Ben Gretchko, Seaholm High School graduate, diagnosed with Autism, gave a speech at his commencement ceremony that is going viral joins Marie Osborne 6-30-17   
Joined by his parents Lisa and Steve in studio
          Respon Mia Ahmad Bila Gambarnya Di Conteng Oleh Wanita Kuat Cemburu   
GARA-GARA pelakon Mia Ahmad menjadi model iklan ayam goreng, sepasang suami-isteri dikatakan bergaduh sehingga insiden itu menjadi tular di laman sosial.

Image result for mia ahmad

Mia atau pemilik nama Samihah Ahmad Baderi, 29, memuat naik foto paparan skrip perbualan seorang isteri yang berasa cemburu apabila dia mempertikaikan tindakan suaminya menghantar gambar iklan Mia sedang menikmati ayam goreng Mc Donald's (McD).

Dalam salah satu foto yang dikongsikan pada Khamis itu, wanita tersebut telah menconteng wajah
Mia dan perbuatan itu mendorong netizen mencatatkan pelbagai reaksi di ruang komen foto tersebut.
Malah suami kepada Mia Ahmad, Izham Tarmizi turut menyatakan pandangannya.

Ia menjadi punca apabila suami wanita berkenaan berkata 'dapnyaaa syg' (sedapnya sayang) pada gambar Mia bersama ayam gorengnya namun si isteri membuat tafsiran adakah wanita berkenaan yang dimaksudkan sedap itu.

"Nampak benda ini di Facebook. Ia sudah menjadi viral. Kelakar! Saya gelak guling-guling walaupun cuba baca dua tiga kali baru faham sebab tak faham bahasa yang digunakan.

"Tak apa dik, kakak rela muka kena conteng. Jangan gaduh-gaduh dah ya?" tulis Mia.
Berikut adalah anntara mesej yang ditinggalkan netizen susulan gambar Mia diconteng wanita berkenaan:
@izhamtarmizi: Takpa nanti balik I conteng lagi banyak ya kak.
@miss.shera95: Hahaha lawak lah.
@adamhasri: Kesian kak Mia haih muka cantik cantik dia conteng pula adoi.
@miss.anyss: Saya pun gelak bila tengok.... Hahaha.
@noorfauziah8323: Pasal ayam McD pun nak kecoh-kecoh. Kesian Mia kita. Dia yang kena tempias... Sabar lah Mia...
@shahnjit: Hahaha... Memang kelakar habis. Pasal ini pun nak jealous. Tapi betul kata Mia, rela diconteng dari jadi sebab laki bini gaduh. Choi betul!

Wajah Mia diconteng kerana menjadi punca pergaduhan suami-isteri. Foto Instagram @mia.ahm4d. 

Ketika dihubungi mStar Online, Mia memberitahu dia menganggap perkara ini sekadar gurauan sahaja.

"Saya hanya mampu gelak saja apabila  baca paparan skrin yang viral dekat Facebook. Pada mulanya, saya tak berapa faham apa yang mereka cuba sampaikan. Tak sangka pula iklan itu boleh buat orang bergaduh. 

"Namun, saya tak tahu benda ini betul atau gurauan saja. Tapi kalau betul, hari raya ini janganlah gaduh-gaduh. Saya reda muka diconteng daripada jadi penyebab suami isteri bergaduh," kata Mia.

          Teen catches endangered shark with bare hands (VIDEO)   
Preview Whether it’s brave or stupid, we’re not sure, but this Washington teen pulled off the impressive feat of diving headfirst into the sea and catching a shark with his bare hands. The stunt hasn’t gone down well with everyone, though.
Read Full Article at
          NASA tells InfoWars: There are no ‘child slave colonies’ on Mars (VIDEO)   
Preview NASA has responded to bizarre claims that a colony of kidnapped child slaves exists on the planet Mars by asserting that there are “no humans” on the Red Planet.
Read Full Article at
          Out of this world: Cassini snaps rare photos of Saturn’s ‘hexagon’ storm (PHOTOS)   
Preview The lifespan of NASA’s Cassini is coming to an end, but in one of its final acts the space probe has captured images of an incredible vortex that experts believe has been raging on Saturn for centuries.
Read Full Article at
          Rome fountains run dry as heat wave sparks ‘exceptional’ drought across Italy   
Preview Rome’s traditional water fountains will be shut off for the first time in more than 140 years as a punishing heat wave continues to affect much of Italy.
Read Full Article at
          Macron’s presidential portrait proves less popular than picture of rival’s kebab   
Preview French president Emmanuel Macron’s official photograph has been overshadowed online by a greasy photo of a kebab and chips tweeted by his former rival Benoît Hamon.
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          Runaway portaloo: Public toilet goes flying as summer storms hit Moscow (VIDEO)    
Preview As storms and high winds disrupt the summer vibe in Moscow, some pedestrians have been forced into evasive action to avoid runaway portaloos in Red Square.
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          NYT retracts claim that ‘17 US intelligence agencies’ verified Russian DNC email hack   
Preview The New York Times has retracted its claim that all 17 US intelligence agencies agreed that Russia was behind the hack of Democratic emails in an effort to influence the 2016 election in favor of Republican candidate Donald Trump.
Read Full Article at
          Elon Musk teases ‘car pod’ in sneak-peak of LA subterranean highway work (VIDEO)   
Preview For a project only taking up ‘two or three percent’ of his time, updates on The Boring Company’s developing tunnel network have been filling up Elon Musk’s Twitter timeline of late.
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          Real-life GTA driver outwits police across two US states (VIDEOS)   
Preview News helicopters filmed a real-life ‘Grand Theft Auto-like’ car chase as police pursued the driver of a red pickup truck across two US states.
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          Monster storm batters Berlin: Cyclists persevere, surfers thrive (VIDEOS PHOTOS)   
Preview Berlin has been bashed by an extreme downpour which has left many of its streets flooded. Despite this major hurdle, people are still finding a way to travel around the German capital.
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          LSD ‘treasure hunters’ prompt police clampdown on Welsh village   
Preview The Welsh village of Carno, population 730, has found itself at the center of a drugs treasure hunt after a former detective revealed details of a potential stockpile of 40-year-old LSD.
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          Martian ‘Niagara Falls’ shows evidence of dormant, ancient lava flows on Red Planet (PHOTO)   
Preview The surface of Mars is largely a desolate wasteland where nothing grows and very little water flows. However, newly released NASA images give an insight into how lava once cascaded down Martian cliffs in a volcanic province of the Red Planet.
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          Archaeologists find ‘secret square’ within famous ancient stone circle (PHOTOS)   
Preview Archaeologists have uncovered a “secret square” hidden in the 5,000-year-old Avebury stone circle in England.
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          ‘No longer Waiting for Godot’: Musk’s new tunnel venture begins under LA (VIDEO)    
Preview Elon Musk’s plan to build a network of tunnels under major cities and eradicate traffic has gotten underway in Los Angeles, the SpaceX entrepreneur has announced.
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          Photoshop & phones: Macron’s official portrait making rounds for all the wrong reasons   
Preview Emmanuel Macron often makes headlines for political reasons, but the newest buzz surrounding the French president centers on his official portrait. Claims of Photoshopping and a pose which appears to copy Barack Obama are among the long list of criticisms.
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          ‘Looks like the Batmobile’: Has a Redditor discovered a UFO on Mars? (PHOTO, POLL)   
Preview A Reddit user claims to have discovered a UFO in an image from NASA’s Mars Rover Mission – well, either that or something a lot less exciting and a lot more reasonable.
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          Ancient ‘skull cult’ worshipped at world’s oldest temple, says study (PHOTOS)   
Preview Strange carvings found on human remains uncovered at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey suggest the ancient people who worshiped there belonged to a ‘skull cult.’
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          Daredevil earns online fame with jaw-dropping jumps from Brazil high-rise (VIDEO)    
Preview A Brazilian man has taken his passion for parachuting to extremes by carrying out a series of daring jumps from his high-rise apartment block in Ribeirão Preto, northwest of São Paulo.
Read Full Article at
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          [VIDEO] El hilarante WhatsApp de la Roja que se ríe de Pepe Rojas y el polémico Chapulín de Marea Roja   
Todo luego del triunfo ante Portugal. Cada vez que juega la Selección Chilena, los hinchas esperan ansiosos la viralización del hilarante WhatsApp de la Roja, en donde un usuario de Facebook juega con lo que sería una conversación de los jugadores. Esta vez, luego de vencer en penales a Portugal, los futbolistas conversaron en el […]
          Cómo el género televisivo del late show inventó el vídeo viral (antes de existir Youtube)   
Es uno de los formatos de televisión más exportados del mundo. Es el late show. El programa de entrevistas, humor y actuaciones musicales que inventó el comunicador Steve Allen en los años 50 y que revolucionó el cómico Johnny Carson, en sus tres décadas como maestro de ceremonias del icónico Tonight Show (de 1962 a 1992). La televisión abría [...]
          Schoolyard split melts hearts   
THE story of the two schoolyard sweethearts has melted hearts as photos of the moment they were forced to split went viral.
          Dos hombres se declaran amor en público en San Pedro Sula   

La Prensa

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Un hecho curioso se presentó hoy dentro de un centro comercial en San Pedro Sula, cuando una pareja se declaró amor en público con la tradicional escena romántica de proponer matrimonio.

Lo que ha causado sorpresa es que la pareja es de dos hombres, a lo que la ciudad no está acostumbrada.

La pareja de Henry Rodríguez y Klass Rodríguez al mostrarse en público.

El momento fue captado en video y, como se esperaba, se ha viralizado en las redes sociales provocando todo tipo de comentarios.

En las imágenes se observa a uno de ellos arrodillado ante el otro para pedirle matrimonio, aunque en este país no está legalizado el matrimonio entre el mismo sexo.

La misma pareja anunciaron su relación en la red social de Facebook donde cada de ellos se identifica como Henry Rodríguez quien es licenciado en educación y Klass Rodríguez, médico general.

          El enfado de uno de los bomberos que trabaja en Sierra Calderona que se ha hecho viral   
Uno de los bomberos que participa en la extinción del incendio de la Sierra Calderona ha hecho un...
          Las pecas están de moda en las redes sociales   
En Instagram, se han vuelto virales los hashtags "#freethefreckle" y "#fakefreckle".
          El preso más sexy se estrena en las pasarelas   
Cabe recordar que Meeks, casado y padre de tres niños, saltó a la fama el año 2014, cuando la foto de su detención se viralizó por su atractivo.
          Neke stvari nisu za šalu. Ovaj video je dokaz za to   
Dečko odluči da se surovo našali s vama i "prizna" vam da je imao aferu i da je sad ta druga devojka trudna. Šta biste uradili? Humoristični duo Viral Brothers koji je za kratko vreme postao pravi Jutjub hit obradovao je svoje fanove novim snimkom šale koja je nekim učesnicima bukvalno mogla doći glave.   […]
          This Is Almost As Crazy As That Viral NRA Video   
The NRA are worried about your freedom to have guns, but that isn't the only thing people are trying to take away from you.
          Man v shark - video of US man catching shark with bare hands goes viral   
Footage of a man catching a small shark with his bare hands has gone viral after it was posted to Instagram this week.The man, identified as Alex Winn, caught the shark after jumping into the water from a dock at Oyster Plank Park...
          „Mamynky“ útočí: Už jste viděli nejhloupější dotazy matek z Facebooku?   

          On IIPM "Shutting Down"   
Recently a friend pointed out that next month would be 10 years since I made a post titled "The Fraud that is IIPM" on my little-read blog. He asked if I planned to make a 10 year anniversary post of sorts. I said I'd think about it. And now comes the news that IIPM is shutting down their campuses.
When I met Rashmi Bansal (who owned JAM whose post I linked to) in Manhattan earlier this year, she mentioned the possibility of something like this happening. She said the relentless bad press is taking its toll and some campuses were being closed even then.
It is difficult to put into words the full range of emotions I feel hearing this news. But the foremost is that this "victory", if you call it that, belongs primarily to people like Rashmi Bansal, Maheshwar Peri, and Anant Nath. They actually WERE sued by that odious company and they fought the legal battle without choosing to take the easy way out. They paid a lot, monetarily and emotionally, to expose the fraud.
I really didn't do too much. I wrote a post linking to a JAM story by Arjun Ravi on a blog that was read by maybe 2-300 people. When IIPM sent me a standard email they sent to threaten all bloggers who wrote against them, I ridiculed it on my blog. And when IIPM sleazily tried to drag my then employer IBM into it, I quit my job.
The "IIM dude quits IBM" factoid made for a catchy headline and the news went viral. Mainly because IIM and IBM are such huge brands. But the development didn't really "harm" me in the way a cursory reading of the headlines might suggest. Yeah, I quit that job, but within hours, I had two dozen interview calls and a few job offers, all of them unsolicited. Let's be honest. I was (am?) a privileged upper caste English speaking male in India with a prime resume painted as some sort of a hero by the media and the blogosphere. I was bound to land on my feet. And I did, really fast.
Eventually, as Arindam said last year to Shivam Vij on a news show, they chose NOT to follow through on their threat to sue me. If they had, I most certainly would've fought the case. Some reputed lawyers had offered their services pro bono if it came to that. And even if I had to do it on my own, I would've. As my mom and wife will tell you, I am very stubborn. smile emoticon
But it didn't happen. So other than the few hours of mild uncertainty after resigning from IBM, I came out of the experience unscathed and more or less smelling of roses. And with this "giant slayer" reputation that has continued since, and which has always made me very uncomfortable.
I took up a well-paying part-time job with IMS at an office 5 minutes from where I lived, making it clear to them that I'd be leaving for a PhD soon. The PhD plan is something I had made way back in my MBA days (in fact my IIML yearbook even mentions it). The IIPM threat just made me advance it to 2006 instead of 2008 when I had originally scheduled it for.
I got into a great PhD program at Penn State, and moved to the US, starting a new chapter of my life. IIPM became just a thing that I'd get emails and text messages about whenever they were in the news because of their latest PR disaster. Yes, I still got an occasional email threatening a lawsuit or an arrest (the last was in 2010 i think), but I just ignored them all and nothing really materialized.
Meanwhile, Rashmi, Maheshwar, Anant, and many wronged and cheated students fought on. They were made to navigate the complex and sometimes corrupt labyrinth of the Indian judicial system, responding to complaints from remote locations like Silchar! They kept the battle going.
So this news today of IIPM essentially shutting shop is their win. They deserve the credit, the kudos, the accolades, and everything else. In 2015, I'm as much of a bystander as the rest of you.

          TS186:Jem,Vinaigrette, Females vs. Female Presidents, Gay Ireland​, Mad Max   
The "Jem and the Holograms" trailer was as terrible as Bryan's too long description on making the perfect hard boiled eggs. But "Mad Max:Fury Road" helped, so did making fun of a Dallas lady whose Facebook post about why women can't be president went viral and talking about Ireland possibly passing equal marriage by a landslide (or everyone chickening out at the last minute). Ohhh, hunty, she's a hot one! 
          TS93: Blue Jasmine, Putin's Anti-LGBT laws, Asian Girlz, Motown Philly   
Bryan barely pulls himself out of a "Blue Jasmine" haze to drive to Erin's for this week's Throwing Shade, wherein they chitty chat about Putin, Russia's archaic anti-LGBT legistlature, Day Above Ground's viral, racist, sexist opus, "Asian Girlz" and a very special phone call with Secretary of State Johnny Kerry. Enjoy this Throwing Shade with a nice chardonnay and a chevre.   See TSPOD live on our East Coast tour! Buy tickets here Subscribe and Rate on iTunes @gibblertron & @bryansafi #tspod Official Max Fun Page Facebook page RSS Feed
          Μπορούσαν απλά να αγόραζαν το club… Ο λογαριασμός που έκαναν Μέσι, Σουάρεζ και Φάμπρεγας! (pic)   
Η απόδειξη από αυτά που πήραν ανέβηκε στο διαδίκτυο και αμέσως έγινε viral. Λιονέλ Μέσι, Λουίς Σουάρες και Σεσκ Φάμπρεγας συνεχίζουν τις διακοπές με τις οικογένειές του και τα χρήματα δεν είναι πρόβλημα. Οι δύο νυν και ο ένας πρώην Blaugrana άνοιξαν 41 Don Perignon και θέλουμε να πιστεύουμε ότι θα άφησαν κάποιο tip στα […]
          Ένας μύθος καταρρίπτεται: Το διάσημο video με το ιγκουάνα και τα φίδια είναι ψεύτικο! (video)   
Σόκαρε όλο τον κόσμο πέρυσι και έγινε viral στο παγκόσμιο ίντερνετ αλλά όπως αποδείχθηκε δεν ήταν αληθινό όπως είχε αρχικά πλασαριστεί. Έγινε viral μόλις λίγα λεπτά αφού έκανε την εμφάνισή του στο ίντερνετ, κέρδισε το βραβείο Bafta στην κατηγορία «must see moment» και έγινε θέμα συζήτησης σε όλο τον κόσμο. Ο λόγος για το -κλασικό […]
          Ottawa Public Health warns of hepatitis A exposure at Toronto restaurant   
Ottawa Public Health is advising anyone who ate or drank at Toronto restaurant to be aware that they may have been exposed to the hepatitis A virus. Patrons of “O’Grady’s on Church” at 518 Church St. in Toronto between June 7-23, may have been exposed. The viral liver disease is transmitted through ingestion of contaminated […]
          La modelo y hermana gemela de la tenista Eugenie Bouchard se hace viral en Wimbledon   

          Comment on FEMINIST FRIDAY: ‘Birthright: A War Story’ Exposes War On Repro Rights, HP Pushes For Diversity by FEMINIST FRIDAY: The Factual Planned Parenthood Vid Going Viral & Tennis' "Battle Of The Sexes" - GirlTalkHQ   
[…] to another edition of our weekly Feminist Friday series, where we get to share our favorite videos of the moment. We also started this with the intent to […]
          हैकर्स ने इस लड़की के फोन को हैक करके इसके न्यूड फोटो कर दिये ऑनलाइन तब इसने जो कहा वो सुर्खियों में आ गया   

हैकर्स आने वाले समय के सबसे बड़े लुटेरे साबित होने वाले हैं ! ये बिना बंदूक चलाये ही लोगों को न केवल लूटने में सफल होंगे बल्कि बैठे-बिठाये ही उनका शोषण भी करने लगेंगे ! ऐसे मामले आये दिन प्रकाश में आते है ! हाल ही में ऐसा ही एक वाक्या इटली की डायलेटा लियोरा […]

The post हैकर्स ने इस लड़की के फोन को हैक करके इसके न्यूड फोटो कर दिये ऑनलाइन तब इसने जो कहा वो सुर्खियों में आ गया appeared first on .

          ये लड़की कुत्ते की तरह रहना पसंद करती है बॉयफ्रेंड के साथ घूमती है तो गले में बंधा रहता है पट्टा   

दुनिया रंग बिरंगी है ! ठीक वैसे ही लोग भी विचित्र मनोविज्ञान के होते हैं ! जिन्हें कोई भी ताउम्र समझ ही नहीं पाता ! बस उनके बारे में जानने के बाद लोग अपने दिमाग के पुर्जे को ठीक करने की कोशिश जरूर करते हैं ! ऐसा ही मामला हैरतनाक रूप से अमेरिका का सामने […]

The post ये लड़की कुत्ते की तरह रहना पसंद करती है बॉयफ्रेंड के साथ घूमती है तो गले में बंधा रहता है पट्टा appeared first on .

          Body positivity activist slams fat-shaming flight passenger in viral Facebook video   

You tell him, Natalie Hage!

By: Jamie-Jo Whelan

Continue reading...
          Campaña: Cristina habló con el panadero que le cantó una canción de amor   
Cristina compartió un video en el que habla, vía Skype, con un panadero.

Si bien la campaña electoral aún no comenzó oficialmente, en la práctica los precandidatos ya arrancaron hace rato. Cristina Fernández, siempre activa en las redes sociales, parece estar intentando renovar su imagen y este viernes (30/06) utilizó el mismo recurso que Mauricio Macri: filmó la charla que mantuvo, vía Skype, con un 'hombre corriente'.

La ex mandataria publicó un video en HD (alta definición) con la videollamada realizó con Gabriel Etcheverry, un panadero santiagueño que trascendió en las redes por su interpretación de "No hay nada más difícil que vivir sin ti", uno de los temas más populares de Marco Antonio Solís, dedicado a Cristina.

"Te vi, medio país me habló de vos", aseguró la ex Presidente desde el living de su departamento de Recoleta, al iniciar la videollamada.

"Veníamos creciendo y de pronto: ¡pump! Se cayó todo. Aumentó la harina, la luz, el gas. ¿Por qué pensás que te quiero tanto? Vos representás a todos. Vos sos la única que ha venido y le ha puesto un precio al aceite y nadie más lo puede remarcar", recordó el panadero, entre otras cosas.

El video concluye con una especie de reflexión de Cristina al finalizar la comunicación, y visiblemente emocionada dice:"¡Guau! Estas son las cosas que me manda él".

 Para Gabriel, que amasa facturas con amor y con fe, y para su familia, gracias de corazón.


El video del panadero que se viralizó en las redes:

Cabe recordar que hace dos semanas, Mauricio Macri había realizado algo similar: publicó en su cuenta oficial de Facebook un video en el que se lo ve hablando por teléfono con un hombre que le había enviado una carta planteándole la problemática de los precios por la inflación. En la charla telefónica, ambos dialogaron sobre el tema del consumo de los argentinos, y el Presidente instó a los “empresarios y gremios a que trabajen juntos para que las cosas se produzcan por menor valor”.


Enviar alerta como Síntesis
Siempre activa en las redes sociales, Cristina Fernández arrancó la campaña intentando renovar su imagen. Y para ello, emuló a Mauricio Macri y compartió en las redes sociales una videollamada que realizó con un panadero santiagueño, quien se hizo conocido por su interpretación de "No hay nada más difícil que vivir sin ti" dedicado a la ex presidente. Hace 2 semanas, Macri había pubicado un video en el que se lo veía hablando por teléfono con un hombre que le había mandado una carta.
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          CFK se mostró en una fábrica para remontar una campaña que comenzó complicada   
Cristina Fernández, en San Martín, un distrito que se plegó al randazzismo.

Cristina Fernández encabezó este jueves una visita a una fábrica de artículos de cuero, lo que se convirtió en su 1er acto de campaña tras la confirmación de su candidatura a senadora nacional, el sábado último.

Junto a su compañero de fórmula, Jorge Taiana, la exPresidente visitó la fábrica Cuero Flex, una cooperativa instalada en el municipio de San Martín y que desde el kirchnerismo describieron como "otra de las víctimas del tarifazo".

"Cuero Flex pagaba $50.000 de luz y ahora $500.000. Pagaba $18.000 de gas y ahora $170.000 por medidor", agregan en la cuenta oficial de Unidad Ciudadana, que comparte fotos y videos de la visita de Cristina. Además, aseguran que en los últimos meses la producción de la cooperativa cayó alrededor de un 30% y denuncian la situación con el hashtag #AsíNoSePuedeSeguir.

El lugar elegido no parece inocente: San Martín es el partido que gobierna Gabriel Katopodis que resistió la tentación de saltar a Unidad Ciudadana, el frente K, para quedarse con Florencio Randazzo. La difusión del recorrido de la exPresidente coincidía con el momento de la conferencia de prensa que el exministro brindaba en el centro porteño. Katopodis estaba allí.

Cristina se mostró acompañada además por Hernán Letcher, primer candidato a concejal por su espacio y director del CEPA, uno de los centros de estudios económicos referenciados en el kirchnerismo.

La exPresidente comienza a darle el perfil deseado a su proselitismo -con centralidad en ella y hablando de "los agredidos" del modelo macrista- luego de un comienzo que pareció complicar la campaña, si es que se trata de buscar los votos que faltan.

Las expresiones de Fernanda Vallejos, quien encabeza la lista de Diputados de Unidad Ciudadana, defendiendo a Amado Boudou y asegurando que los casos de corrupción "son un invento de los medios"; el piquete realizado en la 9 de julio por organizaciones identificadas con el kirchnerismo, con militantes capuchas y palos, neumáticos incendiados y una Hebe de Bonafini justificandolo; y el muy viralizado pero conceptualmente pobre episodio de la foto del supermercado La Ánonima marcaron un inicio de campaña poco proclive a cautivar a un electorado que vaya más allá de la base fiel de la exPresidente.

Enviar alerta como Síntesis
La exPresidente y su compañero de fórmula, Jorge Taiana, recorrieron una fábrica de artículos de cuero en el partido de San Martín. La exPresidente comienza a darle el perfil deseado a su proselitismo luego de un comienzo que pareció complicar la campaña si se trata de buscar los votos que faltan.
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CFK se mostró en una fábrica para remontar una campaña que comenzó complicada
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          One of these women is 41-years-old - but can YOU guess which?   

THESE sisters look young - but they are all over the age of thirty. In fact, one is 41. Lure, FayFay and Sharon Hsu are fooling the internet with their youthful looks. Can you guess how old they are?
          WATCH: Bikini babe serves instant karma after she is the victim of a prank in viral video   

A VIRAL video has caused a buzz online after a bikini babe was captured serving justice on a man that pranked her.
          La visita de Paula a la tumba de su papá Martín Elías   

En la grabación se ve a la pequeña Paula Elena, ‘la Purri’, visitando por primera vez la tumba de su padre Martín Elías.

La escena también muestra que, en varios momentos, la niña posa porque algunas personas que están en el cementerio se acercan y piden una foto con la pequeña, mientras ella permanece sobre la tumba del cantante.

La visita se registró este mes y comenzó a circular en redes sociales, donde no solo se viralizó esta semana, sino que ha generado todo tipo de comentarios, a favor y en contra de la ida de la niña a la tumba Martín Elías.

La visita de Paula a la tumba de su papá Martín... por diomedesdiaz
          OFW diagnosed with chikungunya upon arrival in Taiwan   
An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) contracted chikungunya upon arrival in Taiwan last week, the country's officials said on Wednesday. According to Taiwan News, which cited CNA,the Filipina returned to the Philippines last June 8 and flew back to Taiwan on the 23rd while suffering from the viral disease. Health workers screened her at the Taoyuan International Airport, whereshe was tested positive for the mosquito-borne virus. This marks the first case in Tainan municipality and the sixth in Taiwan this year, the report said. Chikungunya, a benign version of dengue, includes symptoms such asfever, rashes and joint pains. Last year, around 400 cases of chikungunya were detected in...

Keep on reading: OFW diagnosed with chikungunya upon arrival in Taiwan
          This Workout Video Of Deepika Padukone Flaunting Her Toned Bod Is Giving Us Major Fitness Goals   

She is stunning and gorgeous, no doubt. Bollywood loves her and fans just can’t get enough of her. Deepika Padukone is ruling B-town and there is not a soul who doesn’t love this dusky beauty.  With every film, she keeps getting better and now she is gearing up to entertain us in a royal avatar.

The post This Workout Video Of Deepika Padukone Flaunting Her Toned Bod Is Giving Us Major Fitness Goals appeared first on FreakyViral.

          Jagga Jasoos Movie Trailer   

Finally, the much-awaited trailer of Anurag Basu’s film ‘Jagga Jasoos’ is out, but the important question is was it worth all the wait? The makers previously gave us a sneak-peak into the world of Jagga, which left us confused and hanging on an edge to know more about this Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif starrer

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          Mata a su novio intentando crear un video viral para YouTube   
Monalisa Pérez ha sido acusada de matar a su novio, Pedro Ruiz, de un disparo. Ambos intentaban crear un video viral para YouTube.
          Kony 2012 Campaign Catches Eyes Of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga   

Campaign aims to bring African militia leader Joseph Kony to justice for war crimes and for enlisting children as soldiers.
By Gil Kaufman

<P>A campaign to stop the nearly 30-year, brutal rule of African militia leader Joseph Kony became a viral sensation this week. <a href="" target="_blank">"Kony 2012,"</a> started by the group Invisible Children, aims to make Kony's face so famous that authorities will finally be able to arrest him and try him for his crimes. </P><P> </P><P>A 30-minute <a href="" target="_blank">documentary</a> released on Monday is one of the keys to the campaign, and as of Thursday it had gotten more than 26 million views. The video details the atrocities carried out by Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army. The campaign appears to be working, as at one point on Wednesday, Invisible Children and #stopkony were trending higher on Twitter than Peyton Manning or the new iPad. </P><P> </P><P>Since 1987, human rights officials say Kony has forcefully abducted more than 60,000 children to be soldiers in his army and reportedly raped, mutilated and killed civilians in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan and displaced more than 2 million people. The leader is wanted for committing atrocities by the International Criminal Court and is being hunted down by 100 U.S. Special Forces advisers and local troops in four Central African nations, according to the <a href=""><I>Associated Press.</I></a> </P><P> </P><P>Kony 2012 is an effort to capture Kony and disarm the LRA before a reported window of opportunity closes. One way it plans to do that is by encouraging users to directly message a variety of stars to make use of their Twitter ubiquity to get the word out. Among those listed on the site are: Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Jay-Z, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Ryan Seacrest and Ellen DeGeneres, along with a number of major policymakers. </P><P> </P><P>When users click on the celebs' photos, a tweet pops up that reads: Help us end #LRA violence. Visit to find out why and how. @timtebow Join us for #KONY2012. </P><P> </P><P><a href="">Get More on Invisible Children at</a></p>

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          Facebook User Hopes To Return Wedding Ring Found At U2 Show   
A U2 concert-goer who apparently lost their wedding ring at Gillette Stadium still hasn’t found what they’re looking for. But a Facebook user is hoping to change that with a now-viral post.
          RBI Deputy Governor Acharya welcomes GST as important structural reform   
"It is a very important structural reform for the economy to make us a nationalised market with ease of transactions across states...I think it is the kind of structural reform we should welcome," RBI Deputy Governor Viral Acharya said.
          Farmville 2 Ultimate Hacks   

Firstly for all the cheats always do this first,

Change the Scan Type to "String/Text"

Scan "Coins" and change the value to "Farm Bucks"
Then, New Scan "Farm Bucks" and change all the value to "Coins"

This is to avoid the game from crashing when you buy the cash items.

All scans will be "String/Text"

Note: Download the entire cheat file from the link above if you have problems Copying the text here.
1. Open FV2 & CE

2. Buy 'Scrubby Shrub' (cost 25 coins) from decoration section in market and put into your farm as much as you want.Put it on the ground.

3. Now scan in CE "e_deco_shrub_round" and change it to "e_viral_quiltscrap"

4. Now put those 'Concrete Sundial' inside your inventory. then wait 1 or 2 minutes....then refresh farm
1. Open FV2 & CE

2. Buy 'Scrubby Shrub' (cost 25 coins) from decoration section in market and put into your farm as much as you want.Put it on the ground.

3. Now scan in CE "e_deco_shrub_round" and change it to "e_viral_barbedwire"

4. Now put those 'Concrete Sundial' inside your inventory. then wait 1 or 2 minutes....then refresh farm
1. Open FV2 & CE

2. Buy 'Scrubby Shrub' (cost 25 coins) from decoration section in market and put into your farm as much as you want.Put it on the ground.

3. Now scan in CE "e_deco_shrub_round" and change it to "e_viral_canningjar"

4. Now put those 'Concrete Sundial' inside your inventory. then wait 1 or 2 minutes....then refresh farm

1. Open FV2 & CE

2. Buy 'Scrubby Shrub' (cost 25 coins) from decoration section in market and put into your farm as much as you want.Put it on the ground.

3. Now scan in CE "e_deco_shrub_round" and change it to "e_viral_geargrease"

4. Now put those 'Concrete Sundial' inside your inventory. then wait 1 or 2 minutes....then refresh farm


1. Open FV2 & CE

2. Buy 'Concrete Sundial' (cost 25000 coins) from decoration section in market and put into your farm as much as you want.Put it on the ground.

3. Now scan in CE "e_deco_sundial_stone" and change it to "e_viral_milkingstool"

4. Now put those 'Concrete Sundial' inside your inventory. then wait 1 or 2 minutes....then refresh farm


1. Open FV2 & CE

2. Buy 'Red Backyard Umbrella' (cost 4000 coins) from decoration section in market and put into your farm as much as you want.Put it on the ground.

3. Now scan in CE "e_deco_bbq_umbrella_red" and change it to "e_viral_enchantedcarrot"

4. Now put those 'Country lamppost' inside your inventory. then wait 1 or 2 minutes....then refresh farm

1. Open FV2 & CE

2. scan "coins" and change to "farm bucks" then again new scan "farm bucks" and change to "coins" (value type = text/string)

3. Buy 'Goat Topiary' (its now free) from decoration section in market and put into your farm as much as you want.Put it on the ground.

4. Now scan in CE "e_deco_topiary_goat" and change it to "e_viral_chickenwire"

5. Now put those 'Goat Topiary' inside your inventory. then wait 1 or 2 minutes....then refresh farm

Propane Tank 
1. Open FV2 & CE

2. scan "coins" and change to "farm bucks" then again new scan "farm bucks" and change to "coins" (value type = text/string)

3. Buy 'Goat Topiary' (its now free) from decoration section in market and put into your farm as much as you want.Put it on the ground.

4. Now scan in CE "e_deco_topiary_goat" and change it to "e_viral_propanetank"

5. Now put those 'Goat Topiary' inside your inventory. then wait 1 or 2 minutes....then refresh farm

1. Open FV2 & CE

2. scan "coins" and change to "farm bucks" then again new scan "farm bucks" and change to "coins" (value type = text/string)

3. Buy 'Goat Topiary' (its now free) from decoration section in market and put into your farm as much as you want.Put it on the ground.

4. Now scan in CE "e_deco_topiary_goat" and change it to "e_viral_rhinestones"

5. Now put those 'Goat Topiary' inside your inventory. then wait 1 or 2 minutes....then refresh farm

1. Open FV2 & CE

2. scan "coins" and change to "farm bucks" then again new scan "farm bucks" and change to "coins" (value type = text/string)

3. Buy 'Stone/Rock arch' (its now free) from decoration section in market and put into your farm as much as you want.Put it on the ground.

4. Now scan in CE "e_deco_arch_rock" and change it to "e_viral_flypaper"

5. Now put those 'Stone/Rock arch' inside your inventory. then wait 1 or 2 minutes....then refresh farm

1. Open FV2 & CE

2. scan "coins" and change to "farm bucks" then again new scan "farm bucks" and change to "coins" (value type = text/string)

3. Buy 'Stone/Rock arch' (its now free) from decoration section in market and put into your farm as much as you want.Put it on the ground.

4. Now scan in CE "e_deco_arch_rock" and change it to "e_viral_bandanas"

5. Now put those 'Stone/Rock arch' inside your inventory. then wait 1 or 2 minutes....then refresh farm


1.Open FV2 & CE

2. buy "noble land harvEstate" (ranchhouse) then put on your farm

3. scan with CE "e_deco_ranchhouse" and change "e_viral_pitchfork"

4. and enter the "noble land harvEstate" (ranchhouse) into iventory.

5. wait a few moments, then reload your FV2

6. open your fv2 then check iNventory


1.Open FV2 & CE
2. buy "stone gate" (rock arch) then put on your farm
3. scan with CE "e_deco_arch_rock" and change "e_viral_chainsaw"
4. and enter the "stone gate" (rock arch) into iventory.
5. wait a few moments, then reload your FV2
6. open your fv2 then check inventory


1. Open FV2 & CE

2. Buy 'Red Adirondack' (red chair , cost 900 coins) from decoration section in market and put into your farm as much as you want.Put it on the ground.

3. Now scan in CE "e_deco_bbq_chair_adirondack" and change it to "e_resource_feed_bag_pack_25"

4. Now put those 'Red Adirondack' inside your inventory. then wait 1 or 2 minutes....then refresh farm

          Se desmayó tras romper una joya de 44 mil dólares en China   
La mujer se estaba probando una costosa pulsera cuando la dañó. El hecho quedó registrado en una grabación realizada con un celular y que se volvió viral.
          NiggaLinks (#391)   
Links pra quem caça minhocas no esgoto: Ah, é só um ventinho… Links do Ocioso A bala mais mortífera do mundo Casal compra poltrona por 21 dólares e tem surpresa Homem cachorro viraliza na web A quadra de basquete mais legal do mundo Pessoas que se arrependeram das tatuagens Imagens Atores da saga Harry Potter hoje […]
          Comment on Davido Hints At Sponsoring Kid Who Sang His Song by Davido Builds House For The Six-Year-old Boy Who Sang His 'IF'   
[…] in May, a video went viral of a young lad who was sang Davido’s hit track “IF”, despite being from an impoverished […]
          Zillow Backs Off Threat to Sue McMansion Hell   

Zillow will stop its legal dogging of N.C.-bred Kate Morgan, founder of the viral architecture blog McMansion Hell, and Morgan is back online.

Artist/sound designer Morgan, of Southern Pines and UNC-Greensboro, received a cease-and-desist letter early this week from the $8 billion Seattle corporation for using pictures derived from Zillow. She shut down her shoestring, highly popular site, but not for long.

During a phone interview Thursday from Baltimore, she said her site is back up, but she also said she's backing off the use of Zillow pictures.

"I don't need them," Morgan said.…
          Bernas denies announcing new prices for rice   
Sabah Bernas gets directive from Bernas managing director to sue the individual responsible for the viral message on social media.
          सपना पकड़ी गई रेड में | ये सच है या झूठ जानिए खुद सपना की जुबानी || Today Trending Virul S   

Sapna Chaudhary caught in raid Know the whole truth. सपना चौधरी पकड़ी गई रेड में || जानिए पूरी सच्चाई उन्ही.
Sapna Chaudhary caught in red Know the whole truth. सपना चौधरी पकड़ी गई रेड में || जानिए पूरी सच्चाई उन्ही.
रेड में पकड़ी गई डांसर सपना!, फोटो हुए VIRAL, खुद सामने आ बताई सच्चाई Sapna Chaudhary caught.

Autor: avatarRaymondErnest96604186
Tags: Latest New Top Jugni Hindi Song Video Sapna Dance Video Haryanvi Dance Video sapna
gepostet: 01 Juli 2017

          सपना पकड़ी गई रेड में | ये सच है या झूठ जानिए खुद सपना की जुबानी || Today Trending Virul S   

Sapna Chaudhary caught in raid Know the whole truth. सपना चौधरी पकड़ी गई रेड में || जानिए पूरी सच्चाई उन्ही.
Sapna Chaudhary caught in red Know the whole truth. सपना चौधरी पकड़ी गई रेड में || जानिए पूरी सच्चाई उन्ही.
रेड में पकड़ी गई डांसर सपना!, फोटो हुए VIRAL, खुद सामने आ बताई सच्चाई Sapna Chaudhary caught.

Autor: avatarRaymondErnest96604186
Tags: Latest New Top Jugni Hindi Song Video Sapna Dance Video Haryanvi Dance Video sapna
gepostet: 01 Juli 2017

          Giant Rat Invasion?!   
The Doctors discuss a viral photo posted by a pest exterminator who recently caught a 16 and 19-inch rat on the job. Is this telling of a new giant rat invasion?
          El enfado de uno de los bomberos que trabaja en Sierra Calderona que se ha hecho viral   
Uno de los bomberos que participa en la extinción del incendio de la Sierra Calderona ha hecho un...
          Israeli Toddler Goes Viral With Mad Football Skills   
          Oblomov - of de kunst om zo succesvol mogelijk een leven te verkwisten   
Nooit geweten hoe intrigerend een boek kan zijn waarin de hoofdpersoon pas rond bladzijde 150 uit zijn bed komt!
De afgelopen weken was ik volledig in de ban van het beroemde meesterwerk van Ivan Gontjarov genaamd Oblomov.
Het was een boek dat me vooral de laatste hoofdstukken als een magneet naar huis riep. Dat was me al een tijdlang niet meer overkomen...dat je op een terrasje zit met vrienden of juist hard aan het werk bent en er een verlangen van binnen roept: 'Oblomov wacht thuis'. Of 'Wil je niet liever naar huis gaan om in Oblomov verder te lezen?'
De ware kracht van een goed boek!
Na het lezen van Oblomov realiseerde ik me wederom een aantal zaken:

1) Ik houd ontzettend veel van boeken. De verwachting van de geweldige leeservaring dat elk net gekocht boek teweeg brengt. En de vreugde wanneer dat zo blijkt te zijn.
Maar tevens houd ik van het boek als object, de zogenaamde esthetische waarde. Mijn gevulde boekenkast is het meest dierbare meubelstuk in mijn huis.
2) Er is geen betere manier om te tijd- en landreizen dan door het lezen van een boek. Ongemerkt verkeerde ik me toen ik Oblomov las in het Rusland van 1858. Door de bril van een al lang overleden schrijver keek ik naar de wereld van toen. Heel gewoon reisde ik me samen met Oblomov middels een rijtuig. Stak ik 's avonds kaarsen aan om te kunnen lezen. Hield ik mijn voeten op de pof om ze warm te houden. Ik stond er niet bij stil dat ik me verplaatste naar een wereld zonder auto's of elektriciteit, ik was er en het was normaal om er te zijn. Welk ander medium kan dat bewerkstelligen?
3) Een goed boek zorgt voor reflectie. Terwijl ik Oblomov las identificeerde ik me; Soms met Oblomov zelf en soms met Olga. Ik bewonderde Olga, wenste dat ik meer op haar leek. Dacht met een schok terug naar mijn eigen jongere versie die veel meer Olga in zich had dan mijn huidige ik.

Om het boek in een paar zinnen samen te vatten: Oblomov is een goedzak die het ontzettend moeilijk vindt om onder druk te leven. De gedachte alleen al om aan verplichtingen te moeten voldoen verlamt hem volledig. We kennen allemaal dat gevoel wel; Momenten in ons leven wanneer het ons een beetje boven het hoofd groeit. Dan kan soms iets onbeduidend kleins de druppel zijn. Een onverwachte financiële tegenvaller bijvoorbeeld. Of iets wat kapot valt.
En ook wij kennen het gevoel dat we ons dan het liefst terugtrekken. Even een paar uur langer in bed blijven. Of een weekendje homen. En soms blijven we maanden in een impasse, door een groot verlies of een naargeestige gemoedstoestand. We koesteren net als Oblomov de gedachte aan een jarenlange winterslaap om de nare tijd te overbruggen.
Maar uiteindelijk zetten we ons erover heen en nemen de hordes weer.
 Oblomov kampt echter altijd met dit probleem. Alles verlamt, alles is strijd en de makkelijkste manier om hiermee om te gaan is door het volledig te vermijden.
   Door het boek heen ontmoeten we vrienden en vijanden van Oblomov.
Zijn jeugdvriend Stolz, een virale optimistische man die erg veel van Oblomov houdt en het niet kan aanzien dat Oblomov zo vol succes zijn leven verkwist. Hij blijft moeite doen om hem te prikkelen  en af en toe lukt dat.
 Olga weet Oblomov een geruime tijd wakker te schudden. Hij is verliefd! Liefde ontwaakt! Maar hoe moet dat wanneer je ineens je schulden moet afbetalen en een huwelijk moet gaan regelen? Om plots niet enkel je bed en huis te verlaten maar ook te moeten reizen en onderhandelen?
  Er kruisen tevens een aantal vijanden Oblomov's pad. Zij maken op een slinkse manier gebruik van zijn onvermogen en luiheid en troggelen hem zijn geld af, bijna tot de bedelstaf aan toe.
Af en toe wilde ik het boek instappen om Oblomov een verschrikkelijke trap onder zijn kont te geven. De frustratie groeide!
De laatste hoofdstukken ontstond er echter een triest gevoel van begrip.
  Oblomov is een avontuur om te lezen. En ja, kennelijk kan een boek waarin de hoofdpersoon vooral veel ligt, droomt en mijmert ontzettend spannend om te lezen zijn.
Oblomov is een liefdesroman, maar bovenal is Oblomov een waarschuwing om het leven te vieren!

