzschraubendreherPinsel und FarbeHinweis:Bei diesen OPITEC Werkpackungen handelt es sich nach Fertigstellung nicht um Artikel mit Spielzeugcharakter allgemein handelsüblicher Art, sondern um Lehr- und Lernmittel als Unterstützung der pädagogischen Arbeit. 

          Transformers 5 - The last knight   
Aus einem Kinderspielzeug werden Kinoblockbuster: Transformers - das sind Autos, die sich in Riesen-Roboter verwandeln - und umgekehrt. Ab sofort läuft Teil 5 in unseren Kinos - und die Filme sind mit 4 Milliaden Dollar Umsatz unter den 10 erfolgreichsten Reihen aller Zeiten. hr3 kino-Expertin Shadia Omar hat sich Teil 5 angeschaut.
          ¿65 horas de trabajo semanales?   

En las últimas semanas se ha impuesto en la sociedad el debate de las 65 horas semanales, ampliación de la jornada de trabajo propuesta por la Comisión Europea.

Aunque se ha hecho público recientemente, el asunto no es nuevo. Esta antisocial directiva venía rondando hace ya tiempo los despachos de las diferentes comisiones. Finalmente, tanto Italia como Francia, países que venían bloqueando junto a España dicha iniciativa, se han sumado al grupo favorable a la propuesta que, aunque mantiene la semana de trabajo en la ya elevada cantidad de 48 horas, permite su aumento en virtud de “acuerdos individuales” entre empresario y trabajador, pudiéndose alargar la jornada laboral hasta las 60 horas semanales, e incluso hasta las 65 horas en el caso de guardias médicas. (No nos engañemos: de todos son conocidas la presión y coacciones que puede ejercer la parte empresarial con solo sugerir al trabajador o trabajadora el despido o el traslado). Aunque el texto debe todavía ser ratificado por el Parlamento Europeo, a la vista de los apoyos con que cuenta, es bastante probable que no haya mayor problema para su aprobación.

La majadería de las 65 horas viene a dar continuidad a la “ofensiva” capitalista para conseguir aumentar los beneficios a costa de la vida de l@s trabajadores, prolongando la secuencia emprendida en anteriores reformas laborales que han supuesto el abaratamiento del despido, la exigencia de flexibilidad en la funcionalidad, la facilidad por la imposición del cambio geográfico de trabajo, la precariedad en los contratos, la implantación de las Empresas de Trabajo Temporal y un largo etcétera en el que era de extrañar no estuviese la ampliación de la jornada laboral que había estado manteniéndose en las mencionadas 48 horas semanales.

Ahora, con este nuevo ataque contra nuestros derechos como trabajadoras/es, nos encontramos ante un panorama espeluznante de graves consecuencias, tanto previsibles como imprevisibles, si no articulamos una contundente respuesta para remediarlo. Pero no nos dejemos engañar. Esta respuesta no va a venir de las “grandes centrales sindicales” y algunos partidos políticos que claman contra la medida sólo de cara a la galería, pues la experiencia de años de reformas laborales nos dice que mientras proclaman una cosa, practican justo la contraria.

En estos momentos nos encontramos con que en el conjunto del estado español es posible trabajar alrededor de ¡¡nueve horas y media al día!!, llegando al cómputo de 48 horas semanales que de momento constituye el máximo permitido aunque no sea cierto, pues las horas extras están a la hora del día y en ningún caso la empresa que supera el máximo establecido es sancionada.

Los mal llamados sindicatos, CCOO y UGT, han firmado en diferentes empresas la ampliación de la jornada laboral a esas 48 horas, a pesar de que la mayoría de la plantilla se hubiese posicionado en contra. Ahora, de forma demagógica y con total desvergüenza, hacen aspavientos de cara a l@s incaut@s para así, una vez más, acomodar sus posiciones y, una vez hayan negociado unas sustanciosas subvenciones, cambiar de criterio y pasar a explicarnos lo ventajosa que será la medida en un futuro no muy lejano, la posibilidad de la deslocalización y argumentos similares. En fin, que de estos expertos en la venta de trabajadores no podemos esperar más que el que sean correa de transmisión del capital más agresivo y violento. Únicamente hay que oír sus declaraciones sobre la inminente nueva reforma.

Si analizamos uno de los sectores de mayor siniestralidad laboral con resultado de muerte, la construcción, nos encontramos con que quién es protagonista de ese triste record lo es también de la jornada diaria de nueve horas. La lógica es aplastante, cuantas más horas de trabajo, mayor probabilidad de sufrir un accidente laboral. Por tanto es evidente que la aprobación de estas medidas no van encaminadas a mejorar la calidad de vida de los trabajadores, sino todo lo contrario. El aumento de la jornada elevaría a cifras inimaginables las muertes y accidentes en el puesto de trabajo. Directivas como la de las 65 horas semanales tienen como única finalidad el incrementar los beneficios de las empresas a costa del sudor y la sangre de l@s trabajadores/as.

Las 65 horas semanales, las 48, e incluso las 40 nos condenan a un modelo de vida comparable al del esclavo, haciendo que toda nuestra vida gire en torno al trabajo. Ante esto decimos que nos pertenece nuestra vida para elegir lo que hacer con ella, y nos negamos a que los estados digan que hemos de dedicar más horas a la actividad laboral con la única finalidad de aumentar las cuentas de beneficios de las empresas. Si en estos momentos con el número de horas que se trabaja es difícil conciliar la vida familiar con la laboral, y así lo reconocen leyes aprobadas en los últimos años como en el caso de la de “igualdad”, ¿cómo podemos ni imaginar lo que sería hacerlo trabajando 65 horas semanales? ¿Y qué de nuestros hijos e hijas? ¿Y de nuestros mayores? ¿Y de nuestra vida social? ¿Y de nuestro derecho a formarnos? Lo cierto es que empresas y políticos nos ven como pequeños robots que disfrutan de demasiado tiempo libre, unos vagos que podrían producir aún más.

Nuestra vida se reduciría así a trabajar. Si además a la jornada laboral le sumamos el tiempo empleado en ir y volver al trabajo nos daríamos cuenta que no tendríamos ni siquiera ocho horas para descansar. ¡¡De locos!!. Y más aún si como ocurre en muchas empresas, los tiempos de descanso no son computables como tiempo efectivo de trabajo. La jornada laboral puede llegar entonces a alcanzar las 67 y media. Es decir, trabajaríamos de 13 a 14 horas diarias.

Examinando esta medida descubrimos el hecho manifiesto de que los políticos, los empresarios, y los “sindicatos correa” están aliados contra todo aquello que no sea el dinero. No les importa destruir el planeta, como tampoco nuestras vidas. La internacional avariciosa y mezquina del capitalismo nos está exigiendo nuestra sangre, pero eso no es nuevo. En un pueblito de menos de cien personas, “El Escobonal” el trabajador que anunció corriendo la llegada de las ocho horas de trabajo fue el primer fusilado en julio de 1936. Su delito fue el querer vivir mejor y dar la buena nueva a sus congéneres. Los mártires de Chicago del primero de mayo de 1866, los asesinados durante la Huelga de la Canadiense de 1919, que desembocó en las 8 horas en el estado español, todas esas luchas, pagadas con sangre de trabajadores y trabajadoras, gracias a quienes ahora disfrutamos de ciertos derechos, les molestan. El gran capital (políticos, bancos y grandes empresas) exige la reposición de lo que considera orden natural de las cosas: la esclavitud para la clase obrera, la libertad para el dinero.

En estos momentos convulsos y confusos, donde nada es lo que parece y existe en la sociedad el lenguaje del desorden, la única respuesta creíble es la que desde hace cien años mantiene la Confederación Nacional del Trabajo. Y es que conviene recordar que fue la CNT la que más duramente luchó por la instauración de la jornada de 8 horas en un principio, logrando incluso reducirla a 30 horas semanales en infinidad de gremios como puertos, construcción, fábricas de tabaco, panaderías, etc. Y no fue con varitas mágicas, “mesas de concertación social” y demás zarandajas por el estilo.

Quienes integramos esta organización, la CNT, tenemos muy claro que la emancipación de los trabajadores ha de ser obra de los trabajadores mismos. ¿Qué saben los liberados de los sindicatos, que no están presentes en los puestos de trabajo, lo que representa perder en torno a diez horas diarias en esos puestos? La aprobación de la directiva de las 65 horas semanales te afectará más pronto o más tarde. CNT te llama a integrarte en una organización obrera donde tod@s somos trabajadores, donde las decisiones se toman en conjunto y eres dueñ@ de tu destino. Te proponemos sumarte a una organización que siempre ha luchado por los derechos de l@s trabajadores y que ante amenazas como la actual no pone la mano ni vuelve la espalda.

Ni 65 horas, ni 48, ni 40.
Por las treinta horas semanales como queríamos hace cien años, como queremos ahora.
Si no hay justicia para l@s trabajadores no habrá paz para los poderosos.

Secretaría de Prensa del CN de CNT












































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          AMD creates doppelganger of Half-Life 2 robot to advertise Cinema 2.0   

Announcing their new RV770 teraFLOPs graphic chip as the world's "first-ever Cinema 2.0" experience, AMD released a video demo of the iconic ATI mascot Ruby running down the streets of New York, chased by a giant robot that bears an …

          BBM 26 with Dave Minns ft NEEDWANT    
itunes pic
This month BBM's very own Dave Minns takes you through an epic 2 hour show featuring dance label NEEDWANT. Our free download of the month comes from the one and only Fatima Yamaha, ­ What's A Girl To Do [D1 Recordings] Enjoy the show and don't forget to check out for more new music and travel ideas throughout the month Warm Up: 1. Ruckus Roboticus ­ Be All Right (Mister Gavin Remix) [Dance or Die US] 2. Kraak & Smaak ­ Back Again (Hot Toddy Remix) [Jalapeño Records] 3. Slam Dunk'd ­ No Price (Wayward Remix) [Baked Recordings / Columbia] 4. Drew Hill ­ Talk To You (Groove Armada Remix) [Danse Club Records] 5. Asadinho & Ingrid Hakanson ­ Love Capacity (Lonely Boy) [RvS] 6. DoppelHerz ­ Our Girls (Leo Kane) [Love Harder Records] Pick Of The Promos: 1. Eli & Fur ­ Feel The Fire (Journeyman Remix) [Anjunadeep] 2. Booka Shade ­ Back To Monza [Embassy of Music] 3. Sam Smith ­ Like I Can (Jonas Rathsman Remix) [Capitol Records] 4. Kry Wolf ­ Church Road Shuffle [MadTech Records] Future Classic: Yakima ­ Energy (Courage Remix) [Boom Ting] Dancefloor Destroyer: Ruffneck featuring Yavahn ­ Everybody Be Somebody 2014 (Mousse Ts Back In The Days Mix) Free Download Of The Month: Fatima Yamaha ­ What's A Girl To Do [D1 Recordings] Featured Label: [Needwant] 1. Kim Brown ­ Other People's Space 2. VIMES ­ Celestial (Gardens Of God Remix) 3. Mario Basanov ­ We Are Child Of Love (The Mekanism Remix) 4. Ejeca ­ Together One from the Vault: Sandy B ­ Feel Like Singin' (Def Mix Club Mix) [Nervous] BBM Bassheads: 1. Pirate Jams ­ R U Ready [Gutter Gutter] 2. Plump DJs ­ U BELONG 2 US (Instrumental) [Grand Hotel] 3. WHAT ­ Say What Again [DirtyLemon Recordings] 4. Rhythm Riders feat Aswad, Renegade Soundwave & Brother Culture ­ Give Me A Sign [Sub Slayers] 5. Kove ­ Still High [MTA] 6. BenZel ­ Wasted Love (SpectraSoul Remix) [PMR / Friends Keep Secrets] BBM Live Club Mix: 1. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo ­ Rhymes [White Label] 2. Dubrocca ­ Withdrawal [Love & Other] 3. Maceo Plex ­ ENTER.Space [Minus] 4. Basement Freaks ­ Soul Intoxication (Lonely Boy's Detox Dub) [Jalapeño Records] One More Tune: Paul McCartney ­ Let Em In (Jimi Bazzouka Re­Edit)
          - Mini foccacias apéro -   


    Une autre petite recette végétarienne pour l'apéro ou à accompagner d'une petite salade pour un dîner léger... Elles se congèlent aussi très bien et un petit tour au micro ondes à la sortie du congélateur et elles sont comme neuves !

Pour 12 petites foccacias (de la taille d'une main à peu près):

    - 500 g de farine
    - 8 g de levure sèche de boulanger
    - 5 c. à s. d'huile d'olive
    - 1 c. à s. rase de sel
    - la garniture de votre choix

    Mélangez la farine et la levure dans un saladier, creusez un puits au centre. Versez l'huile, 25 cl d'eau tiède et le sel.

    Incorporez peu à peu la farine dans les liquides. Pétrissez vigoureusement pendant 5 min (Je l'ai fait au robot avec le crochet), puis formez une boule de pâte. Déposez-la dans un saladier et couvrez d'un linge.

    Laissez pousser 1h dans un endroit tiède ou à proximité d'une source de chaleur.

    Accomodez la pâte selon votre goût, voici quelques idées:

    - au persil et aux câpres : ajoutez 75 g de câpres hâchés grossièrement au couteau, 2 gousses d'ail hâchées et 1/2 bouquet de persil

    - aux tomates séchées : ajoutez 8 tomates séchées coupées grossièrement au couteau, 2 échalotes émincées finement et 1 gousse d'ail hâchée

    - aux herbes et au olives : ajoutez 50 g d'olives noires et/ou vertes coupées grossièrement, 1/2 oignon rouge émincé finement, 1 gousse d'ail hâchée et 2 brins de thym et une petite branche de romarin dont vous aurez hâché les feuilles

    Incorporez les ingrédients à la pâte sans trop la travailler.

    Préchauffez le four à 220°C.

    Détaillez la pâte en 12 morceaux de taille égale et disposez-lez sur une plaque anti adhésive farinée. Aplatissez-les légèrement pour former 12 petites foccaccias ovales de 1 cm d'épaisseur. Réservez 15 mn dans un endroit tiède, puis formez de petites alvéoles sur les foccacias à l'aide de votre doigt.

    Arrosez d'un filet d'huile d'olive et enfournez pour 25 mn, jusqu'à ce que les petites foccaccias soient légèrment dorées !

Cette recette est également extraite du magazine "Slowly veggie" n°8 de mai/juin...

          - CAP Pâtissier: la génoise -   


          Ca fait un petit moment que j'aimerais apprendre certaines bases de la cuisine et en déambulant à travers les livres d'une librairie, je suis tombée sur celui-ci: Passez votre CAP Pâtisserie ! Ludique, bien expliqué, des photos, il n'en fallait pas beaucoup plus pour que je l'embarque. Faut dire que j'ai toujours plus ou moins craqué pour les trublions du goût Michel et Augustin...

          Aujourd'hui, j'ai décidé d'attaquer. La leçon n°1: la génoise ! Quelque chose que j'ai toujours plus ou moins raté... Résultat à la fin du post !

     Pour un cercle de 20 cm de diamètre:

    - 200 g d'oeufs
    - 125 g de sucre blanc
    - 125g de farine


          Monter les oeufs (3 plus un peu de blanc du quatrième) et le sucre avec le fouet de votre robot jusqu'à l'effet ruban ci-dessous. Lorsque la pâte retombe du fouet, elle doit former un ruban et rester quelques instants à la surface de la pâte. Il faut battre pendant au moins 5 mn, soyez patients !


          Tamisez la farine. Incorporez-là délicatement avec une maryse (spatule souple en plastique). Beurrez et farinez un cercle à pâtisserie et une plaque. Versez la pâte à l'intérieur. Pour éviter que la pâte ne déborde, ne dépassez pas les 3/4 du moule.


          Faites cuire 20 mn à 180°C. Vérifiez la cuisson à l'aide de la pointe d'un couteau. La lame doit ressortir sèche.


          Décollez délicatement la génoise de la plaque. Laissez la refroidir sur une grille. Une fois froide, démoulez-là délicatement.


          Et voilà ! Première leçon: validée ! La mie doit être bien aérée...

    Si vous souhaitez vous aussi approfondir certaines choses en pâtisserie, je vous conseille vraiment ce livre. Vous y trouverez plus de conseils sur le pourquoi ça rate parfois et plein de chouettes photos d'apprentis pâtissiers...

          Pornhub is integrating interactive teledildonics into its VR category   

Robots are starting to do the jobs humans don’t want to do … unless it’s your birthday or anniversary or something. Pornhub revealed the launch of its new “interactive” category (not suitable for work) of adult films that sync up with certain smart sex toys today. This mature-audiences-only branch of the internet-of-things, which is often referred […]

          Blueye Robotics lets you remotely pilot an underwater drone to 150 meters   

Now you can search for sunken treasure remotely. Blueye Robotics is announcing that it is creating an underwater drone that consumers can navigate to as deep as 150 meters under the ocean surface — about eight times deeper than divers can normally go. The Blueye Pioneer will be made to appeal to professional underwater drone […]

          Sibling Rivalry, Irregular Bedtime, Boosting Vocabulary - PediaCast 260   
Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for another News Parents Can Use edition of our program. Topics this week include sibling rivalry, antibiotics & eczema, irregular bedtime, vaccines & robots, boosting vocabulary, and the correct use of EpiPens.
          Baby Reflux, Wilderness Therapy, Military Deployment - PediaCast 250   
Join Dr Mike in the Pediacast Studio for another News Parents Can Use edition of our program. Topics this week include Autism Speaks, baby reflux, robot therapy, wilderness therapy, military deployment, and prevention of alcohol abuse in middle school through college.
          Liquid metal properties and applications for research paper topics   
With shades of the T-1000 transforming robot in Terminator 2 who could change shape and morph into whatever weapon he needed, scientists in China have announced the discovery of a liquid metal alloy that has shape shifting and self-propulsion properties. This discovery offers good research paper topics for your mechanical engineering or biotechnology class. Discovery, […]
          WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot   
WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot
The world's first stress-relief and relaxation massage robot.

Click Here For Complete Details

          Rhythmic Robot releases free PanaRhythm for Kontakt + 33% off sale   
Rhythmic Robot has announced the release of PanaRhythm, a free snare drum instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt. PanaRhythm is sampled from
          Pool Equipment    
There are lots of forms of pool cleaners, including suck-side swimming cleaners, pressure- and automatic pool cleaners, and it can be tough to understand which kind of poolcleaner to select. Lazy times spent soaking up the sun and when the comfortable days of summertime are ultimately here, bringing yard barbecues, nothing sets a damper around the party-like a share filled with foliage and trash.

Most shoppers who've obtained Dolphin Nautilus Robot Poolcleaner are often content with how a equipment performs regarding them so much (click here for more customer testimonials). The biggest advantage is its low-cost price yet it is trustworthy and very easy to work with.

What we including about this pool cleaner is the fact that it has an on-board and a filtering carrier filter send going to rotate it within your pool and allowing it to carry out cleaner suck, three capabilities efficiently; purification of pool water.

The dirt goes through the hose and in to pool filtering or the poolis send strainer holder, leaf tube andOR. It's definitely one of the robotic cleaners that are more expensive nevertheless the technology inside this machine as well as the productivity it offers undoubtedly provides you with everything you buy. We're going to address methods of the several important kinds of automatic pool purifiers for winterization and storage: pressure, suck and robotic. If a Dolphin Top is unleashed by you into your pool, it generally does not just question aimlessly around like the majority of pool products. This better is designed for cleanup with an amount of 75 ft of professional private pools. These machines can also be focused by detectors situated in the lump cafes which, with a modest offset and can shift over the thickness of one unit on every traversing of the share, create a slow in course, on experience of materials like a wall.

Equipped with detecting engineering and sophisticated mapping, they make sure that the dedicated interest it justifies is got by each last inch of one's pool exterior. Robotic above ground pool purifiers are specifically made for this and are moveable adequate to create weekly cleanup and lightWind. You'll enjoy our big selection of pool vacuum cleaners virtually around you'll adore our discounted rates and free nextday transport.

Basically the Polaris Game is one clean that we used that realized my expectations and offered and at that time it had been half the Dolphin's price. Dolphin Nautilus is really an essentially an easy automatic pool clean designed with most required capabilities regarding home in-ground swimming.

The chip can cause the machine to alter direction when it reaches a wall or even the water floor after hiking the share surfaces. An automatic better that has a high GPH usually features a greater convenience of possessing dust. That variety may surpass 2000 t, in case your share relies on your primary flow push to power a pool cleaner. It has a routine of 2.5 time that balances washing the warm floorboards and the surfaces. Quite simple to create- up and utilize - push a button and reduced it in to the share. They're power exclusively from the pool's principal send and make use of the poolis filter system to get rid of dirt and dirt .

Pools with a habit for even a large amount of dirt or larger debris should make use of a leaf tube in order to avoid the filtering that is constricting and push container. Since maintenance price to get a pool cleaner that is automatic can be quite pricey, the maker delivers ONE-yr warranty ensuring the entire quality.

At the Share Products Fast of Doheny, our robotic pool cleaners all are manufactured by trustworthy manufacturers like Aquabot, Nitro, Robo- Plane -Utmost, Pentair, Soil Devil, Hayward . It also provides one of the ways valves that prevent particles from falling-off and receiving back once again to the pool. The 3rd comb (fitted in choose Dolphin designs) rotates at increase the velocity of the robotic's movement, offering more-thorough discovering and rubbing.

the strain is used by pressure side productsThe water since it gets delivered back to the pool to push themselves round the poolis bottom and walls cleaning up many filth and debris. These would be the most widely-used and least-expensive pool cleaners with obtain charges running within the $100- budget range that is $300. What we-don't like relating to this cleanser is the fact that it overlooks destinations on the pool's floor during each washing routine. This can help in improving the water quality and saves anyone a great deal of investment property getting pool compounds. Pool cleaners progressed from two areas of science: development of cistern products that are beginning and the water filter. It has an enhanced technologies that permits the swimming to be scanned by it and cleanse it.

An extremely reliable onboard low-voltage engine was all which was needed to switch the poolcleaner sector upsidedown. This machine's streamlined style additionally enables the share to be maneuvered easily through by it consequently hardly any childcare will become necessary here. All-the dirt is caught by the dust handbag and inhibits it from going unlike a suck solution - into the filtration and swimming filter. They are nonetheless being created and energy generally since you can still find lots of pools which are old! As with all of our opinions (specifically the swimming protect pushes), there are usually a few which you cannot make a mistake using and also the same goes for this checklist.

Only position the robot pool cleaners inside the water and sit back and watch them do every one of the function. What we like relating to this cleaner is that it has brushes which might be suitable for regularly manufactured from liner flooring and real. The WISE Robotic Cleanser even offers a scrubbing steps tha t removes and records much more particles that different washing equipment.

Each of them produce cleaning your share much simpler, however not these are manufactured similar. The outer lining is intensely brushed by Dolphin robot pool products, effectively decreasing backwash volume eradicating dust, algae and bacteria and protecting on substances.

They're also the easiest to clean products that are robotic with uncomplicated leading, out there -access layout and INCHESwhite-glove" attribute which means you do not have to the touch dirt when drainingANDcleansing the robot.

The wide part wings aid in gathering any debris within the pool such as sand, stones, leaves and sticks. This equipment that is electronic includes a selection system using the ability to eliminate foliage, trash, soil along with other undesired materials from the regularly without requesting pool discharge.

The obtain expense of this type of cleanser range between no less than $200 to about $700 plus the costs of the enhancer pump, often over $200. United States Of America Obvious and Trademark Workplace refers into a cistern better obvious recorded (nevertheless never given) as early as 1798. In this case, there can be a robotic pool cleaner a promising remedy that stops homeowners from doing the entire swimming cleaning work personally. And so I ordered a dolphin M5 and tad the topic. This has been while in the pool twice so far and can of washing the swimming quite a excellent occupation. Additionally, it includes a 6 hour cleanup routine which will be plenty of to scrub any share as well as an electronic method of getting strength.

The automatic clean fundamentally digests or absorbs grime and particles in the share, nevertheless the good thing is best pool sweep the fact that additionally it has powerful scrubbers which allow the equipment to brush the surface of its journey.

Pressure-side cleaners use the tensionThe water as it gets returned back to push themselves around the swimmingis underside and surfaces vacuuming up particles and most filth. These are the most popular and least expensive pool products using purchase prices varying within the $100- price range. What we-don't including concerning this solution is the fact that it misses places on the pool's floor during every washing period. This preserves anyone a great deal of money spent getting pool compounds and helps in bettering the water quality. Children's pool cleaners changed from two aspects of science: advancement of the filtration and cistern cleansers that are first. It's an advanced technologies that permits it to check the pool and clean it in a faster period.

The unit is bad at having the full share, you have to move the tires to alter the direction, we try this every time that is other obtain and to try the full pool covered. Unbiased studies by Electric Firms show that robot cleaners eat 83PERCENT less energy than traditional pool cleaners.

The brushes, resembling paint rollers, can be found to the front and back of the equipment and help eliminate contaminating contaminants from the shareis floor, surfaces (and in several patterns also the pool measures) according to dimensions and settings.

          Keep Calm and Hack On   

KDE Project:

I've just got back from the Qt Contributor's Summit, and I had a really good time.

I arrived on Wednesday evening and we had arranged to meet in a bar called 'Brauhaus Lemke' in Hackescher Markt which is quite near Alexanderplatz. It did look easier to find on the map than it actually was, but Hackescher Markt is a great place. There is a big square with loads of bars that have seats outside. The Lemke is slightly off the main square.

When I got there we had about one and a half giant tables full of KDE people. I was really impressed with the beer menu; they had four brews which they make themselves. A 'Saison' which means seasonal and could be anything, a Pils, a Weiz beer and a very nice 'Lemke Original' which was amber coloured which an interesting depth of taste, and that was my personal favourite. You really need to go through all four at least twice I would say to get started, and you can get a 'test kit' with small samples of each to do that. They have vegetarian food, and I thought the Swiss Rusti - potato cakes with fried eggs on top - was particularly good.

So for the Desktop Summit I don't think you could go far wrong with arranging to meet people at one of the bars in Hackescher Markt. It's even got 'Hacke..' in the name after all..

The following morning we arrived at the Summit for a morning of keynotes.

The conference was held in an East German 'retro modernist' building (if that is the right word). The rooms were named after space things like 'Vostok' or 'Mars' and there was even a Sputnick sculpture above a mural of 'herioc workers' type stuff at the front. My only criticism was that there were so many attendees that the rooms were packed and the air conditioning couldn't keep up and it got really hot.

After Alex Leisse introduced the conference, the first keynote was from the Nokia guy running the Open Source software program - I didn't take a note of his name. He reassured us that an Open Source plan does actually exist contrary to what you might think from the public reports. One major theme of the conference is that what is really happening in private isn't quite the same as the public image of Nokia although they couldn't tell us anything about what they called 'confidential things.'

Then Lars Knoll gave an account of the plans for Qt5 in detail. This is what I had mainly been looking forward to finding out about, and I was very impressed. They want to make the QML scene graph 3d the main focus of UI development although imperative QPainter based apis for drawing will still be there if you need them (I assume that is in the QtGui module). The biggest change was that QWidgets were being moved out of QtGui into their own module. I don't think the idea was to make them 'legacy only', but instead to optimize memory usage for small devices which don't need them. Other than those major changes most other things were just clean ups and tidying that would be reasonably source compatible.

The aim was to try and move as fast as possible, but not include too much in the 5.0 release so that either quality would be compromised or feature creep would cause delays. From the point of view of KDE we will need to just wait and see, and make sure we don't commit too early. We have plenty of other things to do at the moment, and I don't think we absolutely must switch when Qt 5.0 comes out, and instead just do enough research to have a thorough understanding of what it's about.

The first bindings guy I hadn't met before was Matti who runs the PySide project. He told me he wasn't too technical, but he could relay any issues we came up with for bindings back to the guys in Brazil.

After the keynotes, we had lunch which was a box with sandwiches and stuff in it. Half the sandwiches and food were vegetarian throughout the conference, which was pretty good, and I didn't end up being distracted by feeling really hungry as I couldn't eat any of the food, like had happened once or twice at the recent UDS conference in Buderpest.

The first discussion sessions started in the afternoon, and I was particulary interested in one about slots/signals changes in Qt5. I had read a blog on Qt Labs by Olivier Goffart about proposals for new slots/signals (I can't seem to find it via Google at the moment). The proposals looked as though they might be a bit 'boosty', and that they would screw up language bindings projects by changing to entirely statically typed signals/slots. It turned out that wasn't the plan, and in fact the new functor style slots weren't replacements for Qt's QMetaObject based slots, but were in addition to them. Attaching a C++ lamda directly to a signal looked pretty neat, and pretty similar to what we've done with QtRuby with invoking ruby blocks attached to signals.

In the Thursday evening we had a party and listened to the Troll's house band who did some good covers of sometimes 'dodgy' original material. I probably liked Pierre's trumpet riffs best - they were appropriate, to the point and not overdone. Similar to how I like code I suppose. We had a robot dance from the legendary Knut Yrvin along with some lessons on how to do his basic moves - only feasible for normal humans after quite a few Becks I would say.

On the Friday there was a second QMetaObject session about dynamically generating them. There were some minor issues about how to handle the function that is used by qt_static_metacall(), but mainly it seems pretty good from a bindings point of view and I don't think we're going to need to drastically redesign the slots/signals stuff and it will carry on working much the same.

There was this guy there who talked about Python in the QMetaObjects session, but he had his name badge reversed so I couldn't actually confirm who I suspected it was. After the session I introduced myself and found out that he was indeed Phil Thompson of PyQt fame. I had wanted to meet Phil for a while - every now and then he posts a helpful mail to the kde bindings mailing list and I had been impressed with the PyQt code when I studied it.

We went downstairs outside and had lunch outside sitting on benches in the sunshine which was very pleasant. We had a long chat about bindings issues and agreed that Qt4 was mainly fine from the point of view of bindings and Qt5 looked like it was carrying on being much the same.

A common issue was what on earth to do about QML integration. We have some problems about how to do custom QML types in bindings languages, but far more important is the effect of mixing two dynamic languages with different syntaxes in the same application. Phil's approach was to provide basic support for QML for those who wanted to use it, but he is working on a very ambitious sounding Python based declarative language that would be used instead of QML, not as well as QML. I had thought about that for Ruby, but decided that it wasn't really option. So we'll have to see how it turns out for PyQt.

On the Friday evening I went back to the Lemke bar for some more 'research' and was pleased to find there were a pile of people from the conference already there.

We finished up on Saturday with more follow on session mainly to expand on what had already been discussed. I had a language bindings session and we went over a few things especially QMetaObject stuff again with Olivier.

So that was it. I have been impressed with what I've learned about Qt5, and think that Berlin is a great place and am looking forward to the Desktop Summit. I really, really must get my flight and hotel booked this week.

Oh, one last thing. Why is this blog called "Keep Calm and Hack On"? It is because we were all given t-shirts with that phrase in big green letters with a pair of crossed swords at the top. Are we all the 'Right Stuff' in other words. I think we will be..




Universo. Es el conjunto de toda la materia que existe. Se ha comprobado que el Universo se encuentra en expansión continua. Según la teoría de "la gran explosión" (Big Bang), hace 15 000 millones de años todo la materia y energía se encontraban concentrados en un único punto que explotó.
Astronomía.- Estudia el origen y la evolución del universo, los fenómenos que suceden en él y los materiales que lo componen.
§         Teoría Geocéntrica. Esta teoría propone que la Tierra es el centro del Universo y que los planetas y el Sol giran alrededor de ella describiendo circunferencias. Se fundamentaba en la observación diaria de la salida y puesta del Sol. Se remonta al siglo III a.C. Posteriormente, en el siglo II d.C, el griego Ptolomeo (90-168 d.C) observó que en determinadas épocas del año los planetas se veían más brillantes y el Sol parecía más grande. Para explicar todo ello sin contradecir que las órbitas eran circunferencias Ptolomeo propuso que el Sol y los planetas seguían pequeñas órbitas alrededor de un punto el cual a la vez describía una gran circunferencia alrededor de la Tierra. Cuanto más observaciones hacía más circunferencias subordinadas había de imaginar, y así llegó a proponer hasta 39 de estas circunferencias. Es el denominada modelo de Ptolomeo.
-La Tierra es esférica y está inmóvil en el centro del universo.
-El Sol, la Luna y los planetas giran en torno a la Tierra en trayectorias circulares.
-Las estrellas están fijas en una esfera muy lejana que gira, a su vez, alrededor de la Tierra.

§         Teoría Heliocéntrica. En esta teoría se propone que el Sol está en el centro y que es la Tierra y los otros planetas los que giran alrededor de él. Se remonta al siglo III a.C. y fue recuperada por Copérnico (1473-1543 d.C) en el siglo XVI, mejorada luego por Kepler (1571-1630) al demostrar que las órbitas no eran circulares sino elípticas y finalmente confirmada por Galileo (1564-1642) mediante observaciones con el telescopio que él inventó.
§         RESUMIENDO:
-El Sol está inmóvil en el centro del universo.
-La Tierra gira sobre sí misma y la Luna lo hace asu alrededor.
-La Tierra y los demás planetas giran alrededor del Sol a distintas velocidades y en círculos concéntricos.
-la esfera de estrellas que rodea este sistema no se mueve.


La Teoría del big-bang.- Toda la materia y la energía del universo estaban concentradas en un punto infinitamente pequeño y extremadamente caliente. Después de una gran explosión que dio origen al universo, el big bang, la materia salió impulsada con gran energía e todas las direcciones; después de mucho tiempo, se fue agrupando y concentrando en algunos lugares del espacio, dando lugar a las primeras estrellas y galaxias.
Escalas y medidas en el universo
Año luz.- Es la distancia que recorre la luz en un año. Como la luz se mueve a 300 000 Km/s es una longitud enorme. Se utiliza para expresar la distancia entre las estrellas
Unidad Astronómica.- U.A. Unidades Astronómicas, 1 U.A. = 150. 106 Km. Distancias de los planetas al Sol. Entre la Tierra y su estrella hay una Unidad Astronómica (unos 150 millones de km); Neptuno se encuentra a 30,1 UA.
Medidos de observación del universo: Actualmente disponemos de numerosos recursos tecnológicos que nos permiten observar y explorar el espacio:
-Observatorios astronómicos
-Telescopios en el espacio
-Vehículos robotizados

"This is a quantum leap towards greater functionality and independence for people who can not move their own arms," says researcher Andrew Schwartz of the University of Pittsburgh. "This technology, which interprets brain signals to guide a robotic arm, has enormous potential to continue to explore."

