Un ingeniero de Microsoft consigue hacer funcionar inteligencia artificial en una Raspberry Pi de 35 dólares   

Este avance permitiría dotar de independencia de la nube a centenares de productos que deban deducir operaciones por sí solos.

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          Coding4Fun Second Quarter 2017 Round-Up   

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Just June's Posts...

Coding4Fun Blog

ToDo - Voice Activated IoT RPi ToDo List
Don't Skimp Code Security, Check Out DevSkim
Leveling Up with MonoGame and XML
iBeacons and UWP
CodeMaid Gets Some VB Loving and more...
From 0 to 100 with this ASP.NET Core/AngularX Project Template
Raspberry Pi Online Simulator and Azure IoT
Code Analysis at Compile? Why? Do it Live!
VSCode Your Next PWA
Getting Started with Azure IoT
Remarkable Comments with Remarker
Windows Template Studio (WTS) 1.1 Now Available

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Kinect to Bouldering Pong
Kinect to Joints... Rotations that is...
Kinect to Zen Meditation
Kinect to at Home Rehab
HoloToolkit Setup - June Edition

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          Comment on VM-CLAP1 👏 sensor + gpiozero on Raspberry Pi by scruss   
so guess who noticed that I accidentally had used "hand wave" instead of "hand clap" emoji in the article? Around me, a hand wave sensor would be 100% redlined all the time …
          Comment on G5RV in the mist by scruss   
Haven't been on air for a while and would need to set up the radio with a Raspberry Pi. It'll take a few weeks.
          Comment on Notes on mini-printers and Linux by scruss   
To use with a ______? Options 1, 2 & 3 will work with an Arduino (5V), or Raspberry Pi / 3V3 microcontroller <em>if</em> you can get the right power supply. 24 V is mostly for truck use, 12 V might be a little easier to get and still prints quickly, and the 5-9 V options are very easy to get but often drive the printer pretty slowly. Option 4 you likely don't want at all. Real RS232 levels are a bit rare these days. Option 5 would work nicely with a Raspberry Pi, but difficult with a microcontroller.
          Unicorn Tassel Garland - Pastel Pink Purple Blue and Gold 1st Party Decor, Ice Cream, high chair banner, Mermaid, Baby Shower, Bachelorette by pomtree   

9.00 USD

This tassel garland is perfect for a baby girl baby shower, 1st birthday cake smash or high chair banner. birthday party decor or even nursery decorations!

The details:

- Choose DIY kit or Fully Assembled with drop down menu over on the right

- Choose 3 foot, 5 foot or 10 foot long sizes with drop down menu on right

- DIY kit includes everything you need to assemble the tissue paper tassels with ease. If your garland has the shiny metallic mylar tassels, YOU WILL NEED GLUE.

- Each tassel on the garland is approx. 15 inches long, contact me for mini sized tassels.

- See below for size and style descriptions to help you make your choice!

- Quantity of each color choice will vary depending on the size of garland chosen.

- Colors shown are sky blue, blush pink, fruit punch pink, raspberry pink, lilac, orchid, gold mylar. If you would like to customize this, the color chart is the last photo above and you can leave me a note at checkout with your colors.

- LEAVE YOUR EVENT DATE AT CHECKOUT. If you do not, I cannot guarantee delivery in time.


3ft. long - 3 feet of twine with 8 tassels (great for high chair or back of chair)
5ft. long - 5 feet of twine with 12 tassels (great as balloon tails or backdrops)
10ft. long - 10 feet of twine with 18 tassels (buffet tables or big statements!)

1. PRE-MADE - your garland will arrive ready to hang. The tassels can be easily moved along the Jute cord to provide a more sparse of fuller look depending on your taste.
2. DIY KIT - You will receive your tassle paper pre-cut, a link to instructions for creating your garland, a tool to twist the loop of each tassel, and jute twine. shiny mylar tassels require either hot glue or glue and something to hold the glue together while it dries (tape, clothes pin, hair clip..)

Add some beautiful straws to match, why don't ya?!

°°All titles, descriptions, images and color combinations © by PomTree 2010 All rights reserved. Be kind and creative, please do not copy.

°°All titles, descriptions, images and color combinations © by PomTree 2010 All rights reserved. Be kind and creative, please do not copy.

          New Java Champions: Holly Cummins, Aleksey Shipilev, and David Heffelfinger   

Welcome three new Java Champions: Holly Cummins, Aleksey Shipilev, and David Heffelfinger

Holly Cummins has been a Java engineer since 2001. She was one of the core engineers on the IBM J9 JVM working on Garbage Collection (GC) and Just in Time (JIT) compilation. She is currently a technical lead for IBM BlueMix Garage.   

Holly is also a committer and PMC member on the Apache Aries project, which melds the OSGi and Java EE programming models. She created several wearable projects connected to a backend server to demonstrate the low power requirements of modern application servers, and the suitability of Java for embedded application servers.

Holly is the co-author of Enterprise OSGi in Action (Manning). She has published on a range of subjects, from performance myths, garbage collection tuning principles, enterprise OSGi, Java on Raspberry PIs, microservices, automation, and the importance of fun in a development culture. She is a frequent speaker at conferences including Devoxx and JavaOne. Follow her on Twitter @holly_cummins

Aleksey Shipilev is a principal software engineer at Redhat. He is the author of the Java Microbenchmarking Harness (JMH), a project to examine the performance of Java coding constructs.  Prior to JMH, programmers wrote their benchmarking harnesses fraught with errors.  He wrote JCStress, a toolkit for testing concurrency code. He also developed a Java-Object-Layout, JOL, which uses Unsafe, JVMTI, and Serviceability Agent (SA) heavily to decode the actual object layout, footprint, and references. 

Aleksey is now a committer to the new GC project Shenandoah. He is very active on mailing lists like Java Concurrency Interest, JMH, and OpenJDK projects. Follow him on Twitter @shipilev

David Heffelfinger is an independent consultant based in the Washington, DC area. He is a member of the NetBeans Dream Team and is part of the JavaOne content committee. 

David has written 7 books on Java EE, application servers, NetBeans, JasperReports, and Wicket. His titles include Java EE 7 Development with NetBeans 8, Java EE 7 with GlassFish 4 Application Server, and JasperReports 3.5 For Java Developers. 

David has been speaking at JavaOne every year since 2012. He is a frequent speaker at NetBeans Day in San Francisco, showcasing NetBeans features that greatly enhance the development of Java EE applications. Follow him on Twitter @ensode

The Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle. Learn more about Java Champions  p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Arial; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}
          Microsoft manages to cram artificial intelligence on the Raspberry Pi 3 PC board   

Microsoft said its Machine Learning and Optimization group compressed artificial intelligence down so it could run on the Raspberry Pi 3. The team used several techniques to reduce the AI's size and speed up its thinking process.

The post Microsoft manages to cram artificial intelligence on the Raspberry Pi 3 PC board appeared first on Digital Trends.

          Выпуск Minoca 0.4, операционной системы для потребительских интернет-устройств   
Состоялся релиз операционной системы Minoca 0.4, ориентированной на потребительские интернет-устройства и встраиваемую технику. Код распространяется под лицензией GPLv3. Сборки подготовлены для архитектур x86, ARMv6 и ARMv7, в том числе сформированы загрузочные образы для плат Raspberry Pi 1/2/3, BeagleBone Black, Asus C201, PandaBoard и Galileo, а также эмулятор на основе QEMU.
          July 2017 Love With Food Spoilers + Coupon   
July 2017 Love With Food Spoiler - Nothing But Fruit Concord Grape and Raspberry Chia

We have July Love With Food box spoilers! Love With Food is giving us a sneak peek at some of the delicious snacks in the July 2017 Love With Food snack box! Every month, Love With Food delivers snack subscription boxes filled with healthy, all-natural or organic, or gluten-free snacks right to your doorstep. The Love With Food July 2017 snack box theme is Explore. Dream. Discover and features snacks to inspire you to get out and explore, dream and discover this Summer. July 2017 Love With Food Spoilers Here’s a sneak peek at the healthy snacks in the July 2017 Love With Food gluten-free, tasting... Read More →

July 2017 Love With Food Spoilers + Coupon first posted on Find Subscription Boxes | Directory, Reviews & Coupons.

          Red, White & BLU: All-Natural Rocket Pop Recipe   

Red, White & BLU: All-Natural Rocket Pop Recipe

This is the time to celebrate our great nation and proudly display our red, white and BLU, but it’s also a time to spend with family and friends. Everyone loves a good Independence Day celebration filled with burgers, hot dogs, beer and lots of dessert. For the health-conscious, this can spell out diet disaster, but it doesn’t have to. You can still celebrate and have fun this Fourth of July without sacrificing your healthy habits or your beach body.
Take off with this healthy, all-natural, fruit-filled alternative that will help you resist the temptation of those sugary dessert selections. If you’re ready to set off the flavor fireworks, then give this Independence Day-inspired patriotic popsicle recipe a try.


  • Popsicle molds (try rocket-shaped molds, if you can find them)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Blender


  • 1¼ cups strawberries, sliced
  • 2 tbsp. fresh lime juice
  • 5 tbsp. honey
  • ½ cup of LIMU LEAN Creamy Vanilla
  • ½ cup plain yogurt
  • ½ cup unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1½ cups blueberries
  • ¼ cup pomegranate juice


    Red, White & BLU: All-Natural Rocket Pop Recipe

    1. Combine the sliced strawberries, lime juice and 2 tbsp. honey into a bowl then place in your blender. Blend until puréed. Divide the mixture evenly between the popsicle molds and freeze until firm, about 30 minutes. It may not look exactly like the traditional rocket pop, but it also won't include made-up fruit like the infamous blue raspberry. If you can find rocket pop molds, great! Take it back to your childhood and go old-school. Clean the blender and set aside. The trick to making these patriotic popsicles is working quickly in layers.


     Red, White & BLU: All-Natural Rocket Pop Recipe

    2. In another bowl, whisk together the yogurt, coconut milk, LIMU LEAN shake mix and the remaining 3 tablespoons honey until smooth. Divide the mixture evenly between the popsicle molds, pouring it atop the frozen strawberry layer. Insert popsicle sticks into the center of each mold and freeze until firm, about 30 minutes.


     Red, White & BLU: All-Natural Rocket Pop Recipe

    3. Combine the blueberries and pomegranate juice into your blender. Using the blender, blend the mixture until puréed. Divide the blueberry mixture evenly between the popsicle molds, pouring it atop the frozen yogurt layer, and freeze until firm, about 30 minutes.


    When ready to serve, briefly run the popsicle molds under warm water then gently pull the popsicles from the molds and serve. There you have it! Celebrate liberation from calories this Fourth of July with this guilt-free treat.

    The post Red, White & BLU: All-Natural Rocket Pop Recipe appeared first on Official LIMU Nation Blog.

              Writing a Voice Activated SharePoint Todo List - IoT App on RPi   

    Originally posted on: http://geekswithblogs.net/hroggero/archive/2017/05/16/writing-a-voice-activated-sharepoint-todo-list---iot-app.aspx

    Ever wanted to write a voice activated system on an IoT device to keep track of your “todo list”, hear your commands being played back, and have the system send you a text message with your todo list when it’s time to walk out the door?  Well, I did. In this blog post, I will provide a high level overview of the technologies I used, why I used them, a few things I learned along the way, and partial code to assist with your learning curve if you decide to jump on this.  I also had the pleasure of demonstrating this prototype at Microsoft’s Community Connections in Atlanta in front of my colleagues.

    How It Works

    I wanted to build a system using 2 Raspberry Pis (one running Windows 10 IoT Core, and another running Raspbian) that achieved the following objectives:

    • * Have 2 RPis that communicate through the Azure Service Bus
      This was an objective of mine, not necessarily a requirement; the intent was to have two RPis running different Operating Systems communicate asynchronously without sharing the same network
    • * Learn about the Microsoft Speech Recognition SDK
      I didn’t want to send data to the cloud for speech recognition; so I needed an SDK on the RPi to perform this function; I chose the Microsoft Speech Recognition SDK for this purpose

      * Communicate to multiple cloud services without any SDK so that I could program the same way on Windows and Raspbian (Twilio, Azure Bus, Azure Table, SharePoint Online)
      I also wanted to minimize the learning curve of finding which SDK could run on a Windows 10 IoT Core, and Raspbian (Linux); so I used Enzo Unified to abstract the APIs and instead send simple HTTPS commands allowing me to have an SDK-less development environment (except for the Speech Recognition SDK). Seriously… go find an SDK for SharePoint Online for Raspbian and UWP (Windows 10 IoT Core).

    The overall solution looks like this:



    In order to achieve the above objectives, I used the following bill of materials:

    Technology Comment Link
    2x Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Note that one RPi runs on Windows 10 IoT Core, and the other runs Raspbian http://amzn.to/2qnM6w7
    Microphone I tried a few, but the best one I found for this project was the Mini AKIRO USB Microphone http://amzn.to/2pGbBtP
    Speaker I also tried a few, and while there is a problem with this speaker on RPi and Windows, the Logitech Z50 was the better one http://amzn.to/2qrNkop
    USB Keyboard I needed a simple way to have keyboard and mouse during while traveling, so I picked up the iPazzPort Mini Keyboard; awesome… http://amzn.to/2rm0FOh
    Monitor You can use an existing monitor, but I also used the portable ATian 7 inch display. A bit small, but does the job. http://amzn.to/2pQ5She 
    IoT Dashboard Utility that allows you to manage your RPis running Windows; make absolutely sure you run the latest build; it should automatically upgrade, but mine didn’t. http://bit.ly/2rmCWOU
    Windows 10 IoT Core The Microsoft O/S used on one of the RPis; Use the latest build; mine was 15063; if you are looking for instructions on how to install Windows from a command prompt, the link provided proved useful  http://bit.ly/2pG9gik
    Raspbian Your RPi may be delivered with an SD card preloaded with the necessary utilities to install Raspbian; connecting to a wired network makes the installation a breeze. http://bit.ly/2rbnp7u
    Visual Studio 2015 I used VS2015, C#, to build the prototype for the Windows 10 IoT Core RPi http://bit.ly/2e6ZGj5
    Python 3 On the Raspbian RPi, I used Python 3 to code. http://bit.ly/1L2Ubdb
    Enzo Unified I installed and configured an Enzo Unified instance (version 1.7) in the Azure cloud; for Enzo to talk to SharePoint Online, Twilio, Azure Service Bus and Azure Storage, I also needed accounts with these providers. You can try Enzo Unified for free for 30 days. http://bit.ly/2rm4ymt


    Things to Know

    Creating a prototype involving the above technologies will inevitably lead you to collect a few nuggets along the way. Here are a few.

    Disable Windows 10 IoT Core Updates

    While disabling updates is generally speaking not recommended, IoT projects usually require a predictable environment that does not reboot in the middle of a presentation. In order to disable Windows Updates on this O/S I used information published Mike Branstein on his blog: http://bit.ly/2rcOXt9

    Try different hardware, and keep your receipts…

    I had to try a few different components to find the right ones; the normally recommended S-150 USB Logitech speakers did not work for me; I lost all my USB ports and network connectivity as soon as I plugged it in. Neither did the JLab USB Laptop speakers. I also tried the 7.1 Channel USB External Sound Card but was unable to make it work (others were successful). For audio input, I also tried the VAlinks Mini Flexible USB microphone; while it worked well, it picked up too much noise compared to the AKIRO, and became almost unusable in a room with 20 people where you have background noise.

    Hotel WiFi Connections

    This was one of the most frustrating part of this whole experience on Windows 10 IoT Core. You should know that this operating system does not currently come equipped with a browser. This means that you cannot easily connect to a hotel network since this usually requires starting a browser so that you can enter a user id and password provided by the hotel. Further more, since there is also no possible way to “forget” a previously registered network, you can find yourself in a serious bind… I first purchased the Skyroam Mobile Hotspot, hoping it would provide the answer. Unfortunately the only time I tried it, in Tampa Florida, the device could not obtain a connection. So I ended up adding a browser object into my UWP application and force it to refresh a specific image every time I start the app; this will force the hotel login page to show up when needed. I am still looking for a good solution to this problem.

    Speech Privacy Policy on Windows

    Because parts of the code I am running leverages the underlying APIs of Cortana, it seems that you must accept the Cortana privacy policy; this is required only the first time you run the application, but is obviously a major nightmare for applications you may want to ship. I am not aware of any programmatic workaround at this time. This stackoverflow post provides information about this policy and how to accept it.

    How It Looks Like

    A picture is worth a thousand words… so here is the complete setup:


    C# Code

    Since this is an ongoing prototype I will not share the complete code at this time; however I will share a few key components/techniques I used to make this work.

    Speech Recognition

    I used both continuous dictation speech recognition, and grammar-based recognition from the Microsoft Speech Recognition API. The difference is that the first one gives you the ability to listen to “anything” being said, and the other will only give you a set of results that match the expected grammar. Both methods give you a degree of confidence so you can decide if the command/text input was sufficiently clear. The following class provides a mechanism for detecting input either through continuous dictation or using a grammar file. The timeout ensures that you do not wait forever. This code also returns the confidence level of the capture.


    using Enzo.UWP;
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;

    using System.Diagnostics;
    using System.Net.Http;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    using Windows.ApplicationModel;
    using Windows.Devices.Gpio;
    using Windows.Media.SpeechRecognition;
    using Windows.Media.SpeechSynthesis;
    using Windows.Storage;

    namespace ClientIoT

        public class VoiceResponse
            public string Response = null;
            public double RawConfidence = 0;

        public class VoiceInput
            private const int SPEECH_TIMEOUT = 3;
            private System.Threading.Timer verifyStatus;
            private string lastInput = "";
            private double lastRawConfidence = 0;
            private bool completed = false;
            private bool success = false;

            public async Task<VoiceResponse> WaitForText(string grammarFile)
                return await WaitForText(SPEECH_TIMEOUT, grammarFile);

            public async Task<VoiceResponse> WaitForText(int timeout = SPEECH_TIMEOUT, string grammarFile = null)
                var resp = new VoiceResponse();
                    success = false;
                    completed = false;
                    lastInput = "";
                    lastRawConfidence = 0;

                    SpeechRecognizer recognizerInput;
                    DateTime dateNow = DateTime.UtcNow;

                    recognizerInput = new SpeechRecognizer();
                    recognizerInput.ContinuousRecognitionSession.ResultGenerated += ContinuousRecognitionSession_InputResultGenerated;
                    recognizerInput.StateChanged += InputRecognizerStateChanged;
                    recognizerInput.Timeouts.BabbleTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(timeout);
                    recognizerInput.ContinuousRecognitionSession.Completed += ContinuousRecognitionSession_Completed;
                    recognizerInput.ContinuousRecognitionSession.AutoStopSilenceTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(SPEECH_TIMEOUT);

                    if (grammarFile != null)
                        StorageFile grammarContentFile = await Package.Current.InstalledLocation.GetFileAsync(grammarFile);
                        SpeechRecognitionGrammarFileConstraint grammarConstraint = new SpeechRecognitionGrammarFileConstraint(grammarContentFile);

                    var compilationResult = await recognizerInput.CompileConstraintsAsync();

                    // If successful, display the recognition result.
                    if (compilationResult.Status != SpeechRecognitionResultStatus.Success)
                        Debug.WriteLine(" ** VOICEINPUT - VoiceCompilationError - Status: " + compilationResult.Status);

                    recognizerInput.ContinuousRecognitionSession.AutoStopSilenceTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(timeout);
                    recognizerInput.RecognitionQualityDegrading += RecognizerInput_RecognitionQualityDegrading;
                    await recognizerInput.ContinuousRecognitionSession.StartAsync();

                    System.Threading.SpinWait.SpinUntil(() =>
                    resp = new VoiceResponse() { Response = lastInput, RawConfidence = lastRawConfidence };
                        recognizerInput = null;
                    catch (Exception ex)
                        Debug.WriteLine("** WaitForText (1) - Dispose ** " + ex.Message);
                catch (Exception ex2)
                    Debug.WriteLine("** WaitForText ** " + ex2.Message);
                return resp;

            private void RecognizerInput_RecognitionQualityDegrading(SpeechRecognizer sender, SpeechRecognitionQualityDegradingEventArgs args)
                    Debug.WriteLine("VOICE INPUT - QUALITY ISSUE: " + args.Problem.ToString());
                catch (Exception ex)
                    Debug.WriteLine("** VOICE INPUT - RecognizerInput_RecognitionQualityDegrading ** " + ex.Message);

            private void ContinuousRecognitionSession_Completed(SpeechContinuousRecognitionSession sender, SpeechContinuousRecognitionCompletedEventArgs args)
                if (args.Status == SpeechRecognitionResultStatus.Success
                    || args.Status == SpeechRecognitionResultStatus.TimeoutExceeded)
                    success = true;
                completed = true;

            private void ContinuousRecognitionSession_InputResultGenerated(SpeechContinuousRecognitionSession sender, SpeechContinuousRecognitionResultGeneratedEventArgs args)
                    lastInput = "";
                    if ((args.Result.Text ?? "").Length > 0)
                        lastInput = args.Result.Text;
                        lastRawConfidence = args.Result.RawConfidence;
                        Debug.WriteLine(" " + lastInput);
                catch (Exception ex)
                    Debug.WriteLine("** ContinuousRecognitionSession_InputResultGenerated ** " + ex.Message);

            private void InputRecognizerStateChanged(SpeechRecognizer sender, SpeechRecognizerStateChangedEventArgs args)
                Debug.WriteLine("  Input Speech recognizer state: " + args.State.ToString());

    For example, if you want to wait for a “yes/no” confirmation, with a 3 second timeout, you would call the above code as such:

    var yesNoResponse = await (new VoiceInput()).WaitForText(3, YESNO_FILE);

    And the yes/no grammar file looks like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

      <rule id="root">
          <ruleref uri="#enzoCommands"/>

      <rule id="enzoCommands">
          <item> yes </item>
          <item> yep </item>
          <item> yeah </item>
          <item> no </item>
          <item> nope </item>
          <item> nah </item>


    Calling Enzo Unified using HTTPS to Add a SharePoint Item

    Another important part of the code is its ability to interact with other services through Enzo Unified, so that no SDK is needed on the UWP application. For an overview on how to access SharePoint Online through Enzo Unified, see this previous blog post.

    The following code shows how to easily add an item to a SharePoint list through Enzo Unified. Posting this request to Enzo requires two parameters (added as headers) called “name” and “data” (data is an XML string containing the column names and values to be added as a list item).

    public static async Task SharePointAddItem(string listName, string item)
                string enzoCommand = "/bsc/sharepoint/addlistitemraw";
                List<KeyValuePair<string, string>> headers = new List<KeyValuePair<string, string>>();

                string data = string.Format("<root><Title>{0}</Title></root>", item);

                headers.Add(new KeyValuePair<string, string>("name", listName));
                headers.Add(new KeyValuePair<string, string>("data", data));

                await SendRequestAsync(HttpMethod.Post, enzoCommand, headers);

    And the SendRequestAsync method below shows you how to call Enzo Unified. Note that I added two cache control filters to avoid HTTP caching, and additional flags for calling Enzo Unified on an HTTPS port where a self-signed certificate is installed.

    private static async Task<string> SendRequestAsync(HttpMethod method, string enzoCommand, List<KeyValuePair<string, string>> headers)
                string output = "";
                var request = EnzoUnifiedRESTLogin.BuildHttpWebRequest(method, enzoCommand, headers);
                var filter = new Windows.Web.Http.Filters.HttpBaseProtocolFilter();
                filter.CacheControl.ReadBehavior = Windows.Web.Http.Filters.HttpCacheReadBehavior.MostRecent;
                filter.CacheControl.WriteBehavior = Windows.Web.Http.Filters.HttpCacheWriteBehavior.NoCache;

                Windows.Web.Http.HttpClient httpClient = new Windows.Web.Http.HttpClient(filter);

                    using (var response = await httpClient.SendRequestAsync(request))
                        output = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();
                catch (Exception ex)
                    System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(" ** Send Http request error: " + ex.Message);
                return output;

    Last but not least, the BuildHttpWebRequest method looks like this; it ensures that the proper authentication headers are added, along with the authentication identifier for Enzo:

    public static Windows.Web.Http.HttpRequestMessage BuildHttpWebRequest(Windows.Web.Http.HttpMethod httpmethod, string uri, List<KeyValuePair<string,string>> headers)
                bool hasClientAuth = false;

                Windows.Web.Http.HttpRequestMessage request = new Windows.Web.Http.HttpRequestMessage();

                request.Method = httpmethod;
                request.RequestUri = new Uri(ENZO_URI + uri);

                if (headers != null && headers.Count() > 0)
                    foreach (KeyValuePair<string, string> hdr in headers)
                        request.Headers[hdr.Key] = hdr.Value;

                if (!hasClientAuth)
                    request.Headers["authToken"] = ENZO_AUTH_GUID;

                return request;

    Text to Speech

    There is also the Text to Speech aspect, where the system speaks back what it heard, before confirming and acting on the command. Playing back is actually a bit strange in the sense that it requires a UI thread. In addition, it seems that Windows 10 IoT Core and Raspberry Pi don’t play nice together; it seems that every time a playback occurs, a loud tick can be heard before and after. A solution appears to be using USB speakers, but none worked for me. The code below simply plays back a specific text and waits a little while in an attempt to give enough time for the playback to finish (the code is non-blocking, so the SpinWait attempts to block the code until completion of the playback).

    private async Task Say(string text)
                SpeechSynthesisStream ssstream = null;

                    SpeechSynthesizer ss = new SpeechSynthesizer();
                    ssstream = await ss.SynthesizeTextToStreamAsync(text);
                catch (Exception exSay)
                    Debug.WriteLine(" ** SPEECH ERROR (1) ** - " + exSay.Message);

                var task1 = this.Dispatcher.RunAsync(Windows.UI.Core.CoreDispatcherPriority.Normal, async () =>
                        await media.PlayStreamAsync(ssstream);
                    catch (Exception exSay)
                        Debug.WriteLine(" ** SPEECH ERROR (2) ** - " + exSay.Message);

                // Wait a little for the speech to complete
                System.Threading.SpinWait.SpinUntil(() => 1 == 0, lastInput.Length * 150);


    Calling the above code is trivial:

    await Say("I am listening");



    The code in python was trivial to build; this RPi was responsible for monitoring events in the Azure Service Bus and turning on/off the LED attached to it. The following pseudo code shows how to call Enzo Unified from Python without using any SDK:

    import sys
    import urllib
    import urllib2
    import requests


    while 1=1
          if (len(resp[‘data’][‘Table1’]) > 0
             #extract response here…



    This prototype demonstrated that while there were a few technical challenges along the way, it was relatively simple to build a speech recognition engine that can understand commands using Windows 10 IoT Core, .NET, and the Microsoft Speech Recognition SDK. 

    Further more, the intent of this project was also to demonstrate that Enzo Unified made it possible to code against multiple services without the need for an SDK on the client side regardless of the platform and the development language.  Abstracting SDKs through simple HTTP calls makes it possible to access Twilio, SharePoint Online, Azure services and much more without any additional libraries on the client system.

    About Herve Roggero

    Herve Roggero, Microsoft Azure MVP, @hroggero, is the founder of Enzo Unified (http://www.enzounified.com/). Herve's experience includes software development, architecture, database administration and senior management with both global corporations and startup companies. Herve holds multiple certifications, including an MCDBA, MCSE, MCSD. He also holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Indiana University. Herve is the co-author of "PRO SQL Azure" and “PRO SQL Server 2012 Practices” from Apress, a PluralSight author, and runs the Azure Florida Association.

              Raspberry Pi Zero W - Media Streamer   

    Originally posted on: http://geekswithblogs.net/MobileLOB/archive/2017/05/08/raspberry-pi-zero-w---media-streamer.aspx

    So I’ve been wanting to update my media streamer for a while.

    In our kitchen  I have an amp and speakers,  and I have a Raspberry Pi One acting as a media streamer,  primarily for use with Air Play.

    IMG 0246


    It sounds truly amazing.    I did the build for around £30.     


    Here is my build list -


    Software - http://Volumio.org


    Pi Zero W - Board only



    Hammer on - Header Board - this is genius



    DAC Board - Gives the Pi Decent Sound capability



    Metal stand-offs - These just look nice




    Parts I already had - 

    8 Gb Micro SD Card

    Power Supply - Used an old phone charger

    Micro USB Cable

    RCA Cable

    Amp + Speakers




              Twin Cities Tops List Of Biggest Raspberry Consumers   
    We've got some berry exciting news, Minnesota!
              Falling Acorns Chandelier Hanging Pendant Lighting Fixture, Cascading Raspberry Shaped Glass Shades, Modern BootsNGus Lamps, Bulbs Included by BootsNGus   

    160.00 USD

    This beautiful chandelier features 3 cascading textured clear glass globes. The globes are acorn shaped and the textured glass casts wonderful shadows all around the room.

    This chandelier can come with a white ceiling plate and all necessary hardware for direct hard-wire installation into the ceiling, OR it can hang from hooks and then plug into any wall outlet. You can choose the hanging style upon checkout.

    If you choose the Direct Hard-Wire hanging option and you prefer a brushed nickel or bronze ceiling plate, let us know. They are available.

    If you choose the Plug Into Outlet hanging option, the cord and chain (from the ceiling hook to the plug that goes into the outlet) is 12 feet long and we include 2 steel ceiling hooks with this option.

    Overall length: 36" (3 feet long) from the ceiling to the bottom of the lowest globe.
    Each globe measures: 6" tall and 5.5" in diameter
    Custom hanging lengths are available upon request.

    Chandelier takes E12 candelabra base bulbs which are easily found at home improvement stores, department stores, hardware stores or dollar stores. We include 15 watt bulbs. Lids are specially designed to allow heat to escape. Maximum wattage is 40 watts per globe unless using an LED or Energy Efficient bulb.

    Ring is 5 3/4" in diameter.
    Ring is made from birch wood and is not painted or stained but can be upon request.

    220 Volt option is available. 220 Volt is compatible for all of Europe, Asia and Australia and can be selected upon checkout. The 220 Volt option will take standard E27 bulbs. Bulbs not included.

    Please contact us with any questions. We are always available to help!

    Delivery confirmation is included.
    We ship worldwide and package our products with care.

    Our lights have been featured on HBO's Girls, ABC TVs Extreme Makeover Home Edition and have been featured in countless magazines from Rolling Stone to Reader's Digest. Each fixture is handcrafted and assembled by the two of us in our studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We've been selling on Etsy since 2009 and are proud to offer beautiful and unique high quality products and excellent customer service. Our lights hang in homes and businesses all over the globe and we are happy to add to the light of the world. See more of our handmade lighting fixtures and read positive reviews from our customers here: BootsNGus.etsy.com

    Find BootsNGus elsewhere on the WWW:
    Facebook: Boots n Gus

    All BootsNGus lighting fixtures and other products are handmade originals ©2009-2016 BootsNGusLLC designs. All rights reserved. All BootsNGus photos are originals taken by BootsNGusLLC ©2009-2016. All rights reserved.

              Raspberry Pi workshop at hamfest   
    SEA-PAC, an amateur radio hamfest in Seaside, Oregon hosted an all day Raspberry Pi workshop
              Ulubieńcy maja 2017   

    Maj dobiega końca, co mnie specjalnie nie cieszy, bo lubię ten miesiąc - za świeże warzywa, za wiosenny zapach w powietrzu i za majówkę. Może nie był on w tym roku zbyt ciepły, ale kilka letnich i słonecznych dni sprzyjało syntezie witaminy D. Wielu nowych produktów nie odkryłam (za to miałam wyjątkowo dużo przysmaków na granicy terminu ważności do wyjadania - dobrze, że zrobiłam przegląd zapasów ;)) i może czerwiec pod tym względem będzie ciekawszy. Poza niżej widocznymi produktami, do ulubieńców zdecydowanie mogę zaliczyć szczypiorek, pietruszkę, szparagi, botwinkę i młodą kapustę, a najlepsze jedzonko dopiero przed nami ;)


    Batoniki kupiłam już jakiś czas temu w Rossmannie i dobrze, że wzięłam od razu kilka sztuk, bo bardzo mi smakowały, a teraz ich nie widuję. Odpowiadała mi zarówno zwarta, minimalnie proszkowa struktura zlepków, jak i smak - umiarkowanie słodki, lekko kakaowy, z wyraźnie wyczuwalnym dodatkiem suszonych malin. Do brownie, batonów raczej bym nie porównała, ale na to specjalnie nie liczyłam, patrząc na listę składników - daktyle, orzechy nerkowca, syrop i otręby z brązowego ryżu, surowe kakao, masło kakaowe, skoncentrowane soki owocowe (jabłkowy, winogronowy, gruszkowy), malina, goji, skrobia ryżowa, sól morska i ekstrakt z zielonej herbaty nie zapowiadają smaku ciasta. 50 gramowa sztuka dostarcza 208kcal. 

    2. CUKIER KOKOSOWY (Zielony listek)

    Cukier kokosowy to obecnie moja ulubiona substancja słodząca, dodająca smaku wielu daniom, a ten powyższy także mnie nie zawiódł. Cechował się lekko karmelkowym smakiem (jego słodkość bym oceniła jako nieznacznie niższą od zwykłego cukru) oraz przyjaznym zapachem. Plusem cukru tej firmy jest także to, że zapakowano go w dwie osobne torebeczki, przez co dłużej zachowuje świeżość. Używam go najczęściej do kakao, kawy i jaglanek, a trochę zabieram ze sobą w małym słoiczku do pracy na wypadek, gdybym musiała coś posłodzić :)


    Przez cały maj migdały, wraz z innymi orzechami, stanowiły częsty dodatek do moich śniadań. Te widoczne powyżej cechowały się naturalnym i świeżym smakiem oraz cudownym aromatem, który jeszcze bardziej dawał o sobie znać pod wpływem wizyty w piekarniku ;) Kupuję je w Tesco i polecam, tak jak inne orzechy i suszone owoce tej firmy.


    Zazwyczaj używam kakao surowego, ale tym razem kupiłam takie odtłuszczone, z myślą o wyrobach pieczonych i to sprawdziło się znakomicie. Proszek jest aromatyczny, ma bardzo bogaty smak i dość ciemny kolor. 


    Dawno nie jadłam już bananów tej firmy, ale kończący się termin ważności mnie do tego skłonił. Te, które miałam ostatnim razem, były chyba w nieco większych kawałkach, ale pod względem smaku nie mogę im nic zarzucić. Łączyły w sobie aromat słodkich suszonych bananów o żujnej konsystencji, z niesamowitym smakiem surowej czekolady - naprawdę cudowna kombinacja. W składzie znajdziemy czekoladę złożoną z ziarna kakaowca, cukru palmowego i masła kakaowego oraz suszone banany, a wszystko to z upraw ekologicznych. W 100g przysmaku mieści się 438kcal. 

    6. WODA KOKOSOWA (Vera Farm)

    O tej wodzie kokosowej chyba już kiedyś w ulubieńcach wspominałam, ale w maju sporo jej wypiłam, czemu sprzyjały podróże i promocja w Rossmannie :D Uwielbiam tę wodę za jej pyszny kokosowy, orzeźwiający smak (wg mnie smakuje jak ta pita prosto z młodego kokosu), naturalny skład i bogactwo elektrolitów - świetnie nawadnia po wysiłku fizycznym. 


    Nie będę się teraz o tych krówkach rozpisywać, bo w środę na blogu pojawi się recenzja, ale na miejsce w notce z ulubieńcami miesiąca zasługują ;)


    Na śniadania standardowo najczęściej jadłam owsianki - gotowane oraz pieczone, a także placki, a w niedzielę kanapki. Gotowane zagęszczałam zazwyczaj budyniem waniliowym, a do pieczonych przeważnie dokładałam rabarbar, komponujący się pysznie np. ze słodkim bananem (w ogóle w maju zjadłam dużo bananów - bardzo lubię te ekologiczne z Lidla) - przepis na taką owsiankę znajdziecie tutaj

    9. OBIADY

    Na obiad z kolei najczęściej jadłam mieszanki warzywno - kaszowo - strączkowe, zupy (zwłaszcza botwinkową z mleczkiem kokosowym), a raz robiłam kotlety buraczano jaglane. W moich daniach nie brakowało szparagów, szczypiorku, mrożonej fasolki czy brokułów, a także ekologicznej cukinii z Lidla - jest przepyszna :)

    A moje dania na wynos najczęściej wyglądały tak, jak zestaw widoczny powyżej - składały się z komosy ryżowej (lub niepalonej kaszy gryczanej) ugotowanej z czarną fasolą z dodatkiem oliwek oraz warzyw, hummusu i koncentratu pomidorowego. 

    Chyba wszystkie produkty recenzowane w maju zaliczyć mogę do ulubieńców miesiąca. Chałwy, jakie otrzymałam w ramach współpracy od firmy Gacjana (a zwłaszcza orzechowa) były przepyszne, podobnie jak czekolady hiszpańskiej firmy Sole oraz masło orzechowe firmy Horizon - chyba najlepsze fistaszkowe, jakie do tej pory jadłam :)

    Masło z orzechów ziemnych Horizon
    Organiczna czekolada z pomarańczą Sole
    Chałwy lniane Gacjana - żurawinowa i orzechowa
    Organiczna czekolada z cynamonem Sole

    A czy Wam udało się odkryć w maju coś dobrego?

              eFlow Nutrition Encinerate   

    Encinerate ENCINERATE was designed to help increase your body’s ability to burn fat through metabolic stimulation!  No jitters, no shakes. Just smooth clean energy with enhanced fat incinerating effects! Increased Energy and Alertness!* enhanced Metabolic Function!* Accelerated Fat Loss!* Maximized Appetite Control!* We also added a variety of ingredients to the fat incinerating blend, such as Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea Extract, Guarana Extract, Dandelion root and Rhodiola root, which synergistically combine with CNS stimulants and optimize the fat burning.

    The post eFlow Nutrition Encinerate appeared first on Fitness Deal News.

              Anet A8 ab 131€ (3D Drucker, Bausatz)   

    Neupreis: 130,82€ (Gutscheincode GBA8EU)
    Zum Angebot ( Gearbest.com)
    Techn. Daten: Bausatz 3D Drucker, Düsendicke 0,4 mm, Druckdicke 0,1 - 0,3 mm, 220 x 220 x 240 Druckgröße, SD Kartenslot,  G-code, OBJ, STL, LC-Display

    China scheint aktuell gefallen an günstigen 3D Druckern gefunden zu haben, was für uns ja nicht zum Nachteil sein muss. ;-) Der Anet A8 ist gerade ab 130,82€ auf Gearbest.com als Import erhältlich. In diesem Falle musst du vor der Nutzung allerdings ein wenig dein handwerkliches Geschick unter Beweis stellen: es handelt sich um einen Do-it-Yourself Bausatz.

     A8 Desktop 3D Printer Prusa i3A8 Desktop 3D Printer Prusa i3A8 Desktop 3D Printer Prusa i3A8 Desktop 3D Printer Prusa i3

    Irgendwie finde ich die 3D Drucker natürlich auch ziemlich interessant. Eigentlich wüsste ich aber nicht wirklich, was ich ständig drucken soll. :-D Mit einem Raspberry Pi Projekt im Kopf, schaut es jedoch schon anders aus. Schneller kommt man kaum an ein frisch gedrucktes Gehäuse, eine Aufnahme oder sonstigen Halterungen die man gerade so benötigt. Allerdings dauert es ein wenig bis der A8 Desktop 3D Printer Prusa i3 einsatzbereit ist. Der 3D-Drucker wird nämlich in Einzelteilen geliefert. Mit der beiliegenden Anleitung und dem passenden Werkzeug sollte das aber auch alles im Rahmen des Machbaren sein. Auf YouTube gibt es sogar Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitungen für den Zusammenbau.
    Die Druckfläche liegt bei recht großen 220 x 220 240 mm und einer Düsendicke von 0,4 mm. Die Dicke der Drucklagen liegt zwischen 0,1 und 0,3 mm. Mit dem SD Kartenslot lassen sich auch offline Drucke erstellen. Die Formate G-code,OBJ und STL werden unterstützt.
     Die Geschwindigkeit beim Drucken liegt bei maximal 100mm/s. Die verwendete Software ist Cura. Auf dem LCD Bildschirm lassen sich wie üblich wichtige Informationen ablesen. Als verwendbares Material ist ABS, Nylon, PVA, PLA Holz und auch Leuchtfäden nutzbar.

    • Auf Amazon wird mit 5,0 Stars 50  Sternen bei 1 Kundenrezensionen bewertet. (Stand 10.11.2016)

    Testberichte / Erfahrungen / Meinungen

    Tatsächlich gibt es sogar eine Rezension auf Amazon.de zu finden. Wenngleich der Preis auch recht teuer erscheint, ist der Käufer mit seiner Wahl zufrieden. Das Zusammenbauen mit Hilfe der erwähnten YouTube Videos sei in 3-4 Stunden erledigt. Die Ergebnisse nach dem Einarbeiten in den Drucker sollen ziemlich gut sein. Diese Meinung spiegelt auch die der Käufer auf den unterschiedlichsten Import Seiten wieder. Günstig, leicht verständlich zusammenbaubar und ziemlich praktisch.


    • Bausatz 3D Drucker
    • Düsendicke 0,4 mm
    • Druckdicke 0,1 - 0,3 mm
    • 220 x 220 x 240 Druckgröße
    • SD Kartenslot,  G-code, OBJ, STL
    • LC-Display

    Neupreis: 130,82€ (Gutscheincode GBA8EU)
    Zum Angebot ( Gearbest.com)
    Techn. Daten: Bausatz 3D Drucker, Düsendicke 0,4 mm, Druckdicke 0,1 - 0,3 mm, 220 x 220 x 240 Druckgröße, SD Kartenslot,  G-code, OBJ, STL, LC-Display

              Microsoft made its AI work on a $10 Raspberry Pi   

    When you're far from a cell tower and need to figure out if that bluebird is Sialia sialis or Sialia mexicana, no cloud server is going to help you. That's why companies are squeezing AI onto portable devices, and Microsoft has just taken that to a new extreme by putting deep learning algorithms onto a Raspberry Pi. The goals is to get AI onto "dumb" devices like sprinklers, medical implants and soil sensors to make them more useful, even if there's no supercomputer or internet connection in sight.

    Via: Mashable

    Source: Microsoft

              Satılık Raspberry 3    

    Satılık raspberry pi 3 bir tane almıştım normalde media center olarak kullanmak için sonra da bir CTF yarışmasından bir adet daha kazandım bu fazla olanı satmak istiyorum . Fiyat 115 ₺


              Kano Computer Kit w/ Raspberry Pi 3 for $120 shipped (Reg. $150)   

    Amazon offers the Kano Computer Kit for $119.99 shipped. That’s a savings of $30 from the regular going rate as well as other retailers like Adafruit and is the best offer currently available. Today’s deal is also within $2 of the Amazon all-time low. The kit carries a 4.3/5 star rating, but you can also check out our review for our hands-on impression.


              How do you like your raspberry Pi? Computer scoops award   
    The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that is manufactured in Bridgend.
              Comment on Lemon Raspberry Pie Recipe by Miz Helen   
    What a beautiful pie, we will love your Lemon Raspberry Pie! Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend and thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday! Miz Helen
              Comment on Lemon Raspberry Pie Recipe by roseannmhampton   
    I love raspberries! Pinning to try!
              The MagPi #59   
    Author: Varios
    Year: 2017
    Publisher: Autoedición
    Pages: 100
    Size: 25.69 Mbs (pdf)
    Language: english

    The Raspberry Pi PC Challenge What can’t you do with a $35 computer? Very little, it seems. Rob spent a week using a Raspberry Pi 3 as his one-and-only computer. From working on his magazine articles, editing images, to watching videos and playing games. The results make for fascinating reading. Plus! All this inside issue 59:
    • Create a SatNav robot
    • Discover precision robotics with Big Rob
    • Design a Dog Treat Dispenser
    • Keep Scooby in snacks with this clever pet project
    • Build a GPS tracking device
    • The ultimate movement tracker for land and sea adventures
    • Master Bluetooth
    • Take control of your Raspberry Pi remotely

              Arduino-compatible robot dev kit includes RPi 3 and Tinker Board add-ons   

    Husarion unveiled an Arduino-ready “Core2” robotics board for web based prototyping, plus a Linux-ready “Core2-ROS” that adds an RPi 3 or Tinker Board.

    San Francisco based robotics firm Husarion, which has previously launched an industrial picker robot called the RoboCore, has gone to Crowd Supply to pitch a new Husarion Core2 prototyping platform for the robotics maker community. The $89 Cortex-M4 based Core2 controller board, which includes an ESP32 WiFi adapter, is also available in a version that runs Linux and Robot Operating System called the Core2-ROS. The ROS version replaces the ESP32 with a WiFi-ready Raspberry Pi 3 or Asus Tinker Board SBC.

    Read more

              GNU/Linux Boards: Orange Pi, Le Potato, and Liteboard   
    • Orange Pi Plus 2e OS Installation

      Similar to the Raspberry Pi is the Orange Pi series of single board systems.

      These single boards are not compatible with the Operating System (OS) images for Raspberry Pi. In this article we will cover installing and setting up an OS.

    • New Libre-Focused ARM Board Aims To Compete With Raspberry Pi 3, Offers 4K

      There's another ARM SBC (single board computer) trying to get crowdfunded that could compete with the Raspberry Pi 3 while being a quad-core 64-bit ARM board with 4K UHD display support, up to 2GB RAM, and should be working soon on the mainline Linux kernel.

      The "Libre Computer Board" by the Libre Computer Project is this new Kickstarter initiative, in turn is the work of Shenzhen Libre Technology Co. Through Kickstarter the project is hoping to raise $50k USD. The board is codenamed "Le Potato."

      Le Potato is powered by a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU while its graphics are backed by ARM Mali-450. Connectivity on the board includes HDMI 2.0, 4 x USB 2.0, 100Mb, eMMC, and microSD. Sadly, no Gigabit Ethernet or USB 3.0. Unlike the Raspberry Pi 3, it also goes without onboard WiFi/Bluetooth.

    • Open spec, sandwich-style SBC runs Linux on i.MX6UL based COM

      Grinn and RS Components unveiled a Linux-ready “Liteboard” SBC that uses an i.MX6 UL LiteSOM COM, with connectors compatible with Grinn Chiliboard add-ons.

      UK-based distributor RSA Components is offering a new sandwich-style SBC from Polish embedded firm Grinn. The 60-Pound ($78) Liteboard, which is available with schematics, but no community support site, is designed to work with the separately available, SODIMM-style LiteSOM computer-on-module. The LiteSOM sells for 25 Pounds ($32) or 30 Pounds ($39) with 2GB eMMC flash. It would appear that the 60-Pound Liteboard price includes the LiteSOM, but if so, it’s unclear which version. There are detailed specs on the module, but no schematics.

              Raspberry Pi Starter kit Lesson 8: Active Buzzer   
    Overview In this lesson, we’ll learn how to drive active buzzer using Raspberry Pi. Hareware Preparation 1 * Raspberry Pi 1 * Breadboard 1 * Buzzer Jumper wires 1 * T-Extension Board 1 * 40-Pin Cable Work principle There are active buzzer and passive buzzer, then what’s the difference between active and passive buzzer?  there ...Read the Rest
              Scented Friendship Key chains, Peanut Butter Keychain Jelly Sandwich, Personalized Set of 2, Best Friends Accessories,Couples Gift Foodie by HugsKissesMINI   

    41.40 USD

    "We go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly” is the motto for a True Friendship!! ♥
    Two sweet miniature bread toasts, one covered with peanut butter and the other with red raspberry jelly and the opposite hearts on them! Paired up by the two miniature knifes that "spread" those hearts and on the back... your & your friend’s initial & a tiny heart!
    When the two toasts are put side by side show that a heart is created between them… Could there be any sweeter Key chains for two Best Friends? ;-D

    ** Scented with a light aroma of Peanut Butter & Raspberry they become that much more special!! **
    *NOTE* ► If you'd prefer your accessory pieces NOT to be scented, you can find the Unscented version here available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/172838949/friendship-key-chains-peanut-butter

    This listing is for TWO (2) Key chains. Just choose which two initials you want on the back of the toasts from the drop down menu on the right, while placing your order.
    ► "Initial Jelly toast" : The first Initial (on the left) will be the one written with Peanut Butter on the back of the Jelly toast
    ► "Initial P-B (Peanut Butter) toast" :The Second Initial will be the one written with Jelly on the back of the Peanut Butter toast
    (for example see 3rd photo)

    These two adorable toasts are handmade out of polymer clay and measure almost 2,2 x 2 cm each. The miniature knives are metal and have peanut butter & jam on them that is also handmade out of polymer clay. Each toast hangs from a metal key chain with a heart shaped key ring.

    Also available as Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Friendship Necklaces!

    ... as Strawberry & Banana Chocolate Sandwich Friendship Rings!

    ... and as Fairy Bread Friendship Necklaces!

    Check out all the Personalized Mini Food here:

    Your mini food keychain will reach you safely wrapped in the sweetest organza bon bon pouch in the colors of "Hugs & Kisses”, for you to hold as a keepsake or gift to someone special...

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    If you would like this creation with different ingredients, turned into another type of jewelry, or the metal parts replaced by sterling silver... no problem! Message me before the purchase, so we can agree on the changes and the price and I will create a private listing just for you.

    All items are made to order so each piece will look slightly different... just like real food always does! But still as perfect as the one you see in the pictures :-)

    Orders are shipped as registered mail with tracking number. Shipment is within 2-8 business days after payment is cleared. In case you need something sooner, then convo me and I'll do my best to speed it up and make you happy.

    Please read my Shop Policies before purchasing:

    * (for Greek buyers) ΓΙΑ ΑΓΟΡΑΣΤΕΣ ΑΠΟ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ: Υπάρχει και η δυνατότητα κατάθεσης σε τραπεζικό λογαριασμό, δεν χρειάζεται πιστωτική κάρτα. Παρακαλώ επικοινωνήστε μαζί μου πριν ολοκληρώσετε την αγορά σας.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    All images, ideas, designs & content © Hugs&Kisses, Ada Kalomoiri. All rights reserved.

              Martha Stewart and Seth Meyers Had the Best Time Over Rosé and Pop-Tarts   
    Martha Stewart, lifestyle guru extraordinaire and queen of living her best life, stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday to cook up a tasty meal for her host and longtime friend. Homemade raspberry pop tarts, a sausage-and-egg strata with Swiss chard, and a blueberry ricotta tart were on the menu — as were…
              Comment on Connect Raspberry Pi as Managed Device to IBM Watson IoT Platform by TimMinter   
    Hi, when installing and running a Pi Zero V1.3 (with wifi dongle) the install completes OK but no device ID is returned by the IoT status command... this is the result of that command and the status command. Can anyone help? pi@raspberrypi:~ $ service iot getdeviceid The device ID is For Real-time visualization of the data, visit http://quickstart.internetofthings.ibmcloud.com/?deviceId= pi@raspberrypi:~ $ service iot status ● iot.service - LSB: IoT service Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/iot) Active: active (exited) since Thu 2017-06-29 15:25:28 UTC; 19min ago
              Comment on Cherry Caprese Pasta Salad by Raspberry Lemon Kombucha Sangria - google healths   
    […] Cherry Caprese Pasta Salad from Byte Sized Nutrition […]
              EOS-Book #38 ESPertino non solo Maker!   

    È uscito l'EOS-Book di giugno! La copertina di questo mese è ancora dedicata alla nostra nuova scheda ESPertino, che ha riscosso notevole successo tra tutti i nostri lettori. Tanti interessanti articoli sulla scheda più flessibile che c'è. Troverete, inoltre, ulteriori articoli e progetti interessanti dedicati all'IoT, alle schede di sviluppo, alle stampanti 3D, alla progettazione dei PCB, e alle applicazioni del Raspberry Pi. Abbiamo poi proseguito con nuove puntate dei nostri corsi sul Raspberry Pi. Buona lettura! La copertina dell'EOS-Book #38   Il sommario dell'EOS-Book #38   Bot per Telegram con ESPertino Realizziamo una scatola nera per automobile con ESPertino Realizziamo applicazioni IoT con il Raspberry Pi 3 Festeggiamo il capodanno con ESPertino La scheda Photon Wi-Fi ed Electron 2G/3G […]

               Microsoft brings AI onto Raspberry Pi 3    
    Microsoft is taking a huge leap in artificial intelligence and machine learning by incorporating it into a tiny device such as the Raspberry Pi 3.
              I need a coffee the size of my butt ® Terry Racerback Tank Top. Cute Tank Top . Bruch Shirt . Coffee Lover . by LiftHerUpCo   

    19.95 USD

    This tank was made to brighten your day and is made to order!

    All colors are available (other than the one shown in picture) The colors listed are in stock and will ship within the set shipping time. If you choose "Other" please leave the color you would like in the notes at checkout and know it will take 3-7 business days to ship. Other colors: Light Orange, Lilac, Navy, Mint, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Raspberry, red, royal and white.

    This is a super soft, comfortable wear all day, any day racerback tank top.

    It is 50% ring-spun combed cotton and 50% polyester French terry lightweight jersey. They are pre-shrunk. These run true to women's sizing.

              Microsoft fait fonctionner une « vraie » IA avec une simple Raspberry Pi   
    Le développement « matériel » des technologies d’intelligence artificielle suit pour l’instant deux courants principaux; le premier courant, qui est aussi le plus important en terme de coûts, implique de très gros serveurs de calculs destinés à effectuer des traitements sur une masse considérable de données (Big Data); c’est la …

    Lire la suite

    Aimez KultureGeek sur Facebook, et suivez-nous sur Twitter

              Raspberry Cream Parfait ~ Flashback Friday   
    We are having a big celebration in Canada tomorrow, as we mark 150 years since confederation.  I'm bringing back a dessert idea that I shared here a few years ago, but this time with Canada Day twist.  Serving up desserts in wee mason jars makes them perfect for picnics and parties. 

    The original recipe had a chocolate crumb crust, but I used the graham cracker crust this time.

    Graham Wafer Base:

    • 1 1/4 cup graham cracker crumbs
    • 1/4 cup melted butter
    Cream Filling:
    • 1 cup whipping cream
    • 1 tablespoon sugar
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla
    • 4 oz. / 125 ml cream cheese
    • 1/2 cup icing sugar (confectioners' sugar)
      Raspberry Sauce:
    • 1 1/2 cups crushed raspberries
    • 1/2 cup sugar
    • 3 tablespoons water
    • 1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch
    • 1 1/2 tablespoons water
    • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
    1. Prepare raspberry sauce.  Combine raspberries, sugar and three tablespoons of water. Blend cornstarch with 1 1/2 tablespoons water until smooth; stir into berry mixture. Cook until mixture thickens and boils, stirring regularly. (Can be done in the microwave).  Add lemon juice. Set aside to cool.
    2. To prepare the base, combine graham cracker crumbs and butter.  
    3. Pack crumbs into the bottom of 10 parfait glasses (or 10 x 125 ml. mason jars).
    4. For cream filling: Combine whipping cream, sugar and vanilla and beat until stiff.  In a separate bowl, combine cream cheese and icing sugar; beat until smooth.  Add the whipped cream to the cream cheese mixture and whip to combine well.
    5. Carefully add cream layer to the parfait glasses. * 
    6. Spoon cooled raspberry sauce over whipped cream layer.
    7. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
    8. Just before serving, garnish with additional whipped cream, fresh and fresh berries.
     Serves 10.

