Halftime Score   

BOSTON—A little after 4:30 p.m., Joe Lockhart stood at a podium at the traveling press filing center at the Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel and briefed the media on the campaign's view of Election Day so far. Here's a partial transcript. The questions are paraphrases, but Lockhart's quotes are verbatim.

"The rules state if you are in line when the polls close, you are allowed to vote. … They just need to get there by the time of the poll closing. We will be providing coffee and doughnuts for those who have to wait in line as a way to ease their pain, I am told. I believe this is true, that the campaign has authorized in some places in Ohio Port-a-Potties to make sure that people don't leave because they have to go to the bathroom. They tell me that's true."

"In these battleground states, we have targeted 60 precincts per state: 20 that polled very well for then-Gov. Bush, in 2000, 20 that were mixed, 20 that voted heavily for Gore. Let me share a few things from around the country that we've drawn from those precincts. So far today, our base precincts are running ahead of both Republican base precincts and ahead of Al Gore's performance in every battleground state, with the exception of New Mexico, where we are even, and Arkansas, where we're slightly behind.

"So when you look at the whole, 12 or 13, whatever we settled on battleground states, we believe in our key precincts, as a measure of turnout, that we're doing well.

"In Florida, Democratic precincts continue to outperform Republican precincts, and African-American and Hispanic turnout is still running higher than expected. We've seen anecdotal evidence, particularly in some of the Hispanic voting areas, of very heavy turnout. We have a turnout advantage in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County.

"In Ohio, Democratic precincts again are outperforming the Republican Bush precincts by about 8 percent. Cuyahoga County turnout advantage in precincts carried by Gore is 7.1 percent compared to the precincts carried by Bush in 2000. Franklin County, we're seeing a turnout advantage, and Hamilton County, which is Cincinnati, a turnout advantage in Gore precincts by again, about 6 and a half percent.

"Wisconsin, Democratic precincts are outperforming Bush precincts by about 1.9 percent; that holds for Dane County, which is the Madison area, and Milwaukee County, and even the heavily Republican county in the Milwaukee suburbs, where our turnout advantage is small, but it is an advantage.

"A couple other: Colorado Democratic precincts are outperforming Bush precincts by about 4.6 percent; Iowa Democratic precincts are outperforming the Bush precincts by about 10 percent. So, we think that the turnout numbers have been encouraging, but we still believe that we have a lot of work to do."

Q: Explain what those numbers mean.

"That's not exit polling. That's turnout. Again, as I said, if you look at key precincts around the state, which is how we judge turnout, we have heavily Democratic districts, and then you've got heavily Republican precincts. And the numbers that I was using were all comparative, comparing the Democratic precincts to the Republican. It doesn't tell you everything, but I think it tells you a lot. If County X, which always votes Democratic, 100 people show up, and County Y, which always votes Republican, 93 people show up, at the end of the day, you have some sense that things are going well for you. And that's good news. Again, it doesn't tell you who's won or lost, but it does give a sense that our efforts at sort of turning out the voters are having some success."

Q: Knowing what you know now, how confident are you that there will be a winner declared tonight?

"I don't know that we know anything more about that … than we did coming into the day. There's two pieces of information, one is that we feel good about where we were in the battleground states. We have said that consistently over the last week. We feel good so far about the turnout. But those things aren't enough. Everybody knows a campaign who thought the turnout looked good in the morning and relaxed in the afternoon and came out unsuccessfully."

Q: How are you redeploying your resources?

I'll give you one example. Gen. Wesley Clark was in New Mexico for us today, and based on some information that we gathered, in both New Mexico and Nevada, we've asked him, and he's on his way now, to do some work in Nevada. So, that's one example, I think, of a body being moved. But this is mostly satellite interviews, phone calls, and movement within a state

"Are the speeches done? If I answered yes, I wouldn't be honest. You know how we work; they'll be done just before they're due."

Q: Have you seen any exit polls? What do you think of them?

"Well, the only thing that I've seen in print is on online sources that I find highly unreliable."

Q: Daily Kos?

"I didn't say which ones I saw."

We'll assume he means Drudge.

          Kerry in Black and White   

CINCINNATI—John Kerry is so concerned about the plight of American manufacturers that he's taken to doing short advertisements during his campaign events. "Go to a Web site," Kerry exhorted his audience Tuesday in Greensboro, N.C. "It could be johnkerry.com, or go some other place. Go to truth.com, if there is one. And find out what's really happening." So I went to truth.com, and I found out what was happening: "Truth Hardware designs and manufactures a complete line of hinges, locks, operators, and even remote controlled power window systems used on wood, vinyl, metal and fiberglass windows, skylights, and patio doors."

I'm hesitant to criticize Kerry for his extemporizing, because his Kerrymeandering (a word invented by my colleague Will Saletan) makes the repetition of campaigning more endurable. More important, overdisciplined Robopols who never say anything interesting are one of the many reasons to hate politics. And this Kerrymeander was merely amusing, not harmful, though a good rule of 21st-century campaigning should be, don't refer to Web sites that you haven't visited. Kerry even had the good fortune to refer to the Web site of a company that manufactures its products in Owatonna, Minn.—a swing state!

But Monday's impromptu comments were more damaging. In addition to making a joke in West Virginia about taking a shotgun with him to the presidential debates, Kerry decided it would be a good idea in Pennsylvania to talk about how he has difficulty deciding what to eat at restaurants. "You know when they give you the menu, I'm always struggling, what do you want?" he said. A cook at a local restaurant, though, solves Kerry's dilemma by serving "whatever he's cooked up that day. I think that's the way it ought to work for confused people like me who can't make up our minds what we're going to eat." Kerry has yet to mourn the fact that fewer and fewer gynecologists are able to "practice their love" with American women, but his handlers have so much confidence in him that on Tuesday they banned the national press pool from observing his satellite interviews with local TV stations.

Still, even Kerry wasn't as off-message as one of the local politicians who introduced him at the Greensboro town hall. Sure, Republicans say Kerry is a flip-flopper, the politician said, but so-called "flip-flopping" is a sign of skepticism, of being open to learning new things. "We call it thinking," he said to huge applause from the crowd. The guy must not have gotten the memo: Kerry no longer wants to be the thoughtful candidate of nuance. Like President Bush, he's discovered the virtues of moral clarity.

Bush describes the world in terms of black and white, good vs. evil. Kerry now describes the world in terms of right vs. wrong. "As the president likes to say, there's nothing complicated about this," Kerry says every time he begins his new "W. stands for wrong" speech. Kerry no longer brags about being complicated, as he did in his acceptance speech at the Democratic convention. He's now as simple as Bush. As Kerry said in Greensboro, "John Edwards and I believe, deep to the core of our being, that there's an easy distinction between what's right and what's wrong."

You won't be shocked to learn which side of the line Kerry thinks Bush falls on. Bush on the war: wrong. Bush on government spending: wrong. Bush on Medicare: wrong. Bush on Social Security: wrong. Bush on outsourcing: wrong. Bush on the environment: wrong. (Kerry also referred to mankind's "spiritual, God-given responsibilities" to be stewards of the Earth.) And in Greensboro, Kerry added a new element to his "That's W., wrong choice, wrong direction," refrain. Each time, he concluded with, "And we want to make it right." Kerry did get a little overzealous about his new theme when he referred to the treasury secretary as "John W. Snow—John Snow, excuse me." After some laughter from the audience, Kerry added, "Well, he's wrong, too."

Kerry has also begun to criticize Bush for breaking promises, for not being as unwavering as he pretends to be. In West Virginia on Monday, Kerry said Bush promised in 2000 to spend more money on clean coal technology, but the money never came. In North Carolina on Tuesday, Kerry mentioned the administration's overconfident estimates of war on the cheap: "He promised that this war would cost $1 billion, and that oil from Iraq would pay for it."

The audience liked the new black-and-white, with-us-or-against-us Kerry. He was doing so well that during the question-and-answer session he felt liberated to engage in some more improvisation. A woman stood up and announced, "I'm so excited to see you. I think you're hot." Referring to his 27-year-old daughter, Vanessa, who was in the audience, Kerry said, "My daughter just buried her head. That is not the way she thinks about her father. But at my age, that sounds good." While he was talking, Vanessa Kerry looked down and stuck her fingers in her ears.

          The Copycat Convention   

BOSTON—John Kerry's victory jog through the Democratic primaries wasn't electrifying political drama, but it was fascinating to watch because Kerry's leisurely lapping of the field couldn't be explained by the conventional axioms of presidential politics. In the general election, Kerry has continued his rule-breaking ways. He's the same John Kerry—boring, craggy, and cringe-inducing—such as when, during his Sunday night, live-from-Fenway-Park interview on ESPN, he ducked the question of whether to induct Pete Rose into the Baseball Hall of Fame ("That's up to the writers. I think, probably, that's pretty difficult.") and tried to have it both ways on whether Roger Clemens should be inducted as a member of the Boston Red Sox ("Well, obviously, we think [Red Sox] but there are evenly divided opinions here."). But despite his limitations as a candidate, he's still engaged in a campaign that's suspending the normal laws of politics.

Even a casual viewer of Hardball knows that the first rule of an election that involves a sitting president is that it's a referendum on the incumbent. This election, however, has turned out to be the opposite. It's a referendum on the challenger. Kerry probably isn't responsible for this turn of events, but he's benefiting from it: The referendum on the incumbent is over. President Bush already lost it. This presidential campaign isn't about whether the current president deserves a second term. It's about whether the challenger is a worthy replacement.

So, even though there are supposed to be only five persuadable voters left in America, I'm inclined to think that the next four nights will be worth watching. Can the Democrats re-enact the successful 2000 Republican convention, a parade of moderation and diversity that convinced the nation that George W. Bush was a decent fellow who could be trusted with the levers of power? Four years ago, partisan Republicans were so consumed by Clinton hatred that they would shriek ecstatically every time Bush said he would "uphold the honor and dignity of the office." They channeled their rage into pragmatism: After eight years of Clinton, GOP primary voters wanted to beat Al Gore so badly that they rallied around Bush months before the primaries began, based on nothing more than the fact that he seemed electable. They made a calculated bet that Bush was a guy who would sell well, and they were right.

Now it's the Democrats' turn to see if their similar gamble will have a similar payoff. But I wonder if this convention will be as restrained as the one Republicans held four years ago. There's a big-name loose cannon on the bill on each of the first three nights: On Monday it's Al Gore; on Tuesday it's Howard Dean; and on Wednesday it's Wesley Clark. Each one is smart, beloved by a portion of the party, and capable of rhetorical sobriety. They're also all capable of going off the deep end.

Four years ago in Philadelphia, it took nearly two full days for a Republican speaker to even use the phrase "Clinton-Gore administration." On the eve of this convention, the Democrats were still sating their appetite for vitriol. A labor delegate caucus I attended Sunday was either an indication that the party isn't quite ready to tone down its rhetoric, or it was a Bush-bashing bachelor party, a final sowing of oats before the inevitable settling down. "This is where the first American revolution started, and the humiliating defeat of a king named George began," AFL-CIO president John Sweeney said. "And, brothers and sisters, it's where we're starting a new American revolution." Rep. John Lewis called George Bush the worst president of his lifetime. Dick Cheney was booed as a "calloused backroom operator."

Then John Edwards was introduced to speak via satellite. He gave his standard speech, about leading the world rather than bullying it, about not going to war needlessly, and about John Kerry's heroism and service in Vietnam. He also delivered a line that is consistently his biggest applause-getter at the Kerry-Edwards events I've attended. It's Edwards' answer to "honor and dignity," Bush's subliminal catchphrase from the 2000 campaign.

Every day, Edwards likes to say, every day John Kerry sits in that Oval Office, "he will always tell the American people the truth." The crowd erupted, as they always do. And during the entire speech, Edwards never said the president's name.

          Metropolitan Opera Season at the Screen   
THE Metropolitan Opera Season 2009/10 continues live via satellite from New York at the Screen at Winchester and Southampton’s Harbour Lights Picturehouse tomorrow.
          Me and Orson Welles at Harbour Lights   
HARBOUR Lights is playing host to a special screening of Me and Orson Welles plus a satellite question and answer session with director Richard Linklater and actors Zac Efron, Christian McKay and Claire Danes.
          Satellite slots at risk in deadlock   
THAILAND may lose at least two of its satellite orbital slots if the government fails to resolve longstanding differences with Thaicom on proposed reforms for the satellite sector, the satellite operator’s chief executive, Paiboon Panuwattanawong warned yesterday.
          Pour Google la notion de vie privée absolue n’existe plus à l’heure de "street view"   

Pour Google la notion de vie privée absolue n’existe plus à l’heure de « street view » Poursuivi en justice par un couple pour la publication de photos de leur maison sur le site Google Map street view le géant d’internet affirme par la voix de ses nombreux avocats que la notion de vie privée absolue n’existe plus à l’heure de l’imagerie satellite.

 « La technologie de l’imagerie satellite aujourd’hui signifie que même dans le désert la notion de vie privée absolue n’existe pas », affirme leur argumentaire présenté au tribunal et publié sur le site thesmokinggun.

Les photos de cette maison de Pennsylvanie ont été prises par une des voitures équipées par Google de caméras panoramiques automatiques. Suite à la plainte déposée en avril par la famille Boring pour notamment violation de propriété privée elles ont été retirées du site.

Dans leur argumentaire les défenseurs de Google estiment que le panneau « voie privée » sur la route qui conduit à la maison n’est pas suffisant pour empécher le passage de la voiture de Google et affirme que les plaignants auraient pu utiliser une des fonctions du site qui permet de demander le retrait de photos plutôt que d’engager une procédure de dommages et intérets.


          Is 3D Printing the Future of Satellite Manufacturing?   
Thales Alenia Space has seen massive savings in time and cost for the manufacturing of its products thanks to 3D printing, said Florent Lebrun, who heads space antenna development at the company. With this new manufacturing process, not only can Thales cut production lead time for certain components from months to weeks, it can save […]
          Twin Peaks: Can You Go Home Again?   

Back in 1990, the Boston Phoenix ran a review of the first few episodes of Twin Peaks along with the plot of the sitcom Wings. 

It was an odd juxtaposition, intentionally so, contrasting David Lynch's highly-anticipated boutique series against a paint-by-numbers half-hour comedy. But the reviewer was a cynical bastard, and cast a jaundiced eye on the potential of a quirky auteur like Lynch to appeal to a mainstream television audience. 

The verdict was that Wings would stick around but Twin Peaks would not, its tone and style too idiosyncratic for a medium that, at the time, counted its audience in the tens of millions.

I tuned into the first season of Twin Peaks-- a miniseries, really-- but found it to be a bit too much of a compromise between Lynch's surrealist vision and the narrative demands of mainstream television. There was also a creeping absurdism that sometimes threatened to undermine the grim procedural drama that framed it.

I had high hopes for the project, having been brain-seared four years earlier by Blue Velvet. The first time I saw it I almost had an out of body experience- and not the pleasant kind- since it seemed so disturbingly familiar to me. Frank Booth was like any number of dangerous men that floated through the edges of my world, strange presences in bars in Weymouth Landing or Quincy Center. 

Frank Booth also reminded me all too much of a recently-released ex-convict my friend's mother had taken in as a boarder; a volatile alcoholic who drove a big old Cadillac and who, presciently, believed that cable TV was being used to spy on people.

A few years after seeing Blue Velvet I'd work for a woman who was close friends with Dennis Hopper's daughter Marin, who I'd later meet. I was told that Hopper wasn't actually acting in Blue Velvet, that that was basically his behavior on any given night before he rehabbed. Hopper told Lynch as much while auditioning for the part, insisting that he was Frank Booth.

Frank Booth was the black hole of Blue Velvet, the irrestible center of gravity around which the rest of the film revolved. I saw Blue Velvet twice at the Waverly Theater on Sixth Ave in Greenwich Village, and once Hopper blasted off you could feel the physical pressure descend upon the room. People walked out, not just a few, that's how intense it was. I brought two friends the second viewing and their knuckles were white the whole time. 

They were from Braintree, so they knew.

Twin Peaks didn't have nearly as compelling a focus, not Leland Palmer, not Bob, not anyone. Given the strictures of early 90s broadcast television it couldn't have. Instead the show went for mood and atmosphere and slowly-building tension. That, the lush scenery, appealing cast and seductive Angelo Badalamenti soundtrack were enough to sustain the series at first. 

But it failed to answer the central question ("Who killed Laura Palmer?") in its initial miniseries run and subsequently lost a lot of the curious and more besides. (AMC's remake of The Killing would make the same mistake more recently).

Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost distanced themselves from the series in the second season, for a number of varying reasons, including Lynch's work on Wild at Heart, which would star Nicholas Cage and Lynch muse Laura Dern. 

Even so, Lynch would direct episodes at the beginning and end of the season. But the spell the series had cast had been broken. The new production team didn't quite get a handle on Lynch's mix of darkness and whimsy (as if anyone else really could) and the new episodes seemed to lapse into self-parody without the author's oblique ability to square the contradictions.

But there were glimpses of a deeper magic, including cryptic subplots dealing with an alien satellite, demonic possession, doubles of dead characters and scenes inside the mysterious extradimensional portal, the Black Lodge. In short, the second series had a ton of potential on the conceptual end but a lot less so execution-wise. Plus, it was all a bit too challenging for network drama then. It would probably be just as much so today, which is why it's being revived on Showtime.

By the time it was cancelled Twin Peaks had been moved to the Saturday night death-slot and had slumped badly in the ratings. Lynch wanted another crack at it, however, so a spinoff film was planned. But Kyle MacLachlan felt betrayed that Lynch and Frost had bailed out on the show's second season (and by its resultant quality slippage), so after initially turning the picture down he agreed to a limited role. Chris Isaak, then a hot property, stepped in to play a ringer. Lara Flynn Boyle opted out for the same reasons as MacLachlan, forcing Lynch to recast the role with a non-lookalike replacement.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me is one of those special kinds of films that has garnered a type of cult audience that tends to overlook what a total catastrophe it was in its initial release. Fire was outright butchered by the critics and didn't even earn back half its production budget in the US. Twin Peaks Fever had long since, uh, peaked, and the movie doesn't even try to meet a mainstream audience halfway. 

There's no wondering why: it's an incredibly dark and polarizing film and can be as hard to watch as Blue Velvet, if not for different reasons.

But it certainly follows a vision; it's not a cash-in on any level. It may not be light entertainment but in the long run it didn't hurt Twin Peaks' rep, in fact it undid most of the damage inflicted on the franchise by the frivolity of the second season. 

Even so, it would five years before Lynch would release another feature, 1997's Lost Highway. That too would be a deeply polarizing commercial disappointment.

It's been 11 years since Lynch released a feature film, 2006's masterpiece, Inland Empire. That in turn came five years after another masterpiece, 2001's Mulholland Dr. Both films are deeply informed by the vision Lynch cultivated on Twin Peaks, even if they bear little resemblance thematically, or even stylistically. It's more a feeling.

Mulholland Dr -- which Inland Empire models itself on in many important ways-- also began life as a TV pilot for ABC and was only morphed into a feature after the network passed. 

For my money, Mulholland Dr and Inland Empire remain Lynch's best, most fully-realized works. Like all of his creations they mine dream reality to a level of numinosity that most film-makers are incapable of reaching. It's both telling and damning that he's either been unable to secure financing or unwilling to jump through the requisite hoops needed to have followed up on them. 

I really don't know if Lynch felt a burning desire to return to Twin Peaks but I do know he's a better artist now than he was when he worked on the series. However, the power of a brand name trumps artistic vision in this environment. In that Mulholland and Inland are just as much elegies as films.

Judging from the press releases for the revival it seems Lynch's absence from longform film-making hasn't been for lack of energy. He directed all 18 episodes, wrote a 400 page screenplay (whether this was for the first episode or the series itself is unclear) and cast 217 actors. So both the spirit and the flesh seem to be willing in this case.

But is his mind in that space? This is the danger of the revival syndrome. 

It's been 27 very long years since the series first aired and we're living in an entirely different world now. The 1950s world that informed Lynch's vision isn't even a memory anymore. And the actors are no longer young, hot unknowns; many are more than twice as old as they were back then and some have come out the wrong end of Hollywood's merciless grinder. 

The inherent promise of the revival (or the reunion) is that the intervening years will melt away and we can vicariously return to the Garden, back to our innocence. It's not only the promise but the danger; woe betide you if you don't fire up that time machine for your audience. With an artist as quirky and unpredictable as David Lynch that danger only multiplies. Exponentially.

Lynch has already proven himself unwilling to pander with the Twin Peaks franchise, having unleashed a film as caustic and uncompromising as Fire Walk with Me. You get the sense he bores very easily, and might well use this opportunity to unleash all kinds of ideas he's been warehousing for other projects. That's both exciting and worrying. Exciting creatively and artistically, worrying critically and audience-wise.

Last year we saw Chris Carter use the X-Files revival as a soapbox for some truly confrontational storytelling, and the similar hype parade we're seeing now for Twin Peaks is giving me a bit of deja vu. But The X-Files was a bonafide cultural phenomenon, a game-changer. It's part of the common lexicon, worldwide. 

Twin Peaks is more a cult thing, an artifact of the Curator Era. Lynch could bring his absolute A-game and still confuse the hell out most of his new audience. And in the Internet Age that could go south very quickly.

Twin Peaks may have been a high point for Lynch as far as visibility but it also presaged a difficult stretch for him creatively, commercially and critically, with Wild at Heart and Lost Highway-- as well as Fire Walk with Me-- damaging his rep as an auteur. He restored his glimmer starting with The Straight Story but, frankly, he's a weird guy and you never know where his muses will carry him.  

The story of Twin Peaks, the franchise, is one about a boatload of potential that was never fully realized. Here's hoping Lynch closes the deal this time around. That will make it a story for the ages.

People.com has a documentary on the revival here.

          Mechanical Engineering Co-op Student - Microsat Systems - Canada   
Duties and Responsibilities: Modelling of microsatellite mechanical components including reaction wheels High-level structural analysis of satellite
From Microsat Systems - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 11:56:07 GMT - View all Canada jobs
          Sandvine Beaming From Satellite Success   
Waterloo, ON; June 1, 2017 – Sandvine, (TSX:SVC) a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions for fixed and mobile operators, today highlighted their success with satellite Internet providers. Sandvine’s network policy control platform is currently trusted by more than a dozen satellite operators across all layers of the satellite Internet ecosystem to ensure a high quality of experience for their subscribers.
          Ebook Download Unusually Stupid Politicians: Washington's Weak in Review Free PDF Online   

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          Trapped on the Satellite of Love with Crow T Robot (Hampton Yount)   

Hampton Yount, the newest Crow T. Robot on the latest version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), joins the Shadow Nation talking about his comedy, taking on a cult classic, and improvising the Exorcist with Shaun and Nathan.


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          NC Senate's Budget Proposal Moves to Defund High School Driver's Education   
As the North Carolina General Assembly reconvenes this week, one budget item remains on the chopping block: high school driver’s education. The Senate’s current budget proposal would eliminate driver’s education classes as a learner’s permit requirement. Senate Republicans say the driver’s education isn’t working because roughly half of students fail the Department of Motor Vehicle’s license test. That’s statistic comes from a report by the legislature’s Program Evaluation Division. But that figure is an average from the past six years. Looking at the statistical trend, the failure rate steadily declined from 59 percent in 2008 to 33 percent in 2013. Senator Michael Lee says the Senate wants the State Board of Community Colleges to develop a plan to take over the role of driver’s education: "That may involve a variety of different things. It could mean that they offer courses, it could mean that they have online courses, it could mean that they have satellite courses. I’m not really
          Eutelsat Communications, valeur à suivre du SRD   
03/12/2013 L'oprateur de satellite Eutelsat Communication accentue son dveloppement en Afrique. tags: eutelsatFR0010221234NYFPnyfpbourse24tvnyfpbourseeuropenyfpfinancepremiumnyfpfranceEutelsat Communications, valeur à suivre du SRD
          One Small Step for Geoengineering — or Is "Ecoengineering" Better?   

A reader named R.E. Riker alerts us to the progress of an experimental ocean restoration project (more here); the ringleader is one Russ George, who has proven controversial. Before your knee jerks in one direction or another, take a look:

This summer the crew has been aboard ship engaging in what is surely the most substantial ocean restoration project in history. In a large ocean eddy west of Haida Gwaii the project has replenished vital ocean mineral micronutrients, with the expectation and hope it would restore ten thousand square kilometers of ocean pasture to health. Indeed this has occurred and the waters of the Haida eddy have turned from clear blue and sparse of life into a verdant emerald sea lush with the growth of a hundred million tonnes of plankton and the entire food chain it supports. The growth of those tonnes of plankton derives from vast amounts of CO2 now diverted from becoming deadly ocean acid and instead made that same CO2 become ocean life itself. For weeks the men and women, on this village team toiled in stormy overcast weather and fog without a hint of blue sky. In mid-August the skies cleared and revealed the wonder of the mission on which they have laboured. Satellites focused on ocean health that monitor and measure plankton blooms sent back stunning images. Far offshore in these Haida salmon pastures a vast plankton bloom is revealed matching the health and vibrancy of blooms seen in rich coastal waters. The return of such blooms is “the stuff dreams are made of” for all ocean life.

The post One Small Step for Geoengineering — or Is "Ecoengineering" Better? appeared first on Freakonomics.

          Wilderness Presidential Resort 5/10 - Spotsylvania, Virginia   
The office staff were nice and helpful. We were in the woods so no tv or satellite. Our water spiket had no handle so had to use our pliers to turn it on. Looks like they are concentrating more on rentals...need to work on campsites. There are a lot of what looks like abandoned campers/sites. Gives bad impression...need to do some cleaning up. Pools looked nice. Only would go back because it is so close to battlefields and D.C.
          Fox Den Acres 8/10 - New Stanton, Pennsylvania   
We had a pull-through in the lower section (nearest the street) that was mostly level front-to-back and side-to-side. It was more than long enough for our 40 ft motor home and toad. There were no trees tall enough to block our satellite dish. Poor Verizon signal (1 bar, 3G) and campground wifi, although not really all that fast, was usually better than what I could get off my Verizon hotspot. Campground was clean and well-maintained. Office staff were friendly and helpful.
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          Deer Ridge Camping Resort 6/10 - Richmond, Indiana   
Campground is mostly seasonal sites but has a couple of pull-throughs for overnighters. Our pull-through site was moderately unlevel front-to-back but good side-to-side. Trees blocked our satellite dish and this is probably the case for all of the campground's sites. Fair Verizon signal. No cable TV. No broadcast TV. Campground was clean and well-maintained and the staff were friendly and helpful. Interior roads were narrow with tight turns but with some care I was able to get through without scraping the sides of our motor home.
          Okaw Valley Kampground 7/10 - Brownstown, Illinois   
Campground is a former KOA but was clean and has been well kept up. Our site was long enough for our 40 ft motor home and toad. Trees blocked our satellite dish, and this would be the case for many but not all of the sites. No cable TV. Poor Verizon signal (1 bar, usually 3G). Campground wifi was slow at best and very slow when anybody else was using it. There is a small lake on the property with pedal boat rentals. Fishing is catch and release. Friendly and helpful staff.
          Messagerie satellite onsatmail et skyfile   
Statistiques : 3 Réponses || 96 Vus Dernier message par CYPRAEA
          Putin's satellite-tracked dog not a harbinger for anything   

Oh, Russia.


MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's black labrador dog, Koni, Friday was given a collar that will allow her master to track her movements by satellite. ... "She looks sad," Ivanov said. "Her free life is

          Flooding The Ionesphere: High-Volume Satellite Manufacturing Facility   
          (IT) Telecommunications Network Specialist   

Location: VIC - Melbourne - CBD & Inner Suburbs   

Excellent Career Growth Opportunities! Dynamic Work Environment! Very Convenient Location! Our client is looking for an experienced Telecommunications Network Specialist. Essential Skills: Good commercial experience in the Telecommunications Industry Strong experience on Networks, specifically on Fibre, Copper, Coaxial, Radio and Satellite Experience in Initiating, Designing and executing improvements to processes and systems in an IT or Telecommunications environment. Experience on Network Analyser for Copper Experience on VDSL and ADSL Experience on Copper Access Networks including, Testing and Joint and Cable Installation and maintenance techniques used in the field today Experience in the Design and Layout of Copper Access Networks If this sounds like THE perfect opportunity for you, then kindly send your DETAILED resume in Word format to Aroop Banerjee at Pro-Active Human Resources (see below) or for any further information To apply online, please click on the appropriate link below. Alternatively, for a confidential discussion, please contact Aroop Banerjee, quoting Ref No. PRO-HR/AB/2017-6090
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Advertiser: Pro-Active Human Resources (Australia)
Email: Aroop.Banerjee.81296.4115C@apps.jobserve.com
Reference: JS7041434/PRO-HR/AB/2017-6090

          Swift Navigation raises $34 million for autonomous vehicle GPS   

Swift Navigation, which provides global navigation satellite solutions (GNSS), announced today funding of $34 million, in a round led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA). Existing investors Eclipse and First Round Capital also joined. The San Francisco-based startup provides two products, or “receivers” — the Piksi Multi and Duro. Both have access to several frequency bands. […]

          A Cloud of Witnesses   
Upon discovering that the hyena caves of Kirkdale were not too far from my flat, my partner and I set out amidst the fading sun to seek out this hidden cavern, and to attempt to create a bridge between our imaginations and this resting place of African animal bones via a reading of Kenneth Grant's Hyena poem. Despite our hope to catch the sunset, we were engulfed by the night long before we reached our destination. His sat nav denied the existence of Kirkdale, but we perservered and came to a halt nearby in the car park of St Gregory's Minster, an Anglo-Saxon church dating back to the 11th century. Neither of us were familiar with this place, which rested patiently at the end of a rural, tree bracketed road made all the more uncanny beneath a canopy of bulbous nocturnal shadows. St Gregory's has a large graveyard that weaves around the building, punctured with thick headstones bunched tightly together. A few lights emitted from the windows of the church, and from the doorway which met our movement with a beacon of warm invitation. It was almost enough to see by, but did little to penetrate the solumn cloak of darkness that coveted the graveyard. The place was deserted, save for us and the dead. The silence was heavy, but free from malevolence.

