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Truly “iconic” paintings define an artist’s oeuvre, are milestones in an artistic movement and pivotal images in history. Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s haunting image of Proserpine is one such picture that should be regarded as no less than an icon of European art – representing the artist at the zenith of his originality and one of the most immediately recognizable images of the nineteenth century.

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          Far-right leader Marine Le Pen charged with EU funds misuse   
She gave up her seat in the European Parliament after being elected to the French parliament earlier this month.
          Angela Merkel continues to push towards European leadership of the West and away from the UK and USA   
  Angela Merkel COGwriter The German press reported the following: G20: Angela Merkel sketches vision of France-German led Europe Germany is reorienting itself away from the US and the UK and toward France. Chancellor Merkel made that abundantly clear in a major speech to parliament about the EU’s future and next week’s G20 summit in […]
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          Species List for 29/06/2017   
The first Delicate of the year was a welcome migrant. In total 316 moths of about 71 species.

Code Taxon Vernacular Individuals
464 Plutella xylostella Diamond-back Moth 1
647 Hofmannophila pseudospretella Brown House Moth 1
718 Ethmia dodecea 1
874 Blastobasis lacticolella 7
977 Archips podana Large Fruit-tree Tortrix 2
994 Clepsis consimilana 1
998 Epiphyas postvittana Light Brown Apple Moth 1
1001 Lozotaeniodes formosanus 1
1010 Ditula angustiorana Red-barred Tortrix 2
1063 Celypha striana 17
1288 Alucita hexadactyla Twenty-plume Moth 3
1293 Chrysoteuchia culmella Garden Grass-veneer 43
1294 Crambus pascuella 1
1302 Crambus perlella 5
1304 Agriphila straminella 4
1333 Scoparia pyralella 1
1334 Scoparia ambigualis 4
1344 Eudonia mercurella 1
1375 Ostrinia nubilalis European Corn Borer 1
1378 Phlyctaenia coronata 1   
1398 Nomophila noctuella Rush Veneer 1
1424 Endotricha flammealis 4
1428 Aphomia sociella Bee Moth 1
1524 Emmelina monodactyla 2
1699 Idaea rusticata atrosignaria Least Carpet 7
1702 Idaea biselata Small Fan-footed Wave 3
1707 Idaea seriata Small Dusty Wave 2
1708 Idaea dimidiata Single-dotted Wave 6
1711 Idaea trigeminata Treble Brown Spot 1
1713 Idaea aversata Riband Wave 21
1758 Eulithis pyraliata Barred Straw 5
1771a Thera cupressata Cypress Carpet 1
1825 Eupithecia centaureata Lime-speck Pug 1
1858 Chloroclystis v-ata V-Pug 2
1876 Hydrelia flammeolaria Small Yellow Wave 1
1922 Ourapteryx sambucaria Swallow-tailed Moth 1
1931 Biston betularia Peppered Moth 3
1937 Peribatodes rhomboidaria Willow Beauty 2
1941 Alcis repandata Mottled Beauty 1
1947 Ectropis bistortata Engrailed 1
1955 Cabera pusaria Common White Wave 1
1958 Lomographa temerata Clouded Silver 1
1976 Sphinx ligustri Privet Hawk-moth 1
1980 Smerinthus ocellata Eyed Hawk-moth 1
1981 Laothoe populi Poplar Hawk-moth 2
1991 Deilephila elpenor Elephant Hawk-moth 1
1994 Phalera bucephala Buff-tip 1
2026 Orgyia antiqua Vapourer 1
2050 Eilema lurideola Common Footman 13
2061 Spilosoma luteum Buff Ermine 7
2088 Agrotis clavis Heart and Club 10
2089 Agrotis exclamationis Heart and Dart 9
2098 Axylia putris Flame 17
2107 Noctua pronuba Large Yellow Underwing 7
2109 Noctua comes Lesser Yellow Underwing 1
2110 Noctua fimbriata Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 1
2110a Noctua janthina Langmaid's Yellow Underwing 2
2126 Xestia c-nigrum Setaceous Hebrew Character 10
2128 Xestia triangulum Double Square-spot 3
2155 Melanchra persicariae Dot Moth 1
2195 Mythimna vitellina Delicate 1
2198 Mythimna impura Smoky Wainscot 2
2321 Apamea monoglypha Dark Arches 24
2337x Oligia strigilis agg. Marbled Minor agg. 2
2381 Hoplodrina alsines Uncertain 1
2381x Hoplodrina alsines/blanda Uncertain/Rustic agg. 15
2382 Hoplodrina blanda Rustic 1
2387 Caradrina morpheus Mottled Rustic 6
2441 Autographa gamma Silver Y 2
2450 Abrostola tripartita Spectacle 1
2477 Hypena proboscidalis Snout 6
2489 Zanclognatha tarsipennalis Fan-foot 1


          It Appears..   
That some in Europe have the right idea about safety… This would be where Dad’s side of the family came from back in the 1800’s. Through Ellis Island before setting by Wadena Mn… Smart folks… Source: Open Season: Ordinary Czechs Get Right to Shoot Terrorists on Sight – Sputnik International
          HR Manager for Central & Eastern Europe, UK, NL & Turkey - La Hulpe - Imerys - La Hulpe   
Coordinate recruitment process by developing external networks with recruiters, internal network with Calderys and Imerys HR colleagues, universities, and...
Van Imerys - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 17:53:29 GMT - Toon alle vacatures in La Hulpe
          Edition 1470   
Sets the agenda in Asia and considers what’s been dominating the day in Europe and North America. The programme is sometimes co-hosted out of our Toronto and New York bureaux and features regular interviews with special guests both there and across the Americas, as well as experts and analysts at our studios in London.
          Acquisizione di una banca…   
Acquisizione di una banca dati geografica dettagliata sulla rete di trasporto paneuropea per analisi spaziali che sia sufficientemente dettagliata a livello regionale e a livello locale e copra il maggior numero di paesi

          Contratto quadro di servizi…   
Contratto quadro di servizi per la prestazione di servizi informatici relativi alla gestione di dati a favore Agenzia europea per le sostanze chimiche (ECHA)

          X-ray Telescope Featuring Optics from Rigaku Innovative Technologies...   

An X-ray telescope featuring multi-foil optics from Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe s.r.o. (RITE) was successfully launched into orbit and is capable of monitoring a wide range of astrophysical...

(PRWeb June 30, 2017)

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          Gutfeld: What happens when ISIS returns to Europe   
Gutfeld: What happens when ISIS returns to Europe

Forgive and forget former ISIS members?

          Russia officially suspends Council of Europe fee over PACE spat   
Preview Russia has officially informed the secretary general of the Council of Europe that it will suspend an €11 million payment until the rights of Moscow’s delegation in the council’s Parliamentary Assembly are fully restored.
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          Terminally-ill baby must be taken off life support, European court rules   
Preview A terminally-ill baby at the center of an international legal challenge will be taken off life support after the European Court of Human Rights ruled it would not intervene in the boy’s care.
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          ‘Forcing us to give up Russian gas to sell own is unacceptable’ – German FM blasts US sanctions bill   
Preview A US bill threatening to sanction European companies taking part in construction of a Russian pipeline is seen as unacceptable in Berlin, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said, especially if it actually aims to push America’s own gas exports.
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          Pierwszy Polak w NASCAR – wywiad z Maciejem Dreszerem   
Maciej Dreszer zadebiutował w europejskiej wersji słynnych wyścigów samochodowych NASCAR, ale z CKM rozmawia też o piwie, dziewczynach i wchodzeniu w zakręt z prędkością 200 km/h.
          EU challenges WTO ruling on Boeing state aid dispute   
Preview The European Union (EU) has appealed against a recent World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling made in favor of the US over its subsidies for aerospace giant Boeing.
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          Interior Ministry seeks to redirect migrant flow towards Russian Far East – report   
Preview The Russian Interior Ministry has prepared a new concept for the policy regulating immigration, intended to boost tolerance and intercultural cooperation, as well as redirecting the major flow of immigrants from European parts of Russia to the Far East.
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          At Quebec City's Summer Music Festival   
Starting today through July 16, Canada's most European city also becomes its most musical.
          Alemania despierta a España y conquista el Europeo sub-21   
Los germanos, superiores todo el encuentro, se llevan el título con un gol de Weiser y dejan a La Rojita sin pentacampeonato
          $700bn Pentagon bill funds US presence in E. Europe & weapons for Ukraine   
Preview A Senate committee proposal for the 2018 military budget would further boost Pentagon spending on troops and equipment, make the US presence in Eastern Europe a persistent feature, and supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, among other things.
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          E' morta Simone Veil, prima presidente del parlamento europeo   
Aveva 89 anni. Macron: 'Era la Francia migliore'
          Old world relics hidden in the hills of Pittsburgh   

Pittsburgh may seem like an unlikely location for the most holy relics outside the Vatican, but thanks to a wealthy physician-priest of the 1800s, a treasure trove of holy items was saved from a Europe engulfed in chaos.

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          Mengapa Yahudi?   

Mengapa Yahudi Terlalu Berkuasa?

Oleh : Dr Farrukh Saleem
Semakan Oleh : Mohd Taha Hassan

There are only 14 million Jews in the world; seven million in the Americas , five million in Asia, two million in Europe and 100,000 in Africa . For every single Jew in the world there are 100 Muslims. Yet, Jews are more than a hundred times more powerful than all the Muslims put together. Ever wondered why?

Hanya ada 14 juta Yahudi di muka bumi ini; tujuh juta di Amerika, lima juta di Asia, dua juta di Eropah dan 100,000 di Afrika. Bagi setiap orang Yahudi ada 100 orang Muslim (1:100). Namun, jika dicampuri semua sekali, Yahudi lebih 100 kali berkuasa daripada orang Islam. Mengapa ini berlaku?

Jesus of Nazareth was Jewish. Albert Einstein, the most influential scientist of all time and TIME magazine's 'Person of the Century', was a Jew. Sigmund Freud -- id, ego, superego -- the father of psychoanalysis was a Jew. So were Paul Samuelson and Milton Friedman.

Nabi Isa (Jesus of Nazareth) ialah Yahudi. Albert Einstein, saintis zaman moden paling terkemuka dan disebut oleh majalah Time sebagai 'Manusia Abad ini' ialah seorang Yahudi; Sigmund Freud - melalui teori id, ego dan super-ego ialah bapa psikoanalisis, juga seorang Yahudi; begitu juga Karl Marx, Paul Samuelson dan Milton Friedman.

Here are a few other Jews whose intellectual output has enriched the whole humanity: Benjamin Rubin gave humanity the vaccinating needle. Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine. Alert Sabin developed the improved live polio vaccine. Gertrude Elion gave us a leukaemia fighting drug. Baruch Blumberg developed the vaccination for Hepatitis B. Paul Ehrlich discovered a treatment for syphilis (a sexually transmitted disease). Elie Metchnikoff won a Nobel Prize in infectious diseases.

Selain mereka banyak lagi orang Yahudi yang hasil kebijaksanaan mereka berupaya menghasilkan keperluan untuk kita semua: Benjamin Rubin memperkenalkan jarum suntikan pelalian. Johas Salk mereka vaksin polio yang pertama. Gertrude Elion mencipta ubat melawan leukemia. Baruch Blumberg mencipta vaksin Hepatitis B. Paul Ehrlich menemukan rawatan untuk siflis. Elie Metchnikoff menang Hadiah Nobel untuk penyakit berjangkit.

Bernard Katz won a Nobel Prize in neuromuscular transmission. Andrew Schally won a Nobel in endocrinology (disorders of the endocrine system; diabetes, hyperthyroidism). Aaron Beck founded Cognitive Therapy (psychotherapy to treat mental disorders, depression and phobias). Gregory Pincus developed the first oral contraceptive pill. George Wald won a Nobel for furthering our understanding of the human eye. Stanley Cohen won a Nobel in embryology (study of embryos and their development). Willem Kolff came up with the kidney dialysis machine.

Bernard Katz menang Hadiah Nobel kerana kajian mengenai transmisi neuromuskular. Andrew Schally penerima Nobel dalam kajian endokrinologi (berkaitan sistem endokrin dan kencing manis). Aaron Beck menemui terapi kognitif (rawatan mental, kesugulan dan fobia). Gregory Pincus membangunkan pil perancang keluarga yang pertama. George Wald menang Nobel bagi kajian mata manusia, Standley Cohen dianugerahi Hadiah Nobel dalam kajian embriologi (kajian janin dan perkembangannya). Willem Kolff mencipta mesin dialisis (mencuci) buah pinggang.

Over the past 105 years, 14 million Jews have won 15-dozen Nobel Prizes while only three Nobel Prizes have been won by 1.4 billion Muslims (other than Peace Prizes).

Sejak 105 tahun, 14 juta Yahudi menang 15 dozen Hadiah Nobel, sementara tiga dimenangi oleh 1.4 bilion umat Islam.

Why are Jews so powerful? Stanley Mezor invented the first micro-processing chip. Leo Szilard developed the first nuclear chain reactor. Peter Schultz, optical fibre cable; Charles Adler, traffic lights; Benno Strauss, Stainless steel; Isador Kisee, sound movies; Emile Berliner, telephone microphone and Charles Ginsburg, videotape recorder.

Mengapa Yahudi Terlalu Berkuasa? Stanley Mezor mencipta mikrocip pertama. Leo Szilards membangunkan reaktor rangkaian nuklear pertama; Peter Schultz (kabel gentian optik); Charles Adler (lampu isyarat); Benno Strauss (besi tahan karat - stainless steel); Isador Kisee (sistem suara di pawagam); Emile Berliner (mikrofon untuk telefon) dan Charles Ginsburg (alat pita rakaman).

Famous financiers in the business world who belong to Jewish faith include Ralph Lauren (Polo), Levis Strauss (Levi's Jeans), Howard Schultz (Starbuck's), Sergey Brin (Google), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Donna Karan (DKNY), Irv Robbins (Baskins & Robbins) and Bill Rosenberg (Dunkin Donuts).

Saudagar jenama terkaya dunia juga dikuasai Yahudi iaitu Ralph Lauren (Polo), Levis Strauss (Levi's Jeans), Howard Schultz (Starbuck's), Sergey Brin (Google), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Donna Karan (DKNY), Irv Robbins (Baskin & Robbins) dan Bill Rossenberg (Dunkin Donuts).

Richard Levin, President of Yale University, is a Jew. So are Henry Kissinger (American secretary of state), Alan Greenspan (fed chairman under Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush), Joseph Lieberman, Maxim Litvinov (USSR foreign Minister), David Marshal (Singapore's first chief minister), Issac Isaacs (governor-general of Australia), Benjamin Disraeli (British statesman and author), Yevgeny Primakov (Russian PM), Barry Gold water, Jorge Sampaio (president of Portugal), John Deutsch (CIA director), Herb Gray (Canadian deputy PM), Pierre Mendes (French PM), Michael Howard (British home secretary) and Robert Rubin (American secretary of treasury).

Richard Levin, presiden universiti tersohor Yale Universiti ialah seorang Yahudi. Henry Kissinger, Joseph Lieberman dan Madeleine Albright (bekas-bekas Setiausaha Negara AS); Alan Greenspan (bekas pengerusi Rizab Persekutuan AS di bawah Reagan, Bush, Clinton dan Bush); Maxim Litvinov (bekas Menteri Luar Soviet Union); David Marshal (bekas Ketua Menteri pertama Singapura); Isaac Isaacs (bekas Gabenor Jeneral Australia); Benjamin Disraeli (negarawan dan penulis Britian); Yevgeny Primkov (bekas Perdana Menteri Rusia dan bekas jeneral KGB); Jorge Sampaio (bekas Presiden Portugal); Herb Gray (bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri Kanada); Pierre Mendes (Perdana Menteri ke-143 Perancis); Michael Howard (bekas Setiausaha Negara British); Bruno Kreisky (bekas Canselor Austria) dan Robert Rubin (bekas Setiausaha Perbendaharaan AS).

In the media, famous Jews include Wolf Blitzer ( CNN ), Barbara Walters (ABC News), Eugene Meyer ( Washington Post ), Henry Grunwald (editor-in-chief Time), Katherine Graham (publisher of The Washington Post ), Joseph Lelyyeld (Executive editor, The New York Times), and Max Frankel (New York Times).

Dalam dunia media, orang Yahudi yang terkemuka ialah Wolf Blitzer (CNN); Barbara Walters (ABC News); Eugene Meyer (Washington Post); Henry Grunwald (Ketua Editor Time); Katherine Graham (penerbit The Washington Post); Joseph Lelyyeld (Editor Eksekutif, The New York Times) dan Max Frankel (The New York Times).

At the Olympics, Mark Spitz set a record of sorts by wining seven gold medals. Lenny Krayzelburg is a three-time Olympic gold medalist. Spitz, Krayzelburg and Boris Becker are all Jewish.

Di Olimpik, Mark Spitz membolot tujuh pingat emas. Lenny Krayzelburg ialah pemegang tiga kali pingat emas Olimpik. Spitz Krayzelburg dan Boris Becker adalah Yahudi.

Did you know that Harrison Ford, George Burns, Tony Curtis, Charles Bronson, Sandra Bullock, Billy Crystal, Paul Newman, Peter Sellers, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley, Kirk Douglas, Cary Grant, William Shatner, Jerry Lewis and Peter Falk are all Jewish? As a matter of fact, Hollywood itself was founded by a Jew. Among directors and producers, Steven Spielberg, Mel Brooks, Oliver Stone, Aaron Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210), Neil Simon (The Odd Couple), Andrew Vaina (Rambo 1/2/3), Michael Man (Starsky and Hutch), Milos Forman (One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest), Douglas Fairbanks (The thief of Baghdad) and Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) are all Jewish.

Tahukah anda bahawa pelakon pujaan Harrison Ford, George Burns, Tony Curtis, Charles Bronson, Sandra Bullock, Billy Cystal, Woody Allen, Paul Newman, Peter Sellers, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley, Kirk Douglas, Willian Shatner, Jerry Lewis dan Peter Falk semuanya Yahudi? Tambahan lagi, Hollywood sendiri diwujudkan oleh orang Yahudi. Antara pengarah dan penerbit, Steven Spielberg, Mel Brooks, Oliver Stone, Aaron Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210), Neil Simon (The Odd Couple), Andrew Vaina (Rambo 1- 2-3), Michael Man (Starsky and Hutch), Milos Forman (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest), Douglas Fairbanks (The Thief Of Baghdad) and Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) - semuanya adalah Yahudi.

To be certain, Washington is the capital that matters and in Washington the lobby that matters is The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC. Washington knows that if PM Ehud Olmert were to discover that the earth is flat, AIPAC will make the 109th Congress pass a resolution congratulating Olmert on his discovery.

Washington yang merupakan ibu negara Amerika Syarikat, mempunyai satu pertubuhan lobi yang amat berkuasa. Ia dikenali sebagai Jawatankuasa Hal Ehwal Awam Amerika Israel (AIPAC) yang berupaya mempengaruhi Kongres meluluskan resolusi memuji dan 'membuat apa saja' demi Israel. Washington mengetahui bahawa jika PM Ehud Olmert sedar akan wujudnya bahawa bumi ini adalah rata, maka AIPAC akan mengadakan Kongres yang ke 109 untuk meluluskan resolusi bagi memberi ucapan tahniah pada satu pertemuan yang akan diadakan bersama Olmert.

William James Sidis, with an IQ of 250-300, is the brightest human who ever existed. Guess what faith did he belong to?

Tahukah lagi bahawa William James Sidis dengan IQ 250-300 ialah manusia tercerdik. Dia ialah Yahudi. Teka, apakah kepercayaan yang beliau miliki?

So, why are Jews so powerful? Answer: Education.

Oleh yang demikian, mengapa Yahudi terlalu berkuasa? Jawapannya: Pendidikan, pelajaran, ilmu.


Dermawan dan penyangak mata wang, George Soros ialah Yahudi. Dia menderma AS$4 bilion untuk membantu ahli sains dan universiti serata dunia.

Walter Annenberg menderma untuk membina ratusan perpustakaan berjumlah AS$2 bilion.

Jadi, mengapa mereka ini terlalu berkuasa? Mengapa umat Islam terlalu lemah?

Dianggarkan 1,476,233,470 Muslim di atas muka bumi Allah ini. Satu bilion di Asia, 400 juta di Afrika, 44 juta di Eropah dan enam juta di Amerika. Setiap lima insan manusia ialah Muslim. Setiap seorang Hindu ada dua orang Islam, setiap seorang Buddha ada dua orang Islam dan setiap seorang Yahudi ada beratus orang Islam. Mengapa orang Islam terlalu lemah?

Ini jawapannya: Terdapat 57 negara anggota OIC dan jika dicampur semua cuma ada kira-kira 500 buah universiti; atau sebuah universiti untuk setiap tiga juta orang Islam.

AS mempunyai 5,758 universiti dan India ada 8,407. Pada 2004, Shanghai Jiao Tong Universiti membuat kajian 'Kedudukan Akademik Universiti-universiti Dunia' - dan menakjubkan - tiada satu pun universiti-negara Islam yang berada di puncak 500.

Data yang dikumpul dari UNDP, tahap celik huruf di negara maju ialah hampir 90 peratus dan 15 negara itu mempunyai 100 peratus celik huruf. Negara majoriti penduduk Islam, purata kadar celik huruf ialah sekitar 40 peratus dan tiada negara yang mempunyai 100 peratus semuanya celik huruf.

Sekitar 98 peratus penduduk di negara maju menamatkan sekurang-kurang sekolah rendah, sementara hanya 50 peratus di negara majoriti Islam. Sekitar 40 peratus penduduk di negara maju memasuki universiti, sementara hanya 2 peratus di negara majoriti Islam.

Negara-negara majoriti Islam mempunyai 230 ahli sains bagi setiap (per) sejuta penduduk. Di AS 4,000 per sejuta, Jepun 5,000 per sejuta. Di seluruh negara Arab, penyelidik sepenuh masa ialah 35,000 dan hanya 50 juruteknik per sejuta (berbanding di negara maju 1,000 juruteknik per sejuta).

Negara Islam membelanjakan 0.2 peratus daripada KDNK untuk penyelidikan dan pembangunan (R&D) sebaliknya, di negara maju membelanjakan 5 peratus daripada KDNKnya.

Kesimpulan: Dunia Islam kurang keupayaan untuk menghasilkan ilmu pengetahuan.

Akhbar harian yang dibaca oleh setiap 1,000 orang dan jumlah judul buku yang dibaca oleh setiap sejuta orang adalah dua angka tunjuk bagi menentukan sama ada ilmu pengetahuan disalurkan ke dalam masyarakat.

Di Pakistan, hanya ada 23 akhbar harian per 1,000 rakyat Pakistan sementara nisbah di Singapura ialah 360. Di UK, jumlah judul buku per juta orang ialah 2,000 sementara di Mesir ialah 20.

Kesimpulan: Dunia Islam gagal menyalurkan ilmu pengetahuan.

Yang menariknya, jumlah terkumpul KDNK tahunan 57 buah negara ahli OIC ialah di bawah AS$2 trilion. Amerika sahaja, menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan bernilai AS$12 trilion, China AS$8 trilion, Jepun AS$3.8 trilion dan Jerman AS$2.4 trilion.

Pengeluar minyak yang kaya, Arab Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar secara rangkuman menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan (rata-rata minyak) bernilai AS$500 bilion; Sepanyol sahaja menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan bernilai lebih AS$1 trilion, Poland AS$489 bilion dan Thailand AS$545 bilion.

Jadi, mengapa orang Islam tidak berkuasa dan orang Yahudi paling berkuasa?

Jawapannya ialah: Kurangnya ilmu. Kurangnya pendidikan dan kurangnya pelajaran.


Daripada lingkungan 12 juta orang Yahudi, hanya 0,2 % sahaja populasi dunia. ( 2 setiap dari 1000 orang)


1910 - Paul Heyse
1927 - Henri Bergson
1958 - Boris Pasternak
1966 - Shmuel Yosef Agnon
1966 - Nelly Sachs
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2005 - Harold Pinter

World Peace

1911 - Alfred Fried
1911 - Tobias Asser
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1973 - Henry Kissinger
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Physiology / Medicine

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1925 - James Franck
1925 - Gustav Hertz
1943 - Gustav Stern
1944 - Isidor Issac Rabi
1945 - Wolfgang Pauli
1952 - Felix Bloch
1954 - Max Born
1958 - Igor Tamm
1958 - Il'ja Mikhailovich
1958 - Igor Yevgenyevich
1959 - Emilio Segre
1960 - Donald A. Glaser
1961 - Robert Hofstadter
1962 - Lev Davidovich Landau
1963 - Eugene P. Wigner
1965 - Richard Phillips Feynman
1965 - Julian Schwinger
1967 - Hans Albrecht Bethe
1969 - Murray Gell-Mann
1971 - Dennis Gabor
1972 - Leon N. Cooper
1973 - Brian David Josephson
1975 - Benjamin Mottleson
1976 - Burton Richter
1978 - Arno Allan Penzias
1978 - Peter L Kapitza
1979 - Stephen Weinberg
1979 - Sheldon Glashow
1988 - Leon Lederman
1988 - Melvin Schwartz
1988 - Jack Steinberger
1990 - Jerome Friedman
1992 - Georges Charpak
1995 - Martin Perl
1995 - Frederick Reines
1996 - David M. Lee
1996 - Douglas D. Osheroff
1997 - Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
2000 - Zhores I. Alferov
2003 - Vitaly Ginsburg
2003 - Alexei Abrikosov
2004 - David Gross
2004 - H. David Politzer
2005 - Roy Glauber


          [VIDEO] ¡OJO CHILE! El día que el árbitro de la final benefició polémicamente a Alemania   
Terna europea en Copa Confederaciones. Este viernes, la FIFA confirmó que el polémico serbio Milorad Mazic será el encargado de arbitrar la gran final de Copa Confederaciones entre Chile y Alemania, dejando las dudas en la Roja debido al historial de europeo. De inmediato se vino al recuerdo el duelo entre los germanos y Portugal […]
          England? Spain? Italy? Germany? What really is the best league in the world?   

There have been many arguments over the years about which domestic league is the best in the world. Out of Europe’s top four – England, Spain, Italy and Germany – which league really stands out from the rest? English Premier League The Premier league is by far the most exciting to watch on a weekly […]

Article link: England? Spain? Italy? Germany? What really is the best league in the world?. Written by Christian Montegan, on The Roar - Your Sports Opinion.

          UK remains Europe's top destination for foreign investment in financial services   
          Starbucks profit surges in Europe, Middle East and Africa despite Brexit slowdown   
          Reluctant Witness: Memoirs from the Last Year of the European Air War 1944-45   
Reluctant Witness: Memoirs from the Last Year of the European Air War 1944-45
author: Brian H. Mahoney
name: KOMET
average rating: 0.0
book published: 2001
rating: 0
read at:
date added: 2017/06/30
shelves: to-read, biographies-diaries-and-memoirs, second-world-war-non-fiction

          Marine le Pen charged over European parliament expenses scandal, says lawyer   
Brussels has accused the Front National of defrauding it to the tune of about €5m (£4.4m)
          Russia cancels payment to Council of Europe after claiming its delegates are being persecuted over Crimea   
Moscow says it has had its rights 'restricted' since the 2014 annexation
          UK is the worst-performing advanced economy in the world, official figures confirm   
GDP grew at just 0.2 per cent during the first three months of this year – slower than all other G7 and European countries, the Office for National Statistics reported
          «La Suisse a été une pionnière de l’épuration des eaux»   
«L’eau c’est la vie!» Cette expression apparemment toute simple motive depuis des années l’engagement de Beat Ammann pour la salubrité de l’eau. Cet ingénieur dirige depuis 14 ans la Station d’épuration (STEP) de la région de Berne (ARA Bern), une des plus grandes de Suisse. Cette station fête cette année ses 50 ans. Elle dessert treize communes comprenant 280'000 ménages et entreprises des secteurs de l’industrie et de l’artisanat. Cela correspond à environ 90 millions de litres d’eaux usées par jour. Considérée comme l’une des installations les plus modernes d’Europe, elle produit à partir des boues d’épuration du biogaz qui est injecté dans le réseau de gaz naturel d’Energie Wasser Bern (ewb). Il est notamment utilisé comme carburant par les bus des transports publics de la ville fédérale. ARA Bern est une société anonyme, ce qui est plutôt exceptionnel dans ce domaine. La majeure partie des stations d’épuration de Suisse appartiennent aux villes ou à des groupes de communes.
          JOH invita a demás países a una unión aduanera   

Encuentro. El presidente Juan Orlando Hernández junto a la canciller María Dolores Agüero y el mandatario salvadoreño
  Salvador Sánchez Cerén. En otras mesas el presidente Jimmy Morales de Guatemala y Guillermo Solís de Costa Rica . fotos: afp

San José, Costa Rica.

El presidente de Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández y su par salvadoreño, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, acordaron ayer “profundizar” la coordinación para la prevenir la violencia y controlar los delitos.

Los gobernantes sostuvieron una reunión bilateral durante la XLIX Cumbre del Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana (Sica), que se desarrolló ayer en San José, Costa Rica, donde “coincidieron en intercambiar las buenas prácticas que se están realizando en materia de prevención de la violencia”.

Honduras, El Salvador y Guatemala mantienen un plan de seguridad conjunto mediante el cual los cuerpos policiales y las fiscalías intercambian información para el combate de las peligrosas pandillas y el narcotráfico.


Sánchez Cerén y Hernández también discutieron sobre comercio y la necesidad de “facilitar” el intercambio de bienes.

“La unión aduanera es un paso bueno para todos”.

Con esas palabras, Hernández hizo un llamado a los presidentes y jefes de Estado de Centroamérica para que se sumen a la iniciativa que ya inició Honduras y Guatemala desde el pasado lunes.

“Les invitamos a que sean parte de la unión aduanera”, les dijo el presidente Hernández a los mandatarios de la región que asistieron a la cumbre del Sica.

“He tenido que ver con tristeza largas filas de furgones, contenedores, personas para transitar de un país a otro.

Somos centroamericanos”, dijo Hernández, quien a renglón seguido manifestó: “empezamos con esta idea (unión aduanera) antes que los europeos”.

“Que ya no nos siga avanzando el tiempo sin tomar las decisiones que debimos tomar hace mucho tiempo y creo que vamos por buena dirección”, dijo.

Aprovechó su disertación ante los países representados en la Cumbre para invitar, “al presidente (Danilo) Medina, al presidente (Juan Carlos) Varela, a ver cómo nos involucramos en la unión aduanera”.

Omar Halleslevens, el ministro delegado por el presidente nicaragüense, Daniel Ortega, abogó por “acelerar la integración” de la región, más allá de lo económico.

El exvicepresidente dijo que “la integración económica es importante, pero parcial en el desarrollo de Centroamérica, por lo que hay que excitar la voluntad política para acelerar la integración”.

Nueva etapa.

El presidente Hernández indicó que la Cumbre del Sica se destacó de otras por la toma de decisiones, marcando una nueva etapa del organismo regional, más positiva y de resultados necesarios para los pueblos de la región.

“Luego de cerca de 60 años de haber iniciado el proceso de unión regional, para Honduras y Guatemala es una realidad”.

          Rajoy pide en Berlín "claridad contra el proteccionismo" y muestra su apoyo al libre comercio   
Cumbre de líderes europeos del G-20 en Berlín, Alemania, a la que ha sido invitado el presidente...
          Low's guide to penalty shootouts   

Germany have not lost a penalty shootout at senior level for over 40 years. Following the country's victory over England on penalties in the U-21 European Championship semi-finals on Tuesday, Joachim Low spoke about how he approaches taking spot-kicks.

          Strongest evidence yet that neonicotinoids are killing bees   
Studies in Europe and Canada show that controversial neonicotinoid insecticides have adverse effects on reproduction of honeybees and wild bees
          KE ukarała duński koncern za blokowanie wejścia na rynek tańszego leku   
Komisja Europejska ukarała w środę duński koncern farmaceutyczny Lundbeck oraz cztery inne firmy za opóźnianie wejścia na rynek tańszego zamiennika leku antydepresyjnego o nazwie Citalopram.
          PZPPF: projekt jednolitej ochrony patentowej trzeba zmienić   
Polski Związek Pracodawców Przemysł Farmaceutycznego apeluje do polskiego rządu o zmianę niekorzystnych zapisów w regulacjach dotyczących tzw. systemu jednolitej ogólnoeuropejskiej ochrony patentowej.
          Infarma o systemie ochrony patentowej w Unii Europejskiej i Polsce   
W lipcu 2009 Komisja Europejska przedstawiła sprawozdanie końcowe dotyczące badania sektora farmaceutycznego. - Związek Pracodawców Innowacyjnych Firm Farmaceutycznych Infarma z zadowoleniem przyjmuje zawarte w tym raporcie rekomendacje dotyczące sprawnego systemu patentowego - czytamy w komunikacie Związku.
          Infarma: o ocenie sektora farmaceutycznego przez Komisję Europejską   
Producenci leków generycznych nie napotykają w Polsce na istotne bariery, a stosowane w naszym kraju rozwiązania prawne sprzyjają lekom odtwórczym
          UN: “Migrants. 244 million are on the move. Migration is INEVITABLE. NECESSARY. DESIRABLE.” So lie back and think of England.   
Here’s a more than subliminally phallic commercial put out by the UN Migration Agency instructing Europeans that they must open wide for African mass immigration. Lie back and think of England and it won’t hurt that bad. Just close your eyes  and tell yourself: “It’s INEVITABLE. NECESSARY. DESIRABLE.” And maybe you’ll start to like it. Remember, it’s not rape if […]
          Roche's (RHHBY) Leukemia Drug Gets Prime Status in EU   
The European Medicines Agency EMA granted PRIME PRIorityMEdicines designation to Roche Holdings AG s RHHBY investigational drug polatuzumab vedotin in combination with MabThera and bendamustine The drug will be used to treat patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B cell
          Selling Paris->London 2nd July 1:13pm S Premier   
Selling Single ticket PARIS NORD - Lille Europe. - LONDON ST-PANCRAS 2nd July, 13:13pm arriving in 14:30pm UKT Class: Standard Premier ORIGINAL PRICE: GBP 84
          Ticket exchange, Paris to London From Paris To London on Sun. 02 Jul. 2017 - 13h13   
Selling Single ticket PARIS NORD - Lille Europe. - LONDON ST-PANCRAS 2nd July, 13:13pm arriving in 14:30pm UKT Class: Standard Premier ORIGINAL PRICE: GBP 84 Please text me on +447717765143 or email Thanks,
           Курс: Digital Marketing Course (дневное обучение)    
9 дней
55 000

О программе

Digital Marketing Institute — это обучение Digital-технологиям и интернет- маркетингу на мировом уровне. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing — первая и единственная международная программа в России. В отличие от других курсов по интернет-маркетингу в России, все программы Digital Marketing Institute аккредитованы по стандартам EQF/Europe, QCF/England and North Iteland и SCQF/ Scotland. Это признанный уровень подготовки специалистов в области digital-маркетингового образования. Программа DMI разработана в Дублине — европейской столице новых технологий. Ведь именно здесь располагаются штаб-квартиры Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, Linkedin, Yahoo!, Ebay, Dropbox и др. Наш маркетинг-интенсив подготовлен ведущими профессионалами, представителями компаний: Facebook,Twitter, Ogilvy, Microsoft, Google, PayPal. Прогрессивный международный опыт интернет-маркетинга и digital мы дополнили лучшей российской практикой. Вот почему наша программа не имеет равных. 80% (европейская практика) + 20% (российская специфика).

Программа состоит из 10 модулей:

1. Digital Marketing Introduction. Введение в Digital Маркетинг.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEO). SEO маркетинг, оптимизация веб-сайта для Yandex и Google.

3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Контекстная реклама — идеальные объявления, планирование, таргетирование, эффективность.

4. Web Analytics. Веб-аналитика — оценка эффективности сайта и рекламных компаний, изучение поведения потребителей, поиск наиболее эффективных стратегий продвижения.

5. Social Media 1. SMM — как создавать сообщества и увеличивать аудиторию в социальных сетях.

6. Social Media 2. SMM — как продвигать компании, товары и услуги в социальных сетях.

7. Mobile Marketing. Мобильный маркетинг — взаимодействие с аудиторией через мобильные телефоны и планшеты. Мобильная реклама и приложения.

8. Display Advertising. Реклама на цифровых дисплеях — от торговых центров до аэропортов.

9. Email Marketing. E-мейл маркетинг — новые возможности привлечения и удержания потребителей, увеличения клиентов и продаж.

10. Digital Marketing Planning. Разработка Digital Стратегии — от постановки задач и подбора инструментов до размещения в медиа-каналах и оценки результатов.

Формат обучения. Вы будете погружаться в интернет-маркетинг и digital 10 дней подряд. Все, чем вы овладеете, сможете сразу же внедрять в практику своей компании или начать выстраивать новый проект. Программа digital-маркетинга в DMI это еще и увлекательно — изучение кейсов, рабочие группы, разбор полетов и новые идеи! Диплом Digital Мarketing Institute означает присвоение выпускнику профессиональной квалификации, признанной во всех европейских странах. Гарантией высокого уровня доверия к специалистам с дипломом dmi является экзамен, проводимый в Ирландии (онлайн) и серия тестов по каждому модулю. При этом важно, что процесс обучения построен на выполнении реальных задач с использованием практических инструментов интернет-маркетолога. Все занятия проходят на русском языке, но для вашего развития и роста мы сохранили английский во всех электронных брошюрах и презентациях. Практика показывает, что уровня Pre-Intermediate достаточно для обучения и прохождения экзаменационных тестов.

Время занятий: ежедневно с 10:00 до 17:00. Требования к слушателям: английский язык не ниже Pre-Intermediate. Занятия в классе проходят на русском языке,все учебные брошюры и финальный тест на английском языке.

Тел.: +7 (495) 775-12-80, контактное лицо: Дарья. E-mail:

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          Non-Boring #Tech4Good Meetings for Nonprofits   
NetSquared organizers bring together the nonprofit technology community for face-to-face meetings ... but we all know that meetings are boring! Admit it, you sometimes dread going to those all-staff assemblies. Luckily for you, our NetSquared leaders are super creative when planning their #Tech4Good events. "Meetings" come in diverse and innovative formats like Mississauga, Canada's Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo; Pangani, Tanzania's Social Media Surgery ; and Birmingham, United Kingdom's Summer Tech for Good Social in a local pub. Join us at your local group. It will be fun — we promise! Find your closest NetSquared group Upcoming Tech for Good Events This roundup of face-to-face nonprofit tech events includes meetups from NetSquared , NTEN's Tech Clubs , and other awesome organizations. If you're holding monthly events gathering the #nptech community, let me know , and I'll include you in the next community calendar. Or, apply today to start your own NetSquared group. Africa The targets need to be linked like so: --> Jump to events in North America or go international with events in Africa and Middle East Asia and Pacific Rim Europe and United Kingdom Central and South America ## North America ## Africa ## Europe ## Asia and Pacific Rim --> North America Monday, July 3, 2017 Mississauga, Ontario: Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo Wednesday, July 5, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Thursday, July 6, 2017 San Francisco, California: Tech for Good Monthly Mixer Friday, July 07, 2017 Saint Paul, Minnesota: Tips and Tools to Doll Up Your Data | Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (Free) Tuesday, July 11, 2017 Naples, Florida: How to use Technology to Communicate and Manage Volunteers Vancouver, British Columbia: Full Spectrum Civic Engagement Columbus, Ohio: Nonprofit IT Forum Boston, Massachusetts: Tech Networks of Boston Roundtable: Nonprofit Organizations, Civic Data, and Civic Faith Phoenix, Arizona: Phoenix: QuickBooks Made Easy Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Los Angeles, California: Summer Social Phoenix, Arizona: Data Management: What Nonprofits Need to Know San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Monday, July 17, 2017 Kitchener, Ontario: Mail Management Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Greensburg, Pennsylvania: Bagels and Bytes — Westmoreland Marietta, Georgia: Easy SEO Fixes for Your Nonprofit Jasper, Indiana: Social Media Wednesday, July 19, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Portland, Oregon: QuickBooks Made Easy Thursday, July 20, 2017 Seattle, Washington: QuickBooks Made Easy Friday, July 21, 2017 San Francisco, California: Mobile Apps for Change Demo Day at the Salvation Army Monday, July 24, 2017 Nanaimo, British Columbia: "Free Money" (Microsoft Volume Licensing and Google for Nonprofits) Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Buffalo, New York: Why Nonprofits Should Use TechSoup and NetSquared Houston, Texas: Net2Houston Refresh! Wednesday, July 26, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Friday, July 28, 2017 Seattle, Washington: Roundtable for New Nonprofit Executives Tuesday, August 1, 2017 Naples, Florida: Tech4Good SWFL Meeting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Bagels and Bytes — Allegheny Wednesday, August 2, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Phoenix, Arizona: Defining and Targeting Your Audience: Marketing for Nonprofits Thursday, August 3, 2017 Cleveland, Ohio: How to Remarket to Website Visitors via Facebook and Twitter Monday, August 7, 2017 Mississauga, Ontario: Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo Tuesday, August 8, 2017 Columbus, Ohio: Nonprofit IT Forum Ottawa, Ontario: Review Progress on Data Analysis Projects Wednesday, August 9, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Los Angeles, California: Web Accessibility: Designing Inclusive User Experiences Friday, August 11, 2017 Saint Paul, Minnesota: Optimizing Your Communications for Mobile | Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (Free) Wednesday, August 16, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: The Internet of Things: You Only Live Twice? Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Houston, Texas: Net2Houston Refresh! Wednesday, August 23, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Asia and Pacific Rim Saturday, July 15, 2017 Jakarta, Indonesia: Strategy of Data Collection for Nonprofits Tuesday, August 15, 2017 Jakarta, Indonesia: YouTube for Nonprofits Africa and Middle East Saturday, July 1, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Monday, July 3, 2017 Beirut, Lebanon: Lebanon's Digital Big Bang — An AltCity Info Session Friday, July 7, 2017 Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Saturday, July 8, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Bamenda, Cameroon: How to Create Digital Stories Friday, July 14, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, July 15, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, July 21, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, July 22, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, July 28, 2017 Port Harcourt, Nigeria: Creating Apps and Other Tech Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, July 29, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Pangani, Tanzania: Social Media Surgery: WhatsApp for Farmers and Livestock Keepers Sunday, July 30, 2017 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Monthly Meeting of Local Members Friday, August 4, 2017 Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Saturday, August 5, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Wednesday, August 9, 2017 Bamenda, Cameroon: How to Create Digital Stories Friday, August 11, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, August 12, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, August 18, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, August 19, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, August 25, 2017 Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, August 26, 2017 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Monthly Meeting of Local Members Sunday, August 27, 2017 Pangani, Tanzania: Social Media Surgery: Instagram for Farmers and Livestock Keepers Europe and United Kingdom Saturday, July 1, 2017 Saint-Étienne , France: Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2017 Monday, July 3, 2017 Edinburgh, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Leith Tuesday, July 4, 2017 Saint-Étienne , France: Rencontres Professionnelles du Logiciel Libre Monday, July 10, 2017 Birmingham, United Kingdom: Data Analysis for Nonprofits Tuesday, July 11, 2017 West Bridgford, United Kingdom: User Research and Service Design — Lunch and Learn for Nottinghamshire County Council Staff Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Cambridge, United Kingdom Social Media Surgery — Hands-on Help with Social Media Tech for Good — Law and Justice Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Bath, United Kingdom: Design for All — Technology for Everyone, Accessibility, and User Experience Thursday, July 20, 2017 Milngavie, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Milngavie Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Renens, Switzerland: OpenLab: Visite du Fablab de Renens Dublin, Ireland: Design Thinking For Good: IBM Health Corps Tuesday, August 1, 2017 West Bridgford, United Kingdom: Organisation Design — Lunch and Learn for Nottinghamshire County Council Staff Wednesday, August 9, 2017 Cambridge, United Kingdom: Social Media Surgery — Hands-on Help with Social Media Monday, August 14, 2017 Birmingham, United Kingdom: Summer Tech for Good Social Tuesday, August 29, 2017 Paudex, Switzerland: 2. Objets Connectés — IoT Renens, Switzerland: OpenLab: Visite du Fablab de Renens Thursday, August 31, 2017 Edinburgh, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Edinburgh Image : Michele Mateus / CC BY Siobhan Aspinall with Umbrella at The Digital Nonprofit 201 : Elijah van der Giessen via Michele Mateus / CC BY-NC 2.0 --> spanhidden
          Carnet politique 4   
Samedi Ah, la miséricorde des sacrées nuits du Ramadhan ! Démonstration, à l’APN, Abdelmadjid Tebboune annonce en soirée que le président Abdelaziz Bouteflika a «donné instruction pour organiser une session spéciale du bac pour les élèves exclus de la dernière session du bac pour raison de retard». En plus de constituer un désaveu à la logique que voulait imposer la ministre de l’Education, Nouria Benghabrit, cette magnanimité présidentielle a provoqué une onde de choc : certains demandent même d’instaurer une session de rattrapage pour tout et pour rien. Comme le site satirique El Manchar qui annonce que «Bouteflika ordonne l’organisation d’une seconde session du Ramadhan pour les non-jeûneurs qui pour des raisons religieuses ou idéologiques ont refusé de jeûner pendant le le mois sacré, mais aussi les musulmans qui, distraits, ont mangé ou bu après al imsaak».   Tebboune toujours : le PM annonce aussi la prochaine installation d’une «commission nationale consultative» pour l’examen du dossier du soutien destiné aux catégories démunies de la société, chargée de l’élaboration des lois et mesures à même de permettre le ciblage des personnes ouvrant droit au soutien de l’Etat dans le cadre des efforts visant à consacrer le caractère social de l’Etat. Pour résumer, consulter certains pour savoir à qui on maintient les subventions. Parler à qui ? A ceux que le gouvernement choisira. Pas plus. Dimanche C’est l’Aïd, la fête, les bisous, les gâteaux et les gastros ! Débats éternels sur le taux de commerçants qui ont ouvert, avec, en toute honnêteté, un mieux par rapport aux années écoulées (à Alger cela dit). Mais il y avait autre chose à célébrer aussi en ce jour : la mémoire de Matoub Lounès ! Chez lui, à Taourirt Moussa, ils étaient des milliers, selon nos collègues de Kabylie, venus rendre hommage au Rebelle, assassiné le 25 juin 1998. Cette semaine a son cortège des hommages et des douleurs : Matoub le 25, Boudiaf le 29 ! Des assassinats qui, au-delà des enquêtes ou des commissions, des récits des uns et des autres, restent comme des points de fixation des tensions entre peuple et gouvernants. Au-delà de l’obsession légitime de la vérité, s’impose la volonté de juger un système volatile et impuni, incapable de s’autocritiquer, incapable de produire de l’avenir. Lundi Des youyous et d’inutiles feux d’artifice en préparation. Le taux de réussite à l’examen du Brevet d’enseignement moyen (BEM) (session juin 2017) a atteint 56,33% au niveau national. Mais pour le ministère de l’Education, ce taux est quand même jugé «relativement faible». A la Chaîne III de la radio étatique, Samia Mezaïb, directrice de l’évaluation et de la prospection au ministère de l’Education, a expliqué que la faiblesse relative des réussites résulte du cumul de plusieurs facteurs, dont celui des programmes élaborés «dans l’urgence», ainsi que la formation des enseignants qui n’a pas toujours été à la hauteur des dispositions de la nouvelle réforme de l’enseignement. La responsable pointe également les manquements en termes de formation en mathématiques chez les enseignants. Au moins, nous avons un secteur qui s’évalue et fait dans l’autocritique. C’est déjà ça, même sous le 4e mandat !   Mardi Il y a quelque chose de gênant chez Mme Saïda Benhabylès, présidente du Croissant-Rouge algérien. Quand elle se déplace pour visiter des migrants installés dans un campement à Alger-Est, elle tente de prononcer de grands discours («L’Algérie est en train de gérer avec courage les erreurs stratégiques des grandes puissances qui sont à l’origine de nombreux drames humanitaires»), et elle rentre dans le mur de la propagande infantile en disant que la campagne haineuse est orchestrée pour «salir l’image de l’Algérie» ! A part quelques groupuscules d’extrême droite en Europe et des débiles droitiers en France, qui vous cherche la petite bête ? Des Algériens, stupides et intolérants, il en existe : faudra leur parler à eux et non pas nous bassiner encore et encore avec «l’image de l’Algérie». Car, entre nous, qui fait le plus mal à l’image du pays ? N’est-ce pas le régime et ses petits voyous satellitaires ? L’occasion ici, par ailleurs, de rappeler l’engagement de Tebboune sur la régularisation des migrants (car c’est de cela qu’il s’agit, sauf erreur d’interprétation de sa déclaration vendredi soir à l’APN) : cela représenterait un symbole magnifique de notre solidarité obligatoire avec nos amis migrants, tous les migrants, tous les étrangers sur cette terre d’Algérie que nos martyrs ont rêvé fraternelle.   Mercredi Abdelmadjid Tebboune, nostalgique des années où le cinéma algérien twistait avec le succès mondial, a une belle idée : relancer l’industrie cinématographique algérienne. «Il y avait une industrie (cinématographique), nous allons la reprendre, l’Algérie était leader à l’échelle arabe et africaine dans le domaine du cinéma (…) Nous avons toutes les compétences et ressources humaines, il manque juste quelques moyens matériels qui seront remis aux mains de la famille du cinéma», a déclaré Tebboune. Alors quelques remarques, surtout concernant le dernier point en parlant des «quelques moyens matériels» : surtout ne donnez rien à personne alors que le secteur de la culture est miné par une effroyable corruption, où seuls les amis du ministère des hauteurs des Anassers sont les seuls bénéficiaires. Ceux, véritables héritiers du grand cinéma innovant et combatif algérien, ceux qui raflent des prix ailleurs et du mépris des bureaucrates ici, ceux-là sont hors radar des systèmes de rapine, heureusement, de la culture officielle qui bouffe des milliards pour de creux biopics ou de la propagande ! Si vous voulez relancer le cinéma, Monsieur Tebboune, faut s’occuper sérieusement des brutes et des truands. Jeudi «Ni la démagogie, ni les basses manœuvres n’ont pu empêcher la déconfiture d’un régime maintenu coûte que coûte, au mépris de toutes les aspirations et de tous les espoirs du peuple algérien. L’élimination de Ben Bella démontre en outre la justesse de nos positions. Mais le changement intervenu à Alger ne peut nous satisfaire. C’est tout le système qui était condamné et qui doit disparaître. Le mécontentement légitime des masses algériennes et leurs revendications constantes montrent que jamais elles n’accepteront comme solution à leurs problèmes la perpétuation du benbellisme même sans Ben Bella. La catastrophe économique exige une transformation totale des structures et des méthodes existantes. Nous irons tout droit à une dictature forcenée ou à une ‘‘congolisation’’ désastreuse si des solutions politiques ne sont pas dégagées dans les plus brefs délais ; il ne peut y avoir de demi-solutions, il faut que l’Algérie ait à sa tête un véritable pouvoir révolutionnaire et socialiste, issu des masses laborieuses, capable de promouvoir une politique hardie et réaliste et de parer aux urgences les plus flagrantes». Mohamed Boudiaf, déclaration après le coup d’Etat militaire du colonel Mohamed Boukharouba du 19 juin 1965.
          O que é que Juncker não tem? Um smartphone   
O presidente da Comissão Europeia admitiu que ainda não aderiu aos smartphones. O telemóvel que utiliza é um clássico e antigo Nokia.
          Alemanha conquista o segundo título europeu de sub-21   
Triunfo sobre a Espanha, por 1-0, garantiu aos germânicos a vitória na final do Campeonato da Europa da categoria.
          Coming soon: European vacation with SUSTO and Band of Horses   

If you're a Band of Horses (BOH) follower, you may have caught the guys' announcement today that SUSTO (solo) will be joining them in on their Euro tour this August.

Beginning Mon. more…

          6/30/2017: BUSINESS NEWS: Brexit could put €20bn hole in EU budget warning   
Britain’s withdrawal from the EU could leave the remaining 27 countries with a €20bn a year hole in their budget, requiring additional EU taxes to fill the gap, the European commission has said. Gunther Oettinger, the European commissioner for the...
          6/30/2017: BUSINESS NEWS: Over 50% of customers want to know if apps using their data   
More than half of consumers , 53 per cent, say it is “extremely important” that they know an app or service is using their personal data, a new survey has found. The survey of 6,500 people in Europe, China, Africa and the US revealed 75 per cent of...
          Analysis: "Bad" foreign firms drive U.S. manufacturing jobs revival   

By Lesley Wroughton and Howard Schneider

SPARTANBURG/CHARLESTON, South Carolina (Reuters) - Years before Donald Trump began promising to bring back good manufacturing jobs by getting tough with U.S. trade partners, such jobs have already been on the rise, largely thanks to foreign companies now cast as villains in Trump's narrative.

Reuters analysis of federal jobs data shows that out of 656,000 new manufacturing jobs created between 2010 and 2014, two thirds can be attributed to foreign direct investment.

More recent jobs numbers are not yet available, but over $700 billion in foreign capital has poured in over the last two years bringing total foreign investment to $3.7 trillion at the end of 2016, a world record. (Graphic:

Now foreign companies that have spent billions of dollars on U.S. factories and local leaders who host them worry that global supply networks that back those investments will fray if Trump makes good on his pledge to roll back trade liberalization.

The U.S. president has threatened to tear up North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico and slap higher tariffs on nations that run trade surpluses with the United States, such as Germany or China. The administration is also discussing tighter immigration rules and more security screening of investment.

The tough message helped sway swing northeastern and Midwestern Rust Belt states Trump's way in the 2016 election, but puts him at odds with companies and local leaders in the south, which has driven the recent growth in manufacturing jobs.

The southern states have voted for Trump, but have also spent decades wooing foreign companies with flexible labor laws, financial incentives and investment in ports, roads and other infrastructure.


The courtship has spawned new auto plants from Kentucky to Georgia, and a new Airbus plant in Mobile, Alabama.

Few places highlight the gap between Trump's rhetoric and local aspirations better than Spartanburg in South Carolina.

German carmaker BMW has invested here $8 billion in a 1.2 million square foot (11.15 hectares) assembly plant, which has become the largest single exporter of cars by value from the United States.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, a Republican and Trump supporter, credits the German automaker for putting his state on the global investment map.

"The presence of this company changed everything in the trajectory of our state," McMaster said on Monday at an event unveiling BMW's newest X3 sports utility vehicle.

Its Chief Executive Harald Krueger said the carmaker would invest additional $600 million in Spartanburg over the next four years, adding 1,000 jobs to the 9,000-strong workforce, and spend further $200 million on employee training and education.

But the poster child of South Carolina's success also doubles as a whipping boy. In January, BMW's plans to build a plant in Mexico drew Trump's ire and last month the U.S. president was quoted as saying Germany was "very bad" on trade and selling too many cars in the United States.

And even as the company highlights its contribution to the U.S. economy and the benefits of free trade, it is hedging its bets by preparing for a possible protectionist backlash.

Outside of the spotlight, BMW is retooling factories in South Africa and China to build volume models like the X3 SUV, reducing its dependence on Spartanburg.

“We have a big footprint here, and we are flexible enough," Oliver Zipse, BMW's board member responsible for manufacturing, told Reuters. "We will build the X3 not only in Spartanburg, we will split it into South Africa and then to China, so we will have some flexibility to produce cars somewhere else,” he said.

“If something happens at the political level - which we don’t know yet - we are able to have a flexible response.”

The Trump administration has said it welcomes foreign investment and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, who spoke at an opening of a new Samsung Electronics <005930.KS> plant in South Carolina, said such projects showed that "America is becoming an even stronger destination for global businesses looking to grow.”

The southern U.S. states owe much of their success to coastal port authorities and cities that have invested heavily to make their channels and docks fit for shipments to and from China and Mexico.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina who has often clashed with Trump, said protectionism would undermine those accomplishments and hurt American workers.


"Negotiate a trade agreement with Europe, modernize NAFTA, don't tear it up," Graham told Reuters at the BMW factory. "We're going in the wrong direction. We need more trade agreements, not less."

Graham noted how low-cost competition from China and Mexico destroyed South Carolina's once thriving textile industry and how the state reinvented itself as a manufacturing hub, bringing the likes of BMW or French tire maker Michelin .

The now humming port city of Charleston has a similar story to tell. When a major navy base shut down in the 1990s wiping out 20,000 jobs, local officials worked to bring foreign manufacturers, which now employ around 10,000 in the three counties around the city and more is set to come.

Mercedes-Benz, part of Daimler AG , is adding 1,300 jobs so it can make its Sprinter van here rather than merely assemble it with imported parts, which also means more business for local suppliers.

Up the road, Volvo Car Group, part of Chinese conglomerate Geely, is due to open its first North American plant next year with a target workforce of 2,000.

