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Theodoor Rombouts (Antwerp 1597–1637 Antwerp), Card Players in an InteriorOil on canvas (Signed lower right: T. ROMBOVTS), 147 x 186 cm© 2017 London Art Week

ProvenanceBaron Corneille Osy de Zegwart (1757–1831); and by descent to Jean Osy de Zegwart (1792– 1866). And by descent to Baron Edouard Osy de Zegwart (1832–1900), governor of Antwerp. And by descent to Baroness Osy de Zegwart and by descent in her family until 2014.

NoteTheodoor Rombouts was the primary exponent of Flemish Caravaggism, a brief but important artistic phenomenon that peaked in the 1620s. Born in Antwerp in 1597, the history and genre painter is best known for his large-scale secular works depicting merry companies, music scenes and card-playing characters in compact compositions. His half-length figures, firmly modelled and always lively, wear theatrical costumes and are set in chiaroscuro lighting typical of the Flemish Caravaggisti, also known as the Antwerp Tenebrosi. The artist began as a pupil of François van Lanckvelt in 1608 and then studied under Abraham Janssens (c.1575–1632), whose influence is evident throughout his career. Sometime after drafting his last will and testament in 1616 Rombouts left for Rome where he quickly embraced the style of Caravaggio (1571–1610) and Bartolomeo Manfredi (1582–1622). There is little known about his time in Italy but the documentation that does exist places the artist in the Roman parish of Sant'Andrea delle Fratte in 1620, which means that Dirck van Baburen (c.1592/93–1624), David de Haen (1585–1622) and Manfredi were living nearby. Enticed by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Rombouts also probably worked in Florence. Rombouts returned to his native city in 1625; he became a master in the painters' guild and a dean of the guild from 1629 to 1630. In 1627 he married Anna van Thielen, the sister of one of his pupils, flower painter Jan Philip van Thielen (1618–1667). The couple welcomed the birth of their daughter, Anna Maria, the following year. The successful artist painted mostly for private clients and for the open market but he also executed some altarpieces, with most commissions coming from Ghent. Though best known for his work in the Caravaggesque idiom, Rombouts's artistic development after returning to Antwerp followed popular taste. As the fashionable interest in Caravaggism began to wane after 1630, the savvy artist moved in the direction of Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640) and Anthony van Dyck (1599–1641), towards greater refinement in his palette and surfaces. According to Leonard J. Slatkes, Rombouts's works were always only superficially Caravaggesque and were more profoundly shaped by the influences of his many Flemish baroque contemporaries.1 Little is known of his Antwerp workshop but his pupils included Nicolaas van Eyck (1617–1679), Jan Philip van Thielen and Paulus Robyns. Near the end of his life he attempted to replicate a house and studio in imitation of Rubens. The costly endeavour apparently incurred heavy debts, which he never had the opportunity to resolve due to his untimely death in 1637. The present work, Card Players in an Interior, belongs among the finest and most representative works of Rombouts's Caravaggesque genre scenes. Recalling Manfredi's merry company pictures, there is a marked sense of monumentality to the five figures that are arranged around a carpeted table, engaged in a game of cards. The individuals are realistic and expressive; the scene appears convincingly spontaneous and natural. Rombouts introduces repoussoir figures that confront the viewer and direct attention to the central bearded figure who stares down at his hand of cards, presumably a self-portrait. Rombouts also included a portrait of his wife, Anna, in the hatted figure seated beside him. The inclusion of self-portraits and portraits of family members was not unusual in Dutch and Flemish genre painting, despite the potentially negative associations of moralising subjects. Card playing was perceived as a time-waster at best and, at worst, was associated with any number of disreputable behaviours. Though no alcohol is depicted, coins are strewn about the table: a reference to the ‘unwholesome' activity of gambling. Portraits of Rombouts, his wife and even his young daughter can be seen in another of his works, The Backgammon Players, at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh (fig. 1), in which the lavishly dressed soldier bears the artist's likeness. This comparison not only confirms the identities of the Theodoor and Anna in our picture but also helps to date it. The Backgammon Players, painted in 1634, demonstrates Rombouts's move away from Caravaggism towards the prevailing baroque style as it evolved in Antwerp. Unlike our picture, the Raleigh composition is set in a deeper space with vaguely classicising figures. The palette is brighter, the lighting more diffuse and the costumes more sophisticated. The luxurious shimmering fabrics speak of the direct influence of Rubens and Van Dyck. Our Card Players was certainly produced earlier when Rombouts was still painting under the influence of Roman Caravaggism, adeptly applying chiaroscuro and local colour to his rustically expressive scenes.

1200 (1)

Matthias Stomer (c.1600–after 1652), The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomewcirca 1630-5. Oil on canvas, 44 x 62 in. (111.8 x 157.5 cm.) © 2017 London Art Week

Note: Matthias Stomer ranks among the most important and prolific Netherlandish masters of the seventeenth century who were active in Italy. This talented painter was among the last of the famed Dutch Caravaggisti. Although Stomer's birthplace cannot be documented with any certainty, the name Stom is of Southern Netherlandish (Flemish) derivation and it is possible that he emigrated from this region, like so many of his countrymen, to the Dutch Republic. Here he might have received his artistic training in Utrecht or possibly Amersfoort. The influence of Dutch painters from both those towns in terms of style and subject matter is readily detectable in his earliest work, in particular the influence of the prominent Utrecht painter, Gerrit van Honthorst, as well as that of Hendrick ter Brugghen, Joachim Wtewael or the venerable Abraham Bloemaert. In 1630 Stomer travelled to Rome and stayed there until around 1635. Our picture, The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew, was painted during this Roman period and is an important picture within his overall oeuvre. Saint Bartholomew is traditionally identified as one of Christ's original twelve apostles. After the Resurrection, Bartholomew is believed to have preached the gospel in India and Armenia. In the latter region, he was flayed alive and then hung upside down for refusing to worship idols. In Stomer's dramatic canvas, the doomed saint is posed frontally in half-length. He is stripped to his loincloth and one of the executioners has already begun his grisly task. Stomer has added the remarkable motif of a figure in a striking terracotta-coloured robe at the far left, perhaps a pagan priest, who holds a golden statuette of Minerva before the elderly saint, thereby contextualising the immediate cause of his martyrdom. Stomer was probably familiar with a picture of the saint's martyrdom painted in Rome by the French Caravaggist Valentin de Boulogne, datable to c.1616.

Thos. Agnew & Sons was established in 1817 and has since held a preeminent position in the world of Old Master paintings. One of London's leading art dealerships, the new Agnews, celebrating its 200th year under a new and dynamic ownership, are active participants in all areas of the market, from the 15th to the 20th century. Our selection appeals to a cross-section of buyers, with a broad range of genres, subjects, price ranges, and periods. We work with established collectors and curators to refine existing collections, while simultaneously introducing a new audience to the pleasures and satisfaction of collecting.

Contact information: Anthony Crichton-Stuart and Anna Cunningham, - +44 (0)207 491 9219 -

Address of Exhibition: 6 St.James's Place, London, SW1A 1NP

London Art Week, 30 June – 7 July 2017

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          Τα κόλπα της γιαγιάς για να περάσει ο καύσωνας ανώδυνα χωρίς κλιματιστικό!!!- Κάτι παραπάνω ξέρει…   
Τα κόλπα της γιαγιάς για να περάσει ο καύσωνας ανώδυνα χωρίς κλιματιστικό!!!- Κάτι παραπάνω ξέρει…
Τα κόλπα της γιαγιάς για να περάσει ο καύσωνας ανώδυνα χωρίς κλιματιστικό!!!- Κάτι παραπάνω ξέρει…

Ωραίο το καλοκαίρι, με τον ήλιο, τα μπάνια, τη θάλασσα και τις καλοκαιρινές διακοπές, αλλά οι μέρες του καύσωνα, που στην Ελλάδα είναι συχνές και έντονες, είναι ανυπόφορες.

Δείτε τι μπορείτε να κάνετε όταν το κλιματιστικό δεν είναι επιλογή… Το κλιματιστικό όμως συνεπάγεται και έξοδα και όταν έρχονται οι λογαριασμοί, δεν χαιρόμαστε τόσο όσο την ώρα που απολαμβάναμε τη δροσιά του. Λύσεις για να περάσει ο καύσωνας ανώδυνα υπάρχουν. Άλλωστε οι παππούδες και οι γιαγιάδες μας τι έκαναν πριν αρκετά χρόνια που δεν υπήρχαν τα air condition. Τους ρωτήσαμε λοιπόν και μας μετέφεραν τη σοφία τους.

 Επιλέξτε το βαμβάκι Για τις δυνατές μέρες του καλοκαιριού ξεχάστε τα σατέν, τα πολυέστερ και τα μεταξωτά σεντόνια και επιλέξτε μόνο βαμβακερά. Το βαμβάκι έχει την ικανότητα να αερίζεται κι έτσι παραμένει πολύ πιο δροσερό από τα άλλα υφάσματα που συγκρατούν τη ζέστη πάνω τους. Προτιμήστε τα βαμβακερά σεντόνια για μεγαλύτερη δροσιά.

Βάλτε τα σεντόνια στην κατάψυξη Αναρωτιέστε πώς γινόταν και κοιμόντουσαν παλιά οι άνθρωποι χωρίς κλιματιστικά; Η γιαγιά Μαρία μας έδωσε τη λύση. Βάζανε τα σεντόνια μέσα σε μια πλαστική σακούλα και τα τοποθετούσαν μέσα στην κατάψυξη για λίγα λεπτά. Μπορεί η δροσιά να μην κρατούσε όλο το βράδυ αλλά αρκούσε για να αποτρέψει τη ζέστη για λίγη ώρα μέχρι να κοιμηθούν.

Χρησιμοποιήστε θερμοφόρα Ποιος είπε ότι η θερμοφόρα κάνει μόνο για τον χειμώνα; Το καλοκαίρι γεμίστε τη με νερό και βάλτε τη στην κατάψυξη. Χρησιμοποιήστε τη για να δροσίζετε τα πόδια ή τον αυχένα σας. Γίνετε δημιουργικοί Νομίζατε πως ο ανεμιστήρας είναι μόνο για να σας δροσίζει; Τότε κάτι σας έχει ξεφύγει! Ο ανεμιστήρας μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί και ως απωθητικό του ζεστού αέρα. Βάλτε τον έξω από το παράθυρό σας και ρυθμίστε τον να γυρίζει αριστερόστροφα ώστε να πηγαίνει τον αέρα προς τα έξω. Προτιμήστε να κοιμάστε μόνοι σας ή έστω με απόσταση ο ένας από τον άλλον.