It was so dark, and the tentacles of civilisation's denial of darkness were far behind us. When we looked up, the sky was illuminated by stars and the milky way. These ancient pinpoints of dead stars seemed poignant, serving as a reminder that even in death there may be a lingering essence bright enough to plot the course of one's life by. I remembered holidays in Greece, on a boat at sea by starlight, free from the competition of man made light, the night sky unveiled by this drift into the wilderness of the natural night, naked and luminous. Such a sight was a great source of comfort and wonder; a vision of something so often lost to city dwellers, thoughts accompanied by satellites.
My brother's favourite story as a child was The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark. It chronicles the quest of dark fearing Plop, a barn owl, who searches for placation amidst a sequence of conversations with those who have found a joy in darkness. One story in particular involves an old woman, who tells Plop that darkness is kind, that it covers the body's evidence of old age. In the darkness, she can be quiet and sit and rememder fondly what it was to be young.
A sign on the church noticeboard mentioned a 'cloud of witnesses'; the impressions of all those who had come to this site for over a century, to praise and rejoice and find sanctuary via a place designed to remind us of God's eternal presence. Whether you believe in the Christian God or not, there is something deeply moving about the memories of churches, these gathering places for those who sought meaning in a sacred context. If there were ghosts here, they were content. I couldn't help but hope that witnesses do indeed come in a cloud, united in the afterlife, conjoined by their memories of living and loving and wishing and dying in a community's nest.
The concept of a 'cloud of witnesses' reminded me of some of the images incorporated in John Harvey's excellent tome on spirit photography. One line of enquiry taken by Harvey has noted the incorporation of several spirits in certain photographs, comparing it to similar religious iconography and art.
The Spiritualist concept of the spirit world seems kindly orientated to a premise for clouds of witnesses. In the spirit world, we exist collective: we may merge into spirit, the boundaries of flesh no longer a barrier to intimate connectivity. From that we may then emerge individiual, temporarily reaching out from the vistages of our past living self, lining up in queues for a medium ready to speak of our witness to our beloved kith and kin who we hope will find comfort in the clouds we will continue to resonante, with which we would fill the painful absences of severed connections. Even in darkness, they whisper, we are with you.

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Merek Komputer PC

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          This is how it ends.    

Our flight landed in Seattle at 1:35 in the afternoon. Ty and I claimed our duffels in the International Baggage Terminal and accompanied them through Customs. As he was connecting to another flight and I was not, we would part company at this point. It caught me by surprise that this was Goodbye. I felt like I should have had something memorable to say, but my sleep-induced stupor left me as groggy and confused as Ty had looked when we met below the Hilary Step. 
"Let's get together again some time and not do this," he quipped. 
"Yeah," I agreed. 
We hugged and turned separate ways. 

I was riding the escalator up from the satellite tram when it occurred to me Lin would almost certainly be waiting at the top.  I felt my senses lurch to life.  I had spent so many hours imagining this moment, hoping it would not be diminished by the baggage of failure on the climb, and now I was seconds away from seeing her sweet smile. I tried to improve the horrific state of my hair, but my hand trembled too much to accomplish anything. She would be in costume, as has been her custom meeting me upon my return from each prior climb.  What would it be? A Yak? That would be fair after my dressing as a Penguin the last time I picked her up at an airport.  The stairs began curling over the top and I could see the faces of the first few people.  Then straight ahead, a few feet back, she stood draped in pink veils and exotic shawls. It was Lin's interpretation of a Sherpa woman, and though it looked more "Genie in a bottle" I could not have been more taken. Lin held a sign announcing my accomplishment, OUR accomplishment. I gathered her up in my arms while the people next to us speculated aloud as to  what "7 Summits" stood for, and in that instant all we had risked and any rewards that may follow did not matter.  We were together and safe and done. 

I have some links I would like to share with you. 
Here are three short videos from the incredibly talented Elia Saikaly. 
The Trek to Everest Base Camp.  This was filmed last year. 
Everest Base Camp.  Also filmed in 2012, this is footage of Base Camp only. 
Time Lapse of climbing Everest. This was filmed throughout the 2013 Everest Season. It is AWESOME! The second frame is of our Camp 2 site. The American flag is the same one raised by our Air Force Team Members at the summit. 

Three of our Air Force Team members appearing on Fox.  I feel so much pride when I watch these guys. 
Myself, doing an interview on The Zone sports radio show. Sorry about the sound quality, we did this over the phone. 
Ty appearing on Anchorage TV  Who would have thought he owns a suit?!
Myself crossing a ladder in the Everest Icefall The Dave-cam returns!
POV shot while I crossed a crevasse.
Above the Icefall. Me. Note the reassuring self-talk. 

So many thank you's; 
My family; Lin, Trevor, Chase, Mom, my Step-Dad, Dad, and sisters Michelle, Noelle and my climbing partner Ty. You believed in me. You believed in my journey. You sweated the moments. You celebrated the summit. I can never thank you enough. 

My Friends; Sonia Alexis, who led the cheer and kept the practice in order while I was away. Chuck Blair, who added much needed levity. John Hanrahan and Rick Kaiser, who convinced me to keep writing.  Carol Masheter, who helped me believe I could do it. Pastor Mike Unverzagt, who provided spiritual counsel.  Phil Drowley, who coached my mental preparation. Mike Locke, who designed my physical training. Dr. David Netboy, who consulted on various physiological aspects of the climb.  Acupuncturist Timothy Lamb, who stuck needles in my person to remedy the various self-inflicted wounds I suffered throughout training and the climb. 

My Readers; Sharing this experience was central to what I hoped to do.  As I left for Everest this blog had almost 500 page views. It is now approaching 30,000. You view this blog from the United States to China, Russia to South Africa, Australia to Finland, and many other countries around the globe. You have been generous with your comments. loyal with your visits, and watchful into all hours of the night. We climbed Everest together. You and I. And I am grateful to have had you on my Team.  

          April 21 through 28   
Jangbu watches climbers move up the mountain.

April 21, 2013
Solo Trek to Gorak Shep

Note to Readers: I was able to repair the punctured air mattress. Also, my Palm Tree mascot has been joined by an inflatable kangaroo marking the tent of our Australian team member. 

***You can follow daily updates called in by satellite phone at this link  http://www.mountainguides.com/everest-south13.shtml
In these rather basic posts they will refer to my group as "Classic Climbers" Guided by Max and Aaron. I am only able to post when the team has returned to EBC after a rotation. 

This was suppose to be the day we put boots to ground for the first time on Everest. The plan was to rise at 3 a.m. and enter the ice fall, climb about three quarters of the way through it to an area called “The Football Field”, and return to base. Like everything we have done thus far, this too was intended to acclimate us for higher camps to come. But snow fell heavy through the night and “Big Boss” Greg Venovage judged the ice fall unsafe. “Hey Dave,” he called from outside my tent around 2:30 a.m., “I’m calling off the climb for today so get some sleep.” Then he shook my tent to relieve the heavy accumulation of snow and commented “Nice palm tree.” 

This is climbing Everest. As essential as it is to have a plan, it is still more important that one be willing to change it. After breakfast I checked out a radio from the Comm tent and set out on the four mile trek down the valley to Gorak Shep. I wanted to post to this blog, check my email, and connect with friends and family on Facebook. I find it helps me keep my spirits up when I read the comments blog Readers' posts, or friends add to my Facebook wall. Thank you! 

I skipped around Trekkers bound in heavy layers and moving in slow motion. That was me the first time I trekked into EBC, but I have since time acclimated. It felt good to clip along comfortably with Chicago playing in my ears, watching the rugged landscape of glacial moraine fold over on itself as a river emerged. 

April 22, 2013
Into the Ice Fall

We finished breakfast at 3:30 a.m. and began shuffling over to the Sherpa group tent. I was once again the last climber to arrive. Mingma looked a bit concerned but did not ask me to explain my chronic tardiness. This was fortunate as I had no good excuse aside from the general malaise that comes with being up and active at such an hour. Under Mingma’s lead we immediately began passing other Climbers, sometimes leap-frogging four at a time. I would have asked him to slow down, except this pace solved a different problem I had. I had only dressed in Long Johns and a shell layer in anticipation of the hard work ahead and presently felt quite chilled. Soon I was generating enough body heat to feel comfortable as we navigated the blue ice statues that stand sentry to the fall. 

By far, the majority of fatalities on Everest occur in the ice fall. There are two reasons for this. The first is the fact that the ice fall consists of the pieces of ice broken off the upper glacier. These pieces, ranging in size from mailbox to commercial building, are all melting, shifting, and toppling in slow motion as gravity and spring temperatures work upon them. Occasionally that movement is not be in slow motion. The second reason the ice fall is susceptible to tragedy is the somewhat regular snow and ice avalanches that sweep down from the west shoulder of Everest. It goes without saying some parts of the ice fall are more dangerous than others. So a big part of managing one’s passage involves keeping enough gas in the tank to speed through those troublesome areas. 

Myself descending a ladder in the ice fall. 

At times Mingma would invite me to lead our ascent, offering counsel when we entered areas where speed was important. At some point I noticed we were alone. I called for a break at a safe spot and asked MIngma what he had heard over the radio as other Sherpa and IMG personnel chattered. He said Big Boss had just turned everyone around.  Mingma and I had already crossed most of the ladders and were only 10 minutes from our objective, the Football Field. He got on the radio and received permission for us to finish out. In the end, myself and two of the Air Force climbers were the only ones to make it to the Football Field. I felt good about this, but was also spent after four hours of hard climbing. We arrived back in EBC a bit after 9:00 a.m. I slept until lunch. 

Big Boss, Max, and one of our Climbers interrupted lunch to make an announcement. This Climber had decided to end his bid. The altitude was causing severe blurring of his vision and he felt it would not be safe to continue given this. He would be leaving EBC by helicopter in a few hours. The Climber was tearful as he talked about how hard it had been to make this decision and surrender his dream. We tried to console him.  A well liked team member, he will be missed by all.

April 23, 2013
Rest Day

April 24, 2013
Arrive Camp 1
SpO2 = 74  RHR = 77

From a distance, the ice fall looks like a jumbled pile of fractured ice. But up close, when you are inside the ice fall, it is a strange and wonderous world not unlike something Dr. Suess might have created. 

It starts with the blue ice statues of cold
They welcome you in like climbers of old. 
“He’s over-dressed. He’ll get hot, then get sweaty.”
“This will attract fatigue or a Yeti.”
The ground undulates like a Pirian Fong
The ice creaks and sings it’s happy ice song
You enter a narrow white corridor.
Now the ice is above, below, to the fore. 
But the shapes are not straight the way you had thought. 
They’re round and reaching, curved like a pot.
Your headlamp bends the shadows like skilm
or the haunting features in a Tim Burton film. 
The trail narrows until thats all that there is,
flanked by darkness and the demons of Miz.
Now you slide to the side in a crystalline room.
It dazzles and rings, but you must leave soon. 
Straight up through the ceiling with crampons and rope.
Up up to the next place. Wide open, you hope.
It’s hard to breathe. The air is so thin. 
You gasp like a gold fish on land, one fin.
The ice block above you could fall any time. 
So you can’t rest here. Keep moving. Must climb.
Next come the ladders, scratched and bent. 
They span the deep fissures, where others have went.
They scale the tall ice, three, four lashed together
like a whoozit flamboozle left out in the weather. 
You cross them with shoes made of steel-soled spikes. 
you hold onto the ropes, the rungs and the likes. 
Then six hours later you emerge from a crack. 
The sun has risen. You take off your pack. 
You’re here at last. You’ve arrived at Camp One. 
Now nap in your tent. Your work day is done. 

April 25, 2013
Rest day Camp 1

Camp 1

We ate breakfast in our tents. The Sherpas brought us hot water for tea and to mix with our Oat Meal. Shortly thereafter we set out in light gear on the path to Camp 2. We had no intention of covering the entire  distance, but merely wished to keep our legs from stiffening up after the difficult prior day. 

Though the terrain was a pleasant rolling snow scape of little consequence, we never the less clipped our safety leashes into the running fixed lines. The soft contours of this windswept snow belie the many deep crevasses beneath. Indeed, the first casualty of this Everest season occurred on this very stretch. A Sherpa, part of the team setting fixed lines, fell 47 meters through a thin hidden snow bridge. 

We turned back at the halfway point, returning to camp just prior to a subzero wind storm setting in. We ate MRE’s while hiding in our thick down sleeping bags, then rested for the move to Camp 2 the following day.  

April 26, 2013
Move to Camp 2 (Elev 21,300 feet)
SpO2 = 71  RHR = 98

Crossing a ladder

The white faces of Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse from a perfect solar concentration down on the valley common to them all. It is a strict “no no” to get caught out in this valley during the hear of the day when temperatures can race from the morning cool of 10 F to 90 F at peak sun. So it goes we left Camp 1 at 6:00 a.m. in the tight chill of night and the soft dusky light of dawn. Ty and his Sherpa, Lakpa, together with Mingma and I, enjoyed a casual pace that delivered us to Camp 2, just as the first direct rays touched the tents.  We threw out things into a vacant tent, then adjorned to the dining tent for some hot Tang drink. 

Ty and I started talking about a wayward butterfly that had come into our tent the previous afternoon, taking refuge from the coming storm. Ty enlisted the counsel of the Sherpa tending the dining tent. “This is good luck,” the Sherpa asserted. Ty then added that the butterfly had sadly passed on during the night. The Sherpa looked uncomfortable, assuming we likewise wanted his interpretation of this turn. It must be understood that the Sherpa culture avoids conflict, bad tidings or any whiff of negativity. “Ummmm. Uhhhhhhh,” he stammered. “This is VERY good luck,” I offered, though it made no sense at all. “Yes,” the relieved Sherpa agreed, “this is very good luck.”

April 27, 2013
Rest Day at Camp 2
SpO2 = 76  RHR 86

Ty, loading his pack at camp 2
I am missing Lin and the boys. It has been several days since I have had cell service. I dream about them at night, pedestrian dreams where I am following them around the house. I will be back at EBC tomorrow as we finish this rotation and I plan to call them straight away. 

A big shout-out to my friends at The House. I have known some difficult moments during this rotation and found strength in your prayers. Many thanks and God bless. 

I break this climb down into two metrics; The game plan and my overall status. At this point we are still on game plan A, which is to say our summit day is likely around May 18th. Frankly, I consider this remarkable given the many variables at hand. Good on us! I also consider myself to be on my A game. This is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual health. To be sure, there have been times I was not on my A game. But here, looking up the steep icy Lhotse face, I am grateful to feel this good. 
The Lohtse Face and approach
We will have to come to terms with the Lhotse Face on our next rotation. It is said this challenge separates many climbers from their dream. 

April 28, 2013
Camp 2 to EBC
At EBC SpO2 = 86   RHR = 83  
Oxygen bottles moved up to camp 2
Mingma stopped by my tent to the night before. He wanted to make sure I knew breakfast was at 4:30 a.m. and we were leaving right after. “Don’t be late,” he pleaded. I decided Mingma had done so much for me that I would make a concerted effort to satisfied this request. 

It was not just a matter of getting out of bed. All my gear had to be sorted for what would stay behind in a rice sack at camp 2 and what would return with me to EBC. I dedicated the next 2 hours (in 10 F temperatures) to this task. Some things were obvious; Down Suit, -40 F sleeping bag, and mattress pad would all stay. But when it came to a certain hat or candy bar I found myself flummoxed. It is entirely possible this was a symptom of the altitude. In most instances I ate the candy bar and left the hat behind, rationalizing that it had taken a lot of energy to get that hat up the hill and I owed it to myself to celebrate that success by not creating a counterfeit second effort. 
Team Leader Max Bunce and Mingma Chhing
I reported for breakfast very much on time. The Cook prepared fried egg and bacon on toast. It was quite tasty. Then Mingma and I set out into the predawn light at an improved pace. Not a lot of talking takes place during such a move. From time to time my concentration was summoned as we crossed another aluminum ladder laid out across a hungry crevasse, but otherwise I was free to be with my thoughts.  

My thoughts;
      -On the 1960’s sitcom Bewitched it was unfair of Darren to demand his wife not use her powers. She should have turned him into a newt.
      -I wonder what my son, Trevor, is doing right now?
      -The only track I can recall bass player of the Who, John Entwistle, singing lead on is My Wife.  This lyric indictment paints his wife as being a maniacal shrew for not understanding how he might have “had a bit too much to drink,” taken a wrong turn, and thus been AWOL the last four days. True or not, this could not have been good for his marriage.
       -What did I do with that last Mars bar?
       -When I get to EBC I will have concluded the second acclimation rotation. There will only be one more rotation before I am ready to make a summit attempt!
        -Mingma declined my invitation to make barnyard noises. Is it possible he is ashamed of his cow?
        -I can’t wait to shower and shave at EBC. It has been 9 days. 
        -I wonder how much weight I’ve lost.
        -My niece, Sasha, wrote a very nice message to me on Facebook. I already liked Sasha before this, but now I like her even more. I should either send a nice message back to her or ship a Mars bar from Gorak Shep. 

          The next several days   
Approaching Everest Base Camp

Dear Readers, 
Internet access has proven more challenging than I had thought   ...which is to say our satellite BGAN system at Everest Base Camp is very nearly useless. I will continue to blog this adventure, but it will likely come to you in batches of 5 days at a time as I am able to make the 1 hour hike down to  Gorak Shep. 
All the best, 

April 10, 2013
Lobuche Base Camp: Elev 15,800 ft. 
SpO2 = 86  RHR = 81

We set out from Phariche under overcast skies, with a cold headwind that encouraged most of us to add a layer of clothing. I had slept well and felt happy to be moving on, but for some reason my energy level was low. This might have bothered me in earlier years; might have enlisted my ego to drive hard for the sake of keeping up with the fastest Trekkers. No more. I reminded myself there will be good days and bad in the course of the two month span of this expedition. The most important thing is to not beat myself up. Take it day by day. I credit my good friend Phil Drowley for this perspective. I hung back with the Trekkers keeping a more casual pace and had a perfectly enjoyable day. 

We arrived at Lobuche Base Camp around 1p.m. Our advance Sherpa Team had already set up the tents, the kitchen, a dining tent and drop toilets. A few years ago we would have stayed in the village of Lobuche, but expedition organizers deemed the conditions there intolerable. Since then IMG has opted to create their own village away from town in a low depression sheltered from the wind.  This allows for better control of the circumstances contributing to food safety. By all accounts this has been a success, and one could easily meter a lift in morale among expedition members as we settled in. 

We enjoyed a hearty lunch made all the more delectable by virtue of being less worrisome. There were thermoses of hot tea, coffee, and citrus drink. The kitchen staff brought us warm moist towels scented with menthol to clean up before the meal, then served hot dogs on fresh baked buns, baked beans, and cucumber/beet salads. 

After moving into our tents, we spent the remainder of the day getting to know the camp. Snow started to fall in heavy wet flakes as we finished dinner. The temperature dropped to the mid 20’s, but I was perfectly comfortable in my down sleeping bag. 

April 11, 2013
Rest day in Lobuche Base Camp
SpO2 = 88  RHR = 75

It is easy to take simple things for granted. The basic act of washing one’s hands is one such thing. You can walk into almost any public restroom in America and find hot water, soap, and paper towels provided gratis. There will also be light, and functioning private toilets. It is a mistake to assume any of these will exist when visiting a restroom in Nepal. If there is a sink, there is not necessarily water. If there is water, it will most certainly be cold.  You learn to carry soap and a small towel on your person. 

So imagine the sublime joy I experienced that first morning at Lobuche Base Camp when hot water came out of the spigot of the cooler at our camp hand washing station. It was 6 a.m.  Fresh snow had covered our camp, and yet the kitchen crew had already filled the cooler with hot water. What is more, there was a fresh bar of soap and clean towel at the ready. I choked back tears of joy as I washed my hands a fourth time. Seized with the purpose of a Disciple, I wanted to spread this good word, waking tent after tent of the unclean.  Sure they had all used Purell and it’s package purports to kill 99.9% of germs, but we all knew it was that .1% germ that had sickened us and probably propagated like Starbucks franchises during our sleep. Who would not gladly surrender much needed rest to receive such information? In the end I did not wake anyone, instead choosing to accost people as they emerged sleepy-eyed from their dwelling.  

April 12, 2013
A second rest day in Lobuche Base Camp. 
SpO2 = 90  RHR = 73

Our first case of the Khumbu Cough came forth on this day. This is a dry incessant cough believed to be brought on by exertion in the dry cold air of greater altitudes. Our best defense is to breath through a buff, especially at night, and avoid overly strenuous pacing when on the move. That said, it is likely 70% of us will have contracted Khumbu Cough two weeks from now and will not be rid of it until returning home many weeks hence. 

This was a true rest day. Unlike yesterday, there was no acclimation hike. Most of us took advantage of the sunny weather and did laundry. The kitchen crew provided large bowls of hot water to this end. A colorful display of garments were then left to dry on rocks and makeshift clothes lines while spontaneous games of Frisbee and Hackusack commenced. 

Swept up in the spirit of cleanliness, I decided to shower and shave. A tall narrow tent had been erected with flat stones placed for a floor. A large bowl of hot water was provided with a ladle.  Under such circumstances one comes to understand how little we actually need to bath. I treated myself with a clean change of clothes and felt as shiny as a new dime.  

Our camp sits at the base of Mt Lobuche (elev 19,600 ft). It is our first round acclimation objective. We will trek to Everest Base Camp (elev 17,500) tomorrow and spend two days acclimating before returning here and mounting our attempt on Mt Lobuche. One of the earlier IMG teams left here yesterday for Lobuche High Camp. We watched them all morning through binoculars, sharply defined against the steep white flanks, as they summitted under perfect conditions. It was thrilling to see climbers on the mountain plying their craft. We chattered excitedly, eyes cast skyward, deconstructing the route as  we fixed our own ambitions several days from now.

April 13, 2013
Trek to Everest Base Camp: Elev 17,500
SpO2 = 76  RHR = 90

The seven hour trek to Everest Base Camp took us through the dusty and unremarkable villages of Lobuche and Gorak Shep. One member of our party began suffering the ill effects of altitude and so turned back for Lobuche Base Camp. Otherwise it was a pleasant day of trekking the higher Khumbu valley. Most of the route followed the same river valley that is fed by Everest snow melt. Snow still lay in scattered patches along the shady side of the valley. Our trail traversed the sunny side through grazed pasture lands that smelled of summer as the day’s warmth awakened the low cropped grass. At one point my I-pod randomly chose the song Mellisa by the Alman Brothers. It was the perfect sound track.

We wandered the glacial moraine to the area near the Khumbu ice fall staked out by IMG.  Lunch was served and camp chief (Big Boss) Greg Venovage greeted us. Greg is a tall affable man with a quick smile and quicker wit. He is a veteran of Everest expeditions and sports the kind of physique that says so. You could bounce a quarter off his chest and it would ring all the way to the ground. 
The Punja ceremony to bless us and our equipment
After lunch we moved into our tents.  We each have our own two-man tent to call home for the next many weeks. This may sound like a luxury, but having a small piece of personal space is vitally important when it comes to keeping one’s mental balance during such a protracted measure of time. I unpacked a few things, but was already getting the headache that typically comes with moving up to a new altitude. I drank a liter of water and took a short nap. Feeling better, I then hung some photos I had brought along; My Fiancé Lin, my boys Trevor & Chase, and my Mom. 

Several large ice falls in the surrounding hills woke the camp that night as spring inched a bit closer.  I pulled on my down clothes around 3 a.m. and stepped out of my tent to look at the sky.  The brilliance of the stars easily challenged a thin crescent moon and the pale yellow light it cast on Everest. A monument in the center of our camp crackled with fire as prayer flags reached out into the darkness in every direction. “I am here,” I thought. Having spent so much time thinking about this climb and the experiences it would bring, the moment felt surreal. 

The first part of any Everest expedition is getting to Everest Base Camp. While this can be quite enjoyable, it is not without it’s challenges. But Ty and I made it in good health and high spirits.  If anyone reading this post has considered a trekking experience in Nepal I would, in spite of the fore mentioned challenges, strongly recommend it. It is a magical experience that will take you away from everything you know, and pleasantly haunt you for some time after. 

April 14, 2013
Everest Base Camp: Elev 17,500
SpO2 = 79  RHR = 85

Myself and Mingma Chhing
Today we were gathered before the climbing Sherpas and each assigned as team mates for the duration of the climb. The process of matching Sherpa and Climber remains somewhat mysterious, but for however it may work one thing seems clear; I won the Sherpa lottery. I have been paired up with Mingma Chhing, ten time Everest Summiter. He is a senior Sherpa and quite often seems to be the guy in charge. We got to know each other while going over my equipment. Like myself, Mingma has two boys.

The expedition then spent some time practicing crossing ladders with crampons on. I noticed Mingma stepped forward to study my technique and gave me an approving smile when I was done.
Myself crossing a ladder

April 15, 2013
Everest Base Camp
SpO2 = 85  RHR = 74

We spent a few hours training today on our ice techniques. Under the watchful eyes of our Guide Max, and our companion Sherpas, we scaled a small ice face near camp using crampons and ascender, safety leashes and figure 8 descenders. Everyone performed well and it felt good to finally be doing some ice work. Tomorrow we start our first acclimation rotation, leaving EBC for Lobuche Base Camp and the climbing of same. 

          Simulatore di Volo in Google Earth   
E anche Google piazza Eastern Eggs! e che "Uova di Pasqua"!

Google Earth nasconde infatti un simulatore di volo che sfrutta le immagini satellitari offerte dallo stesso Goggle Earth.

Per accedere al "gioco" basta aprire Google Earth e digitare Ctrl+Alt+A (su Windows), su Mac il comando e' invece Command+Option+A.

Google Earth Flight Simulator permette la scelta tra un F16 Viper e un più managgevole SR22, inoltre si ha la possibilità di decidere se dare il via al gioco dalla località proposta da Google Earth al momento o da un elenco di piste default.

Ai piu' questa notizia sembrerà l'ennesima sfida contro Microsoft, come non notarlo daltraparte, la compagnia di Zio Bill si e' sempre divertita con questo genere di cose :)

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A week after CBS execs told the editors of CNET they could not give its Best Of Show award to Dish’s Hopper DVR because the broadcaster is suing Dish over the device, their decision has backfired, with the satellite TV provider using the incident as a way to promote their product. On its website, Dish now touts the upcoming …
          Satellitendaten zeigen Versauerung der Meere   
Ganz ohne Spezialschiffe und Messsonden haben Forscher die Versauerung der Ozeane gemessen. Satelliten haben die Wasserflächen rund um den Erdball analysiert, die Methode erleichtert die Erforschung des Klimawandels.
          Satelliten entdecken Tausende Tiefseeberge   
Geburtsorte der Ozeane, verdrehte Erdplatten, Fabriken für Unterseeberge: Ein neuer Atlas enthüllt die Welt der Meeresböden, die gewöhnlich unter Wasser verborgen bleibt.
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          Das falsche Spiel mit Sanktionen   

Ein Kommentar von Helen Staude

Die EU verschärft die Sanktionen gegen den Iran, betroffen sind auch iranische Nachrichtensender. Eutelsat schaltete 19 Sender ab, sie  können in Europa nicht mehr empfangen werden. Der Iran antwortete prompt und stört den Empfang europäischer Sender. Europa ist außer sich.

Am Dienstag war Länderspieltag, WM-Qualifikationen für Brasilien 2014 fanden weltweit statt. Vor den Fernsehern saßen gebannte Fans, feuerten ihre Teams an. Während die Deutschen im Spiel gegen die Schweden ab der 60-Minute nur wenig zu lachen hatten, war es für den Iran ein denkwürdiger Tag. Das Team Melli schlug Gruppenerster Südkorea zu Hause mit 1:0. Trainer Carlos Queiroz kam der Sieg gerade Recht, stand er seit Wochen nach der historischen Niederlage gegen den Libanon in herber Kritik. Umso mehr lobte er nach Abpfiff die Leistung seiner Spieler. „Die Spieler verdienen einen dicken Glückwusch, jeder von ihnen hat die nötige Leistung gezeigt“, sagte der Trainer. Weiter bedankte er sich bei all den Fans für die großartige Unterstützung und bat diese auch für das Spiel gegen Usbekistan fortzusetzen.

Während in Teheran die Menschen außer sich vor Freude waren, konnten Millionen von Exiliranern in Europa das Spiel nicht verfolgen. Nur wer einen Livestream im Internet fand, hatte Glück, der Fernseher aber blieb schwarz. Der französische Satellitendienst Eutelsat beauftragte das britische Medienunternehmen Arqiva, 19 iranische Satellitensender von der Hot Bird Frequenz zu nehmen. Grund sind die jüngst verschärften Sanktionen Europas gegen den Iran. „Wir beendeten die Verträge nachdem wir den Auftrag der Europäischen Kommission erhielten“, bestätigte dies Regionalleiter von Eutelsat, Karen Badalov, dem iranischen Nachrichten Sender Press TV.