    * Put whipped cream mixture into a Ziploc bag, seal and snip corner. Squeeze into serving dishes without making a mess.

    Tip: By adding a few blueberries on top, we can also celebrate the July 4th. My sincere apologizes to our American friends for the wee American flag that was upside down on the photo with blueberries that appeared here earlier.  How did I not notice that when I took the picture?

              The weekend cook: Thomasina Miers’ raspberry recipes   

    Of all our glorious summer berries, the raspberry is far and away my favourite

    My love of British apples is so strong that, despite the delights of summer, I always feel a bit bereft that they’re no longer available. No matter, berries are there to save the day at this time of year, and I find none as delicious as the raspberry. I like to use raspberries in savoury and sweet dishes alike, which is one reason I’m so delighted by the resurgence of raspberry vinegar, thanks in no small part to our love affair with all things Scandinavian. So, today, I’ve used them in a wonderfully colourful savoury salad, and in a lemongrass-infused compote that transforms a homemade scone.

    Continue reading...
              Your Code in Spaaace!   
    In the ISS there are two Astro Pi computers, Ed and Izzy, equipped with Sense HATs, two different camera modules (visual and IR), and stored in rather special cases. They are now running code written by UK school children - the winners of a competition. The data will be feeding back soon! Inspired? If you're a UK child aged from 8-18, you can enter two new music-based coding challenges. Also, after the current set of programs have been run, the Astro Pi machines will be entering flight recording mode, recording sensor readings (including pitch, roll, yaw, rotational intensity, acceleration, humidity, pressure, temperature and magnetic field strength) into a database every 10 seconds. Example data is available now, so you can prepare for the real thing becoming available in late February / March. Can you detect crew activity, O2 repressurisation, the South Atlantic Anomaly or even a CHX dry-out? The winners of the previous competition:
    • Crew Detector - tries to determine if a crew member is nearby and then takes a photo
    • Spacecraft - visualise the sensor data as structures in a Minecraft world
    • Flags - Figure out where the ISS is above and shows the flag of the country
    • Watchdog - Monitors the environment, raising alarms if temperature / pressure / humidity move outside acceptable parameters. Compensates for the thermal transfer between the sensors and the CPU
    • Uses the IR camera to produce a measure of plant health
    • Reaction Games - tests reaction speeds during the mission to see if this changes over time
    • Radiation - uses the camera to detect high-energy space radiation

              Comment on Raspberry Sorbet Wine Spritzer by Shelby   
    Oh, this is something I need to try this summer!
              Sixteen Handles   
    Last night while dangling my legs over the fire escape and watching traffic whiz by, I noticed a line forming across the street outside of an obnoxiously orange storefront. I wondered aloud to my roommates Alex and Tyler what could be going on.

    "8-cent yogurt," Alex replied.

    "What do you mean, 8-cent yogurt?" I asked and immediately dove back through the window for my sandals and camera.

    Sixteen Handles
    is one of the many stores to jump on New York's frozen yogurt bandwagon and boasts a commitment to the environment as well as probiotic packed treats. What could be better than bio-degradable spoons, cups and a healthy dose of bifidus acidophilus? It all seems gushingly green-- at least at first glance.

    We trekked over to the line and queried as to the promotion. On that particular night the $0.08 yogurt could be had with a text message coupon sent to the first 888 people. The 888th person to receive the text would win free yogurt for a year.

    "Dangerous," Alex remarked.

    "Very," I agreed.

    Tyler tapped his foot with impatience.

    Unlike PinkBerry and Tasti D-Lite, Sixteen Handles lets you dish up your own yogurt and toppings minus the "More nuts, no wait, less, and kiwi not blackberries," hassle. Flavors range from cheesecake and raspberry ice to irish mint and white chocolate. My favorite was the tangy 'Euro Tart,' whose name makes me think of some trashy Spanish harlot with teased hair and fishnets. At the end of the line you load up on toppings and then cash in at $0.46 per ounce.

    We got in line, pulled on a few handles and threw on some toppings. Despite their healthful claims and 70-90 calorie servings, every yogurt contains some sort of corn sweetener, corn stabilizer and three-syllable conditioners. So much for the skim milk, I thought as I tossed on some crushed Oreos and M&Ms.

    Tyler was still fidgeting impatiently as we approached the register. Spoonless, I bit the peak of my yogurt bowl just as an elated, cultured-yogurt cry went up from two employees at the register. The man just in front of Tyler shrugged his shoulders and accepted the pats of congratulations from his fellow yogurt eaters. Tyler's face fell in horror. He hesitated with inner-conflict, but finally surrendered his bowl to the scale. "That'll be $10.13 please," said one of the flushed register girls. Tyler shuffled away muttering obscenities.

    I admit, we were all a little bitter having been the 889th, 10th and 11th customers, but we're slowly recovering from the shock. However, I still harbor my concerns. It seems contradictory that a business claiming to be stewards of the environment with compostable spoons and cups fails to provide a composting bin for the waste. They admit, "We're not perfect," but much can be gathered from their decision to provide refined sweeteners rather than pure cane sugar and bottled water rather than a tap faucet. The yogurt is decent, but nothing revolutionary. Overall Sixteen Handles, like its name, is just a novel play on the original.

    I'm not a huge frozen yogurt fan to begin with. I'd rather have ice cream any day of the week. So I can't help but wonder, what happens when winter hits? The New York Times asked this week, "Will the cupcake craze fizzle out?" Cupcakes are pretty classic, summer or winter, but yogurt seems to hit the spot when the heat is on. Remember when TCBY died out with rollerblades in the mid-90s? Bottom line: If Sixteen Handles want to stay on the scene, they should distinguish themselves with a real commitment, rather than a half-hearted attempt at green-washing.
              Comment on Create a Raspberry Pi Photo Booth for Your Next Party by Cesar Muniz   
    How were you able to add primter
              Выпуск Minoca 0.4, операционной системы для потребительских интернет-устройств   
    Состоялся релиз операционной системы Minoca 0.4, ориентированной на потребительские интернет-устройства и встраиваемую технику. Код распространяется под лицензией GPLv3. Сборки подготовлены для архитектур x86, ARMv6 и ARMv7, в том числе сформированы загрузочные образы для плат Raspberry Pi 1/2/3, BeagleBone Black, Asus C201, PandaBoard и Galileo, а также эмулятор на основе QEMU.
              RPi sound card selection   

    I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and a Star Tech 7.1 USB Sound Card.

    The sound card is identified as "USB Sound Device (Alsa Mixer)" in the RPi. WSJT-X shows a large selection of sound cards none of which matches the description in the RPi. I tried setting the Star Tech as "default" and selecting "default" in WSJT-X. Is this the correct procedure?

    It still does not work. I connected the Line In of the sound card to the audio output of my K2 (the same connection that I use with my PC sound card for all my digital comm). I enabled the Line In level setting and tried adjusting it.

    I just need to know if I am selecting the sound card correctly.

    Jim WA4YWM

              Create mini Linux servers using the Odroid C2   
    If you're into trying out various distributions or enjoy having various Linux 'servers' to ssh into and play around with, then you should get started with single-board computers. They're cheap, robust and fun.This quick tutorial focuses on the Odroid c2. The features vastly outweigh what's available for the popular Raspberry Pi.
              Orange Pi Plus 2e OS Installation   
    Similar to the Raspberry Pi is the Orange Pi series of single board systems.These single boards are not compatible with the Operating System (OS) images for Raspberry Pi. In this article we will cover installing and setting up an OS.
              What's new in PiCluster v1.9?   
    PiCluster is a great platform to manage and orchestrate Docker containers. Although it started as a way to manage my Raspberry Pi’s, it can be run on any operating system that supports Node.js and Docker.
              Clearance Duresta Minnelli Day Bed in Marble Butterfly Raspberry   
    Clearance Duresta Minnelli Day Bed in Marble Butterfly Raspberry

    Price: £2,090.00 Special Price: £1,254.00

              Lifeplan Raspberry Ketone Natural Extract 500mg 90 Capsules   
    In humans, hormone adiponectin helps regulate glucose and may also play a role in fat metabolism. 90 Capsules, each providing 500mg Raspberry Ketone Extract.* *of which Raspberry Ketone 100mg

    Price: £19.99 Special Price: £16.99

              Lifeplan Raspberry Leaf 425mg 60 Capsules   

    kind are used in the manufacturing process. Each capsule typically provides: Raspberry Leaf 425mg.

    Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf Powder, Capsule Shell (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose).

    Directions: Take one to two capsules daily with food, or open to make a herbal tea. Suitable for Vegans.

    Price: £6.29 Special Price: £5.99

              Pure Blend Natures Design   
    Product Image
    Pure Blend Natures Design
    Expires Jul 16, 2017

              Raspberry Pi Scoops Top Engineering Award   
    Micro computer maker Raspberry Pi awarded UK's top award by the Royal Academy of Engineering
              RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi)   

    RISC OS Open are very pleased to announce the official release of RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi, “RISC OS Pi”. This is a watershed moment for RISC OS and represents the culmination of many months of hard work from a whole community of developers, testers and other contributors. It also means the Raspberry Pi can now boast support for the quick, compact, original ARM-based operating system.

    This is the first ‘official’ release of RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi. It is intended to be programmed onto an SD card (2GB or larger) and can be downloaded free from the Raspberry Pi download site, as an SD card image or as a torrent. Alternatively, you can buy a specially-branded SD card already programmed and tested direct from RISC OS Open.

    Eben Upton, from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, had the following to say about the RISC OS release: “Having spent a lot of time in my youth pining over Acorn Archimedes and RiscPC products, it’s a great moment for me personally to see an evolved version of the original ARM operating system brought to the Raspberry Pi. From the Foundation’s point of view, we welcome the arrival of an alternative desktop environment, offering a rich suite of applications, and with BBC BASIC only a few keystrokes away.”

    Steve Revill, from RISC OS Open, added: “We’re proud and excited to have achieved this milestone in the development of RISC OS. It’s so good to see some great British software engineering to complement the fantastic British Raspberry Pi hardware.”

              "RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi)" by Luke Evans (1706)   

    BTW, the donation link on the front page is broken.

    My enthusiasm was about to turn into cash, but it got thwarted ;-)

              "RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi)" by Luke Evans (1706)   

    This is SO cool!

    Exactly what I was hoping to run on my Pi.

    I had no idea this was coming, or even had arrived. Just suddenly thought this weekend “I wish I could put RISC OS on my Raspberry Pi”. Great timing!

              "RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi)" by Daniel (1698)   

    Congratulations on the release. Should this be added to the main downloads html page? http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads

    I also noticed there is a Fedora image that is not on the html page. What’s the foundation’s policy on what goes on the html page?

              "RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi)" by Ed Avis (1694)   

    Does it support USB floppy drives and reading Acorn format discs?

              "RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi)" by Trevor Johnson (329)   

    NewIT in Norfolk is selling a Debian RasPi SD card. Any thoughts on asking if they’ll consider doing similarly for RISC OS?

              "RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi)" by Trevor Johnson (329)   

    Nice one, Eric :-) Personally, I’d be on 6.x/4.39 (and a noisy HDD) without shared source RO5.

              "RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi)" by Eric Rucker (325)   

    Trevor: Still using RISC OS 4.42 (well, the A9home users are still stuck on that, right?), 5.13 (and on leftover Iyonixes only) or 4.02/4.39/6.20 on IOMD hardware?

    Gotta say, this works quite well. Except for the ROM glitch with saving CMOS (and it’d be nice to have the GPU/CPU memory split as a Configure item (even if it actually just changes what start.elf is used), rather than having to manually change the file), it’s quite excellent.

    Went ahead and submitted this to OSNews, too.

              "RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi)" by Trevor Johnson (329)   

    Congratulations on this milestone achievement! Where would we be without ROOL?

              "RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi)" by Stephen Scott (491)   

    Congratulations to everyone involved in achieving this.

              "RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi)" by Jochen Lueg (1597)   

    Excellent news. Congratulations to all concerned.


              "RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi)" by Rebecca (1663)   

    This is fantastic news. Well done and thank you to everyone involved in this project.

              New Release @ Ranena Olivier Couture   
    I have another new release for you...just as I promised.Yes ladies BoHo is here. This hot little number is in the store right now and it comes in 6 different colors with 2 jacket options (with and without collar) and 2 bra options (matching and complimentary color). You can dress it up for a evening out or wear the jacket and top with some jeans or slacks for casual day.

    1st Floor on the left

    I also have a cute little summer top is perfect for those hot summer days and you just need something light and airy on. The top comes is 6 irresistible colors.

    Misha Summer Top
    1st Floor on the right

    Coming Soon!

    These beauties will be in the store soon the Patched Leather Biker Jacket, The Summer Shorts Collection and the Corset Tops. These separates are perfect for mixing and matching in any wardrobe.

    I also have Neiva Kumasi Lingerie by Misha Flanagan (my little sister) in the building so take a look at her wonderful designs 1st floor on the left

    And Aurora Borelalis Jewelry

    Come on down take a look around and enjoy your visit.

    Happy Shopping Beautiful Ones Hugzzzz

              Write an Android application by joshuaarneson   
    Application will be a simple inventory bar-scanning application. Barcodes will be 1D. Will also need to be able to communicate with Raspberry Pi over bluetooth to relay queries and transactions to local network-connected MS SQL Server 2012... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Android, Microsoft SQL Server, Mobile Phone, Raspberry Pi)
              Comment on How to Make Snack Time Healthy for Kids + $50 Amazon Giveaway 7/14 US by Celeste Herrin   
    I'm excited about blueberry and carrot! We have the raspberry beet. I try to keep lots of fruit cut and ready to eat in baggies for quick and easy snacking.
              Raspberry and Chocolate Lamingtons.   
    A delicious Australian recipe has been given a new twist; light chocolate cake is coated in fruity reduced sugar, raspberry jam, and rolled in coconut. Easy to make and a healthier version of the traditional tea time treats, these are … Continue reading
              Comment on Blueberry Honey Coconut Cups by Raspberry Caramel Chocolate Cups |   
    […] Blueberry Honey Coconut Cups […]
              Comment on Salted Raspberry Caramel Ice Cream by Cold Brew Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream |   
    […] Salted Raspberry Caramel Ice Cream […]
              Comment on Chocolate Chip Raspberry Shortbread Cookie Bars by juli   
              Projetos para Raspberry Pi - Sobrecarregue o seu PI   

    Sobrecarregue seu Raspberry Pi


    Prepare seu ferro de solda




    Nota: Nosso supercarregar seu artigo Raspberry Pi foi totalmente atualizado. Este recurso foi publicado pela primeira vez em fevereiro de 2013.


    Adoramos o Raspberry Pi em todas as suas formas desde que ele foi lançado em 2012. E é cada vez mais óbvio que o resto do mundo adora esses dispositivos também. Quando o Pi apareceu pela primeira vez, não pensamos que ninguém além de entusiastas e educadores ...



    O Raspberry Pi atingiu um acorde com hobbyistas em todo o mundo, de forma que nenhum outro dispositivo nos últimos anos tem. A produção inicial de todos os vários modelos - desde o original Raspberry Pi até o modelo Pi Zero mais recente - vende-se tão rapidamente que a maioria de nós tem que aguardar alguns meses antes de serem geralmente disponíveis, embora mesmo assim eles vendam Tão rápido quanto as fábricas podem fazê-los.



    Isso não é surpreendente, dado que é um computador totalmente funcional capaz de executar o Linux e - no caso do Pi 2 - até o Windows 10. O Pi Zero pode ser comprado por cinco libras, enquanto por £ 30 (cerca de US $ 45, AU $ 60) você pode obter um quad-core Raspberry Pi 2 com 1GB de RAM e toda a conectividade que você precisa em uma placa de tamanho de cartão de crédito. Não é de admirar que o objetivo do projeto de revolucionar a educação informática desatualizada no Reino Unido parece estar funcionando.

    Uma coisa é certa, porém - o mundo do hacker de hardware amador nunca foi o mesmo desde que o Pi apareceu pela primeira vez. Esses sistemas diminutivos, mas totalmente funcionais, são perfeitos para adicionar energia de processamento a locais incomuns, onde o espaço e a eletricidade são excelentes.


    Descubra o que mais você pode fazer com o pequeno PC, explorando nossa coleção de Projetos Raspberry Pi


    O recente projeto Astro Pi é apenas o último exemplo de Pi ser enviada para o espaço, enquanto a FishPi os vê preparados para atravessar o oceano, mas eles também estão encontrando usos em ambientes mais mundanos, ajudando a preparar cerveja doméstica ou a conduzir carros de controle remoto. Vamos analisar alguns projetos legais para o Pi e apresentá-lo às técnicas que você precisa para transformar o seu no dispositivo de seus sonhos.


    Graças à versatilidade e à profundidade das ferramentas Linux, é fácil sintonizar o seu Pi para ser qualquer coisa, desde um computador de mesa até um centro de mídia ou controlador de hardware.



    Guia Distro


    Como você provavelmente espera, há uma ampla gama de sistemas operacionais - conhecidos como distros - disponíveis no Pi, e os novos parecem aparecer todas as semanas. Aqui, vamos dar uma olhada em alguns dos mais populares, bem como em alguns dos novos.

    Você instala uma distro de maneira ligeiramente diferente do que em um computador normal. Uma vez que tudo funciona com um cartão SD, tudo o que você precisa fazer é escrever o novo sistema operacional neste cartão. A maneira mais simples é usarNOOBS, ou você também pode gravar imagens de outras distribuições compatíveis no cartão.

    Se você estiver executando o Windows, Win32DiskImager é seu melhor amigo, enquanto os usuários do OS X e Linux podem usar a ferramenta de linha de comando dd. Esta ferramenta faz uma cópia bit-for-bit de dados entre um dispositivo e um arquivo (ou para esse assunto, dois arquivos ou dois dispositivos).

    As distros são fornecidas como arquivos de imagem (um pouco como arquivos ISO para CDs) que podem ser gravados no disco, depois de serem descompactados, se necessário, com:

    $ sudo dd if= of= bs=4k 
    $ sudo sync


    A segunda linha garante que todos os dados estejam escritos no cartão e não estão presos em quaisquer buffers. Assim, por exemplo, no nosso computador de teste, que possui dois discos rígidos (sda e sdb), o cartão SD aparece como dev / sdc, então substitua por dev / sdc. Se você não tiver certeza de qual dispositivo seu cartão SD é, rundf -h no terminal, e irá listar todos os dispositivos. Você deve poder ver qual é.

    Da mesma forma, refere-se ao caminho completo e nome do arquivo do seu arquivo de imagem - por exemplo / home / nick / downloads / 2015-11-21-raspbian-jessie.img.

    Para fazer backup de sua configuração do Raspberry Pi, você pode criar um novo arquivo de imagem ao inverter o código do arquivo if (arquivo de entrada) e do arquivo de saída no comando dd. Isso é:



    $ sudo dd if= of= bs=4k

    Esta imagem pode então ser comprimida, usando gzip ou bzip para que não ocupe muito espaço no disco rígido.

    A maioria das pessoas usam Raspbian




    Esta é a distribuição recomendada pela Fundação Raspberry Pi. A menos que você tenha um bom motivo para usar um diferente, provavelmente é sua melhor aposta. A última versão é baseada no Debian 8 (codinome 'Jessie'), e assim você pode instalar facilmente qualquer coisa dos enormes depósitos Debian.

    O ambiente de trabalho padrão é o LXDE, que é muito leve, mas um pouco básico para alguns gostos. O Xfce está disponível para pessoas que gostam de mais algumas vantagens gráficas. Raspbian também possui o programa raspi-config, que provavelmente é a maneira mais fácil de configurar seu Pi.

    O Raspberry Pi foi projetado para levar as crianças à programação, e Raspbian foi projetado com isso em mente. Você encontrará Idle (um Python IDE) e Scratch (um ambiente de programação para crianças pequenas) na área de trabalho - veja o guia do iniciante para programação para mais detalhes. Você pode baixar o distrohere.


    Arch Linux


    Enquanto o Raspbian foi criado para tentar proteger os usuários da configuração interna do sistema operacional, o Arch Linux foi projetado para ajudar os usuários a entender como o sistema funciona. Versões especiais para o processador ARP do Pi podem ser baixadas da archlinuxarm.org - escolha ARMv6 para Pi e Pi Zero original e ARMv7> Broadcom para o Raspberry Pi 2.

    A imagem inicial inclui apenas o sistema básico para que seu Pi seja executado e conectado à rede. Não inclui muito do software que você pode precisar para usar o sistema, como, por exemplo, um ambiente gráfico. Você deve encontrar todas as informações que você precisa no Arch Linux Wiki.

    Tirá-lo desse estado inicial para um sistema de trabalho exigirá um pouco de trabalho, mas ao longo do caminho, você aprenderá sobre como os internos de uma distro Linux se encaixam. Seja ou não isso vale a pena todo o trabalho, é claro, depende de você.




    O Raspberry Pi pode ter sido projetado como uma ferramenta educacional, mas os hobbyists foram bastante rápidos para torná-lo um brinquedo. Esta distro foi projetada para transformar seu Pi em um centro de mídia que pode ser usado para controlar sua TV.

    É baseado no Kodi, que permite que você reproduza músicas e vídeos que você tenha como arquivos, ou transmita-os pela internet. A imagem pode ser baixada de: https://osmc.tv/download. Quanto aos detalhes de como instalar e configurá-lo, abordaremos isso um pouco mais tarde neste artigo.

    Se você tiver uma configuração de back-end MythTV, você pode usar o Kodi para fornecer uma interface frontal. Dependendo do que você quer jogar, talvez seja necessário comprar os pacotes de codecs que fornecem acesso a algoritmos de áudio e vídeo protegidos por patente.




    Uma versão oficial do Android - aprovada pela Fundação Raspberry Pi - morreu uma morte tranquila depois de ter sido anunciada pela primeira vez em 2012. No seu lugar, a comunidade vem trabalhando em uma versão não oficial. O desempenho é dificultado pela falta de suporte de aceleração de hardware (os desenvolvedores descrevem isso como "pouco utilizável"), mas está disponível agora. 



    Instalando o Raspbian


    Para a maioria das pessoas que o usam, Raspbian será o rosto gráfico do Raspberry Pi. Pode ser obtido e instalado em um cartão SD seguindo as instruções na página anterior.

    Uma vez que está funcionando, é uma boa idéia pegar as versões mais recentes de todo o software conectando seu Pi à Internet e fazendo uma das duas coisas - abra Menu> Preferências> Adicionar / Remover Software e escolha Opções> Atualizar listas de pacotes Seguido de Opções> Verificar atualizações ... ou abrir um Terminal e digitar os dois comandos a seguir:


    $ sudo apt-get update

    $ sudo apt-get upgrade


    O recurso assassino do Raspbian é o programa raspi-config, que pode ser executado a qualquer momento digitando sudo raspi-config em um terminal. Mais uma vez há um front-end mais amigável disponível através do ambiente de trabalho padrão - clique em Menu> Preferências> Configuração do Raspberry Pi para acessar a GUI.


    Tem algumas opções, mas as mais importantes são:


    Expandir o Sistema de Arquivos - por causa do modo como o Raspbian está instalado, ele só criará um sistema de arquivos de 2 GB, portanto, se você tiver um cartão maior, qualquer espaço restante permanecerá não utilizado. Você pode usar essa opção para expandir o sistema de arquivos para tirar proveito de qualquer espaço desperdiçado. Clique em Expandir o Sistema de Arquivos na guia Sistema para conseguir isso na GUI.


    Opções de inicialização - isso muda se o seu Pi se inicia em um ambiente gráfico ou um texto. Escolha "Para Desktop" ou "Para CLI", respectivamente, da guia Sistema da GUI para obter o efeito desejado.


    Overclock - obtenha um desempenho extra sem custo extra! Veja a seção abaixo para obter mais detalhes - esta opção está na guia Desempenho da GUI.


    Opções avançadas>  Overscan - esta opção pode ser usada em alguns displays para expandir os gráficos para preencher a tela inteira. Você pode ignorá-lo com segurança, a menos que tenha problemas.


    Opções avançadas> Divisão de memória - o Raspberry Pi usa o mesmo pedaço de memória tanto para o processador principal quanto para o chip gráfico. Usando esta opção (memória GPU sob a guia Desempenho na GUI), você pode especificar o valor a alocar aos gráficos. Normalmente, você diminui essa figura se você estivesse executando o Pi sem cabeça, permitindo que você liberasse mais memória para o processador principal.


    O software instalado foi reduzido ao mínimo. Esta é uma boa idéia, mas você pode achar que as ferramentas que você usa em outras distros de desktop não estão lá. Felizmente, como o Raspbian está vinculado aos repositórios Debian Armhf, você tem acesso a mais programas do que provavelmente você precisará. Basta abrir o Menu e escolher Preferências> Adicionar / Remover Software.





    O processador no coração do Raspberry Pi é projetado para ser executado em qualquer coisa, desde 700MHz (modelos mais antigos) até 900MHz (o novo Pi 2 e Pi Zero). Em outras palavras, para realizar entre 700.000.000 e 900.000.000 de operações por segundo nos modelos monocêntricos e - em teoria - até 3.600.000.000 de operações por segundo no modelo quad-core do Pi 2 (na prática é improvável que faça isso).



    Você pode overclockar seu Raspberry Pi diretamente da área de trabalho LXDE


    Claro, 'projetado para executar' não significa 'tem que executar'. Você pode aumentar essa velocidade. No entanto, fazer isso aumentará o consumo de energia, o que, por sua vez, aumenta a quantidade de calor gerada. Se ficar muito quente, é susceptível de acabar com uma pilha de silício de fumo, em vez de um processador funcional.

    Felizmente, as versões posteriores do Raspbian agora incluem uma ferramenta para ajudá-lo a acelerar a velocidade enquanto mantém um olho na temperatura. Uma vez que esta é uma ferramenta oficial, o uso dela não invalidará sua garantia (ao contrário dos métodos não oficiais anteriores). Tenha em atenção que isso não se aplica ao Pi Zero - já está no seu máximo teórico, e a tentativa de overclock ele irá diminuir a velocidade.


    O overclocking do seu Pi é simplesmente uma questão de abrir a ferramenta Configuração Raspberry Pi no Menu> Preferências, alternando para a guia Desempenho e selecionando a velocidade de clock mais rápida no menu suspenso Overclock.

    Se você achar que seu Pi se torna instável, reinicie com a tecla [Shift] pressionada para desativar o overclocking, então mude a opção novamente. A configuração máxima deve dar aos proprietários do modelo original Pi uma enorme velocidade extra de 50%, que encontramos, faz uma diferença real na experiência do usuário da área de trabalho, especialmente para a navegação na web.

    Se você quiser manter o olho na temperatura do seu núcleo, você pode adicionar o widget de temperatura ao painel LXDE. No entanto, seu Pi desligará automaticamente o overclocking uma vez que ele atinja 85 graus C.




    Você pode instalar um media player, como o VLC, no Raspbian e usar isso para reproduzir vídeos. Isso funciona bem se você estiver usando seu Pi como um computador geral e dando-lhe funções multimídia ocasionais. No entanto, o pequeno tamanho do hardware, e o fato de que ele é executado silenciosamente, faz dele uma boa opção para construir seu próprio centro de entretenimento.



    As novas placas da revisão 2 têm furos de montagem para ajudá-lo a manter seu centro de entretenimento arrumado


    Você pode começar com o Raspbian e personalizá-lo para suas necessidades, e esta é uma boa idéia se você tiver alguma função incomum em mente. No entanto, se você estiver olhando para pressionar um Pi para o serviço como um centro de mídia exclusivo, a vida não poderia ser mais simples do que usar o OSMC.

    O OSMC é construído no centro de mídia de fonte aberta do Kodi e é incrivelmente fácil de instalar. Vá para a página de download para pegar o instalador para Windows, Mac ou Linux, o que fará o trabalho duro de copiar o OSMC para seu cartão microSD. Uma vez feito, coloque-o no seu Pi e arranque.

    Você será levado direto para a interface de desktop Kodi, onde você pode começar a configurá-lo e adicionar suas próprias bibliotecas de mídia usando a mídia armazenada localmente em uma unidade USB ou de rede (veja abaixo). Você também pode instalar complementos para acessar a mídia de outros lugares - incluindo fluxos de TV catch-up e mais além.


    Uma vez que o seu centro de mídia equipado com Pi esteja sob sua TV, controlá-lo usando um mouse e teclado não será prático - você poderia usar um modelo sem fio, é claro, ou simplesmente instalar um controle remoto amigável para o seu smartphone Android ou Apple.


    Esteja ciente de que o OSMC pode desenhar o máximo de energia que seu Pi pode reunir - antes de conectar qualquer periférico USB. Faz sentido, portanto, anexar um hub USB alimentado ao seu Pi e, em seguida, conectar qualquer unidade externa a isso.


    O OSMC permite que você acesse toda a coleção de mídia digital na torneira




    It's possible to take complete control of your TV viewing using Linux, including watching live TV, and recording shows for later. This can be done using MythTV.


    You'll need a separate computer with the appropriate cable connections to act as the server. A word of warning, though: MythTV is renowned for its pernickety installation. The stresses of this procedure are responsible for more than a few grey hairs.

    You can play video files that you have stored on other computers on your network, for example those on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) box. The exact method for doing this will vary depending on how you share the files, but they are configured through the Add Sources buttons. For more information on this, check out the Kodi wiki.



    Faça backup de suas fotos usando seu Pi


    O tamanho do Raspberry Pi significa que podemos usá-lo para assumir o controle de outros dispositivos embutidos. Isso pode parecer um pouco redundante - os dispositivos incorporados, obviamente, já possuem alguma forma de controlador - mas isso significa que podemos script e estendê-los de maneiras que não são possíveis (ou são, pelo menos, muito difíceis) sem o dispositivo extra.

    Quase tudo o que você pode conectar a uma área de trabalho normal pode ser roteado por um Pi, mas vamos olhar as câmeras por alguns motivos. Em primeiro lugar, há suporte para a maioria no Linux e, em segundo lugar, há uma série de projetos úteis que você pode fazer uma vez que você compreendeu o básico.




    Nessa forma, não é muito portátil, mas com um pouco de DIY judicioso, você poderá empacotar seu Pi mais convenientemente

    A melhor ferramenta de linha de comando para manipular câmeras no Linux é Gphoto2. Obtenha com:


    $ apt-get install gphoto2


    Antes de ficar preso ao projeto, vamos dar uma olhada nesta ferramenta útil para ver o que pode fazer.

    O ambiente de trabalho pode tentar montar a câmera, e isso pode causar Gphoto2 alguns problemas, então a coisa mais fácil é executar sem ela. Abra um terminal e execute sudo raspi-conf e, em Opções de inicialização, selecione Console B1 e reinicie.


    No nosso sistema de teste, descobrimos que, funcionando dessa forma, poderíamos executar tudo fora da fonte de alimentação do Pi, mas se tentássemos usar um mouse também, precisávamos atualizar para um hub alimentado. Obviamente, isso dependerá dos detalhes dos seus periféricos e da fonte de alimentação.

    No novo ambiente somente de texto, conecte sua câmera e execute:


    $ gphoto2 --auto-detect


    Isso tentará encontrar qualquer câmera conectada ao Pi. Felizmente, ele vai pegar o seu. Embora suporte uma série impressionante, existem algumas câmeras que não funcionarão. Se o seu for um dos poucos desafortunados, você precisará implorar, roubar ou emprestar um de um amigo antes de continuar.

    Nem todas as câmeras suportadas são iguais, e o próximo passo é ver o que a câmera pode fazer. Para listar as ações disponíveis, execute:


    $ gphoto2 --auto-detect –abilities


    Há, em termos gerais, duas classes principais de habilidades: captura e upload / download. Os primeiros permitem tirar fotos com seus scripts e estão presentes principalmente em câmeras de alta qualidade. O último permite lidar com fotos armazenadas no cartão de memória e estão presentes na maioria das câmeras suportadas. Neste projeto, lidamos apenas com o segundo conjunto de habilidades.

    O comando mais simples que podemos enviar para a câmera é obter todas as fotos armazenadas nele. Isto é:


    $ gphoto2 --auto-detect --get-all-files



    A execução deste irá baixar todos os arquivos da câmera para o diretório atual. Isso seria bom em um computador normal, mas talvez você não queira fazê-lo em um Pi, pois corre o risco de preencher seu cartão de memória muito rapidamente. Em vez disso, nós os copiaremos em uma chave USB.

    Para fazer isso em uma sessão interativa, você pode simplesmente usar uma ferramenta GUI para montar o stick e depois executar df -h para ver onde a placa USB está montada e cd para o diretório.


    No entanto, uma vez que isso será executado automaticamente, precisamos saber onde o dispositivo será.


    Existem algumas maneiras de fazer isso, mas vamos manter isso simples. Vamos montar a primeira partição do primeiro disco serial e armazenar as fotos lá. Aqui, assumimos que você está usando o usuário padrão pi. Se você não estiver, você precisará ajustar o script.

    Primeiro, precisamos criar um ponto de montagem para a unidade. Esta é apenas uma pasta, e pode ser colocada em qualquer lugar - vamos invadir a convenção e colocá-la em nossa pasta inicial. Então, antes de executar o script, execute:


    $ mkdir /home/pi/pic_mount


    Com isso feito, estamos prontos para ir. O script para montar a unidade e obter as fotos é:



    if mount /dev/sda1 /home/pi/pic_mount ; then 
    echo "Partition mounted" 
    cd /home/pi/pic_mount 
    yes 'n' | gphoto2 -- auto-detect --get-all-files 
    umount /dev/sda1 
    echo "/dev/sda1 could not be mounted" 


    yes 'n' É um comando que simplesmente emite um fluxo de n caracteres. Isso significa que quando o Gphoto2 solicitará substituir os arquivos baixados anteriormente, ele irá diminuir. O umount é essencial, porque garante que o drive esteja corretamente sincronizado e possa ser removido.

    Chamamos o script get-pics.sh e o guardamos no diretório inicial do Pi. Para torná-lo executável, execute:


    $ chmod +x /home/pi/get-pics.sh


    Agora você deve poder executá-lo manualmente. Você precisará usar sudo porque precisa montar a unidade.

    A peça final do quebra-cabeça é fazer com que o script seja executado automaticamente. Para fazer isso, adicione-o ao arquivo /etc/rc.local. Este script é executado quando você inicializa e ele é executado como root, então não há necessidade de se preocupar com as permissões.

    A maneira mais rápida de abrir o arquivo como root é a seguinte:

    $ sudo nano /etc/rc.local


    Uma vez feito, adicione esta linha imediatamente antes da saída da linha 0:


    ///end code///


    Agora, tudo o que você precisa fazer é ligar a sua câmera (certificando-se de que ela está ligada) e USB stick, e ele irá fazer backup de suas fotos quando você inicializar.


    Se você quiser executar o dispositivo sem cabeça, como provavelmente será o caso, você poderia anexar LEDs aos pinos GPIO, conforme mostrado mais adiante neste artigo, e use estes para indicar os status. Além de salvar imagens na placa USB, você pode enviá-las para um serviço on-line, como o Flickr. Consulte a seção sobre redes sem fio na próxima página para obter informações sobre como conectar seu Pi ao seu telefone.

    Você poderia incluir algum tipo de opção para dizer ao seu Pi quais fotos para carregar e para armazenar na placa USB - por exemplo, carregar imagens de baixa resolução e armazenar de alta resolução. Ou você pode criar versões de baixa resolução das imagens e carregá-las.

    Gphoto2 tem muito mais recursos do que usamos aqui, incluindo ligações para Java e Python. Para obter detalhes completos, confira o site do projeto aqui.


    Claro, você não precisa parar por aí. Se você tiver um dongle sem fio no seu Pi, você poderia usá-lo para executar um servidor HTTP. Com algum script PHP (ou outro idioma da web), você pode criar uma interface para GPhoto2 que permitirá que você se conecte a partir do seu celular.

    Tomando-o em uma direção diferente, se sua câmera suportar opções de captura, você pode usar seu Pi para tirar fotos e copiá-las.



    Alimentando seu Pi


    O Raspberry Pi obtém o poder da sua porta microUSB. Isso fornece 5V, e a Fundação Raspberry Pi recomenda uma corrente disponível de pelo menos 700mA. Isso pode ser facilmente entregue através de um adaptador de rede ou um cabo USB de um computador.

    Se você deseja que seu Pi seja portátil, então há outras opções. Quatro baterias AA devem fornecer energia suficiente, desde que você tenha a caixa apropriada e os cabos para obter a energia na porta microUSB.

    No entanto, achamos que a melhor solução foi obter uma fonte de alimentação de backup para um telefone celular que se conecta diretamente ao Pi.


    Lei de Ohm


    Existem duas formas principais de medir a eletricidade - tensão e corrente. A tensão (medida em volts) é a quantidade de energia que uma dada quantidade de elétrons possui, enquanto a corrente (medida em amperes) é a quantidade de elétrons que passam por um ponto. Os dois estão intimamente conectados pela lei de Ohm que afirma: Voltagem = Corrente x Resistência, ou V = IR.

    Você pode usar essa conexão para se certificar de que não brinde acidentalmente o seu Pi, pressionando muita corrente nele. A configuração exata do Pi é um pouco complexo. Se você quiser aprofundar, Gert van Loo (um dos designers) juntou uma explicação, que pode ser encontrada aqui.

    Como uma regra geral, você pode tentar tirar a tensão de um pino GPIO em 3.3V e não deve desenhar mais de 16mA, ou empurrar mais do que isso para um pino de entrada. Lembre-se, esta é a corrente máxima, então você deve tentar usar menos.

    Então, com a lei de Ohm, conhecemos V = IR, então R = V / I. Se colocarmos os dados do Pi e queremos garantir que não o prejudiquemos, sabemos que R deve ser maior que 3.3 / 0.016, o que é 206.25 Ohms. Lembre-se, esta é a menor quantidade de resistência que é segura usar com uma saída GPIO.

    Você deve apontar para uma margem de segurança várias vezes acima disso, a menos que seja absolutamente necessário. Em nossos circuitos, usamos 1,000 Ohms, o que nos dá um fator de segurança de quase cinco.




    Conecte seu telefone Android ao seu Pi e você pode usá-lo para redes sem fio




    Todos os modelos Raspberry Pi - com exceção do Pi Zero - vem com uma conexão Ethernet com fio, o que é bom para a maioria das ocasiões, mas às vezes o cabo simplesmente não alcançará. Você poderia usar um dongle sem fio USB. No entanto, se você tiver um telefone Android e sua operadora não desativou o recurso, você pode usar isso como seu dispositivo de rede.

    Isso tem uma vantagem extra de não tirar tanto poder do Pi, e assim torna mais fácil ao correr de baterias. Você deve poder compartilhar a conexão do seu telefone com o Wi-Fi, bem como com a 3G, portanto, ele não irá necessariamente comer na sua reserva de dados.

    Claro, é melhor verificar o tipo de conexão antes de baixar arquivos grandes. Para fazer isso, conecte seu telefone ao seu Pi e ative o armazenamento USB do seu telefone em Configurações> Sem fio e Redes> Tethering e Mobile Hotspot. Se permanecer aceso, tente um cabo diferente.

    De volta ao Pi, se você digitar sudo ifconfig, então você deve ver a interface usb0 listada, mas não terá necessariamente um endereço IP. As interfaces de rede são controladas pelo arquivo / etc / network / interfaces. Por padrão, pode não haver uma entrada aqui para redes USB, então você precisará configurar uma.

    Abra o arquivo com seu editor de texto favorito como sudo - por exemplo, sudo nano / etc / network / interfaces - e adicione as linhas:


    iface usb0 inet dhcp 


    Isso usa os servidores de nomes OpenDNS, mas você pode usar outros se desejar. Agora você pode reiniciar as interfaces ou reiniciar seu Pi para escolher as mudanças. Você deve ter uma conexão com a internet funcionando.


    Use os pinos GPIO para acender alguns LEDs


    O tamanho diminutivo da framboesa Pi significa que é ideal para criar seus próprios dispositivos embutidos. Esta pode ser uma ótima maneira de criar pequenos dispositivos de computação para resolver problemas específicos, como vimos com o controlador da câmera anteriormente.



    figura 1: isso mostra como metade dos LEDs estão ligados. Os mais importantes são adicionados exatamente na metade



    No entanto, existe o pequeno problema de que pode ser difícil saber o que está acontecendo dentro do seu Pi sem tela. Felizmente, os designers do Pi pensaram nesse problema e adicionaram as facilidades para obter informações sobre e fora de um Pi sem a maior parte dos periféricos de PC habituais. Isso é feito através de entrada e saída de uso geral (GPIO).

    (Nota: se você tiver um Pi Zero, então o seu cabeçalho GPIO está despoblado - você precisará soldar isso em você).

    Você pode ter se perguntado quais são os pinos espinhosos perto do leitor de cartão SD - bem, você está prestes a descobrir. Este circuito básico pode ser usado para exibir informações de qualquer fonte, mas aqui vamos usá-lo para resolver um problema que freqüentemente temos no techradar - encontrando o byte final do endereço IP.


    Isso é útil se você quiser acessar seu Pi remotamente, mas não pode configurá-lo com um IP estático porque, por exemplo, você deve movê-lo entre as redes. Normalmente, você pode descobrir os três primeiros bytes da máscara de rede, mas o final pode ser evasivo a menos que você tenha um monitor.

    Vamos usar o programa gpio, que é parte do WiringPi. Você pode descobrir mais sobre isso no siteWiringPi.

    Ele vem como código fonte, então nós teremos que descompactá-lo e compilá-lo com:

    $ tar xvf wiringPi.tgz 
    $ cd wiringPi/wiringPi 
    $ make 
    $ sudo make install 
    $ cd ../gpio 
    $ make
    $ sudo make install

    Nós também usaremos bc, então instale-o com:

    $ sudo apt-get install bc

    Agora, basta o software - com o hardware! Apenas uma rápida palavra de aviso antes de começar - é possível quebrar o seu Pi conectando os fios errados em conjunto, então certifique-se de verificar novamente antes de ligar.



    Figura 2: conecte a placa de pão a esses pinos. Utilizamos conectores de um único pino comercialmente disponíveis, mas você também pode soldar conectores ou usar um cabo IDE antigo

    O circuito para isso é muito simples - você só precisa conectar cada saída à perna positiva de um LED, então a perna negativa do LED (mais curto) a um resistor de 1K Ohm e, finalmente, a outra perna do resistor ao comum Chão. Veja os números 1, 2 e 3 nesta página para obter detalhes. Uma vez que você tenha sua placa totalmente configurada conectada ao seu Pi, você pode fazer as coisas acontecerem.

    Para começar, usaremos o pino final. Este é o pino 7 (o layout dos pinos não segue um padrão de numeração). Abra um terminal e configure-o para sair com:


    $ gpio –g mode 7 out

    Então você pode ativá-lo com: gpio-g escreve 7 1

    E novamente com: gpio-g escreve 7 0

    Se você é como nós, você fará isso repetidamente até a novidade desaparecer.

    Uma vez que estiver, você está pronto para executar o script. Contém quatro partes. O primeiro apenas define os pinos no modo certo e garante que eles estejam desligados:


    pins="7 8 25 24 23 18 15 14" 

    for x in $pins 
    gpio -g mode $x out 
    gpio -g write $x 0 

    O segundo pega o endereço IP de ifconfig, converte-o em binário, depois pads com zeros avançados, se necessário.


    ipaddress='ifconfig eth0 | grep 'inet ' | awk '{print $2}' | cut -f4 -d'.'' 
    binary='echo "ibase=10;obase=2;$ipaddress" | bc' 
    paddedBinary='printf %08d $binary'

    A próxima parte usa o corte para extrair a parte que queremos dessa string binária e a emite para o pino apropriado.

    for x in $pins 
    out='echo $paddedBinary | cut -b$bit' 
    gpio -g write $x $out 

    E finalmente, dizemos ao script para dormir por cinco minutos, depois desligue os LEDs.

    sleep 5m 
    for x in $pins 
    gpio -g write $x 0 

    Isso é tudo !



    Figura 3: o circuito simples em toda a sua glória

    Crie o script showIP.sh, faça com que ele seja executável com:

    $ chmod a+x showIP.sh

    Em seguida, digite sudo ./showIP.sh para exibir seu IP. Para que isso seja executado automaticamente na inicialização, basta adicionar esta linha ao rc.local:



    /home/pi/showIP.sh &

    Consulte a seção anterior do Controlador de Câmera para obter detalhes sobre como fazer isso.


    Nós mostramos como enviar saída através do GPIO, mas, como o nome sugere, eles também podem receber entrada. Com isso, é ainda mais importante garantir que você não envie muita energia para os pinos.

    Para obter entrada, basta configurar o modo para entrar com o modo gpio -g, então leia o valor com o gpio -g lido.

    Este hardware pode exibir quaisquer oito bits de informação, portanto, você não precisa limitar a exibição de apenas endereços IP. Por exemplo, você pode fazer uma versão modificada do script anterior do controlador de câmera para usar os LEDs para indicar seu progresso. Você pode encontrar detalhes sobre a seleção completa de pinos GPIO aqui.

    Os pinos que usamos são os mesmos nas revisões 1 e 2 do Raspberry Pi, mas alguns mudaram entre as duas versões. Se você projetar seus próprios circuitos, ou usar os da web, certifique-se de usar os pinos certos para o seu quadro.

    Você não precisa se limitar a simplesmente ligar e desligar os pinos. O Pi suporta alguns métodos para passar quantidades maiores de dados através do GPIO. Os dois mais comuns são o barramento de interface periférico serial (SPI) e o circuito inter-integrado (I2C).

    Há uma série de dispositivos disponíveis que usam estes, e muitas informações on-line para ajudar você a começar. Então, o que está parando você? Saia do seu ferro de solda e construa um exército robótico.

    Gertboards and Arduinos

    A conexão direta com os pinos GPIO do seu Pi pode fornecer controle básico de entrada e saída, mas há limitações. Existem dois itens adicionais que você pode obter para ajudá-lo a interagir mais precisamente com o mundo ao seu redor.

    O Gertboard é um pacote de expansão bastante completo para conexão entre o seu Pi e o mundo real, incluindo um microcontrolador e uma variedade de opções de entrada e saída. Ele vem como um kit não montado, então você terá que colocar as mãos em um ferro de solda para juntar.


    Enquanto isso, o Arduino é um microcontrolador que pode se conectar ao seu Pi (ou a qualquer outro computador) através da porta USB. Normalmente, ele vem montado, mas os formulários do kit também estão disponíveis. Em sua forma bruta, tem menos recursos do que o Gertboard (que inclui um microcontrolador Arduino), mas pode ser expandido com uma enorme variedade de escudos.





    O Sentido HAT permite que seu Raspberry Pi detete o que está acontecendo no mundo ao seu redor


    Verifique também o Sense HAT oficial, uma placa de conexão que fornece seus sensores Pi para monitorar o mundo exterior. Incluso vem com uma matriz LED para permitir que você exiba dados sem a necessidade de um monitor.


    Por último, mas não menos importante, o RasWIK é um kit sem fio projetado especificamente para ensinar-lhe como criar sensores e atuadores sem fio - e muitos dos seus projetos incluídos nem exigem soldagem.



              Comment on Chocolate Chip Raspberry Shortbread Cookie Bars by Jerilyn   
    I'm so making these and when I do, I'm going to add some natural raspberry flavour to the chocolate layer just bc I'm cray-cray like that. Can't wait!
              Comment on Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook “Peanut” Butter Cream Pie (+ This Weeks Book Tour Stops) by Holiday Raspberry Caramel Tart |   
    […] Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook “Peanut” Butter Cream Pie […]
              Comment on Strawberry Raspberry Milkshake Fudge Hearts by Valentine’s Day Raspberry Caramel Shortbread Sandwich Cookies |   
    […] Strawberry Raspberry Milkshake Fudge Hearts […]
              Comment on Soft & Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies by Valentine’s Day Raspberry Caramel Shortbread Sandwich Cookies |   
    […] Soft & Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies […]
              Yocto Project Compilation by tingtexh   
    Please read text, I need customize OS for toradex ARM Board: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zZ5QzhRyw7LnNd3rbe64CfsAYsnbS1Df33Zy23CkT4M/edit?usp=sharing (Budget: $150 - $450 ARS, Jobs: Arduino, C++ Programming, Embedded Software, Linux, Raspberry Pi)
              Autumn Raspberries: Worth The Tantalizing Wait   
    In a hurry-up world, the garden keeps its own time. Old-fashioned plants like raspberries, asparagus and rhubarb ask us to slow down and wait for the sweet reward they offer. Commentator Julie Zickefoose revels in the waiting. I have a friend who lives up in the mountains of North Carolina who loves to give me wonderful plants. Usually Connie gives me native prairie plants, and I plop them in the meadow, and it's no big deal. But this year she gave me raspberries. Not just any raspberries. Golden raspberries. Now, giving someone five raspberry plants is kind of like giving someone a pony. You don't just plop raspberries in a meadow. You have to dig them a bed with nice rich soil and that bed has to have edging all around it, because raspberries root when the tips of their canes touch the ground. So you've got to make them a home where they will be content to stay. I dug and dug and turned soil and threw the Virginia creeper out and made a nice fluffy bed. Then I dug a trench around the
              Aqua Blue Team Bride Drink Coolers | Bachelorette Party Drink Cooler Favors, Wedding Bachelorette Team Bride Favors, Can Beer Bottle Holders by LoveMiaCo   

    3.50 USD

    To have and to hold, and to keep your drink COLD. Take your party game to the next level with this ridiculously cute and READY TO SHIP "Team Bride" drink cooler- and don't forget to stock up on our matching hair tie and tattoo favors!

    INCLUDES | Metallic Gold TEAM BRIDE Cooler + White BRIDE Cooler
    TO ORDER | Choose your desired total quantity from the drop down menu (bulk discounts are automatically applied when you select a package) then choose your color from the second menu. If you'd like to mix and match colors in a specific way just leave us a note during checkout. The TEAM BRIDE coolers come in BLACK, EGGPLANT, RASPBERRY, HOT PINK, BLUSH PINK, NAVY BLUE + AQUA BLUE. The Bride's matching cooler will always be WHITE.

    FRONT DESIGN | Team Bride with Heart
    BACK DESIGN | To have and to hold, and to keep your drink cold!

    BUY MORE, SAVE $ | Our bulk discounts are automatically applied with prices as low as $1.75 each! Sorry, we do not offer customization on our coolers but we have a bunch of cute and READY TO SHIP options and the price is RIGHT. Matching tattoos and hair ties sold separately.

    Cheers, Beaches | xo Love Mia + Co.

              Deer and coyote hunting season   
    It is crucial to remember that there are certain guidelines that hunters should follow at all times. Coon hunting is a wide past time because it gives much enjoyment and benefits not just to hunters but even to non-hunters whose crops are infested by the targets.

    Long before the gun was invented, hunters utilized the bow and arrow to catch whatever they wanted to. There are many ways that hunters use lights to hunt raccoons. You must understand that your ability to harvest a big buck will completely rely on your willingness to adjust your thinking, your tactics and your determination to find and ultimately harvest that animal you have your mind set on. It is better to be accompanied by elk hunting guides or outfitters to plan the trip or hunt in a particular area or carry a compass, to avoid getting lost in the woods.

    You want to find food sources that the deer will actually be eating during hunting season. More and more hunters are discovering the excitement of hunting in the fall. Deer also eat foods such as grass, berries, apples, herbs, clover, farm crops, raspberry cane, ferns, mushrooms, red and black mangrove, and Indian mulberry. Food sources, where the deer feed, funnels and the edge of a habitat are all very good locations for hunting.

    Department store's and some good online stores are great for those on a tight budget. Coon hounds are a great help. A lot of practice is required to make good elk calls to win the attention of bulls and calves. When you are conditioning for your hunt, remember that above anything else that you do, you need keep your workout regimen varied.

    Turkeys are usually found in open, mixed hardwood and pine forests. There are benefits taken from coon hunting. Usually, the cheaper bows will not offer very good quality, and obviously you want the best quality for effective money. You may want to look for multiple sites to place a tree stand since over-hunting one site will cause too much scent to be left behind and deer will then avoid the area.

    The best way to find the right deer hunting rifles will be to simply search the Internet and find this out. For this you could either go to your local store and ask them which ones are the best, are go on the Internet and read reviews about different arrows to find out which one is the best. One of the newest trends in coyote hunting is using dogs. If not, it is very easy to misfire, and you probably not really catch many deer.

    Hope these hunting tips were helpful and you have a successful hunting trip. In summary, the best time to hunt pheasants is the first and the last shooting hours of the day.

    Discover tips and information oncoyote hunting

              Podcast452: Classroom Wireless Projection Options, Coding, Toy Hacking, CyberSecurity & More from ATLIS 2017   
    This podcast features an extended reflection by Dr. Wesley Fryer on the multitude of educational technology learning nuggets he gleaned from sessions shared at the ATLIS 2017 Conference in Burbank, California, April 23-26, 2017. All of Wes' shared notes from keynotes, workshops and sessions at ATLIS 2017 are available in a shared Google Drive folder linked from wfryer.me/atlis17. Refer to the podcast shownotes for specific websites, resources, videos, tweets, and other referenced links from this podcast. Some of the topics addressed in this reflection include classroom wireless projection options (for multiple platforms: AirPlay, Windows Surface/Windows10, and Chrome), resources to support student coding, toy hacking, Raspberry Pi, creating accessible (sub-titled) videos with the automated speech-to-text features in Apple's new "Clips" app, and cybersecurity. Within the realm of cybersecurity, topics included 2 step verification, phishing, local tests to measure teacher's awareness of and savvy to phishing, spear fishing, GAFE / GSuite data backup options, the need for school network segmentation, and more. If you find any of the ideas from this podcast insightful or helpful, please reach out by sharing a comment on the podcast post on speedofcreativity.org, or by reaching out on Twitter or Mastodon to Wes (@wfryer or mastodon.cloud/@wfryer).
              Comment on Happy New Year From Your Friends at Vested Business Brokers by WilliamEPity   
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              The Document Foundation объявил конкурс на создание маскота для LibreOffice   

    The Document Foundation объявил конкурс на создание маскота для LibreOffice. За основу можно брать любое животное, любой персонаж чего угодно или что угодно свое. Итоговый рисунок можно разместить в облачке проекта или отправить на почту contest@libreoffice.org. Более подробно о мотивах и требованиях к маскоту можно прочитать по ссылке выше. Лицензия рисунка должна быть СС0 . Конкурс продлится до 31 августа 2017г.

