Marvel Inhumans drops first trailer   

Although I’m not all that familiar with Marvel’s Inhuman comicbook series, I’ll admit I was looking forward to idea of an Inhumans movie. Then when Disney decided ti make it a TV show instead, I was still on board. More episodes means more cool Inhuman action. I liked the idea...

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          Chase Ryder Gives Handjob - (1080)   

Release Year: 2016
Video language: English

So Today We Have A Huge Fucking Treat For You All Tit Connoisseurs, We Have The Gorgeous All Natural Sophia Lomeli. This Girls Tits Are Just Amazing, Nothing On Earth Looks As Good As These Natural Marvels. The Way They Just Sit Up And Are So Perky, Never Thought Tits Could Be So Beautiful. She Gives Us A Bit Of A Show Before Getting Down And Dirty Sucking And Fucking Like A Pure Champion, Daniel Straight Gives This Pussy Exactly What It Deserved A Good Ole Hard Pounding Enjoy.

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           Dilip Kumar has influenced Shabanas life    
Veteran actress Shabana Azmi says thespian Dilip Kumar has unknowingly influenced her life. Shabana on Tuesday replied to Dilip's Eid Mubarak message on Twitter and wrote: Eid Mubarak. Yusuf Saab. Hardly a day goes by when I don't marvel at how unknowingly you have had an influence on my life. The 94-year-old actor, who made his acting debut with Jwar Bhata in 1944, was born as Muhammad Yusuf Khan. He later adopted the screen name Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar was last seen on the big screen in the film Qila in 1998. He was honoured with Dadasaheb Phalke Award in
          Marvel’s Inhumans. Llega por fin el primer tráiler   

No recuerdo una serie cuyo tráiler haya sido filtrado más veces y vuelto a eliminar de las redes como en el caso de la nueva serie Marvel: Los Inhumanos. Ahora, al fin, llega de manera oficial a través de Marvel y la cadena de TV que lo emitirá, ABC. Recordad que, aunque la serie se ...

El artículo Marvel’s Inhumans. Llega por fin el primer tráiler ha sido publicado en Hello Friki. Si te ha gustado, también puedes leer otros artículos de Giacco. ¡Anímate!

          Unstoppable Wasp: A Hero Apart   

Trying to come back from her first true failure since her escape to the outside world, Nadia can just pack it in, just crumple under the pressure. Or she can reject the notion that a setback makes one a failure. Nadia has never been quite what anyone expected and with Janet Van Dyne in her corner, she will show the world exactly what she is made of in UNSTOPPABLE WASP #8, available August 2!

We found Jeremy Whitley aiding in the clean-up of broken dreams and he gladly walked us through the qualities that make Nadia a different kind of hero.

OPTIMISM: “Like a number of Marvel heroes, Nadia has a dark beginning,” the writer recalls. “She is born and raised in the Red Room where she is forced to train as an assassin and then a mad scientist. She has every right to be a character who is angry and dark. What sets Nadia apart is that she has consciously decided not to be either of those things. Nadia is a bright spot in and often dim and dangerous world.”

“Honestly, I think this is made all that much more notable by her position as a scientist,” he continues. “Scientists in comics and movies are so often projected as the doom and gloom type, projecting the end of the world or causing it. Nadia sees science in the way early comics like Fantastic Four and Tales to Astonish did, as a means to do amazing things.”

SHE LIVED THROUGH TRAGEDY WITHOUT BEING DEFINED BY IT: “There are characters whose entire arc as both heroes and people are defined by something that happened to them,” points out Whitley. “Nadia is not that person. She rescued herself from her captors and made the choice to get away from that life. She has chosen to embrace her genius and her gifts as a scientist and use those not for the nefarious causes for which she was trained, but to save and change the world.”

“You won’t catch Nadia lurking in the shadows or posing on top of any churches in the rain,” the writer elaborates. “That’s not her thing.”

HER LINEAGE: “One of the funnest things about Nadia is that her family ties her so closely in the Marvel Universe and the Avengers specifically, but Nadia is new to the whole thing,” Whitley asserts. “Both her father and her step-mother are founding Avengers whose origins were penned by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. You can’t get much more Marvel than that. So to see her explore this inheritance of excitement and adventure is fantastic, while she is still able to give an outsider’s view to some of the stranger things in the Marvel U.”

SHE ADMIRES SUPER HEROES FOR THEIR MINDS: “Nadia is not really familiar with superheroes as superheroes, outside of her own family,” explains the writer. “What she knows about superheroes are the things she has learned from studying scientific papers. So while Nadia doesn’t even know who Daredevil is when he shows up in issue #6 and is unfamiliar with the superhero known as Mockingbird, she is instantly overcome with excitement upon meeting Doctor Doom and has an overwhelming sense of hero worship for Bobbi Morse, not as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. but as a scientist. Picture Kamala Khan, but instead of reading comics her whole life, she’s been reading scientific papers.”

SHE NATURALLY SEEKS FRIENDSHIP AND PARTNERSHIP: “Nadia has been alone her whole life,” states Whitley. “She’s tried to make friends, like Ying, but the Red Room is run to make that intentionally difficult. As much as she wants to be a hero, she also wants to make friends. I guess she’s an anti-Wolverine in a way. He’s the habitual loner that somehow gets dragged onto a team, she’s the social butterfly who’s been forced to work alone for far too long.”

“Part of this issue for Nadia as well is the desire to form a lab,” he adds. “She knows that a good lab should have a diversity of experiences and specialties. She has no urge to be at the head of a group, so much as to raise up the girls around her. She wants them to all get the means they need to do what they want to do and the recognition they deserve for being geniuses.”

SHE THINKS OF SUPER HEROISM AS THE SIDE JOB: “Well, for Nadia, being a hero isn’t just about what you do when you have the costume on,” reveals the writer. “Sure, that’s part of it, but bigger than that is the influence you have on the world. She knows that as The Unstoppable Wasp she may be able to save the day in the moment and prevent calamity, but Nadia and G.I.R.L. can make the kind of changes that save the world in a more permanent and meaningful way. Basically, Nadia feels like she inherited heroism, but G.I.R.L. is her personal mission.”

          Hawkeye: Worst Fight Club Ever   

Project Mayhem: Venice Chapter

Come one, come all to the thing we can’t talk about…ah screw it, fight club! That’s right, on August 2, return to a blood and sweat soaked Venice basement reminiscent of the Hotel California to work out your frustrations, and then maybe never leave. Hosting, as always, is creator Kelly Thompson and her partner in creation, Leonardo Romero.

Location: We plead the fifth.

Time: When the need for violence arises.


  1. Do not talk about fight club.

*We understand that by making this you probably think we broke this rule, however, see rule 3.

  1. No rules! We don’t play fair.

*This is fight club, not whine about someone blinding you with dirt club.

  1. We do what we want.

*We, the people running the club, do what we want. You, do whatever we say. It’s the golden rule: He who runs the fight club makes the rules.

A word from our Sponsor:

Introducing our newest gladiator: Kate Bishop! That’s right, super hero Hawkeye has joined our ranks and will be fighting her way through not only our seasoned champions, but also some heavy daddy issues. Poor thing got caught up tracking down someone else’s father in her latest case, but it’s her own she’s really after.

“We’re finding Kate in a much more emotional state than we’re used to finding her,” says Thompson. “She really grew up with her father mostly believing there were some aberrations there but she thought he was a really good man in general. So peeling back those layers and finding out that’s not really true not only calls into question things about him, but it makes her question things about herself.”

Looks like daddy Hawkeye may just end up on his daughter’s super villain hit list…talk about your family drama. Good thing she has come to us in her time of need. It’s time to punch the pain away, Kate.

“Kate is a very good fighter so even if she doesn’t look like the guys who are down there in these cages, she’s going to do well in a one on one fight. She’s incredibly smart, she’s well trained, and she’s a super hero,” warns Thompson. But let’s not forget that, that means she must stick too a code, she can’t just hurt people willy-nilly. Sounds like prime time for you newbies to make your mark, so come on down!



            Deadpooled: Kate is going to wipe the floor with you.

Clint4life: Whatever, she’s not even the real Hawkeye.

Cagedfighter16: Is anybody reading this?! COME AND RESCUE ME!!! They’re keeping me in a cage and I don’t want to be here!!!

TheRealKateBishop: Okay I was playing along with this at first but now it’s on. I’m not the sad seal at the zoo, for one thing I can’t balance a ball on my nose…I’m busting everyone out, finding Molly’s dad and taking you creeps down!

Deadpooled: Oh snap!

Be sure to grab seats for Kate’s fight club debut and find out if she solves her case or gets lost in a whirlwind of fists and emotions in HAWKEYE #9 out August 2, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Leonardo Romero.

          Entering Contest of Champions: Punisher 2099   

Bullets and blades blast and slice across Battlerealm as Jake Gallows, the Punisher of 2099, brute forces his way into “Marvel Contest of Champions” as the game’s 100th character.

We talked to Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Character Designer Simon Cameron about what makes this particular Punisher tick like a time bomb. I gotta ask, how much effort does it take for The Collector to reach through the past and future to snatch up a specimen?

Gabriel Frizzera: The Punisher 2099 was captured in the original batch of Champions for The Contest. But it wasn’t necessary for Collector to reach through time, since Jake Gallows had travelled back to the 21st century to execute Carnage, as part of an initiative by the future Hydra regime to punish criminals in different timelines. They’re very proactive at the Secret Empire— they won’t let small things like the space-time continuum get in the way of their punishment! And what makes Jake Gallows so special that he gets to fight it out in The Contest?

Gabriel Frizzera: Gallows was one of the characters Marvel allowed us to redesign for the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS comic book, and appeared briefly in the last issue—before being quickly dispatched by Frank Castle. We had plans to put him in the game for a while, and when the opportunity to do a Secret Empire tie-in came about, we decided to have him as the villain. Turns out he’s also our 100th playable character, so it worked out great that he’s one of our original designs! 100 characters is a super cool milestone, and outside of Angela, this may be my favorite looking combatant in “Contest of Champions.” Seriously, this Punisher looks absolutely awesome! What can you tell us about his design?

Gabriel Frizzera: We are fond of his ‘90s garish outfit and gadgets, but we wanted to push him to look more like a “futuristic shock-police on steroids.” The central piece of the design is the chest skull made of knives and guns—which teleport into his hands; not a second to spare in the future. His whole arsenal is white to contrast with the black and red suit, but also to speak to the nature of 2099’s technology: all weapons would be freshly formed and reconfigured on the spot by nanotechnology. His original concept had way more weapons—like mag-blades on his arms and an electro-baton—and a tactical helmet, which ended up having to be cut for memory reasons. But we kept his bad-ass disintegrating gun and “Grenazers”! Aside from his bad ass new look, what sets him apart from Frank Castle?

Gabriel Frizzera: We joke in the office that Jake Gallows makes Frank Castle look like a soft-hearted hippie! We had a lot of fun writing the contrast between the two, the same way other writers love to contrast Frank Castle among more “straight” heroes like Captain America. In the story, when placed between Jake Gallows’ and Steve Rogers’ radically different views of justice, Frank Castle is forced to admit he might be a bit closer to Cap than the fanatic Punisher 2099. It was fun for me to write dialogue where Gallows calls Castle a “half-measure,” the same way Castle called Matt Murdock [“Marvel’s Daredevil” on Netflix]. That shows how far Punisher 2099 has strayed into villainous territory. Tell me a little about Punisher 2099’s abilities…

Simon Cameron: Punisher 2099 gets much of his strength from his Nano-Tech, which is powered by the Nano-Tech Battery. This charge builds over time, and his Special 1 gives him an Overcharge Passive effect, giving him additional Nano-Tech charge for a few seconds. This charge is spent by a number of automatically triggered effects—things like: Triggering a Heal Block on an Opponent when they trigger a Regeneration Buff, Draining the Charge to Regenerate Punisher 2099 if his Health drops below a threshold, or adding a Stun effect to his Heavy Attack. He also enters an Overdrive mode if his Charge reaches 100%. This drains his Charge over time, but grants him additional Attack, and reduces the amount of Power his Opponent gains when they’re struck by Punisher’s attacks. And what’s Retribution 2099 all about?

Simon Cameron: Retribution 2099 is Punisher’s Signature Ability. It lets him start the fight with his Nano-Tech Battery partially charged; it also adds a new automatically triggered effect to spend his Nano-Tech Charge on. This ability triggers when his opponent hits full power, draining a small amount of it, and power locking them for a couple seconds. It’s a little like a Special 3 get out of jail free card. And when can we hope to bring the Punisher’s weapon mastery to bear on the bad guys?

Simon Cameron: Punisher 2099 opens fire on The Contest June 29!

Stay tuned to and @MarvelGames on Twitter for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews!

          Follow the History of Spider-Man Pt. 9   

For over 50 years, Spider-Man has been a sensational standout in the Marvel Universe, and this summer, the web-slinger swings onto the silver screen once more in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”! In celebration of this stories history, we present Spidey’s spectacular step-by-step story!

The X-Men’s Iceman clashed with Spider-Man in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #92, but after realizing his mistake, joined forces with our hero to put the kibosh on Sam Bullit, a crooked politician wooing Gwen Stacy following the death of her father. Spidey stood alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes at a charity event in AVENGERS #85, but when Gwen announced a permanent move to London in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #93, he tried to drown his sorrows in a rematch with The Prowler.

After a bout with The Beetle in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #94, and making up his mind to fly to London to bring Gwen back, Peter Parker changed to his alter-ego in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #95 to put down some British criminals. Back home again in CAPTAIN AMERICA #137, the Web-Slinger held off an attack by The Falcon, then teamed with the high-flying hero and Captain America versus Stone Face in CAPTAIN AMERICA #138.

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #92

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #92

  • Published: January 10, 1971
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
  • Penciller: Gil Kane
  • Cover Artist: John Romita
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Peter took a job with Norman Osborn in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #96, but the business tycoon allowed the pressures in his head to explode and reawaken his other self, The Green Goblin. He battled Spidey in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #97, while unbeknownst to the two combatants, Norman’s son and Peter’s friend Harry fell under the spell of a drug dealer. The Wall Crawler crashed the pusher’s party in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #98, and made Norman see the light of reason by forcing him to face his son’s pill problem.

Spider-Man helped out Daredevil in a fracas with Namor the Sub-Mariner in DAREDEVIL #77, then broke up a prison riot in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #99. Later, weary of his role as a super hero, Peter concocted a potion to be rid of his spider-powers in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #100, but instead gave himself an extra four arms. Now sporting as many limbs as an actual spider, the young hero stumbled into the path of Morbius the Living Vampire in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #101, and felt immense relief when his friend Dr. Curt Connors cured him of his multiple arms in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #102.

Desiring nothing more than a chance to get away from it all, Peter flew with Gwen and his boss J. Jonah Jameson to the Savage Land in search of a legendary monster in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #103. When they found the creature, it took the timely intervention of Ka-Zar to unstick them from the web they’d fallen into.

          Celebrating Star Wars #22   

We all know that the first Star Wars film changed the face of pop culture forever when it hit theaters 40 years ago today—but it’s not just the movie that’s celebrating that milestone in 2017. Star Wars comics arrived with force in 1977, and hundreds of issues later, they’re more popular now than ever.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, we’re looking back at our 40 favorite moments from the history of comics from a galaxy far, far away—one day at a time.

Classic Star Wars (1992) #1

Classic Star Wars (1992) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

By 1979, the world started to understand that Star Wars went beyond just a blockbuster movie. Kenner’s toy line proved incredibly successful, Marvel’s STAR WARS comics flew off the shelves, and soon enough, our newspaper funny pages took fans to a galaxy far, far away. The CLASSIC STAR WARS line of comics reprints these strips.

If you’re inclined to assume that these stories never fit into Star Wars canon, CLASSIC STAR WARS #1 will squash such presumptions right away. The comic reissues an early-‘80s tale by Archie Goodwin—who also wrote many Marvel STAR WARS comics of that era—and penciler Al Williamson released by the LA Times Syndicate. Goodwin used knowledge gleaned from “The Empire Strikes Back” to craft a throwaway movie line into an entire story set between the first two films. Remember when Han tells Leia he’s leaving the Alliance because “The bounty hunter on Ord Mantell changed my mind?” Goodwin introduces us to Skorr—i.e., said bounty hunter!

The story of this encounter lasts through CLASSIC STAR WARS #2 and remains remarkably readable as a cohesive comic book arc, despite the chopped-up nature of its original media vehicle. It’s classic Star Wars, indeed.

          Schooling Spider-Man: Marvel Adventures   

Celebrate the Wall Crawler’s return to the big screen in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” by heading back to school with these adventures available on Marvel Unlimited!

One of the best parts about being a comic reader? Bringing new fans into the fold! Comics might not be exclusively for kids anymore, but there remain plenty of all-ages books to share with children and other new readers including MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN!

Renowned creators like Jeff Parker, Sean McKeever, Mike Norton, Zeb Wells, Peter David, Fred Van Lente, Pop Mhan, Ryan Stegman Todd Dezago, Roger Langridge, Paul Tobin, and Chris Samnee all jumped in at various times to tell tales starring not only Spider-Man, but also a variety of other characters from the Marvel Universe! Instead of fully re-telling the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko stories, these take cues from those while branching out in new directions along the way. The first issue covered the origin while the next two pitted the Web-Slinger against the Sinister Six and the fourth teamed up Spidey and Human Torch first to fight a guy called Street and then the giant monster Goom!

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) #1

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

No matter the threat he faced or the fellow heroes he met up with, Peter Parker balanced all of that with the usual life of a high school science genius whose classmates just don’t understand him. In other words, MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN worked with all of the building blocks of Spider-Man without getting too dark.

Whether you get your hands on the original issues, trades, or the digital versions, these stories make for a fun and exciting entry-point for new readers. In addition to getting to know the basics of Spider-Man and the Marvel Universe, they also offer a great entry course in the ways of actually reading comics.

A Tangled Web

If you’re looking for even more all-ages Spider-Man goodness, go on and check out this book’s precursors: MARVEL AGE SPIDER-MAN and MARVEL AGE SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP. You can also look for the more recent MARVEL UNIVERSE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN comic that takes its cues from the Disney XD animated series.

          Marketing & Comics with the Women of Marvel!   

Join host Judy Stephens & Christina Harrington as they welcome new Marvel team member Andrea Towers to chat journalism, marketing and comics!

Listen to the Women of Marvel – Episode 147 now!

The Women of Marvel podcast assemble to chat all things Marvel and more! New episodes will be released every Thursday, co-hosted by Marvel Director, Content and Character Development Sana Amanat, Producer Judy Stephens, along with Assistant Editor Christina Harrington.

Have feedback or questions? Email us at, or tweet your questions and comments to @Marvel with the hashtag #WomenOfMarvel!

          Thor: Ragnarok Legends Figures   

Fans can amass a worthy collection with this Legends Series assortment! Featuring impressive deco, extensive articulation, and detailed accessories, each figure comes with a different Build-A-Figure piece. Collect all the figures in this wave to complete the incredible Build-A-Figure. Includes characters from the comic books and ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ such as Thor, Hela, and Loki. Each figure sold separately. Available at most major retailers and on A Thor & Marvel’s Valkyrie 2-Pack is also available exclusively at Target.

          ‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Debuts First Official Trailer   

True Believers, the first official trailer for “Marvel’s Inhumans” has arrived with rumblings of treason in the city of Attilan!

Debuting in IMAX theaters September 1 before the entire series comes to ABC, “Marvel’s Inhumans” tells the story of Black Bolt and the Inhuman royal family like you’ve never seen before.

Come September 1, you can experience the first chapter in IMAX theaters before the complete series comes to ABC September 29! Be sure to check out the first official trailer above, and follow @TheInhumans on Twitter and Inhumans on Facebook for the latest!


          Spider-Man Returns as Vulture Attacks ‘Marvel Avengers Academy’   

Spider-Man and some of his spectacular friends swing back to “Marvel Avengers Academy” as Peter’s other school—the Midtown School of Science and Technology—prepares for their homecoming celebration. But the villainous Vulture has other ideas! He launches an attack on both learning institutions and it’ll take everyone at the Academy—plus some new pals Peter’s made over the last year—to thwart his plan and save the dance.

We sat down with Allen Warner, Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, to learn everything Spidey brings with him in this latest event. What’s bringing the web-head and his spider-powered crew back to “Avengers Academy”?

Allen Warner: At the end of our previous Multiverse event, we learned that someone had been scavenging Maestro’s collection of “trophies” for tech and weapons, along with various labs and superhuman battle sites across New York. Nick Fury tasked Spider-Man with finding the perpetrator, and he’s coming back to report what he’s found. It also coincides with the homecoming dance at the Midtown School of Science and Technology, so Spidey will be bringing the party to Avengers Academy, and bugging everyone for dating advice. Why is Vulture so set on laying waste to Midtown Sci-Tech and the Academy?

Allen Warner: Vulture is a brilliant scientist and inventor, but was turned down by both Avengers Academy and Midtown Sci-Tech after being accused of stealing other students’ tech and ideas to further his own goals. He feels like his fellow super-scientists don’t respect him, and the entire world is conspiring against him, so he starts using tech and weapons found in various superhuman battle sites to rebuild and repurpose mechanical monstrosities into things like an army of Vulture-ized Octobots. He wants power and respect, and he’ll destroy everyone and everything at both Avengers Academy and Midtown Sci-Tech to get it. The event district gives us a peek at Peter’s life outside the Academy; what new things will players discover?

Allen Warner: The event district is Midtown Sci-Tech itself, decked out for homecoming. It’s completely different than anything we’ve done before, and really cool because it brings a lot of fun, school flavor the campus. Unfortunately, Vulture shows up to ruin the party, so he’s perched atop the school with his prisoners and minions, plotting his attack on Avengers Academy. And the event building carves out a space for one particular Spider-heroine…

Allen Warner: Yes, we’re big Spider-Gwen fans over here too, so we wanted her to share the spotlight. The event building is a multi-tiered punk rock venue where Gwen and some surprise guests are going to perform, and throw their own brand of homecoming bash. The building represents Gwen really well with its gleaming white exteriors, colorful neon blue and pink graffiti, a unique stage and dance floor, and some other really cool surprises. How will players battle Vulture and his refurbished Octobot army?

Allen Warner: Players will battle Vulture’s tech on the campus as a team, while battling Vulture himself, and a couple of foes he’s tricked into fighting by his side. Part of his plan is to create chaos and keep the heroes busy by setting Symbiotes loose in New York, so your heroes will also battle in the streets of New York to protect the city. What new faces will join the Academy—and the fight against Vulture—as Peter calls on more of his friends from across the multiverse?

Allen Warner: A really cool collection of various Spider-Heroes, amazing friends, and one grumpy newspaper publisher. Players will be able to recruit Silver Sable, Spider-Girl, Agent Venom, J. Jonah Jameson, and Silk. J. Jonah Jameson was really popular as a cameo character during our first Spider-Man event, and I’d forgotten how fun he is to write until this event came around. His personality is great to bounce off of the students, and I can’t wait for everyone to see his visual upgrades. Silver Sable is one of my favorite Spidey characters. She looks amazing, and is a cool fit alongside some of the spies and mercenaries running around the school. Agent Venom is one of the most awesome Symbiotes, and he brings something completely unique to the table, and of course [his alter ego] Flash [Thompson] and Peter Parker have a classic rivalry. Spider-Girl and Silk are two of the coolest spider-powered characters in my opinion. They both were very close to making the cut in our first Spider-Man event, so I’m really excited to see them finally make it into “Avengers Academy.” As always, our art and animation teams have knocked it out of the park with everyone’s designs and actions, and I think players are going to love having all of these characters at their school. And there must be some cool new outfits on the way as well…

Allen Warner: Definitely. There are new outfits for Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Mary Jane, Venom, and Doctor Octopus. It’s a cool mix of some iconic looks, some seldom-seen but awesome outfits from the comics, and a couple of classics given fun Avengers Academy-style re-imaginings. It’s a really cool group that I think people will love. With the second Guardians of the Galaxy event, players were able to recruit the heroes from the previous event; will we see something similar here?

Allen Warner: Yes, we got a really positive response from players during the Guardians 2 event who enjoyed that opening week featuring characters from the original event because it gave them a first or second chance at characters they’d missed out on before, so we decided to do a similar thing here. The opening week will give new and longtime players the chance to get one of the outfits and a few of the characters from the original event, as well as a new character and outfit. Over the course of the event, players will have a chance to get every single character and outfit from the original Spider-Man event, including Miles Morales, Mysterio, Black Cat, Electro, Green Goblin, and many more. Once the Vulture is thwarted, what new adventures will players be able to look forward to?

Allen Warner: We’re going to find that Vulture isn’t the only person who’s secretly holding a grudge against Avengers Academy. He’s been sharing his scavenged tech and weapons with some faraway enemies, and they’re ready to go to war.

For all the latest on “Marvel Avengers Academy,” stay tuned to and @MarvelGames on Twitter!

          Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Fall 2017 Toys   

Gear up for other-worldly adventures with a thundering cast of super heroes and super villains as ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ hits theaters in November 2017! Fans can recreate their favorite movie moments with Hasbro’s new line of Thor and Hulk electronic figures and innovative role play.

New ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ products for Fall 2017 include:

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Thor Rumble Strike Hammer — Wield Thor’s hammer and channel the powers of the Asgardian god of thunder! With each swing, kids can feel and hear the hammer rumble and shake to better act out their favorite Thor moments. The hammer has foam edges and lightning deco.

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Hulk-Out Mask — Kids can easily pretend to transform into the mighty Hulk with this chin-activated mask! The mask has movable eyebrows and mouth so kids can change Hulk’s expressions. The wider kids open their mouth, the angrier Hulkappears!

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Hulk Smash FX Fists — Hulk Smash! Battle like the Hulk with a pair of Smash FX Fists armed with gladiator deco. The right fist includes accelerometer technology that can detect different movements and responds with sound effects. Kids can move the right fist up and down for certain action sound effects or repeatedly smash a surface to increase the sound of Hulk’s roar. Requires 2 AA batteries, included.

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Thor Electronic Figure — Kids can imagine Thor summoning lightning with this 12-inch electronic figure that has 5 points of articulation and movie styling! With the push of a button, Thor says signature phrases and there are action sound effects. Includes 1 hammer. Requires 3 AA batteries, included.

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Hulk Gladiator Interactive Figure — Smash into action with this 13-inch electronic Hulk figure! With the push of a button, kids can hear Hulk’s signature phrases and sound effects. This electronic Hulk figure recognizes and interacts with the electronic Thor figure (sold separately). Includes movie-inspired gladiator deco and battle accessory. Requires 3 AA batteries, included.

All are available at most major retailers and on

          Revisit Spidey’s Origins with New ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Shorts   

True Believers! If you can’t get enough of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, have no fear. We’ve got your back! Between “Spider-Man: Homecoming” hitting theaters July 7, PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN ongoing series from Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert, and “Marvel’s Spider-Man” coming to PlayStation 4, don’t forget the “Marvel’s Spider-Man” animated TV series premiering later this summer on Disney XD!

Disney XD will be releasing a series of six animated shorts retelling Spider-Man’s origins ending in the loss of Peter’s Uncle Ben ahead of the summer series’ release. These animated shorts will launch one per day on Disney XD and Disney XD’s YouTube channel from July 24 to July 29. All shorts will be available on the Disney XD app on Sunday, July 24. Take a look at the first animated short above!

In the first short, Peter Parker is on a field trip to Oscorp Industries when he accidentally gets bitten by a spider. The creative team includes: executive producers Alan Fine, Dan Buckley, Joe Quesada, Jeph Loeb, Cort Lane, and Eric Radomski; co-executive producers Stan Lee, and Stephen Wacker; supervising producers Kevin Shinick and Marsha Griffin; consulting producers Dan Slott, Kevin Burke and Chris “Doc” Wyatt; and Supervising Director Philip Pignotti.

Tune in to Disney XD to catch episodes of your favorite Marvel animated series! Stay tuned to for all the latest news and updates on all things Marvel.

          Black Bolt: Royal Likeness   

Over the years, Blackagar Boltagon has filled many roles: leader of the Inhumans, husband, father, intergalactic ruler—and now, prisoner! Writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Christian Ward set up quite a challenge for the one-time king when they launched BLACK BOLT a few months back: escape from an epic space prison!

Teamed up with the likes of Absorbing Man, Black Bolt continues to figure out how to flee the seemingly inescapable jail in the stars so he can find his way back to his family. We talked with Ward about designing Black Bolt’s cage, working on the silent hero, and making his mark on a childhood favorite. This book has definitely taken Black Bolt in some unexpected directions. How has it been crafting these stories with Saladin so far?

Christian Ward: I’m drawn to stories I can’t predict. I think that’s one reason why shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones” are so enjoyable. Reading Saladin’s scripts for BLACK BOLT [has] had those same unexpected elements and I’ve loved reading them. Bringing a story to life that you’re already enjoying in its script form is easy. I have a background in creator-owned comics; I’m used to working on books I’m personally invested in and working on BLACK BOLT with Saladin has felt no different.

I think he would agree that we’ve really clicked working on BLACK BOLT. It’s been an absolute joy and I feel very lucky to be working with Saladin. I felt like we’re telling one story together infused with all these personal elements. I definitely feel like we’re trying to say something with BLACK BOLT, whilst remembering it’s a super hero comic and it should also be a lot of fun. Even with his first comic, Saladin’s going to be [among] many peoples’ very favorite writers. He’s certainly one of mine now and hopefully this will be the first of many projects we do together. The story mixes elements from classic prison break tales with sci-fi and super heroes. Do you enjoy playing with those pieces and building new structures with them?

Christian Ward: I do! Lots of my previous projects—like ODY-C for instance—have been about clashing genres together. I love the tension you get from mixing disparate ingredients. With BLACK BOLT, as well as the genres you mentioned, I’ve been having fun approaching parts like a Gothic horror, not just with the scenery and the lighting but also trying to use page layouts to make it feel foreboding or claustrophobic.

There have been pages where I’ve tried to make the panel [borders] feel as much of the prison bars as the ones I’ve actually drawn. Becoming narrower and narrower as our characters are contained or crushed within them. It’s been fun to allow the different genres, like horror, influence how certain elements of the book look and even let each issue feel a little different. For instance, in issue #4 I’ve been playing with formal nine-panel grids and half tone textures as a way to exaggerate the old school comic book-ness of the issue. It keeps me on my toes and hopefully it keeps the [book] exciting from issue to issue for the reader. You’re setting much of the action inside of this jail. How much of it did you have designed ahead of time?

Christian Ward: Lots of great design is about tension and what Saladin had in mind for our prison was perfect to play to that idea. He had this idea that it would be equal parts Victorian gaol and [Jack] Kirby techno, so for every stone pillar there has to be this contrasting piece of insane, impossible machinery.

I read about Panopticon so I knew I wanted there to be eyes everywhere because big floating over-watching eyes are always creepy and it had to feel huge, I wanted Black Bolt to feel insignificant there. I certainly didn’t design a physical place like an architect would, rather I spent a lot of time thinking about how it would feel, or maybe how the inmates would feel being held there. I wanted the prison to feel intangible, like a monster glimpsed in the darkness, a place that was ever changing. Somewhere it would be impossible to get your footing or stay sane. An M.C. Escher drawing come to life. BLACK BOLT has incorporated some interesting characters from Absorbing Man to Death’s Head. How has it been putting your own spin on them and making them work in this story?

Christian Ward: The first thing I have to say is what a huge and continuing honor it is to be drawing these characters that so many greats have drawn before me. It’s very exciting to, as you say, put a spin on them. It’s a tricky balancing act to honor what’s come before and try to shine a different light on them. Hopefully success comes from loving the characters in the first place. For instance, when I was a teenager Death’s Head was my favorite character growing up in the UK. He was my Hulk, my Spider-Man, my X-Men. He was my number one. So when I came to design my take on him I let that love guide the design. What I love about the character—that’s what I bring to the forefront.

And oh boy, Absorbing Man! I love drawing Carl. This might be Black Bolt’s book, but I think Crusher’s the heart of it. It’s been so much fun to draw him not as a bad guy, but as a man, and try and make him feel real. Whereas I’m trying to keep Bolt at arm’s length I really want readers to feel very empathetic towards Crusher. I’ve really grown to love the guy so I hope that’s coming through. Does Black Bolt’s silence offer any particular challenges when you’re working from panel to panel?

Christian Ward: It’s a huge challenge. I remember reading about the difference between TV, movie, and stage acting and the “volume” in which actors have to project or emote in each. Unlike in theater, for instance, on a giant movie screen the smallest of facial movements can be read. I’m aiming for giant movie screen acting here. I’ve always enjoyed comic book acting and it’s huge fun to try and convey all the subtleties of Bolt’s face. I really wanted to have him feel reserved and withdrawn from us but that as the story progressed the wall that he’d built up around himself—his own personal inner prison wall—would break down and we’d see more of those emotions showing on his face and in his body language. You know, as much as I love the big cosmic moments of the book, it was the challenge of drawing Bolt that made me take the project on and I’m having the time of my life with it.

BLACK BOLT #3 breaks into stores on July 5, with issue #4 following on August 2, thanks to Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward.

          Celebrating Star Wars #21   

We all know that the first Star Wars film changed the face of pop culture forever when it hit theaters 40 years ago today—but it’s not just the movie that’s celebrating that milestone in 2017. Star Wars comics arrived with force in 1977, and hundreds of issues later, they’re more popular now than ever.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, we’re looking back at our 40 favorite moments from the history of comics from a galaxy far, far away—one day at a time.

Star Wars: Tag & Bink Are Dead (2001) #1

Star Wars: Tag & Bink Are Dead (2001) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

In 1966, a play known as “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”—later adapted to film in 1990—dared to retell “Hamlet” from the perspective of two minor characters. It offered a comedic take on key moments in Shakespeare’s masterpiece by implying that the bumbling duo in some way influenced key events.

Much along those lines, TAG AND BINK ARE DEAD delves into the background characters of “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back” to offer a little more “actual back story” to moments you’ve probably never thought twice about. Starting with the battle aboard Princess Leia’s Tantive IV that kicks off “Episode IV,” we follow two Rebels—the eponymous Tag and Bink—as they eventually escape Empire imprisonment and decide to disguise themselves as stormtroopers aboard the Death Star.

The comedic consequences result in “back stories” for moments like the lone TIE fighter that the Millennium Falcon encounters near the Death Star, the real reason Boba Fett showed up at Bespin, and how the Rebels acquired the shuttle Tyderium they’ll later use to infiltrate Endor in “Return of the Jedi.” Oh, and those two stormtroopers discussing “another drill” as Obi-Wan disarms the Death Star’s tractor beam? That’s Tag and Bink in inaction.

Writer Kevin Rubio masterminded TAG AND BINK ARE DEAD, and followed with a sequel in 2006—and this wasn’t the first time Rubio showed us “what really happened” in Star Wars movies. In 1996, he made a name for himself as the creator of “Troops,” a parody of “Cops” from a stormtrooper’s perspective largely responsible for ushering in an entire era of Star Wars fan films.

          Schooling Spider-Man: Mary Jane   

Celebrate the Wall Crawler’s return to the big screen in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” by heading back to school with these adventures available on Marvel Unlimited!

High school’s rough for anyone, whether you’re a web-slinging superhero or a teenage girl with a crush on one. Sean McKeever and Takeshi Miyazawa explored the latter with a series of books called MARY JANE, MARY JANE: HOMECOMING and two volumes of SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE, though other creators helped bring the story to a close. 

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (2005) #1

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (2005) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Set in an alternate universe in which Peter, Harry Osborn, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Flash Thompson and Liz Allan all attended high school together – Peter met Harry and Gwen in college in the 616 – these stories explore Watson’s ever-changing feelings for the masked man of her dreams!

Initially launched with the four issue limited series MARY JANE in 2004, the overarching story focused on a young woman dealing with the intensity of her feelings while creating a carefree persona. Mirroring the reasons readers initially fell in love with Spider-Man, Mary Jane worried about making money and appeasing her parental units, but not to make web fluid, she wanted to go to the homecoming dance. 

Mary Jane (2004) #1

Mary Jane (2004) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

In fact, much of the drama in this series revolved around the big dance, MJ’s desire to buy the perfect dress for it and also figure out who she wanted to go with. She and Harry Osborn might have seemed perfect for each other on paper, but she had another in mind: Spider-Man.

Of course, her best friend Liz Allan thought her crazy for wanting such a thing, but she really lost her mind after seeing MJ and Flash in am apparently romantic moment!

All the while, a nerdy kid named Peter Parker started appearing more and more in Mary Jane’s life, first as a tutor and then as more of a friend. We all know how that relationship evolved in one version of the Wall-Crawler’s history, but to see what happens in this one, you’ll just have to read all of SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE which ended with a five issue limited series second season volume in 2009.

A Tangled Web

While MARY JANE and SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE didn’t see the title character become a super hero, that’s not the case with every other version of MJ from the various realities. In EXILES we met a version of Watson who not only became Spider-Woman, but also joined the Avengers as seen in EXILES #20. She and the dimension-hopping Sunfire strike up a relationship as they all battle the spreading threat of the Phalanx aided by Asgardians. Later, during a time when the team found themselves displaced on various dimensions, Sunfire and MJ got to spend six weeks together before the Exile teleported away on another adventure.

In the next installment we take a look at the all ages books SPIDER-MAN ADVENTURES!

          X-Men: Gold – Young Mutants in Love (or Love Is Golden)   

The on-again-off-again roller-coaster romance of Kitty Pryde and Peter Rasputin’s become the stuff of legend among X-Men fans, and it’s about to receive a new wrinkle in X-MEN: GOLD #9, out August 8.

The two star-crossed lovers first met in UNCANNY X-MEN #129 when Kitty first walked into the original X-Mansion and met the man-mountain mutant called Colossus. An inauspicious beginning to such a star-crossed love story, to be sure, but by UNCANNY X-MEN #174 they’d recognized their attraction to each other and shared a kiss or three.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #129

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #129

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Peter threw the first monkeywrench into the mix right around the time he’d returned from the first Secret Wars in UNCANNY X-MEN #183 and declared his love for the alien Zsaji to Kitty, though said Zsaji’d perished by that time. Ms. Pryde ratcheted up the anti-feels by joining Excalibur and heading into a hot-and-heavy thing with a guy named Pete Wisdom—a relationship Peter gave his “blessing” to, but also kept one metallic eye on. 

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #183

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #183

What is Marvel Unlimited?

When the Legacy Virus later tore apart the mutant population, Colossus seemingly sacrificed his life during the chaos in X-MEN #110, prompting Kitty to sort out her feelings for the big lunk and insure his ashes traveled back to Russia. Imagine her surprise when Peter turned up hale and hearty in ASTONISHING X-MEN #14, strange situation which led to a passionate reunion and a new outbreak of dating. 

X-Men (1991) #110

X-Men (1991) #110

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Alas, right around the time of the X-Men’s latest disagreement with the Juggernaut and his power source Cyttorak in UNCANNY X-MEN #543, Kitty broke it off again with Peter when she disagreed with his well-intentioned noble thoughts to die for her in battle. Sadly, that meant that she and Colossus’ couple-ness still existed in a state of suspension when Kitty got stuck in a giant bullet traveling around the solar system in GIANT-SIZE ASTONISHING X-MEN #1. Peter tried to move on with his life, but to his credit, he tattooed “Katya” in her memory on his chest in UNCANNY X-MEN #507

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #507

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #507

  • Published: March 18, 2009
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: February 11, 2011
  • Rating: T+
  • Writer: Matt Fraction
  • Penciller: Terry Dodson
What is Marvel Unlimited?

No good mutant hero ever stays lost, though, and so Kitty Pryde returned to Earth, thanks to Magneto, in UNCANNY X-MEN #522 and reclaimed her claim to the big metal guy in UNCANNY X-MEN #522…which of course hit the skids by UNCANNY X-MEN #543. The former Shadowcat struck up a few new relationships in the aftermath, in particular with Iceman in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #14, and with Star-Lord in X-MEN: THE TRIAL OF JEAN GREY #1-6

Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #14

Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #14

  • Published: July 25, 2012
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: April 08, 2013
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Writer: Jason Aaron
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Today, Kitty’s done with star-hopping scoundrels and Peter’s, well, Peter, and the two of them, as seen in X-MEN: GOLD #1, believe they can fight alongside each other as “just friends.” But, anybody who’s ever been in their position knows that trick never really works, right?

Stay tuned…we should be finding out whether or not our beloved Kitlossus will ever be a thing again very, very soon.

          Estas son las novedades semanales de Xbox Store   
Llegan Diablo: Eternal Collection, Valkyria Revolution y Machines World Series.

La Xbox Store, tienda digital de contenidos de Microsoft disponible en Xbox One, se ha actualizado con nuevos contenidos y como viene siendo habitual de los viernes os vamos a contar las principales novedades que podéis comprar aquí.




Juegos de Xbox One

Machines World Series - 29,99 €
Goliath - 14,99 €
Marvel Heroes Omega - Gratis
Valkyria Revolution - 39,99 €
Digerati Family Friendly Bundle - 17,99 €
Hunting Simulator - 59,99 €
The Golf Club 2 - 39,99 €
AereA - 39,99 €
Wales Interactive Publisher Bundle - 77,99 €
Diablo III: Eternal Collection - 69,99 €

Estas son las novedades semanales de Xbox Store
          Marvel tiene en cartera varios proyectos de videojuegos y realidad virtual   
Entre ellos, uno de 'Los Defensores'.

Marvel tiene grandes y ambiciosos proyectos en desarrollo relacionados con los videojuegos. Si bien hace unos días conocíamos más de sus tomas de decisiones, ahora es el vice presidente y productor ejecutivo de Marvel, Mike Jones, el que confirma que la Casa de las Ideas tienen grandes videojuegos para consolas sin anunciar, proyectos de realidad virtual y juegos para móviles de gran presupuesto.

Una ambiciosa hoja de ruta

"Tenemos una hoja de ruta. Tenemos algunos juegos increíbles para consolas, móviles y realidad virtual, y no puedo decir nada de momento. Estamos confeccionando un catálogo completo, y estamos intentando encontrar el mejor trato posible para cada personaje, editora, plataforma o género, y buscamos calidad, no una simple forma rápida de licenciar para hacer un juego", explica Jones.


"Estamos siendo bastante activos en planificar cuáles serían las mejores y más correctas experiencias para según qué licencias o plataformas"

"Actualmente estamos siendo bastante activos en planificar cuáles serían las mejores y más correctas experiencias para según qué licencias o plataformas, así como en buscar los mejores desarrolladores para ellas", añade. "A veces hemos recibido a editoras y socios que nos cuentan de forma muy apasionadas cómo y de qué manera quieren desarrollar una idea genial para su proyecto basándose en alguno de nuestros personajes", comenta Mike.

"Otras veces, nos asociamos con los estudios a los que amamos y respetamos y les ofrecemos trabajar junto a nosotros. Básicamente hablamos de congeniar música y letras, y siempre andamos ansiosos por encontrar los mejores matrimonios posibles", añade.

"Marvel Studios decide quién tiene que dirigir una película basada en un personaje y el tipo de historia que debe presentar, y nosotros andamos en una línea muy similar en la forma en la que queremos trasladar a Spider-Man o Los Vengadores en un videojuego. Sí, existe un apartado clínico de gestión, con un excel en el que manejamos muchos elementos en este proceso, pero sobre todo, lo más importante, es la pasión", concluye.

Ofreciendo la máxima calidad en sus licencias


Mike Jones explica qué tipo de decisiones han llevado a ofrecer juegos de tanto calado de sus personajes y grupos más importantes, como lo son Spider-Man y Los Vengadores, y qué futuras licencias acabarán llegando a los videojuegos. ¿Qué proceso siguen? ¿Qué control de calidad existe?

"Estos personajes y licencias son propiedades que ofreceremos de la mejor forma posible a los aficionados. Nos estamos asegurando de ello"

"¿Qué hace más importante una historia de Los Vengadores o qué la convierte en diferente de una de Spidey o de Los Defensores? En ese sentido, hemos aprendido los mecanismos que hacen grandes los argumentos y las narrativas en los videojuegos. Estos personajes, estas licencias, son propiedades que ofreceremos de la mejor forma posible a los aficionados. Nos estamos asegurando de ello", concluía.

Marvel tiene en cartera varios proyectos de videojuegos y realidad virtual
          Marvel’s Inhumans: trailer   
New US sci-fi will have its premiere in IMAX cinemas "worldwide" ahead of TV broadcast.
          MPLS-TP OpenFlow extensions approved   
ZTE announced that the 'MPLS-TP OpenFlow Protocol Extensions for SPTN' (ONF TS-029) technical document proposed by China Mobile has become a formal standard of the ONF (Open Networking Foundation) after receiving unanimous approval from the forum's board of directors.

The release of MPLS-TP OpenFlow Protocol Extensions for SPTN is intended to provide a foundation for interworking between devices from heterogeneous vendors, and between devices and controllers. ZTE noted that China Mobile's large-scale deployment of software-defined packet transport network (SPTN) devices provides an example for other operators, while five operators are believed to be planning to implement the standard in the near future.

ZTE stated that packet transport network (PTN) technology features separate forwarding/control and a centralised management architecture, while OpenFlow offers an open protocol that performs programmable control for flow tables on the forwarding plane. In addition, an abstract adaptation layer supporting OpenFlow to encapsulate the existing forwarding functions of PTN is intended to provide an efficient means of enabling PTN devices with open and software-defined features.

Additionally, this design is expected to facilitate the commercialisation of PTN devices supporting SDN and thereby accelerate the development of the SPTN supply chain.

It was noted that China Mobile has a longstanding commitment to SPTN technology, in mid-2015, working with ZTE, Broadcom and Microsemi, establishing a discussion group within the ONF to research device specifications for SPTN based on OpenFlow and table type pattern (TTP).

In November 2015, a first ONF draft was proposed based on SPTN TTP that extended flow tables, group tables and related fields supporting MPLS-TP, expanded the OF-Config protocol to support QOS, OAM, protection and alarm performance configuration, and leveraged local OAM processing units to ensure a 50 ms protection switching time.

In tandem with the draft specification, China Mobile also organised lab tests for SPTN devices complying with the specifications and amended the document in accordance with the test results. The draft document was subsequently passed for review by experts from a number of ONF technical groups and adopted as a formal standard.

ZTE stated that MPLS-TP OpenFlow Protocol Extensions for SPTN standard is supported by the SPTN industrial supply chain, including chip manufacturers Broadcom, Microsemi, Centec and Marvell, equipment providers ZTE, Ericsson, Fiberhome, Raisecom, Greenwell, Chuling and Huahuan, instrument manufacturer Spirent and open source software Open Daylight and ONOS.

To date it is estimated that more than 50 operators have deployed MPLS-TP-based PTN devices at scale, including China Mobile, which purchased around 590,000 group customer devices compliant with the SPTN TTP standard in 2016. In addition, six equipment vendors have worked with China Mobile to deploy the networks.

          Does a snarky architecture blog have the right to scrawl all over Zillow listings?   

The real estate website Zillow is the place you go to search for a home — and maybe marvel at high-end listings.

The snarky blog McMansion Hell is where you go to ridicule the kinds of homes you’ll never be able to afford.

The sites occupy opposite ends of the online real estate world — a reality...

          Translating a Raj Thackeray Speech   
I don't agree with Raj Thackeray's stance against immigrants from UP and Bihar. I can sort of, kind of, see where he is coming from, but I don't agree with the conclusion. And I find his forcible and occasionally violent methods to have his way (especially against powerless shopkeepers and job applicants) abhorrent.

However, as a Marathi person, I find the gap between what he says in Marathi and what is reported in the national media to be suspiciously wide. There are two problems. First, they wrongly translate a lot of what he says. Second, they seem to pick and choose the most provocative bits that can be spun into an attention-grabbing soundbite. I have written about the dangers of this phenomenon before.

Today Raj Thackeray led a rally to Azad Maidan (without permission from the police top brass) as a protest against the August 11 incident. He gave a speech there. Again, I marveled at the difference between what he was saying and what the national media was reporting he was saying.

So I had an idea. I have translated PuLa Deshpande's work before. Surely I can translate a speech. So here it is, the speech in Marathi, and then, what I think is an objective, unbiased, and direct translation in English. This is not an endorsement of what he said. Just a translation for illustrative purposes. I agree with some parts, and disagree with some. I'll leave you to judge it for yourself.

Note - I am translating it in a bit of a hurry. So please forgive any typos or inadvertent grammatical errors.

When it's an institution from Maharashtra, be it a police department, a media company, or anything else.... even just a person from Maharashtra....we should demonstrate the strength to ensure that no one ever looks askance at them again with the intention of harming them.

For the last two days, this has been going on... police officials come to me and ask, how will you take the rally from Girgaum chaupatty? I told them we'll walk.

(crowd laughs)

Then they're like, you can't go from here, you can't go from there...all these efforts at putting obstacles in our way have been spearheaded by Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik. I found out the other day..... in fact a few police officials told me this...that they'll try to stop our cars, and try other things to stop us. I called the Chief Minister right away, and asked him, what is this? What happens or doesn't happen (at the rally) is something we can deal with later. But can't we express our protest in a democratic way with a rally?

Why stop us at every point? I assured them at our rally will be a peaceful one, and they still refused us permission for it? And they had no problems giving permission for that Raza Academy rally? But here we are, with a rally to protest what happened the other day right here, and they refuse us permission?

Then there's (Home Minister) R.R. Patil who says - we won't spare anyone who threatens the law and order of the city. Really? So what happened that day? Was his tail between his legs?

(crowd laughs)

The other day he calls up (MNS MLA from Mumbai) Bala Nandgaonkar and says, "What could I do? What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to take a big stick and stand there?"

(crowd laughs)

There is this one boundary line that cannot be crossed. I have never crossed that line, and will never cross that line. Never raise your hands against the police.

(crowd applauds and cheers)

If you demoralize the police to such an extent, then where will the common man go with his problems? Where will he go? If this keeps happening, tomorrow even the police will say "we don't want to get involved here, do whatever you want".

Is this how a state is run? And this Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik. The cops caught the guilty people. And what does he say to the DCP who arrested the guilty people? He says, "You bastard, let them go!" He tells him to let the criminals go!

Our policewomen sisters were tormented here... they were pulled aside and beaten up and molested......all these guys, our Marathi police constables, were getting beaten up... and they weren't getting any orders?

Oh, and these (police head honchos) knew everything from the beginning. They knew that there were trains full of these goons coming for the rally. And they had choppers, and rods and everything else... tell me, are there ever any rocks lying around here (in Azad Maidan)? Where did the rocks come from?

These people had advance warning of all these facts, and they still ignored them. And they refuse permission for my peaceful rally? The other day, when some police officials came to meet me, I told them. I told them that the 11th August rally at least had targets. That mob knew that it was supposed to target the police and the media.

Who do we want to target (in this rally)? I have already declared our targets. Arup Patnaik, resign! R.R. Patil, resign! I declared this in the beginning itself.

We have not come here to destroy cars or set something on fire. We don't even wish to do all that. Even if we were to, whose cars would we destroy and whose property would we set on fire? Our own? Those belonging to our citizens from Mumbai and Maharashtra? This rally isn't for such purposes.

But how else are we supposed to express our anger? They won't let us express our anger at whatever happened. And they say, please respect democracy. This is democracy?

Go and look at the track record of Raza Academy and its rallies. A few years ago, this same Raza Academy had a rally in Bhiwandi. This bhadva (translates to 'pimp' but pimp doesn't have the same punch :)) Abu Asim Azmi went to that rally. He gave a speech there, that too an inflammatory speech. And they're sending me notices - "don't make inflammatory speeches". That Abu Azmi went there, made an inflammatory speech in Bhiwandi. You know what happened next?

The mob killed two police constables by bashing their heads in with big rocks. Then they cut off their private parts and threw their corpses into burning buses..... the government had no problems with that. And they refuse me permission for a rally?

Whoever came here (on 11t August) had no connection with Maharashtra. They all came from outside Maharashtra.

(crowd applauds and cheers)

After everything that went down here that day, this passport was found, a Bangladeshi passport...

(shows a Bangladeshi passport to the crowd)

This was found right here. Single entry passport (I assume he meant visa). Needed only to come into India. No intentions of going back, so it was thrown away here...

(throws it away)

There are countless such people coming into Maharashtra... they are all setting up their bases in Maharashtra. Tell me something....they say 'coincidence'....what coincidence?

In 1992 when the Babri Masjid was demolished, where was its retaliation felt instantly? In Mumbai! There was no violence anywhere else in the country (GS: this isn't true...there were riots in many other cities)...only in Mumbai! And when this incident happened during the rally on 11th August, its reaction happened in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. So something happens in Uttar Pradesh, there's a reaction in Mumbai, and something happens in Mumbai, there's a reaction in Uttar Pradesh. Doesn't India have any other states???

The reason is, all these people are coming here from there. All these Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who have infiltrated and set up bases in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and Jharkhand, they're all coming here by the trainfuls. And the bases that they are setting up here in Mumbai, those are going to create trouble for us in the future.

Otherwise tell me, this Abu Azmi is elected from two different constituencies in Maharashtra. Two different constituencies? Should any politician from Maharashtra get elected from two different constituencies? He gets elected from two constituencies because all the people in those two constituencies have all come from outside, and they vote for him.

That day, it finally came to the police (couldn't understand the word he said here despite re-playing it many times, at 12:20)...then they had to do it. While doing that, the guy who died, Abu Azmi announced 1.5 lakh rupees for him. So why not for our policemen?

(crowd applauds and cheers)

Even the state government hasn't announced anything yet. No announcements from the state government that they are going to provide compensation for those who were hurt or troubled in those events. Nothing. Nope, just get beaten up.

Why didn't R.R. Patil speak up then? He threatens us.... anyway, what's the point in threatening us? It's almost time for us (and him...a pun) to leave now.

(crowd laughs)

They don't think about anything that has already happened or what may happen. They don't do anything useful. Just get the cops beaten up. Anyone will come, drag our cops away, and beat them up?

The other day when they had that rally in Uttar Pradesh, rioted, destroyed property and all. The ones who did that were also all from outside - Pakistani Muslims and Bangladeshi Muslims. They all poured out into the streets. And what did they do? They defaced a statue of Gautam Buddha. Everyone saw it. Everyone saw pictures, saw it on TV.