EU schaltet iranische Nachrichtensender aus

Schon länger verfolgten England und Frankreich den Plan, iranische Sender abzuschalten. Gerade der englischsprachige Sender Press TV wird von Kritikern als Sprachrohr der iranischen Regierung angesehen. Wikileaks legte  bereits 2010 offen, wie das britische Außenministerium einem amerikanischen Diplomaten mitteilte „Wege zu finden, die Arbeit von Press TV einzuschränken“. So kamen die neuen Sanktionen hier gerade recht. Während der britische Außenminister in einer Erklärung vehement unterstreicht, die Sanktionen sollen nur die iranische Regierung treffen, fällt dies schwer zu glauben im Falle der iranischen Nachrichtensender. Zuerst scheint es hier um europäische Interessen zu gehen, die Nachrichtensender abzuschalten. Betroffen sind vor allem Exiliraner von der  Entscheidung, können sie die heimischen Sender von nun an nicht mehr legal empfangen. Press TV sieht die Presse- und Redefreiheit vom Westen beschnitten, heißt es doch in Artikel 19 der allgemeinen Erklärung der Menschenrecht: Jeder hat das Recht auf Meinungsfreiheit und freie Meinungsäußerung; dieses Recht schließt die Freiheit ein, Meinungen ungehindert anzuhängen sowie über Medien jeder Art und ohne Rücksicht auf Grenzen Informationen und Gedankengut zu suchen, zu empfangen und zu verbreiten.

Dabei wurde die EU doch gerade erst geehrt und mit dem Friedensnobelpreis ausgezeichnet. Die Entscheidung, die iranischen Nachrichtensender aus Europa zu verbannen zeigt erneut, wie fragwürdig der Erhalt des Preises ist, mit welchem unterschiedlichen Maß der Westen Pressefreiheit und das Recht von Meinungsfreiheit zelebriert. War das Thema Meinungsfreiheit doch erst vor kurzem wieder im Westen aufgekocht als es um den umstrittenen Mohamed-Film ging. Während es in der arabischen Welt zu vereinzelten Demonstration und Ausschreitungen kam, Botschaften angezündet wurden und Menschen starben, berief sich der Westen auf die Meinungsfreiheit. Kritiker sagten, das müssten die Muslime aushalten. Es darf keine zwei Meinungen geben ob ein Film derartige Ausschreitungen rechtfertigt. Aber dürfen unter Sanktionen die Abschaltung von TV-Sendern fallen?

Die zwei Seiten der Pressefreiheit

Der Iran antwortete prompt, fühlt sich von der Entscheidung Europas in der Tat getroffen. Der Empfang der Deutschen Welle wie der von BBC sind seit gestern gestört, können in Teilen der arabischen Welt und dem Iran just nicht mehr empfangen werden.  Der Westen gibt sich sofort empört, stellt den Iran an den Pranger. Eutelsat Sprecherin bestätigt, die Signalüberschneidung sei absichtlich und zeitlich begrenzt. In einem Interview mit der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung erklärte DW-Intendant Erik Bettermann, er protestiere gegen die erneuten Eingriffe des Iran in die Medienfreiheit. Nun arbeitet die Deutsche Welle umgehend mit anderen Auslandssendern eine gemeinsame Resolution aus. Die FAZ gab an, der Iran habe in der Vergangenheit immer wieder die Signale von westlichen Nachrichtensendern gestört.

Der Iran benutzt die einfache Waffe: wie du mir so ich dir, was du kannst kann ich auch. Und der Westen springt wütend auf, zeigt mit dem Finger auf den Iran und wirft ihm die Beschneidung der Pressefreiheit vor. Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass der Iran die Pressefreiheit verletzt, Journalisten verhaftet oder foltert. Dennoch, dieser Fall muss differenziert behandelt werden. Wenn die EU Nachrichtensender abschaltet, handelt es sich um Sanktionen, beim Iran um Verletzung der Menschenrechte. 

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Satellite L755-S5213 Satellite L755-S5214 Satellite L755-S5216 Satellite L755-S5239

Satellite L755-S5242
Satellite L755-S5242BN Satellite L755-S5242GR Satellite L755--S5242GR Satellite L755-S5242RD Satellite L755-S5242WH

Satellite L755-S5243 Satellite L755-S5244 Satellite L755-S5245 Satellite L755-S5246 Satellite L755-S5247 Satellite L755-S5248 Satellite L755-S5249 Satellite L755-S5252
Satellite L755-S5253 Satellite L755-S5254 Satellite L755-S5255 Satellite L755-S5256
Satellite L755-S5257 Satellite L755-S5258 Satellite L755-S5271 Satellite L755-S5273
Satellite L755-S5275 Satellite L755-S5277 Satellite L755-S5280 Satellite L755-S5282
Satellite L755-S5306 Satellite L755-S5308 Satellite L755-S5349 Satellite L755-S5350
Satellite L755-S5351 Satellite L755-S5353 Satellite L755-S5354 Satellite L755-S5355
Satellite L755-S5356 Satellite L755-S5357 Satellite L755-S5358 Satellite L755-S5360
Satellite L755-S5362 Satellite L755-S5364 Satellite L755-S5367 Satellite L755-S5368

Satellite L755-S9510BN Satellite L755-S9510D Satellite L755-S9510RD Satellite L755-S9511BN Satellite L755-S9511RD Satellite L755-S9512D Satellite L755-S9512RD Satellite L755-S9512WH Satellite L755-S9520D Satellite L755-S9522D Satellite L755-S9530D Satellite L755-S9530WH Satellite L755-S9531RD

Satellite L770
Satellite L770-00R Satellite L770-00S Satellite L770-067 Satellite L770-BT4N22

Satellite L770D
Satellite L770D-00Q Satellite L770D-01S Satellite L770D-BT5N11 Satellite L770D-ST4N01
Satellite L770D-ST5NX1 Satellite L770-ST4NX1 Satellite L770-ST4NX2

Satellite L775
Satellite L775-109 Satellite L775-10J Satellite L775-111 Satellite L775-119 Satellite L775-11E Satellite L775-11F Satellite L775-11K Satellite L775-11U Satellite L775-125
Satellite L775-127 Satellite L775-12H Satellite L775-13D Satellite L775-148 Satellite L775-149 Satellite L775-14E Satellite L775-15M Satellite L775-15U Satellite L775-166

Satellite L775D-106 Satellite L775D-107 Satellite L775D-10J Satellite L775D-10M Satellite L775D-S7206 Satellite L775D-S7210 Satellite L775D-S7220 Satellite L775D-S7220GR Satellite L775D-S7222 Satellite L775D-S7223 Satellite L775D-S7224 Satellite L775D-S7226 Satellite L775D-S7228 Satellite L775D-S7305 Satellite L775D-S7330 Satellite L775D-S7332 Satellite L775D-S7340 Satellite L775D-S7345

Satellite L775-S7240 Satellite L775-S7241 Satellite L775-S7243 Satellite L775-S7245 Satellite L775-S7248 Satellite L775-S7250 Satellite L775-S7252

Toshiba Satellite M300 Series
M300-600, M300-700-R, M300-900, M300-J00, M300-ST3401, M300-ST3402,
M300-ST3403, M300-ST4060, M301, M302, M306, M307, M308, M310, M311,
M320, M321, M323, M325, M326, M327, M328, M332, M336, M338, M339

Toshiba Satellite M305 Series
M305-S4815, M305-S4819, M305-S4820, M305-S4822, M305-S4826,
M305-S4835, M305-S4991E

Toshiba Satellite M305D Series
M305D-S4828, M305D-S4829, M305D-S4830,
M305D-S4831, M305D-S4833, M305D-S48331,
M305D-S4840, M305D-S4844, M305D-S48441

Toshiba Satellite M500 Series
M500-ST5401, M500-ST5405, M500-ST5408, M500-ST54X1,
M500-ST6421, M500-ST6422, M500-ST6444

Toshiba Satellite M505 Series
M505-S4020, M505-S4022, M505-S4940, M505-S4945,
M505-S4947, M505-S4949, M505-S4972, M505-S4975,
M505-S4980, M505-S4982, M505-S4985T, M505-S4985-T,
M505-S4990T, M505-S4990-T

Toshiba Satellite M505D Series
M505D-S4000, M505D-S4000RD, M505D-S4000WH, M505D-S4930,
M505D-S4970, M505D-S4970RD

Toshiba Satellite T110 Series
T110, T110-00D, T110-107, T110-11U, T110-11V, T110D, T110D-00C

Toshiba Satellite T115 Series
T115-S1100, T115-S1105, T115-S1108, T115-S1110

Toshiba Satellite T130 Series
T130, T130-02F, T130-02M, T130-03F, T130-11G, T130-11H,
T130-11J, T130-12N, T130-12Z, T130-130, T130-132, T130-13K,
T130-13L, T130-13M, T130-13N, T130-13Q

Toshiba Satellite T135 Series
T135-S1300, T135-S1300RD, T135-S1300WH, T135-S1305,
T135-S1305RD, T135-S1305WH, T135-S1307, T135-S1309,
T135-S1310, T135-S1310RD, T135-S1310WH, T135-S1312,

Toshiba Satellite U400 Series
U400-ST3301, U400-ST3302, U400-ST5404, U400-ST6301

Toshiba Satellite U405 Series
U405-S2817, U405-S2820, U405-S2824,
U405-S2826, U405-S2830, U405-S2833,
U405-S2854, U405-S2856, U405-S2882,
U405-S2920, U405-ST550W

Toshiba Satellite U405D Series
U405D-S2846, U405D-S2848, U405D-S2850,
U405D-S2852, U405D-S2863, U405D-S2870,
U405D-S2874, U405D-S2902, U405D-S2910

Toshiba Satellite U500 Series
U500-S2925, U500-S2925BN, U500-S2925P, U500-S2925W,
U500-S2930, U500-S2935, U500-S2940, U500-S2950,
U500-S2950PK, U500-S2950RD, U500-S2950WH, U500-S2960,
U500-S2960PK, U500-S2960RD, U500-S2960WH, U500-S2961,
U500-S2965, U500-S2965RD, U500-S2965WH, U500-S2970,
U500-S2980, U500-S2980T, U500-S2980-T, U500-ST5302,
U500-ST5305, U500-ST5307, U500-ST6321, U500-ST6322,

Toshiba Satellite U505 Series
U505-S2002, U505-S2005, U505-S2005PK, U505-S2005RD,
U505-S2005WH, U505-S2006,U505-S2006PK, U505-S2006RD,
U505-S2006WH, U505-S2008, U505-S2010, U505-S2012,
U505-S2925, U505-S2925BN, U505-S2925P, U505-S2925W,
U505-S2930, U505-S2935, U505-S2940, U505-S2950,
U505-S2950PK, U505-S2950RD, U505-S2950WH, U505-S2960,
U505-S2960PK, U505-S2960RD, U505-S2960WH, U505-S2961,
U505-S2965, U505-S2965RD, U505-S2965WH, U505-S2970,
U505-S2975, U505-S2980, U505-S2980T, U505-S2980-T

Toshiba Satellite Pro M300 Series
M300-EZ1001, M300-EZ1001V, M300-EZ1001X,
M300-S1002, M300-S1002X, M300-S1002V

Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 Series
U400-S1001, U400-S1001V, U400-S1001X,
U400-S1002, U400-S1002V, U400-S1301

Toshiba Satellite Pro U500 Series
U500-EZ1311, U500-EZ1321, U500-S1322

Toshiba Satellite Pro T110,
Toshiba Satellite Pro T110- EZ1110,
Toshiba Satellite Pro T110- EZ1120,

Toshiba Satellite Pro T130,
Toshiba Satellite Pro T130-14M,
Toshiba Satellite Pro T130-14Q,
Toshiba Satellite Pro T130-14U,
Toshiba Satellite Pro T130- EZ1301,

Toshiba Equium U400 Series
U400-124, U400-145, U400-146

Toshiba Portege M800 Series
M800-101, M800-105, M800-106, M800-10A, M800-10C, M800-10D,
M800-10N, M800-10V, M800-10W, M800-113, M800-116, M800-701,
M800, M801, M802, M803, M805, M806, M807, M808, M810, M820,
M821, M822, M823, M825, M830

          Replacement 90W 19V 4.74A 5.5*2.5 3-Prong with Cord   
Replacement 90W 19V 4.74A 5.5*2.5 3-Prong with Cord

Replacement AC Adapter 90W 19V 4.74A 5.5*2.5 3-Prong

Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
Output: DC19V 4.74A
Power: 90W

Outlet: 3-prong
Connecter size:
Internal Diameter: 5.5mm
External Diameter: 2.5mm

Please double check before ordering.

Item Includes: AC Adapter and Power Cord.

Full 12 months warranty!

Fits Laptop Models:
Fujitsu BIBLO NX90M/W,
Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO NX90R/W,
Fujitsu Lifebook BH531,
Fujitsu Lifebook NH751,
Fujitsu LifeBook SH530,
Fujitsu LifeBook SH560,
Fujitsu LifeBook SH760,
Fujitsu Lifebook SH771
Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO RS Series
Fujitsu FMV Series
FMV-716NU3, FMV-716NU3/B, FMV-Lifebook C6210,
Fujitsu Lifebook Series
LifeBook A1010, LifeBook A3130, LifeBook A530,
LifeBook A531, LifeBook A6030, LifeBook A6110,
LifeBook A6120, LifeBook A6210, LifeBook AH530,
LifeBook AH531, LifeBook L1010, LifeBook LH531,
LifeBook LH700, LifeBook MH380, LifeBook P3010,
LifeBook P3110, LifeBook P770, LifeBook P8110,
LifeBook PH520, LifeBook PH530, LifeBook PH770,
LifeBook U772, LifeBook V1010, LifeBook V1020,
Lifebook 8010, Lifebook 8020, Lifebook A3110
Fujitsu Lifebook C Series
LifeBook C1211, LifeBook C1211D, LifeBook C1212,
Lifebook C1212D, LifeBook C1320, LifeBook C1320D,
LifeBook C1320DA, LifeBook C1320DB, Lifebook C1321,
LifeBook C1410, Lifebook C2010, Lifebook C2110,
Lifebook C2111, LifeBook C2210, LifeBook C2220,
LifeBook C2230, LifeBook C2240, LifeBook C2310,
Lifebook C2320, Lifebook C2330, LifeBook C2340
Fujitsu Lifebook E Series
LifeBook E2010, LifeBook E330, LifeBook E380,
LifeBook E4010, LifeBook E4010D, LifeBook E6624,
Lifebook E6634, Lifebook E6644, Lifebook E6654,
Lifebook E6664, LifeBook E6666, LifeBook E7010,
LifeBook E7110, LifeBook E8000, LifeBook E8000D,
LifeBook E8010, LifeBook E8010D, LifeBook E8020,
LifeBook E8020, LifeBook E8020C, LifeBook E8020D,
LifeBook E8110, LifeBook E8210
Fujitsu LifeBook M Series
LifeBook M1010, LifeBook M2011
Fujitsu Lifebook N Series
Lifebook N3400, Lifebook N3410, LifeBook N3500,
LifeBook N3510, LifeBook N3511, LifeBook N3520,
LifeBook N3530, Lifebook N6110, LifeBook N6210,
Lifebook N6220
Fujitsu Lifebook S Series
LifeBook S2210, LifeBook S6310, LifeBook S6311,
LifeBook S6410, LifeBook S6420, LifeBook S6510,
LifeBook S6520, LifeBook S7020, LifeBook S7020B,
LifeBook S7020D, LifeBook S7020E, LifeBook S7021,
LifeBook S7025, LifeBook S710, LifeBook S7110,
LifeBook S7111, LifeBook S760, LifeBook S761,
LifeBook SH761, Lifebook S7000, Lifebook S7000D,
Lifebook S7010, Lifebook S7010D, Lifebook S7011
Fujitsu Lifebook T Series
LifeBook T1010, LifeBook T4020A, LifeBook T4020B,
LifeBook T4020D, LifeBook T4210, LifeBook T4215,
LifeBook T4220, LifeBook T5010, LifeBook T900,
LifeBook T901, Lifebook T4010, Lifebook T4010D,
Lifebook T4020, Lifebook T4020
Fujitsu Lifebook UH Series
LifeBook UH552, LifeBook UH572, LifeBook UH900
Fujitsu Q Series
Q550, Q550LB
Everex StepNote MX Series
Accel AccelNote CY13
Acer Aspire 1360
Advent 6412,
Advent 7001,
Advent 7004,
Advent 7006,
Advent 7012
Alcam Designer 400
Alienware Area-51m 5500 (Model 259EN3, 259N1) Series
Alienware EXTREME,
Alienware GF FX 5600,
Alienware SENTIA
AMI TF6760
AMS Tech Rodeo 7000,
AMS Tech Rodeo 7030,
AMS Tech Rodeo 7620
AMS Tech Rodeo 3500 Series,
AMS Tech Rodeo 7630 Series,
AMS Tech Travelpro 100 Series,
AMS Tech Travelpro 1950 Series,
AMS Tech Travelpro 2000 Series,
AMS Tech Travelpro 6000 Series
AMS Tech Rodeo 1000 Series
Rodeo 1000CT
AMS Tech Rodeo 1010 Series
Rodeo 1010CT
AMS Tech Rodeo 7640 Series
Rodeo 7640XL
AMS Tech Travelpro Series
Travelpro 12CT, Travelpro 180, Travelpro 1900,
Travelpro 1961CT, Travelpro 1965, Travelpro 1970CT
ARM ArmNote CQ12,
ARM ArmNote CY13,
ARM ArmNote N30N3,
ARM ArmNote PL11,
ARM Green 579,
ARM Green 759,
Asus Multi-Color,
Asus UX50V
Asus A Series
A42F, A42J, A42JA, A42JB, A42JC, A42JE, A42JK,
A42JV, A42JY, A42JZ, A42Jr, A42N, A52F,
A52F-EX1342V, A52JB, A52JC, A52JE, A52JK, A52JT,
A52JU, A52Jr, A52N, A53E, A6, A6JA, A6JC, A6Jm,
A6K, A6KM, A6KT, A6Km, A6M, A6R, A6T, A6Ta,
A6Tc, A6VA, A6VM, A72F, A72JK, A72Jr, A7C, A7Cc,
A7Cd, A7D, A7Db, A7Dc, A7F, A7G, A7Gb, A7Gc,
A7J, A7JC, A7Jb, A7Jc, A7K, A7Kc, A7M, A7Mb,
A7Mc, A7S, A7Sn, A7Sv, A7T, A7Tb, A7Tc, A7U,
A7V, A7Vb, A7Vc, A8Dc, A8E, A8F, A8Fm, A8H,
A8He, A8JC, A8Ja, A8Jc, A8Je, A8Jm, A8Jn, A8Jp,
A8Jr, A8Js, A8Jv, A8L, A8LE, A8LF, A8LH, A8Le,
A8M, A8N, A8Sc, A8Se, A8Sr, A8Tc, A8Tm, A8Z, A9
Asus B Series
B23E, B43J, B50, B51, B80, B80A
Asus ET Series
ET2203, ET2203T
Asus Eee Series
Eee PC 1004DN, Eee PC 1201K,
Eee PC 1201T, EeeBox PC EB1007,
EeeBox PC EB1012, EeeBox PC EB1012U,
EeeBox PC EB1020, EeeBox PC EB1021
Asus F Series
F2J, F2Je, F3E, F3F, F3H, F3Ja, F3Jc, F3Jm, F3Jp,
F3Jr, F3Jv, F3Ka, F3Ke, F3L, F3M, F3P, F3Q, F3Sa,
F3Sc, F3Se, F3Sg, F3Sr, F3Sv, F3T, F3Tc, F3U, F50GX,
F50Q, F50SL, F50SV, F50Sf, F50Z, F52, F5C, F5GL,
F5R, F5SL, F5Sr, F5Z, F6A, F6E, F6S, F6V, F6Ve,
F70S, F70SL, F7E, F7F, F7Kr, F7L, F7Se, F7Sr, F7Z,
F80CR, F80Cr, F80L, F80Q, F80S, F81Se, F82, F83,
F83Se, F83T, F83Vf, F8Jr, F8Js, F8P, F8Sa, F8Se,
F8Sg, F8Sn, F8Sp, F8Sr, F8Sv, F8Tr, F8V, F8Va, F8Vr,
F9E, F9F, F9J
Asus G Series
G1, G1S, G1Sn, G2, G2P, G2Pb, G2Pc, G2S
Asus K Series
K40AB, K40AC, K40AD, K40AF, K40C, K40ID, K40IE,
K40IJ, K40IL, K40IN, K40IP, K42DE, K42DQ, K42DR,
K42F, K42JB, K42JC, K42JK, K42JP, K42JV, K42JY,
K42JZ, K42Ja, K42Je, K42Jr, K42N, K50AB, K50AD,
K50AF, K50C, K50ID, K50IE, K50IJ, K50IL, K50IN,
K50IP, K51AC, K51AE, K51Ab, K51Io, K52DE, K52DR,
K52DV, K52DY, K52F, K52JB, K52JC, K52JE, K52JK,
K52JT, K52JU, K52JV, K52Jr, K52N, K53E, K53SD,
K53TA, K60IJ, K61IC, K62F, K62Jr, K70AB, K70AC,
K70AD, K70AE, K70AF, K70IC, K70ID, K70IJ, K70IO,
K72DR, K72F, K72JK, K72Jr
Asus M Series
M2000, M2000N, M50Sa, M50Sr, M50Sv, M50Vc, M50Vm,
M50Vn, M51A, M51E, M51Kr, M51Se, M51Sn, M51Sr,
M51Ta, M51Tr, M51Va, M51Vr, M6000N, M60J, M60Vp,
M6700N, M6800N, M6B00N, M6N, M6V, M6VA, M70Sa,
M70Sr, M70T, M70Vm, M70Vn, M70Vr, M9V
Asus N Series
N10E, N10J, N10JB, N10JH, N10Jc, N20A, N43JM, N43JQ,
N43Jf, N43Jg, N43SD, N43SL, N43SN, N50Vc, N50Vm,
N50Vn, N50Vn(CCFL), N51A, N51Tp, N51Vf, N51Vg,
N51Vn, N53JL, N53Jf, N53Jg, N53Jn, N53Jq, N53SD,
N53SN, N53SV, N60Dp, N61DA, N61Ja, N61Jq, N61Jv,
N61Vg, N61Vn, N70Sv, N71Ja, N71Jq, N71Jv, N71Vg,
N71Vn, N73Jf, N73Jg, N73Jn, N73Jq, N73SD, N73SV,
N80, N80Vc, N80Vm, N80Vn, N80Vn (CCFL), N80Vn (LED),
N80Vr, N81Vf, N81Vg, N81Vp, N82Jg, N82Jq, N82Jv,
N90Sc, N90Sv
Asus P Series
P30A, P42Jc, P50IJ, P52Jc, P53E, P81IJ
Asus PL Series
PL30Jt, PL80Jt
Asus R Series
R1E, R1F
Asus S Series
S46CA, S46CA-DH31-CA, S46CA-WX077, S46CA-XH51,
S46CB-WX004H, S46CB-WX005H, S46CB-WX020H, S46CB-WX027H,
S46CB-WX028H, S46CB-WX044H, S46CB-WX052H, S46CB-WX058H,
S46CB-WX072, S46CM, S46CM-DH51-CA, S46CM-DH71-CA,
S46CM-WX050H, S46CM-WX127H, S56CA, S56CM, S6F, S6Fm, S7, S7F
Asus U Series
U1E, U1F, U2, U20A, U24E, U2E Bamboo, U30Jc, U30SD,
U31F, U31JG, U31S, U33Jc, U33Jt, U35F, U35Jc, U36JC,
U36SD, U36SG, U3S, U3Sg, U43F, U43Jc, U44SG, U45Jc,
U46E, U50F, U50G, U50Vg, U52F, U53F, U53Jc, U56E,
U5A, U5F, U6E, U6Ep, U6S, U6Sg, U6V, U6Vc, U80V, U81A
Asus UL Series
UL20FT, UL30Jt, UL30Vt, UL50, UL50A, UL50Ag,
UL50At, UL50Vf, UL50Vg, UL50Vs, UL50Vt, UL80Jt,
UL80V, UL80Vs, UL80Vt
Asus V Series
V1J, V1Jp, V1S, V1Sn, V1V, V2Je, V2S, VivoBook S400CA-CA006H,
VivoBook S400CA-CA006P, VivoBook S400CA-CA008H,
VivoBook S400CA-CA010H, VivoBook S400CA-CA012H,
VivoBook S400CA-CA020H, VivoBook S400CA-CA022H,
VivoBook S400CA-CA101H, VivoBook S400CA-DH51T,
VivoBook S400CA-UH51
Asus W Series
W1Jc, W1V, W2J, W2Pc, W2V, W3000, W3J, W3N, W3V,
W5A, W5F, W5Fe, W5Fm, W5V, W6, W6A, W6F, W6Fp, W7E,
W7F, W7J, W7S, W7Sg
Asus X Series
X51C, X51H, X51L, X51R, X51RL, X58, X58C, X58L,
X58Le, X71A, X71Q, X71SL, X71TL, X71Tp, X71Vn, X80,
X80H, X80L, X80Le, X80N, X80Z, X81, X81Sc, X81Se,
X81Sg, X81sr, X83
Asus Z Series
Z35L, Z65R
Averatec 3000,
Averatec 3120,
Averatec 3120V,
Averatec AV6200H60,
Averatec AV6240
Averatec 3150 Series
3150H, 3150Hd, 3150Hs,
3150P, 3150HW
Averatec 5110 Series
5110H, 5110Hx, 5110P
Averatec 6200 Series
Benq JoyBook L41,
Benq JoyBook Q41,
Benq Joybook DHP400,
Benq Joybook DHR400,
Benq Joybook DHS400,
Benq Joybook DHU100,
Benq Joybook X31

Benq Joybook A Series
Joybook A32, Joybook A33, Joybook A33E,
Joybook A52, Joybook A52-T25

Benq JoyBook C Series
JoyBook C41, JoyBook C41E, Joybook C42,
Joybook C42-101
Benq Joybook Lite U Series
Joybook Lite U101, Joybook Lite U101-SK02

Benq Joybook S Series
Joybook S31, Joybook S31-C02, Joybook S31V,
Joybook S32, Joybook S32B, Joybook S32EB,
Joybook S33, Joybook S35, Joybook S41,
Joybook S41-140, Joybook S41-146, Joybook S41-310,
Joybook S41-322, Joybook S41-324, Joybook S41-335,
Joybook S41-357, Joybook S41-412, Joybook S41-424,
Joybook S41-425, Joybook S41-448, Joybook S41-C05,
Joybook S41-T34, Joybook S41-T44, Joybook S42,
Joybook S73G, Joybook S73G-C27

Benq Joybook T Series
Joybook T131P, Joybook T132, Joybook T31
Canon InnovaBook 300 Series
InnovaBook 300p, InnovaBook 350CD, InnovaBook 360CD
Canon InnovaBook 400 Series
InnovaBook 400, InnovaBook 475CDS, InnovaBook 475CDT,
InnovaBook 480CDS, InnovaBook 480CDT, InnovaBook 490CDS,
InnovaBook 490CDT
Chem USA ChemBook 2020,
Chem USA ChemBook 2200,
Chem USA ChemBook 3015,
Chem USA ChemBook 3812,
Chem USA ChemBook 3812A,
Chem USA ChemBook 5200,
Chem USA ChemBook 9400,
Chem USA ChemBook CQ12,
Chem USA N38W2
Clevo 2700,
Clevo 862,
Clevo 86CE
Clevo 66 Series,
Clevo 98 Series
Commax NB8600
Compal ACY13,
Compal APL10,
Compal APL11,
Compal BCL32,
Compal BCQ12,
Compal CL32,
Compal CQ12,
Compal CY13,
Compal PL10,
Compal PL11,
Compal TS30H
Compaq Presario 1280,
Compaq Presario 2180,
Compaq Presario 2186,
Compaq Presario 2800,
Compaq Prosignia 150
Compaq Evo Series
Evo N105, Evo N115, Evo N160,
Evo N180
Compaq Presario 1000 Series
Presario 1000, Presario 1010, Presario 1020,
Presario 1030, Presario 1040, Presario 1050,
Presario 1060, Presario 1065, Presario 1070,
Presario 1075, Presario 1080, Presario 1081,
Presario 1090, Presario 1090ES
Compaq Presario 1100 Series
Presario 1110, Presario 1115, Presario 1120
Compaq Presario 1200 Series
Presario 1200, Presario 1200AN, Presario 1200AP,
Presario 1200CA, Presario 1200CL, Presario 1200EA,
Presario 1200LA, Presario 1200SC, Presario 1200SRP,
Presario 1200T, Presario 1200T-12XL, Presario 1200T-12XL2,
Presario 1200T-12XL3, Presario 1200TC, Presario 1200TH,
Presario 1200US, Presario 1200Z, Presario 1200ZA,
Presario 1201AP, Presario 1201EA, Presario 1201S,
Presario 1201Z, Presario 1202EA, Presario 1203CL,
Presario 1205EA, Presario 1206R, Presario 1207
Compaq Presario 1200XL Series
Presario 1200XL, Presario 1200XL101, Presario 1200XL102,
Presario 1200XL103, Presario 1200XL104, Presario 1200XL105,
Presario 1200XL106, Presario 1200XL107, Presario 1200XL108,
Presario 1200XL109, Presario 1200XL110, Presario 1200XL111,
Presario 1200XL115, Presario 1200XL118, Presario 1200XL119,
Presario 1200XL125, Presario 1200XL126, Presario 1200XL127,
Presario 1200XL3, Presario 1200XL300, Presario 1200XL325,
Presario 1200XL401, Presario 1200XL404, Presario 1200XL406,
Presario 1200XL408, Presario 1200XL409, Presario 1200XL420,
Presario 1200XL423, Presario 1200XL450, Presario 1200XL500,
Presario 1200XL505, Presario 1200XL510, Presario 1200XL515,
Presario 1200XL526
Compaq Presario 1210 Series
Presario 1210, Presario 1210CA, Presario 1210EA,
Presario 1210JP, Presario 1210LA, Presario 1210US,
Presario 1211CA, Presario 1211EA, Presario 1211LA,
Presario 1212CL, Presario 1212EA, Presario 1213CL,
Presario 1213EA, Presario 1214, Presario 1214EA,
Presario 1214FR, Presario 1214SR, Presario 1215,
Presario 1215US, Presario 1216, Presario 1216JP,
Presario 1216US, Presario 1217JP, Presario 1219JP
Compaq Presario 1220 Series
Presario 1220, Presario 1220es, Presario 1221
Compaq Presario 1230 Series
Presario 1230, Presario 1232, Presario 1232es,
Presario 1234, Presario 1235, Presario 1236,
Presario 1237
Compaq Presario 1240 Series
Presario 1240, Presario 1242, Presario 1244,
Presario 1245, Presario 1246, Presario 1247
Compaq Presario 1250 Series
Presario 1250, Presario 1255, Presario 1256