    Призы за первые три места:

    1st: Slimbook KATANA Intel i5 (https://slimbook.es/en/ultrabook-katana-en)

    2nd: Nextcloud box with Raspberry Pi 3 (https://nextcloud.com/box)

    3rd: Nitrokey Pro 3 (https://www.nitrokey.com)

     , , ,

              Yocto Project Compilation by tingtexh   
    Please read text, I need customize OS for toradex ARM Board: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zZ5QzhRyw7LnNd3rbe64CfsAYsnbS1Df33Zy23CkT4M/edit?usp=sharing (Budget: $150 - $450 ARS, Jobs: Arduino, C++ Programming, Embedded Software, Linux, Raspberry Pi)
              Comment on How to auto-connect your Raspberry Pi to a hidden SSID wifi network by Supra   
    Thank you, Alex.
              Comment on How to auto-connect your Raspberry Pi to a hidden SSID wifi network by alex   
    No. "scan_ssid=1 FTW" is a title where FTW means "for the win" You need to make it "scan_ssid=1" like it says in the full listing of wpa_supplicant.conf
              Comment on How to auto-connect your Raspberry Pi to a hidden SSID wifi network by Supra   
    What should I do: Change this: scan_ssid=1 to scan_ssid=1 FTW
              Comment on How to use WiringPi2 for Python on the Raspberry Pi in Raspbian part 1 by alex   
    I don't think so. Best off using spidev, which is now built in to Raspbian
              Comment on How to use WiringPi2 for Python on the Raspberry Pi in Raspbian part 1 by Arvin   
    Does wiringpi for python support SPI API?
              Inspirational Art, Pink, Brown, Dock, Lake Photography, Quote Wall Art, Raspberry Red, Rustic by Raceytay   

    30.00 USD

    The end of summer at the cottage. Blue and red and cool nights as the sun sets in the west from the dock

    TITLE: Remember the moments
    SIZE: Various sizes- use pull down menu to select / options (second photo is portrait 8x10 crop)
    Please continue reading below for links to other sizes

    Your photos will be professionally printed at a lab on archival photography paper and will be mailed to you un-matted and un-framed within either a flat rigid mailer or a mailing tube depending on size. All photographs will be securely packaged ensuring they reach you in perfect condition.

    My photos are always more affordable in sets, prices are up to 50% off individual sizes. You can make your own set using listings in this section:

    You can see some pre-made sets, also discounted, in this section:

              Microcomputer firm wins top UK innovation prize   
    Description: The team behind Raspberry Pi, the British-based not-for-profit company that produces a microcomputer to inspire and educate a new generation of programmers has won the UK’s top engineering innovation prize, the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award. Report by Sarah Mills and Mia Womersley.

              Coding Tutor   

    TechQuest an information training organization incorporated in 2015, primarily focused on capacity building for children between the ages of 6-16. We organize programs designed for primary and secondary school children, where they learn the fundamentals of web design, animation and game design using Scratch, HTML/CSS, Raspberry Pi and Robotics.

    Job Position: Coding Tutor
    Job Requirements:

    • Be able to relate and teach kids bet
              Microcomputer firm wins top UK innovation prize   
    Description: The team behind Raspberry Pi, the British-based not-for-profit company that produces a microcomputer to inspire and educate a new generation of programmers has won the UK’s top engineering innovation prize, the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award. Report by Sarah Mills and Mia Womersley.

              East Coast love colour cotton blanket raspberry   

    The coral cotton blanket from Silver Cloud combines a beautifully soft texture with a strong burst of colour. The knitted texture and 100% cotton fabric will be soft and kind to your baby's skin. The blanket can be layered in a cot or moses basket or popped in a pushchair as a travel blanket. Dimensions: 70 x 90cm

    Regular Price: £12.87


              Boys of Tech 361: Waitangi   
    Software pirate avoids legal proceedings by creating an anti-piracy video, the Raspberry Pi Zero sells out in less than 24 hours, New Zealand scientists develop stretchy rubber keyboard.
              Windows 10 IoT CoreをはじめとするUWPアプリでBLEデバイスを扱う   
    先ずは、IoT Kitハンズオントレーニング のデバイス側で、Windows 10 IoT CoreのUWPアプリ(Windows 10 PCでも実施可能)とTexas InstrumentsのSensor Tag(CC2541、CC2650)の組合せを追加したことをお知らせします。https://github.com/ms-iotkithol-jp/IoTKitHoLV3 のWinIoTCoreTIIoTHubAppフォルダーに入っているソリューション一式がそれです。TI Sensor TagをデバイスやPCとペアリングすれば、あとは、WpfEmuIoTHubAppと同じ要領で自学自習可能ですので、TI Sensor Tag持っている人は是非試してみてください。一般のPC、Raspberry Pi3やDragonBoardなどBLE対応のデバイスであれば特にBLEのドングルなどなくても実習可能です。 さて本題です。このアプリを作っている過程で、BLEデバイスにアクセスするためのWindows Runtime APIの使い方でてこずりました。ライブラリー群は、非同期メソッドなので、await 句を付けてコールすれば通常は問題なく使えるのですが、HandsOn.csファイルの中で、普通のやり方をやっても実行がブロックされて戻ってきません。では、Taskのまま受けて、Wait()で待って、結果をResultで受け取って…を試してみたら、デバッガーで一行一行ステップバイステップで動かすと、一応動くのですが、一気通貫で実行しようとすると、Wait()から帰ってこない!最悪のパターンだ…どうしよう、ってな状況になってしまいました。しかしなぁ…サンプルでは動いてるしなぁ…何が違うの? と考えて動くものと動かないものを比較した結果、解が得られました。どうやら、UWPアプリとして作ったプロジェクトの中ではawaitやWait()がうまく動かないらしく、UWPアプリプロジェクトを作った時に出来上がるソリューションに、別途UWPクラスライブラリプロジェクトを作って追加、そのクラスライブラリ上にBLEデバイスにアクセスするFindAllAsyncやらなんやらをコールするコードを置くとうまく動くんですな。Gitに挙げているサンプルもそういう作りになっています。 ってことで、await機能しないじゃん、なにこれ?…と首をかしげてる皆さん、この方法試してみてください。 ではでは
              IoT ハンズオンコンテンツVer3のMachine Learning   
    未だに、Ver2を実践されている方もいらっしゃるようですが・・・ http://aka.ms/IoTKitHoL から公開しているIoTの要素を一通り学ぶ自学自習が可能なハンズオンコンテンツは、現在、Version 3です。IoTデバイス(PinKit/NETMF、Raspberry Pi2/Win10IoTCore)、または、Wpf EmulatorでIoT Hubに送ったセンサーデータを元に、デバイス識別子、計測時間、加速度からの温度状態予測をStep 7でMLを使っています。このコンテンツでは、IoT Hubで受信したセンサーデータをStream Analyticsで決めうちで温度の状態をHot、Coldに分類してストレージに格納したデータを使っています。 ハンズオンセミナーの時間の制約があり、こうしているのですが、実際には、デバイスごとの実測値を元に、温度のHot、Coldは決める必要があります。SASSensorテーブルには温度も含め蓄積されているので、R Scriptを使って、ML Studioの中で温度の高い低いを決めることが可能です。 Step10まで一通り終わった方は、是非、以下の方法を試してみて、よりリアルなMachine Learningにチャレンジしてください。 実は私は、データアナリストのプロフェッショナルでもなく、R Scriptのプロでもなく、未だ手探りの状態で、「あぁこれなら動くね」的な感じで作っています。もっといい書き方あるよーってかた、是非、フィードバックお願いします。 テーブルからのデータ読み込み まずは、ML StudioでExperimentsを一つ新たに作成します。そして、”Data Input and Output”の”Import Data”をドラッグ&ドロップし、 プロパティで Data Source → Azure Table Account Name、Account Keyは、SASSensorのストレージの情報を入力 Table name → SASSensor Rows to scan … →ScanAll とします。プロパティの入力が終わったらRUNで実行します。 データの分割 これがAzure MLのせいなのか、R Scriptがもともとそうなのか、ちょっとわからないのですが、時間がR Scriptを通すと、1970年1月1日からのTick数になってしまうので、分割します。 まず、Data Transformation→ManipulationのSelect Columns in Datasetを二つ追加してImport Dataに接続します。 左側は、timeを抽出します。後でマージする必要があるので、msgIdも一緒に抽出します。ちなみに、msgIdは計測時に、全ての計測レコードが一意に特定できるようにデバイスに付与している値です。左側のSelect...
              de:code 2016 IoT Touch and Try   
    de:code 2016に来て、IoT Touch & Tryを体験された皆さん、Touch & Tryしてくれてありがとうございました。いかがでしたでしょうか? Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi2やMicrosoft AzureのIoT関連サービスの一端に、なるべく多くの方が触れてほしいということで企画しました。当日の資料はこちらからダウンロードできるようにしてあります。https://doc.co/qqUcy3 1ラウンド10分ということで、IoTを構成する要素のうち、センサーデータ計測、データ送信、コマンド受信、リアルタイム分析、蓄積、可視化の部分を切り出した内容です。 de:codeのEXPO会場でTouch & Tryをやる以上、新しい試みをやりたいなと、色々考えて、「せっかくだからコンパニオンロボットにスピーカーやらせよう、IoTだし」ということで、キーノートにも登場した富士ソフト製のPalmiに、DMM.comさん協力のもと、スピーカーを務めてもらいました。話す内容は毎回決まっているのでルーチンワークはロボットが担当、各受講者の挑戦の手助けという非定型な仕事は、人間が担当するという布陣です。 サポーターは、MVP でもあり、IoT ALGYANの主要メンバーでもある、瀬尾佳隆さん(ALGYAN 破認定)、日高亜友さん(ALGYAN守認定)ががっつりと対応、他、IoT ALGYANの皆さんも都度参入。二日間お疲れ様でした。ありがとうございます。 Palmi君に”IoTを教えて”と問いかけると、コースの冒頭からPalmiが説明を開始、頭をポンポンすると次のフレーズを説明(正確にはポンですがw)。人間のお二人が受講者の状況を見ながら適宜フォロー、という進行で、おかげさまで、1日半で51回実施、受講者平均3~4人/1回で、de:code参加者の1割弱がTouch & Tryされたことになります。 舞台裏を紹介 このTouch & Try は、10分という尺に合わせ、実習環境を用意し、 PPTを作成。Palmiだったらこんな喋り方をするだろうなという想像のもと、スクリプトをノートに記載。将来的にはそのままPalmiがノートを読めるようになる(Palroは現時点でも可能)はずですが、今回は、DMM.comにお願いして、ノートの内容をテキストファイル化し既存のロボット用アプリを使ってPalmiに仕込んでいただき、当日を迎え、前日夜実習環境のセットアップ、初日の午前中、Palmiのリハ(一発合格)で本番を迎えました。ラズパイの時計が狂うとか、Surfaceからラズパイがネット越しに見えなくなるなどの問題は都度解決しながら、大きな問題もなく、Touch & Tryを進行しました。 実習資料は、現在公開中、そして、1か月に一回程度でハンズオンセミナー開催中の、http://aka.ms/IoTKitHoLV3On (全10 StepでMLやWebアプリ連携等も盛り込んだ内容:ハンズオンセミナーはこれを一日かけて全部やってしまうという鬼セミナーw)を基に、更にそれを技術系学校の授業向けにシンプル化した、全3コースからなる実習コンテンツのコース1をde:code向けにカスタマイズしたものです。「Touchするだけでは満足できない!」という方は、是非、http://aka.ms/IoTKitHoLV3On と、https://doc.co/8VNqwE を組み合わせて実習してみてください。実習で使う、FEZ HATというボードは、http://tinyclr.jp/ から購入可能です。 最後に、IoT Touch & Tryにチャレンジいただいた皆さん、サポーターの瀬尾さん、日高さん、Palmiの仕込みにご協力いただいたDMM.comの皆さん、ありがとうございました‼
              Starter Pack for Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 2のセンサーとかを使うライブラリってどこよ   
    MAKERSのみんなは、もう、持っているよね。Starter Pack for Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi2‼ でも、このキットに入っている、BME280やTCS34725 、MCP3008 、昔懐かしいCDSの光センサーとか、半固定抵抗とかどないして使えばええねん‼ って思っている人たちもいるんじゃないかな⁈ ってことで、ここで紹介しておきますね。https://www.hackster.io/ のサイトを探すと大概あります。世界中のMAKERSが投稿してくれているんです。 BME280 つなぎ方は https://www.hackster.io/windows-iot/weather-station-v-2-0-8abe16?ref=search&ref_id=bme280&offset=2 ライブラリは、https://github.com/ms-iot/adafruitsample/tree/master/Lesson_203V2/FullSolution このセンサーは、環境情報の基本中の基本の温度、湿度、大気圧を測れるんだよね。人の快・不快とか心の浮つき加減とか、影響するらしいから、Azure Cognitive ServiceのEmotion APIとかと組み合わせると面白いかもよ TCS34725 いわゆる色センサーね。センサー付近の色をRGBで教えてくれる。 つなぎ方は、https://www.hackster.io/windows-iot/what-color-is-it-578fdb?ref=search&ref_id=TCS34725&offset=2 ライブラリは、https://github.com/ms-iot/adafruitsample/tree/master/Lesson_205/FullSolution MCP3008 お次は、Analog Digital Converterだっ。ラズパイにはアナログをデジタルに変えるチップがついてないんだよね。そのままだと、CDSの光センサーや半固定抵抗の抵抗値とかが取り込めないよ。これらってアナログだからね。このチップを使うと、アナログの連続値をデジタルに変換して読み込めるよ。 つなぎ方は、CDSの光センサー、半固定抵抗ひっくるめて、https://www.hackster.io/windows-iot/bright-or-not-v-2-0-30dec8 ライブラリはいろいろあるけど、https://github.com/porrey/mcp3008/tree/master/source/MCP3008%20Solution/Mcp3008 が一番いいかな。 BME280とかTCS34725とかはI2Cだけど、MCP3008はSPIでラズパイと通信するんだよ。SPIのサンプルにもなるね。 ってことで、軽いノリで紹介してみました。あ、そういやこれ、紹介したライブラリは、ラズパイだけでなく、ミノーボードやドラゴンボードでも使えるはず。 それと、Hackster はもちろん日本人も投稿オッケーなんで、腕に覚えのある人は是非、投稿してね
              Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 で Raspbian上のC++アプリを開発する   
    de:code 2016が終わり、早くも1週間。丁度1週間前、DEV-009セッションをパークタワーホテルのセミナールームBでやってましたね。あのセッションでお見せしたデモのうち、まずは、Visual Studio 2015 Update 2で、Raspbian上のC++アプリをリモートビルド&リモートデバッグする方法の詳細を解説しておきます。 セッションでは、GHI Electorinics社製の.NET Gadgeteer対応のリレーモジュール(残念ながらディスコン製品)をGPIOピンにつないでリレカチ(リレーカチカチ)して、白熱電球をちかちかさせるデモをお見せしました。まぁこのGadgetを使わなくても一般的なリレーで代替するので適当に読み替えて試してみてください。 本題のVisual Studio 2015 Update 2で、Raspbian上のC++アプリの開発実行は、実はとても簡単。以下の手順でやっていくと簡単に動作します。開発用PCはWindows前提です。MacはVisual Studio Codeは動くけど、Visual Studio 2015は動かないから。それから、ネットを介したリモート接続を行うので、有線、もしくはWiFiでつながるネットワーク 環境も用意してください。 その1 ‐ Raspbianのインストール Raspberry PiにさすマイクロSDカードをSDFormatter)でフォーマットします。クイックフォーマット、論理サイズ調整ONでフォーマットOKです。フォーマット済みのSDカードに、NOOBSのサイトからダウンロードしたZIPファイルの中身を解凍して、全コピーします。 一番面倒くさい手順と思われる、HDMI対応ディスプレイ、USBキーボード、USBマウス、USB WiFiドングルをRaspberry Piに装着し(有線でネットにつなぐ場合はイーサネットケーブルも挿入)、SDカードを挿入後に電源を入れます。しばらくすると、NOOBSが起動し、インストール可能なOSの一覧が表示されます。Windows 10 IoT Coreを選択する誘惑を殺しつつ、Raspbianを選択して、”Install”ボタンをクリックしてインストールが開始されます。インストール中はいろいろ設定などありますが、ネット上に沢山情報が転がっているので、探しつつやってみてくださいね。 OSのインストールが終わったら、WiFiでネットにつなぐ場合には、この段階でWiFiに接続しておきましょう。設定方法はたぶん直感的にわかりそうなので、ここでは説明しません。 ネットに接続で来たら、シェルを開いて、ipconfig というコマンドを実行し、Raspberry PiのIPアドレスを表示させ、メモっておいてください。ここまでできたら、リモートシェルでいくらでもネットを通じて外部から制御可能なので、電源切って次の電源オン時には、いちいちHDMI対応ディスプレイもUSBキーボード、マウスもつないでおく必要はありません。 その2 ‐ Visual Studio 2015 Update 2のインストール 既にVisual Studio 2015がインストールされている場合は、メニューの”ツール”→”拡張機能と更新プログラム”を選択し、ダイアログ左の”更新プログラム”→”製品の更新プログラム” カテゴリを選択します。”Visual Studio 2015 Update 2”があるはずなので、それを選択し”更新”ボタンをクリックしてアップデートしてください。まだインストールしていない方、個人お試しなら、https://www.visualstudio.com/ の”Community 2015のダウンロード”をクリックしてインストールしてください。ついでに、Azureの各種サービスが月25ドル分12か月使える、http://www.visualstudio.com/ja-jp/products/visual-studio-essentials-vs.aspx もお試しを。 インストールの際、機能の選択で、”クロスプラットフォームモバイル開発”→”Visual C++モバイル開発”→”Visual C++...
              XM14 - Saturday 9th December 2017 (Christmas Party)   

    Hello Folks,       

    Early Warning for the Christmas Party (or as it seems not so early as loads of places are already booked up!!). We are off to yet another venue that we have not visited before  

    Here are the details for 2017: 

    VenueSedgebrook Hall NN6 8BD
    Date: 9th Dec 2017 
    Time: 7.00pm for 7.30pm >>> Carriages (to the bar) at 1.00am 
    Cost for party night per person: £35.95 (includes disco dancing)
    Cost for B&B Accommodation: £69.00 Double £59.00 Single Occ (I think you can pay extra to posh up if you advise)

    We will need to collect a non-refundable deposit in the next few weeks to reserve our provisional booking >> registration will be along very soon >> it would be great if you could indicate if you are going to be coming along to help with early numbers >> thank you very muchly

    The party night AND accommodation will be reserved by the club for you so we only have one contact with the hotel >> it makes life much easier all round ! 
    Still TBC if the accommodation can be settled on departure >> will keep you posted ! 

    Christmas Party Menu
    Pressed terrine of chicken & smoked ham hock, festive-spiced chutney, micro salad & rye bread croute’s
    Poached & smoked salmon, dill croquette, winter leaves, lemon & chervil crème fraîche dressing
    Cream of parsnip & celeriac soup, butter-roasted croutons, braised pearl barley & sour cream (v)

    Traditional roast turkey, sage & onion stuffing, pigs in blankets, seasonal vegetables, sea salt & thyme roast potatoes
    Roasted fillet of smoked cod, parmesan creamed potato, roasted scallions & wild mushroom sauce
    Brie, mushroom & cranberry Wellington, root vegetables, white onion & thyme cream sauce

    Traditional Christmas pudding, brandy sauce
    Rich chocolate torte, cranberry, blueberry and orange compote
    Classic lemon tart, raspberry essence & vanilla crème fraîche

    PARTY ON !!!!!      

              Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 / Galaxy J7 V / Galaxy Halo / Galaxy J7 Perx / Galaxy J7 Prime / Galaxy J7 Sky Pro Incipio Octane Case - Raspberry   
    Samsung Galaxy J7 2017  /  Galaxy J7 V  /  Galaxy Halo  /  Galaxy J7 Perx  /  Galaxy J7 Prime  /  Galaxy J7 Sky Pro Incipio Octane Case - Raspberry

    Incipio Octane

    Advanced Drop Protection

    Incipio’s Octane case offers a sleek, slim profile, translucent backing to show off a user’s device, and a chic hexagon pattern finish. The Plextonium polycarbonate exterior ensures a user’s device will always be safe. Incipio’s Octane ..

    Price: $24.99

              Microcomputer firm wins top UK innovation prize   
    Description: The team behind Raspberry Pi, the British-based not-for-profit company that produces a microcomputer to inspire and educate a new generation of programmers has won the UK’s top engineering innovation prize, the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award. Report by Sarah Mills and Mia Womersley.
              Raspberry Cheesecake   
    This crockpot cheesecake is super easy to make and it is extremely satisfying. The classic cheesecake with breadcrumb crust is topped with fresh fruit and a raspberry glaze.
              Hel Låda Mealbars "Raspberry & Liquorice" 18 x 56g   

    Hel låda - 18 bars. Måltidsersättning i form av en saftig bar för smart viktkontroll och viktminskning. Innehåller 14 gram protein samt 200 kalorier per bar. Här med god smak av hallon och lakrits.


              Buy Big Berry Breaker Jawbreakers!   
    Big Berry Breaker Jawbreakers Looking for something fun for your next party? These berry flavored jawbreakers will be a HUGE hit. They are about 2 ¼” in diameter and have a bubble gum center. The flavors, Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry, and Huckleberry are great and long lasting.  They can also be vended in one of [...]
              Buy Mike and Ike Candy in Bulk or By The Pound!   
    This candy is a new favorite of the office staff here at candymachines.com. We really can’t get enough and we think you will love it too. This 4.5lb bag of Mike & Ike Red Rageous contains 5 different red flavors of chewy candy; Cherry, Fruit Punch, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Watermelon. They would look great on [...]
              Blots Gum Filled Jawbreakers!   
    These Blots Jawbreakers are a great gum filled 1” jawbreaker and made by Oak Leaf. These five tempting flavors Strawberry (Pink), Cherry (Yellow), Raspberry (Red), Blueberry (Blue), and Huckleberry (Purple) are sure to be a hit for any of your vending machines with a 1” gumball wheel. Watch them change colors the closer you get [...]
              Teton County 4-H Fair Results   
     2017 Division Winners Awarded Top Prizes Division Number           Winner           2                           Amara Bodkins with blue quilt           3                           Annie Townsend with wool jacket &amp; tweed pants           4                           Bellamy Beadle with all food projects           6                           Kwin Briscoe with bubbles photo           8                           Matthew Haas with Scratch computer program           10                          Luke Ostberg with shooting sports notebook           11                          Nicholas Konen with pickup project           12                          Watson Snyder with upholstered stool                                       Chuck Willekes with jewelry box           15                          Caroline Roeder with wool analysis Rosette Winners Division 2-Sewing &amp; Textiles Class                                       Winner 1                                     Kamber Bender with applique wall hanging                                       Myles Allen with pajamas                                       Saber Allen with pajamas                                       Kyona Yeager with quillow 2                                     Shea Ostberg with wool dress                                       Presley Holmquist with lined dress 3                                     Annie Townsend with wool coat and tweed pants Division 3-Quilting, Crochet, Knitting &amp; Embroidery Class                             Winner 1                                     Amara Bodkins with blue quilt                                                                 Jersey Somerfeld with log cabin quilt 2                                     Janessa Willekes with t-shirt quilt                                        Elyssa Willekes with t-shirt quilt 13                                   Katie Major with crocheted blanket   Division 4-Food &amp; Nutrition Class                             Winner 1                                     Ayden DeBruycker with pizza dip 2                                     Taylor Asselstine with coconut bars 3                                     Jersey Somerfeld with biscuits 5                                     Bellamy Beadle with fortune cookies 6                                     Kyona Yeager with apple pie 7                                     Waverly Konen with brownies 10                                   Madeline Konen with peach salsa 12                                   Maggie Toeckes with dinner rolls Special Foods Awards Florence Weist Memorial Baking Award-Hannah Konen with raspberry strudel Specialty Bread Award sponsored by Maryetta Hodgskiss- Caroline Roeder with herb bread   Division 5-Arts &amp; Creative Class                             Winner 1                                     Kamber Bender with pencil sketch 3                                     Bellamy Beadle with acrylic painting                                       Maggie Toeckes with acrylic painting 5                                     Cassidy DeBruycker with acrylic portrait                                       Sterling Stott with hosiery and wire sculpture Division 6-Photography Class                             Winner 1                                     Kwin Briscoe with bubbles photo 2                                     Michaela Gunderson with bumble bee photo                                       Watson Snyder with sheep photo 5                                     Daniel Asselstine with jack-o’-lantern photo 6                                     Luke Ostberg with White House photo                                       Daniel Asselstine with video Division 7-Leathercraft Class                             Winner 5                                     Nicholas Konen with leather belt   Division 8-Communications, Cowboy Poetry, Theater Arts, Citizenship, Service Learning, Leadership Class                             Winner 12                                   Caroline Roeder with leadership notebook 13                                   Matthew Haas with Scratch computer program Division 10-Wildlife, Veterinary Science, Entomology, Shooting Sports, Sport Fishing, Outdoor Adventures, Wind Energy Class                             Winner 10                                   Luke Ostberg with shooting sports notebook 17                                   Amara Bodkins with cow parts poster Division 11-Power Equipment/Small Engines, Aerospace, Bicycle, Electricity, Robotics Class                             Winner 1                                     Watson Snyder with bale spear 13                                   Nick Miller with dog bot robotics projects 18                                   Nolan Forseth with holiday welded projects                                       Sadie Grove with pistol holder 20                                   Nicholas Konen with pickup project   Division 12-Woodworking Class                             Winner 2                                     Watson Snyder with upholstered stool 5                                     Chuck Willekes with jewelry box   Division 13-Home Environment, Child Development, Self-determined, Leadership, Exchange, Schoolwork, Babysitting, Club Exhibits, Scrapbooks &amp; Record Books Class                             Winner 14                                   Shane Donnelly with Titanic history project                                       Sterling Stott with metal towel holder Division 14-Pocket Pets, Small Animals, Horse, Horseless Horse, Beef, Swine and Lamb Breeding Class                             Winner 11                                   Cyler Yeager with pig poster Horse Interview               McCoy Banner   Division 15-Market beef, swine, sheep and goat options Class                             Winner 1                                     Nolan Forseth with beef project book 2                                     Luke Ostberg with swine project book 3                                     Lila Bradley with lamb project book   Style Show Senior Refashioned Clothing Grand-Delaynie Beadle with refashioned prom dress Senior Clothing Grand-Hannah Konen with dress Junior Clothing Grand-Presley Holmquist with black wool dress Junior Quilt Grand-Amara Bodkins with blue quilt     Livestock Awards  Herdsman Awards           Lamb-Katie Major           Beef-Carson Crary &amp; Audrey Hutton           Swine-Luke Ostberg George Hodgskiss Memorial Belt Buckle           Watson Snyder     Weatherbeater Awards Horse Junior Showmanship                    Grand-Abby McCollom                    Reserve-Adelena Long   Pre-junior Showmanship                    Grand-Katy Morris                    Reserve-Kyona Yeager   Beef Beef Senior Showmanship                    Grand-Kylee Ruckman                    Reserve-Claire Ruckman Beef Junior Showmanship                    Grand-Nolan Forseth                    Reserve-Alexis Morris Beef Pre-junior Showmanship                    Grand-Katy Morris                    Reserve-Kyona Yeager  Market Beef                    Grand-Samara DeBruycker                    Reserve-Kylee Ruckman Beef Breeding                    Grand- Michaela Gunderson                    Reserve-Blake Gunderson   Lamb Lamb Senior Showmanship                    Grand-Conner Klick                    Reserve-Caroline Roeder Lamb Junior Showmanship                    Grand-Audrey Hutton                    Reserve-Katie Major Lamb Pre-junior Showmanship                    Grand-Waverly Konen Market Lamb                    Grand-Audrey Hutton                    Reserve-Lila Bradley   Breeding Ewe                    Grand-Audrey Hutton                    Reserve-Lila Bradley   Breeding Ram                    Grand-Caroline Roeder                    Reserve-Conner Click           Swine Swine Senior Showmanship                    Grand-Casey Simons                    Reserve-Kylee Ruckman  Swine Junior Showmanship                    Grand-Addie Pearson                    Reserve- Shea Ostberg Swine Pre-junior Showmanship                    Grand-Justyce Yeager                     Reserve-Abigail deVos   Market Swine                    Grand-Casey Simons                    Reserve-Kylee Ruckman   Swine Breeding                     Grand-Addie Pearson                    Reserve-Taylee Pearson                    Goat Senior Showmanship Grand-Maria Murnane Junior Showmanship                    Grand-Adelena Long   Pre-junior Showmanship                    Grand-Kaylie Bender Goat Market Grand-Kaylie Bender Breeding Goat                    Grand-Kaylie Bender                    Reserve-Adelena Long   Large Animal Round Robin               Senior Grand-Claire Ruckman               Senior Reserve-Kylee Ruckman               Junior Grand-Audrey Hutton               Junior Reserve-Nolan Forseth              Prejunior Grand-Abigail deVos              Prejunior Reserve-Katy Morris Dog Senior Showmanship Grand-Luke Ostberg Junior Showmanship Grand-Presley Holmquist Junior Showmanship Reserve-Katie Major Sub-Novice A Grand-Presley Holmquist Sub-Novice B Grand-Luke Ostberg           Novice A Grand-Katie Major     Cat Senior Showmanship    Reserve-Maria Murnane Junior Showmanship Grand-Sareena Murnane Overall Cat Grand-Maria Murnane                     Reserve-Sareena Murnane   Fowl Junior Showmanship Grand-Golden Holmquist Pre-junior Showmanship                    Grand-Kyona Yeager                    Reserve-Cyler Yeager Overall Fowl                    Grand-Golden Holmquist                    Reserve-Kyona Yeager   Rabbit Junior Showmanship                    Grand-Presley Holmquist Pre-junior Showmanship                    Reserve-Sydney Simons Overall Rabbit Grand-Blake Gunderson Reserve-Sydney Simons Friends of 4-H                     Clarence &amp; Pam Kramer &amp; family Clay Crawford Continue reading…
              Raspberry Pi – Basic Setup without Monitor and Keyboard (Headless Setup)   

    Introduction In this tutorial/project, we will see how to setup the Raspberry Pi without monitor and keyboard. This type of setup is often called as Headless Setup of Raspberry Pi. Before going in to the details of the basic setup, let us take a brief look at the high performance single board computer – The […]

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              Personalized Reflective Safety Cat Collar/ Breakaway Collar/ Orange, Lime Green, Black, White, Pink, or Royal by 3pooches   

    17.50 USD

    Our popular monogram collar in classic solid colors with reflective purposes now just for Cats!! Available in neon orange (on orange webbing), neon green (on green webbing), black (on black webbing), hot pink (on pink raspberry webbing), royal blue (on royal webbing) and white (on white webbing) with a reflective 3M Scotchlite stripe running through the middle. Personalize it with your cat's name and phone number and choose from 5 different collar colors. You can also choose your embroidery color. Other options include colored breakaway buckles and adding a bell.

    All of our items are sewn securely onto nylon webbing with welded D rings and a special "BREAKAWAY" quick release buckle made just for cats. The buckle pops open with pressure, pulling, or twisting in case your cat's collar gets caught on something so your cat will not choke or hurt themselves. NOT to ever be used with a leash.

    OPTIONS available (just put in Notes at Checkout if you want either of these options):
    *Add a bell
    *No D ring

    Standard Sizes:
    7-10 inches, 1/2 inch wide
    8-12 inches, 1/2 inch wide
    6-9 inches, 1/2 inch wide
    10-14 inches, 1/2 inch wide

    Please note that these are very small collars and an average monogram is 3-4 inches long. If your cat has a very long name, the Wrigley font must be used. I cannot fit 2 phone numbers or an address with a name on a cat collar. If you want 2 phone numbers, you cannot also have a name.

    COLLAR COLORS: see 3rd photo - please note that different monitors display differently and there may be a slight variation in color display.

    SAFETY BUCKLE COLLARS: Shown in 4th photo. If you'd like a colored buckle, let me know what color in the "Message to 3 Pooches" box at checkout.

    MONOGRAM COLORS: Shown in 5th photo. I have found that contrasting colors actually look better as a monogram because it helps to show up better. But that is up to you.If you'd like a specific color that is not shown, just let me know! There may be an additional cost for a custom color.

    *If you have ANY questions at all about personalization or sizing for cat collars, please ask us before purchase*

    Please include the following in the "Message to 3Pooches" box in your Shopping Cart at Checkout:
    1) Size Needed
    2) Monogram Details - Please list EXACTLY how you want it embroidered, including if you want CAPITALS, Proper Name, or lowercase.
    3) Collar Color. If you prefer a different color webbing on the inside than the standard, just let us know here.
    4) Safety Buckle Color. If you choose "Color Buckle" and don't specify a color, we will choose a color that is similar to the collar color or the embroidery color, whichever matches best.
    5) Color preference for monogram - if you do NOT choose a color, either white or black will be used, depending on your collar color.

    *SHIPPING* Please see the Shop Announcement for current shipping times. If you need a rush order, please choose one of the "Rush" options underneath "Shipping" at checkout. If you do not purchase a rush, we cannot guarantee any delivery dates.

    To view our return policy and how to care for your 3 Pooches item, click here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/3pooches/policy

    To see other unique doggie goods in the 3 Pooches shop, click here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/3pooches

    Raspberrypi3でMinecraftPEのサーバーを建てようと思っています。 サーバーソフトはNukkitです。 起動まではして、起動完了(3.628秒)! "help"または"?"でヘルプを表示 と表示されました。 一応、しばらく家の中で友達と遊んでテストをしようと思い、起動してWindows10版の(ストアから入手できるPE互換の)サーバーに入るから入りました。 すると
    ラズパイをVPNサーバーとして扱うとき具体的になにができるか教えていただけませんでしょうか。 インターネット上の説明を見て暗号化の方法だということはわかっていますが、メリットもデメリットもあるような印象を受け、 さらには具体的にどのように活用できるのか、ということが明確になっている記事にたどり着けませんでした。 例えば、これを通じてWinのPCにリモート
              Raspberry Pi obdrželo nejvyšší britské technologické ocenění   
    Autoři jednodeskových počítačů Raspberry Pi se ve Velké Británii dočkali dalšího ocenění. Byla jim udělena MacRobert Award, cena britské Královské akademie za inženýrství. Jde o nejvyšší ocenění v tomto oboru, které se v zemi udílí. Raspberry Pi...
              Raspberry Pi Boss Detector (Bluetooth Early Warning System) #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi   
    Gain a few extra seconds to click away from Facebook with this Boss Detector shared by Millerl1 on Instructables: This is a simple but clever way to leverage Bluetooth radio signals as an early warning system for an approaching boss, sibling, parent, kid, spouse, surprise party recipient, or whomever. Once we’ve connected one or more […]
              Raspberry Pi – MacRobert Award @RAEngNews @BBCNews @Raspberry_Pi   
    Raspberry Pi won the MacRobert Award last night. The MacRobert Prize is the UK’s top engineering prize. Congrats! The coding revolution marches on: Raspberry Pi wins UK’s top engineering innovation prize – Royal Academy of Engineering. Raspberry Pi scores UK’s top engineering award – BBC.
              Serial port adapter for Raspberry PI – Monitor your inverters   
    DIY Tech & Repairs shared this project on Youtube! Create your own serial port adapter so you can monitor your inverters with RS232 ports! See more! Each Friday is PiDay here at Adafruit! Be sure to check out our posts, tutorials and new Raspberry Pi related products. Adafruit has the largest and best selection of […]
              Tweet Photos of Your Plant’s Progress with this IoT Grow-Box #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi   
    Hacking on #InternetOfSeeds Mark II with my @Raspberry_Pi – here's a test live-stream of my cress. 0$ approach to creating an enclosure pic.twitter.com/hyujO6EuNV — Alex Ellis (@alexellisuk) June 11, 2017 From alex ellis’ blog via raspberry pi pod: In this guide I’ll show you how to build an Internet of Things (IoT) grow-box that will […]
              Atari 2600 Made out of Game Cartridge and Raspberry Pi Zero @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi   
    via Mr Pj Evans A few years ago, I got a great Atari 2600 VCS job lot. Two consoles (a light-sixer and a Vader – now both composite modded) and a stack of games. Out of all the games only one appeared to be beyond repair. That cartridge, Activision’s F-14 Tomcat, was duly placed in […]
              Fanair: A Weather Station For Your Room #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi   
    Via InMuhsin on Instructables There are countless ways to find out the current weather, but then you only know the weather outside. What if you want to know the weather inside your house, inside a specific room? That’s what I attempt to resolve with this project. Fanair uses multiple sensors to sense: temperature humidity light […]
              Reinhardt Animatronic with Raspberry Pi @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi   
    Fun project video from YouTube user Skyfox3d.
              12-foot Tall Raspberry Pi-Powered Electric Guitar @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi   
    via Raspberry Pi Pod Chris Riebschlager and the Dimensional Innovations team came up with an over-sized build for the two-day Boulevardia music festival in Kansas City. They built an electric guitar for the event which weighs in at 500 pounds and is 12 feet in length. It is made out of MDF and steel and the […]
              Sump Monitor and Alarm #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi   
    From Cory Whitesell on Hackster.io: I built a new home where water is a persistent problem. To mitigate the chances of a flooded basement, I needed a system to notify me in case of a sump pump failure or a power outage so I can react in time. Because of the rural location of my […]
              From the Adafruit Learning System: Animated Snake Eyes Bonnet for Raspberry Pi @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi #AdafruitLearningSystem   
    Here’s a great guide from our learn system by Phillip Burgess. The Snake Eyes Bonnet is a Raspberry Pi accessory for driving two 128×128 pixel OLED or TFT LCD displays, and also provides four analog inputs for sensors. It’s perfect for making cosplay masks, props, spooky sculptures for halloween, animatronics, robots…anything where you want to […]
              Raspberry Pi as an E-Book Server @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi   
    via opensource.com eBooks are a great way for teachers, librarians, and others to share books, classroom materials, or other documents with students—provided you have ready and reliable access to broadband. But even if you have low or no connectivity, there’s an easy solution: Create an eBook server with the open source Calibre eBook management software […]
              Foosball Status and Reservation System With Slack Integration #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi   
    From zolv on Instructables: In a company where I work there is a kicker table. The company occupies many floors and for some of the employees it takes up to 3 minutes to get to the table and…to realize that the table is already occupied. Therefore an idea arised to build a kind of simple […]
              Bike Speed Analyzer Made With Raspberry Pi @Raspberry_Pi #piday #raspberrypi   
    Via Joryan on Instructables Hello, in this instructable (sic) we will make a bike speed sensor. This will be controlled by a Raspberry Pi. This speed sensor will detect how fast you go and display this on an LCD, remember how long you biked, how long you paused between biking and how far you have […]
              Bus Alarm! @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi   
    If you rely on the bus for your commute, check out this handy project from Eva Frohnhofer up on Hackster.io. If you need to know when it’s the right time to go to the bus stop, just by looking up, then this is the project for you! Read more. Each Friday is PiDay here at […]
              Raspberry Pi Wind Chimes #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi   
    From Mike Cook on vimeo: A Magnetic Vector generator of chimes. The MagPi No. 59 July 2027 Read more Each Friday is PiDay here at Adafruit! Be sure to check out our posts, tutorials and new Raspberry Pi related products. Adafruit has the largest and best selection of Raspberry Pi accessories and all the code […]
              ‘Begging Dog’ robot made with cardboard and Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi   
    Via sbattad on Instructables In this project, we will be using a raspberry pi to control a servo that turns a cardboard dog’s head away whenever a person looks at the dog, to mimic a begging dog that doesn’t want to be seen begging. Read more. Each Friday is PiDay here at Adafruit! Be sure […]
              Computer HUD for Mechanical Keyboard by pazu #3DThursday #3DPrinting   
    pazu shares: From the 3D printing side of things, this uses a cheap 5″ LCD from ebay with HDMI inputs and a Raspberry PI with a 3.5″ backpack – that part list below is just for the screen setup. download the files on: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2397833 Every Thursday is #3dthursday here at Adafruit! The DIY 3D printing […]
              Raspberry Pi Display Case Customizable Cutout #3DThursday #3DPrinting   
    ftobler shares: Raspberry Pi Case Customizeable Cutout The original Raspberry Pi Display Case Thanks Riham for STL to OpenSCAD converter download the files on: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2395683 Every Thursday is #3dthursday here at Adafruit! The DIY 3D printing community has passion and dedication for making solid objects from digital models. Recently, we have noticed electronics projects integrated […]
              Raspberry Pi advanced music player case #3DThursday #3DPrinting   
    Shared by jschw on Thingiverse: This is a Raspberry Pi Media/Musicplayer case, which also can be used for general purpose (for example building a thin client). It is designed to use it with a Raspberry Pi 3 and a IQaudio PiDAC+ (http://iqaudio.co.uk/audio/8-pi-dac-0712411999643.html ; the small plastic ring on top of the cinch connectors has to […]
              Microsoft werkt aan machine learning voor Raspberry Pi en kleinere apparaten   
    Microsoft werkt aan algoritmes voor machine learning die op een Raspberry Pi en later ook op kleinere apparaten moeten kunnen draaien, zoals een zeer kleine ARM Cortex M0. Vroege code van het project is inmiddels op GitHub te vinden.
              Comment on Intelligent Anti-Shake Face Recognition Three-Axis PTZ Stabilizer for Live Broadcast by DustinBof   
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              Libre Computer is crowdfunding a 4K-ready, quad-core mini PC for $25 and up   
    Libre Computer is crowdfunding a 4K-ready, quad-core mini PC for $25 and up

    There’s another Raspberry Pi-like computer in the works, and this one has a few interesting features that could set it apart. It’s said to be capable of handling 4K video. It’s designed to run Linux and Android-based software. It should be faster than a Raspberry Pi 3. And unlike some other devices in this category, […]

    Libre Computer is crowdfunding a 4K-ready, quad-core mini PC for $25 and up is a post from: Liliputing

              Raspberry Pi creators win top UK engineering prize   
    MacRobert Award goes to small computer finding uses beyond its educational roots
              Ep 180 – Trouble in Trump-Land   

    Recorded Wednesday, February 15th Beer of the Week – Pearl Street Brewery Raspberry Tambois Tim is joined in studio by Gus Willman to chat about the Michael Flynn revelations, and whether the outrage over many of Donald Trump’s policies is justified. The two get into immigration, transgenderism, and even humorously discuss invisible aliens. The Trump […]

    The post Ep 180 – Trouble in Trump-Land appeared first on The Tim Preuss Podcast.

              Chocolate Brownies with Raspberry Creammmmmmmmmm   

    The other day, my friends and I had a little dinner party.  It was all quite last minute but came together beautifully.  By that I mean we all stuffed ourselves silly with stupendous food. Everyone made and brought a different dish. 

    This was our menu...

     Chez Mau
    Halloumi Risotto stuffed peppers
     Main course
    Spiced pork with red wine sauce
     Autumn vegetable selection
     Home made garlic bread
    Double chocolate brownie with raspberry cream
    Selection of coffee and teas
    And this was our pretty table...

    My dish, would you believe, was the pud, so I decided to bash together some brownies as you can't go wrong with a brownie.  I always add huge chunks of white chocolate to mine because it tastes heavenly!

    I went for some raspberry cream because I thought it would be nice and refreshing. 
    And it was.

    To make Raspberry cream...

    300ml whipping cream
    100g icing sugar
    150g raspberries

    All you need to do, is whisk the ingredients together until the mixture becomes firm (but not too stiff).  I highly recommend using an electric whisk here to prevent your arm falling off.

    I garnished mine with some extra raspberries and a few sprigs of fresh mint from the garden.

    For the brownies, I've slightly adapted a Nigella recipe...

    180g unsalted butter 
    180g dark chocolate
    3 large eggs
    1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
    250g caster sugar
    120g plain flour
    1/2 tsp salt
    whatever else you fancy...white chocolate, cherries, walnuts,...chuck in around 150g's worth

    *Pre-heat the oven to 180°C

    *Line your tray with foil or baking paper (better than buttering it).

    *Melt the chocolate and butter together on the hob.  Then allow it to cool down a bit.

    *Beat the eggs, vanilla and sugar together in another bowl.

    *Combine the salt and flour in another bowl.

    *Beat the eggy mixture into the chocolatey mixture and then add the flour and any other ingredients you've gone for.

    *Beat it!

    *Scrape it all out into your pan and bake it for 25 minutes or until the top of it is a bit paler than the inside and the inside is all gooey and delicious and chocolatey and....mmmm.....

              Palmer Luckey reportedly donates to Revive development   
    Blows a raspberry at Oculus.

              Comment on Raspberry Lime Rickey | Recipe and History by Kathi   
    It all started for me at a place called the Sea Breeze at Dane Street Beach in Beverly Mass way back in the 50's. Fast forward to British Columbia to the present time. Always have soda water, limes and raspberry syrup on hand for those hot days when we need a good thirst quencher. Turned hubby on to them too. A favorite for both of us.
              Home automation with Raspberry Pi, Node and React   
              Microsoft wants to bring AI to Raspberry Pi and other tiny devices   
    Squirrels beware: Microsoft shows off progress it's making moving machine learning to the Internet of Things.
              Microsoft’s latest project embeds artificial intelligence onto bread-crumb size computer processors   

    Microsoft Research today announced a new project that embeds artificial intelligence onto bread-crumb size computer processors. This project is called Embedded Learning Library (ELL) and it will help developers build and deploy machine-learned pipelines onto embedded platforms including Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, Micro:bits, and other microcontrollers. Once deployed, the machine learning model can run without connecting to the internet. Removing […]

    Read More: Microsoft’s latest project embeds artificial intelligence onto bread-crumb size computer processors

              Microcomputer firm wins top UK innovation prize   
    Description: The team behind Raspberry Pi, the British-based not-for-profit company that produces a microcomputer to inspire and educate a new generation of programmers has won the UK’s top engineering innovation prize, the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award. Report by Sarah Mills and Mia Womersley.
              Victoria Sandwich Cake   
    Fresh Strawberries with cake is always a winner!

    I've used a square baking pan instead
    to cut the cake easier in squares.

    Baked this last night and the residents of Danau Kaseh loved it. Very simple recipe and would like to share it with you here:-


    250g butter (softened)
    1 cup Caster Sugar
    2 cups Self Raising Flour
    4 Eggs
    1 tsp Vanilla Essence
    Icing sugar
    Strawberry Jam
    Whipped Double Cream


    1. Cream Butter & Sugar until light & fluffy.
    2. Add Vanilla Essence and Eggs 1 at a time.
    3. Add Flour until smooth.
    4. Pour mixture into 2 identical baking pans. Best baked in 20cm Round shaped baking pans.
    5. Bake at 180c for 25-30 minutes.
    6. Cool cakes and then sandwich with jam, strawberries & cream.
    7. Dust top of cake with Icing Sugar.

    Note : The Strawberries and cream are optional. The cake is also delicious with just strawberry or raspberry jam. With strawberries & cream, the cake should be eaten on day of baking.

    Good Luck with the recipe & I hope your family will enjoy the cake as much as mine did (^_^)
              Balea Handschaum Raspberry Party   
    Pflegender Handschaum, der außerdem meine Nagelhaut sehr geschmeidig macht. Man muss ihn aber regelmäßig benutzen. Für sehr trockene Hände wäre er nicht pflegend genug.
              Controlando um SID com Raspberry Pi   
    Muitos chips de geração de áudio foram usados em vários computadores antigos. Com certeza o Commodore 64 é uma dessas máquinas que possui vários recursos interessantes que contavam com chips bastantes curiosos pela solução tecnológica envolvida.
    Entre estes chips, o mais curioso é o SID 6581 (SID - Sound Interface Device) que foi usado pelos Commodore 64, antes da evolução do som digital.
    Vários projetos atuais ainda usam o SID como elemento de geração de sons, e como não podia deixar de ser, existe um projeto envolvendo uma Raspberry Pi.

    No site da Universidade de Buffalo exste uma página pessoal onde é mostrado um projeto curioso usando os GPIOs da Raspberry Pi para interfacear um chip SID para a geração de sons, juntamente com um amplificador de áudio com LM386 e um LCD para visualização de informações.
    Não deixe de conferir este projeto em http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~robertsz/projects/SID/index.html

    Raspberry Pi e SID

    Se você gostou deste post, não deixe de compartilhar em suas redes sociais, ou ainda deixe uma sugestão ou crítica para deixar o Portal MCU cada vez melhor
              Raspberry Pi Smart Home Control: Domótica com Arduino e Raspberry Pi   
    Hoje em dia é fácil automatizar residências, comércios e imoveis em geral graças ao baixo preços dos kits e a facilidade de encontrar materiais para que qualquer pessoa possa fazer o seu sistema.
    O site tailandês http://smart-homecontrol.com/ oferece serviço de Domótica para qualquer residência, usando todos as formas de acesso: smartfone, tablet, notebook, etc., usando aplicativos Android.
    A nossa sorte é que um blog  http://androidcontrol.blogspot.com/ possui o projeto. Foi usado um Arduino, uma placa com relés, Raspberry Pi e um roteador wireless modificado com o OpenWRT.
    Mais detalhes você poderá ver em http://androidcontrol.blogspot.com/2014/09/raspberry-pi-smart-home-control.html

    Raspberry Pi Smart Home Automation Control

    Se você gostou deste post, não deixe de compartilhar em suas redes sociais, ou ainda deixe uma sugestão ou crítica para deixar o Portal MCU cada vez melhor
              Controle os GPIOs da Raspberry Pi usando C   
    Se você já está acostumado em programar microcontroladores e não está disposto a aprender uma nova linguagem de programação para acessar os GPIOs da Raspberry Pi, saiba que é possível a programação usando a linguagem C.
    WiringPi é uma biblioteca de acesso GPIO escrito em C para o BCM2835 usada no Raspberry Pi. Está liberado sob a licença GNU LGPLv3 e é utilizável de C e C ++, podendo ser utilizado para ligar circuitos na Raspberry Pi graças as seguintes bibliotecas:

    • Raspberry Pi funções específicas;
    • Funções de timer;
    • Prioridades de programa, timing e threads;
    • Funções serial;
    • Funções SPI;
    • Funções I2C;
    • Funções de shift register;
    • Funções software PWM;
    • Funções software tone.
    Não deixe de conferir esta biblioteca em http://wiringpi.com/.

    Blink LED com Raspberry Pi

    Se você gostou deste post, não deixe de compartilhar em suas redes sociais, ou ainda deixe uma sugestão ou crítica para deixar o Portal MCU cada vez melhor
              Raspberry Pi 2: quad-core, 900MHz, 1GB de RAM e ainda rodará Ubuntu e Windows 10 de graça!   
    É pessoal, após o lançamento da Raspberry Pi há 3 anos atrás, outros concorrentes como Banana Pi, CubieBoard, BeagleBone Black e outros apareceram com recursos mais interessantes.
    Agora, a Raspberry Pi possui versão turbinada, com um processador Broadcom BCM2836 quad-core Cortex A7, que permitirá rodar Ubuntu e uma versão gratuita do Windows 10, 1GB de RAM e clock de 900MHz.
    O Ubuntu terá uma versão daqui a duas semanas. Sobre o Windows 10 gratuito  a Microsoft irá comentar daqui a alguns meses. Até lá cadastrem se no Progrma de desenvolvedores Windows para IoT.
    As demais características permanece as mesmas, permitindo a portabilidade dos projetos anteriores. As versões anteriores continuarão ser comercializada normalmente.
    Alias, a melhor parte: a nova versão continua a custar US$35,00! Vamos aguardar pra ver aqui no Brasil!

    Se você gostou deste post, não deixe de compartilhar em suas redes sociais, ou ainda deixe uma sugestão ou crítica para deixar o Portal MCU cada vez melhor
              Sistema Ambilight com Raspberry Pi   
    Para quem não conhece, o sistema Ambilight cria efeitos de luz ao redor do monitor que correspondem ao conteúdo do vídeo que você está assistindo, como se fosse uma extensão do monitor. Os monitores ou televisores modernos e top de linha possuem este recurso.
    Sébastien resolveu contruir o seu sistema com uma Raspberry Pi e alguns componentes, todos montados um um rack de 19 polegadas.
    Basicamente o sinal HDMI enviado ao monitor e convertido em um sinal S-Video, que é capturado em um dongle de captura de vídeo STK1160 conectado a Raspberry Pi. Um script Python utiliza a biblioteca OpenCV, que é responsável por extrair os quadros pixels e descobrir o que as cores devem ser enviadas para os pinos SPI, onde estão conectados ao controlador de LEDs RGB LPD8806. A interface WEB é agradável e também permite controlar os LEDs a partir de qualquer plataforma conectada a sua rede local. Finalmente, um LCD 16x2 padrão e um receptor infravermelho estão ligados à Raspberry Pi, permitindo controlar e monitorar a sua plataforma.
    Não deixe de conferir este sistema em http://sebastien.warin.fr/2014/07/31/1549-slightbox-v3-la-version-hdmi/

    Ambilight com Raspberry Pi

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              Conversor ADC para Raspberry Pi sem usar CI dedicado   
    A Raspberry Pi pode fazer muitas coisas maravilhosas e incríveis, mas o que falta mesmo é um conversor analógico-digital (ADC) on board. Claro que podemos conectar um conversor ADC via SPI ou I2C, mesmo com um pouco de trabalho e habilidade.
    Felizmente existem algumas técnicas simples que podemos implementar em qualquer plataforma, suprindo a falta de um conversor ADC discreto. Componentes baratos como resistores, capacitores e amplificadores operacionais, e claro, um pouco de código, resolvem o problema.
    Hussam montou um circuito simples e barato com um comparador de tensão, dois resistores e um capacitor, e com um algoritmo de aproximação sucessiva implementou um conversor ADC que satisfaz a maioria das aplicações que necessitam de leituras de valores analógicos.
    Não deixem de conferir esta dica em http://hertaville.com/2014/07/11/adchack/

    ADC para Raspberry Pi

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    Hello, all--

    And we're done.

    The sorority house is now empty of all the things we brought in to make it the Clarion West Writers Workshop and worst of all, of all the students. The instructors have all gone home. There are still a few things to mail, a few bureaucratic tasks, items to be returned here and there, but it's over.

    I'm not as exhausted post-workshop as I have been in previous years, though I was pretty punchy on move-out Saturday.

    I managed just the bare minimum seven hours unplugged working on the novel this week. I also confess that for some portion of that time my eyes were closed. But! I'm now well into the second section (of three) of the novel revision and am really, really happy with what I've done. This is the revision that has finally (to me, at least, time will tell if it works for other readers) kicked it up a level, to what I've always been aiming for. I think it's there: as good as I can make it.

    It's wonderful but also a little scary.

    I was worried that the new poem this week would be a poor and hasty thing, but as it turns out I'm pretty happy with this first draft. It's a love poem, but also inspired by our garden and by once again watching a Clarion West class have to say goodbye to each other after six weeks of becoming each others' new tribe. They spent most of their final night together staying up to watch the sunrise together.

    Thank you all again so much for your support of me and of Clarion West!