Where is Mayawati? Where is that Ramdas Athavale? Where is R.S. Gavai? Where is Prakash Ambedkar? Why are they all silent? All they're obsessed with, as if possessed by a ghost, is Indu Mills Indu Mills Indu Mills Indu Mills. Don't they have anything else to do? What do they want to build in Indu Mills - a bungalow?

Why aren't they talking now? But no one will talk about these things now. They're not ready to utter a word. It's been so many days since the (11th August) incident. But there has been no statement about it from Ramdas Athavale. No statements from R.S. Gavai or Prakash Ambedkar or Mayawati, or anyone else. Nothing. Cat's got everyone's tongues.

This Mumbai Police Comissioner.....he has a "favorite" (that's the word he used) officer Dhoble. The other day, he takes a hockey stick and goes to that...what was that..juice center bar... juice center something...where did he go?

(crowd prompts)

Yes, Amar Juice Center. Is that a place to take a hockey stick to? Take your wife, your kids, I can understand, but a hockey stick? He takes a hockey stick there and beats up innocent people with that hockey stick? And what's his defense? He found drugs there....then why didn't he shut it down?

And this idiot...Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik....what's his explanation? He says Dhoble was on his way to play hockey and stopped over at the juice center. Tomorrow, if someone has gone for his honeymoon. So will he just turn up there naked?

(crowd laughs and cheers)

So Patnaik will go out of his way to protect Dhoble! Because Dhoble is his "favorite". And here (in Azad Maidan) when cops were waiting for orders to tackle the mob.....if not firing, at least give us orders for a lathi charge.... at that time Patnaik had nothing to say. And when our police officers were catching the guilty culprits, Patnaik abuses the officers, calling them "bastards"? He is demoralizing cops to such an extent?

This won't be allowed to happen in Maharashtra anymore. I only want to say one thing to R.R. Patil and Arup Patnaik. Even if you have a little bit of shame left...even a minuscule amount of shame left.... then resign. If you have even the slightest bit of shame left.

For the last two days, some newspapers have been saying - "Raj Thackeray's Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is now moving towards Hindutva". Whoever raises his hands against a cop, whatever his religion, he should be bashed up wherever he is.

When my own party's MLA was bashed up....Harshavaradhan he here?  When Harshavardhan was bashed up.... I gave the orders for him to be bashed up... would he have been bashed up otherwise? When I gave a speech at that time, I said the same thing. Harshavaradhan, no matter what happens, you DO NOT raise your hands against a policeman. Never raise your hands against a cop.

This has nothing to do with religion. All the constables who were here, all my policewomen sisters...the female cops... I consider them all my Marathi brothers and Marathi sisters. I have come out on the streets here for them.

The rally that day (11th August) was organized by Muslims and today I have organized a protest rally against it.... so immediately they're jumping to the conclusion that I am "moving towards Hindutva"? I only understand...this Raj Thackeray only understands one religion...and that is Maharashtra religion. I don't understand any religion except that one. No one dare cross this Maharashtra religion. No one dare think of harming it.

And today's rally is only to boost the morale of the police and to provide wholehearted support to the police.  Along with them, we have people from the media here. Media vans were attacked, burnt, photographers were beaten up.... this rally is to express support for all of them too.

I thank you all for the tremendous response to this rally. If ever such events reoccur, we must stand together in strength like this.

When you're going back...all of you, when you're going back...keep in mind and make absolutely sure that you don't indulge in any sort of untoward activities. Go back in an orderly and peaceful manner to wherever you came from.

I hope that in the future whenever I call upon you, you will return with the same enthusiasm. And now I take your leave.

Jai Hind! Jai Maharashtra!


          Hari Tatya by P. L. "PuLa" Deshpande   
It's been a couple of years since I translated anything by PuLa. While considering different options about what to translate next, Hari Tatya stood out as a particular appealing candidate. He is so universally identifiable. Hari Tatya - the eccentric but genial family friend with one foot firmly in the distant past that all kids have encountered growing up. Your Hari Tatya might not have been interested in history. Maybe he was into politics, or science, or even astrology. But that does not take away from the HariTatyaness of all Hari Tatyas.
Usual caveats apply - I cannot even pretend to be a good enough translator to keep most of PuLa's magic intact. But even a fraction of the essence of the character sketch should make it readable. And I have changed or omitted some references to make the essay accessible. And used contemporary phrases and expressions.

A couple of days ago, I heard someone use the phrase "irrefutable proof", and I was suddenly reminded of Hari Tatya. I had heard him say "I have irrefutable proof of this!!" hundreds of times during the course of my childhood in Mumbai. So had everyone else who knew him. So much so, that my grandma's nickname for Hari Tatya was "Mr. Irrefutable Proof". 

There was nothing surprising about his penchant for that phrase, because he is always making claims that can't be justified without irrefutable proof. The guy refuses to inhabit the present. And describes the past as if he can see it unfolding in front of his eyes. He's been like that for as long as I can remember. Obviously, I can't remember the first time I saw him. But I am sure he remembers it vividly.

"Purushottam! Come on, son! How can you not remember? It was a Saturday. Late in the afternoon. How can you not remember?"

That's how he's sure to chide me for forgetting the details of my birth.

The remarkable thing about Hari Tatya was how informally he addressed everyone, be they younger or older than him. He is the only person I ever knew who spoke to my generally feared and respected grandpa like an old chum. Of course, we knew him as grandpa's friend. But he was obviously several years younger. Because he generally treated grandpa with respect and veneration. In his own way. He never used the respectful pronoun as is the norm when speaking to elders in India. But whenever grandpa entered the room,  Hari Tatya would sit up straight. Maybe because grandpa gave him some pocket money to tide him over every month. And often provided him with seed funding for his latest entrepreneurial venture.   

No one in the family can remember exactly when this creature named Hari Tatya became a part of our extended household. My grandfather was a very generous man, and a friend to anyone who tried to be his friend. So it was difficult to predict exactly how many people he'd bring home any given evening to have dinner with the family. Of course, in those days of the big joint family, the occasional dinner guest or two didn't really bother those minding the kitchen. In those days, rice, dal, and flour for a meal were measured not by cupfuls, but by fistfuls. The dinner table was populated by not just immediate family, but also uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and cousins once, twice, several times removed. There was also the occasional son or daughter of a family friend studying in the city, in addition to ABC's brother-in-law and XYZ's neighbor's son-in-law. So at pretty much any meal, there were always a few unexpected guests present. I don't recall many evenings when our joint family of 12 had less than 25 plates laid out for dinner.

My grandma seemed to me like Annapoorna (the goddess of nourishment) reincarnated. Her hands were blessed with some magical touch that imparted rich flavor even on a glass of water she served. So you can imagine how tasty and welcoming any dinner table she laid out was. Hari Tatya joined our family by turning up at one such dinner table. After that, he kept turning up. He was there with us at joyous occasions. He was with us at sad moments. 

But all those years, even as I grew up and looked different every year, Hari Tatya always looked the same. A simple cotton shirt, modest dhoti, and a rarely-washed Gandhi cap. We kids referred to his style of wearing the cap as "Compass Fashion". If his nose pointed east, then the two ends of his cap seemed to align with the North-South axis, like a compass needle.   

I never had any idea what Hari Tatya did for a living. I only knew that grandpa kept helping him start some "promising new business" every few months. Grandpa had always had a dream of owning and running his own business. But his stable and respected position in society, the steady income his job brought him, and the large family depending on that income, made taking any big risks all but impossible. So he lived his entrepreneurial dream vicariously through Hari Tatya by funding Hari Tatya's ambitious albeit modestly scaled business ideas. 

I remember one monsoon season when grandpa gave Hari Tatya money to start a business selling umbrellas. For the next couple of years, everyone in the family got a new umbrella for free in the first week of June. But I doubt Hari Tatya's umbrella business was profitable any longer than an umbrella mushroom's lifespan. It seemed like grandpa was more devoted to making the umbrella business succeed. I remember he would come home from work in the evening every day and hand Hari Tatya a sheet of paper,

"Here are orders for some umbrellas. Be sure to deliver them to these addresses right away."

Then we kids would accompany Hari Tatya, brand new umbrellas stacked on our heads, making deliveries to customers that grandpa has managed to canvas during his day job. We kids usually didn't move a muscle for anyone else. We'd disappear if anyone else tried to give us a chore. But for Hari Tatya, we didn't mind looking ridiculous walking the streets with those umbrellas on our heads. We loved his company so much, we'd have walked on coals with umbrellas on our heads if he had asked us to.

Hari Tatya told us absorbing stories and taught us fascinating poems and shlokas as we accompanied him. That too at the top of his voice while walking on the street without any regard to passers by. I remember an anecdote from one of our umbrella sorties. We were all walking with those umbrellas stacked on our heads. Hari Tatya told us to put the umbrellas down, and join him on a stone bench on a street square, and regaled us with the story of Sant Ramdas.

He had a truly unique narrative style. As a result of that narrative style, for many years, we kids were under the impression that Hari Tatya, Sant Ramdas, Moropant, Sant Tukaram, Vaman Pandit, Shivaji Maharaj etc. all once lived together in the same neighborhood. Because no matter how far back in the past the event he was narrating had occurred, he effortlessly injected himself into the proceedings. The way he recounted those stories convinced us that he had seen it all unfold in front of his eyes.

"Kids, I tell you, this Ramdas, even as a kid, was quite the character! He would run away and hide somewhere. We'd keep searching, keep seeking, but couldn't find him! His mother would ask us - have you seen my little Narayan anywhere? We'd say, sorry ma'am, we have no idea. Poor woman, she'd keep looking for him all over the village."

"Once she asked the village chief - have you seen my Narayan anywhere? The village chief had the habit of pouncing on any opportunity to be arrogant. He said - Narayan? Which Narayan? There are hundreds of Narayans in this village! Mother said - Please help me, sir. My Narayan. Narayan Thosar. Have you seen him?"

"Poor lady. There were tears in her eyes. And with good reason. Tell me Purushottam, if you go missing some day. And your mother is looking for you everywhere. Won't she tear up? Tell me, Purushottam! Won't she??"

Hari Tatya would narrate this story with so much pathos, that all our eyes would moisten up as well. Then we'd start walking again to make sure the umbrellas were delivered on time. But as our hands held the umbrellas on our heads, our shirt sleeves would be busy wiping our tearful eyes as Hari Tatya continued with Sant Ramdas a.k.a Narayan Thosar's story.

"Narayan's mother was terrified! Fair good-looking little boy. I tell you guys, this Narayan looked so beautiful as a child. Positively radiant.  Plus he'd just had his threading ceremony, and wore a pearl earring. She was aghast - did those Muslim invaders kidnap him to convert him to Islam??? Oh my god!!!"

"And kids, I tell you....those damned Muslim invaders in those days....they weren't decent like Muslims we know today. No! They were just so damn #$%%*&^$#......"

And he'd unleash a barrage of expletives that any other adult would've deemed inappropriate for our supposedly innocent young ears. Maybe it's because of these expletives he let loose so readily, but to our pre-pubescent minds, Hari Tatya seemed like the epitome of valor and courage. 

"So then, hours ticked by. And soon it was afternoon. Still no sign of Narayan! Mother ran home and spread her arms in front of Lord Ram's idol. Ah, how beautiful that idol was, kids, believe me! So divine...."

And Hari Tatya folded his hands to pay respects to that imaginary idol of Lord Ram floating in the air in front of him. We all were still carrying umbrellas. But still, we did our best to twist our arms and pay our respects to the imaginary idol too.

"She said - Goddess Sita, please find me my Narayan, and I will give you an offering of my best clothes and a coconut! Mother said that, and opened the closet to take out her best clothes to offer to the goddess. And lo! Narayan was sitting in the closet!"

"Mother wailed in delight - NAAARAAYANAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!"

And Hari Tatya yelled so loudly, that everyone around us on the street stopped whatever they were doing and started staring at us.

"Mother took Narayan in her arms and said - My son, I have been looking for you all over the village. What are you doing here? .... Do you know Purushottam, what Narayan's response was?"

I shook my head.

"Yeah, well, it's difficult for you to know. How would you know? An innocent little child like you can't even imagine what the future Sant Ramdas said. Narayan said...get this, kids.... Narayan said - Mother, I was pondering the fate of the world"

"That's what he said - I was pondering the fate of the world."

Hari Tatya finished the story. He blew his nose. Then he wiped his eyes with his shirt sleeves. All us little umbrella carriers, or chhatrapatis, had no idea what to do next. Hari Tatya regained control of his demeanor and said,

"Just think Purushottam.... he was about your age. And what did he say? I was pondering the fate of the world! Unbelievable! Simply divine! Tell me Purushottam, do you have such a boy in your class? A boy who will hide in the closet? And say - I was pondering the fate of the world?? Is there? Tell me!"

I meekly shook my head.

"Yeah! So that was Ramdas! Saintly right from his childhood. I have irrefutable proof of this. He went on to become Ramdas Swami.... Sant Ramdas. But just because he was a Sant, don't think he was a softie. You should've seen him flex his muscles. The way his biceps sprang up, almost jumping out of his skin, I tell you! All he had to do was bend his arm ever so slightly, and his bicep would spring up. If you struck his bicep with an iron bar, the iron bar would bend! But Sant Ramdas would barely notice the blow. Barely...."

Hari Tatya kept staring into nothingness for a couple of minutes as if he had just seen Sant Ramdas in the flesh. He smiled a little and gradually shook his head in admiration. 

Then suddenly, as if waking up from a dream, he shook his shoulders. And in a voice completely devoid of the narration-specific baritone,  he said,

"Umm....Purushottam....tell me...Nerulkar...Nerulkar is the guy who lives around the corner from the grocery store, right? How many umbrellas has he ordered? Three, right? Let me check..."

Hari Tatya fished out the sheet from his pocket, verified the order, and led our umbrella-bearing procession to the Nerulkar residence. 

No one in that procession had yet truly returned to the present, to the real world. One kid was visualizing the full scale and strength of Sant Ramdas' legendary biceps. Another was wondering how a well-built 10 year could fit inside a 17th century closet in a poor Brahmin family's house. Yet another was promising himself that when he grew up, he'd work out so intensely that an iron bar would bend when struck on his biceps. With all these anachronistic thoughts in our minds, dreamy expressions on our faces, and umbrellas on our heads, we were helping Hari Tatya run his business.

It goes without saying that the umbrella business didn't last long. None of Hari Tatya's businesses did. The reason was obvious to me. Hari Tatya aspired to run those businesses. But his passion and dedication towards running them was nothing compared to the passion and dedication grandpa had for those businesses. But grandpa's passion and dedication was moot, since he couldn't practically quit his job. And Hari Tatya, who was supposed to run the business, usually inhabited a completely different reality.

Later, grandpa gave Hari Tatya money to start a business selling agarbattis (incense sticks). So Hari Tatya started walking around with a big bag of agarbattis hanging from his neck. Grandpa and Hari Tatya would discuss the sales of the day every evening. Often, it'd turn out that Hari Tatya had taken 1 rupee from a customer for an agarbatti pack worth 75 paise, and returned 50 paise instead of 25 paise. And on most days, the bag hanging from his neck was as full in the evening as it had been in the morning. 

But still, after all these discussions, on his way out, Hari Tatya would open the door and happily yell at us kids,

"Jai Jai Raghuveer Samartha!" 

That's a line from the Dasbodh - Sant Ramdas' treatise on spiritual and practical matters. It is particularly known among Marathi people for its guidance on practical matters, a ready reckoner for success, if you will. Hari Tatya was a man who kept quoting that practical treatise at every possible opportunity, but remained utterly and truly impractical. He never reached an appointment on time, never left an appointment on time.

Grandpa and Hari Tatya clearly loved each other, cared for each other. But they also spent several nights arguing with each other. Random corners of various rooms in our house were stacked with unsold inventory from Hari Tatya's failed ventures - from umbrellas to agarbattis to books to backpacks. Once in a while, when we eavesdropped on the arguments, what Hari Tatya said was oddly but somehow appropriately unrelated to the business at hand and more relevant to arcane Maratha history,

"Dude, I have irrefutable proof of this! Come with me to Maval right now! I can literally see where that horse Krishna's hooves landed!" 

And truly, Hari Tatya could probably see where those hooves has landed centuries ago. I often wonder if Hari Tatya's default existence was in the distant past, in the golden age of the Maratha empire. The odd occasion when he acknowledged the 20th century was probably like a dream to him.

"So there we all were. Standing in the royal court with Shivaji Maharaj on the throne. And they brought in the daughter-in-law of Kalyan's vanquished governor. Oh wow! She was absolutely gorgeous! A true beauty if I ever saw one! And as the victorious king, Shivaji Maharaj had the right to have his way with her. She was his for the taking. She was so damn beautiful, I tell you guys! And her flawless milky white complexion! She was at least 6 times as fair as this girl Yami everyone thinks is so fair. And I'm not making this up, boys. I have irrefutable proof of this!"

When I was a kid, our neighbor Yami Gokhale was the benchmark of fair complexion. She had the whitest skin we ever saw. The Gokhales were the only Konknastha Brahmin family in our neighborhood, and Konknastha Brahmins are reputed to have fair/white skins. The rest of us were mainly Deshpande-Kulkarni types with wheatish-to-dark skins. Hari Tatya himself was as dark as the iron pillar in Delhi. So when he said "6 times as fair as this girl Yami", we had genuine trouble imagining how fair the daughter-in-law of Kalyan's vanquished governor must have been. But Hari Tatya had no trouble embellishing his story.

"We were all standing there, staring, admiring her beauty. Maharaj himself was stunned by her beauty..... tell me kids.... Maharaj who???"

We had all memorized the answer to this question thanks to several prior lessons from Hari Tatya,


We kids yelled out the official complete title for Shivaji as if we were orderlies in the Maratha court of the 1600s. When we said this correctly, Hari Tatya regally looked at us with an expression of pride and humility, as if he were Shivaji himself!

"Well done, boys! So anyway....where was I?"

"6 times as fair as Yami" one of us piped up.

"Okay, you idiot. Who was 6 times as fair as Yami?"

"The wife of Kalyan's vanquished governor."

"WIFE????????" Hari Tatya screeched.

We all took a step back.

"You idiot! Where did his wife come from? There in Kalyan, the vanquished governor is splayed out dying, yelling YA ALLAH! YA ALLAH!"

And Hari Tatya laid down on the ground with his limbs flailing in the air, invoking the Koranic almighty.

"He is dying! His wife is next to him, crying! The one they brought to Shivaji Maharaj's court was his beautiful daughter-in-law!" 

"6 times as fair as..."

"YES!" Hari Tatya thundered, "Will you stop obsessing over Yami, for crying out loud?"

The boy looked away and Hari Tatya continued,

"So we were all staring at this exquisite beauty that was the daughter-in-law of Kalyan's vanquished governor. And Maharaj was looking at her too. Oh, and how handsome Maharaj himself looked, I tell you, boys! Eyes like an eagle. Sharp straight nose. Thick flowing beard. Rich well-defined sideburns....."

Whenever Hari Tatya narrated a story about Shivaji Maharaj, this effusive description of his appearance was bound to turn up sooner rather than later. As soon as Hari Tatya mentioned the sideburns, we'd complete the remaining description -

"...the regal crown on his head, the divine Bhavani sword at his waist, a pearl necklace hanging against his chest, a tilak on his forehead....."

When we completed this description, Hari Tatya looked at us all with an expression of genuine bliss and satisfaction.

"Well done, boys!" Hari Tatya nodded and continued, "So Maharaj said to the beauty - betaa, pardaa nikaalo, darney ki koi baat nahin (Child, take off your veil. There is no need to be afraid.)"

All of us had heard the story of the daughter-in-law of Kalyan's vanquished governor dozens of times. But every time, this particular line was delivered in Hindi for some reason.

"So that beauty raised her veil. Maharaj looked at her. And said - Wow! Goddess Bhavani has made you extremely beautiful!"

Because of Hari Tatya's numerous renditions of this story, all us kids grew up assuming that the job of making someone beautiful had been assigned to Goddess Bhavani. In fact, we were so convinced of it, that for many years afterwards, whenever I saw a beautiful woman, I'd think to myself - Goddess Bhavani has done a good job on her!

"Maharaj then said - If my mother had been as good looking as you, then maybe I too would have been good looking! Hearing this, I swear you Purushottam, that lady was so touched, tears started flowing from her eyes. Then Maharaj gave her a sari as a gift, and respectfully sent her back to Kalyan, untouched and unmolested. That's how wise and decent our Maharaj was!"

Just as Hari Tatya finished narrating the story, grandpa showed up. Suddenly, Hari Tatya's demeanor changed, and he earnestly said,

"Listen Purushottam, tomorrow morning, we must leave really early to sell those agarbattis, understand? Later on, the streets get so crowded, that it's difficult to move about!"

Of course, all us kids understood the sudden change in Hari Tatya. In fact, we had an unspoken arrangement with him, in which, if we saw grandpa approaching, we would quietly tell Hari Tatya about it.

This arrangement worked great when we were kids. But kids don't always stay kids. They grow up.

We grew up too. Lost our wide-eyes innocence, and developed a healthy sense of cynicism and sarcasm. We went from revering Hari Tatya to poking fun at Hari Tatya. Once we started making fun of the guy, we realized that grandma had been doing it for ages. If he occasionally turned up late for dinner, grandma would say,

"Oh, you still haven't had dinner, Hari Tatya?? When you didn't show up at the usual time, I thought Shivaji Maharaj insisted you stay over at his palace for dinner!"

Hari Tatya would say nothing.

"Or maybe at Peshwa Bajirao's table tonight.... in a silver plate!"

I don't think the ridicule mattered to Hari Tatya. In fact, I am sure that in his mind, he really had dined with Shivaji Maharaj thousands of times. Once he entered the idyllic world of the past, he completely immersed himself in it. 

Once, our entire family went to Pune for a function. Hari Tatya came with us. For him, Pune, steeped in Maratha history, was Valhalla. Not only did he come with us, but he took all us kids for several walks around the city all week, and all but recounted the history associated with every tiny rock we encountered.

When Hari Tatya took us to the bare spartan innards of the historic Peshwa palace Shanivaarvaada, he told us the story of Peshwa Narayanrao's murder. And of course, he ran around the place yelling,


Be it the reign of Shivaji or the reign of Peshwas, this man was always there. 'How was Hari Tatya present at every historic event related to the Maratha empire in the 17th, 18th, and 19th century?' - was a question we never asked ourselves when we were children. And when we grew up, although we poked a little fun at him, we never asked him that uncomfortable question to force him to confront the fact that his fantasy world was just that - a fantasy.

Hari Tatya led us through the streets of Pune, reliving several processions full of elephants and horses. His eyes had apparently seen the first ever public Ganpati, in Kasba. He didn't just know the details of everything that went on at Lal Mahal; he could even identify the window from which Shaistekhan was hanging when he lost his fingers to Shivaji's sword. 

"And the bugger went to the Mughal emperor Delhi and greeted him with his chopped up fingers!" Hari Tatya told us with ill-concealed glee, "The emperor said to Shaistekhan - Sir Uncle, where are your fingers? Khan said to the emperor - that bastard Shivaji, that rat of the hills, he cut them off! Imagine that! This no-good Shaistekhan called Maharaj a bastard! That damn #$%%@#$$#@@@..."

Hari Tatya, in the presence of us kids, fired at Shaistekhan a colorful expletive of such unbridled hostility, that if the Khan had heard it, he would've presented his hands to Hari Tatya and said, "if you want, cut off my remaining fingers, but please, stop with the profanity!"   

Hari Tatya often turned up when least expected. Similarly, he often disappeared when least expected. On Chaturthi (a holy night for Marathis), if Hari Tatya didn't show up for dinner, even grandma would wonder,

"Where the heck is Hari Tatya? Has he gone to Panipat to wage another ill-advised war?"

Hari Tatya was sorely missed on every holy occasion that he didn't show up, solely for his flair at leading aarti (public prayer). He knew hundreds of of aartis. He seemed to know by heart the aarti for every god and goddess in the Hindu pantheon. When a shirtless Hari Tatya, with tilak on his forehead would start the aarti of the Dashaavtaars in his booming voice, everyone's hands instinctively came together in devotion. And when I say his voice boomed, I mean it! Even the person holding the pooja plate would put it down, probably worried about it vibrating because of the voice.


When that "AAAAA" started, all us kids would have bets on who could keep going the longest without stopping for breath.


By the time he was halfway through the 10 avatars, Hari Tatya's own delirious avatar was worth marveling over. We kids would get caught up in the fervor too. Whenever Hari Tatya became engrossed in the aarti, his right eye developed an odd squint. On such occasions, we kids would turn our back on the holy idols and stare at the divine Hari Tatya instead.


At this line, he'd spin on the spot a couple of times. We kids would spin too.


I can still picture the imaginary dip he would take in the imaginary holy river at this line.

Towards the end of the aarti, his voice got even louder at the DEVAAAA.... and of course, all us kids would join in. That was the only moment in the whole year when we had a license to scream as loudly as we wanted. That's what made Hari Tatya so special to us kids - in his company, we could be what we wished we could be all the time.

Today, after remembering Hari Tatya after all these years, I can't help but get a little choked up. Dozens of people of all ages, appearances, and backgrounds came to visit grandpa when I was growing up. I can remember some of them well, can't even picture the faces of many others. But no one was as memorable as Hari Tatya.

When Hari Tatya walked into the compound of our house, he'd first stop and talk to us kids playing in the yard, and only then go greet the adults. He was popular not only among the kids in my family, but also other kids in the neighborhood, who had no compunctions in calling out his name when they saw him,

"Hariii Taatyaaaaaa!"

Hari Tatya would acknowledge the kid who had called out his name and do his best to entertain. He'd pretend to jump up and down like a monkey, make funny faces, march around like a drummer boy until everyone was laughing. He'd stop whatever he was doing to entertain kids.

Sometimes he'd do this when he was walking with grandpa, engaged in some serious discussion about their latest business venture. Grandpa would discover that he was talking to fresh air, and Hari Tatya had stopped several steps back to make faces at some kid. On such occasions, grandpa scolded him in public, asked him to behave like a grown-up.

But grandpa did love Hari Tatya a lot, like a brother. I never fully understood why the bond between them was so strong, because you couldn't find two men more unlike each other. But the bond was strong. If grandma made some special dessert, grandpa would always remind her to set some aside for Hari Tatya. Not that grandma needed any reminders. She cared about him too. Often she'd tell other women in the kitchen to make sure there's enough food set aside for "that old crow Hari Tatya" in case he dropped by.

Hari Tatya resembled a crow in many ways. When he moved his gaze, he moved not just his eyes, but even his neck, like a crow does. His eyes had a slight squint, like crow's eyes. But his squinted gaze had seen a lot of things that others with a normal gaze missed. He had seen Shivaji's coronation, the third battle of Panipat, the Buradi Ghat skirmish...

"Even if we die, we'll keep fighting on!" Hari Tatya, down on the ground in our front yard with  limbs flailing, hollered Dattaji Shinde's dying words.

Even today when I read Dattaji's tragic death, I see him as Hari Tatya in my front yard. Over the years Hari Tatya got me intimately acquainted with Shivaji, Tanaji, Tukaram, and everyone of any importance in Maratha history.

I never really liked history lessons at school, nor did I fully understand them. School history was infested with dates that had to be memorized. Hari Tatya's history wasn't tangled in the cobwebs of distant dates; it was as alive as he was. And he brought it to life for me.

As a child when I made my first trip to Pune, I was surprised not to see Shivaji or Sambhaji Maharaj there. When the train passed through the Sahyadris, I hoped to catch the glimpse of the Marathi army crossing the hills in full battle gear. Hari Tatya's refusal to think of history in past tense had rubbed of on me. His tendency to inject himself into any event and narrate in first person made it seem like all those events had occurred just before Hari Tatya came to our house.

People often personify History when they say things like "History will remember", "History will note", "History tell us", and so on. Today I realize that the "I" in Hari Tatya's stories was never meant to be Hari Tatya himself, but that personification of History.

"All us soldiers on Sinhagad were terrified by the enemy's swollen ranks, and started running away from battle, when Suryaji stood in our way. WAIT, he shouted at us, I HAVE CUT OFF THE ROPES THAT WE USED TO CLIMB UP. Well, what could we do? There was no way to run. So we turned around and joined the battle again. A sword through an enemy's throat, a spear through another's stomach, we kept going!"

"Tanaji had already been martyred. Shelarmama was wounded, but still fighting. I tell you, Purushottam, I have never seen a man bleed as much as Shelarmama did that night. His clothes were completely red. But oh, when he finally landed a blow on that Udaybhaan.... that was all it tok. Udaybhaan was flat on his back. Soon the tide turned, and we had won. We lit up the signal torches. Shivaji Maharaj saw our signal and reached Sinhagad in an hour."

"When he learned that Tanaji had died, Maharaj started bawling like a baby! Like a baby, I tell you! He said in a broken voice - "I got my gad (fort) back, but I lost my sinha (lion)". Oh, the plaintive voice when he said it, I swear to you Purushottam, I couldn't bear to hear it. I had never and have never since heard Maharaj sound like that. And I have irrefutable proof of this. Not making it up. Even the stones on Sinhagad melted at the intensity of Maharaj's sorrow. That's how Maharaj was. Which Maharaj?"

"GoBrahminPratipalak........" we'd break into our well-rehearsed chant.

As time went by, my childhood too became history. Most of the elders in the family passed away. The house also aged. Maintaining the yard became too much of a hassle, so it was tiled. The little flower garden was gone, as were grandpa, grandma, and dad. I lost touch with most other members of the family as well. There was no way to always keep in touch with Hari Tatya.

Once in a while, the clock turns back, and in the broken glasses of the old house's windows, I see countless reflections from my childhood. Occasionally the scent of an agarbatti, or the first drop of rain on a new umbrella makes me think of Hari Tatya. And his voice starts echoing in my head.

That man, no relation of mine, gave me more than most of my close relatives ever did. He'd take us kids high in the open skies of fantasy on his wings of history. Bring to life everyone from history. He made sure that the roots of the tiny saplings that were our childhoods were buried deep in a glorious past. Hari Tatya never gave us snacks or candy that money could buy, but instilled in us a sense of pride for our heritage that no treasure in the world can.

He strengthened our tiny wrists with the character of the past. I never realized it then, but can see the true value of his efforts now. Those wrists don't always turn the way they are supposed to. But Hari Tatya instilled in us the confidence that if need be, they can turn the course of history.

Now Hari Tatya himself is part of history. Old age made him a shadow of his former self. It was much later, during his last and eventually fatal bout of illness, that I learned Hari Tatya had a grown-up son. He worked in some trading firm in East Africa.

In those final days, when I went to meet him, I couldn't bear to look at what old age had done to him. He was almost fully blind. As he laid there looking weak, his shriveled body didn't even cover half the bed. I sat next to him.

"Hari Tatya, it's me Purushottam."

"Oh Purushotam! Great!" he smiled in the direction of my voice, "As you can see, I am now Surdas! So how have you been? You're in Delhi these days, right?"


"Ah, never got to see Delhi."

"Why don't you come with me?"

"There's no use now. I may be able to visit Delhi, but won't be able to see it, which is the whole point. No, I'll just admire it in my mind."

Hari Tatya felt silent. I felt tempted to gather all my childhood friends, including the 1/6th fair Yami Gokhale, and holler,


Maybe it would have brought life back to his eyes, put some meat on his bones, and maybe he'd have said,

"I tell you, Purushottam! We were all standing there dumbfounded in the court at Delhi. And Sadashivrao Bhau was chipping away at the golden throne! With his bare hands! Pieces of gold flying all around, as the rest of us watched, unable to move!"

Come to think of it, Hari Tatya didn't need to see Delhi for all this. Whatever he had seen of history, he hadn't seen with the eyes he lost to old age. I spent several hours with him and left, aware that this might be the last time I get to meet him.

A few days later, Hari Tatya's obituary appeared in the newspaper with the cliched salutations and praises - affectionate, kind, loved by all, etc etc. As I read the obituary, I realized it didn't even come close to capturing the essence of the man. It was the first and last printed record my old childhood friend, who usually lived in the distant past, having any contact with the present. All it did was offer "irrefutable proof" that a man called Hari Tatya had existed in our times.

          Elektra #5 (2017) ~

Year : 2017 | Size : 36 MB

HUNT OR BE HUNTED! The epic climax of "ALWAYS BET ON RED"! Trapped in MURDERWORLD, ELEKTRA is close to ending ARCADE's sick games. But surrounded by trigger-happy high rollers who have paid top dollar to participate in the hunt, will Elektra survive long enough to reveal Arcade's treacherous scheme?

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          G.I. Joe – A Real American Hero #175 – 241 (2012-2017) ~

Year : 2012-2017 | Size : 2.3 GB

Picking up from where the original Marvel Comics' G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic book ended, Real American Hero is a core fan's dream come true! Larry Hama continues his classic G.I. Joe run. IDW Publishing's relaunch of the original series, continuing the numbering and storyline from 1994 with issue 155.5. IDW's series ignored Image's G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and Devil's Due's G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.

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          TS146: Planet of the Apes, Two and a Half Men, Thor, w/ Musical Guest LP   
Did you see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? Erin and Bryan did and we're not impressed with their lady ape and their zero gay apes. What does impress them? Marvel comics has made Thor a woman! And in the best news ever, the incredible singer-songwriter LP stops by to talk Elvis, yoga farts, whistle the theme song from "Friends,"  and sing a song from her new album Forever Not Now, which is out now! You won't believe her voice!  Buy LP's "Forever Not Now" here Watch Us!  Every Wednesday on Funny or Die See Us! TSPOD Live shows Subscribe and Rate Us! iTunes Tweet Us!  @gibblertron & @bryansafi Use the Hashtag #tspod Email Us! Like Us! Throwing Shade Facebook Page Old School Listen! RSS Feed
          [Video] Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere features the 2018 Audi A8   
Spidey is coming back to Marvel, so Audi is taking full advantage of its partnership relation with the studio – giving the beloved neighborhood friendly super hero a ride that certainly transcends his high-school status. The all-new Audi A8 flagship limousine is coming officially out in less than two weeks […]
          Harvest Moon successor, Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, sets European release date   

Harvest Moon successor Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns will launch on 13th October in Europe for 3DS.

While Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns doesn't actually have the words "Harvest" or "Moon" in the title, it's still part of Marvelous Inc.'s long-running farming series. In fact, Trio of Towns celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The reason for the name change is that in 2014 Marvelous decided to use its own American branch, XSEED Games, to distribute the series in North America, yet the previous publisher, Natsume, still owned the name Harvest Moon. So XSEED needed to give the series a new name in the west and it went with Story of Seasons. In Europe Marvelous likewise switched publishing partners to Nintendo of Europe, who decided to stick with the Story of Seasons name to keep things consistent across the west.

Read more…

          365 Days of Defiance, Day 177: Be careful not to choke on your aspirations   

Panels from Star Wars (1977 Marvel series) #51 (September 1981), script by David Michelinie, pencils by Walt Simonson, inks by Tom Palmer, colors by Don Warfield, letters by John Morelli

          Marvel's Full 'The Inhumans' Trailer Shoots for the Moon   
Now that Marvel’s ABC Inhumans has officially booked a late September premiere, our first full glimpse of the Royal Family in action has arrived. See for yourself, as our first official footage of the September IMAX release reveals epic scope and a major betrayal.
          La directora de 'Wonder Woman' no habría elegido a Gal Gadot: estas otras 9 actrices eran ideales para el papel   

Gal Gadot

Ahora que 'Wonder Woman' es un gran éxito, camino de convertirse en la película más taquillera del actual universo de superhéroes de DC, parece evidente que sólo Patty Jenkins podría haberla dirigido; tanto es así que ya está contratada para realizar la secuela. Lo mismo ocurre con Gal Gadot, cuestionada al principio, pocos discuten ya que sea la ideal para dar vida a la Mujer Maravilla.

No obstante, como con cualquier éxito, tuvieron que producirse una serie de circunstancias afortunadas para que la primera película de 'Wonder Woman' llegase a su feliz destino. Joss Whedon estuvo a punto de dirigir la adaptación del cómic hace años pero su proyecto no arrancó. Para llegar a Warner/DC Jenkins tuvo que ser despedida por Marvel, que la fichó para la secuela de 'Thor'. Y a Gadot la eligió Zack Snyder para 'Batman v Superman'. De hecho, Jenkins reconoce que habría elegido a otra actriz.

La directora de 'Wonder Woman' hizo esta curiosa confesión en una entrevista para Playboy:

"No habría realizado el proyecto si hubiera tenido el más ligero problema con el casting. Así de importante es. Recuerdo cuando leí la noticia de que habían fichado a Wonder Woman y mi corazón se hundió. Había estado hablando con el estudio durante mucho tiempo sobre hacer hacer el casting y pensé: "bueno, se acabó". Estoy seguro de que no habría realizado la misma elección. Y entonces empecé a fijarme en ella, observarla y mirarla, y fue sencillamente increíble.

"Francamente, creo que hicieron un trabajo mejor del que podría haber hecho yo porque no sé si habría rastreado el mundo tan duramente para encontrarla. No sé si habría buscado internacionalmente. Habría buscado simplemente a una chica americana. El hecho de que encontraran a Gal y la eligieran es un mágico regalo para mí. Son personas increíblemente inteligentes y estuvieron buscando todas las mismas cosas que yo habría tenido en cuenta: todos los valores que representan a Wonder Woman rezumando en alguien de manera honesta, y vaya si la encontraron. Es la más grande."

Otras candidatas a 'Wonder Woman' que podrían haber ocupado el lugar de Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman Candidatas Jessica Chastain

(Jessica Chastain)

Candidatas Wonder Woman Eva Green

(Eva Green)

Wonder Woman Candidatas Morena Baccarin

(Morena Baccarin)

Candidatas Wonder Woman Gemma Arterton

(Gemma Arterton)

Candidatas Wonder Woman Olivia Wilde

(Olivia Wilde)

Candidatas Wonder Woman Mary Elizabeth Winstead

(Mary Elizabeth Winstead)

Emily Blunt Wonder Woman Candidatas

(Emily Blunt)

Alexandra Daddario Wonder Woman Candidatas

(Alexandra Daddario)

Adrianne Palicki Candidatas Wonder Woman

(Adrianne Palicki)

          The First Marvel's Inhumans Trailer Looks Like Game of Thrones with Superpowers   
We finally know what one of the fall season's most anticipated shows will look like. ABC today released the trailer for Marvel's Inhumans, one of the network's tentpole series of the 2017-2018 season.The series is [...]
          James Bond darà il via ad un nuovo universo cinematico?   

Sulla scia delle serie cinematografiche di Marvel e DC, anche James Bond, lo 007 più amato di sempre, potrebbe avere un proprio universo cinematico.
          La série Marvel Inhumans s'offre une première bande-annonce   
Quelques jours après avoir annoncé son arrivée sur ABC, voilà que la série Marvel Inhumans s'offre une bande-annonce à voir sur
La série Marvel Inhumans s'offre une première bande-annonce
E..., vivez l'information autrement

WARNER BROS. INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT, TT GAMES AND THE LEGO GROUP ANNOUNCE THE LEGO ® NINJAGO® MOVIE VIDEO GAME Players Will Experience the Action-Packed Movie as Their Favourite Characters While Mastering the Art of “Ninjagility”  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO Group today announced The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game that will allow players to delve into the world of the new big-screen animated adventure The LEGO NINJAGO Movie. Developed by TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game will be available for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and STEAM on September 22, 2017. “The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game brings the non-stop action and thrilling combat of the film into the living room so kids can embark on their own Ninjago adventures,” said Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games. “Enhanced movements will help players traverse Ninjago with the fluidity and grace of a secret ninja warrior and improve their combat skills.” “The LEGO Group is pleased to extend the Ninjago play experience with The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game,” said Sean McEvoy, VP Digital Games, The LEGO Group. “Fans will love playing as their favourite Ninjago heroes and joining an epic adventure of good versus evil.” In the game, players battle their way through waves of enemies with honour and skill as their favorite ninjas Lloyd, Nya, Jay, Kai, Cole, Zane and Master Wu to defend their home island of Ninjago from the evil Lord Garmadon and his Shark Army. To do so, they must master the art of Ninjagility which allows them to traverse Ninjago by wall-running, high-jumping and battling the foes of Ninjago to rank up and upgrade the ninja’s combat skills.  Players can harness the power of Spinjitzu combat to defend Ninjago together. The game features eight large, action-packed locations based on the story of The LEGO NINJAGO Movie. Each location includes its own unique Challenge Dojo where players can put their combat skills to the test and battle with increasingly tougher enemies. And with Battle Maps, players can go up against their friends and family in four different game modes, with competitive split-screen local gameplay for up to four players. # # # About Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, a division of Warner Bros. 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Opening September 22, 2017 (USA), “The LEGO NINJAGO Movie” stars Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Michael Peña, Fred Armisen, Kumail Nanjiani, Abbi Jacobson, Zach Woods, Olivia Munn, and Jackie Chan.  It is directed by Charlie Bean, Paul Fisher and Bob Logan, from a screenplay by Bob Logan & Paul Fisher & William Wheeler & Tom Wheeler and Jared Stern & John Whittington, story by Hilary Winston & Bob Logan & Paul Fisher & William Wheeler & Tom Wheeler and Dan Hageman & Kevin Hageman, based on LEGO Construction Toys. “The LEGO NINJAGO Movie” is produced by Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Maryann Garger and Chris McKay. Executive producers are Seth Grahame-Smith, Jill Wilfert, and Keith Malone, with John Powers Middleton as co-producer.  From Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Animation Group, in association with LEGO System A/S, a Lin Pictures/Lord Miller/Vertigo Entertainment Production, “The LEGO NINJAGO Movie” will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. © 2017 The LEGO Group. ™ & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (S17) LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE VIDEOGAME software © 2017 TT Games Ltd.  Produced by TT Games under license from the LEGO Group.  LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Brick and the Knob configurations and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. © 2017 The LEGO group. THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE © The LEGO Group & Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. “”and “PlayStation” are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. “” is a trademark of the same company. © 2017 Nintendo. Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con are trademarks of Nintendo.  All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.  All rights reserved.
          The First Trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans Includes the Teleporting Dog We All Need   

We have a trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans! Tension among the Royal Family leads to a coup, which leads to an escape to Hawaii! Also, Lockjaw the teleporting bulldog gets a chance to shine. See? That dog is amazing. Inhumans will debut in IMAX theaters on September 1 and then begin its regular series on ABC […]
          MOVIE REVIEW: Sally Hawkins is a marvel in 'Maudie'   
Biopic about Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis, who was crippled by juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, is painful to watch, except for Hawkin's performance.
          Does a snarky architecture blog have the right to scrawl all over Zillow listings?   

The real estate website Zillow is the place you go to search for a home — and maybe marvel at high-end listings.

The snarky blog McMansion Hell is where you go to ridicule the kinds of homes you’ll never be able to afford.

The sites occupy opposite ends of the online real estate world — a reality...

          Fox Carves Out Dates for 6 Mystery Marvel Movies   

There are no titles yet, but the studio has been eyeing a 'Deadpool 3' and 'X-Force'.

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          Spider-Man: Homecoming is a perfect return to MCU for our fave web-slinger   

Sometimes, it almost seems too easy for super producer and Marvel Cinematic Universe Godfather Kevin Feige. Throw him a little known, third-tier band of comic book misfits (Guardians of the what

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          Tο β' πρόσωπο του Στουρνάρα, η μάχη των αγγλικών και άλλα ωραία    
# Κατά το -μέσω διαρροών- ρεπορτάζ ο κ. Στουρνάρας είπε σε έντονο, λέει, ύφος, λόγω των αποκαλύψεων του ΔΝΤ περί ΣΚΟΠΙΜΩΣ αποτυχημένων μέτρων «σωτηρίας» της Ελλάδας, στους "τεχνικούς" εκπροσώπους της τρόϊκας:
«Αυξήσατε τους φόρους, μειώσατε τους μισθούς, πετσοκόψατε τις συντάξεις, φουσκώσατε τον ΦΠΑ...»
Όλα σε β' πληθυντικό!
Αυτό θα πει ΕΘΝΙΚΗ κυριαρχία! Καταλάβατε;;;
Αλλά και ηλιθιότητα των προπαγανδιστών των «υπογείων του μεγάρου Μαξίμου». Που θέλοντας να δείξουν ...διαπραγματευτική πυγμή, φανερώνουν ΑΛΛΑ πράμματα...
# Η μάχη των αγγλικών δίνει και παίρνει. Ο κ. Σαμαράς, ως αμερικανοσπουδάσας θεώρησε ότι θα κατατροπώσει τον Μετσοβιοπολυτεχνίτη κ. Τσίπρα σ' αυτό το πεδίο.
"Success story" ονόμασε την πολιτική του ο πρώτος καλώντας τους κινέζους να επενδύσουν στο ...θαύμα μας, "Disaster story" ο δεύτερος...
Την εξερευνητική μου διάθεση την ξέρετε... και προφανώς σάς αρέσει αφού διαβάζετε τις γραμμές αυτές. Δεν θα σάς απογοητεύσω! Παραθέτω τους εναλλακτικούς όρους που βρήκα για τα παραπάνω. Ας τους αξιοποιήσουν ο κ. Σαμαράς και ο κ. Τσίπρας...
Αν μή τί άλλο, έτσι για ποικιλία, ρέ αδερφέ. Για να μην βαριόμαστε ακούγοντας συνέχεια τα ίδια...
Για τον κ. Σαμαρά βρήκα τα εξής:
Triumph story, Victory story, Fiesta story, Pride story, Panigyr story, Marvelous story, Party story, Lucky story, Miracle story.
Για τον κ. Τσίπρα τα κάπως περισσότερα:
Tragedy story, Failure story, Comedy story, Hectic story, Farce story, Fiasco story, Xepoul story, Catastrophe story, Karagioz story, Ominous story, Sihtir story, Rezil story, Stinky story.
Δεκτές δικές σας εξερευνήσεις. Βοηθείστε να εμπλουτίσουμε το λεξιλόγιό τους.
# Ο κ. Ρουπακιώτης είπε την γνώμη του για το τί συνέβη στους κόλπους της τρι-κυβέρνησης με το νομοσχέδιό του, που είχε προσυμφωνηθεί, το βάλανε οι ΝουΔούδες στον πάγο, το επανέφερε το ΠΑΣΟΚ και η ΔΗΜΑΡ, κατάθεσε άλλο ο Σαμαράς κλπ κλπ...
«Για όσα μάς επιβάλλει η τρόϊκα είναι όλοι σύμφωνοι, τα ψηφίζουν στην Βουλή, για τα υπόλοιπα κάθε κόμμα (της τρι-κυβέρνησης) ψάχνει πως θα κερδίσει λίγες ψήφους»...
# Ο κ. Μηλιός του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ προς τον κ. Τραγάκη της ΝΔ για την εναντίωση προς το ξεπούλημα (την ...αξιοποίηση δηλαδή) δημόσιων επιχειρήσεων στρατηγικής ή κοινωνικής σημασίας:
«Άλλο είναι να λέμε να κλείσει μιά μη κερδοφόρα μικρή επιχείρηση, ένα μπακάλικο, κι άλλο να ...ξεφορτωθούμε την (κερδοφόρα...) Εταιρεία Ύδρευσης-Αποχέτευσης της Θεσσαλονίκης»...
Λέτε να κατάλαβε ο κ. Τραγάκης;;;
Νομίζω πως ναί.
Λέτε να το παραδεχτεί κιόλας;;;
Σωπάτε τώρα...
# Ο ρώσος συγγραφέας Νικολάϊ Γκόγκολ πριν 150 χρόνια είχε γράψει ένα ...σπαρταριστό θεατρικό έργο, τον "Επιθεωρητή", όπου κάνει με τα ...κρεμμυδάκια την υποκρισία -και όχι μόνον- των «ταγών» της εποχής...
Με συμμετοχή εξαιρετικών ηθοποιών μας το έργο θα «περιοδεύσει», θα παιχτεί σε πολλές πόλεις της Ελλάδας.
Μην το χάσετε! Έστω κι αν τό 'χετε ξαναδεί παιγμένο από άλλον θίασο...
Για να φρεσκάρετε την άποψη πως κάποιες αρρώστειες δεν αντιμετωπίζονται εύκολα, επιμένουν να μάς αρρωσταίνουν επί χρόνια και χρόνια... 150 και βάλε...
Θα είναι και πολύ επίκαιρο άλλωστε, τώρα που η τρι-κυβέρνησή μας έφερε νόμο που καταργεί τον ανεξάρτητο θεσμό του "Επιθεωρητή Διοίκησης", ο οποίος -δια του κ. Ρακιντζή- πολλά δυσάρεστα για το πολιτικό μας σύστημα έχει αποκαλύψει...

          Дебютный трейлер сериала «Сверхлюди»   
Marvel, ABC и IMAX представляют ТВ-версию того, что могло быть одним из фильмов кинематографической вселенной. В сети появился первый официальный трейлер сериала «Сверхлюди» («Inhumans»), который должен рассказать историю королевской семьи с известными оп комиксам героями вроде Черного Грома, Медузы и Локджо. Только вот все равно видно, что размаху не хватает бюджета. И да, Вин Дизель [&hellip
          Six mysterious Marvel movies were just announced by 20th Century Fox   

More X-Men movies are coming, as studio 20th Century Fox announces plans to release six additional, mysterious films between 2019 and 2021 based on the Marvel Comics properties it owns.

The post Six mysterious Marvel movies were just announced by 20th Century Fox appeared first on Digital Trends.

          Primer tráiler ‘Inhumans’, la nueva serie de Marvel   
Marvel acaba de presentar el primer tráiler completo de 'Inhumans', una superproducción que se estrena a finales de septiembre.
          Marvel year by year : a visual history   
An illustrated chronology of Marvel comics.
          The First Trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans Reveals the New ABC TV Series   

Marvel has released the first trailer for their upcoming Inhumans television series coming to ABC. The trailer features a revolution breaking out on the moon between the Inhumans and a lot of unhappy civilians on Earth. The first two episodes of Inhumans are set to premiere on September 1st, 2017 in IMAX theaters and the […]

The post The First Trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans Reveals the New ABC TV Series appeared first on Laughing Squid.

          Author Writes Story Full of Lively And Playful Characters   

Where Is My Tail? is a children's book written by Everlena Morris. “Where is my tai?”, asks the rabbit. The question will never be left out of the page. The book revolves around the rabbit's fixation in finding its tail. This is a very lively book filled with lively characters, easy to read dialogues and very creative and colorful illustrations. The book is marvelous for role plays and/or puppet shows. The book is fun to read and will never bore the children. Babysitters wit

Read the full story at

          The First Trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans Reveals the New...   

The First Trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans Reveals the New ABC TV Series

          Does a snarky architecture blog have the right to scrawl all over Zillow listings?   

The real estate website Zillow is the place you go to search for a home — and maybe marvel at high-end listings.

The snarky blog McMansion Hell is where you go to ridicule the kinds of homes you’ll never be able to afford.

The sites occupy opposite ends of the online real estate world — a reality...

          Marvel Heroes Omega Now Live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4   

Marvel Heroes Omega Key Art (PRNewsfoto/Gazillion, Inc.)FOSTER CITY, Calif., June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Gazillion is proud to bring the first free-to-play Marvel game to consoles with today's launch of Marvel Heroes Omega for Microsoft's Xbox One®. The company also successfully transitioned Marvel Heroes Omega out of a 4.5/5-star...

          Of those you status people    
You can do this by done delivering on the gossip you have for your souk. This will musical your prospects that you are an proficient and a someone meriting of approving. Online, laurels is the lonesome uninominal situation that can abet you to receive marvelous figure of gross sales all month.Now the one and only way you can get that is by exploitation a all right designed mangle folio that has an opt-in form exact in the in-between of it beside bulleted points for the benefits of a dispense distant that can be
           BOOK X-Men/Fantastic Four Hardcover - Comic Sale US$15.90   
NCS Product Synopsis
   New copy of X-Men/Fantastic Four from Marvel Comics. US$15.90 which includes shipping with USPS Media Mail within the continental United States. Orders placed before 4PM EST ship same-day. 
From the Publisher
Published: June 2005, Original Cover Price: $19.99 1st printing.  

The X-Men and the Fantastic Four team up in this heart-pounding adventure! Can the two teams put their differences aside to stop a creeping menace from outer space that threatens our planet's very existence? Even as the heroes trek into the stars, the real threat to their mission might just be among themselves! It's the X-Men and Fantastic Four versus... the X-Men and Fantastic Four?! An unexpected adversary turns Marvel's two greatest hero families against one another. Collects X-Men/Fantastic Four #1-5.

Hardcover, 120 pages, full color. Cover price $19.99. 

Product Condition
   This item is brand new from original NCS stock circa 2005.

  • ISBN-10: 078511520X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0785115205

          Audi’s slow reveal of its new A8 continues   
If you're wondering what the connection could possibly be between the new Audi uber-sedan and Spider-Man, it's because Audi has some significant product placement in the upcoming latest instalment of the Marvel superhero franchise with Disney.
          Трииночка: Ночь для лунного танца...   

Это цитата сообщения Vi-Natalka Оригинальное сообщениеНочь для лунного танца...

Что ж, это дивная ночь для лунного танца,
Со звездами в вышине твоих глаз.
Чудесная ночь, чтобы сотворить наш роман,
Под покровом октябрьских небес.
И все листья опадают с деревьев
Под звуки веющих бризов.
И я пытаюсь угодить этим взывающим струнам
Твоего сердца, которые играют так нежно и тихо.
И все волшебство этой ночи, кажется шепотом тишины,
И весь мягкий лунный свет, кажется, сияет в твоем румянце.

