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          Oh. *That* argument again.   
Two reasons to listen to today's Radio 4 PM programme:
  • You can hear LPMG hero Dave King arguing against recent proposals to pay sperm and egg donors.  Hurray!
  • You can hear supercilious very-much-non-expert Toby Young arguing against Fatherhood Institute Chief Exec Rob Williams, for not giving fathers the chance to have substantial parental leave.  Boo.
Young's argument?  That women are just naturally better at it (palm on forehead), and that the experience of the dozy bloke drowning in nappies and loving care or whatever is detrimental to the mother-father relationship.  Gah!

It would be all too easy to criticize Toby Young for regurgitating clichéd, unreconstructed essentialist claims as if they were established fact.  And if it is true (which I imagine it is) that, statistically, men are more likely to express anxieties about their parenting skills, you don't have to be a sociologist of great esteem (like Toby's dad) to wonder whether prevalent gender norms might not play a significant role in ensuring that men are less well initiated for parenting, and more comfortable admitting to their unwillingness and feelings of inadequacy as a parent.  Nor does it take a great cognitive leap to think that all this might actually justify an equal system of parental leave, which would give fathers the opportunity to do their share, which is not even available (never mind attractive or not) to the vast majority of fathers.  And what a cinch it would be to offer the obvious observation that fathers might actually have an obligation to their children to be better at parenting and helping around the house, and that it's about time the rest of us stopped letting them get away with it.

Yup.  It would be all too easy to make these basic points.  So how come no-one at the BBC did?
          Is Chicago the New Silicon Valley? Rahm Emanuel Thinks So   
Speaking at Techweek Chicago s latest Growth Summit on Thursday Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel described a side of the Windy City that non residents might not be familiar with a growing hotbed of innovation in the tech industry While the tech giants still seem firmly planted on the West Coast
          Blue Octopus Recruitment Ltd: Coordinator / Lecturer in AAT (Teacher, Tutor) BLUC50806   
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          The police response to Joanna Yeates' murder, and Reclaim the Night   
So it seems little has changed since the late 1970s. According to this Guardian article, following the murder of Joanna Yeates, Avon and Somerset police are advising women not to walk alone at night. Sound familiar?

This casually sexist response by the police, according to which women are effectively being advised not to have a life (especially given the wintry daylight hours!) reminds us of the importance events like Reclaim the Night and the Million Women Rise March. They are as important as they ever were, since the early Take Back the Night marches in Philadelphia and Brussells in the mid-1970's. (A history of Take Back the Night is here.) What is frustrating is that the same argument needs constantly to be made, 35 years on.

When the first Take Back the Night and Reclaim the Night marches took place, they were a direct response to small-minded sexist police "advice" like that recently meted out by the Avon and Somerset police. That is why they were held outdoors; that is why they were held at night; and that is why they were women-only affairs. But recently the focus of many RTN marches has justifiably shifted to domestic violence and intimate partner violence. (According to Home Office statistics, only 17% of rapes are committed by strangers; 54% are committed by partners (including spouses) or ex-partners. And according to this BCS report, only 13% of rapes are committed in a public place; 55% occur in the victim's own home, and 20% occur in the offender's home.)

I have personally heard the view many times that this change of focus makes RTN marches in some sense passé. But this criticism overlooks the fact that RTN marches make for a strong, clear public message, and provide an opportunity for the feminist community to reassert their continued presence and solidarity. And anyway, thanks to Avon & Somerset police, it turns out that after all we all need reminding of the original motivation for RTN: that violence against women is not the responsibility of the women who suffer it.
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          Happy New Year from the London Pro-feminist Men's Group!   
You might have noticed that the blog is looking a bit different these days. Following the departure of two key members, who we can't thank enough for all their efforts (love to Dan and Jon!), we have taken the opportunity to reinvent the group somewhat. So welcome!

The group has always been about consciousness-raising, and we want to keep that aspect of the group. But now we want to direct our attentions outwards somewhat, and make more the opportunity of so many pro-feminist men being in the same place, so we are gearing up for some more focussed activism (as well as the day-to-day stuff we have always done!).

We each have our own take on our feminism or pro-feminism, and the group will be a great way to meet like-minded men to get involved in some actions. But our main concentration as a group is the campaign for equal parental leave, as well as surrounding issues of work/life balance and better working conditions for women and men with dependents.

To get things rolling, we are all reading the recent report by the Fatherhood Institute into a variety of gender inequalities and injustices in current government legislation about parenting and more besides. You can download the report here. The UK is a pathetic *18th* out of 21 countries considered. If you want to do something about it too, consider joining us for our next meeting, on the 23rd January. (Email us for more details.)

More New Year feminist and pro-feminist things of interest:

bill's profeminist blog has this great post suggesting some Pro-feminist New Year's resolutions for straight guys. (I think plenty also apply to gay men!) Thanks, Bill!

The Feminist Library is celebrating 35 years of archiving and activism on the 19th February, at the Round Chapel, Powerscroft Road, London E5 0PU. (For FB-lovers, the event page is here.) It's going to be a good one, and volunteers are still wanted!

We will also be updating the blog much more often, so bookmark us, or sign up to our RSS feed, and get involved!
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gotovo nikada, osim malih sitnih usluga, ako se to uopste moze nazvati iskoristavanje, ali to ide u oba smera, pa ni ne gledam tako na to Smile.

da li ste zahvalni?
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          Like Zelle, PayPal to Offer Instant Bank Transfers   
PayPal NASDAQ PYPL is synonymous with peer to peer P2P payments as that was the very first product it ever introduced in the late 90s Yet two decades later the P2P payments space is seeing a sort of renaissance as companies are putting newfound effort into developing P2P
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          Come to the next LPMG meeting on sunday 19th Sept   

We have been meeting fortnightly for almost 3 years now. The aims of our meetings are:
- to support each other in our personal struggles as men, including our efforts to rid ourselves of sexist behaviour
- to raise consciousness with regards to sexism in our lives and in society
- to discuss issues around gender politics generally
- to plan what actions we can take as pro-feminists

Though we are mainly a consciousness raising group, we also sometimes facilitated workshops and give talks, organized creches at feminist events, and participated in demos. This helped all of us tremendously in acknowledging, realising and working on our sexist behaviours! In practice our group has always been a men-only group, although it has always been open to anyone who felt that sharing their life experience would be beneficial for them and/or other members of the group.

From now on. we have decided to meet every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 3pm at LARC, 62 Fieldgate st E1 1ES (whitechapel, Aldgate) http://www.londonarc.org/.

If you've often thought this is an interesting group but never found energy or time to come round, this is the opportunity!!

The next one will be on Sunday 19th of September, 3pm-7pm.

Our meetings are generally composed of different parts. Usually we start with a round about ourselves, our lives, how we are and past experiences of sexism we were involved in. Then we talk about concrete action plans we have for the future. After a break we try to discuss a theme linked to gender and feminism (such as our fathers/mothers, homophobia, pornography, seduction etc.) always trying to start from our own life experience and then go to the global/more theoretical.

Hope to see you all there!

Don't hesitate to contact us: londonprofeministmensgroup at googlemail.com

or join us on errr Facebook but only after reading this!

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          "Feminist" or "Profeminist"   
  • Taken from our Facebook page...

    Richard Twine
    Not a Profeminist but a feminist...

    what do you think of the distinction?

    i think the argument that men should identify as pro-feminist rather than feminist stems from the notion of what academics call epistemic privilege i.e. in this case, men ought not identify as feminists as they cannot know how it is to experience oppression 'as a woman'.

    however i think this is problematic because it
    a) ignores the way in which patriarchy is also a system that includes relations of power between men, most obviously in the oppression of 'feminised' men.
    b) overstates the assumption that 'men' cannot empathise and learn about the experiential knowledge of 'women' (even though to homogenise this would be to ignore 30 years of feminist scholarship)
    c) overstates the value of separatism as a means to radical coalition building
    d) risks homogenising 'men'
    March 23 at 2:43pm · Mark as Irrelevant · Report · Delete Post
  • London Profeminist Hi! As you may already know there are many and different opinions on the issue of this distinction. If we wanted to give a reason for our choice, we would say that the LPMG chooses to identify itself as ‘pro-feminist’ instead of ‘feminist’ cause ‘we don’t need and we don’t want to steal the word from the feminist movement’. This is the opinion of many feminists also and we respect that. Of course, the feminist (or anti-sexist, anti-patriarchist) struggle aims to liberate men also from patriarchy and this is very much where our words and actions tend to contribute. However, it is always good to remind people that the structural inequalities and hierarchies still exist and that being a man in a patriarchal society is in no way the same with being a woman (most of all, in terms of experiences). Men can empathize with let’s say the victims of patriarchy, however we should not ever forget that this empathy is a choice (while oppression isn’t) that is made by men who nevertheless still preserve their privileges in this society.

    Truly, you see a methodological problem there (eg. homogenizing men) since 30 years of feminist scholarship (and most importantly feminist struggles) were enough to change the way some men think about their masculinities. However let’s not forget the previous 2,000 years or so of massive gender oppression… To empathize, after all, does not mean to say that we have the same experiences as women have. It does not mean to try to eliminate the difference among us and women. It is not a matter of competition of victimhood; it is a matter of respect and giving space to the ‘other’.

    And a last thing: the risk of homogenizing all (wo)men is visible in all kinds of gender politics, however many times this is a risk someone must take in order to ‘do politics’ and – let’s say – make a specific demand, no matter how much the academics dislike it. Generalization and homogenization are often strategic steps of this kind of politics and as far as I am concerned they are not false since patriarchy itself is a great, big, awful and violent generalization.

    From LPMG
    4 minutes ago · Edit Post · Delete Post
  • London Profeminist FROM DAVE in the LPMG (but not necessarily representing the views of LPMG!!!)...

    "We are certainly not a 'separatist' group: in the context of gender politics, separatism means primarily women's groups who literally try to have nothing whatever to do with men in their lives. That would make no sense whatever for a pro-feminist men's group.

    Although there is nowadays a greater emphasis in gender politics on men and women working together and on try to abolish gender roles, collapsing the distinctions too quickly is not helpful, and any decision to do so must rest with women. In my view the postmodern and queer emphasis on dismantling gender identities runs many risks. One is that if the people concerned have not done the work on themselves (and that work is big) it all becomes a pretence. A second risk, which I have often observed happening is that these politics collapse into well-meaning (radical) liberalism."


    Please feel free to join in the discussion here or on our Facebook page, or both!

          LPMG response to “Wake up to Rape” report   

Responding to media reports about The Havens' report on British public attitudes to rape (see this link for a media article about it), the London Pro-Feminist Men's Group said:

Rape is never acceptable, and it is never the fault of the woman. The idea that a woman 'should know what to expect if she goes back to a man's house' is based on the idea that men cannot control themselves or are naturally driven to have sex at any cost. These lies serve to absolve men of responsibility for their behaviour but they do us no service. We call on all men to clean up our acts: in order to gain women's trust, we need to establish a record of decent behaviour, and to show no tolerance for any form of abuse of women.

For more information, contact londonprofeministmensgroup at googlemail.com, providing a contact phone number.

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          Interview for York University Women's Society Zine   
Hannah Cann Interviews Jon Waters for York Uni Women's Society Zine

Jon Waters set up the London Profeminist Men’s Group 2 years ago and they’ve been meeting every 2 weeks ever since.

Why Pro-Feminist?

“Well, we discuss it now and again... Not everyone agrees with the name. Some think that we should be called an ‘anti-sexist men’s group’. There’s the idea that we don’t want to colonize a term for a movement set up by women for the liberation of women, and that calling ourselves male feminists or something similar would suggest we don’t understand and aren’t sensitive to the issues. However, plenty of feminists argue that feminism is for all people who want equality, and that men ought to call themselves feminists as they are fighting the same fight as female feminists. I think we’re happy calling ourselves pro-feminists and helping to define what exactly that term means by simply existing under that title!

How do you think Feminism has affected the lives of men?

Feminism definitely has affected the lives of men... in loads of ways. It has forced men in some circumstances to treat women better, or as equals. In certain areas the level of sexism has been reduced a lot...It’s changed attitudes. It was a bit different for my mum and her generation...It was fine for her not to wear dresses and skirts, and ride a motorbike [laughs]. For me growing up, I got to see a much wider range of gender roles. And in some ways, it’s [Feminism] made it more acceptable for men to talk about their emotions more; which has a bit of a backlash because the ‘macho’ thing still weighs heavily on men and boys. But it’s easier than it was for men to be “in touch with their feminine side”, because Feminism’s changed gender roles. Men also benefit from reduced violence to women. Women are their sisters, mums, lovers. Men aren’t purely selfish individuals [laughs]...and obviously they don’t want the women they love to be the victims of violence.

Why do you think it has taken Feminism to promote certain improvements in men’s lives, such as better attitudes towards fatherhood?

I think it’s fantastic that we are starting to see a lot more men pushing buggies down the road, and there’s more talk about equal paternity leave.
I don’t think there’s an a priori reason why it needed to be a women’s movement. It’s conceivable that it could have been groups of men fighting for their rights to care for their own kids more. However, I think that men are not generally socialised to be particularly caring, to be blunt! [laughs]. It’s often not high on a man’s list of priorities to be a loving father, but rather a breadwinner and procreator. Being a good dad is in the list of “what a perfect man ought to do”, but particularly in the world of work, which is often male-dominated, there’s a lot of resistance to men taking time off work to look after kids. The more macho the work place, the harder it is.
Generally I think it’s a great example of an area where feminists have led the way, and men’s groups can take on the challenge of fighting for men to do more childcare in the home and outside it. As a men’s group we have run several crèches at feminist conferences, and I’m a part of another mixed gender group that focuses on the issue of improving access to activism for parents and carers as well as their kids.

What advice would you give to men who want to take more proactive steps in or for Feminism?

In certain circumstances it might be easier for men to get involved in feminism [than women], because it’s unusual. In some groups men might be welcomed almost as a hero! Similarly, in terms of talking about feminism, people have a lot of preconceptions about feminist women. They switch off, because they think “here we go...” as if they already know what she thinks. With a guy, people are often more intrigued. *Pauses* sorry, what was the question again?!! Oh yeah…
I suppose in a university context there are usually gender courses, and there are loads of academic books and “Brief Introductions to Feminism” out there. I would recommend a website called www.xyonline.net, which has tons of stuff written by pro-feminist men about their lives and their activism. It’s also good to know you’re not the only man in the world who cares! Obviously, if you’re in London, come to the Pro-Feminist Men’s Group [laughs] or check out our blog at londonprofeministmensgroup.blogspot.com/.
If you’re in York, go to Women’s Committee, or any groups that open doors to men. You also need to be receptive to the issues, and be sensitive about why some groups don’t want men, or at least not all the time. It’s important for men to come to terms with the importance of women only spaces. If you don’t get that, it’s easy to think it’s sexist to exclude men, which is what you’re fighting against! You can end up getting a bit stuck. If you find a group that says it doesn’t allow men at meetings, for example, ask them why and listen carefully guys! It’s really not that hard to understand, honest!
If possible, find other men who are interested in feminism. Best by far is to meet face-to-face with other men, but online communities can be a decent substitute if you can’t find anyone. A common theme in the men’s group is that we’ve all had a friend, lover or ex-lover who’s a strong feminist woman and has influenced us, our lives and behaviour. Ideally there’d be enough pro-feminist men out there that it didn’t always have to fall on women to “convert men” but learning lots from feminist friends is generally a great way to start out if you’re interested in gender issues.

What sort of feedback do you get from men and women? Does it vary from men to women?

Personally, I am not a very good advocate for the group. I don’t tend to put the group out there. It’s quite a cowardly approach I suppose. I tend to only tell people I think will be positive about it!
When I’m brave enough to tell men about the group it often feels like I’ve just said I’m part of a Jewish Pro-Nazi group. They get a “does not compute” face. ‘Consternation’ would be a good word for it! It’s a difficult job explaining what we do. We don’t have a narrow focus you can sum up in a few words, which makes it hard to talk about sometimes. Generally speaking, women are more interested and sometimes almost congratulatory. Some say they want their boyfriends to go along!

Why is it important for men to think about feminist issues today?

I think a lot of men want to live in a more equal and fair society, and don’t want to see women getting paid less on average, having to deal with loads more domestic violence than men, and generally having less power and privilege than men in most situations. Feminism also gives men the tools to radically alter the gender roles that cause them so much damage, even whilst they confer privilege on them. Boys are taught to become “real men” and face all sorts of bullying if they don’t conform. Changing masculinity and the expectations we have of what “being a real man” means would give men more freedom to be themselves and to express their feelings, hopefully leading to less pent up anger, depression, suicide and violence. A radically different masculinity would mean not having to live in fear of other men’s violence and fear of being seen as weak or not having all the answers all the time. Ultimately, men should get involved in feminist politics because FHM – Feminism Helps Men!
Jon Waters recommends www.xyonline.net and Slow Motion – changing masculinities, changing men by Lynne Segal to learn more about the male role in feminism. Contact him directly at londonprofeministmensgroup@gmail.com.
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          Reclaim The Night Men’s demo 2009   
An assorted bunch of 6 other men and I gathered in the rain on Saturday 21st November to show our support for the annual Reclaim the Night March. We came from South London, Yorkshire and Cambridge. We stood around the Edith Cavell memorial statue with banners saying (something like) “Real men respect their partners” and “Real men are not violent towards women”. We handed out soggy leaflets to passers by explaining what the Reclaim the Night march is all about and telling an interested minority of them about why we were having the demo. We had a good time in spite of the rain and were cheered on by the hundreds of marchers as they went past us up the hill. We then headed to the rally venue to get a bit drier and warmer.

The demonstration was organised by the London Profeminist Men’s Group and the White Ribbon Campaign and was designed to show solidarity with the women marching and to show that it’s not only women who care about ending male violence towards women. Men are not welcome on the march itself as it is about women reclaiming the streets for themselves at night without fear and without male “protection”. The London Profeminist Men’s Group agrees that this is an important political statement to make and have tried to support the event in various respectful ways since we began meeting in November 07. This has included setting up stalls and preparing the venue for the rally after the march, having a stall at the rally and holding demonstrations in support of the march. We hope to continue to support this event into the future.

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          Feminism In London Crèche   
Over a year ago in the run up to the first Feminism In London Conference we asked LFN about childcare for their conference and whether they needed any volunteers. Although we were too late and no crèche had been arranged we agreed to run the crèche for FiL 09 and true to our word a year later we’ve finally done it!

We were very busy in the run up to the conference with some guys taking responsibility for the workshop and me organising the crèche. On the day a total of 4 members of the group and 5 women from LFN volunteered at various times and we had 7 kids come and visit for various lengths of time throughout the day. We had a couple of babies visit with their parents and the rest stayed happily playing whilst their parents/carers enjoyed the rest of the conference, and most didn’t want to leave at the end!

We had great fun making sticking pictures, doing colouring, building and knocking over towers, reading stories, playing catch, making a giant space ship out of chairs and couloured material, playing with balloons, creating a small farm with toy animals and playing with cars.

As well as the kids having fun and their respective adults getting to enjoy the conference the volunteers mostly seemed to get a lot out of it too, one saying that they “should do this more often”.

The quote below is from the parent of a child who stayed the whole day in the crèche and it sums up why I feel it was such a success:

“I would like to thank you for the good care Konrad received yesterday in crèche. He enjoyed it and asked if he can come back tomorrow.
It is very good for him to be around pro-feminist men as he does not have many occasions in every day life.
Your support means that mothers can with confidence take part in events like FiL and not worry about childcare.
Thanks to everyone involved.”

Until next year (or the next crèche anyway), bye for now!

Posted by Jon
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          Feminism in London 2009   
The second Feminism in London conference held last Saturday (October 10th) at Conway Hall was a great success. As the London Pro-feminist Men's Group we felt very privileged to be able to take part, contribute and support the second LFN conference this year.

We took part in the conference in two main ways as a group. Firstly we supported the LFN conference, by providing childcare and secondly we contributed to the conference by facilitating a workshop entitled "What are the issues for pro-feminist men?".

We had two aims whilst we created the workshop, which were (1) to give a practical introduction to what we do in the London Pro-feminist Men's Group and (2) to get feedback from both men and women on issues for pro-feminist men and what we should / should not do.

By this we hoped to start answering the question posed in the workshop about the connection between men's life issues and the struggle for feminism. In the next part I will outline our aims for the workshop in more detail.

Ad 1.) In the introduction of the workshop we focused on what we do in our group, the essence of which is the traditional feminist practice of consciousness-raising, based on the idea that the personal is political. With men – since we are part of the oppressor group - this is a tricky process. We have to keep our attention on the ways that we are sexist, but making us feel bad about ourselves will not be helpful. Also, it is fairly easy to deal with the ways in which we are consciously sexist, but there are many unconscious ways in which we are sexist. These are often ways of being into which men are socialised from very early age. To change this conscious and unconscious sexism requires sustained work on oneself.

Obviously being a man comes with lots of advantages. We as men generally get what we want and can get away with pretty much everything, We have the luxury to be selfish, we earn more money, we are not expected to bother about our appearance or bother about childcare. At some point, when one looks at oneself and wider society though, it has to become clear that the way we traditionally act as men is not good for society on the whole and that in the long run it is also not good for us. In the end, one has to come to the conclusion that the ways we are treated as boys and the roles we are taught to play as men are not good and that if we continue to act, think and behave in sexist ways, they will cause us major difficulties in our lives - even as they give us dominant positions in society and power over women.


With that background, we felt it should be fairly clear why it is useful for men to meet separately: (i) in order to understand how we have been socialised as men, we need to share common life experiences; (ii) meeting without women is important in order to create the safety to be able to admit sexist behaviors (iii) men need to learn to create a real relationships with and get support from each other, rather than relying on women for emotional support.

Ad 2.) In the second part of the workshop we split into two groups - one female and one male. During the preparations for the workshop we had decided that we would facilitate the discussion in the men’s group and would not prescribe what the women would discuss. We had decided to do it like that, because we – as men – did not want to prescribe women what they should or should not talk about in a feminist environment. We did however encourage the women to talk about what it is they would / would not want from pro-feminist men.

In the end, two of us from the LPMG (London Pro-feminist Men’s Group) facilitated the men’s discussion, whilst LFN volunteer Jan volunteered on the spot to lead the women’s group discussion.


We started our discussion with a round in which we gave our names and an example of being sexist recently. Issues that came up were issues such as:

- interrupting women when they’re talking
- not challenging sexist jokes and comments in a group setting
- not listening to women when they give us feedback – perceiving it as nagging
- stereotyping women
- seeing women as objects

We then talked about how often one of us had organized childcare in the past year, if we had noticed how often man / women had talked in group settings or how often we’d felt fearful when we’d approached a stranger of the opposite sex in the street.

Not surprisingly none of us had organized childcare or felt fearful when approaching a stranger of the opposite sex in the street. We did feel however that men tend to speak more in mixed groups when compared to women. We used this exercise to underline the fact that women’s and men’s lives are very different and how different our positions in life are. Maybe in a way how harder and less safe it must feel to be a woman and how privileged we men are in our daily lives.

Due to time constraints we unfortunately did not get much chance to discuss how socialisation into boyhood / manhood had felt for us, which was what we’d originally planned to do. We did however shortly touch on the subject of pornography within our culture and the effects it has on men and our relationships to women.


At the end of the workshop the women that took part in the workshop gave us the following feedback.

the women wanted us (the men) to:


the women did not want us (the men) to:


Luckily, we had time to go through these, as we felt it was important that we get direct feedback from the women’s group. It was helpful to see that some of the issues we had discussed as men also had been talked about in the women’s group. Unfortunately there was not enough tome to think together about how we could practically work on these issues and what men can do to become more of a part in the struggle for feminism. In a sense though, I feel that some ideas about this came up in the initial discussion at the start of the workshop. The senses of what we – as men – can do in the struggle for feminism is (1) to get more involved in feminism and expose ourselves to feminism by attending events, conferences, fundraisers, marches and protests, (2) get involved or support in all-gender groups that support equality and struggle for feminism (e.g. OBJECT - http://www.object.org.uk/ or the FAWCETT SOCIETY - http://www.fawcettsociety.org.uk/)(3) talk openly about our feminism with our friends and spread our thoughts and ideas in our circle of friends and acquaintances. Only if we as men do these important things, as well as keep in mind the "dos & donts" the women in our workshop presented us with, will we as men be able to make a practical contribution to the struggle for feminism.

A big thank you to everyone who came to the Feminism in London conference and a special thank you to everyone who came to our workshop. It was great working with you and we thought it was very valuable to hear all your thoughts and ideas! We were very pleased with the outcome of the workshop. Thank you also for your feedback on our workshop. If you have any further comments or questions with regards to our workshop, please send us an email.
          Thank you.   
From Argentina, the Datamosh team wants to thank everybody who took the time to rate, comment, critic, enjoy and specially PLAY our very first entry ever at the Ludum Dare: “ONLY US”. Words right now simply don’t have meaning. EMOTES <3 T0 EV3RYB0DY.
          No Pretence   
The London Profeminist Men's Group (LPMG) wishes to thank and support the Anarcha-Feminists who made the "We Make No Pretence" intervention at the Anarchist Conference 2009.

The members of the LPMG cannot in anyway claim that they are less sexist than any men or anyone out there, whether inside or outside the anarchist scene. But we wish more men were interested in getting involved in discussion and consciousness raising groups that are here for us to work on our internal sexism and gender role and how it affects our lives and our everyday interaction with other people.

Oppression systems are everywhere. As individuals, we are sometimes on the good side of the power balance, sometimes on the bad side... It is more than time for everyone, including inside the anarchist movement, to get ready to be challenged. To stop "pretending nothing was said" and start asking why we're getting challenged by oppressed people. In this respect, white heterosexual men have to make lots of efforts. This is not about guilt. This is about realising our position in oppressive systems and taking responsibility for it.

Thanks to the group of Anarcha-Feminists for such a powerful and meaningful intervention. We do believe the "movement" needs to be shaken up.
We welcome the "Make no pretence" statement as well as the second statement written in response to the big reaction that the intervention provoked.

Finally, we condemn all hostility, intimidation and sexist reaction that the intervention has provoked.
          Second round of favorites!   
After I rated 50 games, I choose 10 entries which I thought deserved more recognition and praise. Now I reached my goal of 101 entries, so I’m picking 10 more games from the total I’ve played so far (of course, without repeating games from my previous list, so if I’m not repeating games here it […]
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          Artificial sperm and the end of men??   
Publication of a research paper on creating sperm cells from embryonic stem cells has created the usual media furore, complete with mostly uncritical hype about what this technology can actually achieve and a failure to ask scientists the really hard questions. Not being a pro-lifer I have no problem with the use of embryonic stem cells in basic research. However, the idea that sperm cells produced from embryonic stem cells in a laboratory could be used in fertility treatment is a dangerous and unethical technological fantasy. Like the idea of “therapeutic cloning”, what seems simple in theory will in practice prove practically impossible, precisely because it is so unnatural.

Much of the media discussion has focused on the idea that this might lead to 'men becoming redundant'. As with cloning, and the fears of armies of cloned soldiers, the point is not to take such scenarios literally, but to look beneath the surface at what the fears are really about. The scientific drive to abstract the whole of the human reproductive life cycle from its context of actual human bodies is just an example of the deep dynamic of science in our society. Since the Scientific Revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries, the function of science has been to control nature and to impose order upon its random messiness, eventually to improve upon it, and ultimately to replace the need for it. What reproductive and biotechnology are now bringing home to us is that nature includes us. Thus, for the last 25 years we have seen the emergence of transhumanist/posthumanist movements, which look forward to the evolution through technology (including bio-, nano- and information technology) of posthuman beings (entities?). Feminists have been arguing since the 1970s that reproductive technology is an attempt to control and appropriate women's fertility, which aims ultimately to end the reliance on the female body for production of children, through artificial wombs. Now, it seems it is men's turn to feel this anxiety.

Of course, the capitalist-scientific drive to dominate nature is very male, (nature is gendered as female in nearly all cultures), and is one of the key features of patriarchy in our societies. What is interesting is that, by its own logic, it must also move to dispense with men's bodies, testes, penises.

There are feminist theories that argue that a major part of men's tendency to try to dominate women comes from a psychological insecurity which arises from the fact that men do not carry and give birth to children, which is, after all, a central part of human life. In that process, men feel like lightweights, and I think this latest research presses exactly on that nerve. That may be why, although the idea that men will become redundant is very unlikely, there has been so much interest in this bit of research.

David King
A fuller version of this blog can be found at www.hgalert.org/artiifcial_sperm_blog.htm
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          igra istine   
Ne , ja tek ustao .

Koliko spavate? 8)
Here is an earlier comment by Mike Hurford and my response:

I have read your blogger with interest, but I appear to view our society in a way that none of you do. There are some very sexist and offensive men in our society. I agree. You seem to treat these men as an enemy, challenging their behaviour, and if you find yourselves acting in this way, you attempt to change your behaviour. My problem with your comments is this. Don’t think that a lot of women are equally sexist and offensive to men? There are many sexist women around today. Why don’t you challenge their behaviour in the same way? Feminism would be acceptable to me if it wasn’t so sexist, and didn’t keep generalising about the entire male sex.( Something that they claim to be fighting against, only about women). It seems to me that they, like you, are hypocrites. I have met many sexist people, men and women, but it is only the men who are challenged. The women are supported in their behaviour, by groups such as yours, and society in general. This is my view on feminism, and I would like one of you to discuss with me in an adult way where I’m going wrong. I look forward to a chat with you re the above. Regards M Hurford

Dear Mike,

Thanks for your post, and for raising an issue which seems to confuse a lot of people.

In my view, and I would guess most feminists would agree with me, the issue is not about making wrong generalisations. The feminist claim is there exists a system of oppression of women by men, called patriarchy. This system has existed in all societies we know about for the last few thousand years. In patriarchal societies women, women’s work, women’s values etc are systematically undervalued. Women are forced into a very narrow set of roles and possibilities for their lives. Women’s lives are ruled by men. Men abuse women sexually and with violence. There are too many examples to list, because patriarchy and sexism pervade everything in society. Although in Western liberal democracies some of the rough edges of this system have been knocked off in the last 40 years it is still very much in operation.

What this means is that contrary to what you seem to be assuming, there is no parity between men’s negative ideas about women, and women’s negative ideas about men. Men’s negative ideas about women are part of the system of oppression, and have a great deal of power associated with them. By contrast, women are comparatively much less powerful, and much of their hostility towards men is an understandable reaction to oppression. That does not excuse a general hostility to men, but we should be putting much more attention and energy into trying to deal with the oppression of women. Actually, I do not think that it is appropriate to use the term “sexism” to describe women’s hostility to men, because that word denotes not just a set of attitudes, but the fact that they occur within a system of massive inequality of power in favour of men. I don’t know what word we should use, there doesn’t seems to be one in English, but the key point is that sexism is not just about attitudes.

By the way, just in case you’re getting the wrong idea about where the group and I are coming from, the point of our group is not to beat ourselves up as bad guys. In agreeing with the feminist claim that women are oppressed under the system of patriarchy, we are also claiming that although men benefit from that, there are many aspects of the roles that men are forced into in that system that are harmful to men as well as women. Just one example would be the fact that men are supposed to be invulnerable and never seek support if they are feeling hurt or weak. So, in supporting feminism, we are working for the liberation of men as well.

Best Wishes
David King
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          Phobius post-mortem   
Hey there jammers! It took a while but we finally found some time to sit down a bit and reflect on all that went down during the LD jam. It was our very first attempt. We had no idea what to expect from ourselves or the community and we couldn’t be happier with the experience. […]
          Can men be feminists?   
Jon and I went to a discussion group at the Feminist Library today on the question of whether men can be feminists. Below is some of what was said and a couple of further thoughts by Jon and me on the topic.

Some ideas of today's talk:

  • Defining feminism as women-only means putting up gender barriers instead of destroying them
  • Feminism is a way of thinking - the gender of the person thinking it shouldn't matter
  • There should be another word than feminist to describe men who support feminism
  • Men shouldn't call themselves "pro-feminist" instead of "feminist" because it reinforces exclusive gender divisions
  • In some social situations, men have more to lose from standing up against sexism - because they can lose their position of privilege which women don't have in the first place. But is this an excuse for failing to do so?

Other issues and arguments

  • If feminism is women's liberation movement, then it must be women only. Men involved in women's liberation movement would be problematic because it would be very patronizing ("we'll liberate you").
  • Also, by calling what they are doing "feminist", men appropriate what belongs to women. It is argued that "feminist" is a term that ought to be reserved for those who have lived the embodied experience of growing up female and choose to resist the oppression that they experience as a result of this fact. Those who support that struggle should not colonise the term feminist but instead call themselves "pro-feminist" as their struggle is not the same as that of "feminists".
  • Alternatively, men can be feminists if feminism means being anti-patriarchy (bell hooks). Patriarchy is seen as the system of binary gender that oppresses everyone, albeit to very different extents, and anyone who resists this system of oppression can legitimately call themselves a feminist.
  • Seen more pragmatically, men need to be somehow involved in feminism for it to achieve its goals, because men are the ones who need to change the most.

Remaining open questions

Should we call ourselves pro-feminist or feminist men (or something else)?
And, to open another can of worms: If feminism is a way of thinking, and if it means destroying gender categories, isn't a "men's group" reinforcing those categories and thus sexist?

Comments welcome.
          FREE STUFF! Our “tiny” present to the community!   
So, this is our first Ludum Dare. Or was? Just 3 days left! Anyway, we didn’t know what to expect. I mean, we are from Argentina. A place not precisely known for it’s videogame industry (which is actually growing fast!) And we are just two regular dudes! Thanks to the comments and feedback that our […]
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          Pornography and Masculinity article by Robert Jensen   
We're going to be reading this article (found at the following adderss http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~rjensen/freelance/pornography&masculinity.htm) by Robert Jensen about Pornography and Masculinity and discussing it at our meeting in a month's time so feel free to add to that discussion by coming along or commenting after this post or dropping us an email sometime.
          Overpopulous Postmortem   
[My name is Carlos Leituga and I’m a Game Designer / Implementer in a Portuguese company, where I’m working on a _NEW_ Hidden Object Adventure. That one is going to take a bit to finish, so I’m back again helping the Make A Game team to create a game in 72 hours for Ludum Dare […]
          Minutes of meeting: 30-03-2009   
Attending: Dan, Dave, Jon, Filip & Björn

At the start of the meeting we discussed the new Facebook group Björn had created and together we had a look at the group's description. We discussed the text and made a few amendments to the description. We then opened the group to the whole of Facebook.

We started our discussions at about 12:20 and talked about various issues concerning masculinity. One of these was the fact that there seems to be a need in many men to be the “alpha male” and to compete with other men. We mainly talked about this in the context of anarchists, where it seems that male's (and females to some extent) compete on who is being the most radical / extreme or violent. A main focus of the discussion regarded the difficulty of ridding oneself of “masculinity” and that even as pro-feminist men one finds oneself competing in macho behaviors like these at times. This despite often feeling different from “those men”. When one realized though, how hard it is to escape one's own and society's masculinity, this results in a feeling of disappointment and / or annoyance with oneself.

Related to that, we talked about the G20 summit and the coming protests this week and how the potential for violence is scaring off people who might otherwise consider going. We discussed how this potential for violence is the backbone of a power struggle between the police and radical protesters. The police wants to deter as many people as possible from attending the protests, making use of their power and the potential violence. This might result in only the “hard core” of protesters going, which results in a very masculine struggle, consisting of violence and power.

We further discussed to what extent men are scared of other men in similar ways as women and how this at times prevents men from challenging sexist and misogynist behavior in other men. An example was a group of men with beer cans shouting something at a woman at a tube stop. The potential for violence and the strength of the group is scary to men as well and deters them from taking any action.

A reason we proposed for this was that when a man shows very masculine behavior (making sexist jokes in a pub or a sexist comment in the street) a challenge to this man will probably entice a more radical masculine response so that the male in question can retain their masculinity. This then might result in more verbal, or possibly physical abuse.In relation to this we talked about the question whether there were such things as “good” or “bad” moments when one can challenge strangers or people one knows and how difficult it can be when one feels one is fighting a fight against misogyny alone.

Our conclusion to this discussion was, that in a public place, a response to unacceptable behavior would probably not make an immediate change but would at least be exemplary to others who felt similar about the unacceptable behavior that occurred. It was also agreed that challenging the sexist behaviour of people we don't know is probably less likely to be effective than challenging the people we do know, and who are more likely to take our opinions on board.

Another point that was made later on was how important it is to do things collectively. This discussion led us to talk about the future of the group and we had the following ideas for the next few months:

- making more links with feminist groups and getting involved in more feminist events
- group reading of feminist / pro-feminist literature
- organizing crèches for feminist events in London
- doing more workshops and having a completed workshop “on file” that can be done by various members of the group
- keep the focus on the personal experience of “life as a man” in a patriarchal culture
- working more on accountability towards one another and challenging each other within the group with regards to own sexist/misogynist attitudes
- making a zine / e-zine
          5 Awesome Ludum Dare Entries!   
Now that I’ve reached the 75 ratings milestone, I thought I’d bring to light just a few of the great entries I’ve come across in my journey for the gold!  These will likely be lesser known entries with fewer ratings, so go give them some love!   Get The FROG Off My World!! – by […]
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          Engaging Men Conference   
The global "Engaging Men" conference was held at the end of March in Rio de Janeiro.
The 5 stated goals of the conference are

1) To increase involvement of men and boys in the promotion of gender equality and the reduction of violence against women by scaling up existing work;
2) To build skills and capacity of NGOs committed to working with men and boys for gender equality;
3) To promote dialogue between existing NGO efforts, policy makers and private sector;
4) To highlight existing policies and best practices that can be reproduced to promote greater gender equality through the involvement of men and boys;
5) To build, strengthen, and expand a growing international network of programs, activists and policy makers dedicated to engaging men and boys in gender equality.

Find out more at

And check out this blog by the Canadian White Ribbon Campaign on the conference:http://engagingmen.wordpress.com/

It's fantastic and really encouraging to see so many men's groups around the world working for gender equality.
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          Sprace: A post-mortem   
Hi, First of all please excuse my English, that might not be perfect. This competition was my first Ludum Dare, and my first entry was also (more or less) my first game (unless you want to count this Minesweeper in). I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I’m positive I want to take part in […]
          Ulverston Dickensian Christmas Festival 2013   
The world famous Ulverston Dickensian Christmas Festival takes place over the weekend of Saturday 23rd November and Sunday 24th November 2013 The streets of the town will be full of local people dressed in Victorian costume and packed with visitors. Everyone will enjoy the street entertainment and Xmas market. Procession of Costumes and Characters A […]
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          Men Running Child Care   
Some of us in the Profeminist Men's group work with children in various capacities already and we all share the conviction that profeminist men doing child care is a great idea. It’s one way we can support mothers and other carers (usually also women) and to facilitate feminist organising by giving parents and carers some free time to attend workshops, planning meetings etc. It also shows that men can provide loving child care and that raising kids isn’t “women’s work”. It's also something that men's groups in the 70s and 80s used to do to support the Women's Liberation movement and childcare at political events continues to be under provided today. Those of us that do work with kids also love it, and have really enjoyed doing childcare in a political context.

For example, one member of the group recently helped run a kidspace on Raven’s Ait (an island in the Thames near Surbiton) during the G20 protests. A few of us ran the crèche/playroom thing at the Gender, Race and Class conference at SOAS in February and a couple of us also ran a smaller crèche during a feminist planning meeting back in the summer. We’re planning to continue this work in various forms (Feminism in London Conference next year for one) and aim to work closely with the CRAP! Collective (Child Rearing Against Patriarchy) to develop further links with parents and carers who want to make sure that they and their kids are not excluded from political events.

Below is a report about the recent kidspace on the island, written by one of the organisers.

The kidspace and childcare cooperative was organised by the CRAP! Collective (Child Rearers Against Petriarchy), London Pro-feminist Mens Group, the Global Mutiny Network and the community of Ravens Ait island.
Raven's Ait is a squatted island on the River Thames near Surbiton, South London. This artificially made island, which is actually still common land, is steeped in political history, although more recently has been used for weddings and corporate events. The present occupants are creating an amazing peaceful space for community, an eco-conference centre, permaculture gardens and workshops on sustainability and environmental issues.
Raven's Ait was the perfect place for the kidspace. We had a large indoor playroom with views of the river and passing boats, and a stunning grass lawn for the kids to run around on on and climb trees. We had loads of fun playing games and doing forest-school inspired crafts, such as: making dreamcatchers/ spiders webs, nature crowns, tipis, parachute games, football, twister, a mini rock concert, lots of drawing and painting, Spanish singing, picnics and even played croquet on the lawn, dahling! Being at Raven's Ait also gave the children a chance to experience communal living and working, in a safe space, away from the noise of the city and the police brutality during the G20 protests.
Many actions and demos can easily be made more welcoming for children and their carers to participate in, and we would encourage this. However in respect to this weeks G20 protests, we made the decision that it was too unpredictable and heavy for our children to attend, and looking back on it we feel we made the right decision organising the kidspace away from the action.
Mainstream society is not very welcoming to parents, carers and children, and personally I feel that often activism isnt either. Capitalism places no value, monetary or otherwise, on the work parents do, and patriarchy designates it as women's work. As activists we need to challenging these notions. We need to ensure that as much value is placed on the role of childcare, as is placed on all other aspects of organising actions, demos, meetings, workshops, etc. We also need to be challenging the sexist notion that women should be looking after the children, by ensuring that more men are given childcare roles. Paid childcare is very expensive, and most of us cant afford to pay for it to go to meetings or do actions, so if childare isnt provided, or children aren't welcome at meetings etc than we just cant go. Even if childcare cant be arranged, than we should at least think about enabling children attend with their parents/ carers.
This is an appeal for all those organising in the UK at the moment to ensure that your organising facilitates parents, carers and children attending and getting involved.
Dont leave your friends behind!
To get involved: http://www.ravensait.org.uk/, http://www.feministchildrearing.blogspot.com/, http://www.londonprofeministmensgroup.blogspot.com/, http://www.global-mutiny.webs.com/

To listen to our radio interview on dissident island from the kidspace, visit http://www.dissidentisland.org/ and listen to G20 part 1, we're about 30 minutes into the show.

FOR LOTS OF AWESOME PICTURES OF THE KIDSPACE GO TO: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/southcoast/2009/04/426666.html?c=on#c219804
          I’ve played 10%, here are my top n games!   
And…… Done! I got through 10% of the total games and I’m mighty impressed. I have been mostly just searching for web games and am pleased that there are soo many games that don’t require anything to download. Anyway, here are my favorites (as in they received a 4 or 5 in the overall category). Atomsmash – By […]
          T-Rex at the Sports Club   
If you’re already fed up with the lack of daylight, and think xmas is just too far away to wait fro a decent night out  – get yourself down to Ulverston Sports Club on Sunday 17th November and remember that you were born to boogie. Appearing Live t Ulverston Sports Ulverston Sports and Recreation Club […]
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          Men and Feminism Workshop @ Ladyfest, 10/5/08   
Men and Feminism Workshop @ Ladyfest, 10/5/08
Notes from discussions

This workshop was run by Dan and Jon from the London profeminist men’s group. It was held on Saturday afternoon and lasted 1.5 hours. It took place in a fairly small room with between 18 and 25 people present throughout (as people came and left).

We went round and introduced ourselves saying a little something about why we were at the workshop.

FIRST DISCUSSION – in three small groups

How are boys and men socialized to become dominant?

Points made:
- The fear of the consequences of being different.
- Families, especially parents, treating children differently. Giving them different toys to play with, dressing them differently, etc.
- Stereotypes portrayed in the media of a certain type of dominant masculinity
- The potential threat of violence gives men power/dominance
- Men are expected to “stand up for themselves” which means carrying yourself in a certain way in the street. Putting up a front of bravado.
- Men are taught to be more goal oriented which leads to them being more straightforward in their demands. This in turn leads to them getting more when they do demand stuff, such as higher wages, and this increases their dominance further.
- Social expectations in general and peer pressure at school in specific – also from looking up to and copying older boys’ ways of interacting and ways of acting out a dominant masculinity.
- Control
- The question is kind of about nature vs nurture.
- In school boys tend to be noisy and get more attention because of this. This reinforces their self-importance
- Girls and boys are praised for different things and this reinforces certain dominant behaviours in boys.
- Boys and girls are encouraged to do different subjects at school.
- Competitive sport might be another way in which boys are taught to be dominant.
- Boys and girls bully in different ways

The links between competitive masculinity and capitalism were noted and it was suggested that men become more dominant because they’re taught to be behave in a way that increases their power in a capitalist society – being goal oriented, competitive, aggressive etc.