"As we move forward, we realize that this applies to other types of traumatic brain injury," noted researcher Elizabeth Tyler-Kabara at the University of Pittsburgh. "The people that we can apply this technology could be as wide as it is our imagination."

          Envisioning the Future of Retail Market   

Online Stores
Internet has brought paradigm shifts in all the industries. Internet enables companies to increase their connectivity while reducing the overall costs. In retail industry, online stores have an advantage over brick and mortar stores with their lower overhead costs. This makes players like Amazon extremely competitive in cost leadership segment. With the development of internet payment gateways and consumer acceptance over the credibility of stores, online purchases are likely to grow significantly over the coming years.
Even in emerging economies, where credit cards and internet payment gateways are not accessible to mass, “cash on delivery” services enable online stores to foster. E.g.: Flipkart in India.
According to technology and research firm Forrester, we can expect e-commerce to increase (in US) by 13 percent in the year 2013, to a whopping $262 billion.
Mobile Stores
Smartphones have presented a new market to the retailers. Enabled with rich applications[1]and QR code integration, smartphones have fostered the development and incorporation of virtual shopping screens and even robotic store displays in the retail industry[2].
Consumers have been empowered of being able to buy things online straight from their phone and being able to buy things in store with their phone[3]. Companies like Square are further pushing this trend with devices and applications to make purchases from phones a commonality.
Store within a Store
One of the major issues faced by physical retail stores like Wal-Mart is the growing staffing costs. Retailers like J.C. Penney have found innovative concept of “store within a store”. The retailer sub-lets the space to the product maker and the counter is staffed by an employee of the product maker, not the retailer. Whether it is Chanelor Lancomeor some other brand, each product maker is “showcased” at its own counter[4]
While competing in the cost leadership segment, reduction in the overhead costs gives an improved competitive edge to the retailers. Thus, acceptance and appliance of this model in the future by more retailers is a reality.
Shopping Experience: New Types of Value for Customers
It is going to very difficult for traditional retail stores to compete with online stores in terms of price. To pull the customers from comfort of their home to the stores, retailers have to create and sell shopping experiences[5]. Strategic alliances with brands to develop retail stores as brand and product showroom could be the way ahead[6].
Online stores still lack browsing and discovery experiences that satisfy curiosity. Retail stores can work on new types of value addition for customers. Retail spaces can relax customers, offer refreshments, and provide entertainment while creating the conditions to engage in a conversation that builds brand loyalty.
As retailers expand across the globe, there will be a need to customize strategies as per the customer’s behavior. Wal-Mart accepted this fact in 2006 and developed merchandising strategy to reflect each of six demographic groups. As retailers plunge into international expansion, one-size-fits-all strategy will not work. The successful retailers in the future will incorporate customer preferences across geographies and ethnicities, and customize accordingly.
Data Analytics
As the world is becoming more and more digitized, there will be hoards of information available for retailers to analyze and better fit their strategies to the needs of the consumers. More insights on consumer behavior and strategizing accordingly will ensure better performance. Use of social media will be a key to the extraction of this information. Retailers will increasingly use omni-channelapproach to track customers across all channels.


[1] (Kanada, 2013)
[2] (Silverstein, 2013)
[3] (Phillips, 2012)
[4] (Ganos, 2013)
[5] (Jhonson, 2011)
[6] (Geddes, 2011)

          Comment on CONFIRMED: Steve Burton Returning To General Hospital! by Jimh(leave it to beaver)   
He will be awesome playing Robotic Jason-lol...they will probably repeat the two Todd and Jessica/Natalie twin story line done at OLTL !...i have mixed feelings here...hope BM is another Q at least!!!
          Comment on CONFIRMED: Steve Burton Returning To General Hospital! by Tristan   
Dreadful news! Now we will be subjected to not just one, but to TWO brain-damaged mob robots!
          Webstock: The Shape of Things    

In his The Shape of Things presentation at Webstock 2016 in Wellington New Zealand, Tom Coates shared his latest thoughts on designing for the Internet of Things. Here's my notes from his talk:

  • People used believed there would just be a few large computers that took care of our needs. They genuinely believed there wouldn’t be lots of little computers everywhere.
  • This year there will be 1.5 billion smartphones sold. In one human lifetime we went from essentially nothing to billions of computers shipped each year. There’s no sign of a slow-down.
  • In the future computers will be integrated into everything even when they only make tiny improvements. We already have smart ovens, scales, cleaners, security systems, batteries, etc.
  • You should use the network to amplify a tool’s core purpose not to be another Web browse or Twitter client.
  • There’s a push in the design industry to integrate software and physical objects. But we should be doing the reverse.
  • Many believe the world of screens and icons is an abstraction and that we should get back to manipulating the World as we used to: with our hands. The metaphor is enhancement: take an ordinary object and give it magical properties through network integration. The process is moving from abstraction to tangible interactions.
  • But is this really the answer to how we interact with networked objects? Perhaps not because the power of connected objects is in the connections. And those are hard to display physically.
  • An embodied object is not the same as the Internet of Things. We want our environment to respond to us not each individual objects.
  • Imagine if every object is completely intuitive because of interfaces optimized for specific tasks. You have to learn each of these UIs. But with a general purpose interface, you only have to learn to use it once to enable a variety of tasks.
  • What we should do instead is push the service layer further: to detach even more from objects. As an example, ZipCar uses very little hardware and is 95% service layer. All the value lies at this layer.
  • The ideal service layer: gives you control; supports you from initial set-up to the day you recycle it; understands it will be used by multiple people (the World is multi-user); is able to work easily with other devices; does not expect you to be a programmer; communicates clearly and politely in ways that are timely and familiar.
  • These six principles are important for any Internet of Things service layer. Thingdom is trying to build a UI layer that is rooted in social networking models and includes “robot butler” style prompts.
  • This type of service layer will ultimately exist for the planet. It will define how we interact with the World. Someone will build this, and infuse it with their ethics and beliefs. Get involved so your views are integrated.

          Unity Developer - Sphero - Boulder, CO   
We are connected play. Sphero creates robots injected with humanity and personality. That's what we know, what we love, and who we are. Unlike traditional toys...
From Sphero - Thu, 18 May 2017 00:50:57 GMT - View all Boulder, CO jobs
50.000 fois quelqu'un est venu lire, 50.000 clics, 50.000 parties de texte lues, 50.000 envies de pousser la porte, au détour des hasards, des recommandations, des labyrinthes perdus, par rebond, tout du long des chemins, au profond des réseaux, à la surface des couches de silicium, dans l'inconscient des hommes, dans un lien, grâce à un robot,  un moteur de recherche. Vous m'avez touché en venant si nombreux, ici, et même si vous n'avez lu que quelques mots, quelques lignes, vous m'avez honoré. Vraiment !

Alors le gagnant de tous est ... P'tit Bout, le p'tit loup avec près de 20.000 vues. Vous l'avez lu ? Non ? Alors il est là P'tit Bout
Le deuxième est le deuxième épisode du conte Le pélerin, le phasme, la cigogne, et les autres et vous pouvez le retrouver 

Et le troisième ? Le phasme, premier épisode du même conte et vous pouvez le retrouver ici
Et puis, j'en profite pour faire une petite promo d'un billet que j'aime bien ; un nouveau genre, un co-poème avec  . Il est 

Merci beaucoup de vos visites. Vous êtes toujours les bienvenus :)

          Comment on Mengenal Robot Hijau – HP Android by Adam   
yang motorola droid keren tuh, tapi kayaknya jarang yang pake yah? jarang liat di sekitar saya
          Hillary Needs All the Help TRUMP and the GOP Can Give Her   
Obama called Hillary,"Not Nearly Enough BAD" in his own unique way, but with Michele as VP...and TRUMP Perot-ing away critical GOP votes, she can at last grasp "The BRASS RING".

On the very day after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced her favvorite hat "in the ring" for president of the United States, she hobnobbed at a Chipotle in Ohio with top advisor Huma Abedin. Both wore sunglasses and the same color dress probably. Few photos exist, if any. They did not hold hands but ordered at the counter where nobody noticed, saying,"WOW, There is the former first former lady!" They sat down at a table and guess what... nobody noticed. They sat at the table for 25 minutes, paid their bill FIRST because who gets to eat it THEN pay, and ambulated out. Nobody noticed that they were "incognito".
Nobody had to take a purloined pistol from an exasperated Democrat because she had failed to be distraught, depressed, and even grab one to pretend to be "ending it all". Hang your head, and say, "AW SHUCKS!"

Down Low but otherwise upper echelon Democrats who "sabe mas como el BURRO" and want to appear to know seem to believe that Hillary Clinton has magic. The Democratic National Committee all but prayed over her and anointed her with cottonseed oil as their nominee just scant moments after her lollapaloosa announcement. Barack Obama almost endorsed her. The media drooled on their bibs, swooned over her statement that she would be going on a tour in a van, and got all excited. 
Nevertheless that episode in the Chipotle says and ingonito Hillary and good buddy, Nana, can go anywhere and do not need a "rope barrier" to corral the over-caffinated and wild-eyed adoring media. Hillary is 100 percent infamous on name identification. She is not an anonymous Chicago senator with a paper-thin resume who recommends abortion, writes bills that are ignored and gets major attention anyway. She is better than hot fudge on a stick - she’s an unapproachable, insincere, - elitist who proudly calls herself the B-word. And most of all, everybody is all too well aware of her "status".

there are three HUGE reasons that Hillary is no B.O. or whatever people want to call him:

Hillary lacks that "I'm Special" racial appeal. The hierarchy of major victimhood in the leftist thought system places blacks at the top with 300 free points on job-related qualifying tests. Latinos get 150 and gays and lesbians are ranked somewhere below blacks and Latinos free-points-on-test-wise because they were mostly whites rowdy at Stonewall Bar and Grill. Latinos and Native Americans rank below both groups, then women. Jews and Asians, mainly an afterthought in the rankings take the lower tiers because they are the most taken for granted. Barack Obama promised that as a half-black man, his election would unify the country, and people bought that jive, hook, line and sinker. Barry Soetoro was elected to moving America beyond the racial polarization of the past. Naive Republicans joined equally naive Democrats in celebrating the symbolism of his election, although some knew it was a power grab beyond all expectations that it quickly became.  Senator Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) wrote in his book that he cried when Obama was elected. and stated:

    I was so proud to be an American, and so moved by the powerful symbolism of the moment, I couldn’t stop myself from tearing up."

Nobody will peel onions and become all leaky-eyed when Hillary is elected, because nobody, down deep, believes a woman cannot be elected in America. Three out of four US Secretaries of State were women and there are presently and have been - numerous overly-powerful female senators. Hillary Clinton is in no way, shape or fashion - a victim.

Even more telling, Barack Obama’s 2012 election, representing a wised-up example of his actual support level, relied heavily on black electoral support. Palefaces and "browns" intilidated by dozens of blacks in voting lines expected to vote for you-know-who, did not bother to vote. Likewise, Obama needed and got - critical black support in the 2008 primaries. Had it not been for black support in 2008, Obama would have been beaten by Hillary Clinton. Hillary can "shuck and jive" practically plastic-like and robotically but lacks that same level of support from blacks in either the primaries or the general election.

Hillary is a somewhat lackluster female. Hillary may have a child that Mike Obama can never have to be truly female, but Hillary will emphasize the fact that she is female in her own boring, repetative fashion but the fact remains that her bond-ability with female voters leaves something to be desired. Her upper middle class elitist upbringing helped her to "marry well"- snaring the future governor of Arkansas. The Arkansas governor's coattails landed her in a prestigious law firm, then First Lady, Senator, and as a consolation prize, Secretary of State. She does not emote or bond particularly well with moms or grandmothers, in spite of her baking cookies and lying about Chealsea jogging at the Twin Towers. The mainstream alphabet TV and print media tries valiantly to portray her as a regular human being, but falls flat on its collective face.

Hillary Clinton rhetorically wants assist students heavily in debt by taxing the rich, especially the rich who favor everyone paying 1% and incrementally more topping at 15% for millionaires.
Hillary Clinton's her backpedaling on coal reveals her coal miner roots may be a total fabrication.
An August 2015, polling on the pubs holds that Hillary Clinton is somewhat dominant with 'somewhat liberal' voters percentage-wise (57 to 22), moderates (54 to 18), women (56 to 21), and seniors (58 to 19). For Hillary Clinton,  designated 'very liberal' voters are (49 to 39), males (47 to 30), and younger voters sometimes called "wippersnappers" and "skulls full of mush" (46 to 31).

hillary is ancient in age. Under 30 voters constituted about 19 percent of 2012 voters. That bodes ill for Hillary, who must rely on contributions from women and youth (Yutes) to pick up the slack she is sure to see with a diminished black vote turnout. With Hillary, they have seen "Par-ee" so it will be difficult to keep them "on the plantation" or farm - in the tank - for her. The ageing face full of wrinkles is bad news for Hillary. Pollsters easily predicted that Hillary would do well with youth voters when an early April Fusion poll piled up victories over Jeb (Common Core lover) Bush, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Governor Scott (Dynimite) Walker, Bobby Jindal and Marko Rubio. In these days of looking important on TV, Hillary polls well when she goes missing-in-action (MIA), but when the ones polled actually SEE HER, they are UNDERWHELMED.

Perhaps more than anything else, Hillary represents the past. Marko Rubio presented a  contrast splendidly in his "gonna run for POTUS " announcement speech which punted "patooty" posteriorly:

Just yesterday, a leader from yesterday began a campaign for President by promising to take us back to yesterday. But yesterday is over, and we are never going back.

Similarities of Hillary remain for comparison to Obama since the mainstream media will automatically favor her as a Democrat giving her softball questions instead of gruelling headache-inducing ones she deserves. Similarly, her checkered-infamous past will be whitewashed. As an Ivy League elitist, she comes across as a fake intellectual, having no Rhodes Scholar or epic grades from long ago when the chisels recorded court transcriptions.  Unlike Obama, nobody will just GIVE HER the presidency because she is a Democrat and the Republicans will grovel and worship at her feet.  She will have to pump up her own following. And when Hillary forced to portray herself, she is at a loss to "act naturally". 
If she had done a few hundred homicide trials, she would have that stony demeanor that would set her apart as a rock between steel and a hard place.

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          Skomentuj Podatek od najmu w 2017 roku – ryczałt czy zasady ogólne?, którego autorem jest Jakub   
Cyklicznie co roku wracam na Twojego bloga by przeczytać kolejną wersję artykułu o podatkach od wynajmu. Dobra robota.
          Rat Lungworm Found Throughout Florida Say Scientists   
Researchers from the University of Florida have discovered the rat lungworm nematode is found throughout Florida.



“Por un abordaje subjetivante del sufrimiento psíquico en niños y adolescentes – No al DSM"

de Sociedades Complejas, el Martes, 10 de abril de 2012 a la(s) 18:44 ·

                                               CAMPAÑA INTERNACIONAL STOP DSM
                                                             Manifiesto del forumadd

“Por un abordaje subjetivante del sufrimiento psíquico en niños y adolescentes – No al DSM”

Los abajo firmantes, profesionales e instituciones, consideramos necesario tomar posición respecto a un aspecto clave de la defensa del derecho a la salud, en particular en el campo de la salud mental: la patologización y medicalización de la sociedad, en especial de los niños y adolescentes.

Sostenemos que la construcción de la subjetividad necesariamente refiere al contexto social e histórico en que se inscribe y que es un derecho de los niños, los adolescentes y sus familias ser escuchados y atendidos en la situación de padecimiento o sufrimiento psíquico.

Tal como planteamos ya en el Consenso de Expertos del Área de la Salud sobre el llamado “Trastorno por déficit de atención con o sin hiperactividad” (2005): “hay una multiplicidad de 'diagnósticos' psicopatológicos y de terapéuticas que simplifican las determinaciones de los trastornos infantiles y regresan a una concepción reduccionista de las problemáticas psicopatológicas y de su tratamiento”. Son enunciados descriptivos que se terminan transformando en enunciados identificatorios.

En ese sentido, un manual como el DSM (Manual Diagnóstico y Estadístico de los Desórdenes Mentales de la American Psychiatric Association en sus diferentes versiones), que no toma en cuenta la historia, ni los factores desencadenantes, ni lo que subyace a un comportamiento, obtura las posibilidades de pensar y de interrogarse sobre lo que le ocurre a un ser humano.

Esto atenta contra el derecho a la salud, porque cuando se confunden signos con patologías se dificulta la realización del tratamiento adecuado para cada paciente.

A la vez, con el argumento de una supuesta posición a-teórica, el DSM responde a la teoría de que lo observable y cuantificable pueden dar cuenta del funcionamiento humano, desconociendo la profundidad y complejidad del mismo, así como las circunstancias histórico-sociales en las que pueden suscitarse ciertas conductas.

Más grave aún, tiene la pretensión de hegemonizar prácticas que son funcionales a intereses que poco tienen que ver con los derechos de los niños y sus familias.

En esta línea, alertamos tanto sobre el contenido como sobre el impacto, que en el campo de la salud mental, tienen el DSM IV TR o el DSM V (en preparación). Presentados inicialmente como manuales estadísticos a los fines de una epidemiología tradicional, en las últimas décadas han ocupado el lugar de la definición, rotulación y principal referencia diagnóstica de procesos de padecimiento mental.

Con el formato de clasificaciones y recetas con título de urgencia, eficiencia y pragmatismo se soslayan las determinaciones intra e intersubjetivas del sufrimiento psíquico.

Consideramos que es fundamental diagnosticar, a partir de un análisis detallado de lo que el sujeto dice, de sus producciones y de su historia. Desde esta perspectiva el diagnóstico es algo muy diferente a poner un rótulo; es un proceso que se va construyendo a lo largo del tiempo y que puede tener variaciones (porque todos vamos sufriendo transformaciones).

En relación a los niños y a los adolescentes, esto cobra una relevancia fundamental. Es central tener en cuenta las vicisitudes de la constitución subjetiva y el tránsito complejo que supone siempre la infancia y la adolescencia así como la incidencia del contexto. Existen así estructuraciones y re-estructuraciones sucesivas que van determinando un recorrido en el que se suceden cambios, progresiones y retrocesos. Las adquisiciones se van dando en un tiempo que no es estrictamente cronológico. Es por esto que los diagnósticos dados como rótulos pueden ser claramente nocivos para el desarrollo psíquico de un niño, en tanto lo deja siendo un “trastorno” de por vida.

De este modo, se borra la historia de un niño o de un adolescente y se niega el futuro como diferencia.

El sufrimiento infantil suele ser desestimado por los adultos y muchas veces se ubica la patología allí donde hay funcionamientos que molestan o angustian, dejando de lado lo que el niño siente. Es frecuente así que se ubiquen como patológicas conductas que corresponden a momentos en el desarrollo infantil, mientras se resta trascendencia a otras que implican un fuerte malestar para el niño mismo.

A la vez, suponer que diagnosticar es nominar nos lleva a un camino muy poco riguroso, porque desconoce la variabilidad de las determinaciones de lo nominado.

Asimismo, las clasificaciones tienden a agrupar problemas muy diferentes sólo porque su presentación es similar.

El DSM parte de la idea de que una agrupación de síntomas y signos observables, que podemos describir, tiene de por sí entidad de enfermedad, una supuesta base “neurobiológica” que la explica y genes que, sin demasiadas pruebas veraces, la estarían causando.

El manual intenta sostener como “datos objetivos” lo que no son más que enumeraciones de conductas sin sostén teórico ni validación clínica. Es paradójico, porque una reunión de datos pasa a ser supuestamente el modelo que se pretende utilizar para dar cuenta de la patología psíquica, negando con esto toda exploración más profunda y obviando la incidencia del observador en la calificación de esas conductas.

Así, el movimiento de un niño puede ser considerado normal o patológico según quién sea el observador, tanto como el retraso en el lenguaje puede ser ubicado como “trastorno” específico o como síntoma de dificultades vinculares según quién esté “evaluando” a ese niño.

Esto se ha ido complicando a lo largo de los años. No es casual que el DSM II cite 180 categorías diagnósticas; el DSM IIIR, 292 y el DSM IV más de 350. Por lo que se sabe hasta el momento, el DSM V, ya en preparación, planteará, gracias al empleo de un paradigma llamado “dimensional” muchos más “trastornos” y también nuevos “espectros”, de modo tal que todos podamos encontrarnos representados en uno de ellos.

Consideramos que este modo de clasificar no es ingenuo, que responde a intereses ideológicos y económicos y que su perspectiva no hace otra cosa que ocultar la ideología que subyace a este tipo de pensamiento, que es la concepción de un ser humano máquina, robotizado, con una subjetividad “aplanada”, al servicio de una sociedad que privilegia la “eficiencia”.

Esto también se expresa a través de los tratamientos que suelen recomendarse en función de ese modo de diagnosticar: medicación y tratamiento conductual, desconociendo nuevamente la incidencia del contexto y el modo complejo de inscribir, procesar y elaborar que tiene el ser humano.

En relación a la medicación, lo que está predominando es la medicalización de niños y adolescentes, en que se suele silenciar con una pastilla, conflictivas que muchas veces los exceden y que tienden a acallar pedidos de auxilio que no son escuchados como tales. Práctica que es muy diferente a la de medicar criteriosamente, “cuando no hay más remedio” en que se apunta a atenuar la incidencia desorganizante de ciertos síntomas mientras se promueve una estrategia de subjetivación que apunte a destrabar y potenciar, y no sólo suprimir. Un medicamento debe ser un recurso dentro de un abordaje interdisciplinario que tenga en cuenta las dimensiones epocales, institucionales familiares y singulares.

Entonces, en lugar de rotular, consideramos que debemos pensar qué es lo que se pone en juego en cada uno de los síntomas que los niños y adolescentes presentan, teniendo en cuenta la singularidad de cada consulta y ubicando ese padecer en el contexto familiar, educacional y social en el que ese niño está inmerso.
Por consiguiente, los profesionales e instituciones abajo firmantes consideramos que:
  1. Los malestares psíquicos son un resultado complejo de múltiples factores, entre los cuales las condiciones socio-culturales, la historia de cada sujeto, las vicisitudes de cada familia y los avatares del momento actual se combinan con factores constitucionales dando lugar a un resultado particular.
  2. Toda consulta por un sujeto que sufre debe ser tomada en su singularidad.
  3. Niños y adolescentes son sujetos en crecimiento, en proceso de cambio, de transformación. Están armando su historia en un momento particular, con progresiones y regresiones. Por consiguiente, ningún niño y ningún adolescente puede ser “etiquetado” como alguien que va a padecer una patología de por vida.
  4. La idea de niñez y de adolescencia varía en los diferentes tiempos y espacios sociales. Y la producción de subjetividad es distinta en cada momento y en cada contexto.
  5. Un etiquetamiento temprano, enmascarado de “diagnóstico”, produce efectos que pueden condicionar el desarrollo de un niño, en tanto el niño se ve a sí mismo con la imagen que los otros le devuelven de sí, construye la representación de sí mismo a partir del espejo que los otros le ofertan. Y a su vez los padres y maestros lo mirarán con la imagen que los profesionales le den del niño. Por consiguiente un diagnóstico temprano puede orientar el camino de la cura de un sujeto o transformarse en invalidante. Esto implica una enorme responsabilidad para aquél que recibe la consulta por un niño.
  6. Todos los niños y adolescentes merecen ser atendidos en su sufrimiento psíquico y que los adultos paliemos sus padecimientos. Para ello, todos, tan sólo por su condición ciudadana, deberían tener acceso a diferentes tratamientos, según sus necesidades, así como a la escucha de un adulto que pueda ayudarlo a encontrar caminos creativos frente a su padecer y a redes de adultos que puedan sostenerlo en los momentos difíciles.
Beatriz Janin, Gabriela Dueñas, Gustavo Dupuy, Nora Elichiry, Osvaldo Tulio Frizzera, Elsa Kahansky, Andrea Kaplan, José R. Kremenchuzky, Virginia López Casariego, Silvia Morici, Miguel Tollo, Mabel Rodriguez Ponte, María Cristina Rojas, Rosa Silver, Alicia Stolkiner, María Terzaghi, Gisela Untoiglich, Juan Vasen, siguen las firmas...

Para adherir al Manifiesto del forumadd, ingresar en


forumadd - equipo interdisciplinario contra la medicalización y la patologización de la infancia 

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A report from PwC predicts that 38% of American jobs will be automated by 2030. Analysis from The Washington Post puts the number of millennials who will be competing with robots for jobs in their lifetime at 50%. While these numbers matter (including to me personally, as a working millennial), it is important to put them in perspective and understand how bots–and artificial intelligence–will work alongside humans in the offices of the future. And how companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Slack and Facebook who are already scripting and powering workplace applications of AI can ethically create new integrations and innovations.

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          La mare aux cochons - Le gâteau!   
Numéro bis vient d'avoir 2 ans... déjà! En ce moment il est à fond dans les animaux, les tracteurs et tout et tout ;-) J'ai donc eu envie de lui faire un gâteau sur le thème de la ferme et je me suis donc naturellement dirigé vers le fameux gâteau: mare aux cochons!

Comme base j'ai choisi de refaire le gâteau de Nancy décoré de kit kat et recouvert de ganache au chocolat avant de le décorer avec les fameux petits cochons en pâte d'amandes.

Pour 10 personnes (moule de 20cm de diamètre mais le gâteau est haut!) : 4 œufs, 125 g de chocolat noir (à 70%), 125 g de sucre, 125 g de beurre mou, 25 g de farine, 100 g d’amandes en poudre, 1 pincée de sel, 20 g de beurre et de farine pour le moule.
Ganache au chocolat : 200 ml de crème liquide entière, 200 g de chocolat noir
Déco : 1 paquet de mini kit kat, pâte d'amandes rose
Gâteau :
  • Allumer le four à th 5/ 6 (175°C). Beurrer et fariner un moule à manqué.
  • Faire fondre le chocolat cassé en petits morceaux au bain marie puis le laisser refroidir un peu.
  • Travailler le beurre en pommade avec la moitié du sucre dans un saladier ou au robot, puis incorporer le chocolat juste tiède. Ce détail est très important : le chocolat ne doit pas faire fondre le beurre, il doit être à la même température que lui. On doit obtenir une masse légère et mousseuse. Si le chocolat fait fondre le beurre, le gâteau sera plus plat.
  • Séparer les blancs des jaunes d’œufs. Incorporer les jaunes dans la préparation, puis ajouter la farine et les amandes en poudre. Bien homogénéiser. La préparation doit être toujours aérée.
  • Battre les blancs des œufs en neige ferme avec le sel, en ajoutant le reste de sucre petit à petit, à partir du moment où ils commencent à être un peu ferme. Fouetter jusqu'à ce qu'ils soient lisses et brillants. Les incorporer très délicatement dans la pâte à l'aide d'une maryse. On obtient un genre de mousse au chocolat, mais la farine et ma poudre d'amandes vont la transformer en gâteau à la cuisson.
  • Verser la pâte dans le moule, lisser légèrement la surface et faire cuire au four pendant 30 environ sans mettre la chaleur tournante. Vérifier la cuisson avec la pointe d'un couteau qui doit ressortir sèche.Ne prolongez pas la cuisson, sinon le gâteau perdra en moelleux. Cinq minutes après la sortie du four, le démouler sur une grille et laisser refroidir.
Ganache au chocolat :
  • Couper le chocolat en petits morceaux. Faire chauffer la crème dans une casserole.
  • Verser la crème sur le chocolat en 3 fois en mélangeant bien entre chaque ajout. La ganache doit être bien lisser et homogène.
  • Laisser refroidir un peu, le temps de préparer le reste.
Déco :
  • Séparer tous les kit kat pour obtenir que des barres individuelles.
  • Tartiner tout le tour du gâteau avec de la ganache et y faire coller les barres de kit kat. Pour m'aider j'avais mis un cercle inox à taille réglable autour du gâteau et je le serrai au fur et à mesure pour que les kit kat soient bien tenus.
  • Verser la ganache sur le gâteau à l'intérieur des kit kat. Mettre au frais.
  • Former des cochons, des fesses de cochons... avec la pâte d'amandes et les enfoncer délicatement dans la ganache juste prise pour ne pas la "casser".
  • Laisser prendre plusieurs heures au frais.
  • Sortir au moins 15 min avant dégustation afin que le gâteau retrouve son moelleux.
Ce gâteau a fait un bel effet à mes invités! Par contre il se mange en petite part car gâteau au chocolat + ganache + kit kat.... ça nourrit bien ;-)

          Cookies de Sarah Kieffer   
J'adore les cookies car les cookies c'est la vie 😁 Non sans rire, les cookies c'est simple a réaliser, il faut peu d'ingrédients et on peut en faire de quoi remplir plusieurs boites car les cookies se gardent très bien. J'ai testé pas mal de recettes, j'avais ma recette préférée mais je viens de la délaisser au profit de celle-ci découverte chez Coconut.
Vous connaissiez le 4/4 en barre, voici désormais le 3/3 en petit rond ^^ En effet on a quasiment 1/1/1 de beurre/sucre/farine auquel on ajoute une bonne poignée (d'amour) de pépites de chocolat et un œuf pour lier le tout (autour des hanches).

Pour 12 énormes cookies : 284 g de farine t45 ou t55, 1/2 cc de bicarbonate de sodium, 1/3 cc de sel, 227 g de beurre mou, 297 g de sucre semoule blanc (j'ai mis que 220 g), 50 g de sucre roux, 1 gros œuf, 2 cs d'eau, 170 g de pépites de chocolat noir

  • Dans le bol du robot, mettre le beurre mou avec les sucres et fouetter 2/3 min pour obtenir un mélange mousseux. Ajouter l'oeuf et fouetter de nouveau.
  • Ajouter la farine, le bicarbonate, le sel et mélanger à l'aide de la feuille, ou à la main avec une maryse. Terminer en ajoutant les 2 cuillères à soupe d'eau.
  • Préparer trois plaques de cuisson en les recouvrant de papier sulfurisé.
  • Sur la première plaque, former des boules de 100 g environ* et les disposer en les espaçant bien, car elles vont s'étaler à la cuisson.  Vous pourrez en disposer environ 4 par plaques.
  • Mettre la première plaque au congélateur et faire préchauffer le four à 180°C.
  • Une fois le four chaud mettre la plaque glacée dans le four, au milieu et cuire 18 min. Pendant ce temps, mettre la deuxième plaque au congélateur.
  • L'ASTUCE de coconut: une fois 10 min passées, les bords des cookies seront étalés et le centre un peu gonflé. Prendre la plaque de four à l'aide d'une manique et la faire retomber sur la grille en tapotant . De cette façon, le centre va dégonfler et retomber. Répéter l'opération encore deux fois jusqu'à la fin de la cuisson. C'est ce qui permettra d'obtenir l'effet gondolé sur le dessus. En tout, la fournée doit cuire 18 minutes, le temps que les bords des cookies soient dorés et le centre encore mou.
  • Sortir les cookies du four et les laisser refroidir sur une grille.
  • Répéter l'opération avec les deux autres plaques de cookies.
J'ai préféré préparer des cookies plus petits en prenant des boules de pâte de 50 g. J'ai ainsi obtenu 18 cookies immenses!!! Pour la cuisson j'ai procédé de la même manière mais pendant une durée plus courte : 15 min au total. 8 + 7 min.
On se dit qu'un seul suffira tellement ils sont gros et puis finalement un deuxième passe bien...!

          Tarte au chocolat pour petits et grands enfants   

Et non vous ne rêvez pas ! Un nouveau billet sur les petites bidouilles !

J'ai encore tapé dans mes recettes inavouables pour ce dessert vite fait, bien fait et régressif à souhait ! Une tarte pour l'enfant qui sommeille en chacun de nous, pour les enfants et à faire avec les enfants parce que c'est vraiment trop facile !


Tarte au Nesquick®

1 rouleau de pâte brisée
200g de Nesquick® (ou autre chocolat : poulain, ovomaltine, ce que vous voulez ! )
1 oeuf
20 cl de crème fraiche liquide

Dérouler la pâte brisée (je l'ai faite moi même au robot ;) ) et faire cuire à blanc au four préchaufffé à 200°C. Laisser refroidir

Mélanger le chocolat, la crème et l'oeuf, verser dans la pâte précuite et repasser au four 20 minutes. Vous pouvez ajouter dans l'appareil ce qui vous chante : noix, poires, pommes, pistache... etc

Ultra simple et ultra bon ! Pourquoi s'en priver ?



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• Gráficos AAA e uma trilha sonora sensacional para viajar para essa cidade envolvente.

• Exclusivo em Gangstar New Orleans: Guerras de Território para diversão GvG (gangue vs. gangue)

• Entre em ação e domine seu território, depois defenda-o de gangues rivais. Os recursos grátis que você recebe serão muito úteis em guerras futuras e para criar novas armas e itens no jogo.

• Crie seu bandido totalmente personalizado.

• Use, faça fusão e evolua centenas de armas, veículos e bandidos para deixar seu reino do crime com a sua cara. De especialista em armas a explosivos, o que não falta são estilos diferentes. Qual você vai escolher?



1- Extraia e mova o arquivo APK para seu Sd
2- Mova a pasta de dados para Sd:/Android/obb
3- Instale o arquivo APK
4- Divirta se.

OBS para tirar a verificaçao de licença e so usar o lucky patcher
          Download Vector 2 APK V1.1.0    
 Vector 2 apresenta uma jogabilidade intensa com ambiente gerado processualmente e animações realistas em um mundo distópico.

Desça através de um centro de pesquisa enorme e complexo e tente sair vivo — várias e várias vezes.

Não há como fazer uma boa corrida sem um bom equipamento! Teste equipamentos experimentais de alta tecnologia que vão ajudá-lo a sobreviver um pouco mais, e descubra maneiras de reforça-los.