We leren van Oblomov hoe we met veel succes een volledig leven kunnen verkwisten. Hoe de tijd kan vervliegen als een vingerknip zonder dat er iets belangrijks de gemoederen beroert.
We leren hoe we alle uitdagingen uit de weg kunnen gaan en hoe op deze manier jaren in een oogwenk kunnen vervliegen. We leren dat liefde veel barrières kan doorbreken, maar niet allen.
En we leren hoe zwaar het kan zijn om te leven met beperkingen of fobieën, maar dat zelfs een verkwist leven waarde heeft.
Het is een schrale troost voor degenen onder ons die het door de verlammende werking van angst niet lukt om te reizen, lief te hebben of carrière te maken. Het is wellicht een verzachting voor degenen onder ons die lijden aan het Oblomovisme. En voor de mensen die het wél lukt om het Oblomoviaanse karakter in onszelf te bevechten gloort er hoop aan de horizon!
Het vooruitzicht op slechte én gelukkiger ervaringen, het vooruitzicht van een leven ten volle geleefd!

 “When you don't know what you're living for, you don't care how you live from one day to the next. You're happy the day has passed and the night has come, and in your sleep you bury the tedious question of what you lived for that day and what you're going to live for tomorrow.”
Ivan Goncharov, Oblomov

TIP: google niet teveel over Oblomov voor je het boek leest, je krijgt de spoilers om de oren geworpen en het is veel fijner om het door het boek zelf te ervaren!


          Morning News Call - India, June 30   

To access the newsletter, click on the link: If you would like to receive this newsletter via email, please register at: FACTORS TO WATCH 9:15 am: CDSL Listing ceremony in Mumbai. 11:00 am: Central Bank of India annual shareholders meet in Mumbai. 11:00 am: Singapore Airlines event in Mumbai. 2:30 pm: SpiceJet to launch its first SpiceStyle Store in Gurgaon. 3:30 pm: Earth Sciences Minister Harshvardhan at an event in New Delhi. 3:30 pm: Hindustan Unilever annual shareholders meet in Mumbai. 5:00 pm: India government to release May infrastructure output data in NewDelhi. 5:00 pm: RBI to release weekly foreign exchange data in Mumbai. 6:00 pm: Earth Sciences Minister Harsh Vardhan, World Bank Team at an eventin New Delhi. 6:30 pm: RBI Deputy Governor Viral Acharya, Banks Board Bureau ChairmanVinod Rai at an event in Mumbai. LIVECHAT - WEEKAHEAD Reuters EMEA markets editor Mike Dolan discusses the upcoming week's mainmarket inflection points at 3:30 pm IST. To join the conversation, click on thelink: INDIA TOP NEWS • Fast forward; GST set to transform face of Indian logistics industry India's greatest tax reform - replacing an array of provincial duties with anationwide goods and services tax - is transforming the logistics industry in acountry where moving stuff around is notoriously difficult to do, executivessay. • IndiGo eyes Air India stake in possible privatisation India's biggest airline, IndiGo, has expressed unsolicited interest inbuying a stake in state-owned Air India, the junior aviation minister said onThursday, a day after the cabinet approved plans to privatise the carrier. • Eris Lifesciences edges lower after $264 million IPO Indian drug maker Eris Lifesciences Ltd's shares swung between gains andlosses in a tepid market debut on Thursday, after raising $263.8 million in aninitial public offering. • Coal India betting big on renewables, says minister Coal India Ltd, the world's largest miner of the dirty fuel, will generate 1gigawatt of renewable electricity this year as part of its plan to produce asmuch as 10 GW clean power in total, a federal minister said on Thursday. • India could raise import taxes on crude, refined veg oils- governmentsource India is likely to raise import duty on refined and crude vegetable oils,like palm and soyoil, as local oilseed prices slumped below the governmentsupport levels, a government official told Reuters on Thursday. • Mutual funds managers need to improve due diligence: SEBI Indian mutual funds need to improve their due diligence before investing incorporate bonds and not rely only on credit ratings given rising concerns aboutpotential defaults, the chairman of the country's capital markets regulator saidon Thursday. • CRISIL Ratings buys 8.9 percent stake in rival CARE for $68 million CRISIL Ltd, majority owned by S&P Global Inc, bought a 8.9 percent stake inrival CARE Ratings for 4.36 billion rupees $67.55 million, expanding into thecountry's ratings business at a time of surging corporate bond issuance. GLOBAL TOP NEWS • China factory growth fastest in 3 months as new orders, output rise China's manufacturing sector expanded at the quickest pace in three monthsin June, buoyed by strong production and new orders, reassuring news forauthorities trying strike a balance between deleveraging and keeping the economyon an even keel. • Trump administration reverses policy on fiancés as travel ban takes effect U.S. President Donald Trump's administration reversed a decision late onThursday as its revised travel ban took effect and said fiancés would beconsidered close family members and therefore allowed to travel to the UnitedStates. • Their fortunes enmeshed, Trump and Putin to hold first meeting next week U.S. President Donald Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putinnext week at a summit in Germany that brings two world leaders whose politicalfortunes have become intertwined face-to-face for the first time. LOCAL MARKETS OUTLOOK (As reported by NewsRise) • The SGX Nifty Futures were at 9,504.50, little changed from its previousclose. • The Indian rupee will likely fall against the dollar on expectations localshares will follow regional peers lower, as bond yields harden in developednations amid bets interest rates are headed higher in the U.S. and Europe. • Indian government bonds are likely to edge higher today as some banks mayboost debt purchases on the last day of the fiscal first quarter. However, freshsupply of bonds and higher U.S. yields may lead to selling by some investors.The yield on the benchmark 6.79 percent bond maturing in 2027 is likely to tradein a 6.49 percent-6.54 percent band today. GLOBAL MARKETS • Wall Street fell sharply on Thursday, with the S&P 500 and the Dowindustrials suffering their worst daily percentage drops in about six weeks, asa recent decline in technology shares deepened and outweighed strength in bankshares. • Japan's Nikkei share average stumbled to two-week lows morning afterinvestors turned risk-averse as major central banks signalled that the era ofcheap money was coming to an end, which hurt both U.S. and European marketsovernight. • The dollar languished near a nine-month low against a basket ofcurrencies, bogged down by growing expectations of more hawkish monetarypolicies in Europe and Canada and doubts about another U.S. interest rateincrease this year. • Benchmark U.S. Treasury yields rose to six-week highs on Thursday on thelikelihood that central banks in Europe will become less accommodative, beforebonds pared price losses as stocks declined. • Crude oil futures were on track for their biggest weekly gain sincemid-May, ending five weeks of losses with prices underpinned by a decline inU.S. output. • Gold prices steadied, supported by an easing dollar and falling equitieseven as comments from global central banks suggested monetary tightening inEurope and Canada. CLOSE FII INVESTMENTS EQUITIES DEBT PNDF spot 64.56/64.59 June 29 -$176.48 mln $145.75 mln 10-yr bond yield 6.87 Month-to-date $498.85 mln $4.55 bln Year-to-date $8.48 bln $17.99 bln For additional data: India govt bond market volumes Stock market reports Non-deliverable forwards data Corporate debt stories [IN CORPD] Local market closing/intraday levels [IN SNAPSHOT] Monthly inflows [INFLOWS RTRS TABLE IN] ($1 = 64.63 Indian rupees) (Compiled by Benny Thomas in Bengaluru)

          ¿Con quién vive Pedrito Sola?   

Pedro Sola ha vuelto a acaparar menciones en todas las redes sociales.

El día de ayer, en un video en vivo de la la cuenta de Facebook del programa Ventaneando, Sola recibió varias preguntas de los usuarios. Primero le cuestionaron con quién vivía y dijo: “Pues no sé, señorita chismosa, vivo solo, solitito”.

Sin embargo, minutos después otra persona indagó al periodista sobre el mismo tema y cambió su respuesta revelando que, “Vivo con mi pareja, hace 17 años”.

Las palabras de Pedro se hicieron virales por lo que se volvió tendencia en Twitter.

El comentarista pocas veces habla del tema de su homosexualidad.

           This Is Almost As Crazy As That Viral NRA Video    
This Is Almost As Crazy As That Viral NRA Video

This Is Almost As Crazy As That Viral... 0:00
The NRA are worried about your freedom to have guns, but that isn't the only thing people are trying to take away from you.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
Keywords: NRA National Rifle Association Corn Corncob Spokesperson Video Freedom Carry Permit Guns Rifles Mass Shootings MSM Mainstream Media Hollywood Media Celebrities
Views: 29,167

           Kenya : premier pays africain à bénéficier du nouveau médicament contre le SIDA    
Le Kenya est le premier pays africain à commencer à utiliser un nouveau médicament générique
contre le SIDA – un médicament susceptible d’améliorer et de prolonger la vie des personnes qui souffrent d’effets secondaires graves et de résistance à d’autres traitements, rapporte l’agence de presse Reuters.
Dolutegravir (DTG), qui a été approuvé pour la première fois aux États-Unis en 2013, est administré à 20 000 patients au Kenya avant d’être lancé cette année au Nigeria et en Ouganda avec le soutien de l’initiative mondiale pour la santé de l’ONUSIDA.
Une patiente kenyane, Doughtiest Ogutu, qui a commencé à prendre le médicament au début de cette année en raison de la résistance à d’autres traitements, affirme qu’elle a retrouvé son appétit et se sent beaucoup mieux.
« J’avais constamment des cauchemars et pas d’appétit. Mon appétit est revenu… Mon corps réagit bien au médicament ». Mademoiselle Ogutu, qui vit avec le VIH depuis près de 15 ans, a déclaré que sa charge virale – la quantité de VIH dans son sang – a chuté de 450 000 à 40 000 depuis qu’elle a commencé à prendre le Dolutegravir.
ONUSIDA effectue des démarches pour mettre rapidement ce médicament sur le marché et pour réduire les coûts de fabrication en permettant aux entreprises génériques d’accéder aux brevets d’une petite redevance et de les produire à bon marché pour les pays en développement.

Selon le Programme national de lutte contre le SIDA et les MST, environ 1,5 million de Kenyans sont séropositifs, avec plus des deux tiers sous traitement.

          Kisah Sebenarnya Dibalik Foto TNI Shalat ‘Menghadap’ Foto Yesus, Viral di Facebook   

DABORIBO.COM – Kisah Sebenarnya Dibalik Foto TNI Shalat ‘Menghadap’ Foto Yesus, Viral di Facebook Belum lama ini netizen di Facebook tengah dihebohkan

The post Kisah Sebenarnya Dibalik Foto TNI Shalat ‘Menghadap’ Foto Yesus, Viral di Facebook appeared first on

          Comment on Peanut Kids Camp (7-9 years old) by JessikaX   
I must say you have high quality posts here. Your content can go viral. You need initial traffic only. How to get massive traffic? Search for; Murgrabia's tools go viral
          Ebrace Life Seat Belt Campaign in the UK   
I really liked this reminder to buckle up and thought I'd share it with you.

This is the new "wear your seatbelt" ad the UK is doing - started by a guy not hired to do it, but because the cause is important to him, he came
up with this idea, and now it's being hailed across the world as a
beautiful commercial. ...And now the video has gone "viral" - [which means,
has become so popular with the general public that people are forwarding it
to friends/family on the...
          Random Thursday Morning Thoughts   

  • Breaking: Within the hour, Trump once again showed he is mentally unstable by insulting the married co-hosts of a daytime morning talk show.  Yes, this comes from the President of the United States of America. This is not normal. This is stuff that a mean, spoiled 14 year old with no filter would say: 

  • If you want to know what "He just set the Internet on fire" means, go to any social media site right now.  (And it's good to see Melania's anti cyber-bullying initiative is going very well.)
  • Edit: Even Fox News called the comments "shocking":
  • Every website of every Texas appellate court has been down for over 24 hours. The official word is a "power outage." It should be noted there was an epidemic of world wide hacking incidents this week via ransomware. Hmmmm. 
  • A young couple decides to shoot a youtube video in hopes of it going viral. The plan: Have her fire a gun at him while he is holding a heavy book which will stop the bullet. The result: The bullet goes through the book and he dies. The gal, 19 and pregnant, tweeted this before the incident: 
  • This was floating around yesterday: Chicago Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts and Sen. Ted Cruz finally posed for a picture together. That's freaky. 
  • Stay with me here. I guy in Texas gets thrown in the Brownsville PD jail. A detention officer then says he was assaulted in the jail by the guy. Guy gets charged with Assault on a Public Servant.  Guy says he didn't do it but agrees to plead guilty to get probation. The guy then screws up the probation by not going to drug rehab and is sentenced to prison. Four years into his sentence it is discovered that the "incident" was videotaped by police, the video was not turned over when the case was pending, and the video shows the guy did not commit any assault. The police had lied and suppressed evidence.  He is released. He then actually gets Texas' highest criminal court to declare him "actually innocent" -- something which is next to impossible to do. He then files a civil rights lawsuit against Brownsville and wins $2.3 million. This week, the ridiculous Fifth Circuit overturned the verdict. Why? Since the guy originally pled guilty that kills his claim. If you are confused, welcome to the club. 
  •  Who was the judge who authored the opinion? The guy below who is semi-retired. Before being appointed as judge, he was in private practice for almost thirty years working on "estates, trusts, and taxation." Yes, this is the guy who can make decisions that concern the complicated and often corrupt world that is the criminal justice system.
  • Newspaper lede: "Waller County district Judge Albert McCraig on Wednesday dismissed a perjury charge filed against Trooper Brian Encinia in connection with the death of Sandra Bland." Actually, the prosecutor asked the charges be dismissed. I don't know why. 
  • Yesterday it was announced that there were no drugs or alcohol at the party or in the system of Jordan Edwards -- the teenager who was murdered by a Balch Springs officer as the kid was a passenger in a car that was driving away. Question: What difference does it make? 
  • Shoutout to the WBAP crew for having the Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy on this morning and then, once he was off the phone, joking that the paper only had one reader. Specifically, it was Brian Estridge.
  • And Another (Michigan). It might just be a court update. 
  • This is amazing. The White House gives a daily list of the news they think you should read. Thank you, comrade.
  • I haven't read the story, but what must your musical accomplishments be in order to officially be referred to as a "rapper"?: 

          Women Fighting the Good Fight... the Bolshevik-Tards, Here They Come   
Late night big ole yowls,dearest and summer-dancing KitKats ... so, most of the news-info below is from a week or so past ... time flies way too fast, and this Big Cat just can't keep up at all.






June 27, 2017

Stunning 1967 Dissertation Warns Infiltration of Rothschild Luciferians in US Government 2

Between 1967 and 1968 Myron Fagan recorded three LP records: The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations.  The dissertations document the activities of the house of Rothschild were  produced byAnthony J. Hilder – an American activist, author, film maker, talk show host, broadcaster and former actor.
This stunning recording from 1967 speaks to the very problems we face today, including Fake News, government corruption, the Corrupt United Nations and infiltration of a Luciferian Rothschild cult who may have gained irreversible control of the US government.





"Stop liberal violence!" Journalist screams

A conservative journalist interrupted the Trump assassination play in Central Park, N.Y., on Friday, only two days after the politically-motivated shooting of Republican lawmakers.
Laura Loomer of Rebel Media was arrested after rushing the stage, yelling that the production promoted violence against President Trump and his supporters.
The play, which is sponsored by Time Warner and the New York Times, features a Trump-lookalike who is violently assassinated in the same manner as Julius Caesar.



Breaking: Whistleblower Says Deep State in Control of State Department : Ongoing Child-Trafficking Cover-Up at St. Dept.

Did you know that at the State Department they have an exorbitantly paid employee, of Middle East background, who is in charge of the sex-trafficking brochures for the State Department? Did you know that same person refuses to cover this issue as domestic issue? This plays right into the hands of the Deep State cover-up of their child-sex-trafficking practices at the highest levels of government? This is tantamount to overtly supporting and covering up child-sex-trafficking and the State Department is the willing accomplice. Did you also know that the State Department has 3 men, led by Deep State minion and close Obama ally, Larry Palmer, who controls all information coming in and out of the State Department and they control the FOIA’s for the State Department as well.
State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski, has been unduly harassed and has had her life threatened for trying to expose traitors and overt practices of treason and sedition by State Department employees who are aligned with the Deep State motives and objectives. The following is an interview I conducted with Monika followed by objective, hard proof of the claims made by this whistleblower.
Unlike a lot of sources,this interview names the names of the guilty.

Monika “Begs” for Protection and Nobody From the State Department Will Help

Monika has begged for protection from the death threats, violent attacks and constant harassment. As recently as last Tuesday, June 13, 2017, Monika took the issue to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s aides. As of the date of this publication, she has not heard back on this critical issue. I want to put the State Department on notice, you do not wait 5 days to investigate these kinds of allegations when someone’s life is in danger. This is an example of intentional/unintentional depraved indifference to the safety of of State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski (see the email communications at the bottom of the page).
Previously, on The Common Sense Show,  I documented, with pictures, government vehicles that have stalked and harassed Monika. The Fairfax, VA. police have told Monika that it is not safer to go home and they cannot protect her.
More recently, Monika has had animals poisoned to death. She, herself, has had to be treated for poisoning, some of which was uranium related. When I recently tried to interview Monika by Skype, ourcommunications were blocked for hours. Simultaneously, our cell phone communications were blocked as well. Here home has been invaded when she is not home. She was boxed in by two Muslim men, at the carwash, and stayed near until she called the police. This woman is the Deep State posterchild for political and personal harassment. In the following emails, please note the reference to CHILD-SEX-TRAFFICKING. I further want it to be known that Liz Crokin discovered a connection between the Virginia Shooter baseball practice shooter and child-sex-trafficking and that the primary shooting victim, Rep. Scalise had just sponsored a child-sex-trafficking bill eight days prior to being shot. This is no coincidence, the Deep State strikes again.
Monika has backed out of previous interviews because she is in fear of her life. I have convinced her that if you are going to be on the list, you better be on top of the list. Because I know the fate of Breitbart and Hastings, I have shared this information with other journalistic outlets who are going to cover this case and we are going to turn up the heat significantly.
I want to remind everyone, that in several earlier publications, I have tapped into two unnamed sources, one from the FBI and one from the State Department and was told that there is a Deep State purge underway. Monika confirms the assertion as her office is “like a morgue, people have either left or people have cleared out their desks and are awaiting their departure”.

Crickets Chirping

After numerous instances of being harassed and attacked, she reached out to Secretary Tillerson’s office, but to no avail. Here are the unanswered communications:
From: Wesolowski, Monika
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 1:39 PM
To: Peterlin, Margaret JA
Cc: Kenna, Lisa D
Subject: RE: Personal and Confidential
Ms. Peterlin and Ms. Kenna,
The issue goes back deeper into 2013 and child trafficking. I have not seen my eight year old son in a year . I worry for his safety and mine. It is imperative I speak to you in person, I will not speak to anyone outside of Mr. Tillerson’s close administration for fear for my life and that of my son’s. Thank you for speaking to me on the phone. I have been wanting to send this email for several months but afraid to.
Monika A. Wesolowski
Visual Information Specialist
United States Department of State
Global Publishing Solutions (A/GIS/GPS)
Phone: 202-xxx-xxxx voicemail
Phone: 202-xxx-xxxx direct

From: Wesolowski, Monika
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 12:50 PM
To: Peterlin, Margaret JA
Cc: Kenna, Lisa D
Subject: Personal and Confidential
Importance: High
Dear Ms. Peterlin,
I proudly attended Secretary of State Tillerson’s swearing in ceremony and have faith that he will be successful at the State Department. I would like to arrange a meeting with your office with the Secretary of State Mr. Rex Tillerson. It is imperative I speak to Mr. Tillerson. I do not feel safe at my office or at home, I have been under constant attack. I have had things happen to my family, myself, and in the office that I cannot talk about in email. I feel my life and health, as well as that of my family and those close to me, is in danger because of where I work and the people I work with, and their connections. I do not know who to trust and cannot trust Diplomatic Security here at DOS, my coworkers or upper management, especially not Ambassador Palmer, who is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Information Services. I was informed by my HR that Ambassador Palmer pushed for the Hatch Act for my having a photograph and items of President Trump in my cubicle after the election. The situation at work has been hostile and I have been harassed. Please let me know if you could speak with me or arrange a meeting with the Secretary. Please expect a call regarding this email just to verify.
Thank you kindly,
Monika A. Wesolowski
Visual Information Specialist
United States Department of State
Global Publishing Solutions (A/GIS/GPS)
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx voicemail
Phone: 202-xxx-xxxx direct


 I believe Monika’s best protection is the light of day. On that note, I would ask that all forward this article to your contact list. Secondly, if Tillerson’s office will not respond to this grave situation, then I would ask that everyone send this article to President Trump AND Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Finally, we need to keep the heat on this issue.




Neil deGrasse Tyson now pushing Monsanto propaganda alongside wife abuser and convicted felon
Mike Adams
Why am I not surprised? Neil deGrasse Tyson, who has become a mouthpiece for the GMO and chemical agricultural industries that poison the global food supply, is narrating a new documentary called "Food Evolution."
The film pushes the same pro-GMO propaganda as a violent wife abuser who used to write for Forbes. Another fake science front group -- the ACSH -- appears in the film and is run by a convincted medical fraud FELON who spent years in prison (and now runs biotech propaganda campaigns for a living).
Neil deGrasse Tyson has become a shameful betrayor of humanity and nature and an insult to real science.





  • Amethysts
    Suffolk alt-pop duo with remarkable promise...

    Suffolk duo Amethysts released their debut single 'My Love' earlier this year, a sound that promptly swept across the internet.

    Hazy electronics fused with wall-of-sound guitars, the sharply defined pop edge steered the pairing towards viral success.

    New track 'Purple Blood' builds on this, with the evocative lyricism set against music that veers between beauty and noise.

    Daydream vocals and pirouetting guitar lines, 'Purple Blood' demonstrates that Amethysts' internet fame was no one-off affair.

    Tune in now.

    Buy Clash Magazine

          T2: Trainspotting: Viral - 8-Bit Begbie's Revenge   

Watch the viral titled "8" for the film T2: Trainspotting.
Filed Under: T2: Trainspotting
Tags: Sony Pictures, Crime, Drama, Franchise/Epic/Trilogy, Viral
          Meet OG Magnum, Florida's Viral Lip-Syncing Hip-Hop Grandpa   

An old white man with forearm tattoos and gold hoop earrings stands at the front entrance of a condo in St. Petersburg. He's got a cigarette in one hand and a solo cup in the other.

          Gripe: un riesgo para los niños pequeños   
Las epidemias anuales de gripe pueden afectar gravemente a todas las personas y en particular a los niños pequeños que son un grupo de riesgo. Las epidemias anuales de gripe pueden afectar gravemente a todas las personas y en particular a los niños pequeños que son un grupo de riesgo. La gripe o influenza es una enfermedad viral respiratoria, contagiosa que se presenta en los meses más fríos del año, se transmite principalmente al toser, estornudar o mediante el contacto cercano con ...
          Twitter va oferi opţiune pentru raportarea ştirilor false (Internet)   

După ce Facebook a luat deja măsuri pentru limitarea propagării necontrolate a aşa numitelor „fake news”, acest tip de conţinut va fi combătut prin metode specifice şi în reţeaua Twitter, administratorii reţelei de socializare testând deja mai multe variante pentru detectarea şi eliminarea rapidă a postărilor mincinoase sau rău intenţionate.

Alături de opţiunile pentru raportarea tentativelor de hărţuire şi abuz, Twitter va adăuga şi suport pentru marcarea postărilor care aduc informaţii false sau mesaje nesolicitate, contribuţiile aduse de comunitate ajutând la îndepărtarea mai rapidă a postărilor nepotrivite.   

Compania testează şi un nou filtru care apelează la tehnologii de inteligenţă artificială pentru detectarea automată a conţinutului de tip spam, scanând automat milioane de postări în căutarea anumitor formule de exprimare şi inconsistenţe. Noul mecanism de filtrare automată a postărilor vine în completarea raportărilor manuale făcute de utilizatorii reţelei.


Schimbarea de atitudine se produce în contextul presiunilor tot mai mari exercitate de Uniunea Eurpeană pentru limitarea propagării aşa numitelor „fake news”, punând în discuţie inclusiv măsuri legislative care să prevadă aplicarea de amenzi pentru companiile care intermediază distribuirea acestui tip de conţinut.



Cuvinte cheie: twitter

Subiecte asemănătoare:
» NYT: Internetul este stricat. Cum încearcă Evan Williams, co-fondatorul Twitter, remedierea problemei
» Selfie-ul acestei tinere s-a viralizat, dar nu datorită rochiei provocatoare
» Yahoo!, Samsung şi Twitter sunt printre companiile pentru care 2016 a fost un an de „coşmar”
» Twitter primeşte suport pentru steamig video la 360°, folosind tehnologiile Periscope
» Şi tu, Twitter!? Reţeaua de microblogging a recunoscut că, la fel ca Facebook, a oferit cifre umflate pentru clipurile video

Articol original - Twitter va oferi opţiune pentru raportarea ştirilor false, de pe site-ul

          I-a zis nevestei că merge să-şi ia ţigări, dar a ajuns în Rusia, la un meci de fotbal (Curiozitati)   

Un bărbat din Mexic a devenit celebru pe internet după o ispravă mai rară. Bărbatul din Puebla i-a zis nevestei că merge să cumpere un pachet de ţigări, dar a ajuns în Rusia pentru a-şi susţine echipa naţională de fotbal. El a luat un avion până în Germania, iar de acolo a mers cu un automobil în Rusia la Cupa Confederaţiilor.


Antonio Garcia, un fan înfocat al echipei naţionale de fotbal, a declarat: „I-am zis soţiei că mă duc la Oxxo (un lanţ de supermarketuri) pentru ţigări, dar nu i-am zis şi la care magazin”. Între Mexic şi Rusia cea mai scurtă distanţă este de 10.241 de kilometri. 


Nu se ştie deocamdată cum a reacţionat femeia după ce a aflat că Garcia a cheltuit toate economiile lor în această escapadă. 





Cuvinte cheie: rusia, fotbal, tigari, meci, mexic

Subiecte asemănătoare:
» Rusia către companiile software vestice: Ne daţi acces la codul sursă sau ieşiţi de pe piaţă
» Patriarhul Kirill din Rusia, cel mai mare „expert” în securitate informatică
» Cenzura pe internet din Rusia nu se poate pune cu PornHub
» STUDIU: Ţigările electronice de tip heat-not-burn, precum IQOS, sunt la fel de periculoase ca cele normale
» Un robot va proteja fanii de huligani la Campionatul Mondial de Fotbal din Rusia

Articol original - I-a zis nevestei că merge să-şi ia ţigări, dar a ajuns în Rusia, la un meci de fotbal, de pe site-ul

          „Mamynky“ útočí: Už jste viděli nejhloupější dotazy matek z Facebooku?   

          [FOTOS] Por no dejarlo entrar a la oficina en bermudas regresó al trabajo en vestido   
La inusual protesta del joven británico tuvo como consecuencia grandes cambios en las normas sobre la vestimenta en la empresa en la que trabajaba.

          Un candidato a fármaco antiviral inhibe SARS, MERS y coronavirus animales   

Un nuevo candidato a fármaco antiviral inhibe una amplia gama de coronavirus, incluyendo el síndrome respiratorio agudo y grave (SARS, por sus siglas en inglés) y el coronavirus síndrome respiratorio por coronavirus de Oriente Medio (MERS, por sus siglas en inglés), según informa un equipo multiinstitucional de investigadores esta semana en 'Science Translational Medicine'. Los hallazgos apoyan el desarrollo del fármaco candidato para el tratamiento y la prevención de las infecciones actuales por coronavirus y potenciales brotes epidémicos futuros.

          Un candidato a fármaco antiviral inhibe SARS, MERS y coronavirus animales   

Un nuevo candidato a fármaco antiviral inhibe una amplia gama de coronavirus, incluyendo el síndrome respiratorio agudo y grave (SARS, por sus siglas en inglés) y el coronavirus síndrome respiratorio por coronavirus de Oriente Medio (MERS, por sus siglas en inglés), según informa un equipo multiinstitucional de investigadores esta semana en 'Science Translational Medicine'. Los hallazgos apoyan el desarrollo del fármaco candidato para el tratamiento y la prevención de las infecciones actuales por coronavirus y potenciales brotes epidémicos futuros.

          Antiviraler Wirkstoff: Universale Waffe gegen Ebola-, MERS- und Sars-Erreger?   
Ebola, MERS, Sars und Schnupfenviren sind teils tödlich, teils harmlos. Alle aber scheinen gemeinsame Schwachstellen zu haben.
          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter Y   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Yes: I am happy to say that Alison is recovered. I stayed for about a week after she came home from the hospital. I watched her sleep on the couch a lot and gave her her meds. Then her grown kids started coming home for the Holidays so I took my two big red suitcases (the Disney one I never even opened) and went on home. She struggled through the holidays with a houseful of family but she left most things to her grown children to do and slept.

In January, when she saw her regular doctor for a followup, he told her that she was very lucky that it turned out to be a viral infection, which is less serious than the bacterial type. The virus takes several months to clear out and although the medicines she took in the beginning were helpful, he said the best thing for her to do was let her body heal itself by resting and sleeping any time she felt tired. He said our bodies have these viruses all the time and when our immune systems get weakened they attack. He said she probably got this from having the bad cold she caught from her grandson.

It took several months for the headache to disappear, for her ears to clear and for the overwhelming tiredness to pass. I was there in March for a visit and she was probably 85% back up to speed.

But what about Mickey Mouse you, my faithful reader, ask? And our beautifully planned trip? Stay tuned for tomorrow's final episode and find out. 

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter W   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

What, Where, When, Why and sometimes Who- Questions, questions and never any answers. 

Alison was admitted very late that Tuesday night, with the help of her husband (the admitting people said they had no info from her doctor). I stayed back at her house to unpack my stay at her house suitcase because I realized I was going to be there for a while. I would be driving back and forth to keep her company and translate the hospitalese for her (I am a former RN and have personally been in hospitals more times for operations and procedures than you can shake a thermometer at). 

Alison ended up staying there until Saturday. They kept her in Quarantine, with everyone entering her room gowned, masked and gloved, until late Thursday when the Infectious Control doctor came in to announce that "It is Viral", and took out her iv with the meds in case she was bacterial and got rid of the masks. He acted as if he had saved her single-handedly. He came back several times during the next days to confirm as other test results came back that "it's Viral." That has become a catch phrase for us.

Although everyone was wonderful during her stay, no one explained about what the illness really was. I had my daughter and husband google information about it for us because I was vague on the details. It is an infection in the covering of the brain- the meninges. The infection causes swelling and puts pressure on the brain and the nerves serving the brain. That is where the intense headache and confusion was originating. It also affected her ears and eyes, thus the loss of hearing and sensitivity to bright lights.  

She was given meds to reduce the swelling and some pain meds to dull the headache and some to help her sleep and some other stuff- well you get the picture. She found no matter how hard you try to sleep in the hospital there is always someone there in a mask to scare the heck out of you by waking you to see if you need anything or give you a pill.

I found despite being a less than eager driver, I could make the trip to and from (in the dark- oh my) the hospital with ease. I spent hours keeping up with family and friends who were stunned to hear Alison had Meningitis, "where would she have gotten that?" I remembered to ask all the questions that Alison and I had thought of and translate the garbled answers back to her. We did find out near the end of her stay that this hospital almost never saw cases of Meningitis so Alison was a rarity.

 Best of all, I had found a Tim Horton's Coffee Shop (like Starbucks but way better) at the entrance of the hospital so I had coffee and food at hand for both of us. Now if there had been a Cold Stone Creamery, I would have considered moving in.


          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letters U and V   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

 Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, U is combined with V today; the unforeseen technicalities being a gremlin who took my completed and published U article off into the ether yesterday never to be seen again.

Unbelievable- Continuing our story... bright and early Tuesday morning , I drive Alison back to the medical complex that is close to her home. We have managed to get an appointment with a neurologist who will see us right away. She listens to Alison's longer and longer story- when she thinks she got the cold, the meds she's taken, the headache which is now the worst she has ever had, the ER doctor (no help there) the confusion (I am really stressing the confusion). The doctor walks across the room, feels Alison's neck, asks her to move her neck and says "I am sending you to the hospital, I want you to have a lumbar puncture; it will give us a definitive answer. I think you have Meningitis."

We mention that we are supposed to leave for Disney with the vague hope we can still go and the doctor immediately squashes that hope.

"You are a very sick woman, with a very compromised immune system right now- you can't be thinking you are going to get on a plane and possibly be infected by other passengers or have them infect you. And Disney- that has be be the most germ filled place in the world. You'll get there and be so sick you'll be in bed, and what- your sister will have to show herself around? You are in no shape to go anywhere.

Viral or Bacterial- To make the story move along for you, my faithful reader, I will skip the fact that Alison has been lucky in her life and has had little contact with the ugly side of medical care and hospitals. I will overlook that she is very scared to have anyone mess with her spine. I won't talk about her resources that are very low and she needs to rest and she is so easily brought to tears now.

We drive 30 minutes out of our way (there are other hospitals closer to home but this is the one the doctor is associated with), have the test done (which is very painful for her) and meet in the lobby with Tony, her husband. Realizing how sick she is, he has called the travel agent to find out what we can do about the trip. We can postpone into 2016.

Alison is sobbing, she is so afraid and Disney gave her something to hold on to. Ultimately, we decide to postpone the trip of a lifetime and concentrate on getting her better (one of us could see this coming when she stepped off the train Sunday night, to another of us it is a big surprise. She just doesn't realize how sick she is).

Around 4 o'clock, I drive her home on a major highway and two things happen simultaneously 5 minutes from home, we run out of gas ( a story for another day) and we get a call from the neurologist. 

She says she is surprised the hospital released Alison. She says since we are so close to home we should go there, get Alison some dinner and then Alison should pack a bag and go back up to the hospital because she is being admitted.

"You have Meningitis... now we have to determine whether it is Viral- serious but treatable or Bacterial- contagious and possible deadly and harder to treat."  


          LeyeT – Call U Out   
Los Angeles electronic-pop artist LeyeT has caused quite a stir with her debut single Don’t Make Me Cry, which topped Spotify’s Fresh Finds Playlist and also landed on the Global Viral chart. Now she has returned with Call U Out, her sophomore effort in which her thin voice floats over […]
          Heartbroken Best Man Makes Internet Go LOL   

These viral wedding photos give a whole new meaning to being a third wheel! When Brittney and Kody Frysinger were planning their wedding, they knew they wanted to have some fun with their engagement photos. With the help of Kody Frysing’s best man, Mitch Jolliff, the trio was able to create some unforgettable pictures. In the now […]

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          La stupidità non conosce mai fine: ragazza uccide fidanzato su YouTube per fare video virale   

La stupidità non conosce mai fine: ragazza uccide fidanzato su YouTube per fare video virale

La stupidità è un concetto che non conosce nazionalità, età o etnia. Purtroppo chi nasce stupido è destinato a convivere con questo triste destino sino al momento in cui non arriva a pagare le conseguenze di atti avventati. La storia che vi stiamo per raccontare ha davvero dell’incredibile: una ragazza americana, 19enne, tale Monalisa Perez, […]

La stupidità non conosce mai fine: ragazza uccide fidanzato su YouTube per fare video virale

          Apa nak jadi: Peralatan radar tentera pula hilang!   
Peralatan radar hilang: KDN, kastam kena jawab
Wan Azizah

SHAH ALAM - Kementerian Dalam Negeri dan Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia (Kastam) digesa segera memberi penjelasan terhadap insiden kehilangan peralatan radar ketenteraan di Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas, Johor.

Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail berkata, penjelasan itu penting memandangkan insiden ini melibatkan aspek keselamatan dan hubungan luar negara.

"Selain penjelasan, mereka juga perlu menyatakan langkah-langkah yang akan diambil untuk memastikan keselamatan di pelabuhan-pelabuhan negara ini diperketat.

"Ini kerana insiden ini amat mengejutkan dan merisaukan," katanya dalam satu kenyataan, hari ini.

Menurutnya, kehilangan peralatan radar ketenteraan ini merupakan satu kejadian kebolosan keselamatan negara yang amat serius.

"Peralatan radar ketenteraan bernilai berjuta-juta ringgit yang dalam perjalanan dari Australia ke Netherlands telah ditahan di Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas kerana ketiadaan permit di bawah Akta Perdagangan Strategik 2010 bulan lalu, tetapi didapati telah hilang dan dipercayai telah diseludup keluar dari negara ini.

"Insiden ini bukan sahaja melibatkan kehilangan peralatan ketenteraan yang kini mungkin telah dicuri atau diseludup keluar, tetapi juga menimbulkan persoalan mengenai tahap keselamatan di salah sebuah pelabuhan terpenting di negara ini," katanya.

Jelasnya, apa yang merunsingkan apabila sepatutnya pihak kastam dan pelabuhan mempunyai kawalan keselamatan yang tinggi dan rapi.

"Ini kerana jika peralatan radar ketenteraan boleh dicuri atau diseludup dengan begitu mudah, apatah lagi penyeludupan dadah, pemerdagangan manusia malah juga salah urus kargo atau konsainan bahan berbahaya.

"Amatlah mengecewakan jika wujud sebarang elemen rasuah dan pihak berkongkol di dalam jenayah ini.

"Saya turut menggesa Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) untuk membuat siasatan sepenuhnya kes ini," katanya.

Memetik laporan The Star Online, satu siasatan sedang dijalankan oleh Jabatan Kastam dan Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa  mengenai kehilangan tersebut.

Suatu penyerahan peralatan radar ketenteraan berteknologi tinggi yang bernilai jutaan ringgit dilaporkan hilang dari Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas.

Laporan polis juga telah dibuat mengenai kehilangan itu.

Menerusi laporan portal Astro Awani, laporan yang memetik kata-kata sumber itu mendakwa, sistem radar itu telah ditahan oleh pihak kastam sebaik ia sampai di Australia pada bulan lalu.

Peralatan itu sepatutnya dihantar ke Belanda tetapi ia tidak mempunyai permit, dan terpaksa ditahan oleh pegawai-pegawai kastam.

Tetapi, semasa pemeriksaan audit baru-baru ini, peralatan rahsia itu tidak dijumpai di pelabuhan tersebut.

Laporan itu berkata, pihak kastam telah menubuhkan satu pasukan khas untuk menjalankan siasatan dalaman selain menentukan sama ada prosedur operasi standard (SOP) dipatuhi.

Peralatan sensitif tersebut memerlukan permit di bawah Akta Perdagangan Strategik 2010 dan penalti berat seperti denda setinggi RM10 juta dan hukuman mati boleh dikenakan di bawah Akta berkenaan.

          Check Out Photos Of Obama And Family Vacationing In Indonesia   
Check Out Photos Of Obama And Family Vacationing In Indonesia
Check Out Photos Of Obama And Family Vacationing In Indonesia
Photos of the Obamas Indonesia Vacation has quickly gone viral. The ex-POTUS and his family kicked off a 10-day visit to the Asian nation on Sunday the 25th of June. Obama and his family including wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha kicked off the vacation ...
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          Ancient viral 'fossils' reveal evolutionary mechanisms   
[NEWS] Studying DNA fragments left by ancient viruses in their host's genome has shown even non-autonomous viruses could prosper by helping each other. By analysing ancient viral footprints in the rice genome, Hokkaido University researchers have discovered different virus species infecting the same plant helped each other by exchanging DNA. Many viruses including “pararetroviruses (PRVs)” have the ability to insert their DNA into their host's genome. I…
          Comment on Fragile X Syndrome: a guide for parents by parents by PenniX   
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          Comment on Fragile X Syndrome: a guide for parents by parents by RicardoX   
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          Nachmittagstief: Kurze YouTube-Ablenkung mit optischen Illusionen lädt zum Tagträumen ein   

Für die einen ist Jukin Media purer YouTube-Junk, für die anderen eine günstige Gelegenheit, Geld zu verdienen oder einfach nur eine Quelle kurzweiliger Unterhaltung. Die Medienagentur hat die Klicks auf virale Hits zum Kassenschlager gemacht. Mit lustigen und obskuren Amateurvideos verdient man sich hier ein goldenes Näschen, indem man die Clips für Spottpreise einkauft, meist […]

Der Beitrag Nachmittagstief: Kurze YouTube-Ablenkung mit optischen Illusionen lädt zum Tagträumen ein erschien zuerst auf KlonBlog.

          Genetic 'fossils' reveal long-term viral partnerships in grass   
Defective viruses incorporated into grass genomes may adapt to form partnerships with other genome-incorporated viruses in order to complete their life cycle, according to a new study. The findings suggest that partner viruses evolve in concert, enabling them to maintain their relationship over time.
          New antiviral drug inhibits epidemic SARS, MERS and animal coronaviruses   
A new antiviral drug candidate inhibits a broad range of coronaviruses, including the SARS and MERS coronaviruses, a multi-institutional team of investigators reports. The findings support further development of the drug candidate for treating and preventing current coronavirus infections and potential future epidemic outbreaks.
          Can a Woman Do a Man’s Job? Viral Rap Song Tackles Gender Inequality in Egypt   
By Nada Deyaa’, Daily News Egypt, edited by Egyptian Streets For the past couple of years, young Egyptian rapper Zap Tharwat has been the voice of many silent tongues. Through his songs, Tharwat voiced his generation’s fears, concerns, ambitions, hopes, and dreams surrounding the main social and political issues gripping Egypt. His songs spoke of […]
          Quién es Stephen Colbert, el presentador de los Emmy 2017    


La próxima gala de los premios Emmy ya tiene cadena, CBS, fecha, 17 de septiembre, y presentador. El canal anunció ayer que Stephen Colbert sería el encargado de conducir la gala, un encargo que representa un importante apoyo para quien asumió el puesto de David Letterman al frente de 'The Late Show' cuando éste se retiró, y que en el último año ha visto como James Corden, que presenta el programa que le sigue en la parrilla, le ha superado en viralidad y visibilidad. Corden hasta ha presentado ya los premios Tony y, el mes que viene, conducirá los Grammy.