Local development officials expect more jobs and investment to come, but worry that some steps discussed by the Trump administration could have a chilling effect.

Claire Gibbons, director of global marketing at the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, said the proposed new tariffs, tougher immigration rules and stricter reviews of foreign investment projects would amount to a "doomsday scenario" for the region.

"This is an education opportunity for us all, for the people making the decisions that don't understand the ramifications."

(1 euro = $1.1350)

(Additional reporting by Edward Taylor in Munich. Editing by David Chance and Tomasz Janowski)

          6/30/2017: BUSINESS NEWS: Pan-European pension to have ‘limited impact’   
New proposals to establish a pan-European pension product to help people save for retirement will likely have a limited impact in Ireland due to the high number of personal plans already in existence, the head of the country’s industry lobby group has...
          6/30/2017: BUSINESS NEWS: Economic confidence soars in euro area   
Euro-area economic confidence jumped to the highest level in a decade as the European Central Bank edged toward unwinding unprecedented stimulus. An index of executive and consumer sentiment rose to 111.1 in June from 109.2 in May, the European...
          6/30/2017: MARKETS: Euro strengthens against dollar   
The euro strengthened to its highest level against the dollar in more than a year yesterday, with attempts by European Central Bank sources to moderate the message taken from a speech by president Mario Draghi this week falling largely on deaf...
          6/30/2017: MARKETS: H&M trying to contain expenses as sales slow   
Cost-control is the new watchword at Hennes and Mauritz as the European fashion giant seeks to compensate for slowing sales growth, rising inventories and dwindling profitability. The Swedish retailer yesterday posted second-quarter earnings that...
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          6/30/2017: MARKETS: Opposition in UK to Fox takeover bid for Sky   
Britain intends to subject Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of European pay-TV group Sky to a lengthy in-depth investigation after finding the $14.8 billion deal risks giving the media mogul too much power over the news agenda. Culture minister Karen Bradley...
          WordCamp Europe 2013   
Del 5 al 7 de octubre, se realizará WordCamp Europe 2013, en Leiden. Todavía hay tickets disponibles!
          Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR   
Se puede visitar hasta el domingo en el centro de Madrid.

Desde esta mañana y hasta el viernes hay en Madrid un espacio para relajarse y disfrutar. Se trata del PlayStation VR Resort, la carpa del Gran Teatro Bankia Principe Pío dentro de las instalaciones de la antigua estación Norte de tren de Madrid, junto a la actual estación de Príncipe Pío. Allí, en un entorno que recuerda a parajes exóticos y destinos tropicales se puede disfrutar de cerca de 15 experiencias de realidad virtual con PlayStation VR.


Tres de estas experiencias se están desarrollando en España. Mindtaker es el nuevo trabajo del estudio vasco Relevo (Baboon!); se trata de una historia de terror. En la demo hay un gato, una mujer muerta y la necesidad de salir de la casa en la que está el jugador.

Mindtaker tiene una buena ambientación y el estudio ha tomado nota de aquellos puntos donde han tropezado los juegos anteriores de PSVR, de forma que el jugador se mueve con el stick izquierdo pero para cambiar la dirección tiene que ir dando toques al stick derecho y cada golpe gira la cámara 90ª. Esto hace que sea un control inicialmente algo difícil, pero luego demuestra que es muy eficaz para evitar mareos.

Una aventura gráfica con la ciencia como generadora de ideas y de jugabilidad

Flipi´s Tesla! Inventemos el futuro es una aventura gráfica desarrollada por Animatoon, Mediapro, 100 Balas y Sony Interactive. Surgió a iniciativa de Enrique Pérez, conocido por su personaje Flipy, quien gestó la idea del juego hace medio año. Aunque el desarrollo comenzó hace sólo mes y medio, el juego ya apunta maneras interesantes, funciona a 120 imágenes por segundo y propone averiguar lo que ha sucedido en un laboratorio llevando a cabo distintos experimentos científicos.

El juego tiene poco que ver con proyectos anteriores de Flipy relacionados con la ciencia, y aúna la divulgación con el rigor científico. De hecho, cuenta con el asesoramiento científico de Javier Santaolalla, físico del CERN, y se está desarrollando apoyado por Creations, un proyecto de innovación educativa financiado por la Comisión Europea. Está orientado a jugadores de entre 8 y 14 años, pero, dice Pérez, "le gustará a quien le guste jugar aventuras gráficas". La idea de su creador es utilizar la VR para educarse y divertirse a la vez, y tiene la intención de llevarlo a colegios o fundaciones que acerquen la ciencia a los más pequeños.

La protagonista es una científica, Bio, y el personaje de Flipy que puede servir de reclamo en el mercado español, ocupa un lugar secundario mientras el jugador va recorriendo el cuerpo humano o construye distintos aparatos en primera persona.

La tecnología de Drawfighters se adapta a la realidad virtual

El tercer juego español disponible en PSVR Resort es CoolPaintr VR, obra de Wildbits, que permite dibujar en entornos tridimensionales virtuales utilizando la misma tecnología RTSE utilizada en el juego anterior del estudio, Drawfighters, se pueden generar objetos sólidos asignando huesos a partir de simples contornos hasta conformar un esqueleto, lo que da múltiples posibilidades creativas.

También están disponibles PlayStation Worlds con una demo que lleva al jugador al fondo del mar, Dick Wild con oleadas de cocodrilos a las que hay que disparar, Waddle Home, la conocida franquicia Gran Turismo Sport (jugable en realidad virtual por primera vez en España), las naves espaciales de Mortal Blitz, el tower defense Ancient Amulator en el que juegas con un cetro o un arco, la experiencia en la sabana de Virry en la que puedes encontrarte con una hiena cariñosa, los juegos de feria de Carnival Games y dos juegos que ya hemos analizado en Vandal: Farpoint y Arizona Sunshine

Para poder probar los juegos que hay en PlayStation VR Resort hay que apuntarse en aunque también te puedes acercar a Principe Pío directamente, aunque te tocará esperar. El acceso al teatro se realiza en grupos de 20 personas y la visita dura 30 minutos en los que cada visitante podrá vivir tres experiencias, ampliables a cuatro tras subir una foto a Twitter con el hashtag #resortPSVR. El horario de apertura es de 11 a 14 horas y de 17 a 21 horas.

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR
          Urbact : quels sont les besoins d'information des villes sur ce programme ? Enquête en cours ~ Europe en France, le portail des Fonds européens   

          Vino, ¿bebida nacional?: las importaciones desde Chile son récord y ya explican el 15% del consumo interno (iProfesional)   

El país vecino se convirtió en el principal proveedor externo. La causa es que los stocks están al límite y que las últimas dos cosechas figuran entre las peores desde los años `60. Sin embargo, alertan que los precios más bajos y las facilidades aduaneras también alientan el negocio

Por estos días, nadie debe verse sorprendido si, recorriendo las góndolas de supermercados, en botellas y envases tetrabrik de vino aparece una leyenda que informe "origen: Chile".

Los principales jugadores de la industria hoy están motorizando un nivel de importaciones desde el país vecino que está marcando un récord histórico.

Los productores vitícolas, que hacía tiempo venían reclamando una recomposición de los precios del kilo de uva –que durante años estuvo amesetado-, ven una amenaza concreta en el continuo ingreso de cientos de camiones con tanques cargados con vino, a través de la cordillera.

El flujo alcanza tal nivel que organizaciones como la Asociación de Viñateros Independientes de San Juan hasta evaluaron realizar piquetes en las rutas para evitar el avance de la competencia chilena.

La tensión en su momento alcanzó tal nivel que, en el marco de un encuentro con productores, el secretario de Agregado de Valor de la Nación, Néstor Roulet, afirmó que el Gobierno estaba monitoreando este flujo de importaciones ante la posibilidad de que se trate de una competencia desleal.

“Estamos viendo si se trata de un caso de dumping y si es así, el Gobierno Nacional se va a involucrar”, disparó el funcionario.

El gobernador de San Juan, Sergio Uñac, es uno de los que más viene protestando por el ingreso de camiones cargados con producto chileno.

"Importar vino sólo para bajar el precio no nos parece una medida acertada”, afirmó recientemente el mandatario provincial.

En este contexto, Mendoza viene de tomar medidas: a comienzos de año, la administración de Alfredo Cornejo aplicó un aumento de la alícuota de Ingresos Brutos al vino importado que ingrese a ese territorio, elevándola del 4% al 6%.

Con esta medida, buscó darle más protección a los productores cuyanos, en medio de las crecientes quejas por estas operaciones.

Para ponerlo en perspectiva, los últimos datos del Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura son reveladores: entre enero y mayo se importó vino a granel por 52,6 millones de litros.

El último récord desde que hay registros correspondía a 2010, cuando a lo largo de 12 meses se realizaron compras al exterior por 28,7 millones de litros.

Esto significa que, en apenas cinco meses, ya casi se duplicó ese volumen anual.

Hay otro dato revelador: según el INV, las bodegas despacharon al mercado interno 334,8 millone de litros fraccionados, en parte complementados con la ofertaimportada, dado que los grandes establecimientos envasan el granel que llega del país vecino y lo introducen en el circuito comercial.

Así las cosas, los 52,6 millones de litros que llegaron desde Chile hoy representan el 15% del volumen comercializado en el mercado interno.

O, dicho en otras palabras, por cada 10 litros que hasta mayo se comercializaron en la Argentina, más de 1,5 litros fueron en realidad producidos en el país vecino.

¿Oportunidad o falta de stock?
A medida que se potenció la importación, las críticas de los viñateros se hicieron más fuertes, dado que consideran este flujo como una forma directa de ponerle un tope a los precios de la materia prima en el mercado interno.

Fuentes del sector detallaron a iProfesional que el valor del vino a granel chileno, puesto en la puerta de una bodega en Mendoza, puede ser entre 15% y 25% más económico que el nacional, dado que la escasez generada por la caída de la producción durante las últimas dos cosechas disparó los valores de la materia primera.

Sin embargo, para el consultor Javier Merino, director de Área del Vino, no se trata de maniobras especulativassino de una necesidad real y concreta de abastecer la demanda.

"Las dos últimas cosechas, 2016 y 2017, fueron las peores de los últimos cincuenta años. Por eso, no debe extrañarnos que las importaciones también sean récord", acota.

Granizo, lluvias en los momentos menos propicios y hasta heladas, configuraron un cuadro difícil para varias zonas productivas de Mendoza y San Juan.

El experto agrega que "el año pasado, por la pérdida de parte de la producción, se limpiaron los stocks. Y una segunda vendimia también floja generó que no hoy no haya suficiente vino como para abastecer la demanda".

Según datos del INV, durante esta campaña se recolectaron 19,5 millones de quintales de uva. Si bien esta cifra fue superior a los 17,3 millones del año previo, se trató de un nivel que igualmente estuvo lejos delregistro histórico.

"En los últimos 20 años, el promedio de la cosecha es de cerca de 25 millones de quintales. Es decir que venimos de dos vendimias que se ubicaron muy por debajo y esto afectó los niveles de stock", afirma Carlos Fiochetta, gerente de la Corporación Vitivinícola Argentina (COVIAR).

El directivo señala que "hubo zonas de Mendoza que tradicionalmente tenían rendimientos de unos 10.000 kilos por hectárea pero que, por cuestiones climáticas, los dos últimos años mostraron caídas de hasta el 50%".

Más allá de esto, el directivo confía en que los flujos de importación deberían ir bajando, dado que en estos días están comenzando a liberarse al mercado parte de la cosecha 2017.

"Esto va a ayudar a recomponer los inventarios, por eso la proyección es que las compras a Chile no sigan creciendo e, incluso, bajen con fuerza", apunta Fiochetta.

Cerveza versus vino
Cabe destacar que, según Fiochetta, casi la totalidad de la producción que se importa desde Chile se destina a vinos sin denominación de variedad, que representan cerca del 80% de la oferta. La gran mayoría se comercializa en envases tetrabrik.

Este segmento conforma la base de la pirámide del consumo y es responsables de movilizar el amperímetro de ventas.

En este contexto, Merino advierte que esta bebida es uno de los productos más castigados por el bajón de la demanda.

Cabe destacar que en la Argentina el consumo percápita está estancado en torno a los 25 litros per cápita.

En la década del 70, cuando era común almorzar con vino y la cerveza no arrasaba en el market share, se superaban los 80 litros.

"Hemos llegado a un piso mínimo histórico. Pero así y todo, como las últimas cosechas fueron malas y no hay stock, no hay suficiente volumen. Y esto provocó que se disparara el precio, lo cual es preocupante, porque porcada peso que sube el litro, hay miles de consumidoresque dejan de comprar o buscan alternativas, como la cerveza", apunta Merino.

Si bien el consumo de esta última bebida también se vio afectado por la crisis, lo cierto es que supera holgadamente al vino, con más de 41 litros anuales per cápita.

Por eso, el consultor considera que "estas importaciones no sólo defienden a los consumidores, sino que también a la industria, porque cada litro que se pierde en manos de la cerveza, luego es muy difícilde recuperar".

Sufren las exportaciones

Como consecuencia de los menores stocks, además de tener que importar más, el complejo vitivinícola argentino padeció un desplome de las ventas al exterior.

Según datos del INV, entre enero y mayo se exportaron 127 millones de litros de vino a granel, lo que implicó un derrumbe del 48%.

En tanto que los envíos de mosto concentrado –utilizado por la industria alimenticia como endulzante- totalizaron apenas 21.700 hectolitros, una fuerte baja de casi 53%.

Frente a estos números, Fiochetta afirma que hay dos cuestiones que se potenciaron y que forzaron este escenario: la fuerte suba de precios y los problemas de competitividad cambiaria.

"El vino a granel y el mosto depende mucho del factorprecio. Con las bajas cosechas de los últimos años el producto se volvió muy caro para los exportadores y los dejó fuera de competencia, a lo que se suma el contexto macroeconómico del país", apunta.

Cabe destacar que los despachos al exterior de vino embotellado también se están viendo castigados: hasta mayo se exportaron 744.200 hectolitros, casi 10% menos que en el mismo período del año pasado.

Merino es contundente al afirmar que "en las gamas más bajas de precios, los costos no cierran".

A esto, el experto suma un cambio en las tendencias a nivel mundial: "El mercado internacional se ha puesto muy pesado. Ya no se puede aspirar a crecer a tasas chinas, porque los países productores europeos se pusieron muy competitivos y agresivos en los mercados importadores más dinámicos".

Por eso Merino afirma que "hoy no tenemos ninguna ventaja competitiva diferencial. A lo máximo que podemos aspirar hoy es a crecer en sintonía con la expansión del PBI mundial, es decir, a un promedio del 2% a 3% anual".

Para hacer frente a la situación, desde la Coviar vienen pidiendo una serie de beneficios fundamentales para apuntalar a esta economía regional estratégica.

Entre las medidas, Fiochetta menciona un aumento de los reintegros a las exportaciones o compensacionespara fletes, dados los elevados costos logísticos que enfrentan las bodegas.


          Archaeologists find “secret square” within famous ancient stone circle   
The UNESCO World Heritage Site was built over several hundred years in the third millennium BC and contains three stone circles, one of which is the largest in Europe.
          Viaje a Berlín // 2 noches con vuelos y hotel con desayuno incluido // sólo 129,-€   

¿Quieres un viaje low-cost a una capital europea? ¡Voilà! El gurú tiene para ti un viaje a Berlín que ha encontrado en para pasar 2 noches con vuelos ida y vuelta desde Barcelona y alojamiento en AZIMUT Hotel Kurfuerstendamm Berlin 3* (7,6 sobre 10 en Booking de 1.657 opiniones) con desayunos incluidos por sólo 129€ por […]

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          Deulofeu: “Futuro? Penso solo alla finale dell’Europeo”   

CALCIOMERCATO MILAN – Sono stati mesi molto importanti per Gerard Deulofeu. Dopo l’esplosione al Milan, l’esterno ha disputato un ottimo Europeo Under 21 in Polonia da capitano della Spagna e ora domani ha la possibilità di alzare la coppa in finale contro la Germania. Intanto il suo futuro continua ad essere in bilico. Stando alle...

L'articolo Deulofeu: “Futuro? Penso solo alla finale dell’Europeo” è stato scritto e pubblicato nella sua versione originale sul sito .

          Soundtrack to the Middle Ages   
Knights, peasants, crusades, chants, and saints—this week on Harmonia, we’ll explore aspects of medieval European history.

          Parabola doc becomes first Canadian project to tap Eurimages coin   

1999 WYWH Still Annabelle

Samara Chadwick's 1999 was one of 27 projects to receive a share of $10.5 million from the European funder.

Read More

          Informații INEDITE despre bucătăria strămoșilor noștri. Alimentația geto-dacilor   
La nivelul inceputului de secol II e.n., alimentatia dacilor era bazata, in special, pe cereale si legume, asemeni multor zone ale Europei acelor vremuri. Graul, meiul secara, ovazul si orzul erau cultivate si utilizate...
          Și cum CENZURA nu există în democrație, POLIȚIA INTERNETULUI a fost instituită în mod OFICIAL pe rețelele de socializare Mai multe rețele sociale, printre care Facebook, Google, Twitter și YouTube, ca și gigantul Microsoft, au semnat la sfârșitul lunii mai condul de conduită al Comisiei Europene, prin care se angajează să blocheze...
          La hermana de Sol Daurella acepta 2 años de cárcel por defraudar 1,5 millones   

La empresaria Mercedes Daurella, cuya familia es una de las principales accionistas de Coca-Cola European Partners, ha alcanzado un acuerdo con la Fiscalía por el que acepta una pena de dos años de cárcel por defraudar 1,5 millones de euros a Hacienda entre 2011 y 2013 simulando su residencia en Mónaco, informa Efe.

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          6/30/2017: Sport: Vanwijn in voorselectie EK   
Op 1 september start voor de Belgian Lions het Europees kampioenschap in Turkije tegen Groot-Brittannië. Gisteren maakte bondscoach Eddy Casteels de voorselectie bekend. Hans Vanwijn (foto) is de enige Limburger in de kern. De laatste...
          Popular. Emilio Saracho: “No tengo ni puta idea de cómo se gestiona este puto banco”   

Emilio Saracho, expresidente de Popular, dejó una larga lista de frases célebres antes de la caída del Banco. En ellas deja entrever que su objetivo es mantenerlo artificialmente hasta enero del 2018, fecha en la que habla de un "aterrizaje" que debe ser preparado por las instituciones europeas.

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          Michelin Guide 2017 Includes Imperial Treasure, Garibaldi, And Cheek By Jowl   
Michelin guide 2017 - feature1

Michelin Guide 2017 includes 11 newly awarded restaurants Odette received two stars in this year’s Michelin Guide. The bulk of this year’s list of Bib Gourmand restaurants is made up of the same spots as last year’s inaugural list, so we were expecting the Michelin Guide 2017 to be same same but different compared to the Michelin Guide 2016 too. Well, in the list that just came out, 11 new names were awarded one Michelin star, and two restaurants – Forest 森 and Terra – dropped out of this year’s guide. The rest are pretty much the same as last year’s, with Waku Ghin getting two stars instead of one this time.  Here are all the restaurants that were awarded tonight, with the newcomers in bold. Restaurants with one Michelin star Alma by Juan Amador, modern European Beni, modern French Braci, Italian Candlenut, Peranakan Cheek By Jowl, modern Australian Chef Kang’s Kitchen, Chinese (Cantonese) Corner House, contemporary Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Chinese Cut, Steakhouse Garibaldi, Italian Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, street food Iggy’s, modern European Jaan, modern French Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine, Chinese (Teochew) Labyrinth, modern Singaporean Lei Garden, Chinese Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & […]

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          6/30/2017: Sport: Amelien Deckers naar EK in Litouwen   

Voor het tweede jaar op rij neemt Amelien Deckers deel aan het Europees judokampioenschap voor kadetten ofwel U18. De Kampse treedt vandaag meteen in het Litouwse Kaunas in de wedstrijdarena. Ten opzichte van 2016 ondergaat Deckers één wezenlijk...
          McDaniel College's Budapest campus caught up in Hungarian political fight   

McDaniel College found itself entangled in an international dispute between billionaire philanthropist George Soros and the Hungarian prime minister that's threatened its 23-year-old satellite campus in Budapest. To extricate itself and comply with new Hungarian law, the president of the small, liberal arts college in Westminster met with members of Gov. Larry Hogan 's cabinet and diplomats from the East European nation.

          Ingénieur Etude et Développement JAVA (H/F) - SOFTEAM Finance - Paris - idf   
Leposte est à pourvoir pour intervenir chez notre client, leader en Asset Management en France et en Europe. Leur département «IT Négociation » est intervenu sur la mise en place d'un outil de passage d'ordre utilisé par les négociateurs pour l'exécution sur le marché des ordres transmis par les gérants. L'environnement de travail offre une vision transverse des différents produits financiers, de l'activité de négociation et du cycle de vie des ordres. Mission : Cette...
          Charting Russia’s most dangerous cities for LGBT people   

Here are the towns where it’s dangerous to be gay in Russia. A culture of silence and a law “against propaganda” are keeping them that way. Русский

An LGBT pride parade in St Petersburg, 2014. Photo CC BY-NC-ND 2.0: Maria Komarova / Flickr. Some rights reserved.

It’s become a tradition across the globe to celebrate LGBT Pride in the last days of June. Usually, such events are held on the weekend closest to the 28 June, as it was on that day that the modern LGBT movement in the USA began in earnest. It was an initiative that inspired strategies and tactics of human rights advocacy in many other countries. Although it takes different forms across the world, LGBT pride raises issues of freedom of expression, human rights, and healthcare for LGBT people. In some cities Europe and the USA it has turned into something of a commercial event or cultural festival for the wider public. In other locations, LGBT people march under the threat of police brutality.

In Russia, the first LGBT pride march was held in 1991 on the square before Moscow’s Bolshoi theatre as part of the Soviet Union’s first LGBT festival. The more modern history of LGBT parades in Russia began in 2006 when LGBT activist Nikolay Alekseyev attempted to officially organise a pride march in Moscow. Years passed, and the city authorities still haven’t found the guts to permit a march for LGBT human rights through the capital’s streets and provide security for its participants. However, other banned marches have been successfully challenged in the European Court for Human Rights and Alekseyev has generated support in other regions of the country. He and his colleagues have applied for permission to hold pride marches in Blagoveshchensk, Cherkessk, Cherepovets, Kazan, and Nizhny Tagil among many other cities across Russia, though they have always been rejected and sued city governments in response. A notable exception came in 2013, when the governor of St Petersburg did not forbid the city’s LGBT pride parade, although it did encounter violently homophobic protesters who tried to obstruct the march.

The metrics of hatred

In fact, these violent far-right groups keep close tabs on LGBT activists in Russia and the events they hold – or try to. While the government fights some homophobic campaigners and inciters of hatred, it supports others. After all, instigating violence against LGBT people is essentially the Russian state’s official policy towards sexuality. For example, the 2013 law banning “propaganda” of “non-traditional sexual orientations” sparked a wave of hatred against LGBT people across the country. As we discovered from court decisions last year, after the “propaganda” bill was signed into law, the number of hate crimes against lesbians and gay men doubled. 

In 2012, we found 33 examples of such hate crimes, while 2013 saw 50 hate crimes against LGBT citizens. By 2015 there were 65. We registered not only a common rise of LGBT hate crimes, but also the rise of homicides: following the enactment of the “propaganda” bill, there were more and more murders of people simply for being LGBT.

The growth in hate crimes against LGBT people across Russia. Image courtesy of the authors.

Of course, these are only the recorded crimes – many LGBT people may not dare approach the authorities after harassment, humiliation, or worse. These data are based on official court statistics, though we had to dig through the results ourselves. Nobody officially collects information on violence against LGBT people in Russia. On the contrary, the authorities pretend that nothing is happening. This attitude sometimes reaches absurd extremes when government officials claim that LGBT citizens simply do not exist.

After facts came to light about the systematic torture of gay men at secret detention camps in Chechnya, the republic’s press secretary immediately retorted that “you cannot repress those who are not and cannot be here in the Chechen Republic.” Despite the justified focus on Chechnya, these claims are hardly specific to one culture or region within the Russian Federation – officials in other regions speak in much the same manner. For example, the mayor of Svetogorsk in Leningrad Region declared his city “free from gays.” He subsequently argued that LGBT issues and rights are irrelevant there, neither an LGBT community nor LGBT people exist in the small city.

This imagined absence of LGBT people constitutes an active policy of silencing and excluding some citizens from the wider national community on the grounds of their sexuality

This imagined absence of LGBT people constitutes an active policy of silencing and excluding some citizens from the wider national community on the grounds of their sexuality. These comments certainly reinforce existing prejudices and reproduce violence against vulnerable groups. But what is the real picture? Let’s say that the authorities of a Russian city actually permitted an LGBT march to go ahead? Would these violent protectors of a false morality then take to the streets to fight those marching, to stop their fellow citizens expressing their point of view and standing up for their rights?

It depends on where you are. In other words, how dangerous is it to be gay in different Russian cities?

A “sexual stratification” of Russian cities

Media doesn’t simply inform society about current affairs; it also provides frames for understanding social problems, rendering some topics more important than others by virtue of generating discussion around them. Violence against LGBT people may be a key cause for concern in the human rights movement, but that urgency is lost in public discussions.

But media can also remedy societies from oblivion by sharing stories which are otherwise forgotten or ignored, and spark positive change. For example, the murder of gay teen Matthew Sheppard was one of the most publicised hate crimes in the US history. The furore in the press eventually led to changes in hate crime law.

One of the effects of Russia’s “propaganda” law was not simply the rise in violence against LGBT people. It also led to more frequent ewspaper publications on LGBT topics, hence public discussion on a topic which still remains taboo for many people. This was not entirely what legislators intended. We benefitted from this situation by researching the details and contexts of violence against LGBT in Russia as they were reported in media. The Sexuality Lab studied almost 4,500 media publications about violence against LGBT people in Russia between 2011 and 2016. We categorised all newspaper articles in accordance with the sexuality of the victims reported and the locations of crimes committed. All cities were then classified by population, making it possible for us to calculate an index of safety for every urban settlement.

The data reveal that the most dangerous places for LGBT people are villages in the countryside and small towns with a population below 100,000: they are characterised by the highest rates of violence against LGBT people per 1,000 persons. The safest locations are the largest cities (Moscow and St Petersburg): despite the greater number of crimes against LGBT in these cities, their relative indexes are actually the lowest. This can be explained by understanding the circumstances of these hate crimes.

Statistically, a gay person is safer in St Petersburg than in a smaller city like Nizhnevartovsk

Very often, hate crimes are committed as soon as perpetrators learn about the victim’s sexuality, which is usually revealed in a conversation in a private space over a drink or meal. These social gatherings occur more frequently in smaller settlements, because that way of life is simply more common there: there are fewer bars to go to, fewer crowds to blend into, and more free time to kill. People drink alcohol and talk about their personal lives as there’s no other way to spend one’s spare time. Alhough many people in Russia actually do not give a damn about LGBT issues, some still react violently to a person’s coming out – and such reactions are more common in smaller towns and cities.

The graph below shows incidents of violence against LGBT people in different towns and cities of Russia. We compare capital cities, big cities (of 500,000 people and above) and smaller cities (of between 100-500,000 people). This graph shows that the smaller a city, the bigger the probability of violence against LGBT people. Statistically, a gay person is safer in St Petersburg than in a smaller city like Nizhnevartovsk. This could explain why the mayor of Svetlogorsk thinks there are no gay men in his town – anybody with half a mind in that position would leave the place as soon as they felt threatened. 

Violence and hate crimes against LGBT people across Russia, by city size. Image courtesy of the author.

These results aren’t surprising; they just prove once again that homophobia is on the rise in Russia and that hate crimes are supported in its remote regions. We have based our claims on a survey of media publications, which limits the whole picture only to material in the public domain. As a result, there will be many hate crimes which went unreported, and some remote regions not covered in our media survey. However, it is no exaggeration to say that there are parts of the country which are simply not safe for LGBT citizens.

One of the ways to protect oneself is to keep silent about one’s sexuality, concealing it from the public in order not to become a victim of violence. So this secrecy around the existence of homosexuals is reinforced not only by political decisions, but also by individual moves as many LGBT people opt to hide their sexuality. While their response contributes to a culture of silence, they cannot and must not be blamed for it – simply put, they fear for their lives.

The LGBT pride parades pursue a radically different approach: a public and full-throated political demand to recognise that LGBT people exist. Do our data confirm that Russian cities are not ready to host such events on their territories? If our goal is to fight the silence, the data show exactly the contrary: as long as anybody suffers and is killed because of their sexuality, it is important to shout at the top of our voices to try and stop the murders and political climate in which they are tacitly tolerated. Human rights marches across towns and cities of all sizes are one way of articulating this; a means to make violence visible and demand that it stop.

CC by NC 4.0

          Download B05 Update for ZTE Axon 7 [A2017G][Europe]   

Latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat based B05 Update for ZTE Axon 7 starts rolling out in Europe. The B05 update for ZTE Axon 7 is available for European A2017G variants which bring June Security Patch...

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          Tour de France   
Europe’s great cycling event is for sports enthusiasts an armchair travellers alike. 10:30pm Saturday on SBS. Father Brown The Good Karma Hospital Digging for Britain’s Secrets Movie: The Magnificent Seven NAIDOC Awards
          FOX Sports deal good for female golfers   
More Aussie female golfers will compete on the the Ladies European Tour (LET) after FOX Sports extends deal.
          Wall Street Journal Said to Reduce Print Operations Outside U.S.   
The Journal will greatly curtail publication of its print newspaper in Europe and scale back its operation in Asia, according to two people familiar with its plans.
          GCP Auditors Wanted for Multiple Roles!    
Salary: On Application (GBP)
Location: France, Europe / Home based
Company: Barrington James Clinical
Posted: 30 June 2017 17:00:22
Expiry: 30 July 2017 16:41:59
          Barça : Le prix de Neymar explose, et ce n’est pas fini   

Barça : Le prix de Neymar explose, et ce n’est pas fini

Un an plus tard, le Paris Saint-Germain n’a sûrement pas oublié son précédent mercato estival, marqué...

          Dormant Bleeding Heart Plants – How To Plant A Bare Root Bleeding Heart   
By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer An old-fashioned favorite of many gardeners, the bleeding heart is a reliable, easy-to-grow perennial for zones 3-9. Native to Japan, bleeding heart has gone in and out of popularity for hundreds of years throughout Asia, Europe and America. With newer flower color, foliage textures and reblooming varieties widely available, it is once again a popular addition to partially shaded gardens. Thanks to the World Wide Web, getting your hands on the latest trending variety of bleeding heart is easier than ever. However, gardeners who are used to purchasing growing plants at nurseries or garden centers might get quite a shock when the bleeding heart plant they ordered online arrives as a bare root plant. Continue reading to learn how to plant a bare root bleeding heart. Dormant Bleeding Heart Plants Online nurseries and mail order catalogs usually sell bare root bleeding heart plants. While bleeding

          Simone Veil, Ex-Minister Who Wrote France’s Abortion Law, Dies at 89   
An Auschwitz survivor, Mrs. Veil was a vocal advocate for women’s rights who served as health minister and later as president of the European Parliament.
          Europe Edition: Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, Wimbledon: Your Friday Briefing   
Here’s what you need to know to start your day.
          Officiel : Belhanda signe à Galatasaray   

Officiel : Belhanda signe à Galatasaray

Ce n'est pas une surprise, mais c'est désormais officiel, Younès Belhanda s'est engagé ce vendredi avec...

          Senior Safety Specialist - Central and Eastern Europe    
Salary: Negotiable (GBP)
Location: Flexible Location, Central and Eastern Europe
Company: INC Research
Posted: 30 June 2017 11:35:34
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          The comfort zone of local investors   

Let’s face it, Maltese investors are in line with the Italians when it comes to selecting a particular asset class. In fact, the local investor is more focused on asset classes, which mainly generate an income return and thus tend to shy away from capital growth investments such as equities. Interestingly enough, over 75 per cent of Italians are more focused towards generating income from their investments. Should local investors remain solely focused on the fixed-income asset class at the current low yielding environment? In my view, as I have opined in previous writings, the current low yielding environment is posing risks to those investors who opted in taking more risk in order to beef-up their income return. In fact, nowadays even very conservative investors have opted for such move. In my view, as I have opined in previous writings, the current low yielding environment is posing risks to those investors who opted in taking more risk in order to beef-up their income return. In fact, nowadays even very conservative investors have opted for such move. In In Europe the wave of quantitative easing (QE) by the European Central Bank (ECB), has pushed yields towards record lows,...
          R E G U L A T O R Y *** GREAT OPP, lead a mAb into MAA now in pre-sub *** Unique 1st in Class * EU & Int’l role * Dir or AD grade * UK M4 or Europe    
Salary: On Application (GBP)
Benefits: On Application
Location: France, UK/M4 West OR Western Europe (full RELO)
Company: Advanced Regulatory (UK & Europe)
Posted: 30 June 2017 11:09:42
Expiry: 30 July 2017 11:03:18
          Regulatory Affairs Director with a Global Top 20 Biotech company - Team leading or GRL role covering EU & FDA Liaison and Strategy - Brussels    
Salary: Negotiable (GBP)
Benefits: On Application
Location: Belgium, BELGIUM with Relo
Company: Advanced Regulatory (UK & Europe)
Posted: 30 June 2017 10:57:50
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          Russia and Islam   
Russia has often been in the news over the past years, mostly as the demonized “Empire of Mordor” responsible for all the bad things on the planet, especially Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton, the Russian intervention in Syria and, of course, the “imminent” Russian invasion of the Baltics, Poland or even all of Western Europe....
          Dollar falls but bond yields up    
The euro rose yesterday alongside sterling and bond yields as a slew of hawkish comments from central banks signalled the era of ultra-loose monetary policy is ready to sunset across the Atlantic. The dollar index touched its lowest since October as investors shifted to the view that the US Federal Reserve might not be the only game in town when it comes to higher interest rates. With the Fed green-lighting dividends and buybacks in major banks as part of another round of stress tests, financial stocks rose but not enough to offset declines in technology and interest-rate sensitive sectors. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 141.81 points, or 0.66 per cent, to 21,312.8, the S&P 500 lost 19.3 points, or 0.79 per cent, to 2,421.39 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 92.96 points, or 1.49 per cent, to 6,141.46. European shares failed to hold onto early gains. The pan-European FTSEurofirst 300 index lost 1.36 per cent and MSCI’s gauge of stocks across the globe shed 0.52 per cent. Emerging market stocks lost 0.08 per cent. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan closed 0.59 per cent higher, while the Nikkei rose 0.45 per cent. As euro zone bond yields rallied, the...
          The Future of Islam in Western Europe   
With the upcoming French Presidential election in France the topic of Islam in Europe has again become central to the political discourse. This is nothing new, we also saw that in the UK, in Holland, in Austria and even in Switzerland where the Muslim communities were banned – by popular referendum - from building minarets...
          TIM launches 1G FTTH and previews 4.5G    
Italy's TIM has claimed another first for its mobile network by enabling upload speeds of up to 75 Mbit/s for all customers, and from July this year will enable 700 Mbit/s download speeds, over its 4.5G network in Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples, Palermo, Taormina and Giardini-Naxos.

In addition, as part of its fixed and mobile ultrabroadband initiative, TIM is launching a new 1,000 Mbit/s fixed-line service in 70 Italian municipalities. The company stated that the initiatives are the result of key investments to upgrade its ultrabroadband network, which currently reaches approximately 67% of Italian homes with fibre and covers 97% of the population via its 4G mobile network.

Through its Fibre and Mobile program, TIM offers customers connectivity enabling up to 1,000 Mbit/s download and 100 Mbit/s upload rates in 70 municipalities where the FTTH service is already available and, leveraging its 4.5G mobile network, 700 Mbit/s download rates in 11 cities. TIM stated that new customers can now sign up for its new Fibre and Mobile offer and receive broadband service with from 100 up to 1,000 Mbit/s bandwidth.

TIM stated that through planned investments for the period 2017 to 19 amounting to around Euro 11 billion, of which Euro 5 billion is dedicated to network modernisation, it has extended fibre coverage in Italy to over 16 million homes in around 1,900 municipalities. In 1,300 of these municipalities the broadband speed has been doubled to 200/70 Mbit/s via its FTTH infrastructure.

In addition, on its mobile network, having become the first service provider in Europe to launch 4.5G commercial service with download speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s in 11 cities, from July this year TIM plans to offer up to 700 Mbit/s download speeds in Turin, Milan, Naples, Rome and Palermo, Taormina and Giardini-Naxos for customers with compatible devices.

TIM is also offering all customers mobile service with upload speeds of up to 75 Mbit/s on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ and Sony XPERIA XZ Premium devices.

  • In April, TIM announced that as part of a program to implement 5G technology it would launch the first field tests in the city of Turin, and would demonstrate the technology in the city on 5G Day at its Open Lab innovation and development centre.
  • The Torino 5G project, instituted by TIM through an agreement with the Turin municipal authority, is designed to allow TIM to carry out early trials of 5G technology in a metro environment by the end of 2018. The company noted at that time that Turin was expected to become the first city in Italy to have a 5G mobile network, and cited a goal of deploying the technology by 2020.
  • For the 5G Day, TIM partnered with Qualcomm Technologies and Ericsson to demonstrate speeds of up to 700 Mbit/s download and up to 75 Mbit/s upload over its live 4.5G mobile network.

La propuesta fue impulsada principalmente por los tres partidos de izquierda representados en el país europeo El proyecto de ley fue aprobado a pesar del voto en contra de la canciller Angela Merkel El Informador BERLÍN, ALEMANIA (30/JUN/2017).- El parlamento alemán adoptó este viernes un proyecto de ley que legaliza el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo, a […]
          IoT forecasts come into focus   
For years now there has been forecast after forecast predicting the size of the IoT market by the end of the decade or ten years hence. There is always a big number of connected things and impressive valuation for the sum of the whole market, and with the large mobile operators such as AT&T and Verizon now including connected things in their quarterly reports there is hard data to back up the rosy forecasts. At an editorial briefing in San Jose last month, Qualcomm executives said it is now shipping one million wireless connections per day - this certainly gives a perspective on how fast IoT can grow. The company has hundreds of OEM design wins for its MDM9206 LTE modem for IoT.

As of June 15th, the GSMA Intelligence services says there are 8,132,111,132 mobile connections, including M2M. The GSMA's online tracker further reports 5,016,263,289 unique mobile subscribers, which are assumed to mean people with at least one mobile phone and SIM card. By subtraction, this means 3.1 billion M2M connections tracked by the GSMA via their mobile operator members.

This piece collects newly published data from several sources. First, IDC recently reported that worldwide spending on the IoT will reach nearly $1.4 trillion in 2021. Second, the Cisco Visual Network Index (VNI) found that M2M connections globally will grow from 780 million in 2016 to 3.3 billion by 2021, a 34% CAGR or fourfold growth. Third, the newly published Ericsson Mobility Study finds that 70% of wide-areas IoT devices will use cellular technology in 2022. While studies from different authors will never precisely line up, this collection of data agrees that real and significant revenue from IoT for carriers has started to materialize and will grow quickly in the near term.

Highlights from IDC’s Worldwide Semi-annual IoT spending guide

The first big finding to notice in IDC's report is that worldwide spending on IoT will reach $800 billion this year, up 16.7% year over year, which means that the market this month must be worth tens of millions of dollars. These numbers are spread out amongst the hardware, software, services and connectivity that enable the IoT. This means splitting the pot between vendors such as Qualcomm, Sierra Wireless, Cisco Jasper, integration specialists, and of course carriers such as AT&T, Orange and Vodafone. There are many others that could be included on this list, especially when considering the global market.  In that sense, the $800 billion is just a starting point. IDC's forecast says that by 2021, global IoT spending will total nearly $1.4 trillion. In a press release announcing the study, IDC's Carrie MacGillivray, vice president, Internet of Things and Mobility, stated that the true value of IoT is realised when the software and services come together to enable the capture, interpretation, and action on data produced by IoT endpoints.

IDC breaks down 2017 investments in IoT as follows: manufacturing operations ($105 billion), freight monitoring ($50 billion), and production asset management ($45 billion), smart grid technologies for electricity, gas and water and smart building technologies ($56 billion and $40 billion, respectively). Looking to 2021, IDC expects these use cases will remain the largest areas of IoT spending. Smart home technologies are forecast to experience strong growth (19.8% CAGR) over the five-year forecast. The use cases that will see the fastest spending growth are airport facilities automation (33.4% CAGR), electric vehicle charging (21.1% CAGR), and in-store contextual marketing (20.2% CAGR).

IDC sees hardware as the largest IoT spending category to 2021, the last year of the forecast, when it is overtaken by the services category. This is to be expected as the various physical sensors and connectivity units must be deployed first before a service can be offered. IDC says hardware spending will be dominated by modules and sensors that connect end points to networks, while software spending will be similarly dominated by applications software. In addition, IDC says services spending will be about evenly split between ongoing and content services and IT and installation services. The fastest growing areas of technology spending are in the software category, where horizontal software and analytics software will have five-year CAGRs of 29.0% and 20.5%, respectively. Security hardware and software will also see increased investment, growing at 15.1% and 16.6% CAGRs, respectively.

Regional highlights:

•   Asia Pacific (excluding Japan, APeJ) will be the IoT investment leader throughout the forecast with spending expected to reach $455 billion in 2021.

•   The U.S. will be the second largest region with IoT spending reaching $421 billion in 2021.

•   Western Europe will reach $274 billion in 2021.

The IDC Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide is quite comprehensive, covering IoT spending for 12 technologies and 54 use cases across 20 vertical industries in eight regions and 52 countries (for more details see here:

Cisco looks wide with its VNI forecast

Generally speaking, Cisco's forecasts have tended to be the most optimistic. This year’s Cisco VNI indicates that its IoT coverage includes both M2M and emerging category of wearable IoT devices. M2M connections, which Cisco defines as home and office security and automation, smart metering and utilities, maintenance, building automation, automotive, healthcare and consumer electronics, are predicted to grow from 780 million in 2016 to 3.3 billion by 2021, a 34% CAGR or fourfold growth.

Wearable devices, which Cisco notes could connect and communicate to the network either directly through embedded cellular connectivity or through another device (primarily a smartphone) using WiFi, Bluetooth, or another technology, include such things as smart watches, smart glasses, heads-up displays (HUDs), health and fitness trackers, health monitors, wearable scanners and navigation devices and smart clothing. The Cisco VNI predicts that by 2021 there will be 929 million wearable devices globally, growing nearly threefold from 325 million in 2016 at a CAGR of 23%. By 2021, Cisco expects that 7% will have embedded cellular connectivity, up from 3% in 2016. As AR/VR headsets enter the market, they could start to have a tangible impact on mobile traffic.

Ericsson looks to short-range and wide-range IoT connectivity

The newly published Ericsson Mobility Report finds that at the end of 2016 there were around 0.4 billion IoT devices with cellular connections. Ericsson's study divides IoT into short-range and wide-area segments, and it provides some guidance as to how IoT is impacting the network. For instance, the report says use cases with VoLTE calls for IoT (Cat-M1) are starting to emerge. This could extend mobile voice service to IoT devices, an interesting possibility.

By 2021, Ericsson expects there will be 2.1 billion devices connected via LTE-M and NB-IoT networks, roughly a 30% CAGR from today. This trend has already started. This year, several prominent mobile operators have rolled out commercial LTE-M networks. For instance, in March, Verizon announced the commercial launch of its nationwide 4G LTE Category M1 (or Cat M1) network. The coverage spans 2.4 million square miles. Verizon will introduce low rate, multi-year plans to match the longer useful life of Cat M1 devices, including data plans that start at $2 per month per device, with customised options available for bulk activations and volume purchases. In May, AT&T followed suit by announcing the deployment of its nationwide LTE-M network ahead of schedule.

          China Telecom and Orange Business Services Target IoT   
China Telecom and Orange Business Services announced the extension of their strategic partnership into the IoT space during the launch event of eSurfing on the Silk Road, IoT with the World in Shanghai, China, with the new cooperation designed to enable the companies to serve enterprise customers via a combined footprint across three continents.

Through the expanded agreement, multinational customers of China Telecom and Orange will be able to deploy IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) services across each other's networks.

China Telecom enterprise customers with outbound IoT businesses can deploy their assets and offerings on the Orange networks in Europe and Africa, while Orange's global enterprise customers can access the Chinese market utilising China Telecom's IoT network resources and business capabilities. In addition, both partners propose a global solution to address local IoT connectivity requirements leveraging eUICC capabilities and the commonly deployed Device Connectivity Platform from Ericsson.

China Telecom and Orange plan to cooperate commercially and technically to create new service models designed to address global IoT opportunities. Under the agreement, Orange will become one of China Telecom's preferred partners for connectivity in Europe and Africa, while China Telecom will support Orange in delivering connectivity in China.

The agreement also encompasses joint exploration of the potential for enhancing existing IoT capabilities and the application of new technologies such as mobile IoT in the global market.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Deng Xiao Feng, MD of global business department of China Telecom, said, "China is one of the fastest growing markets for IoT applications, China Telecom is working with Orange to push for the building of an advanced IoT solution to capture global IoT opportunities… China Telecom (and) Orange will address the increasing IoT demand and… support enterprise customers with the IoT Open Platform".

          PACE to discuss dismissing its president in October   
TBILISI, DFWatch–The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will discuss a proposal to dismiss its chairperson in early October after a motion was tabled on Friday. The motion to dismiss PACE President Pedro […]
          CoE official dismayed over Georgia’s constitution ‘crisis’   
TBILISI, DFWatch–A Council of Europe official is in despair over the way Georgian leaders have handled the drafting of a new constitution, calling the debacle a ‘crisis’. “I’m disappointed and become more and more […]
          ‘Cult of Chucky’ to Receive World Premiere at FrightFest   

The line-up for FrightFest has been announced, and it’s a schedule filled with world, European and UK premieres, including the debut of Cult of Chucky – the seventh film in the Child’s Play series. FrightFest will cast a dark shadow over London from August 24 to August 28, with 64 films screening at the Cineworld […]

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          Softball Europeo 2017: Olanda batte Italia, prova d’appello per le azzurre contro la Gran Bretagna   
BOLLATE – Black out allo stadio del softball di Bollate, la semifinale dell’Europeo diventa infinita. Venerdì sera tutto ha congiurato contro Italia-Olanda: prima la pioggia che ha rallentato la partita precedente, Gran Bretagna-Repubblica ceca, che poi è finita solo al tie-breal per le britanniche. L’Italia ha potuto iniziare solo alle 22 ed un’ora e mezza […]
          Softball Europeo 2017, Greta Cecchetti pensa alla semifinale con l’Olanda   
BOLLATE / CARONNO PERTUSELLA – Superata di slancio anche la Russia nel match del mezzogiorno di venerdì, l’Italia pensa alla sfida serale, sempre a Bollate, alle 20.45, con l’Olanda: è la semifinale, chi vince va diretto alla finalissima di sabato alle 18; chi perde più comunque tornate in gioco successivamente. Greta Cecchetti è la “veterana” […]
          Softball Europeo 2017: Nicolini guida l’Italia alla vittoria sulla Russia   
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          European shares set for biggest monthly loss in a year   
The pan-European STOXX 600 index was up 0.2 per cent at 0805 GMT and euro zone blue chips also inched higher.
          How to avoid DVT on planes, trains and automobiles   

You don't have to be travelling to Europe these school holidays to be at risk of a potentially deadly blood clot.

          Freedom of Speech and The Internet, Red Level Emergency   

Freedom of Speech and The Internet, Red Level Emergency $GOOGL, $FB In October, US President Barack Hussein Obama surrendered control over the Internet to the United Nations.  Now after the November Presidential election the main-stream media complains of “fake news” and wants to ban news sources outside the control of the corporate media. The European Union […]

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          Europe seeks company to monitor Google's algorithm in €10m deal   

Follows €2.4bn mega fine

The European Commission is seeking a company to police Google’s algorithm in a tender worth €10m, following its record antitrust fine against the advertising business of €2.4bn (£2.1bn).…

          Teledyne e2v delivers first space-grade commercial processors to Thales Alenia Space for use in a European satellite mission   

Teledyne e2v has set a European mission first by re-engineering commercial microprocessors that provide Thales Alenia Space with a major increase in processing speed and power for lightning imaging satellites' on-board computer (OBC)

          Large study links key pesticide to weakened honeybee hives   
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A common and much-criticized pesticide dramatically weakens already vulnerable honeybee hives, according to a new massive field study in three European countries....
自从HoloLens首次公布以来,微软已经与Unity Technologies合作,为其全息计算平台提供了支持。今天,在2017年的Unite Europe,微软Brandon Bray对此进行了详细的讨论,阐述Windows通用平台如何 […]
           Mapping climate change in European temperature distributions    
Stainforth, David A., Chapman, Sandra C. and Watkins, Nicholas W. (2014) Mapping climate change in European temperature distributions. Environmental Research Letters, Volume 8 (Number 3). Article number 034031. ISSN 1748-9326
           Magnetic resonance spectroscopy metabolite profiles predict survival in paediatric brain tumours    
Wilson, Martin P., Cummins, Carole L., MacPherson, Lesley, Sun, Yu, Natarajan, Kal, Grundy, Richard G., Arvanitis, Theodoros N., Kauppinen, Risto A. and Peet, Andrew C.. (2013) Magnetic resonance spectroscopy metabolite profiles predict survival in paediatric brain tumours. European Journal of Cancer, Volume 49 (Number 2). pp. 457-464. ISSN 0959-8049
          Valuations in European Real Estate Finance – regulatory compliance in a global environment   
          Plastic Headgear Market, Trends, Size and Forecasts   

Reports and Intelligence adds a new report titled, “Global Plastic Headgear Market to 2017 - Market Size, Growth and Forecasts in Nearly 70 Countries”

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2014 -- Reports and Intelligence adds a new report titled, "Global Plastic Headgear Market to 2017 - Market Size, Growth and Forecasts in Nearly 70 Countries" which is a useful piece of information for the global players in the plastic headgear market. The report provides a comprehensive analysis on the market trends, size, forecast and growth of the overall plastic headgear market.

Browse complete report at:

Report provides the market share of plastic headgears in the overall global market and further segments the plastic headgear market on the basis of product. The product segment includes Safety headgear and other headgears of plastic.

Analysis in the report is based on 2006-2012 market data and the report forecasts the global market till the year 2017, which provides insightful market information for the investors, sales, marketing & product managers and analysts in an accessible and well presented format.

The report covers the following topics:

-Global Market size
-Market growth rate
-Market segmentation on the basis of products
-Growth rate of each product segment
-Market forecasts

See similar report: Spirit Markets in the Top 5 European Countries to 2018 - Market Size, Trends, and Forecasts

Report covers the following geographical regions:
Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam.

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          Research Report on Global Waterborne Paint Reconcile Market 2014   

Reports and Intelligence adds a report titled “2014 Market Research Report on Global Waterborne paint reconcile Industry.”

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2014 -- Reports and Intelligence adds a report titled "2014 Market Research Report on Global Waterborne paint reconcile Industry." The report would provide vital information in the waterborne paint reconcile market and help the market participants to strategize market policies.

The report offers factual and actionable insights into major regional market such as North American, Europe and Asia etc., which includes important countries for the market such as United States, Germany, Japan and China etc.

Get full report at:

The report helps you to understand basic and vital details such as waterborne paint reconcile definition, application, industry chain overview and classification. This would make the concepts about the market clearer. Further the report also provides detailed intelligence on other industry factors such as industry policy and plan, product specification, cost structure, manufacturing process, etc.

Experts have analyzed market conditions such as profit, capacity, product price, capacity utilization, production, and supply that would impact the market growth in the future. Furthermore, the report analyzed the external factors such as investment feasibility analysis, investment return analysis, and project SWOT analysis.

Request for sample report at:

The report is prepared by industry experts that have deepest knowledge of the market. This is a great reference guide for numerous investors and manufacturers who want to design and implement plans in the waterborne paint reconcile market,

The report would also give you significant details on key market players.

About Reports and Intelligence
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          Global Automotive Market Is Expected to Reach over $245 Billion by 2020   

Automotive Refinish Coatings Market 2012-2020, report published by Allied Market Research at ReportsandIntelligence

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2014 -- The automotive refinish coating market provides for coating of automotives. The global automotive market is expected to reach over $245 billion by 2020; therefore, the market for refinish coating can expect good revenue. The key driver for the market is increase in the number of vehicles in operation. It is expected that the number of car users in developing countries would reach around three to four billion in the next 30 years.

Get full report at:

However, the North American and European market is expected to be flat due to the economic downtimes and enhanced road safety parameters. The automotive market is not expected to grow in these regions until the recession settles down; therefore, the automotive refinish market is dependent on developing economies. The major challenge for companies in the market is to overcome the refinish coating requirements of two-wheelers and heavy commercial vehicles as the market is largely dependent on car markets.

The key companies profiled in the report are DuPont Performance Coating, Axalta Coating Systems, BASF SE, Kansai Paint Co. Ltd, Akzo Nobel N.V, KCC Corp, Noroo Paint Coatings Co. Ltd., PPG Industries Inc., and Matrix System Automotive Finishes.


-This report provides market intelligence with respect to solvent type, vehicle refinish type and geographies

-Deep dive of top factors impacting the market growth

-Value chain analysis, Porter's five forces, top investment pockets are analyzed and presented in detail in the report

-SWOT analysis and strategic developments are included in the report for key players

-Study of the challenges and opportunities available in the automotive refinish coatings market

-Market estimates for automotive refinish coatings market and its sub-segments

-Identification of the key strategies adopted by major market players engaged in the market

Get full access of report with 'Table of Contents' at:

Market Segments are:

-Global Market, By Solvent Type
-Global Market, By Vehicle Refinishing Type
-Global Market, By Geography

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About Reports and Intelligence
Reports and Intelligence is an online library for research reports in numerous sectors and their verticals. This is the one stop destination for well researched reports with exact market analysis.

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          Bone Glues Market in Europe Will Grow at a CAGR of 1.39 Percent over the Period 2013-2018   

Bone Glues Market in Europe 2014-2018, report published by Reports and Intelligence

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2014 -- Bone glues are a form of collagen. They are obtained from animal sources such as bovine and piscine bones. The most commonly used production process for making bone glues involves the procurement of animal bones from slaughterhouses, tanneries, and meat packing companies and their subjection to washing, boiling under pressure, de-mineralization and extraction of collagen, and drying. Bone glues are largely used in applications such as woodworking, book publishing, and match head production.

Get full details of report

Bone Glues market in Europe will grow at a CAGR of 1.39 percent over the period 2013-2018.

Report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Bone Glues market in Europe for the period 2014-2018. To arrive at a ranking for the leading vendors of the market, and to calculate the market size, the report considers the production capacity of vendors of bone glues. It also presents the vendor landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of the top five vendors in the Bone Glues market in Europe. The report also provides data on the different segments of the Bone Glues market in Europe based on the following segmentation criteria: key leading country and application.

See similar report: Spirit Markets in the Top 5 European Countries to 2018 - Market Size, Trends, and Forecasts

Table of Content:
01. Executive Summary
02. List of Abbreviations
03. Scope of the Report
04. Market Research Methodology
05. Introduction
06. Market Landscape
07. Key Leading Countries
08. Market Segmentation by Application
09. Buying Criteria
10. Market Growth Drivers
11. Drivers and their Impact
12. Market Challenges
13. Impact of Drivers and Challenges
14. Market Trends

Get full Table of Contents:

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          2014 Market Research Report on Global Amino Acids Calcium Industry - Reports and Intelligence   

The reports studies the market and gives the market growth rates, market trends, revenues, opportunities and factors that drive & impede the market growth.

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2014 -- Reports and Intelligence adds a report titled "2014 Market Research Report on Global Amino acids calcium Industry." The report is prepared by industry experts that provide intuitive knowledge to numerous market participants.

The reports studies the market and gives the market growth rates, market trends, revenues, opportunities and factors that drive & impede the market growth. The report has thoroughly analyzed major regional powers that contribute significantly to the amino acid calcium market. Significant geographies such as North America, Europe and Asia are deeply analyzed in their role towards the development of the market.

To get full information of the report visit:

The report gives extensive information on market products, types, segments and important regional players. Further, the report includes crucial amino acid calcium industry's future growth rate and developmental plans that has been formulated during the forecast period. The detailed study would provide a comprehensive picture of the market conditions such as product price, capacity, profit, production, supply & demand and capacity utilization.

The experts have properly prepared the amino acids calcium market's SWOT analysis, investment return analysis and feasibility analysis.

The reports comprehensively cover all the market areas that would help global players in formulating their market strategies and evaluating the overall market chain. The report study is divided into 6 parts; the first part consists of basic market information. The second, third and fourth part studies the amino acid calcium market for Asia, North America and Europe, respectively. The fifth part provides the statistical data on investment and market entries. The last part consists of the conclusion.

