A new ‘Einstein’ equation suggests wormholes hold key to quantum gravity   

ER=EPR summarizes new clues to understanding entanglement and spacetime

illustration of a wormhole

Wormholes, tunnels through the fabric of spacetime that connect widely separated locations, are predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Some physicists think that wormholes could connect black holes in space, possibly providing a clue to the mysteries of quantum entanglement and how to merge general relativity with quantum mechanics.

There’s a new equation floating around the world of physics these days that would make Einstein proud.

It’s pretty easy to remember: ER=EPR.

You might suspect that to make this equation work, P must be equal to 1. But the symbols in this equation stand not for numbers, but for names. E, you probably guessed, stands for Einstein. R and P are initials — for collaborators on two of Einstein’s most intriguing papers. Combined in this equation, these letters express a possible path to reconciling Einstein’s general relativity with quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics and general relativity are both spectacularly successful theories. Both predict bizarre phenomena that defy traditional conceptions of reality. Yet when put to the test, nature always complies with each theory’s requirements. Since both theories describe nature so well, it’s hard to explain why they’ve resisted all efforts to mathematically merge them. Somehow, everybody believes, they must fit together in the end. But so far nature has kept the form of their connection a secret.

ER=EPR, however, suggests that the key to their connection can be found in the spacetime tunnels known as wormholes. These tunnels, implied by Einstein’s general relativity, would be like subspace shortcuts physically linking distant locations. It seems that such tunnels may be the alter ego of the mysterious link between subatomic particles known as quantum entanglement.

For the last 90 years or so, physicists have pursued two main quantum issues separately: one, how to interpret the quantum math to make sense of its weirdness (such as entanglement), and two, how to marry quantum mechanics to gravity. It turns out, if ER=EPR is right, that both questions have the same answer: Quantum weirdness can be understood only if you understand its connection to gravity. Wormholes may forge that link.

Wormholes are technically known as Einstein-Rosen bridges (the “ER” part of the equation). Nathan Rosen collaborated with Einstein on a paper describing them in 1935. EPR refers to another paper Einstein published with Rosen in 1935, along with Boris Podolsky. That one articulated quantum entanglement’s paradoxical puzzles about the nature of reality. For decades nobody seriously considered the possibility that the two papers had anything to do with one another. But in 2013, physicists Juan Maldacena and Leonard Susskind proposed that in some sense, wormholes and entanglement describe the same thing.

In a recent paper, Susskind has spelled out some of the implications of this realization. Among them: understanding the wormhole-entanglement equality could be the key to merging quantum mechanics and general relativity, that details of the merger would explain the mystery of entanglement, that spacetime itself could emerge from quantum entanglement, and that the controversies over how to interpret quantum mechanics could be resolved in the process.

“ER=EPR tells us that the immensely complicated network of entangled subsystems that comprises the universe is also an immensely complicated (and technically complex) network of Einstein-Rosen bridges,” Susskind writes. “To me it seems obvious that if ER=EPR is true it is a very big deal, and it must affect the foundations and interpretation of quantum mechanics.”

Entanglement poses one of the biggest impediments to understanding quantum physics. It happens, for instance, when two particles are emitted from a common source. A quantum description of such a particle pair tells you the odds that a measurement of one of the particles (say, its spin) will give a particular result (say, counterclockwise). But once one member of the pair has been measured, you instantly know what the result will be when you make the same measurement on the other, no matter how far away it is. Einstein balked at this realization, insisting that a measurement at one place could not affect a distant experiment (invoking his famous condemnation of “spooky action at a distance”). But many actual experiments have confirmed entanglement’s power to defy Einstein’s preference. Even though (as Einstein insisted) no information can be sent instantaneously from one particle to another, one of them nevertheless seems to “know” what happened to its entangled partner.

Ordinarily, physicists speak of entanglement between two particles. But that’s just the simplest example. Susskind points out that quantum fields — the stuff that particles are made from — can also be entangled. “In the vacuum of a quantum field theory the quantum fields in disjoint regions of space are entangled,” he writes. It has to do with the well-known (if bizarre) appearance of “virtual” particles that constantly pop in and out of existence in the vacuum. These particles appear in pairs literally out of nowhere; their common origin ensures that they are entangled. In their brief lifetimes they sometimes collide with real particles, which then become entangled themselves.

Now suppose Alice and Bob, universally acknowledged to be the most capable quantum experimenters ever imagined, start collecting these real entangled particles in the vacuum. Alice takes one member of each pair and Bob takes the other. They fly away separately to distant realms of space and then each smushes their particles so densely that they become a black hole. Because of the entanglement these particles started with, Alice and Bob have now created two entangled black holes. If ER=EPR is right, a wormhole will link those black holes; entanglement, therefore, can be described using the geometry of wormholes. “This is a remarkable claim whose impact has yet to be appreciated,” Susskind writes.

Even more remarkable, he suggests, is the possibility that two entangled subatomic particles alone are themselves somehow connected by a sort of quantum wormhole. Since wormholes are contortions of spacetime geometry — described by Einstein’s gravitational equations — identifying them with quantum entanglement would forge a link between gravity and quantum mechanics.

In any event, these developments certainly emphasize the importance of entanglement for understanding reality. In particular, ER=EPR illuminates the contentious debates about how quantum mechanics should be interpreted. Standard quantum wisdom (the Copenhagen interpretation) emphasizes the role of an observer, who when making a measurement “collapses” multiple quantum possibilities into one definite result. But the competing Everett (or “many worlds”) interpretation says that the multiple possibilities all occur — any observer just happens to experience only one consistent branching chain of the multiple possible events.

In the Everett picture, collapse of the cloud of possibilities (the wave function) never happens. Interactions (that is, measurements) just cause the interacting entities to become entangled. Reality, then, becomes “a complicated network of entanglements.” In principle, all those entangling events could be reversed, so nothing ever actually collapses — or at least it would be misleading to say that the collapse is irreversible. Still, the standard view of irreversible collapse works pretty well in practice. It’s never feasible to undo the multitude of complex interactions that occur in real life. In other words, Susskind says, ER=EPR suggests that the two views of quantum reality are “complementary.”

Susskind goes on to explore in technical detail how entanglement functions with multiple participants and describes the implications for considering entanglement to be equivalent to a wormhole. It remains certain, for instance, that wormholes cannot be used to send a signal through space faster than light. Alice and Bob cannot, for instance, send messages to each other through the wormhole connecting their black holes. If they really want to talk, though, they could each jump into their black hole and meet in the middle of the wormhole. Such a meeting would provide strong confirmation for the ER=EPR idea, although Alice and Bob would have trouble getting their paper about it published.

In the meantime, a great many papers are appearing about ER=EPR and other work relating gravity — the geometry of spacetime — to quantum entanglement. In one recent paper, Caltech physicists ChunJun Cao, Sean M. Carroll and Spyridon Michalakis attempt to show how spacetime can be “built” from the vast network of quantum entanglement in the vacuum. “In this paper we take steps toward deriving the existence and properties of space itself from an intrinsically quantum description using entanglement,” they write. They show how changes in “quantum states” — the purely quantum descriptions of reality — can be linked to changes in spacetime geometry. “In this sense,” they say, “gravity appears to arise from quantum mechanics in a natural way.”

Cao, Carroll and Michalakis acknowledge that their approach remains incomplete, containing assumptions that will need to be verified later. “What we’ve done here is extremely preliminary and conjectural,” Carroll writes in a recent blog post. “We don’t have a full theory of anything, and even what we do have involves a great deal of speculating and not yet enough rigorous calculating.”

Nevertheless there is a clear sense among many physicists that a path to unifying quantum mechanics and gravity has apparently opened. If it’s the right path, Carroll notes, then it turns out not at all to be hard to get gravity from quantum mechanics — it’s “automatic.” And Susskind believes that the path to quantum gravity — through the wormhole — demonstrates that the unity of the two theories is deeper than scientists suspected. The implication of ER=EPR, he says, is that “quantum mechanics and gravity are far more tightly related than we (or at least I) had ever imagined.”

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Magic Wormhole 提供了这样一种文件传输方式:不需要任何的上传、网页界面,或登录密码,只需输入几个代码,即可传送文件。

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Sender :

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Sending 7924 byte file named 'README.md'
On the other computer, please run: wormhole receive
Wormhole code is: 7-crossover-clockwork
Sending (<-
100%|=========================| 7.92K/7.92K [00:00<00:00, 6.02MB/s]
File sent.. waiting for confirmation
Confirmation received. Transfer complete.

Receiver :

% wormhole receive
Enter receive wormhole code: 7-crossover-clockwork
Receiving file (7924 bytes) into: README.md
ok? (y/n): y
Receiving (->tcp:
100%|===========================| 7.92K/7.92K [00:00<00:00, 120KB/s]
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这其中的 7-crossover-clockwork 就是需要输入的“虫洞代码”。

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          The Stairway to Sirius, Revisited   
Note: Around the same time Obama was making his Nobel speech in Norway, I was struggling with a post on the semiotics of the Will Smith film, I Am Legend. In the midst of all of that we saw that bizarre aerial display the day before the speech, which all fell together into this series, ultimately retracing an astonishing chain of connections and synchronicities linking to the iconography of the 'Stairway to Sirius' that we saw in the 2008 Election.

Bookending the series was that aforementioned aerial spiral and the revelation of the gate of Isis from the depths of the Alexandrian Harbor. Quite a start and finish, don't you think?

Synchronicity - significant coincidence - is a powerful thing. I've come to realize just how powerful it is and how unacceptable that power is to many people, even though they experience it themselves. A lot of people dismiss it (as a lot of you are aware of) and others strain for agency; acausality (or apparent acausality) contradicts everything we're conditioned to believe. I think a lot of people aren't wired to process it at all.

For the past couple of weeks I've been wracking my brains trying to work up an very untimely analysis of I Am Legend. The film is incredibly dense with symbol, and has parallels to a number of different mythologies and belief systems.

But what caught my eye about the film was the ubiquity of stairs, as well as that beautiful German Shepherd both my wife and I fell in love with. Of course the way my brain works, I think stairway, dog: Stairway to Sirius. Not a symbol non-Secret Sun readers generally look for, but those who do realize just how powerful it is. All well and good, but I wasn't sure if it was enough to warrant anything but a minor post for a two year-old film.

Of course, the big story this week was the bizarre aerial phenomena just prior to Barackobamun's Nobel War Prize speech. There's a lot of theories as to what the event was, and the generally-accepted theory now is that it was a failed rocket test. But it got me to pay attention to Barackobamun's Nobel speech, most importantly the visuals.

The picture above is cropped, but shows Barackobamun at the Oslo City Hall accepting the prize. What caught my eye was- again- the staircase, but also the enormous mural that hung above his head. We'll get back to that momentarily.

While in Oslo the Obamuns stayed at the Grand Hotel- the hotel's site has that pic on it's front page. I thought the design was interesting (vaguely reminiscent of a winged sundisk) but the next page I clicked on - the "About" page- had an even more interesting symbol....

...a stairway.

And even more sync worthy were the spiral designs
, given the spiral in the sky over Norway (Andre has more aerial spirals on tap at The Alien Project). Not having visited the site before, I can't say when that photo went up, but I'm going to assume it was well before the rocket even the other day.

And when you zoom in on the spirals, there's an interesting solar design, with what could be interpreted as a point in circle design. This cuts right to the heart of the issues I'd been mulling over with I Am Legend- the strange connections of our Sol with the star Sirius, at least as pertains to the ancient symbology I'm struggling with.

And of course that aerial event had a bright sphere at the center of the spiral as well, which then seemed to turn into a black hole (or black hole sun, as the old song goes). All well and good, but a minor sync, maybe for an offday post.

But tonight as I was pondering both the Nobel events and the I Am Legend post, I took a break to check the news. And as if summoned there's Will Smith, with his daughter Willow. As you can see, the headline really gave no idea what the context of the story was here...

...but it turns out that Smith and his family are in Oslo, and hosted a peace concert on Friday night.

I got a chuckle out of this picture, because it spoke to one of the themes of the theoretical I Am Legend post, that the film (as well as Hancock) primed America to identify Obama - a thoroughly uncharismatic political plodder- with Smith, probably one of the most preternaturally charismatic personalities in American history. Obama was so surrounded by starpower during his campaign (Bruce Springsteen, to name another) that America was unprepared to discover Obama's utter lack of charisma once the campaign ended.

But of course, the campaign was filled with strange symbolic manipulation, some of which dealt with Sirius. What exactly this symbolism all means I can't say, but I am starting to suspect that it's simply a kind of obsessive-compulsive (or even superstitious) behavior, in which politicians (their handlers, rather) play out these symbolic rituals the same way that baseball players do. Of course, Politics is itself about the manipulation of symbols. The real decisions aren't made in Congress, a fact a lot of people are quickly waking up to.

That being said, I was fascinated to see young Willow Smith wearing a five-pointed star (identified with Sirius/Sothis/Ceres) at one of the Nobel functions.

And just to refresh everyone's memory, all of this started when I noticed that taken together the elements for the hieroglyph for Sirius were embedded in the campaign logos for Obama and McCain. I noticed the stairway after the fact. Some other sites hijacked my work without crediting me (which happens too often for my liking), but long-time readers heard it here first.

And of course, we had the charade with Obama and the "major issue" of the dog, who had to have "star quality" and all of the rest of it. You can read (or re-read) the whole election series here.

The symbolism got me looking at the Masonic first degree tracing board, which has angelic beings descending from the "blazing star" of Sirius. The Masonic literature is pretty useless in explaining the meaning (or history) of it, but the picture speaks for itself. Especially in the context of ancient astronaut theory, which probably isn't taught in the lodges. Well, the ordinary ones, at least.

Which brought me back to that Oslo mural. Apparently the mural is meant to symbolize various aspects of Norwegian culture and history, but I couldn't quite account for the blue people in the top center. They don't look like Norwegians- they look like gods. They also look like the angels in the tracing board, and if you look in the lower right corner there's a stairway as well.

The blue people in the center are a mother, father and child- a trinity, if you like. Their skin color rung a bell, since that is more associated with Hindu gods than Nordic ones. But this all tied back to the central conundrum inspired by I Am Legend- the common ancestry of the ancient pantheons, and how a core revelation occurred somewhere in Mesopotamia and rippled out to the rest of the Earth Island- including India, Egypt and Scandinavia- and became mythology. This sounds like standard stuff, but only when safely tucked away in the realm of history. Once you start making connections to current reality, that's when things get ugly.

And if you scroll back up you'll notice that aerial phenomena was a blue spiral.

The Smiths meet the "evolutionary flashpoint"

Synchronicity as Research Tool

We saw Barackobamun making his appearance in Norway preceded by that strange aerial phenomenon, which may or may not have been a failed missile test. The funny thing is that I'd actually considered ignoring the blue spiral story when it first appeared. Why? Because I'd been wracking my brains trying to decode the dense layers of ostensibly contradictory symbolism in the 2007 Will Smith vehicle I Am Legend.

Sounds silly, right?

But something struck me about the Oslo story- a gut feeling that somehow these two stories were connected. Imagine my shock when I discovered that Will Smith was in Oslo with Obama, hosting a Peace Prize concert with his wife and kids in tow. The syncs didn't end- or start- there.

I was poking around the web yesterday for material for the series and took this screengrab, picturing Will Smith and that beautiful, awesome, amazing dog, Sam. Note the visual conjunction to the Sun-shaped mirror- Sam seems to emerge from that 'blazing star'.

So I hope skeptics will forgive me for tagging Sam as a stand-in for Sirius, the Dog Star.

Right on schedule- here's a screenshot of the Yahoo! front page, also taken yesterday, showing us the Sun and a dog in a oddly similar visual conjunction to the IAL grab (almost Hoaglandian, you might say).

I gave the 'Celeb' headline a double take- Caleb means 'dog' in Hebrew. In the Bible, Caleb was part of the Exodus from Egypt with Moses. The connection is even more interesting given that like Egyptian, Hebrew doesn't have vowels. So practically speaking, Celeb and Caleb are identical.

Even stranger, 'celeb' here is a synonym for 'star'- so we have a kind of etymological pun:

Celeb - Caleb -Dog / Celeb- Star = Dog/Star

Hell of a sync there, no?

In this case Sam is short for Samantha, as we discover in a heart-ripping scene (can you tell I'm a dog person?). And as mentioned before, this film is jam-packed with stairs. We see Sam atop them at Neville's* Washington Sq townhouse door...

...and here atop the USS Intrepid in the Hudson River, which is also featured in National Treasure and the Flight 1549 ritual drama....

...and most importantly, here in the Temple of Dendur in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Dendur made a previous appearance here on the Sun, back when I Am Legend appeared in the theaters.

Jake Kotze and I were subconsciously synching at the time, putting up similarly-themed posts almost simultaneously, which inspired the Dendur-themed post "K2= Kotze/Knowles," which not only has pix of the missus and I frolicking around Dendur, but also has a central Sirius theme as well.

Here's Mrs. Wibble (lower right corner) admiring the Met's astonishing Dendur display, which I later learned was dedicated to Osiris, Isis and Harpocrates.

The entrance to the Dendur temple not only has the flying saucer winged sundisk, it also has what very much looks like two Kundalini snakes guarding the doors, side by side with stylized depictions of the human spinal column.

But Osiris, Isis and Harpocrates, eh? The appearance of Anna and Ethan in the film did catch my eye, especially since Ethan doesn't seem to have a word of dialogue in the theatrical cut of the film. And both An-na and Eth-an have the AN cognate, AN being the Sumerian word for Heaven.

Or outer space, if you prefer.

Lo and behold, here are Neville, Anna and Ethan in Dendur, taken from the alternate cut. As far as I can tell, this is the only time Ethan speaks at all.

Did I happen to mention Harpocrates was seen as the god of silence and personification of the Mysteries?

And in that alternate version, the Trinity Neville, Anna and Ethan escape to Bethel ("House of God"), Vermont ("green mountain") on which route?

Route 17, of course.

That sound you're hearing is all kinds of cans of worms being opened...

I mentioned the strange synchronicities that coincided with Barackobamun's Nobel speech, as well as Will Smith's appearance at the Nobel festivities at a time when I was struggling through an analysis of his 2007 film, I Am Legend. Additional syncs pertaining to spirals (the odd aerial event the day before the speech) and stair imagery tied into the "Stairway to Sirius" meme I saw repeated throughout the Will Smith film.

But perhaps the reason I was struggling was that there was a missing piece to the puzzle- the spiral. Luckily, the Russians or HAARP or God knows who else were kind enough to bring that one to my attention...

In the second part of this series we saw Will Smith's character Neville in the real-life Temple of Dendur- which was dedicated to the Egyptian Trinity of Osiris, Isis and Harpocrates. And in the alternate ending we see him in the temple with his new companions- a woman and young boy, both in from Mary-land.

What's more, both of his new friends have the AN cognate in their names, AN meaning "heaven" in Sumerian. And they responded to Neville's calls to meet him at Manhattan's South Street Seaport "when the Sun is highest in the sky." Interesting symbolism there as well.

So are Neville, ANna and EthAN the film's new Holy Trinity? After all, Neville is working for the salvation of all humanity (through the manipulation of DNA, no less). Let's run the symbols...

We first see Neville hunting deer running through the streets of Manhattan...

...and Osiris was identified with the star Orion, also known as the Hunter.

We also see Neville growing cereal grains (corn, in this case) in a vacant lot in Midtown (just like in the colonial days)...
...and cereal grains were said to grow from the body of Osiris.

We see photos of dead vampire-zombies (or whatever) up on the wall of Neville's wall, which he uses to judge the effectiveness of his various vaccine formulas. In other words, he's evaluating (read: 'judging') the dead in his underground lab.
...and Osiris judged the dead in his underworld kingdom.

We see Neville caught in a snare at Grand Central Station (a temple of Hermes, remember) and suspended in a pose much like the Hanging Man trump in Tarot...

...which has been identified with Osiris by many occultists, including Aleister Crowley. Note the green sun motif at the top there.

Distraught by the death of his incredibly awesome dog, Neville tries to commit suicide-by-zombie. Here we see the car-as-coffin motif we saw in the latest X-Files movie, as well as the car/river conjunction we saw in Pushing Tin (Osiris' first death came when he was locked in a coffin and thrown into the Nile).

Just as Osiris was rescued in his coffin by Isis, Neville is rescued in his about-to-be-coffin by ANna (read: Inanna) and EthAN. Note that ANna and EthAN used ultraviolet lights - sunlight, in other words - to drive away the zombies. Familiar yet powerful symbolism there.

...and ANna then fixes him up some eggs, also sacred to goddess figures - particularly those like Inanna/Ishtar/Easter.

Continuing the Sumerian motif here (which we'll see is vital to the story arc), we see ANna dressed in the sun....

...which was also identified with Inanna. Note the lion- they appear out of nowhere in this film as well.
I knew exactly where this scene was going right away- EthAN watches Shrek in the living room...

... and Neville identifies himself with the "green man" by mouthing his dialogue. Remember that Osiris is green, and the ancient Celts worshiped him as the "Green Man", a trenchant fact given Shrek's Scottish dialect.

Osiris died and rose and died again (by dismemberment) and descended to rule the Underworld. After his symbolic death, Neville has his actual death (dismemberment, surely) in his underground lab as he sacrifices himself (in the theatrical version) so that ANna and EthAN can get his vaccine to the sanctuary in Bethel, VT.