    Chant for Summer Darkness in Northwest Climes

    The taste of blue, as in bursting berries,
    as in the air's weight on our tongues,
    raspberry red as a summer's day turns.

    West over water, the light once plum once
    salmon turns aqua turns midnight blue
    hazed with stars I make you name.


    [It's not too late! You can still visit this link to sponsor me in the Clarion West Write-a-thon, at which time I will send you the full draft of this and the other poems I wrote over the course of the write-a-thon.]
              Voice Kit : un kit complet pour créer son assistant vocal !   

    The MagPi a l’art de nous surprendre. Le magazine officiel Raspberry Pi et Google ont proposé en avril dernier un kit complet pour créer son propre assistant vocal à la Google Home, Amazon Echo ou (Microsoft) Invoke. Pour le prix du magazine, c’était super intéressant même si la Pi n’était pas incluse dedans. On ne peut pas tout avoir ! Prise en main.

    Comme à chaque fois que The MagPi sort un kit ou une Pi Zero offerte, après quelques heures, il ne reste plus rien ! Il est question de proposer, à la vente, le Voice Kit, mais pour le moment aucune information précise n’est disponible. Ce kit est une interface utilisateur vocale (VUI) utilisant des API et services Cloud.

    Contenu du kit

    -        boîtier en carton à monter ;

    -        carte Voice Hat ;

    -        Microphone Voice Hat ;

    -        Lot de câbles ;

    -        bouton pour activer l’assistant ;

    -        1 lot de header (à souder) ;

    -        haut-parleur.

    Pour pouvoir fonctionner, vous devez rajouter une Raspberry Pi , une connexion Internet (WiFi de préférence), un clavier et souris, écran avec câble HDMI et une carte SD pour le système. Sans oublier l’alimentation.

    Le coeur du kit : Voice Hat

    L’élément central du kit est le shield Voice Hat. Pour l’utiliser, il faut le mettre sur une carte Pi. L’opération est simple. Ne pas oublier de stabiliser le shield avec les supports en plastique livrés en standard.

    Ce Voice Hat est taillé pour le Voice Kit pour connecter le microphone et le bouton ainsi que le haut-parleur. La carte propose aussi plusieurs GPIO pour y connecter des capteurs divers et variés.  On dispose de 6 servos capables de supporter des moteurs et des capteurs. Chaque servo (0 à 5) se compose de trois broches : pin (GPIO), 5V et le GND. On dispose aussi de 3 drivers permettant de connecter divers capteurs. À cela se rajoute la possibilité d’ajouter des capteurs en I2C et en SPI.

    Attention au voltage et à la puissance délivrée par ces GPIO. Les headers sur les GPIO ne sont pas soudés. À vous de le faire.

    Bref, il y a de quoi faire avec ce shield. Si par défaut, on crée uniquement un assistant vocal, vous pouvez rapidement étendre l’électronique et rajouter de nombreux capteurs qui permettront d’étendre l’usage de votre Voice Kit.

    À cela se rajoute une petite carte, le Voice Hat Microphone. Il possède deux micros (gauche / droite). Il est connecté au shield en I2C. Il est théoriquement possible d’utiliser la microphone board indépendamment du Voice Hat.

    10 minutes pour monter

    Le montage proprement dit est très rapide. Le guide de montage est disponible en ligne :


    Le boîtier en carton permet de démarrer son IoT mais il a tendance à ne pas tenir les cartes. Pour notre part, nous avons trouvé et imprimé un boîtier. L’impression est longue (env. 10h), mais le résultat est très sympa.

    N’oubliez pas de flasher votre carte SD avec l’image système. Il s’agit d’une variante de la Raspbian.

    10 minutes pour lancer l’assistant

    Qui dit assistant vocal dit objet connecté. Le Voice Kit est avant tout un objet connecté et la connexion Internet est donc indispensable. Notre kit DIY (Faire soi-même) utilise Google Assistant SDK.

    Tout d’abord, nous démarrons notre assistant avec la carte SD flashée. On se connecte à Internet, en WiFi. On teste que l’audio fonctionne avec le fichier Check audio. On fait la même chose pour le WiFi avec Check WiFi. Si des problèmes surviennent : il faut vérifier le montage et voir si toutes les connexions sont bonnes.

    Le plus long dans l’installation est la partie Google Cloud Platform et les connexions aux services Assistant. Il faut disposer d’un compte Google Cloud Platform et de l’activité de l’API (tout se fait depuis la console Cloud Platform). On crée une nouveau projet et on créer un client Oauth 2.0. Ainsi on accède aux credentials et au Oauth Client IDE. Ces éléments servent à authentifier le service et à accéder au service depuis son Voice Kit.

    Quelques manipulations depuis le Shell et quelques commandes permettent de tout mettre en place. La dernière étape, si tout va bien, est d’activer (dans Activity Controls) les services de localisation, activité vocale, etc.

    À noter que le guide d’installation en ligne est un peu différent de celui présent sur le magazine MagPi n°57.

    Une fois toute l'installation terminée, l’assistant est prêt. Il faut maintenant lancer le Start dev terminal pour lancer l’assistant. Si cela ne se fait pas automatiquement (le bouton doit passer en vert), il faut taper src/main.py. Il lance manuellement l’assistant.

    Il est possible de lancer automatiquement l’assistant en tant que service système (via un sudo systemctl enable) au démarrage (ce qui n’est pas fait par défaut).

    L’assistant peut être activé de deux manières :

    -        par le bouton (dit bouton d’arcade) ;

    -        par un simple claquement de mains (1 seul claquement).

    Il suffit de configurer le fichier voice-recognizer.ini et de modifier le trigger gpio / clap. À noter que par défaut, l’assistant est en anglais.

    Les commandes

    Les commandes par défaut sont limitées : hello, what time is it, tell me a job, gestion du volume. Ce sont avant tout des exemples d’usages du service Google Assistant avec le Voice Kit. Heureusement, il est possible d’étendre les commandes, avec ses propres commandes.

    Le Voice Kit permet des commandes Google Assistant ou de simples commandes locales.

    Les nouvelles actions peuvent très diverses : de la simple question – réponse locale à une utilisation de capteur via le GPIO.

    Il faudra alors modifier le code du fichier action.py pour ajouter l’action voulue. Les commandes personnalisées sont dans la partie def_add_commands_just_for_cloud_speech

    Par exemple :

    -        pour une simple commande, on utilisera simple_command (‘question’, ‘réponse’) ;

    -        on peut interagir avec les capteurs connectés à son code en utilisant actor.add_keywork(action, Gpiowrite) ;

    -        on peut aussi interagir avec le système en faisant un shutdown ou un reboot via une commande de type SpeakShellCommandOutput.

    Après chaque modification / rajout d’actions, mieux vaut faire un reboot du système. En général la latence est bonne, mais il arrive qu’elle se dégrade. La qualité d’écoute du kit n’est pas toujours optimale surtout si l’environnement est bruyant. Parfois aussi, le kit refuse de se connecter au service Google ou de reconnaître la moindre commande. Vérifiez la connexion et redémarrez. En général, cela suffit.

    Exemple :

    # =========================================

    # Makers! Implement your own actions here.

    # =========================================

    import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

    class GpioWrite(object):
        '''Write the given value to the given GPIO.'''

        def __init__(self, gpio, value):
            GPIO.setup(gpio, GPIO.OUT)
            self.gpio = gpio
            self.value = value 

        def run(self, command):
            GPIO.output(self.gpio, self.value) 

    -> puis implémentation de l’action et sa réponse :

    actor.add_keyword('light on', GpioWrite(4, True))
    actor.add_keyword('light off', GpioWrite(4, False)) 

    Un bon 15/20

    Honnêtement, pour le prix du Voice Kit, quand on arrive à en trouver un à un tarif acceptable (ce qui est très difficile), cet IoT est vraiment bon. La qualité du Voice Hat surprend. La partie logicielle mériterait une meilleure intégration pour éliminer quelques étapes, mais n’oublions pas que nous sommes dans une approche maker / DIY et non dans un IoT tel que Google Home ou Amazon Echo. Surtout, rajouter des commandes est assez rapide même quand on s’interface avec des capteurs via les GPIO. C’est une excellente solution pour comprendre l’intelligence artificielle via un assistant vocal.

    Ce kit est plus facile d’accès que le ReSpeaker de Seeed Studio. Oui il est plus puissant et offre une qualité sur la partie audio supérieure (via le microphone shield), mais le prix et le manque d’intégration sur la partie logicielle, ainsi qu’une documentation trop légère, a fini par nous convaincre.  

    Vous pouvez aussi interfacer votre IoT à l’outil TensorFlow (Google).

    Android Things

    Le Voice Kit est aussi supporté par Android Things, la plateforme IoT de Google. La Developer Preview 3.1 inclut ce support par défaut. Le système supporte uniquement la Raspberry Pi 3.

    Vous devez utiliser la dernière version d’Android Things et suivre les instructions d’installation et de configuration.

    François Tonic

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    Image actualité AMP: 

              Commenti su Cluster e programmazione in parallelo con MPI e Raspberry Pi di admin   
    passing -n 1 as parameter
              Commenti su Cluster e programmazione in parallelo con MPI e Raspberry Pi di NZerrik   
    Hi, how did you run the pi calculation with only one node? Thanks
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    Questo mi funziona perfettamente : Scattare più foto in sequenza ------ NON RIESCO CON QUESTO: Scattare una foto premendo un pulsante c'è qualcuno che mi può dare lo script funzionante? GRAZIE
              Commenti su PiCamera & Python – programmiamo la webcam su Raspberry Pi di Beniamino Feula   
    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ /home/pi/scatto.py : File o directory non esistente pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo python scatto.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "scatto.py", line 9, in camera = PiCamera() NameError: name 'PiCamera' is not defined da questi due comandi mi restituisce ^^^^^^^^^ questo è il codice discatto.py #!/usr/bin/env python import time import picamera import RPi.GPIO as GPIO GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM) GPIO.setup(17, GPIO.IN, GPIO.PUD_UP) camera = PiCamera() camera.start_preview() GPIO.wait_for_edge(17, GPIO.FALLING) camera.capture('/home/pi/image.jpg') camera.stop_preview() GRAZIE
              Commenti su PiCamera & Python – programmiamo la webcam su Raspberry Pi di admin   
    Ciao Beniamino. Il nome del modulo in Python è picamera e non PiCamera.
              raspberry pi: raspbian jessie start menu screenshots   
    when you’re booting up a raspberry pi and have no display/cable/adapter at hand, it can be useful to navigate the start menu blindly using only the keyboard, e.g. to open a terminal and run a short command. here are screenshots of the raspberry pi’s operating system and start menu, raspbian jessie (v. 16.02.2017, kernel 4.9) […]
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    Anzahl Flugzeuge weltweit. Hier die über The OpenSky Network, http://www.opensky-network.org empfangenen Flugzeuge an zufälligen Messzeitpunkten. Die Datenbasis: [crayon-59570cbe0fd0f845579116/] Gemessen mit der JUnit Java Klasse: [crayon-59570cbe0fd1b759500991/]
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    Auf der Schwesterseite kleinhirn.eu hatte ich schon mal von dem coolen Programm berichtet. Nun gibt es ein update mit folgenden Features:
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    Eclipse Oxygen veröffentlicht. Dann mal hier den Download starten … Mit dem Installer geht die Installation einfach: Dann mal ein Quicktest mit der neuen IDE. Maven Projekt import mit Git vom Repository: https://github.com/IT-Berater/opensky-api.git Dann mal den JUnit Test ausgeführt: Ok, 3621 Flugzeuge in der Luft, es läuft … Was gibt es neues, das ist hier …
              Building An Amazon Echo on the Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 2   
    I am fascinated with the success of the Amazon Echo. A company founded on selling books has worked very hard to become a hardware powerhouse and I think they achieved that goal with the Amazon Echo. I bought an Echo to play with home automation but when Amazon posted instructions on how to build your […]
              Probablemente esta es la caja que querrás imprimir para la Raspberry Pi y tener un reproductor musical a medida   

    Raspberry Pi Advanced Music Player Case

    Ya os hemos hablado en otras ocasiones de las enormes posibilidades que tiene la Raspberry Pi para hacer un reproductor musical de calidad en un espacio ínfimo. Con añadir un hardware no excesivamente caro tenemos unas prestaciones más que notables.

    A la hora de cerrar el proyecto, nada como tener una caja funcional y bonita. Si quieres tener una estupenda caja diseñada para la Raspberry Pi como reproductor musical la puedes fabricar tú mismo con una impresora 3D.

    La caja está disponible en Thingiverse y se ha diseñado para ser utilizada con una Raspberry Pi 3 y un DAC IQaudio PiDAC+. El IQaudio PiDAC+ es un buen DAC por un precio algo inferior al de una Raspberry Pi 3, unos 34 euros, por lo que es un buen complemento para hacer un reproductor musical.

    El IQaudio PiDAC+ únicamente cuenta con salidas analógicas, por lo que tendrás que ver si es lo que necesitas o si prefieres algo que combine salidas analógicas y digitales, o incluso únicamente digitales y adaptar la caja para dichas salidas.

    Detalle del interior de la caja

    Si tenéis curiosidad por saber cuánto costaría replicar el reproductor del diseñador de la caja, tenéis la lista de partes y componentes en este enlace. Pero os recomiendo que si no tenéis prisa que busquéis en tiendas de china los componentes y seguro que encontráis en algunos una sustanciosa diferencia de precio.

    Algunos de los componentes necesarios

    Desde luego, si queréis tener un equipo de alta fidelidad a bajo coste con botón de encendido, LED de estado, control de volumen y botones de control de reproducción es una solución bastante elegante.

    Detalle del soporte imprimible por separado (En gris)

    Y ya, para rizar el rizo, podéis imprimir también este soporte para que no ocupe nada de espacio. Recordad que podéis utilizar el móvil o un navegador web como control remoto tanto en Volumio como en Moode.

    Más información | Thingiverse

    En Xataka Smart Home | Allo DigiOne es el nuevo dispositivo comercializado por Volumio para tener "altísima" fidelidad en tu Raspberry Pi

    También te recomendamos

    Esta caja de aluminio con pantalla de 2,2 pulgadas es una excelente idea para tu Raspberry Pi

    Ni Twitter ni Facebook ni Google, ¿cómo se lo montan los chinos en Internet?

    moodeCase para la Raspberry Pi es la caja perfecta para un sistema de audio

    La noticia Probablemente esta es la caja que querrás imprimir para la Raspberry Pi y tener un reproductor musical a medida fue publicada originalmente en Xataka Smart Home por Fernando Doutel .

              Raspberry Pi wins English engineering award   
    To be fair there was not much competition The Raspberry Pi has been given the UK’s most prestigious engineering award. The device has won the Royal Academy of Engineering’s MacRobert award for 2017, meaning the creators of the Raspberry Pi got a gold medal, along with a £50,000 prize. The MacRobert organisers tweeted about the […]
              Libre Computer Board – Nächster Angriff auf den Raspberry Pi – würde ich den SBC kaufen?   

    Zugegeben ist der Name Libre Computer Board Le Potato aus Marketing-Sicht relativ klug for den SoC gewählt. Blicke ich aber hinter die Kulissen, dann schrillen die Alarmglocken aber. Was ist Libre Computer Board Le Potato? Es handelt sich beim Libre Computer Board um eine Kickstarter-Kampagne von einer Firma aus China. Der Winzling ist mit einer ARM Cortex-A53 Quad Core CPU und einer ARM Mali-450 GPU ausgestattet. zur Abwechslung ist der SBC mal keine Frucht, sondern ein Gemüse. Dann folgt in der Beschreibung das übliche […]

    Der Beitrag Libre Computer Board – Nächster Angriff auf den Raspberry Pi – würde ich den SBC kaufen? ist von Linux | Spiele | Open-Source | Server | Desktop | Cloud | Android.

              The coding revolution marches on: Raspberry Pi wins UK’s top engineering innovation prize   
              S’mores Please!   
    Looking for something fun to add to your wedding? What about a s’mores  station! You could do a classic traditional s’mores station with graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars or a Chic s’mores station with flavored handmade marshmallows,like  raspberry, lime, vanilla, and chocolate, (more Flovors available) 2 … Continue reading
              Raspberry Lime Rickey | Recipe and History   

    Fruity and fizzy, the raspberry lime rickey is a popular New England summer drink. Learn its history, plus our favorite easy raspberry lime rickey recipe.

    The post Raspberry Lime Rickey | Recipe and History appeared first on New England Today.

              Raspberry Maxx vg   

    A nice fruit flavor!All of our Maxx liquids are available in 30ml bottles, with a childproof cap.This flavor comes in the maximum VG. ...[Read More]
    Our Price: $15.99 [Add to Cart]

              Oreo Is Mailing People Customized Flavors And Twitter Is Taking Full Advantage   

    Oreo's latest ad campaign is taking off because it's giving everyone an opportunity to do what they love most—fantasize about what kind of cookies they want to be eating right now. The hashtag #MyOreoCreation on Twitter is full of wild ideas from people with rabid sweet tooths. The campaign has been going on since May, according to Mashable, who report that flavor suggestions have included Coffee, Glazed Donut, Bacon, Nut 'N Honey, Raspberry Danish, as well as Unicorn and Millennial Pink, whatever that means. I'm picturing bland cotton candy?

    But there are plenty of other flavors to shake your head at or start salivating over:

    But then last week, a few people actually received samples of their flavor suggestion by mail, which is perhaps the greatest gift Nabisco has ever given:

    But some people just got an animation? You can't eat that!

    OK, admit it: Who wants an avocado Oreo?

              Norris From posted an update: Advanced Slim Raspberry Ketones If you need to lose […]   
              Comment on Feed Your Retro Gaming Soul With Nintendo’s Super NES Classic Edition by Alex   
    The Raspberry Pi is the only way to go. It is simple enough to build into a retro gaming system. You can make it look like the console of your choice by buying a case off of Amazon. You can have a NES mini that you built with Raspberry Pi, yet is also capable of playing other games. It can also play games from other gaming consoles if you want. It can look look like a mini retro NES, yet can also play Super NES titles, Sega Saturn games, as well as many others. If you want it on it then there is a plan online to show you how. The Nintendo debacle with the shortages of the Retro NES mini have greatly helped to sell a lot more Raspberry Pi's. lol.
              Bug stories: The memory ownership in the timeout   

    imageWe are running a lot of tests right now on RavenDB, in all sort of interesting configurations. Some of the more interesting results came from testing wildly heterogeneous systems. Put a node on a fast Windows machine, connect it to a couple of Raspberry PIs, a cheap Windows tablet over WiFi and a slow Linux machine and see how that kind of cluster is handling high load.

    This has turned out a number of bugs, the issue with the TCP read buffer corruption is one such example, but another is the reason for this post. In one of our test runs, the RavenDB process crashed with invalid memory access. That was interesting to see. Tracking down the issue led us to the piece of code that is handling incoming replication. In particular, the issue was possible if the following happened:

    • Node A is significantly slower than node B, primarily with regards to disk I/O.
    • Node B is being hit with enough load that it send large requests to node A.
    • There is a Node C that is also trying to replicate the same information (because it noticed that node A isn’t catching fast enough and is trying to help).

    The root cause was that we had a bit of code that looked like this:

    Basically, we read the data from the network into a buffer, and now we hand it off to the transaction merger to run. However, if there is a lot of load on the server, it is possible that the transaction merger will not have a chance to return in time.  We try to abort the connection here, since something is obviously wrong, and we do just that. The problem is that we sent a buffer to the transaction merger, and while it might not have gotten to processing our request yet (or haven’t completed it, at least), there is no way for us to actually be able to pull the request out (it might have already started executing, after all).

    The code didn’t consider that, and what happened when we did get a timeout is that the buffer was returned to the pool, and if it was freed in time, we would get an access violation exception if we were lucky, or just garbage in the buffer (that we previously validated, so we didn’t check again) that would likely also cause a crash.

    The solution was to wait for the task to complete, but ping the other host to let it know that we are still alive, and that the connection shouldn’t be aborted.

              HPR2324: Opensusecon 2017 and Ubuntu 16.04   

    Information about HTOP can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Htop Information about Audacity 2.1.2 can be found at http://www.audacityteam.org/

    Overall the opensuse con 2017 was a great event. Lots of talks, they had guy with 16 Raspberry PIs in a storage cluster and list goes on and on. Many of the folks there were suse employees or Open Cloud employees but they really had their passions down.

    Ubuntu 16.04 is running fine on my MS surface tablet and is wife friendly.

              AsiaBSDCon 2015   

    AsiaBSDCon 2015 was held in Tokyo on 12-15 March. It was my first time attending, and with a big NetBSD community in Japan I was very interested to go. Links to most of the talks and slides mentioned below are on the main NetBSD presentations site.

    On Friday we had both a closed NetBSD developer session in the morning and an open NetBSD birds of a feather session in the evening. We had developers from Europe, the US and Canada as well as Japan. The BoF session, with around 25 attendees, had a talk by Kazuya Goda, who is not yet a developer but will apply soon, on Development of vxlan(4) using rumpkernel. Vxlan tunnels ethernet frames over UDP and is often used in datacentre multi-tenant applications and for VPN applications. Using the rump kernel made porting from the FreeBSD code extremely easy, with the code being tested in userspace with a tunnel to a FreeBSD box to test interoperability and no changes needed to make it run in kernel.

    Taylor Campbell (riastradh@) talked about the staus of DRM/KMS, the direct rendering framework for graphics that is in NetBSD current and will be in 7.0. He had fixed several bugs in the days before the talk, so now is a good time to try out the code on your hardware before 7.0 is out. Porting to non x86 platforms that have compatible cards (radeon) would also be useful at this point.

    Makoto Fujiwara (mef@) and Ryo Onodera (ryoon@) talked about pkgsrc, including how to package up software in github, which is now really easy. With the closure of Google Code an whole lot more projects are moving to Github, so it is useful that packaging is so easy.

    Jun Ebihara (jun@) gave an overview of the Japan NetBSD users group, which travels all around Japan to a large number of events with a large collection of mainly very small machines which run NetBSD current. These include new machines like the Raspberry Pi and Cubieboard as well as old favourites such as the Zaurus, Jornada and Dreamcast. These were also on display at the conference, and got rather more attention than the very noisy blade server running FreeBSD opposite.

    The conference proper, on Friday and Saturday had many NetBSD related talks. A highlight was Dennis Ferguson's (dennis@) keynote on modernising the BSD network stack, based on his experience building commercial BSD based routers; he was a founding engineer at Juniper. We got some history, as well as some detailed recommendations about structuring the network stack structures to match modern protocol hierarchies.

    Still on networking, Ryota Ozaki (ozaki@) talked about the work that IIJ, conference sponsors and home to many of the Japanese developers, were doing on supporting MSI interrupts and multi-queue devices, improving performance on multicore systems. Martin Husemann (martin@) talked about running big endian ARM on new hardware, a platform that is not used much and found some bugs.

    On Sunday, Taylor talked about doing cross compilation in pkgsrc properly. FreeBSD has taken the aproach of using qemu userspace emulation, but there are problems with this that have to be fudged around, while almost everything can be cross compiled properly with dedication. Perl and Python are an issue, and need volunteers. I (justin@) gave a talk about the rump kernel, and how to make driver development and debugging easier.

    There was also lots of excellent food, interesting talks about the rest of the BSD family, and a lot of conversations about many aspects of NetBSD. I highly recommend coming along next year. The call for papers will be earlier, so start planning now.

              Matrix Voice - Indiegogo-Kampagne   
    Wer für Spracherkennungsexperimente nicht auf Geräte von Amazon oder Google zurückgreifen will, kann über Indiegogo eine Open-Source-Platine erwerben. Sie kann auch mit einem Raspberry Pi kombiniert werden.
              Nuernberger Spielwarenmesse 2017 - Bericht   
    Ein deutscher Entwickler will mit seinem Raspberry-Pi-basierten Roboterbausatz mehr Schüler begeistern und sie für IT interessieren. Er war damit nicht der einzige auf der Nürnberger Spielwarenmesse 2017, auch Lego engagiert sich.
    Per Crowdfunding werden Käufer für einen Raspberry-Pi-betriebenen Roboter-Arm gesucht. Dieser ist preiswert, taugt aber nur bedingt als Werkzeug. Stattdessen sollen Kinder damit Programmierexperimente durchführen.
              Comment on Raspberry and Blueberry Crisp by Leigh Anne   
    Linda, Just a little shorter than the listed in the recipe, maybe 25 minutes. I just let it get hot and bubbly and the crisp on top starts to turn brown.
              Comment on Raspberry and Blueberry Crisp by Linda Dodson   
    So cute! Looks delicious! How long did you cook it in the mason jars? What temp?
              Comment on Raspberry and Blueberry Crisp by Leigh Anne   
    Pam, Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
              Comment on Raspberry and Blueberry Crisp by Pam   
    This looks delicious. Definitely going to make this. I love berries too.
              CETONA DE FRAMBOESA - 60 veg cáps   
    • Diminui o apetite
    • Mobiliza a gordura armazenada
    • Acelera o metabolismo
    • Aumenta a termogénese
    • Regula o açúcar no sangue

    O que é Raspberry Ketone?

    Raspberry Ketone de HSN Essentials é um suplemento alimentar à base de cetonas de framboesa e outros ingredientes que promovem a perda de peso de maneira eficaz e saudável.

    Entre os seus ingredientes encontramos a Cetona de framboesa, Manga Africana, L-Carnitina, pó de Açaí, Chá verde e Glucomannan.

    Quais são as propriedades de Raspberry Ketone?

    As cetonas de framboesa, são um composto aromático encontradas principalmente nas framboesas vermelhas. Devido ao seu grande potencial para promover a termogénese e acelerar o metabolismo, as cetonas de framboesa podem ser consideradas como um ingrediente muito interessante para o fitness ou culturismo, pois ajudam a diminuir a gordura corporal durante os períodos de definição.

    Como funciona Raspberry Ketone?

    O campo de ação abrange duas vias:

    • Aumentar a lipólise (decomposição de tecido gordo acumulado nos triglicéridos), aumentando a sensibilidade das células aos efeitos para eliminar a gordura pela hormona de norepinefrina
    • Libertar maior quantidade de adiponectina, hormona liberado pelas células gordas que intervêm no metabolismo regular e otimizando o uso de gordura como energia

    Composição de Raspberry Ketone?

    Estes ingredientes acompanham a Cetona de Frambuesa para amplificar os efeitos e potenciar a perda de peso:

    • Chá verde: potente ação antioxidante, ao mesmo tempo que favorece a termogénese, ou seja, o aumento da temperatura corporal com o conseguinte gasto calórico
    • Manga Africana: reduz o apetite, ao influir sobre a leptina, uma hormona segregada pelo tecido gordo e que indica ao cérebro quando estamos cheios e, portanto, paramos de comer
    • L-Carnitina Tartrato: um ingrediente conhecido como 'transportador ou mobilizador de gorduras' que provoca que uma maior quantidade de ácidos gordos sejam liberados do adipócito onde estão armazenados e levados até à parte da célula onde se produz a sua posterior conversão em energia, a mitocôndria
    • Acai Berry, uma baga com grandes efeitos antioxidantes que ajudarão a apoiar a perda de peso.
    • Também contém glucomanano, um tipo de fibra dietética que pode aliviar a prisão de ventre. Tem sido demonstrado que também melhora o perfil lipídico e ajuda a regular os níveis de açúcar no sangue.

    Quem pode tomar Raspberry Ketone?

    • Qualquer pessoa que procure um suplemento alimentar natural para ajudar a controlar o peso corporal.

    Price:9,91 € Special Price:7,23 €
    Special Expires on: 2 de Jul de 2017

              Brie Phyllo Appetizer   
    This weekend was fun filled with dinner Friday night at Fayette Street Grill with the G's


    I loved my appetizer...Brie and Pear Quesadilla over Greens with Raspberry Habanero Sauce..now how could someone not love that...I left wondering how did they get the quesadilla so crunchy on the outside!!  It seemed different than a Mexican quesadilla, this was golden brown and crunchy!

    Saturday was Mr. P's annual Winter-een-mas, which is short for Video Game day!  He unfortunately did not get crowned king this year, but he had a great time.  I love hearing the stories of the day when he get's home.  Each guy brings there own xbox and monitor, and they all play around the table against each other!!!  Sounds like a gamers dream.

    I stayed at home in the morning, and cleaned up the tile project in the master bathroom.  And than headed to my parent's house to have lunch and make the Valentine's Day craft sample.  I have to say it looks AMAZING..I am in love!  I am so excited to show all of you. The big unveiling will be this week..
    Than later that night it was a Girl's Night out Party, my friend had a spray tan company there, a spa company, and she had her Stella and Dot out!  I love the Jewelry!

    Now, I am not to keen on putting different products on my body, so I just tried the foot cream.  You place it on your foot, and than cover your foot with a new plastic bag, and put socks over it.  Wow the one cream really heated up.  It kind of reminded me of the cream, I used to buy from Bath and Body works that they discontinued.

    Yesterday, was a clean up day.  In my opinion, I feel that my home has been influx since we got married. We lived in an apartment at first that could only fit so much, than we moved into our house, and immediately decided to fix up the master bathroom/bedroom, well three years later, we are not done, but getting very close to the end! 

    I am getting ready and anxious everyday to move in to my house! This means I got to sit in front of my below fireplace and go through box after box, from room after room!

    YAY!!! My dad and his building manager Mr. P have worked so hard, I love it :)

    Well on to the recipe!!

    After the quesadilla I was really craving brie, I was thinking of making a brie savory cheese cake, but I did not have enough time, so I figured let me try something simple, and get to use some of my marmalade.


    1 Small wheel of brie
    4 Gingersnap Cookies
    Jam/Jelly/Marmalade of your choice
    2 Packages of the Phyllo Dough Cups (They seem to sell 15 in a box)

    1.  Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees.

    2.  You want to remove the rind off of the brie, I used a vegetable peeler, it worked out great, and I saved the rind for scrambled eggs the next morning

    3.  Crush the Gingersnap cookies 1 at a time, I used a Pillon which is Puerto Rican for a Mortar and Pistol.

    4.  Place a 1/4 tsp of the crushed Gingersnap in the bottom of each phyllo cup, and enough brie to cover up the gingersnap.  You will have to cut the brie into little pieces.  From the below photos, you can still see some Gingersnap, however you would want to place more brie in your cups than I did!

    5.  Place in the pre-heated over for 10 minutes, or until the brie melts.

    6.  Pull out of the oven, and place 1/4 tsp of your favorite jam/jelly/marmalade, I used my homemade Vanilla Bean Blood Orange Marmalade.  Place this in the oven until until the marmalade melts, about another 3 minutes.

    7.  Cool on wire racks, now I placed caramelized pecans on top, but I think this takes away from the recipe, on the second set of 15 I did not put the pecans on top.

    8.  However you do need to sprinkle a pinch of sea salt on top this melded all of the tastes together!
    The finished Product cooling!!

    With and without the caramelized pecans

    ENJOY!!!  Now I wish I had a more creative name to call them, but I could not come up with anything.  If you do, please let me know!

              Valentine''s Dessert Swap--Craft Ideas Wanted!!!   
    This year I am hosting a Valentine's Day dessert swap, and I am hoping you have some great Valentine's day Ideas:

    It will be six girls, and we are each bringing a unique dessert for this swap.

    I am planning on either doing lemon curd cream puffs, raspberry cream cream puffs, or Ricotta filled cream puffs!  maybe I will do all three.

    Now this is where I need your help!  I want to do some type of Valentine's day Craft.  I was thinking we could make cards, but the party is only two days before Valentine's day, so I am assuming everyone will have there items already for their special someone.

    My mom found these cute ideas on http://www.tipjunkie.com/make-wreath/
    That is where the below photos are from!!!

    all crafts How To Make A Wreath ~ 22 Valentine Crafts

    all crafts How To Make A Wreath ~ 22 Valentine Crafts

    Now this is the one I am leaning more towards, however I am thinking it might be somewhat expensive with all of the fabric:

    all crafts How To Make A Wreath ~ 22 Valentine Crafts

    However I am really open for ideas...do you have any Valentine's Day crafts that are easy, and not to expensive to make???
              Schöffel Silk Scarf - Raspberry    
    Schöffel Silk Scarf - Raspberry

    Schöffel Silk Scarf - Raspberry

    Luxurious 100% silk scarf

              Comment on Protecting Your Largest Organ by Berry Beautiful   
    We cold-press Red Raspberry Seed Oil here in Washington State! From seed to oil we are completely vertically integrated; we dry, condition, cold-press and then bottle our red raspberry seed oil from locally sourced Meeker red raspberry seeds. Love seeing more attention being brought to the benefits of Red Raspberry Seed Oil. If you ever want to find out more about our process or about Red Raspberry Seed Oil in general, visit our site or feel free to contact us!
              Martha Stewart and Seth Meyers Had the Best Time Over Rosé and Pop-Tarts   
    Martha Stewart, lifestyle guru extraordinaire and queen of living her best life, stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday to cook up a tasty meal for her host and longtime friend. Homemade raspberry pop tarts, a sausage-and-egg strata with Swiss chard, and a blueberry ricotta tart were on the menu — as were…
              Blog Tour ♥ Haven's War by Parker Williams ♥ #giveaway   

    Title: Haven's War
    Series: Safe Haven #2
    Author: Parker Williams
    Genre: M/M Dark Romantic Elements
    Release Date: June 26, 2017
    Buy Now: Universal Link 

    With Haven on an extended honeymoon with Sammy, bad guys around the world are breathing a lot easier. No one is better at permanently removing these lowlifes who target children—and the brutal murder of two teenage girls makes clear it’s past time to return to work. Haven’s first assignment back results in a new family member and a renewed sense of urgency to protect and avenge the innocent.

    There is nothing ‘usual’ about the business of hunting predators, but when several of Haven’s fellow agents are killed, a pattern emerges. The hunters have become the prey, tools in a bitter vendetta for a perceived wrong.

    Despite years of working alone, when the target shifts to someone unexpected, Haven calls in reinforcements—a friend to stand between the family he loves and a ruthless killer. Teamwork may be the only way to win this fight—unless it’s already too little, too late.

    Haven tries to approach this as he would any other assignment. Find your enemy and make sure they suffer before you eliminate them. But when a member of his team goes off-book and ends up dead, everything changes. It’s no longer a battle.

    Now it’s war.


    He glanced up at the evening sky. A haze enveloped the quarter moon, giving everything an ethereal glow. Though the night would be considered sultry, it lent itself to romance, walking hand in hand with someone you cared for, sharing whispered words, promises that might last an evening or be the foundation for a lifetime commitment. These people had no idea how quickly something like love could be ripped away, how those things said to one another would be worth less than the air you spent on saying them.

    He shook his head. Now he needed to focus, not lose himself in memories of what might have been if things had been different. God, how he wished things could have been different.

    The street could only be described as quaint. Small houses, each nearly identical to the next, but with a few tweaks that marked them as individual. The place he focused on had a small flowerbed, bursting with a variety of a flower he knew, but couldn’t recall the name. Tulips, maybe?

    The slate gray siding, the maroon shutters on the windows, and the solar-powered pathway to the door that lit up in beautiful colors at night. The overall effect could only be described as charming. A lot of love went into making the house something special. It reminded him of what he’d lost.

    He’d taken refuge in a house across from the home for six days, getting the lay of the land, taking note of the occupants’ arrival and departure schedule. Then every night, he drifted off, thinking about the place. It had been a dream of theirs, to own a little farm of their own, where no one would send them off to the corners of the world to handle problems. And for one very brief instant, they’d achieved it. But that dream had died in more ways than one. One day it was there, the next it was gone, as ephemeral as if it had never existed.

    He tugged the collar of his black jacket and wished for a cool breeze. The earlier rain had sent the humidity soaring, and sweat was building up under his bulletproof vest, matting the sparse hairs. What he wouldn’t give for a tall glass of iced tea about now. He tried again, lifting the bottom of the vest up, hoping to let a little air in to cool him down, but nothing helped. He glanced at his watch. He’d need to make his move tonight. No way could he stand to be in this place any longer. The memories and wistful dreams alone threatened to drown him, but this heat had him sweating to the point where even he could smell himself. When he grabbed a coffee at the convenience store down the street while his target was out, the man behind the counter had a hand on the phone. Probably thought he was a vagrant. He sure as hell looked like one. He hadn’t showered in days, and his dark blond hair felt greasy to the touch. The beard he’d grown over the last year hadn’t seen a razor either. He looked like shit.

    When he heard the hum of an engine on the quiet street, he crouched down. Though his patience had long ago come to an end, he needed to see this through. He would wait as he’d been trained, even if every fiber of his being rebelled against the idea. Still, he was an assassin, and he had a job to do.

    The woman—Sarah, according facts he’d assembled—slid from the driver’s seat, her blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. She laughed at something the other occupant shouted, then opened the rear door of the van. It took several minutes for her to get set, then she stepped away as a ramp slid down to allow the man in the back to wheel out and be lowered to the ground. She bent over and kissed him, then walked to the passenger side where she took a baby from the car seat. She held the child up, and then blew a raspberry on his belly, which caused the kid to laugh and wiggle. Regret tore through him. He wished there could be another way, but two months ago he’d approached the man—Daniel Tollifson—there had been angry words exchanged, as well as the threat of police involvement. He couldn’t allow that, because there would be no one else to take down his ultimate target.

    He forced himself to focus on the here and now. He needed to remain detached. Better to not let facts like these intrude on his mission—a few weeks ago, he’d gone to Daniel, begging for information. He’d been rebuffed. That wouldn’t be the case today.

    If the man wouldn’t help him when he asked, then he’d have to find another way to get his message across. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a photo of a man whose smile had never wavered. Terry had been his whole world, and then had been ripped away from him in a matter of moments. All he wanted had been the name of the person responsible. Why couldn’t Daniel see he wasn’t asking for much? How would he feel if it had been his wife? Or his child?

    Daniel disengaged himself from the ramp, and Sarah started to come around to the other side. It had to be now.

    He’d run out of tears a lifetime ago, but again he wished he had another alternative. He didn’t. He raised the rifle and peered through the sights. The woman and baby had gotten too near the man, and he refused to hurt the innocent. Not like Terry had been. He lowered his weapon.

    He waited while the two were engaged in conversation. She touched her husband’s face, then bent down to blow a raspberry on his cheek, which had them both laughing. She held out the baby to him and gestured to the chair. He frowned, shook his head, and waved her off. She laughed and stuck out her tongue, dodging the swat he attempted to lay on her ass, then strode to the house, singing something loud and only slightly off-key. Her husband yelled something about the neighbors, and she merely laughed. He could see the obvious love the two of them shared, and that made what he had to do even more difficult.

    Regret tore through him. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, no longer sure who the sympathy was for.

    She opened the front door, and her husband began to roll toward the house. Now would be his chance. Despite his misgivings, he had to take it. He again raised the rifle, closed one eye, and locked in on his target. The wheelchair stopped at the curb, and the man tried unsuccessfully to move it. He called out to Sarah, an edge of frustration in his voice. She laughed and took eight steps toward him when the trigger of the M24 he held in slightly trembling hands depressed, and a loud bang split the quiet suburban street. Less than a second passed before Daniel’s head exploded, blood and other materials spattering his wife and child. For a moment, she stood there, eyes wide. She gripped the baby close to her chest, and then screamed.

    Before the echo died away, he had already scurried off into the night.

    It wasn’t a perfect shot. He could hear Terry cursing at him, making him do it again and again until he got it right. But Terry had died, and though two years had passed, he would finally be avenged.

    Daniel Tollifson had been the first, but there was no doubt he wouldn’t be the last. Though he didn’t want to kill anyone, there had to be a penalty for those who refused to help him get justice for Terry. He needed to track down and eliminate the person who’d been responsible.

    No matter who had to die in the process.

    (Warning: This may be considered a trigger for some people. The images used in the video are stock photos and not real pictures of violence against children.)

    Parker Williams believes that true love exists, but it always comes with a price. No happily ever after can ever be had without work, sweat, and tears that come with melding lives together.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway


              Comment on Raspberry Drop Scones by Mary Titus   
    Thanks...I will be making these today. Do not need to buy any ingredients.
              PURE Merino Wool Felt 7 - 8x12 Sheets by Gingermelon   

    21.00 USD

    This exquisite collection of 100% pure merino wool felt will dazzle your mind and tantalize your inner crafter! Colours so sumptuous and sublime, you'll want to keep them all to yourself! Definitely NOT your ordinary, everyday felt!

    * Extremely soft and durable, cuts beautifully, does not fray and is pill, fuzz and stretch resistant.
    * Highest quality, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable and safe for little ones and pets.
    * Oeko-Tex certified which means that it is completely free of harsh chemical dyes and lead free.

    This listing is for 7 sheets of the 8x12 inch felts. Please take a look at the colour swatch card and let me know in the message to seller which colours you'd like.

    ✩✩✩ COLOURS ✩✩✩

    ☛Please ZOOM in on the swatch card photo to have a look at the colour choices:

    ✼ White, Ivory, Barely Yellow, Buttercup, Butter, Sunkist, Carrot, Papaya, Coral
    ✼ Beige Skin, Pink Skin, Bubble Gum, French Peach, Shrimp, Neon Pink, Pink Coral, Strawberry, Red
    ✼ Barely Pink, Carnation Pink, Rose Quartz, Lilac, Mauve, Sherbet, Blush, Raspberry Jam, Dark Berry
    ✼ Peach Blossom, Apricot, Mango, Honey, Treacle, Rust, Caramel, Latte, Crimson
    ✼ Almond, Tan, Camel, Pecan, Taupe, Mocha, Brown, Espresso, Honeydew
    ✼ Winter Breeze, Celadon, Granny Smith, Avocado, Chartreuse, Spring Leaf, Sage, Dark Olive, Barely Blue
    ✼ Celeste, Aqua Mist, Pea Soup, Mustard, Golden Moss, Mint, Moss, Baby Blue, Sky Blue
    ✼ Robin's Egg, Aquamarine, Teal, Ocean, Blue Jeans, Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue, Silver, Concrete
    ✼ Warm Grey, Grey, Charcoal, Violet, Royal Purple, Indigo, Peacock, Heather Beige, Heather Walnut
    ✼ Heather Brown, Heather Grey, Heather Charcoal, Heather Black, Black, Banana Split, Pistachio, Mint Chip, Strawberries and Cream

    ⚝ Please note:

    : The cost of shipping can be hard to predict on multiple items, so a refund will be sent for any over-charges once I've mailed your parcel.

    : Please contact me if you're interested in adding a tracking number to your parcel.

    : I have tried to capture the colours as accurately as possible, though colours may vary slightly from monitor to monitor.

              Software: PhockUp, Terminus, Weblate, PiCluster, FreeDOS, LibreOffice, Jio Cinema, and (GNU) GRUB   
    • PhockUp is a Clever CLI Tool To Organize Photos by Date

      Phockup is a simple, straightforward, command line tool for sorting photos into folders based on date. It's an ideal tool for making organized backups.

    • Terminus is modern, highly configurable terminal app for Windows, Mac and Linux

      Hands up if use GNOME Terminal as your default terminal on Ubuntu? That’s a lot of hands. GNOME Terminal is great. It’s fast, featured, and straightforward. But it doesn’t hurt to try a few alternatives to it from time to time. Be it the vintage chic of retro term or the modern minimalism of Hyper.

    • Weblate 2.15

      Weblate 2.15 has been released today. It is slightly behind schedule what was mostly caused by my vacation. As with 2.14, there are quite a lot of security improvements based on reports we got from HackerOne program and various new features.

    • [Old] Why Use Package Managers?


      Fortunately, the vast majority of all open source software installs can be made trivial for anyone to do for themselves.  Modern package managers perform all the same steps as a caveman install, but automatically.  Package managers also install dependencies for us automatically.


      The pkgsrc package manager is unique in that it fully supports most POSIX compatible (Unix-like) operating systems.

    • What’s new in PiCluster 1.9

      PiCluster is a great platform to manage and orchestrate Docker containers.  Although it started as a way to manage my Raspberry Pi’s,   it can be run on any operating system that supports Node.js and Docker.  PiCluster has been under heavy development lately and I like to share what is new in v1.9.

    • 4 cool facts you should know about FreeDOS

      In the early 1990s, I was a DOS "power user." I used DOS for everything and even wrote my own tools to extend the DOS command line. Sure, we had Microsoft Windows, but if you remember what computing looked like at the time, Windows 3.1 was not that great. I preferred working in DOS.

    • LibreOffice Mascot competition
    • Jio Cinema app now runs on Samsung Tizen TV

      Over the years, Samsung Electronics has unveiled a lot of Tizen-powered devices, many of which have received positive reviews. Two years ago, Samsung decided to start shipping Tizen on all of its upcoming Smart TVs as part of a bid to boost Tizen TV ecosystem. Since then, we have seen the likes of the SUHD TV line which was unveiled at CES 2016, Las Vegas, an event in which Samsung released a total of 49 TVs at the same time. Now, to further boost the popularity of Samsung-Tizen TV, Jio Cinema has been added to its Tizen TVs.

    • d2k17 hackathon report: Martin Pieuchot on moving the network stack out of the big lock

      I came to unlock the forwarding path and thanks to the multiple reviews from bluhm@, sashan@ and claudio@ it happened! It started as a boring hackathon because I had to review and fix all the abuses of splnet() in pseudo drivers but then it went very smoothly. I still haven't seen a bug report about the unlock and Hrvoje Popovski even reported a 20% forwarding performance increase.

    • GRUB Now Supports EXT4 File-Systems With Encryption

      The GRUB bootloader now supports file-systems making use of EXT4 file-system encryption but where the boot files are left unencrypted.

    Those who have dissected or inspected many [bodies] have at least learnt to doubt; while others who are ignorant of anatomy and do not take the trouble to attend it are in no doubt at all.
    ~Giovanni Battista Morgagni

    You can get ideas for poems anywhere, right? Even anatomy class.

    By Tabatha Yeatts

    in anatomy class
    i learn that human
    bodies are like donuts,
    with circles in the middle
    that travel from our mouths
    to our rearmost exit points

    i wonder whether a
    bunch of us in a car or bus
    are like a box of donuts
    with assorted toppings,
    and i conclude
    we are the world's
    noisiest donuts

    all i know is
    we're not crispy crullers,
    and we're not raspberry-filled;
    we’re soft,
    yeasty sometimes,
    occasionally glazed,
    most definitely
    hot now.


    Random Noodling has the Poetry Friday round-up. Thanks, Diane!

              We've got a new blog entry: Now you can get started with Artificial Intelligence on a Raspberry Pi http://ift.tt/2t0EPDK    

    We've got a new blog entry: Now you can get started with Artificial Intelligence on a Raspberry Pi http://ift.tt/2t0EPDK 

              [tech] A geek Dad goes to Kindergarten with a box full of Open Source and some vegetables   

    Zoe's Kindergarten encourages parents to come in and spend some time with the kids. I've heard reports of other parents coming in and doing baking with the kids or other activities at various times throughout the year.

    Zoe and I had both wanted me to come in for something, but it had taken me until the last few weeks of the year to get my act together and do something.

    I'd thought about coming in and doing some baking, but that seemed rather done to death already, and it's not like baking is really my thing, so I thought I'd do something technological. I just wracked my brains for something low effort and Kindergarten-age friendly.

    The Kindergarten has a couple of eduss touch screens. They're just some sort of large-screen with a bunch of inputs and outputs on them. I think the Kindergarten mostly uses them for showing DVDs and hooking up a laptop and possibly doing something interactive on them.

    As they had HDMI input, and my Raspberry Pi had HDMI output, it seemed like a no-brainer to do something using the Raspberry Pi. I also thought hooking up the MaKey MaKey to it would make for a more fun experience. I just needed to actually have it all do something, and that's where I hit a bit of a creative brick wall.

    I thought I'd just hack something together where based on different inputs on the MaKey MaKey, a picture would get displayed and a sound played. Nothing fancy at all. I really struggled to get a picture displayed full screen in a time efficient manner. My Pi was running Raspbian, so it was relatively simple to configure LightDM to auto-login and auto-start something. I used triggerhappy to invoke a shell script, which took care of playing a sound and an image.

    Playing a sound was easy. Displaying an image less so, especially if I wanted the image loaded fast. I really wanted to avoid having to execute an image viewer every time an input fired, because that would be just way too slow. I thought I'd found a suitable application in Geeqie, because it supported being out of band managed, but it's problem was it also responded to the inputs from the MaKey MaKey, so it became impossible to predictably display the right image with the right input.

    So the night before I was supposed to go to Kindergarten, I was up beating my head against it, and decided to scrap it and go back to the drawing board. I was looking around for a Kindergarten-friendly game that used just the arrow keys, and I remembered the trusty old Frozen Bubble.

    This ended up being absolutely perfect. It had enough flags to control automatic startup, so I could kick it straight into a dumbed-down full screen 1 player game (--fullscreen --solo --no-time-limit)

    The kids absolutely loved it. They were cycled through in groups of four and all took turns having a little play. I brought a couple of heads of broccoli, a zucchini and a potato with me. I started out using the two broccoli as left and right and the zucchini to fire, but as it turns out, not all the kids were as good with the "left" and "right" as Zoe, so I swapped one of the broccoli for a potato and that made things a bit less ambiguous.

    The responses from the kids were varied. Quite a few clearly had their minds blown and wanted to know how the broccoli was controlling something on the screen. Not all of them got the hang of the game play, but a lot did. Some picked it up after having a play and then watching other kids play and then came back for a more successful second attempt. Some weren't even sure what a zucchini was.

    Overall, it was a very successful activity, and I'm glad I switched to Frozen Bubble, because what I'd originally had wouldn't have held up to the way the kids were using it. There was a lot of long holding/touching of the vegetables, which would have fired hundreds of repeat events, and just totally overwhelmed triggerhappy. Quite a few kids wanted to pick up and hold the vegetables instead of just touch them to send an event. As it was, the Pi struggled to play Frozen Bubble enough as it was.

    The other lesson I learned pretty quickly was that an aluminium BBQ tray worked a lot better as the grounding point for the MaKey MaKey than having to tether an anti-static strap around each kid's ankle as they sat down in front of the screen. Once I switched to the tray, I could rotate kids through the activity much faster.

    I just wish I was a bit more creative, or there were more Kindergarten-friendly arrow-key driven Linux applications out there, but I was happy with what I managed to hack together with a fairly minimal amount of effort.

              Kommentar zu Libre Computer Board – Nächster Angriff auf den Raspberry Pi – würde ich den SBC kaufen? von jdo   
    Ganz genau ... ich werde mir als Server-Ersatz auch irgendwann einen ODROID holen. Zum Basteln reicht mir ein Raspberry Pi völlig und damit muss ich mich nicht ärgern. Wobei der Pine A64 eigentlich mit einer Gbit-Ethernet-Schnittstelle wirbt. Dafür hat der ganz andere Tücken.
              Kommentar zu Libre Computer Board – Nächster Angriff auf den Raspberry Pi – würde ich den SBC kaufen? von Matt Erdoesnot   
    Tja. Was die ganzen Klone leider nicht attraktiv macht ist die Tatsache das sie die größte Schwachstelle des Pis nicht verbessern: das FastEthernet only... Bin sehr zufrieden mit meinem Odroid C1 und überlege den C2 zu kaufen als Upgrade. Das schöne ist - und das hätte dieses Board hier auch - der eMMC Slot. eMMC ist dem reinen SD Slot aller RasPi Modelle deutlich überlegen! Wlan? HDMI? Bluetooth? Meh... das ding steht im Keller headless und hängt am Switch.
              CÉTONE DE FRAMBOISE 250mg - 120 veg caps   

    Price:9,91 € Special Price:0,00 €

              Raspberry pi matchbox keyboard and linux expert needed by diego54   
    Hi there we want to hire a full time programmer to help us do some improvements on the GUI of our raspberry pi. We are currently using Gymp C and of cours.. the important part that we want to... (Budget: $140 - $450 MXN, Jobs: C Programming, HTML, Raspberry Pi, XML)
              25 Best Raspberry Pi Projects (You Can Do with a 3D Printer)   

    A Raspberry Pi and a 3D printer are a match made in maker’s heaven. Here are the best Raspberry Pi projects you can do with a 3D printer.

    The post 25 Best Raspberry Pi Projects (You Can Do with a 3D Printer) appeared first on All3DP.

              How to 3D Print a Super Nintendo Mini with RetroPie and Raspberry Pi Zero   
    super nintendo mini retropie

    For retro gaming fans, September is an awfully long wait. Here's a tutorial to 3D print a working Mini SNES Pi Zero with functional switches.

    The post How to 3D Print a Super Nintendo Mini with RetroPie and Raspberry Pi Zero appeared first on All3DP.

              Microsoft manages to cram synthetic intelligence on the Raspberry Pi three PC board   

    Microsoft stated its Machine Studying and Optimization group compressed synthetic intelligence down so it might run on the Raspberry Pi three. The workforce used a number of methods to scale back the AI’s measurement and velocity up its considering course of. The submit Microsoft manages to cram synthetic intelligence on the Raspberry Pi three PC […]
              New Beer Friday, John Palmer Edition (June 30)   
    Preamble by Steve Siciliano

    I'm excited to announce that we are bringing noted homebrewing author John Palmer to Grand Rapids during the second week of August. John recently released the fourth edition of How to Brew and we are setting up a number of meet & greets, book signings and presentations during his four-day visit to Beer City USA. We will post specific information on John's itinerary in future issues of The Buzz.

    In other homebrewing related news, I received an email this past week from a casting producer at Viceland, Vice Media's television network. Tina Logie informed me that she is currently working on  the second season of Beerland, a series that focuses on homebrewing communities across the United States.

    Tina apprised me that they will be filming the next episode in Michigan and asked if I knew of any homebrewers who would like to appear on the show. Those interested should send the following information to Tina at tinalogiecasting@gmail.com.