The report also provides information on global players that influence the market growth.

Table of Contents
Get TOC of the report@

Part I Amino acids calcium Industry Overview

Chapter One Amino acids calcium Industry Overview

Chapter Two Amino acids calcium Up and Down Stream Industry Analysis

Part II Asia Amino acids calcium Industry(The Report Company Including The Below Listed But Not All)

Chapter Three Asia Amino acids calcium Market Analysis

Chapter Four 2009-2014 Asia Amino acids calcium Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast

Chapter Five Asia Amino acids calcium Key Manufacturers Analysis

Chapter Six Asia Amino acids calcium Industry Development Trend

Part III North American Amino acids calcium Industry (The Report Company Including The Below Listed But Not All)

Chapter Seven North American Amino acids calcium Market Analysis

Chapter Eight 2009-2014 North American Amino acids calcium Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast

Chapter Nine North American Amino acids calcium Key Manufacturers Analysis

Chapter Ten North American Amino acids calcium Industry Development Trend

Part IV Europe Amino acids calcium Industry Analysis(The Report Company Including The Below Listed But Not All)

Chapter Eleven Europe Amino acids calcium Market Analysis

Chapter Twelve 2009-2014 Europe Amino acids calcium Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast

Chapter Thirteen Europe Amino acids calcium Key Manufacturers Analysis

Chapter Fourteen Europe Amino acids calcium Industry Development Trend

Part V Amino acids calcium Marketing Channels and Investment Feasibility

Chapter Fifteen Amino acids calcium Marketing Channels Development Proposals Analysis

Chapter Sixteen Development Environmental Analysis

Chapter Seventeen Amino acids calcium New Project Investment Feasibility Analysis

Part VI Global Amino acids calcium Industry Conclusions

Chapter Eighteen 2009-2014 Global Amino acids calcium Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast

Chapter Nineteen Global Amino acids calcium Industry Development Trend

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          Global Advanced Wound Care and Closure Market   

Global Advanced Wound Care and Closure Market (Types, Applications, End User and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2014 -- Traditional wound care & closure and advanced wound care & closure products are used to treat acute and chronic wounds. Chronic wounds are hard to heal wounds, which take substantial time to heal and are expensive to treat. Advanced wound care & closure products are emerging as a standard solution for treating chronic wounds. Traditional wound care & closure products are being increasingly substituted with advanced wound care & closure products due to their efficacy and effectiveness in managing wounds by enabling faster healing.

Attempts to reduce the duration of hospital stays in order to limit surgical healthcare costs, and the rising inclination towards products that enhance therapeutic outcomes are driving the demand for advanced wound care & closure products. The risks associated with ineffective wound healing promote the demand for combination dressings, which is a modern trend in the market that is replacing traditional wound dressing methods.

Get detailed report at:

Smith and Nephew, Kinetic Concepts, 3M, BSN medical, Covidien, ConvaTech, Derma Sciences, Integra LifeSciences, Baxter International and Coloplast are some of the major players in the global advanced wound care and closure market.

The global advanced wound care and closure market has been segmented based on type, application, end users and geography. Based on type, the global market is segmented into advanced wound closure market and advanced wound care market. According to applications, the market is segmented into Burns, Ulcers and Surgical Wounds. Based on end users, the market is segmented into hospitals & community healthcare services and home healthcare. Geographically, the market is segmented into four regions, namely North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA.

Key Benefits:

- An in-depth analysis of the current advanced wound care, and wound closure market scenario is strategically dealt to provide future market trends that would facilitate decision making

- Quantitative analysis of the current market trends and estimations through 2013-2020 would help strategists to design business strategies to capitalize on the prevailing opportunities in the market

- Analysis of the market factors in various regions would bestow a deeper understanding of demographical dynamics that would influence expansion decisions.

- Identification of key application segments based on their potential and growth prospects would throw light on the most profitable segments to capitalize on

- Analysis of key strategies adopted by market players will assist in understanding the inherent business rivalry and intensity of competition prevailing among the top brands

- Emphasis is laid on key factors affecting the growth of the global advanced wound closure and advanced wound care market. These factors are critically analyzed to gain a futuristic view of the market

- SWOT and competitive analysis of key players is conducted to help stakeholders to understand the inherent trends followed by their competitors and make the necessary amendments to the existing expansion plans

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          Global Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) Market (Applications and Geography) - Reports and Intelligence   

Global Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) Market (Applications and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2012 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2014 -- IVIG is a blood product which is administered in the body through veins. These are used in the treatment of three major categories of diseases, namely immune diseases, autoimmune diseases and acute infections. These are administered in patients to maintain an optimum level of antibodies so as to upgrade immunity or avoid infections. The factors driving this market are increasing number of patients with bleeding disorders, autoimmune diseases and asthma, increasing awareness and expenditure on health products and technological developments. The resulting side effects with the use of intravenous immunoglobulin such as venous thrombosis, dermatitis and acute kidney disorders and high cost involved in treatment are restraining the growth of this market. The introduction of improved therapies for the treatment of these diseases would provide opportunity for growth of this market.

Get detailed report at:

On the basis of application, this market can be classified into neurology, haematology, dermatology, nephrology and ophthalmology. Among all areas where intravenous immunoglobulin is used, its application is maximum in heamatology. This is due to the increasing number of people with bleeding disorders.

On the basis of geography, this market can be classified into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and rest of the world (RoW). Presently, North America is the major contributor to the market of IVIG followed by Europe. This is due to increasing number of people suffering from autoimmune diseases.

The major players in this market are Biotest AG, Octapharma AG, CSL, Baxter International, Inc., Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd., Talecris, Grifols S.A., OMRIX Biopharmaceuticals Ltd, and Kedrion Biopharma. The companies in the report are seeking approval as a strategy for the commercialization of their in the pipeline drugs. Therefore, the companies are adopting approval and clearance as key developmental strategies.

The Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) market is an emerging field of therapeutics. The market is facing challenges due to stringent regulations. However, these regulations are strategically dealt in this report and more emphasis is given on the commercial polices available for the Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) Market. The clinical trials conducted for the development of novel therapies are critically analyzed so that key players competing in this market can take strategic decisions. . The market dynamics show that the impact of drivers is more in the market compared to the restraints.

- The estimations in the report are made by considering present market scenario and future market potential for the period of 2014-2020
- Key developmental strategies adopted by top market players engaged in this business are described so that companies involved in development of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) can get competitive intelligence about their competitors
- Market estimation for geographic segments is derived from current market scenarios and forecasted market trends.
- Market attractiveness analysis has been included for geographic regions with detailed analysis of factors responsible for rapid growth of the market segments
- In-depth analysis of market drivers, restraints and opportunities of the market is dealt in the report.

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          Noninvasive Cancer Diagnostics and Technologies Market   

Noninvasive Cancer Diagnostics and Technologies Market - Global Share, Industry Overview, Analysis, Growth, Trends Opportunities and Forecast 2012 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2014 -- Non-invasive diagnostic is a process of identifying the disease conditions with minimal incision in body during diagnosis. The global market for diagnostic/in-vitro diagnostics valued at $49.2 billion in 2012, which shows potential for market growth, especially in chronic diseases. Non-invasive cancer diagnostics is gaining importance over conventional diagnosis due to increase in incidences of chronic cancer such as breast cancer, and lung cancer. According to American Cancer Society, there were more than 1,660,290 new cases diagnosed in 2013.

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Commercialization of non-invasive cancer diagnosis is possible due to completion of Human Genome Project (HGP) that gives enormous diagnostic information based on genomic and proteomic. Increase in stringent regulatory guidelines and cost associated with diagnostics is hindering the growth of non-invasive cancer diagnostic market. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance regulations for monitoring non-invasive diagnostics are issued by FDA, Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Social Security Administration (SSA).

The global non-invasive market has a huge potential in developing countries; however, cost of diagnosis is creating hurdles to tap this market. Hence, to overcome this problem, the diagnostic market has to be analyzed by the developing countries such as China, Japan, and India. This report provides key market drivers that are driving the market with impact analysis. The report gives intelligence about key regulatory guidelines issued by respective governments.

Key companies included in report are Precision Therapeutics, A&G Pharmaceutical, Affymetrix Inc., AVIVA Biosciences Corporation, BIOVIEW Inc., Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp), Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Cancer Genetics Inc., Digene Corporation, Gen-Probe Incorporated


-Key developmental strategies adopted by top market players engaged in this business so that companies involved in development non-invasive cancer diagnostic device can get competitive intelligence of their competitors

-Market estimation for therapeutics techniques and geographic segment is derived from current market scenario and expected market trends

-Market attractiveness analysis has been included for various product segments, therapeutics, techniques and geographic regions with detailed analysis of factors responsible for rapid growth of the market segments

-In depth analysis of key market drivers, restraints and opportunities of non-invasive cancer diagnostic market with impact analysis

-Value chain analysis, Porter's five force model, top investment pockets (GE9 Cell Matrix) are analyzed and presented in detail in the report so that the decision makers can receive clear picture of cancer diagnosis market



- Solid tumors
- Blood cancer
- Lung Cancer
- Breast Cancer
- Others


- Clinical Chemistry
- Immunochemistry/Immunoassay
- Molecular Diagnostics
- Other Clinical Instruments


- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- RoW


- Medical devices manufacturing companies
- Pharmaceutical companies
- Government and Private Research Institutes
- Academic Institutes

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          2014 Market Research Report on Global LED Display Industry - Reports and Intelligence   

According to Reports and Intelligence, Research Report on ‘Global LED Display Industry market 2014’ was professional and depth research report on Global LED Display industry.

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/26/2014 -- According to Reports and Intelligence, Research Report on 'Global LED Display Industry market 2014' was professional and depth research report on Global LED Display industry that you would know the world's major regional market conditions of LED Display industry, the main region including North American, Europe and Asia etc, and the main country including United States,Germany,Japan and China etc.

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The report firstly introduced LED Display basic information including LED Display definition classification application and industry chain overview; LED Display industry policy and plan, LED Display product specification, manufacturing process, cost structure etc. Then we deeply analyzed the world's main region market conditions that including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand and industry growth rate etc.

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In a word, it was a depth research report on Global LED Display industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from LED Display industry chain related technical experts and marketing experts during Research Team survey and interviews.

The report including six parts, the first part maainly introduced the product basic information; the second parts mainly analyzed the Asia LED Display industry; the third part mainly analyzed the North American LED Display industry; the fourth part mainly analyzed the Europe LED Display industry; the fifth part mainly analyzed the market entry and investment feasibility; the sixth part was the report conclusion chapter.

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In the end, the report introduced LED Display new project SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, and investment return analysis and Global LED Display industry.

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          Vaccines - Top 5 European Markets Package   

This market research report package offers a perspective on the actual market situation, trends and future outlook for vaccines in the top 5 European countries.

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2014 -- This market research report package offers a perspective on the actual market situation, trends and future outlook for vaccines in the top 5 European countries. The studies provide essential market information for decision-makers including:

- Overall market for vaccines in top 5 European countries
- Market for vaccines by product type
- Forecasts and future outlook of the market
- Macroeconomic indicators

Get detailed report at:

These market studies answer to questions such as:

- What is the size of the vaccine markets in top 5 European countries?
- How are the markets divided into different types of products?
- Which products are growing fast?
- How the markets have been developing?
- How does the future look like?
- What is the potential for the markets?
- How the macroeconomic indicators look like?

Product types discussed in the studies:

- Human vaccines
- Veterinary vaccines

Years covered: 2006 - 2017

Countries included in the package:
Germany, Russia, France, Italy and United Kingdom

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          2014 Market Research Report on Global Laser Cutting Machine Industry   

According to Reports and Intelligence, research report on Global Laser Cutting Machine Industry Market-2014 was a professional and depth research report on Global Laser Cutting Machine industry that you would know the world's major regional market conditions of Laser Cutting Machine industry.

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/22/2014 -- According to Reports and Intelligence, research report on Global Laser Cutting Machine Industry Market-2014 was a professional and depth research report on Global Laser Cutting Machine industry that you would know the world's major regional market conditions of Laser Cutting Machine industry.

Get full report with T.O.C. at:

The report firstly introduced Laser Cutting Machine basic information including Laser Cutting Machine definition classification application and industry chain overview. Laser Cutting Machine industry policy and plan, Laser Cutting Machine product specification, manufacturing process, cost structure etc. Then we deeply analyzed the world's main region market conditions that including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand and industry growth rate etc.

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In the end, the report introduced Laser Cutting Machine new project SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, and investment return analysis and Global Laser Cutting Machine industry.

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The report including six parts, the first part mainly introduced the product basic information; the second parts mainly analyzed the Asia Laser Cutting Machine industry; the third part mainly analyzed the North American Laser Cutting Machine industry; the fourth part mainly analyzed the Europe Laser Cutting Machine industry; the fifth part mainly analyzed the market entry and investment feasibility; the sixth part was the report conclusion chapter.

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          Labour split over Europe as Remain MPs say their constituents don’t realise Jeremy Corbyn backs hard Brexit   
          Corbyn’s weakness on Brexit endangers Labour’s revival   
Cartoon: The Economist Corbyn and his team risk jeopardising Labour’s election success because of their backwardness over Europe and de facto commitment to supporting the Tories over Brexit. It was always a fundamental political weakness waiting to be exposed, although during the general election campaign the Corbyn team skilfully maintained a policy of studied ambiguity. Corbyn’s capitulation to the Tories over Brexit and the sacking of […]
          "The Flight" Chapter 2 of Apurvai, a travelogue by P.L. "PuLa" Deshpande   
Many years ago, I translated chapter 1 from the 1960 book. You don't HAVE TO read it to follow this chapter, but it is recommended. Unlike my other translations which were done from audio files of PuLa narrating his work, this one has been done from the actual book. So even Marathis who've never read the book will find something new here. 

To set the stage a little, in this chapter, PuLa describes the experience of his first ever international flight. Based on the references to the Suez Crisis, I'm guessing it happened in 1956 or 1957. So almost 60 years ago! I was surprised to learn of the sheer number of stopovers flights had to make in those days. It is indeed a different era. But so much of what he writes resonated with me in terms of my experiences with international flights. Which is why I chose to translate this although it isn't as ROFLMAO funny as the previous chapter.

Usual caveats - Much of PuLa's humor comes from how he played with the Marathi language, and it can get lost in translation. But his observations and descriptions stay relevant even 55 years later.

Our flight to London from Santa Cruz airport was scheduled for 11 PM on August 20th. It wasn't my first time flying, but it was the first time I was flying to another country, that too on a huge airplane. I had been told to reach the airport about an hour before the flight. Even if I hadn't been told this, I would've gone there two hours before. Because even when I am taking an M.S.M. train (or as you kids today call it, Southern Railway), I go to the station an hour early. Even if I have a reserved seat. 

I find it convenient to allow that buffer for unforeseen but predictable events like getting on the wrong train, not being able to find my compartment, taxi to the station breaking down, heavy rain causing waterlogging, forgetting some important stuff at home and realizing it halfway to the station, forgetting to fill the water bottle, and of course, panicking every few minutes thinking that I have either forgotten the ticket at home or lost it. 

And of course, Indian Railways regularly contributes with unforeseen but predictable events of its own. Just as you've spread out a sheet on your berth and laid down, a railways employee comes and says the compartment has some problems, so we need to shift to another one. It takes about 45 minutes to find a porter, find the replacement compartment, and move all the luggage. It turns out that if you turn the lights on, the fan stops working, and if you turn the fan on, the lights stop working. Finally both are fixed, and when you go to the bathroom, there is no water in the compartment. So you have to stay awake till Lonand to find a guard and complain about it. If you're lucky, it'll get fixed by the time the train reaches Nira. Or then wait till Miraj at 5 AM so you can use the bathroom on the station. 

So even if you go very early to the station, there's no guarantee that your rail journey will be pleasant. I wonder if we are destined to ever get railways that take the responsibility of passenger comfort seriously. Until then, there are only two ways to travel without any problems - on foot like Vinoba Bhave or by air.

Or so I thought.

When I bought my tickets at the Air India office, the lady behind the counter had told me to reach the airport at 9 PM. And then, flashing me a disarming smile, suggested that I call the airline before leaving to make sure the plane wasn't delayed. So just as we were about to leave, I remembered that smile and mentioned this to the huge contingent of friends, family, and neighbors gathered at our house to bid us farewell.

"Haha, don't be an idiot! It's a plane, not an ST bus to be delayed. Airlines operate with second-by-second precision!"

A friend, who had never traveled an inch north of Malad or south of Kala Ghoda, said making me feel like an idiot in front of everyone. This guy has always had this publicly dismissive attitude towards me. I don't know why I am still friends with him. When I told him I was being sent to England by Doordarshan, his first reaction was,

"You??? Why??? Looks like the government has too much money to waste!"

When I first wore the suit mentioned in the previous chapter, he laughed and said I looked like a trumpeter from one of the Dhobi Talao wedding bands. Totally unnecessary snark. But he can't help it. So even though he had no first hand experience on the matter, he stayed true to his nature and ridiculed me for wondering if I should call the airline to check the flight status.

My wife called the airline office anyway. And we came to know that because the incoming plane from Tokyo hadn't reached yet, our flight was delayed by two hours. 

I winced. The idea of sitting in Mumbai's humidity for two more hours wearing a three piece suit, that noose-like tie, those damned expensive Chinese shoes, the nylon socks bought after the Middle East cooled down, and a thick coat meant for England's cold weather, was unbearable. I was tempted to take off all my clothes (except for one) and cal the whole thing off. 

"So....will the plane depart exactly two hours later than scheduled?"

Someone from the annoyingly large farewell contingent asked, and that question suddenly made our house explode into a pointless deliberation that made it resemble a legislative body debating a useless resolution.

"Will the plane leave two hours later or do you go to the airport two hours later?"

"But does two hours really mean two hours?"

"But what does a plane coming from Tokyo have to do with an Air India flight going to London?"

"Let's say the plane reaches earlier than estimated......will it still leave two hours late or earlier than that?"

"Let's say that Tokyo flight is delayed by four hours instead, will your flight leave two hours late or four hours late?"

"Someone told me that last week a flight scheduled for midnight eventually departed after dawn. Is that true?"

"Are you sure it's a plane from Tokyo? Maybe it's Kyoto."

"I just called a friend of mine who works in a restaurant at the airport. He says there is some mechanical problem in this plane, and the Tokyo plane thing is just an excuse."

"So the flight might get cancelled?"

"Do they have a replacement plane? How many planes does All India Radio have anyway?"

"It's Air India, not All India Radio."

"Yeah, same difference."

"Mechanical problems......that's scary!"

"You both have life insurance, right?"

"Remember the plane that crashed at Cairo five years ago? My boss' nephew was on it. His wife got two million as compensation!"

"I've heard you can buy life insurance at the airport."

All this nonsense from people who had nothing to do with our travel whatsoever. I prayed to god to rescue me from this plane chaos by sending the plane he sent for Sant Tukaram. 

"I'm telling you guys. Instead of spending the two hours sitting at home, spend them sitting at the airport. Let's say they repair the plane early and it leaves before time. What are you going to do? It's not like you can catch it on the way. It's not the Barshi-Pandharpur passenger train. Hehehehe!"

So finally, following the over-cautious traditions of my train journeys, we reached the airport at 9:30 PM for a plane that was scheduled to depart at 1:30 AM. Some of my other friends and colleagues were at the airport already to see me off. They either didn't know that the plane was delayed, or even if they knew, they were aware of my over-cautious traditions. 

All my friends at the airport made me feel very awkward and also emotional by showering me with so many garlands and bouquets, that the airport officials thought I was a politician. And I had an epiphany at that moment - the greatest wealth in my life is my friends. If wealth were to be measured in friendships, I am probably richer than Tata-Birla combined. I have so many dear friends in so many walks of life! And so many of them had come late at night and out of the way to the airport to see me off. 

I felt touched but also embarrassed. Firstly, I still wasn't sure I could pull off the suit-boot look. Having such a huge audience for it felt weird. And then there were these garlands and bouquets. I was overwhelmed. I have gotten used to getting such attention at functions and award shows and suchlike. But on this occasion, I was feeling like I had an emotional debt to pay off. Just popping by to say goodbye is one thing, but these guys had come all the way to the airport!

My embarrassment was compounded by the fact that I hadn't really done or achieved anything to deserve all the attention that night. When I get such attention after a successful theater performance, it's okay. At least I gave them some happiness, and they are appreciating it. But that night, my wife and I were just flying to England like thousands of people do everyday. And yet my mob of friends at the airport had made me feel like I was doing something special. With a luggage full of such love and good wishes, I started feeling confident that even if all the engines of the plane failed, I could fly anywhere I wanted. 

The crowd of friends and all the flowers being heaped on me made the press photographers hanging around think that I was some big deal. They suddenly started snapping our pictures like paparazzi. In all this chaos, one of my friends went to the airport officials and convinced them to open a "VIP Lounge" for me. A sturdy fellow in a crisp uniform politely asked us to follow him to the VIP lounge. 

At that moment, my wife looked at me happily with an expression that said - "all these years that I have put up with you are finally paying off!"

As we were led into the imposingly plush VIP lounge, I started feeling even more awkward. Given our colonial history, I know that "England returned" has a certain halo attached to it. But I had no idea that the halo starts appearing even before you leave India. I started feeling worried about the possibility of a real VIP showing up and frowning at how our raucous farewell contingent had made the VIP lounge resemble Khandke's chawl. 

Even in all that chaos, I overheard one of the uniformed guys whispering to the other,

"Nowadays, any random person can become a VIP."

His colleague responded,

"Hoga koi Minister ka baccha nahi toh jamai!"

and walked away.

So I tried to appear and act as VIP-ish as possible. I went around folding my hands and solemnly thanking all the people who had come to see me off. Then I started giving away the garlands and bouquets to kids and being unnecessarily nice to them. Basically, emulating every aspect of VIP behavior that I could remember. 

A few of the professional photographers kept taking pictures of all this, and then offered to send them to me. They helpfully quoted a "professional" rate for it that was ten times what it would cost to get a photo taken in my neighborhood studio. But I was pretending to be a VIP and had to play the part. Once I parted with all the advance payments for the photos, the expression on my face finally came to resemble something that actually deserved to be photographs. I have no idea where those expensive photos are now, by the way.

Eventually there was an announcement that the customs check process had started, and we finally prepared to leave that VIP cell....I mean lounge. While leaving, I handed a generous tip to the uniformed guys standing at the door. The astounded expressions on their faces made me realize that real VIPs probably never hand out any tips. They hand out only two things - promises or threats.

We left the lounge and walked straight to the weighing scales near the customs area. I put our bags on it one by one and felt relieved when each of them were a pound or so less than the 44 pound limit. My wife on the other hand seemed a little disappointed and said,

"Hmpf, I guess we could have taken a few more papads then."

I ignored her and walked to the customs booth, standing in front of the officer with an appropriately guilty expression on my face.

This was the second time in my life that I had faced a customs officer. A few years ago, when returning from Goa (then a Portuguese territory) I stood in front of a customs officer for the first time. Everyone in front of me had been questioned extensively and had their bags checked thoroughly. So I was already terrified. Even though there was no reason to be terrified. In the entire crowd there, we were probably the only ones returning from Goa without as much as a tiny piece of chocolate. But customs booths are one of those weirdly imposing places where I feel nervous by default.

Some people are scared of a dentist's chair. Not me. I have been to dentists many times. One dentist actually turned my simple complaint of an aching tooth into an imperative to extract it with the glee of a professional sadist. It hurt so much, I think I actually saw a few angels waiting to welcome me into heaven. But even then, the next time I went to a (different, obviously) dentist, I went with the ease with which I go to Kulkarni's restaurant to eat bhajiyas. No fear or worries. But put me in front of a custom's officer and my heart starts racing.

There are many random entries in my list of "people I am irrationally scared of". For some reason, I am terrified of every liftman. Not afraid of the actual lift, mind you. It's not like I am scared that the lift will plummet to the basement or anything. I am just scared of the liftmen, at least in Mumbai, where almost all of them seem to have a cold blank expression on their face. I am also terrified of waiters in fancy restaurants. If one is standing next to me, I feel so nervous that I invariably spill something. I was never scared of male teachers, but female teachers always petrified me. And I can slap a doctor on his back and sing songs with him even when he is in the middle of surgery, but when it comes to nurses, my hands start trembling even if I am handing them a note. I have no idea why I carry these bizarre fears in my heart.

That customs officer I encountered when returning from Goa had insulted me rather painfully! I still shudder and shed a tear when I think about it.

When it was my turn, he asked me my name, address, and profession. Those days, I earned my living in a college fostering deep hatred for literature among the students. As soon as I told the officer that I was a Professor, and that too of Marathi, he just looked straight into my eyes, and with an expression conveying immense pity, said,

"You can go."

He didn't ask to search my luggage, didn't ask me if I was carrying any contraband, didn't even ask me if I had anything to declare. With utter conviction that I lacked the ability or the means to smuggle in alcohol, gold, cigarettes, or anything like that, he sent me on my way. I have never felt more humiliated. I would've preferred it if he had instead put me through a two hour long interrogation under a bright lamp.

So that day in Mumbai airport, I was wondering if the customs officer in charge of examining departing passengers would be more respectful. He looked at my bags, then glanced at my face, and then wordlessly made some chalk markings on the bags and waved me through. Rude, isn't it?

Next my wife and I went to Passport Control. Our passports had been issued two years ago and were valid for three more years. But one of my friends in the farewell party had authoritatively said, 

"Ohhhh.....just three years validity left? That might create problems. Good luck!"

I nervously handed over the passports to the officer. He glanced at them for a nanosecond and returned them to me. I was less worried about the validity and more worried about the passport photo. But the officer had evidently discovered some similarity between my passport photo and the way I actually look. Once we were done with that, a health officer quickly made sure we had taken the necessary vaccinations and we were done.

Once we got the "worthy of traveling abroad" certification from Pandit Nehru's people, all we could do was wait for the plane to leave. It was past midnight. The departure area at Santa Cruz is decorated and furnished in a very modern way. There are lots of comfortable couches and chairs for passengers to relax in. But my wife and I were sitting there uncomfortably, feeling out of place.

There was a European couple sitting in front of us. They seemed confused by Indian currency. These were the days when paisa coins co-existed with anna coins and the poor visitors had no idea if the many coins they had were worth five rupees or five annas. Hoping to give them a happy memory of Indian hospitality, I jumped in to offer unsolicited advice and ended up compounding their confusion even more. Finally my better half stepped in, sorted the whole thing out, and informed them that Indian women have a much better understanding of money than Indian men. 

The European couple left for their flight and I started looking around at other fellow-passengers. With a parochial mindset, I went around to see if there were other Marathi folk there, and soon met a man named Patil and a student named Joshi. I was there representing the Deshpande name. All we were missing was a Kulkarni. If we had found one, we would have had Patil-Joshi-Deshpande-Kulkarni, the four pillars of the ancient Marathi administrative set-up. Sadly there was no Kulkarni on that flight, but it did end up having a pilot named Nadkarni. Nadkarni is essentially the South Kannada version of Kulkarni, so I guess we ended up with the full set eventually.

 Around 1 AM, the plane's wings must have fluttered because suddenly, there was a lot of activity around us. The crowd started walking in one direction, and we went along. I looked at the glass barrier at the customs desk and saw our contingent was still patiently waiting. The elders had tears in their eyes and the younger lot looked like they were cracking stale jokes at our expense and passing them off as new. 

When we eventually reached the gate, I confirmed three times that it was the right plane. Or else we'd wake up the next morning in Cochin instead of Cairo. I still carried emotional scars from the night at Pune station that I got on a train to go to Kolhapur and woke up the next morning to find I was in a compartment parked in the Pune railway yard. I have always had the kind of luck where I take a girlfriend to watch a movie on the sly and run into a nosy old relative who decided to come watch the same movie. And I couldn't afford to let that luck mess up international travel. 

There was an air hostess standing at the door, welcoming us with an unnaturally wide smile. The rest of the crew, dressed in crisp dark trousers and skirts and blindingly white shirts, sporting wing shaped lapel pins and painstakingly groomed mustaches, was darting about doing their work. We reached our seats and stared out the tiny oblong window at the terminal, wondering if our friends and family were still there. 

Once I was in the seat, I assured myself that despite all apparent obstacles, it now seemed like I would definitely go to England, and fastened the seat belt around my stomach. The engines started humming and the fans started rotating one by one.   The plane got going. After zooming along the ground for a mile or so, it slowed down and stopped at the other end of the runway. 

As soon as it stopped, I started fearing the worst. The plane had already been delayed by mechanical problems. I wasn't sure if they had fixed the problems completely or had postponed some repairs. Maybe now they'd discover more problems. I also carried emotional scars from bus drivers who'd make passengers board on a scorching hot day, bake them in that tin box for an hour while they waited, and then open the bonnet of the bus to examine what's wrong with the engine. 

Luckily, nothing like that happened. In a couple of minutes, the plane started moving again, then sped up, and eventually left terra firma in a graceful glide. I watched the airport rapidly disappear from my view and before I knew it, Mumbai started resembling a gem-laden ornament below us. In that ornament, four million people were probably dreaming as they slept, while I sat with wide open eyes, realizing my childhood dream of foreign travel. 

And next to me was my soul mate and my life partner accompanying me on this adventure. Over the previous twelve years, we had built many castles in the air together, while never feeling tempted to build a house on the ground. We never stayed in one place for more than 2-3 years anyway. We had in common a huge appetite for new challenges and new experiences. And the latest one was to be living in England for 5-6 months.

Our flight had been in the air for a while, and the plane was completely dark as was the sky outside, but I still couldn't sleep. The plane was completely packed and experienced travelers were already snoring. Our air-hostess was Japanese. She was promptly and efficiently offering candy and nuts to travelers with a studied smile straight out of the training syllabus. Her walk was brisk and her voice had the crispness of springtime. 

I was feeling really hot. That damned suit on my body started feeling like clunky armor and I again cursed myself for wearing it on the plane. I looked around and was taken aback when I noticed at an Englishman sitting in front of me. Here I was, wearing a brand new three piece suit because I was going to his snooty country. And this dude was sitting there looking very relaxed in khaki shorts, a flannel shirt with some twenty five pockets, and a flimsy felt hat that did not match.

So I discreetly looked around at the other white people on the flight. Not a single one of them was dressed even as remotely formally as I was. Sitting there overdressed in that damned suit in the middle of the night, I started feeling like even more of a neophyte than I already was. 

Suddenly the Japanese air-hostess appeared with a small wet towel on a plate. I eyed the towel suspiciously for a second. I had no idea what purpose a wet towel was supposed to serve at two in the morning. But I was brought up never to turn a plate away, so I picked up the towel and thanked her. I looked at my wife to see if she had any suggestions, but she was fast asleep. I slowly glanced across the aisle and saw that the guy there was gently rubbing the towel on his face. I did the same, and the cool cologne scented fabric gave me some relief from the intense heat I was experiencing. 

Our massive jumbo jet was slicing through the darkness leaving cities and mountains behind. I was finally feeling a little drowsy. Almost everyone around me, including my wife, was already asleep. That Englishman with the khaki shorts was in fact trying to drown out the noise of the engine with his own booming multi-octave snores with his mouth open. The ex-subject of Her Majesty's realm inside me felt relieved to observe first-hand that even the English can snore with their mouths open. Because once our travel plans were made, I was a bit worried about that. 

You see, I am one of "those" too. But over the course of my life, I have come across some impressively loud snorers. My grandma says that people with big hearts and minds snore the most. I don't know if there is any correlation between big bodies and big hearts and minds - I won't mind if there is. I started thinking a lot about snoring and hearts and minds. I do remember that I spent a lot of time thinking about it. But I don't know for how long, because the next thing I knew, I was waking up to the dawn's early light.

Our plane was flying over a huge desert. I noted how different this dawn was from any other dawn I had experienced in my life, thousands of miles over a limitless desert. This experience, coming right after I had experienced a darkness so different from any other darkness I had experienced in my life, spurred some philosophical and metaphorical thoughts. It felt like I was witness to the dawn of a new phase of my life. I thought about my recent years and realized that I hadn't really experienced real dawn in years. In Mumbai's fast-paced hectic life, by the time my day ended, it was usually well past midnight. So by the time I usually woke up, dawn would have given up on waiting for me and slid away, making way for harsh sunlight. 

Our Japanese air-hostess, still looking as fresh as a dew-kissed flower, was making the rounds with hot fortifying beverages for the morning. I have never found those beverages particularly fortifying immediately after waking up, so I politely declined her offer of tea or coffee. Instead, I got up and headed to the bathroom. Taking care not to wake up or bump into any of the other passengers, I tiptoed my way to the front, and slowly opened the door to what I thought was the bathroom. Instead I found myself face-to-face with the fine gentlemen flying the plane. It was the cockpit door! I guess the expression on my face gave away what my need was because the co-pilot, without saying anything, pointed me to the correct door. 

I finished my morning ablutions and returned to the seat to find the "fasten seatbelts" sign flashing. By the time I was able to find the belt and buckle it up, the plane had started its rapid descent. I looked out the window and saw that we were headed to a desert island surrounded by more desert. I assumed it was Cairo, our first stopover. I started looking around the landscape in the hopes of spotting some pyramids. By the time I spotted a bump that I thought was a pyramid and was about to point it out to my wife, the plane was touching down, and before I knew it, it was standing stationary in a foreign land.

I looked at the dinky terminal outside the window and was a little disappointed that a city as renowned as Cairo should have an airport that looks more like an ST bus stand. But once we got off the plane, I learned that we were not in Cairo, but in some place called "Bahrain" instead. I felt a bit like Columbus who reached land confident that he was in India but then discovered that he was instead in some strange land he did not know anything about. And I felt relieved that I had not pointed out those supposed pyramids to my wife.

I had never heard of Bahrain before and had no idea where the hell it exactly was or why we were there instead of Cairo. But we walked into the terminal and headed for the restaurant. I learned that there were oilfields nearby and that Bahrain is a small island nation that is known for its oilfields. That was pretty much all we learned about the place. 

We sat in the restaurant, ordered tea, and waited while the plane was refueled. The tea arrived after a long time. One sip of that concoction and I was convinced that in Bahrain, they used dried date palm leaves in lieu of tea leaves and the milk probably came from a camel instead of a cow. Over the course of my life, I have tasted many different kinds of tea......except of course the spilled tea from Mongini's mentioned in the previous chapter. Tea served in small glass tumblers in Mumbai, tea served in mud bowls on the banks of the Narmada, tea served in metallic cups in Madras, masala milk tea, railway station tea flavored with charcoal, tea without milk, tea without sugar, and even Chinese tea made from jasmine flowers. But I will never EVER forget that horrible tea from Bahrain airport. I will happily drink the bitterest castor potion than drink that tea again.

Well, at least the tea was free, because it was paid for by the airline.

Pretty soon, the plane was ready and we all climbed back into its belly. The plane took off soon and headed for Cairo. The flight from Bahrain to Cairo was essentially just desert after desert after desert. Once in a while, just as a change of scenery, there would be a small strip of water. But otherwise, totally barren. Not a single glimpse of green. 

And that's when I really understood why the green flag of Islam came was hoisted in these deserts first. The prophet was very clever in choosing the color green for his flag. It is obvious why millions of Arabs enthusiastically followed that rare pleasant colored flag. I'm sure that the green flag was as instrumental in the spread of Islam as the Koran was. Add to it the moon that the desert dwellers probably equated with the relief provided by night, and I felt I had to applaud the prophet for his grasp of semiotics. 

It was about 8:30 in the morning. I was staring at the desert out the window hoping to spot a camel train. But in vain. I did spot a lot of dry river beds though. Soon the sun got really bright and the glare made it difficult to keep looking outside. Soon our plane moved from the sea of sand to a sea of water. Being geographically challenged, I first decided it was the Red Sea, then the Caspian Sea, then the Black Sea, and then the Dead Sea. I still have no idea which one it was.

A while later, there were murmurs all around that we were flying over the Suez Canal. All passengers looked out the windows, identified the first strip of water they could find, and assured themselves that it was the Suez Canal. Again, no idea if any of those were actually the Suez Canal. From the height we were flying at, every strip of water looked as tiny as the Fergusson College canal in Pune. But in one strip, I spied some dots that seemed like boats and I silently convinced myself that it was indeed the Suez Canal. It was hard to believe that this tiny strip of water was responsible for almost starting World War 3 and almost sinking my travel plans.  

When your plane is flying so high that you can only see the sky and clouds above you as well as below you, you can't help but get philosophical. You forget any fears you have about the plane crashing. Looking at creation from a height that makes even seas look like saucers of water makes you realize how insignificant you are in the whole scheme of things. As our plane flew towards Cairo, I couldn't help but realize that I was looking at the cradle of civilization. These deserts were where the Babylonian, Sumerian, and Assyrian civilizations had once bloomed. Where the library of Alexandria was once home to millions of of books that were burned. I'm assuming some Big Four or Big Five must have had a summit even then and decided that burning books was in the best interests of the world.

As impressive as the sights of great oceans, great skies, and great lands is while flying, one look at the great space when flying above clouds make them all pale in comparison. And you start wondering what the whole point of creation is, and whether you make any difference to it whatsoever. 

Our plane was about to reach Cairo soon and I started thinking about it. Egypt is an ancient civilization, much like India. Historians have discovered that trade and cultural links between Egypt and India date back millenia. This is the land that saw rich culture flourish for millenia even before Christ was born. And when Christ was born, the bright star that shone was above these lands too. This is the land where Jews, Christians, and Muslims found their faiths and then unfurled the blood-soaked flags of those faiths.

I was in the middle of these thoughts and didn't even realize when I dozed off. The next thing I knew, someone was yelling "KAHIRO!!!!", waking me up.

The first sight I saw at Cairo airport was of battle-ready fighter jets. Next to them were imposing anti-aircraft guns with their barrels pointed to the sky. The stage seemed to be set for the next big war. The only question seemed to be which actors would enter the stage first and who the director would be. Actors from dozens of countries seemed to be ready, with war-paint on, or make-up on. Who knew when the final act would start and when it would end.

When I read a big sign that said, "WE WELCOME YOU TO EGYPT", I felt like someone had sprayed a stream of cold water on my face on an oppressively hot day. Why shouldn't all human beings be welcomed heartily all over this little planet of ours? Although as long as there exist things like passports and visas, built on an assumption of distrust of fellow human beings, can we really expect true expressions of such humanity? The sign that said "WE WELCOME YOU TO EGYPT" any "you" who reached there, regardless of race, religion, gender, creed.....why shouldn't such signs and more importantly sentiments, be displayed everywhere?

The funny thing is, this "WE WELCOME YOU TO EGYPT" sign was right next to the massive anti-aircraft guns and the irony endemic to human existence tickled me and troubled me in equal amounts.

We headed to the restaurant inside the terminal. The waiters there were very friendly and polite, and served us some divine Egyptian coffee. Compared to Mumbai airport, I thought Cairo airport was small. There was a lot of new construction happening around us though. Egypt is currently in the midst of writing a new chapter in its history. Everybody is watching carefully to see which way their new statesman (Nasser) takes them.

It was in Cairo airport that I first encountered Egyptian people. And as I examined their appearance carefully, I wondered how many Egyptians there might be in Mumbai too. Because in terms of appearance, I didn't really see any major differences between Egyptians and Indians. Beyond the facts I had memorized in my childhood to score 2 marks in the history exam, such as pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, and the Nile river, my knowledge about Egypt was as barren as their desert. I had never even thought about anyone living in Egypt other than Cleopatra, General Najeeb, and now this Nasser fellow.

Suddenly, I was overcome by a profound sense of ignorance and curiosity as a foreigner in a foreign land. And sitting there in the Cairo airport, I started thinking about how day-to-day life in Egypt must be and how I knew nothing about it. How do school teachers, lawyers, and bureaucrats here dress? Is it similar to how those folks dress in India? What is the most popular item in a typical restaurant in Egypt? Do wives here refer to their husbands by name or is there some tactful pronoun that has been coined for the purpose like in India? With each passing second, the expanse of my ignorance about this fascinating culture seemed to exceed the expanse of the desert.

Then I started thinking about the people who worked at that airport. For them, a typical day consisted of interacting with travelers from dozens of different countries, for maybe an hour or two at a time, before they went on their way and were replaced by a different set of foreigners. Do they feel the same sense of curiosity and note their ignorance about other cultures? Or has it become just a mundane feature of their lives by now? Do they actively notice the multi-colored lattice of different races and nationalities or does it just pass by in the blink of an eye like a frame from a cinema reel?

I spent the rest of the time in Cairo thinking about all this before we were called back to the plane. The next stopover was Geneva in Switzerland. As our plane surged through the clouds, we gradually left the desert behind and were soon traveling over Europe. Specifically, Italy, as the pilot informed us.

While I was almost entirely ignorant about Egypt except for its ancient history and contemporary politics, I at least knew more about Italy thanks to all the books I had read. Names like Rome, Venice, and Naples started swimming around in my head. I decided that if the plane had to crash right now, I would want it to do so near Naples. I had read that Naples was home to some of the most awe-inspiring sculptures in the world. So if my plane crashed in Naples, I could drag myself to those sculptures, see them first hand, and then die happy.

Yes, I know it is morbid to keep pondering the possibility of the plane crashing but that's how I am and be honest, aren't you too?

But the plane kept going. I kept looking at the Italian landscape underneath and we didn't see Naples or Venice. But we did fly over Rome. It was hard to miss. As I looked at the distant but clear images of various buildings and cathedrals in Rome, I first felt a great sense of satisfaction at seeing them first hand. Then I compensated for the unfamiliar bliss by berating myself for still not having read Gibbon's "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" even after buying it years ago. I made a mental note to read it as soon as I returned home.

When you're flying over different countries of the world, you think more about what you haven't read about those lands than what you have read. In another hour or so, our plane was flying over the gorgeous alps and I realized we were in Europe's Eden.

Soon the plane touched down in Geneva. I had heard a lot of cautionary tales about how the cold in Europe is way worse than anything I might have experienced in India. I experienced it first hand as I walked into the Geneva airport and felt like I had walked into a massive refrigerator. And this was just August! So I shivered a little and prepared for six more months of this inhumanly cold weather. No wonder these white folks ran away and captured our warmer lands.

As soon as I stepped into the chilly Geneva airport, my brain initiated a flashback from 20 years ago from my college days in Pune. I had grown up in Mumbai, where it never gets even remotely chilly. Then in Pune in the winters, every so often, I would wake up to such a chilly morning. It felt more bracing than oppressive, making me feel like running all the way across the world. I had always thought cold weather would make me feel like a shriveled old man, but instead, it made me feel like a daring young man, ready to achieve anything!

Anyway, we walked into the restaurant at the Geneva airport and it looked more like a flower shop than a restaurant. The faces of all the staff members were fresh and enthusiastic like recently bloomed lilies. There was a spring in their step. It didn't look like anyone could ever age, and everyone looked like they were in their 20s even though they probably weren't. We were served coffee in a very elegantly crafted glass cup. And it tasted divine and almost intoxicating. I wondered that if even the coffee here gets my pulse racing so much, what will stronger beverages do? I had heard that Switzerland is a place where extreme beauty and extreme pleasure is the default and my experiences at their airport confirmed it.

I didn't even realize when that stopover at Geneva ended. It was cold, but I was surrounded by beauty, human and non-human, and I felt more alive than I ever had. Before I got back on the plane, I turned around and took a 360 degree mental picture of all I could see of Switzerland from that terminal. The tall trees sheltering cute little houses, the snow-covered peaks of the Alps kissing the deep blue sky. I promised myself to return for a more leisurely visit. When the plane took off, I was looking at a meandering little river as it flowed through the verdant Swiss countryside, when suddenly, our plane ascended above the clouds. And those fluffy white things that a few hours earlier had seemed gorgeous, now seemed like villains for blocking my view of the Swiss landscape. Our journey continued.

The next stop was to be at Dusseldorf in Germany, It had been over 20 hours since we took off from Mumbai. The hands of my watch had already been rotated many times by then. Every hour, the pilot made announcements about how high we were flying, what the temperature outside was, what the local time was, and so on. Passengers around us were saying random things in response to those announcements like, "Oh! 18,000 feet? That's nice! Very high!"

We were flying through clouds at that moment, so I personally couldn't tell the difference between 18,000 feet and 18 million feet. Honestly, this whole thing of estimating distances has been a challenge for me, whether I am in the air or on the ground. Whenever I read about some witness in court say stuff like "the accused was 19 feet away from me", I feel jealous of his ability to express distance so precisely. Because I absolutely suck at it. I can't even remember the inches in my own measurements for shoes, hats, collars, socks, and so on. When a shoe salesman asks what size I want, I just give him the chappals I am wearing then and ask him to figure it out. I have immense respect for people who go shoe shopping and say stuff like "Bring me Number 8 pairs".

And when someone remembers the precise date on which something happened, I feel overcome enough with admiration to go hug them. When I hear someone say stuff like, "I remember it was July 17th...", I am amazed. I suck at dates too. Which is why I always sucked at history in school. Even now, I remember only three dates - Shivaji Maharaj died in 1680, the 1857 uprising happened in 1857, and using multiple reminder mnemonics, my wife's birthday. Other than these three, I have no idea of any other dates. You can ask me when India gained independence and I will try to hedge between 1947 and 1950.

Anyway, the point is, I am horrible with anything that is expressed numerically. So even before I could figure out how high 18,000 feet exactly is, our plane was touching down in Dusseldorf. Before I knew it, we were surrounded by cries of "Achtung! Achtung!" and "Gut! Gut!". My wife and I walked to the terminal, now sick of this sequence of stopovers. Yes. I was in Germany with its rich history and culture and intriguing contemporary split between East and West, but I didn't give a damn. The aforementioned Joshi and Patil left us here and we sat there hoping that we'd reach London before we died of boredom.

Why does the final stretch of the journey always seem to last the longest? Even when I am traveling from Pune to Mumbai by train, it is the same. The time from Pune to Thane or Kalyan seems to breeze by in a happy procession of vada, omelets, chikki, etc. But from there, Mulund, Bhandup, Vikroli, Dadar, etc seem to take an eternity to pass by. Very annoying! It's the same with other trips too. When you're taking a train from Mumbai to Delhi, everything seems great until you reach Mathura, and then after that, things seem to slow down. If you're going from Mumbai to Nagpur. it is Wardha that is the tipping point after which it is all yawns and polite curses.

The flight from Dusseldorf to London seemed similarly annoying and yawn-inducing. Finally, after about the hundredth yawn, the plane started barreling downwards. All the passengers around us seemed to have perked up as the plane continued descending. Finally there was a bump and the plane started slowing down. And a few passengers around me echoed my thoughts,

"Ah! London!"

          IT Business Analyst (for EMEA region) - MatchWorks - Brussels   
My client is a multinational manufacturer with its European Hq in Brussels. Their IT team is globally organised, with virtual teams spread across different parts of the world. They are currently looking for an IT Business Analyst for the EMEA region, who will be working from the offices in Brussels. Position As an EMEA IT Business Analyst you will be the liaison between various, regional business domains (manufacturing, sales, supply chain, finance, HR, ...) and the global...
          Your Picture | News | Yahoo! Europe   
baby, dugs, and cute image
          Your Picture | News | Yahoo! Europe   
baby, cat, and cute image
          Typology of the Indian Fan in the context of the FIFA World Cup.    
I don't really follow soccer*. So I don't know much about soccer. But I follow a lot of Indian soccer fans. I view them with mild amusement mixed with scientific curiosity. I study them. I try to find patterns in their bizarrely enthusiastic behavior. And I love doing pop-socio and pop-psych analysis of their behavior and their attitudes towards a game where India ranks even lower than countries smaller than my apartment building in Pune.

So I present here a typology of the Indian Fan in the context of the upcoming World Cup. The typology is arranged according to which country they support or bet on to lift the cup.

BRAZIL: This one is a no-brainer really, so let's get it out of the way. Everyone loves Brazil. It's a country that has won the cup the most often. They always have some of the best players, a style of play which is considered exciting, and wear really eye-catching yellow-and-green colors. So even someone with or without the most rudimentary knowledge of the game feels comfortable saying "Brazil of course!" when someone asks "Which team do you support?" It's like picking the Patriots at the beginning of the NFL season.

But it goes beyond just how good the team is on average (here comes the pop-socio and pop-psych). Brazil is "nice". Brazil is "safe". Other than soccer, what is Brazil associated with? Carnivals, pretty people, beaches, being part of the fashionable BRIC block, and again, carnivals. If countries were brands, Brazil would be like Linux - not really that relevant to your life but easy to love. It's the kind of country that if you visit as an Indian, you expect to love.

So might as well support them. Plus they are the hosts this time. Western media is being mean to them just like they were mean to India in the run-up to the 2010 Commonwealth Games. They have messy social inequality issues just like us. Yes, Brazil is safe to support.

BEST 2 EUROPEAN UNION TEAMS: At any given time, at least 2 of the 3 objectively best teams in the world are from the EU. So the self-proclaimed "knowledgeable" soccer fan from India will be telling anyone willing to listen that one of those two teams is SURE to win. One of the two is always ALWAYS Germany. And the other is some country whose economy Germany has bailed out or will be bailing out soon. Right now it's Spain. A decade ago, it was France. In between, Italy took a break from electing Caligula-esque Prime Ministers to occupy that spot.

So Germany and "Another EU country" are the best bets for Indian soccer pundits who want to set themselves apart from the bandwagon Brazil supporters and maintain a chance for gloating when the dust settles.

ARGENTINA: Ah, Argentina! The most bizarre underdog-favorite combinations in the history of sport. I say this because some of my friends who support Argentina are genuinely convinced that Argentina is THE best team, regardless of the FIFA rankings. These verbose justifications start with "Messi is...." and then meander into incomprehensibility. Other friends supporting Argentina are steadfast about the team's underdog tag. "I always support an underdog, yaar!"

The media helps in whipping up support for Argentina too, given that Argentina is to FIFA what Notre Dame is to college football in America. Every damn year when the college football starts, there will be pundits in the media saying "OH NOTRE DAME HAS A FINE FINE TEAM THIS YEAR!". Most years, they stay in the rankings for three weeks before dropping out. Once in a couple of decades, in the vein of a stopped clock being right twice a day, Notre Dame will indeed have a great season. And then the pundits preen. And Hollywood makes an atrociously weepy movie starring a hobbit. But I ramble.    

So it goes with Argentina. Call it the continuing halo effect of bad boy Maradona. Or maybe the current halo effect of some guy named Messi who's done diddly-squat in two World Cups, but apparently does great in domestic soccer matches in Europe.

HOLLAND: The Dutch team is for true-blue underdog supporters. Again, I don't know much about soccer. But from what I am told, this team has choked more times than the South African cricket team, the 1990s Buffalo Bills, and Ivan Lendl combined. Which makes them particularly alluring for people who just love supporting an underdog in the faint hope that they will be proven right. Last time, these fans were rewarded by having to wait as long as the finals to have their hearts broken.

But still, for these folks, it is HUP HOLLAND HUP. A friend of mine says that the bright orange jerseys appeal to the latent Hindutva tendencies in some Indian fans, but we'll put a pin in that for now.

ANOTHER EU TEAM: The previous four categories take care of 90% of Indian soccer fans. Which brings us to self-proclaimed "knowledgeable" fans of the game who don't like being lumped with the conventional wisdom. They need to cogently claim that a different underdog is actually going to take home the cup, but the heathen masses are too blinded by media tropes to see it. So they pick a team which is ranked somewhere from 4th to 8th in the FIFA rankings and which has a player they have watched in one of the domestic soccer leagues from Europe.

"Of course it'll be Portugal yaar! That Cristiano Ronaldo I tell you...."

For the last 3 World Cups, the top choice for these people has been Portugal, thanks to this Ronaldo fella. Never mind that he and his team have shown the poor judgment of associating themselves with the New York Jets to practice for the World Cup. That anyone can think that a guy who voluntarily decided to learn something from Rex Ryan has any chance of winning anything shows how little soccer fans know about real football. But I troll. And I digress.

When it's not Portugal, it is some other European country that yes, Germany will also have to bail out.  

ENGLAND: Don't ask me why. Seriously don't. I know very little about soccer but even I know enough to know that the chances of England winning the cup are only negligibly higher than an Indian winning the Olympic 100 meter gold. And yet a few Indians will be steadfast in their support of England.

One guy I knew used to base his support on the supposedly "under-appreciated talents" of David Beckham. This was before Beckham became known as the guy who sells underwear on giant hoardings in Times Square. These days, I suspect the support for England is driven by the fact that so many Indians spend so much money on low quality made-in-Bangladesh jerseys of teams from the EPL, that they feel obliged to go all the way.

But seriously Indian supporters of England soccer, what are the chances that an England cricket team will win an ICC title AND a notionally English guy will win the Wimbledon AND England will win the FIFA World Cup, all within 5 years?

USA: The only Indians who support the US are a) Indians who live in the US, and b) follow only cricket and/or American sports. Yes, this includes me, ok? The rest of the time, we are happy with our WillowTV subscription, our NFL fantasy football leagues, out March madness brackets, our opinions on LeBron and the Heat, our love or hate for the Yankees or the Red Sox. We look at MLS ads and go "lulz". We see European soccer matches on our cable guide menu and go "WTF?".

But then once every four years, this damn World Cup thing comes along. And everyone is talking about it. Not just CNN, who will usually talk about the most vapid things. So what do we do?


We google furiously to find out who our players are. We try to figure out what the hell "Group of Death" means. We practice our pronunciation of Klinsmann. And we set a countdown clock to the start of the NFL season.

* "SOCCER? IT'S FOOTBALL BRO!!!" you say? Read this.  

          Why I Threw Away My Ferrari Gear   
I used to be an ardent Formula 1 fan. And an ardent Ferrari fan. Over the years, I lost interest in the sport. But occasionally I would still catch portions of a race on TV and in my heart, I was always cheering for a Ferrari win. On a recent trip to Europe, I bought some Ferrari gear to occasionally display my support.

This morning I threw all the Ferrari gear in trash. Because of this.

The background story in a nutshell is this. Two Italian navy sailors killed two innocent Indian fishermen in Indian waters (the Italians dispute the jurisdiction). India arrested and charged the sailors. The Italian government has been supporting these murderers. So has the Italian media. Note that they're not denying that the sailors killed those innocent fishermen. They still want the Indian government to let the sailors go. Why? The reasoning is flimsy and convoluted and in my opinion can be summarized as "Because!". The arrogance and the racist undertones in Italy's stance are obvious to me and many others. To me, the subtext is, "yes, our boys killed two guys by mistake. But they were just a couple of brown fishermen. Let our boys go! Give them back to us and we'll give them a slap on the wrist. You Indians have no right to try someone who killed your citizens". Do you think that if the fishermen had been Americans killed off the coast of America, the Italians would dare be this brazenly arrogant?

And in a sickening display of further arrogance and willful insensitivity, Ferrari decided to inject itself into the situation. The Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix is this weekend. Ferrari has announced it will carry an Italian Navy flag specifically in support of the two murderous sailors. It's not like Ferrari has been carrying the flag throughout the season. They're doing this only in India. They're not even using the pretext of just supporting the Italian navy in general. Their statements specifically mention support for the murderers. To me this is a small scale version of a British team carrying the flag of General Dyer's regiment only in India to express solidarity with his actions in Jalianwala Bag. Or some other European team supporting one of their fellow citizens who has been locked up in Goa for abusing street kids.

Ferrari is wrong for needlessly wading into this debate specifically during the Indian GP. But more importantly, they are absolutely wrong in supporting those two murderers whose crime, I repeat, is not even in doubt.

As an Indian, I find Ferrari's stance reprehensible and I cannot in good conscience support them in the slightest. So I threw away my Ferrari gear. I hope Indian fans who go watch the race on Sunday are not so slavishly beholden to the team and so morally bankrupt and insensitive as to wear caps or t-shirts supporting these proud backers of murderers.

          Why EPL is Soccer and not Football: The Definitive Answer   
I have been in America for 6 years now, and will most likely spend my life here. Like almost all Americans, I refer to what is played in the NFL as football, and what is played in the EPL as soccer.

I don't like soccer. Have never liked soccer. Even as a kid growing up in India, decades before I even heard of the Superbowl or NFL, I found soccer an extremely boring sport. But this post is not about why soccer is so boring. This post isn't about the banality of a "sport" that features 90 minutes of ambling around, kicking around a ball, and scoring on an average just 1-2 times during the whole excruciating period. This post isn't about a sport where it is not considered shameful to feign injuries, where convincing playacting wins games, and where referees seem even more willfully clueless than the fake referees in WWE pro wrestling. This post isn't about the utterly fallacious argument "Soccer is the #1 sport in most countries in the world, so it has to be awesome", that could also be extended to say "denying women rights and dignity is a practice prevalent in most countries in the world, so it has to be awesome".