Are men really dominant? Obviously females can also fit within the dominant role.

SECOND DISCUSSION – in three small groups

It’s possible to see there being two moments profeminist groups are going through,

1) a moment where men identify and give up their privileges.
2) a consciousness raising moment, where men think about how we got to be this way, work on ourselves and talk about our negative life experiences

How should a profeminist group deal with these two issues:

Should they give up on the second one? Men’s negative experiences of gender should not be discussed in profeminist groups because they are very limited when compared to how other groups suffer under patriarchy.
Is the second issue even a "profeminist" issue? How is it supporting the feminist struggle to discuss men's problems?
Should these two issues be treated separately, making it clear that they are two different moments, or should we talk about them together?
Could the second issue be used as a "marketing strategy" to attract men to the group? Wouldn't that be politically dangerous?

Points made:
- Everyone is gendered: all forms and degrees of oppression can be fought
- Have an open group focussing on male experiences of (pro)feminism and patriarchy. Maybe call it a “gender discussion group” rather than a feminist group.
- Would men feel more comfortable in a men only space? Is most of the world already a men only space?
- The second moment is valid as a starting point for men arriving at feminism … but not as a marketing strategy?
- Challenge the understanding of the word “feminism/profeminism” and make people understand what it really is, not the cultural clichés that have grown from it.
- Moment 1) is very individualistic and assumes very altruistic men. But it’s in men’s self-interest to fight patriarchy too.
- While some men do come to feminism through altruism or a sense of injustice this might be unsustainable.
- Men “giving up power” is far too simplistic. Profeminism is not an act of charity or pity.
- Consciousness raising is very important, but we must remember the political dimension.
- Foucault said something about how the oppressions of society are inside us and we all know the personal is political so… maybe sharing feelings/being unmasculine together is political.
- Is this really feminist though? Is there a difference between challenging patriarchy (through developing a new form of (un)masculinity) and feminism? Maybe it’s not feminist but is profeminist?
- Remember, just talking about it might not lead to real changes in our lives.
- Men overthrowing their gender roles is a very important step towards ending patriarchy.

THIRD DISCUSSION – all together

What do we think profeminist groups should look like, do, talk about etc?

· should there be men only profeminist groups / Are men only profeminist groups useful for feminist struggles? Couldn't we compare this to bosses gathering together to think about freeing the workers... or white only groups working on black liberation.
· what do you think are the main dangers a profeminist group should avoid?
· what topics do you think the group should discuss?
· what actions should the group be doing other than meeting and talking with each other?
· what kind of support are feminist groups expecting from a Men's profeminist group? theoretical, practical, financial?
· what should be the goals of a profeminist men’s group?
· should a men's only group be "monitored" by women’s feminist groups?
· should a men's only group always be "attached" to a women’s feminist group?

On the first question, “should there be men only profeminist groups?”
- They are a good was to focus on men becoming feminist
- But men already have their own spaces in society and isn’t this just reproducing that?
- Depends on why the group exists, what role that group takes
- Important for the group not to take over women’s struggles and for men to take a back seat in mixed feminist organisations
- We need mixed spaces so maybe the group could link with a women’s group
- A non-judgmental space where men can express masculinity
- The group should protest outside strip clubs. A men only protest would cause a greater media stir than a mixed or women’s group doing the same. This would (rightly) piss off a lot of women who have been already doing this for years!

On the second question, “what are the main dangers a profeminist group should avoid?”
- Reconstructing (reproducing?) the fixed identity of “man”
- Getting too hung up on “men’s rights” issues
- Mainstream approach
- Condemning men who are violent/macho when they have no choice – e.g. men on a working class estate who believe they might sometimes need to fight to survive. [question: does being violent = being macho?]
- Being inactive for fear of a (real) feminist backlash from women! In other words fearing to undertake certain types of activity for fear of being told we’re doing the wrong thing by certain groups of feminists. But remember there’s plenty we can do which doesn’t involve stepping on any feminist toes.

Apparently at least one small group came to a rough consensus that a men’s only group was ok but that a mixed group would probably be better in lots of ways.

The group intends to take these comments on board, discuss them at the next meeting and decide how to change the group based on those discussions.
          Interesting article   
Below is an interesting article about men and feminism which some of you might be interested in. Thanks to Sarah for sending this in our direction.

Men and gender justice: old debate, new perspective

Emily Esplen

The expanding intellectual interest in "masculinities" is welcome but needs greater involvement by gender-justice and women's-rights specialists if it is to be the vehicle of progress, says Emily Esplen.

28 - 02 - 2008

The nature of men's involvement in the struggle for gender justice has long fiercely divided gender-equality advocates. After nearly three decades of disagreement this seam of tension doggedly persists, little engaged with and largely unresolved.

Even as the women's movement remains hesitant, often bordering on hostile, to the idea of men's involvement, the "masculinities agenda" is striding forwards with innovative work on men and masculinities - even though it is at times often flawed in its understanding of power and in the way it merely counterposes to the idea of women's empowerment a focus on working with men "for their sake".

The most promising work in this field is happening at the level of the personal: it concentrates on transforming men's sexual behaviour, challenging violence against women and relations of fatherhood. The pioneering work of organisations like the Instituto Promundo in Brazil, which supports young men to question traditional gender norms and promote gender-equitable behaviours and attitudes, has shown that, yes, men can change. Other organisations, like the Sonke Gender Justice Network in South Africa are taking work with men in exciting new directions, reorienting existing projects aimed at individual men and politicising it in order to promote men's broader mobilisation around structural inequities and injustices. Futhermore, organisations working with men are themselves coming together to facilitate sharing and learning, enabling a stronger, more coherent struggle, as with the recently established "Men Engage" global alliance which seeks to involve men and boys in reducing gender inequalities.

A unique opportunity

This current momentum offers a unique opportunity to advance the common goal of realising gender equality. But while the proliferation of organisations working with men for gender justice is welcome, it is notable that very few of them have close and direct relationships with the women's movement. True, some do have looser connections or networks that include people active in the women's movement in individual countries, but even these are rare. This creates a discernible danger that "masculinities" will become - or has become already - a discrete field of thinking and practice, somehow disconnected from the women's movement and from gender and development more broadly.

Indeed, a depressing reality is coming into view whereby "gender" seems - even among those most committed to the gender agenda - repeatedly to be conflated with women. As long as connections between the women's movement and those working with men remain fragile (at best) to non-existent (at worst), femininities are likely to be rendered invisible in evolving masculinities discourses. The result is that - once again - the fundamental interconnectedness of men and women and the relational nature of gendered power will be lost.

Indeed, I've been repeatedly struck at recent seminars and conferences on "engaging men in gender equality" by the meagre representation from the gender and development field: a couple of us at most, in an audience comprised overwhelmingly of specialists in sexual and reproductive health and rights. In part, this points to one of the weaknesses of the current masculinities field: the overwhelming focus on sexual health and violence, and the corresponding failure to engage sufficiently with equity issues: among them equal pay and leave entitlements, representation in politics, parental rights and benefits, and domestic work/housework. The lack of attention to such issues results in the waste of opportunities to advance shared concerns.

A false equivalence

There are other dangers in refusing to engage constructively with the evolving men and masculinities discourse. While many organisations working with men are deeply informed by feminist thinking and practice, others are less grounded in a pro-feminist framework. As the masculinities bandwagon gathers momentum, there is a temptation to slip into modes of thinking and language that (for example) regard women and men as equivalently vulnerable (i.e. women are harmed by femininity and men are harmed by masculinity), or even describe men as "worse off" than women.

This is reflected in the way that much of the discourse of men and masculinities has been expressed in terms of a "crisis in masculinity". It's certainly the case that many men share with the women in their lives similar experiences of indignity as a result of social and economic oppression. Yet it is important to recognise the real differences in power and privilege experienced by women and men on the basis of gender, and to avoid glossing over men's accountability for the ways in which they choose to act out their privilege. While it's important to engage with poor men's realities, this should be done without positing men as the "new victims".

At a symposium in October 2007 on "Politicising Masculinities", organised by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), it was noted that this issue of false equivalence surfaces frequently in discussions of men's own experience of violence. It is not uncommon to hear the statement that "men are also victims of violence at the hands of women". Such comments can be profoundly unhelpful, not least because this violence is nothing like on the same scale as the many forms of violence experienced by women from men. Alan Greig made clear at the IDS symposium that the mere counterposing of women's and men's experience and perpetration of violence is a trap; the challenge is rather to help illuminate the workings and functions of violence within the systems of oppression that organise our different societies, while holding accountable the individuals and institutions (mostly men and male-dominated) that are responsible for enacting this violence.

But to have some influence over the evolving masculinities discourse and practice in a way that avoids positing men as the "new victims" requires working in solidarity with those in the masculinities field who do understand power and the core issues of gender equality and justice. Now is an opportune time to open up the debate and advance thinking on what it would take to build bridges between the feminist/women's movement and those working with men. The eleventh Association for Women's Rights in Development (Awid) forum in November 2008 is on the horizon, with a timely focus on the power of movements; Men Engage are hosting their first global conference in early 2009 on engaging men and boys in gender equality; and the fifty-third United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) will focus on engaging men in caring for people living with HIV.

These spaces offer a much-overdue opportunity for open, constructive dialogue between the feminist/women's movement and organisations working with men for gender justice. It's high time we started to have these conversations - to ask some of the questions people don't like to talk about. It's striking how little we really know or understand about women's hostility towards working with men, or indeed about men's experiences of trying to work with feminist and women's organisations. What will it take to build bridges? How can we promote dialogue and foster greater solidarity? How can we reframe our engagement with questions of masculinities and power so that new alliances can be created, bringing work on masculinities into the heart of movements for social and gender justice?

I don't have the answers - in fact, I doubt that straightforward or singular answers exist. But I do believe these are questions that badly need to be asked if we are to progress beyond the current polarisation of issues that ought to be everyone's concern. The inadequacies of focusing on women in isolation have long been recognised; if we are really serious about achieving a gender-just world, it's time for a more open debate to begin.

Emily Esplen is research and communications officer at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex

          Minutes from 24/2/08   

>>Women acting dumb<<

We discussed our experience of women tending to “act dumb” in conversations with us as men, when we know that they are more intelligent. We thought that this was a learnt behaviour which, among other things, played the role of bolstering men’s ego’s by making them seem like the clever one in the conversation. One gay man present said that he’d never experienced women “dumbing down” in conversations with him which made us think that about it might have to do with more than just boosting male egos.

One thing we didn’t discuss (but should have!) was how we could react positively if we’re ever aware of a woman pandering to our ego by pretending to be stupider than they are.

>>Men and emotions<<

We thought about the questions, what do we do with our feelings, both positive and negative? What is our first reaction? Is it to share them with people around us? Keep them to ourselves? We agreed that often when we don’t talk about our feelings but kind of want to it’s as if we’re waiting for someone to ask us how we’re feeling. For most of us it’s normally a woman we’re waiting for to ask us that question. We’re not used to men using emotional language, asking us how we’re doing etc. Most of us are also not good at asking those emotional questions ourselves.

We talked about the phenomenon of men hiding themselves away from the world, deliberately isolating themselves. This is something that some of us had experienced to different levels of intensity. This isolation can become a kind of comfort zone that it’s hard to escape from, and can also be very lonely. Is this about mental health, or being male? Probably both, we thought.

We mentioned how sometimes we just don’t know how we’re feeling or don’t even realise when we’re having a feeling. We’ve all been taught in different ways to become boys and then men and a key element of this is learning not to show any of our emotions. We all recognised how this happened at school and was probably mot intense in single sex schools. We also talked about how we can unlearn this behaviour and start to reveal more of ourselves to the world, be more open about our feelings and learn to feel more.

We talked about doing a radio interview for Dissident Island Radio.

Two future topics for discussion were also suggested.

1) Are all people raised as men sexist?

2) Our friendships with women.

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Magarce oces se vracat opet ovamo?

Ja sam ti naredio da KLEKNES. Koliko vidim malo si neposlusan a? 8)
          Furness Tradition Festival   
When: Friday 12th and Sunday 14th July 2013 Where: Venues across Ulverston including Coronation Hall, Ford Park House and St Mary’s Catholic Church Hall Performers: Performers include Tyde, Horizontal Sunday, Long Lankin, Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer, storyteller Nick Hennessey, Serious Kitchen, JFK-B, The Young ‘Uns. Dance sides include: Furness Morris, Crook Morris, Cricket on […]
          Inside Physics – Where it begins – post mortem   
Hello there ! Even if it was a 6 hours only game jam for me, it was great and I learned some useful things doing it ! I wrote a post mortem on my blog, so if you like to read post mortem or want to know of “Where it begins” works with physic, just […]
          Recent discussion on homophobia and other issues   
Minutes from 20/1/08

We talked about how we were feeling and tried to answer the question “how have we experienced life as a man in the last 2 weeks?”

>>Men and Emotions<<

We talked about how the majority of men we come in contact with just don’t talk about their emotions. We agreed it’s very hard to “reach out to” these men sometimes and there was some disagreement over how important it is to try to “convert” other men to be more profeminist.

>>Learning from Women’s Groups<<

We discussed how (probably due to socialisation into a more caring and thoughtful role) women’s way of doing politics is often much more inclusive in terms of making new people to a group feel at ease and welcomed and that as men we feel we’re not taught to be good at this! This led us to thinking about whether we want to emulate women’s “way of doing politics”, following a kind of women’s lib model, raising consciousness etc. and to what extent that just wasn’t possible (or desirable) as a men’s group. We didn’t get very far on this but agreed it should be a topic for further discussion another week.

>>On Homophobia<<

We talked about our own understandings of homophobia from an early age and how we’d all been called “gay” as an insult at school. We mentioned our various sexual experiences and fantasies about other men, and also discussed our own homophobic attitudes that we wished we didn’t have. One of these attitudes was finding overtly camp and flamboyant gay men intimidating and having some unconscious desire for other men to be “sensible”. Another was about feeling insulted when called gay.
We also mentioned (although didn’t really develop) the idea of how homophobia is a key ingredient in dominant masculinity and how homophobia supports patriarchy.

More positively we also talked about the feeling of loving to be surrounded by queer people, trans, or overtly camp gays or butch lesbians. How exciting it is being with people breaking norms. But then we questioned whether this could be a sort of “politically correct” form of solidarity, that you HAVE to like this or else you’re not a real tolerant left wing profeminist! We even questioned whether it is not a form of homophobia to even feel that we have to react or have to have an opinion about camp flamboyant gay guys, trans people etc. In response to this idea we discussed how enjoying a certain culture/atmosphere normally doesn’t represent a form of discrimination but is most probably a celebration of that culture. However, we never really know what’s going on in our subconscious, so who can really say!

This led us to talk about …

>>Self Criticism<<

We agreed that self criticism and reflection are fundamental to recognising and starting to deal with our own sexism and that this group should foster such self criticism.
We discussed how self critical it was appropriate to be, particularly in the light of some men’s habit of being overly self critical in front of others in order to elicit pity and reassurance. We agreed that this ought to be a safe place to be as self critical as possible and that the other men could be supportive in correcting someone who was being too harsh on themselves. We then wondered if this might become a form of male solidarity with us all letting each other off the hook for being sexist or using porn or whatever, and that this might not be very helpful. Someone knew a guy who’d been in profeminist groups before who felt that the biggest pressure to change his behaviour came from feminist women telling him off quite violently(!), not from the other men in the group. This reminded us of the importance of keeping close friendships with feminists and the importance of also being in mixed gender groups. We also questioned, from personal experience, whether this “being told off” by feminist women would change attitudes and feelings as well as behaviour.

Minutes from 3/2/08

We talked about how we were feeling and tried to answer the question “how have we experienced life as a man in the last 2 weeks?”

>>On Homophobia<<

- We discussed how the “flamboyant camp gay man” was an unhelpful stereotype to keep bringing up. It was suggested that this behaviour could, on some level, be a kind of “I’m proud of being gay so deal with it” to all the homophobes out there. We questioned why we’d focussed on it at all. We decided it’s because for some of us it was an important part of our homophobia; that we tended to focus on this particular stereotype.
- Men shaking hands with other men but kissing a woman in a social situation, this reinforces gendered behaviour (obviously) but also keeps men’s bodies apart and could be related to homophobia between men.
- We wondered whether men in activist groups could be crudely characterised by saying the more direct action focussed they are the more likely they are to be masculinist and homophobic because of it being a macho type activity.
- Male homophobia keeps men apart and they lose out on tenderness and affection. One thing suggested by Basil Elias in his article “Starting your own group for men against sexism” which Jon read on XY.com, was for the men in the group to try walking round the block holding hands together to start to break down some of these homophobic barriers. He also says (rather hilariously) “How many guys, when hugging, look like we’re burping each other?”!
          When Worlds Collide – Post Mortem   
So now that Ludum Dare #23 has finished and the dust has settled, I guess its time to write a post about the post mortem and give some insight into my experiences with making a game in 48 hours…   Here is a diary of the major milestones of my 48 hours highlighting interesting points […]
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          Path O’ Invasion Timelapse   
After about a week dealing with Avidemux unsuccessfully I’ve decided just to release the rough timelapse as is. If anybody could help me with either a better video editor or explain why camstudio can’t import into Avidemux, I would greatly appreciate it. Anyway, play the game here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-23/?action=preview&uid=5162 Post Mortem to come shortly.
          Ulverston Good Life Festival   
The Good Life Festival is a celebration of Ulverston through fantastic local produce, goods, activities, ideas & people to enable everyone to enjoy a vibrant, sustainable & environmentally conscious future. Various locations 14 – 23 June See the events calendar for more details or go to www.ulverstongoodlifefestival.org.uk  
          Talon – The Best of The Eagles   
Now in their sixteenth year together Talon are recognised throughout the industry as the worlds definitive Eagles tribute show. In 2013 their latest production will feature all the classic Eagles hits from the timeless back catalogue including Hotel California, Lyin’ Eyes, Take It Easy, Desperado, Take It To The Limit, Life In The Fast Lane, […]
          My Top 10 LD23 Games so far!   
Ok, I’ve rated 50 games so far (and left comments on each one of them because they all deserve it) so it’s time for me to share the awesomeness of the entries I’ve reviewed. I must say all of them were amazing games so it’s hard for me to pick only 10. I would actually […]
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          Ulverston Flag Fortnight 2013   
27th April to 11th May 2013 Ulverston will be a colourful place to visit as many of the shops and public buildings will fly unique hand made flags as part of the Flag Festival. For some reason the spring weather always seems to conspire to bring blustery winds to the party so whilst the fluttering […]
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Der 1. FSV Mainz 05 hat seine Offensive mit Viktor Fischer (23) verstärkt. Der dänische Nationalspieler kommt von Premier-League-Absteiger FC Middlesbrough an den Bruchweg. Die 05er statten ihn mit einem Vierjahresvertrag bis 2021 aus. Über die Ablösesumme wurde Stillschweigen vereinbart.
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          Report: In wake of Chris Paul trade, Clippers focus on re-signing Blake Griffin   
The question is, does Blake Griffin want to stay with the Clippers?
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A lot of Clipper players have been frustrated with the perception that Austin Rivers gets favored treatment.
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          Chris Paul thanks Clipper fans in online statement   
He also says he's remains committed to his key charity cause in Los Angeles.
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John Sciulli/ Getty Images Clothing sales skyrocket around the holidays, so “Reader’s Digest” talked to salespeople from around the country to find out the things they know, but won’t tell us. So now when you […]
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KUCHING: Kerajaan Negeri akan membuat rayuan terhadap keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi Kuching yang mengenepikan keputusan Dewan Undangan Negeri berhubung pelucutan Dr Ting Tiong Choon sebagai Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Pujut.

Ketua Menteri Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg berkata, rayuan itu akan dibuat oleh Peguam Besar Negeri mewakili kerajaan negeri di Mahkamah Rayuan nanti.

"Kita menghormati keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi Kuching. Mahkamah mengikut lunas undang-undang, jadi kerajaan negeri akan merayu keputusan tersebut di Mahkamah Rayuan," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika ditemui pemberita selepas program ihsan Ramadan Satok di Dewan Dato Hajah Juma'ani Sekolah Kebangsaan Rakyat di sini petang tadi.

Ditanya apakah tindakan selanjutnya, Abang Johari berkata pihaknya akan mengumumkannya dalam masa terdekat.

Semalam, Hakim Datuk Douglas Christo Primus Sikayun dalam penghakimannya berkata, Speaker DUN, Datuk Amar Asfia Awang Nassar membuat keputusan melampaui bidang kuasanya. 

Justeru katanya, Dr Ting selaku plantif adalah layak untuk bertanding dalam Pilihan Raya Negeri (PRN) dan kekal sebagai ADUN Pujut  yang dipilih oleh rakyat. 

Susulan keputusan itu semalam, Mahkamah Tinggi Kuching mengarahkan defendan pertama dan kedua iaitu Speaker DUN Datuk Amar Awang Asfia Awang Nasar dan Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh membayar kos guaman RM100,000 kepada plaintif. -UB


          Resident Evil 6 The Final Chapter Fragmanı İzle   
Hem zombi filmi ve hemde oyunu dediğimizde aklımza gelen ilk yapım Resident evil Ölümcül deney aklımıza gelir. Şimdi ise serinin en son filmi olarak karşımıza çıkan Ölümcül deney 6 – Resident Evil 6 the final chapter fragmanı yayınlandı. 2017 yılının korku filmi olacak film Almanya, Fransa, Kanada ve Avustralya olmak üzere 4 farklı ülkede çekildi. Yönetmenliğini […]
          #10: GUNDAM VERSUS【予約特典】「ホットスクランブルガンダム」が使用可能& 7月下旬に有料DLCとして配信予定の「ガンダムヴァーチェ」が無料でプレイ可能になるプロダクトコードを配信 - PS4   
GUNDAM VERSUS予約特典ホットスクランブルガンダムが使用可能
GUNDAM VERSUS【予約特典】「ホットスクランブルガンダム」が使用可能& 7月下旬に有料DLCとして配信予定の「ガンダムヴァーチェ」が無料でプレイ可能になるプロダクトコードを配信 - PS4
プラットフォーム: PlayStation 4
発売日: 2017/7/6

新品: ¥ 8,856 ¥ 7,236
6点の新品/中古品を見る: ¥ 7,236より

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          Karim Tak Peduli Kesombongan Nazri Dan Akan Pertahankan Hak Sarawak!      

KUCHING: “Jika difikirkannya (Nazri) bahawa saya tidak faham, berlagak, samseng ….saya tidak fikir dia tahu siapa saya!

“Adalah tidak sopan untuk memanggil seseorang itu sebagai setahun jagung, samseng dan seumpamanya … terutamanya jika anda seorang menteri kanan dan pada bulan Ramadan,” jawab Menteri Pelancongan, Kesenian, Kebudayaan, Belia dan Sukan, Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, mengulas tempelakan Menteri Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Pusat, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz terhadapnya pada Sabtu.

Serangan Nazri berikutan tindakan Abdul Karim yang baharu dilantik ke jawatan itu pada bulan lalu, mengkritik tindakannya untuk melaksanakan Rang Undang-Undang Cukai Pelancongan ke seluruh negara bermula 1 Julai depan, termasuk di Sabah dan Sarawak.

Abdul Karim berkata, tindakan tersebut tidak bijak dan perlu disemak semula kerana dikhuatiri akan menjejaskan sektor pelancongan negeri.

Mengulas serangan itu lagi, Abdul Karim menafikan gelaran “setahun jagung” Nazri itu sebagai penghinaan kepadanya.

Tegas Abdul Karim, adalah menjadi haknya untuk meminta penangguhan dan semakan semula pelaksanaan Cukai Pelancongan yang dipaksakan kepada negeri ini tanpa berunding dengan tuan tanah.

“Saya tidak akan tunduk kepada kesombongan dan reaksi kasar menteri ini.

“Apa yang saya lakukan adalah berdasarkan kepada lunas undang-undang … berdasarkan apa yang saya tahu sebagai seorang pengamal undang-undang dan untuk menjaga kepentingan Sarawak.

Abdul Karim berkata, isu Cukai Pelancongan tersebut dijangka akan dibincangkan lanjut dalam mesyuarat kabinet tidak lama lagi dan keputusan kabinet itu kelak akan membolehkan Kerajaan Negeri membuat tindakan susulan.

“Isu ini perlu dibincangkan di peringkat yang lebih tinggi daripada kementerian saya.

“Ia hak mutlak Kerajaan Negeri dan rakyat Sarawak,” jelasnya selepas menyertai program agihan bubur lambuk dan bubur pedas di Sarawak Plaza petang semalam.

Program tersebut dianjurkan Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia Sarawak dengan kerjasama Borneo Island Big Bikers (BIBB).

Abdul Karim berharap bahawa tindakan susulan yang diambil oleh Kerajaan Negeri mengenai pelaksanaan Cukai Pelancongan akan diperhalusi dan akan ditangani secara baik untuk semua pihak.

Beliau berkata kerajaan negeri tidak bermaksud untuk menentang pelaksanaan Cukai Pelancongan sebaliknya kecewa tidak dirujuk mengenai perkara itu.

Sementara itu, rakyat Sarawak bersatu mengutuk reaksi kasar Nazri dan berdiri teguh di belakang Abdul Karim.

Adun Muara Tuang, Datuk Idris Buang melalui status facebooknya berkata: “Kita sokong menteri kita YB Datuk Abdul Karim dalam hal ini seratus peratus.

“Jangan cuak dengan ‘menteri tuakah, menteri lamakah’ dari sana …dari KL.

“Mun sik tegal BN Sarawak & Sabah , BN di Semenanjung boleh tumbang, you you ! Apa salahnya untuk menghormati kita mempertahan hak-hak negeri Sarawak?

“Tunjukkanlah adat budaya setia kawan yang sejati dan baik kepada kita dari kepulauan Borneo ini; yang sentiasa merendah diri dan menghormati rakan dari Semananjung.

“Kami bersikap beradat bukan ertinya kami boleh dibuli!

Difahamkan Ketua Menteri, Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg akan bertemu Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak pada 15 Jun ini. Mungkinkan isu ini antara agenda yang akan dibincangkan? – Sarawakvoice


          igra istine   
Kad mu se cefne....uskoro verovatno

Zimski sportovi,volis?
          New Bussines Partner Is Not A Nice Guy   
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          Awas, Dadah "Zombie" Flakka Mula Menular Ke Asia..   

Sejenis dadah sintetik baru yang dinamakan FLAKKA kini telah menggemparkan negara Amerika.

Effek individu yang mengambil dadah ini dikatakan akan menjadi "zombie", dan yang menyedihkan mereka TIDAK AKAN KEMBALI NORMAL.

Kesan kerosakan kimia terhadap otak sesiapa yang mengambilnya akan menjadi KEKAL SELAMAnya.

Difahamkan, dadah FLAKKA ini sebenarnya masih lagi dalam fasa eksperimen namun ianya telah dicuba di pasaran untuk melihat reaksi dan effek terhadap penagih agar ianya boleh diperbaiki lagi.

Difahamkan juga, pembuat dadah ini telah mencuba untuk masuk ke pasaran Asia, terutamanya Asia Tenggara kerana ramai pengguna dadah sintetik murah di sini.

Bentuk fisikal kristal FLAKKA, yang lebih mirip seperti BATU @ SYABU @ METAPHAMINE @ KETAMINE, dan juga pil ekstasi, yang banyak digunakan di Malaysia, namun ia dikatakan jauh lebih murah harganya maka dikhuatiri ianya akan dicampur oleh pengedar dadah dengan dadah yang disebut di atas demi untuk keuntungan berlipat ganda.

Kaedah pengambilan dadah FLAKKA juga adalah seperti dadah sintetik yang lain, samada menggunakan suntikan atau dihisap, ianya jua sering dihisap menggunakan rokok elektronik atau VAPE. 

Jadi, berhentilah mengambil dadah.. jangan terjadi mangsa seperti didalam video di bawah ini.-UnReportedNews™®

          #PrkPujut: PBB Lambir Akan Bantu Rampas Balik Pujut   

KUCHING: Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Cawangan Lambir bersedia membantu jentera pilihan raya Barisan Nasional (BN) pada Pilihan Raya Kecil (PRK) Pujut akan datang.

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Lambir, Ripin Lamat berkata, pasukannya akan bekerja keras untuk memastikan kerusi tersebut dapat dirampas balik daripada Parti Tindakan Demokratik (DAP).

"Kita berusaha keras pada pilihan raya ini untuk merampas kembali kerusi ini (Pujut) daripada pembamgkang," katanya.

Kerusi tersebut kosong selepas Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) melucutkan kelayakan Dr Ting Tiong Choon sebagai Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) kerana memiliki kewarganegaraan Australia.

Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) menetapkan 20 Jun sebagai hari penamaan calon manakala pengundian pada 4 Julai.-Sarawakiana


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          New Tekin "Element Proof" ROC412 HD brushless crawler motor   
Team Tekin revamped the ROC412 for more low-end torque and protection from water, mud and snow.
          SPR Umum 4 Julai Tarikh PRK Pujut   

PUTRAJAYA: Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) mengumumkan tarikh pilihan raya kecil (PRK) Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Pujut, Sarawak pada 4 Julai selepas Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Pengerusi SPR, Datuk Seri Mohd Hashim Abdullah mengumumkan demikian bagi mengisi kekosongan yang ditinggalkan Adun DAP, Dr Ting Tiong Choon yang dilucutkan oleh DUN Sarawak.

Hashim turut mengumumkan hari penamaan calon pada Selasa, 20 Jun, bertempat di Dewan Suarah Miri, Sarawak.

SPR berkata seramai 483 petugas pilihan raya dilantik untuk mengendalikan proses PRK itu, melibatkan perbelanjaan RM838,536.00.

Seramai 20,070 pemilih berdaftar layak mengundi pada PRK Pujut.

Pada 12 Mei, DUN Sarawak melucutkan kelayakan Dr Ting sebagai Adun Pujut selepas usul Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan E-Dagang negeri, Datuk Woon Soon Koh yang juga Adun Bawang Assan mendedahkan Dr Ting mempunyai 2 kewarganegaraan, iaitu Malaysia dan Australia.

Usul itu diluluskan selepas mendapat sokongan 70 Adun, manakala 10 yang lain membantah.

Dr Ting yang menjalani latihan sebagai doktor perubatan di Australia, meraih 8,899 undi untuk memenangi kerusi Pujut, menewaskan calon Barisan Nasional Hii King Chiong yang mendapat 7,140 undi, calon PAS Jofri Jaraiee (513 undi) dan calon Bebas Fong Pau Teck (375 undi).

Mengulas mengenai cadangan DAP yang mahu membawa kes tersebut ke mahkamah, Hashim berkata pihaknya akan mematuhi segala keputusan yang dibuat pihak mahkamah kelak.

“DAP nak cabar di mahkamah, kita hanya menjalani tugas kita dahulu, apabila kita terima notis kekosongan, dan SPR akan mematuhi keputusan dibuat mahkamah nanti.

“Kalau keputusan mahkamah kata ianya kekal pada masa itu kita kekalkan,” katanya. -MK


          New #1 atop Top 25 RC rankings after ROAR Nationals   
Ryan Maifield's DNF at the ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals dropped him four spots in the Top 25 RC rankings - and pushed Elliott Boots to the top for the first time.
          SPR Terima Surat Pemakluman Rasmi Kekosongan Kerusi DUN Pujut   


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          igra istine   
Uzasno,uvek fali sna...

Raspolozenje kad ustanes?
          Comment on State of New Jersey’s Health: Healthcare Hotspots by Tweetybird0   
I watched this program about health care and it was very informative but I still am very worried I had no choice but to retire on disability I pay out of my fix income pension for my health insurance I have alot of heath problems and am unable to afford my co pays, I feel terrible I can not being able to pay most times for procedures, I also wait until the last min to go get examine, I applied for Affordable heath and its been very confusing. Its terrible I cant even see a dentist I have dental insurance but once again unable to afford co pay I need 4 root canals and my co pay is out rages. This is American
          3 Moustaches Cross Stitch Pattern   
3 Moustaches Cross Stitch Pattern
          Juanda Persoalkan Kebanjiran Pekerja Asing Di Jamoreng   

Pembangunan ladang dan kilang Kelapa Sawit di Jamoreng telah mengundang kebanjiran pekerja warga asing dan bilangan mereka didapati semakin bertambah.

ADUN Jamoreng Dato’ Murshid DiRaja Dr Juanda Jaya berkata, situasi ini amat ketara sehingga ianya telah menimbulkan kebimbangan.

"Seluruh dunia tahu yang Malaysia adalah negara yang makmur dan mewah sehinggakan ramai burub asing datang ke Malaysia mencari pekerjaan baik secara sah satu pun tidak sah."

Juanda menyatakan, kerajaan bertanggungjawab menyediakan peluang pekerjaan untuk rakyatnya namun situasi tersebut bagaikan memberi peluang pekerjaan kepada burh asing pula.

Beliau yang ditemui pemberita di lobi DUN Sarawak hari ini mempersoalkan mengapa syarikat-syarikat besar tersebut tidak menggajkan orang tempatan.

"Apakah sudah tiada orang tempatan? Apakah syarikat-syarikat tersebut akan mengalami kerugian besar jika menggaji penduduk tempatan?," katanya sambil menambah, situasi ini tidak boleh diterima sama sekali.

"Apabila kita membawa orang luar bekerja disini, kita kena membayar levi, kos kemasukan, kos penginapan namun semua ini di anggap "lebih mengguntungkan" berbanding menggaji rakyat temptan."

"Saya juga ingin tahu berapa nisbah pekerja asing dan tempatan di ladang-ladang di kawasan saya da seluruh Sarawak amnya," katanya lagi.

Juanda juga menyentuh kehadiran warga Pakistan yang menjual permaidani dan membuka kedai di kawasan saya seolah-olah tiada pemantauan ke atas situasi ini.

"Benarkah mereka ini ada permit kerja? Sejak bila kita "mengimport" pekerja asing menjual permaidani dan membuka kedai di Sarawak?," persoal Juanda lagi.

          Confused Japanese Teen Was Sure She Came To Young Models Audition part 2   
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          Comment on Make NJTV a Favorite! by Bryan G.Briggs   
I used to be able to get this station on DTV...on Channel 50! Now,all I get is pitch-blackness & a "NO SIGNAL" sign flashing on the TV! What should I do?
          Notis Rasmi Kekosongan DUN Pujut Dihantar Pada SPR Hari in   

Pemakluman rasmi kekosongan kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) N. 74 Pujut telah dihantar kepada Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) pada hari ini.

Ini dimaklumkan oleh Speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Sarawak Datuk Amar Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar pada satu media di DUN Sarawak sebentar tadi.

"Pihak SPR telah dimaklumkan melalui surat bertarikh 16 Mei berkenaan perlucutan kelayakan Dr Ting Tiong Choon sebagai Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) N.74 Pujut berdasarkan Artikel 21 (5) Perlembangaan Negeri dan pemakluman rasmi telah dihantar hari ini untuk tindakan lanjut pihak SPR."

Pada Jumaat lepas, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Pujut Dr Ting Tiong Choon dari Parti Tindakan Demokratik (DAP) telah dilucutkan jawatan sebagai ADUN berikutan satu usul dibentangkan di Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak.

Usul berkenaan dibentangkan Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan E-Dagang Datuk Sri Wong Soon Koh yang mendakwa Dr Ting hilang kelayakan sebagai ADUN kerana memperolehi kewarganegaraan Australia, berdaftar sebagai pengundi di negara itu dan berikrar taat setia kepada negara di luar persekutuan Malaysia.

Wong yang juga ADUN Bawang Assan berkata, berdasarkan perkara 17 (1) (g) Perlembagaan Sarawak yang menyatakan bahawa mana-mana orang yang dengan sukarela memperoleh kewarganegaraan asing atau menikmati hak-hak kerakyatan asing akan hilang kelayakan sebagai seorang ADUN.

Menurut Wong, di bawah Perkara 17 (1) (g) Perlembagaan Negeri, Dr Ting bukan seorang yang layak dan sesuai untuk menjadi ADUN Sarawak.

Penyingkiran wakil DAP itu bakal menyaksikan Pilihan Raya Kecil (PRK) bagi kerusi Pujut.

          Comment on This Is South Jersey by CJAS   
I appreciate the episode on Camden. It would be great to see a follow-up where you showcase some of the city’s amenities: Adventure Aquarium/New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences, Wiggins Park Marina/ Camden Riversharks, Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts, Camden Children's Garden, Haddon Farmer’s Market, South Camden Theater Company, Susquehanna Bank Center come to mind. And the Camden County Historical Society, USS “Battleship” New Jersey, and the Walt Whitman House.
          igra istine   
zavisi... nekad probleme i sanjam a nekad svoje snove sanjam nocu da se ostvarili...

tesko ustajes rano?
          Usul DAP Ditolak   

Usul yang dibawa Ketua Pembangkang, Chong Chien Jen (DAP-Kota Sentosa) bagi Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan e-Dagang, Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh supaya memohon maaf kerana menuduh bekas Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Pujut, Dr Ting Tiong Choon telah muflis ditolak pada hari ini.

Speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Datuk Amar Mohamad Asfia Awang Nasar berkata, usul tersebut adalah tidak berkaitan kerana Tiong Choon tidak berada di dalam sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) untuk mempertahankan diri dalam perkara berkenaan.

Asfia menegaskan, maklumat yang diperolehi daripada National Personal Insolvency Index memaparkan nama Tiong Choon pada 29 Jun 2012 dan 11 September tahun sama malah dalam Bankrupcy Register Search yang juga telah mengeluarkan nama beliau.

"Pembatalan kelayakan beliau sebagai ADUN  juga adalah berdasarkan Artikel 17(1)(g) Perlembagaan Negeri Sarawak yang mana seseorang itu hilang kelayakan sebagai ADUN jika secara sukarela memperoleh atau menjalankan hak kewarganegaraan atau membuat deklarasi kesetiaan kepada mana-mana negara di luar Persekutuan Malaysia bukannya di bawah Arti17(1)(b) mengenai muflis," katanya lagi.

Asfia berkata demikian ketika membuat keputusan mengenai usul berkenaan pada Mesyuarat Pertama Bagi Penggal Kedua Persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Sarawak Ke-18, di sini hari ini.

Beliau kemudiannya memutuskan, Soon Koh tidak perlu memohon maaf dan beliau menolak usul berkenaan.


          ADUN Pujut Hilang Kelayakan: SPR Tunggu Pemakluman Rasmi DUN Sarawak    



Berhubung status Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) N.74 Pujut YB. Dr. Ting Tiong Choon yang dilaporkan telah dilucutkan keanggotaannya daripada menjadi ADUN Sarawak ekoran taraf kewarganegaraan beliau dipertikai kerana didakwa memiliki dua kerakyatan iaitu kerakyatan Malaysia dan Australia. Buat masa ini Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) hanya mengetahui perkara ini menerusi laporan oleh pihak media massa. Sehubungan dengan itu, SPR akan menunggu pemakluman rasmi oleh Yang Berhormat Speaker DUN Sarawak mengenai kedudukan ADUN N.74 Pujut itu dan SPR hanya akan mengambil tindakan lanjut selepas menerima pemakluman secara rasmi. 

Sekian, terima kasih.

Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) Malaysia

Tarikh:  12 Mei 2017


          Comment on A Conversation with Gov. Christie and Steve Adubato by James Hofmann   
Please ask what happened with his open letter he sent all of the New Jersey educators back one week before his first election. He lied and did everything completely contrary to what he told us in that letter that was sent out one week prior to his election. That spells a liar in my book. Anyone who dupes people into voting them in on a lie is complete trickery. I do not trust him. Ask him about that letter that was never published in any media? Hum, funny, I wonder why?
          Kerusi DUN Pujut Dikosongkan Akibat ADUNnya Hilang Kelayakan   

Persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Sarawak hari ini meluluskan usul Barisan Nasional (BN) untuk membatalkan kelayakan Dr Ting Tiong Choon (DAP) sebagai Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Pujut. 

Usul dicadangkan oleh Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan E-Perdagangan, Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh dan diluluskan oleh Speaker DUN Datuk Amar Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar. 

Sebanyak 70 undi diterima daripada ahli dewan yang memihak kepada usul ini dengan hanya 10 undi menolak diterima. 

"Usul diluluskan dan ahli yang berhormat bagi Pujut adalah tidak layak dibawah Artikel 17 (1) (g) Perlembagaan Sarawak  untuk menjadi seorang ADUN serta merta," tegas Asfia.

Terdahulu, Soon Koh yang juga Menteri Mewangan Kedua  dalam usulnya berkata Dr Ting tidak layak menjadi ADUN kerana mempunyai dua kewarganegaraan iaitu Malaysia dan Australia. 

Soon Koh turut mendakwa mempunyai bukti bahawa Dr Ting adalah pengundi berdaftar di Australia dan melanggar peraturan kerana tidak memaklumkan kepada Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) mengenai statusnya.

Di bawah Artikel 17 (1)(g) Perlembagaan Sarawak seseorang ADUN katanya akan hilang kelayakan jika beliau secara sukarela memperoleh kewarganegaraan lain.

"Dr Ting mendapat kewarnegaraan Australia pada 20 Januari 2010 dan selain pernah diisytihar bankrup sebanyak dua kali di Australia pada 21 Jun dan 11 September 2012. 

"Dr Ting tidak boleh lari dari kenyataan bahawa beliau tidak layak untuk menjadi ADUN kerana telah berbukti bersalah dibawah Artikel 17 (1)(g) Perlembagaan Sarawak," katanya. 

Sementara itu, Dr Ting dalam bahas bagi mempertahankan dirinya berkata semua tuduhan oleh BN adalah tidak benar. 

Tegasnya, semua tuduhan ini adalah dari sumber yang tidak tepat dan beliau percaya ia adalah dari lawannya yang bertanding di kerusi yang sama pada Pilihan Raya Negeri (PRN) 7 Mei 2016. 

"Saya ada alasan untuk menetap lama di Australia dan bukan saya sahaja yang menetap di sana tetapi juga ADUN Batu Kawa yang mana lebih lama iaitu selama 17 tahun. 

"Saya di sini berkhidmat untuk rakyat di negeri ini dan bukan sahaja di Pujut," tegasnya lagi yang ternyata tidak berpuas hati dengan tuduhan itu. 


          The blogs blog – vote for your top three faves!   
Well that was interesting. We asked for your top three interior design blogs and between you all, you came up …
          Selene 2014 Wine Releases   
Hello & Happy Spring from Selene! The past winter’s rain has brought us out of the drought, the daylight is becoming noticeably longer, and the vines are beginning to awaken from their dormancy. Much to look forward to this season. 2017 marks Mia’s 35th harvest in Napa Valley and her 27th harvest for Selene. She [...]
          New HUDY brushless 30mm and 40mm cooling fans   
HUDY released their new 30mm and 40mm cooling fans, which feature solder tabs for cable replacement, bearing equipped design, and 170mm cable.
          Majlis Istiadat Pembukaan Penggal Ke-2 DUN Sarawak Ke-18   
Sekitar Majlis Istiadat Pembukaan Penggal Kedua Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak Ke-18 di DUN Sarawak pada pagi ini.

Kredit gambar: Zulazhar Sheblee

          Grand Grape Celebration – December 4th to 7th, 2016   
Selene Wines Featured at Yosemite National Park’s Winemakers Dinner: On December 4 – December 7, 2016, Mia Klein of Selene Wines will be participating in Yosemite’s Grand Grape Celebration Session VII. Featuring “Goddesses of the Grape”, all women vintners Moderated by Ellen Landis, C.S./Wine Judge & Journalist Susie Selby – Selby Winery Beth Nickel – [...]
          Comment on A Conversation with Gov. Christie and Steve Adubato by Bill Brennan   
It's criminalized because it's a crime? Apply that logic to sports betting.
          Busty Japanese Girl Was Forced To Fuck Total Stranger In A Public Bus   
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          Fitnah Setiausaha Politik Menteri Untuk Jejaskan BN Sarawak    

Semalam keluar cerita di dalam sebuah blog di mana kononnya seorang setiausaha politik menteri kanan dari Sarawak yang dikatakan telah mengumpul berjuta-juta ringgit dalam masa yang singkat sedang disiasat oleh Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).

Penulis blog tersebut juga mendakwa pejabat Menteri tersebut di Putrajaya minggu lepas kononnya telah diserbu SPRM.

Biarpun tidak menyebut nama, penulis blog menggunakan gambar yang sudah dikaburkan namun penulisan tersebut jelas menunjukkan ia menjurus kepada Setiausaha Politik Menteri Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar iaitu Dato Sri Syed Hamzah Al-Yahya. 

(Kalau tak percaya cuba google image "wan hamzah unreportednews", keluarlah gambar di bawah ni).