      • Name, Age and Photo
      • Years brewing
      • Who you brew with
      • Where you brew
      • Any “specialty” brews
      • Where you DRINK your brew
      • Homebrew events/club involvement
      • What makes you/your brew unique

    New and Returning Beer

    • Evil Twin Tropical Itch, $3.89/12oz - "Berliner style weisse ale with passionfruit added" (source).
    • Evil Twin Even More Coco Jesus, $3.89/16oz - "Imperial Stout with maple syrup & coconut added" (source).
    • Evil Twin Lemonade IPA, $3.89/12oz - "A refreshing drink often associated with childhood nostalgia to others a pop-cultural symbol of emancipation. Whatever the association we teamed up with good old Swedes, Henok and Karl of the fashionable Omnipollo to squeeze out a tasty, tempting and deceivingly well balanced IPA with sweet and sour notes of old-fashioned memories. Perhaps you can taste the dishonesty, it's all over your breath -it's Lemonade" (source).
    • Rochester Mills Woodward Milkshake Stout, $2.39/16oz - "Rochester Mills Beer Co. & Production Brewery announce the 2017 release of Woodward Bold, a Coffee flavored Milkshake Stout brewed with locally roasted Detroit Bold Coffee Co.’s Woodward Ave. Blend coffee" (source).
    • Rochester Mills Raspberry Radler, $2.19/16oz - "Blends even parts Razz Mills Pills and house made lemonade that then has a higher level of carbonation added to create a sparkling and very refreshing" (source).
    • Petoskey Juicy, $3.09/16oz - "Bursting with rich, mouthwatering citrus and tropical hop aromas, this New England style IPA is a melange of juicy flavors" (source).
    • Odd Side Chicka Chicka Yeah, $1.99/12oz - "A Belgian summer wheat ale with chamomile, orange peel, lemon peel and peppercorn. Finishes light and citrusy" (source).
    • Odd Side Lolly Catcher, $1.99/12oz - "A carefully crafted, comforting concoction of creamy cohesiveness" (source).
    • Odd Side Havanna Lima, $1.99/12oz - "Ale with habanero and lime" (source).
    • Epic Oak and Orchard, $13.59/375ml - "Epic's cellar contains many curiosities and one of kind beers. These extremely limited sour releases are fruited and aged in oak for months until our brewmaster decides they're at their peak. Each release is unique and range from light to dark with a large variety of fruit. Check the release notes for specifics" (source).
    • Epic Sour Peaches, $13.79/375ml - "The intense and complex sour character of this beer is developed in oak Foeders containing select cultures of Lactobacillus, Pidiococcus and wild yeast. The process is slow and delicate, regularly taking a year or more. Once our brewers have decided it’s ready, we blend the soured beer into hand-selected oak barrels with fresh peach puree, where it undergoes additional sour fermentation and aging" (source).
    • Epic Blizzard Conditions, $8.59/22oz - "New England style IPA" (source).
    • Avery Hog heaven, $3.29/12oz - "This dangerously drinkable garnet beauty is a hop lover’s delight. The intense dry-hop nose and the alcohol content are perfectly balanced for a caramel malt backbone. This is a serious beer for serious beer aficionados. Oink" (source).
    • Avery Real A Peel, $2.19/12oz - "Inspired by a summer's day and crafted to crush year-round, our IPA twists real tangerine peel and citrusy hops into this juicy experience. It's the real deal" (source).
    • Short's Space Drop, $13.29/22oz - "Space Drop is a bourbon barrel aged American Pale Ale we make by aging Short’s Flagship American Pale Ale, Space Rock, in bourbon barrels for 7 months and dry hopping the nearly finished brew. Bright with a golden hue, Space Drop pours with a big head that settles quickly into a thin layer that clings to the glass. Citrus aromas are accompanied by subtle scents of oak and bourbon. Upon first sip bitter, citrus flavors abound. Accompanied by light oak and bourbon, Space Drop is quite balanced. This brew finishes dry with a slight bitterness" (source).
    • Brewery Vivant, $4.29/16oz - "" (source).
    • Founders Redankulous, $3.09/12oz - "reDANKulous Imperial Red IPA is a no frills, bold 9.5% ABV India Pale Ale. It pours a pleasing burnt amber with some sweetness due to the Caramalt and roasted barley used in the malt bill. But hops are the true headliner in this elaborate sensory experience. The spicy, piney, tropical complexities of Chinook, Mosaic and Simcoe hops hit you right away with their dank aroma—and they stick around. Take a sip to have your palate simultaneously walloped and caressed in all the right places. Combined, the hops take the beer to 90 IBUs. It’s not just ridiculous. It’s reDANKulous" (source).
    • New Holland Dragon's Milk Reserve S'mores, $4.29/12oz - "Hints of toasted marshmallow and Graham Cracker complement the chocolate character of Dragon’s Milk, giving this Reserve a flavor reminiscent of campfires and summer nights" (source).

    Video of the Week | Beerland

    Homebrewers, this could be you!


              10 minutes minute da   

    10 minutes minute dairy free, raw, paleo cream bars, layered with a 2 ingredient crust, cashew cream cheese, raspberry filling, and whipped cream. Super easy to make in the blender and have 9g protein per square! Raw paleo cheesecake recipe. No bake cashew cheesecake. Best gluten free vegan cheesecake. Raw paleo cheesecake recipe. No bake cheesecake recipe. Paleo cream cheese. Best paleo dessert recipes. Mothers day dessert recipes. Healthy paleo meals.

              Top 5: No-nos for Javascript frameworks and Python coding, and more   
    Top 5 articles of the week

    In this week's Top 5, we highlight Python, Javascript, and more.

    Top 5 articles of the week

    5. How to turn a Raspberry Pi into an eBook server

    read more
              Raspberry Elderflower Gin and Tonic   
    As we head into the 4th of July, we wanted to leave you with an easy, flavorful, and refreshing take on the Gin & Tonic to enjoy this weekend. This Raspberry Elderflower Gin and Tonic is fruity, crisp, and refreshing – basically everything you could possibly want from a summer drink. And they’re ridiculously easy […]
              Raspberry Pi wins top UK engineering prize   
    Raspberry Pi, the UK-made microcomputer credited with inspiring a new generation of coders, has won the Royal Academy of Engineering 2017 MacRobert Award. Since its launch in 2012, around 14 million of the devices – which retails for £28 – have been sold, re-engaging people with the power of coding, and helping to ensure that […]
              Remarkable Ribes   
    The genus Ribes includes Currants, Gooseberries, and the hybrid Jostaberries.  These berries ripen in midsummer and are universally juicy and refreshing, with a pleasant sweet-tart flavor.  The flavor of Blackcurrants is described by the New Zealand Blackcurrant Cooperative as “A sweet earthy taste unlike other berries. Fresh gooseberry and passion-fruit flavour-aromas and hints of raspberry, […]
              Microsoft working on tiny AI   
    Very small brains Software King of the World, parts of the moon, and the rings of Uranus, is working on how to make very small AI brains. Vole has come up with the Embedded Learning Library (ELL) which could change the way AI is processed in small devices like the Raspberry Pi. Using a tiny...

    My wife is pregnant and it’s the first time for both of us.  I’ve done a little bit of research so far, but haven’t found any real reason to avoid any particular vaccinations for the baby.  I’m keeping an open mind and want to do what’s best. 

    Is all this anti-vaccination stuff just media and internet hype? :?:  I just started researching via Wikipedia, etc., but so far nothing convincing me one way or the other.  I know this forum is full of critical thinkers and would appreciate any insight.

    On a side note… we don’t know the sex yet, but I recently looked into the whole circumcision thing… That’s something we will definitely will not do be doing.  After coming to that conclusion, I coincedentally found the thread here about it too.  My palms could’ve ended up much harrier had I been left uncut.  raspberry


              Comment on Raspberry Pi wins top UK engineering prize by Peter   
    A very well-deserved award for a truly game-changing piece of kit. Since its' release there have been many to follow its' lead, but in this case , this really is 'first is best'. Well done Pi
              Forty Year Old Fanboy Update#8   
    Finally visited the comic shop after a meal at Denny's where I was plied probably for tall glasses of raspberry ice tea. Didn't feel to welcome when the owner asked me to leave my backpack by the door. Decided not to make a fuss but opted not too buy anything.

    Made my way to try the Game Ogre at Nordhoff only to discover it was no longer at the address the strategicon site listed. So that was a few wasted dollars. Also, my uber nearly got hit by a blonde girl who didn't seem to know how to use her signal lights. Resisted the urge to join the driver in yelling at her.

    Now enroute to The Getty to meet Ben Lehman. Nervous as heck.
    posted from Bloggeroid

              Wanna Raspberry?   
    Demand for a cheap yet powerful computer is pretty high in geek circles. Remember those days when you could take a ZX Spectrum, or Commodore 64, or something like that and attach it to your TV to fill next few days with a great fun. Since then, PCs pushed out these tiny home computers. But today, Raspberry Pi — a little credit-card sized sweet computer — is here. Nick's Raspberry Pi

    The Raspberry Pi is built on Broadcom BCM2835 system on chip which contains ARM1176 core running at 700MHz, with VideoCore 4 GPU, and has 256 MB of RAM on board. It provides two USB ports, 100Mb/s Ethernet, HDMI and composite video; audio output presented as well. Operating system loaded from SD flash.

    Yet more fun is that the initial NetBSD support was just committed to the NetBSD source tree, and the Raspberry Pi can boot into multiuser now. Currently work on device drivers is in progress. USB and Ethernet are planned to be supported next.

    Generally, NetBSD support for the ARM1176 core is in very good shape. The largest parts of the code I committed were the update to the plcom serial driver and the infrastructure to support the low level parts of the bcm2835 (interrupt controller, bus_space, and timer) — says Nick Hudson, who did the bringup. However, the porting has some hard nuts to crack: The graphics part is a bit of a challenge. But I hope to get dumb framebuffer support relatively soon. There is a publicly available datasheet for part of bcm2835, but certainly not the video controller.

    Matt Thomas, the port-evbarm portmaster, was very knowledgeable and helpful in answering all my questions. I'd like to also thank Stephen Borrill for getting me an RPI in the first place. Stephen spoke to Eben Upton in Cambridge and soon after an RPI arrived — adds Nick.

    So, there is a boot log from the very first NetBSD driven RPI board, and work on the device is in full swing. Many people exposed interest, and eventually the Raspberry Pi could became a good alternative for number of well supported, but aging single board computers.

              Gemini cocoon hand-crocheted for two infants by IrishHooksAndYarn   

    32.00 USD

    This adorable cocoon is a perfect photo prop for twins who love to intertwine their body parts. The open stitch will allow for tiny fingers and toes to poke through the cocoon! The Gemini cocoon will hold two infants up to about 10 pounds each. The red braid and heart button were embellishments added by the photographer and are not included.

    Some features of the Gemini cocoon include:
    • The cocoon is made in Carrot Cake yarn that is primarily brown but is accented with other colors to give the color depth.
    • This bulky yarn is a soft blend of 60% New Zealand wool and 40% domestic wool.
    • This cocoon needs to be hand washed and dried flat.
    • Photographers will love having the Gemini cocoon as a prop.
    • One price shipping in the US and Canada. The cocoon will be shipped by First Class Mail. International shipping rates available!

    Current colors available ... have a special color in mind, just ask!
    • Carrot Cake (brown blend as shown in twin picture)
    • Spice (rust blend as shown in picture of the single baby cocoon without a baby)
    • Jelly Bean (a beautiful Aran shade with colorful undertones)
    • Apricot (orange blend)
    • Raspberry (bright pink)
    • Rhubard (red)*
    • Lime green blend*
    • Blue blend *
    • Lavender blend*
    *(don’t know the official color name!)

    The bulky yarn adds great texture to the cocoon and the unique blend of colors presents a distinct primary color with subtle array of underlying colors to go with a variety of color themes in photographs.

    Yarn colors can be viewed at:

    This cocoon was created from a pattern purchased on Etsy from danilykewoah (www.danilykewoah.etsy.com)! The single baby cocoon in the alternate picture was made from a pattern from mamachee (www.mamachee.etsy.com). Thank you!

    A special thanks to apmDesign photography of Texas to the main picture on this listing (apmDesignPhotography.com) and Shooting Star of Alabama (www.shootstarphoto.com) for the beautiful photos of the newborn and the twins in the Gemini cocoon!

    Cocoons are intended for use as a photo prop or to swaddle and hold your newborn. Please, never leave a baby unattended in the cocoon!

    Please allow two weeks for the cocoon to be made especially for you and shipped.

    Watch for more cocoons, hats and diaper covers to be offered soon from Irish Hooks & Yarn!

              Any-color-but-sage earflap hat sized three to six months by IrishHooksAndYarn   

    12.00 USD



    This hat can be made is many colors. For boys, you might consider … soft navy or Windsor blue on the dark side and country blue and light blue on the soft side. For girls there is ... baby pink, rose pink, light raspberry, lavender, dark orchid. Some gender neutral colors … coffee (brown), hunter green, aran, white … or you can combine colors that you like or to represent your favorite college or team!

    Check out the website below for your favorite colors … I have many of them on hand or can easily get it (hopefully)!


    Some of the features of this hand-crocheted hat include:
    • The hat made with a colorfast, acrylic (worsted weight) yarn.
    • Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry!
    • The hat has earflaps and braids!
    • All crocheting is completed in a smoke-free environment.
    • This is an ideal baby shower, christening, birthday or anytime gift.
    • One price shipping in the US and Canada. The hat will be shipped by First Class Mail. International shipping rates available!

    A special thanks to Shooting Star (www.shootstarphoto.com) for the beautiful newborn photos in the sage hat and to two-month-old McKenna modeling the pink and brown hat!

    The sage hat in the pictures was specially made for a newborn. The hat that is for sale in this listing is sized with room to grow (3 to 6 months).

    3 to 6 month hat size
    Circumference – 14.5 inches
    Length (crown to edge ) – 6 inches

    These hats will be made to order but usually can be shipped to you in about a week to 10 days! When you are ready to purchase, just select the Any-color-but-sage hat listing in the size that you want and put the color in the message to the seller during checkout! Convo me with any questions!

    Discounted price for purchasing three or more hats!! See these separate listings if you are interested in buying three or four hats:

    Convo me with any questions!

              Peterson 2013 Dry Creek Zinfandel - Special Price $22.99, Regular Price $33.00   
    A traditional, old-vine field-blend wine with classic "raspberry jam" that differentiates the best Dry Creek Valley Zins from all others. Big, but balanced. Fruity, yet elegant. This is a wine that will go with almost any food, but you can also just pull the cork on a bottle and drink it with friends while playing cards or watching a good movie. Intense fresh-picked black raspberry aromas are laced with spices and a hint of wild fennel. Bright acidity and juicy dark berries encompass the palate contributing to the robust nature of this wine. Dark cherry, along with traces of mocha, floral and anise, join in, while the lightly spiced texture crescendos into a spice-driven finish where the flavors linger. The integrated tannic backbone will allow this wine to age for at least another 5 – 7 years.Complement the dark tones of this field-blend Zin with smoked brisket served with a side of garlic roasted potatoes, or lamb stew accompanied by fresh-baked buttermilk biscuits.
              Microcomputer firm wins top UK innovation prize   
    Description: The team behind Raspberry Pi, the British-based not-for-profit company that produces a microcomputer to inspire and educate a new generation of programmers has won the UK’s top engineering innovation prize, the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award. Report by Sarah Mills and Mia Womersley.
              Comentario en Un paseo por Debian 9 Stretch por David Romero   
    Gracias por la info. Yo estoy esperando que lancen ahora la nueva versión de Raspibian para mi Raspberry que estará basada en esta de Debian. Espero que no tarde mucho. Por cierto, en otras webs he leido gente que se queja de que quizá la hayan lanzado precipitadamente porque hay muchos bugs críticos todavía por parchear, así que quizá sea bueno en que tarden en sacar Raspibian XD, aunque tampoco sé el grado de credibilidad que puede tener esto ya que no estoy puesto en ese mundillo...
              1年前の今日はラズパイ買ってた。nilog: Pi 3 Starter Kit 32GB, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, Piカメラ Official V2 for 3/2/1 (2016-06-29) https://t.co/1B33kXIRCj   
              Microcomputer firm wins top UK innovation prize   
    Description: The team behind Raspberry Pi, the British-based not-for-profit company that produces a microcomputer to inspire and educate a new generation of programmers has won the UK’s top engineering innovation prize, the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award. Report by Sarah Mills and Mia Womersley.

              Raspberry Pi Starter Kit lesson 7: Raspberry Pi Button Control LED   
    Introduction The last two lessons have introduced how to control LED via the program. This lesson introduces how to control LED via a button. Hardware Preparation 1 * Raspberry Pi 1 * Breadboard 1 * LED 1 * Button 1 * Resistor (200Ω) Jumper wires 1 * T-Extension Board with 40-Pin Cable(Optional) Software Preparation Note: ...Read the Rest
              The One Fiber You Should Eat In The Morning For Weight Loss, According To A Registered Dietitian   

    What you eat for breakfast can make or break your eating habits for the rest of the day. Start the morning off with a donut, and you're more likely to choose a cheeseburger for lunch over a salad. Start your morning on the right foot with this one high-fiber food that can also help you squeeze into your skinny jeans a little easier.


    [Photos: Shutterstock]

    According to Colleen Doyle, MS, RD, 8 grams of raspberries gives you 32% of your daily fiber value AND they have twice as much fiber as blueberries and strawberries. Raspberries are also great sources of vitamins C and K. That’s one nutrient-packed little fruit.

    As if you needed any more convincing to add these powerful little berries to your breakfast regimen, Doyle says raspberries also help fight cancer. They have certain antioxidants that can help repair damaged cells within your body. Who knew raspberries could be so heroic?

    According to Everyday Health, 18-50 year-old-women need an average of 25 grams of fiber per day. Fiber can help keep you full longer, but many people don’t find the right balance of fiber intake every day. Eating too much fiber can actually make you feel crampy and constipated. 

    Toss some raspberries on top of your oatmeal or into a smoothe in the morning to help kick off your reccommended fiber intake and stay on the low calorie side of the breakfast spectrum. Everyday Health advises spreading your fiber intake throughout the day so you avoid feeling gassy. Yuck!

              Raspberry PI with Java: programming the internet of things   
    In this chapter from the book Raspberry PI with Java: Programming the Internet of Things, Stephen Chin walks you through the process of setting up (or baking) the Raspberry Pi. Published by: ComputerWeekly.com
              Microsoft dona l'intelligenza artificiale al Raspberry Pi 3   
    Microsoft vuole portare l'intelligenza artificiale anche sui computer meno potenti. Il Raspberry Pi 3 è al centro della sua "pazza idea".
              Men summer sale   

    This summer, the landscape prints are still a trend. That's why we love these Monsieur Albert swimshorts, with a 30% discount

    Léon IpanemaLéon CalviLéon PalmLéon Biarritz





    Our heart is divided between short and long swimshorts which will give you an appearance of boxer or surfer. From -20% to -40%.

    Le Cap - HéliosOrlebar Brown - Dane mazzanineLe Cap - RomaOrlebar Brown - Dane Olive





    There is nothing like fluo colors to sublimate your tan.
    From -20% to -50%.

    Sundek - 502M Sunkissed FluoOrlebar Brown - Bulldog short MiamiTooshie - Copacabana YellowSwim-Ology - Raspberry Sorbet Pink





    Finally the graphic prints which stay, year after year, a safe choice.
    From -20% to -50%.



    Orlebar Brown - Bulldog Waterprint RedSwim-Ology - VegasOkun - Ali FawoLightning Bolt - Bolta Dot Crane


              Comment on A Quick and Juicy Guide to Berries of the Northwest by Jeff   
    Two of the best not included above... thimbleberry (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubus_parviflorus) and black raspberry (http://depts.washington.edu/propplnt/Plants/Blackcap_raspberry.htm)
              Comment on A Quick and Juicy Guide to Berries of the Northwest by Margo Hoppis   
    I had some Salmonberries the other day while on a run! Love those! Another delicious berry in our area worth mentioning is the "Rubus leucodermis". It's commonly called a "black raspberry" or "white bark raspberry". One hallmark of this deciduous shrub is white appearing bark. Lot's of health benefits currently being studied.
              Comment on A Quick and Juicy Guide to Berries of the Northwest by Larry Furlong   
    Nice article but you neglected to include my favorite, the Black Raspberry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubus_occidentalis
              Comment on Use Raspberry Pi display temperature/humidity to i2c LCD screen by haaso   
    This me too. Did ya figure out how to get to Fahrenheit?
              Comment on Install 3.5″ HDMI Touch Screen Linux Driver on Raspberry Pi by pmaltese   
    Hello... I've found the solution!!! 1) download the latest drivers from page http://www.raspberrypiwiki.com/index.php/How_to_use_LCD_driver and follow the guide in that page. I've used the script "LCD35-HDMI-800x480-show" 2) calibrate your LCD screen using the utility xinput_configurator from raspberry start menu and append the output values in X11 configuration 3) reboot and everything will be ok, either LCD screen and touch stylo Bye
              So Bakeable April 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon   
    So Bakeable April 2017 box featured Raspberry Blondies and Spring Vanilla Cookies. See the review for details + grab coupon code!
              Microsoft made its AI work on a $10 Raspberry Pi   
    When you're far from a cell tower and need to figure out if that bluebird is Sialia sialis or Sialia mexicana, no cloud server is going to help you. That's why companies are squeezing AI onto portable devices, and Microsoft has just taken that to a n...

              Raspberry PI 3 Model B A1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU, 1GB RAM - $6.49 + Free Shipping   
              Mini Raspberry Trifle   

    Two weeks ago, I invited my dear friends Dora and Simone to have lunch at my home. We had a wonderful time, but this occasion would be incomplete without a delicious dessert, especially for so lovely friends. So I decided to prepare something that I've never tried before: mini raspberry trifles.

    Trifle basically consists of layers of spongecake, fruit, custard and whipped cream. I used the same spongecake recipe from the last post. For the custard I used condensed milk, egg yolks and mascarpone. I also used raspberries and Chantilly cream.

    You may have noticed that I love teacups. I even already made one cake into a shape of teacup. But this time I use them to serve my trifles. I think it is a quite charming idea for serving desserts. And my friends loved. 

    Dora e Simore, this post is for you!

    Mini Raspberry Trifle

    by Lulu's Sweet Secrets (makes about 8 teacups)

    Sponge cake
    (makes three 6-inch round cake pans)

    5 whole large eggs, room temperature
     1/2 cup granulated sugar
    1 cup all-purpose flour, sifted

     Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
    Place the eggs and sugar in a stand mixer bowl and beat with the paddle attachment until fluffy and pale yellow in color, about 10 minutes. Fold in the flour with a rubber spoon until just incorporated (don't overmix). Divide the batter between the 3 cake pans. 
     Bake for 20-25 minutes or until risen and just firm to the touch. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

    Mascarpone Custard

    1 can sweetened condensed milk
    2 tablespoons butter
    2 egg yolks
    12 oz mascarpone cream

    Place condensed milk, butter ang egg yolks in a saucepan. Stir to combine. Over medium heat cook, stirring, until thickenedSet aside to cool.
    In a bowl, beat the mascarpone by hand with a whisk until smooth, and then incorporate the custard. Stir to combine. 

    Chantilly Cream

    2 cup heavy cream, cold
    4 tablespoons sugar
    2 tsp vanilla extract

    Chill a mixing bowl and wire whisk in the freezer for 10 minutes before beginning. Beat heavy cream in the chilled bowl until it begins to foam and thicken up. Add sugar and vanilla and continue to beat until the cream barely mounds. Do not overwhip. 

    Assembly: Divide each cake in two layers. Use a round cookie cutter to cut circles of cake from each layer. I used a cutter with similar diameter with the teacup. Add 2 tablespoons of custard on the bottom of the teacup. Add raspberries and Chantilly cream. Place one cake circle. Repeat layers with custard, raspberries, cream and cake. Top with cream. Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours before serving.

              Peppermint Cake   

    It is Christmas time! How I love this part of the year, especially the snow, lights, colors, songs, food... Well everything about it! Baking becomes so much more fun with all the wonderful flavors with endless options for decoration. Peppermint is one of  the ingredients that I love most and the combination with chocolate is fantastic. So these were the flavors that I chose for this two tier mini cake.

    The cake consists of three layers: chocolate layer cake, peppermint white chocolate brigadeiro filling, and white chocolate cake. The cake recipe is the same that I used for my white chocolate cupcake. Then I covered it with peppermint white chocolate ganache.

    I made a snowflake crochet garland to decorate my table this time. I've learned how to make snowflake crochet with my mom, who is, by the way, an excellent crochet maker. She knows how to do so many different kinds, but unfortunately I just leaned two of them so far. This could be a beautiful decoration for a dessert table party, don’t you think?

    Peppermint Cake
    (by  Lulu’s Sweet Secrets)

    White Chocolate Cake
    (Makes one 6-inch cake and one 4,5-inch cake)

    ½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, melted
    ½ cup granulated sugar
    1 cup all-purpose flour, sifted
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    2 whole large eggs, room temperature
    ¼ cup whole milk
    1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
    160g/ 5.64 ounces white chocolate

    Grease cake pans. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
    Place the eggs and sugar in a stand mixer bowl and beat with the paddle attachment until fluffy and pale yellow in color. Meanwhile, heat the milk in a saucepan over medium heat. Bring just to a boil and then add the white chocolate. Whisk until smooth. Place the white chocolate and milk mixture over the eggs and sugar and beat for a minute. Add the vanilla and mix until combine. Fold in the flour and baking powder with a rubber spoon until just incorporated (don't overmix). Fold in the melted butter.
    Fill each pan with batter. Bake for 30 minutes or until risen and just firm to the touch. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

    To make the chocolate cake use 160g of dark chocolate instead of white chocolate. 

    Peppermint White Chocolate Brigadeiro Filling

    1 can sweetened condensed milk
    2 tablespoon unsalted butter
    1 teaspoon peppermint oil
    120g white chocolate

    Place all the ingredients into a medium saucepan. Over low heat, stir the mixture until thick consistency or it starts to show the bottom of the pan while you scrape it with a spoon (about 15 min).  Transfer to a greased bowl to cool.

    White Chocolate Ganache Frosting

    24 ounces white chocolate, chopped
    1 cup heavy cream
    1 teaspoon peppermint oil

    Bring cream just to the boil in a small saucepan. Remove from heat, add chocolate and peppermint oil, and stir until smooth and glossy. Refrigerate until firm yet still pliable (45 minutes-1 hour) then stir until smooth.


    Place one 6-inch chocolate cake on a serving plate. Spread the peppermint brigadeiro brigadeiro over top. Place the white chocolate cake on top. Cover with peppermint white chocolate ganache frosting. Repeat with the 4,5 inch cakes.

    To decorate the cake I used nonpareils on top of the ganache.  To decorate the cake with nonpareils:
    Place the cake on a revolving cake stand. Place the cake stand inside of a big bowl. Scoop up a handful of nonpareils with your free hand and gently press them into the side of the cake, allowing the excess to drop back into the bowl. Rotate the cake as you continue to press nonpareils into the side until the sides of the cake have been fully covered.

    Holly Decoration

    To make the leaves will need:
    1 1/8" Veined Holly Leaf Plunger Cutter (mine was from PME)
    Gum paste to make the leaves
    Edible glue to fix the disco dust
    Emerald disco dust

    To make the berries you will need:
    Gum paste to make the berries
    American red and Raspberry disco dust
    Edible glue to fix the disco dust

    I also use royal icing to decorate and fix the holy decoration. The recipe is from Sweetopia.

              Raspberry Pi: Microsoft optimiert KIs für den Einplatinenrechner   
    Microsoft will künstliche Intelligenzen auch auf kleinste Computersysteme ohne Internetzugang bringen und experimentiert bereits mit dem Raspberry Pi.
              KANO KIT DIY Computer: A Computer So Simple, Anyone Can Assemble It   
    The Raspberry Pi computing platform definitely has some interesting applications. This project is no exception, because it will allow users of all ages and experience to assemble a DIY computer. A Raspberry Pi is used as the brains of the operation. Read more @ TechnabobFiled under: blogs, technology Tagged: blogs, computer, DIY, kano kit, kickstarter, […]
              Microcomputer firm wins top UK innovation prize   
    Description: The team behind Raspberry Pi, the British-based not-for-profit company that produces a microcomputer to inspire and educate a new generation of programmers has won the UK’s top engineering innovation prize, the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award. Report by Sarah Mills and Mia Womersley.
              Leo Arias: User acceptance testing of snaps, with Travis   

    Travis CI offers a great continuous integration service for the projects hosted on GitHub. With it, you can run tests, deliver artifacts and deploy applications every time you push a commit, on pull requests, after they are merged, or with some other frequency.

    Last week Travis CI updated the Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) machines that run your tests and deployment steps. This update came with a nice surprise for everybody working to deliver software to Linux users, because it is now possible to install snaps in Travis!

    I've been excited all week telling people about all the doors that this opens; but if you have been following my adventures in the Ubuntu world, by now you can probably guess that I'm mostly thinking about all the potential this has for automated testing. For the automation of user acceptance tests.

    User acceptance tests are executed from the point of view of the user, with your software presented as a black box to them. The tests can only interact with the software through the entry points you define for your users. If it's a CLI application, then the tests will call commands and subcommands and check the outputs. If it's a website or a desktop application, the tests will click things, enter text and check the changes on this GUI. If it's a service with an HTTP API, the tests will make requests and check the responses. On these tests, the closer you can get to simulate the environment and behaviour of your real users, the better.

    Snaps are great for the automation of user acceptance tests because they are immutable and they bundle all their dependencies. With this we can make sure that your snap will work the same on any of the operating systems and architectures that support snaps. The snapd service takes care of hiding the differences and presenting a consistent execution environment for the snap. So, getting a green execution of these tests in the Trusty machine of Travis is a pretty good indication that it will work on all the active releases of Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and even on a Raspberry Pi.

    Let me show you an example of what I'm talking about, obviously using my favourite snap called IPFS. There is more information about IPFS in my previous post.

    Check below the packaging metadata for the IPFS snap, a single snapcraft.yaml file:

    name: ipfs
    version: master
    summary: global, versioned, peer-to-peer filesystem
    description: |
      IPFS combines good ideas from Git, BitTorrent, Kademlia, SFS, and the Web.
      It is like a single bittorrent swarm, exchanging git objects. IPFS provides
      an interface as simple as the HTTP web, but with permanence built in. You
      can also mount the world at /ipfs.
    confinement: strict
        command: ipfs
        plugs: [home, network, network-bind]
        source: https://github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs.git
        plugin: nil
        build-packages: [make, wget]
        prepare: |
          mkdir -p ../go/src/github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs
          cp -R . ../go/src/github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs
        build: |
          env GOPATH=$(pwd)/../go make -C ../go/src/github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs install
        install: |
          mkdir $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/bin
          mv ../go/bin/ipfs $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/bin/
        after: [go]
        source-tag: go1.7.5

    It's not the most simple snap because they use their own build tool to get the go dependencies and compile; but it's also not too complex. If you are new to snaps and want to understand every detail of this file, or you want to package your own project, the tutorial to create your first snap is a good place to start.

    What's important here is that if you run snapcraft using the snapcraft.yaml file above, you will get the IPFS snap. If you install that snap, then you can test it from the point of view of the user. And if the tests work well, you can push it to the edge channel of the Ubuntu store to start the crowdtesting with your community.

    We can automate all of this with Travis. The snapcraft.yaml for the project must be already in the GitHub repository, and we will add there a .travis.yml file. They have good docs to prepare your Travis account. First, let's see what's required to build the snap:

    sudo: required
    services: [docker]
      - docker run -v $(pwd):$(pwd) -w $(pwd) snapcore/snapcraft sh -c "apt update && snapcraft"

    For now, we build the snap in a docker container to keep things simple. We have work in progress to be able to install snapcraft in Trusty as a snap, so soon this will be even nicer running everything directly in the Travis machine.

    This previous step will leave the packaged .snap file in the current directory. So we can install it adding a few more steps to the Travis script:

      - docker [...]
      - sudo apt install --yes snapd
      - sudo snap install *.snap --dangerous

    And once the snap is installed, we can run it and check that it works as expected. Those checks are our automated user acceptance test. IPFS has a CLI client, so we can just run commands and verify outputs with grep. Or we can get fancier using shunit2 or bats. But the basic idea would be to add to the Travis script something like this:

      - /snap/bin/ipfs init
      - /snap/bin/ipfs cat /ipfs/QmVLDAhCY3X9P2uRudKAryuQFPM5zqA3Yij1dY8FpGbL7T/readme | grep -z "^Hello and Welcome to IPFS!.*$"
      - [...]

    If one of those checks fail, Travis will mark the execution as failed and stop our release process until we fix them. If instead, all of the checks pass, then this version is good enough to put into the store, where people can take it and run exploratory tests to try to find problems caused by weird scenarios that we missed in the automation. To help with that we have the snapcraft enable-ci travis command, and an upcoming tutorial to guide you step by step setting up the continuous delivery from Travis CI.

    For the IPFS snap we had for a long time a manual smoke suite, that our amazing community of testers have been executing over and over again, every time we want to publish a new release. I've turned it into a simple bash script that from now on will be executed frequently by Travis, and will tell us if there's something wrong before anybody gives it a try manually. With this our community of testers will have more time to run new and interesting scenarios, trying to break the application in clever ways, instead of running the same repetitive steps many times.

    Thanks to Travis and snapcraft we no longer have to worry about a big part of or release process. Continuous integration and delivery can be fully automated, and we will have to take a look only when something breaks.

    As for IPFS, it will keep being my guinea pig to guide new features for snapcraft and showcase them when ready. It has many more commands that have to be added to the automated test suite, and it also has a web UI and an HTTP API. Lots of things to play with! If you would like to help, and on the way learn about snaps, automation and the decentralized web, please let me know. You can take a look on my IPFS snap repo for more details about testing snaps in Travis, and other tricks for the build and deployment.

    screenshot of the IPFS smoke test running in travis

              Comments: Изменять иногда полезно. Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss в оттенке № 08 ginger   
    Валюш, на губах смотрится великолепно! У меня такой в оттенке 02 raspberry.Люблю его за уход и потрясающий влажный блеск.Твой оттенок тоже понравился! Надо купить
              PHP Hybrid VM to Make Small PHP Benchmarks 1.5 Faster - 3 Minutes Lately in PHP podcast episode 84   
    By Manuel Lemos
    PHP evolution efforts in terms of performance optimization continues. Now there is an effort to implement a Hybrid VM that can provide great performance improvements for PHP 7.2 with the JIT engine or not.

    This was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins on the episode 84 of the Lately in PHP podcast.

    In this episode they also talked about the Raspberry PI PHP extension, using NULL parameters in PDO queries, and the evolution of support of SSL/TLS connections from PHP code.

    They also talked about PHP tutorial articles on using a digital document signature platform, managing cloud servers automatically from PHP and how Hired is helping developers to get better jobs without waiting for you to go after them.

    This article also contains a podcast summary as a 3 minute video of the summary.

    Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video, or the summary video to learn more about these interesting PHP topics.

              Beginning Artificial Intelligence with the Raspberry Pi   

    Beginning Artificial Intelligence with the Raspberry Pi

    Beginning Artificial Intelligence with the Raspberry Pi By Donald J. Norris
    English | EPUB | 2017 | 379 Pages | ISBN : 1484227425 | 6 MB
    Gain a gentle introduction to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) using the Raspberry Pi as the computing platform. Most of the major AI topics will be explored, including expert systems, machine learning both shallow and deep, fuzzy logic control, and more!

              BeagleBone Robotic Projects - Second Edition   

    BeagleBone Robotic Projects - Second Edition

    BeagleBone Robotic Projects - Second Edition
    English | jun 2017 | ISBN-10: 1788293134 | 230 pages | PDF (conv) | 14.1 Mb
    Beaglebone Blue is effectively a small, light, cheap computer in a similar vein to Raspberry Pi and Arduino. It has all of the extensibility of today's desktop machines, but without the bulk, expense, or noise. And the new features of the BeagleBone Blue make it even easier to use in DIY robotics projects.

              This suggests the potential of black raspberry as a novel therapeutic agent for hyperlipidemia and associated immune decline.   
    PMID:  Biomol Ther (Seoul). 2017 Mar 1 ;25(2):140-148. PMID: 27737523 Abstract Title:  Restoration of Declined Immune Responses and Hyperlipidemia by Rubus occidenalis in Diet-Induced Obese Mice. Abstract:  Hyperlipidemia, which is closely associated with a fatty diet and aging, is commonly observed in the western and aged society. Therefore, a novel therapeutic approach for this disease is critical, and an immunological view has been suggested as a novel strategy, because hyperlipidemia is closely associated with inflammation and immune dysfunction. In this study, the effects of an aqueous extract of Rubus occidentalis (RO) in obese mice were investigated using immunological indexes. The mice were fed a high-fat diet (HFD) to induce hyperlipidemia, which was confirmed by biochemical analysis and examination of the mouse physiology. Two different doses of RO and rosuvastatin, a cholesterol synthesis inhibitor used as a control, were orally administered. Disturbances in immune cellularity as well as lymphocyte proliferation and cytokine production were significantly normalized by oral administration of RO, which also decreased the elevated serum tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α level and total cholesterol. The specific immune-related actions of RO comprised considerable improvement in cytotoxic T cell killing functions and regulation of antibody production to within the normal range. The immunological evidence confirms the significant cholesterol-lowering effect of RO,suggesting its potential as a novel therapeutic agent for hyperlipidemia and associated immune decline.

    read more

              Street Fighter V finally gets the story Capcom promised   

    If you walk up and tell me that narrative is the most important part of Street Fighter, I won’t be able to control the violent spray of spittle flinging from my lips as I make the most condescending raspberry known to humankind. Yet Capcom painted itself into a corner when it showed footage of an involved […]

              Envoi de SMS par le RaspberryPi - doudy   

    @ Guillaume T.
    Tu as trouvé une solution ?
    J'ai le même soucis...
    Depuis 2015 !

              Bluetooth adapter USB (30/17) - Jelenlegi ára: 1 000 Ft   
    Bluetooth adapter.  
    EDR bluetooth stick 4. 0 (Raspberry Pi® kompatibilis)
    Csak 19 mm hosszú
    Háromszor gyorsabb adatátvitel az EDR-nek köszönhetően (maximum 3 Mbit/s)
    Az összes verziójú Bluetooth® készüléket megszokott módon párosítja. A stick az összes standard Bluetooth® készülékhez alkalmas, mint pl. mobiltelefonok, headsetek, rádiójel vezérlésű egerek vagy billentyűzetek.
    Továbbá a Bluetooth® most folyamatosan bekapcsolva maradhat, mivel az új 4. 0 szabvány extrém kis energiafogyasztással rendelkezik. A kis méretnek köszönhetően nem kell többé folyton rácsatlakoztatni a gépre ill. levenni róla, mivel csak pár milliméterrel áll ki. Ezzel a kitörés veszélye (pl. a notebook szállítása közben) szinte teljesen ki van zárva.
    Bluetooth adapter USB (30/17)
    Jelenlegi ára: 1 000 Ft
    Az aukció vége: 2017-07-19 21:51
              Raspberry Pi scores UK's top engineering award   

    The team behind the device was awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering's MacRobert Prize at a ceremony in London last night.

              94 Point CDP - get yourself some!   

    2014 Domaine Isabel Ferrando Chateauneuf du Pape Colombis...$49.99
    Belies the generally approachable feel of the vintage, with a core of black currant, fig and raspberry pâte de fruit inlaid with Turkish coffee and melted black licorice notes. The long finish has serious tarry grip perfectly embedded in the fruit, so this should strut after some cellaring. Best from 2019 through 2029. 750 cases made.
    Rated 94/100 The Wine Spectator

    This cuvee is 100% Grenache that comes from three plots - Colombis, le Cristia and Les Roues -all of which are mostly sand and sandstone soils. Today it’s not destemmed and is aged in larger oak barrels. The 2014 Châteauneuf du Pape Colombis is a beauty that offers medium to full-bodied richness and a fabulous texture to go with classic notes of black raspberries, strawberries, kirsch, crushed flowers and licorice. It is a rock star in the vintage and shines for both its purity and richness. It should benefit from a year or two in bottle once released.
    Rated 92-94/100 The Wine Advocate
    Saturated ruby. Intense red fruit preserve and floral pastille aromas develop suggestions of Asian spices and smoky minerals in the glass. Sappy and deeply concentrated yet lively as well, offering palate-staining raspberry and cherry compote flavors that are given lift and spine by juicy acidity. Shows a compelling combination of richness and elegance, finishing extremely long and pure, with supple tannins sneaking in slowly to add shape and grip.
    Rated 92-94/100 Vinous Media

              Domaine Saint Prefert Chateauneuf du Pape   

    2014 Domaine Saint Prefert Chateauneuf du Pape Rouge...$39.99
    Ripe and very silky in feel, with a beam of raspberry coulis streaming through, picking up light anise, shiso leaf and incense notes along the way. Offers a sneakily long finish. Drink now through 2024. 2,083 cases made.–JM
    Rated 90/100 The Wine Spectator
    The classic cuvee is the 2014 Châteauneuf du Pape Classique and checks in as a blend of 70% Grenache, 15% Cinsault and the rest Syrah and Mourvèdre. All from the rolled stone soils of the Les Serres lieu-dit, it offers tons of peppery herbs, licorice and both blackberry and black raspberry-like fruit. Big, fruit filled and textured, it’s a terrific wine in the vintage and represents a good value.
    Rated 89-91/100 The Wine Advocate
    Opaque ruby. Smoke-accented blueberry and cherry compote aromas pick up peppery spice, lavender candy and mineral nuances with air. Fleshy and broad on the palate, offering sweet, deeply concentrated red and blue fruit flavors and an exotic touch of five-spice powder. Spreads out slowly on the juicy, expansive finish, which is framed by supple, harmonious tannins.
    Rated 90-92/100 Vinous Media

    2014 Doamine Sainte Prefert Chateauneuf du Pape Reserve Favier...$49.99
    Made from 65% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 10% Cinsault and 5% Mourvèdre, the 2014 Châteauneuf du Pape Reserve Auguste Favier reveals notes of plums, violets, ground pepper, licorice and hints of scorched earth. Medium to full-bodied, seamless and sexy, it’s more focused and elegant than the classic cuvée, and more fruity than the Collection Charles Giraud, which is more tannic.
    Rated 92-94/100 The Wine Advocate
    Deep ruby. A highly perfumed bouquet displays scents of fresh red fruits, incense and smoky minerals, and a suave lavender nuance builds as the wine opens up. Juicy, alluringly sweet raspberry and floral pastille flavors become fleshier and deeper with air while maintaining their vivacity. Seamless and pure, finishing with excellent clarity and persistence and harmonious tannins that come in slowly.
    Rated 91-93/100 Vinous Media
    This is generously fruited, with a core of fig, blackberry and boysenberry confiture pumping along, framed with a lively black licorice note and carrying through a rich, black tea-accented finish. For the hedonist crowd. Best from 2024 through . 1,660 cases made.
    Rated 92/100 The Wine Spectator

              Raspberry Pi wins top UK engineering award   
    Raspberry Pi wins top UK engineering award

    The Raspberry Pi microcomputer launched in 2012 with big aspirations to help get more children involved with programming and now it has been awarded with the Royal Academy of Engineering's MacRobert Prize – the top in the country.

    Beating out cyber-security firm Darktrace and radiotherapy pioneer Vision RT, the Raspberry Pi team joins the likes of Microsoft's Cambridge-based Kinect motion sensor designers and the makers of the Severn Bridge. 

    Coming from humble beginnings in Cambridge, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has gone on to sell over 14 million devices and set up thousands of after school coding clubs around the world. The organisation has, according to award judge Dr Frances Saunders, "achieved something that mainstream multinational computer companies and leading processing chip designers not only failed to do, but failed even to spot a need for".

    Speaking with the BBC prior to the ceremony, Raspberry Pi Trading CEO Eben Upton described the award as "a validation of the fact that we have built something bigger than we ever envisaged."

    Outside of its education uses, the Raspberry Pi has found a home in the hands of modders and hackers who have designed everything from robots to games consoles off the back of the device that is now the best selling British computer in history. 

    And a big part of the device's success, Upton identified when he spoke with PCR earlier this month, is affordability. "The goal with Raspberry Pi was always to make a computer that cost the same as the price of a text book," he said. "It’s why we did Raspberry Pi Zero – the one we gave away on the front of a magazine in November 2015. It was the £5 computer, it’s the latte computer."

    With this award under its belt, household recognition and a passionate leadership team there's no telling how far Raspberry Pi will go.


              anchor hooks Nautical beach decor Beach House Dreams towel rack coat hooks mudroom foyer guest room bathroom accessories decorating idea OBX by BeachHouseDreamsHome   

    66.00 USD

    This anchor towel rack with 5 FIVE anchor hooks (shown in photos 1, 2 and 3) is perfect inside or outside for towels, on in the foyer or mudroom for coats, at the beach, the lake, the river or in your mountain cabin! The dimensions of this board are 34-34 1/2" long and 5 1/2" high. The anchors are (tip to tip) 4 3/4 " wide and 5 1/4" tall. We have multiple listings for this same item because it's so popular....

    Our 5 anchor hook board is the best selling item for our shop: This listing has been pinned over 6400 times on pinterest!

    If you want 4 FOUR anchor hooks (shown in photo 4), go to a separate listing here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/107660677/anchor-wall-hooks-sailor-boat-cabin )

    If you want 3 THREE anchor hooks, go here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/111756758/3-anchor-

    This is the perfect decor for your boat, beach house, nautical themed family room, son's bedroom, or even the nursery; we are lovin' this new color combo: RED with satin nickel anchors..but very crisp and sailor looking! This is one of our best selling items year round, now available in a 26 colors (see photo 5 for our new color palette). This handmade, high quality, lovely gift, with popular retail stores inspired colors,works with any decor, and will bring that beach feel to your home every day. This beautifully handcrafted wooden wall organizer with sturdy beachy anchor hooks would look terrific in a beach house, cottage at the river, at the lake, or in your pool house, entry hall or mudroom. Makes a great hostess gift/thank you for someone who let you stay in their lake or beach house/cottage/condo...

    This listing is for your own custom piece like the one shown, made from premium lumber that has been cut , painted and then painted with a couple coats and sanded some more by us. Then we attach these lovely anchor hangers; they're cast iron, and I've given them a couple coats of paint, before we mounted them. This board comes with 2 ring type hangers already attached, on the back for easy hanging too; We recommend that these boards be hung from the studs in your walls. Or you can use anchor toggle bolts designed for use in drywall. Anchor/toggle bolts can be found at your local hardware store. We will position the center of the ring type hangers approximately one inch from each end of your board. If preferred, we can ship your ring type hangers unattached and you can attach them yourself. Please designate in the message to seller section if you want us to send you 2 ring type hangers UNattached.

    Each of our very popular hook boards will look slightly different, which just adds to the handmade appeal: yours will be one of a kind! Look closely at the pictures, so you can see the slight variations in the whitewashed look... and check out our sold section to see what other color combos have sold lately...

    Turn around time on this is 10 business days after you purchase before we ship, plus a couple more days for priority shipping.

    Please let us know as you check out what color you want for your board and anchor hooks, and if you want them distressed or not, choosing from the list below (photo 5):
    1 ballet pink
    2 pastel pink
    3 raspberry pink
    4 burgundy
    5 red
    6 grape purple
    7 hyacinth
    8 navy blue
    9 medium blue
    10 light blue
    11 mediterranean (teal) blue )
    12 robin's egg blue
    13 ivory
    14 yellow
    15 golden yellow
    16 pale sage
    17 pistachio green
    18 hunter green
    19 cappuccino
    20 saddle tan
    21 satin nickel
    22 copper
    23 bronze
    24 dark gray
    25 coral (not shown)

    white= board in photos 4
    also available but not shown: black

    Don't forget to include your color choices for the 5 anchors and board in the message to seller as you check out...

    Thanks for coming by, have a blessed day!

              2 whale towel hooks beach towel rack nautical decor nursery interior design shore cottage renovation beach home wall art Outer Banks OBX by BeachHouseDreamsHome   

    26.00 USD

    These new whale double hooks are cute, practical and very popular. Use for hanging beach towels, outside or in the bathroom, pool house, swimming pool, hot tub towels, nautical nursery, for your jewelry and more...

    Measurements: 6 1/2" wide, 4" tall, sets out about 1 1/4-1 1/2"

    We offer all of our very popular nautical hooks as shown here, hooks painted by us but unmounted, and we also have listings for them mounted on reclaimed oak or painted pine.

    This listing is for 2 UNMOUNTED cast iron whale hooks, available in:

    1 ballet pink
    2 pastel pink
    3 raspberry pink
    4 burgundy
    5 red
    6 grape purple
    7 hyacinth
    8 navy blue
    9 medium blue
    10 light blue
    11 mediterranean (teal) blue
    12 robin's egg blue (photo 3)
    13 ivory (photo 1)
    14 yellow (photo 2)
    15 golden yellow
    16 pale sage
    17 pistachio green
    18 hunter green
    19 cappuccino
    20 saddle tan
    21 satin nickel
    22 copper
    23 bronze
    24 dark gray AS SHOWN

    AVAILABLE, but not shown: black, white, coral

    Use these hangers to display your treasures. This would look terrific in your entry hall, in the guest room, by the front door, or even in your guest bathroom for jackets or towels. These make perfect gifts for those who love whales, nautical or beachy designs.

    If you like this look, check out our other cast iron hooks~ we also have hooks that are mermaids, seahorses, starfish, sand dollars, dolphins, turtles, lobsters, and more. We're now offering more hooks and knobs mounted on reclaimed wood and painted pine too, so mark us as a favorite and check back often.

    Your purchase will be shipped in the small priority mail box, so you'll have your order 3 days after I ship them; please allow us 7-10 business days to get your order painted. If you want more than 2, I have more, so contact me here and I'll set up a custom order for you.

    Please remember to specify as you check out 2 things:
    1. What color you want, and
    2. Do you want yours distressed (edges lightly sanded)?

    Convo us with ?s. Thanks for coming by, have a blessed day!

              1 bird hook plant hanger wall hook home decor storage and organization holiday gift idea by BeachHouseDreamsHome   

    15.00 USD

    This bird hook is one of my most popular bird hangers, in a new color: I've left the leaves and hanger green, and painted the bird Robin's egg blue and then distressed her (you can have your bird painted and not distressed if you'd like...). "Fast shipping. Very sturdy! Gorgeous green color. This seller was a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much! " ... feedback from one of the recent customers who purchased this lovely hanger. So that is what this listing is for, a hook like the hanger you see in the photos, with the bird painted a lovely robin's egg blue, or pink, or the whole thing painted bronze....

    When I found this hanger with a cute bird and 3 leaves on it~I knew it would be perfect painted green and blue and mounted on our salvaged barn wood. But many of our customers have asked for the unmounted hangers, so here you go!

    If you'd like your bird painted a different color,please let me know your color choice, and if you want yours distressed (lightly sanded) or not.

    1 ballet pink
    2 pastel pink
    3 raspberry pink
    4 burgundy
    5 red
    6 grape purple
    7 hyacinth
    8 navy blue
    9 medium blue
    10 light blue
    11 mediterranean (teal) blue
    12 robin's egg blue (photos 2-4)
    13 ivory
    14 yellow
    15 golden yellow
    16 pale sage
    17 pistachio green
    18 hunter green
    19 cappuccino
    20 saddle tan
    21 satin nickel
    22 copper
    23 bronze (photo 1)
    24 dark gray

    not shown: black and white

    This would be a perfect gift for that relative or friend who loves birds, or for the one who just loves naturally beautiful decor. It's sturdy enough to hold a plant, or he/she could use it for his keys, the puppy's leash, or even a hand towel or dish towel.

    This bird hook is 7" tall, and sticks out about 4 inches from the wall.

    Feel free to contact us with questions...and allow me about 7 business days to get yours painted :)

    Please specify as you check out:
    1. what color you want.
    2. do you just want the bird painted a different color, with hook and leaves left green (photos 2-5)
    OR do you want the entire thing painted one color, as shown in the bronze (poto 1)

    Your hanger will ship in the small priority box, and arrive within 3 business days after I ship here in the US. Your purchase will be carefully packaged and shipped with care.

    Thanks for stopping by, and have a blessed day!

              The ultimate lean mean Pi hacking machine!   

    As I was writing my previous two articles Upgrade you old laptop with a Raspberry Pi and take two of the same I was thinking that it would have been really cool to be able to attach the Pi on the laptop in a way that it would have been easy to detach if need be and that it wouldn't have had to be permanent. Some laptops aren't as decrepit as mine and having the possibility to remove whatever I was going to use to attach the Pi was important.

    After a while I came up with this little kit which is just enough to get your Pi tailless but that could be further expanded to allow for physical computing experimentation via the GPIO and a breadboard.

    An OS that is really promising as the ideal companion of this kit is SBIOS which would make this whole thing the ideal lean mean Pi hacking machine.

              Upgrade you old laptop with a Raspberry Pi - take two   

    What if you want to connect your Raspberry Pi tailless but use a Windows OS on your laptop?
    Well don't despair, there are ways to do that and a few tricks that will allow you to do so under several circumstances.

    So let's recap what do we want to achieve. We want to connect a Raspberry Pi to a Windows computer, typically a laptop so that we can use the Keyboard, the Mouse and the Monitor of the laptop and replace its "engine" with a Raspberry Pi.
    Old laptop or not this solution also makes for a great way to make your Pi a lot more portable. In this tailless configuration the only cable you might have is the power supply to your laptop!

    Be weary that I have used  a Windows 7 for the laptop and Raspbian Jessie for the RPi. Things may be slightly different using other versions.

    This article should also serve as an Errata Corrige for my previous one with regards to the Pi's support for Link-Local address. I will amend the previous post ASAP.



    At least two USB ports
    Ehernet adapter
    WiFi card (optional)

    A functioning Windows OS
    VNC or RDP client


    WiFi card
    Ethernet card

    VNC or RDP server (which regrettably needs to be installed upfront)

    To glue them together we also need a USB Y cable and a 20-30cm Ethernet cable (Cat 5e or +) straight or crossover.


    The first hurdle that we need to solve is how to try to make the laptop talk to the Pi at IP level. For that to happen the two must be connected at layer 1 and 2 of the OSI stack. The Ethernet cable plugged in your laptop's NIC and in the Pi's one does just that. It provides physical connectivity and data link. What we don't get as easily is two IPs in the same subnet.
    This can be achieved in many ways, let's see a few.

    Bonjour Windows

    First things first though let's talk about how to allow Windows to resolve the


    That we are going to use to connect to the Pi independently from its IP address. Dealing with IP addresses is in fact quite a pain, that's why DNS came about after all. In my previous article I mentioned the good that comes with mDNS so that you can reach raspberrypi.local independently to which IPv4 or IPv6 you are using on the Pi.

    Windows does not come natively with mDNS but there is a piece of software that we can install from Apple to install this protocol under Windows. Apple's interpretation of mDNS is called Bonjour and can be found here

    Installing it is extremely easy and you will be able to use it straight away. Thanks Apple!
    Once installed if you check the services running on your laptop you should see something like this:

    Back to IP now. The first thing you should do it to disable any protocol and service that is not quite necessary from the Local Area Connection Property page of your laptop Ethernet's card. This is what I did:

    Using APIPA

    Automatic Private IP Addressing is Microsoft's interpretation of Link-Local address and it is a way of auto assigning IP addresses to hosts within a network segment without the need for a DHCP (service that is typically the job of your home router or NAS). A Class B of IP addresses has been reserved just for this purpose. or through to with being the subnet and being the broadcast address. The network mask is

    Which in itself is quite a lot of technical gibberish but bare with me.

    Now in the absence of a DHCP a Windows system (or any other OS supporting Link-Local address) will be configured as 169.254.x.y and this is the case for the Pi too with Raspbian Wheezy or Jessie.

    I know I have said in my previous article that it didn't but ... it turns out it was grapevine knowledge which I would have been better off verifying first. I'll amend the other article ASAP.

    The following screenshots illustrate the status of the adapters and of some other aspects at the network level of both the laptop and the RPi.