Η Αιγυπτιακή μέθοδος Οι Αιγύπτιοι έχουν σκεφτεί μερικούς από τους καλύτερους τρόπους για να δροσίζονται εξαιτίας των υψηλών θερμοκρασιών που κυριαρχούν στη χώρα τους. Βάζουν λοιπόν ένα σεντόνι μέσα σε κρύο νερό, το στραγγίζουν καλά και με αυτό σκεπάζονται τη νύχτα. Φροντίστε να βάλετε πρώτα από πάνω σας μια λεπτή πετσέτα για να μην ποτίσει το στρώμα σας με νερό.

Φορέστε λίγα ρούχα Προτιμήστε βαμβακερά ρούχα που καλύπτουν μικρή ποσότητα δέρματος. Μπορείτε ακόμα και να κοιμηθείτε γυμνοί αν και πολλοί υποστηρίζουν πως όταν είστε γυμνοί ο ιδρώτας μένει πάνω στο σώμα γιατί δεν έχει ύφασμα για να απορροφηθεί. Όπως και να’χει μπορείτε να το δοκιμάσετε. Τα λίγα ρούχα σίγουρα βοηθάνε. Μπορείτε όμως να αξιοποιήσετε και τον ανεμιστήρα σας ώστε να έχετε λίγη παραπάνω δροσιά.

Η παλιά μέθοδος Τα παλαιότερα χρόνια που ακόμα δεν υπήρχαν τα κλιματιστικά πολύς κόσμος έβαζε μπροστά από τον ανεμιστήρα ένα μεγάλο μπολ με παγάκια. Καθώς ο ανεμιστήρας φυσούσε πάνω στα παγάκια έστελνε ένα κύμα δροσιάς προς όλες τις κατευθύνσεις. Επιλέξτε τη μοναξιά Τις πολύ καυτές μέρες του καλοκαιριού, προτιμήστε να κοιμηθείτε μόνοι σας για να παραμείνετε δροσεροί για περισσότερη ώρα.

Οι αγκαλιές με τους συντρόφους σας θα έχουν σαν αποτέλεσμα να ιδρώσετε πιο γρήγορα και να αυξήσετε ακόμα περισσότερο τη θερμοκρασία του δωματίου. Προτιμήστε να κοιμηθείτε μόνοι ή τουλάχιστον να έχετε κάποια απόσταση μεταξύ σας. Το κρύο ντους πριν τον ύπνο πάντα βοηθάει.

Κάντε ντους Το ντους πριν τον ύπνο κάνει μεγάλη διαφορά και βοηθάει στο να διατηρήσετε τη θερμοκρασία σας σε καλά επίπεδα μέχρι να σας πάρει ο ύπνος. Δεν χρειάζεται φυσικά να κάτσετε με τις ώρες στο ντους γιατί με αυτόν τον τρόπο θα ανέβει κατακόρυφα και ο λογαριασμός του νερού.

Απλά ρίξτε λίγο κρύο νερό πάνω σας και βγείτε.

Αποφύγετε τη χρήση φούρνου Καλό είναι τους καλοκαιρινούς μέρες με την πολλή ζέστη να αποφύγετε πάση θυσία να ανάψετε τον φούρνο σας. Δεν υπάρχει κανένας λόγος να αυξήσετε τόσο δραματικά τη θερμοκρασία του σπιτιού όπως συμβαίνει όταν χρησιμοποιείτε τον φούρνο. Προτιμήστε να μαγειρεύετε στο γκριλ και προτιμήστε τα κρύα πιάτα, τις σαλάτες, τα φρούτα και τα όσπρια.


          5 έξυπνα μυστικά για να σε ερωτευτεί παράφορα και να “κολλήσει” μαζί σου…   
5 έξυπνα μυστικά για να σε ερωτευτεί παράφορα και να “κολλήσει” μαζί σου…

5 έξυπνα μυστικά για να σε ερωτευτεί παράφορα και να “κολλήσει” μαζί σου…
Έχεις βρει τον άντρα της ζωής σου και φοβάσαι ότι κάτι θα στραβώσει και θα τον χάσεις;
Νιώθεις ότι αν δείξεις τον πραγματικό σου εαυτό θα εξαφανιστεί; Ή μήπως τρέμεις ότι μια λάθος κίνηση θα τον ξενερώσει…;Πάρε βαθιά ανάσα και ηρέμησε. Πάντα υπάρχει ο σωστός τρόπος που οδηγεί στην επιτυχία…

Οι σχέσεις είναι σαν κάθε άλλη συμφωνία. Υπάρχει η σωστή τακτική και πάντα υπάρχουν ψιλά γράμματα. Η λεπτομέρεια που κάνει τη διαφορά είναι ποιος σπατάλησε τον απαιτούμενο χρόνο για να μάθει τις λεπτομέρειες…
Μην δίνεσαι ολοκληρωτικά από την αρχή
Αν είσαι στην αρχή της σχέσης και δεν ξέρεις ακόμα τι νιώθει για σένα και πόσο έντονα είναι αυτά που νιώθει, φρόντισε να τα ενισχύσεις. Κανείς άνθρωπος δεν θέλει κάποιον που είναι σκυλάκι. Μην τον παίρνεις συνέχεια από πίσω και μη του κάνεις όλα τα χατίρια. Αν ήθελε κάποιον να τον ακολουθεί και να του κουνάει χαρούμενα την ουρά, θα έπαιρνε ένα κατοικίδιο. Αν νιώσει ότι είσαι μονίμως διαθέσιμη το πιθανότερο θα είναι να υποθέσει ότι δεν έχεις ζωή. Και δίκιο θα έχει. Θυμάσαι κάποτε που σαν άλλη Sarah Jessica Parker, φορούσες τα Manolo και έβγαινες για cosmopolitan; Που εξαφανίστηκε η ντίβα που έκρυβες μέσα σου; Γιατί μεταμορφώθηκες σε υπηρέτρια που του τα δίνει όλα στα χέρια; Ο ρόλος αυτός ούτε σου πάει ούτε είσαι εσύ! Κάνε ένα βήμα πίσω και άφησε τον να ανασάνει.
Διατήρησε το μυστήριο…
Σε κανέναν δεν αρέσει να μαθαίνει τον άλλον αμέσως. Όσο διατηρείς το μύθο σου, τόσο πιο πιθανό είναι να κολλάει πάνω σου σαν γραμματόσημο και να θέλει συνεχώς να περνάτε χρόνο μαζί. Όταν οι άντρες νιώσουν ότι έχουν κατακτήσει το στόχο τους, είναι πολύ φυσικό να θέλουν να περάσουν στον επόμενο. Μην γίνει λοιπόν ένας εύκολος στόχος. Μίλα όσο το δυνατόν λιγότερο για τον εαυτό σου και δώστου λίγο λίγο τις πληροφορίες που του χρειάζονται. Δεν είναι τυχαίο που οι γυναίκες αράχνες είναι η νούμερο ένα φαντασίωση κάθε άντρα. Το μυστήριο σε μια σχέση είναι το αλατοπίπερο της. Και πάντα φρόντισε να περνά καλά μαζί σου. Οι άντρες κατά βάση ερωτεύονται τις γυναίκες που τους κάνουν και γελάνε. Φρόντισε να του προτείνεις συνεχώς καινούργια πράγματα για να κάνετε και μην ακολουθείς την παραδοσιακή μέθοδο του φαγητού και του ποτού. Υπάρχουν τόσα άλλα πράγματα που μπορείτε να κάνετε. Γιατί να βγαίνετε μονίμως για φαγητό;
Στήστον στα ραντεβού

Ειδικά στα πρώτα ραντεβού δεν νοείται να πηγαίνεις στην ώρα σου. Είσαι μια γυναίκα που αξίζει να την περιμένουν και αυτό ακριβώς θα κάνεις. Θα τον αφήσεις να σε περιμένει. Πρόσεξε μόνο να μην το παρακάνεις! Δεν είπαμε να τον στήσεις για ώρες. Το ακαδημαϊκό τέταρτο είναι ό,τι πρέπει. Μην αναρωτιέσαι γιατί το στήσιμο είναι το απόλυτο must για να σε ερωτευτεί. Ο άντρας έχει την πεποίθηση ότι αν κάτι τον ζορίζει, τότε αξίζει. Όταν εμφανιστείς στο ραντεβού μετά την ολιγόλεπτη αργοπορία σου και αφού φορέσεις το πιο γλυκό σου χαμόγελο, ζήτα του συγγνώμη και πες του γενικά και αόριστα ότι κάτι σου έτυχε. Αυτό που πρέπει να θυμάσαι είναι ότι ο άντρας μαλακώνει από το στήσιμο.
Μην του κάτσεις αμέσως
Μπορεί οι άντρες να λένε ότι τους αρέσουν οι γυναίκες που είναι πολύ ανοιχτές αλλά σχεδόν ποτέ δεν εκτιμούν και δεν βλέπουν σοβαρά μια γυναίκα που το έκανε μαζί τους από την πρώτη βραδιά. άφησε τον να παίζει στο μυαλό του τις βραδιές πάθους που θα ακολουθήσουν και μην ενδώσεις ποτέ και για κανένα λόγο πριν τον ένα μήνα. Εννοείται ότι ο ένας μήνας είναι ενδεικτικός και δεν χρειάζεται να περιμένεις τόσο. Η κάθε γυναίκα ξέρει πόσο καιρό πρέπει να πάρει μέχρι να προχωρήσει. Όσο περιμένετε το πάθος θα φουντώνει όλο και περισσότερο και αυτός δεν θα μπορεί να σκεφτεί τίποτα άλλο πέρα από το ότι θέλει να σε ρίξει στο κρεβάτι.
Μην εμφανίζεσαι ποτέ απεριποίητη μπροστά του
Ακόμα και όταν κοιμάστε μαζί φρόντισε να ξυπνάς λίγο νωρίτερα και να κάνεις τα βασικά. Δεν μιλάμε για κάτι υπερβολικό. Πλύσιμο τα δοντάκια και λίγο μάσκαρα και ρουζ. Κανείς δεν θέλει όταν ξυπνάει να βλέπει δίπλα του μια γυναίκα απεριποίητη. Ειδικά στην αρχή. Πρέπει να του δώσεις να καταλάβει ότι δεν είσαι σαν τις άλλες που μόλις κάνουν μια σχέση αφήνονται και κυκλοφορούν εντελώς άβαφτες στο σπίτι. Εξάλλου αυτή σου η εικόνα δεν θα ταιριάζει με την μοιραία γυναίκα που γνώρισε πριν λίγο καιρό. Βάλε λοιπόν στο Gucci τσαντάκι σου τα είδη πρώτης ανάγκης,(οδοντόβουρτσα, lip gloss και μάσκαρα) και ετοιμάσου για απροειδοποίητη επίσκεψη σήμερα το βράδυ…




          ΕΠΑΘΕ ΠΛΑΚΑ: Οδηγούσε με 175χλμ/ώρα και δείτε τι τον προσπέρασε [Βίντεο]   
ΕΠΑΘΕ ΠΛΑΚΑ: Οδηγούσε με 175χλμ/ώρα και δείτε τι τον προσπέρασε [Βίντεο]
ΕΠΑΘΕ ΠΛΑΚΑ: Οδηγούσε με 175χλμ/ώρα και δείτε τι τον προσπέρασε [Βίντεο]
Οι παλιοί θα το θυμηθούν ενώ οι νεότεροι δεν θα το πιστεύουν.