Well, it's a marvelous night for a Moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes
A fantabulous night to make romance
'Neath the cover of October skies
And all the leaves on the trees are falling
To the sound of the breezes that blow
And I'm trying to please to the calling
Of your heart-strings that play soft and low
And all the night's magic seems to whisper and hush
And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush.
/Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Moondance/

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Код рамочки:

          Marvel TV Bringing 'The Defenders,' 'Legion' & More To Comic-Con 2017   
"The Defenders," "Inhumans" and "The Gifted" are among the Marvel Television shows on their way to Comic-Con 2017.
          The News From Poems: “WTF”   
A near-accident has poet Laura Kasischke marveling at the fearlessness of young adults and also worrying about their future.
После того как вы соберете фигурки мстителей, они могут сразиться между собой на поле битвы. Сборка всех фигурок довольно простая, без клея! Железный Человек Капитан Америка Халк Черная Вдова Благодаря очень плотному сотрудничеству с коллегами из Marvel мы постарались максимально точно показать особенности героев со всеми деталями. Для игры понадобится любая ровная поверхность (пол или стол, например), с различными препятствиями на ней (мебель или книжки на столе). Фигурки смогут перемещаться по такому игровому полю с помощью карточки и применять друг на друга особые способности, описанные в правилах. При желании можно играть не только 1 на 1, но и 2 на 2, выяснив между собой, кто же из героев сильней. Правила очень просты в освоении. СОВСЕМ СКОРО ФИГУРКИ МСТИТЕЛЕЙ ПОСТУПЯТ НА ПРОДАЖУ В НАШ МАГАЗИН!
          “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is an instant superhero classic   
Marvel really can’t seem to do any wrong these days. They just have a feel for how to make some of the best blockbusters in the business. That trend will continue in a big way next month with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, a team up between Marvel and Sony. Getting the webslinger into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a nice little cue, though the best part is just how amazing the movie is, no pun intended. Basically every part of this new Spider-Man franchise is the best that this character has ever been treated. It’s truly a spectacular comic book flick. The MCU is lucky to have this friendly neighborhood wall crawler. Thankfully skipping over another origin story, this reboot puts Peter Parker (Tom Holland) already on the ground, having established him briefly in Captain America: Civil War. Following those events, we follow teenager Peter as he navigates both being a high school student in New York City and also a burgeoning superhero named Spider-Man, one who is desperate to join the Avengers. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) sees potential in Peter, but isn’t quite ready to have Spidey stand on equal footing with Iron Man and company. So, he has Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) look out for him, keeping him on the ground in Queens. As Peter balances all of this, a danger/opportunity arises in Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton), a bitter blue collar worker who will become a super villain in The Vulture. Action ensues, but so does comedy and a little coming of age. Jon Watts directs and co-writes with the team of John Francis Daley, Christopher Ford, Johnathan Goldstein, Chris McKenna, and Erik Sommers. The cast also includes a scene stealing Jacob Batalon as Peter’s best friend Ned, along with Abraham Attah, Hannibal Buress, Michael Chernus, Jennifer Connelly, Donald Glover, Laura Harrier, Michael Mando, Logan Marshall-Green, Tony Revolori, Angourie Rice, Martin Starr, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, Bokeem Woodbine, and Zendaya, among others. Michael Giacchino provides the score, while the cinematography is by Salvatore Totino. As much a high school comedy as an action epic, this is a nearly perfect superhero film. In fact, it might just be Marvel’s best ever. By combining their sensibilities with Spidey’s, it makes for something really different. Traditionalists might be split on how Peter Parker and Spider-Man are portrayed here, but I loved this take. Holland is phenomenal too, blowing both [...]
          The 64th Sydney Film Festival Awards On Body and Soul (Berlin winner)   


The 64th Sydney Film Festival tonight awarded On Body and Soul, directed by Ildikó Enyedi, the prestigious 10th anniversary Sydney Film Prize, out of a selection of 12 Official Competition films. 

The $60,000 cash prize for 'audacious, cutting-edge and courageous' film was awarded to Enyedi at the Festival’s Closing Night Gala awards ceremony and event at the State Theatre, ahead of the Australian premiere screening of Bong Joon-ho's Okja. 

Accepting the award, Enyedi said, “It was such an amazingly strong competition. It’s marvellous that such a film can move so many people, it gives me so much hope in cinema and in human communication.”

Sydney filmmakers Sascha Ettinger Epstein and Claire Haywood were awarded the Documentary Australia Foundation Award for Australian Documentary’s $10,000 cash prize for The Pink House, about the last brothel in old mining town Kalgoorlie.

The Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films saw the $7000 cash prize for the Dendy Live Action Short Award going to Adele, directed by Mirene Igwabi.  Sunday Emerson Gullifer was Highly Commended for her short film Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.  And Daniel Agdag's animation Lost Property Office took out both the $7000 Rouben Mamoulian Award for Best Director and the $5000 Yoram Gross Animation Award.

The Event Cinemas Australian Short Screenplay Award, a $5,000 prize for the best short screenwriting, was awarded to Michael Cusack, the writer and director of stop motion animation After All.  And the writers of Screenability short film The Milky Pop Kid, Johanna Garvin and Emily Dash, were Highly Commended. 

The $10,000 Sydney-UNESCO City of Film Award, bestowed by Create NSW to a trail-blazing NSW-based screen practitioner, went to Indigenous Australian actor, director and writer Leah Purcell.

Chris Freeland announced he will step down as Sydney Film Festival Chair while remaining on the Board.   Freeland, a Partner of Baker McKenzie and a member of its Asia Pacific Regional Council, chaired the organisation for eight years.  He led an era of expansion as well as industry and public popularity, seeing attendances almost double.

Festival Board Director Deanne Weir was welcomed to the position of Chair. Weir has over 25 years’ experience in media and communications and is Foxtel’s Managing Director, Content Aggregation and Wholesale.  She is also a renowned television producer and philanthropist whose passion is to support the advancement of women in the community.

Sydney Film Festival CEO Leigh Small said, “This year again, the Festival exceeded previous attendance figures – a continuing ten-year trend. There was an average of 72% capacity across all sessions with almost 185,000 attendances. This result marks a fitting end to Chris Freeland’s eight year tenure during which the number of people attending the Sydney Film Festival almost doubled.”

Sydney Film Festival Director Nashen Moodley said: “2017 has been a significant year for film and filmmakers.   As the world looks for ways to understand and interpret the momentous events and challenges facing humanity, filmmakers across the globe have risen to the challenge.

“From refugees and the horrors of war, to the state of the world’s oceans,  this program of films - screened to Australian audiences for the first time at the 64th Sydney Film Festival - has provided an opportunity to debate and discuss some of the most pressing and contentious issues of our time.

“With a spotlight on questions of equality in race, sexuality, wealth, accessibility, and many other global conversations, these 12 days have provided a wealth of stories from diverse viewpoints and a moment in time to take stock of who, what and where we are today.

“I congratulate all the winners and all of the finalists, as well as the hundreds of filmmakers who have joined us at the Festival to present their ideas and opinions in films, talks and discussions,” he said.


On awarding the Sydney Film Prize to Hungarian filmmaker Ildikó Enyedi’s On Body and Soul, Jury President Margaret Pomeranz said:

"Over the past 12 days we’ve experienced a most extraordinary cinematic journey curated by Sydney Film Festival.

"We’ve seen films about women struggling to find a space for themselves in a world that seems to want to keep them in their place; there have been films about transgressions, from youthful murder to child abuse.

"We’ve seen films about the many faces of sexual desire; we’ve been invited into worlds of wonder we have never experienced and we’ve been exposed to the ugly side of ourselves, through racism, poverty, cruelty and displacement.  And we’ve also been invited into the world of human compassion.

"And that element of compassion is very present in the film we’ve chosen to award the Sydney Film Prize.  It’s a film that shows us that even in this divided world we are capable of sharing the same dreams, that amongst the ugliness of a slaughterhouse, kindness, gentleness can be found," she said.

"So the Sydney Film Prize goes to the graceful, measured and ever so compassionate On Body and Soul from Hungarian filmmaker Ildikó Enyedi."

Winner of the Berlinale Golden Bear, On Body and Soul is Enyedi’s visually ravishing return to filmmaking after an 18-year break.  The film is about the unconventional romance between two co-workers who discover that each night they have exactly the same dreams.

The Festival jury was comprised of Australian film critic Margaret Pomeranz, critically acclaimed Nepali director Deepak Rauniyar, former senior film executive of South Korean powerhouse CJ Entertainment Kini Kim, independent Asian-Canadian animator Ann Marie Fleming, and Australian film producer Rosemary Blight of smash-hit The Sapphires and acclaimed television series Cleverman.

Previous winners include: Aquarius (2016), Arabian Nights (2015); Two Days, One Night (2014); Only God Forgives (2013); Alps (2012); A Separation (2011); Heartbeats (2010); Bronson (2009); and Hunger (2008).

The competition is endorsed by FIAPF, the regulating body for international film festivals, and is judged by a jury of five international and Australian filmmakers and industry professionals.

The selection of films in Competition for the SFF 2017 Sydney Film Prize are listed HERE.


The Documentary Australia Foundation Award for Australian Documentary was awarded to The Pink House from filmmakers Sascha Ettinger Epstein and Claire Haywood. The Jury comprising award-winning Asian-American filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz, CEO of the Documentary Australia Foundation Dr Mitzi Goldman and Australian based Iranian filmmaker Amin Palangi in a joint statement said:

"Amongst ten noteworthy films, one film enthralled us with its blend of nuanced characters and narrative depth. 

“In classic cinema verite fashion, the filmmaker introduces us to two singular women who give her unfettered access to their constantly changing lives, revealing a profound trust between filmmaker and subject that renders this film deeply personal and intimate.

“Through the unflinching gaze of her lens, this filmmaker immerses us in a world that, in less disciplined hands, could very well have been voyeuristic.  Instead we are treated to a film that is handled with affection and grace.”

“We the Jury give the Australian documentary prize to Sasha Ettinger Epstein and Claire Haywood for The Pink House.” 

2017 marks the fourth year the prize has been supported by the Foundation.

Previous winners include: In the Shadow of the Hill (2016); Only the Dead (2015); 35 Letters (2014); Buckskin (2013); Killing Anna (2012); Life in Movement (2011); and The Snowman (2010). In 2009 the inaugural prize was shared between Contact and A Good Man, and each film received a $10,000 cash prize.

The 10 finalists for the 2017 Sydney Film Festival Documentary Australia Foundation Award for Australian Documentary are listed HERE.


The Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films were awarded to Mirene Igwabi for Adele (Dendy Live Action Short Award), Sunday Emerson Gullifer for Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow (Highly Commended), and Daniel Agdag for Lost Property Office (Rouben Mamoulian Award for Best Director and Yoram Gross Animation Award). The Jury comprised Canadian filmmaker Kirsten Carthew, former Vice President of Paramount Pictures Mike Selwyn, and Australian film producer Kath Shelper. In a joint statement, the Jury said:

"This year’s Jury was particularly excited by the exceptional talent that continues to emerge from Australia’s animation sector.

“We were captivated by the original and diverse stories and variety of animation techniques presented in both the Dendy Awards and in the rest of the Festival.

“Lost Property Office stood out for its direction, storytelling and exquisite visuals that could only have been realised through animation, which was the perfect choice of medium to tell this story.”

The Festival’s short-film competition is now in the 48th year; and has been sponsored by Dendy Cinemas for 29 years. Winners of the Best Live Action Short Film award and the Yoram Gross Animation award, sponsored by Yoram Gross Films, are Academy Award-eligible, opening new pathways for many Australian filmmakers.

These ground-breaking awards have kick-started the careers of many prominent filmmakers, with past competitors Warwick Thornton, Ariel Kleiman, Cate Shortland, Jane Campion, Phillip Noyce and Ivan Sen among Dendy Awards alumni.   

The 10 finalists for the 2017 Dendy Award for Australian Short Film are listed HERE.


A jury comprising Canadian filmmaker Kirsten Carthew, former Vice President of Paramount Pictures Mike Selwyn, and Australian film producer Kath Shelper awarded the Event Cinemas Australian Short Screenplay Award to Michael Cusack, the writer and director of stop motion animation After All. Highly Commended the writers of Screenability short film The Milky Pop Kid, Johanna Garvin and Emily Dash.

Sponsored by Event Cinemas, Anthony Kierann, Area General Manager, Event Cinemas said:

“Event Cinemas is proud to once again sponsor The Event Cinema’s Australian Short Screenplay award.  Events acknowledges and supports the idea, concept and vision of a short film as penned by the writers in this exciting category.

“To be able to participate and support an outstanding written script by an Australian at this iconic film festival, we hope to encourage and support the writer towards inspiring development and achievements in the film landscape. We applaud all the short films within the category as stand out short films from the writers.”

The Australian short films eligible for the 2017 Event Cinemas Australian Short Screenplay Award are listed HERE.

Winners of all Sydney Film Festival awards are presented with the Festival’s signature mesmeric swirl award, designed and handmade in Sydney by Festival partners Dinosaur Designs.

The UNESCO Sydney City Of Film Award

The $10,000 Sydney-UNESCO City of Film Award, bestowed by Create NSW to a trail-blazing NSW-based screen practitioner, went to Indigenous Australian actor, director and writer Leah Purcell.


From Wednesday 7 June to Sunday 18 June 2017, the 64th Sydney Film Festival offers Sydneysiders another exciting season of cinema amidst a whirlwind of premieres, red-carpet openings, in-depth discussions, international guests and more.

Sydney Film Festival also presents an Official Competition of 12 films that vie for the Sydney Film Prize, a highly respected honour that awards a $60,000 cash prize based on the decision of a jury of international and Australian filmmakers and industry professionals. Previous Sydney Film Prize winners: Aquarius (2016); Arabian Nights (2015); Two Days, One Night (2014); Only God Forgives (2013); Alps (2012); A Separation (2011); Heartbeats (2010); Bronson (2009); and Hunger (2008).

The Festival takes place across Greater Sydney: at the State Theatre, Event Cinemas George Street, Dendy Opera Quays, Dendy Newtown, Skyline Drive-In Blacktown, Art Gallery of NSW, Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace Cremorne, Randwick Ritz, Casula Powerhouse, the Festival Hub at Sydney Town Hall and SFF Outdoor Screen in Pitt Street Mall.

The Festival is a major event on the New South Wales cultural calendar and is one of the world’s longest-running film festivals. For more information visit:

The 64th Sydney Film Festival is supported by the NSW Government through Screen NSW and Destination NSW, the Federal Government through Screen Australia and the City of Sydney. The Festival’s Strategic Partner is the NSW Government through Destination NSW.



          Comentario en Sobre nosotros: Detectives y Peritos por Louie Kidman   
Thanks on your marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it, you may be a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back in the foreseeable future. I want to encourage you to continue your great work, have a nice holiday weekend!
          Kristen Stewart: “Twilight” Success Was “Huge Shock To The System”   
Kristen Stewart is still marveling over the success of Twilight. Check out her new interview here!
          Marvel lanza el tráiler promocional de su serie “Inhumans”   
Los personajes que parecieron por primera vez en el cómic "Fantastic Four" tendrá su espacio en la pantalla chica
          Film Screening: Rumble   
When recalling Link Wray’s shivering guitar classic, “Rumble,” Martin Scorsese marvels, “It is the sound of that guitar… the aggression.” Wray was the first to deploy thumping power chords and hone distortion, carving out a new guitar sound that influenced rock and roll forever. Using playful re-creations and little-known stories, alongside concert footage, audio archives, […]
          Video: Marvel's Inhumans - Trailer zur neuen Superhelden-Serie   
Der erste Trailer zur neuen Superhelden-Serie Marvel's Inhumans stellt die neuen Helden und ihre besonderen Fähigkeiten vor. Dabei stellt sich Games-Of-Thrones-Bösewicht Iwan Rheon als Maximus gegen seine eigene Familie. Und darum geht es: Nachdem die königliche Familie der Inhumans durch einen militärischen Coup zersplittert wird, kann sie gerade noch nach Hawaii entkommen. Ihre überraschenden Interaktionen mit der üppigen Welt und der Menschheit um sie herum könnten nicht nur sie sondern auch die Welt selbst retten. Zur Besetzung gehören Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels) als Black Bolt, Serinda Swan (Graceland) als Medusa, Ken Leung (Lost) als Karnak, Eme Ikwuakor (Extant) als Gorgon, Mike Moh (Empire) als Triton, Sonya Balmores (Beyond the Break) als Auran, Isabelle Cornish als Crystal und Ellen Woglom (Outlaw). Statt eines Kinofilms geht nun die Serie Marvel's Inhumans im Herbst auf dem US-Sender ABC an den Start. Wann sie auch hierzulande gezeigt wird, steht noch aus.
          Comment on How to Legally Use Quotations in Your Book by D Rayk   
Thanks for this amazing community. Very helpful as a writer. Question: We are a start-up that creates educational books about fun topics for kids. We are writing one about super heroes in which we share the history of how super heroes began (comics) and some of the key characters (e.g. first super hero, first woman super hero, etc.). Can we use the character names (Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.) in the text? We make sure to put the registered symbol after them and we mention their creators (e.g. Marvel, DC Comics, etc.). Otherwise, the book would be pretty boring and not factual. I imagine it would be a mess to try to get "permission" for this from the giants so hoping this is ok. Thank you.
          New comment on Item for Geeklist "Upper Deck's Legendary Game System Card Dividers"    

by Kaaihn

Related Item: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

Dexoh wrote:

Will you be making dividers for the X-MEN expansion?

Came here looking for those as well. Hopefully he will get to them, these are the best looking dividers.
          FX Taking Archer, Legion & The Strain to San Diego Comic-Con 2017!   
FX will be bringing the constantly changing Archer, the mindbending Marvel series Legion and the concluding season of The Strain to San Diego comic-Con 2017. Each show will get a panel and Q&A session: The Strain panel will also feature new footage, while the Legion panel will take fans behind the scenes (which ought to … Continue reading FX Taking Archer, Legion & The Strain to San Diego Comic-Con 2017!
          Nothing Can Keep Us From Being Free Trailer: Marvel’s Inhumans!   
The trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans is here – putting pictures to Maximus’ words of treason from the teaser. Plus Lockjaw and just a hint of Black Bolt’s Power. Marvel’s Inhumans will premiere on IMAX for a two-week run, on September 1st. The series premieres on ABC on Friday, September 29th (8/&C).  
          Deadpool 2 Set Photos Tease a Rainy Day for Wade Wilson   

Check out new shots of Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson on the set of Deadpool 2. The Marvel Comics sequel is set to hit theaters on June 1, 2018.

Ryan Reynold’s Wade Wilson is out of the Deadpool mask in new photos from the sequel’s set Ever wonder what the offspring of Freddy Krueger and a topographical map of Utah would…

The post Deadpool 2 Set Photos Tease a Rainy Day for Wade Wilson appeared first on SuperHeroHype.

          Comic-Con 2017: Marvel Television Schedule Includes Defenders, Inhumans & More!   

marvel TV

Comic-Con 2017: Marvel Television schedule Includes Defenders, Inhumans and more Marvel Television has officially revealed their extensive schedule for the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con featuring an all-star lineup that includes The Defenders, Inhumans,…

The post Comic-Con 2017: Marvel Television Schedule Includes Defenders, Inhumans & More! appeared first on SuperHeroHype.

          20th Century Fox Sets Six Mystery Marvel Movie Release Dates   


20th Century Fox sets six mystery Marvel movie release dates 2018 is already shaping up to be a big year for 20th Century Fox‘s X-Men franchise, with three planned releases including The New…

The post 20th Century Fox Sets Six Mystery Marvel Movie Release Dates appeared first on SuperHeroHype.

          MARVEL Contest of Champions 13.1.1 Hasar Hile APK indir yazısına Gökhan Öğütcü tarafından yapılan yorumlar   
Tatildeyiz dostum. Pazartesi devam
          MARVEL Contest of Champions 13.1.1 Hasar Hile APK indir yazısına Gökhan Arslanoglu tarafından yapılan yorumlar   
beyler 13.1.1 yeenı hılesı suanda mevcuttur admıne soyleyın sayfayı yenılesın ...
          "Inhumans" na zwiastunie   
Przełomowy serial Marvela doczekał się pierwszego zwiastuna. Na zamieszczonym materiale można zobaczyć jak rodzi się spisek przeciwko Czarnemu Boltowi (Anson Mount) - władcy zamieszkałego
          Deux studios d'Hollywood tissent une rare alliance pour "Spider-Man"   
Avec "Spider-Man: Homecoming", l'un des super-héros les plus populaires fait son retour, plus proche que jamais de ses racines de la bande dessinée. Mais ce n'est pas pour cela que la sortie imminente du film prend une tournure d'événement historique à Hollywood.
Deux studios d'Hollywood tissent une rare alliance pour
La superproduction, qui a coûté 175 millions de dollars, s'est construite sur le rapprochement de deux mastodontes, Marvel et Sony: un rare exemple de coopération entre studios rivaux.

"C'était l'un de ces moments +Ça ne sera jamais possible mais on peut toujours en rêver+ chez Marvel", s'est amusé Kevin Feige, président du studio, lors d'une présentation à la presse dimanche à New York (nord-est des États-Unis).

En 1999, Marvel a vendu "Spider-Man" à Sony, le décrivant alors comme le "joyau de la couronne" de son empire de la B.D., pour une somme estimée à sept millions de dollars. Et ce à une période où les super-héros ne se transformaient pas nécessairement en jackpot une fois adaptés sur grand écran.

Depuis, l'homme-araignée est devenu la tête de gondole de Sony, décliné en cinq films qui lui ont rapporté la coquette somme de quatre milliards de dollars entre 2002 et 2014. Après Batman, il est même le personnage de dessin animé le plus lucratif.

Mais le dernier opus, "The Amazing Spider-Man: le destin d'un héros" (2014), avec Andrew Garfield dans le rôle-titre, a déçu la critique et été considéré comme un échec commercial.

- Échange de bons procédés -

Sentant le vent tourner, la présidente de l'époque chez Sony Pictures Entertainment, Amy Pascal, a donné son accord en 2015, après des mois de discussions, pour que Marvel produise une nouvelle fournée de "Spider-Man".

Le premier de cette série doit sortir le 7 juillet sur les écrans américains, avec le Britannique Tom Holland, 21 ans, dans le rôle-titre. Ce sera également le premier "Spider-Man" de "l'univers Marvel" au cinéma, composé d'une quinzaine de films portant sur d'autres super-héros: Thor, Captain America, Hulk... La franchise a rapporté la somme faramineuse de 11,8 milliards de dollars depuis le premier film sorti en 2008, Iron Man.

Pour cette collaboration Sony-Marvel, selon le Los Angeles Times, Sony a versé une somme qui n'a pas été divulguée à son partenaire, mais conservera les profits tirés du long-métrage, dans lequel il a obtenu le droit de faire apparaître un des personnages fétiches du public, Iron Man.

En retour, Sony permettra à Spider-Man de combattre aux côtés d'autres super-héros dans le prochain "Avengers: Infinity War" (2018) de Marvel.

Amy Pascal, elle, a perdu son poste dans la foulée d'un scandale de piratage chez Sony, mais a négocié dans le cadre de son départ de pouvoir co-produire "Spider-Man: Homecoming" avec Kevin Feige.

"Cela a commencé par un déjeuner avec Kevin et je n'arrive pas à croire que nous en soyons là aujourd'hui. C'est assez génial", s'enthousiasme-t-elle.

- De nouvelles histoires -

Ce genre de collaboration n'est pas totalement inédit dans l'histoire des majors hollywoodiennes.

La Paramount et Warner Bros. ont ainsi travaillé main dans la main par le passé sur quelques films comme "Interstellar" (2014) ou "Watchmen - Les Gardiens" (2009). La même Paramount s'était également entendue avec Fox lorsque le budget de "Titanic" (1997) menaçait de faire couler la production. Mais ces ententes demeurent de rares exceptions.

La trame du nouveau "Spider-Man" prend la suite immédiate de "Captain America: Civil War", dans lequel Peter Parker se découvre en super-héros lanceur de toile. Il revient chez sa tante May, sous l'oeil attentif de son nouveau mentor, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) et la menace du Vautour (Michael Keaton), le nouveau méchant de l'histoire.

L'idée de Marvel a été d'imprégner le personnage de l'esprit de la bande dessinée originelle de Stan Lee et Steve Ditko.

Les critiques sont dithyrambiques et les attentes énormes autour de ce nouvel opus, dont les spécialistes estiment qu'il devrait atteindre la barre symbolique des 100 millions de dollars de recette pour sa sortie.

La collaboration a offert l'opportunité, explique le réalisateur Jon Watts, "de placer enfin Spider-Man là où il est logique qu'il soit, dans l'univers Marvel", ce qui "ouvre la porte à de nombreuses nouvelles sortes d'histoires".

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Nick Meadows hit a marvellous 128 as Challow & Childrey 2nd declared on 274-3 after 47 overs at Bicester & North Oxford 2nd in Division 4.
          Watch: Lou Ferrigno reveals who would win in a Thor vs. Hulk fight   

Heh heh ... we'll give you one guess.

For many fans, Lou Ferrigno will always be the quintessential Hulk, bringing a striking physicality and tragic humanity to the character long before the days of motion capture on The Incredible Hulk TV series (1978-1982). Lou has remained active in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, providing the voice of the not-so-jolly green giant in his many big-screen adventures.

          Fox schedules 6 more Marvel movies from 2019-2021   

If you thought Fox was slowing down on movies based on Marvel Comics properties, the 2018 slate, featuring New Mutants on April 13, 2018, Deadpool 2 on June 1, 2018, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix on November 2, 2018, probably put that thought to bed. If even that plan didn't show you their dedication to the franchise, well, this should: 20th Century Fox has reserved release dates for 2019, 2020, and spring 2021 marking six Marvel movie releases in just 21 months.

          Image(s) of the Day: Fan posters imagine Jamie Foxx's Blade and Christian Bale's Captain Britain   

Marvel Presdient Kevin Feige whet our appetites for more big-screen Blade with his recent comment about the character being a legacy character in the MCU and how "it would be fun to do something with him someday."

          Spider-Man will swing around MCU, but not in Venom or Silver & Black   

A week from today we will all find out what it is like to see Spider-Man integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in full-length feature glory. Yay! We will get to see Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures sing “Kumbaya” and creatively put a film out in harmony. But the tug of war is not over, and continues to play out in the press tour about which studio has the right to use Spider-Man. It’s clear – at least by the poster – that Iron Man is in Spider-Man: Homecoming and the MCU characters bounce around each other’s films.

          Michael Keaton’s Vulture swoops in for Spider-Man: Homecoming featurette   

We’re a week away from the hotly anticipated debut of Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming (hooray!), and to whet our appetite for the upcoming superhero movie, Sony Pictures has released a new Vulture featurette.

          We almost got a James Gunn-written Power Pack comic under Marvel's MAX imprint   

Here’s a lesson for Marvel. Don’t let a kids comic sit too long, or else James Gunn will get his hands on it. On Wednesday, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn took to Twitter to share a pitch to Marvel Comics for Power Pack … for the MAX imprint, which is Marvel’s line for mature readers.

          Tom Holland is so chatty Marvel won’t let him see the Infinity War script   

Marvel Studios has become notorious for keeping plot points tightly hidden for future films — and sometimes — that means actually hiding them from the stars themselves. For a chatty guy like Tom Holland, that apparently means he finds out the plot twists a bit late in the game.

          Guardians' Star-Lord originally had a Darth Vader toy instead of a Walkman   

Before James Gunn signed on and turned the Guardians of the Galaxy into one of Marvel Studios’ biggest hits, the film adaptation was kicking around in the mind of Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige for years. One of Feige’s biggest ideas? A cute Star Wars easter egg that could’ve changed the entire fabric of the film.

          Rosario Dawson exits New Mutants, Alice Braga steps in   

Looks like Rosario Dawson won't be part of two Marvel universes after all.

          Inhumans trailer breakdown: Black Bolt speaks, Lockjaw steals the show   

Marvel's Inhumans is real, and it's almost arrived. The first trailer for the series, which will debut in IMAX theaters with a two-hour premiere before airing the rest on ABC, hit today and ... well, it's been met with some level of confusion and wariness from many fans.

There's more to unpack in there, though, than people may have seen at first glance.

          Marvel, Star Wars, The Walking Dead win big at 2017 Saturn Awards   

The 2017 Saturn Awards were held last night in Burbank, California, hosted by Sean Gunn. This is the awards show for fandom, given by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films. The 43rd annual Saturn Awards were a showcase for all things geeky, but Star WarsThe Walking Dead and Marvel really won the day.

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New month getting underway! Let's make May marvelous on as many levels as we can!!! 381
          Black Bolt heads to Earth in first trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans TV series   

We finally have out first look at Marvel and ABC’s Inhumans TV series, and it seems a coup is brewing in Attilan.

The trailer introduces us to the world of Black Bolt and the Royal Family and confirms the Inhumans have been hiding out on the moon all this time in the MCU. Things go sideways when a coup is designed to push the Inhumans to return to Earth, though, so Lockjaw snatches up Black Bolt and takes him on to Earth before all hell breaks loose. From there? We get some quick shots of folks running, punching and a bit of SFX action.

           Inhumans : Zobacz zwiastun   
Po teaserze, plakacie, w końcu doczekaliśmy się trailera serialu "Marvel's Inhumans". Cykl osadzony jest w uniwersum Marvela i opowiada o losach rasy Inhumans, skupiając się na liderze Blacku Bolcie i jego rodzinie. W…
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          Review: Spider-Man – Homecoming   
Met Sony en Marvel's "Spider-Man: Homecoming" krijgen we de beste Spider-Man-film sinds het begin van de Sam Raimi-trilogie in 2002-2004. Onze uitgebreide, spoilervrije recensie vind je hier! Our Spidey-senses are still tingling!
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It's all connected! De volgende Spider-Man-film wordt dus een rechtstreeks vervolg op Avengers 4!
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En niet Rosario Dawson, dus!
          Ciera Foster on becoming Livewire, Ninjak Vs, and the Future (Toylab Exclusive Interview)   

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Toylab bloggers have made no secret that they are excited about the direction of Valiant Entertainment. With the launch of X-O Manowar comic, the upcoming Secret Weapons series and of course the upcoming live action Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe. We are thrilled to bring you an interview with one of the star's from Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe, Ciera Foster. Ciera Foster is playing one of my favorite Valiant characters, Livewire. When casting for Ninjak vs was going on I openly wondered if they would find an actress who could portray the mixture of intelligence and bad assness that is Livewire and with Ciera they just flat out nailed it. She is intelligent, beautiful, and a good person as well. On top of all that she brings a legit athletic and martial arts resume to the table. Toylab's Marvel Matt sought out Ciera on questions about playing Livewire and she kindly answered.

If you love Valiant, if you are curious about Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe then you need to read this interview. Ciera has an infectious enthusiasm for playing Livewire that has pushed my excitement for seeing her in action to 11.
Divinity #0 - Ciera Foster - Livewire Cover

As part of highlighting the Ninjak vs film Valiant is releasing a series of variant covers featuring the actors.  The Ciera Foster - Livewire cover will come out with Divinity #0.  It looks amazing!

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Ciera we are very excited to see you play Livewire in Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe.  What was the first thing that excited you as an actress about playing Livewire?

Firstly, thank you and the enthusiasm is certainly mutual!!! Thinking how to respond to that question is a bit tricky because it's a loaded answer. - The first thing that comes to mind is hands down the simple fact that I am a comic book, cartoon, video game fan. Yes, ME!!! I grew up with my older brother Nick and my guy cousins Keion and Cedric and we practically lived (and still do I might add) all things superhero,... seriously! But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I love playing Livewire not only because of what she is "a superhero" but because of WHO she is. Livewire is a natural leader with boundless compassion yet yields uncompromising strength. She's both admired and respected and hates wrongdoing particularly at the cost of the defenseless. Daily I'm blown away at the blessing of playing this character whose values are so aligned with my own. She continues to amaze me. With my background in athletics and my previous and current endeavors in the humanitarian field I couldn't have written a better character for me to play, which is a credit to the founding creators and the current exceptional team of writers working for and with Valiant.

 Speaking of Valiant I legitimately cannot answer this question without acknowledging how thrilled I am (Not to mention damn proud) to be a part of the Valiant Universe. I know I could easily sound biased but the fact is the more anyone delves into Valiant the more apparent it will be that there is no other major super universe with as much diversity in character, craftsmanship, and artistry plus overall badassness. From Harbinger, to Faith, to Bloodshot to one of my favorites Britannia (Just to name a few). I mean seriously it doesn't get more diverse than that! No slight on other comic universes but Valiant isn't creating a league of its own, it already is one. People are just seeing it on a larger scale and that makes me pretty damn excited to be your Livewire.

Livewire is the star of a comic series coming out called Secret Weapons have you been able to get a preview of that?

Valiant does a phenomenal job of providing us plenty of material. But it's no secret as Valiant continues to get bigger and bigger that our CEO Dinesh Shamdasani and VP of marketing Hunter Gorinson have made secrecy Valiant's "Secret Weapon" (See what I did there...) - I have a bit of a preview on the way from H.Q. but the hard hitting stuff I get to read with everyone else, which is cool with me. I get to share the journey as a fan and with the fans. I think that's important as an artist especially when playing a comic book character to be along for the ride at the same pace. Otherwise it's easy to project stuff onto to the scene or character that hasn't happened. Which I feel does everyone an injustice. - I've certainly done my research and since the book is about the emergence of the Harbinger program, I'm just as excited as the Valiant fans.

Livewire may seem like the star but I believe my character has the honor of being somewhat of a guiding force for some incredible new characters that will be introduced. I personally love that. It is my understanding Secret Weapons conceptually challenges the notion of being a "misfit". I believe the world could use a little more of that these days.

The Bat and the Sun is producing the series how did you meet them and get the part as Livewire?
Ciera Foster playing Livewire in Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe

Pure hustle. I went to audition almost two years ago for a role I submitted myself for. It was an extremely small, low budget, independent project. I have managers and agents of course but I like to search out new creative challenges for myself (Maybe that is the artist/athlete in me) because the role was pretty controversial and the project as I stated didn't pay much. I'd just gotten back from holiday, when I received the callback and I was pretty tired but I love what I do and I don't miss auditions so I went happily and did my thing. - I didn't get the part lol!

Apparently, I just wasn't right for the role, but the director liked my energy and work. He looked at my resume and said, "I gotta ask you about your martial arts and athletic background..." I filled him and the assistant CD in. Per usual I started geeking out over my love for superheroes. He told he might have a referral for me. I left and that was that. I had no expectations. I actually forgot until months later I got a phone call from Aaron Schoenke to play Storm for Bat in the Sun's Wonder Woman vs. Wolverine. After about 5 minutes of me talking about Ororo Munroe's history a little Street Fighter, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and a dash of Mortal Kombat I got the part. Almost a year later I got another phone call out of the blue from Aaron, I remember his exact words.

"Are you available next month to work? ... There is a thing...Its cool....really'll like it...I can't tell anything else but if you interested I think you should audition for it....that's all I can say.  I'll be in touch."

Yep, it was at that moment for exactly 17 seconds I thought I'd finally got the call to be a real life spy LOL. Auditioning for Livewire was actually not too far off. A week later I got another call then another with limited info. I was sent audition sides (1-2 pages of material) I was told to send them back the same day as soon as possible. Reading the small bit of information I was given about the character (Still almost nothing not even a mention of Valiant) I had to make choices based off of a combination of training and instinct. I even overrode some of the direction I was given. As I worked on it with my older brother Nick we let our knowledge and passion of superheroes guide us. We had so little info we worked on it all over about three hours straight (discussing it constantly) until it felt right. I sent in my taped audition to Aaron and Sean at Bat in the Sun. After that Bat in the Sun sent it to Valiant in New York. About ten minutes later Aaron texted me I got the part - No better feeling. I know I didn't know someone, there were no favors, just my hard work paying off step by step. The best woman got the job. I was (am) Livewire.

The Valiant Universe is full of bad asses and Livewire is one of the biggest bad asses of them all, what was it like to film action sequences in Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe? 

What a fun question. It's literally a dream come true. As long as I can remember I've pretended to be a superhero, ninja, secret agent, etc. This is a lot cooler because its for real! I LIVE for this stuff! As you mentioned being such a powerful character one of the most powerful in the entire Valiant Universe especially as a woman is beyond exhilarating. When we film the fight scenes in particular I enter into a whole other zone. It's like a shark when they smell blood ...Was that too crazy LOL. I spent ample time on set not only on Livewire as a character but her characteristics in combat which is a huge part of the storytelling. As an artist but above all as a fan, I can tell a lot about character by the way they fight. I think a lot of comic hero heads would agree.

I fused my knowledge of the character with martial arts, artistry, and comics together to give Livewire an action personality that is so dynamic. I truly hope our fans and viewers enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed portraying it. Ultimately, a large part of Livewire is her fighting because that’s when you see how powerful she is when it all becomes unleashed. It gives me chills just thinking about it!

None of it would be possible without the involvement of the Valiant heads Dinish Shamdasani (CEO) and Joshua Johns (Dir. of Digital Media / Development) giving me the freedom to be an artist and working so collaboratively with Bat in the Sun. All of the fights in Ninjak Vs would be a nothing without the full cast and crew (Seriously you've seen our cast, athletes for days.) Credit is especially due to our director Aaron Schenoke he was born to create epic fight and action sequences. The direction let alone the vision of Aaron and his father Sean Schenoke combined is priceless. Lastly, but certainly not least our special affects composer Nikolay Zamkovoy is just a beast and creative genius that kills it every time.

You were an NCAA athlete and have trained heavily in martial arts.  Can you go into you're training in martial arts and did that help you land this role.

My dad is a 7th degree black belt and Tang Soo Do master. He was also sparring partners with the legendary Chuck Norris. My father trained me in his dojo where I had to attend classes until I was about eleven. We also trained at the park outside of class. After a break my mother kept me involved in Taekwondo and Karate. When I was twelve I was recruited to play basketball. I traded theater club at the time for basketball practice in hopes of earning a scholarship. I played basketball for eleven years straight including competitive national and international summer leagues. As my skills developed I began to only play "up" on teams with athletes older than me. The same happened in high school by the end of my freshmen year I was on varsity already and playing in regional finals. Club or school ball I was always on regional, sectional, or state championship teams. I also played competitive softball two years, track and field for three years (undefeated), and was recruited to play volleyball at the collegiate level. More often than not I was the captain on many of my teams especially through college. I was a COAA California State Championship finalist. From there I was recruited to SoCal where I became an NCAA athlete and received a scholarship to play basketball.

Afterwards I returned to martial arts mainly Taekwondo testing for my black belt, while also pursuing my acting career. During both regular school and acting school I also attended two film fighting schools. I attended Theatrical Academy of Combat under the instruction of Dan and Jan Spreaker who choreographed the films Hook and Master and Commander. There I learned my film fighting foundation and weapons technique. My best weapons are the broad sword, quarter staff, and the cutlass. After that I attended Film Fighting LA under the instruction of Robert Goodwin who helped train Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man. There was a big emphasis of the three points of Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts Method which I fell in love with. The school incorporated several art forms of camera fighting, stunt work, wrestling and firearms.   I've also had to do various training for a variety of roles and I still take classes and workshops. I will never stop learning and improving, I love this expression of the body and I'm blessed with the physicality to do something dynamic with it.

What does it feel like to join the ranks of Super Heroes? Playing Livewire makes you into a role model how does that change your mindset?

Playing Livewire doesn't change my mindset in regard to being a role model its quite the opposite, it affirms it. I've always had something inside of me pushing me to help others and to inspire. Its simple really, acting is my passion but helping others is my purpose. As I reflect on my career and life up to this point it adds up to this moment, this platform. When I was in college I was a paid activist for the CAA California Teachers Association I fought for educational rights, teacher rights and fair tuition costs. I was one of three student activist ambassadors hired by the CAA to represent SQE Students for Quality Education in which I was trained on activism techniques and school reform. My job was to bridge the gap between legislation and student rights.

In athletics as an NCAA athlete I was the captain and placed in charge of the team community service out reach programs. As an artist I've been to Haiti as an ambassador to Artists for Peace and Justice founded by writer/director Paul Haggis. I'm also an ambassador for the Water Underground Project and supporter of Children International. Now more than ever I feel these experiences have been part of a greater purpose which supersedes fame and popularity and has everything to do with passion. 
I say all this only to make the point that now I am Livewire,  I am just getting started. Be it a student athlete captain, activist, ambassador, acting class, or even growing up at home I've always been held to a higher standard. Livewire just raised the bar. I'm apart of something much bigger than myself.   As you stated I realize that makes me a role model, especially for little girls and young women. Challenge Accepted.

There have not been many black female super heroes in live action media?  Halle Berry comes to mind as Storm in X-Men but mind is drawing blanks on others.  At any rate it is a very small club of actresses that you are joining, does that add meaning to portrayal of Livewire.

I know what this means and I don't take it for granted. I'm humbled and honored, I think about it daily. People write me and post things about me regarding that very point. It's a blessing and a privilege. I always wanted to be a superhero but besides Storm there were no other heroes in all of the great universes that looked like me. It was a bit disheartening as a kid. Naturally, I assumed I'd play Storm if there ever were a Strom Origins film developed. This was my goal. By the way Alexandra Shipp is killing that role. But I realize now I was only thinking at the level of what I was shown possible. In the emerging age of the female lead heroine / superhero and with me as Livewire as a lead female superhero of color I take great pride and happiness in knowing that girls and boys of all races and backgrounds will see me and other upcoming heroes, and know that anything is possible. The best part is one day it won't even be a thought and the word "Black" or "Female" hero won't be a big deal. We will all just be superheroes from all walks of life representing everyone. That said let me clearly say in this moment in time I'm extremely proud to hold the torch for both female heroines and heroes of color until the goal of visibility amongst both is reached.

What is the future of Livewire?  We know that Valiant has a variety of film projects in the future.  Will Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe lead to role in those projects?

All I can say is that I'm blessed to be a part of something very special. I'm the face of Livewire for the first time, ever. To be so well received playing a character that was seemingly physically designed for me and virtually my whole life has been preparing me to play is pure joy. I'm certainly enjoying every minute of it. Since my character reveal and trailer premier/panel discussion at NYC Comic Con reception and the over all presence of this remarkable character continuing to expand. As you noted for the first time since the dawn of Valiant a series highlighting Livewire is being released now in Secret Weapons. That's major. Additionally, you mentioned its no secret Valiant is developing films. Eric Heisserer the Oscar nominated screen writer for Arrival not only wrote Secret Weapons but is writing the Harbinger film as well. To me what that says for not only the future of my character but the future of Valiant Comics and comics period is not lost on me. Playing Livewire as an artist (Especially a woman) being considered a fan-favorite character and being a fan myself means the world to me. I would love to play Livewire in the Harbinger films. I am Livewire. I was born to do this. I also look forward to continue to expanding and growing with the fans. We have the best fans hands down, period. I feel we are in this journey together and I mean that with everything in me. - Ninjak is something special, the Valiant Universe is special. The fans are beyond special. Valiant Entertainment / Valiant Digital are doing amazing things in both entertainment and comics. Valiant is so creative they plan things out far in advance. I think we will just have to stay tuned to see what unfolds.

What is the coolest moment you have had at a Convention since becoming Livewire?

When Bobby Leet a father of two recognized me walking around Comic Con NYC during my press day. The trailer and character reveal were not until the following day but he was such a big Valiant fan that he already knew who I was and asked for a picture. That memory sticks out to me as clear as day. He was the first one, we still follow each other on Instagram. By far to me the most impactful moment was the next day at the trailer premier and panel discussion. A guy (granted he was dressed as Armstrong lol) came up to me with tears in his eyes. He said he'd grown up reading the original Valiant Comics when he was a kid. He was so overwhelmed he could barely talk. He said Livewire was one of his favorite characters and he was emotional because I was everything he'd imagined her to be and more. The man said my being Livewire and the entire Ninjak Vs. experience was overwhelming and surreal for him. He assured me his tears were that of joy. I could feel his emotion then and now. I gave him a hug and thanked him. I still have the picture we took. I have many incredible moments with Valiant fans but that one will always be in my heart. It was at that moment that I truly realized what it meant to be and "Stay Valiant".

As you can Ciera is already a real hero and doing great things with this role I recommend checking her out on social media and her website.  Also look for her at Cons as I expect her to be going to a few.

Learn more about Ciera Foster:

Please follow Ciera on her Twitter and Instagram 

          Inhumans Movie / Show - News, Casting, Speculations, and Rumors   

Marvel Studios /TV has announced that Inhumans will be a new show appearing on ABC and will premiere in fall of 2017.  The series first 2 episodes will be shot in Imax Cameras and will debut in movie theaters across the country.

Trailer 1:
There are still a few things that worry me about this.  However they do look better in motion.  I am not seeing much use of Powers either and I think that would be something you would sneak into the trailer.  I also think they need address why Blackbolt can't speak.  Yes, many of Toylab's readers are experts on Blackbolt but he is still pretty unknown outside of Marvel fanboys.

The Inhuman Royal Family remains isolated in their amazing technological city of Attilan.  Attilan is capable of flying and has remained hidden from human eyes by resting on the Moon.  The powerful and silent ruler of the Inhumans Black Bolt is challenged by his brother Maximus.  Maximus wants the Inhumans to go to Earth and take their rightful place as its rulers.  When denied by Blackbolt, Maximus leads a coup that sees Black Bolt and a close group of followers hiding on Earth where they find a new purpose.

Cast and Characters

The series will not focus on the Inhuman characters in Agents of SHIELD (Though it would not surprise me if they appeared).  Instead the show will focus on the classic Inhuman characters of the Inhuman Royal Family.  The show will be set in the modern day and will be set both on Earth and the Moon.  The addition of the Moon as a set means that Attilan and the Blue Side of the Moon will very likely be a setting for the show.

The show / film showing with Imax will be the first time that a show and Imax have joined in such away.  The Marvel press release as posted on states:

ABC, IMAX and Marvel Television also intend to work together to create a joint marketing and promotion plan for the series across their proprietary media platforms--which would be the first such cross-platform marketing launch of a television series. Today’s agreement also marks IMAX’s first time as a financing participant in a TV pilot and series.

Major news in the Marvel press release was on the focus of the series:
Marvel’s "The Inhumans" will explore the never-before-told epic adventure of Black Bolt and the royal family.
This should mean that all of the Inhuman characters will be on the table for Agents of SHIELD and this new Inhumans show.

I think it is safe to say that Inhuman's film has officially been canceled and this show is a replacement to tell some of the same story that was planned for the film.  There has been speculation building for years on what Marvel will end up doing with the Inhumans and now we finally know.

What do you think?  Are you excited?  Disappointed?  Please let me know.

The first picture of the Cast was released fans noticed that Black Bolt did not have his mask which is his iconic look.  A user of named Seon.  Created this edited version of the picture.  I think this looks so much better and there is not reason why Marvel vs ABC could do something similar.

Teaser Video:
First teaser does not show any characters but we do hear the voices and learn about the issues that the group will face.  It sounds like some of the series Inhuman (After terregenisis cloud) storylines could be mined here.  Though it will be different because Blackbolt left the Royal Family during that storyline and here he is very much in place as the ruler of the group.
The voices in the narration are one male and one female.  The male is certainly Maximus the Mad as seems to be plotting the overthrow of his brother and calls for the Freedom of all Inhumans.  He talking to a female who says what he is saying is treason.  I doubt that is Medusa, my guess is that it is Crystal.
Overall really like this teaser, its very short but sets the mood.  Really wish they had just gone this route instead of the stiff looking Entertainment Weekly shoot.

Pictures and Posters from Series:

Actual Casting Call Notes for Inhumans:
From the Hashtag show the Casting notes for the Inhumans has been released.  Keep in mind that the names for the characters coded.  However, if you know anything about the Inhumans its pretty easy to decode.

Source: The Hash Tag Show

It generally looks like they will be sticking to the classic looks of the characters:  Toylab Bloggers added the suspected character names to the character descriptions so that those are not official.

Black Bolt

Broderick: Male. 30-40. Caucasian. Can say volumes with just a look. Strong, thoughtful and private, he’s unaccustomed to being questioned or feeling a need to answer to anyone, to an extent that can verge on arrogance. Series regular.


Marjorie: Female. 30-40. Caucasian. An elegant and intelligent advisor to her husband, she struggles to find her place outside of their relationship, as others tend to view her as just a pretty face. Strong and resourceful, she’s not afraid to break the rules when the situation demands it. Series regular.

Maximus the Mad:

Marty: 30-40. Caucasian. Broderick’s younger brother; he is intelligent, charming, and articulate. He comes across as a man of the people but secretly covets power. Series regular.


Kevin: Male. 30-40. Open. Slight of build, his mind is his greatest asset. Always prepared with a plan, his outlook on life is the glass is always half-empty and often cracked and dirty as well. Though his outlook can be grim, he has a droll, dry sense of humor. Series regular.


Grady: Male. 25-35. Open. Impetuous and brash, he has serious impulse control issues which frequently get him into trouble whether its women, booze, or fighting. He loves life and lives in the moment for better or worse. Series regular.


Christine: Female. 18-25 to play 18. Caucasian. Soulful but still learning the ways of the world, she has the arrogance of youth. Impetuous and independent she is also deeply devoted to her family. Series regular.


Timothy: Male. 25-35. Open. SFXMU required. Supremely athletic. The ultimate picture of cool. He’s calm under pressure and willing to do anything to get the job done.

Sir Kent's thoughts on the Inhumans
Thoughts on the Inhuman Show and Casting from our infamous Guest Blogger Sir Kent!


The Internet and comic geeks alike were all abuzz this week over the MOSTLY confirmed news that MARVEL is planning a GARGANTUAN (LOVE using such words) and ambitious introduction for a group that had been first reported to be D.O.A. The news of THE INHUMANS FINALLY getting not only a big screen, I-Max only treatment but, being tied into a T.V. series was not only enough to make me fuck a duck but about as overdue as this month's Netflix membership is from me (Don't worry bitches, I’ll get to you!). Speaking of ducks, a very brief history of The Inhumans. They were created by way back in 1965. Until recently, they never really had a long running comic of their own. They just kinda showed up at major events throughout Marvel history and much like the Terrigen Mist that gives them their powers, disappeared again. They were originally genetically enhanced humans that had been experimented upon by an alien race called The Kree.

(If you don't know who they are, you ain't a fan! And SHAME ON YOU!) The Kree created the Terrigen Crystals as a way to not only bring out and modify any hidden ability each person may have had but, the ultimate goal was to have them blend into different races throughout the galaxy and wait for orders to try and take over. Which explains their unique and individual appearance. I could go on and on because of their sudden resurgence of popularity thanks to A.O.S. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

But I will spare you that because the BIGGEST question of the week is HOW IS THIS GOING TO WORK??? the way BRA-F'BEEP'IN’-VO MARVEL! This is an endeavor that has NEVER been done before and if executed correctly, could spell a new way of movies and T.V. for years to come. Marvels plan is to have The Inhumans have a big screen run only only I-Max or I-Max 3-D screens. THEN spin that into a T.V. series.

This is simply GENIUS and ballsy thinking but, the story, the writing and the casting has got to be about as balls on as it was for DEADPOOL! Which brings me to the gist (Dirty but proper English term! Ya GOTTA love those, don't you?) WHO WILL PLAY THE ROYAL FAMILY??? This in it of itself is a HUGE problem because you have a bunch of start who think they are “TOO GOOD” to appear on the small screen! I said it once before and I’ll say it again.

If the great Samuel muthuf'BEEPin’ Jackson can appear TWICE on A.O.S. then NONE of you muthuf'BEEPa’s have an excuse! Except for being dick’s...thats always an excuse. Here is what I'm thinking should be the short list of consideration for the key members of The Royal Family (Of Inhumans. Not THAT Royal Family. DIPSH'BEEP!)

For the role of KING BLACKBOLT the first that comes to mind would be Vin Diesel BUT that dumbfuck probably would be one of those dicks that wouldn't do T.V.! I could see that so my next choice would be
Jessie Williams of GREY’s ANATOMY fame. Just because, physically, he fits the role to a t. It adds a certain level of color so that this won't turn into FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM. (Or as I call it, The Oscars all over again! HAH! Could there BE a cast anymore white? Oh wait...trump. I’m sad again)


My choice to play CRYSTAL would be Gillian Jacobs of COMMUNITY fame because HELLO. I mean LOOK AT HER! SHE IS CRYSTAL! Put her in something skin tight, add special effects and BOOM!


My choice for QUEEN MEDUSA would be Christina Hendricks of
BAD SANTA 2 and MAD MEN. Tits, ass and red hair. Need I say more?


An obvious choice to stay on that “Not too white” line of thinking is my boy KARNAK. Interesting note about Karnak. He wasn't introduced to the terrigen gas like everybody else. His mother wanted him to build his abilities naturally. So she sent him away to a monastery where he mastered his sensory abilities and martial arts prowess. Now, he can see weakness and flaws in anything and exploit it with his skills.

He is a natural tactician as well. My choice to play him could only be
Daniel Wu of INTO THE BADLANDS fame. If you ain't checked out this
A & E series, you really need to.

Photo: Daniel Wu as Sunny - Into the Badlands _ Season 1, Gallery - Photo Credit: James Minchin III/AMC

An easy pick for GORGON who is arguably the second strongest of the group would have to be Jason Momoa of STARGATE ATLANTIS and JUSTICE LEAGUE fame. He would play the shit of of a guy who could cause seismic tremors with his cloven hooves.


So there you have it. There is my bright ideas for who would fill out this cast well and hopefully wouldn't act like a bunch of dicks making the transition from the big screen to T.V. What do you think?

Inhuman's Shop
Toylab is a member of the Amazon Affiliate Program and is able to bring our fans the best deals on Inhuman Merchandise directly from Amazon.

Here is the information on the prior Inhuman Movie.

Inhumans Movie - News, Casting, Speculations, and Rumors

Scheduled Release date:  Nov 2nd, 2018

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was quoted saying this about the movie:
“November 3, 2018 will introduce dozens of characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe," ... "We really do believe the Inhumans can be a franchise or a series of franchise unto themselves. They have dozens of powers and an amazing social structure. With our 20th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we wanted to continue to refine what that universe is about."

Update Oct 9, 2015:
No More Inhumans Movie?

There is a rumor circulating NYCC and has been reported by Bleedingcool news that the Inhumans film may no longer be on Marvel's slate.
Some speculate that has to do with a disagreement between Marvel's film and TV divisions.  Others conclude that this means that Marvel may be working on a deal with Fox to bring over the X-Men franchise.
For the moment this is all very much rumor and speculation.  Bleedingcool does insist though that it has reliable sources to this rumor.
It would be unclear if true what this would mean for the plot of Agents of SHIELD.  Agents of SHIELD has built up the ideas of Inhumans for the past 3 years.  Would this give the show free reign introduce the Royal Family or does it put their future seasons in a quagmire?

Update: Oct 12, 2015
Devin Faraci addressed the rumor circulating from the BleedingCoolNews article.  According to him there is no delay or cancelation of the Inhuman film.