Penulis blog itu juga mendakwa setiausaha politik berkenaan kononnya disiasat kerana beliau meminta rasuah dalam tender dan projek di kementerian itu.

Ironinya, setiausaha politik tersebut ketika saya hubungi petang tadi masih bertugas seperti biasa dipejabatnya di Putrajaya dan agak terkejut dengan berita (palsu yang tersebar di media sosial berkatian dengan dirinya) yang saya sampaikan kepada beliau.

Dato Sri Syed Hamzah juga telah menafikan dengan sekeras-kerasnya apa yang telah didakwa oleh blog tersebut dan juga akan mempertimbangkan akan membuat laporan polis mengenai perkara itu serta mengambil tindakan undang-undang ke atas penulis blog tersebut kerana telah mengfitnah beliau.

Dari pemahaman saya, mana-mana kakitangan kerajaan (tolak Guan Eng DAP sebab dia ingat kerajaan Pulau Pinang bapa dia yang punya) yang dikaitkan dengan kes rasuah, lagi-lagi kes yang berprofil tinggi, suspek akan digantung kerja serta-merta kerana khuatir akan menggunakan kuasanya untuk menjejaskan penyiasatan.

Jadi sekarang kita dah tahu berita tersebut adalah palsu dan persoalan yang perlu kita tanya kini adalah, mengapakah berita palsu itu dibuat dan disebar di media sosial?

Baru-baru ini, Barisan Nasional Sarawak menerusi Datuk Amar Hajah Jamilah Anu pada PRK Tanjong Datu telah mengalahkan calon Parti Reformasi Negeri Sarawak (STAR) Johnny Aput dan calon Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) Baru, Rapelson Richard Hamit dengan majoriti 6,443 undi apabila memperoleh 6,573 undi, manakala Johnny Aput memperoleh 108 undi dan Rapelson 130 undi.

Pada pandangan saya, penyebaran berita palsu ini ada kaitan dengan kemenangan besar ini diterajui oleh Ketua Menteri Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Abang Haji Openg bersama-sama pemimpin BN Sarawak dan Pusat yang lain yang turun berkempen.

Namun yang memainkan peranan utama kepada kemenangan tersebut adalah Pengarah Operasi Pilihanraya BN PRK Tanjong Datu Dato Sri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar iaitu boss Dato Sri Syed Hamzah dimana, kedua-dua mereka telah bertungkus lumus sepanjang tempoh kempen tersebut.

Sememangnya, terdapat pihak yang tidak senang hati dengan kemenangan luar biasa ini dan khuatir ianya menjadi gelombang ikutan pada Pilihan Raya Umum (PRU) Ke-14 yang bakal diadakan bila-bila masa saja lagi dan taktik yang paling berkesan untuk menghalang kemenangan ini adalah dengan mencemarkan mereka-mereka yang telah menjadi tulang belakang kemenangan BN Sarawak...


The Return Of The UnReportedNews™®

          Mamies à la rescousse!    
Je n'ai malheureusement pas eu la chance d'avoir mes grands-parents dans ma vie bien longtemps. C'est dommage, j'aurais bien imaginé ma grand-mère me faire la morale dans ma jeune vingtaine pour m'empêcher de faire des conneries et me remettre sur le droit chemin. Du vécu, ça sert à ça au fond: aider les autres à ne pas faire les mêmes erreurs que nous. (Canoë)

          DPTS Jabu Undur Diri Selepas 44 Tahun Setia Berbakti Kepada PBB    

KUCHING: Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu Numpang membuat keputusan dramatik hari ini, dengan mengumumkan pengunduran sebagai Timbalan Presiden Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Sarawak.

“Keputusan itu dibuat pada pagi ini dan terus dimaklumkan kepada Datuk Amar Abang Johari (Tun Abang Haji Openg) sejurus ketibaannya,” katanya sejurus selesai mesyuarat Majlis Kerja Tertinggi PBB di Ibu Pejabat PBB, Jalan Bako dekat sini.

Ia merupakan keputusan yang penting bagi Jabu selepas mengumumkan pengunduran sebagai Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Layar pada 21 Mac lalu, yang sekali gus menamatkan penglibatannya sebagai ahli politik yang aktif dan Timbalan Ketua Menteri Sarawak.

Alfred Jabu mula menyertai politik pada usia 32 tahun, dengan menang tanpa bertanding Pilihan Raya Kecil Dun Skrang-Engkilili pada 1973.

Beliau sebelum itu merupakan pegawai kanan di Jabatan Pertanian Sarawak, dan telah berkahwin dengan Puan Sri Empiang Jabu.

Kerjaya politiknya terus bersinar apabila pada tahun berikutnya, memenangi kerusi Dun Layar dengan menewaskan bekas Ketua Menteri Sarawak yang pertama, Datuk Stephen Kalong Ningkan.

Pada 1976, kerjayanya terus melonjak apabila dipilih oleh Ketua Menteri, Tun Abdul Rahman Yaakub sebagai salah seorang Timbalan Ketua Menteri; jawatan yang terus disandangnya sehingga tahun ini.

Kerjaya politik Jabu cukup luar biasa sebenarnya, kerana telah berkhidmat di bawah pentadbiran tiga Ketua Menteri dan empat Presiden PBB.

“Bermula dengan Tun Abdul Rahman Yaakub, kepada Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud, diikuti Tan Sri Adenan Satem dan akhir sekali bersama-sama Abang Johari sebagai Presiden PBB untuk tempoh enam hari.”

Penglibatan dan dambaan Jabu kepada PBB cukup mendalam, kerana selain dirinya, isterinya, Puan Sri Empiang, anaknya Gerald Rentap dan Umang Nangku turut berkhidmat kepada rakyat atas kapasiti parti.

“Saya merakamkan setinggi-tinggi terima kasih kepada mereka yang menyokong saya selama ini.

“Jiwa saya terus untuk PBB. Dan saya akan memberi nasihat jika diperlukan,” katanya lagi.

Dalam rakaman penghargaannya dalam sidang media sebelum itu, Abang Johari bukan sahaja menghargai pengorbanan Jabu, tetapi menganggapnya sebagai “Apai PBB”, yang akan dirujuk nasihatnya apabila keadaan memerlukan. – Sarawakvoice


          Kontraktor Tidak Bertanggungjawab Sebabkan 30 Sekolah Luar Bandar Bergelap   

KUCHING 4 Jan. - Tindakan segelintir kontraktor tidak bertanggungjawab menyebabkan kira-kira 30 sekolah luar bandar di negeri ini yang menggunakan set generator diesel bergelap pada hari pembukaan sekolah semalam.

Pengerusi Eksekutif Jepak Holdings Sendirian Berhad, Abang Nawawi Abang Drahman berkata, kejadian tersebut berlaku disebabkan mereka telah gagal mengikuti arahan Kementerian Pendidikan dengan surat bertarikh 16 Disember tahun lalu.

"Jika kontraktor yang dilantik sebelum ini mengikuti arahan diberikan, minyak berkenaan dapat bertahan bagi tempoh 10 ke 15 hari selepas tamat kontrak pada 31 Disember lalu.

"Kegagalan memastikan bekalan minyak untuk menghidupkan elektrik di sekolah berkenaan bukan salah Putrajaya seperti yang dinyatakan seorang pemimpn politik," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika sidang akhbar mengenai isu kekurangan bekalan diesel kepada sekolah-sekolah luar bandar hari ini.

Jepak Holdings Sendirian Berhad yang merupakan syarikat Bumiputera telah dianugerahkan kontrak bagi membekal diesel, menyelenggara dan menaik taraf set generator kepad 369 sekolah luar bandar dari 1 Januari tahun ini.

Mengulas lanjut, beliau berkata, pihaknya telah membekalkan minyak diesel kepada sekolah-sekolah berkenaan dan semua masalah telah diatasi. -UM OnLine 


          Ekspot Sarawak Diyakini Kukuh Tahun Hadapan   
Pengarah Wilayah MATRADE Sarawak, Leany Mokhtar ketika memberi penerangan mengenai rangkaian operasi MATRADE di peringkat global pada Program Outreach MATRADE & Agensi MITI 2016 di Bintulu
BINTULU: Eksport Sarawak diyakini terus berkembang kukuh sepanjang tahun depan walaupun berdepan pelbagai cabaran semasa susulan ketidaktentuan ekonomi global.

Malah, Perbadanan Pembangunan Perdagangan Luar Malaysia (MATRADE) menjangka negeri ini mampu mengekalkan kedudukannya sebagai pengeksport utama negara, dengan produk petroleum, khususnya gas asli cecair (LNG) kekal sebagai penyumbang utama.

Pengarah MATRADE Wilayah Sarawak, Leany Mokhtar, berkata keyakinan itu juga bersandarkan kepada peningkatan permintaan terhadap produk berkenaan dari kalangan negara pengimport, terutama Jepun, Korea, China, Taiwan dan India.

"Selain LNG, sektor pembuatan membabitkan produk perkayuan, elektrikal dan elektronik dikenalpasti antara penyumbang terbesar prestasi memberangsangkan eksport negeri ini, begitu juga minyak sawit.

"MATRADE mengambil pendirian optimis, malah yakin dengan keupayaan eksport negeri ini untuk terus berkembang tahun depan walaupun berdepan dengan pelbagai cabaran di peringkat global," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian selepas menghadiri Program Outreach MATRADE & Agensi Di bawah Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri (MITI) 2016, di sini semalam.

Keseluruhannya, 70 wakil syarikat pelbagai sektor, terutama  industri gas dan minyak menyertai program berkenaan yang juga sebahagian daripada inisiatif MITI ke arah usaha meningkatkan  penyertaan pengeksport dalam kalangan usahawan tempatan.

Leany ketika mengulas lanjut, berkata sepanjang Januari hingga Oktober 2016, Sarawak mencatatkan nilai eksport mencecah RM49.9 billion berbanding RM61 billion bagi tempoh sama tahun lalu.

"Berlaku sedikit penurunan dari segi nilai eksport antara tahun ini dan tahun lalu iaitu kira-kira 18..2 peratus. Ini disebabkan beberapa faktor yang tidak dapat dielakkan, khususnya peningkatan kos bahan mentah dan ketidaktentuan kadar tukaran wang disebabkan situasi ekonomi semasa.

"Namun, kita bersikap positif terhadap perkara itu, malah sedang merangka pelbagai pendekatan strategik dalam mendepani cabaran berkenaan," katanya.

Katanya, antara pendekatan dilaksanakan termasuk memperkukuhkan kerjasama dengan Kerajaan Sarawak melalui penganjuran misi eksport ke luar negara, khusus bagi meneroka pasaran baharu.

Pada masa yang sama, MATRADE turut merangka inisiatif meningkatkan penyertaan syarikat tempatan dalam pasaran eksport melalui penyediaan kemudahan berkaitan melalui rangkaian pejabatnya di seluruh dunia. -UnReportedNews™®

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          It's Not A U-Turn, Diplomacy Is Better Than Confrontation - Adenan   

The State Government is not making a ‘U’ turn on this matter because we believe that Federal and State BN Governments being in the family can resolve this issue amicably between the parties concerned as diplomacy is better than confrontation.

Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Haji Adenan Satem said that, that is why the State Government has decided not to proceed on the motion to Article 1(2) of the Federal Constitution which categorised Sarawak as one of the thirteen (13) states in Malaysia.

"The amended Article 1(2) is perceived as not in the spirit behind Inter-Governmental Committee Report and the Malaysia Agreement which was clearly reflected in the original wordings of that Article," he said.

Adenan elaborated, that Article, before its amendments clearly provides that the Federation of Malaysia consisted of: (1) The States of the federation of Malaya; (2) The States of Sabah and Sarawak; and (3) Singapore.

He said this in his Winding-up Speech at the last day of the 18th Sarawak DUN's Sitting today.

"The Prime Minister has announced that he is willing to discuss with Sarawak and Sabah on any matters related to the misinterpretations and misunderstandings to the Malaysia Agreement 1963."

"On this note, the Prime Minister clearly shows that he is willing to discuss this matter with the State Government and to find solutions to resolve this issue," stressed Adenan. -UnReportedNews™®

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          Laksana Projek Kerajaan Dengan Sempurna, Pesan Wan Junaidi   

Kontraktor yang telah berjaya mendapat projek kerajaan disaran untuk memastikan projek tersebut dilaksanakan dengan sempurna mengikutkan ekspektasi kerajaan dan rakyat.

Menteri Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar Dato Sri Dr Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar berkata, rakyat setempat berharapkan agar projek yang dilaksanakan di kawasan mereka akan memberi manfaat maka jangan mengecewakan mereka.

"Kepada semua kontraktor, saya berpesan jangan hanya berjanji tetapi sebaliknya gagal melaksanakan projek tersebut dalam masa yang telah diberikan," tegas Junaidi lagi.

"Saya juga telah mengarahkan Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran (JPS) untuk memantau sekiranya ada syarikat kontraktor yang gagal menyempurnakan projek dan terus akan menyenaraihitamkan syarikat tersebut dari mendapat projek kerajaan."

Beliau menambah, kita tidak mahu berlaku ketirisan dan penyelewengan kewangan yang boleh menyebabkan kualiti projek rakyat pada tahap yang teruk maka ikutlah spesifikasi pembinaan.

Jelasnya ia penting kerana setiap projek yang diperuntukan kerajaan memberi impak kepada kehidupan rakyat.

Beliau, yang juga Ahli Parlimen Santubong berkata demikian ketika ditemubual pemberita selepas merasmikan Upacara Pecah Tanah Ke Atas Projek Rancangan Memulihkan Koridor Sungai (RMKS) Batang Sadong dan Kerja-Kerja Berkaitan di Pekan Simunjan, Lembangan Batang Sadong pada hari ini.

"Projek pemulihan koridor Sungai Simunjan contohnya haruslah menggunakan bahan-bahan berkualiti bertepatan dengan kos yang diperuntukkan."

Projek pembinaan koridor yang bernilai RM15.5 juta tersebut sepanjang 560 meter itu dijangka siap Mei 2018 nanti.

Turut hadir pada majlis tersebut adalah Menteri Di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Hajah Nancy Shukri, ADUN Gedong Datuk Haji Naroden Majais, yang juga Menteri Muda di Jabatan Ketua Menteri (Pembangunan Usahawan Bumiputera), ADUN Sadong Jaya Aidel Lariwoo dan ADUN Simunjan Awla Dris. -UnReportedNews™®

          Comment on (NSFW) VIDEO: Watch How People React To These Fake Books On The NY Subway by Fake Book Covers Take The NYC Subway Pt. II - Secretnyc   
[…] you missed it, comedian Scott Rogowsky boarded the MTA last month armed with an arsenal of some NSFW book covers. Dude must know his New Yorkers, because who doesn’t want to read Slut-Shaming Your Baby on the Q […]
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          Russian teen party Sneaking Around With Daddy's friend (5:00)   
Russian teen party Sneaking Around With Daddy's friendRussian teen party Sneaking Around With Daddy's friendRussian teen party Sneaking Around With Daddy's friendRussian teen party Sneaking Around With Daddy's friendRussian teen party Sneaking Around With Daddy's friendRussian teen party Sneaking Around With Daddy's friendRussian teen party Sneaking Around With Daddy's friendRussian teen party Sneaking Around With Daddy's friendRussian teen party Sneaking Around With Daddy's friendRussian teen party Sneaking Around With Daddy's friend
          I robot stanno arrivando   

Spettacolare (via Engadget):


          Pembangunan Sebatian Anti-HIV Pokok Bintangor Memberansangkan -Annuar   

Pembangunan sebatian anti-HIV daripada pokok Bintangor yang dikenalpasti sebagai Calanolide A telah menunjukkan hasil ujian klinikal yang begitu memberangsangkan.

Menteri Muda Penyelidikan Sains dan Bioteknologi, Dr. Anuar Rapaee (ADUN Nangka-BN) berkata, ketika ini beberapa kajian pra-klinikal telah pun dijalankan disamping meningkatkan produk klinikal serta memfailkan produk paten.

"Fasa 1a dan 1b ujian klinikal menggunakan produk tersebut yang telah ditambah baik berjaya dijalankan di Kuching dan Pulau Pinang," kata Annuar sambil menambah, susulan hasil yang meyakinkan itu, satu kertas kerja sedang dibuat untuk memaklumkan perkembangan dan memohon dana kepada Kabinet Negeri untuk melantik konsultan.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika menjawab soalan tambahan Dr. Hazland Abang Hipni (ADUN Demak Laut-BN) mengenai status sebatian anti-HIV dari pokok Bintangor di Persidangan DUN Sarawak sebentar tadi. -UnReportedNews™®

          Comment on 21 Reasons Why 2016 Will Be The Best Year Ever In NYC by John   
This article was ridiculous. The list actually made me feel less excited about 2016. New skyscrapers?
          Choosing This Maseuse Was One Of The Best Decisions This Guy Ever Made   
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          Jangan Biar Pembangkang Terus Membuat Persepsi Jahat - Fazzrudin   

Kita tidak boleh membiarkan pembangkang terus menerus memainkan persepsi memberi gambaran negatif kepada kerajaan sebaiknya, kita terangkan isu tersebut dengan jelas kepada rakyat agar mereka mengetahui perkara yang sebenarnya.

ADUN Tupong Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman berkata, kita tidak mahu ianya menjadi isu 1MDB dimana biarpun ianya tidak bermasalah namun permainan persepsi jahat pembangkang yang terus menerus tanpa penjelasan segera telah memberi 1MDB imej yang buruk.

Ujar beliau lagi, perhimpunan kecil yang diadakan oleh pihak pembangkang semalam berniat memburukkan dan mencerminkan bahawa kerajaan tidak transparent dan corrupt di mata rakyat.

"Perhimpunan kecil dengan placard menuntut penjelasan berkenaan MRP seolah-olah kerajaan tidak mahu respond terhadap usul ADUN Kota Sentosa Chong Chieng Jen."

Fazzrudin berkata demikian ketika ditemui UnReportedNews™® di lobi DUN Sarawak selepas sesi Perbahasan Bajet 2017nya pada Persidangan DUN Sarawak pagi tadi.

"ADUN Kota Sentosa, telah membuat pertuduhan yang berat tanpa asas terhadap kerajaan dan jika beliau ikhlas, beliau boleh menarik balik pertuduhan tersebut terhadap kerajaan dan meneruskan usulnya untuk memohon penjelasan berkenaan peruntukan MRP berkenaan."

Fazzrudin menambah, beliau (Chong) juga boleh menghantar soalan kepada YAB Ketua Menteri kita atau Menteri Kewangan untuk mohon penjelasan tetapi oleh kerana niat dan hasrat hanyalah untuk score political point and spin segala isu untuk memburukkan kerajaan, maka beliau tidak mahu menarik balik point-point pertuduhan tersebut, agar usul beliau ditolak dan beliau di gantung dari Dewan. 

Secara sarkastik Fazzrudin berkata, ini adalah supaya beliau seolah-olah berjuang sehingga digantung dari dewan dan rugilah pengundi-pengundi yang mengharapkan wakil rakyat untuk mewakili mereka dalam dewan. 

"Budaya sebegini amat tidak sihat sekali dan jika diamalkan, ia akan menganggu focus kita bersama, agenda kita bersama, iaitu untuk mendapatkan hak negeri kita semula, tidak akan tercapai," katanya lagi. -UnReportedNews™®

          Comment on 17 Struggles That People Who Don’t Live In NYC Will Never Understand by Roby   
Another new transplant with no clue about the city? Great. Instead of throwing together a bunch of trite bullshit and calling it a list, why don't you figure out what part of the country, or world, your are actually suitable for and go there. Quickly. Cause NY is already pretty fucked up due to the influx of people like you. Thanks!
          March 13th, 2013 Winemaker Dinner NYC   
Ritz-Carlton, New York Central Park Women and Wine Dining Event Wednesday, March 13, 2013 7 p.m. Featuring Bressler Vineyards and Selene Wines. Join us for another delightful Women and Wine dinner series with Stacey Bressler of Bressler Vineyards and winemaker Mia Klein. Mia Klein is one of the most widely respected winemakers in California. Having [...]
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          Leggi Keplero che ti fa bene   
In questi giorni stiamo seguendo tutti con il fiato sospeso le notizie nucleari provenienti dal Giappone. E' particolarmente difficile trovare fonti di informazione se non corrette almeno ragionevoli. I quotidiani online al solito si distinguono per un'approssimazione quasi criminale (in particolare Repubblica che tiene la linea "AAAAAAH MORIREMO TUTTI!!"). Fortunatamente oggi abbiamo internet e la possibilità di sapere molto di più che ai tempi di Chernobyl.

Purtroppo chi governa le centrali tende a non essere molto trasparente, e ci sono forti dubbi che conosciamo tutto quello che succede. Qualcosa però sappiamo. Amedeo Balbi ha riassunto in maniera ammirabilmente asettica alcune cose nel suo post "Un po' di cose che so sulle centrali nucleari", di cui sottoscrivo anche le virgole.

Se sai l'inglese hai più opzioni. Non è per niente male l'articolo apparso oggi su Ars Technica (che è capace di trattare in maniera imparziale cose persino più controverse, come i prodotti Apple).  Particolarmente sensata mi sembra la conclusione:

This latter set of issues mean that the surest way to build a safe nuclear plant is to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the first place. There are ways to reduce the risk by adding more safety and monitoring features while tailoring the design to some of the most extreme local events. But these will add to the cost of a nuclear plant, and won't ever be able to ensure that nothing goes wrong. So, deciding on if and how to pursue expanded nuclear power will require a careful risk analysis, something the public is generally ill-equipped for. (grassetto mio)

Io continuo ad essere contrario alla costruzione di centrali nucleari in Italia, sostanzialmente per motivi di costo e (naturalmente) di sfiducia. Niente mi toglie dalla testa che chi le vuole sa benissimo che non saranno mai effettivamente costruite e che si tratta di stipulare contratti, distribuire soldi e pagare penali a industrie bustarellanti.

Aggiornamento: su segnalazione dello Zar metto il link al disegno di Randall Munroe con un confronto grafico fra le quantità di radiazioni assorbite in varie situazioni.

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          Chong Pecah Rekod: Digantung Hari Pertama Persidangan DUN    

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Kota Sentosa Chong Chieng Jen, yang juga Pengerusi DAP Sarawak memecah rekod apabila beliau menjadi ADUN pertama digantung daripada menghadiri sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) pada hari pertama DUN Sarawak bersidang.

Penggantungan beliau daripada menghadiri persidangan DUN selama lapan hari yang baharu bermula semalam berkuat kuasa serta merta.

Speaker DUN Datuk Amar Mohamad Asfia Awang Nasar membuat keputusan itu selepas Chong enggan menarik balik 'dakwaan rasuah yang sangat serius' rasuah terhadap Ketua Menteri Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem.

Chong sebelum ini telah cuba untuk memfailkan usul terhadap Adenan atas dakwaan kehilangan sejumlah RM25O juta yang merupakan sebahagian daripada jumlah RM905,900,000 diluluskan untuk projek-projek kecil luar bandar pada persidangan DUN tahun lepas.

Terdahulu, Asfia kemudian menasihati Chong supaya menarik balik dakwaannya namun setelah Chong ditolak, Menteri Kewangan Kedua Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh mengemukakan usul untuk menggantung Chong dan usul ini disokong oleh Timbalan Ketua Menteri Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg. -UnReportedNews™®

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          Jawapan Wartawan Kepada Pengkritik Laporan Isu Kerja Ladang Di Australia   

Kepada : Akmar Abu Bakar

Terdapat beberapa kesalahan fakta asas dalam ulasan saudara Akmar.
1-Saya bukan wartawan Berita Harian tetapi Utusan Malaysia
2-Di Cutri, saya membuat kerja-kerja thinning, bukannya memetik buah
Maka saya tertanya-tanya sama ada saudara membaca sepenuhnya laporan saya atau sekadar membaca tajuk sahaja?
Sudahkan saudara membaca lapan muka surat laporan khas saya. Sudahkan saudara membaca sepenuhnya tulisan Nick McKenzie dan menonton 7.30 report?
Jika dibaca, pastinya jelas terpampang maklumat asas tadi. Takkan itu pun masih buat silap fakta.
Inilah penyakit orang kita. Dia baca tajuk, dia terus percaya. Dia tak kaji betul-betul tapi dia share di Facebook, WhatsApp.
Saya lihat saudara Akmar berada dalam kategori ini. Jenis suka baca tajuk, lepas tu terus melompat buat ulasan. Baca saudara, Allah dah kata, Iqra' (baca).
Macam tu jugalah kaitannya dengan iklan-iklan menawarkan kemewahan dengan kerja ladang buah di Australia. Ramai yang percaya bulat-bulat.
Memang duit jadi kelemahan manusia dan sebab tu lah iklan kerja Australia di Facebook ni semuanya tayang duit.
Mungkin ada yang plan nak pergi tiga bulan sahaja (selari dengan tempoh sah visa pelancong), maklumlah sebulan dapat RM9,000, tiga bulan dah berapa? Lumayan, boleh bayar hutang.
Tapi sedih, lepas tiga bulan pun tak boleh balik lagi.
Memang orang Melayu obses dengan duit segera. Tengoklah skim cepat kaya, MLM dan sebagainya, orang Melayu lah yang palig ramai kena tipu.
Saya pun tak faham sangat kenapa orang kita mudah sangat kena tipu. Gores dan menang pun kena tipu. Alahai...
Saya tidak berminat untuk menjawab serangan dan cercaan peribadi saudara ke atas saya. Pemikiran saya bukanlah serendah itu.
Saudara juga telah membuat tafsiran sendiri mengenai diri saya berdasarkan laporan yang dibuat walaupun tidak mengenali secara peribadi.
Maka, izinkan saya untuk membuat penilaian menggunakan methodology yang sama, siapakah diri saudara berdasarkan maklumat yang saya peroleh di laman Facebook saudara
Selepas disemak, saudara dilihat konsisten mempromosikan peluang pekerjaan ladang di Australia dan secara terbuka meminta rakan FB berhubung jika berminat.
Dan seperti biasa, yang indah-indah sahajalah diceritakan. Biasalah taktik FB marketing dan saya lihat saudara adalah orang yang mengkaji teknik FB marketing.
Maka, izinkanlah saya bertanya:
1- Apa yang dibuat saudara di Australia? Kerja ladang atau bawa orang masuk? Atau seorang pekerja ladang yang nampak peluang untuk buat duit dengan bawa masuk pekerja.
2- Berapa lama dah saudara di sana? Adakah visa membenarkan saudara bekerja di sana? Bagaimana dengan kawan-kawan yang mengikuti saudara, visa apa yang nak digunakan? Student visa?
3- Katakan saudara adalah jujur, tidak menganiayai kawan-kawan yang dibawa masuk, adakah saudara sedar apa yang dibuat adalah jenayah? Pernahkan saudara mendengar istilah human traficking?
Ramai menuduh saya menutup periuk nasi bangsa saya di Australia. Tunggu....saya jelaskan dulu okey.
Laporan saya bertujuan:
1-Mengelakkan rakyat Malaysia dan bangsa saya daripada terpedaya dengan janji manis ejen. Ramai dah orang terkena, orang dari kampung.
Saya pun berasal dari kampung dan tak sanggup tengok orang saya kena tipu.
Tak kena atas kepala saudara Alhamdulillah, tapi jangan nafikan ada kes macam ni dan jumlahnya besar.
Ada yang sanggup pinjam duit sebab fikir dia pergi sekejap je, dah dapat buat untung akan balik segera. Alih-alih hidup susah di farm dan berhutang lagi.
Apa yang saya tulis bukan rekaan. Bukan imiginasi. Semua makumat saya terima daripada pekerja farm juga. Saya bukan keyboard warrior, saya turun ke ground dan saya tengok dan rasa kehidupan orang kita di Swan Hill.
Cuma masalah dengan bangsa Melayu yang masuk farm ni, dia tak suka cerita kedukaan dia sangat. Dia bagitahu kawan-kawan di Malaysia kerja best padahal diri sendiri je lah yang tahu.
Yang di Malaysia percaya bulat-bulat dan terpengaruh ke sana.
Sebab apa? Sebab ego, orang kampung dengar tumpang bangga. Kerja di Australia beb, bunyi gah sangat, malulah kalau mengaku hidup susah.
Bagi yang berjaya, berjayalah, dan kita jangan lupa memang ada yang terjerat di Australia. Semoga yang berjaya itu tidak mencemari tangan mereka dengan memanipulasikan mana-mana pihak.
2- Disebabkan banyak sangat orang Malaysia salah guna visa pelancong dan langgar peraturan, Imigresen sana dah alert.
Kalau naik penerbangan tambang murah, lagilah Imigresen curios. Tengoklah apa soalan dia tanya masa nak masuk. Lebih-lebih lagi kalau Australia adalah negara asing pertama yang korang lawat.
Adil kah benda ni untuk kira-kira 30 juta rakyat Malaysia lain yang nak ke sana melancong, bekerja secara sah, buka bisness dan lain lain.
Disebabkan pekerja ladang Malaysia buat hal dengan imigresen, orang lain kena getah. Pekerja Malaysia di farm tuduh saya tutup periuk nasi, sedarkah yang korang juga tutup periuk nasi rakyat Malaysia yang lain.
Bagi lah apa pun alasan, kerja tanpa permit tetap salah. Hormatilah undang-undang negara orang, kita pun marah Bangla dan Indon masuk Malaysia kerja haram.
Setiap rumah orang ada peraturan, kena lah ikut. Bukan sesuka hati terjah dan bagi hujah kami cari rezeki halal (TAPI DENGAN CARA SALAH).
Kena ingat, apa yang berlaku di ladang-ladang akan menjejaskan 156,000 diaspora Malaysia yang berada di Australi secara sah tak termasuk pelajar dan pekerja haram lain
Untuk kefahaman, saya copy n paste petikan statement seorang peguam rakyat Malaysia yang memiliki law firm, Fides Lawyers di Melbourne sejak 8 tahun lalu, Vicknaraj Thanarajah dalam isu ini.
As of 30th March 2016 the percentage of Australian residents born overseas are one of its highest in Australian History. The latest statistics show that out of the current Australian Population 156,500 or 0.7 percent are from Malaysia.
These are the legitimate migrants on record till to-date.
The above figures do not include the students who come here yearly to study or the illegal migrants.
According to the statistics for the months of September 2016, there are approximately 35,000 thousand people from Malaysia who visit Australia between August and September of 2016.
The above figures shows us a few crucial facts;
1.The Malaysian Diaspora in Australia is about 156K, and we have a sizeable presence in Australia being the top 10 diaspora in Australia;
2.The Monthly Malaysian Entrants Australia is the top 5 in Australia;
Therefore, whatever happens to the Malaysian community in Australia, has an impact not only to Malaysia reputation but also to the rest of the diaspora that have migrated here or has legitimate business interest in Australia, this includes a series of investments by Malaysian GLC in Australia.
It is also commonly known that Malaysia is the only Southeast Asian country with access to the electronic travel authority system under which Malaysian citizens — and applicants from most of the Western world — can get a three-month tourist visa online.
This is probably the result of the excellent diplomatic relations that is shared between the two countries.
Common sense would dictate that should there be in surge in abuse of this privilege this efficient process is endangered in being scrapped.
Australia tak bodoh, dia bukan tak tahu apa yang pekerja ladang ni buat. Kalau tengok statistik protection visa pun dah kantoi sebab tiba-tiba mendadak naik. Ini kerja siapa sebenarnya?
Malaysia negara aman dan masih berungsi tetapi ramai rakyat kita minta visa perlindugan (refugee). Negara kita tak beperang pun. Untuk kepentingan dia, dia menipu dalam borang permohonan siap kondem Malaysia lagi.
Berdasarkan statitik laman web Imigresen Australia, didapati permohonan visa protection oleh rakyat Malaysia meningkat daripada 294 permohonan pada 2013-2014, 1,401 permohonan pada 2014-2015 dan meroket kepada 3,549 (2015-2016)
Dari 294 permohonan naik kepada 3,549 permohonan dalam masa hanya empat tahun? Kegilaan apa kah ini?
Berikut petikan kenyataan Vicknaraj Thanarajah:
According to the statistic published by the Department of Immigration in Australia, we can gather the following crucial facts;
•Asylum applications from Malaysians lodged while within Australia in the last financial year topped 3500, more than double the total for 2014-15 even though Malaysia is a stable and functioning state, new figures show.
•Immigration department figures show 87 per cent of these applications are refused. Of the reviews conducted by the Migration and Refugee Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, 88 per cent validate the original decision.
•The tribunal processed more than 2000 reviews last financial year — a fourfold increase on 2014-15 — representing almost half of its protection claim caseload.
•Details of the recent flood of onshore asylum applications from Malaysia, which totalled just 294 in 2013-4, are contained in documents published on the department’s website.
•In 2014-15, 1401 Malaysians applied for asylum from within Australia. That total surged to 3549 in the 2015-16 year.
Baca lagi petikan kenyataan Vicknaraj Thanarajah:
"Apart from the above financial and legal considerations, these workers need to be aware of the political considerations that are associated with the Horticulture industry in Australia specifically the Fruit Picking Jobs.
The truth is, this is not a new issue; the Malaysians are just a latest wave of workers that are being used by the syndicates as work-stock. Prior to in recent years this there was an uproar on the abuse of Pacific Islanders as illegal workforce and as a result of an inquiry, the illegal workforce have significantly reduce from the Pacific Island.
It is my personal opinion the Malaysians are merely filling in a temporary gap left by the prior inquiry in relation to the Pacific islanders. What the Malaysian migrants need to realise, that the labour dilemma is soon to be solve (at least in part); because a political solution has been reached recently.
The Immigration Department of Australia will be launching a special class of visa (416) to enable Pacific islanders to work in the horticulture industry seasonally. This is supposed to commence by the 19th of November 2016.
Unfortunately Malaysia is not on the list as that particular visa caters for Pacific Islanders.
The hypocrisy of politics are blinding, the blatant fact remains that there is a need for workers in the horticulture industry especially in rural Australia, and the industry and the syndicates are filling that gap and need.
The syndicates take advantage on this legal and economic arbitrage simply because workers are voiceless because of their legal status in Australia. 
Rhetorically, Corporations, Farmers and Authorities, at the Federal, State and Local Government manage the blame efficiently and seamlessly each respectively pleading ignorance of the existence of such syndicates and illegal workforce.
This plea of ignorance is laughable, especially with the example of the case of Swan Hill a rural town in regional Victoria is swarming with Malaysians Workforce.
The issue and the challenge now is whether the Australia Government specifically the Minister responsible for Immigration is going to provide an empty political retort by conveniently electing to enforce a pre-existing law or a sound policy resolution that is sustainable and future proof for all those affected by the labour shortage.
For the sake Human Dignity and Decency, I challenge the Minister to extend the same opportunity for Malaysians to enable them to apply as seasonal workers in the Horticultural Industry.
Alternative expand the quota of Sub Class 462 Work Holiday Visa which is currently fixed at 100 visa for Malaysian per annum.
Saya juga sependapat dengan Vicknaraj yang berharap ada sinar untuk rakyat Malaysia bekerja di ladang-ladang secara sah supaya nasib mereka lebih terjamin.
PM Najib pun dah jumpa dengan PM Australia, Malcom Turnbull di APEC, Lima, Peru, kelmarin.
Malaysia, Australia bincang isu kedatangan migran
LIMA, Peru 20 Nov. - Kerjasama berkaitan kedatangan migran secara tidak sekata adalah antara topik yang disentuh dalam perbincangan dua hala Malaysia dan Australia di luar persidangan Kerjasama Ekonomi Asia Pasifik (APEC) di ibu negara Peru semalam.
Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yang mengadakan pertemuan dengan Perdana Menteri Australia, Malcolm Turnbull berkata, Australia dalam pertemuan itu meminta kerjasama Malaysia untuk membendung isu pelarian, yang menghantui negara berkenaan ekoran kebanjiran migran itu.
"Beliau (Turnbull) mahu bendung masalah migran ini yang dikaitkan dengan permerdagangan manusia," katanya kepada wartawan Malaysia di sini selepas menghadiri program hari pertama Mesyuarat Pemimpin Ekonomi APEC.
Antara kerjasama itu adalah melalui pertukaran laporan risikan dan melakukan larangan rasmi iaitu dengan mengambil tindakan sekiranya migran berkenaan melalui perairan negara, katanya.
Kita harap pertemuan ini dapat merintis jalan ke arah rundingan yang akan memberi manfaat kepada rakyat Malaysia yang mahu bekerja di Australia secara sah dalam sektor kemahiran rendah.
NOTA: Ada beberapa soalan Saudara Saharudin Jang yang perlu saya jawab.
1- Apakah keburukan yg ada pada rakyat malaysia bekerja di malaysia.
Keburukan? Saya dan jutaan rakyat Malaysia lain tetap kerja macam biasa. Memang ada kelemahan tertentu seperti gaji yang tak setara dengan kos sara hidup. Saya sebagai rakyat pun buat 2-3 kerja untuk survive. Dan buat masa ini saya belum terfikir perlu bekerja di negara orang secara haram untuk survive.
2- Adakah baik untuk kerajaan malaysia jika aliran wang tunai dari aussie masuk kemalaysia dan dihabiskan untuk membayar cukai & gst?
Betul tapi sepatutnya dilakukan secara sah. Pekerja haram tidak mebayar cukai kepada kerajaan Australia dan duit berkenaan mengalir ke Malaysia secara tak sah.
3- Ramai pekerja di aussie nie akan terdidik dgn cara hidup di aussie x boleh wat huru hara bising n sabagainya yg menganggu privasi org lain. Betul atau tidak?
Betul lah. Mematuhi undang-undang perkara yang mulia, begitulah juga undang-undang Imigresen di Australia. Kenapa tak hormat pula?
Kalau setakat nak didik supaya tak bising, kat Malaysia pun boleh. Hormati hak jiran tu kan ajaran Islam.
4- Pepatah orang dahulu jauh berjalan luas pengalaman.
Betul ke tidak.
1000 peratus saya sokong. Sebab saya sendiri suka berjalan. Sejak 2006 sampai sekarang, dah 24-25 negara saya dah pergi.
Pada 2010 saya berekspedisi dengan tiga lagi kawan naik motosikal dari KL ke London dalam masa 2 bulan. Di sepanjang perjalanan saya jumpa ramai rakyat Malaysia yang berjaya, tak ada seorang pun daripada mereka ni bekerja secara haram.
Bulan Ogos lepas, saya berada di Rio de Janeiro, Brazil selama tiga minggu untuk liputan sukan Olimpik Rio2016.
Saya pun kenal ramai lejen-lejen hardcore overlander yang dah pusing dunia, mereka tak der pula nak kutuk-kutu Malaysia. Jangan baru jejak kaki di satu negara, dah rasa Malaysia ni serba tak kena.
5- Berapakah komisyen yang bro saiful haizan terima daei egent egent pembuat bridging visa. Yg lebih membahayakan kedudukan malaysia pada PRU 14 nanti. Setiap pemegang visa a & c x boleh balik kemalaysia tau. Camner diorg nk undi BN namti. Heheheh.
Apa punya soalan ni. Apa kaitan dengan ejen buat bridging visa? Sepatutnya mereka yang marah dengan saya.
Kalau tak boleh balik, pergilah mengundi di kedutaan. Asalkan berdaftar dengan SPR.
Akmar pula ada cakap yang Imigresen Australia tangkap orang Malaysia sebab Najib nak rakyat balik undi dia.
Hahahaha...hal politik tak perlu masuk lah bro. Tak habis-habis dengan politik.
Terima kasih kerana membaca ke peringkat ini. Saya menghargainya kerana selepas ini saya tidak lagi mengulas isu ini secara detail di FB.
*Share jika bermanfaat*
Salam hormat,
Saiful Haizan
Besut, Terengganu


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Ketua Menteri Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Haji Adenan Satem dalam pembentangan Bajet Sarawak 2016 sebentar tadi mengumumkan kerajaan masih lagi mengekalkan penekanan terhadap pembangunan iaitu sejumlah RM 5.928 bilion atau 73 peratus diperuntukkan untuk tujuan berkenaan. 

Manakala RM 2.206 bilion atau 27 peratus daripada belanjawan ini adalah untuk tujuan perbelanjaan operasi. 

Belanjawan tahun lepas juga turut menyaksikan komitmen kerajaan membangunkan kawasan luar bandar di mana sejumlah RM 2.982 bilion diperuntukkan untuk tujuan ini. 

Kerajaan negeri juga mencadangkan sejumlah RM 817 juta peruntukan bagi memacu inisiatif transformasi negeri Sarawak. 

"Fokus belanjawan kali ini juga adalah untuk menjadikan pengurusan kewangan negeri lebih effektif dan sistem penyampaian yang lebih effisien," kata Adenen persidangan hari pertama Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Sarawak Ke-18 yang sedang berlangsung pagi ini.-UnReportedNews™®

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Mereka yang mula berkumpul bermula jam 4.00 petang tadi di sekitar kawasan Panggung Udara berdekatan Dewan Suarah Kuching. 

Kehadiran Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Kota Sentosa, Chong Chen Jen yang juga Pemgerusi DAP Sarawak juga nyata gagal menarik minat warga Kuching/Sarawak ke perhimpunan tersebut.

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Ini disuarakan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Demak Laut Dr. Hazland bin Abang Hipni yang menyifatkan Perhimpunan BERSIH 5.0 yang dijadualkan diadakan Sabtu ini di Kuching, Kuala Lumpur dan Kota Kinabalu sebagai sangat tidak perlu dan membuang masa.

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Jelas beliau lagi, penganjuran perhimpunan haram yang tidak mendapat permit ini seolah-olah mencabar perundangan yang ada di negara kita biarpun di belakangnya disokong pemimpin politik.

Selain menyimpang daripada tujuan asal Perhimpunan BERSIH, penganjur juga yang terdiri daripada pemimpin dan ahli-ahli daripada parti-parti pembangkang dilihat mempunyai agenda politik yang menyimpang.

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          YouTube star killed during prank   
A PREGNANT 19-year-old has been arrested after shooting her boyfriend dead in front of their daughter, three, in a bid by the pair to be famous.
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          Because Good Leaders are Not Born   

Are you a leader?  Do you see the whole picture?  Can you tell others what to do and where to go and how to live – the right way?   Some say, leaders are born.  I was born as a leader, that doesn’t mean I was a born leader.  I was just the first born […]

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          Obamas wrap up five-day Bali trip   
FORMER US President Barack Obama and his family have wrapped up a five-day holiday on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali and headed to the historic city of Yogyakarta.
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          For the Brokenhearted and Crushed in Spirit   

Praying for all who have lost loved ones, all who are brokenhearted, and all who are crushed in spirit.

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          The 9/11 Museum, in Its Right Place? (2 Letters)   
To the Editor:....
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          Combating Betrayal   

He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their sorrows. Psalms 147:3   Nothing is more devastating than being betrayed by an intimate friend. Someone who knows all our secrets. Someone who shares the same friends and church. Maybe it is something small, like your private business running through all those circles. You confided a prayer request […]

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          Scott Sanborn Discusses the Future: On Demand Credit   

A decade ago we set out to re-imagine the banking industry. We started by making credit more attractive for…

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As an online business in a relatively new industry called peer-to-peer lending (also known as marketplace lending), we receive…

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          En los juzgados de familia de Madrid, destapando el maltrato de los equipos psicosociales contra los niños en los divorcios   
Viernes, 23 de Junio, 2017

3 padres separados repartieron octavillas en los juzgados de Madrid ubicados en la calle Francisco Gervás, contra los informes de los equipos psicosociales que tanto daño causan a los hijos en los procesos de familia, pues aunque que cuesta creer, son estos psicólogos y trabajadores sociales quienes llevan décadas avalando la orfandad de los hijos de padres separados, y todo ellos bajo la consideración de la protección del interés del menor.

De izquierda a derecha, Víctor Bravo, Eugenio Marín y Manuel Romeral, se plantaron en los juzgados de Familia madrileños el pasado jueves. En principio se encontraban Manuel y Eugenio, pero por casualidades Víctor pasaba por allí y no dudó un instante en sumarse a ellos.

Los técnicos que conforman el equipo psicosocial que emite el informe al juzgado en los procesos de familia son un conjunto formado por un profesional de la psicología y otra persona de los trabajadores sociales. Se supone que estos profesionales, y más el psicólogo o la psicóloga, deben tienen amplia formación sobre la protección de los menores, y el dolor de los hijos en los procesos de familia, pero la realidad es que la mayor parte de ellos forma parte del sistema de género que pretende mantener la imposición de la custodia materna y cuyo objetivo es el de impedir que los hijos tras el divorcio o la separación puedan seguir disfrutando y disponiendo de tanto los cuidados y atenciones de su madre como los de su padre.