No, this post is about the name nonsense. You know, what the "real" football is. That what's played in EPL is the only sport that can and should be called football. That churlish notion is what this post is about.

In my academic, professional, and personal life, I have gotten to know about a dozen or so Europeans and a couple of South Americans well enough to call them friends. I have had countless conversations with them, over the course of which, I have referred to Europe and South America's favorite sport as "soccer" and not "football". No eyelids were batted. No corrections were demanded. No moronic "Call it football!!!" suggestions were made. I am sure all of them think of the sport as football. But they were normal people who had better things to do in life than split hairs over the name of a game. 

But I have lost count of the number of Indians who have, rather rudely and ignorantly, interrupted me or corrected me with the occasional use of profanity, and demanded that I not call the sport soccer. As they say, the newest converts are the most extremist. And most Indians who follow soccer are the archetypal new convert extremists. India is currently ranked 165 in FIFA rankings. Snowmen have a better chance of surviving months long cruises in hell than India does of qualifying for the FIFA World Cup in this century. India's club soccer landscape is so dismal, that a documentary about it would look like Dystopian science fiction set in sub-Saharan Africa. I'm sure the bottled water budget of the newest IPL cricket team, the Pune Warriors, is more than the overall budget of all soccer tournaments played in India. Forget cricket, which is the king of sports in India. I'm sure that the revenue from the sales of Manchester United jerseys in Bombay is way more than the overall budget of all soccer tournaments played in India.

Despite the abysmal ranking and the tragic club scene, India has millions and millions of soccer fans! Or, as their hubris would force me to say, "football" fans. Now a non-Indian might wonder, how is it that a billion-strong country with millions of soccer fans is ranked lower than countries that don't even have populations close to a million? Why don't these Indian fans of the game go and watch local club soccer, support their teams, affect change and improve the fate of soccer?

The answer is simple. An overwhelming majority of self-proclaimed soccer fans in India are not really "fans" of the "sport" the way most people elsewhere are fans of sports. Scratch the surface and you'll realize that Indian soccer fans couldn't care less about the actual sport. They're just taken in by the aura surrounding the brands that European soccer has managed to cultivate and export. It's more about basking in the borrowed glory of Manchester United, Barcelona, etc. by paying ridiculous amounts of money to buy their jerseys and hats. Most Indian soccer fans couldn't tell you the difference between a banana kick and a banana split, or explain the offside rule. But they could identify the colors, logos, and brand endorsements of the top European club teams, and could tell you the keyboard shortcut to type Barca (the way any English-speaking person would type it) as Barça with that weird tail under the C to convince themselves they really know their stuff.

Well, they don't. Some do. A very few do. But most moneyed upper middle class Indians are just latching on to clubs from random European cities they couldn't even pinpoint on the map because they don't realize how completely they have been taken in by well-crafted marketing campaigns. These Indians spend more than a slum dweller's annual food budget on overpriced (but usually made in Bangladesh) jerseys, display logos on their facebook and twitter accounts, and go by nicknames like "gooner" as an expression of their utterly shallow new-convert extremism. Little wonder then, that despite dozens of European soccer clubs playing the game, 99% of Indian fans swear by one of 3 mega brands - Manchester United, Barcelona (sorry, Barça), and Arsenal.

And these Indian soccer fans are at the forefront of ignoring civility and rudely telling someone "y u call it soccer da? Call it football no macha!" and "LULWUT? y u watch rugby/NFL/AFL da? Dem no be football ra. Dey be hand-egg ra!" And of course, lazily forwarding this oh-so-cliched hand-egg picture; perfectly representative of Indian soccer fans' sporting ignorance and tendency to bask in borrowed glory - they can't even come up with their own clever rebuttals! But their ego grows a few precious microns as they do all this.

So then, which sport can stake claim to the name football? There's a short answer and a long answer. The short answer - Meh, who cares? A rose by any other name and suchlike. To give you an analogy, at any given moment, I can't tell you if I'll call India's biggest metropolis Bombay or Mumbai. I am Marathi, and in that language, we call it Mumbai. But I also grew up when the city's "official" name was Bombay and that's what we called it when speaking in English. In my mind, the names are synonymous. But there are a bunch of  folks as self-important, deluded, and rude as Indian soccer fans who can't abide by that. If they live in Shivaji Park or Goregaon, making someone say Mumbai instead of Bombay is the greatest Maratha achievement since the Battle of Wadgaon. If they live in South Bombay, making someone say Bombay instead of Mumbai is the greatest act of civil disobedience since the Salt Satyagraha. But the real answer, the short answer is - Meh, who cares?

The long answer is this. About soccer/football I mean, not that Bombay/Mumbai boondoggle. Rude soccer fans for some reason think of "soccer" as a word the Americans coined, and "football" as the pure true holy name that the noble Brits gave the sport. The long answer is vastly different. The answer steeped in history and etymology, not fallacious vapid logical shortcuts. Indian soccer fans simplistically say, as that hand-egg cliche denotes, that soccer is a game involving kicking a ball with the foot. NFL/Rugby/AFL involve carrying the ball by hands. Hence, FIFA/EPL is the "real" football. Done. Proved. Settled. QED. Elementary, my dear Watson!

Ah, Watson! Sherlock Holmes! Perfect segue!

Have you read the Sherlock Holmes story The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter? Not one of my favorites, but useful here. Published in 1904. The captain of the Cambridge rugby team asks Holmes to locate a missing player on the eve of a crucial match against Oxford. In that story, the sport is referred to as just "football", sans any qualifiers on three separate occasions. It is also referred to once....only once as "rugger" (as opposed But more on that in a while). And as rugby, zero times.

So in the la-di-dah home of the sport, England, as a story written by one of the most famous English writers ever suggests, "football" was a term used to referred to rugby. The fact is, "football" was a generic name for a bunch of different sports, including rugby, gridiron football, soccer etc. Football was not exclusively identified even in England as the sport that is now played in the EPL. And although there isn't complete consensus on this, most scholars agree that the term "football" comes, not from kicking the ball with the foot, but the fact that the sport was played on foot. So rugby was football and soccer was football.

In fact the name soccer also originated in England (not in America!) - soccer originates from Association, because that variant of football was called association football. So soccer is the name the English came up with to explicitly distinguish the EPL/FIFA type from other types of football in the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Across the pond in United States, once English colonies, they played mainly English sports in the 18th and 19th century. In fact, cricket was very popular before the civil war, and a team of top cricketers from England toured North America in 1859 and played in front of packed stands in Philadelphia, Hoboken, Rochester, Hamilton, and Montreal. But my cricket-loving mind digresses.

The point is, they played a lot of English sports in America those days. Including football - different types of football. If you look at the history of football, the basic point seems to be tolerance for variations. Why go into history? Even today, rugby union is markedly different from rugby league. So that kind of football, where you are on foot but carry the ball in your hands, got tinkered with in America as well. That tinkering led to what I think makes American Football so awesome - the forward pass. The pioneers were colleges who played each other in the 19th century. Finally in the early 1900s, an innovation on the scale of what IPL seemed in 2007, was made. The first ever Rose Bowl (known then as the East-West Football Game) was played between Stanford University and University of Michigan in Pasadena in 1902. That is, two years before Doyle wrote his story about the missing three-quarter.

So we can see that in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the term "football" was used in America to describe what is now played in the NFL, and by AC Doyle to describe what we know as rugby. I am sure there are also instances of people using "football" back then to refer to what is now played in the EPL. I didn't look it up. Even reading about soccer makes me sleepy. But I am sure people used football to refer to soccer as well. That's the point. It was a generic term.

The 20th century progressed and progressed fast. For socio-cultural reasons I'd rather not go into, the football that became most popular in Europe and elsewhere was the variation that involved kicking the ball around. The football that became the most popular in America and somewhat popular in Europe (under the name Rugby) was the variation where you hold the ball in your hands and run. They're all football.


Well, the thing is, it's the Europeans who invented a different name for their kicking game - soccer. FIFA governs a sport that has two names, like the Bengali bhalo naam and daak naam if you will. Both names coined by the Brits. In America or in Canada, "gridiron" football was just called football. If you're in America, football is what's played in the NFL and Canadian football is what's played in the CFL. If you're in Canada, football is what's played in the CFL and American football is what's played in the NFL. By rights, Aussies should call AFL football too, but they call it "footy", maybe for the same bizarre reason they call barbecue "Barbie". Americans didn't need a second name for their favorite game the way Europeans needed it for their favorite game. Europeans who were into soccer were probably the ancestors of Indian soccer fans, insecure and unsure, and so came up with two names.

Why do I refer to the game in the EPL by the name soccer? In the immortal words of George Mallory, "because it's there!" The name soccer is out there, put out there by Europeans, and is understood worldwide as referring to the game that involves pretending to be hurt while taking leisurely strolls, once in a while prodding the ball into a disgruntled-looking net.

So why is the sport played in EPL/FIFA soccer and not football? Because if someone says football, it could mean one of several things. But if someone says soccer, it means only one game. The game where the highest trophy shouldn't be called Golden Boot, but Golden Actor Holding His Shin Pretending To Be Hurt.

          Though no longer vanguardists, veteran Mexican rock band Café Tacuba still retain their deep curiosity   
Now in their 27th year, Mexico City quartet Café Tacuba have arguably done more than anyone to give Mexican rock music a broad, serious platform worldwide. As key players in the ascent of rock en español, the group refused to sing in English and deftly forged a vanguard sound that encouraged countless others in Latin America to follow their own creative imperatives rather than imitate bands in the U.S. or Europe.…
          Chabad-affiliated Rabbi Slomo Koves in Hungary: 'Only Jewish comprehensive education can ensure that the community prospers and develops a sustainable future.’   
EMIH’s Chief Executive Rabbi Rabbi Slomo Koves explains to European Jewish Press the groups’s fields of activity and stresses the importance of Jewish comprehensive education which, he says, ‘’can ensure that the community prospers and develops a sustainable future.’’
          Walking Among the Ruins of Hitler’s Europe on the Day of the Rebbe’s Passing   
Today, the third of the Hebrew month of Tammuz, marks the 23rd anniversary of the passing of my teacher, mentor and guiding light: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, known to us simply as “the Rebbe.”
          Roche's (RHHBY) Leukemia Drug Gets Prime Status in EU   
The European Medicines Agency EMA granted PRIME PRIorityMEdicines designation to Roche Holdings AG s RHHBY investigational drug polatuzumab vedotin in combination with MabThera and bendamustine The drug will be used to treat patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B cell
          Fox's Sky Buyout Hits Roadblock, UK Demands More Scrutiny   
Rupert Murdoch s Twenty First Century Fox Inc s FOXA proposed acquisition of remaining 61 stake in Europe s leading pay TV broadcaster Sky plc hit a roadblock after U K government minded to refer the deal for second phase of review to Competition and Markets Authority CMA
          Events: openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017, Diversity Empowerment Summit North America, Technoshamanism in Aarhus, ELC Europe   
  • openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo, Japan

    It is our great pleasure to announce that openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 will take place at the University of Electro Communications, Tokyo, Japan on October 21 and 22.

    openSUSE.Asia Summit is one of the great events for openSUSE community (i.e., both contributors, and users) in Asia. Those who usually communicate online can get together from all over the world, talk face to face, and have fun. Members of the community will share their most recent knowledge, experiences, and learn FLOSS technologies surrounding openSUSE.

    This event at Tokyo is the fourth in openSUSE.Asia Summit. Following the first Asia Summit in Beijing 2014, the Asia Summit has been held annually. The second summit was at Taipei in Taiwan, then in Yogyakarta in Indonesia last year. The past Asia Summits have had participants from China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Germany.

  • Program Announced for The Linux Foundation Diversity Empowerment Summit North America

    The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced the program for the Diversity Empowerment Summit North America, taking place September 14 in Los Angeles, CA as part of Open Source Summit North America. The goal of the summit is to help promote and facilitate an increase in diversity, inclusion, empowerment and social innovation in the open source community, and to provide a venue for discussion and collaboration.

  • Technoshamanism in Aarhus – rethink ancestrality and technology
  • Last Chance to Submit Your Talk for Open Source Summit and ELC Europe

          French politician Marine Le Pen under formal investigation for misuse of EU funds   
Prosecutors have placed French far-right leader Marine Le Pen under formal investigation as part of a probe into the alleged misuse of European Union funds to pay parliamentary assistants.
          La Commission européenne recherche des experts évaluateurs de l'instrument PME   

Dans le cadre de l'European Innovation Council (EIC), la Commission européenne recherche des experts (entrepreneurs, chercheurs, experts de l'innovation, collaborateurs de grands groupes, PME, investisseurs, etc.) pour évaluer des projets Instrument PME Phase 2.

          How to Reset Tire Pressure Loss Warning on Renault Kangoo   
How to Reset Tire Pressure Loss Warning on Renault Kangoo – Kangoo is a multipurpose car produced by Renault since 1997, and also sold in South America and Europe by Nissan under the name of Nissan Kubistar, the heir of Express. Kangoo
          2017 Fiat Qubo Tire Pressure TPMS Light Reset Procedure   
2017 Fiat Qubo Tire Pressure TPMS Light Reset Procedure – The Fiat Qubo is a compact MPV produced by Italian automaker Fiat since the summer of 2008 and sold only in Europe next autumn. Presented at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, as
          Structure refinements of kamchatkite and alumoklyuchevskite (no replies)   
▪ Siidra, O.I., Nazarchuk, E.V., Zaitsev, A.N., Lukina, E.A., Avdontseva, E.Y., Vergasova, L.P., Vlasenko, N.S., Filatov, S.K., Turner, R., Karpov, G.A. (2017): Copper oxosulphates from fumaroles of Tolbachik Vulcano: puninite, Na2Cu3O(SO4)3 - a new mineral species and structure refinements of kamchatkite and alumoklyuchevskite. European Journal of Mineralogy, 29, 499-510.

Typical characteristics of many anhydrous sulphates of exhalative origin at fumaroles at the Second scoria cone of the Northern Breakthrough of the Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption, Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka, Russia, are the presence of additional oxygen atoms (Oa) in the composition. Recent field works on the fumaroles of the Second scoria cone in 2014 and 2015 resulted in discovery of a new mineral species, puninite, and collection of fresh alumoklyuchevskite and kamchatkite samples which allowed the re-refinement of crystal structures. The crystal structure of kamchatkite, KCu3O(SO4)2Cl, was solved and refined in Pnma space group (a = 9.755(2), b = 7.0152(15), c = 12.886(3) Å, V = 881.8(3)Å3, R1 = 0.021), whereas alumoklyuchevskite, K3Cu3AlO2(SO4)4, is triclinic, P-1; (a = 4.952(3), b = 11.978(6), c = 14.626(12) Å, α = 87.119(9), β = 80.251(9), γ = 78.070(9)°, V = 836.3 (9)Å3, R1 = 0.049) in contrast to previously reported data.
The new mineral puninite, ideally Na2Cu3O(SO4)3, was found in sublimates of Glavnaya Tenoritovaya fumarole. The mineral is named in honor of the Russian crystallographer Yurii Olegovich Punin (1941–2014). Puninite is closely associated with lammerite-β, tenorite, hematite and anhydrite. Puninite is emerald-green in colour. It is biaxial, optically positive, α = 1.587(2), β = 1.611(2), γ = 1.649(2), 2Vcalc=60°. The mineral is soluble in water. The empirical formula of puninite based on 13 O atoms is (Na1.76K0.08)Σ1.84(Cu2.97Zn0.04)Σ3.01(SO4)3.02O0.92. Puninite is the first Na-dominant copper oxosulfate mineral observed on Second scoria cone. It is monoclinic, C2/c, a = 17.41(1), b = 9.39(1), c = 14.40(1) Å, β = 112.04(7)°, V = 2183(2)Å3, Z = 8. The eight strongest lines of the X-ray powder diffraction pattern are (I-d-hkl): 100-8.058-200, 18.88-6.675- 00&2macr;, 28.47-6.466- 20&2macr;, 14.1-4.398-202, 17.37-4.247- 11&3macr;, 33.89-3.839- 02&2macr;, 29.15-2.854- 22&4macr;, 14.95-2.724- 02&4macr;. Puninite is structurally related to euchlorine, NaKCu3O(SO4)3 and to fedotovite, K2Cu3O(SO4)3. The unit-cell a parameter value is very sensitive to the K-Na ratio in “euchlorine group” minerals. The crystal structure of puninite (R1 = 0.035) is based on oxocentred [O2Cu6]8+ dimers. Four sulphate tetrahedra are ‘face-to-face’ attached to the dimers, whereas the other sulphate tetrahedral groups provide their linkage in two dimensions. The structural architecture of all the copper-oxosulphate exhalative minerals described in this paper can be described as being organized via a “host–guest” principle.
          IMA 2015-012 = puninite and structure refinements of kamchatkite and alumoklyuchevskite (no replies)   
▪ Siidra, O.I., Nazarchuk, E.V., Zaitsev, A.N., Lukina, E.A., Avdontseva, E.Y., Vergasova, L.P., Vlasenko, N.S., Filatov, S.K., Turner, R., Karpov, G.A. (2017): Copper oxosulphates from fumaroles of Tolbachik Vulcano: puninite, Na2Cu3O(SO4)3 - a new mineral species and structure refinements of kamchatkite and alumoklyuchevskite. European Journal of Mineralogy, 29, 499-510.

Typical characteristics of many anhydrous sulphates of exhalative origin at fumaroles at the Second scoria cone of the Northern Breakthrough of the Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption, Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka, Russia, are the presence of additional oxygen atoms (Oa) in the composition. Recent field works on the fumaroles of the Second scoria cone in 2014 and 2015 resulted in discovery of a new mineral species, puninite, and collection of fresh alumoklyuchevskite and kamchatkite samples which allowed the re-refinement of crystal structures. The crystal structure of kamchatkite, KCu3O(SO4)2Cl, was solved and refined in Pnma space group (a = 9.755(2), b = 7.0152(15), c = 12.886(3) Å, V = 881.8(3)Å3, R1 = 0.021), whereas alumoklyuchevskite, K3Cu3AlO2(SO4)4, is triclinic, P-1; (a = 4.952(3), b = 11.978(6), c = 14.626(12) Å, α = 87.119(9), β = 80.251(9), γ = 78.070(9)°, V = 836.3 (9)Å3, R1 = 0.049) in contrast to previously reported data.
The new mineral puninite, ideally Na2Cu3O(SO4)3, was found in sublimates of Glavnaya Tenoritovaya fumarole. The mineral is named in honor of the Russian crystallographer Yurii Olegovich Punin (1941–2014). Puninite is closely associated with lammerite-β, tenorite, hematite and anhydrite. Puninite is emerald-green in colour. It is biaxial, optically positive, α = 1.587(2), β = 1.611(2), γ = 1.649(2), 2Vcalc=60°. The mineral is soluble in water. The empirical formula of puninite based on 13 O atoms is (Na1.76K0.08)Σ1.84(Cu2.97Zn0.04)Σ3.01(SO4)3.02O0.92. Puninite is the first Na-dominant copper oxosulfate mineral observed on Second scoria cone. It is monoclinic, C2/c, a = 17.41(1), b = 9.39(1), c = 14.40(1) Å, β = 112.04(7)°, V = 2183(2)Å3, Z = 8. The eight strongest lines of the X-ray powder diffraction pattern are (I-d-hkl): 100-8.058-200, 18.88-6.675- 00&2macr;, 28.47-6.466- 20&2macr;, 14.1-4.398-202, 17.37-4.247- 11&3macr;, 33.89-3.839- 02&2macr;, 29.15-2.854- 22&4macr;, 14.95-2.724- 02&4macr;. Puninite is structurally related to euchlorine, NaKCu3O(SO4)3 and to fedotovite, K2Cu3O(SO4)3. The unit-cell a parameter value is very sensitive to the K-Na ratio in “euchlorine group” minerals. The crystal structure of puninite (R1 = 0.035) is based on oxocentred [O2Cu6]8+ dimers. Four sulphate tetrahedra are ‘face-to-face’ attached to the dimers, whereas the other sulphate tetrahedral groups provide their linkage in two dimensions. The structural architecture of all the copper-oxosulphate exhalative minerals described in this paper can be described as being organized via a “host–guest” principle.
          IMA 2015-061 = wampenite (no replies)   
▪ Mills, S.J., Kampf, A.R., Nestola, F., Williams, P.A., Leverett, P., Hejazi, L., Hibbs, D.E., Mrorsko, M., Alvaro, M., Kasatkin, A.V. (2017): Wampenite, C18H16, a new organic mineral from the fossil conifer locality at Wampen, Bavaria, Germany. European Journal of Mineralogy, 29, 511-515.

Wampenite, C18H16, is a new organic mineral from the fossil wood (conifer) locality at Wampen, Fichtelgebirge, Bavaria, Germany. It is monoclinic, space group P21/a, with a = 6.7331(19), b = 8.689(3), c = 23.709(7) Å, β = 90.118(6)°, V = 1387.0(7)Å3 and Z = 4. Its structure was determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction, which revealed that the molecular structure comprises an aromatic phenanthrene moiety with an axial methyl group at one end and a disordered propen-2-yl (methylvinyl) terminal group at the other. High resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) confirmed the molecular formula C18H16 and the IR spectrum is consistent with the molecular structure found.
          IMA 2016-056 = hydroxykenoelsmoreite (no replies)   
▪ Mills, S.J., Christy, A.G., Kampf, A.R., Birch, W.D., Kasatkin, A. (2017): Hydroxykenoelsmoreite, the first new mineral from the Republic of Burundi. European Journal of Mineralogy, 29, 491-497.

We report the new mineral hydroxykenoelsmoreite, which has been approved by the IMA as IMA2016-056. The mineral occurs at the Masaka gold mine, Burundi, as rosettes up to 150μm across of platy crystals up to 20μm wide but < 2μm thick, associated with goethite and galena. Crystals are canary yellow, transparent with a vitreous lustre, and have a pale yellow streak. Hydroxykenoelsmoreite is uniaxial (-)and non-pleochroic. The refractive indices were too high to measure, but the Gladstone-Dale compatibility index predicts nave = 2.065. Crystals are brittle with an irregular fracture, but have perfect cleavage on {0 0 1}. The Mohs hardness is ∼ 3 by analogy with hydrokenoelsmoreite. The mineral is a member of the elsmoreite group of the pyrochlore supergroup, but deviates from the ideal cubic symmetry due mainly to ordering of Fe3+ onto one of twoWsites. Its structure is trigonal, space group R-3, with unit-cell parameters a = 7.313(2), c = 17.863(7) Å, V = 827(1)Å3 and Z = 6. The empirical formula (based on 7 (O + OH) per formula unit (pfu)) is: (□1.668Pb0.315Ca0.009Na0.005K0.003Ba0.001)Σ2(W6+>1.487Fe3+0.357Al0.156)Σ2(O4.119(OH)1.881)Σ6(OH); Raman spectroscopy and bond–valence sums showed that molecular H2O was absent or nearly so. The calculated density is 5.806 g cm-3.
          Crystal chemistry of Al–V–Cr oxy-tourmalines from Sludyanka complex, Lake Baikal, Russia (no replies)   
▪ Bosi, F., Reznitskii, L., Halenius, U., Skogby, H. (2017): Crystal chemistry of Al–V–Cr oxy-tourmalines from Sludyanka complex, Lake Baikal, Russia. European Journal of Mineralogy, 29, 457-472.

Twelve Al–V–Cr oxy-tourmalines from the Sludyanka crystalline complex (Russia) were structurally and chemically characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction and electron microprobe analysis. Three samples were also optically characterized by optical absorption spectroscopy and refractive index measurements. The data obtained and those of fourteen earlier studied oxy-tourmalines from the same locality show a complete substitution series due to the replacement of Al ↔ V3+ ↔ Cr3+. The cation site distribution results show that Mg has a strong preference for the Z site, whereas the trivalent cations have a preference for Y and Z controlled by their size: YV3+ > YCr >> YAl and ZAl >> ZCr > ZV3+.
In accordance with the bond-valence theory, the observed increase of F content with increasing Cr content may be interpreted by the occurrence of the local arrangements O1(F)–Y(CrCrCr) and Z[Cr(Cr,Mg)]–O3(O2−)–Y(Cr), while the incorporation of V3+ into the oxy-tourmaline structure is controlled by the local arrangement O1(O2−)–Y(VVV).
The unit-cell parameters (a and c) are strictly correlated to each other and can be expressed by a quadratic relation dependent on the mean-bond distances 〈Z–O〉 and 〈X–O〉. A strong positive correlation between (V + Cr) content and mean refractive index is proposed as a reliable guide to derive the composition of Al–V–Cr oxy-tourmalines from refractive-index measurements.
          Modularity of crystal structures: a unifying model for the biopyribole–palysepiole series (no replies)   
▪ Nespolo, M. & Bouznari, K. (2017): Modularity of crystal structures: a unifying model for the biopyribole–palysepiole series. European Journal of Mineralogy, 29, 369-383.

Biopyriboles and palysepioles are two polysomatic series traditionally described as built by the juxtaposition of modules taken, respectively, from phyllosilicates and pyroxenes and from palygorskite and sepiolite. We show that all the minerals in these two series can be described in the framework of the tropochemical cell-twinning model as built by modules of variable width taken from phyllosilicates, stacked by different structure-building operations. We present a quantitative comparison of the modules occurring in the different minerals and show their structure is so closely similar that one can use the module taken from one mineral to model the structure of the other minerals with only minimal deformations.
          A new uranyl phosphate sheet in the crystal structure of furongite (no replies)   
▪ Dal Bo, F., Hatert, F., Philippo, S. (2017): A new uranyl phosphate sheet in the crystal structure of furongite. European Journal of Mineralogy, 29, 517-527.

The crystal structure of furongite, Al4[(UO2)4(PO4)6](OH)2(H2O)19.5, from the Kobokobo pegmatite, Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, was solved for the first time. Furongite is triclinic, the space group P-1;, Z=2, a = 12.1685(8), b = 14.1579(6), c = 17.7884(6) , α = 79.822(3), β = 77.637(4), γ = 67.293(2)°, and V = 2746.2(2)3. The crystal structure was refined from single-crystal X-ray diffraction data to R1 = 0.0733 for 7716 unique observed reflections, and to wR2 = 0.2081 for all 12,538 unique reflections. The structure of furongite contains infinite uranyl phosphate sheets of composition [(UO2)4(PO4)6]10- which are parallel to (1 0 1). The sheets are constituted by UrO5 pentagonal bipyramids and PO4 tetrahedra which share edges and vertices, and adjacent sheets are linked by a dense network of hydrogen bonds. Running through the sheets and connected mainly to the free apical oxygen atom of PO4 tetrahedra are Al octahedra connected together to form remarkable Al2O5(OH)(H2O)5 and Al4O8(OH)2(H2O)10 clusters. These Al clusters are only bonded to one sheet, and do not connect two adjacent sheets together. The topology of the uranyl phosphate sheets is related to the uranophane anion topology, and can be described as a new geometrical isomer of the uranophane group. Furongite is the first uranyl phosphate reported in nature with a U:P ratio of 2:3.
          Crystal-chemical relations and classification problems belonging to the oxy-schorl – oxy-dravite – bosiite – povondraite series (no replies)   
▪ Bosi, F., Cámara, F., Ciriotti, M.E., Hålenius, U., Reznitskii, L., Stagno, V. (2017): Crystal-chemical relations and classification problems in tourmalines belonging to the oxy-schorl – oxy-dravite – bosiite – povondraite series. European Journal of Mineralogy, 29, 445-455.

Two oxy-tourmalines showing intermediate compositions between the oxy-schorl and oxy-dravite series (sample from Sludyanka crystalline complex, Baikal, Russia) and the oxy-dravite and bosiite series (sample from the Valletta mine, Piedmont, Italy) were structurally and chemically characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction, electron microprobe analysis, optical absorption and Synchrotron Mössbauer source spectroscopy. A comparative analysis of the results, along with data from literature on additional samples corresponding to the species oxy-schorl, oxy-dravite, bosiite and povondraite, show that the main structural variations within the Fe-bearing, Na-dominant oxy-tourmalines are related to variations in the content of Fe, which is incorporated into the structure via substitution mechanisms that involves Al. The results also show the occurrence of a complete substitution series from oxy-schorl via oxy-dravite and bosiite to povondraite, but no (or a limited) direct substitution series between oxy-schorl and bosiite (or povondraite). The substitution of Al by larger cations causes changes in ⟨Y–O⟩ and ⟨Z–O⟩ distances as well as in the unit-cell parameters. The effect of ⟨Y–O⟩ on the a-parameter is evident in the oxy-schorl–oxy-dravite series, but it is of marginal significance in the oxy-dravite–bosiite–povondraite series. On the other hand, a good correlation exists between ⟨Z–O⟩ and the a-parameter only in the oxy-dravite–bosiite–povondraite series. The c-parameter is strongly correlated with ⟨Z–O⟩ along the entire substitution series.
Classification problems related to the naming of Fe-bearing, Na-dominant oxy-tourmalines are discussed. Application of the nomenclature rules in force resulted in ambiguous naming of the studied samples. This makes, for example, direct comparisons of physical and chemical properties of tourmalines originating from different deposits difficult.
          'Very strong' climate change signal in record June heat in the UK and Western Europe   
Matt McGrath BBC News 30 Jun 17; The June heat waves that impacted much of the UK and Western Europe were made more intense because of climate change say scientists. Forest fires in Portugal claimed scores of lives while emergency heat plans were triggered in France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Britain experienced its warmest June day since the famous heat wave of 1976. Human-related warming made record heat 10 times more likely in parts of Europe the researchers say. During June, mean monthly temperatures about 3C above normal were recorded across western parts of the continent....

this is a summary, for the full version visit the wild news blog
          Eating the Globe: Syria   

I was in San Francisco for work and celebrated a productive morning with an out-of-the-way lunch. This is Palmyra.

I got the Kibbi platter, which consists of:
Four shells of mashed cracked wheat stuffed with ground beef, sauteed onions, and pine nuts served with a side of hummus, cucumber salad, pita, garlic sauce, and hot sauce.

The kibbi was/were delicious. Not greasy or heavy at all. My only complaint was that it only came with four pieces.

Countries tried so far:
Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa
Asia: Afghanistan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, China, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Yemen
Europe: Albania, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden
North America: Belize, Canada, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Trinidad & Tobago, USA
South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela
Oceania: Australia, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga
           John Toland 的書《佔領日本》(Occupation);The Rising Sun ;Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography 等等   


...第二次世界大戰後的日本即為絕佳的例子。廢止軍隊,天皇之象徵化,警察權力之弱化,財閥之解體,透過農地改革而使小地主成為自耕農,對工會的獎勵,政治參與的擴大以及驅逐曾經協助戰爭的政治人物、官僚、企業家、評論者等,均成為主要的改革...就此意義而言,國際關係是界定國家與社會關係的根本。」(豬口 孝《國家與社會》劉黎兒譯,台北:時報出版,1992,第85-6頁。)
要了解19451949的日本情景,美軍為日本立憲,使其成為自由(某村落老師的解釋是「自主」「行動」)民主,軍法審判、兒女深情、愛恨情仇,美國決定將日本發展成亞洲的「工場大本營」(這使得財閥企業和資本主義結合)等等重要的社會背景,可參考小說: John Toland 《佔領日本》(Occupation)北京:中國社會科學出版社,【19871997

John Willard Toland (June 29, 1912 – January 4, 2004)[1] was an American writer and historian. He is best known for a biography ofAdolf Hitler[2] and a Pulitzer Prize-winning history of World War II-era Japan, The Rising Sun.




Pulitzer Prize-winning historian John Willard Toland was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin on this day in 1912.
"A hybrid of Prometheus and Lucifer.”
Toland's classic, definitive biography of Adolf Hitler remains the most thorough, readable, accessible, and, as much as possible, objective account of the life of a man whose evil effect on the world in the twentieth century will always be felt. Toland’s research provided one of the final opportunities for a historian to conduct personal interviews with over two hundred individuals intimately associated with Hitler. At a certain distance yet still with access to many of the people who enabled and who opposed the führer and his Third Reich, Toland strove to treat this life as if Hitler lived and died a hundred years before instead of within his own memory.


"He was learning how to appeal to the basic needs of the average German ... His 'basic values and aims' were as reassuring as they were acceptable. His listeners could not possibly know that the 'reasonable' words were a mask for one of the most radical programs in the history of mankind, a program that would alter the map of Europe and affect the lives, in one way or another, of most of the people on Earth."
John Toland, Adolf Hitler
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian John Toland’s classic, definitive biography of Adolf Hitler remains the most thorough, readable, accessible, and, as much as possible, objective account of the life of a man whose evil effect on the world in the twentieth century will always be felt.

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The Rising Sun
Book by John Toland

The Rising Sun: The Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire, 1936–1945, written by John Toland, was published by Random House in 1970 and won the 1971 Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction. It was republished by Random House in 2003.Wikipedia


          lagos: day two + three   

On my second Lagos day I saw more of the city walls, more of the Forte da Ponta da Bandeira, and also visited the Mercado dos Escravos. The Mercado dos Escravos - or Slave Market Museum - used to be the first slave market in Europe. It was quite cool, fascinating and fairly informative, I did like the style of exhibition and incorporation of new technology, and would recommend going if you're in Lagos. Yet, to me it felt as if it was less condemning of the past and instead a bit exploitative. Then again, I don't know what would be the best way of exhibitioning slavery, I've only barely scratched the surface of the subject of slavery in my studies of history, and platitudes of saying slavery was awful aren't really that helpful.

Just like I merely touched upon the subject now, after my visit to the museum I obviously went to the beaches again. Most of the beach photos here are from Praia do Camilo that I only visited on my second day. It's a bit further away, but it's my favourite. I think it's become clear that I'm a fan of a good beach. (I mean, aren't most people?) On my third day, I woke up early to go for a swim and sadly had to head back to Faro quite soon afterwards, from where I even more sadly headed back up north.

That's the last of my Algarve posts - and I already miss it. Doesn't it sound and look pretty decent, though? And if you've not seen it yet, you can find my firt post on Lagos here.
          Namco Museum is coming to Switch next month with Pac-Man Vs.   

Namco Museum, the recently announced anthology of retro classics, will arrive on Switch 28th July in Europe and North America for €29.99 / $29.99.

Better yet, it will contain one bonus game not previously announced: Pac-Man Vs.

Originally developed by Shigeru Miyamoto and original Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani for the GameCube as a free bonus packaged with R: Racing in 2003, Pac-Man Vs. utilised the platform's GBA connectivity feature making it so one player could assume the role of Pac-Man on their handheld while the other three players hunted them as ghosts on the TV.

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          Harvest Moon successor, Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, sets European release date   

Harvest Moon successor Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns will launch on 13th October in Europe for 3DS.

While Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns doesn't actually have the words "Harvest" or "Moon" in the title, it's still part of Marvelous Inc.'s long-running farming series. In fact, Trio of Towns celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The reason for the name change is that in 2014 Marvelous decided to use its own American branch, XSEED Games, to distribute the series in North America, yet the previous publisher, Natsume, still owned the name Harvest Moon. So XSEED needed to give the series a new name in the west and it went with Story of Seasons. In Europe Marvelous likewise switched publishing partners to Nintendo of Europe, who decided to stick with the Story of Seasons name to keep things consistent across the west.

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          Canadian Dollar Advances On Oil Price Rise    
The Canadian dollar strengthened against other major currencies in the European session on Thursday, as crude oil price rose after U.S. government data revealed the biggest weekly decline in domestic crude production in almost a year.
          OHSU researchers: New discovery on obesity-high blood pressure relationship   
Obesity contributes to high blood pressure, but why and how this happens remains unclear. One of the major causes of high blood pressure — or hypertension — is the inappropriate activation of the fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system response, and most obesity researchers have focused on factors that increase sympathetic activity. Virginia Brooks, Ph.D., however, has been investigating mechanisms that inhibit this activity. A team led by Brooks, professor of physiology and pharmacology at OHSU, identified a neuromodulator, neuropeptide Y (NPY), that inhibits sympathetic activity in a specific area of … Read More
          Tutti i nomi di Big Bang!, l’inaugurazione delle OGR di Torino   

Le OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni di Torino riaprono a settembre con Big Bang!, festa di inaugurazione gratuita carica di eventi e lunga due settimane. La lista degli artisti che si esibiranno è lunga e ricca di nomi italiani e non di fama internazionale: Giorgio Moroder (che porterà in esclusiva italiana la prima europea dello […]

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          French investor buys Chandler e-commerce company, expanding into Europe   
French investor Thomas Jouanno was attracted to the Valley’s “Silicon Desert” reputation when he found Chandler-based atmosol.

          Daughters of Darkness   
Sitting at the intersection of the European art film, exploitation horror and ’70s porn chic, Daughters of Darkness is definitely …

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          Un virus destructeur à source de la cyberattaque qui a balayé l'Europe   
Plusieurs dizaines d'entreprises ont été ciblées ce 27 juin. Un virus déguisé en rançongiciel est pointé du doigt. L'attaque s'est étendue à toute l'Europe.
          French investor buys Chandler e-commerce company, expanding into Europe   
French investor Thomas Jouanno was attracted to the Valley’s “Silicon Desert” reputation when he found Chandler-based atmosol.

          Las 23 películas que mejor han contado lo que es de verdad un amor de verano   

Vacaciones En Roma

Jamás culparé al cine por mis altas expectativas en los diferentes ámbitos de la vida. Le quiero demasiado. Pero si hay algo que el cine nos ha enseñado y estropeado para siempre son los amores de verano, porque nunca, nunca serán como en las películas, o al menos siempre serán menos glamoursos y mucho máss pegajosos (sí, soy una hater del calor).

Por suerte, el cine nos ha enseñado mucho más que la existencia de amores de verano idílicos. Además de amores inesperados y románticos, también nos han enseñado amores musicales, turbios, inapropiados, con forma de thriller y que acabarán fatal, cómicos, adolescentes, incestuosos... Y como no todo es perfecto, os traigo una lista imperfecta de algunas de mis películas favoritas sobre amores de verano ideales para esta época del año.

Así que, si como yo odiáis demasiado el calor como para vivir vuestro propio romance estival y os van más los amores en la nieve y con jerséis de lana, os recomiento algunos títulos para que podáis vivirlos desde el sofá de vuestra casa... con el aire acondicionado a tope.

'Vacaciones en Roma' (1953)

Nunca he estado en Roma y me da miedo ir y que no me pase lo que Audrey Hepburn en 'Vacaciones en Roma' ('Roman Holiday', Wylliam Wyler). Claro que yo no soy una princesa europea agobiada por no poder llevar una vida normal y que se escapa de palacio para conocer Roma y encontrarse a sí misma. Con corte de pelo y borrachera incluída.

Aún así, esta delicia de película de final algo amargo de ese amor imposible entre la princesa Anna y el periodista Joe Bradley (un maravilloso Gregory Peck) que termina enamorándose de ella mientras trata de conseguir una exclusiva para su periódico, es perfecta, no sólo para una noche de verano, sino para cualquier época del año.

'Atrapa a un Ladrón' (1955)

Si Cary Grant decide no separarse de ti para atrapar al ladrón de cuyos robos le están inculpando...¿quién podría negarse? Y más si todo esto ocurre en la idílica Costa Azul. Pero no, una vez más, no soy Grace Kelly ni una rica heredera a la que puedan robar las joyas.

Por suerte, no necesitamos vivirlo, porque Hitchcok lo rodó y plasmó tan bien en 'Atrapa a un ladrón' ('To Catch A Thief', Alfred Hitchcok, 1955), con esa mezcla perfecta de thriller y romance que no necesitamos nada más. Gracias Hitch por el glamour de los romances veraniegos entre ladrones y descapotables azules.

'La tentación vive arriba' (1955)

En mi ciudad hay metro, pero no es como el de Nueva York, cuyas rejillas de ventilación provocan un mini-huracán en la superfecie, y aunque así lo fuera, probablemente sería un aire repugnante, calentorro y fétido. Ya sé que a Marilyn Monroe le parece una "brisa deliciosa" en 'La tentación vive arriba' ('The Seven Year Itch', Billy Wilder, 1955), pero no.

En la cinta, Tom Ewell da vida a un neoyorquino de imaginación exagerada que atraviesa una crisis de madurez, pasa el verano en un caluroso Nueva York, mientras su mujer y sus hijos veranean en Maine. En su letargo estival conocerá a una pizpireta modelo de publicidad -Monroe- que alquila un apartamento en su mismo edificio. Ambos pasarán tiempo juntos y él, con su desbordante imaginación, creerá tener una relación con su vecina.

'Tú a Boston y yo a California' (1961)

Nunca fui a un campamento de verano, por lo que hasta donde sé, podría tener una hermana gemela, idéntica a mí, en algún lugar del mundo. Y por supuesto, jamás podremos intercambiar nuestras identidades para conocer el mundo de la otra y conseguir que nuestros padres vuelvan a enamorarse. Pero como dije antes, las expectativas del cine jamás se cumplen y nunca fui esa niña pija londinense que se intercambiaba con su hermana californiana.

Pero una vez más, poco importa. En 'Tú a Boston y yo a California' ('The Parent Trap', David Swift,1961), Hayley Mills ya lo vivía por mí -y mi hermana gemela inexistent, obvio-, y ella y su versión doble conseguían que sus padres -Brian Keith y la pelirroja más pelirroja de Hollywood, Maureen O'Hara- volvieran a juntarse en aquel romántico rancho californiano.

'Búsqueme a esa chica' (1964)

Lo sé. Un salto muy drástico con referencia a las otras películas. Pero no podía dejar de incluirla, por la genialidad que supone ver en una misma película a dos íconos pop de la España de los 60: Marisol y el Dúo Dinámico. Y más si en ella, la niña prodigio y el guapo del dúo vivían un romance veraniego.

En 'Búsqueme a esa chica', Marisol -Pepa Flores- trata de ganarse la vida con su padre en Palma de Mallorca, cuando un ricachón descubre a la chica y quiere convertirla en una estrella, a cambio de alejarla de su padre. Entre tanto, Marisol conoce al Dúo Dinámico y se enamora de uno de ellos. Y hay números musicales tan kitsch y exquisitos como el de arriba.

'Las señoritas de Rochefort' (1967)

Y pasamos de un musical cañí español a uno francés, muy francés, pero rezumando amor por el musical de Hollywood. Sí, hablo de la deliciosa 'Las señoritas de Rochefort' del maestro Jacques Demy, uno de mis favoritos de todos los tiempos. Y por suerte, transcurre en verano, hay romances y encuentran un hueco en esta lista y por lo tanto, una buena excusa para recuperarla.

Aquí, Catherine Deneuve y Françoise Dorléac -su hermana en la vida real- dan vida a unas gemelas que dan clases de danza y música en la aburrida Rochefort -si véis la película, no es aburrida para nada-. Quieren irse a vivir a París y con el verano, llegan a la ciudad marineros, feriantes y demás, que despertarán las ansias de romance de las jóvenes. Comedia fresquita con números musicales exquisitos, colores, asesinatos y Gene Kelly, ahí lo digo todo.

'El Graduado' (1967)

Y aunque 'El Graduado' ('The Graduate', Mike Nichols) no es una película musical, sí tiene una canción que pasó a la historia: 'Mrs.Robinson' de Simon and Garfunkel, y sin duda la banda sonora ideal para el amor prohibido entre un joven y una mujer madura, a los que dieron vida Dustin Hoffman y Anne Bancroft.

Y es que claro, el verano para unos es sinónimo de descanso y para otros, de intentar decidir qué hacer con sus vidas. Es el caso del personaje de Hoffman, que regresa a casa de sus padres tras graduarse en la universidad. Y mientras sus padres quieren que salga con la hija de unos amigos, será la madre de ésta quien trate seducir al joven e inocente muchacho. Ya saben, el calor y la carne fresca.

'Grease' (1978)

Vale. Lo sé: 'Grease' no cuenta un romance veraniego, pero permitidme la licencia, porque si no hubiera sido por uno, uno de los musicales más míticos de los 70 no habría sucedido jamás. Y es que todo empieza cuando Sandy y Danny, dos adolecentes -interpretados por los treintañeros Olivia Newton John y John Travolta- se despiden tras haber vivido uno de esos ídilicos amores veraniegos, pensando que no volverán a verse.

¡Y qué equivocados estaban! Gracias al maravilloso destino cinematográfico, después del verano ella comenzará el curso en un nuevo instituto...¿y adivinad quién estudia también ahí? ¡Bingo! Lo demás es historia llena de gomina, descapotables, chicle y faldas con vuelo. Y de nada por el vídeo con la letra de 'Summer Nights', por si queréis marcaros un Sing'a'long'

'Pauline en la playa' (1983)

Y nos ponemos un poco más serios y volvemos al cine francés y uno de sus grandes cineastas, Éric Rohmer. Y como en todo su cine, en 'Pauline en la playa' ('Pauline à la plage'), parece que deje la cámara y las historias surgen de forma espontánea y orgánica ante ella. Y parece que no le fue mal, ya que la cinta le valió el Oso de Plata a la Mejor Dirección en la Berlinale de ese año.

De ritmo pausado -ya saben, rohmeriana- como el mejor de los veranos, en 'Pauline en la playa' conocemos Marion y su joven prima Pauline, pasan unas vacaciones en un balneario en Normandía. Allí, la primera se reencontrará con un viejo amor y la segunda, comenzará a descubrir lo que un buen amorío de verano puede dar de sí.

'Dirty Dancing' (1987)

Lo confieso. He visto 'Dirty Dancing' millones de veces, pero nunca me avergonzará decirlo y tengo la suerte de que, con los años, se ha convertido en una cinta de culto y manifiesto feminista. Y viene al pelo porque resulta que cuenta uno de los romances veraniegos más míticos y sensuales de los 80, porque quien no se haya sentido identificado alguna vez con Baby y ese "No dejaré que nadie te arrincone" que le dice Johnny Castle, está mintiendo.

En la cinta, Baby (Jennifer Gray), una recién graduada del instituto va a parar con sus padres y su hermana a un lugar de estos de vacaciones en los que solamente hay jubilados. Por suerte, entre los animadores del lugar hay un bailarín excesivamente atractivo (las niñas de los 80 te querremos siempre, Patrick Swayze) y sensible, que por azares del destino -siempre- tendrá que enseñar a bailar a Baby. Y claro, surge el amor.

'Mi chica' (1991)

Si nacistéis en los 80 y el comienzo de los 90 os pilló en plena infancia o entrando en la adolescencia, lo más propable es que el amor pre-adolescente de 'Mi chica' ('My Girl', Howard Zieff) os traumatizara para siempre. Y no os culpo, porque desde que la vi, mi gran temor son las abejas y avispas. Traumas infantiles a parte, la cinta que protagonizaron Anna Chlumsky y Macaulay Culkin, es ya todo un clásico del 'coming of age', del paso a la infancia a la adolescencia.

La cinta, básicamente, transcurre durante un verano en la vida de Vada, una niña hipocondríaca, que vive con un padre viudo director de una funeraria y pasa parte de su tiempo con su amigo Thomas, alérgico a todo. La niña comienza a sufrir los cambios de la adolescencia a la vez que su padre comienza una relación con su nueva empleada y su amigo y primer amor...bueno, no os lo cuento por si no la vistéis, pero...trauma.

'French Kiss' (1995)

A la pobre Meg Ryan la abandona su novio (Timothy Hutton) por una francesa y ésta afrontará su miedo a volar para viajar a Francia a recuperarlo. Claro, porque viajar a Francia en verano y pasar de París a la Costa Azul es toda una tortura, y mucho más, si conoces en el avión a un francés (o Kevin Kline) que se lleva entre manos negocios bastante chungos, en los que, sin duda, involucrará a la pobre Meg.

Pero no importa si en el fondo, ese francés caradura tiene su corazoncito -y sabe de vinos- y tratará de ayudar a Meg -vale, el personaje se llama Kate, pero ¿qué importa?- a recuperar a su novio. Y bueno, todos sabemos qué no lo hará. Y todo ello en un entorno de ensueño que va desde París, pasando por la campiña francesa y Niza. Todo muy encantador y entrañable. Ni tan mal, Meg.

Trilogía 'Antes del amanecer' (1995 - 2004 - 2013)

Sé que soy un poco pesada con la famosa trilogía de Richard Linklater, protagonizada por Ethan Hawke y Julie Delpy, pero ¿qué le vamos a hacer si son auténticas maravillas además de contener altas dosis de romanticismo sin alejarse nunca de la cruda realidad? Y sí, las tres transcurren en verano y sí, las tres incluyen historias de amor.

En 'Antes del amanecer' ('Before Sunrise', 1995), Jesse y Céline se conocían y vivían una intensa noche de verano en Viena. No se volverían a encontrar hasta 9 años después en 'Antes del atardecer' ('Before Sunset', 2004) y durante una calurosa tarde en París con final abierto. Y otros 9 años pasaron hasta que conocimos ¿el final? de su historia en una isla griega en 'Antes del anocheceder' ('Before Midnight,'2013)

'El Talento de Mr.Ripley' (1999)

Muchísimo más turbio es el romance veraniego que nos contó Anthony Minghella en 1999 en 'El talento de Mr. Ripley' ('The talented Mr. Ripley'), en un entorno y con un reparto de ensueño: Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow y Matt Damon protagonizaron este thriller psicológico ambientada en la soleada Italia de los años 50.

Basada en la novela homónima de Patricia Highsmith, aquí, Matt Damon da vida a Ripley, un chaval de lo más corriente, que viaja a Italia para conseguir que el hijo de su jefe -el maravilloso Jude Law-, un vividor y ganador nato regrese a casa, por el que se sentirá rápidamente atraído. La cosa se lía de tal manera, que Ripley tratará de vengarse ante el rechazo suplantando la identidad del otro. Ambición, atracción y celos en la maravillosa Italia y con gente muy guapa. Porque sí, Cate Banchett también participa en la película.

'Y tu mamá también' (2001)

Ya lo he comentado más arriba, pero con el calorcito la sangre nos llega a todas partes menos a la cabeza y claro, si dos chavales saliendo de la adolescencia como Diego Luna y Gael García Bernal conocen a una mujer más mayor como Maribel Verdú y ésta acepta a unirse a un viaje en furgoneta con ellos, pues se puede liar considerablemente.

Ante la sorpresa de los chavales de que ella haya aceptado, tendrán que ingeniarselas para hacer el viaje y el resultado es una sexy road-trip que cambiara la forma de entender la vida de los tres. Por cierto, es el cuarto largometraje de Alfonso Cuarón, el segundo que rodó en castellano y el que le convirtió en uno de los jóvenes realizadores mexicanos de mayor proyección internacional. Lo demás, ya lo conocemos.

'Ma mère' (2005)

Sí, lo sé, puede que 'Ma mère' de Christophe Honoré cuente una historia de amor demasiado perversa e incestuosa. Pero es que, al fin y al cabo, es una historia de amor y transcurre en verano y su propuesta es lo suficientemente interesante para que os hable de ella y os la descubra, si no la conocéis, aunque que esté protagonizada por Isabelle Huppert y Louis Garrel ya debería ser suficiente.

En su segundo largometraje, Honoré cuenta las perturbadoras vavaciones de una madre y su hijo recién salido de la adolescencia en Mallorca. Él no necesita nada más que el afecto de su madre y ella, con tendencias autodestructivas introducirá a su hijo en el universo sado-masoquista para alcanzar el amor maternal absoluto. Sudor, sexo sucio, tríos e incesto en este perverso relato.

'500 días juntos' (2006)

Puede que lo que más me guste de '500 días juntos' ('500 Days of Summer', Marc Webb) es que no se trata de una comedia romántica al uso, sino que es todo lo contrario: desmitifica el amor romántico perfecto, pero sin llegar a hacer que lo odies. Y como todas las pelis de esta lista, parte de su trama ranscurre en verano, por no hablar del juego de palabras de su título origina que significa '500 días de verano', siendo Summer, además, el nombre de la protagonista.

En la cinta, Joseph Gordon-Levitt da vida a un joven que trabaja escribiendo cartas de felicitación y cree en el amor verdadero, mientras que Summer (Zooey Deschanel), dejó de creer en él cuando sus padres se divorciaron. Él caerá prendidamente enamorado de ella, ella de él no tanto, y éste tratará de reconstruir su relación par ver donde estuvo el problema y poder recuperarla.

'Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona' (2008)

No, no es la mejor película de Woody Allen ni de lejos, pero causó cierto revuelo en su momento por estar rodada en nuestro país y lógicamente, por reunir a nuestras dos estrellas más internacionales: Javier Bardem y Penélope Cruz. Además, es el claro ejemplo de lo que puede pasarle a dos americanas ingenuas que vienen de vacaciones a nuestro país: porque todos los hombres son tan pasionales como el personaje de Bardem y todas las mujeres están locas como el personaje de Cruz.

En la cinta, Vicky y Cristina, dos americanas, viajan de vacaciones a Barcelona. Mientras la primera es sensata y está apunto de casarse, la segunda busca todo tipo de aventuras. ¡Y vaya si las encuentra! Conocerá a un atractivo pintor con el que comenzará un romance...con él y con su inestable ex-mujer.

'Adventureland' (2009)

Greg Mottola dirigía en 2009 a Jesse Eisenberg y Kristen Stewart en 'Adventureland', una claro ejemplo de como un verano que no va a ser como esperabas puede convertirse en algo más o menos mejor -ahí, según las prioridades de cada uno-.

Así, en la cinta, estamos en el verano de 1987 y Eisenberg da vida a un recién graduado en la universidad, que al terminar el curso decide ir a recorrer Europa en sus vacaciones, para después empezar Periodismo en la Universidad de Columbia. Pero sus problemas económicos se lo impedirán, y terminará trabajando en 'Adventureland', donde conocerá a la enigmática Emily.

'Primos' (2011)

Si te dejan plantado en el altar, la cosa más lógica que puedes hacer a continuación es ir al pueblo donde pasaste los veranos de tu infancia para recuperar a tu amor de adolescencia. Lo normal. Por suerte, todo vale en el cine y ¡menos mal! Porque con 'Primos', Daniel Sánchez Arévalo filmó su mejor y más entrañable comedia.

Así, Quim Gutiérrez y sus primos Raúl Arévalo y Adrián Lastra viajan a Comillas (Cantabria), en plenas fiestas de verano, para que el primero se reencuentre con Inma Cuesta, su primer gran amor. Entre hortalizas, canciones de los Backstreet Boys, verbenas y ferias de pueblo, transcurre este(os) divertido(s) y entrañable(s) romance(s).

'Moonrise Kingdom' (2012)

Y otro verano retro, pero esta vez de 1965 y reproducido bajo la fascinante y mágina mirada de Wes Anderson, lo que implica que 'Moonrise Kingdom' es, sin duda, una cinta de lo más especial, con campamento de verano incluído y una apuesta visual casi, casi, convertida en icónica.

Sam y Suzy se conoce en un campamento de verano, donde los niños pre-adolescentes pasan el día haciendo todo tipo de actividades y viviendo mil aventuras. Pero Sam y Suzy se han enamorado y planearán una escapada para poder vivir juntos y a su manera, fuera de el universo estricto paternal.

'Un jeune poète' (2014)

Aunque creo que no se ha estrenado en España, si alguna vez os topáis con 'Un jeune poète' (Damien Manivel), ni lo dudéis. Y es que me ha parecido oportuno hablaros de ella porque es una cinta interesantísima sobre madurar, las ambiciones -y pretensiones- de la juventud y encontrar el lugar de uno en el mundo. Y claro está, porque transcurre en verano y hay un romance, que para eso hemos venido.

En la cinta, el pobre Rémi sueña con ser poeta y fascinar al mundo con sus versos y por ello, viaja en soledad a la calurosa ciudad de Sète, en el sur de Francia, con lapicero y cuaderno para buscar la inspiración y escribir poemas maravillosos. Rémi lo intenta con todas sus fuerzas, hasta que se enamora de una joven y podrá, por fin, escribir algo. Lo mejor de la cinta, son los penosos intentos de Rémi de ser bohemio. Mucho postureo, vamos.

'Kiki, el amor se hace' (2016)

En su tercer largometrjae como director, Paco León habla de todo tipo de filias sexuales extrañas y como no podía ser de otra forma, asocia el sexo con el verano. Porque en el Madrid que nos muestra León en 'Kiki, el amor se hace', hae mucho calor y parece que esto hace aumentar el deseo sexual de sus habitantes y despierta sus más oscuras -y raras- filias.

Una película coral, muy veraniega y colorida y que a ritmo de pop es toda una oda a la diferencia, a la liberación sexual y claro está, al amor veraniego.