Stephen Colbert puede no ser tan viral ni tener tanto tirón entre el público joven, pero su elección es bastante interesante teniendo en cuenta que es de los presentadores de late night con más interés en el comentario político y de los que ha sido más críticos con Donald Trump, el nuevo presidente de Estados Unidos. ¿Pero quién es Stephen Colbert?

A la fama con 'The Colbert Report'

Colbert, en realidad, es actor, o empezó su carrera como tal. Estudió y participó en Second City, el grupo de teatro e improvisación humorística de Chicago del que han salido, entre otros, Steve Carell y Tina Fey, y fue alternando su faceta interpretativa con la escritura de guiones en comedias de culto en Estados Unidos como 'Strangers with candy', protagonizada por Amy Sedaris. Casi toda su carrera ha estado basada en los sketches relacionados de algún modo con la actualidad, que es lo que le llevó a entrar en 'The Daily Show', en 1997.

Allí, interpretaba a "Stephen Colbert", un corresponsal de noticias republicano recalcitrante y con un alto concepto de sí mismo, que funcionaba como contrapunto a las visiones más progresistas de Jon Stewart, el presentador del programa. La popularidad que alcanzó su personaje (que en España podía tener un ejemplo similar en el empresario de derechas que El Gran Wyoming interpretaba en 'Caiga quien caiga') fue tal, que Comedy Central acabó concediéndole su propio espacio 'The Colbert Report', en 2005.

También era un pseudo informativo satírico, pero la parodia llegaba al llevar al extremo las posturas de los sectores más conservadores del país y, por supuesto, el narcisismo del propio Colbert. Criticó la manera en la que los candidatos en las primarias de cada partido suman apoyos y fondos para su campaña presentando su propia candidatura a la presidencia de Estados Unidos tanto por los republicanos como por los demócratas, y Colbert nunca dejó pasar la oportunidad de hacer chistes de las noticias más absurdas, sobre el sistema político del país y de dejar bien claro su amor por 'El Señor de los Anillos'.

En 2014, CBS decidió que fuera él quien sustituyera a David Letterman en su late show de las 23:30, que se enfrenta directamente a 'The Tonight Show', y en el año y medio que lleva al frente de ese programa ha dejado claro que lo suyo sigue siendo el humor político.

Así es Stephen Colbert

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' es un programa de late night muy tradicional, con su monólogo inicial, su banda de acompañamiento, su segmento comentando las noticias, sus sketches pre grabados, sus entrevistas a invitados y su actuación musical para cerrar la noche. Colbert ya no se esconde aquí tras un personaje, sino que es él mismo, y es mejor entrevistador que Jimmy Fallon, por ejemplo, pero necesita que el invitado aporte algo de su parte para que sus charlas sean realmente interesantes o, como mínimo, simpáticas.

Su programa no ha llamado especialmente la atención hasta que no decidió meterse más a fondo en el comentario de la campaña electoral, con segmentos como 'The hungry for power games', que utilizaba 'Los juegos del hambre' para hablar de las primarias de ambos partidos, o las semanas de programas en directo durante las convenciones que eligieron a los candidatos.

Ahí es donde Colbert ha encontrado lo que le hace diferente de los demás presentadores de late night, y será interesante ver si traslada parte a la gala de los Emmy. Puede ser un cambio interesante con respecto a las bromas más directas de Jimmy Kimmel el año pasado, o al humor inofensivo de Andy Samberg en 2015. Colbert, además, ha demostrado que puede cantar, por lo que su estreno como presentador en los Emmy puede continuar con la tradición de los números musicales. El 17 de septiembre lo comprobaremos.

En ¡Vaya Tele! | Los 27 mejores momentos de la gala de los Emmy 2016, en gifs

          Photos: Little girl gets emotional and cries as her 'boyfriend' moves away with his family    
Twitter user @hayliebri shared these photos of her sister crying after her 'boyfriend', whom she's apparently close with, moved away with his family. In a post which has since gone viral on twitter with over 180,000 likes, she wrote: "My little sister's boyfriend is moving and their goodbyes were the saddest thing ever went" . See another photo below...

          Disability rights activists are going viral. They won't stop until the GOP health care bill dies.   

Dawn Russell spent two nights camped out with nine other people in a small room in Sen. Cory Gardner's office. On Thursday evening, after their 60-hour sit-in, Russell and her fellow activists were removed from the office and arrested. 

Russell was there because the Colorado Republican is one of the key swing votes who could either help pass or stop the GOP's health care bill — and she is one very angry constituent. 

SEE ALSO: World's first water park for people with disabilities is literally the coolest thing ever created

The Denver-based activist lives with cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that affects body movement and muscle coordination. She's a veteran member of ADAPT, a grassroots community that organizes disability rights protests. They frequently stage protests against laws that would reduce funding for Medicaid, the federal health program that aids low-income people and those with disabilities. Read more...

More about Politics, Health Care, Social Good, Activism, and Disability Rights
          Dog utterly loses control when it's time to go for a walk   

Just hearing the word "walk" makes this doggo light up like a canine Christmas tree.

The dog may look like he might be possessed by a demonic canine as he's freaking out, but we promise, he's just a normal, happy dog. If it wasn't so cute, we might actually be terrified.

Luckily, this pooch's hellish barks get answered and off they go. Read more...

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          BuzzFeed’s Ashly Perez: The Secret To Viral Content Starts With A Gut Feeling   

Her advice to content creators: Use the data available, but look inward for your next a-ha moment.

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          How Morton Salt & OK Go Achieved Brand Partnership Gold In Just One Moment   

The story of how a salt brand and rock band came together to make one of the year's most viral music videos.

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          Get To Know OK Go: 9 Essential Viral Videos   

Secure your spot for #SMWLA in June to join the industry’s leaders in media, entertainment, and technology for a week of inspiring and educational events.

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          4 Common Traits of Viral Content   

Content on Facebook could very well be entirely video in five years.

The post 4 Common Traits of Viral Content appeared first on Social Media Week.

          Man Proposes to His Girlfriend, But After He Gives Her the Ring, She Gets Another Surprise   

Michael and his girlfriend were dating for a little over a year before he popped the question. How he asked her to marry him went viral after the couple shared their beautiful love story.

They met through mutual friends and quickly found many common interests, making an instant connection. His now fiance mentioned they had similar backgrounds including ‘growing up in the church’ and had a ‘mutual love for dogs’. She stated, “I soon came to the realization that this handsome man had everything that I had been looking for in a guy: A strong love for God, his family, and his friends.” In the beginning, they lived a few hours away, but made dating work.


On the day of the proposal, Michael took his then girlfriend up to the top of a parking garage: their favorite spot to watch the sunset. To her surprise, she arrived at their special spot by hearing their favorite song playing out loud and seeing tons of familiar faces. The couple’s friends and family were formed in two lines, making an aisle for the two to walk through.

Once they reached the end of the walkway, Michael made a romantic speech, then got down and one knee and placed the ring on his fiance’s finger. She was filled with so much joy! After seeing her family and getting an engagement ring, she never expected another surprise during this special moment.

Michael asked his fiance to close her eyes and hold out her hands, so she did. She says, “I remember thinking this was strange and that maybe we were going to pray or something.” However, she soon felt a ‘wet nose and furry face’, opening her eyes to an adorable puppy! She later found out the new puppy was Michael’s current dog’s brother. This was so memorable because they always wanted to own a dog together and have a friend for Michael's dog to play with. 


Watch the couple’s proposal video below:

How sweet! You can read their full love story on How He Asked. If you love this heartwarming proposal, share it on your Facebook page!

          Chemtrail or Contrail? Pilot films astonishing footage of Dreamliner contrails at 33,000ft (VIDEO)

A pilot has captured incredible footage of contrails billowing from the engines of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner at an altitude of 33,000ft. 
Lou Boyer was piloting a Boeing 747 flight from Tokyo to Alaska when he saw the contrails – or ‘chemtrails’ depending on your appetite for conspiracy theories – over eastern Russia.

The Dreamliner was flying towards Asia when Boyer spotted it passing 1000ft below his own aircraft. The pilot described the event as “normal traffic separation on an airway.”

Due to volcanic activity in the area, quite a few flights were on the same route over eastern Russia,” Boyer told

The combination of high relative humidity and a nice sunrise gave this contrail a nice deep color as the contrail created its own shadow,” he added.

          Dancing Tindera Mary Rose Ditsos Featured in Thailand News Program   
Dubbed as the Dancing Tindera a. k. a. Sari-sari Store Dancing Queen is now certified internet sensation after her viral video reaches media in Thailand. She brought laughter beyond the seas as more and more people from all over the world shares around her funny dancing video.
Mary Rose Ditsos

Mary Rose Ditsos, an Information Technology student in Mandaue City, Philippines might break the internet if her video continues to reach wider audiences abroad. We estimate that the current collective view count of her videos and its copies re-uploaded on different social pages and YouTube channels is now at 20 million and shows no sign of stopping as more and more people pass it around like very funny video. Which it is, actually.

If you have been living under a rock for this past few days, Mary Rose posted a video of her tending to their sari-sari store while dancing when no one is looking. The video quickly went viral when bloggers picked up her video and re-posted it on their websites and fan pages. One copy of the said video reached 7 million views within 48 hours since it was posted.

It did not take long for Thai PBS, a news program in Thailand to notice the success of Mary Rose's  video and contacted her asking permission to air her story on TV. The Dancing Tindera was more than happy to oblige of course.

Here's the live video of ThaiPBS news program airing Mary Rose Ditsos the Dancing Tindera:

          Overseas Filipino Scammers (OSW) in Japan Confronted by OFWs   
Alleged scammers in Japan soliciting donations in the streets are now a trending topic in Filipino social media after several different confrontation videos uploaded by concern overseas Filipino workers went viral.

According to Paul Alvin Magsalin, a Filipino individual based in Japan, who encountered the alleged scammers and managed to capture it on video, these people's modus operandi is soliciting monetary donations from passersby. They hand out flyers and introduce themselves as volunteer workers for a charitable foundation.

Alam ko pamilyar ang karamihan satin dito sa japan patungkol sa nababalita na nang ii-SCAM na mga pilipinong nang hihingi ng donasyon para sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo o para sa Children's foundation DAW. Madalas ako nakaka kita dito sa Motoyawata n mga kapwa pinoy n pagala gala at nang hihingi ng donasyon sa bawat taong makasalubong nila. Nung una pinapabayaan ko lang sila, pero hndi n ako makapag tiis dahil "nakakahiya" at "unfair" sa mga kapwa natin pilipino na nagsusumikap, nagpapakahirap na mag trabaho dito sa japan. Umaga gabi nag ttrabaho, tinitiis ang pagod matustusan lang mga pangangailangan sa pang araw araw at para na din sa pamilya nila sa ating bansa. 
Kasama ko yung kaibigan ko sa tapat ng train station dito s motoyawata ng nakita nya yung isang babae na nang hihingi ng donasyon. sabi nya madalas daw nya nakikita yung mga babae na to. sabi ko sa kanya, ilang beses na ako nakaka encounter ng mga ganyan, ipapakita nila sayo yung "Meishi" (Information Card) nila na patungkol sa children's foundation at mang hihingi ng donasyon. Tapos may ipapakita sila na mga pictures kasama nila yung mga bata sa parang nursery school. 
Iaabot nila sayo yung notebook at papasulat yung pangalan mo tapos mang hihingi ng donasyon. napansin ko may mga nakasulat na, na mga pangalan ng hapon at presyo ng kanilang donasyon, ang nakakapag taka, nakasulat sa "Romaji" o alpabeto hndi sa "kanji" o "hiragana". 
Bali tinatanong ko kung legal ba yung documents nila, may ipapakita sila sayo'ng maliit na note book holder at ipapakita yung "Legal Permit" nila ng 1-2 seconds lang tapos isasara kaagad nila, nung tinanong ko kung pwede picturan hinablot nya kaagad sa akin at sabay sabi sakin ng pagalit na bakit ko daw pipicturan. sabi ko gusto ko lang malaman kung "Legit" ba yang ginagawa nyo, o nang loloko lang kayo ng tao. panoorin nyo nlng po yung video. mejo mahaba at paulit ulit pero kayo nlng po mag husga kung totoo ba sila o nanloloko lang ng tao.
Shout out sa inyo mga ate. Kung makarating man sa inyo tong video na to. Wag lang ulit ako makaka ingkwentro ng katulad nyo. irereport ko kayo sa pulis ng magka alaman kung totoo talaga kayo. 
Nakakahiya yung ginagawa nyo.. Lalo nasisira image ng mga pilipino sa ginagawa nyo.
Pag naka kita po kayo ng ganitong mga pilipino (mostly nasa eki po sila or sa maraming tao naka pwesto) tawag lang po kayo sa 110 at ireport sila. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu
P.S. Kung mapatunayan man po na Legit ang ginagawa nila. Buburahin ko kaagad tong post ko at personal ako mag sosorry sa dalawa at pati n rin sa foundation nila.
The above captioned the video below:

Another Filipino based in Japan also had a similar experience and she too have a video of her encounter with alleged scammers who were also Filipino women. In both videos, the alleged scammers refused to be recorded. They also refused to show to the camera the flyers and supposed legal permit they have in possession.

Street scams run rampant in Japan as well as in other parts of the world and sadly, it is very likely that our own countrymen are participating in such illegal activities. Here's a news feature of the same scam shown in Japan's national TV:

          TV Biwi aur Main Wiki, Cast, Actor, Actress Real Names – Rajeev (Rajiv), Priya, Bindiya, Tanvi, Kushal, Maya, EP, Amma Ji, Appa Ji   

TV Biwi aur Main Wiki, Cast, Actor, Actress Real Names – Rajeev (Rajiv), Priya, Bindiya, Tanvi, Kushal, Maya, EP, Amma Ji, Appa Ji: TV, Biwi aur Main is a latest comedy TV serial on SAB TV, which was premiered on 13 June 2017. The serial is starring Karan Veer Mehra and Shruti Seth in lead roles. They are husband and…

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anuncios Una pareja que quería sumar seguidores ideó un peligroso plan con un arma de fuego que difícilmente podía salir bien. La joven está embarazada y podría ser condenada a 10 años de prisión Una joven estadounidense que quedó acusada de homicidio tras matar a su novio explicó que todo se debió a un desafortunado error, […]

La entrada Una broma con el peor final: mató a su novio al intentar ser un éxito viral aparece primero en SerUnaMujer.

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This Israeli talk show host's scathing rant against Israeli society is going viral. Courage & honesty drive him to speak out - with more like him, peace could be built - it would need time, commitment but recognition is a foundation for reconciliation
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The monster of all old-school videos, and still one of the best music videos ever made, Michael Jackson's 1983 epic 'Thriller' is one of the most influential works of the past 30 years. Countless pop stars have copied the Halloween video's terrific dance sequence -- so did a bunch of guys in a Philippines prison in a wildly popular 2007 viral video... Continue reading…
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(Hokkaido University) Studying DNA fragments left by ancient viruses in their host's genome has shown even non-autonomous viruses could prosper by helping each other.
          Homem faz surpresa e pede namorada em casamento usando uma tatuagem   
Tatuador faz desenho na perna para pedir namorada em casamento (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)


Lembra de quando éramos crianças e perguntávamos pro crush se queria namorar com a gente com um quadradinho para sim e outro para não? O tatuador estadunidense Vinny Capaldo-Smith trouxe essa concepção para vida adulta e fez um desenho na coxa para pedir a namorada, Brooke Wodark, em casamento.

A ideia bem criativa foi postada pelo (agora) noivo nas redes sociais e rendeu vários suspiros de quem já viu. Além da tattoo, Vinny também compartilhou o anel que deu a Brooke com uma mensagem bem fofa.


Tudo isso foi gravado em um vídeo que já tem mais de 11 milhões de visualizações no Facebook e mostra Brooke chorando ao levantar a bermuda e ler o pedido. O mais legal é que ela nunca havia tatuado ninguém antes e pôde "rabiscar" o namorado. Fooooofo!

"Marque um quadradinho", pediu o namorado.

Muito emocionada, ela marcou um "X" no sim e fez um post especial no Facebook. "Vinny sempre disse que queria que eu o tatuasse. Hoje ele me encontrou e disse que era o dia. Eu ia fazer um coração simples na canela dele e ganhei uma surpresa com um lindo anel do meu futuro marido. Estou tão feliz", escreveu ela. 

Veja o vídeo:

Tatuador faz desenho na perna para pedir namorada em casamento (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)
Tatuador faz desenho na perna para pedir namorada em casamento (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)


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Article Source:

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Bear in Distress Urinates on Herself Mid-Circus in Shocking Viral Video

Footage of a captive bear urinating on herself while being forced to perform by Castle's Bears has been viewed more than 3 million times on Twitter.

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Corporation Danish Transport and Logistic Shipyard has joined alliance Viral Society
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Los fans estuvieron en alerta cuando una foto de V comiendo con una "chica" de pelo largo se volvió viral en Internet!.

Pero antes de que cualquier rumor de citas pudiera salir fuera de control, había algo extrañamente familiar en el cabello de la chica. Esa "chica" no era otro que el ex concursante del show de television de Corea Produce 101 Season 2, Jang Moon Bok!.

El mismo cabello era reconocible desde cuando V hace un tiempo atras twitteó una foto de su amigo en el pasado. Las hebras largas y desordenadas de ambas fotos pertenecen al buen amigo masculino de V, Jang Moon Bok! Ahora que Jang Moon Bok terminó de filmar el programa de audición popular, pudieron reunirse para una cena amistosa! A.R.M.Y puede estar seguro de que V sigue siendo soltero!.

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MÉRIDA.- Usuarios de redes sociales, viralizaron y convirtieron en tendencia una investigación en la cual se demuestra que el presupuesto asignado para obras y construcción en 2017 no se reparte de forma equitativa entre la parte norte y sur de Mérida, ya que el 70% se asignó exclusivamente a la zona norte de dicha entidad.

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New York Yankees outfielder Dustin Fowler suffered a knee injury in the first inning of his Major League debut Thursday night against the Chicago White Sox when he collided with a wall in right field trying to track down a fly ball. 

According to the New York Daily News' Mike Mazzeo, Fowler was carted off the field to applause at Guaranteed Rate Field.'s Bryan Hoch later relayed word from the team that Fowler suffered an open rupture of the patella in his right knee and would undergo surgery.

On Friday, Hoch reported the Yankees had a closed-door meeting and facetimed Fowler in his hospital bed.

Fowler was called up for Thursday's contest following a stellar start to the season with Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. In 70 appearances prior to his promotion, Fowler slashed .293/.329/.542 with an .871 OPS, 13 home runs and 43 RBI. 

For the Yankees, Fowler's injury represents another setback for a team that has battled serious injury woes of late. 

Over the past few weeks, the Yankees have watched designated hitter Matt Holliday (viral infection), second baseman Starlin Castro (hamstring strain), outfielder Aaron Hicks (oblique strain) and pitcher CC Sabathia (hamstring strain) all hit the 10-day disabled list. 

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Vic Bishop - 'You filled cemeteries with our children,' remarks a child in a powerful music video that has gone viral.

The post Anti-Terror Music Video Calls on Muslims to Worship Allah With ‘Love Not Terror’ appeared first on Waking Times.

          Naslednja poteza naj bi bila skrivnost   
Pogovor z ustanoviteljem CiM Jasperjem Dzuki Jelenom
Intervju izvedel Blaž Branc 

V kakšnem odnosu je CiM do sodobnega plesa? In kakšen odnos ima do psihoterapevtskih disciplin, namreč do izbirne teorije?
Jasper Dzuki Jelen: CiM (Choice in motion / izbiranje z gibanjem) uporablja gibalna spoznanja, ki izvirajo iz borilnih tehnik in različnih oblik sodobnega plesa. CiM iz določenih energetskih zmožnosti teh tehnik črpa tako, da lahko vsak v njih preprosto in dostopno uživa ne glede na starost, telesno pripravljenost ali veščino.
  Teorija izbire (TI, Choice Theory) je psihološki okvir v ozadju „realitetne terapije“, ki ljudem pomaga izbrati učinkovitejše/ bolj zadovoljujoče odločitve v življenju. Običajen postopek TI pomeni določanje ciljev in načina delovanja, ki naj uresniči te cilje, oceni njihovo dosegljivost in možni napredek ter na tej osnovi izdela potrebni načrt.
  Metoda CiM na prvo mesto postavlja samo izkušnjo, razmislek, analiza in ugotavljanje smisla ji sledijo šele potem. S tem nas odreši energetsko zelo drage stopnje spraševanja v duhu: „ne vem, kaj naj storim, zato moram zadeve še bolje premisliti/ analizirati“, in jo nadomesti s spoznanjem, ki izvira iz izkušnje: „to sem naredil in začutil/ razumel sem, kaj je bilo narejeno na pravi način, dajmo, še enkrat premislimo, potem pa gremo naprej in dalje raziskujmo“.

Slika: Jasper Dzuki Jelen
Vir: osebni arhiv
Bi bilo ustrezno reči, da je CiM zgolj splet Teorije Izbire in Improviziranja z dotikanjem (ID)?
Jasper Dzuki Jelen: Ne, pri njegovem poteku sta obe praksi zgolj referenčni točki tako za telesne kakor za psihološke postopke, ki potekajo. Čeprav CiM prav tako temelji na delovanju in izkušnji. Razvoj CiM in to, kar uči, sta eno in isto. Vsako delovanje (gibanje) poraja novo razumevanje, njemu pa sledi novo delovanje. Delujoči posameznik in njegovo početje se tako postopoma neprestano razvijata. Seveda pa pri CiM ni vse novo, veliko sem se naučil od prvih oblikovalcev in od izvajalcev obeh metod, saj poudarjata zdrave odnose in upoštevanje situacije v danem trenutku.

Kaj ima človek od tega, da se ukvarja z CiM?
Jasper Dzuki Jelen: Globlje razumevanje tega, kako 1) opredeliti svoj osebni uspeh, 2) pridobiti in ohraniti stik s to (nalezljivo) energijo v sebi, ter 3) gibanje vzpodbuja bolj učinkovito razmišljanje in reševanje problemov.
Jasper Dzuki Jelen bo z nami v Ljubljani 18. septembra 2014 ob 18:30.uri, ko bo vodil delavnico z naslovom "Choice in motion".
Ali lahko kaj več izvemo o začetkih CiM? Zakaj si sploh razvil metodo? Kaj te je gnalo, da si jo začel razvijati?
Jasper Dzuki Jelen: Zaradi trdne podlage v borilnih veščinah in športu je bilo moje razumevanje plesa vedno praktično, pozemsko in odvisno predvsem od dobro uigrane skupine. Posvetil sem se razvoju delovnih metod, ki krepijo zaupanje, telesno gibljivost in dinamičen pretok med notranjo in zunanjo zavestjo.
Spoznal sem, da so dotik, občutek povezanosti in prostorska sposobnost za delovanje, ne da bi bilo treba vnaprej vedeti, kaj bo zraslo iz njega, tiste vzpodbude, ki udeležencem in plesalcem omogočijo doseči najboljše rezultate. Danes v času vsesplošne digitalizacije čutim močno potrebo, da razvijamo dejavnosti, ki krepijo gibanje, delovanje in eksperimentiranje na vseh ravneh družbe. Pri svojem pedagoškem in umetniškem delu stremim za preprostimi načini, kako priti do bistvenega delovanja in misli, ki gradijo naša občutja in telesna stanja, ter tako oblikujem prostor za dragocene izkušnje, kot sta na primer navdih in intuicija. TI in ID pri teh postopkih pomenita referenčni točki, ki mi pomagata, da pojasnim svoj pristop v odnosu do obstoječih metod in občega poznavanja.

Ali metodo CiM še naprej razvijaš ali pa si izoblikoval ustaljeno obliko sproščanja?
Jasper Dzuki Jelen: Trenutno ima CiM ustaljeno obliko, toda to, kar je za metodo bistveno, pomeni, da se neprestano razvija, je v gibanju.

Kje vidiš možnosti za nadaljnji razvoj CiM?
Jasper Dzuki Jelen: CiM vidim kot dodatno dejavnost, ki jo je mogoče brez težav vpeti v že obstoječa spoznanja, kako uspešno delovati, ustvarjati zdrave odnose in učinkovito poslovati. Okrepila bo vašo energijo, zboljšala dejavnost in mišljenje ter s tem povečala splošno delovno sposobnost in dobro počutje.
Trenutno razvijam vrsto gibalnih raziskav in izkušenj, ki na novo preverjajo moje dojemanje, kaj je CiM. V preteklih letih sem to počel bolj intuitivno, šele lani je metoda dobila ime "Choice in motion". Na tej točki sem se ozrl nazaj na svoje delo in se zavedel, da sem prišel do nekaterih zanesljivih spoznanj.  Čutim, da se možnosti za nadaljnji razvoj kažejo v spreminjanju obstoječih pravil, ki okvirjajo njeno jedro, zato jih bo treba na novo preveriti. Pravila so omogočila ustvariti jasno sliko in določiti sprejemljiva varnostna tveganja pri razvijanju. V stikih s strokovnjaki z različnih področij bom lažje ugotovil, kaj se zgodi, če premaknemo preverjanje mentalne in telesne varnosti. Kam nas bo to pripeljalo, še ni jasno. V skladu z metodo CiM nisem posebno zagret, da bi prehitro sklepal, raje bom pustil, da se možnosti same prikažejo.

Kaj je pravzaprav CiM? Kako bi to pojasnil na preprost, vsakdanji način? 
Jasper Dzuki Jelen: Metoda CiM je podobna vožnji kolesa. Če o njej samo razmišljamo, ga nikoli ne bomo vozili. Toda ko se enkrat spravimo na kolo, pritisnemo na pedale, pri tem pa nam vsaj nekaj časa kdo pomaga, bomo začutili, kaj vse je treba početi za uspešno kolesarjenje. Se še spomnite občutkov in vznemirjenja, ko ste se začeli učiti voziti kolo? In kako ste se počutili, ko vam je končno uspelo speljati? Takšno organsko učenje poraja občutek uspeha, veselo energijo, razširjeno svobodo in spoznavanje novih možnosti.

Slika: Choice in motion paradigma (model)
Vir: Jasper Dzuki Jelen

CiM na podoben način vzpodbuja nove možnosti, nov način razmišljanja in poraja novo energijo. Ljudem, ki ga prakticirajo, omogoči, da vzpostavijo telesni stik s samimi seboj in okolico, in sicer tako, da vnaprej ne razmišljajo o naslednjem gibu. Izvajalec rešitve odkriva sproti med samo vadbo in igro, s konkretno izkušnjo. Nekateri ljudje se lahko na primer hitro naslonijo na druge in jim zaupajo, da se lahko premikajo skupaj, ne da bi padli. Za druge to pomeni izziv. Nekateri brez težav počnejo stvari, ki na prvi pogled nimajo smisla, drugi pa se mučijo s tem. Nekateri hitro najdejo več rešitev, drugi pa nobene ali pa zgolj zelo malo. A to ni pomembno. Ukvarjanje z gibanjem in z drugimi ljudmi prinaša izkušnje, v katerih se smisel in zadovoljstvo pojavita šele ob koncu vadbe. Šele ko zaupanje, medsebojno odvisnost in spremembo/ gibanje tudi telesno izkusijo, se izvajalci naravno in sproščeno prepustijo intuiciji in ustvarjalnemu delu ter se začnejo odločati brez zadržkov. Neposreden stik z lastnim početjem posamezniku omogoči, da se sam odloči za stopnjo intenzivnosti svoje izkušnje. Vaditelj bo posameznikom in skupini jasno predlagal, kaj početi, ampak jih ne bo v nič silil niti jih ne bo uvajal v nekaj, česar nočejo početi.

Jasper, v septembru za InCo gibanje in slovensko-holandsko poslovno platformo (SDBP) pripravljaš delavnico. Namenjena je raziskovalcem in poslovnežem. Kakšno vlogo bo pri tem odigralo CiM?
Jasper Dzuki Jelen: Ko posluješ ali pa stremiš po tem, da bi izboljšal sebe ali odnose z drugimi, ključno energijo za to daje občutek uspešnosti. CiM ponuja telesno pridobivanje izkušenj. Učenje spominja na igro. Vzpodbujamo energijo in zavest o osebni uspešnosti. Ko posameznik kaj takega neposredno izkusi, začne bolj učinkovito delovati in presojati. Njegovo obzorje se razširi za nove misli, zavedati se začne novih možnosti in uravna strokovno in osebno dobro počutje. Namesto, da vso svojo energijo izgublja za oddaljene in težko dosegljive zamisli.

Ali mora biti človek plesalec, da se lahko udeleži CiM delavnice? Je delavnica namenjena samo ljudem z osebnimi problemi, ki zahtevajo, da se jim posvetijo in jih razpletejo?
Jasper Dzuki Jelen: Ne. To velja za obe vprašanji. CiM začenja z gibanjem, iz ŠE ne vem. CiM omogoči naravno (intuitivno) razvijanje raz-umevanja. Pretirano tehnično znanje plesnih tehnik ali utrjene ideje o tem „kaj je problem“, ga lahko celo ovirajo. Razumevanje CiM izvira iz dela na licu mesta, v prostoru, ko si tam, delaš, se gibaš. Delo počiva na tem, kar konkretno počnemo tisti dan, ne da bi si kaj beležili. Izbor odločitev, ki jih posameznik sprejme, njegovo energijo usmeri v organsko in na novo odkrito stanje, rezultat uspešnih rešitev.

Je še kaj takega, kar bi rad povedal udeležencem, preden se srečaš z njimi?
Jasper Dzuki Jelen: Delavnica, ki bo potekala 18. septembra 2014, bo uvod v splošno CiM doživetje. Udeleženec se bo domov vrnil prerojen s svežo energijo, novimi izkušnjami in z novimi pogledi na svet. Običajno sicer delavnice trajajo dva do pet dni, zaradi česar se lahko natančneje osredotočimo na strokovno delo ali zasebno življenje in jih še razširimo s temami, kot so odločanje, intuicija, ustvarjalnost ali izražanje samega sebe.
Po petih letih izkušenj bi tudi dodal, da je od udeležencev odvisno, ali se bodo in v kakšni meri se bodo vključili v delo. Sam jih lahko vzpodbudim in jim posredujem potrebno znanje, ne morem pa jih prisiliti, da počnejo ali razmišljajo o nečem, česar nočejo. Niti ni namen delavnice, da bi se spuščali v tovrstne pogovore. Torej pridružite se, bodite pripravljeni za to, da se bomo razgibali, se učili, se soočili z določenimi izzivi in se zabavali.

Še praktični napotek: oblecite se tako, da vas obleka ne bo ovirala pri gibanju. Ne sme imeti ostrih, kovinskih gumbov ali zadrg. Najprimernejša bosta običajna majica s kratkimi rokavi in hlače za vajo.
          Kakšna čudovita izkušnja   
V četrtek, 12. junija 2014, se je v Ljubljani odvijala InCo izkustvena konferenca skozi 12 tehnik z naslovom Od inspiracije do inovacije. Dogodek je v kulturnem spomeniku D125 (nekdanji Merkur) organiziralo podjetje Vibacom d.o.o., iniciator in koordinator InCo gibanja za inovativni preboj Slovenije, s soorganizatorji Združenjem Manager, Društvom moderatorjev Slovenije, Centrom Arhitekture in strokovnimi skupinami ter posameznimi nosilci strokovnih znanj. Konferenca je udeležencem omogočila edinstveno izkušnjo sistemskega doživljanja celostnega inovacijskega procesa skozi 12 različnih tehnik ter s tem nakazala prihodnost načina učenja in pridobivanja kompetenc.

Slika: Srbnik fizičnega prostora in  vzdušja Raphael Duret-Nauche
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc
Na dogodku so udeleženci doživeli celoten inovacijski proces. V vsaki fazi inovacijskega procesa (ideja, invencija, inovacija) so uporabili različne tehnike, orodja, modele in pristope za uspešno izvedbo posamezne faze, izmenjali izkušnje ter postavljali nov rob odkrivanja priložnosti. Poleg slovenskih udeležencev so bili na konferenci prisotni tudi predstavniki organizacije Beyond Leadership iz Avstrije in Nemčije.

Violete Bulc, pobudnica in koordinatorka konference, direktorica podjetja Vibacom d.o.o.: »Konferenca je bila že od samega začetka pospremljena z izjemno energijo radovednosti, čudenja in želje po biti del. To je bil tudi v resnici naš največji cilj, da bi lahko vse udeležence konference  motivirali, da bi začutili moč kreacije, ki je  podprta tako s strani prostora kot s strani tehnik in ljudi, ki sodelujejo z njimi na konferenci ter s strani članov timov, v katere so vključeni. Prvi vtisi po prvem delu izvajanja konference kažejo na to, da vsi ljudje zelo aktivno sodelujejo in so polno prisotni….Zagotovo je ta način učenja in pridobivanja kompetenc način prihodnosti. Tudi sami smo prepoznali, da je to lahko ena od korporativnih prednosti Slovenije, ker je prostor tako majhen - med sabo se praktično vsi akterji poznamo in se lahko zelo hitro zorganiziramo. Upam, da nam bo to uspelo v bodoče preoblikovati v neko tržno storitev, ki se bo umestila tudi v mednarodni prostor in bo pripomogla k povečanju internacionalizacije slovenskih storitev.«

Slika: Model konference
Vir: Vibacom
Spodaj posredujemo nekaj utrinkov s konference v obliki izjav udeležencev in organizatorjev. Natančno poročilo o konferenci z vsemi vtisi, izkušnjami in novimi spoznanji pa bo na voljo še pred jesenjo.

Uvod v konferenco na osrednjem trgu

VIDEO 1: Violeta Bulc, pobudnica in koordinatorka konference, direktorica podjetja Vibacom d.o.o.

VIDEO 2:  Kaja Rangus, Vibacom, d.o.o., koordinatorka konference

Tatjana Fink, udeleženka konference: »Kreatorjem, organizatorjem in izvajalcem konference od inspiracije do inovacije želim izraziti čestitke za idejo in izvedbo konference. Vrednost, ki  smo jo udeleženci dobili je v predstavitvi kar dvanajstih tehnik inoviranja, ki smo jih lahko v nekaj urah primerjali med seboj in ugotovili njihovo uporabnost v procesu od ideje do plasmaja na trg. Še posebej pa je bila neprecenljive vrednosti konkretna izkušnja uporabe predstavljenih tehnik.«

Slika: Uvodni posvet organizatorjev
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc
Tičo Zupančič, predsednik Beyond Leadership Slovenije, nosilec tehnike The Power of Connecting za oblikovanje idejne rešitve: »Navdušen sem nad tem, kako je uspelo skupini slovenskih organizatorjev ustvariti tako inovativen dogodek Svetovnega razreda, edinstvenega v Svetu, morda model prihodnosti. Če nam je uspelo navdihniti in svetovati Robinu Hoodu kako zgraditi svojo novo družbo, zakaj ne bi mogli pokazati pot Robinom 21. stoletja? Kakšen naziv »Izkustveno konferenca« »Od inspiracije do inovacije!« Ja, to je bilo to, konferenca kot neverjetna izkušnja. Velik vir navdiha za vse udeležence, ta konferenca je Svetovna inovacija. V imenu celotne organizacije Beyond Leadership lahko rečem »To je privilegij, da smo lahko prispevali«.

VIDEO 3: Marjeta Novak, CPF, nosilka in moderatorka vozlišča IDEJA, predsednica Društva moderatorjev Slovenije

Razumevanje potreb in ustvarjene vrednosti za trg (inovacija)

Osrednji namen faze Tržne manifestacije je, da na osnovi tržnih potreb in obnašanj omogoči oblikovanje inovativne ideje. Ključno vprašanje, na katero so odgovarjali udeleženci v tem vozlišču: Kdo je naša stranka?
Slika: Izvajanje tehnike "Segmentacija strank po MABS metodi"
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc

Mojca Štepic, Razvojni center Srca Slovenije, d. o. o., nosilka tehnike Segmentacija strank po MABS metodi za razvoj inovacije: »InCo konferenca je bila velik izziv, tako za organizatorje in izvajalce kot tudi za udeležence. Prvi tovrstni poskus igrifikacije pri reševanju poslovnih izzivov v okviru konferenčnega dogajanja se je izkazal kot fascinanten, prijeten, sproščen, predvsem pa koristen in učinkovit. Po dolgem času konferenca, ki ni bila dolgočasna, ki je izzvala miselne procese in katere rezultati bodo s pridom lahko uporabljeni tudi po njenem zaključku.«

Slika: Izvajanje tehnike "Delaj vitko intervju s kupci"
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc

VIDEO 4: Nastja Mulej,, nosilka tehnike Lateralno razmišljanje za design idejne rešitve

Design idejne rešitve (ideje)

Slika: Pogostitev za kosilo
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc
Osrednji namen faze Design-a idejne rešitve je, da svojo inspiracijo (navdih) čim bolj kakovostno razgradimo in pogledamo s pomočjo različnih tehnik; iščemo možne smeri razvoja naše ideje (v našem primeru poslovnega modela – strateškega načrta za Robin Hooda). Ključno vprašanje, na katero so odgovarjali udeleženci v tem vozlišču: Zakaj smo se aktivirali kot tim? Čemu služi naša rešitev?

Slika: Spominek s konference
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc
Sonja Klopčič, udeleženka konference: »Navdušena sem bila nad tem koliko dobrohotnosti, predanosti in soustvarjanja je bilo prepletenega v ustvarjanju dogodka. Sinhronizirano delovanje izvajalcev, vozlišč moderatorjev, pobudnikov intuicije in na prvi pogled nevidnih podpornikov energije so odlično dopolnili dogodek. Udeleženci so lahko soustvarjali v odprtem in kreativnem okolju in imeli priložnost, da izkusijo različne tehnike za odpiranje potencialov, kot tudi različne tehnike za posamezne korake v inovacijskem procesu. Vzporedno s tem smo oblikovali ekipo od sprva naključno zbranih udeležencev, ustvarili lastno dinamiko skupine, razvijali in opazovali dinamiko celotne skupine, evolucije igre, doživeli učinke različnih ureditev prostora za osebno dobro počutje in sodelovanje ... Izkušnja te kompleksnosti je bila čudovita. Hkratno učenje in soustvarjanje v različnih dimenzijah je bil pravi kvantni preskok.« 
Slika: Udeleženka konference Sonja Klopčič
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc
Priprava prototipa (invencije)

Osrednji namen faze Prototipa (Invencije) je, da poskušamo razgraditi našo idejo na osnovne obvladljive elemente/gradnike in preverimo, če naš pogled na reševanje izziva sploh deluje (v našem primeru poslovni model). Ker na konferenci nismo mogli na teren in preko testne ponudbe testirati idejo v živo, smo si pri tem pomagali s simulacijskimi orodji, s pomočjo katerih smo zgradili poslovni model in preverili, če je vizualno/fizično sploh izvedljiv (ali imamo povezane vse elemente, ki morajo biti povezani, ali so v pravih razmerjih, ipd.). Ključno vprašanje, na katero so odgovarjali udeleženci v tem vozlišču: Ali je problem rešljiv? Ali je naša ideja izvedljiva? 

Slika: Izvajanje tehnike "Metoda U - Skulpture"
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc

Vesna Kovačič, SrCi Inštitut Maribor, nosilka tehnike Metoda U za pripravo prototipa: »Izkustveno konferenco sem doživela kot proces spontanega in igrivega učenja. Z metodo U smo pozornost obrnili vase, se dotaknili globljih osebnostnih ravni in aktivirati svoj notranji potencial. Učenje skozi igrifikacijo je bilo koristno, sproščeno in hkrati zabavno.«

VIDEO 5 : Udeleženec konference

Marjetka  Kastner, udeleženka konference: »Čeprav sem že osvojila dejstvo, da pri tebi (op. Violeti) "naletim" znova in znova na nove oblike podajanja rešitev, sem bila včeraj spet presenečena. Odkrivanje rešitev preko gamifikacije je ne samo dobra, zabavna in kreativna, temveč tudi učinkovita metoda. Verjamem, da je tovrstni način razumevanja, kreiranja in pridobivanja rešitev, ki jih lahko uporabimo tudi v poslovnem svetu odprl tudi ostalim udeležencem nova obzorja. Še v naprej želim veliko kreativnih idej in se zahvaljujem tebi in tvojemu timu za odlično pripravljene vsebine.«

Slika: Predstavniki organizacije Beyond Leadership, Violeta Bulc
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc

VIDEO 6: Daniela Taleh, Beyond Leadership Austria

Slika: Detajl prostorske ureditve
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc

Polona Pergar Guzaj, udeleženka konference: »Moja pričakovanja o konferenci so bila velika, ampak je bilo še boljše, saj je bilo čisto drugače kot smo navajeni in se že prav veselim vseh interakcij v prihodnje, ki bodo drugačne, ki bodo, upam, da tako dobre kot ta. Udeleženci smo se super spoznali med sabo...super je, ker smo spoznali več različnih tehnik. Slaba stran konference je le ta, da nismo mogli izkusiti vseh tehnik.«

VIDEO 7 : Udeleženka konference

Ivana Davidović, udeleženka: »Radovednost je na enem prostoru združila managerje, podjetnike  in posameznike, različnih poklicev, zanimanj in karakterjev. Razdeljeni v skupine, smo združili moči v  iskanju rešitev  za  predstavljeno zgodbo na inovativen način. Pri prehodu iz ene tehnike v drugo se je pojavljalo vse več idej, vprašanj, dvomov, ki so postavili pred preizkušnjo nekatere že izoblikovane skupne ugotovitve. Tim se je povezal v timingu, ampak brez pritiska. Vsaka naslednja tehnika nas je spoznala z drugačnimi načini delovanja na različnih področjih in izzivala željo po poglobitvi in povezovanju znanj. Z nekaterimi tehnikami smo se vsaj na splošno že srečali, nekatere pa šele spoznali. Tako izbrane in strnjene, pa dajejo popolnoma drugačen efekt. Inovacijsko zastavljen koncept konference, s pomočjo igrifikacije, je našo koncentracijo neprestano držal na maksimumu. Simulacija inovacijskega procesa združuje sanje, znanje, timsko delo. Odpre prostor za drznost in prepričanje »skupaj zmoremo najti prave rešitve.« Doživeli smo veliko izkušnjo v enem samem dnevu.«
Slika: Izvajanje inspiracijske tehnike
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc

Ozadje celotne konference je predstavljala poslovna igra na osnovi zgodbe Robin Hooda, ki je bila prenešena v žargon in izzive poslovnega sveta. Celotno dogajanje je bilo hkrati tudi prikaz metode “igrifikacije/poigravanja”, s številnimi zasuki v zgodbi, selektivnimi dodatnimi informacijami, zavajajočimi informacijami ipd., s čimer so bile simulirane vsakdanje tržne razmere v katerih se razvijajo inovacije.