Es tan vergonzoso la actitud de estos profesionales que durante sus entrevistas avasallan, intimidan e imponen criterios, incluso a los niños con quienes se entrevistan a solas, Se han dado casos donde la madre ha sustraído (delito sin condena, pues es la madre quien aleja al menor a miles de kilómetros del padre y su entorno social) a los menores, y una vez que ha pasado el proceso donde para lograr que una inocente criatura prefiera vivir en otro país alejado de su padre, se dá al menor todo tipo de caprichos y gustos (se le compra), el menor aprende y experimenta por la vía de los hechos que en ese nuevo entorno familiar -conformado únicamente por la madre y el padrastro- percibe que no es querido ni valorado, el menor llega un momento que entra en un proceso de depresión y malestar que manifiesta a las claras la intención de vivir con su padre. Bien, pues sometido el menor a la exploración de la psicóloga y trabajadora social, y manifestando y reiterando el menor su deseo que no vivir más en aquel país (y no por odio a su madre), la experta en psicología pretendía imponer al menor el criterio de que su pensamiento debía contener el deseo de vivir en ese país junto a su madre.
Esta profesional de los juzgados de una conocida y amplia localidad madrileña, repetía y repetía al menor que su deseo no podía ser otro que el de convivir con su madre y su padrastro y que se tenía que olvidar de la pretensión de vivir junto a su padre..

Víctor Bravo
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          African Roots with Danielle on AfterFM.com (show time: Sat, 24 Jun 2017 22:00:00 GMT)   
The only Colorado radio show focused on the music of Africa.
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          Una condena de 720 euros a una mujer que intentó asfixiar a un bebé y además se permite que la mujer siga cuidando niños   
Jueves, 22 de Junio, 2017

Se identifica la condenada como Mercedes G. S., una mujer de Zaragoza condenada a 720 euros por el intento de asesinato de un bebé al que cuidaba. Intentó asfixiar a la criatura, pero ni siquiera resulta inhabilitada como cuidadora de otros niños o ancianos.

La familia Xenia Cabello, la familia de la víctima, se muestra con asombro tras la sentencia que ni siquiera inhabilita a esta cuidadora para ejercer la misma actividad profesional bajo la cual ha estado a punto de acabar con la vida de una criatura.

El motivo por el cual sobre la acusada recae una mera multa que ni llega a los 1000 euros es porque en el caso los magistrados que conforman el Tribunal de la Audiencia aplicaron la eximente del "desistimiento", prevista en el artículo 16 del Código Penal.
  • que a la acusada se le eximiera del delito de intento de asesinato por entender que no consumó el crimen, que antes de matar al bebé optó por dejar de asfixiarle y que, por tanto, bastaría con condenarla a una multa por lesiones y a una indemnización de tan solo 500 euros. 
  • podrá seguir trabajando como niñera porque el tribunal que la ha juzgado no la ha condenado por intento de asesinato y la sentencia tampoco la inhabilita para ejercer profesionalmente como cuidadora de niños.
  • que a la acusada se le eximiera del delito de intento de asesinato por entender que no consumó el crimen, que antes de matar al bebé optó por dejar de asfixiarle y que, por tanto, bastaría con condenarla a una multa por lesiones y a una indemnización de tan solo 500 euros.
  • cuando llegaron a casa, los padres se encontraron a su hijo con unas extrañas manchas en el rostro. En el hospital, los médicos lo tuvieron claro: había sido asfixiado.
artículo completo
Una sentencia permite a una mujer seguir trabajando como niñera tras intentar matar a un bebé
          Houses and local business added. by Andrew James   
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          How Can I Pay for Fertility Treatment?   

We understand figuring out what things cost and how to pay can be overwhelming. Don’t let that confusion or…

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          Una mujer 20 años menor que su marido le asesina e intenta quemar su cadáver para hacer desaparecer sus restos   
Miércoles, 21 de Junio, 2017

El hombre español de 67 años, y ella una mujer de 47 ha acabado con su vida y tras ello ha intentado meter fuego a su cuerpo para hacer desaparecer su cadáver.

El homicidio sucedió en Madrigalejo (Cáceres), en la calle Ciudad de la Barriada de San Juan, y ya se desvela que el hombre fue apuñalado por la mujer antes de ser quemado. Un vecino vió a la mujer, Julia, subir a un vehículo acompañado por un hombre.

El cuerpo del hombre (Pepe "el sonrisas") ha quedado calcinado, por lo que las labores de investigación serán más difíciles.

  • La presunta homicida de Madrigalejo, de nacionalidad española, apuñaló a su pareja sentimental, José Sánchez (conocido en la población como Pepe ‘Sonri’)
  • la investigación considera que el homicidio se produjo hace 2 días y que la mujer ha estado conviviendo con el cuerpo de la víctima todo este tiempo en la vivienda hasta que hoy lunes ha decidido deshacerse del cuerpo empleando el fuego
  • hace años enviudó para después iniciar una nueva relación sentimental con la que ahora presuntamente le ha causado la muerte

Una mujer mata a su pareja en Madrigalejo y trata de deshacerse del cuerpo quemando el cadáver
El asesinado en Madrigalejo fue apuñalado antes de que lo quemaran
La detenida en Madrigalejo por matar y quemar a su pareja sigue en las dependencias del Guardia Civil
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          Albert Rivera el sábado 24 en Madrid abordará la custodia compartida   
Martes, 20 de Junio, 2017

A las 11 horas de la mañana, el sábado 24 de Junio, en la calle Augusto Figueroa, 24, junto al Mercado San Antón (Madrid), en el Espacio Trapezio, Albert Rivera y Patricia Reyes, serán los actores de un encuentra organizado por la formación naranja que abordará los nuevos modelos de familia, entre los que sin duda se encuentran las familias monoparentales.

Será inevitable abordar la custodia compartida, pues ellos mismos han presentado hoy en el Congreso de los Diputados una PNL a favor de regular la custodia compartida como norma.

En la imagen tienes la dirección de correo electrónica donde has de confirmar tu presencia en el acto.

Encuentro Cs "Nuevos Modelos de Familia" - con Albert Rivera y Patricia Reyes

Espacio Trapezio. Calle Augusto Figueroa, 24 (Mercado San Antón). Madrid

CIUDADANOS defiende la PNL a favor de la custodia compartida en el Congreso de los Diputados 20-06-2017

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          Small Business Customer Success Stories   

At Lending Club, we love to support our small business customers and are proud to see them succeed. In…

The post Small Business Customer Success Stories appeared first on LendingClub Blog.

          CIUDADANOS defiende la PNL a favor de la custodia compartida en el Congreso de los Diputados 20-06-2017   
Martes, 20 de Junio, 2017

La proposición no de ley instado en la cámara parlamentaria por el grupo de CIUDADANOS se ha presentado hoy. En su defensa habló Melisa Rodríguez.

Una España que en pleno Siglo XXI maltrata a través de la legislación a los niños  cuando considera que tras la separación el poder seguir bajo la crianza, el amparo y la educación de tanto el padre como la madre, debe ser la excepción.

Sólo algunas comunidades autónomas se distinguen del resto, pues en su legislación foral han contemplado la custodia compartida diferente a la excepción del artículo 92 del Còdigo Civil.

CIUDADANOS exige la custodia compartida como preferente para terminar con los hijos huérfanos de padre vivo

Ciudadanos Canarias
Melisa Rodriguez en Congreso de los Diputados (20 de Junio de 2017)
          Ciudadanos exige la custodia compartida como preferente para terminar con los hijos huérfanos de padre vivo   
Martes, 20 de Junio, 2017

Hoy se debate en el Congreso de los Diputados una Proposición no de ley, instado por CIUDADANOS, y que esperemos obtenga el apoyo del Partido Popular, pues PSOE y PODEMOS han demostrado hasta el momento mostrarse en contra de la custodia compartida.

Mañana martes 20 de Junio se debate en el Congreso la PNL a favor de la custodia compartida

Por parte de CIUDADANOS, la noticia cita a Melisa Rodríguez, y por el PP sale la ministra de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad, Dolors Montserrat,

moción en la que insta al Gobierno a que en el plazo de tres meses se realicen las modificaciones oportunas para que el Código Civil y las leyes concordantes recojan la guardia y custodia compartida como una modalidad preferente, tal y como recoge la jurisprudencia del Tribunal Supremo para casos de separación y divorcio.

artículo completo

No queremos más hijos huérfanos de padre vivo

Ciudadanos exige la custodia compartida como preferente
No más niños/as huerfanos de padres y madres vivos
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          How to Get a Small Business Loan   

Preparing Your Company to Apply for a Business Loan You’ve got plans to take your business to the next…

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          Los medios de información restan importancia a la violencia femenina colocando noticias de violencia de género   
Martes, 20 de Junio, 2017

Cuando abres el enlace fuente para leer el artículo y acceder a la información lo primero que nos encontramos son dos noticias relacionadas con la violencia de género. Es una de las estrategias de los medios de información de género para restar importancia al lector sobre la violencia femenina.

Estos de medios de información y comunicación se lucran también de los 24.000 millones anuales que Europa destina a España para esta materia, con lo cual contribuyen a los intereses de género.

En la noticia una mujer española de 46 años ha sido detenida por la Guardia Civil acusada de apuñalar a un varón de 51 años, su pareja. De haber sido al revés, el hombre el acusado de apuñalar a su pareja, hubiera sido un delito de violencia de género, y seguro que además de no encontrar los enlaces de otras noticias en primer lugar, el medio fuente hubiera colocado una foto como mínimo del lugar de los hechos, sino hubiera encontrado otra que causará mayor impacto al lector.

Nos tenemos que ir a medios por no subvencionados o sometidos al poder de la ideología de género, para leer titulares muy distintos y encontrar una imagen que represente la violencia femenina.

Violencia Feminista: grave un hombre tras ser apuñalado por su mujer en Madrid

Tampoco aparece la calificación de maltratadoar o agresora, ni siquiera como supuesta, pues la intención es clara de convertir los términos en exclusivamente masculinos. Aquí en este aspecto los agentes lingüísticos de género no creen importante su intervención.

Intervino el Summa, y la víctima, un varón apuñalado, fue trasladado al Hospital de Villalba.

varón de 51 años que presentaba una puñalada profunda, de unos ocho centímetros de longitud, en la zona abdominal, al parecer, causada por un cuchillo.

artículo completo
Detenida una mujer por apuñalar presuntamente a su pareja en Collado Villalba
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          No son feminazis son feministas que buscan más ventajas que el machismo y al patriarcado que tanto critican   
Martes, 20 de Junio, 2017

La autora del artículo intenta transmitir al público la idea de que quienes utilizan la palabra "feminazi" lo hacen bajo la intención del insulto simplemente. Pero lejos de tal criterio se mueven unos hechos claros que han provocado y dado lugar a la derivada del feminismo y asociada con la época de Hitler y los nazis.

No es necesario recurrir a esta derivada, el movimiento que abandera la enseña del feminismo ha mostrado no con palabras, sino con hechos, que lejos de pretender una igualdad plena entre varones y mujeres se esconde el egoísmo propio del ser humano que quiere lo mejor para él (en este caso ella) aunque ello suponga pisotear a sus iguales (en este caso varones) para la consecución de sus fines.

La teoría del feminismo dista mucho llevada una vez a la práctica. Es el feminismo que maneja las riendas del poder quien se opone por ejemplo a eliminar la figura de la mujer al cuidado de los niños y al mando del hogar. Es este feminismo quien pretende que la educación machista siga perpetua en este siglo XXI, pues su oposición disfrazada al régimen de la custodia compartida lo evidencia. Conlleva además la custodia materna que la mujer siga mantenida por su esposo o exesposo, ya que uno de las primas que el feministas concede a las madres para que renuncien a una independencia económica y desarrollo laboral sin fronteras es un sueldo gratis fijo y con aumento cada año, lo que conocemos vulgarmente por "pensión de alimentos".

El anterior es un ejemplo, como bien en el ámbito penal, pudiéramos citar la ley de violencia de género, una ley con derecho de autor propio, que sólo coloca al hombre como culpable frente a la mujer como víctima. Otra de las herramientas que el feminismo actual ha creado para conferir una serie de ventajas a la mujer a cambio de renunciar a su independencia, pues a través de esta ley se otorgan una serie de ventajas a la mujer, entre ellas mantener la guarda y custodia de los hijos, y con ello la atribución de la vivienda familiar y esa fuente de sustento económico del exmarido que es quien termina convirtiéndose en su mantenedor económico.

No vimos al movimiento feminista luchando por el eliminación del servicio militar impuesto exclusivamente para los varones, pero ahora que mantienen unas cuotas de poder sobre los políticos, vemos que este feminismo es en realidad otro sistema fuente de la desigualdad, que supera con creces a ese machismo y patriarcado origen de su aparición.

Articulo de Patricia Ruiz Rustarazo:
Por suerte, como ya se hiciera con el ‘feminismo’, las mujeres en esta lucha nos estamos apropiando de ese término y decimos a boca llena: «Sí, soy feminazi». Porque sí: somos las que no se van a callar aunque traten de insultarnos por señalar los privilegios de ellos sobre ellas. Porque quien queda retratado es el que recupera el vocablo ‘nazi’ para referirse a una lucha tan necesaria como esta.
artículo completo
De feministas a feminazis
          Mañana martes 20 de Junio se debate en el Congreso la PNL a favor de la custodia compartida   
Lunes, 19 de Junio, 2017

Mañana martes tendrá lugar en el Congreso de los Diputados el debate por la proposición no de ley a favor de la custodia compartida. Tenemos a CIUDADANOS, quien presenta la PNL,y con casi seguridad al PP, a favor de que el Código Civil deje de contemplar la custodia compartida como una excepción.

La proposición no de ley a favor de la custodia compartida será presentada por CIUDADANOS, y creemos que contará con el apoyo del Partido Popular.
El proyecto es fruto de las negociaciones de varias asociaciones que trabajan a favor de la custodia compartida desde hace ya décadas: UEFACC, Confederación con papá y mama, Abuelos Separados de sus nietos, Custodia Paterna y SOS Papá.
Tras las reuniones y negociaciones con este grupo parlamentario desde el mes de Diciembre del pasado año, ahora se consigue que inste al Gobierno para que en un plazo máximo de 3 meses presente un proyecto de ley de custodia compartida como régimen normalizado para los hijos tras la ruptura de pareja de sus progenitores, que rompa con la actual excepción que contempla aún el artículo 92 del Código Civil desde la reforma del año 2005 del PSOE.
Ya sucedió el año pasado en la asamblea de Madrid, y también gracias a las dos formaciones citadas en el párrafo anterior.

Enlaces e información relacionada con la moción aprobada a favor del derecho de los hijos de padres separados a la custodia compartida en la Asamblea de Madrid:
C's Madrid cumple el acuerdo firmado en 2011 con las asociaciones de custodia compartida
Madrid da un paso adelante para acabar con la injusticia de hijos huérfanos de padre vivo
 PSOE y PODEMOS en contra de la moción aprobada por la custodia compartida en la Asamblea de Madrid
Las asociaciones feministas enfadadas porque la Asamblea de Madrid muestra su apoyo a la custodia compartida
La moción aprobada en Madrid por la custodia compartida provoca una reunión en Málaga

El trabajo constante en los años rinde sus frutos:

imagen del año 2011
C's Madrid acuerda con la asociaciones de padres separados su compromiso por la custodia compartida

año 2015, día del padre en Cibeles

Aguado (C's) se manifiesta a favor de la custodia compartida

imagen del pasado 16 de Junio, tras la aprobación en la Asamblea de Madrid
Con Cristina Cifuentes (2ª izquierda) e Isabel González (3ª derecha), del PP
vídeo completo de la Moción

La semana del 19 de Junio se debate una PNL de custodia compartida en el Congreso de los Diputados
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          Sainte Céleste enlève le haut   

Suite à de nombreuses demandes, Wargame Exclusive sort une Sœur Celestia avec la poitrine à l'air.
C'est toujours en 28mm et toujours pour 40K.
Following numerous requests, Wargame Exclusive releases a Sister Celestia with the breast offered.
It is always in 28mm and always for 40K.

          LA CICATRIZ DE LA CESÁREA SERÁ CONSIDERADA «VIOLENCIA MACHISTA» (Muchos hombres encerrados en calabozos creerán que es cierto)   
Lunes, 19 de Junio, 2017

La noticia no es cierta, pero seguro que muchos hombres encerrados en los calabozos bajo el protocolo de la ley de violencia de género, y personas que conocen cuales son las barbaridades y atropellos de esta ley contra los varones, pueden pensar perfectamente que es cierto el mensaje que lanza el titular de la noticia.

Se apoyan como si que es cierto que el feminismo pretende considerar la custodia compartida como una forma más de violencia de género, o como un "pedo" es considerado como violencia de género. Adjuntamos algunas noticias al final de la entrada relacionadas.

Partes de la noticia (que no son ciertas, pero presentadas perfectamente como creíbles):
  • consideradas las cicatrices por cesárea, «violencia contra las mujeres», por ser consecuencia de la conducta machista de quien hubiera sido su pareja, cónyuge, o fruto del vicio o depravación sexual. «toda relación sexual es una violación, el propio acto sexual constituye una invasión machista al cuerpo de la mujer, y por tanto debe ser perseguida», «ya no son sólo las cesáreas, si no el propio hecho de que una mujer pueda quedar embarazada», «Si no aborta es por culpa del sistema que oprime a las mujeres, relegandolas a un segundo plano»
  • «lo importante es animar a las mujeres a denunciar, no importa si hablamos de una cesárea, un herpes vaginal, o que los hombres no paguen todo lo que quieren», «muchas mujeres no se dan cuenta de que sufren violencia hasta la tercera cesárea», «desde nuestra asociación queremos animar a las mujeres a denunciar este tipo de conductas, que suponen una invasión intervencionista machista heteropatriarcal contra el cuerpo de la mujer».

artículo completo

'Themis': "Custodia Compartida, otra forma de violencia de género"

Aumentan la pena de prisión en 6 meses porque la denunciante visitó al hombre en la cárcel
Calabozo y 5 días de arresto para el hombre por mandar a la mierda a su mujer
Condenado a 9 meses de prisión por dar "me gusta" en el perfil de su ex pareja
Condenado a un mes por tirarse un pedo delante de su mujer
Condenado a cuatro meses por tirarle una barra de pan a su pareja
Calabozo y 5 días de arresto para el hombre por mandar a la mierda a su mujer
"Muerta de hambre", es violencia de género
- Enseñar el culo a tu ex es violencia de género
Violencia de Género condena por vejaciones a un hombre que “mandó a chuparla” a su ex mujer en una discusión
Seis meses de cárcel por tomar una cerveza cerca de su ex pareja pese a la orden de alejamiento
-  Absuelto de romper la orden de alejamiento con su exmujer para darle una flor
Denuncia por acoso a su ex pareja, que había fallecido días antes

          Comment on Potatoes: Good or Bad? by Chelik Barrett-Norville   
They spike my levels!! I just took my sugar level and it was through the roof! I could not understand why until I realized what I just ate and researched it. I baked some yellow potatoes with onions, green, red and yellow peppers and grilled chicken and sausage. Healthy I so I thought. From now on, no more potatoes, just meat and veggies
          Un secretario judicial en contra de la custodia compartida, José Miguel de Frutos, Juzgados de Logroño   
Lunes, 19 de Junio, 2017

Las declaraciones de este señor evidencian su malestar a la hora de acabar con la imposición de la custodia a la madre, con el negocio de género que mantiene a los menores bajo un maltrato judicial tras la sentencia que divorcia a los padres, pues desde ese momento los menores pasan a ser declarados hijos huérfanos de padre vivo. Hijos con un padre, pero con un padre a quien la justicia convierte en un visitante desde el momento que dicta sentencia.

En este caso el protagonista de la entrada es un secretario judicial, cargo que ha pasado a la denominación de "Letrado de la Administración de Justicia". Ejerce su cargo en los juzgados de Logroño.

Tras sus declaraciones se hace visible su postura feminista opuesta a una reforma en el Código Civil, que elimina la excepción que contempla el artículo 92 con respecto a establecer la custodia compartida. Argumentar que la custodia compartida no puede aplicarse en la misma medida que ahora mismo se impone la custodia materna es pretender mantener vigente la práctica machista que aparta a los hijos de sus figuras paternas sólo porque sus padres se separan. Si no fuera por lo delicado que es el tema, y el dolor que acarrea para las familias, menores y adultos, diríamos que es para reír tras las declaraciones de este hombre.

Que una persona a quien se atribuye terminados unos estudios de Derecho, y que además ha accedido a una plaza de la administración del sistema judicial, y sobre quien recae la gran responsabilidad de muchas de las decisiones que los juzgados adoptan y que contribuyen en no pocas ocasiones a la orfandad del menor de un padre que vive  y que lucha y emplea con todas sus fuerzas el ejercer sus responsabilidades parentales con sus hijos, manifiesta en público la duda de que los jueces no van a poder valorar en cada caso que protege el interés del menor, tiene como dirían por tierras andaluzas, "guasa":

«Encuentro bastante difícil el legislar la situación de la guarda y custodia compartida. Hay dos caminos: dejarle al juez amplias facultades para que la establezca o la acuerde o regular con unos requisitos y un casuismo exhaustivo que tampoco creo que sería conveniente»,

A este tipo de personas afincadas en el sistema de género que busca por todos medios apartar a los hijos de su figura paterna, les aterroriza que nuestro actual Código Civil deje el machismo que aún pervive y considera que la custodia compartida en pleno siglo XXI es nociva para los hijos.

Este hombre numera, según su opinión personal, unas razones por las cuales el sistema judicial no debe considerar que para privar a los hijos del derecho a la custodia compartida deba justificarse unas argumentos de peso, y pretende que dicho sistema de custodia compartida bajo el cual son criados y educados los menores antes de la llegada de sus progenitores al juzgado, puede desde la instancia judicial romperse y de inmediato aplicar la práctica más que machista de la custodia a la madre.

  • porque pueda tener problemas el niño (problemas de desarrollo, de salud o de tipo educacional)
  • por problemas de perfil de personalidad entre los padres
  • por alta conflictividad entre los progenitores, o cuando se ve que hay una falta de disponibilidad física o laboral de un progenitor, por ejemplo, modos de vida, horarios laborales...

Una de las excusas que coloca es la del mutuo acuerdo o la del entendimiento entre el padre y la madre, y hay es donde se quita el disfraz, ya que en la actualidad la práctica de la imposición de la custodia a la madre genera que la madre cuando se enfrenta al procesa se sienta con el poder, un poder que lleva al hombre a la aceptación de una serie de puntos que impuestos por la madre, pues sino acudirán al juzgado, y allí todavía un 90% de posibilidades dispone la madre para obtener la custodia monoparental materna.

Un ejemplo el caso del vídeo de la entrada expuesto por debajo del  enlace al artículo fuente.

artículo completo

«Encuentro difícil legislar la situación de la guarda y custodia compartida»
          Haile Selassie    

Haile Selassie fut régent d’Éthiopie de 1916 à 1930 puis empereur jusqu'en 1974. Il est en vente en 28mm chez 1stCorps pour 2,50£.
Haile Selassie was regent of Ethiopia from 1916 to 1930 then emperor until 1974. It is on sale in 28mm at 1stCorps for 2.50 £.

          Estados Unidos encierra en prisión a las profesoras que abusan sexualmente de menores   
Domingo, 18 de Junio, 2017

Detenida una profesora de matemáticas, Erin Elizabeth McAuliffe, por abusar de 3 menores de edad, alumnos del centro escolar, el cual procedió de inmediato a la expulsión de su centro como profesora.

Tiene 25 años, y fue el director del centro,Todd Pipkin,  donde imparta clases como docente en la localidad de Rocky Mount, en Carolina del Norte (EE.UU.), quien advirtió de los hechos delictivos de su profesora, que de haber sido protagonizados por un maestro varón, se hubieran calificado de pederasta.

La mujer fue detenida y encerrada en prisión a la espera de ser juzgada, y la fianza impuesta asciende a 20.000 euros. Sin duda en España las consecuencias hubieran sido más leves por ser mujer.

  • Contra McAuliffe se han presentado tres cargos de actividad sexual con estudiantes y otro cargo de libertades indecentes con un menor. Delitos considerados muy graves.
  • contactaba con algunos por Facebook, donde ella compartía sugerentes fotografías.
artículo completo

- Dos años de cárcel a un profesora casada y con dos hijos por hacer felaciones a un alumno de 15 años
Detenida una profesora de 42 años por violar a 3 chicos en un instituto
Una madre abusa de 5 amigos menores de edad de su hija en la fiesta organizada en su casa
Los medios no tratan como pederastia cuando una mujer adulta abusa de un menor
Expulsan a una maestra que llevó a un menor a un hotel
Una maestra, detenida por tener relaciones sexuales con seis alumnos en Nueva Jersey
-  Dos profesoras, arrestadas por darle alcohol a sus alumnos y tener sexo con ellos
-  Readmiten a una secretaria que mantuvo una relación sexual con un menor del centro escolar
Despiden a una masajista de 40 años de un equipo de fútbol que realizó una felación a un jugador de 20 años
-   Detenida una profesora por tener sexo con un alumno
Arrestadas dos profesoras en EEUU por montarse un trío con un estudiante
 - Mujer de 36 años voló a través de EE.UU. para tener relaciones sexuales con un niño de 13 años
Condenada a 6 años por desnudar a su hija en internet para disfrute de su novio
Maestra detenida tras tener sexo con alumno de 16 años sin preservativo
14 meses de prisión para una profesora que tuvo sexo con un alumno menor de edad
 - Maestras que tuvieron relaciones sexuales con sus alumnos
Una profesora arrestada cuando su marido la descubrió teniendo sexo con un menor
Detenida una mujer de 38 años por tener sexo con el exnovio de su hija adolescente
Absuelven a la madre acusada de propiciar relaciones sexuales de su hija, de 10 años, con un anciano
Dos profesoras, arrestadas por darle alcohol a sus alumnos y tener sexo con ellos
-  Readmiten a una secretaria que mantuvo una relación sexual con un menor del centro escolar
Despiden a una masajista de 40 años de un equipo de fútbol que realizó una felación a un jugador de 20 años
Condenada a 16 años de prisión por prostituir a su hija menor de edad

Profesora de 27 años mantenía relaciones con un alumno de 17
La profesora que se acostó con un niño de 15 años: «Empezó él»
Condenan a una maestra por aventura lésbica con alumna
Una profesora acusada de violación por emborrachar a adolescentes para tener sexo
Acusan a profesora de violar a un alumno de 14 años
Arrestan a profesora por tener sexo con un alumno y proporcionarle marihuana

Detenida una profesora de matemáticas por tener sexo con tres alumnos menores
Prep school math teacher arrested for having sex with students
          Yak de bataille et cavalerie sur ours polaire.   
Shieldwolf Miniatures propose plusieurs sets fantasy très intéressants en 28mm comme un yak de bataille ou des barbares sur ours polaire.
Shieldwolf Miniatures offers several very interesting fantasy sets in 28mm like a battle yak or female barbarians on polar bears.

          Sissy Husband All Sweat Out Of Humiliation While Watching His Cuckold Wife Getting Fucked By BBC   
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          Detenido y en el calabozo por violencia de género el presentador de La Cuatro, "El rey chatarrero"   
Domingo, 18 de Junio, 2017

Su nombre es Javier García Roche, fue fichado por La Cuatro (Mediaset), como presentador de un programa contra el maltrato animal, "A cara de perro", y ha sido detenido por los  los Mossos d’Esquadra en Cornellà del Llobregat (Barcelona), bajo la acusación de delito por la ley de violencia de género.

Mediaset ficha al ‘boxeador chatarrero’ para un programa contra el maltrato a los animales

Ha pasado una noche en los calabozos, las acusaciones son amenazas e insultos a su expareja. Según la acusación Javier Roche se presentó en la casa de la chica y destrozó el piso donde reside la chica. Otra de las acusaciones es la difusión de contenido audiovisual pornográfico de su expareja en internet. En concreto son vídeos.

Ya hay manifestaciones para que si son ciertas las acusaciones Cuatro retire el programa que presenta el Rey Chatarrero.
La red social se llenaba rápidamente de comentarios que exigían una aclaración de la noticia y, en caso de confirmarse, que la cadena retirase el programa.

artículo completo
Javier Roche, el ‘Rey Chatarrero’, detenido por violencia de género
          Pick-up Hexy   

Hexy sort ce pick-up en 28mm qui est vendu avec des accessoires et des pneus à plat.
Hexy releases this pickup in 28mm which is sold with accessories and flat tires.

          Una madre que prefirió matar a sus 3 hijos antes que volviesen a ver a su padre   
Sábado, 17 de Junio, 2017

La justicia ordenó que los menores recuperarán el contacto con su figura paterna. Sin embargo la madre de los 3 menores con la colaboración de los abuelos maternos se encargaron de que los menores no volviesen a retomar el contacto nunca más con su padre, al menos vivos.

Tres menores inocentes de un sistema que deja actuar a la madre, y que cuando se decide a aplicar justicia ya en muchos casos además es tarde. En otros casos donde la madre no mata a los hijos, éstos declaran hasta en público que prefieren morir a volver a ver a su padre.

Difundimos esta noticia y sus por menores en este enlace, en donde adjuntamos información sobre casos españoles a cuyas madres manipuladoras encima se les ha premiado e indultado, aparte de ser tratadas por el feminismo como heroínas y ejemplo a seguir por otras madres.

Una madre alienadora mata a sus 3 hijos porque el juez ordena que los menores vuelvan a recuperar el contacto con su padre

Mireya envenenó a sus tres hijos antes de entregárselos a su expareja; los menores sufrían del SAP, es decir, eran persuadidos para odiar al padre" 

artículo completo

Alienación parental, odio hacía el padre
          Nouveautés Crann Tara   
Crann Tara sort plusieurs nouvelles figurines en 28mm pour l'Europe des années 1740-1750.
Crann Tara released several new figures in 28mm for Europe from the years 1740-1750.

          El CGPJ invisibiliza el 99,9% de mujeres condenadas por denuncia falsa.   
Sábado, 17 de Junio, 2017

Todo el texto expuesto en la entrada pertenece al artículo fuente:

“El País” y otros medios, desinforman y aborregan así: “Solo el 0,4% de las denuncias por violencia machista son falsas“.

Los no aborregables vamos al informe oficial que citan, y podemos observar como en ese informe silencian invisibilizando el 100% de mujeres CONDENADAS por denuncia falsa en VioGén, y el 99,9% de investigadas. Para ello no precisas leer sus 251 páginas, con leer las 3 que te cito, te basta para saber como engañan a la población, quienes hablan de el dato de ese informe, tergiversando su ámbito.

En la página de portada ves el TÍTULO del informe: “ESTUDIO SOBRE LA APLICACIÓN DE LA LEY INTEGRAL CONTRA LA VIOLENCIA DE GÉNERO POR LAS AUDIENCIAS PROVINCIALES”. ya te estan diciendo que no estudian la aplicación del codigo penal contra denuncias falsas en audiencias provinciales (APs), y mucho menos en la totalidad de tribunales. (recuerda que por APs solo pasa un 0,26% del total de casos de VioGén, el otro 99,74% pasa por JVM y Juzgados de lo Pernal:

artículo completo
El CGPJ invisibiliza el 99,9% de mujeres condenadas por denuncia falsa.
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          Dans les donjons Otherworld   
Grampas ?
Otherworld nous gratifie de quelques nouveautés avec des persos et de mauvaises rencontres de donjons comme cette jolie panthère en 28mm.
Otherworld gives us some new references with characters and bad encounters in dungeons like this pretty panther in 28mm.

          Japanese Housewife Attacked and Fucked By Husbands Friend   
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          España no respeta el derecho de los hijos de la Carta Europea de Derechos de los niños a relacionarse en igualdad con ambos padres   
Sábado, 17 de Junio, 2017

De la página de Jesús Ayala Carcedo, se presenta una encuesta sobre custodia compartida. El título de dicha entrada fuente hace referencia al derecho incumplido con los menores españoles por los legisladores, pues se contempla el único régimen que permite a los hijos ser cuidados y atendidos por su madre y por su madre tras la separación o divorcio, como una excepción.


Estas a favor de la custodia compartida?

SI, como medida prereferente si no hay limitaciones por alguno de los padres.

NO, perjudica a los niños y las relaciones con sus padres.

La Carta Europea de Derechos del Niño, establece que los menores tienen derecho a gozar de sus progenitores en igualdad de condiciones.
          Los jueces recompensan a las madres que impiden el contado de los hijos con el padre, pero si el padre no paga es castigado   
Jueves, 15 de Junio, 2017

Cuando una madre comete el delito tipificado como sustracción parental, los jueces no actúan y por contra con su actitud pasiva, permiten que los menores sean alejados de su padre y su lugar de nacimiento y aquello que proporciona al niño el necesario arraigo social, y todo porque el machismo que anida en la práctica judicial considera que el derecho de la madre a ser feliz, prima por encima de los derechos de los hijos.

La sentencia de la Audiencia Provincial de Cantabria se apoya para privar al padre del menor de la patria potestad en la jurisprudencia del Tribunal Supremo, y puesto que hablamos del Supremo, vamos a citar un caso donde los componente de esta misma instancia premian a una madre que incurrió en desobediencia judicial cuando impidió que el hijo a quien se había llevado a Estados Unidos, pudiese volver a España para mantener una mínima relación paterno-filial. Esta madre fue recompensada anulando los magistrados la obligación de esta madre de traer al menor más a España,

El Supremo mantiene la custodia a una madre que se llevo a su hijo a EEUU

Aquí, en el caso presente que ocupa la entrada, los magistrados de la Audiencia Provincial de Cantabria, contradicen la decisión adoptada por el juzgado de Primera Instancia e Instrucción nº 5 de Torrelavega, el cual no consideró aplicar la privación de la patria potestad al padre, pues ello supone un perjuicio contra el menor. No olvidemos que de esa forma el padre ya no goza siquiera del derecho de solicitar información -ni siquiera médica o escolar- sobre su hijo. Y en este caso el menor tiene aún 11 años, ni siquiera ha entrado en la preadolesciencia, y puede necesitar en el futuro, y mucho, a su padre. Si ya de visitas es casi imposible ejercer de padre, sin derecho a información aún más. Los menores se aprovechan de ese estado (padre visitante), y no precisamente juega a su favor.

Esta sentencia de la Audiencia Provincial de Cantabria revoca la del Juzgado de Primera Instancia e Instrucción nº 5 de Torrelavega. La magistrada de 1ª instancia considero que los hechos consumados por el progenitor paterno no suponían un motivo tan especial y excepcional como para privar al menor del derecho de que su padre pueda preocuparse por él. La patria potestad para un padre no custodia es papel para limpiarse el culo tras acudir al retrete, pero carecer de ella supone privar al padre de requerir cualquier documentación sobre su hijo.

Por otro lado la magistrada de 1ª instancia, y velando por el interés del menor, considero que para recuperar la relación paterno-filial sería conveniente modificar el tiempo de estancias (régimen de visitas) de forma que el contacto entre el padre y el hijo se produjera de forma gradual o progresivo, y para ello señaló también la intervención de un punto de encuentro.

la privación de la patria potestad "reviste un carácter excepcional" y que debe basarse en "circunstancias extremas".

Los magistrados de la Audiencia Provincial de Cantabria han despojado a un menor que entrará en breve en la etapa de la adolescencia del derecho a que su padre pueda al menos mantenerse informado del menor. Que el padre no pagase la pensión de alimentos, seguro que es uno de los puntos de mayor influencia para la decisión de la Audiencia, pues es considerado como abandono de familia.

Partes de la sentencia de la Audiencia de Cantabria:

  • "Los hechos revelan un grave incumplimiento de los deberes inherentes a la patria potestad", según el fallo de la corte.
  • "La total desatención personal que supone la falta de trato alguno entre un padre y su hijo durante su primera infancia, unido a la desatención patrimonial, únicamente corregida recurriendo a la vía ejecutiva, revelan objetivamente un grave incumplimiento de los deberes inherentes a la patria potestad"
  • "además de reducir el riesgo de conflicto entre progenitores, asegura al niño una estabilidad y seguridad que ha de redundar en su beneficio y viene a formalizar una situación que de hecho es la que ha venido sucediendo la mayor parte de su vida"

Privan de la patria potestad a un padre que no ha contactado con su hijo en ocho años
Pierde la patria potestad por no mantener contacto con su hijo en 8 años
Privan de la patria potestad a un padre que no ha tenido contacto con su hijo en ocho años
          Trasportino Tino Economy - 31,95 €    

Il Trasportino Tino Economy è la nuova versione del trasportino per uccelli Tino della 2GR, caratterizzato da un peso minore. Il trasportino rispetta le normative vigenti per il trasporto degli uccelli. E' venduto completo di mangiatoie (esterne), beverini e posatoi. L' interno non è estraibile ed il coperchio non è incluso, ma può essere acquistato separatamente.

          Lo que para un varón supone la cárcel por ser juzgado por violencia de género, para una mujer se queda en 5 días sin salir de casa   
Jueves, 15 de Junio, 2017

La Audiencia Provincial de Alicante ratifica la condena impuesta por el juzgado de Instrucción número 4 de Alicante, contra una mujer y madre de un menor hijo de padres separados, que utilizó la red social de Facebook para injuriar a su exmarido y padre del hijo que mantienen en común.

La condena consiste en que la mujer debe cumplir la pena de  5 días sin salir de su casa, más una indemnización a su marido de 300 euros por los daños y ofensas causadas.

Advierte también a la condenada que de incumplir las medidas acordadas en sentencia, incurrirá en delito de desobediencia, y podría ser penado con pena de cárcel. Una pena que de ser al contrario los hechos, que fuese el hombre quien hubiera vertido los comentarios (enlaces al final de la noticia) en la red contra su exmujer, el hombre ya habría pasado por los calabozos nada más interponer la mujer la denuncia, ya que hubiese entrado en juego el protocolo que establece la ley de violencia de género, y hubiese pasado a ser localizado y detenido para ser encerrado en un calabozo como medida provisional.
  • La mujer escribió de su excónyuge que era un "hipócrita" y que "mientras el niño estaba en el hospital, él se acostaba con otra"
  • es "indudable" el contenido ofensivo en las expresiones que escribió la mujer.
  • la gravedad de la publicación radica "en su exposición a los usuarios de la red social Facebook con la concurrencia de amistades, compañeros de trabajo y, sobre todo, familiares que tanto el denunciante como la denunciada tienen en común, tras haber mantenido una relación conyugal".
artículo completo

Aumentan la pena de prisión en 6 meses porque la denunciante visitó al hombre en la cárcel
Calabozo y 5 días de arresto para el hombre por mandar a la mierda a su mujer
Condenado a 9 meses de prisión por dar "me gusta" en el perfil de su ex pareja
Condenado a un mes por tirarse un pedo delante de su mujer
Condenado a cuatro meses por tirarle una barra de pan a su pareja
Calabozo y 5 días de arresto para el hombre por mandar a la mierda a su mujer
"Muerta de hambre", es violencia de género
- Enseñar el culo a tu ex es violencia de género
Violencia de Género condena por vejaciones a un hombre que “mandó a chuparla” a su ex mujer en una discusión
Seis meses de cárcel por tomar una cerveza cerca de su ex pareja pese a la orden de alejamiento
-  Absuelto de romper la orden de alejamiento con su exmujer para darle una flor
Denuncia por acoso a su ex pareja, que había fallecido días antes

Condenada a no salir de casa durante 5 días por injuriar a su exmarido en Facebook
          Los hijos que viven bajo la guarda y custodia de sus padres también quieren un semáforo igual que los gays   
Jueves, 15 de Junio, 2017

La alcaldesa madrileña, Manuela Carmena, ex magistrada, ha gastado el dinero de sus contribuyentes en instalar semáforos con gays. En ellos estarán representados los diferentes modelos que existen dentro del colectivo LGTB, y para ello ha utilizado 21.747 euros procedentes del dinero de los impuestos recaudados de los contribuyentes para la instalación de semáforos que representen la unión de este colectivo en 72 cruces y con 288 lentes.

La oposición ha dejado solos a los miembros de PODEMOS en esta iniciativa  apoyada por los concejales Rita Maestre, Pablo Soto, Mauricio Valiente, Jorge García Castaño, Marta Higueras o Nacho Murgui -entre otros-, y los representantes de los colectivos LGTB.

Toda la inversión y gasto generado para la instalación de estos semáforos de género, tienen que ver con la celebración del fin de semana del orgullo gay en Madrid, que dará comienzo el próximo viernes 23 de Junio, y durará hasta el domingo, llamado "World Pride".

Si la Comunidad de Madrid cierra las puertas del metro mucho antes, días tan señalados como nochevieja o nochebuena, cuya afluencia sería masiva y necesaria y reduciría el número de accidentes de coches y los heridos y muertos en esos días, en estos días es justo al contrario. El 1 de Julio el metro estará abierto las 24 horas con el motivo del acto central de la manifestación internacional del orgullo gay. El coste que se genera por dicha acción asciende a 400.000 euros.
  • Los pictogramas se dividen en cuatro bloques de 18 cruces y mostrarán diferentes figuras. Como ha explicado la edil de Medio Ambiente y Movilidad, Inés Sabanés, habrá “semáforos igualitarios, 
  • semáforos inclusivos y semáforos paritarios
  • Hay parejas heterosexuales, homosexuales, mujeres o niños. El Ayuntamiento quiere mostrar así, la diversidad real que ya se vive en las calles
  • Las celebraciones del Orgullo Gay Mundial se prolongarán del viernes 23 de junio al domingo 2 de julio de 2017 y congregarán en la villa a más de dos millones de personas.
Otros enlaces vinculados:
- La policía de Leganés circula con banderas y publicidad del orgullo gay
- PP y VOX piden la retirada de la exposición 'Orgullo de Sevilla' por ser "obscena" y "ofender la moral"
Carmena aumenta la subvención a la fiesta del orgullo gay de 60.000 a 250.000 euros, y las compara con las Fallas o los Sanfermines

Otros enlaces relacionados:
Carmen Serrano a Ada Colau: "Qué manera de ridiculizarnos nosotras mismas"
Colau se gasta 48.158 euros en cortometrajes LGTB para adoctrinar a niños en los colegios
- Asignatura a partir de los 6 años: cine gay
La ideología de género sustituye a los crucifijos en los centros escolares

Manuela Carmena gasta 21.000€ en los 72 semáforos "inclusivos, paritarios e igualitarios
Carmena instala semáforos 'gay friendly' por el World Pride 2017
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          TRÊS ANOS DE REMISSÃO...   

Euzinha em foto fresquinha tirada em 09/02/2014

Oi queridos...
Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Sei que tenho entrado pouco, porém acabo de ficar espantada com alguém que no anonimato escreveu que infelizmente eu havia falecido...
Ler isso me deixou muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito chateada e foi então que eu percebi o quanto estava equivocada em não mais escrever aqui no Blog.
Quero pedir desculpas se deixei pessoas preocupadas com o meu estado de saúde e até com esse pensamento de que eu não estava mais por aqui nesse mundão...
Quero que saibam que eu estou Graças a Deus VIVINHA!!!!!! 
Nesse mês de fevereiro de 2014 completei 3 anos de remissão...
Ebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Rumo ao 4º ano!!!!
Prometo não sumir mais!!!
Vou aparecer com frequência.
Fiquem com Deus!!!!
Beijinhos repletos de carinho...

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          Piden 2 años de cárcel para una madre por maltratar a su hijo y amenazar con matar al padre y a la abuela paterna   
Miércoles, 14 de Junio, 2017

Es el Ministerio Fiscal quien pide la pena de 2 años de cárcel para una madre acusada de maltrato habitual a su hijo y de amenazas de muerte al padre y a la abuela paterna del menor

Además, Fiscalía pide también la pena de inhabilitación para el ejercicio de la patria potestad durante 5 años para la madre, más la prohibición de cualquier tipo de comunicación o contacto con el menor a una distancia de 500 metros durante un periodo de 3 años (orden de alejamiento). Más la privación de tenencia y porte de armas por 3 años, y 40 días más de condena por localización permanente, así como las costas del proceso judicial.

Como indemnización económica al menor se pide la suma de 3.000 euros, y como gastos producidos en el Sespa (servicios médicos).