He also questioned Bleedingcool's claims on the Iron Fist TV show:

Want to learn more about the Inhumans?  Go to:
Inhumans CheatSheet for Agents of SHIELD fans

Current Marvel Logo for the Inhumans movie

Will Vin Diesel be Blackbolt?

Agents of SHIELD build up of Inhumans 
Inhumans CheatSheet for Agents of SHIELD fans
Is Skye an Inhuman?
Skye's Full Origin by Toylab 
Inhuman #8 why did Marvel double orders? 
Hunting for the Mysterious City in Agents of SHIELD
Who are Skye's parents? 
Did Agents of SHIELD jus introduce Skye's Mom?
Is Skye's Father Maximus the Mad?

Who are the Inhumans?
Who is Blackbolt? Why is he so powerful?
Who is Maximus the Mad? 
Who is Medusa?
Who is Karnak?
Who is Crystal?
Who is Triton? 
Who is Gorgon?

Important Places: 
What is Attilan? 
What is the Temple of Randac? 

Ancient Inhumans
Who is King Randac?

Nova Worldmind - Cosmic Races and Cosmic Map
          Критики назвали «Валериан и Город тысячи планет» Люка Бессона лучшим блокбастером лета   
Пока кинокритики соревнуются в восхвалении нового супергеройского блокбастера Marvel и Sony «Человек-паук: Возвращение домой», к старту в прокате готовится еще один блокбастер по комиксам (правда, европейским) - «Валериан и Город тысячи планет» Люка Бессона. Судя по всему, грандиозный бюджет в 197 миллионов...
          [RUMOR] Jogo dos Defensores pode estar chegando   
Em uma entrevista para o site GameSpot, Mike Jones, vice-presidente da Marvel Games, pode ter revelado que um jogo dos Defensores está sendo planejado. Quando questionado sobre quais personagens mereciam um jogo, ele falou: ”Existem personagens como o Homem-Aranha, os Vingadores, os Guardiões da Galáxia e os Defensores, são personagens que são conhecidos dos fãs. Nós queremos ter certeza de...
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          Se vienen los Inhumanos   
- Marvel y ABC Studios presentaron el primer trailer de "Inhumans", una serie que se estrenará el 31 de agosto y que fue rodada en IMAX.
          Marvel estrena primer tráiler de la serie “Inhumans”   
  La espera ha terminado, luego de una constantes filtraciones y adelantos no oficiales, Marvel Entertaiment ha publicad el primer tráiler de “Inhumans”, la nueva serie que mostrará una gama de personajes basados en los cómics. Anson Mount, Serinda Swan, Iwan Rheon, Ken Leung, Eme Ikwuakor, Isabelle Cornish, MMike Oh y Sonya Balmores encabezan el reparto de esta producción de ABC a cargo de Scott Buck, a su […]
          Comment on What Were They Thinking?: Do-manga-trix by hillbilly   
I read a interview about this years ago. It was a joke. More accurately is how adults like freaky weird kinky hero's in japan. So they decided to use the most violent hero's to make them the most kinky. The 3 they chose was wolvie, Deadpool and punisher. They couldn't find a way to put either mutant into a kink hero role, so they used punisher, since his story can be from everywhere. Plus wolvie was already in talks for a manga. You can see it is a joke. Look at the name. So-Sue-Me Brown. Bad part it was popular in Japan. And they wanted to extend the run. Marvel said no. Now for a good story, the Satan Brothers I though was really good from this universe.
          Spider-Man Homecoming reviewed: south Londoner Tom Holland the perfect fit in sharp Marvel reboot   
Even among Marvel’s roster of superheroes, Spider-Man is the stand-out that people recognise and love. But he has not been part of the famed Marvel Cinematic Universe until now – and it has been worth the wait.
          Marvel Legacy series, story titles and new numbering announced   
Marvel has officially announced its new initiative, Marvel Legacy, which will span the entire range of comic book titles, simultaneously honoring the publisher’s past while setting the stage for the future of the Marvel universe. The acclaimed team of writer Jason Aaron (Mighty Thor) and artist Esad Ribic (Secret Wars) reunite for an all-new 50-page […]
          Fox sets dates for six mystery Marvel movies   
As 20th Century Fox begins production on its three 2018 superhero offerings in X-Men: The New Mutants, Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, it seems the studio is now laying out its plans for 2019 and beyond, setting dates for six mystery Marvel movies. The studio has claimed June 7th and November 22nd in 2019, March […]
          Netflix releases SDCC teasers for Stranger Things, The Defenders, Death Note and Bright   
With less than three weeks to go until San Diego Comic-Con gets underway, Netflix has released four teasers for titles it is bringing to the convention in the second season of the hit supernatural drama Stranger Things, the hotly-anticipated Marvel team-up series The Defenders, the live-action movie adaptation of the popular manga series Death Note, […]
          Nick Fury was originally going to be Peter Parker’s mentor in Spider-Man: Homecoming   
Tom Holland’s wall-crawler swings into theaters next week with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming [read our ★★★★★ review here], and of course the web-head isn’t the only Marvel hero to feature in the movie, with Robert Downey Jr. reprising the role of Tony Stark to serve as Peter Parker’s mentor. However, in an interview with io9, […]
          Alice Braga replaces Rosario Dawson in X-Men: The New Mutants   
THR is reporting that Alice Braga (Queen of the South) has signed on to the cast of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men: The New Mutants, where she will portray the character of Dr. Cecilia Reyes. Braga will replace The Defenders star Rosario Dawson, who has left the project for unspecified reasons. Based on the Marvel comic book […]
          The Flickering Myth Reaction to the first trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans   
The Flickering Myth team react to the first trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans… Marvel’s Inhumans series dropped its first trailer yesterday [watch it here] and the online reaction has been overwhelmingly negative.  What did the Flickering Myth staff think of this first look?  Read on to see how much our writers matched up with public opinion… Shaun […]
          Check out Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok action figures   
Yesterday we brought you a look at a selection of Hasbro’s upcoming Thor: Ragnarok toys [check them out here], and now we have official promotional images for the 6″ Marvel Legends action figure line for the cosmic superhero threequel. The wave includes Thor, Loki, and Hela, along with a Hulk Build-a-Figure, while a Thor and Valkyrie two-pack will also be available […]
          Does a snarky architecture blog have the right to scrawl all over Zillow listings?   
The real estate website Zillow is the place you go to search for a home — and maybe marvel at high-end listings.

The snarky blog McMansion Hell is where you go to ridicule the kinds of homes you’ll never be able to afford.

The sites occupy opposite ends of the online real estate world — a reality... Reported by L.A. Times 57 minutes ago.
          The First Marvel's Inhumans Trailer Looks Like Game of Thrones with Superpowers   
We finally know what one of the fall season's most anticipated shows will look like. ABC today released the trailer for Marvel's Inhumans, one of the network's tentpole series of the 2017-2018 season.The series is [...]
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Many children and adults fall in love with the most adventurous activities and superheroes. They are willing to be aware of the number one fictional superhero Iron Man appearing in several American comic books successfully published by Marvel Comics. Stan Lee is a qualified writer and editor. He has created this marvellous character. Scripter Larry […]
          Sippable Shrooms: 6 Marvelous Mushroom Cocktails   

Mushrooms come to mind when making soups, stocks, and gravies, but aren’t the first (or even the fifteenth) ingredient one might think to put in a cocktail. However, masterful mixologists like incorporating the funky fungi into their creations to add deep umami tones that linger long after the drink is finished. Here are six marvelous mushroom cocktails. Truffle Old Fashioned at Saxon + Parole, New York, New York Bring on the umami! Smoked portobello mushroom cordial sweetens and deepens this innovative creation. Chivas Regal 12 year old powers it, while white truffle salt and chocolate bitters add further complexity. Make a reservation at Saxon + Parole. Hachi at Kuro, Hollywood, Florida Bourbon is the backdrop here. Earthy, savory mushrooms are infused into the spirit, which is complemented with mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine), black pepper, and lemon juice. The results are like no other cocktail you’ve ever tasted before. Make a […]

The post Sippable Shrooms: 6 Marvelous Mushroom Cocktails appeared first on OpenTable Blog.

          My biggest mistake    

Looking back on my training over the past ten years, I have tried a lot of different things. I've done high mileage, low mileage, strength training, cross training, and yoga. I have found what works for me and what doesn't. I don't consider the cycles where I learned that something doesn't work to be a failure though, because it taught me what not to do in the future. For example, I typically do not run many workouts faster than 10k pace while training for a marathon because the intensity of those runs is too much when coupled with the amount of miles that I run.

However, there is one lesson that took me a few years to realize, and it is my biggest mistake. For the longest time, I did lots and lots of miles during my base training, with no quality. I was literally slogging seven days a week for months at a time, completely ignoring the need to always be in touch with speed. I mistakenly thought that base phases needed to be completely dedicated to quantity at the expense of quality.

This training method did allow me to run lots of miles, but year after year, it resulted in sub-par performances for the first half of my season, until I was able to get a month or two of workouts under my belt. It is the reason why I would end a season with a personal best, then six weeks later run several minutes slower. After a few rust busting races and workouts, only then would I start rounding into shape. Fellow runners would marvel at the disparity between my performances and how quickly I fell out of shape.

Now I realize that a competitive runner should never go more than a few days without doing something a little quicker, except of course during a true recovery period. But even as you are building mileage and working on your base, you need to be running quick at least a few times a week. It doesn't have to be much; some strides at the end of your run or a moderate progression run are fine examples. I also like doing effort-based fartlek and hill repeats during the base phase as well.

Effort-based workouts are terrific during a base phase because you run them at your current comfort level, and don't need to worry about paces. They also build your tolerance for work, so that when you do start structured workouts, it won't be such a shock to your body. Plus, you start the intense training phase with a higher level of fitness, setting you up for a higher peak at the end of your season.

Finding the right combination of speed and mileage is trial and error for most people. Too little quality and you want reap all the benefits. Too much quality can lead to burnout and injury. I believe that finding the optimal balance of quality and quantity is key to having a successful racing season. After all, the bigger the base, the higher the peak!

          Comment on “That’s how we troll” The Great Marvel Diversity Backlash by Mr. Perfect   
Don't worry.....I won't.
          Comment on “That’s how we troll” The Great Marvel Diversity Backlash by Neville Ross   
As I said to Jesse above, brotherman, you don't have to read these titles if you don't want to; nobody's forcing you to do so.
          Comment on “That’s how we troll” The Great Marvel Diversity Backlash by Neville Ross   
<blockquote>I think I’m going to start looking at other comic companies for the stories I want to read.</blockquote> Good luck doing that, Jesse; only two companies publish superhero titles, with the rest doing mostly adaptations of other material and original characters, not all superhero (IDW, Dark Horse, Dynamite) or not doing superheroes at all. Nobody asked you to read these if you're going to be such a bigoted asshole, and you can read older titles if all you want is an all-white world.
          Herman Green: Living Legend   

Imagine being born into the Great Depression, growing up in South Memphis. You're a part of the household of the Reverend Tigner Green. You're not terribly wealthy, but you're better off than many and not without some dignity in the racist order that prevails in the 1930s South.

Your life is filled with music. Your biological father, Herman Washington — murdered when you were only two — once played in W.C. Handy's legendary band. You bear his name, and they call you Junior. Your grandmother was a pianist of some talent in St. Louis, and as you mature, you develop skills in piano and guitar. Under your stepfather's guidance at the Church of God in Christ, you play guitar alongside a blind pianist, Lindell Woodson, marveling at a dexterity rivaling that of the great Art Tatum, with songs bringing congregations to their feet, clapping and shouting.

Every day hinges on three simple tasks: You kill a chicken; you chop wood; and you practice your music lessons.

"That," says Herman Green, the man recalling all this, "is one part of the beginning of yours truly."

Dr. Herman Green, who would come to carry the genius of post-war blues, soul, and jazz into the 21st century, halts this idyllic tale of youth as he confronts a defining moment: high school marching band. "They didn't have marching band in elementary school," remembers Green. "So I got in high school, and I told my mom, 'I gotta get me a horn. I can't march down the street with a guitar; they won't even let me!' She said, 'Okay, we'll get down there and get you a horn. What kind do you wanna play?'"

Though trumpet looked easy enough, its demands on his lips were baffling, so Green settled on alto saxophone. The rest is history, thanks in no small part to his mother, Alice Lee, and the stepfather whose surname he would ultimately take as his own.

Life at Booker T. Washington High School would bring with it more than just a change of instrument. It was there that Green met a man who seemingly presided over every period of Memphis musical innovation. One wouldn't be far off imagining some demi-god descending to usher young Herman into the world of secular music — a demi-god doing the funky chicken.

"There were pageants we used to do at the end of the school season at Booker T. Washington, and Rufus Thomas was the one that put it together. So we did that, I did that for four years while I was in high school, with him. Plus, I played gigs with him."

By the age of 15, Green was in the orchestra backing talent shows that Rufus Thomas and his colleague "Bones" compèred on Beale Street. Over the next couple years, the music he played became more worldly, culminating in the arrival of another pivotal figure. "B.B. King came to Memphis from Mississippi, so Rufus said, 'I got a saxophone player you need. His name is Herman Green.' So we got to playing like Covington, Dyersburg, West Memphis; we played the Harlem Club, which was a black club. They was over there rolling the dice while we was over in the corner playing.

"So we did that for about a year, and I said, 'B., you think you ready to move? What you wanna do, you wanna stick around here, or you wanna go further?' He said, 'Well, I think we need to move. We goin' to Kansas City. I heard they love the blues there.' So we went up there, me and B., to look it over. And there was a lot of jazz musicians there in Kansas City. I said, 'Okay, B., I don't hear nobody blowin' no blues. Let me get on the bandstand,' 'cause I could play some jazz myself then. I mean, I was taught early. And guess who it was I jumped on the bandstand on top of — Charlie Parker! Now, you know I had to be a fool to get on the bandstand with Charlie Parker there. But at that time I hadn't seen Charlie Parker in my life, man! So Charlie said, 'Hey, you play good for a kid.'"

Green and King returned to Memphis as planned, but other temptations awaited. At the Memphis Cotton Carnival, a touring troupe offered work. "They had a show with girls running out there with their shorts and dancing. They called it a 'bally' stage. Pay your money, come inside. I did 22 shows in 8 hours. They were paying $5 — that's what a musician was making in those days. And the bally troupe wanted me to go with them with the show. So I left a note to tell my folks I was going to leave, and I'll let you know where I'm going and I'll be in touch, and blah, blah, blah. ... I was ready to leave, because they were headed to Canada, all the way up the east coast.

"Man, I'm up there playing my butt off, and all of a sudden ... Well, my mom was a church mother, and she wasn't supposed to be seen in those kind of places, you know. But she came through them curtains, man, and she stood there like this with her arms crossed. And she waited till the end of the show. She was a classy lady. Then she said, 'Junior, I got your note. I didn't come up here to scold you. I didn't come up here to hurt you. I came up here to keep you here, because you've got a little more schooling to do. You need to know a little more about life. Now come on. Your daddy's downstairs waiting on ya.'

"That was my stepfather. He was in the car. And preachers then, you know, had them big, long limousines. And I just said 'Well, there's no use arguing here. I just might as well go.' So I did, I went home and stayed a whole year. And I lost a brand new pair of suede shoes that I bought at Florsheim. Thirty dollar shoes! I left 'em on the bus, man. But they really were concerned about me getting an education. They wanted me to go to college.

"So I went one year. Then next time that bally troupe came back, I played a gig with 'em, and I said, 'What time y'all planning on leaving town?'" With his mother's blessing, this time, Green left Memphis.

"I went all the way up to Toronto, Canada, man, and come on back down, and when they headed back down to Virginia, I got off in Washington, D.C., and I went back to New York, and that's when I got in touch with Sonny Stitt and Gene Ammons and John Coltrane. I was like 21; they at that time were 27 or 28 I think."

“When I first got to New York, I picked up the paper and it said Jam Session: Birdland. Sonny Stitt was booked there for three weeks with Art Blakey, but they had a jam session on Sundays before they'd do the show. I took the paper, stuck it under my arm, grabbed my horn and went down there. Got there, slammed my horn down on the table, took it out, and walked up on the stage. So Sonny, he kinda looked at me funny, and he thought, 'Well here's something.' That's what he told me later that he said to himself.

He said, 'Where you from?' I said, 'Memphis Tennessee.' 'That explains what you just did,' he said. 'Well let this be a lesson. Don't never walk on nobody's bandstand until they call you. And you let 'em know who you are.' And then he said 'Now let's get back up there and play, 'cause you can play.'”

It so often came down to that simple fact for Herman Green: He had chops. That skill served him well wherever he landed, including the heady New York bop scene of 1950.

Back in Memphis, he played on Rufus Thomas' "Why Did Ya Dee-Gee?" — released on Chess Records and Sun Records. He was drafted into front line service for the Korean War, only to be reassigned to the Army band when officers heard him practicing his horn. Upon his return to the States, a layover in San Francisco turned into a two-year stint: "I loved that city," he remembers. There he played Bop City and led the house band at the Blackhawk, a pivotal club where he played with pioneers of the West Coast Sound like Dave Brubeck, as well as his New York cohorts: Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, and John Coltrane. Occasionally, he'd even see his old Memphis friend Phineas Newborn Jr. when he passed through.

Finally, Green moved on, landing a steady gig with Lionel Hampton and His Orchestra, which he stuck with for 10 years. (You can hear the 1960 band on the CD, Live at the Metropole, New York City.) It was Hampton, Green says, who had the biggest impact on his playing, but it was at this time, during a three month residency at the Riviera in Las Vegas, that he had a brush with another demi-god who'd impacted all of jazz itself.

(You can hear the 1960 band on the CD, Live at the Metropole, New York City)."They had an after-hours breakfast jazz jam place, and I was over there playing on the stand, and I used to play with my eyes closed 'cause I didn't wanna get disturbed, especially when I was playing something different. And then I heard this deep voice say 'Keep on playing, boy!' And I looked around, and there was Louis Armstrong standing next to me! Ooh, Lord have mercy, I almost put my horn down, man!

"He said, 'Don't you dare put that down, the way that you playing.'"

It was Green's mother, who had given her blessing when he left Memphis, who brought him back. During a session for Atlantic Records in New York, he got a call that his mother wanted him home. She was dying of tuberculosis. He left the session immediately, getting home in time to see her just before she passed. Soon, he was settled again in his hometown. It was 1967, and Stax Records was in full swing. Green, who had played with his younger cousin Al Jackson Jr. on Beale Street, soon fell into recording sessions there. For a while, as the Memphis scene fired on all cylinders, there was plenty of work to be had. In the early 1970s, he married Rose Jackson (who has since passed away), and by mid-decade, he had taken a teaching position at Lemoyne-Owen College. All the while, he played his horn, often with fellow Booker T. Washington alum Calvin Newborn on guitar, mentoring young jazz talents like James Williams along the way.

Even as Beale Street withered after the 1960s, traditional jazz thrived in Memphis for a time. Green and his band, the Green Machine, became a fixture on the scene, and he fondly recalls the rebirth of Beale Street in the 1980s, marked for him personally by the night Stevie Wonder sat in with his band after playing Memphis in May.

In 1986, he befriended a young bass player, Richard Cushing, who saw great possibilities in the jam-based approach of the Grateful Dead. The next year, their friendship bore fruit with FreeWorld, now perhaps the longest-running Memphis band of this generation. The group has consistently brewed an unpredictable blend of funk, New Orleans street music, soul, and jam rock — a gumbo of influences that has led them to carve out a reliable niche on Beale. Even as local audiences for bop-informed, swinging jazz lose the plot, such bands with a backbone of funk keep the spirit of improvisation alive and well. FreeWorld has kept Green spry on the stage, and they were there backing him when he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Memphis College of Art. Seeing FreeWorld play Beale Street recently, I was struck by how crucial the simple act of dancing has been to Memphis music, bridging the many disparate paths Green has taken over decades. Dance weaves like a golden thread from the strut of Rufus Thomas, through the years with Lionel Hampton, the Stax years, and into the present. All the while, Green has mined the more complex territory of harmony and melody embodied in his first chance meeting with Charlie Parker.

Seeing him take the microphone last Sunday, singing a blues song resonating with echoes of old Beale Street, all of his 87 years seemed to be summed up in a few elegant lines, dipping and crosscutting to the rhythm, as he sang into the sky, eyes wide open, "She's waiting for me, she's waiting for me."

          SDCC 2017: Netflix Brings Marvel’s Defenders   

Netflix is planning on bringing “Marvel’s Defenders” to the 2017 San Diego Comic Con for a panel at 5:15pm in Hall H on Friday, July 21, 2017. The cast of “Marvel’s The Defenders” along with Marvel TV head honcho Jeph Loeb will be providing some looks and maybe – if you’re nice – a sneak […]

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          Marvel’s Inhumans Official Trailer 1   

The first official trailer for Marvel’s upcoming “Inhumans” television series premiering in September 2017 – first on IMAX theaters and then on television… Be our first to comment

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           Available July 8 - July 15: Riparbella Li, Tuscany, 1 BD / 1 BA / Sleeps: 3 ----- Podere Margherita La Casetta    

Riparbella Li   Tuscany    Details    This farmhouse consists of 4 apartments in a quiet site in the nearby of Riparbella. Marvellous view over the sea and the hills. The centre is approx. 35km from Volterra, one of the most beatiful site...

          سریال Inhumans 2017 غیر انسانی   
سریال Inhumans جدیدترین برنامه تلویزیونی شرکت Marvel می باشد. داستان این سریال در یک دنیایی ناشناخته و دور دست از کره زمین آغاز می شود, مکانی که پر از قهرمان است. این قهرمان ها با یکدیگر به مشکل می خورند و یکی از آنها مجبور به فرار و پناه گرفتن در کره ی زمین می شود. […]
          دانلود فیلم Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017   
فیلم Spider-Man: Homecoming سری جدید از فیلم های مرد عنکبوتی شرکت Marvel می باشد. پس از کسب اولین تجربه ی Peter با گروه Avengers او به خانه ی خود برمیگردید و زیر نظر Tony Stark فعالیت می کند. او سعی دارد به زندگی عادی خود برگردد اما وقتی با یک دشمن جدید در همسایگی خود […]
          Best of 2014: Audiobooks   
I cannot express the right words for how passionate I am about my audiobooks.  There are days (weeks!) when I don't look at a single printed page of a book because I'm running around like my hair is on fire.  But audios I can the car, cleaning the house, doing yard work, cooking, walking.  A well-narrated audio can be the most incredible some cases the entire story comes to life and feels like a movie in my head.  

I can't vouch for these books in print.  But in my ears they came alive.  


Five Days at Memorial - Sheri Fink (narrated by Kirstin Potter):  This is an absolutely riveting and horrifying story about the events that transpired at Memorial Hospital in New Orleans after Katrina hit.  No electricity, a failed generator, and hundreds of critically ill and elderly patients too frail to evacuate.  In a move that was highly controversial, decisions were made to euthanize the most helpless patients with lethal doses of painkillers.  It is hard to imagine such events occurring today, and brings up some highly discussable topics.  Perfect for book clubs.  Kirstin Potter is a wonderful narrator, but the real attraction here is the facts. 

In the Kingdom of Ice - Hampton Sides (narrated by Arthur Morey):  This bit of history about an ill-fated Polar expedition in the late nineteenth century reads like a thriller.  An eccentric playboy benefactor, incorrect maps and misinformation, starvation, frostbite, a breached hull, trudging for hundreds of miles in the frozen tundra, just doesn't get any more fascinating than this.  Like "Five Days at Memorial", the narration was well-done but the facts are self-sustaining.    

This is the Story of a Happy Marriage - Ann Patchett (narrated by the author):  Before I listened to this audio, I would have sworn that I wasn't into "essays".  But Patchett's, written for magazines over the expanse of her career, are ones that will touch on something that will move you.  MOST of them moved me.  Stories about writing her first book, about her dog, about her failed first marriage and her successful second one, about relationships with family and friends, opening a bookstore, being persecuted because of the content of her is absolutely perfect in every way.  Patchett is so natural in her narration too.  This is one audio that I want to purchase in print to keep forever.


Native Son - Richard Wright (narrated by Peter Francis James):  This story knocked the wind out of me.  Set in 1930's Chicago, it tells the tale of Bigger Thomas, a young black man that makes a series of bad decisions that drags him into a downward spiral.  It is gut-wrenching, and shows the desperation and hopelessness of the black man during that time.  I suspect the novel in print would have an equal impact, but the narration is superb.    

We Are Water - Wally Lamb (narrated by Wally Lamb, George Guidall, Maggi-Meg Reed, Tavia Gilbert, Richard Ferrone, Edoardo Ballerini, Cynthia Darlow,  Therese Plummer):  If you asked me to list my top 10 audios EVER, this one would be one of them.  Lamb is a hell of a storyteller, in this case covering everything from a modern family and their individual struggles, gay marriage, pedophilia, racial prejudice...oh yeah you get it all here, as is Lamb's way.  But the narrators?  That is a loaded cast of voices, and they made this audio completely unputdownable.  It unfolded like a movie right before me, truly some of the best narration I've heard.  We read this in my book club, and some of the members refused to read it because of the pedophilia.  It's too bad because while that was very hard to listen to, I believe it to be one of the best books written this year.

Someone Else's Love Story - Joshilyn Jackson (narrated by the author):  Most of you know this, but I refuse to read a JJ book in print.  All of her books but one are narrated by the author herself, and she is marvelous.  Her stories are marvelous too...quirky, usually dysfunctional, Southern, and all center on very strong women.  In this novel, she also throws in autism and a love triangle of sorts.  And a girl who got pregnant without having sex.  You have to read it to believe it.  It is classic Joshilyn Jackson.  

Every Day - David Levithan (narrated by Alex McKenna):  While this book officially fell under the YA genre, it gets serious credit for tickling my brain and presenting a very unique premise (something you don't get often in ANY genre).  Every day "A" (a spirit? a soul? a male?  a female?) wakes up in a different body.  A is at peace with its existence, and lives by the rules of not interfering or causing attention in its subject's life.  Then A meets and falls in love with a girl.  Suddenly every day is a mission to get close to her, which is difficult when each day A is a radically different person.  It sounds a little wacky, but it works.  It is beautiful.  And very beautifully narrated.     

The Martian - Andy Weir (narrated by R.C. Bray):  If you've been anywhere near a book review this year, you will recognize this one.   This book was all the rage!  This won't be the only list you will see it on, particular in audio form.  About a wise-ass brainiac that get accidentally left on Mars during an exploration mission, it makes science fiction accessible and LIKABLE by one and all.  The narration of Bray provides the perfect snarky voice of a guy who is basically screwed but uses his last wit to stay alive.  Oh and by the way, it's going to be a movie starring Matt Damon.  Yep.

The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith (narrated by Robert Glenister):  If you thought J.K. Rowling shot her wad on Harry Potter, you were wrong.  This series started with "The Cuckoo's Calling" and set the groundwork with a protagonist who is a rumpled but genius private investigator, and his cute ambitious assistant.  I felt that Cuckoo's mystery was a tad pedestrian and one-dimensional, but she let out all the stops on this one.  The cherry on top was that the mystery occurs butt-deep in the publishing industry.  Robert Glenister's narration is simply as good as it gets.  He is amazing.   

World of Trouble - Ben H. Winters (narrated by Peter Berkrot):  This book is the third installment in The Last Policeman Trilogy, and yes, it is extremely unusual that the final book would be the mind-blower but it was.  The premise of the trilogy is that a very large asteroid is going to hit the earth and end civilization as we know it.  As time ticks down, people hunker down, pursue their bucket lists, kill themselves, get stoned on drugs.  But Detective Hank Palace (a little on the spectrum I think) continues to solve murders, chase down missing persons, and try to save his little sister.  The first two novels are good, but this one is remarkable.  Not too many people can pull off the end of the world quite like this.  The narrator isn't the best in the business, but his voice became Hank Palace and I was glad they kept him through the series.  

          The First Marvel's Inhumans Trailer Looks Like Game of Thrones with Superpowers   
We finally know what one of the fall season's most anticipated shows will look like. ABC today released the trailer for Marvel's Inhumans, one of the network's tentpole series of the 2017-2018 season.The series is [...]
          Top 3 Most Influential Books I Read in 2016   
Top 3 Most Influential Books I Read in 2016

Every year I set a goal to read some amazing books from my book list a mile long.  This year I had narrowed it down to 24 top choices, all marvelously rated, and many with hundreds of reviews on Amazon. Throughout the course of the year, I ended up reading over 300 books by the time… Read More

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          Comentário sobre A Mulher Maravilha israelense – é possível um novo feminismo? por Bruno   
Nos quadrinhos, como você colocou, isso já vem de tempos. Tempestade, Vampira, Miss Marvel, Psylocke, nos quadrinhos da Marvel.
          Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Has No X-Men Because Fans Don’t Remember Them, Says Producer   
Marvel vs Capcom 3 mutants

Previous Marvel vs Capcom games featured X-Men characters like Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, and Colossus. Despite the X-Men being a staple of the series, the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will not have a […]

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Thanks for one's marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you are a great author. I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back at some point. I want to encourage one to continue your great writing, have a nice afternoon!
          Newswire: Kate Bishop deals with her daddy issues in this Hawkeye #8 exclusive   

Kate Bishop never had an especially great relationship with her father, and their dynamic has only gotten more strained since she became a superhero private investigator that is trying to take down villains like her dad. Marvel’s current Hawkeye series by writer Kelly Thompson, artist Leonardo Romero, and colorist Jordie Bellaire has done exceptional work establishing Kate’s new status quo as a Los Angeles P.I., building on Kate’s time on the West Coast in Matt Fraction and Annie Wu’s Hawkeye and placing her even deeper in this sunny setting. Thompson has a firm handle on Kate’s distinct voice and creating a compelling supporting cast, and Romero and Bellaire’s artwork is beautifully detailed with strong graphic elements and atmospheric coloring.

A big motivating factor for Kate’s relocation is the role her businessman father plays in the illegal dealings behind the development of Venice ...

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Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you can be a great author. I will make sure to bookmark your blog and may come back in the future. I want to encourage yourself to continue your great posts, have a nice holiday weekend!
          Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo & Deaths Head II 6" Toy Review   
Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo & Deaths Head II 6" Toy Review...

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          Marvel's Inhumans - Official Trailer 1. Thoughts?   
I’ve watched the Inhumans trailer several times since it appeared recently and I...

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Hasbro Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Six Inch Toy Action Figure Reveals. Hasbro kindly shared with us some awesome new images for the upcoming Marvel Legends figures. Clearly digitally scanned faces,...

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           Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3rd, and...   
Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3rd, and Hasbro has an exciting lineup of electronic figures and role play to gear up for the film.  They kindly shared with us earlier today new...

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          Netflix to Feature Will Smith, Stranger Things and Defenders at San Diego Comic-Con   
Netflix to Feature Will Smith, Stranger Things and Defenders at San Diego Comic-Con
Netflix has become a powerhouse in the original programming arena, and now they will also be making a huge splash at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.This year, the streaming service will not only have a panel for the popular Stranger Things series for season 2, but also a panel for Marvel's The Defenders. On top of that, they will also be bringing along Will Smith and the rest of the cast of Davis Ayer's movie Bright.Netflix will also have a booth on the convention floor, #3729, and The Netflix Experience over at the Hilton Gaslamp. The experience will feature giveaways and sneak peeks of their upcoming series.The following is their schedule:Thursday, July 20Bright and Death Note, 3:15pm, Hall H, Ayer's new movie Bright is set in an alternate present-day world where humans, orcs, elves and fairies have co-existed since the beginning of time. The director, Smith and castmembers Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry, and Edgar Ramirez will be on hand to discuss, as well as serve up exclusive footage. Death Note, is based on the Japanese manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, and the cast will be in tow to talk.Netflix Surprise Screening, 10PM in The Horton Grand TheaterFriday, July 21Marvel's The Defenders, 5:15pm in Hall H. All the Marvel heroes who had their owns shows on Netflix - Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil - finally team up. Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb and cast will offer up an exclusive look. If this is anything like what Marvel TV did with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at Comic-Con a few years ago, maybe attendees will get to see a sneak peek at the first episode of Defenders.Saturday, July 22Stranger Things season 2, 3:00pm in Hall H. Finally a look at some never-before-seen-footage. Season 2 picks up in the chaotic aftermath of Will Beyer's return to a world that will never be the same.

          Spider-Man: Homecoming Theatrical Review   
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Spider-Man made his debut in Marvel comics 55 years ago as a sidekick to the protagonist. He was a lonely teen who, like most kids his age, suffered anxiety and inadequacy. He became so popular there have been a number of comic books, merchandise, movies and television shows focused solely on him. In more recent years, we have had the movie series starring Tobey Maguire (Pleasantville) and 2012&#39;s The Amazing Spider-Man and its 2014 Sequel starring Andrew Garfield (The Social Network). While those were both seemingly more mature Spider-Man portrayals, this time around we have a younger version played by Tom Holland (The Lost City of Z) in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

When we meet young Peter Parker/Spider-Man he has already been bitten by his fateful spider, has powers and helped the Avengers. He is also a High School sophomore in the band and on the debate team. No one knows about his secret life, not even his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon; North Wood), as he tells everyone he has an &quot;internship&quot; with Stark Enterprises. Really all he does is patrol his local neighborhood looking for bad guys and waiting for the day he once again gets called up to help Iron Man and the Avengers.

When Spidey suddenly discovers that there is an arms dealer in his neighborhood selling high-tech weaponry, he tries telling Iron Man but gets shut down at every turn. He then takes matters into his own hands, gets caught up in a mess of trouble and accidentally splits a Staten Island Ferry in half, requiring Iron Man to come to the rescue and stripping Spider-Man of the cool new spider suit Stark gave him. And all the while he tries to navigate the everyday trials and tribulations of high school and the homecoming dance.

Holland was a smart choice for Peter as he embodies that sense of high school geek with a small undercurrent of coolness sitting buried below the surface. He is the typical dorky guy in high school who later goes off to college and comes home for summer break having grown muscles and better looking than he ever was in high school (we all know someone like that!). Michael Keaton (Spotlight) is on fire lately in his film roles and this is no different. He plays the villain in this film and he does a convincing job of it. Zendaya, (Shake it up!), for all the controversy her casting caused, is well suited to this role as she makes MJ a little tougher and more of a loner than past films have portrayed her to be.

The graphics are pretty good for the most part, but there were a few times I rolled my eyes as they looked terribly fake. I also didn&#39;t need the &quot;Spider-Man swings in front of the camera&quot; shot as often as it occurred in this film, and my main complaint is the same complaint I have about every Marvel movie&hellip; it&#39;s too long. They could have cut the film down by easily 10-15 minutes and not lose any content of value. There was also too much &quot;Iron Man&quot; in Spidey&#39;s suit, with all the gadgets Iron Man enjoys in his. For purists, this will be a sour note in an otherwise solid film.

The script is a winner though, with humor strewn throughout the film. It seems the writers made a concerted effort to bring some laughs and it works. The movie was enjoyable and most definitely fun. With the young cast and feel of the film, it is certainly geared to appeal to a tween/teen audience along with the diehard adult Spider-Man fans. Also, be sure to stay through the credits for a fun end scene.

Perhaps Marvel is finally trying to lighten things up a bit and if so, this was a good start and paves the way to an already announced sequel.

Grade: B

About Allison Hazlett-Rose
Allison Hazlett-Rose has always had a passion for the arts and uses her organization skills to help keep FlickDirect prosperous. Mrs. Hazlett-Rose oversees and supervises the correspondents and critics that are part of the FlickDirect team. Mrs. Hazlett-Rose attended Hofstra University where she earned her bachelors degree in communications and is a member of the Florida Film Critics Circle.

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          An Oddbins Adventure: Chenin Man, Buttered Coffee and Spider Pig   

The below is an adventure, what began as a buying trip to South Africa and turned into a true love of the region, the people, the culture and of course the wine! Working for Oddbins is unique in that we are a tiny buying team (just 3 of us), which requires a very involved approach where listing a new wine is more than it seems. It's a new partnership and during my journey I tasted some wonderful wines but also met some truly fantastic people. So, my story is of course about the wine but perhaps more importantly, about the people behind them.

It began with a challenge to revitalize the range, followed by a tasting in our London boardroom, it wouldn't do; I knew that I had to go to South Africa to experience the region and taste the wines in their natural habitat, alongside the people that made them, to get it right. In what seemed like a whirlwind, I touched down in Cape Town just a few weeks later! I remember landing and thinking to myself 'Okay, you're here. Now what?'

I had a lot of ground to cover, from Constantia to Swartland, out to Hemel en Aarde to Greyton in just a 10 day period. I hadn't been to SA before and I was alone with no comfort of a travel buddy, at least at this point...but things have a funny way of working themselves out and as I walked into arrivals there was a man holding a sign with my name on it. This was my first encounter with who I would come to call the 'legendary Campbell Roost' Zoom Safe Trips and Tours. At this time he was simply a ride from the airport to the hotel. I had no idea he would become such a significant part of my trip. From the get go I went to hop in the back seat, but Campbell was having none of it,"in the front with me", he said. And that would be my seat for the remainder of the trip, next to Campbell, not just my driver, but my tour guide, wake-up call, lunch buddy and friend.

There was no better way to start day one (ease into it) than at the serene Stellenbosch farm owned by the legendary Ken Forrester - The Chenin Man! Ken has been making wine for many years and his speciality is Chenin Blanc, which aged to leesy and textured, but for me it is the purity and quality of the 'Petit Chenin' that I loved - no oak, just straight up quality fruit and varietal character - bring on the crunchy apple, honey and linalool! During the visit I wandered down to Ken's barrel room to take a look around. In the back corner was a barrel with 'Roussanne' written on the face...'what is that?'. I love Roussanne, a native white Rhône grape. It's rare to see it completely on its own, especially from South Africa, and rarer to see it done right. Slightly hesitant, I tasted it and was wowed! At this point it was only sold via Ken's farm in SA, but it was so good I had to bring it back and share with the fellow wine lovers in the UK.

Rouossanne Wine

Now that I'm warmed up and have had a few sips of Chenin, it's time for a different experience...I hopped back in the car with Campbell and set off to stop no.2. Through the green, mountainous terrain of Stellenbosch and out into Swartland. It looks more like a desert, but has some super gnarly bush vines! We pulled up to a small farm house and made our way up the driveway. I was met with a curious glance that implied 'who the heck are you?''Jenny', I said, anticipating the questions. He tried to act like he hadn't totally forgotten that I was coming, and what a better way to do that than offer up a plastic cup of a new vermouth they were producing (ok, I can roll with this). Pretty soon though, we were laughing about it along with the fact there is a cheap brand of wine called 'Oddbins' sold in Checkers (the local supermarket) that doesn't have the best reputation for representing winemakers and he had thought that was who I represented! (Note to self - say Oddbins UK moving forward). A few minutes later, the man behind the establishment showed up - Adi! We went to chat in the cellar which was a stark contrast to Ken's place. It contained open top fermenters with all sorts of interesting things bubbling and was being watched over carefully by a big picture of a 60's pin up girl. Adi offered me an espresso - 'do you take butter?' [Huh?]. I truly thought he was taking the piss. A sort of 'let's mess with the tourist' kinda thing, but then he simply plopped a dollop in his own cup - not my cup of Joe please. I later asked Campbell if he had an answer for me. Nope! But he did laugh (mystery to be solved - if you have the answer, feel free to tweet me @oddbinsbuyers). Anyway, I tasted some awesome this space!

Wine Blog

Next on the list is Miles Mossop! Miles' story is a good depiction of what's happening in the SA wine scene at the moment. He started at one of the more established estates, making wine for Tokara and was allowed to vinify a small amount under his own label each year as a bit of a side project (quite common). The culmination of this is three awesome wines, yes, awesome. As a couple of months before my visit, Miles has moved on from Tokara, hopefully giving him even more time to focus on what's not a side project anymore. These wines are seriously wonderful. Saskia - an oaky, leesy white Rhône blend, Max - a rich and juicy Bordeaux blend and 'The Introduction', an old vine barrel fermented Chenin from the Swartland.

Introduction Wine

Okay - it's impossible to go through every stop, even the ones with some of the more memorable wines, but at this point I've been in SA for a few days now and I'm slowly settling in and Campbell is definitely helping. On day three, he is waiting downstairs with a cup of coffee, settling into his routine of reading the morning paper in the lobby whilst I'm usually 5-10 minutes late. We hop in the car and we're off again, this time to meet one of the sweetest and most talented people I've met, Adam Mason. Adam is the brainchild behind Mulderbosch Wines and again, has a side project.

The wine is called Marvelous! Finding wines in the UK sub £10 on the shelf that are REAL, crafted wines is difficult. Many a time they are shipped over in large tanks and bottled here. Marvelous is Adam's baby and these are small volume parcels of grapes taken from sites that best suit each varietal, blended to create three seriously delicious wines - a Red Bordeaux blend, a Red Rhône blend and a wonderful White Rhône blend. Also from Adam, and two of my favourites, are his Yardstick Pinot Noir and Chardonnay - the Pinot is juicy, silky and fruit driven and instantly appealing, and the Chardonnay is toasty and rich. Adam is coming over in October to do tastings in the stores. Watch our Twitter feed for when he will be at your local Oddbins.

Adam Mason

Next stop! Not another farm though, this was a different approach. A way to cover more ground and soak up a bit of the culture. Campbell and I were off to Publik - a wine bar in Cape Town run by Dave and Dave (both Dave's actually make wine). They are all about getting the weird and wonderful into the bar and showcasing some of the interesting projects that are happening in the region. While some are awesome, some are a work in progress and some are downright scary, but that was the fun of it and either way it's great to see so much innovation. Over a plate of Charcuterie including Biltong, we tasted through a line up of wines. Part way through, Dave put this bottle down in front of me, with a totally serious and straight face - 'try my wine!'. So, I too kept a straight face, staring at the red headed man affectionately cradling a baby pig! The rosé was simple, charming and quite appealing, but was the UK market ready for Spider Pig to make an appearance on their dinner table? That was up for debate! Either way, the night turned into a great evening and eventually the story of THE Spider Pig was revealed, which made me like the wine even more, but that is a story for another day...The same evening, I came across Samantha O'Keefe's 'Lismore' from Greyton. Sam is an amazing lady and basically pioneered the region way up in the mountains. She is making a Rhône style Viognier, a Syrah that will blow your mind and has just added a Pinot Noir. I tasted these and was so impressed that I rescheduled my trip and Campbell and I drove two hours out to Greyton to meet Sam the next day. Her wines will be arriving into Oddbins in September.

Pig and Lismore Wine

Next up - Alex Dale from Radford (Winery of Good Hope). This guy is a true talent and the range is fantastic. We already work with Alex but I popped by for a lovely lunch with some of the vineyard staff anyway (this is a daily routine - stop, chat, live and enjoy - we could learn a thing or two!). He introduced me to Gus, his brother who grew up making wine in Burgundy. Gus is now working at Paul Roos on a tiny (literally tiny, just 3000 bottles) project, which I only found out about after I tasted and fell in love with his wine. These wines are very old world in style. The white, Paul Roos Die Skoolshoof is a co-fermented blend of Chardonnay/Chenin - really hands off winemaking here that is made in a Burgundy style - it is nutty, roasty, oaky and mineral and a gorgeous and wonderful red Bordeaux blend, the Paul Roos Die Filantroop which is a rustic and earthy Shiraz blend. A true boutique wine, which to top it all off, gives the proceeds back to provide education for the farm workers families. When the wines were listed in Oddbins there was so much pride amongst all the workers, which is exactly what it's all about.

Paul Roos Wines

When the trip came to an end, I was sad to go, and I was very humbled by my experiences and the wonderful people I had met. I received a text message 1 day after landing from Campbell Roost making sure I had made it home safely (enough said).

Meet Jim!

Meet Jim

Days later, I was in one of my local branches and got to chatting to a customer named Jim who is from Johannesburg, about my trip and the wines. Jim and his buddies had signed up to ride the Prudential 100 miles to raise money for children's education in South Africa - He tells me a bit more about the Bokamoso Trust and I am in awe and touched (yes, Buyers do have hearts!). Jim bought himself a few bottles of Paul Roos and in the spur of the moment, I told him that Oddbins would sponsor his team in their ride (oops, how do I sell this to the powers that be on Monday?!). He was surprised and cheekily asked if in addition to the money for the charity, his team could have wines for the ride - my answer was no. Oddbins doesn't do cycling and drinking! But we did agree that they'd get a case of South African wines for AFTER the race. In addition to the £500 being donated by Oddbins on their behalf to the charity, for every 10 minutes Jim shaves off his goal time, the charity will get an extra £50. The ride takes place on July 30th and you can follow Jim's journey @oddbins #OnYaBikeSA

          Comment on Just How Deadly Is a Wild Boar? by the louster   
50,000 years isn't correct. The authorities will one day find out it was teenagers or kids messing around in those caves and painting on them. But they would never have the guts to admit it, though. If future elites found a rail road car (with spray paint paintings) in the dirt, they would marvel at this GREAT find
          Does a snarky architecture blog have the right to scrawl all over Zillow listings?   
The real estate website Zillow is the place you go to search for a home — and maybe marvel at high-end listings.

The snarky blog McMansion Hell is where you go to ridicule the kinds of homes you’ll never be able to afford.

The sites occupy opposite ends of the online real estate world — a reality... Reported by L.A. Times 1 hour ago.
          Вышел первый трейлер супергеройского сериала «Нелюди»   
Вышел первый трейлер супергеройского сериала «Нелюди»

Marvel выпустила первый полноценный трейлер сериала, основанного на комиксе «Нелюди». В ролике помимо Рамси Болтона ...

          Critics warm to new Spider-Man's web slinging   
The latest outing for Marvel's web-slinging superhero stars Britain's Tom Holland in the title role.
          Video : Marvel's Inhumans - Official Trailer 1   
Marvel konečne vydal trailer na svoju ďalšiu tímovku Inhumans. Tá zažije premiéru v Imaxe a potom bude pokračovať na ABC.
          Are They Twins? 15 Resemble Super Heroes in DC and Marvel   
As we all know, the Marvel and DC created a lot of classical super heroes which made our childhood more interesting. In general, a super hero has its own skill and look. But, do you discover that some super heroes from these two companies look like the twins?
          The Evolution of Spider-Man   

You may think you know Spider-man. But do you really? The first animated version of Spider-Man hit the screen in 1967. Watch the evolution of classic Marvel comic hero since then.  Read more...

More about Spider Man, Evolution, Spiderman, Marvel Comics, and Spider Man Homecoming

          Does a snarky architecture blog have the right to scrawl all over Zillow listings?   

The real estate website Zillow is the place you go to search for a home — and maybe marvel at high-end listings.

The snarky blog McMansion Hell is where you go to ridicule the kinds of homes you’ll never be able to afford.

The sites occupy opposite ends of the online real estate world — a reality...

          Flavio Alves   
Genres: Solo, Videos, Straight, Latin, Fleshjack, Big Cocks, Smooth, Jock Strap Video language: English Tattooed jizz Flavio begins his solo movie scene by grabbing his marvelous tool inside his jeans. He not fast lifts up his singlet to disclose his breathtaking muscles and starts to groan as [...]
          Sleepy Bees   

I once had a friend who was fascinated by sleeping bumble bees. She would step out into her garden in the morning and marvel at them all, clutching their preferred blossoms, their fuzzy bodies often glistening with dew. She said she wanted to reach out and pet them and that if she did that they would "grumble" like they were groggy and grumpy and didn't quite want to be woken up yet.

I've been feeling sort of like a sleepy bumble bee lately. As though I've been working all day to the point of dozing off in the middle of my work and that I am waiting for the sun to warm me back up -- to give me the energy to keep going.

Sometimes the people in our lives can have the warming effects that the sun has upon the slumbering bumblebees. Our friends and family can see our visions and our toils and shine new light on our paths. Last month we were delightfully awoken to a visit from PeakEngineer and his lovely wife and beautiful child. More than just energy, they brought with them some synergy of perception that has strengthened our resolve. Because while they have wisely found an amazing community of like-minded individuals in which to live, my husband and I have plunged forward to go it alone. That was not a reasoned decision on our part to do it this way, just a decision to do what we felt we could when we had the opportunity. And while we have found people who share our core beliefs in a simpler lifestyle, our bigger picture views are not always the same.

Shortly after our delightful awakening, we had a visit from my grandmother. She looked at our yet unpolished projects and immediately saw the long-term dream. There was no doubt in her mind as to what we were doing or why and her enthusiasm was contagious.

And so, back into our projects we have plied ourselves. For all the disappointment of a lack-luster growing season, a few too many wild predators, and the aggravation of shortening days, we at least know that we aren't completely nuts, even if we have bought the farm.

But in the words of (yes, the ever-philosophical) Steve Miller* "you've got to go through hell, before you get to heaven."

*of the Steve Miller band, of course. ;)
          Essential Tool for Buying the Farm   

I can’t imagine buying the farm, as it were, without getting your hands on one of these. OK, all pathetic attempts at morbid jokes aside, I’m all for doing certain chores the slow and old-fashioned way. It isn’t that I don’t have enough to do in my spare time, or that I don’t value my time, but more about prioritizing minimizing my footprint and actually enjoying necessary daily chores as much as possible. See I never have enjoyed mowing. Most lawn mowers are loud and how much does anyone really enjoy the monotony of mowing straight lines across one’s yard? Are there people out there who truly get out of bed on the weekends eager to give the lawn mower a run? I detest weed eaters. It isn’t that these mechanical devices aren’t marvelous tools for the job, but the noise is like a brick wall, so I have sworn off ever buying such a contraption. I prefer the sound of silence, punctuated by bird calls. What does that leave me with? Well, when I owned a small city lawn (or what was left of it after I had etched out plenty of garden beds) I bought a rather old and rusty reel mower. After a good sharpening it worked like a charm. Those old reel mowers were built to last and I have found they outperform the reel mowers you can buy new these days. The essential parts hold together on the old mowers, rather than falling by the wayside mid-mow as I’ve noticed on the newer models. And you can’t beat buying a solidly built lawn mower for $5.

But back to my main topic here, we just bought ourselves some acreage. 2.5 to be exact. We were dreaming of 5, but by the time we found the right piece of land, land prices had about doubled in our area (in a span of 2-3 years) and so we settled for something smaller. Maybe that’s good. 2.5 acres is a good chunk of land and I’m already overwhelmed with it. Horses had kept the grass sheared up until the point that we put our offer on the property, but by the time we got moved in it became obvious that we would be fighting tall grass. Honestly though, I do like tall grass. I like the way it arches, dries to a light earthy tone, and flowers all feathery and airy. Come fall it will be a decorative asset. But sometimes you need to walk and work in an area without wading through waist-high field grass.

After briefly running over my options in my head – ride-on lawn mower (not!), weed eater (never), goat (maybe someday) – I remembered there was a hand tool designed for just this task and that there are people out there actually practicing the art of using it – a scythe! Even considering using one feels like stepping back into the dark ages, but then I do like to be unconventional. Believe it or not, there is a book that details how to properly use one. I’m considering looking into this book and also maybe purchasing a state-of-the-art scythe. But as a temporary solution, and as an opportunity to experiment, my parents brought me a scythe that they happened to have in their garage. I guess my brother, horticultural wonder-boy that he is, bought this scythe back some time when he was still living with my parents. After a good sharpening, I took it out for a test run and was rather impressed. If you have any tall weeds that you prefer not to pull by hand, this tool will at least temporarily neuter the reproductive stalks. It slices right through blackberry vines too – no need to run to the tool shed for pruning sheers and/or gloves. I had fun sweeping it through the tall grass, and I could see why some people say that the process feels meditative, as the act left me feeling rather calm, but I have to admit to only clearing a small section. I’m not sure what I would report after a day long scything adventure in the back field.
While I was practicing my scything technique, I pondered the contrasts between hay and straw. Not that long ago I didn’t really know what the difference was between hay and straw, only that hay was valued as a livestock feed. Hay, typically dry grass, has no nutritional value to humans, yet is a staple for feeding livestock during the lean months. Straw, or dry grain-crop stalks, is a byproduct of human agricultural crops, and is used primarily as a livestock bedding material. There is a nice synergy there in how these crops provide for both livestock and humans, without waste or a whole lot of competition over resources.

          ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Sequel Picks Up “A Few Minutes” After ‘Avengers 4’ Ends   

Earlier this week, we found out that the direct sequel to Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: Homecoming will kick off a new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by showing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man dealing with the aftermath of the upcoming Avengers movies. But that connection will be even more explicit than we thought: according to producer Amy Pascal, the opening of Spider-Man Homecoming […]

The post ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Sequel Picks Up “A Few Minutes” After ‘Avengers 4’ Ends appeared first on /Film.

          Fox Schedules Six Mystery Marvel Movies Through 2021   

20th Century Fox has had their hits and misses when it comes to superhero movies, but there’s no overlooking the fact that the studio has some of the biggest critical and commercial hits at the box office outside of Marvel Studios. Despite the well-documented messy chronology of the X-Men series, Fox is on a roll […]

The post Fox Schedules Six Mystery Marvel Movies Through 2021 appeared first on /Film.

          Marvel Won’t Let Tom Holland Read the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Script Because He Can’t Keep a Secret   

It’s no secret that Tom Holland can’t keep a secret. The Spider-Man: Homecoming star has caused a lot of grief for the Marvel marketing machine and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, who keep a famously tight lid on plot secrets and details to build up anticipation for their growing slate of movies. It’s gotten so […]

The post Marvel Won’t Let Tom Holland Read the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Script Because He Can’t Keep a Secret appeared first on /Film.

          První dojmy: Spider-Man: Homecoming   
Zámořští kritici jsou z nového Spider-Mana nadšení (zatím má na Rottenech 30 pozitivních recenzí z 31 a průměrný rating 7,9/10). My jsme se na něj zase tolik netěšili, Marvel ale nemá ve zvyku vymýšle...
          TZ: První trailer Inhumans od Marvelu   
Inhumans působí u Marvelu trochu jako nechtěné dítě. Původně byli oznámení jako klasický marvelovský film, pak byli odsunuti návrátivším se Spider-Manem a sequely úspěšných hrdinů (Strážci galaxie, ...
          Watch on BBC World News: eight-part series based on UNESCO’s "General History of Africa" book collection   


© BBC World News

Zeinab Badawi delves into the history of Africa for a brand new, eight-part series on BBC World News. The continent of Africa has a long, complex history, and its people built civilizations which rivalled those that existed anywhere else in the world. However, much of the continent’s history is not widely known, and what we are presented with often projects a distorted and partial picture. Sudan-born Zeinab travels to all four corners of Africa, interviewing African historians, archaeologists, and citizens whose accounts and stories paint a vivid picture of their continent's past and how it informs their present lives. It is a series that will inform, educate and entertain - Africa’s history told by Africans themselves.