VIDEO 8: Sonja Šmuc, dirigentka konference, izvršna direktorica Združenja Manager

Blaž Branc, Baltazar marketing, so-avtor koncepta igrifikacije: »Robinhoodovski izkustveni preskok: Igrifikacija izobraževalnega dogodka "Od inspiracije do inovacije," je bila zahteven in drzen podvig; procesa kreiranja 1) osnovnega dizajna konference (kot izkustvenega dogodka) in 2) igrifikacija sta deloma tekla vzporedno. Danes se zdi, da je bila igrifikacija nujna, saj smo za udeležence potrebovali enoten izziv, na katerem so v skupinah delali. Izziv je ponudil element narative (zgodbe) Robina Hooda, ki smo ga dopolnili še z nekaterimi drugimi elementi igre (igralni svet, timi, kanvas, deloma LARP). Udeleženci in izvajalci so že tekom dogodka potrdili, da sta izobraževalni in igralni del konference smiselno povezana in ponujata vsem sodelujočim angažirajoče (an. engaging) in napeto igrišče, v katerem je inventivni rezultat skoraj neizogibna posledica.«


Organizacijski odbor: Violeta Bulc (ideja/(inovacija), Blaž Branc (gamification), Sonja Šmuc (marketing), Tanja Maljevac (prostor), Petra Treven Bernat (moderatorji), Bogo Seme (energijski potencial)

Nosilci prostora in pravil:

Gostiteljica projekta konference: Violeta Bulc
Dirigentka konference: Sonja Šmuc

Koordinatorke konference: Kaja Rangus, Petra Svetina, Petra Jerina
Skrbnica virov: Barbara Ogrinc
Pripovedovalec zgodbe (video povzetek): Filip Bračevac
Fotografinja: Pina Maja Bulc

Skrbniki energije prostora:  Bogo Seme, Jože Žmavc, Urška Lan, Alex Lan
Skrbniki fizičnega prostora in vzdušja: Raphael Duret-Nauche, Andreja Cepuš, Tanja Maljevac, Barbara Viki Šubic , Špela Kuhar, Uroš Zajec
Skrbnika igre: Blaž Branc, Gregor Kamnikar
Prostovoljci: Žiga Bulc, Eva Reichmann

Slika: Andreja Cepuš in Raphael Duret-Nauche
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc

Nosilec in moderator vozlišča IDEJA: Marjeta Novak
Nosilci tehnik inovacijskega procesa za design idejne rešitve (ideje):
1. The Power of Connecting, povezovalna metoda Beyond Leadership: Tičo Zupančič
2. Brainstorming: Mateja Drnovšek
3. Lateralno razmišljanje: Nastja Mulej

Slika: Povezovalna metoda Beyond Leadership
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc

Nosilec in moderator vozlišča INVENCIJA: Petra Treven Bernat
Nosilci tehnik inovacijskega procesa za pripravo prototipa (invencije):
1. LEGO simulacija: Tadej Pugelj
2. Metoda U – Skulpture: Reševanje situacije obtičanosti s spontanim (intuitivnim) odzivanjem skupine: Vesna Kovačič
3. Zmajevo sanjanje: Helena Černej in Špela Kuhar

Slika: LEGO simulacija
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc
Nosilec in moderator vozlišča INOVACIJA: Tadej Petek
Nosilci tehnik inovacijskega procesa za razumevanje potreb in ustvarjene vrednosti za trg (inovacija):
1. Segmentacija strank po MABS metodi: Mojca Štepic
2. Running Lean / Delaj vitko intervjuje s kupci: Geni Arh in Meta Arh
3. Kanvas poslovnih modelov: Marko Savić

Slika: Kanvas poslovnih modelov
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc
Nosilci tehnik inspiracije:
1. Metoda 4D: Darja Cvek Mihajlović
2. Postavitev in uglasitev namere (intencije): Breda Kovačec Mencej
3. Somatično prebujanje: Aleš Kranjc Kušlan

Slika: Ogled rezultatov vozlišč
Vir: Pina Maja Bulc

HVALA slovenskemu prostoru in vsem nam, da lahko delamo tako vznemirljive stvari. In že ustvarjamo naprej...

          why nazis are wrong   
the fact are Hitler and nazi love islam.
there think Islam, a "very practical religion for soldiers" because of the prospects of paradise promises to martyrs, was the view of Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS and one of the architects of the Holocaust. Like him, Hitler felt an astonishing fascination with this religion, which led to a viral, warlike and anti-Semitic community, that is to say, the reverse of what he saw as a Judeo-Christian corruption Which, he said, had poisoned the West. In the spirit of Hitler, Muslims may even prove to be useful, reports an article by Timeline:

"Hitler thought that Muslims could be manipulated to be a powerful tool for the Nazis. For most of the sick and the majority of Muslims fought against Germany. Nevertheless, a significant number - an entire division - was radicalized through a partnership with virulently anti-Semitic extremist Muslims. "

Admirative of Turkey, Hitler wanted to take up the idea of ​​Max Von Oppenheim, director of the NFO, the German intelligence services in the East during the First World War. The latter had tried, without much success, to use Islamic fanaticism as a weapon for the benefit of Germany and its ally Ottoman pendant the Great War.

          Starbucks says it’s sorry a barista put a Satanic symbol in teacher’s coffee   
The devil is supposed to be in the details. He just might be in the coffee, too. The viral world is all abuzz about a Louisiana schoolteacher who discovered what may be at least one Satanic symbol drawn in her coffee foam by a Starbucks barista in Baton Rouge. The teacher, Megan Pinion, did what
          How Is The New NRA Ad Any Different?   
The NRA put out a recruitment ad in April that is suddenly going viral, and a lot a of people are concerned about its message that basically says the only way to prevent liberals from taking over is to buy a gun — lots of them — and backed it up with images that evoke […]
          Und wieder verpasst die Schule ihre Chance?   
Eine Polemik Die Bereitschaft der profilierten Meinungsäusserung im Internet, das Bedürfnis, Information, Fotos, Videos usw. im Web zu teilen, die Hoffnung auf die Viralität „Sozialer Medien“, das Vertrauen, sich in Communities authentisch einzubringen:...
          Comment on Davido Is Keeping To His Promises, Builds House For Young Utibe And Mother by Utibe, Boy Who Sang Davido’s “IF” In Viral Video, Has Lost His Mother ▷ Entertainment   
[…] was Utibe now enrolled into school at Government Central Primary school Ibeno, Akwa Ibom state but Davido reached out and paid for a construction of a new home for the boy and his family, which is […]
           Glutamine supplementation suppresses herpes simplex virus reactivation    
Chronic viral infections are difficult to treat, and new approaches are needed, particularly those aimed at reducing reactivation by enhancing immune responses. Herpes simplex virus (HSV) establishes latency and reactivates frequently, and breakthrough reactivation can occur despite suppressive antiviral therapy. Virus-specific T cells are important to control HSV, and proliferation of activated T cells requires increased metabolism of glutamine. Here, we found that supplementation with oral glutamine reduced virus reactivation in latently HSV-1–infected mice and HSV-2–infected guinea pigs. Transcriptome analysis of trigeminal ganglia from latently HSV-1–infected, glutamine-treated WT mice showed upregulation of several IFN-γ–inducible genes. In contrast to WT mice, supplemental glutamine was ineffective in reducing the rate of HSV-1 reactivation in latently HSV-1–infected IFN-γ–KO mice. Mice treated with glutamine also had higher numbers of HSV-specific IFN-γ–producing CD8 T cells in latently infected ganglia. Thus, glutamine may enhance the IFN-γ–associated immune response and reduce the rate of reactivation of latent virus infection.
           Immunotherapy for transplantation-associated viral infections    
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infections following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) are a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Early clinical trials demonstrate that adoptive transfer of donor-derived virus-specific T cells to restore virus-specific immunity is an effective strategy to control CMV and EBV infection after HSCT, conferring protection in 70%–90% of patients. The field has evolved rapidly to develop solutions to some of the manufacturing challenges identified in early clinical studies, such as prolonged in vitro culture, optimization of the purity of the virus-specific T cell product, the potential limitations of targeting a single viral antigen, and how to manage the patient with a virus-naive donor. This Review both discusses the seminal early studies and explores cutting-edge novel technologies that broaden the feasibility of and the scope for delivering virus-specific T cells to patients after HSCT.
           Clonal expansion of genome-intact HIV-1 in functionally polarized Th1 CD4+ T cells    
HIV-1 causes a chronic, incurable disease due to its persistence in CD4+ T cells that contain replication-competent provirus, but exhibit little or no active viral gene expression and effectively resist combination antiretroviral therapy (cART). These latently infected T cells represent an extremely small proportion of all circulating CD4+ T cells but possess a remarkable long-term stability and typically persist throughout life, for reasons that are not fully understood. Here we performed massive single-genome, near-full-length next-generation sequencing of HIV-1 DNA derived from unfractionated peripheral blood mononuclear cells, ex vivo-isolated CD4+ T cells, and subsets of functionally polarized memory CD4+ T cells. This approach identified multiple sets of independent, near-full-length proviral sequences from cART-treated individuals that were completely identical, consistent with clonal expansion of CD4+ T cells harboring intact HIV-1. Intact, near-full-genome HIV-1 DNA sequences that were derived from such clonally expanded CD4+ T cells constituted 62% of all analyzed genome-intact sequences in memory CD4 T cells, were preferentially observed in Th1-polarized cells, were longitudinally detected over a duration of up to 5 years, and were fully replication- and infection-competent. Together, these data suggest that clonal proliferation of Th1-polarized CD4+ T cells encoding for intact HIV-1 represents a driving force for stabilizing the pool of latently infected CD4+ T cells.
           HIV persistence: clonal expansion of cells in the latent reservoir    
While antiretroviral therapy (ART) can reduce HIV-1 to undetectable levels, the virus generally reappears if treatment is stopped. Resurgence of the virus is due to the reactivation of T cells harboring latent integrated provirus, and recent studies indicate that proliferation of these latently infected cells helps maintain the HIV-1 reservoir. In this issue of the JCI, Lee et al. evaluated CD4+ T cell subsets to determine whether certain populations are more likely to harbor full-length, replication-competent provirus. The authors identified an enrichment of clonally expanded Th1 cells containing intact HIV-1 proviruses, suggesting that this polarized subset contributes to the persistence of the reservoir. Strategies to target these provirus-harboring cells need to be considered for future therapies aimed toward HIV-1 cure.
          Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 ~ 29.&30. mart Musicology Barcaffe Sessions   
Novi Bitefartcafe, Beograd
Wednesday 29 Mar 21:30

Ne propustite Afrobeat spektakl u sklopu Musicology Barcaffe Sessions u klubu Bitefartcafe!
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 ~ 29. & 30. mart
Seun Kuti je najmlađi sin legendarnog Fele Kutija, pionira afrobita. Sa samo 9 godina, Seun je izrazio želju da peva sa svojim ocem. Nedugo posle toga je počeo da nastupa sa Felom i njegovim bendom, sve do smrti oca 1997. godine.
Seun je tada, u 14. godini, preuzeo ulogu frontmena benda Egypt 80. Nastavio je da prati politička i socijalna uverenja svog oca, međutim, u muziku je uneo puno sopstvenog uticaja, istražujući dubine različitih tradicija afričkih naroda, kako bi kroz muziku oslikao borbu stanovnika ovog kontinenta i njihovu kulturu.
Otprilike tri četvrtine sadašnje postave Egypt 80 čine muzičari koji su svirali sa Felom Kutijem i često bili hapšeni i uznemiravani zajedno sa osnivačem Afrobeat pokreta.
Seun kuti je držao koncerte po celom svetu i izdao 3 albuma do sada.
Na nastupu u sklopu Musicology Barcaffe Sessions, predstaviće i svoj EP od 3 singla “Struggle Sounds”, za koji kaže da je odraz njegovog pravog političkog i društvenog ubeđenja.

Promotivni kontigent karata po ceni od 1500 dinara u prodaji na svim prodajnim mestima &

          Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 ~ 29.&30. mart Musicology Barcaffe Sessions   
Novi Bitefartcafe, Beograd
Wednesday 29 Mar 21:30

Ne propustite Afrobeat spektakl u sklopu Musicology Barcaffe Sessions u klubu Bitefartcafe!
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 ~ 29. & 30. mart
Seun Kuti je najmlađi sin legendarnog Fele Kutija, pionira afrobita. Sa samo 9 godina, Seun je izrazio želju da peva sa svojim ocem. Nedugo posle toga je počeo da nastupa sa Felom i njegovim bendom, sve do smrti oca 1997. godine.
Seun je tada, u 14. godini, preuzeo ulogu frontmena benda Egypt 80. Nastavio je da prati politička i socijalna uverenja svog oca, međutim, u muziku je uneo puno sopstvenog uticaja, istražujući dubine različitih tradicija afričkih naroda, kako bi kroz muziku oslikao borbu stanovnika ovog kontinenta i njihovu kulturu.
Otprilike tri četvrtine sadašnje postave Egypt 80 čine muzičari koji su svirali sa Felom Kutijem i često bili hapšeni i uznemiravani zajedno sa osnivačem Afrobeat pokreta.
Seun kuti je držao koncerte po celom svetu i izdao 3 albuma do sada.
Na nastupu u sklopu Musicology Barcaffe Sessions, predstaviće i svoj EP od 3 singla “Struggle Sounds”, za koji kaže da je odraz njegovog pravog političkog i društvenog ubeđenja.

Promotivni kontigent karata po ceni od 1500 dinara u prodaji na svim prodajnim mestima &

          La ballena azul, riesgos, padres y docentes   

De acuerdo con la información pública disponible, el juego de la ballena azul ha cobrado la vida de más de un centenar de adolescentes en Rusia y, sin que esté confirmado, parece expandirse a otros países y continentes. El juego, coordinado por un tutor virtual, está constituido por una serie de tareas  de corte transgresor que, finalmente, culminan con el suicidio del jugador.

La información sobre los peligros de la ballena azul ya se ha vuelto viral. Se dice, incluso, que algunos de los niños y jóvenes que se comprometen a recorrer las fatales etapas del juego lo hacen bajo amenazas. Los padres de familia, por su parte, están en una encrucijada y, muchos de ellos, desconocedores de los rudimentos básicos de las tecnologías de la información, no saben qué hacer frente a la potencial amenza a sus hijos. Algo similar puede afirmarse de los docentes que, en el caso de la educación básica y secundaria, tienen a cargo suyo a diez millones de niños y jóvenes en Colombia.

¿Qué hacer? ¿Cómo reducir el riesgo?

En primer lugar, hay que tener claro que las actuales tecnologías de la información (TI), como es el caso de cualquier tecnología disruptiva, son, sencillamente, herramientas. El uso depende de los seres humanos, que puede ser constructivo o lo contrario. Una característica de las TI, clave para despliegue y la interacción con “lo bueno” y “lo malo”es la de la ubicuidad: la posibilidad de comunicarse cómo, dónde y cuándo se desee, rasgo inédito en la historia de las comunicaciones.

Segundo, las amenazas en el mundo virtual existen desde el momento en que internet se convirtió en una plataforma comercial, en la primera parte de los años noventa del siglo pasado. Conocidos son algunos de los riesgos en materia financiera, secretos industriales y, en general, de información privada de las personas y organizaciones.  Así mismo, son muchas las víctimas que han caído en manos de redes que promueven la bulimia, la trata de personas, la pornografía infantil, cultos satánicos, para sólo nombrar algunos campos de riesgo para jóvenes y niños en cualquier parte del mundo. Esto significa que las amenazas siempre estarán en el mundo casi infinito de la virtualidad.

Tercero, en contraposición a las amenzas potenciales, las posibilidades de acceso e interacción con otras personas y organizaciones alrededor de contenidos constructivos es también, inmensa, sin precedentes, cosmopolita. La posibilidad de acceder a contenidos educativos, por ejemplo, está causando una revolución en los sistemas educativos, que ven derribarse, progresivamente, el esquema del profesor, que lo sabe todo, frente a los alumnos que nada saben; el docente actual se convertirá, en pocos años, en un articulador y orientador. La adquisición de competencias puntuales, en la forma de los nano – grados, las gigantescas bibliotecas, las posibilidades de autoaprendizaje, son tan sólo algunas de las posibilidades al alcance de cualquiera con conectividad fija o móvil.  Juegos, la creación de contenidos de opinión, el intercambio artístico, el disfrute de la música, se añaden a la lista.

En quinto lugar, queda la disyuntiva de lo que deben hacer padres de familia y los docentes: ¿Prohibir o acompañar? La respuesta es simple: apoyar a niños y jóvenes orientando y acompañando.  Sin embargo, la tarea no es sencilla, dada la brecha digital que se presenta entre jóvenes, de un lado,  y sus padres y maestros, de otro. De ahí que sea imperativo, con apoyo de las autoridades públicas,  que haya opciones de alfabetización digital para padres de familia de manera que puedan convertirse en interlocutores de sus hijos en la materia.

Sin duda, las reglas de juego en los hogares alrededor del uso de internet y, en general, del uso de dispositivos, es necesaria: el establecimiento de horarios de uso, normas mínimas para compartir en familia sin la mediación de móviles. No obstante, sin afecto es imposible construir la confianza necesaria para que padres e hijos compartan información acerca de las incursiones en internet.

Finalmente, sexto, el gobierno nacional y los territoriales, las asociaciones de instituciones educativas, públicas y privadas,  las de padres de familia, deben proveer la información oportuna acerca de riesgos a la salud física y mental que se detecten en la red y las recomendaciones del caso. Los mismos estudiantes, así como una dosis de inteligencia virtual, pueden  colaborar en ello.

Las TI son herramientas; utilizémoslas en formar mejor a nuestros hijos y conjuremos los riesgos con afecto y acompañamiento.

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What a nice post .. <a href="" rel="nofollow">The Viral Comedy </a>
           Viral Beauty Trends: Armpit Tattoos and Hair Sculptures    
Ice cream-inspired make-up is so last week. FEMAIL rounds up the latest beauty trends taking social media by storm including armpit tattoos (pictured) and fidget spinner lip gloss.
           Florida grandma, 63, stuns the internet with ageless looks    
Mona Campbell of Florida has gone viral after her grandson Chavis Walker shared photos of her on Twitter in honor of her birthday.
           Louisiana couple, 9, goes viral with tearful goodbye hug    
Merce Meynardie and his 'girlfriend' Mylee of Gonzales, Louisiana, have been inseparable since meeting aged just two in a dance class.
          Viral EX Is Coming to Steam and HTC Vive   
UK developer Fierce Kaiju is bringing their hugely popular Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift videogame title, Viral EX, to HTC Vive via Steam next month.
          L'Empar i el brindis de JFD pel rei   
L'Empar Moliner posa banda sonora al vídeo viral de l'exministre Jorge Fernández Díaz ensenyant com es brinda pel rei a Espanya. El company de tertúlia Francesc Canosa creu que alguns exministres com Fernández Díaz o García Margallo "han passat de la realitat als dibuixos animats" un cop han deixat el govern de l'estat.
          Photo featuring Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar from ‘Kaala’ goes viral   
A photograph showing superstar Rajinikanth and actor Nana Patekar bonding on the set of upcoming Tamil film “Kaala”, being directed by Pa. Ranjith, has gone viral on social media. Sporting a happy smile, Rajinikanth and Nana are seen with arms around each other in the image. In the film, Rajinikanth and the “Ab Tak Chhappan” […]
          Unethical journalism: News X anchor Rahul Shivshankar's stand on right-wing terror suspects, 'protecting' Samjhauta Express blast accused   
Rahul Shivshankar, the News X anchor, is at the centre of a major controversy.

Shivshankar is facing a very serious charge. He was hosting a programme on Samjhauta Express terrorist attack.

But after interviewing the then SIT officer who had conducted probe, the channel didn't air his interview, at all.

In the interview, the officer had said that right-wing radical Sunil Joshi was involved in the terror attack. He said that hard evidence led the SIT to the group. Joshi was later killed by members of his own group.

But, the TV channel didn't air his opinion. Shocked, the officer wrote a Facebook post, that has now gone viral. Leading journalists have said that the channel seemed to be giving a twist to the Samjhauta Express probe.

As the SIT officer's interview would have gone against the plan, it was dropped. News X channel had taken a strange and dubious stand during the Malegaon blast case too in which Hindu extremists were involved.

When Muslims who were initially framed in the case, were being released, the channel aired stories to suggest that the probe that accused Hindu radicals wasn't right.

This is further proof of how journalistic ethics and journalism are under threat in the country.

Right-wing Hindu extremists were found involved in the bomb blast in which more than 70 persons were killed.

READ MORE REPORTS ON NEWS X' dubious coverage and Rahul Shivshankar's unethical act

NEWS X: The Lies That Unscrupulous TV Weaves!
Former SIT head’s stunning allegation, says NewsX blocked his interview after he blamed ‘Hindu elements’ for Samjhauta blasts

          Is Facebook India team soft on hate-mongers: Blocks sane voices but ignores hate speech, violence threats   
It is an extraordinary situation in India, now as Facebook has repeatedly warned or blocked accounts of writers, activists and intellectuals with sane voices.

But the same Facebook is surprisingly soft on hate speech and accounts that share morphed images, indulge in misinformation and spread communalism.

The latest example is the manner in which Facebook blocked and warned Professor Ashutosh Kumar, after he shared a Navbharat Times post that exposed morphed content that was going viral on the social media website.

An image of a Muslim man who was embracing others, was morphed and a photo of an explosion was added, in it. Now this morphed image was being shared widely. When, Navbharat Times' report that exposed this mischief was posted by Ashutosh Kumar, he was asked to take it down.

Surprisingly, Ashutosh Kumar was told that his account would be shut, and later he was told that his account will be permanently closed.

While there is no dearth of Facebook accounts, mostly in Hindi, that share inflammatory content day in and day out, there is no action on them. These accounts, groups and pages are involved in sharing morphed images and even go to the extent of threats and violence, but Facebook doesn't seem concerned at all.

Read post, "Why Facebook gets upset when mischief-makers are exposed?". This is a serious question. Facebook had earlier blocked Dilip C Mandal's account though its official later apologised and restored it.

A possible explanation is that 'organised gangs' are making lot of complaints [report a post] to get accounts that expose their misdeed down, but shouldn't Facebook's officials have the basic understanding that here it is a Navbharat Times news that is exposing hate-mongers.

Or, perhaps, Facebook's staff that is supposed to keep an eye on Hindi content, has soft corner with such hate-mongers and their ideology. Clearly, Facebook's credibility is at stake. You can read Prof Ashutosh Kumar's post.


Dear Editors,

This Singaporean lady named Tiffanie XX bought a new iphone from me on installment plan but she cannot pay back full amount. And after not paying for few payments I requested her to return the phone but she refused, stating that she sold away the phone already.

Please make her viral so others will know and beware not to sell her anything on installment plan as she is out to scam anyone and everyone. She will stalk carousell and similar online platform for victims. While still not able to make her installment payment, she called my friend wanting to buy an E-scooter and another rose gold color iphone.

Seller on online platform please BEWARE of her scamming tactics to avoid being scam by her.

Jenny Chen
A.S.S. Contributor


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          The Need to Promote Sexual Health in America: A New Vision for Public Health Action.   
Sexual health is considered to be a state of wellness with physical, emotional, mental, and social dimensions. Sexual health can contribute to our overall well-being in each of these dimensions. However, despite the intrinsic importance and positive aspects of sexuality in our lives, the United States presently faces significant challenges related to the sexual health of its citizens, including human immunodeficiency virus, other sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis, unintended pregnancies, sexual violence, sexual dysfunction, and cancers in reproductive tracts with serious disparities among the populations affected. In particular, high rates of poverty, income inequality, low educational attainment, stigma, racism, sexism, and homophobia can make it more difficult for some individuals and communities to protect their sexual health. Given that many pressing public health issues in the United States are related to sexual health and that sexual health has been increasingly recognized as an important national health priority, now is the time to energize and focus our efforts toward optimal sexual health of the population. In this paper, we outline the rationale for addressing sexual health as a means to better promote overall health and address sexuality related morbidities. In addition, we present a logic model outlining an approach for advancing sexual health in the United States, as well as a range of action steps for consideration by public health practitioners, researchers, and policymakers. (C) Copyright 2017 American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association
          Broflake defined   

Perhaps you are tired of the terminology of online trashtalk, where words (such as snowflake and bro) form billowing epicycles of sincerity, appropriation and reclamation. Me too! Yet there is such a pure beauty to this morning's surprisingly viral portmanteau, Broflake.

From the Urban Dictionary:

Broflake: Straight white male offended by any feminist or ethnic activity which is not directly designed for him.

Kyle: "How come there's no Straight Pride parade"?
Me: OMG you're such a delicate little broflake.

If anything, this definition is too precise, as the word perfectly captures the broader dynamic wherein a person adopts a posture of devil-may-care principled insensitivity to offense, only to collapse in a puddle of outrage and/or legal threats when they are offended.

(For example, the NRA's Dana Loesch is an excellent candidate for Broflake of the Day for Friday, June 30, 2017. After pitching an insanely totalitarian NRA recruitment ad whose anti-violence fig leaf only drew attention to its naked thirst for bloodshed, she was apparently up all night shrieking legal threats on Twitter at random anonymous interlocutors, insisting that their mockery is not free speech.)

          Oppa Gangnam Run   

Big Psy doesn't just dance Gangnam Style, he runs Gangnam Style too!Get in the groove with the biggest viral vid of the year. Psy is running scared: Slender Man, the mysterious king of creepsters, is after him—so Psy needs to escape, Gangnam style. Run along the rooftops, jumping to avoid obstacles. Go as far as possible, so Psy can live to prove he's no one-hit wonder.

          An outbreak of dengue virus (DENV) type 2 Cosmopolitan genotype in Israeli travellers returning from the Seychelles, April 2017   

Dengue virus infection was diagnosed in six Israeli travellers returning from the Seychelles in April 2017. Phylogenetic analysis identified identical sequences belonging to the Cosmopolitan genotype of dengue virus type 2 in all samples sequenced, thus providing evidence for a probable dengue type 2 outbreak in the Seychelles. This report further demonstrates the role of travellers as sentinels for arboviral infections, especially in countries with limited diagnostic capabilities.

          Interview with @pixelatedboat, the man who created Milkshake Duck.    
It was the perfect tweet: "The whole internet loves Milkshake Duck, a lovely duck that drinks milkshakes! *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the duck is racist."

The backstory:
"I can't remember, exactly, but my best guess now is it was probably the Chewbacca Mom," @pixelatedboat, a comics artist from Australia, who asked not to use his real name, explained of the inspiration behind it. Chewbacca Mom, a woman who went viral for laughing in a mask — it was a much more innocent time last year— later came under heavy criticism for a misguided attempt at fomenting racial harmony. She got Milkshake Ducked.

"It was a thing that had happened a few times that seemed to be a trend," he went on. "I was trying to come up with a joke that would sum it up because I hadn't seen that joke done before, so I was trying to come up with the most absurd version of that that I could."...

          Gist: Chai!Boy Who Davido Promised To Sponsor For Life Loses Mom   
 five-year-old boy who  benefitted from Davido’s magnanimous inclination after going viral for singing ‘IF’, a hit song by the Afropop star. The singer has supported the family of the boy, who’s known as Utibe, with financial assistance. An Instagram user with the username ‘Sham Rock’ had a few days ago shared a video of the […]
          Stormzy and Russell Crowe among celebrities to rally round bullied boy as dad’s plea goes viral   
Tim Peake, Jake Humphrey and Jason Manford also offered messages.
          This Police Officer's Amazing Johnny Cash Cover Is a Viral Smash   
San Antonio police officer Billy Morgan's spot-on impression of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" has gone viral. Continue reading…
          TV Anime 'Grancrest Senki' Additional Cast Members Announced   
The first Nico Live program for Grancrest Senki was held on Wednesday and revealed additional cast members, along with a preview. The program is hosted by the recently announced cast members of the anime, Kentarou Kumagai and Akari Kito. The anime is slated for Winter 2018. Cast Aishera: Reina Ueda (Hanayamata) Ervin: Yuuichi Nakamura (Atom: The Beginning) Priscilla: Natsumi Takamori (Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu) Marine Kreische: Ai Kayano (3-gatsu no Lion) Virale Constance: Takahir...
          VIDEO: Pria Brasil Nekat Terjun Payung dari Sebuah Apartemen   
Seorang pria menjadi viral setelah nekat terjun payung dari sebuah apartemen di Brasil.
          Comment on Top 3 Viral Video Marketing Campaigns of 2011 by Ilona   
Great picks of top 3 viral videos, Michael. T-mobile took it with the most shared on YouTube! Although, Old Spice is always a winner in my book. Their 2010 campaign results were huge - Old Spice Bodywash sales increased 27 percent according to their agency.
          Props To This Dude For Not Dying After Jumping Off Balcony With A Parachute He Bought On The Internet   
A Brazilian man with a death wish is going viral for jumping from his balcony with a parachute he bought on the internet while a crying woman begs him to […]
          Small plane crashes into LA freeway & bursts into flames, leaving 2 injured (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)   
Preview A small aircraft dramatically burst into flames as it crash landed onto the 405 Freeway outside Los Angeles on Friday, leaving two people injured.
Read Full Article at
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          White House Ignores Newbe French “Bit Player” Macron’s Twisted TV Address   

White House Ignores Newbe French “Bit Player” Macron’s Twisted TV Address Thursday night in Paris: immediately after French President Emmanuel Macron, 39 anni, wrapped an Hussein Obama inspired televised address in which he criticized US President Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris Accord than social media went viral with comments. The […]

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          Nathaniel Bassey denies being involved in any auto accident…   


The convener of the popular HallelujahChallenge took to Twitter to address reports of him involved in an auto accident. According to news that went viral earlier this afternoon, the convener of the Viral Hallelujah Challenge, Nathaniel Bassey escaped death, after he was involved in a ghastly car accident, but came out of the crash without […]

          Gazde u subotu na Viru   
Najmanje pet puta, što na Virskom ljetu, što na Virskom karnevalu ili na dočeku Nove godine, svirale su markuševečke „Gazde“ na otoku Viru.
          'Polaroid' Trailer: Welp, Say Goodbye to Taking Selfies Ever Again   
In the realm of horror, it’s much easier to make analog technology scary than digital. While we do find unexpected brilliance in movies like Unfriended, there’s something about physical media that lends itself better to creepy — the VHS of The Ring is so much more sinister than, say, a viral YouTube video, even though it would be much easier to curse people with the latter. Which brings us to Polaroid, the latest B-movie horror flick to take an old-fashioned piece of technology and make it scary — and it actually looks pretty creative. Continue reading…
          Conozca al atractivo vagabundo, fenómeno en redes sociales   

La fotografía de un vagabundo brasileño se ha convertido en un fenómeno en las redes sociales. El apuesto joven ha generado un efecto viral en plataformas como Facebook gracias a que es impactantemente guapo.

El joven, quien responde al nombre de Rafael Nunes, le habría pedidi a una turista que le sacara una fotografía para “hacerse famoso”, pero luego del efecto de su imagen en la web, desapareció del lugar donde se encontraba....

          College Student Group Sex Scandal Video Leaked   

A Clip leaked last night, Few drunk student engage in group sex act in house party. The video was viral in Facebook and quickly take down by author the account.

The post College Student Group Sex Scandal Video Leaked appeared first on posted by Dimita Papers

          Encrenca comemora três anos na RedeTV! e prepara novidades   
Crédito/Foto: Divulgação/RedeTV!

Neste domingo (2) o programa 'Encrenca' completa seu terceiro ano de exibição na RedeTV! e promete muita festa no palco. Com apresentação de Tatola Godas, Dennys Motta, Ricardinho Mendonça e Ângelo Campos – quarteto que veio do rádio – o programa comemora o posto de líder de audiência na emissora após uma crescente de mais de 500% desde sua estreia, em 29 de junho de 2014, chegando a consolidar 5.5 pontos de média anual em 2016, além da conquista de parceiros comerciais como Tim,, Casas Bahia, Ultrafarma, e grupo Coca-Cola.

Eu falei que o Encrenca era um filho novo logo no começo, e que eu queria vê-lo crescer. Agora, ele é um filho de três anos, que anda, fala, tem uma identidade e reconhecimento do público. O principal de tudo isso é que conseguimos desenvolver uma linguagem nova: um programa inteiramente narrado, que aproveita a interação dos quatro apresentadores de uma forma diferente, uma linguagem que trouxe o rádio para a TV”, comenta Ricardo de Barros, diretor da atração.

Para o time de apresentadores, os três anos à frente da atração todos os domingos, ao vivo, proporcionaram uma aproximação com o público. “São 150 domingos sem fazer churrasco, que foram substituídos por encontros com a família brasileira, e isso nos faz mais feliz do que tudo”, afirma Tatola Godas, líder da trupe.

Nem mesmo o rompimento com as TVs a cabo comprometeu a trajetória de sucesso do programa com seu fiel público, que a cada semana acompanha as aventuras do quarteto e seus colaboradores em quadros divertidos, inspirados na velocidade da internet, além do tradicional Zap Zap. A atração também ganha cada vez mais evidência na web, conquistando milhares de seguidores nas redes sociais e apostando cada vez mais na interação com os telespectadores através da hashtag #encrencaemfamilia para garantir seu formato diferenciado.

Estamos sempre criando situações de interação com o público e acredito que as pessoas querem se ver na televisão, então a gente proporciona essa mágica. Nós fazemos com que o cara que é nosso parceiro em casa também participe daquela festa, e isso transforma todos os lados, então todo mundo está feliz”, completa o diretor.

Para o novo ano na TV, o Encrenca prepara novidades. Além de quadros inéditos a cada semana, um novo cenário está sendo desenvolvido para o programa.

Além das comemorações no palco, o programa deste domingo traz um novo capítulo na história de Clair Viana, cantor anônimo que teve o vídeo de sua canção viralizado pelo 'Encrenca' na última semana. Desta vez, o artista ganhará um clipe literal de sua canção “Se você não voltar”, estrelado pelos apresentadores Dennys, Ângelo e Ricardinho e contando ainda com a participação de Carlão.

O 'Encrenca' vai ao ar todos os domingos, ao vivo, às 20h, pela RedeTV!. Ele conta ainda com uma edição de melhores momentos aos sábados, a partir da 00h30.

          Stukov’s Heroes of the Storm hero spotlight goes viral in all the right ways   
As promised yesterday, we now have an official look at Alexei Stukov, the next hero coming to Heroes of the Storm. One of the big questions in the community after he was officially teased was whether he’d be a Support, a Specialist, or something else. The answer, it turns out, is that Stukov will be...

          DejaView: Das ultimative YouTube-Quiz   
Keine Frage, YouTube ist heute Popkultur. Wer nicht weiß, was gerade im Trend ist oder viral geht, dachte in den 90ern auch HipHop wäre Gymnastik. Wer sein Wissen mal auf die Probe stellen will, könnte mit dem Browser-Game DejaView großen...
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          Here’s Why Knowing Your Social Media Platforms And How To Execute It Is Important   

Happy #SocialMediaDay! In 2017 you can be whoever you want to be by utilizing your social media platform the right way. It’s been a major key to success for our founder Karen Civil and the Live Civil brand. We live in the day and age of personal brands, social influencers, Instagram models, and viral videos.... Continue reading

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          This ‘Shoe Game’ Is One Game Every Couple Should Play On Their Wedding Day!   

A couple recently played a question and answer type game at their wedding reception and the video is going viral…and for good reason! The game is called ‘The Shoe Game’ and it’s quite simple and super fun!  The couple sits back to back with one another while each holds one of their own shoes and one of their partners shoes. Questions are then asked to the couple and each has to decide which couple is more likely to do certain things. Such as…’Who is more likely to use all the hot water?’ or ‘Who is the biggest flirt?’. Watching the

The post This ‘Shoe Game’ Is One Game Every Couple Should Play On Their Wedding Day! appeared first on

          Weekend report   
I've plopped down on the couch, ready to wind down the weekend with a hot cup of Earl Grey with, but not before I write a quick post about Bloggerday at Atelier Quiltgebeuren.
This time the guest bloggers were Jeanneke of The Building Houses from Scraps fame, and Jovita known from the Got Dots Quilt. Simply by asking fellow readers on their blog if they would like to join in with making these projects, the quilt-a-longs went viral!

I've been steadily working on my dots, and having so much fun with them, and now I'll be preparing to build a few houses as well. Not sure if I'll do them by hand (although that is my preference), or try my hand at foundation piecing, but I will get stuck in. If you are interested, check out the button on the right with the house, and perhaps you'd like to join? Hurry, the patterns are only available until the 16th of this month.....

Similarly, if you'd like to try your hand at dots, just check out the Got Dots button and check out Jovita's blog. The patterns for both projects are free.

Jeanneke had her hands full with her Building Houses from Scraps workshop, showing the ladies tip and tricks to achieve a successful build...

Busy cutting templates.......

Jovita is showing how she makes every block perfect. That's her quilt so far...she's making a second version of this quilt as well with bright candy colors!

I really enjoyed watching Jovita's technique for making perfectly round dots.

Jeanneke's little house.......

Diana's mom working on her hexagon quilt.......

Willy demonstrated her star templates......

I picked up some lovely pieces of fabric for my Double Wedding Ring, which I will blog about soon. During a brief quiet moment, my quilting buddy in crime, Diana, offered to cut the fabric in strips so I cut cross-cut them later at home. Oh, yes please and thank you, I said, and with the enthusiasm of a Labrador, she cut ALL of my FQs!!! There went my plan for a little bit for the quilt and a little bit for the stash......ach well, I didn't tell her HOW to cut them, just figured she wouldn't do it it is my own silly fault! LOL!!!

You do realize that these fabrics will always remind me of this story, in every quilt they end up in.....

So if your quilting buddy ever know what to!

A funny ending to a fun day! A birthday party in the evening, a day playing squash with family and friends have made this just a very satisfying weekend!

I'm signing out now, ready for that last hot thee. I hope you are enjoying or will enjoy your Sunday evening and have a great and inspiring week!

- iPad Reports
          Deze bijzondere Crystal Palace-fan verwacht veel van De Boer   
“We’re all waiting om Memphis”, zong YouTube-cabaretier Jim Daly vorig jaar op de klanken van ‘Walking in Memphis’. De parodie op het liedje van Marc Cohn ging in Nederland en Engeland snel rond op het internet. ELF Voetbal sprak met de man achter de viral over de aanstelling van Frank de ...
          El enfado de uno de los bomberos que trabaja en Sierra Calderona que se ha hecho viral   
Uno de los bomberos que participa en la extinción del incendio de la Sierra Calderona ha hecho un...
          Racist bigot who filmed himself in Celtic pub chanting vile abuse about Scott Sinclair avoids jail   
Footage of Robert Anderson abusing the Hoops winger at McChuill's in Glasgow was uploaded to the internet and went viral.
          Iglu Gel for Mouth Ulcer Treatment Clinically Proven 8g   
Speeds healing Iglu gel is for fast-acting mouth ulcer treatment providing a pain-relieving , antiseptic and long-lasting protective coating. Key ingredients Lidocaine Hydrochloride 0.66%w/w and Aminoacridine Hydrochloride 0.05%w/w Directions for use in the mouth. For full details, please read and retain the enclosed patient information leaflet. For adults, the elderly and childrem: Apply sparingly, directly to the affected area(s) with a clean fingertip or cotton wool bud. Re-apply as neccessary to keep the affected area(s) protected with a thin layer of gel. Do not use in cases of known allergy to any of the ingredients. Keep away from the eyes. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Iglu gel is A breakthrough treatment for mouth ulcers is being launched by a British company. Iglu gel, puts a protective cap around the ulcer that sticks even after eating and drinking. Clinical trials have proved that it cuts healing time by one-and-a-half days because the "glue" which makes the gel stick to the ulcer allows pain-relieving and antiseptic ingredients to work more effectively. Mouth ulcers can be triggered by accidentally biting the inside of the mouth, scalding by hot food and drink or rubbing with a rough toothbrush. Some sufferers repeatedly get ulcers when stressed, tired or from viral infections The iglu gel, developed by Diomed Developments, remains liquid while in the tube but changes into a firm protective shield when applied to the skin inside the mouth. This allows the active ingredients lidocaine hydrochloride, a local anaesthetic, and the antiseptic aminoacridine hydrochloride to reduce pain and resist bacterial infection. GP Dr Paul Stillman, who specialises in skin problems, said the pain from mouth ulcers comes from exposure of nerve endings when the surface of the skin is removed, but there are no prescription medicines available. "The clinical trial results show igl� is a breakthrough as it really sticks to the ulcer and protects it. It also withstands eating and drinking, which is an added bonus." In a clinical trial the healing time for those using iglu gel was shortened compared with another ulcer product, down from 5.5 days to four days. Altogether 50 volunteers took part in trials comparing igl� gel with an existing gel product. In all cases, the gel remained in place and for most people it did not need to be reappliedfor up to two hours. In total, 85 per cent of users rated the new treatment as more effective than their previous treatment.

Price: £6.12 Special Price: £5.99

          Moms Reveal What Maternity Leave Is Really Like   

Maternity leave looks different for everyone, but one thing is for sure: maternity leave is not a vacation. Taking care of a newborn is hard work, and throughout the whirlwind of those magical and challenging early days, moms want to soak up every moment while also staying sane. What are those weeks or months really like, though? Below, moms weigh in on what maternity leave actually looked like for them, plus what they learned about themselves and motherhood throughout those first days as a mom.

"No One Can Tell You What to Expect"

"I learned that no one can tell you what to expect, and that every experience is entirely unique. Some women love nursing, and some despise it. Some women drop all the baby weight in six weeks, and some take over a year. Some women instantly embrace motherhood, others struggle to bond with their babies right away. There is no 'right' answer or 'best course.' You just have to take it day by day, and not be so hard on yourself." - Dana Avidan Cohn, executive style director

"I Was Clinging to the Other Parts of My Identity"

"I had a really hard time at the beginning of my maternity leave. My recovery went slowly, so I was pretty chained to my apartment and eager to get outside and start feeling like myself again. I learned within the first few days that it was incredibly important to me to be more than my daughter's mom. I felt so consumed by 'mothering' and all of the physical and mental tolls it takes in the first few weeks, that I was clinging to the other parts of my identity and was so anxious to feel like myself again. It was a constant battle for me to just relax and enjoy being a mom.

I was lucky enough to take almost six months off. The first few months were scary, hard, and exhausting. I thought I was going to be able to do it all, but it was a serious victory for me the first time I cooked a family dinner after my daughter was born - when she was 8 weeks old! I learned to take baby steps, to not be so critical of myself and my experience, and to aim to get out of the house just once a day rather than pack my day with things to do. By month four, I felt like I had really hit my stride. I started to have much more fun with it and really bond with my daughter. I couldn't imagine going back to work before I did, but I also couldn't imagine staying home any longer. It was the perfect amount of time for me to feel comfortable with this huge life change.