Las acusaciones son tanto por maltrato físico como psicológico de forma reiterada y habitual, a su hijo nacido en el año 2003 (13 ó 14 años), y tras los hechos en fase de juzgar aún, el menor se encuentra bajo la guarda y custodia paterna.
  • le sometió de forma reiterada, al menos durante los años 2015 y 2016, a agresiones injustificadas, tirándole de los pelos, zarandeándole e insultándole con expresiones como "levántate, puto gordo o, si no, te levanto yo".
  • envío un mensaje de texto al padre del menor, diciendo que iba a rebanar el cuello a su madre (abuela paterna del menor), matarlo a él y, si hacia falta, también al niño, mensaje que vio el menor. 
  • Como consecuencia de estos hechos el menor sufre un trastorno adaptativo CIE -10 con trastornos emocionales, que influyen en su rendimiento académico y temor a salir del domicilio. Actualmente está a tratamiento por psicólogo clínico.

artículo completo
Maltrato de una madre de Gijón a su hijo: "Levántate, puto gordo o, si no, te levanto yo"
          Interno con griglia e mangiatoia esterna per Trasportino Tino - 19,30 €    

Interno per il Trasportino con griglia e mangiatoia esterna, completo di accessori come le mangiatoie, beverini e posatoi. Questo trasportino può essere usato con qualsiasi trasportino Tino della 2GR.


Olá meus queridos...

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!!
Peço novamente desculpas pelo meu sumiço...
Estou passando rapidinho, porém para deixar notícias MARAVILHOSAS....
TUDO OK com os meus exames...
Fiquem com Deus!!!!
Beijos iluminados...

          Una madre alienadora mata a sus 3 hijos porque el juez ordena que los menores vuelvan a recuperar el contacto con su padre   
Miércoles, 14 de Junio, 2017

La víctima que queda con vida es el padre de los 3 menores asesinados por su madre. Una mujer que había maltratado a sus 3 hijos a través de la manipulación parental, y que cuando vió que la justicia impediría el aislamiento de los menores con su padre acabó con sus vidas y después se suicidó.

El padre se llama Leopoldo Olvera y la asesina, la madre, Mireya Agraz. La abogada del padre, Rocío Medrano, es quien habla del dolor de este padre que ahora ya no podrá ver a sus hijos más. Otro letrado que aparece también vinculado a la defensa del padre es el abogado Miguel Saucedo.

Otra madre que ha hecho uso de la denuncia falsa. en este caso también la denuncia de abuso sexual contra los hijos, que es la consigue de forma inmediata interrumpir el contacto de los hijos con el padre por un espacio largo prologando en el tiempo. El juez había dictaminado que existía alienación parental de la madre hacía los 3 hijos.

Murieron en la Avenida San Bernabé. Eran tres niños de seis, ocho y diez años de vida. La madre y el abuelo materno también murieron. En el lugar de los hechos, en la cama, había una Biblia con un cristo de madera y una pistola del calibre 25, con una carta póstuma,  así como un mensaje dentro de un fólder.

La abuela materna fue la única sobreviviente a los fármacos utilizados para causar la muerte.
  • la psicóloga María Cristina Pérez Agüero, describió a Leopoldo Olvera como una persona honrada y aseguró que mucho tiempo estuvo separado de los menores y acusado “injustamente”.
  • “Mucho tiempo estuvo separado de ellos injustamente acusado de una situación que el no cometió estuvo aprobado en distintas instancias que esto no sucedió y gracias a esa fuerza él estuvo esperando el momento exacto en el que sus hijos serian reintegrados con él”.
  • Los mensajes y el contenido de la carta póstuma que se ha hecho público indican que Mireya y sus padres fueron quienes pactaron su propio suicidio y la muerte de los tres menores, decisión que se tomó una vez que el juez les quitó la guardia y custodia de los menores.

Padre de niños envenenados, una víctima más
Leopoldo Olvera es padre de los tres niños que murieron envenados.
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Sorry,pricam gluposti...Ne chat nego poruke...Razmenili smo nekoliko...Zivis u inostranstvu ako se ne varam...Rekao sam da ne volim bas poeziju,ti si odgovorila da ne volis bas previse ni ti ali ti se svidja ta pesma... wink

Da, da lol Setila sam se. Bio je to Prever i pesma "...hladno je VI srdacnim TI, ona zamenila..." lol lol

Bio je razlog da je napisem, bas to Vi i Ti lol wink Secam se.

Tacno...Kakva memorija...Ja se nikad ne bih setio pesme...A Jesenjina sam ja pominjao-"kerusu"...bas mi je drago da smo se ovde nasli... :D

I meni, takodje. Ja mu dodjem kao neki veteran na ovom forumu lol oops
          A BOA FILHA AO BLOG VOLTA....   

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!!
Estava com muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuita saudades de escrever no meu Blog e claro que também estava com saudades de todos vocês... 
Aproveito logo para agradecer os diversos recados deixados nesse período da minha ausência... ADORO receber esse carinho...
Minha vida está repleta de novidades... mas irei postando aos poucos pois senão teria que ficar por aqui mais de uma semana escrevendo sem parar... hahahaha
Hoje vou falar um pouquinho sobre o meu "sumiço" da Blogosfera...
Eu precisava ver se eu conseguia ser eu mesma... afinal estava deixando de ser a paciente para ser novamente a Juliana... que trabalha, que estuda, que vai e que volta sozinha, que já consegue realizar atividades sem se cansar tanto... que tem cabelos e que não mais é olhada pelas ruas... que é esposa... que faz faxina... que cozinha... que dirige... que é filha... que é irmã... que é tia... que é amiga... que é VIVA!!!!
Espero que vocês me entendam... e no fundo não sei se algum de vocês também se sentiu assim...
Depois que passamos pelo diagnóstico de um câncer e pelo tratamento que ao meu ver é a parte mais pesada dessa história... ainda temos que enfrentar o segundo round... o fantasma de caminhar por 5 cinco anos realizando os exames de acompanhamento...
Confesso que cada vez que tenho que comparecer ao ICESP meu coração acelera... sinto borboletas na barriga e lá vem o medo da incerteza dos resultados de cada check-up...
Por outro lado sei que somos mais uma vez privilegiadas... pois quem além de nós realiza exames tão específicos e importantes a cada 3 meses???
Agora estou conseguindo dormir e acordar cada dia mais confiante e segura...
Sempre entrego TUDO nas mãos de Deus e acredito na minha cura... mas como diz um velho ditado: "Gato escaldado tem medo de água fria" né? hahahahaha
Fiquem com Deus!!!!
Beijos no coração...

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          Las "malasmadres" no quieren la custodia compartida e imponen la custodia para la madre por sus intereses egoístas personales   
Miércoles, 14 de Junio, 2017
El artículo fuente fue publicado hace más de 2 años.

La verdadera "malamadre" es aquella que prima más sus intereses egoístas personales que los de sus propios hijos. Como excusa para pretender impedir la custodia compartida puede poner cualquiera, pero detrás de ello se esconden unos intereses personales configurados en favor del egoísmo de esa madre. No es aquella que quiere divertirse y aprovechar la vida, pues ello en normal, tan normal como que por encima de sus intereses personales se encuentren los deberes y obligaciones con sus hijos.

Han acusado siempre al padre de no interesarse por sus hijos, de delegar sus responsabilidades y obligaciones en la figura materna, pero ni siquiera en el pasado podemos creer que fuera cierto, y contando con que la educación a los hombres ha sido machista, y ello ha contribuido en gran medida a que los hombres pensasen que los hijos con quien mejor estarían sería con la madre.

Son muchos los hombres criados y convencidos de tal argumentación machista que tras firmar el convenio en donde la madre asume la guarda y custodia de los menores, se han dado cuenta del grave error cometido. Hombres que han visto como sus hijos eran víctimas del abandono de una madre que usaba la vivienda familiar para dar cobijo a sus nuevos novios, y que dejaba a la suerte a los hijos dedicando mayor atención a los nuevos novios y a su vida sentimental que a la crianza de sus propios hijos.

Los resultados de la custodia materna son más que visibles. El fracaso escolar y el número de menores ingresados en centro de menores son la muestra patente de ello. Son madres, pero muy lejos de ser esas personas que creyeron muchos hombres que estaban dispuestas a sacrificar la vida por sus hijos, Es muy bonito de palabra repetir a cada instante que lo primero son tus hijos, llevar fotos en la cartera, bolso o en el móvil de tus hijos, pero luego los hechos nos muestran que ocurre en el interior del hogar.

En la noticia aparece una abogada, María Dolores Cárdenas, como nueva asesora del "Club de las malasmadres". Esta profesional de la abogacía es además de letrada, profesora asociada en la Universidad de Alicante y malamadre.

De la lectura del texto encontramos también algunos tintes muy feministas, pues los lactantes pueden perfectamente disfrutar de la custodia compartida cuando sus progenitores se han separado, como lo hacían previo al estado de la ruptura. Detrás de esa imposición de la que habla (típico en el discurso feminista), se esconde la verdadera imposición que pretende mantener vigente el feminismo, la imposición de la custodia materna y con ello el apartar al padre del cuidado de los hijos  a cambio de una pensión de alimentos y el uso de la vivienda familiar.
  • Para una malamadre la custodia compartida es, en muchas ocasiones, la mejor solución para resolver una situación de ruptura con la pareja. “Quiero que mis hijos no lo pasen mal”. Esta es la frase con la que se inicia el 99% de las consultas que hacen en mi despacho las madres que se van a separar – y también las que hacen los padres. 
  • Decidir que los hijos vivan por períodos equivalentes de tiempo con cada uno de los progenitores es algo difícil de asumir para una malamadre, sobre todo si alguno de los niños es muy pequeño.
  • si existe un hijo lactante, la custodia compartida no se tiene que imponer desde el principio, sino que se alcanzará de manera progresiva, mediante visitas cada vez más amplias, a medida que el niño vaya adquiriendo independencia de la madre.
artículo completo

Enlaces relacionados con este club de malasmadres:
- ¿Quieres descubrir si eres una «malamadre»?
- Laura Baena, fundadora del club de las malas madres: "No hacemos croquetas, ni disfraces"


          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Sorry,pricam gluposti...Ne chat nego poruke...Razmenili smo nekoliko...Zivis u inostranstvu ako se ne varam...Rekao sam da ne volim bas poeziju,ti si odgovorila da ne volis bas previse ni ti ali ti se svidja ta pesma... wink

Da, da lol Setila sam se. Bio je to Prever i pesma "...hladno je VI srdacnim TI, ona zamenila..." lol lol

Bio je razlog da je napisem, bas to Vi i Ti lol wink Secam se.

Tacno...Kakva memorija...Ja se nikad ne bih setio pesme...A Jesenjina sam ja pominjao-"kerusu"...bas mi je drago da smo se ovde nasli... :D
          UM ANO EM REMISSÃO...   

Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito FELIZ!!!!

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Já estava com saudades de escrever por aqui...
Hoje venho falar de algo MARAVILHOSO.... faz exatamente 1 ano que eu recebi a notícia que eu mais esperei entre 2009/2011, uma das melhores notícias, se não a melhor... A CURA!
É isso mesmo... completo um ano em remissão... um ano da última quimioterapia... um ano sem mais nenhum sinal da doença... Uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
Batalha árdua, que só quem passa ou passou por isso sabe o quanto é... Sabemos que a vida nos traz dificuldades... mas graças a Deus, a vida também nos dá soluções... O câncer é realmente uma dificuldade grande, acho que todos já presenciaram de perto... ou na própria pele... ou com algum parente ou com algum amigo... entende o que eu estou falando...
Esse um ano passou rápido demais e quanta coisa foi vivida nesse tempo e beeem vivida... a sede de viver tornou maior e eu tenho orgulho de ter passado por tudo que passei, tenho orgulho da minha vida, tenho orgulho de mim, da força que eu me mostrei ter, porque antes eu não sabia que eu tinha... Meu Deus, fui muito iluminada, e continuo sendo.
Estou aproveitando cada etapa do meu cabelo crescendo, e cada vez mais boba com a rapidez que isso vem acontecendo... Estou de olho na balança... porque eu ganhei uns bons quilos no decorrer do tratamento... já perdi uns e ainda quero perder mais alguns, porém me sinto bem melhor assim...
Voltei a trabalhar e me sinto maravilhada...
O cansaço aos pouquinhos vem diminuindo e hoje já arrisco até uma caminhada mais longa... hahahaha
Acho que tudo que vivi é uma lição de vida, não só pra mim, mas para as pessoas que sempre acompanharam minha história... tenho certeza, que cada um de vocês que leem o meu blog aprenderam muito comigo.... assim como eu aprendi muito com vocês... 
A vida as vezes nos prega peças, coisas que a gente nunca imaginaria que aconteceriam com a gente, acaba acontecendo, faz parte, tem gente que culpa a Deus, eu nunca culpei, sempre pensei que se ele me deu essa cruz, era porque sabia que eu ia conseguir carregar, sempre pensei, se aconteceu comigo, é porque ele quer que eu aprenda algo com isso. E como eu aprendi. Se eu for botar aqui tudo que aprendi, o texto vai ficar mais enorme do que já está...
Para finalizar deixo uma frase:
"O passado já foi, o futuro há de vir, estou vivendo o presente"... O melhor presente aliás.
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijos iluminados e muita força...

Olha o tamanho do meu cabelo... hahahahaha

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          En prisión una mujer española que apuñaló en Torrevieja a su marido   
Martes, 13 de Junio, 2017

Una mujer de 46 años ha apuñalado a su marido en la localidad de Torrevieja. Los hechos sucedieron una urbanización de la localidad alicantina,  El Chaparral-La Siesta de Torrevieja (Alicante), en la calle Alange, ubicada en la carretera que parte de la localidad hacía el hipermercado Carrefour, y con dirección a Crevillente. en la misma urbanización se encuentra un parque natural protegido, y frente a la misma se encuentran otras urbanizaciones que como vista tienen las salinas de Torrevieja, e incluso desde las mismas se puede a zonas de baño de estas salinas.

El cuchillo utilizado era de grandes dimensiones, y la mujer fue detenida e ingresada en prisión. Ambos son españoles, víctima y maltratadora, pues en este caso en una agresora y maltratadora, una mujer. Los vecinos son quienes han facilitado la información de que ambos son de Madrid, pues el hombre fue trasladado a la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos (UCI) del hospital de Torrevieja con una herida en el abdomen provocada por una puñalada, y la mujer a prisión
localizaron al hombre en estado de embriaguez a la puerta y a la mujer, gritando, con heridas superficiales pero junto a un charco de sangre en el interior de la vivienda, que estaba abierta, y donde también detectaron signos de violencia, en muebles y enseres.

artículo completo
Un hombre herido tras ser acuchillado por su mujer en Torrevieja
Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Hoje tive retorno com o meu oncologista Dr. Elias Abdo Filho no ICESP - Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo e assim como muitos de vocês... confesso que as borboletas estavam todas voando na minha barriga... até entrar no consultório e ouvir: PARABÉNS!!! OS SEUS EXAMES ESTÃO TODOS ÓTIMOS!!!
Ai que alívio delicioso....
Obrigada "Papai do Céu"  por tudo de maravilhoso que vem acontecendo na minha vida!!!
Agora mais uma pausa... só volto ao oncologista daqui a 3 meses... Ebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijos iluminados

          Una mujer crea una petición para pedir cárcel para las mujeres que utilicen la denuncia falsa de violencia de género   
Martes, 13 de Junio, 2017

Una mujer, Laura Vegas Romay, crea una petición donde pide que se castigue con pena de cárcel a las mujeres que utilizan la denuncia falsa de violencia de género.


Me parece absolutamente vergonzoso que haya mujeres aprovechándose del sufrimiento que tienen que soportar las mujeres victimas de violencia de género . Está petición es para castigar a quien abusa y mienta a este respecto , que tenga pena de carcel y se considere delito interponer denuncias falsas para conseguir castigar , humillar y otros beneficios que nada tienen que ver con la violencia de género . Creo que si estuviera castigado no lo harían , y que las fuerzas de seguridad solo se ocupen de los casos reales y sus victimas . Hay muchos hombres sufriendo este abuso y es muy injusto que se acuse a inocentes. Gracias a todos y espero se pueda concienciar y solucionar este problema .

Carcel para denuncias falsas de violencia de género
          MEU ANIVERSÁRIO   

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Venho compartilhar com vocês mais um ano de vida... Afinal, HOJE É O MEU ANIVERSÁRIO!!!!!
Uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Não quero pedir nada... além de muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuita saúde...
No mais só tenho a agradecer a Deus por TUDO o que tenho recebido... pela minha família maravilhosa... pelo meu marido... pelos meus amigos... pelo meu emprego.... pela minha casa... pela minha recuperação... pela minha VIDA!!!!!
Obrigada!!! Obrigada!!! Obrigada!!!
Beijos no coração...

          La semana del 19 de Junio se debate una PNL de custodia compartida en el Congreso de los Diputados   
Martes, 13 de Junio, 2017

Rectificamos la noticia anteriormente publicada por nosotros mismos. La fuente de la información nos trasmitió mal la información, y gracias a personas que colaboran pudimos preguntar y constatar el que los lunes no hay pleno en el Congreso de los Diputados.

El debate tendrá lugar un día -aún no concretado- de la semana que viene, cuyo comienzo es el día 19 de Junio. Disculpas por el error.

Se ha anunciado para la próxima semana del 19 de Junio, en el Congreso de los Diputados. La proposición no de ley a favor de la custodia compartida será presentada por CIUDADANOS, y creemos que contará con el apoyo del Partido Popular.

El proyecto es fruto de las negociaciones de varias asociaciones que trabajan a favor de la custodia compartida desde hace ya décadas:  UEFACC, Confederación con papá y mama, Abuelos Separados de sus nietos, Custodia Paterna y SOS Papá.

Tras las reuniones y negociaciones con este grupo parlamentario desde el mes de Diciembre del pasado año, ahora se consigue que inste al Gobierno para que en un plazo máximo de 3 meses presente un proyecto de ley de custodia compartida como régimen normalizado para los hijos tras la ruptura de pareja de sus progenitores, que rompa con la actual excepción que contempla aún el artículo 92 del Código Civil desde la reforma del año 2005 del PSOE.

El 19 de Junio el Congreso de los Diputados debate una PNL de Custodia Compartida
          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   

Uspela sam konacno. lol
          A MAIS PURA REALIDADE...   

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Vi essa frase e quis dividir com vocês pois ela é a mais pura realidade...
Espero que gostem...
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijos iluminados

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          MUITO BOM!!!!   
Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Estou passando para contar que foi muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito bom voltar ao trabalho... as crianças ainda não voltaram... iniciam somente na semana que vem... mas já deu para sentir o gostinho de estar novamente dentro de uma sala de aula.
Até uma salva de palmas eu recebi das minhas colegas de trabalho em homenagem ao meu retorno... confesso que fiquei bastante feliz...
Ah! Amanhã tenho exame de sangue lá no ICESP- Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo e meu retorno com o oncologista será dia 16/02...
Peço que rezem por mim para que tudo esteja maravilhoso...
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijos iluminados

          FIM DAS FÉRIAS!!!   

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!!
Genteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... estou passando para contar que hoje é o meu último dia de férias e que amanhã volto a trabalhar...
Ai... ai...ai... confesso que estou com um friozinho na barriga... afinal foram dois anos de afastamento... mas sei que tudo dará certo e que aos pouquinhos eu vou "pegando no tranco" hahahahaha
Além disso tem meu filhotinho Frederico que vai ficar pelo período da manhã em casa sozinho... estou morrendo de dó... mas também sei que ele ficará bem e logo estará acostumado e assim que eu chegar ele ficará bem feliz em me ver...
Torçam por mim...
Amanhã passo para contar como foi o meu primeiro dia...
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijinhos carinhosos

          GENTE... GANHEI UM BEBÊ!!!!!   

Olha como o Frederico é lindooooooo....
Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!!
Gente... Ganhei um Bebê... de 4 patas... hahahaha
Meu marido me deu um Yorkshire que está com 65 dias...
Não tem nem uma semana que ele chegou em casa e eu confesso que minha vida mudou...
ESTOU APAIXONADA PELO FREDERICO... esse é o nome dele... hahahaha
Segue umas fotinhos do meu bebê para vocês conhecerem...
Espero que gostem...
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijos no coração

Olha o meu bebezinho de camiseta... a número 0 ficou grande acredita???

Posando para foto no tênis do papai... hahahaha

Olha as patinhas dele que lindasssssss...

Bebezinho dormindo...

É tão pequenininho que até se perde dentro de casa....

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          Programa E aí Doutor Especial de Natal - Parte 1   
Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!!
Conforme prometido segue as imagens do Programa E aí Doutor - Especial de Natal que eu participei e que foi ao ar no mês de dezembro...
Como postei primeiro no Youtube tive que fazê-lo em três partes já que lá eles só aceitam vídeos de até 15 minutos...
O programa realmente é uma lição de vida... fomos em seis convidados... todos com lindas histórias de luta e superação...
Segue a primeira parte....

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          Programa E aí Doutor Especial de Natal - Parte 3   
Segue a terceira parte do programa...

Espero que gostem...
Fiquem com Deus!!!!
Beijos no coração...

          SEJA BEM VINDO 2012!!!   
Eu comemorando a chegada de 2012... hahahaha

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Recebi um e-mail da nossa querida amiga Lane e quero dividí-lo com vocês...
Espero que gostem...


“...Por que recomeçar? E o que é recomeçar? Quantos de nossos dias são vividos com a esperança de que o amanhã será melhor? A vida, na sua rotina dia-noite-dia, é um eterno reinício, um eterno recomeçar.

A cada instante há um recomeço na vida, um recomeço da confiança, de fé, em dias de alegria e realização.

Na repetição de dias e noites, pode-se encontrar a significância do recomeço. Se errarmos hoje, por que não buscar o acerto no amanhã? Se ofendermos ontem, por que não pedir desculpas hoje?

....A simplicidade do existir… nela está a razão para recomeçar. Esquecer o que se passou há anos, há meses, há dias, há horas, há instantes. Por que e para que lembrar, relembrar o que perturbou a paz, o que infamou a alegria?

...A vida não é um acaso. O reinício não é uma circunstância. Felicidade não é um estado de espírito. Crer não é casual. Viver é recomeçar… todos os dias, pelo alvorecer da nossa compreensão, pela confiança do nosso entardecer, pela infância da brandura que todo ser humano deve ter no coração.

Recomeçar é acreditar que a vida se renova… nos nossos pensamentos e, sobretudo, nas nossas atitudes, no fazer e refazer de nossa conduta. É preciso agir, pois, não se pode, de si para si, pensar que a oportunidade de recomeçar é inexaurível, pois, a cada dia, vidas se iniciam e se findam.

....Não deixemos que o tempo passe e, com ele, a ocasião de recomeçar… um dia que podemos encher de felicidade.

Recomeçar… de um ponto… de um lugar. Recomeçar com um gesto, com uma palavra, com um abraço… O sucesso nessa empreitada depende de nós."

Aproveito para deixar também uma música que sempre escuto no primeiro dia do ano...



Este ano quero paz
No meu coração
Quem quiser ter um amigo
Que me dê a mão...

O tempo passa e com ele
Caminhamos todos juntos
Sem parar
Nossos passos pelo chão
Vão ficar...

Marcas do que se foi
Sonhos que vamos ter
Como todo dia nasce
Novo em cada amanhecer...

Este ano quero paz
No meu coração
Quem quiser ter um amigo
Que me dê a mão...

O tempo passa e com ele
Caminhamos todos juntos
Sem parar
Nossos passos pelo chão
Vão ficar...

Marcas do que se foi
Sonhos que vamos ter
Como todo dia nasce
Novo em cada amanhecer...

Meus queridos amigos, novamente desejo-lhes um Ano Novo de muita FÉ, sonhos, conquistas, amor e muuuuuuuuuuuuuita saúde....
E que estejamos juntos em 2012 para compor belas histórias.
Beijos no coração...


"Viva como se fosse morrer amanhã. Aprenda como se fosse viver para sempre." Gandhi.

          FELIZ ANO NOVO!!!!!   

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Estou passando para desejar um FELIZ ANO NOVO para todos... repleto de muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuita saúde, paz, amor, realizações e felicidades!!!!
Aproveito também para deixar uma receita de ano novo... hahahaha


Dê amor e carinho e receberá igual ou mais...
Tenha a paz no seu coração e voará tão alto que jamais será alcançado (a) pelo mal...
Brinde sem exageros e terá o equilíbrio, a vida...
Creia que é capaz e alcançará seus objetivos.
Acredite... Uma boa ideia se transformará numa realização...
Preserve a própria vida e respeite a vida alheia. Economize, mas com sabedoria. Não deixe de viver a vida por economia a pouco dinheiro e nem se venda por ele.
Ame com intensidade.
Não tenha medo de alcançar as estrelas.
E o mais importante dos ingredientes...
Encontre-se com Deus todos os dias...
Assim tudo se tornará muito mais simples e o seu ano será Iluminado!

E como dizia um grande mestre da literatura brasileira...

"Para sonhar um ano novo que mereça este nome, você, meu caro, tem de merecê-lo, tem de fazê-lo novo, eu sei que não é fácil, mas tente, experimente, consciente. É dentro de você que o Ano Novo cochila e espera desde sempre." (Carlos Drummond de Andrade).

Fiquem com Deus e aproveitem muuuuuuuuuuuuito esse último dia do ano de 2011...
Ah! Sem esquecer de agradecer por tudo o que recebemos nesse ano... até mesmo aquilo que julgamos ser ruíns para a nossa vida... pois temos que lembrar que TUDO tem os dois lados e o nosso dever é olhar sempre pelo lado positivo...
Beijos iluminados

          FELIZ NATAL!!!!!   

Eu e minha árvore de Natal....
Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!!
Passo hoje para deixar uma linda mensagem...


Senhor, neste Natal,
armar uma árvore e nela
pendurar, em vez de bolas,
os nomes de todos os meus amigos.
Os amigos de longe, de perto. Os antigos
e os mais recentes. Os que eu vejo cada dia e os
que raramente encontro. Os sempre lembrados e
os que ás vezes ficam esquecidos. Os constantes e os
intermitentes. Das horas difíceis e os das horas alegres.
Os que, sem querer, eu magoei, ou sem querer me magoaram.
Aqueles a quem conheço profundamente e aqueles de quem conheço
apenas a aparência. Os que pouco me devem e aqueles a quem muito devo.
Meus amigos humildes e meus amigos importantes. Os nomes de todos os que já;
passaram pela minha vida. Uma árvore de raízes muito profundas para que seus nomes
nunca sejam arrancados do meu coração. De ramos muito extensos para que novos nomes vindos
de todas as partes venham juntar-se aos existentes. Uma árvore de sombras muito agradáveis para
que nossa amizade,
seja um momento de
repouso nas lutas da vida.
Que o Natal esteja vivo em cada dia do Ano que
se inicia para que possamos juntos viver o amor !!!

Fiquem com Deus!!!!
E tenham todos um ótimo Natal!!!
Beijos no coração...

          PASSEI DE NOVO NA TV....   

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!!
Lembram que eu havia gravado novamente o Programa E aí Doutor Especial de Natal ???
Então no dia haviam me falado que iria ao ar somente no dia 25 de dezembro... e para a minha surpresa... estava no meio no mercado quando o meu celular começou a tocar... uma ligação atrás da outra... minha mãe... minha prima... minha tia... todo mundo para me avisar que o programa estava passando...
Deixei tudo para trás e fui voando para casa...
Sniff... sniff... nem eu consegui assistir o programa inteiro...
Agora estou esperando eles liberarem no site da Record... aí eu consigo copiar novamente e assim que puder posto aqui no Blog para dividir com vocês...
Peço desculpas por não ter avisado com antecedência...
Contudo quero que saibam que fiquei muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito feliz por estar de novo na TV... hahahahaha
Fiquem com Deus!!!!
Beijos carinhosos...

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          NOVO CICLO DE EXAMES...   

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Acabei de chegar do ICESP - Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo... iniciei mais um ciclo de exames de acompanhamento... hoje fiz ressonância magnética de abdomem superior e da pélve...
Em janeiro tenho outros exames para fazer... mas o meu retorno com o oncologista é no comecinho de fevereiro...
Como a demanda lá no Hospital é bem grande... demora para liberar os laudos... então temos que começar com uma certa antecedência... ainda mais com as paradinhas devido as Festas de Final de Ano...
Confesso que cada vez que eu faço esse exame a impressão que tenho é que ele foi mais rápido do que o anterior... mas sei que esse sentimento é devido a eu já estar ficando craque em exames de imagem... hahahahaha
Afinal, fiquei quase 2 horas dentro da máquina... é tempo a beça né?!
Peço que rezem por mim e pelos resultados dos meus exames...
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijos no coração

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          MAIS UMA ESTRELA NO CÉU....   
Essa era a minha amiga Alessandra e o seu filhinho Leonardo...

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!!
Andei sumida e sei que vão me compreender...
Mais uma vez fui surpreendida pela perda de uma pessoa querida...
Faleceu a minha amiga Alessandra, aos 38 anos de idade lutando até o último segundo contra um câncer de mama com metástases ósseas...
Conheci a Ale na faculdade em 2006...
No meio do ano seguinte ela avisou que iria fazer um cirurgia para retirar um nódulo na mama... foi retirado um quadrante e após um pouco mais de um mês ela retornou as aulas... já sabia do resultado e como já tinha começado a fazer as quimioterapias... estava careca...
O seu retorno foi uma surpresa para todos da turma... e a Ale cheia de coragem... parou a aula para contar o que estava acontecendo e para deixar um alerta para que nós mulheres nos tocassemos... pois foi no meio de um banho que ela havia sentido o nódulo em sua mama...
A turma toda ficou emocionada... lembro que chorei muito ouvindo o seu depoimento... e quem poderia imaginar que 2 anos depois eu viria a passar pela mesma situação....
Quando soube do meu diagnóstico... a Ale foi uma das primeiras pessoas com quem eu quis conversar... principalmente por ela ter sido um exemplo de força...
Nesses meus dois anos de luta sempre tive essa minha grande amiga por perto... quando não nos víamos... falavamos por telefone...
Ela deixou um filhinho... e esse era o seu maior medo...
Sempre pedia para Deus deixá-la ver o seu filho crescer... e infelizmente isso não será possível...
O câncer dela foi muito agressivo... os medicamentos não conseguiam combater e as metástases foram aumentando... até chegar na medula... as dores foram ficando mais intensas e ela teve que ser internada... estava no A.C. Camargo e foi lá que ela faleceu... após 4 anos de incansável luta...
Peço que rezem pela alma dela e por seus familiares...
Alê descanse em paz minha amiga!!!!
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijos no coração

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Registrando o momento: Dra Patrícia, Eu e Dra Andrea.

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Estou passando para contar sobre uma VISITA SUPER ESPECIAL que recebi...
As lindas ginecologistas Dra. Andrea e Dra. Patrícia vieram na minha casa... para um almoço bem discontraído...e para comemorar as boas notícias...
Elas me acompanham desde o início... o que já faz dois anos... participaram das minhas cirurgias e sempre me deram muuuuuuuuuuuuuita força...
Desde então firmamos essa relação de amizade... Fui até no casamento da Dra Patrícia... (Postagem em fevereiro/2011).
Gente me senti tão importante... hahahahaha
Não sei vocês... mas eu desde pequenina vejo os médicos como uma figura que merece sempre o nosso respeito e agradecimento... Acredito que são pessoas abençoadas por Deus e muitas vezes eu me posicionava como "tiete" diante do seu ídolo... hahahahaha
Sempre achei os médicos tão importantes e especiais... ( Marina e Ana Paula essa parte também serve para vocês... minhas amigas médicas da Blogosfera...)
Diante de toda essa rasgação de seda... imaginem como é que eu fiquei...
MARAVILHADA é claro!!!!!!!
Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito feliz em recebê-las... e fui até corrigida... Nada de doutoras... somente Déa e Paty... Como foi difícil... mas eu consegui.... hahahaha
Só tenho a agradecer por esse dia inesquecível e por me fazerem tão feliz... Peço ao "Papai do Céu" para que continue abençoando-as e dando muita saúde para que continuem cuidando de nós...
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijos no coração...

Mais fotinhos... programa a máquina e senta correndo... hahahaha

Eu e meu amor....
Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Repleta de saudades é claro....
Gostei tanto da palavra Férias que acabei até tirando uns "diazinhos" longe do Blog...
Agora estou assim... Cheia de postagens na cabeça e louca para dividir com vocês...
Hoje postarei as fotos da visita ao Santuário de Nossa Senhora Aparecida...
Fomos agradecer os milagres recebidos e tudo de bom que vem acontecendo nas nossas vidas...
Quero aproveitar para dizer que além de rezar, pedi muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito a Nossa Mãezinha por todos nós... e espero todos os meus amigos da Blogosfera possam sentir as bençãos que foram derramadas sobre cada um de vocês...

Casa das velas...

Acendendo a vela do meu tamanho...
Rezando por todos nós...

Imagem de Nossa Senhora Aparecida....
Mesmo longe esse período... estive em pensamento por aqui...
Na torcida de sempre...
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijos iluminados

          Commentaires sur Qu’est-ce que l’Asexualité? par annar   
Boonjout, Je découvre que je suis assesuuelle depuis.....toujours. Bien que je sois une "anormale" qui déçoit, la famill. En plus, je n ai aucune ou très très peu de communication avec celle-ci et suis dans un isolement extrême, dont j ai fini par m en arranger, je me gère de plus en plus finalement. J ai une forme d independance, par la force des chosrs. J ai déjà ressenti des pulsions sexuelles et eu du plaisir, mais sur d courtes durées. En fait, je ne ressens aucun désir, ni pulsion sexuelle, ça ne me manque absolument pas, mais alors pas du tout. Et ça, c est considéré comme une pathologie, plus que jamais par la société Puisque les mariages arrangés sont encore de mise, en France et dans le monde entier Une femme qui n est pas en couplr, qui n est pas attirée par le sexe cvest quasiment une folle, une criminelle, une maso, une égoïste, et cie ! Je suis une marginale De par mon vécu, mais aussi de par mon caractère et ma personnalité. Heueuse de découvrir que je ne suis pas la seule au monde a être "marginale", castratrice....^^ etc.... J ai vecu 30 ans, mariée par obligation, j ai eu deux enfants je suis grand-mère d une petite fille de 9 ans. Mon isolement est terrible, pas volontaire du tout. Je n ai pas le droit a la propriété. Et bezucoup d autres droits me sont retirés. Je suis pour une manifestation des assexuel-les, cela me semble primordiale d informer que tout ?existe en "matière" de sexualité, y compris de ne pas en avoir bedoun. J ajoute que je m epile, me fais des teinturees, j aime m habiller, mais pas en barbie, ^^, (on me l a rapproché) Chacun, chacune fait ce qu il-qu elle veut a condition de ne pas "bouffer" la vie d autrui. Avec mes remerciement s.

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Venho hoje contar que ontem foi o meu último dia de licença médica... Ebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Como sou professora... concursada pela Prefeitura de São Paulo... que não compra as férias... tendo 2 períodos vencidos devido ao tempo em que estive afastada por conta do tratamento...
Chega a ser engraçado... essas serão as férias mais longa da minha vida... afinal tenho 60 dias vencidos e mais 30 dias referentes ao ano de 2011... Sendo assim... no total terei 90 dias de férias....
Hummmm!!! Espero aproveitar o máximo cada minutinho...
Até já estou mais leve... como é gostoso dizer estou de férias e não mais estou de licença médica...
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijokinhas repletas de felicidade...

          RCMP Detention Guard - Commissionaires - Barriere, BC   
Basic level computer skills an asset; RCMP Guards monitor and safeguard person in custody....
From Commissionaires - Tue, 09 May 2017 21:40:05 GMT - View all Barriere, BC jobs
          Millwright Journeyman - AECOM - Rainbow Lake, AB   
+ Blueprint, parts book and manual reading experience. + Computer literate, experience with SAP is preferred. + Maintain equipment history records using manual...
From AECOM - Fri, 16 Jun 2017 20:48:19 GMT - View all Rainbow Lake, AB jobs
          HÁ 2 ANOS ATRÁS...   
Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Há exatamente dois anos atrás... eu recebia do meu médico o resultado da biópsia cirúrgica com o seguinte diagnóstico: CÂNCER!!!
Naquele momento foi inevitável... relacionei a palavra câncer com sentença de morte...
Custei a acreditar que era possível vencer esse “bichinho”, porém logo me coloquei pronta para lutar...

Sabia que seria difícil... mas sentia que era possível...
E claaaaaro que não foi fácil...

Eu achava que ia desidratar de tanto chorar...
Dormir, então, só à base de remédios...
Mas como diz o ditado popular (todos são de uma verdade absoluta) “a vida segue”, “depois de hoje vai ter o amanhã” (ainda que não estejamos aqui para ver)...
Cada caso é um caso, cada pessoa é uma pessoa, mas a receita para melhorar essa situação... acredito que é a mesma...
Tentar fazer coisas que gosta, se ocupar, aproveitar para repensar a vida... reinventar uma nova forma de viver, repensar os valores...
O que é que realmente nos faz feliz?
Será que sabemos?
Provavelmente não!
Porém pensamos que sim...
Confesso, que esta foi uma “boa” hora para descobrir!!!
O pior que pode acontecer não é o diagnóstico de câncer....
É você se sentir vítima dele!
Apesar que a doença te sequestra por um momento e pede às vezes de resgate a sua própria vida...
Nem todo mundo quer ouvir a verdade...

Mas ninguém morre de vésperas e hoje acredito que o câncer me "deu um presente": UM PAR DE ÓCULOS para que eu enxergasse a vida diferente!!!
E assim eu também acredito que essa doença faz com todos que passam por ela...
Claro, que você pode jogá-los fora...
O livre-arbítrio não é lenda não!
Cuidado também para que as lágrimas não te impeçam de enxergar os óculos que Deus está te dando...
Não fique se cobrando para ser “forte”...
Chore tudo o que tiver direito... berre... se revolte...
Seja paparicada... mande trazerem mais chocolates...
Mas... depois chega né?
Vá se reinventar!!! E olha que não é a todo mundo que este privilégio/benção é dado...
Sei bem o quanto é difícil enxergar as bençãos da vida quando elas chegam disfarçadas de dificuldades...
Pensem nisso... o diagnóstico de câncer é um convite para a vida!!!!
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijos iluminados...

          Commentaires sur Dimanche aprème, trois liens et un crème par Calypsofirst   
Camille, pour reprendre vos mots "Bon je sais pas vous mais avec cette pluie qui recouvre une bonne partie de la France, on est en plein dimanche-grisaille… Alors pour s’égayer un peu…", je vous dirais que rien ne vaut les histoires de notre curé des forums où d'ailleurs vous tenez un rôle important...
          Wildlife Biologist II – Baffin - GOVERNMENT OF NUNAVUT - Pond Inlet, NU   
The incumbent must have English written and oral communication skills for conveying and integrating information to/from a variety of audiences, including... $97,734 a year
From Indeed - Fri, 17 Mar 2017 19:01:25 GMT - View all Pond Inlet, NU jobs
          VIDA É SUPERAÇÃO...   

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Hoje fiquei pensando em como o tempo está passando...
Caraca! Já estamos em novembro... praticamente no final do ano de 2011...
Hoje também li algo que quero dividir com vocês...
Espero que gostem...


A nossa alegria supera nossa tristeza,
O nosso consolo supera nossa dor,
A nossa fé supera nossa dúvida,
A nossa esperança supera nosso desespero,
O nosso entusiasmo supera nosso desânimo,
O nosso sucesso supera nosso fracasso,
A nossa coragem supera nosso medo,
A nossa força supera nossa fraqueza,
A nossa perseverança supera nossa inconstância,
A nossa paz supera nossa guerra,
A nossa luz supera nossa escuridão,
A nossa voz supera nosso silêncio,
A nossa paciência supera nossa impaciência,
O nosso descanso supera nosso cansaço,
O nosso conhecimento supera nossa ignorância,
A nossa sabedoria supera nossa tolice,
A nossa vitória supera nossa derrota,
A nossa ação supera nosso tédio,
O nosso ganho supera nossa perda,
A nossa resistência supera nossa fragilidade,
O nosso sorriso supera nosso choro,
A nossa gratidão supera nossa ingradidão,
A nossa riqueza supera nossa pobreza,
O nosso sonho supera nossa realidade...
Nosso amor a Deus, ao próximo, à vida, nos faz superar tudo!
By Edilson Ramos.

Tenham todos um ótimo mês...
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijokinhas carinhosas

          RETORNO MÉDICO....   

Como faz tempo que não pareço... segue uma fotinho com a minha marca registrada: O SORRISO!!!

Espero que todos estejam bem...
Eu estou ótima Graças a Deus!!!
Hoje tive retorno médico... peguei os resultados dos exames... e tudo está dentro dos parâmetros de normalidade...
Ufa!!!! Que alívio...
Sabe... ainda sinto aquele friozinho na barriga quando chega a hora de pegar os resultados...
Confio muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito em Deus... mas sou humana e por isso ainda "sofro" por antecedência...
Acho que muitos de você me entendem não é mesmo???
Mas o que importa é que estou "liberada" por mais um tempinho das consultas... daqui  há 3 meses começo mais uma bateria de exames...
Como sempre digo a nossa vitória é diária e por isso devemos agradecer sempre a cada novo dia!!!
Fiquem com Deus!!!
Beijokas carinhosas...

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Je découvre ce livre sous la plume de Bob HOWARD. Quel narrateur! Nonobstant, cette " littérature " n'est pas dans ma bibliothèque ! Je suis curieuse, surtout de lire ces pages uniquement par l'emploi de l'Imparfait du Subjonctif...peu courant mais tellement bien approprié au sujet. Allons voir si Camille...
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Mouarf, "la cravate ça ne rentre nulle part" : j'imagine comme ça doit être bien pratique à insérer quelque part, la cravate ! ^^ Trop drôle ! PS : Déjà quand je vois comment certaines ont du mal avec une toute petite cup, je n'ose pas imaginer le scandale avec une cravate !
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          Commentaires sur La malédiction du slip kangourou par puceauslipblanc   
Moi, je ne porte que des slips blancs à poche kangourou et c'est un confort permanent!!!
          Seasonal Administrative Assistant - Parkbridge Lifestyle Communites - Wyevale, ON   
Excellent communication and customer service skills, computer proficiency, and multi-tasking capabilities. Service oriented with problem-solving and decision... $12.50 - $13.00 an hour
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          LordAbnevWorks from Twitter Massive Following and 5 Tips for Healthy Eating While Traveling   
Healthy eating while traveling is an ever growing issue for many people as more and more meals are eaten away from home. Unfortunately eating out and on the road can be very challenging if you are not prepared. Here are 5 tips to help you stay lean and healthy while traveling.

1. Always go low carb Restaurant and packaged foods are always loaded with extra hidden carbs. Always choose the lower carb options when eating out avoid traditional snack foods, breads, pasta dishes, etc. Stick to lean meats and vegetables when eating out.

2. Tell them not to bring it, A bread basket, French fries, or a side of potato chips are standard for many restaurant meals. Do not temp yourself just ask your server not to bring it to the table or with your meal.

3. Know what you are going to eat, When traveling it is best to have some snacks with you and when you go out to eat have a general idea of what you are going to order. You will be less likely to be swayed by tempting calorie filled menu options.

4. Have a back up - Nothing is worse than being stuck in the car or in an airport with nothing to eat. You will get hungry and end up making bad choices. There is nothing else around I guess I will have to eat the steak and cheese. Keep a couple protein bars with you for back up. They travel well and do not spoil. You just need to beware that the protein bars you are eating aren't loaded with sugar. Check the label for sugar content. Make sure it has less than 30gram of total carbohydrates. Your protein bar should also have at least 20 gram of protein otherwise it is not a protein bar - it is most likely a sugar laden bar!

5. Don Eat! Seriously. This one is not for everyone. If you are someone that uses intermittent fasting to lose weight then you can follow fasting expert Brad Pilons lead and plan your fasts while you are traveling. Brad once told me that whenever he has to fly he always arranges it to be during a fast so he is not tempted by awful travel food.

You can use some of these tips or use them all! Whatever you do, do not let traveling be your excuse for not staying lean and healthy.