Δείτε τι αυτοκίνητο έκανε την εντυπωσιακή προσπέραση




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          Stocks Going Ex Dividend the First Week of July   
Here is our latest update on the stock trading technique called ‘Buying Dividends,’ also commonly referred to as ‘Dividend Capture.’ This is the process of buying stocks before the ex dividend date and selling the stock shortly after the ex date at about the same price, yet still being entitled to the dividend. This technique generally works only in bull markets, and can work in flat or choppy markets, but you need to avoid the technique during bear markets.
In order to be entitled to the dividend, you have to buy the stock before the ex-dividend date, and you can’t sell the stock until after the ex date. The actual dividend may not be paid for another few weeks. has compiled a downloadable and sortable list of the stocks going ex dividend in the near future. The list contains many dividend paying companies, lots with market caps over $500 million, and yields over 2%. Here are a few examples showing the stock symbol, the ex-dividend date, the quarterly dividend amount, and annual yield.

J P Morgan Chase & Co (JPM) 7/3/2017 0.5 2.22%
American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) 7/5/2017 0.125 4.31%
American Express Company (AXP) 7/5/2017 0.32 1.51%
Barnes & Noble, Inc. (BKS) 7/5/2017 0.15 8.00%
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMY) 7/5/2017 0.39 2.71%
Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO) 7/5/2017 0.29 3.32%

The additional ex-dividend stocks can be found here at (If you have been to the website before, and the latest link doesn’t show up, you may have to empty your cache.) If you like dividend stocks, you should check out some of the other high yield stock lists at or Most of the lists are free.Dividend definitions:
Declaration date: the day that the company declares that there is going to be an upcoming dividend.
Ex-dividend date: the day on which if you buy the stock, you would not be entitled to that particular dividend; or the first day on which a shareholder can sell the shares and still be entitled to the dividend.
Monthly Dividend Stock List

Record date: the day when you must be on the company’s books as a shareholder to receive the dividend. The ex-dividend date is normally set for stocks at two business days before the record date.
Payment date: the day on which the dividend payment is actually made, which can be as long at two months after the ex date.

          Top 5 Ways to Learn French   
We live in a small world, with different cultures interacting almost on daily basis. So it comes as no surprise that more and more people are learning foreign languages to be able to interact with each other. One of the most popular languages to learn is French. If you are just getting started, you may […]
          Figura bastante conhecida em Garanhuns, Foguinho está desaparecido   

O cidadão Edvaldo Firmino dos Santos, popularmente conhecido como “Foguinho”, está desaparecido há mais de 4 dias. A informação foi veiculada com exclusividade pelo Portal Imprensa do Agreste. De acordo a publicação, Foguinho foi visto pela ultima vez pelos parentes e amigos há mais de quatro dias. A família está desesperada, pois não é costume Foguinho sair e demorar. Ele é visto com frequência em orgãos públicos da cidade. Familiares pedem que quem souber o paradeiro de Foguinho, entra em contato com a Rádio 87FM, ou com a Polícia Militar através do 190.

Com informações do Jornal Imprensa do Agreste

          TODD STARNES Anti-religion bullies target cross, symbols on campus   
          Sin Bandera - Sobre Mi ft. Maluma   

Letra y acordes de Sobre Mi

(Letra y música de Leonel García, Noel Schajris, Maluma)

LAm                           MIm       REm
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh
LAm                           MIm       REm
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh. oh oh oh

Tengo los recuerdos rotos y me mata poco a poco
MIm                           REm
El desierto en que me quedé.
Un suspiro más me queda, vivo en un toque de queda,
 MIm                    REm
Hace tiempo me resigné.

Y ahora tú regresas
                         MIm                REm
y borras de un beso toda tranquilidad
Y ahora tú me besas
                       MIm                   REm
y aunque lo intente ya no puedo parar.

Hey, hey, hey, hey... ¿Tú llamando otra vez?
   MIm                                REm
Y ahora que tú me buscas, no estoy y te disgusta.
Es que se siente bien que tú quieras volver
  MIm                                   REm
Y ahora que tú me buscas, no estoy y te disgusta.

Si hubiera sabido que eras un caso perdido,
          MIm                        REm
Sin dudar yo hubiera huido de ti.
Nunca fui cobarde pero es demasiado tarde,
        MIm                    REm
Tu cadera se apodera de mí.

Y ahora tú regresas
                         MIm                REm
y borras de un beso toda tranquilidad
Y ahora tú me besas
                       MIm                   REm
y aunque lo intento ya no puedo parar.

Hey, hey, hey, hey... ¿Tú llamando otra vez?
   MIm                                REm
Y ahora que tú me buscas, no estoy y te disgusta.
Es que se siente bien que tú quieras volver
  MIm                                   REm
Y ahora que tú me buscas, no estoy y te disgusta.

LAm                                 MIm        REm
Uoh uoh uoh, uoh uoh uoh oh oh, uoh oh oh
LAm                                 MIm        REm
Uoh uoh uoh, uoh uoh uoh oh oh, uoh oh oh

Dime ¿Qué tú quiere ma? No te lo voa dar
Ya no incistas más, ahora que estoy soltero voy a disfrutar.
Estuve tanto tiempo yo pensando en ti
Tú bien sabes lo que hice por ti
Fui sincero nunca te mentí
Si te hubieras dado cuenta seguirías aquí.

FA                       SOL       
Y cuando estás conmigo amor
              MIm                 LA
Se me olvida todo lo que juré
                 FA                         MI
Tu bien sabes que yo siempre estaré.

Hey, hey, hey, hey... ¿Tú llamando otra vez?
  MIm                                REm
Y ahora que tú me buscas, no estoy y te disgusta.
Es que se siente bien que tú quieras volver
  MIm                                   REm
Y ahora que tú me buscas, no estoy y te disgusta.

LAm                                 MIm        REm
Uoh uoh uoh, uoh uoh uoh oh oh, uoh oh oh.
LAm                                 MIm        REm
Uoh uoh uoh, uoh uoh uoh oh oh, uoh oh oh.

Tienes poder sobre mí, si me miras ya no sé cómo salir,
                            MIm                      REm
Si suspiras no me puedo resistir y decirte no.
Tienes poder sobre mí si me miras y me puedes controlar,
                            MIm                            REm
Si suspiras ya no sé cómo escapar y decir que no.

LAm                                               MIm
Si regresas me pierdo y no puedo pensar.
                            REm                        LAm
Si te vas no me acuerdo y te vuelvo a aceptar.
LAm                                             MIm
Si regresas me pierdo y no puedo pensar.
                                REm                   LAm
Si te vas no me acuerdo y te vuelvo a aceptar.
Transcripción x javi29

          Big Bang Theory star thanks firefighters after house fire   
Johnny Galecki’s holiday home could not be saved from a California wildfire.
          Amber Necklace, Baltic Amber on Sterling Silver - "Firestar" by CircesHouse on Etsy by CircesHouse   

49.50 USD

"Firestar." This GORGEOUS!! necklace features a spectacular pendant of Baltic amber and sterling silver. This pendant adorns a sterling silver chain accented with amber and hessonite garnet rondelles.

This amber is absolutely magnificent, a delicious deep orange with scintillant flecks within. This necklace blazes with color, and exudes a warm, joyful energy that will make you happy whenever you look at it. This is a one-of-a-kind necklace with symbolism as lovely as its looks--amber is known as a stone of protection and optimism. This would be a beautiful and thoughtful gift for anyone you care about, including yourself.

The amber pendant is about an inch and a half long. The necklace is about 17 inches long, but we're happy to change that if you like: just let us know via the "message to seller" box during checkout. All metal is sterling silver.

Check out our full Etsy shop for more gorgeous jewelry: .

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          Chris Labrooy Makes Cars Defy Reality   

Internationally acclaimed artist Chris LaBrooy has a client list with quite a few of your favorite brands (Apple, Nike, Time, Target, the list goes on), but our favorite works of his might be the digital 3D sculptures where he bends cars and reality to create something surreal and mind-blowing. It started with “Tales of Auto […]

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          Mariah Carey’s message played at funeral of Manchester attack victim   
The service was also attended by Coronation Street stars.
          Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris   

Letra y acordes de Baby

(Lyric and music by Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash, Christopher Bridges, Christina Milian)
MIb     DOm   LAb            SIb
Ouoh... ah... Ouoh... ah... Ouoh...

You know you love me, I know you care
Just shout whenever, and I'll be there
You want my love, you want my heart
And we will never, ever, ever be apart.

Are we an item? Girl, quit playing
We're just friends, what are you saying?
Say there's another and look right in my eyes
My first love broke my heart for the first time.

And I'm was like, baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I thought you'd always be mine, mine.
Baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I thought you'd always be mine.

For you, I would have done whatever
And I just can't believe we ain't together
And I'm gotta play it cool, `cause I'm losing you
I'll buy you anything, I'll buy you any ring
`Cause I'm in pieces, baby fix me
Just shake `til you wake me from this bad dream
I'm goin' down, down, down
And I just can't believe my first love won't be around.

And I'm was like, baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I thought you'd always be mine, mine.
Baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I thought you'd always be mine.

When I was 13, I had my first love
There was nobody that compared to my baby
And nobody came between us who could ever come above
She had me going crazy, oh I was starstruck
She woke me up daily, don't need no Starbucks
She made my heart pound
I skip a beat when I see her in the street
And at school on the playground
But I really wanna see her on a weekend
She know she got me dazin' 'cause she was so amazin'
And now my heart is breakin' but I just keep on sayin'

Baby, baby, baby ouh
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I thought you'd always be mine, mine.