Compaq Presario 1260 Series
Presario 1260, Presario 1262, Presario 1266,
Presario 1267
Compaq Presario 1270 Series
Presario 1270, Presario 1272, Presario 1273,
Presario 1274, Presario 1275, Presario 1277,
Presario 1278, Presario 1279
Compaq Presario 12XL Series
Presario 12XL115, Presario 12XL125, Presario 12XL126,
Presario 12XL127, Presario 12XL128, Presario 12XL201,
Presario 12XL202, Presario 12XL204, Presario 12XL220,
Presario 12XL223, Presario 12XL3, Presario 12XL300,
Presario 12XL300B, Presario 12XL302, Presario 12XL304,
Presario 12XL310, Presario 12XL320, Presario 12XL323,
Presario 12XL325, Presario 12XL326, Presario 12XL327,
Presario 12XL330, Presario 12XL4, Presario 12XL400,
Presario 12XL401, Presario 12XL404, Presario 12XL405,
Presario 12XL410, Presario 12XL420, Presario 12XL423,
Presario 12XL426, Presario 12XL427, Presario 12XL430,
Presario 12XL500, Presario 12XL501, Presario 12XL502,
Presario 12XL504, Presario 12XL505, Presario 12XL510,
Presario 12XL510A, Presario 12XL526, Presario 12XL527,
Presario 12XL530
Compaq Presario 1400 Series
Presario 1400EB, Presario 1400T, Presario 1456
Compaq Presario 14XL Series
Presario 14XL240, Presario 14XL244, Presario 14XL245,
Presario 14XL250, Presario 14XL340, Presario 14XL345,
Presario 14XL355, Presario 14XL455
Compaq Presario 1600-XL Series
Presario 1600-XL1, Presario 1600-XL140, Presario 1600-XL141,
Presario 1600-XL142, Presario 1600-XL143, Presario 1600-XL144,
Presario 1600XL145, Presario 1600-XL145, Presario 1600-XL146,
Presario 1600-XL147, Presario 1600-XL150, Presario 1600-XL151,
Presario 1600-XL152, Presario 1600-XL153, Presario 1600-XL154,
Presario 1600-XL155
Compaq Presario 1600 Series
Presario 1610, Presario 1611, Presario 1615,
Presario 1620, Presario 1621, Presario 1622,
Presario 1625, Presario 1626, Presario 1630,
Presario 1635, Presario 1640, Presario 1650,
Presario 1655, Presario 1660, Presario 1665,
Presario 1670, Presario 1672, Presario 1675,
Presario 1680, Presario 1681, Presario 1682,
Presario 1685, Presario 1687, Presario 1688,
Presario 1690, Presario 1692, Presario 1693,
Presario 1694
Compaq Presario 16XL Series
Presario 16XL255, Presario 16XL256, Presario 16XL257,
Presario 16XL258
Compaq Presario 1700 Series
Presario 1700EA, Presario 1700JP, Presario 1700LA,
Presario 1700T, Presario 1700TC, Presario 1700US,
Presario 1700XL573
Compaq Presario 1701 Series
Presario 1701AK, Presario 1701CL, Presario 1701EA,
Presario 1701LB, Presario 1701S, Presario 1701TC
Compaq Presario 1702 Series
Presario 1702LB, Presario 1702TC
Compaq Presario 1710 Series
Presario 1710, Presario 1710LA, Presario 1710SB,
Presario 1710T, Presario 1711CL, Presario 1712US,
Presario 1714EA, Presario 1717RSH
Compaq Presario 1720 Series
Presario 1720US
Compaq Presario 17XL Series
Presario 17XL260, Presario 17XL261, Presario 17XL262,
Presario 17XL264, Presario 17XL265, Presario 17XL266,
Presario 17XL274, Presario 17XL275, Presario 17XL360,
Presario 17XL361, Presario 17XL362, Presario 17XL363,
Presario 17XL364, Presario 17XL365, Presario 17XL366,
Presario 17XL367, Presario 17XL368, Presario 17XL369,
Presario 17XL370, Presario 17XL371, Presario 17XL372,
Presario 17XL374, Presario 17XL375, Presario 17XL376,
Presario 17XL377, Presario 17XL378, Presario 17XL380,
Presario 17XL460, Presario 17XL461, Presario 17XL462,
Presario 17XL463, Presario 17XL465, Presario 17XL468,
Presario 17XL469, Presario 17XL470, Presario 17XL471,
Presario 17XL474, Presario 17XL475, Presario 17XL480,
Presario 17XL485, Presario 17XL492, Presario 17XL561,
Presario 17XL563, Presario 17XL569, Presario 17XL570,
Presario 17XL571, Presario 17XL572, Presario 17XL573,
Presario 17XL574, Presario 17XL575, Presario 17XL578
Compaq Presario 1800 Series
Presario 1800, Presario 1800EA, Presario 1800FR,
Presario 1800LA, Presario 1800T, Presario 1800T-800,
Presario 1800T-850, Presario 1800US, Presario 1800XL,
Presario 1800-XL1, Presario 1800-XL180, Presario 1800-XL181,
Presario 1800-XL186, Presario 1800-XL186, Presario 1800XL190,
Presario 1800-XL190, Presario 1800XL280, Presario 1800XL380,
Presario 1800XL390, Presario 1800XL481, Presario 1801S,
Presario 1802FR, Presario 1805, Presario 1810,
Presario 1825, Presario 1827, Presario 1830
Compaq Presario 18XL Series
Presario 18XL280, Presario 18XL380, Presario 18XL390,
Presario 18XL580, Presario 18XL590
Compaq Presario 2100 Series
Presario 2100AP, Presario 2100CA, Presario 2100LA,
Presario 2100US, Presario 2101, Presario 2101AP,
Presario 2101US, Presario 2102AP, Presario 2102EA,
Presario 2102US, Presario 2103, Presario 2103AP,
Presario 2103EA, Presario 2104, Presario 2104AP,
Presario 2105, Presario 2105AP, Presario 2105CA,
Presario 2105EA, Presario 2105LA, Presario 2105US,
Presario 2106, Presario 2106AP, Presario 2106EA,
Presario 2106US, Presario 2107, Presario 2107AP,
Presario 2107EA, Presario 2108, Presario 2108EA,
Presario 2109, Presario 2109EA
Compaq Presario 2110 Series
Presario 2110, Presario 2110AP, Presario 2110CA,
Presario 2110EA, Presario 2110LA, Presario 2110US,
Presario 2111, Presario 2111AP, Presario 2111EA,
Presario 2112, Presario 2112AP, Presario 2112EA,
Presario 2113, Presario 2113AP, Presario 2114AP,
Presario 2114EA, Presario 2115, Presario 2115AP,
Presario 2115EA, Presario 2116AP, Presario 2117AP,
Presario 2117EA, Presario 2118AD, Presario 2118EA,
Presario 2119, Presario 2119AD, Presario 2119EA
Compaq Presario 2120 Series
Presario 2120, Presario 2120AD, Presario 2120AP,
Presario 2120EA, Presario 2120LA, Presario 2120US,
Presario 2121, Presario 2122, Presario 2122AD,
Presario 2123AD, Presario 2123AP, Presario 2124,
Presario 2124AD, Presario 2124AP, Presario 2125,
Presario 2125AC, Presario 2125AD, Presario 2125AP,
Presario 2125EA, Presario 2126, Presario 2126AC,
Presario 2126AD, Presario 2126EA, Presario 2127,
Presario 2127AC, Presario 2127AD, Presario 2127EA,
Presario 2128AC, Presario 2128AD, Presario 2128EA,
Presario 2129AD, Presario 2129EA
Compaq Presario 2130 Series
Presario 2130, Presario 2130AC, Presario 2130AD,
Presario 2130AP, Presario 2130EA, Presario 2131,
Presario 2131AC, Presario 2131AD, Presario 2131EA,
Presario 2132, Presario 2132AC, Presario 2132RS,
Presario 2133AC, Presario 2133AD, Presario 2133AP,
Presario 2133EA, Presario 2134AD, Presario 2134EA,
Presario 2135, Presario 2135AC, Presario 2135AD,
Presario 2135AP, Presario 2135CA, Presario 2135EA,
Presario 2135US, Presario 2136AC, Presario 2136AD,
Presario 2136EA, Presario 2136RSH, Presario 2137AC,
Presario 2137AD, Presario 2137EA, Presario 2138AC,
Presario 2138AD, Presario 2138EA, Presario 2139,
Presario 2139AC, Presario 2139AD
Compaq Presario 2140 Series
Presario 2140, Presario 2140AC, Presario 2140AD,
Presario 2140AP, Presario 2140CA, Presario 2140US,
Presario 2141AC, Presario 2141AD, Presario 2141EA,
Presario 2142, Presario 2142EA, Presario 2143AD,
Presario 2143AP, Presario 2144AD, Presario 2144EA,
Presario 2145, Presario 2145AD, Presario 2145AP,
Presario 2145CA, Presario 2145EA, Presario 2145US,
Presario 2146AD, Presario 2146EA, Presario 2147AD,
Presario 2147EA, Presario 2148AD, Presario 2148EA,
Presario 2149AD, Presario 2149EA
Compaq Presario 2150 Series
Presario 2150, Presario 2150AP, Presario 2150US,
Presario 2151AD, Presario 2151EA, Presario 2152EA,
Presario 2153AP, Presario 2154AP, Presario 2154EA,
Presario 2155AP, Presario 2155EA, Presario 2155US,
Presario 2156AP, Presario 2156EA, Presario 2157AP,
Presario 2158AP, Presario 2158EA
Compaq Presario 2160 Series
Presario 2160, Presario 2160EA, Presario 2160US,
Presario 2161EA, Presario 2162EA, Presario 2163EA,
Presario 2164, Presario 2164EA, Presario 2165,
Presario 2165EA, Presario 2166EA, Presario 2167EA,
Presario 2169EA

Compaq Presario 2170 Series
Presario 2170US, Presario 2171, Presario 2172,
Presario 2172EA, Presario 2173EA, Presario 2175,
Presario 2175EA, Presario 2178, Presario 2179,
Compaq Presario 2190 Series
Presario 2197, Presario 2198, Presario 2199
Compaq Presario 2500 Series
Presario 2504, Presario 2505, Presario 2506,
Presario 2507, Presario 2508, Presario 2509
Compaq Presario 2510 Series
Presario 2510, Presario 2511, Presario 2512,
Presario 2513, Presario 2514, Presario 2515,
Presario 2516, Presario 2517, Presario 2518,
Presario 2519
Compaq Presario 2520 Series
Presario 2520, Presario 2521, Presario 2523,
Presario 2524, Presario 2525, Presario 2528,
Presario 2529
Compaq Presario 2530 Series
Presario 2530, Presario 2530, Presario 2531,
Presario 2532, Presario 2533, Presario 2535,
Presario 2536, Presario 2537, Presario 2538,
Presario 2539
Compaq Presario 2540 Series
Presario 2540, Presario 2541, Presario 2542,
Presario 2543, Presario 2544, Presario 2545,
Presario 2546, Presario 2547, Presario 2548,
Presario 2549
Compaq Presario 2550 Series
Presario 2550, Presario 2551, Presario 2552,
Presario 2553, Presario 2554, Presario 2555,
Presario 2556, Presario 2557, Presario 2558,
Presario 2559
Compaq Presario 2560 Series
Presario 2560, Presario 2562, Presario 2563,
Presario 2564, Presario 2565, Presario 2566,
Presario 2567, Presario 2568, Presario 2569
Compaq Presario 2570 Series
Presario 2570, Presario 2571, Presario 2572,
Presario 2573, Presario 2574, Presario 2575,
Presario 2576, Presario 2577, Presario 2578,
Presario 2579
Compaq Presario 2580 Series
Presario 2581, Presario 2582, Presario 2582,
Presario 2583, Presario 2584, Presario 2585,
Presario 2586, Presario 2587, Presario 2588,
Presario 2589
Compaq Presario 2590 Series
Presario 2590, Presario 2591, Presario 2592,
Presario 2593, Presario 2594, Presario 2595,
Presario 2596, Presario 2597, Presario 2598,
Presario 2599
Compaq Presario 2700 Series
Presario 2700T, Presario 2700TC, Presario 2700US,
Presario 2701TW, Presario 2701US
Compaq Presario 2710 Series
Presario 2710CA, Presario 2710EA, Presario 2710SC,
Presario 2710TC, Presario 2710US, Presario 2711AP,
Presario 2711EA, Presario 2711TC, Presario 2712EA,
Presario 2715EA, Presario 2715US, Presario 2716EA,
Presario 2720US
Compaq Presario 3000 Series
Presario 3000, Presario 3005US, Presario 3008CL,
Presario 3015CA, Presario 3015US, Presario 3017CL,
Presario 3019CL, Presario 3020US, Presario 3045US,
Presario 3070US, Presario 3077WM, Presario 3080US
Compaq Presario 700 Series
Presario 700, Presario 700CA, Presario 700LA,
Presario 700US, Presario 700Z, Presario 701CL,
Presario 701LA, Presario 701Z, Presario 702NA,
Presario 702US, Presario 705, Presario 705CA,
Presario 705US
Compaq Presario 710 Series
Presario 710, Presario 710CA, Presario 710US,
Presario 711CL, Presario 715, Presario 715CA,
Presario 715US, Presario 716EA, Presario 717RSH
Compaq Presario 720 Series
Presario 720AP, Presario 720AU, Presario 720CA,
Presario 720JP, Presario 720LA, Presario 720TC,
Presario 720US, Presario 721CL, Presario 721EA,
Presario 722EA, Presario 722US, Presario 723EA,
Presario 723RSH, Presario 724EA, Presario 725,
Presario 725AP, Presario 725AU, Presario 725CA,
Presario 725EA, Presario 725LA, Presario 725US,
Presario 726EA
Compaq Presario 730 Series
Presario 730AP, Presario 730CA, Presario 730LA,
Presario 730US, Presario 731US, Presario 732US,
Presario 734RSH, Presario 735CA, Presario 735LA,
Presario 736EA
Compaq Presario 800 Series
Presario 800, Presario 800XL
Compaq Presario 80XL Series
Presario 80XL200, Presario 80XL201, Presario 80XL4,
Presario 80XL550
CompUSA Amerinote Series (new version)
CTX EZBook 300 Series,
CTX EZBook 400 Series,
CTX EZBook 500 Series,
CTX EZBook 700 Series,
CTX EZBook 700C Series,
CTX EZBook 700M Series,
CTX EZBook 700E Series,
CTX EZBook 800 Series
Dell Inspiron 1000,
Dell Inspiron 1200,
Dell Inspiron 1300,
Dell Inspiron 2200,
Dell Inspiron 3000,
Dell Inspiron 3200,
Dell Inspiron 3500,
Dell Inspiron 7000,
Dell Inspiron B120,
Dell Inspiron B130,
Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1010),
Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1012),
Dell Inspiron Mini 10v,
Dell Inspiron Mini 12,
Dell Inspiron Mini 9,
Dell Latitude 110L,
Dell Vostro A90

DFI NB6600
Digital / DEC ERA-1000,
Digital / DEC HinOte VP TS30H
Digital / DEC Hinote VP700 Series
Dual ERA 1000,
Dual VDA9950
E-Max 340S2,
E-Max IS6340S2,
E-Max ISB40S2
EliteGroup Great Quality A535,
EliteGroup Great Quality gqa535,
EliteGroup Great Quality gq-a535
eMachines Action Note 800,
eMachines Action Note 866,
eMachines Action Note 880,
eMachines Action Note 890,
eMachines Action Note 895,
eMachines Action Note 900,
eMachines Action Note 910,
eMachines eSlate 400,
eMachines eSlate 450
EPS Technologies MP968A,
EPS Technologies MP975A
Epson ActionNote 866C,
Epson ActionNote 880C,
Epson ActionNote 880CX,
Epson ActionNote 890C,
Epson ActionNote 895C
Epson ActionNote 800 Series,
Epson ActionNote 900 Series
Featron FT8850,
Featron FT9900
400SD4, 400VTX, 600YG2, 600YGR,
8510GH, 8510GZ, 8515GZ, 8550GB,
C-5815, C-5817, C-5817c, S-7200N,
S-7500N, Tablet PC M1200,
Tablet PC M1300, W322
Gateway Solo 400 Series
Gateway 3000 Series
3018GZ, 3040GZ, 3520GZ, 3522GZ,
3525GB, 3545GZ, 3550GH, 3550GZ,
Gateway 4000 Series
4012GZ, 4024GZ, 4025GZ, 4026GZ,
4028GZ, 4028JP, 4030GZ, 450SX4,
4520GZ, 4525GZ, 4530GH, 4530GZ,
4535GZ, 4536GZ, 4538GZ, 4540GZ,
Gateway 6000 Series
6010GZ, 6018GH, 6018GZ, 6020GZ,
6021GH, 6021GZ, 6022GZ, 6023GP,
6510GZ, 6518GZ, 6520GZ, 6525GP,
6531GZ, 6832JP, 6834MX
Gateway CX Series
CX2608, CX2610, CX2615, CX2618,
CX2619, CX2620, CX2620h, CX2720,
CX2724, CX2724h, CX2726, CX2728,
CX2735m, CX2750, CX2755
Gateway M Series
M-1408J, M-1410j, M-1411j, M-1412,
M-1615, M-1617, M-1618, M-1618N,
M-1618R, M-1619J, M-1622, M-1622H,
M-1624, M-1625, M-1626, M210,
M250, M250A, M250B, M250E,
M250ES, M250G, M250GS, M275,
M305, M305CRV, M320, M325,
M405, M-6304, M-6305, M-6307,
M-6308, M-6309, M-6312, M-6315,
M-6316, M-6317, M-6318, M-6319,
M-6750, M-6750H, M-6752, M-6755,
M-6801M, M-6802M, M-6803M, M-6804M,
M-6805M, M-6806M, M-6808M, M-6809M,
M-6810M, M-6815, M-6816, M-6817,
M-6821B, M-6822, M-6823, M-6823A,
M-6824, M-6825J, M-6826J, M-6827J,
M-6828B, M-6829B, M-6834, M-6839J,
M-6840J, M-6841, M-6846
Gateway ML Series
ML3108B, ML3108Q, ML3108V, ML3108Z,
ML3109, ML3706, ML6226B, ML6227B,
ML6227Q, ML6227V, ML6227Z, ML6228,
ML6230, ML6231, ML6232, ML6703,
ML6714, ML6720, ML6721, ML6725
Gateway MP Series
MP6925J, MP6954, MP6954H, MP8701J,
MP8708, MP8709
Gateway MT Series
MT3104B, MT3105J, MT3107B, MT3110C,
MT3111C, MT3112C, MT3303J, MT3304J,
MT3305J, MT3418, MT3419, MT3421,
MT3422, MT3423, MT3705, MT3707,
MT3707B, MT3708, MT3710C, MT3711C,
MT3712B, MT3713C, MT3715C, MT6015J,
MT6016J, MT6017, MT6220B, MT6221J,
MT6223B, MT6224J, MT6225J, MT6228J,
MT6229J, MT6451, MT6452, MT6456,
MT6457, MT6458, MT6459, MT6460,
MT6704, MT6704H, MT6705, MT6706,
MT6707, MT6708, MT6709, MT6709H,
MT6711, MT6722B, MT6723, MT6724B,
MT6728, MT6729, MT6730, MT6821,
MT6823B, MT6824b,MT6825B, MT6826J,
MT6827J, MT6828, MT6828H, MT6830,
MT6831, MT6832B, MT6833B, MT6834B,
MT6835J, MT6836J, MT6838J, MT6839B,
MT6840, MT6840H, MT6841, MT6842B,
Gateway MX Series
MX3042, MX3044, MX3044h, MX3210,
MX3215, MX3558, MX3558h, MX3560,
MX3560h, MX3562, MX3563, MX3563h,
MX3610, MX6025, MX6025h, MX6027,
MX6027h, MX6028, MX6030, MX6124,
MX6124h, MX6128, MX6135, MX6420,
MX6421, MX6423, MX6424, MX6425,
MX6428, MX6450, MX6625, MX6627,
MX6627h, MX6629, MX6629h, MX6631,
MX6650, MX6650h, MX7515, MX7515h,
MX7525, MX8520, MX8523, MX8525,
Gateway NX Series
NX200S, NX200X, NX250X, NX500S,
NX500X, NX550X, NX550XL
Gateway Solo Series
Solo 1100, Solo 1150, Solo 1200, Solo 1400,
Solo 1450, Solo 2100, Solo 2150, Solo 2200,
Solo 2300, Solo 2500, Solo 2550, Solo 3100,
Solo 3150, Solo 450, Solo 5100, Solo 5150,
Solo 5300, Solo 600, Solo 9100, Solo 9150,
Solo 9300, Solo 9300VE, Solo 9500, Solo 9550,
Solo Pro 9300-E, Solo 5350
Great Quality MX-3201
Hitachi Flora 270W,
Hitachi VisionBook Elite 8560
Hitachi MX Series,
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4000 Series,
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4100 Series,
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4300 Series,
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 5000 Series,
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 5200 Series,

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 6000 Series,
Hitachi VisionBook Pro 6300 Series,
Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7000 Series,
Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7300 Series,
Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7500 Series,
Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7600 Series,
Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7700 Series
Hitachi E Series
E-100D, E-100DC, E-100DN, E-133D,
E-133DC, E-133DN, E-133T, E-133TC
HP Compaq Business Notebook n1050v,
HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9000,
HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9005,
HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010,
HP Compaq Business Notebook NX9008
HP Deskjet 450,
HP DeskJet 450ci Mobile Printer,
HP Omnibook vt6200,
HP Pavilion 6000,
HP Pavilion XF125,
HP Pavilion xf145,
HP Pavilion XU155,
HP Pavilion ZE4100,
HP Pavilion ze4420CA,
HP Pavilion ze4455EA,
HP Pavilion zt1000,
HP Pavilion ZT1000
HP OmniBook 510 Series,
HP OmniBook 6100 Series,
HP OmniBook 7000 Series,
HP OmniBook 7150 Series,
HP OmniBook XE3C Series,
HP Pavilion n6000 Series,
HP Pavilion XH 6355 Series
HP OmniBook 2100 Series
OmniBook 2103, OmniBook 2104, OmniBook 2105,
OmniBook 2106
HP OmniBook 2120 Series
OmniBook 2120, OmniBook 2121, OmniBook 2122,
OmniBook 2123, OmniBook 2124, OmniBook 2125,
OmniBook 2126, OmniBook 2127
HP OmniBook 3000 Series
OmniBook 3000CTX
HP OmniBook 3100 Series
OmniBook 3101, OmniBook 3102, OmniBook 3250
HP OmniBook 4100 Series
OmniBook 4101, OmniBook 4102, OmniBook 4103,
OmniBook 4104, OmniBook 4105, OmniBook 4106,
OmniBook 4107, OmniBook 4108
HP OmniBook 4110 Series
OmniBook 4111
HP OmniBook 4150 Series
OmniBook 4150B
HP OmniBook 500 Series
OmniBook 500B
HP OmniBook 6000 Series
OmniBook 6000B, OmniBook 6000C
HP OmniBook 7100 Series
OmniBook 7103T
HP OmniBook 900 Series
OmniBook 900B
HP OmniBook XE Series
OmniBook XE4100, OmniBook XE4500, OmniBook XE-DA
HP OmniBook XE2 Series
OmniBook XE2-DA, OmniBook XE2-DB, OmniBook XE2-DC,
OmniBook XE2-DD, OmniBook XE2-DE, OmniBook XE2-DI
HP OmniBook XE3 Series
OmniBook XE3B, OmniBook XE3-GD, OmniBook XE3-GE,
OmniBook XE3-GF, OmniBook XE3L
HP Omnibook XT Series
Omnibook XT1000, OmniBook XT1000m, OmniBook XT1000s,
Omnibook XT6050, Omnibook XT6200
HP Pavilion n3000 Series
Pavilion n3100, Pavilion n3110, Pavilion n3150,
Pavilion n3190
HP Pavilion n3200 Series
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Pavilion n5000
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HP Pavilion N5500 Series
HP Pavilion n5500 Series
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HP Pavilion N6400 Series
Pavilion N6400, Pavilion N6401, Pavilion N6402,
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Pavilion xh675
HP Pavilion XT Series
Pavilion xt118, Pavilion xt155, Pavilion xt236,
Pavilion XT276, Pavilion XT4316, Pavilion xt4345QV,
Pavilion XT5335, Pavilion XT5366, Pavilion XT5377,
Pavilion xt537QV, Pavilion XT545, Pavilion xt5477WM,
Pavilion XT555, Pavilion XT565, Pavilion XT575,
Pavilion XT585, Pavilion xt595
HP Pavilion XZ Series
Pavilion XZ1110, Pavilion xz185, Pavilion xz275,
Pavilion xz295, Pavilion xz355
HP Pavilion XZ4200 Series
Pavilion XZ4200, Pavilion XZ4201, Pavilion XZ4202,
Pavilion XZ4204, Pavilion XZ4207, Pavilion XZ4208,
Pavilion XZ4209, Pavilion XZ4210, Pavilion XZ4211,
Pavilion XZ4212, Pavilion XZ4214, Pavilion XZ4218,
Pavilion XZ4219, Pavilion XZ4220, Pavilion XZ4221,
Pavilion XZ4222, Pavilion XZ4224, Pavilion XZ4228,
Pavilion XZ4229, Pavilion XZ4230, Pavilion XZ4231,
Pavilion XZ4232, Pavilion XZ4234, Pavilion XZ4236,
Pavilion XZ4239, Pavilion XZ4240, Pavilion XZ4241,
Pavilion XZ4251, Pavilion XZ4261, Pavilion XZ4262,
Pavilion XZ4268, Pavilion XZ4271, Pavilion XZ4274,
Pavilion XZ4278, Pavilion XZ4281, Pavilion XZ4282,
Pavilion XZ4284, Pavilion XZ4288, Pavilion XZ4292,
Pavilion XZ4294, Pavilion XZ4298
HP Pavilion XZ4300 Series
Pavilion XZ4300, Pavilion XZ4301, Pavilion XZ4305,
Pavilion XZ4306, Pavilion XZ4307, Pavilion XZ4310,
Pavilion XZ4311, Pavilion XZ4312, Pavilion XZ4313,
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Pavilion XZ4315US, Pavilion XZ4316, Pavilion XZ4317,
Pavilion XZ4318, Pavilion XZ4319, Pavilion XZ4321,
Pavilion XZ4323, Pavilion XZ4325, Pavilion XZ4325CA,
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HP Pavilion XZ4400 Series
Pavilion XZ4400, Pavilion XZ4401, Pavilion XZ4402,
Pavilion XZ4403, Pavilion XZ4404, Pavilion XZ4407,
Pavilion XZ4410, Pavilion XZ4412, Pavilion XZ4413,
Pavilion XZ4414, Pavilion XZ4415, Pavilion XZ4416,
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Pavilion XZ4424, Pavilion XZ4425, Pavilion XZ4443,
Pavilion XZ4454, Pavilion XZ4455EA
HP Pavilion XZ4500 Series
Pavilion XZ4500, Pavilion XZ4501, Pavilion XZ4502,
Pavilion XZ4504, Pavilion XZ4505, Pavilion XZ4509,
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Pavilion XZ4522, Pavilion XZ4523, Pavilion XZ4525,
Pavilion XZ4526, Pavilion XZ4530, Pavilion XZ4540,
Pavilion XZ4545, Pavilion XZ4546, Pavilion XZ4547,
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HP Pavilion XZ4600 Series
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HP Pavilion XZ4700 Series
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Pavilion XZ4800, Pavilion XZ4805, Pavilion XZ4815,
Pavilion XZ4819, Pavilion XZ4820, Pavilion XZ4821
HP Pavilion XZ5200 Series
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Pavilion XZ5228, Pavilion XZ5232, Pavilion XZ5236,
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Pavilion XZ5618, Pavilion XZ5620, Pavilion XZ5630,
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HP Pavilion XZ5700 Series
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Pavilion XZ5732, Pavilion XZ5738, Pavilion XZ5739,
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HP Pavilion ZE1000 Series
Pavilion ze1110
HP Pavilion ze4200 Series
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HP Pavilion zu Series
Pavilion zu1000, Pavilion ZU1155, Pavilion zu175
HyperData 1100,
HyperData 1200,
HyperData CQ12,
HyperData PL11
3000 G400
3000 Y300 Series
3000 Y300 7759, 3000 Y310a 7756, 3000 Y310a,
3000 Y400 Series
3000 Y400 9454, 3000 Y410a 7757, 3000 Y410a
3000 Y500 Series
3000 Y500 7761, 3000 Y510a
ThinkPad Series
ThinkPad i1400, ThinkPad i1410, ThinkPad i1411,
ThinkPad i1412, ThinkPad i1436, ThinkPad i1450,
ThinkPad i1451, ThinkPad i1452, ThinkPad i1472,
ThinkPad i1512, ThinkPad i1552, Thinkpad i2611,
Thinkpad T22 2647
IDP C Series
Itronix GoBook II
Jetta Jetbook 7000,
Jetta Jetbook 7080,
Jetta Jetbook 7700T
Kapok 6000 Series,
Kapok 7000 Series,
Kapok 7200 Series
KDS Valiant 5000,
KDS Valiant 5340AS,
KDS Valiant 5347AS,
KDS Valiant 5350AS,
KDS Valiant 6000,
KDS Valiant 6370,
KDS Valiant 6380,
KDS Valiant 6480,
KDS Valiant 6481,
KDS Valiant 6530,
KDS Valiant 671,
KDS Valiant 681
Kohjinsha SA Series
SA1F0, SA1F00A, SA1F00B,
Kohjinsha SC Series
Kohjinsha SH Series
Kohjinsha SR Series
Kohjinsha SX Series
LAM Systems LAMTop CY13
Lapnote ERA 1000
Lenovo B470,
Lenovo B570,
Lenovo G470,
Lenovo G530,
Lenovo G550,
Lenovo G555,
Lenovo G560,
Lenovo G570,
Lenovo G575,
Lenovo G770,
Lenovo IdeaPad U300E,
Lenovo IdeaPad U300s,
Lenovo IdeaPad G460 20041,
Lenovo IdeaPad S10,
Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2,
Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 20039,
Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t,
Lenovo IdeaPad S10e,
Lenovo IdeaPad S12,
Lenovo IdeaPad S400,
Lenovo IdeaPad S9,
Lenovo IdeaPad S9e,
Lenovo IdeaPad U110,
Lenovo IdeaPad U150,
Lenovo IdeaPad U160,
Lenovo IdeaPad U300,
Lenovo IdeaPad U300E,
Lenovo IdeaPad U300e,
Lenovo IdeaPad U300s,
Lenovo IdeaPad U310,
Lenovo IdeaPad U330,
Lenovo IdeaPad U350,
Lenovo IdeaPad U350 20028,
Lenovo IdeaPad U350 2963,
Lenovo IdeaPad U350W,
Lenovo IdeaPad U400,
Lenovo IdeaPad U410,
Lenovo IdeaPad U450P,
Lenovo IdeaPad U450P 20031,
Lenovo IdeaPad U550,
Lenovo IdeaPad V470,
Lenovo IdeaPad V570,
Lenovo IdeaPad Y430,
Lenovo IdeaPad Y450,
Lenovo IdeaPad Y530,
Lenovo IdeaPad Y550,
Lenovo IdeaPad Z470,
Lenovo IdeaPad Z500,
Lenovo IdeaPad Z570,
Lenovo IdeaPad Z575,
Lenovo Ideapad U310,
Lenovo Ideapad U310E,
Lenovo Ideapad U310S
LG F5,
LG K1,
LG X110
Magitronic 600 Series,
Magitronic 610 Series,
Magitronic 620 Series
Max Computer MaxBook CY13
Medion MD9783,
Medion MD9783A Titanium
Micro Express CY13-C
Micro Flex Tech FlexNote CY13
Micro International Mint 6200,
Micro International Mint 6200D
Micron (MPC) TransPort Trek2 233,
Micron (MPC) TransPort Trek2 266,
Micron (MPC) TransPort Trek2 300 DVD,
Micron (MPC) TransPort Trek II,
Micron (MPC) Millenia N3150
Mitac 6033,
Mitac 8170
MSI CX420,
MSI E500,
MSI ED500,
MSI FRxxxx(z=X=0~9 A~Z or blank),
MSI FXzzzz(z=X=0~9 A~Z or blank),
MSI GE620,
MSI GX400,
MSI GX623,
MSI M655,
MSI M660,
MSI M662,
MSI MS-171F,
MSI MS-175XXXX (X=0~9 A~Z or blank),
MSI MS-6837D,
MSI R3700,
MSI VR610,
MSI X370