Aprenda acrobacias para desviar de armadilhas mortais — e faça isso da maneira mais impressionante possível."



          Until Dawn y Juego de Tronos destacan entre los juegos de un julio estupendo para los usuarios de PlayStation Plus   

Ps Plus 755x425

Puede que llevemos menos de una semana metidos en verano, pero con la remesa de propuestas que llegarán a los suscriptores de PlayStation Plus este mes de julio estamos muy seguros de que el invierno se aproxima con la propuesta de terror de Supermassive Games y la adaptación de Telltale Games de la obra de G.R.R. Martins.

Sin embargo, uno de los máximos atractivos este mes es que además de los dos juegos habituales que podremos descargar en cada consola de Sony (sin contar con los cross-play), podremos disfrutar sin coste alguno del primer título del sello PlayLink, la gama de juegos diseñados para jugar en grupo desde smartphones y tablets.

Juegos gratuitos para PS4

Sony es muy consciente de la expectación que hay en torno al estreno de la nueva temporada de Juego de Tronos, y para caldear el ambiente nos propone disfrutar de la primera temporada completa de 'Game of Thrones – A Telltale Series'. Sin embargo, el plato fuerte del mes -al menos en lo jugable- será 'Until Dawn', un survival inspirado en las slasher movies que no tardó en convertirse en uno de los primeros grandes exclusivos de la sobremesa de Sony.

La propuesta en PS4 se completa con ¡Has Sido Tu!, una propuesta social para seis jugadores en la que podremos interactuar desde nuestros dispositivos móviles respondiendo cientos de preguntas y participando en toda clase de retos y 'Don’t Die Mr Robot', el cual recibiremos gracias a la opcion de cross-buy con la portátil de Sony.

  • Until Dawn
  • Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series
  • ¡Has sido tú! – PS4
  • Don’t Die Mr Robot (cross-buy para PS4)

Juegos de PS Vita y PS3

Por su parte, Sony sigue reforzando el catálogo de juegos de los usuarios de PS3 con dos propuestas variadas pero especialmente sugerentes: 'Tokyo Jungle' convierte la capital de Japón en un enorme entorno absorbido por la naturaleza y en el que tomaremos el control de varios animales.

Por otro lado, 'DarkStalkers Resurrection' es el regreso de una de las mejores sagas de lucha de Capcom con una actualización visual y juego online que no puede faltar a ningún amante del género.

  • Tokyo Jungle – PS3
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection – PS3

Para terminar, 'Don’t Die Mr Robot' es un arcade que -pese a su aspecto simplón- esconde un desafiante bullet hell a través de cuatro modos de juego que podremos disfrutar tanto en PS Vita como en PS4, y 'Element4l' se presenta como un plataformas de scroll lateral muy en la línea de Limbo.

  • Don’t Die Mr Robot – PS Vita (cross-buy para PS4)
  • Element4l – PS Vita

Definitivamente una estupenda manera de arrancar la segunda mitad del año y que podremos descargar sin coste a partir del 4 de julio. ¿Mantendrán la línea los cinco meses restantes? en aproximadamente 30 días lo averiguaremos.

          Baba Stiltz Brings the Best of Swedish Disco on “Can’t Help It”   

The 22-year old Swede Baba Stiltz has a peculiar background, befitting of the strange dance songs he composes. He studied for nearly six years at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, and he grew up in the same housing complex as the rapper Yung Lean’s go-to producer Yung Sherman, which put him in the orbit of the bizarre world of Swedish hip-hop. And he’s the rising star in Axel Boman’s Studio Barnhus label, which is known for its colorful roster of wonky and funky house producers. His off-kilter tracks float freely between eras and styles, swimming through hip-hop, R&B, techno, and disco all at once. His latest tune, “Can’t Help It,” is the proof in this unlikely pudding of a musical history.

The song is a study in contradicting textures and moods. From the onset, its primary parts of a shuffling drum machine rhythm and bright blips of synth melody, feel cool to the touch, metallic and mechanical. But the song never gets robotic, and Stiltz is able to make these frigid computerized touches feel soulful and groovy. The sound of an engine revving up at the track’s start or these little burps of MIDI horns and festive handclaps that populate the middle, all sound fun and cute. When Stiltz’s vocals enter, late into the song, he mimics Arthur Russell’s tinny, atonal singing—delivering sad, sweet lines about being selfish, but still feeling an aching love for someone. If they’re listening, this should be powerful enough to bring them back.

A couple of months ago, I overhead my son, Daniel, and his friend, Bjorn, talk about a little boy from our church. The boy, who is almost 3, is full of energy and wants to imitate everything the older kids do. Just like them, he gets rough. The only difference is that he still doesn’t have impulse control, so he’ll bite and throw things at you. Daniel enjoys playing with him, but does complain about him being “annoying” sometimes.

“If he were like Caleb, he would be perfect, right?” Bjorn said. Daniel agreed, of course. I couldn’t help but smile. It was not the first time I had heard Caleb being described as “perfect.” Caleb is my child with a severe disability called Trisomy 13.

“Mami, why are Caleb’s muscles weak?” Daniel asked.

“Because his body did not form properly,” I explained.

“Mifis (Daniel’s nickname for Caleb) is perfect. Maybe not a perfect life, but a funny life. And I think his brain is smarter than we think because he is trying to crawl.”

Caleb has been described in many ways. Some ways seem cold and impersonal. Words like “syndromic,” “dysplastic,” “dysmorphic,” and “outlier” are difficult to beautify no matter what. Yet, I don’t mind medical terms that much. They are needed. They tell you facts. They describe the surface.

However, I prefer words spoken from the heart by Daniel and many others to describe my second son. Their point of view is different. It’s from the inside out. Perfect, funny, cute, happy, loved, blessed, brother, son — all these words also speak of what is real in Caleb’s life.

It’s been more than five years since we started this journey, and much has changed. Words that used to describe us have been erased, or at least muffled by others. “Shock” and “shame” have been replaced by “acceptance” and “pride.” I am Caleb’s mom. Sorrow has been eased by joy.

Just a couple of weeks before Daniel’s conversation with his friend, I reminded my husband, Paul, of the time I found him weeping.

“You were sitting on the couch by the stairs, and in the background I could see Caleb’s scrawny body moving in an awkward, almost robotic way on the carpeted floor of our living room,” I said.

“Yeah, I remember thinking, ‘I did not sign up for this,’” he replied.

We both looked at Caleb now happily cooing and balancing on his tummy on the same spot of our living room five years later. Delight had taken over and made that memory truly a thing of the past.

Caleb turned 5 recently, and, according to the medical world, this is a big deal. A huge deal, in fact. According to statistics, the majority of kids with Trisomy 13 die before their first birthday. He is an “outlier” indeed. But more than anything, he is a beloved child and part of a family who feels extremely blessed to call him brother and son.

          Fake News From Fossbytes and Techworm   

          NIST Robotics Test Facility: Putting Mechanical First Responders to the Test   

Today's Blog is a cross-post of a video via the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) YouTube channel. The video takes an inside look at the NIST Robotics Test Facility, a lab designed to put first responder robots (for search-and-rescue, bomb disposal, etc.) through standardized tests of their abilities.

          RoboPhone: Sharp to Sell Real Android Phones in Japan   

The Osaka-based electronics maker said Tuesday it would introduce a new mobile communication device in 2016 that is a tiny android robot. It will come with features of a smartphone including email, Internet connectivity, camera and a 2-inch display. Still to be decided is whether the device will use Google Inc.’s Android mobile operating system or another operating system.

Read more

          Adultery ~ If Christians really practiced their Biblical Laws, almost 90% of the USA, UK, Europe will perish!   
These are not my words! They are sourced from the Christian Bible itself. Click here to see for yourselves.

Yet today, most of the modern world are zooming in onto the misdeeds of those few ignorants so called Muslims who abuse and misrepresent the faith of the billion over true practicing Muslims and start accusing Islamic Sharia as being harsh and barbaric!
Here in Malaysia, every now and then, my fellow Muslims especially amongst the Dakwah activists, the alarm would go off amongst them that the Christians especially the Evangelists and Missionaries are actively brainwashing the weak ones amongst the Muslim masses into Christianity!

Allahyarham Sheikh Ahmed Deedat had very easily defeated these so called Christian Evangelists and the Missionaries during his lifetime! 

His comprehensive knowledge and mastery of the Al-Qur'an and Bible plus many other Scriptures often catches these evangelists and missionaries plus Biblical scholars dumbfounded and tongue tied when Sheikh Deedat nails them to their cross [figuratively speaking of course] and exposes their lies and deceit!

Use the published verses [like the ones above] from the Christians own Bibles [Old Testament, New Testament, Revised Standard Version, Etc.] and nail them down where they cant squeeze themselves out from the reality of their fellow Christians screwups! Click here to read the statistics about their Infidelity!

Has any Christian country dared to uphold what their own Biblical Laws prescribe as the rightful punishment for adultery? 

Anyone here has any knowledge of such a case where the Christians have practiced what they preach to the world?

Please enlighten me.

Occasionally we hear of cases where someone apostatizes from the Islamic Faith and the whole nation is up in arms over this murtad and there are calls to put him or her to death.

In Islam, the method to deal with such cases of apostasy, is for the religious authorities of the land to counsel the apostate to return to the faith and believe in Allah.

If the apostate refuses and remains firm in his or her disbelief, the authorities are to give him or her at least 3 more chances before putting the said apostate to death.

In the Bible, Book of Deuteronomy Verses 8-9, it calls for the same punishment!


So, why all the nationwide brouhaha by the Disbelievers out there when the Islamic Sharia calls for the same punishment for those who apostate from believing in Allah and call such a law as barbaric?

Actually there are too many verses and descriptions in the Bible which are quite vulgar and pornographic in nature which I am not comfortable in disclosing them here.

Download Sheikh Ahmed Deedat's Combat Kit against Bible Thumpers here and read about them yourself.

          Comment on Something’s Bugging Me About Tolkien by Megido   
I was totally going to go to bed, then decided to check Robot Viking. Wound up reading this, and being very glad I put off bed a little longer to do so. Fekkin' hilarious, man. Problem was that I just couldn't stop myself from seeing an elf popping a squat, getting all red in the face as he drops a technicolor flower infused deuce, and having rainbow puppies frolic out of the multicolored mess. Horrid...
          La Strega Sibilla e il Gatto Serafino - Il Robot Dispettoso   

Oggi, in biblioteca c'è lezione di modellismo.

Sibilla costruisce un robot.

La strega ammira a lungo il suo capolavoro.

Peccato che non sia un vero robot!' sospira, con aria sognante.

Allora, afferra la sua bacchetta magica e, Abracadabra

          THE DIFFERENCE    

          110-es Robotos pulóver fiúknak - Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft   
Sziasztok.  tavaszi pulóver  fiúknak   1-ft-os termékeket nem postázok csak 200-ft felett
Most kiárusítom a fiús ruhákat, nem tárolom tovább. Csak egyszer teszem fel ha lejárt már nem teszem fel mégegyszer.
Nekem kislányom van így ezeket kaptuk.
Csak a családunkban feleslegessé vált ruhákat és lábbeliket, néha játékokat árulom.
Nem vagyok kereskedő, így csak azt tudom feltenni amit már a gyermekem, vagy mi már  nem használunk.
Nincs házi állatunk és nem dohányzunk.
FoxPost-tal 479-ért tudom küldeni, de   csomagként is feladom. 850ft
Kérlek nézd meg a képeket kinagyítva és olvasd el a méreteket.

110-es  Robotos  pulóver  fiúknak
Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2017-07-04 20:03

In the woods of upstate New York, an Oak tree is turned into a traditional post and rung stool.

With Tom Bonamici and Derek Lasher

Directed, Photographed, and Edited by Adam Newport-Berra
Location Sound: JR Skola
Camera Assistant: Ezra Ewen
Sound Design and Music: Mark Henry Phillips
Colorist: Mikey Rossiter
Produced by Ghost Robot

Made in Partnership with Beaver Brook

Cast: Adam Newport-Berra

          Adieu, 'Silicon Valley'   
Hello HBO, for T.J. Miller.

The season finale of "Silicon Valley" just wound down with T.J. Miller's blowhard stoner/investor Erlich Bachman opium-blissed out on a pile of pillows in a Tibetan rug shop. Judging by the interviews Miller has been giving lately, that's quite likely where the series leaves Erlich for its duration. Scheduling shoots around his other gigs — voice and film acting, stand-up comedy — had simply worn him out, and his single-note character, no matter how popular, wasn't doing it for him anymore. He told HBO he'd be walking after this season, the show's fourth. "People joke about it, but I'm the hardest-working man in show business, maybe," Miller said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "So they were like, 'Let's make this easier for both of us.' And I was like, 'I think this is an amazing opportunity.' "

For fans of the show, it's a shame to see Erlich fade off into a haze of blue smoke. Last year the show was nominated for an Emmy for its casting, and Miller was an indelible part of the ensemble's chemistry. He argues, though, that he didn't feel the character was advancing (this is true; in fact all of Season 4 felt like frenetic marching in place for "Silicon Valley"). Moreover, Miller felt that as a comedian first and an actor second, he simply wasn't funny enough. This is, of course, up to him as an artist, and an artist looking to get paid. No coincidence, perhaps, that just days before the "Silicon Valley" finale, HBO debuted his hour-long comedy special "Meticulously Ridiculous," filmed in his hometown of Denver during his standup tour of the same name.

If you're into Miller, it's certainly worth a watch. It'd be hard to come away from it, though, and think, "Wow, there's a guy who should definitely quit his day job." Shaggy, bow-tied, red-sneakered and wearing a too-big suit that he keeps drenched — dude simply loves pouring water onto his face — Miller laconically veers through jokes that tilt physical, absurdist, observational or simply slapstick. And while it's all amusing enough, he never hits that supreme level of funny that lets you lose your train of thought, lets you forget yourself. It feels like one of the cleverest guys you know came over a bit blazed and started riffing.

"When I am very, very high, I speak very formally, so as if to appear not to be high," Miller says at one point. "But I speak so formally that no one would ever talk like that unless they were very, very high." He then launches into a story about getting so high at a motel that when he calls the desk to complain about the TV he speaks in this self-outing elevated diction ... and then gets trapped in a time loop during a silence with the clerk, when he can't figure out whose turn it is to speak. It sounds like a plausible lived moment for Miller, or for Erlich, whose constant bluster always papered over his abiding insecurities. It would be funny enough as a quick aside over beers. In a full set, it arrives as a storytelling trap that Miller falls into occasionally: a decent setup that leaves no ladder to take the merely amusing to the sublime.

Comedy is hard as hell in the era of Twitter, when all the good jokes are made and disseminated at ludicrous speed, and when joke thieves will snatch up a pithy line and repackage it to greater effect (or at least fame) just as quickly. Miller the comic feels like a pre-internet creation with a few of Reddit's shower thoughts sprinkled in. ("Pets are actually friend-slaves" is an observation that launches into a bit that hits the right mix of unnerving and silly.) But Miller's character on "Silicon Valley" was a fantastic creation for an internet era of unvarnished bullshitting and low-tech hustling to obscure the fact that no one really knows what the hell is going on. Erlich served as a foil to the Type-A blizzard of finance and deal-making and networks and robots — the everyman who assures the audience that so much of the intelligence is, in fact, artificial. Post-"Silicon Valley," Miller is still an everyman, but one who, it turns out, might be best served if he finds another structure to hold him, another pack of squares to deflate. If you're raging against a machine, it turns out an actual machine is nice to have around.

          Give us mo' momo   
Katmandu Momo serves up crave-worthy Nepalese dumplings.

Since Saroja Shrestha and her husband, Kyler Nordeck, started the Katmandu Momo food truck in 2014, we've been following it around Little Rock and on social media in pursuit of our momo fix. What's a momo, you ask? It's a type of steamed South Asian dumpling, popular in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and parts of India, and Katmandu Momo's version is addictive.

Shrestha grew up in Katmandu, Nepal, and first came to the U.S. to attend Henderson State University in Arkadelphia. She stuck around Arkansas after college and met and married Nordeck. Shrestha enjoyed cooking, got acclaim from friends when she made momos and had a business administration degree, so she and Nordeck decided to open a food truck. After three years of success as a mobile eatery, they opened up shop in a corner stall of the River Market's Ottenheimer Hall earlier this year. The food truck remains in operation around town, but, man, oh man, are we glad to have a fixed location to get our fix of Nepalese deliciousness.

For those new to Katmandu Momo's cuisine, you're in luck: The options are few and all tasty. The steamed momos come filled with beef, chicken or veggies. They're roundish, creased together with a swirl on top (Shrestha assembles each momo). All the fillings are marinated in spices that may be somewhat familiar — cumin, coriander, turmeric — along with fresh garlic and ginger, but together, taste unlike anything we've tried before. They come with achar sauce, which is thin and tomato-based with hints of sesame oil and a slow heat. Dump the momos thoroughly in the achar sauce and lean all the way over your to-go container — the momos are juicy and, if you're not careful, you'll get splattered. We've had all varieties many times. They're all excellent, but we prefer the crunch of the veggie, which have a stewed-like quality, and apparently we're not alone. Nordeck says it's hard for Shrestha to make enough veggie to satisfy the demand.

The veggie momos are also vegan, as are all three of the sides. The long-grain jasmine fried rice was buttery and golden (we suspect there's a healthy seasoning of turmeric, saffron or both), with a wonderfully uneven toasted quality. It was like paella rice, but without the crunch. If the aloo dum, or spicy potato salad, was on a chain restaurant menu, it'd have a little hot pepper symbol next to it to warn the capsaicin-averse. It's spiced liberally with fennel, cumin, green onion and cilantro, and enough heat to make the crunchy, mild spring roll a nice go-between.

You can get large portions of each of the sides for $4, or get them as part of a combo. It's $8.99 for 10 momos, eight momos and a side or six momos and two sides.

Katmandu Momo
Ottenheimer Hall
400 President Clinton Ave.

Quick bite

Katmandu Momo's regular special is chicken chow mein, a smoky tangle of spaghetti mixed with blackened pieces of chicken and green pepper and covered with garam masala and other spices. It's a massive portion and, like everything else, delicious. You can get a veggie variety, too.


10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Other info

Credit cards accepted, no alcohol.

          The Social Network   
I was sitting in the theater with my friends Brodie and Caroline, about to see The Kids Are All Right, when the trailer for The Social Network came on the screen. It was ridiculous, showing Facebook posts with a terribly dramatic version of “Creep” sung by a children’s choir. I started laughing: the movie was taking itself entirely too seriously: it’s about a website, for heaven’s sake. I turned to Brodie and Caroline and said, “This looks absolutely awful.” Then Caroline said, “Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay,” and my internal debate began.

See, I think Aaron Sorkin is a brilliant writer; I love The West Wing. If he wrote the screenplay, the movie was probably going to be good. But a movie about Facebook? I couldn’t quite believe that would be worth watching. When Justin Timberlake came on the Daily Show to promote it, which meant that I had to see the movie, I still wasn’t willing to put down the money and go to the theater. Even when everyone and her best friend started saying, “Oh my gosh, it’s so good,” I stayed away. But last week it arrived for me at the library. And last night—just before it won Oscars for Best Film Editing, Best Original Score, and Best Adapted Screenplay—I sat down to watch The Social Network. And, yes, it was pretty darn good.

For those of you who have managed to avoid the hype, I’ll give a brief synopsis. Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) creates a website that crashes Harvard’s servers and brings him to the attention of the Winklevoss twins (Armie Hammer) who are looking for a programmer for a Harvard-exclusive dating-site they’ve designed. At the same time, Zuckerberg turns to his friend Eduardo (Andrew Garfield) to help him fund and create The Facebook, an idea that may or may not have been influenced by the Winklevoss’s website. Eventually, when The Facebook takes off, Zuckerberg gains the attention of Napster creator Sean Parker (Timberlake) whose influence causes a rift between Zuckerberg and Eduardo. This plot is interspersed with flash-forwards to the two trials regarding Facebook that Zuckerberg faces from the Winklevoss twins and Eduardo respectively.

Sounds complicated? It kind of is, but somehow it is entirely followable. Even though the movie is terribly dramatic (though not quite as much as the trailer might lead you to believe), it didn’t bother me. A lot of that is due to Sorkin. Throughout the movie I often felt like I was watching an episode of The West Wing—even though the subject matter was entirely different. Though Sorkin’s fast-paced, witty dialogue is not how people speak in real-life, I find it so entertaining, I wish it were. Despite the fact that none of the characters were particularly likeable (so there was no one to cheer for), I was invested for the entire movie.

Eisenberg, who won me over when he hosted SNL a few weeks ago, portrayed Zuckerberg with a robotic simplicity, which somehow made his jerkish actions more explainable. This was the first movie I’ve seen Eisenberg in where I didn’t think of him as a poor man’s Michael Cera. Hammer made the Winklevoss twins a great enemy and managed to show each twin’s distinct personality so they weren’t always grouped as one person. And Garfield’s Eduardo was the only character who I felt any sympathy for—he did great. (Who’s excited to see him as the new Spiderman? I am!)

There’s been a lot of drama over how much of The Social Network is true and how much was creative license. It was based on The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich, who claims his book is entirely true. The librarian in me wants to sit down and research the veracity of the entire movie, but then I remember that library school has left me with no time to do that (ironic, no?).

In the end, despite entirely enjoying the movie, I’m giving it a 4/5. It’s certainly worth watching, but it also isn’t as life-changing and wonderful as some people may claim.

Watch Jon Stewart’s interview with Justin Timberlake

Buy the DVD
          Viaggio nel Tempo 7    

Siete pronti per un nuovo viaggio

alla scoperta dei misteri della Storia?

 Sali a bordo dell'Octopus 2.0 con Geronimo Stilton e i suoi amici

e parti alla scoperta dei misteri più incredibili di tutti i tempi!

Dopo aver incontrato il filosofo Platone, nell'antica Grecia, viaggeremo nel Tempo per visitare la mitica Atlantide, il misterioso cerchio di pietre di Stonehenge e la Topazia del futuro!

Un viaggio stratopico tra avventura e mistero, per scoprire qual è il vero segreto della pace!

Nel futuro...

E chi si aspettava di trovare un mondo meraviglioso di pace, armonia e robot?

A Stonehenge...

Che fifa felina, questi Celti! Per poco non finivo stopizzato in una battaglia!

Nella mitica Atlantide...

Siamo arrivati giusto in tempo: la Regina era in pericolo e l'abbiamo salvata!

  • In allegato gli occhiali 3D che permettono la visione delle tavole in tre dimensioni.

Età di lettura: da 7 anni.

          L'Albero delle Fiabe   

29 tra le più belle storie dello scrittore per ragazzi Roberto Piumini e le illustrazioni di diversi artisti sono racchiuse in questa raccolta.

Sui rami dell'Albero delle Fiabe non crescono foglie, ma teneri, curiosi e divertenti racconti illustrati per la lettura prima della nanna.

Ranocchie stonate, robottini, gatti danzanti... Tanti spiritosi personaggi per viaggiare lontano sulle ali della fantasia.

          Ritorno su Lahmu - (Ossimoro Marte 2)   

Investigando le foto provenienti dai robot inviati su Marte, Piccaluga ha compiuto scoperte sconcertanti. I risultati sono stati in parte esposti nel suo primo libro, Ossimoro Marte, che ha riscosso un grande successo tra gli appassionati, e non solo.

In questo secondo libro le scoperte si uniscono allo studio e all’ esperienza maturata negli anni, per dare vita a un reportage completo su tutto quello che sappiamo riguardo al Pianeta Rosso.

Ma, esaurita questa parte, la discussione si fa più problematica e anche molto più interessante: alcuni particolari delle fotografie sembrano molto familiari, altri lo sono decisamente troppo.

Possibile, ad esempio, che la telecamera di un modulo orbitale  abbia inquadrato le rovine di un tempio, simile a una ziqqurat, ed intere città sulla superficie di Marte? Che i rover discesi sulla superficie abbiano fotografato animali, esseri antropomorfi, strutture tecnologiche avanzate e… rover alieni? 

E soprattutto, perché la NASA, sempre rapida nello smontare le teorie campate in aria, non ha risposto a molte delle domande sollevate da quelle fotografie?

Introduzione di Angelo Carannante.
Con un contributo di Emilio Spedicato.

          Karavaevi Brothers Cafe   
Moscow, Russia
Designer: V12 architects
Contributed by: robot_gort

The restaurant is a corner storefront on the ground floor of a residential building dating from the 1950s. V12 Architects: "Working with spacial limitations, we also took into account one special feature of the restaurants location. Surrounding neighborhood has a number of foreign embassies, including the Danish. Across the street from it stands the monument to Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen, who organized a relief program for millions of Russian famine victims (1921-1922). Therefore we were inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics, which is characterized by functionality and simplicity. We used basic materials such as wood, stone and painted metal, which are also often used in Nordic interiors."

Bolshoy Levshinskiy per., 3/5
119034 Moscow
          Robot Girl Programmed To Be a Sex Servant   
Watch Robot Girl Programmed To Be a Sex Servant at - best free online XXXPorn videos for you to enjoy.
          Pascale Clark complice des tweets terroristes de Mehdi Meklat, avec la protection de Christiane Taubira   

par Yanick Toutain

 "Je les croise, ils ont 16 ans. Ils viennent m'interviewer pour le Bondy Blog. Immédiatement, on sympathise et je les recrute dans la foulée sur France Inter. Ils ne m'ont jamais déçue. La station aurait pu les garder après mon départ. Ils ont préféré les virer sans les recevoir. Parmi les raisons officielles invoquées à l'époque : leurs nombreuses activités et la nécessité de "rafraîchir l'antenne" d'Inter. Les Kids, 25 ans à peine, virés pour cause de "rafraîchissement" d'antenne… Risible, non ? D'autres reproches leur ont été formulés. Notamment l'avatar Twitter de Mehdi, Marcelin Des-champs, avec lequel il défouraillait à tout-va. C'était un jeu, du situationnisme. C'était marrant. Quand vous êtes comique, et ce n'est pas ce qui manque - France Inter, c'est quasiment Rires et Chansons aujourd'hui -, vous pouvez tout dire. Vous êtes même porté aux nues. Et Mehdi qui se crée un personnage pour rire, on le lui reproche ! C'est curieux, quand même.

"Le crime Charlie Hebdo a été préparé à l'avance
5 juillet 2012 Venez on fait un autodafé du NouvelObs avec leur dossier "antisémitisme"
25 novembre 2013 Je réclame un autodafé pour ces chiens de Charlie Hebdo"
21 octobre 2014 "Charb j'ai juste envie de l'enculer avec des couteaux Laguiole"


En France il est plus risqué de lutter contre le terrorisme, contre Bolloré, contre la Franceàfric, contre  Bondy Blog, UOIF, CCIF, Soro, Ouattara, JM Bourry, MNLA, Ansardine, Iyad Ag Ghali, Cheik Ag Aoussa, AQMI, Nina Wallet Intalou, criminelle chef terroriste MNLA installée ministre au Mali ..... que de tweeter des appels au meurtre, des appels à assassiner Charb, des soutiens à Al Qaeda, Ben Laden, Daech etc;......
J'ai été condamné - avec Julie Amadis qui n'avait en aucune façon participé à la publication de mon article - à payer 35000€ au barbouze qui a installé les terroristes au pouvoir en Côte d'Ivoire


Pascale Clark connaissait parfaitement les tweets appels au meurtre, apologie de terrorisme de Mehdi Meklat. Elle promotionnait des miliciens islamofascistes comme Taubira protège et missionne ses miliciens terroristes Bondy Blog UOIF CCIF comme Soro, Ouattara, JM Bourry, MNLA, Ansardine, Iyad Ag Ghali, Cheik Ag Aoussa, AQMI, Nina Wallet Intalou, criminelle chef terroriste MNLA installée ministre au Mali



Bassolé-Soro aux TPR ! La probable bande son de la conversation entre les terroristes Guillaume Soro et Djibril Bassolé vient d'être rendue publique

par Yanick Toutain

"Voilà ce que je voulais te proposer.

On frappe dans une ville en haut quelque part là-bas . On récupère un commissariat une gendarmerie et ils vont fuir....(...)
et comme on me dit que l'armée est autour de Ouagadougou
hm hm
si on frappe à un bout là bas l'armée ...devra se réorganiser pour aller vers là-bas () 
hm hm (...)
ils s'ront obligés d'aller se battre. Au moment où ils décollent on refrappe dans un autre coin
hm hm hm
Ca va les paniquer et le RSP lui il sort, à 200
il dit ceux de po avancent de 50 km

Taubira a même des miliciens juges pour condamner les ennemis du terrorisme
Juges protecteurs du terrorisme : Michael Janas, Robert Miori, Bernard Ors etc...
Mehdi et Badrou, du Bondy Blog, Charline Vanhoenacker… Vos émissions ont aussi servi de révélateurs de talents.-  Pascale Clark. Il faut être un passeur. J'ai toujours cherché à trouver des profils différents. On ne peut pas systématiquement mettre à l'antenne des gens issus du même sérail. A ce titre, les Kids restent une rencontre étonnante. Je les croise, ils ont 16 ans. Ils viennent m'interviewer pour le Bondy Blog. Immédiatement, on sympathise et je les recrute dans la foulée sur France Inter. Ils ne m'ont jamais déçue. La station aurait pu les garder après mon départ. Ils ont préféré les virer sans les recevoir. Parmi les raisons officielles invoquées à l'époque : leurs nombreuses activités et la nécessité de "rafraîchir l'antenne" d'Inter. Les Kids, 25 ans à peine, virés pour cause de "rafraîchissement" d'antenne… Risible, non ? D'autres reproches leur ont été formulés. Notamment l'avatar Twitter de Mehdi, Marcelin Des-champs, avec lequel il défouraillait à tout-va. C'était un jeu, du situationnisme. C'était marrant. Quand vous êtes comique, et ce n'est pas ce qui manque - France Inter, c'est quasiment Rires et Chansons aujourd'hui -, vous pouvez tout dire. Vous êtes même porté aux nues. Et Mehdi qui se crée un personnage pour rire, on le lui reproche ! C'est curieux, quand même.


Au Havre le maire Edouard Philippe pro Juppé pro Fillon pro Sarkozy prête des salles municpales aux terroristes locaux.

Terrorisme : Tariq Ramadan et Médine Zaouiche 2 faux musulmans protégés par la bancocratie capitaliste riba et la bourgeoisie esclavagiste. Comme Yusuf Qaradawi

Crucifions les laïcards comme à Golgotha » (0′ 33).–)toujours dans (sic) le Saint Coran » (0′ 43)– « Si j’applique la charia les voleurs pourront plus faire de main courante »-« Je mets des fatwas sur la tête des cons » (0 mn 53) appels au meurtre de Médine Zaouiche
Le crime Charlie Hebdo a été préparé à l'avance
5 juillet 2012 Venez on fait un autodafé du NouvelObs avec leur dossier "antisémitisme"
25 novembre 2013 Je réclame un autodafé pour ces chiens de Charlie Hebdo"
21 octobre 2014 "Charb j'ai juste envie de l'enculer avec des couteaux Laguiole"

En France les juges sont au service du terrorisme.
Leur pseudo lutte laisse impuni tous les auxiliaires de DAECH qui alimentent le recrutement.
C'est le complot terroriste des USA Timber Sycamore et leurs agents locaux


Aveux d'un chef MNLA : Les terroristes sont dirigés et financés depuis l'Elysée. Sarkozy, Hollande, Puga sont les chefs des criminels Soro, MNLA, Ansardine, Iyad Ag Ghali, AQMI etc....

Militaires maliens victimes de Sarkozy
et Puga, les vrais chefs des terroristes
de Ménaka Aguel Hoc
présentation Yanick Toutain

chef terroriste MNLA Hama Ag Mahmoud :
 "La France a demandé au MNLA de l’aider à faire déserter tous les combattants de l’Azawad qui étaient dans l’armée libyenne, pendant la guerre de Libye. Ensuite de bloquer le recrutement des libyens dans l’Azawad et dans l’Aïr au Niger.
"La France nous avait donné son feu vert pour l'indépendance de l'Azawad"
Et en contrepartie, elle nous avait donné son feu vert pour l’indépendance de l’Azawad. C’est l’accord qui a été conclu avant la guerre entre le MNLA et la France.


Vérité sur le terroriste ivoirien Guillaume Soro rétablie par Me Habiba Touré pour le Collectif des avocats de Michel Gbagbo victime de enlèvement, séquestration et traitements inhumains et dégradants

présentation Yanick Toutain

La Franceàfric de Sarkozy et du général Puga a mis au pouvoir un groupe de terroristes - Soro, Ouattara & co - en Côte d'Ivoire.
J'ai été condamné par 4 tribunaux successifs à 31000 euros pour avoir écrit cette vérité le 2 janvier 2011.
Deux TGI et 2 coup d'Appel ont fabriqué et recélé des faux en écritures pour arriver à ce résultat COINTELPRO



HollandeGATE : l'impunité de DAECH préparant le Bataclan était assurée par la mauvaise mémoire des magistrats et agents DGSE (Le Bataclan faisait-il l’objet de menaces concrètes ?)

rapport Pietrasanta Fenech
annoté par
Emmanuel Domenach @EDomenach

par Yanick Toutain


"Cela aurait supposé que les magistrats instructeurs et les agents des services de renseignement aient gardé, personnellement,en mémoire toutes les cibles mentionnées par les terroristes lors de leurs auditions. extrait du rapport Fenech Pietrasanta



Les terroristes DAECH Saumur c'est l'armée française sous déguisement. Preuve ahurissante du complot terroriste par le CIA NRBC en France

par Yanick Toutain

"une salle de propagande avec caméra sur trépied, ordinateur portable, un coin cuisine, un lit de camp" Et encore "de la documentation de propagande islamiste et une représentation d'un drapeau de DAECH". Les policiers s'inquiètent tout particulièrement de la "présence d'une forme allongée à terre vêtue d'une combinaison de protection avec masque à gaz
 ainsi que d'"un autre masque à gaz accroché au mur
avec derrière un rideau plastifié transparent
" (Canard Enchaîné 28/9/2016)

Mercredi après-midi, [21 septembre 2016]
 des employés d’une association d’insertion
viennent débroussailler un terrain situé près de l’église Saint-Hilaire-des-Grottes,
 à la sortie de Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Florent sur la route de Gennes.
La clé qui doit ouvrir le portail ne fonctionne pas.
 Ils empruntent une autre entrée
et voient un camion blanc banalisé qui quitte alors les lieux.
Comme ils trouvent cela étrange, ils alertent la police nationale.
 Sur place, celle-ci découvre du matériel pour le moins suspect :
 un drapeau de Daesh, du matériel audio et vidéo,
un groupe électrogène, des journaux en langue arabe…
Bref, des objets qui peuvent faire penser à une planque terroriste.
(Courrier de l'Ouest du 22/9 que les médias nationaux ont à peine signalé


2 mois après les crimes de Charlie Hebdo, garde à vue pour l'adjudante de gendarmerie Emmanuelle X membre du réseau islamofasciste et son complice Amar R

par Yanick Toutain
"Mais après enquête, aucun signe de radicalisation religieuse ou de quelconque complicité dans les récentes attaques chez la jeune femme n'a pu être établi. Le proche de Coulibaly a, lui, été arrêté le 23 janvier dernier par la Brigade de recherche et d'intervention (BRI) de la préfecture de police de Paris.
 La jeune femme, quant à elle, continue à occuper ses fonctions et aucune sanction administrative n'a été prise à son encontre."