Again, the central motif here is DNA, which Neville is depicted as the master of.

Here we see ANna hand over the vaccine, which Neville created on 9/9. Fascinating to see those numbers again (there were nine major gods in the Egyptian pantheon), particularly in a sync-string that ties back to Barackobamun, the man Smith recently referred to as an "evolutionary flashpoint." A bizarre choice of words and another fascinating sync, as we'll see later.

In the alternate version, Neville escapes with ANna and EthAN to Bethel and takes what road? No surprise there.


But Bethel is fascinating, not only because it lies near the birthplace of Mormon founder Joseph Smith, it's named after the place in the Bible where Jacob had his vision of the ladder reaching into heaven. Jacob's Ladder may or may not also be the original inspiration for the Masonic First Degree tracing board.

Note here that Gnostic visionary William Blake depicted Jacob's Ladder as a spiral staircase, which was obliquely referred to in the first part of this series.

So maybe now we can understand the meaning of all of the stairways and ladders and steps in I Am Legend. Neville's profession is a microbiologist, and what's the primary focus of people in that line of work?

DNA. The original spiral staircase.

Even though the DNA double helix wasn't discovered until 1953, double helixes show up all over the place in ancient art, more so the more ancient you get. And unfortunately for denialists, this icon of intertwined snakes show up in very specific instances, often to do with medicine and/or royal bloodlines. So it can't be dismissed it as random coincidence (though, of course, it always is). This particular image is identified with the Sumerian god Ningishzida, who shares many attributes with Osiris.

And here is a caduceus of Osiris himself. This is part of the reason why ancient mythology - the Egyptian Trinity in particular - is still so important in our culture. We don't realize exactly why just yet, but with the rise of highly advanced science - genetic engineering, space travel, cybernetics- all of the old mythologies are starting to resonate in our subconscious in ways we don't fully understand.

It could also be why Fundamentalists - both scientific and religious- are circling the wagons and readying themselves for a protracted propaganda war (and both spending millions of taxpayer dollars to do so). Perhaps they sense that a massive paradigm shift is coming pertaining to human origins, and are trying to muddy the waters as best they can to protect their own power.

Maybe the story of our true origins is the real disclosure.

Stairway to (the house of) Heaven
Back to the stairs- as we saw, there are several shots in the I Am Legend film that picture the dog Samantha at the top of steps or stairs, signifying the Stairway to Sirius. And the penultimate battle between Neville and the zombie vampires takes place on his seemingly endless staircase, which, though not spiral, is certainly winding.

But my conclusions about I Am Legend sent me back to first principles. My interest in the election or in Obama himself was the symbolism being tossed out like confetti- the Hercules temple, the Victory column, the Phoenix and so on. The Sirius symbolism in the campaign logos turned my attention to the Sirius meme, and the symbolism in the First Degree Masonic tracing board.

So, despite what the Masons themselves believe is the AAT narrative - the descent of alien beings from Sirius or Nibiru* - somehow encoded in that tracing board? Mind you, answering "yes" doesn't necessarily mean you subscribe to AAT yourself.

If so, what about the second part of the story- the alien manipulation of protohominid DNA? Could I find that in any of that in Masonic iconography?

Well, these things are always subject to interpretation, but there is a spiral staircase on the Second Degree tracing board.

How's that for a coincidence?


The basic story of I Am Legend is this - an Army microbiologist named Robert Neville is working to reverse a plague that wiped out most of the Earth's population, and left many of the plague's survivors in a feral, cannibalistic state, totally lacking in higher brain function. Using his own blood Neville is trying to develop a vaccine, which he perfects just prior to his death in a lab explosion (shades of Jack Parsons). He hands the vaccine to two survivors, a woman and a boy- to take to a mountain sanctuary where plague survivors are working to restore humanity.

We looked at the Osiris symbolism in relation to the film, but there is also the more obvious Christian symbolism as well, itself preceded (if not derived) from the Isis and Osiris Mysteries. But Osiris/Asar and his equivalents (Ashur, Anshar, Ahura, Arthur), and his wife Isis/Aset and her equivalents (Asherah, Astarte, Ishtar, Inanna, etc), as well as his son Horus/Heru and his equivalents (Helu/Helios, Surya, Mitra, Heracles/Hercules) are themselves drawn from even more ancient archetypes from Sumer and other cultures in Mesopotamia. Those antecedents themselves might be mythologized renderings of even earlier characters.

When you look at the iconography of these figures, you can't help but notice that A., a lot of them are winged, B.. others are identified with flying disks or boats, and C., many of them are associated with strange apparatuses that look like machinery.

Which in this day and age makes the whole prospect of studying these characters a bit touchy, since if you even bring up the possibility that these figures may not have been "gods" but technological-advanced extraterrestrials, you face the prospect of being forever branded a heretic by the scientific establishment. Even though the science for AAT exists - at least in theory - by this point.

Even so, starting with Charles Fort, up through Morning of the Magicians and Chariots of the Gods?, heretical freethinkers have been looking at the ancient myths in the context of modern science and drawing the obvious parallels. And thus "Ancient Astronaut Theory" was born.

AAT was widespread in the 70s (TV stars like Rod Serling and William Shatner both starred in AAT documentaries), but then a funny thing happened: at the exact time that AAT gathered momentum, hundreds of millions of dollars - if not billions- began pouring into Fundamentalist religious movements, as well as into very powerful telecopes and other space detection technology.

Then an army of so-called "skeptics" arose bashing memes like AAT, but conspicuously avoiding any criticism of established (read: 'majority') religious systems. Following them was a coterie of Fundamentalist conspiracy theorists who demonized not only UFOs and AAT, but UFO and (particularly) AAT researchers as well. Almost as if someone wanted to study this mystery but scare everyone else off.

Wholly unrelated phenomena? Maybe.

But here's the thing- after years of near-total invisibility AAT has begun creeping back into TV shows, movies and video games in the past few years, concurrent with the implosion of the Fundamentalist movement in America. Coincidence again? Even stranger, we've also heard pronouncements from the Vatican about the spiritual nature of ETs, even though they've not given us any evidence that said ETs exist.

So last year we looked at all of this in light of all of the Sirius double-entendre and Phoenix symbolism thrown about. I said last year that there seemed to be a subliminal effort to identify Obama with King Tut, which certainly was confirmed on his Egypt trip. Assuming this isn't all pure coincidence, it may in fact speak to an uncertainty on the part of some of these players- ritual behavior is usually the result of anxiety.

Call it a hunch, but I genuinely believe that the PTB have no real idea what's going with UFOs or with the possibility of alien visitation, but like the rest of us they sense something might be coming. I won't argue here whether that sense is justified or not, but the rush to build all of this new space hardware during a worldwide economic crunch may well be a contigency move, at the very least. I've been through all of this before, so I'm not keen to make any predictions. Partly because predictions on UFOs are almost always wrong and partly because I've no real idea what's going on.

So what does this crazy-talk have to do with I Am Legend? Well, we looked at Will Smith here before, and the explicit connections to Horus in his superhero (read:Heru) film Hancock. And we looked at the Osiris symbolism in I Am Legend, or at least the Osiris parallels. Given that some of the same people are involved in both films, it's not unreasonable to wonder if the two films are companion pieces.

What's important here is that Osiris was seen as the creator of civilization in the ancient mythology, and was often identified with Oannes, the fish god of the Persian Gulf that we've also looked at. Both these characters figure into the AAT continuum (as well as John the Baptist lore, which we'll look at another time).

And if you look again at the basic plot of IAL, you could make the argument that it's an Intervention Theory allegory: an alien scientist using genetic engineering to create thinking human beings out of feral protohominds, exactly as Neville is trying to do with the zombie/vampires in IAL.

Again, that's my personal interpretation, but not an unreasonable one. Let's at least agree that the parallels are there, intentionally or not.

Now, back to the Obama synchronicity in Norway. All of this Sirius business began for me with Obama's campaign, and the strange UFOs floating near the Franklin Institute (where I saw the Tut exhibit in Philadelphia) during an Obama rally. And now we have another odd - if not unexplainable - aerial phenomenon over the skies of Norway just prior to his acceptance of the Nobel prize. Something which I'm happy to say people are generally skeptical of. But we still don't know it was and we still don't know what it might have meant to whomever was responsible for it. Wouldn't it be funny if it was in fact some kind of extraterrestrial manifestation?

Equally important for my syncstream was the mural under which Obama delivered his speech. Not only did it picture decidely non-Norwegian looking blue-skinned deities, but the composition was highly reminiscent of Egyptian murals, particularly those that depicted everyday activities in a tiered fashion, all lorded over by the gods who are often situated in the same spot that those strange blue creatures were as well. Again- maybe all a coincidence, but the coincidences keep piling up, don't they?

What also fascinated me is the sync of Will Smith tagging along with Obama in Oslo and then his odd statement that "the idea of Obama" represented an "evolutionary flashpoint for humanity." I still have no idea what he meant by that and I can't help but wonder if it was scripted by somebody else.

But for our purposes it ties right into both Intervention Theory (literally) and I Am Legend (figuratively)- the genetic transformation of feral prehumans into thinking human beings certain represents an 'evolutionary flashpoint', no? And again, the parallels to Sirius symbolism with the two celebrities is pretty astounding in the overall memestream we're wading in here.

But while working on all of this I suddenly remembered another reference to the Stairway that we've looked at in the past, and how that ties into this overall constellation of symbolism and scientific speculation.

Ancient Astronaut Theory is just that - a theory.
We obviously don't have access to the ancient astronauts themselves, so it's up the various researchers to present their theories based on the evidence as well as the gaping holes in orthodox theories of human civilization and evolution.

In Secret Sun parlance a theory is a query, and I don't view any of the various AAT researchers as authoritative. I'm not always interested in their answers, either- it's the questions that fascinate me. Those questions that keep the denialists and the theologians up in their beds at night, sweating and grinding their teeth.

Opinions vary, but the basic narrative behind Intervention Theory- the term many researchers prefer to AAT - is that a technologically-advanced race traveled to the planet Earth, perhaps in search of precious minerals like gold, platinum, and diamonds. Or maybe just for the adventure of it.

In some accounts, the space-race needed an intelligent race of workers to help extract resources. None was available, so the space-race experimented with primates/protohominids to create a thinking, manually-dexterous race of workers and trained them. They did so by recombining their own DNA with the apes' over a long period of time (millennia actually). Eventually modern humans emerged and were taught the rudiments of civilization by aliens who were eventually worshiped as gods.

Researchers point to civilizations all across the world- North Africa, Mespotamia, Mesoamerica- but most of these alleged visitations seem to have happened in hot climates, often near large bodies of water. From there there are a host of different theories and variations, depending on the author.

For our purposes
, here is the basic AAT narrative in three easy steps:
1. A race of alien beings with unimaginable advanced technology comes to the Earth.

2. Through the genetic engineering of primate DNA, they create an intelligent, dexterous race of workers.

3. At some point the aliens either destroy each other in a terrible war, or simply return to their home planet. Either way they are gone- the alien "gods" are dead, but they have left behind their advanced knowledge in their myths and artifacts.
It all gets a lot more complex from there on in, but various researchers have also pored through those ancient texts and claim that not only are those alien gods due to return, they left behind a secret class of priestly servants, who are responsible for preserving the legacy of the 'gods' in lieu of their return. This ties directly into the Shemsu Hor- the Followers of Horus, the last god-king of Egypt- who we've discussed several times on this site as being the spiritual descendants of groups like the Dionysian Artificers and the Freemasons.

The apparent goal of the Shemsu Hor was to guide humanity back to the Zep Tepi- the 'First Time', the time of the Rule of the Gods. For some reason, architecture and stonework- as well as the use of arcane symbolism- was the primary interest of the Shemsu Hor, though their exact secrets have been lost to history- orthodox history, at least.

Now, here are your typical modern Freemasons. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think it's a safe bet these boys aren't the guardians of the great secrets of antiquity, And for those of you who've read The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown doesn't seem to know much about those secrets either.

But what if some trace of the original revelation - the teachings of the Shemsu Hor - remained in Masonic symbol
          NFL Investigates Patriots for Possibly Tampering With AFC Championship Game Balls   

The New England Patriots don’t make it easy to be a casual fan of the franchise. On Sunday, uberhuman Tom Brady continued his life winning streak by discarding the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 and earning a spot in this year’s Super Bowl. It didn’t take long for the outermost coat of feel-good luster to be sanded off the Patriots’ latest triumph with a report by Indianapolis station WTHR that the NFL is investigating whether the Patriots used deflated footballs during Sunday’s home win, potentially making it easier for them to catch and throw in cold, rainy weather.

If this is a wormhole you’d like to dive into, here’s more on how game balls are managed and regulated in the NFL, via ESPN. If not, no hard feelings.

NFL rules stipulate that footballs must be inflated between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds per square inch and weigh between 14 and 15 ounces. Former NFL official Jim Daopoulos, in an interview with ESPN on Monday morning, explained the process in which footballs are managed. Two hours and 15 minutes before each game, officials inspect 12 footballs from each team and put a mark on them to indicate they meet the proper requirements and are good for usage. Then those footballs are given to the ball attendant. There also is a second set of six footballs, used specifically for the kicking game, that  are marked appropriately and remain in the possession of officials at all times… The NFL's game operations manual states: "Once the balls have left the locker room, no one, including players, equipment managers, ball boys, and coaches, is allowed to alter the footballs in any way. If any individual alters the footballs, or if a non-approved ball is used in the game, the person responsible and, if appropriate, the head coach or other club personnel will be subject to discipline, including but not limited to, a fine of $25,000."

While Tom Brady threw for a suspiciously handsome 226 yards and three touchdowns with one interception on Sunday, it’s pretty much impossible to conjure a twitchy enough conspiracy theory to implicate the game ball in the 38-point demolition. The Patriots will therefore still be the AFC’s Super Bowl representative in Arizona, but could potentially be docked a draft pick for its game day shenanigans. And the Pats are not above shenanigans as the franchise was docked a first round pick in 2008 for videotaping opposing coaches’ signals.

          Bagel Day vs Day Off   
Arkham Asylum has a long standing tradition where its employees bring their own cake on their birthdays (sucky tradition, yes?). It’s all fine and good until we hit July and August. July because there are 5 people with July birthdays which means a ton of cake in the kitchen which may sound like a good time but the reality is people nearly coming to blows because they cannot find space for their lunches in the mini fridge.

August is hard because it is Milton’s birthday month.

Every year we have to go through a series of polls and questionnaires provided by Milton and after we’ve answered everything to her satisfaction, she inputs the info in her Miltonwasteoftime Machine and buys the cake according to that information.

This year, however, we were all taken by surprise when she announced at morning meeting that instead of cake she was bringing bagels. There was a moment of stunned silence because nobody knows how to react to a change in routine (especially when it’s coming from Milton who is the Queen of all OCD routines) but I managed to squeak out an “awesome!” so that we could move on and not stand around staring at the wormhole that just appeared before us.

As the day grew closer to her Bagel Celebration, she kept asking me people if they would be at work on Thursday day of the lord the 18th because she wanted everybody to partake in cheesy bagels. Everybody reassured her that they would not be taking a vacation day so life ran smoothly, or as smooth as life can run when you work in a nuthouse, until this morning.

Cowardly Lion (to me): Can you give me direction on this issue? I want to get it done so I don’t have to worry about it because I’m taking tomorrow off.

Me: — [gets interrupted by a maniac]

Milton [jumps put of her chair]: BUT I TOLD EVERYBODY TOMORROW IS BAGEL DAY!

CL [taken aback and grabbing on to the back of my chair]: Oh. Yeah, I forgot.

Milton [relieved]: Okay, so you’ll be here, right?

CL [almost crawling on my lap]: No. I need to do something—


CL: I—


CL: No! I can eat my bagel on Friday! It’s just a bagel!

Oh lord. Knowing Milton as well as I do I knew that was the wrong thing to say because bagels are sacred to dear old Milton.

Milton: BUT IT’S BAGEL DAY! WE DON’T GET THOSE OFTEN ANYMORE! [and then she went into a weird quiet trance] I guess I can wrap it up for her in plastic wrap. Maybe I’ll put it in a bag too so it doesn’t get hard. [walks back to her desk muttering under her breath] gobbledegook bagel day…

In the meantime, CL is scratching at my sweater and I’m trying to pretend I’m in Hawaii.

I just found out a moment before I hit publish that CL will only be taking a half a day vacation so she'll be here in the morning for bagels. Ladies and gents, I wish I was making this up.

          Comedy Planet: Dan Weeks at Comedy Planet at The Wormhole on 07/01/2017 08:00 PM EDT   
          Tunele czasoprzestrzenne mogą istnieć w naszej galaktyce   

Ogromny tunel prowadzący do innych galaktyk może istnieć w środku Drogi Mlecznej – jak donoszą najnowsze badania. Eksperci wierzą, że te hipotetyczne portale będące domeną filmów i książek z gatunku Sci-fi mogą być prawdziwe, a jeden z nich kryje się w naszej galaktyce.

          10 Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik dan Terbaru Saat Ini   
Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik - Hai sahabat Berkonten.com kita jumpa lagi ya dengan informasi menarik yang wajib untuk dibahas, kali ini Berkonten,com masih akan menginformasikan mengenai beberapa film terbaik dan tebaru saat ini yang tak boleh kamu lewatkan, tetapi film yang akan kita bahas kali ini pasti akan sangat menarik karena bertemakan luar angkasa.

Beberapa judul film luar angkasa terbaik sepanjang masa produksi hollywood memang dapat membawa kamu seperti merasakan petualangan di luar angkasa yang sesungguhnya. Apalagi bagi kamu para pecinta astronomi mungkin beberapa judul film yang akan kita bahas kali ini bisa lebih mengimajinasi fikiran kamu ketika menyaksikannya.

Bagi kamu yang sudah penasaran mengenai apa saja judul film luar angkasa terbaik dan terbaru saat ini, kamu bisa menyimaknya dalam artikel Berkonten.com dibawah ini. Berikut ini telah rangkum beberapa daftar judul film luar angkasa yang bisa kamu saksikan mulai yang diproduksi pada tahun 90-an hingga satu dekade setelahnya.

Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik dan Terbaru Saat Ini

  1. 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968)
Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik dan Terbaru Saat Ini

Yang pertama film luar angkasa terbaik yang wajib kamu saksikan kali ini berjudul 2001: A Space Odyssey. Film yang dirilis tahun 1968 ini menjadi film fiksi ilmiah luar angkasa yang disukai banyak orang. Film luar angkasa terbaik yang diproduseri dan disutradarai oleh sineas ternama, Stanley Kubrickfilm ini mendapatkan banyak acungan jempol sekaligus perbincangan yang seakan tak ada habisnya.

Film luar angkasa terbaik ini mengisahkan asal-muasal manusia atau filosofi kehidupan manusia yang dimulai sejak zaman purba. Film yangbdibagi ke dalam 4 bagian cerita ini meliputi The Dawn of Man, TMA-1, Jupiter Mission, dan Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite. Film ciptaan Kubrick dibuat murni untuk tujuan seni yang terdapat enigma dan teka-teki, dipenuhi oleh ambiguitas yang tidak terselesaikan.
  1. GRAVITY (2013)
Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik dan Terbaru Saat Ini

Film luar angkasa terbaru yang berjudul Gravity ini juga wajib kamu saksikan keseruannya. Film scifi luar angkasa terpopuler yang dirilis pada 4 Oktober 2013 di Amerika ini sukses mengumpulkan 10 nominasi Oscars dan memenangkan 7 kategori. Film ini dimainkan oleh Sandra Bullock dan George Clooney yang bertema space-survival. Film luar angkasa terbaru ini sangat menarik dan berbalut unsur thriller.

Film luar angkasa terbaru ini mengisahkan dua orang astronot bernama Dr. Ryan Stone yakni insinyur medis dan mekanik mesin yang menjalani misi luar angkasa pertamanya. Ditemani oleh Matt Kowalski, seorang astronot berpengalaman yang menjalankan misi terakhirnya menggunakan pesawat ulang alik milik NASA.

Tetapi dalam film luar angkasa terbaru ini ketika mereka melakukan spacewalk atau berjalan di luar angkasa pesawat yang membawa mereka hancur terkena bagian dari sebuah satelit yang lepas. Mau tidak mau, mereka harus berada di luar bumi dalam keadaan udara terbatas. Tanpa bisa berkomunikasi dengan bumi, mereka harus kompak untuk bisa bertahan hidup di tempat gelap sunyi tersebut.
  1. CONTACT (1997) 
Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik dan Terbaru Saat Ini

Selanutnya film luar angkasa terbaik yang wajib kamu saksikan ini berjudul Contact. Film yang dirilis tahun 1997 ini diangkat dari novel Carl Sagan tahun 1985. Film box office yang menyatukan genre drama, mysteri, dan Sci-Fi ini dibintangi perempuan bernama Ellie Arroway yang sejak kecil mencintai ilmu astronomi dan pemuda bernama Palmer Joss, seorang penulis terkenal yang ahli di bidang teologi.