Baby, baby, baby ouh
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I thought you'd always be mine, mine.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Now I'm all gone, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Now I'm all gone, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm gone. gone, gone, gone...
          MIb     LAb/MIb     MIb
I'm gone.
Transcripción x javi29

          Angelo Gioia deixa Secretaria de Defesa Social de Pernambuco   

Depois de oito meses à frente da Secretaria de Defesa Social de Pernambuco (SDS), Angelo Fernandes Gioia pediu desligamento do cargo nesta quarta-feira (28). De acordo com o governo do estado, ele deixou o posto alegando questões pessoais. O novo secretário escolhido pelo governador Paulo Câmara é Antônio de Pádua Vieira Cavalcanti, que ocupava a Corregedoria Geral da SDS desde janeiro deste ano. Angelo Gioia alegou ter pedido para ser desligado do cargo para estar com a família e sai do posto com a "absoluta tranquilidade e satisfação do dever cumprido", segundo nota enviada pela Secretaria de Imprensa de Pernambuco.

No fim de 2016 e no começo deste ano, ele enfrentou um movimento por reajuste salarial dos policiais militares que resultou em uma operação padrão. Em fevereiro de 2017, Gioia trocou o comandante da Polícia Militar, coronel Carlos D'Albuquerque, pelo coronel Vanildo Maranhão, além de substituir o chefe da Polícia Civil, o delegado Antônio Barros, pelo delegado Joselito Amaral. Assim como Gioia, o novo titular da SDS-PE também foi delegado da Polícia Federal (PF), atuando de 2003 até o último mês de janeiro. 

Natural do Recife, Antônio de Pádua nasceu em 27 de junho de 1977 e é bacharel em Direito pela Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE). Já integrou o Ministério Público de Pernambuco (MPPE) como oficial de promotoria entre os anos de 2000 e 2003 e, em seguida, assumiu o cargo de delegado da PF.No posto, ele exerceu cargos de chefia em locais como a Delegacia de Entorpecentes, na Coordenadoria de Operações de Erradicação de Maconha no Interior de Pernambuco, na Delegacia de Imigração em Pernambuco, na Delegacia de Polícia Marítima. Entre os anos de 2015 e 2016, Pádua foi chefe da regional da Interpol em Pernambuco e, entre 2016 e 2017, exerceu o mesmo cargo na Delegacia de Armas e Produtos Químicos.

          Prince Royce - Stand by me   

Letra y acordes de Stand by me

(Letra y música de Ben E. King - Jerry Leiber - Mike Stoller)
LA     FA#m    RE     MI     LA

                   LA                     FA#m
When the night, has come and the land is dark
         RE            MI                   LA
Y la luna es la luz que brilla ante mí
           LA                            FA#m
Miedo no, no tendré, oh I won't me asustaré
            RE                 MI              LA
Just as long as you stand, stand by me.

                                  LA                  FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE    MI           LA
Oh stand... Junto a mí...  Junto a mí.

Y aunque las montañas o el cielo caiga
FA#m                                         RE
No voy a preocuparme porque se
                  MI             LA
Que tu estas, junto a mí
            LA                       FA#m
No lloraré, no lloraré oh, I won’t shed a tear
               RE             MI           LA
Porque se, que tu estás junto a mi.

                                   LA            FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE      MI                  LA
Oh stand....  Stand by me... Stand by me.

LA     FA#m    RE     MI     LA
LA     FA#m    RE     MI     LA

                                  LA                  FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE    MI               LA
Oh stand...   Junto a mí...  Junto a mí.
                                  LA                  FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE    MI               LA
Oh stand...   Junto a mí...  Junto a mí.

RE       MI     LA   FA#m   RE    MI   LA   FA#m
     Come on...
RE       MI       LA 

       DO#m                  RE    MI        LA      FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE    MI               LA
Oh stand...   Junto a mí...  Junto a mí.
Transcripción x javi29

          Household disposable income down 1.4% for start of year   
The savings ratio has also hit its lowest level since records began more than 50 years ago.
          June 30th, 2017 - Hour 3   
Bob and Tom talk to John Clayton about various topics. Among them they discuss whether Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. needs to get a new contract before the season starts. What's the possibility of HOF Brett Favre coming back as a coach? And how will Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's new diet help him out coming into the 2017 NFL season? Then on the 'Eavesdrop' Bob and Tom talk about Mariners pitcher Edwin Diaz on his status in his closer role spot moving forward.
          June 30th, 2017 - Hour 2   
Bob and Tom talk about everything going on around the NFL including things like the NFL wanting to play a game in China in 2019 and former Vikings HOF quarterback Brett Favre becoming a coach. On 'Have an Opinion, Already' Bob and Tom talk about needing to give Mariners pitcher Edwin Diaz another chance. Then on the Halftime Show they talk about Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto making trades and how only two teams since 2012 have made the playoffs when their record was under .500 at the All-Star break. And on the 'Injury Report' the Mariners 17th pick in the MLB draft Evan White is out with a hamstring injury.
          July 2nd, 2017 - Centennial Farm, OC Fair   
Supervisor Evy Young, and Nick, volunteer from Centennial Farm, joined us on 5900 Wilshire. Centennial Farm is a three-acre working farm, created to educate youth about agriculture and its importance to our daily lives. Everyone can enjoy Centennial Farm, it is part of the OC Fair starting July 14th through August 13th.
          June 30th, 2017 - Hour 1   
Bob and Tom talk about the Mariners being in a must-win situation this weekend. Will Nelson Cruz be elected to the All-Star game? Former NFL coach/commentator Brain Billick comments saying that Russell Wilson needs to throw more to be elite. Then the Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto talks about pitcher Edwin Diaz still being the closer and the rumors about juiced baseballs. And on 'Wait a Minute, What?' professional cyclist Lance Armstrong says he was NOT helped by the banned substances he used.
          Comment on OpenIV Modding Tool Is Back for GTA V by Fred   
Cheat away, you cheating bastards. I hope Rockstar learns from their mistakes, and never, ever release anything to the PC world. The PC MASTER RACE are nothing but a bunch of cheat asswipes.
          Classic Start Menu 6.1   
Get Classic Start Menu for Windows 7 with Aero skin and search through programs
          Warszawa: w metrze zmarł mężczyzna, defibrylator nie zadziałał   
Na peronie stacji metra Wierzbno zasłabł starszy mężczyzna. Pasażerowie próbowali go reanimować, ale nie zadziałał defibrylator. Świadek wydarzenia twierdzi, że pracownik metra nie udzielił pierwszej pomocy wyjaśniając, że nie potrafi. Mężczyzna zmarł.
          What happened to child star?   
          06/30/2017 The Blitz Hour 1    
In hour one, the guys went in depth with the Chris Paul trade. Then, the guys go into the Houston Astros season before the All-Star Break.
          Russia to launch ‘star’   
          L.A. Zoo Admission Goes Up Saturday   
Admission to the Los Angeles Zoo will go up by $1 starting Saturday, under action taken today by the City Council. The council formally approved the hike, which was outlined in the 2017-18 budget passed by the panel and signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti last month. The new prices mean general admission will be $21 […]

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          Stars join Queen and Prince Harry to honour young leaders from Commonwealth   
Sir Mo Farah and former One Direction singer Liam Payne were among the guests.
          BREAKING NEWS: Sepasang Kekasih Bandar Sabu-Sabu Dibekuk di Jalan Padat Karya Gang Masjid Rajabasa Raya, Bandar Lampung – Aparat Polsekta Kedaton berhasil membekuk sepasang kekasih yang menjadi bandar narkoba jenis narkoba sabu-sabu, Sabtu malam, 29/4/2017. Penangkapan terhadap kedua pelaku ini merupakan bagian dari razia Anti Narkotika (Antik) 2017. Kedua pelaku yaitu Ratih Venny Lestari alias Dian (22) warga Desa Banjar Agung, Kecamatan Jatiagung, Lampung Selatan; dan Rizki Andriansyah Melintang […]

          Aparta estudio En Arriendo En Chicó Navarra   
Bon habitat pone a disposición aparta estudio en arriendo de 63 m. Se compone de una habitación sala de estar comedor con chimenea dos baños cocina semi abierta zona de ropas balcón y un parqueadero. Muy bien conservado en zona tranquila cerca de...
1 habitación 2 baños 630 m² 3.015 $/m² balcón chimenea bien comunicado
Mon, 26 Jun 2017 21:18:55 +0200
          Best of 6/30 NBA Offseason starts tomorrow, with all the rumors fly, does splurging on free agent actually win championships?   
Chris and The Fish look ahead to the NBA off season starting this weekend, does spending big in free agency actually win titles, or does it set the team back?
          Start Menu XP 6.1   
Bring the good old Windows XP style to your menu and use virtual groups
          6/30 NBA Offseason starts tomorrow, with all the rumors fly, does splurging on free agent actually win championships?   
6/30 NBA Offseason starts tomorrow, with all the rumors fly, does splurging on free agent actually win championships?
          Tour de France 2017 im Live-Stream: So könnt ihr das Radrennen kostenlos online schauen   
Am 1. Juli 2017 startet das bekannteste Radrennen der Welt zum 104. Mal. Dieses Jahr beginnt die Tour de France in Düsseldorf, führt über Belgien und Luxemburg nach Frankreich und endet am 23. Juli in Paris. Wir zeigen euch, wie und wo ihr das Rennen live im Internet schauen könnt. Dieser Artikel wurde einsortiert unter ARD, Eurosport 1, WDR.

          Für alle zugänglich: Betatest von macOS High Sierra gestartet   
Wer bereits jetzt schon einen ausführlichen Blick auf Apples kommendes Betriebssystem macOS High Sierra werfen möchte, erhält mit der Beta-Version jetzt die Möglichkeit dazu. Die Software steht ab sofort zum Download bereit. Dieser Artikel wurde einsortiert unter Apple, Apple Siri, Betriebssysteme, Apple MacBook Pro (2016), macOS High Sierra.

          Publishing test app is deploying to production app even app id set to test environment   

The reported behavior started on Wednesday June 28th when we attempted to update our test app.  We confirmed the application identifier matched our test app.  The publish ended updating both the production app in App Distribution as well as downloading the test app to all our devices with the prod app installed hence causing disruptions for our prod users.  We addressed it by publishing another version of the prod app to bring our users back online.


Is it possible this is related to the system wide interruptions Telerik experienced at start of the week?  It appears the test app application identifier somehow was 'routing' to the prod app during publish on June 28th.  We've been hesitant to publish the test app again in the event it affects prod app.  We wanted to wait for your comments first before we try another approach.