Canard Enchaîné 4 février 2015
 Il y a 1 mois et 5 jours


Amar R. un des complices de Coulibaly entrait "comme s'il était chez lui" dans le fort de Rosny avec "son amante Emmanuelle X sous-officier chargée du renseignement opérationnel" (Scoop Didier Hassoux Canard Enchaîné)

par Yanick Toutain


"Les deux amants [le terroriste et la femme] s'engouffrent dans le parking,
sans que le planton y trouve à redire.
Et pour cause : la voiture appartient à la gendarmerie nationale
et la jeune femme est sous-officier,
chargée du renseignement opérationnel !
Le lendemain, Amar R. revient sur les lieux.
Mais seul, cette fois, et au volant de sa propre voiture.
Comme la veille, il pénètre sans difficulté dans le fort de Rosny.
Comme s'il était chez lui.


Jean-François Chazerans " les jihadistes. Ce sont des groupes fascistes que je combats" Un prof de philo suspendu par Hollande l"ami des financiers du djihad ! Ce sont les antifascistes qui sont dans le collimateur du #HollandeCoupdEtat

          FillonGATE : La liste des entreprises terroristes receleurs du putsch Soro Ouattara   
par Yanick Toutain
17 février 2017

« notre part de marché baisse,
mais la taille du gâteau augmente.
 Si notre part baisse,
c’est parce que de plus en plus de monde
 s’intéresse à la Côte d’Ivoire,
 et c’est bon signe pour nous »
Jean-Christophe Belliard,
ancien directeur Afrique au ministère 
des Affaires étrangères


Bolloré Africa logistics  Sitarail, Air France CMA-CGM Airbus  Orange
Canal + (Vivendi) Société générale (SGBCI)  BNP Paribas (BICICI)  Axa
  société Franzetti du groupe Veolia  Bouygues société Matière sociétés Fayat et Vinci
Danone, Castel et La Compagnie fruitière , groupe antillais Bernard Hayot
  Touton et Cémoi Bel Carrefour  A
ccor Total  Alstom 
Eranove  ( CIPREL+Compagnie ivoirienne d’électricité (CIE)  SODECI..) Engie  Raidco Marine Thalès



Fillon a reçu 200 000 € de AXA par sa société écran 2F Conseil
C'était évidemment la corruption en remerciement de l'installation des terrroristes en Côte d'Ivoire
Sarkozy et Fillon agissaient sur instruction de Johnnie Carson pour téléguider les milices dozos dont Henri de Castries a été intronisé chef coutumier par celui qui organisait dès le printemps 2010 les premières tentatives (ratées) de trucage des élections, le terroriste Beugré Mambé qu'on voit sur la photo.

Mais on découvre d'autres circuits de corruption terroriste.
On apprend aujourd'hui

Invité à quatre reprises à l’étranger par les Entretiens de Royaumont - à Varsovie en 2014, Madrid en 2015, Abou Dhabi et Rabat en 2016 - François Fillon aurait été rémunéré pour sa participation à chacun de ces déplacements. Contrairement aux autres intervenants. Libération a interrogé plusieurs d’entre eux, qui ont confirmé n’avoir obtenu aucune gratification. (Ouest France)

Donc les entreprises terroristes ont trouvé le moyen de sponsoriser Fillon indirectement !!!

Quel est donc cette mystérieuse organisation ?


Commencez par ne pas croire Google

Lisons plutôt Wikipédia que ces voyous capitalistes se prenant pour des intellectuels

Jérôme Chartier relance en 2003, avec le soutien de Serge DassaultCharles MilhaudJean-Luc Decornoy et Vincent Montagne, le cycle des Entretiens de Royaumont qu'avait créé en 1947 Henry Goüin et qui avait disparu durant les années 1960.
Carole Vézilier Commissaire Générale et Jean-Pierre Yalcin, Commissaire Général adjoint de la manifestation lancent en novembre 2013, au château royal de Varsovie la première édition des « Entretiens de Varsovie », directement inspirés des « Entretiens de Royaumont », et organisés par la Chambre de commerce et d'industrie française en Pologne (CCIFP) sous le patronage de l'Ambassade de France, du Sénat de la République de Pologne et de la Fondation Jean Monnet pour l'Europe1. De même, se déroulent à partir de 2014 les « Entretiens de Madrid » et les « Entretiens de Casablanca », tout deux issus de ceux de Royaumont2.
Quelles sont leurs réflexions ?

  • 2003 : « La France recule-t-elle ? »
  • 2004 : « La politique est-elle un métier ? »
  • 2005 : « Faut-il partir pour réussir ? »
  • 2006 : « Et si vous étiez président de la république ? »
  • 2008 : « Structurer la croissance française »
  • 2009 : « Rêvons le capitalisme »
  • 2010 : « Réussir la France 2030 »
  • 2011 : « Aimer la France »
  • 2012 : « Réinventer le travail »
  • 2013 : « Nouveaux pays émergents : construire une relation durable »
  • 2014 : « Impôts, dette publique, croissance: construire un triangle vertueux »
  • 2015 : « Et vous, comment êtes-vous Green ? »
  • 2016 : « Croyant et citoyen »
On remarque que pour 2012 il s'agit de maintenir les salaires africains à 50 euros
et que pour 2013 il s'agit de se congratuler pour l'envoi réussi de jihadistes au Mali !

Logique pour ces patrons terroristes d'inviter les idéologues de DAECH
Parmi les invités, on trouve deux membres de l’UOIF : le recteur de la Grande Mosquée de Bordeaux (et proche d’Alain Juppé) Tarek Oubrou et El Hassan Oukfer, directeur du lycée « Avérroes », piloté officiellement par les Frères Musulmans. Est également présent Anouar Kbibech, l’actuel président du CFCM, issu du MUR (les Frères Musulmans Marocains). Les Frères Musulmans, dont l’UOIF est l’émanation en France, sont considérés comme une organisation terroriste dans plusieurs pays du monde. (source)

Mais l'essentiel ce sont les sponsors
Les Entretiens de Royaumont offrent la possibilité chaque année à quelques entreprises de rejoindre le cercle restreint de leurs partenaires de soutien.Cette démarche personnelle marque la volonté pour une entreprise de contribuer à soutenir le débat public où le monde économique, politique, culturel et social se retrouvent ensemble pour construire l’avenir d’une société empreinte de justice, d’équité et de liberté.Vous souhaitez devenir un partenaire engagé dans cette démarche inédite en France ? Adressez-nous ce formulaire, nos équipes prendront contact avec vous 

Seulement voilà quand on regarde les entreprises partenaires, on découvre des figurants et.... les principales entreprises voyous receleurs du putsch terroriste en Côte d'ivoire

Des entreprises terroristes dont la liste est utilement donnée par Philippe Cochet
« Le but de ce rapport est de lever les idées toutes faites sur la Côte d'Ivoire », indique Philippe Cochet, le président de la mission d'information sur la Côte d'Ivoire. Le document revient en détail sur les problèmes fonciers, sur l'économie du pays et notamment sur la tendance pour Abidjan à nouer des partenariats avec des interlocuteurs Chinois, Marocains et Nigerians. Ce rapport livre par ailleurs une observation détaillée de la vie politique ivoirienne. 
Ne cherchez pas dans ce rapport voyou et mensonger mention de l'attaque de la télévision ivoirienne par les terroristes de Soro sous la protection des miliciens ONUCI de Jean-Marie Bourry
 Tout ce qui est mentionné dans le rapport, à part cette liste est partial.
Chaque crime imputé (logiquement) aux terroristes de Sarkozy Fillon Johnnie Carson Clinton, ce crime est noyé dans une incrimination des victimes d'un putsch depuis 2002

- Des positions clés dans plusieurs secteurs Tous les grands groupes français traditionnellement présents en Afrique sont implantés en Côte d’Ivoire. Ces filiales occupent des positions très importantes dans la plupart des secteurs de l’économie ivoirienne.
Dans le transport, Bolloré Africa logistics est un acteur important du trafic maritime. Il est concessionnaire du quai conteneurs sur le port d’Abidjan et adjudicataire du futur second terminal sur ce port qui devrait être opérationnel en 2018. Celui-ci sera réalisé par des entreprises chinoises, sur financement chinois. Bolloré est également positionné dans le transport ferroviaire à travers sa filiale Sitarail, qui exploite la ligne de chemin de fer reliant Abidjan à Ouagadougou. D’autres groupes comme Air France ou la CMA-CGM (transport maritime) sont également implantés. La compagnie Air Côte d’Ivoire a passé commande auprès d’Airbus pour cinq appareils livrables entre 2017 et 2021.
Orange est leader du marché de la téléphonie fixe et mobile en Côte d’Ivoire et s’appuie sur sa filiale ivoirienne pour réaliser une part de son expansion en Afrique de l’ouest. L’entreprise a notamment créé à Abidjan le plus grand centre de traitement des données d’Afrique de l’ouest. Dans le domaine de la télévision par câble et par satellite, Canal + (Vivendi) était jusqu’à présent en situation de monopole, étant le seul opérateur autorisé par la Haute autorité de la communication audiovisuelle (HACA) ivoirienne. Celle-ci a cependant ouvert ce secteur à la concurrence du chinois Startimes et de deux sociétés ivoiriennes en mars dernier. Actuellement, Canal + compte 300 000 abonnés à son bouquet de 200 chaînes dans le pays.
Dans le secteur bancaire, les entreprises françaises ont perdu du terrain face aux banques marocaines, mais la filiale de la Société générale (SGBCI) reste la première banque du pays. Elle vient d’ailleurs d’ouvrir une salle de marchés régionale à Abidjan chargée de gérer les activités de change de l’ensemble des filiales du groupe dans l’UEMOA et peut-être, à terme, dans toute l’Afrique subsaharienne. La filiale de BNP Paribas (BICICI) est quant à elle la quatrième banque du pays. Au total, les banques françaises sont à égalité avec les banques marocaines pour le montant des crédits accordés. Axa est présente dans le secteur des assurances.
Dans le secteur du BTP, la société Franzetti du groupe Veolia est restée active malgré la crise. Le groupe Bouygues occupe également une place de premier plan ; il a notamment réalisé la construction du troisième pont d’Abidjan (le pont Henri Konan Bédié) et devrait participer à la construction du métro d’Abidjan à travers un consortium franco-coréen. Par ailleurs, la société Matière a décroché un contrat pour la construction de treize ponts métalliques en milieu rural, financée par un prêt du Trésor. Les sociétés Fayat et Vinci sont également présentes.
Dans le domaine agro-alimentaire, DanoneCastel et La Compagnie fruitière sont bien implantées en Côte d’Ivoire. Le groupe antillais Bernard Hayot a relancé la concurrence en investissant dans la culture de bananes. Dans le secteur de la transformation du cacao, à côté des géants américain (Cargill), suisse (Nestlé), singapourien (Olam), les Français Touton et Cémoi sont présents et occupent une place certes proportionnellement modeste. Cependant, Cémoi a ouvert en 2015 la première usine de fabrication de chocolat du pays. Il était ainsi le premier acteur à maîtriser l’ensemble de la filière, de la fève au chocolat. Bel a par ailleurs ouvert en mars 2016 une usine pour produire la Vache qui rit en Côte d’Ivoire.
Dans le secteur de la distribution, Carrefour a ouvert, en partenariat avec CFAO, désormais japonais, son premier hypermarché en Afrique subsaharienne au sein du nouveau centre commercial Playce Marcory. Un deuxième Carrefour devait ouvrir en janvier 2017 à Abidjan. Accor est un acteur prépondérant du secteur de l’hôtellerie ivoirienne, où toute sa gamme d’hôtels est représentée.
Dans le secteur de l’énergie, Total est leader dans la distribution, le trading et l’exploration-production en Côte d’Ivoire. Alstom a conclu un contrat pour la fourniture de quatre turbines dans le cadre de la réalisation du barrage de Soudré qui est assurée par le Chinois SynoHydroEranove est un acteur majeur du secteur de l’électricité à la fois pour la production, à travers sa filiale CIPREL, et pour le transport et la distribution, par sa participation dans la Compagnie ivoirienne d’électricité (CIE). Le groupe est par ailleurs actionnaire de la Société de distribution d’eau de Côte d’Ivoire, la SODECI. Enfin, Engie a installé son premier bureau en Afrique de l’ouest à Abidjan en janvier 2016 et aurait des projets d’investissements dans les domaines du gaz naturel liquéfié (GNL) et des centrales à gaz.
Enfin, dans le domaine de la défense, l’entreprise Raidco Marine a livré trois patrouilleurs au ministère de la défense en 2015 et Thalès a été retenu pour fournir un système de suivi, de contrôle et de surveillance maritime pour le ministère de la production animale et des ressources halieutiques. Le groupe est par ailleurs en négociation pour la fourniture d’un système de vidéosurveillance pour Abidjan dans le cadre d’un consortium avec le Chinois Huawei.

On voit les vautours esclavagistes se repaitre

Cependant, d’après les statistiques données par la Direction générale du Trésor, les entreprises françaises continuent aujourd’hui à occuper une place centrale dans l’économie ivoirienne. La France conserve de loin le principal stock d’investissements directs étrangers sur le sol ivoirien, avec 1,6 milliard de dollars pour un stock total de 7,7 milliards en 2014, soit une part de 21%. Le deuxième investisseur en termes de stock était en 2014 les Pays-Bas, avec 12% du total.
Les entreprises françaises jouent un rôle essentiel dans l’économie formelle de la Côte d’Ivoire. Elles représenteraient environ un tiers du PIB ivoirien et entre 40 et 50% des recettes de l’impôt sur les sociétés. Au total, entre 600 et 700 entreprises françaises seraient implantées dans le pays dont 160 filiales de grands groupes qui emploient près de 35 000 personnes. Ces filiales font de plus en plus de la Côte d’Ivoire un « hub » pour leurs activités dans la région, à l’instar d’Orange ou d’Engie. En 2015, les entreprises françaises auraient totalisé 20% du stock et 37% du flux des investissements en Côte d’Ivoire.
Les petites et moyennes entreprises commenceraient tout juste à revenir après l’hémorragie de la crise ivoirienne. On dénombre aujourd’hui environ 400 PME de droit local ivoirien créées par des Français. Il semble pourtant que la « reconquête des PME françaises » soit encore à venir. En témoigne, la délégation importante conduite par Pierre Gattaz, président du Medef à Abidjan en avril dernier. Celle-ci comptait 130 chefs d’entreprise dont 75% de PME.
Pour Jean-Christophe Belliard, ancien directeur Afrique au ministère des Affaires étrangères, la présence économique française en Côte d’Ivoire ne doit pas être perçue sous l’angle du déclin : « notre part de marché baisse, mais la taille du gâteau augmente. Si notre part baisse, c’est parce que de plus en plus de monde s’intéresse à la Côte d’Ivoire, et c’est bon signe pour nous ».

Les médias vous cacheront la vérité.
Hollande a continué exactement la même politique !!

          Vincent Alès un des fascistes Franceàfric NPA qui ont organisé la révocation de Julie Amadis va jouer les provocateurs pro migrants près d'un groupe de militants Front national   

par Yanick Toutain
L'Havrais Vérité

Voici l'acte de révocation que le groupe fasciste NPA du Havre et leurs complices SNUIPP UNSA CGT ont préparé en réunions secrètes préalables au conseil de discipline au service de Bolloré et de la contre révolution anti Afrique

"Considérant que les multiples déclarations publiques de Mme Julie AMADIS telles que : « Les juges de la Cour d'Appel de Bordeaux ont multiplié les mensonges et faux en écriture ». « Les militaires tuent, des femmes, des hommes, des enfants [...] Défendre l'État français actuellement, c'est défendre cette ignominie. », ou « L'État français est tellement raciste qu'il ne fait pas confiance à l'extrait d'acte de naissance d'un jeune homme africain.» sont un manquement grave de l'obligation de réserve et une atteinte à la République Française (extrait acte de révocation)"


Il manque une prof à l'école Robespierre Caucriauville Le Havre ! Logique ! Julie Amadis milite contre les violences à enfants, contre Belkacem et Hollande et contre Bolloré et pour la révolution africaine sur le programme de Thomas Sankara

présentation Yanick Toutain
L'Havrais Vérité

Julie Amadis : "Je suis Professeur des Ecoles.
Exclue 2 ans en juillet 2014
 pour avoir dénoncé des violences à enfants
(motif officiel mensonger :
avoir distribué les tracts des parents d'élèves
- le témoin, menteur, est Léon Launay
 qui ment sous la menace de Monique Béaur
qui se sert de lui comme une marionnette mensongère)

J'ai été révoquée en juillet 2016
pour "atteinte à la République Française",
 je n'ai pas fait de rentrée aujourd'hui."

Les voyous qui dirigent la France protègent les profs agresseurs du Havre.
La directrice de l'école maternelle Varlin, Véronique Combret, qui se vantait en janvier 2008 de frapper un enfant de 4 ans.
Celui de l'école Valmy qui frappe, avec la main ou des objets divers, qui tire les cheveux, les oreilles depuis 1993 - Léon Launay
C'est dans son école que Hollande et Peillon ont nommé Julie Amadis en septembre 2013.


Ce qui suit est le commentaire publié sur Youtube sous la vidéo.

Vincent Alès qui REFUSE depuis 20 ans de MILITER pour TROUPES FRANCAISES hors d'Afrique, qui SOUTENAIT le barbouze fasciste terroriste ONUCI Jean Marie Bourry (qui a aurait eu raison d'INVOQUER sa prétendue VIE PRIVEE en me faisant condamner à 31000€TGI D'ANGOULEME puis 33000€ Cour d'Appel de Bordeaux puis 35000€ Cour d'Appel de Rouen)Vincent Alès qui REFUSE de militer pour le SMIC en AFRIQUEVincent Alès qui participe au COMPLOT contre Julie Amadis (qui a participé à une REUNION SECRETE en 2014 de membres du conseil de discipline pour DECIDER à l'avance de son EXCLUSION ou NON)Vincent Alès qui est un ennemi de la révolution africaine se rend compte tout à coup qu'il y a des humains au delà des frontières de son petit pays la France dans lequel il réclame toujours plus de SALAIRES (sur le dos des Africains)Vincent Alès ..... se découvre tout à coup -dans le cerveau - 5 milligrammes de compassion altruiste pour les "migrants" se précipite alors TOUT à CÔTE de militants FN pour y jouer les cow-boys anti-fascistes..... ALORS QUE LES PIRES FASCISTES ACTUELLEMENT dans la répression contre-révolutionnaire contre Julie Amadis sont Vincent Alès et ses "camarades" Franceàfric SNUIPP, UNSA et CGT..... tous complices des terroristes Guillaume Soro et Jean-Marie Bourryà noter que le protégé (Soro) de celui (Bourry) qui a fait condamner Julie Amadis vient de se faire attraper au téléphone en train d'organiser des attaques jihadistes Ansardine Alès ira sans doute prétendre que faire des écoutes téléphoniques de putschistes organisant des attaques jihadistes c'est AUSSI une ATTEINTE à la vie privée ! xxx Vincent Alès petit mercenaire de Belkacem est maintenant celui de Georges Soros et de sa campagne : invitons les mercenaires DAECH à s'implanter en Europe.Elles seront indispensables pour ECRASER LA REVOLUTION EUROPEENNEVincent Alès s'en contrefiche, lui il est du côté de LEON LAUNAY l'instit agresseur d'enfants de l'école ValmyVincent Alès se contrefiche d'ailleurs de TOUS les enfants.....Comme il s'autorise à brutaliser ses élèves, il réclame et participe à la répression des témoins ..... de violences dans les écoles ! Vincent Alès 2008 Alès 2010'avais déjà raconté de quelle façon le (plutôt sympathique) militant LCR-NPA Vincent Alès m'avait, un jour, présenté - retrouvé au fond de son sac - l'auto-collant "TROUPES FRANCAISES HORS D'AFRIQUE"..... en souriant. J'avais raconté aussi comment ma question "Et vous en collez ?" avait eu un sourire comme réponse. Il est vrai qu'il était le principal militant LCR que je "harcelais" depuis son adhésion à la JCR, puis à la LCR sur le fait que cette revendication était une des revendications prioritaires de n'importe quel parti se prétendant révolutionnaire (marxiste, communiste ...). Vincent Alès 2014 savait 2 ANS à l'AVANCE que Julie Amadis allait être révoquée'est officiel maintenant : le syndicat SNUIPP refuse de soutenir les témoins d'agressions d'enfants dans les écoles « Ils vont te virer » annonce Vincent Alès à Julie Amadis



Lettre à Vincent Ales, militant LCR NPA ou comment accuser son chien d'avoir la rage.

Lettre à Vincent Alès, militant LCR NPA ou comment accuser son chien d'avoir la rage.

Par Yanick Toutain
22 23/11/08 20:10

Je te connais depuis 1995. Cela fait donc 13 ans que je te remonte régulièrement les bretelles au nom des traditions du trotskysme.
Cela fait 13 ans, depuis le mouvement de décembre 1995 que j'ai commencé à remonter les bretelles des militants JCR qui bafouaient le terme de "coordination", qui utilisaient, de façon scandaleuse, le mot "coordinations" quand il ne s'agissait que de comités croupions réunissant 3 à 5 personnes.
Ils étaient libres de s'appeler "comité de mobilisation" ou "comité de lutte".
Mais en aucune façon "coordination" qui était le vocabulaire moderne pour des soviets formés de délégués révocables.
Pendant 13 ans, par période, tu acceptas le débat, tu acceptas d'argumenter.
Rares furent ceux qui - membres de la LCR - acceptèrent de chercher à argumenter comme tu le tentas.

De la même façon, nous eûmes, de façon répétée, lors de rencontres impromptues - défilés, rassemblement, réunions etc.. - un débat similaire sur l'ancienne tradition internationaliste de la LCR qui consistait à protester vigoureusement sur les interventions militaires de la France en Afrique.

Tu cherchas à argumenter que la LCR n'avait pas réellement abandonné ce combat.
En 1996, lors d'une nouvelle intervention de l'armée française - en Centrafrique, je crois - nous avions, à deux, avec un autre militant lycéen proche des JCR, construit un tract en utilisant un vieux numéro de Rouge, quand le Rouge du moment avait cessé de préconiser une nouvelle fois l'injonction immédiate "Troupes françaises hors d'Afrique".

J'ai même le souvenir que la dernière fois, fièrement, et avec un sourire, tu sortis de ton sac un auto collant "troupes françaises hors d'Afrique".
Ce à quoi je répondis que c'était une bonne chose à condition que cela ne reste pas un auto collant dans un sac et devinent une véritable campagne de long terme.

Nous eûmes d'autres désaccords sur lesquels je ne cherchais pas à faire de la polémique énergique : en particulier mon total désaccord sur tes imbécillités aventuristes et minoritaires de la fac de Caen.

J'évitais de creuser un fossé sur ce passé révolu. De même sur le cours opportuniste de la LCR qui l'amena à construire des UNEF et des SUD, en recrutant dans les éléments les plus droitiers, devenus constructeurs immobiliers et brutes inqualifiables - frappant leurs propres enfants.
Ce recrutement droitier dans la proto-formoisie arriviste permit à la LCR de justifier son cours de plus en plus droitier : dissolution des JCR locales, construction de l'UNEF rectifié partiellement par la construction de SUD. Ce recrutement droitier d'étudiants de la droite formoise qui deviendront des parents indignes permit à la LCR de trouver de faux prétextes pour ne pas chercher à soutenir les jeunes pauvres de quartiers.
Votre base sociale de "rebelles" pavillonnaires craignait d'être confrontée à la misère qui procura le niveau de vie de leurs parents. Il fallut bien que la bourgeoisie attaque le niveau de vie des plus pauvres pour que la moyenne et le haute formoisie qui sont votre base sociale puisse préserver LEUR niveau de vie et faire construire.
Votre base sociale refusait d'aller faire défiler les étudiants au milieu des HLM des quartiers pauvres.
En 1995, AC (Agir contre le Chômage) ne voulait pas défiler au milieu des HLM.
Pendant 13 ans vous avez, mobilisation après mobilisation, refusé d'aller défiler, en périphérie, au milieu des HLM ! Les plus sincères des militants LCR avouaient avoir peur des pauvres, avouaient qu'ils craignaient de déclencher des émeutes.
Les émeutes eurent lieu malgré vous, sans vous ... à cause de vous !
A cause de votre base sociale qui a fait dégénérer la LCR !
En 1995, l'ANPE locale, une assemblée générale de plusieurs centaines de chômeurs vota en faveur d'un tel défilé : la fraction AC, d'un seul geste, 13 mains se levèrent pour voter contre.
Et pour exiger un nouveau débat quand ils virent à quel point ils étaient minoritaires : les magouilles ordinaires de la formoisie, les magouilles ordinaires de la base des sympathisants LCR !
Ce sont vos magouilles, les magouilles de la LCR qui cassent les mouvements.
Votre refus d'ancrer les mobilisations dans les quartiers les plus pauvres est précisément le fait de votre base sociale.
Votre camarade de l'UNEF, votre sympathisante, ta copine Mélanie V., qui revendique taper ses enfants, elle allait finir par se rendre dans les quartiers des pauvres. Elle ne l'avait pas choisi. Elle allait finir par s'y rendre avec un statut de professeur fonctionnaire. De professeur titulaire. Mais ce fut pour aller y justifier que la Véronique Combret avait le droit de taper le petit Luciano, pour donner raison aux directrices brutales qui tapent les petits enfants des pauvres !
Une base sociale d'étudiants qui refusent de soutenir les pauvres, d'aller défiler dans leurs quartiers. Mais bien contente d'y avoir un poste quand il s'agit d'y gagner du fric !
Pendant le mouvement CPE, ta copine Mélanie V. eut même le culot de venir agresser verbalement Julie Amadis qui voulait faire voter une motion en faveur de tel défilé dans les quartiers.
"Il fallait s'allier avec ces jeunes-là" défendait encore, en 2006, Julie Amadis pendant les AG anti-CPE.
C'était ce que les tracts égalitaristes revendiquaient.
Et la brute Mélanie V. faisait campagne contre de tels défilés.
Elle défendait les privilèges de la formoisie, elle combattait uniquement le plan CPE dans ce qui risquait de toucher les privilégiés.

La boucle est bouclée !

Vos sympathisants collaborent avec l'administration pour défendre le droit de cogner les petits enfants de trois ans !!!
Vos sympathisants règlent leurs comptes politiques en manipulant l'administration.
Car nul n'est dupe : derrière Véronique Combret, derrière Carole Hervieu, on trouve la RASED Anne Dutilloy qui a laissé son petit élève Kévin se faire cogner sans rien dire, derrière les brutes on trouve la main de Mélanie V.
La LCR règle ses comptes en manipulant les tribunaux....
Plainte de Véronique Combret, plainte de Carole Hervieu.
Mais aussi, le premier mai, menace de plainte de Dominique Delahaye, menaces de plainte de Patrice Vérin et de votre candidate LCR NPA Sylvie Vérin.
Vous utilisez la bourgeoisie pour mener votre propre lutte des classes.
Dans l'ombre !

Les repentis de vos magouilles n'ont pas fini de nous révéler toutes les magouilles commises par votre organisation qui abrite, qui protège des crapules néo staliniennes

Voilà à quoi aboutit votre cours droitier, voilà à quoi aboutit le recrutement par l'UNEF et SUD de gens ayant perdu leur humanité : vos sympathisants, la cour électorale de votre candidat LCR aux municipales étaient des brutes qui revendiquent le droit de cogner les enfants, le droit de cogner leurs enfants, le droit pour les directrices d'école maternelle de cogner les petits enfants de 4 ans -Luciano, le droit pour les ATSEM femmes de ménage y travaillant de taper les petits enfants de trois ans - Kévin.
Ton organisation n'a pas levé le petit doigt pour défendre Julie Amadis lorsqu'elle fut menacée de licenciement, puis ; de facto, licenciée par non-renouvellement de contrat.
La LCR locale, sous l'égide de son leader droitier François Leroux, s'est certainement réjouie de voir être licenciée la dénonciatrice.
Celui-ci a du savourer la victoire de sa sympathisante Mélanie V. qui revendique taper ses enfants. Elle avait mené campagne, au collège Varlin, contre Julie Amadis. Elle avait mené campagne pour dissuader les autres professeurs de la soutenir contre la directrice Carole Hervieu et l'inspecteur Patrick Deplanque.
Votre sympathisante, après le départ du collège de son représentant syndical habituel Alain Ponvert - lassé de l'attitude antisyndicale de la principale Carole Hervieu, s'est retrouvée elle-même "responsable" syndicale du collège.
C'est donc votre sympathisante Mélanie V. qui fut la leader de l'offensive réactionnaire formoise pour obtenir le départ, le licenciement, le non-renouvellement du contrat de Julie Amadis.
On retrouve, là, la technique Truong 1988, la technique Delahaye 1991-2008 : pourrir la vie des adversaires politiques en manipulant l'administration pour casser leur avenir professionnel.
On retrouve, là, les manœuvres crapuleuses de la formoisie, de la classe formoisie.
De cette responsabilité directe de la LCR dans ces crapuleries, votre organisation aura à rendre compte. Des violences de votre sympathisante Mélanie V., elle aura, elle-même, à rendre compte à la justice révolutionnaire, (qu'elle fasse construire c'est une chose, qu'elle fasse des heures sup., c'est une chose, mais qu'elle cogne son aîné et qu'elle s'en vante pour refuser se soutenir Julie Amadis c'en est une autre !!!). De ces violences, le père de ces enfants aura lui aussi à rendre compte, ainsi que les professeurs du collège Varlin, témoins de ses propos, ce jour-là, qui ne firent pas un signalement, ainsi que la professeur témoin, ce jour-là qui revendiqua, elle aussi, taper ses propres enfants.
La base sociale de la LCR est devenue, partiellement, un groupe de cogneurs d'enfants protégés par un candidat magouilleur et insidieux.
De cela, vous aurez à rendre compte - politiquement.
La population locale a commencé à ouvrir les yeux sur ce que vous êtes, sur ce qu'est la LCR locale.
En effet, votre candidat, François Leroux, le protecteur de Mélanie V., a réussi un exploit peu ordinaire : lors des dernières élections municipales de 2008, il a réussi à DIVISER PAR 4 le score de la LCR de 2007. Des voix que Besancenot a obtenues aux élections présidentielles, il en a perdu les TROIS QUARTS.
Je ne pense pas que ces trois quarts d'électeurs savent que vous protégez les cogneurs d'enfants, je ne pense pas qu'ils savent que vous soutenez l'administration qui licencie ceux qui signalent les brutes.
Le jour où la population lira ce texte, saura la vérité sur cela, votre score vous permettra de récupérer tous les cogneurs d'enfants de la ville !
Lorsque je te fis pars, sur un trottoir du centre ville, de cette affaire, ta réaction unique fut de critiquer le fait que j'avais publié le nom de Véronique Combret - la brute - sur mon blog.
Pas un mot de soutien pour les enfants. Pas un mot de critique contre les brutes.
Toi-même, tu n'es pas très net sur cette affaire, toi-même, tu as à clarifier ta position concernant les violences que les enfants subissent, les coups qu'ils se prennent sur la figure et ailleurs, sur les fessées infligées par les sympathisants de ton organisation.
L'air mi-gêné mi-réjoui, tu as osé nous dire : "Je ne partage pas vos méthodes" et "Vous allez vous en prendre plein la gueule".
Mais ce furent tes dernières paroles.
Sur cet augure de Pythie, tu poursuivis ton chemin sans oser nous donner davantage de détails sur les manœuvres de couloir dont tu pouvais avoir été informé.
Sur la cabale démarrée en janvier 1988 par Jacques Truong (ex chef du SO LCR des années 70), sur les manœuvres de son neveu devenu votre leader - minable - local, François Leroux qui réussi à démolir la JCR et à diviser votre score électoral par 4, sur les manœuvres des Delahaye et Dutilloy et de leurs réseaux hueurs, nous aurons la patience d'attendre qu'une justice révolutionnaire vienne y mettre la lumière. Vos militants et ex-militants sont pour une bonne part de puantes crapules dénuées de scrupules.
Tout cela n'a rien d'étonnant : vos sympathisants - tel le Truong - sont devenus, aussi, les militants d'un parti colonialiste tel que le PS et ses tendances filochardes et formoises.
Revendiquer l'inégalité salariale, revendiquer les privilèges de la formoisie, cogner les gamins comme méthode pédagogique, magouiller dans les couloirs avec l'administration et les représentants de la classe bourgeoise, tout cela est caractéristique de la classe formoise.
Ta classe conserve les méthodes de la formoisie chinoise des Lettrés : eux magouillaient dans les couloirs avec la classe féodale et cognaient aussi. Ta classe conserve les méthodes des scribes égyptiens.
Continuité au travers des siècles d'une classe de perroquets répétants dont le seul mérite est d'avoir accumulé un savoir.