Dalam film luar angkasa terbaik ini Mmereka berdua terlibat dalam sebuah program satelit bernama SETI untuk mengetahui kehidupan di luar angkasa. Program tersebut sempat macet dikarenakan sumbangan dana dari David Drumlin diputus. Drumlin menganggap program proyek yang selama ini dikerjakan oleh Ellie hanya membuang waktu dan uang.

Tetapi Ellie berkeyakinan akan adanya keberadaan asing di semesta jauh. Suatu waktu komputer Ellie menangkap sinyal yang dikirim oleh kehidupan asing. Sinyal tersebut berasal dari bintang Vega dengan jarak 26 tahun cahaya dari bumi yang kemudian dikonversi menjadi bentuk rancangan pesawat. Ellie dan Palmer yang berbeda pandangan memulai pencarian satu hal yang disebut jalan kebenaran.
  1. APOLLO 13 (1995) 
Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik dan Terbaru Saat Ini

Film luar angkasa terbaik selanjutnya yang tidak boleh kamu lewatan kali ini berjudul Apollo 13. Film dokudrama Amerika Serikat yang rilis tahun 1995 ini merupakan arahan sutradara Ron Howard dan penulis naskah William Broyles Jr. ditemani oleh Al Reinert. Cerita film ini diadaptasi dari buku Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13 yang ditulis oleh Jim Lovell dan Jeffrey Kluger yang menjadi kru dari Apollo 13.

Film luar angkasa terbaik ini dibintangi aktor Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, dan Kevin Balcon. Cerita flm ini didasari peristiwa Apollo 13 yang menjalankan misi menuju bulan. Ketiga astronot yang mengetahui bahwa segala sesuatu berjalan sesuai rencana setelah mereka meninggalkan orbit bumi kemudian mendapat masalah. Tangki oksigen meledak sehingga pendaratan di bulan harus dibatalkan.
  1. SOLARIS (2002) 
Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik dan Terbaru Saat Ini

Solaris adalah salah satu film luar angkasa terbaik yang juga tidak boleh kamu lewatkan kali ini. Film besutan Steven Soderbergh ini dibintangi oleh aktor kawakan George Clooney. Dengan mengangkat genre drama sci-fi, film luar angkasa terbaik yang rilis pada 27 November 2001 di Amerika Serikat ini mengikuti alur cerita pada novel karangan Staisnlaw Lem dengan durasi tayang hampir 100 menit.

Film luar angkasa terbaik ini mengisahkan Dr. Chris Kelvin, ahli psikologi luar angkasa yang mendatangi planet Solaris untuk membongkar misteri planet tersebut. Di mana banyak penghuninya yang hilang dan bunuh diri. Hingga datang kabar yang membuat Kelvin begitu terpukul, dirinya menyimpulkan bahwa keganjilan yang banyak terjadi di planet Solaris tersebut diakabatkan oleh planet itu sendiri.
  1. ARMAGEDDON (1998) 
Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik dan Terbaru Saat Ini

Armageddon juga masuk dalam daftar film luar angkasa terbaik yang sangat menarik. Film yang terbit 1 July 1998 di Amerika Serikat ini dengan genre Action, Adventure, dan Sci-Fi. Film di bawah arahan Michael Bay ini, didukung para aktor yang begitu mendalami perannya sebagai Armageddon. Film luar angkasa terbaik ini mengisahkan bumi yang hampir tamat setelah adanya asteroid yang bisa menghancurkan bumi.

Dalam film luar angkasa terbaik ini Harry S. Stamper bersama tiga belas rekannya memperoleh tugas dari NASA untuk menanam nuklir untuk meledakan asteroid tersebut agar pecahannya mengalami perubahan arah dan tidak mengenai bumi. Hanya dengan pelatihan menjadi astronot 12 hari, berhasilkah mereka mencegah bumi dari kehancuran besar dalam film luar angkasa terbaik ini.
  1. SUNSHINE (2007) 
Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik dan Terbaru Saat Ini

Film luar angkasa terbaru berikutnya yang juga wajib kamu saksikan ini berjudul Sunshine. Film yang dirilis tahun 2007 ini menceritakan Danny Boyle yang seakan mencoba menimbulkan bayangan menakutkan tentang punahnya kehidupan di bumi dikarenakan matahari yang sekarat. Mungkin kamu juga akan membayangkan apa yang terjadi di bumi ketika matahari tidak bersinar lagi.

Kisah film luar angkasa terbaru ini bermula dengan kondisi matahari yang sekarat, hingga bumi gelap disertai suhu dingin yang bsia membunuh manusia secara perlahan. Untuk mencegahnya, tim yang terdiri dari delapan orang astronot mendapatkan misi berat untuk melontarkan sejenis bom untuk menghasilkan supernova agar matahari bisa kembali berfungsi seperti semula.
  1. MOON (2009) 
Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik dan Terbaru Saat Ini

Selain itu, film luar angkasa terbaru paling populer yang berjudul Moon ini juga wajib kamu saksikan keseruannya. Film yang dirilis 17 Juli 2009 di Inggris ini adalah hasil kerja sama Liberty Films UK, Limelight Fund, dan Xingu Films yang memiliki durasi tayang selama 97 menit. Film luar angkasa terbaru ini disutradarai oleh Duncan Jones sekaligus penulis skenario dan ditemani Nathan Parker.

Dalam film luar angkasa terbaru ini menampilkan kegiatan astronot bernama Sam Bell yang diperankan Sam Rockwell yang bekerja di Lunar Industries melakukan penambahangan mineral di bulan selama tiga tahun. Bell yang hanya ditemani robot GERTYmenunggu momen kerjanya yang ahmpir usai, karena lama tidak berkomunikasi apalagi melihat secara langsung sang istri yang sedang hamil dan anak tercintanya.

Pada inspeksi rutin di permukaan bulan, Bell mengalami sakit kepala yang menimbulkan gangguan halusinasi sehingga ia megalami kecelakaan fatal yang membuat Bell tak sadarkan diri. Kemudian, dalam keadaan setengah sadar bell merasakan sebuah kejanggalan karena bertemu dengan versi muda dari dirinya. Kejadian tersebut membuat Bell harus memecahkan misteri tersebut dengan waktu yang tersisa.
  1. WALL-E (2008) 
Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik dan Terbaru Saat Ini

Film luar angkasa terbaru yang tidak boleh kamu lewatkan keseruannya ini berjudul Wall –E. Film animasi produksi Pixar ini dirilis pada 13 Agustus 2008 lalu di Indonesia. Wall-E adalah film sci-fi dan drama yang dikepalai oleh Andrew Stanton. Film ini menceritakan kehidupan manusia di tahun 2805 dimana bumi sudah tidak layak dihuni karena hampir seluruhnya diisi oleh sampah.

Sedangkan dalam film luar angkasa terbaru ini manusia tinggal di pesawat luar angkasa bernama Axiom selama beratus-ratus tahun dengan dimanjakan teknologi canggih. Wall-E sendiri merupakan robot luar angkasa pengangkut sampah di bumi yang menjalani petualangan luar biasa yang bisa mengubah nasib dan takdir seluruh umat manusia.

Petualangannya dalam film luar angkasa terbaru ini berawal sejak EVE, robot probe yang ditugaskan mencari tanaman diturunkan ke bumi yang kemudian diikuti dengan adegan peperangan seru dan berlanjut ke hubungan romantis antar Wall-E dan EVE.
  1. INTERSTELLAR (2014) 
Film Luar Angkasa Terbaik dan Terbaru Saat Ini

Selain itu film luar angkasa terbaru yang satu ini juga wajib kamu saksikan yakni berjudul Interstellar. film yang dirilis tahun 2014 ini besutan Christoper Nolan dan dibintangi oleh Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, dan Michael Caine.

film luar angkasa terbaru ini mengisahkan keadaan bumi di masa depan yang mengalami kehancuran dan manusia butuh tempat tinggal baru selain bumi. Lalu dimulailah misi melakukan ekspedisi luar angkasa. Sebuah lubang cacing (wormhole) terbuka, sekelompok ilmuwan dan penjelajah harus melakukan perjalanan menembus batas terjauh dari pemahaman ilmiah manusia menuju dimensi lain.
Nah sahabat Berkonten.com demikian tadi beberapa informasi mengenai daftar film luar angkasa terbaik dan terbaru saat ini yang bisa kamu saksikan. Nah bagi kamu yang ingin mengetahui informasi menarik lainnya, kamu bisa tetap menyimak artikel Berkonten.com selanjutnya. Cukup sekian dulu informasi kali ini dan selamat menyaksikan.


Por Suzanne Lie PhD

Em 17 de fevereiro de 2016


Clarisenciência é um termo abrangente para todos os sentidos mediúnicos. Quando somos clarisencientes, nós podemos acessar nossos sentidos expandidos para cheirar, ver e tocar a aura de outra pessoa, ouvir os pensamentos de outra pessoa, sentir as emoções delas e/ou comunicar com seres dimensionalmente superiores.

A clarisenciência é experimentada como um sentimento, normalmente acompanhado por uma sensação física. Nós podemos sentir o cheiro de algo que não “está ali”, ter um relance de algo no canto de nosso olho, saber alguma coisa que não sabíamos um momento antes, sair por um segundo para outra realidade e/ou de repente se sentir confuso e desorientado. Frequentemente nós experimentamos nossas realidades alternativas através de nossa clarisenciência.

Há diferentes tipos de “realidades alternativas”. Uma normalmente é conhecida como nossas “vidas passadas”. Entretanto, tempo e espaço são uma ilusão específica da terceira dimensão. Por conseguinte, assim que elevamos nossa consciência até para a quarta dimensão, nós frequentemente começamos a nos experimentar em uma vida que não é coerente com a vida tridimensional que nós estamos acostumados a experimentar.

Assim que olhamos “para baixo” na frequência pela nossa consciência tetradimensional para a terceira dimensão, nós somos capazes de perceber qualquer período que desejarmos. Nossas muitas encarnações na Terra tridimensional podem ser testemunhadas desta percepção como estando alinhadas numa roda do tempo. De nosso ponto de vista da quarta dimensão essa roda não é vinculada ao tempo. Consequentemente, podemos visitar uma vida em 223 AC, então visitar uma vida em 2034 DC, então visitar uma em 1895 AC. Todavia, assim que entramos em qualquer desses períodos, nós estamos limitados ao movimento cronológico do tempo tridimensional.

A clarisenciência pode ser experimentada como um saber que entra em nossa consciência. Se pudermos confiar nesse saber, ele pode nos orientar pelos muitos obstáculos da vida. Essa orientação interna também pode nos direcionar para um melhor conhecimento de nosso eu. Quanto mais conhecemos nosso eu, mais nós podemos discriminar entre as sensações internas que captamos do outro e as sensações internas que surgem de nossas percepções expandidas. Como com todos os relacionamentos, amor incondicional e confiança são o que desenvolve a intimidade. Ser íntimo com nosso eu é um conceito estranho para muitos, mas assim que lembramos e aceitamos nossa verdadeira Alma/EU Multidimensional, essa intimidade expande exponencialmente.


Telecinese é uma capacidade tetra e pentadimensional que nos permite mover objetos pelo espaço sem as operações de nosso corpo físico. Em nosso eu tetra e pentadimensional, nossa mente, emoções e intenções são mais poderosas que nossos músculos. Portanto, nós podemos deslocar objetos por combinar nossos pensamentos e emoções com nossa intenção consciente.

Telecinese normalmente é referida como “mente sobre matéria”. Em outras palavras, com o uso consciente de nossas habilidades telecinéticas nós podemos mover e/ou influenciar a matéria com o poder de nossa mente. Entretanto, as emoções também têm um forte papel na telecinese. Telecinese consciente é uma das percepções expandidas menos comuns. Por outro lado, nós frequentemente influenciamos a matéria com a nossa mente/emoções de uma maneira inconsciente. Por exemplo, aqueles que têm mais de uma propensão para a telecinese, às vezes acendem as luzes da rua ou as apagam simplesmente por caminhar sob elas.

Essas pessoas podem ser atraídas para artes marciais ou esportes tais como tênis, basebol, golfe, nos quais o poder da intenção pode ser conscientemente usado para direcionar o curso da bola ou o golpe das artes marciais. Artistas que trabalham com entalhe ou escultura podem também ter um talento não reconhecido para a telecinese, pois eles manipulam a matéria com suas mãos, mas a intenção de suas mentes/emoções inconscientes também pode ser um forte componente do seu trabalho artístico.

Outro tipo de telecinese inconsciente é um poltergeist. Um poltergeist não é um “fantasma”, mas o movimento da matéria através da intenção inconsciente de uma pessoa viva. Frequentemente essa pessoa é um adolescente que não está ciente da força de suas emoções extremas. De fato, medo, raiva e mágoa podem ser forças muito poderosas. Infelizmente, quando essas emoções são usadas inconscientemente para manipular a matéria, normalmente é aterrorizador para a pessoa que involuntariamente criou esse movimento. Carl Jung, famoso psiquiatra e discípulo de Freud, falou sobre suas experiências telecinéticas quando adolescente em sua autobiografia, Memórias, Sonhos e Reflexões. Na adolescência ele leu todos os livros do décimo terceiro século sobre alquimia que ele pôde encontrar. Consequentemente, ele despertou um grande poder, mas ainda não tinha obtido qualquer mestria sobre suas emoções.

Emoção forte é um componente importante na telecinese porque emoção é “energia em movimento”. Assim que obtemos mestria sobre nossas emoções, nós podemos usar emoções baseadas no amor para consciente e amorosamente elevar a frequência da matéria para a quarta dimensão onde ela está menos sobrecarregada pelo tempo e espaço. Então nós podemos movê-la sem a limitação do peso ou massa tridimensional. Se pudermos conectar conscientemente com nossa consciência quântica, nós podemos usar a manifestação instantânea de nosso pensamento quântico para teletransportar a matéria para qualquer lugar do Universo – instantaneamente!

Provou-se que nosso “DNA lixo” funciona como pequenos wormholes onde mensagens, e eventualmente matéria, podem ser instantaneamente teletransportadas para qualquer lugar. Em um experimento, amostras de DNA lixo foram postas em frascos e levadas para outra sala. Fotos de emoções de medo foram mostradas para o sujeito, e o DNA na outra sala instantaneamente colapsou e meio que se desfez. Fotos de emoções amorosas então foram mostradas e, instantaneamente, o DNA se recuperou e voltou para seu estado mais vibrante. O Militar Norte-americano, que fez o experimento, então distanciou centenas de milhas os frascos e o DNA ainda respondia instantaneamente. É provável que o “teletransporte” usado em Star Trek seja um exemplo desta forma de telecinese. A matéria é desmontada para o nível quântico, onde ela pode se mover além do tempo e espaço, então reestruturada no local pretendido.

A iluminação ocorre quando entregamos nosso ego para nossa Alma/EU pentadimensional para se tornar UM com o AGORA das dimensões superiores. Apenas um momento 3D dessa União pode nos colocar num Caminho que leva a maior parte de nossa vida para viajar.

Iluminação é o que ocorre quando fazemos o download e a integração de nosso EU Multidimensional em nosso vaso terreno físico. Assim que integramos totalmente nosso EU em nosso eu, nossa consciência expande de Consciência Pessoal para Consciência Coletiva para Consciência Planetária para Consciência Galáctica para Consciência Cósmica. Com cada expansão de nossa consciência nosso sentido de EU aumenta. Nosso “sentido de EU” é definido como: aquele com que nós sentimos um sentido completo de UNIDADE.

Enquanto na Consciência Pessoal, nós pensamos em nosso EU como um ser humano tridimensional que está totalmente consciente do funcionamento de nossa vida mundana. Também estamos cientes de nossa Criança Interior e Ego. Por conseguinte, nós somos capazes de usar nossas percepções expandidas para receber comunicações através de nosso corpo, Criança Interior e, através da prece, com Deus e/ou Santos e Anjos.

Na Consciência Coletiva nós sentimos unidade com toda a humanidade e pensamos em nosso EU como sendo um membro da família de toda a humanidade. Por causa disso, nós podemos usar nossas percepções expandidas para sintonizar na quarta dimensão e comunicar com a massa, a Consciência Coletiva dos humanos na Terra.

Com a consciência Planetária, nós sentimos unidade completa com o nosso planeta, que expande nossa consciência para abranger a quarta dimensão. Com o despertar de nossa consciência multidimensional nós podemos perceber nosso EU como um componente de Gaia, a consciência da Terra. Neste caso, nós usamos nossas percepções expandidas para comunicar diretamente com nossa Mãe Terra e também com TODOS os habitantes dela. Nós também podemos conectar com os Elementais tetradimensionais da terra/gnomos, ar/silfos, água/ondinas e fogo/salamandras.

Com a consciência tetradimensional nós também podemos comunicar com as muitas realidades e seres que ressoam à quarta dimensão. No início, nós podemos somente ser capazes de acreditar que esses Seres maravilhosos e Guias Espirituais até existem. Então, com o passar do tempo, nós percebemos que muitos desses seres são expressões tetradimensionais de nosso próprio EU Multidimensional.

Com a Consciência Galáctica, nós sentimos unidade completa com os muitos planetas, sistemas solares e galáxias que ressoam à quarta e à quinta dimensão. Essa unidade nos permite integrar totalmente nosso EU Multidimensional e expandir nossa consciência para a quinta dimensão e aterrar essa frequência da Luz no corpo de Gaia. Aí, os “ETs” são percebidos como outras expressões da nossa Alma/EU e membros de nossa Família Estelar.

Nós fomos além das limitações da dualidade, tempo, espaço e separação. Nós percebemos nosso corpo físico como o veículo terreno que usamos e mantemos para nos “levar” pelas experiências de ser um membro da Equipe de Ascensão Planetária. Nós percebemos todos os aspectos da realidade física como uma bênção ou uma iniciação para nos lembrar de liberarmos todo medo e vivermos em amor incondicional sempre e para sempre. Desse estado de consciência, nós somos Mestres da Energia e acompanhamos atentamente nossos pensamentos e emoções para que eles não ameacem baixar nossa consciência. Não somos mais vítimas de qualquer pessoa, local, situação ou coisa e assumimos total responsabilidade por todas as manifestações em nossa vida.

Com a Consciência Cósmica, nós podemos ir para a quinta dimensão e acima e também para as realidades quânticas e pensamento quântico. Nós estamos nos preparando para liberar todos os apegos à forma e ver nosso eu como sendo pura consciência. A viagem interdimensional é normal, pois nós interfaceamos com nossa Superalma na sétima dimensão para ajudar nossa Família de Alma a trazer TODAS as nossas expressões do EU para o Lar, para a ressonância da Consciência Multidimensional.

Nós não precisamos mais procurar, pois vivemos na Inteligência Divina, Sabedoria Espiritual e Criatividade Infinita. Nós compartilhamos nosso Ser Iluminado com outras expressões do nosso EU e com todos que procuram nosso conselho. Se ainda mantemos um vaso terreno aterrado (normalmente para participar da ascensão planetária), nós mantemos uma conexão constante ao nosso EU Multidimensional e também com o coração de Gaia. Nós vemos um de nossos serviços como sendo transformadores redutores para aterra a luz de frequência mais alta e a realidade quântica no corpo da Terra. Como esse serviço, nós elevamos a frequência de ressonância do planeta para facilitar a ascensão planetária.

Estamos livres do ego, então não procuramos fama ou reconhecimento e normalmente os vemos como uma distração para o nosso verdadeiro trabalho. Nós andamos no planeta Terra como uma pessoa “normal” que ainda tem que pagar contas, ir trabalhar e alimentar nosso corpo. Nós sabemos que é uma tarefa imensa manter uma forma tridimensional com as frequências expandidas de nossa consciência, mas viver com as muitas dores da realidade física sabendo que “isso também passará”.

Nós SABEMOS que somos imensamente privilegiados para ser um membro desse Momento Cósmico e constantemente se esforçar para manter a conexão com nossa Superalma através de todas as muitas realidades dimensionais até o nosso corpo físico. A maioria de nós tem sofrido grandemente em nosso sacrifício para esquecer nosso EU para servir na criação da Terra pentadimensional e no retorno para ela. Nós sabemos que, visto que a Terra pentadimensional ressoa além do tempo e espaço, “retornar” e “criar” podem acontecer simultaneamente.

Nós procuramos outros do nosso tipo que mantêm seu EU no seu vaso de barro como um serviço planetário e galáctico. Nós ainda ficamos com fome, cansados, irritados, confusos, pobres ou doentes. É o sacrifício máximo que fizemos para aterrar nosso grande EU em Gaia e assistir na ascensão para a quinta dimensão como um planeta inteiro.

Felizmente, mais e mais de nós estamos despertando para o nosso EU Iluminado e percebendo que não temos que FAZER nada.

Somente temos de SER nosso EU!