          6/30 The start of NBA free agency who is head where, and can teams actually win through free agency and how moving the Pro Bowl could benefit the NFL.   
Chris and Fish discuss the start of NBA free agency, and can teams really win through free agency, and who is headed where plus why the NFL should move the Pro Bowl.
          Installing Visual Studio plugin for VS2017   



According to the latest release notes for Test Studio Web & Desktop, the VS plugin now supports integration with VS2017. I have uninstalled all previous versions of VS and Test Studio, then installed VS2017 and installed Test Studio 2017.2.


During the installer dialogs, I have ensured that the Visual Studio plugin is selected for installation. I have attempted to uninstall and reinstall multiple times, including restarting the PC after each operation.


Regardless of anything I try, the plugin does not seem to install correctly. I can find multiple Progress extensions in the VS Marketplace, but not the actual plugin that is supposed to be installed via the Test Studio installer.


Is there anything I can do to further debug why the plugin is not installing? Any help would be appreciated.




          Data form fire command argument not getting passed to ItemCommand event handler   


I have a javascript function (see below) that fires perform insert command for a data form. I am trying to pass the command argument of the button clicked to the ItemCommand event handler but somehow e.CommandArgument.ToString() tunrs out to be an empty string. Can anyone please guide me as to what i am doing wrong?


function callSaveAll(sender,args) {                 
                        var object2 = $find("<%= OrderItemDataForm.ClientID%>");                       
                            if (object2._isItemInserted)
                                object2.fireCommand("PerformInsert", args._commandArgument);                                                                     


.cs code:

protected void OrderItemDataForm_ItemCommand(object sender, RadDataFormCommandEventArgs e)

        if (e.CommandName == "Cancel")
            ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Page.GetType(), "mykey", "CancelEdit();", true);

        if (e.CommandName == "PerformInsert")
            if (Page.IsValid)
                if (e.CommandArgument.ToString() == "SaveNew")
                    saveAndNewButtonClicked = true;
                else if (e.CommandArgument.ToString() == "Save")
                    saveAndNewButtonClicked = false;
          6/30 The NFL Pro Bowl is the odd child of sport all-star games, how changing the date could drastically improve the NFL   
Chris and the Fish debate if the NFL should move the Pro Bowl to the middle of the season similar to other All-Star games and the benefits in the process.
          6/30 NBA Offseason starts tomorrow, with all the rumors fly, does splurging on free agent actually win championships?   
Chris and The Fish look ahead to the NBA off season starting this weekend, does spending big in free agency actually win titles, or does it set the team back?
          Thomasina "Goo Goo" Atkins talks fashion, celebrity styling and Stars and Strikes   

Celebrity stylist Thomasina Atkins — better known as “Goo Goo” to her 639,000 Instagram fans — is in New Orleans this Essence Festival weekend to co-host the Stars & Strikes Celebrity Day Soiree and Bowling Bash 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday, July 1 at Fulton Alley (600 Fulton St., 504-208-5593;…
          GRATIS Startpaket BEVEGT zum Thema Laufen und vegane Ernährung (eBooks)   
Autor: wolfi47

Klasse! Vielen Dank.

          Se vende - Departamentos tipo Townhouse de 2 Habitaciones en... - $ 1 351 000   

Mérida 97000, México
Departamentos Y townhouses en venta una privada para iniciar la aventura Un Oasis de Paz y Tranquilidad rodeado de un ambiente de bienestar y seguridad, con una ubicación privilegiada. Ideal para aquellos que inician la aventura de una familia o profesionistas exitosos que desean ser independientes. Su cercanía a centros comerciales como la Gran Plaza, Galerías y Península Montejo ...

          Walsh & TJ - Whatever Podcast Episode 10 - Sports Radio Bromances   
Sports talk radio has produced some great duos over the years - Mike & The Mad Dog, Dennis & Callahan, Jim Rome & his ego. Locally, Irv & Joe are among the all-time greats. A budding star duo, Ryan & Danny, join TJ to talk about what makes their radio bromance work.
          Business Rockstars: 06/30/2017, Hour 2   
Business Rockstars: 06/30/2017, Hour 2
          15+ Cool Must Haves From Indigogo and Kickstarter   

Business ideas and inventions occur to people all of the time, but turning an invention into a tangible product usually requires one thing – money. Funding for business inventions typically comes from out-of-pocket, through business loans or from investors, but a burgeoning source of financing has emerged through the use of crowdfunding. No two crowdfunding...

Read More at 15+ Cool Must Haves From Indigogo and Kickstarter

          To Start The Day …   

          TLC’s Chilli on Kickstarting a Comeback and Making Music in the Age of Twitter   
Per their own advice, TLC isn’t chasing waterfalls. They’re sticking to what they’re used to, this time in the form of a new self-titled album. It’s the first new work that the group’s remaining two members, Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas and Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, have released in 15 years; their last album, 3D, was released just…
          El Gobierno transfiere 10.000 millones para afrontar la extra de las pensiones de julio   
El Estado prestará 5.986 millones a la Seguridad Social y sacará otros 3.514 millones de la 'hucha de las pensiones' para pagar a los jubilados la extraordinaria del mes de julio. Leer
          Venus Williams Sued by Estate of Florida Man Who Died in Car Crash   
Tennis star Venus Williams is being sued by the estate of a Florida man who died after a car crash police say she caused
          Red Hot Chili Peppers Accidentally Write Song About New Hampshire   

LOS ANGELES—Unexpectedly penning lyrics about colorful autumn foliage and summer cottages on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, alternative rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers accidentally wrote a song about New Hampshire, sources reported Friday. “We just got into the studio and started jamming, and for whatever reason, we just ended up with this track about the Granite State,” said lead singer Anthony Kiedis, adding that he had no idea he and his bandmates had anything say about the pumpkin festival in Laconia “until we grooved on it a while.” “It’s definitely not the direction we intended to go in, but Flea started slapping this funky bass line that got everyone thinking about the pristine waters of the Piscataqua River. Before I knew it, I’d already freestyled two verses about how freaky it is that the state doesn’t have a sales tax.” At press time, the band ...

          Lone Star Scoop Episode 1: July 7th Dallas Police Ambush   
          6/30/17 The Sean Salisbury Show Hour 2   
Sean, Brian and Robin discuss the MLB All-Star Game rosters, the latest off-season news in the NBA, Carson Palmer, and are joined by Arizona Republic sportswriter Bob McManaman to discuss the Arizona Cardinal’s upcoming season. Also included is today’s Wrath of Sean.
          Tell Us Which Project You ♥ the Most   
hero Popsicle Pool Party

Release the fireworks! A long weekend of American celebration is upon us! But before we grab our stars, stripes and fun summer foods, we are sharing this week's top projects from our project gallery. Check out a modern take on Disney (for twins!), a big boy room all about garbage trucks (with none of the garbage!) and two summer parties that scream "It's summertime!" [...]

          Podcast #329: Summer Salad from Jun 30, 2017   
Hypp Fractal - "Euphoria" - Midnight C_C - "ôll_llô" - Impendulo Audiobinger - "Head Knocker" Resonancedj - "Like This Hotel" - Volume 4 (V/A) Audiobinger - "The Cypher" D-Smoker - "Bizntrak" - Volume 4 (V/A) Artofescapism - "Half the Point" Lobo Loco - "Maximum Respect for YOU" - Little Caesar Komiku - "Xenobiological Forest" - It's time for adventure ! vol 5 Anonymous420 - "Bitcoin Day" - Startup Nation Anonymous420 - "Summer™" - Startup Nation Springtide - "Distant Thunder, Sunday Morning (Again) ." - Sounds strange, weird, but unmistakably romantic (beta) Jenny Hval - "Period Piece" - Live at WFMU for Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B, 10/14/2016 Tapes and Tubes - "Salad Days" - Retroactive PC-One - "A Dark Blue Arc (Instrumental Acoustic)" - PC-One Sgons (Instrumentals) Frederic Lardon feat Laura Palmée - "Dans le love" - Korgi Frederic Lardon feat Laura Palmée - "Dans la glotte" - Korgi
          Entry Level Non-Profit Development   
MA-Boston, Entry Level Non-Profit Development PSG has a fantastic opportunity working with a nationally recognized NPO right here in Boston. The position is available immediately and requires strong attention to detail and organization working as the Office assistant for a busy office. The current situation has become so over-run with extra work that the client is looking for someone to start right away rest
          New Laws Starting July 1st   
Money matters dominate new state laws taking effect Saturday, July 1st. Judlyne Lilly has the details. Photo Credit: CNN
          BKK to launch direct shuttle bus service to the airport   
BKK Centre for Budapest Transport has been commissioned by the Municipality of Budapest to start a new bus service, line 100E, to provide direct access to Liszt Ferenc international airport from the city centre with a launch date of Saturday, 8 July 2017.  Shuttle bus 100E will enter daily passenger service on Saturday, 8 July 2017 [...]
          Recruiter - July 2017 Start Date - Boston   
MA-Boston, Do you want to work in Downtown Boston, MA? Do you want to work for one of the most well-established recruitment companies in World? Do you want to get promotions from Consultant to Manager to Director without anybody or anything standing in your way apart from you and the hard work you put in? If so the Recruiter - July 2017 Start Date - Boston could be the right opportunity for you. We are seeki
          Leasing Manager   
MA-Revere, We are searching for a skilled, dynamic and motivated Leasing Manager to focus on a high end lease-up in Revere, MA. This position is a high visibility position for a self-starter who is able to multi task and can bring a create energy to our team. We are looking for a dynamic, motivated go-getter that wants to be a part of our team! This is a critical, high-profile role which requires a level of
          Brandon Vogt with Anson Williams "Potsie of Happy Days" "Battle of the Network Stars"   
Brandon Vogt with Anson Williams "Potsie of Happy Days" "Battle of the Network Stars"
          4-star QB Tuttle All In With Utah   
BEAVERTON, ORE. -- San Marcos (Calif.) Mission Hills four-star quarterback Jack Tuttle talked about his commitment to Utah, being invited to The Opening Finals and more...
          Four Star ATH Has Pac-12 Leader   
One Pac-12 school stands out for Lancaster (Calif.) Antelope Valley athlete Devon Williams but he said he has no plans to make an early decision.
          4-star WR Crocker Breaks Down Top Schools   
BEAVERTON, ORE. -- Sacramento (Calif.) Inderkum four-star receiver Isaah Crocker broke down his new list of top schools at The Opening Finals...
          In the command-line shell, add the -quote option to start up in quote mode. Enhance the ".mode" command so that it reports the current output mode if given no arguments. (tags: trunk)   
In the command-line shell, add the -quote option to start up in quote mode. Enhance the ".mode" command so that it reports the current output mode if given no arguments. (tags: trunk)
          Art Exhibition: Flora/Fauna/Feathers of Richmond County   

Date: August 12, 2017

Come view original artwork celebrating nature and the natural environment of Staten Island. Flora/Fauna/Feathers of Richmond County is sponsored by Protectors of Pine Oak Woods, Staten Island’s land conservation organization.