MSI CX620 Series
CX620 3D, CX620Z

MSI MS-1000 Series
MS-1034, MS-1039, MS-1226, MS-1336,
MS-1351, MS-1352, MS-1353, MS-1354,
MS-1355, MS-1356, MS-1357, MS-1358,
MS-1359, MS-1435, MS-1453, MS-1491,
MS-1492, MS-1493, MS-1494, MS-1495,
MS-1496, MS-1497, MS-1498, MS-1499,
MS-1613, MS-1641, MS-1671, MS-1672,

MSI MS-135 Series
MS-135A, MS-135B, MS-135C, MS-135D,
MS-135E, MS-135F, MS-135G, MS-135H,
MS-135I, MS-135J, MS-135K, MS-135L,
MS-135M, MS-135N, MS-135O, MS-135P,
MS-135Q, MS-135R, MS-135S, MS-135T,
MS-135U, MS-135V, MS-135W, MS-135X,
MS-135Y, MS-135Z, MS-135Z

MSI MS-149 Series
MS-149A, MS-149B, MS-149C, MS-149D,
MS-149E, MS-149F, MS-149G, MS-149H,
MS-149I, MS-149J, MS-149K, MS-149L,
MS-149M, MS-149N, MS-149O, MS-149P,
MS-149Q, MS-149R, MS-149S, MS-149T,
MS-149U, MS-149V, MS-149W, MS-149X,
MS-149Y, MS-149Z

MSI MS-163 Series
MS-163C, MS-163G, MS-163N, MS-163P

MSI MS-16 Series
MS-16G1, MS-16G2, MS-16G3, MS-16G4,
MS-16G5, MS-16G6, MS-16G7, MS-16G8,
MS-16G9, MS-16GA, MS-16GB, MS-16GC,
MS-16GD, MS-16GE, MS-16GF, MS-16GG,
MS-16GH, MS-16GI, MS-16GJ, MS-16GK,
MS-16GL, MS-16GM, MS-16GN, MS-16GO,
MS-16GP, MS-16GQ, MS-16GR, MS-16GS,
MS-16GT, MS-16GU, MS-16GV, MS-16GW,
MS-16GX, MS-16GY, MS-16GZ
MSI Wind Series
Wind U100, Wind U120, Wind U120H,
Wind U90

MSI X460 Series
X460, X460DX, X460DXR
MTS 5000 Series
NEC Ready 220T,
NEC Ready 330T,
NEC Ready 340T,
NEC Ready 360T,
NEC Ready 440T,
NEC Versa 550,
NEC Versa E2000,
NEC Versa E6000,
NEC Versa M320
NEC Versa 2400 Series
Versa 2400CD, Versa 2405, Versa 2405CD,
Versa 2430CD, Versa 2435CD
NEC Versa 2500 Series
Versa 2530, Versa 2530CD ES Pro, Versa 2530CD
Olivetti Echos Pro
Olivetti Echos Series,
Olivetti Extrema Series
Ordi Nexus CQ12
Primebook Primebook P Series
ProStar 86,
ProStar 2200C,
ProStar 2200S,
ProStar 2200T,
ProStar 2253,
ProStar 2273,
ProStar 2293,
ProStar 2794,
ProStar 3100B,
ProStar 3100C,
ProStar 3150,
ProStar 3550,
ProStar 3593,
ProStar 4200,
ProStar 4283,
ProStar 5100S,
ProStar 5190,
ProStar 982,
ProStar 9870,
ProStar D270X
Quantex N30W,
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Quantex N38W3,
Quantex T-1330,
Quantex TS30H,
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Quantex H-1300 Series,
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Roverbook Discovery FT6,
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Roverbook Voyager D512,
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Roverbook Nautilus Series
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Nautilus E510, Nautilus Z500
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Navigator E415, Navigator E416, Navigator W200,
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SACA Technologies SACANote CL50,
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Sager 3500,
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Sager 98 Series,
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NB8600, NP8100, NP8300,
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NP8623, NP8700
Sceptre Tech. SoundX S8550 Series
Sharp PC-A800,
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PC3010, PC3020, PC3030,
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PC3070, PC3080, PC3150
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PC9000, PC9010, PC9020,
PC9030, PC9040, PC9050,
PC9070, PC9080, PC9340
SmartBook D22ES,
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Tadpole Viper
Toshiba Dynabook UX/25JBL,
Toshiba Dynabook UX/27JBLMA,
Toshiba FOLIO 100,
Toshiba NB305-10F,
Toshiba NB350-N310,
Toshiba Portege M800,
Toshiba Mini NB205,
Toshiba Portege R705,
Toshiba Portege R835-P56X,
Toshiba Portege T130,
Toshiba Qosmio F40,
Toshiba Qosmio F55,
Toshiba Qosmio G55,
Toshiba Qosmio PQF65L-00W011,
Toshiba Qosmio X500-Q840S,
Toshiba Satellite A130-ST1311,
Toshiba Satellite A130-ST1313,
Toshiba Satellite A200-ST2042,
Toshiba Satellite A210-ST1616,
Toshiba Satellite C845-S4230,
Toshiba Satellite E105-1402,
Toshiba Satellite E205,
Toshiba Satellite E205-S1980,
Toshiba Satellite L505-144,
Toshiba Satellite L550-113,
Toshiba Satellite L845-S4240,
Toshiba Satellite M40-S312TD,
Toshiba Satellite M840,
Toshiba Satellite P840-ST2N01,
Toshiba Satellite P845-S4200,
Toshiba Satellite P850-ST2N03,
Toshiba Satellite S950
Toshiba AC100 Series
AC100, AC100-10U, AC100-10Z
Toshiba Equium A100 Series
Equium A100, Equium A100-549

Toshiba Equium L40 Series
Equium L40, Equium L40-10U

Toshiba Equium M70 Series
Equium M70, Equium M70-173, Equium M70-337,
Equium M70-339, Equium M70-364

Toshiba Libretto W100 Series
Libretto W100, Libretto W100-106

Toshiba Libretto W105 Series
Libretto W105, Libretto W105-L251

Toshiba Portege Z830 Series
Portege Z830-002, Portege Z830-006, Portege Z830-00P,
Portege Z830-104, Portege Z830-10N, Portege Z830-10P,
Portege Z830-10Q, Portege Z830-11J<

          Replacement Toshiba 65W 19V 3.42A 5.5*2.5 2-Prong US Version   
Replacement Toshiba 65W 19V 3.42A 5.5*2.5 2-Prong US Version

Replacement Toshiba AC Adapter 65W 19V 3.42A 5.5*2.5 2-Prong

Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
Output: DC19V 3.42A
Power: 65W

Outlet: 2-prong
Connecter size:
Internal Diameter: 2.5mm
External Diameter: 5.5mm

Item Includes: AC Adapter and Power Cord( US Version).

Full 12 months warranty!

TOSHIBA PCs: Toshiba Satellite C650-BT5N11 C650-ST5N02, C650-ST5N03 C650-ST5NX1, C650-ST5NX2 C650-ST6N01, C650-ST6N02, C650-ST6N03 C650-ST6NX3, C650-ST6NX4, C650-ST6NX5 C675-S7200, C655, C655D, C675-S7321, C675-S7322 C845-S4230 C850-BT2N11, C850-BT2N12 C850-BT3N11 C850-ST2N01, C850-ST2N02, C850-ST2N03 C850-ST2NX1, C850-ST2NX2, C850-ST2NX3 C850-ST3N01, C850-ST3N02, C850-ST3N03 C850D-BT2N11 C850D-BT3N11 C850D-ST2N02 C850D-ST3N01 C855-S5206 C855-S5214 C855-S5231, C855-S5233, C855-S5234, C855-S5236, C855-S5239, C855-S5239P C855-S5241, C855-S5245, C855-S5247 C855-S5346, C855-S5347, C855-S5348, C855-S5349, C855-S5349N C855-S5350, C855-S5350N, C855-S5352, C855-S5356, C855-S5358 C855D-S5202, C855D-S5203, C855D-S5205, C855D-S5209 C855D-S5228, C855D-S5229 C855D-S5230, C855D-S5232, C855D-S5235, C855D-S5237, C855D-S5238 C855D-S5320 C855D-S5340, C855D-S5344 C855D-S5351, C855D-S5353 Toshiba Satellite L740-BT4N11 L740-BT4N22 L740-ST4N02 L740-ST5N02 L740-ST6N01, L740-ST6N03 L745-EZ1411D L745-S4110 L745-S4126 L745-S4130 L745-S4210 L745-S4235 L745-S4302 L745-S4310 L745-S4355 L745-S9423, L740-S9423RD L745D-S4214 L745D-S4220, L745D-S4220BN, L745D-S4220RD, L745D-S4220WH L745D-S4230 L745D-S4350, L745D-S4350WH Laptop AC Power Adapter Charger L770-BT4N22 L770-ST4NX1 L770-ST5NX2 L770-ST6NX1 L770D-BT5N11, L770D-BT5N22 L770D-ST4N01 L770D-ST5NX1 L770D-ST6NX1 L775-S7102, L775-S7105 L775-S7111, L775-S7114 L775-S7130 L775-S7140 L775-S7240, L775-S7241, L775-S7243, L775-S7245, L775-S7248 L775-S7250 L775-S7307, L775-S7309 L775-S7350, L775-S7352, L775-S7355 L775D-S7107, L775D-S7108 L775D-S7112 L775D-S7132, L775D-S7135 L775D-S7206 L775D-S7210 L775D-S7220, L775D-S7220GR L775D-S7222, L775D-S7223, L775D-S7224, L775D-S7226, L775D-S7228 L775D-S7304, L775D-S7305 L775D-S7330, L775D-S7332, L775D-S7335 L775D-S7340, L775D-S7345 Toshiba Satellite L840-BT2N22 L840-BT3N22 L840-ST2N01 L840-ST3NX1 L840D-BT2N22 L840D-BT3N22 L840D-ST2N01 L845-S4240 L850-BT2N22 L850-BT3N22 L850-ST2N01 L850-ST2NX1 L850-ST3N01 L850-ST3NX1 L850D-ST2NX1 L850D-ST3NX1 Toshiba Satellite L855-S5210 L855-S5240,L855-S5243, L855-S5244 L855-S5366, L855-S5368 L855D-S5220, L855D-S5242 L870-BT2N22 L870-BT3N22 L870-ST2N02 L870-ST2NX1 L870-ST3NX1, L870-ST3NX2 L870D-BT2N22 L870D-BT3N22 L870D-ST2NX1 L870D-ST3NX1 L875-S7208, L875-S7209 L875-S7243 L875-S7308 L875D-S7210 L875D-S7230, L875D-S7232 L875D-S7332 L875D-S7342, L875D-S7343 Toshiba Satellite P740-ST4N01, P740-ST5N01 P740D-BT4N22 P745-S4217, P745-S4250 P745-S4320, P745-S4360, P745-S4380 P745D-S4240 P750-BT4N22 P750-ST4N01, P750-ST4N02, P750-ST6N01, P750-ST6N02 P755-5174, P755-5182, P755-5184 P755-S5215, P755-S5260, P755-S5263,P755-S5265, P755-S5268 P755D-S5172 P755D-S5266 P755D-S5378, P755D-S5379, P755D-S5384, P755D-S5386 P775-S7232, P775-S7365 P775D-S7230, P775D-S7302, P775D-S7360 P850-BT2N22, P850-ST2N02, P850-ST3N01 P855-S5312 P870-BT2N22, P870-ST2N01 P875-S7200, P875-S7310 R945-P440 Toshiba Satellite S855-S5251, S855-S5252 S855-S5369, S855-S5377, S855-S5377N S855D-S5253, S855D-S5256 S875-S7240, S875-S7242, S875-S7356 S875D-S7239, S875D-S7350 Toshiba Tecra R930-BT9300, R930-S9330, R930-W9320 R935-P326, R935-P330, R935-P332 R935-ST2N01, R935-ST2N02, R935-ST3N02, Z935-ST3N03 R940-SMBN1X, R940-W9420 R950-S9520, R950-SMBN1X Toshiba Satellite A100 Series: A100-151,A100-163,A100-188,A100-209,A100-259,A100-295,A100-500,A100-507, A100-508,A100-521,A100-522,A100-523,A100-525,A100-533,A100-570,A100-649, A100-S2211,A100-S2211TD,A100-S3211TD,A100-S8111,A100-S8111TD,A100-SP2022, A100-SP621,A100-ST2311,A100-ST3211, Toshiba Satellite A105 Series: A105,A105-S101,A105-S1012,A105-S1013,A105-S1014,A105-S101X,A105-S171, A105-S1712,A105-S171x,A105-S2001,A105-S2011,A105-S2021,A105-S2031, A105-S2051,A105-S2061,A105-S2071,A105-S2081,A105-S2091,A105-S2101, A105-S2111,A105-S2121,A105-S2131,A105-S2141,A105-S2194,A105-S2201, A105-S2204,A105-S2231,A105-S2236,A105-S271,A105-S2712,A105-S2713, A105-S2716,A105-S2717,A105-S2719,A105-S271X,A105-S361,A105-S3611, A105-S361X,A105-SP2012,A105-SP461, Toshiba Satellite A110 Series: A110-101,A110-177,A110-178,A110-203,A110-260,A110-289,A110-339,A110-370, Toshiba Satellite A130 Series: A130,A130-ST1311,A130-ST1313, Toshiba Satellite A135 Series: A135,A135-S2246,A135-S2256,A135-S2266,A135-S2276,A135-S2286,A135-S2296, A135-S2306,A135-S2326,A135-S2346,A135-S2356,A135-S2376,A135-S2386, A135-S2396,A135-S4407,A135-S4417,A135-S4427,A135-S4437,A135-S4447, A135-S4457,A135-S4467,A135-S4477,A135-S4478,A135-S4487,A135-S4488, A135-S4499,A135-S4517,A135-S4527,A135-S4656,A135-S4677,A135-S4827, A135-SP4016,A135-SP4036,A135-SP4048,A135-SP4058,A135-SP4088, A135-SP4108,A135-SP4156, Toshiba Satellite A200 Series: A200-10W,A200-10X,A200-10Z,A200-11C,A200-12F,A200-13L,A200-13O, A200-13R,A200-13T,A200-13U,A200-14D,A200-14E,A200-180,A200-18T, A200-19I,A200-19K,A200-19M,A200-1A9,A200-1AA,A200-1AB,A200-1AE, A200-1Ai,A200-1BP,A200-1BW,A200-1CC,A200-1CR,A200-1DA,A200-1DN, A200-1DQ,A200-1FJ,A200-1G6,A200-1GD,A200-1HU,A200-1M7,A200-ST2041, A200-ST2043, Toshiba Satellite A205 Series: A205,A205-S4537,A205-S4557,A205-S4567,A205-S4577,A205-S4578,A205-S4587, A205-S4597,A205-S4607,A205-S4617,A205-S4618,A205-S4629,A205-S4638, A205-S4639,A205-S4647,A205-S4707,A205-S4777,A205-S4797,A205-S7456, A205-SP4038,A205-SP4068, Toshiba Satellite A215 Series: A215-S4697,A215-S4717,A215-S4737,A215-S4757,A215-S4767,A215-S4807, A215-S4817,A215-S48171,A215-S7407,A215-S7408,A215-S7414,A215-S7418, A215-S7421,A215-S7422,A215-S7427,A215-S7433,A215-S7437,A215-S7444, A215-S7447,A215-S7462,A215-SP401, Toshiba Satellite A85 Series: A80-S178, Toshiba Satellite L10 Series: L10-100,L10-101,L10-104,L10-105,L10-130,L10-154,L10-190,L10-194, L10-226,L10-272,L10-SP104, Toshiba Satellite L15 Series: L15,L15-S104,L15-S1041,L15-SP104,L15-SP1041, Toshiba Satellite L20 Series: L20-101,L20-112,L20-118,L20-120,L20-121,L20-135,L20-155,L20-157, L20-159,L20-173,L20-188,L20-205,L20-256,L20-S310,L20-S310TD, L20-SP119,L20-SP131,L20-SP131,L20-SP231,P205-S6237, Toshiba Satellite L25 Series: L25,L25-S119,L25-S1192,L25-S1193,L25-S1194,L25-S1195,L25-S1196, L25-S121,L25-S1212,L25-S1213,L25-S1215,L25-S1216,L25-S1217, L25-SP121,L25-SP129,L25-SP139,L25-SP141,L25-SP151, Toshiba Satellite L30 Series: L30,L30-10P,L30-114,L30-115,L30-11E,L30-11H,L30-134,L30-140, L30-142, Toshiba Satellite L35 Series: L35,L35-S1054,L35-S2151,L35-S2161,L35-S2171,L35-S2174,L35-S2194, L35-S2316,L35-S2366,L35-SP1011,L35-SP2011,L35-SP2031,L35-SP2041, L35-SP2051,L35-SP2071,L35-SP4016,L35-SP4068,L35-SP4086,L35-SP4096, L35-SP4116, Toshiba Satellite L45 Series: L45-S2416,L45-S4687,L45-S7409,L45-S7419,L45-S7423,L45-S7424, L45-SP2036,L45-SP2046,L45-SP2056,L45-SP2066,L45-SP4016, Toshiba Satellite M105 M115 Series: M105-S1011,M105-S1021,M105-S1031,M105-S1041,M105-S10xx,M105-SP1011, M105-SP1021,M105-SP1031,M105-SP1041,M115-S1061,M115-S1064,M115-S1071, M115-S1074, Toshiba Satellite M200 M205 Series: M200-ST2002,M205-S3207,M205-S3217,M205-S7452,M205-S7453, Toshiba Satellite M30X Series: M30X,M30X-1593,M30X-214,M30X-40,M30X-60,M30X-80,M30X-S114,M30X-S1592, M30X-S1593,M30X-S171,M30X-S181,M30X-S191,M30X-S214,M30X-S221,M30X-s234, M30X-SP111,M30X-SP114, Toshiba Satellite M35X Series: M35X,M35X-114,M35X-149,M35X-S109,M35X-S111,M35X-S114,M35X-S1141, M35X-S1142,M35X-S1143,M35X-S149,M35X-S1491,M35X-S1492,M35X-S161, M35X-S1611,M35X-S163,M35X-S1631,M35X-S309,M35X-S3091,M35X-S311, M35X-S3111,M35X-S3112,M35X-S329,M35X-S3291,M35X-S349,M35X-S3491, M35X-SP111,M35X-SP114,M35X-SP161,M35X-SP171,M35X-SP181,M35X-SP311, M35X-SP349, Toshiba Satellite M40 M45 Series: M40-S312TD,M45-S165,M45-S1651,M45-S165X,M45-S169,M45-S1691, Toshiba Satellite M55 Series: M55-S1001,M55-S139,M55-S1391,M55-S139X,M55-S141, Toshiba Satellite M60 M65 Series: M60-S811,M60-S8112,M60-S9093,M65- S809,M65-S8091,M65-S8092,M65-S821, M65-S8211,M65-S9062,M65-S9063,M65-S9064,M65-S9065,M65-S909,M65-S9091, M65-S9092,M65-SP811,M65-SP959, Toshiba Satellite P205 Series: P205D-S7429,P205D-S7438,P205D-S7439,P205D-S7454,P205-S6237,P205-S6247, P205-S6257,P205-S6267,P205-S6287,P205-S6297,P205-S6298,P205-S6307, P205-S6337,P205-S6347,P205-S6348,P205-S7469,P205-S7476, Toshiba Satellite U305 Series: U305,U305-S5077,U305-S5087,U305-S5097,U305-S5107,U305-S5117, U305-S5127,U305-S7432,U305-S7446,U305-S7448,U305-S7467,U305-S7477, U305-SP5017,U305-SP5028,U305-SP5037, Toshiba Tecra L2 Series: L2-S011,L2-S022, Toshiba Satellite 1000 1100 1130 1200 Series: 1000-S157,1000-S158,1005-S157,1005-S158,1100-S101,1110-S153,1110-SP153, 1115-S103,1115-S107,1115-S123,1115-SP153,1130-S155,1130-S156,1135-S125, 1135-S155,1135-S1551,1135-S1552,1135-S1553,1135-S1554,1135-S156,1200-S121, 1200-S122, Toshiba Satellite 1600 1700 Series: 1605CDS,1625CDT,1675CDS,1695CDT,1715XCDS,1730-S101,1735-S101,1750-S202, 1755-S202, Toshiba Satellite 3000 Series: 3000-S304,3000-S307,3000-S353,3005-S303,3005-S304,3005-S307,3005-S308, 3005-S403, GATEWAY PCs: GATEWAY Solo Series: 1100,1150,1200,1400,1450,2100,2150,2200,2300,2350,2500,2550,3100, 3150,400S,450,5100,5150,5300,5350,600,9100,9150,9300,9500,9550, GATEWAY E Series: E-100M,E-100M-G,E-100M-SB,E-155C,E-155C-G,E-265M,E-265M-G,E-475M,E-475M-G, GATEWAY 3000 Series: 3000,3018,3040,3500,3520,3522,3525,3545,3550,3610,3018GZ,3040GZ, 3100-Fireant,3100SE-Fireant,3100SL-Fireant,3100XL-Fireant,3150,3150S, 3520GZ,3522GZ,3525GB,3545GZ,3550GH,3550GZ,3610GZ,3610GZ, GATEWAY 4000 series: 4000,4010,4012,4014,4016,4024,4025,4026,4028,4030,4520,4525,4528, 4530,4532,4534,4535,4538,4540,4541,4542,4543,400VTX,4012GZ,4014GB, 4024GZ,4025GZ,4028GZ,4028JP,4030GH,4030GZ,4520GZ,4525GZ,4528MX, 4530GH,4530GZ,4535GX,4535GZ,4536GZ,4538GZ,4540GZ,4541BZ,4542GP, 4543BZ, GATEWAY 6000 series: 6000,6010,6018,6020,6021,6022,6023,6510,6518,6520,6525,6530,6531, 6010GZ,6018GH,6018GX,6018GZ,6020GZ,6021GH,6021GZ,6022GZ,6023GP,6510GZ, 6518GZ,6520GZ,6525GP,6531GZ,6834MX, GATEWAY CX series: C120X,CX200,CX200S,CX200X,CX210,CX210X,CX2608,CX2610,CX2615,CX2618, CX2619,CX2620,CX2720,CX2726,CX2728, GATEWAY M series: M1200,M1300,M210S,M210X,M210XL,M250A,M250B,M250E,M250ES,M250G,M250GS, M255E,M255E-SB,M275,M275R,M275X,M275XL,M280,M280E,M285E,M285E-SB, M305CRV,M320,M320S,M320X,M320XL,M360A,M360B,M360C,M405,M460B,M460QS, M505,M505X, GATEWAY MT series: MT3418,MT3707,MT3707b,MT6224j,MT6225j,MT6704,MT6704h,MT6705,MT6706, MT6707,MT6708,MT6709,MT6709h,MT6821,MT6828,MT6828h,MT6830,MT6831, MT6832b,MT6833b,MT6834b,MT6835j,MT6839b, GATEWAY MX series: MX1023,MX1023h,MX1025,MX1026,MX1027,MX3042,MX3044,MX3044h,MX3103b, MX3142m,MX3210,MX3212,MX3215,MX3228,MX3231,MX3410,MX3410h,MX3412, MX3412h,MX3414,MX3416,MX3417,MX3558,MX3558h,MX3560,MX3560h,MX3562, MX3563,MX3563h,MX3610,MX3701,MX3702,MX6025,MX6025h,MX6027,MX6027h, MX6028,MX6030,MX6121,MX6123,MX6124,MX6124h,MX6128,MX6131,MX6135, MX6211b,MX6214,MX6215b,MX6216,MX6420,MX6421,MX6423,MX6424,MX6425, MX6426,MX6427,MX6428,MX6430,MX6433,MX6436,MX6437,MX6438,MX6439, MX6440,MX6442,MX6445,MX6446,MX6447,MX6450,MX6455,MX6625,MX6627, MX6627h,MX6629,MX6629h,MX6631,MX6633,MX6633h,MX6641,MX6650,MX6650h, MX6912,MX6919,MX6921b,MX6922b,MX6923b,MX6926b,MX6927,MX6928,MX6930, MX6931,MX6951,MX6955,MX6956,MX6957,MX6958,MX6959,MX6960,MX6961, MX6961h,MX7337,MX7337h,MX7340,MX7520h,MX8520,MX8710,MX8711,MX8715, MX8734,MX8736j, GATEWAY NX series: NX100X,NX200S,NX200X,NX250X,NX260X,NX270S,NX500S,NX500X,NX550X, NX550XL,NX850X,NX850XL,NX860,NX860S,NX860X,NX860XL, GATEWAY S series: S-7125C,S-7200,S-7200C,S-7200C,S-7200N,S-7200N,S-7210M,S-7500, S-7500N,S-7500N,S-7510N,S-7700N,S-7710N, ACER PCs: Acer Aspire Series: 1200,1414WLCi,1642WLMi,1650,1690LCi,1690WLCi,1690WLMi,1691WLCi, 1691WLMi,1692WLMi,1694WLMi,3002LCi,3002WLCi,3002WLMi,3003WCi, 3003WLCi,3030,3502LCi,3502NLCi,3503LCi,3503WLCi,3603NWXM,3610, 5002LM,5002LMi,5002WLCI,5030,5510,9100, Acer TravelMate 200 Series: 200DX,200T,201,201T,202,202T,210,210T,210TER,210TXF,211,211T, 212,212T,212TE,212TXV,213,213T,213TXV,222X,223X,223XC,223XV, 225X,225XC,225XV,230XC,230XV,230XV-PRO,233LC,233X,233XV,233XVi, 234LCi,261XC,261XV,260,261,261X,261XC,261XV,270XV,272LC,272X, 272XV,272XVi,273X,273XV,275LC,281XC,281XV,283LC,283LCi,283XV, 283Xvi,290LC,290LCi,290LMi,290XCi,290Xi,290XMi,290XVi,291LCi, 291LCi-G,291LMi,291LMi-G,291XCi,291XCiH,292LC,292LCi,292LM, 292LMi,293LCi,293LMi, Acer TravelMate 300 Series: 310,311,312,313,314,310T,311T,312T,313T,314T,320,330T,332T,333T, 341TV,342T,343TV,345,347,345T,347T,350TE,350TE-N,351TE,351TEV,352TE, 353TE,353TEV,354TE,354TEV,361EVi,364ECi,365,371LCi,371LMi,371TCi, 371TCi XP,371Ti,371TMi,371LCi,371LMi,371TCi,371TCi XP,371Ti,371TMi, Acer TravelMate 500 Series: 512DX,512T,512TE,512T-64,513DX,513T,514T,514TXV,515TE,516TE,517TE, 530LC,530LCi,530XC,530XCi,530XV,530XVi,531LC,531LCi,531XC,531XCi, 531XV,531XVi,533LC,533LCi,533XC,533XCi,533XV,533XVi,534LC,534LCi, 534TL,534XC,534XCi,534XV,535LC,535LCi,536LCi ,540LCi,540LMi,541LC, 541LCi,541LCib,541LMi,541XCi,541XV,542LCi,542LMi,543LCi,543LMi, Acer TravelMate 600 to 663 Series: 600,602,603,604,610,611,612,613,614,610TXC,610TXV,610TXVi,611TXC, 611TXCi,611TXV,612TXC,612TXCi,612TXV,613TXC,613TXV,614TXVCi,620,621, 623,621LV,621XC,621XV,623LC,623LCi,630,632,633,630XV,630XCi,632XCi, 633LCi,650LC,650XC,650XCi,653LC,653LCi,653XC,653XCi,653XV,654LC,654LCi, 654XC,654XCi,654XV,655LCi,660LCi,660LMi,661LC,661LCi,661LM,661LMi,661XC, 661XCi,661XVi,662LC,662LCi,662LM,662LMi,662XCi,663LCi,663LM,663LMi, Acer TravelMate 720 to 740 Series: 720,722,723,720TX,720TXV,721TX,722iTX,722iTXV,722TX,723TX,723TXV, 730,732,734,735,730TX,730TXV,732TLV,732TX,732TXV,734TL,734TXV,735TLV, 736,737,738,739,736TL,736TLV,737TLV,738TLV,739GTLV,739TLV,740,741, 744,740LVF,741LVF,744LCF, Acer TravelMate 800 Series: 800LC,800LCi,800LCib,800LMi,800LMib,800XC,800XCi,801LC,801LCi,801LCib, 801LMi,801LMib,801XC,801XCi,801XVi,802LCi,802LCiB,802LMi,802LMib,802XCi, 803LC,803LCi,803LCib,803LM,803LMi,803LMib,803XCi,803XVi,804LC,804LCi, 804LCib,804LM,804LMi,804LMib,