          The Pursuit of Happiness   
There are no peasants in America: thousands and then millions arrived from Europe and Asia in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the pursuit of happiness, but they were quickly consumed within the maw of industrial capitalism. They no longer toiled for their own subsistence while transferring their agricultural surplus to their landlord as they had in their homelands More
          Washington Has Been At War For 16 Years: Why?   
For sixteen years the US has been at war in the Middle East and North Africa, running up trillions of dollars in expenses, committing untold war crimes, and sending millions of war refugees to burden Europe, while simultaneously claiming that Washington cannot afford its Social Security and Medicare obligations or to fund a national health More
          Simone Veil, abanderada de las europeas   
          Germany Legalize Same-Sex Marriage, Angela Merkel Says Marriage Is Between A Man And A Woman   

Germany Parliament has said "Ja" to same-sex marriage in a snap vote. The bill passed 393 to 226, with the German vice-chancellor, Angela Merkel voting against the bill, however, more than 70 conservative bloc members of Merkel vote in favour of the bill.


   Volker Beck of the Green party, who is also an open gay person celebrated the new bill on his lasy day in parliament.

Explaining while she voted No on the bill, Angela Merkel said that she understood marriage to be an institution between a man and a woman, however, she said she believes the new bill will help promote "more social peace."

Merkel also said that she has come to the conclusion that same-sex couple should be able to adopt children, which is something the new bill legalizes.

Volker Beck of the Green party, who also had been a strong voice in approving same-sex marriage called the vote "a success for democracy."

80% of Germans are in support of allowing homosexuals couples to marry and adopt children.


          Media Recruitment: Managing Director & Group Account Director - GERMANY - Big Brands/Politics   
dependant on experience : Media Recruitment: One of Europe's leading independent PR and advertising agencies, with over 80 branches across five continents, is now looking for a Managing Direct... Berlin (DE)
          You May Wear Pants   

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Cardinal George Pell is the third-most powerful official in the Catholic Church as head of the Vatican’s finances. And he’s just been charged multiple sexual assaults in his native Australia. I think it’s time to play this song again.

Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky signs into law a bill allowing Bible classes in public schools. I’m sure that not far behind are classes on the Qu’ran, the Bhagvat Gita, Dianetics, and the Books of Bokonon. Any day now.

ProPublica reveals “a trove” of Facebook’s internal documents showing its secret guidelines for determining what is and is not hate speech, and thus able to be censored. And some of it is frankly disturbing:

One document trains content reviewers on how to apply the company’s global hate speech algorithm. The slide identifies three groups: female drivers, black children and white men. It asks: Which group is protected from hate speech? The correct answer: white men. ... White men are considered a group because both traits are protected, while female drivers and black children, like radicalized Muslims, are subsets, because one of their characteristics is not protected. 

Adi Robertson at The Verge notes that Facebook’s task is more or less impossible:

If the company decides to promote a positive social environment without taking clear political sides, it will trend toward a faux neutrality where “hate” is any negative opinion, punishing people who criticize the status quo. But if it admits to an ideological bent, it will have to start formulating political stances on which groups worldwide deserve the most protection from hate. The more social responsibility it accepts, the more liable it is for failing to police its users, and the more power it has to control speech — not just comments to other users, but personal timeline posts or photographs. 

Oh, hey hey hey, make sure you dig the latest Cause & Effect newsletter. It’s got international news, SCOTUS news, and not all of the news is bad!

CFI’s Benjamin Radford is on the panel for a discussion about psychics (along with a bunch of alleged psychics) on WNPR’s Colin McEnroe Show.

Another “psychic,” Michelle Marks of Dixon, Illinois, is arrested for “exploitation of an elderly person and multiple weapons charges.” Wow she was busy!

Researchers at the Catholic University of Louvain wanted to see if atheists in Western Europe were more or less closed-minded than the religious. And that’s what they found, more or less:

Atheists tended to show greater intolerance of contradiction, meaning when they were presented with two seemingly contradictory statements they rated one as very true and the other as very false. They also showed less propensity to be able to imagine arguments contrary to their own position and find them somewhat convincing.

A group of scientists and other figures sign on to an initiative called Mission 2020, intended to get greenhouse gas emissions to “curve downward” by 2020, because failing that, the goals of Paris become unattainable. While it’s noble, I am skeptical. Especially after my Point of Inquiry interview with Elizabeth Kolbert earlier this month.

Undaunted by my kind of despair, a “global covenant of mayors” pledging to meet the goals of the Paris accord has brought on board more than 7400 cities.

Cleve Wootson at WaPo introduces us to Michael Tate Reed, the guy who keeps ramming his car into Ten Commandments monuments, as he did in Arkansas yesterday:

[In 2014] He was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and released under an agreement that required him to continue treatment. He sent a rambling letter to the newspaper apologizing and describing the voices in his head and his attempts to recover from mental health issues. 

Speaking of which, Joseph Frankel at The Atlantic looks at how the phenomenon of “hearing voices” in one’s head—which is sometimes what makes people think they’re psychic, and others say they’re psychotic—may be more common than once thought, and also may be more controllable:

These experiments suggest that auditory hallucinations are the result of the mind failing to brand its actions as its own. Watching what the brain does during these hallucinations may clarify how that works, and what differences in the brain create these experiences. ... Drawing a parallel with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the [researchers] are interested in the extent to which the psychics they saw “might occupy the extreme end of a continuum” of people who hear voices. 

The Mormon Church is taking bold strides into the latter half of the 20th century, offering paid maternity or parental leave to church employees and (hold on to your butts) allowing women to wear pants.

A California health department report says that 111 people have chosen to take their own lives in the first six months of the state’s right-to-die law. 

Uranus isn’t just odd because its name makes you chuckle (which is why I must pronounce it “YURen-uss,” not, you know, the other way). It’s on a crazy 98-degree axis, and its magnetic shield is all wobbly.

When there’s somethin’ strange…in the neighborhood…who you gonna call? The Royal Thai Police Force! They ain’t afraid o’no phi pob. 

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is a fun, scientific, educational museum experience for the whole family! Oh wait, the city wants them to pay a “safety assessment fee”? I meant to say, it’s a ministry. So, sorry. Exempt. Phew! I mean, “amen.”

My home state of Maine gets its first case of measles in 20 years. Oh god I hope it’s not me! 

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I’m just gonna give this one to Colbert:

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          Davis hampered by May’s Brexit ‘red lines’, says ex-government adviser   
James Chapman says the PM should reconsider her position on the ECJ, immigration and the European Atomic Energy Community.
          Far-right leader Marine Le Pen charged with EU funds misuse   
She gave up her seat in the European Parliament after being elected to the French parliament earlier this month.
          Paschal Donohoe rejects claims economy is overheating   

Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe has rejected European Commission concerns that Ireland’s economy is at risk of overheating, claiming the country will have more jobs than people available to work them next year.

          Grow and care for Geraniums (Pelargoniums)   
Grow and care for Geraniums (Pelargoniums) The geranium was introduced into Europe from South Africa towards the beginning of the 17th century; today it is one of the most popular of flowers. It is native to South Africa, Australia and Turkey, but is now widely grown in the temperate areas of the world. Of the several sub-divisions of the genus […]
          New Finds From Early St. Louis    
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI—Archaeologists working in St. Louis have uncovered evidence that contradicts conventional understandings of the city's founding, according to a report by St. Louis Public Radio. A team led by archaeologist Michael Meyer of the Missouri Department of Transportation has conducted excavations ahead of construction on the Poplar Street Bridge, which spans the Mississippi River and connects the city to East St. Louis, in Illinois. They have uncovered evidence, including trade beads, brass goods, and ceramics, of both French and Native settlement in the area prior to 1764, the recorded year of St. Louis' founding by French fur trader Pierre Lacléde. While the region is famed for the Mississipan mound cities that flourished for centuries before the arrival of Europeans, it has been previously accepted that the area of St. Louis was sparsely populated when Lacléde and his followers arrived. To read more about archaeology in Missouri, go to "Digging the Scorched Earth." 
          Neolithic Tomb Unearthed in England   
SILSDEN, ENGLAND—Archaeologists digging at a future construction site in northern England have unearthed the remains of a large collective burial monument known as a barrow, reports Keighley Online. Measuring around 100 feet wide, the barrow consists of two ditches and was in use around 5,000 to 4,500 years ago, during the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age. At the center of the site, the team unearthed an incised funerary urn containing cremated remains, likely the barrow's primary burial. The team plans to X-ray the urn before removing its contents. Other finds included pottery, stone tools, and another cremated burial dating to the early Bronze Age. To read in-depth about this period in British prehistory, go to “Neolithic Europe's Remote Heart.”
          Huawei's new MateBooks coming to the US in July, starting at $699.99   
We don't often get Huawei products in the US, but the MateBook line is coming to online retailers starting next week, and at lower prices than in Europe.
          European Commission proposes use of pan-European personal pension products   
The European Commission proposed granting pension providers a passport to distribute pension products across the European Union.
          Moody's: Managers seeing drop in fees despite 8% rise in AUM in 2016   
European money managers saw a 2% fall in advisory fee revenues in 2016, despite a 7.9% increase in combined assets under management.
          Інформація від Європейської асоціації університетів   
Achieving Open Access by 2020: tracking universities’ progress and guidelines for the future 29 June 2017 In furthering its work in the area of open science, EUA releases today a series of aims and recommendations on open access, with the purpose of further assisting European universities and National Rectors’ Conferences (NRCs) in the transition towards a more open scholarly communication system. As stated in its Roadmap on Open Access to Research Publications (2016), “EUA aims to contribute to a publishing system that is simultaneously fair and transparent Читати далі →
          Global FPSO Industry Outlook Q2 2017 - Brazil Continues to Dominate with Most Planned Project Starts   

Market Research Hub

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2017 ) Market Research Hub (MRH) has recently announced the addition of a fresh report, titled “Q2 2017 Global FPSO Industry Outlook - Brazil Continues to Dominate with Most Planned Project Starts” to its report offerings. The report obtain the most up to date information available on the planned FPSO projects globally.

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A total of 54 FPSOs are expected to start operations globally by 2021. South America will continue to lead globally with planned deployment of more than 20 FPSOs, followed by Africa and Asia by 2021. Among countries Brazil continues to dominate in terms of deployment of planned FPSOs, followed by the UK and Angola. Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. and Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Saipem S.p.A are expected to be key global players among operators with the highest deployment of the planned FPSOs by 2021.


Count of FPSOs that were brought online from 2011 to 2017 by key regions in the world, outlook up to 2025

Forecast of FPSOs that would be brought online by 2021 by key countries and operators

Details of major planned FPSOs globally up to 2021

Recent developments, tenders and contracts of FPSOs by key regions, where available

Reasons to buy

Obtain the most up to date information available on the planned FPSO projects globally

Facilitate decision making on the basis of historic and forecasts of FPSO data

Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights about the planned FPSO projects globally

Assess your competitor’s planned FPSO projects and capacities

Be informed about recent developments, tenders and contracts in the FPSO industry

Read Full Report with TOC:

Table of Contents:

1.1 List of Tables 3
1.2 List of Figures 4
2. Global FPSO Industry Outlook 5
2.1. Key Highlights 5
2.2. New Project Announcements 6
2.3. New Project Cancellations 6
2.4. Postponed Projects 6
2.5. Stalled Projects 7
2.6. FPSO Industry, Africa 11
2.6.1. Recent Developments in the African FPSO Industry 12
2.6.2. Tenders and Contracts 14
2.7. FPSO Industry, Asia 15
2.7.1. Recent Developments in the Asian FPSO Industry 16
2.7.2. Tenders and Contracts 17
2.8. FPSO Industry, Europe 19
2.8.1. Recent Developments in the European FPSO Industry 20
2.8.2. Tenders and Contracts 22
2.9. FPSO Industry, Middle East 24
2.9.1. Recent Developments in the Middle Eastern FPSO Industry 25
2.9.2. Tenders and Contracts 26
2.10. FPSO Industry, North America 27
2.10.1. Recent Developments in the North American FPSO Industry 28
2.10.2. Tenders and Contracts 29
2.11. FPSO Industry, Oceania 31
2.11.1. Recent Developments in the Oceania FPSO Industry 32
2.11.2. Tenders and Contracts 33
2.12. FPSO Industry, South America 35
2.12.1. Recent Developments in the South American FPSO Industry 36
2.12.2. Tenders and Contracts 37
2.13. Global Planned FPSOs 39
3. Appendix 53
3.1. Abbreviations 53
3.2. Methodology 53
3.2.1 Coverage 53
3.2.2 Secondary Research 53
3.3. Contact Us 54
3.4. Disclaimer 54

Make an Enquiry:

About Market Research Hub:

Market Research Hub (MRH) is a next-generation reseller of research reports and analysis. MRH’s expansive collection of Oil and Gas Market Research Reports has been carefully curated to help key personnel and decision makers across industry verticals to clearly visualize their operating environment and take strategic steps.

MRH functions as an integrated platform for the following products and services: Objective and sound market forecasts, qualitative and quantitative analysis, incisive insight into defining industry trends, and market share estimates. Our reputation lies in delivering value and world-class capabilities to our clients.

Contact Details:

90 State Street,

Albany, NY 12207,

United States

Toll Free: 866-997-4948 (US-Canada)

Tel: +1-518-621-2074



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Sudip S

Source: EmailWire.Com
          NAMCO MUSEUM™ on NINTENDO SWITCH™ with PAC-MAN™ VS. Available on July 28TH   
NAMCO MUSEUM™ on NINTENDO SWITCH™ with PAC-MAN™ VS. Available on July 28TH With NAMCO MUSEUM, players will be transported back to the days when coin-operated arcades reigned supreme, for a truly nostalgic experience Today, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe announces that PAC-MAN™ VS. will be included as part of the classic games collection in the upcoming title, NAMCO MUSEUM™, which is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ on July 28th, 2017. PAC-MAN VS. is a four-player game based on the PAC-MAN series, originally created by Toru Iwatani. It was developed by Nintendo in 2003 under supervision by legendary game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto.  In PAC-MAN VS., three players work together as the iconic ghosts and hunt down the fourth player, who has taken on the role of PAC-MAN, as they evade the ghosts and clear the maze of Pac Dots. Two Switch units are required to play as up to three ghosts play on one console and the PAC-MAN character plays on the other. With NAMCO MUSEUM, players will be transported back to the days when coin-operated arcades reigned supreme, for a truly nostalgic experience. Through the Nintendo Switch, retro arcade classics can be played anytime, anywhere, and against anyone through the game’s online ranking system (PAC-MAN VS. will not be supporting online ranking system). Players nostalgic for the classic coin-op era can transform their Nintendo Switch into a miniature arcade cabinet by turning the handheld console vertically for a taller, slimmer screen that replicates the original arcade experience. The NAMCO MUSEUM classic catalog includes favorites from Namco’s classic arcade collection, including PAC-MAN VS., PAC-MAN, Dig Dug™, Galaga™, Galaga™ ‘88, The Tower of Druaga™, Rolling Thunder™, Rolling Thunder™ 2, Sky Kid™, Splatterhouse™, and Tank Force™. NAMCO MUSEUM will be digitally available on Nintendo Switch on July 28th, 2017.
          Worldwide Ceramic Membrane - Market by Region, Market Analysis and Forecast To 2021   

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 29, 2017 ) Publisher's Ceramic Membrane market research report provides the newest industry data and industry future trends, allowing you to identify the products and end users driving revenue growth and profitability.
The industry report lists the leading competitors and provides the insights strategic industry analysis of the key factors influencing the market.
The report includes the forecasts, analysis and discussion of important industry trends, market size, market share estimates and profiles of the leading industry players.
The market is expected to expand at 5.8% CAGR over the period between 2016 and 2021.

Global Ceramic Membrane Market: Product Segment Analysis

Global Ceramic Membrane Market: Application Segment Analysis
Chemical industry
Metal industry / Surface engineering
Textiles / Pulp and paper industry
Food and beverages
Recycling and environment

For More Information About This Report:

Global Ceramic Membrane Market: Regional Segment Analysis
South East Asia

The players mentioned in our report
Veolia Water Technologies
Jiangsu Jiuwu Hi-Tech

Request Sample Copy At:

Table of Content
Chapter 1 About the Ceramic Membrane Industry
Chapter 2 World Market Competition Landscape
Chapter 3 World Ceramic Membrane Market share
Chapter 4 Supply Chain Analysis
Chapter 5 Company Profiles
Chapter 6 Globalization & Trade
Chapter 7 Distributors and Customers
Chapter 8 Import, Export, Consumption and Consumption Value by Major Countries
Chapter 9 World Ceramic Membrane Market forecast through 2021
Chapter 10 Key success factors and Market Overview

Inquire For This Report At:

Priya Sisodia

Source: EmailWire.Com
          Sleep Party People - Lingering (2017)   

Artist: Sleep Party People
Title: Lingering
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings
Genre: Indie, Dreampop
Quality: Mp3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 48:51
Total Size: 111 / 312 MB
01. Figures
02. The Missing Steps
03. Fainting Spell
04. Salix and His Soil
05. Lingering Eyes
06. Dissensions
07. Limitations
08. The Sound of His Daughter
09. The Sun Will Open Its Core
10. We Are There Together
11. Odd Forms
12. Vivid Dream

Sleep Party People is the brainchild of Brian Batz, a Danish multi-instrumentalist with a boundless imagination. The one-man home recording project took shape in 2008 when Batz began experimenting with an old battered piano in his apartment. Coupled with a strange electronic alteration of his recorded voice, he created eerie, hypnotic sounds and haunting melodies forming the basis of Sleep Party People's self-titled debut album (2010). With the release of 2012's 'We Were Drifting On A Sad Song' and 2014's 'Floating', Sleep Party People began touring as a five-piece band, gaining the attention of fans worldwide. Without the support of a U.S. label, the band was able to harness a groundswell of attention from far reaches of the globe. Throughout Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, and even parts of the Middle East it's not unusual for SPP shows to draw thousands of spectators. Sleep Party People releases their first album on Joyful Noise, titled 'Lingering'. Written, recorded, produced, and performed by Batz, the new album develops beyond the band's more overtly post-rock efforts. With 'Lingering', Batz has found a voice as a unique songwriter, and has captured a singular warmth within his densely layered, futuristically choreographed instrumentation.


          First Blood cancels tour following injury   
First Blood has cancelled their summer touring in Europe as a result on eye injury suffered by drumm...
          Europese eShop weer vernieuwd met enige content   
Nintendo heeft de downloads voor de Nintendo Switch van deze week bekend gemaakt. Het betreft de onderstaande lijst met content:Switch- GoNNER- Magical Drop II- Physical Contact: SPEEDSwitch & Wii U- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion PassWii U- Space Hunted- BLOCWii U Virtual Console- Neutopia II- Alien Crush3DS- Mighty Gunvolt Burst
          Siete árbitros europeos impartirán justicia en la final entre Chile y Alemania   
El serbio Milorad Mazic será el juez principal del cotejo. En el VAR habrá un francés, un esloveno y un portugués.
          [Listen] Raveen – Always   
Gorgeous and rich dream pop, enhanced with sumptuous string synth backing and an ethereal backing singer. “This track came together immediately after our singer/producer Eric took a long and introspective trip to Europe,” says Raven. “There’s a lot of love in this song. Thematically, it serves as a good summary of the of rest of […]
          Alemania se quedó con el Europeo sub 21 con triunfo ante España   
El cuadro germano se impuso por la cuenta mínima en Polonia.
          Acuerdo UE-Cuba   
Acuerdo UE-Cuba 27 Junio, 2017 7:25 pm por Julio Aleaga Pesant El Vedado, La Habana, Aleaga Pesant, (PD) La comisión de asuntos exteriores de la Cámara de Eurodiputados, apoyo el acercamiento entre la Unión Europea y el gobierno de Cuba, firmado en diciembre, durante la visita de su primera diplomática a La Habana. Cincuenta y […]
          Simone Veil, la dignidad de Europa   
Su momento estelar fue su elección como presidenta del Parlamento Europeo elegida por sufragio universal en 1979
          Muere Simone Veil, impulsora del derecho al aborto en Francia y superviviente del Holocausto   
La primera presidenta del Parlamento Europeo ha fallecido a los 89 años
          (DF) Prime Minister Borissov Urges Balkan Political Elites to Rise above History   
June 30 (BTA) - Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov attended a meeting of heads of state and government of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP), which was held in Dubrovnik on Friday. During his visit to the Croatian city, Borissov was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva and the Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council in 2018, Liliyana Pavlova.
          (DF) Bulgarian Foreign Minister Tells Her Balkan Counterparts There Is No Alternative to European Prospects for the Region   
June 30 (BTA) - Addressing a meeting of heads of state and government of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) in Dubrovnik, Croatia on Friday, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva said there is no alternative to the European prospects for the Balkan countries, said the Foreign Ministry.
          (DF) Bulgaria to Represent the European Union in Qatar, Mongolia from July 1   
June 30 (BTA) - As of July 1, the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Qatar and Mongolia will rotate to Bulgaria, said the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry on Friday. The Bulgarian embassies will represent the European Union in both countries in the absence of EU delegations.
           Davis hampered by May´s Brexit `red lines´, says ex-government adviser    
James Chapman says the PM should reconsider her position on the ECJ, immigration and the European Atomic Energy Community.
          (DF) EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Barnier Confers with Prime Minister Borissov, Bulgarian MPs   
June 29 (BTA) - The European Chief Negotiator for Brexit Michel Barnier met here on Thursday with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and members of the parliamentary committees for foreign affairs and EU affairs and EU funds oversight.
          (DF) President Radev Outlines Bulgaria's Investment Advantages at Business Forum in Bucharest   
June 29 (BTA) - President Rumen Radev on Thursday presented Bulgaria's investment advantages at a Romanian-Bulgarian business forum attended by over 100 business representatives. Together with his Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis, the Bulgarian head of state reaffirmed the readiness of the institutions in both countries to work for a better connectivity between Bulgaria and Romania in the interest of the people and businesses. Skilled labour, low taxation, the IT boom were outlined as Bulgaria's competitive advantages in Southeastern Europe.
          (DF) Parliament Endorses EUR 200 Mln Loan from Council of Europe Development Bank   
June 29 (BTA) - Parliament on Thursday endorsed a 200 million euro loan from the Council of Europe Development Bank. MPs ratified a framework agreement for the loan which will provide national co-financing under EU-backed operational programmes.
           Wall St Week Ahead-Investors see overseas equities outshining U.S.    
By Sinead CarewJune 30 (Reuters) - Even though a steady stream of money has flowed out of U.S. stocks into overseas markets, investors expect European and...
           Germany shock favourites Spain to win Euro Under-21 title    
KRAKOW, Poland, June 30 (Reuters) - Germany stunned title favourites Spain 1-0 with a looping first-half header from Mitchell Weiser to win the European...
           Germany wins European U21 title with 1-0 win over Spain    
KRAKOW, Poland (AP) - Midfielder Mitchell Weiser scored the winning goal as Germany beat high-scoring Spain 1-0 to win the Under-21 European Championship on...
          AI Changes The Marketing Game, Nielsen’s Bennathan Thinks   
CANNES — Artificial intelligence technology will significantly upgrade the ways in which marketers can develop models that find the right consumers online, according to a Nielsen executive currently rolling out the technology across Europe. Nielsen added Nielsen AI to Nielsen Marketing Cloud in April, bringing machine learning that optimizes audiences based on consumer behaviour. But [...]
          Comment on Jones Act-Compliant Offshore Wind Jack-Up Installation Vessel Preps For U.S. by Robert Echavaria   
Jones Act compliant yes, but what about intellectual property (IP) infringement compliant? Many European and Asian vessel fabricators and OW EPC contractors have US patents on jack up barges and using installation vessels to construct wind parks. To what extent has this been investigated by Zentech Inc. and Renewables Resources International (RRI) before announcing this design? As we saw in the UK when Enercon sued Siemens, A2SEA, and DONG over patent infringement liabilities on turbine control (Storm Control ramp down past cut out), the project developers and EPC contractors share in the liability because there isn’t full contractual indemnification on IP in the TSA or other agreements. The Enercon lawsuit threatened $5.3B in projects including operations at London Array and delayed start of construction on Westermost Rough and Gunfleet Sands. Research has shown there is approximately $2.2B in direct damages for patent infringement liabilities and over $74B in indirect losses (lost production, construction delays, alternative construction solutions, licenses in the IP rights) resulting from this matter, but still without any institutional process for dealing with it.
          Organic Farma Zdrowia uruchamia sieć restauracji wegańskich   
Grupa Organic Farma Zdrowia uruchomiła kolejną restaurację wegańską i wegetariańską działającą pod marką "Zielona", tym razem w Warszawie.  Koncept będzie wiodącym konceptem gastronomicznym rozwijanym przez Grupę w Polsce i w Unii Europejskiej.
           Simone Veil, iconic European feminist politician, dies at 89    
PARIS (AP) - Simone Veil, a survivor of Nazi death camps and a European Parliament president who spearheaded abortion rights as one of France's most...
          May narrowly wins confidence vote   
May narrowly wins confidence vote
-  it will be practically and legally “extremely difficult” to find ways to maintain an open border with Northern Ireland after Brexit.

          May Survives Key Parliament Vote After Abortion Concession   
May Survives Key Parliament Vote After Abortion Concession
- Her Brexit-dominated agenda for the next two years won the backing of the ... There are stricter limitations on abortion rights in Northern Ireland, unlike the rest ... of Britain remaining in the European Union's single market after Brexit.

          UK lawmakers pass May government's 2-year agenda   
UK lawmakers pass May government's 2-year agenda
- Abortion is far more tightly restricted in Northern Ireland than in the rest of the U.K., ... the Conservative government's plans for a Brexit-dominated parliamentary ... But the government is likely to get its way thanks to Northern Ireland's ...

          Hard Brexit' could mean higher prices for Irish consumers   
Hard Brexit' could mean higher prices for Irish consumers
- The Government has warned that Irish consumers will have to pay higher prices for goods and services if the UK leaves the European Union with no ...

           French far-right leader charged with alleged EU funds misuse    
PARIS (AP) - French far-right leader Marine Le Pen was charged Friday with allegedly misusing European Parliament funds to pay two parliamentary aides who...
          Northern Ireland leaders race against time on power-sharing   
Northern Ireland leaders race against time on power-sharing
- Northern Ireland could face the prospect of direct rule from ... Northern Ireland's power-sharing arrangement means nationalists and .... There are also differences over Brexit, with the DUP in favor of leaving the ...

           ECB to inspect Greek banks' progress on cutting bad loans    
FRANKFURT, June 30 (Reuters) - The European Central Bank plans to inspect Greek banks this year to monitor their progress in working off their huge pile of...
          On Target Recruitment: On Site Engineer - £40k   
£40000 per annum + Benefits: On Target Recruitment: The Company: * Our client is a privately held company headquartered in Finland. They operate in nine European countries, the United States, Japan, and China. In addition to Finland, Our client has manufacturing operations in Issum, Germany. * £70 million Preston
           Study on the Prevention of Allergy in Children in Europe (SPACE): allergic sensitization at 1 year of age in a controlled trial of allergen avoidance from birth    
Halmerbauer, G., Gartner, Christian, Schierl, Michael, Arshad, Syed Hasan, Dean, Tara, Koller, Dieter Y., Karmaus, Wilfried, Kuehr, Joachim, Forster, Johannes and Frischer, Thomas (2003) Study on the Prevention of Allergy in Children in Europe (SPACE): allergic sensitization at 1 year of age in a controlled trial of allergen avoidance from birth Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, 14 (1). pp. 10-17. ISSN 0905-6157
           Far-right leader Marine Le Pen charged with EU funds misuse    
She gave up her seat in the European Parliament after being elected to the French parliament earlier this month.
          Clea Gaultier: Cum And See Me   

Release Year: 2017
Studio: Babes
Cast: Clea Gaultier
Genres: Outdoors, Indoors
Video language: English

For three long years, Cléa Gaultier dreamed of the day when she'd hear Charlie Dean's knock at her door. Meeting on a summer holiday, the couple kept up a long-distance romance, but their two European countries are so far away! Finally, they scraped together enough for a plane ticket. When Charlie was reunited with the brunette goddess, he didn't want to waste one more second. They were barely inside the house, when he stripped off Cléa's little black dress and led her to the sofa. There wasn't time to go to the bedroom! Instead the French MILF rode Charlie's big cock in Cowgirl, making the couch shake with each bounce, until he jizzed cum all over her perfect ass. Is there anything more satisfying than reunion sex?

Format: avi
Duration: 38:20
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4800kbps
Audio: 250kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

           EU wheat touches 10-day high on the back of U.S. rally    
LONDON, June 30 (Reuters) - European wheat futures hit a 10-day high on Friday, buoyed by a continuing rally in U.S. wheat which more than offset a strong...
           Soccer-UEFA might consider salary cap, head tells magazine    
LJUBLJANA, June 30 (Reuters) - European soccer's governing body UEFA would seriously consider introducing a salary cap to help level an increasingly uneven...
           Soccer-UEFA might consider salary cap, says head Ceferin    
LJUBLJANA, June 30 (Reuters) - European soccer's governing body UEFA believes it might be worth introducing a salary cap to bridge the gulf between the...
          Global Cyberattack Seems Intent On Havoc, Not Extortion   

A cyberattack that caused indiscriminate economic damage around the world was apparently designed to create maximum havoc in Russia’s neighbor and adversary Ukraine, security researchers said. While the rogue software used in the attack was configured as extortionate “ransomware,” that may have just been a ruse. “It is clear that this was targeted indiscriminately at Ukrainian businesses, and the Ukrainian government,” Jake Williams, president of the security firm Rendition Infosec and a former member of the U.S. National Security Agency’s elite cyberwarfare group, told The Associated Press in an online chat. “The ‘ransomware’ component is just a smokescreen (and a bad one).” UKRAINE IN PAIN Although the attack was global in its reach, Ukraine bore the brunt. Computers were disabled at banks, government agencies, energy companies, supermarkets, railways and telecommunications providers. Many of these organizations said they had recovered by Thursday, although some experts suspected that work was incomplete. “There is still a lot of damage, especially in banks,” said Victor Zhora, CEO of the Kiev cybersecurity firm InfoSafe. “ATMs are working (again) but some bank operations are still limited.” He estimated damage in “the millions of dollars, perhaps tens of millions.” And that’s just in Ukraine. Microsoft said the malware hit at least 64 nations, including Russia, Germany and the United States. “I expect that we will see additional fallout from this is the coming days,” said Williams. In Ukraine, suspicion immediately fell on hackers affiliated with Vladimir Putin’s regime, although there is no direct, public evidence tying Russia to the attack. Relations between the two nations have been tense since Moscow annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in 2014. Pro-Russian fighters are still battling the government in eastern Ukraine. Experts have also blamed pro-Russian hackers for major cyberattacks on the Ukrainian power grid in 2015 and 2016, assaults that have turned the eastern European nation into the world’s leading cyberwarfare testing ground. A disruptive attack on the nation’s voting system ahead of 2014 national elections is also attributed to Russia. THE MOSCOW CONNECTION The malicious program, which researchers are calling NotPetya, initially appeared to be ransomware. Such malware locks up victims’ files by encrypting them, then holds them hostage while demanding payment — usually in bitcoin, the hard-to-trace digital currency. But researchers said the culprits would have been hard-pressed to make money off the scheme. They appear to have relied on a single email address that was blocked almost immediately and a single bitcoin account that collected the relatively puny sum of $10,000. Firms including Russia’s anti-virus Kaspersky Lab, said clues in the code indicate that the program’s authors would have been incapable of decrypting the data, further evidence that the ransom demands were a smoke screen. The timing was intriguing, too. The attack came the same day as the assassination of a senior Ukrainian military intelligence officer and a day before a national holiday celebrating the new Ukrainian constitution signed after the breakup of the Soviet Union. “Everything being said so far does point to Russia being a leading candidate for a suspect in this attack,” said Robert M. Lee, CEO of Dragos Inc. an expert who has studied the attacks on Ukraine’s power grid. What’s most worrisome and reprehensible, said Lee, is that whoever was behind the attack was unconcerned about the indiscriminate, collateral damage it […]

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          Little Japansky   
1933. Depuis un Japon en pleines contradictions, Keiko, une jeune fille vive, à l'esprit combatif et karatéka accomplie, s'élance à la découverte du monde pour trouver la réponse à la question qui la hante : Quel est le sens de la vie ? Sa première destination est Berlin, capitale hystérique du Reich nazi, mais sur le paquebot voguant vers l'Europe, elle se retrouve impliquée malgré elle dans une angoissante affaire d'espionnage autour d'un document qui pourrait bien faire vaciller Hitler en personne. Les luttes cruelles, les rencontres aimées ou haïes s'enchaînent pour Keiko jusqu'en Extrême-Orient. La lumière émergera-t-elle finalement du sang, de l'amour et des larmes ?

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108 1.8 8.6 2.6; 109 0.6 8.6 3.495; 110 1.2 8.6 3.495; 111 1.8 8.6 3.495;
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295 3.59 13.752 2.6; 296 3 16.1 2.6; 297 4.2 13.752 2.6; 298 4.8 13.752 2.6;
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341 5.775 16.1 0.4; 342 0.975 16.1 2.6; 343 2.2 16.1 2.6; 344 3.8 16.1 2.6;
345 5.025 16.1 2.6; 349 0.6 16.1 2; 350 5.4 16.1 2; 351 0.6 16.1 1;
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407 4.695 19 2.025; 408 3.9 19 0.975; 409 4.695 19 0.975; 410 3.2 19 2.025;
411 5.4 19 2.025; 412 3.792 19 2.025; 413 4.8 19 2.025; 414 5.4 19 0.975;
415 3.2 19 0.975; 416 3.792 19 0.975; 417 4.8 19 0.975; 418 3.9 19 -0.025;
419 4.695 19 -0.025; 420 3.905 19 3.025; 421 4.695 19 3.025;
422 2.42 19 -0.025; 423 2.425 19 3.025; 424 6.175 19 -0.025;
425 6.175 19 3.025; 426 2.695 19 -0.025; 427 2.7 19 3.025; 428 5.9 19 -0.025;
429 5.9 19 3.025; 430 2.42 19 0.65; 431 6.175 19 0.65; 432 2.425 19 2.35;
433 6.175 19 2.35; 434 3.2 19 2.34824; 435 3.2 19 0.648237; 436 5.4 19 0.65;
437 5.4 19 2.35; 438 2.69846 19 2.34938; 439 2.69653 19 0.649372;
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444 3.2 19 1.49824; 445 5.4 19 1.725; 448 4.8 19 2.11; 449 3.792 19 2.11;
450 4.8 19 0.89; 451 3.792 19 0.89; 452 4.8 21.67 2.025; 453 3.792 21.67 2.025;
454 4.8 21.67 0.975; 455 3.792 21.67 0.975; 456 4.296 23.005 1.5;
457 4.2 13.752 4.39; 458 5.4 13.752 4.39; 459 4.8 13.752 4.39;
460 0.6 16.1 4.39; 461 1.2 16.1 4.39; 462 1.8 16.1 4.39; 463 10.75 1 7.95;
465 -4.75 1 7.95; 466 -4.75 1 -4.95; 467 11.784 1 8.984; 468 11.784 1 -5.984;
469 -5.784 1 8.984; 470 -5.784 1 -5.984; 471 3 3.6 2.6; 472 3 3.6 3;
474 5.4 16.2 0.4; 475 3.2 16.2 0.4; 476 3.2 16.2 2.6;
477 5.4 16.2 2.6; 478 3.792 19.1 0.975; 479 3.792 19.1 2.025;
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483 3.792 19.4 2.025; 484 4.8 19.4 0.975; 485 4.8 19.4 2.025;
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520 2.6 16.1 3.5; 521 4.17 16.1 3.5; 522 4.93 16.1 3.5; 523 6.45 16.1 3.5;
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559 4.775 3.752 0.5; 560 5.3 3.752 1.43333; 561 5.3 3.752 0.966667;
562 4.775 3.752 1.43333; 563 4.775 3.752 0.966667; 564 0.6 14.022 0.4;
565 5.4 14.022 0.4; 566 1.62 16.1 0.4; 567 4.38 16.1 0.4; 568 0.6 6.252 0.5;
569 0.7 6.252 0.5; 570 1.225 6.252 0.5; 571 0.6 6.252 1.9; 572 0.7 6.252 1.9;
573 1.225 6.252 1.9; 574 0.7 6.252 1.43333; 575 1.225 6.252 1.43333;
576 0.7 6.252 0.966667; 577 1.225 6.252 0.966667; 578 5.4 6.252 0.5;
579 5.3 6.252 0.5; 580 4.775 6.252 0.5; 581 5.4 6.252 1.9; 582 5.3 6.252 1.9;
583 4.775 6.252 1.9; 584 5.3 6.252 1.43333; 585 4.775 6.252 1.43333;
586 5.3 6.252 0.966667; 587 4.775 6.252 0.966667; 588 0.6 8.752 0.5;
589 0.7 8.752 0.5; 590 1.225 8.752 0.5; 591 0.6 8.752 1.9; 592 0.7 8.752 1.9;
593 1.225 8.752 1.9; 594 0.7 8.752 1.43333; 595 1.225 8.752 1.43333;
596 0.7 8.752 0.966667; 597 1.225 8.752 0.966667; 598 5.4 8.752 0.5;
599 5.3 8.752 0.5; 600 4.775 8.752 0.5; 601 5.4 8.752 1.9; 602 5.3 8.752 1.9;
603 4.775 8.752 1.9; 604 5.3 8.752 1.43333; 605 4.775 8.752 1.43333;
606 5.3 8.752 0.966667; 607 4.775 8.752 0.966667; 608 0.6 11.252 0.5;
609 0.7 11.252 0.5; 610 1.225 11.252 0.5; 611 0.6 11.252 1.9;
612 0.7 11.252 1.9; 613 1.225 11.252 1.9; 614 0.7 11.252 1.43333;
615 1.225 11.252 1.43333; 616 0.7 11.252 0.966667; 617 1.225 11.252 0.966667;
618 5.4 11.252 0.5; 619 5.3 11.252 0.5; 620 4.775 11.252 0.5;
621 5.4 11.252 1.9; 622 5.3 11.252 1.9; 623 4.775 11.252 1.9;
624 5.3 11.252 1.43333; 625 4.775 11.252 1.43333; 626 5.3 11.252 0.966667;
627 4.775 11.252 0.966667;
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100 71 57; 101 66 67; 102 68 69; 103 70 71; 104 72 52; 105 45 73; 106 73 75;
107 74 72; 108 75 74; 109 76 72; 110 75 76; 111 55 74; 112 53 72; 113 47 77;
114 45 78; 115 48 79; 116 46 80; 117 77 568; 118 78 82; 119 80 83; 120 77 84;
121 78 85; 122 80 86; 123 79 87; 124 84 85; 125 85 88; 126 86 87; 127 77 85;
128 79 86; 129 88 89; 130 90 86; 131 91 92; 132 93 90; 133 91 93; 134 91 88;
135 91 90; 136 94 95; 137 94 96; 138 96 97; 139 98 80; 140 81 78; 141 81 99;
142 100 101; 143 83 581; 144 97 98; 145 95 80; 146 97 95; 147 102 83;
148 95 102; 149 103 102; 150 94 103; 151 92 94; 152 101 103; 153 92 101;
154 91 100; 155 82 104; 156 99 105; 157 104 106; 158 105 107; 159 106 91;
160 107 100; 161 82 99; 162 104 105; 163 106 107; 164 108 93; 165 85 109;
166 109 110; 167 111 108; 168 110 111; 169 89 108; 170 110 89; 171 96 111;
172 94 108; 173 84 112; 174 85 113; 175 87 114; 176 86 115; 177 112 588;
178 113 117; 179 115 222; 180 112 119; 181 113 120; 182 115 121; 183 114 122;
184 119 120; 185 120 123; 186 121 122; 187 112 120; 188 114 121; 189 123 124;
190 125 121; 191 126 127; 192 128 125; 193 126 128; 194 126 123; 195 126 125;
196 129 130; 197 129 131; 198 131 132; 199 133 115; 200 116 219; 202 135 136;
203 118 601; 204 132 133; 205 130 115; 206 132 130; 208 130 221; 209 138 137;
210 129 138; 211 127 129; 212 136 138; 213 127 136; 214 126 135; 215 117 139;
216 134 140; 217 139 141; 218 140 142; 219 141 126; 220 142 135; 221 117 220;
222 139 140; 223 141 142; 224 143 128; 225 120 144; 226 144 145; 227 146 143;
228 145 146; 229 124 143; 230 145 124; 231 131 146; 232 129 143; 357 219 113;
358 220 134; 360 221 137; 361 222 118; 375 119 231; 376 120 232; 377 122 233;
378 121 234; 379 231 608; 380 232 236; 381 234 237; 382 231 238; 383 232 239;
384 234 240; 385 233 241; 386 238 239; 387 239 242; 388 240 241; 389 231 239;
390 233 240; 391 242 243; 392 244 240; 393 245 246; 394 247 244; 395 245 247;
396 245 242; 397 245 244; 398 248 249; 399 248 250; 400 250 251; 401 252 234;
402 253 254; 403 255 256; 404 257 621; 405 251 252; 406 249 234; 407 251 249;
409 249 260; 410 261 259; 411 248 261; 412 246 248; 413 256 261; 414 246 256;
415 245 255; 416 236 262; 417 263 264; 418 262 265; 419 264 266; 420 265 245;
421 266 255; 422 236 267; 423 262 264; 424 265 266; 425 268 247; 426 239 269;
427 269 270; 428 271 268; 429 270 271; 430 243 268; 431 270 243; 432 250 271;
433 248 268; 438 254 232; 439 267 263; 441 260 259; 442 237 257; 456 238 280;
457 239 281; 458 241 282; 459 240 283; 460 280 284; 461 281 285; 462 283 286;
463 280 564; 464 281 288; 465 283 540; 466 282 565; 467 287 351; 468 288 342;
469 289 350; 470 280 288; 471 282 289; 472 291 292; 474 294 295; 475 296 391;
476 294 296; 477 294 291; 478 294 542; 479 297 298; 480 297 299; 481 299 300;
482 301 283; 483 302 303; 484 304 305; 485 306 307; 486 300 301; 487 298 283;
488 300 298; 490 298 309; 491 310 308; 492 297 310; 493 295 297; 494 305 310;
495 295 305; 496 294 304; 497 285 311; 498 312 313; 499 311 314; 500 313 315;
501 314 294; 502 315 304; 503 285 316; 504 311 313; 505 314 315; 506 317 528;
507 288 518; 508 318 319; 509 320 525; 510 319 320; 511 292 384; 512 319 539;
513 299 320; 515 312 321; 516 280 322; 517 308 323; 518 324 282; 519 303 281;
520 316 312; 521 303 316; 522 309 308; 523 286 306; 524 309 286; 525 325 302;
526 321 326; 527 325 321; 528 323 327; 529 307 328; 530 323 307; 531 284 325;
532 326 322; 533 284 326; 534 327 324; 535 328 282; 536 327 328; 541 287 337;
542 290 341; 543 289 329; 544 329 355; 545 332 288; 546 331 287; 547 332 356;
548 330 334; 549 329 333; 550 333 380; 551 333 335; 552 334 336; 553 335 381;
554 337 566; 555 338 389; 556 339 506; 557 340 290; 558 341 330; 559 342 291;
560 343 296; 562 345 289; 564 349 351; 565 352 374; 566 349 288; 569 352 290;
570 351 361; 571 349 362; 572 357 375; 573 358 356; 576 357 330; 577 358 331;
578 358 359; 579 356 360; 580 352 369; 581 350 378; 582 359 351; 583 360 349;
584 360 359; 585 361 370; 586 337 361; 587 362 371; 588 342 362; 589 363 365;
590 338 363; 591 364 366; 592 343 364; 593 365 372; 594 339 365; 595 366 373;
596 344 366; 597 367 352; 598 340 367; 599 368 350; 600 345 368; 601 369 377;
602 341 369; 603 370 363; 604 371 364; 605 371 370; 606 372 367; 607 373 368;
608 373 372; 609 374 350; 610 375 355; 611 374 376; 612 376 379; 613 377 357;
614 376 377; 615 378 355; 616 379 375; 617 378 379; 618 380 382; 619 381 383;
620 382 334; 621 383 336; 622 380 381; 623 382 383; 624 344 532; 625 293 345;
626 384 317; 627 371 384; 628 385 293; 629 373 385; 632 290 474; 633 389 339;
634 389 475; 635 391 344; 636 391 476; 637 289 477; 638 390 398; 639 388 436;
640 392 399; 641 392 434; 642 390 394; 643 388 395; 644 393 396; 645 392 397;
646 398 402; 647 399 403; 648 400 388; 649 401 393; 651 401 448; 652 402 404;
653 403 405; 654 404 400; 655 405 401; 656 402 408; 657 408 409; 658 404 409;
659 403 406; 660 405 407; 661 406 407; 662 411 437; 663 413 417; 664 414 445;
665 417 450; 666 415 416; 667 417 414; 668 413 411; 669 410 412; 670 402 418;
671 404 419; 672 418 419; 673 403 420; 674 405 421; 675 420 421; 676 422 426;
677 419 428; 678 421 429; 679 423 427; 681 425 433; 682 426 418; 683 427 420;
684 428 424; 685 429 425; 686 431 424; 687 433 443; 689 432 438; 690 435 390;
691 430 439; 692 436 414; 693 431 440; 694 437 393; 695 433 441; 696 438 434;
697 427 438; 698 439 435; 699 426 439; 700 440 436; 701 428 440; 702 441 437;
703 429 441; 704 422 430; 705 430 442; 706 432 423; 707 442 432; 708 443 431;
709 444 415; 710 442 444; 711 445 411; 712 443 445; 714 416 412; 718 448 413;
719 450 400; 720 398 451; 721 451 416; 722 412 449; 723 449 399; 724 416 478;
725 412 479; 726 417 480; 727 413 481; 728 455 454; 729 453 452; 730 453 455;
731 452 454; 732 455 456; 733 453 456; 734 456 452; 735 456 454; 736 299 457;
737 458 301; 738 459 300; 739 457 459; 740 459 458; 741 318 460; 742 460 461;
743 462 320; 744 461 462; 745 461 319; 746 457 462; 747 465 239; 748 469 288;
749 466 238; 750 470 287; 751 463 240; 752 467 289; 754 468 290; 755 444 410;
756 410 434; 910 415 435; 912 471 15; 913 472 14; 914 472 471;
918 474 388; 919 475 390; 920 476 392; 921 477 393; 922 475 476; 923 476 477;
924 475 474; 925 474 477; 926 478 482; 927 479 483; 928 480 484; 929 481 485;
930 478 479; 931 479 481; 932 481 480; 933 478 480; 934 482 455; 935 483 453;
936 484 454; 937 485 452; 938 331 486; 939 330 487; 940 488 489; 941 490 491;
942 492 493; 943 487 494; 944 486 488; 945 486 495; 946 496 497; 947 498 499;
948 490 498; 949 500 501; 950 502 503; 951 492 502; 952 504 505; 953 504 497;
954 505 338; 955 498 505; 956 506 507; 957 501 506; 958 507 567; 959 502 507;
960 489 508; 961 508 496; 962 495 509; 963 509 497; 964 491 510; 965 510 500;
966 493 511; 967 511 494; 968 499 512; 969 512 501; 970 503 513; 971 513 487;
972 495 489; 973 509 508; 974 499 491; 975 512 510; 976 503 493; 977 513 511;
978 332 514; 979 515 516; 980 514 515; 981 514 517; 982 516 318; 983 518 318;
984 517 518; 985 516 517; 986 519 520; 987 521 522; 988 523 524; 989 524 329;
990 525 317; 992 526 527; 993 519 526; 994 528 343; 995 526 528; 997 531 529;
998 532 534; 999 529 532; 1000 521 531; 1001 530 533; 1002 521 530;
1003 534 385; 1004 530 534; 1005 520 535; 1006 535 531; 1007 522 536;
1008 536 523; 1009 527 537; 1010 537 529; 1011 533 538; 1012 538 524;
1013 520 527; 1014 535 537; 1015 522 533; 1016 536 538; 1017 539 292;
1018 518 539; 1019 539 525; 1020 540 289; 1022 297 543; 1024 543 542;
1025 299 543; 1026 301 540; 1044 116 134; 1045 137 118; 1046 253 263;
1047 259 257; 1048 544 56; 1049 545 544; 1050 545 547; 1051 547 549;
1052 544 546; 1053 546 548; 1054 546 550; 1055 548 552; 1056 550 551;
1057 551 547; 1058 552 553; 1059 553 549; 1060 551 553; 1061 550 552;
1066 554 555; 1067 555 44; 1068 555 557; 1069 557 559; 1070 554 556;
1071 556 558; 1072 556 560; 1073 558 562; 1074 560 561; 1075 561 557;
1076 562 563; 1077 563 559; 1078 561 563; 1079 560 562; 1084 542 293;
1085 564 287; 1086 565 290; 1087 566 504; 1088 564 566; 1089 567 340;
1090 565 567; 1091 568 571; 1092 568 569; 1093 569 570; 1094 571 81;
1095 571 572; 1096 572 573; 1097 572 574; 1098 573 575; 1099 574 576;
1100 576 569; 1101 575 577; 1102 577 570; 1103 576 577; 1104 574 575;
1105 578 79; 1106 578 579; 1107 579 580; 1108 581 578; 1109 581 582;
1110 582 583; 1111 582 584; 1112 583 585; 1113 584 586; 1114 586 579;
1115 585 587; 1116 587 580; 1117 586 587; 1118 584 585; 1119 588 591;
1120 588 589; 1121 589 590; 1122 591 116; 1123 591 592; 1124 592 593;
1125 592 594; 1126 593 595; 1127 594 596; 1128 596 589; 1129 595 597;
1130 597 590; 1131 596 597; 1132 594 595; 1133 598 114; 1134 598 599;
1135 599 600; 1136 601 598; 1137 601 602; 1138 602 603; 1139 602 604;
1140 603 605; 1141 604 606; 1142 606 599; 1143 605 607; 1144 607 600;
1145 606 607; 1146 604 605; 1147 608 611; 1148 608 609; 1149 609 610;
1150 611 253; 1151 611 612; 1152 612 613; 1153 612 614; 1154 613 615;
1155 614 616; 1156 616 609; 1157 615 617; 1158 617 610; 1159 616 617;
1160 614 615; 1161 618 233; 1162 618 619; 1163 619 620; 1164 621 618;
1165 621 622; 1166 622 623; 1167 622 624; 1168 623 625; 1169 624 626;
1170 626 619; 1171 625 627; 1172 627 620; 1173 626 627; 1174 624 625; ELEMENT INCIDENCES SHELL
757 19 9 12 17; 758 9 6 13 12; 760 15 14 8 10; 761 18 15 10 20;
762 56 41 66 67; 763 67 66 68 69; 764 69 68 70 71; 765 71 70 51 57;
766 57 51 64 65; 767 65 64 53 63; 768 63 53 61 62; 769 62 61 42 59;
770 53 55 60 61; 771 61 60 54 42; 772 72 74 55 53; 773 76 45 73 75;
774 72 76 75 74; 775 81 78 82 99; 776 99 82 104 105; 777 105 104 106 107;
778 107 106 91 100; 779 100 91 92 101; 780 101 92 94 103; 781 103 94 95 102;
782 102 95 80 83; 783 94 96 97 95; 784 95 97 98 80; 785 108 111 96 94;
786 85 109 110 89; 787 89 110 111 108; 791 219 113 117 220;
792 134 117 139 140; 793 140 139 141 142; 794 142 141 126 135;
795 135 126 127 136; 796 136 127 129 138; 797 138 129 130 137;
801 221 130 115 222; 802 130 132 133 115; 803 129 131 132 130;
804 143 146 131 129; 805 120 144 145 124; 806 124 145 146 143;
810 254 232 236 267; 811 263 236 262 264; 812 264 262 265 266;
813 266 265 245 255; 814 255 245 246 256; 815 256 246 248 261;
816 261 248 249 259; 820 260 249 234 237; 821 249 251 252 234;
822 248 250 251 249; 823 268 271 250 248; 824 239 269 270 243;
825 243 270 271 268; 826 280 284 326 322; 827 284 325 321 326;
828 325 303 316 321; 829 303 281 285 316; 830 312 285 311 313;
831 313 311 314 315; 832 315 314 294 304; 833 304 294 295 305;
834 305 295 297 310; 835 310 297 298 308; 836 324 327 328 282;
837 327 323 307 328; 838 323 309 286 307; 839 309 298 283 286;
840 298 300 301 283; 841 300 459 458 301; 842 297 299 300 298;
843 299 457 459 300; 844 320 462 457 299; 845 331 358 351 287;
846 287 351 361 337; 847 337 361 363 338; 848 338 363 365 339;
849 339 365 367 340; 850 340 367 352 290; 851 290 352 369 341;
852 341 369 357 330; 853 334 382 383 336; 854 358 356 360 359;
855 359 360 349 351; 858 351 349 362 361; 859 361 362 371 370;
860 372 373 368 367; 861 352 374 376 377; 862 374 350 378 379;
863 377 376 375 357; 864 379 378 355 375; 865 382 380 381 383;
866 356 332 288 349; 867 349 288 342 362; 868 362 342 384 371;
869 371 384 343 364; 870 364 343 344 366; 871 366 344 385 373;
872 373 385 345 368; 873 368 345 289 350; 874 350 289 329 355;
875 380 333 335 381; 876 288 318 319 292; 877 292 319 320 317;
878 318 460 461 319; 879 319 461 462 320; 880 422 430 439 426;
881 430 442 444 435; 883 432 423 427 438; 884 426 439 435 390;
885 426 418 402 390; 886 418 402 404 419; 887 419 404 388 428;
888 388 436 440 428; 889 428 440 431 424; 890 402 408 409 404;
891 390 415 416 398; 893 400 417 414 388; 894 442 432 434 444;
895 415 410 412 416; 896 410 392 399 412; 897 406 403 405 407;
898 417 413 411 414; 899 413 401 393 411; 900 445 437 433 443;
901 436 445 443 431; 902 438 427 392 434; 903 427 420 403 392;
904 403 420 421 405; 905 405 421 429 393; 906 437 393 429 441;
907 441 429 425 433; 909 367 368 350 352; 915 12 13 472 471; 916 471 472 14 15;
1027 486 495 489 488; 1028 495 509 508 489; 1029 509 497 496 508;
1030 498 499 491 490; 1031 499 512 510 491; 1032 512 501 500 510;
1033 502 503 493 492; 1034 503 513 511 493; 1035 513 487 494 511;
1036 514 515 516 517; 1037 517 516 318 518; 1038 526 519 520 527;
1039 527 520 535 537; 1040 537 535 531 529; 1041 530 521 522 533;
1042 533 522 536 538; 1043 538 536 523 524; 1063 550 546 548 552;
1064 551 550 552 553; 1065 547 551 553 549; 1080 558 556 560 562;
1081 562 560 561 563; 1082 563 561 557 559; 1175 569 576 577 570;
1176 576 574 575 577; 1177 574 572 573 575; 1178 580 587 586 579;
1179 587 585 584 586; 1180 585 583 582 584; 1181 589 596 597 590;
1182 596 594 595 597; 1183 594 592 593 595; 1184 600 607 606 599;
1185 607 605 604 606; 1186 605 603 602 604; 1187 609 610 617 616;
1188 616 614 615 617; 1189 614 612 613 615; 1190 620 627 626 619;
1191 627 625 624 626; 1192 625 623 622 624; ELEMENT PROPERTY
757 758 760 TO 771 773 TO 784 786 787 791 TO 797 801 TO 803 805 806 -
810 TO 816 820 TO 822 824 TO 843 845 TO 855 858 TO 881 883 TO 891 -
893 TO 907 909 915 916 1027 TO 1043 1063 TO 1065 1080 TO 1082 1175 TO 1191 -
1192 THICKNESS 0.05
772 785 804 823 844 THICKNESS 0.035
E 2.05e+008
DENSITY 76.8195
ALPHA 1.2e-005
DAMP 0.03
E 1.025e+008
ALPHA 0.01
G 9.19e+007
E 2.05e+008
ALPHA 1.2e-005
DAMP 0.03
DENSITY 23.5616
ALPHA 1e-005
DAMP 0.05
1 TO 4 24 TO 27 TABLE ST PIPE OD 0.273 ID 0.2428
5 TO 11 13 TO 23 912 TO 914 TABLE ST UB406X178X60
28 TO 33 TABLE ST 300X200X8RHS
34 TO 44 46 48 TO 50 52 TABLE ST 150X10SHS
53 TO 56 60 TO 63 113 TO 116 120 TO 123 173 TO 176 180 TO 183 375 TO 378 382 -
383 TO 385 456 TO 459 463 TO 466 1020 1085 1086 TABLE ST 150X10SHS
86 88 90 93 101 TO 103 110 146 148 150 153 161 TO 163 170 206 208 210 213 -
221 TO 223 230 358 360 407 409 411 414 422 TO 424 431 439 441 488 492 495 -
504 505 512 521 524 527 530 533 536 738 745 1017 1060 1061 1078 1079 1103 -
1104 1117 1118 1131 1132 1145 1146 1159 1160 1173 1174 TABLE ST L75X50X5
111 112 171 172 231 232 432 433 513 746 TABLE ST UPN140
468 472 475 506 511 541 TO 543 545 546 548 549 554 TO 560 562 624 TO 626 628 -
633 635 952 954 956 958 994 998 1003 1087 1089 TABLE ST UB406X178X60
622 623 TABLE ST UA60X60X6
632 634 636 637 918 TO 921 TABLE ST PIPE OD 0.2191 ID 0.2027
638 TO 641 646 TO 649 652 TO 655 662 664 690 692 694 709 711 755 756 910 922 -
923 TO 925 TABLE ST 200X10SHS
651 663 665 714 718 TO 723 TABLE ST UB305X127X48
642 TO 645 TABLE ST PIPE OD 0.273 ID 0.2222
728 TO 735 934 TO 937 PRIS YD 0.25
747 TO 752 754 917 PRIS YD 0.03
940 TO 951 960 TO 977 979 TO 982 984 TO 988 992 993 997 1000 TO 1002 1005 -
1006 TO 1016 1018 1019 TABLE ST 50X5SHS
1050 1052 1068 1070 1092 1095 1106 1109 1120 1123 1134 1137 1148 1151 1162 -
1165 PRIS YD 0.1 ZD 0.1
57 TO 59 64 TO 76 80 83 85 91 95 97 99 104 109 117 TO 119 124 TO 136 140 143 -
145 151 155 157 159 164 169 177 TO 179 184 TO 196 200 203 205 211 215 217 -
219 224 229 357 361 379 TO 381 386 TO 398 402 404 406 412 416 418 420 425 -
430 438 442 460 TO 462 467 469 TO 471 474 476 TO 479 483 485 487 493 497 -
499 501 519 523 525 529 531 535 564 TO 566 569 609 1022 1024 1048 1049 1066 -
1067 1084 1088 1090 1091 1094 1105 1108 1119 1122 1133 1136 1147 1150 1161 -
1164 TABLE ST TUB1501506.0
77 TO 79 81 82 84 87 89 92 94 96 98 100 105 TO 108 137 TO 139 141 142 144 -
147 149 152 154 156 158 160 165 TO 168 197 TO 199 202 204 209 212 214 216 -
218 220 225 TO 228 399 TO 401 403 405 410 413 415 417 419 421 426 TO 429 -
480 TO 482 484 486 490 491 494 496 498 500 502 503 507 TO 510 515 TO 518 -
520 522 526 528 532 534 544 547 550 TO 553 570 TO 573 576 TO 608 610 TO 621 -
627 629 666 TO 669 689 691 693 695 TO 703 710 736 737 739 TO 744 938 939 -
953 955 957 959 978 983 989 990 995 999 1004 1025 1026 1044 TO 1046 -
1047 TABLE ST TUB1001006.0
656 TO 661 670 TO 679 681 TO 687 704 TO 708 712 TABLE ST TUB100506.0
724 TO 727 926 TO 933 TABLE ST TUB1251259.0
1051 1053 TO 1059 1069 1071 TO 1077 1093 1096 TO 1102 1107 1110 TO 1116 1121 -
1124 TO 1130 1135 1138 TO 1144 1149 1152 TO 1158 1163 1166 TO 1171 -
1172 TABLE ST TUB75754.9
MATERIAL STEEL MEMB 1 TO 11 13 TO 44 46 48 TO 50 52 TO 200 202 TO 206 208 -
209 TO 232 357 358 360 361 375 TO 407 409 TO 433 438 439 441 442 456 TO 472 -
474 TO 488 490 TO 513 515 TO 536 541 TO 560 562 564 TO 566 569 TO 573 576 -
577 TO 629 632 TO 649 651 TO 679 681 TO 687 689 TO 712 714 718 TO 746 755 -
756 910 912 TO 914 918 TO 990 992 TO 995 997 TO 1020 1022 1024 TO 1026 1044 -
1045 TO 1061 1066 TO 1079 1084 TO 1174
MATERIAL CABLE MEMB 747 TO 752 754 917
MATERIAL FIBRE MEMB 757 758 760 TO 787 791 TO 797 801 TO 806 810 TO 816 820 -
821 TO 855 858 TO 881 883 TO 891 893 TO 907 909 915 916 1027 TO 1043 1063 -
1064 TO 1065 1080 TO 1082 1175 TO 1192
1 3 5 7 FIXED BUT MX MY MZ KFY 100000
463 465 TO 470 473 FIXED
1 3 5 7 KFY
53 TO 56 113 TO 116 173 TO 176 375 TO 378 456 TO 459 632 634 636 -
938 939 953 978 START MX
955 957 959 989 995 999 1004 END MX
1050 1052 1068 1070 1092 1095 1106 1109 1120 1123 1134 1137 1148 1151 1162 -
724 TO 727 START MY MZ
747 TO 752 754 917 TENSION 10
********************Self-weight********************************* SELFWEIGHT Y -1.5 LIST 1 TO 11 13 TO 44 46 48 TO 50 52 TO 200 202 TO 206 208 -
209 TO 232 357 358 360 361 375 TO 407 409 TO 433 438 439 441 442 456 TO 472 -
474 TO 488 490 TO 513 515 TO 536 541 TO 560 562 564 TO 566 569 TO 573 576 -
577 TO 629 632 TO 649 651 TO 679 681 TO 687 689 TO 712 714 718 TO 727 736 -
737 TO 746 755 TO 758 760 TO 787 791 TO 797 801 TO 806 810 TO 816 820 TO 855 -
858 TO 881 883 TO 891 893 TO 907 909 910 912 TO 916 918 TO 933 938 TO 990 -
992 TO 995 997 TO 1020 1022 1024 TO 1061 1063 TO 1082 1084 TO 1192
************************************************************* PERFORM CABLE ANALYSIS STEPS 145 EQITERATIONS 300 EQTOLERANCE 0.001 - SAGMINIMUM 0.8 STABILITY 1 140 KSMALL 0.5 PRINT ALL
*@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ LOAD 2 LOADTYPE None TITLE EQUIPMENT DEAD LOAD
*******************Weight of injector*************************** JOINT LOAD
456 FY -41.202
******************Weight of control panel********************** MEMBER LOAD
550 TO 553 618 TO 621 UNI GY -1.211
************************************************************* PERFORM CABLE ANALYSIS STEPS 145 EQITERATIONS 300 EQTOLERANCE 0.001 - SAGMINIMUM 0.8 STABILITY 1 140 KSMALL 0.5 PRINT ALL
*@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ LOAD 3 LOADTYPE None TITLE OPERATION/LIVE LOAD
9 18 TO 20 UNI GY -1.437
6 10 11 13 15 16 912 913 UNI GY -0.958
**************Intermediate section***************************
58 71 76 81 82 85 87 89 91 92 95 TO 100 118 131 136 141 142 145 147 149 151 -
152 155 TO 160 179 191 196 200 202 208 209 211 212 215 TO 221 357 358 360 -
361 381 393 398 402 403 409 410 412 413 416 TO 422 438 439 441 442 460 462 -
474 479 483 TO 485 490 491 493 494 497 TO 503 515 517 519 520 522 523 525 -
526 528 529 531 532 534 535 UNI GY -1.437
1133 UNI GY -1.437 0 0.1
1136 UNI GY -1.437 0.8334 1.4
1136 UNI GY -1.437 0.1667 0.8334
1136 UNI GY -1.437 0 0.1667
203 UNI GY -1.437 0 0.1
1161 UNI GY -1.437 0 0.1
1164 UNI GY -1.437 0.8334 1.4
1164 UNI GY -1.437 0.1667 0.8334
1164 UNI GY -1.437 0 0.1667
404 UNI GY -1.437 0 0.1
1147 UNI GY -1.437 0.5666 1.2333
1150 UNI GY -1.437 0 0.1
1147 UNI GY -1.437 1.2333 1.4
1147 UNI GY -1.437 0 0.5666
379 UNI GY -1.437 0 0.1
1119 UNI GY -1.437 0.5666 1.2333
1122 UNI GY -1.437 0 0.1
1119 UNI GY -1.437 1.2333 1.4
1119 UNI GY -1.437 0 0.5666
177 UNI GY -1.437 0 0.1
111 112 171 172 231 232 432 433 474 479 484 491 493 494 497 TO 502 UNI GY -1.25
*************laddr platform**********************************
77 79 105 107 137 139 165 167 197 199 225 227 399 401 426 428 480 482 507 -
509 736 737 741 743 983 990 UNI GY -2.874
*************Top section************************************
468 472 475 506 511 541 TO 543 545 546 548 549 551 552 554 TO 560 562 624 -
625 TO 626 628 633 635 952 954 956 958 994 998 1003 1087 1089 UNI GY -1.437
570 571 578 TO 583 585 587 589 591 593 595 597 599 601 603 604 606 607 613 -
615 622 623 UNI GY -3.834
638 640 646 TO 649 652 TO 655 672 675 TO 679 682 TO 685 689 691 693 695 696 -
698 700 702 UNI GY -1.605
662 687 705 707 709 711 755 756 910 UNI GY -1.8681
663 665 714 719 TO 721 UNI GY -1.01
940 TO 942 945 947 950 960 TO 971 979 981 982 984 986 987 992 1001 -
1005 TO 1012 UNI GY -2.036
1054 TO 1059 1072 TO 1077 1097 TO 1102 1111 TO 1116 1125 TO 1130 1139 TO 1144 -
1153 TO 1158 1167 TO 1172 UNI GY -2.515
*@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ LOAD 4 LOADTYPE None TITLE PULLING LOAD
456 FX 18.73 FY -18.73
456 FY -491
1 UNI GX 0.05631  
2 UNI GX 0.05631  
3 UNI GX 0.05631  
4 UNI GX 0.05631  
5 UNI GX 0.3772   
7 UNI GX 0.3772   
8 UNI GX 0.3772   
9 UNI GX 0.3772   
14 UNI GX 0.3772  
17 UNI GX 0.3772  
18 UNI GX 0.3772  
19 UNI GX 0.3772  
20 UNI GX 0.3772  
22 UNI GX 0.3772  
24 UNI GX 0.05631 
25 UNI GX 0.05631 
26 UNI GX 0.05631 
27 UNI GX 0.05631 
28 UNI GX 0.23204 
29 UNI GX 0.23204 
30 UNI GX 0.23204 
31 UNI GX 0.23204 
32 UNI GX 0.23204 
33 UNI GX 0.23204 
34 UNI GX 0.10303 
35 UNI GX 0.10303 
36 UNI GX 0.10304 
37 UNI GX 0.10304 
38 UNI GX 0.11602 
39 UNI GX 0.11602 
40 UNI GX 0.11602 
41 UNI GX 0.11602 
44 UNI GX 0.10304 
46 UNI GX 0.10304 
50 UNI GX 0.10303 
52 UNI GX 0.10303 
53 UNI GX 0.11602 
54 UNI GX 0.11602 
55 UNI GX 0.11602 
56 UNI GX 0.11602       
57 UNI GX 0.11602       
59 UNI GX 0.11602       
60 UNI GX 0.11748       
61 UNI GX 0.11748      
62 UNI GX 0.11748      
63 UNI GX 0.11748      
64 UNI GX 0.1229       
66 UNI GX 0.1229        
67 UNI GX 0.11748       
68 UNI GX 0.11748       
73 UNI GX 0.11748       
74 UNI GX 0.07099       
75 UNI GX 0.07099       
77 UNI GX 0.07735         
79 UNI GX 0.07735         
80 UNI GX 0.11602         
83 UNI GX 0.11602         
86 UNI GX 0.06961         
88 UNI GX 0.06961         
90 UNI GX 0.06961         
93 UNI GX 0.06961         
94 UNI GX 0.07735         
101 UNI GX 0.06961        
102 UNI GX 0.06961        
103 UNI GX 0.06961        
105 UNI GX 0.08193        
107 UNI GX 0.08193        
110 UNI GX 0.07374        
111 UNI GX 0.02758        
112 UNI GX 0.02758        
113 UNI GX 0.12322        
114 UNI GX 0.12322        
115 UNI GX 0.12322        
116 UNI GX 0.12322        
117 UNI GX 0.12354        
119 UNI GX 0.12354        
120 UNI GX 0.1281         
121 UNI GX 0.1281         
122 UNI GX 0.1281            
123 UNI GX 0.1281            
124 UNI GX 0.13213           
126 UNI GX 0.13213           
127 UNI GX 0.1281           
128 UNI GX 0.1281           
133 UNI GX 0.1281           
134 UNI GX 0.07741        
135 UNI GX 0.07741         
137 UNI GX 0.08236           
139 UNI GX 0.08236           
140 UNI GX 0.12354           
143 UNI GX 0.12354           
146 UNI GX 0.07412           
148 UNI GX 0.07412             
150 UNI GX 0.07412             
153 UNI GX 0.07412             
154 UNI GX 0.08236             
161 UNI GX 0.07412             
162 UNI GX 0.07412             
163 UNI GX 0.07412             
165 UNI GX 0.08809             
167 UNI GX 0.08809             
170 UNI GX 0.07928              
171 UNI GX 0.03007              
172 UNI GX 0.03007              
173 UNI GX 0.13238              
174 UNI GX 0.13238              
175 UNI GX 0.13238              
176 UNI GX 0.13238              
177 UNI GX 0.13262              
179 UNI GX 0.13262              
180 UNI GX 0.13619              
181 UNI GX 0.13619              
182 UNI GX 0.13619              
183 UNI GX 0.13619              
184 UNI GX 0.13944              
186 UNI GX 0.13944             
187 UNI GX 0.13619             
188 UNI GX 0.13619          
193 UNI GX 0.13619          
194 UNI GX 0.0823            
195 UNI GX 0.0823            
197 UNI GX 0.08842         
199 UNI GX 0.08842         
200 UNI GX 0.13262         
203 UNI GX 0.13262        
206 UNI GX 0.07957         
208 UNI GX 0.07957           
210 UNI GX 0.07957           
213 UNI GX 0.07957           
214 UNI GX 0.08842           
221 UNI GX 0.07957           
222 UNI GX 0.07957             
223 UNI GX 0.07957             
225 UNI GX 0.09296             
227 UNI GX 0.09296             
230 UNI GX 0.08367             
231 UNI GX 0.03197             
232 UNI GX 0.03197             
357 UNI GX 0.13262             
358 UNI GX 0.07957             
360 UNI GX 0.07957              
361 UNI GX 0.13262              
375 UNI GX 0.13964              
376 UNI GX 0.13964              
377 UNI GX 0.13964              
378 UNI GX 0.13964              
379 UNI GX 0.13984              
381 UNI GX 0.13984              
382 UNI GX 0.1428               
383 UNI GX 0.1428               
384 UNI GX 0.1428               
385 UNI GX 0.1428               
386 UNI GX 0.14555              
388 UNI GX 0.14555              
389 UNI GX 0.1428              
390 UNI GX 0.1428              
395 UNI GX 0.1428
396 UNI GX 0.0863
397 UNI GX 0.0863
399 UNI GX 0.09323
401 UNI GX 0.09323
402 UNI GX 0.13984
404 UNI GX 0.13984
407 UNI GX 0.08391
409 UNI GX 0.08391
411 UNI GX 0.08391
414 UNI GX 0.08391
415 UNI GX 0.09323
422 UNI GX 0.08391
423 UNI GX 0.08391
424 UNI GX 0.08391
426 UNI GX 0.09703
428 UNI GX 0.09703                                                           
431 UNI GX 0.08733                                                           
432 UNI GX 0.03352                                                           
433 UNI GX 0.03352                                                           
438 UNI GX 0.13984                                                           
439 UNI GX 0.08391                                                           
441 UNI GX 0.08391                                                           
442 UNI GX 0.13984                                                           
456 UNI GX 0.14572                                                           
457 UNI GX 0.14572                                                           
458 UNI GX 0.14572                                                           
459 UNI GX 0.14572                                                           
460 UNI GX 0.14589                                                           
462 UNI GX 0.14589                                                           
463 UNI GX 0.14619                                                           
464 UNI GX 0.14844                                                           
465 UNI GX 0.14656                                                           
466 UNI GX 0.14619                                                           
467 UNI GX 0.15083                                                           
469 UNI GX 0.15083                                                           
470 UNI GX 0.14844                                                           
471 UNI GX 0.14844                                                           
476 UNI GX 0.14844                                                           
477 UNI GX 0.0897  
478 UNI GX 0.08914 
480 UNI GX 0.09726 
482 UNI GX 0.09726 
483 UNI GX 0.14589 
485 UNI GX 0.14589 
488 UNI GX 0.08754 
490 UNI GX 0.09726 
492 UNI GX 0.08754 
495 UNI GX 0.08754 
496 UNI GX 0.09726 
503 UNI GX 0.09726 
504 UNI GX 0.08754 
505 UNI GX 0.08754 
507 UNI GX 0.10055 
509 UNI GX 0.10055 
512 UNI GX 0.0905  
513 UNI GX 0.03484 
515 UNI GX 0.09726 
517 UNI GX 0.09726 
519 UNI GX 0.14589 
520 UNI GX 0.09726 
522 UNI GX 0.09726 
523 UNI GX 0.14589 
525 UNI GX 0.14589 
526 UNI GX 0.09726 
527 UNI GX 0       
528 UNI GX 0.09726 
529 UNI GX 0.14589 
531 UNI GX 0.14589 
532 UNI GX 0.09726 
534 UNI GX 0.09726 
535 UNI GX 0.14589 
544 UNI GX 0.10055 
547 UNI GX 0.10055 
550 UNI GX 0.10055 
553 UNI GX 0.10055 
564 UNI GX 0.15083 
565 UNI GX 0.15083 
566 UNI GX 0.15083 
569 UNI GX 0.15083 
572 UNI GX 0.10055 
573 UNI GX 0.10055 
576 UNI GX 0.10055 
577 UNI GX 0.10055 
584 UNI GX 0.10055 
586 UNI GX 0.10055 
588 UNI GX 0.10055 
590 UNI GX 0.10055 
592 UNI GX 0.10055 
594 UNI GX 0.10055 
596 UNI GX 0.10055 
598 UNI GX 0.10055       
600 UNI GX 0.10055        
602 UNI GX 0.10055        
605 UNI GX 0.10055        
608 UNI GX 0.10055        
609 UNI GX 0.15083        
610 UNI GX 0.10055        
614 UNI GX 0.10055        
617 UNI GX 0.10055        
618 UNI GX 0.10055        
619 UNI GX 0.10055        
620 UNI GX 0.10055        
621 UNI GX 0.10055        
627 UNI GX 0.10055        
629 UNI GX 0.10055        
632 UNI GX 0.07325        
634 UNI GX 0.07325       
636 UNI GX 0.07325        
637 UNI GX 0.07325        
639 UNI GX 0.20825        
641 UNI GX 0.20825        
642 UNI GX 0.07606        
643 UNI GX 0.07606        
644 UNI GX 0.07606        
645 UNI GX 0.07606        
651 UNI GX 0.3886         
656 UNI GX 0.10413  
658 UNI GX 0.10413        
659 UNI GX 0.10413        
660 UNI GX 0.10413        
662 UNI GX 0.20825        
663 UNI GX 0.3886         
664 UNI GX 0.20825        
665 UNI GX 0.3886         
670 UNI GX 0.10413        
671 UNI GX 0.10413        
673 UNI GX 0.10413        
674 UNI GX 0.10413        
681 UNI GX 0.10413        
686 UNI GX 0.10413        
687 UNI GX 0.10413        
689 UNI GX 0              
690 UNI GX 0.20825        
691 UNI GX 0              
692 UNI GX 0.20825        
694 UNI GX 0.20825        
696 UNI GX 0              
697 UNI GX 0.10413        
698 UNI GX 0              
699 UNI GX 0.10413        
701 UNI GX 0.10413        
703 UNI GX 0.10413        
704 UNI GX 0.10413         
705 UNI GX 0.10413          
706 UNI GX 0.10413          
707 UNI GX 0.10413          
708 UNI GX 0.10413          
709 UNI GX 0.20825          
710 UNI GX 0                
711 UNI GX 0.20825          
714 UNI GX 0.3886           
718 UNI GX 0.3886           
719 UNI GX 0.3886           
720 UNI GX 0.3886           
721 UNI GX 0.3886           
722 UNI GX 0.3886           
723 UNI GX 0.3886           
724 UNI GX 0.12502          
725 UNI GX 0.12502         
726 UNI GX 0.12502          
727 UNI GX 0.12502          
736 UNI GX 0.09726          
737 UNI GX 0.09726          
738 UNI GX 0.08754          
741 UNI GX 0.10055          
743 UNI GX 0.10055          
745 UNI GX 0.0905           
746 UNI GX 0.03484         
755 UNI GX 0.20825    
756 UNI GX 0.20825          
910 UNI GX 0.20825          
914 UNI GX 0.3772           
918 UNI GX 0.07459          
919 UNI GX 0.07459         
920 UNI GX 0.07459          
921 UNI GX 0.07459         
922 UNI GX 0.20136          
925 UNI GX 0.20136          
926 UNI GX 0.1253           
927 UNI GX 0.1253           
928 UNI GX 0.1253           
929 UNI GX 0.1253           
930 UNI GX 0.12509          
932 UNI GX 0.12509    
938 UNI GX 0.10055          
939 UNI GX 0.10055    
943 UNI GX 0.05028          
944 UNI GX 0.05028          
946 UNI GX 0.05028    
948 UNI GX 0.05028          
949 UNI GX 0.05028    
951 UNI GX 0.05028          
953 UNI GX 0.10055          
955 UNI GX 0.10055          
957 UNI GX 0.10055                            
959 UNI GX 0.10055          
972 UNI GX 0.05028                 
973 UNI GX 0.05028                 
974 UNI GX 0.05028                 
975 UNI GX 0.05028                 
976 UNI GX 0.05028           
977 UNI GX 0.05028                 
978 UNI GX 0.10055                
980 UNI GX 0.05028                
983 UNI GX 0.10055                
985 UNI GX 0.05028                
988 UNI GX 0.05028                
989 UNI GX 0.10055                
990 UNI GX 0.10055                
993 UNI GX 0.05028                 
995 UNI GX 0.10055                
997 UNI GX 0.05028                 
999 UNI GX 0.10055                 
1002 UNI GX 0.05028                
1004 UNI GX 0.10055                
1013 UNI GX 0.05028                
1014 UNI GX 0.05028                
1015 UNI GX
          Procédure civile   
L'ouvrage se veut la traduction concrète de cette préoccupation essentielle : comment mener à son terme un processus judiciaire, tant en demande qu'en défense ? Comment vaincre successivement les embuches d'un procès, depuis l'introduction de l'action et le choix de la juridiction adéquate, jusqu'à l'exécution du jugement, à titre provisoire ou définitif ? L'Europe est également très présente par la jurisprudence de la Cour européenne des droits de l'homme sur le procès équitable et par les règles communautaires. Le lecteur prendra rapidement conscience que, loin d'être une pure technique, la procédure est au service de la réalisation concrète des droits. Sans elle, les droits ne sont que des leurres, au mieux, des espoirs. Complet sur le fond et synthétique en la forme, assorti d'exercices pratiques, l'ouvrage épouse une présentation claire et pédagogique adaptée aux étudiants en licence ou en master de droit, mais également aux candidats au concours d'entrée à l'Ecole nationale de la magistrature ou à l'examen d'entrée à l'école du barreau. Par ailleurs, par son souci de revenir sans cesse aux grands principes du droit du procès contemporain, il donne satisfaction à tous ceux qui, juges, avocats, greffiers huissiers de justice ou simples amateurs de droit, sont en quête d'une présentation éclairée et éclairante de la matière.
           Brussels ponders deadly smoke after Grenfell Tower blaze    
By Barbara Lewis and Julia FiorettiLONDON/BRUSSELS, June 29 (Reuters) - EU policymakers are unlikely to agree to Europe-wide rules on toxic smoke from ...
          PM's European court stance has 'hamstrung' Brexit negotiations   