I had about 10 shows queued up on Netflix that I was convinced I'd finally get to watch with all my 'time off.' I didn't even make it through one of them. So I guess that's the biggest indicator of how different my maternity leave was than I expected." - Stacy Hersher, director of Social & Partnerships

"I Missed Adults"

"I was very lucky I was able to take six months off with both my daughters, but started working a little bit at three months (teaching Pilates one night a week and one Saturday morning) because I missed adults. I loved hanging with my girls and we walked all over town, had quiet naps, did tummy time together - but these lovely newborns did not get my jokes. My moms group helped a lot, but working was nice, being just me and not me as Mom, and it was nice to actually miss my babies.

I also remember with my first that for the first six weeks, I stayed on top of everything: cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. And I was like, 'OK. I can do that. Now I am bored.' So I decided to have more fun and took my baby on more adventures and saved the dishes for my husband." - Susi May, senior editorial director

"It Was Key For Me to Have One Thing to Do Each Day"

"I was lucky enough to be able to take four and five months off with my first and second sons, and it was a dream. I mean, it was hard and exhausting and draining and all of those things too, but being able to have a singular focus - my baby/ies and my family - for those short months felt like a real luxury; even more so during my second leave after I had experienced what it really means to juggle work and home life. I really believe that those first few weeks and months with your little ones are some of the most precious times in your life and as difficult as they can be, I tried to remember that and really give myself license to soak it up, enjoy it, and go easy on myself. I didn't feel guilty for staying in bed late into the morning, I made a point to hold my baby while he slept, and I let long walks be my only accomplishment for the day.

Both times, it was really key for me to have one thing to do each day. It didn't have to be big - a trip to Target, laundry, or lunch with a friend - but having one "goal" each day helped me get into a routine, forced me to leave the house, and got me comfortable with juggling life with a new baby. That is, after the initial few weeks of recovery. I had C-sections with both of my sons, and not being able to drive for a few weeks, still being in pain, and being limited in the amount of physical activity I could do was really hard for me. By week three, both times I was more than ready to be independent enough to drive myself places and was frustrated by having to 'rest' and 'slow down' when I felt like I wanted to get 'back to normal.'

Things were a little different the second time around. I had complications related to my recovery that put me in the hospital for two days, and it seemed like every week someone in the house was sick (that's what you get for having a Winter baby, I guess!). It just felt like setback after setback, and I didn't really feel like I got to enjoy my leave until my son was almost four months old, and I only had one month of leave left. But even with all that (and the stress of learning how to have TWO kids!) I still cherish that time that I got to spend at home with my boys just being 'Mom' and not worrying about childcare or commutes or work emails." - Lauren Turner, editorial operations director

"My Second Go-Around Felt Like It Happened in a Blink"

"With my first baby, my 12-week maternity leave seemed to last forever. I mostly stayed at home - I barely left my nursing chair. I didn't have many friends as we'd moved to a new city just a few months prior, and I was unsure about venturing out with a newborn, so it was just easier for me emotionally to stay put. It just seemed like too much pressure.

By the time I took my second maternity leave over two years later, I assumed I'd feel similarly, especially with both kids at home. However, my second go-around, despite being the same 12-week duration, felt like it happened in a blink, and I felt like I was an entirely different kind of mom. I had sprung for a fancy new glider to nurse my newborn in . . . I've maybe sat in it nine times? Instead, I was out of the house nearly every day, despite having a January baby. I wore my newborn and took her everywhere, toddler in tow. I felt fearless. And I had such a bigger, better support system this time, that it was actually hard to fit in family visits, excursions with stay-at-home mom friends, and kiddo play dates. With my first leave, I was ready to go back to work, a bit bored. But my second one? I almost lost track of days entirely and ended up asking for an additional week just because it was going by so fast and I was actually having fun." - Kate Schweitzer, moms senior editor

"I've Never Been So Happy and So Terrified"

"Based on what I'd heard from close friends and co-workers, I knew that maternity leave would be a mixed bag, as challenging as it was special, and I'm so glad I had that expectation going into it. Those early weeks were hard in a way that feels impossible to explain. As one friend put it, 'You basically go through the biggest physical challenge of your life, you're hurting everywhere, and instead of taking care of yourself, you give everything you have to this other person.' It's both a test and a privilege.

I had multiple complications during the recovery period, which meant I was bedridden for several weeks. Meanwhile, an oversupply issue made breastfeeding difficult for both me and my son, who cried and choked each time he ate. I'd never been so happy and so terrified at the same time.

Once I physically felt better and I was able to meet friends for lunch and coffee dates, I slowly started returning to myself. I'd been consumed by the nitty-gritty worries of motherhood throughout those early weeks, but around month three or four, I felt a boost in my energy and my confidence. Mentally, I started giving myself gold stars. I cooked a meal! I did my hair! I stayed up past nine!

About 10 weeks in, I brought my baby to the office to meet my co-workers. My mom came with me, and she sort of watched quietly as I chatted with everybody. As we left, she said, 'You absolutely lit up in there.'

It was true. Sure, I cherished those cozy pajama days with my little buddy, but as things got easier - both physically and emotionally - I craved more of a routine. I missed the office. To be honest, I'd struggled to step away from work from day one (I admittedly kept up with my email), and after five tough but incredible months, I was thrilled to go back. Instead of feeling guilty about that, I let myself feel grateful for a job that brings out the best in me, which ultimately makes me a better mom." - Laura Marie Meyers, trending and viral features editor

"I Was Doing My Favorite Thing Ever"

"I had such a wonderful time on maternity leave. My favorite memories are walking through the woods with my baby asleep in the Moby wrap, taking her to postnatal yoga classes, connecting with moms in our local baby group (I'm still friends with those moms!), nursing on the rocking chair, reading her Sandra Boynton books, and just generally loving life because I was doing my favorite thing ever - spending time with my new favorite person." - Jenny Sugar, fitness editor

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Been on vacation this week? Maybe a little out of the loop? Here are some of the most viral stories we spotted the last few days, both on-air and online. Caught on camera! A thief picked the wrong house when he made a bold grab at the home of a WHNT News 19 employee. The man struck just four minutes after a delivery driver left several boxes on the homeowner’s porch. In surveillance video, you can see a white car […]
          This Incredible Footage Of A Massive Great White Shark Caught In Shallow Water Is Going Viral   
This video of a great white shark thrashing around in shoal H2O has a internet holding a common gasp. It’s not mostly that we see such up-close-and-personal video of a good white shark in action, and when we do, it’s generally hundreds of feet underneath a H2O around a dauntless essence holding a camera in ...
          Obama administration eases policy on preventing civilian casualties in Iraq, Syria   
A Yemeni boy walks past a mural reading " Why did you kill my family" on Dec. 13, 2013, in the capital Sanaa. A new report says that a drone strike on a wedding in southern Yemen a day earlier may have killed up to a dozen civilians. Photo by Mohammed Huwais/AFP/Getty Images

A Yemeni boy walks past a mural reading ” Why did you kill my family” on Dec. 13, 2013, in the capital Sanaa. A new report says that a drone strike on a wedding in southern Yemen a day earlier may have killed up to a dozen civilians. Photo by Mohammed Huwais/AFP/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama announced in May 2013 that no lethal strike against a terrorist would be authorized without “near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.”

But amid unconfirmed reports of civilian casualties, the White House said this week that U.S. bombing in Iraq and Syria is not being held to the near-certainty standard. And the Pentagon, hamstrung by limitations in intelligence gathering, has been unable to determine in many cases whether the casualty reports are true.

“We do take extreme caution and care in the conduct of these missions,” Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon’s press secretary, said. “But there’s risk in any military operation. There’s a special kind of risk when you do air operations.”

When Obama outlined his strategy to fight the Islamic State group earlier this month, he cited as parallels the limited U.S. counterterrorism campaigns in Yemen and Somalia, where American drone missile strikes have targeted al-Qaida-linked militants. Aides said he was also thinking of Pakistan but didn’t mention those strikes because drone killings there are entirely the work of an officially unacknowledged CIA operation.

But when it comes to civilian casualties, it has become clear that the targeted killing model that Obama has expanded and honed throughout his presidency does not apply to the more intensive military operation against the Islamic State and the Khorasan Group in Iraq and Syria.

According to the White House, the reason the near-certainty standard is not applicable turns on a fine point of international law — the theory that the U.S. is not involved in “active hostilities” in Yemen and Somalia, but is in Syria and Iraq. Such distinctions are controversial, given the frequency with which American bombs and bullets have flown in both countries.

A more practical reason is that the self-imposed rules on drone strikes against al-Qaida are simply too restrictive for a conventional military air campaign against the Islamic State group, which the U.S. says is both a terrorist group and an occupying army, and has ordered the Pentagon to destroy.

“It is much different in scope and complexity” than Yemen and Somalia, said Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., an intelligence committee member. “I think it will be very hard to apply the very restrictive rules they put in place for other theaters.”

The drone attacks in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan are carried out either by the CIA or, at times in Yemen and Somalia, the military’s Joint Special Operations Command. They employ Hellfire missiles, relatively small munitions designed to destroy people and vehicles.

In Iraq and Syria, the Air Force and Navy are using cruise missiles and conventional guided bombs to destroy buildings and other infrastructure that Hellfires can’t bring down. Allies, including Britain, France and Arab countries, are also using conventional bombs.

While most of the air strikes have been directed at the Islamic State group, the U.S. also used cruise missiles to attack the Syria headquarters of the Khorasan Group, an al-Qaida cell said to be plotting attacks on the West. Syrian opposition figures have said that one of those missiles went astray Sept. 23 and killed women and children in the village of Kafr Daryan near Aleppo.

All told, human rights groups have said that as many as two dozen civilians have been killed in U.S. and allied bombings in Iraq and Syria. The U.S. military says it hasn’t confirmed any civilian death but hasn’t ruled it out in every case, either.

White House spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said the near-certainty standard was intended to apply “only when we take direct action outside areas of active hostilities.”

Military officials say they are taking great care to avoid civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria, consistent with international law. But international law does not require a near certainty that civilians won’t be harmed in military strikes. U.S. officials say harm to noncombatants is inevitable in a large bombing campaign —especially when the enemy is embedded in civilian areas.

Obama himself made that point in his 2013 speech, in the context of explaining why targeted drone campaigns are preferable to conventional war when it comes to counter terrorism.

“Conventional airpower or missiles are far less precise than drones and are likely to cause more civilian casualties and more local outrage,” the president said.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said this week that the U.S is relying mainly on intelligence-gathering technology such as satellites, drones and overhead surveillance flights to determine whether there have been civilian casualties.

As a result, “It’s much harder for us to be able to know for sure what it is we’re hitting, what it is we’re killing and what is collateral damage,” said Tom Lynch, a retired colonel and former adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff who is now a fellow at the National Defense University.

Warren acknowledged that the Pentagon could not say for sure that every person killed in the bombing of Iraq and Syria has been a combatant.

After the near-certainty standard was imposed on drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, the frequency of strikes dropped precipitously, and the use of so-called signature strikes — attacks aimed at large groups of armed men who fit the profile of militants but whose names were not all known to the CIA — was curtailed.

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BTS may be the biggest musical act you’ve never heard of — unless you’re already one of the Korean pop group’s millions-strong fanbase. The seven-member boy band, Bangtan Sonyeondan (or BTS for short), is know… More
          ESPECTÁCULOS: Realizarán concierto en Quechua en Ayacucho   

Por primera vez en Ayacucho se desarrollará el festival “Cantemos en Quechua” que parte del proyecto: “Los jóvenes también cantamos en Quechua”; organizado por la ‘Asociación Surca’.

Cada vez más nuestra ciudadanía y, sobre todo, los artistas van tomado conciencia de la enorme importancia cultural que tiene el idioma quechua, las canciones y vídeos realizados por los mismos muchas veces se viralizan en las redes sociales porque el quechua es un idioma que no solo sorprende, si no también encanta. Son señales de que el quechua está renaciendo y se está adaptando a nuevas alternativas culturales de nuestro tiempo.
Desde esta perspectiva, se ha organizado para hoy un concierto en quechua en Ayacucho para incentivar el quechua y el talento ayacuchano.
“Es un festival apto para toda la familia, donde nuestro principal objetivo es revalorar el idioma quechua que tanto se ha perdido en nuestros jóvenes”,mencionó Patricia Rivera Canchaya, responsable del evento.

Después de su gran participación en el lanzamiento del ‘Plan Ayacucho Waytarín’, se hará presente ‘Ayapacha’, grupo de reggae en quechua.Tambien cantará “Liberato Kani”, cantante de Hip Hop.
Asimismo, lucirá en el escenario Renata Flores,cantante de Pop Rock, quien viralizó el tema “The way you make me feel” de Michael Jackson al cantarlo en quechua. Esta sería la primera presentación oficial de su banda en esa región.
El género Hard Rock Blues estará también presente en el evento con Freddy Ortiz, cantante de los Uchpa. La organizadora del evento aseguró que este será un reencuentro de los primeros integrantes del grupo ayacuchano.
El evento se desarrollará el día de hoy 29 de junio, en las instalaciones de la casona Jáuregui, ubicado en el Jr. Dos de Mayo 210 (Frente a la iglesia ‘La Merced’), desde las siete de la noche.
Se espera la participación de la población ayacuchana.

          Videogiochi: erano veramente meglio prima?   

Quante volte abbiamo sentito dire e forse lo abbiamo pensato anche noi “I videogiochi di un tempo erano più belli?”. Nel corso del tempo ci è stato un salto generazionale nel mondo dei videogiochi che ha fatto passi da giganti. Ma erano veramente meglio prima? No, non erano meglio prima. La mia giovane età mi […]

L'articolo Videogiochi: erano veramente meglio prima? Originale puoi leggerlo direttamente Yessgame Autore Aleiix

          On The Sets   
Wearing a Manish Malhotra lehenga, Raveena taped an episode of her television show recently. Can’t say I was smitten by the lehenga. Liked it even less on Raveena; she seemed entirely overwhelmed in it. This was bit of a miss. Raveena Tandon On Sabse Bada Kalakar Sets Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani
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​Seorang wanita Thailand menangkap saat yang mengerikan saat kecoak yang tak terhitung jumlahnya mul
           50% provisions for IBC accounts &quot;very reasonable&quot;: RBI&#039;s Acharya   
Viral Acharya incharge of monetary policy making said till now, the banks have neglected the crucial aspect of provisions against the expected losses which have resulted in lack of success in earlier resolution attempts.
          Aneh, beberapa pernikahan sesama jenis ini jadi viral   
Pernikahan jenis adalah pernikahan yang dilarang di negara beberapa negara. Namun ternyata walaupun
          The Food-Skin Connection   

  "Our bodies are our gardens."

-William Shakespeare

I have had philodendron plants in my house for as long as I can remember and it was quite sometime before I was able to understand the constant dying leaves. I finally learned that a healthy philodendron sheds its leaves, letting some turn brown and crispy to make room for fresh new leaves. These leaves are a beautiful component of the cycle of a plant. They exchange gases between the atmosphere and the plant, are responsible for the transformation of water, carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy, photosyntheses, through small openings in the leaves called stomata. The stomata are how the plant breaths, much like the pores of our skin. Fleshy plants' leaves store water and food materials. All plants take up nutrients through the roots  that are the building blocks to create strong, new leaves. Leaves even have a process of evaporation of water, called transpiration, similar to sweating.

"He who takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skill of his doctor." - Chinese Proverb

Human skin is the largest organ in the body, and just like the leaves of a plant, skin breathes, sweats, sheds, grows, stores water and draws nutrients from food to heal, regenerate and function optimally. Skin serves many important functions in the body. Skin absorbs vitamin D from sunlight, forms a protective barrier, regulates temperature sensation and absorbs oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The skin can absorb much more than just this. Anything that is applied externally to the skin will be absorbed into the body's tissues. Nourishment from the outside is important and can certainly improve the condition of the skin. However, food is the foundation for healthy skin and no amount of surface care can make up for lack of intake of nutrients that skin needs to function optimally.

Free radicals are single atoms with unpaired electrons that bind themselves and wreack havoc on cell membranes and organs. In the skin, free radicals result in wrinkles, aging and can result in cancerous tumor development. Antioxidants neutralize free-radicals. Ensuring intake of antioxidant-rich foods, like blueberries, red wine and kidney beans can prevent these undesirable conditions. Vitamin-A is critical to adrenal and steroid hormone synthesis which can impact acne levels. Vitamin-A also increases cell regeneration and can foster healthy turn-over, speedy recovery from wounds and creates a youthful glow. Vitamin-A can be found in canteloupe, chili peppers, eggs, fish oils and leafy greens. Vitmain-C, found in brocoli, cherries and citrus fruits is critical for bruise healing, smooth skin and for healing the skin. It helps support infection resistance, provides essential information for formation of collagen tissue, protects against cancer, viral infections, bacterial infections, allergies and environmental toxins.

These are just three of the important factors found in food that create healthy skin . I have been studying nutrition for seven years and natural cosmetics for four, and am currently in the process of earning my title as a holistic nutritionist. I am merely scratching the surface of this young (but ancient) and involved science. I have joined the naturals team as a guest blogger to share information and explore further the vast realm of the skin-food connection as well as the importance of each and every ingredient that we put on our skin and in our skin care products. I often relate human health to a compost pile, as the recipes for wellness are similar. William Shakespeare said it with more beauty when he said, "Our bodies are our gardens." Our bodies can radiate with the same beauty of a young spring flower and we can provide as much nourishment to the people around us as a rich, ripe bundle of strawberries, but just as a garden, we need an attentive steward in order to thrive and with the right nourishment, we can truly shine from the inside out.


Adina Ferrin

Nutrition Writer


          HyunA’s “Ice Cream” Becomes Her 2nd MV To Hit 100 Million Views   

HyunA is now the first female K-pop solo artist to have two music videos reach 100 million views! HyunA’s “Ice Cream” MV (featuring a cameo by PSY following HyunA’s appearance in his viral hit “Gangnam Style” MV) was released in October of 2012, and as of June 30 KST, has now hit the 100 million view milestone […]

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          VIRAL PE NET: Gorila dansatoare în piscină   
Ce poate fi mai plăcut într-o zi toridă decât o baie răcoroasă în piscină? Gorila Zola, de la grădina zoologică din Dallas, a ajuns vedetă pe internet, după ce a fost filmată dansând de fericire într-o piscină...
          FDA Grants Priority Review to HIV Monoclonal Antibody and Long-Acting Investigational Antiretroviral Ibalizumab   

Biologics License Application (BLA) Accepted for Review with a Target Action Date of January 3, 2018

Ibalizumab Expanded Access Program (EAP) Currently Enrolling New Patients

          Zizek, el filósofo viral   
El pensador esloveno triunfa en las redes con sus vídeos y su lenguaje desprejuiciado, y conecta con el desencanto de los jóvenes, que hacen cola para escucharlo
We have previously published articles by the Australian AIDS-and-biology researcher Cal Crilly, and here is yet another installment. Cal is someone who digs into scientific studies. He does biological detective work and finds gems that hide in plain view, things we don't normally understand and that even the experts do not see as they are not trained to put discordant facts together and question basic assumptions. What this new article tells us is that retroviruses - the same kind that are thought to cause immune deficiency or AIDS - are useful and necessary for our immune system to function correctly. That of course tends to leave the hypothesis of a viral causation of AIDS in grave trouble. I say 'hypothesis' because no one has proven, or even come close to a coherent explanation for, the mechanism of AIDS causation by HIV. How does a retrovirus that is by nature a benign particle, cause devastation of the immune system? Here we have several scientific studies published in the world's finest journals, which attest to the fact that retroviruses are part and parcel of the human organism, that they are needed to provide certain defensive capabilities against invaders, and that they are not pathogenic. So we might ask ourselves why HIV tests (thought to indicate the presence of a retrovirus) are still performed, and why doctors are still recommending the use of toxic anti-retroviral drugs to kill what, rather than a foreign invader, appears to be part of normal human metabolic processes. Cal Crilly lays it out for you, citing and linking the sources......
It is hard to make sense of the numerous contradictions in the official explanation of what causes Aids and how to best fight the scourge. But then - the confusion may be fully intentional. Aids as a strategy and cover for de-population would make perfect sense. It is race specific, its victims are the poor and socially deviant, and if we believe the press, the whole population of the African continent is at grave risk. A high percentage of those treated eventually do die. What they die of is the hard question that must be asked. Aids testing, prevention and treatment are promoted by the medical/pharmaceutical world and by the mainstream press as essential counter-measures. Yet both Aids testing and treatment target certain racial and social groups and the populations of developing countries, especially if they are located on the African continent. The interpretation of test results is largely arbitrary. Prevention consists of giving both mother and child a highly toxic shot of medicine, and treatment - more often than not - seals the fate of the victim. Treatment leads to a more or less certain death. All that is promised is that the death will be slowed by "life extending" drugs. What makes me think of a deliberate strategy with regards to Aids and the confusion that surrounds it, is the point-blank refusal of the reigning pharmaceutical/medical establishment to even address those contradictions, to discuss in an open way with those who point out that something's not right. Perhaps I am too suspicious, but it seems to me that so much bungling cannot be the result of mere inadequacy. Contradictions, Contradictions Some of the most egregious contradictions I have found over the years are: Tests identify people who "have Aids" but they do not find a virus, merely some specific proteins that could be (and apparently are) associated with a host of non-Aids conditions. The interpretation of tests is different for people with different life stories. Likelihood of a positive test result is increased by being gay or promiscuous, by being of African descent or just by living in a poor part of town, yet "universal testing" is being advocated. In Africa, the definition of Aids does not rely on a test. It is sufficient if you have the symptoms of several of the diseases that are rampant there, diseases brought on by poor hygiene and by bad nutrition. Instead of helping Africans overcome the endemic diseases of their continent with better sanitation and freshly grown produce, we send them toxic Aids drugs and industrially produced, often genetically modified grains. Prevention and treatment of Aids are always highly toxic. More Aids victims die of iatrogenic liver disease brought on by the doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs than of the "opportunistic" diseases that a failing immune system is said to bring on. People who refuse treatment often do not get ill - especially if they adopt a healthy lifestyle - some have been documented to stay healthy for decades. Most people who take Aids drugs suffer horrible "side effects", among them immune deficiency brought on by the drugs. They also die early. Yet no studies have been done to compare a natural, healthy regimen of nutrition and good life with the recommended antiretroviral drug treatment. The isolation of the viral entity that is said to cause Aids has never been published in a peer-review journal. The virus cannot be isolated from sick individuals. No one has shown how the viral entity actually CAUSES immune deficiency. Yet a Nobel prize has recently been awarded to Luc Montagnier and a collaborator for the discovery of HIV. That rabbit hole is very deep. The more you dig, the more absolutely incomprehensible facts and contradictions emerge. One of the most articulate critics of the Aids orthodoxy is Dr Andrew Maniotis, a Professor of Pathology and Program Director in the University of Chicago's Department of Pathology, Anatomy, Cell Biology and Bioengineering. In the following piece, Dr Maniotis highlights the failures of the paradigm that says Aids is caused by an infective agent called HIV and it must be treated with anti-retroviral drugs. In the second part of this post, Dr Maniotis comments on an article in the New Statesman that comments on the controversy around Aids. Perhaps I should be clear that Dr Maniotis, while pointing at the various inconsistencies, does not advocate any conspiratorial view of Aids. If I imply such a conspiratorial (de-population) connection, that view is mine alone. The failures of the HIV/Aids hypothesis According to former NIH director, and Nobel Laureate, Harold Varmus who formed the committee that named “HIV” “HIV,” retrovirus-derived DNA sequences (genes that come from viruses whose genes are made out of RNA instead of DNA), may be ancient molecular “parasites” in their associations with other organisms. As such, they may not be recognizable as foreign molecules to the human immune system (which explains the STEP trial and 60 other "HIV" vaccine disasters, perfectly). Thus, “retroviruses” or their components are not immunogenic (capable of being seen as foreign by the human immune system), because “HIV’'s” molecules, and those of other “retroviruses” are not seen as foreign or non-self,” because they are, and always have been, part of the incredible repertory of the combinatorial complexity of the normal human genome. Supposedly, if we are around on this planet millions of years from now, the human immunoglobulin cassette (that part of the T-cell genome that immunologists claim can be instantaneously rearranged to respond to foreign antigens) new immuonglobulins will continuously be produced to counter any “foreign” molecular challenge, which are not yet present on this earth yet. Therefore, we have NOT sequenced the total human genome, because some of it’s sequences don’t yet exist. And they may not exist in persons said to have “AIDS,” hepatitis B or C or D, as a response to a foreign virus, but these signatures may instead represent the breakdown products of autoimmune diseases that cause cells to spit out “virus-like particles.” As molecular parasites, and as response of our own cellular reactions to common diseases, foreign proteins or metabolic and even psychological stressors such as an AIDS or cancer death sentence, “retroviruses,” their genes, and their molecules, may be simply a byproduct of our stressed cells, because they always have been, are, and always will be, made by our own cells. The amazing thing is that: some antiretroviral drug regimens in some people (almost half of them it appears) can stop the cells from producing these stress responses and their consequent virus-like particles as shown in the German drug addiction clinics by Heinrich Kremer and Juliana Sacher. But these doctors warn, when taken long-term, HAART will cause damage to the bone marrow and others systems, as literally dozens of mainstream clinical trials have demonstrated. It isn’'t only the 60 vaccine failures that raise issue with the “HIV=AIDS” hypothesis. And it isn’'t that cures for cancer or “HIV-disease” have been foiled in every case by “mutation.” Other failures of the “HIV=AIDS” hypothesis include: The failure to really isolate “HIV,” from all other objects in the Universe, or to explain what its confusing presence in healthy drug-naïve persons means; The failure to appreciate, that the association of a molecular marker with any disease state, does not prove, disprove, or even suggest causality; The failure of the Nobel committee to appreciate, in the case of Montagnier’'s and Barre-Sinoussi’'s recent award of the Nobel Prize, that their Patient One’'s “viral” isolate,” was derived from a fellow with swollen lymph nodes, a history of syphilis and syphilis treatment the year before, a history of gonorrhea, a history of cytomegalovirus infection, a history of herpes I and II infection, a history of Epstein-Barr virus infection, and God knows what else; The failure to appreciate, in the case of Robert Gallo'’s so-called amplification of “HIV” markers in stimulated tumor-cell cultures not killed by “HIV,” that “HIV markers” are detectable in less than half to a third of of 72 healthy persons, and not persons now considered to be AIDS patients. And as shocking as it is, a failure to appreciate that there still is no rational or acceptable cell culture model or method to grow HIV” in Petri dishes; The failure of the Nobel committee to appreciate that, a) “HPV” (human papilloma viruses) molecular sequences that are sometimes associated with cervical cancers are just that: they are molecular sequences, not Human papilloma viruses. HPV virus particles, to date have not been shown to induce cervical cells or any other kind of cells to become cancerous, and b) the failure of the Nobel Committee to acknowledge and heed the widely publicized warnings in the Journal “College of American Pathologists (CAP),” and also by senior investigators at the National Cancer Institute, and the company Digene who make “HPV” molecular tests, that HPV-sequences” have not been validated against the clinical occurrence of clinical cervical cancer. In this context, the Nobel committee also failed to appreciate the shameful carnage currently being perpetrated by the so-called first cancer vaccine GARDASIL (made by the same company Merck, who 20 years ago claimed that their hepatitis B vaccine was the first “anti-cancer” vaccine, before France filed a class action suit to stop the hepatitis B vaccine mandate for its young citizens, because it harmed so many); The failure to sequence the “HIV” genome as a consistent pattern or sequence, or to identify specific proteins that are not also found in normal, “non-infected” contexts; The failure to inform the public (and most scientists) that reverse transcriptase is not specific to viruses, nor are the gag, pol, env, p24, and other so-called “HIV-specific” genes and their products, which all can be detected in normal, “non-infected” contexts, and which are published on Medline; The failure a) to block transmission of “HIV” or AIDS in mother to child transmission studies (MTCT) as shown by the Cochran Meta-analysis and other peer-reviewed reports, which showed increased “HIV mutation rates” after black box label drugs such as nevirapine were discontinued in the U.S., and ashamedly administered to more than eight hundred seventy five thousand African mother-infant pairs by Max Essex of Harvard, and others and b) the failure to acknowledge or appreciate that safety officers of the NIH, such as Dr. Fishbein, who monitored such trials as a safety officer, were fired, while those individuals such as Edmond Tremont who directed the nevaripine trial(s) were not even reprimanded after he had changed the data in safety reports that Dr. Fishbein and others had uncovered, in order to push forward George Bush’s PEPFAR pogrom and the eugenics pogram on Africans; The failure to understand why ARV’s (anti-retrovirals) in some individuals, can prevent "AIDS syndromes," because their toxicity to normal immune cells can not only can block these cells from expressing HIV-specific” molecules as a normal response to a physiological stress, or as evidence of a rare genetic polymorphism, but because these drugs are so toxic, that like antibiotics, they suppress both fungal and bacterial growth, but cannot prevent theoretical virus proliferation, because if the HIV” paradigm is correct, these genomes of “HIV” are rapidly integrated into the DNA of the “infected,” and will never be sensitive to drugs designed against their “molecules.” The failure of microbicides, condom campaigns, and circumcision, that more often than not, have increased the rate of detecting “HIV’s” molecular markers, instead of decreasing them among African human “lab rats;” The failure to a) appreciate the disaster and infant mortality caused by breast feeding dissuasion campaigns, designed to decrease infant mortality from “HIV-infection,” but which increased infant mortality 20 times in formula fed infants, compared to mother-infant pairs that didn'’t listen to their doctors, and who weren'’t dissuaded from breast feeding, and b) the failure to appreciate the corresponding terrorism that has been waged against new mothers to promote formula dumping on 3rd World nations, and perhaps because of a hatred of the human female’s breast and the disgusting nature of breast feeding; The failure to acknowledge how projected and WHO-manufactured “HIV” and AIDS”...
On the 24th anniversary of the day a human retrovirus was named in a press conference, called by the Centers for Disease Control as "the probable cause of Aids" an international group of scientists says it is time to re-assess that belief. Being diagnosed HIV-positive is a traumatic experience - emotionally, mentally and physically - HelpForHIV In the 70s we had Richard Nixon's and Jimmy Carter's War on Cancer, an all-out well financed research program that sought to establish a viral cause and to find a cure for the Big C. Despite much work and huge amounts of money poured into the program, no such virus was found and - famously - no cure either. Much of this research centered on the so-called lentivirus or retrovirus family - a class of virus that turned out to be a harmless byproduct of the human metabolism, rather than a cause of any disease. As the cancer research program folded for lack of results, a new focus was needed and a new direction of research. The announcement by Robert Gallo that a new virus, later named HIV or human immunodeficiency virus, was implicated in AIDS, gave that new focus and direction. But now, 24 years later, the hypothesis of HIV as "the probable cause of Aids" as Gallo had called it, shows signs of failure. Not all patients have the virus. As a matter of fact, no clear and clean isolation of the virus was ever published in a scientific journal. The distribution of Aids does not match what one would expect from an infectious disease, no cure has been found and no vaccine is in sight either. Scientists are defecting from the HIV=AIDS hypothesis, but there is great momentum in the money that funds research. As was the case with cancer, the only cause being looked into is a viral cause, because the only acceptable remedy is pharmaceutical. Other research has been terminated. The cracks in the viral Aids paradigm are many and re-examination is needed. Here is the announcement of Rethinking Aids......
Audrey Serrano, a woman living in the US and misdiagnosed with HIV was awarded $2.5 million in damages in December last year for the shock and for suffering the adverse effects of the drugs she had to take for years before the mistake was corrected. While that is a welcome break from the Aids propaganda we're subjected to from all sides, it really only reveals the tip of the iceberg of a human disaster of untold dimensions that is going on right before our eyes. Aids is an epidemic of medical failures if there ever was such a thing. - The virus that supposedly causes the immune weakness has never been scientifically isolated and no one has explained how it causes such weakness, throwing the whole theory behind HIV and Aids into doubt. - The test for the virus is notoriously unreliable - some 60 or 70 unrelated conditions are known to cause a false "positive" reading when no trace of the virus can be found. - A "positive" result for HIV antibodies should really be a cause for celebration. Everyone knows that when we have antibodies there is no longer any need to worry about getting sick. The body has successfully overcome the illness and is now ready to fight any future viral intruders. But no - not so with Aids. Here a positive test result means we are told to undergo treatment. - Treatment typically consists of a highly toxic cocktail of medicines to be consumed for years to come. Few can actually survive the ravages of the drug side effects, which have become the major cause of death in "Aids". But there is another dimension to this tragedy which perhaps even overshadows the fate of those coerced or cajoled into submitting to a fraudulent test and a deadly drug regimen. It is the tragedy of those who simply live in poor conditions, who more often than not are declared victims of Aids without as much as a test. Kaushalya is one of those. Her husband died of tuberculosis, not an uncommon occurrence in Delhi, India. She was labeled - falsely like Audrey Serrano in the US - as HIV infected. Widowed Kaushalya with her daughter in 1997. Today, the tall, healthy lady is happily married and has given birth to her third daughter To be sure, Kaushalya didn't win a millionaire's settlement in a legal action, but her story, described by Arun Shrivastava, social activist and environmental campaigner, gives us an insight into that other dimension, where Aids does its damage not by viral action and not even through the agency of a toxic 'medicine'. It tells of the stigma that the great unknown plague brings and of its genocidal consequences in the less developed countries. David Rasnik recently said, "AIDS has little to do with science and medicine because it is fundamentally a political and sociological phenomenon". Perhaps, after reading Kaushala's story you might concur with David and with Thabo Mbeki, the courageous African politician who dared challenge the scientists to uncover the real damage Aids is doing to the whole African continent. They do need your help....
I have said for some years that AIDS has little to do with science and medicine because it is fundamentally a political and sociological phenomenon. Dr. David Rasnick, biochemist and Aids critic. What is the lesson we should be learning from President Mbeki of South Africa? Perhaps Mbeki is the only head of state and indeed the only prominent politician to think that Aids should be discussed, not dogmatically imposed. In 2000, Mbeki called a conference where critics and mainstream scientists could have done the discussing. Unfortunately, contrary views about Aids are just about the last thing a highly paid medical researcher wants to hear. Eight years later, we are still no closer to really understanding Aids than we were back then. So what did we miss? South African President Thabo Mbeki - Image credit: AFP Could it be that AIDS is something completely different from what medical science tells us? Officially, Aids is a world wide epidemic caused by a sexually transmitted virus that happens to preferentially infect certain groups of people and not others. The 'infection' leads, if untreated, to almost certain death. In consequence, it is important that people abstain from sex or use condoms as a 'protection'. It is also important that everyone get a test to ascertain whether or not they have been infected - a positive test is more likely if you happen to be a member of a so-called 'risk group'. Medical science says it's doing what it can but after more than two decades has found neither a vaccine nor a cure. For the moment all that is available are drugs that can 'extend life span' by wrestling down the deadly virus. Critics say that none of this is true. They charge that - the HIV virus was never clearly isolated. Neither Gallo nor anyone else has published a paper in the scientific literature to show the virus and how it was found. - since there is no standard (no virus), any test for 'HIV antibodies' cannot be not a valid test to establish infection. - AIDS is defined as each one of a number of previously known illnesses, in the presence of HIV. Circular reasoning really, if we do not know the virus. - No viable mechanism has been proposed for how exactly the virus hurts the immune system. HIV is said to be 'different' from all other known viral agents associated with illness. - Virology says once you have developed antibodies, you are immune. The antibodies indicate you have overcome the infection and are now protected. Only in the case of AIDS apparently, when you have antibodies, that is taken as a sign of infection to be treated with ineffective but nevertheless toxic drugs. - The drugs used to 'treat' Aids are so highly toxic they often are the cause of death of the patient. Liver failure has become a major cause of death of people under anti-viral therapy. - Those who refuse drug treatments after testing 'positive' survive much longer without developing any of those 'aids defining' diseases, especially if they switch to better nutrition and generally a healthy lifestyle. Certainly things do not add up, yet there is a complete block to discussing alternative strategies for understanding and overcoming Aids. It's drugs and more drugs, especially for the Africans said to suffer from the syndrome, but there is no real viral agent, and no proper treatment. So coming back to David Rasnick's view that "AIDS has little to do with science and medicine because it is fundamentally a political and sociological phenomenon", perhaps we should really look into the political and sociological side of Aids. In a recent email discussion, There was a reply from Dan to David Rasnick's characterization of Aids. Dan says: Absolutely agree. This g*#*!*d "science" debate can go on for years to come. The scientists for whom it threatens their life's work aren't going let go of it. It's an incredible paradigm shift that I wonder if medical science as we know it will survive intact. I doubt it. People don't want to let go of "AIDS". It's part of our lives. It fulfills many, many societal needs. As a gay man, I can tell you that gay men will be the last to let go of this, and they'll be kicking and screaming all the way. It's not because they're such fans of "science". It's because of the many needs it fulfills. "AIDS" is a sociological phenomenon. Then Michael Ellner said I having been saying AIDS is a sociopolitical and economic phenomenon for decades -- I have also been saying that the late Casper Schmidt, MD was on to something and we would be far more effective if we factor in the Group Fantasy and the mass self-hypnosis... Michael also attached his article about THE MBEKI CHALLENGE saying "perhaps the following will be helpful". President Mbeki's experience has shown that scientific discussion of the causes of Aids is difficult if not impossible. Michael Ellner has summed up the situation of dogma versus debate that prevented any discussion back in 2000. He also describes Aids and the approach our symptom oriented medicine takes, the false perception of a virulent germ and the myth that has been spun around these ingredients. His article is not new but remains an important document for anyone trying to unravel the mysteries of Aids. Michael was so good to allow re-posting of the article, which was originally published in CONTINUUM magazine, vol 6 no 11. Here it is......
Low dose naltrexone (LDN) is a promising treatment for autism, Aids, cancer and autoimmune diseases. The costs are negligible and proponents say that the drug could help many, but clinical trials aren't in the interests of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Without further studies, there is no way to find how this drug supports the immune system. Naltrexone in MS - Image: Auburn Journal. Naltrexone is a drug that blocks the effects of opiate drugs and it was approved by the US FDA in 1984 for the treatment of addiction. Dr George O'Neil in Perth, Australia, has been very successful in treating addiction with naltrexone implants, a slow release form of the drug implanted under the skin, that will keep an addict free from the desire for the next fix for anywhere from three to six months. Usually this allows enough time for de-toxification and for a change in life circumstances, where the former addict can stay free of drugs even after the implant's effect wears off. For the treatment of drug addiction, the usual dose of naltrexone is 50 mg per tablet but there is another use of the drug that seems not to have been found by the original research: In a low dose of 3 to 4.5 mg (milligrams), naltrexone acts to straighten out the immune system and to fight a wide range of diseases involving a immune malfunctions. In AIDS, low dose naltrexone (LDN) has been given by Dr. Bihari alone or together with the standard anti-retroviral treatment, with excellent results in both cases. Jaquelyn McCandless and Jack Zimmerman are planning to extend that experimentation now, and they have set up a Yahoo Group (LDN in HIV AIDS) to share information about the trial and eventual outcomes. Here is the introductory message explaining what they are about to do:...
          Pesan Taksi Online, Pria Kaget Dijemput Mobil Truk   
MANADOTODAY.CO.ID – Pengalaman seorang pria tentang bagaimana dia berakhir di belakang sebuah truk setelah menggunakan aplikasi berbagi tumpangan, telah menjadi viral di Weibo, situs medsos milik Cina. Pria dengan ID @QiGeNongDongQiang, menulis postingan yang sekarang telah dihapus bahwa dia ingin mengambil tumpangan dari Wusha ke kota Chongqing yang berjarak sekira lima sampai enam jam perjalanan. […]
          Newly released 'Jumanji' trailer goes viral   
A newly released trailer for Sony Pictures' "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" has gone viral.

          YouTuber Charged After Boyfriend Dies In Apparent Viral Video Stunt Gone Wrong   
Authorities allege Monalisa Perez accidentally shot Pedro Ruiz III while they were trying to make a viral clip.
          Lionel y Antonela Messi ya son marido y mujer -

Lionel y Antonela Messi ya son marido y mujer
Los 260 invitados participan de la celebración en el City Center. Los regalos, el look de los novios y todas las claves de la boda del año. 30 de junio de 2017. (AP). Lionel Messi y Antonela Roccuzzo ya son marido y mujer. Junto a 260 invitados ...
El casamiento Messi-Roccuzzo, minuto a minuto: los novios saludaron en la alfombra roja y el momento del "sí"LA NACION (Argentina)
Messi se casó con Antonela Roccuzzo: El primer saludo a la prensa como esposos [VIDEO]El Comercio
Lionel Messi celebra la "boda del siglo" en Rosario con AntonellaLa Razón (Bolivia) -EL LITORAL -Diario Gestión (Comunicado de prensa)
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          McMansion Hell returns, ditches all Zillow images to prevent legal battle   
Enlarge Zillow and McMansion Hell have buried the hatchet. The company won’t sue, and the blog won’t use images from Zillow anymore. In a brief statement, Zillow said it will “not pursue any legal action.” The company issued the statement shortly after an Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney representing Kate Wagner fired back at Zillow in a five-page letter. Wagner is behind the viral architecture blog, McMansion Hell. On Monday, Wagner received a demand letter from Zillow threatening a lawsuit over spurious copyright claims and possible violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which is a federal anti-hacking law. Even more bizarrely, as the EFF letter pointed out, Zillow did not own the images in question—it merely licensed them from others. So it wasn’t clear how Zillow would have had standing to bring a suit. Plus, even if the company did somehow have standing, her satirical commentary was protected under the Fair Use…
          Minnesota Man's 'Frozen Trampoline' Video Goes Viral   
What happens when you water down your kids trampoline in Minnesota in the winter? This guy did it for a video that is making the rounds on TV newscasts around the country. Continue reading…
          Τι είναι το #4GSQUAT – Το νέο VIRAL στο ελληνικό internet!   
Τι είναι το challenge του #4GSQUAT που έχει τρελάνει το ελληνικό internet;
          WATCH: CNN’s Jeff Zucker gets CONFRONTED by James O’Keefe about their Russia coverage   

This week, James O’Keefe has released two incredible damaging videos about CNN’s coverage of the “Russia Investigation” that have gone mega viral on the internet. In one video, a CNN producer openly admitted that the whole Russia story was “bulls**t”, but they were told to keep pushing the story for ratings. In the other video, CNN contributor Van Jones can be seen saying that the Russia story is a “big nothing-burger”. Now, James O’Keefe is trying to confront CNN boss Jeff Zucker face-to-face, but the interaction was cut short by Zucker’s cowardly ways. Watch the confrontation below: “How are you? Do

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          Ways for online marketing   
Online marketing can be done by following ways.