Pendant ces treize années tu as eu l'occasion de connaître les concepts de formoisie et d'innovoisie.
C'est de cela que je vais protester publiquement.

Hier soir, lorsque je t'expliquais - passant devant le bar où tu te trouvais-, que j'étais totalement pour la suppression des RASED et pour l'unification de tous les statuts enseignants.
Et que la formoisie qui avait le culot de laisser les jeunes gagner 534 euros par mois sans broncher était un peu gonflée de venir pleurer pour ses avantages.
D'autant plus que les RASED avaient pour conséquence scandaleuse de stigmatiser les malheureux enfants "signalés".

C'est alors que, une nouvelle fois, ta réponse - de parfaite mauvaise foi - fut le fait que "la formoisie", ce n'était pas moi qui l'avait inventée mais Bourdieu.
Tu avais déjà fait ce type de remarque absurde.
Mais pas devant un public.
Alors, je vais te remettre les idées en place : Lorsqu'on critique quelqu'un sur le plan politique, on le fait de bonne foi, avec de la documentation, des faits, des écrits, des citations, et des arguments, des relations causales.
Il n'existe aucun endroit où Bourdieu aurait utilisé des schémas économiques marxistes pour déterminer le fait que les détenteurs du capital formation seraient des exploiteurs.
Que ce soit Lénine en philosophie ou Newton en physique, il m'est toujours plus facile de mener mon combat en utilisant une redoute, un poste de combat construit par un grand ancien.
Lorsque je découvris que le combat pour les nombres entiers que je menais depuis trois ans était le même combat que Puthgoras-Pythagore avait mené il y a 2500 ans, je me suis empressé de me retrancher derrière ses fortifications, en reprenant ses arguments, en les actualisant.
Si quelqu'un me trouvait des brouillons où Bourdieu aurait utilisé le terme de CLASSE EXPLOITEUSE concernant les diplômés, cela me permettrait de mener encore plus facilement mon combat : y compris contre les gens - comme toi - qui refusent le SALAIRE ÉGAL POUR TOUS.

Car c'est bien de cela qu'il s'agit : de la deuxième révolution qui sera nécessaire après le renversement du capitalisme.
Quand bien même Bourdieu aurait conceptualisé l'existence d'une classe exploiteuse basée sur son appropriation privée des différentiels de productivité, le sujet ne serait pas épuisé : le principal objet de mes recherches ne fut pas là, il porta sur les conséquences historiques de l'existence de cette classe - dont les principales furent les trahisons sociales démocrates et staliniennes.
Et surtout, pour l'avenir sur les conséquences stratégiques : le fait que le schéma de Trotsky sur la révolution permanente était d'une actualité fondamentale.
Mais au lieu d'une révolution anti-féodale qui devait transcroître en révolution anticapitaliste, ce que Trotsky et Parvus-Helphand avaient compris dès 1905, il s'agit maintenant de prévoir, et d'organiser, une révolution anticapitaliste qui va transcroître en révolution anti-formoise.

Si tu trouvais le moindre millimètre de ligne sur cette perspective et sur cette stratégique d'un nouveau parti révolutionnaire chez Bourdieu, tu ne peux pas imaginer à quel point cela favoriserait mes plans.

Mais tu sais parfaitement que ce n'est pas la peine que tu perdes le moindre temps à rechercher les traces du concept de révolution permanente actualisé chez Bourdieu.
L'argument recuit que tu as utilisé hier soir avait simplement la fonction de noyer le poisson, de donner au public l'impression que tu connaissais le sujet, que tu avais des arguments.
Je trouve ce type de méthode méprisable et indigne de la belle intelligence que tu possèdes encore.


Pour être rapidement retourné lire, par curiosité et en vue de ton édification et de ton éducation marxiste, les œuvres de Bourdieu, Baudelot et Establet, je peux te faire un rapide rappel.
Bourdieu est, un peu, intéressant sur les mécanismes de reproduction de la classe formoise. Mais il ne comprend pas compte
1° qu'il s'agit d'une classe au sens marxiste
2° que cette classe est une classe exploiteuse au sens marxiste.
Les plus intéressant sont Baudelot et Establet ?.
Il faut décortiquer toutes leurs statistiques : ils appellent "petite bourgeoisie" -qu'ils quantifient à trois millions de membres - une addition de haute et moyenne formoisie (deux millions) et de véritable petite-bourgeoisie (un million en 1968) - petite-bourgeoisie véritable qui possède ses outils de production (machines, terre, outils, boutiques etc)
Ils ne se rendent pas compte que leur prolétariat est de la petite et moyenne formoisie qui exploite déjà le tiers monde et qui va laisser la guerre d'Algérie écraser les véritables prolétaires : nos cousins algériens.
Le formariat algérien est formé de salariés et de petits paysans - ouvriers agricoles ou non.
De, cela, il faudra reprendre toute l'étude !
(Y compris sur les plus pauvres des salariés français qui étaient peut-être sous le seuil du PIB mondial)
Dans le livre de Baudelot et Establet, "La petite bourgeoisie en France", il y a une intéressante citation de Lénine

On appelle classes de vastes groupes d'hommes qui se distinguent par la place qu'ils occupent dans un système historiquement défini de production sociale, par leur rapport (la plupart du temps fixé et consacré par les lois) vis-à-vis des moyens de production, par leur rôle dans l'organisation sociale du travail, donc, par les modes d'obtention et l'importance de la part de richesses sociales dont ils disposent.

(Lénine, La Grande Initiative, juin 1919, tome 29, p. 425.)


Dommage pour eux que Lénine ne me donne raison en laissant définir la formoisie comme un vaste groupe d'homme détenant un capital formation, ayant une productivité supérieure, et s'accaparent égoïstement un volume qu'ils prétendent être les fruits de leur productivité supérieure.
Baudelot et Establet confondent base sociale du PCF et classe sociale.
Leurs recherches n'ont, en conséquence, quasiment rien apporté au combat de classe contre la classe capitaliste, la classe formoisie, ni, donc, contre la clase innovoise.



          Adrien de Tricornot a telle haine de la vérité qu'il me bloqua après 5 tweets #SMICenAfrique #7novembre16h34 #HillaryClinton #OrganizeTrainAndArm #LesEsclavesdeBolloré #GreveiTELE   

par Yanick Toutain

Ce "journaliste" du Monde Adrien de Tricornot fait partie comme les autres des imposteurs qui camouflent le complot terroriste.
Tous ces terronalistes qui camouflent Aguel Hoc, Samorogouan, #OrganizeTrainAndArm de Clinton.
Tous ces terronalistes qui camouflent l'origine esclavagiste et terroriste de la fortune de Bolloré./

Il participe à la folie carbone, à la pathologie consumériste, il participe à l'appel des folles esclavagistes qui veulent aggraver le crime consumériste.
Mais il a une particularité
Il ne veut pas lire la vérité
Un grand malade consumériste qui bloque plus vite que Lucky Luke.
Je ne connaissais pas son nom il y a un quart d'heure.
Je l'oublierai presque aussi vite !
Pas Google ni Twitter !







Pour les gens curieux, voici le CV du bloqueur

Journaliste au Monde Économie depuis septembre 2006, spécialisé sur les dossiers de macroéconomie et finance, Adrien de Tricornot a été correspondant du Monde à Francfort-sur-le-Main, en Allemagne (juillet 2003-août 2006), chargé de la couverture de la Banque centrale européenne (BCE) et de l'économie allemande. Il était auparavant au service entreprises-économie du Monde (janvier 2001-juillet 2003), rubrique marchés financiers. Il a également travaillé au magazine L’Expansion (mars 1995-décembre 2000), au Revenu Hebdo, (octobre 1993-février 1995), et a été journaliste indépendant pour Le nouvel Économiste, Épargne & Finance, etc. Il est diplômé de l’Institut français de presse et de l’Institut d’études politiques de Paris, section service public (1990).
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Τα σημαντικότερα γεγονότα της 29ης Ιουνίου 

1613: Καταστρέφεται από πυρκαγιά το Globe Theater στο Λονδίνο. Το είχε κατασκευάσει ο Σέξπιρ για να παίζονται τα έργα του.
1786: Ο Αλεξάντερ ΜακΝτόνελ μαζί με 500 καθολικούς φεύγουν από τη Σκωτία για να εγκατασταθούν στο Οντάριο του Καναδά.
1850: Το Οικουμενικό Πατριαρχείο αναγνωρίζει τελικά το αυτοκέφαλο της Εκκλησίας της Ελλάδος, που επιβλήθηκε από τη Βαυαροκρατία το 1833.
1874: Δημοσιεύεται στην εφημερίδα Καιροί άρθρο του Χαρίλαου Τρικούπη με τίτλο «Τις πταίει». Σε αυτό, ο Τρικούπης καταδεικνύει ως υπεύθυνο για την πολιτική κρίση που διέρχεται ο τόπος τον βασιλιά Γεώργιο Α'. Επίσης, σχολιάζει αρνητικά τις επιλογές του στο σχηματισμό κυβερνήσεων και ζητά να λαμβάνει υπόψη του κατά το σχηματισμό των κυβερνήσεων την Αρχή της Δεδηλωμένης.
1879: Δύο νέα θρησκευτικά έργα του Έντουαρντ Έλγκαρ παρουσιάζονται στην εκκλησία του Αγίου Γεωργίου στο Γουόρσεστερ: «Domine salvam fac» και «Tantum ergo».
1908: Η σύνθεση του Μπέλα Μπάρτοκ «14 Μπαγκατέλες», έργο, 16, για πιάνο κάνει πρεμιέρα στο Βερολίνο.
1920: Ο ποδοσφαιρικός σύλλογος Madrid FC αλλάζει το όνομά τού σε Real (σημαίνει «βασιλική») προς τιμή του Ισπανού Βασιλιά Αλφόνσου ΙΓ'.
1942: Οι δυνάμεις του Άξονα υπό τον Ρόμελ, στην Β. Αφρική προελαύνουν ως το Ελ Αλαμέιν, 72 χιλιόμετρα από την Αλεξάνδρεια.
1949: Τα ολλανδικά στρατεύματα αποχωρούν από την Τζακάρτα. Την ίδια εποχή η Νότιος Αφρική επιβάλλει το Απαρτχάιντ, αρχίζοντας με την απαγόρευση των μικτών γάμων.
1950: Η ΕΣΣΔ διαμαρτύρεται για την απόφαση του ΟΗΕ να παρέμβει στη διένεξη μεταξύ Βόρειας και Νότιας Κορέας.
1956: Η ηθοποιός Μέριλιν Μονρόε και ο θεατρικός συγγραφέας Άρθουρ Μίλερ παντρεύονται. Ο γάμος τους θα κρατήσει πέντε χρόνια.
1960: Ανακοινώνεται η ανεξαρτησία του βελγικού Κονγκό παρουσία του βασιλιά του Βελγίου Μποντουέν.
1973: Πραγματοποιείται εξέγερση στη Χιλή κατά του σοσιαλιστή Προέδρου Σαλβαδόρ Αλιέντε, από τα στρατεύματα που στήριζαν την Κυβέρνησή του.
1986: Η Αργεντινή κατακτά το Παγκόσμιο Κύπελλο ποδοσφαίρου στο Μεξικό κερδίζοντας στον τελικό τη Γερμανία με 3-2. Μεγάλος πρωταγωνιστής όλης της πορείας της ομάδας της Αργεντινής στο δρόμο προς την κατάκτηση του Μουντιάλ ο Ντιέγκο Μαραντόνα.
1996: Ο Νετσμετίν Ερμπακάν γίνεται πρωθυπουργός της Τουρκίας.
2002: Συλλαμβάνεται έπειτα από έκρηξη στον Πειραιά ο Σάββας Ξηρός δίπλα από τα εκδοτήρια της «Hellas Flying Dolphins». H βόμβα σκάει στα χέρια του. Η έκρηξη αποτελεί αφετηρία για την εξάρθρωση της «17 Nοέμβρη. Ο τραυματίας Σάββας Ξηρός, αποτέλεσε το κλειδί για την σύλληψη και την τελική καταδίκη αρκετών συντρόφων του στην εν λόγο οργάνωση αλλά όχι όλων. Η τρομοκρατική οργάνωση «17 Νοέμβρη» ξεκίνησε την δράση της την νύχτα της 23 Δεκεμβρίου 1975 με τη δολοφονία του «σταθμάρχη» της CIA στην Αθήνα, Pίτσαρντ Γουέλς, έξω από το σπίτι του στο Ψυχικό. Είχε 27 χρόνια δράσης με δολοφονικές επιθέσεις που προκάλεσαν 23 νεκρούς και πολλούς τραυματίες, πολυάριθμες εκρήξεις βομβών, εκτοξεύσεις ρουκετών και ληστείες τραπεζών, και αποστολή προκηρύξεων με τις πολιτικές της θέσεις σε εφημερίδες μετά από κάθε ενέργεια. Στις 8 Ιουνίου 2000 μέλη της οργάνωσης 17Ν δολοφόνησαν τον Βρετανό στρατιωτικό ακόλουθο Στήβεν Σόντερς. Στα τέλη του Ιουνίου του 2002 μετά τον τραυματισμό, από πρόωρη έκρηξη μιας βόμβας, του Σάββα Ξηρού και την σύλληψη του, η Ελληνική Αστυνομία κατάφερε να ανακαλύψει το οπλοστάσιο και να συλλάβει τα περισσότερα από τα μέλη της οργάνωσης.
2011: Με 155 ψήφους ψηφίζεται από την Ολομέλεια της Βουλής το Μεσοπρόθεσμο Πρόγραμμα Δημοσιονομικής Στρατηγικής 2012-2015. «Όχι» ψήφισε από το κυβερνητικό στρατόπεδο ο Παναγιώτης Κουρουμπλής, που διαγράφτηκε από το ΠΑΣΟΚ. Καταψήφισαν ΝΔ, ΚΚΕ, ΛΑΟΣ, ΣΥΡΙΖΑ. «Παρών» ψήφισαν οι βουλευτές της Δημοκρατικής Συμμαχίας. Την ώρα της ψηφοφορίας επεισόδια σημειώνονταν στην πλατεία Συντάγματος.


1798 - Τζάκομο Λεοπάρντι, Ιταλός ποιητής
1858 - Τζορτζ Ουάσινγκτον Γκέταλς, Αμερικανός στρατιωτικός και μηχανικός
1868 - Τζορτζ Χέιλ, Αμερικανός αστρονόμος
1882 - Φραντς Ζέλτε, Γερμανός πολιτικός των Ναζί
1886 - Ρομπέρ Σουμάν, Γάλλος πολιτικός
1900 - Αντουάν ντε Σαιντ-Εξυπερύ, Γάλλος συγγραφέας
1925 - Τζόρτζιο Ναπολιτάνο, Ιταλός πολιτικός
1929 - Οριάνα Φαλάτσι, Ιταλίδα δημοσιογράφος και συγγραφέας
1948 - Ίαν Πέις, Άγγλος μουσικός και παραγωγός (Deep Purple και Paice, Ashton & Lord)
1951 - Ντον Ρόσα, Αμερικανός συγγραφέας και εικονογράφος
1957 - Κουρμπανγκουλί Μπερντιμουχαμέντοφ, πρόεδρος του Τουρκμενιστάν
1958 - Ντίτερ Άλτχαους, Γερμανός πολιτικός
1965 - Παναγιώτης Καρατζάς, Έλληνας καλαθοσφαιριστής
1969 - Παύλος Δερμιτζάκης, Έλληνας ποδοσφαιριστής και προπονητής
1972 - Σαμάνθα Σμιθ, Αμερικανίδα ακτιβίστρια
1977 - Σωτήρης Λυμπερόπουλος, Έλληνας ποδοσφαιριστής
1978 - Νικόλ Σέρζινγκερ, Αμερικανίδα τραγουδίστρια (Pussycat Dolls και Eden's Crush)
1988 - Έβερ Μπανέγα, Αργεντινός ποδοσφαιριστής


1149 - Ραϋμόνδος, πρίγκιπας της Αντιόχειας
1509 - Μαργαρίτα Μπωφόρ, κόμισσα του Ρίτσμοντ
1520 - Μοντεζούμα Β΄, αυτοκράτορας των Αζτέκων
1744 - Αντρέ Καμπρά, Γάλλος συνθέτης
1779 - Άντον Ράφαελ Μενγκς, Γερμανός ζωγράφος
1840 - Λυσιέν Βοναπάρτης, Γάλλος πρίγκιπας
1951 - Αιμίλιος Βεάκης, κορυφαίος έλληνας ηθοποιός του δραματικού θεάτρου
1852 - Χένρι Κλέι, Αμερικανός πολιτικός
1861 - Ελίζαμπεθ Μπάρετ Μπράουνινγκ, Αγγλίδα ποιήτρια
1875 - Φερδινάνδος Α', αυτοκράτορας της Αυστρίας
1895 - Τόμας Χάξλεϋ, Άγγλος βιολόγος
1907 - Κωνσταντίνος Βολανάκης, Έλληνας ζωγράφος
1940 - Πάουλ Κλέε, Ελβετός ζωγράφος
1951 - Αιμίλιος Βεάκης, Έλληνας ηθοποιός
1982 - Πιέρ Μπαλμέν, Γάλλος σχεδιαστής μόδας
1993 - Έκτορ Λαβό, Πορτορικανός τραγουδιστής
2000 - Βιτόριο Γκάσμαν, Ιταλός ηθοποιός
2003 - Κάθριν Χέπμπορν, Αμερικανίδα ηθοποιός
2007 - Έντουαρντ Γιανγκ, Ταϊβανέζος σκηνοθέτης

          Mark C.Toner Supports ISIS Timber Sycamore Health Organization White Helmets but.... is wary of its leader, suspected of.... terrorism and banned from US   

James Le Mesurier
creator of the health service
 ISIS Al Nosra Front
Jabhat Fateh al-Sham
by Yanick Toutain
October 24, 2016

White Helmets "$ 23 million through USAID". "Boris Johnson evoked in a video twitted by the Foreign Office late September his "pride" to provide them support 32 million pounds (half of the aid they receive)".

The White Helmets created by the James Le Mesurier a contractor (with all the characteristics of a criminal member of a private MI6) are an auxiliary agency of the terrorist plot Timber Sycamore :  ISIS Al Nosra Front  Jabhat Fateh al-Sham
They are health aids ISIS-Al Nosra
They are received as heroes in France.
Their terrorist leader Rahed Saleh on October 19.
While their militias pro Qaradawi accomplices request and receive municipal halls in France by members of the auxiliary mayors terrorist group - Young Leaders.
This "Young Leaders" group who recruited Alain Juppe a year before Hillary Clinton seems to be the main lobby of the terrorist plot Timber Sycamore Europe.
Their main activity at the moment - to share receive terrorist auxiliares health DAECH Al-Nosra - is to organize the reception of millions of potientiels militia of pro-capitalist revolution against Europe.
What follows is a breathtaking video where Toner explains -in language "diplomatic" - a group can be admirable when its main leader is suspected of terrorism



Transcript here can be seen how the govt supports terrorists and their health organization but wary of the leader suspected of terrorism .... ...And then last thing – and this is about the attacks that occurred, I believe yesterday, on the Syrian Civil Defense station in al-Atareb, Syria. The United States is appalled by Monday’s multiple aerial strikes, reportedly by the Assad regime, on a Syrian Civil Defense station in the town of, as I noted, al-Atareb in Aleppo province, where at least five members of the civil defense are believed to have been killed and many more innocent people were injured. This attack fits with the Assad regime’s abhorrent pattern of striking first responders, over 100 whom – of whom have been killed in action. Many are killed in so-called double-tap strikes, where warplanes return to a strike zone after first responders have gathered to assist victims, and the Syrian Civil Defense station in al-Atareb was reportedly hit five times on Monday. We condemn in the strongest terms any such attacks and we urge Russia to use its influence and press the Assad regime to fulfill its commitments under UNSCR 2254 and immediately stop any further attacks of this nature. We also commend the heroic members of the Syrian Civil Defense who’ve saved more than 40,000 people by serving as impartial emergency responders on the front lines performing search and rescue missions following brutal attacks often perpetrated by the Assad regime and its allies. And the United States will continue to support this group and their courageous and tireless efforts to protect the Syrian people. That’s it. Matt. QUESTION: On the last one -- MR TONER: Yes, sir. QUESTION: -- you commend this group, you’re going to continue to support them, and yet you revoked the visa of their leader. I don’t – that makes zero sense to me. MR TONER: Well -- QUESTION: What – what’s exactly going on? MR TONER: Well, I mean, this group, and I would precisely make that -- QUESTION: Yeah, but this is the guy who is the leader of this group who the head of USAID lionized in a – and her – that she lauded him -- MR TONER: Sure. Sure. QUESTION: -- in a speech at the event that he was supposed to be accepting -- MR TONER: Sure. QUESTION: -- an award that he couldn't get here for because the State Department canceled his visa while he was in the middle – while he was in midair, presumably, over the Atlantic so that when he arrived at Dulles, he was promptly thrown on the next plane back to Turkey. And now here you are talking about how wonderful his group is. I just don’t understand how it works. MR TONER: So a couple responses. One is, unfortunately, we can’t speak to individual visa cases. I think broadly speaking, though, on any visa case we are constantly looking at new information, so-called continually vetting travel or records. And if we do have new information that we believe this – an individual -- QUESTION: But -- MR TONER: -- let me finish – would pose a security risk, we’ll certainly act on that. I can’t speak again specifically to this case, but what I can talk about is this group. And this group, as I said, has saved some 40,000 lives, that are first responders, they operate in a combat zone, and the fact that they’re being singled out and hit by the Syrian regime is, frankly, cause for a concern. And we do support this group. We do support their efforts to save lives in what is admittedly a very complex and convoluted battlefield scene. And to speak to your broader – to say that this group’s – which I think is the implication of your question, that they somehow have ties to -- QUESTION: No, I’m not suggesting that at all. MR TONER: Then – okay. QUESTION: I’m saying that it just strikes me as a bit odd that you’re saying that this group is wonderful and does such a great job and you’re commending them for their heroism, and yet, this – you’re doing this just 10 days after the leader of this group, who was supposed to be – who got his visa revoked and wasn’t allowed to travel here. I understand there was an attack that killed some of its members, and I know that that’s the immediate cause of it -- MR TONER: Right. QUESTION: -- but it just strikes me as being a bit inconsistent if you say that this group is wonderful, and yet, you also ban its leader from coming to the States to collect an award for which – and you say you’re going to continue to support the group. I mean, if you have reason to revoke his visa, that he could be a security threat or something like that, why would you continue to support -- MR TONER: But again – but again, I’m trying to separate this individual from the group, which we believe is -- QUESTION: All right. So the guy is – you’re saying that basically he is suspect but his group is not? MR TONER: Well, again, I can’t speak to the specific allegations against him, Matt. QUESTION: Well, not if I -- MR TONER: No, I’m sorry, I – my hands are tied too but -- QUESTION: All right. The other thing -- MR TONER: -- but yes, we’re not condemning the group in any way whatsoever. QUESTION: Off -- MR TONER: We believe it’s doing good work. QUESTION: Could I -- QUESTION: (Off-mike.) QUESTION: If he is the leader of the group, how do you support this group and he is not allowed to get into the States? This is the question. MR TONER: I understand that and all I can say is that -- QUESTION: How can you separate the leader of the group from the group? MR TONER: Well, he’s one individual in the group. QUESTION: But the leader of the group. MR TONER: And any individual – again, I’m broadening my language here for specific reasons, but any individual in any group suspected of ties or relations with extremist groups or that we had believed to be a security threat to the United States, we would act accordingly. But that does not, by extension, mean we condemn or would cut off ties to the group for which that individual works for. QUESTION: Okay. It just seems a little odd. QUESTION: Could I just follow up on the group? Which group is -- MR TONER: Sophisticated. (Laughter.) QUESTION: I mean, they are a civil defense group, right? They are -- QUESTION: The White Helmets? QUESTION: Who are -- MR TONER: The White Helmets. So this is a group -- QUESTION: White Helmets. Okay, I understand. MR TONER: So, yeah, this is the Syrian Civil Defense Group. Yeah. QUESTION: Do you know – I understand about the White Helmets. Do you know who finances them, how they operate, who are they supported by, what kind of organization they have? How do you get your information from them and so on? MR TONER: Well – well, I can say we provide them with -- QUESTION: We – you do know a little bit. MR TONER: Well, I can tell you that we provide, through USAID, about $23 million in assistance to them. QUESTION: Right. MR TONER: I can say that they’ve saved over 40,000 lives, as I just mentioned at the – in the topper by acting as first responders. They go into combat zones, they save people after attacks. We’ve seen no action on the part of this group writ large that indicates in any way that they’re nothing but an impartial group that – like any humanitarian organization – works across lines of control and is in contact with a range of groups to facilitate their life-saving efforts. And that’s – again, we’ve talked about this the last couple days. Aleppo is -- QUESTION: I understand that. MR TONER: -- a very complex situation. We understand that. And for these groups to operate, they have to be able to operate within the milieu on which they’re working. QUESTION: Mark, but can you ask for some – I mean, this just seems bizarre to me. You’re giving this guy and his group $23 million. Yes, they do good work, they save lives, but you’ve revoked his visa for some reason and you won’t say why and it just doesn’t make any sense. Why is the U.S. taxpayer supporting a group whose leader you have banned from coming to the States? MR TONER: Well, I mean, look, I’m always willing to try to get more information. QUESTION: Please. MR TONER: In this case, I’m a bit restricted by the fact that this is -- QUESTION: Just – well, I know, but it just -- MR TONER: I can’t talk about a specific visa. QUESTION: To the average person, I don’t think this makes any sense. Anyway, I wanted to ask you about something else that you started with -- MR TONER: Sure.
          snappy sensors   
Sensors are an important part of IoT. Phones, robots and drones all have a slurry of sensors. Sensor chips are everywhere, doing all kinds of jobs to help and entertain us. Modern games and game consoles can thank sensors for some wonderfully active games.

Since I became involved with sensors and wrote QtSensorGestures as part of the QtSensors team at Nokia, sensors have only gotten cheaper and more prolific.

I used Ubuntu Server, snappy, a raspberry pi 3, and the senseHAT sensor board to create a senseHAT sensors snap. Of course, this currently only runs in devmode on raspberry pi3 (and pi2 as well) .

To future proof this, I wanted to get sensor data all the way up to QtSensors, for future QML access.

I now work at Canonical. Snappy is new and still in heavy development so I did run into a few issues. First up was QFactoryLoader which finds and loads plugins, was not looking in the correct spot. For some reason, it uses $SNAP/usr/bin as it's QT_PLUGIN_PATH. I got around this for now by using a wrapper script and setting QT_PLUGIN_PATH to $SNAP/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/plugins

Second issue was that QSensorManager could not see it's configuration file in /etc/xdg/QtProject which is not accessible to a snap. So I used the wrapper script to set up  XDG_CONFIG_DIRS as $SNAP/etc/xdg

[NOTE] I just discovered there is a part named "qt5conf" that can be used to setup Qt's env vars by using the included command qt5-launch  to run your snap's commands.

Since there is no libhybris in Ubuntu Core, I had to decide what QtSensor backend to use. I could have used sensorfw, or maybe iio-sensor-proxy but RTIMULib already worked for senseHAT. It was easier to write a QtSensors plugin that used RTIMULib, as opposed to adding it into sensorfw. iio-sensor-proxy is more for laptop like machines and lacks many sensors.
RTIMULib uses a configuration file that needs to be in a writable area, to hold additional device specific calibration data. Luckily, one of it's functions takes a directory path to look in. Since I was creating the plugin, I made it use a new variable SENSEHAT_CONFIG_DIR so I could then set that up in the wrapper script.

This also runs in confinement without devmode, but involves a simple sensors snapd interface.
One of the issues I can already see with this is that there are a myriad ways of accessing the sensors. Different kernel interfaces - iio,  sysfs, evdev, different middleware - android SensorManager/hybris, libhardware/hybris, sensorfw and others either I cannot speak of or do not know about.

Once the snap goes through a review, it will live here, but for now, there is working code is at my sensehat repo.

Next up to snapify, the Matrix Creator sensor array! Perhaps I can use my sensorfw snap or iio-sensor-proxy snap for that.
          The code of learning   
Javon Mullings '16 wins Watson Fellowship to study youth robotics programs
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          Cittadini delle Tenebre   
È possibile superare le barriere del tempo e conoscere il passato e il futuro? La mente può agire direttamente sulla materia? Quanti "corpi" ha l'uomo? Si sopravvive alla morte fisica?
In questo libro, l'autore esamina i più straordinari fenomeni dell'occulto e li spiega alla luce della scienza. Tra fantasmi, asceti, forze invisibili, incursioni nel futuro, robot di Satana, spaziovisione e vagabondi dell'eternità, un viaggio affascinante sulle invisibili potenze che ci circondano.
          Thanks, Mr. Baker   
I like to watch old TV shows, like Columbo, Kojak, The Rockford Files. They take place in a world without computers, microwave ovens, GPS, and cable tv. The telephones have cords.

Don't get me wrong--I like gadgets. I have two kinds of rice cookers. (I am able to enjoy my old tv trips down Memory Lane through a streaming wi-fi connection.) But I am a cautious, reluctant adopter. I like to wait til the kinks are worked out. It might take years. I got a cell phone in 2004. I started turning it on in 2008.

So I would like to thank Nicholson Baker, for looking into the whole video game thing for me, in the August 2 edition of the New Yorker magazine. (The link takes you to a podcast of an interview with Baker, the article is not online. You can check out the magazine at the library. We have a lot of magazines you can check out: Cooking Light, People, Poetry, etc.)

I guess video games have been around for a while, but I kind of missed the boat on them, especially the home versions. I was around when video games were introduced in arcades, and I played Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Robotron. When the home consoles came out, I was busy with other things. Life went it's possible to get a four year college degree in video game design. I'm not really sure what to think about that. Should we have them in the library? Circulate them? What do you think?
          Comment on Oscars 2013: Charlize Theron, Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Set for Awards Show by levitra   
And then, the joint and contact tip-to-work distance, wire cast and helix in robotic applications, the use of touch sensing to determine joint location. The Certified Welder program is a good place to start – post up pictures of your desired size. Choosing Your Wire Hard Wire: Your welder must have a gas solenoid to run hard wire. {||||
          Robots Run, Climb Mountains.mp4   

Today on the 5: Kidrobot has revived one of my favorite childhood toys: Madballs!

          The Wireless Future   

Today on the 5: Recent news stories concerning wifi and drones have me wondering how close a wireless future really is. 