Fonte: http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.com

Tradução: Blog SINTESE http://blogsintese.blogspot.com.br

          182 - Clues   
Clues Something strange has happened to the Enterprise. It has gone through a wormhole. But that is just the beginning of the strangeness. A planet that looked class-M turned out to be unlivable. Crusher has some fast growing plants. Worf has broken his wrist. Tori is having hallucinations. But the strangest thing of all: Data is lying. What is going on? We track down Clues in this week’s Mission Log. Got something to say? We want to hear it: On Facebook: facebook.com/missionlogpod On Twitter: @missionlogpod On Skype: missionlogpod On the phone: (323) 522-5641 Online: http://missionlogpodcast.com We may use your comments on a future episode of Mission Log.
          151 - The Price   
There is a seemingly stable wormhole and control of it is up for negotiation. Counselor Troi is taken with one of the negotiators, though he is hiding a secret that may win him the negotiations, but lose him her heart. Meanwhile, Data and Geordi are looking deep into the wormhole. It may not be all it is supposed to be. All of that plus Ferengi, when we put The Price in the Mission Log.   Got a message for us? We would love to hear it: On Facebook: facebook.com/missionlogpod On Twitter: @missionlogpod On Skype: MissionLogPod On the phone: (323) 522-5641 Online: http://missionlogpodcast.com We may use your comments on a future episode of Mission Log.
          Ultraman Gaia - Episode 1 - Seize the Light!   

Gamu Takayama is a brilliant young genius performing experiments on altering and projecting human consciousness. During one experiment, his mind is drawn into strange world where he sees a giant battling a monster. Almost unconsciously, he finds himself uttering the words "Ultraman." Meanwhile, a wormhole in space unleashes a wave of invaders at the Earth.
          Reply by U3   
Wow, I'd love to see that in person, amazing. Reminds me a bit of imagining what being in a wormhole might look like while traveling. :sun: [/quote] I'd love to see it too. The photos are dazzling. ;o)
          Reply by Anonymous Coward (UID 24410859)   
Wow, I'd love to see that in person, amazing. Reminds me a bit of imagining what being in a wormhole might look like while traveling. :sun:
          Reset: Directed by Chang and Produced by J.C.   
This film is a Chinese movie studio’s dream come true, because it has multiple Yang Mis, the glamorous star of the smash-hit Tiny Times franchise. However, instead of an editorial assistant at a fashion magazine, she plays Xia Tian, a dedicated theoretical physicist and single-mother. That is true of all the Xia Tians. To save her son, the research scientist will jump back in time more than once in Chang (a.k.a. Yoon Hong-seung)’s Reset, which opens tomorrow in New York.

There are two labs competing to develop alternate dimension wormholes as a means of time-travel. The one in America recklessly cut corners, resulting in wide-spread psychosis in its test subjects, who basically burned the joint to the ground. By the way, did we mention Reset was produced by Jackie Chan? It isn’t hard to see his influence, is it?

Of course, the Chinese lab is proceeding in a Steady-Eddie fashion, so the Western consortium hires Tsui Hu, a former guinea pig, to steal the NeXus group’s data and bomb their Metropolis-esque facilities back to the stone age. To circumvent security, Tsui Hu kidnaps Xia Tian’s son Doudou to force her to be the inside person. Being a real piece of human sludge, Tsui Hu kills Doudou as motivation for Xia Tian to complete the time travel experiment. That turns out to be a little too motivating. Escaping from Tsui Hu’s crew, Xia Tian comes back in time on her own, becoming a migraine-inducing loose cannon. Yes, this process will repeat again.

When it comes to logic, Reset simply couldn’t be bothered. Frankly, they never attempt to explain how Evil Corp hopes to make money off time travel. Seriously, are they spending all this time and effort to game the stock market or to pick every day’s trifecta at Aqueduct? It doesn’t really matter though, because Chang just carries us along with his lunacy. Yang has first class action chops (check her out in Wu Dang if you doubt it), which she gets to start exercising when the third Xia Tian comes along. We’ll admit it, watching bunch of Yang Mis running, jumping, and fighting bad guys is pretty much our idea of a good time.

To his credit, Wallace Huo also makes a surprisingly sinister villain. Honestly, you can practically see the black smoke coming out of Tsui Hu’s ears. Plus, Chin Shih-chieh is terrific in scenes that would be spoilery to explain.

Korean filmmaker Chang has an affinity for action (catch up with The Target for an armchair roller coaster ride) that never fails him in Reset. Granted, there is a lot of fudging and hocus-pocus in Cha Muchun’s screenplay, but it still presents a relatively fresh take on time travel that it then takes delight in complicating to high heaven. It’s a ton of unruly fun, but Yang still does some credible thesping as the distraught and driven parent. Highly recommended for fans of action and time travel movies, Reset opens tomorrow (6/30) in New York, at the AMC Empire.
          Our Bones – No Slogan (2017)   

Artist Name: Our Bones Album Title: No Slogan Year Released: 2017 Genre: Alt Rock Format: MP3 320Kbps File Size: 101 Mb Tracklist: 01. Incumbent 02. Wormhole Heart 03. Die Alone 04. Pray for Prey 05. I Lit a Fire 06. Family Affair 07. Rose (Pt. 1) 08. Rose (Pt. 2) 09. Lost & Found 10.

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          Shallow in EVE   


I managed to find a buyer for my system.  Part of that is the rock-bottom prices I was offering for it and its contents.  I think a big part was luck.  In any case, thank you Stabs for the suggestion to post on the forums... that's where the buyer came from.

The buyer -- call him Vlad -- is Russian.  We quickly agreed on the general parameters of the deal: he wanted all the stuff I was selling, and the price was right.  OK.  I gave him the "trust me" option, or using an escrow service.  He chose the latter.  I went with CAPLF WH Sales -- ingame channel with that name -- and got an immediate response from Lucius Arcturus, their main guy.  Great.  Emailed him, ccing buyer.  Got it all set up in a few minutes.  A few hours later, escrow was set up and we were ready to start.

Then the work.  First I scanned out late at my night, hoping to get in Vlad in his early morning.  That did not happen, but I gave him the chain in email by specifying the signature tags.  (Took me a while to think of doing that.)  He got himself in using this information, and safed up.

In the morning (mine that is), Vlad was on and so I set my forcefield password to let him shelter in my small POS.  Then I put the large POS he was buying, and some fuel, in one of my Iterons and handed it over.  He flew off and onlined it.  I took over a few loads of basic POS defenses and such so that he would not be vulnerable, and an POS storage, then I logged off to work.

Over the next day we pinged back and forth.  Vlad would empty out Iterons full of stuff into his storage, then leave the Iterons out in his forcefield where I could grab them.  I'd grab them, fly back to my POS, load up, then fly back and eject.  We never overlapped in time again.


Tonight I am almost out.  I am done with handing stuff over.  I have only a Manticore and an Iteron V left in my POS bubble, which is completely empty otherwise.  The Iteron V is there to carry out the last bits of stuff, most particularly the POS itself.   I can't take down the POS yet because I need to protect the Manticore.  I need to find a way out before I can proceed.  Scanning time.

I scan out my system.  Or really Vlad's system now.  The C5 is EOL still there from this morning.  So, I am headed out through C4b.  It has dual statics, C3 and C5.  The C3 has a good chance to be useful.  Unfortunately, there are 19 sigs.  Also lots of an anoms.  It looks like an abandoned system, but dscan shows a live tower.  Huh.  Well, at least they don't appear to be very active.  Nothing to worry about.

I set to work scanning.  Most of the sites are gas and quickly ignored.  I find the C5 but I don't instantiate it.  No need for that unless the C3 does not pan out.  The second to last sig I scan is the C3.  Go figure.  I complete the scanning (gas), then warp to the C3 and jump into C3a.

Tripwire show that C3a has a lowsec static.  This is not ideal, but good enough for my purposes.  Also it has only 8 sigs, which should be reasonably fast to scan.  I set to scanning.

The lowsec static has a bubble anchored on it.  Strange; I have not seen anyone at a tower.  I'll have to blow up the bubble if I try to get out this way.  But I've also found a K162 to C2, so I'll put off checking lowsec until I go that way.  C2s which connect to C3s tend to have highsec statics.  I finish scanning, then warp to the K162 and jump into C2a.

C2a has a lot of towers on scan.  Mostly small Caldari.  They appear to have the system moon locked.  Also there is one ship on scan, but it's a Nidhoggur.  There are planets out of scan range.  Normally I'd warp around to look, but in this case I am not hunting.  So I fire probes at the wormhole, then cloak.  The system has only two sigs, which must be its statics.  I am at the O477; the other wormhole will be a B274 to highsec.  Yay.  I find it in two scans.  It's in dscan range, so it's safe to warp over.  I land on grid, bookmark it, then head out into highsec.

I appear in Seitam, which is in Amarr space.  There's one station in system.  (Stations!  Weird!)  I warp to it and dock.   Then I ditch my Manticore and head back upstream in my pod.  I have no trouble on the way, but I do see some new ships in C2a and probes in C3a.  Ugh.  Likely I was seen, and a pod moving up or down a chain is an good sign that there will be more traffic.  Well, I'll be boring for a while back home.


Back home.  I warp to my POS, then jump in the waiting Iteron V.  I offline the tower and then cloak about 3000m from it.  Can I offline it cloaked?  Yes.  It takes 15 minutes to offline a small tower.  I wait.  Actually I play games on my phone.

20 minutes later, I remember about EVE being in a parlous state.  So I uncloak and scoop the tower, then I warp to a safespot and cloak again.  Now I am done here, except getting out.  C2 may be hot since they probably saw the pod, so I'll go do other things for a while.

An hour later.  Time to head out.  I warp to the wormhole out.  Goodbye, J213139.  Then into C4b, and on to C3a.  No probes here now.

I jump into the last system, C2a.  Uh oh.  There's a ship at the wormhole.  Frigate.  Ares.  What is that?  Uh... assault frig?  Not sure.  At least it's not a Sabre.  If he cannot bubble, exactly what he is does not really matter.  He can cross jump as well as I can, even if I can get back to the wormhole.  And the fact that he's here at all suggests eyes on the other side.  So, forward.  I order a warp to the highsec wormhole.  I uncloak, and of course the Ares locks me up.  Warp disrupted.  Uh oh.  My shields start to drop, though my buffer is decent.  Two new enemies uncloak; a Purifier and something else.  Not good. 

Good try.
I start to think about ejecting before a bubble shows up.  I mouse over my ship, about to command it.  Then... voom.  I warp.

Ah yes, I have triple warp core stabs.  Saved me.  (Bring a bubble, guys.)  I drop onto the highsec, and the Ares is there ahead of me.  But he cannot stop me.  I jump, and I am out.

One of them follows me out.  I wait around to see who it is.  The Purifier.  Eventually he uncloaks and we just look at each other.  I align to the local station (Stations!  Weird!).  But I don't leave.  Instead I say "Nice try!" in local.  (Local!  Weird!)  I don't know if he sees it.  I wait, kind of hoping for some reply.  But eventually he locks me up, and I realize that I have 400m in stuff on board.  It is doubtful that he has a cargo scanner... and doubtful beyond that that he will go for it in highsec.  But why take chances?  I warp.

I am out.  Really truly out, for the first time in over a year.


There's more work to do.  I head for Amarr, which is five jumps away.  Carrying 400m in an Iteron V would be too risky in some places, but this is almost all 0.8 and above, and it's past primetime EU hours.  Should be fine.   I make it.  I contract all the stuff to my Jita alt, then grab a shuttle and head back to the station where I cached my Manticore. 

Five jumps later.  I get in my Manti, which feels safe and good.  Then I put the shuttle on the market for a large markup, and exit the station.  I'll go back into wspace and...

No, I won't.

I don't have anything to do.  Nowhere to be.  Nowhere to go.

What's next?
          C4 for sale   
As I previously mentioned, I have been in the process of wrapping up my occupancy of the C4 system, J213139, in which I have been living for the last year and a half.  It's been a good run.

J213139 is a great system for a medium sized wormhole corp.  It's got good PI, which is a great income source in wspace.  It's a pulsar system, meaning it gives a huge boost to shields and capacitor.  This makes running local sites a lot easier than normal if you are using a shield tank.  (We used several fleet comps over the years, finally settling on Rattlesnakes after they got their huge buff in summer '14.)  J213139 also has a great moon for siting a tower at, if you want to make a devilish tower trap, which I did.  I don't know, but I'd guess my tower is among the most prolific killers in wspace.  Finally, C4 systems are pretty good to hunt from, due to their dual statics.  With its C4 static, there are always at least six system within two jumps; usually there are considerably more due to incoming K162s.

Why am I leaving?  Well, in part due to gaining a second static in Hyperion.  This made it much harder to close up our system for running sites.  It would not be a problem for most corps to close an extra wormhole, but I have just a few guys.  It becomes tiresome, cutting into our already limited time in our corp nights.  On the upside, we did get access to C5s, and started running sites there.  Great ISK in that, much better than running C4s.

Another factor was my corp mates drifting away from the game.  It has been gradual, but by now I am the only one of us that is very active.  But that process started a year ago, and it did not cause any problem because I was still actively hunting every night.  I did not really realize it then, but as a side effect of hunting I was always finding enough good highsec connections reasonably close to my Jita alt, that I could keep my tower supplied all by myself.   However, over the past six months I have started to tire of hunting in wspace, so I started hunting less.  And that meant that I found fewer connections, making it hard to run in and out with supplies.  Then maintaining my tower (and hence occupancy of my system) became a chore.

When EVE becomes a chore, you should stop doing what you're doing.  It's a game and supposed to be fun.

Anyway, all that is just an explanation of why I am leaving.  I am not quitting the game, at least not now.  And therefore I am not about to abandon my tower and leave its contents for the vultures.  Rather I am trying to extract all the value from it, leaving with as much as I can.

I've been slowly moving stuff out for two months.  I took down and exported my reaction tower.  By this point my mates and I have flown out all the ships of substantial value, and we've moved out almost all of our considerable collection of crap other than a dwindling supply of PI goods.  So, we're ready to leave just about any time.  I am finishing up the PI in a few days.

If you are interested in a nice C4 system, please let me know via email, in or out of game.  (My gmail address is in the upper right of this blog.)  I want to sell, at minimum, the six POCOs we have constructed in the system.  These I will sell you at the build cost of their components.  The system location itself is free if you'll buy the POCOs.  I have a large Minmatar POS with a full complement of POS parts.  I'd be happy to sell that to you at cost.  In addition we have a Chimera and a Moros, currently with full parts on them.  These we will strip and insurance-fraud if I cannot sell them.  I will sell you either or both hulls at a cost halfway between their normal kspace value and their insurance fraud value.  The parts I will sell at Jita prices, since I can get them out.  Finally, we have an assortment of cheap ships (gas mining Ventures, a few rock miners that we barely used, Epithals and Iteron Vs).  These I'll also throw in for free if you buy the POCOs.
          Hat Trick   
I have not been feeling like writing, and not playing as much EVE as I have in times past.  So that's what's up with the lack of posting.  I am in the process of winding down my occupancy of the C4 I am in.  The logistics have become unfun.

But enough of that.  The thing that broke through my writing torpor today was a nice little kill.  My system had many connecting wormholes, and I wanted to get my Jita alt in with a few last PI goods to pump into my pipeline.  My system had an unusually high number of connections: its normal static C4 and C5, but also three other C5s connecting via K162s.  Thus I had been scouring nearby systems for exits in my trusty Manticore.  I found only a single lowsec exit, not near to Jita.  Oh well.  I tried.  After that I had returned home, and was just sitting around in my system, watching a wormhole just in case someone came in.   I was in the room, playing other games.  But occasionally I'd come back to sit at EVE, tweak prices on my Jita alt, and with Von check a dscan, and look at the probe scanner to see if there were any new wormholes.

At one point I returned and dscanned and what's that?  Probes!  The guy came in a different wormhole, but I figured maybe I could still ambush him at my tower's decloak trap.  So I warped back there.  I landed on grid and barely had time to rotate my camera to face the bubble, when -- bingo! -- an Astero appeared in my trap.  Astero vs bomber in most places is a win for the Astero.  But any ship on grid with me at my tower, and I will win that fight.  Go time!  

I uncloaked, and got all systems on, locking the unlucky Astero up.  I even hit her with a round of torps before she was evaporated by my tower's guns.  Unluckily for her, her pod was cleanly in the bubble.  So I terminated her -- the tower won't do that -- and returned her to highsec the fast way.

It turns out she was pretty new in EVE, so I opened a chat, told her about tower traps and how to avoid them, and we had a nice little chat.  She had some questions about stealth bombers.  I hope I helped.  Anyway, one question was what can one hunt in a bomber in wspace?  I listed some ships, but as a part of that I refreshed my corp's killboard at zkillboard, to remind myself of what I had killed recently.

That's when I noticed that not only had my tower killed once today, it had killed three times!  (Others are this and this.)  Yow!  My tower is a better EVE player than I am this month.
          A Relic of Failure   
Friday night.  It's US timezone, which tends to be less active.  But I have time, and I am hoping to find something interesting.  I am out in my Manticore, looking for whatever EVE has to show me tonight. 

I jump into C4b.  Dscan from the wormhole is not boring: there is a tractor unit on scan.  There's also a mobile depot, but that is not that unusual.  Nor can a depot pay; even if there was something in it, a depot has a reinforcement mode which has a longer timer than most wormholes.  So, they are hard to kill in wspace.  Few try.  (Occasionally I scan them down and reinforce them, hoping someone else will come along two days later to finish the job.)

But the tractor... that can only mean one thing.  Someone is or was running sites.  If they left for some reason, I can kill the tractor and take whatever is in it.

I move off to orbit the wormhole at 30km, hitting microwarp and cloaking.  Now I set to work trying to find the tractor unit.  If it is old enough, it may be out in space somewhere that I cannot get to with normal scanning.  In that case, I'll have to scan it down with combat probes.  But it may be in an existing site.  It might also be in a sig site, which I can get to in my Manticore, but I'll combat scan for it anyway.

Normally I am faster.  But eventually I get a generally right direction, enough to see an anom which both the tractor and depot appear to be in together.  I confirm it with a five degree dscan.  Yes, they're in an Integrated Terminus.  I warp over for a look.

I land in the site, and I can see that it was being run.  The first two waves of sleepers are gone; the third wave (somewhat reduced) is here.  It's a Sleepless Safeguard -- a nasty ship, which warp scrambles -- along with three of its normal six escort frigates.
What happened here?
The Safeguard makes me start to suspect what happened here: someone got in over his head.  He was running the site and had to bail.  Or indeed, perhaps he could not bail because of the Safeguard, and got himself killed.  But there's no evidence I can see other than the tractor and the depot.  There are no wrecks; whatever happened here, happened at least two hours ago.  The evidence will be locked up in the tractor.

So, it's another tractor problem.  I've encountered this sort of thing before.  How do I kill a tractor unit and then loot it, under the nose of a Sleeper battleship which warp scrambles? 

I have run these sites before, with just me and my alt in Rattlesnakes.  I could do that here.  But I am not too keen to put that much ISK at risk in a completely unscouted system.  Also I ran a Terminus in my home system, which is a pulsar.  (This gives huge capacitor.)  This system -- I check -- has no effect. 

Another thing I might do is hit the site in my site-running Tengu.  This wave does 614 DPS according to eve-survival; that will be reduced a bit by the Tengu's smallish sig and by the lack of three of the frigs.  So I could try that.  But my Tengu relies on shield boosting, and I don't know if I can stay cap stable in here with the Safeguarding nossing me.  Probably not.  Nope, bad idea.

My rattlesnakes have microjumpdrives on them.  These are handy for several things.  But I think they will work here.  Sleepers don't actually warp scramble; they warp disrupt.  Or such has been my observation before.  So microjumpdrives should work.  I think.  I am not totally sure that sleepers don't scramble... about 90% sure... is that enough to risk 500m ISK?

I decide not.  What else can I do?

I recall that CCP recently created medium microjumpdrives, and I recall that we have a PVP Drake.  Let me look at it... aha.  I board it.  It does indeed have a microjumpdrive.  OK, I know it cannot stand up that long against the Safeguard.  But then again, it should not need to.  It should kill the tractor in about a minute, I think.  It has a bit more DPS than my bomber.  Then I can scoop it and go.  Assuming the Safeguard does disrupt, not scramble.  The whole thing should be fast enough that observers won't be able to gank me.

It's a plan.  I tweak the fit to remove the webber (not needed here) and put on a EM ward II.  A bit more hardness does not hurt.  Then I warp to C4b, cross, and warp to the site.

I decide to warp in at 10km, thinking I can slide past the tractor unit as I shoot it so that I can time turning around to be aligned to my wormhole.  The plan is to pop the tractor just as I come back past it, so I can grab and go.

I land on grid.  Then I target the tractor, and open up. 
Shooting the tractor.

My assault missiles crash into the tractor.  I move towards it, and I launch my drones -- warriors -- for extra DPS.  I creep toward the tractor.  I kind of forgot how slow these things are.

The sleepers notice me, and come zooming up.  The frigates web me.  Oops.  I forgot about that too.  I am not sure I can get there in time.  The tractor unit goes into structure, and I am still 8000m from it.  I am taking serious shield damage.  Down to 1/2.

Now the Safeguard is close enough and I hear the sound of warp disruption.  The die is cast: either I can escape or not, according to whether or not this is disruption or scrambling.  We'll see.

The tractor pops, and I am still not close enough to loot it.  I align out to a planet, shields down to 33%.  I hear the low shield warning as I activate the microjumpdrive.  It activates; indeed the warp disruption from the Safeguard was disruption, not scrambling. 
Escaping warp disruption.

Swoosh!  I am now 100km away, well outside of the range of the Safeguard's warp disruption.   I warp to the planet at 100km. 

I can't go back immediately, not with my shields at 25% and the sleepers where I want to be.  Also I need time for my microwarpdrive to cycle.  So I warp to this system's outer planet, making a safespot as I get close.  Then I warp back to the safespot and sit a while.  There's nothing alarming on scan, neither ships nor probes.