BBC World TV: Transmission dates (GMT)


1) Mother Africa

In the first episode Zeinab Badawi travels across the continent, examining the origins of humankind and how and why we evolved in Africa. During her journey Zeinab is granted rare access to the genuine bones of one of the most iconic discoveries in the field of palaeontology: Lucy in Ethiopia, or as she is known in Amharic ‘Dinkenesh' - which means 'you are marvellous’! Zeinab also spends time with a unique tribe in Tanzania, who provide insight into how we have lived, for most of our history, as hunter-gatherers. She also looks at what distinguishes us from the animal world and makes us human.

Sat 1st July: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 2nd July 09:10, 21:10



2) Cattle, crops and Iron

Zeinab Badawi continues her journey through the history of human development, travelling to meet the Masai of East Africa where she explains how humans began to domesticate animals and become pastoralists; in Zimbabwe, Zeinab visits one lively farming family and examines how we became settled and began to live from farming. She also looks at how the Iron Age transformed life in Africa and paved the way for the development of rich urban civilisations.

Sat 8th July: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 9th July 09:10, 21:10



3) Gift of the Nile

Zeinab Badawi’s quest to uncover the history of Africa takes her to Egypt, where she explores the most famous civilisation on the continent – the ancient Egyptians. Zeinab takes you beyond the usual coverage of the pharaohs and asks first who the ancient Egyptians actually were? What was their ethnicity? What made such a great civilisation possible? How did they order their society, and what were their values?

Sat 15th July: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 16th July 09:10, 21:10



4) The Kingdom of Kush

In the fourth episode, Zeinab Badawi travels to the country of her birth and the very region of her forefathers: northern Sudan, where she sheds light on a little know aspect of ancient African history: the Kingdom of Kush. Its kings ruled for many hundreds of years and indeed in the eighth century BC, they conquered and governed Egypt for the best part of 100 years. Furthermore Kush was an African superpower, its influence extended to the modern day Middle East. Zeinab shows you some of the best preserved of Sudan’s s 1,000 pyramids and explains how some of the customs of Kush have endured to this day.

Sat 22nd July: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 23rd July 09:10, 21:10



5) The Rise of Aksum

Zeinab Badawi travels to the little visited country of Eritrea and neighbouring Ethiopia, to chart the rise of the Kingdom of Aksum. Described as one of the four greatest civilisations of the ancient world, Zeinab examines archaeological remains in both countries dating from many hundreds of years before Christ. She explains how the Kings of Aksum grew rich and powerful from their control of the Red Sea trade and how they were one of the first civilisations that officially embraced Christianity in the 4th century. Also find out why the Queen of Sheba and the Sacred Ark of the Covenant are so critical to the story of Aksum.

Sat 29th July: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 30th July 09:10, 21:10



6) Kings and Emirs

In the sixth episode, Zeinab Badawi focuses on the fall of the kingdom of Aksum, and how the Christian kings that followed in Aksum’s wake left powerful legacies, especially that of King Lalibela. He is credited with building a complex of rock-hewn churches, which represent amazing feats of engineering. She also charts the arrival of Islam in this part of Africa and how the Christian kings and Muslim emirs co-existed. In the most Muslim of Ethiopia’s cities Harar: she observes the bizarre, long standing tradition of the Hyena Men of Harar.

Sat 5th Aug: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 6th Aug 09:10, 21:10



7) North Africa

In the penultimate episode, Zeinab Badawi’s exploration of Africa’s rich history focuses on North Africa. She goes to Morocco to find out about the original inhabitants of the region - in particular the Berbers or Amazigh - the best known of the people of North Africa. Zeinab visits Carthage in Tunisia and explains who the Carthaginians were. She looks at the great Berber kings and how they managed to retain their influence when North Africa came under Roman rule. Zeinab shows you some of the most extensive and least visited Roman sites in Algeria.

Sat 12th Aug: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 13th Aug 09:10, 21:10



8) Pagans and God

In the final episode, Zeinab Badawi examines the role of religion in Africa. To this day tens of millions of Africans are pagans, who worship a pantheon of Gods and venerate their ancestors. And many more millions of Africans incorporate pagan customs into their monotheistic beliefs. Zeinab takes you through the stages of the arrival of monotheism in Africa: first Judaism , then early Christianity and then finally Islam. She charts the rise of the powerful Islamic dynasties of North Africa, that went on to conquer Spain.

Sat 19th Aug: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 20th Aug 09:10, 21:10



          Odessa Conference Report   

Thank you for your love and prayer in His grace.

I would like to report about our bible conference held in Sanatoria Kobliba near Odessa during May 18-21.

We had prayer meetings for two months preparing choruses and special songs by fellowships and by teams. The title of the conference was “My Lord, My God.”

The lectures are;
Message 1: John 1:1-14, “Jesus is God” delivered by Shepherd Gennady 
Message 2: Mark 2:1-17, “Jesus gives a new life to sinners” by Shepherd Augustine
Message 3: Luke 23, “Father, Forgive them” by Shepherd Matthew
Message 4: John 20, “My Lord, My God” by Shepherd Piotr
Message 5: Mark 13, “You will see the Son of Man coming” by Shepherdess Alysha
Message 6: Revelation 1, “I am the Alpha and the Omega” by Shepherd Moses
Message 7: Psalm 1: Blessed is the one” by Shepherd David

The seven lay shepherds and shepherdess have grown as good messengers through message preparation with reciting the whole passage and meditating on God’s word from one month ahead of the conference.

Every morning we started a new day with stretching exercise followed by group bible study, message listening, testimony writing and then sharing. There was a great God’s work that all attendants accepted Jesus and confessed the risen Christ as “My Lord, My God” with heart moving joy.

Most marvelous blessing was that 11 students who were trained for last 2 – 3 years accepted God’s calling as a shepherd and received imposition of hands.

We pray that they may grow to be good shepherds for college students of this generation.

Total attendants was 80 (2 from Kiev and 3 from Dnepropetrovsk)

Brother Dima Park who has been studying the Bible for two years attended together with his wife and two sons (Yuri, Slavic). This family donated UBF T-shirts for the conference, which comforted us a lot.

The last night we glorified God with a drama and a campfire (Sausage barbeque).

In every announcement time we shouted with one voice, “The Risen Christ is My Lord, My God!”, greeting each other.

I confess the Risen Christ is my Lord and my God who is sitting on the right hand of God, living together with us and residing in us. I praise the Lord, who accepted our confession.

I pray that God’s Gospel works may prosper in power with all CIS chapters.

John Lee

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          Bong Joon-Ho's 'Okja' Is As Weird A Hybrid As Its Porcine Star   
Bong's clever dark comedy, about a enormous, genetically modified pig and the adorable moppet who loves her, veers wildly in tone, but the CGI oinker at its center is a marvel.
 - Ianisha added to - Ianisha - Ianisha

Added On:

Feb 23, 2010


When this tight teen is not enjoying her past time hobbies like dancing or doing makeup, you can almost bet that Ianisha is touching her marvelous moist vagina! She loves passing the time by having orgasm after orgasm!

          Spider-Man: Homecoming - LA Premiere - MARISA TOMEI, ZENDAYA (2017) HD   
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It’s been a wild ride for director Jon Watts. Tasked with bringing everyone’s favorite web-slinger to the big screen in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Watts has entered the swirling $11.7-billion-grossing maelstrom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And as every super hero knows, with great power ...

          Does a snarky architecture blog have the right to scrawl all over Zillow listings?   

The real estate website Zillow is the place you go to search for a home — and maybe marvel at high-end listings.

The snarky blog McMansion Hell is where you go to ridicule the kinds of homes you’ll never be able to afford.

The sites occupy opposite ends of the online real estate world — a reality...

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Residenza is delighted to bring to the market this stunning 3 bed House in Kingston, close to many transport links and amenities.Rent: £1,850PCMAvailable: 28th August 2017EPC Rating: To FollowProperty compromises:- Marvellous 3 Bedrooms- 1...
3 rooms terrace
Tue, 20 Jun 2017 15:06:04 -0400
          3 bedroom end of terrace to rent in Fleetwood Road, KT1, London   
Residenza is delighted to bring to the market this stunning 3 bed House in Kingston, close to many transport links and amenities.Rent: £1,750PCMAvailable: 28th August 2017EPC Rating: To FollowProperty compromises:- Marvellous 3 Bedrooms- 1...
3 rooms 1 bathroom terrace
Sun, 18 Jun 2017 15:17:59 -0400
          Fleetwood Road, London KT1   
Residenza is delighted to bring to the market this stunning 3 bed House in Kingston, close to many transport links and amenities. Rent: £1,750PCM Available: 28th August 2017 EPC Rating: To Follow Property compromises: - Marvellous 3 Bedrooms - 1...
3 rooms 1 bathroom garden
Sun, 18 Jun 2017 15:01:42 -0400
          Fleetwood Road, London KT1   
Residenza is delighted to bring to the market this stunning 3 bed House in Kingston, close to many transport links and amenities. Rent: 1,750PCM Available: 28th August 2017 EPC Rating: To Follow Property compromises: - Marvellous 3 Bedrooms - 1...
3 rooms 1 bathroom garden
Sun, 18 Jun 2017 14:23:08 -0400
          El sucesor de Harvest Moon llega en octubre a Europa   

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns ya tiene fecha de salida en Europa.

El juego, lanzado hace un año en Japón y el pasado febrero en Norteamérica, es el auténtico sucesor de Harvest Moon, creado por Marvelous Inc. El motivo de que no mantenga dicho nombre es puramente legal: XSEED mantiene los derechos de distribución de dicho nombre en Norteamérica (llegó a sacar su propio Harvest Moon sin el equipo original) y se ha decidido mantener el nombre en todos los países occidentales. Por lo demás, mantiene el estilo y las mecánicas del Harvest Moon de siempre.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns saldrá el 13 de octubre en Europa.

Read more…

          PDI Valparaíso incauta productos infantiles falsificados   
Detectives de la Brigada Investigadora de Delitos en Recintos Portuarios Valparaíso (BRIDERPO) incautaron 357 productos fraudulentos, los que infringían la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual, por tener logotipos correspondientes a la marca Disney y Marvel. Según información entregada por la PDI, la imputada Y.X. de 22 años de nacionalidad china, comercializaba en su local de Avenida …
          Disney Boys Clothes Available as of 6/29/2017   
Here’s some really great boys clothes that are Disney themed. Marvel’s The Avengers Icon Patches Tee for Boys Marvel's The Avengers Icon Patches Tee for Boys Price: $16.95 Spider-Man Contemporary Tee for Boys Price: $18.95 Hollywood Tower Hotel Bellhop Tee for Boys Price: $19.95 Mickey Mouse Heathered Tee for Boys – Walt Disney World Sale: […]
          2 Pillow Panels All Cotton Fabric 45" x 18" Spiderman Boys Marvel Comics Blue Red Springs 9895 2004 OOP by FabricConnection   

4.00 USD

This 45" by 18" cotton fabric panel has 2 different prints of Spiderman. Additional panels are available. If you would like more, please contact me.

These striking pillow panels were manufactured in 2004 and are now out of print. Measuring from the outside of the narrow red borders, they are roughly 15.5" x 16.25". Spiders creep along the wide red border. Use these panels as wall hangings, centerpieces for quilts or quillows, or create 1 or 2 pillows depending on how you back them. Make a great gift for that Marvel Comics fan in your life.

The secondary shipping cost applies only to another item of the same weight. I will, of course, combine shipping for multiple items to reduce total cost.

Delivery Confirmation is included in the shipping. Recycled packing materials will be used whenever possible.

          The First Marvel's Inhumans Trailer Looks Like Game of Thrones with Superpowers   
We finally know what one of the fall season's most anticipated shows will look like. ABC today released the trailer for Marvel's Inhumans, one of the network's tentpole series of the 2017-2018 season.The series is [...]
          Commentaires sur Présentation du projet ANYWHERE par znane szamba   
Thanks for your marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you may be a great author. I will always bookmark your blog and definitely will come back later in life. I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great posts, have a nice evening!
          Does a snarky architecture blog have the right to scrawl all over Zillow listings?   

The real estate website Zillow is the place you go to search for a home — and maybe marvel at high-end listings.

The snarky blog McMansion Hell is where you go to ridicule the kinds of homes you’ll never be able to afford.

The sites occupy opposite ends of the online real estate world — a reality...

          Hints from Heloise: Gleaming Cutlery   
A dear friend of mine gave us a set of cutlery for our wedding almost 14 years ago: Marquise by 1847 Rogers. It sat in its case for about 12 years while I worried that it was too fancy for the likes of me and Phil. Since I pulled it out and started using it, it's slowly grown a layer of tarnish that I've hardly noticed. Others have. In fact, one neighbor has casually mentioned not once but twice that he thought maybe we shouldn't use my "fine" silverware because of the patina. I'm sure he was thinking more about the stained fork than my baked ziti. One day, I thought, I really need to sit down and spend a few hours cleaning that stuff up like the household help in the 1920s.
Then I stumbled on a recipe the other day for cleaning silverplate. Here's what I did:
  1. Make a single layer of silverware in one of those disposable foil things you use for potluck baked ziti. The silverware needs to touch the foil. You can also line a pan or dish with foil.
  2. Heat some water to boiling, and then pour it into a 4-cup Pyrex container. For 4 cups of water, add 1/4 cup baking soda. It's going to bubble up impressively when you add the soda.
  3. Pour the boiling water and baking soda over the silverware and watch in amazement as the tarnish disappears. Just disappears.
  4. Call your husband in from the porch where he's trying to have a quiet martini and do a little reading, and drag him in to watch the magic. Marvel that this will be your fourth-grader's first science fair project.
  5. Invite your neighbor over for dinner -- something that will require a few pieces of cutlery -- so he can marvel at your sparkling home.
For really stubborn spots, swirl the water around a bit. Then take out that silverware and add more. When the water cools, you can either re-heat it or make some more.
In other Household Hints news, I finally paid attention to my kale, which I'd sort of OD'd on in the early summer and hadn't really noticed for a bit. I realized something was chewing the heck out of it. When I went to get rid of the tattered leaves, I found small green caterpillars having a party on my kale. A little Facebook research, and my friends informed me these are white cabbage moths, and the eggs are laid by the little white butterflies I always look at sanguinely when they flutter around the lavender. I couldn't find a good solution until I found the following on an Internet garden Q&A: Pay a kid 5 cents a caterpillar. Max made $2.50 today working next to me, and is eager to start his shift again tomorrow.
Sometimes money DOES buy happiness.
          First full trailer for ‘Inhumans’   
Following from the Inhumans poster released on Monday, here’s the first full trailer for the new Marvel TV show Inhumans, which stars Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon, Ken Leung as Karnak, Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Serinda Swan as Medusa, Isabelle Cornish as Crystal, and Iwan Rheon as Maximus. The first two episodes of Marvel’s Inhumans […]
          'Marvel's Inhumans' First Official Trailer Is Here!   
The trailer shows off Black Bolt's Inhuman power in a scene in which he hurls a police car through the air after involuntarily grunting when a cop assaults him with a baton in Hawaii.
          20 Shows to Binge-Watch Over the July 4 Weekend (Photos)   

July 4 falls on a Tuesday this year, which means that for many of us, there’s a super-long weekend brewing. Luckily, it’s a perfect time to binge TV, with plenty of shows having just finished seasons and several more about to start new ones. Here’s what you should be watching with your five-day weekend.

“Fargo” (Seasons 1-2 on Hulu, Seasons 1-3 on FX)
The third season of FX’s Emmy winning adaptation of the Coen Brothers’ 1995 movie just wrapped up, and it was another solid piece of television. If you’ve been holding off on “Fargo” up to now, it’s a great time to catch up on Seasons 1 and 2 on Hulu. You can catch the third season on FX with a cable login.

“Glow” (Season 1 on Netflix)
The newest of Netflix’s original series dives into the 1980s to follow a group of women who are primed to set the world of wrestling on fire. The goofy comedy packs a great cast, including “Mad Men” alumna Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin of “American Gods,” and plenty of hilarious moments as a group of women with no wrestling experience figure out how to become an ’80s sensation.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” (Season 1 on Hulu)
The powerful and tragic tale, starring Elisabeth Moss, of a woman trapped in an authoritarian version of America is hard to watch, but it’s also essential viewing. Hulu has released the entire series, so you’re free to binge all 10 episodes of “The Handmaid’s Tale” — just in time to reflect on the current trajectory of the country.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (Seasons 1-3 on Netflix)
The third season of Netflix’s hit comedy from co-creator Tina Fey, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” landed on Netflix last month. That means there’s a good chance you have a whole season of “Kimmy” to catch up on, and plenty of weekend days to get through 13 30-minute episodes.

“Orange is the New Black” (Seasons 1-5 on Netflix)
The ladies of Litchfield are back in “Orange is the New Black” Season 5, which picks up moments from the end of Season 4 and follows the inmates’ takeover of the prison. The fifth season released earlier this month, providing plenty of “Orange is the New Black” to dig into to catch up.

“The Keepers” (Netflix)
The latest documentary series from Netflix delves into a murder mystery almost 40 years old. The killing of Sister Cathy Cesnik is unsolved to this day, but the documentary uncovers a scandal in the Catholic Church and years of abuse that might have played a role in what happened.

“Big Little Lies” (HBO)
HBO’s scandal- and rumor-fueled dark comedy “Big Little Lies” also bcomes a whodunit as its drama unfolded. With a star-studded cast that includes Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Alexander Skarsgard and Laura Dern, and clocking in at only seven episodes, “Big Little Lies” is a quick, high-quality watch that’ll leave you with time to binge some other shows this weekend.

“Designated Survivor” (Season 1 on Hulu)
Mixing high-stakes politics with “24”-esque action and drama, “Designated Survivor” tells the story of an attack on the capitol that leaves a lone Cabinet member suddenly taking on the role of president. As the FBI races to find the culprits, the inexperienced Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) has to figure out how to keep the country together.

“Iron Fist” (Season 1 on Netflix)
The next installment of Netflix’s Marvel TV shows, “The Defenders,” drops in August. If you’re not fully caught up on the latest superhero show (as well as “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage”), now’s the time.

“Silicon Valley” (Seasons 1-4 on HBO)
The final episode of “Silicon Valley” Season 4 aired just a few days ago, meaning the full show is available to stream on HBO with no waiting just in time for the weekend. With TJ Miller departing, who knows what Season 5 will be like, but the first four seasons of the tech comedy are worth checking out.

“Master of None” (Seasons 1-2 on Netflix)
Aziz Ansari’s Netflix comedy is one of the best shows out there right now, squeezing tons of laughs out of stories about trying to navigate love and career life in New York City. Ansari’s show isn’t just funny; it taps some deep truths about modern life that make it deeply relatable.

“Timeless” (Season 1 on Hulu)
Saved from cancellation by its extremely dedicated fan base, NBC’s time travel adventure show “Timeless” is worthy of your attention. With its time travelers fighting to stop a terrorist who’s hoping to alter American history, each episode hits on great, key moments. This is a great chance to find out what so many people love about “Timeless.”

“Difficult People” (Seasons 1-2 on Hulu)
Hulu’s mean-people comedy “Difficult People” is kicking off the third season of Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner’s hilarious show in August, giving you just enough time to dig into the first two seasons.

“House of Cards” (Seasons 1-5 on Netflix)
The intense political machinations of “House of Cards” ratcheted up again in Season 5 as Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) fights for reelection to the presidency. There’s plenty more lawbreaking, lying, and murder awaiting in the latest season, which released at the end of May.

“Better Call Saul” (Seasons 1-2 on Netflix)
“Better Call Saul” Season 3 just wrapped up, and the show’s been renewed for a fourth — and you can watch the first two on Netflix immediately. Grabbing Season 3 is a bit tougher, requiring you to purchase it through services like Amazon or iTunes, but it’s worth it to get fully caught up on the phenomenal “Breaking Bad” prequel.

“Veep” (HBO)
HBO’s political comedy about a powerless vice president and her constant attempts to be relevant (and also president) is consistently one of the funniest on TV. There’s also a ton of it — six seasons, with the last having just completed — making it a great way to celebrate the birth of America.

“Stranger Things” (Season 1 on Netflix)
You’ve still got a fair amount of time until “Stranger Things” starts its second season on Halloween, but with “Stranger Things 2” fast approaching, you might as well use your time effectively to get refreshed on Season 1.

“Insecure” (Season 1 on HBO)
There’s less than a month to wait for second season of Issa Rae’s comedy about trying to get her life together. If you haven’t started the first season, you absolutely should. Luckily, the holiday weekend is upon us.

Transparent (Seasons 1-3 on Amazon)
Award-winning comedy “Transparent” is three seasons deep now, with the fourth coming to Amazon in the fall. The experiences of a transgender woman transitioning in her middle age, and her family’s struggles to deal with the situation, in “Transparent” are consistently funny as well as personal, telling a heartfelt story of finding identity and supporting loved ones.

“Game of Thrones” (Season 1-6 on HBO)
We’re only weeks away from the kickoff of “Game of Thrones” Season 7 — making this the perfect time to power through a refresher of the last six seasons. Of course, six seasons of “Game of Thrones” is nothing to sneer at, but remembering amazing moments like the Battle of the Blackwater, Hardhome, the Red Wedding and Oberyn fighting the Mountain make this a great way to spend the holiday.

          ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Premiere Was a Peter Parker Theme Park That Shut Down Hollywood   

For “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Sony Pictures threw a film premiere that would put 100 high school dances to shame.

The Thursday event drew Hollywood and business titans, celebrities and fans to a custom venue that took up the entire block of Hollywood Boulevard where iconic venues the Dolby Theater, the El Capitan, Jimmy Kimmel’s late night set and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel sit.

Long red carpets and expensive receptions are hallmarks for tentpole premieres but the Sony Motion Picture Group, led by Tom Rothman, essentially showed the industry what a Spider-Man-themed set in an amusement park might look like — powered, of course, by Sony products.

Aerial view of “Homecoming” premiere

Sony’s smartphone Xperia hosted an escape room (locked rooms that need puzzles solved to release the people inside). Webbed hammocks, dizzying city landscapes and the steel wings used by Michael Keaton’s villain The Vulture were erected for photo ops and selfies. Sony’s VR equipment showcased  “Homecoming” short-form content.

Dell hosted a truck just for gaming. A rock climbing wall was set up over the famous hand-and-footprints of Mann’s Chinese so partygoers could take a stab at being Peter Parker himself.  The studio also gave tickets to fans that made the best Spidey costumes from scratch. Audi erected a stage to show off their R8 Spyder.

We spotted Rothman playing in the escape room. Robert Downey Jr., wife Susan and Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos were ogling a Spider-Man performer doing gymnastics on a series of beams above the party. On top of being a fanboy dream, it was an experimental way to disrupt the grip-and-grin nature of these routine Hollywood parties.

Stunts like these are not unheard of. Disney trotted out Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter jet for the 2016 premiere of “Rogue One,” and parked it right in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. Almost a decade ago, “Ocean’s Thirteen” set off fireworks from the lot behind Kimmel.

What’s interesting about the “Homecoming” event is how it looks to evolve premieres — and not waste a second in engaging the industry and fans in their product.

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          Fox Sets Dates for 6 Untitled Marvel Movies   

Fox has some big Marvel plans in the next few years besides “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” “Deadpool 2,” and the new X-Men spin-off, “New Mutants” as the studio has planted flags for 6 untitled Marvel Movies.

The studio has also set release dates for the Drew Goddard-penned “Bad Times at the El Royale,” its adaptation of Don Winslow’s novel “The Force,” and the animated “Nimona,” based on the comic by Noelle Stevenson.

The dates are:

“Bad Times at the El Royale”: October 5, 2018.

“The Force”: March 1, 2019.


UNTITLED FOX/MARVEL FILM: November 22, 2019.

“Nimona”: February 14, 2020.





In addition, the in-development animated film “Anubis,” originally set for a March 23, 2018 release, has been removed from the release schedule.

One of the six untitled Fox/Marvel films is most likely going to be for another “X-Men” movie after “Dark Phoenix.” While we don’t know what the plans are for the “Fantastic Four” characters, could the studio be using one of these dates for another installment, whether it will be a continuation of the 2015 franchise or a complete reboot? Only time will tell. Even though the “Gambit” film, starring Channing Tatum, doesn’t have a director attached right now, maybe it will be slotted for one of those dates.

The other wildcard is “X-Force.” That film has been discussed for years and “Deadpool 2” is said to set-up “X-Force.” With characters like Domino and Cable included in next year’s “Deadpool” sequel, it seems safe to assume “X-Force” will follow close behind. Fox also has plans for a third “Deadpool” to close out a trilogy. There’s also been talk about a Laura/X-23 spin-off starring Dafne Keen, the young breakout star of “Logan.”

“New Mutants” is set for release April 13, 2018, followed by “Deadpool 2” on June 1, 2018, and “Dark Phoenix” on Nov. 2, 2018.

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          Změna u seriálu Marvel's Inhumans   
Přidáno video Trailer.
          Netflix Announces Comic-Con Hall H Panels for ‘The Defenders’ and ‘Stranger Things’   

For years, San Diego Comic-Con has been dominated by traditional studios hawking their next big franchise blockbuster. But now Netflix is looking to make a big splash at Comic-Con with a suite of events highlighted by Hall H panels for two of its most anticipated titles: “Marvel’s The Defenders” and season 2 of “Stranger Things.”

Famed comic book writer Jeph Loeb will moderate the panel for “The Defenders” on Friday, July 21. The panel will feature surprise guests and a sneak preview of the crossover series, which will see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist band together for the first time. The series premieres on Netflix worldwide Aug. 18.

Then, on Saturday, July 22, “Stranger Things” creators Matt and Ross Duffer will be joined by the cast of the hit show to discuss the making of season 2 and present new footage that shows what’s next for the people of Hawkins, Indiana after Will Byers’ return from the Upside Down.

In addition, a Thursday Hall H panel will also be held for Netflix’s two upcoming original films, “Bright” and “Death Note.” “Bright” in particular will be a big panel, with director David Ayer (“Suicide Squad”) appearing with the film’s cast, which includes Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, and Noomi Rapace. The panels will be followed later that evening by a mystery screening of one of Netflix’s upcoming films at the Horton Grand Theater.

The panels will be supplemented by a convention booth and a fan event at the Hilton Gaslight, which will include a VR experience for “Stranger Things” and sneak peeks of upcoming shows. Combined, the signs point to Netflix making a big attempt at leaving the biggest impression among Comic-Con goers, going toe-to-toe with the likes of “Game of Thrones’ and “Justice League” for Hall H attention.

This isn’t the first time Netflix has attempted to move in on territory dominated by traditional studios. Earlier this year, the streaming giant made waves at the Cannes Film Festival with two of its films, “Okja” and “The Meyerowitz Stories.” Though their presence was met with protest from some festival attendees and led to a new rule banning films that do not have a theatrical release in France from competition, Netflix still earned praise from many Cannes veterans.

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          Übersicht von Molos Filmbewertung   
Hinweis, 15. Mai 2015: Die Übersicht würde gesäubert und somti beschränkt auf die Titel, zu denen sich in der Molochronik längere oder kürzere Besprechungen finden lassen.

Die Liste enthielt lange Zeit alle Titel, die ich vor vielen Jahren in der (immer noch nicht reparierten) Film-Datenbank von SF-Netzwerk bewertet habe.


10 + + + + + Maßstabsetztendes Meisterwerk; Olympisch.

9 + + + + Überwiegend exzellent; Packend.

8 + + + Bemerkenswert mit leichten Schwächen; Anregend.

7 + + Befriedigendes Handwerk; Kurzweilig.

6 + Unterhaltsam mittelprächtig; Akzeptabel.

5 - Brauchbar mittelprächtig; ganz nett, aber insgesammt lau.

4 - - Überwiegend mittelprächtig; Anstrengend bzw. langweilig.

3 - - - Bis auf wenige Momente in die Hose gegangen; Nervend.

Noch kein Eintrag.

2 - - - - Ziemlich übeles Machwerk; Zeitverschwendung.

  • Twilight (Vampirschnulze nach Stephanie Meyer)

1 - - - - - Grottenschlechtes übles Ärgernis; Pathologisch.

Noch kein Eintrag.

          ‘The Inhumans’ Trailer Shows Marvel Can Do Worse Than ‘Iron Fist’   

The first official trailer for Marvel‘s Inhumans is now online, revealing that Marvel can really do worse than Iron Fist. The new show is proud of the fact that it is filmed entirely with IMAX cameras. Unfortunately, the cinematography leaves a lot to be desired. It is basically non-stop uninteresting but symmetrical shots like characters […]

The post ‘The Inhumans’ Trailer Shows Marvel Can Do Worse Than ‘Iron Fist’ appeared first on eTeknix.

          Legendary Marvel Deck Building Game: Deadpool   
Legendary Marvel Deck Building Game: Deadpool

Legendary Marvel Deck Building Game: Deadpool

          GOLDEN Age Collection UP for Bid

Batman # 1, Marvel Mystery #9 -- I can't wait to find out on Thursday the other 98 books!
          20th Century Fox agenda otras seis películas de Marvel   
Solamente existe el dato preciso de las fechas que llegan hasta el 2021; los títulos aun se especulan debido a los pocos detalles disponibles.
          .::. Jom Makan Makan Kek .::.   

Assalamualaikum wrt wbh :))

Jom cuci-cuci mata ngan gambar dua(2) jenis kek yang sangat sesuai untuk sebarang majlis makan-makan dan sangat laaa sedapnya :)

Berminat leh laa roger-roger yer :)

.::. Kek Pisang Lembut dan Gebu .::.

Kalau sebelum ini kek pisang yang kami tawarkan sangat laaa moistnya, kali ini kek pisang yang kami tawarkan sangat berbeza tekstur dan rasanya.

Kek pisang kami kali ini sangat sangat laa lembutnya dan sangat sangat laaa gebunyaaaa. Memang sedappp sangat dan sangat berbaloi-baloi kalau nak dijadikan sebagai buah tangan terutama kepada bonda serta ayahanda, mertua atau sesiapa sajee :))

Credit to sifu Lina from Inasaly Bakery, Penang for this marvellouss recipe. TQVVM

Oke, ni laa gambar-gambarnya :))

Banana Cake (size 9")


.::. Moist Butter Marble Cake .::.

Kek butter yang sangat sedap, dari butter dan tepung yang berkualiti. Cuba lah rasa akan kelainannya. Memang sedap dan memang berbaloi-baloi :))

Moist Butter Marble Cake (size 8")


          Lavish show celebrates 70th anniversary of the fashion house that Christian Dior built   
The luxury brand Dior is celebrating its 70th anniversary with the largest ever exhibition of its haute couture clothes in the Muse des Arts Dcoratifs in Paris.

It includes more than 400 dresses made between 1947 and 2017 that were designed by the founder of the house, Christian Dior (1905-57), and his successors: Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008), Marc Bohan (born 1926), Gianfranco Ferr (1944-2007), John Galliano (born 1960), Raf Simons (born 1968) and, most recently, Maria Grazia Chiuri (born 1964). Most of the works are from the Dior Hritage collection and have never been shown in Paris before, but the collection toured Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul between 2013 and 2015 under the title Esprit Dior. The current shows co-curators are Florence Mller of the Denver Art Museum and Olivier Gabet, the director of the Muse des Arts Dcoratifs.

There is also a section on Dior as a collector of 18th-century antiques, Art Nouveau and works by his contemporaries, including Alberto Giacometti, Salvador Dal, Alexander Calder, Leonor Fini, Max Jacob, Jean Cocteau and Christian Brard. An idea of the value of the brand that Dior founded is given by the purchase in April by LVMH Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton of Christian Dior Couture for 6.5bn.


The London-based art collector and benefactor Jill Ritblat describes her Dior experience

Lady Ritblat, why did you choose Dior for your wedding dress?

I became engaged to a Frenchman in March 1966 and as soon as it was announced, my mother and future mother-in-law, who dressed at all the couturiers, transported me to Paris to choose a dress. We went around the various couture houses and I found the clothes rather dull and dowdy. Then we came to Dior.

I had no idea what to expect as Dior himself had died, Saint Laurent was no longer there, and Marc Bohan was the chief designer. The salon was in the Avenue Montaigne, where it still is, although there was, of course, only couture at that time. The rooms were light-filled, pale grey and white, very quiet and serene. The vendeuse was somewhat forbidding in an austere French way.

I was shown the wedding dress of the spring-summer collection, a very simple but structured, translucent organza, A-line dress that stood away from a slim silk sheath. It had short sleeves, which, like the hem, were trimmed with hand-made organza roses. The short veil was attached to a juliet cap completely made up of the same but smaller roses. The shoes had a chisel toe and a delicate block heel, also in white organza, hand-made to order.

It was finished with a pair of short, white, kid gloves, but I did not have these made to measure as then everyone in London who got dressed up wore gloves, and I already had a pair. They were to be the something old, but Dior shortened them at the wrist and put a button on. The whole thing was modern, young, exquisite and different.

Bohan also designed my bridesmaids and pageboys outfits. The bridesmaids had smaller, belted versions of my dress, and the pageboys had red velvet knickerbockers, white socks, white silk shirts with floppy black silk bows at the neck, and black, silver-buckled, patent leather shoes.

My mother also organised me into a grey and white pinstriped tweed suit. The skirt was made in three tiers, with the pinstripes going in alternate directions. It hung from a silk bodice over which was a short, white, linen top with a col officier and large, amusing, white buttons and a short collarless jacket with the same fun button in grey.

It was deceptively simple, but most elaborately constructed, although feather light, fastened with a complicated series of hooks and poppers. It had been shown with a jaunty, red, straw boater, which was also ordered.

For my going away, I had a pink silk faille dress and coat with a matching juliet cap and pink silk shoes. I got changed into this outfit at the end of the reception, and when I came out of the lift into the hotel lobby everyone applauded.

Apart from being exquisite and original, all the outfits were fun. You did not choose the fabric but accepted the models as a work of art. They were perfection.

What was the fitting process like?

A chief fitter looked after the essayage. Each piece had its own expert, so a milliner came to fit the headdress, and their shoemaker the shoes. I had had marvellous ball gowns made in London for the many galas and dances that took place in the 1960s, but the first fitting at a Parisian couture house is like the final fitting anywhere else.

Dior insisted that the dress be delivered in person by the fitter, and so she brought it over to London and dressed me for the ceremony, tut-tutting as the hairdresser had made my chignon slightly too big for the juliet cap. But she redressed it and all was well. I remember that we put her up, not in the grand hotel where the reception was held, but in a small hotel near our house. Dior was visibly miffed.

All the outfits are now in the Victoria and Albert Museum except the wedding dress, as I insisted on cutting off the train so that I could wear it at parties. Great mistake.

Christian Dior, Couturier du Rve, Muse des Arts Dcoratifs, Paris, 5 July-7 January 2018
          Marvel’s Inhumans: trailer   
New US sci-fi will have its premiere in IMAX cinemas "worldwide" ahead of TV broadcast.
          Comentario en [Cine] Fox se reserva hasta seis fechas para adaptaciones Marvel por Yair   
Creativamente.. corrijo
          Comentario en [Cine] Fox se reserva hasta seis fechas para adaptaciones Marvel por Yair   
Ojala que Fox olvide a los FF, que entienda que con esos no puede hacer nada, que se los entregue craetivamente a Marvel asi como Sony con Spiderman, que se enfoque mejor en los X-Men que ellos tienen material para muchisimas adaptaciones y secuelas de sobra. con el fin de "Wolverine Hugh Jackman", deberian replantearse en presentar correctamente a los demas X-Men que tienen tanto o mas que el propio Wolverine, como mencionaron arriba Exiles, Excalibur y hasta X-23 tienen material para adaptar a gusto.
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          Does a snarky architecture blog have the right to scrawl all over Zillow listings?   

The real estate website Zillow is the place you go to search for a home — and maybe marvel at high-end listings.

The snarky blog McMansion Hell is where you go to ridicule the kinds of homes you’ll never be able to afford.

The sites occupy opposite ends of the online real estate world — a reality...

          Fantastic marmots and where to find them, near downtown Spokane   

This week, our Outdoors Issue tackles the marvelous spectacle of urban wildlife. Naturally, that includes God's most majestic creature, the yellow-bellied marmot.…
          Spider-Man swings into Marvel Universe for latest film   
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Fans were crawling up the walls with excitement as the stars of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" swung into the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe series of films, which have dominated the global box office for years.

          Comment on Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, June 30 by Tim Tollefson   
At first when I read the article I thought, "well shit, maybe I should think twice about UTMB. Can nothing in life just be a good thing?" But further digging around there is more to this than meets the eye, or this opinion piece. ITRA is a non profit, and it appears the fee to be assessed for qualifing points is 100 euros. I don't personally like the idea of having to "pay for points" but if it is infact basically an administrative costs to properly assess a race than I'm okay with that. The sniff test seems that this is more a battle of pride. Each race, officials, volunteers, and competitors pride themselves for various reasons around an event which is great. And having a full sprectrum of offerings to us as athletes is also great. If you like big commercialized events go chase them. If you prefer backyard grassroots gatherings, follow that trail. But to be upset with other organizations for operating in a different way than your own seems silly. Our sport will be in danger of survival if we don't adapt to an ever changing marketplace. AC 100 is a good example with their yearly battle to maintain their course. Aside from high commercialization, UTMB benefits the global running community and they have always treated those I know with a good deal of respect and compassion. The fact they can put on UTMB is truly amazing. Spending time with their medical team it's mind blowing the system they have developed to ensure the safety of every runner while out on the course spanning three countries over two days. If something goes wrong, they can have that person life flighted out almost immediately. A modern marvel in terms of race medical management. Not that it's of much importance, but, several months ago I wrote the HR board a thoughtful email respectfully removing myself from their waitlist, as I had decided to run UTMB again. Being number one on the waitlist, I was all but guaranteed to get in. I never heard any response. I'm sure they have better things to do than respond to emails but it surprised me that not even a cordial response was generated. Again, was this pride? Why would someone pass up the great HR for UTMB?
          White House spokesperson escalates Trump's trashy schoolyard attack on MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski   

Most mornings I wake up on the west coast and marvel at the useless trash heap of tweets Trump has unleashed on the world at some intemperate moment before he's molded his hair and brushed his brows for public consumption. But today was a truly special presidential moment devoted to maligning MSNBC Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski, suggesting that she somehow looked unseemly while visiting his gaudy Mara-a-Lago resort in January. As an added touch to the physical slight, Trump labeled the hosts “low I.Q. Crazy Mika” and “Psycho Joe” Scarborough. Apparently, the Don hasn't looked in the mirror lately. People who live in glass houses ...

Anyhoo, it wasn't enough for the Don to make a desperate grab for something cheery from his exceedingly fragile hell of a psyche in the isolated morning hours. The crackerjack White House press shop saw the gem in Trump's petty pathology and sent spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders on to Fox News to transform Trump's ego-driven drama into the White House message of the day. Forget the forgetful White House parade of themes—Infrastructure Week, Technology Week, Energy Week—today's gonna be “Trashy Schoolyard Cat Fight Day.” Take that, bitches!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Look, I don't think that the president's ever been someone who gets attacked and doesn't push back. There have been an outrageous number of personal attacks, not just to him but to frankly everyone around him. People on that show have personally attacked me many times. This is a president who fights fire with fire and certainly will not be allowed to be bullied by liberal media and the liberal elites with the media or Hollywood or anywhere else.

Bill Hemmer, Fox News: I get it but is—is that necessary?

Huckabee Sanders: Look, I think what's necessary is to push back against unnecessary attacks on the president both personally—I have seen far worse things come out of that show. Again, directed not just at the president but everyone around him. Personal attacks. Mean, hateful attacks. And again this president isn't going to sit back and not push back and he's going to fight fire with fire and I think that's exactly what he did today.

          A name for baby   
When we told the kids that this baby was a boy, I presented a list of names that Andrew and I had compiled, just to test the waters (because naming a child when your other children have opinions is a little more difficult than when you just get to choose).


"Yahoo!!" the children whooped, dancing around the room excitedly. "Alexander! His name is Alexander! His name is Alexander!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," I said. "This was a poll, not a vote."

"She'll come around," Andrew said with a smirk.

Alexander was one of his suggestions (that I took seriously (I ignored Hercules Mulligan and Lafayette)) so he was quite pleased that all the children were so eager to go along with it. I wasn't opposed to the name Alexander, necessarily. It simply wasn't one of my I did need some time to be convinced.

And so the convincing began.

The children immediately began openly campaigning in Alexander's favour. They'd name drop all the time and would randomly come up to me to ask, "Have we convinced you yet?" or "Have you come around yet?"

For example...

While we were out for a walk a few weeks ago, Rachel was marvelling that by the time the baby was her age she would be twenty (it is kind of mind blowing to think about). 

"And by the time the baby is twenty you'll be thirty!" Miriam said.

"And by the time the baby is Mom's age..." Rachel began.

"You'll be dead!" Benjamin finished for her.

"Uh, no. I'll only be forty-two. That's not very old. Some of my friends' parents are in their forties. That's only ten years older than mom and dad. Forty really isn't that old at all," Rachel said.

"People can die in their forties," Miriam explained, "But not from old age. They might die from disease or..."

I thought for sure she was going to say accidents or something, but no.

"...duelling," she said. "But people don't usually die in their forties. Alexander Hamilton died in his forties due to duelling."

Which we can all agree was dumb and immature.

"So no duelling for you, Alexander," she said, now addressing my stomach. 

Then she looked up at me and said pleadingly, "Are you convinced yet, Mom?"


Eventually I did come around and I found myself subconsciously calling the baby Alexander, so Alexander he will be, I guess.

The pros, as presented to me by various children:

  • It's Greek, like Zoë's name. 
  • It's from a musical, like Benjamin's name.
  • It's historically significant.
  • It has an X in it, which is cool.
  • It works in a lot of languages.
  • It can be shortened to Alex, which is easier to spell.
  • Or we could just call him Hamilton! (Sure. That's happening. Or not.)
I think Alexander is a fine name. Now we just have to nail down a middle name. 

That should be easy...

          Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. not attending San Diego Comic Con this year.

They hope to make it to New York Comic Con in October. Clark Gregg put out a few humorous tweets about it. Other Marvel shows including Inhumans will be there.

          Trailer for Marvel's "Inhumans" series for ABC.

Link is to the YouTube video; middling review of the trailer can be found at Salon.

No obvious sign that this will in any way be integrated into the SHIELD storylines.

“memo: to the board of the Darkon Corporation
re; recent events regarding “The Monk” and his suitability as our strategic invasion planner
 Its not gone very well has it? foiled at every turn by that mysterious traveller in time and space known only as “The Doctor” this lecture he is about to give is his final chance to show us just what he is made of and that he is definitely and undoubtedly THE man for the job of ensuring our galactic domination and we were right to pick him and not that mad woman dressed like a Nanny for the job….
 Memo ends.”
 Ah Rufus Hound, what a performance – he now IS the Monk having squared off on audio against Doctors 2,3,4 and 8 but in this particular Short Trip Mr Hound takes centre stage (Literally) as he delivers his presentation to the Darkon Corporation. The whole story is set as a corporate lecture full of awful business speak, peppy and banal and just flipping marvellous as the Monk regales us with tales of his failures at the hands of the Fourth Doctor, Harry and Sarah Jane – marvel as his plans to own all property on earth fall over, revel in his plan to change the outcome of the Russian Revolution becoming an away day on a beach and prepare to be amazed as his turn as a professional foreteller of all things leads to a surprising win on Strictly Come Dancing. Sounds crazy, well it is and it is all the better for it because basically, deep down, I think the Monk isn’t really that bad a guy – no one who is that bad at being bad can really be that dedicated can they. Of all the Doctor Who “villains” he was almost the most loveable in his Peter Butterworth incarnation, not evil, just a bit mischievous and constantly out of his depth, and Rufus Hound channels  this beautifully – he almost seems to see being evil as a game he is playing and is almost pleased when he fails – a bit like the baddies in “The Web of Caves” (not seen it? what sort of fan are you? check it out HERE).
 Thirty five minutes is almost too short for a story of this quality, it feels just like the “Doctor-Lite” stories we used to get on TV back in the day, a completely different approach and a chance to do something very different with the structure of the Short Trip – and by jingo is it a success (unlike The Monk’s plans) If I were appraising I would say something along the lines of “full of blue sky thinking, with out of box aspirations and all boxes ticked” and I would award a big bonus and 10/10.

          Lyric Hammersmith, Bush Theatre Receive Arts Council England Support Until 2022   

Theatres in Hammersmith and Fulham received a major boost as Arts Council England confirmed that it will invest £7.1million locally to support the Bush Theatre and the Lyric Hammersmith. The two theatres were awarded four-year investment from Arts Council England for 2018 to 2022 following a national review of arts funding in the UK.

The Bush Theatre, an internationally recognised home for new plays, is a rare example of a London-based organisation to get an increase in annual funding. It will receive £595,000 a year, an additional 20%, to enable it to grow its artistic and community programmes. This is following their reopening in March after a £4.3million redevelopment of their home in the Old Shepherd's Bush Library. The increase in funding recognises the strides the company has made in diversifying the work it produces, led by Artistic Director Madani Younis.

The Lyric Hammersmith, one of the UK's leading producing theatres, will receive £1.1million revenue funding each year in a continuation of its existing funding arrangements. The theatre is one of around 60 arts organisations being recognised nationally for their important strategic role in the UK's cultural infrastructure. Alongside its world class theatre programme the Lyric plays a nationally important role in creating routes into the arts for young people from all backgrounds.

The Lyric will also receive £360,000 in capital funding to help refurbish its spectacular 550 seat Victorian auditorium, to upgrade its smaller studio space as a home for work by and for young people, and to provide better disability access and environmental sustainability. This is the final phase of the Lyric's £20milllion redevelopment which has seen the addition of state of the art education and creation facilities for theatre, dance, music, film and digital arts.

The Lyric's Executive Director SIan Alexander said: 'We are immensely grateful for the continued support of the Arts Council. Their investment provides 20% of the funds we need to deliver our work each year and so gives vital stability to our charity. It is the springboard from which we can then earn or raise the majority of the funds we need to deliver our extensive programmes.

We are very proud of the role we play in our local community in Hammersmith. Each year we welcome nearly 200,000 people to our theatre and more than 33,000 young people take part in a wide range of creative classes and activities here.

We have a longstanding partnership with the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and are delighted to see their on-going support and substantial investment in our new building matched by this significant national funding for the arts.'

The Bush Theatre's Executive Director Jon Gilchrist said: 'We're thrilled to once again be part of Arts Council England's National Portfolio, and the uplift in support comes at a critical time for the Bush Theatre. In the past six years we have grown significantly, from the small powerhouse of new plays above a pub on Shepherd's Bush Green, to our marvellous new home on Uxbridge Road.

Today we have two theatres, new community and rehearsal spaces, and we expect to welcome nearly four times as many people this year as we did in 2012. This increase in funding will enable us to maintain our commitment to creating the finest new plays, increasing our work with the community, and to representing the diversity of Hammersmith and Fulham our stages, in our workforce and the artists we develop.'

Councillor Andrew Jones, Hammersmith & Fulham Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration, said:

"At a time when there are more financial demands than ever before, it is wonderful that Arts Council England is increasing its investment in our leading theatres and other arts bodies in Hammersmith & Fulham.

"This money helps underpin H&F Council's arts strategy, which builds on the strong arts and cultural scene in the borough, and boosts local employment and business.

"It is a recognition of the contribution our hard-working arts organisations make to celebrating diversity and involving the community - whatever their background - in inclusive, creative projects."

The Bush Theatre is a world-famous home for new plays and an internationally renowned champion of playwrights. We discover, nurture and produce the best new playwrights from the widest range of backgrounds, and present our work to the highest possible standards. We look for exciting new voices that tell contemporary stories with wit, style and passion and we champion work that is both provocative and entertaining.

The Bush has produced hundreds of groundbreaking premieres since its inception in 1972, many of them Bush commissions, and hosted guest productions by leading companies and artists from across the world.

The Lyric Hammersmith is one of the UK's leading producing theatres. For more than one hundred and twenty years it has been responsible for creating some of the UK's most adventurous and acclaimed theatrical work. It has gained a national reputation for its work with and for children and young people and creates pathways into the arts for young talent from all backgrounds, helping to diversify our industry. Recent productions include our critically acclaimed annual pantomimes, the smash hit Bugsy Malone, the international tour and co-production with Filter Theatre of A Midsummer Night's Dream and a new UK production of international phenomenon, Terror.

The Lyric's dual commitment to producing the highest quality contemporary theatre alongside nurturing the creativity of young people is what makes it unique within the cultural ecology of the UK. It is a local theatre rooted in its community with a national and international reputation for the quality and innovation of its artistic work.

          Molly Crabapple Studio Visit | Stated Magazine   

Stated Magazine ( visits illustrator Molly Crabapple in her home studio for a conversation about her work and life.

Molly Crabapple is an illustrator, former burlesque dancer and founder of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. Her impressive client list includes The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Red Bull, and Marvel Comics. She invited stated into her home studio in Manhattan for a chat and to watch her work on character sketches for her forthcoming graphic novel, Straw House (First Second Books, 2013), which she describes as, "The story of a traveling circus populated by immortal outcasts that come to a small town in rustbelt Pennsylvania and destroy it." Watch the above stated video and see her create Colin, one of the main characters in the new novel. She explains her creative process, how she developed her unique style of illustration, and what's next for her.

Find more interviews and features with creative and passionate personalities at

Cast: Stated Magazine, molly crabapple and Ethan Herr

Tags: Molly Crabapple, Stated Magazine, StatedMag, art, design, illustration, Dr. Sketchy, victorian art, studio visit, drawing, interviews and straw house

          File: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game:: Check List   

by Segletes

New File: Check List for Board Game: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
          File: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game:: Marvel History Scenarios   

by gregorynbaker

New File: Marvel History Scenarios for Board Game: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
          File: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game:: Marvel_History_Scenarios_v1.0   

by gregorynbaker

New File: Marvel_History_Scenarios_v1.0 for Board Game: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
          Thread: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game:: Variants:: Where do you guys print custom cards (Printerstudio issues)   

by JSMullins87

So I just discovered the wonderful world of custom Legendary a couple weeks ago. I spent a lot of time combing the archives for cards I'd want to print (the number is embarrassingly high) and figuring out the interface on Printer studio so i could order a custom set.

Last night I finally ordered a small set and woke up to an email today from their team saying they would not print licensed and copyrighted "Legendary" material.

So how do people get around this? Did I just get unlucky? Are there any other good sites out there (haven't tried artscow yet) that print cards close to the size and texture of Legendary cards?

I was really looking forward to trying my hand at creating customs. But without the ability to print authentic-ish cards to go in my set that dream is on hold. Help!

Copy of the email:

Thanks for your order 101706300024 at

Sorry to inform you that we cannot print licensed design "Legendary" without the authorization of license owner in order to protect the intellectual property. Please advise if you will provide authorization letter to us or please sign in your account and click link below-->click "Modify" at top right-->"Edit" to drag and drop new images to proceed production.

Kindly note we'll cancel the order and arrange full refund if you do not want to do change within 2 days.

More details on our print policy you may click :

Feel free to contact us if you have any question.
          Thread: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game:: General:: Animatronic Killer Clowns Misprint   

by chrizzz

I didn't see anything about this on the X-Men board, and I figured this board gets more traffic. The Animatronic Killer Clowns trap says that it makes a 3 attack token but the actual token has 4 attack. Has there been any official word on which one is correct?

          “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Movie Trailer   
This should be a great reboot of Spider-Man into the Marvel Universe. Coming to theaters July 7, 2017. Drive Safe!  Never Forget.Filed under: Just a
          MarvelCharm Hanna Watermelon Picture Set   
MarvelCharm Hanna Watermelon Picture Set

Download MarvelCharm Hanna Watermelon Picture Set


Brought to you by | Download Videos & Picture Sets of Celebrities, Pornstars, Models, Cam Girls, Siterips, Megapacks and much more!

From: cwinter
Views: 29

Mysterio (lower than average poly) created with Legacy OpenFX. OpenFx seems to lose the textures and materials when exporting, so I will have to probably re-do this model in Blender. Globe on him looks a little too low also. Texture on wrist guards needs to be redone, I did it by memory(actual pa......

          Review: Holland, cast delight in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'   
First there was Tobey Maguire, who under the direction of Sam Raimi for three films ushered in the modern superhero era, and then there was Andrew Garfield whose two films with Marc Webb were immediately forgettable. Director Jon Watts, whose only previous feature film credit is the indie thriller "Cop Car," has confidently put his stamp on the friendly neighborhood web-slinger by making one bold move: actually casting teenagers to play teenagers. Yes, after two films with late 20-somethings donning the Spidey suit and getting bitten by that pesky spider, Spider-Man finally gets to be a kid (and we get to skip over the whole origin/ Uncle Ben story). Civil War, which introduced Holland's Spider-Man in that epic airport Avengers battle. What he doesn't know is that for eight years, there has been a supervillain emerging in his town in the form of a wronged construction worker, Adrian (Michael Keaton), who decided to break bad after losing a job to a government crew that clears post-superhero fight disaster areas. The film is overflowing with stellar talent, even in the smallest of roles and not counting the Marvel loaners in Robert Downey Jr. (who oozes charisma and charm even when phoning it in for a handful of scenes) and Jon Favreau. Homecoming, a Sony Pictures release, is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for sci-fi action violence, some language and brief suggestive comments.
          Bread for the Journey   

Those of us who are privileged to call Canada home, will be celebrating the 150th birthday of our country this week.  Canada was once officially known as the Dominion of Canada, based on the verse found in Psalm 72:8.  The leaders of that day acknowledged that God had dominion over this great nation 'from sea to sea'  and that motto still appears on our national coat of arms.  Sadly, the reality is that many Canadians today no longer believe in a sovereign God.  But we are all free to worship where we choose and how we choose, and for that I am thankful. We are also free to pray for our country and our leaders, and today I would encourage those of us who are Christ-followers to do just that.