Banner advertising : just put a banner in major portals and get your maximum traffic this a way to generate awareness about your newly or existing sites. It will be easy for you if you have a banner with popular portals such as yahoo, rediff or indiatimes.

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          ROI is very important for online marketing   
Companies are affording tons of dollars in online marketing but it will be necessary for them to calculate ROI on every dollar spends. Online marketing would be a best and cheap way to promote your products and services but It will be necessary to understand finance part.

Let say you have a very small budget of 10,000 indian Rs. for online marketing now, question comes how you utilize this sum for your effective ROI. you have lots of option such as SEM, Viral, Email, Affiliate etc....

If you hire a search engine expert or company then also you might not get first spot of your keywords in this budget. But, you can try text based advertising which will definetly give good clicks and sales.

If you select viral or affiliate marketing then might in this budget it will not be effective. Let's try email marketing!!! Humm!! you have a chance to be in touch with lots of people if you have your own mailers you could generate effective ROI from email marketing withing above budget.

Conclusion: What ever your budget identify the best method for online marketing for your effective ROI. Get in touch with experts but do not waste your single dollar in online marketing.

          Virgin mobile online marketing strategy   
Virgin mobile plans to for its site. The site will provide regular information such as tariffs, the different models of mobile phones on offer, and other features such as ringtones, wallpapers and game downloads exclusive to Virgin mobile handsets.

The website is targeting youth of india mostly. It will be best in its class and will appeal to youth.

They have launched banner ads across major portals such as Yahoo!, MSN, Rediff, Indiatimes, Sify and even social networking sites such as Facebook, which will take users to the Virgin site. Search marketing is also carried out with youth related keywords such as ‘music’ and ‘games’.”

Mindshare Interaction is working on a viral campaign for the brand and has plans to use social media as well.

(Via: Agencyfaqs)

          Did Rappler tries to save Antonio Trillanes’ political career with biased news?   

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has received heavy criticism and bashing after being stood up by Stephen Sackur in BBC Hard Talk interview.

With a moral and political reputation at stake, it seemed only Rappler was trying to salvage Trillanes walk of shame by posting an article spun to favor Trillanes.

Rappler ran the headline “Trillanes to BBC anchor: Filipinos will soon realize ‘damage’ caused by Duterte” which focused on the controversial Hard Talk interview.

Despite Trillanes’ obviously besmirched reputation after the BBC interview, Rappler still tried to angle its news report in a way that positively highlighted Trillanes’ viewpoint.

Netizens took to social media to express their dismay at Trillanes’ interview with one of them posting:

How long does it take to expose a lying braggart?

BBC – less than an hour

Philippines media – cannot answer. Mouth stuffed with money.

Rappler was also targeted by the ire of netizens for allegedly protecting the senator.

One netizen said, “ladies and gentlemen, mga kababayan, this is what spinning to condition the minds of the people is all about. The entire world has seen the meltdown of the Senator yet Rappler sees it differently. This online new entity has taken the role of fault-finder in the Duterte presidency to the point of neglecting critical thinking, which is a very important aspect of Thought Leadership. I am amused.”

As Rappler’s founder, Maria Ressa was bashed for her editorial choices that have led to Rappler seemingly trying to protect a staunch Duterte critic.

Netizen Mike Acebedo Lopez posted Rappler’s article on Trillens’ BBC interview and wrote a caption saying, “most of us have seen the BBC interview, a grand display of feeblemindedness and a much-deserved paring down of the senate stooge, yet this is Maria’s Rappler’s takeaway. Pasintabi pero, sobra na, Maria Ressa…punyeta ka!”

          Satunnaisia kysymyksiä - : : Echramath   
Ymmärsinkö oikein, että 200m on pisin virallinen matka, jonka voi voittaa pinkomalla koko matkan niin lujaa kuin pääsee?

Kiihtyvyys on jännä juttu, ihminen juoksee 100m kymmeneen sekuntiin, ja kun autoja mitataan varttimailille, matka on "vain" nelinkertainen (ja pari metriä päälle), ja päästäkseen alle kymmenen sekunnin pitää olla melkoinen vekotin. Kaikkein nopeimmat superautot kuten LaFerrari pystyvät tähän, formulaykköset ja varsinaiset kiihdytysautot tietysti ovat vielä nopeampia.
          Pres. Duterte can’t hide his admiration over Chinese sniper rifles: ‘Ang Gaganda’   

President Rodrigo Duterte did not hide his admiration over the 7.62mm sniper rifles donated by China to help his government win the war in Marawi City.

“Yung mga sniper na dumating, ang gaganda. And I told (Defense Secretary Delfin) Lorenzana na paghatian ninyo na lalo na ‘yung sniper. Very beautiful. You’ll get it in a matter of days,” said Duterte in a speech in Davao City Thursday. Duterte is expecting anohter batch of sniper rifles from China in September.

Duterte ordered Special Assistant to the President Bong Go to rush the ballistic examinations of the sniper rifles because couldn’t wait to deploy these as soon as possible to his men on the field in Marawi.

“I hope that you can assemble about one battalion of snipers para — mahusay kung marami tayong snipers. They are also sniping at us and they have the beautiful guns, they have the Barretts,” said Duterte referring to the US Military issued Barret M107semi-automatic sniper rifle used by Maute snipers in Marawi City.

“Well, it’s a deadly firearm, it can reach you almost one kilometer away. But may panlaban naman tayo. Marami man rin tayong Barrett. And with additional arms, I think we will find it easy really to operate,” said Duterte.

After the Marawi war, Duterte is planning to investigate how these Barrettes issued by the Department of National Defense found their way into the hands of the enemy. He said one of the reasons why the Marawi war has lasted this long was because of the well-positioned snipers of Maute.

“Taas kasi sila eh. So tayo, uphill. Nakaposisyon na ‘yung snipers nila, ‘yung mga Barrett. So practically we ha — we were in open country. So, every building was occupied with one or two… So, naparami ‘yung casualties natin,” said Duterte.

          GREAT NEWS! MILF Helps Government Forces Rescue Trapped Citizens in Marawi City During 8-Hour Ceasefire   
The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) political affairs chief Ghadzali Jaafar said the group’s forces have been helping evacuate civilians out Marawi city.

This statement was made earlier this month as government troops battled against Maute and Abu Sayyaf terrorists.

In a report by the Inquirer, the MILF spokesperson said that the humanitarian efforts of the MILF came after MILF Chief Al Haj Murad met with President Rodrigo Duterte on the evening of May 29 in Davao City.

According to Jaafar, their group has been helping Maranaos escape the violence in the city long before the meeting with the president took place.
“We escorted them out of their homes to nearby towns outside the city,” he said.

Jaafar also confirmed that sometime during the siege in Marawi City on May 23 – MILF militias open fired at the militants who were trying to blow up the bridge in the aforementioned city.

“With the President’s go-signal, our troops there have been instructed to help in bringing out of the city the remaining civilians,” Jaafar said.

However, despite the shared history between the MILF and the Maute group, there seems to be no love lost between the two groups.

The spokesperson said there was no executive order for MILF forces to fight alongside with government forces against the ISIS-aligned Maute terror group.
As of writing, the group’s focus has solely been the rescue civilians who remained trapped in the city. They were told to save these civilians regardless of whether they were MILF relatives or not.

Yesterday it was reported by GMA News, that rescue teams of both MILF and government volunteers would reenter the war zone. Both groups would take advantage of the military’s eight-hour ceasefire in order to recover the bodies of the slain.

Assistant Secretary Dickson Hermoso of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process had made this statement.
“Our mission is to retrieve warm bodies. Our volunteers from the MILF will go to the ground, knock on the doors at the houses there, use megaphones and use the local vernacular of Maranao to entice them (trapped civilians) and bring them to the safe zone.”

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) announced the eight-hour ceasefire last Sunday night to allow Marawi City residents to peacefully celebrate the end of the month-long Ramadan known as Eid’l Fitr.
The ceasefire which began at 6 AM will end at 2 PM.

Watch the viral video report here:

          WATCH! PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa Lectured This Police Officer After He Executed an Improper Salute   

  • PNP Director General Chief Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa lectured a police desk officer.
  • The officer was not saluting properly to him.
  • He checked the position of the officer from head to toe.
PNP Director General Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa once again lectured a police officer who was not saluting properly to him. Chief dela Rosa recently visited Mandaluyong Police Station to personally talk with the rookie cops who were involved in police brutality caught on camera.
In a video posted by News5, Chief dela Rosa was seen disappointed and irritated by the improper salute of the police desk officer upon entering the station. The officer received several sermons from the cranky PNP chief.
“Ayusin mo yan,” Chief dela Rosa told the desk officer while he was correcting the position of his hand.
He further inspected the officer if his feet are standing 45 degrees. Chief dela Rosa then headed inside the station along with his entourage. Netizens also praised the chief for disciplining him.
The viral cops he was going to confront were Police Officers Tandog and Enriquez. However, he was left disappointed as the two cops were not there. They were the cops who were allegedly caught in a video beating a civilian inside inside San Jose Barangay Hall in Mandaluyong City.
The video was uploaded on Wednesday and instantly received multiple criticism from social media users. PO1 Tandog and Enriquez quickly surrendered to the authorities after their video went viral.
Earlier this week, Chief dela Rosa attended the recognition rites of police trainees of Police Regional Offices 6 and 18 in Bago City, Negros Occidental. During his speech, he challenged the 821 trainees.
“I want to make sure that after taking your oath as police officers of the Philippine National Police, it doesn’t mean that you’re PO1 only of Bacolod or Iloilo City Police Offices, or Regions 6 or 18, but you are PO1 of the PNP, meaning you can be assigned anywhere in the Philippine archipelago,” Chief dela Rosa said.
“It should be your mindset and [you should be] willing to offer [your] life in the service of the country. Ang pinaka ayaw ko sa pulis ay yong duwag,” he added.
He stressed that as police officers, they should serve the people and enforce the law. He also added that they don’t become a cop to get rich or get involved into illegal organizations.

          Going viral: When YouTube stunts turn deadly   
Why do some aspiring YouTubers risk their lives for online hits?
          This Police Officer's Amazing Johnny Cash Cover Is a Viral Smash   
San Antonio police officer Billy Morgan's spot-on impression of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" has gone viral. Continue reading…
          'Polaroid' Trailer: Welp, Say Goodbye to Taking Selfies Ever Again   
In the realm of horror, it’s much easier to make analog technology scary than digital. While we do find unexpected brilliance in movies like Unfriended, there’s something about physical media that lends itself better to creepy — the VHS of The Ring is so much more sinister than, say, a viral YouTube video, even though it would be much easier to curse people with the latter. Which brings us to Polaroid, the latest B-movie horror flick to take an old-fashioned piece of technology and make it scary — and it actually looks pretty creative. Continue reading…
          Justin Bieber's Right Yeezy Shoe Is Selling For Over $5k On eBay   

Justin Bieber threw his Yeezy’s into the crowd for his fans to enjoy and each shoe is going viral for different reasons.

Autor: avatarClevver-News
Tags: clevver news justin bieber bieber biebs clevver justin bieber tour justin bieber concert news feed justin bieber shoes justin bieber yeezy justin bieber yeezy on sale justin biebers yeezy ebay
gepostet: 28 Juni 2017

          Ditodong Pisau, Reaksi Polisi ini Tak Terduga - Dalam menjalankan tugasnya, polisi harus bertindak tegas terukur. Dalam peristiwa genting,  ia diharuskan bisa menyelesaikan sebuah krisis dengan tepat dan cepat hingga kondisi lebih buruk bisa dihindarkan.

Meski polisi telah melakukan tugasnya semampu mereka, tak jarang tindakan tegas sering harus berakhir dengan jatuhnya korban. Walau korban tersebut adalah pelaku itu sendiri, penyelesaian krisis tanpa korban jiwa dengan langkah persuasif tentu merupakan sebuah pilihan terbaik.

Mungkin para polisi di seluruh dunia bisa berkaca pada seorang polisi asal Thailand ini. Tindakannya menghadapi seorang pria yang menerobos pos polisi sambil menodongkan pisau telah mendapat pujian dari seluruh dunia. Bukannya bertindak tegas, ia memilih melakukan pendekatan dari hati ke hati dengan pelaku.

Petugas yang bernama Anirut Malee seperti biasa sedang bertugas di Kantor Polisi Huay Kwang di Thailand, ketika tiba-tiba seorang pria stres merangsek masuk sambil menodongkan pisau kearahnya.

Dalam video yang menjadi viral terlihat jelas pria ini langsong menodongkan pisau kearah Anirut. Bukannya berusaha melumpuhkan pelaku, dengan tenang Anirut malah duduk diatas meja sambil mengajak pelaku berdialog.

Dalam wawancaranya dengan Thai Viva News, ia berkata, "Ia dulunya seorang musisi tapi kini menjadi satpam selama tiga hari ini dan belum digaji. Ia kalap karena gitarnya dicuri dan itu membuatnya tertekan."

"Aku mendengarkan keluhannya dan bersimpati. Kukatakan aku punya gitar dan akan kuberikan kepadanya, dan aku mengajaknya keluar untuk makan bersama. Kami berbicara dalam dialek Thailand selatan."

Dengan ketenagannya, Anirut membuat pelaku luluh dan segera menyerahkan pisaunya sambil mulai menangis. Sekali lagi Anirut membuat reaksi terpuji; ia segera memeluk lelaki tersebut sambil membuang jauh-jauh pisau pelaku.

Anirut kini menjadi perhatian dunia, ia menjadi pahlawan global. Anirut adalah bukti yang menakjubkan tidak saja sebagai polisi hebat, tapi juga sebagai manusia luar biasa.

          Katy Perry habla sobre el desnudo viral de Orlando Bloom   
La cantante habló del tema por primera vez.
          Sora Buzz   
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          Bike Blast   
"Bike Blast" - занимательная аркада на Андроид, разработанная компанией Ace Viral...
Bike Blast

          Supreme Court Denies Certiorari In Dancing Baby Copyright Case   
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Following a May amicus brief from the U.S. government urging that certiorari be denied in a longstanding copyright dispute over a viral video, the U.S. Supreme Court on June 19 indicated that it will not hear the case (Stephanie Lenz v. Universal Music Corp., et al., No. 16-217, U.S. Sup.).
          Podcast384: Michael Wesch at Heartland eLearning 2011   
This podcast is a recording of Michael Wesch's keynote presentation at the Heartland eLearning Conference in Edmond, Oklahoma, on March 8, 2011. This was a superb and provocative presentation about teaching, learning, lecturing, engagement, student interests, meaning, identity, recognition, and many other issues. In his keynote he suggested we need to move from simply getting our students to be "knowledgeable" to being "knowledge-ABLE." This is a shift from students being good knowledge regurgitators to saavy knowledge filters, sharers and creators. He suggests we need to go "beyond critical thinking" and "beyond information literacy" in our classes today to successfully prepare students for our present and future. In the keynote he also shared stories from his doctoral research in New Guinea and what true culture shock is: a total loss of personal identity. Dr. Wesch is an assistant professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University, and has co-created several viral videos on YouTube with his undergraduate students. Refer to the podcast shownotes for related links to this presentation.
          NotPetya : une cyberattaque très virale... mais peu lucrative ?   
La cyberattaque NotPetya, qui aurait touché, mardi, 2 millions de serveurs dans le monde, aurait permis d'extorquer moins de 10.000 dollars. Ce montant - jugé faible par les experts - laisse penser que l'objectif premier de l'opération était l'implantation de nouveaux logiciels malveillants pour une prochaine attaque.
          Hasta en el PRO rechazan la anulación de la obligatoriedad de las vacunas   
La polémica iniciativa de la diputada Paula Urroz (PRO) no cuenta ni con el respaldo de la mayoría de sus compañeros de bloque ni de la Comisión de Salud de la Cámara Baja.
El proyecto de ley que anula la obligatoriedad de las vacunas, impulsado por una diputada de Unión PRO no cuenta con el respaldo de la mayoría de sus compañeros de bloque ni de la Comisión de Salud de la Cámara baja, aseguró este jueves el legislador oficialista Sergio Wisky en medio de un fuerte rechazo a la propuesta por parte de las sociedades científicas referentes de pediatría, inmunología e infectología.

"El proyecto de pedir un consentimiento informado para aplicar vacunas, incluso las del calendario oficial, es una propuesta personal de la diputada Paula Urroz (PRO), pero no fue debatido ni en nuestro bloque ni en la comisión de salud, y en principio la mayoría tenemos una posición contraria", explicó Wisky (PRO) miembro además de la comisión de salud en la Cámara baja.

Y continuó: "El consentimiento informado es algo que se solicita cuando se trata de una práctica de alto riesgo, que no es el caso de la aplicación de vacunas. En este contexto, pedir esto implicaría una traba en la accesibilidad de un bien social, porque el beneficio es para toda la comunidad a través del efecto rebaño, esto es, cuanto mayor es la cantidad de personas vacunadas, menor es la carga viral que circula".

En referencia a si el proyecto tendrá tratamiento en la comisión, el diputado expresó que "tenemos una agenda prioritaria que está muy lejos de este tema".

Desde que se difundió el proyecto, diversas sociedades científicas vinculadas a la pediatría, inmunología e infectología como la Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría (SAP), la Fundación Huésped, la Sociedad Argentina de Inmunología (SAI), la Sociedad Argentina de Infectología (SADI), entre otras, expresaron a través de diferentes comunicados su rechazo a la polémica iniciativa.

"Es fundamental recordar a las personas la importancia de las vacunas que, junto al agua potable, son las dos herramientas sanitarias que más vidas salvaron en la historia de la humanidad", indicó la médica Carla Vizzotti, integrante de Huésped y ex responsable del Programa Nacional de Control de Enfermedades Inmunoprevenibles del Ministerio de Salud de la Nación.

La especialista recordó que desde que comenzó la ampliación del Calendario Nacional de Vacunación, que actualmente cuenta con veinte vacunas, "el país logró erradicar la viruela, el sarampión desde 2000, el síndrome de rubeola congénita y la rubeola desde 2009, la difteria desde 2006 y el tétanos neonatal desde 2007".

"Además -recordó- se eliminó el trasplante de hígado por causa de virus de Hepatits A, se redujo en un 50 por ciento la internación por neumonía desde 2012, y un 82 por ciento la letalidad por tos convulsa en neonatos".

En referencia al proyecto, la especialista sostuvo que "carece de todo tipo de contenido científico". "Antes que demostrar su eficacia, las vacunas tienen que demostrar su seguridad. Es irresponsable poner esto en duda".

En el mismo sentido, el médico infectólogo Eduardo López, presidente de la Sociedad Argentina de Infectología Pediátrica y Jefe del Departamento de Medicina del Hospital de Niños Ricardo Gutiérrez, sostuvo que "el proyecto transforma un deber del Estado en un acto voluntario, y de esta manera anula la idea de equidad social que contempla el calendario nacional de vacunación, y a la larga, va a generar inequidad".

Y concluyó: "Las contraindicaciones que tienen las vacunas están contempladas en la propia indicación. Ningún obstetra indica vacunas virus-atenuado durante el embarazo (por ejemplo contra el sarampión, la rubeola o las paperas), pero esto está absolutamente delimitado. El proyecto equipara una vacuna aprobada a un fármaco en investigación".
          QUIZ: Which Extremely Specific Person Are You in Your Friend Group?   
We all serve some vital function in our friend groups. Some of us are the mom friend, some of us are the funny friend, and some of us have a driver’s license and a car that has gas in it. But then there are those of us that occupy some very, well, niche roles. What’s yours? [viralQuiz id=346]
          Which Famous Chris Should You Date?   
There's a surprising abundance of ridiculously attractive men named Chris in this world, and we are thankful for their existence every day. This quiz will tell you which one you should date—but be warned that Pine, Pratt, Evans, and Hemsworth aren't on this list. [viralQuiz id=345]
          Facebook 'Hate Speech' Rules Protect Races And Sexes -- So, Yes, White Men Are Going To Be 'Protected'   

ProPublica recently obtained some internal documents related to Facebook's hate speech moderation. Hate speech -- as applied to Facebook -- isn't a statutory term. Much of what Facebook removes is still protected speech. But Facebook is a private company and is able to remove whatever it wants without acting as a censorial arm of the government.

That being said, there's a large number of government officials around the planet who feel Facebook should be doing more to remove hate speech -- all of it based on very subjective views as to what that term should encompass.

It's impossible to make everyone happy. So, Facebook has decided to apply a set of rules to its moderation that appear to lead to completely wrong conclusions about what posts should be removed. A single image included in the ProPublica article went viral. But the explanation behind it did not. The rules Facebook uses for moderation lead directly to increased protections for a historically well-protected group.

[If you can't read/see the image, the slide says "Which of the below subsets do we protect?" with the choices being "female drivers," "black children," and "white men." The answer -- to the great internet consternation of many -- is: "white men."]

Given Facebook's general inability to moderate other forms of "offensiveness" (mainly female breasts) without screwing it all up, the answer to this quiz question seems like more Facebook moderation ineptitude. But there's more to it than this one question. The rest of the quiz is published at ProPublica and it shows the "white men" answer is, at least, internally consistent with Facebook's self-imposed rules.

Facebook must define "hate speech" before it can attempt to moderate it, since there are no statutes (at least in the United States) that strictly apply to this content. Here's how Facebook defines it:

Protected category + attack = hate speech

These are the protected categories:

  • Sex
  • Race
  • Religious affiliation
  • Ethnicity
  • National origin
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity
  • Serious disability/disease

Here's what's not considered "protected" by Facebook:

  • Social class
  • Occupation
  • Continental origin
  • Political ideology
  • Appearance
  • Religions
  • Age
  • Countries

"White men" have both race and sex going for them. Any "attack" on white men can be deleted by Facebook. "Black children" only have race. Age is not a protected category. An attack on black men would be deleted but black children are, apparently, fair game. The same goes for white children. In the category "female drivers," only the "female" part is considered protected.

The quiz goes on to explain other facets of hate speech moderation. Calling for acts of physical violence against protected categories is hate speech. If any component of the group targeted is "unprotected," the call for violence will be allowed to stay online. The rules also cover "degrading generalization," "dismissive" speech, cursing, and slurs. If any of these target a protected class (or quasi-protected class, i.e., migrants whose nationality may be in flux), moderators can take down the posts. The QPCs have only slightly more protection than entirely unprotected classes, so they can receive more posted abuse before hate speech protections kick in.

These rules lead to all sorts of things that seem unfair, if not completely wrong:

In the wake of a terrorist attack in London earlier this month, a U.S. congressman wrote a Facebook post in which he called for the slaughter of “radicalized” Muslims. “Hunt them, identify them, and kill them,” declared U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins, a Louisiana Republican. “Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all.”

Higgins’ plea for violent revenge went untouched by Facebook workers who scour the social network deleting offensive speech.

But a May posting on Facebook by Boston poet and Black Lives Matter activist Didi Delgado drew a different response.

“All white people are racist. Start from this reference point, or you’ve already failed,” Delgado wrote. The post was removed and her Facebook account was disabled for seven days.

Religions are unprotected. Races are. That's why this happens. At best, it would seem like both should be taken down, or the less violent of the two remain intact. But that's not the way the rules work. People who criticize Facebook's moderation efforts are asking for something worse than is already in place. To right the perceived wrongs of everything listed above, the rules would have to be replaced by subjectivity -- setting up every moderator, all over the world, with their own micro-fiefdom to run as they see fit. If people don't like it now, just wait until thousands of additional biases are injected into the mix.

That's the other issue: Facebook is a worldwide social platform. Protecting white men may seem pointless here in the US, but the United States isn't the only country with access to Facebook.

“The policies do not always lead to perfect outcomes,” said Monika Bickert, head of global policy management at Facebook. “That is the reality of having policies that apply to a global community where people around the world are going to have very different ideas about what is OK to share.”

This is the unfortunate byproduct of a job that's impossible to do to everyone's satisfaction. Blanket rules may seem dumb on a case-by-case basis, but the alternative would be even worse. If a company is going to proactively protect sexes and races, it's inevitably going to have to stand up for white men, even if the general feeling is white men are in no need of extra protection.

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          Comment on Pineapple Cilantro Lime Dressing by StefanieX   
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          Mangaluru: Girl's viral Facebook post on eve-teaser - Rizwan arrested   
Kenyataan Media  YB Dato’ Sri Reezal Merican Naina Merican  Timbalan Pengerusi  Badan Perhubungan UMNO Negeri Pulau Pinang Jumaat 30 Jun 2017 ISU KONTRAK PENGENDALI MAKANAN KANTIN POLITEKNIK SEBERANG PERAI (PSP) Saya telah mengambil inisiatif menghubungi pihak pentadbiran Politeknik Seberang Perai dan telah diberi maklum bahawa kontrak semasa mengendalikan gerai-gerai makanan di kantin PSP berakhir pada ...



          Dap catat sejarah,selepas kertas kerja terowong menelan jutaan ringgit kini Projek kertas kerja kedua termahal dalam sejarah untuk bina jalan hanya 20Km .   
Selepas skandal banglo.. Tanah taman manggis,bukit botak,wang peruntukan tebatan banjir kini isu terowong terlajak untung menjadi panas. Regim DAP Pulau Pinang bermurah hati memberi keuntungan 400% kepada syarikat kroni tanpa melalui proses tender sebaliknya runding terus. DAP bagaikan berlumba lumba menjarah wang kerajaan negeri milik rakyat dengan mengaut dengan skala mega. Yang mengejutkan kaedah CAT ...


Copyright © .::Pisau.Net::. [Dap catat sejarah,selepas kertas kerja terowong menelan jutaan ringgit kini Projek kertas kerja kedua termahal dalam sejarah untuk bina jalan hanya 20Km .], All Right Reserved. 2017.

          Πυροσβέστης στη Λάρισα ακινητοποιεί φίδι με γυμνά χέρια και γίνεται viral (video)   
Μπορεί αυτή τη φορά o πυροσβέστης της ιστορίας μας να μην έδωσε μάχη με τις φλόγες αλλά κατάφερε να ακινητοποιήσει ένα φίδι με γυμνά χέρια, στο κέντρο της Λάρισας. Το συγκεκριμένο περιστατικό ήταν ένα εκ των τριών με… φίδια, που κλήθηκε να αντιμετωπίσει η Πυροσβεστική Υπηρεσία Λάρισας το Σάββατο. Όλα έγιναν στην οδό Αλεξάνδρου Παναγούλη, […]
          Suspected child abuse in Kwun Tong caught on video   
About 30 netizens gathered at the Lok Wah North Estate in Kwun Tong on Thursday night after a video showing a baby girl being physically abused by a man went viral on social media. The netizens said they read on the internet that the video was taken inside a unit in the public housing estate, […]
          TSA defends cupcake confiscation   

('Shoop-Illustration: Xeni Jardin)

On the TSA blog, a defense of the recent confiscation of a cupcake at Las Vegas International airport over concerns the tasty morsel was a terrorist threat. Cory blogged about the incident on Boing Boing, and pointed to a parody song about it here. The internet loves cupcakes and hates the TSA, so predictably, this one went very viral.

The federal agency's explanation for the incident focuses on the fact that the traveler's cupcake was transported in a jar:

I wanted to make it clear that this wasn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill cupcake. If you’re not familiar with it, we have a policy directly related to the UK liquid bomb plot of 2006 called 3-1-1 that limits the amount of liquids, gels and aerosols you can bring in your carry-on luggage. Icing falls under the “gel” category. As you can see from the picture, unlike a thin layer of icing that resides on the top of most cupcakes, this cupcake had a thick layer of icing inside a jar.

In general, cakes and pies are allowed in carry-on luggage, however, the officer in this case used their discretion on whether or not to allow the newfangled modern take on a cupcake per 3-1-1 guidelines. They chose not to let it go.

Read the rest here. It all makes perfect sense now.

Update: Rebecca Hains, the woman whose cupcake-in-a-jar is the tasty center of this international terror emergency, is not impressed with the agency's response. She tells Boing Boing, "The TSA is stooping to misrepresenting the facts about my cupcake in their blog post! TSA response to losing face: misstatements."

          “Babashook” Music Video Gives ‘The Babadook’ a Drag Makeover   
You truly can’t get rid of The Babadook. We’ve written some real interesting articles about The Babadook in recent weeks – articles we can’t say we ever expected to write. First, Jennifer Kent’s 2014 film became a viral meme on the internet when it was mistakenly placed in Netflix’s LGBT section. And then, just last […]
          Viral NRA ad sparks controversy   
A National Rifle Association ad using imagery of protests to encourage new membership has led to a social media uproar.

          Newly released 'Jumanji' trailer goes viral   
A newly released trailer for Sony Pictures' "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" has gone viral.

          Dela Slays In Her New Beach Suit Photos   

Singer Dela’s latest beach photos are something to look at more than her hit song ‘Mafeelings’. The new photos have gone viral more because of her ‘milk shake’ which is all laid bare for gluttonous men. Dela will surely remain relevant as she works on the next project (if at all she has any)

The post Dela Slays In Her New Beach Suit Photos appeared first on Youth Village Kenya.

          Video Marketing: So you have a YouTube Video. What’s Next?   

With YouTube becoming the second largest search engine, brand marketers are churning out more and more video content with the hope that their video campaigns go viral. Video marketing takes more than just a good script. From SEO and branding, traditional to social media promotions, a video campaign, if well executed, can go viral ...

          Madison couple's engagement photo goes viral   
Meet the beautiful couple behind this viral photo, Lucinda Myers and Murphy Wilson. In just two days, it accumulated 33,000 likes on Instagram.
          ‘Nightline’ Features ‘Anti-Abortion Cause Célèbre’ Maddi Runkles    

It's been a tumultuous year for Maddi Runkles, the pregnant Christian teen who became a news sensation when her high school wouldn't let her walk at graduation. On Friday, ABC Nightline highlighted Runkles' story which culminated in a special commencement ceremony arranged by her pastor and family.

In the June 30 segment, footage showed Runkles at the podium, clad in a white graduation gown with tears in her eyes. "I want to thank every single person here," she declared emotionally. "If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would have been able to make it.”

The expectant mother -- interviewed by ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox -- has had her fair share of the spotlight over the past couple of months. But despite the media's pro-abortion slant, the networks have been supportive of Runkles and respectful of the pro-life movement.

Devoting 8.5 minutes to an in-depth look at Runkles' story, ABC highlighted the fact that Heritage Academy's reaction to the teen’s pregnancy could incentivize other girls to abort rather than carry their babies to term.

"If I were another girl watching someone like me go through this," Runkles weighed in, "I think I would just run away and hide and cover up what I did and choose an abortion."

And she almost did. When the teen discovered she was pregnant back in January, she first considered abortion, fearful that her "reputation would be ruined." But after Runkles apologized to school officials and made the courageous choice to keep her baby, Heritage Academy did not show the compassion she had expected. Instead, among other punishments, a discussion of her missteps was the focus of an all-school assembly – a decision some felt was out of line.

Feeling rejected by many at her school, Runkles turned to the pro-life movement, which welcomed her with open arms.

“She has become a cause célèbre in the anti-abortion community,” ABC’s David Wright reported, noting that many pro-life activists have been “sharply critical of Heritage Academy's response to her situation.”

Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins is one of those who has censured Heritage for “shaming” Runkles.

“This is a question a lot of Christian schools have to grapple with,” she acknowledged, “holding our students to high standards, expecting them to live a life of chastity before marriage.”

“But then also,” she continued, “how do we love those who become pregnant?”

At St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy in Bowlsburg, PA, pregnant student Liz McNitt was celebrated for keeping her child and was even elected commencement speaker for her courage. Her counselor was supportive, and teachers thanked her for her pro-life decision.

Hawkins takes the same approach.

For the activist, honoring Runkles’ courage and celebrating her choice to keep her baby was paramount. So the Students for Life president awarded the teen a college scholarship, and stood proudly by her side in front of cameras in newsrooms and behind podiums at rallies.

ABC Nightline featured MRC Culture’s footage from the #SockIt2PP rally, where Runkles gave a tearful speech about her inspiring story. Although the network did not feature the whole context of Runkles’ words, the teen criticized Planned Parenthood for its disempowering message that women “can’t do it.”

But the army of friends and strangers who have rallied around Runkles proves that with support, women can do it.

Friends and strangers have sent the teen baby clothes, books and supplies, and her graduation party doubled as a baby shower.

“I know what I did was not what I was supposed to do to get into the situation,” Runkles stressed, “but keeping the baby is definitely not a mistake. It was the right thing.”

Scott Runkles, Maddi’s father, expected that his daughter would marry a “good Christian young man” and have children at some point down the road, but despite the unexpected shift in plans, he’s thrilled to meet his future grandson Grayson.

“I can't wait to see this little boy,” he choked up, “to be able to hold him.”

Maddi’s equally excited.

“I know it’s going to be really hard to still accomplish all my goals and all my dreams,” she told the crowd assembled at the #SockIt2PP Rally. “But I get to have a little guy following right next to me and we get to do it together.”

          David Attenborough Narrates A Typical British Night Out   
The males are starting to compete for the favours of the female booby birds.

          VIRAL PE NET: Gorila dansatoare în piscină   
Ce poate fi mai plăcut într-o zi toridă decât o baie răcoroasă în piscină? Gorila Zola, de la grădina zoologică din Dallas, a ajuns vedetă pe internet, după ce a fost filmată dansând de fericire într-o piscină...
          La desigualdad no daña a las sociedades   

Respuesta a Mr. Wilkinson.
Las redes sociales son un mundo realmente fascinante. Lo mismo que antes hacíamos en un grupo pequeño, en familia o solos en el living de nuestra casa, hoy podemos compartirlo con miles. Miramos un programa de TV, comentamos algo en Twitter, y otros pueden sumarse a nuestra idea o bien dar un punto de vista diferente.

A los que vivimos de analizar la coyuntura y las ideas que dan forma a nuestras sociedades, nos sirve tanto para difundir una mirada, como para nutrirnos de otras distintas.

Precisamente eso es lo que me pasó hace unas semanas.

En un lapso de dos o tres días, dos usuarios de la famosa red del pajarito me compartieron el link a una charla TED protagonizada por el “epidemiólogo social” británico Richard Wilinkinson. El intrigante título de la misma era: “Cómo la desigualdad daña a las sociedades”.

En realidad, la presentación de 15 minutos realizada por Wilkinson es un resumen de la obra “The Spirit Level”, que escribió en conjunto con Kate Pickett en el año 2010. Dicho trabajo plantea que la desigualdad de ingresos entre las personas de un país es la responsable por una serie de diferentes “males sociales”.
Los autores miden la desigualdad como la diferencia entre lo que ingresa el 20% más rico y el 20% más pobre de un país. Luego crean un índice de “males sociales” que está compuesto por diversos indicadores, tales como: el nivel de confianza, las enfermedades mentales (incluyendo el alcoholismo y la drogadicción), la mortalidad infantil, la obesidad, el desempeño escolar de los niños, la cantidad de hijos de los adolescentes, la tasa de homicidios y de encarcelamientos y, por último, la movilidad social.

Al cruzar estos datos llegan a una alarmante conclusión: en cada una de estas variables, a los países más desiguales les va peor. Esto sería una muestra indiscutible de que la desigualdad es la responsable y de que es necesario combatirla.

¿Es esto así? Si bien la conclusión y el relevamiento de datos resultan asombrosos, lo cierto es que el argumento padece de una serie de falencias importantes.

A continuación, veremos por qué las conclusiones de Wilkinson son incorrectas.

Una falla metodológica

El primer obstáculo insoslayable con el que se cruza el argumento de Wilkinson y Pickett es de índole metodológico. Es que lo que los autores intentan hacer es relacionar dos variables “macroagregadas” como si una determinara a la otra, algo que es incorrecto desde el punto de vista teórico.

En sendos lugares de su charla, Wilikinson sostiene que nos va a mostrar lo que “la desigualdad le hace” a “nuestras sociedades”. ¿Ahora qué es la desigualdad? ¿Cómo es que actúa? ¿Acaso se trata de una persona, con inteligencia y voluntad? No, de ninguna manera.

Decir que la desigualdad “hace” algo es como decir que la patria quiere tal o cual cosa. Sin embargo, eso es incorrecto. La patria, a lo sumo, es una suma de individuos, que a veces pueden ser varios millones, y que en ningún caso deberían tomarse como un todo homogéneo.

Aquí ocurre lo mismo. No podemos aceptar sin más la relación entre dos variables agregadas si no existe un mecanismo que nos explique cómo ellas afectan la conducta particular de los individuos.

Tomando un ejemplo de los propios autores de la obra: ¿cómo es que la desigualdad hace que una persona sea alcohólica? ¿Es que una persona decide tomar en exceso, o cae presa de esta adicción porque su vecino es 3, 4 o 50 veces más rico que él? ¿Cuál es el vínculo necesario entre una cosa y la otra?

La realidad es que no existe tal vínculo, y cualquiera que quiera establecerlo, o está forzando el argumento, o directamente nunca tuvo contacto con una persona alcohólica.

Esta falla metodológica es muy grave y por tanto debería hacernos dudar de la aparente solidez de las conclusiones de Wilkinson.

La movilidad social es clave

Cuando se habla de desigualdad, suele criticarse que “los de arriba” ganan mucho más que “los de abajo”. Sin embargo, este es un análisis estático. Después de todo, los que un día están “abajo”, en otro momento pueden terminar estando “arriba”. Es decir, una vez que consideramos la movilidad social, el fantasma de la desigualdad pierde un poco de sentido.

Si los pobres pueden mañana dejar de serlo, y si producto del crecimiento económico y la mejora de la tecnología, cada vez están mejor: ¿qué problema hay si entre las personas hay más o menos diferencia de ingresos?

Para Wilkinson, sin embargo, el caso es distinto. En uno de los cuadros que muestra en su presentación sostiene que a mayor desigualdad, menor es la movilidad social.

En dicho cuadro, Estados Unidos figura tanto como el extremo de la elevada desigualdad, como el de la baja movilidad social. Así, en el país del norte no solo las diferencias entre ricos y pobres serían las más elevadas, sino que la posibilidad de los pobres de convertirse en ricos serían las más bajas.

Esto choca con otros datos.

De acuerdo con estudios citados por Steven Horwitz, Estados Unidos tiene una elevada movilidad social. Por ejemplo, entre 1975 y 1991, los datos disponibles muestran que el 94,9% de los hogares que se encontraban en el quintil más bajo de ingresos, se movieron hacia arriba en la escalera social, con un 29% yendo a parar al quintil más rico del país.

Años posteriores otros analistas corrigieron estos datos. Si bien no tan asombrosos, entre 1996 y 2005, el 57,6% de los hogares de menores ingresos ascendieron en la escalera, con 9,9% llegando al segundo quintil de ingresos y 5,3% llegando a la cima de la pirámide.

A partir de estos números, suena extraño que se concluya que Estados Unidos tiene la menor movilidad social de todos los países analizados. El tema al menos amerita un poco más de investigación.

La violencia es consecuencia de los igualitaristas

Otra de las cuestiones que argumenta Wilkinson es que la mayor desigualdad se correlaciona con una mayor violencia o inseguridad.

Ahora de nuevo: ¿bajo qué mecanismo? ¿Qué explica que una persona salga de su casa para delinquir?

Una explicación que darían los autores es que a mayor brecha salarial, más frustración personal y más tendencia a hacer cosas ilegales.

Podría ser.

Pero también podría perfectamente encajar otra teoría. Cuanto más se sostiene que la desigualdad es injusta y que los ricos de alguna manera deberían darle a los pobres para reducir la brecha (cosa que Wilkinson hace sin tapujos), más se legitima la idea de que los pobres tienen derecho a asaltar el patrimonio de los ricos.
Una vez que esta idea está legitimada: ¿qué frenos morales tendrán las personas a la hora de convertirse en ladrones, secuestradores o incluso asesinos?

Wilkinson establece una relación de causalidad desde desigualdad a violencia. Otra distinta es posible: cuanto más se insiste sobre los problemas que genera la desigualdad, menos tapujos a la hora de atacar a “los que más tienen”.


El argumento de Wilkinson puede sonar convincente en una primera lectura. Sin embargo, como hemos visto aquí, sufre de insoslayables problemas metodológicos, presenta datos que merecen mayor debate y, por último, dan por ciertas relaciones de causalidad que podrían ser completamente diferentes.

Los “males sociales” no son producto de la desigualdad, sino de lo que individuos de carne y hueso le hacen a los demás y a ellos mismos. Análisis de este tipo no contribuyen a resolver estos problemas.


Iván Carrino


          Zizek, el filósofo viral | Cultura | EL PAÍS   
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          Mattias Geniar: Ways in which the WannaCry ransomware could have been much worse   

The post Ways in which the WannaCry ransomware could have been much worse appeared first on

If you're in tech, you will have heard about the WannaCry/WannaCrypt ransomware doing the rounds. The infection started on Friday May 12th 2017 by exploiting MS17-010, a Windows Samba File Sharing vulnerability. The virus exploited a known vulnerability, installed a cryptolocker and extorted the owner of the Windows machine to pay ransom to get the files decrypted.

As far as worms go, this one went viral at an unprecedented scale.

But there are some design decisions in this cryptolocker that prevent it from being much worse. This post is a thought exercise, the next vulnerability will probably implement one of these methods. Make sure you're prepared.

Time based encryption

This WannaCry ransomware found the security vulnerability, installed the cryptolocker and immediately started encrypting the files.

Imagine the following scenario;

  • Day 1: worm goes round and infects vulnerable SMB, installs backdoor, keeps quiet, infects other machines
  • Day 14: worm activates itself, starts encrypting files

With WannaCrypt, it took a few hours to reach world-scale infections, alerting everyone and their grandmother that something big was going on. Mainstream media picked up on it. Train stations showed cryptolocker screens. Everyone started patching. What if the worm gets a few days head start?

By keeping quiet, the attacker risks getting caught, but in many cases this can be avoided by excluding known IPv4 networks for banks or government organizations. How many small businesses or large organizations do you think would notice a sudden extra running .exe in the background? Not enough to trigger world-wide coverage, I bet.

Self-destructing files

A variation to the scenario above;

  • Day 1: worm goes round, exploits SMB vulnerability, encrypts each file, but still allows files to remain opened (1)
  • Day 30: worm activates itself, removes decryption key for file access and prompts for payment

How are your back-ups at that point? All files on the machine have some kind of hidden time bomb in them. Every version of that file you have in back-up is affected. The longer they can keep that hidden, the bigger the damage.

More variations of this exist, with Excel or VBA macro's etc, and all boil down to: modify the file, render it unusable unless proper identification is shown.

(1) This should be possible with shortcuts to the files, first opening some kind of wrapper-script to decrypt the files before they launch. Decryption key is stored in memory and re-requested whenever the machine reboots, from its Command & Control servers.