After a few minutes, my shields recover to 80% or so.  It's enough.  I warp to the site, this time directly to the tractor's location. 

I land on grid, and open the tractor wreck.  Ah, loot.  Not really very much, but loot all the same.  The sleepers lock me, and warp disrupt me, and start pounding as I grab the loot, then align to the wormhole home.  Then I microjump again, and immediately warp out. 
Exhibit A in my murder investigation.

As I finish warping home, I look at the loot and the killmail for hints as to what happened.  There are several kinds of fittings in the loot, so evidently someone lost his ship in that site.  There are armor parts.  There's a laser and crystals, and drones.  This suggests that the guy was flying a Stratios.  Ouch!
I've been low activity in EVE lately.  A lot of this has to do with other games occupying my time -- Clash of Clans, Star Wars Commander, and Castle Clash.  But it also has to do with luck.  I've had a good run of luck in having my system zip itself up.  When I am zipped, I hate to waste it.  Instead, I head out into our local anoms for some carebearing.

Last night was an example.  I've had five gas sites in my system for a while, which I have carefully not touched.  Most scouts coming through don't seem to instantiate sites, so the sites tend to persist until I want them.  Several of these gas sites had been there for a week.

Yesterday morning, I had three connections.  My two statics, and a connection from a C4 with a lot of towers.  These people were fairly busy yesterday.  But then they popped their own wormhole in the afternoon, leaving my static C4 in EOL.  So I knew I had just my two connections.  By the time I logged in last night for real playing, my static C4 had self-terminated, leaving only my C5.

The C5 system, I knew from yesterday's fruitless roam, was unoccupied.  So the chance of getting traffic from it is slight.  My system is very likely half-zipped.  I'll picket the C5 wormhole, while I do stuff in my system.

First, I trigger all my gas sites except one.  I do not think I will have time to slurp them all.  Then I wait for 20 minutes for the sleepers to come.  (I get off an attack or two in Clash of Clans.)

A bit later I get Von into his Rattlesnake and kill the four gas sites.  Two of them are Ordinary Perimeter Reservoirs -- the site with sentries.  Bouncers and precision cruise missiles deal with these nicely.  Then on to two Bountiful Frontier Reservoirs.  Gardes and precision cruise missiles kill the cruiser rats, then a Gecko kills the frigates.  (Yes, Geckos can track frigates.  690 DPS.  Sometimes they one-shot them.  Go figure.)

After the sites are killed, I warp back home to switch into a Coercer to salvage.  The sentry sites don't have anything, of course.  But each of the other two sites has about 40m in salvage and blue loot.   Good pay for the amount of time it takes.

Next I have some PI to do.  Von is first, but all my PI characters (three of them, on two accounts) need to do it.  So I get into an Epithal, and start making the rounds.  Each planet gets about 50000 units of P1 goods; this is enough for about two weeks of operations.  Each planet produces a complementary P1 good, and a P2 good.  The P1s sometimes get carried on to a complentary planet.  Those which don't, and the P2 goods, go back to my tower.

Ordinarily when I do PI, I do it in an insecure system.  Each time I warp out from my tower, I blind a hunter by warping to a safespot inline with a planet I am not going to.  But I skip that tonight, speeding the process.  Nobody uncloaks and kills me.

Von watches the wormhole for a while as Otto does his PI.  Then I swap again, and log off Von for his PI and gas sucking alt.  The alt does PI first.  Then on to the gas sucking.  He has perfect gassing skills, and an implant.  So he sets to work.

This is work for him, maybe, but not for me.  I have nothing to do for hours now, except listening for the wormhole noise on my picket, and strobing the discovery scanner every 10 or 20 minutes to check for new wormholes.  I dutifully do this, minus the occasional break for coffee and bathroom.  No wormholes connect.  Evidently nobody sneaks in while I am completely AFK.  I do see a new combat anom appear.  I watch as the sites go down one by one.  Every half hour I have to warp back to my reaction tower to dump the gas.

The C5 connection goes EOL, and I am tempted to use my picket to help mine.  But I leave him there just in case.  (I explore through EOL wormholes.  Others might too.)  Also, I want to know when the C5 goes away, because I would like to enter C5a when I am done for the night and check it out.

Hours later, it's time for bed.  I've tapped out three of the sites and a bit of the fourth.  80m in sleeper loot, and 100+m more in gas.  The C5 wormhole is still alive.

When you read a blog like this, it's easy to get the notion that EVE is really interesting all the time.  But I only write the good parts.  I write about the one percent moments, and some of the boring stuff that sets them up.  I rarely write about the 99% when that's all there is.  But it's there, and like everyone else, that's what I spend most of the time doing.  Scanning.  Safe PVE.  Gassing.
          Jab and Riposte   
It's corp night again.  Last night I prepared C5a for us, should it prove worthy.  By going in a day in advance, I can instantiate all the 16-hour wormholes that may be sitting around there uninstantiated, and get them to go away.  So I don't have to pop them to be safe.  But of course, new wormholes can pop up all day long, and there's nothing I can do about it.

I have to check for new wormholes, and I might as well do it now, before my corpmates show up.  Actually I am only expecting Jayne tonight.  But last night I found the best gas site in the game, an Instrumental Core Reservoir, in C5a.  If it's still there today, which is highly likely, then we'll run it.  We can be in, kill the sleepers, and out probably before anyone can scan us down.  So that's my plan.  I warp to the wormhole C4a->C5a, and jump.

Plans change.  In this case, I see a full set of Sister's core probes, as well as two Ventures.  There is no live tower on scan from here (in fact I know from last night that there is no live tower in the system).  So the two Ventures are out in space somewhere.  Almost certainly gassing in the Core Reservoir, right?  A single narrow-band dscan confirms it. 

I am in my normal Manticore fit, unable to tackle a Venture.  So I need to refit to my fit with two scramblers.  Where can I do that?  I could go back home to do it, but that means two more uncloaks at the wormhole.  It also means five minutes of polarization.  Not a good option.  This system is rather small.  The furthest planet is an outer planet about 14 AU out.  That's almost far enough... fortunately, last night I scanned down a wormhole that is near that planet, and about two AU further away.  I think that is far enough to be off dscan.

I warp to the wormhole near the outer planet, making a safespot when I get close.  Then I turn around and warp to that safespot.  From it, I cannot see much on dscan.  It will do.  Of course I have no idea whose probes those are; it might be one of the Ventures scanning, or it might be some other ship.  If it is another ship, there's some chance it will come out here and dscan.  But at least I can hope that the pilot is probing and isn't dscanning actively.

I launch my mobile depot, then orbit it at 2500 cloaked while I wait for it to online.  Dscanning shows nothing during this time.  When the depot onlines, I get in close and uncloak, and refit.  Then I grab everything, and warp to the gas site at 100km.

As I warp over, I am considering my options.  Jayne should be online any minute now, and I might hasten that.  We got a similar setup last week, him dropping on them in a Sabre so we got pods.  But before I do that, I want to get on site and see what's happening there.

I land in the site.  I came in from the side, so I am not worried about being decloaked by the gas.  And indeed, the large cloud of C320 is entirely gone.  Both Ventures are there, now sucking at the small cloud, the C540.  This is bad.  A single Venture can suck up one of these small clouds in less time than it takes for sleepers to come, which is 20 minutes.  Two can suck it in 10 minutes.  I don't know how long they have been at it.  But probably they won't be on site for more than a few more minutes.

There's no time for Jayne.   I have to get in there pronto.  I bookmark the gas cloud, then warp to the sun (which is close) to bounce.  As I warp, I am trying to recall how large the C540 cloud is.  I think it's about 15km in radius, but I am not sure of that.  20km would probably be safe, but maybe not.  I decide to warp to 30km.  I land, then reverse and warp back at 30km.

I land near the cloud, about 18km from it.  A quick check shows one Venture is orbiting away from me, but the second is coming more or less towards me.  I move downward to meet it.  Once I get close enough, I uncloak and get to work.  The Venture's pilot tries to escape me, but with my microwarp I can catch him even though he is slightly faster.  Gradually my rockets do the job.  Boom.  He warps his pod promptly.

I scoop the loot from the wreck, which is not much.  There is a nice chunk of gas there, C320.  I want that.  But before anything else, I move off the wreck and cloak.

Combat done.  I start to ease back and notice the things again.  Dscan is clear.  The gas cloud is gone!  They must have sucked the last little bit of it as I was attacking them.  Talk about lucky timing!  A single minute later attacking, and I'd have missed them entirely.

I want that gas.  Not only is it worth 36m or whatever, it's the prize of battle.  The enemy may want it too.  But I am here and he's not.  I know where the bomber is, and he does not.  I quickly log on my alt Otto.  As he logs on, I bookmark the wreck and check dscan.  Nothing there.  I figure that the enemy may come back with force, but it's unlikely at short notice that they'll come with anything that will stop a Venture.  Even if they do bring a bubbler, I can see it coming on dscan.  And a Venture is worth the risk.  Otto takes one of my corp's Ventures, then warps over to the C5 wormhole.  Then he warps to the wreck bookmark, grabs the gas, and warps back home.  Ah, loot.

As I am sitting congratulating myself, I am still scanning.  I see a Venture.  Ah.  Perhaps they had the same thought as I did: come back in a worthless Venture to try to secure the loot.  Sure enough, a Venture lands on grid, but not at the wreck.  It's at the site's bookmark, about 20km from me.  The wreck is empty, so I figure the new Venture will leave.  Still, I move towards it in the hope that it dallies.  It moves, but not as I would expect, back where it came from.  Rather, towards the wreck.  That's odd... but it helps me close the range quickly.  Can he not see the wreck is empty?  No time to think about that.  I am in range, and I uncloak and open up.
Lightning strikes twice.
This one seems to go faster than the first.  Boom.  Again the pod warps in time.  Still, yay me!

A Sabre is on grid.  Crap, baited like an idiot!  Boo me!  The Sabre lands about 4km from me and fires a bubble.

I instinctively hit the microwarp and cloak.  And luckily for me, I am moving away from the wreck and far enough from it to cloak.  It's up to the Sabre now, to get to where I was going.  I know that even though I see me cloak immediately, he gets to see me for another 10 seconds or so.  So I just keep going straight, which is more or less to the edge of the bubble.  He starts moving towards me.

Now I juke and head directly to the edge, hoping to warp before he uncloaks me.  He gets about 8km from me, and fires another bubble.  Dammit.
Might have died here.
But then I get a break, and he changes direction, or maybe my juke worked.  (Hard to see what is happening in 3d.)  I make it to the edge of the bubble, and out.  He's 15km away; I am safe.  He fires a third bubble, but not near me now.  I keep moving out for a while just to watch.  Shortly he microwarps out of his bubbles and warps off.

Lessons here?  Well, there was nothing the first Venture could have done, other than be dscanning like a maniac and abort at the first sign of me as I crossed the wormhole.  I had scanned the site down last night, so he had no chance to see me probing for him.  Also, Ventures don't expect to get pinned by bombers.  So I cannot fault him at all.

One lesson comes from the fits on those Ventures.  Neither is excellent.  The second Venture should have had a warp scrambler or disruptor; if it had, my fate would have been sealed.  Both Ventures should have had a medium shield.  This would have given them more than double the hitpoints, doubling the time it would take me to kill them.  That also probably would have made the difference in the second fight, because had the Venture still been alive when the Sabre landed on grid its lock could have prevented my cloaking.  Note that both Ventures have empty slots.  You don't need a high-meta shield either; a simple Subordinate Screen Stabilizer costs about 15000 ISK.  Similarly, Ventures should have damage controls in the low.  That also increases hitpoints considerably.  (The fit I use for gas mining is found in my post How to Mine Gas Fairly Safely in Wspace.)

The main lesson is my own mistake.  Don't double dip.  If it seems too good to be true, as it was to have the second Venture go for the wreck in spite of the wreck being clearly empty, leave off.  It's true that I got the kill and I got away.  But I got it only because his fit was bad, presumably because he was rushed in making it.  I risked far more than he did.  If he lost, he lost a Venture worth a half million ISK.  Big deal.  If I lost, I lost not only a 40m bomber but a 100m pod too, and I'd be back out in known space with no known way back home.  I'd have to scan out with Otto.  Probably take 30 jumps across highsec.  Serious inconvenience.  Big loss.
          Beaten to It   
It's getting late tonight.  Almost bedtime... but there is still a bit more time, and there is my static C4 to explore through.  I've explored our static C5: nothing.  Also a K162 to C4: more nothing.  It had statics to C4 (my system), and C5b: nothing there either.  Seems like a lot of nothing tonight.  But you cannot find something without looking.  And so, into C4a.

C4a itself appears like more nothing.  It's a small system, scannable from my wormhole.  There's one live tower, but nothing else of interest.  No ships.  No wrecks.  Not even a stray drone.  At this point I might turn around.  Or I might not.  Let's see what statics this system has.

I consult Tripwire, incidentally updating my wormhole sig since my wormhole is out all by itself.  Aha.  This system has statics to C2 and C3.  Both of those are interesting possibilities.  Good enough for me to keep going, and good enough for me to scan through seven sigs (six, really because minus one for my wormhole).  So I move out from the wormhole, fire probes, and cloak.

A few minutes later, I have the system fully scanned.  In addition to the two static wormholes, there is some gas, a data site, and a relic site.  OK, shall I go to C2a first, or to C3a?  Easy decision, really.  C2s have dual statics, and so are often occupied by people who intend to use the second static to find people to kill.  Thus they tend to have more alert occupants.  So I like C3a.  I warp over, and jump in.

C3a is large enough that I have to warp around.  In the inner system there are two basic sleeper cruiser wrecks on scan.  Ooh, maybe a salvager will come.  But I cannot find the wrecks.  From the look of them, they are probably in a gas site.  There are several sigs.  Shall I scan?   Let me check the outer system first.

I find a Venture at a tower in the outer system.  After some dscanning, I get on grid with it.  It is manned.  Hmm.  I am not in my Venture killing fit, but I am not sure what this guy plans to do.  Being in a Venture at all suggests he has been mining; perhaps he saw the new sig and skedaddled.  On the other hand, he might just be taking a break.  I cannot tell.  But I can tell I'd like to know where the gas site is.  All the sigs in this system are in the inner system, 25AU from where I am.  So this guy cannot dscan to there.  I figure I will go in and scan as fast as possible, so that at least I have the gas site(s) in case this guy tries something.

I warp to the inner system, and after a quick dscan check, fire probes.  Then I quickly scan down the few sigs.  There is indeed a gas site, and it does indeed hold the sleeper wrecks.  I still see nothing on dscan, so maybe my scanning has not been noticed.

I warp to the gas site.  Both clouds are there, including a C72 cloud.  (C72 is worth mining; C70 -- the other cloud -- isn't.)  The sleeper wrecks have not been looted yet.  Hmm.  Nothing on scan.

I move off to a perch 150km+ from both gas clouds and the two wrecks.  Now, I wait.

I wait some more.



Damn, I am short on time here.   I might wait longer if it was earlier in the evening, but it's not.  I warp to the sleeper wrecks, grab their blue loot, and warp out.

Shall I call it a night?  Not quite yet... just one more system.  I'll check out C2a.  I warp across C4b, then jump in.

My dscan from the wormhole tells a story.  There are two mining barge wrecks on scan, as well as a corpse, a Manticore and a Stratios.  Some miners got ganked here.  There are also a Basilisk and an Epithal, which I expect are not part of it.

I check the scanner, and sure enough there is one ore site in the system.  It's 13 AU from me, and a quick narrow beam dscan confirms that the wrecks are there, as well as the bomber and the Stratios.  I warp over, but I am pretty sure I am too late.

I am too late.  In the site, I land on grid about 25km from where the action was.  The Stratios warps off just as I land.  Then the Manticore, piloted by Indecorous, grabs a last bit of loot, and also turns and warps.  Both ships disappear from dscan, which of course means pretty much nothing.  (Here are the kills: a Covetor, a Procurer, and a mobile tractor.)
Well done.
Strangely, the corpse is not on grid here.  Where is it?  I almost start looking, but then I recall the time.  It's not my corpse so I don't want it for my collection, and surely whatever locals there may be left here in the ships which I can see are not going to be doing anything stupid again tonight.  At least not for a few hours, and I don't have that much time.  So, goodbye C2a.  I warp home for PI and logoff.

That's EVE.  Earlier, had I chosen to enter C2a first and not C3a, it seems nearly certain that I would have gotten at least one of those two barges.  Possibly both, if they were less than fully alert.  I was beaten to them by only a minute or two.
          Strange Events in C5a   

It's the morning, and I am out for a bit of exploration before work.  It's corp night tonight, meaning we have a standing plan to run sites to make money.  Part of that involves opening our static C5 the previous night, to scout it out.  Last night the system looked great for running sites, other than it not having that many.  It had no live towers, just two dead ones.  And it had only its static C6 wormhole, and one other small wormhole to nullsec.  (This one I likely instantiated; it will last 16 hours and therefore be gone by the time corp night starts.)  But now it's been eight hours, and I want to peek in to see if anything has changed.

I jump into C5a, and dscan.  Nothing on scan, good.  But there are three new sigs -- not so good.  One is the static, which is evidently gone since last night.  The other two, I don't know.  I move off the wormhole, fire probes, and hide them.  Then I warp around the system.  Nobody home.  OK, time to scan.

Scanning reveals three new wormholes.  The new static, to C6a.  And two new wormholes to nullsec.  One is small, which is not a great sign for my plans tonight.  Grr.  The other is a K162.  Having found these wormholes, I start exploring them.  The incoming one first.  I warp to the wormhole.

As I arrive on grid with the wormhole, I see there's a Tristan here.  Huh?  Where'd he come from?  No time to consider that.  I am about to exit out of warp at the center of the wormhole, which will uncloak me.  Tristans are drone frigates, which means they are great for killing stealth bombers.  Nothing to do but jump.  I jump.  There are several people in Local in this system.  Maybe he's from here.  I hear the wormhole noise.  He followed me.  I bookmark the entrance just in case, then jump back into C5a.  Once in, I order a warp to the next nullsec wormhole, and cloak.  The Tristan has followed me, again, but he does not catch me.  It's really hard to catch anyone in a cloaky frigate on a wormhole any more.  If the Tristan pilot was trying, he did not succeed.

I assay the remaining two nullsec wormholes one after the other, coming back in immediately.  Nobody in nullsec in either system.  The Tristan remains on scan.  I'm ignoring him: not my target profile.  On to C6a.  I instantiated it last night, but did not enter.  (Instead I sucked gas, confident that it was closed because I saw it in the "new" phase.)  Now I plan to enter.

As I warp up to the wormhole, I see a Venture on scan.  That's interesting, but the Tristan is there on grid again.  Maybe he is escorting a supply run through wspace?  Who knows.  Anyway, once again I  jump, then elude him.  Then I warp around C6a hoping to find something, perhaps a mining op?  But nothing is there to be found.  Instead I launch probes, and start scanning.  I figure that will deter the Tristan and his friends from... whatever it they are doing.  And it does seem to.  The Tristan leaves the system.  I scan down two wormholes: a second C5, and a C4.  My time here is growing short -- must go to work -- but I have time to check those two systems out to gank any really obvious targets.

I duck into C5b.  Nothing on scan from the wormhole.  I fly around the system, and I can see a Buzzard at a POS at an outer planet.  There's also a bubble trap there, and I start thinking about trying to get on grid before I realize that's idiotic.  Not for a Buzzard, and not with limited time.  I warp back to the wormhole, and back into C6a.

Now I try C4c.  I jump in, and see a lot of anoms.  Nothing on scan from the wormhole.  Looks abandoned; I'll have to fly around -- no, wait a minute.  There's a ghost site!  That means that almost certainly the system is empty; nobody leaves a ghost site around.  It also means time to get back home and get my ghostbusting Tengu.  (Nobody leaves a ghost site untouched, I'm not nobody.)  I jump back to C6a immediately.

In C6a I scan as I cross the system, but nothing has changed.  Good.  Back into C5a.  Again I scan, expecting nothing, but I see two things of interest.  First, the Venture I saw before is still on scan.  Gassing?  Second, so is the Tristan I saw earlier.  But there's something more interesting: Ishamael Balthamel's corpse.  Since it is there, and the Tristan is not a wreck, I guess that he must have ejected and self-destructed his pod.  Why?  I have no idea why.  Let's find it first.

A bit of dscanning shows the Tristan is at the wormhole to nullsec where I first encountered it.  I warp over for a look.
Sure enough, there's the empty Tristan and the corpse.  (In the lower left you can see the Cataclysmis Variable effect.)  OK, I'll want to be grabbing the Tristan.  But first I want to find the Venture.  I assumed earlier the two ships were together, but perhaps not.  Perhaps it is out mining gas, although I already know it's not in the one place -- the Vital Core Reservoir I was in last night -- which makes the most sense.  Still, it could be mining lesser gas.  A quick dscan or two shows the Venture is not in any site.  In fact it is at planet VII somewhere.  I warp to planet VII.

Just being near planet VII does not mean that I can find it.  I can find it if it is at the POCO or a moon; otherwise I'll have to combat scan for it.  Both of those are weird places for a Venture to be.  But then, anywhere around a planet other than inside a POS is.  I find it at a moon.  Weird.  I warp over to look.