I have had the opportunity to visit each of our ten provinces over the years.  Today I am sharing ten scriptures that we can use as we pray for our country along with a photo taken in each province...'from sea to shining sea'. Though the photos are 'all-Canadian', the scriptures are promises to God's people of every nation. Let's join together and pray for our country.  There is power in prayer!

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, 
and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, 
then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
2 Chronicles 7:14 ESV

 Tofino, British Columbia

For kingship belongs to the Lord,
    and he rules over the nations.
Psalm 22:28 ESV

The Rocky Mts., Alberta

The Lord your God is in your midst,
    a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
    he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.
Zephaniah 3:17 ESV

Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Righteousness exalts a nation,
    but sin is a reproach to any people. 
Proverbs 14:34 ESV

Brookdale, Manitoba

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
    whose trust is the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water,
    that sends out its roots by the stream,
and does not fear when heat comes,
    for its leaves remain green,
and is not anxious in the year of drought,
    for it does not cease to bear fruit.
Jeremiah 17:7-8 ESV

Ottawa, Ontario

 He changes times and seasons;
    he removes kings and sets up kings;
he gives wisdom to the wise
    and knowledge to those who have understanding.
Daniel 2:21 ESV 

Quebec City, Quebec

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, 
but against the rulers, against the authorities, 
against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, 
against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 6:12 ESV

Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick
Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, 
it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.
Matthew 18:19

Fort Amherst ~ St. John's, Newfoundland

First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, 
and thanksgivings be made for all people, 
for kings and all who are in high positions,
 that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, 
godly and dignified in every way.
1 Timothy 2:1-2 ESV

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

 But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, 
a people for his own possession, 
that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness 
into his marvelous light.
1 Peter 2:9 ESV

Confederation Bridge, Prince Edward Island

Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.
Matthew 6:10 ESV

          America (2017) nr. 4. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Avengers (TPB): Avengers (2016) Vol. 1: Kang War One. . 165,00   
Tradepaperback. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Avengers (TPB): Occupy Avengers Vol. 1: Taking Back Justice. . 165,00   
Tradepaperback. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Captain America: Steve Rogers (All-New, All-Different) nr. 18. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Daredevil, vol. 5 (All-New, All-Different) nr. 22. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Doctor Strange (All-New, All-Different) nr. 22: Secret Empire. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Generations - One-Shots (2017): IKKE UDKOMMET ENDNU. . 9.999,99   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Guardians of the Galaxy (HC): Guardians of the Galaxy New Guard - All-New, All-Different Vol.4: Grounded. . 225,00   
Hardcover. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Guardians of the Galaxy, All-New (2017) nr. 4. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Iceman, vol. 3 (2017) nr. 2. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Inhumans: Once and Future King (2017): IKKE UDKOMMET ENDNU. . 9.999,99   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Iron Man (HC): Invincible Iron Man - Ironheart Vol. 1: Riri Williams. . 225,00   
Hardcover. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Iron Man, The Invincible, vol. 3 (2016) nr. 8. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Lockjaw: Dog Days (One-Shot): IKKE UDKOMMET ENDNU. . 9.999,99   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Luke Cage (2017) nr. 2. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Man-Thing, vol. 5 (2017) nr. 5. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Marvel Zombies: Zombies Assemble 2 (2017): IKKE UDKOMMET ENDNU. . 9.999,99   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Monsters Unleashed, Vol. 2 (2017) nr. 3. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Nick Fury (2017) nr. 3. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Secret Empire: Brave New World (2017) nr. 2. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Secret Empire: Underground (2017) nr. 1. . 45,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Silver Surfer, vol. 6 (All-New, All-Different) nr. 12. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Spider-Gwen (TPB): Spider-Gwen - All-New, All-Different Vol.3: Long-Distance. . 155,00   
Tradepaperback. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Spider-Man 2099 (All-New, All-Different) nr. 24. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Spider-Man/Doctor Strange (TPB): Way to Dusty Death, The. . 315,00   
Tradepaperback. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Star Wars (TPB): Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Vol. 1: Aphra. . 165,00   
Tradepaperback. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Star Wars (TPB): Star Wars: Poe Dameron Vol. 2: The Gathering Storm. . 180,00   
Tradepaperback. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Star Wars: Darth Maul (2017) nr. 4. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Star Wars: Darth Vader, vol. 2 (2017) nr. 2. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual: IKKE UDKOMMET ENDNU. . 9.999,99   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic - Mace Windu (2017): IKKE UDKOMMET ENDNU. . 9.999,99   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Star Wars: Poe Dameron Annual nr. 1: 2017. . 45,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Star Wars: Rogue One - Cassian & K-2SO (2017): LAGERFØRES IKKE. . 9.999,99   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Star-Lord (TPB) nr. 1: Grounded. . 180,00   
Tradepaperback. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Thor, The Mighty vol. 2 (All-New, All-Different) nr. 20. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          U.S.Avengers (2016) nr. 7. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Ultimates 2, The (2016) nr. 8. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Ultimates, The (TPB): The Ultimates 2 (2016) Vol. 1: Troubleshooters. . 165,00   
Tradepaperback. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Newswire: Top Gun: Maverick to return to the danger zone July 2019   

Notify Kenny Loggins and get the volleyball nets ready: The Tom Cruise-starring Top Gun sequel, Maverick, has received a release date from Paramount. According to Variety, Cruise will return to the danger zone on July 12, 2019, a scant 33 years after he hopped in the cockpit for the original.

Looking at the prospective 2019 film release calendar, Maverick doesn’t have any other movies to directly dogfight with on that date (yet). That being said, it will be running in the afterburner of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel (scheduled for July 5), with Disney’s Lion King (July 19) hot on its tail. Meanwhile, Maverick is still looking for a director to keep its head focused and flying straight; reportedly, Cruise’s old Oblivion director, Joseph Kosinski, is at the top of that list.

          Newswire: The Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel will take place immediately after Infinity War   

Rest easy, continuity crusaders: Marvel Studios knows exactly where the inevitable Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel fits into its overall narrative plan. This is per producer Amy Pascal, who recently told Fandom that the second MCU stand-alone Spider-Man movie will begin “minutes” after the upcoming Avengers movie, Infinity War.

That lines up with what Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige said earlier this week, at the Homecoming premiere. Much as Homecoming focuses on what it’s like to be a teenage superhero briefly brought up into the big leagues—courtesy of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War—Feige noted that the second film will apparently reflect how Peter Parker simultaneously deals “with the fallout of Infinity War,” as well as being a semi-normal high school junior. (Presumably, it’s pretty hard to focus on your schoolwork when you’ve just teamed up with the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe to ...

          Movie Review: Homecoming sends Spider-Man back to school and revives his appeal   

At no point in Spider-Man: Homecoming is anyone bitten by a radioactive spider. That’s already happened—not just in two prior Spider-Man movies, but also in the world of this new one, populated by an ever-growing roster of Avengers. The fateful encounter between a teenage egghead and a genetically enhanced arachnid is handled in a single line of dialogue. So, too, is the death of Uncle Ben, that warm dispenser of wisdom, gunned down to teach his nephew a valuable lesson. Blessedly, no one reiterates Ben’s speech about power and responsibility. It’s implied at this point, isn’t it? The makers of Spiderman: Homecoming know that this is the third time in 15 years that a whole new franchise has been built around Marvel’s friendly neighborhood web-slinger, with a whole new actor slipping on the bright red costume. So why tell us something we already know ...

          Newswire: Fox is apparently planning to release 6 more Marvel movies in the next 4 years   

The main X-Men series is struggling a little bit, but spinoffs like Deadpool and Logan are still proving that Marvel’s merry mutants have a lot of life left in them. Hopefully some of that life remains after 20th Century Fox completes a rumored plan of releasing six Marvel movies over the next four years, though. That comes from Exhibitor Relations, which has a good track record for this sort of thing, and its report says two Marvel movies from Fox will be released in 2019, three will be released in 2020, and then one in 2021—which suggests that there will probably be more in 2021, but they’re not on the schedule yet.

          Weapons of Mutant Destruction: Alpha nr. 1. . 45,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          X-Men Gold (2017) nr. 6. . 36,00   
Amerikansk blad. Udgivet af: Marvel.
          Džesika Džouns / Marvels Jessica Jones (1 sezonas) (2015-2016)   
Po tragiškų įvykių, kurie nutraukė jos trumpą superherojės karjerą, Džesika Džouns bando gyventi toliau dirbdama privačia detektyve. Bet viskas keičiasi, kai pasirodo vyras iš jos praeities, gebantis kontroliuoti žmonių protą.
          Darth Vader casi aparece en “Guardianes de la Galaxia”   

¿Te imaginas un crossover entre Marvel y Star Wars? Pues según Kevin Feige, CEO de Marvel Studios, esto fue casi posible. El director declaró en una entrevista que dicha escena estuvo a punto de salir en la primer entrega de “Guardianes de la galaxia”. La escena pudo ser la más épica en la historia del […]

La entrada Darth Vader casi aparece en “Guardianes de la Galaxia” aparece primero en Freim.

          Make: Treasured Turkey   

One of the best parts of decorating for Christmas is pulling memories out of boxes. For me, this means ornaments my husband made in Kindergarten, a 25-year-old nativity sheep missing two legs (thanks to my childhood Golden Retriever), and a picture of my little boy as a slumpy, sleepy infant on Santa's knee. Why not add some sentiment to Thanksgiving too? Landon and I made this picture last year...there's not much to it, but it made me smile to pull it out of storage last week. I held it for a minute remembering us making it chubby his sweet little fingers proud he was to show it to Daddy later that night. And then, I marveled at how much he's grown in the last year! I found it a place of prominence in our house, where it's bringing smiles to others' faces. :)

Step 1: Cover your child's hand in either paint or stamp ink. Help them press firmly onto the paper.

Step 2: Use paint or stamp ink to add a red thumbprint below Turkey's head. 

Step 3: Add legs, beak, eye, and year it was done.

Step 4: Frame. Display. Remember.  

          Conquer Online Holds World Fighting League To Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary!   
Although you can find a heap of online games in the market nowadays, it is rare to see one that has been going steady for over 10 years! So to celebrate this marvelous milestone of the free to play Conquer Online, TQ Digital has prepared a host of exciting events for its faithful veterans.
          19 of the best saddles — the seats that improve cycling comfort for men and women   
  • Bum comfort is bike comfort: getting the right seat is the most important factor in being able to ride without pain.

  • Width, shape and materials all contribute to comfort — use a dealer’s demo program to try before you buy.

  • The more you pay, the less you get — high-end saddles use materials like carbon fibre and titanium to reduce weight

  • Women usually get on best with wider seats with pressure-reducing cutaways that look after the soft tissues of the genitals.

  • Traditional leather saddles are still popular, especially with long-distance riders and retro fans, and can be very comfortable.

Your saddle is arguably the most important component on your bike. Like that other key to comfort, your shorts, if it's doing its job properly you'll never notice it, but if it isn't — ouch! It’s your main contact point with the bicycle, and for some of us even subtle variations between two similar saddle designs can lead to one of them crossing fine line between comfortable perch and instrument of torture.

For a lot of people the saddle they get with their bike works just fine. Every component on a complete bike has to contribute to meeting a price point, but bike manufacturers aren't stupid; they may spec a generic product but it is one designed to work for as many people as possible. And for a lot of us the saddle our bike was born with works just fine.

Raleigh Mustang Elite - saddle.jpg

Raleigh Mustang Elite - saddle.jpg

However, if it doesn't or you want to drop some weight from your bike, or pep up its looks with a new saddle you'll need to find the right one. If it ain't broke though you may want to consider whether you really want to fix it before you start looking for another saddle. It's no surprise that pros, couriers, expedition riders — indeed anyone who spends a lot of time on a bike — takes the same favoured saddle from bike to bike. And you don't necessarily need the most high tech saddle to be comfortable or go fast — the Tour de France has been won on £25 saddles.

If you do need a different saddle though you are faced with a bewildering choice. Saddles come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes to suit every type of riding from racing, touring, commuting and leisure cycling.

While this huge choice means there’s a saddle to suit every bum, it does make knowing just where to start a touch tricky when you're faced with a choice of potentially hundreds of saddles. So you need to narrow down your choice to find the perfect saddle, and that's the aim of this guide.


The critical part of choosing the right saddle is finding a shape that fits your body and suits your riding style. Generally speaking, the more stretched out your riding position and the faster you ride, the narrower the saddle you need. And the more upright your position and the slower you ride, the wider the saddle needs to be. When you're stretched out, you place less weight on the saddle, but when you sit upright, the saddle has to support more of your weight. That's why race bikes have very thin saddles, and Boris bikes have extremely wide saddles.

Eastway Zener - saddle and post.jpg

Eastway Zener - saddle and post.jpg

Manufacturers are getting better at helping you to choose the right saddle. Most have their own system of narrowing the choice, either by deciding what type of cyclist you are — usually by your range of flexibility and your position on the bike — or using a fit system that measures the distance between your sit bones, to pair you with the saddle that best matches your anatomy.

A good saddle should support the sit bones, not the entire bum. It’s where your sit bones contact the saddle that is key, a saddle needs to provide adequate support in these two areas. That’s why many saddles are offered in different widths, reflecting the difference in people's anatomy. Some manufacturers offer up to three widths to suit the range of variance. The nose of the saddle supports some of the cyclist’s weight too. Oh, one thing to remember here is that just because you have a bigger bottom it doesn't necessarily follow that you have wider sit bones.

selle italia slr t1 saddle

selle italia slr t1 saddle

Saddle shapes largely fall into several camps. Some are flat, some are rounded, some have scooped backs, some are narrow, others much wider. You can narrow down the choice by deciding what style of riding you do. A saddle that is too wide can lead to chafing, and one too narrow can feel like you’re sitting on a knife.

Generally, thinner saddles with minimal padding are more suited to racers with deep, stretched riding positions, down in the drops and crouched low over the handlebars. Such a position means you’re not sitting with all your weight on the saddle; you actually put very little load on the saddle when riding in such a position.

For touring cyclists saddles with a wider shape are favoured, as you don't adopt such an aggressive position when putting the miles in on tour as you do when racing. For long days in the saddle, and day after day, you need the highest level of comfort possible, and leather saddles are regularly the first choice. They're very durable too, and usually last years longer than saddles made from synthetic foam padding.

Fabric carbon rails

Fabric carbon rails

For more leisurely riding where an upright position is adopted, more of your weight will be concentrated through the saddle. A wider saddle with more support and extra padding will be the preferred choice here.

You can get saddles aimed at road racing, triathlon, touring, commuting, mountain biking, and they all take different approaches with shapes and padding. This does help narrow down the choice. There are some saddles that are favoured by different groups of cyclists, and there are some that seem to straddle the different camps. The Charge Spoon is one such saddle that leaps to mind as being particularly well suited to British bums, whether road racing, touring or mountain biking.

Material, rails and shell

The type of materials used to construct a saddle range from plastic bases and steel rails on entry-level models to entire moulded carbon fibre bases and rails on the very expensive models. The more you spend, the lighter the materials used, so if weight is a key priority for you, you need to start saving up. Lightweight saddles are those in the 200g region.

If comfort is important to you, then steer clear of carbon rails as hollow titanium rails can often provide additional flex to absorb some of the vibrations that pass through the frame into the seatpost. We’re even seeing many professional racers choose these saddles over the very top-end models.

The base of the saddle is an area where a manufacturer can design in extra flex, to allow the saddle to subtly deform upon impacts. Some have holes or different materials in key places that allow the foam to expand through the hole, or the base to flex in a controlled manner.

The saddle cover can be made from synthetic leather like Lorica or real leather, and there’s many other materials manufacturers might use. Some add perforations and Kevlar edges to prevent wear and tear taking its toll. Time trial saddles often have a grippy material along the nose to stop the cyclist slipping back and forth, and we’re starting to see such materials make a presence on road saddles, as with Prologo’s CPC saddle.

Leather saddles have a single piece of leather that is tensioned on a metal frame, so it’s essentially suspended like a hammock, and provides plenty of give that can prove very comfortable on longer rides. They need more looking after than regular saddles, and sometimes need breaking in. The leather needs proofing, and you need to be careful in wet weather, as they don’t much like the rain; that's why you most often find them on mudguard-equipped touring bicycles. Brooks is the name most associated with leather saddles but they aren't the only maker out there. Spa Cycles do a well regarded, and well priced, range of leather saddles that possibly require more breaking in than a Brooks, but not that much more.

A fascinating recent development is the Brooks Cambium range of saddles, which use similar construction techniques to Brooks' leather saddles, but with modern materials. Instead of a sheet of leather across the ends of the rails, Brooks has come up with a combination of vulcanised natural rubber, cotton canvas and structural textile for the top.

This top is inherently flexible, like a worn leather Brooks or a new one with the tension backed off slightly, and it moves slightly as you pedal. It's a design we like a lot.

Padding and cutouts

Most saddles use some form of foam padding, but the amount of padding used and the density can vary a lot. Racier saddles often have less padding, while saddles for commuting and leisure cyclists will have deeper and softer padding, to cushion the ride. However if you ride fast, or for long distances too much padding might not be your friend as it can move, pinch or chafe rather than supporting your sit bones.

It’s easy to think a saddle with very firm padding is going to be uncomfortable, but once you get used to them they can be a lot more comfortable than softly cushioned saddles for riding of the fast variety. Because you lean forward, you perch on the saddle rather than sit on it, so you can get away with less padding. Strategically placed gel inserts are another frequent solution to providing comfort.

Prologo Kappa DEA2 Saddle Detail

Prologo Kappa DEA2 Saddle Detail

In 1997 a study by Dr. Irwin Goldstein put the cat among the pigeons, claiming reduced blood flow cause by saddle pressure could lead to erectile disfunction in men and cause permanent reproductive failure. A load of nonsense it may be, but the story produced a lot of concern, and the saddle with the hole in the middle suddenly became very popular. Step forward Specialized in 1998 who produced their first Body Geometry saddle, with a cutaway channel claimed to restore the blood flow and so prevent numbness.

In fact the idea is not new. The first saddle with a hole was actually born as early as 1903, and Georgena Terry produced the first modern example for women in 1992. It also has to be said that the claims for saddles with channels in them are hedged with all sorts of caveats.

For instance there is no agreement that decreased blood flow, or even numbness will cause erectile dysfunction in men or genital numbness in women. And even proponents of channels and holes agree that there is another simple cure: stand up and any decreased blood flow to your bits will immediately resolve itself.

Even if decreased blood flow does cause a problem depending how you are plumbed down there the amount of difference between a normal saddle and one with a channel may be minimal to non-existent. In the interests of science our editor Tony once had his organ wired up to measure the difference in blood flow between his usual saddle and one with a channel in it. For him at least it turned out there was no difference.

So cutaways and channels are not for everyone. You only need look at the bikes of the professionals to see that many quite happily cycle many thousands of kilometres a year with little side effect, so there’s a lot more to comfort than just adding the channel. They do work for some people though, indeed some swear by them. It’s a case of trying different saddles and seeing what works for you.

ISM PN 10.jpg

ISM PN 10.jpg

If you have particular urological or prostate problems it may well be worth looking at a saddle with a hole or channel or cutaway, and there are plenty to choose from. Or you might even take things a stage further and looking at something with a drop nose, like a Selle SMP or even a noseless saddle like the ISM Adamo Racing saddle pictured above,

Saddle padding doesn't last forever, particularly on performance saddles. After a while the padding isn't really doing any padding anymore because it has become permanently squashed by the millions of times your bottom has compressed it. The more performance-oriented a saddle and the less actual padding it has, the more time limited its lifespan. Many top end performance saddles have an expected lifespan of a couple of seasons if used the way they are intended.

Saddles for women

Most manufacturers now have a large choice of women-specific saddles to recognise the differences in anatomy. Many women do get on just fine with men's saddles, just as many women happily ride men's bikes, but generally women have wider sit bones so there’s a choice of suitable wider saddles to suit. That said, looking at some saddle ranges, there’s still a much smaller choice for women than men, something which needs addressing.

Georgena Terry developed a reputation for comfortable saddles aimed specifically at women, in doing so pioneering the first women’s specific designed products. She produced a saddle for women in 1992 with a cutaway section, a design she later expanded to men’s saddles.

Try before you buy

Ideally, you want to try a saddle on your bike before parting with your money, and a few saddle manufacturers recognise the problem of spending a lot of cash on an untested saddle. Some then offer try before you buy schemes, where you can run a saddle for a desired amount of time to decide if it’s right for you. That can save you collecting a large pile of saddles in your shed as you enter the quest for the ultimate saddle.

Saddle height and bike fit

As important as picking the right saddle, ensuring you have the saddle at the correct height and distance from the handlebars is also very important. Sometimes, you can have the right saddle, but you’re not sitting on it correctly, which can be a case of it being too far forward or backwards. If you find yourself wriggling about on your saddle a lot when riding, it could be a sign it’s not correctly positioned.

We’d recommend getting a professional bike fit, and there are many available these days. They’ll assess your level of flexibility, physical limitations and your cycling goals, and ensure you’re correctly fitted on the bike. The bike needs to fit you, not the body fitting the bike.

19 great saddle choices

Fabric Scoop Gel — £49.99

Fabric Scoop Gel Saddle.jpg

Fabric Scoop Gel Saddle.jpg

Charge describes the Fabric Scoop Gel as a 'comfort' design, and it ticks all the boxes: it's comfortable, well made, attractive and a fair price.

It's aimed at leisure, commuter and off-road riders who adopt an upright position, so has large gel inserts covering the three pressure points – the nose and wings – plus a V-shaped central channel to alleviate pressure on your bits. It's a unisex design, as are all Fabric saddles, but is particularly suited to women with wider sit bones. 

Bontrager Montrose Pro — £149.99

Bontrager Montrose Pro Saddle.jpg

Bontrager Montrose Pro Saddle.jpg

The Bontrager Montrose Pro saddle looks great and is very well put together. It sits on the right side of the weight scale and it was very comfortable for me in its intended race-position use. Available in black or white, featuring a carbon reinforced shell and oversized full carbon 7x9mm rails it's offered in 128mm, 138mm and 148mm widths, all of which are 270mm long. Weights range from 160g to 172g.

Read our review of the Bontrager Montrose Pro
Find a Bontrager dealer 

Fabric Line Titanium — £74.99

Fabric Line Elite Saddle.jpg

Fabric Line Elite Saddle.jpg

The titanium-railed version of the Fabric Line (see below) doesn't save a whole lot of weight over the chromoly-railed model (which doesn't really matter as that's pretty svelte anyway), but you do get a little more in the way of comfort, because the titanium tubes tend to flex a bit. You can notice it when riding the two side by side.

Read our review of the Fabric Line Titanium

Fizik Antares R5 Kium — £114.99

Fizik Antares R5 Kium Road Saddle.jpg

Fizik Antares R5 Kium Road Saddle.jpg

Fizik's Antares R5 Kium Road Saddle is surprisingly comfortable for speed-orientated road riding, and the build quality is top-notch.

The Antares R5 sits in Fizik's Chameleon family of contact points. This is the mid-point of a three-category range created according to different levels of rider flexibility, which also includes handlebars (the other two are Snake/flexible and Bull/rigid). It's 275mm long and 142mm wide and Fizik describes its shape as 'wide and slightly curved in profile, which is ideal for riders with medium spine flexibility'.

Read our review of the Fizik's Antares R5 Kium
Find a fizik dealer

Fabric ALM Ultimate — £225

Fabric Alm Ultimate.jpg

Fabric Alm Ultimate.jpg

Fabric's ALM Ultimate saddle is an extremely lightweight saddle that's beautifully made. It's best suited to those who like a firm feel and don't mind paying a premium price.

When your bum forst encounters the ALM it's a little surprising just how firm it feels. The 'ultra-light PU foam' padding is quite thin and there's not masses of give in the 'aerospace UD carbon fibre' base or the carbon-fibre rails. Don't get us wrong, it's not solid, but it isn't soft either.

Read our review of the Fabric ALM Ultimate
Find a Fabric dealer

Brooks Cambium C13 — £149.99

Brooks Cambium C13 carbon saddle.jpg

Brooks Cambium C13 carbon saddle.jpg

The Brooks Cambium C13 is the latest model in the English brand's excursion into non-traditional materials for its saddles. There's no leather or chromed steel at all here, replaced by the vulcanised natural rubber and cotton top surface previously seen in the original Cambium models, and – what's this? – a full carbon fibre structure underneath. It's very well made (in Italy, not Birmingham, unlike the majority of the range) and there's no breaking-in period, unlike the leather models.

Read our review of the Brooks Cambium C13

Morgaw Trian — £89.95

Morgaw Trian Saddle.jpg

Morgaw Trian Saddle.jpg

A supremely comfortable saddle with innovative shock absorption built in, the Morgaw Trian is designed for comfort, and our tester thought it perhaps the most comfortable saddle he had ever used. It seems that the shock absorbers are what have really made it comfortable. Morgaw is a saddle company from Slovakia that began as a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. The idea behind it came from Martin Moravcik and Slawek Gawlik, two ex-pro mountain bikers who wanted to make a new kind of saddle.

Rather than simply having the rails mounted onto the base of the saddle, they mount through shock absorbers in order to lessen the impact of bumps in the road. It is meant to protect your spine as this is naturally where the shocks radiate.

Read our review of the Morgaw Trian

Cosine Ti Sprint — £11.89

Cosine Ti Sprint Road Saddle.jpg

Cosine Ti Sprint Road Saddle.jpg

Wiggle brand Cosine's range of saddles features four men's and two women's models for a variety of disciplines. This, the Ti Sprint Road Saddle, could be classed as the most extreme, with racing in mind. If that's what you're looking for, it's very good; just bear in mind it's not for long endurance rides.

The design of the saddle is optimised specifically for those riding in a tucked aerodynamic position. The 140mm-wide flat body, with a long relief channel, helps to distribute your weight evenly on your sit bones rather than on any soft tissue. The narrow nose will stop your inner thighs from rubbing against the saddle during a pedal stroke; that seemed to work, although it's safe to say my climbing-sized thighs have never had much of a problem with that anyway.

Read our review of the Cosine Ti Sprint

Fabric Line Elite — £44.99

Fabric Line saddle - 4

Fabric Line saddle - 4

Proof that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a comfortable saddle, for just £40 this is a super-comfortable performance saddle with pressure-relieving channel.

It's based on Charge's popular Scoop but the foam padding is partitioned down the middle. The unique construction method means Fabric has been able to retain a full base, so you're protected from road spray (many saddles have a hole) and no reinforcement is needed of the foam padding, which means it can be lighter.

Read our review of the Fabric Line Elite

Spa Cycles Aire — £52

Spa Cycles Aire Leather Saddle

Spa Cycles Aire Leather Saddle

If the three-figure price of a Brooks Swift is a bit rich for your blood, this very similar own-brand seat from Harrogate touring specialist Spa Cycles is a very acceptable substitute. It's made from thick Australian leather with shiny chromed steel rails; very handsome.

Our tester found it comfortable even for 15-hour rides. For hard-core randonneurs on a budget or leather saddle virgins who want to try one without breaking the bank the Aire is just about perfect.

Read our review of the Spa Cycles Aire

Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow — £67.62

Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow saddle

Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow saddle

The Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow saddle is one of the most widely rider-recommended women's saddles and it's easy to see why. It's comfortable, flexible, light and it even looks good too.

This is a superior quality design offering superb comfort for all styles of bike and ride. An excellent women's saddle.

Read our review of the Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow
Find a Selle Italia dealer

Rido R-Lt — £68.50

Rido R-Lt saddle

Rido R-Lt saddle

The Rido R-Lt saddle is a reasonably lightweight performance choice that's built specifically to avoid numbness. This is a brilliant saddle. It does what Rido claim with regards to comfort plus the shape and fit are spot on. It is low profile enough to be taken seriously as a race saddle and at only 230g it isn't going to add any unnecessary weight to your race bike.

Read our review of the Rido R-Lt
Find a Rido dealer

Genetic Bikes Monocoque Carbon — £71.45


The Monocoque Carbon saddle from Genetic is just that: a saddle made mainly from carbon. It's light and comfortable, and not cheap, but it compares well against similar saddles from other manufacturers.

For many road cyclists, especially those doing longer distances, it's not about just weight, nor just price. It's about the best combination of weight, price and (most important) comfort. And on that basis the Genetic Monocoque Carbon saddle is well worth considering.

Read our review of the Genetic Bikes Monocoque Carbon
Find a Genetic Bikes dealer

Specialized Ruby Expert women's — £99.99

Specialized's Body Geometry Ruby Expert saddle is one of those rare beasts, a lightweight women's specific performance saddle that's available in a choice of widths including a properly narrow 130mm to suit your style of riding and just as importantly your sit bones too.

The cushioning is placed exactly where you need it to support your sit bones, effectively alleviating any discomfort or feeling of pressure. It's a super light, firm but comfortably supportive road saddle with width fittings to suit most riders.

Read our review of the Specialized Ruby Expert
Find a Specialized stockist

Bontrager Serano RL saddle — £60

Bontrager's Serano saddle draws on a shape that has been around for many years. A long flat and rounded middle section features with a raised tail and slightly dropped nose, with deep sides. It's the sort of shape that many cyclists will find comfortable.

Read our review of the Bontrager Serano RL saddle
Find a Bontrager stockist

Brooks Cambium C17 — £92.99-£94.49

Brooks Cambium C17 saddle

Brooks Cambium C17 saddle

What do you get if you combine the classic Brooks 'hammock' saddle design with thoroughly modern materials? You get the supremely comfortable Cambium C17. It's not the lightest saddle around, but f you value comfort over weight, then the Brooks Cambium C17 should be on your list of saddles you must try, and soon.

Read our review of the Brooks Cambium C17
Find a Brooks dealer

Fabric Scoop Pro Flat — £129.99

Fabric Scoop Flat Pro saddle.jpg

Fabric Scoop Flat Pro saddle.jpg

Scoop saddles are is available in three shapes: flat, shallow and radius. Though there isn't much padding in the Fabric Scoop Pro Flat, there is loads of flex in the one-piece base and it's this flex that really provides the core of the comfort. The carbon rails do provide a surprising amount of flex, but their shape and size isn't compatible with a lot of seat post clamps, so the best advice is to check your seat post is compatible; you might need to change clamp or post.

The real beauty of the Fabric Scoop is the construction. The waterproof microfibre cover isn't stitched or stapled into place, it's moulded to a one-piece nylon base. It's really very impressive and if you get the chance to fondle one in your bike shop you really should, it's a marvellous bit of design.

Read our review of the Fabric Scoop Flat Pro Saddle
Find a Fabric dealer

Rivet Independence chromoly — £149.99

Rivet Independence cromoly saddle

Rivet Independence cromoly saddle

On the surface the Rivet Independence is a traditional leather saddle, but it has a modern twist in the form of a composite resin frame. anyone who fancies trying a leather saddle would do well to try the Independence.

The Independence shares the quality construction and thick leather of Rivet's Pearl saddle, along with the all-important tension plate underneath, which prevent the saddle from splaying. Where it differs significantly from the other saddles in the range is the composite resin frame (complete with bag loops). This sturdy plastic helps to keep the weight down.

After a short acclimatisation period our tester's backside and the saddle were in complete harmony. Anyone who fancies trying a leather saddle would do well to try the Independence.

Read our review of the Rivet Independence chomoly saddle
Find a Rivet saddles stockist

Selle San Marco Mantra Superleggera Saddle — £299.99

San Marco Mantra Superleggera Saddle.jpg

San Marco Mantra Superleggera Saddle.jpg

The Selle San Marco Mantra Superleggera Saddle is an incredibly light and very stiff design that allows for a really strong transfer of power.

Weight is the biggest selling point of this saddle, and Selle San Marco has really pulled out all the stops in cutting down excess, it comes in at just 112.1g. 

Read our review of the Selle San Mantra Superleggera saddle
Find a Selle San Marco dealer

For oodles of saddle reviews see the saddle review archive.

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Everyone's bottom is different, here's how to choose the right one for you
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          Fox Reportedly Adds Six Mystery Marvel Movies to Their Schedule   
Although X-Men: Apocalypse and the latest Fantastic Four reboot were fairly notable disappointments for 20th Century Fox, the studio is doing pretty, pretty, prett-ay good in the Marvel department. Thanks to the critical and commercial success of Deadpool and Logan, Fox’s X-universe has been revitalized, and even if the next X-Men movie underperforms, they still have New Mutants, X-Force and Deadpool 2 on the way — and it looks as though that may be the tip of the iceberg. Continue reading…
          Apple is suspiciously interested in Fisker’s electric car   

Apple is suspiciously interested in Fisker’s electric car

Earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the unusual step of confirming Apple's interest in developing self-driving car technologies. During a recent interview with Bloomberg, Cook was asked about Apple's aspirations in the automotive space. Responding quickly, Cook said: "We’re focusing on autonomous systems. It’s a core technology that we view as very important. We sort of see it as the mother of all AI projects." Notably, there have also been reports that Apple's interest in designing and manufacturing their own branded car have subsided amid a number of technical hurdles.

Curiously, a Fisker Emotion -- an EV with 400 miles of range that will presumably take on Tesla -- was recently spotted at Apple headquarters in Cupertino today. And interestingly enough, the Emotion's appearance came about after Apple engineers indicated that they wanted to take a look at the car's underlying technology.

The Detroit Bureau reports:

The likelihood of a sightseeing tour is slight. And while Henrik Fisker declined to comment – with Apple not yet responding to a request for comment – some of those sources say the Emotion was there for some very practical, rather than emotional, reasons.

Members of the Apple development team apparently wanted a closer look at the Emotion, and a better understanding of its unusual driveline technology, so they asked the Fisker crew to bring one up from that company’s headquarters in Southern California.

Additionally, Henrik Fisker tweeted out the following yesterday evening. As anyone who has been to or even seen Apple's current headquarters, it's clear that Fisker was over at 1 Infinite Loop.

Range aside, the Fisker Emotion appears to be a technical marvel, with a fast-charging system that enables the vehicle to charge up in just nine minutes. As we noted a few weeks back, the Emotion's impressive battery system is based on supercapacitors using graphene as opposed to the more traditional lithium-ion batteries used in vehicles like the Tesla Model S.

          'Jessica Jones: ¡Desatada!', el esperado regreso de Bendis y Gaydos no defrauda   

Jessica Jones

Tenía muchas ganas de leer la nueva serie de Jessica Jones realizada por Bendis. Siempre tiene un encanto especial el poder, en una editorial como Marvel y DC, volver a escribir personajes creados por ti. En este caso el guionista llevaba unos pocos años desligado de la (anti)heroína y, con el éxito de su serie en Netflix, la editorial vio la oportunidad perfecta de reunir al equipo creativo detrás de 'Alias' en una nueva serie.

Así Panini publica el primer tomo de 'Jessica Jones', nueva colección creada por Brian Michael Bendis al guion y Michael Gaydos al dibujo. En su primera saga, '¡Desatada!' veremos un nuevo comienzo para Jessica: acaba de salir de la cárcel y se encuentra separada de facto de Luke Cage, quien busca desesperadamente a la hija de ambos.

Lo que nadie sabe, y el lector irá descubriendo poco a poco, es que hay una gran razón para que Jessica haya ido a la cárcel y se haya distanciado de todo su entorno, familias y amigos. Se ha metido en un jardín tan grande que no sabe si podrá salir de él.

La mejor manera de describir 'Jessica Jones: ¡Desatada!' es que es lo que podríamos esperar de una continuación de 'Alias' de Bendis y Gaydos. De hecho, de no ser por las referencias a las sagas anteriores ('Secret Wars' y 'Civil War II' entre otras) podría ser perfectamente los números 29-34 de su serie anterior.

¿Y esto que quiere decir si no he leído lo anterior? te preguntarás. Pues en la práctica que tiene un guion correcto, con el estilo habitual de diálogos rápidos, viñetas repetidas para dar la sensación de cambios de planos televisivos y el dibujo feísta de Gaydos contribuye a la mezcla de tono noir y heroico que se pretende.

Tanto si ya conocías 'Alias' como si no, pero te interesa el personaje, 'Jessica Jones ¡Desatada!' es uno de esos cómics sencillos, ligeros y entretenidos. Ideal para una tarde de verano.

En Papel en Blanco | Si te ha gustado Jessica Jones estos son los cómics que debes leer

También te recomendamos

Ni Twitter ni Facebook ni Google, ¿cómo se lo montan los chinos en Internet?

'Civil War II' es indignante

'Howard el Pato: Patochadas', cura contra el aburrimiento

La noticia 'Jessica Jones: ¡Desatada!', el esperado regreso de Bendis y Gaydos no defrauda fue publicada originalmente en Papel en blanco por Albertini .

          Iron Man 3 Trailer   
Tony Stark faces off against Sir Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin in Shane Black's takeover of the Iron Man series: Marvel's "Iron Man 3" pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy's hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to […]
          The Laura Longley Show: Kim Baker, Animal Whisperer, The Important Role Animals Play in Changing the World, and How You Can Participate   
GuestHave you ever wondered why your pet was behaving in an odd or disruptive way? Or maybe you have a pet or another animal that is ill or injured and you're unsure of how to best help them. Do you ever think about our relationship with animals - and our pets in particular - and marvel and the close and loving relationships we develop? Kim Baker is an animal communicator and she'll be sharing the answers to some of these questions, as well as her perspective on why animals are so important in ou ...
          The First Marvel's Inhumans Trailer Looks Like Game of Thrones with Superpowers   
We finally know what one of the fall season's most anticipated shows will look like. ABC today released the trailer for Marvel's Inhumans, one of the network's tentpole series of the 2017-2018 season.The series is [...]
          Статьи | Пятничный косплей: Diablo, Skyrim, «Игра престолов», Borderlands, «Другой мир» и Marvel   
Пятничный косплей: Diablo, Skyrim, «Игра престолов», Borderlands, «Другой мир» и Marvel
В пятницу мы традиционно делимся с вами лучшими фотографиями косплея по играм и не только.

          Beach House 'B-Sides and Rarities' Album Is Out Today   
Beachhouse 2017 promo shawnbrackbill dsc2401 2

2017 International & US tour dates resume August 11th

[Photo Credit: Shawn Brackbill]

Beach House B-Sides and Rarities is now available in finer independent record stores, and you can stream every last minute of it through Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube.

NPR Music says of the album: “Beach House has spent 13 years and six albums perfecting a hazy dream-pop sound that's as versatile as it is enduringly, endearingly simple. Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally make brooding, deliberately paced music that still sparkles and sweetens in surprising ways — a contradiction summed up by the title of one of Beach House's best records, Depression Cherry...Given its title, B-Sides And Rarities is upfront about being an exercise for enthusiasts, completists and other loving obsessives. But more casual fans shouldn't shrug it off, either. Beach House has mounted a marvelous career on its ability to set a gloomy electro-pop mood without losing touch with its brighter side — and that gift stays on full display throughout this shaggily appealing assortment of orphaned gems [link here].”

Furthermore from Rolling Stone: “Baltimore's dream-pop magicians offer up every previous non-LP studio track they've made – 14 in all. The result, unsurprisingly, is another beautifully sculpted, Fifties-goths-in-amber Beach House LP. Which isn't to say there aren't surprises like the snarling guitar that transforms the alternate single version of Teen Dream's wistful "Used to Be" into something much fiercer. And "Rain in Numbers," recorded just weeks after the band formed, is the sound of a sound being born.”

You might also like to not miss the new video for “Chariot” (from B-Sides and Rarities) which was directed by the band. The visual acts as a rumination on the creation, cultivation, and confusion of narratives in media.

Beach House’s B-Sides and Rarities can be purchased on CD / LP / DL / CS in North America from Sub Pop right here, in Europe from Bella Union, and Australia from Mistletone. LP orders in North America through the Sub Pop Mega Mart and select independent retailers will receive the Loser Edition on crystal clear vinyl (while supplies last).

Tour Dates + Ticket Links

Beach House’s previously announced 2017 international headlining and festival tour schedule resumes this August 11th.

Aug. 11 - Copenhagen, DK - Haven

Aug. 13 - Castelbuono, IT - Ypsigrock

Aug. 16 - Sestri Levante, IT - Mojotic Festival

Aug. 18 - Parades de Coura, PT - Parades de Coura Festival

Sep. 23 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl*

Sep. 24 - Phoenix, AZ - Comerica Theatre*

Sep. 25 - Santa Fe, NM - Santa Fe Opera*

Sep. 27 - Denver, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre* [Sold Out]

*w/ Fleet Foxes

          The Belko Experiment   
While the world waited for James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) to drop, another Gunn project low-key hit theaters in March of this year. Stepping away from Marvel for a hot minute, Gunn penned and produced a small, bloody, action, survival horror film in The Belko Experiment with Greg McLean (Wolf Creek […]
          ‘The Humans Are Going To Find Us!!’ Two New Minutes Of Marvel’s THE INHUMANS!!   

‘The Humans Are Going To Find Us!!’ Two New Minutes Of Marvel’s THE INHUMANS!!

Read the full article on AICN

I am – Hercules!!
The funny thing is, “Agents of SHIELD” has demonstrated that Earth in the Marvel Screen Universe is already packed silly with Inhumans. If Black Bolt’s superpowered friends and family come to our planet, can The Avengers, The Defenders and SHIELD be bothered to notice?
The showrunner behind “Iron Fist” is the showrunner behind this one too.
The miniseries adventures of the extraterrestrial Inhumans hits cinemas Sept. 1 and ABC Sept. 29.

Follow Herc on Twitter!!
Follow Evil Herc on Twitter!!
Blu At Last Next Week!!

Finish the article on AICN

          Spider-Man Ternyata Sudah Muncul di Iron Man 2   

Sejak digarapnya Spider-Man: Homecoming yang dibintangi Tom Holland, banyak teori yang berkeliaran di kalangan fans. Salah satunya adalah perihal kemunculan Peter Parker alias Spider-Man di Iron Man 2.

Seperti disampaikan NME, belum lama ini, di film Iron Man 2 yang rilis pada 2010, fans menganggap anak kecil bertopeng Iron Man yang berlagak berani saat hendak diserang robot lalu diselamatkan Iron Man, merupakan Peter Parker semasa kecil.

Salah satu adegan di film Iron Man 2. (Marvel Studios)

Kepada Huffington Post, Tom Holland yang kini memerankan Peter Parker alias Spider-Man mengonfirmasi teori tersebut. "Saya bisa mengonfirmasi itu hari ini. Saya benar-benar mengobrol dengan Kevin Feige (Presiden Marvel Studios) sekitar 20 menit yang lalu," katanya.

"Mungkin saya baru saja melontarkan spoiler (bocoran) yang lama dan besar, sekarang itu memang sudah ada. Itu keren. Saya suka dengan ide bahwa Peter Parker sudah ada di jagat itu sejak awal," lanjutnya.

Sang anak sendiri diperankan oleh Max Favreau, putra dari sutradara Iron Man 2 yang juga memerankan Happy Hogan alias pengawal Tony Stark, Jon Favreau.

Jon Favreau (Foto:

Sutradara Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jon Watts, baru-baru ini mengatakan kepada Uproxx mengenai proses di balik keputusan itu. "Anda membuat lelucon tentang itu, tapi pada dasarnya saat saya memutar ulang semua film Marvel, saya memperhatikan mereka seperti itu," kata Watts.

"Saya menonton semua film lain dan berpikir, 'Bagaimana kalau anak kecil di Stark Expo itu Peter Parker? Di balik topeng Iron Man.' Seperti, dia berusia hampir tepat saat itu. Dan dia mengidolakan Tony Stark," lanjutnya.

Lebih jauh, Jon Watts juga membeberkan bahwa dalam Spider-Man: Homecoming bakal disebutkan sebuah perusahaan bernama Damage Control yang bertugas membersihkan kekacauan di film The Avengers.

Mari kita simak kilas balik kemunculan batu ajaib (Infinity Stones) sejak Captain America: The First Avenger hingga Avengers: Age of Ultron.

"Jadi, di sinilah, karena tidak sepenuhnya diketahui, bahwa kalian bisa melihat ke belakang dan pada dasarnya menulis kisah fiksi penggemar untuk film-film itu, maka kisah fiksi buatan penggemar menjadi kenyataan. Banyak kejutan rahasia di film ini yang baru saja dimulai dengan memutar ulang film-filmnya," tambah Watts.

Spider-Man: Homecoming menyorot aksi Peter Parker alias Spider-Man melawan Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton), pekerja di Damage Control yang beralih menjadi penjahat bernama Vulture setelah kontraknya tiba-tiba berakhir. Film ini siap tayang 5 Juli 2017 di Indonesia.

Saksikan juga video menarik di bawah ini:

          Our The Avengers Pre-Order Movie Marathon + Enter to Win the Walmart Iron Man 3 Sweepstakes! Ends 9/25/12 #MarvelAvengersWMT   

Are you eagerly anticipating The Avengers coming out on Blu-ray and DVD?  We sure are, and we even went to see The Avengers when it was out in theaters! And, it’s not even just about the eye candy. 😉 When The Avengers first came out, the boyfriend and I both knew we’d want to see...

Read More

Our The Avengers Pre-Order Movie Marathon + Enter to Win the Walmart Iron Man 3 Sweepstakes! Ends 9/25/12 #MarvelAvengersWMT from

          Mira el primer tráiler de la nueva serie de Marvel, ‘Inhumans’   
La serie llegará a la pantalla chica el próximo 31 de agosto.
          'Inhumans': la serie de Marvel y ABC | Tráilers, capítulos, personajes, noticias   

Tras Los Defensores llegan Los Inhumanos, y después, Runaways. Marvel está que lo tira por la ventana

Primer tráiler de la serie de Marvel que se estrenará en ABC y cuyos dos primeros episodios se proyectarán en IMAX. 

Hace dos meses conocíamos un teaser de la serie y la imagen de sus protagonistas, y hoy Marvel publica el primer tráiler de 'Inhumans', la próxima serie basada en personajes su universo. Tendremos que esperar hasta septiembre para el estreno de la serie, pero de momento ya tenemos unos minutos más de lo que acontecerá en la vida de estos 'Inhumanos'.

Se trata de las vivencias de un grupo de seres humanos pertenecientes a una subespecie ficticia del Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens inhumanus, de ahí el nombre), creada por Stan Lee y que aparecía por primera vez en la serie de 'Los cuatro fantásticos' en 1965. Lo que vemos en el tráiler son las interacciones de algunos de los protagonistas, como Black Bolt o Trueno Negro (el rey de los inhumanos con su distintiva voz, interpretado por Anson Mount) o Medusa (Serinda Swan), quien acusa al hermano de Trueno Negro, Maximus (Iwan Rheon), de traición.

Marvel no para, desde que Disney se hizo con ella, la casa de las ideas está más activa que nunca en su historia y como la no tienen suficiente con las series Netflix de sus héroes más atípicos, nos van a llegar a casa de una forma mucho más familiar y para ello han recurrido a Los Inhumanos y a ABC, el canal de televisión de Disney.

Aunque Los Inhumanos nació como película, ha terminado siendo un producto para nuestros hogares. Para quien  no lo sepa, estos superhéroes fueron creados en 1965 y son unos seres diseñados genéticamente por una especie alienígena para ser superiores a los humanos. Su líder es Rayo Negro (Anson Moult), quien tiene la capacidad de destruir incluso hasta con su voz. Junto a él y en la foto están su mujer Medusa (Serinda Swan), sus primos Karnak (Ken Leung) y Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor), su hermano Maximus (Iwan Rheon) y Crystal (Isabelle Cornish), la hermana de Medusa.
A estos principales se añaden algunos secundarios como Mike Moh como Triton, un primo de Rayo Negro con la capacidad de vivir bajo el agua, Sonya Balmores como Auran, jefa de la Guardia Real de Attilan, el reino de los inhumanos, y Ellen Woglom dando vida a un personaje creado específicamente para esta serie de televisión. El creador de todo este tinglado es Scott Buck, veterano showrunner de series como 'A dos metros bajo Tierra', 'Roma', 'Dexter' o la reciente y para muchos fallida 'Iron Fist'.

Ya sabemos que los dos primeros episodios estarán dirigidos por Roel Reine y tendrán una peculiaridad notable para los amantes de lo cinematográfico y es que serán rodados mediante cámaras IMAX y así poder ser estrenada en salas preparadas. Su fecha de salida será el próximo 1 de septiembre y un poco más tarde llegarán al canal televisivo ABC con contenido inédito, donde se estrenarán en exclusiva los seis episodios restantes de su primera temporada.

          Tráiler de Jumanji 2 y Karen Gillan al desnudo   

Esta navidad ración de selva, humor y un poco de La Roca y de Gillan.

Finalmente no es un remake, es una secuela. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle protagonizada por Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart y Karen Gillan ha presentado su primer tráiler y como suponíamos hay acción, selva, animales y, un mucho de cgi y humor.

Esta navidad (22 de diciembre una semana después de Los últimos Jedi así que crudo lo tiene) se estrenará esta película para toda la familia en la que veremos como un videojuego les jugará una mala pasada a un grupo de chicos de instituto. Castigados por el director tendrán que limpiar un trastero y allí encuentran una consola en la que sólo hay un juego, Jumanji.
Los cuatro, dos chicas y dos chicos, son transportados a la jungla de Jumanji convertidos en adultos, si quieren salir de allí deberán descubrir como Alan Parrish, Robin Williams en la original, se pasó el juego. Los característicos tambores del juego volverán a sonar de nuevo, sólo que esta vez en lugar de ir la jungla a ellos, son ellos quienes van allí.

Ahora os dejamos con lo creemos puede ser lo mejor del filme...

Karen Gillan al desnudo | Jumanji 2 | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Biografía y películas

A Karen Gillan le ha llegado la hora, la joven aprendiz es ya una estrella confirmada, al menos desde el momento en que Marvel la ha presentado como su nueva villana para el film 'Guardianes de la galaxia', la nueva franquicia de la gran M que arrasó en taquilla. Ahora, vuelve a una gran producción (y ya tenemos foto) en el remake de Jumanji junto a Dwayne Johnson como estrella principal. Por eso, nosotros os presentamos ya a una de las nuevas estrellas del firmamento cine... con ustedes Karen Gillan.


Karen Sheila Gillan nació el 28 de noviembre de 1987 en Inverness, Highland, Escocia, Reino Unido. Es hija de Raymond John Gillan, un gerente, y de Marie Gillan, quines viven en Kinmylies. Karen puede ser considerada como una niña prodigio, a los 7 años ya tocaba el piano, pero el amor por la actuación fue su gran devoción de su infancia, uniéndose a varios grupos de teatro y participando en una amplia gama de producciones en la Academia Charleston. Cuando tenía 16 años decidió abandonarlo todo y perseguir de este modo su sueño, estudiando en la Universidad de Telford. Luego se aseguró un lugar en la Academia de Artes Itlaia Conti en Londres donde terminaría sus estudios y convirtiéndose en una gran promesa de la actuación.

Su inicio laboral fue como no en el mundo de la televisión, participando como invitada en varias series. Con su primera aparición en The Kevin Bishop Show en la que interpretó a personajes múltiples, como Katy Perry y Angelina Jolie, se demostró que Gillan era una apuesta segura.

Fue elegida para el papel de Amy Pond, compañera del undécimo Doctor en la serie de ciencia ficción Doctor Who en mayo de 2009, este sería su lanzamiento al estrellato. Hizo su primera aparición como Amy Pond en "The Eleventh Hour", que salió al aire el 3 de abril de 2010. Gillan ya había aparecido en Doctor Who en el episodio de 2008 "The Fires of Pompeii" en el papel de una profetisa.

El teatro es otra de sus grandes pasiones, hizo su primera aparición interpretando a Shirley en la obra de John Osborne, Inadmissible Evidence junto a Douglas Hodge. Para el cine ha intervenido en 'We'll Take Manhattan' o 'Not Another Happy Ending', pero sin duda su gran oportunidad va a ser el de la película de Marvel 'Guardianes de la galaxia', donde interpretará a la villana.

Así que ya estáis avisados, Karen Gillan es uno de los grandes nombres del nuevo cine, su belleza y sensualidad van unidos a sus interpretativas, Karen no es sólo un rostro, es un talento en bruto a disfrutar.

Galería sexy in hot & gif

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas

Karen Gillan | Jóvenes actrices de Hollywood | Guardianes de la galaxia | Biografía y películas


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Less than a year ago, Nerdist visited the set of the hotly anticipated reboot Spider-Man: Homecoming, and sat down with the MCU’s newest action hero Tom Holland. Now with rave reviews pouring in, and the movie poised to dominate at the box office, we reconnected with Holland to discuss his take on Marvel’s most iconic […]
          We Break Down Today’s JUMANJI, INHUMANS, and DEATH NOTE Trailers   
We in the Nerdist office woke up this morning to not one, not two, but three high-profile trailers: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Marvel’s Inhumans, and Death Note. Plus, Chobot is back, baby! Joining her today on Nerdist News Talks Back are managing editor Alicia Lutes and associate editor Kyle Anderson to discuss the three adaptations. While […]
          This Old Dragon: Issue #141   
I have had some really great issues lately for This Old Dragon. Issues I remember fondly or issues that had a huge impact on my games and/or game writing.

This is not one of those issues.

Oh, don't get me wrong, Issue #141 is fine, but there isn't anything in it I remember using. So it is next in my box of mildewy memories, so let's head back to the beginning of the end of the 80s, January 1989 to be exact, for This Old Dragon!

Ok, so I remember the cover even if my magazine doesn't have one. I think that might be all I remember of this one.  A few pages in, or the first page of my copy, we get an ad for Curse of the Azure Bonds. It seemed like to me that this book was advertised ALL the time.    We get the great Clyde Caldwell art, but the add is different than the book cover.

I have to admit that, for reasons I can wholly articulate, it bugged me.  Yes...yes I know that covers are mocked up all the time and this is no different. I even know now some of the issues going on behind the scenes of TSR at this time. So my feelings here are more of a memory of feeling and not the feeling itself.  Plus in either version, that sword the Lizardman has is stupid looking.

Plus I still have never read this book.  Maybe I should. Might exorcise the ghost of this feeling.

Another ad. This time TSR trying to get into the party-game market. One of the hotter games at this time was Scruples.  It was pretty popular and due to a combination of this game and drinking it was banned from our circle of friends back when we all lived in the dorms.  This is not that game and I can see why it failed.  Scruples was simple, much like how Cards Against Humanity is, and there is a lot of social interaction. This game "I Think You Think I Think" looks so over designed.  It might work well in today's board game market, but I somehow doubt it.  The name is also too cumbersome.