A000001200, A000001210, A000007020, A000007030, ACC10, ADP-65DB, ADP-65HB, ADP-75FB-A, ADT-W61, API1AD43, PA-1500-02, PA-1600-01, PA-1600-02, PA-1650-01, PA-1650-02, PA-1700-02, PA-1750-01, PA-1750-04, PA3165U-1ACA, PA3380E-1ACA, PA3380U-1ACA, PA3396E-1ACA, PA3396U-1ACA, PA3432E-1AC3, PA3432E-1ACA, PA3432U-1AC3, PA3432U-1ACA, PA3467, PA3467E, PA3467E-1ACA, PA3467U, PA3467U-1ACA, PA3468E, PA3468E-1ACA, PA3468U, PA3468U-1ACA, SADP-65KB B, V000055210, V000055400, V000061300, V000061310, V000061690, K000000550, K000004120, K000005050, K000019570, K000025320, K000027270, K000029300, K000032420, K000032580, K000040250, K000040270, K000040290, K000040460, K000041670, K000042840, K000043680,

          9 Cells Toshiba DynaBook T10 T11 T12 T20 SS M35 M36 M37 MX TX Portrge M300 M500 S100 Qosmio F20 F25 Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery 10.8V 6600mAh   
9 Cells Toshiba DynaBook T10 T11 T12 T20 SS M35 M36 M37 MX TX Portrge M300 M500 S100 Qosmio F20 F25 Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery 10.8V 6600mAh

  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Capacity: 6600mAh
  • Condition: Brand New High Quality 9 Cells Battery
  • Dimensions: 206.90x40.80x20.50mm
  • Color: black
  • Net Weight: 448g

  • Fits Laptop Models

    DynaBook Qosmio F20,DynaBook Qosmio F20-573LS,DynaBook Qosmio F20-575LS

    DynaBook Qosmio F20-590LS,DynaBook Satellite M10,DynaBook Satellite MX

    DynaBook Satellite T10,DynaBook Satellite T11,DynaBook Satellite T12

    DynaBook Satellite T20,DynaBook SS M35 146C/2W,DynaBook SS M35 166D/2W

    DynaBook SS M35 166S/2W,DynaBook SS M36 166E/2W,DynaBook SS M36 173C/2W

    DynaBook SS M37 166E/2W,DynaBook SS M37 186C/2W,DynaBook SS MX 190

    DynaBook SS MX 290,DynaBook SS MX/25A,DynaBook SS MX/27A

    DynaBook SS MX/370LS,DynaBook SS MX/390LS,DynaBook SS MX/395LS

    DynaBook SS MX/470LS,DynaBook SS MX/495LS,DynaBook TX

    DynaBook TX/2,DynaBook TX/2513CDSW,DynaBook TX/2513CMSW

    DynaBook TX/2515LDSW,DynaBook TX/2517LDSW,DynaBook TX3

    DynaBook TX4,Portege M300,Portege M300-100

    Portege M500,Portege M500-P140,Portege M500-P1401

    Portege M500-P141,Portege M500-P1411,Portege S100

    Portege S100-112,Portege S100-113,Portege S100-133

    Portege S100-S113TD,Qosmio F20,Qosmio F20-101

    Qosmio F20-149,Qosmio F20-153,Qosmio F20-161

    Qosmio F20-573LS,Qosmio F20-575LS,Qosmio F20-590LS

    Qosmio F25,Qosmio F25-AV205,Satellite A50

    Satellite A50-101,Satellite A50-105,Satellite A50-106

    Satellite A50-108,Satellite A50-109,Satellite A50-111

    Satellite A50-112,Satellite A50-114,Satellite A50-432

    Satellite A50-492,Satellite A50-493,Satellite A50-512

    Satellite A50-542,Satellite A50-543,Satellite A50-AG1

    Satellite A55,Satellite A55-S306,Satellite A55-S3061

    Satellite A55-S326,Satellite M3,Satellite M500

    Satellite Pro M1,Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2401,Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2402

    Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2405,Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2421,Satellite Pro S300M-S1001

    Satellite Pro S300M-S2142,Satellite Pro S300M-S2403,Satellite Pro U200

    Satellite Pro U200-134,Satellite U200-160,Satellite U200-161

    Satellite U200-162,Satellite U200-163,Satellite U200-ST2091

    Satellite U200-ST2092,Satellite U200-ST3311,Satellite U205

    Satellite U205-S5002,Satellite U205-S5022,Satellite U205-S5034

    Satellite U205-S5044,Satellite U205-S5057,Satellite U205-S5058

    Satellite U205-S5067,Satellite U205-S5068,Tecra A2

    Tecra A3X,Tecra A3X-102,Tecra A3X-165

    Tecra A3X-166,Tecra A3X-167,Tecra A9

    Tecra A9-102,Tecra A9-10M,Tecra A9-50N

    Tecra A9-50Q,Tecra A9-50X,Tecra A9-51B

    Tecra A9-51E,Tecra A9-51F,Tecra A9-51G

    Tecra A9-51H,Tecra A9-51S,Tecra A9-51U

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    Tecra A9-S9017,Tecra A9-ST9001,Tecra M10-S1001

    Tecra M10-S3401,Tecra M10-S3411,Tecra M10-S3412

    Tecra M10-S3451,Tecra M10-S3452,Tecra M10-S3453

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    Tecra M10-ST9110,Tecra M2,Tecra M2-S319

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    Tecra M2V-S330,Tecra M2V-S3302ST,Tecra M3

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    Tecra M5-384,Tecra M5-403,Tecra M5-415

    Tecra M5-417,Tecra M5-S433,Tecra M5-S4331

    Tecra M5-S4332,Tecra M5-S4333,Tecra M5-S5331

    Tecra M5-S5332,Tecra M5-SP721,Tecra M5-ST1412

    Tecra M5-ST5011,Tecra M5L,Tecra M6

    Tecra M6-EZ6611,Tecra M6-ST3412,Tecra M9

    Tecra M9-104,Tecra M9-12K,Tecra M9-12L

    Tecra M9-12R,Tecra M9-12S,Tecra M9-136

    Tecra M9-139,Tecra M9-13A,Tecra M9-S5512X

    Tecra M9-S5513,Tecra M9-S5513X,Tecra M9-S5514

    Tecra M9-S5514X,Tecra M9-S5515,Tecra M9-S5515X

    Tecra M9-S5516X,Tecra M9-S5517X,Tecra M9-S5518X

    Tecra M9-ST5511,Tecra M9-ST5511X,Tecra M9L-101

    Tecra M9L-12C,Tecra M9L-12K,Tecra M9L-12T

    Tecra S3,Tecra S3-120,Tecra S3-129

    Tecra S3-130,Tecra S3-140,Tecra S3-141

    Tecra S3-142,Tecra S3-161,Tecra S3-208

    Tecra S3-223,Tecra S3-242,Tecra S3-366

    Tecra S3-S411TD,Tecra S4,Tecra S4-105

    Tecra S4-10M,Tecra S4-10N,Tecra S4-120

    Tecra S4-126,Tecra S4-127,Tecra S4-132

    Tecra S4-133,Tecra S5,Tecra S5-10X

    Tecra S5-11K,Tecra S5-11S

    Compatible Battery Code

    pa3356u-1bas pa3356u-1brs pa3356u-2bas
    pa3356u-2brs pa3356u-3bas pa3356u-3brs
    pa3357u-1bal pa3357u-1brl pa3357u-2brl
    pa3357u-3brl pa3456u-1brs pa3509u-1brm
    pa3588u-1brs pabas048 pabas049
    pabas050 pabas054 pabas066
    pabas071 pabas072 pabas086

              12 Cells Toshiba Satellite Pro L310 L510 L515 L515d M300 M305 M305d M500 M505 M505d T110 T115 T130 T135 U400 U405 U405d U500 U505 Equium U400 Portege M800 Series Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery 10.8V 8800mAh   
    12 Cells Toshiba Satellite Pro L310 L510 L515 L515d M300 M305 M305d M500 M505 M505d T110 T115 T130 T135 U400 U405 U405d U500 U505 Equium U400 Portege M800 Series Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery 10.8V 8800mAh

    Type: Li-Ion
    Voltage: 10.8V
    Cells: 9-Cell
    Capacity: 8800mah
    Dimension: 205 x 50 x 23 mm
    Color: Black
    Net Weight: 500g

    Replaces Part Numbers:
    PA3634U-1BAS, PA3635U-1BAM, PA3635U-1BRM, PA3638U-1BAP,
    PABAS117, PABAS178, PABAS230, PA3636U-1BRL, PA3636U-1BAL,
    PA3728U-1BRS, PA3817U-1BRS, PA3818U-1BRS, PABAS118, PA3819U-1BRS

    Fits Laptop Models:
    Toshiba Satellite L310 Series
    L311, L312, L315, L317, L322, L323

    Toshiba Satellite L510 Series

    Toshiba Satellite L515 Series
    L515-S4007, L515-S4010, L515-S4925, L515-S4928, L515-S4960, L515-S4962

    Toshiba Satellite L515D Series

    Toshiba Satellite M300 Series
    M300-600, M300-700-R, M300-900, M300-J00, M300-ST3401, M300-ST3402,
    M300-ST3403, M300-ST4060, M301, M302, M306, M307, M308, M310, M311,
    M320, M321, M323, M325, M326, M327, M328, M332, M336, M338, M339

    Toshiba Satellite M305 Series
    M305-S4815, M305-S4819, M305-S4820, M305-S4822, M305-S4826,
    M305-S4835, M305-S4991E

    Toshiba Satellite M305D Series
    M305D-S4828, M305D-S4829, M305D-S4830,
    M305D-S4831, M305D-S4833, M305D-S48331,
    M305D-S4840, M305D-S4844, M305D-S48441

    Toshiba Satellite M500 Series
    M500-ST5401, M500-ST5405, M500-ST5408, M500-ST54X1,
    M500-ST6421, M500-ST6422, M500-ST6444

    Toshiba Satellite M505 Series
    M505-S4020, M505-S4022, M505-S4940, M505-S4945,
    M505-S4947, M505-S4949, M505-S4972, M505-S4975,
    M505-S4980, M505-S4982, M505-S4985T, M505-S4985-T,
    M505-S4990T, M505-S4990-T

    Toshiba Satellite M505D Series
    M505D-S4000, M505D-S4000RD, M505D-S4000WH, M505D-S4930,
    M505D-S4970, M505D-S4970RD

    Toshiba Satellite T110 Series
    T110, T110-00D, T110-107, T110-11U, T110-11V, T110D, T110D-00C

    Toshiba Satellite T115 Series
    T115-S1100, T115-S1105, T115-S1108, T115-S1110

    Toshiba Satellite T130 Series
    T130, T130-02F, T130-02M, T130-03F, T130-11G, T130-11H,
    T130-11J, T130-12N, T130-12Z, T130-130, T130-132, T130-13K,
    T130-13L, T130-13M, T130-13N, T130-13Q

    Toshiba Satellite T135 Series
    T135-S1300, T135-S1300RD, T135-S1300WH, T135-S1305,
    T135-S1305RD, T135-S1305WH, T135-S1307, T135-S1309,
    T135-S1310, T135-S1310RD, T135-S1310WH, T135-S1312,

    Toshiba Satellite U400 Series
    U400-ST3301, U400-ST3302, U400-ST5404, U400-ST6301

    Toshiba Satellite U405 Series
    U405-S2817, U405-S2820, U405-S2824,
    U405-S2826, U405-S2830, U405-S2833,
    U405-S2854, U405-S2856, U405-S2882,
    U405-S2920, U405-ST550W

    Toshiba Satellite U405D Series
    U405D-S2846, U405D-S2848, U405D-S2850,
    U405D-S2852, U405D-S2863, U405D-S2870,
    U405D-S2874, U405D-S2902, U405D-S2910

    Toshiba Satellite U500 Series
    U500-S2925, U500-S2925BN, U500-S2925P, U500-S2925W,
    U500-S2930, U500-S2935, U500-S2940, U500-S2950,
    U500-S2950PK, U500-S2950RD, U500-S2950WH, U500-S2960,
    U500-S2960PK, U500-S2960RD, U500-S2960WH, U500-S2961,
    U500-S2965, U500-S2965RD, U500-S2965WH, U500-S2970,
    U500-S2980, U500-S2980T, U500-S2980-T, U500-ST5302,
    U500-ST5305, U500-ST5307, U500-ST6321, U500-ST6322,

    Toshiba Satellite U505 Series
    U505-S2002, U505-S2005, U505-S2005PK, U505-S2005RD,
    U505-S2005WH, U505-S2006,U505-S2006PK, U505-S2006RD,
    U505-S2006WH, U505-S2008, U505-S2010, U505-S2012,
    U505-S2925, U505-S2925BN, U505-S2925P, U505-S2925W,
    U505-S2930, U505-S2935, U505-S2940, U505-S2950,
    U505-S2950PK, U505-S2950RD, U505-S2950WH, U505-S2960,
    U505-S2960PK, U505-S2960RD, U505-S2960WH, U505-S2961,
    U505-S2965, U505-S2965RD, U505-S2965WH, U505-S2970,
    U505-S2975, U505-S2980, U505-S2980T, U505-S2980-T

    Toshiba Satellite Pro M300 Series
    M300-EZ1001, M300-EZ1001V, M300-EZ1001X,
    M300-S1002, M300-S1002X, M300-S1002V

    Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 Series
    U400-S1001, U400-S1001V, U400-S1001X,
    U400-S1002, U400-S1002V, U400-S1301

    Toshiba Satellite Pro U500 Series
    U500-EZ1311, U500-EZ1321, U500-S1322

    Toshiba Satellite Pro T110,
    Toshiba Satellite Pro T110- EZ1110,
    Toshiba Satellite Pro T110- EZ1120,

    Toshiba Satellite Pro T130,
    Toshiba Satellite Pro T130-14M,
    Toshiba Satellite Pro T130-14Q,
    Toshiba Satellite Pro T130-14U,
    Toshiba Satellite Pro T130- EZ1301,

    Toshiba Equium U400 Series
    U400-124, U400-145, U400-146

    Toshiba Portege M800 Series
    M800-101, M800-105, M800-106, M800-10A, M800-10C, M800-10D,
    M800-10N, M800-10V, M800-10W, M800-113, M800-116, M800-701,
    M800, M801, M802, M803, M805, M806, M807, M808, M810, M820,
    M821, M822, M823, M825, M830

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              Today is the World Day of hypertension   

    In Europe, less than 50% of patients on antihypertensive treatment is able to reduce their blood pressure levels below 140/90 mmHg and it is estimated that more than half of untreated hypertensives. 3.4 "To meet this challenge, the European Society of Hypertension (ESH by the acronym) has set a target that 70% of hypertensive patients achieve control of their blood pressure levels by 2015", said Professor Josep Redon, President of the ESH, adding: "Some European countries, such as Italy and France, have already committed to this initiative and soon we will meet with hypertension companies from other European countries to ensure support for the time to realize this common goal. "

    To help physicians and patients achieve blood pressure targets and, thus, reduce the risk of developing serious cardiovascular events, Daiichi Sankyo continues to investigate the benefits of fixed-dose combination of olmesartan and amlodipine and developing solutions that involving health professionals and patients as part of their initiative HypertensionCare.

    In this sense, soon will present new clinical data from phase 4 Sevitension study, comparing fixed-dose combination of olmesartan and amlodipine versus perindopril and amlodipine in reducing central blood pressure aórtica.5

    It is estimated that between 80 and 85% of hypertensive patients may achieve blood pressure control with combinations of several fármacos.6 fixed dose combinations, which are the preferred treatment option according to the European Guidelines for management clinical simplify antihypertensive treatment, improve patient adherence and outcomes clínicos.6

    Optimizing the management of hypertension will also be the focus of the satellite symposium "Ten years of olmesartan" that Daiichi Sankyo and Menarini organized within the next 23 th Congress of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH by the acronym) and will take place Milan (Italy) on June 14 from 15.00 to 17.00 hours.


     "In addition to our ongoing research on olmesartan-based antihypertensive therapies, we are very proud of our program HypertensionCare that helps doctors and patients to more effectively control the blood pressure levels," says Joris Versteden, Senior Medical Director at Daiichi Sankyo Europe.

    As part of this initiative, last year launched the interactive portal hypertensive patient support www.myhypertensioncare.eu, available in English for all of Europe (excluding the UK). Since then, the site has evolved and contains three distinct platforms: the original site dedicated to providing tools for healthcare professionals, one with hypertensive patient information and their families and a third that specifically promotes adherence of patients.

    Adherence to treatment is a challenge for hypertensive patients. It is estimated that approximately 50% of patients discontinue treatment after a year.7 and lack of adherence has been identified as a major cause of failure to achieve blood pressure goals propuestas.8 support program myHypertensionCare patient aims to improve the understanding, commitment and compliance with treatment, accompanied by changes in lifestyle, all resulting in an improvement of the results clínicos.8, 9

    About Daiichi Sankyo

    The Daiichi Sankyo Group is dedicated to research and innovative drug delivery in both mature and emerging markets, with the goal of addressing unmet medical diverse decks. The company was formed in 2005 through the merger of two Japanese companies with a long tradition, Daiichi and Sankyo. With net sales of close to 8,500 million euros, Daiichi Sankyo is one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. In addition to a consolidated portfolio of drugs against hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and bacterial infections, Daiichi Sankyo seeks new therapies in cardiovascular and oncology. The Daiichi Sankyo Group has established the "Hybrid Business Model" that combines innovative and generic drugs in order to reach as many patients as possible.

    The company's global headquarters is located in Tokyo. The Daiichi Sankyo's European headquarters is located in Munich and has subsidiaries in 12 European countries in addition to a global manufacturing facility located in Pfaffenhofen (Germany).

    For more information, please visit www.daiichi-sankyo.es or www.daiichi-sankyo.eu


    Roberto Sánchez Martín. Corporate Communications Manager

    Tel +34 91 5399911 roberto.sanchez @ daiichi-sankyo.es

    Forward-Looking Statements

    This press release contains forward-looking statements and information on the future development of the sector and on the legal and business conditions of Daiichi Sankyo Spain, SA Such statements are not final and are subject to change at any time, especially the common changes faced by a global pharmaceutical company, including the impact of the price of products and raw materials, medication safety, changes in exchange rates, regulations government, labor relations, taxes, political instability and terrorism as well as the results of independent demands and governmental inquiries that affect the affairs of the company. All statements included in this release are certain at the time of publication. Not represent any guarantee of future performance. Actual events and developments could differ materially from the forward-looking statements expressed or implied in these statements. Daiichi Sankyo Spain, SA not assume any responsibility for updating these statements about the future development of the sector or the legal or business of the company.


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    Photo By hugovillarroelabrego [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

              End of the World 2012: NASA denies rumors   

    These fears are based on misinterpretations of the Mayan calendar. On day 21, the date of the winter solstice, one cycle of the Mayan calendar called 13 º b'ak'tun. Although Mayan scholars agree that the ancient Maya had not considered this date as apocalyptic rumors that a cosmic event can wipe out life on Earth on that day have spread like wildfire.

    NASA maintains a page of information to discredit the rumors about the Mayan apocalypse, like a wandering planet that hit Earth on December 21, killing us all. In fact, astronomers are very effective in detecting near-Earth objects and a wandering planet that could hit Earth in the next three weeks would be the brightest object in the sky other than the sun and moon.

    "There is no basis in this," said David Morrison, an astrobiologist at NASA Ames Research Center. "This is just an elaborate fantasy."

    Unfortunately, according to Morrison, this fantasy has consequences in real life. Morrison himself received many emails and letters from concerned citizens, particularly young people. Some say they can not eat, or are too worried to sleep, said Morrison. Others say they are suicidal.

    "Although this is like a joke to many people and a mystery to the rest, there is a core of people who are genuinely concerned," he added.

    Not all those who believe what the apocalypse 2012 think the world will end on December 21. Some, inspired by New Age philosophies, expect a day of universal peace and spiritual transformation. But young people are impressionable who concern to NASA officials.

    In fact, according Lika Guhathakurta, a solar physicist, it is true that the sun is currently in a very active phase of the cycle, ie, electromagnetic energy is growing. Large solar flares can affect electronic and navigation systems on Earth, but satellites that monitor the sun offer a lot of ads and allow officials to offset that additional electromagnetic activity when it reaches our atmosphere.

    Nor is there near-Earth objects, planets or anything else that threatens to crash into Earth on December 21, said Don Yeomans, a scientist who tracks near-Earth objects at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

    A popular rumor that says that the planet will suffer a total blackout on December 23 to 25 earned a "What?" and strange looks in the gallery of scientists.

    Ultimately, the concern for the fate of the Earth should be more focused on issues such as climate change in any cosmic catastrophe, said Andrew Fraknoi, an astronomer at Foothill College in California.

    "The greatest threat to the Earth in 2012, at the end of the year and in the future, comes only from the human species," concluded Adams.

    Picture By NASA ([1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Common

              Nepalese RMG Industry: Reviving the lost glory   

    From the heights of 1999/2000, when the total RMG export was about NRs 12 billion to the lows of 2011/2012, when the total RMG export was NRs 4.05 billion, Nepalese RMG industry has continuously loosing international market to African and the South Asian manufacturers. One of the major damage was due to the removal of duty-free and quota-free access to its market by the then largest importer of Nepalese RMG – USA in 2004. Add to this, USA gave special preference to RMGs from African nations. The exports of RMG from Nepal declined sharply during this period, i.e. NRs 12 billion in 2002/2003 to NRs 6.7 billion in 2004/2005, with almost all the decline in the US market.
    Picture Source: http://ekantipur.com

    To sustain, Nepalese RMG industry searched for other markets where it enjoyed preferential treatment. Japan, Canada and the EU market were the places to go. All these markets gave preferential treatment to the garment exports from Nepal. But, the industry must be cautious in terms of serving these markets. Japan and Canada could be just another USA. On the other hand, EU policies are very less subject to changes. Also, the EU gives special treatment to Nepal, along with Laos, through the derogation facility – the products needn’t fulfill the stringent criteria of rules of origin in order to get the duty-free access to the market. Another advantage of putting a lot of effort in this market is the sheer size of it – population of over 500 million.

    But, the industry should take the treatment as only the stepping stone to these markets. In order to sustain and grow in the market, the industry has to build its core competency and build its competitiveness as soon as possible. One of the most important features of the industry is that it can provide the quality preferred by the customers at the lowest prices. Another major advantage is that the customers trust Nepalese manufacturer over their South Asian counterparts due to past experiences.

    In order to make an impact in the European market, the RMG industry has to be able to partner with bigger retail chains and deliver their large orders – running in millions of pieces. But, due to regular load shedding, requirement of large labor force which would give rise to stronger unions flexing their muscle, irregular raw material supply and no standards on quality of end products which result in rejection of orders after they are shipped to the markets, the garment producers haven’t been able to accept and deliver large orders.

    Strengthening the existing association – Garment Association of Nepal (GAN) in order to share risks and opportunities among the members, should be able to solve the issues. GAN should act as a virtual company with the members acting as its satellite plants. The volume of raw material from the suppliers would be massive if the members acquired from GAN, which in turn purchased from the suppliers. This would increase the bargaining power of the purchasers and thus the timely delivery of materials with consistent quality would be possible. Also, taking huge orders from the European retailers would be possible, with GAN dividing the orders among the members as per their competency. Developing quality standards for the products and the production process by the association would remove the possibility of the customers rejecting the orders after they have reached Europe. Also, collaborative shipping would be possible. Huge volume of shipments would also mean lower costs via the concept of economies of scale. 

    These activities would sharpen the core competency of the industry, i.e. to provide quality at lowest prices. This will not just enable the industry to sustain in the European market but also grow there and in other markets, reviving the lost glory of the industry.

    (The article is based on the research done by a group (named Kanzen) of MBA 3rd term students of KU School Management, as per the requirements of their course – Global Business Management)

              Le hérisson et le renard   

    La parabole du renard et du hérisson

    Extrait de l'article de Hubert Guillaud 

    A l’heure de l’incertitude permanente, le futur n’est pas aussi tracé qu’on le croit ? Comment nous adapter à ce qui arrive ? Telle était le sujet d’une session d’interventions de la dernière conférence Lift qui se tenait à Genève du 6 au 8 février 2012.

    Venkatesh Rao (@vgr) est l’auteur de Tempo, un livre sur la prise de décision et prépare un autre ouvrage sur la création et la destruction de la valeur. Il est également blogueur pour Forbes et Information Week. Sur la scène de Lift (vidéo),  il est venu présenter une parabole sur notre capacité à nous adapter (voir sa présentation), s’appuyant sur l’opposition entre le renard et le hérisson introduite initialement par le poète grec Archilogue, le romancier Léon Tolstoï et développée par le philosophe Isaiah Berlin dans son livre "Le hérisson et le renard". 