Exhibition hours: Monday – Friday by appointment only, Saturday 1:00 – 4:00 p.m

Organized & curated by Gail Middleton / Creative Photographers Guild

Opening reception: Saturday, May 6, 2017 / 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Start time: 1:00 pm

End time: 4:00 pm

Contact phone: (718) 227-1463

Location: H.H. Biddle House (in Conference House Park)

“As a startup CEO, I slept like a baby. I woke up every two hours & cried.” Made me laugh today: Ben Horowitz
          Central Park Tour: Heart of the Park   

Date: August 12, 2017

Walk straight through the heart of Central Park on this east-to-west tour led by Central Park Conservancy guides. Enjoy a great variety of the scenic, sculptural, and architectural elements the park has to offer. Visit some of the park's most famous landmarks, including Conservatory Water, Loeb Boathouse, Bethesda Terrace, Bow Bridge, Cherry Hill, the lake, and Strawberry Fields.

The tour route involves a few stairs. The tour starts in front of the Samuel F. B. Morse statue (inside the Park at 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue), and ends at 72nd Street and Central Park West.

For weather cancellation and other ticket policies, please review the Central Park Conservancy's policies carefully.

Groups of seven or more must schedule a custom tour three weeks in advance at

For more information, please review these Frequently Asked Questions.

Start time: 2:00 pm

End time: 3:30 pm

Contact phone: (212) 794-6564

Location: East 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue (in Central Park)

          Queens Botanical Garden Activity Table   

Date: August 12, 2017

Every weekend from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., please stop by our activity table to create something new. Activities are appropriate for all ages!

Start time: 2:00 pm

End time: 4:00 pm

Contact phone: (718) 886-3800

Location: Queens Botanical Garden

          Quotable: “Act Confident, even when you’re not”   
Larry Ellison via Startup Quote. Great quote, but easier said than done (by me) sometimes.
          The Un-Billable Hour : How Your Technology Mindset Affects Your Legal Business - Rebroadcast   

Everyone has had technology issues. Whether it’s yanking paper out of your printer, restarting your computer for the fifth time this week, or struggling to open certain kinds of files, no law firm operates free from technology challenges. In this episode of The Un-Billable Hour, host Chris Anderson talks to Tom Lambotte, CEO of GlobalMacIT, about the effect different technology mindsets have on legal businesses. Some of these mindsets include ignoring smaller tech problems, avoiding issues until they are severe, and lawyers acting as their own IT experts. Ultimately, technology can save you time and money but only if you look at it with a healthy mindset.

Tom Lambotte founded GlobalMacIT in 2007. He is renowned nationwide as an author, speaker, trusted IT advisor, and cutting edge, successful provider of the #1 complete end-to-end IT solution for Mac-Based Law Firms in the world.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Answer1 and Solo Practice University.

          Sunday Tai Chi   

Date: August 13, 2017

Led by certified instructors from the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA, these classes offer the opportunity to learn Taoist Tai Chi, improve one’s health, relax, and exercise in an outdoor setting among changing exhibitions of contemporary sculpture.

Start time: 11:00 am

End time: 12:00 pm

Contact phone: (718) 956-1819

Location: Socrates Sculpture Park

          “Saya Gadis Paling Beruntung Di Dunia” - Mawar Rashid   
Tahniah diucapkan kepada Mawar Rashid yang telah menerima lamaran kekasihnya, Raf Yaakob semalam. Menerusi Instagram, Mawar berkongsikan detik paling gembira dalam hidupnya itu apabila dilamar dengan taburan kelopak bunga ros mengilingi mereka .

“Saya harus akui tiada seorang pun pernah datang melamar saya sebelum ini dan saya gembira dan berharap dia adalah yang pertama dan terakhir, InsyaAllah. Untuk kejutan ini, saya diberitahu oleh jurugambar bahawa dia melakukan semua ini dengan sendiri”

“Dari memetik kelopak mawar satu demi satu, menyusun dan menyalakan lilin dengan beberapa kejutan lain. Saya nampak usahanya untuk membuatkan saya gembira dan saya benar-benar tersentuh. Dapat saya rasakan saya adalah gadis yang paling beruntung di dunia,” katanya kepada m Star Online.

Ketika dilamar, pasangan ini berada dalam satu bulatan yang dikelilingi kelopak bunga ros merah dan putih. Manakala Raf pula melutut menghulurkan cincin kepada Mawar untuk melamarnya. Menerusi perkongsian itu, peminat sangat gembira dengan berita yang disampaikan.

Nampak gayanya macam dah tak lama dapat merasa nasi minyak Mawar. Semoga segala persiapan perkahwinan pasangan ini akan berjalan dengan lancar dan dipermudahkan
          Sampaikan juga salam maaf saya pada yang nak tampar muka saya tu - Erma Fatima   
MARAH sungguh anak jati Kedah dengan gaya percakapan loghat utara dalam program Sakan Raya Mak Cun yang ditayangkan di TV3 baru-baru ini.

Image result for erma fatima

Pelbagai kritikan pedas diberikan terhadap semua barisan pelakon yang menganggap loghat utara disampaikan 'over' sehingga ia kedengaran menghina.

Ekoran itu ada pula pihak yang ingin menampar muka Mak Cun kerana tidak berpuas hati.

Pelakon dan pengarah, Erma Fatima ketika dihubungi mStar Online kesal dengan segelintir pihak yang menghemtam program itu sehingga ada yang hendak menampar mukanya!

Kata Erma, dia sentiasa terbuka terhadap teguran dan kritikan membina bagi memperbaiki kelemahan yang ada pada Mak Cun namun biarlah ia kena dengan gayanya

"Kenapa pula hendak menampar saya?

"Orang Melayu berbudi bahasa, orang salah ditegur, diajar...gangster bukan budaya kita.
Rasa Macam Nak Tampaq Mak Cun!

"Salah sikit je nak pukul nanti makin banyak anak-anak kita jadi pembuli.

"Jadi jangan tampar Mak Cun, kesian Mak Cun dah tua," katanya.

Bagaimanapun kata Erma yang kini berada di Milan, Itali memohon maaf sekiranya ada pihak terguris gara-gara tidak berpuas hati dengan gaya percakapan loghat utara dalam Mak Cun dan memberitahu sudah memberikan yang terbaik untuk program tersebut.

"Kepada yang marah saya tu, saya minta maaf. Saya hanya berlakon dan cuba berikan yang terbaik.

"Sampaikan juga salam maaf saya pada yang nak tampar muka saya tu.

"Kami yang berlakon dalam Mak Cun semua bukan orang utara jadi memang makan masa hendak fasih loghat Kedah," katanya.

Dirisik mengenai pemergiannya ke Itali, Erma bagaimanapun enggan mengulas lanjut namun pengikutnya di Instagram meneka ia ada kaitan dengan Mak Cun.

"Hahhhhh..Mak Cun ada misi baru. Hangpa nak tau tak Mak Cun pi mana?

"Bye semua, sedihnya Mak Cun tak dapat nak raya kat Malaysia puas-puas demi tugas.

"Pertama kali raya di luar negeri...tak suka," tulisnya di Instagram.

Raya Sakan Mak Cun yang ditayangkan secara langsung pada 24 Jun lalu di TV3 bersempena Aidilfitri.

Program bual bicara itu menampilkan Mak Cun (Erma Fatima) dengan gandingan pelakon lain seperti Atul (Balkisy Samundur Khan), Manisah (Datin Umie Aida), Pak Akob (Datuk Rahim Razali), dan Kumin (Adik Haidar).

          192 Big Mark for America Back to Podcasts; Trump 30 Jun 2017   
After 6 months, starting back with podcasts. I briefly discuss why I did not support Trump during the election, but why I generally support him now.
          Ada Hati Nak Cakap Pasal 'Heartbreak'? - Elly Mazlein Kencam Status IG Faye   
PELAKON Elly Mazlein mempunyai sebab tersendiri tidak membenarkan anaknya, Putri Sara Sefhia bermalam dengan bekas suami iaitu Azmi Hatta selepas pengarah itu dikatakan patah hati tidak dapat meraikan Aidilfitri bersama anak perempuannya itu.

Elly menerusi Instagramnya memberitahu Sefhia masih menyusu badan selain bimbang Sefhia akan meragam kerana tidak mengenali bapanya dan juga orang disekelilingnya.

"Macam mana kakak lina nak bagi pada si bapa untuk bawa bermalam ke kampung halaman desa nan permai?

"Sefhia masih menyusu badan ni ada hati nak ambil Sefhia sampai empat hari di hari raya. Sefhia pun tak kenal kamu dan juga orang keliling kamu.

"Kalau Sefhia menangis tak berhenti empat hari tak ke kamu mendera budak itu?," soalnya.

Elly turut menjelaskan pihak mahkamah juga sudah memutuskan Sefhia hanya boleh bermalam dengan bapanya apabila mencapai usia lima tahun.

"Jangan nak bagi orang luar keliru pasal hak penjagaan anak (bayi) ya.

"Orang-orang macam inilah yang suka buat ibu-ibu yang ada masalah atau mereka yang belum berkahwin jadi takut tentang hak penjagaan anak selepas bercerai.

"Mahkamah tidak zalim memisahkan Mama dan anak yang masih menyusu badan," terangnya.

Elly tampil menjelaskan perkara itu selepas pelakon Faye Kusairai menerusi Instagram menulis kapsyen, Azmi masih mampu tersenyum walaupun sedang patah hati kerana tidak dapat berhari raya bersama anak perempuannya.

Dalam kapsyen sama, Faye menjelaskan sepatutnya tahun ini adalah giliran suaminya itu berhari raya bersama anak perempuannya yang kini berusia setahun tiga bulan.

"Sekarang ada hati nak cerita pasal 'heartbreak'? Senyum sampai gigi, telinga lagi ada," tulisnya.
Elly dan Azmi berkahwin pada 9 November 2014 dan bercerai pada 15 Oktober 2015.

          Ros Saksi Mawar Rashid Dilamar! 'So Sweetttt'    
EHEM! Sweet Nampak?  Macam dalam drama love story pula apabila pelakon Mawar Rashid   menerima kejutan dilamar kekasih hatinya, Raf Yaakob dalam suasana penuh romantis!!