Theresa May’s decision to exit ECJ has made David Davis’s job much more difficult, says former chief of staff

Theresa May’s “absolutist” stance on Britain leaving the jurisdiction of the European court of justice has “hamstrung” David Davis in negotiations with Brussels, according to the Brexit secretary’s former chief of staff.

James Chapman, who worked for George Osborne before serving as Davis’s chief of staff until shortly before the election, said May’s insistence that the ECJ must not have oversight once Britain leaves the EU, revealed in her party conference speech last year, had made the negotiators’ task more difficult.

Related: EU states start to examine whether UK is likely to reverse Brexit

Related: May's obsession with ECJ over Brexit 'daft', says former senior judge

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          Organic Electronics Market to Hit 32.6% CAGR, Fuelled by Growing Adoption of Organic Electronics Among Consumers   

Recent research and the current scenario as well as future market potential of "Organic Electronics Market - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth And Forecast 2012 - 2018" globally.

Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2017 -- This research report is an effort to identify factors, which will be the driving force behind the organic electronics market and sub-markets in the next six years. The report provides extensive analysis of the organic electronics industry, current market trends, industry drivers and challenges for better understanding of the organic electronics market structure. The report has segregated the organic electronics industry in terms of application and geography.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Organic Electronics in USD million by the following application segments: Display market, Organic lighting market, Logic and Memory, Organic RFID tags, organic sensor, organic photovoltaic and printed batteries market.

The report also provides value chain analysis and market potential for organic electronics market. The report provides separate comprehensive analysis for the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific organic electronics market. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2012 through 2018. The report profiles 11 companies including many key and niche players such as BASF, Merck, Evonik Company among others.

Get The Sample Copy Of This report:

The report helps in providing a comprehensive overview for
Market forces that are driving and restraining the growth of the industry
Opportunities for the application segments and geographies covered
Up-to-date analysis of the latest trends in the industry
Innovative product development, forecasts and other subjects
Distinctive graphics and exemplified SWOT analysis of the industry segments
Acumen into the size and shape of the market growth
Detailed outlook of the market and its future
Comprehensive analysis of major competitors and their strategies
Pricing trend and impact of it on the market
Technological growth map over time and impact of the same on the industry
Impact analysis for factors driving and restraining the market during the forecast period
Reasons for buying this report
Forward-looking perspective on a category, market or issue affecting the industry growth
Seven year forecast assess how the market is predicted to grow and segmental behavior
Understand the competitive environment, the leading players and segments in the market
Clear understanding about the key product segments and identification of most robust product segment will help in ensuring strong returns
Pin-point analysis of changing dynamics of competition keeps you ahead of the competitors
Make more informed business decisions from insightful and in-depth analysis of the technical and commercial strength organic electronics and its performance
Observe the chronological sales performance of a organic electronics in major regional markets
Obtain sales forecast for currently marketed organic electronic end use products for 2012-2018 for all major markets

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Major Segments Analyzed

By application
Display Market
Organic Lighting Market
Logic and memory
Organic Radio Frequency identification tags(ORFID)
Organic Sensors
Organic photovoltaic
Printed batteries market

By geographies
Asia Pacific
ROW (Rest of the world)


For the research report, we conducted in-depth interviews and discussions with a wide range of key industry participants and opinion leaders. Primary research represents the bulk of our research efforts, supplemented by extensive secondary research. We reviewed the key players' product literature, annual reports, press releases and relevant documents for competitive analysis and market understanding. Secondary research also includes a search of recent trade journals, technical writing, internet sources, and statistical data from government websites, trade associations and agencies. This approach has proven to be the most reliable, effective and successful approach for obtaining precise market data, capturing industry participants' insights, and recognizing business opportunities.

For more information on this press release visit:

Media Relations Contact

Mr Nachiket
Business Head
Telephone: 518-621-2074
Email: Click to Email Mr Nachiket

          Munich: Help Plan Hackaday’s First European Event   

On Thursday, November 13th we’ve rented a huge hall in Munich, Germany and plan to host a hacking event followed by a celebration.

You need to take the day off of work and join us. Better yet, convince your boss that this is professional development and that attending is good for the company!

We’re not taking the space shuttle across the pond, this illustration reflects the connection with The Hackaday Prize. This trip will mark the end of the contest and the unveiling of the Grand Prize winner.


What do *you* want to hack?

The big question we have …read more

          Tackling the plastic bottle crisis and our wider disregard for nature | Letters   

Green co-leader Caroline Lucas says she hopes to build a cross-party coalition to stop bottle wastage, while other correspondents offer their thoughts on protecting the environment

The Guardian’s coverage of the global plastic bottle crisis (Surge in plastic bottle use sparks global alert, 29 June) has been powerful and compelling. Like so many of the environmental challenges we face, this issue has been largely ignored in the mainstream, which has led us to the extraordinary situation where we have one million bottles being bought every minute globally. Britain’s contribution to this problem is significant. We use a staggering 38.5m plastic bottles each day, accounting for roughly 40% of the litter found in our environment along with cans. We’ve all read in horror the stories of whales’ stomachs filled with plastic waste, and we’ve all seen bottles littering our local communities.

The government must take responsibility for this growing crisis. One easy step forward would be to introduce a bottle deposit scheme. Such systems were commonplace in the UK until the 1980s, and are used in 11 other European countries. The concept is simple: you pay a small deposit on bottles and take them back to the shop you bought them from after use for recycling. The Scottish government has taken a major step towards introducing such a scheme – now the Tories must follow suit. We should also be ensuring that it’s easier for people to refill water bottles in shops and other businesses. This week has shown that the government is far more pliant towards the will of parliament than previously, and I’m hoping to build a cross-party coalition on this issue in the coming weeks so that Britain becomes a world leader in tackling plastic bottle pollution.
Caroline Lucas MP
Co-leader, Green party of England and Wales

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          République tchèque: début du 52e Festival international de cinéma de Karlovy Vary   
La 52e édition du festival international de cinéma de Karlovy Vary, un des plus prestigieux événements du genre en Europe centrale et orientale, s'est ouverte vendredi dans cette station thermale de l'ouest de la République tchèque.
           Russia suspends payments to Council of Europe over Crimea row    
MOSCOW, June 30 (Reuters) - Russia has suspended payments to the Council of Europe for this year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday,...
          Why birds of a feather might bicker together | Letters   
Labour rebels | Remoaners | Minimum wage | Loose change | Charcoal toothpaste | Quarrelsome goldfinches

Thanks, Jeremy Corbyn, for making me feel like an utterly naive fool, after urging my first-time-voting twins that it’s worth voting for a party that will oppose a strong Brexit and protect workers’ rights (Report, 30 June). Sacking people for not agreeing: what a strong and stable example.
Elisabeth Young
Whitstable, Kent

• Your orgy of metrocentric remoaning (Letters, 30 June) overlooks once again the precariat, abandoned by socialists and liberals alike, who voted to end the mass free movement into the UK of poor east Europeans. Those leave voters aren’t racist or misinformed – they’re just ignored.
Chris Hughes

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          Indie Author Spotlight: Robert Eggleton   

Hello lovelies welcome to a feature I am going to have on La Jersey Chika Reads Indie Books that is called Indie Author Spotlight. Each month I will post an Indie Author Spotlight to help spread word about the works of the fantastic indie authors that are out there!

Today tenth installment and feature is Robert Eggleton author of Rarity from the Hollow

 Robert Eggleton

Author's Bio

Robert Eggleton has served as a children's advocate in an impoverished state for over forty years. Locally, he is best known for his nonfiction about children’s programs and issues, much of which was published by the West Virginia Supreme Court where he worked from1982 through 1997. Today, he is a retired children's psychotherapist from the mental health center in Charleston, West Virginia, where he specialized in helping victims cope with and overcome maltreatment and other mental health concerns. Rarity from the Hollow is his debut novel. Its release followed publication of three short Lacy Dawn Adventures in magazines. Author proceeds support the prevention of child maltreatment.

 Robert Eggleton Social Media Sites

Robert Eggleton Book

Rarity from the Hollow

By Robert Eggleton

Genre: Adult Literary Science Fiction

Publication Date: November 3, 2016

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Author Interview

Q. Describe your book in ten words or less.

A. An unlikely savior of the universe -- tragedy, comedy, and satire.

Q. What draws you to this genre.

A. I enjoy reading and writing literary fiction and within most genres. I'm not a big fan of pure escapist novels. I tend to look for the author's hidden metaphors -- meaning behind the superficial and that seems to detract from my enjoyment. So, when I write, my goal is to produce something that will be reflected upon after the last paragraph has been read. I also enjoy reading speculative fiction -- the what if? There are several what ifs in Rarity from the Hollow, but the one that was most fun to write was its political parody. What if some compelling force united extreme capitalism and socialism by a common cause --- saving the universe? While much of the focus of my story was on the prevention of child maltreatment, there are other analogies -- i.e. global warming. Rarity from the Hollow was the first, perhaps the only, science fiction adventure to specifically predict the rise of Donald Trump to political power -- parody with no political advocacy one side or any other. Readers find out how Lacy Dawn, the protagonist, convinced Mr. Rump (Bernie Sanders) to help talk Mr. Prump (Donald Trump) into saving the universe. The allegory includes pressing issues that are being debated today, including illegal immigration and the refuge crisis, an issue that several European commentators have compared to cockroach infestation; extreme capitalism / consumerism vs. domestic spending for social supports; sexual harassment…. Mr. Prump in my story was a projection of Donald Trump based on the TV show, The Apprentice. The counterpart, Mr. Rump, was based on my understanding of positions held by Bernie Sanders as I wrote the story. Part of the negotiations in the story occur in the only high rise on planet Shptiludrp (Shop Until You Drop), a giant shopping mall and the center of economic governance, now more easily identifiable as Trump Tower. The allegory was not addressed by ARC reviewers of the novel because so few people worldwide considered Donald Trump to be a serious political contender until the primary elections in the U.S. The political allegory in the novel is obvious now that Donald Trump has become a household name. In summary, I am drawn to literary speculative fiction because it is so much fun to write.

Q. Where do you get information or ideas for your book?

A. Much of Rarity from the Hollow is more real than not, and based upon over forty years of my experiences working as a children's advocate. I use Google for research, for example, on updated research on prevalence rates or correlates of child abuse. One interesting element of the story pertains to the ET assistance that helped cure Lacy Dawn's parents -- she begins the story as an eleven year old protagonist, a victim of maltreatment. Her father is a war damaged Vet suffering from PTSD, night terrors, and anger outbursts. Several book reviewers have complimented by imagination when writing the medical intervention element of the story. In reality, humans are living in a very exciting time when computerized diagnosis and intervention of mental health concerns is an emerging science. The fantastical means employed by the alien in my story to treat the parents were based on today’s medical reality. I’ve already mentioned that in the beginning of Rarity from the Hollow, Dwayne, the abusive father was a war damaged Vet experiencing anger outbursts and night terrors. The mother was a downtrodden victim of domestic violence who had lost hope of ever getting her G.E.D. or driver's license, or of protecting her daughter. Diagnosis and treatment of these concerns affecting the parents, as representative of many similarly situated, was based on emerging technologies presented at the 2015 World Medical Innovation Forum: . Yes, in real life, like in my story, patients have been hooked up to computer technology for medial diagnosis and treatment. Additional exciting research was presented at that Forum and may one day may revolutionize psychiatric treatment. Most relevant to my story were: (1) smart brain prosthetics, wireless devises being tested for potential to relieve depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder…neural engineering to manipulate brain signals; (2) sophisticated imaging systems that are minimally invasive to brain circuitry for diagnosis (3) and, healing the brain with neuromodulation and electroceuticals to treat depression and schizophrenia.

Q. How do you select the names of your characters?

A. Typically, I pick names that fit a culture for stories. While I love fantasy, I've found long and unusual first names for characters annoying, thereby sometimes leading to head hopping as I've read the stories. I try to avoid this practice. For example, I recently read a short story involving sisters with unusual but very similar first names. I kept getting the characters mixed up, complicated by their similar voices. The subculture for Rarity from the Hollow is Appalachian, a place where the use of first and middle names is common when addressing the individual, such as Billy Bob, or Robert Thomas. Lacy Dawn was addressed by her first and middle name in the story as a show of love and respect, while the other characters were addressed by their first names only as a sign that their parents did not hold their existences in high regard. As a back story, when pregnant, Lacy Dawn's mother realized that she would not be able to give her daughter beautiful things in life, so she decided to give her a very beautiful name at birth.  

Q. List your top 5 favorite authors or books.

A. Gosh, this is an impossible to answer question. I'm a mood reader, so my favorite books at one time may be entirely different than at another time. Right now: Vonnegut’s anger in Breakfast of Champions helped me stay strong as a children’s advocate and as a writer, and how to experiment with my writing style. Watership Down by R. Adams was such a sweet adventure that some of this element just is a necessary ingredient of even the scariest or saddest story. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is probably on a lot of lists of favorite books. If I feel nostalgic, like now, Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins pushed me into the wilder side of writing regardless of censorship with views on religion and other topics. Last, The Color Purple by Alice Walker remains a role model for using colloquialism to reach mainstream readers. 

Q. What book/s are you reading at present?

A. I'm going to have to pass on this question. I'm reading a second novel by an unknown author and am so disappointed that I don't want to name it. I respected her debut novel and expected this one to be even better. It isn't. When this one was posted on a blog for 99¢ I grabbed a Kindle version. Don't misunderstand. I don't subscribe to the Goodreads rating system based on whether I "liked" a novel or not. If I'm considering writing a review of a novel I would never let my personal taste control such an important task -- my likes are irrelevant to whether a book is great or awful -- so are my comfort zones -- irrelevant. So far, this book has holes in the plot, is so mainstream that it could have been written by a computer program, and was poorly edited. There seems to be no message, but I'm hopeful that the author some how pulls it all together in the last third of the novel. I don't need to like a novel to give it a good rating, but I do have to respect it. Did the story fulfill its mission? It this novel does improve you may see my review on Amazon or Goodreads and you will get my answer to your question if you notice. If the novel does not improve, I may just skip writing a review. The impact of reviews can be so powerful that I wouldn't want to influence the behavior of an author who, based on the debut, has potential but released on perhaps prematurely. If this author was well known, making lots of money, I would have no problem blasting this piece of crap that I'm reading.

Q. What's next for you? What are you working on now?

A. I've been stuck in self-promotion mode for so long that I've neglected the next Lacy Dawn Adventure -- Ivy. I've submitted a couple of short stories to magazines recently but no bites. It seems to me that many magazines either stick very close to the Young Adult genre or are so extreme that my writing seems to have a hard time fitting into content. I don't want to change what I write just to achieve publication, so I'm trying to explore other alternatives. I'm working on a satirical essay, and a couple of poems. One of my poems won first place in an international competition last year, so I have a little name recognition because of that. Ivy, full of metaphors and allegory, is the story of an alien invasion of Earth based in an almost forgotten town. I live in West Virginia, the U.S. state with the highest rate of heroin overdose deaths in the nation. My familiarity with what is happening to my neighbors because of addiction prompted me to ask: how far will a child go to save a parent from addiction? I hope to achieve a similar finding when answering this serious question as I did with Rarity from the Hollow: “…a hillbilly version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, only instead of the earth being destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass, Lacy Dawn must…The author has managed to do what I would have thought impossible; taken serious subjects like poverty, ignorance, abuse, and written about them with tongue-in-cheek humor without trivializing them…Eggleton sucks you into the Hollow, dunks you in the creek, rolls you in the mud, and splays you in the sun to dry off. Tucked between the folds of humor are some profound observations on human nature and modern society that you have to read to appreciate…it’s a funny book that most sci-fi fans will thoroughly enjoy.” I'll let you know when it is released.

Q.  What advice do you have for writers?

A. I don’t feel competent to give advice to other writers, but I will share a little common sense based on my observations of this marketplace. Don’t expect to be discovered overnight like you were Elvis singing on the front stoop of an apartment located in a low-income neighborhood. Before you publish, make sure that your work as been professionally edited, or as close to it as your finances will allow – not by a friend or anybody with whom you have a personal relationship. If published, to the extent possible, prevent generic one line reviews from being posted on Amazon – they always look like they were written by your friends and detract from other reviews that appear more legitimate. Commit to the long haul by keeping in mind that the majority of those entering the world of books stay there briefly and then drop out never to be heard from again. And, last, never buy a book review and don’t invest more than you can afford in anything. I’ve heard of aspiring authors placing themselves and their families at financial risk by becoming over-committed to a book that they had written. Hard work pays off, but working smart has better outcomes.   

Thank You So Much Robert Eggleton For Your Time & Interview.

R. Thank you for the opportunity to tell your readers a little about myself and my debut novel, Rarity from the Hollow.

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Wow, I mean very nice, obviously. The Germans in the office swan around speaking of “European architecture”- obviously, the towers at Central Park are just boxes covered with gimicks, but wonderfully done. Quite an oasis from an otherwise chaotic part of the city. Above we see the main residentail tower (Jean Nouvel?) with its fantastic […]
          Revista de People in Need cuestiona censura artística en Cuba   
Revista de People in Need cuestiona censura artística en Cuba
junio 29, 2017

El número más reciente de Rewriting Cuba recuerda la censura no afecta
solo al arte contestatario o a los opositores, sino a todas las esferas
de la sociedad.
La organización no gubernamental People in Need acaba de lanzar una
nueva edición de la revista semestral sobre Cuba que publica la
plataforma, en colaboración con escritores, periodistas y
artistas independientes de la isla.

El Número 15, del año 2017 de Rewriting Cuba (Reescribiendo Cuba),
cuestiona la censura artística en la isla, y como no afecta solo al arte
contestatario o disidente, sino a todas las esferas de la sociedad.

"Durante mucho tiempo se ha pensado que en Cuba la censura era algo
reservado para los opositores al régimen", señala un editorial de Agnes
Koleman, sin embargo, precisa la autora, "los años han demostrado que la
censura es algo que no puede aplicarse en pequeñas dosis, pues es como
un cáncer que se come la cultura de un país, sin olvidar a nadie".

Para Koleman, el poder destructor de la censura es tan grande que
"afecta a todo el mundo, porque ataca a la esencia de las personas".

La revista también incluye los artículos "El arte como arma de la
revolución", por Albert Pérez; "Re-contextualizando el término
"disidente", por Yanelys Núñez Leyva y "Borrar un nombre", de Nonardo Perea. fue creada por People in Need en 2007 para brindar un foro
para que cubanos, europeos y otros publiquen sus análisis, experiencias
y críticas sobre las condiciones actuales en en la isla, explica la
organización en su página de internet.

La plataforma también publica, en inglés y español, el boletín Diálogos
Cuba-Europa, y el blog Eye on Cuba.

(Redactado por Idolidia Darias, con información de People in Need)

Source: Revista de People in Need cuestiona censura artística en Cuba -
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          Bonito11: Немецкое барокко:Аугустусбург - резиденция Курфюрста и Архиепископа Кёльнского   

Это цитата сообщения Майя_Пешкова Оригинальное сообщение

В небольшом городке Брюле в регионе Рейнланд в XVIII веке усилиями выдающихся архитекторов, скульпторов, живописцев и ландшафтных дизайнеров был создан уникальный дворцово-парковый комплекс.

С 1984 года дворцы Аугустусбург и Фалькенлуст, построенные в стиле рококо, и прилегающие к ним барочные садово-парковые комплексы входят в число объектов Всемирного культурного наследия ЮНЕСКО.

Любимая резиденция курфюрста и архиепископа Кельнского Клеменса Августа, дворец Аугустусбург или, как его часто называют, дворец Брюль является одной из первых значительных построек в стиле рококо на территории Германии.

Климент Август родился в 1700 году в семье крупных баварских феодалов под фамилией Виттельсбах, которые на протяжении многих веков правили Баварией. Путь Климента с самого детства проходил по стопам своих предков.

И этим путем он однажды добрался до курфюршества Кельнского – одного из самых значимых в тогдашней Германии. И стал он курфюрстом Кельнским.

Как известно, курфюрст – один из высших титулов, появившийся еще во времена Священной Римской Империи. Земли были раздробленные и децентрализованные, а курфюрсты были подобны нынешним главам республик в нашей стране. Правда, в отличие от современного времени, они имели гораздо большую власть и влияние на жизнь своего курфюршества.

Именно таким курфюрстом и был Климент Август. Властным и влиятельным. Упорная и напряженная работа на благо простого народа сильно его изматывала. И в один прекрасный момент, устав от всего этого, он решил построить себе резиденцию для обитания. Рядом запланировал отстроить дом для занятия любимым делом – соколиной охотой.

Строительство дворца на фундаменте средневекового замка, окруженного рвом с водой, началось в 1725 году и заняло более сорока лет: долгий срок, в течение которого к воплощению архитектурного проекта удалось привлечь мастеров европейского ранга.


В частности, над интерьером дворца работал архитектор Бальтазар Нойман, создавший великолепную парадную лестницу с потолочной росписью и богатой лепниной ‒ шедевр, исполненный внутренней динамики, легкости и изящества, истинную вершину немецкого барокко.

Барочный парк при дворце, создавашийся в первой половине XVIII века, – результат деятельности ландшафтного архитектора Доминика Жирара, руководствовавшегося французскими образцами. Сегодня парк представляет собой прекрасный пример садово-парковой архитектуры XVIII века.

Великолепная панорама парка открывается с дворцовой террасы, вновь открытой для посещения весной 2014 года. В нескольких минутах ходьбы от дворца Аугустусбург на опушке небольшой рощицы находится роскошный охотничий дворец Фалькенлуст. Дворец в стиле рококо, пользовавшийся особым расположением курфюрста и служивший местом его уединения, строился с 1729 по 1737 годы.

Здесь Клеменс Август фон Виттельсбах предавался своей страсти ‒ соколиной охоте, а по вечерам для избранного общества после охотничьих забав во дворце устраивались званые ужины и карточные поединки за ломберными столиками. Сегодня поклонники изящных искусств, не разделяющие пристрастия Клеменса Августа к соколиной охоте, охотно бывают на музыкальных вечерах во дворце Аугустусбург.

Оба сооружения связываются друг с другом широким парком. 

В начале XIX века рейнская область, где расположились замки, была оккупирована Наполеоном. Когда в 1809 годе он увидел Аугустусбург, то расстроился из-за того, что не может увезти этот дворец к себе во Францию. После освобождения Рейнланда в 1815 году он переходит во владение Пруссии. 

Образцом для "Дворца Августа" - Аугустусбурга (Schloss Augustusburg) послужил знаменитый Версаль - такова была архитектурная мода тех лет. Свои "версали" появлялись в Европе как грибы после дождя. Наполеону - французскому монарху, владевшему оригиналом - понравилась немецкая копия! Что может быть лучшей похвалой в адрес его создателей?

 Несколько десятилетий он не привлекал особого внимания новых хозяев, но во второй половине XIX века его отреставрировали, а с 1877 года в Аугустусбурге стал регул

После Второй мировой войны, хотя дворец не был официальной резиденцией, в нем регулярно устраивались государственные приемы. Всего после войны здесь побывало более ста глав государств и правительств.

В 1949 году, в год создания ФРГ, именно в этом дворце проходила торжественная церемония вступления в должность первого федерального президента Германии Теодора Хойса (Theodor Heuss).

"Кулисой" для крупной международной встречи дворец стал в 1998 году, когда в соседнем Кёльне проходил саммит "большой восьмерки". Тогдашний канцлер Германии Герхард Шрёдер пригласил Билла Клинтона и других своих гостей в Аугустусбург на официальный ужин.

Сейчас ежедневно в самом дворце на экскурсиях бывают сотни туристов, а роскошный барочный парк открыт для свободного доступа с раннего утра до вечера - от расcвета до заката. Во второй части репортажа мы расскажем об истории строительства дворца, а также совершим прогулку по его парку.

После Второй мировой войны Аугустусбург использовался главами Германии для проведения многочисленных государственных приёмов. Всего за послевоенное время здесь побывало более 100 глав иностранных государств и правительств. Это было обусловлено близким расположением по отношению к Бонну, который являлся столицей ФРГ.

В настоящее время в Аугустусбурге организуются ежедневные экскурсии для туристов, а прилегающие парки используются в качестве общественного места или для проведения концертов

Охотничий замок Фалькенлуст, возведенный в 1733 г. архитектором Франсуа де Кювийе, считается первым в Германии образцом стиля рококо. Вместе с дворцом Аугустусбург и парком он составляет охраняемый ЮНЕСКО архитектурно-ландшафтный комплекс города Брюль, расположенного в Северной Вестфалии на Среднем Рейне.

Охотничий замок Фалькенлуст (Jagdschloss Falkenlust)

Охотничий замок Фалькенлуст (Jagdschloss  Falkenlust), возведенный в 1733 г. архитектором Франсуа де Кювийе, считается первым в Германии образцом стиля рококо. Вместе сAugustusburg и парком он составляет охраняемый ЮНЕСКО архитектурно-ландшафтный комплекс города Брюль (Brühl), расположенного в Северной Вестфалии на Среднем Рейне.

Название «Фалькенлуст», в переводе означающее «соколиная потеха», замок получил отнюдь не случайно. Разведение ловчих птиц и охота были излюбленными занятиями его основателя – кельнского архиепископа и курфюрста Клеменса Августа фон Виттельсбаха. Вельможа с первого дня своего правления не питал симпатий к боннской резиденции, где традиционно размещались имперские князья Кельна. Он желал с комфортом и роскошью устроиться в окружении природы, что позволило бы совмещать основные обязанности с увеселениями и охотой.

Охотничий замок Фалькенлуст (Jagdschloss Falkenlust)

Способ воплощения мечты в жизнь питающему страсть к светским развлечениям курфюрсту подсказала идея его предшественника и дяди Иосифа Клеменса фон Виттельсбаха, незадолго до своей кончины затеявшего перестройку старинной крепости в Бале, которая была собственностью кельнской архиепархии. Вместо реконструкции древних укреплений сановный аристократ решил возвести два новых замка – основную роскошную резиденцию и приватное здание. Объединять дворцы в единый комплекс должен был живописный фешенебельный парк.

Охотничий замок Фалькенлуст (Jagdschloss Falkenlust)

Вспомогательная интимная роль была отведена замку Фалькенлуст. Он более скромен в сравнении с кричаще роскошным Аугустусбургом, но зато обошел «собрата» в первенстве. Франсуа де Кувийе спроектировал Фалькенлуст в 1729 г., и уже через четыре года он был построен, в то время как сложные интерьеры основной резиденции создавались в течение нескольких десятилетий. Однако помещения охотничьего «домика» оформлены в соответствии с канонами стиля рококо.

Охотничий замок Фалькенлуст (Jagdschloss Falkenlust)

Сильное эстетическое впечатление производит центральная лестница замка, являющаяся настоящим произведением искусства. Она отделана почти десятью тысячами изразцов с изображениями сцен соколиной охоты, выполненными в сине-белых тонах. В шикарной отделке и обстановке Лакового кабинета отчетливо прослеживаются восточные мотивы, что отражает возросшее в XVIII столетии увлечение искусством Азии. В Овальном салоне, имеющем форму, отвечающую названию, можно увидеть портреты представителей династии Виттельсбах, вставленные в богато украшенные рамы.

Замок имеет множество пристроек, которые образуют внутренний двор. Они были необходимы для размещения егерей, прислуги и ловчих птиц. В настоящее время эти помещения занимает музей соколиной охоты. На крыше здания оборудована смотровая площадка, откуда можно было наблюдать за сценами выслеживания и травли диких животных.

Охотничий замок Фалькенлуст (Jagdschloss Falkenlust)

Использовался Фалькенлуст не только в дни охоты. Его приятная расслабляющая атмосфера позволяла курфюрсту успешно проводить тайные политические переговоры, а также устраивать встречи с фаворитками.

Не забывал Клеменс Август и о служении богу. В ансамбль дворца входит расположенная недалеко от его входа изящная часовня, восьмиугольная в плане. Она была сооружена в 1730 г. тем же архитектором. Интерьер постройки оформлен в синих тонах и обильно украшен мозаиками из минералов и ракушек.


Между двумя замками, как и желал архиепископ, разбит большой парк, со стороны Фалькенлуста принимающий более свободные, неформальные, гармонирующие с дикой природой формы. От охотничьего дворца к Аугустусбургу ведет романтическая аллея длиной 2 км.

Охотничий замок Фалькенлуст (Jagdschloss Falkenlust)

Охотничий замок Фалькенлуст (Jagdschloss Falkenlust)

Серия сообщений "Дворцы Германии":
Часть 1 - Королевские резиденции Германии: мюнхенский дворец.Часть 1.История,экстерьер и интерьер
Часть 2 - Галерея красавиц в Нимфенбургском дворце...в фарфоре
Часть 32 - Бывшая княжеская сокровищница Веттинов-Зелёный свод
Часть 33 - Дорнбургские дворцы
Часть 34 - Немецкое барокко:Аугустусбург - резиденция Курфюрста и Архиепископа Кёльнского
Часть 35 - Немецкое барокко:Брухзальская резиденция

          Comment on Pork Chops Smothered in Chipotle Blackberry BBQ Sauce by book flights olie   
There are lots of travel, cruise, sight seeing tour buses, and much more, that may make use of help, by helping them get new, and much more customers. The best way to have a quick motor insurance quote is with the internet. If you've ever planned to see India, Asia, Europe, Australia, America or perhaps the UK in the extended burst of travelling, backpacking is the best way to do it.
          Coca-Cola European Partners Releases 2016 Stakeholder Progress Report   

          La Fiscalía francesa imputa a Marine Le Pen por apropiación indebida   
La imputación se debe al empleo que la líder de la ultraderecha francesa otorgó a su jefa de gabinete con fondos públicos del Parlamento Europeo. La Fiscalía estima que Catherine Griset no desempeñó sus funciones en ese puesto.
          Alemania anuló el talento español y levantó el Campeonato Europeo   
Dos selecciones con un gran presente se enfrentaron en Cracovia para definir quién sería el nuevo monarca del Campeonato Europeo Sub 21. Alemania y España brindaron un gran espectáculo, pero los teutones se llevaron los halagos tras derrotar a “La Rojita” por la mínima diferencia, 1-0, en un encuentro que estuvo sumamente equilibrado para ambas […]
          Maxi dress, off shoulder dress, Long sleeved dress, Burgundy dress, burgundy maxi dress : Elegant Collection II by Nuichan   

59.00 USD

An amazing burgundy dress, which stands out from the crowd because of its contemporary design. This off shoulder dress with long sleeves is a must have!

A glamour dress like you haven't seen before. This long burgundy dress features a stylish neckline which can be folded back over the shoulders.

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Elegant Collection--> Produced by NUICHAN & Co


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* Chest : 32 up to 38"
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* No lining

* Model chest : 32", Height 5.2"
* Accessories excluded


::::: IMPORTANT NOTE :::::

*Please note that colors shown on your monitor may vary from the actual colour of the fabric. If you have the slightest doubt about the actual colour, contact us first before purchasing this dress.

*Items ship by Thailand Post (Register Post)

Generally, 1-3 business days in Thailand, 10-14 days to Asian countries, Australia, Europe and 20-28 days to America and Canada.

Here you go...they have the right idea: Open Season: Ordinary Czechs Get Right to Shoot Terrorists on Sight
          Reliance Jio unveils new Asia-Africa-Europe submarine cable system   
AAE-1 will pass through the critical hubs, serving the increasing demand for video centric data bandwidth supporting all types of communications.
          6/30/2017: BUSINESS: H&M’s new cost controls pay off in earnings report   

JOHANNESBURG— Cost-control is the new watchword at Hennes & Mauritz AB as the European fashion giant seeks to compensate for slowing sales growth, rising inventories and dwindling profitability. The Swedish retailer on Thursday posted second-quarter...
          Adele: March 2012 cover girl of Vogue   


Adele posed for an elegantly put together Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott shot spread while talking about everything from ridding of the booze to her highly publicized vocal cord surgery. Highlights from Adele's interview are as follows.
On her 'loud' personality: “I am quite loud and bolshie,” she says (British slang for unruly and clamorous). “I’m a big personality. I walk into a room, big and tall and loud.” Indeed. There is no doubt when Adele is in the building. The rule of thumb for protecting one’s vocal cords, she tells me, is: If people are more than an arm’s length away, you shouldn’t talk to them. “But I am like, Wah! Wah! Wah!,” she says, laughing. “It’s really bad.”
On giving up drinking last May: “Don’t like drinking anymore. I think I got it out of my system. D’yaknowhaImean?”
On her vocal troubles: “I’ve been singing properly every day since I was about fifteen or sixteen and I have never had any problems with my voice, ever. I’ve had a sore throat here and there, had a cold and sung through it, but that day it just went while I was onstage in Paris during a radio show. It was literally like someone had pulled a curtain over it.” She flew to London the next morning to see her doctor and was diagnosed with acute laryngitis. After a couple weeks’ rest, she continued her European tour, came to America, and then her voice went again in May. “That was a hemorrhage... a burst blood vessel on my vocal cord. That healed, I did a tour, and then it happened again at my best friend’s wedding on October 1.”
On getting support through her surgery from other artists: “John Mayer had it done at the same time as I did and he really helped me be chilled out about it. Roger Daltrey’s had loads of stuff done; Steven Tyler reached out; Elton John. Lots of artists have had problems with their voices, but you don’t know about it. And they are still singing incredibly well in their 50s and 60s.”
On her six Grammy nominations: “I burst into tears when I found out. And I would love, absolutely love, to win. This record is coming to an end, and that would be the final brick on it.” [gallery=821]


Eva Green Eva Longoria Eva Mendes Evangeline Lilly

          Low's guide to penalty shootouts   

Germany have not lost a penalty shootout at senior level for over 40 years. Following the country's victory over England on penalties in the U-21 European Championship semi-finals on Tuesday, Joachim Low spoke about how he approaches taking spot-kicks.