          Gecko-Inspired Gripper May Soon Snag Space Junk   

It could not only help robots get a good grip on things like space debris, but supercharge robots right here on Earth. Source

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          Zume Pizza adds extra automation as it rolls out to new cities   

 Zume Pizza has its eyes set on disrupting legacy pizza players like Pizza Hut and Domino’s by improving on both speed and quality with the help of robots. The company is announcing the addition of a “Doughbot” designed to replace a dough spinner. Zume soon will be putting its decentralized delivery model to the test with a […]

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          Obstacle avoidance in flying robots   
Researchers at Harvard and MIT have been hard at work trying to understand the mechanics of in flight collision avoidance in birds. the goal of this project is to develop small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that can navigate a forest or urban setting without crashing into trees or buildings, while still being able to fly relatively […]
A. Latar Belakang Masalah
Pendidikan Indonesia semakin hari kualitasnya makin rendah. Berdasarkan Survey United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), terhadap kualitas pendidikan di Negara-negara berkembang di Asia Pacific, Indonesia menempati peringkat 10 dari 14 negara. Sedangkan untuk kualitas para guru, kulitasnya berada pada level 14 dari 14 negara berkembang.
Salah satu faktor rendahnya kualitas pendidikan di Indonesia adalah karena lemahnya para guru dalam menggali potensi anak. Para pendidik seringkali memaksakan kehendaknya tanpa pernah memperhatikan kebutuhan, minat dan bakat yang dimiliki siswanya. Kelemahan para pendidik kita, mereka tidak pernah menggali masalah dan potensi para siswa. Pendidikan seharusnya memperhatikan kebutuhan anak bukan malah memaksakan sesuatu yang membuat anak kurang nyaman dalam menuntut ilmu. Proses pendidikan yang baik adalah dengan memberikan kesempatan pada anak untuk kreatif. Itu harus dilakukan sebab pada dasarnya gaya berfikir anak tidak bisa diarahkan.
Selain kurang kreatifnya para pendidik dalam membimbing siswa, kurikulum yang sentralistik membuat potret pendidikan semakin buram. Kurikulum hanya didasarkan pada pengetahuan pemerintah tanpa memperhatikan kebutuhan masyarakat. Lebih parah lagi, pendidikan tidak mampu menghasilkan lulusan yang kreatif. Ini salahnya, kurikulum dibuat di Jakarta dan tidak memperhatikan kondisi di masyarakat bawah. Jadi, para lulusan hanya pintar cari kerja dan tidak pernah bisa menciptakan lapangan kerja sendiri, padahal lapangan pekerjaan yang tersedia terbatas. Kualitas pendidikan Indonesia sangat memprihatinkan. Berdasarkan analisa dari badan pendidikan dunia (UNESCO), kualitas para guru Indonesia menempati peringkat terakhir dari 14 negara berkembang di Asia Pacifik. Posisi tersebut menempatkan negeri agraris ini dibawah Vietnam yang negaranya baru merdeka beberapa tahun lalu. Sedangkan untuk kemampuan membaca, Indonesia berada pada peringkat 39 dari 42 negara berkembang di dunia. Lemahnya input quality, kualitas guru kita ada diperingkat 14 dari 14 negara berkembang. Ini juga kesalahan negara yang tidak serius untuk meningkatkan kualitas pendidikan. Dari sinilah penulis mencoba untuk membahas lebih dalam mengenai pendidikan di Indonesia dan segala dinamikanya.
B. Pembatasan Masalah
Dari uraian di atas dilihat begitu kompleksnya permasalahan dalam pendidikan yang ada di Indonesia. Oleh karena itu Penulis membatasi beberapa masalah dalam penulisan makalah dengan “Masalah-masalah mendasar pendidikan di Indonesia, Kualitas pendidikan di Indonesia, dan Solusi Pendidikan di Indonesia.
C. Tujuan dan Manfaat Penulisan
1. Tujuan
Sesuai dengan pembatasan masalah di atas, maka tujuan penulisan adalah untuk mengetahui masalah-masalah apa saja yang terjadi pada pendidikan di Indoensia yang dillihat dari kualitas pendidikannya semakin hari semakin menurun.
2. Manfaat
Dari penulisan ini diharapkan mendatangkan manfaat berupa penambahan pengetahuan serta wawasan penulis kepada pembaca tentang keadaan pendidikan sekarang ini sehingga kita dapat mencari solusinya secara bersama agar pendidikan di masa yang akan dapat meningkat baik dari segi kualitas maupun kuantitas yang diberikan.
Sebelum kita membahas mengenai permasalahan-permasalahan pendidikan di Indonesia, sebaiknya kita melihat definisi dari pendidikan itu sendiri terlebih dahulu. Dalam Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, pendidikan berasal dari kata dasar didik (mendidik), yaitu memelihara dan memberi latihan (ajaran, pimpinan) mengenai akhlak dan kecerdasan pikiran. Sedangkan pendidikan mempunyai pengertian yaitu proses pengubahan sikap dan tata laku seseorang atau kelompok orang dalam usaha mendewasakan manusia melalui upaya pengajaran dan latihan, proses perbuatan, cara mendidik.
Ki Hajar Dewantara, sebagai Tokoh Pendidikan Nasional Indonesia, peletak dasar yang kuat pendidkan nasional yang progresif untuk generasi sekarang dan generasi yang akan datang merumuskan pengertian pendidikan sebagai berikut :
Pendidikan umumnya berarti daya upaya untuk memajukan bertumbuhnya budi pekerti (kekuatan batin, karakter), pikiran (intelektual dan tubuh anak); dalam Taman Siswa tidak boleh dipisahkan bagian-bagian itu agar supaya kita memajukan kesempurnaan hidup, kehidupan, kehidupan dan penghidupan anak-anak yang kita didik, selaras dengan dunianya (Ki Hajar Dewantara, 1977:14)
Dari etimologi dan analisis pengertian pendidikan di atas, secara singkat pendidikan dapat dirumuskan sebagai tuntunan pertumbuhan manusia sejak lahir hingga tercapai kedewasaan jasmani dan rohani, dalam interaksi dengan alam dan lingkungan masyarakatnya.
Pendidikan merupakan proses yang terus menerus, tidak berhenti. Di dalam proses pendidikan ini, keluhuran martabat manusia dipegang erat karena manusia (yang terlibat dalam pendidikan ini) adalah subyek dari pendidikan. Karena merupakan subyek di dalam pendidikan, maka dituntut suatu tanggung jawab agar tercapai suatu hasil pendidikan yang baik. Jika memperhatikan bahwa manusia itu sebagai subyek dan pendidikan meletakkan hakikat manusia pada hal yang terpenting, maka perlu diperhatikan juga masalah otonomi pribadi. Maksudnya adalah, manusia sebagai subyek pendidikan harus bebas untuk “ada” sebagai dirinya yaitu manusia yang berpribadi, yang bertanggung jawab.
Hasil dari pendidikan tersebut yang jelas adalah adanya perubahan pada subyek-subyek pendidikan itu sendiri. Katakanlah dengan bahasa yang sederhana demikian, ada perubahan dari tidak bisa menjadi bisa, dari tidak mengerti menjadi mengerti. Tetapi perubahan-perubahan yang terjadi setelah proses pendidikan itu tentu saja tidak sesempit itu. Karena perubahan-perubahan itu menyangkut aspek perkembangan jasmani dan rohani juga.
Melalui pendidikan manusia menyadari hakikat dan martabatnya di dalam relasinya yang tak terpisahkan dengan alam lingkungannya dan sesamanya. Itu berarti, pendidikan sebenarnya mengarahkan manusia menjadi insan yang sadar diri dan sadar lingkungan. Dari kesadarannya itu mampu memperbarui diri dan lingkungannya tanpa kehilangan kepribadian dan tidak tercerabut dari akar tradisinya.
A. Masalah Mendasar Pendidikan di Indonesia
Bagi orang-orang yang berkompeten terhadap bidang pendidikan akan menyadari bahwa dunia pendidikan kita sampai saat ini masih mengalami “sakit”. Dunia pendidikan yang “sakit” ini disebabkan karena pendidikan yang seharusnya membuat manusia menjadi manusia, tetapi dalam kenyataannya seringkali tidak begitu. Seringkali pendidikan tidak memanusiakan manusia. Kepribadian manusia cenderung direduksi oleh sistem pendidikan yang ada.
Masalah pertama adalah bahwa pendidikan, khususnya di Indonesia, menghasilkan “manusia robot”. Kami katakan demikian karena pendidikan yang diberikan ternyata berat sebelah, dengan kata lain tidak seimbang. Pendidikan ternyata mengorbankan keutuhan, kurang seimbang antara belajar yang berpikir (kognitif) dan perilaku belajar yang merasa (afektif). Jadi unsur integrasi cenderung semakin hilang, yang terjadi adalah disintegrasi. Padahal belajar tidak hanya berfikir. Sebab ketika orang sedang belajar, maka orang yang sedang belajar tersebut melakukan berbagai macam kegiatan, seperti mengamati, membandingkan, meragukan, menyukai, semangat dan sebagainya. Hal yang sering disinyalir ialah pendidikan seringkali dipraktekkan sebagai sederetan instruksi dari guru kepada murid. Apalagi dengan istilah yang sekarang sering digembar-gemborkan sebagai “pendidikan yang menciptakan manusia siap pakai. Dan “siap pakai” di sini berarti menghasilkan tenaga-tenaga yang dibutuhkan dalam pengembangan dan persaingan bidang industri dan teknologi. Memperhatikan secara kritis hal tersebut, akan nampak bahwa dalam hal ini manusia dipandang sama seperti bahan atau komponen pendukung industri. Itu berarti, lembaga pendidikan diharapkan mampu menjadi lembaga produksi sebagai penghasil bahan atau komponen dengan kualitas tertentu yang dituntut pasar. Kenyataan ini nampaknya justru disambut dengan antusias oleh banyak lembaga pendidikan.
Masalah kedua adalah sistem pendidikan yang top-down (dari atas ke bawah) atau kalau menggunakan istilah Paulo Freire (seorang tokoh pendidik dari Amerika Latin) adalah pendidikan gaya bank. Sistem pendidikan ini sangat tidak membebaskan karena para peserta didik (murid) dianggap manusia-manusia yang tidak tahu apa-apa. Guru sebagai pemberi mengarahkan kepada murid-murid untuk menghafal secara mekanis apa isi pelajaran yang diceritakan. Guru sebagai pengisi dan murid sebagai yang diisi. Otak murid dipandang sebagai safe deposit box, dimana pengetahuan dari guru ditransfer kedalam otak murid dan bila sewaktu-waktu diperlukan, pengetahuan tersebut tinggal diambil saja. Murid hanya menampung apa saja yang disampaikan guru.
Jadi hubungannya adalah guru sebagai subyek dan murid sebagai obyek. Model pendidikan ini tidak membebaskan karena sangat menindas para murid. Freire mengatakan bahwa dalam pendidikan gaya bank pengetahuan merupakan sebuah anugerah yang dihibahkan oleh mereka yang menganggap dirinya berpengetahuan kepada mereka yang dianggap tidak mempunyai pengetahuan apa-apa.
Yang ketiga, dari model pendidikan yang demikian maka manusia yang dihasilkan pendidikan ini hanya siap untuk memenuhi kebutuhan zaman dan bukannya bersikap kritis terhadap zamannya. Manusia sebagai objek (yang adalah wujud dari dehumanisasi) merupakan fenomena yang justru bertolak belakang dengan visi humanisasi, menyebabkan manusia tercerabut dari akar-akar budayanya (seperti di dunia Timur/Asia). Bukankah kita telah sama-sama melihat bagaimana kaum muda zaman ini begitu gandrung dengan hal-hal yang berbau Barat? Oleh karena itu strategi pendidikan di Indonesia harus terlebur dalam “strategi kebudayaan Asia”, sebab Asia kini telah berkembang sebagai salah satu kawasan penentu yang strategis dalam bidang ekonomi, sosial, budaya bahkan politik internasional. Bukan bermaksud anti-Barat kalau hal ini penulis kemukakan. Melainkan justru hendak mengajak kita semua untuk melihat kenyataan ini sebagai sebuah tantangan bagi dunia pendidikan kita. Mampukah kita menjadikan lembaga pendidikan sebagai sarana interaksi kultural untuk membentuk manusia yang sadar akan tradisi dan kebudayaan serta keberadaan masyarakatnya sekaligus juga mampu menerima dan menghargai keberadaan tradisi, budaya dan situasi masyarakat lain? Dalam hal ini, makna pendidikan menurut Ki Hajar Dewantara menjadi sangat relevan untuk direnungkan.
B. Kualitas Pendidikan di Indonesia
Ada dua faktor yang mempengaruhi kualitas pendidikan, khususnya di Indonesia yaitu :
- Faktor internal, meliputi jajaran dunia pendidikan baik itu Departemen Pendidikan Nasional, Dinas Pendidikan daerah, dan juga sekolah yang berada di garis depan.Dalam hal ini,interfensi dari pihak-pihak yang terkait sangatlah dibutuhkan agar pendidikan senantiasa selalu terjaga dengan baik.
- Faktor eksternal, adalah masyarakat pada umumnya.Dimana,masyarakat merupakan ikon pendidikan dan merupakan tujuan dari adanya pendidikan yaitu sebagai objek dari pendidikan.
Banyak faktor-faktor yang menyebabkan kualitas pendidikan di Indonesia semakin terpuruk. Faktor-faktor tersebut yaitu :
1. Rendahnya Kualitas Sarana Fisik
Untuk sarana fisik misalnya, banyak sekali sekolah dan perguruan tinggi kita yang gedungnya rusak, kepemilikan dan penggunaan media belajar rendah, buku perpustakaan tidak lengkap. Sementara laboratorium tidak standar, pemakaian teknologi informasi tidak memadai dan sebagainya. Bahkan masih banyak sekolah yang tidak memiliki gedung sendiri, tidak memiliki perpustakaan, tidak memiliki laboratorium dan sebagainya.
2. Rendahnya Kualitas Guru
Keadaan guru di Indonesia juga amat memprihatinkan. Kebanyakan guru belum memiliki profesionalisme yang memadai untuk menjalankan tugasnya sebagaimana disebut dalam pasal 39 UU No 20/2003 yaitu merencanakan pembelajaran, melaksanakan pembelajaran, menilai hasil pembelajaran, melakukan pembimbingan, melakukan pelatihan, melakukan penelitian dan melakukan pengabdian masyarakat.
Kendati secara kuantitas jumlah guru di Indonesia cukup memadai, namun secara kualitas mutu guru di negara ini, pada umumnya masih rendah. Secara umum, para guru di Indonesia kurang bisa memerankan fungsinya dengan optimal, karena pemerintah masih kurang memperhatikan mereka, khususnya dalam upaya meningkatkan profesionalismenya. Secara kuantitatif, sebenarnya jumlah guru di Indonesia relatif tidak terlalu buruk. Apabila dilihat ratio guru dengan siswa, angka-angkanya cukup bagus yakni di SD 1:22, SLTP 1:16, dan SMU/SMK 1:12. Meskipun demikian, dalam hal distribusi guru ternyata banyak mengandung kelemahan yakni pada satu sisi ada daerah atau sekolah yang kelebihan jumlah guru, dan di sisi lain ada daerah atau sekolah yang kekurangan guru. Dalam banyak kasus, ada SD yang jumlah gurunya hanya tiga hingga empat orang, sehingga mereka harus mengajar kelas secara paralel dan simultan.
Bila diukur dari persyaratan akademis, baik menyangkut pendidikan minimal maupun kesesuaian bidang studi dengan pelajaran yang harus diberikan kepada anak didik, ternyata banyak guru yang tidak memenuhi kualitas mengajar (under quality).
Hal itu dapat dibuktikan dengan masih banyaknya guru yang belum sarjana, namun mengajar di SMU/SMK, serta banyak guru yang mengajar tidak sesuai dengan disiplin ilmu yang mereka miliki. Keadaan seperti ini menimpa lebih dari separoh guru di Indonesia, baik di SD, SLTP dan SMU/SMK. Artinya lebih dari 50 persen guru SD, SLTP dan SMU/SMK di Indonesia sebenarnya tidak memenuhi kelayakan mengajar. Dengan kondisi dan situasi seperti itu, diharapkan pendidikan yang berlangsung di sekolah harus secara seimbang dapat mencerdaskan kehidupan anak dan harus menanamkan budi pekerti kepada anak didik. “Sangat kurang tepat bila sekolah hanya mengembangkan kecerdasan anak didik, namun mengabaikan penanaman budi pekerti kepada para siswanya.
Walaupun guru dan pengajar bukan satu-satunya faktor penentu keberhasilan pendidikan tetapi, pengajaran merupakan titik sentral pendidikan dan kualifikasi, sebagai cermin kualitas, tenaga pengajar memberikan andil sangat besar pada kualitas pendidikan yang menjadi tanggung jawabnya. Kualitas guru dan pengajar yang rendah juga dipengaruhi oleh masih rendahnya tingkat kesejahteraan guru.
3. Rendahnya Kesejahteraan Guru
Rendahnya kesejahteraan guru mempunyai peran dalam membuat rendahnya kualitas pendidikan Indonesia. Dengan pendapatan yang rendah, terang saja banyak guru terpaksa melakukan pekerjaan sampingan. Ada yang mengajar lagi di sekolah lain, memberi les pada sore hari, menjadi tukang ojek, pedagang mie rebus, pedagang buku/LKS, pedagang pulsa ponsel, dan sebagainya.
Dengan adanya UU Guru dan Dosen, barangkali kesejahteraan guru dan dosen (PNS) agak lumayan. Pasal 10 UU itu sudah memberikan jaminan kelayakan hidup. Di dalam pasal itu disebutkan guru dan dosen akan mendapat penghasilan yang pantas dan memadai, antara lain meliputi gaji pokok, tunjangan yang melekat pada gaji, tunjangan profesi, dan/atau tunjangan khusus serta penghasilan lain yang berkaitan dengan tugasnya. Mereka yang diangkat pemkot/pemkab bagi daerah khusus juga berhak atas rumah dinas.
Tapi, kesenjangan kesejahteraan guru swasta dan negeri menjadi masalah lain yang muncul. Di lingkungan pendidikan swasta, masalah kesejahteraan masih sulit mencapai taraf ideal. Diberitakan Pikiran Rakyat 9 Januari 2006, sebanyak 70 persen dari 403 PTS di Jawa Barat dan Banten tidak sanggup untuk menyesuaikan kesejahteraan dosen sesuai dengan amanat UU Guru dan Dosen.
4. Rendahnya Prestasi Siswa
Dengan keadaan yang demikian itu (rendahnya sarana fisik, kualitas guru, dan kesejahteraan guru) pencapaian prestasi siswa pun menjadi tidak memuaskan. Sebagai misal pencapaian prestasi fisika dan matematika siswa Indonesia di dunia internasional sangat rendah. Menurut Trends in Mathematic and Science Study (TIMSS) 2003 (2004), siswa Indonesia hanya berada di ranking ke-35 dari 44 negara dalam hal prestasi matematika dan di ranking ke-37 dari 44 negara dalam hal prestasi sains. Dalam hal ini prestasi siswa kita jauh di bawah siswa Malaysia dan Singapura sebagai negara tetangga yang terdekat.
Dalam hal prestasi, 15 September 2004 lalu United Nations for Development Programme (UNDP) juga telah mengumumkan hasil studi tentang kualitas manusia secara serentak di seluruh dunia melalui laporannya yang berjudul Human Development Report 2004. Di dalam laporan tahunan ini Indonesia hanya menduduki posisi ke-111 dari 177 negara. Apabila dibanding dengan negara-negara tetangga saja, posisi Indonesia berada jauh di bawahnya.
Dalam skala internasional, menurut Laporan Bank Dunia (Greaney,1992), studi IEA (Internasional Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) di Asia Timur menunjukan bahwa keterampilan membaca siswa kelas IV SD berada pada peringkat terendah. Rata-rata skor tes membaca untuk siswa SD: 75,5 (Hongkong), 74,0 (Singapura), 65,1 (Thailand), 52,6 (Filipina), dan 51,7 (Indonesia).
Anak-anak Indonesia ternyata hanya mampu menguasai 30% dari materi bacaan dan ternyata mereka sulit sekali menjawab soal-soal berbentuk uraian yang memerlukan penalaran. Hal ini mungkin karena mereka sangat terbiasa menghafal dan mengerjakan soal pilihan ganda.
Selain itu, hasil studi The Third International Mathematic and Science Study-Repeat-TIMSS-R, 1999 (IEA, 1999) memperlihatkan bahwa, diantara 38 negara peserta, prestasi siswa SLTP kelas 2 Indonesia berada pada urutan ke-32 untuk IPA, ke-34 untuk Matematika. Dalam dunia pendidikan tinggi menurut majalah Asia Week dari 77 universitas yang disurvai di asia pasifik ternyata 4 universitas terbaik di Indonesia hanya mampu menempati peringkat ke-61, ke-68, ke-73 dan ke-75.
5. Kurangnya Pemerataan Kesempatan Pendidikan
Kesempatan memperoleh pendidikan masih terbatas pada tingkat Sekolah Dasar. Data Balitbang Departemen Pendidikan Nasional dan Direktorat Jenderal Binbaga Departemen Agama tahun 2000 menunjukan Angka Partisipasi Murni (APM) untuk anak usia SD pada tahun 1999 mencapai 94,4% (28,3 juta siswa). Pencapaian APM ini termasuk kategori tinggi. Angka Partisipasi Murni Pendidikan di SLTP masih rendah yaitu 54, 8% (9,4 juta siswa). Sementara itu layanan pendidikan usia dini masih sangat terbatas. Kegagalan pembinaan dalam usia dini nantinya tentu akan menghambat pengembangan sumber daya manusia secara keseluruhan. Oleh karena itu diperlukan kebijakan dan strategi pemerataan pendidikan yang tepat untuk mengatasi masalah ketidakmerataan tersebut.
6. Rendahnya Relevansi Pendidikan dengan Kebutuhan
Hal tersebut dapat dilihat dari banyaknya lulusan yang menganggur. Data BAPPENAS (1996) yang dikumpulkan sejak tahun 1990 menunjukan angka pengangguran terbuka yang dihadapi oleh lulusan SMU sebesar 25,47%, Diploma/S0 sebesar 27,5% dan PT sebesar 36,6%, sedangkan pada periode yang sama pertumbuhan kesempatan kerja cukup tinggi untuk masing-masing tingkat pendidikan yaitu 13,4%, 14,21%, dan 15,07%. Menurut data Balitbang Depdiknas 1999, setiap tahunnya sekitar 3 juta anak putus sekolah dan tidak memiliki keterampilan hidup sehingga menimbulkan masalah ketenagakerjaan tersendiri. Adanya ketidakserasian antara hasil pendidikan dan kebutuhan dunia kerja ini disebabkan kurikulum yang materinya kurang funsional terhadap keterampilan yang dibutuhkan ketika peserta didik memasuki dunia kerja.
7. Mahalnya Biaya Pendidikan
Pendidikan bermutu itu mahal. Kalimat ini sering muncul untuk menjustifikasi mahalnya biaya yang harus dikeluarkan masyarakat untuk mengenyam bangku pendidikan. Mahalnya biaya pendidikan dari Taman Kanak-Kanak (TK) hingga Perguruan Tinggi (PT) membuat masyarakat miskin tidak memiliki pilihan lain kecuali tidak bersekolah. Orang miskin tidak boleh sekolah.
Untuk masuk TK dan SDN saja saat ini dibutuhkan biaya Rp 500.000, sampai Rp 1.000.000. Bahkan ada yang memungut di atas Rp 1 juta. Masuk SLTP/SLTA bisa mencapai Rp 1 juta sampai Rp 5 juta.
Makin mahalnya biaya pendidikan sekarang ini tidak lepas dari kebijakan pemerintah yang menerapkan MBS (Manajemen Berbasis Sekolah). MBS di Indonesia pada realitanya lebih dimaknai sebagai upaya untuk melakukan mobilisasi dana. Karena itu, Komite Sekolah/Dewan Pendidikan yang merupakan organ MBS selalu disyaratkan adanya unsur pengusaha.
Asumsinya, pengusaha memiliki akses atas modal yang lebih luas. Hasilnya, setelah Komite Sekolah terbentuk, segala pungutan uang selalu berkedok, “sesuai keputusan Komite Sekolah”. Namun, pada tingkat implementasinya, ia tidak transparan, karena yang dipilih menjadi pengurus dan anggota Komite Sekolah adalah orang-orang dekat dengan Kepala Sekolah. Akibatnya, Komite Sekolah hanya menjadi legitimator kebijakan Kepala Sekolah, dan MBS pun hanya menjadi legitimasi dari pelepasan tanggung jawab negara terhadap permasalahan pendidikan rakyatnya.
Kondisi ini akan lebih buruk dengan adanya RUU tentang Badan Hukum Pendidikan (RUU BHP). Berubahnya status pendidikan dari milik publik ke bentuk Badan Hukum jelas memiliki konsekuensi ekonomis dan politis amat besar. Dengan perubahan status itu Pemerintah secara mudah dapat melemparkan tanggung jawabnya atas pendidikan warganya kepada pemilik badan hukum yang sosoknya tidak jelas. Perguruan Tinggi Negeri pun berubah menjadi Badan Hukum Milik Negara (BHMN). Munculnya BHMN dan MBS adalah beberapa contoh kebijakan pendidikan yang kontroversial. BHMN sendiri berdampak pada melambungnya biaya pendidikan di beberapa Perguruan Tinggi favorit.
Privatisasi atau semakin melemahnya peran negara dalam sektor pelayanan publik tak lepas dari tekanan utang dan kebijakan untuk memastikan pembayaran utang. Utang luar negeri Indonesia sebesar 35-40 persen dari APBN setiap tahunnya merupakan faktor pendorong privatisasi pendidikan. Akibatnya, sektor yang menyerap pendanaan besar seperti pendidikan menjadi korban. Dana pendidikan terpotong hingga tinggal 8 persen (Kompas, 10/5/2005).
Dari APBN 2005 hanya 5,82% yang dialokasikan untuk pendidikan. Bandingkan dengan dana untuk membayar hutang yang menguras 25% belanja dalam APBN ( Rencana Pemerintah memprivatisasi pendidikan dilegitimasi melalui sejumlah peraturan, seperti Undang-Undang Sistem Pendidikan Nasional, RUU Badan Hukum Pendidikan, Rancangan Peraturan Pemerintah (RPP) tentang Pendidikan Dasar dan Menengah, dan RPP tentang Wajib Belajar. Penguatan pada privatisasi pendidikan itu, misalnya, terlihat dalam Pasal 53 (1) UU No 20/2003 tentang Sistem Pendidikan Nasional (Sisdiknas). Dalam pasal itu disebutkan, penyelenggara dan/atau satuan pendidikan formal yang didirikan oleh Pemerintah atau masyarakat berbentuk badan hukum pendidikan.
Seperti halnya perusahaan, sekolah dibebaskan mencari modal untuk diinvestasikan dalam operasional pendidikan. Koordinator LSM Education Network for Justice (ENJ), Yanti Mukhtar (Republika, 10/5/2005) menilai bahwa dengan privatisasi pendidikan berarti Pemerintah telah melegitimasi komersialisasi pendidikan dengan menyerahkan tanggung jawab penyelenggaraan pendidikan ke pasar. Dengan begitu, nantinya sekolah memiliki otonomi untuk menentukan sendiri biaya penyelenggaraan pendidikan. Sekolah tentu saja akan mematok biaya setinggi-tingginya untuk meningkatkan dan mempertahankan mutu. Akibatnya, akses rakyat yang kurang mampu untuk menikmati pendidikan berkualitas akan terbatasi dan masyarakat semakin terkotak-kotak berdasarkan status sosial, antara yang kaya dan miskin.
Hal senada dituturkan pengamat ekonomi Revrisond Bawsir. Menurut dia, privatisasi pendidikan merupakan agenda Kapitalisme global yang telah dirancang sejak lama oleh negara-negara donor lewat Bank Dunia. Melalui Rancangan Undang-Undang Badan Hukum Pendidikan (RUU BHP), Pemerintah berencana memprivatisasi pendidikan. Semua satuan pendidikan kelak akan menjadi badan hukum pendidikan (BHP) yang wajib mencari sumber dananya sendiri. Hal ini berlaku untuk seluruh sekolah negeri, dari SD hingga perguruan tinggi.
Bagi masyarakat tertentu, beberapa PTN yang sekarang berubah status menjadi Badan Hukum Milik Negara (BHMN) itu menjadi momok. Jika alasannya bahwa pendidikan bermutu itu harus mahal, maka argumen ini hanya berlaku di Indonesia. Di Jerman, Prancis, Belanda, dan di beberapa negara berkembang lainnya, banyak perguruan tinggi yang bermutu namun biaya pendidikannya rendah. Bahkan beberapa negara ada yang menggratiskan biaya pendidikan.
Pendidikan berkualitas memang tidak mungkin murah, atau tepatnya, tidak harus murah atau gratis. Tetapi persoalannya siapa yang seharusnya membayarnya? Pemerintahlah sebenarnya yang berkewajiban untuk menjamin setiap warganya memperoleh pendidikan dan menjamin akses masyarakat bawah untuk mendapatkan pendidikan bermutu. Akan tetapi, kenyataannya Pemerintah justru ingin berkilah dari tanggung jawab. Padahal keterbatasan dana tidak dapat dijadikan alasan bagi Pemerintah untuk cuci tangan.
C. Solusi Pendidikan di Indonesia
Untuk mengatasi masalah-masalah, seperti rendahnya kualitas sarana fisik, rendahnya kualitas guru, dan lain-lain seperti yang telah dijelaskan diatas, secara garis besar ada dua solusi yaitu:
- Solusi sistemik, yakni solusi dengan mengubah sistem-sistem sosial yang berkaitan dengan sistem pendidikan. Seperti diketahui sistem pendidikan sangat berkaitan dengan sistem ekonomi yang diterapkan. Sistem pendidikan di Indonesia sekarang ini, diterapkan dalam konteks sistem ekonomi kapitalisme (mazhab neoliberalisme), yang berprinsip antara lain meminimalkan peran dan tanggung jawab negara dalam urusan publik, termasuk pendanaan pendidikan.
- Solusi teknis, yakni solusi yang menyangkut hal-hal teknis yang berkait langsung dengan pendidikan. Solusi ini misalnya untuk menyelesaikan masalah kualitas guru dan prestasi siswa.
Solusi untuk masalah-masalah teknis dikembalikan kepada upaya-upaya praktis untuk meningkatkan kualitas sistem pendidikan. Rendahnya kualitas guru, misalnya, di samping diberi solusi peningkatan kesejahteraan, juga diberi solusi dengan membiayai guru melanjutkan ke jenjang pendidikan yang lebih tinggi, dan memberikan berbagai pelatihan untuk meningkatkan kualitas guru. Rendahnya prestasi siswa, misalnya, diberi solusi dengan meningkatkan kualitas dan kuantitas materi pelajaran, meningkatkan alat-alat peraga dan sarana-sarana pendidikan, dan sebagainya.
Maka dengan adanya solusi-solusi tersebut diharapkan pendidikan di Indonesia dapat bangkit dari keterpurukannya, sehingga dapat menciptakan generasi-generasi baru yang berSDM tinggi, berkepribadian pancasila dan bermartabat.
A. Simpulan
Banyak sekali factor yang menjadikan rendahnya kualitas pendidikan di Indonesia. Factor-faktor yang bersifat teknis diantaranya adalah rendahnya kualitas guru, rendahnya sarana fisik, mahalnya biaya pendidikan, rendahnya prestasi siswa, rendahnya kesejahteraan guru, rendahnya relevansi pendidikan dengan kebutuhan, kurangnya pemerataan kesempatan pendidikan. Namun sebenarnya yang menjadi masalah mendasar dari pendidikan di Indonesia adalah sistem pendidikan di Indonesia itu sendiri yang menjadikan siswa sebagai objek, sehingga manusia yang dihasilkan dari sistem ini adalah manusia yang hanya siap untuk memenuhi kebutuhan zaman dan bukannya bersikap kritis terhadap zamannya. Maka disinilah dibutuhkan kerja sama antara pemerintah dan mesyarakat untuk mengatasi segala permasalahan pendidikan di Indonesia.
B. Saran

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          Xena: Warrior Coyote   

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Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Jurassic Park
Hamill Gags
Patlabor: The Movie

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          Good Game   

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Take A Piss
The Death of "Superman Lives"; What Happened?
Bionic Six

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Today on the 5: Tyler Kokjohn sent over another fantastic article from Nature about intelligent robots. It made me wonder about how self-awareness will affect a truly sentient machine.

          Avoiding The Gimmick   

Today on the 5: Star Wars is bringing a lesbian character into the new canon. Can they do it in a way that doesn't feel like a gimmick?

          Reptilian Humanoid Startles Bikers in the Sonoran Desert   

TUCSON, Ariz. (Cryptozoology News) — A group of three mountain bikers reportedly saw a reptilian humanoid last week in the middle of a trail located in the Sonoran desert. The bicyclists were riding the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo race course, a 17 mile trail, when they spotted the creature. “It’s a tough one,” said G. Johnson, 34, a self-described businessperson from Tucson. “It is a 24 hour track, so you better come prepared with more than enough food and water. There are times you just wanna go back and wish you had never got there in the first place. But when you see what nature has to offer you here…well, those regrets dissipate rather quickly.” Johnson states that he and two other friends were half way into the track when something “terrifying” made the group consider cancelling the ride. “We had been riding for about… I don’t know maybe nine hours, taking breaks every now and then. Then Michael says he needs to stop for a minute. We are waiting for him to finish when all of a sudden we see this long figure walking across the trail. He is maybe about 6-foot tall, very very skinny, and it had an awkward gait, like a monkey…or a man with a disease, almost robotic, kind of,” he told Cryptozoology News. According to the eyewitness, two of the men were watching the strange animal while the third one, Michael, was unaware of what was happening. “Then all I remember about Michael is him saying what the hell is that? Or something like that. But he sounded far away. He probably used a different word instead of hell. Thing is, we had somehow walked a little towards the thing. Don’t ask me why…maybe to look at it better, not knowing what it was.” Then, Johnson says, the creature “heard Michael speak” and, apparently taking notice of the “intruders”, its head took an eerie 280 degree turn. “He stopped and it made eye contact with me and I could see him clearly. The eyes were kind of like a snake’s, but black and with a yellow stripe in the middle of the eye. It had green and red scales on the face and head. The red color was kind of like the same as the desert sand there, and it looked like it had a sandy texture too. It didn’t have a nose, only two holes on it. I couldn’t see any ears or hair. A red mouth that looked like it had blood around it, but it didn’t look like it was bleeding, it looked like a pattern. It reminded me of a chameleon, but it looked like a person too.” Allegedly, the creature raised its “long arms with strange looking claws that looked like a branch full of thorns” and waved at them, emitting a loud chattering sound with its teeth. Then it rapidly ran away, in a fashion that reminded the witness of “a lizard trying to hide.” “He looked like he was examining us and then he ran into the desert. We thought about going back the same way we came, but we thought it didn’t matter, since we were in the middle of the track anyway. We were scared, to be honest. None of us had ever seen anything like it. It lasted only a few seconds, but it felt longer than that, at least to me. So after we talked about it for a while, we decided to go on and finish the track.” Johnson believes that what they saw was real and not a product of their imagination. “When you read these stories online or watch them on TV, well, you think man these people are crazy, on meds or something or in need of attention, but this has made me a believer. There has to be more of them out there. If there’s one, there’s gotta be two at least right? I know most people won’t believe a word I said, that’s the way I used to be. I don’t blame them at all. But they are out there. Now I’m not saying this is an alien or a chupacabra or anything like it, all I’m saying is I have never seen anything like it in my life. But I am no biologist so what do I know.” Theories of subterranean “alien” bases are popular in the UFO community and describe the entities as humanoids of reptilian appearance. Southwestern Native American legends tell the story of underground creatures living next to humans for thousands of years. People living around the New Mexico border report seeing strange lights in the sky and bizarre phenomena. Indirectly creating a thin line between cryptozoology and ufology, writer Mac Tonnies, in his book The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us, proposes the idea that certain “alien” sightings could be attributed to the existence of a group of humanoid species endemic to Earth.

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          Comentario en Siete nuevos juegos se incorporarán a Xbox Game Pass el 1 de julio por QuietRobot   
Soy fuerte defensor de la convergencia, lo que decis tiene todo el sentido, seguaramente eso ya lo tengan visto pero tiene que haber una forma de sustituir esos ingresos. Quizas Game Pass y su llegada a PC sea el camino, quizas también llegue Gold quitando el online y obviamente reduciendo el precio.. en fin, va a toma su tiempo como la unificación misma de xbox,
          Marylin Smith uploaded forex3.jpg   
          Insect-like robots that fly and cooperate   
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have built flying quadrotors, small, agile robots that swarm, sense each other, and form ad hoc teams - for construction, surveying disasters and far more.
          Inilah Semua Power Rangers (1993 - 2017)   

Masih ingat gak dengan Power Rangers? Kalau kalian lahir di tahun milenial, 90an atau awal 2000an pasti tahu dong. Dulu biasanya acara Power Rangers bisa kita tonton setiap Minggu pagi.

Power Rangers merupakan seri film yang menceritakan tentang kelompok kesatria pembela kebenaran, yang biasanya berjumlah antara 5 - 11 rangers dengan berbagai warna. Masing-masing Power Rangers juga memiliki Zord atau robot yang bisa dikendalikan, dan jika bergabung akan menjadi Megazord. Tugas mereka yaitu melawan para monster yang mengancam keselamatan bumi.