    Venkatesh Rao
    Image : Venkatesh Rao sur la scène de Lift,photographié par Ivo Napflin.
    Pour Venkatesh Rao, la meilleure définition de larésilience c’est d’être capable de se relever à chaque fois qu’on vous cogne et qu’on vous jette à terre, comme dans un combat de boxe. C’est un peut-être un peut synthétique, mais l’image à l’avantage d’être claire.
    “Comment est-on résilient ? Pourquoi certains le sont-ils plus que d’autres ? Pourquoi certains se relèvent-ils quand ils sont à terre et d’autres non ?” Pour comprendre cela, il faut comprendre que nous ne réagissons pas tous de la même manière à l’imprévu. D’où le passage par la parabole. Si le renard connaît bien des tours pour s’adapter à une situation et la relever, le hérisson n’en connaît qu’un, celui de se rouler en boule et de sortir ses piquants. Leurs résiliences sont différentes. Après avoir été mis à terre, le renard se relève pour repartir à l’aventure, pour faire autre chose, alors que le hérisson retourne à ce qu’il était en train de faire.
    Si le renard, la dinde et le hérisson étaient tailleurs de pierre, le renard construirait la cathédrale, le hérisson serait le meilleur tailleur de pierre, le plus appliqué, quant à la dinde, elle confesserait ne pas trop savoir pourquoi elle est là. Si on lançait une meute de chiens devant ces animaux, le renard se mettrait à courir. Le hérisson se roulerait en boule… et la dinde se dirait qu’il ne sert à rien de courir…
    Ces paraboles, estime Venkatesh Rao, nous apprennent des choses importantes sur la question de la résilience et nos réactions face à ce que l’on ne comprend pas, mais aussi sur les questions de leadership et de collaboration. Reste, qu’il n’est pas clair de savoir s’il vaut mieux être un renard ou un hérisson (même si a priori il vaut mieux ne pas être la dinde).
    La résilience du renard demande de de s’avoir s’adapter. Le renard créé en acceptant les contradictions, à l’image des Jugaad indiens, ces “arrangements improvisés”, ces “contournements”, marque de la créativité à laquelle les Indiens sans ressources ont recours pour résoudre les problèmes de la vie quotidienne comme quand ils arrangent des véhicules à leurs problématiques locales, en faisant tirer une voiture par un cheval par exemple ou en ou une charrue à une moto. Si les hérissons sont plus prévisibles que les renards, le talent est de savoir mêler les deux, à l’image de Tolstoï, qui avait les valeurs d’un hérisson et les talents du renard.
    C’est dans une matrice entre talents et valeurs qu’il faut comprendre ces deux formes de résilience, explique Venkatesh Rao. Alors que le renard pense qu’il a l’esprit ouvert, le hérisson pense que le renard n’est pas fiable. Le hérisson a un modèle de pensée assez simple qui lui fait exporter son style de vie partout, qui fait qu’il a tendance à avoir une seule identité quelque soit la situation à laquelle il est confronté. Il créé en éliminant les contradictions, ce qui fait qu’il a tendance à être un mauvais prévisionniste, mais sait apprendre des fondamentaux. Enfin, il est autonome et a des valeurs constantes.
    L’esprit du renard, lui, a un modèle de pensé multiple : il créé en acceptant les contradictions. Il a une identité changeante et s’adapte à l’endroit où il se trouve. S’il est meilleur dans ses prédictions, il a tendance à s’enfuir face à un problème et à se précipiter vers les opportunités. Il préfère le transitoire, a des valeurs fondées sur l’utilité immédiate, il a un état d’esprit jetable et apprécie le hacking.
    Chaque hérisson est résilient de la même façon quand chaque renard est résilient de sa propre façon. Si les hérissons sont prévisibles, les renards ne le sont donc pas.
    Pour le hérisson, le renard est égoïste, irresponsable, intrigant, crédule… A l’inverse, pour le renard, le hérisson est doctrinaire, hypocrite, naïf, avare, ennuyeux et prévisible. Pour l’un et pour l’autre, les valeurs et talents sont différents et ils ne se perçoivent pas de la même façon. Le hérisson se voit comme cohérent, consciencieux, responsable et sceptique, alors que le renard se voit comme ouvert, adaptable, intéressant, aventureux et imaginatif.
    Pour adopter la résilience du renard, estime Venkatesh Rao, il faut se fonder sur les contradictions plutôt que sur les valeurs : l’entreprise – faisant référence au vaisseau Enterprise de Star Trek qui avait pour mission d’aller là où aucun homme n’était jamais allé – signifie un voyage aventureux avant que d’être une institution. Il faut également préserver la mémoire plutôt que l’identité. Les renards préfèrent les souvenirs, mêmes cassés, que conserver les choses. Il faut également rechercher les motifs plutôt que la vérité. La mondialisation se comprend plus par le modèle du conteneur que par l’axiome de la platitude du monde. Enfin, il vaut mieux poursuivre l’aventure que l’amour, il vaut mieux favoriser un projet de satellite open source àl’arme la plus inattaquable du monde pour faire référence à deux projets de l’artiste sud-coréen Hojun Song (qui avait été l’invité d’un précédent Lift où il avait évoqué justement ces deux projets).
    “Le renard et le hérisson sont deux jumeaux complémentaires, un peu comme le ying et le yang. Si vous essayez d’agir comme le renard, immanquablement, le hérisson en vous va émerger. C’est-à-dire que si vous construisez sur les contradictions, la question de la valeur va émerger. Si vous cherchez à préserver la mémoire, la question de votre identité va émerger. Si vous recherchez les modèles, la question de la vérité va émerger. Si vous cherchez l’aventure, incontestablement, la question de l’amour, de la passion pour ce que vous faites, va émerger.”
    Une parabole, parfois verbeuse ou grandiloquente sur le management des hommes et des organisations, mais finalement plus réflexive qu’il pouvait n’y paraître, et qui au final, souligne que les valeurs sur lesquelles se fondent aujourd’hui une grande part du discours du management doivent peut-être devenir un peu plus complexes pour affronter des temps difficiles.

              Registered Nurse - Iroquois Memorial Hospital - Watseka, IL   
    Satellite Clinics Registered Nurse PRN; Monday - Friday, flexible day hours IN & IL RN license CPR Certification Closing Date: 06/30
    From Iroquois Memorial Hospital - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 18:41:31 GMT - View all Watseka, IL jobs
              Certified Medical Assistant - Iroquois Memorial Hospital - Watseka, IL   
    Satellite Clinics Float Certified Medical Assistant Full-time Monday - Friday, flexible day hours; 36 - 40 hours per week Flexible to work at all of IMH
    From Iroquois Memorial Hospital - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 18:41:30 GMT - View all Watseka, IL jobs
              Patient Account Representative - Iroquois Memorial Hospital - Watseka, IL   
    Satellite Clinics Patient Account Representative PRN; Flexible day hours, Monday - Friday CPR certification Strong customer service and computer skills is
    From Iroquois Memorial Hospital - Fri, 12 May 2017 09:48:45 GMT - View all Watseka, IL jobs
              Mid-level Provider - NP/PA, PRN - Iroquois Memorial Hospital - Watseka, IL   
    Satellite Clinics Mid-level Provider - Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant PRN; Saturday: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. for Walk-in Clinic; flexible schedule during
    From Iroquois Memorial Hospital - Thu, 27 Apr 2017 10:52:44 GMT - View all Watseka, IL jobs
              Mid-level Provider - NP/PA - Iroquois Memorial Hospital - Watseka, IL   
    Satellite Clinics Mid-level Provider - Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant PRN; Saturday hours, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. flexible day hours at our other Satellite
    From Iroquois Memorial Hospital - Thu, 27 Apr 2017 10:52:42 GMT - View all Watseka, IL jobs
              Commercial Satellite Imaging Market Production, Revenue, Price Trend & Forecast Report, 2022   
    Commercial Satellite Imaging Market Production, Revenue, Price Trend & Forecast Report, 2022 Commercial Satellite Imaging Market Report, published by Allied Market Research, forecasts that the global market is expected to garner $5,275 million by 2022, registering a CAGR of 11.5% during the period 2016 - 2022.The defense sector is expected to dominate

              Commercial Satellite Imaging: Intelligence as Larger Application Unlocks Wealth of Opportunities   
    Commercial Satellite Imaging: Intelligence as Larger Application Unlocks Wealth of Opportunities Global Commercial Satellite Imaging Market: Snapshot Satellite imagery refers to the pictures of earth or various other planets which is collected by special imaging satellites that is operated by commercial businesses and governments across the globe. The companies in the

              Samsung P2770HD 27″ Widescreen LCD Monitor w/ HDTV Tuner – 50,000:1 (DC), 5ms, DTV Tuner, HDMI   
    List Price: $505.98 Get it For $329.99 at Buy.com Expiry Date:    Limited Time Offer Only HOT DEAL! The Samsung P2770HD widescreen HDTV monitor features digital TV tuner and digital device support to connect easily to your cable/satellite box, Blu-ray player, gaming system or computer. HDMI connections and 1080p support ensure that no matter what [...]
              Worst Case Possible Comes True: Louisiana Sinking Fast   


    For the last 80 years, the coast of the U.S. state of Louisiana has been losing land to water in the Gulf of Mexico. The land has been disappearing through a natural process called subsidence.

    But scientists now say Louisiana is sinking faster than they thought.

    Worst-case scenario

    A new study shows that the Louisiana coast is sinking at an average rate of nine millimeters – almost one centimeter – per year.

    Torbjörn E. Törnqvist is a geologist at Tulane University in New Orleans. He is one of the writers the study, published June 14 in the Geological Society of America’s GSA Today.

    He says the new rate is higher than other recent studies have shown. And, he adds, the finding is not good news.

    “That rate is about the same as what in previous studies has been cited as the worst case scenario. So the more pessimistic numbers that people have used in the past. Well, it turns out that those are the rates that are actually happening.”

    And the news gets worse. Törnqvist says that, in addition to the land dropping into the water, climate change is causing sea levels to rise at a rate of about 3 millimeters a year in the area.

    He says the sea level rise is “almost certain to increase in the future,” and at a faster rate by the end of the century.

    The combination of the land sinking and the sea rising means the Louisiana coast “has one of the highest rates of sea level rise to the land anywhere in the world.”

    “You can look at maps or satellites images of parts of the coast and see what it looked like, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago and compare that to what it looks like today and the differences are staggering in many cases. There are areas that were still solid marshland 50 years ago and now it’s entirely open water.”

    Buras, Louisiana 1932 (Credit: US Geological Survey, Department of the Interior/USGS) Buras, Louisiana 1932 (Credit: US Geological Survey, Department of the Interior/USGS)

    Buras, Louisiana in 2006, 74 years later. (Credit US Geological Survey, Department of the Interior/USGS) Buras, Louisiana in 2006, 74 years later. (Credit US Geological Survey, Department of the Interior/USGS)

    For their study, the researchers used a new method. They combined GPS, or satellite system measurements, rods and instruments to measure both deep underwater and surface rates.

    They measured 274 sites along the Louisiana coast. While they found the average loss rate was 9 millimeters a year, some areas lost more than 2 centimeters, and others almost none.

    Researchers created a map showing where – and by how much – land is sinking along the coast.

    Why is Louisiana so vulnerable?

    Louisiana sits where one of America’s largest river, the Mississippi, empties into the Gulf of Mexico. The river has been naturally dropping mud and sediment along the coast for probably thousands of years.

    However, the coastline lacks strong bedrock, so the land washes away easily.

    Jimmy Frederick works for the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL). He explains that human activities have changed the natural process of the river adding and removing sediment.

    For example, the levees built to protect New Orleans and other cities changed the flow of sediment. Now the sediment moves farther into gulf waters instead of along Louisiana’s coast.

    Don Noel carries his daughter Alexis, 8, with his wife Lauren, right as they walk through a flooded roadway to check on their boat in the West End section of New Orleans, Wednesday, June 21, 2017. Don Noel carries his daughter Alexis, 8, with his wife Lauren, right as they walk through a flooded roadway to check on their boat in the West End section of New Orleans, Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

    The state of Louisiana is also rich in oil and gas. Half the nation’s oil refining ability is in the state. Its busy ports carry goods up and down the river. Trucks then carry them across the country.

    Frederick says extracting the oil and gas has meant cutting into the marshland and harming some areas along the coast.

    At the same time, losing coastline affects the oil, gas and other industries – and, therefore, the U.S. economy.

    When Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in 2005, oil production was shut down for three days. As a result, the price of gasoline nationwide rose an average of 46 cents.

    What can be done?

    Jimmy Frederick’s organization, the CRCL, worked on a state plan to stop the land loss. The $50 billion plan aims to restore Louisiana’s coast.

    It also aims to protect the state from its frequent tropical storms and hurricanes. Just last week, Tropical Storm Cindy damaged the levee on Grand Isle, Louisiana, and left a highway covered in water.

    The Louisiana state plan is to move sediment back into the wetlands. Frederick explains that, simply said, the engineers would cut holes in the levees.

    “So that at times the river can then flow as it naturally would and replenish the wetlands, and that will help a couple of things. That will help keep up with sea level rise a little bit better because Louisiana, as you know, is sinking very, very quickly, because of our geology but also because of sea level rise.”

    When the projects are completed, they will add or maintain almost 1,300 kilometers of coastal land and wetlands.

    The project is delayed until the U.S. government approves the plan.

    The CRCL says help cannot come soon enough because, on average, Louisiana loses 91 meters of land to the gulf every hour. Since 1932, the state has lost over 3,050 kilometers.

    Geologist Torbjörn E. Törnqvist says the most important way to fix the coastline is to do something about climate change. If we do not, he warns, “then it’s going to be an unfixable problem,” and sea levels will rise at much higher rates than we see today.

    I’m Anne Ball.

    Anne Ball wrote this story for Learning English. Kelly Jean Kelly was the editor. We want to hear from you. Write to us in the Comments Section.

    Words in This Story

    subsidence – n. the sinking or lowering of an area of land.

    worst case scenario – phrase. the most serious or damaging thing that could happen in a situation

    pessimistic – adj. having or showing a lack of hope for the future : expecting bad things to happen

    staggering – adj. very large, shocking, or surprising

    marshland – n. an area of soft and wet land

    rod – n. a straight, thin stick or bar

    sediment – n. material that sinks to the bottom of a liquid

    bedrock – n. the solid rock that lies under the surface of the ground

    levee – n. a long wall of soil built along a river to prevent flooding

    extract – v. to remove (something) by pulling it out or cutting it out

    replenish – v. to fill or build up (something) again

              Deal or no deal?   

    It seems that the confusion in Bali is still not yet over, not even for the BBC's news gathering resources.

    Just over an hour ago, the Bali negotiations were the first item on the Radio 5 Live news bulletin, for what seems like the first time this week. They quoted UK Environment Minister Hilary Benn as saying that a deal had still not been reached.

    Yet over on the BBC website, the latest news on their Bali section is that

    [quote]Negotiators at the UN climate summit in Bali have adjourned talks, with the UN senior climate official saying they were "on the brink" of a deal.[/quote]

    Now, I've just been watching the BBC's flagship Newsnight programme. Their opening item is on Bali, with a report on the current state of play from their science correspondent Susan Watt.

    I'll provide a link to their video report just as soon as it hits their site, but for starters here's my quick notes on who said what (nothing verbatim):

    • An exhasted-looking Hilary Benn gives the same quote as I heard on the radio - that there were 2 teams working on the details, but negotiations were still continuing. (This must have been recorded as he was leaving the negotiations late last night).
    • Next up (and without my prior knowledge I have to underline) is my E3G colleague Tom Burke. He sets out his view on why there is such resistence from the USA: the rightwing political project has identified that climate change, and the response to it ,is a major threat to their agenda of small government, limited regulation, and low taxation.
    • Saleemul Huq of IIED (and an openDemocracy author) points out that China et al are willing to come on board if the US takes the lead. He returns a few minutes later to highlight how there are other voices from US who have been much more prominent in Bali - not least Al Gore.
    • John Sauven of Greenpeace UK states that binding targets for developed countries must be at the core of any succesful deal, before returning to point out how all of this stalling is eating up time which is not on our side.

    Then it's over to the BBC's Environment Analyst Roger Harrabin live from the Bali early morning.

    He says that he thinks a deal will be achieved, and that the Indonesian team are talking to last few stragglers. Delegations are expected to return with an hour and a half or so to start final discussions.

    His understanding is that the EU has had to make severe concessions to get a deal. So what of substance is left? It's not just the likely absence of targets - the language of 'commitments' has been changed to 'actions'.

    Last night, the EU spokesman had been bullish that the targets the EU wanted to see would be in the document, but will they now be consigned to a footnote? Harrabin asks if the Bali declaration will really set out a clear roadmap that pegs politicians to the science?

    Back to Emily Maitlis in the Newsnight Studio for a live interview via satellite with Kurt Volker, deputy assistant secretary of state in the US State Department. He immediately says that the USA is commited to agreeing a deal, but that policies need to be in place to sustain a goal. It's one thing to have a number, another to make it work.

    But does the US accept the need for targets?, he is asked, What about the calls from the IPCC science for cuts of 25-40% by 2020?

    Volker's response: the USA has accepted need to make substantial reductions.

    But does the US accept that range?

    Volker: Under George W Bush they've set a target to reduce gasoline consumption by 20%. That's a real policy. Oh, and the USA are one of the largest funders of climate science research apparently.

    Questioned again: when will US emissions actually go down?

    Answer: But no one can tell you how that will happen. We've had Kyoto targets but emissions have risen across the board. So you've got to have actual policies that produce results.

    Maitlis again: without even a headline commitment, how you can you possibly make this work? The ministers in Bali are putting the pieces of the jigsaw together, and waiting for the administration to change - you are becoming irrelevant... [great metaphor by the way]

    Volker: But it's not just the US. Numerical caps don't apply to developing countries, other developed countried are in support.

    Maitlis: As you may have heard in our report, China & Inda are happy to take action, but look to the US as global leader to set the pace.

    Volker: We are very happy to join with others to set out post-2012 framework (includes plenty of suggestions but nothing sounds very concrete). The US has a comparable rate of emissions growth as Europe.

    Update: you can now view tonight's newsnight programme online by clicking 'Watch latest programme' on their homepage.

    You can also comment on their blog.

              NASA Sees Tropical Cyclone Ernie Intensify    
    The storm formerly known as tropical cyclone 15S, now called Tropical Cyclone Ernie continued to strengthen as NASA's Aqua satellite captured a visible image that showed the storm developed an eye.
              Satellites map carbon sequestered by forests, with accuracy of up to ten metres   
    Led by VTT, the EU North State project has developed a new method of using satellite images to evaluate the forest carbon balance. The carbon balance indicates how much carbon is sequestered or released by forests each year. This enables the carbon balance to be displayed on digital maps, with an accuracy of up to ten metres.
              Antenna Theater Celebrates All You Need Is LOVE Anniversary   

    June 25th was the 50th of All You Need Is LOVE , the Pride parade and a beautifu sunny day in San Francisco. Many of you might have seen SkyHearts over the City this last Sunday and wondered why?

    Was it a wedding proposal?...no

    Was it for the Giants game?....no

    Was it part of the Pride Celebration?...yes and more

    Fifty years ago, on June 25, 1967, the Beatles introduced their iconic hit "All You Need is Love" in a live performance during the world's first global satellite broadcast. The song quickly became the anthem for San Francisco's (and the world's) Summer of Love and has continued to radiate its profound message to all of us right up to this day.

    It's hard to imagine more serendipitous events surrounding this celebration. The 50th anniversary of the song fell on this Sunday, amazingly the same Sunday as the Pride parade. So the city is filled with lovers or all kinds from all around the world. Some came to celebrate Pride others to celebrate the 50th of the Summer of LOVE, some both. San Francisco is filled with good vibes these days. And sunshine.

    Back Story

    More than a year ago Chris Hardman, artistic director of Antenna Theater, decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of All You Need Is LOVE and began organizing an event. During this time Chris wondered if the BBC, the original producers of the All You Need Is LOVE might also be planning an event. He got hold of the BBC and 'lo and behold' they were. This started a global collaboration with the BBC planning on producing musical tributes all around the world. The BBC wanted to use famous bridges around the world as a backdrop and as a metaphor: we can bridge our differences. Hardman's idea was to have skywriters draw a heart in the center of the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Then about four months ago the BBC bailed.

    But the dream did not die, and on June 25th, the SkyHearts appeared thanks to the generosity of Now Share Love www.nowsharelove.org.

    The Magic Bus www.magicbussf.com was also invited as part of the lead contingent in the Pride Parade to celebrate the 50th of All You Need Is LOVE and generally the Summer of LOVE with its invitation to become a participant in a dream instead of a cog in a machine.

    The Dream Continues

    Sunday, October 1 2017 SkyHearts over the Golden Gate Bridge
    In the afternoon of October 1, two skywriters will draw large SkyHearts over the Golden Gate Bridge. People are invited to to find a spot with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge to witness this sweet vision. Synchronized music and an invitation to sing "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" will be part of the festivities.

              Installation Technician   
    MT-Missoula, As a DIRECTV Technician -Installation, you will be responsible for providing our customers excellentservice through installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading satellite TVsystems. Essential Duties andResponsibilities include: Preparing for installations by reviewing installation orders, gathering equipment, supplies and tools and coordinating schedules with customers. Planning installations by eva
              Installation Technician   
    MT-Kalispell, As a DIRECTV Technician -Installation, you will be responsible for providing our customers excellentservice through installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading satellite TVsystems. Essential Duties andResponsibilities include: Preparing for installations by reviewing installation orders, gathering equipment, supplies and tools and coordinating schedules with customers. Planning installations by eva
              Installation Technician   
    MT-Glendive, As a DIRECTV Technician -Installation, you will be responsible for providing our customers excellentservice through installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading satellite TVsystems. Essential Duties andResponsibilities include: Preparing for installations by reviewing installation orders, gathering equipment, supplies and tools and coordinating schedules with customers. Planning installations by eva
              Installation Technician   
    MT-Billings, As a DIRECTV Technician -Installation, you will be responsible for providing our customers excellentservice through installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading satellite TVsystems. Essential Duties andResponsibilities include: Preparing for installations by reviewing installation orders, gathering equipment, supplies and tools and coordinating schedules with customers. Planning installations by eva
              Installation Technician   
    CO-Castle Rock, As a DIRECTV Technician -Installation, you will be responsible for providing our customers excellentservice through installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading satellite TVsystems. Essential Duties andResponsibilities include: Preparing for installations by reviewing installation orders, gathering equipment, supplies and tools and coordinating schedules with customers. Planning installations by eva
              Installation Technician   
    CO-Littleton, As a DIRECTV Technician -Installation, you will be responsible for providing our customers excellentservice through installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading satellite TVsystems. Essential Duties andResponsibilities include: Preparing for installations by reviewing installation orders, gathering equipment, supplies and tools and coordinating schedules with customers. Planning installations by eva
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    CO-Centennial, As a DIRECTV Technician -Installation, you will be responsible for providing our customers excellentservice through installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading satellite TVsystems. Essential Duties andResponsibilities include: Preparing for installations by reviewing installation orders, gathering equipment, supplies and tools and coordinating schedules with customers. Planning installations by eva
              Installation Technician   
    CO-Lone Tree, As a DIRECTV Technician -Installation, you will be responsible for providing our customers excellentservice through installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading satellite TVsystems. Essential Duties andResponsibilities include: Preparing for installations by reviewing installation orders, gathering equipment, supplies and tools and coordinating schedules with customers. Planning installations by eva
              Installation Technician   
    CO-Highlands Ranch, As a DIRECTV Technician -Installation, you will be responsible for providing our customers excellentservice through installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading satellite TVsystems. Essential Duties andResponsibilities include: Preparing for installations by reviewing installation orders, gathering equipment, supplies and tools and coordinating schedules with customers. Planning installations by eva
              Installation Technician   
    CO-Greenwood Village, As a DIRECTV Technician -Installation, you will be responsible for providing our customers excellentservice through installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading satellite TVsystems. Essential Duties andResponsibilities include: Preparing for installations by reviewing installation orders, gathering equipment, supplies and tools and coordinating schedules with customers. Planning installations by eva
              Installation Technician   
    CO-Evergreen, As a DIRECTV Technician -Installation, you will be responsible for providing our customers excellentservice through installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading satellite TVsystems. Essential Duties andResponsibilities include: Preparing for installations by reviewing installation orders, gathering equipment, supplies and tools and coordinating schedules with customers. Planning installations by eva
              Installation Technician   
    CO-Englewood, As a DIRECTV Technician -Installation, you will be responsible for providing our customers excellentservice through installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading satellite TVsystems. Essential Duties andResponsibilities include: Preparing for installations by reviewing installation orders, gathering equipment, supplies and tools and coordinating schedules with customers. Planning installations by eva
              Fun With Navy Medicine, Continued...   
    Not sure which part I am on, seems to have been going on for quite some time now. I have had my left ulna nerve moved to fix another problem that was unforeseen before. I believe I am on day 3 of recovery since the surgery. Hopefully, and God willing, this will be that last surgery on my left arm.
    I reenlisted for the last time on Monday, this will bring me to 19 years and change. Which is enough to get me to retirement.( Application for retirement can happen 14 months out from the desired date.) It was noted that I had several officers at the ceremony, which I only formally invited two. I reenlisted at the Aviation Memorial at MCAS New River in front of the CH-46 Sea Knight.
              Walkie talkie Android apps for your phone/tablet   
    Lately I have been looking for Android apps that can enable walkie talkie (intercom) functionality over LAN/wifi/bluetooth. Normal internet based options are not ideal as we live in a very remote area with no powerlines, phonelines or wired anything. We also don’t generally get reliable cell phone reception. So satellite internet (WildBlue) is our primary internet connection. Latency is too high and bandwidth too precious, to really support reliable voice communications when it has to be routed out over the internet
              John Calhoun: positive guy   
    John Calhoun is on the air weeknights at K-Hits (WJMK-FM), and he talks about his successful music radio and voiceover career, including his early days in Mason City (at KRIB, where Bob Wittnebel was his program director and is a listener to this pod) and Cedar Rapids in Iowa; how technology changed music radio; working in Oklahoma City and Kansas City before going to Chicago; how he got to Chicago at WEFM; how he’s stayed motivated and positive; why he left radio after working at The Point (WPNT-FM); working at WJMK and WGN at the same time; his great experience at the Satellite Music Network; how doing sales has helped him as talent; what makes good on-air performance, and more.

    Click the link below to play, or download it by right-clicking (on a PC) or holding down the CTRL key and clicking on it (for Mac).


    In the interview, this is his Fakebook post that I asked him about:

    This is for you friends that are unemployed, under-employed, or facing a career crisis. Three years ago today, I lost my job. This happens all the time in the radio business. I had been fired before, but there were red flags alerting me to what may be coming. This time however, I was completely blindsided. I held that position for six years. I enjoyed working there and had developed good relationships with my fellow employees.

    Fast-forward to today. I've been working full-time at K-HiTS for 13 months. My voice-over business continues to grow. My income has increased substantially. The station (K-HiTS) is performing better than ever. I'm proud and very grateful to be a part of this team. Life is good.

    Enough about me. What can you do to improve your situation? If you're unemployed, file for unemployment compensation right away. Then, landing a new job becomes your full-time job. You are now a salesperson. What are you selling? The many benefits you can offer a prospective employer.

    Promote yourself in every way possible. Email, voicemail, regular (USPS) mail, texts, social media, jobsites, word-of-mouth, etc. Do whatever you can to make yourself stand out from the crowd of job applicants that are competing with you.

    You will encounter plenty of rejection. Treat it as the price of doing business. Do not take it personally.

    Are you a person of faith? Then pray! Have your family and friends pray on your behalf. Prayer may be the single most valuable tool available to you. Yet it costs nothing.
    "One door closes, another door opens." You've heard that before and it's true. Now, go find that open door!

              Fake News From Fossbytes and Techworm   

              Tanjong Agas, Pekan, Pahang ~ Mahaguru58's Travelogue Pt.2. More photos from my trip.   
    Most of the villagers houses which used to be made of wooden planks and zinc roofed are slowly being renovated to brick walled houses and the marshy surroundings being stabilized with soil and sand.
    As you can see in the photo above, those who are better off today have even upgraded their once dilapidated wooden houses to bungalows with better roofing as evidenced by the scene above.

    Many can afford to buy Malaysian made cars such as depicted in the photo here. Alhamdulillah! Praise be to Allah!
    There were quite a number of goats wandering about rummaging through the trash heap and bleating their way across the village road in search of food. 

    It was fun hearing them bleat as they pleased whilst scampering away whenever a motorcycle or car approached.
    Soon, we will no longer see the dilapidated wooden houses at Tanjong Agas anymore as each villager who can afford to will upgrade and renovate his or her house according to their means. 

    In a way, you can say that development is taking place at this rural area. In fact, the village is even connected to the internet courtesy of the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development which has enabled free WiFi for the area.

    A notice board announcing the free WiFi connection to the internet provided for the Tanjong Agas villagers by the Ministry for Rural and Regional Development.
    The current Minister is the highly controversial YB Dato Seri Haji Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who is known for his out of the norm approaches to help elevate the condition of the Malay Muslims and the general Malaysian population. 

    He was quite vocal in asking the greedy traders especially those from the Chinese community to bring down prices of goods here in Malaysia for refusing to do so even after the Government had reduced the petrol and diesel fuel prices.
    He received quite a lot of support for his firm stand despite the witch hunt to pressure the PM to sack him spearheaded by DAP, the main Chinese majority Opposition party here.

    There is a bridge connecting the inner part of the Tanjong Agas village to the main road. There was quite a heavy traffic plying on the bridge as villagers drove their cars and rode motorcycles and bicycles across incessantly.
    The bridge connecting villagers to the Tanjong Agas main road.
    Safety seems not important to these boys as they ride a motorcycle at Tanjong Agas.
    Guess, they learn to do so from their elders seen above riding motorcycles without crash helmets as well.
    Girls too ride without donning crash helmets along the village road. So, don't be surprised if there are serious injuries or even fatalities if an accident was to take place here as a result of these villagers nonchalant attitude when riding motorcycles.
     Amongst the bridge road users was this girl riding her bicycle and a goat as they passed each other.
    The girl glancing at the bleating goat as it made its way seeking for something to eat at the village area.
    An idyllic scene before me as the little Malay girl in her tudung @ hijab cycled away as the bleating goat trotted on the road. Scenes that you can only see at rural areas like Tanjong Agas to this day.
    There was a bus bearing the name 'RAHMAT ALAM' plying the road at the Tanjong Agas village. Those without their own mode of transportation would surely be taking this bus to the town.

    'Rahmat Alam' means 'Natural Grace' in Malay. It surely lives up to its name as it provides a valuable service to the rural folk to travel at an affordable cost.
    A postcard picture scenery at this coastal village where the coconut trees serve as a natural backdrop at the riverbank where small sampans @ boats belonging to the village fishermen are tied up.
    It was this photographer's delight to come across beautiful scenes like this and I snapped away under the blistering sun as it was midday and the sun was really quite scorching.
    It was quite a contrast of sorts to see dilapidated village houses like this yet having the Astro satellite TV dish fixed to the wooden structure.

    Rural they may be but they are not out of touch with what's going on in the world.
    With the advent of the smartphone, Tanjong Agas Malay villagers like this man here keep in touch with the latest news and views care of the free wireless internet connection provided by the Malaysian Government.
    This is the village grocery store where villagers frequent to buy their needs. One stop center for the latest new, gossips and whatnot. :P
    Also the main hangout area for the villagers goats which constantly scavenge for leftovers and whatever is edible from amongst the trash.

    If we city dwellers have our motorcars parked nearby, here at Tanjong Agas, some villagers have their sampans just outside by the riverbank.

    Maybe the villagers need to tidy up their place in order to promote better hygiene and health for themselves instead of letting trash decompose right out side their homes as in the photo here.
    Sampans parked at the riverbank, ready to be propelled out to sea in seeking their living from fishing at the South China Sea.

    More to come in Part 3, the last part of this Tanjong Agas Mahaguru58's travelogue. Thanks for reading.

    Hope you enjoyed this post. 