Extortion with your friends

The current scheme is: your files get encrypted, you can pay to get your files back.

What if it's not your own files you're responsible for? What if are the files of your colleagues, family or friends? What if you had to pay 300$ to recover the files from someone you know?

Peer pressure works, especially if the blame angle is played. It's your fault someone you know got infected. Do you feel responsible at that point? Would that make you pay?

From a technical POV, it's tricky but not impossible to identify known associates for a victim. This could only happen a smaller scale, but might yield bigger rewards?

Cryptolocker + Windows Update DDoS?

Roughly 200.000 affected Windows PCs have been caught online. There are probably a lot more, that haven't made it to the online reports yet. Those are quite a few PCs to have control over, as an attacker.

The media is now jumping on the news, urging everyone to update. What if the 200k infected machines were to launch an effective DDoS against the Windows Update servers? With everyone trying to update, the possible targets are lowering every hour.

If you could effectively take down the means with which users can protect themselves, you can create bigger chaos and a bigger market to infect.

The next cryptolocker isn't going to be "just" a cryptolocker, in all likeliness it'll combine its encryption capacities with even more damaging means.

Stay safe

How to prevent any of these?

  1. Enable auto-updates on all your systems (!!)
  2. Have frequent back-ups, store them long enough

Want more details? Check out my earlier post: Staying Safe Online – A short guide for non-technical people.

The post Ways in which the WannaCry ransomware could have been much worse appeared first on

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Balle d'arme à feu

On n'est pas près d'arrêter le phénomène des vidéos virales et certains sont prêts à pousser leur chance un peu trop loin.

Cet article Ce qui devait être une simple vidéo virale tourne au cauchemar est apparu en premier sur Alliance des radios communautaires (ARC) du Canada.

Ce qui devait être une simple vidéo virale tourne au cauchemar was first posted on juin 29, 2017 at 9:10 .

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Thompson talked with Nick DePaula of Nice Kicks about getting rejected by the rim in a video that went viral.
          His Grandfather Raised Him to Be Honest, So Homeless Man Returns Platinum and Diamond Ring Accidentally Dropped in His Cup   

Billy Ray Harris, a 55-year-old homeless man from Kansas City, Mo., is getting national media attention — and possibly a new home — for an act of honesty inspired by the lessons taught by his reverend grandfather.


Last Friday, Harris was collecting spare change from passersby in his normal spot in a part of Kansas City called The Plaza. Sarah Darling happened upon Harris and emptied the spare change from her purse into his cup. Darling didn’t realize until much later that among the coins was her platinum-and-diamond engagement ring that she had taken off because it had been irritating her finger.


When Harris packed up for the day, he realized that his cup contained an unusual bonus. At first, he thought the ring had to be fake. But he took it to a local jeweler, who confirmed that it was, indeed, very real.

“The jeweler was willing to give me $4,000 on the spot,” Harris told NBC’s Today Show. “But I just couldn’t do it.” 

Harris explained to the reporter that his grandfather raised him to be honest. He knew in his heart he couldn’t take the money. 

“My grandfather was a reverend. He raised me from the time I was 6 months old and thank the good Lord, it’s a blessing, but I do still have some character,” he said. “I am not trying to say that I am a saint, but I am no devil either.”


So he held on to the ring and returned to his regular spot at The Plaza the next day. Darling realized on Saturday that her ring was gone and remembered that she had placed it in her change purse. She raced back to The Plaza to find Harris, and there he was — with her ring.

Darling said the moment was like a “miracle,” and she rewarded Harris with all the cash she had on her.


Harris became an instant celebrity as his story went viral. Well-wishers visited Harris and brought him meals. More importantly, ABC’s Las Vegas affiliate KTNV is reporting that Harris’ story reached his estranged sister in Texas. They hadn’t seen each other in 20 years, but she has offered him a place to stay. Harris is considering the offer.

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          NFL Star J.J. Watt Makes a Little Girl's Wish Come True; 'Proposes' to His Biggest Fan With a Ring Pop   

Breanna is not your average six-year-old football fan. She’s in love with Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt. Sadly, her grandmother told her that she had to be at least 25 years old to marry the 6 ft 5 in, 295 lb NFL superstar, and this is where our story takes an interesting turn.


Breanna’s mom, Lindsey Bartay, documented the sad story of her lovelorn daughter with a YouTube video that was intended for family and friends. In the video, a tearful Breanna says, “I just want to marry J.J. Watt.” The video, which was posted January 12, quickly went viral with views topping 719,000. One of those viewers was — you guessed it — J.J. Watt.

Last week, the man who is arguably the NFL’s hardest hitter revealed his sensitive side when he reached out on Twitter to find the little girl…

“Does anyone happen to know this cute little girl?” Watt tweeted. “We have to find her and turn those tears into a smile.” 


Within two days, Watt had found little Breanna’s family and arranged for a special tour of Houston’s Reliant Stadium. Breanna was told that Watt was not available to participate in the tour, but actually he was waiting with a surprise “marriage proposal.”

Bartay said the tour started at the gift shop, but when they entered the next room, Watt was down on one knee with a Ring Pop in his hand. He proposed to his biggest fan and asked if she would be his pretend wife for the day. Little Breanna said, “Yes.”

He gave her a bouquet of flowers and put on his own candy ring. He presented Breanna with a white version of his #99 jersey, which was floor length on her, to serve as her wedding gown.


Breanna’s story reminds us of the Coca-Cola commercial starring the Pittsburgh Steelers’ legendary tough guy, Mean Joe Greene. In the commercial, a shy little boy in the stadium tunnel greets Greene after the big game.

The boy offers the battered Greene his bottle of Coca-Cola. The defensive tackle accepts the Coke and reciprocates by tossing his game-worn jersey to the boy. The 1979 television commercial “Hey Kid, Catch!” is widely considered to be one of the best of all time.

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          Lipid Peroxidation and Altered Antioxidant Profiles with Pediatric HIV Infection and Antiretroviral Therapy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   
HIV- and highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART)-associated elevations in oxidative stress likely play a role in incomplete immune reconstitution, opportunistic infections and non-AIDS co-morbidities. We aimed to test the hypothesis that children living with HIV exhibit elevated markers of oxidative stress and reduced antioxidant profiles and that HAART-therapy will exacerbate these differences. HIV-positive HAART-naïve (n = 50) and HAART-treated (n = 50) and HIV-negative control (n = 50) participants, 3–15 years of age, were recruited from Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia. Serum malondialdehyde (MDA) and bilirubin were higher and vitamin C and zinc were lower in HAART-naïve and HAART-treated compared with HIV-negative subjects and higher in HAART-treated compared with HAART-naïve subjects. Uric acid was higher in HAART-naïve compared with HAART-treated and HIV-negative subjects. Differences in MDA and several antioxidants were also observed across treatment regimens. Thus, children living with HIV exhibited systemic elevations in oxidative stress and reduction in antioxidants, which are exacerbated with HAART therapy.

          Malignancies in Children with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection – Our Experience at Chandigarh, North India   
Background: With improved survival in children living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection (CLHIV), malignancies are being increasingly recognized.Patients and methods: Among the CLHIV registered at our institute from January 1994 to March 2015, children with malignancy were analysed in detail.Results: In total, 734 children affected by HIV were registered. Out of these, 11 children (9 boys, 2 girls) were diagnosed to have malignancy. Malignancy was the presenting feature of HIV infection in 4 children. High-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) was the most common malignancy noted in 9 of 11 (81%) children, whereas the remaining 2 children had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Survival in our cohort was 80% among children in whom chemotherapy was initiated, and overall survival was 36% (4 of 11 children).Conclusion: NHL was the most common malignancy in CLHIV in our cohort. Low-conditioning chemotherapy protocols along with initiation of anti-retroviral therapy resulted in improved outcomes in CLHIV with malignancy.

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          NRATV Host: We will never apologize for inflammatory and widely condemned ad that targeted the resistance movement   

GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): That one line has liberal going crazy. The clenched fists of truth. Truth is a word, it is our main weapon in the war on words that is going on throughout America today. Liberals want us at the NRA and NRATV to apologize for that message, we are not going to apologize for that, we never will. Why would we apologize for the truth and exposing the truth and liberals for what they are? Chaos creators.


DANA LOESCH (NRA SPOKESPERSON): Back when this ad was taped, it was actually right before the NRA annual meetings and it was put online back it April. And there wasn’t really a lot said about it. And normally, when something goes viral, you can track the momentum of that. If it's an organic viral thing, you can track the buzz, you can track the momentum and you can actually watch it trend as more and more people talk about it and it becomes popular.  What was interesting about the reaction to this video, is that it hit the day before yesterday, later in the day, all of a sudden, there was no organic movement of it, it was just immediately a bunch of people who are roughly associated, DeRay McKesson and Shannon Watts and other individuals, all tweeted about it relatively at the exact same time and then started pushing the racism element – accusing me a being a racist and accusing me of inciting in this video. It was an organized effort not only to try to put a dent in the armor of the gun rights movement, but it was also an effort by the left, by the individuals who sanction arson, who sanction property destruction, who sanction assault of innocent people who simply want to attend a rally, and it was an attempt to squelch out any criticism or dissent of those illegal actions that they mascaraed and push out there as some form of protected peaceful protest. Which it isn’t. Again there is nothing wrong with the video, I stand by it 100 percent and every attempt to intimidate me or shut me down is only going to make me talk louder. I enjoy confrontation like this and I enjoy a good fight, and look there is a difference between peaceful assembly and violent riots. And that’s exactly – I don’t know how much clearer I can be with people who read with pictures. I don’t know how much clearer it needs to be made, I am telling people that the arson and the property destruction and the assault is bad, Grant. While literal actual footage of arson and property destruction and assault is either playing behind me or its included as an excerpt in this video. And so for the individuals out there, and this is what really sends a chill down my spine, Grant, the individuals out there that conflate peaceful protest with violent riots and insist that they are the same thing.   

STINCHFIELD: Yea and they are not, and so I believe that when you talk about Shannon Watts and the Michael Bloomberg group Everytown For Gun Safety, I do believe they were probably sitting around a table, they've got nothing else to do, they are losing every war that they tried to fight against guns, and they come up and they say well let’s get back to this video, and let’s get the mainstream media on board and they concocted a whole plan to roll this out. And in many respects for them it worked, but the reality is it also works for us Dana, because that video is now being seen by more eyes than they ever would have wanted it to be seen and I promise you there are more people that agree with everything you said in that video than don’t, and it is finally getting the play that it deserves.


NRA spokesperson "proud" of controversial NRA ad that smeared anti-Trump resistance movement

NRATV host calls Pulse nightclub victims "sheep" on one-year anniversary of Orlando massacre

Dana Loesch on Gianforte assault: "The media ... is culpable"

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A picture of Union minister Radha Mohan Singh urinating in the open has gone viral, with netizens trolling him on social media and raising questions over the governments Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. In the picture, Singh is seen urinating against the wall of a building as his security officers stand guard. A vehicle with red beacon […]

Union Minister caught urinating in public, ‘blatant violation of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’

          Colombian Accuses Busan Police Of Discrimination After Costco Assault   

Colombian Leo Mendoza has lived in South Korea for 16 years. He's married to Korean & is a well known member of the Busan community for his work with a local dog shelter. Recently, he & his wife were shopping at Costco, & according to Mendoza, he was attacked by an older Korean man after a disagreement over how he & his wife spoke to the man's family after their young daughter was almost hit by a car. After police arrived on the scene, it became clear to Mendoza that he & his wife's request to file charges was not being taken seriously, & after several hours explaining their version of events to authorities at multiple police stations, the tables were turned as Mendoza's attacker claimed he was the victim, & Leo was told by police he was being arrested for assault. He & his wife quickly tuned to Facebook to describe their version of events on a public post that quickly went viral, & Mendoza also spoke with Korea FM reporter Chance Dorland to tell his story & warn other foreigners in South Korea to not get involved in other people's affairs as racism & police discrimination will likely cause foreigners to lose their rights. Find more of Leo Mendoza's version of events on his Facebook page here -

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          Viral Busan Trash Photo Sign Of Korea's Waste Disposal Problems   
Viral images of a trash covered beachfront park in Busan demonstrate South Korea’s ongoing problems surrounding litter & trash disposal in public areas. Korea FM’s Chance Dorland spoke with Busan Haps web editor-in-chief Jeff Liebsch & longtime Busan resident John Bocskay about the recent 4 day holiday that left the city’s Subyun Park covered in trash.

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          NASA scientist denies Mars Slave Colony   

A guest on the Alex Jones Show had suggested that children were being sent to Mars to work as slaves.

As far as conspiracy theories go, it doesn’t get much more ridiculous than this.

During the show on Thursday 29th, Jones’ guest Robert David Steele put forward the bizarre notion that NASA was covering up the fact that there is a work colony for children on the surface of Mars.

“This may strike your listeners as way out but we actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20 year ride,” he said.
“So that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony.”

Where Steele, a former Marine and Central Intelligence Agency case officer, got this idea from remains unclear, but NASA scientist Guy Webster was keen to set the record straight.

“There are no humans on Mars,” he said. “There are active rovers on Mars. There was a rumor going around last week that there weren’t. There are. But there are no humans.”

Steele’s comments, which were picked up by numerous news outlets, have since gone viral online.

This article (NASA scientist denies absurd Mars conspiracy) was originally published on Tech Times and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Found via Unexplained Mysteries.
          In Manika Nanda   
Wearing a purple Manika Nanda midi, Rakul promoted her upcoming movie. Statement earrings and a pair of metallic earrings were her accessories of choice. Think she fared well? Rakul Preet At Dhruva Promotions Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani
          Comentario en Cómo detectar los síntomas de las anginas por anónimo   
Hola me gustó porque tenia dolor de garganta y el médico me dijo que era gripe y no me pasaba nada que era viral... pero fui a otro médico que también me dijo que era admigalitis viral (con el resultado negativo en el estudio de sangre) pero que SÍ tenía antibiótico NITROCLARIMISINA que es contra la moxarella y enfermedades como meningitis, cocos gram positivos, neumonia... y si en 2 días desapareció el dolor de garganta con eso y la fiebre con el ibumejoral recetado. Hasta que llegué al doctor pasé 3 días horribles con el antigripal y cada vez que pasaban 7 hs volvía a tener más fiebre. Día a día 37.8 .. 37.9 y 38 no daba más me costaba caminar tenía el cuerpo pesado y me dolía hasta el cerebro algo raro ,todo hemisferio. Me asusta que digan que sí es viral no tiene medicamento porque por lo que viví sentía que no me iba a curar, como si el virus fuera cada vez más fuerte e incluso estuviera a gusto porque podía crecer, y en esos tres días el dolor atenuado con el antigripal seguía expandiéndose por la garganta. Gracias.
          Comment on DSC_1321 by dr oz psoriasis diet   
Dr Oz Eczema Food plan Scalp Illness Worth: Rs160 for 200 ml. combine two cups of apple cider vinegar with two cups of chilly water and Fight Again Against Dandruff In the event you're looking for a natural acne remedy to get rid of zits shortly Home / Health & Fitness / How To Get Rid of Acne That Will not Go Away. Pores and skin Remedy for Dermatitis Herpetiformis The impact of Prednisolone whereas treating psoriasis is adrenal suppression when adrenal glands turn into The Nuffield Well being Brighton Hospital in Woodingdean gives a ten) They might current with asymmetrical arthritis involving the decrease limbs together with enthesopathy. Since then, Gaye has put the oregano essential oil in a small container with a rollerball and the Miracle Salve in a small foot therapy psoriasis house treatments so I can apply this remedy in the course of the day a few occasions along with my morning and night ritual. For Hair Loss Scalp Treatment and Dandruff Nice for Preventing Hair Loss in I've kept my hair long in hopes I might be able to find a resolution and I'm Treats Severe Signs Aids in managing the signs of scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. Herbal Fusion Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Girls - Combines science and nature to help improve scalp's defenses wall eaking down of the yeast that lives in the Shampoo For Dry Scalp And Colour Treated Hair Listerine Dr Oz digestive system and Viral Yeast An infection Symptoms it is there are house Herbal Essences Hey Hydration Dry and Damage Shampoo. To me knowledge there are no medical research out there supporting the usage of ACV for psoriasis - most likely because there is no manner an organization could slap a label on it, patent it and promote it for a million dollars - but the anecdotal stories of it working are loads.
          Ayat-Ayat Gst Puncanya, Untung Tetap Nak Lebih   

Masalah bila Ramadan, harga makanan seolah-olah tidak masuk akal, malah kenaikan dengan menuduh GST puncanya ibarat satu senjata lepas tangan terhadap golongan tamak haloba, sudah pasti golongan nak pergi haji cepat ini sudah seronok untuk untung bila sesuatu berlaku kenaikan, Kerajaan yang akan dipersalahkan, bukan mereka.

Masalah lain, KPDNKK, mana pergi ketegasan? Takkan bila dah tak terkawal, baru nak buat sidang media bagai, kamon pak menteri, garang sikit, jangan dimainkan hal-hal tidak sepatutnya yang mungkin kerajaan pula yang kena.

Buatlah pemantauan. Mana logik kalau harga murtabak sampai RM5 ringgit. Mana mungkin pula air bungkus sampai jual RM5 sepeket.

Jangan main-main dengan emosi rakyat. Parah nanti.

Pengguna pula, kalau ada peniaga luar batas, viralkan je. Sekarang ni zaman ajar manusia angkuh dengan viral. heh.

GST puncanya kata peniaga ini.

          Cause of Alzheimers Disease   
Alzheimer's disease is a form of a mental disorder that is also known as "dementia", a brain disorder that affects and seriously impedes the brain's ability to process rational or normal thought. This usually results in limiting the amount of daily activities that require the use of cognitive abilities of its sufferers. Alzheimer's is a debilitating disease because it affects the part of the brain that is responsible for thought, memory, and language.

Alzheimer's is especially one of the most disabling diseases that can affect the older population. What makes Alzheimer's disease a very serious affliction is that it is a progressive disorder that can slowly kill the irreplaceable nerve cells in the brain. Although Alzheimer's is detected more often among patients over 60 years old, there are some individuals as young as 50 years of age who can show signs of Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's disease holds no boundaries. It can equally affect people of different cultures and is found to afflict both males and females in equal proportions. Not one particular test is known to be used for diagnosing Alzheimer's. A variety of methods and tests are being used to diagnose 90 percent of Alzheimer's cases. A 100 percent accuracy in diagnosing the disease can only be achieved upon autopsy to check for plaques and tangles in the sufferer's brain.

The root cause of Alzheimer's disease is not yet quite well understood despite the many years of research on the debilitating condition. Alzheimer's is a complex disease that can be caused by a number of different influences.

The main cause of Alzheimer's disease that researchers today have found out is damaged brain cells that die for unknown reasons. The cause of Alzheimer's disease, which was first isolated by the German neurologist Dr. Alois Alzheimer, is the abnormal clumping together of brain cells. These clumps, also known as plaques, and knots or tangles which disrupt normal brain functioning, are considered as the main definitive characteristics of Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's Disease and Its Cause

Genetics are also being studied as a possible cause of Alzheimer's disease. Another possible cause of the disease is seen to be a slow developing viral infection that results in brain inflammation. Although the actual cause of Alzheimer's disease may not yet be known and still in the discovery stages, there are a number of risk factors that is known to increase the likelihood of Alzheimer development.

Age is known as a risk cause of Alzheimer's disease. As a person ages, the likelihood that he or she will develop Alzheimer's also increases. The average age of diagnosis for Alzheimer's is about 80 years old. Gender is also seen as involved in the development of Alzheimer's disease, but studies for this may still be inconclusive. The reason as to why the risk is seen to be greater in women is that they tend to live longer than the men.

Hereditary tendency is being looked into as another risk cause of Alzheimer's disease. The presence of some defective genes and genetic mutations within the same bloodlines has also been seen to increase the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Another possible cause of Alzheimer's disease that is being looked into is the malfunction of the immune system and protein imbalances that occur in the brain. Certain environmental factors such as the presence of aluminum in the home or workplace are also being put under investigation as a possible cause of Alzheimer's disease.
          This Police Officer's Amazing Johnny Cash Cover Is a Viral Smash   
San Antonio police officer Billy Morgan's spot-on impression of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" has gone viral. Continue reading…

1) Flavonoids found in grape juice raise the level of HDL (good)
cholesterol. This prevents blockage of arteries and the heart remains healthy.

2) Resveratrol found in grape juice prevents the formation of tumors
in the body. So this prevents cancer. Purple-colored grape juice
prevents breast cancer.

3) By drinking this juice, the levels of nitric oxide is increased in the
body which reduces the formation of clots in blood vessels. This reduces chances of heart attacks.

4) Drinking grape juice daily helps in lowering blood pressure.

5) Grape juice has anti-aging properties and it also helps to
reduce weight.

6) Antioxidants present in grape juice repair damaged cells and
also prevent them from further damage.

7) Cough and acidity remain away from the person who drinks
grape juice regularly.

8) Taking grape juice in the morning without sugar helps in curing migraine. It is a good home remedy for migraine.

9) Grape juice cures blood disorders and is a very good purifier of blood. It flushes out harmful toxins from the body.

10) Grape juice also cures constipation problem as it acts as a good laxative.

11) Red colored grape juice has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties. So it saves from different infections.

12) Grape juice has been found to be very effective in asthma treatment due to its eminent therapeutic value.

13) Antioxidants present in grape juice can help in preventing aging
related problems like Alzheimer’s disease.

14) The purple grape juice helps in fighting atherosclerosis.

15) Antioxidants present in grape juice boost the immune system.

Guava is a laxative fruit. Being a rich source of dietary fiber, it helps to cure constipation.

Magnesium in guavas helps to relax the nerves and muscles in the body.

Guavas are low in calories and fats but contain several vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant poly-phenolic and flavonoid compounds that play a pivotal role in prevention of cancers, anti-aging, immune-booster,etc.
Guava is packed with vitamins and minerals that help to keep the skin healthy, fresh and wrinkle free.

Guavas are very good sources of vitamin A, the nutrient best known for preserving and improving eyesight.

Guava is rich in Vitamin C which helps to prevent the viral infections like cold and cough. It also effectively helps in treating scurvy.

One cup of guava juice is packed with almost the same potassium as bananas. Potassium works as an important factor in regulating blood pressure by reversing the role of sodium in unbalancing normal blood pressure.

Regular guava consumption can also do the skin good through its vitamin E content. Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin through its antioxidant properties.

Guava is a cholesterol free fruit. It satisfies and keeps the stomach free from hunger for a long time. It assists in weight reduction and helps to control diabetes.

Guava should be consumed regularly if you want to avoid heart attack.

Aloe Vera : Antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, wound and burn healer, natural laxative, soothes stomach, helps skin disorders.

Basil : Powerful antispasmodic, antiviral, anti-infectious, antibacterial, soothes stomach.

Black Cohosh : Relieves menopausal hot flashes, relieves menstrual cramps, helps circulatory and cardiovascular disorders, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, useful for nervousness and stress. Note: Do not use during pregnancy.

Black Walnut : Good for eliminating parasites, good for fungal infections, good for warts and poison ivy, aids digestion.

Cinnamon : It has been proven that 99.9% of viruses and bacteria can not live in the presence of cinnamon. So it makes a great antibacterial and antiviral weapon.

Cayenne : Catalyst for other herbs, useful for arthritis and rheumatism (topically and internally), good for colds, flu viruses, sinus infection and sore throat, useful for headache and fever, aids organs (kidneys, heart, lungs, pancreas, spleen and stomach, increase thermogenesis for weight loss.

Clove Bud : Improves the immune system, they are also an antioxidant and doubles as an antibacterial and antimicrobial fighter.

Cypress : The therapeutic properties of cypress oil are astringent, antiseptic, antispasmodic, deodorant, diuretic, haemostatic, hepatic, styptic, sudorific, vasoconstrictor, respiratory tonic and sedative.

Dandelion : Helpful for PMS, good for menopause, increases ovarian hormones.

Echinacea (coneflower) : Boosts white blood cell production, immune system support, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, good for colds, flu and infection. Note: Use no more than two weeks at a time. Do not use if you are allergic to sunflowers or related species.

Eucalyptus : Anti-infectious, antibacterial and antiviral.

Garlic : Helps fight infection, detoxifies the body, enhances immunity, lowers blood fats, assists yeast infections, helps asthma, cancer, sinusitis, circulatory problems and heart conditions.

German Chamomile : Helps stress, anxiety and insomnia, good for indigestion, useful for colitis and most digestive problems, effective blood cleanser and helps increase liver function and supports the pancreas. Improves bile flow from the liver, it is good for healing of the skin that might come from a blistering chemical agent.

Geranium : Dilates bile ducts for liver detoxification,antispasmodic, stops bleeding, anti-infectious, antibacterial.

Ginger : Helps nausea, motion sickness and vomiting, useful for circulatory problems, good for indigestion, and is also an effective antioxidant.

Lavender : Assists with burns, antiseptic, used as a stress reliever, good for depression, aids skin health and beauty.

Lemon : Is known for its antiseptic properties, Essential Science Publishing says that: According to Jean Valnet, M.D. the vaporized essence of lemon can kill meningococcal bacteria in 15 minutes, typhoid bacilli in one hour, Staphylococcus aureus in two hours and Pneumococcus bacteria within three hours. Lemon also improves micro-circulation, promotes white blood cell formation, and improves immune function.

Marjoram : Anti-infectious, antibacterial, dilates blood vessels, regulates blood pressure, soothes muscles.

Marshmallow : Aids bladder infections, diuretic (helps fluid retention), helps kidney problems, soothes coughs, sore throats, indigestion, and as a topical agent it is said to be anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and wound-healing.

Melissa : Assists in issues with the nervous system, blisters, and has antimicrobial properties.

Mullein : Can be used as a laxative, good for asthma and bronchitis, useful for difficulty breathing, helps hay fever.

Myrrh : Anti-infectious, antiviral, soothes skin conditions and supports immune system. Also an antispasmodic that helps to reduce spasming due to spasms caused by nerve agents.

Oregano : is a powerful antibiotic and has been proven to be more effective in neutralizing germs than some chemical antibiotics. It has been effective against germs like Staphylococcus aureas, Escherichia coli, Yersinia enterocolitica and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Pine : Antidiabetic, cortisone-like, severe infections, hypertensive

Rosemary : Antiseptic, Antibacterial, Cleansing and detoxes the body. Supports the liver and combats cirrhosis.

Rosewood : Anti-infectious, antibacterial, and antiviral.

Sage : Used in anxiety, nervous disorders, as astringent, in abdominal disorders, anti inflammatory.

Spearmint : To calm the Nervous System, aide with Nerve Agents.

Tea Tree : Disinfectant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, burns, good for all skin conditions.

Thyme : Effective against Anthrax and Tuberculosis.

          Galileo's Middle Finger- Part One   

My book this week is called Galileo’s Middle Finger, and it was recommended to me by my friend Patricia. You need to read this book, she told me. It took me a while to get around to it, but she was dead right.
Alice Dreger

Galileo’s Middle Finger is written by Alice Dreger, professor of clinical medical humanities and bioethics at the Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. I had not come across her work before. Her book is a personal account of her own involvement in a series of medical and ethical issues, over two decades of her life. For readers of this blog in particular, the first three chapters will be of greatest interest. The first discusses intersex people; the second and third transgender people. There is so much to talk about that I am going to split this article into two blog posts.

One of the themes of this blog (one I am always going on about) is that, when it comes to the study of sex and gender, hard scientific knowledge is pretty lacking. In its place is often entrenched dogma, coming from people (scientists themselves and their supporters) who insist on a particular paradigm or point of view; and the equally entrenched opposition of the activists and pressure groups, waving flags and making demands.

If someone comes up with a new idea, it can easily fall foul of one or even both of those groups, not because it is wrong, but because it challenges the way people think, and people (even scientists) can find themselves attacked and vilified, especially in this age of instant social media and viral messages.

Dreger is my kind of scholar: the one who is most interested in the truth above all, "a belief in evidence even when it challenges [her] political goals". In her book she describes how she has been on both sides of these debates; at times siding with the activists, pushing hard against dogma and accepted wisdom. At other times, she has sided with the scientists, defending them against unfair or personal attacks from critics.

Let’s cover some concrete examples. In the first chapter of her book, entitled Funny Looking, Dreger comes right to the point on the very first page.
Dreger: This was my stance: Children born with genitals that look funny but work fine should not be surgically altered just because their genital appearance upsets or worries some adult. Big clitorises shouldn't be shortened, and baby boys with very small penises shouldn't be sex-changed just because their phalluses induce Freudian crises of conscience in their caregivers.
Neither fish nor fowl: intersex
She is talking, of course, about intersex children, that 1 in 1000 or so babies who are born with genitalia which seem to be neither quite boy nor girl. In some (rarer) cases, intersex people can possess both testicular and ovarian tissue in an ovotestis. Cases of intersex people have been cropping up in the medical literature for centuries (I recall coming across them as a student) and are depicted in medical textbooks naked, in black-and-white, with a bar over their face to cover their "anonymity".

Originally, of course, medicine had nothing to offer those people. But over the last few decades, increasingly intersex children have been dealt with surgically. Big clitorises (and I'm sorry for wearing my geek hat long enough to point out that the official plural of clitoris is clitorides) were surgically shortened to look more normal (but often causing scarring and the inability to achieve orgasm). Small penises were sometimes completely amputated, and the child raised as a girl. Unfortunately surgery on children's genitals rarely turns out right.

I stress this was usually done with the very best of intentions by most doctors. I believe (and Dreger does too) that the doctors thought they were doing the right thing by these children. They believed that rigidly enforcing an anatomical binary would spare these children growing up different, and make them fit more comfortably. They believed if they did not provide the surgery, the children would commit suicide in puberty.
Dreger: Modern medicine now sought to reinforce the "optimum gender of rearing" by early management of children born with sex anomalies by means of "sex-normalising" surgeries, hormone treatments, delicate euphemisms, and sometimes lies.

This was also the system that led to a lot of really angry intersex adults who discovered that they had been harmed by the medical care meant to "save" them and who knew that the basic system was still being used on children who would likely grow up as hurt and angry as they were. In the early 1990's, a core group of these people formed the intersex rights movement I eventually joined. Some of these intersex adults had been physically harmed--left with damaged sexual sensation, incontinence or repetitive infections. Many had been psychologically harmed--left with a sense of having been too monstrous for their parents to accept as they came, of being sexually freakish, of being fountains of familial shame. All were left with a burning desire to try to save others from going through what they had.
Things were made worse by the actions of people like Dr. John Money. Money's most famous case was David Reimer, a healthy (non-intersex) boy whose penis was destroyed during a botched circumcision attempt. Money suggested that Reimer be raised as a girl, and he underwent removal of his testicles as a baby, together with hormone treatments intended to feminise him. Unfortunately, none of this worked: Reimer always identified as a boy (despite a rigid "girl" upbringing). Worse, Money continued to publish fraudulent reports (in what became known as the "John/Joan" case) that Reimer was doing well as a girl, and his reputation and prestige meant that other doctors followed his example of treatment. Money was a charlatan whose harms extended far beyond this one patient.

How do you measure up?
Together with intersex friend Bo Laurent, Alice Dreger formalised the Intersex Society of North America into a non-profit, tax-exempt organisation. Its purpose was to provide solidarity for intersex people, to realise they are not alone; to campaign to the medical profession for better, more understanding treatment of intersex individuals; and for more acceptance from society for intersex individuals.
Dreger: The problem in intersex care wasn't a problem of gender identity per se. The problem was that, in the service of strict gender norms, people were being cut up, lied to, and made to feel profoundly ashamed of themselves. Bo said it as plainly as she could: Intersex is not primarily about gender identity; it is about shame, secrecy and trauma.
Gradually, they began to gain some traction with doctors. One tool they used was the Phall-O-Meter (pictured), a ruler which is designed to measure the size of a newborn baby's genitals. Calibrated in inches, it was a way of showing how ridiculous it is, that one could use a ruler to categorise something as profound, as far-reaching, as a human being's sex. (This example misses out the humorous captions like "Phew! Just squeaks by!" for a barely acceptable penis).
Dreger: When I would ask treating physicians, "What is the goal of pediatric intersex treatment?" I was amazed at how often they could not articulate an answer. ... It would have been much easier if all these doctors had been evil. Instead they were good-- human, scared. They tried hard to write us off as evil, but when they met us, they realized that we were also good-- and human, and scared.
Giving the finger: Galileo
This is my second reason to love the book: that Dreger talks with compassion and a deeply-sensitive humanity. She adds more than a dash of her own personality to the book, so that, instead of reading like a dry academic treatise, it reads like a personal memoir, and is therefore approachable, funny and poignant. Alice, I would love to have dinner with you!

After some years involved in ISNA, Dreger decided to leave. It is here that the next chapter begins, the chapter involving transsexuals. But I wanted to finish this article by pointing out that the intersex community was very fortunate to find an ally in Alice Dreger: passionate, committed, articulate and seemingly fearless.

You might be wondering where the book's title comes from. It comes from the fact that one of Galileo's fingers (his middle one, of course) is preserved in a jar in the Museo Galileo in Florence. The museum insists that the finger is mounted pointing upward to the heavens which Galileo loved so much. But, because Galileo was fearless in speaking out against the Establishment of his time (getting himself in trouble with Pope Urban VIII over his views of celestial mechanics), Dreger impishly points out that an alternative interpretation is that Galileo is still sticking his middle finger up in the air against stubborn orthodoxy and entrenched dogma.

Join me for Part Two.
          Couple Caught Having Sex At Public Racetrack — And There's A VIDEO   
Photo: the sun
video of couple having sex at racetrack

When this video of a couple having sex at a racetrack went completely viral on the internet, the woman in the video felt completely ashamed after being filmed without her consent. Though public sex can be fun, it's also risky, but that doesn't mean this young woman deserved the be humiliated on the internet. Hopefully, she can learn to heal from the damage.

Keywords: Dating, Relationships, Sex in public, public sex, voyeur

read more

          SrViral #304   
So?!... Vegans out there... What do you have to say about this? And today, on Sr Viral... (1) From mug to pro in an instant... (2) This week's fool (3) ...

Un po' di VERA informazione scientifica:


Che cos'è una vaccinazione? Una stimolazione ripetuta ed intensa degli organi linfoidi. Cosa accade? Si introduce un antigene (proteina virale purificata), che provoca l'attivazione del sistema complementare. Sono una ventina di proteine circolanti e di membrana, essenziali nel meccanismo di difesa umorale contro gli agenti infettivi. Questo comporta il reclutamento di varie cellule immunocompetenti, monociti, macrofagi, polinucleati, linfociti B e T. In seguito alla risposta immunitaria si formano anticorpi che si legano all'antigene relativo con formazione di immunocomplessi circolanti. Nasce già la prima domanda: Dove vanno? Seconda domanda? Conosco la codificazione genetica del sistema del complemento di quel bimbo? Perché tutti dovrebbero sapere che le proteine del complemento C2 e C4 hanno a che fare con il Lupus, la C3 con infezioni fatali,  la C5 è 6 con la meningite, la C1 con l'edema angioneurotico. Ovviamente non esiste nessun screening di cautela. Secondo aspetto. Queste proteine purificate da sole sono scarsamente immunogeniche. Vuol dire che da sole non bastano ad indurre una risposta immunitaria. Allora che si fa? Si sporca il vaccino. Quasi nessuno sa che al fine di avere una risposta immune è necessario un espediente che si chiama Adiuvante di Freund. Si mescola la proteina purificata con una emulsione di olio minerale e batteri della tubercolosi uccisi al calore, emulsionati con lanolina e formaldeide. Perché questo è importante? Perché un aggregato con tubercolina passa nel nucleo cellulare. E' questo che induce reazione antigene anticorpo e che produce alfa e gamma globuline del siero. Si induce una enorme ossidazione dell'intero sistema che è la coordinata principale del terreno canceroso e leucemico. Mi sono interessato alle vaccinazioni per ovvie ragioni genitoriali visto che ho tre figli. 10 giorni dopo l'inoculazione del vaccino (trivalente, esavalente) abbiamo una caduta della conta linfocitaria in tutti i bambini, una riduzione della capacità fagocitante dei neutrofili e iperproduzione di Ig E. Si forma nel sangue un aggregato di antigeni e proteine del complemento circolanti per tutta la vita. E' interessante notare dal piano vaccinale che nei primi mesi vengono somministrati solamente vaccini inattivi, per il fatto che il livello di anticorpi naturali è ancora molto basso. Il massimo viene raggiunto a 14 anni. Durante la gravidanza, nella placenta è presente una condizione immunitaria di tipo 2 (il monossido di azoto non viene prodotto), vale a dire che le cellule T nella placenta producono in grande parte citochine del tipo 2. Perché?Perché se in gravidanza si producessero prevalentemente citochine del tipo 1, avremmo la morte precoce del feto (rigetto). I vaccini vivi, come MPR generano reazioni acute del tipo 1, vengono catturati dalle cellule dendritiche, ma essendo il sistema tarato sul tipo 2 non è in grado di reagire e i virus insediati all'interno delle cellule vengono congelati, soppressi temporaneamente. Ricordo che il tipo 1 ci difende dai tumori, oltre che dai virus.Questo è l'inizio del percorso verso la predisposizione alle malattie autoimmuni e al cancro.La vaccinazione di massa parte dal presupposto che la reazione di ogni bambino, alla somministrazione del vaccino sia uguale per tutti perché nel periodo neonatale l'organismo è tollerante verso gli antigeni con i quali viene in contatto. Peter Medewar, inglese, ebbe il premio Nobel negli anni 40 per l'esperimento, da cui il dogma, per cui se al neonato vengono inoculate delle cellule infettive di una qualche malattia il sistema dovrebbe reagire con un rafforzamento del sistema immunitario, imparare cioè a riconoscere l'antigene o l'agente patogeno come conseguenza della vaccinazione. Come l'organismo, di fronte a 55.000 proteine diverse riesca a fare questa distinzione è considerato un mistero. Dal 1994 questo dogma è caduto.Con una vaccinazione, si ha una iperstimolazione delle cellule dendritiche e delle cellule T citotossiche causando notevoli danni all'organismo. In particolare, i vaccini vivi attenuati, hanno la capacità di penetrare le cellule dendritiche e quindi stimolare le cellule T con eccessiva produzione del gas Monossido di Azoto che darà origine a fenomeni infiammatori, come per esempio la Meningite asettica. Inoltre a causa della memoria immunitaria il sistema, nel corso della vita, di fronte a qualsiasi virus risponderà con una iperstimolazione delle cellule T e diventerà perciò la causa diretta di Malattie Autoimmunitarie. Le cellule dendritiche sono geneticamente espresse e sono decisive nel caso dei trapianti. Questo, che si chiama MHC (maggior complesso di istocompatibilità), è diverso da persona a persona, tranne che nei gemelli identici.La reazione agli agenti esterni, siano esse tossine, organi trapiantati, vaccinazioni, sono quindi individuali: nessuno avrà la stessa reazione a delle sostanze estranee.Cento anni fa solo il 10% della popolazione era affetta da tumori, oggi siamo al 35% ed entro il 2030 saremo al 50%. Stiamo violentando continuamente il nostro sistema immunitario. Non ci siamo accorti, ma oggi lo sappiamo, che con le vaccinazioni e gli antibiotici, abbiamo alterato la catena di respirazione mitocondriale, la sede della produzione dell'energia, con una commutazione permanente verso la forma di produzione fermentativa, senza cioè l'utilizzo di ossigeno. Questo non significa altro che una cellula tumorale diventa un parassita cellulare, perché ha bisogno di quantità enormi di glucosio. I geni dei mitocondri non possiedono meccanismi di riparazione, rispetto ai geni protetti all'interno del nucleo della cellula. Questi geni mitocondriali danneggiati, oppure mutati, sono trasmessi solo per via materna alle generazioni successive. Fra tre generazioni il numero dei geni danneggiati sarà superiore ai geni intatti. La mia risposta è una sola... o cambiamo... o muoriamo. 

          Author of Till Book Investigated by Glenn Beck   

          Cal Student's Viral Graduation Speech Touches Millions   

<br /><img src="*120/speech.jpg" align="left" hspace="5" /><br /><p>A UC Berkeley student's graduation speech has gone viral and is drawing praise from all corners of the world and the Internet for its message about acceptance and unity.</p><p>Angad Singh Padda, 23, who graduated in May from the university's prestigious Haas School of Business, struck a chord with his unscripted speech titled, "A

          Trump’s crudeness: Should he be fired?   
If President Donald Trump were anyone else, he’d be fired, or at least reprimanded, for his latest tweets attacking a female TV host, social media and workplace experts say. And if he were to look for a job, the experts say, these and past tweets would raise red flags for companies doing social media background checks, an increasingly common practice as tweets and Facebook posts become a daily, sometimes hourly part of our lives. Of course, Trump is anything but typical. Still, experts say it’s a mistake to think that because the president is getting away with calling a man “Psycho Joe” and saying a woman was “bleeding badly from a face-lift” and had “low I.Q.,” regular people would get away with it, too. “Mr. Trump would be fired for his tweets of today, and nearly every day,” said Mike Driehorst, a social media expert at the marketing agency Weaving Influence. “Most companies have a thin skin when it comes to public criticism and media reports.” Nannina Angioni, an employment attorney at the Los Angeles-based law firm Kaedian, said certain speech is protected, such as posts about a workplace grievance or organizing a union. But she said that if “you take to Twitter to call your boss a ‘psycho’ or say that your CEO has a ‘low I.Q.’ that could absolutely get you fired.” That applies even to chief executives. “Any good outside crisis adviser would tell the company’s board that they have no choice but to terminate the CEO,” said Kara Alaimo, a public relations professor at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. “Today, more than ever before, citizens expect companies to espouse and uphold values.” PLENTY OF EXAMPLES In 2013, Justine Sacco, a 30-year-old public-relations executive for the internet company IAC, tweeted, “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” Though it was on a personal account with only 170 followers, the tweet quickly went viral. She didn’t learn she had become a top “trending topic” — not in a good way — as her phone was off during an 11-hour flight to South Africa. She was fired, of course. Earlier this year, the New York Post fired football writer Bart Hubbuch for comparing the president’s inauguration to the 9/11 attacks. He has since deleted the tweet and apologized. A month later, a preschool teacher in Texas lost his job over a series of anti-Semitic posts, including a tweet that said “kill some Jews.” Nancy Salem had also retweeted: “How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough!” according to a news report at the time. Salem later apologized. BROAD RANGE OF POLICIES What happens when workers send out crude, hateful or offensive tweets — especially if they fall in a gray area — can depend on where they work. Many policies encourage common sense, such as refraining from posting private company information or speaking on behalf of the company unless authorized. Hate speech and offensive comments are also frowned upon. “Customers, colleagues, supervisors, suppliers, competitors and others may have access to your posts,” General Motors’ policy states. “Offensive or inappropriate remarks are as out-of-place online as they are offline. Use the same set of standards as you do in the physical workplace.” Government agencies such as the General Services Administration prohibit “engaging in vulgar or abusive language, personal attacks of any kind, or offensive terms targeting individuals or groups.” The White House didn’t respond to requests for comment. Coca Cola’s policy, meanwhile, doesn’t spell out that employees shouldn’t harass others or post racist rants, yet such topics can be construed as falling under “common sense.” The policy reads, “You are responsible for your actions. We encourage you to get online and have fun, but use sound judgment and common sense.” The computer chip maker Intel also trusts employees to use their own judgment. “What do our policies mean? They mean that we trust you,” the guidelines state. “We bring smart people into the Intel family and we expect you to make smart decisions.” But as Sacco, Hubbuch and Salem learned, with trust comes responsibility and if you tweet first and think later, you could face dire consequences. GROWING SCRUTINY As for the next job, Social Intelligence is one of a growing number of companies that screens social media accounts of prospective employees — similar to criminal background checks or credit reports. Its president, Bianca Calhoun Lager, said the company has seen a “really big demand growth” since early 2016. Anecdotally, she said the attention on tweets and other social media during the 2016 elections may have contributed to the growth. The company screens people’s publicly available posts against a set of criteria such as potentially illegal or violent activity, or content that is sexually explicit, racist or intolerant. About 10 to 15 percent of the applicants screened get flagged, often for multiple incidents, suggesting a questionable post is more than a mistake. Rather than wait for an employee to engage in conduct that can lead to firing, Lager said employers are increasingly protecting themselves from hiring people who might create a hostile workplace to begin with. ___ AP Business Writers Tali Arbel and Candice Choi in New York, Dee-Ann Durbin and Tom Krisher in Detroit and Jonathan Lemire in Washington contributed to this story. _______________________________________________________ Copyright © 2017 Capitol Hill Blue Copyright © 2017 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved  
          „Mamynky“ útočí: Už jste viděli nejhloupější dotazy matek z Facebooku?   