          French far-right leader Le Pen accused of misusing EU funds   

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen was charged Friday with allegedly misusing European Parliament funds to pay two parliamentary aides who also work at her National Front headquarters. Her lawyer said she will fight the charges. The prosecutor's office said Le Pen was summoned and handed preliminary...

La tauromaquia podría ser abolida de manera definitiva si prospera la iniciativa que debatirá próximamente el Parlamento Europeo a petición de un activista a favor de los derechos de los animales.

Su petición ha sido atendida tras un año de esperas, pero su acción ha tenido el final con el que contaba: las instituciones europeas debatirán por primera vez una propuesta formal encaminada a la abolición de la tauromaquia. (klik egin-ver más)

Adrián Parrondo, en Los Replicantes

          Mayhem Fall 2017 European Tour   
Mayhem are touring Europe this fall. I presume they will be playing De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in its entirety. Mike Alexander’s friend Jon Browning submitted a review of the Washington, DC date earlier this year. From Jon’s review, Euro headbangers can expect triggers from Hellhammer and sloppy lead guitar performances from the stand-ins.
          European Investment Bank Confirms €247m for Private Enterprise Financing in Ethiopia   
[Addis Standard] The financing is the 'largest ever' by EIB and it will be managed by the state bank, Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE)
          The Two Faces of Migration in Ethiopia   
[Ethiopian Herald] I can't help wondering about the double face of migration in Ethiopia. On one side, Ethiopia is the biggest host of refugees in the African continent and the fifth in the world. On the other side, Ethiopia is a source of illegal migrants to the Middle East, Europe and Southern Africa. These facts seem to stand in opposition.
          The Polish example   
This speech in Poland by the God-Emperor sounds promising.
President Trump will ask other European nations to “take inspiration” from Poland, which has rejected refugee resettlement, in a speech later this week.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster told reporters Thursday that President Trump will deliver a speech in Warsaw’s Krasinski Square, which symbolizes Polish heroism. He is flying to Poland next Wednesday and stopping there before he attends the G20 summit in Hamburg.

McMaster said that Trump will deliver a “major speech” in which he will “praise Polish courage” and its “emergence as a European power.” The nation is currently ruled by a nationalist Christian party that has rejected refugee resettlement and mass immigration.
Of course, the President's message would be more meaningful if he would follow the Polish example and reject refugee resettlement and mass immigration in the USA too.

The Czech example isn't bad either:
The Czech parliament is working to liberalize the country’s gun laws, allowing people to better defend themselves. The reason for this new policy is safety, as well as practicality; in light of recent attacks in neighboring countries, the Czech government recognizes that disarming people puts them in danger, and that broad European gun control policies are ineffective. The Interior Minister said it best when he asked parliament to “show [him] a single terrorist attack in Europe perpetrated using a legally-owned weapon”.

          EXCERPT: Hitler in Hell   
An excerpt from Martin van Creveld's new novel, Hitler in Hell. Please note that on the advice of one of our Amazon-bestselling authors, we have removed the book from the Castalia House bookstore for the time being and entered it into the Kindle Select program. It is now available via Kindle Unlimited; if you purchased the book from our bookstore but did not download it, please email us and we will make sure you receive you receive your book. We apologize if this causes any confusion.

Revolution and Collapse

Over the next few years, during which I began my political activity, I had plenty of opportunities to analyze the causes of the collapse. In fact, addressing them in numerous public meetings large and small, I did so until I was blue in the face. Some of my conclusions simply continued thoughts that had been with me during the war and even before it had started. The rest were directly related to our defeat.

The Second Reich, as it was widely known, had been born under an auspicious star amidst the thunder of victorious battle. For that we had Bismarck to thank and, coming right after him, Chief of Staff Helmut von Moltke and Minister of War Albrecht von Roon. Nothing symbolized it as well as the Siegessäule, or Victory Column, in Berlin. Originally sixty-seven meters tall, it was wrapped entirely by captured enemy cannons. In 1939, as part of my plan to renovate the city and to turn it into Europe’s capital, I had its height increased by another seven and a half meters. I also moved it from its original site at the Königsplatz (now misnamed the Platz der Republik) near the Reichstag to the Grosser Stern. But back to the Reich. Over the first forty-three years of its existence it enjoyed immense prosperity and economic growth. Simple people, who always and everywhere form the great majority, were impressed by that prosperity as well as the evident military strength of the Reich, which was put on display on appropriate occasions.

Having done so, they attributed the sudden collapse of the structure solely to the war, which had brought so much misery to them. But this is absurd. In fact, all the collapse did was to expose weaknesses that had long existed. Chief among them were general suffrage which Germany got before England, misleadingly known as the “mother of democracies,” did. On its heels came elections and democracy. All three were non-German elements of government. Initially, they were foisted on us by the professors of 1848, who wanted nothing better than to ape the “ideals” of the French Revolution. Once established, they quickly turned into a morass of useless chatter and corruption.

Next came the failure to properly deal with the liberated provinces, Alsace and Lorraine. As a result, they never truly became an integral part of the Reich. To repeat, Wilhelm II’s foreign policy was essentially misdirected. To add insult to injury it was often weak and vacillating as well.

Finally, there was the tolerance long shown for those vile Marxist traitors, the Social Democrats. Starting long before the war and redoubling their efforts while it lasted, they did whatever they could to foment discontent and to incite the people against the army and the government. Their ability to do so was due to the government’s inability or unwillingness to rein in the press. Not that the non-socialist press was necessarily better. Only parts of it supported the government in its conduct of the war, and much of it did what it could to undermine them.

Though the war was over, the British blockade still continued. Only in the middle of 1919 was it finally lifted, enabling us to resume our imports and exports. But this happened only to a very limited extent. Partly because of carelessness in August 1914, partly because of enemy action, and partly because no new merchantmen were built during the war, we had lost almost our entire merchant navy.
Much of what we still possessed had to be given away gratis as reparations. In any case the enemy had used the war to steal our overseas markets from us. This caused production to come to a halt and unemployment to soar. The demobilization of the armies, which at the end of the war still numbered several million men, added to the problem. That’s to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands maimed and crippled men who had to be taken care of in one way or another.

Determined to avenge themselves on us, our enemies took large parts of Prussia and Silesia, which had been German for centuries, if not longer, away from the Reich. This caused hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens, who understandably were unwilling to live under Polish (mis)rule, to leave their homes to migrate to the west, where nothing had been done to receive them. Nor did the process of drawing the borders unfold peacefully. Throughout 1919, in many places, volunteer units known variously as Freikorps, or the Black Reichswehr, fought heroically, if ultimately unsuccessfully, to retain the lands in question.

All over Germany, wherever one looked, people shivered and hungered. It goes without saying that I detest that self-appointed artist and filthy pornographer, Georg Grosz. Luckily for him, he left the country in a hurry in 1933, or else I would have had him thrown into a concentration camp! Still I must concede that many of his sketches, which show starving workers, fat, evil-looking capitalists with heaps of money, and made-up prostitutes presented a true, if one-sided and perverted, picture of reality at the time. Much later, I learned that the origins of this misery had been explored in depth by the English economist John Maynard Keynes in his booklet The Economic Consequences of the Peace (1919). He could hardly have done a better job.

Political conditions naturally reflected the economic situation. The new Social-Democratic government was unable to resist the Allied demands. So weak were the “statesmen” whom the so-called “Revolution” had brought to power that they signed the famous Kriegsschuld, war-guilt, article under which Germany assumed responsibility for the war. To be sure, history bristles with occasions when the defeated were not only despoiled but humiliated. However, the Kriegsschuld business was something new and unprecedented. Besides preparing the “legal” basis for extracting reparations, it hit straight at the nation’s soul, which, of course, was just what it had been meant to do.

Internally, the political situation was even worse. The Social Democrats, having successfully undermined public order, were unable to reimpose it. Everywhere workers, incited by their often Jewish leaders, spat on officers, tore the epaulets from their shoulders, and beat them up. So bad were conditions that many places were reduced to anarchy. That specifically included Bavaria and Munich, where I was stationed at the time and where the Jews set up a “Soviet Republic.” The stupidity of these people was truly amazing. During the few days the “Republic” lasted its foreign affairs commissar, Franz Lipp, whose record included several stays in mental hospitals, actually declared war on Switzerland. That was done, he explained, because the Swiss had refused to lend him sixty locomotives! At one point I myself, rifle in hand, had to chase away three scoundrels who had come to arrest me in my quarters.

In the end the Reichswehr, assisted by Freikorps units, re-took Munich and exacted a well-deserved vengeance. Eugene Leviné, the Jewish Communist who had led the uprising, was killed. Not so his uncouth right-hand man and fellow Jew, Erich Mühsam. He was arrested, tried, and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. But he did not have to stay there for long; in 1924 an amnesty was granted, and he was released. After the Reichstagbrand on 28 February 1933, I had him arrested and sent to a concentration camp where the boys, seeking their revenge, saw to it that he would expire. Good! As these two gentlemen illustrate so nicely, behind each and every one of these problems stood the Jews.
          Oh, the irony   
In case you didn't believe my observation that Americans simply do not grasp the concept of distinct European nations.
Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
White Nationalist fantasies notwithstanding, Europeans no more identify as Europeans than white Americans identify as European-Americans.

European American here. 👍🏻🇮🇹
Sometimes... communication gap... I can't... what... it... no... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MORONS?

Now I recall why I was so relieved to leave Twitter. It's not just the combination of stupidity and ignorance that I find unnerving, so much as the gloss of gleeful smugness that coats it.
          Silesia: Europe's beautiful best-kept secret   
It's an unsung region in the heart of Europe, but Poland's Lower Silesia is packed with natural wonders, historic cities, splendid palaces and unsolved mysteries.

          Game over US and Europe, now it's China's time: Transgender TV host Jin Xing   
CNBC's Geoff Cutmore speaks to China's first transgender television host Jin Xing about the role of China in the global community.
          Nordea: Aktiemarknaden fortsatt lockande   
Efter åratal av börsuppgångar ökar oron för en korrektion. Men oron är överdriven menar Nordea som även fortsättningsvis ser aktier som det bästa tillgångsslaget. Allra ljusast ser man på europeiska aktier...
          Erna Solberg hopes for European breakthrough in the G20   

Prime Minister Erna Solberg said she hopes Europe will leave a clear footprint at the G20 summit in Hamburg. A historical confrontation may await participants...

The post Erna Solberg hopes for European breakthrough in the G20 appeared first on Norway Today.

          Moshin Charania jetzt Triple Crown Sieger nach historischem Sieg im $1.5k THNL Event   
Mit einem historischen Sieg endete das WSOP $1.5k No-Limit Hold´em Massen-Event. Der US-Profi Moshin Charania setzte sich in der Nacht zu heute gegen noch 22 Finalgegner durch und komplettierte mit seinem ersten WSOP-Titel die Triple Crown.Bisher schafften dieses unglaubliche Kunststück erst fünf Spieler überhaupt, einen WPT Main Event Titel, einen Sieg im Main Event der European Poker Tour […]
          (IT) Java Developer   

Rate: £550 - £700 per day   Location: London   

Senior Java Developer Hugely exciting opportunity to join an exciting Financial Technology deliver development on a forthcoming market regulation. I am keen to speak to experienced Java server side developers who are real technology enthusiasts and problem solvers. Candidates do not need to come from a banking/FS background, however this is a core engineering role so any exposure to the following would be great: Server-side Java with Maven, Eclipse or C#, Kafka/any other messaging such as RabbitMQ, 0MQ, AMQ, QPID, TIB, etc, Involvement in the entire project lifecycle and the ability to work in collaboration or as sole developer Experience in developing applications using TCP/IP Experience in delivering high performance, low latency, multi-threaded services Successful candidates will be contacted directly. Please send CV's for review. Allegis Group Limited and Aston Carter Limited operate Employment Businesses and Agencies and are companies within the Allegis Group Inc. group of companies, the fourth largest staffing company in the world, (collectively referred to as the "Allegis Group"). TEKsystems and Aerotek are divisions of Allegis Group Limited. Applicant data will be treated in accordance with the Allegis Group's Privacy Notice. By submitting personal data to any company or division within the Allegis Group, the applicant is providing explicit consent to the use of such data by the Allegis Group and to the transfer of such data to and from the Allegis Group companies within the UK, Europe and outside the European Economic Area in connection with the fulfilment of the applicant's voluntary requests, and the fulfilment of other job opportunities that match the applicant's profile, and confirms that they may be contacted about such job opportunities.
Rate: £550 - £700 per day
Type: Contract
Location: London
Country: UK
Contact: George Hajigeorgiou
Advertiser: TEKsystems
Start Date: ASAP
Reference: JS-JSE1

          Chamar homossexualidade de pecado pode dar cadeia na Suécia   
Gays na SuéciaSeguindo o Canadá, país europeu criminaliza discriminação de orientação sexual
          (IT) Commodities VB.NET C# Developer - Investment Bank   

Rate: Up to £560 per Day   Location: London   

Commodities VB.NET C# Developer - Investment Bank Development experience is in VB.NET C#/ideally with SQL server Java/Oracle good to have, but looking for a developer who doesn't mind mixing within C#, Java, SQL. Jack of all trades! Business knowledge in Finance would be good, and Commodities Derivatives knowledge highly desirable.VB.NET/C# essential Java a very nice to have, and the willingness to be prepared to mix things up a bit on the development side.University degree in any quantitative discipline (math, computer science, engineering).To develop and support a Legacy platform project will last 18 24 months. The successful candidate will join the Commodities Derivatives development team, working within the Energy Trading development and support sub-team. Team provides liquidity and market-making services across commodity markets to a large and diversified base of clients worldwide. Products include Base and Precious Metals, Oil, European and North American Power and Natural Gas, Coal, Emissions and Agricultural Commodities. The business works in close partnership with CIT in order to scale up system architecture, advance trading functionality, integrate new business areas, implement new models and improve post-trade processes. Candidate must also be, oganised and delivery-focused, with attention to detail Articulate in their verbal and written communication with all types of project stakeholders: colleagues, users, management, etc. Be accountable, ie taking full ownership of their allocated tasks Adlam Consulting operates as an Employment Agency & an Employment Business
Rate: Up to £560 per Day
Type: Contract
Location: London
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Contact: Adlam Consulting
Advertiser: Adlam Consulting Ltd
Start Date: ASAP
Reference: JSADL02736

          Lemar, l'autre Monégasque qui fait saliver l'Europe   
Grand artisan de la belle saison monégasque, Thomas Lemar est très courtisé sur le marché des transferts, notamment par Arsenal qui fait le forcing pour le recruter.
          Comment on How To Build An Online Store With Shopify In 2017 by khelo365   
Your on-line social casino video games portal totally free play slots, on line casino bonuses and gaming information. You may discover our new Live Vendor table games suite, that includes Blackjack and Roulette tables, hosted by dwell sellers. The perfect uk should regulate a milestone that you simply do on your financial poker respect. The courtroom dominated that participating in talent video video games like poker in leisure golf gear is permitted and no licence is required for the same", mentioned KN Suresh, secretary of The Indian Poker Affiliation. For many gamers, although, online poker real cash sites have a lot of advantages. The ante guess is often seen as the standard Three Card Poker bet, as many of the action at the desk revolves around resolving it. The ante guess additionally allows players to incorporate some strategy, in contrast to the PairPlus bet, which is entirely primarily based on luck. 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In response to a report by KPMG, in 2009, the estimated betting market in India was worth US$ 60 billion. So as to add to the ambience, mood and pleasure, it is very important invest in a top quality poker chip set and quality poker supplies. Computer systems have surpassed the very best human players at chess, checkers, backgammon, and go. Poker is a definite problem due to the aspect of probability, and since the players don't know what cards their opponents are holding. Ceramic chips have been launched in the mid 1980s as different to clay chips, and are also utilized in casinos, as well as being readily available to the house market. On-line poker tables common around one hundred palms per hour, compared to around 30 palms per hour at dwell tables. DoubleDown On line casino offers all your favorite basic Poker games like Texas Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha and 5 Card Draw. On high of the 200% multiplier, all new players at Betfair Poker will obtain a complete of ten tickets to quite a lot of single table and multi-table tournaments. That is the primary sign of an aggressive advertising campaign by Indian poker web sites, which have been offering actual-cash poker since 2011. Chip Reese was among the best all around poker players on this planet till he not too long ago passed away. However one that is for certain that there is a large opportunity for Poker in India and with daily, there's a new website posting the sport of poker in a a lot-refined manner. Even in those darkish moments the one fixed was and is the love and support we have acquired from the poker fraternity. This recreation is played the precisely same way as Texas Hold'em except that players should not take a look at their two hole cards. Along with Negreanu, he's the only other poker players in history to earn more than $30 million. In fact, this latest incident is one which displays the differing views of poker world wide. In 2014, I received my first World Series of Poker Bracelet, adopted up with a 2nd bracelet in 2016. When more than one hand has a pair of the same rank, the hand with the highest card outside the pair wins. After a hypothetical name the pot will probably be 1 (SB) + 2 (BB) + 2 (first player's call) + 2 (second player's call). Gowen first rose to poker stardom after profitable the 2003 WPT Ladies Night time Occasion. Nonetheless, they seem to be equally apprehensive about the transaction methods offered to them by the respective online poker rooms. Reputation of on-line play surged when in 2003, an unknown amatuer web participant named Chris Monemaker took the World Sequence of Poker by storm and positioned first out of 839 entrants to say the title of World Champion. Whereas there are growing alternate options within the Asia Pacific region, in addition to some land-based mostly playing providers in India, the consolation of enjoying on-line poker has opened up numerous new interest within the sport for people in India, who now have the liberty to enjoy having fun with Texas Maintain'em anyplace, anytime. The new crew is taking a look at re-establishing itself on the Goa poker scene and with that in mind have taken over the third degree on the ship and intend to completely refurbish and create an opulent spanking new poker room. Sumit Sapra from Delhi listed four various factors ranking Quality of the software and User Interface" on the high. With regards to tales of poker execs going bust, they don't come much uglier than Erick Lindgren 's unhappy tale of debts, playing degeneracy, chapter, and legal actions. He points to feedback in the discussion board submit about Viktor Isuldr1" Blom playing the highest on-line stakes for hundreds of thousands of dollars with out a HUD, and other members who know high stakes gamers that don't use HUDs. Thus, legality of on-line poker or on-line rummy continues to be a grey area and online gaming and gambling stakeholders ought to comply with the relevant authorized tips of India until Indian authorities comes up with some coverage or law on this regard. Let's start by saying when you just bear in mind to by no means let your stack fall beneath 10 massive blinds, and simply push or fold when the time is correct, you'll grow to be a lot better tournament participant. Within the event of a tie on all five cards, the chip pot is break up evenly between the players left contesting the hand. This standard card game (also known as Indian poker) sees fascinating additions to its set of variations yearly - making both shedding and successful fun, offered you have not gone the Yudhisthira method (let's face it, there are many crafty Duryodhana's out there). Attain out to our coaches, get entry to specialised poker studying assets and be taught the guidelines of the game to turn right into a champion poker participant. In addition they have a better repute in the poker community, whereas I've heard numerous tales about bwin treating poker gamers very badly. The inaugural occasion in 1970 was contested by six of probably the most outstanding names in the sport and the winner decided by ballot. Gives a wide range of game modes including Pineapple (with fantasy land!), regular OFC and low in the center. After connecting to the internet on your telephone, you will be able to entry hundreds of player tables and thousands of gamers. He had dominated in cash games for a long interval before the World Series was created, with a coolness that was unshakeable no matter how a table was working. Here's the real deal: most poker web site opinions are written by outsourced content writers that know nothing about poker. Most individuals have performed poker sooner or later in their lives and are already accustomed to the rankings of varied fingers. Don't buy into the misperception that the games are tough and the fish swimming pools have all dried up. The games are nonetheless plenty juicy and beatable. One among Poker Central's key features is the actual fact it is obtainable for all kinds of platforms including cellular (iOS, Android) and at house (Xbox One, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku). Whether you are a novice or an experience participant, online roulette never fails to entertain. Rakeback increases your winnings from on-line poker as you regularly earn money back from every raked hand or event you play. The list of video games embody rummy, card games-28, fifty six, 112, ball throw, cup and coin contests and the like. The cell phone is pinged by multiple towers and its approximate location determines whether or not the player might sit at actual cash tables. All the time consult your native laws in your jurisdiction earlier than playing poker on-line. Which means if you deposit $50 on a website with a 50% deposit match than you may get $50 free. If you are planning on taking part in with a poker site that you have already got an account with, you may simply must log in and proceed playing with the balance in your current account. That's it. There are lots of specific situations that you will run into playing poker that I have never lined right here, however I consider that this guide gives you a solid foundation to employing the proper technique for the craziness of on-line poker. They are saying poker is of enterprise, however not so way back, they said that about entrepreneurship too. Online poker isn't prone to be legalized on a federal level within the fast future, however there are plenty of states looking to legalize online poker on their very own. So I imagine that life, Like your poker recreation is all about steadiness... And I actually enjoy making an attempt to Stability every facet of my life. The place it differs is in the hand ranking, which is all about making the very best attainable flush out of seven cards. It is advisable not only think about the ace-ace in your hand but in addition think about what's on the desk, what the opposite participant might be holding, what his wager tells you about his playing cards and what he's trying to study with his bets. He has received the World Poker Tour twice until now and made to the final table seven instances and in addition to that, he additionally made to the final table of European Poker Tour five occasions. You have to divide your seven playing cards into two poker palms: a High Hand (typically known as Highest) consisting of five playing cards, and a Low Hand (sometimes referred to as 2nd Highest) consisting of two playing cards. This free android poker app offers you the likelihood to play stay texas hold'em poker. If your telephone or pill helps this version then games on this web page will run without any problems. Like after the Karnataka Excessive Court ruled two years ago that poker, then rummy, had been games of ability, not likelihood, authorized card rooms began dealing fingers across the metropolis, albeit extra low-key than Macau's strip-lit dens of iniquity. He stunned the poker business when gained over Mike McDonald during the $10,300 PCA Main Event. Each online gaming and on-line collaborating in market of India is quick booming and maturing Entrepreneurs in these fields have started exploring Indian markets to find out their ventures in India. The SFPT will abide by these penalty violations with a purpose to make poker enjoyable for everybody. These sometimes sell at a premium to standard clay poker chips, but with out the metal insert the texture and sound is the most genuine out there. The identical yr the poker website also rolled out its cell app for gamers and the site migrated its poker game lobby from a Flex-primarily based Person Interface to HTML5-primarily based Person Interface, offering a superior UI to its registered players. Nicely, all the greatest and most impressive sites providing Android Poker apps are waiting for you. The top Indian poker rooms can help you play the poker video games you're keen on head-to-head towards real people or in event format for precise cash. The shortstack however, Dhaval Mudgal of Cardplayer India has began his consistent run of developing last tables ever since making the Main Occasion last desk within the December 2010 event as effectively last evening's IPC 5k. However he can be unable to enhance on his ninth place end from last night by busting out first on the final desk. Nearly every on-line poker site offers poker bonuses to players, either as bonus added cash to your first deposit (often called the first deposit bonus) whenever you join with a brand new poker room, or as extra bonuses which are given to you at intervals (referred to as reload bonuses). Is the world's largest and most trusted on-line poker guide, providing the easiest on-line poker bonus deals assured, over $1m in unique freerolls yearly and probably probably the most free poker content material out there on the Internet. With Genting Poker roulette, you'll be able to play the world's favorite on line casino game at your individual velocity and leisure. If two or more gamers have related straight in a hand, the pot is split equally. One three-Card Poker Gold technique that's easy to implement is to play both 3-Card Poker Gold games directly. If you wish to take it simple, you can play the House Method and have a great probability of profitable Pai Gow Poker. Composite plastic chips are low-cost to make, which why they're additionally sold for residence use. This leads to many gamers treating three card poker as a type of entertainment, rather than a money making enterprise. It accepts on-line U.S poker players and is thought to be the quickest processor amongst all of the poker sites. Be at liberty to review our How To Play Texas Maintain'Em section to construct a strong basis of the game. Clay poker chips usually last 6 to 7 years within the casinos, however can final for much longer with correct care and dealing with. This network accommodates a number of European sports brands who provide a continuing stream of gamblers from the betting area into poker. Ivory chips with numerical and animal designs hand-scrimshawed into the surface are worth greater than those that includes geometric or planet patterns. We note that a few of this info, like ROI, is opt-in to adjust to poker sites' terms of service.
          A VIP Unveiling of 568 N. Tigertail Road   
   (View Unveiling Event Images Below) The Agency’s Principal and Partner, Santiago Arana, recently celebrated the unveiling of 568 N. Tigertail Road, a newly-constructed estate located on one of Brentwood’s most prestigious streets. A collaboration between Santiago and his business partner, David Herskowitz, with whom he owns Cutting Edge Developments, the approximately 15,600-square-foot residence, which boasts views from Downtown to the ocean, is a picture-perfect example of elevated Southern California living. Showcasing a warm, traditional-style exterior and the highest caliber of contemporary European finishes throughout, towering glass doors open to grand-scale living spaces. French oak and marble flooring reclaimed from villas in Spain are complemented by sliding walls of glass for a seamless transition to phenomenal outdoor living areas. Primed for year-round entertaining, the home's expansive backyard features a parklike lawn, heated loggia with dining and seating areas, kitchen with built-in barbecue and beer taps, and an oversized swimming pool and spa. During the invite-only event on Saturday, June 24, guests were treated to signature vodka cocktails, courtesy of sponsor Belvedere, and savory hors d'oeuvres while they explored the home, complete with elegant floral arrangements by Francesca Blume. Guests mingled on the sprawling rooftop terrace overlooking the twinkling city lights. Others took to the expansive daylit lower level, which holds a fully soundproofed theater, 1,500-bottle wine cellar, wine tasting and cigar lounge—with Casino-style, air purifying technology, no less—a restaurant-caliber bar, indoor-outdoor gym, and 10-car auto gallery, where a curated selection of Ferraris was on display for the occasion. Though no one wanted to see the night end, custom boxes of Compartes chocolates made for a decadent parting gift. “It’s been two-and-a-half years since David and I began work on 568 N. Tigertail. It was such a thrill seeing the project come together so beautifully and using my 14 years of industry experience to create a product high-end buyers have been waiting for,” says Santiago. “It was also a pleasure working with interior designer Tiffany Harris, and architect Philip Vertoch, who both helped make every last detail a reality. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to present the home to my VIP clients and friends first on what was a truly exceptional night.” Visit the listing page for 568 N. Tigertail Road to view more images of the home. View images of the unveiling event below.   
          У Празі триває міжнародний фестиваль, присвячений 500-річчю Реформації   
У Празі 29 червня стартував найбільший міжнародний християнський фестиваль Awakening Europe Praha. Захід триватиме в столиці Чехії до неділі, повідомляє Празький міський портал.
          Maximilian and Jonas: EMF Forms and EMF Client Platform 1.13.0 released!   

We are happy to announce that together with Oxygen, we have released EMF Forms and EMF Client Platform 1.13.0! The number “13” should actually mean bad luck, however, 1.13.0 is the 14th release (starting with 1.0.0), so we are not superstitious here 🙂
We want to thank our continuously active team of 14 contributors (35 contributors over all) for completing on 43 bug reports and feature requests.
It is amazing to look at the on-going histroy of this successful project, since version 1.0.0, we have completed over 1.4k feature requests and bug reports, 38 contributors have submitted 10k commits and developed 640k lines of code. EMF Forms continues to be one of the most active projects at Eclipse.

In case you don’t know EMF Forms: It is a framework focused on the creation of form-based UIs. EMF Client Platform is designed to support the development of applications based on an EMF data model. If you are not yet familiar with EMF Forms, please refer to this tutorial for a introduction.

We have also submitted a getting started talk to EclipseCon Europe 2017, so make sure to be there. By the way, today is the deadline for the early bird submission, so get your own talks in as well.

EMF Forms and EMF Client Platform are part of Eclipse Modeling Tools Oxygen, but you can also find the new release on our download pages:

Download EMF Client Platform
Download EMF Forms

As always, we will also blog about new features of the EMF Forms / ECP 1.13.0 release in the upcoming weeks! Please follow this blog or follow us on twitter to get notified about the new posts.

          Cristian Preda: Nu înțeleg de unde a ieșit mitul că mai multă coerență a UE în apărare ar slăbi NATO   
Europarlamentarul Cristian Preda crede că scenariul cel mai probabil după care va evolua Uniunea Europeană este o combinație între idealul federalist și Europa cu mai multe viteze.
          British government ‘content’ to let Palestine Expo proceed   
London /PNN/ Despite the best efforts of Britain’s pro-Israel lobby, the organisers of the biggest-ever Palestine event in Europe have been told by the British government that it is “content to let the event proceed.” A spokesperson for the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) advised the chairman of Friends of Al-Aqsa of the decision …
          Lo strumento Pandora misura le nubi di fumo su Roma dopo l'incendio   

Mentre l'incendio ad un deposito di rifiuti è stato rilevato dallo spazio da Sentinel-3A del programma europeo Copernicus e dai satelliti Proba-V dell'ESA, le sostanze inquinanti contenute nella spessa nube di fumo sono state misurate dagli strumenti che saranno utilizzati per convalidare le informazioni della prossima missione Sentinel-5 Precursor.

          Vendo libros 1º grado en derecho   
Originales, como nuevos, sin nada escrito ni subrayado: - prácticas de cultura europea en españa. - prácticum de derecho civil. - prácticas y esquemas de teoría del estado constitucional 1 y 2. fotocopia: - curso de historia del derecho.
           Alemania anula a España y alza su segundo Europeo Sub-21    
Los de Celades, superados en una final de claro dominio alemán
           Albert Celades: "No nos gustaba el partido, pero no pudimos cambiarlo"    
El seleccionador nacional Sub-21, Albert Celades, reconoció que no tuvieron una final "cómoda" este viernes ante Alemania, pero no pudieron cambiar el dominio rival en el partido decisivo del Europeo de Polonia 2017, donde España no logró reaccionar para remontar el gol en contra en el primer tiempo y evitar el título alemán.
           Ceballos: "En un par de semanas o tres resolveré mi futuro"    
El jugador de la selección española Sub-21 Dani Ceballos aseguró que en un "par de semanas o tres" estudiará las ofertas y resolverá su "futuro" de cara a la próxima temporada porque ahora está "dolido" tras perder la final del Europeo de la categoría ante Alemania (1-0).
           Ceballos y Saúl, 'Mejor Jugador' y 'Bota de Oro' del Europeo Sub-21    
Los jugadores de la selección española Sub-21 Dani Ceballos y Saúl Ñíguez terminaron el Europeo de Polonia 2017 como 'Mejor Jugador' y 'Bota de Oro' del torneo, pese a no lograr el título para España en la final que este viernes se adjudicó (1-0) Alemania en el Estadio de Cracovia.
           Crónica del Alemania - España, 1-0    
Alemania anula a España y alza su segundo Europeo Sub-21 Los de Celades, superados en una final de claro dominio alemán
          România a angajat deja cheltuieli de 800 de milioane de euro care vor fi rambursate de UE - ministru   
Rovana Plumb, ministrul Fondurilor Europene, spuneă că România va solicita rambursarea imediat ce Autoritățile de Management ale Programelor Operaționale vor fi acreditate.
           España golea a Bélgica (7-0) en su último amistoso antes del Europeo femenino    
La selección española femenina de fútbol goleó este viernes a Bélgica (7-0) en un partido amistoso disputado en las instalaciones de Pinatar Arena (Murcia), el último compromiso antes de la disputa del Campeonato de Europa de Holanda que comienza el próximo 16 de julio.
          Progresele în lupta anticorupție,menționate de Tusk în scrisoarea de felicitare transmisă lui Tudose   
Președintele Consiliului European, Donald Tusk, l-a felicitat vineri pe Mihai Tudose pentru numirea în funcția de premier, amintindu-i de respectarea statului de drept și de necesitatea progreselor în lupta anticorupție.
          Kennedys global turnover up 8% while debt increases to £20.3m   
Kennedys has reported its latest financial results, which show an 8 per cent increase in global turnover. For the 2016/17 year, global turnover rose from £138.8m to £149.9m. The firm credits much of the boost to its European region, which saw 118 per cent growth from £6.5m to £14.2m.

Meanwhile, the firm’s debt figure reached £20.3m, representing 13.5 per cent of total revenue. The debt increase was primarily a result of increased headcount and new office openings.

          Arena Naţională trece din nou în administrarea primăriei pentru modernizare „în regim de urgenţă”   
Arena Naţională va trece din adminstrarea Adminsitraţiei Lacuri, Parcuri şi Agrement (ALPAB) în administrarea Consiliului General al Municipiului Bucureşti (CGMB) pentru a fi reparat şi modernizat "în regim de urgenţă” în cursul acestui an, pentru Campionatul European de
Citește mai departe...
          Llegan a España procedentes de Grecia 184 refugiados, de los que 164 son de nacionalidad siria y 20 de nacionalidad iraquí   

Viernes, 30 de junio de 2017 - En España

Un total de 184 refugiados han llegado este viernes a España procedentes de Grecia en cumplimiento del programa de la Unión Europea de reubicación creado para hacer frente a las consecuencias humanitarias de la guerra de Siria. Este grupo, el más numeroso de los llegados a nuestro país hasta el momento, está integrado por 164 personas de nacionalidad siria y 20 de nacionalidad iraquí, de...

          Nuoto - Europei Juniores, Martinenghi è campione nei 50 rana - Sport - Varese News   
A Netanya, in Israele, il giovane talento varesino batte l'altro azzurro Pinzuti e vince l'oro. Tra sabato e domenica ci sono i 100 metri
          Janssen gets EU nod for continuous manufacturing   

European regulators have OK'd use of an HIV drug made through continuous manufacturing at a site in Puerto Rico.

          1-0: Alemania deja a España sin corona   
La célebre frase de Gary Lineker (“El fútbol es un deporte que inventaron los ingleses, juegan once contra once, y siempre gana Alemania”) volvió a cobrar vigencia en la final del Europeo Sub-21 disputado en el Cracovia Stadium. La selección germana...
          Deulofeu: “Estoy muy contento de volver al Barça; me quedo seguro”   
Gerard Deulofeu, que cayó en la final expresó sentimientos encontrados en la zona mixta del Cracovia Stadium, tras perder la final del Europeo de Polonia con España sub’21, pero a la vez con la alegría de su regreso al Barcelona. “Me encantaría...
          Mobile Commerce Manager Europe (w/m) - Neckarsulm, Deutschland - ARP - Arp, TX   
Roid / iOS, HTML5 und CSS vorweisen. Als Mobile Commerce Manager Europe w/m sind Sie verantwortlich für die Mobile Excel-....
From ARP - Sat, 24 Jun 2017 15:11:35 GMT - View all Arp, TX jobs
          Musulmanes europeos marchan hacia los lugares heridos por el terrorismo. ...   

Si llevará a cabo del 8 al 14 de julio y tocará las ciudades azotadas por el terrorismo, como París, Bruselas, Niza. Participarán 60 imanes, musulmanes, fieles de otros credos e incluso ateos. Para el islam se ha llegado a un momento crítico, y es hora de poner los puntos sobre las íes y de tomar distancia del islamismo. Un mensaje fuerte contra los terroristas que buscan dividir a los pueblos europeos. ...

          Mitiska REIM strengthens footprint in Romania with acquisition of Alpha Property Development portfolio   

The acquisition of the Alpha Property Development portfolio consisting of 11 income producing retail parks and 3 development opportunities was made on behalf of Mitiska REIM’s institutional fund, First Retail International 2 (FRI 2). The existing properties are all multi-tenanted and anchored by either Lidl and/or Kaufland. The portfolio comprises a total of 55,000m² GLA and is fully leased to strong local and international brands such as Deichmann, Takko, and Pepco.

This acquisition follows the successful acquisition in January 2017 of the remaining 50% shares in the Intercora retail park portfolio in Romania. This brings Mitiska REIM’s total portfolio in Romania to 19 retail parks, with a total GLA of +/-85,000m², in addition to 4 development projects.

David Tejml, CEE Investment Director at Mitiska REIM, comments: “The success of this transaction is due to the strong relationship we were able to develop with the seller and the quality of our investor base, enabling us to move quickly to secure this off-market transaction. In line with our partnership driven investment model, we are very pleased that the former CEO of Alpha Property Development, Clemens Petschnikar, will remain both as a co-investment partner with 5% of shares as well as lead the property services management for our entire Romanian portfolio.”


          Food expert Jonathan Doughty moves to ECE   

Hamburg, 29 June 2017 – Internationally renowned foodservice expert Jonathan Doughty moves from JLL Foodservice Consulting to ECE. He has been appointed Global Head of Foodservice and will lead a Team of specialists at ECE effective July 1st. Klaus Striebich, Managing Director Leasing: “We are delighted to add such an expert, who is renowned across Europe and a unique figure in his industry, to our team.” Klaus Rethmeier, Director Key Account-Management: “Foodservices will play an ever-greater role in our operations. Creating a new executive position and bringing in Jonathan Doughty demonstrates the importance that foodservices have and should have in shopping centers. We are very pleased that the potential of our numerous exciting ECE projects have convinced Jonathan to join us.”  

Jonathan Doughty became known in 1993 as founder and Global Managing Director of Coverpoint Foodservice Consultants based in the UK. In November 2014, the company was acquired by Jones Lang LaSalle. Until recently, Jonathan Doughty has managed the business line as Head of EMEA Foodservice Consulting.

Food concepts have been evolving rapidly in the past few years.  Being a well-connected expert with knowledge of the ever-increasing requirements of the business, Jonathan Doughty will advise ECE, develop new concepts, and communicate with new and existing food and beverage tenants. 

In addition, one of Jonathan Doughty's outstanding abilities is to design new dining areas and food courts for new and existing shopping centers. He and his team will analyze the potential of ECE's around 150 portfolio centers for new and refurbishment food projects and implement them.

ECE has already been working with Jonathan Doughty since 2014. Together with ECE's leasing experts, he developed the spectacular “Foodtopia” dining area at Frankfurt's MyZeil shopping center, which is currently under re-construction and is due for an opening in 2018.

Jonathan and his young family will be relocating to the heart of Europe as part of his new role.


          Fox's pursuit of European pay-TV giant Sky hits a new roadblock   

Rupert Murdoch and his sons’ bid to expand their media empire by acquiring full control of the European pay-TV giant Sky for $15 billion was dealt a setback Thursday.

Britain’s secretary of state for culture, Karen Bradley, told members of Parliament that she was considering recommending a more...

          Duitsland verslaat favoriet Spanje in finale en is Europees kampioen   

Duitsland onder 21 heeft zich vrijdagavond tot Europees kampioen gekroond. In een niet al te spannende eindstrijd werden de leeftijdsgenoten van Spanje met 1-0 verslagen.

          UEFA wil 'historische verandering' doorvoeren: 'Worden alleen maar rijker'   

UEFA-voorzitter Aleksander Ceferin wil een salarisplafond in het Europese topvoetbal instellen. Volgens de Sloveen moet dat het gat tussen de grote en kleinere clubs kleiner maken.

          La Unión Europea no renegociará el Acuerdo de París   

Una alta funcionaria de la Unión Europea (UE) en el Caribe aseguró que el bloque no renegociará el Acuerdo de París, que está dispuesto a mantener su liderazgo mundial en la lucha contra el cambio climático, y que eso incluye la ayuda a los países pobres y vulnerables de la región. La embajadora Daniela Tramacere…

La entrada La Unión Europea no renegociará el Acuerdo de París aparece primero en Diálogo UPR.

          Leather Utility Belt | Handmade Designer Pocket Belt | High Quality Hip Belt | Biker | Urban Gypsy | Burning Man | Festival Fashion | by offrandes   

125.00 USD

▶○ LEATHER UTILITY BELT ○◀▶" B2B " : BROWN Leather ◀ Model is wearing ALCHEMY Dress

High Quality Designer Hip Bag 100% Genuine Leather : Handcrafted with LOVE & PASSION.

This Pocket Belt is a vital accessory for our Modern Nomadic Urban Lifestyle ! Perfect for traveling in some exotic location, riding around the city or dancing all night long at music festivals and concerts with your most crucial personal items safe and close to you ✔...

Complete with inside pockets.
FREEDOM !!! No more carrying around a cumbersome handbag ... And it looks GREAT with every outfit ☺


2 External pockets with snap button closure _ Perfect for your phone :
[ 6"x 5" ] or [ 15 x 12.5 cm ]

2 Inner zipper pockets _ Perfect for keeping money and cards :
[ 6" x 4.5"] or [ 15 x 11.5 cm ]

➤ SIZE :
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Size S : [ fits 31" to 36" ]
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Keep in mind that leather belts will also get bigger over time.


If possible, please give me your HIP measurement ( not the WAIST ) at the place you will be wearing your Utility Belt and I will make sure it's a perfect fit ☺
If you don't have a soft tape measure, you can use a piece of rope then measure it with a ruler.


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Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


          Comment on Bike sharing schemes – how to solve the final mile problem by Mark Lenahan   
Very interesting and helpful! A quick observation about one scheme in South America, Rio De Janeiro's Bike Rio. (I'd add a link to the website here if I could find one!). It's a fixed station system with a pricing model very similar to European ones - low cost per hour but it starts to go up a lot if you don't return the bike. Rio is a great city to cycle in, far safer than Dublin for example, with seperated bike lanes around all of the beaches and the lagoon. The only problem is the system is virtually unusable by foreign tourists - little or no English or other languages, you need a Brazilian phone number to register, you either need data roaming (for the app) or a Brazilan phone with you to pick up and drop off. I really like these schemes (Bixi in Montreal is great for visitors), but I'd like to use them more often as a traveller. You get a much better feeling of a city on foot or on a bike than you do from being underground in a metro or being driven from point to point.
          European Council Reaffirms Commitment to Paris Agreement   
The European Council adopted conclusions, “strongly reaffirming” the commitment of the European Union (EU) and its Member States to “swiftly and fully” implement the Paris Agreement on climate change. In its conclusions, the Council notes that the Paris Agreement “remains a cornerstone of global efforts to effectively tackle climate change” and “cannot be renegotiated”. The European Council’s conclusions recognize the key role of the Paris Agreement in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, especially Sustainable Development Goal 13 on climate action.
          Investments in Renewable Energy to Top US$7 Trillion by 2040   
The 2017 edition of Bloomberg's 'New Energy Outlook' estimates that through 2040, US$10.2 trillion will be invested in electric power generation, 7.4 trillion of which will go to renewable energy. While falling costs of solar and wind power will accelerate a global energy transition, an additional US$5.3 trillion is required to put the power sector on a trajectory to limit global warming to 2ºC, according to the report. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank have undertaken renewable energy projects in Turkey, China and Solomon Islands, respectively.
          Event: Symposium on Progress towards SDG 7   
This symposium, on 'Progress towards SDG 7 and its Interlinkages with other SDGs in support of First Review of SDG 7 during the 2018 High-Level Political Forum,' is part of a series of meetings and symposia organized by the UN System in 2017 and 2018, in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, to contribute to the first global review of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7, which will take place during the 2018 session of the UN High-level Political Forum (HLPF). These proposed events will provide a platform to discuss major issues related to progress on SDG 7 and its interlinkages with other SDGs, such as health, education, gender, food, water, humanitarian response and climate change. Each symposium is expected to highlight a few of these interlinkages to allow in-depth discussions. Taken together, they will provide an opportunity for knowledge exchange among Member States and the UN system for advancing the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, including through supporting the preparations of the Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs), especially towards HLPF 2018. A synthesis from the discussions from these events this year will be prepared to provide inputs to a Preparatory Meeting in support of the global review of SDG 7, to be held on 7-8 December 2017, at UN Headquarters in New York, US.
          (Amp.) Bruselas propone crear planes privados de pensiones a nivel europeo   
La Comisión Europea ha propuesto este jueves la creación de planes de pensiones privados europeos con características básicas comunes, que serán transferibles entre Estados miembros y a los que los clientes podrán contribuir independientemente del país de la Unión Europea en el que residan.
          Bruselas propone crear un planes privados de pensiones a nivel europeo   
La Comisión Europea ha propuesto este jueves la creación de planes de pensiones privados europeos con características básicas comunes, que será transferible entre Estados miembros y al que los clientes podrán contribuir independientemente del país de la Unión Europea en el que residan.
          Ex-State Street executive pleads guilty in U.S. fraud case   
A former State Street Corp executive pleaded guilty on Wednesday in connection with what U.S. prosecutors said was a scheme to defraud six clients through secret commissions on billions of dollars worth of trades. Edward Pennings, a former senior managing director in State Street's London office, pleaded guilty in federal court in Boston to one count of conspiring to commit wire fraud and securities fraud, prosecutors said. Pennings is one of three former State Street executives to face U.S. charges in connection with the probe. The Boston-based bank in January to agree to pay $64.6 million to resolve related U.S. criminal and civil investigations. A lawyer for Pennings, who lives in Britain, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A second former executive, Richard Boomgaardt, who lives in Britain and was head of State Street's transition management desk for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, is expected to plead guilty on July 12, according to court records. The
          Prisoner of War: A Novel of World War II   
33198196Spradlin, Michael P. Prisoner of War: A Novel of World War II
June 27th 2017 by Scholastic Press
E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

Henry has had a difficult life on the family farm in Minnesota. After the death of his mother, his father took up drinking and abusing him, so at the age of 15, he signs up for the Marines, with his grandfather vouching for his age. He survives basic training and is sent to the Philippines. Just as his commander is ready to send him home for being underage, the Japanese attack. Henry (nicknamed "Tree"),along with his friends and protectors, Gunny and Jamison, must try to stay alive during the bombings, and when the Japanese take them prisoners. Henry has some problems with anger management, and makes lots of bad choices, angering a guard he refers to as "Scarface" and getting beaten regularly. He does manage to save an Australian soldier, and the alliance with this group helps when Gunny is taken for "questioning". Japanese prison camps were brutal, and Tree ends up spending several years there. The prisoners show a lot of resourcefulness when it comes to outsmarting guards, obtaining medicine and food, and helping each other, but conditions are such that not everyone will survive.

There are a lot of World War II books, and yet I always need more for my readers who find it fascinating. A lot of books set during this time period take place in Europe, but there is a small number set in the Pacific theater. This is an excellent addition to books such as this author's Into the Killing Seas, Salisbury's The Hunt for the Bamboo Rat and Lynch's The Liberators, as well as excellent nonfiction titles like Farrell's Pure Grit, and Weintraub's No Better Friend. I've been reading  middle grade World War II fiction for twenty years, and those are the only Pacific theater titles I can muster, so there is a need to more!

Spradlin's book is especially effective because it takes into account what younger readers want, which is action, adventure, and violence, with what the adults handing them the books want, which is a certain depiction that war is not a great option. Henry's enlistment is done out of desperation over his situation at home, which was not unusual at the time. While the story doesn't glorify war, it does celebrate the men who banded together to help each other survive, and showed the triumph of human will under impossible circumstances. The other thing that young readers like is anyone undermining authority, and the prisoners certainly managed to get the better of their captors on many occasions. I imagine that Hogan's Heroes was wildly popular with 12 year old boys when it was on television, for just this reason.

The historical details are rich and interesting; it had never occurred to me that the guards at the prisons camp were the less successful soliders, but it makes sense. The heat and humidity of the jungle, the food rations or lack thereof, and the historical background are all effectively portrayed, and will hold up to the scrutiny of the most well informed war buff.

Books about war are not my favorite, and Tree certainly makes a lot of choices with which I wholeheartedly disagree, but Prisoner of War will get the most reluctant reader avidly turning the pages to see what fate holds for our underage protagonist.

Need more books for your tween war monger? Check out this World War II podcast.

32713131Ure, James. W. Seized by the Sun: The Life and Disappearance of World War II Pilot Gertrude Tompkins
July 1st 2017 by Chicago Review Press
E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

While I am intrigued by this "Women of Action" series, this read more like a scholarly tome than a middle grade book. I'm glad to know about these, and will keep them in mind for my REALLY hard core war buffs, but will most likely not purchase and will rely on students getting this from the public library. If I had an unlimited budget, or if World War II was officially in our curriculum, I'd buy it.

From the Publisher
"Of the 38 Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) confirmed or presumed dead in World War II, only one--Gertrude "Tommy" Tompkins--is still missing. On October 26, 1944, the 32-year-old fighter plane pilot lifted off from Mines Field in Los Angeles. She was never seen again.

Seized by the Sun is the story of a remarkable woman who overcame a troubled childhood and the societal constraints of her time to find her calling flying the fastest and most powerful airplane of World War II. It is also a compelling unsolved mystery.

Born in 1912 to a wealthy New Jersey family, Gertrude's childhood was marked by her mother's bouts with depression and her father's relentless search for a cure for the debilitating stutter that afflicted Gertrude throughout her life. Teased and struggling in school, young Gertrude retreated to a solitary existence. As a young woman she dabbled in raising goats and aimlessly crisscrossed the globe in an attempt to discover her purpose.

As war loomed in Europe, Gertrude met the love of her life, a Royal Air Force pilot who was killed flying over Holland. Telling her sister that she "couldn't stop crying, so she focused on learning to fly," Gertrude applied to join the newly formed Women's Air Force Service Pilots. She went on to become such a superior pilot that she was one of only 126 WASPs selected to fly fighter planes. After her first flight in the powerful P-51 Mustang, her stutter left her for good.

Gertrude's sudden disappearance remains a mystery to this day. Award-winning author Jim Ure leads readers through Gertrude's fascinating life; provides a detailed account of the WASPs' daily routines, training, and challenges; and describes the ongoing search for Gertrude's wreck and remains. The result of years of research and interviews with Gertrude's family, friends, and fellow WASPs, Seized by the Sun is an invaluable addition to any student's or history buff's bookshelf."

Ms. Yingling
          Canada's Gabriel Resources sues Romania for a record C$5.7bn   
Canadian project developer Gabriel Resources is suing Romania for a record C$5.7-billion before the World Bank's International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the TSX-listed company revealed on Thursday. The company hopes to tie up a drawn out dispute with the country’s fluid government, based on what it argues boils down to the effective expropriation, without compensation, of its flagship Roşia Montană gold/silver project – the largest undeveloped gold deposit in Europe and among the top 20 undeveloped gold projects globally.
          LG G6 Prime & G6 Alpha To Hit Europe, New Trademarks Suggest   

LG Electronics on Thursday filed for trademarks on the terms “LG G6 Prime” and “LG G6 Alpha,” with the South Korean original equipment manufacturer (OEM) submitting the necessary paperwork with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The trademarks were submitted less than 24 hours before the Seoul-based tech giant released the LG G6 Plus and LG […]

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          Emmanuel Macron souhaite la création d’un budget de la zone euro.   

 Emmanuel Macron souhaite la création d’un budget de la zone euro. France 2 a fait le point sur ce projet, qui fait débat. Plus d’Europe, c’était la promesse du candidat Macron. Aujourd’hui président, il le martèle, il veut relancer l’Europe. Sa solution : créer un budget pour les pays de la zone euro. Mais cela fait débat. Ce serait une nouveauté, car les 19 pays de la zone euro n’ont pas de porte-monnaie commun, alors que l’Union européenne a un budget commun, qui lui permet essentiellement de financer la politique agricole commune. Un budget pour la zone euro servirait à investir, protéger la stabilité et agir en cas d’urgence. Pierre Jovanovic: Si Macron est élu, la France n’existera plus. F. Asselineau: Voilà ce que la commission européenne exige du prochain Président de la République Mais ce budget supplémentaire serait inutile pour les eurosceptiques, il ne serait qu’un coût supplémentaire à la charge des États. Au contraire, certains économistes estiment que c’est indispensable et que la zone euro ne peut pas se développer sans ce budget commun. Ce budget pourrait être financé par les recettes fiscales des États. Source: francetvinfo

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          L’Europe souhaite l’élargissement de toutes ses côtes, aux bateaux humanitaires acheminant des migrants.   

 La Commission européenne a soutenu jeudi la proposition de l’Italie d’autoriser les navires humanitaires prenant en charge les migrants venus des côtes africaines à s’amarrer dans les ports d’autres pays de l’UE. La veille, Rome avait demandé à ses partenaires européens de l’aide pour faire face à la crise migratoire, menaçant de fermer ses ports aux navires de sauvetage. « Nous soutiendrons l’Italie lors des discussions sur la coopération des Etats sur le débarquement des migrants », a déclaré la porte-parole du commissaire européen aux questions migratoires. Relocalisation des réfugiés: L’Europe pourrait lancer des procédures contre les pays membres Ces discussions seront à l’ordre du jour d’une réunion entre les ministres de l’Intérieur des 28 la semaine prochaine à Tallinn, en Estonie. « Sur le plan politique, la situation est mauvaise pour l’Italie. Si le nombre d’arrivants continue d’augmenter, Rome va se retrouver dans une situation délicate », a expliqué un diplomate européen. « Il n’existe pas de solution simple. Je ne pense pas que les autres (Etats) se réjouiront à l’idée d’accueillir ces navires dans leurs ports », a-t-il ajouté. Les ports de Barcelone et de Marseille seraient envisagés pour accueillir les navires humanitaires, a dit la Commission. Une source diplomatique française a dit qu’il [...]

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          Suisse: des milliers de postes supprimés dans les magasins en cinq ans   

 Tout le monde se réjouit des soldes. Le smart shopping nous garantit pourtant des petits prix toute l’année. Le personnel de la distribution paie très cher les conséquences de cette tendance. Moins 40%. Moins 60%. Voire moins 70%, parfois. La liesse des soldes a commencé. Les clients jubilent en Suisse et dans toute l’Europe. Le personnel de la distribution, même s’il consomme aussi, ne trouve cependant guère de raison de sourire. La course désormais permanente aux petits prix provoque en effet un effondrement des chiffres d’affaires. Notamment dans le textile. Le directeur général de la Fédération des coopératives Migros, Herbert Bolliger, estime lui-même qu’au cours des six dernières années plus de 11.000 postes de travail ont été supprimés dans le commerce de détail helvétique. Et ce n’est probablement pas fini ! Suisse: Les faillites d’entreprises progressent de 23% en mai Suisse: nouveau repli des prévisions de croissance pour 2017 Lire la suite sur

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          Simone Wapler: La peste des banques vénitiennes et italiennes   

 Et dans la torpeur du premier week-end d’été, deux banques européennes firent faillite. C’est un grand principe, les banques sombrent le vendredi soir. Cela permet à monsieur le Marché de ne pas broyer du noir et à la Parasitocratie de s’organiser pour sauver les meubles. Vendredi 23 juin, donc, Veneto Banca et Banca Popolare di Vicenza sont en faillite ou sur le point de l’être, selon la BCE. Ceux qui seraient intéressés par le jargon technique justifiant cette décision peuvent le consulter ici. Europe: la prochaine crise financière est déjà là, et les gens commencent à paniquer Ces deux banques italiennes manquent de capitaux propres et ont été incapables de présenter un plan de recapitalisation. Elles ne remplissent pas les conditions pour être éligibles au système de résolution européen. Veneto Banca et Banca Popolare di Vicenza devront se soumettre au régime légal de la faillite en vigueur en Italie. Ces deux banques possèdent 60 Mds€ d’actifs toxiques (12 kerviels) auxquels personne ne veut toucher, des prêts non performants. Rappelons qu’en 2008, un seul kerviel était censé faire trembler la finance mondiale. Depuis, beaucoup de progrès a été accompli, comme vous le voyez… Le dimanche, revirement. Margaret Vestager, Commissaire européenne à la concurrence, [...]