Forum covers some debate on Illusionists and their spells.

About a dozen pages in we get to the main feature of the magazine, near-human like creatures.  The cover features a Jeff Easley ogre or giant squaring off against a little blonde magic-user.

The Dragon's Bestiary features all sort of humanoid creatures. Most with names we have since seen elsewhere.

Randal Doering provides us with something new in Orcs Throw Spells, Too! or humanoid spellcasters.  This is for the AD&D 1st Edition game.  The article is good and has a lot of meat, but it also is a good example of the schizophrenia that was rampant in the late 80s and early 90s TSR design.  Yes this is great stuff, but the BECMI rules covered this material. Granted, we would not get the Rules Cyclopedia for another couple of years.   Spell casters among these races are considered to be more "primitive" (why? just because) so they get Shamans and Witch-Doctors or Clerics and Magic-Users respectively.  Personally, I like to think of Shamans as a different sort of magical tradition altogether.  I like to see my friend +Rich Howard get his Shaman book live, I think there is a lot of potential for such a class.  Me, I just cheat and make humanoids into a type of witch or warlock.

Arthur Collins is next with an article on giants and combat techniques in Boulder-Throwers and Humanoid Hordes.  This would have been good to read when I started running the Giants series.

Now we have something useful for today.  In Hey, Wanna Be a Kobold from Joseph Clay we get rules for humanoid PCs such as Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds and Xvarts.  This also includes Shaman and Witch Doctor class write-ups.  Re-re-reading this again I am struck with the question of why didn't we do this sort of thing more back then?  I know we were still a decade away from Meepo, but this could have worked well in many games.

Jumping over the fiction we get another timely feeling article.  Reviews of MegaTraveller and GURPS Space.  With Starfinder on the horizon, this is a good time to go back and look at what had come before.

Big four-page, full-color Warhammer 4k ad from Games Workshop.

The TSR Previews is dominated with Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms.

The Role of Books covers a bunch of new fantasy books.  At this time I had moved deep into horror and was just discovering Clark Ashton Smith. So I don't really recognize these books.
Following up on that The Game Wizards details a bunch of novels coming out of TSR.  Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms and Buck Rodgers take the center stage.

The Role of Computers features a bunch of games. That's obvious, but my take-away here is not what games they are reviewing but the systems the games are on. There are still a wide variety of computers the games are available on, but that number is going down.  Eventually, there will be only two, IBM/PC-Compatible and Mac.

Marvel-Phile is missing.

Lots of ads in the back. The only comics my copy has is Snarf Quest.

I checked my CD-Rom and I am missing the big announcement on the back cover of AD&D 2nd ed coming next month.

Ok. So not a great issue. Not a horrible one, but not a lot I can use today.
          "Dwie połówki przełamanej całości"   

Londyn, 1897 rok. Czasy panowania królowej Wiktorii Hanowerskiej oraz...zaskakujących wynalazków. Panowie we frakach i eleganckich cylindrach śmigający na welocyklach, damy podróżujące w powozach parowych, sterowce unoszące się wysoko pośród chmur oraz automatony zastępujące pracę ludzkich rąk w różnych dziedzinach życia, oto nowa mechaniczna rzeczywistość! Doba pary i nauki. Oraz zupełnie nowych zagrożeń. Bo oto na ulicach Londynu, jedenaście lat po Kubie Rozpruwaczu grasuje kolejny, niebezpieczny przestępca- tajemniczy Machinista wykorzystujący automatony do atakowania ludzi. Od jakiegoś czasu jego sprawę bada młody książę Greythorne dysponujący pomocą swych nieprzeciętnych przyjaciół- rudowłosej wynalazczyni Emily o niezwykle błyskotliwym umyśle i potężnie zbudowanego Sama o nadludzkiej wręcz sile- oraz własnymi, dość niecodziennymi umiejętnościami. Niespodziewanie do życia trójki młodych ludzi wkracza bardzo niebezpieczna dziewczyna, która przejawia niesamowite zdolności- Finley Jayne, jaka niemal wpada pod koła welocykla Griffina, uciekając przed jakimś zagrożeniem, ma dwie natury- i jednej z nich nie potrafi kontrolować. Ta ciemna strona ogarnia ją w sytuacjach niebezpieczeństwa i wyzwala pokłady siły i agresji, tak potężne, że drobna dziewczyna jest w stanie zabić...

Rozpoczynając swą przygodę z "Dziewczyną w stalowym gorsecie" nie oczekiwałam fajerwerków- i ich nie otrzymałam. Nie spodziewałam się jednak tak gorzkiego posmaku po spróbowaniu prozy Kady Cross- zwłaszcza, że nie jest ona początkującą autorką. Ta kobieta opublikowała zaskakująco wiele książek, pod czterema różnymi pseudonimami, a pierwszy tom "Kronik Steampunku" jest, jak pisze ona w jego wstępie, jej dwudziestą którąś z kolei powieścią. I wiecie co Wam powiem Moi Drodzy? Tego w ogóle nie widać. Nie wiem, czy pani Cross nie potrafi korzystać ze swoich pisarskich doświadczeń, czy też po stworzeniu iluś tam historii wyczerpały się jej zasoby pomysłów, bo jak dla mnie "Dziewczyna w stalowym gorsecie" jest pomyłką. Nie dość, że tom otwierający cykl "Kronik Steampunku" jedzie po wyświechtanych schematach, wykazując się szczątkową, wręcz mikroskopijną oryginalnością, to jeszcze ewidentnie był inspirowany inną, bliską memu sercu książką. Jak wiecie nie cierpię porównywania ze sobą powieści- i z reguły nie wytykam żadnych podobieństw danej pozycji do innej. Z szacunkiem podchodzę do każdego autora i jego pomysłów, jakie chce przedstawić w swoim tworze, którego opublikowanie było w końcu spełnieniem jednego z jego marzeń. Rozumiem, że wizja innego pisarza mogła go jakoś zainspirować albo, że zupełnie przypadkowo dwóch twórców miało podobny zamysł i koncept, by finalnie jednakże, poprowadzić swoje historie dwiema całkowicie odmiennymi ścieżkami. Lecz to co poczyniła Kady Cross przyprawiło mnie o prawdziwe zgrzytanie zębów i chęć rzucenia książką o ścianę. Początkowo, wydawało mi się, że to zatrważające podobieństwo wątku Machinisty i jego automatonów do fabuły "Mechanicznego anioła" Cassandry Clare jakoś przeboleję, ale im dalej w las, tym było gorzej- wątek z runami już totalnie mnie dobił. Jak dla mnie pani Cross doszczętnie zerżnęła koncepty autorki przecudownych "Diabelskich Maszyn", dodając do tego szczyptę X-menów i Ligę Niezwykłych Dżentelmenów (o inspiracjach filmowych, zresztą sama pisze)- a im intensywniej teraz o tym myślę, skrobiąc tę mega-subiektywną opinię,  tym więcej podobieństw do "mechanicznej" trylogii Clare dostrzegam...

Jeśli o sam pomysł obdarzenia protagonistów nadludzkimi zdolnościami chodzi to nawet nie mam nic przeciw- gdyby nie slogan Fabryki Słów na okładce "Dziewczyny w stalowym gorsecie", głoszący dumnie, iż powieść Cross to "skrzyżowanie epoki wiktoriańskiej z X-menami" to może bym jej nawet z produkcją Marvel Studios jakoś specjalnie nie skojarzyła. Ileż, bowiem pisarzy obdarza swoich bohaterów super-mocami- aż trudno zliczyć! A umiejętności postaci stworzonych przez Cross akurat do oczywistych nie należą- to muszę przyznać. I należą one zdecydowanie do mocnych stron powieści, których niestety nie znalazłam zbyt wiele. Bo jest w nich jakaś świeżość oraz kreatywność- czytając o takiej Finley o dwóch twarzach na przykład, nabrałam straszliwej ochoty, żeby poznać jej pierwowzór, czyli "Doktora Jekylla i pana Hyde'a", którego mam nawet w oryginale na półce, zaś umiejętności Griffina przyprawiły mnie o nie lada zagwozdkę. Chciałabym tylko, żeby tej pomysłowości było po prostu więcej.

W kwestii bohaterów mam mieszane uczucia. Bo z jednej strony, pani Cross przedstawia czytelnikom grono barwnych postaci, których dzięki narracji trzecioosobowej można poznać troszkę bliżej, a z drugiej, brak w tych protagonistach jakiejś iskry, jaka przywoływałaby ich do życia. Są płascy i papierowi, przez co nie do końca w nich uwierzyłam, ale drzemie w nich też ukryty potencjał. W takim honorowym księciu Griffinie, który scala całą grupę i jej przewodzi jest coś sympatycznego, na przykład. Albo w kruchej i drobniutkiej rudowłosej Emily, która ma potężny umysł, czy też w Samie, jaki gabarytami i siłą fizyczną przypomina może Hulka, zaś wyraz twarzy ma mroczny niczym profesor Snape, ale jego serce mimo wszystko jest żywe i oddane przyjaciołom. Tylko Finley Jayne nie mogłam znieść- ta dziewoja denerwowała mnie przeokrutnie! Autorka niewątpliwie chciała stworzyć postać dramatyczną, rozdartą między dwoma naturami, walczącą ze swoją ciemną stroną i próbującą ją ujarzmić, ale...ale jej nie wyszło. Finley jest przerażająco irytująca i pusta. A do tego uwikłana w banalny i do bólu schematyczny trójkąt miłosny, pozbawiony nawet grama uroku. Bo między bohaterami nie ma żadnej chemii- tylko sztuczność.

Kreacja świata jest bardzo uboga i oszczędna- pani Cross pozwala czytelnikom oglądać XIX- wieczny Londyn z jej wyobraźni przez małe zakurzone okienko zamiast nam je po prostu otworzyć. Z powodu nierozbudowanych i zwięzłych opisów mechaniczna rzeczywistość rozmywa się w oczach czytelnika i ciężko się w niej zaaklimatyzować- ten steampunkowy klimat jest a jednocześnie go nie ma, bo ginie niezobrazowany bardziej szczegółowo. Zaś przedstawienie realiów wiktoriańskiej epoki to kolejna porażka- pani Cross po prostu umiejscowiła akcję w takich a nie innych czasach i...tyle. Nie pokazała ich cieni i blasków, tej magii i niesamowitej aury XIX-wiecznego Londynu. Nie oddała ówczesnych konwenansów, etykiety i mody. Ogółem, jej książka to jedna wielka literacka pułapka- najeżone kłującymi w oczy schematami i przewidywalnością niezbyt urodziwe wnętrze w ładnym opakowaniu. 2/6


Steampunku nigdy mi dość... Wynalazłam, więc sobie taki oto, całkiem  miły dla ucha i przyjemny dla oka utwór z steampunkowym teledyskiem. :) Znacie Lindsey Stirling? Ja nie od dzisiaj, ale nie wiedziałam, że nagrała coś i w takim klimacie.

          Okja: Inteligentno, zabavno, dirljivo i nezaobilazno   
Prezirali ga neki ili ne, streaming servis, studio i kompanija ''Netflix'' je nakon uspjelog lomljenja dominacije proslavljenih TV kuća poput ''HBO-a'' sa svojim (koprodukcijski, naravno) hvaljenim serijalima poput ''House of Cards'', ''Narcosa'' ili 'Marvelovog' ''Daredevila'' krenula i u sve ozbiljniju filmsku utrku.
          Swimwear Blog Tour    

Today I am taking part of the swimwear blog tour, and the best part of it is that I made something for my husband. What? Yes! Can you spot it on today's posters collage below?! 

Let me tell you more about it. 
First things first, I used the Long Beach Board Shorts from Peek-a-Boo pattern shop. Although I follow Amy since the very start I have never used any of her patterns! What? Well yeah, that's true. It just never happened. I jumped at the change of trying one of them right now, AND sewing for my husband at the same time. 

It is official now. I am stepping away from tours and tests for now. I might pop in every now and then, but most of all, I want to find the joy in sewing away, which I lost. Anyway... I found it quite hard to find swimwear fabric around here, at least one my husband and I would like, so of course I did what I always do, dig into my refashion pile. 

I found two pairs of shorts from my husband needing a new life, but I also found a damaged jacket from a cousin. I used this lastest piece and one of the shorts (red red ones) to recycle into new shorts. At first I wasn't really convinced with the mix, but once I was done, it grew on me. I then showed them to their owner and he liked it, which was kind of a relief. I so want to sew more for him. 

I followed the instructions of the pattern, but did mine a bit shorter because I was refashioning and the red shorts I used weren't as long as this one. I reused the lining, but did a new pocket and a new waistband out of the jacket. My favourite feature is the eyelets and cord at the waistband. 

Check out what others did and find some swimwear inspiration... 

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          40 Years - On the Wine Trail in Puglia   
What a difference 14,520 days makes

It seems to be unimaginable for someone young today to digest a span of time like 40 years. And when older people, for whom time has stretched farther than one might like to admit, relate a long-past thing, for those who did not live in that time, in today’s Instagram-gratification culture, it’s insufferable. “I didn’t live it, old, man. It doesn’t affect me.” Yeah, I get that. But it does - the wine we tasted then and the wine you are now enjoying - they are universes apart. And it is important to know what happened, and how we got here, so that you can better enjoy your Nero di Troia, or your Negroamaro Bianco or your Susumaniello rosato.

September 8, 1977 – My first encounter with Puglia. The summer season was over, people were returning to the cities, abandoning the beaches. Puglia was a deserted island of a place. It was still warm - the mosquitoes had not left - they were still munching from the all-day buffet of those who had remained behind to work the vineyard and olive orchards. Or for those few tourists, who were walking along the road from Fasano to Locorotondo.

Puglia wasn’t pristine, but it was unspoiled by commercial tourism. You could go anywhere, without crowds, without danger of getting hit by people driving while talking on their cellphones. Alberobello was a quiet, little sleepy town with funny buildings, not a huckster’s dreamscape. It was a safer place. And it was a more innocent time. But the wines? They were simple if not a bit feral.

A stop on the outskirts of Locorotondo, where a small winery, a Cantine Sociale, would fill up a liter bottle for the equivalent of $.50 a bottle. Good enough, serviceable, definitely wine, if it lacked for pizazz. But it was cheap and cheerful enough. Touring Italy on $17.00 a day, all expenses, it was a bargain.

Later, when I returned to the U.S. and immersed myself in the wine trade, the wines from Puglia started coming into our little warehouse. One I remember, a 1979 Salice Salentino from Barone Malfatti, was a large, lumbering bear of a wine. Unfiltered, it possessed a sort of animale nature, one that naturalistas today would love, for it was grapes into wine with nothing in between. And it aged well enough for 5-10 years, before it bricked out and lost its deep, dark tan.

Really my love with Puglia came in the early 1980’s, when I worked with Nicola Savino, who was a young chef from Conversano, and he had come to Dallas to cook in an Italian restaurant, La Tosca. Nicola was (and still is) an amazing palate. He first showed me how the food of Puglia dovetailed with the wines. And then subsequent trips, too many to remember, continued to reinforce that notion.

Ah, so it was about the food? If you haven’t been to Puglia, then you have only to step onto this land and become born again with the conviction that wine is food, which in Puglia is to orbit around a marvelous microcosm.

It was really up to the winemakers in Puglia to catch up to the food. Cracking the code in Puglia is not something one can do in a week. This is a large (and long) region. It is, for me, one of the most mystifying in Italy, because one might want to think, at first blush, that one “gets” Puglia. Hey, it’s all there, the sun, the sea, the forests, the fields, the produce, the seafood, the pasta, the meat, the oil, ah yes, the oil. But that is not only what Puglia is.

This region is an island by virtue of its size. Not an island like Sicily, or Sardegna, but a landlocked landmass that admits not just anyone. Oh yes, you can arrive to there, and walk and drive and swim and sleep and eat and love your experience. But to enter the deep caverns, to discover what lies under the surface, that is not for the weekend wanderer. This is just arriving to me, after 40 years, an inkling of what Puglia really represents to Italy. It is not a heel; it is a cultural anchor, a mooring, a support, to keep the peninsula in balance with the world that swirls all around it.

This is a revelation to me. That Puglia is the reliable relative, one you can go to for clarity, for understanding, for reassurance. Here, there will always be the prima materia that we look to Italy for.

After I left Puglia, this time, I flew to Rome to catch my flight back to America. A day in Rome. Walking, camera in hand, looking for that place where I first was dropped into this minestrone that I have been guzzling all my adult life. I didn’t want to go, didn't want to leave Puglia. My friend Nicola Savino told me one of the reasons he came back to Puglia and Conversano, was because he “missed the smell of the place.” A chef, leaving behind a career, fame, money – in America – because he longed for the macchia of his motherland. That’s a chef to follow and flock to, people. That’s someone who gets Puglia. I can only aspire to hear and breathe and see that wavelength.

So there I’ve gone and heaved all over this page with nary a word about the wines and how many giant steps they have taken in those 40 years. Yes, with not one tasting note, not a crumb. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

It will just have to linger for that inescapable occasion….

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          Valpolicella at a Crossroads in the New Millennium   
Outside a storm is passing over, the sky rumbling in a way that is at once ominous and reassuring. Texas in April is not for the faint of heart. Storms of Biblical proportions, hail, wind and torrential rains often put a damper on what only hours before might have been the most perfect of Spring days. But it is also a blunt reminder that none of us are really “in charge.” As someone much wiser than me once said, “We strut and point, pontificate and strike, but, rest reassured, there are always larger forces of destiny in play.”

As the world of wine turns from Bordeaux to Italy and Verona, there will be plenty of bottles opened in the coming days and weeks. None the less of them will be local bottles, in the various trattoria and bars around the city.

In one of my first visits to Vinitaly, long ago and far away, Valpolicella was the house wine of Verona. During those simpler times, Valpolicella had a secure place. But as the wine tower of Babel rose - the wine “to drink cool, with light summery dishes,” as Cyril Ray waxed half a century ago in The Wines of Italy – Valpolicella came out of its youthful fog into an age of hyper self-awareness. The spotlight shone on the region- eyes were on it – and the wine was pushed to become “fuller in flavor and deeper in colour.

Because of its enormous popularity in the United States (just do a search for “YouTube + Bolla Valpolicella”), money poured into the region from wine sales revenue. “Love makes people happy,” Franco Bolla murmured to his wife in the successful TV ads, which discharged all across America in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. America was entering into a love affair with Italy, and the invasion of Italian culture, music, art, fashion, food and wine was set in motion. It wasn’t limited to the Bolla family; the Veneto people are very industrious. And ambitious winemakers were looking to differentiate themselves from their neighbors.

Burton Anderson noted it in his trailblazing work, Vino, in 1980. While many books on Italian wine recounted the regions and the wines, sometimes even the grapes, Anderson told stories about the people. And he turned some of them into superstars. Vino was where I first heard about Giuseppe Quintarelli, whom Anderson recounted praise of the winemaker from another giant in Italian wine writing, Mario Soldati. Here’s what Anderson said: “Mario Soldati, in his first volume of Vino a Vino, determined that Quintarelli’s must be the Valpolicella closest to that described by Hemingway in Across the River.

Quintarelli, without a doubt, had an impact on Valpolicella, and wine in Italy. And while his Valpolicella reflects how simple and great a wine can be at the same time, one cannot ford the stream of Valpolicella that floods our markets using Quintarelli as the sole barometer of style or value. As Patricia Guy noted in her 2001 tome, Wines of Italy, “At this point, the only way of knowing which style is in any given bottle of Valpolicella is by tasting and keeping a note of the wine producer’s name.”

Therein lies the conundrum for today’s wine-lover looking to find their love in Valpolicella, a “love (that) makes people happy.” Is it light? Is it rich? Is it heavy? Is it fresh? Is it affordable?
Quintarelli is a marvelous choice. But at an average price of US $76 (Wine-searcher) it doesn’t radiate affordability for everyday. Not to say it isn’t worth it. It’s a gorgeous wine. There are other producers as well. Corte Sant’Alda’s “Ca’ Fiui” Valpolicella has an average price of US $16 (Wine-searcher) when you can find it. Organically grown and managed via bio-dynamic principles, hand harvested and fermented in large oak vats on its native yeasts. This would be my go-to Valpolicella, one which I have the funds for on a regular basis, but also one which is lively and fresh without becoming brawny and overly masculine, a problem which vexes me with the spate of inexpensive, testosterone-laden Ripasso wines that are rushed to the marketplace.

There isn’t enough room here to go into the Rape by Ripasso, which with beefed-up entries has contorted the idea of Valpolicella to the wine-going public in America. The onus isn’t just on the producers. Somewhere along the line, the consumer developed a liking for a richer, more unctuous supercharged-Valpolicella. Nino Francheschetti told Burton Anderson about Masi’s Ripasso wine, Campofiorin, ‘If you want to know the truth, I started doing it because I didn’t want to waste those good Amarone lees. It was an economically motivated experiment that produced a very pleasing result. I understand other wineries are doing the same now.” What started out as a means to preserve something has presented a challenge to the original idea of Valpolicella.

And as water seeks its own level, so will wine (it is after all 86% water, +/-). The mania for a Valpolicella Ripasso, perhaps to compete with Yellow Tail Shiraz, or Argentinian Malbec, might have pushed producers past the overflow point. But anyone who carries a wine bag (in the wine trade) knows what I mean. We may all want to sit in our cave, facing east, contemplating Quintarelli, but the world in motion (and in commerce) has a different rhythm. Which means, there has been an insatiable thirst for Valpolicella Ripasso, cheap and cheerful and with enhanced octane. But tides do turn.

Perhaps the current rosé mania is partially to blame. People are looking back towards lighter, fresher wines, like the Valpolicella of Hemingway’s time, “light dry red and cordial.” Or even, with a stretch, to the time when Dino and Sinatra swooned over spaghetti and Bolla Valpolicella in Palm Springs. Everything is cyclical. I hope the charm that brought so many young American’s to the Italian table – as Valpolicella did – is resurfacing.

Of course, let those who want Ripasso be satiated. After all, why waste those good Amarone lees? Maria Marta Galli (of Le Ragose fame) told Anderson, “Valpolicella is an underestimated wine,” in 1980. Would that we could have another taste of such a beautiful thing, as Patricia Guy writes about “Rediscovering lost flavors – not the husky, dusky, wood-laden numbers which strut off with their prizes. Rather they are the kind of wines that you can invite home to dinner.”

Can I get an Amen?

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          The First Marvel's Inhumans Trailer Looks Like Game of Thrones with Superpowers   
We finally know what one of the fall season's most anticipated shows will look like. ABC today released the trailer for Marvel's Inhumans, one of the network's tentpole series of the 2017-2018 season.The series is [...]
          Actress Elizabeth Marvel   

          Comment on Hasbro: Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Revealed! by Jon   
Sure! If there are any, they usually don't reveal too much while they are working on the Kickstarter stuff.
          Comment on Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut Series Iceman Review by Jon   
The icicle was from Masters of the Universe classics Icer, and the slide is from an old Toy Biz X-Men Classics Ice Man figure.
          Comment on Hasbro: Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Revealed! by Por que si   
I meant and Loki. Also I'm curious if you'll be covering Mythic Legions reveals as well.
          Comment on Hasbro: Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Revealed! by Por que si   
I'm very excited for this series. I'm least impressed with Young Thor Loki. But it still is gold.
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This desktop Concorde plane is recreated from original models displayed at the top travel agents of British Airways and Air France. Entirely hand cast in recycled airplane aluminium, it has been hand buffed and polished to an art deco shine. Place on a desk or bookshelf in a sophisticated study or library as a piece of aviation decor and create a real focal point for the room setting.

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          A Filipino Reflection on Apollo 11   
This month marks the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. There has understandably been much media attention to what that historic event, when humankind finally reached the moon, has meant for the world.

I myself was five years old in 1969 when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made their first steps on the moon. I remember watching, with much excitement, the blurry black and white TV footage of the landing.

Many years ago, a writer also skillfully and boldly pondered the significance of the Apollo mission—to the Filipino experience.

Gregorio Brillantes’s “The Apollo Centennial” is undoubtedly one of the best Filipino short stories in English ever written. Academic Timothy Montes called the story “the first successful science fiction story written by a Filipino.” I may be accused of bias, of course, since Greg is an old friend and my former editor.

“The Apollo Centennial” is not the typical science fiction tale. As Montes pointed out in a 2000 lecture, Brillantes does not tell a story about high-tech gadgets or the anticipated Space Age future.

Instead, the story is a critique of Philippine society during the regime of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos—and a meditation on the economic and technological chasm between the First World and the Third.

The story is set in the year 2069. The world is commemorating the 100th anniversary of Apollo mission, and the celebration extends to a troubled rural community in the Philippines. There, Arcadio Nagbuya, a poor farmer, is taking his children to see an exhibit of the Apollo centennial. It’s not an easy journey, for they have to wait for a makeshift raft to cross a river, and then take a bus that must pass through military checkpoints where soldiers are on the lookout for rebel guerrillas. The security forces even have fighter bomber “helidiscs” patrolling the skies in the hunt for rebels.

At the exhibit, Cadio and his sons marvel at the photos of the historic event and the taped voice of Neil Amstrong repeating his famous quote, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” As Montes writes, “The juxtaposition of the poor farmer and the technological feats of the past creates a Twilight Zone effect because the man is twice removed from reality.”

The Twilight Zone-like society Brillantes paints probes a major fear of many Filipinos in the 1970s and 1980s: That the dictator would be with us for a very long time. For instance, in Brillantes’s Philippines of 2069, people speak Tagilocan. Society is so repressive that the other regional languages are on their way to being made extinct.

On the trip back from the exhibit, Cadio and his sons briefly run into his cousin, Andres, who is part of the rebellion.

Brillantes writes: “His cousin clicks off the flashlight and speaks to him, not in Tagilocan, but in the old language…and the tender fluid accents of their fathers’ tongue, unheard for so long yet never quite lost nor forgotten, bring a swift rush of pride and love that pushes back the enclosing dread.”

It’s a simple, yet moving, scene, one that I have enjoyed rereading through the years.

The grimmest aspects of Greg’s bleak vision of our future did not materialize, of course. The dictatorship is gone, after all. Still, one can’t deny the prescience of Greg’s story.

Forty years after the moon landing, many of the ills Philippine society was struggling with in 1969 are still here—the poverty, the brutality, the mind-boggling underdevelopment. Despite the technology revolution, underscored by the cell phone culture that has radically changed our society, deep chasms remain, and many would argue that they are growing wider, more oppressive.

Sixty years from now, when the world commemorates the centennial of humanity’s first lunar visit, what kind of society will we find? Will there still be the glaring disparities in affluence and power?

          Marvel Heroes Omega Now Available on PS4, Free to Download   

You can download Daredevil for free as well!

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          Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - Michael Evans & Peter Rosas Interview   
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - Michael Evans & Peter Rosas Interview
          Inhumans Trailer – ABC apparently shows fan films now   
Could someone explain to me how the Netflix Marvel shows look so good when the ABC shows look like they were shot for $100 in someone’s garage? Lets just get the trailer out of the way. The Inhumans are a bit part of Marvel comics history, and this new event series just… looks so shabby. […]
          SDCC 2017: Netflix Brings Marvel’s Defenders   

Netflix is planning on bringing “Marvel’s Defenders” to the 2017 San Diego Comic Con for a panel at 5:15pm in Hall H on Friday, July 21, 2017. The cast of “Marvel’s The Defenders” along with Marvel TV head honcho Jeph Loeb will be providing some looks and maybe – if you’re nice – a sneak […]

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          Marvel Heroes Omega Hits the Consoles! Find Out Why You Want to Check This Out!   

Want to play Marvel Heroes Omega, but not into computer-based RPGs? Find out what you need to know about the PS4 & Xbox One launch! Gazillion Entertainment’s action RPG, Marvel Heroes Omega, finally makes its way to the consoles! The RPG is set to launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for its full […]

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          Marvel’s Inhumans Official Trailer 1   

The first official trailer for Marvel’s upcoming “Inhumans” television series premiering in September 2017 – first on IMAX theaters and then on television… Be our first to comment

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          Matt's Day. Again.   
December 30th is Matt's Day in our home.

He died on this day at age 23 in 2001. He was killed by a drunk driver speeding down the wrong way on I69 between I469 and the Dupont South exit. We think of him almost every time we drive past that spot. Which is often.

And we do little things on this day to remember him, though I think of him a lot anyway. Today I wore his old Montreal Canadiens NHL jersey. And listened to Rusted Root, Weezer, Wallflowers, and DMB in his honor.

I also make a point to sit and reflect about life and death, love and forgiveness, meaning and hope. I've not always handled well the tragic death of my little brother Matt. Thoughts of his death can easily fuel morose musings of the meaninglessness of life. That's where Kierkegaard comes in so handy. He has been an essential friend and guide in the many years since Matt was killed.

This evening I read and reflect in front of a lovely fire while the temperature outside dips down, down, down into deep chilliness. The heat of the fireplace, though, directs my heart towards learning to love my dead brother Matt.

You'd think that death ends the love two brothers have for each other. But St. Paul writes that "love abides." What does that mean for those that protest death and grieve the dead? Kierkegaard writes words that kindle hope for a love that abides, in this life and the next:
The one who truly loves never falls away from love.

He can never reach the breaking point. Yet, is it always possible to prevent a break in a relationship between two persons, especially when the other has given up? One would certainly not think so. Is not one of the two enough to break the relationship?

In a certain sense it is so. But if the lover is determined to no fall away from love, he can prevent the break, he can perform this miracle; for if he perseveres, a total break can never really come to be.

By abiding, the one who loves transcends the power of the past. He transforms the break into a possible new relationship, a future possibility.

The lover who abides belongs to the future, to the eternal. From the angle of the future, the break is not really a break, but rather a possibility. But the powers of the eternal are needed for this. The lover must abide in love, otherwise the heartache of the past still has the power to keep alive the break.

It is too easy to let hate and bitterness rule my heart in response to the senseless death of my brother. It's been hard work to make sense of his tragedy and let love reign over it. There were regrets I had about our relationship.

I wanted to be a better big brother. I should have been there for him more. More present and interested in him. I was busy launching my own life, getting married, finishing up school, starting a church. I was there for some of his big moments. But not for any of the little ones.

It's been difficult to figure out what kind of future I can have with my dead brother when the years preceding his death were seeds for regret after his funeral.

The whole thing depends upon how the relationship is regarded, and the lover - he abides.

Can anyone determine how long a silence must be in order to say, now there is no more conversation?

Put the past out of the way; drown it in the forgiveness of the eternal by abiding in love. Then the end is the beginning and there is no break!

But the one who loves abides. "I will abide," he says. "Therefore we are still on the path of life together." And is this not so?

What marvelous strength love has! The most powerful word that has ever been said, God's creative word, is: "Be." But the most powerful word any human being has ever said is, "I abide."

Reconciled to himself and to his conscience, the one who loves goes without defense into the most dangerous battle. He only says: "I abide." But he will conquer, conquer by his abiding.

There is no misunderstanding that cannot be conquered by his abiding, no hate that can ultimately hold up to his abiding - in eternity if not sooner. If time cannot, at least the eternal shall wrench away the other's hate.

Yes, the eternal will open his eyes for love. In this way love never fails - it abides.

May these curing words of Kierkegaard impart a fresh perspective on the breaches of love in your life. As you grieve and mourn the deaths in your life, may you learn to abide in love. Death will come for us all. We may not get to choose our death day, but we do get to choose to abide in love all the days we have left.

That's what I'm choosing to learn to do on Matt's day.

Love abides.
          Fare Well, Dad, and God Speed   
Off you go, Dad, on your next adventure.

You've had your share of unexpectedness, unasked for odysseys. And with grace, class, and quiet determination you would step through the opened door. That's how I see it, anyway, even if I wasn't there to observe the questioning conversations and pondering thoughts.

There was the adventure of becoming a pastor. You didn't see that one coming. Yes, you were a leader in your Roseville church, you served in Christian Endeavor, impacting a province for Christ. But when the invitation to consider serving God as a pastor was presented, that changed everything. You resisted it. You doubted it. You didn't believe you could do it. But you set off on the journey to do it.

There was the adventure of going to college in a different country. You didn't think it was possible. Sure, your younger sister had gone and done it - but could you? She believed in you, helped convince you it was possible. Your life of farming had it's routines and setbacks, predictability and dangers - should you leave it all behind? Would you succeed? There was only one way to find out.

You went, you worked, you studied, you got married, you graduated, then worked and studied more and graduated again, got ordained, got your first son, then your first church.... Almost 40, with a Master's degree, starting life over again, achieving what you didn't think was in your future, in ways that you didn't see coming.

There was the adventure of taking Rozanne Stucky as your beloved wife. Two quiet but kindred spirits, coming together from two different countries, two very different families, yet together facing a new future as one. She drove a Mustang, you drove tractors; you ate head cheese, she ate tenderloins. You the farming Canadian man, she the small-town American girl, but together you gave each other a new beginning, a new family, a new way to serve wherever God would send you.

There was the adventure of becoming a father to Tim, Jeremy, Matt, Ben. And Mike. And Willie. And Don. And other boys, other men who have flourished under your steady gaze, strong hands, gentle heart, wise words, nourishing convictions, hope-full faith, thought-full love. The seven of us boys are proud to have called you Dad.

There was the delightful adventures of welcoming Tara into the family, of welcoming Maria into the family, of welcoming Jana into the family. And more wonderful adventures with becoming a Grandpa! Savoring summers at Lake Pleasant, celebrating with birthday cakes and Christmas feasts with the chatter and laughter of all those adventurous grandkids: Emma, Levi, Isaac, Eli, Eva, Lydia, Cameron, Mia, Avery, Brooklyn.

We are your gifts to the world, adding more goodness and grace to the family and friends God has brought around us. As a Dad you made much possible for us, taking us along on your adventures to new places, new people, new experiences. You believed in us. You were proud of us. You served us. You sent us off on our adventures. You gave us your blessing. And then you continued to be a blessing to us.

And there were the adventures you had as a pastor in Toronto, North Bruce and Shiloh, Montgomery, and Fort Wayne. Also, the adventures you had in all the other jobs you worked to help provide for your family. Like being a bus driver. Or renting out the cottages at Lake Pleasant. Or, after you retired from pastoring, the adventure of working in Angola at the local Wal-mart as a bike-assembler. You assembled to the glory of God, serving every customer and fellow co-worker with dignity, kindness, extraordinary patience, and a joy-full attitude. What you poured into your pastoring - whether at a church or amongst the bike-racks, at the Lake, on the bus or in the garden - you took what God surprised you with and still served faithfully.

You also had to endure the unwanted, the heart-wrenching adventure of saying good-bye to Ben, and to Matt. Oh the fear, the weeping, the bewilderment, the crushing grief. These unexpected travails were thrust on your shoulders, shoulders that shuddered with weeping, shoulders that sagged under the weight of sorrow, but shoulders that we all leaned against, strong shoulders that led us through, shoulders that carried us along - in faith, in hope, and in love.

We can't stop the adventures from coming. But what we do with the adventures that God sends to us, that's the story of our life. And your life, your story, it inspires me, us, to keep believing in God, to keep loving one another, to be a servant to many, to stay a student, a follower of Jesus, until the last breath.

You were the kind of leader who led quietly, you were the kind of man who served behind the scenes. You were a hard worker, you were reliable and trustworthy, a man of your word, diligent in what you set your hand to. With the doubts and insecurities you carried around, with the fears and envy that every working man has to wrestle with, you did so such that you chose contentment and diligence. With where God called you, you went trusting, and teaching through your life. Thank you.

Fare well, Dad, and God speed. You fared well here, Dad. You provided for your wife well, for your children and grandchildren and future generations. You provided for your church, for other ministers and missionaries, other charities and good works. You fared well and paid attention to the welfare of many. Thank you.

Along your journey, you inspired many to trust God, to follow Jesus, to listen to the Spirit. May what you inspired in us be continued, may God continue what he started in you- through me, through us, through all your family, through my children, through all those you baptized and ministered to - for generations to come.

"What matters most to me is to finish what God started: the job the Master Jesus gave me of letting everyone I meet know all about this incredibly extravagant generosity of God. And so this is good-bye.

You're not going to see me again, nor I you, you whom I have gone among for so long proclaiming the news of God's inaugurated kingdom. I've done my best for you, given you my all, held back nothing of God's will for you. Now it's up to you.

I'm turning you over to God, our marvelous God whose gracious Word can make you into what he wants you to be and give you everything you could possibly need in this community of holy friends. I've never, as you so well know, had any taste for wealth or fashion. With these bare hands I took care of my own basic needs and those who worked with me.

In everything I've done, I have demonstrated to you how necessary it is to work on behalf of the weak and not exploit them. You'll not likely go wrong here if you keep remembering that our Master said, 'You're far happier giving than getting.'"

So: God speed on your next adventure, may you fare well there too. May it be full of the unexpected, may it be an odyssey of more happiness than what we could ever ask for or imagine. We turn you over to our marvelous God who is now making you into what he wants you to be...

          Comic-Con 2017: Marvel Television Schedule Includes Defenders, Inhumans & More!   

Plus The Gifted, Legion, The Punisher, and Marvel Animation

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          20th Century Fox Sets Six Mystery Marvel Movie Release Dates   

Could the Fantastic Four return?

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          Highly Suspect Reviews: Spider-Man: Homecoming   
Spider-Man back in the MCU. Who woulda thunk it? But here were are and after Tom Holland’s highly praised appearance in the character in Captain America: Civil War, the anticipation for this cross-company Sony/Marvel stand-alone film has been precariously high. And with Michael Keaton playing The Vulture? Folks are champing at the bit to see how it works. But does Continue Reading
          Marvel - Ooshies Hologram Daredevil Pencil Topper Set (7 Pack)   

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Marvel - Ooshies Pencil Topper Single Blind Bag

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          2 Rooms House for rent   
This marvelous, cosy 2 bedroom flat in the Haringey Ladder, comes furnished and is perfectly located just minutes Hornsey Rail Station (2 minutes) and Turnpike Lane Station (7 minutes). There is also a Tesco Express nearby (6 minutes) and a 24/7...
2 rooms furnished
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 16:35:06 -0400
          What Do I Do About Panic Attacks   
We live in a stressed filled society, worried about the stock market, rising gas prices, how to make our paychecks stretch to the end of the month, it's no wonder that many people suffer from panic attacks. Panic attacks are real, and left unchecked, can lead to further health problems.
In order to deal with panic attacks, you must first realize what is happening; you're not going crazy, you're not having a heart attack, you're not about to die, it's simply that the stress of life has momentarily overwhelmed you. What we're going here is providing you the ability to recognize and cope with a panic attack, allowing you to move forward with your life.
If you've ever experienced a panic attack, you already know the symptoms moments before the onset of a panic attack. Knowing this, you can be better prepared and plan ahead, this way you'll know exactly what to do the next time these symptoms rear their head.
At no point in this article, are we offering medical advice, merely sharing with you what has worked for others, and may work for you. If you have questions about the techniques we share, please check with your health care professional.
Do you remember when you were a child, and got mad at someone, you may have heard the analogy about counting to 10 before taking any actions. What we're doing in essence by counting to 10, is giving our bodies an opportunity to relax, releasing the anxiety, allowing us to recover from anger or fear. When you begin to experience a panic attack, slow down, control your breathing and relax, the world is not going to end, and shortly this will only be a memory
Some people have difficulty learning a breathing exercise, if this is your case, please talk with your health care professional, ask them to recommend a behavioral therapist. For most of us the key factor is simply to relax, take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, then exhale slowly.
If you'll take a moment to learn this technique, breathing deeply in, holding it for a moment, then letting your breath flow outwards, you'll find you can accomplish marvelous tasks. As you breathe outwards, imagine all your troubles, anxieties, and negative thoughts flowing outward with your breath. Practices it daily, believing it is working, and you will find yourself growing more relaxed, better able to deal with the stresses of life.
Learn to lean on others when necessary, and develop a close circle of friends (a telephone friendship list), did you can call during troubled times. Tell them in advance that you might call them feeling and sounding frantic, that they shouldn't be alarmed, merely speaking to you soothingly and giving you someone to talk with. These can be friends or associates, even healthcare professionals, assuming you got the permission ahead of time. This allows you to have somewhere to turn when the world seems to be going crazy.
Try using association... You'll accomplish this by remembering the details of what worked previously when you had a panic attack, then simply do that same thing again. Make it easy on yourself, and create a list, a positive witness of what works, and what doesn't, then read this list yourself when necessary. It might be necessary to read the list out loud during a pending panic attack, or simply think mentally of what is on the list, both methods work. However one will probably be a better choice for you.
In addition to the above, make a list of positive reinforcing statements that will counteract negative thoughts, i.e., if your negative thought is," the world is closing in on me", then think or read to yourself, "today is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and it's a wonderful place to be".
All of us will at one time or another experience anxiety, it's a normal reaction to stress, and it's a part of modern day life. However, panic attacks are when we suffer sudden surges of overwhelming, uncontrollable fear that seems to come for no obvious reason. Don't feel alone; statistics say that one out of every 75 people will experience a panic attack.
You're not alone, a panic attack need not be debilitating, merely something you'll learn to manage, then eventually to overcome
          MARVEL LEGACY offers hope and clean jumping on points to readers   

Media Release -- You demanded it, we listened! Beginning this fall, prepare for an exciting new initiative that spans the entire Marvel Universe! Every hero! Every title! Every story! Honoring the past while proudly moving towards the future, MARVEL LEGACY will offer fans, both current and new, a renewed sense of hope, heroics, and dozens and dozens of returns of the heroes fans have been demanding! MARVEL LEGACY ushers in the next few years' worth of stories from Marvel with everything fans could want and more. You asked for it, and now is the time to Make Mine Marvel!

Full story »
          Marvel Previews catalogs to be free in the age of MARVEL LEGACY   

Media Release -- It's coming: the event that will change the Marvel Universe! And that change starts where it all began – your local comic shop. After an overwhelming response to this program, which begins today with our September Previews, Marvel is proud to announce that it will be offering FREE copies of its MARVEL PREVIEWS CATALOG. This is a unique endeavor that Marvel is proud to initiate, providing participating retailers with the best way to sell comics and providing fans with the best way to know what's coming up!

Full story »
          Winter-Soldier-Fitness: So trainiert Sebastian Stan   

Der Trainer von Winter-Soldier-Darsteller Sebastian Stan verrät, wie er ihn für dessen Auftritt als Marvel-Held fit machte.

          2017: Tʜᴇ Mᴏᴠɪᴇs part two   

In theaters:

The Boss Baby (2017): I wasn't that interested in this movie until I read an article saying that the filmmakers tried to bring a traditional 2D sensibility to 3D animation. The books (1, 2) are great reads---at least as the current owner of a baby I think so---but the trailer showed that the movie was going to stray pretty far from the basic concept they present. In fact, having now seen the movie, it introduces even more high-concept nonsense that could very well have overwhelmed it with bad attempts at making absurdity rational. Many a kids' movie has perished under such a pressing. What makes Boss Baby not only survive but thrive under this weight is its open embrace of childhood imagination. And the 2D sensibility comes into play here. Many of the openly imagined scenes look crafted by Mary Blair or other midcentury concept artists / Golden Books illustrators. In other words, this film gives us what we think we want from a modern animated film, and delivers it through the medium of what our souls actually crave. I hope it's a harbinger.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017): This is just pure, crackling entertainment. Laffs. Tears. Surprises. Action. Reversals. Reveals. Joy. Sadness. Explosions. Suggestions of depth. Arguments for meaning. Color. Charm. Pleasure.

Wonder Woman (2017): Another great superhero movie with more than the average blockbuster's amount of depth. A lot of the movies wonder grows from watching Diana develop from a naif to one with wisdom. It's hard-earned. But Gal Gadot was up to the task. If this role doesn't overwhelm our impressions of her, she'll be around a long long time and should have an interesting career. Also: her theme is one of the greatest of all time. The first time I heard it (earliest trailer) it already felt like it had been hers since the birth of metal.

At home:

Back to the Future (1985): With bis brothers both gone to Grandma's a couple days, son #2 deserved something special and in this case that was letting him watch a movie he's been begging to watch ever since his older brother got to see it two Decembers ago. I wasn't so excited to see it again so soon, but wanted the experience to be as special for him as he hoped it would be. So I faked enthusiasm. Didn't take long for the enthusiasm to turn real, however, as, let's face it: this is a pretty great movie. Of course, no he wants to watch the sequels....

The Puffy Chair (2005): Ah, the birth of mumblecore! The movie that launched an empire! This film was filmed on the cheap* (and it shows), but it's well written and well acted and small enough to fit in the budget. I'll never watch it again and I don't know that I would necessarily recommend it, but I get why it's a touchstone and I thought it was truthful about things in a way that I understood, even if this is not my life. (In a way that, say Linklater's Dazed or Boyhood did not for me.)

Son of Kong (1933): This is a straight sequel to the original King Kong, bringing back several key and side players of the original cast (or crew, I suppose, being primarily men of the ship). The set-up is strong, but it loses its way a bit on the island---Kong junior plays for laughs a few times, mugging the camera and everything. And just as the story is taking off, they find treasure and a simultaneous earthquake/hurricane destroys the island. So while a lot of the instincts here were good, the execution of the last two acts gets more rushed and more sloppy until it's suddenly just over. Still: kid-friendly.

A Town Called Panic (2009): The kids got into this almost immediately, notwithstanding their aversion for subtitles. And of course! It's hilarious! But what interests me about the film is how much madness and absurdity it manages to hang on an extremely traditional structure.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016): I'm still filled with regret for not voting with my dollars and seeing this in theaters last summer, but hey! We watched it! It was good! My stomach doesn't ache from laughing as I expected, but it was funny---Sam Neill is brilliant, the kid is ... um, is "the boy Rebel Wilson" unkind? And Rhys Darby is a bleeding treasure. My dad would love this movie ... I'll bet you will too.

Fun and Fancy Free (1947): Although I've seen "Bongo" a time or three and "Mickey and the Beanstalk" many many times, I'm not sure I've seen the full, connected package before. (And I'm fairly certain I'm more familiar with the Ludwig Von Drake-narrated version of M&thBs that was made for tv.) To my surprise, the kids' favorite part of the show was probably Charlie McCarthy's snide remarks. Time to break out the Bergen!

To Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters (2016): I was confused the first half hour because I was certain the severe stout sister must be Anne and confused at the role she was taking in the family. Once I got the casting sorted out, I did much better. The cinematography is beautiful. And you know, for all the tragedy, what a family to be born into.

Midnight Special (2016): Acting, editing, cinematography, etc very real. As Lady Steed says, "It felt real. Like it could really happen." The end even has realistic loose ends. In fact, it seemed to suggest new loose ends (was that flicker a "twist"?). And I didn't like the Tomorrowland-esque visuals at the end. I don't know that attempting to execute, say, a heavenly look would have been better or not. I dunno. It's weird for such a good movie to be rather ungood. Perhaps---perhaps it improves with further viewings. I can see that.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016
): We watched it with the boys and I have to say: it's better the second time.

Noroît (1976): This is a strange, strange movie. Which is fine, but in this case I think I would have been well served to do some reading up on it before digging in. The way it uses an old play in English (probably by Middleton) and the artistic choice to reimagine the utility of language in film took me most of the movie to figure out on my own. My favorite part is one of the murder-by-dance sequences at the end. The film this most reminds me of is Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead in how it incorporates old theatrical elements into the movie. This one, however, manages to get less and less filmic just as it starts introducing techniques that only exist in film. Curious movie.

Hail, Caesar! (2016): The scene with the religious figures was the best of its kind since Hudsucker Proxy; the film homages were delightful even when they highlighted my ignorance; the religious aspects were honest; Clooney was underutilized; I really need to see it again to figure out just what I think.

All the President's Men (1976): We had to keep pausing this movie so we could chat and make sure we were grasping all the threads and the end comes in a massive rush of type, but overall the movie was terrific and eerily NOW. Lady Steed was convinced Woodward and Bernstein were going to die. All I can say is, when reporters start dying, that's when the American experiment will truly be over.

Sully (2016): The structure of this film is pretty interesting---how it keeps circling around the central incident, showing it from different angles, perspectives, understandings. It takes a couple shortcuts in storytelling (the bureaucrat's a meanie! now he's not!), but they're classy enough that they don't really damage the experience too much (understanding their motivation in making certain assumptions would have been nice, but okay). Certainly it was stressful when it was supposed to be---which is important even in a disaster movie where no one dies.

The Handmaiden (2016): In retrospect, probably should not have watched this. Those sex scenes may well prove sticky. That said, this movie was wonderfully crafted. Complex, circuitous, ambiguous, confusing, revealing, beautiful. I needed to read the Wikipedia article to clear a few things up---probably because I watched the movie in three or four pieces over six weeks---but even with those moments of confusion, it was coherent and lovely. Hitchcock would have been impressed.


Romeo and Juliet (1968): I am so intimately familiar with this movie now that I can tell when someone's reaction begins a shade too soon or the edit reveals someone facing a slightly different direction. In other words, I'm moving past opinions of good or bad and into something purely factual. I'm prepared for every finger-wiggle. It's weird to watch a movie from the perspective of omniscience.

The Ghost Writer (2010): I just read the book and so I wanted to see the movie. This is a case where that was a grave mistake. Based on the reviews, it seems like it must be a pretty good movie, but it didn't fare so well in the side-by-side comparison. Some setpieces (eg, the ferry footchase and the concept [if not the execution] of the denouement) count as improvements, but knowing what was coming weakened the film beyond repair. Perhaps it's unfair to come into a thriller knowing its twists. Then again, how many times can one watch Vertigo without it losing its thrills? (Answer: at least one more.)

Romeo + Juliet (1996): To me, this film is as fresh and as vital as the first time I saw it (2005?). But I realized this time around that it might not seem that way to fourteen-year-old anymore. I'm also worried that their filmic vocabulary is too limited to really understand what they're seeing. I'm not sure. Never base conclusions on one set of kids. As for me, this is the only cultural event I missed during my mission that's tinged by regret.

Fences (2016): I know this play extremely well. I've been teaching it about three years now and read it at least a dozen, probably twenty times. I know it. The first half of the movie I had the same kind of experience as with The Ghost Writer---it was just people saying words I knew. But the second half of the move tore out my heart and shredded it and then built me a new one prone to weeping. Terrific movie.

Forbidden Zone (1980): I heard about this movie on a podcast and decided I needed to watch it. Now, in my opinion, this kind of madcap surrealism, even when well done, is best finished under ten minutes. This is over seventy. (Also, I discovered after watching it, it's been colorized. I don't know how easily available the original b&w is to find.) But it's pure madness. I could cite you references and similarities all day, but here are a few to help you get a sense: Monty Python's Terry Gilliam, pre-Mickey Silly Symphonies, Max Fleischer, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, Mary Reid Kelley, Nightmare Before Christmas.The plot doesn't really matter. The point is that the id has been loosed and we're lost in a dreamland with its own logic, absurd (and non-nice) as that may be.

Pride & Prejudice (2005): Every time I watch this movie I'm struck by the differences with the novel, but I still love it. The acting is terrific, the cinematography is stunning, the score is lovely. I will always have issues with the last two minutes, but overall I think it's a wonderful film. Man, those cameras! And I for one love the warmer Mr and Mrs Bennet relationship. And the general earthiness of the thing.

F for Fake (1973): This is a strange movie and I was deadly tired when I was watching it. I probably should have stopped it and just taken a nap, but I was afraid of losing hold of its many threads and kept going. I suspect that, regardless, this is a film not easily appreciated upon first viewing anyway. I can't honestly say that I liked it or disliked it, but listening to Orson Welles for 88 minutes is pleasure enough, don't you agree?

Orson Welles: The One-Man Band (1995): A charming documentary by his former partner and muse made largely from Welles's own unused footage. It humanizes him greatly. It shows that he could have been a master of YouTube had he hung around long enough. Clearly he never stopped working, even if fate and temperament kept him from finishing things. It also suggests a second something that may have gotten in the way: that very muse. He was clearly infatuated with her body---and so was she. In this film she includes a lot of her own youthful nudity. I think they may both have been seduced more by her youthful pneumatics than by his wisdom and experience.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994): First time I've seen the unedited thing! Like most Americans, I've only ever seen this film on tv. Put together, it's marvelous. It's been long enough since I've seen it at all that I can't really speak to the differences between this version and the tvified version---I wasn't surprised by anything---but it was unquestionably a thing of beauty. Almost too beautiful, maybe, but true enough that skepticism doesn't stick.

Casablanca (1942): Gets better every time. EV ER Y TIME.

Spirited Away (2001): I love this movie, but apparently they're watching it in a couple other classes, so I need to substitute it for another Miyazaki movie. Maybe it's time to try Mononoke again....

Psycho (1960): I love watching/hearing jaded teenage audiences react to this movie.

Rushmore (1998): A couple elements of this movie have suddenly aged (mostly kissing scenes), but it's still a masterpiece.

Do the Right Thing (1989): I skipped about 90 seconds of a certain scene, and with that gone I have no regrets about using this film. It shakes the kids, it brings some needed diversity to what I'm teaching, it full of Filmic Stuff, its literary while pushing against our stereotypes of what that means. It's a rough movie, but it's so human we can take it.

The Iron Giant (1999): Anyone who saw it as a child---even if they watched it over and over---is amazed when they revisit it later and discover it is capable of tearing out your soul and shining the light of heaven through it.

Good Morning, Vietnam (1987): The end of this movie is truly beautiful, but the first two acts are centered around an almost documentarian set of scenes of a) Robin Williams performing and b) scenes of everyday life in Vietnam. As I've never found Robin Williams to be all that funny, this got tiresome. I don't regret waiting this long to watch the movie, but neither do I regret having finally seen it. It's a curious snapshot of what the Sixties looked like when they were only twenty years old.