Mawar, 23, memuatnaik sekeping gambar menerusi akaun Instagramnya untuk  memaklumkan dia sudah dilamar adik kepada penyanyi Datuk Fazley Yaakob.

Lamaran itu bersaksikan taburan kelopak bunga ros merah dan putih yang turut disusun menjadi satu ayat berbunyi, Will U Marry Me?

"Saya harus akui tiada seorang pun pernah datang melamar  saya sebelum ini dan saya gembira dan berharap dia adalah yang pertama dan terakhir, InsyaAllah.

“Untuk kejutan ini, saya diberitahu oleh jurugambar bahawa dia (Raf) melakukan semua ini dengan sendiri. Dari memetik kelopak mawar satu demi satu, susun satu persatu, menyusun dan menyalakan lilin dengan beberapa kejutan lain.

“Saya nampak usahanya untuk membuatkan saya gembira dan saya benar-benar tersentuh. Dapat saya rasakan saya adalah gadis yang paling beruntung di dunia!" tulisnya.

Mawar Rashid menenerima kejutan dilamar oleh Raf. Foto dari Instagram Mawar.
Ketika dilamar, Raf dan Mawar berada dalam satu bulatan yang dikelilingi kelopak bunga ros merah dan putih.

Dalam keadaan berlutut, Raf, 31,  yang pada ketika itu mengenakan kemeja putih dan berseluar jeans hitam menghulurkan cincin kepada Mawar  yang masih dalam keadaan terkejut (menutup mulut denga kedua telapak tangan).

Aksi romantis pasangan ini turut menerima ucapan tahniah rakan-rakan artis dan netizen selain ramai yang turut memuji sifat romantik Raf terhadap bekas finalis Dewi Remaja 2010 itu.

Mawar dalam kenyataannya kepada mStar Online sebelum ini memberitahu dia serius dengan hubungan tersebut dan tidak mahu menyembunyikan perasaan bahagia berkenaan bersama peminat.

"Hubungan kami semakin serius dan tiada apa yang perlu disembunyikan tentang apa yang saya rasa bersama pengikut laman sosial saya. Lagi pula saya agak yakin dengan kesungguhan dia," katanya.

Dalam pada itu, Mawar berkata, Raf yang juga seorang pelakon dan duda itu mempunyai ciri-ciri lelaki yang diimpikannya. 

"Biarpun dia berstatus duda tapi saya terima dia seadanya," ujar Mawar.

          Slammiversary 15 Fun   
Harry is joined by Impact Superstar KONG KONG and Rockit 107.5 DJ The Roadie as they have a little fun and discuss Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary 15 PPV Event. Find out more about #Slammiversary15 at and be sure to visit for more on Slammiversary Sunday July 2nd. @thepw247 on Twitter @theprowrestling247 on Facebook 323-522-5582 LIVE CALL IN LINE
          Respon Mia Ahmad Bila Gambarnya Di Conteng Oleh Wanita Kuat Cemburu   
GARA-GARA pelakon Mia Ahmad menjadi model iklan ayam goreng, sepasang suami-isteri dikatakan bergaduh sehingga insiden itu menjadi tular di laman sosial.

Image result for mia ahmad

Mia atau pemilik nama Samihah Ahmad Baderi, 29, memuat naik foto paparan skrip perbualan seorang isteri yang berasa cemburu apabila dia mempertikaikan tindakan suaminya menghantar gambar iklan Mia sedang menikmati ayam goreng Mc Donald's (McD).

Dalam salah satu foto yang dikongsikan pada Khamis itu, wanita tersebut telah menconteng wajah
Mia dan perbuatan itu mendorong netizen mencatatkan pelbagai reaksi di ruang komen foto tersebut.
Malah suami kepada Mia Ahmad, Izham Tarmizi turut menyatakan pandangannya.

Ia menjadi punca apabila suami wanita berkenaan berkata 'dapnyaaa syg' (sedapnya sayang) pada gambar Mia bersama ayam gorengnya namun si isteri membuat tafsiran adakah wanita berkenaan yang dimaksudkan sedap itu.

"Nampak benda ini di Facebook. Ia sudah menjadi viral. Kelakar! Saya gelak guling-guling walaupun cuba baca dua tiga kali baru faham sebab tak faham bahasa yang digunakan.

"Tak apa dik, kakak rela muka kena conteng. Jangan gaduh-gaduh dah ya?" tulis Mia.
Berikut adalah anntara mesej yang ditinggalkan netizen susulan gambar Mia diconteng wanita berkenaan:
@izhamtarmizi: Takpa nanti balik I conteng lagi banyak ya kak.
@miss.shera95: Hahaha lawak lah.
@adamhasri: Kesian kak Mia haih muka cantik cantik dia conteng pula adoi.
@miss.anyss: Saya pun gelak bila tengok.... Hahaha.
@noorfauziah8323: Pasal ayam McD pun nak kecoh-kecoh. Kesian Mia kita. Dia yang kena tempias... Sabar lah Mia...
@shahnjit: Hahaha... Memang kelakar habis. Pasal ini pun nak jealous. Tapi betul kata Mia, rela diconteng dari jadi sebab laki bini gaduh. Choi betul!

Wajah Mia diconteng kerana menjadi punca pergaduhan suami-isteri. Foto Instagram @mia.ahm4d. 

Ketika dihubungi mStar Online, Mia memberitahu dia menganggap perkara ini sekadar gurauan sahaja.

"Saya hanya mampu gelak saja apabila  baca paparan skrin yang viral dekat Facebook. Pada mulanya, saya tak berapa faham apa yang mereka cuba sampaikan. Tak sangka pula iklan itu boleh buat orang bergaduh. 

"Namun, saya tak tahu benda ini betul atau gurauan saja. Tapi kalau betul, hari raya ini janganlah gaduh-gaduh. Saya reda muka diconteng daripada jadi penyebab suami isteri bergaduh," kata Mia.

          Lone Star Scoop Episode #1: July 7th Dallas Police Ambush   
On July 7, 2016 five police officers were killed in Dallas, TX. Reporters at WBAP/KLIF Radio Stations share their reflections of that night. #dallas #backtheblue #ambush #davidbrown #mikerawlings #police #dpd #elcentro
          Revalidate in an evening – join us in Oxford or online!   

Do you hold CILIP Professional Registration (ACLIP, MCLIP or FCLIP)?

Do you need to revalidate but don't know where to start?

Then come along to this session and complete your revalidation in an evening alongside other CILIP members in the Thames Valley.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry, you can join us virtually! We will also be running the session via Twitter at the same time, so follow @CILIPTV and keep an eye out for #CILIPReval


The workshop will begin with a very short presentation on Revalidation and a demonstration of the CILIP VLE by South East Candidate Support Officer Nicola Beer.

The rest of the time will be self-paced, so you can log your CPD (20 hours over the last twelve months), ask questions and get writing your statements (it’s only 250 words!).

Free Wi-Fi is available but you’ll need to bring your own laptop or other portable devices.

We’ll be tweeting all the key info and if you’re following along online you can ask us questions and most importantly, let us know how you’re getting on and keep each other motivated using the #CILIPReval hashtag.


To ensure the session runs smoothly please do the following prior to the session:

  • Make sure you’re registered for the CILIP website and can access the VLE. Once you’ve accessed the VLE you can register for the Revalidation module. Remember to bring your login with you. Guidance on accessing the VLE is available on the CILIP website.
  • Bring details of the CPD activities that you have completed in the previous 12 months and you would like to log for your Revalidation (the minimum is 20 hours)



Thu, 13th Jul 2017 -
7:00pm to 8:30pm
Nicola Beer

OCVA Training Suite, The Old Courthouse

Floyds’ Row
OX1 1SS Oxford

United Kingdom


  • The session is free - and there is also no charge to submit your revalidation - you just have to be a CILIP member and up to date with your membership fees.
Free Event: 

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          June 30, 2017 - MemoryWell w/ Jay Newton-Small   
Who'll tell YOUR story? Or your loved one's? Pat chats with journalist Jay Newton-Small who has started a new project to improve care for dementia and Alzheimer's patients! MemoryWell helps put your loved one's story in concise and interesting terms to help caregivers better understand a person's background, their lively past, the music they enjoyed, the places they worked, etc. This results in caregivers better able to care for their charges, it helps the patient retain dignity, and the family members get a wonderful remembrance of their relative's life. Follow Jay on Twitter @jnsmall If you'd like more info on MemoryWell's Kickstarter campaign, find it here:
          Mandatory Profiles. Apps List?   
Hi folks, For those who have created mandatory profiles, will the list of apps be included? By list of apps I mean the bit of the start menu where the alphabetical list of apps is, rather than the tiles. Microsoft documentation says that you cannot set a start menu (or taskbar) with a...
          U2's East Rutherford #2 setlist, 29/06/17   

It was the penultimate night of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017's first leg, and tonight's concert in East Rutherford was also the last doubleheader in the United States this tour.

The setlist was largely identical to last night. Bad was performed for the ninth concert in succession; the last time it reached a streak this long was all the way back on the Zooropa leg of the ZooTV Tour when it was done 17 concerts in a row from 18 July 1993 in Bologna to 28 August 1993 in Dublin. Prior to this it was rare for the song to miss a concert at all. During Trip, Bono went on an extended reminiscence of when Edge and Larry briefly toured with an Irish country band called the Drifting Cowboys during U2's formative period, and advice they received from a band member to leave rock music for country.

The set changes came in the encore. Mysterious Ways was performed for the second time this tour after missing four concerts. The previous performance was on 18 June 2017 in Philadelphia where it replaced Ultraviolet. This time Ultraviolet remained in the set, coming directly after Mysterious Ways and retaining the Luminous Icons visuals. One closed the night. On a sidenote, it is worth pointing out that every two tours the band change the way they play Mysterious Ways. On ZooTV and PopMart it was done with a piano introduction which was dropped on subsequent tours. Elevation and Vertigo featured the song as on the Achtung Baby album, but retaining the Edge's slide solo from earlier tours. On 360 and I+E the slide solo was dropped from the performance, and now on The Joshua Tree 2017 it has reverted to the Elevation/Vertigo style.