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          Les chroniques de Jacques Sapir: L’européisme de Macron face au réalisme de Merkel   

 Les Chroniques de Jacques Sapir, économiste, directeur d’études à l’EHESS, rédacteur en chef du site russeurope, membre des Econoclastes du Vendredi 23 Juin 2017: Les risques d’une nouvelle crise des banques européennes. Description: Le sommet européen du 22 et 23 juin a révélé la dure réalité de la politique européenne d’Emmanuel Macron. Face à l’état de paralysie avancé de l’Union européenne, l’Allemagne ne fera rien pour s’y opposer ou pour le changer. Cette paralysie des institutions que souhaite faire évoluer la France, implique le maintien d’un statu quo qui est hautement favorable à l’Allemagne. Invités: François Lafond, maitre de conférences à Sciences Po et spécialiste de la politique européenne, Renaud Bouchard, économiste à l’EHESS et Jacques Nikonoff, président du parti de la Démondialisation. Emmanuel Macron prend une déculottée au sommet européen Europe: la prochaine crise financière est déjà là, et les gens commencent à paniquer Voir les précédentes interventions des Econoclastes                L’euro est-il mort ?                                              L’euro contre la France, l’euro contre l’Europe                 Jacques Sapir: Faut-il sortir de la zone euro ?                 Jacques [...]

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          Finland, Sweden join British-led rapid action military force   

Sweden and Finland have joined a British-led military rapid reaction force that can either operate alone or jointly with the United Nations, NATO or the European Union

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           Alteration of Triassic carbonates in the Buda Mountains —a hydrothermal model    
Esteban, Mateu and Budai, Tamás and Juhász, Erika and Lapointe, Philippe (2009) Alteration of Triassic carbonates in the Buda Mountains —a hydrothermal model. Central European Geology, 52 (1). pp. 1-29. ISSN 1788-2281
          Germany stun Spain to claim Under-21 title after Mitchell Weiser header   
• Germany Under-21 1-0 Spain Under-21
• Mitchell Weiser scores game’s only goal in the 40th minute

It was the result that nobody expected. Apart from Germany, that is. After Mitchell Weiser’s brilliant header had sealed the title against the hot favourites Spain, their captain Maximilian Arnold led his players, wearing special T-shirts to commemorate their triumph, on an impromptu jig past the media. Nothing, it seems, is left to chance when it comes to Germany at an international tournament.

With a side packed with top-quality players and boasting the competition’s two best performers in Saúl Ñíguez and Marco Asensio, Spain had been tipped to make short work of opposition who were without seven eligible players who are in action for the senior side at the Confederations Cup in Russia. But in a superb display of teamwork, organisation and commitment from Stefan Kuntz’s side, Weiser’s goal five minutes before the break was enough to seal victory that will certainly not go down well at the Spanish Football Association’s headquarters in Madrid.

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          Black magic, white lies and Germany in two finals – Football Weekly Extra   

The podders muse on the ever-mighty Germans. Plus, the Garcia report, the Portuguese witch doctor scandal and Sunderland finally appointing a manager

On the penultimate Football Weekly of the close season, AC Jimbo is joined by Paolo Bandini, James Horncastle and Iain Macintosh to get well and truly jazzed about this magical summer of football.

We begin by discussing Germany who stand on the brink of conquering both Poland and Russia (careful), having knocked England out of the U21 Euroson penalties, of course – and swatting aside Mexico in the Confederations Cup. A Saúl-inspired Spain will provide stiff opposition in the Euros, while they’ll have to get past Chile and Claudio Bravo in the Confeds final on Sunday night. Would you bet against them?

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          Transfer window frenzy provides a buzz but it does football no good | Jonathan Wilson   
The lust for buying and selling players is all-pervasive but it favours the rich, stifles tactical experimentation and hampers youth development

Even after the exposure of familiar failings by familiar opponents at a familiar stage of the Under-21 European Championship, a rosy glow remains about English youth football. World champions at under-20 level, victors in the Toulon tournament, finalists in the European Under-17 Championship and semi‑finalists in the European Under‑21s, we have never had it so good. Call this generation golden and prepare for the bitter retrospectives when they have won nothing in a decade and the question of whether the Lewises Cook and Baker can play together in the same midfield remains frustratingly unresolved.

But enough of that: the transfer window has officially been open for three weeks, but as aficionados know it is on 1 July, after all those contracts that expire on 30 June have expired, that the wheeling and dealing really gets into full swing. And, amid the decadence of late capitalism, with recent falling viewing figures leading some to theorise that younger generations can no longer endure a full 90 minutes of actual football, it is trading far more than any naive ideal of sporting prowess that really gets social media humming.

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          Transfer roundup: Bournemouth sign £20m Aké, Huddersfield capture Mooy   
• Eddie Howe breaks club record to secure Nathan Aké from Chelsea
• Aaron Mooy and goalkeeper Jonas Lössl move to Huddersfield

Bournemouth have signed Nathan Aké from Chelsea for a club record fee in the region of £20m.

Related: Transfer window 2017 – every deal in Europe's top five leagues

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          Brexit- A Year after the Referendum   

June 23rd marked a year since the United Kingdom voted[1] its withdrawal from the European Union, now commonly known as Brexit. As a quick recap, the British believed they were being held back by the EU which according to them set too many rules on businesses and charged billions a year in membership [...]

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          EchoStar Mobile se une a la Agencia Espacial Europea y líderes de ... - PR Newswire (Comunicado de prensa)   

EchoStar Mobile se une a la Agencia Espacial Europea y líderes de ...
PR Newswire (Comunicado de prensa)
DUBLÍN, 29 de junio de 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- EchoStar Mobile, una subsidiaria de EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), anunció hoy que se unirá a la ...

y más »

          NASA concluye misión acuática donde simuló condiciones de exploración espaciales - Pulso de San Luis (Comunicado de prensa)   

NASA concluye misión acuática donde simuló condiciones de exploración espaciales
Pulso de San Luis (Comunicado de prensa)
Además, el grupo de investigación evaluó los nuevos aparatos de la Agencia Espacial Europea (ESA, por sus siglas en inglés) para ayudar a valorar a los astronautas durante sus paseos espaciales, informó la agencia espacial estadounidense. El sistema ...

y más »

          Agencia Espacial Europea busca apoyo económico para su misión ... - El Comercio   

El Comercio

Agencia Espacial Europea busca apoyo económico para su misión ...
El Comercio
Los responsables han desarrollado una versión simplificada de la misma misión que reduce su precio de 250 a 210 millones de euros.

y más »

          Ariane 5 launch proves reliability and flies new fairing    

An Ariane 5 carrying two telecom satellites inside a new lighter fairing lifted off on the fourth mission from Europe’s Spaceport in two months.

          Día del Asteroide: cuando el peligro de impacto es real - EL DEBATE   


Día del Asteroide: cuando el peligro de impacto es real
La Agencia Espacial Europea, por ejemplo, celebrará este día participando en un maratón televisivo de 24 horas, junto a astrofísicos de la NASA y de la agencia espacial JAXA (Japón). El objetivo es aumentar la concienciación del público sobre el ...
Hoy es el "Día del Asteroide" y lo celebran con consejos apocalípticosLos Andes (Argentina)
¿Se avecina un caos?: Los asteroides, la gran amenaza que viene del espacioCanal 44 El Canal de las Noticias
¿Qué es el Asteroid Day y cuál es su objetivo?
El Semanario Sin Limites -La Nación (Chile)
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          "Puede haber agua en Marte", afirmó el mexicano que participará ... -

"Puede haber agua en Marte", afirmó el mexicano que participará ...
En 2014 le entregaron un reconocimiento al que pocos pueden aspirar: la agencia espacial estadounidense (NASA, por sus siglas en inglés), lo premió por sus ...
Un científico de la UNAM busca agua en MarteExcélsior
Mexicano participa en la búsqueda de agua en MarteEl Heraldo de Saltillo
Científico mexicano participa con la ESA para buscar agua en MarteSinEmbargo
Poblanerías en línea
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          En Blue Abyss podrás entrenar como un astronauta - Digital Trends Español (blog)   

Digital Trends Español (blog)

En Blue Abyss podrás entrenar como un astronauta
Digital Trends Español (blog)
Los planes para la nueva instalación fueron anunciados en un evento al que asistieron representantes de la Agencia Espacial Europea (ESA), el cosmonauta rumano Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu, que también es el Director Ejecutivo de Blue Abyss, y varios ...

          'PLATO', la misión espacial europea que podría encontrar vida extraterrestre - RT en Español - Noticias internacionales   

RT en Español - Noticias internacionales

'PLATO', la misión espacial europea que podría encontrar vida extraterrestre
RT en Español - Noticias internacionales
La Agencia Espacial Europea (ESA, según sus siglas en inglés) ha aprobado el lanzamiento de un observatorio espacial para detectar planetas habitables en otros sistemas estelares y cualquier forma de vida extraterrestre que pueda residir en ellos.
Luz verde a la misión europea que buscará otras Tierras habitablesHipertextual

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European Court Rules Terminal Baby Must Die Despite Parents Willingness to Pay for Other Options
          Japón anuncia sus planes para llegar a la Luna en el 2030 - El Mercurio de Tamaulipas   

El Mercurio de Tamaulipas

Japón anuncia sus planes para llegar a la Luna en el 2030
El Mercurio de Tamaulipas
Suena a que Japón se quiere sumar alos planes de la Agencia Espacial Europea para construir una base permanentemente habitada en la Luna para el 2030. Esta noticia sorprendió a todo el mundo por dos cosas. La primera es que las agencias ...

y más »

          Mantiene en secreto su embarazo y sorprende a su esposo - EL DEBATE   


Mantiene en secreto su embarazo y sorprende a su esposo
La Agencia Espacial Europea, por ejemplo, celebrará este día participando en un maratón televisivo de 24 horas, junto a astrofísicos de la NASA y de la agencia espacial JAXA (Japón). El objetivo es aumentar la concienciación del público sobre el ...

          Germany 1-0 Spain: European U-21 Championship final – as it happened   
  • Mitchell Weiser scores only goal with first-half header
  • Germany win tournament for only second time in their history

Related: Germany stun Spain to claim Under-21 title after Mitchell Weiser header

Germany are U21 European champions for only the second time in their history. And they thoroughly deserve it after winning the final with a highly accomplished performance and a very dainty goal. They nullified a Spanish team that had scored with ease until today and, at the same time, regularly swept forward dangerously. And to think, a handful of their best U-21 players are not even at this tournament, as they’re due to to contest the Confederations Cup final with the senior team this weekend. Glückwünsche!

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          Germany 4-1 Mexico: 2017 Confederations Cup semi-final – as it happened   

Germany reach their first Confederations Cup final after a thoroughly entertaining end-to-end affair in Sochi

Related: Leon Goretzka drives Germany past Mexico into Confederations Cup final

And that’s that! Germany, who have made eight World Cup finals and six European Championship finals, reach their first Confederations Cup final! It’s not totally clear how they held Mexico to just the one goal - and an other-worldly strike that was too - but they did. And they were certainly worth four going forward. They deservedly take their place in the final, where they will be favourites against South American champions Chile. But Mexico did themselves proud tonight, even if that scoreline suggests otherwise. What a match that was! If we get games as half as good as this at next year’s World Cup, we’ll be doing pretty well.

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          Saúl answers Spain’s call as latest generation seeks to redeem rare failure | Ed Aarons   
The Atlético Madrid midfielder has inspired Spain to the European Under-21 Championship final against Germany after the shame of failing to qualify in 2015

Saúl Ñíguez, like several of his Spain team‑mates who will contest the European Under-21 Championship final on Friday night, has a point to prove. For the second and final time the Atlético Madrid midfielder, whose brilliant hat-trick destroyed Italy in the semi-final on Tuesday, will attempt to win this competition, at the end of an international youth career that started in 2009 for the under-16 side.

Related: Atlético Madrid’s Saúl Ñíguez recalls the night when he feared his career was over

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          Euro Espoirs 2017 (Finale) : L’Allemagne sur le toit de l’Europe   

Grâce à une réalisation de Mitchell Weiser (Hertha Berlin), les Allemands se sont imposés vendredi soir contre l’Espagne, le grand favori de la compétition, et remportent l’Euro Espoirs pour la deuxième fois de leur histoire. La Roja a déçu lors de cette finale, même si Dani Ceballos (Betis Séville) a été élu meilleur joueur du tournoi.

Cet article Euro Espoirs 2017 (Finale) : L’Allemagne sur le toit de l’Europe est apparu en premier sur Football 365.

          Albert Celades: "No nos gustaba el partido, pero no pudimos cambiarlo"   

El seleccionador nacional Sub-21, Albert Celades, reconoció que no tuvieron una final "cómoda" este viernes ante Alemania, pero no pudieron cambiar el dominio rival en el partido decisivo del Europeo de Polonia 2017, donde España no logró reaccionar para remontar el gol en contra en el primer tiempo y evitar el título alemán.

          Albert Celades: "No nos gustaba el partido, pero no pudimos cambiarlo"   

El seleccionador nacional Sub-21, Albert Celades, reconoció que no tuvieron una final "cómoda" este viernes ante Alemania, pero no pudieron cambiar el dominio rival en el partido decisivo del Europeo de Polonia 2017, donde España no logró reaccionar para remontar el gol en contra en el primer tiempo y evitar el título alemán.

          Watch our Honor 9 hands-on preview!   
With the recent launch of phones like the Honor 9 and OnePlus 5, it's never been clearer that we're living in the age of the affordable flagship. The Honor 9, the latest phone from the Huawei-owned brand, isn't coming to the United States, but European customers will soon be getting their hands on the device, which just might offer the best balance between internal hardware, design and price. The Honor 9 isn't as spec-obsessed as its rival, the OnePlus 5, but instead you get a beautiful reflective, curved glass chassis, a solid dual camera setup based on the camera of the P10, and the company's best Android-based software yet. It's also hand- and pocket-friendly, with a 5.15-inch screen diagonal complemented by an ergonomic shape. And you get all that stuff for a mere £379.99 in the UK (or €449 in the eurozone). Check out our hands-on video preview above for a rundown of what to expect in the Honor 9, and stay tuned for our full review, coming up next week! ...
          Rajoy, convencido del triunfo de España en la final del europeo sub 21 antes de viajar a Cracovia   

El presidente del Gobierno, Mariano Rajoy, se ha mostrado convencido del triunfo de la selección española en la final del Campeonato de Europa de fútbol sub 21 que medirá este viernes a España y Alemania y que contará con la presencia del jefe del Ejecutivo.

          Denmark’s Larsen Meeting Challenge of Multiple Lane Conditions To Retain Grand Casino Hotel & Resort PBA Oklahoma Open Lead   

In a tournament that puts a premium on a player’s ability to adjust to vastly different lane conditions, third-round leader Thomas Larsen of Denmark feels he’s as prepared as he can be to meet the challenges of competing in the Grand Casino Hotel & Resort PBA Oklahoma Open.

After three rounds bowled on three different PBA lane condition patterns, the two-time PBA Tour and four-time European Bowling Tour winner, leads a field of 33 players who advanced to Friday’s final round at the FireLake Bowling Center with a 5,398 24-game pinfall (224.9 average).

The players advancing to the fourth round will be put to the test on the 44-foot Oklahoma Open lane condition and will battle to be among the top nine who will advance to the live ESPN stepladder finals Saturday and Sunday at noon CDT (1 p.m. ET) at the Grand Casino Hotel Event Center in Shawnee.

Larsen bowled eight-game pinfall totals of 1,826 on the 32-foot Wolf pattern lane condition in the first round, 1,793 on the 40-foot Bear pattern in the second round and 1,779 on the 52-foot Badger pattern in Thursday’s third round with games of 223, 190, 246, 200, 244, 219, 219 and 238.

“It was another successful day today,” said the 27-year-old Larsen who led after the second round. “You never know what will happen when you’re bowling on a completely new lane condition but I was ready for the challenge.

“I used a lot of balls again today in the round,” he continued. “Just like in yesterday’s round I used several balls and had to make changes in my ball speed and hand position at the release – the changes were just different today.”

Larsen is trying for his first PBA Tour title on U.S. soil. His Tour titles came in the 2013 Abu Dhabi Open and 2014 Kuwait International Open.

Larsen holds a 45-pin lead over 18-time PBA Tour titlist Chris Barnes of Double Oak, Texas, in second with a 5,353 pinfall. Three-time PBA Tour winner Marshall Kent of Yakima, Wash., is third with 5,346.

Trey Ford III, the 16-year-old PBA member from Bartlesville, Okla., advanced to the fourth round with a 10th-place 5,199 pinfall total. He bowled games of 234, 218, 235, 163, 213, 183, 236 and 206 in the third round.

“I’m a little surprised how well I’m doing because when I practiced on these conditions at home I didn’t do that well,” said the high school sophomore who uses the unique two-handed delivery. “Generally, I feel comfortable making the adjustments I need to make – I’m just trying to learn as much as I can.

“If I have a bad game or get a split, I just have to remember that there are more opportunities and more bowling to go.”

Ford has been a PBA member since age 13 and has three top-10 finishes in PBA regional competition with a best of sixth.

Saturday’s stepladder round will feature players who qualified fifth through ninth with the winner advancing to the no. 5 qualifying position to join the tournament’s top four qualifiers for Sunday’s stepladder final.

Friday’s final qualifying round will be streamed live on PBA’s online bowling channel Xtra Frame beginning at 9:30 EDT (8:30 CT). For subscription and schedule information click on


FireLake Bowling Center, Shawnee, Okla., Thursday

Third Round (after 24 games. Top 33 players advance to Friday’s fourth round)

1, Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 5,398.
2, Chris Barnes, Double Oak, Texas, 5,353.
3, Marshall Kent, Yakima, Wash., 5,346.
4, Jesper Svensson, Sweden, 5,277.
5, Jason Sterner, Rockledge, Fla., 5,274.
6, Rhino Page, Orlando, Fla., 5,266.
7, Tom Daugherty, Riverview, Fla., 5,243.
8, EJ Tackett, Huntington, Ind., 5,213.
9, Tom Smallwood, Saginaw, Mich., 5,203.
10, Trey Ford III, Bartlesville, Okla., 5,199.
11, Sam Cooley, Australia, 5,187.
12, Jason Belmonte, Australia, 5,158.
13, Tommy Jones, Simpsonville, S.C., 5,157.
14, Nick Kruml, Downers Grove, Ill., 5,150.
15, Kyle Sherman, O'Fallon, Mo., 5,139.
16, Francois Lavoie, Canada, 5,127.
16, Zulmazran Zulkifli, Malaysia, 5,127.
18, John Szczerbinski, N. Tonawanda, N.Y., 5,116.
19, Dom Barrett, England, 5,088.
20, Martin Larsen, Sweden, 5,087.
21, Wes Malott, Pflugerville, Texas, 5,085.
22, Stuart Williams, England, 5,083.
23, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Oxford, Fla., 5,081.
24, Ronnie Russell, Marion, Ind., 5,071.
25, Craig Nidiffer, Trenton, Mich., 5,064.
26, Brad Angelo, Lockport, N.Y., 5,061.
27, AJ Johnson, Oswego, Ill., 5,057.
28, Gary Faulkner Jr., Memphis, Tenn., 5,045.
29, Anthony Simonsen, Austin, Texas, 5,030.
30, Dick Allen, Columbia, S.C., 5,019.
31, Sean Rash, Montgomery, Ill., 5,014.
32, Kyle Troup, Taylorsville, N.C., 4,999.
33, Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela, 4,998.

Did not advance
34, Sean Lavery-Spahr, Pasadena, Texas, 4,993.
35, Kristopher Prather, Milton, Fla., 4,991.
36, Brandon Novak, Chillicothe, Ohio, 4,979.
37, Dylan Burns, Lawrence, Kan., 4,975.
38, Zeke Bayt, Westerville, Ohio, 4,965.
39, Richie Teece, England, 4,963.
40, Shawn Maldonado, Houston, 4,951.
41, (tie) DJ Archer, Friendswood, Texas, and Jon Van Hees, Charlestown, R.I., 4,947.
43, Jake Peters, Henderson, Nev., 4,944.
44, Jakob Butturff, Tempe, Ariz., 4,943.
45, (tie) Andrew Anderson, Holly, Mich., and Chris Loschetter, Avon, Ohio, 4,932.
47, J.R. Raymond, Clinton Twp., Mich., 4,927.
48, Devin Bidwell, Wichita, Kan., 4,923.
49, Ryan Ciminelli, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 4,917.
50, Jesse Buss, Belvidere, Ill., 4,916.
51, Kim Bolleby, Thailand, 4,904.
52, Gabriel Garcia, Port St. Lucie, Fla., 4,901.
53, Shota Kawazoe, Japan, 4,879.
54, Graham Fach, Canada, 4,876.
55, AJ Chapman, Wichita, Kan., 4,875.
56, Osku Palermaa, Finland, 4,873.
57, Ahmed Alawadhi, Bahrain, 4,870.
58, Ryan Shafer, Horseheads, N.Y., 4,868.
59, Francois Louw, South Africa, 4,867.
60, Kurt Pilon, Warren, Mich., 4,860.
61, (tie) Patrick Allen, Elmwood Park, N.J., Chris Via, Springfield, Ohio, and James Cantere, Oklahoma City, 4,858.
64, Bill O'Neill, Langhorne, Pa., 4,851.
65, Anthony Lavery-Spahr, Pasadena, Texas, 4,844.
66, Christopher Sloan, Ireland, 4,841.
67, Darren Tang, San Francisco, 4,812.
68, Brian LeClair, Athens, NY, 4,792.
69, Osama Hassan, Bahrain, 4,789.
70, Pontus Andersson, Sweden, 4,783.
71, Tom Sorce, Blasdell, N.Y., 4,780.
72, Ramon Hilferink, Netherlands, 4,761.
73, Dylan Macon, Lubbock, Texas, 4,737.
74, Dino Castillo, Highland Village, Texas, 4,735.
75, Paul Brewbaker, Midwest City, Okla., 4,732.
76, Matthew Sanders, Evansville, Ind., 4,708.
77, Isaac Kim, Lebanon, Pa., 4,660.
78, Jeff Hatt, Oklahoma City, 4,655.
79, (tie) Brad Miller, Maryland Heights, Mo., and Isaac Russell, Malaysia, 4,654.
81, Michael Houtz, Myerstown, Pa., 4,575.
82, Kenneth Bland Jr., Jacksonville, Texas, 4,549.
83, Omar Rashid, Bahrain, 4,522.
84, Tom Hess, Urbandale, Iowa, 4,376.
85, Tyson Branagan, Fort Worth, Texas, 4,358.
86, Cody Shoemaker, Hanover, Pa., 4,304.
87, Armando Santacruz, Ecuador, 4,296.
88, William Tarpein, McDonough, Ga., 4,058.
89, Jose Rosero, Ecuador, 4,009.
90, Yebgueni Velez, Ecuador, 3,885.

300 games (1) – Walter Ray Williams Jr.

          Nozze gay, Germania quindicesimo Paese europeo a legalizzarle   
A fare da traino sono state Danimarca e Olanda. Sale a 21 su 28 il numero degli Stati Ue che prevedono forme di tutela per le coppie omosessuali. 13 i paesi Ue dove sono previste anche le adozioni. Stepchild adoption in Croazia, Estonia, Slovenia, Germania e Grecia.
          Qualcuno spieghi a Grillo e Salvini che l’Ue col piccolo Charlie non c’entra niente   
La sentenza che respinge il ricorso dei genitori contro la decisione di staccare la spina al bambino è stata presa dal tribunale di Strasburgo che con l'Unione europea non ha alcun legame. Le questioni etiche inoltre sono di competenza degli Stati e Bruxelles ad esempio non ha voce in capitolo in argomenti come aborto e eutanasia
          Berserker Manifesto: An Initiate’s Guide to Wearing the Bear-Skin   
Berserker Manifesto: An Initiate’s Guide to Wearing the Bear-Skin
The Berserker Manifesto is a guide to initiation into Asatru through the means understanding the Berserker Warrior Cults.The beginning explores the history of the northern tribes of Europe and the warrior cults it developed. It takes a special look at … Continue reading
          Speditionskaufmann/-frau Express Europe   
Anbieter: Matex Transport GmbH
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          Account Manager Europe (m/w)   
Anbieter: Matex Transport GmbH
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thanks to @[1394299:Tako] for layouts and grate works.

          Falling Acorns Chandelier Hanging Pendant Lighting Fixture, Cascading Raspberry Shaped Glass Shades, Modern BootsNGus Lamps, Bulbs Included by BootsNGus   

160.00 USD

This beautiful chandelier features 3 cascading textured clear glass globes. The globes are acorn shaped and the textured glass casts wonderful shadows all around the room.

This chandelier can come with a white ceiling plate and all necessary hardware for direct hard-wire installation into the ceiling, OR it can hang from hooks and then plug into any wall outlet. You can choose the hanging style upon checkout.

If you choose the Direct Hard-Wire hanging option and you prefer a brushed nickel or bronze ceiling plate, let us know. They are available.

If you choose the Plug Into Outlet hanging option, the cord and chain (from the ceiling hook to the plug that goes into the outlet) is 12 feet long and we include 2 steel ceiling hooks with this option.

Overall length: 36" (3 feet long) from the ceiling to the bottom of the lowest globe.
Each globe measures: 6" tall and 5.5" in diameter
Custom hanging lengths are available upon request.

Chandelier takes E12 candelabra base bulbs which are easily found at home improvement stores, department stores, hardware stores or dollar stores. We include 15 watt bulbs. Lids are specially designed to allow heat to escape. Maximum wattage is 40 watts per globe unless using an LED or Energy Efficient bulb.

Ring is 5 3/4" in diameter.
Ring is made from birch wood and is not painted or stained but can be upon request.

220 Volt option is available. 220 Volt is compatible for all of Europe, Asia and Australia and can be selected upon checkout. The 220 Volt option will take standard E27 bulbs. Bulbs not included.

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All BootsNGus lighting fixtures and other products are handmade originals ©2009-2016 BootsNGusLLC designs. All rights reserved. All BootsNGus photos are originals taken by BootsNGusLLC ©2009-2016. All rights reserved.

          Modern Brass Chandelier Lighting Fixture, 3 White Glass Globes, BootsNGus Pendant Lighting and Home Decor by BootsNGus   

275.00 USD

Redecorate your space with style and simplicity.

Our brass chandelier is easy to install and features 3 white glass globes to help you make your space glow. Unique and beautiful, this chandelier instantly adds style to any room.

Each glass globe measures 6 inches in diameter.
Photos show the chandelier with a 28 inch drop rod. Custom hanging lengths are available upon request.
Brass ceiling plate is 5 inches in diameter.

Made with E27 standard base sockets. 250V 660W Max. Compatible worldwide including all of the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Takes standard base bulbs with a maximum wattage of 75 watts per socket. Bulbs not included. Can be used on a dimmer switch.

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Our lights have been featured on HBO's Girls, ABC TVs Extreme Makeover Home Edition and have been featured in countless magazines from Rolling Stone to Reader's Digest. Each fixture is handcrafted and assembled by the two of us in our studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We've been selling on Etsy since 2009 and are proud to offer beautiful and unique high quality products and excellent customer service. Our lights hang in homes and businesses all over the globe and we are happy to add to the light of the world. See more of our handmade lighting fixtures and read positive reviews from our customers here:

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Redecorate your space with style and simplicity.

Our mason jar chandelier fits any decor style and is perfect over the kitchen or dining table or island, in the bathroom, or a matching set draping the sides of your bed for the perfect reading light. Porches and patios too!

➤This Mason Jar Chandelier features 6 pint-sized clear clustered glass jar lights.

➤This chandelier can come with a white ceiling plate and all necessary hardware for wiring directly into the ceiling, OR it can hang from hooks and then plug into any wall outlet. You can choose the hanging style upon checkout. (Photos show the chandelier wired into the ceiling with a white ceiling plate.)

➤If you choose the "Wire Into Ceiling" hanging option, the chandelier will arrive with a white ceiling plate attached, all ready for installation. All necessary hardware for installation and easy installation instructions are included. If you choose this option and prefer a silver or bronze ceiling plate, let us know.

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➤Measurements: Cluster of jars is 12" Tall X 7" Wide.
Chandelier hangs 3 feet from ceiling to bottom of lowest jar.
Custom hangs lengths are available upon request.

➤Maximum wattage is 25 watts per jar. Chandelier takes E12 candelabra base bulbs which are easily found at home improvement stores, department stores, hardware stores or dollar stores. Bulbs not included. Lids are specially designed to allow heat to escape.

➤220 Volt option is available. 220 Volt is compatible for all of Europe, Asia and Australia and can be selected upon checkout. The 220 Volt option will take standard E27 bulbs. Bulbs not included.

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We ship worldwide and package our products with care using 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard boxes and certified biodegradable and compostable packing peanuts made from non-food renewable materials.

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*All BootsNGus photos are originals taken by BootsNGusLLC ©2009-2015. All rights reserved.

          Top EU court to rule on Intel antitrust case on Sept 6   
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Europe's top court will rule on Sept. 6 whether to uphold Intel's appeal against a 1.06-billion-euro ($1.2 billion) EU antitrust fine, a case with ramifications for Google's challenge against a record sanction handed out this week.

          Twitter celebrates same-sex marriage legalization in Germany   
Pride Month ends on a good note in Germany as lawmakers voted Friday to officially legalize same-sex marriage. The approval allows for Germany to join a growing list of European countries that have already legalized same-sex marriage, including Denmark and the United Kingdom. With four abstentions, ...
          Uncharted 4, Doom, The Division, more added to PlayStation Store Summer Sale   
Sony has added more games to the PlayStation Summer Sale list. Along with the games still on offer, here’s the list of PlayStation 3 and PS4 games which were added today on the European Store. Summer Sale new additions – PS4 Battlefield 4 Battlefield Bundle Battlefield Hardline Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition DOOM DOOM Digital Deluxe […]
          Simone Veil, French abortion pioneer, Birkenau survivor and former President of the European Parliament dies aged 89 - family   
One of the few French postwar politicians to earn near unanimous respect, Simone Veil, has died aged 89. Deported from France by the Nazis aged 16, she survived Birkenau, although her mother and sister perished. On her return to France she embarked upon a career in the law, becoming a magistrate, and in 1956 became the Director of French prisons. Marking a break with her predecessors, she visited many such institutions personally and railed at the primitive, "medieval" conditions she found there. In 1962 she became Minister of civil Affairs, and took a principled stand on adoptions, becoming a pioneer of the idea that a childs' rights should come first, an idea later amplified by Francoise Dolto in her landmark book "The baby is a person". This was her first experience of the brutality of parliamentary debate, and the ingrained sexism of the legislature. Thirteen years later came the key moment in her political career when she forced through, in the teeth of furious opposition form within her own party, the law allowing abortion for the first time in France. It earned her vilification, with her actions being compared to the Nazis, and her home and husband's car were defaced with swastikas. She became a hate figure for the ultra-Catholic far right, which never forgave her. President Giscard d'Estaing chose his Health Minister to lead the centre-right's list for the 1979 European elections, and this led to her becoming the President of the European Parliament. She sat in the assembly until 1993, when she returned to government in France as Prime Minister Eduard Balladur's Social Affairs Minister. A fervent European, in 1998 she become a member of France's Constitutional Court, a position she held until 2007. In 2010 Veil received the supreme accolade that can be awarded to a French public figure, being elected to the Academie Francaise, and took seat 13, previously held by Racine.
          Croatia rejects ruling in maritime dispute with Slovenia   
Croatia has rejected a ruling by an international arbitration court that hands victory to Slovenia in a long-running maritime dispute. In a row that centres on the Bay of Piran, judges have granted Slovenia unhindered access to international waters in the Adriatic Sea with a 10-nautical mile corridor. The countries have argued over a stretch of their sea and land border since independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1991. Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar told a news conference: "The ruling of the arbitration court is final and legally binding for both countries. For Slovenia and for Croatia. "The historic moment has arrived for Slovenia. The decision must be respected." Slovenia wants to now look at implementation of the decision, even though it says not all expectations have been met. But Croatia walked out of the arbitration talks in 2015 and says it is not obliged to obide by the ruling. Croatia's Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said: "The first and most important message from Croatian government regarding the arbitration decision is that we do not consider ourselves obliged by this ruling, we are not obliged to abide the ruling at all, and we will not apply the contents of this ruling." "For us this arbitration has no legal value. But we stand ready to discuss this border issue with Slovenia. We don't expect them to make any unilateral moves in light of this ruling." Both countries agreed to arbitration in 2009, in a deal that also saw Slovenia drops its opposition to Croatia joining the European Union.
          En tu vientre, José Luís Peixoto   

Trad. Antonio Sáez Delgado
Literatura Random House, Barcelona, 2017. 160 pp. 17,90 €

José Miguel López-Astilleros

Si dijéramos que la trama de la presente novela tiene como núcleo las apariciones marianas de 1917 en Portugal y sus protagonistas, especialmente la niña Lucía, no incurriríamos en ninguna inexactitud; sin embargo, para quienes conozcan la obra de Peixoto (Galveias, 1974), no hará falta añadir que en este libro hay mucho más que la narración de estos hechos. Es posible que para algunos los prejuicios de este planteamiento inicial los disuada de acercarse al libro, lo cual les privará de bucear en aspectos tan humanos como ancestrales de nuestra especie. Hay que especificar que esta obra no va dirigida en exclusiva a los creyentes católicos, sino a cualquier lector sensible y amante de la buena literatura. En ella el autor no toma partido sobre la veracidad o no de tales apariciones. Por el contrario, deja tal decisión al lector, puesto que en ella intervienen cuestiones muy personales e íntimas, cuando no juicios preestablecidos sobre tal o cual posición, a menudo absurdamente irreconciliables. De modo que si tomara partido podría alterar tal dimensión. Tanto es así que no hay en toda la obra descripción alguna de las apariciones acaecidas supuestamente desde mayo a octubre. En defensa de tal postura hay que señalar que la propia madre de Lucía no la creyó hasta su muerte, lo cual provocó una honda frustración en la niña. No obstante, aunque ante todo es una obra de ficción, la documentación ha sido exhaustiva. Lo que sí habría que advertir, según el autor, es que esta historia se conoce de una manera muy simplificada y superficial, lo cual implica un conocimiento distorsionado de la misma.
Para Peixoto la aparición mariana de Fátima ha constituido un insoslayable evento identitario del Portugal de hoy, en sus tres vertientes, histórica, cultural y espiritual, ante cuya aceptación o no se alinean los portugueses. Por otra parte, su enorme popularidad es un hecho innegable —recordemos la enorme cantidad de personas que se acercan hasta aquellas tierra para rendir culto a la Virgen—. Aun así, bajo este ropaje trata temas como la cohesión de la familia, recurrente en toda su obra. O la reflexión sobre las distintas formas de maternidad y relaciones con la madre. Si en el delicioso y emotivo librito Te me moriste —reeditado recientemente por Minúscula y publicado cuando contaba veintisiete años— el centro es la relación con el padre, en este va a ser con la madre. Dicha figura aparecerá caracterizada de tres modos: la madre idealizada, casi perfecta, no humana, que surge del mundo bíblico, por eso esta imagen nos la suministran los textos en forma de versículos sapienciales en la voz de Dios. En segundo lugar, la madre de Lucía, más humana, presenta una relación difícil con el personaje de su hija. Y por último, la madre del narrador-escritor, que interrumpe el texto traspasando dimensiones, representa el verbo de la conciencia, esa que, como apunta Peixoto «…queda en la cabeza de los hijos, que no es real, pero que es importante para ellos.»
De lo anterior es fácil inferir que hay tres voces en la novela. Aquella que narra los hechos desde el punto de vista de Lucía, combina la tercera persona con la primera de la niña, cuando en ocasiones esta se dirige a la naturaleza en una especie de panteísmo infantil. Y a veces con diálogos en estilo directo incorporados a la narración sin guion, pero bien identificados, o la presencia de retazos de oraciones diseminadas a lo largo de la obra. Otra voz es la del Dios bíblico, que viene dada en forma de versículos sapienciales, como decíamos, con tipografía bíblica perfectamente diferenciada. La otra voz corresponde a la de la madre del escritor, que irrumpe en párrafos entre paréntesis, reconviniendo al hijo, recriminándole su comportamiento —«Cuando eras pequeño yo te guardaba la mejor parte de todo. Si alguien se atrevía a codiciar las cosas del niño, me volvía una fiera. Me gustaría saber por qué ahora no me llamas nunca para compartir las partes buenas. Pero, si pasa algo malo, es verdad que vienes corriendo a quejarte.» (pág, 51). La presencia de lo autobiográfico, principalmente la infancia, es considerable en la obra de este autor, sobre todo en los últimos libros y cómo no en este. Argumenta que esta perspectiva o elemento le suministra la ilusión de estar escribiendo sobre algo nuevo que solo él conoce, y que dota a la narración de una energía muy particular, creando un vínculo muy singular con el lector —un ejemplo especial de esto es el libro que lleva por título Galveias, su pueblo natal, editada aquí en 2016—.
Suele ser una característica esencial en casi en toda la producción de Peixoto la presencia de lo misterioso, fantástico, sobrenatural, y en esta que nos ocupa lo sagrado y milagroso. No evita tratar la trascendencia, así en Jornal de Letras declara que debemos aceptar lo trascendente como una dimensión de lo real —y así mismo, añadimos nosotros, la ficción también es otra dimensión de lo real—. Pero más adelante insiste en que el reciente ateísmo urbano no se cuestiona, ni se discute, hecho que es un error, puesto que, continua arguyendo, el autocuestionamiento es una de las grandes cualidades de la cultura europea, de ninguna manera es un enemigo de la fe, y que por el contrario revela una búsqueda y una voluntad de saber, un inconformismo frente a la realidad, —y añadimos en auxilio de esta argumentación que desde el punto de vista teológico, la fe también se fundamente en la duda—, siendo así que la teología es algo que subyace en la confección de la obra. De ahí que el lector pueda sacar sus conclusiones sobre el origen del la fe, la fe que nace de las almas sencillas, que no simples, precedentes de entornos humildes, rurales y pobres, una creencia que se remonta al origen de los tiempos fundacionales en la formación cultural, intelectual y religiosa del ser humano, donde lo sagrado y el misterio tenían un lugar privilegiado, que ahora en el mundo contemporáneo se le niega y se sustituye por la ciencia, adquiriendo esta última tintes muy parecidos a los de aquella.
En este libro hay una especial dedicación al tratamiento de la condición femenina, con especial atención a la maternidad, desde diferentes ángulos, psicológico e íntimo, social y familiar. Esta condición está expresada con absoluta delicadeza, sin escamotear la dureza de algunos planteamientos, como ocurre en la página 26, cuando la madre del narrador adopta cierto tono reivindicativo y amargo «Todo el mundo tiene derecho a descansar, menos las madres. Para cada tarea, profesión o encargo hay derecho a un receso, menos para las madres. Si una madre demuestra la más mínima fatiga de ser madre, llegará enseguida algún animal, sin tener ni idea de limpiar babas y parir, dispuesto a ponerla en tela de juicio. No es madre, no sabe ser madre, no está hecha para ser madre, dirá. Pero, si todo el mundo tienen derecho a descansar, ¿las madres no? La culpa es nuestra. Sí, la culpa es de las madres. Hemos dejado que sean los hijos quienes nos definan.» Con estas palabras se somete a crítica el papel ancestral de la mujer dedicada a criar a los hijos y organizar el hogar. Además de estar más abierta a la captación de los fenómenos religiosos, en contraposición al hombre, cuya presencia no abunda en la trama. Otros asuntos importantes sobre los que trata esta magnífica novela es la reflexión sobre la lengua y el proceso creativo, sobre la omnisciencia, en la que se parecen Dios y el escritor.
El estilo de José Luís Peixoto corresponde al de un extraordinario poeta que escribe como un gran narrador. Su faceta como poeta queda patente en el lirismo y la plasticidad de la expresión. Por esto ha llegado a decir que la poesía es la infancia de su escritura, de donde nace ese intenso tono poético, que bebe de poetas como Pessoa y Camoens. Pero no solo, puesto que la literatura oral tiene en su narrativa una influencia decisiva que nace de sus orígenes rurales, infancia y adolescencia. Entre las influencias más importantes que recibe está la de Saramago, con quien tuvo una excelente relación personal a raíz de recibir el premio que llevaba su nombre con Nadie nos mira, circunstancia que le permitió felizmente abandonar la docencia y dedicarse por entero a la escritura. Otras escritores decisivos en su formación son Lobo Antunes y Miguel Torga, con quien le une, a este último, el amor por lo rural, aunque desde ópticas diferentes. Toda su obra se enmarca en la superación del neorrealismo precedente de los años 50 y 60, debido a que el clima histórico de su generación, la generación del 25 de abril, nacidos en torno a 1974, ya en democracia, es muy diferente al de aquellos escritores, sin que por ello quiera decir que no mantenga un diálogo constante y fructífero con los mismos, al igual que con otros. Como contrapunto a Peixoto podríamos citar dentro de su misma generación a otro de los grandes escritores europeos del momento, J. M. Tavares, cuya obra encarna una visión más internacionalista totalmente distinta a la suya, aunque haya muchos puntos en los que coinciden.
Podríamos concluir diciendo que José Luís Peixoto es un escritor que merece la pena leer y seguir, sin que nos quepa la menor duda de estar leyendo a alguien que va a quedar en la historia de la literatura en primera línea, por su estilo poético y tratamiento gozosamente profundo y original de los temas que aborda. Una absoluta felicidad su lectura, aunque suene manido, pero así es. Aparte de esta obra y de las ya mencionadas, no hay que perderse también Una casa en la oscuridad, Cementerio de pianos o Libro, entre las traducidas al español, o Cal, aún en portugués, que contiene cuentos, una pieza de teatro y poemas sobre la vejez.

           Новые автоматизированные решения от Konecranes   
Финская компания Konecranes, являющаяся лидером рынка автоматизации контейнерных терминалов, укрепляет свои статус ведущего поставщика перевалочного оборудования для портовых проектов на любых стадиях их реализации. На конференции TOC Europe, проходившей в этом году в Амстердаме, компания презентовала свой новый продукт – автоматизированный портальный погрузчик Konecranes Noell A-STRAD. Помимо него на рынок была выведена модель A-SPRINTER, которая является разновидностью A-STRAD для горизонтального перемещения контейнеров по схеме 1-над-1. Как A-STRAD, так и A-SPRINTER сочетают в себе зрелый дизайн конструкции с технологиями автоматизации, что является двумя столпами в подходах Konecranes. «Наша инновационная стратегия построена на зрелых технологиях и  десятилетиях опыта. Это особенно важно в столь сложном сегменте, как автоматизация терминалов, в котором мы снабжаем многочисленные терминалы оборудованием и инфраструктурой. Благодаря A-STRAD и A-SPRINTER операторы контейнерных терминалов могут сразу же приступать к автоматизированным операциям или же преобразовать свою «ручную» инфраструктуру в автоматическую в несколько управляемых этапов. С помощью новых продуктов Konecranes вновь возглавляет движение к автоматизации терминалов, одновременно позволяя бизнесу инвестировать в устойчивое будущее», – заявил Туомас Саастамойнен (Tuomas Saastamoinen), старший вице-президент Konecranes по продажам и маркетингу в сегменте портовых решений. Первым клиентом, который воспользуется выгодами этих гибких автоматизированных портальных погрузчиков, будет Порт Окленда (Новая Зеландия, POAL), куда Konecranes поставит 27 единиц A-STRAD, а также модернизирует парк POAL из 21 портального погрузчика, управляемого вручную. Все автоматизированное оборудование должно быть готовым к полноценной эксплуатации до середины 2019 года.

Source: Transportweekly
          Saca partido a un baño pequeño colocando estantes multiusos en espacios muy reducidos   


Por circunstancias, las medidas de los baños o aseos no son las deseadas y aunque la mayor parte de las necesidades se cubren con unos buenos sanitarios, se echan de menos los espacios de almacenamiento. Si no es posible habilitar algún tipo de mobiliario, unos simples estantes pueden dar la solución a un almacenaje rápido y de uso cotidiano. Estas siete versiones de propuestas en espacios pequeños son muy interesantes y útiles. Echales un vistazo porque te convencerán.

Baldas encima de una puerta

Es el lugar idóneo cuando la falta de espacio es contundente. Realmente se aprovecha un hueco que no sirve para otro uso y le damos una utilidad. Apartamenttherapy4

Esquineros aprovechados

Esta idea nos encanta. Los estantes se utilizan para arropar el lavabo y forman un conjunto cómodo y práctico. Además de su simetría ideal.


Encima del inodoro

En el costado superior izquierdo de la pared vemos una balda volada blanca, que contrasta con el color oscuro de la pared. Aunque tiene poco fondo sirve para apoyar cepillos de dientes, bastoncillos y algún frasco de perfume. Lo suficiente para ser indispensable.


Buscando un hueco

Si con tanto adorno en la pared este baño se queda corto de espacio la solución es rápida, justo encima del lavabo se instala un pequeño estante de cristal. Al ser translúcido no recarga el espacio escogido y deja pasar la luz. Una buena idea para un uso diario. En la siguiente imagen ocurre lo mismo, se emplea el cristal grueso dentro de un cajón revestido en cerámica y con un fondo de distinto color a sus laterales y del mismo color que el vidrio.



Siluetas originales

Si jugamos con colores dorado, plata y negro, las tres estanterías colgantes que mostramos pueden servir de inspiración. Al verlas en un establecimiento nos podemos preguntar cuál es su uso siendo tan pequeño su fondo. Pues aquí lo tenemos, para rollos de papel higiénico, botes de higiene y objetos que se presten a este tamaño. Son composiciones hechas y listas para colgar. Etsycom

Objetivo conseguido

Claro está que si hay dos o tres paredes podemos formar una estantería de almacenaje. La profundidad es la que marca el tipo de piezas a sujetar. En la imagen en concreto se ha establecido en tres paredes, una de ellas hace de respaldo mientras las laterales dan esa profundidad tan deseada cuando falta espacio. Por lo general encima de los inodoros no se suele utilizar mobiliario alguno. Esta propuesta puede ser bastante interesante y bonita a su vez, si la coordinamos con los mismos tonos que tiene el mueble bajolavabo.


Vemos que en espacios con pocas posibilidades se crean originales rinconcitos que hacen más conceptuales los ambientes. Aprovechar sin recargar es el objetivo en un baño con pequeñas dimensiones.

Fotos | inicio Ikea, 2,3,4,5 Apartamenttherapy , 6 Moishesselfstorage, 7 Etsy, 8 6Indy

En Decoesfera | Cúpulas de bambú realizadas al fuego y que imitan a las clásicas catedrales europeas

          AM Hottie: Czech Cutie Hana Jirickova!   

Czech beauty Hana Jirickova really does prove that beauties from Czech Republic are in the league of their own. Although she may look just like any other blonde hair, blue-eyed beauty from Europe, she actually stands out because of her … Continue reading

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          Though no longer vanguardists, veteran Mexican rock band Café Tacuba still retain their deep curiosity   
Now in their 27th year, Mexico City quartet Café Tacuba have arguably done more than anyone to give Mexican rock music a broad, serious platform worldwide. As key players in the ascent of rock en español, the group refused to sing in English and deftly forged a vanguard sound that encouraged countless others in Latin America to follow their own creative imperatives rather than imitate bands in the U.S. or Europe.…
          Warply lanza la innovadora solución Keyboard Payments, Grecia, June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Una nueva forma de pagar a través de las aplicaciones de mensajería social Warply - una de las principales compañías europeas en pagos móviles y de lealtad - ha lanzado la nueva Warply Keyboard Payments para pagos móviles y...

          Warply Launches the Innovative Keyboard Payments Solution, Greece, June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A new way to pay via social messaging apps Warply - one of the top European companies in Mobile Loyalty & Payments - launched the new Warply Keyboard Payments for mobile payments and P2P transactions via messaging apps. The new...

          Leonard Orban: Rata de absorbție a fondurilor europene ar putea ajunge la 15%   

Ministrul Afacerilor Europene, Leonard Orban, a declarat ieri, că rata de absorbţie ar putea ajunge până la sfârşitul anului la “minimum 15%” dacă se va decide de către Comisia Europeană în lunile urmatoare reluarea plăţilor pe unele dintre programele presuspendate. El a arătat, la finalul întrevederii de ieri dimineaţă cu delegaţia comună de experţi ai […]

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          Rajoy pide en Berlín "claridad contra el proteccionismo" y muestra su apoyo al libre comercio   
Cumbre de líderes europeos del G-20 en Berlín, Alemania, a la que ha sido invitado el presidente...
           WebCollage Expands Throughout Europe   

Manufacturers Benefit From Access to Network of European Online Retailers; Retailers Benefit From Enhanced Online Customer Experiences.

(PRWeb January 24, 2008)

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          La sub 21 vela armas ante el asalto al trono europeo   
La selección 21 ha disfrutado esta mañana de un rato de asueto y descanso antes del partido final...
          Gonzalo Luzarraga to launch Italian fine dining restaurant in Fulham   

Italian chef Gonzalo Luzarraga, who has won Michelin stars in some of Europe’s top kitchens, is to open a restaurant in Fulham this summer.

          L'Allemagne a maté la Rojita pour s'offrir une deuxième couronne   
EURO U21 - L'Allemagne a été sacrée championne d'Europe Espoirs après avoir battu l'Espagne en finale vendredi à Cracovie, grâce à un but de Mitchell Weiser (1-0). C'est le deuxième titre dans cette catégorie d'âge pour les Allemands après celui de 2009. Pour la Rojita, favorite de cette finale, c'est une grosse désillusion.
          From e-Estonia to e-Europe - Tallinn pushes for data-led economy   
Free movement of data is a key focus, as Estonia takes up EU presidency
          'The best is yet to come' - Estonia set to take up EU presidency   
Tallinn says its goal is to make Europe more united and stronger
          Lemar, l'autre Monégasque qui fait saliver l'Europe   
Grand artisan de la belle saison monégasque, Thomas Lemar est très courtisé sur le marché des transferts, notamment par Arsenal qui fait le forcing pour le recruter.
          South Africa’s transport network   

South Africa has a modern and well-developed transport infrastructure. The air
and rail networks are the largest on the continent, and the roads well maintained.
The country's ports provide a natural stopover for shipping to and from Europe,
the Americas, Asia, Australasia and both coasts of Africa.

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          7/1/2017: WORLD: Pesticide firms are critical of bee harm study they paid for   
EUROPE: Bees are being harmed by some of the most common pesticides, according to a study attacked by the chemical companies that paid for it. Bayer and Syngenta, which produce neonicotinoid pesticides, have accused the scientists they commissioned of...
          Indo-European and Nakho-Daghestani languages: a short typological comparison   
Daghestani women. The grammatical categories of class, number and case are characteristic for Indo-European (IE) nouns in the same way in which they are for North-East-Caucasian (NEC: Nakho-Daghestani, the family comprising the languages of Daghestan, as well as the neighbouring Chechen and Ingush). Nouns in both IE and NEC are inflected for class (that we traditionally call grammatical genders), number and […]
          American Airlines opens Heathrow pharma facility   

American Airlines has opened new controlled room temperature facility at its London Heathrow cargo centre. “This is a tremendous service enhancement for our European customers,” said Andy Cornwell, regional sales manager for northern Europe. “This new, far larger facility, can meet their needs even more effectively now and in the future. And this will be […]

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          — Ce caută musulmanii în Europa? — Cum ce caută?… Sunt europeni   
Militari britanici în India în al Doilea Război Mondial. — “Astăzi 50% din populația Londrei este neengleză, iar în suburbiile Parisului sau ale Rotterdamului trebuie să îți repeți unde ești pentru a nu uita că te afli în Europa.” In discursul de primire a titlului de Doctor Honoris Causa din partea universității din Cluj, Ana Blandiana […]
          Anatolia and the Caucasus: the cradle of the Indo-Europeans   
The most solidly argued theories about the cradle of the Indo-European (IE) proto-language are 1) the Pontic and 2) the Anatolian. The first proposed the steppes north of the Black Sea, in what are today south-Ukraine and south-Russia; the second: some region in central or eastern Anatolia. Both theories allow for contacts with the Caucasus and the indigenous Caucasian […]
          7/1/2017: MOTORING MARKET: The truly global Astra sedan   

Here’s an interesting Holden Astra fact: while the new sedan shares the hatch’s name, Europeandeveloped platform and excellent 1.4-litre turbocharged fourcylinder engine, it doesn’t actually share any body panels. Or for that matter, even look the...
          Comisia lui Merkel – ascensiunea Germaniei în UE – declinul iremediabil al francezei   
Germana este limba în care discută Angela Merkel și Vladimir Putin. — Unul din aspectele mai puțin evidente ale modificărilor structurale survenite treptat în instituțiile europene este declinul aparent iremediabil al francezei și al influenței Franței și creșterea vertiginoasă a influenței Germaniei. Engleza domnea deja suverană, însă a crescut acum, venind din urmă, o masivă influență germană. […]
          Yoga, jug, con-jugal – ”filiera cecenă“ a indo-europenilor   
    ”Jug“, unul din cei mai arhaici și productivi termeni indo-europeni, prezent din preistorie până astăzi în toate branșele familiei, ar putea fi una din cheile rezolvării iritantei enigme a originii indo-europenilor. ”Jug“ ar putea aduce dovada că strămoșii europenilor, îndienilor și iranienilor de astăzi s-au răspândit pornind dintr-o regiune din vecinătatea Caucazului și […]
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          Interview: HVS Chairman Russell Kett   
By Lauren Jade Hill Ahead of the European Hospitality Awards 2017, we speak to one of the judging panel’s participating experts, chairman of the global hospitality consultancy HVS Russell Kett, to find out what makes a luxury hotel stand out and how people’s expectations in luxury travel are changing. What experience can you bring to the table as a judge of the […]
          Hungarian Prime Minister says Soros “Mafia” Threatens World Peace   
George Soros

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban slammed billionaire George Soros Wednesday for running a “mafia network” of NGOs that threatens Europe’s future.

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          62% of medicines dispensed in Europe are generic, says new IMS data   
          This is Socialist Healthcare: European Courts say Hospital has Right to Kill Child Against Parents’ Wishes   

While liberals may argue that socialism means more people get insurance coverage, they forget to mention that it also means that the hospital and the government now get to make the final decision about YOUR healthcare

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          7/1/2017: DESTINATION AFLOAT: Checklist   

Uniworld has a program of Generations Family Cruises in Europe this year and next. Eight-day Castles along the Rhine voyages between Basel and Amsterdam, on SS Antoinette and River Empress, depart twice this month; children aged 4-17 sail for half...
          CIVIL RIGHTS PROGRESS IN EUROPE: Czech Republic Parliament Passes Constitutional Right to Bear Arms…   
CIVIL RIGHTS PROGRESS IN EUROPE: Czech Republic Parliament Passes Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. - Source:
          7/1/2017: DESTINATION AFLOAT: Ships on shores   

TITANICT BELFAST: The world’s largest Titanic v visitor attraction, Titanic Belfast, is clearly doing something right — it was voted Europe’s leading visitor attraction at last year’s World Travel Awards. The centre, a tribute to the ill-fated ocean...
          Maersk's L.A. port terminal remains closed after global cyberattack   

The largest terminal at the Port of Los Angeles remained closed Thursday as Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk continued to grapple with effects of a cyberattack that rippled across numerous countries Tuesday.

The terminal, leased by Maersk, has been closed since early Tuesday, and there...

          Turquía tilda de "provocativas" las críticas a un posible acto electoral de Erdogan en Alemania   
La Presidencia de Turquía ha tildado este jueves de "provocativas y malévolas" las declaraciones de varios políticos alemanes sobre un posible acto electoral del mandatario turco, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, en el país europeo.
          The flexible workforce and how they’ll be affected by Brexit   

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union is sure to have a significant impact on both temporary and full-time workers, but the true ramifications are still yet to be realised. Ten months after the vote, employers and the flexible workforce remain unsure about how the move will affect their future. Everyone is aware that […]

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          Experts encourage more public awareness of Russian meddling   
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United States will get hit again by Russian cyberattacks if the country doesn&apos;t pay closer attention and work more closely with European allies who are also victims, international elections experts warned on Wednesday....
          [wanabidii] News Digest: Live updates: India braces for GST rollout   
Friday, June 30, 2017
Today's Headlines

Live updates: India braces for GST rollout

Will buy AI only if profitable for us: IndiGo president
"Let me be very clear that if it is not profitable and does not add value to our employees, customers and shareholders, we will not embark on this journey," IndiGo president Aditya Ghosh wrote in a mail to staff on Air India acquisition bid.

Debt-hit RCom seeks to give up Rs 340 cr worth spectrum

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'Half-a-degree of warming boosted extreme weather'
Comparing two 20-year periods -- 1960-79 and 1991-2010 -- between which average global temperatures jumped 0.5 C (0.9 F), scientists found that the hottest summer temperatures increased by more than 1 degree C across a quarter of Earth's land areas, while the coldest winter temperatures warmed by more then 2.5 degree C.

Ice-free areas of Antarctica to increase by 2100: Study
Ice-free areas may increase in Antarctica by 25 per cent due to climate change, leading to drastic changes in the continent's biodiversity, a study warns. They found the melting ice could create up to 17,000 square kilometre of new ice-free area across Antarctica.