I land on grid about 170km from a dead tower, and sure enough there is the Venture over near the tower, next to a giant freight container.  It is unmanned, just like the Tristan.  Weird.  And hey, look at that.  The POS modules are unanchored.  I could grab them.
A dead tower.  Ooh, look at those modules.
I warp to the tower to look closer... huh?  I cannot warp to the tower.  I know you can warp to towers; I do it all the time watching would-be prey.  But maybe only when they are online?  I dunno.  OK, I bookmark the tower -- that's allowed at least -- and then I warp to that bookmark, at 30km.

OK, now I have two ships to grab.  And maybe those unanchored POS mods, too.  I log off my Jita alt and log on my alt Otto.  He puts his Hound into storage so he can pod over and get the ships.  Back at the dead POS, I make a picture of the Venture, and in doing so notice something... do you see it?
Something here is unusual.
The tower is unanchored!  (That's why I could not warp to it.)  That's a large Minmatar tower, worth 280m ISK or so.  It's just floating there, waiting to be grabbed by the first person to come by!  Well, I am first.  Actually, I am not first.  The Venture's pilot was first, but for whatever reason, did not or could not do the deed.  I will.  Not with Von, though; I'll remain on the grid to dscan and check overview.  And maybe kill someone who's coming to collect the tower, if anyone is.  Best be fast with Otto.

Otto jumps into an Iteron V, and refits it for more warp core stabilization.  I am pretty sure this is not a trap -- if so, it's very elaborate.  Still, it might be a trap, and more WCS won't affect the mission; the tower is 8000m^3.  Otto warps to the C5 wormhole, then in, and he makes the grab.  Nobody kills him.  He warps back home and dumps the Iteron.  Now for some ships.

First Otto goes for the Venture, hoping that it is packed with gas as its name suggests.  It's not.  It has no cargo or drones, just two gas miner Is, a nanofiber (offline), and a microwarpdrive (offline).  Otto onlines the microwarp, then heads home.  He has to wait briefly for polarization to abate.

Next Otto goes to grab the Tristan and its corpse.  This also goes without incident.  The Tristan is completely unfit.  No modules at all and no drones.  Really strange.  More polarization on the way home.

As Otto is warping (and sitting polarized the second time), I notice something.  Some of the POS modules, the energy neutralizers, are actually faction.  Ooh.  OK, that determines it: I am grabbing them too.  I warp Von out to make a perch so that Otto can bounce back and forth quickly.  Also I bookmark one POS module in each of six locations.  (There are two clumps of two each.)

Otto gets into a different Iteron V, fit for maximum cargo.  There are eight POS modules, all 4000m^3.  I can do it one run.  Otto warps over, jumps in, and starts grabbing.
Coming for more loot.
Grab, bounce.  Grab grab bounce.  Eventually he gets all eight modules, and warps home.
POS and parts.
Not from C5a.
Now I am finally done with C5 for the immediate future, and I recall my plan to go get the ghost site.  I finally get to it.  I get three cans done, the last just in the nick of time.  Ha!

I got lots of loot, but I am left with many questions.  What was Ishamael Balthamel doing in wspace?  Why was he in a completely unfit ship?  (Indeed, how did he manage to even get into wspace with no probe launcher?)  Why did he not convo me for help?  I could have gotten him out.  Was he connected to the Venture in some way?  Why was there a Venture and a juicy tower and parts just sitting there to grab?   Who left it there, and why?

I probably will never find answers to any of these questions.  But it's stuff like this that keeps me playing.  You never know what you are going to find when people shape the environment.
          Stupid or Fearless   
A C6 system connected to my system last night, and I scanned it down then.  I found some good gas, a Vital Core Reservoir, and I sucked gas for 20 minutes until the sleepers came.  Today, I am eager to go get some more of that tasty C540.   But with the passage of 10 hours, it's wise to look around first.

I reenter the game in my Manticore, and first update my own system.  There's a new site, which turns out to be gas.  OK, first I'll check out C4a.  Last night it had nothing going on, and I hope to verify that again today. 

I warp to the wormhole, and sure enough I land not on it but at its signature location.  This means that nobody has been on this grid since downtime.  That's what I want to see.  I jump in, look around, and find nothing different.  OK.

Back home, then onward into C6a.  I warp to the wormhole, noting that this one has been activated since downtime.  Hmm.  I jump.

A dscan from the wormhole shows nothing, but then it is way over at the edge of a rather large system.  Last night I bookmarked the one local tower, so that's the place to look.  I warp to it at 70 km.  As I get close, I dscan.  There are four ships on scan: a Megathron, an Anathema, and two Covetors.  All thought of gas is gone.  Are the Covetors out in space?

I land on grid, and sure enough the Megathron and Anathema are safe within the POS forcefield.  Both are manned.  The Covetors are not here.  Could they really be mining in an open system?  In wspace?  I get dscan going and quickly find them in an ore site.  Yes is the answer. 

I warp to the ore site at 10km.  There they are, very close to each other and also close to a can they are mining into.  Looks like an easy kill.  A trap?  No, not those ships.  I think these guys are just stupid.  Or fearless.

I am 149km from the can, so just a tiny bit of movement and I can warp to it.  I turn opposite the Covetors and move a bit.  Now I can warp to the can at zero.  I can and I do.  No fancy moves today. 

I exit warp close enough to one of the Covetors that it decloaks me.  That's fine; I was going to uncloak by hand anyway.  I get my systems on, locking both Covetors.  I put my warp scrambler on as I am locking, but not my painter and torpedoes.  Once both locks complete, the scrambler gets one of the Covetors.  I open fire (and paint) the one I don't have scrambled.  I hope it won't warp in time, and it does not.  Boom, gone.  I attempt to lock the pod, but it does warp in time.
One down.  One to go.
Now for the second Covetor.  Torps and painter on.  Dscan shows no change; I doubt they'll try anything with a Megathron, and if they do I can leave faster than he can lock me.  After a few rounds of torps, boom again.  This time the pilot is not so fast, and I get the pod locked in time.  I send him back to highsec.  Ha ha!   I scoop the corpse and a few bits of loot that fit (there are huge chunks of plagioclase that don't).  Then I get away from the wrecks and rocks and cloak.  Aaah, safe again.

Now I watch on dscan as the three remaining locals sit at the their tower, trying on various ships.  I am hoping they send over a Miasmos or something to try to fetch their ore.  But they don't.  These guys are stupid, or fearless, mining in an open system.  But not that stupid or fearless.

After a while, I get bored.  I warp to the outer planet and launch probes, then back to their tower to watch them as I scan.  Fortunately I have Tripwire, so I can ignore most of the sigs that were here last night.  Even so there are four new ones.  I set to scanning.  

It appears that they have noticed the probes.  They get into different ships.  Then one by one, they log out.

As I scan I warp around to wormholes as I find them.  I find three.  The first is a K162, highly disrupted.  Hmm.  The second is a small wormhole, outgoing. 

The third wormhole is another K162, also highly disrupted.

Wait a second... these guys may not be as stupid as I thought.  They disrupted all the wormholes except a small one, and that one small wormhole is outgoing.  They may have seen it appear, and intentionally not opened it.  Why didn't they disrupt the wormhole to my system?  ... Or did they?  Did I enter the system through a highly disrupted wormhole and not even notice?

I warp over to my wormhole.  Yup.  Highly disrupted.  Who's stupid now?

(I explore through EOL wormholes all the time, but rarely through highly disrupted ones.)
          A Sloppy Scanner   
It's getting late in the USA timezone, and it's a weekday.  I have not been on today, so my bookmarks are probably out of date.  These are not propitious circumstances for hunting.  But I am building troops in Star Wars Commander, and I have nothing to do in Clash of Clans.  So, let me see what wspace holds tonight.  I log in, still in my trusty Manticore as usual.

First I clean up my home system's bookmarks, and scan out new ones.  There is a new gas site, and a new wormhole.  The old C4 static is gone, so the new wormhole must be it.  There was another C4, also now gone.  And there is the static C5, which Hiljah found last night.  It is now deep into EOL, some 50 minutes to go according to the timing of her bookmark.  So, I am not going that way.  That leaves my static C4.  I warp to it, bookmark it, then head in.

C4a is not active, indeed unoccupied.  But a check with tripwire shows that it has C1 and C2 statics.  Those are good possibilities, what with the nullsec sites now in there.  C4b also has only six sigs; I won't have to sift through a lot of gas and relics to find the ways out.  I find a K162 leading to a C4, as well as the expected C1 and C2.  I head into C1 first.

C1a has nothing going on where I enter, but it is medium system with one outer planet about 17AU from my wormhole entry point.  I move off, fire probes, hide them, then warp out.

I see a Probe on scan.  Also there is a POS.  The Probe is probably at the POS.  I'll look for it.

As I start looking for the POS, a Heron appears.  Hmm.  Maybe also at the POS?  A bit of scanning shows that is untrue: they are in different 180 degree sections of space.   The Heron is not in a forcefield!  Prey!  As I narrow down to 90, then 60, the Heron launches probes.  Aha!  I doubt I can kill it -- it should recloak soon -- but I will try.  That the probes are still not out probing is a good sign for me.  The guy is slow, possibly distracted by another account.

I find the Heron at moon 7, with its probes still around it.  I throw my Manticore into warp.  While I am in warp, I keep dscanning forward.  The probes disappear.  Rats.  But the Heron is still there... it should cloak any second.  I land on grid with it.

The Heron is some 210 km away.  I orient to it, and I can see that there is a planet almost in line with him.  It's a bit "up" from the direct line.  I ponder my options.  How old is the character, anyway?  A quick check shows a year or so.  That's plenty for me to be quite unconcerned about her feelings -- she should know the score by now.  The only way I can get close to her is to warp back and forth twice.  Of course, the pilot will probably cloak long before I can do that.  Still, she has not cloaked yet... then she cloaks.  Finally.

That was way too much time uncloaked.  Herons cannot warp cloaked, but they can move, albeit slowly.  Still, I have the feeling that this particular Heron won't.  She's been slow and lazy about security at two points so far.  So I bookmark my location, then warp off to the inline planet.  Then I warp back 100km, and make another bookmark.  Then I repeat the process.  One final move: I bookmark my location then point straight up and fly about 10km.  This is, hopefully, where the Heron is.

Now I wait.  As I warped back and forth, I could see the probes when I was relatively close to my entry wormhole.  That suggests that my wormhole was brand-new, and this pilot is searching only for it, having probably already scanned the system.  That's good; it means once she finds it, she will uncloak and warp over for a look.  She may, at least.  And may is good enough for me to wait patiently for a shot.  Even though she'll probably get into warp too fast for me.  Still, one has to try.

I wait some more.
Don't uncloak and sit there.

And there she is.  20km -- not too bad.  Actually I am rather proud of how close I am.  But it is not within warp scrambler range.  I head straight at her, hoping that she'll be as tardy in warping off as she has been in starting to probe, and in recloaking after probing.

My hope and waiting pay off.  I look at her, and she's not moving.  Just a few seconds more...

Then I am range, and the same old thing happens.  I uncloak, get systems going, and the lock completes.
Too late.
Then she is smashed quickly by my torpedoes.  (Moving would have helped a lot.)  I almost lock the pod, but the pilot is alert by this point and warps free.

I scoop the meager loot, then move off and cloak.

A stabber appears on dscan, then drops onto grid and orbits the wreck for a while.  I don't uncloak.  The stabber goes home.  I do too, quite a bit happier I think.

When you want to start scanning, uncloak, fire your probes, wait for the reload, then get cloaked.  Get yourself recloaked before you start serious scanning, and before turning your attention away.  Sitting uncloaked in wspace is asking to be killed.

Also, especially in a non-covert-ops capable ship, move (cloaked) when you scan.  Even moving at 1/10 speed, if it takes you 15 minutes to scan you'll go quite a ways from where you were.  If I see a covert ops cloak, I won't bother hanging around because it will probably leave without me knowing.  But that's not true of the lesser cloaks.  Even if I cannot catch you when you uncloak, I can see you and maybe figure out where you are going when you warp off.  Then maybe I can catch you there.

Finally, unless there is some good reason to be still, keep moving when you are uncloaked.  This makes it very hard to sneak up on you.  And in the event that someone does sneak into range, your movement lowers the damage you'll take from torpedoes.
          An AFK Helios   
Sunday, and I am hunting again.  What it is about hunting?  It's addictive like a lottery.  Usually you pay a small price and get nothing.  Sometimes you get a win, and sometimes a jackpot.  I have one more wormhole to explore right now: the C4 through my system's static C4. 

I dscan from the wormhole as normal, and lo and behold.  Several ships including an Astero, a Helios, and three Ventures.  Ventures!  You might sometimes see a Venture here and there in a POS, but generally three at once means a gas mining op.  Targets!

Unfortunately, I am in my torpedo fit, which lacks sufficient warp scrambling to stop a Venture.  So, I'll need to find a place to refit.  But I can do that.

What else does my dscan show?  There is a POS, probably where the cloaky non-Ventures are.  (There's very little reason a ship with a covert-ops cloak should ever be seen in wspace.)  Should I bother finding their POS?  Nah.  Of more concern to me is a set of sisters combat scanner probes.  Either I arrived just as these guys are being hunted by someone else, or else they have the probes out.  If my wormhole is new, and they saw it via the discovery scanner, that might explain the probes.  But I don't think so; it's too fast.  In any case, there is nothing to be done about it.

I check the system map.  There are two planets out of dscan range of the inner system, where I am.  I fly to planet VI, the second-outermost first, to check for any additional enemies.  None.  Good.  Now on to planet VII, the outermost.  It has no sigs or anoms, so I am hoping there is nothing out there.  My hopes are fulfilled: no towers or ships.  A good place to refit.  I make a safespot as I start to decelerate.  Then I warp to it, and after a last check of dscan, uncloak and launch my mobile depot.

It makes me nervous doing a refit when I have already seen combat probes.  But I cannot see them now, and I figure I can get away if they do discover me.  So I do my minute, with lots of nervous dscans, then refit as fast as I can, pull the depot, and cloak.  Whew.  Safe again.  (I hate being uncloaked.)  Now I warp back to the inner system, to start looking for those Ventures.

Except when I get there, there is only one Venture left on scan.  There are two shuttles that weren't there before.  Drat.  I think they noticed me somehow.  My dscan quickly finds the ships all at a POS, and strangely, the probes are there too.  I warp over to the planet.  I quickly get the right moon identified, then warp in for a look.

The Venture, shuttles, Helios and Astero are all there on grid with me.  But strangely, so are the sister's probes.  That's weird.  Then I notice the Helios is not the same distance from me as the other ships.  They are all about 80km; it is 250km.  I look around, and I see it.  It is outside of the POS shield, with the probes all around it.

So the guy warps out to fire probes, fires them, then... what?  Disconnection?  Just forgot?  Who knows.  It's a target, though.

I check the space in the Helios's direction, and quite fortunately there is a planet more or less in it.  It's planet VII, the outermost.  It will take me two warps back and forth, but I should be able to get pretty close to the Helios.  So I bookmark the POS then warp to my safespot.  Then I warp back to the POS at 100km.  A check shows the alignment is still good.

At this point I get concerned about the nuts and bolts.  I know I get a few seconds of time before the POS modules can lock/shoot at me, and I know it is only small POS guns that can lock me in any reasonably short time.  (This info I computed a year ago; that's the gist.  The details are here; don't miss the comments.)  I get a full dscan to check the POS: it has the normal ECMs and such, and some medium guns.  (These don't worry me; too slow to lock.)  It has 6 small blaster batteries, and 6 small laser batteries.  I check the stats on both: only the lasers appear to be able to target at 170 km or so.  Can six small lasers kill me?  I don't know.  Should I attack or slink off?

It is moments like this that a mini-Penny sits on my shoulder (on the sinister side), and whispers, Kill!  I listen to this whisper.  So I save my location 100km from the POS, and then it is back out to my safespot at planet VII.  I jettison everything in my hold to reduce the loss if I do get killed.  Then I warp to my recent bookmark at 70km.  I end up nice and close to my still-unmoving target, about 20km from him.

I could make a run straight at him, but then getting away will take precious seconds.  He's not moving, so I feel it is a better idea to move around to that I can align to a celestial and drive by him.  Then I can warp instantly.  I look around for a celestial that is positioned so that when I align to it I am perpendicular to the POS, so as to have as much transversal as possible.  Planet II seems good.  OK.  Now I need to move across the Helios so as to position myself so that the Helios is between me and planet II.  This takes a few seconds.  Then I stop, about 12km from the Helios.

It's time.  I don't know whether I will be killed, but I'll find out.  I take a breath, and align to Planet II.
Aligned and about to uncloak.

As I close to 8000m, I uncloak and start locking the Helios.  Then it's the normal routine, turning on my systems and watching the Helios' shields/armor/structure drop.  It take eight rounds of rockets, the last one as I am almost out of range.  And beeep!  I am hit!  The last rockets fire, and the Helios dies.  Yay!  I warp immediately.

My shields were blown off and I took some armor damage.  But I am happy: I got my kill under the nose of five guys at their POS.

Now my mind turns to loot -- and the pod.  If the guy is AFK, maybe I can get it.  I forgot to bookmark the location, so I warp out to planet VII again, then back to my former bookmark at 70km.  And indeed, the pod's still there.
AFK and uncloaked: a bad mix.

Mwahaha.  I do the same thing as before: approach over the top to get into position.  (This time I save the location.)  Then I align to planet II, and do the same drive-by.  The pod pops just as I get hit again, taking only shield damage.  Then I am safely into warp again!
A second run for the pod.

Now I could warp straight back if I want.  I check the killmail, and there is a sister's probe launcher that survived in the wreck.  Also there is the corpse.  So I do want!  But I first warp out to my safespot anyway.  It will take some time for my shield to regenerate.  When I do warp back, I warp at 10km to my spot just to be safe.

When I get there, I am saddened to see the enemy finally did something: one of them got an Armageddon and warped over to grab the loot.  I look, but he also grabbed the corpse.  Drat.  I watch as he turns then warps back into the forcefield.  Well, it's still a good day for me.
I can't kill this in 15 seconds or less.

I warp back out to my safespot and grab my jettisoned stuff.  Then I warp back home to my system and my POS.  I'll need to buff out that armor damage.  I grab an armor repairer and get it done.

Lessons here are obvious enough.  Always cloak in wspace if you can.  If that guy had cloaked after firing his probes, I never would have even thought to try to kill him.

Another lesson: POSes are safe inside, and kind of safe outside.  But not super safe outside.  An aggressor has a few seconds to do stuff, and more than that if he has a tanky ship.  If your defenses are not numerous, even a stealth bomber can operate uncloaked for a little while.
          A Gank on Scan   
It's the weekend.  I am out in my Manticore looking for prey.  C5 I want to leave closed until later today.  So I head out through our static C4, into C4b.  It has occupants who aren't home.  It also has three wormholes I find: its C1 and C3 statics, and a connection from a C4 other than mine.

I check out C1 and C3 first.  With the new null sites, C1-C3 are my highest chances of getting a kill.  In both case, nothing going on.  There are no side wormholes in C1a at all.  C3 has an EOL C4 in addition to its highsec access.  I do open both systems up to highsec, hoping for a later gank.  Then I return to C4b.  That's my one remaining unexplored direction, so that's where I am going.  As I come back up from C3a, I notice its wormhole has gone EOL since I went in.

I mark the EOL wormhole, then warp across to C4c. Ah.  The wormhole to C4c is EOL too.  I figure that whoever scanned the C3 also instantiated this one.  So, it's got almost four hours to go.  Plenty of time to look around.  I go into C4c.

In C4c, I dscan as I always do from the wormhole.  Aha!  There's five Tengus on scan, and wrecks.  Also two tractor units.  Site runners!  I move off the wormhole and cloak.  There are combat probes on scan; Tengus can certainly have combat probe launchers, and they are running sites in an open system.  So I figure they are looking for people like me.  Hopefully they did not notice me.

Now I start trying to figure out where they are, looking at anoms.  I don't succeed in this -- perhaps they are in a signature site.  But there are a few anoms out of dscan range, and also a lot of anoms total.  So I bookmark all of them, just in case.  Even if the site-runners are not at an anom now, they may well move to one.

Now I start trying to find the enemy again.  I still can't.  But as I am doing this, I notice some new ships on scan.  And then more.  Then all the Tengus are gone.  Except one. 

Um... those are not PVE ships.  I think I am witnessing a gank, albeit remotely.  I grab a screenshot, then look again in a few seconds.  In the first there's one Tengu still visible. 

Shortly it is gone, replaced by a wreck and a corpse.  (A later killboard search reveals the kill and the podkill.)  Not long after that, the tractor unit is gone, also replaced with a wreck.

I try to figure out what anom they are in, but they're not so far as I can tell.  Drat.  It sort of makes sense though -- who rats in an anom in an open system?  Crazy people.  It's fairly crazy to rat in an open system at all, even in a sig, but at least then you have a chance of seeing probes on scan before the gank hits.

Anyway, if the site-runners were in a relic/data site, then it may still be scannable.  (Hopefully no cans were cracked.)  I guess I will have to scan.  I warp to an outer planet, unfortunately not that far out.  The site is still on scan, so I'll just have to be quick.  I decloak, fire my probes, and recloak as fast as possible.  Then I start scanning.