Previous films watched


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          Comment on Utah Jazz: Quin Snyder being out coached? by John jenkins   
Agree to a lot of what was said. Snyder has coached a marvelous season. He does have his foibles however. His inability to see inadequacies in players is damaging to the team as a whole. The inequitable treatment of players in how the play due to mistakes. Some times he sticks with a player who just can't mak shots or defend, but in the long run he has been good for the Jazz.
          IT Best Practices: Simple Ways to Boost Your Smartphone’s Battery Life   
IT Best Practices: Face it: smartphones are your portable lifeline to the world. With everything that these handheld marvels allow you to do—check your e-mail, surf the Internet, send text messages, balance your bank account, play games and even call other people (go figure)—it’s like having a calculator-sized power pack in your pocket or purse. Of [...]
          Freeview film of the day: Marvel Avengers Assemble   
The culmination of Marvel's 'Phase One' brings together Captain America, Iron Man and The Hulk for an action spectacular
          The Black Squadron Try To Outrun The First Order In Marvel’s Poe Dameron #16   
Star Wars News Net The Black Squadron Try To Outrun The First Order In Marvel’s Poe Dameron #16 Poe Dameron and the Black Squadron are back, ripping through space, attempting to recover much needed fuel for the Resistance. The First Order is attempting to complete their theft of the fuel, while leaving Poe trapped on […]
          When is Marvels The Defenders released on Netflix? Who is in the cast? What is going to happen?   
The mother of all superhero mashups is set to arrive at the end of the summer
          Funko Ripping Off Subscribers of Marvel Collector Corps Boxes   
A few days ago, I got my Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Homecoming box.  I was decently pleased with what was in the box.

That changed today, when I discovered that one of the bigger items wasn't actually exclusive to the box.

I am a big fan of Funko Pops!, and I was looking on the Hot Topic website a little while ago to see if anything had recently been added.  I didn't see anything that was really new, so I decided to look at the Spider-Man Homecoming merchandise they had available.

That's when I found the shirt.

Hey, wait a minute! I have that shirt!

Sure enough, it's the same shirt that was "exclusive" to the Collector Corps box!

I sent a message to Funko's support Twitter account @PoweredByFunko. I showed the posted pictures, and I told them I wasn't happy about it.

This was the reply:
Hi Jeremy,
Exclusivity only applies to our Funko items. The shirt at Hot Topic isn't a Funko shirt. We make the items exclusive to our subscription boxes, which means we don't offer them any other way. We don't have control over products that other manufacturers or retailers might create, and the linked Hot Topic shirt is a perfect example since this shirt isn't a Funko product.  Because the design for this shirt is based on a imagery from the actual Spider-Man Homecoming movie, it's not a surprise other manufacturers would want to offer a similar design. The excitement of being able to wear a shirt you'll be able to see in the movie (and maybe even worn by characters in the movie) is precisely why we worked with Marvel to be able to include this exciting t-shirt design in our box. We greatly appreciate your feedback! I will certainly make sure that your inquiry gets seen by the larger team!
Funko Support
What a load.  I mean, really? "Well, we didn't make it, so it's not the same shirt!"

The word exclusive means restricted or limited to the person, group, or area concerned.  The face that I can go and purchase the exact same Marvel licensed shirt is nowhere near exclusive.

I told them that I was officially requesting a refund, and I have cancelled my Collector Corps subscription.  I'm paying to get exclusive items, and if I'm not getting what I am paying for, I'm not going to pay for it any more.

I will keep you updated on any further developments.

          NEW MARVEL TRAILER ALERT: The Inhumans Trailer Spins a Legendary Saga   
Marvel's next offering is an intriguing one.

Programar uma colecção como a Novela Gráfica 2017 que hoje se inicia com este Ronin, vai bem mais além da - atribulada! - escolha de títulos, o que por si só já não é tarefa fácil.
A simples - simples! - ordenação dos títulos - muitas vezes já condicionada pela rapidez de resposta dos editores originais, questões técnicas de preparação dos livros ou pelas simples - simples? - falhas humanas (tradução, legendagem, revisão…) é um desses aspectos.
Por várias razões, Roniné uma boa escolha para a abrir.
A primeira é evidente. Frank Miller é um enorme nome dos comics e Ronin - com algumas questões intrínsecas a que já irei - é um dos seus títulos míticos. E para mais inédito em Portugal, onde apenas foi distribuído numa mini-série brasileira da editora Abril, há cerca de 30 anos.
Mas, ainda antes da obra, abrir com Frank Miller é importante porque atrai para uma colecção que está longe de lhes ser dirigida, os habituais leitores de super-heróis - mesmo que Ronin não se possa etiquetar neste género. (Por isso, depois de uma dupla piscadela aos leitores de franco-belga, com Traço de Giz, de Prado, e Os Ignorantes, de Davodeau, aqueles leitores sofrem nova “investida” com Batman uma história verdadeira, de Dini e Risso…)
(E isto hoje não desenvolve: independentemente das estratégias atrás apontadas, a importância - por razões diferentes - e a qualidade - por diferentes razões! - deste ‘fantástico quarteto’ de abertura é intocável, potencia as vendas mais altas que este tipo de colecções costuma ter no seu início e demonstra à saciedade o espírito que tem presidido às diferentes séries da Novela Gráfica e o que de melhor delas é legítimo esperar).

Vamos então a Ronin. Anterior aos aclamados Demolidor: Renascido e Batman: O regresso do Cavaleiro das Trevas é - desculpem alguns o que vou escrever - antes de mais uma obra experimental, onde Miller combina diferentes influências, técnicas e estilos e lança as bases das obras que o viriam a consagrar depois.
Tematicamente, associa o espírito nipónico - samurais e ronins, honra e consagração, queda em desgraça e necessidade de lavar a honra - com questões ciberpunks e futuristas - a crescente industrialização, a substituição de homens por máquinas, a cada vez maior autonomia destas no caminho de se tornarem (quase?) organismos vivos. E, no seu âmago, o essencial das suas obras: o ser humano enquanto boião de emoções muitas vezes contraditórias: honra, dever, amor, sentimento de culpa…
Mas é graficamente, que o carácter experimental - e nalguns aspectos premonitório do seu trajecto futuro - desta obra se revela mais. Nela, Miller cruza, à sua maneira, inserido num percurso de descoberta e desenvolvimento de um estilo personalizado, influências do manga que então despontava no ocidente, com outras provenientes da - distante, para os EUA - banda desenhada franco-belga, em especial as experiência de Moebius e de alguns dos seus parceiros da Métal Hurlant, o que resulta num modelo híbrido mas consistente e coerente. Depois, acrescenta-lhe uma imensa diversidade em termos de planificação, sucedendo-se páginas tradicionais com outras em que as vinhetas se multiplicam, páginas de vinheta única com outras com tiras sucessivas - ou o seu equivalente vertical - num conjunto que está essencialmente ao serviço do relato - mas que não esquece a importância de páginas apelativas e de grande impacto visual.
Conjunto a que há que adicionar igualmente o desenho, longe dos padrões tradicionais do comic americano de então – e de hoje também! - sem preocupações de beleza estética, por vezes mais próximo até do esboço apurado, apenas mais um elemento narrativo, que apresenta a obra aos olhos do leitor e lhe impõe o ritmo de leitura - e de fruição - que o autor pretende.
E se a utilização destes – e de outros - elementos, foi feita posteriormente por Miller de forma apurada, nas obras referidas e noutras mais, o que de alguma forma acaba por datar Ronin e não o inibe de algumas marcas que o tempo que passa lhe aportou, não deixa de ser uma obra importante - e não só no percurso deste autor - para mais numa boa edição a um preço imbatível - que daqui a alguns meses será inevitavelmente ajustado.

Nota final
Na lombada do livro está escrito 'Ronnie' em vez de 'Ronin'. Um erro lamentável e penalizador, que não devia ter acontecido mas aconteceu. Que só acontece a quem trabalha em edição. E que não foi detectado na montagem do livro, nem na revisão que é feita, nem pelos editores, nem pelo jornal, nem pela própria DC! Nem por nenhum dos bloggers - onde me incluo - que receberam antecipadamente a imagem. E que acontece pela primeira vez nas - várias dezenas de - edições da Levoir.
Suficiente para não comprar o livro, como alguns afirmavam no post de apresentação do livro, de hoje de manhã? A resposta cabe a cada leitor e todos têm direito à sua opinião, mas o erro - lamentável e penalizador, reitero - não afecta em nada a leitura. Que vale a pena.

Novela Gráfica 2017 #1
Frank Miller (argumento e desenho)
Lynn Varley (cor)
Portugal, 30 de Junho de 2017
170 x 216 mm, 312 p., cor, capa dura
9,99 €

(imagens disponibilizadas pela editora; clicar nelas para as aproveitar em toda a sua extensão)

          Další Lego hrou je Ninjago podle filmu   
V Legu najdeme snad úplně všechno. Hvězdné války, Piráty z Karibiku, Harryho Pottera, Pána prstenů, Hobita, Batmana, postavy a příběhy Marvelu, otevřený svět v Undercover, našli bychom toho hodně. Mál…
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The first time you see Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe also will mark the first time you see one... Read More »
          Baffling Reason Why Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Lacks Any X-Men Characters   
Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite will be out later this year, but a lot of fans have been up in arms regarding the lack of X-Men characters in the game. A baffling reason/excuse has now been given. During a recent interview with Gamespot, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite’s producer, Michael Evans, gave a bewildering excuse about X-Men characters not being in the public’s eye recently. He said: “Your modern Marvel fan, maybe they don’t even remember some of the X-Men characters, but they know some of the Guardians characters or Black Panther. You know what I mean?” This is absurd considering the fact that Deadpool and Logan made lots of money at the Box Office recently despite both films being R rated. This must be PR talk in order for Marvel to promote its own MCU characters. In the film world, X-Men characters are still owned by 20th Century Fox. There are rumors that X-Men characters might be added in later as paid DLC. That’s still kind of a slap in the face since nobody likes a small launch roster padded out with paid DLC.
          What I've learned from my son   

Ian_osterTo describe my son Ian, I think you could say he's a hippie.  He's a long hair with a pony tail and a sparkle in his eye.  He's focused on the environment and making a difference in the world.  He lives at 8,000 feet up in the mountains of Colorado.  Thankfully, he has worked hard and gotten his college degree in environmental studies.  He plans on using his degree to change the way we farm, making food safer while making the planet a better place.

Our roles are starting to change.  As his mom, I'm now turning from being his mentor to being his student.  As he goes out into the world I marvel at his patience and his persistence.  I also marvel at his conviction to do good.  Ian has recently become part of our team, working on the development of a ingredients glossary.  It's great to have the input of a 20 something environmentalist to keep our web site truly natural. 

The team we've built at, including Ian, is focused on bringing you goodness; products that are healthy and benefit the environment.  And it's indeed a compliment to know that my hippie son approves of what his mom does for a living.  

Thalia Oster 

Thalia Oster, JD
Founder and COE (Chief of Everything)


          Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Hsien-Ko   
          Marvel Heroes Omega Now Available on PS4, Free to Download   
After a lengthy closed and open beta process, Gazillion Entertainment's action-RPG Marvel Heroes is now officially out on PlayStation...
¡Atención a los videos, que aparece un TERCER VILLANO que no había sido revelado hasta ahora!

INFINITY MARVEL, el grupo de cine Marvel.
Mucho Maximus en el trailer y no muy loco.

Una prueba de fuego para una franquicia que jamás fue concebida para funcionar aislada del resto del Universo Marvel.

¿Resistirá el envite...?

          [Glenn Petersen] Does the Snapchat Generation Even Know What Yahoo Is? By Om Malik The New Yo...   
Does the Snapchat Generation Even Know What Yahoo Is?

By Om Malik
The New Yorker
July 27, 2016

Following a multibillion-dollar acquisition deal, Tim Armstrong, the C.E.O. of AOL, will oversee Yahoo’s integration into Verizon. Credit PHOTOGRAPH BY BENOIT TESSIER / REUTERS

The $4.8-billion acquisition of Yahoo—the brand and its Internet properties—by a telephone company, Verizon, is a watershed moment in the history of the Internet. It caps off an era—Web 1.0, for lack of a better term—that will soon be remembered much like telegraphs and rotary phones. Like Verizon’s similar purchase, last year, of another ancient bauble, the once ubiquitous dial-up service AOL, the acquisition of Yahoo speaks mainly to the past. Tomorrow’s Internet users don’t dream of using Yahoo’s properties any more than they do AOL’s. Instead, they lavish their attention on Instagram and Snapchat, and Spotify. And software continues to move in directions far removed from the early Web, as new voice-based interfaces, on devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home, train us to think about the Internet beyond browsers and smartphones.

For the past few years, as Yahoo has desperately sought to reverse its fortunes under its latest C.E.O., Marissa Mayer, I’ve been pointing out that the company is going around in circles, reminding us that in Silicon Valley, unlike on Wall Street, there is no such thing as too big to fail. And yet Yahoo and its backers continued to tout the potential value to advertisers of its gigantic user base and audience, and its widespread brand recognition. In a press release announcing the sale, Verizon used similar language. “The acquisition of Yahoo will put Verizon in a highly competitive position as a top global mobile media company, and help accelerate our revenue stream in digital advertising,” Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s chairman and C.E.O., said.

On his blog, the venture capitalist Fred Wilson suggested that this goal might be optimistic. “These are not growth businesses, they are mature businesses. So it is time to extract profits, not revenue growth, and run them appropriately for what they are,” he wrote. Yahoo says that it has a billion monthly active users, six hundred million of whom use its mobile service each month. Those numbers come from the company’s internal metrics, though, so I take them with a bucket of salt. If its user base were that large and active, Yahoo’s revenues wouldn’t have been shrinking—from $4.7 billion in 2013 to a projected $3.6 billion in 2016, according to estimates from Macquarie Securities. Its net display-advertising revenues, meanwhile, have been flat, hovering at around $1.7 billion since 2013, while its net search revenues are down, from $1.7 billion in 2013 to an estimated $1.2 billion in 2016.

It has been a long, long fall for Yahoo. Many of us have fond memories of the company and its emergence, in the nineteen-nineties, as a directory for the Internet. I even remember submitting, to what was then a baby Yahoo, the details of an early Web site I had put together. I became seriously addicted to the portal’s Site of the Day feature, which let me find marvellous wonders on what was still a very tiny Web. Over time, the directory grew, eventually evolving into a search engine. (The directory persevered until New Year’s Eve, 2014.) Yahoo began adding new services: e-mail; a personalized start page, MyYahoo; financial news; stock quotes; message boards. It gained millions of dial-up users and kept them coming back, as its stock-market value rose accordingly.

But Yahoo failed to adapt to the emergence of broadband and the attendant Cambrian explosion of Web pages, which made directories and their troves of hyperlinks suboptimal, compared with simple keyword searches. Google indexed the Internet nearly in real time. Yahoo tried to improve its search capabilities, for instance by buying companies like Inktomi, but in the end it relied on its hybrid of media, technology, and services, with the emphasis on media. Its sheer size kept it solvent, as advertisers poured in money for banner advertising on a large scale. Google’s nimbleness, though, made it the preferred tool for the Web 2.0 era, and its other services grew as Yahoo fell further behind. The rise of the social Internet, of Facebook and Twitter, accelerated the decline. I am not sure the Snapchat generation even knows what Yahoo is.

The company’s most recent missed opportunity was the rise of the mobile Web. Its failure to gain traction on smartphones can be traced, in part, to a bungled C.E.O.-hiring process, which led to the brief tenure, in early 2012, of Scott Thompson, who was found to have falsified his credentials. As Vauhini Vara wrote for this site last year, Yahoo had, at the time, a very popular messaging app, but it was coming from very far behind, and was unable to parlay this advantage into meaningful mobile growth. Today, its other apps, like Yahoo Weather, have fewer than five million monthly active users, while its search and news apps are hovering around just over a million monthly active users. If they were startups, they would have been shut down a long time ago.

Mayer, who took over in July, 2012, made some big bets, such as buying Tumblr for a billion dollars, in an attempt to gain a toehold among younger Internet users. She also tried to attract talent with smaller acquisitions, while trying to fend off activist investors who wanted the company to cash out its lucrative investments in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan (which were not part of the Verizon sale). But the writing had long since been on the wall.

Yahoo is a perfect illustration of how large Internet companies die—by fading into irrelevance. A healthy Internet service possesses three qualities: it encourages habit formation; it appeals to a younger demographic, which can age alongside it; and it displays evidence of growth. Yahoo once had all of these qualities; now it has none. These days, despite my early affinity for the company, I don’t use any Yahoo products except for its fantasy-baseball pages—and those only because my fellow stat nerds won’t switch to ESPN. Every time I log in, I am reminded of the company’s mediocrity.

All of this raises the question of why Verizon has decided to invest nearly five billion dollars in Yahoo. Tim Armstrong, the C.E.O. of AOL, who will oversee Yahoo’s integration, has suggested that Verizon dreams of becoming a third option, behind Google and Facebook, in digital advertising. By combining AOL’s and Yahoo’s user bases with its own customers, Verizon hopes to accumulate some two billion users—a number that Armstrong thinks is necessary to be a viable platform. “Scale is as imperative now as it’s ever been,” he told Recode after the Yahoo purchase was announced. But, with Google and Facebook controlling about eighty-five per cent of all digital-advertising dollars, Verizon is fighting for scraps.

Armstrong’s dream of becoming a third option appears unrealistic. It is not clear how widely used Yahoo and AOL remain, nor how engaged their users are on a daily basis. After years of providing what Fred Wilson called “the training wheels that got us online,” they are now effectively being propped up by deals that prioritize their services on web-browser toolbars, while a portion of their revenue comes from distributing sponsored adverts for others. It is also unclear how the data that the two companies generate might be bound together to produce something greater than the sum of their parts. Moreover, their purported competitors, Google and Facebook, were built to collect data, parse it in real time, and offer personal advertising on a massive scale. Yahoo and AOL are unlikely to be able to compete on this terrain. Armstrong seems to know that it will be a difficult, if not quixotic, quest. “We have to have real differentiation in the future, because there is no doubt in my mind that they are going to continue to gain strength,” he said of Google and Facebook. “The bar for us is to try to stay at that level, but that does not mean [we] have to be them.”

Still, this isn’t an especially expensive gambit for Verizon, which paid only about one and a third times Yahoo’s estimated revenues for this year. If it works out, Verizon will have built a sports car from old parts. If it doesn’t, it gets another relic for its collection, without having given up much.

Om Malik is a technology writer, the founder of GigaOm, and a partner at TrueVentures, a venture fund based in Palo Alto.

          Ka Auditron Ba - The Final Conflict   

Back in October of last year I was in New York and had the pleasure of meeting King Koncepts at his record store, Good Records. We chatted about music and he mentioned that Karma was working on releasing some old late 90's Kemetic Suns music. Fast forward to last week and I received an email from Karma introducing himself and letting me know about the music he posted on his Tumbler. Karma picks up where Koncepts left off when he posted The Bombshelter album back in 2009. I'm not going to try and summarize any of this of, instead I urge you to take some time and read through the detailed posts from Karma and listen to the unreleased Ka Auditron Ba (Karmachi & Hypnotic) album.

I'd like to thank Karma for reaching out to me and allowing me to post this on my site. The insight he and Koncepts provide is rarely seen in underground hip hop and is greatly appreciated.

 When To Walk Away Pt. 1

Preview to The Long Goodbye

***This blog was originally  written by Koncepts and featured as documentary comment on Cocaine Blunts appearing in 2009. Since then the trolls have made it less inspiring for the homie Noz to keep the blog up so I thought I would recreate it here for the sake of background***
 “Fundamentals consisted of me – Koncepts – and Karma. We met each other at Berkeley High, 1992. All I remember was being introduced to this dude who was into rap, and had a little bit of game to him - he knew all the different cats around school, kept good weed, knew how to talk to girls. Quickly we started hanging out, going to parties. We formed The Fundamentals in early ‘93, long before the crew Kemetic Suns came about. At that time, the crew we made was called “Ascension”: in addition to us, we brought in a group called Hijinx (Peekaboo and Embassy), rappers Malignant and Level Z, and Anthony/Ayentee. Before I got with Karma, I was in an awful band that played funk-rock-jazz-rap-fusion a la Alphabet Soup or the Mo'Fessionals – interesting sidenote, playwright Itamar Moses played keyboards in that group. But I wanted to do something that was more straight up Hip-Hop. I was DJing already and I played the guitar. I fell off with the guitar lessons but started making primitive beats. Hanging out at Anthony’s house in north-west Berkeley I started to get hip to funk and latin and freakier jazz music all courtesy of his father’s record collection. 

We all hung out and got busy together, either at Anthony’s house or at my house. Anthony’s house was like a constant spot – there would be any number of kids there, from the graf crew DOA down to West Side Berkeley dudes, friends of his dad, relatives. I was granted use of a narrow boiler room underneath my mom’s house – the “Bomb Shelter” – to record in, and all of the material featured was made there. The beats here were made either on an Akai S-01 (a cheap version of the 950) and a Roland R8 Human Rhythm Composer, or the Ensoniq ASR-10, which I stuck with. Kids would come through, I would throw together a beat or have one I had already worked up, and they would record. Anthony, who made beats as well, occasionally helped out engineering things. I’d do arrangements, hooks, whatever. I wanted people to write songs, not just lay down rhymes, so I tried to focus their talents and that’s how a lot of this stuff came to be. A lot of guys didn’t have any idea how to write songs – like, verse/hook/bridge, or whatever. Some dudes just wanted to spit for like 6 minutes. Off the head. It was a mess.

Most of us were from Berkeley or Oakland. Karma spent some time up in Sacramento early on. Malignant had one foot out in Richmond I think. Around the beginning of 1994 I moved to the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco to go live with my father, but continued attending Berkeley High and hanging out with the crew every day. It was a regular thing to go from school to my mom’s basement where the makeshift studio was, record until 7 or 8, ride the bus back into San Francisco and wash up somewhere around 10 at my dad’s apartment. Peek lived out by Eclipse, in the Union City area, and they were friends, so that’s how we got down with the Mixed Practice crew. Eclipse tells me now that he got real tight when Peek played him some of my stuff, like “who is this other young dude out here with beats??” Karma’s brother Wayne knew Corey/BFAP from the Mystik Journeymen, so we got down with them around ’94 or so, but I think they probably saw us as like, young’uns in the game. We met Kirby around then as well, up at UC Berkeley at KALX – Karma had gone up there with BFAP from the Journeymen. While BFAP was kind of cool on the kid, it was obvious he had incredible talent. Kirby, originally from East Oakland, had spent many years in Stockton prior to coming to Berkeley… had kind of a checkered past, but it turned out he and Karma knew some folks in common from up that way. We would hang out and freestyle in his dorm room but we hadn’t really clicked up in a formal way yet, like we would later.


Even though our style was more on the “backpack”/”houser” thing, a lot of the cats in the crew had street ties, we just didn’t really put it out there like that. It was more a thing you wanted to get away from, if you had ever been close enough to see it. The one exception was The Mental Patients – featured here on “Mental Anxieties” – who were some real street cats from South Berkeley, North Oakland, and East Oakland. But they’d come through, we’d smoke, lay down some music, no drama ever. They weren’t really a part of the crew per se but they showed love, would share smoke or even muscle if it was needed (which, on a couple of occasions, it was). Good dudes. Any time there was beef you had an assemblage of dudes from West Side and South Side Berkeley as well as North Oakland and parts of the east as well. We rolled deep.


The Ascension crew only lasted but so long, though, and at a certain point, friendly competition turned into beef. Dudes started talking behind each others’ backs, trying to create little allegiances and whatever… just childish stuff but you know we were, at the time, anywhere from 14-18 years old. Embassy and Karma, long rivals in the cipher, came to blows and everyone went their separate ways. I spent several months recording my own material, thinking I’d record my own demo/album, maybe sell it like the Journeymen and Mixed Practice and the other guys I was meeting around the scene at that time. That stuff never got released anywhere, with only one track turning up on 30 Days; much of it is featured here.

In the summer of 1995, Karma and I were both working in San Francisco. He was interning at Polygram - Polygram had an office in San Francisco! We patched up and started working on what would become 30 Days & A Plane Ticket, our first “real” tape – the title owing to the fact that I was moving to New York City 30 days from when we started. Karma’s style, originally an old school, laid back flow, and at one point a bone of contention amongst the more east coast-influenced crew, had developed into a this tripped out, cerebral scattershot of politics, hood slang, conspiracy theories, and 5% math. A cat he rolled with called Bay-Bay came up with the name Kemetic Suns. At that time, though, it was basically just a loose affiliation of folks we rolled with, some of whom didn’t make music at all. It was just a crew in the loosest sense. Kirby was down at that point, but I don’t recall meeting Hypnotic (another crew member) until 1996 or so, beyond the point at which this comp comes to an end.
Honestly I don’t know what people will think of this stuff. I’m opening myself up which is always a risk. I think we had some talent. We never made a huge mark, despite being really prolific – due mostly to my ability to record. I had the good fortune to hold onto most of my old sessions. I’m sure there’s a ton of amazing stuff out there that has disappeared… I’ve certainly been met with that response as I’ve sought out material by other groups of the time. We wore our influences on our sleeves – but as kids, that’s just part of developing your own style. Back then, it wasn’t about features, or placements, or even tape sales really – just a bunch of cats doing music. That’s what the underground tape thing was really about. I can think of no better way to illustrate that.”

The Bombshelter Download

When To Walk Away Pt. 2

Preview to The Long Goodbye 

For a very long time my identity and self perspective was shaped by being a member of a family that made music. Had our parents been born in the Carribean in the 60′s and repatriated to the UK, we probably would have been Cymande. Had it been London in the late 40′s we might have been Pink Floyd. I have heard arguments that place us around the world and at different movements. As it shaped out, we were birthed into the 70′s and grew up in the 80′s in the east bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. In particular, we all cut our teeth in the “small island in the sea of night” known as Berkeley. In 1995 we started our collective and independent label we called Kemetic Suns Massive.

There was a time to that time in particular that I would be hard pressed to try to recreate with words. As much as I pride myself on my ability to write into existence, I don’t think I could accurately give the feeling or emotional connection we had to what we were doing. There was different a zeitgeist of sorts as it was the mid-1990s and hip hop was becoming a billion dollar way of telling young people what to do. Perhaps it was the influence of Apple vs Wintel happening in our backyard of Silicon Valley. Maybe there was a factor around welfare reform, new banking models and a sense that another gold rush had come to San Francisco. It could be the influence of self determined cultural giants such as MC Hammer, Too Short, E-40 and Mac Dre who were uncompromising in their independence and standards.
I don’t have the bandwidth or desire to try to explain what brought us to the music or together. Many of these thoughts have laid hidden from me for decades by my own doing. I think my brother does a much better job of describing us here:

Bomb Shelter
Then there was also the concept of newly emerging technologies such as samplers, sequencers and non-lineal audio recording. That and the fact that as teenager I stumbled into being an active member of something that would later become called the Internet as well as progenitor of social media. Do not take my word for anything. There are far better curators involved:

It's Cheaper Than A CD

In terms of a business model we were decidedly clear that we would do everything in house. EVERY THING. Tapes, cds, vinyl, t-shirts. Production, engineering, management, promotion. Our greatest asset was each other. I treated the collective like my martial arts gym (which I mistakenly left in pursuit of a full time music career) in that training each other on every aspect made us well rounded, disciplined and allowed us to bring in new skills. The majority of the good work is based on our willingness to skip past barriers in terms of booking, promotion and retail:

From 1995 to 1998 we made 15 different projects ranging from EP to LPs to even putting out one of the first audio books for spoken word and poetry. I can’t speak for anyone else but I actually thought we were going to change the world. Given that our model was more of a social enterprise than a record label or entertainment company. Many of our members were previously homeless, from foster homes and/or faced with tons of barriers toward economic independence. My father, who was and will always be the bare minimum of excellence I strive for, ran a non profit that provided legal services to the poor who couldn’t afford to fight unlawful evictions, custody battles and discrimination. Without explicitly knowing we were into job training, Koncepts and I were adamant that these roles at House Kemetic Suns become employment. 
In 1997, Kirby got an opportunity to study abroad in DC at Howard. He would ride the train to Harlem and record with Koncepts, which later became Konceptual Dominance.

During that time, myself, Hypnotic and Per Aa were doing shows all over northern and central California. Literally from as far as Humbolt to San Luis Obisbo. Initially I only had the Fundamentals material I could perform and Hypnotic had his guest appearances as as he worked on his album. When all of the Suns met up in winter 1997, Koncepts played us Flawless Execution.

As soon as I heard it I knew what it was: Konceptual Dominance. In a time when we could hear everyone else punching in every bar, these two were going for 16 bars with flurries full of flow, punchline, presence and brilliant topics. I knew this was going to be a game changer. To be fair all we did was game changers, whether or not it was quality. Innovation and newness led the day. In response, Hypnotic pulled out the dusty tape of 8-track mix downs of the routines he and I were doing when we ran out of material on stage. I had slices of dub tracks and science fiction movie soundtracks as the thumbnails of beats we were rapping over. The crew loved it and named us Ka Auditron Ba. We were given the mandate to finish our project to release it after Konceptual Dominance and set up for the Kemetic Suns album. Ka Auditron Ba worked for the next year to finish our project called The Final Conflict. 3 label deals, 4 tours, 21 tracks and it was never released as promised. Somewhere in there I just walked away. 

For the few souls who are clever enough to see me on the street and figure out who I am, the question is always the same:

1) Why was the Auditrons never released?

2) What happened to the Kemetic Suns?

As 2017 is here and I do away with old things, avoiding answering these questions is one of those things I will let go. The answers in part III

When To Walk Away Pt.3

Preview to The Long Goodbye
“I’m an A-U-D-I-O”

There was a friendly competition we all adhered to when we started. Ultimately it was about the four of us: me, Koncepts, Kirby and Hypnotic being able to freestyle against each other for hours. I mean HOURS. At that time we thought we were okay, retrospect made me realize we were pretty high level. Much of the energy of that competition played out in the dynamics we had with one another outside of the music. Kirby was the master of partnership, I understood project management, Koncepts was our in house technical and Hypnotic did our sales. We were a much larger collective once, at one time being 15 people deep if you counted the affiliates in New York and Texas as well as the younger cats we were mentoring. There is also an argument in there about how influential and selfless cats like Bas1, Eclipse427 (Walt Liquor), Peekaboo and Infamous were so they could be Kemetic Suns. Plus there is a whole other tangent on how strong our ties were to MURS.
Quite accidently, Kirby and Koncepts together were very good as ambassadors. They travelled a lot, they showed up to events and they were able to get our sound into the heads of real decision makers who made sure our records ended up on mix shows, college radio and features. This is part of the reason Konceptual Dominance made so much sense. On the opposite tip, Hypnotic and I were doing shows and selling merchandise direct to customers (fans). I had a pretty high ethical standard which I realize now was a serious handicap for our business in terms of being in the music industry. Other groups could trash the stage, steal from the bar, go over their time or intimidate the promoter into moving them up on the lineup. I never wanted to get too involved in that type of grimy dealings because it was dumb logic to me – if we were going to go that route, forget the music and let’s go back to the streets.

That was another issue we were confronting. Many of the people rapping at the time all came from middle class backgrounds and had a parachute lined up for them afterwards. Koncepts and I tried to address that on Stop The World (the song itself). Where as many crews were diverse economically and ethnically, we were diverse economically but most of our members were two steps from the streets. Meaning we had convinced them to let go of their old hustles in lieu of legitimate enterprises that would be promoted by House Kemetic Suns. It was always a struggle. We didn’t always win. As the founder of the collective, I had the tendency to be the loudest voice in the room even if I actually wanted a democracy. In fact I remember always talking about being the bigger person and breaking up some many beefs. Then one night in winter of 1996, I confronted a mask bound rapper about some personal violations he made in my life. In his drunken indignation, he replied he was not responsible for his actions and he might kill me. I lost it and told him to put up his hands. He had 12 tiny people holding him back, the Suns just watched to make sure nobody jumped me from behind. We never got into it but he knew that night like I know this day that if it went down he was going to end up in the ER. The problem was we had crossed a bridge; our music was never going to be bohemian again and I had lost the credibility to tell my crew to “walk away”. In fact, we turned the ship and headed directly into the storm.

There are some background elements to understand before going in. If Konceptual Dominance was the equivalent of two tenured professors doing panel discussion on human behavior through hip hop, Ka Auditron Ba was the essence of two battle rappers getting their own satellite and broadcasting a 24 hour signal based on the lifestyle trying to prevent a cataclysm. We pulled from everything important to us at the time. Both Hypnotic and I were avid Marvel fans. We owned tons of comics. I read a lot of science fiction and watched a lot of movies. Hypnotic was really into documentaries. At the time I was able to study under Mr. Obenga which deeply changed my life and I was able to see firsthand the aspirations of the progenitors of the Nile Valley culture. Meanwhile Hypnotic’s mother was a reggae journalist and therefore gave him access to elders. One in particular who really influenced us was Scientist. Aside from demystifying much of the Rastafarian thought process beyond the generics and tropes, Scientist gave us the template.


Thus began the goal of creating an identity: we would outperform. The analogy of individuals who take and never gave back became “vampires”. We knew because we didn’t play the politics game we were hard pressed to get headline bookings in the Bay Area because of the co-opting of the scene happening. Simply put, I was going to kiss anyone’s ass, the big names were haters and Hypnotic was doing things behind the scene that made these dudes shook. If we couldn’t get the midnight spot or the top name of the flyer, we wanted the 1130pm slot and we wanted to be second on the flyer. It was Scientist who told us to open with The Voodoo Curse that we transformed into the chant to take over the crowd: “We are……the Kemetic Suns….” It didn’t matter WHO was the headliner. Our goal was to create and perform music that stole the show. It happened time after time after time. We would watch crews argue with the promoter: “don’t put Kemetic Suns on before us….they tire out the crowd”. The promoter would come to us and Hypnotic would say “don’t worry we’re just the Auditrons”.

There is most of the recordings on Soundcloud. I am not sure if everything is awesome. I know I was rapping in the top 10 list at the time but I am not sure if everything we did was incredible. There are some tracks that really move me and Koncepts. I pinged him to get his take on our favorites from the project:

Karma: Resonance was a tribute to Scientist but all scientists in general. We knew there was some connection between innovation and audio engineering happening from the Jamaican sound clashes to NYC hip hop to what we were actually doing with the drum machine and ASR vocal effects when we performed. This is a perfect example of the routines we would do. Back and forths that would whip the crowd into a frenzy as an opener. Also the djs loved it because it was heavy with break beats and juggling. FYI, this is Neal Degrasse Tyson narrating before you all knew how great he was. I pulled it from a vhs compilation my father got me because of our shared loved of astronomy.

Koncepts: this beat don’t make no fucking sense. I didn’t make it. but it always killed at shows. watching people try to catch the beat count was comedy. this shit is in like 11/8 or something. Ka and Ba had that rapid-fire flow where they could make it work and trade off like they were freestyling. It’s pretty incredible, actually.

Karma: Black Elevation Station was supposed to be the crunk remix to All Terrain for Internal Symmetry. My father was from the south and I loved southern hip hop. Not just the obvious stuff like Dungeon Family, Geto Boys and UGK. I listened to obscure material most didn’t know about. When I heard this beat I said its smobb music but it’s not southern. At that time, the stuff I was doing with the internet was getting some nods. I was brought to speak at Stanford to a couple of student groups. The idea of creating one’s own content distribution was intoxicating but we were talking to a couple investors who were interested in buying a satellite and setting up a station in San Francisco. When the deal went through, like so many to come after, Hypnotic suggest we just act like it was still going and we had our station on a satellite we owned.

Koncepts: I had this track early on in the process but added to it along the way. a lot of the keys and stuff came in later. I used a few different samples but kept them all in key, I was known for melodic beats but one thing about the west coast style and the Bay underground in particular was this kind of mystical ass sound but with slapping drums. so this was like that, some psychedelic guitar and synths, but at a higher tempo and some 808 sounds. What Ka and Ba did with it was sick, exactly what I had envisioned it for, they flowed perfectly on the beat. A mix of paranoia and toughness in the lyrics. I think I added the later stuff when they were in the studio with the session players - I wasn’t really involved in that and I wanted to tune up my own stuff to keep pace.

Karma: Tapes. Koncepts and I would send each other tapes a couple times a year. He was attending NYU while I was at SFSU. Most of the beats on the tapes he would send would end up on some project: Ambershine, Internal Symmetry, Konceptual Dominance or the Auditrons. Most of the beats I would send back were rough but he would tweak some of them and they would end up on his solo stuff, my ill fated solo album, Prayze The Sun or Internal Symmetry. This beat was clearly for Hypnotic and I. He even put it on the tape. It was Koncepts at his most genius Smokey Robinson. He could hear something we couldn’t in ourselves. He made sure he was with us when we wrote to it. When he started playing it on the speakers, he prompted us with “show them how the flow never ends”. He wanted to play with some of the Nommo concepts of embracing the silence in the groove as well as the volatility in the drums. We were always sure to write what the beat wanted not what we wanted. Soon as Hypnotic mumbled “its vital that you follow our path that is spiral” a voice spoke to me with the chorus. I looked up from the pad and said “I’m an A-U-D-I-O”. At first they didn’t get it, but I wouldn’t stop. When I saw their eyes light up after the third repetition, we knew did something. This might be my favorite memory of music.

Koncepts: this is definitely the big one. coulda maybe done some numbers. had all the elements. smoothed out but conscious, a hook you can understand and repeat… the label Ka & Ba were messing with brought this into a bigger studio and I was able to add the live guitar and percussion. But they had a boy band and brought them in to do background vocals… kind of not what I had envisioned, image-wise. it worked for the sound, as far as that was concerned. The label was just trying to get on a vehicle for their boy band though. They kept trying to push them into the mix of what we were doing and I had to step away from that situation. that’s one of the things that messed with the delicate equilibrium of the project and the crew.

Karma: There was a lot of money to be made being an independent rap group if you were willing to compromise. We weren’t. Managers would tell us we were unmanageable; too head strong and not needy enough. We made far less money than we should have based on our morals and pride. The way to keep the boat afloat was to subsidize the business model with pieces of my check. At first I worked at a smoothie shop that got bought, stole all my recipes and became Jamba Juice; different story for a different time. That wasn’t going to work for me. Doing minimum wage at a mall. Also in my young fiery mind, “how does this help my people?” I got into working for a few non-profits and did harm reduction outreach – needle exchange, violence prevention and street worker advocacy. I was seeing young people being mistreated as wards of the state.

Hypnotic was doing group home work given he had been in one himself. We would trade stories about the issues we were seeing with young people and the bureaucracy. More and more it felt like young people were being experimented on rather than treated or helped. Both of us had some experience at young age in terms of “recruitment” that made us a bit more suspicious. Now with the popularity of Stranger Things, Hunger Games and Ender’s Game, it doesn’t seem so far fetched. I know.

Maybe there was also a piece of falling into the formula. Doing it every time because it worked last time. I remember be asked “whats the sci fi movie song on this album?” well before we even wrote Cryosleep. It’s possible we had become trope.

Koncepts plays the bass on this. That’s why its so rich.

When To Walk Away Pt.4

Preview to The Long Goodbye

Karma: There was this great kung fu western flick my god brother Kenny brought over called All Men Are Brothers: Blood of the Leopard which was adaptation of the Chinese classic Water Margin. It was the story of a high level government official who must choose between his position and his allegiance to a rough street monk who is very anti-corruption in the government. It represented so many relationships at that time. My god brother Wayne was really loud and boisterous, but when I was around he was always calming me down to learn discretion. When he died of cancer in 1997 it put a large hole in my heart. Somehow I ended up becoming that person that was calming folks down and was caught between the diplomacy and the ethical outrage of the people I was around. We would leave shows in San Jose, San Luis Obispo or San Antonio. It would be 3am as we drove home. Somehow at every gas station there was a group of young men about to fight. Somehow there was some kid at an IHOP looking at his pager like “I’m going to get revenge”. Somehow I always seemed to put myself in the middle and talk them down. Somehow I never got shot.

Koncepts: just a perfect song man. we were all really vibrating on the same frequency. I love the little glass clinks and crowd ambiance from the sample. and the kick drum knocks so hard. that’s that Bay Area shit man, a mellow ass sample and deep bass.

Karma: We would perform a lot in the “hip hop” room at raves. That was the culture of the 90’s. Hypnotic hated it because he didn’t feel techno. However to be quite honest, the women at raves were thousand times better looking and more stable than the women who went to hip hop. The baddest of them used to hang in the “jungle” room – a rough amalgamation of actual jungle, trip hop, drum and base as well as what would eventually be dub step. Kirby and I loved going back forth over those beats. We could rap for hours over the stuff. For me it brought me home to Jupiter, Florida. It put me in the red clay of Georgia. It gave me the woods of Mississippi. I loved obscure southern rap and especially enjoyed the bounce aspect. I also appreciated the underestimation that California and New York put upon southern rap. It paralleled the mistake many crews in the Bay ran into. They dissed us on tape, we responded by snatching the mics at their show and serving them. Then they took it outside to battle and got demolished. Then they wanted to throw hands and lost there too. This track is a narrative to that. At the time we wouldn’t have seen it that way.

Koncepts: I feel a way about this song. It’s fucking amazing - the beat, the rhymes, the hook… my god. and when we dropped this at a show? bedlam. but it has a kind of ignoble history. My partner Zvi and I had this Delia Gartrell 45, which is this brutal ballad about a woman’s son dying in the Vietnam war, and we chopped it real slow. Zvi had the idea of chopping up Skull Snaps and doing a bounce pattern with it. It was unique, no one was doing bounce drums with samples, especially not old school breakbeats. Anyway, we kinda fucked up the money because we also gave this track to Mazzi [rapper with our other group the Soul Purpose] and it was like, ok, let’s see who does what with it… Mazzi made an incredible track called “1 and 9” about being from the hood in Jersey. It was super ill. So we had this issue, who could use the beat? Nobody even cares about shit like that anymore, but back then it was a real problem. Zvi wanted to roll with Mazzi’s version, I was on the fence. Anyway, I feel like that disagreement was another one that ended up torpedoing the project. And what’s sad is that neither song ever came out - the Soul Purpose project fell apart not too long after and the album we were working on never made it out of the demo stage. Nowadays I prefer “Ashes” to “1 and 9”. But at the time I couldn’t call it.

Karma: Perhaps the most honest writing anyone was doing in (w)rap™ at that age. I was in my early twenties trying to understand what it meant to be a man while facing a divorce like end to my long term relationship. There were some rules we made up to protect our esteem. One of them was we wouldn’t date women we met in the industry because it led to hardship later. I think that put so much expectation on the women we fell in love with outside of music that when those relationships crumbled it hurt us even more. On top of which, Hypnotic and I were facing this same debacle every time: why does it seem like self-control and discipline gets punished. Simply put, we both were in faithful parties in long term relationships that ended when our romantic partners were not faithful. That combined with life in show biz, turned us bitter when we stuck to the honor code. 

Koncepts: this beat is mad mournful with that one drawn out note that descends and ascends in the chords. I used an SP1200 on a lot of the Auditron drums courtesy of my partner Zvi and you can hear the programming gets a lot better and the drums are chunkier. Ka and Ba perfectly wrote this for how the beat felt to me. Vulnerable and hurt but still standing strong. It’s a shame the project never came out because there are so many tracks that I felt were just the perfect distillation of a feeling, this was one of those. Probably my personal favorite now.

Koncepts: I love this song man. Ba really showed his heart on it. And it takes skill to rap over something like this which is kinda mellow and laid back but not like, sad or down. the loop just gets me in a zone; very based. this might have been an intro beat or slated for Per Aa Ra’s project originally. There were earlier takes that I felt like Ba nailed it a bit better. But you couldn’t save takes back then and we had that stupid belief that a) we have to deliver everything in one take and b) we can definitely do the next one better. so it goes.

Karma: I remember when this was done and I would drive around with mix downs, this was the soundtrack to getting through traffic. It became synonymous with “things are going to be all right”. I struggled for many years to explain what this meant without falling into esoteric answers or metaphysics. One thing my Dad was very good at impressing upon me was “don’t feed steak to children” meaning don’t waste your time trying to explain complexities people don’t want to learn. In of myself, I was learning how to be more efficient and not waste my time. This song really gave folks a sense of optimism.

Karma: Why a final conflict? One thing I have come to terms with and this album should evidence – I can see things before they happen. I am not going to spend a single second of time on weirdos defending it. I will just state – people were downloading music from www.kemeticsuns.comthree years before Napster. Towards the middle of 1997, something was changing in the Bay Area. I was starting to get fans who worked at something called a “tech company” who would invite me to work as a contractor. They had website that had millions behind them but they couldn’t tell you what they did all day. They wanted to pay me to tell them what was cool. More and more I saw a reliance on machines as the new free labor. The dot come boom was becoming a second gold rush and I was aware it had it limits. In 2017, the largest obstacle facing the American worker is not automation. It is the perception that automation demands a better quality of life for all. There are some very good thinkers on this subject but I would direct attention at Berkeley’s own Phillip K. Dick, Frank Herbert and William Gibson.

The point being, the matter of artificial intelligence is not an if, it’s a when. Once this consciousness evolves, it will split in its belief systems. If humans can be cruel, please believe there are machine gods that can be crueler. I am reminded of the quote by Francis de la Rochefoucauld, “Man believes he has abandoned his vices when in fact they abandoned him long ago”. Now looking at where we are with a new year, self driving cars and a new a president, I suspect we are at the placed I had hoped to avoid. Maybe there are some jewels in here for our fans in the years to come.
The album in its entirety is below:

When To Walk Away Pt.5

Preview to The Long Goodbye


Ultimately I believe it was this album that transitioned the Kemetic Suns. We didn’t break up. We didn’t quit. We moved on. The stresses of this album may have been too much. These songs were performed a lot and got us two label deals. Both deals had the same dynamic: this is GREAT. Then you get into the studio to re-record everything and the labels sends in their composition army to get hands on your publishing. Once the songs are done, the contract amendment comes and it requires 36 months of touring with a live band to play all the songs the label wants additions to with $30k of tour support split among 8 people. How many times do you do the same scenario before reaching insanity? How many times do you get bumped from your show time and not want to snap on everyone from the promoter to the venue? How many times do you choke a promoter for the money for your show money, plane ticket money, hotel money and per diem only to go on stage rapping about helping people before your mind fizzles? More and more. Also there was a reality that Koncepts and I came to realize at SXSW in 2001. We hated the road. Touring was living on the road. Living on the road was being a grown latch key kid stuck between parent’s homes. It was miserable. At 16 I was already thinking like a 26 year old. Imagine where my head was at 24, being asked to make drunk and high 19 year olds of suburbia happy on stage for 45 minutes night after night. Most of the guys who adored that life look like Larry Holmes now – flabby, sick, soft and slow to answer. Meanwhile Eclipse and I were making much larger checks pulling strings behind the scenes without needing to be in the spotlight.


Perhaps the final moment for me was August 2004 when I discovered my mother couldn’t walk. She could barely eat much less explain the pain she was in. After seeing over twenty different doctors, it was clear my mother would need surgery and would need a full time caregiver. I made the announcement to the Kemetic Suns that I was bowing out to free up time for my mother. Mostly everyone was supportive. I disappeared as quickly as I emerged. During this time Kirby and Hypnotic did their Kirb and Chris album


In June of 2005, my father was diagnosed with stage two Alzheimer’s dementia. The doctor took his license on the spot and told us to focus on “quality of life” because they didn’t expect him to live past two years. My mother’s illness combined with my father’s diagnosis and the demons of the road pushed me over the edge. I crawled inside a bottle for a time. I was convinced that I had hurt my parents with my music. I burned my rhyme pads and decided to never write a rap again. When I emerged I had a new path and oath to keep to my father.


Over the next five years, I became a new person in learning to go from being a Kemetic Sun to being the best son I could be. I found that many of the skills I learned through the music, were transferrable to helping my father. I also learned a great deal about my willpower, drive and commitment. My father was and is my world. My reason for being. A strong, hard, magician of a man who was loved by all he came across; even his enemies had to respect him. In 1995 when I handed my father a copy of 30 Daze and A Plane Ticket I had no idea the journey I would take. When I asked him what he thought, he played the Daddy Please skit for me and asked if I was talking to him. I vehemently denied it but I was deeply hurt that he thought I was airing him out. I shouted him out at the end of the album but he didn’t seem to hear that. I don’t think he believed me. That never set well with me.

Quality Of Life

When my father died, I had a brand new appreciation. I couldn’t just nod. I had to act. I knew he deserved some act to offset the notion that a song had been laid against him. I began writing songs about caring for my father. When things got very bad, Koncepts and Peek started sending me beats. I don’t know why. They don’t either. We are all being polite around the fact that they were worried about me. I would drive my father around to different appointments and play the beats that I was given. Music was good for my father’s moods. During the late nights in the emergency room, I wrote science fiction in my head. This project ended up becoming The Paper Thrones. During the mornings when I was trying to pay for everything, I wrote rhymes as I drove. The combination opened my eyes to the amount of people who were just starting the journey I was on. More and more I saw signs of millions of people caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s and no one speaking for them; or to them. I knew I had to say goodbye to you fans, to my father and to any hold this disease thinks it may have over me. I will not die of Alzheimer’s. If I do, it is because I went down fighting and I hurt the hell out of it.

Sometime in the near future I will release to you this tribute called The Long Goodbye. A 21 track album that is both a tribute to my father and also my way of closure with the people I meet who tell me how much good Kemetic Suns did for their lives. This will be the solo album the fans were promised. It absolutely sounds like a Kemetic Suns album; I am told it sounds like a grown man Ambershine. I have ZERO interest in selling the album. My goal is to see how money we can raise to fight Alzheimer’s using this album. Some simple value proposition such as “If you donate $1 to this cause, you get a code to download the album”.

I hope this answered the questions. I hope this gave you what you were looking for. I hope you will join me one last time for The Long Goodbye.

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Conservatives know to expect the worst from Democrats. It's the fakes posing as Republicans who make me sick. John McCain and Jeff Flake are sterling examples!
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Between the "Inhuman" series and the "Uncanny Inhumans" series both written by Charles Soule, I have been reading inhumans comics for probably 3 years, maybe more. The reason I decided to start reading was two fold. One, Charles Soule was writing, and I love his writing. Two, an Inhumans movie was supposedly on the way. I became invested in the stories of these characters over these past several years. With that said, I have no interest in watching this show. It looks like all of the worst aspects of Agents of Shield, and it looks like it was shot with the stingiest of budgets. This feels like they were forced to go through the motions because they painted themselves into a corner by building them up on AoS, and by claiming that they were important to their phase 3/4 plans. My expectations here are in the basement.
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Give Marvel Fantastic Four ala Spider-Man!
          Το trailer για τη νέα σειρά της Marvel έχει μια ΤΕΡΑΣΤΙΑ έκπληξη που σίγουρα δεν περίμενες!   
Αυτό σίγουρα δεν το περίμενες!
          Comment on Movie Review – Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) by eliottsworld   
I am bursting with excitement to see this movie. I am desperate to see a definitive Marvel take on Spidey.
          Comment on The Flickering Myth Reaction to the first trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans by Richard890   
I would rather see a film than this, thanks for ruining AOS. That isn`t Sheild
          Comment on The Flickering Myth Reaction to the first trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans by Fuzzy   
Ah, where do I start! It feels like a fan made trailer, in that it feels disconnected to their other stuff, both visually and tonally. I'm assuming this should feel like a sister show to AoS but I'm just not getting that from this first trailer. Leaving the Netflix shows to one side, the ABC stuff takes it's cues from the movies with action and humour in equal measure. Not seeing much humour here. AoS set Inhumans up, so I can see why they went the TV route, but if their staying away from the SHIELD link (for the time being at least) and focusing on a secret royal family, then a movie could've worked too – and looked a damn sight better than this!
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Are they seriously suggesting more people know about Black Panther than The X-Men?
          Comment on There are no X-Men in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as fans “maybe don’t even remember” them by Luke Owen   
That is a frankly hilarious comment.
          Comment on There are no X-Men in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as fans “maybe don’t even remember” them by John Marzan   
there's an xmen children of the atom machine over at the arcades...
          Comment on There are no X-Men in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as fans “maybe don’t even remember” them by eliottsworld   
Wolver-who? Deadpool what?
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Juli, these look marvelous. Going to put these on the Fourth of July menu.
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There's a whole lot of mutants out there waiting to be discovered...
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Another comic book series to watch towards the end of the year? Who's complaining...
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          Twin City Myth #1: The Origin of Highland   
Long ago when Saint Paul was young, but not too young, just young enough to be still in part untamed, shortly after the ancient peoples had been forced from the land by white folk from the east, pushed with guns past the edge of the setting sun, the white people took the land and made use of it for themselves and renamed it Saint Paul and declared it “good.”

The land was lush and green and mostly undivided. The animals and birds and trees were plentiful and great grasses covered the hills. It was during this time, shortly after the First Great War, that Highland was born, a vast land of hills and fields that lay above old Rumtown, mostly unsettled by these same white people. And in that time Highland was a great prize that glimmered in the eyes of men who came from all parts of the city to look on the lands, and all of them were promised marvelous things.

“Here will be factories," said a man named George, who built many things during Saint Paul’s early years, “and this land will be the foundation of many lives. Here we will provide riches and food and a good many things for the people to come. And none will want for bounty and all will be fat and bear many children.”

And the people listened and clapped their hands for they were glad to hear it, and they said, “Take this Highland and use it.”

And then another man came to these same hills over Rumtown, and this man offered a different proclamation: “This Highland will be a great green haven,” he said, raising his large hands above him. He wore a hat made of brown pressed fur, a suit of the finest dark felt, and bore on his wrist a gleaming watch of silver.

“This will be a place of peace and quiet,” he promised the people. “All around you will be safe homes and pleasing streets lined with great green trees, and these homes will give refuge to those who seek solace from the noise and din of the unruly city on the river. Here there will be women and children and grass and blue skies and the distant views of the fields thither and yon.”

And the people clapped again, but not too loudly, yet they were glad for this was the dream of many. And so it went for years after the First Great War had ended. And then a street was paved through the Highland, and then a second, and the men came to the land to look upon its pastures and to discuss among themselves what to do.

It was at this time that a very great man from the east appeared. His name was Henry Ford and he brought with him a host of companions with shining suits and thick words and slick hair and fine black hats. Gold fell from their pockets as they walked through the city, clinking on the cobblestones as they passed.

And on that day, Henry Ford arrived in an elaborate machine that transported itself without water, horse, or wire, and when the people asked how it worked he replied that it was a magical machine that he had crafted for himself out of metal from the northern mines and coal from the east and rubber from jungles across the sea.

And the people were amazed, and transfixed their eyes as it moved by itself without horses or wire or steam o