Warp Speed Fat Loss is a complete 28 day diet and training fast weight loss system crafted to help you lose 10,15, or 20lbs of body fat in just 28 day. To start losing weight fast visit http://www.warpspeedfatlossdiet.com

Mike Roussell is a nutrition doctoral student at the Pennsylvania State University. His Warp Speed Fat Loss system is a complete Done-for-You A-Z Fat Loss Blueprint. You can learn more at http://www.warpspeedfatloss.com

whole foods grocery: whole foods grocery

whole foods grocery: whole health food

Article Source: www.articlesnatch.com

          Commentaires sur Entrez en résistance : envoyez des photos de vos sexes à vos députés par LemDuNord   
@nikki971 : c'est bien là l'erreur: personne ne se censure consciement en Chine. En fait, lorsqu'un chinois à voulu discuter avec moi de Taiwan, c'est un silence gêné qui s'est installé autour de la table. Avec très vite quelqu'un qui embraye sur un autre sujet. J'étais le seul étranger dans un groupe d'amis suffisament proche pour se faire confiance pourtant. Mais dans un restau. Il y a juste des sujets tabous et c'est là que l'auto-censure se place. Tu enverras tes photos de bites, mais tu ne discuteras pas de la place du Djihad dans le Coran et des motivations des djihadistes, ni même de faire une simulation de préparations d'attentat (juste pour voir comment c'est facile ou difficile, hein, se mettre à la place du terroriste pour essayer de comprendre) dans tes conversations sur internet. Il faut le vivre une fois hors de chez soi pour ressentir l'effet de l'auto-censure. Un sujet qui serait accessible en France (par ex. la politique étrangère de la Chine) ne l'est plus pour des chinois hors d'un lieu privé et baigné d'une confiance mutuelle. Le mot important dans la phrase au-dessus, c'est "privé", comme dans "vie privée".
          Recreational Programmer/Park Worker (student) - Parks of the St. Lawrence - Riverside, ON   
As part of a work group, to carry out a variety of park-related duties and to support customer service initiatives at campsites, day-use areas and beaches.... $12.25 an hour
From Parks of the St. Lawrence - Sun, 07 May 2017 21:16:31 GMT - View all Riverside, ON jobs
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          LordAbnevWorks from Twitter Massive Following Reviewing Obesity Statistics   
The most recent research statistics on growing obesity disclose a dangerously overweight world population. During the last 10 years, there was a dramatic increase in obesity in the world, especially in the United States, England, and Canada. Over the years, the occurrence of obesity has also steadily increased among all genders, ages, all education levels, and ethnic groups.

Obesity is a severe health condition where a person accumulates an abnormally high proportion of body fat. This condition can increase risk of diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, hypertension, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis. The body mass index (BMI) is the common method used to determine obesity and is based on the relation between height and weight.

Obesity statistics indicate that it is the biggest health threat that confronts America today. This warning comes from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Obesity currently results in an estimated 400,000 deaths annually. It also costs the nation a crippling $122.9 billion.

This disease significantly reduces the quality of life among adults in our nation. This disease creeps right into the fabric of our lifestyle and can cause us to become a nation of social misfits. Other serious health diseases like hypertension and diabetes can result sooner or later when obesity is present.

People who become obesity statistics are usually affected in all areas of their life. But we can come to grips with this problem. We must begin to embrace the belief that we can do it. With consistent application, things will slowly begin to turn around for us.

In the year 2001 in the United States, the Surgeon General released a report outlining the crisis of obesity that the country had fallen into. The point of the report was to generate steps towards taking care of this health problem, which has reached epidemic proportions. The following year, the IOM (Institute of Medicine) was called upon to draw up a prevention plan to help decrease the rising numbers of obese and overweight children in the United States. The idea was to study the behavior and cultural and environmental factors that contribute to childhood obesity while trying to find ways of preventing this from occurring on such a large scale.

The problem of children being obese is a grave one, in that it can have lasting effects on one"??s emotional and physical health. In the year 2000, it was estimated that about a third of all children born in the United States are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes in their lifetimes.

In addition, there are the emotional and psychological repercussions that come with being overweight and obese. Young people are often stigmatized for their weight in a society that has little tolerance for this condition.

The key to combating obesity seems to lie in energy balance "?" that is controlling the amount of calories that are consumed versus the amount of calories that are expended. So in other words, when we talk about fighting obesity, we have to talk about both eating and physical activity. This might seem pretty simple, but the fact is eating and physical activity are caught up in a number of complex social and environmental forces. In the last three decades that have seen the epidemic of obesity balloon out of proportion, the society has undergone major changes.

Read About Weight Loss Diet Also Read About Obesity Statistics and Diet Nutrition

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whole foods grocery: whole foods grocery

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Participate in developing a process to gather continuous feedback from clients. High level of critical and logical thinking, analysis, and/or reasoning to... $45,000 a year
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          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
Pushi tanke cigare Tongue :D
          Roofing Sub-Contractors - Okanagan - ClickLock Premium Metal Roofing - Okanagan, BC   
As we enter our 13th year of steady growth, we seek to hire Crew Leads to support numerous installations in BC....
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Providing support to the Parts Department where needed. We are a busy Navistar/International Truck dealership with five locations throughout B.C., we offer very...
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          Security Officer - Lake Utopia Paper Mill - Lake Utopia, NB   
Ability to multitask and efficiently operate a computer. Industrial Security, Limited (ISL) provides security services to companies in locations across the...
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          GSIS (Hong Kong) | Virtual World   
This video illustrates how Hong Kong schools can use a virtual world to continue teaching in the case of swine flu related school closings.

Hong Kong's virtual school - swine flu free

Note: Schools seems to be GSIS .. German Swiss International Schools in Hong Kong ... and the VW seems to be Second Life

          Star Wars Characters for MSH   

Rescued from Ty States old site.
For Boba Fett and the other Bounty Hunters, see the previous post, here.


Jedi Knight
F- RM (30)
A- RM (30)
S- GD (10)
E- RM (30)
R- EX (20)
I- UN (100)
P- UN (100)
H- 100
K- 220
P- 20
Resist Domination, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Medicine, Occult, Thief, Vehicles, Weaponry- Firearms, Weapons Specialist- Light Saber, Astrogation, Computers, Repair/Tinkering, First Aid, Pilot.

New Republic, Solo's family.

Light Saber- RM (30) material strength
Energy Touch- Heat MN (75)
Reflection MN (75)
Blaster: EX (20) damage; range 5 areas
Mechanical Hand: RM (30) material strength; EX (20) strength


Control UN (100)
Absorb/Dissipate Energy
Accelerate Healing
Combat Trance
Control Disease
Control Pain
Detoxify Poison
Enhance Attributes
Hibernation Trance
Reduce Injury
Remain Conscious
Resist Stun

Sense MN (75)
Blind Sense
Combat Sense
Danger Sense
Hyperspace Tracking
Instinctive Astrogration
Life Detection
Life Sense
Magnify Senses
Receptive Telepathy
Sense Disturbance
Sense Force
Sense Spirit
Time Sense
Truth Sense

Alter AM (50)
Blaster Combat
Lightsaber Combat Projective Telepathy
Accelerate Other's Healing
Force Lights
Inflict Pain
Affect Mind


F- EX (20)
A- EX (20)
S- GD (10)
E- EX (20)
R- GD (10)
I- EX (20)
P- EX (20)
H- 70
K- 50
P- 15

Acrobatics, Computers, Detective, Martial Arts B, E, Military, Thief, Vehicles, Guns, Gambling, Repair/Tinkering, Astrogation, Pilot.

Luke Skywalker, New Republic

Blaster EX (20) damage

SPEED: SH-X (Hyper-Space CL. 5000)
2 Quad Laser Cannons RM (30) Energy
Concussion Missles IN (40) Force
Sensor Dish IN (40)
Escape Pod  


F- GD (10)
A- GD (10)
S- TY (6)
E- EX (20)
R- IN (40)
I- IN (40)
P- AM (50)
H- 46
K- 130
P- 25

Diplomacy, Acrobatics, Engineering, Leadership, Law, Criminology, Guns, Law Enforcement, Detective/Espionage, Marksman, Pilot, Physics, Electronics, Martial Arts A, B, C, D, E, Military, Computers.

Lightsaber- RM (30) Material Strength
Energy Touch- Heat MN(75)
Reflection- MN(75)
Blaster Pistol- EX (20) force


Control- AM (50)

Sense- AM (50)
Danger Sense
Life Sense



F- EX (20)
A- GD (10)
S- RM (30)
E- RM (30)
R- GD (10)
I- RM (30)
P- RM (30)
H- 90
K- 70
P- 10

Hyper-Olfactory EX
Hyper-Hearing PR
Tracking EX
Claws RM (30)
Resist Cold FB (2)
Thermal Vision PR

Computers, Repair/Tinkering, Engineering, Martial Arts B, C, Vehicles, Guns, Astrogation, Gambling, First Aid, Pilot.

Han Solo, New Republic.

Crossbow EX (20) damage


F- EX (20)
A- EX (20)
S- TY (6)
E- GD (10)
R- EX (20)
I- EX (20)
P- GD (10)
H- 56
K- 50
P- 20

Acrobatics, Detective, Medicine, Military, Thief, Guns, Vehicles, Gambling, Mining, Business/Finance, Astrogation, Computers, Repair/Tinkering, Pilot.

Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, New Republic, Mining Industry.

Blaster EX (20) damage


F- FB (2)
A- FB (2)
S- PR (4)
E- EX (20)
R- EX (20)
I- TY (6)
P- TY (6)
H- 28
K- 32
R- N/A
P- 0

Claws GD (10)
Resist Cold GD (10)
Comprehend Languages TY (6)
Energy Sponge TY (6)
Heat Vision GD (10)
Circular Vision
Life Detection RM (30)
Radarsense IN (40)
Radio Communication MN (75)
Total Memory UN (100)
Body Resistance PR (4)
Communicate with Cybernetics MN (75)

Computers, Detective, Thief, Vehicles, Languages, First Aid, Pilot.

C3PO, Luke Skywalker

Grappling Hook & Line- 3 area range
Fire Extinguisher


F- FB (2)
A- PR (4)
S- TY (6)
E- EX (20)
R- EX (20)
I- TY (6)
P- TY (6)
H- 32
K- 32
R- N/A
P- 0

Resist Cold GD (10)
Comprehend Languages UN (100)
Hyper-Hearing GD (10)
Microscopic Vision GD (10)
Total Memory UN (100)
Communicate with Cybernetics UN (100)
Telescopic Vision PR

Computers, Languages, First Aid.

R2D2, Luke Skywalker, Ewoks


F- FB (2)
A- FB (2)
S- FB (2)
E- PR (4)
R- IN (40)
I- UN (100)
P- UN (100)
H- 10
K- 240
P- 50

Alien Species, Bureaucracy, Cultures, Languages, Planetary Systems, Astrogation, Bargain, Leadership, Gambling, Persuasion, First Aid, Jedi Lore.
Jedi Knights.

Control SH-Y
Absorb/Dissipate Energy
Accelerate Healing
Control Pain
Detoxify Poison
Enhance Attributes
Hibernation Trance
Reduce Injury
Remain Conscious
Resist Stun
Short-term Memory Enhancement

Sense SH-X
Combat Sense
Danger Sense
Instinctive Astrogration
Life Detection
Life Sense
Magnify Senses
Receptive Telepathy
Sense Disturbance
Sense Force
Sense Path

Alter UN
Lightsaber Combat Projective Telepathy
Accelerate Other's Healing
Control Another's Pain
Return Another to Consciousness
Transfer Force
Dim Other's Senses
Affect Mind
Control Mind
Force Harmony


Annakin Skywalker
F- IN (40)
A- RM (30)
S- RM (30)
E- IN (40)
R- EX (20)
I- UN (100)
P- UN (100)
H- 130
K- 220
P- (-75)

Leadership, Occult (the Force), Military, Space Pilot, Martial Arts D.


Light Saber Rem material strength
Energy Blade Psyche (UN-100) rank damage
Reflection Psyche (UN-100) energy reflection


Control SH-X (150)
Absorb/Dissipate Energy
Accelerate Healing
Control Pain
Detoxify Poison
Enhance Attributes
Hibernation Trance
Reduce Injury
Remain Conscious
Resist Stun

Sense UN (100)
Combat Sense
Danger Sense
Instinctive Astrogration
Life Detection
Life Sense
Magnify Senses
Receptive Telepathy
Sense Force

Alter MN (75)
Lightsaber Combat Projective Telepathy
Feed on Dark Side
Inflict Pain
Affect Mind
Telekinetic Kill


F- TY (6)
A- TY (6)
S- PR (4)
E- TY (6)
R- IN (40)
I- UN (100)
P- UN (100)
H- 22
K- 240
P- (-50)

Alien Species, Bureaucracy, Cultures, Intimidation, Law Enforcement, Military History, Planetary Systems, Archaic Library Systems, Arcane Technologies, Clone Vat Systems, Dark Side Lore, Jedi Lore, Lightsaber Histories, Fleet Tactics, Ground Assault Tactics, Leadership, Bargain, Detective/Espionage, Lightsaber Repair.



Control SH-Y
Absorb/Dissipate Energy
Accelerate Healing
Control Pain
Detoxify Poison
Enhance Attributes
Hibernation Trance
Reduce Injury
Remain Conscious
Resist Stun
Short-term Memory Enhancement

Sense SH-X
Combat Sense
Danger Sense
Instinctive Astrogration
Life Detection
Life Sense
Magnify Senses
Receptive Telepathy
Sense Force

Alter UN
Lightsaber Combat Projective Telepathy
Accelerate Other's Healing
Control Another's Pain
Feed on Dark Side
Force Lightning
Inflict Pain
Return Another to Consciousness
Transfer Force
Affect Mind
Control Mind
Drain Life Essence
Enhanced Coordination
Telekinetic Kill
Transfer Life
Dim Other's Senses


F- TY (6)
A- TY (6)
S- TY (6)
E- GD (10)
R- IN (40)
I- RM (30)
P- IN (40)
H- 28
K- 110
P- 0

Artist, Detective, Martial Arts E, Military, Vehicles, Guns, Leadership.



F- EX (20)
A- GD (10)
S- TY (6)
E- GD (10)
R- RM (30)
I- IN (40)
P- IN (40)
H- 446
K- 110
P- 0

Guns, Martial Arts E, Acrobatics, Law, Law Enforcement, Pilot, Military, Criminology, Computers, Electronics, Leadership.

Blaster Pistol- EX (20) Force



H- 70
K- 36 Equipment: Blaster Rifle EX Energy damage or intensity stun
Armor GD vs. Physical; TY vs. Energy 


F- GD (10)
A- PR (4)
S- PR (4)
E- EX (20)
R- EX (20)
I- RM (30)
P- RM (30)
H- 38
K- 80
P- (-30)

Special Abilities:
Force Resistance
Hutts have an innate defense against Force based mind-manipulation techniques. They receive a +2CS to resist.

Resist Domination, Bereaucracy, Business/Finance, Cultures, Intimidation, Languages, Law Enforcement, Streetwise, Bargaining, Leadership, Gambling, Persuasion.

Galactic Underworld, Empire.

cannot move without assistance
          Purpose First: Matthew McCarthy, VP of Foods, Unilever North America   

Focusing on the customer and sustainability, Unilever aims to "create tremendous growth and really delight consumers"

The post Purpose First: Matthew McCarthy, VP of Foods, Unilever North America appeared first on brandchannel:.

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          Classic MSH Resource Rescue Efforts   
I'm going to begin copying a lot of the material from Ty States' old site over to this one.
You can still visit his site through the Wayback Machine. Just point it to here: http://rivendell.fortunecity.com/battlespire/85/homepage.htm

First up: Some more Star Wars.
          Child Rights that enables Child Development (Sandy Rockz)   
Children discover their approaches to grab the attention of the people around them. Hence, they wouldn't bother taking mischievous activities that could disturb their gathering of people.
          Blond Russian Stepmom Gets Fucked By Her Stepson   
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          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
imam isto sto i ti....ono sto se pusi lol lol lol
          Russian Soldiers Roughly Fucked Helpless Village Teen At Her Home   
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          ICT for the Non-Specialist - Virtual Worlds   
ICT for the Non-Specialist - Virtual Worlds
The potential of using virtual worlds in education is explored by both teachers and pupils in this programme.

After joining the Schome project, which investigates how education can work with virtual environments, assistant head Mike Adams is able to investigate the educational benefits of virtual world Second Life.

Pupils at John Hanson School Community School, Andover, also show how they use software to build within virtual worlds.

Steve Thompson from the University of Teeside then works with pupils at Freebrough SE College, Cleveland, as part of a Second Life project to virtually redesign and rebuild Cleveland's Skinningrove Jetty.

          Elementals Cards for MSH   
Here are cards for the Indie super-group, Elementals.
For use with the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG.

          igra istine   
ne,znam mu ukus

Imate u basti svoje?
          Points to remember when choosing a school for your little one (Deepash Bhandari)   
The creative and imaginative interests are harboured and focussing power too gets improved. So make sure that enough attention is given to theatre, music, dance, robotics, debates and science leagues as well. There are many day boarding schools in Delhi that promise brilliant exposure in the same so that your child exhibits the best behaviour.
          The Star Wars Bounty Hunters for MSH   

Here are the MSH stats for the bounty hunters from Star Wars.
These were originally hosted by Ty States and I resurrected them from his old site.


A- GD (10)
S- EX (20)
E- IN (40)
R- GD (10)
I- RM (30)
P- RM (30)
H- 100
K- 70
P- (-50) Equipment: Battle Armor
personally modified Mandalorian battle armor that covers his head, torso, and arms with no Agility penalties.
* Body Armor: RM (30) Material Strength and EX (20) protection from Physical and Energy attacks.
* Wrist Lasers: RM (30) Energy damage with PR (1 area) range.
* Rocket Dart Launcher: Can pierce IN (40) Material Strength or less. Tip is coated with poison (Poison, Knock-Out, etc.) of RM (30) intensity. FB (1/2 area range).
* Turbo-projected Grappling Hook: 20 meter (1/2 area) lanyard (RM (30) Material Strength) with magnetic grappling "hook" (RM (30) Magnetism). FB (1/2 area) range.
* Flame Projector: RM (30) Fire Energy damage in 1 meter cone. FB (5 meter (5.45 yards) (1/8 of an area)
* Concussion Grenade Launcher: IN (40) Blunt damage to all in one area. Has firing range of AM. Magazine carries 20 grenades.
* Jet Pack: For every charge used, he can move at FB Airspeed (30 MPH / 0.5 MPM) either 3 areas horizontally, or 2 areas vertically. His jet pack only has enough fuel for 20 charges.
* Sensor Pod: AM (50) Tracking ability.
* Infra-red / Motion Sensor: Integrated infra-red and motion sensors in helmet gives EX (20) intensity and range Infra-red vision in darkness. It also allows him to detect motion in front of him and to his sides with EX (20) intensity and range.
* Macro binoculars: Enables him to see objects at up to IN (12 area) range. Scope-linked into blaster rifle, allowing him to fire it at +2CS to his Agility (in addition to Marksmanship).
* Sound Sensors: Makes out sound at up to EX (20) range. It can tell where the sound is coming from with AM (50) ability. This only works in quiet areas.
* Internal Comlink: Can be linked to Slave I's control system (with beckon call) to have it operate under remote control (come to his location, fire weapons, etc.), or it can be tuned into other standard frequencies. It also has an external speaker.
* Broadband Antenna: Can intercept and decode most communications made on standard frequencies. As a result, Boba Fett can patch into shipboard communications.
* Winch: This is capable of lifting TY (221 pounds) weight (Boba Fett and his equipment only).
* Sealed Enviro Filter: Filter system can block out harmful molecules, or in case of insufficient or deadly atmospheres, the suit can seal drawing upon a two hour (1,200 turn) supply of air.
Blaster Rifle: Range: AM, Price: (Gun) GD (1,000 credits), (Power Pack) FB (25 credits)
Damage: IN (40) Stunning or Energized Force
Rate: 1, Shots: 100 per power pack
Material: GD (See Macro binoculars in suit description for bonus to hit.)
Comlink: This is a personal communication device. It has a SH-X (150) range. It can broadcast over countless different frequencies. It can pick up normal Standard Clear Frequencies (SCF's) (non-restricted bands). It can monitor one specific frequency and SFC's simultaneously. It costs FB (25 credits).
Wookie Scalps: Several dangle from his belt. His Popularity with Rebels, Wookies, and the like drops by -10.

Slave I:

This is Boba Fett's personal ship. It has the following:
* CONTROL: TY (6).
* SPEED: (Atmosphere) UN (40 areas) A.S. / (Space) SH Z (200 areas) A.S. / (Hyperdrive) CL 5000/1 (5,000/1) (100 x light speed)
* BODY: RM (30) vs. Physical and Energy.
* PROTECTION: RM (30) vs. Physical and Energy. * Shields: GD (10) vs. Physical and Energy.
* Sensors: Passive: AM (50) range /// Scan: UN (100) range ///Search: SH X (150) range /// Focus: TY(06)
* Sensor Mask: -2CS to detect Slave I at ranges of MN(75) or greater.
* Sensor Jamming: -3CS to sensors to identify Slave I as a ship instead of an ion storm, -2CS to detect the ship's vapor trail.
* 2 Twin-mounted Blaster Cannons: Fire Arc: Turret, Fire Control: +1CS to Agility for firing; Range: SH X (74 areas), Damage: RM (30) Energized Force.
* Concussion Missile Tube Launcher: Fire Arc: Front, Fire Control: +2CS to Agility for firing; Range: AM (17 areas), Damage: EX (20) Blunt to all in 1 area.
* Ion Cannon: Fire Arc: Front, Fire Control: +1CS to Agility for firing; Range: MN (37 areas), Damage: RM (30) disruption of electrical and mechanical devices.
* Tractor Beam Projector: Fire Arc: Turret, Fire Control: +2CS to Agility for firing; Range: UN (50 areas), Damage: RM (30) Tractor beam.
* Two Proton Torpedo Launchers: Firing Arc: Turret, Fire Control: +1CS to Agility for firing; Range: SH X (74 areas), Damage: None; attaches homing beacon or S-thread tracker which is mounted on dummy proton torpedoes and which magnetically attach to a target ship's hull. They have short ranges of 15-20 light years, utilizing the same technology as subspace radio's. The S-thread trackers send frequencies on HoloNet reciever bands, allowing him to track a ship to the side of the galaxy provided the ship passed HoloNet S-threads.
* Craft: Kuat Systems Engineering's Firespray Class: Firespray-31.
* Type: Sublight Patrol and Attack Craft.
* Length: 21.5 meters.
* Crew: 1.
* Passengers: 6 (prisoners).
* Cargo Capacity: IN (40) weight (40 metric tons). (It is currently converted into a high security holding area with force cages and restraints to hold the prisoners).
* Consumables: 1 month (30 days = 414,000 turns).
* Type: Space.
* Cost: N/A.
Talents: Marksman, Thrown Weapons, Languages, Astrogation, Pilot, Jet Pack Operation, Leadership, Crime, Repair-Tinkering, Computers, Demolition, Electronics, Detective-Espionage, Weapons Specialist: Mandalorian battle armor weapons.
Contacts: None. (As per employer. When job is over, it is doubtful that the employer or those in his/her/its employment will remain contacts.)
By WLB (WMLEBG@webtv.net)


F- RM (30)
A- TY (6)S- EX (20)
E- IN (40)
R- EX (20)
I- RM (30)
P- GD (10)
H- 96
K- 60
P- 0 Powers: Claws EX (20) edged damage
Armor- Natural Hide TY (6) vs. Blunt damage
Equipment: Blaster Rifle RM (30) force damage
Grenade Launcher IN (40) force damage
Flamethrower RM (30) energy damage
Binders RM (30) material strength
Talents: W.P. Blaster Rifle, Martial Arts A, B, Pilot, Engineering, Detective/Espionage, Computers, Electronics.


Bounty Hunter/Droid F- TY (6)
A- RM (30)
S- EX (20)
E- RM (30)
R- RM (30)
I- RM (30)
P- TY (6)
H- 86
K- 66
P- 0
Powers: Analytical Mind- +2CS to Intuition rolls on guessing the next move of their bounties.
Body Armor GD (10)
Blaster Pistol- EX (20) Force damage
Stun Gas Blower- RM (30) intensity
Talents: Medicine, Law, Pilot, Buisness/Finance, Engineering, Criminology, Detective/Espionage, Computers, Electronics, Languages.


F- EX (20)
A- EX (20)
S- GD (10)
E- RM (30)
R- EX (20)
I- RM (30)
P- TY (6)
H- 80
K- 56
P- 0 Equipment: Blaster Rifle- RM (30) Force damage
Concussion Grenades- IN (40) Force damage
Vibroblade- RM (30) Edged Energy damage
Talents: Guns, W.P. Blaster Rifle, Marksman, Martial Arts A, B, E, Acrobatics, Pilot, Crimonology, Detective/Espionage.


F- TY (6)
A- TY (6)
S- EX (20)
E- AM (50)
R- IN (40)
I- MN (75)
P- GD (10)
H- 82
K- 125
P- 0 Equipment: Blaster Rifle- RM (30) Force damage
Talents: Guns, Marksman, Weapons Master, Pilot, Engineering, Criminology, Detective/Espionage, Computers, Electronics.

SHIP IG-2000

SPEED: SH-Z (Hyper-Space CL. 5000)
PROT: RM Weapons: Forward Laser Cannons- AM (50) Energy damage
Ion Cannon- IN (40) Shields do not effect this weapon.
2 Tractor Beams- MN (75) strength

          Strategic Accounts Manager-FAI - Future Electronics - Pittsburgh, ON   
Strong Computer Skills. Future Electronics is continuously looking to add successful sales and engineering talent to support our customers across the globe....
From Future Electronics - Wed, 26 Apr 2017 20:05:59 GMT - View all Pittsburgh, ON jobs
          Arrested Whore Gives Her Pussy To The Officer In Exchange For Freedom   
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          Guardians of the Galaxy (and Frenemies) for MSH   
Here are some new cards.
This time for the Guardians of the Galaxy.

These are for use with the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG by TSR.

I also added a few extras: I made a card for Moondragon using an image of Lt. Ilia from Star Trek. And I threw in the bounty hunters from Star Wars.


BTW- The full stats for the bounty hunters were from Ty States' old website. I'll be re-posting them here tomorrow for those that are interested.

          Emma at Cafe Regatta   
03.06.11 – Cafe Regatta is one of my favorite cafes in Helsinki. I try to get out there on the weekends. Emma and I were out there last weekend. It’s a great place because it’s outside the crowded city center. They also have great outside seating with a fire pit and you can buy makkara, […]
          More Young Justice Cards for DC Heroes RPG   
Phase two of the Young Justice character cards.
I took a bit more liberty with these.
You may notice a few new characters or looks/names.
I tried to fit everyone in that I wanted.

Stats are not perfect. I winged it for most of them. Where possible, I referred to their DCU counterparts and lowered the stats a bit to adjust for age and lack of experience.
Any suggestions would be accepted.

Donna Troy became Troia because I wanted to keep the Cassie version of Wonder Girl available.

Kyle Rayner became Ion because I felt he would fit the team better in that identity than as a Green Lantern. Powers could be from a ring, a ring particle or inborn. And the fan art I found online really fit that concept.

I chose to call the Tim Drake Robin "Red Robin" to keep Robin available. Although Nightwing is still added, as well.

I also chose to call Bart Allen "Impulse" to keep Kid Flash available.

Hawk & Dove got major changes. I found a couple nice fan art pieces of Hawkgirl and converted them into a pair of Thanagarian sisters that have been selected by the Lords of Order and Chaos.
Powers would be similar to Hank Hall and Dawn Granger with flight added by their wings.
Dove may or may not have some light based powers.

I found a fan art drawing that really fit Pantha, so I touched it up and added her.

So without delay...

          Back on the Bike   
29.05.11 – I love my bikes and luckily Helsinki does too. Helsinki is a great city to bike in. There are tons of bike paths throughout the city and I’ve already found a few sections where you can get off the streets and into the woods. I usually only ride on the weekends but hopefully […]
          Open SIM ... some education uses.   
Re: Virtual Words Londonhttp://www.secondplaces.net

          Young Justice DC Heroes Character Cards   
 Here are some new cards for the original DC Heroes RPG.
Stats were created by Bryan Gittens.
For abilities, powers and skills, I've provided links to his full write-ups.

Kid Flash
Miss Martian
Red Arrow

          Art Left Out to Dry   
28.05.11 – Here’s some interesting outdoor art I found in Helsinki. Several lines were strung across an intersection, each one had several old, colorful, shirts and dresses. What made it even more special was the beautiful breeze blowing that day. Related articles Smoke on the Water (tbeidler.wordpress.com) Tuomas Korpi (horus2.wordpress.com) Helsinki Poetry… (stytzer.blogspot.com)
Social Emotional learning is a foundation that every student needs to have before he can get to academic learning. It reinforces the study skills that they need in order to learn. So knowing their emotions and needs has to be identified first. This goes together with the academic learning when they know their strengths and weaknesses and they can use those in order to learn...
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          JLI as Superfriends Mock Covers (Updated)   
This would be how I would revive the JLI team. The main four- Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Fire and Ice, with Vixen and Robotman added. Along with Guy Gardner making his return to the team.

The sitcom-like zaniness of JLI mixed with the offbeat, weirdness of the Silver Age Doom Patrol.
Two cult classics that taste great together.

Note: I updated covers #8 up with a new cover dress. And I added a covers for #11 and 12.

#2 is an homage to the classic B-movie, The Atomic Brain.
#3 is an homage to Justice League of America #195.
#12 is an homage to Avengers #57.
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           Japanese Business Woman Fucked In Elevator   
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          5 Ways To Find The Best Pre-School In Bhopal For Your Child (sproutsag school)   
Are you looking for a pre-school in Bhopal that could impact your child's future in a more positive way? Explore Sprouts, an initiative by the Aakriti International School-Pre School Division, it is not just any other kindergarten, but it is an institute with vision and mission.
          Star City: One Night Only Concert   

A special charity event featuring a unbelievable gathering of super-stars!
Maggie & Hopey, The Teen Titans, Dazzler & Pixie, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, The Archies, Josie & the Pussycats and Lila Cheney!

New Mechanics - Florence & the Machine - Only if for a Night
New Mechanics - Juliette Lewis - Hardly Wait
New Mechanics - Cat Power - Cherokee
Teen Titans Go-Go - Ed Sheeran - Sing
Teen Titans Go-Go - MGMT - Electric Feel
Teen Titans Go-Go - The XX - VCR
Pixeldust ft. Dazzler - Blondie - One Way or Another
Pixeldust ft. Dazzler - Poe - Angry Johnny
Pixeldust ft. Dazzler - The Bird and the Bee - One on One
The Dee-Cee Chicks - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - I Love Rock N Roll
The Dee-Cee Chicks - Hole - Gold Dust Woman
The Dee-Cee Chicks - Ting Tings - That's Not My Name
Canary Cry - Eurythmics - I Need a Man
Canary Cry - Lykke Li - Get Some
Canary Cry w/The Dee-Cee Chicks - Rogue Traders - Watching You
The Archies - Gotye - Somebody I Used to Know
The Archies - Modest Mouse - Float On
The Archies - Feist - Islands in the Stream
Josie & the Pussycats - Stevie Nicks - Stand Back
Josie & the Pussycats - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
Josie & the Pussycats - Nena - 99 Red Balloons
Lila Cheney - PJ Harvey - Rid of Me
Lila Cheney - Lana Del Rey - Off to the Races
Lila Cheney - Jane Siberry - It Can't Rain All the Time
All-Band Jam - Tina Turner - Better Be Good to Me

          MSH - New Group: The Enforcers   
Here's a group for Marvel Super-Heroes that is reminiscent of 80s Action TV shows.
The Enforcers can be used as a mercenary group like the A-Team or a covert operations team like Mission: Impossible.

And their tokens:

          Sci-Fi Pulp Wonder Man for MSH   
I updated Wonder Man using inspiration from Woodrow McCord and molded him into a more retro-future sci-fi pulp character.

I also updated his costume to fit the theme.


Fighting: EX (20)
Agility: RM (30)
Strength: EX (20)
Endurance: IN (40)
Reason: EX (20)
Intuition: EX (20)
Psyche: GD (10)
Health: 110
Karma: 50

Laser Pistol: EX damage, EX material strength, Range: 6 Areas
Body Armor: Suit provides EX protection.
Jet Pack: gives GD speed.
Goggles: gives multiple vision and hearing abilities, each must be activated by pressing a sensor on side of goggles and only one can be active at a time:
Hypersenditive Hearing: GD, Microscopic Vision: TY, Penetration Vision: TY, Sonar: GD, Telescopic Vision: PR, Thermal Vision: TY, Ultraviolet Vision: TY.

Group Affiliation: The Enforcers (cards soon).
          MSH - Batman Family   
Here are cards with base stats for Batman, Robin and Batgirl for use with the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG.
I based these on the '60s TV show versions so they may appear a bit weaker than other stats floating about the 'net.

Their tokens-

And some villain tokens-
(Note: These are not all traditional Batman villains. I threw in some Golden Age DC villains that I thought would fit well with a Batman campaign.)

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          Best Abacus Math's and Training Centers in India (pardeepkumar)   
Abacus is an instrument (counting device) that was invented in the ancient times for calculating numbers through a basic arithmetic system. Anciently, the abacus and counting boards were the only aids which were used to simplify the calculations. And now it is used as a popular tool to help in brain development.
          MSH Cards - X-Men, Phase 1, plus Danger Room   
Here are cards for the first and second generation X-Men.

Their tokens:

The Danger Room from the Nintendo X-Men game...
It's 14 squares wide by 24 squares long. I would suggest dividing the length into two 14 x 12 segments for purposes of random trap placements.

The two corridors (2x3 each) are not counted. you could also add traps there by using a 1D6 on each.

The best resources for the Danger Room for me has always been the piece in Children of the Atom and the Dragon Magazine feature.
Also, if you have Mutants & Masterminds, there's some nice Danger Room material in it, too.

          Second Life - BRANDS IN SECOND LIFE   

A short compilation (using the cool joystick cam feature!) of some of the branded builds in Second Life (part of a 30minute longer video) - from the likes of Reuters, BMW, Sony BMG and Ericcson, BigPond, Reebok, Vodafone, IBM, ABC TV, Showtime, Pontiac, American Apparel, Virgin, Dell, NBC, Apple (unofficial), Sears, Circuit City and AOL.
          Marvel RPG- King Comics   
Celebrating the launch of King Comics next month, here's Flash Gordon, Mandrake, The Phantom, Prince Valiant and Jungle Jim.
I only made stats for their abilities. It shouldn't be too hard to get the appropriate skills and weapons for them.
To create their stats, I cross-referenced two or more similar characters and then adjusted the stats to what I thought would work best.

          Best CBSE School in Jaipur (Narendra Rawat)   
Rawat Public School, Best CBSE school in jaipur has become well known place not only in Pratap Nagar but also in all over Jaipur. Established in 2009, the school has made new standards of achievements under enthusiastic direction of young and dynamic director Mr. Narendra Rawat with all creative and innovative ideas.
          Common Sense Media Forum webcast   

Panel discussion about students using virtual worlds
          Marvel Super-Heroes Basic RPG Cards Bonus   
Bonus card for the set...
Black costume Spider-Man.

And his token.

          A Child's War - a video made in Second Life by Global Kids   

This video was the year-end project for the Global Kids youth leaders in Queens, New York who spent the year working in Global Kids' Virtual Video Project, at the Museum of the Moving Image, funded by the MacArthur Foundation.
The video is based on research done by the youth about the situation of child soldiers in Uganda and the upcoming trial and the International Criminal Court.

          How a right childcare Blacktown Prepare Kids for School (Colleen Grenville)   
The first day of the school is strenuous for every child. However, going to childcare center helps to reduce the first day trauma.
          Marvel Super-Heroes Basic RPG Cards   
For use with the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG, which can be found at ClassicMarvelForever.

These are the characters that were included in the Basic Set.

For powers and abilities. the earliest stats for each are as follows:
Captain America: Time Trap/Avengers Assembled
Captain Marvel: Avengers Assembled
Spider-Man: New York, New York
Wolverine: Project: Wideawake
Human Torch: Murderworld
Invisible Woman: Murderworld (Invisible Girl at the time)
Mister Fantastic: Murderworld
Thing: Murderworld

Here are the separate portraits, which can be used as map counters/tokens for the characters, also.

          Global Kids PSAs on Digital Media, in Second Life   

This collection of five 30 second Public Service Announcements were created in Teen Second Life by Global Kids after school program, the Virtual Video Project, funded by the MacArthur Foundation and developed with the support of the Museum of the Moving Image. These were the first videos created by the students, to learn the basic of creating machinima around social issues.
Their final project will focus on child soldiers. www.HolyMeatballs.org

          Superfriends Cards   
JLA/Superfriends cards to use with either Marvel Super-Heroes or DC Heroes RPGs.
Would make a good starter set.
For these I used just Alex Ross art for the figures to keep them uniform.

          Edusim 3D in your class   

Edusim in a 3D virtual environment ... this example is being used by students with an interactive whiteboard.
It free and opensource (built on Croquet) here: http://edusim3d.com

          Random Superhero Adventure Generation   
These are from a couple old DC Heroes books.
First we have a random generator for adventures from the 1st Edition Gamemaster book.
Worth noting is that it needs some modifying to be perfected.

First, the villain list. Obviously, you'll want to put villains in that are appropriate for your campaign. Whether Marvel, DC or others. And then of course, ones that are the right power level. However, you also may want to ditch that chart altogether and make your own.
Because it's 2D10. Which means the ones in the middle will be more recurring and #s 2 and 20 will hardly ever appear. It's best to use 1D20, a percentile (1D100) chart or a chart with multiple 1D6 or 1D10 sub-charts.

Second, you may want to change the locations.
I recommend using Adamant Entertainment's Modern Dispatch #42: Pulp Adventure Generator for businesses and/or crimes.
Also, Adamant put out several other random generators in the Modern Dispatch, including one for Superheroes. Constructive GMs can utilize it with this to make some exciting adventures.

Something else I prefer to do is on the villain power list, roll 1D10: on a roll of 1-9 randomly select from any powers, on a roll of 10 randomly select two powers. These would be the main powers. Then do it again for secondary powers. This opens up more powers to use.

If your using DC Heroes, just put higher APs in the first set of powers. If you're using Marvel Super-Heroes, you may want to use two separate charts to randomly determine power levels. For instance, for primary powers, use one that ranges up to Amazing or Monstrous. And for Secondary powers, you could use one that stops at Excellent or Remarkable.

Plus, this is a random chart for urban crimes that appeared in Night in Gotham. The book, itself, is quite useful as it has a treasure trove of adventure seeds. The chart is set up with each district of Gotham having its own percentages for certain crimes. This could easily be translated into any large city like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. Or a fictional city from the comics or one you create, yourself.

And here's a random crime chart that appeared in an issue of Dragon Magazine. It can be inserted in to replace the DC Heroes crime list.

          Marvel Knights   
And because I also like the other extreme... Here are cards for the street level characters of Marvel.
These could be used for starter set of characters for a Marvel Knights campaign.

          Second Life in 3600 seconds   

          Marvel Cosmic   
My fave adventure books from the classic Marvel Super-Heroes RPG was the cosmic series - Cosmos Cubed, Ragnarok and Roll and Left Hand of Eternity.
Probably one of the biggest reasons I developed a fondness for Marvel's cosmic characters.

There are stats in the books but there were no cards, which would've been pretty cool.
So here are some I put together for the game.
The books, and the core rules, can be downloaded from ClassicMarvelForever.

          Croquet : Virtual Worlds Platform   

Croquet Software Demo Movie (August 2007)
This is an edited screen capture from a Croquet demo given by Julian Lombardi in August 2007. It shows some of the capabilities of the open source Croquet software development environment. Croquet is designed for use in creating and deploying large-scale distributed multi-user virtual 3D applications and metaverses.
The Croquet architecture supports synchronous communication, collaboration, resource sharing and computation among large numbers of users on multiple platforms and multiple devices.

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          Avengers ID Cards - the Backs   
For use with the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG. Stats are taken from the original Handbooks. Just slap them on the back of the cards from the previous post.

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          Second Life : Health   

A virtual hospital campus in Second Life to illustrate what healthcare of the future could look like.

          Avengers ID Cards   
I made these for use with the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG. Stats would be on the back for easy reference.

          Japanese Housewife Bound and Violated In Kitchen By Her Hubby   
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          Sci-Fi Gaming Resources -Updated   

Note: Sadly, the best resource, Solo Nexus, has been removed from solo players.

The Yahoo Groups appear to still be out there somewhere. I'm still getting e-mails from them. However, it looks like Yahoo's changed their links and I haven't gotten them updated, yet. Here's the updated list of links, with several new ones-

Traveller at Mongoose Publishing
Mongoose Traveller resources at RPGNow
Spica Publishing Resources for Traveller at RPGNow
All Traveller resources at RPGNow
Mongoose's Signs & Portents Magazine at RPGNow
Freelance Traveller
Into the Deep
The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society
Far Future Enterprises -has a nice guide to Understanding Traveller
Spica Publishing
SFRPG Message Board
Random Traveller System Generator
Traveller: Heaven & Earth -great world building software
Travelling Alone -nice optional solo Traveller flowchart
How to make a Traveller Sandbox

Shadowrun resources at RPGNow
Elektra for Shadowrun
Sci-Fi resources at RPGNow
Alternity resources
Star Smuggler resources
Star Frontiersman
Marvel-Phile & Other Marvel Dragon Magazine Articles
Seventh Sanctum -lots of random generators
Paper Friends -printable character standups for every genre

D6 Space
D6 Adventure
D6 Fantasy
Polgarus Games D6 Resources
Star Wars D6 Holcron
Random Star Wars D6 System Generator
Star Wars D6 Community on G+
Into the Shadows

Mythic/Solo Play
Shaun's Solo Traveller

MGT-Aids · Fan Aids for Mongoose Pub's Traveller
Guide to Traveller UPP (Universal Planetary Profile)
DC Heroes - Blood of Heroes - M.E.G.S. Yahoo group
Doctor Who Solitaire Story Game
Mythic Fan Club/Resources
Solo Nexus

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[...] FOTO 2.- Este tiene cara de comerse a los niños… [...]
A most excellent collection of fantastic links to use as a internetual launch portal

          igra istine   

Jesi li spremila sendvice za avtobus?
          Nerd Boy Was Too Nervous To Explain This Situation To Gfs Stepmom But Luckily She Was Full Of Understanding   
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          Comentario en IIDH: Curso Autoformativo sobre Fuerzas Armadas y Derechos Humanos por eusebio martinez guzman   
necesito descargar el curso autoformativo de las fuerzas armadas y derechos humanos estoy inscrito al curso y no puedo bajarlo
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          Comentario en Actividad en San Pedro de Colalao por sabrina   
holizz soy estudiante ... d tucuman y estamos armando un proyecto para mejorar san pedroo.. me gustaria q pasen x este metro y comenten... y en q les gustaria q los ayudemos atte... sabry www.metroflog.com/amamosanpedro
          Le monde enchanté du plasticien Gilbert Peyre à Oyonnax   
"Les machines extraordinaires" de Gilbert Peyre sont présentées à "La Grande Vapeur", à Oyonnax dans l’Ain. Une nouvelle exposition qui transporte le public dans l’univers magique de l’artiste qui fait danser des automates depuis plus de 30 ans.
          igra istine   
Cekati sutra , pa videti.

Nije valjda da me napustate?
          Le film "Valérian" sera le sauveur ou le fossoyeur du distributeur Europacorp   
Avec une perte record de 119,9 millions sur l'année écoulée, EuropaCorp, la mini "major" cinématographique de Luc Besson, joue son avenir avec la sortie du film de science-fiction "Valérian", plus gros budget du cinéma français.
          WE’VE MOVED!!!!   
Please follow us to our new blog: www.designedtocolor.com
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          Designed To Color Call Extension   
Hi Everyone!! Due to the delay of our April/May issue, I’m rearranging some things and pushing back the end date of our next call to April 30!!! This gives you TWO MORE WEEKS to color and submit via email. You can find all the details by clicking on the call tabs above or just click […]
          Le directeur artistique de La Fenice : "Venise redécouvre enfin Monteverdi !"   
Depuis dix ans Fortunato Ortombina est le directeur artistique de La Fenice, l’un des opéras les plus célèbres d’Europe. A l’occasion du 450e anniversaire de Monteverdi, il a conçu, avec le chef Gardiner, un marathon de ses opéras : trois spectacles...
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          FANtastic Friday   
Here at Designed To Color, we love our fans.  We love the way you take inspiration from us and just run wild!  We love your huge love to color.  WE LOVE YOU!  So with that said, I would like to introduce to you FANtastic Friday!  On Friday’s we will post a fun collect of creations […]
          En matière de fiction les séries règnent sur les écrans du monde entier   
Les séries télé font désormais partie de notre quotidien et partout dans le monde, toutes les populations en consomment sur tous les écrans, selon une étude d'Eurodata TV Worldwide présentée au festival Série Series de Fontainebleau.
          La Chauve-Souris de Strauss déploiera ses ailes au Festival des Folies d'Ô   
Pour la 11e édition des Folies d'Ô à Montpellier, l'opérette viennoise de Johann Strauss, la Chauve-Souris, sera jouée du 5 au 7 juillet. Dans cette farce de la fin du XIXe siècle, les personnages alternent répliques et parties chantées. Cette...
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          Japanese Stepbrother Abuse Teen Stepsister In Bath   
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          Oh Noes! Technical Difficulties   
I was hopping to not have to post this, but we are less then 18 hours of the new issue of DTC to go live. Unfortunately the April/May issue will not be viewable until April 6th.  We are so sorry that we have to push back the date, but some technical issues came up that we just […]
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          Apple Cinnamon Puff Pastry “Pop Tarts” with Cream Cheese Frosting   
I go through definite phases in my kitchen. Some weeks I bake cookies like no one’s business, other weeks I use my crockpot every day, some weeks I get overly obsessed with a certain ingredient. These days, the magical love in my life is puff pastry. Finn and I have a very well-documented love of...