    Note that once the two hosts communicate with each other the IP of the RPi will be evident in the ARP cache of the laptop

    Booting your Pi after plugging the network cable and power is enough for your laptop to resolve raspberrypi.local in an IP 169.254.x.y with no extra hurdles. At this point you could already connect to your Pi via VNC by configuring the service on the Pi as I explained in my previous post

    About IPv6

    All works well also with IPv6

    The Pi's sets itself up with an IPv6 and from the laptop pinging raspberrypi.local will successfully resolve and reach the Pi's IPv6 address:

    As well as the IPv4.

    These are screenshots of the laptop's network info:

    Static IP addresses

    If your laptop has an IP configured for its Ethernet adapter that you are not willing to alter then you can use the cmdline.txt to configure the Pi with an IP in the same subnet as you laptop. Easy!

    dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 console=ttyAMA0,115200 console=tty1 root=/dev/mmcblk0p6 rootfstype=ext4 elevator=deadline fsck.repair=yes rootwait ip= x.y.z.w

    You need to edit the cmdline.txt file in /boot and add the part highlight in bod above. Make sure that all the text is on one line only.

    The format is ip=<client-ip>:<server-ip>:<gw-ip>:<netmask>:<hostname>:<device>:<autoconf> so you can add other parameters if you need to. The netmask might be one that you want to set right.

    More simply you could configure the eth0 of the Pi once it is booted if you have access to the GUI before making it tailless on your laptop. A good time to do this is when you install you VNC server

    The following screenshots illustrate the status and configuration of the adapters and of some other aspects at the network level of both the laptop and the RPi.

    DHCP via ICS

    An easy enough solution to connect to your Pi is to leverage on the Internet Connection Sharing functionality of modern Operating Systems like Windows. ICS will let you share a connection on your laptop via another one. Your laptop may have a WiFi card connecting you to the Internet and an Ethernet adapter. ICS will allow you to share the WiFi via the Ethernet NIC, anything connected via an Ethernet cable to the laptop will receive an IP address and will be able to use the WiFi as a gateway to the Internet.

    Now we could be interested in just that but I said that we wanted to use old laptops just as KVMs not also as Internet gateways, there is nothing wrong with that but accessing the Pi from elsewhere than the laptop with this configuration may be troublesome if not plain impossible.
    What we are very much interested in is the fact the ICS transforms the Windows OS in a DHCP on the shared network adapter so that we can have our IP!

    To configure ICS in Windows the sharing must be activated on the interface that we are going to be using as gateway. In my example below I am using my WiFi as gateway and activating the share on the local network adapter

    Once that's done the local network adapter will receive an IP address in the range which topically will be

    Note that as the laptop provides an IP to the Pi, the Pi's address can easily be found by looking at the ARP cache of the laptop

    The Pi receives an IP like 192.168.137.x as did mine

    All this good though comes at a price. The DNS resolution and the default route of the Pi are configured as if we wanted to use the laptop as our gateway. In order to use the Pi's WiFi card instead we need to alter the file

    And comment out the line which bares the IP of the laptop.
    Next we need to remove the default route once that has once again the IP of the laptop by running:

    sudo route del -net gw

    Lastly we need to setup the IP as static on the Pi as explained in the previous section and this time use the IP we were given with ICS which was Make sure to untick "Automatically configure empty options".


    You can change the subnet to whichever you prefer by editing the registry


    there is a nice article explaining how to

    I only have an Ethernet card on my old laptop

    In this case we need to trick the OS into believing that it has a connection to share. The best way to do this is to create for example a dialup connection as in here:

    or add an additional WiFi card or other network interface via PCMCIA or a bluetoooth adapter but that would be quite inefficient and rather laborious. Unless there are some very specific needs I would just create the fake dial-up.

    What else is there to say?

    All of the above IP options will require in the majority of cases a one off connection to a monitor, keyboard and mouse so factor this in if you are off somewhere with a brand new SD card for your tailless Raspberry Pi.

    Which of these setup is best it largely depends on your needs but the Link-Local address / APIPA seems by far the preferable especially when using Bonjour.
    The ICS is certainly the most confusing and complicated but it can have its uses. If your "portable" lab becomes a bit overcrowded and you need a DHCP for some of the devices, then ICS could be your friend. Here is an example:

    If your "portable" setup becomes a bit more complex and you have devices that need an IP delivered with a DHCP, ICS is your friend.  In the picture above I have a tailless Pi connected to a switch to which are connected the laptop and a security camera. The camera can only do static IP or DHCP hence the need for ICS when on the move.

    Also ICS inherently allows you to know the IP of its clients as by assigning them an IP that also generates an entry in the ICS's ARP cache. By inspecting it we can immediately tell which IP have been assigned making connecting to them a lot more easy even in the absence of mDNS / Bonjour.

    A good part of what has been said in this article and in the previous one applies to the Raspberry Pi A/A+ and to the Zero but not in all cases. These configurations are meant to use a real Ethernet card and won't always work for the likes of the Ethernet Gadget as in this article from Adafruit. I will explore this at some point and see what of the above is applicable in this case and what should be adjusted.

    The cables to make the Pi tailless are only two, could I use a Wireless connection instead of the short Ethernet? I don't see why not but it would make things a bit more complicated and confusing. The Ethernet cable guarantees a really good connection to the laptop and it is not prone to the various problems the WiFi inherently has. Tiding up the Ethernet with the power cable should not be a big problem and I would stick with that. This is until the USB gadget configuration is easier to setup and use, that may be a real game changer.

              Comment on Quick Pots de Creme by monkeydevil   
    I have made this fabulous recipe at least 4 times now and it is always a hit. I make for our annual Christmas party and use little stemmed cordial glasses and top each with fresh whipped cream and either a fresh raspberry and mint leaf or some shaved chocolate. I bought some tiny stainless steel spoons on Amazon to go with them but also got little plastic ones for those occasions where the metal ones might get thrown out. Today I am making this recipe as a chocolate cream pie. I made the oreo cookie crust and used kahlua and my only deviation was to use 1/2 semi-sweet and 1/2 bittersweet chocolate chips (Ghiradelli) to make it a bit more "adult". Will be topping with whipped cream and raspberries. I use my Vitamix to whip up this recipe and it comes together in a flash! Highly recommend making this - it is delicious, you only need a small amount per serving as it is rich and it really "fancies up" easily.
              Ryanteck TrafficHat   
    Who wouldn't love to build a TrafficHat! Find out where to get one for your Raspberry Pi and how to go on assembling it and programming it.

    Here you can find Ryan's documentation on his Wiki and the test code I have used for the traffic light

    Also if you need to install GPIO Zero:
    sudo apt-get install python-gpiozero
    or for Python 3
    sudo apt-get install python3-gpiozero

              Raspberry Pi GPIO Reference Card Comparison   
    It has been really hard to decide who the winner of this review was. Ultimately though the scoring results identified without doubt the best of these products.
    Find out which by watching the short video below.

              Upgrade your old laptop with a Raspberry Pi   

    Have you ever wondered what to do with that old laptop you kept for so long because you never had the heart to trough it away?

    Plug a Raspberry Pi2 into your old laptop and give it a second life! Also wouldn't it be great to get your Pi around the house with a very portable setup? I know you get a Pi-Top (I'll admit it's cool but $269.99 without the Pi!!!), you can get a Touchscreen even the original from the Pi Foundation, but the recycler in me sometimes screams for justice.

    This setup I am using costs near to nothing and gets the dust off those useless laptops in the loft.

    The idea is pretty easy; we get a Pi, plug it in two USB ports of the laptop via a Y cable, connect it via the Ethernet port to the NIC of the laptop, VNC into the Pi, configure the Wi-Fi and job done.

    Fix the Pi on the back of your laptop's screen with whatever you can think of and enjoy a Pi with no dangling cables but with a nice keyboard, video and mouse setup.

    I made sure that the steps to follow are as simple as possible and that the configuration should work in the majority of situations. By all means this can be further improved and I'll be glad to hear from anybody who might have suggestions.

    The configuration and setup can be replicated pretty much on any laptop you might have, even a new one!

    Hardware requirements

    The requirements for the laptop are:
    2 USB ports
    1 NIC ethernet
    1 Working keyboard and 1 Working Touchpad/Mouse :)
    1 Working Screen :))

    Mine is quite old as you can see

    The Pi needs a Y USB cable with the usual micro connector on the other side. This StarTech 1 feet USB Y Cable for External Hard Drive - Dual USB A to Micro B can do just the job.
    A short (20-30 cm) Ethernet cable CAT5e would be more than enough.
    Finally a compatible Wi-Fi card.

    This is essentially it from the HW point of view. The reason for the Y cable is to make sure that the Pi receives enough current to power itself correctly. Each USB ports in USB1/2 delivers a maximum of 500mA so if you have a laptop of that era you certainly need the Y cable.
    The Ethernet cable doesn't need to be a cross-over although that wouldn't hurt if it is. The Pi is capable of Auto MDI-X and will be able to adjust to a straight or a crossover cable directly connected to the laptop; no Ethernet HUB/SWITCH required.

    Software configuration

    Software wise the Pi will come with its usual distro Raspbian and the Laptop in my case is Elementary Linux. Different combinations of distros should certainly work but might require adjustments compared to what I am showing here.

    06-02-16 Please check the information at the bottom of this page before going ahead with the ICS setup.

    The quickest A quick way to have the best "Plug & Play" experience is to configure the laptop to work as a DHCP for the Pi, this will ensure that the Pi can just come out of a freshly burned SD card (If you use NOOBS you need to install an OS first) with no need for any configuration only requiring to only install VNC server on your Pi but with no need to configure its networking.

    Most NetworkManager distributions should allow for "internet connection sharing" for each network cards. This allows for the laptop to use a service called Dnsmasq to provide automatic configuration of networking parameters for the guests, in our case the Pi. Great!
    This is how I configured my laptop:

    Once the "internet configuration sharing" is setup our Pi can be plugged in in the USB ports of the laptop and hooked to the Ethernet cable.
    After a while we should have an IP for the PI but we are not going to know which is going to be that easily. Luckily both Rasbian and Elementary (Linux in general does) support something called mDNS out of the box. mDNS is for DNS what Link-local address is for IP (you know those 169.254.x.y addresses?) and it allows for DNS names to be setup "democratically" amongst computers in the same network. Raspbian sets its name as


    and once it gets an IP you should be able to ping raspberrypi.local without knowing the IP, excellent!
    If you can ping it, you can SSH to it and that's the next thing to do.

    We SSH to the Pi and start the VNC server (of course there will be a one off password to setup, keep it simple and use the Pi user password).

    The server should be started with the same resolution of your laptop screen as we want to run the Pi in full screen on the laptop. The command to run on the Pi will be something like:

    vncserver -geometry 1280x800 

    or whichever is the resolution of your laptop, I hope you know how to find it :)

    We now have a VNC server to connect to, note that it runs on screen :1 but don't try yet to get on the Pi until you have done the steps below otherwise you won't be able to use F8 to close the session as the keyboard might not work.

    One thing you may find in fact is that once in fullscreen the keyboard is not working on the remote session. To fix this I had to edit /etc/X11/app-defaults/Vncviewer as sudo

    sudo nano /etc/X11/app-defaults/Vncviewer

    This is distribution dependant and you might have to look elsewhere for this file depending on what you run on the laptop.

    The line that we are uncommenting is:

    Vncviewer.grabKeyboard: true

    on the laptop we should now be able to VNC safely to the Pi. The command I am using is:

    xtightvncviewer raspberrypi.local:1 -fullscreen -compresslevel 3

    we are connecting on host raspberrypi.local on screen 1 in fullscreen and compress the session to get better performance. I made a script just not to have to type that all the time.

    You can play with compresslevel from 0 to 9 where 9 is less compressed. The network should not be the bottleneck as it is a dedicated fast-ethernet connection but the video card on you old laptop might be the one not actually able to keep up.

    If the command above succeeds you should be prompted for the VNC server password you set earlier on and after that you should finally be in your Pi's desktop!!

    We are not done yet unfortunately, a few more tweaks.

    The first thing to do on the Pi is to configure the eth0 card as static IP.

    The reason is still within the realm of keeping things as simple as possible. You remember that Dnsmasq you mentioned earlier? Well as a good DHCP it will keep on refreshing periodically the information of the Pi's Ethernet adapter not only with IP and Mask but also with Gateway, DNS and default route. Now, after we will enable the Wi-Fi card on the Pi we'll want for the default route and the DNS server to be only the ones of the Wireless card not the ones configured from the DHCP server on the laptop. This will ensure that the Pi will be able to connect to the internet only through its Wi-Fi card.
    The best thing to do is to configure the IP address of the Pi's eth0 as the one it used to receive from the DHCP's laptop and

    uncheck "Automatically configure empty options"

    leaving the Router and DNS sections empty.

    Note that this will configure the network mask of the Pi as whilst the laptop interface will have a mask of This is not going to cause any problems although it is quite an horrible thing to live with if you have done any serious networking in your life!

    Next we need to edit:

    sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf

    on the Pi to remove the settings obtained from the laptop. We need to remove the line that says:


    or whichever is the IP of your laptop
    it should look like this:

    Lastly we need to remove the default route associated with the laptop's address, in my case:

    sudo route del -net gw

    so that the routes will look like this:

    At this point we'll need to configure the Wi-Fi connection on the Pi in the standard way and we should be done!!!

    After these steps connecting again should be just a question of powering up the laptop, starting the VNC server on the Pi (which can of course be set to start automatically) and VNC into the Pi.

    What is left to do

    A lot more automation can be done. When the laptop shuts down for example we should be able to also run a clean shutdown and wait for the Pi to be off before shutting down the laptop. The VNC session could also be run automatically at the startup of the laptop including passing the password for the Pi. The initial configuration of things for both the Pi and the laptop could be scripted to make things easy even for the less expert.
    Finally get a better networking configuration, I hate that thing about the network mask!!

    Also some good designer cloud come up with maybe a 3D printed enclosure or VESA fix like structure that can be adjusted to most laptop screens. It'll be nice to find a way to accommodate a breadboard too although having it always fixed on the back of the screen might not be ideal.

    I leave it here I guess but this is clearly far from being something to "resell".


    If your laptop comes with a Wi-Fi interface then you could use that to connect the Pi to the internet in a much more traditional ICS configuration. This hides the Pi behind a NAT and for the majority won't be a problem and work great, I preferred to use the laptop just as a KVM though.

    I must admit that I have tried to find out whether the Pi supports Link-local address which would have made things less complicated but I couldn't find much about this and eventually opted for the more cumbersome "internet connection sharing" approach.


    In the long run having to type a password for the laptop and one for the Pi can be tedious so my advice is to at least enable autologin on the laptop and disable the password prompt when exiting the screensaver

    06-02-16 - UPDATE

    Link-Local Address

    Since I wrote this article I researched a bit more into the matter of Link-Local Address and specifically with regard to the support of this in Raspbian. It turns out that the Pi is more than capable of supporting IP auto configuration and this is in fact the quickest way to go about configuring the Pi in tailless mode (I like calling it this way!).
    By configuring the laptop Ethernet interface as Link-Local only the adapter will get a 169.254.x.y address and will be immediately ready to resolve raspberrypi.local.

    This doesn't mean that the steps I discussed in the main part of this article are wrong only that the networking setup can be achieved in a much easier way if using Link-Local address instead of ICS.

    Sorry for the confusion

              Ryanteck Snow Pi   
    Do you wanna build a snow man? All you need is a Raspberry Pi and a Snow Pi from Ryanteck!

    Here you can find Ryan's documentation on his Wiki
              Remoting into the Pi - all the tools you'll ever need   

    Being able to connect to a server somewhere out in the wild or in the neighbourhood of your local network is certainly something that has been going on for decades.
    The most common activities that one would want to perform on a remote server are:
    • Issue commands
    • Transfer files
    Commands needs User Interfaces which can either be:
    • Text based aka terminals
    • Graphical User Interface aka GUI
    All of this have to be complimented with a number of protocols that allow the act of remoting from a client to a server.

    Let's see what happens in the most frequent cases.


    Issuing commands to a remote server is mostly done by using the SSH protocol. The Raspbian OS comes with an SSH server enabled by default so all we need to do is to get the right client for the platform from which we want to connect from.

    On Windows the best know is PuTTY which in its basic incarnation looks like this

    and it is an incredibly great tool to issue commands in a very versatile terminal window.
    Somebody else built on top of PuTTY and tried to get to grips with the clatter caused by the need of having to deal with many sessions all opened at once.
    The tool is MTPuTTY which is what it says on the tin: Multi-Tabbed PuTTY !

    Fantastic, but if you are really hard core and you live in an era where virtual machines had not been invented, you can still use the never ageing Cygwin (although you might actually have good reasons to use it in favour of a VM)

    SFTP and SCP

    Of course one of the most important things to do on an operating system which revolves all around files is to be able to move them back and forth, around and about via SFTP or SCP whenever this last one might be preferred.
    SFTP on Raspbian come as part of the SSH server and also in this case there is nothing to be done on the Pi.
    My favourite tools are Filezilla and WinSCP although the humble PSFTP installed with PuTTY can still do a great job if nothing else is available.
    A great thing of WinSCP is that it will be able to import all your PuTTY sessions as you install it and it supports SCP  along with SFTP. In many instances I have seen people preferring WinSCP to Filezilla.

    Filezilla though has my preference as it still supports FTP which is still somewhat handy for the likes of uploading content to websites.

    There is of course more to see and discuss about these two great clients but it is time to move on to the next set of tools.


    Text based terminals are great but we live in an extremely visual world and Graphical User Interfaces are preferred by many with good cause. One of the obvious desires then is to be able to interact directly with the Raspbian desktop and this can be achieved using some form of Virtual Network Computing based software.

    There are quite a few incarnations of VNC servers and clients and although Rasbian doesn't come with a specific one the Raspberry Pi foundation seems to point to TightVNC which can be installed fairly easily following their simple guide.

    As for the client side ... well there are quite a few but I use RealVNC which covers quite a few platforms and does the job excellently. Remember that your display will be display 1 and that to indicate to the VNC client that you are not connecting to the default screen 0 you will have to write <IP Address>:1 e.g.

    X and the rest

    If you feel more adventurous you can try the ways of the X server. The X Window System is based on the X11 protocol and has been on the scene for many years.

    The advantage of this approach is the possibility to run programs that need a graphical interface from you terminal session. If for example you would need to quickly run the Pi's browser whilst working via PuTTY, you  can simply invoke epiphany and an X windows displaying the browser will come up on your screen.

    Counterintuitively the X server will have to be installed on your "from" location.
    I have always used Xming as it installs really easily and integrates perfectly with PuTTY.
    Just remember to enable X forwarding in your PuTTY session before connecting.

    As you run Xming nothing will seem to happen but the program's icon will be displayed in the notification area.

    Running a command from PuTTY that will open up in X will result in an X icon being shown in your taskbar and that is for all matters and purposes a window within your client system.

    Of course the best way to go to a Linux box is with a Linux box and this can be achieved in a number of ways. All of the above can be done from an Ubuntu machine whether it is your default operating system or you are running an instance as a virtual machine of your Windows host. The software to use will be rather different for the majority but the mechanisms described are the same.
    One strange beast to mention in this realm is Cygwin which, as they say on its website,

    "is a large collection of GNU and Open Source tools which provide functionality similar to a Linux distribution on Windows"

    and that in fact will allow to work on your Windows box in a "Linuxy" way. One thing we could obviously do is to connect to a Pi from a Cygwin terminal. We can type in xinit and the following whitish window will pop up to indicate that an X server is available! Fantastic

    Let's type in a few lines to connect to our Pi and in my case the command is:

    ssh -X pi@

    This means that I am using the SSH client in Cygwin on which I am enabling X forwarding (-X) to my Cygwin X server and connect as the user pi to
    Once I give the password I am in my Pi as shown by the green prompt. From there I can launch lxtask  and get my graphical task manager displayed via Cygwin. Isn't that the most useless thing? :)

    Jokes apart though this shows probably one of the many coolest ways to connect to a remote Linux box and it is as close as native Linux as you can get on a Windows computer.

    That's all folks

    These tools covered most of the use cases that you will ever encounter but bare in mind that what I have listed here are only some of the tools that are available. Also the majority of what I described applies only to Windows. There is of course much more, there is also Apple stuff and one and a million way to do things in Linux.

    Note that some of these softwares are also distributed as executable instead of full install. This is great when you want to carry your tools around on a USB key or when the administrators of the systems on which you need to work aren't too lenient on you installing new software. So when downloading check which type you are getting hold of.

    Mostly if you can spare some money for those projects that accept donations you can play an important role in promoting what's good out there, right?

    This closes "all the tools you'll ever need to remote into your Pi".
    Have fun

              Remoting into the Pi   
    In this video playlist I am going through the steps needed to connect remotely to a Raspberry Pi terminal session.
    In a nutshell the videos will show the following:

    • Retrieve the IP address
    • Install Putty
    • Connect to the Pi
    • Customise the Putty sessions
    Remoting into the Pi - Part 1

    Remoting into the Pi - Part 2

              Installing Rasbpian with Noobs   

    You bought yourself a shiny new Raspberry Pi, maybe the brand new Pi Zero and now you are really fidgety about doing something exciting with it but ... there are a few things that need to be done first.

    I have provided three complementary videos that you can watch to go through the entire process or if you prefer you can go through the following brief instructions

    This is in a nutshell what needs to happen:

    • Get an SD card
    • Format the SD card
    • Transfer NOOOBS onto the card
    • Boot your Raspberry Pi with NOOBS
    • Select and install the Operating System

    The first thing you need to do is to get yourself an SD card with a suitable Operating System installed on it so that the Raspberry Pi can run all the basic software that is needed for it to do anything.

    At this point NOOBS is your friend!

    NOOBS is a piece of software that will help you installing the Operating System onto the SD card.

    This can go either of two ways:

    1. Buy a card with a preloaded NOOBS on it
    2. Reuse one you already own and prepare it with NOOBS yourself.

    The preferred Operating System for the Pi is Raspbian and its latest incarnation is called Jessie. The names of the versions of this OS are coming from Toys Story, the previous one in fact was called Wheezy!

    Now Wheezy's character was a bit chubby and Jessie's was quite slim in the cartoon but despite this you will need a bigger SD card to store Jessie than you would have with Wheezy as the OS Jessie is a bit bigger than its predecessor. With this in mind make sure you use at least an 8 GB SD card for your Pi.

    • Follow this section only if you are reusing you card

    If you are going to reuse your card you have to first format it or in other words prepare it to be able to transfer NOOBS onto it, to do so you can use a software called SDFormatter. It is a really easy install to perform and you can use the videos provided if in doubt.

    Make sure to backup the contents of your SD card before proceeding as the tool will delete all files in it

    Select the right drive letter corresponding to your SD card and click on Format. You will have to accept a couple of alert messages and you card will be ready shortly after.

    Once the card is formatted you will need to transfer NOOBS on it. First of all let's get hold of NOOBS.

    Once downloaded (it will take a while) it will have to be unpacked in a temporary folder of your choice.

    With the content unpacked you will now have to select all the files and copy/paste them onto the SD card you have just formatted (that also will take a while).

    The card is now ready to be ejected from the card reader and plugged into the Raspberry Pi.

    • Whether you have used your own card or purchased one with NOOBS pre-installed this is what needs to happen next

    Make all the necessary connections to the video, the network, the mouse and keyboard and finally plug the power supply in.

    After a short while you should lend onto this page

    Select install near to Raspbian and ... after a while and a few rather useful information displayed during the installation, the process will terminate and prompt you for restarting into Rasbpian for the very first time.

    Great! You made it, your Raspberry Pi is now ready for many adventures to come

    Here are the embedded videos mentioned above

    HW preparations to get started

    Prepare the SD card, get hold of Noobs and transfer it onto the card

    Connecting all up and install Raspian

              Halloween Automated Scarer 2015   

    A pinch of pygame, a hint of scapy and the Halloween concoction is ready!

    This year's automated scarer was a bit more challenging than last. I stitched this together in a couple of days and ... it worked mostly as I wanted it to be. The most important thing is that children and parents enjoyed being scared by a few monstrous pumpkins and a bunch of my son's very horrific (but beautifully made) drawings.
    Raspberry thirsty Vampire
    Scary Witch of the South East

    I wanted the animation to be easy to be activated and yes, I could have used other methods to detect people to be scared (which from now on I will refer to as scarables: a person suitable for the scarer) but I was curious about scapy and the possibility of detecting mobiles passing by.

    I also found quite interesting digging through the enormous amount of information available on pygame which served perfectly the purpose of displaying the pictures and playing the sounds all of this without needing to drop into X leaving ample resources available on my RPi B

    It is also entertaining to lookup the MAC addresses I collected to establish if we live in a posh area or not. The amount of Apple devices wasn't so many in the end, I will consider selling and buy elsewhere.
    Ah and don't worry, the MACs I collected will be handed over to TalkTalk for safe keeping.

    The Python script revolves mainly around the scapy command sniff which I used to search any broadcasting WiFi device within reach of my dongle.
    The first thing to do is to setup the WiFi card into monitor mode which is done outside of python on the shell:

    #/usr/bin sh
    sudo service ifplugd stop
    sudo ifconfig wlan0 down
    sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
    sudo ifconfig wlan0 up
    sudo service ifplugd start

    You can verify things are set properly by issuing iwconfig, this is my output:

    wlan0     IEEE 802.11bgn  Mode:Monitor  Frequency:2.412 GHz  Tx-Power=20 dBm
              Retry short limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off
              Power Management:off

    Within scapy's lamda function we need to create a list to hold the MAC addresses that we'll acquire. Around the area where I live there are normally quite a few Access Points and other WiFi devices. The first thing to do then is to store all these MACs on a file so that they will not trigger any false "scares" each time that the Pi starts. I did this by running the script in "silent mode" for a couple of hours. I had created in this way a WiFi fingerprint of the area which I stored on a file that gets read at the start of the script and pre-loads all the MACs in the neighbourhood.

    if path.isfile(fileName):
        with open(fileName, 'rb') as MAC_file:
            MAC_list = pickle.load(MAC_file)

    for the serialisation I am using pickle which for the purpose works just fine

    From here on any new MAC detected is a potential scarable,

    Scapy offers a sniff command that can take as arguments an interface and a function amongst other options.

    sniff(iface = "wlan0", prn = PacketHandler, store=0)

    The store=0 turned out to be vitally important as it tells the sniff command to just monitor the packets and not store them in memory. I learned this the hard way as I the Pi stopped responding all together as its memory got full.
    I have obviously specified to monitor packets on wlan0 and given a PacketHandler function which I use to specify what I am interested in about the packets seen by wlan0

    def PacketHandler(pkt):
            if pkt.haslayer(Dot11):
                    if pkt.type == 0:
                            if pkt.addr2 not in MAC_list:
                                    with open(fileName, 'wb') as MAC_file:
                                            pickle.dump(MAC_list, MAC_file)
                                            Call the Scare function

    the layer I am interested in is Dot11 as in 802.11x and the packet type is 0 as in management. If the MAC is not in my list I will add it and write the list on a file.
    The other very important thing that I do in the last if block is that I will start the animation for each new MAC added to the list.
    Now, this could have done it in a number of ways, I wanted to explore the pygame events, I wanted to use two threads on for WiFi scanning the other for the animation, in the end at 16:30 of the 31st of November I decided to call a function directly after writing the list to a file.

    image = images[random.randint(0, len(images)) - 1]
    sound = sounds[random.randint(0, len(sounds)) - 1]
    Scare(image, sound, screenSize)

    The Scare function receives a random image and a random sound from two preloaded lists. I paste the PrepareImages only as the PrepareSounds is essentially the same

    def PrepareImages():
            imagesNames = glob.glob('*.png')
            imageCache = []

            for imageName in imagesNames:
                            raise UserWarning, "Could not load images"

            return imageCache

    All .wav and .png files where in the same path as the script.
    Everywhere I looked for examples of pygame.image.load I found that it is highly recommended to convert the images to improve performance. I certainly noted an improvement

    The Scare function looks like this

    def Scare(image, sound, screenSize):
            image = pygame.transform.scale(image, screenSize)
            frame = image.get_rect()
            white = (255, 255, 255)
            black = (0, 0, 0)
            screen = pygame.display.set_mode(screenSize)

            playing = sound.play()
            while playing.get_busy():
                    screen.blit(image, frame)

    it will resize the picture (sometimes deforming it as the source did not have the same proportions of the screenSize I selected), set the screen, play the sound.
    Whilst playing the sound the picture would be displayed (blit) and a 1 second delay also added to get the shivers deep in the scarable's spine.
    After the sound is played the screen turns black again.

    Here is the script scarer.py

    That's it really, ciao!

              Raspberry Elderflower Gin and Tonic   
    As we head into the 4th of July, we wanted to leave you with an easy, flavorful, and refreshing take on the Gin & Tonic to enjoy this weekend. This Raspberry Elderflower Gin and Tonic is fruity, crisp, and refreshing – basically everything you could possibly want from a summer drink. And they’re ridiculously easy […]
              Third post of 2017!   
    I had a great time in California visiting with my daughter and her husband over the Christmas holidays.  Unfortunately they were both sick with some kind of nasty cold and cough and were in and out of bed most of the time we were there.
    We arrived in San Jose early in the morning and immediately went to lunch and later to a movie...Rogue One... Starwars!
    Christmas Day found us sleeping in and in general just sitting around until dinner!
    ...and an awesome dinner it was!  Heather did all the cooking and made gluten free everything so I could share in the bounty!
    After dinner we opened packages and Chuck received an adult coloring book with Scandinavian designs and a set of Prisma pencils.  He has already been coloring in the book...loves it!


    You can barely see the grand dogs on the sofa in this picture but they are there.  Leo was excited about the piece of fleece he was chewing on and didn't want to be bothered with my silly picture taking! 

    Michael took us on a tour of his office at Netflix but while there was a lot to see for some reason I don't have a lot of photos.  I thought I had taken one of the sound proof boxes and the posh lunch room but...I guess I am thinking wrong.  What was a favorite there?  This vending machine that spit out all sorts of connectors, wires, etc that an electronics geek working at Netflix might need!

    Another geeky trip was to the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, CA!  WOW!  All you see all over the place is Apple buildings for a couple blocks.  Michael got a new Apple watch and spent an evening happily learning all it could do.  Doesn't take much to keep him happy!

    Heather, Christine, and I made a trip to Santana Row (posh shops and eateries) in San Jose.  We had tea at Lisa's Tea Treasures.  I was impressed at how close it came to actual British Tea!  I had tea at Fortnum and Mason in London a couple of times and while this isn't that it is quite similar!  Hot sweet teas, sandwiches with the crusts cut off, a choice of salad sandwiches and cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, and yummy deserts.

    Heather and Christine looking over the menus.  WOW!  So many decisions.
    The whole back of the menu is teas and related drinks.

    A small brown Betty in a cozy for each of us!  The wait staff wear black parlor dresses and ruffly aprons...serving Heather tea!

    my gluten free tea!  I had a salad with spinach, strawberries,  and almonds with raspberry dressing for first course.  Dessert was a raspberry and lemon sorbet...OMG!  Never again will I try that dessert it was so lemony I was puckered up for hours!  The sandwiches were chicken salad, egg salad, and cucumber!  Can't get more British! ...and last but not least a currant(raisin) scone with Devonshire cream and jam!

    Heather had am awesome mix of sandwiches and those little puff pastry things of sweet potato!  I like the size of her muffin better then mine but getting a scone to take shape with gluten free is a feat in itself!  The chocolate torte was very tasty...I only had a nibble at the chocolate!

    Some pictures of the tea room! 


     It was a fun time in California for the second time this year.  I suspect I will be going back again in the future too!

    For those inquisitive people asking about the package and balls in the tea room widow...that is splunks decorations for Christmas.  splunk is a data company.

              Turn a Raspberry Pi into an iBeacon   
    Earlier this year Apple added the concept of beacon region monitoring into Core Location. This is more widely known as iBeacon. Right now there isn't a large amount of information on how to take advantage of it outside of iOS and Macs but it is actually pretty easy to implement. The following instructions will get […]
              Bluetooth 4.0 LE on Raspberry Pi with Bluez 5.x   
    Over the holiday I had a little time to fiddle with the Raspberry Pi I got earlier in the summer and I started wondering how hard it would be to get a Bluetooth LE adapter working. It turned out not to be as hard to get working as I thought it might be thanks to […]
              48-Hour Sale on Raspberry Pi Accessories @ Element14 Online Electronic Store   
    48-Hour Sale on Raspberry Pi Accessories @ Element14 Online Electronic Store

    This one is for the techies. Element 14 is one of the biggest distributors of technology products and electronic parts and operates in Asia Pacific including Singapore. Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized computer with the intention of providing education worldwide and has been very popular among enthusiasts and schools worldwide.

    Visit Great Deals Singapore for the full post.

              Pink Garnet Ring, January Birthstone Peekaboo Ring, Eco Silver Gemstone Solitaire Ring, Round Pink Stone Ring for Her by onegarnetgirl   

    248.00 USD

    This solitaire Garnet is bezel set in Tarnish Free Sterling Silver ring.

    Handcarved and made by Madelynn Cassin in our workshop in Keene, NH.

    The gemstone is a 7mm round brilliant cut Rhodolite garnet in a beautiful Raspberry pink color.

    Open design allows for maximum light to reach the stone, matte finish on the 2mm gently sloped band.
    This piece will sit witha band against it nicely without a major gap.

    Garnet is the birthstone for JANUARY!


              Plus - Washed Top w/Criss Cross Front Details in Raspberry by Umgee   
    Plus - Washed Top w/Criss Cross Front Details in  Raspberry by Umgee
    This super cute plus sized Blouse in Raspberry by Umgee is a high-low that features a washed look, criss cross front detail, and you can either tie the laces up or just leave them hanging.

    Price: $30.00

              Comment on How to Stay Connected as a Family: Tips for Families with Active Kids by Leela   
    I'd like to try the Strawberry & Raspberry.
              Real time transit displays in Chicago, London, Barcelona and Stockholm   
    Have you ever wondered how other cities visualize real-time transit data? Here are some photos of real-time displays I spotted in Chicago, London, Barcelona, and Stockholm during the last couple of months while traveling. Disclaimer: We are pretty big fans of real-time displays here at BlinkTag and have one powered by a Raspberry Pi. Even though […]
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              EOS Raspberry Pomegranate is a Smooth, Tasty Treat for Your Lips   
      Not many people get to taste pomegranates on a regular basis, but the EOS pomegranate raspberry lip balm is a close second and much less messy than the fruit. When EOS lip balms first hit the shelves, they were wildly popular. The round capsules that hold the lip balm are aesthetically pleasing with their […]
              The Vitamin Company Liquid Hand Soap & Sanitizer Raspberry   
    The Vitamin Company Liquid Hand Soap & Sanitizer Raspberry  Buy online in Pakistan  best price  original product

    The TVC Hand Soap & Sanitizer cleans your skin without causing any harm to it as it is made from all natural elements. This allows you to have smooth, clean and moisturized hands all day long. This product is made using all natural substances with no adverse effects.

    • Kil..

      Price: Rs.190.00

              RASPBERRY KETONE - 60 veg caps   
    • Reduces appetite
    • Mobilizes stored fat
    • Speeds up the metabolism
    • Increases thermogenesis
    • Regulates blood sugar

    Raspberry Ketone by HSN Essentials is a food supplement that promotes weight loss effectively and healthily. Amongst its ingredients we can find Raspberry ketones, African Mango, L-Carnitine, Acai Powder, Green Tea and Glucomannan. Raspberry ketones are an aromatic compound principally found in red raspberries.

    Due to their great potential for promoting thermogenesis and accelerating the metabolism, raspberry ketones can be deemed to be a very interesting ingredient for fitness or body building as they help to reduce body fat during definition stages, although this is also an interesting ingredient for preventing weight gain during high fat diets.

    Green tea and African mango complement the raspberry ketone function; in other words, Green tea also favours thermogenesis and African mango reduces the appetite by influencing leptin, while also acting on the enzyme charged with converting surplus sugars into fat.

    Raspberry Ketone also includes L-Carnitine, a “fat-mobilizing” ingredient that causes a larger quantity of fatty acids to be released from their adipocyte and taken to the part of the cell where they are subsequently converted into energy. Raspberry Ketone provides a dose of powdered Acai Berry, a berry with great antioxidant effects that will help support weight loss. It also contains glucomannan, a type of dietary fibre that can alleviate constipation. It has also been shown to improve the lipid profile and help regulate blood sugar levels.

    Price:9.91 € Special Price:7.23 €
    Special Expires on: Jul 2, 2017


    ich sage seit ungefähr sechs oder sieben jahren zu jeder zeit „mahlzeit“, wenn jemand an meiner bürotür vorbeigeht oder rein- oder rausgeht. das sind sehr viele mahlzeiten pro tag. wirklich sehr viele. meine alten kollegen irritiere ich damit schon lange nicht mehr, aber es ist trotzdem interessant wie jeder einzelne auf meine konsequente „mahlzeit“-begrüssung reagiert. einige ignorieren es still, andere mit einem leisen „orrr“, manche spielen es (mehr oder weniger) begeistert mit, manche antworten einfach mit „hallo“ oder, ganz neu, mit „danke“.

    neue kollegen sind meist nur kurz irritiert, aber hin und wieder verliert der eine oder die andere kollegin kurz die contennance, je nach stress- und gemütslage. aber insgesamt, da bin ich mir sicher, verstehen die meisten den witz als das was er ist: ein schrecklich langfristig angelegter, schlechter dauerwitz, der nicht mehr wegzubekommen ist und mit dem man, wie mit dem wetter, irgendwie zu leben hat.

    manchmal bin ich mir aber doch unsicher, ob mein dauerwitz nicht doch einfach nur nervt.

    seit gestern bin ich mir relativ sicher, dass das wohl nicht so ist. weil ich ab nächster woche zwei wochen urlaub habe, hat ein kollege sich vorgenommen mich zu automatisieren. einen kleinen esp8266- oder raspberry-pi-basierten automaten, der bei bewegung in oder vor meinem büro „mahlzeit“ sagt. gestern habe ich die dafür nötigen audio-aufnahmen gemacht und bald kann ich dann auch im urlaub oder home-office meine kolleginnen und kollegen mehrfach pro tag begrüssen.

              CAFFEINE 200mg - 120 tabs   
    • Caffeine tablets
    • 1 tablet supplies 200mg of anhydrous caffeine
    • 120 tablets per pot
    • No middleman, straight from the factory
    • Good manufacturing practices (GMP)
    • Produced in an EU Certified Laboratory
    • Certifications HACCP and ISO 22000

    What is Caffeine Tabs by HSNessentials?

    Caffeine Tabs by HSNessentials is a supplement based on anhydrous caffeine in the shape of tablets. Each tablet supplies 200mg of anhydrous caffeine.

    Caffeine is an alkaloide that belongs to the methylxanthine family. Its chemical formula is C8H10N4O2 and its systematic name is 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine or 3,7-dihydro-1,3,7-trimethyl-1H-purine-2,6-dione.

    Caffeine was discovered in 1819 by the German chemist Friedrich Ferdinand Runge, who gave the name Kaffein, to a chemical compound that was naturally present in coffee. This term was later translated into English as caffeine.

    Sources of Caffeine

    • Natural sources: Caffeine is found naturally in many food products we consume on a daily basis. It is mainly consumed in infusions extracted from the fruit of the coffee plant and from the leaves of the tea bush. Chocolate, yerba mate, cola nut or guarana also contain small doses of caffeine naturally. Caffeine may be given other names depending on the plant from which it is extracted. Caffeine from guarana is called guaranine, caffeine from tea is known as theine and caffeine from yerba mate is called matheine.
    • Synthetic sources: Obtained in the laboratory from other chemicals.
    • Supplementation: Caffeine or caffeine supplements are very popular among athletes. Anhydrous caffeine, which may be either of a natural source or a synthetic source, is usually used for the preparation of this type of product. The term anhydrous simply means that it lacks water. Therefore, anhydrous caffeine is caffeine, both naturally occurring and synthetic, which has undergone a dehydration process to concentrate the active ingredient. Dehydrated caffeine comes in the form of white powder and has a bitter taste. Anhydrous caffeine is usually added to the various caffeine or caffeine-containing supplements found on the market (caffeine capsules, caffeine tablets, caffeine powder, etc.). There are also some non-alcoholic beverages (especially cola) and energy drinks that have dehydrated caffeine added to it, regularly.

    Properties of the Caffeine by HSNessentials

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    How to take caffeine?

    It is advisable to take 1 tablet a day. It is recommended to not be taken 4 hours before going to sleep. Not recommended for children or pregnant women.

    How to combine caffeine?

    Caffeine can be combined with multiple products. It just has to be kept in mind that the product does not contain additional caffeine.

    It can be combined with L-Carnitine, CLA (Conjugated Linoic Acid), Raspberry Ketones, Ginseng or Garcinia Cambogia, among others.

    Who is this Caffeine supplement aimed for?

    • Sportspeople and active people.
    • People with large physical or mental work loads.

    Price:6.27 € Special Price:3.76 €
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              REBECCA 「RASPBERRY DREAM」   
    1986年5月2日リリースの「RASPBERRY DREAM」を配信!1986年5月2日リリースの「RASPBERRY DREAM」を配信!
              Raspberry and Blueberry Pie   
    Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showcasing desserts featured in our Pinterest contest from some of our fabulous bloggers. Make sure you go enter to win our 1 year subscription eMeals giveaway & Target gift card giveaway here. Hello eMeals readers!…
    raspberrypunch / 2 pages
    Rev up your salt shakers folks. Get ready for some salt and high quality shitpost.
              Briarside Lane - Finale Challenge   
    Hello dear friends,

    Well, we have made it to the grand finale of Briarside Lane. Here's what the finished quilt looks like. It measures 44 x 56. I have it pinned to my design board if you are wondering what those little pearl dots are. hee,hee,hee.

    I decided I wanted each piece simply framed with sashing fabric and one large border. When I tried to add patchwork around the blocks, it took away from the blocks. Also, it was in competition with the embroidery. The blocks just didn't feel as special to me and I wanted them to be a reminder of how much I loved this journey so the patchwork was out for me.

    Each month was just as exciting and just as much a mystery to me as I didn't know what Jules' paintings would look like. I got them one at a time just like you. As a designer I found this to be a most wonderful challenge. Textile artist Karen Nicole said, "Collaboration takes you out of your comfort zone." I couldn't agree more. This process allowed me to stretch myself and really hone in on my Folk Art Fusion style.

    Jules enjoyed the journey too as she was free to simply paint and write from her imagination. Two things she is truly gifted with. Didn't you love reading about each stop?

    During this journey I realized lots of things I really LOVE to do and lots of things I no longer want to do. That is what a creative journey is all about isn't it?

    Hand work, wool and embroidery bring me so much joy. I can sit and stitch for hours and never be bored.

    Hand work is portable so I always have something to work on with my Stitch and Chat group on Thursdays.

    Jules said it best in a recent email to me.

     "It’s that physical connection that you just do not get with electric sewing machines/computers. To me they are very useful implements for carrying out a task, but  with a needle and thread in your hand you are really engaged and connected with the fabric on a purely personal level.It’s where the ‘art’ part comes for me, your stitches are your own, not created by a machine." 

    It's exactly how I feel and I'm drawn more to textile art, more so than quilting. Remember, you don't have to make this into a quilt. This is your journey to create as you like. If you make the blocks into something else, please do share!

    Going forward Jules and I have already started working on 2018's adventure. It's called Wonderland Woods. We'll keep you posted as the details unfold. We are truly looking forward to sharing another creative journey with you.

    The finale pattern is FREE, so HOP on over to the SHOP to get it. 

    Thank you so very much for being a part of The Raspberry Rabbits family. We love you bunches!
    Michelle, Jules and the Bunnies

              Comment on SNES Classic edition announced – To be released on the 29th of September in Europe/US by djluiluv   
    For all the Noobz: Star Fox 2' been out and available on roms sites forever along with F-Zero 2 (also not mentioned in this stupid packages). Do youselves a favor...order a Raspberry Pi3 and a snes case for it (or whatever case you want) and you'll be *way happier...
              FOOT STICKING - MAY   
    New honeysuckle growth and golden elderberry leaf
    Honeysuckle beside golden elderberry leaf.
    Here's a post where I place my feet somewhere and with at least one of them stuck firmly to the spot, look around to see what I can see. Mostly, I keep both feet 'stuck' but sometimes I wobble then I have to move one or I'll fall over. Once I did fall into a bush by trying to look behind it while keeping my feet in front of it. In some ways this is a meditative exercise. In others, an unconventional form of yoga. Either way, it's surprising what you can see if, for a moment, you stand still and refuse to move.

    Today, when I plonked myself in front of a hedgerow, it was its leaves which caught my attention. There are flowers . . . but mostly we're in a kind of flower-lull. Being 'verdant' is currently the 'in' state to be. Or gold. This honeysuckle (above) with it's early reddish-ness is beside a golden elderberry bush. I've never known why some elderberry bushes have golden leaves when most are green. Is it a variety? Is it a deficiency? Is it a mis-identification?

    Pale greeny-yellow snail on pale, greeny-yellow elderberry leaves

    And here's another puzzle; did a golden snail decide to sit on one of the golden leaves because it would be a good place to hide? or did whatever turned the leaves gold turn the snail gold too?

    Dead blackberries, new bramble leaves and new honeysuckle against a blue sky with a mass of brambles beneath

    Hedgerow silhouettes have changed again. In winter they were a gathering of arches and spikes. Trees were like frost patterns. With spring they went frothy with blackthorn blossom, then blodgey with hawthorn, fringed with the floppiness of bluebells. Now they have filled out. At first sight they are a green mass, a unity. It's only when you peer in that you see how many plants go into the making of one blob. But the overall hedeginess is broken up here and there with spurts of honeysuckle between us and the sky and the stiffness of desiccated blackberries which somehow got stuck in time last autumn.

    Blackthorn leaves against a blue sky.

    Blackthorn . . . I think I've mentioned before how it begins the year dramatically then fades into obscurity during the summer and comes out of hiding in the autumn when people search for its fruits - sloes. It's funny that. Apple trees grow apples. Pear trees grow pears. Raspberry canes grow raspberries - but blackberries grow on brambles and blackthorn bears sloes.

    Broken brambles and alexanders with fallen and still growing ivy after council mowing.

    Underfoot, things are a bit . . . um . . . not very attractive. The alexanders have been mown down and all plants shaved to earth level. Now that cyclists rule the world, we pedestrians have to put up with views less interesting so cyclists won't suffer the inconvenience of driving over us when they come round corners.

    A few years ago, it was very aggravating when the council shaved the bushes back as well. Since then, there have been flat sided elders and sheer walls of ivy. One gets used to it. Well, no. I haven't got used to it. Nature is not meant to be flat sided. Resigned may be a better description. No. That's not right. Morose. That's better. Brambles would like to take over the world. A certain amount of cutting back is necessary or we'll end up in a thorny mono-culture. And it is good to have a path to walk along . . . but all the same . . . Ah well, don't worry, green will return. It does.

    High in the hedgerow - honeysuckle flowers before thier petals open.
    Way high up - too high to photograph crisply -
    honeysuckle buds are ready.

    Some links.
    Countryside Hedgerows: Protection and Management - the Government
    Road Verges are a Refuge for Some of Our Rarest Plants - Plantlife
    Plantlife's Campaign to Protect Wildflowers and Nature on Roadside Verges - Plantlife

    If you too would  like to stick your foot somewhere and see what you can see - the link box for 'Stuck Foot Posts' will stay open till 7pm (UK time) on 25th May.

    Part of the menu for Boxing Day 1925 which includes 13 eggs.

    In my family, when I was growing up, we had a saying 'Take sixteen eggs'. It meant anything which, while desirable in itself, was in-excess of our, or anyone else's, needs; a reference to Mrs Beeton's cookery.
    * * *
    This post is about a book I've been sent to review.
    'Build a Better Vegetable Garden
    30 DIY Projects to Improve Your Harvest'. 
    It's by Joyce Russell with photographs by Ben Russell.
    Published by Frances Lincoln.
    Publication date - 5th January 2017

    An illustrated introduction to cooking utensils, 1903.
    From a 1903 version of Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book.
    If you've been reading Loose and Leafy for a while, you will probably have noticed that I tend to be a bit cynical about books I review. When it comes to gardening my thought is that you only need one book. This book, in my narrow-minded opinion, would have information about seasons - when to sow and when to reap - rotation, pruning, a bit about composting, a bit about digging, a large section on pests and friendly insects (instars included). Beyond that, I'd write in big letters - READ THE PACKET and TAKE NOTE OF THE LABEL. That's it. You need nothing more. (If you want to grow cacti on windowsills . . . well . . . . )

    Despite this, I get real joy from books recommending you take cushions from your house and put them in the garden, or that reckon you'll have the time and wealth to build beautiful paths and sheds on your allotment before spending only half an hour each day on the veg.. I like pictures. I like absurdity.

    But I don't review all the books I'm sent. 'Sorry,' I say to the kind promoter. ' Sorry, I really can't recommend this'. (One of these rejects included a garden so boring it has now been completely ripped out and completely re-designed and completely re-planted . . . so I feel my judgement on that one has been justified!)

    So . . . I'm about to tell you of a book so peculiar I really and truly have lain awake in the night puzzling about who would read it. It's not for me. I doubt it's for you. So what is it for? None the less, I've not put it aside so . . . there must be something which attracts . . .

    Back to the sixteen eggs.

    An illustrated introduction to cooking utensils, 1903.
    It surprises me that tinned food was in the shops in 1903
    - let alone tinned oysters!
    If given the choice of simple meals I'd rather eat baked beans on toast.
    One of the Mrs Beeton cookery books I have at home was published in 1903 - an era in which people of modest means were trying to be less modest in what they cooked; and they wanted to present themselves to the world as wealthier and more sophisticated than they really were. So the tone is confidential. It tries to show how one person in a kitchen can provide a meal which would previously have needed several staff to prepare. And although it advises how to truss snipe and serve a calf's head, it also gives a recipe for 'cheap gravy'. Tinned pineapples and peas figure in lists of ingredients.

    At the front, someone has handwritten a menu for Christmas Dinner dated 1925. Then at the top of a list of meals for Boxing Day, low and behold, they've written 'thirteen fresh eggs'. (See at the top of this post.)

    Now to the book about how to 'Build a Better Vegetable Garden'. (Using wood.)

    Protection against carrot fly - Build a Better Garden by Joyce and Ben Russell.
    Heavy duty protection for carrots.
    The 'recipes' here are as mind boggling as calf's heads and, on the whole, also in excess of what most people would want or need. I've turned it around in my own head, over and over - would anyone really take time to build a huge and heavy wooden fort in which to protect carrots from carrot flies descending from the sky instead of leaping sideways? How would I get the carrots out? Where would I put it in the winter? Who would help me cart it around the place. Would its benefits outweigh its challenges?

    Picture of an hinged A-frame for growing runner beans up. Build a Better Garden by Joyce and Ben Russell.
    A way to grow beans,

    Then there's the hinged construction for growing beans up. Poles can be a bit awkward to tie into lines or wig-wams . . . but it doesn't really take that long if you only need a few . .  and it's very satisfying when they're all neatly in place . . . wouldn't a wooden frame which looks like a clothes airer not fly away in our mid-summer storms?

    Salad trays protected from slugs by putting the legs in wellington boots. Build a Better Garden by Joyce and Ben Russell.

    And I seriously doubt that many children are likely to be gripped for very long by seeing the legs of 'salad trays' standing in wellington boots filled with 'slug repellent material'. (Interesting concept that; 'slug repellent material'.)

    And when it comes to Raspberry Supports - it's not 'take sixteen eggs' but 'make holes in the ground with a crowbar' and 'use a sledgehammer to knock the posts in place'. (I think Mrs Beeton would have recommended employing a local professional and pretending you'd done it yourself.)

    And in terms of health and safety . . . I don't think using a power-tool to drive screws downwards into the sides of frames supported only by hand is sensible. Nor using the lawn as a work bench. Stones are mysterious creatures. You think you've cleared them but they wriggle underground till they're back exactly where you don't want them; and if they've taken residence right under your whirring power drill . . trouble!

    Pictures of tools from the 'buying tools' section at the beginning of Salad trays protected from slugs by putting the legs in wellington boots. Build a Better Garden by Joyce and Ben Russell.
    Some of the tools recommended in the 'Build a Better Garden' book.
    I've used a power drill, a jigsaw and various other conventional saws and planes . . . and from frustrating experience I know woods wobble and wander; and that while clamps are useful, in my non-expert opinion we can all do with a good vice when dealing with large planks of wood.  I've gone through decades of being an amateur and you really shouldn't even think of letting me near projects like these without a sturdy work bench. And everyone using this book will need a big budget. Sledgehammers, crowbars, staple guns, saws, hammers and spirit levels are on the shopping list. (You should see the big box she has of drill bits and power screwdrivers and things and - oh my goodness, I hadn't noticed this till now, she even has a circular saw!)

    Things (like 6 Wrought Iron Stewpans) recommended for a 1903 kitchen, along with estimates of cost. (Mrs Beeton.)
    Some of the kitchen tools recommended
    for home cooking in 1903.
    So . . . why am I telling you about this book when it could be dangerous in the hands of a ham-fisted amateur; and when there's not much point in buying it if you're a professional because you'll know it all already? I enjoy a bit of digging now and then, and I'd like to live in a big house with a big and beautiful garden and space to store carrot forts, but I'm unconvinced everything here is truly useful.

    (To some degree, it's a matter of taste too. I love cold frames but beyond that I like an uncluttered atmosphere in vegetable gardens.)

    Back to the question then - why am I writing about this book? And, for that matter, why did I lie in bed wondering why I'd decided I would do so?

    Illustration of raspberries and raspberry canes. Build a Better Garden by Joyce and Ben Russell.
    This is the kind of thing I admire but can never achieve.
    Perfect and beautiful symmetry.
    I think it's because I'm not a mathematician. I'm a disorganised muddler. And to be a carpenter you have to be incredibly good at making very precise angles. Precise angles are beyond me. So I admire them; and look at the perfectly placed holes for screws and am struck down by their beauty in round-ness and symmetry. And I read the simple instruction that the sides of a box should reach down beside its base, not be perched upon it . . . and I think 'wow, I would never have thought of that yet I can see clearly now why it should be thus'. And I look at the power drill and admire the writer who is bound to use it well; in contrast with me; for my drill turns itself dangerously on whenever I pick it up. (Because I've never been strong enough to grasp the handle without pressing the 'go' button by mistake.)

    So, this book is, I've decided, a kind of philosophy of wonder . . . of how can anyone be this precise and clever? . . . and why would anyone want these things? . . . and would I buy all this equipment unless I wanted a career in carrot-fort construction?  . . . and why did the 1925 list-maker think it necessary to pencil into the front of her Mrs Beeton cookery book that her family would be subsisting on a relentless diet of potatoes, cold ham, cheese and swedes once Christmas Day was over?