Power Rangers pertama kali tayang pada tahun 1993 dan masih ada hingga saat ini. Masih ingatkah anda dengan para Power Rangers tersebut? Ayok kita bernostalgia!

1. Power Rangers Mighty Morphin (1993)

2. Alien Rangers Mighty Morphin (1996)

3. Power Rangers Zeo (1996)

4. Power Rangers Turbo (1997)

5. Power Rangers In Space (1998)

6.  Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999)

7. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000)

8. Power Rangers Time Force (2001)

9. Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)

10. Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)

11. Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)

12. Power Rangers S.P.D. (2005)

13. Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006)

14. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007)

15. Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008)

16. Power Rangers RPM (2009)

17. Power Rangers Samurai (2011)

18. Power Rangers Super Samurai (2012)

19. Power Rangers Megaforce (2013)

20. Power Rangers Super Megaforce (2014)

21. Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015)

22. Power Rangers Dino Super Charge (2016)

23. Power Rangers Ninja Steel (2017)

24. Power Rangers (2017 - Remake dari Power Rangers Mighty Morphin)

Fun Fact!
Tahu kah anda? Kalau sebenarnya Power Rangers yang sudah disebutkan diatas semua merupakan adaptasi dari Super Sentai. Super Sentai sendiri merupakan Power Rangers versi Jepang yang sudah ada dari tahun 1975. Hanya saja tidak semua seri Super Sentai diadaptasi ke Power Rangers, tapi ada juga seri terbaru dari Super Sentai yang masih belum diadaptasi ke Power Rangers.

          Comment on Halfway House 2017 by jeff w   
2017 so far has been all about the EPs, for me. Great ones by ANONHI, Pye Corner Audio (in various guises), Fatima Yamaha, Mr Tophat & Robyn, Modern Cosmology, The Comet Is Coming, GIRLI, Vanishing Twin, Robot Koch and No Joy among others. Decent albums too from Saint Etienne, ToiToiToi, Vic Mars, Devon Sproule and Juana Molina. Outside of those records, here's 30 highlights from my extensive tracks list: Goldfrapp - Anymore MUNA - Crying On The Bathroom Floor Louis The Child ft. Elohim - Love Is Alive Nadia Rose - Puddycat Kehlani - Undercover Jens Lekman - What’s That Perfume That You Wear? Anna Wise - Coconuts Stormzy - Big For Your Boots C Duncan - Sibling Ondatrópica - Bogotá Nubian Mindz - Somebody Else (Cavern of Anti-Matter remix) SiR ft. Anderson .Paak & King Mez - New LA Thundercat - Friend Zone Todd Terje - Jungelknugen (Prins Thomas remix) Bugzy Malone - Aggy Wid It Dawn Richard - Van Gogh Pye Corner Audio / Faten Kanaan - The Darkest Wave ZHU - Nightcrawler Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson - Symphony Nicki Minaj - Regret In Your Tears Sarah Angliss - A Wren in the Cathedral Betty Who - Blue Heaven Midnight Crush Machinedrum - U Betta Charli XCX ft. cupcakKe - Lipgloss Tove Styrke - Say My Name Slowdive - Sugar For The Pill (Avalon Emerson’s Gilded Escalation) This Is The Kit - Moonshine Freeze Little Mix ft. Stormzy - Power Todd Terje ft. Det Gylne Triangel - Maskindans (Erol Alkan rework) Cornelius - Sometime / Someplace
          Product Marketing Manager - Ecovacs Robotics Inc - San Francisco Bay Area, CA   
The company employs more than 5,000 people around the world with corporate offices in San Francisco, Dusseldorf, Tokyo and Suzhou, China, and has successfully...
From Indeed - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 23:00:37 GMT - View all San Francisco Bay Area, CA jobs
          I Robot 2070   

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Iron Man 3
Daft Punk
Almost Human
Agents Of SHIELD

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          Holiday Cheer   

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Man Of Steel
Star Trek Into Darkness
Pacific Rim
Robot Jox
Operation Plowshare
Unit 731
Dark Knight Rises Outtakes

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          Eastipedia: Robotics   
The Robotics Club works hard to create a robot for their upcoming competition.
          Democracy Hurts   

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PS3 Slim
PC Mods
Wrong Answer

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          The Not-So-Private Dick   

A man’s brain is not connected to his dick – no matter what your girlfriend might tell you.

The penis sports its own brain – the purple derby bouncin’ on jolly old roger when he walks the plank – if you know what I mean.

This, please understand, is not the same as stating that man has no input in the arrangement, no responsibility to strive to uphold – for it just isn’t true.
     Holmes would be lost with Watson, just as Watson would be lost without Holmes.

Man is as culpable as he is capable, his reason only impaired when he allows it.
     Nevertheless, it is wrong to call him cunning in the way he maneuvers through this conflicting trajectory, for he is at its mercy, through and through – just as a woman is bent by the whims of her own biology – Little Dot obsessing, Little Lotta craving – Betty drowning in Veronica’s lake – Thelma lead by Louise.

It would seem to me, as immodest as it might sound, that the cause of the so-called “battle of the sexes” – Lucy seeing the back of Ricky’s hand, Ralph fleeing Alice’s frying pan – is none other than this need to see one’s desired self mirrored in one’s partner – a state as impossible to accomplish as it is to relinquish the need for – so many succumbing to the illusion, envisioning that perfect self and calling it love.

But, more often than not, it ends in a disappointment projected in a matched grudge, the sexes coming together in their fury – the red robot poised before the blue robot – a rock ‘em sock ‘em cultural slugfest defined by the very duality of sex, the windstorm of reproductive assignment that decides us all.

It’s been said that men seek sex by means of love, while women work from the opposite side of the net, using sex to find love – Bobby Riggs dying just a little in Billie Jean King’s arms – but I can’t buy so completely into such a generalization, for it seems an overreaching summarization of what is, in essence, a highly-complex web of chemical considerations between the “heart” and “mind” – Cupid’s arrow breaking The Thinker’s repose.

I believe we work in a blind field, picking the sleep from our eyes, not as two sexes, but as carriers of attraction – gatherers of the components of regeneration – every one of us of defined by the balance we hold, the division of what we call masculine and feminine, the dual agents that rely on mutual attraction to propagate – forever pulling on the generational chain to which we are all inextricably linked.

It may be true that men are almost always thinking of sex – a mob of lustful Robert Crumbs parading their crosshatched penises – but that says more about the composition of their powers than it does anything else. Our very survival as a species relies on a system designed by the magnetic pull of sexual compulsion, an arrangement, by nature, of opposite inclination, of opposing power – the Snoid exercising his ejaculatory prowess, Krazy Kat eating a brick.
     What ultimately decides the balance of a man – his masculine portion – is what also defines a woman – for we are all shareholders in the same corporation, an enterprise built on male and female energies.

This, of course, I speak as a man – contemplating a woman, contemplating a man.
          #a434 :: Z-card robot   
I’ve posted some Z-Cardz before – they’re nifty little 3-D models that you assemble from pieces that you punch out of precision-die-cut 2-D plastic cards. This is not one of their better ones – and I guess that’s why I’m posting it – as an example of Not Good Enough. Warner Bros. cartoons had their […]

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Marvel Does Gay Marriage
DC Does Gay Prominently
Blade Runner Sequel
The Avengers
Thor 2

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          Swarms of flying robots could act as a mobile wireless network   
          OSU Robotics Team Wins National Competition   
<img class="thumb" src="" alt="Photo of Mars Rover and Team" title="OSU's Award-Winning Mars Rover Team" />Graduate student Matt Shuman was a member of an OSU team that won the 2008 University Rover Challenge at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah.
          «MARLO»: Roboter geht über alle Unebenheiten   
Der Roboter «MARLO» ist in der Lage, auf zwei Beinen sicher in 3D über diverse Unebenheiten und selbst auf einer dünnen Schneeschicht zu gehen.
          HORIZON is out TODAY!   

My new book, Horizon, is out today, March 28! What’s It About? A group of Brooklyn kids on a robotics team are flying to a competition in Japan. But on the way their plane is seized by a mysterious force and crashes. When they step from the wreckage, they find themselves stranded, at odds, and […]

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 found this blog on my computer from the weekend lol guess i forgot to send it.

So this morning I am righting from my cell in my work parking lot at 6:47. I had picked up some extra shifts at work & had bin felling like a big old farty BLA robot & ppl THERE is nothing BLA about robots so we had a issue. So after a nether sleepless painful shift I took a kitty cat nap & want out to see a fun kick ass band in Boston in a night club called church. The bands name is JJF "the jimmy johnson files" the lead singer is my fiance's cousin. But i don't gust watch them because he's my fiance's cousin i go because there rely good & i love there lyrics there original.
the band :)

 I also got stuck being the designated driver witch i think i need to do more often my friends & family wear funny as fuck lol & found a bunch of pitcher's i don't remember.
it was rely tinny door the boys that was funny???
my friend alan & me
my fiance & his sis & her BF having a blast
We staid the hole night to see the band 2am even & man did my face kill from all the laughter & screaming songs. the next morning i was weirdly wide awake & tackled my day as best i could.
OW & there was a women that could fit threw rackets!!!! i no cool hu here's a video :)
so cool!! nothing to cool after that just neon lights & sterile everything.
          Sonda Philae, która wylądowała na komecie odkryła cząsteczki organiczne   

Pionierska misja kosmiczna Rosetta, której kulminacją było lądowanie na komecie modułu Philae, pozwoliła dokonać niezwykłego odkrycia. Wykryto cząsteczki organiczne, które mogą uczestniczyć w tworzeniu ważnych związków chemicznych, które mogą być budulcem życia.


Związki chemiczne wykryło jedno z urządzeń znajdujących się na lądowniku Philae. Zawierają one atomy węgla. Naukowcy analizują dane, próbując zrozumieć czy mogą one dać początek protein. Ponadto, naukowcy będą badać dane z testów próbek gleby z komety.


Badanie komet może pomóc w studiowaniu ewolucji wczesnego Układu Słonecznego, ponieważ ich forma prawdopodobnie pozostała niemal niezmieniona od 4,5 miliarda lat. Ponadto badania takie mogą rzucić więcej światła na pytania dotyczące pochodzenia życia na Ziemi.

Źródlo: ESA

Naukowcy uważają poza tym, że cała znajdująca się na naszej planecie woda pochodzi właśnie z komet. Teraz, mimo, że lądownik Philae wyczerpał baterie, na Ziemię przesłano duża ilość danych, które będą teraz analizowane. Nadal orbiterem 67P pozostaje sonda Rosetta i astronomowie mają nadzieje zbadać jak będą się zmieniać warunki na komecie wraz z malejącą odległością od Słońca.


Warto zaznaczyć, że mimo iż misja Philae dobiegła końca, świetną robotę wykonał opracowany częściowo w Polsce i w Niemczech aparat MUPUS, automatyczny młotek z detektorami, który miał spenetrować powierzchnię tego ciała niebieskiego. To właśnie polski instrument monitorował różnice temperatury podczas lądowania i ustalił, że jądro komety ma temperaturę -153 stopni Celsjusza. Potem jeszcze, gdy opadł pył, temperatura spadła o kolejne 10 stopni.

Źródło: ESA

Młotek zadziałał, ale powierzchnia była na tyle twarda, że udało się skruszyć tylko kilka milimetrów lodowej skorupy. Dotarcie do niej było poprzedzone penetracją warstwy pyłu mającej od 10 do 20 cm.


Prawdopodobnie to dopiero początek sensacyjnych informacji, jakie będą elektryzować naukową społeczność międzynarodową. Napłyną one, gdy zostaną przeanalizowane dane nadesłane przez Philae po przeprowadzeniu wszystkich eksperymentów. Obecnie odkrycie związków organicznych jest uważane za najbardziej sensacyjne ustalenie tej europejskiej misji kosmicznej.



          Did They Deliberately Target Her? You Decide!   

Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, sued The New York Times on Tuesday. She alleged that the newspaper defamed her in an editorial, that appeared to link her to political violence after the shooting of House Republican Whip Steve Scalise earlier in June.
The Times said it would "vigorously" fight the action. Scalise and three other people were wounded on June 14th by a gunman who fired shots at Republican lawmakers practicing in Alexandria, Virginia, before the annual congressional baseball game.

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          ‘XX’ Star Lands Co-lead in Hulu’s “Castle Rock” Series   
“Togetherness” star Melanie Lynskey, who also was featured in St. Vincent’s (Annie Clark) XX segment “The Birthday Party”, has been tapped as the female lead opposite André Holland in Hulu’s upcoming psychological-horror drama series “Castle Rock” from J.J. Abrams and Stephen King, says Deadline. Set in the Stephen King multiverse, Castle Rock, from Bad Robot […]
          No Robot Balls

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Samsung Continuum
Assassins Creed: Brotherhood
The Keep
The Gate
CGI Effects
The Terminator Series

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          Is It Unethical to Design Robots to Resemble Humans?   

Society's push toward anthropomorphized machines and humanized virtual assistants could have the unplanned effect of dehumanizing actual human beings. 

          Peace In 90 Minutes   

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2010 World Cup
iPhone 4
Just Cause 2
BP Robot Accident
McCrysthal Mishap

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          Noticias del mundo de la historieta (23.01.12)   
Cómic europeo

¿Cuál es el mejor álbum de Tintín? Puedes votar en esta página.

Cómic hispano y latinoamericano

'Mamed Casanova. El hijo de la ira', un cómic sobre el último bandolero romántico español. Es obra del guionista Manolo López Poy y el dibujante Miguel Fernández. Valle-Inclán y Emilia Pardo Bazán ya reflejaron sus andanzas.

Miguel Brieva analiza con ironía la crisis económica y ecológica en 'Memorias de la tierra'. "He querido imaginar escenarios de salida de la crisis", y asegura que "Podemos vivir mejor consumiendo mucho menos".

Estas son las novedades de Ediciones Glénat (España) para febrero de 2012.

'Malefic time'. Un universo apocalíptico para un año de profecías. El historietista e ilustrador Luis Royo y su hijo Rómulo inician un proyecto multimedia. Avalanch crea la banda sonora.

Cómic USA

Marvel apuesta por un nuevo Spider-Man multirracial como el presidente Obama. Miles Morales, el nuevo hombre araña hijo de una puertorriqueña y un afroamericano que vive en el barrio neoyorquino de Brooklyn, es un reflejo de la diversidad étnica de Estados Unidos.

Peter Bagge: "Nunca me divertí tanto dibujando como lo hice con 'Bat boy'" y 'Los apelativos con los que me califican se quedan cortos'. La Cúpula acaba de publicar en España sus tiras de 'Bat Boy'.

Otras noticias del mundo del arte y la historieta

Antonio Mingote cumple 93 años.

Cartel oficial del Salón Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona.

Gila: sin miedo a hablar con el enemigo. Una biografía reivindica la trayectoria del humorista y dibujante.

Las viñetas de El Roto en Nueva York. Se exponen para tratar de "aclarar el pensamiento social", dijo el dibujante, que también señaló que pueden permitir a los espectadores que entiendan lo que les perjudica.

Mazinger, rey del Salón del Cómic de Barcelona. El autor del robot y una exposición sobre los 50 años de Spiderman, atractivos (es un decir, en la humilde opinión del administrador del blog y, sobre todo, comparándolo con los eventos monográficos del Festival de Angulema 2012) de la 30ªedición.

Spiderman y los robots colonizarán el Salón del Cómic de Barcelona. La cita contará en su 30 aniversario con la presencia de Gó Nagai, célebre creador de «Mazinger Z».


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          Take Liberties: Podcast Episode 229   

Everyone tells stories. Even rocks, if you put a robot mouth on them and tell the robot mouth to say approximately what you think a rock would say. It’s mostly “I’m dry” or “I’m wet.” Rocks are very aware of their hydration levels. The Mustache Rangers jabber on about stories and how they should be […]

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          Gecko-Inspired Robot Could Snag Space Junk   
Robotic pincers inspired by geckos could help collect garbage in space, a new study finds.
          Farewell, ROSA! Space Station Lets Go of Roll-Out Solar Array After Retraction Fail (Video)   
After a week of tests at the end of the International Space Station's robotic arm, the Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) was safely jettisoned.
          Random Robot design   
This is my straight ahead design for a Robot, this challenge was supposed to be posted last Friday... but I was out of town with no access to my computer, oh well better late than never. For a straight ahead design I'm pretty happy with it.
          Feature: Study of caterpillars shows how creepy-crawlies could help shape robots in future   
A young academic won a major award from the prestigious Zoological Society of London (ZSL) on Tuesday for his devotion to studying the lives of "creepy crawlies."
          The Power Of Desolation   

I think I mentioned recently that I have removed the 'Last Saturday Movie Reviews' from the site. It's not that I don't have a lot of reviews already in the can, it was more that eventually I'd run out and there just aren't that many movies lately that I've felt the need to review.

There are always exceptions, however, and recently I got a chance to see a really beautiful little movie called Moon. To give the briefest of summaries, it's a film about a near future where mankind mines the moon for energy. On the moon, a solitary operator keeps things going for 3 year stints before going back home to Earth. Sam Rockwell stars as Sam Bell, who is a mere 2 weeks from going back to his wife child and is beginning to feel the weight of his isolated stay so far. The story really picks up when Sam has an accident out on the surface, then finds himself back in the infirmary with no idea how he got there.

I won't go into more detail so that you can experience the story on your own, but beyond the plot points is the real heart of the film. What this movie is really about is our existence as people, and what tethers you to our humanity. One of the great things the movie does is play with our conceptions of what makes a person.

Good example of this GERTY, the A.I. that operates the base with Sam and is charged with his safety. In the extremely minimal cast of the film, GERTY gradually becomes another person, as much a character who we connect to as Sam. The amazing part of this is that GERTY is quite clearly NOT a person. He is designed as a throwback to the older 70's conception of a robot, big and blocky with hardly any ability to convey expression besides a simplistic LCD that shows a few smiley or frowny faces. Even as this very simplistic automaton we begin to regard him as another being in the space with Sam. Unlike, say, R2-D2, who has some quirky mannerisms that evoke a child but never seems anything BUT a robot, GERTY evolves into a true presence. As the film progresses, you'll start to sense real motive behind his actions, something that seems a simple accomplishment but really isn't for a non-human entity.

Beyond GERTY, Sam Rockwell does an astounding job in a movie that really demands he act with himself most of the time. There are long periods of complete lack of interaction, like the movie Cast Away, where the actor must fill every inch of the frame with himself. We luck out in that Rockwell manages it very well, and portrays the struggle of man trying to keep his grip with true realism.

None of this would work, in my view, without the stunningly sparse score provided by Clint Mansell. The music works with the film in laying out the vast emptiness of the moon, yet still manages to punctuate the often intense moments that come in Sam's story. I ordered the soundtrack almost immediately after the movie ended.

In the end, this movie is very simple but deeply moving. It's a great examination of the human spirit, and for fans of films like 2001 or Logan's Run, it will provide a welcome break from the usually special effects heavy but thematically light sci-fi fare that has become the norm.

          You're Got War!   

This week Cooter joins us as we open with a lovely discussion on the newest robotic innovation: corpse eating! After that, it's the political corner as we discuss the recent nomination hearings for Sonia Sotomayor and what they reveal about the lack of discussion in this country about race, and beyond that we each take a moment to reflect on some of our little differences. From there, it's the renewed fight between Microsoft and Google before we take some time to comment on the casting choices for the Green Lantern and Jonah Hex films. Finally, the big topic as we think about what a future war will look like. The days of trenches and tanks seem to be rapidly fading, so what can we expect out of the next big conflict?

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

          Better A Suicide Than A Bad Host   

This week we're back on the high seas, cruising around the waters and discussing various things we find interesting. We start off with the evolution of art before moving into movies, then we jump into self-help and robotics and ending with a lovely dialogue on The Divine Comedy. Enjoy!

As requested, here is one of the videos we talked about on the show:

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

          Sony’s ‘Rogue Warrior’ Theatrical Season Expands to Sutter Creek   
Sony Pictures’ ROGUE WARRIOR : ROBOT FIGHTER  will screen at the Sutter Creek Theater from June 30 – July 9. ROGUE WARRIOR : ROBOT FIGHTER, described as a mix of Mad Max and Star Wars, is a science fiction film set in the distant future depicting the overthrow of humanity by artificial intelligence on Earth […]
          Vacuum Collection Systems Designed for Explosive Dust Atmospheres   

When milling, machining, polishing, grinding, or drilling materials such as Titanium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Iron Oxides, Stainless Steel, and Carbon Fiber, manufacturers must address the inherent explosion and fire hazards associated with the combustible dust generated by these materials.

NFPA 484 Annex // A. Combustible Metal Dust.** Combustible Metal Dust. “A combustible particulate metal that presents a fire or explosion hazard when suspended in air or the process specific oxidizing medium over a range of concentrations, regardless of particle size or shape.”

An overall system solution must address the process requirements, materials, and the volumes processed. All equipment in contact with hazardous / combustible dusts must be constructed in compliance with HazLoc  Class II disciplines, and applicable N.F.P.A., A.N.S.I.,  and A.S.M.E. standards.  Customized systems are usually application specific and sized appropriately for the collection, conveyance, and control of the materials, ratios, and anticipated volumes of debris to be recovered. 

A basic understanding of the issues and solutions as relate to current developments in systems configurations, and best industry practices requires an explanation as to how catastrophic events occur.  In the interest of enhanced worker and plant safety we will also review what can be done to prevent them.

Combustible dust related fires occur in all cases as a result of combustible materials being exposed to an ignition source.  This can occur either during or subsequent to machining when materials are within ignition sensitivity levels capable of supporting a deflagration.

During Transfer:      
When being transferred for collection, combustible dusts can also impact duct work elbows and other constrained joints and as a result of high speed impact create a spark moving the ignition source toward a collection point.  Non-grounded components accumulating an electrostatic charge, exposure to electrical motors or other spark producing equipment can also provide an ignition source.

If an ember or spark is eventually transferred to a collection location and maintains ignition energy it can initiate a further transfer of the ignition to additional materials in the process stream.

Accumulated Residuals:
Layers of dust which have accumulated over time have also been documented as transmitting an initial deflagration to secondary areas. In a worst case scenario if suspended as a dust cloud, explosions are easily generated as the deflagration gains rapid expansion due to the increase of combustibles.


Dust explosions occur when combustible materials are suspended in an air/fuel concentration consistent with rapid ignition transmission. If the initial deflagration generates even a primary explosion, the associated shock waves will dislodge any dusts which have accumulated over time on overhead beams, walls, duct work, machinery, or collection vents. When these materials are dislodged from their resting place, they become airborne and in the presence of the initial flame front ignition source presented by the initial deflagration, they will contribute to an even much larger secondary catastrophic explosion.  Incidents reported in recent years here in the U.S. have documented multiple deaths, injuries, and significant property destruction.



S.D.S. (SAFETY DATA SHEETS) seldom refer to the inherent danger of finite dust particles generated during machining processes. They fall short by NOT expressing the M.I.E. (Minimum Ignition Energy) and minimum ignition temperature (MIT) thresholds and seldom address the issue of reactivity with other materials.  In some industries such as aerospace, there are usually several materials in a waste stream.  As an example, drilling and assembling aircraft structures will generate carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel in varying combinations.  These comingled materials lead to secondary handling issue that S.D.S. specifications don’t address. Using one collection system for recovering different materials from diverse operations should be evaluated by sample testing to determine if a volatile combination of materials with lower MIE than each by themselves may be present.


Housekeeping, provides increased worker and plant safety but usually adds to the overall cost of manufacturing operating expenditures.  Safely removing accumulated combustible dusts requires specialized equipment and in some cases access can only be achieved if entire production areas are shut-down.  As a result, cleaning activities are not performed as frequently as they should be thus increasing the risks associated with accumulated combustible dusts. To minimize personal risks, efforts should include materials safety awareness, safe handling protocols and training. For example, using plant compressed air to “blow-off” debris from recessed areas should be avoided as the resultant dust in suspension could easily propagate an explosion under the right conditions.


When dealing with any of the debris generated within the production waste stream, one of the first steps must include combustible dust testing of the materials for explosive severity and ignition sensitivity as they would be generated in the work environment.  Sample collection(s) and submittal to an independent laboratory for testing under N.F.P.A. Code 68 is essential. Data received from such test results is mandatory when designing fire prevention and explosion protection equipment and process systems with sufficient capacities to safely accommodate subsequent collection, conveyance, and containment of the materials being recovered.


Central Vacuum System
Current systems have incorporated both high volume air flow AND high vacuum to optimize collection efficiencies and transfer capabilities of heavy combustible dusts.   The ability to collect and control the transfer of any debris or dust is related directly to the volume, size, weight, specific gravity, and surface area of the material to be addressed.  Vacuum in itself provides no means to act upon any material unless there is substantial air volume available to generate the motive force behind transfer.  Dust collectors generally rely upon large volumes of air flow and as a result impart minimal vacuum on materials to maintain their velocities in collection ducts. 

Collect dust as it is being generated.
Hazardous dust migration in many cases has been eliminated by using specialized high volume – high vacuum / dust recovery systems to collect debris simultaneous to generation further containing the recovered materials and minimizing the burden of house-keeping. Within the aerospace industry, complete recovery of drill chips and dust at the work piece is currently in use on several projects and in automotive applications, debris recovery has been accomplished within assembly and machining operations with the same process.

Control dust during transfer:
The recovery of combustible particulate solids must assure that air/material ratios never approach critical M.E.C. (Minimal Explosive Concentrations) which could support ignition resulting in a deflagration which could travel either up or down stream of the event. M.E.C. ratios vary based on materials and process requirements, however the speed at which materials are transferred and the separation of these materials by excessive air volumes provides a means to isolate one particle from the next. High volume rate transfer also maintains the materials in suspension which minimizes their contact with duct work thus reducing the build-up of fines, clogs, static, and sparks

Contain dust for safe disposal:
Many terms apply to the initial separation of the combustible dusts from the recovering air stream such as Vortex, Centrifugal, or Gate type systems. Initial contact between recovered dusts and the receiving receptacle act to slow the materials in the air stream such that heavy materials drop out of the airstream before contact with any filtering media. General dust collectors employ filter “bag-house” configurations with high pressure air jets to back flush the filters on occasion to maintain collection capabilities as the finer materials in these type systems have a tendency to migrate into the filter media. Rotary valves or gates at the bottom of the recovery receptacles allow recovered materials to be collected for disposal.

Items which may have been considered as “OPTIONAL” in the past should be considered as MINIMAL requirements in systems collecting and conveying combustible dusts in compliance to HazLoc Class II.  Terminology may differ between industries and suppliers however the intent to which these are applied remains consistent with providing safety in the work place.                        

 Specifically best industry practices include:

Grounding – and incorporating non-spark producing elements, materials, motors, switches
Spark / Heat detection – includes multiple high temperature rise sensors
Explosion detection – detect first pressure wave of an initial explosion ( see isolation below )
Explosion venting – pressure relief and / or rupture disk,  vents explosion toward a safe area
Flame / Fire / Deflagration  Suppression – appropriate to the material(s) being encountered
Flameless venting – prevents flame travel beyond location of occurrence
Isolation-Explosion gates – prevents flame travel “up-stream” or to other process areas
Minimized debris contained for safe daily removal
Plant personnel education, awareness and training

Author: J. Byron Walker is Director for Systems Design and Engineering @ TECH TRANS UNLIMITEDCORP.  He has over 35 years of experience in Robotics and automation systems integration working in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries.  He holds patents in finite parts cleaning technologies and is responsible for providing total systems solutions for the safe recovery and transfer of Hazardous Materials to which this article is directed.

          Басёна: "Лебедь сотрудничал с Гитлером": кто помог радикалам захватить Украину   

Экс-советник Кучмы о подоплеке происходящего в стране

14 июня президент Украины Петр Порошенко заявил о нецелесообразности прекращения военной операции на востоке страны. Война длится уже больше трех лет, каждый день гибнут люди, будет ли этому конец? Кто виноват в трагедии? Владимир Малинкович — человек с уникальным опытом. Участник диссидентского движения в СССР, политолог, в прошлом редактор нескольких программ и ведущий политический обозреватель радио «Свобода», непосредственный участник многих событий на Украине. Мнение этого человека о происходящем на его родине крайне интересно.


фото: Марина Перевозкина
Владимир Малинкович.

— Владимир Дмитриевич, вы были одним из тех людей, которые во времена СССР боролись за демократию в нашей стране. Видя то, что сегодня творится на ее обломках, испытываете ли вы разочарование?

— Да. И очень сильное. Но в своих идеалах я не разочарован нисколько.

— Вы внесли свой вклад в становление нынешнего украинского государства. Вы ведь были советником президента Леонида Кучмы…

— Один месяц после его избрания. Но я был советником Кучмы во время его предвыборной кампании и одним из организаторов этой кампании в 1994 году. Я участвовал в разработке его программы. Тогда я предлагал законодательно закрепить равноправие русского и украинского языков. Украинский — государственный язык, русский — официальный с меньшими функциями. Я полагал, что украинскому языку на начальном этапе необходима поддержка. Потому что действительно в советское время украинский язык не имел достаточных функциональных возможностей.

— Неужели?

— В украинские технические вузы в советское время можно было поступить только при хорошем знании русского языка.

— А в американские вузы можно легко поступить и при плохом знании английского.

— В Украине другая ситуация. В Украине рождается и формируется нация. Эта нация имеет свой язык и культуру. Для меня русские и украинцы — это все-таки два разных славянских народа, хотя и близких. Украинский язык не имел функциональных возможностей в пределах Украины. Настоящую карьеру, кроме сферы культуры, песен и танцев, можно было сделать только на русском языке.

— Мы жили в одной стране, поэтому был необходим один язык, который скрепляет единство страны, как в США — английский, хотя там тоже живут представители разных народов.

— А хочет ли Украина жить в одной с Россией стране? Вот пример. В 1917 году на свободных выборах во всероссийское Учредительное собрание в Киевском округе были избраны в подавляющем большинстве депутаты от «украинского списка» (коалиции украинских партий), которые хотели федеративного государства, а некоторые из них были вообще сепаратистами. Ни один пророссийский кандидат, большевик или меньшевик не прошли. Из 19 депутатов 18 представляли «украинский список» и 1 — «еврейский». Лозунг «Геть вид Москвы» выдвинул еще в 20-е годы украинский писатель и убежденный коммунист Микола Хвылевый. Но сегодня в Украине языковый вопрос отошел на второй план. Сегодня на первом плане — ты за Россию или против? Приведу в пример такой случай. Радикалы повесили на памятник генералу Ватутину какие-то лозунги. Подошел милиционер и на украинском попросил их это убрать. Тогда они на чистом русском стали ему объяснять, почему Ватутин нехороший человек…

— Что, на ваш взгляд, произошло в Киеве в конце 2013 — начале 2014 года? Народное восстание, революция достоинства, государственный переворот?

— В Киеве был совершен государственный переворот. После 30 ноября это уже был никакой не Евромайдан. Люди начали захватывать государственные здания и штурмовать президентский дворец. Они лишили Януковича полномочий вопреки Конституции, хотя он еще находился в Украине. И даже если бы он уехал на какое-то время из Украины, его нельзя было лишать полномочий без проведения положенной процедуры. Это свидетельствует о том, что конституционный правопорядок в Украине рухнул. В этом причина и отделения Крыма, и войны на Донбассе. Просто население этой части Украины не захотело подчиняться тем, кто грубо нарушил Конституцию, незаконно отстранил президента от власти. Да, западные области, сам Киев и центр поддержали этот переворот. А восток и юг не поддержали. Особенно активно Донбасс и Крым, менее активно — Одесса и Харьков. И они были вынуждены сами принимать решения о своей судьбе. Потому что не на кого было рассчитывать, Конституция не работала.

— Насчет Киева тоже вопрос спорный.

— Это вопрос бесспорный. Киев по всем параметрам всегда голосует как Львов.

— По моим наблюдениям, во время Евромайдана Киев сидел в основном по домам.

— Но на выборы он приходит. Да, обыватели сидят по домам. И не все они довольны происходящим. Но большинство киевлян довольны переворотом, и это подтверждается всеми социологическими исследованиями. Как и большинство жителей запада и центра. В отличие от жителей Новороссии.

— А крымский референдум, по-вашему, был законен?

— Крымская автономия имела право на референдум, в том числе и с целью обеспечения безопасности жителей региона. Опасность для региона со стороны этих путчистов, или революционеров, как кому нравится, была вполне реальной. Поэтому их референдум был вполне оправдан. Потому что в стране не было президента, не было законной власти, не работала Конституция. Вот «зеленые человечки» — это было неправильно.

— Можно ли сказать, что нынешнее украинское государство взяло на вооружение идеологию радикального национализма?

— Нет. Президент, правительство, полиция, армия и другие государственные институты в Украине не имеют никакой идеологии. Но на пустом месте очень сильна идеология национализма. Власть боится националистов.

— Сторонники Майдана говорят, что все в порядке, потому что радикальные националисты проигрывают выборы.

— Радикальная партия «Свобода» получила в 2012 году более 10% на парламентских выборах, на выборах 2014 года депутатами стали 7 членов этой партии.

(Статистика свидетельствует о неуклонном росте влияния партии «Свобода», которое охватывает все большее число украинских регионов. В 2006 году во всех областях, кроме западных, поддержка «Свободы» была менее 1%. В 2014 году даже на юго-востоке она составляла 1–3%, а в центре колебалась от 4 до почти 6%. — М.П.)

Партии совершенно фашистского типа — «Правый сектор» и общественное движение «Гражданский корпус Азов», которое сформировано на базе бывшего батальона «Азов» (запрещенные в РФ организации. — «МК»), пока не участвовали в выборах, но уже представляют собой серьезную силу. Радикалов пока мало, но они очень активны, и их боятся все. Они в любой момент придут к дому Порошенко и начнут жечь шины, а кто будет Порошенко защищать после того, что случилось с «Беркутом»? Никто. «Беркут» защищал президента, но в результате оказался врагом народа. Поэтому сегодня все быстро подстроятся под победителя. И общественной поддержки у Порошенко и правительства нет никакой, 7–8% максимум.