Read More »

          A Thank You Gift   
We are so excited about how well everyone is enjoying the first issue of Designed To Color!  In case you haven’t subscribed to Design To Color yet on Issuu, here is your chance!  For all of those who have an account with Issuu (it’s free to sign up) and have subscribed to us, you will receive this […]
          Oatmeal & Ginger Chocolate Chunk Cookies   
January has a reputation for being a bit of a bummer of a month. Blue Monday (the Most Depressing Day of the Year) falls in January, which makes sense if you really think about it. With the end of the hustle & bustle of the holidays, you fall back into your regular routine. No more...

Read More »

          It’s Colorful Monday   
Hey there my color peeps!  It’s Lizzie.  I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU to all that have submitted for our April/May issue!  It’s gonna be amazing, and I can not wait for you to see it!!   I wish I had more to share with you, but then you wouldn’t […]
          How To: Store Homemade Chicken Stock   
To be honest, I was on the fence about sharing this post. It is, without a doubt, my most-used, most-loved method of storing chicken stock, but it’s just so easy that posting it almost feels like cheating. Since forever, we’ve mainly shared our recipes with our readers on Port and Fin, but perhaps it’s time to...

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          Untitled #185   

Untitled #185

Untitled #185 by gloojass on Polyvore.com

          Facebook: You’ve probably heard the news that Russell Brand and Katy Perry are splitting u…   
You’ve probably heard the news that Russell Brand and Katy Perry are splitting up and there’s a big US Weekly spread on their break up. What you probably haven’t is Russell Brand has an actual show in the UK where he reads US Weekly…Russell Brand Reads ‘Us Weekly’ (1/6/12)www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.comGet the scoop with Russell Brand’s new
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          Potent Story Lacks Punch in The Innocents   
A Polish religious drama has a distinctive story but a less memorable visual approach.
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          igra istine   
Nece duso,ne brini.

Znas li ti da pravis palacinke?
          Brighten My Day Greenhouse 8pcs by QuillandFox   

18.00 USD

4¼ x 5½ , Blank folded card
Printed full color on 88lb cotton cardstock
Pack of 8 in clear plastic box

Made in the USA

Quill & Fox © all rights reserved

          ‘Christmas Vacation’: Chevy Chase, Randy Quaid and Beverly    
Since its release on Dec. 1, 1989, ‘Christmas Vacation’ has become a holiday staple — and not just because Mavis Staples sang the now-classic title track. (Try the veal?) Starring […]
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          Sun Yellow Notepad by QuillandFox   

8.00 USD

7 x 4.25 notepad, 50 pages, Printed on uncoated paper

Made in the USA
Quill & Fox © all rights reserved

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          Program Director, Asia/Africa - International Bridges to Justice - Geneva, QC   
Program Director Asia/Africa. Program activities will seek to:. Identify issues and risks related to program implementation in a timely manner, and suggest...
From Indeed - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 14:26:44 GMT - View all Geneva, QC jobs
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          Actor Randy Quaid seeks sanctuary in Canada from ‘Hollywood whackers’    
The actor who portrayed the ne're-do-well cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon's Vacation movies wants asylum in Canada — saying he's afraid of a ...
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          Legal Trainer, Asia/Africa (3-6 Months Short Term Assignment) - International Bridges to Justice - Geneva, QC   
Program activities will seek to:. Identify issues and risks related to program implementation in a timely manner, and suggest appropriate program adjustments....
From Indeed - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 14:18:17 GMT - View all Geneva, QC jobs
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          Comment on Rustin's Spoils of the Week #72.5 (Playmobil FI?URES Boys Series 2) by Dead Man Walking   
How does the Playmobil basketball scale to a 4" GI Joe figure?
          Comment on Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex exclusive review by yo go re   
I just saw this same dino at Toys R Us, so I guess its exclusivity moves around...
          Program Manager, Asia/Africa - International Bridges to Justice - Geneva, QC   
Program Manager Asia/Africa. Program activities will seek to:. Identify issues and risks related to program implementation in a timely manner and suggest...
From Indeed - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 14:15:49 GMT - View all Geneva, QC jobs
          Randy & Evi Quaid Arrested For Squatting    
So, has anyone identified exactly what drug it is that The Quaids are smoking? Inquiring mings want to know just what it is that has these two so out of touch with reality. National Lampoon’s actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi were arrested on felony burglary charges in Santa Barbara on Saturday after they were [...]
          Residents Invited to Attend Sister Cities Tour in China and South Korea With Leggett   
Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett is leading a joint sister city and business development mission trip to South Korea and China in October and he is inviting residents to attend,  according to a news release. Leggett will travel to Seoul and Daejeon, Korea as well as Xi’an and Shanghai, China from October 20 through October […]
          Comment on Dress like Bruce Wayne by Soundwinder   
That's AMAZING. I just wish the stripes went all the way across the chest, though. Probably more expensive to print on the full front of a shirt, though.
          Pro Bono Volunteer, Asia/Africa (Short Term Assignment) - International Bridges to Justice - Geneva, QC   
Program activities will seek to:. Identify issues and risks related to program implementation in a timely manner, and suggest appropriate program adjustments....
From Indeed - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 14:09:58 GMT - View all Geneva, QC jobs
          A Guide to 2017’s Summer Festivals, Concerts and More   
Celebrate Gaithersburg street sceneIt’s officially that time of the year where the days are longer, warmer and sunnier.   Here’s a list of some places and activities where you, your family and friends can soak up some sun while enjoying music, food, art and culture. Sandy Spring Community Day, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. June 24 at the Ross Body […]
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          Comment on Fortress Maximus on clearance by Bigbot   
No worries, yo. With this news I wouldn't be surprised if they hadn't all been picked up already, whether by fans or those looking for profit.
          igra istine   
usi, prstice, usne, vratic, bradavice...
a sta vi volite da vam grickaju?
          Health Disparities Within Latino Community Continues, According to Report   
A report released by the Latino Health Initiative of Montgomery County found that health disparities continue to be a public health issue facing the Latino community in the county. Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett joined the county’s Latino Health Steering Committee early Wednesday for the release of the third edition of a health status report […]
          Comment on Fortress Maximus on clearance by yo go re   
No luck yet, but I keep checking...
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          igra istine   
Uh da, volim ponekad, al' kad pocnem ne znam stati dok mi usne ne nateknu, zaraza roll

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          Director of Sales   
CT-Fairfield, The Photographic Research Organization (PRO) is a cooperative buying group serving the needs of camera specialty stores in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Our offices are located in Fairfield, CT. From our distribution center we ship our own brand of products called ProMaster, as well as other camera and accessory brands. We have business relationships with 40 additional photographic gear manufac
          A study in human emotion: Father Kramarz thrills to music   
Thrill to the contrast between (1) the thrill of human emotion and (2) a highly-controlled absence of apparent emotion. In this video, Father Andreas Kramarz, LC, PhD. explains that music gives him emotional thrills: The Bibliolore blog celebrates Father Kramarz’s thrilling achievement. BONUS (distantly related): The fictional character Gus Fring exhibits emotional control, in this highlights video:
          Police, Alcohol Control Take Drunken Driving Personally   
Montgomery County police and the county’s Department of Liquor Control have launched a public awareness campaign to prevent drunken driving and to prevent over-consumption by patrons, targeting the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. The campaign, titled “I Take It Personally,” asks community members and retail establishments to prevent friends and customers from drinking too much […]
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          Comment on Fortress Maximus on clearance by Bigbot   
Thank you, yo!
          Clerk - File   
NY-Brooklyn, A+ Personnel celebrates its 30th Anniversary in the staffing industry in 2017! We have successfully been placing qualified candidates with top corporations, from entry to C-Level, in New Jersey and New York. We would like to thank our client companies and outstanding candidates for their major contribution to our continued success. We now look forward to assisting you with your next career move! H
          RCMP Detention Guard - Commissionaires - Barriere, BC   
Employee Assistance Program (EAP). RCMP Guards monitor and safeguard person in custody....
From Commissionaires - Tue, 09 May 2017 21:40:05 GMT - View all Barriere, BC jobs
          Comment on Fortress Maximus on clearance by yo go re   
Sure, I have two Ollieses near me, and I'll be out and about tomorrow. I'll definitely take a look for you...
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          Comment on Fortress Maximus on clearance by Bigbot   
Holy cow that is an awesome price! Unfortunately I'm way too far away to take advantage of these prices. Anyone nearby that could help me out? I'd gladly pay whatever the shipping cost would be to get it to me.
          Busty Black Slut In The Shower   
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          Comment on Rustin's Spoils of the Week #179 by Louche   
Agreed, the original alien figures were a neat novelty, but some of the stuff I saw afterward just made me roll my eyes.
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          Graphical Opt-In Box Collection   
Introducing… a Fast, Easy Way to Increase Your Opt-In List By Grabbing The Attention of Your Visitors With Elegant and Classy Graphical Opt-In Boxs A few moments or so from now, you could be building your opt-in list faster and more effectively than ever before. Have you noticed recently how all of the most successful […]
          Childcare Supervisor Certificate (Level 3) - Rainbow Lake Family Centre - Rainbow Lake, AB   
Program development and writing skills. The Rainbow Lake Family Centre is actively seeking a Level 3 child care supervisor (previous director experience is an...
From Indeed - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 18:37:12 GMT - View all Rainbow Lake, AB jobs
          Comment on Rustin's Spoils of the Week #179 by yo go re   
Definitely not: it was a mistake when they put the sets out, and now it's up to $30...
          ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ Sets Broadway Closing Date   
The musical will have played for more than 500 performances when it closes on Sept. 13....
          IMdetonator Best Video Marketing Software – Videos On Steroids   
via internet-marketing-product-launches.blogspot.com http://IMDetonator.info – Proven way to guarentee you are squeezing thousands of more views to your videos on YouTube. Simply Best Video Marketing Software Around**
          Kommentar zu Weihnachtsmarkt von Foto UNICO   
Sehr schöne Aussicht gut aufgenommen, gefällt mir gut! Grüße, Foto UNICO

หุ้น EARTH เป็นหุ้นในกระแสที่อยู่ดีๆ หุ้นก็ตก เจ้าของโดน force sell ซักพักก็ผิดนัดชำระหนี้เอาซะอย่างนั้น มาดูกันครับว่าในงบการเงินมีสัญญาณอะไรที่น่าสนใจบ้าง

1.งบการเงินหุ้น EARTH

การทำธุรกิจของ EARTH หลักๆเป็นการซื้อมาขายไปถ่านหิน ลักษณะธุรกิจแบบนี้ประเด็นแรกที่อยากรู้คือ ของขายได้ไหม ขายแล้วเก็บเงินได้ไหม มีจ่ายเจ้าหนี้การค้าหรือไม่ โครงสร้างดีค่อยมาดูภายในต่อไป

สรุปงบการเงินหุ้น earth


ในฝั่งหนี้สิน หนี้สินส่วนใหญ่เป็นหนี้สินไม่หมุนเวียน หนี้ยาวไม่มาก และทุนเล็กน้อยดูด้วยสายตาเสียวดี

ในฝั่งสินทรัพย์มีสินทรัพย์หมุนเวียนและไม่หมุนเวียนคนละครึ่ง รายการสินทรัพย์ที่น่าสนใจคือ เงินจ่ายล่วงหน้าต่างๆ เยอะมากทั้งซื้อเหมืองและซื้อสินค้า เงินออกไปแล้วของยังไม่ได้เลย

 เงินจ่ายล่วงหน้าค้าสินค้า ของยังไม่ได้อยากได้มากต้องจ่ายล่วงหน้าไปก่อน แสดงว่าอำนาจต่อรองกับ supplierไม่เยอะ ในหมายหมายเหต 7 บอกว่าจ่ายล่วงหน้าประมาณ 100 วัน โหดดีต้องจ่ายก่อนถึงได้ของ

สีแดงๆอันที่สองคือ สิทธิในเหมือง ถ้า earth ล้มจริงๆเจ้าหนี้ก็สามารถไปขุดถ่านหินมาขายก่อนได้ครับ

สิทธิในเหมืองของ earth
นอกจากเงินจ่ายล่วงหน้าค่าสินค้าแล้ว ที่ยอดเยี่ยมคือเงินจองสิทธิในการซื้อสินค้า พี่เขาจองล่วงหน้าไปเลย 15 ปี มันใจมีของขายแน่ๆ แต่เงินก็ออกไปแล้วนะครัส


หุ้นที่เป็น commodity ให้ดูเน้นๆที่อัตรากำไรขั้นต้น จะเห็นว่าแม้ยอดขายของ earth จะดี และปีที่ผ่านมารอบถ่านหินเป็นขาขึ้น แต่อัตรากำไรขั้นต้้นก็ไม่ได้เพิ่มขึ้นเลย แสดงว่า earth ไม่ได้รับประโยชน์อะไรจากรอบถ่านหินที่เพิ่มเลย




DE สูงเงินสองเท่า มีมีหนี้สั้นในอัตราส่วนที่สูงถึง 64% ของหนี้รวม และกระแสเงินสดจากการดำเนินงานติดลบตลอดทำให้ไม่สามารถคำนวณ Payback period หรือระยะเวลาเก็บหนี้ได้แสดงว่า earth กำลังมีปัญหาหนี้สินนั่นเอง

เมือลองทำนายโอกาสลมละลายด้วย Altman Z score ผลออกมาคะแนนต่กว่า 1.8 บอกว่าน่าล้มละลาย จะเห็นว่ากำไรสะสมต่อสินทรัพย์รวมประมาณ 0.12 แสดงว่าส่วนใหญ่สินทรัพย์ที่มีมาจากการกู้ยืมนันเอง และมูลค่าตลาดต่อสินทรัพย์รวมอยู่ที่ 0.22 แสดงว่าถ้าเพิ่มทุนมาราคาตลาดก็ยังไม่พอจ่ายหนี้เลยทีเดียว


วงจรเงินสดค่อนข้างยาวมากๆๆ ถ้านำเงินจ่ายล่วงหน้าประมาณ 100 วันไปรวมด้วยวงจรเงินสด จะเพิ่มเป็น 200 วันเลยทีเดียว ถือว่าน่ากลัวมาก

บริษัทแบบนี้มักจะมีกระแสเงินสดจากการดำเนินงานติดลบ จะเห็นจาก CFROI ที่มีค่าเป็นลบทุกปี แสดงว่าสินทรัพย์ของ earth ไม่สามารถสร้างเงินสดได้เลย

แถมมีการลงทุนหนักหน่วงมากในรอบหลายปีที่ผ่านมี reinvestment ratio ขึ้นไปถึง 61 เท่าของค่าเสื่อมเลย แสดงว่าเงินออกไปเยอะมาก


การทำกำไรเหนื่อยหน่อย ยอดขายโต แต่กำไรลดลงทุกปี

อัตรากำไรขั้นต้นก็ลดลงขนาดมีเหมืองของตัวเองนะนั่น อัตรากำไรสุทธิก็ต่ำลง

จากการทำกำไรที่ต่ำ สินทรัพย์ไม่สร้างเงินสด จะเห็น ROA ลดลงเรื่อยๆ

โดยสรุปก็คืองบไม่โอมาตังแต่เข้าบริษัทแล้ว กระแสเงินสดดำเนินงานติดลบตลอด และไปลงทุนอะไรแปลกๆเช่นการจ่ายล่วงหน้าค่าของ มีการจ่ายไปเยอะแต่ก็ไม่ได้ส่วนลดการค้าอะไร อัตรากำไรขั้นต้นต่ำลงๆ สู้ต่อไปครับ EARTH

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Announcing HootSuite for iPhone. Everybody dance now. After months of hard work, HootSuite for iPhone is available in the iTunes store starting today. HootSuite for iPhone is the only Twitter app that lets you view statistics. It's also the only one that lets you schedule your tweets in advance. With HootSuite for iPhone, you can […]
          Public Health Nurse, Public Health (Re-advertisement) - Nunavut Government - Clyde River, NU   
Primary focus is on maternal/child health, school health, communicable disease and immunization programs. The candidate will also have knowledge of current... $94,010 - $106,685 a year
From Nunavut Government - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 18:19:14 GMT - View all Clyde River, NU jobs
          Comment on Rustin's Spoils of the Week #179 by Wolf   
It's recent. I think Game of Thrones and Suicide Squad have been the only others so far, though there's more on the way. Most are still shockingly overpriced, though. ReAction has apparently been handed back to Super7, which I think is a good thing -- the original Alien figures they did were cool, as were the Universal Monsters and Gremlins, but Funko tried to milk the format way too hard and with crappy figures.
          excel สรุปงบไตรมาส 1 2560 อุตสาหกรรมไหนรุ่งร่วง   

งบไตรมาส 1 ออกครบแล้ว ได้เวลาทำการบ้านหาหุ้นเด็ดลงทุนกันแล้วครับ มาดูว่าในไตรมาส 1 ที่ผ่านมามีหุ้นตัวไหนรุ่งและร่วงบ้าง

การ Download กดที่ลิงค์รูปลูกศรชื้้ลงที่อยู่มุมขวาล่างของตารางนะครับ เชิญหาหุ้นให้เพลินเพลินได้เลยครับ

หุ้นแต่ละตัวผมได้ลองนำข้อมูลมาสรุปตามลักษณะธุรกิจ จาก morning star thailand จะเห็นว่าในช่วงไตรมาส 1 ที่ผ่านมาอุตสาหกรรมเกี่ยวกับน้ำมันและปิโตรเคมี รุ่งเรีองมาก อุตสาหกรรมเกษตรก็ดี ขายอุปกรณ์อิเล็กทรนิก็ดี  อยากรู้ว่าในกลุ่มอุตสาหกรรมที่รุ่งมีหุ้นตัวไหนบ้างไปดูในไฟล์ excel ได้เลยครับ

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          Comment on Rustin's Spoils of the Week #179 by Louche   
Huh, when did funko actually start making decent figures? And why couldn't they have done it with other properties that I actually cared about.
          TPIPL จะ Turnaround ?   

TPIPL เป็นหุ้นในตำนานผ่านร้อนผ่านหนาวมาหลายปี มีช่วงหนึ่งกำลังจะ growth โปรเจกเพียบแต่ต้องมาตกหลุมนิดหน่อย เขาจะกลับมา Turnaround ได้หรือไม่ แผนการเป็นอย่างไร มาดูกันคร้าบบบบ

สภาพปัญหา TPIPL

มาดูด้านหนี้สินกันก่อน ดูหนี้ก็ไม่แย่นะครับ ใกล้ๆกับทุน ไม่น่าห่วนเท่าไรนัก ที่หนี้สินดูน้อยส่วนหนึ่งเพราะมีการตีราคาสินทรัพย์เพิ่มครับเลยทำให้สินทรัพย์โตและส่วนทุนเพิ่มขึ้นตาม

ความอยู่รอดหุ้น TPPL
มาดูที่ความสามารถในการใช้สินทรัพย์ในการสร้างรายได้ของ TPIPL กันบ้างจะเห็นว่า TPIPL มีการขยายการลงทุนอย่างต่อเนื่อง สินทรัพย์โตทุกปี มีปัญหานิดเดียวคือรายได้ไม่โตตาม เหมือนว่าสินทรัพย์ที่ลงทุนไปยังไม่สร้างรายได้กลับมาเท่าไรนัก โครงการอนาคตมีเยอะทั้งทำโรงไฟฟ้าขยะขนาดใหญ่มาก โรงงานปูนใหม่ โรงงานวัสดุก่อสร้างต่าง ปุ๋ยชีวภาพก็มี

การสร้างเงินสดหุ้น TPIPL

มาดูที่วงจรเงินสดกันบ้างจะเห็นว่า TPIPL มีวงจรเงินสดค่อนข้างยาวที่ 169 วัน ความหมายคือบริษัทต้องกันเงินไว้รวมๆกันถึง 169 วันเลยทีเดียว ส่วนใหญ่วงจรเงินสดที่เพิ่มขึ้นมาจากสินค้าคงเหลือที่เพิ่มขึ้น กว่าของจะระบายหมดใช้เวลาถึง 170 วัน และมีแนวโน้มสูงขึ้นติดกันสามปีแล้ว

วงจรเงินสด TPIPL

ในส่วนของการทำกำไรจะเห็นว่ารายได้ไม่โตเท่าไรนัก ส่วนหนึ่งมาจากความต้องการใช้ปูนหดตัวจากสภาวะเศรษฐกิจที่ชะลอตัว แต่กำไรหดตัวอย่างรุนแรง เป็นผลมาจากในปี 2558 ได้มีการเปลี่ยนวิธีบันทึกบัญชีใหม่ โดยสินทรัพย์ที่เคยตีราคาเป็นราคาตลาดแล้วทำให้สินทรัพย์เพิ่ม ทุนเพิ่ม จากเดิมที่เคยนำค่าเสื่อมราคาของสินทรพัย์ที่ตีเพิ่มไปตัดเนียนๆในส่วนทุนโดยตรง ผู้สอบบอกว่ารายจ่ายส่วนนี้ต้องนำมาอยู่ในงบกำไรขาดทุนแทน ค่าใช้จ่ายส่วนนี้ก็ไม่มากไม่น้อย 1,295 ล้านเท่านั้นเอ้งงงง

การทำกำไร TPIPL
โดยรวมงบการเงินก็ไม่เด่นอะไรมากมายนักส่วนหนึ่งมาจากการลงทุนที่เยอะ และผลจากค่าเสื่อมราคาที่เพิ่มขึ้น


ทุกปัญหาต้องมีทางออก หลังจากที่ TPIPP ลงทุนโรงไฟฟ้าขนาดใหญ่กว่า 440MW ที่น่าจะเปิดจ่ายไฟและผลิตได้เต็มกำลังการผลิตในปี 2561 การนำลูกเข้ามา IPO ในตลาดหลักทรัพย์จะมีส่งผลให้ส่วนทุนของ TPIPP โตขึ้น และ่ส่วนทุนของ TPIPL จะโตจากส่วนได้เสียที่ไม่มีอำนาจควบคุม หนี้สินจะลดลงเพราะเอาเงิน IPO มาโป๊ะหนี้ แต่กำไรยังไม่เพิ่มเนื่องจากต้องรอโครงการโรงไฟฟ้าของ TPIPP เปิดใช้งานซะก่อน

การนำบริษัทย่อย TPIPP เข้าตลาด

หลังจากดันลูกเข้าตลาดมีเงินมาปลดหนี้ปลดสิน ก็ถึงคิวของค่าเสื่อมราคาเจ้าปัญหา 1,295 ล้าน ในวันที่ 30 มีนาคมบริษัทได้ลงประกาศข่าวในตลาดหลักทรัพย์[2]ว่า "การเปลี่ยนนโยบายการบัญชีสำหรับการวัดมูลค่าที่ดิน อาคาร และอุปกรณ์ จากวิธีการตีราคาใหม่เป็นวิธีราคาทุน" ผลกระทบก็คือ สินทรัพย์ส่วนที่เคยตีราคาขึ้นมันก็หายไป ค่าเสื่อมราคาก็หายไปด้วย เมื่อค่าเสื่อมหายกำไรก็โผล่ เยี่ยมจริงๆ

ค่าเสื่อมลดกำไรเพิ่ม ยังไม่จบครับ ในเชิงทฤษฎีค่าเสื่อมเหมือนการกันเงินไว้ในกิจการ ในอนาคตถ้าสินทรัพย์เสื่อมค่าไปจนหมดอายุขัย จะได้เอาเงินที่เก็บไว้มาลงทุนซ้ำได้ธุรกิจได้เดินต่อไป สำหรับสินทรัพย์ที่ตีมูลค่าใหม่ตามราคาตลาด แสดงว่าถ้าลงทุนใหม่ก็จะลงทุนเท่ากับหรือใกล้เคียงมูลค่าสินทรัพย์ที่ตีขึ้น การปรับลดค่าเสื่อมจะทำให้ว่าที่สินทรัพย์หมดอายุจะต้องกู้เงินมาเยอะเพื่อลงทุนใหม่หรือไม่ต้องดูกันต่อไปครับ อ่านเพิ่มเติมได้ที่บทความอ.สรรพงษ์ [2] ครับ

สรุปก็คือปัญหาน่าจะแก้ได้ อีกเรื่องที่ต้องดูคืออนาคตบริษัทจะสามารถเติบโตได้ตามแผนงานที่วางไว้หรือไม่ ถ้าสามารถทำได้ กำไรก็จะกลับมาเติบโตได้ครับ สู้ต่อไป TPIPL

[2]การตีราคาสินทรัพย์กับผลกระทบทางการเงินในมุมทั้งงบการเงินและการเงินธุรกิจ https://www.facebook.com/sanpong.limthamrongkul/posts/10210369780499295

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          Canadian Naturalist - Lindblad Expeditions - Pond Inlet, NU   
Should be able to address and field questions from guests regarding the various programs offered. The naturalist must be familiar with the company philosophy...
From Indeed - Tue, 02 May 2017 00:31:51 GMT - View all Pond Inlet, NU jobs
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          Post-Brexit Blues? Schwachsinn!   

Also ganz ehrlich, mir geht das ganze Gejeiere rund um den Brexit und was man jetzt tun könnte, um das Vereinigte Königreich für die EU zu retten, ziemlich auf den Geist. Die Berichte über Leute, die angeblich nicht wussten, was sie da ankreuzen. Und dass die Mehrheit der Briten eigentlich eh für die EU wäre, wenn sie sich rechtzeitig informiert hätten.

Oder Robert Misik, der überhaupt meint, die Labour Party sollte das jetzt ausnutzen, um mit dem Slogan, das Referendums-Ergebnis nicht zu befolgen, eine Wahl zu gewinnen.

Gehts noch?


Erstens: Es war ein Volksentscheid, und ein solcher ist in einer Demokratie nun mal einzuhalten und umzusetzen, auch wenn dabei etwas herausgekommen ist, das ich für einen Fehler halte. Eine Abstimmung so oft zu wiederholen, bis herauskommt, was eine bestimmte gesellschaftliche Schicht will, halte ich für gefährlich und undemokratisch. In einer Demokratie hat nun mal das Volk das Recht und die Macht, Dinge zu beschließen, die schlecht für das Land sind (übrigens auch inklusive der Auflassung der Demokratie). Im Nachhinein zu behaupten, die hätten sich nicht ausgekannt oder wären sogar zu blöd zum Wählen, zählt nicht, denn erstens ist das eine unzulässige Pauschaldiskreditierung, zweitens hatten sie Monate Zeit, um sich zu informieren (und ich nehme an, dass sie das in dem Ausmaß getan haben, das sie für nötig befunden haben), und drittens sind die Leute nur so blöd, wie es das Bildungssystem eines Landes zulässt.

Wenn jetzt manche Politiker dumm dreinschauen, weil sie mit der Entscheidung der Bürger, die sie sich mit jahrzehntelangen Einsparungen im Bildungs- und Sozialsektor herangezogen haben, nicht zufrieden sind, dann habe ich mit diesen Politikern wenig Mitleid. Schon gar nicht, wenn es sich dabei um Politiker handelt, die mit Lügengebäuden mit dem Schicksal von Millionen spielten, um ihre eigenen Eitelkeiten zu pflegen.

Ebensowenig Mitleid habe ich übrigens mit den Journalisten, die jetzt Entsetzen heucheln, nachdem sie ebendiese Leute ebenso jahrzehntelang gegen die EU, gegen die Zuwanderer und gegen die Politik insgesamt aufgehetzt haben. Darüber, dass die Gier nach hohen Verkaufszahlen nun mal gesellschaftspolitische Auswirkungen hat, hätten sie vielleicht nachdenken sollen, bevor sie ihre Blödmaschinen angeworfen haben.

Zweitens: Seit der Grexit-Drohung interessiert mich, was wirklich passiert, wenn ein Land die EU verlässt. Das war nämlich bisher immer graue Theorie, eingehüllt in den Nimbus des Grenzkatastrophalen. Zusammenbruch der Wirtschaft, Weltuntergang, irgend so etwas wurde da immer ausgemalt, ohne dass klar war, was nun wirklich passiert. Jetzt bietet sich die Chance, das herauszufinden.

Beim Grexit waren wir ja kurz davor, dass ein Land in diese Situation gezwungen wird. Nun hingegen hat sich die Mehrheit der Bevölkerung des Vereinigten Königreichs in einer Abstimmung freiwillig und mit zum Teil ziemlichem Enthusiasmus dafür entschieden, sich selbst gewissermaßen als Versuchskaninchen für dieses Langzeitexperiment mit unsicherem Ausgang zu Verfügung zu stellen. Das kann zwar schlecht ausgehen, sollte aber auch als Chance gesehen werden.

Denn: geht das Experiment schief, dann wird den diversen Exit-Strategien der europäischen Rechtspopulisten und -extremen der Wind aus den Segeln genommen. Für die Zukunft der EU kann, so hart das klingt, ein Scheitern Großbritanniens außerhalb der EU durchaus von Vorteil sein. Zugegeben, das kann (zumindest vorübergehend) für die Briten bitter werden, aber die rechtliche Möglichkeit eines Wiederbeitritts oder einer EWR-Mitgliedschaft ist ja gegeben.

Geht das Experiment nicht schief, dann hat Großbritannien ja auch keinen Nachteil. Blöd wäre das aber insofern, als dann nicht nur die ganzen rechten Parteien Europas auch diverse Austrittsreferenden abhalten und möglicherweise gewinnen würden, sondern auch, weil das ja auch hieße, dass die EU einen wesentlichen Teil ihrer Daseinsberechtigung ganz einfach nicht hat. Die Frage, wozu man eine EU in der derzeitigen Form braucht, wenn es anders auch problemlos geht, ist ja nicht unwesentlich.

In diesem Fall könnte der Brexit dazu dienen, einen Denkanstoß zu geben, um herauszufinden, wofür wir die EU brauchen. Das Vereinigte Königreich hat die EU immer nur als Freihandelszone verstanden. Wenn es ohne eine solche auch geht oder wenn der EWR alleine ausreichend ist, wie kann die EU dann zum Nutzen Europas beitragen? Vielleicht mit etwas weniger Bürokratie und Regelungswut? Etwas weniger Neoliberalismus? Dafür mehr gemeinsame Sozialpolitik, Bildungspolitik, Umweltpolitik und Friedensinitiativen?

Das ist eigentlich das, worin der eigentliche Mehrwert des Brexit besteht - dass wir eine Antwort auf die Frage bekommen, ob es die EU in der derzeitigen Form braucht, und wenn nein, dann wie wir sie umgestalten müssten, damit wir mehr Nutzen von ihr haben. Zugegeben, dass das au Kosten von 64 Millionen britischer Staatsbürger herausgefunden wird, ist mehr als nur hart, aber deren demokratische Mehrheit wollte eben genau das herausfinden, und die Antwort ist ganz wesentlich für den Fortbestand und die anzustrebende künftige Entwicklung der EU.

          Der Schwedenplatz-Wettbewerb und die 6 Entwürfe   

Im Wettbewerb für die Neugestaltung des Schwedenplatzes wurde jetzt die Shortlist von 6 aus 60 eingereichten Gestaltungsentwürfen vorgestellt. Wie nicht anders zu erwarten, sind die Entwürfe irgendwo zwischen brav und pseudomodern angesiedelt und sagen mehr über die Vorstellungen von Architekten über urbane Plätze aus als darüber, wie sich solche Gestaltungen auf die Bewohner und Nutzer dieser Plätze auswirken.

Das lässt sich ehrlich gesagt auch nicht trennen. Meine Kommentare zu den sechs vorgestellten Entwürfen orientieren sich auch daran, welche Ansprüche und Vorstellungen ich von einem an diesem Ort möglicherweise funktionierenden Platz habe.

Meine Kriterien

Ähnlich wie der Karlsplatz ist der Schwedenplatz weniger ein Platz als eine Gegend; auch hier haben wir keine klassische umbaute Piazza, sondern eine nach einer Seite offene Straßenaufweitung. Auch hier befindet sich auf der offenen Platzseite eine mehrspurige Hauptverkehrsstraße mit entsprechender Lärm- und Abgasbelastung. Dazu kommt, dass der Wettbewerb nicht nur den eigentlichen Schwedenplatz, sondern den gesamten Bereich zwischen Marc-Aurel-Straße und Postgasse betrifft, also ein momentan klar in drei unterschiedliche Bereiche geteiltes Areal: Morzinplatz, Straßenbahn- und U-Bahn-Station Schwedenplatz und den Platz vor dem Hotel Capricorno. Ersterer ist ein weitgehend ungestalteter Grünbereich über einer Tiefgarage, zweiterer eine dem Verkehrslärm ausgesetzte Betonwüste und letzterer ein von dichtem Baumbestand umschlossener Grünbereich. Insgesamt ist das deutlich eher eine Gegend als ein Platz.

Mein eigener Ansatz für eine Planung wäre es, dieser Straßenaufweitung einen über die ganze Länge durchgehenden Platzcharakter zu geben. Dazu wären einige grundsätzliche Interventionen notwendig:

1. Zum einen müsste der Platz klar von der Hauptverkehrsstraße getrennt werden. Eine Umbauung ist natürlich weder möglich noch sinnvoll, aber eine durchgehbare Begrenzung durch Baumreihen (und zwar über die gesamte Länge des Platzes) würde schon die notwendige halbdurchlässige Sichtbarriere schaffen, um einen Piazza-Charakter zu erzeugen und Verkehrslärm und -abgase zu mildern.

2. Der Platz sollte weitgehend als offene Fläche gestaltet werden. Es sollte in einem urbanen Raum dieser Größe keine Randzonen geben, deren Nutzung sich deutlich vom Kernbereich unterscheidet. Während kleine, möglicherweise auch noch unübersichtliche Bereiche leicht von Randgruppen eingenommen und besetzt werden können - es reichen dafür mitunter schon 3 Personen, die möglicherweise als Bedrohung empfunden werden -, ist es bei einem durchgehend gestalteten Platz ohne Nischen nicht so einfach möglich, diesen in Beschlag zu nehmen. Außerdem bergen Nischen immer das Potenzial, bei Nacht zu Angsträumen zu werden; auch dies spricht für eine weitgehend offene Gestaltung.

3. Plätze sind Kommunikations- und Interaktionszonen; es ist also darauf zu achten, dass durch ein Nutzungskonzept und eine subtile Gliederung selbst bei einem großen Platz Bereiche für Kommunikation und andere Nutzungen vorgegeben werden, ohne dass einerseits der Platz zerteilt wird oder andererseits eine große leere Fläche entsteht.

4. Der Bereich der Straßenbahn-/U-Bahnstation präsentiert sich momentan als Betonwüste, die direkt dem gesamten Verkehrslärm samt Abgasen ausgesetzt ist. Laut Stadt Wien steigen täglich 150.000 Fahrgäste pro Tag am Schwedenplatz um, an die 10.000 verlassen hier eine Straßenbahn. Ganz wesentlich über den Erfolg eines umgebauten Schwedenplatzes wird also der Eindruck entscheiden, den die wartenden Straßenbahnfahrgäste vom Platz haben. Es wird also dringend nötig sein, die Straßenbahnstation ansprechender zu gestalten, sie besser vor Verkehrslärm und -abgasen zu schützen und auch den schon sehr in die Jahre gekommenen und stark verhüttelten U-Bahn-Abgang komplett zu erneuern.

5. Gerne vergessen wird bei Architekturentwürfen für den öffentlichen Raum, dass dieser öffentlich ist und nicht alle Nutzer den Platz wohlwollend nutzen. Es sollten also Materialien und Objekte verwendet werden, die keinen schnellen Alterungsprozessen unterworfen sind; es ist darauf zu achten, dass sich keine Bereiche als "offene Mistkübel" oder Urinierplätze anbieten; es ist die Taubenabwehr zu berücksichtigen, und es sollen keine Flächen geschaffen werden, die für Graffiti oder zum wilden Plakatieren genutzt werden können.

Aus diesen Grundsätzen nun meine Gedanken zu den sechs Wettbewerbsbeiträgen:

N.B.: Aus rechtlichen Gründen darf ich die Bilder von der Website schwedenplatz.wien.gv.at nicht hier einbetten; ich werde daher immer die Überschrift zum entsprechenden Bild- und Informationsmaterial verlinken.

Beitrag 1

Dieser Entwurf trennt den Bereich genz bewusst in vier separate Plätze, was die Möglichkeit untergräbt, dem gesamten Bereich eine Identität zu geben. Ob sich verweilende Personen der vorgesehenen Nutzung entsprechend verteilen werden, scheint wenig wahrscheinlich. Dass gerade die abgelegeneren Randzonen als Ruhe- und Rastzonen ausgeführt werden sollen, wird wohl dazu führen, dass diese vermehrt Randgruppen anziehen und somit Attraktivität verlieren werden. Der Platz vor dem Hotel Capricorno bleibt ein separarierter Fremdkörper.

Der Bereich an der Straßenbahnhaltestelle bleibt quasi unverändert; es ändert sich nichts an der Lärm- und Abgasbelastung für die wartenden Fahrgäste, wodurch nicht zu erwarten ist, dass diese den Platz positiver oder aufgewertet wahrnehmen.

Die beleuchteten "Sonnenschirme" sind eine nette Gestaltungsidee, aber es bleibt offen, ob die weißen Membranen auch nach 5-10 Jahren noch attraktiv aussehen werden.

Positiv fällt auf, dass zumindestens im westlichen Teil versucht wird, mit einer Baumreihe entlang der Straße und einem zentralen Platz in Verlängerung des Rabensteigs eine Art Platzgefühl zu schaffen; dass die Vegetationsflächen überhöht ausgeführt werden sollen, grenzt jedoch den Platz ein und schafft teilweise enge Korridore und Nischen, die dem Sicherheitsgefühl nicht förderlich sind.

Grundsätzlich ein gut gemeinter Versuch, eine Art Park an die Straßenbahnstation anzuhängen, aber als urbaner Platz finde ich das nur beschränkt bis gar nicht brauchbar.

Mein Fazit: 4/10

Beitrag 2

Dieser Entwurf beschränkt sich auf zwei Interventionen, ist dabei aber erstaunlich radikal: zwischen Hauptverkehrsstraße und Platz ist hier nämlich eine 2-3-reihige Baumallee vorgesehen, in deren Mitte die Straßenbahn fahren soll. Diese Allee zieht sich über die gesamte Länge und bildet bei der Straßenbahnstation sogar ein kleines Wäldchen, was - sobald die Bäume einmal groß genug sind - eine ganz deutliche Verbesserung der Aufenthaltsqualität bringen wird und auch ein sehr spannendes Platzgefühl erzeugen kann.

Als zentrales Element im Westteil wird eine Art große hügelige Stadtwiese vorgeschlagen; dies, und vor allem die etwas arbiträr wirkende Einbettung in den Stadtraum ist wiederum ein wenig merkwürdig, vor allem, weil das durch die Baumreihen ermöglichte "Piazza-Gefühl" wieder untergraben wird, indem statt der Piazza eine Art riesiges Blumenbeet mit Wiese den Platz füllt. Das kann funktionieren oder auch nicht, es kommt dabei darauf an, wie das genau gestaltet wird und welche Nutzungsvorschläge eingebaut werden. Positive Gestaltungsbeispiele, wie etwa die Promenade du Paillon in Nizza, gäbe es ja. Aber reine Liegewiesen in der Stadt können auch ziemlich schief gehen.

Mein Fazit: 7/10

Beitrag 3

Wer in diesem Architekturbüro hat beschlossen, eine Visualisierung in diesen Farben einzureichen? Dieses Bild löst in erster Linie Assoziationen von realsozialistischer Architektur aus den 1970er Jahren aus, und es ist anzunehmen, dass der Beitrag allein wegen des Bildes wohl wenig wohlwollend aufgenommen wird.

Die Idee des Platzes als "Stadtbühne" ist ja an sich nicht schlecht. Die Anhebung der westlichen Platzfläche ist eine brauchbare Idee, um zu erreichen, dass Fußwege nicht mehr durch ein klaustrophobes Gangsystem von überhöhten Pflanztrögen führen, was auch das Sicherheitsgefühl positiv beeinflussen kann. Es gibt keine Nischen und unübersichtliche Bereiche, die zu Angsträumen werden könnten. Der Platz ist "bespielbar", nur sollte dafür auch außerhalb der Christkindlmarktsaison ein anrainerfreundliches Nutzungsprogramm erstellt werden, denn sonst bleibt dieser Platz ein kahler, leerer Präsentierteller. Ob es ein erfolgreicher urbaner Platz wird, steht und fällt also mit der Bespielung.

Der Beitrag bietet allerdings keine Lösung für den Bereich der Straßenbahnstation, wo die Lärm- und Abgasbelastung für die wartenden Fahrgäste unverändert bleibt, und der Platz vor dem Hotel Capricorno wird zwar nach Westen hin geöffnet, ansonsten wirkt dieser Beitrag aber ein wenig unschlüssig, was er damit tun soll.

Mein Fazit: 6/10

Beitrag 4

Man mag das ein wenig brav und hausbacken finden, aber das ist der Entwurf, der mir am besten gefällt. Er erinnert mich auch an Platzlösungen, die ich in Frankreich gesehen und dort als sehr gut gelungen empfunden habe. Dies ist der einzige der sechs Beiträge, der den gesamten Bereich vom Figl-Hof bis zum Hotel Capricorno wirklich als Einheit begreift und durchgängig gestalten will, ohne ihn in einzelne Sektoren aufzuteilen. Trotz Querungen und Straßenbahn-/U-Bahn-Station wird hier ein schlüssiges gesamtheitliches Konzept geboten, ohne dass einer der Bereiche wie ein Fremdkörper wirken würde. Allein dadurch wird der Platz auch für eine fußläufige Durchquerung über die gesamte Länge attraktiv.

Sehr positiv ist der über die gesamte Länge gezogene Grünstreifen mit Baumreihe zur Straße hin, wo zwar mehr Bäume möglich wären, der aber trotzdem den Autoverkehr optisch und aktustisch etwas vom Platz verdrängt, was eine Grundvoraussetzung dafür ist, dass Personen hier verweilen wollen. Viele kleinere, punktuelle Grünbereiche auf der gesamten Platzfläche schaffen ein deutlich freundlicheres Grünkonzept als andere Vorschläge mit wenigeren, größeren Grünflächen.

Gut finde ich auch den in einen Grünrahmen eingebetteten Platz in Verlägerung des Rabensteigs, da hier eine ausgewogene Kombination aus urbanem Raum und Grünflächen entstehen könnte - es vereint Elemente von Platz und Park, wirkt dabei aber trotzdem urban. Das Schattendach als Mittelpunkt in diesem Platz schafft eine Analogie zur U-Bahn-Station im östlichen Bereich des Platzes; es entsteht im Westteil des Platzes ein gutes Gegengewicht zum Schwerpunkt im Ostteil, wodurch der gesamte Bereich weniger "einseitig" wirkt.

Bedenken habe ich primär beim "Gedenkort" am Morzinplatz. So gut ich es finde, dass dieser eingeplant und etwas separiert ist, so hat dieser Bereich bei Nacht wegen der engen Zugänge doch ein Angstraumpotenzial.

Mein Fazit: 8/10

Beitrag 5

Dieser Entwurf löst bei mir ungläubiges Staunen aus. Der Platz verschließt sich zur Bebauung hin, öffnet sich zur Straße hin, am Morzinplatz wird ein Erdhügel aufgeschüttet und eine Brückenkonstruktion spannt sich über die ganze Länge des Platzes und anschließend auch noch über den Kai.

Die Überführungen mögen einen barrierefreien Zugang zur Ruprechtskirche ermöglichen, sind aber ein architektonisches Stilmittel der autofreundlichen 1960er und 70er Jahre, zerteilen den Platz und schaffen potenzielle Angsträume, Urinierwände und Graffitiflächen (Brücken sind für Graffiti besonders beliebt, da wegen der erhöhten Lage besonders gut und von weitem sichtbar).

Der offensichtliche Versuch, den Straßenraum und den Aufenthaltsraum ineinander zu integrieren, schafft einen leeren, kahlen "Verweilraum", in dem wegen des zu erwartenden Lärms (viel glatte Beton/Asphaltfläche, keine Lärmdämmung hin zum Kai) niemand außer Obdachlosen verweilen wollen wird. Das funktioniert schon am Praterstern ganz ausgezeichnet, aber ich halte es nicht für zielführend, auch den Schwedenplatz auf diese Weise "attraktiv" zu machen.