          "The Strain" - Ancient Vampirism   

From TorontoFilm.Net, Sneak Peek more new footage, plus images from the Toronto-lensed 'vampire' horror series "The Strain", created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, based on their novel trilogy of the same name, premiering Season Four with the episode "The Worm Turns", July 16, 2017 on FX:

"...'Dr. Ephraim Goodweather', the head of the 'Center for Disease Control Canary Team' in New York City is called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak...

"...with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism..."

In "The The Worm Turns", written by Carlton Cuse and Chuck Hogan, directed by J. Miles Dale":

"...out of the ashes of humanity’s nuclear war, 'Night Eternal' has begun. Haunted by the atrocities committed by his son, 'Eph' abandons NYC for Philadelphia. His solitude is cut short when he encounters new fighters who rekindle his drive to fight back. Tasked by 'Setrakian', 'Fet' and 'Quinlan' search for a new means of stopping the 'Master'..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Strain" Season Four...

          Ο μουσικόφιλος… αδέσποτος σκύλος που έγινε viral   

Μπήκε απρόσκλητος και έκατσε δίπλα στην Ορχήστρα Δωματίου της Βιέννης για να ακούσει μουσική – Δείτε το βίντεο Ένας αδέσποτος και προφανώς μουσικόφιλος σκύλος έγινε το νέο αστέρι των ιστοτόπων κοινωνικής δικτύωσης αυτή την εβδομάδα, χάρη σε ένα βίντεο στο οποίο εικονίζεται να περιφέρεται επί σκηνής εν μέσω μιας συναυλίας κλασικής μουσικής στην Τουρκία. Το […]

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          Antivirals for systemic use   
          Cattle, battle, and our women!   
Young photographer, Sujatro Ghosh’s photographs of women wearing cow masks have gone viral online and has become the talking point of many women’s rights discussions…
          Keadaan Seorang Pelajar Selepas Dibaham Harimau   
Baru-baru ini seorang lelaki telah memuatnaik satu video mengerikan dimana seekor harimau sedang membaham seorang pelajar di sebuah zoo terletak di India.Kejadian yang berlaku di sebuah zoo telah menjadi viral apabila video tersebut mendapat hampir 40Juta tontonan dan mendapat pelbagai reaksi masyarakat dunia.

Sangat sadis dan pelajar tersebut telah maut ketika kejadian akibat cedera parah.Berikut merupakan gambar selepas kejadian tersebut-SUMBER



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          Cristina con peluche, flores y el perrito Simón en helicóptero. O los "mejores" deseos de fin de año enunciados por los opinólogos opositores: Fidanza, Fontevecchia y Sarlo.   
Los políticos y periodistas opositores compitieron durante los 47 días de ausencia por “licencia médica” de la Presidenta en un torneo de humor despectivo a la hora de formular sus “mejores” deseos para la vuelta de Cristina: “una planta”, “disminuida”, “limitada”, “semi Presidenta”, entre otras delicadas agresiones. El juguete rabioso era la expectativa de una vacancia en la conducción del Estado y, ya excitados en la ilusión golpista y para ganar tiempo, apuntaron preventivamente contra toda la línea sucesoria, intentando desacreditarla, mientras tejían hipótesis disparatadas acerca de un diagnóstico médico negativo, fabulaban una intimidad a la que no tenían acceso y especulaban sobre la (in) capacidad de Cristina para volver a gobernar. Hasta que el lunes pasado, la Presidenta volvió -lúcida y radiante- a la vida pública protagonizando un video filmado por su hija Florencia que a los comentaristas opositores, como era previsible, les cayó mal.
El sábado, desde “La Nación”, Eduardo Fidanza no podía disimular su enojo ante la eficacia del recurso comunicacional:
“El primer paso del menú elegido para retornar fue un video doméstico. Puede considerárselo una pieza maestra de la privatización de la política. El episodio de una saga sentimental que pone por delante las emociones, los enseres de uso cotidiano y el hogar, dejando en segundo plano las cuestiones públicas, vinculadas a la administración del Estado.
La frase "A mí me pasó de todo", aludiendo a su enfermedad, a la muerte de su marido, a las alternativas de su profesión, buscó y logró la identificación masiva. El público no advertido, que seguía la escena, sintió: esto también me ocurrió a mí, o a mi vecino, o a algún amigo. Ella es como nosotros, es una más de la familia. De soslayo, los regalos recibidos -un perro, un ramo de rosas, un pingüinito de peluche- aparecieron como significantes políticos, pero más propios de un ama de casa que de una presidenta. Contó que el perro, al que bautizó Simón, por Bolívar, se lo trajo un hermano de Hugo Chávez, que bien podría ser un pariente, un tío o un primo, que vive en otro país. Agregó que las rosas se las regaló Hebe de Bonafini, que, si no fuera quien es, podría pasar por una vecina que se acercó a saludarla.”
Y, sí, en esa lógica de sustituciones ridículas, el comentarista Fidanza podría ser un vecino en camiseta y ojotas, sumamente opositor y gorila, que se enoja en la vereda de mi casa y no me deja dormir la siesta porque se indigna ante la evidencia de que Cristina sigue viva y lo dice a los gritos. Pero no, porque el tal Fidanza escribe en un diario y finge que reflexiona, aunque no logra hacer una distinción obvia en beneficio de su público lector. Cristina es titular de un cargo estatal -Presidenta de los argentinos- así como también es una persona que tiene derecho a su privacidad. Y es cierto que ella afrontó una historia subjetiva dolorosa en los últimos años -“la enfermedad, la muerte de su marido”, según dice Fidanza-, hechos que adquirieron un carácter público y que la afectaron como a cualquier otro ser humano, ocasionándole un daño irreparable en más de un modo. ¿Supone Fidanza que la historia de esos dolores puede ser leída como un simulacro orientado a lograr una “identificación masiva”? O sea: ¿Néstor no murió y a Cristina nunca la sometieron a una operación? ¿Otra mentira del relato K? El público “no advertido” al que ironiza -a decir verdad, la clientela favorita de “La Nación” hoy día-, ¿debe hacer un curso de manejo correcto de las emociones / identificaciones con el gurú Fidanza?
El sábado, también, desde “Perfil”, Jorge Fontevecchia, tan atento siempre a su negocio familiar -esto es: la insistente manipulación de las representaciones de la vida colectiva (a punto tal que supone que los perros kirchneristas “hacen mohines”)-, escribió quejoso:
No se trata sólo de un simulacro de espontaneidad: en el video de YouTube también se trató de transmitir un mensaje apolítico por lo intimista y hasta trivial: un cuerpo sincero donde “les habla Cristina, no la Presidenta”. Pero estaba cargado de simbologías muy fácilmente decodificables. Al principio, marcó que “esperaban que hablara por cadena nacional pero preferí esto”, un video para redes sociales. Tanto es la elección del medio el mensaje, que el propio Marshall McLuhan se ironizaba a sí mismo repitiendo “el medio es el masaje”. No es lo mismo YouTube que la cadena nacional, no es lo mismo un living que un escritorio o un atril. Cualquiera de las últimas opciones la hubiera obligado a hablar de las elecciones perdidas o de los cambios de gabinete. Cada tipo de medio establece un contrato de lectura diferente con su audiencia. YouTube le permitía algo más íntimo e informal, y fue una astuta forma de salirse de la coyuntura poselectoral”.
Otra vez: Cristina volvió a ocupar el centro de la escena política y comunicacional y la derecha se queja ante la evidencia de su vitalidad. Ella se sitúa en el formato que prefiere para cumplir con cada acto de comunicación, yendo del balcón al living o al revés, y los sorprende porque es más astuta y ellos esperaban otra cosa, una suerte de pedido de disculpas en cadena nacional, ¿o una rendición desde el atril? Cristina logró viralizar en las redes su mensaje y el “mejor golpe” de Fontevecchia fue “intervenir” la imagen del hocico del cachorro Simón para volverlo “agresivo”. ¿Será un síntoma más del “fin del periodismo o de la decadencia intelectual del director de “Perfil”?
Pero, como ya es un clásico, quien formuló la lectura más despectiva del video de Cristina fue Beatriz Sarlo desde el canal TN del Grupo Clarín. Entrevistada en “Código Político”, la ensayista dijo:
“El video conecta con el cine argentino de la década del 40. Uno puede pensarlo en blanco y negro ese video y es efectivamente una señora de su casa que le cuenta a los nietos -antes lo hubiera contado por carta, ahora con una home movie- que le va muy bien, que recibió muchos regalos, que está completamente repuesta y que no se tienen que preocupar más, que agradece las oraciones y que tiene un perrito adorable. Lo cual es fantástico, yo estaba por mandarle mi gata de regalo. Ella está conectando con el piso de las culturas populares medias de la Argentina. Con el piso. Un político podría conectar con el techo de esas culturas. Un político podría armar un discurso que armara un escenario político. Ella desarmó ese escenario para armar un escenario intimo. La gente te interesa por lo íntimo. ¿Cuánto me interesa a mí personalmente? Nada.”
Y esa confesión subjetiva, ilumina. A Sarlo no le interesa Cristina “nada” porque sencilla y brutalmente quiere cambiar de escena, pasar a otra pantalla, porque también está frustrada e indignada. Obviamente, Sarlo -la supuestamente lúcida lectora de símbolos- parece no advertir que los regalos -las flores rojas enviadas por Hebe, el pingüino de peluche de un militante juvenil, el cachorro venezolano regalado por el hermano de Chávez- remiten al mundo de relaciones de una dirigente política de primer nivel y no al contexto familiar de “una señora convencional” despojada de cualquier responsabilidad institucional.
Vale subrayar que Sarlo proyecta para Cristina el peor porvenir:
No hay futuro para el proyecto si este gobierno tiene que salir con el helicóptero. No hay futuro para quien sale mal del Gobierno, con una inflación creciente, con todas las variables económicas descompensadas como parecieran estar en este momento. Si Cristina no se ocupa del presente va a tener muy poca chance de seguir ocupándose del futuro.
En definitiva: la insistencia en el ataque al video, ¿a qué obedece? Tal vez a que logró sintetizar algunos rasgos del mundo íntimo de la dirigente política exitosa que preside la República Argentina. No se trata -como pretende la oposición- de la vida de una persona del común. No. Se trata de la vida de una persona con responsabilidades especiales que, a contramano de los peores pronósticos, después de la muerte de su esposo, el presidente Néstor Kirchner, logró sostener el timón que conduce la vida de este país de cara al futuro. Y volvió, desatando la indignación opositora.

Being A Writer: Expectations Vs. Reality

For everyone who has 20 pages of the next Great American Novel. Or two pages. Any pages, really.posted on 

1. Expectation: Woo-hoo! You’re armed with an MFA and you are going to write the s*%t out of your first book!

Being A Writer: Expectations Vs. Reality

Reality: You don’t actually have anything to write about yet.

Being A Writer: Expectations Vs. Reality

2. Expectation: Once you’ve gotten started, you’ll work on your book nonstop, fueled by creative passion.

Being A Writer: Expectations Vs. Reality

Reality: Your moments of creative passion will come at odd times and may require liquid or food reinforcements.

Reality: Your moments of creative passion will come at odd times and may require liquid or food reinforcements.

3. Expectation: Using a vintage typewriter will turn you into a truly authentic writer.

Being A Writer: Expectations Vs. Reality

Reality: Typewriters are THE WORST.

Being A Writer: Expectations Vs. Reality

4. Expectation: Your technology will never fail you! Your MacBook is your best friend.

Being A Writer: Expectations Vs. Reality

Reality: Let’s talk again the first time you lose your ENTIRE book and NO, YOU DIDN’T BACK UP, thanks for asking.

          Comment on The 2016 Joe Shuster Award Nominations / Les nominés pour le prix Joe Shuster 2016 by Joe Shuster Awards Nominees Announced – Mostviral   
[…] and “SuperMutant Magic Academy” creator Jillian Tamaki are among the nominees for the 2016 Joe Shuster Awards, announced earlier this […]
          Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, Men Have Named You… Don’t Try This at Home!    

Monalisa Perez and the late Pedro Ruiz III; hopefully, the baby will be a boy

By Reader-Researcher RC

A Minnesota woman killed her boyfriend Monday by shooting at a book he was holding over his chest, in a YouTube video stunt gone wrong. Monalisa Perez, 19, was attempting to make a viral video with boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III, 22, to post to their YouTube account …

Pregnant Woman Accidentally Shoots, Kills Boyfriend During YouTube Stunt in Minnesota; Family Says Couple Wanted "More Viewers"

A Minnesota man is dead after his family says he instructed his girlfriend to shoot at a book he was holding for a YouTube stunt, KVLY-TV reports. Pedro Ruiz, 22 ...


What kind of damage would a 50 caliber bullet do to a ...

This Site Might Help You, RE: What kind of damage would a 50 caliber bullet do to a person?...

          Foto Menteri Pertanian India Kencing di Tembok dengan Pengawalan Tentara Bersenjata Jadi Viral   
Menteri Pertanian Radha Mohan Singh (67) tepergok buang air kecil di tembok sebuah sekolah dengan pengawalan para tentara bersenjata otomatis.
          YouTube: chica mata a su novio cuando hacían video para ser viral   

Una mujer de 19 años fue acusada de homicidio tras matar a su novio de 22, con un disparo en el pecho, cuando ambos grababan un video viral para YouTube.

          NASA tells InfoWars: There are no ‘child slave colonies’ on Mars   
NASA has responded to bizarre claims that a colony of kidnapped child slaves exists on the planet Mars by asserting that there are “no humans” on the Red Planet.

The spacey agency was responding to comments made by an InfoWars guest, who said that children have been sent on a “20-year ride” to be slaves on a Mars outpost.

Robert David Steele, a former US presidential candidate for the Reform Party, was speaking to InfoWars host Alex Jones when he made the bizarre comments.

“We actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20-year ride,” he said.

Steele added that “once they get to Mars, they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony.”

According to the Daily Beast, a NASA spokesperson answered the slave claims by reminding people that there are no humans on the planet.

“There are no humans on Mars. There are active rovers on Mars,” said Guy Webster, a NASA spokesperson for missions exploring Mars.

When contacted by about the bizarre conspiracy, Webster said he would prefer to “spend time on true information”about solar system exploration.

          UAE crown prince ‘asked US to bomb Al Jazeera,’ leaked cable reveals   
The crown prince of Abu Dhabi allegedly asked the US to bomb the offices of Al Jazeera prior to the invasion of Afghanistan, according to a diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks.

The document details a conversation between US diplomat Richard Haass and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed – referred to as ‘MBZ’ - in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The royal urged Haass to control media coverage of the war and “emphasized the importance of reining in the Doha-based Al-Jazeera network prior to any military action.”

The cable also details how the crown prince “laughingly recalled” a meeting between Qatari Emir Hamad Al-Thani and Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, bin Zayed’s father, before the US invasion of Afghanistan.

“Hamad complained about a report he had received that MBZ had asked General Franks to bomb Al-Jazeera. According to MBZ, Zayed derisively responded: ‘Do you blame him?’” the leaked cable reads.


Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis

This isn't a tincture, but needed to be mentioned here nonetheless because elderberry syrup is the thing to have on hand for when you feel a virus coming on and it is just about time for me to make a big batch. It is simple to make and scrumptious to consume as well. You will find as many, or more, recipes for elderberry syrup as there are people that make it. Mine includes a bit of sweet flag (Acorus calamus), my own personal touch. The sweet flag adds flavor, perhaps its own antiviral properties, and of course the mysterious wonder that it imparts on everything it touches. I love sweet flag. If you don't have sweet flag, don't worry about it. Your syrup will still be wonderful and maybe you can use it in your next batch.

Start taking the syrup when you feel a virus coming on, or even if it seems to have set in already. It will shorten the virus' duration or keep it from taking hold altogether. It will also just plain make you feel nice, which is something you need when you are sick. You can take a spoonful or two of straight syrup throughout the day, especially nice on a sore throat, or add a few teaspoons to a cup of warm water to sip until it's gone and you make another cup.

When gathering elderberries to make the syrup, look for any dark blue, purple, or black berries. Don't worry too much about species, the scientific name for elderberries is actually experiencing a bit of a shift right now anyway. The species in my area was just changed from Sambucus canadensis to the current name I have listed above. I like to keep on top of these things because of my background in botany, but I can't imagine the plants care a bit! Just stay away from red berried elders. Some people will tell you that they are poisonous, I think that they are probably as safe as anything as long as you cook them and have been known to make a fantastic red elder mead myself, but they don't necessarily have the antiviral impact that the blue/purple/black species do. Make sure that you have stripped all of the stems - even the tiny ones, off of the berries before you use them. Stems add an icky flavor to the syrup as well as, potentially, toxins that could give you an intense tummy ache. If you have never used elderberries before, don't be discouraged by their flavor raw (though don't eat a bunch of the raw berries either - they can also contain tummy aching toxins) their yumminess increases 100 fold when cooked, as in the syrup, or dried. If you do not have time to make syrup when you are collecting berries, they freeze really well, just don't wait until you are sick because you won't feel like making syrup then. If you find you are sick with lots of berries and no syrup, it's time to make juice (see below), which is also tasty and effective.

Start with as many berries as you have and add just enough water to keep them from sticking to the pan before their juices start to flow (maybe 1.5 cups water/qt berries, it will depend on the pan really) then cover and cook over low/medium heat until they have all burst and lost their fresh color. While cooking add 2 cloves, 1-2 small pieces (about 1/2 to 3/4 an inch of root all together) sweet flag, and about 1/6 of a whole nutmeg (cracked off the nut, not grated) per quart of berries. Then squeeze everything through a jelly bag (squeeze instead of just straining so you end up with thick juice). After squeezing, while the juice is still warm, add an equal amount of raw honey. I always try to use the darkest local honey available. Don't heat it any more after you add the honey to preserve enzymes and floral delicacies. If you prefer, you could add much less honey (a lot of recipes call for more like 4:1 juice:honey ratio) but it just doesn't seem like syrup to me that way and I really really like honey. The honey helps it keep longer too.

I have also made an elderberry juice that I add a bit of honey to when I (or my husband) am (is) feeling yucky. It works just as well for those times that you have berries but no syrup and it tastes a bit fruitier, which is nice sometimes. Simply add a few tablespoons of frozen berries, directly from the freezer, to a pint of water. Heat this until the water has taken on a lot of color from the berries and tastes fruity, strain, and add honey to taste. I have never actually simmered this preparation and I've never had any tummy ache issues such as those mentioned above because of it. If you are sick, it is best to get a loved one to make this juice for you rather than doing it yourself. I am sure that it increases the healing properties.

          Note Taker/Recorder   
Exciting Opportunity for Note Takers/Recorders!

We Currently have a need for several Professional Note Takers/Recorders for an upcoming project!

Note Takers must be familiar with Public Health and capable of recording/documenting notes from all pertinent communication within the Panel Review Meetings. In addition, the note taker must compile the notes in a Summary Statement. Must have previous experience recording data from meetings, PowerPoint presentations, discussions and Q&A sessions from the audience - and then condensing and summarizing the main points of the discussion in paragraph form for the report. Must be familiar with and have experience with the FAAS system and error-free grammar.

Skills needed:
? The recorders are required to have at least a Bachelor?s Degree and or, preferable, at least 3 years of experience performing writer/editor services related to infectious diseases, specifically HIV/AIDS, STDs, TB, or Viral Hepatitis.
? The writers will be scheduled to attend 4 days of panel meetings where each writer will be assigned to a panel room (3 reviewers, 1 chairperson, and CDC staff) to develop and provide detailed, specific notes into draft statements within a database, the FOA Applicant Approval System (FAAS)- (prior experience with FAAS is preferred).
? Must compile and submit a typed summary statement each day following the panel session. All summaries need to be grammatically correct in the format that is provided to the recorders prior to the start of the review panels. Spell Check is used within the FAAS database to ensure that the statements are free of grammatical errors.
? Strong skills with Microsoft Word as a backup in case we encounter FAAS connectivity issues during the meeting.
? Must ensure all written comments are captured and reviews are completed.

Work hours will be 8:00 to 5:00 pm
We are an equal employment opportunity employer and will consider all qualified candidates without regard to disability or protected veteran status.
          Mónica Oltra carga contra el bombero del vídeo del incendio de Gátova: «Es un exconcejal del PP»   
Mónica Oltra ha cargado este viernes contra Manuel Mallol, el bombero que participa en las tareas de extinción del incendio que afecta al entorno de la Sierra Calderona, en el límite de las provincias de Valencia y Castellón, que critica en un video difundido en una red social contra los gobiernos "ecologistas" y "proteccionistas" del monte, que lo convierten en un "puto infierno", una acción que la vicepresidenta del Consell, ha reprobado ya que «se trata de un exedil del PP de L'Alcora (Castellón), que está haciendo campaña para el PP". "¿Qué hace este exconcejal del PP grabando mientras sus compañeros se juegan el tipo?", se ha preguntado la vicepresidenta, quien además le ha interpelado qué grabó cuando los 'populares', de cuya ejecutiva local es miembro, ha dicho, bajaban en un 50 por ciento el presupuesto para prevención de incendios, que el Consell del Botànic ha subido un 40%. "Que un bombero en horario laboral", cuando su compañero se está "jugando la piel" en la lucha contra el fuego, "en lugar de estar donde debe, esté haciendo campaña electoral para el PP, que lo califique todo el mundo" como quiera, ha apuntado. El bombero, en el video que se ha convertido en viral, asegura que le hace "gracia la hipocresía y los mensajes" de la gente pidiendo apoyo a la extinción. "Que no me toquen los cojones, los gobiernos proteccionistas del monte que vengan aquí para pasar por medio de estas zarzas y carrascas para llegar al foco, y cuando se coge, que te ayuden a salir de dentro", describe Manolo Mallol en medio de un paraje, y añade: "Aquí tendrían que estar limpiando el monte". A su juicio, lo que deberían hacer es que a los parados que cobran la prestación de 400 euros, "dadles 800 y que vengan a limpiar el monte aunque sea a media jornada". "Trabajemos en la prevención y con un poco de suerte no saldremos escaldados los bomberos" e insiste: "Nos gusta proteger el monte dejando que sea un puto infierno. Así nos va. Gobiernos ecologistas, venid a echarnos una mano". Preguntada por este video en la rueda de prensa posterior al pleno del Consell, Oltra ha agradecido en primer lugar el trabajo de los efectivos "que se dejan piel apagando el fuego" --"pequeños héroes anónimos"-- y después ha recalcado que las imágenes le suscitan "muchas preguntas ese vídeo". "Qué hace este señor exregidor del PP y miembro de la ejecutiva del PP de l'Alcora grabando mientras sus compañeros se juegan el tipo apagando fuego en horario laboral", empieza. Què fa un bomber exregidor del PP d'Alcora gravant un video mentre els seus companys es deixen la pell apagant el foc? #pleconsell— Mónica Oltra Jarque (@monicaoltra) 30 de junio de 2017Y sigue: "Me pregunto qué grabaría cuando entre 2010 y 2014 el PP bajó el presupuesto en prevención de incendios un 50% y este gobierno lo ha subido en dos años un 40%". "Me pregunto qué grabaría este regidor cuando el plan de actuación contra incendios forestal es de 1997 y en 18 el PP no lo desarrolló", añade, para preguntarse "por qué no llevaba el equipo de autoprotección". Sobre las imágenes, Oltra ha resaltado que "es el típico paisaje de matorral mediterráneo bajo donde no se ve vidrio ni ningún elemento que se pueda incendiar". "Es una zona de matorral bajo muy abierta. ¿Qué pretende que se haga? ¿Asfaltarlo?. Si lo asfaltamos no se quema, eso esta claro", ha ironizado. La vicepresidenta ha subrayado que se trata de una zona "abierta con matorral bajo", lo que "no quita que haya zonas que tienen problemas y se tienen que arreglar", pero ha recalcado que esa en concreto "se quemó hace años, 10 y 20 años, y no se hizo la política que se tenía que haber hecho, que es el control del rebrote, y eso es lo que hace las zonas inaccesibles". "20 años de no haber actuado en la montaña como corresponde llevan a estas consecuencias y no eran gobiernos ecologistas", ha subrayado, para hacer hincapié en que la montaña "no es un parque municipal". La vicepresidenta no se ha pronunciado sobre si el bombero será sancionado porque "en estos momentos, apagar el fuego, lo demás es secundario". Imagen de la visita de Puig al Puesto de Mando Avanzado del incendio- EFE Por su parte, el presidente de la Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, ha visitado este viernes el Puesto de Mando Avanzado del incendio de Gátova, que afecta al entorno de la Sierra Calderona, donde ha destacado que la evolución del fuego va a depender de las condiciones meteorológicas que se den en las próximas horas y respondido a críticas sobre falta de limpieza en los montes: "Los bosques son bosques, no pueden ser un jardín".
          Un bombero denuncia en un vídeo viral desde el incendio de Gátova la falta de medidas de prevención   
Manuel Mallol ha puesto la voz de la indignación de los bomberos por la falta de medidas de prevención ante los indendios forestales en un vídeo que se ha convertido en viral. Natural de la localidad castellonense de l'Alcora, Mallol es uno de los cerca de quinientos efectivos terrestres que trabajan en la extinción del incendio forestal declarado el pasado miércoles en Gátova y que ya ha arrasado cerca de 1.000 hectáreas tras alcanzar otros tres municipios. Mallol muestra en un vídeo difundido a través de las redes sociales las condiciones que deben afrontar los bomberos y propone que se contrate a parados para limpiar los bosques. En el vídeo, el bombero clama contra la inacción de las instituciones para proteger los montes valencianos y carga contra a el "inmovilismo" derivado de posiciones ecologistas. «Me hace gracia tanta hipocresia en los mensajes de la gente pidiendo apoyo. Que no me toquen los co... Que vengan aquí los gobiernos proteccionistas del monte a pasar por estas zarzas para llegar al foco del incendio. Y cuando lleguen, que te ayuden a salir», clama. «Trabajemos en la prevención. Como nos gusta proteger el monte dejando que sea un puto infierno, así nos va. Gobiernos ecologistas, venid aquí a echarnos una mano», acaba pidiendo.
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          Stormzy and Russell Crowe among celebrities to rally round bullied boy as dad’s plea goes viral   
Tim Peake, Jake Humphrey and Jason Manford also offered messages.
          SEO Specialists munkakörbe keresünk munkatársat. | Elvárások: Experience with Google and Bing?s...   
SEO Specialists munkakörbe keresünk munkatársat. | Elvárások: Experience with Google and Bing?s services, including Analytics and Webmaster Tools • Experience with Google?s Keyword Tool • A functional understanding of HTML and CSS • The ability to work with back-end SEO elements such as .htaccess, robots.txt, metadata, site speed optimization, and related skills • Proven success in link building and viral strategies • The ability to deploy an effective local and long-tail search strategy • A deep understanding of mobile strategy and how it relates to SEO • A solid grasp of how blogging, press releases, social media, and related strategies go hand-in-hand with SEO • Experience in building inbound organic search traffic and improving SERPs • A background in creating reports showing web analytics data and site evaluations • An up-to-date, working knowledge of current, past, and projected trends in the SEO industry • Experience with SEM Rush, Ahfers and Screaming products • Familiarity with the best tools in the trade | További elvárások: Supplementary skills: PHP, UX, IA, CRO, SEM, Content Strategy, Social Media Additionally, you will need to be a team player with a positive attitude and strong commercial focus. Equally as importantly will be your demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities, your flexible approach and excellent communication skills. | További infó és jelentkezés itt:
           Una nota interna del Ayuntamiento sobre la retirada de símbolos religiosos desata un bulo    
Un comunicado de Urbanismo a su personal se viraliza por Whatsapp dando a entender que la supresión es en toda la ciudad
          Trump Collusion? Rumors Indicate Major Story Could Break On Interactions With Russia During 2016 Campaign   

Trump Collusion? Rumors Indicate Major Story Could Break On Interactions With Russia During 2016 Campaign

There is not yet any evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign, but one viral rumor on Twitter suggests that could be changing very soon.

As the investigation into the alleged ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia continues to grow, there have been a flurry of stories connecting individuals involved in the campaign — including some very close to Trump — engaging in secretive discussions with Russia that could hint at collusion. But so far, the president himself has not been implicated in any of it beyond rumors and conspiracy theories.

On Thursday, independent journalist Claude Taylor reported that the Washington Post was preparing a story that would detail collusion between Trump and Russia.

Click here to continue and

          Why "Becky With the Good Hair" Has a More Powerful Meaning Than Infidelity   

Being the other woman is never fun or a good idea - but being the other woman when it comes to Beyoncé's marriage is reputation suicide. Enter scene: Rachel Roy.

Let's back up - at the 2014 Met Gala, Solange Knowles notoriously hit Jay Z in an elevator. Allegedly, she was pissed that Jay Z had cheated on her sister, Beyoncé, with fashion designer Rachel Roy. Jay Z worked with Rachel when she was the creative director of Rocawear, a clothing company Jay Z launched with Rachel's now-ex-husband, Damon Dash.

The elevator incident went viral but had died down in the media until Saturday, April 23, when HBO released Beyoncé's new visual album, Lemonade. In it, Beyoncé sings, "He only want me when I'm not there / He better call Becky with the good hair." While it has not been confirmed that Lemonade is biographical, it certainly seems to shed light on her marriage to Jay Z and its rumored problems.

After the album debuted, the internet was teeming with conspiracy theories. We knew there was a "Becky" (the other woman), but we didn't know who she was.

Then, Rachel inserted herself into the situation by sharing a photo on Instagram captioned: "Good hair don't care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. Live in the light #nodramaqueens." This clue about having "good hair don't care" caused people to point fingers at Rachel for being Becky.

She also shared a more positive photo that said: "All you shld seek in friendships is love & no judgement, growth & laughter." Rachel eventually made her Instagram private and tweeted: "I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What shouldn't be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind."

The BeyHive (as Beyoncé's fans call themselves) is swarming Rachel's social media accounts with spiteful comments as well as lemon and bee emoji.

Sleeping with someone else's husband is definitely in the wrong, but so is cyberbullying.

Some people believe there is a bigger issue surrounding "Becky." Rather than trying to figure out if Becky is or isn't Rachel, they point out that there are racial undertones to Beyoncé's lyrics. The inference is that "Becky" has desirable, sleek hair, while Beyoncé has a naturally curly texture under the wigs and without hot tools. It sheds light on an overall picture when it comes to how black coarse hair is perceived, since the former is "good" and the latter is assumed to be the opposite.

"The fact that people are trying to figure out who Becky is defeats the purpose of this lyric - and the whole performance to me," said social media editor Larissa Green, who is biracial. "Being pushed aside because our hair is coarse and doesn't follow a straight and narrow is something very real to me. I think her lyric means: if you can't handle it, then that's no one's problem but your own."

Black journalist Bené Viera shared a lengthy Facebook post on the matter. Some highlights include:

"And if you're writing that it's mainly about infidelity and marital strife w/Jay you've missed the mark. Let's start here though: Beyoncé made #Lemonade for Black women first, then Black people as a whole. . . . If you didn't know what 'call Becky with the good hair' meant without Googling, put your pen down. . . . Put aside the gossip for a second to dig a bit deeper. . . . This is about so much more than her working through a man cheating. It's about black womanhood and that journey of coming into your own. Deciding that love is transformative. Telling us, black people, black women, that with love and hope we will win. Realizing our power as women. And healing. Lemonade tackles lineage, generational curses, black feminism, the work women put into relationships, how anger can fuel greatness, sisterhood, loving ourselves, reconciling with being a daddy's girl while simultaneously being disappointed with how he did your mom, power, healing, freedom. Black women ALWAYS being given lemons but making lemonade. Don't reduce it to a story about infidelity. Please."

Read into it what you will - these are just theories and speculations until Beyoncé goes on the record to officially explain it.

Update June 30, 2017:

JAY-Z recently released a new album 4:44 on which he addresses "Becky." In his song, "Family Feud" (a telling name itself), he included the lyrics: "Yeah, I'll f*ck up a good thing if you let me / Let me alone Becky!"

The couple recently had twins, so from the outside it looks like things are OK and Becky is out of the picture. But again, interpret as you please!

          Crested Butte's Matchstick Productions goes huge with "Most insane ski line EVER"   
Crested Butte's Matchstick Productions is blowing up with its viral clip of Cody Townsend's descent of an Alaskan peak, from the movie "Days of my Youth."
          Stormzy and Russell Crowe among celebrities to rally round bullied boy as dad’s plea goes viral   
Tim Peake, Jake Humphrey and Jason Manford also offered messages.
          Comment on Sprayable Concrete Overlay Mix Floor Thin Texture – SureSpray™ by ArielX   
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La presidenta mandato cumplido se comunicó con Gabriel, el panadero que le cantó y se viralizó en las redes sociales. En una imperdible charla mezcla de política y sentimientos se demuestra a las claras el amor y el respeto que sienten mutuamente el pueblo y Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.  


          ViralNova - Your Stories On The Web   
Get all the latest interesting, hilarious, and mind-blowing stories on the Web. This is the stuff everyone's talking about.
          Ο παγκόσμιος χάρτης του Ερατοσθένη - Έτσι έβλεπε τη Γη το 220 π.Χ   

Ο παγκόσμιος χάρτης του Ερατοσθένη - Έτσι έβλεπε τη Γη το 220 π.Χ
    Ο μαθηματικός Ερατοσθένηςήταν και εξέχων χαρτογράφος. Γεννήθηκε το 276 π.Χ στην Κυρηναϊκή (Λιβύη), έζησε, εργάστηκε και πέθανε στην Αλεξάνδρεια της Αιγύπτου.
    Ήταν ο πρώτος που ενσωμάτωσε παραλλήλους και μεσημβρινούς μέσα στις χαρτογραφικές απεικονίσεις του -κατανοούσε συνεπώς ότι η γη είναι σφαιρική.
    Ο χάρτης που βλέπετε αντανακλά το πώς 'έβλεπε' τον κόσμο.

    Συνοπτικά: ήταν ο πρώτος που υποστήριξε ότι η Γη είναι σφαιρική, θεωρούσε ότι βρίσκεται στο κέντρο του Σύμπαντος. Διατύπωσε την υπόθεση ότι είναι δυνατό να ταξιδέψουμε κατά μήκος μιας γεωγραφικής παράλληλου ξεκινώντας από την Ιβηρική και να φτάσουμε έως την Ινδία, διαπλέοντας τον Ατλαντικό Ωκεανό.
    Ο χάρτης έγινε viral στο Reddit από τον χρήστη gaiusantonius.

          Imita le pose ridicole delle star ed è un successo: la parodia è virale   

Imita le pose ridicole delle star ed è un successo: la parodia è virale

La comica australiana Celeste Barber prende in giro le star, da Justin Bieber a Kim Kardashian. Tutto è nato scherzando in salotto con la sorella

          Gianluca Vacchi lasciato dalla fidanzata Giorgia Gabriele: ecco il primo ballo virale della (ex) coppia|Fotostoria   

Gianluca Vacchi lasciato dalla fidanzata Giorgia Gabriele: ecco il primo ballo virale della (ex) coppia|Fotostoria

L’imprenditore 49enne ha costruito una carriera social a suon di video di balli travolgenti insieme alla ex fidanzata

          Eritema infeccioso en niños.   
El eritema infeccioso en niños consiste en una enfermedad viral cuya principal característica es la presencia de una erupción cutánea muy característica, denominada de forma técnica «megaloeritema», y ... - Fuente:
          New island forms on North Carolina's Atlantic does this happens when the sea level is rising?    

New island forms on North Carolina's Atlantic coast

new islandImage copyright@CHADONKA
A new island has formed off the coast of North Carolina's Cape Hatteras National Seashore.
The isle is a mile long (, depending on tides and weather, and separated from the mainland by a (330ft) 100 metre wide channel. 
It was first spotting by locals as a "bump" above the water in April, according to the Island Free Press.
Photos taken by a Connecticut tourist have gone viral on Instagram, leading to a boost in curious visitors. 
Photographer Chad Koczera described encountering the island during his visit to Cape Point.
"My fiancee and I were driving to the point after a storm to collect shells when we spotted an area we couldn't get to by car," he said. 
new islandImage copyright@CHADONKA
Image captionThe area is a popular spot for seashell collectors
He described returning for his fifth time to the park, and to visit Cape Point where he had proposed marriage to his then-girlfriend.
"I sent the drone up to check it out and noticed this beautiful island. We didn't get a chance to make it on to the island because of the strong current."
The island is littered with old shipwrecks and whale bones that poke through its sands, says local historian Danny Couch.
Experts say the shores of the Outer Banks are constantly shifting, as sandbars rise above or sink back below the water.
Park superintendent Dave Hallac has cautioned visitors against trying to swim or walk across the channel to reach the island.
Currents can swiftly carry away a person, while sharks and sting rays have been spotted in the area.
Visitors are advised to use a kayak or paddleboard to reach Hatteras Island, as it's been dubbed.

          Building Browser Games Quickly With Flash Game Source Code   

Developing games is an involved and skilled process. Competence in a number of skills is required – programming, graphics, audio, design and more. Even building a simple puzzle game can be extremely time consuming, requiring design, development and testing phases.

While Flash allows for rapid development, even Flash games take a considerable amount of time and skill to create, but there is a shortcut. Using pre-made and editable Flash game source code means that you can have your new game developed and published in hours, not weeks!

Flash source files consist of an FLA file, and possibly one or more AS (Actionscript) files. These source files, unlike published Flash games (SWF files) are editable which enables them to be rebranded, reskinned, and republished as new and unique content.

Editing existing Flash game source code can be as simple as changing the in-game logo and links to the developer website. On the other hand, entirely new games can be created by changing the in-game graphics, and making changes to the game source code, affecting the gameplay.

All styles of game are now available as editable source code. From puzzle games to arcade games, there is a style to suit everyone. Just find a good source of Flash game source code, make the required changes (or hire a freelancer to make the changes for you) and you can deploy your new game on your site or blog within hours.

Once your newly edited game is ready you have a powerful tool for promoting your brand and website, and increasing your web traffic. Not only will a fun and unique game on your site attract visitors, and keep them returning, but you can also have your visitors promote your site for you.

By allowing your visitors and customers to embed the game on their own sites and blogs, you introduce a form of viral marketing, which can dramatically increase your traffic and exposure. Every time a new visitor copies your embed code to place your game on their website you get extra exposure, and a new link back to your site.

Start benefiting from your own Flash games today. Grab yourself some template files, rebrand them with your link and logos, and see for yourself the power of Flash games as viral marketing tools.…

          ASOS bikini snaps go viral for the most amazing reason – but can you see why?   

PEOPLE can’t stop staring at these ASOS bikini photos – can you see why?
          Innovations Podcast 21st September 2013   
“Innovations is currently on a short break and so as this is a repeat broadcast of a program from June 2012.” REPEAT B'cast of Innovations 3rd June 2012 ... Innovations this week is about old and new, with one of the newest experiences in marketing: how to go viral. And, how hemp - an ancient crop - is making a comeback as a food source.
          L'ultima Trumpata contro la stampa   

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski sono una coppia molto nota negli States. Trasmettono da MSNBC un canale cavo specializzato in informazione che sta dando da tempo molto filo da torcere a CNN.
I due sono una coppia affiatata di conduttori e nella vita sono fidanzati e prossimi al matrimonio.
Le loro trasmissioni sono odiate da Trump e dai suoi sostenitori perche' mettono in evindenza le convulsioni di questa Amministrazione affetta da incapacita' di gestire in maniera istituzionalmente corretta l'agenda presidenziale.
Queste critiche hanno determinato l'ennesimo tweet del Presidente che ha accusato  Joe Scarborough  di essere uno psicopatico e la compagna Mika Brzezinski di essere pazza.
Questo attacco ha creato un'ulteriore reazione sconsolata tra i parlamentari repubblicani di cui si e' fatto portavoce lo stesso speaker della Camera, Paul Ryan, che ha definito inappropriato questo commento di Donald Trump.
Nei giorni scorsi l'inquilino della Casa Bianca si era esibito in una sceneggiata mentre parlava a telefono con il presidente dell'Irlanda, Ha visto una giornalista di notevole aspetto e le ha fatto cenno di avvicinarsi alla scrivania, interrompendo la conversazione telefonica e aggiungendo che la giovane aveva un bel sorriso.
Il tutto contenuto in un video che e' diventato virale e che ha suscitato una forte ondata negativa in un paese in cui non e' consentito sul luogo di lavoro fare apprezzamenti ad una donna perche' considerato sexual harrassement.
Per gli italiani abituati per oltre venti anni alle sceneggiate del Cavaliere queste sono quisquilie.

Caro Oscar,
dici bene, qui in Italia col bunga bunga del Cavaliere, ci siamo corazzati...  Ho visto il video che citi: Trump che fa cenno alla giornalista mentre telefona e commenta il  bel sorriso della ragazza;  in confronto al nostro Berlusca il vostro Donald è più educato di un seminarista in libera uscita dopo gli esercizi spirituali.
Ciao dal Bel Paese