— Почему же все это случилось с Украиной? Как националистам и даже нацистам удалось навязать свои идеи такому большому количеству бывших советских людей, у которых в подкорке сидело, что нацизм — это плохо? Это чья-то ошибка или осознанная политика власти?

— Еще президент Кучма уступил идеологию националистам. Почему? Кучма не был националистом. Он «красный директор», русскоязычный человек, говорить по-украински не умел и был настроен на дружеские отношения с РФ. Ему нужно было прийти к власти, когда первый президент Кравчук выгнал его из премьеров. Я ему посоветовал включить в свою программу официальный статус русского языка. Эта идеология при равенстве сил восток–запад дала ему несколько процентов преимущества. Он победил за счет этого и за счет голосов, которые ему дали левые, социалисты Александра Мороза. Но как только он победил, объективная реальность вынудила его отказаться от всех обещаний.


Экс-президент Украины Леонид Кучма.


— Почему?

— Кучма хотел сохранить экономику Украины, ее тяжелую промышленность. Денег у Кучмы не было. Тогда вся Россия была в руинах, но Украина особенно, потому что у нее была самая энергоемкая промышленность: кораблестроение, ракетостроение, танкостроение, металлургия. Сбывать продукцию было некуда. Наполнять бюджет было нечем. Нужны были деньги, а они поступали от криминального первичного накопления капитала. Кучма закрыл на это глаза. Деньги пришли от олигархических кланов, которые управляют страной по сей день. Эти деньги позволили сохранить тяжелую промышленность и лучшие кадры страны, которые работали на этих заводах. И они выжили. За это Кучма заплатил тем, что позволил олигархам стать олигархами. Для принятия необходимых законов ему нужна была поддержка в парламенте. Левые были против его политики. Он был вынужден обратиться к «Руху». За поддержку «Руха» в экономических вопросах он заплатил тем, что отдал ему идеологию. Националисты занимались активной украинизацией и в течение 10 лет похоронили русское образование в Украине.

— Но «Рух» — это умеренные националисты.

— Самая активная украинизация школ была при Николае Жулинском, умеренном националисте (писатель, вице-премьер по гуманитарным вопросам. — М.П.). Умеренные националисты во всех смыслах проигрывают радикалам. Сама их природа ведет их в тупик, потому что национал-демократия — это нечто из области фантастики. Либо национализм, либо демократия. Чтобы решать вопросы формирования нации, они были вынуждены идти на радикальную украинизацию и на антироссийскую пропаганду. А в этом вопросе радикалы гораздо последовательнее. «Украина — понад усе», и все.

— Старый нацистский лозунг.

— Они и есть нацисты. Украинское национально-радикальное движение корнями имеет ОУН (Организация украинских националистов, запрещена в РФ. — «МК».) В 1941 году ОУН создала специальные дружины украинских националистов, которые в форме батальона «Нахтигаль» и зондеркоманды «Роланд» вступили в войну против СССР. Батальон «Нахтигаль» первым вошел во Львов.

— Вы ведь в эмиграции общались с лидерами ОУН?

— Я был знаком со многими из них. Среди них встречались разные люди. Некоторые перешли на службу к американцам. Как, например, покойный Роман Купчинский, человек из команды Бжезинского. (Кадровый сотрудник ЦРУ, ветеран войны во Вьетнаме, сын видного деятеля ОУН, шеф украинской службы радио «Свобода», с 1978-го по 1988-й — руководитель организации «Prolog Research and Publishing Inc.». В конце жизни работал в Джеймстаунском фонде. Умер в 2010 году. — М.П.) Я его очень хорошо знаю, поскольку мы вместе работали. Я одно время издавал журнал «Форум» на русском языке о национальных проблемах Украины. Он печатался в издательстве «Сучасн i сть» при финансовой поддержке организации «Пролог», которым в мое время руководил Купчинский. «Пролог» — это эмигрантский исследовательский центр и издательство, созданный, как признавался в конце жизни сам Купчинский, при финансовой поддержке ЦРУ.

— Купчинский этого не скрывал?

— У него был рак, он разоткровенничался. Вот точная цитата: «История «Пролога» — одна из самых захватывающих и неизвестных страниц холодной войны. За 36 лет своего существования «Пролог» мобилизовал сотни людей, большинство из которых и не подозревали о сотрудничестве «Пролога» с ЦРУ». Среди этих людей был и я. Я действительно не подозревал, что организация связана с ЦРУ.

— «Прологом» ведь руководил бывший заместитель Бандеры Микола Лебедь, пособник Гитлера, основатель Службы безопасности ОУН, впоследствии сотрудник ЦРУ. Его племянник, Марк Паславский, воевал на Донбассе и был убит.

— Я Лебедя хорошо знал. Да, он в «Прологе» работал. Но при мне руководителем был Роман Купчинский.

— Лебедь действительно сотрудничал с Гитлером?

— Да, он сотрудничал с Гитлером, это правда. У оуновцев был острый конфликт с поляками. Когда Гитлер победил Польшу, они пошли на союз с Гитлером. Сам Лебедь говорил: «Мы хотели получить «вышку» — то есть военное образование, подготовку. Военную подготовку они проходили сразу после захвата Польши в немецких школах, связанных с гестапо и абвером. Они работали с Гитлером, при этом полагая, что выполняют какие-то свои задачи. Что они такие умные и Гитлера потом обманут.

— Но Гитлер думал иначе…

— Гитлер думал иначе, и то, что он думал, было гораздо важнее, чем то, что думали они. ОУН после манифеста 30 июня, провозглашавшего независимость Украины, была разогнана. Они бы с удовольствием и дальше сотрудничали с Гитлером, но Гитлер этого не захотел. Они хотели быть чем-то вроде словацкого государства — профашистского, но независимого. Гитлер на это не согласился. Оставались батальоны «Нахтигаль» и «Роланд». «Роланд» потом слился с Черновицким куренем и принимал участие в оцеплении в Бабьем Яру. «Нахтигаль» был расформирован и отправлен в качестве карательного батальона в Белоруссию. Там они воевали с партизанами. Потом их окончательно разогнали, и они влились в ряды УПА (Украинская повстанческая армия, запрещена в РФ. — М.П.) Бойцы «Нахтигаль» принимали участие в львовском погроме. Погромы эти, кстати, прекратили немцы. В ОУН ведь было два течения: бандеровцы и мельниковцы. Бандеровцы после 30 июня оказались в вынужденной оппозиции к немцам, мельниковцы продолжали сотрудничать, и они были организаторами дивизии СС «Галичина». И современные наследники ОУН до сих пор не хотят признавать, что сотрудничество с Гитлером в той войне — преступление.

— Велико ли влияние «внешних сил» на события на Украине?

— Роман Купчинский вообще перед смертью стал очень откровенен, и фактически признался в том, что именно он был главным режиссером «кассетного скандала», который привел к «кучмагейту», «оранжевой революции» и приходу к власти Виктора Ющенко. Он признался, что именно он был тем мистером Х, который дал Николаю Мельниченко поручение записать разговоры в кабинете Кучмы. И что именно это послужило толчком ко всем последующим событиям. Политика таких людей, как Бжезинский и целое крыло в Демократической партии, в которой много выходцев из Восточной Европы, была направлена на то, чтобы максимально отодвинуть Украину от России. И средства для этого не выбирали. Одним из активных проводников этой политики был Роман Купчинский. Америка очень активно работала на «оранжевую революцию». Европа в гораздо меньшей степени. Европа прекрасно понимала, что Украина в ЕС ей совершенно ни к чему. Европа должна была бы это разъяснить украинцам, но она этого не сделала. Это ошибка, и грубая ошибка европейцев. Ведь 40% товарооборота Украины было с РФ. Произошел разрыв этих связей. Украина осталась ни с чем. Связи с Россией разорваны, от Европы толку нет. Европа виновата, что втянула Украину в эту тяжелую ситуацию.

— Тогда зачем Европа продавливала этот Евромайдан?

— А Европа не очень-то и продавливала. В Европе есть группа стран — это балтийские страны и Польша, которые действительно очень хотят ослабления РФ. Они хотели бы убрать Украину от РФ. Но в том, что случился конфликт с Россией и дело дошло почти до войны, виноват не только Запад, но и Москва. Надо было вести более обдуманную политику. Не надо было осенью 2013 года вводить блокаду украинских продуктов и давить на Януковича…

— То есть пусть бы он подписывал соглашение о евроассоциации? Но нам это было невыгодно.

— Подписал бы, и ничего бы не случилось. Все осталось бы на своих местах. Как ничего не случилось с Турцией, которая подписала. Европа никуда не спешила брать Украину. Это была чистая война амбиций. Кроме того, ошибка, на мой взгляд, была в том, что Путин не захотел, чтобы представитель РФ выступил гарантом соглашения с Януковичем от 21 февраля 2014 года. Если бы РФ выступила гарантом и потребовала соблюдения этого соглашения, то у нее в руках были бы козырные карты. Тогда революции в Украине не было бы. Если бы все было в соответствии с этим соглашением, то Янукович потерял бы власть к концу 2014 года на законных выборах. К власти, безусловно, пришли бы те же националисты. Через какое-то время они бы продемонстрировали, что у них ничего не получается, потому что у них ничего получиться и не могло. И тогда опять на свободных выборах могла бы вернуться власть, дружески настроенная к РФ. Как это было после Ющенко.

— Каковы же, на ваш взгляд, перспективы?

— Сегодня — ужасные. Майдан произошел закономерно, но он принес зло Украине. Ничего они не выиграли, только проиграли. Экономически, политически и морально. Я думаю, что сегодня в Украине нужно поддержать государство, каким бы оно ни было, против радикалов. Даже Порошенко. Я понимаю, что с этим никто не согласится ни в России, ни в Украине. Но это мое мнение.


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ANTONIO LÓPEZ GARCIA. Estudio con tres puertas (1969-1970). Lápiz sobre papel (98 x 113 cm.) Fundació Sorigué.



Buenos días y gracias por su asistencia.

He venido ha charlar sobre EL COLOR: De la física a lo espiritual: como si de un puzzle se tratara, mi trabajo consiste en haber recopilado los maravillosos secretos de la naturaleza: recetarios sobre curiosidades naturales que pertenecían más al saber popular de cada país.

Empiezo a permitirme, digamos, a permitirme crear. En lo que a la autoría se refiere, la casi totalidad de la charla son los textos de mentes ilustres que he ido devorando, durante décadas, con avidez. Así, de forma expresa, se hallan presentes en todo momento todo tipo de tratados y recetas de la Antigüedad, Edad Media, Edad Moderna y Contemporánea: décadas de recortes de periódicos, revistas, citas de libros, pedazos de la historia, teología, psicología y cosmología de aquí y de allá, que han creado los sabios que han pasado por la humanidad. Y que ahora trato de compartir con ustedes.

A través de los siglos, la impresión ha llegado a ser conocida como "arte conservador de las otras artes". La propagación del conocimiento, de la cultura, el paso a sucesivas generaciones de las experiencias del pasado, ha estado posible a través de la aplicación de la tinta sobre papel. Y aun sobrevive hoy, en la era de los satélites, de la transmisión electrónica de mensajes a través de internet.

PERE LLOBERA, San Francisco talking to the animals (2009). Óleo sobre lienzo (200 x 200 cm.) 

Antaño, las recetas sobre curiosidades naturales pertenecían más al saber popular que al científico, es decir, cada casa, de cada región, de cada país, tenía su propio recetario para solventar sus propias problemáticas con sus recursos naturales. En esos recetarios se hallaban mentes como Plinio el Viejo, Aristóteles, Plutarco, Teófilo, Cennino Cennini, Paracelso, Avicena, Averroes, Alberto Magno, Ibn Arabi, Pico Della Mirandola, Luca Pacioli, Piero della Francesca, Leonardo, Alberti, Pacheco, Palomino, y un largo etcétera. Por este motivo es posible hallar innumerables ediciones en bibliotecas de todo el mundo.

Hace dos días me encontraba de charla sobre esta cuestión con el saber de mi admirado pintor Dino Valls. Dino me animaba ha seguir con una idea global, para así salirnos de este mundo tan escueto, donde los profesionales saben muchísimo de lo suyo, y de lo demás responden a un desconocimiento tremendo. Tenemos que cambiar el registro para poder hacer una buena lectura de la vida, porque  vivimos en un mundo tecnificado, donde el individualismo es incluso una manera de intentar sobrevivir especializando en algo muy particular, porque el saber global de los antiguos sabios, los que han integrado el conocimiento que tienen alrededor, es múltiple, y evidentemente ahora esto es imposible.

Las mejores presentaciones son los consejos que me dio en su momento otro dibujante y pintor, mi querido Luis Garcia Mozos, cuando me indicó que "la cultura es lo que te queda después de olvidar lo que has aprendido." 

Ahora me pregunto: ¿como lo vas a decir luego tú?

 DINO VALLS, IES IRAE (detalle, 2012). Óleo sobre madera. Políptico 7 piezas (74 x 100 cm.)


Ustedes y yo habitamos en un espacio tridimensional. Nos podemos desplazar en tres dimensiones independientes: arriba o abajo, derecha o izquierda, y adelante o atrás. Y eso es todo: cualquier dirección en la que nos movamos puede obtenerse a partir de una combinación de desplazamientos en esas tres dimensiones.

Piensen, por ejemplo, en un triángulo, en el Antiguo Egipto, en una vida de muchas dimensiones. Imaginen un mundo bidimensional, completamente plano. Por supuesto, también sus habitantes son planos: figuras de grosor cero que que solo pueden desplazarse en dos dimensiones: derecha o izquierda y adelante o atrás, pero nunca hacia arriba ni hacia abajo.

La vida de estos personajes difiere en gran medida de la nuestra. Nosotros que vivimos en tres dimensiones, expirentaríamos un fenómeno similar si nos visitase una hiperesfera, el equivalente tetradimensional de una esfera. Cuando la hiperesfera tocase nuestro espacio, veríamos emerger un punto de la nada. Este se transformaría entonces en una esfera, lo cual crecería hasta alcanzar un tamaño máximo, correspondiente al ecuador de la hiperesfera, y luego se encogería más y más hasta desvanecerse por completo.

MANUEL FRANQUELO, Sin título ( detalle, 1989). Acrílico y óleo sobre madera (80 x 130 cm). Colección Lord Jeffrey Archer.

El sombreado hace forzosa la percepción de la forma tridimensional. Uno de los modos como el cerebro simplifica la tarea de interpretar las sombras es dando por supuesto que hay una sola fuente de luz 

Ahora imaginen que ustedes, y el habitante bidimiensional de esas esfera, poseen una cuerda de gran longitud: EL COLOR.

Al parecer, ciertos rasgos del objeto pueden informar al cerebro sobre la dirección de la iluminación y luego se hace que el relieve de las otras partes del objeto sea conforme a la fuente luminosa. 

Hace tiempo que los científicos se preguntan por la forma en la que los saltícidos, o arañas saltadoras, obtienen información visual con la rapidez y precisión suficientes como para atrapar moscas. En un estudio publicado en la revista Science en enero del 2012, Takashi Nagata, de la Universidad de la ciudad de Osaka, señalaba que estas arañas comparan imágenes enfocadas y desenfocadas para percibir la profundidad, pero con un toque de color. Se sabía que las dos capas más profundas de los dos ojos principales de un saltícido se hallaban sintonizadas para percibir la luz verde, mientras que la segunda recibe imágenes desenfocadas. Para comprobar si las diferencias entre ambas capas resultaban importantes para la percepción de la profundidad, el equipo de Nagata tentó a las arañas con sabrosas moscas, iluminadas con luz verde. Los animales saltaron con precisión sobre su objetivo. En cambio, cuando la presa se iluminaba con luz roja que no contenía longitudes de onda verde, las arañas fallaban el salto una y otra vez.

NAZARIO LUQUE VERA, El baño turco (1993). Acuarela sobre papel (50 x 70 cm). Colección CHA-CHÁ.

Nuestra experiencia visual del mundo se basa en imágenes bidimensionales: muestras sin relieve de intensidades luminosas y colores diferentes inciden sobre un solo plano de células de la retina. Lo que no obsta para que percibamos grosores y profundidades. Que podamos hacerlo se debe a que, en la imagen retiniana, haya nuestra disposición unos cuantos indicadores del realce o la hondura: el sombreado, la perspectiva, la oclusión de un objeto por otro y la disparidad estereoscópica. Sin que sepamos cómo, el cerebro recurre a esos indicadores para obtener las formas tridimensionales de los objetos. Entre los muchos mecanismos de que se sirve nuestro sistema visual para hacerse con la tercera dimensión, el más primitivo es, probablemente, el que le permite explotar el sombreado. 

Una razón para creerlo así es que, en la naturaleza, la evolución les ha ido empalideciendo a muchos animales sus partes bajas, presumiblemente para hacerlos menos visibles a los predadores. El "contrasombreado" compensa los efectos de la sombra producidos por el sol al brillar desde arriba y trae, al menos, dos beneficios: reduce el contraste con el trasfondo y "aplana" la forma que del animal se percibe. El que en diversas especies, incluidos muchos peces, predomine el contrasombreado sugiere que el sombreado puede ser una fuente decisiva de información relativa a la forma tridimensional. Ni que decir tiene que los pintores han utilizado desde hace mucho las luces y las sombras para transmitir vívidas ilusiones de profundidad.

LUIS GARCIA MOZOS, NOVA2 (fragmento, 1981). Grafito y pluma. Publicado en TOTEM (1981). 

No se si de este sencillo experimento, aplicado al ser humano, sacaríamos la conclusión de que el sistema visual parece dar por supuesto que sólo una fuente de luz ilumina la imagen entera. Tengo la sensación de que esto quizá se deba a que nuestros cerebros han evolucionado en un sistema solar que tiene solamente un sol.

Los árboles y las plantas son hijos de la luz, seres que tienen su espíritu igual que los seres humanos. Los espíritus de los árboles y las plantas son maestros con los que los antiguos druidas ibéricos se comunicaban. Hay un código luminoso que nos caracteriza como seres y que en función de la luz que recibimos determina nuestra realidad. Conocer este código luminoso nos permite disponer de una vida mas llena y consciente.

PEDRO MORENO MEYERHOFF, Bodegón (1994). Óleo sobre tabla.

Aristóteles, en su segundo libro de física, dice que la naturaleza tiene sus defectos como el arte. Después de la Conferencia de Rio (1922) nada parece parar el efecto invernadero, la capa de ozono, la contaminación de mares y ríos, y la desprotección de los pulmones del planeta: los bosques. 

Sin embargo, las perspectivas en el campo de la visión artificial son prometedoras.  En primer lugar, los tratamientos que involucren al tiempo desde el proceso inicial y requieran diseños electrónicos específicos, con estructura de encadenamiento de circuitos.

¿Quién de ustedes no hace el ejercicio de mirarse en el espejo por la mañana antes de salir de casa? 

JOSÉ MARÍA MEZQUITA GUÑÓN,  Tema vegetal raíces (1992) Óleo sobre tela (89 x 116 cm.)

Cuando ustedes se reflejan en el espejo, el autorretrato cambia su escala, los labios las cejas, los pómulos y la forma de la cabeza coinciden con los de la Monna Lisa de Leonardo da Vinci. Estas similitudes dan a entender que Leonardo, al trabajar en la Monna Lisa en su ausencia de la retratada, se sirvió de sí mismo como modelo y dotó al retrato de sus propios rasgos.

Sin embargo, a pesar del parecido superficial, los ojos, la nariz, y la mandíbula, ustedes, a diferencia de Leonardo, disponen de luz eléctrica.

La posición de los ojos no cambia. Entonces, ¿la luz eléctrica es una metamorfosis de la luz natural?

DANIEL QUINTERO, La alegría dela huerta. 

También se me ha puesto la sonrisa en sfumatto de la Monna Lisa, sólo pensar en la idea de los cambios en las arquitecturas de circuitos visuales.

Dejen que les haga una pincelada de la capacidad de retención de las arquitecturas especiales para el tratamiento de imágenes. Aunque, si me lo permiten, quisiera titularlas: cadena de unidades de transformación, visión artificial,  arquitecturas de circuitos.

Resulta familiar ver en televisión, incluso en programas informativos, efectos visuales de todo tipo: imágenes que rotan para pasar de una escena a otra, paneles que aparecen y desaparecen para ilustrar el pronóstico del tiempo, etcétera. Detrás de eso hay un conjunto de técnicas para digitalizar las imágenes de vídeo y, a continuación, modificarlas y combinarlas a través de circuitos específicos o de computadores de propósito general. El tratamiento de imágenes sólo pretende transformarlas. Constituye el primer paso de la visión artificial. Pero ésta se propone avanzar más. 

Los circuitos o computadores que reciban la imagen no sólo la transformarán, sino que extraerán de ella alguna información decisiva para provocar, a través de señales eléctricas, que un dispositivo operador actúe o no, y en qué medida lo haga. Por ejemplo, el computador puede accionar unas pinzas de robot para que se cierren o abran, y así extraer una pieza de una cadena de producción en la que se ha visto un defecto de fabricación. El proceso de transformación y análisis de imágenes es completamente determinista, incluso con técnicas adaptativas, pero el efecto justifica la expresión "visión artificial", como el de inteligencia artificial y otros análogos: las máquinas, que no tienen conciencia en absoluto de ver nada, parece como si vieran, pues sacan, mueven, dejan, orientan, etcétera. 

JULIO VAQUERO, Televisión en la pared de oro (2011) Lápiz graso y aguada sobre papel vegetal (82 x 111cm)

¿Qué arquitectura tiene un circuito para poder realizar la función mencionada? La respuesta encierra dos niveles, que se corresponden con los dos tipos de tareas necesarias: el tratamiento de imágenes y la visión artificial. 

Con el tratamiento de imágenes sólo se busca modificar la imagen de partida por superposición, realce de contornos, rotaciones, cambios de color, etcétera. Con la visión artificial se analiza el entorno para tomar decisiones. La visión artificial precisa, como punto de arranque, el tratamiento de imágenes, pero va mucho más lejos. 

En cuanto a las arquitecturas para el tratamiento de imágenes, existen tres enfoques. Los tres superan el procesador solitario que opere por programación. La primera arquitectura es la de red de procesadores; en forma de matriz, distribuye el tratamiento de la imagen asignando a cada procesador la zona de imagen que por su localización le corresponda. Reduce notablemente el tiempo de procesamiento, ya que todos los procesadores trabajan a la vez; sin embargo, sólo resulta útil para tratamientos que están relacionados con la estructura bidimensional de la imagen. 

La segunda arquitectura es el multiprocesamiento. Aquí, dos o más procesadores de propósito general trabajan a la vez, aunque realizan tareas distintas para alcanzar antes, entre todos, el tratamiento deseado. Se trata de una aplicación, a la visión artificial, de un procedimiento de uso general destinado a aumentar la velocidad de computación.

JOSE MANUEL BALLESTER, Central Solar 2. Bosques de luz (2010).

La tercera arquitectura es el encadenamiento de circuitos, específicamente diseñados para realizar una tarea concreta sobre una imagen cuando todos los puntos de ésta pasen consecutivamente a través de los circuitos. En cuanto a las arquitecturas para visión artificial, se requiere que éstas, además del tratamiento inicial de imágenes, realicen tareas de análisis y generación automática de decisiones, a partir de la información sistemáticamente extraída en un proceso previo de tratamiento. 

Aquí se encuadra el reconocimiento de formas, el análisis tridimensional del entorno, análisis de texturas y un largo etcétera. La necesidad de recurrir en este segundo paso a un procesador de propósito general conduce, con frecuencia, a que también el primer paso del tratamiento de imágenes inicial lo dé el mismo procesador, sin tener que apoyarse en las arquitecturas especiales antes mencionadas, que son costosas y con ámbito de aplicación restringido. 

FLORENCIO GALINDO, Rosal (2009). Óleo sobre lienzo (115 x 146 cm).

Esta solución se ve favorecida por el rápido aumento de velocidad en los microprocesadores. Debemos mencionar las redes neuronales, un planteamiento alternativo que se está aplicando con algún éxito en el reconocimiento de caracteres y otras tareas de visión análogas. El nombre se corresponde con una estructura que trata de emular la forma de comunicación entre las neuronas. Si bien se establece un modelo que imite la comunicación entre células nerviosas, la realización práctica se hace normalmente por programación, "software", en un procesador de propósito general.

El estudio del sistema visual constituye una empresa filosófica de altos vuelos; entraña la indagación de la forma en que el cerebro adquiere conocimiento del mundo exterior, tarea nada sencilla. Los estímulos visuales de que el cerebro dispone no ofrecen códigos de información estables. Las longitudes de onda de la luz reflejada por las superficies cambian parejamente a las variaciones de iluminación; a pesar de ello, el cerebro consigue asignar a las superficies color constante. 

MATI KLARWEIN, Landscape percibed 81963). Técnica mixta (80 x 112 cm.)

La imagen retiniana producida por la mano de un orador al gesticular nunca es la misma de un momento a otro; pero el cerebro le asigna coherentemente la categoría de mano. La imagen de un objeto varía con la distancia; el cerebro logra, sin embargo, establecer su tamaño verdadero. Así pues, la tarea del cerebro consiste en extraer las características constantes e invariantes de los objetos a partir de la riada de información que sobre ellos recibe. La interpretación constituye parte inextricable de la sensación. 

Por tanto, para adquirir su conocimiento de qué es lo visible, el cerebro no puede limitarse al mero análisis de las imágenes que le son presentadas a la retina; ha de construir activamente un mundo visual. A tal fin ha desarrollado un elaborado mecanismo neurológico, un mecanismo de eficiencia tan maravillosa que se ha necesitado un siglo de estudios antes de empezar a conjeturar siquiera sus numerosos componentes. A decir verdad, cuando los estudios de las enfermedades cerebrales revelaron algunos secretos del cerebro visual, los neurólogos desecharon en un primer momento las pasmosas consecuencias, teniéndolas por improbables. La corteza visual nos plantea un difícil reto: averiguar en qué forma cooperan sus componentes para ofrecernos una imagen unificada del mundo; imagen que no muestra señal alguna de la división de trabajo que tiene lugar en el seno de aquélla.

Por parafrasear un viejo dicho, hay en la visión mucho más de lo que llega al ojo. Nuestra idea del cerebro visual es resultado de una evolución de veinte años. Los primeros neurólogos, contando desde quienes trabajaron a finales del siglo XIX, tenían muy diferente concepción. Su labor, fundada en la errónea noción según la cual los objetos transmitían códigos visuales en la luz que emitían o reflejaban, les llevó a pensar que las imágenes quedaban "impresas" en la retina, como si ésta fuera una placa fotográfica. Las impresiones retinianas se transmitían luego a la corteza visual, que servía para analizar los códigos o claves contenidas en la imagen. Era este proceso de decodificación el que desembocaba en "visión". La comprensión de lo que se estaba viendo, esto es, la atribución de significado a las impresiones recibidas y su resolución en objetos visuales, era considerada proceso aparte, surgido de la asociación de las impresiones recibidas con otras similares experimentadas con anterioridad. 

Los colores que observamos en el cielo nos ofrecen lecciones de difusión óptica. Pese a los concienzudos estudios científicos a que se ha sometido el tema durante más de un si-glo, la explicación de los colores que ofrece el cielo durante el día y el crepúsculo ha presentado grandes dificultades. 

ANDRÉS MOYA, Serie Montañas de Agua. Diálogo de piedras (Barcelona, 2009-2012). Óleo sobre tela (74 x 130 cm.)

¿Por qué el firmamento de un día claro se nos muestra azul en su mayor parte, para tornarse blanco junto al horizonte? ¿Por qué el sol del ocaso suele ser rojo y el cielo justo encima de él parece un tapiz cromático? ¿Por qué, en el crepúsculo, se alza por levante una sombra curva con un borde rosado? ¿Por qué, por poniente, aparece, a veces, una mancha púrpura, que luego se desvanece, poco después del ocaso, y por qué, también a veces, aparece otra mancha púrpura, algo así como dos horas más tarde?

Las respuestas a estas preguntas precisan del estudio de la interacción entre la luz, por un lado, y las moléculas del aire y las partículas suspendidas en éste, por otro. En algunos casos, se están buscando todavía respuestas definitivas. Las explicaciones del motivo por el que un cielo claro sea en su mayor parte azul no han escaseado. En los modelos más conocidos, se hace intervenir la difusión de la luz por sustancias en suspensión en el aire, tales como polvo, aerosoles, cristales de hielo y gotitas de agua; en otros, se recurre a la absorción del extremo rojo del espectro visible por parte del agua y el ozono de la atmósfera. 

LUIS MARSANS,  La Mer (29 x 56 cm) Barcelona (2011)

Si cortamos una alcachofa, una patata, una manzana o un plátano, por ejemplo, y dejamos la superficie cortada expuesta al aire durante unos minutos, se forma un pardeamiento general que acabará por ennegrecerse. Se ha sintetizado melanina. Así se llama el pigmento en cuestión, que encontramos también en la inmensa mayoría de los seres vivos y, desde luego, en los animales. 

La melanización animal comprende múltiples aspectos. En primer lugar, sirve de camuflaje para la defensa ante los depredadores, como observamos en la piel del camaleón o en la expulsión de tinta de los cefalópodos. 

LUIS MARSANS, Flores (1986)
Es un mecanismo, en segundo lugar, de reconocimiento y atracción sexual, que confiere vistosidad a la apariencia externa, según advertimos en el plumaje coloreado de algunas aves en las épocas de celo. El pigmento, en tercer lugar, protege de las radiaciones solares, principalmente las ultravioletas, mutagénicas y cancerígenas; las melaninas constituyen filtros eficaces para esas radiaciones. Por último, se ha atribuido a las melaninas otras acciones protectoras frente a agentes diversos que provocan oxidaciones o reducciones perjudiciales para el organismo y frente a la toxicidad de algunos fenoles que se podrían acumular como consecuencia del metabolismo hepático de sustancias naturales y algunos fármacos. 

Las melaninas participan también en la regulación de la temperatura corporal de los animales homeotermos y favorecen ciertos procesos evolutivos. Pero, ¿en qué consisten realmente las melaninas? Estos pigmentos principales de los vertebrados son sustancias polifenólicas, de composición y estructura poco definidas. 

En cuanto polifenoles, se trata de especies poliméricas en las que las unidades constituyentes poseen anillos aromáticos procedentes de los aminoácidos precursores y presentan sustituyentes hidroxilos en ciertas posiciones, así como bastante capacidad de entrelazarse químicamente para producir la estructura polimérica. Su coloración varía desde el amarillo hasta el negro. Cuando se combinan con otros pigmentos diferentes o con células especializadas, denominadas iridóforos, que funcionan a modo de espejos y que son muy abundantes en peces y reptiles, el colorido resultante es de una gran belleza y variedad.

MANUEL FRANQUELO, Sin título (1991). Acrílico y óleo sobre madera (80,5 x 80,5 cm). Colección Juan Abelló.

El papel principal de las melaninas en el hombre es el de protegerle contra las radiaciones solares ultravioleta, capaces de alterar la estructura de ácidos nucleicos, proteínas y otros compuestos, al incrementar el estado energético de los mismos. La deficiencia humana en melanina provoca albinismo y vitíligo, trastorno este último que se caracteriza por la aparición en la piel de manchas o zonas sin pigmentar de extensión variable. 

Pero, por encima de todo, el interés actual de las melaninas reside en su implicación en procesos cancerígenos de la piel: la incidencia de los melanomas se está extendiendo entre la población en los últimos años, debido a una mayor exposición a las radiaciones solares, consecuencia de mayor tiempo de ocio y actividades realizadas al aire libre, amén de los problemas ocasionados por este tipo de radiaciones, especialmente las ultravioletas, por la disminución de la capa de ozono sobre la Tierra. 

Las causas del color son muy diversas, pero todas ellas tienen el mismo origen: es la existencia de electrones en la materia, con sus variadas respuestas a las diferentes longitudes de onda de la luz, lo que hace que el mundo sea multicolor.

ELOY MORALES, Bosque verde. Óleo sobre tabla (110 x 231cm)

¿Cuál es el motivo de que el rubí sea rojo? ¿Por qué las esmeraldas son verdes? A un nivel superficial la respuesta a estas. preguntas es muy simple. Cuando la luz blanca atraviesa un rubí, emerge de él con una proporción más elevada de las longitudes de onda mayores, es decir, aquellas que para el ojo humano constituyen el color rojo. Cuando la luz atraviesa una esmeralda, la distribución de longitudes de onda es diferente, correspondiendo en este caso al color verde. Aunque esta explicación del color es fundamentalmente correcta, resulta poco satisfactoria. Se echa de menos una comprensión de la forma en que la materia altera la composición de la luz que transmite o refleja. Tanto el rubí como la esmeralda deben su color a la presencia del mismo elemento como impureza. 

A veces confundidos, otras veces contrapuestos, el color y la luz se estudian siempre juntos. Dicen los filósofos que nada puede verse que no esté revestido de luz y color. Es que entre los colores y las luces hay un gran parentesco, que nos hace ver. Su importancia la comprendemos por el hecho de que, si la luz muere, igualmente mueren los colores, y cuando la luz retorna, los colores se restablecen a la vez que la fuerza de las luces. Leon Battista Alberti De la pintura, 1435.

PEDRO DEL TORO, Reflejos en Gran Via. Óleo sobre lienzo (200 x 200 cm)

Color y luz: ambos fenómenos están tan vinculados que olvidamos sus diferencias y lo mucho que sus relaciones han cambiado a lo largo de la historia. Por eso es útil recordar, a través de algunas etapas históricas, la evolución de la dependencia del color con respecto a la luz. La física nos servirá de hilo conductor. En efecto, cuando buscamos información acerca de la historia del color solemos hallarla en los estudios sobre la historia de la luz. Lógico, diremos, ya que la luz es lo que hace posibles los colores. 

Este argumento tiene una consecuencia importante: como los colores se muestran bajo la claridad del día y se extinguen con ella (de noche, todos los gatos son pardos), nos tienta pensar que están graduados del blanco al negro a lo largo de una escala de claridad. Así es como concebían el color los sabios de la Antigüedad. Al asimilar la luz a una alternancia entre claridad y oscuridad, sentaron las bases de una subordinación del color a la luz que duraría muchos siglos.