Dem Beitrag fehlt die menschliche Dimension, er erzeugt keine Räume, die als angenehm empfunden werden oder emotionale Bindungen zum Ort schaffen. Stattdessen definieren die Brücken den städtischen Platz als Transitort. Statt nutzbarem Stadtraum bietet diese Lösung architektonischen Schnickschnack, der kurzfristig Eindruck schinden mag, aber keine Funktionalität für einen Platz im Sinne eines Kommunikations- und Interaktionsraumes hat.

Mein Fazit: 0/10

Beitrag 6

Dieser Entwurf versucht wie auch Entwurf 4 eine Art "Park-Intervention" mit verschiedenen parktypischen Nutzungen, verzichtet dabei aber auf den zentralen Platz in der Mitte, wodurch es eben mehr Park und weniger Platz wird und nicht so ganz als urbaner Raum wirkt; hier ist der Rückzugsfaktor stärker als der Interaktionsfaktor, und es gibt hier wiederum Nischen, aber ohne dass der Platz zerteilt würde; er wird schon in seiner Gesamtheit gesehen.

Positiv also auch hier das gesamtheitliche Konzept, die Nutzungsvorschläge, die Trennung des Platzes von der mehrspurigen Straße durch einen Grünstreifen mit Bäumen, wodurch der Straßenverkehr zumindest optisch, aber hoffentlich auch akustisch etwas vom Platz verdrängt wird. Positiv auch die Multifunktionalität, die an diesem Platz wichtig ist, da sich verschiedene Personengruppen nicht auf einzelne Sektoren aufteilen lassen werden.

Als problematisch erachte ich dafür die vorgesehene Fußgänger-/Radfahrerbrücke, da diese einerseits aufgrund der Rollstuhltauglichkeit eine extrem lange Rampe haben muss, die den Platz zerteilt und Angsträume schaffen kann, und andererseits die Pfeiler und seitlichen Brückenteile prädestiniert dafür sind, als Urinier- und Graffitifläche benutzt zu werden. Wie sich die Rampe zum Donaukanal hinunter mit rollstuhltauglichem Gefälle ausgehen soll, bleibt rätselhaft.

Die genaue Gestaltung der Straßenbahnstation bleibt unklar; hier scheint eine Art großes Dach vorgesehen zu sein, aber anscheinend keine Maßnahme, um die wartenden Straßenbahnfahrgäste besser vor dem Straßenlärm zu schützen; der Grünstreifen ist an dieser Stelle nämlich merkwürdigerweise unterbrochen. Immerhin sind hier Grünflächen in Form von Rasengleisen für die Straßenbahn vorgesehen.

Mein Fazit: 7/10


Meine Präferenz wäre also Beitrag 4 mit seinem ganz gut gelungenen Kompromiss aus Piazza und Park. Beitrag 6 finde ich okay, ist aber halt mehr Park als Piazza, was ich für so eine zentrale Lage in der Innenstadt nicht so gut finde. An Beitrag 2 imponiert mir die kompromisslose Baumallee, aber die Wiese mitten auf dem Platz ist irgendwie hochmerkwürdig und hat für mich keine echte urbane Funktionalität. Beitrag 3 ist zu kahl und steht oder fällt mit der Bespielung, Beitrag 1 und 5 mögen bitte nie ernsthaft in Erwägung gezogen werden.

Und jetzt?

Da die Rückmeldungen im derzeitigen Bürgerbeteiligungsverfahren nur eine "Grundlage für die Empfehlungen des Preisgerichts an die Wettbewerbsteilnehmenden für die Überarbeitung und Präzisierung der 2. Wettbewerbsstufe" bilden, ist davon auszugehen, dass keiner der Entwürfe in der vorliegenden Form umgesetzt werden wird. Und selbst das Gewinnerprojekt der nächsten Wettbewerbsstufe kann noch an der Ausführung scheitern - wir denken mit Grauen an andere Plätze in Wien, deren Entwürfe eigentlich eh irgendwie brauchbar waren, die dann aber so minderwertig gebaut wurden, dass das Ergebnis nur noch als Tragikum bezeichnet werden kann.

Es bleibt also spannend.

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          Kommentar zu Oh, Sigma DP1 Merrill! von Martin   
Ich gebe zu - ich hatte eine DP1 Merrill und eine DP3 Merrill und habe sie aufgrund der umständlichen RAW-Verarbeitung und des Fehlens eines Suchers wieder verkauft, denn mir ging es auf den Keks, bei jeder Aufnahme meine Lesebrille aufzusetzen. Inzwischen sind einige Monate vergangen. Inzwischen habe ich einige der Bilder von den Merrills vergrößern lassen - und denke: WAS HABE ICH GETAN!? So viele Details, so grandiose Farben - zudem hatte ich mich wieder auf das Fotografieren konzentriert...Stativ bewußt eingesetzt. Ja, die DP's sind umständlich. Dauernd wechselte ich die Batterien aus - manchmal kam ich mir vor wie in der Filmära - nur anstatt nach 36 Bildern die Filmpatrone auszuwechseln war es halt nun die Batterie. Na und? Ich hatte ja 4 oder 5 Ersatz dabei :). Was ich hier sagen will ist - ich vermisse meine Sigmas - beide. Die DP3 hat mir solche super Landschafts und Nahaufnahmen geliefert - das ist ihr Einsatzzweck. Für Mensch, Tier und Sport nutze ich halt dann eine DSLR. Ich werde mich also demnächst wieder an Sigma ranmachen. Evtl. die neue Sigma DP0 sobald sie sich preislich etwas eingependelt hat. Sigma DP ist etwas für Genießer - wer das begreift wird auch genießen. Ich habe es leider etwas spät begriffen....
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โดยสรุปแล้วคือบริษัทกำลังวางแผนเติบโตครับอาจดูแปลกๆหน่อยตามที่ไฮไลทไว้ไปเติบโตด้วยการลงทุนที่หลากหลายจนงงว่ากลยุทธ์คืออะไร จริงๆอยากเห็นโตด้วยเงินให้สินเชื่อตามสีเหลืองๆมากกว่า


รายได้จากสินเชื่อโตนิดหน่อย โตเยอะๆจากให้ผู้ถือหุ้นยืมดอกร้อยละ 17 ผู้สอบบัญชีเขียนไว้ในหมายเหตประกอบงบการเงินข้อ 9 ว่า กำไรจากส่วนนี้คิดเป็นร้อยละ 38 ของกำไรรวมในงบการเงินรวมสำหรับปี 2559 เลยทีเดียว แสดงว่าคนที่ถือหุ้นตัวนี้ต้องลุ้นครับว่า ลูกหนี้ก้อนนี้ต้องห้ามมีปัญหา

โดยรวมแล้วงบการเงินของ GL ก็โตด้วยวิธีไม่ธรรมดา สำหรับนักลงทุนที่ไม่ธรรมดาก็สามารถเลือกลงทุนได้ครับผม โชคดีครับ

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          Der wiener Stadtrand und die FPÖ   

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-12 um 13.11.30.png

Dieser Artikel ist eine Zusammenfassung meiner Facebook-Postigs zu dem Thema. Einzelne Postings wurden zusammenkopiert. Ich bitte um Entschuldigung, wenn der Text dadurch etwas weniger flüssig ist als gewohnt.

Nach den wiener Gemeinderatswahlen vom Oktober 2015 wage ich zu sagen, dass die FPÖ-Wähler in einem anderen Wien leben als alle anderen. Und das meine ich nicht mental, sondern geografisch. Die Stadtrandsiedlungen als blaue Hochburgen: Stadtrandbewohner ticken wohl anders als Städter, wollen oder können vielleicht gar nicht in einer Stadt leben - und gleichzeitig stellt sich natürlich die Frage, ob das nicht auch ein Zeichen ist, dass die Stadtplanung und Siedlungspolitik in Wien irgendwie versagt haben muss, wenn drei Viertel(!) der FPÖ-Wähler (und somit v.a. Stadtrandbewohner) finden, Wien sei keine lebenswerte Stadt.

Dabei sind diese Stadtrandgebiete gar keine Ghettos, aber es sind abgelegene Gebiete mit relativ homogener Bevölkerung ohne jegliche Urbanität, in der sich sowohl eine anti-städtische Stimmung bilden kann, und in der sich wegen der mangelnden Durchmischung (es kommt dort so gut wie niemand hin, der nicht dort wohnt) Ressentiments grundsätzlich leicht aufschaukeln.

Gerade am Stadtrand wohnen Menschen, die mit der Urbanitätspolitik von Rot-Grün überhaupt nichts am Hut haben, ja, diese Politik ist dort nicht einmal anwendbar. Und nein, da wohnen nicht nur Ungebildete und Geringverdiener, da gibt es massig Einfamilienhäuser mit Garten und Familienidylle. Und gerade diese Idylle will man sich nicht stören lassen.

Ich zweifle inzwischen sehr, ob es zwischen SPÖ und FPÖ wirklich nur um den vielzitierten "Kampf um den Gemendebau" geht. Ich glaube fast, dass es auch sehr um den Kampf um die Kleingarten- und Einfamilienhaussiedlungen geht. Auch Michael Hafner spricht in seinem durchwegs polemischen Beitrag zur wiener Wahl im Grunde genau den selben Punkt an:

Die blauen Hochburgen sind keinesfalls die klassischen Problemzonen, in denen man sich durchaus manchmal unwohl fühlen kann, nicht die Drogen-, Prostitutions oder Migrationsgebiete. [...] [FPÖ-Wähler sind] Menschen mit Familie, Haus, Job und Auto, die nicht bereit sind[,] ihren Mitmenschen und dem Rest der Welt offen gegenüberzustehen. Die neuen blauen Hochburgen sind Gegenden, die soziale Probleme eher vom Hörensagen kennen. (Quelle: der-karl.net)

Spannend sind in diesem Zusammenhang die beiden Wahlsprengel in der neu gebauten Seestadt Aspern, in denen die FPÖ 37% bzw. 44% der Stimmen gewonnen hat. In den im selben Zeitraum fertig gestellten und ähnlich strukturierten Neubaugebieten Sonnwendviertel und Nordbahnhofviertel, wo auch die Meiten ein ganz ähnliches Niveau haben, konnte die FPÖ in keinem Wahlsprengel mehr als 18% der Stimmen gewinnen. Ziehen zentrumsferne Stadtrandlagen also auch politisch anders eingestellte Menschen an?

Klar ist: Für Toleranz und weltoffene Politik braucht es eine Umgebung, in der man gefordert ist, tolerant zu sein. Lebt man unter seinesgleichen in einer abgelegenen Umgebung, ist man gegenüber allem, was von außen kommt, deutlich skeptischer eingestellt, sieht diese Umgebung viel leichter bedroht. Daher sind auch die ausländerfeindlichsten Gegenden meistens jene, in denen es kaum Ausländer gibt. Daher kann sich in Stadtrandlagen Intoleranz nicht nur leichter entwickeln, sondern diese Gebiete scheinen auch Menschen anzuziehen, die nicht bereit sind, sich mit den Konflikten, die im städtischen Bereich zahlreicher sind, und den "unschönen" Aspekten des Stadtlebens (Bettler, Obdachlose, etc.) auseinander zu setzen.

Es ist auch nachvollziehbar, dass die Umgestaltung der Mariahilfer Straße und der Bau der Wientalterrassen für Floridsdorfer eine völlig sinnlose Geldverschwendung darstellen. Beides ist für sie in etwa so relevant wie die Grazer Herrengasse oder die Murinsel. Und natürlich entsteht dann der Eindruck, dass den Grün-Bobos im Zentrum immer mehr Geld zugeschoben wird, während Floridsdorf immer mehr herunterkommt. Und so entsteht aus der räumlichen Distanz auch ein handfester sozialer Konflikt zwischen (gefühlt) arm und (gefühlt) reich, der sich in der isolierten Lage am Rand der Stadt umso stärker aufschaukeln kann, und den die FPÖ gezielt für sich nutzen kann.

Wenn Strache sagt, er hätte 30% der Wiener hinter sich, dann stimmt das jedenfalls nicht ganz; richtiger wäre es, zu sagen, er hat über 45% der Stadtrandbewohner hinter sich.

Was es als Antwort darauf braucht, ist eine eigene Politik für die besonders die Stadtrandgebiete. Als Minimum sollte eine Koordinationsstelle speziell für Agenden und Entwicklung der Flächenbezirke eingeführt werden; ein mögliches Gedankenexperiment wäre auch, ob auf die besonderen Bedürfnisse dieser Flächenbezirke besser und finanziell flexibler eingegangen werden könnte, wenn Floridsdorf und Donaustadt sowie Randlagen von Simmering und Favoriten eigene Gemeinden wären. Die Befugnisse der Bezirksvertretungen reichen jedenfalls nicht aus, um hier eine adäquate, dem Ort entsprechende Politik zu ermöglichen, die durch die Weitläufigkeit und geringe Dichte dieser Bezirk ganz besondere Herausforderungen stellt. Dass sich die Wähler in diesen Bezirken von der Stadt absentieren, hat jedenfalls sicher damit zu tun, dass die Stadt geographisch, emotional und auch politisch viel zu weit entfernt ist.

(PS. Klar gewinnt die FPÖ auch in urbanen Bezirken. Die bedrohte Idylle kann ja auch im städtischen Bereich liegen, auch wenn sie dort nicht so offensichtlich ist. Und natürlich steigt auch hier das Bedrohungspotenzial - vor Jobverlust, Mietensteigerungen, Kriminellen, Ausländern und Politikern, die einem Parkplätze wegnehmen.)

(PPS. Und dass der grundsätzliche politische Wandel vor allem darauf fußt, dass die Blödmaschinen-Politiker den Populisten und Extremisten Stimmen zutreiben, steht sowieso außer Frage. Das ist aber nicht das Thema dieses Artikels, dafür brauchen auch Seeßlen & Metz 700 Seiten.)

          The Job Crusher Mike Filsaime – Video   
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          3จุดดูว่าหุ้นมีปัญหาการเงินหรือไม่กรณีศึกษา CHOW EFORL IFEC   

การกู้ยืมเงินมาทำธุกิจถ้ากู้ยืมมาแต่พอดีและจัดการได้จะทำให้กำไรเติบโตและราคาหุ้นพุ่งกระฉูด ส่วนหุ้นที่มีปัญหาเรื่องหนี้สินราคาหุ้นจะไม่ค่อยไปไหน เพราะวันๆเจ้าของบริษัทไม่ต้องทำอะไร วิ่งหาเงินมาโป๊ะหนี้ทั้งระยะสั้นและระยาว ไม่เหลือสมองมาคิดเรื่องการเติบโตเอาวันนี้ให้รอดก่อน ถ้าไม่รอดคือล้มละลาย วิธีดูว่าบริษัทจะรอดหรือไม่ดูง่ายๆดังนี้ครับ

อัตราส่วนความอยู่รอด CHOW
ที่มา ตลาดหลักทรัพย์ สรุปสาระสทเทศบริษัทจดทะเบียน

อัตราส่วนความอยู่รอด EFORL
ที่มา ตลาดหลักทรัพย์ สรุปสาระสทเทศบริษัทจดทะเบียน

อัตราส่วนความอยู่รอด IFEC
ที่มา ตลาดหลักทรัพย์ สรุปสาระสทเทศบริษัทจดทะเบียน


  • สั้นสั้น : สินทรัพย์หมุนเวียน คู่กับ หนี้สินหมุนเวียน
  • ยาวยาว : สินทรัพย์ไม่หมุนเวียน คู่กับ หนี้สินไม่หมุนเวียน
โครงสร้างเงินทุนที่เหมาะสมต้องดูธุรกิจด้วยครับ ถ้าเป็นธุรกิจบริการที่สินทรัพย์ไม่หมุนเวียนเยอะๆ ส่วนใหญ่จะกู้ยาวเป็นหลัก สำหรับธุรกิจซื้อมาขายไปที่สินทรัพย์หมุนเวียนเยอะๆ ส่วนใหญ่หนี้สินก็จะเป็นหนี้สินหมุนเวียน

ถ้าใช้เงินผิดประเภทเช่นกู้สั้นมาลงยาวชีวิตก็เหนื่อยหน่อย กู้ยาวมาลงสั้นไม่เป็นไร


อัตราส่วนสภาพคล่อง สินทรัพย์หมุนต่อหนี้หมุนมากกว่า 1 ดีแสดงว่ามีสินทรัพย์ที่แปลงเป็นเงินสดใน 1 ปีมากกว่าหนี้ที่ต้องจ่ายใน 1 ปี

modify current ratio การตีความเหมือน อัตราส่วนสภาพคล่อง แต่เปลี่ยนจาก สินทรัพย์หมุนเป็น เงินสดดำเนินงาน มาจากความเชื่อว่าหนี้สินระยะสั้นควรจ่ายจากเงินสดดำเนินงาน ค่ามากกว่า 0.4 ชีวิตก็สดใสแล้ว แต่ถ้าค่าติดลบก็เหนือ่ยหน่อย

หนี้สั้นต่อหนี้รวม หนี้รวมจะคิดเฉพาะหนี้ที่มีดอกเบี้ย (เงินกู้เบิกเกินบัญชี + หนี้ระยะยาวที่ถึงกำหนดชำระใน 1 ปี + หนี้ระยะยาวสุทธิจากส่วนที่ถึงกำหนดชำระใน 1 ปี ) ถ้าบริษัทที่หนี้สั้นเกิน 30% ผู้บริหารจะต้องเก่งมากหมุนเงินกันหัวปั่น



ในงวด 9 เดือน 2559
อัตราส่วนสภาพคล่อง  0.63 ไม่ถึง 1 แสดงว่ามีสินทรัพย์หมุนน้อยกว่าหนี้หมุน
modify current ratio -0.15 แสดงว่ากระแสเงินสดดำเนินงานติดลบ เงินดำเนินงานไม่พอจ่ายหนี้สั้นต้องวิ่งหาเงิน
หนี้สั้นต่อหนี้รวม 0.74 หนี้ส่วนใหญ่เป็นหนี้สั้น แต่ธุรกิจที่กำลังก้าวไปคือโรงไฟฟ้า เป็นสินทรัพย์ระยะยาวน่าจะกู้ยาวจะเหมาะว่า


ในงวด 9 เดือน 2559
อัตราส่วนสภาพคล่อง  0.5 ไม่ถึง 1 แสดงว่ามีสินทรัพย์หมุนน้อยกว่าหนี้หมุน
modify current ratio -0.2 แสดงว่ากระแสเงินสดดำเนินงานติดลบ เงินดำเนินงานไม่พอจ่ายหนี้สั้นต้องวิ่งหาเงินหัวปั่น
หนี้สั้นต่อหนี้รวม 0.71 หนี้ส่วนใหญ่เป็นหนี้สั้น แต่ธุรกิจที่กำลังก้าวไปคือเครื่องมือแพทย์ วุฒิศักดิ์คลีนิค และเครื่องสำอางค์ภายใต้แบรนด์ snail 8

ฟังจาก opp day ผู้บริหารจะแก้ปัญหาโดยการนำ วุฒิศักดิ์คลีนิคเข้า ipo ในตลาดหลักทรัพย์เพื่อนำเงินมาลดหนี้ต่อไป สู้ๆคร้าบ


ในงวด 9 เดือน 2559
อัตราส่วนสภาพคล่อง  0.33 ไม่ถึง 1 แสดงว่ามีสินทรัพย์หมุนน้อยกว่าหนี้หมุน
modify current ratio -0.03 แสดงว่ากระแสเงินสดดำเนินงานติดลบ เงินดำเนินงานไม่พอจ่ายหนี้สั้นต้องวิ่งหาเงินหัวปั่น
หนี้สั้นต่อหนี้รวม 0.46 หนี้ส่วนใหญ่เป็นหนี้สั้น แต่ธุรกิจที่กำลังก้าวไปคือโรงไฟฟ้า เป็นสินทรัพย์ระยะยาวน่าจะกู้ยาวจะเหมาะว่า
ทั้งสามตัวมา pattern เดียวกันคือหนี้สั้นค่อนข้างเยอะ กระแสเงินสดดำเนินงานติดลบ และสินทรัพย์หมุนเวียนค่อนข้างน้อยเมื่อเทียบกับหนี้สินหมุนเวียน

ถ้าถามผู้บริหารก็จะบอกว่าอยู่ในช่วงลงทุน รอเก็บเกี่ยวแป้บ ส่วนคนมองงบการเงินก็ต้องเอาใจช่วยหน่อย


ภาพโดยรวมของหนี้สิน ดูจากอัตราส่วน DE ratio ครับ ถ้าหนี้เยอะๆเกิน 1.5 เท่า ก็เอาใจช่วยผู้บริหารหน่อย

DE ratio ของ set จะคำนวณจาก หนี้รวมทั้งหมด หารด้วย ทุนของบริษัท
ใน ตารางจะคำนวณจาก หนี้ที่มีดอกเบี้ย หารด้วย ทุนรวม (รวมส่วนได้เสียไม่มีอำจควบคุมด้วย) เพื่ออยากรู้ภาพรวมหนี้สินของทั้งกลุ่มธุรกิจ ค่าอาจไมเหมือนตลาด

จากตาราง DE ของ CHOW 6.42 EFORL 1.06 IFEC 1.67 ในภาพรวม DE ของ CHOW เยอะสุด มาเอาใจช่วยกันครับ


หนี้สินมากๆเราก็ไม่กลัวถ้ามีปัญญาจ่ายหนี้นะ ใน factsheet ของ set ไม่มีอัตราส่วนความสามารถในการจ่ายดอกเบี้ยโดยตรง ผมจึงดูจากอัตราส่วนระยะเวลาคืนหนี้ (payback period) คำนวณจาก หนี้ที่มีดอกเบี้ย หารด้วย กระแสเงินสดจากการดำเนินงานหลังหักดอกเบี้ย

จากตาราง payback period ของ CHOW -18.40 ปี  EFORL -5.64 ปี  IFEC -156.33 ปี ค่าติดลบแสดงว่าบริษัทไม่มีกระแสเงินสดจากการดำเนินงาน มาจ่ายเงินต้น มาเอาใจช่วยทั้ง 3 บริษัทกันครับ

จะเห็นว่าการวิเคราะห์เรื่องหนี้สินไม่ยากเลยครับ ใช้ตัวเลขจาก factsheet มองแป้บเดียว ก็รู้แล้วว่าบริษัทจะเหนือยในการหาเงินจ่ายหนี้หรือไม่ เจริญในการลงทุนทุกท่านครับ 

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          Comment on Dekada ng Pagbabago by coolturefashion   
this is a good book that turned into a great movie too! just like the bata bata pano ka ginawa. it wakes the Filipino spirit iinside of us. :)
          Haben die Grünen in Neubau wegen der Mariahilfer Straße Stimmen verloren?   

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-12 um 19.57.56.png

Nein. Viel schwerwiegender dürften das erstmalige Antreten der Neos und die steigenden Mietpreise im Bezirk sein.

Arithmetisch gesehen scheint es so auszusehen, als ob die 4,4% Stimmenverluste der Grünen vor allem zu den Neos gegangen sind, die die deutlichsten Zugewinne aller Parteien hat, nämlich über 8%.

In absoluten Zahlen haben die Grünen allerdings in Neubau keine Stimmen verloren, sondern 419 Stimmen dazu gewonnen; da allerdings über 2600 Stimmen mehr im Bezirk abgegeben wurde als bei der letzten Wahl, kommt in Prozentzahlen ein Minus heraus. Die grünen Stimmen wurden also gehalten, nur der Stimmanteil nicht. Die Neos haben hingegen von null über 1400 Stimmen erreicht.

SPÖ und FPÖ haben ebenso dazugewonnen, nämlich 537 bzw. 776 Stimmen. Wirklich Stimmen verloren hat nur die ÖVP (-281).

Hatte die Mariahilfer Straße eine Auswirkung auf den Verlust der Stimmanteile der Grünen? Wohl kaum, da die Gegner des Umbaus (ÖVP, FPÖ) nur 495 Stimmen dazugewonnen haben, die Befürworter (Grüne, SPÖ, Neos) hingegen 2366. Die Mariahilfer Straße scheidet als wahlentscheidende Ursache somit aus.

Die Ursache, warum die Grünen Stimmanteile verloren haben, lässt sich eher auf zwei Ursachen zurückführen: erstens dürften viele bürgerliche Liberale bisher zähneknirschend grün gewählt haben, weil ihnen die ÖVP einfach zu katholisch oder zu starr war; diese Wähler haben jetzt mit den Neos eine passendere Partei.

Zweitens findet aufgrund der stark steigenden Mieten und Wohnungspreise im 7. Bezirk ein (sehr langsamer) Bevölkerungswandel statt: traditionelle Grünwähler (Studenten und Kreative) können sich das Wohnen im Bezirk nicht mehr so einfach leisten wie früher. Die 1568 seit der letzten Wahl neu in den Bezirk zugezogenen Wahlberechtigten (immerhin 6%) sind mit Durchschnittsmieten zwischen €14 und €19/m² (ohne Betriebskosten und MWSt) konfrontiert; man kann bei diesen also eine gewisse Schichtzugehörigkeit, die möglicherweise nicht traditionelles Grünwählertum ist, konstatieren. Auffällig ist auf jeden Fall, dass gerade die jüngeren Bewohner des Bezirks heute deutlich mehr Geld zu haben scheinen als noch vor 10 Jahren, und auch die Geschäfte und Lokale durchwegs ein kaufkräftigeres Publikum ansprechen, also eher Neos- als Grünwähler.

Die Mariahilfer Straße als Faktor für Stimmenanteilsverluste scheint dagegen mehr als nebensächlich.

Das beweist auch der Blick ins angrenzende Mariahilf, das von der Fußgängerzone und Verkehrsumorganisation ja genauso betroffen war:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-13 um 12.59.51.png

Hier haben die Grünen nicht nur über 1200 Stimmen, sondern auch 3,7% an Stimmanteilen dazubekommen, was absolut nicht so wirkt, als wären die Mariahilfer mit der Haltung der Grünen in Bezug auf die Mariahilfer Straße unzufrieden. Auch die mit viel medialem Donner begleitete Umleitung des 13A durch die Windmühlgasse scheint keine bezirksweiten Auswirkungen gehabt zu haben.

Zählt man die Stimmen von Neubau und Mariahilf zusammen, so hatten die Parteien, die für die Umgestaltung der Mariahilfer Straße waren, zusammen 74% der Stimmen, die Gegner 26%. Bei der Wahl 2010 waren diese Stimmen im Verhältnis 71%:29% verteilt. Auch diese Entwicklung lässt darauf schließen, dass der Umbau der Mariahilfer Straße den Befürwortern nicht geschadet hat.

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F-Score คืออะไร

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          Eine Frage der Semantik   

In der aktuellen sogenannten "Flüchtlingsfrage" krankt es an einigem, und auch, wenn einige politische Kommentatoren finden, die jüngsten Wahlergebnisse wären auch ohne Massenmigration ähnlich ausgefallen, so ist neben dem Versagen der Politik in anderen Bereichen gerade bei dieser Problematik eine Mischung aus Ohnmacht, Ratlosigkeit und Scheingefechten zu erkennen, die ihresgleichen sucht.

Das beginnt bei so einfachen Dingen wie der Wahl des richtigen Wortes, um die Personen zu beschreiben, die derzeit in großer Zahl nach Europa einwandern. Es wird dabei das Wort "Flüchtlinge" verwendet, und das ist nicht nur das falsche Wort, es führt auch zu einer völlig falschen Politik. Das richtige Wort ist "Migranten".

Flüchtlinge sind Menschen, die ihre Heimat verlassen, weil dort die Sicherheit für Leib und Leben nicht mehr gewährleistet ist. Das Zielland ist für Flüchtlinge eigentlich sekundär, der Drang, das eigene Leben zu retten, bestimmt jede Handlung.

Migranten hingegen wollen nicht einfach nur raus aus ihrer Heimat, sondern sie haben auch schon ein bestimmtes anderes Land als Ziel. Auch wenn der Ausgangspunkt von Migration eine Flucht sein mag, ist Antrieb der Migration in erster Linie nicht die Rettung des eigenen Lebens, sondern die Verbesserung der Lebensumstände und die Suche nach einer in der Heimat nicht mehr vorhandenen Perspektive.

Ich betrachte den Begriff der Migration als wertneutral. Erstens ist Migration nichts grundsätzliche Schlechtes, die (Binnen-)Migration ist ja sogar als eines der Grundrechte der EU verankert, zweitens wird niemand ohne guten Grund seine Heimat verlassen wollen, und drittens wäre es ein merkwürdiger Ansatz, nur dann seine Heimat verlassen zu dürfen, wenn man dort um sein Leben fürchten muss.

Das Erkennen, ob es sich beim derzeitigen Menschenstrom um Flüchtlinge oder um Migranten handelt, ist aber dennoch wichtig, da es der Ausgangspunkt für die politischen Entscheidungen ist, die nun getroffen werden müssen. Und diese Entscheidungen sind grundfalsch, da - aus welchen Gründen auch immer - so getan wird, als handle es sich nicht um Migranten, sondern um Flüchtlinge.

Die endlose Debatte um die "faire Verteilung der Flüchtlinge in Europa" ist zum Beispiel nichts weiter als ein Scheingefecht, bei dem sich manche Politiker vielleicht zu profilieren versuchen, das aber an der Situation völlig vorbeigeht: Flüchtlinge würden sich natürlich problemlos auf ganz Europa aufteilen lassen, aber bei Migranten ist die Situation eine andere: selbst wenn Polen oder Litauen sich wider Erwarten nun doch bereit erklären, ein paar Tausend Migranten aufzunehmen, werden diese die diversen Aufnahmelager wohl spätestens am nächsten Tag wieder verlassen und sich auf den Weg in ihre eigentlichen Zielländer, nämlich Deutschland und Schweden machen. Flüchtlingspolitik ist keine Migrationspolitik. Darüber zu debattieren, welche Länder wie viele Personen aufnehmen sollen, ist sinnlos, so lange keiner der Migranten in diese Länder migrieren will. Dies besonders angesichts der Tatsache, dass der Flüchtlingsstrom so groß ist, dass diese Menschen ohnehin nicht aufgehalten werden können und somit der Großteil den Weg dorthin finden wird, wo er hin will.

Sprich: Die ganze Debatte, ob all diese Migranten aufgenommen werden können, ist hinfällig. Diese Menschen werden ganz einfach kommen, und die einzige Frage, die in diesem Zusammenhang dringend gestellt werden sollte, ist, wie man mit diesen Menschen umgeht, wie man sie integriert und wie man die durch die Zuwanderung entstehenden möglichen Konflikte möglichst früh ausräumt.

Das setzt freilich voraus, dass man anerkennt, dass die Migranten nicht nur eine temporäre Erscheinung sind, sondern dass sie im Land bleiben werden. Auch dies ist ein durch das Wort "Flüchtling" verursachter Fehlglaube: Flüchtlinge sind durchaus bereit, in ihre Heimat zurückzukehren, wenn dort die Sicherheit für Leib und Leben wieder gewährleistet ist und sie eine langfristige Perspektive für ein gesichertes Leben haben. Migranten haben ihre Heimat verlassen, weil sie davon ausgehen, dass diese Perspektive nicht mehr gegeben sein wird; sie haben mit dem Gedanken abgeschlossen, dorthin wieder zurückzukehren.

Die Politik in den EU-Ländern scheint hingegen immer noch von der Kurzfristigkeit des Problems auszugehen; davon zeugen auch abstruse Ideen wie "Asyl auf Zeit". Das mag Wunschdenken, Populismus oder völlig falsche Einschätzung der Sachlage sein, aber es ist zur Problemlösung ungeeignet.

Fakt ist: die Migranten, die jetzt da sind, werden bleiben, und es werden noch zigtausend weitere dazukommen. Statt das Problem kleinzureden und "Flüchtlingspolitik" zu machen, braucht es eine "Migrationspolitik", die sich den Herausforderungen stellt, die sich durch eine große Zahl von Zuwanderern aus einem fremden Kulturkreis zwingend ergeben werden. Das heißt, nicht über Abschiebungen, Flüchtlingskontingente und kurzfristige Unterkünfte zu sprechen, sondern über Deutschkurse, Schulplätze, Arbeits- und Ausbildungsplätze, gesellschaftliche Integration, eine Wohnungspolitik, die Ghettobildung verhindert, sowie eine Gesellschaftspolitik, die kulturelle Konflikte kurzfristig zumindest abfedert und langfristig verhindert.

Geschieht das nicht, und momentan werden so gut wie keine Schritte in diese Richtung gesetzt, dann gewinnen die politischen Populisten und Extremisten. Das ist das größte Versagen der Politik in der Migrationsproblematik: wie durch Nichterkennen oder Nichtwahrhabenwollen der Situation wesentliche Entscheidungen nicht getroffen werden, sodass Konflikte angeheizt statt abgebaut werden. Gibt man den Wählern nicht das Gefühl, dass die Gesellschaft in der Lage ist, mit den Zuwanderern auch in größerer Zahl umzugehen, dann kommt es zu Gewalt und Übergriffen, und es werden zuerst jene Politiker gewählt, die die Zuwanderer einfach nur abschieben oder aussperren wollen, und irgendwann wohl auch jene, in deren Gedankengut Grenzzäune, Minenfelder und vielleicht sogar Konzentrationslager denkbare Möglichkeiten sind. Wir sollten uns besser ersparen, herauszufinden, ob und wie solche Politiker dem demokratischen System insgesamt zugeneigt sind.

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          Es stinkt.   

Der französische Politiker Édouard Herriot soll gesagt haben: "Politik ist wie eine Andouilette - sie muss nach Scheiße riechen, aber nicht zu sehr." Er meinte damit wohl, dass es immer wieder notwendig ist, unpopuläre Maßnahmen zu setzen, um für alle etwas Positives zu erreichen - nur müsse man eben darauf achten, dass das Positive stets überwiegt.

Momentan bekommen wir gerade mit, wie sehr die europäische Einwanderungspolitik nach Scheiße riecht, und zwar viel zu sehr.

Genau genommen ist das, was Ungarn gerade macht, vom Gesetz her völlig in Ordnung. Genau genommen hat Ungarn europäische Abkommen gebrochen, als es Flüchtlinge einen Tag ausreisen ließ. Möglicherweise gab es dann einen Rüffel von irgendwo, aus Deutschland, aus einem anderen EU-Land, woher auch immer. Also: Grenzen wieder zu, Flüchtlinge in Ungarn registrieren, Asylverfahren ebendort abwickeln. Menschlich korrekt? Naja. Legistisch korrekt? Durchaus, auch wenn es stinkt.

Nur: wie registriert man tausende Flüchtlinge, die das nicht wollen? Deren Warten auf einen Zug mitten in Budapest mit jedem Flüchtling, der dazu kommt, zu einem stillen Protest wird, wo mit jedem weiteren dazukommenden Flüchtling die Stimmung jederzeit kippen kann?

Die kritische Masse von Flüchtlingen, bis zu der die von der EU vorgesehenen Asylverfahren abgewickelt werden können, ist in Ungarn längst überschritten. Die Politik, die stinkt, also Menschen, die weiter wollen, im Land hält, funktioniert nicht mehr. Also greift man zu Mitteln, die zu sehr stinken. Eines dieser Mittel war der plötzlich auftauchende Zug, der nach Sopron fahren sollte und in Bicske stehen blieb (laut ITV-Reporter James Mates [Video-Link] war übrigens nicht behauptet worden, der Zug fahre nach Deutschland, ein mieser Trick war es trotzdem); ein anderes, das wir vielleicht auch noch sehen werden, ist dann Gewaltanwendung. Ja, das stinkt ganz ordentlich nach Scheiße.

Die Situation stinkt auch deshalb so, weil Gesetze auf eine Situation angewendet werden, die für diese Situation nicht geeignet sind. Erstens, weil es eine viel größere Zahl von Flüchtlingen gibt, als dass die Dublin-Regelung noch angewandt werden könnte - wie sollen die Schengen-Grenzländer ernsthaft allein die Massen an Flüchtlingen, die momentan in die EU strömen, registrieren, geschweige denn die Asylverfahren durchführen? Zweitens, weil die aktuellen Flüchtlinge nicht einfach nur vor dem Krieg flüchten, sondern in ein bestimmtes Land wollen (meist Deutschland oder Schweden) - dadurch sind sie genau genommen eigentlich keine Flüchtlinge (das sind nur bis zum Überschreiten der Schengen-Grenze), sondern Migranten.

Die Gesetze gehen nämlich davon aus, dass jemand, der vor Krieg oder Verfolgung flüchtet, um Asyl ansucht, sobald er sich in einem sicheren Land befindet, aber berücksichtigen nicht, dass er in diesem Land möglicherweise nicht bleiben will und höhere Ansprüche als Schutz von Leib und Leben hat. Insofern gibt es keinen automatischen Anspruch auf Weiterreise nach dem Überschreiten der Schengen-Grenze, insofern erfüllt - und hier stinkt es wieder - Ungarn seine politische Pflicht.

Insofern hat - und das stinkt besonders - Viktor Orbán sogar recht, wenn er sagt, die Flüchtlinge seien ein "deutsches Problem", weil keiner der Flüchtlinge in Ungarn bleiben wolle, sondern fast alle nach Deutschland wollen. Das wiederum zieht die geforderten Flüchtlingsquoten für alle EU-Länder ins Absurde: Wenn sich gestern in Bicske Leute auf die Gleise werfen, schreien, in überhitzten Waggons ohne Essen sitzen bleiben, nur weil sie um jeden Preis nach Deutschland wollen, wie werden diese Menschen reagieren, wenn sie dank EU-Quote nach Estland, Polen oder Portugal geschickt werden? Wohl ziemlich genau so.

Die möglichen Lösungen für diese stinkende Misere sind alle einigermaßen problematisch:

Erstens, sich abschotten und einbunkern. Das endet vermutluch in Grenzzäune und irgendwann auch in Selbstschussanlagen, denn der Exodus aus den Krisenregionen hat gerade erst begonnen und wird vermutlich nicht mehr abreißen, wenn sich die Situation in den Krisenregionen nicht drastisch ändert. Die derzeitigen Flüchtlingsströme demonstrieren, wie relativ einfach es geworden ist, große Distanzen zu überwinden, und welch ein lukratives und risikoarmes Geschäft es geworden ist, Menschen in großen Mengen zu verschiffen. Das Geschäft hat gerade erst begonnen.

Zweitens, die Situation in den Krisenländern drastisch ändern. Das wird wohl nur über militärische Interventionen und anschließenden Wiederaufbauhilfen funktionieren. Allerdings ist die Lust der EU, sich mit kleingesparten Armeen in einen Guerillakrieg gegen radikale Gotteskrieger zu begeben, verständlicherweise gering, und den USA, die die Syrien-Kriese mit ausgelöst haben, ist nicht zuzutrauen, dass sie nicht ein ähnliches Chaos hinterlassen wie im Irak oder in Afghanistan. Zudem ist noch nicht gesagt, ob die Verlockungen des westlichen Kapitalismus nicht ohnehin stärker sind; man würde damit zwar den Flüchtlingen im Libanon und der Türkei die Rückkehr ermöglichen, aber Deutschland würde vermutlich nichts von seiner Attraktivität einbüßen.

Drittens, sich der Macht des Faktischen beugen, die Einwanderungsgesetze radikal ändern, und die Leute ins Land lassen. Es werden halt nicht wenige sein. Der deutsche Innenminister sprach vor kurzem von 800.000 zu erwartenden Migranten in diesem Jahr, eine Zahl, die aufgrund der weiterhin steigenden Flüchtlingszahlen bereits in Zweifel gezogen wird; im kommenden Jahr werden es vermutlich deutlich mehr sein. Die Frage, die oft gestellt wird, ob Deutschland einer Million Menschen und eventuell einer weiteren Millionen im nächsten Jahr eine Unterkunft anbieten kann, kann man zwar ziemlich sicher mit "ja" beantworten, wesentlich wichtiger scheint mir aber eine andere Frage zu sein: Kann Deutschland diesen Menschen auch entsprechend viele Arbeitsplätze geben?

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          Kommentar zu Randnotizen Zwanzig von Günter   
Interessantes Potpourri aus der Welt der Fotografie! Die Schraube locker hat den falschen Link hinterlegt, hier ist man wieder beim Kuss! BG Günter
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ความคุ้มหรือไม่คุ้มในทางเศรษฐศาสตร์มองว่า ทุกๆการตัดสินใจมีค่าเสียโอกาสเสมอ เพราะเมื่อคุณเลือกทางใดทางหนึ่งต้องยอมสละทางเลือกหนื่งไป (เพื่อความอินให้เปิดเพลง ได้อย่างเสียอย่าง - อัสนี ; วสันต์ โชติกุล ประกอบ)

ดังนั้นการตัดสินใจที่ดีที่สุดคือ เลือกทางที่ค่าเสียโอกาสต่ำสุดนั่นเอง

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  • ถ้าเลือกโครงการที่ 2 ได้ 30 ค่าเสียโอกาสคือ 0 
  • ถ้าเลือกโครงการทีี่ 3 ได้ 10 แต่เสียโอกาสได้ผลตอบแทน 30% จากทางเลือกที่ 2

ในทางการเงิน "ผลตอบแทนของทางเลือกที่เราไมได้เลือกนั่นเอง" หรือผลตอบแทนที่เราคาดหวัง มักจะเขียนตัวย่อว่า k หรือถ้าที่มาของเงินมาจากหลายแหล่งก็จะนำแต่ละแหล่งมาเฉลี่ยถ่วงน้ำหนักกันเป็น WACC

นั่นก็คือถ้าลงทุนแล้วได้ผลตอบแทนไม่คุ้ม k ก็จะไม่ลงทุนนั่นเอง

เข้าใจมูลค่าปัจจุบัน (Present Value)

จุดเริ่มต้นของความอยากรวยเริ่มจากสมการดอกเบี้ยทบต้นและย้อนมาการหามูลค่าปัจจุบัน ทำให้แตกลูกแตกหลานออกมาเป็นวิชาการลงทุน ถ้าเข้าใจเรื่องมูลค่าเงินตามเวลา ก็เหมือนการเข้าใจวิชาการเงินทั้งเล่มนั่นเอง

มูลค่าอนาคต (Future Value)

เริ่มจากการลงทุน สมมติเรามีเงินปัจจุบันเท่าากับ PV บาท เอาเงินไปลงทุนได้ผลตอบแทนทบต้นที่ i ถ้าให้มันทบไปเรื่อยๆเท่ากับ n ปีจะได้เงินอนาคต FV เท่ากับ

มูลค่าปัจจุบัน (Present Value)

คิดมุมกลับสมการนิดเดียวคือ ถ้าเราอยากได้เงินในอนาคตเท่ากับ FV โดยที่เราเอาเงินไปลงทุนได้ผลตอบแทนเท่ากับ i เป็นจำนวน n ปี วันนี้ PV ต้องใช้เงินไปลงทุนกี่บาท

PV  จะถูกประยุกต์ไปใช้เป็นสูตรเบื้องหลังในการประเมินมูลค่าหุ้นอีกที่

มูลค่าปัจจุบันสุทธิ Net Present Value และการกำหนดมูลค่าเหมาะสม

ในการตัดสินลงทุนจะตัดสินใจจากมูลจากปัจจุบันของกระแสเงินสดว่าเป็นบวกหรือลบ ถ้าบวกแสดงว่าโครงการที่ลงทุนให้ผลตอบแทนมากกว่าผลตอบแทนที่คาดหวัง ถ้าค่าเป็นลบแสดงว่าโครงการที่จะลงทุนให้ผลตอบแทนน้อยกว่าที่คาดหวังก็จะไม่ตัดสินใจลงทุน

เมื่อคิดจะลงทุนต้องรู้ 3 เรื่องนี้

เมื่อคิดจะลงทุนไม่ว่าโครงการอะไรก็ตามต้องรู้ 3 เรื่องนี้คือ


ลงทุนเสียกระแสเงินสดออกไปในวันนี้สิ่งที่ได้กลับมาคือกระแสเงินสดในอนาคต สำหรับการลงทุนในหุ้น สิ่งที่ได้มาคือเงินปันผล หลายคนก็มองว่าสิ่งที่ได้มาคือกระแสเงินสดอิสระ (free cash flow)

สำหรับการประเมินมูลค่าหุ้น สมมติให้สิ่งที่ได้มาคือเงินปันผล D ที่จ่ายทุกปี D1 D2 D3 ..... Dn ตามลำดับ


โลกนี้ไม่มีอะไรฟรีๆ ถ้าในธุรกิจสิ่ง