No battle here, only my probes
There are 17 sigs on scan.  Sigh.  I set to work.  I scan down sig after sig.  Nine are gas, which I ignore as soon as I determine it.  Those wrecks can't be from a gas site; there are battleship wrecks and also too many.  There are four relic sites and one data site.  I dscan each site as I find it, expecting it to be the one where the battle happened.  No luck; none of them have wrecks or anything else.

The remaining sigs are wormholes.  One of them I came in.  There is also a connection to a C3, and another to a C4, both of which are EOL.  I sit at the C3 when I find it, and as I scan there is a steady procession of ships exiting.  First there is a scout, one Gin Andtonic, with Adhocracy.  (I like a good G&T myself.)  Then a procession of Tengus, all with Kreigsmarinewerft:  Haja Hakaari, Ted Stinger, Molasse, Avallarion Selara, and Silly Sin. It appears both the Germans and Adhocracy came from this direction, although maybe Adhocracy came from the other direction and that scout I saw is just moving forward. 

Once my scanning is done, I go back into the inner system.  I can't find the battle site.  I start to wonder if I can track it down by constructing its position.  It seems crazy, and is.  Still, I start scanning for the site as something to do.  I know I can't really find it, but it's good practice anyway.

After a lot of work narrowing it down on dscan, I finally notice I am honing in on a bookmark.  That is a bookmark of a Sleeper Sanctum I made when I first entered.  I should dscan that just to be sure... oh.  Yeah, that's where the wrecks are.  I don't know how I missed it earlier.  (This is why you make bookmarks.)  The site is apparently unoccupied now, save for wrecks.  I warp in for a look.

There are juicy sleeper wrecks in a nice ball.   There are also two unlooted sleeper wrecks that evidently did not get pulled in before the tractor was killed.  They are about 40km and 20km from the wreck ball.

Sleeper wrecks!  Precious!  We wants their salvage!

So... hostiles know about this site, obviously.  Two groups, actually: the Germans/Condi and the gankers/Adhoc.  That's a big do-not-risk sign.  On the other hand, it's been quiet here for a while, and I have ceased scanning for a few minutes at least.  Also, any new explorers or locals that enter the system will not be able to get on grid with the wrecks.  The anom is gone, and there's nothing left here that is scannable.

My wormhole is EOL, and there is some chance that I missed noticing that when I first bookmarked it.  But I don't think so, nor would I have missed EOL status on both it and the C3 wormhole back in C4b.  And if I do get trapped in here, it's not a big deal -- I'll just scan out -- but it would mean a half-hour or so wasted doing extra scanning and burning across highsec.

All in all, I think I will wait.  I know from examining local chat when I entered the system: 16:41.  Now it is 17:30.   I've spent all that time hunting then watching the gank then scanning.  Those wrecks were either fresh or created after I entered.  So they'll last until 18:30 at least, probably a longer.  In fact, longer.  I notice the tags on the wrecks: some of them are Adhocracy tags.  Evidently Adhocracy finished off the last wave.  (Why they did not salvage themselves, I don't know.  Maybe they will try?)  I know -- or I think I know -- the timing on my entry wormhole.  Hopefully the gankers and gankees do not know the timing, and will want to stay out of the system to be safe. 

If either group does come back, it might be with a gankable salvager.  I slowboat away from the tractor unit, making a perch 263 km from it.  Now I am poised if they do come back.  My plan is to sit here and watch my overview and dscan for an hour or so.  Then I'll try for the salvage and loot myself.

At about 18:15, I get my alt Otto online, and warp over to check out C4b.  It is still empty.  OK.  I go back home and get in a salvaging Coercer.

In C4c, Von sees a Buzzard on scan.  It fires Sisters Core Probes and cloaks.  Well, it can't find me here.  Ha.  It scans for a while.  And a while longer.  Yeah, there are 17 sigs.  It is still scanning at 18:30, so I hold up Otto.  Hey Buzzy, I'd like some privacy here!

Finally, the probes disappear.  I start dscanning intensely, hoping to see the Buzzard again.  After two minutes, I do.  I expect that is him leaving.  OK, go time.  Good luck, Otto.  Otto sees a Sister's core probe in C4b.  I deduce the Buzzard is there, and will probably see him, but I doubt he will do anything.

In Otto goes.  He warps direct to the site and starts salvaging.  No point in being coy.
Grinding wrecks.

All the wrecks but two are already in a ball, thanks to the efforts of the now-dead German tractor unit.  (Too bad about Noctises.  Grr tractor units.)  Otto salvages furiously in his cheap little destroyer, thanks to six salvagers and cheap rigs. 
Getting to the last wreck.

Nobody ganks Otto.  He has to microwarp over to get the two wrecks not in the ball.  And then, that's that.  Salvaging done, Otto flees.  Von flees just after.  I don't want to get stuck here!
Nice loot.  Thanks, Adhocracy!
          A Ring in Space   
It's the late night, and I am exploring.  My system's static C5 connection has expired a while ago, but I've held off on opening it to get its timing aligned as I desire.  (I want it to be going EOL in two days time when my corp is planning to do PVE.)  But now it's time to open it, so I fly to the C5 that I scanned earlier.

Flying to it is all I need to do for my later purposes.  But since I am here, and in my Manticore, I might as well peek in just to see if anyone is doing anything dangerous.  I jump in.

Nothing is on scan from the wormhole.  I'm near the outermost planet, though, with no other planets in range.  So that's not surprising.  I bookmark the wormhole and proceed into the inner system -- nothing.  Then out to a second outer planet. 

For the past few months, I have been making a habit to scan for POS modules whenever there are no POSes on scan.  I started doing this one time when I found a whole set of faction POS modules at the site of an ex-POS; sadly, they were all incapacitated.  I had no means at the time to rep them up, so I left them.  (Since then I brought in a few cheap Augorors for this purpose, should it recur.)

At the second outer planet, I dscan as usual -- nothing: no ships and no towers.  Then I dscan without filter, to look for POS mods.  I see some!  They are normal POS modules, mostly ECMs worth 3-4m ISK each.  Still, there is no tower in sight.  So they must be unanchored.  I want them!

I use dscan on the local moons, of which there are 20.  But nothing can hide at a moon, and soon I find the majority of the modules -- 16 of them -- at moon 12.  There are four others at another moon.  I warp over for a look at the larger set.
Pretty, huh?  EVE is beautiful sometimes.  In this case, whoever was here made a perfect circle of ECMs, which took some work.  Then they abandoned it when they pulled the tower.  Well, their loss is my gain.

I bookmark one.  Time to grab?  No, not yet.  Grabbing these modules would take time, and right now I don't know how dangerous the system is.  I know it has no live towers, which is good.  And I have seen no ships or probes.  But how many wormholes does it have?   Time to scan.  I fire probes, then hide again as I scan.

I am in luck.  The system has only its C5 static.  So there is a good chance it is currently closed, and I am completely alone in here.

I fly back to the wormhole I came in, since that's what I know is open.  Von will watch here.  It's as safe as I can be.  Now is time to grab.

I get my alt Otto on.  He can't fly an Occator, and I am not sure I would want to risk one anyway.  He can fly Iteron Vs -- can't everyone? -- so that's what I am going with.  I try to put on a microwarpdrive, fairly sure it won't fit.  It doesn't.  But an afterburner will fit, so I go with that.  Then I warp out to the C5 wormhole, and jump.

From the wormhole, I fly straight to the POS module I earlier marked.  I scoop it, then head towards the next one and turn on my afterburner.  This speeds me from ~100m/s to 250, which is still rather slow.  It's about 15km -- a minute per module.  I figure that doing two warps and two aligns will be about the same, so I lazily don't bother.  I slowboat around half the circle, scooping as I go, and dscanning with twitchy fingers.  Nothing appears on dscan.  Also, nothing drops out of cloak and kills me.  Yay.

The second half.
Eight ECMs are 32000m^2; I hold at maximum 35000.  So I have to fly back home to dump them.  Then I return.  More scooping.  More slowness.  More paranoia that comes to nothing.

Now the second eight are scooped, and again I head back home.  Then back for the second grouping.

As I jump into the system, I have Von dscan.  And... there's probes on scan.  I check, and yes there is a new signature.   Evidently someone just connected here, and came in to scan.

Do I continue?  Well... let's check it out.  I order Otto into orbit of the wormhole at 5000m, and cloak him.  He can escape reasonably well from there through the wormhole, and is not obvious.  Von warps to the inner system to look around.

There is a Magnate on scan.  Hopes of loot are forgotten.  Kill, kill!  But I cannot locate him before he disappears.  Cloaked, probably.  Rats.

I fly out to check the planet with the POS mods: nothing. Also there are no sigs out here.  So, I feel I can get Otto out, grab, and go before the Magnate can bring any help, if he has any.  (Nobody scans in a Magnate beyond a newb anyway.)   Meanwhile I warp Von back to the inner system to keep an eye on the probes.

I warp Otto out, and scoop away.  I keep an eye on dscan, and I do see the Magnate briefly just as I am about to go.  Hi there!!  Bye now!
About 20 minutes of danger.
Otto gets out.  Von lurks a while hoping the Magnate returns, but he doesn't.
          About Dscan Undetectability   
I had a message from a reader the other day about the revamp to recons that CCP is going to do.  The specifics are found in CCP Rise's Features and ideas posting (also see the second post, pointing to his followup posts).  Quoting it:
  • Combat Recons will now be permanently undetectable by directional scanners
  • All eight Recons will have the capacitor cost of warping reduced by roughly half
  • Where appropriate, bonuses will be adjusted to match ship developer trends
  • All eight Recons are having their capacitor pool and capacitor regeneration buffed (roughly 20% increase in cap regen)
  • The average maximum velocity across the class is going up by around 20m/s
(My emphasis.)  What are my thoughts?  OK, there are the latter four adjustments, which are quite anodyne.  Recons do need something, and better speed/range seems to fit.

Then there is the dscan-undetectability.  This is a major change, and one I dislike.  Still, CCP seems resolved to it.

I have seen a lot of people of the general PVP community disliking it.  You fly to a complex, and dscan.  There's a frigate on scan; you think you can beat it.  You warp into the plex, and it tackles you, and then it and its combat recon buddy (or three) roundly squash you.  Fun?

Of course, people can do that now, with cloakies.  Falcons.  Proteuses.  Do they?  Well, I don't know, not being a kspace PVP person.  In known space, you do at least have the ability to see if more than two people are in local, and become accordingly paranoid.

Here's my take on it, from my wormhole perspective.  I dislike it because to us, dscan is what local is to y'all squares.  It is our means to know whether a system is active.  Any system I enter, I fly around and look for people.  Of course people can still cloak, and they do.  But at least I can see with relative ease if anyone is out on grid doing stuff.  If a system has nobody visible, and no probes, and you watch for a while and don't see any, then it is most likely empty.

The new combat recons will change that, perhaps drastically.  No longer can I enter a system and find people earning money to gank.  The new combat recons will be able to earn money while "cloaked".  A ship that can earn money while dscan-proof is a new thing in EVE.  For PVE, at least the wrecks will give them away.  (Though they still may be worth using for small sites, instead of the site-running Tengu I am using.  I'll have to see about DPS.)

But what about those new null-style data/relic sites?  As my correspondent pointed out, those sites will be perfect to run in a combat recon.  Nobody even knows you are there to look for you, unless they are hunting using combat probes, which is rather rare.  You do lose the hacking bonus, which kind of balances it.  I suppose I will adjust by simply warping into every single relic/data site to check. But even then I cannot gank in my Manticore; it requires a second account, probably also in a combat recon since they can now make it onto grid before being detected.  Or I will have to bite the bullet and upship to a T3 to hunt in.

I probably will get a Rook to use for null sites.  Currently I use a Buzzard.

Overall, I am sure I will adjust.  Grumble.

One other thing I have to mention: it's ugly.  I am the sort of person that likes clean rules, such as "if a ship is not cloaked, you always see it on dscan."  Throwing one more exception into an otherwise clean rule is not a step in the right direction, in my opinion.  Violate it with ship fittings (i.e. cloaks): that's OK.  Violate with ship hulls, and it's not OK.  Whatever that magic stuff is that they build Rooks out of, can't they make my Buzzard from the same stuff?  Or at least a Heron?
          A Foolish Viator   
I'm back on the hunt.  It's the weekend, a good time for interacting with people not in my time zone.

But so far, I have not found anyone.  Earlier I opened C4b then C2a off of C4b, finding a route to highsec.  But C2a also had a number of nullsec-style relic and data sites, and no incoming wormholes.  So I took some time to run the sites in my Buzzard, making 100m ISK in salvage.  I opened the highsec wormhole before leaving, if it was not already.  Come on in!

Now I am returning to hunt.  At least one of the sites will still be there, so I am hopeful of finding an explorer.  I am in my Manticore, fit up to hunt light ships: using rage rockets and a second warp scrambler instead of the torpedoes and target painter in my standard fit.

C2 is still empty.  Drat.  Well, there are two new sigs.  Probably wormholes, but maybe new sites.  Either way, I want to know.  I fire probes, recloak, then scan down the two.  Both are wormholes, one outgoing small one to C5, the other from C4. 

I try the C4 first.  It's small system, everything in dscan range from the wormhole.  One tower, no ships on scan.  That's unpromising.  I activate their two anoms, then duck back through the wormhole.

On to C5.  I enter the system and dscan, seeing nothing interesting.  But this is a large system.  I'll have to warp to two outer planets to see it all.  So I start doing that.  The first has a tower with ships.  I dscan it down: nobody home.  Just empty ships.  OK.  I warp into the inner system: nobody home here either.

There is one more planet to check.  I warp to the outer system.  Here I see two towers, with several ships, and a Viator on scan.  OK, now we are talking.  This has "guy doing PI" written all over it.  Or maybe another empty ship.  Only one way to be sure: get on grid with it.

I start looking for towers.  With my second dscan I am surprised: the Viator is not in a tower shield! 

Must find and kill!

I dscan the planet, expecting to see him there doing PI.  But he's not there.  OK... is he close?  Dscan at 1m klicks shows he is.  Maybe he is at a moon?  (But why?  No time for that.)  I feverishly dscan for the moon I assume the Viator is at... and it is at a moon.  OK, moon 5.  I warp in at 50km, cautiously.

I land on grid.  There's the Viator all right.  And there is an Amarr tower onlining, with ten minutes to go.  Also there are a small number of POS defenses already anchored.  Hmm.  I don't know why he is not cloaked, but there he is.  I bookmark the tower, then head for the local POCO as a convenient bouncing point.  I return to the scene 10km from the tower.  I hope I don't run into anything... and I don't.  OK.  The Viator is about 20km, so I start moving to him.  Just stay uncloaked, Mr. V.  Stay uncloaked.  He stays uncloaked.
Closing in cloaked.

I am not gaining on him much.  Is he moving?  Ah, yes he is moving towards one of the anchored laser batteries.  Evidently he wants to do something there...maybe put in a crystal?  Can you do that with offlined modules?  (No time to research that.)  He slows, and I close.

Now I am in scrambler range.  It is too late for him.  I uncloak, get the lock started, and get my modules on.  Locked, scrammed.  My rockets crash into him... och.  Not a lot of damage.  They'll kill him eventually, I think.  But not for a while.  I wish for my torp fit, but wishes are not horses.  Instead I turn to my dscan, trying to dial the range down enough to get warning of incoming.  I don't succeed; I'll just have to assume those ships at the tower are unmanned or asleep.

No ships come.  Instead, as I head into structure he ejects.  I try to lock the pod, but it escapes.  Oh well.  I cannot fly a Viator, and I am three hops away from home.  There is no hope of capturing it.  So, I kill it.  Then I scoop my loot, and get out.  Sisters probe launcher!

I return a few hours later, and the tower is offline again.  I guess I scotched his plan.

In retrospect, I am guessing his plan was to online the tower for a single hour while he scooped the few defenses around it, then offlined it and took it down.  And it would have worked fine, if he'd only cloaked or absented himself while the process was going on.  He learned the hard way what I thought everyone in wspace knows: never be uncloaked outside of a POS without good reason.
          Touring a Shattered C5   
I am out exploring in my Manticore.  Perhaps I'll break a long kill drought today.  But I don't, at least not down two of the four wormholes in my home system.  So, on to the third.  I warp to my C5 static and jump.

Something about C5a is ... different.

The first indication that something is strange is the lack of POCOs on my overview.  This happens occasionally in C5 and C6 -- dreads do it -- but it is rare even there.  But there is something else on my overview that's odd: a celestial beacon.  We don't have those in wspace.  This one is called "Epicenter".

Dscan is also unusual.  The local star is a "Turbulent Blue Subgiant", which I've never seen before.

I look at the system map.  No moons!  It's a shattered system!  Let's put on our galoshes and Hawaiian shirts, and go see the sights.

First, the nearest planet.  It is shattered, all right.  And huge -- hard to screen shot.
Not so bad as Alderaan.
The anoms in the probe scanner reveal the system is unusual for a C5.  It has many normal C5 type combat anoms, but it also has C6 anoms.  Also, it has ice!  There's an ore anom "Shattered Ice Field".  Naturally, I warp over for a look.
Endless ice, or at least 355km of it.
The field is vertically aligned, and vast. It's about 400km from top to bottom. You could mine ice here all day long, if you had the miners and the guts. Would I ice-mine in wspace? In an anomoly? Uh... you've got to be kidding. (I warp back to this site later, and it does have sleeper guards: a cruiser and two frigates.)

There is also a "Shattered Debris Field", a new kind of ore anom.   It is even larger than the ice anom, being about 600km from end to end.  (It is horizontally aligned, BTW.) 
Endless ore.  Even stupider to mine.

Finally I warp over to the Epicenter, at 100km in case it's nasty.  It's a sleeper site: a sleeper cruiser and two frigates are there.  There's a lot of interesting scenery.
What is going on here?
Among the more obvious bits are wormholes, five of them.  They are called "Violent Wormholes", and don't show up on overview, so evidently not jumpable.

There are also three things that look like torches.  These turn out to be Talocan Disruption Towers, each attached to four Talocan Static Gates, and above that a Spatial Rift.
Talocan scenery.
In addition there are a bunch of Veldspar asteroids, and Talocan artifacts of various kinds.  Nothing appears to be of any value.

Now I scan down the system.  There are twenty sigs, so it takes a while.  They are all the normal sort of thing one would find in a C5 or C6.

Later on, I return to my system to open up my static C4.  I jump in and... it's another shattered system!  At first I think I somehow made a mistake and flew to C5.  But no, it's a C4 shattered system with C3 and C4 sites, an ice anomoly, etc.  What are the chances of being two for two?
          Fun in C1   
It's Christmas eve.  I am not working.  So, in between family I work in some Christmas EVE.  I am out for a roam in my Manticore.

My system's static C5 connects to C5a, as it always does by definition.  C5a has Russians in it, and they are still awake.  But it looks like they are winding down if they were ever doing anything.  I lurk about hoping they do something, but apart from a few moves in between far-scattered POSes, they don't.  Eventually I give up and scan their system.  I see a Tengu and Loki appear, neither of which I can do anything about even if I did get them outside of their POS bubble.

I'm about done here.  Onward.  C5a has a static C1, which I just scanned.  Ever since Hyperion, C1s, 2s, and 3s are great places to hunt.  So I am eager to get in there and see what's up.

Nobody on scan, and I warp around a bit to find one live tower with nobody home, and nothing else.  But there are fifteen sigs.  Time to scan.  My scanning reveals eight data sites (four of them sleeper sites), four relics, and three wormholes.  One wormhole is the one I entered from, and another is the N110 static to highsec.  I jump out to find the exit in Caldari space, eight jumps from Jita.  The final wormhole is an EOL and highly disrupted connection from C5.  Well, that probably won't be much of a problem.

I do note one interesting thing: one of the sleeper data sites has a talocan frigate in it.  So I confirm for myself that these do exist.  (I suspect all sleeper data sites have the potential.)   I bookmark a spot near the talocan.  Perhaps I can run this site.  But not now -- later.  Now I have family to attend to.
Talocan and guard.
Later, I return to the computer.  There's a small amount of time before dinner.  A dscan in C1a shows something interesting: a Helios!  The local POS is out of range, so that Helios must be out in space somewhere.  I see his sisters probes, so he appears to be an explorer looking for loot.

(Jaws theme.)
Sure enough, in a minute I find him on narrow-beam dscan in one of the data sites I scanned earlier.  I throw it into warp, to 100km.  When I land on grid, the setup is perfect.  He is heading to a can about 170km from me.  I start to warp to it at 10km, then stop to make a perch just in case.  Then I warp over.  The Helios approaches the can and scans it, then starts hacking.  Perfect.

I set myself to orbit the Helios at 1000m.  Then I wait a few seconds, and when i am in scrambler range, I uncloak.  And the expected happens.  Getting out of the minigame and warping is practically impossible in time, and he does not manage it.  So, dead Helios.  I try, but the pod warps free.  I loot the wreck, and the loot fairy is in tune with the season.  The Sister's launcher survived.

Now I lurk a bit more, but I've got to go.  I head back into my system just in case.