              Installation Technician - Digital Connect - Gananoque, ON   
    Job duties include: Installing subscriber modules on customers homes, running cables, and drilling holes. Pointing and Installing Satellite dishes. Set up of...
    From Indeed - Wed, 24 May 2017 01:01:42 GMT - View all Gananoque, ON jobs
              The Sneaky Danger of Space Dust   
    When tiny particles of space debris slam into satellites, the collision could cause the emission of hardware-frying radiation. Christopher Intagliata reports. 

    -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

              Senior Executive - Accenture India Pvt. Ltd - Yelahanka Satellite Town, Karnataka   
    My Responsibility is to maintain the Bills Receivable from customer by maintaining the detail account and doing Bills Payable of transaction n sending it to ₹1,80,000 a year
    From Indeed - Thu, 11 May 2017 08:01:43 GMT - View all Yelahanka Satellite Town, Karnataka jobs
              FillonGATE : La liste des entreprises terroristes receleurs du putsch Soro Ouattara   
    par Yanick Toutain
    17 février 2017

    « notre part de marché baisse,
    mais la taille du gâteau augmente.
     Si notre part baisse,
    c’est parce que de plus en plus de monde
     s’intéresse à la Côte d’Ivoire,
     et c’est bon signe pour nous »
    Jean-Christophe Belliard,
    ancien directeur Afrique au ministère 
    des Affaires étrangères


    Bolloré Africa logistics  Sitarail, Air France CMA-CGM Airbus  Orange
    Canal + (Vivendi) Société générale (SGBCI)  BNP Paribas (BICICI)  Axa
      société Franzetti du groupe Veolia  Bouygues société Matière sociétés Fayat et Vinci
    Danone, Castel et La Compagnie fruitière , groupe antillais Bernard Hayot
      Touton et Cémoi Bel Carrefour  A
    ccor Total  Alstom 
    Eranove  ( CIPREL+Compagnie ivoirienne d’électricité (CIE)  SODECI..) Engie  Raidco Marine Thalès



    Fillon a reçu 200 000 € de AXA par sa société écran 2F Conseil
    C'était évidemment la corruption en remerciement de l'installation des terrroristes en Côte d'Ivoire
    Sarkozy et Fillon agissaient sur instruction de Johnnie Carson pour téléguider les milices dozos dont Henri de Castries a été intronisé chef coutumier par celui qui organisait dès le printemps 2010 les premières tentatives (ratées) de trucage des élections, le terroriste Beugré Mambé qu'on voit sur la photo.

    Mais on découvre d'autres circuits de corruption terroriste.
    On apprend aujourd'hui

    Invité à quatre reprises à l’étranger par les Entretiens de Royaumont - à Varsovie en 2014, Madrid en 2015, Abou Dhabi et Rabat en 2016 - François Fillon aurait été rémunéré pour sa participation à chacun de ces déplacements. Contrairement aux autres intervenants. Libération a interrogé plusieurs d’entre eux, qui ont confirmé n’avoir obtenu aucune gratification. (Ouest France)

    Donc les entreprises terroristes ont trouvé le moyen de sponsoriser Fillon indirectement !!!

    Quel est donc cette mystérieuse organisation ?


    Commencez par ne pas croire Google

    Lisons plutôt Wikipédia que ces voyous capitalistes se prenant pour des intellectuels

    Jérôme Chartier relance en 2003, avec le soutien de Serge DassaultCharles MilhaudJean-Luc Decornoy et Vincent Montagne, le cycle des Entretiens de Royaumont qu'avait créé en 1947 Henry Goüin et qui avait disparu durant les années 1960.
    Carole Vézilier Commissaire Générale et Jean-Pierre Yalcin, Commissaire Général adjoint de la manifestation lancent en novembre 2013, au château royal de Varsovie la première édition des « Entretiens de Varsovie », directement inspirés des « Entretiens de Royaumont », et organisés par la Chambre de commerce et d'industrie française en Pologne (CCIFP) sous le patronage de l'Ambassade de France, du Sénat de la République de Pologne et de la Fondation Jean Monnet pour l'Europe1. De même, se déroulent à partir de 2014 les « Entretiens de Madrid » et les « Entretiens de Casablanca », tout deux issus de ceux de Royaumont2.
    Quelles sont leurs réflexions ?

    • 2003 : « La France recule-t-elle ? »
    • 2004 : « La politique est-elle un métier ? »
    • 2005 : « Faut-il partir pour réussir ? »
    • 2006 : « Et si vous étiez président de la république ? »
    • 2008 : « Structurer la croissance française »
    • 2009 : « Rêvons le capitalisme »
    • 2010 : « Réussir la France 2030 »
    • 2011 : « Aimer la France »
    • 2012 : « Réinventer le travail »
    • 2013 : « Nouveaux pays émergents : construire une relation durable »
    • 2014 : « Impôts, dette publique, croissance: construire un triangle vertueux »
    • 2015 : « Et vous, comment êtes-vous Green ? »
    • 2016 : « Croyant et citoyen »
    On remarque que pour 2012 il s'agit de maintenir les salaires africains à 50 euros
    et que pour 2013 il s'agit de se congratuler pour l'envoi réussi de jihadistes au Mali !

    Logique pour ces patrons terroristes d'inviter les idéologues de DAECH
    Parmi les invités, on trouve deux membres de l’UOIF : le recteur de la Grande Mosquée de Bordeaux (et proche d’Alain Juppé) Tarek Oubrou et El Hassan Oukfer, directeur du lycée « Avérroes », piloté officiellement par les Frères Musulmans. Est également présent Anouar Kbibech, l’actuel président du CFCM, issu du MUR (les Frères Musulmans Marocains). Les Frères Musulmans, dont l’UOIF est l’émanation en France, sont considérés comme une organisation terroriste dans plusieurs pays du monde. (source)

    Mais l'essentiel ce sont les sponsors
    Les Entretiens de Royaumont offrent la possibilité chaque année à quelques entreprises de rejoindre le cercle restreint de leurs partenaires de soutien.Cette démarche personnelle marque la volonté pour une entreprise de contribuer à soutenir le débat public où le monde économique, politique, culturel et social se retrouvent ensemble pour construire l’avenir d’une société empreinte de justice, d’équité et de liberté.Vous souhaitez devenir un partenaire engagé dans cette démarche inédite en France ? Adressez-nous ce formulaire, nos équipes prendront contact avec vous 

    Seulement voilà quand on regarde les entreprises partenaires, on découvre des figurants et.... les principales entreprises voyous receleurs du putsch terroriste en Côte d'ivoire

    Des entreprises terroristes dont la liste est utilement donnée par Philippe Cochet
    « Le but de ce rapport est de lever les idées toutes faites sur la Côte d'Ivoire », indique Philippe Cochet, le président de la mission d'information sur la Côte d'Ivoire. Le document revient en détail sur les problèmes fonciers, sur l'économie du pays et notamment sur la tendance pour Abidjan à nouer des partenariats avec des interlocuteurs Chinois, Marocains et Nigerians. Ce rapport livre par ailleurs une observation détaillée de la vie politique ivoirienne. 
    Ne cherchez pas dans ce rapport voyou et mensonger mention de l'attaque de la télévision ivoirienne par les terroristes de Soro sous la protection des miliciens ONUCI de Jean-Marie Bourry
     Tout ce qui est mentionné dans le rapport, à part cette liste est partial.
    Chaque crime imputé (logiquement) aux terroristes de Sarkozy Fillon Johnnie Carson Clinton, ce crime est noyé dans une incrimination des victimes d'un putsch depuis 2002

    - Des positions clés dans plusieurs secteurs Tous les grands groupes français traditionnellement présents en Afrique sont implantés en Côte d’Ivoire. Ces filiales occupent des positions très importantes dans la plupart des secteurs de l’économie ivoirienne.
    Dans le transport, Bolloré Africa logistics est un acteur important du trafic maritime. Il est concessionnaire du quai conteneurs sur le port d’Abidjan et adjudicataire du futur second terminal sur ce port qui devrait être opérationnel en 2018. Celui-ci sera réalisé par des entreprises chinoises, sur financement chinois. Bolloré est également positionné dans le transport ferroviaire à travers sa filiale Sitarail, qui exploite la ligne de chemin de fer reliant Abidjan à Ouagadougou. D’autres groupes comme Air France ou la CMA-CGM (transport maritime) sont également implantés. La compagnie Air Côte d’Ivoire a passé commande auprès d’Airbus pour cinq appareils livrables entre 2017 et 2021.
    Orange est leader du marché de la téléphonie fixe et mobile en Côte d’Ivoire et s’appuie sur sa filiale ivoirienne pour réaliser une part de son expansion en Afrique de l’ouest. L’entreprise a notamment créé à Abidjan le plus grand centre de traitement des données d’Afrique de l’ouest. Dans le domaine de la télévision par câble et par satellite, Canal + (Vivendi) était jusqu’à présent en situation de monopole, étant le seul opérateur autorisé par la Haute autorité de la communication audiovisuelle (HACA) ivoirienne. Celle-ci a cependant ouvert ce secteur à la concurrence du chinois Startimes et de deux sociétés ivoiriennes en mars dernier. Actuellement, Canal + compte 300 000 abonnés à son bouquet de 200 chaînes dans le pays.
    Dans le secteur bancaire, les entreprises françaises ont perdu du terrain face aux banques marocaines, mais la filiale de la Société générale (SGBCI) reste la première banque du pays. Elle vient d’ailleurs d’ouvrir une salle de marchés régionale à Abidjan chargée de gérer les activités de change de l’ensemble des filiales du groupe dans l’UEMOA et peut-être, à terme, dans toute l’Afrique subsaharienne. La filiale de BNP Paribas (BICICI) est quant à elle la quatrième banque du pays. Au total, les banques françaises sont à égalité avec les banques marocaines pour le montant des crédits accordés. Axa est présente dans le secteur des assurances.
    Dans le secteur du BTP, la société Franzetti du groupe Veolia est restée active malgré la crise. Le groupe Bouygues occupe également une place de premier plan ; il a notamment réalisé la construction du troisième pont d’Abidjan (le pont Henri Konan Bédié) et devrait participer à la construction du métro d’Abidjan à travers un consortium franco-coréen. Par ailleurs, la société Matière a décroché un contrat pour la construction de treize ponts métalliques en milieu rural, financée par un prêt du Trésor. Les sociétés Fayat et Vinci sont également présentes.
    Dans le domaine agro-alimentaire, DanoneCastel et La Compagnie fruitière sont bien implantées en Côte d’Ivoire. Le groupe antillais Bernard Hayot a relancé la concurrence en investissant dans la culture de bananes. Dans le secteur de la transformation du cacao, à côté des géants américain (Cargill), suisse (Nestlé), singapourien (Olam), les Français Touton et Cémoi sont présents et occupent une place certes proportionnellement modeste. Cependant, Cémoi a ouvert en 2015 la première usine de fabrication de chocolat du pays. Il était ainsi le premier acteur à maîtriser l’ensemble de la filière, de la fève au chocolat. Bel a par ailleurs ouvert en mars 2016 une usine pour produire la Vache qui rit en Côte d’Ivoire.
    Dans le secteur de la distribution, Carrefour a ouvert, en partenariat avec CFAO, désormais japonais, son premier hypermarché en Afrique subsaharienne au sein du nouveau centre commercial Playce Marcory. Un deuxième Carrefour devait ouvrir en janvier 2017 à Abidjan. Accor est un acteur prépondérant du secteur de l’hôtellerie ivoirienne, où toute sa gamme d’hôtels est représentée.
    Dans le secteur de l’énergie, Total est leader dans la distribution, le trading et l’exploration-production en Côte d’Ivoire. Alstom a conclu un contrat pour la fourniture de quatre turbines dans le cadre de la réalisation du barrage de Soudré qui est assurée par le Chinois SynoHydroEranove est un acteur majeur du secteur de l’électricité à la fois pour la production, à travers sa filiale CIPREL, et pour le transport et la distribution, par sa participation dans la Compagnie ivoirienne d’électricité (CIE). Le groupe est par ailleurs actionnaire de la Société de distribution d’eau de Côte d’Ivoire, la SODECI. Enfin, Engie a installé son premier bureau en Afrique de l’ouest à Abidjan en janvier 2016 et aurait des projets d’investissements dans les domaines du gaz naturel liquéfié (GNL) et des centrales à gaz.
    Enfin, dans le domaine de la défense, l’entreprise Raidco Marine a livré trois patrouilleurs au ministère de la défense en 2015 et Thalès a été retenu pour fournir un système de suivi, de contrôle et de surveillance maritime pour le ministère de la production animale et des ressources halieutiques. Le groupe est par ailleurs en négociation pour la fourniture d’un système de vidéosurveillance pour Abidjan dans le cadre d’un consortium avec le Chinois Huawei.

    On voit les vautours esclavagistes se repaitre

    Cependant, d’après les statistiques données par la Direction générale du Trésor, les entreprises françaises continuent aujourd’hui à occuper une place centrale dans l’économie ivoirienne. La France conserve de loin le principal stock d’investissements directs étrangers sur le sol ivoirien, avec 1,6 milliard de dollars pour un stock total de 7,7 milliards en 2014, soit une part de 21%. Le deuxième investisseur en termes de stock était en 2014 les Pays-Bas, avec 12% du total.
    Les entreprises françaises jouent un rôle essentiel dans l’économie formelle de la Côte d’Ivoire. Elles représenteraient environ un tiers du PIB ivoirien et entre 40 et 50% des recettes de l’impôt sur les sociétés. Au total, entre 600 et 700 entreprises françaises seraient implantées dans le pays dont 160 filiales de grands groupes qui emploient près de 35 000 personnes. Ces filiales font de plus en plus de la Côte d’Ivoire un « hub » pour leurs activités dans la région, à l’instar d’Orange ou d’Engie. En 2015, les entreprises françaises auraient totalisé 20% du stock et 37% du flux des investissements en Côte d’Ivoire.
    Les petites et moyennes entreprises commenceraient tout juste à revenir après l’hémorragie de la crise ivoirienne. On dénombre aujourd’hui environ 400 PME de droit local ivoirien créées par des Français. Il semble pourtant que la « reconquête des PME françaises » soit encore à venir. En témoigne, la délégation importante conduite par Pierre Gattaz, président du Medef à Abidjan en avril dernier. Celle-ci comptait 130 chefs d’entreprise dont 75% de PME.
    Pour Jean-Christophe Belliard, ancien directeur Afrique au ministère des Affaires étrangères, la présence économique française en Côte d’Ivoire ne doit pas être perçue sous l’angle du déclin : « notre part de marché baisse, mais la taille du gâteau augmente. Si notre part baisse, c’est parce que de plus en plus de monde s’intéresse à la Côte d’Ivoire, et c’est bon signe pour nous ».

    Les médias vous cacheront la vérité.
    Hollande a continué exactement la même politique !!

    just opened the nokia n810. These are my first impressions.

    I have used quite a few different handheld devices. The keyboard is not as tactile and easy to type with as the zaurus keyboards. But hopefully it is just a matter of getting use to.

    All I wanted to do is test the gps. I eagerly opened the box and started the process of getting a gps fix. It took quite sometime to fix 3 satellites. Longer than half an hour! Maybe it is just the satellites here in the southern hemisphere and Australia. Could have been the mall and the car as well.

    a few days with this now. Battery life is good. The keyboard sucks, and I keep making spelling errors because the keys are too close tgogether and fedel tghe samed.

    I like tghe zaurfus keyb oard better.

    GPS is gbood if you go somewhere tghat you dont know. otghedfrwise itgs just looking at big brother wathinbg where you go.
              TRADE #6: Send Something To The Space Station!   

    Yes, you read the headline correctly. I just traded the Zero G Parabolic Flight to Jeff Manber of NanoRacks LLC for transport of an object to the space station! This has been a process that has taken me over a year to finally make happen, but it is well worth it. The story is amazing... so, here is goes.

    As with everything on this project, I've tried to make the coolest move possible in every situation. Just thinking to myself, what would make the documentary of my life that much more interesting. Last spring I saw the work of a famous graffiti artist and thought "I have to trade with him."

    I reached out and was super surprised that he responded to my e-mail, but unfortunately he wasn't interested in the Zero G Flight. But he said if I could get his artwork into space, he would trade me something incredible (can't disclose who he is, or what the trade might be just yet).

    I knew I had to get his work into orbit and figured if I could find a satellite launch company, this could help me -- maybe the CEO would want to take a Zero G Flight in exchange for slapping some art on the side of a satellite? Problem was, I didn't even know where to begin to look.

    I jokingly told my friend Adrian Winn, founder of FanGarden.com, "I need a space satellite launch company." To which he replied, "I don't know anyone with a launch company." I told him "just find me one!"

    The next day I get a phone call and he says "ah, dude, I'm at this bar downtown and there is a guy here who says he can get you a satellite launch company."

    Adrian ends up connecting me to this guy he randomly met who works with Near Earth, LLC - a company that invests exclusively in outer space projects. The Universe is a magical place.

    I get on the phone with Ian Fichtenbaum from Near Earth and he says to me, "Satellite launch companies are hard to work with, they have lots of security, and are very conservative. But what if I do you one better?", "um, ok". "What if I get you access to The International Space Station?" "Ah.. that would be amazing." "Great, I've already spoken with Jeff Manber, CEO of NanoRacks, LLC and he loves the project and wants to help. His company is the only company in the world under contract to put payloads on the NASA Manifest to the ISS."

    Of course, the ISS is actually the coolest satellite in the sky!

    Amazing. I talked to Jeff Manber, who it turns out is an OG. Orbital Gangster that is. At one point Jeff's was part of a company that controlled the MIR Space Station. His current company focuses on sending educational projects to the International Space Station.

    So, up for trade is the transportation of something* to the International Space Station. (*pending NASA approval -- this means, you have to work with NASA to make sure what you are sending is allowed.)

    So far the specs I am told are that it needs to fit inside a 4" cube. It also should have some sort of educational tie-in as that tends to make NASA happy. But this is pretty awesome. I actually now am getting SOMETHING into outer space and onto the ISS!

    Part 1 of 3: Spotting an Infestation

    1. Kill Carpenter Ants Step 1 Version 2.jpg
      Learn how to identify carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are a group of ants belonging to the genus Camponotus, of which there are over 1,000 species.[1]Carpenter ants live on every continent except for Antarctica and, as individual species, have a wide variety of differentiating features. However, certain traits common to the entire genus are useful to know when attempting to decide whether the ants in your home are carpenter ants or another variety. Some common traits to look for are:[2]
      • Color: Usually red, black, or an intermediate shade
      • Shape: Segmented with oval abdomen and boxy, thin thorax. The tops of carpenter ant thoraxes typically have a smooth, even curve, rather than an uneven or bumpy one.
      • Size: Approximately 3/8”-1/2", depending on caste
      • Antennae: Yes
      • Wings: Typical worker ants do not have wings. However, relatively rare male drones may possess them.
    2. Kill Carpenter Ants Step 2 Version 2.jpg
      Learn where carpenter ants live. Carpenter ants can (and will) establish a nest inside or outside of any type of structure, but wooden homes are especially at risk because carpenter ants like to bore tiny tunnels into wood. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don't eat wood - they only tunnel into the structure to create a nest.[3] Because moist wood is easier than dry wood for carpenter ants to tunnel through, the interior locations of carpenter ants will often be near a moisture source, like a leaky sink or bath.
      • Sometimes, carpenter ants build a network of one or more satellite or parent colonies outside a structure and travel between these colonies and their foothold indoors, entering the structure through small cracks or openings. In these cases, outdoor colonies will often be located in tree stumps, landscape timbers, wood piles or other sources of damp wood. You can often locate carpenter ant trails between colonies in the early morning or early evening when the carpenter ants are foraging.
      • When carpenter ants tunnel, they can leave “frass", a substance resembling tiny wood shavings or sawdust, behind. Frass often contains dead insects. This can provide clues to their nesting location. If you come across small piles of frass in or around your house, carefully inspect the wood nearby for tunnels - probing the suspected wood with a thin screwdriver can reveal hollow spots.[4]
    3. Kill Carpenter Ants Step 3 Version 2.jpg
      Know where to look for carpenter ant activity. Though they usually nest in wood, if a carpenter ant colony is within the wall of your home, you may have a hard time finding it. If you suspect you have carpenter ants, it's a good idea to look for them in easily-accessible places where you are likely to find them. Certain common household sites are more supportive of carpenter ant activities than others - especially if these sites are damp and/or have access to food. Look for ants in the following areas:
      • Carpets – Check around doors, fireplaces, and other areas with easy access to the outside.
      • Patios and foundations
      • Areas with vegetation - Ants like to nest and forage in trails out of sight behind any vegetation, tree stumps, branches which rests against foundations, patios, etc. Pull back the vegetation to look for ants. When you find foraging ants, attempt to follow them back to their colony.
        • Mulch and leaf litter can harbor numerous types of ants in addition to carpenter ants, such as pavement ants, fire ants, and Argentine ants. Rake mulch back from the ground to check for colonies.
      • Floors – Potted plants, compost bends, or any other suitable item that has ground contact can contain carpenter ants.

    Part 2 of 3: Exterminating Carpenter Ants

    1. Kill Carpenter Ants Step 4 Version 2.jpg
      Use caution when dealing with carpenter ants. Though it's unlikely to happen, this warning bears mentioning: don't handle carpenter ants or their nests directly. Carpenter ants are not particularly aggressive and will not usually bite humans. However, when irritated or threatened, they can and will inflict a painful bite. Carpenter ants are also known to spray formic acid into bite wounds, increasing the pain. Though it's not the end of the world to be bitten by carpenter ants, you can avoid unnecessary pain by avoiding touching the ants or their nests unless it's absolutely necessary, in which case you should use long sleeves and gloves.
    2. Kill Carpenter Ants Step 5 Version 3.jpg
      Locate the colony or colonies. The first step to exterminating a carpenter ant colony is to find it. To pinpoint the location of colonies in your home, look for ants, small holes, and piles of frass in the locations discussed in Part One, paying special attention to any areas that appear to contain moist wood. You can also test wood for infestations near the surface by firmly tapping. Wood with extensive burrowing can sound thinner or hollower than unaffected wood. Tapping can also agitate ants, causing them to leave the nest, where you may be able to see them more easily.
      • Don't forget that mature nests often have smaller satellite nests nearby, which also must be located to ensure the entire ant infestation is exterminated.
    3. Kill Carpenter Ants Step 6 Version 3.jpg
      Destroy or remove the colony. In the case of smaller colonies, or ones that are fairly easy to access, it's sometimes possible to simply get rid of the colony itself. If the colony is outdoors, simply dispose of the affected wood carefully, using impenetrable materials like tarps to protect yourself from the ants as you handle the wood. If the colony has been located indoors, some pest control websites recommend using a vacuum cleaner's hose attachment to disrupt the colony and suck the ants out.[5]
      • If using the vacuum cleaner method, be sure to carefully seal and dispose of the dust bag to keep any ants that survive from escaping.
      • If you find a colony that has extensively burrowed through the wood in your wall, don't cut the wood out - you risk compromising the structural integrity of your house. Instead, call a professional.
    4. Kill Carpenter Ants Step 7 Version 2.jpg
      Use baits for ant colonies that cannot be treated directly. You may not always be able to find carpenter ant colonies. However, if you can find significant numbers of the ants themselves, placing insecticides in their trails can control and eliminate the colony. A variety of baits, traps, and other ant-killing products are available for sale to the general public - visit your local hardware store to check which options are available to you.
      • Be very careful when using poison ant bait in houses with small children. Make sure that the child knows not to eat the poison, or, if s/he is too young to understand, keep the child under close supervision.
    5. Kill Carpenter Ants Step 8 Version 2.jpg
      Contact a professional. If you can't quickly locate and eliminate the colony and you haven't had success with insecticides, it's usually best to contact a professional exterminator. Professionals have access to insecticides and other tools that aren't available to the general public, but, more importantly, their training and experience allows them to locate and assess carpenter ant infestations much more intelligently than the average person.
      • Keep in mind that certain methods that exterminators use to kill ants may require your family to temporarily vacate your house for a day or two.
      • Don't delay in contacting a professional - the longer you wait to deal with a carpenter ant infestation, the larger the colony can grow and the more extensive the damage to your wood structure may be.

    1. Kill Carpenter Ants Step 9.jpg
      Eliminate sources of moisture. Moisture is a big factor in carpenter ant infestations. Often, a patch of wood will become susceptible to infestation after it's been exposed to moisture. By fixing or sealing any leaks that allow water into your house, you can make it much more difficult for carpenter ants to nest. Below are a few suggestions for eliminating the moisture that can contribute to carpenter ant infestations:[6]
      • Check around windows for signs of an improper seal
      • Check your roof and weather-facing walls for leaks
      • Keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces well-ventilated
      • Look for and fix leaky pipes
      • Clean clogged gutters to eliminate runoff water
    2. Kill Carpenter Ants Step 10.jpg
      Seal up entry points, cracks and crevices. If carpenter ants can no longer get in and out your house, any indoor satellite colonies that are being fed by larger outside colonies will become isolated and may die off. Inspect the outside of your home for cracks, holes, and other small spaces that allow the passage of ants - pay special attention to the areas of exterior walls that are closest to the ground or foundation. Seal any holes you find with caulk or a strong putty.
      • Also check around the points where water and electrical lines enter your home, as these points are extra vulnerable to ant infestation.[7]
    3. Kill Carpenter Ants Step 11.jpg
      Eliminate wood materials near your home. Because carpenter ants like to make their nests in wood both inside and outside of buildings, finding and eliminating infested wood outside your wood can keep ants from making their way into your house. Carefully inspect any sources of wood near your home - if infested, move or carefully dispose of these wood sources. Places to look include:[8]
      • Stumps
      • Firewood piles
      • Old trees, especially if their branches touch your house.
      • Piles of yard waste
    4. Kill Carpenter Ants Step 12.jpg
      Consider installing an artificial barrier. If carpenter ants are a recurring problem, you may want to think about installing a small strip of gravel or stones around your home. This "barrier" zone is fairly inhospitable to carpenter ants and may discourage them from crawling into your house through holes near the foundation. Consult with a contractor to discuss the practicality and affordability of such a project at your house, or, if you're particularly handy, tackle this home improvement project yourself.

              Megha-Tropique : une mission spatiale pour mieux connaître le cycle de l'eau dans les tropiques   

    Le satellite du programme franco-indien Mégha-Tropiques a été lancé le 12 octobre dernier par le lanceur indien PSLV depuis la base de Sriharikota en Inde, sous le contrôle de l'Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Placé sur une orbite à 865 km d'altitude, avec une inclinaison de 20°, ce satellite qui emporte à son bord les instruments français SAPHIR et SCARAB, l'instrument MADRAS, fruit d'une coopération franco-indienne, et le système de radio-occultation GPS, va permettre de fournir des données sur le cycle de l'eau atmosphérique et les échanges d'énergie dans les régions intertropicales qui sont très attendues par la communauté scientifique du monde entier impliquée dans l'étude du climat.

              Dispatch Coordinator / Warehouse Support - Sky-Tec Satellite - Canada   
    Completes other duties as assigned such asminor repairs, assembles or adjusts furniture and shelving, Uses a variety of hand tools to accomplish maintenance... $44,000 a year
    From Sky-Tec Satellite - Fri, 09 Jun 2017 00:34:47 GMT - View all Canada jobs
              Property in Sohna Gurgaon Call @9560337799 (new delhi)   
    Sohna Gurgaon is the satellite town of Delhi. Being in close proximity to National capital, Delhi, ready to move projects in sohna gurgaon is great prominence to both domestic and international investors. Sohna Gurgaon has witnessed significant developmen...
              Turtles Can Fly - Links to Download Completely   

    As we said something on this great film, but here is a synopsis about it.

    The film is set in a Kurdish refugee camp on the Iraqi-Turkish border on the eve of the US invasion of Iraq. Thirteen-year-old Kak Satellite is known as "Satellite" for his installation of satellite dishes and antennas for local villagers looking for news of Saddam Hussein and the impending war. He is the dynamic leader of the children, organizing the dangerous but necessary sweeping and clearing of the minefields, and then arranges trade-ins for the unexploded mines.

    Satellite falls for an unlikely orphan named Agrin, a sad-faced girl traveling with her disabled but smart brother Henkov, who appears to have the gift of clairvoyance. The siblings are taking care of a three-year-old, whose connection to the pair is discovered as harsh truths about these children are revealed.

    Here is the complete links to Download the movie on the net directly:

    Part I

    Part II

    Part III

    Part IV

    Part V

    Part VI

    Part VII

    Part VIII

              Turtles Can Fly by Bahman Ghobadi   

    Bahman Ghobadi was born on February 1st, 1969 in Baneh, province of Kurdistan in Iran. He was the first son of the four born in his family. He got his B.A. in film Directing from the Iranian Broadcasting College.

    He lived in Baneh up to age 12. Because of civil disputes, his whole family emigrated to Sanandaj (Center of Kurdistan Province in Iran).

    He recieved his diploma in Sanandaj & he came to Tehran in 1992 for his advanced studies. Ghobadi started his artistic career in field of Industrial photography from 1998. He was never properly graduated because he believed every thing he had learned was all from his short films. All this experience helped him to expand his individualistic vision of the world that surrounded him.

    He started filmmaking with 8mm. He made a few short documentaries as a starting point.
    His short films, as of the mid 1990's, received many foreign & domestic awards. "Life in fog" opened a new opportunity in his career.

    This film was accepted for many different International awards & became "The most famous documentary ever made in the history of Iranian cinema".

    With the making of the full-length feature 'A Time For Drunken Horses (1999)' he became a recognized professional director all over. This is the first Kurdish full feature film in the history of the Iranian cinema, and Ghobadi is the first Kurdish director in the history Iranian cinema.

    A Time For Drunken Horses

    Ayoub is a young boy living in a village near the border of Iraq in Kurdistan Province. He works in the bazaar along with his little sister. When his father dies, he is obliged to protect his three sisters and sick brother, Madi.

    Madi needs surgery, without which, he is expected to live a maxi