    For the thirteen fresh eggs which figure at the top of 'what's needed for Boxing Day' vanish as soon as they're mentioned. So here's another context in which we can say 'take sixteen eggs'. The strange desire for such superfluities surfaces when, although we don't specially want to be mega-rich, we'd wistfully like to have a little more than we have just at present. So we write 'take sixteen eggs' before knuckling down and trying to pretend, as that list maker did, that serving potato mashed is enough of a variation to make a plain diet festively exciting. And we write 'work bench' on our Father Christmas list before sticking bean poles in the ground as usual.

    . . . except . . . except . . . I also have a cookery book which advises
     how to cook spinach . . . 
    and ignoring all other recipes in it, it's worth the price for that alone . . .
     And for some of us 
    having it explained how to make a wooden raised bed 
    that doesn't wobble would be 
    . . . pretty handy . . . hm.

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    Who ate all the ice-cream? This is all I had for lunch!” cries our beleaguered pudding chef, all too often. On warm summer days, he fights off steamy cooks, who seek out bowls of cooling ice-cream to soothe them in the heat of the kitchen.

    There is rarely any pity for the pudding cook, just hoots of laughter and an outstretched hand for more. I am as guilty, if not more so, for heading up the ice-cream raids on his section, particularly when there is a delivery of fine fruit at the restaurant. Freshly churned vanilla ice-cream and a punnet of the best raspberries is a formidable pairing – peerless even, and consistently irresistible.

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    This summer recipes will help you keep you blood glucose under control and taste good. Cindy Kimura is a BellaOnline's Diabetes Editor at Diabetes Site is providing us selected summer recipes for Diabetic and we name it as "Banana Raspberry Yogurt Parfait Recipe".

    It is Here is a great low fat, low sugar pudding substitute. This is a quick and easy recipe.

    2 medium ripe bananas, peeled and cut into small pieces
    1 1/2 cups plain low-fat yogurt
    1 tablespoon spoonable brown sugar substitute
    2 tablespoons fresh orange juice
    1 cup fresh or frozen (no sugar added) raspberries
    4 sprigs of mint, for garnish

    In a food processor or blender, combine the bananas, yogurt, brown sugar
    substitute, and orange juice. Blend until smooth.

    Spoon some of the banana mixture into each of 4 parfait glasses or
    stemmed goblets. Top each with 1 tablespoon raspberries. You can also use blueberries, strawberries or kiwi fruit.
    Continue to layer yogurt and berries, ending with yogurt.
    Garnish with a mint sprig and serve.

              Raspberry Tree   
    DSC07620 by the.omnivore
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              Chapter Thirteen   
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    Merry woke on the worn carpeting outside his bedroom door. His head throbbed and he tasted dried blood on his lips. It was still dark so he didn’t think he’d been passed for long. When he rose to his hands and knees, nausea assailed him and he barely made it to the bathroom before he lost what little was in his stomach.

    With a stifled groan as he rested his forehead on the cool, damp edge of the porcelain bowl. His dad had been a great dad when Merry was little and Merry wanted that dad back. Since his mom left, his dad had steadily grown worse. And now he was...it was like he was freakin’ possessed or something. He sat there for a few moments and tried to puzzle it out. Nothing made sense. In fact, nothing had made sense for a week. Well, except for Quinn. Quinn cared for him. Quinn loved him—him—he was Quinn’s wee dote. And Quinn kept him safe. Except when Fairy things interfered.

    His brow knitted in thought. In fact, there seemed to be a lot of Fairy interference since Quinn kissed him. The real kiss, not the Fairy Kiss. He still didn’t know what the significance of a Fairy Kiss was. Quinn called it special, but that didn’t tell him anything. It didn’t tell him the true meaning or the magnitude of it. But something about it seemed to have set bad things in motion for Quinn, not the least of which was his mom’s anger. Man, what a cruel biatch. Then there was that whole bit about his hand. What had the demi-fae boss called it? A healing hand? He looked at his palm, then at the back of his hand. It looked normal. He sighed. Another thing that didn’t make sense.

    He slowly got to his feet, opened the medicine cabinet, and reached for the Tylenol. He downed a couple of tablets and thought, not for the first time, he should own stock in the company that made it. He brushed his teeth as he admired his bruised and swollen cheek in the mirror. Perfect. Yet another bruise for people at school to stare at right before they said something mean. He took a quick shower and realized that he had nothing to wear as he dried off. Crap. He wrapped the towel around his waist, and threw his bloodied clothes in the hamper. At least he hadn’t had to explain Quinn’s blood all over his clothes. His dad’s fist had taken care of that.

    He went to the bathroom door, put his ear against it, and listened. Once his dad was passed out in bed, he didn’t wake, but something had been way different about his dad tonight and he didn’t want to take any chances. When he didn’t hear anything, he opened the door ajar and peeked down the hall. Only his dad’s loud snoring filled the space. He was good to go. He made his way to his bedroom door and slowly turned the doorknob, worried that he might scare the demi-fae in his room. “It’s Merry,” he whispered as he opened the door and slipped inside.

    Bright, silvery moonlight cascaded through the window and afforded him enough light to see almost as clear as if it were day. Man, this vision thing is weird. He focused his eyes, looked around and, to his utter astonishment, the room was empty.

    He didn’t know the demi-fae boss’s name, so he whispered, “Lady Sadb?” No response. He stepped forward and his knee bumped something. He looked down and saw nothing. He bent and felt the air and his hand touched the air mattress. Invisible. He moved his hand along the edge and his fingers met with the soft velvet of Quinn’s wing. Wow. Everyone and everything out of the ordinary was invisible. He took small, sliding steps, afraid he would step on a demi-fae.

    “Ye be well, lad?” the boss demi-fae asked from the shadows.

    Merry almost jumped out of his skin. “Ah, yeah. Where are you?” he whispered.

    The moonlight suddenly brightened and everyone and everything reappeared in the room. Demi-fae littered Quinn’s hurt wing, sprawled out, fast asleep. “What are you guys doing on his wing?” Merry’s whisper was a harsh demand on the quiet night air.

    “We partook o’sugar.”

    Anger instantly filled Merry. “You got drunk?”

    “Aye. We Prince’s wing be mended. Be cause for celebration.”

    Merry’s quick intake of breath sounded loud in the quiet of the room. “He’s all better?”

    “Nay all, but most. A few deep wounds in he chest and back be needin' more healin’.”

    Merry was so relieved he felt faint. He felt for the end of the bed and sat carefully so as not to disturb Quinn. “When will he wake?”

    “Take much o’he magicks to heal he wounds and he be weak. May not wake for a day or so.”

    Oh, no. He couldn’t hide Quinn in his room for the night, let alone a couple of days. What if his dad came home in the middle of the day? His dad had never done that before but knowing Merry’s luck, it would happen now. “Are you going to take him home?”

    “Ye dare not move a fae once he settle in he healin’ sleep.”

    “I can’t keep him here! What if my dad sees him?”

    “Ye need not worry of it, lad. I put a spell on ye door. Ye da’ not enter nor see us.”



    Merry relaxed a little. That was cool. Maybe. Mostly. If it worked. He looked at his sleeping Quinn. With his features relaxed in sleep, he looked much younger than he was. The red-auburn waves of his hair were vibrant across the pillow. Soft and silky, Merry wanted to run his fingers through them. His lily-white skin was pure in the moonlight, almost luminescent in its shine, and was marred only by the few wounds that remained. They were deep, and looked tender and raw, and the memory of Quinn’s excruciating pain made him shudder. He wanted to lie down next to Quinn and hold him. He wanted to make sure Quinn would be all right. And he sure as hell didn’t want Quinn to defy his mom again. Ever.

    He tore his eyes from Quinn and looked at the demi-fae sleeping on his wing. Some were stirring, beginning to wake, including Sadb. He could only imagine how safe he would feel wrapped in Quinn’s velvety-soft wings.

    “Aye, lad. We Prince keep we safe,” the demi-fae boss said quietly.

    Merry was irked. It was rude to read someone’s thoughts without their permission, wasn’t it? “What’s your name?”

    The little green guy stood and, with a sweep of an arm and a deep bow, he introduced himself. “Lord Conlaoch an Glas, in the service of we Prince of Fairy, he majesty Quinn Malloy O’Cuinn, son of we Queen Muirgan of we High Court of Fairy, Queen of Flesh and Bone, bearer of Hands of Fire and Water.”

    Merry rolled his eyes in the dim light of the room. “Please don’t tell me I have to call you all that.”

    The demi-fae chuckled. “A gobful, to be certain. Ye may name me Conlaoch lest we be at Court. Then ye must use me title.”

    “Nice to meet you, Lord Conlock. Thanks for your help with Quinn. Please don’t read my thoughts.”

    Conlauch chuckled again. “Be me job to ensure ye be well in me Prince’s absence. Ye be he Fairy Kiss.”

    OMG! Did everybody know? “W-what’s that mean, anyway?” Conlauch laughed outright now, and Merry was immediately defensive. “What’s so funny?”

    “Ye should sense what it mean, lad.”

    “Well, I-I-I don’t. So what does it mean?”

    Conlauch turned serious. “It mean he claim ye as he own. None in the Land o’Fairy may court ye.”

    Court me? “Y-you mean it’s, like, a public statement that w-we’re”—going steady sounded so totally grade school—“um, like, w-we’re together?”

    “Be he mark upon ye. A nonce short of a hand-fast, it be, Meriadoc.”

    Merry’s heart soared as his mind filled with a million jumbled thoughts. “Wow,” he breathed on the cool night air.

    “Aye,” Conlaoch agreed. “By the cause if it, ye must pay due respect and remember he title.”

    Merry was defensive again. “I didn’t know he was a real prince until Sadb told me.”

    “Surely ye suspect so.”

    “Why would I? I asked him if he was a prince and he said ‘after a fashion.’ That’s all. And sometimes it’s kind of hard to understand what Quinn means.”

    Conlaoch chuckled softly again. “How be ye sight?”

    Merry gaped in the dim light. “How did you know my sight was screwed up?”

    “Ye not see ye eye in the mirror?”

    No. He hadn’t. He’d been preoccupied with his raspberry-blueberry face. He rose from the bed as quickly as his aching head would allow and sped to the bathroom. Flipping the light switch on, he all but threw himself at the mirror.


    He peered closer, then backed away, and then peered closer again, as if what he saw might change before his very eyes. Or whosever eyes they were. His eyes had turned gold—no, teal—no, gold! No! Gold and teal! And he had two irises! Or, rather two rings of irises. The inner one was bright gold and the outer one was teal! And they moved! Like, dilated independently of one another!


    He ran back to the bedroom and slipped inside fighting to keep from imploding with hysteria. “What happened to my eyes?” he demanded.

    Now awake, Sadb gasped when she saw him. “He be—!”

    Conlauch cut her words off with a slight wave of his hand. She gurgled once, then fell silent. “Whist, Merry. Calm ye self, lest ye wake we Prince.”

    “What happened To. My. Eyes!

    “What ye see when ye look at ye da’?”

    Merry paused in his panic. “Evil,” he whispered.

    “Aye. What else there be?”

    “H-he didn’t look...normal.”

    “Ye see he aura, did ye?”

    “Y-yeah. He had this black misty thing happening and it was scarier than hell. But that doesn’t explain anything. What happened to me?

    “Not be what happen. Be what a touch o’Fairy set free in ye.”

    Sadb almost wailed. “He have the wild mag—!”

    “Hold ye tongue, Sadb, lest I cut it from ye gob!” Conlauch growled before turning back to Merry.

    Wow. That seemed a little harsh.

    “Touch we Prince, Merry. Touch a wound on he back,” Conlaoch encouraged.


    “Ye’ll see.”

    “First, tell me what happened to my eyes.”

    Conlauch made an exasperated noise. “Ye have magicks in ye, lad. When Sadb give ye a touch o’Fairy, they come alive in ye.”

    He didn’t have any magick. He was boring, plain Merry the f-f-non-fairy. “S-so what’s that mean? I’m Fairy Kissed and Touched?”


    “And that’s w-why you think m-my hand is m-magick?”

    “Now, ye take me meanin’, Meriadoc. Touch we Prince. Heal he wound.”

    The part of Merry that thought all this was absolutely freakin’ nuts warred with the part that told him something had definitely changed in him. And the eye thing. Well, he couldn’t think of anything that could explain the freaky eyes. Freaky eyesight maybe, but not the freaky eyes. Nope.

    “Touch we Prince,” Conlauch encouraged again.

    What he was about to do would prove the demi-fae right or dead wrong. Merry took a deep, filling breath and breathed in courage as he stepped around the corner of the bed and sat on the edge of it next to Quinn.

    Soft murmurs filled the air as the demi-fae woke and looked on.

    “Just touch him,” Merry breathed to himself. With a tentative hand, Merry set a fingertip to one of Quinn's wounds. His cheek began to tingle, his fingertip warmed, and Quinn’s skin began to glow violet beneath his touch. “W-what’s h-happening?”

    “Ye be healin’ we Prince.”

    “No way!” Merry’s voice was nearly inaudible on the air.

    “Aye, Meriadoc. Ye magicks come alive in ye.”

    Merry withdrew his fingertip and Quinn’s wound was healed. Suddenly the part of him that knew the demi-fae was right loomed large in his mind. He had magicks. He was no longer plain Merry the Fairy. Rather, he was plain Merry the Fairy. Ohmygod! Could it be any more confusing?!? He looked at Conlauch, disbelieving and fighting the question that wanted to fly off his tongue. “Q-Quinn s-said I wasn’t a fairy.”

    “He mean ye not be full fae, lad. Ye be half fae.”

    Those were the last words Merry heard before he fainted.

    The first chapter of Fairy was originally published in
    Harmony Ink’s May 2013 newsletter.
    Be sure to sign up for Inklings Newsletter and receive
    news about new releases, free reads, and more!

    Chapter Twelve                                              Table of Contents                                             Chapter Fourteen

    ©2012-2014 Cody Kennedy. All Rights Reserved.

              Comment on Lemon Raspberry Loaf Bread Recipe by The Idea Room Assistant   
    Angela-Thank you!
              Comment on Lemon Raspberry Loaf Bread Recipe by Angela   
    OMG- this is so yummy and easy to make! Love it! Thanks for sharing the recipe
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    ¿Cuáles son las propiedades de la Cetona de Frambuesa ?

    Las cetonas de frambuesa, son un compuesto aromático que principalmente se encuentra en las frambuesas rojas. Por su gran potencial para promover la termogénesis y acelerar el metabolismo, las cetonas de frambuesa pueden ser consideradas como un ingrediente muy interesante para el fitness o culturismo ya que ayudan a disminuir la grasa corporal durante las épocas de definición.

    Cómo funciona la Cetona de Frambuesa

    El campo de actuación abarca dos vías:

    • Incrementar la lipólisis (descomposición de tejido graso acumulado en triglicéridos), aumentando la sensibilidad de las células ante los efectos para eliminar grasa por parte de la hormona norepinefrina
    • Liberar mayor cantidad de adinopectina, hormona liberada por las células grasas que interviene regulando el metabolismo, y optimizando el uso de la grasa como energía

    Composición de Cetona de Frambuesa

    Estos ingredientes acompañan a la Cetona de Frambuesa para amplificar los efectos y potenciar la pérdida de peso:

    • Té verde: potente acción antioxidante, a la par de favorecer la termogénesis, es decir, el incremento de la temperatura corporal con el consiguiente gasto calórico
    • Mango Africano: reduce el apetito al influir sobre la leptina, una hormona segregada por el tejido graso, y que indica al cerebro cuándo estamos llenos, y por tanto paramos de comer
    • L-Carnitina Tartrato: un ingrediente conocido como “transportador o movilizadores de grasas' que provoca que mayor cantidad de ácidos grasos sean liberados de su adipocito donde se encuentran almacenados, y llevados hacia la parte de la célula donde se produce su posterior conversión en energía, la mitocondria.
    • Acai Berry, una baya con grandes efectos antioxidantes que ayudará a apoyar la pérdida de peso.
    • También contiene glucomannan, un tipo de fibra dietética que puede aliviar el estreñimiento. Se ha demostrado que también mejora el perfíl lipídico y ayuda a regular los niveles de azúcar en sangre.

    ¿Quién puede tomar la Cetona de Frambuesa?

    • Cualquier persona que busque un complemento alimenticio natural para ayudar a controlar su peso corporal.

    Price:9,91 € Special Price:7,23 €
    Special Expires on: 02/07/2017

              2016-05-31 Meeting Minutes   

    Meeting held 2016-05-31 on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

    Attending: eekkelund, reinob, Win7Mac, juiceme

    Partial: pichlo


    Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

    • Topic Coding competition

    (Topic Coding competition):

    • There is thread in TMO
    • Community feedback was quite low when poll was created in last december
    • At least councilors and MC e.V. are willing to fund prizes
    • Prizes could be cash and/or devices(e.g. Raspberry Pi's and donation devices)
    • Making competition to happen means *a lot* of organising and getting people involved in it

    Action Items:
    • old items:
      • The next GA meeting should be announced soon.
      • Ask about tor and https from techstaff (reinob)
    • new items:
      • Could we make coding competetion happen

    Solved Action Items:
    • Check missing priviledges to the Council blog (juiceme)
    • Find out if https is doable (pichlo)
    • Arrange Council permissions on TMO to new Councillors. (juiceme)

              Summer Vacation with Connor   
    We have taken Connor to the beach the last three summers, so we decided it was time to do something different this year. While Adam and I have been to Gatlinburg together quite a few times, we've never taken him - so it was time!

    We surprised Connor first thing Monday morning and told him we had taken the week off work to go on vacation! We loaded up the car, grabbed a biscuit at Chick-fil-A, and hit the road!

    As we pulled into Pigeon Forge, he finally figured out where we were going and was excited. Our first stop of the trip was at WonderWorks. He'd been there before with his other family, but it was several years ago. Since Adam and I had never been, we knew it'd be fun to do with him.

    There were a lot of interactive things to do, and there was a huge indoor ropes course. We explored it all before heading out!

    We stopped at the Christmas store and the Apple Barn winery, and we had dinner at Mellow Mushroom. We got checked into our hotel, and we ended the evening exploring The Island since it was within walking distance.

    We were up bright and early on Tuesday to spend the day at Dollywood!!

    I have always loved theme parks, and I'm so glad my boys do, too! We were there open to close, and we rode everything (and some things twice!). Connor had never been there before, and it was so fun to watch him get so excited about all the rides. He exclaimed how awesome they were each time we got off of a new one!

    It was a super fun day, and Connor loved all of the roller coasters! It was really neat when we were on one at the end of the night while the fireworks were going off.

    On Wednesday, we made our way into Gatlinburg and started the day with breakfast at The Donut Friar, another place he'd never been. He was pleased with his raspberry donut.

    We wandered around some shops for a bit before taking him up to Ober Gatlinburg on the tram, another spot he'd never been. We spent several hours up there riding the Alpine Slide, taking the chairlift to the mountain top, riding the swings, playing putt putt, and going through a maze.

    When we got back to the strip, we had dinner before meeting up with my cousin who was also in town to grab a drink with him and his crew.

    Then, we took Connor to his very first real haunted house - The Mysterious Mansion. He loves all things creepy and Halloween, and he's enjoyed some of the smaller "haunted things" we've done geared toward kids. So we decided it was time for a real one. Here's the thing about kids - you truly have to teach them how to have fun. We went into it telling him how it was just going to be silly and that people would jump out and startle you, but you just have to laugh. He held on to me for dear life the whole time, but he did so great and was laughing and saying how awesome it was the whole time. I think he did better than some of the other adults in our group.

    On Thursday, we checked out of our hotel and grabbed a biscuit at Hardee's before making the drive into the national park. It was a little rainy, but that wasn't going to stop us from having fun.

    We drove all the way to Clingman's Dome so we could take him to another spot he'd never been - the tallest point in the Smokies!

    He thought it was really neat that you could be in TN and NC up there!

    We drove back to Pigeon Forge and had lunch before exploring a few more favorite spots around town. It was fun taking him into all the neat little shops and letting him explore areas of town that we have grown up going to!

    We left later that afternoon to make the drive back home. It was nice that we were able to enjoy more of the Smokies before heading home since we didn't have to get back in any hurry. We got home just in time to go to bed.

    We took it easy at home on Friday, especially since we were worn out and it was a rainy day. Tucker was glad we were home and enjoyed an afternoon nap on the couch with us.

    We had a really great time, and it was so fun to take Connor to a place we have always loved. He had a blast and told us it was better than the beach! We'll definitely be taking him back again!

              Contributeur du mois : susvhv (Belgique)   

    Qui es-tu ?

    Sus Sus est mon alias ordinateur, le “ç” de François ne m'a causé que des ennuis au début des PC's. Né en 1933 ( comptez vous-mêmes ) en région bruxelloise, j'ai émigré à Mol pour y travailler au Centre d’Études Nucléaires comme technicien. Lors d'une restructuration le CEN m'a viré en prépension et depuis plus de 25 ans je me la coule douce. Lors de mes études je n'ai jamais entendu parler d'ordinateurs. Heureusement au CEN j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir, dans mon coin, me familiariser tant avec le matériel qu'avec les logiciels et concevoir de l'appareillage à base de microprocesseur et de microcontrôleurs. Jusqu'à présent j'ai acheté tout mes desktop en pièces détachées. Le dernier tourne sous Ubuntu. Les laptops, je les achète. Au début, au boulot, les émulateurs pour microprocesseur coûtaient la peau de fesses, mais quelques années après la mise en pension je me suis aperçu qu'un microcontrôleur ATMEGA8 ne coûtait plus que quelques euros et était parfaitement programmable à partir d'un port série (maintenant USB) de PC avec des programme gratuits. Actuellement à la période du IOT on a des modules Wifi (Nodemcu, ESP8266) bardés d'interfaces, programmables sous Arduino. Un de ces modules transmet la température de la véranda à la toile et je peux la consulter par smartphone. J'ai mon propre nuage, Owncloud, avec un disque dur d'1 TB piloté par un Raspberry Pi, vous savez, cet ordinateur pour enfants.

    Comment et quand as-tu découvert OpenStreetMap ?

    De par mon passé de pilote ULM, rallymen, promeneur et géocacheur j'ai toujours manipulé des cartes et dès son apparition je me suis intéressé au GPS, d’où le besoin de cartes, de préférence gratuites. Depuis 2008 j'ai un compte OSM, mais j'utilisais les cartes bien avant malgré les grandes zones blanches sur OSM à cette époque. Mes débuts de mappeur datent seulement de 2011. Le seuil à gravir me semblait trop grand. Par hasard, une ligne haute tension s’arrêtait au pylône de ma rue et j'ai tenté de la prolonger en recherchant la suite des pylônes. Lorsque la ligne haute tension ainsi complétée est apparue sur les cartes OSM, l'élan fut donné et par la suite tous les sentiers pédestres ont suivi, puis les nouvelles rues, les noms des rues, les maisons, les numéros des maisons, les zones, etc, etc. Résorber les zones blanches.

    Utilises-tu OpenStreetMap au quotidien ?

    Sur le Garmin Dakota20 et sur le smartphone sous Android se trouvent les cartes de toute l'Europe, régulièrement mises à jour. Lors de nos voyages en car - nous ne faisons plus de voyages en voiture - je sais mieux que le chauffeur où l'on se trouve. D'Andorre j'ai toutes les pistes de ski en poche. Sur le smartphone avec 32 GB de mémoire j'utilise OsmAnd, Locus et Oruxmaps. J'ai testé Vespucci pour ajouter les numéros des maisons, mais c'est inutilisable en plein soleil avec des mains moites.

    Quelle sorte de contributeur es-tu ?

    Luie Zetel Pour mapper, je ne quitte plus mon fauteuil. Comme éditeur, j'emploie JOSM. Je l'ai rangé quelque temps lorsqu'il me remplissait tout le disque dur, mais ces défauts ayant été résolus, je l'ai repris car on y intègre de plus en plus de facilités tel que les liens vers les images photos et AGIV pour la Flandre. À [Anvers j'ai assisté à une réunion principalement orientée vers HOT, j'ai donné suite à la dernière demande de Jorieke et j'ai rempli quelque carrés. Il faut bien un peu s'adapter et j'ai difficile à me tenir strictement aux instructions, ce qui n'arrange pas l'uniformité de la carte.

    Que cartographies-tu ?

    Actuellement on dispose d'une imagerie nettement supérieure et des informations de AGIV et CRAB pour le numéros des maisons ; c'est une nette amélioration par rapport aux anciennes données de Bing. Je charge d’abord avec le tool de Sander les informations par numéro de code postal, généralement dans la région autour de Mol, mon point d'attache, et je corrige la forme des maisons, les rues, les noms de rue, zones, etc. Jusqu’à compléter la zone au maximum. En fonction des conditions atmosphériques, cela peut prendre quelque semaines à quelques mois. J'essaie de ne pas faire trop longtemps la même chose mais j'ai horreur des relations lorsqu'il s'agit d'apporter des corrections de noms.

    Quelle est ta plus grande prouesse en tant que contributeur ?

    De pouvoir suivre. Mais j'aurais préféré qu'on me demande: quelle est ta plus grosse bévue ? Dans JOSM le '”Q” (forme orthogonale) m'a déjà joué de vilains tours lorsque par hasard toute une zone résidentielle est sélectée et que l'on ne l'a pas remarqué car elle se trouvait en dehors de l'écran. On voit soudainement pendant l'envoi défiler un grand nombre de modifications, parfois plus de mille, et pas moyen de l’arrêter. Le seul moyen que j'ai trouvé pour corriger la bévue est de d'utiliser le smartphone et OsmAnd et de remettre tout en place. Mais cela peut prendre quelques jours s'il s'agit de tout une ville ou d'un village. Cela a quand même un avantage, les zones sont adaptées à une situation plus récentes et réduites. Il est remarquable de constater le nombre de bois rasés, de quartiers entiers qui ont surgi de terre et combien de prairies ont été labourées. Une ligne haute tension y a également été construite. Mais excuses s'il n'y a plus la bonne tension et si certaines caractéristique ont disparu. Si vous trouver un pylône sans fil et sans son ombre, n’hésitez pas à le supprimer. Que personne ne m'ait fait de remarque à ce sujet m'étonne, mais j'ai remarqué que certains font des zones résidentielles beaucoup plus petites, ou ai-je faux ? En fait, je trouve que dans JOSM, pour le “Q”, on devrait insérer une sécurité comme celle qui demande confirmation lorsque l'on déplace une route ou une zone avec trop de nœuds sélectés à la fois. Un compteur signalant le nombre de corrections ou d'additions serait également souhaitable car cela limiterait le nombre d'entrées à jeter lorsqu’on se retrouve avec une erreur qu'on ne parvient pas à corriger.

    Pourquoi cartographies-tu ?

    C'est toujours gai de se promener par un sentier qu'on a mis soi-même sur la carte. Depuis longtemps je soutiens tout ce qui est “open” et gratuit. C'est aussi une bonne forme d'occupation et une manière de rester à jour. C'est mon SUDOKU à moi. Peut-être inconsciemment le désir de laisser quelque chose à la postérité et d'aider l'humanité. Mais ne philosophons pas trop.

    Fais-tu d'autres choses liées à OpenStreetMap ?

    Je suis régulièrement les messages du mailgroup pour savoir ce que pensent les autres mappeurs, mais encore entreprendre et entretenir, je ne le fais plus. J'admire le travail des tous ces programmeurs et de ce qu'ils réalisent avec toutes ces données. Mais beaucoup de choses me dépassent.

    As-tu des idées sur la façon dont nous pouvons étendre la communauté OpenStreetMap, pour motiver plus de gens à contribuer ?

    Ne comptez pas trop sur ceux de mon âge, j'ai essayé mais sans succès. Le problème c'est que la masse de données à introduire est énorme et les connaissances en informatique que cela requiert. Le seuil à franchir est énorme pour la plupart. On trouvera probablement plus d'intéressés parmi les nouveaux pensionnés. Leur connaissance en informatique sont meilleures. Cela doit venir des jeunes en attirant leur attention sur l'énorme quantité de données mises à leur disposition gratuitement comme programmeur, mais les données doivent aussi être introduites. Je suis parvenu à convaincre un prof de géographie à soumettre à des élèves des travaux à l'aide de OSM, mais entre-temps il est lui-même en pension. Il y a des sites comme http://www.seniorennet.be ; ils ont des groupes notamment sur les ordinateurs et Linux ; quelqu'un peut démarrer un groupe.

    Quelle est, selon toi, la plus grande force d'OpenStreetMap ?

    C'est qu'il fait fi des frontières et qu'il aide à faire un monde meilleur.

    Quel est le plus grand défi pour OpenStreetMap ?

    De rester comme il est et de résister au piratage et au vandalisme. Heureusement, c'est gratuit et il n'y pas grand chose à gagner. Pourtant je me demande parfois si ce que je mappe ne peut pas être utilisé par des groupes malveillants dans des zones troublées. Bamako et ses environs par exemple.

    Comment restes-tu au courant de toutes les petites nouvelles liées à OpenStreetMap ?

    Essentiellement via le mailgroup Belge.

    As-tu des contacts avec d'autres cartographes ? Comment restes-tu en contact ?

    Mon premier contact a été avec Lodde1949 ; à mes débuts nous étions tous deux par hasard à mapper dans le même patelin, lui en JOSM et moi en Potlatch, ce qui peut donner pas mal d'ennuis. Nous avons convenu que j’irais mapper ailleurs, mais il m'a fait remarquer qu'avec JOSM il suffisait de “deux ou trois clics” pour faire une maison. Non sans peine je me suis mis à JOSM. Par curiosité j”ai assisté à une réunion à Anvers où il était surtout question de HOT. J'ai aussi participé à quelques Hangouts. Pour le reste c'est très peu. Il y en a deux près de Mol, mais ils sont très irréguliers.

    Sus' profile by Pascal Neis http://www.hdyc.neis-one.org/?susvhv

    Pour conclure, y a-t-il encore quelque chose que tu souhaites dire au lecteur ?

    Puis-je insister auprès de tous de ne pas effacer ce que d’autres ont introduit, même si c'est bâclé. Effacer peut signifier un adepte de moins. Les images sous-jacentes sont actuellement bien plus précises et mieux alignées que celles utilisées il y a quelques années. J'ai moi-même tendance à effacer et à redessiner, mais je ne le fais qu'avec ce que j'ai auparavant introduit moi-même. Dans JOSM un Ctrl H est vite fait et peut rappeler de bon souvenirs. Parfois je m'exaspère quand je vois que l'on a ajouté des détails alors que la base est mal placée, détails dont je ne vois pas l'utilité. Pourquoi ne pas s'assurer que la base est convenable ?

    Bon, j’arrête, car je commence à radoter.

              Mapper van de Maand: Sus (susvhv) uit België   

    Wie ben je ?

    Sus Sus is mijn computer bijnaam, met de “ç” van François had ik in het begin van de PC's altijd last. (glimlacht) Ik ben geboren in 1933 (tel maar uit ;-) ) in het Brusselse en was technieker op het StudieCentrum voor Kernenergie in Mol, waar ik nu verblijf. Op het SCK heeft men mij bij een herstructurering op brugpensioen gestuurd en ondertussen zit ik al meer dan 25 jaar thuis te genieten. Toen ik school liep was er van computers nog geen sprake. Gelukkig heb ik op het werk de kans gekregen door zelfstudie hardware en software onder de knie te krijgen en met microprocessors en microcontrollers eigen te worden. Tot heden heb ik al mijn desktops in stukken gekocht en zelf gemonteerd. De laatste draait onder Ubuntu. De laptop is onder win10. Laptops koop ik. De ontwikkelingsapparatuur voor microprocessors koste in het begin op het werk peperduur. Enkele jaren na de opruststelling heb ik vastgesteld dat een microcontroller ATMEGA8 nog enkele euro's koste en volledig gratis vanaf een gewone seriële poort van een PC (nu USB) te programmeren was. Nu in het IoT tijdperk kan men onder Arduino Wifi modules (Nodemcu, ESP8266) met allerhande randapparatuur programmeren. Hier draait er één om in de veranda de temperatuur te meten en op het net te zetten zodat ik deze vanaf het net kan uitlezen. Ik heb ook thuis een eigen 1 terabyte Owncloud bestuurd door een Raspberry Pi, ge weet wel, de bankkaartcomputer ontwikkeld voor kinderen (lacht).

    Wanneer en op welke manier leerde je OpenStreetMap kennen ?

    Mijn verleden van ULM vlieger, rallyrijder, wandelaar en geocacher heeft mij met allerhande kaarten in aanraking gebracht en van in het begin het nut van een GPS laten inzien, en dan heeft men kaarten nodig, liefst gratis.
    Sinds begin 2008 heb ik een OSM account, maar de OSM kaarten gebruikte ik al een tijdje. Toen waren er nog grote witte vlakken op de kaart. Pas in 2011 ben ik beginnen mappen. De drempelvrees was groot vooral dat ik er op mij eentje mee bezig was. Per toeval staat er in mijn straat een hoogspanningsmast waar de hoogspanningslijn eindigde. Ik heb die lijn uiteindelijk zover ik kon doorgetrokken. Toen de hoogspanningslijn op de OSM-kaart opdaagde, ging de bal aan het rollen met het opnemen van wandelwegen, foto's nemen van huisnummers, nieuwe straten en straatnamen invoegen en verkennen, gebieden aanleggen,enz., enz… De witte vlakken wegwerken. (glimlacht)

    Gebruik je OpenStreetMap ook zelf ?

    Op de Garmin Dakota 20 GPS en op de Android smartphone staan de kaarten van heel Europa en ze worden regelmatig bijgewerkt. Wanneer we nu een busreis doen weet ik steeds waar we zitten, soms beter dan de chauffeur. Zelf reizen met de wagen doen we niet meer.
    Van Andorra heb ik al de skipistes op zak. Op de smartphone met 32 GB geheugen gebruik ik OsmAnd, Locus en Oruxmaps. Ook Vespucci heb ik gebruikt om huizen te nummeren maar in volle zon met zwetende vingers is dat niet bruikbaar.

    Hoe map je ?

    Luie Zetel Ik map nog enkel vanuit mijn luie zetel.
    Als editor gebruik ik nog enkel JOSM. Toen JOSM nog geheugenvreter was ben ik daar wel even mee gestopt, maar de meeste kinderziektes zijn er nu uit en er zitten hoe langer hoe meer faciliteiten in, o.a. de links naar de onderliggende kaarten en AGIV voor Vlaanderen. In Antwerpen ben ik al maar een HOT bijeenkomst geweest en heb een gunstig gevolg gegeven aan de laatste oproep van Jorieke en enkele vakjes ingevuld. Het is wel even wennen. En ik heb het soms moeilijk om mij aan de voorschriften te houden, wat de algemene kwaliteit van de kaart niet ten goede komt.

    Wat map je zoal ?

    Tegenwoordig beschik men over veel betere onderliggende beelden en de AGIV en Crabbestanden voor het nummeren. Wat een verschil met de vroegere uitgerekte beelden van Bing. Eerst laad ik een zonenummer in de tool van Sander, vooral rond Mol, mijn thuisgemeente, en verbeter de huizen, straten, gebieden, huisnummers, gebieden,enz. Tot het hoogst mogelijk getal huizen op de kaart staan. Naargelang het weer buiten kan dat wel enkele weken tot maanden duren om een zonenummer af te werken.

    Ik probeer van niet te lang hetzelfde te doen en heb een hekel aan relaties, vooral als men naamfouten oplost. (kijkt triest)

    Waar ben jij als mapper het meest trots op?

    Dat ik het nog een beetje kan volgen. (lacht)

    Vraag eerder waar ben jij niet trots op ? De “Q” van JOSM (rechthoekig maken) heeft mij al dikke parten gespeeld wanneer een residentieel gebied per toeval geselecteerd is en men het niet opgemerkt heeft omdat gans dat gebied buiten het scherm ligt. Men ziet dan plots tijdens het opladen op het scherm duizenden punten die veranderd worden en daar is geen stoppen meer aan. Het enige die ik gevonden heb in dat geval is er de smartphone met OsmAnd bij te halen om de gebieden terug op de goede plaats te leggen. Dat kan soms enkele dagen duren als het een volledige stad of gemeente is. (kijkt sip) Het heeft ook wel een voordeel, de gebieden worden aan de recentere situatie aangepast en gesplitst. Het is opmerkelijk hoeveel bossen er gekapt werden, hoeveel wijken uit de grond gestampt werden en hoeveel weiden in akker omgeploegd werden.
    Ook met een hoogspanningslijn heb ik al prijs gehad. Dat heeft ook tijd gekost. Mijn excuses als de spanning er af is want er zijn wel enkele gegevens verdwenen. De lijn is nu ook regelmatig doorgeknipt. Al de masten heb ik niet teruggevonden. Wie een verloren hoogspanningsmast zonder schaduw terugvindt mag hem gerust deleten . ;-) Dat niemand mij hiervoor op de vingers getikt heeft vind ik een wonder. Maar ik vermoed dat nog anderen het al meegemaakt hebben want ze maken nu veel kleinere residentiële gebieden. Of ben ik mis ? In feite zou men voor de “Q” in JOSM een melding moeten inbouwen, zoals er een bestaat wanneer men een groot gebied of highway wil verplaatsen, wanneer te veel nodes geselecteerd zijn. Ook een teller van de aantal ingevoegde of gewijzigde nodes zou nuttig zijn om te vermijden dat het opladen te groot wordt en dat men in geval van een niet oplosbare fout te veel in de vuilbak moet kieperen.

    Waarom map je ? Wat motiveert je ?

    Het is plezierig de paadjes nog eens af te lopen die ge zelf op de kaart gezet hebt en ze te verbeteren indien nodig. (glimlacht) Al lang steun ik al wat “open” en gratis is en het is zeker een goede vorm van vrije tijdsbesteding en een manier om IN te blijven. Dat is mijn SUDOKU. Misschien ook wel onbewust om iets achter te laten en mijn steentje bij te dragen aan het mensdom. Maar laat ons niet filosoferen.

    Doe je ook nog andere dingen i.v.m. OpenStreetMap ?

    Ik volg regelmatig de berichten van de mailinggroep om te weten hoe anderen de zaak bekijken maar nog iets plannen of onderhouden op langer termijn doe ik niet meer. Ik bewonder wel het werk van al die programmeurs en wat ze met al die gegevens verwezenlijken. Maar dat gaat nu mijn petje te boven.

    Heb je ideeën over hoe we de OpenStreetMap gemeenschap kunnen uitbreiden? Of meer mappers kunnen motiveren?

    Op mijn leeftijdgenoten mag men niet veel rekenen, ik heb het geprobeerd met enkele maar dat viel tegen. (kijkt sip) Het probleem is de grote massa gegevens die moeten ingebracht worden en de computer kennis die dat vereist. Die instapdrempel is voor de meesten te groot. Bij de actuele op rust gestelden zal men waarschijnlijk meer kandidaten vinden, die hebben al meer computerkaas gegeten. Het moet komen van de studerende jeugd waarbij men moet wijzen op de geweldige database die men gratis tot hun beschikking stelt en waarmee ze kunnen aan de slag gaan als programmeur, en hun vaardigheden kunnen uittesten, maar die data moet dan eerst ingegeven worden. Ik heb wel een leeraar aardrijkskunde kunnen overtuigen om aan zijn studenten enkele opdrachten te geven op basis van OSM, maar ondertussen is die ook al op rust. Er is ook http://www.seniorennet.be , die hebben allerhande mailgroepen o.a. over computers en linux, misschien kan iemand van de jong oprustgestelden daar een mailgroep opstarten. Ikzelf zie dat niet meer zitten.

    Wat is de grootste sterkte van OpenStreetMap volgens jou?

    Dat het ruim de grenzen overschrijdt en meehelpt om een betere wereld te maken.

    Wat is de grootste uitdaging/moeilijkheid voor OpenStreetMap ? Heb je nieuwe ideeën om OpenStreetMap naar het volgende niveau te trekken ?

    Om onaangeroerd te blijven en niet gepirateerd of besmet te worden. Gelukkig is het gratis en is er weinig rechtstreeks aan te verdienen voor de krakers. Toch vraag ik mij soms af of het niet kan misbruikt worden als ik in onveilige gebieden dorpen zit te mappen, bv. in Bamako omgeving.

    Hoe blijf je op de hoogte van nieuwtjes i.v.m. OpenStreetMap ?

    Via de BE mailgroep.

    Heb je contact met andere mappers ?

    Mijn eerste contact was jaren geleden met Lodde1949, toen waren we allebei in Meerhout aan het mappen, hij met JOSM en ik in Potlatch, en dat kan rare gevolgen hebben. Na afspraak ben ik dan ergens op een andere plaats gaan mappen maar hij heeft mij toen JOSM aangeprezen. “Een huis in 2 of 3 klikken”. Ik ben toen naar JOSM overgestapt, maar dat ging niet zonder moeite. Uit nieuwsgierigheid ben ik eens naar Antwerpen geweest naar een vergadering waar het vooral over HOT ging. Ik heb ook aan enkele Hangouts deelgenomen.
    Voor de rest is dat heel weinig. Rond Mol ken ik er een tweetal, maar die doen het tamelijk onregelmatig.

    Sus' profile by Pascal Neis http://www.hdyc.neis-one.org/?susvhv

    Om af te sluiten, is er iets dat je de lezer nog zou willen meedelen ?

    Mag ik aandringen bij al de mappers het werk van anderen niet te schrappen, ook al is het slordig. Iets deleten is soms een mapper minder. De huidige onderliggende foto's zijn veel nauwkeuriger en liggen beter op hun plaats dan de foto's die men voor enkele jaren gebruikte. Ikzelf heb ook de neiging om iets af te vegen en nieuw te zetten, wat sneller gaat, maar dat doe ik enkel met zaken die ikzelf ingetekend heb. In JOSM is een Ctrl H rap uitgevoerd en het brengt soms herinneringen mee.
    Ik erger mij ook soms aan zaken die bijgevoegd werden op een slordige ondergrond of misplaatste details waarvan ik het nut niet inzie. Waarom niet eerst de ondergrond aanpassen of verbeteren ? Allee, ik ben weer aan het zagen. (lacht)

              Mapper of the Month: Sus (susvhv) from Belgium   

    Who are you ?

    Sus Sus is my computer related nickname. In the early days of the PCs I always had problems with the ç of François, my real name (smiles). I was born in 1933, (I leave it to you to calculate my age) in Brussels and I was a technician at the Belgian Nuclear Research Center or SCK in Mol, where I live at the moment. I was sent on early retirement during a restructuring at the SCK. I have been enjoying home life for over 25 years since that moment. When I went to school, there were no computers. Luckily, I got the opportunity at work to spend time to learn about hardware and software and get familiar with microprocessors and microcontrollers. Until now, I have bought all my desktop computers as parts and assembled them myself. The last one runs Ubuntu. My laptop runs Windows 10. Unlike the desktops, I buy my laptops. The hardware for the development for microprocessors we used at work was very expensive in the early days. A few years after my retirement, I noticed that a microcontroller, such as the ATMEGA8 costed only a few euros and they were freely programmable from the serial port (now from USB) of a PC. Today, in the Internet of Things area, one can program Arduino computers with Wifi modules (Nodemcu, ESP8266) to control all kinds of peripherals. I have one running that measures the temperature in the veranda and sends the data to the net, from where I can read it. I also have a 1 terabyte Owncloud server running on a Raspberry Pi. You know, those bankcard-sized computers developed for children (smiles)

    Where and when did you learn about OpenStreetMap ?

    My history as a pilot of ULM aircrafts, rally driver, hiker and geocacher brought me in contact with all kinds of maps and made me see the usefulness of GPS systems. Those systems requires maps, preferably free maps. I have an OpenStreetMap account since 2008, but I was using the maps already before that time. There were plenty of empty areas on the map back then. I only started mapping in 2011. The initial hesitation was big, especially because I was doing it on my own. Accidentally there was a power pylon in my street where the power line ended in OpenStreetMap. I continued that line as far was possible. When that power line became visible on the map, the ball kept on rolling. I started recording hiking paths, taking pictures of house numbers, surveying new streets and their names, started mapping land use etc. I was busy filling the empty areas !

    Are you using OpenStreetMap yourself ?

    I have the maps of the whole of Europe on my Garmin Dakota 20 GPS and the Android smartphone, and update them frequently. When we now make a trip with the bus, I often know better where we are than the driver. We no longer travel with car. I also have the ski pistes of Andorra in my pocket. On the smartphone with 32 GB memory, I use OsmAnd, Locus and Oruxmaps. I also tried Vespucci but found it hard to key in the house numbers in full daylight and with sweaty fingers.

    How do you map ?

    Luie Zetel The only mapping I do at the moment is from my lazy chair. As editor I only use JOSM. When JOSM was a memory hog, I switched to other editors, but most problems from the early days are fixed and it contains more and more useful features, a.o. the links to aerial imagery for Flanders. I visited a Missing Maps party in Antwerp, and I also "filled a few squares" when Jorieke recently asked for help for a HOT task. It took some time to adapt. I sometimes have difficulties to follow the rules, but this does not always help the overall quality of the map.

    What do you map ?

    Nowadays we have access to aerial imagery of much better quality. Furthermore we are allowed to use AGIV and CRAB data for house numbers. This is a big improvement compared to the low quality imagery from Bing. I use the tool developed by Sander for importing house numbers. I work mainly around Mol, where I live. I try to improve the houses, streets, land use and house numbers. I keep going until all buildings are mapped. Depending on the weather, it can take from a few weeks to months before I finish a post code area.

    I try not to do the same type of mapping for a long period. I also hate relations [associatedStreet relations], especially when I try to fix naming errors.

    What is your biggest achievement

    That I can keep up (smiles)

    The question should have been what is your biggest mistake ? The "Q" in JOSM (making square corners) have given my several bad experiences, e.g. when I accidentally selected a residential area without noticing because the whole area is outside the screen. Then during upload, you notice that you have modified thousands of points, but there is no way back. The only way I found so far is to grab the smartphone with OsmAnd and reposition the nodes of the area. This can take several days when it is a complete town or village (note: We have informed him about the reverter plugin for JOSM after reading the first draft of the interview). The good things is that the land uses get updated to the current situation. I also split them in more manageable areas. It is remarkable how many trees have been cut, how many new residential areas are build and how many meadows are used as farmland nowadays. I had similar problem with a high voltage line. That took also quite some time. My apologies when I accidentally removed some tags. The line is now also cut into pieces. I could not find all pylons back, so when you find an isolated one, please remove it. That I did not receive complaints about my mistakes, is a small miracle. I assume others have encountered the same problem, because nowadays the residential areas are mapped with smaller polygons. Or am I mistaken ? It would be nice that the "Q"-key in JOSM gets the same warning one receives when a large number of objects is moved. An alternative is a counter that keeps track of the new or updated nodes. This would allow one to avoid large uploads or that one has to throw away a lot of work in case of unrecoverable mistake.

    Why do you map ? What motivates you ?

    It is nice to walk along the paths that you have mapped before and improve them where needed. (smiles). I support everything open and free for a long time, it is a useful way to spend your spare time and you stay young. This is my form of SUDOKU. Maybe it is also because I want to leave something behind and help humanity a bit. But lets not get philosophical.

    Do you do anything else besides mapping ?

    I frequently read the messages on the mailing list to understand other people's views, but I no longer plan or maintain anything on the long term. I do admire the work from all the programmers and what they accomplish with the data. But I do not know how they do it.

    How can we extend the OpenStreetMap Community ?

    You should not count too much on the people from my age group, I have tried, but the results were disappointing. The problem is that huge amounts of data have to be entered and that it requires a good knowledge of computers. Most of them find it too difficult to get started. The current group of people that retires will contain more candidates, as they are already familiar with computers. I think we have to look at the students, and point them to the great database that is freely available to them and which they can use to test their skills as a programmer, with one caveat: the data has to be added first.

    I did succeed in convincing a geography teacher to give his students a couple of exercises based on OSM, but he's already retired now. There's a lot of mailing list activity on http://www.seniorennet.be (note: a social network website for retirees), also about computers and Linux. Maybe some of the younger pensioners among you want to start a mailing list there. But I won't do that.

    What is the strongest feature of OpenStreetMap for you?

    That it goes beyond boundaries and helps to improve the world.

    What is the biggest challenge for OpenStreetMap ?

    To stay pure and not attract "pirates". Luckily it is free and there is no direct gain for hackers. However, I sometimes wonder whether is can be misused when I am mapping in dangerous zones, e.g. in the area of Bamako.

    How do you stay on top of OpenStreetMap news ?

    Via the Belgian mailing list.

    Do you have contact with other mappers ?

    Years ago, I met Lodde1949, while we both were mapping in Meerhout . He used JOSM and I was using Potlatch, and that had weird results. After mutual agreement, I started mapping elsewhere, but he recommended JOSM to me. "A house in 2 or 3 clicks". I made the switch to JOSM then, but that was not without effort. Out of curiosity I once visited a Missing Maps party in Antwerp. I also participated in some hangouts. For the rest I do not have a lot of contact with other mappers. I know some around Mol, but they contribute infrequently.

    Sus' profile by Pascal Neis http://www.hdyc.neis-one.org/?susvhv

    To round up, is there anything else that you want to mention.?

    Can I insist that no one simply removes the work of others, even when it is sloppy ? Deleting something, might mean that you loose a mapper. The current aerial imagery is much more detailed and better aligned than ever before. Even I have sometimes the tendency to wipe out something and replace it with a new object, because that goes faster. But I will only do that when I have added the item myself. In JOSM, you can easily use CTRL-H (show history) and that might bring back memories. I am sometimes annoyed when I see objects that were added to a sloppy background or details that do not seem useful to me. Why did the mapper not improve the background first ? Allez, I am whining again (laughs)

              CETONA DE FRAMBUESA - 60 veg caps   
    • Disminuye el apetito
    • Moviliza la grasa almacenada
    • Acelera el metabolismo
    • Aumenta la termogénesis
    • Regula el azúcar en sangre

    ¿Qué es Cetona de Frambuesa?

    Cetona de Frambuesa de HSN Essentials es un suplemento alimenticio a base de cetonas de frambuesa junto a una serie de ingredientes que promueven la pérdida de peso de forma eficaz y saludable.

    Entre sus ingredientes encontramos Cetona de frambuesa, Mango Africano, L-Carnitina, Polvo de Acaí, Té verde y Glucomannan.

    ¿Cuáles son las propiedades de la Cetona de Frambuesa ?

    Las cetonas de frambuesa, son un compuesto aromático que principalmente se encuentra en las frambuesas rojas. Por su gran potencial para promover la termogénesis y acelerar el metabolismo, las cetonas de frambuesa pueden ser consideradas como un ingrediente muy interesante para el fitness o culturismo ya que ayudan a disminuir la grasa corporal durante las épocas de definición.

    Cómo funciona la Cetona de Frambuesa

    El campo de actuación abarca dos vías:

    • Incrementar la lipólisis (descomposición de tejido graso acumulado en triglicéridos), aumentando la sensibilidad de las células ante los efectos para eliminar grasa por parte de la hormona norepinefrina
    • Liberar mayor cantidad de adinopectina, hormona liberada por las células grasas que interviene regulando el metabolismo, y optimizando el uso de la grasa como energía

    Composición de Cetona de Frambuesa

    Estos ingredientes acompañan a la Cetona de Frambuesa para amplificar los efectos y potenciar la pérdida de peso:

    • Té verde: potente acción antioxidante, a la par de favorecer la termogénesis, es decir, el incremento de la temperatura corporal con el consiguiente gasto calórico
    • Mango Africano: reduce el apetito al influir sobre la leptina, una hormona segregada por el tejido graso, y que indica al cerebro cuándo estamos llenos, y por tanto paramos de comer
    • L-Carnitina Tartrato: un ingrediente conocido como “transportador o movilizadores de grasas' que provoca que mayor cantidad de ácidos grasos sean liberados de su adipocito donde se encuentran almacenados, y llevados hacia la parte de la célula donde se produce su posterior conversión en energía, la mitocondria.
    • Acai Berry, una baya con grandes efectos antioxidantes que ayudará a apoyar la pérdida de peso.
    • También contiene glucomannan, un tipo de fibra dietética que puede aliviar el estreñimiento. Se ha demostrado que también mejora el perfíl lipídico y ayuda a regular los niveles de azúcar en sangre.

    ¿Quién puede tomar la Cetona de Frambuesa?

    • Cualquier persona que busque un complemento alimenticio natural para ayudar a controlar su peso corporal.

    Price:9,91 € Special Price:7,23 €
    Special Expires on: 02/07/2017

              Red Velvet / bryllupskake   
    En datter av noen bekjente gifter seg i dag, og jeg ble spurt om å lage bryllupskaken. Veldig greit med bruder som har det helt klart hvordan de vil at kaken skal være, for da er det bare å utføre :-)

     Den største og den minste kaken er sukkerbrød (oppskriften etter min mormors tante), mens den midterste kaken er red velvet, typisk sørstatskake fra Amerika.

    Red Velvet har fått navnet sitt etter fargen og konsistensen. Siden jeg ikke hadde bakt Red Velvet før (men var glad for å endelig ha unnskyldning for å prøve det!), testet jeg noen ulike oppskrifter. Manuelas kake fra Passion4Baking var veldig god, men smuldret mye i konsistensen. Kaken til Jamie Oliver ble altfor brun (mer kakao pluss kaffe i oppskriften), slik at den klassisken rødfargen ikke kom til sin rett, så jeg endte til slutt på kaken til Det Søte Liv. Den har jeg ikke smakt, men den hadde de riktige Red Velvet-ingrediensene (edddik, kulturmelk, natron), så jeg satser på at det er bra ;-)

     Red Velvet skulle fylles og så dekoreres med sprøytede roser av hvit sjokoladeglasur (melange samt smeltet delfiafett for hvitere farge, melis, delphiaost, Odense hvit sjokolade, litt melk, vaniljesukker).

     Marsipankakene er fylt med bringebærsyltetøy og Sverre Sætres vaniljekrem, og deretter dekket med hvit marsipan. Bruden ville ha ekte roser på kaka, så jeg kjøpte plastrør hos blomsterbutikken, og stakk nedi stilkroser.

     Denne brudetoppen hadde brudeparet selv funnet hos et lokalt bakeri.

    Gratulerer med dagen, MC og E!

    I was asked to bake and decorate a wedding cake for today. There are two marzipan cakes, filled with raspberry jam and vanilla curd, while the middle cake is a Red Velvet with iced roses. All the best for the happy couple!