Later, I return.  A quick trip through C5 and into C1 shows nobody around.  OK.  I log in my alt, thinking about running that data site for the talocan. Otto gets in a Falcon, then warps down to watch the C1's highsec entrance.  Then I warp back to get my small-site running Tengu.  I find a relic analyzer and put it in my cargo, then head down the chain.

Arriving in C1, I warp into the data site and start in on the sleepers.
Squishing small sleepers.
The difficulty is comparable to an easy gas site, except three in a row.  This is nice.  I use rage missiles on most of the cruisers, then javelins on a few that pull range beyond normal assault missile range.  Then I kill the frigates.  Then I refit to salvage, and clean up.  Finally, I get the relic analyzer on and hack into the talocan frigate.  It's an easy puzzle, which is trivial to run with virus strength of 40.
Puzzle can't touch me.

I quickly find and crack the system core.  I am rewarded again, with two small hull sections.
Lucky loot.

Merry Christmas.  Probably won't post again for a few days.

          Culling a Flock   
It's midday Sunday.  The Boy is out at a guitar lesson, so I am in EVE.  I've checked out two systems, a C4 and a C5, adjacent to my home system.  No targets.  Now, into a second C5 via a K162.  I'm not particularly hopeful of finding anyone doing anything dumb, because after all they connected to us.  They presumably know they are not zipped up.  That's why I left this one for last.  Still, you never know in EVE.

Ships on scan!
I am right to not know.  I cross the wormhole and dscan, and what should appear but a flock of Ventures.  Also an Orca and a tower, almost certainly boosting a gas mining operation.  Eight targets!  Visions of mass slaughter arise in my mind, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.  I can only kill multiple Ventures if they are being extraordinarily stupid.  First things first: get on grid.

Is there an outer planet?  There is an outer planet.  I warp to it at 100km, as always cloaking immediately as soon as my gate cloak drops.  This is my first chance to blow my cover, and there is nothing I can do about it.  With eight of them, probably at least three actual players, there is a decent chance someone is dscanning.  Will the see me?  I hope not.

I make a safespot out in space near the outer planet, which is pleasingly abandoned.  Also there are no sigs out here, so there is little reason why any of the natives would come out here.  I warp to the safespot, uncloak, deploy my mobile depot, and fire probes.

The probes I throw out of the system.  I'll get back to them.  The depot is for refitting.  I need to refit my Manticore from its normal configuration into its Venture-killing config.  The Venture killer removes the normal target painter for a second warp scrambler, which is needed to tackle a Venture with its built-in +2 warp core stabilization.  My anti-Venture fit also forgoes torpedoes.  I've been using light missiles for Venture killing, because I have had them at level V for a while.  But recently I trained Rockets V, so I get to try rockets for the first time.  Yay, me.

My minute is impatient.  Then I refit, get the rockets loaded, scoop the depot, and it's hunting time.

I warp to the inner system, then get a rough bearing on where the Ventures are.  2.4 AU from me, and generally up and left of the sun.  I set my probes to 2 AU distance, then move them into a rough position as my marker.  Now I start trying to hone down to 5 degrees.  Usually getting down to 15 degrees is fast, while the last step to 5 is hard.  (CCP: very please to put in a 10 degree setting?!)

This time, I am trying for five degrees for a while with no success.  Then I back out to 15 degrees and the Ventures are not there.  What?  Try at 360: there.  Again at 15, then 30, and 60: not there.  I guess they moved.  Strangely, they are the same distance from me, 2.4 AU.  But somewhere else.  Back to the start of my search.

I narrow and narrow, and get to 5 degrees.  OK, that's it.  I check my distance, and have to work it a little bit to get it to look like 2.4 AU.  (This is done purely by eyeball, and is a bit of an art.)  But now I am ready to scan.  I set the probes to 0.5 AU, and scan.  Scanning... and a red dot, 49%.  OK, quickly, drop the range to 0.25, adjust, and scan again.  100%!  A Vital Core Reservoir!  I retract the probes to hide them.  I am "below" the site, which means it is safe to warp in at 100km.  So I do.

Warping... and on grid.  And sure enough, there is the big gas cloud, the C540 one, with all eight Ventures orbiting it, sucking gas.  The little cloud is already sucked up.

The good news is that an orbiting Venture can be sneaked up on.  Or so I think.  I have never done it successfully before, but that's because my average kill is not orbiting.   Stupidly, they sit still.

The bad news is that they are all over the place.  The gas cloud has a radius of some 70km.  There is no way I am going to get two of them.  Orbiting while you mine is not the absolute best way to do it (here's how to do it right), but it is solid play.

Currently I am more than 100km from edge of the cloud.  This is too far to approach in reasonable time, but too near to warp.  Well, I can bounce.  I bookmark the C540 gas cloud (that is, its center), then warp off site to a nearby planet.  Then I warp back to the cloud at 70m.  I end up nearer to the edge than I thought, just 9000m.  But it's actually pretty much perfect.  I am near the edge, ready to go.  Now all I need is for a Venture to come to me.

A quick look around shows one Venture in particular that appears to be headed nearly at me.  He's 70km from me, but approaching fast.  OK, that's the one.  The Venture's orbit is mostly towards me, but a bit to the "down" direction from my perspective.  So, I maneuver down to intercept, and also include a slight angle in towards the cloud.  The approach is working.  The target is getting closer: 50km, then 30km.  I am getting close to the cloud: 7km, 5km.  I stop for a bit.  That's close enough.

Now the target is 20km, and closing.  I start moving a bit more down, and as he closes to 10km, towards him.  Time for pew!

I uncloak, and start locking.  All systems on: 2x scrambler, sebo, rockets.  The lock completes: got him.  My rockets start up, and the range stays short.  Good.
I pounce.
He is past me, and starting to pull away.  I may have to pulse the microwarpdrive to keep up.  But it seems like not.  Distance is maintained at about 4000m.  Then boom, he's dead.  I am ready, and start locking the pod.  He's not ready, it seems, because he does not get the pod out in time.  Locked!  And podded.

I attend to the overview: no ships left on grid but me.  I didn't have any awareness of them leaving.  Tactical tunnel syndrome.

I approach the wreck and grab the corpse for my collection.  Then I open the wreck and loot.  The loot won't fit: there is a lot of gas, which is large stuff.  (The loot fairy smiled on this gank.)  I grab all the fittings, and fill my hold with a small portion of the gas.  In fact, there is significant value in gas.  But I can't take it, so I perforce will leave it.  Perhaps they will try to get it back.  I'll hang around.  I bookmark the wreck just in case I need to get back fast.

This would be a good time to find their tower.  I burn away from the gas and the wreck, and get cloaked.  Safe, I turn my attention to dscan.  OK, they are at that planet.  I warp to a random moon (wrong one), then dscan up the right one and warp in to have a look.  I have to approach the tower to get close enough to see.

The flock is there, but some have already refit into various other ships.  An Archon?  I don't think they intend anything here except logging out.  Sure enough, poof it is gone.  I watch them all as one by one, they get into a big ship of some kind, then poof.

Gas loot.
Finally one is left, still in a Venture, and the Orca.  I sit and watch another few minutes.  Nothing. I doubt they will do anything.

Now I resume being my greedy resource-harvesting self.  There's 12m worth of gas in that wreck, and I want it!  I log in my alt Otto, who warps to my tower to get a gas-carrying Miasmos.  Then I have a better idea: a Venture!  Otto gets one of our gas-mining Ventures, then removes the expensive gas miners, just in case he gets whacked.  Then he renames it, to the same tag and name as the natives were using on their Ventures.  I figure this might confuse them if they see it on dscan, at least long enough.  I doubt they are paying attention, but you never know.

Otto enters the system and warps to the wreck.  The guys at the tower don't move.  Otto lands on grid, grabs, and goes.  Gas mining the hard way.
          Killing a This-Is-EVE Newb   
I killed a newb yesterday.

I see an Imicus in wspace immediately upon dscanning when entering a new system.  I am heading down a chain I scanned earlier, just checking for new wormholes and looking for people to hunt.  So, mission accomplished, so far.

Most people use Covert Ops to scan with; the Imicus is a T1 scanning frig.  That's a tell: easy meat.  More tellingly, in wspace, we scan cloaked.  It is possible to scan fairly securely when uncloaked, but it's not easy.  You have to move from time to time, and you have to be continually dscanning for combat probes.

I cast around with dscan.  The target is at a planet, apparently, with two moons.  I warp to the CO.  He is here, but moving off at microwarp speed in a direction I cannot get to.

Check the character: he is six days old.  Do I try to kill him?  Of course I try to kill him.  Welcome to wspace.  Still, I can't get him where he is.

He warps to another CO, and disappears.  I can still see the probes.  I guess he cloaked.  Well, he will have to uncloak when he warps to a wormhole to look at it.  Then, if he is slow, and he may well be, I will have a shot.  So, I sit cloaked and watch.

This takes forever.  Obviously he is not a very efficient scanner, which is not surprising considering he's six days old.  Frankly, I am amazed to find him here at all.  I am always impressed by how fearless some players are.  Not me, I am Mr. Risk Averse.

I get out the phone and start playing chess.  Four games later, about 30 minutes after I pick him up, I finally see him again on scan.  He's warping.

He stops at another planet.  I warp in to the CO again, and he is there.  Again he has headed off in a random direction on microwarp.  This time, there is a planet in the approximate right direction, and an anom in the direction of the target's deviation from the first planet.  I start to work to construct the intercept, flying back and forth to 100km to get in front of him.  I go forth and come back once, but before I can do it a second time, he warps.  I don't see him leaving grid, so I don't know where he went immediately.  But I can use dscan to look for him.  I have the system already scanned, so I can see that he has warped to a wormhole.  He disappears from dscan.  He has probably jumped into the next system, although dscan cannot tell you that for certain.  I give him time to get away from the wormhole, while I warp around the system to make sure he actually did leave.  Of course, one cannot know that for certain, but I see no probes and no Imicus on scan.  So, high confidence.

I enter the next system, a C4 with a C1 static.  Yes, Imicus on scan.  A while of messing around with dscan shows that he is very close the entrance wormhole, but off grid.  I can't get to him myself, in my Manticore.  I need combat probes.  Well, that's why I have an alt.

I log in Otto, fly to my tower and switch into my Cheetah.  I load combat probes as I hop downchain two jumps, and into the same system.  Then I move off the wormhole, fire probes, and quickly throw them out of the system.  I fleet up, then it's time for scan the guy.  This is easily done in one scan when someone is within a few thousand kilometers of a known point: just put the probes on the planet, drop their range to minimum, and scan.  Otto hides his probes again, then fleet-warps Von to the target's location... but when I land, the target is already out of range.  Grr, microwarping Imicus.  Drat.

I can see his the direction, though, and there is a combat anom positioned about right.  I warp Von and Otto there, at 100km so the sleepers won't get them.  My new plan is to scan for the target again, then warp in from here at 100km.  This will put me out in front of him, assuming he does not deviate, perhaps off at a slight angle, but I can move perpendicular to him to cut off the angle and intercept.  I am ready to hit "Scan now", but on a final narrow-beam dscan he drops off.  He's moved again!  Ugh.  I widen: where is he going?

He is going to the C1 wormhole.  I warp to 10km.  This time, I get there in time.  He is also about 10km from the wormhole, and about 15km from me.  I head right at him.  Then the standard stuff: uncloak, get systems working.  He pops before he can escape.  Then I lock up his pod.

I hesitate.  I have him scrambled, but: newbie!  Should I pod him?  I finally decide to, and launch one volley of torps.  But he is moving, and torps do not hit pods effectively in any case.  He escapes through the wormhole.

I pursue.  On the other side, no pod and no pod on scan.  I assume he is holding cloak, and I hold cloak too.  I cannot catch a pod if he just warps off, with or without sebo.  But he may not know that, and he may not realize what's happening when his gate cloak ends, which might be enough time to let me get at him.  But he does not panic, and jumps back through the wormhole.  This time, he warps clear.

OK, good on you Mr. Newb.  Actually I am kind of happy he got away.

In spite of the fact that the guy had little or no chance, it was still an amazing hunt for me.  I figured out a few nice tricks on the fly.  It's sad that I did not succeed in getting to the target with my tricks, but that's life.  Next time I will be faster.  There's a reason why people can't be safe in wspace with just a microwarpdrive.

Now I proceed to the next stage of the thing: I message the guy.  (Grr, CPSA.)

He is a bit hostile to begin with, as is understandable, but we have a nice long chat.  I tell him I was hunting him for a while. I tell him to scan cloaked.  (Yes, he did have a cloak!)  He does not know about wspace levels; I fill him in.  How does one know what wspace level a system is?  I tell him about wormhol.es (actually now pasta.gg, whatever).  I also tell him you can ID wormholes on sight from the other side, and link him to Penny.  We discuss how to scan, and I link him to Penny again.  He asks about ships, and I direct him towards Covert Ops.  We talk data/relic sites: he made 20m that morning.  Good!  Does he know how to get out?  No, he ran into a system and off the wormhole.  So I offer to get him out.  He has to trust me a little, but on the other hand, he's looking at suiciding his pod, so not really that much.  I find him (he's in a C5 off the side of the path I had probed earlier).  Then I fleet him up, have him meet me at a planet, and we warp to the wormhole.  (He thinks fleet-warp is cool.)  I get him to the lowsec exit.  I give him 5m ISK to replace the ship, and try to encourage him to keep it up.  I tell him to find people to fly with, or at least chat with.  He asks about my corp, but we can't really take a newb that raw.  But I tell him to stay in touch.  Once his skills are up a little, he might be a good fit.
          In a Relic Site   
It's Thanksgiving weekend.  Lots of people playing EVE, including lots of newbs.  I am in wspace as normal, and I've been neglecting things here a bit while I answer questions.   Time for a roam.

I set off up into our C5 static, but nothing is doing there.  There's no incident wormholes, just its static.  So I don't open the far static.  Instead, I run small sites, raking in 60m ISK in about a half hour including scanning.  Not bad.  Now down into C4b.

C4b is also empty, and with no wormholes except its statics, it also seems likely to be zipped.  OK, I'll run small sites here, too.  I clean out four gas sites and one ore anom, getting lucky on nanoribbons this time for 90m ISK.  Then I head back home to get back into my Manticore, and return to C4a to explore its C2 and C5 connections.  I try the C2 first, under the general theory that lower in wspace I am more likely to find easy kills.  Thanks are due CCP for putting in nullsec data and relic sites into C1/C2/C3.  These are great places to look for ganks.

C2a, like the two previous systems, feels disused.  My first clue is no towers or ships on dscan.  The second clue is the pile of 20 sigs.  There are also 10 anoms; not that many given so many sigs.  Now I warp around to see an outer planet.  No tower or ships: that's my third clue.  Also a check of the system in tripwire shows that is has lowsec/C2 statics; not as desirable as a highsec.

I think I have a backwater system here, perhaps untouched for days; that's my strong intuition.  More than one of those sigs are going to be data/relic sites that I can solo.  So, before doing anything further, I head back home to get my exploration Buzzard.  Not only can it run the sites (with both relic and data analyzer IIs), it scans considerably faster too.  I scan in C4a and C4b on the way home, and back.  No activity.  Good.

I return to C2a, fire probes, and start scanning.  After some considerable time, I find a fourth clue: this system has piled up a large number of those nullsec data/relic sites.  In fact, there are ten of them (!), and also two sleeper data sites.  There are also, unfortunately, a large number of wormholes: five of them, plus the one I entered through.  So there is some risk in hacking.  But I figure it is worth the risk, especially if I cherry-pick.  And also if I cache loot.  (The remaining sigs are gas sites.)

I head into each site, scanning cans to see what's there.  Two of the data sites have an augmented decryptor, so I go ahead and do the better cans there.  Many of the relic sites have decent tech II salvage, and I run four of them.  Each time I get more than 10m ISK or so, I run out to a safespot I make in the outer system, to dump all the loot in a jetcan.  If I get killed, at least I won't lose most of the loot.  I don't get killed.  And... it's almost dinner time in the real world.  So that is enough.  I head back home to J213139, 150m ISK worth of salvage and other stuff aboard.  Bye EVE, for now.

And... back!  Food heated, family fed, things said, time's fled, The Boy abed.  Now time for some hunting.  I head into C5 just for a look, including popping out into nullsec on the off chance I can find anyone there.  I don't.  I am eager to head back to C2a... with all those exploration sites.  The six I ran will be gone, but the four I passed on should still be there.  I've got the stuff I want out of there.  Now I want to open it up, get explorers in, and kill them.  Time to fly to those five wormholes.

All of the wormholes are outgoing.  One is the lowsec static, one is a small wormhole to C2, and the other three are connections to C2.  I sense a trend.  I guess that just as exploration sites have dead-ended here, so have random wormholes.  Interesting pattern.

I head into lowsec first.  It's a faction warfare system in Minmatar control, evidently.  That's not likely to attract many explorers.  Then into C2b, C2c, and C2d.  None of them are very promising.  Towers in each, nobody home, no probes, and nothing obvious going on.  Sigh.

I head back into C2a, and run out of steam.  I think I'll just sit here, in the inner system, where I can dscan to all of the sites that are left.  And I will join rookie chat and answer questions.

I join rookie chat.  2600+... yeah, I think they may need me.  Anyway, I get some good answers in.  One guy has a devil of a problem: he has no money to speak of, and he bought PLEX, but he cannot sell them because the taxes are too high.  (Evidently, a sale is not permitted if you cannot pay the tax up front?  Seems strange to me.  But that was his report.)  Anyway, I PM him and give him 10m ISK to allow the transaction to work... and it gets strange from there.  But that's another story.  He eventually gets it done and pays me back.  Ah, not scammed by a rookie.

I am occasionally dscanning in C2a, not finding anything.

More than one question of "how do I make ISK fastest"?  That's a real good question, one I don't really have a solid answer to.  The boilerplate is "mining, running missions, ratting, factional warfare".  I have the feeling too many of them are going to go mine, and that's not really what they want to do, but they know how, it's there.  I think CCP should have a faction warfare mission in the advanced military sequence, where you have to go to a complex, fight a rat, spin a button for 15 minutes, and get bacon.  Maybe have a second more powerful rat warp in on you.  That would give newbs a taste of it and enough familiarity to hopefully try it out.

Anyway, the night is getting on.  It's 11:15, and I'll be leaving EVE in a half an hour or so for bed.  And what to my wondering eyes should appear, in C2a, but probes.  Mmm.  Well, probes don't necessarily mean anything.  But they might.  I keep more than half an eye on the dscan.  I answer more questions.

Then I see a Probe.  It has a character's name on it... hmm, could be a rookie.  Should I kill a rookie?  Well, yes.  I should.  I try to find it with dscan, but it is nowhere I can determine.  Then it cloaks.  The probes are still out there, so: patience.  More questions.

Now I see the Probe again.  I narrow it down to fifteen degrees on dscan, but it's in no known site.  I have the feeling he is in a site, since he is not cloaked for a long time.  But it must be a site that spawned since I was scanning.  I could warp to the outer planet, launch probes and attempt to scan him down.  But, I already know of other sites, and there is a chance that I'll blow it scanning, and he always has his chance to see probes.  So, not a good idea.  I'll wait.  He'll get to another site eventually.

He finishes, then drops off my narrowed dscan.  I widen it to full, and he's still uncloaked... probably moving to another site.  I once again narrow it down, and this time, he is in a site I scanned earlier.  Ha!  Go time.

I warp to the site at 10km.  It's one with widely-spaced cans, all of which are quite far from the warp-in.  The Probe is at a can about 70km from me, hacking it.

I start moving back to get a perch, but that will take too long.  Instead, I spin around the view to the opposite direction of the cans.  There's a handy planet there in just the right direction, 3 AU from me.  Perfect for making a perch.  I warp to it at 100km, then back to the data site, again at 100km.  Now I end up more than 150km from each of the cans.  Perfect.  I make a bookmark.
At my perch.

The Probe is approaching the most distant can, 200+ km from me.  I can see him scanning it.  I am ready to warp as soon as the overview indicates he is hacking it.  But... he doesn't hack it.  Uh oh.  I guess he is being selective, just as I was earlier, and this is a crappy can.  OK, I will wait.  There will be another can.

He moves off toward another can.  Microwarping, from the looks of it.  I consider warping to the can to attack as he arrives, but I'd really rather attack him when he has the minigame up.  He has several more cans to try, so I will wait.

There is time for me to kill.  I check out the character I am stalking to see if he's a newb.

The target is old.

He's not new.  In fact he is two years older than I am.  Good.  No qualms about killing and podding him, then.  (What's he doing in a Probe?)

He finally gets to the can he's headed to.  Again I see him cargo scan.  This can, though, he tries to open.

I warp in at 10km.  He is circling the can, and I end up about 13000m from him, but he is heading toward me.
At the can.

I approach him, then uncloak and start firing.  My lock completes.  He's pinned!  He heads away from me.  My torps hit: shields down.  He heads away from me, but he cannot microwarp, and apparently does not have an afterburner.  The range stays at about 4500m.  His ship is little or no faster.  A second volley: shields wiped, armor almost down.  A third: deep structure.  And zoom!  He warps.

WHAT?  Oh.  He must have had warp core stabilizers; that's why he had to cargo scan from so close.  A good trick... I might think about it for my Buzzard.  I dunno.  It's nice to cargo scan from afar, but it's also nice to thwart gankers.

Oh well.  Live and learn.  Time to go to bed.
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