              Comment on How To make Simple Syrup by Raspberry Champagne Slushies - Sugar & Soul   
    […] Slushie can be made in the blender in just a few minutes with frozen raspberries, pink champagne, simple syrup, and ice. I prefer pink champagne because it has a sweeter flavor, but you really can choose any […]
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              (USA-WA-Seattle) Sr. Design Technologist, "Special Projects"   
    “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan. We are building a nimble team of passionate people to explore the unknown and bring a concept into a product that will change the world for the better. We are starting from scratch, we are going to be scrappy, and we are going to focus on producing joyful moments for our customers (and for ourselves too!). We are going to apply the same principles that made Amazon great especially Customer Obsession, Think Big, and Invent and Simplify, to create a new type of interaction that is meaningful to our customers. We are looking for smart, passionate people who have a strong sense of ownership and strong engineering mindset. If you want your work to positively impact the lives of millions of people and you’re up for a challenge, let’s talk. As a founding member of the team, you will work alongside with product management, research, design, and engineering (EE/ME) to define and build the essential lovable product. This position requires deep customer focus, the ability to dive deep and invent, and the ability to make hard decisions fast. You will have significant influence on our overall strategy by helping define these product features, drive the system architecture, and spearhead the best practices that enable a quality product. We are looking for candidates who thrive in a fast-paced startup like environment. To be successful, you need to be highly motivated about new opportunities and detail oriented while showing highest standards of responsibilities and deliverables. UX Design Technologists will be responsible for combing UX Design and engineering expertise into a single discipline, and will develop, prototype, and test innovative UX solutions that push the envelope on front-end engineering, inspiring development teams and leaders to invest in new ideas. You are expected to deliver code on the platform upon which the experience will ship, and know when doing so is not necessary or practical. You have developed an understanding of what to fake and what to make, and you have a demonstrable ability to dive into quick and dirty hardware prototypes when called for. + 3+ years professional experience in Computer Science or related field + Experience in a creative technologist, front-end developer and/or hardware prototyper role + Knowledge of one or more of the following: Native mobile development (Android/iOS), Python, Unity/C#, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, web and server programming and Responsive/Adaptive design + Experience with hardware hacking/prototyping (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Spark Core/Electron/Photon) + Strong creative and conceptual thinker + Demonstrated ability to learn and adopt new technologies quickly + History of building prototypes to advance design thinking and the final product experience + Strong understanding of interaction design and design process + 6+ years of Experience in a creative technologist, front-end developer and/or hardware prototyper role + Experience and passion for developing visually polished, engaging and highly fluid user interfaces and hardware prototypes. + Experience with robotics + Strong attention to detail and organization skills + Excellent written and verbal communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills + Ability to work with ambiguity and visualize solutions for emerging concepts + Unwavering commitment to quality + Experience with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) development and design + Knowledge of web development tools and frameworks (e.g. jQuery, Backbone, Bootstrap), Package Management (e.g. Require.js, AMD), Browser Debugging (e.g. Web Inspector, Firebug, WebDev Toolbar), Templating (e.g. Handlebars, Underscore templates), and Preprocessors (e.g. SASS, LESS, CoffeeScript). Amazon is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer – Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation AMZR Req ID: 553825 External Company URL: www.amazon.com
              2017年6月30日号 Python 3.5から3.6への切り替え,Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3でのUbuntu Core,UWN#511 ── Ubuntu Weekly Topics   
    artful(17.10)のデフォルトのPythonパッケージが3.5系から3.6系に切り替えられました。また,Raspberry Pi,Compute Module 3(CM3)へのUbuntu Coreの対応が示されています。
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    헐리우드 48시간 미라클 다이어트 / 연예인들 후기

    "Taste Bad But Works Amazing" (맛은 없지만 효과는 어메이징!!)

    "A quick 5-10 pounds" (3kg - 4.5kg을 순식간에 감량!!)

    "Effective and fast" (효과적이고 빠른 다이어트!!)

    "10 lbs in 2 days" (단 이틀만에 4.5kg 감량!!)

    헐리우드 48시간 미라클 다이어트 / 용량
    1병 / 947ml

    헐리우드 48시간 미라클 다이어트 / 복용방법
    * 물 반컵과 쥬스 반컵을 섞어 1컵을 마셔주세요.
    * 4시간에 한번씩, 하루에 총 4컵을 마셔주세요.
    * 다음날도 똑같은 방식으로 마셔주세요.
    * 이틀연속 드시기 힘들면 냉장보관후 나중에 드세요.
    * 쥬스를 드시는 동안에는 술, 탄산음료를 삼가하세요. 
    * 물은 하루에 15잔 이상 많이 마셔주세요.
    * 물을 많이 마셔야 독소와 체지방이 잘 배출됩니다.

    헐리우드 48시간 미라클 다이어트 / 주의사항
    * 직사광선 없는 건조하고 서늘한곳에 두세요.
    * 일단 개봉하신 뒤에는 냉장고에 보관하세요.

    헐리우드 48시간 미라클 다이어트 / 주요성분

    Filtered Water, Apple Juice Concentrate, Cranberry Juice Concentrate, Raspberry Juice Concentrate, Blueberry Juice Concentrate, Strawberry Juice Concentrate, Xanthan Gum, Acai, Citrin, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Natural Blueberry Flavor, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine HCI (Vitamin B6), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Folic Acid, Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12), Palmitate (Vitamin A), Vitamin D 3, Vitamin E

    Price: $50 Special Price: $39

              15일동안 마지막 4.5키로 최후의 저항지방 공략제품 / 라스트 10파운드(Last 10 lbs®)   

    오키로,5키로,2주만에5키로,5키로차이,5키로다이어트,5키로빼는방법,5키로빼는법,5키로쇼핑몰,라스트10파운드,라스트10lbs,마지막10파운드,마지막5키로,마지막4.5키로,마지막10lbs,last 10 lbs,last 10lbs,last 5키로,last 4.5키로

    마지막 4.5키로® / 효과 및 특징
    * 15일동안 마지막 4.5키로 감량제품
    * 마지막으로 안빠지는 4.5키로 공략제품
    * 4.5키로의 최후저항군 체지방 집중공격
    * 감량 초기보다는 후기 막바지 마감할때
    * ADIPROMIN 포뮬라 후기지방 집중분해
    * Theobromine라는 유니크한 성분함유
    * 남녀공용, 운동유무에 상관없이 복용가능
    * 최종목표감량이 5키로 내외 분들만 추천

    마지막 4.5키로® / 용량
    60정 / 15일 복용플랜

    마지막 4.5키로® / 복용방법
    * 점심 30분전 공복에 물과 함께 2정 드세요.
    * 저녁 30분전 공복에 물과 함께 2정 드세요.
    * 하루 총 4정, 15일동안 복용플랜입니다.
    * 물은 머그컵 1잔 가득 충분히 드세요.
    * 물은 하루에 총 2리터 정도 충분히 드세요.
    * 탄수화물과 당분이 많은 음식은 피해주세요.
    * 단백질과 식이섬유 위주의 음식으로 드세요.

    마지막 4.5키로® / 주요성분
    Fat Burning Complex Blend 403mg
    Theobromine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Raspberry Ketone, ADIPROMIN® [Proprietary blend of curcuma longa (rhizome) moringa oleifera (leaf) and murraya koenigiii (leaf)], Green coffee bean extract (45% chlorogenic acids)

    Price: $80 Special Price: $75

              40-50세 중년여성 전용 다이어트 / 프리노포즈 (PreNoPause® Diet)   

    프리노포즈,프리노포즈 다이어트,prenopause,preno pause,preno pause diet,갱년기,갱년기 여성,갱년기 다이어트,갱년기 여성 다이어트,갱년기 체중증가,갱년기 살빼는법,갱년기 체중감량,중년 다이어트,중년여성 다이어트,중년 다이어트방법,중년 다이어트방법 추천,중년 다이어트 추천,중년 다이어트약,중년 다이어트 보조제

    프리노포즈,프리노포즈 다이어트,prenopause,preno pause,preno pause diet,갱년기,갱년기 여성,갱년기 다이어트,갱년기 여성 다이어트,갱년기 체중증가,갱년기 살빼는법,갱년기 체중감량,중년 다이어트,중년여성 다이어트,중년 다이어트방법,중년 다이어트방법 추천,중년 다이어트 추천,중년 다이어트약,중년 다이어트 보조제

    프리노포즈,프리노포즈 다이어트,prenopause,preno pause,preno pause diet,갱년기,갱년기 여성,갱년기 다이어트,갱년기 여성 다이어트,갱년기 체중증가,갱년기 살빼는법,갱년기 체중감량,중년 다이어트,중년여성 다이어트,중년 다이어트방법,중년 다이어트방법 추천,중년 다이어트 추천,중년 다이어트약,중년 다이어트 보조제

    프리노포즈,프리노포즈 다이어트,prenopause,preno pause,preno pause diet,갱년기,갱년기 여성,갱년기 다이어트,갱년기 여성 다이어트,갱년기 체중증가,갱년기 살빼는법,갱년기 체중감량,중년 다이어트,중년여성 다이어트,중년 다이어트방법,중년 다이어트방법 추천,중년 다이어트 추천,중년 다이어트약,중년 다이어트 보조제


    프리노포즈 중년다이어트 / 효과 및 특징
    * 제니퍼 애니스톤 등 꽃중년 배우들 복용제품
    * 에스트린D 후속제품, 미국 중년여성 전용제품

    * 본격적인 갱년기 이전 40세부터 복용이 가능
    * 40세 이상 여성들의 신체조건에 맞춘 맞춤개발
    * 40세 이상 여성들의 신진대사율 자연스런 촉진
    * 40세 이상 여성들의 칼로리 및 지방분해 촉진

    이런분들에게 적합한 제품입니다
    * 밥 많이 안먹고 운동하는데 살은 잘 안빠짐
    * 아직 갱년기는 안왔지만 40세 중년돌입 여성
    * 50세 이상 본격적 갱년기 접어들은 여성분들
    * 갱년기 이전 & 갱년기 둘다 복용가능한 제품
    * 운동은 권장일뿐 반드시 하실필요는 없습니다
    * 40세 미만 여성들에게는 추천하지 않습니다

    프리노포즈 중년다이어트 / 용량

    프리노포즈 중년다이어트 / 복용방법
    * 아침식사후 바로 물과 함께 1정을 드세요.
    * 점심식사후 바로 물과 함께 1정을 드세요.
    * 하루에 총 2정을 드시는 것입니다.
    * 아침거르시는 경우 점심먹고 2정 한번에 드세요.

    프리노포즈 중년다이어트 / 주요성분
    Raspberry Ketone Extract (4%), Green Tea Extract (50%), Caffeine Anhydrous, Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapefruit (powder), Kelp, Acai Fruit, African Mango (4:1 concentrate), Resveratrol Extract

    Price: $70 Special Price: $59

              [운동불필요] 3주 단기 내장비만다이어트 / 플러쉬팻 (FLUSH FAT with INTERNAL FLUSH®)   

    내장비만,내장비만다이어트,내장지방,복부비만,복부내장지방,내장지방 다이어트약,내장비만치료,플러쉬팻,flush fat,팻플러쉬,fat flush,인터널플러쉬,인터널 플러쉬,내성제거약,내성제거제,다이어트내성제거,다이어트약 내성제거

    내장비만,내장비만다이어트,내장지방,복부비만,복부내장지방,내장지방 다이어트약,내장비만치료,플러쉬팻,flush fat,팻플러쉬,fat flush,인터널플러쉬,인터널 플러쉬,내성제거약,내성제거제,다이어트내성제거,다이어트약 내성제거

    내장비만,내장비만다이어트,내장지방,복부비만,복부내장지방,내장지방 다이어트약,내장비만치료,플러쉬팻,flush fat,팻플러쉬,fat flush,인터널플러쉬,인터널 플러쉬,내성제거약,내성제거제,다이어트내성제거,다이어트약 내성제거

    내장비만,내장비만다이어트,내장지방,복부비만,복부내장지방,내장지방 다이어트약,내장비만치료,플러쉬팻,flush fat,팻플러쉬,fat flush,인터널플러쉬,인터널 플러쉬,내성제거약,내성제거제,다이어트내성제거,다이어트약 내성제거

    내장비만,내장비만다이어트,내장지방,복부비만,복부내장지방,내장지방 다이어트약,내장비만치료,플러쉬팻,flush fat,팻플러쉬,fat flush,인터널플러쉬,인터널 플러쉬,내성제거약,내성제거제,다이어트내성제거,다이어트약 내성제거

    내장비만,내장비만다이어트,내장지방,복부비만,복부내장지방,내장지방 다이어트약,내장비만치료,플러쉬팻,flush fat,팻플러쉬,fat flush,인터널플러쉬,인터널 플러쉬,내성제거약,내성제거제,다이어트내성제거,다이어트약 내성제거

    내장비만,내장비만다이어트,내장지방,복부비만,복부내장지방,내장지방 다이어트약,내장비만치료,플러쉬팻,flush fat,팻플러쉬,fat flush,인터널플러쉬,인터널 플러쉬,내성제거약,내성제거제,다이어트내성제거,다이어트약 내성제거

    내장비만,내장비만다이어트,내장지방,복부비만,복부내장지방,내장지방 다이어트약,내장비만치료,플러쉬팻,flush fat,팻플러쉬,fat flush,인터널플러쉬,인터널 플러쉬,내성제거약,내성제거제,다이어트내성제거,다이어트약 내성제거

    내장비만,내장비만다이어트,내장지방,복부비만,복부내장지방,내장지방 다이어트약,내장비만치료,플러쉬팻,flush fat,팻플러쉬,fat flush,인터널플러쉬,인터널 플러쉬,내성제거약,내성제거제,다이어트내성제거,다이어트약 내성제거

    내장비만,내장비만다이어트,내장지방,복부비만,복부내장지방,내장지방 다이어트약,내장비만치료,플러쉬팻,flush fat,팻플러쉬,fat flush,인터널플러쉬,인터널 플러쉬,내성제거약,내성제거제,다이어트내성제거,다이어트약 내성제거

    내장비만,내장비만다이어트,내장지방,복부비만,복부내장지방,내장지방 다이어트약,내장비만치료,플러쉬팻,flush fat,팻플러쉬,fat flush,인터널플러쉬,인터널 플러쉬,내성제거약,내성제거제,다이어트내성제거,다이어트약 내성제거


    팻플러쉬(Fat Flush®) 효과 및 특징
    * 밤에 잠자기전에 먹고자는 내장비만 다이어트 프로그램 
    * 잠자는 동안 복부 내장지방을 집중분해하여 복부지방감량 
    * 복부내장지방분해 + 디톡스 및 내성제거까지 도와줌
    * 내장지방은 뱃속 깊숙히 자리잡은 피하지방을 의미 
    * 그래서 제품명이 Internal Flush 로 내장지방을 체외배출
    * 기름진 음식 즐겨드시는 분들, 내장비만인 분들에게 추천
    * 프로바이오틱스 유산균까지 함유로 변비개선효과 보너스

    팻플러쉬(Fat Flush®) 용량
    90정 (대용량) 

    팻플러쉬(Fat Flush®) 복용방법
    * 잠자기 전 물한컵 가득채워 3정을 드시고 주무세요.
    * 다음날 아침 일어나자마자 물한컵 가득 마셔주세요.
    * 물은 하루에 10잔 이상 충분히 마셔주세요.
    * 그래야 독소 및 복부속지방이 체외로 배출됩니다.

    팻플러쉬(Fat Flush®) 주요성분
    Proprietary Blend: FTF 2100 mg
    Psyllium Seed Powder Plantago Psyllium  
    Flaxseed Powder Linum Usitatissimum  
    Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder Rhamus Purshiana  
    Rhubarb Root Powder Rheum Palmatum  
    Goldenseal Root Powder Hydrastis Canadensis  
    Ginger Root Zingiber Officinale  
    Fennel Seed Foeniculum Vulgare  
    Marshmallow Root Althaea Officinalis  
    Slippery Elm Bark Ulmus Fulva  
    Raspberry Leaf Rubus Idaeus  
    Lactobacillus Acidophillus 1 Billion CFU
    "Use nightly. Love the convenience of the capsules. Is very effective with keeping the belly flat" 림베라해석, 밤에 먹는거라 복용하기 간편한게 가장 큰 장점입니다. 그리고 복부지방이 조금씩 빠지는 효과가 있습니다.

    "Helped me to lose weight, once I reached my goal, reduced the dose to 3 caps in the evening to maintain the weight, no bloating and flat stomach"  슬림베라해석, 목표감량에 도달한 뒤에도 계속 3정씩 매일밤  체중유지용으로 먹고 있습니다. 다음날 화장실도 잘가고 복부를 탄력있고 납작하게 유지시켜주는데 도움을 주는 것 같아요.

    "Do I recommend it? Absolutely!!!!" 슬림베라해석, 이 제품을 누군가에게 추천하냐고요? 당연이죠!!

    Price: $99 Special Price: $89


    나이트번,나잇번,bpi나이트번,bpi나잇번,수면다이어트약,수면지방분해제,수면팻버너,잠자면서 살빼주는 약

    나이트번,나잇번,bpi나이트번,bpi나잇번,수면다이어트약,수면지방분해제,수면팻버너,잠자면서 살빼주는 약

    나이트번,나잇번,bpi나이트번,bpi나잇번,수면다이어트약,수면지방분해제,수면팻버너,잠자면서 살빼주는 약



    나이트번(NITE-BURN®) 효과 및 특징
    * 미국 BPI 스포츠뉴트리션 신제품
    * 잠자는 동안 칼로리소비 촉진 및 체지방분해
    * 라즈베리케톤, 그린커피빈 성분 함유
    * 사프론 성분함유로 복부지방 집중분해 
    * 멜라토닌 성분 함유로 천연수면촉진효과
    * 평소에 잠이 쉽게 안오는 분들에게 추천
    * 100% 천연성분제품으로 부작용 없음

    나이트번(NITE-BURN®) 용량

    나이트번(NITE-BURN®) 복용방법
    잠자기전 물과 함께 1정을 드세요.

    나이트번(NITE-BURN®) 주요성분
    Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol)
    Raspberry ketone (Rubus idaeus) (fruit) White kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) (seed), Green coffee bean (Coffea) (seed) (chlorogenic acids) Dandelion (Taraxacum) (flower) L-Tryptophan, Saffron (Crocus sativus) (flower) (safranal) Melatonin Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) (leaves)

    Price: $98 Special Price: $89

              난임여성의 임신을 촉진시켜주는 유기농 티백 / 문타임 퍼틸리티블렌드 (Moontime Tea Fertility Blend 30 Tea Bags)   

    문타임티,문타임 임신차,문타임 임신티,문타임 임신촉진차,문타임 임신촉진티,문타임 임신도와주는차,문타임 임신도와주는티,임신을 도와주는 티,임신을 도와주는 차,moontime tea,moontime tea fertility blend

    문타임티,문타임 임신차,문타임 임신티,문타임 임신촉진차,문타임 임신촉진티,문타임 임신도와주는차,문타임 임신도와주는티,임신을 도와주는 티,임신을 도와주는 차,moontime tea,moontime tea fertility blend

    문타임티,문타임 임신차,문타임 임신티,문타임 임신촉진차,문타임 임신촉진티,문타임 임신도와주는차,문타임 임신도와주는티,임신을 도와주는 티,임신을 도와주는 차,moontime tea,moontime tea fertility blend

    문타임티,문타임 임신차,문타임 임신티,문타임 임신촉진차,문타임 임신촉진티,문타임 임신도와주는차,문타임 임신도와주는티,임신을 도와주는 티,임신을 도와주는 차,moontime tea,moontime tea fertility blend

    문타임티,문타임 임신차,문타임 임신티,문타임 임신촉진차,문타임 임신촉진티,문타임 임신도와주는차,문타임 임신도와주는티,임신을 도와주는 티,임신을 도와주는 차,moontime tea,moontime tea fertility blend



    문타임 퍼틸리티블렌드® 효과 및 특징 
    * 난임 여성의 임신확률을 높여주는 티
    * 미국 Fertilfood에서 연구개발한 티
    * 미국 USDA 유기농 인증받은 유기농티
    * 리프라덕티브 기능을 서포트하는 성분
    * 임신을 돕는 뉴트리션이 풍부하게 함유
    * 유태인 성경적 방식의 코셔공법 제조
    * 카페인 전혀 없으며 BPA, 클로린 무첨가

    이런분들에게 적합한 제품입니다
    * 불임은 아니지만 임신 잘 안되는 여성분
    * 스트레스, 환경호르몬 등 후천적 난임
    * 시험관 시도하기전 트라이해보고 싶은분
    * 가능하면 자연적 임신을 하고싶은분
    * 신체에 특별한 문제없는데 임신안될경우
    * 안타깝게도 불임에는 효과가 없습니다

    문타임 퍼틸리티블렌드® 용량

    문타임 퍼틸리티블렌드® 섭취방법
    * 머그컵 한가득 뜨거운물 준비하세요.
    * 티백 1개를 담그로 5-7분 기다리세요.
    * 일반 티처럼 마셔주시면 됩니다.
    * 한두번 더 리필해서 마셔도 좋습니다.
    * 오전 한번 + 오후 한번 하루 2번 드세요.
    * 개인차 있지만 2-3개월내 임신가능합니다.
    * 35세 이상이면 3-6개월 걸릴수 있습니다.
    * 임신 뿐만 아니라 여자에게 좋은성분입니다.
    * 조급해하지말고 맘내려놓고 마셔주세요.
    * 그러다보면 좋은 소식이 꼭 생길꺼에요.

    문타임 퍼틸리티블렌드® 주요성분
    Organic Peppermint Leaf
    Organic Red Clover
    Organic Red Raspberry Leaf
    Organic Nettle Leaf

    Price: $60 Special Price: $49

              난임여성의 임신을 촉진시켜주는 유기농 티백 / 문타임 퍼틸리티블렌드 3팩 세트할인   

    문타임티,문타임 임신차,문타임 임신티,문타임 임신촉진차,문타임 임신촉진티,문타임 임신도와주는차,문타임 임신도와주는티,임신을 도와주는 티,임신을 도와주는 차,moontime tea,moontime tea fertility blend

    문타임티,문타임 임신차,문타임 임신티,문타임 임신촉진차,문타임 임신촉진티,문타임 임신도와주는차,문타임 임신도와주는티,임신을 도와주는 티,임신을 도와주는 차,moontime tea,moontime tea fertility blend

    문타임티,문타임 임신차,문타임 임신티,문타임 임신촉진차,문타임 임신촉진티,문타임 임신도와주는차,문타임 임신도와주는티,임신을 도와주는 티,임신을 도와주는 차,moontime tea,moontime tea fertility blend

    문타임티,문타임 임신차,문타임 임신티,문타임 임신촉진차,문타임 임신촉진티,문타임 임신도와주는차,문타임 임신도와주는티,임신을 도와주는 티,임신을 도와주는 차,moontime tea,moontime tea fertility blend

    문타임티,문타임 임신차,문타임 임신티,문타임 임신촉진차,문타임 임신촉진티,문타임 임신도와주는차,문타임 임신도와주는티,임신을 도와주는 티,임신을 도와주는 차,moontime tea,moontime tea fertility blend



    문타임 퍼틸리티블렌드® 효과 및 특징 
    * 난임 여성의 임신확률을 높여주는 티
    * 미국 Fertilfood에서 연구개발한 티
    * 미국 USDA 유기농 인증받은 유기농티
    * 리프라덕티브 기능을 서포트하는 성분
    * 임신을 돕는 뉴트리션이 풍부하게 함유
    * 유태인 성경적 방식의 코셔공법 제조
    * 카페인 전혀 없으며 BPA, 클로린 무첨가

    이런분들에게 적합한 제품입니다
    * 불임은 아니지만 임신 잘 안되는 여성분
    * 스트레스, 환경호르몬 등 후천적 난임
    * 시험관 시도하기전 트라이해보고 싶은분
    * 가능하면 자연적 임신을 하고싶은분
    * 신체에 특별한 문제없는데 임신안될경우
    * 안타깝게도 불임에는 효과가 없습니다

    문타임 퍼틸리티블렌드® 세트할인
    30티백 X 3팩 = 총 90티백

    문타임 퍼틸리티블렌드® 섭취방법
    * 머그컵 한가득 뜨거운물 준비하세요.
    * 티백 1개를 담그로 5-7분 기다리세요.
    * 일반 티처럼 마셔주시면 됩니다.
    * 한두번 더 리필해서 마셔도 좋습니다.
    * 오전 한번 + 오후 한번 하루 2번 드세요.
    * 개인차 있지만 2-3개월내 임신가능합니다.
    * 35세 이상이면 3-6개월 걸릴수 있습니다.
    * 임신 뿐만 아니라 여자에게 좋은성분입니다.
    * 조급해하지말고 맘내려놓고 마셔주세요.
    * 그러다보면 좋은 소식이 꼭 생길꺼에요.

    문타임 퍼틸리티블렌드® 주요성분
    Organic Peppermint Leaf
    Organic Red Clover
    Organic Red Raspberry Leaf
    Organic Nettle Leaf 

    자주묻는 질문과 답변 / FAQ

    Q. 하루에 몇번까지 마실수 있나요?
    A. 문타임티는 하루에 티백 3개까지 마실수 있습니다. 티백 3개를 마시는 분들은 아침/점심/저녁 이렇게 시간대를 나누어 마셔주십니다. 하지만 직장생활이나 바쁜 생활로 하루 3번 마시기 어려운 분들은 오전 1번 + 저녁 1번, 이렇게 하루에 2개만 마셔주셔도 좋습니다.

    Q. 티에 아이스나 설탕 넣어도 되나요?
    A. 네. 여름에는 아이스를 넣어 아이스티로 마셔도 좋고, 약간의 단맛을 위하여 적당한 양의 설탕은 넣어도 좋습니다.

    Q. 임신이 되고 나서도 마시나요?
    A. 문타임티 마시고서 임신이 되고 나시면, 보유하고 있는 문타임티만 다 마시고 그 뒤에는 추가로 구매해서 마셔줄 필요는 없을것 같습니다. 왜냐하면 임신이 되었기 때문이지요. 물론 계속 마셔주셔도 여성의 건강에 도움을 주는 성분들이라 좋지만, 경제적으로 부담이 된다면 임신이 되는 순간까지만 드셔도 괜챦을것 같습니다. 그리고 문타임티 마시는 동안 임신이 바로 안되어 생리로 넘어가는 경우에는 생리중에도 계속해서 문타임티 마셔도 되고 좀 아끼고 싶은 마음이 강하다면 생리중에는 문타임티를 잠시 멈추셔도 좋습니다. 어차피 생리중에는 임신이 불가능하기때문이지요.

    Q. 맛이 어떤가요?
    A. 문타임티는 페퍼민트, 레드클로버, 레드라즈베리, 네틀 등이 믹스되었지만, 가장 압도적인 맛(predominant flavor)은 페퍼민트입니다. 페퍼민트가 너무 강하지는 않고 부드럽고 차분합니다. 맛은 좋습니다.

    Q. 문타임티 마시면 정자의 숫자도 늘려주나요?
    A. 아닙니다. 문타임티는 여성분들을 위한 제품으로 여성의 임신능력 내지 임신 시스템을 돕는(help the female reproductive system) 성분으로 만들어진 유기농 티 입니다. 남성분들이 마셔도 건강에는 유익하겠지만, 남성들의 정자의 숫자를 늘려주는(increase sperm count) 과학적 연결고리는 없습니다. 만약 현재 임신의 어려운 이유가 남편되시는분의 정자의 숫자가 미흡한것이 주된 이유라면 문타임티보다는 퍼틸에이드 제품을 드시는게 더 바람직합니다. 한편 문타임티는 남편되시는분은 문제가 전혀 없고 건강하지만, 아내되시는분이 임신능력(reproductive system)이나 불안전한 생리주기 등 전적으로 여성분에게 미흡한 부분이 있다면 문타임티가 좋은 솔루션이 될수 있습니다.

    Q. 불임부부에게 효과가 있는건가요?
    A. 문타임티는 남편과 아내분 모두 불임이 아니셔야 합니다. 남편의 경우 자녀를 갖는데 어려움이 없어야 합니다. 문타임티가 집중적으로 효과를 주는 분은 아내분입니다. 아내분이 임신에는 문제가 없는 여성인데, 인생을 살아오면서 노출되어온 환경호르몬, 스트레스, 식습관, 그리고 운동부족, 고령화산모, 일정하지 않은 생리주기 등 다양한 요인으로 난임을 겪고 있는 여성분에게 특별한 효과를 주는 티 입니다.

    Q. 보통 얼마만에 임신이 되나요?
    A. 아내분의 건강상태, 나이, 환경에 따라 차이가 있지만 보통 2-3개월이 소요되고 산모가 고령이거나 스트레스에 많이 노출되어온 산모라면 6개월이 소요될수도 있습니다. 정확한 통계를 내기는 어렵지만, 문타임티가 70% 이상의 임신성공을 도와주고 있습니다.

    Q. 문타임티 1년 마시고 임신이 안되면?
    A. 문타임티를 성실하게 최대 1년까지 마셨지만 전혀 임신에 진전(progress)이 없다면 더 이상 문타임티를 통한 자연적인 네추럴한 임신에 희망을 두기 보다는 더 늦기 전에 인공수정과 같은 의료기관의 인공적인 방법의 도움을 받는것도 좋을것 같습니다. 산모가 아직 나이가 괜챦아 여유가 있다면 모르지만, 산모가 나이가 있어서 부담이 된다면 문타임티 1년 까지만 Try 해보시고 그 뒤에 안되면 의료기관의 방법으로 넘어가시는게 좋을것 같습니다.

    Price: $120 Special Price: $95

              다이어트에 좋은 7가지 슈퍼과일로 만든 / 슬렌더후르츠7   

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    슬렌더후르츠7 / 효과 및 특징
    * 미국 플로리다 NexGen 바이오랩 제품  
    * 체지방연소에 좋은 7가지 슈퍼과일성분
    * 옴니버스 타입의 천연 다이어트 보조제
    * 라즈베리케톤 + 그린티+ 그린커피빈
    * 아사이베리 + 가르시니아 캄보지아
    * 아프리카망고 + 리치

    이런분들께 적합한 제품입니다
    * 자극없는 천연지방분해제 원하는 분들
    * 바빠서 운동을 거의 못하는 분들
    * 카페인 들어간 팻버너 부담스러운 분들

    슬렌더후르츠7 / 용량
    60정 / 1개월분

    슬렌더후르츠7 / 복용방법
    * 아침식사전 공복에 물과 함께 1정 드세요.
    * 점심먹고 3시간뒤 공복에 추가 1정 드세요.
    * 하루에 총 2정 드시는 것입니다.
    * 하루에 물 2리터 이상 충분히 마셔주세요.
    * 물을 많이 드셔야 감량효과가 좋습니다.

    슬렌더후르츠7 / 주요성분
    Garcinia Cambogia 50% HCA
    Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG)
    Green Coffee Bean Extract
    Raspberry Ketones 98%
    Acai Berry Extract 50:1
    African Mango Extract 10:1
    Lychee Fruit Extract 20:1

    Price: $90 Special Price: $79

              라즈베리케톤,아프리카망고,그린티 등 다양하게 블렌드된 / 라즈베리케톤 울트라 (RASPBERRY KETONE ULTRA®)   

    라즈베리케톤 울트라,라즈베리케톤 울트라 다이어트,라즈베리케톤 울트라 다이어트약,raspberry ketone,raspberry ketones,raspberry keton ultra,라즈베리케톤,라즈베리케톤 다이어트,라즈베리케톤 다이어트약,라즈베리케톤 추천,라즈베리케톤 다이어트 추천,라즈베리케톤 다이어트약 효과,라즈베리케톤 다이어트 후기,라즈베리케톤 다이어트 효과,라즈베리케톤즈,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트약,라즈베리케톤즈 추천,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트 추천,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트약 효과,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트 후기,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트 효과,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트약 후기,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트약 추천

    라즈베리케톤 울트라,라즈베리케톤 울트라 다이어트,라즈베리케톤 울트라 다이어트약,raspberry ketone,raspberry ketones,raspberry keton ultra,라즈베리케톤,라즈베리케톤 다이어트,라즈베리케톤 다이어트약,라즈베리케톤 추천,라즈베리케톤 다이어트 추천,라즈베리케톤 다이어트약 효과,라즈베리케톤 다이어트 후기,라즈베리케톤 다이어트 효과,라즈베리케톤즈,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트약,라즈베리케톤즈 추천,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트 추천,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트약 효과,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트 후기,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트 효과,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트약 후기,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트약 추천

    라즈베리케톤 울트라,라즈베리케톤 울트라 다이어트,라즈베리케톤 울트라 다이어트약,raspberry ketone,raspberry ketones,raspberry keton ultra,라즈베리케톤,라즈베리케톤 다이어트,라즈베리케톤 다이어트약,라즈베리케톤 추천,라즈베리케톤 다이어트 추천,라즈베리케톤 다이어트약 효과,라즈베리케톤 다이어트 후기,라즈베리케톤 다이어트 효과,라즈베리케톤즈,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트약,라즈베리케톤즈 추천,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트 추천,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트약 효과,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트 후기,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트 효과,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트약 후기,라즈베리케톤즈 다이어트약 추천

    라즈베리케톤 왜 유명한가?
    * 미국 ABC방송 닥터오즈쇼에서 소개되며 인기
    * 방송에서 실험에 참여한 여성들 폭풍감량결과 보도
    * 특별한 운동없이도 서서히 체중을 줄여주는 신성분 
    * 적당한 식욕억제와 자연스런 체지방분해효과
    * 부작용, 카페인 성분 싫은분들에게 큰 인기

    라즈베리케톤 울트라® / 효과 및 특징
    * 미국 뉴포트비치 Abundant Health 제품
    * 순수 퓨어 라즈베리케톤 500mg 고단위함유
    * 라즈베리케톤의 팻킬링 효과가 우수한 제품
    * 아프리카망고,사이더비니거 등 식욕억제추가
    * 그린티,켈프,그레이프 등 체지방분해추가
    * 100% 천연성분으로 화학카페인 전혀없음
    * 남녀노소 및 청소년도 복용가능한 안전제품

    이런분들에게 적합한 제품입니다.
    * 요즘 미국에서 가장 핫한 라즈베리케톤 제품
    * 다이어트 보조제 처음 드시는 초보자(비기너)
    * 무카페인 제품을 선호하고 부작용 두려운분
    * 시중에 저렴한 라즈베리케톤 먹고 효과못본분
    * 감량이 필요한 중,고등학생 자녀를 둔 부모님

    라즈베리케톤 울트라® / 용량
    120정 (2개월분)

    라즈베리케톤 울트라® / 복용방법
    * 하루 1번, 물과 함께 2정을 드세요.
    * 점심식사 30분전 공복에 드시는게 좋아요. 
    * 점심에 못드시면 저녁식사전에 드세요.
    * 물을 하루에 1.5리터 이상 충분히 마셔주세요.
    * 드라마틱한 감량을 위한분들은 두번 드세요.
    * 점심 30분전 2정 + 저녁 30분전 2정 드세요.

    라즈베리케톤 울트라® / 주요성분
    Raspberry Ketones  125.00mg

    "I have been using this product for over 2 months now. I noticed my appetite decreased right away. I love 8 pounds in two weeks. I have lost a total of 12 pounds to my desired weight of 120"  (지금 2개월째 복용중입니다. 식욕이 많이 줄어들었고 처음 2주동안 4키로 정도 감량했고 그 뒤로 추가로 6키로 감량해서 2개월에 총 10키로 정도 감량했습니다 by 슬림베라 해석)

    "I love this product I have no appetite" (이 제품 마음에 듭니다. 식욕이 크게 줄어 좋습니다. by 슬림베라 해석)

    "I have been using this product for over 3 months and have seen significant results" (약 3개월가량 복용중입니다. 아직까지도 큰 효과를 보고 있습니다. by 슬림베라 해석)

    Price: $80 Special Price: $69

              리퀴드헬스 라즈베리케톤(Liquid Health™ Raspberry Ketone 946ml)   


    리퀴드헬스 라즈베리케톤 / 효과 및 특징
    * 라즈베리케톤 성분함유로 적당한 식욕억제
    * 엘카르니틴, 그린티 성분으로 체지방분해
    * 잘 안빠지는 복부지방을 중점적으로 공략
    * 액상타입으로 빠른흡수 및 즉각적인 효과가 장점
    * 다이어트 보조제 처음드시는 분들에게 적합
    * 천연 라즈베리맛(생각보다 맛있어요!!)
    * 칼로리는 단 12 칼로리, 무설탕

    리퀴드헬스 라즈베리케톤 / 용량
    946ml / 대용량

    리퀴드헬스 라즈베리케톤 / 복용방법
    * 드시기 전에 병을 잘 흔들어 주세요.
    * 아침공복에 2스푼을 물이나 쥬스에 타서 드세요. 
    * 저녁공복에 2스푼을 추가로 더 드세요.
    * 하루에 총 4스푼 정도를 마시면 됩니다.
    * 개봉후 냉장실에 보관해주세요.

    리퀴드헬스 라즈베리케톤 / 주요성분
    Calories 12  Total Carbohydrate 1  Sugars 0  
    L-Carnitine USP 1,000 mg
    Raspberry Ketones 200 mg
    Green tea leaf extract 10 mg
    Stevia leaf extract 18 mg

    Price: $85 Special Price: $76

              미국 라즈베리케톤 누적판매 1위 / 네이처와이즈® 라즈베리케톤 플러스(Nature Wise® Raspberry Ketones Plus+)   

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    naturewise, nature wise,네이처와이즈,네이처 와이즈,네이처와이즈 라즈베리케톤,네이처와이즈 라즈베리케톤즈,라즈베리케톤,라즈베리케톤즈,라즈베리케톤즈 플러스,라즈베리케톤 플러스

    라즈베리케톤즈 플러스 / 효과 및 특징
    * 자연스러운 식욕억제와 빠른 체지방분해 동시효과
    * 자극적인 성분이 전혀없음(Non-Stimulating)
    * 카페인프리로 수면방해, 두근거림 등 전혀 없음
    * 미국의 GMP인증 연구소에서 임상실험으로 개발
    * 250mg 천연 라즈베리케톤즈 고단위 함유
    * 아프리카망고, 아사이베리, 애플사이더 추가함유 
    * 레스베라톨, 켈프, 포도씨 추출물 추가함유 
    * 부작용 없이 자연스러운 체중감량을 극대화
    * 12시간동안 잠자기 직전까지 식욕억제 및 지방분해

    라즈베리케톤즈 플러스 / 이런분들께추천
    * 다이어트보조제 처음 드시는 분들
    * 운동량이 많지 않은 분들
    * 자극적인 성분이 부담되는 분들
    * 자연스런 식욕억제와 체지방분해 원하는 분들

    라즈베리케톤즈 플러스 / 용량
    120정 / 40일분

    라즈베리케톤즈 플러스 / 복용방법
    * 아침식사전 공복에 물과 함께 2정을 드세요.
    * 저녁식사후 15분내 물과 함께 1정을 드세요.
    * 하루 총 3정을 드시는 것입니다.
    * 물은 하루에 적어도 10잔 이상 마셔주세요.
    * 물을 많이 드셔야 감량효과가 좋습니다.

    라즈베리케톤즈 플러스 / 주요성분
    Raspberry Ketones  250mg
    NatureWise Plus Blend 400mg
    African Mango Extract
    Green Tea Extract
    Apple Cider Vinegar
    Grapefruit Extrat
    Acai Berry

    Price: $75 Special Price: $69

              미국 임산부티 베스트셀러 / 얼쓰마마 유기농 마마투비티 샘플러 3팩 세트 (Earth Mama Organics Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler)    

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    얼쓰마마,earth mama,마마투비티샘플러,임산부 티,임산부 차,유기농 임산부 티,유기농 임산부 차,얼쓰마마 유기농 티,얼쓰마마 티샘플러,얼쓰마마 차,얼쓰마마 티,임산부전용티,임산부전용차,earth mama organics,earth mama mama-to-be tea sampler

    얼쓰마마,earth mama,마마투비티샘플러,임산부 티,임산부 차,유기농 임산부 티,유기농 임산부 차,얼쓰마마 유기농 티,얼쓰마마 티샘플러,얼쓰마마 차,얼쓰마마 티,임산부전용티,임산부전용차,earth mama organics,earth mama mama-to-be tea sampler

    얼쓰마마,earth mama,마마투비티샘플러,임산부 티,임산부 차,유기농 임산부 티,유기농 임산부 차,얼쓰마마 유기농 티,얼쓰마마 티샘플러,얼쓰마마 차,얼쓰마마 티,임산부전용티,임산부전용차,earth mama organics,earth mama mama-to-be tea sampler

    얼쓰마마,earth mama,마마투비티샘플러,임산부 티,임산부 차,유기농 임산부 티,유기농 임산부 차,얼쓰마마 유기농 티,얼쓰마마 티샘플러,얼쓰마마 차,얼쓰마마 티,임산부전용티,임산부전용차,earth mama organics,earth mama mama-to-be tea sampler


    얼쓰마마 유기농 임산부티® / 특징
    * 임산부 브랜드 얼쓰마마(Earth Mama)
    * 미국 USDA 유기농인증 획득 대표제품
    * Non-GMO, 유전자변형 없는 안전제품
    * 산모와 태아 모두에게 안전, 유익한 제품
    * 모닝웰니스,피스풀,써드트라이메스터,하트번
    * 총 4가지 버라이어티팩으로 구성된 인기 티
    * 미국 임산부들에게 가장 유명한 유기농 티

    임신중 다음과 같은 증상에 효과 좋습니다
    * 임신중 입덧(Morning Sickness)을 완화
    * 임신중 어지러움증(Nausea)을 완화

    * 임신중 속쓰림(Heartburn)을 완화
    * 임신중 기력없고 피곤(Fatigue) 완화
    * 임신중 심리불안(Anxiety) 완화 

    얼쓰마마 유기농 임산부티® / 제품구성
    * Morning Wellness Tea 4개 
    * Heartburn Tea 4개 
    * Peaceful Mama Tea 4개 
    * Third Trimester Tea 4개
    - 한박스에 총 16개 들어있습니다. 
    - 3박스면 총 48개 들어있습니다.

    얼쓰마마 유기농 임산부티® / 주요성분

    Morning Wellness Tea
    Zingiber officinale (organic ginger) root, Mentha spicata (organic spearmint) leaf, Matricaria recutita (organic chamomile), Citrus sinensis (organic orange) peel, Melissa officinalis (organic lemon balm) leaf, Mentha piperita (organic peppermint) leaf

    Heartburn Tea
    Mentha spicata (organic spearmint) leaf, Matricaria recutita (organic chamomile), Melissa officinalis (organic lemon balm) leaf, Althea officinalis (organic marshmallow), Rubus idaeus (organic red raspberry) leaf

    Peaceful Mama Tea
    Melissa officinalis (organic lemon balm) leaf, Matricaria recutita (organic chamomile) flower, Avena sativa (organic oatstraw), Citrus sinensis (organic orange) peel, Rubus idaeus (organic red raspberry) leaf

    Third Trimester Tea
    Rubus idaeus (organic red raspberry) leaf, Urtica dioica (organic stinging nettle) leaf, Avena sativa (organic oatstraw), Mentha spicata (organic spearmint), Rosa canina (organic rosehips), Matricaria recutita (organic chamomile) flower, Medicago sativa (organic alfalfa) leaf

    Price: $60 Special Price: $45

              미군들을 위해 개발된 근육보존 다이어트 / 그레네이드 수류탄 다이어트 (GRENADE® THERMO DETONATOR)   

    그리네이드, grenade, 그레네이드,그리네이드 다이어트약,수류탄 다이어트약,그리네이드 다이어트

    그리네이드, grenade, 그레네이드,그리네이드 다이어트약,수류탄 다이어트약,그리네이드 다이어트

    그리네이드, grenade, 그레네이드,그리네이드 다이어트약,수류탄 다이어트약,그리네이드 다이어트

    그리네이드, grenade, 그레네이드,그리네이드 다이어트약,수류탄 다이어트약,그리네이드 다이어트

    그리네이드, grenade, 그레네이드,그리네이드 다이어트약,수류탄 다이어트약,그리네이드 다이어트

    그리네이드, grenade, 그레네이드,그리네이드 다이어트약,수류탄 다이어트약,그리네이드 다이어트

    그리네이드, grenade, 그레네이드,그리네이드 다이어트약,수류탄 다이어트약,그리네이드 다이어트



    그레네이드® 수류탄 다이어트 / 효과 및 특징
    * 미군인들의 다이어트를 위해 개발된 포뮬라
    * 포만감유지+지방분해+근육량보존 3대효과
    * 근육유지하며 철저히 지방(body fat)만 연소
    * 서스테인드 릴리즈 에너지 기술로 강한 에너지
    * 캐쥬얼한 감량보다는 하드코어 감량에 효과적
    * 적당량 이상의 운동이 필요하며 초보자 비추천

    이런분들께 적합한 제품입니다
    * 운동을 일주일에 3회 이상 병행하는분
    * 운동하는데 강한 에너지가 필요한분
    * 운동할때 혹은 하고나서 배고픔이 심한분
    * 적은 음식섭취로 오랜포만감 원하는분 
    * 밀리터리 수준의 강한 팻버닝 필요한분
    * 근육량은 최대한 보존하며 지방만 빼고픈분
    * 카페인에 민감하지 않고 몸이 튼튼한분
    * 다이어트 보조제, 처방약 경험 풍부한분

    그레네이드® 수류탄 다이어트 / 용량

    운동하는 날 복용방법
    * 운동 30분전 물과 함께 2정을 드세요.
    * 물은 하루에 2리터 이상 충분히 마셔주세요.
    * 물을 많이 마셔야 팻번효과가 좋습니다.

    운동쉬는 날 복용방법
    * 아침공복에 물과 함께 1정을 드세요.
    * 물은 하루에 1.5리터 이상 마셔주세요. 
    * 물을 많이 마셔야 팻번효과가 좋습니다.

    그레네이드® 수류탄 다이어트 / 주요성분
    GRENADE TD Blend  775mg

    DMAE, Caffeine anhydrous, Green Tea Extract, Bitter Orange Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Capsicum Annuum, Evodiamine, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Phenylalanine, Cocoa Bean Extract, B-pheneythylamine HCI, Coleus Forskohlii, Yerba Mate Leaf

    Price: $120 Special Price: $99

              밀크시슬은 기본장착 간기능을 서포트하는 허브성분 블렌드된 / 리버 디톡서파이어 & 리제너레이터(Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator®)   

    유기농밀크씨슬,밀크씨슬,미국 밀크씨슬,미국 유기농 밀크씨슬,밀크씨슬 직구,유기농밀크시슬,유기농 밀크시슬,유기농 밀크시슬 구입,유기농 밀크시슬 직구,유기농 밀크시슬 보조제,미국유기농밀크시슬,미국 유기농 밀크시슬,미국 유기농 밀크시슬 구입,미국 유기농 밀크시슬 보조제,미국 유기농 밀크시슬 영양제,밀크시슬,밀크시슬복용법,밀크시슬효능,미국밀크시슬,미국 밀크시슬,밀크시슬직구,고함량밀크시슬,고함량 밀크시슬,밀크시슬 실리마린,밀크시슬실리마린,organic milk thistle,milk thistle,organic milk thistle silymarin,milk thistle silymarin


    리버 디톡서파이어 & 리제너레이터® 효과
    * 미국 건강비타민/천연허브 제조사 now 브랜드
    * 우리몸의 디톡스를 프로세싱하는 간기능 서포트
    * 간이 디톡스를 제대로 할수 있도록 간기능 보강
    * 간에 좋은 밀크시슬 300mg 고단위 함유
    * 아티초크, 단델리온, 강황 등 허브성분 블렌딩
    * 단순한 밀크시슬이 아닌 복합적인 간기능 보조제
    * 간기농 복합서포트 제품으로 간이 안좋은분들 추천
    * 간기능이 괜챦은 분들은 그냥 밀크시슬로도 충분
    * 잦은 음주,업무로 피고한 분들에게는 이제품 추천
    * 안전성 문제있는 젤라틴 캡슐 아닌 천연 베지캡슐

    리버 디톡서파이어 & 리제너레이터® 용량
    180정 / 대용량

    리버 디톡서파이어 & 리제너레이터® 복용방법
    * 하루 1번, 식후에 물과 함께 3정을 드세요
    * 아침/점심/저녁 아무때나 상관없습니다

    리버 디톡서파이어 & 리제너레이터® 주요성분
    Milk Thistle Extract  300mg
    Herbal-Enzyme Blend
    Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) (Leaf)
    Beet (Beta vulgaris) (Root)
    Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) (Leaf)
    Pancreatin (Pancreatic Enzymes) 90mg
    Setria™ L-Glutathione (Reduced) 100mg
    N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 100mg
    Grape Seed (Standardized Extract) 100mg
    Dandelion (Root) 100mg
    L-Carnitine (from L-Carnitine Tartrate) 50mg
    Scute (Root) (Scutellaria baicalensis) 50mg
    Schisandra (Fruit) 100mg
    Barberry (Root Bark) 30mg
    Turmeric (Root) (Curcuma longa) 30mg
    L-Methionine 20mg

    Price: $70 Special Price: $59

              뱃살 폭파 전문 / 벨리블라스터 (Belly Blaster®)   

    밸리블라스트,밸리블라스터,밸리 블라스터,밸리블라스터pm,벨리블라스트,벨리블라스터,벨리 블라스트,벨리 블라스터,belly blast,belly blaster,belly blaster pm,벨리블라스터pm,벨리 블라스터 pm,벨리 블라스터pm

    밸리블라스트,밸리블라스터,밸리 블라스터,밸리블라스터pm,벨리블라스트,벨리블라스터,벨리 블라스트,벨리 블라스터,belly blast,belly blaster,belly blaster pm,벨리블라스터pm,벨리 블라스터 pm,벨리 블라스터pm

    밸리블라스트,밸리블라스터,밸리 블라스터,밸리블라스터pm,벨리블라스트,벨리블라스터,벨리 블라스트,벨리 블라스터,belly blast,belly blaster,belly blaster pm,벨리블라스터pm,벨리 블라스터 pm,벨리 블라스터pm

    밸리블라스트,밸리블라스터,밸리 블라스터,밸리블라스터pm,벨리블라스트,벨리블라스터,벨리 블라스트,벨리 블라스터,belly blast,belly blaster,belly blaster pm,벨리블라스터pm,벨리 블라스터 pm,벨리 블라스터pm



    벨리블라스터 / 효과 및 특징
    * 오전+오후 깨어있는 동안 뱃살 폭파시켜주는 제품 
    * 낮동안 생활속에서 복부지방과 싸우는 파이터 제품 
    * 라즈베리케톤+그린커피빈+캄보지아 인기성분 
    * 신체중 뱃살과 옆구리에 살이 많은분들 추천 
    * 남녀공용 및 청소년들도 복용 가능

    벨리블라스터 / 용량
    120정 / 한달분

    벨리블라스터 / 복용방법
    * 아침식사전 공복에 2정을 드세요.
    * 점심식사전 공복에 2정을 드세요.
    * 적어도 식사전 30분-1시간전이 좋습니다.

    벨리블라스터 / 주요성분
    100% Pharmaceutical grade Green Coffee Bean extract 200mg, African Mango extract 200mg, Raspberry Ketones 200mg, Garcinia Cambogia (50% Hydroxycitric Acid) 200mg

    Price: $80 Special Price: $75

              복부팽만 + 가스 + 뱃살 + 체내 수분발란스 / 블로트어웨이 (Bloat Away®)   

    Bloat-Away®, bloat away, 브로트어웨이, 블로트어웨이, 블롯어웨이, 수분제거제, 수분발란스, 물살제거제

    Bloat-Away®, bloat away, 브로트어웨이, 블로트어웨이, 블롯어웨이, 수분제거제, 수분발란스, 물살제거제

    Bloat-Away®, bloat away, 브로트어웨이, 블로트어웨이, 블롯어웨이, 수분제거제, 수분발란스, 물살제거제

    Bloat-Away®, bloat away, 브로트어웨이, 블로트어웨이, 블롯어웨이, 수분제거제, 수분발란스, 물살제거제

    Bloat-Away®, bloat away, 브로트어웨이, 블로트어웨이, 블롯어웨이, 수분제거제, 수분발란스, 물살제거제

    Bloat-Away®, bloat away, 브로트어웨이, 블로트어웨이, 블롯어웨이, 수분제거제, 수분발란스, 물살제거제

    Bloat-Away®, bloat away, 브로트어웨이, 블로트어웨이, 블롯어웨이, 수분제거제, 수분발란스, 물살제거제



    블로트어웨이® / 효과 및 특징
    * 100% 올네추럴 천연 수분제거제
    * 수분을 제거하여 체내 수분밸런스 유지
    * 개인별로 적정수분레벨을 자동으로 세팅
    * 크랜베리,단델리온,쥬니퍼베리 천연성분
    * 전해질과 필수 미네랄은 보충해주는 효과
    * 항상화서포트로 세포건강과 노화방지 효과

    블로트어웨이® / 이런분들께추천!!
    * 얼굴이랑 몸이 자주 붓는 분들
    * 물만 마셔도 살이 찌는 물살체질
    * 체내 수분이 과도하게 많은분들
    * 기타 사유로 수분제거가 절실한분들

    블로트어웨이® / 용량
    60정 / 액상소프트젤

    블로트어웨이® / 복용방법
    * 식사후 한번에 3정을 물과함께 드세요.
    * 드실때는 물한컵 가득채워 드세요.
    * 아침/점심/저녁 아무때나 드세요.

    블로트어웨이® / 주요성분
    Potassium 100 mg
    Dandelion powder 330 mg
    Hibiscus extract 330 mg
    Uva Ursi Extract 252 mg
    Buchu powder 162 mg
    Cranberry powder 120 mg
    Chamomile Extract 90 mg
    Cornsilk powder 90 mg
    Grape Seed powder 90 mg
    Juniper Berry Powder 90 mg
    Parsley Extract 90 mg
    Red Raspberry 90 mg
    Fish Oil1 950 mg
    Bioperine® Black Pepper
    Ginger extract 6 mg

    Price: $60 Special Price: $45

              부담없는 여성전용 식욕억제+지방분해 / 슈퍼 웨이트로스®   

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    슈퍼 웨이트로스 / 효과 및 특징
    * 여성전용으로 여성들 몸에 최적화
    * 100% 천연성분으로 부작용 없음
    * 부담없이 식욕억제와 체지방분해 동시에

    * 가르시니아,라즈베리,포스콜린,그린커피
    * 기분을 좋게하는 무드 인핸스 효과 추가
    * 적당한 강도의 에너지 부스트 효과

    슈퍼 웨이트로스 / 이런분들께 추천
    * 강한 제품은 부담스러워 싫은 분들
    * 다이어트 할때 신경 예민해지는 분들
    * 운동할 여유 없어서 운동못하는 분들

    슈퍼 웨이트로스 / 용량
    * 60정(1개월분)
    * 제품뚜껑은 녹색 or 흰색 랜덤 발송

    슈퍼 웨이트로스 / 복용방법
    * 아침식사 30분전 공복에 2정 드세요
    * 드실때 물 한컵 가득 충분히 드세요

    슈퍼 웨이트로스 / 주요성분
    Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones, Forskolin, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Rhodiola Rosea

    Price: $90 Special Price: $79

              아마존에서 와일드핸드크래프팅한 카루카무베리 & 아세롤라로 만들어진 100% 천연유기농 비타민C / 퓨어 라디안스-C®   

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    퓨어 라디안스-C® / 효과 및 특징
    * 미국 유타 THE SYNERGY COMPNAY 제품
    * 남미 아마존 야