The full set was as follows:

  1. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  2. New Year's Day
  3. Bad / America (snippet)
  4. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
  5. Where The Streets Have No Name / California (There Is No End To Love) (snippet)
  6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
  7. With Or Without You
  8. Bullet The Blue Sky
  9. Running To Stand Still
  10. Red Hill Mining Town
  11. In God's Country
  12. Trip Through Your Wires
  13. One Tree Hill
  14. Exit / Wise Blood (snippet) / Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (snippet)
  15. Mothers Of The Disappeared

  16. encore(s):
  17. Miss Sarajevo / The New Colossus (snippet)
  18. Beautiful Day / People Have The Power (snippet)
  19. Elevation
  20. Vertigo / Rock 'N' Roll Nigger (snippet)
  21. Mysterious Ways
  22. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
  23. One / Hear Us Coming (snippet)
All details for this show including reviews, videos and photos can be found here.

If you attended the show we ask you to share your concert review or photos with other site visitors. You can post your review of the show here and upload your pictures here.

          Venus Williams involved in fatal car crash in Florida   
Preview American tennis star Venus Williams was involved in a car crash which resulted in the death of an elderly passenger in another vehicle in Florida.
Read Full Article at
          Michał Gierlach - jedyny Polak w Red Bull X-Alps   
Zadaniem zawodników będzie pokonanie pieszo lub w powietrzu liczącej ponad 1000 kilometrów trasy (z Salzburga do Monako) prowadzącej przez Alpy przy jednoczesnym zaliczaniu wyznaczonych punktów kontrolnych. Red Bull X-Alps 2017 wystartuje 2 lipca i będzie już ósmą edycją paratrekkingowego wyścigu.
          At Quebec City's Summer Music Festival   
Starting today through July 16, Canada's most European city also becomes its most musical.
          Star Wars Builders Make for Great Trivia and Fun Model Kits!   

This post was originally written by Kylee Sills. from Nerdophiles.

Release Date: November 15, 2016 (Droids), December 20, 2016 (Starfighters, Millennium Falcon) Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books Genre(s): Crafts & Hobbies Review Spoilers:  N/A Droids | Starfighters Millennium Falcon Star Wars...

The post Star Wars Builders Make for Great Trivia and Fun Model Kits! appeared first on Nerdophiles.

          Russian military lab unveils prototype of Star Wars-like combat suit (VIDEO)   
Preview A major hi-tech Russian military research center has unveiled what appears to be a prototype of a next-generation combat suit. The stunning gear, resembling Star Wars outfits, will be worn by Russian soldiers on future battlefields.
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          2017 Le Tour de France starts tomorrow in Düsseldorf    
 The route of the 2017 Tour de France 
Starting on 1st July in Düsseldorf 
and finishing in Paris on 23rd July

Stage 1: 14km individual TT 

It's that magical three week of the year again – the Tour de France starts tomorrow with a 14 kilometre flat time trial in the centre of Düsseldorf. At 14 kilometres it is a least twice the distance of most prologues and long enough to create some gaps between the favourites for the Yellow Jersey.

The Tour is often not as exciting as the Giro d'Italia or the Vuelta but even so as the biggest bike race and sporting event in the world it has its own magic.

Will Chris Froome win his 4th Tour? He is yet to win a race this year and his time trial in the Dauphine was disappointing. However, form in the Dauphine isn't always real indicator to how riders perform in the Tour. If Froome is back to his best he might get a flying start from tomorrow's TT, at least over Nairo Quintana and Romain Bardet but unlikely to gain time over Alberto Contador or Richie Porte. 

Froome's rivals include Romain Bardet, who was second last year. Bardet will look to win this year but will the curse of French expectations in not having a Tour winner since Bernard Hinault won the 1985 edition. Richie Porte is strongly fancied this year after winning the Tour Down Under and the Tour of Romandie. However, he lost the Dauphine on the last day when he was left isolated by his team, although he fought hard to have his first place just losing out to Jakob Fulsang, who could be a contender if he can hold his form. Also Porte has yet to really perform over the full three weeks of a Grand Tour but this year could be different. And what of Fabio Aru, Fulsang's team mate? At 28 he should be in his prime and he was very impressive when he won last Sunday's Italian Road Race Championship.

Nairo Quintana nearly won this year's Giro d'Italia losing to Tom Dumoulin in the TT on the last day. We will have to see if he has fully recovered from the Giro. With only 34 kms of TTs this year he should not be in danger of losing important time on his rivals but that has to be set against there only being three mountain top finishes. Alberto Contador had the bad luck to crash on the opening stage last year. Although, he can be counted on making the racing exciting does Contador, at 34, have the form to win the Tour once again.  

Could it all come down to the final time trial on 22nd July in Marseille which includes the sharp steep climb up to Notre Dame de la Garde?    

Peter Sagan. 

Stage 1 contenders   
Will look at this in a post tomorrow.  

          Le Consulat, Lisbon + Taberna das Flores – an impressive restrained soirée   
 The bar area

Yesterday evening turned out to nicely restrained starting at the new Le Consulat Hotel in Central Lisbon and opened at the end of May. It is a French venture involving François Blot and Valérie Guérend. François hails from Honfleur in Normandy but has close family links to wine in both South West France and North Africa. Le Consulat used to be the Brazilian Consulate, hence of course the name. 

I met François and Valerie last evening. If I had known his surname was Blot I would have asked if he was, by any chance, related to Jacky Blot of Bourgueil, Monlouis and Vouvray fame.

François and Valerie have, I think, made two smart appointments. Portuguese wine expert and the chief apostle of Adegga, André Ribeirinho, has been hired to look after the wine side, while the brilliant chef André Magalhães (Taberna das Flores) will soon opening their restaurant to be called Taberna Fina. 

 Through to the wine bar area 

 Menu and view from Le Consulat (No 22) 
over the Plaça Luís de Camões

 View over the Plaça Luís de Camões
(above and below)

Couple by window 

André Magalhães Taberna Fina 
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          Kickstarter: Insect Repellent Clothing Line Reaches Funding... Unveils a high-performance Insect Repellent clothing line for adults....

(PRWeb June 30, 2017)

Read the full story at

Record anuncia últimas semanas de Rebelde

O fim de "Rebelde" está próximo e a Rede Record já começa a veicular chamadas da trama com a informação de "últimas semanas". Pode ser uma estratégia para aumentar a audiência  em sua reta final, porque se o final for em novembro, é precoce ainda anunciar "últimas semanas"...


É impressão minha ou o Arthur ta com a mão na Bunda da Lua?

Engraçado né Aguiar? Namora outra, sai com outra , beija outra da cachorro pra outra mais ainda não conseguiu esquecer a 'ex' ? Isso é A-M-O-R' 

Você podem ver que ele poderia segurar ela pelo joelho como todo mundo sempre faz mais ele preferiu segurar ela por onde hein? Um ? hmmmmmmm? Não falo mais nada..  kkkkkkkkkk' Amizade colorida ... >.<

Boatos... Giovanna Lancellotti fala de Arthur Aguiar...

Correm boatos no TUMBLR , que a atriz Giovanna Lancellotti, que hoje namora o Arthur, deu uma entrevista e em certo momento foi perguntada sobre o que poderia acabar com o namoro dos dois, e ela respodeu: " Ah, o Arthur? Ele beija fraco". Todas as fãs ficaram revoltadas e estão tentando de todas as formas para que isso chegue nos ouvidos do Arthur, alegando ainda que é por isso que nunca gostaram dela.

Só acho que quem fica xingando ou inventando mentiras sobre eles, deveriam colocar na consciência que eles estão namorando sim, e não vai ser por que você não gosta que eles vão acabar.ok!

Sei que eu é LuAr assim como eu, tem que saber que vai ser melhor assim, o que adianta o Arthur namorar a Lua se ele não gosta dela?? iria fazer ela sofrer mais e mais.. então vamos parar de xingar, porque além disse ser uma P%T@ falta de educação, não vai levar a lugar nenhum, só vai fazer com que o Thur se afaste do twitter. e sei que não é isso que vocês querem, né?!! #FicaADica

Fonte:Fã Arthur Aguiar
Adaptação: Lua Blanco Fãs SP

          Assistir Vila Nova x Criciúma AO VIVO Online 30/06/2017   

Assistir Vila Nova x Criciúma AO VIVO 30/06/2017 

       Assistir Vila Nova x Criciúma AO VIVO Online 30/06/2017 - Horário: 20:30h -Transmissão - Jogo na TV: Premiere PFC - Série B 

Em pouco mais de uma hora tem bola rolando, no Estádio Olímpico Pedro Ludovico Teixeira, para este duelo válido pela 11ª rodada da Série B, o jogo foi marcado para às 20:30h ( de Brasília),  a transmissão ao vivo será pelo canal Premiere PFC. Aguarde o vídeo completo dos gols ou melhores momentos.

Classificação: O Vila Nova está de olho na liderança da Competição, o time tem tido um bom resultados nos últimos jogos, vem no terceiro lugar, com 18 pontos, está separado do líder Juventude por apenas 4 pontos. Na rodada passada, venceu o clássico contra o Goiás por 2x0. Nos últimos cinco jogo tem apenas uma derrota.

Já o time de Criciúma, aparece na nona posição, está de olho no G4, com 14 pontos, embalado com três vitórias seguidas, se vencer hoje vai chegar à mesma pontuação do líder Internacional.

Rádios - Ouvir Vila Nova x Criciúma ao vivo online

Atualizações de gols  - Aperte F5 para atualizar:
Primeiro Tempo:
00:00' -  

Vila Nova x Criciúma
Assistir ao vivo pela TV online - Acesse:
Página 1 ou Página 2
Assistir Vila Nova x Criciúma AO VIVO Grátis em HD 30/06/2017

 Vila Nova x Criciúma - Acompanhe aqui o tempo real 

Competição: Copa das Confederações 

Confira também: 
Futebol Internacional 
Tempo Real - Classificação 
 Gols - Resultado
Aguarde o vídeo dos gols ou melhores momentos

tags:  Assistir Vila Nova x Criciúma ao vivo 30/06/2017,  Assistir Vila Nova x Criciúma AO VIVO 2017,    Assistir Jogo Vila Nova x Criciúma 30/06/2017 Série B, Assistir Criciúma x Vila Nova ao vivo hoje 30/06/2017

          Assistir Jogos de Futebol ao vivo hoje na TV 30/06/2017    

Assistir Jogos de Futebol ao vivo hoje na TV 30/06/2017 

Confira os jogos com transmissão ao vivo na TV nesta sexta-feira, 30/06/2017 

Todos os jogos publicados hoje - Confira aqui

 Futebol com transmissão ao vivo hoje 30/06/2017
15h45 - Eurocopa Sub-21: Alemanha x Espanha (final) - SPORTV2
19h15 - Campeonato Brasileiro Série B: Paysandu x Luverdense - SPORTV e PREMIERE
20h00 - MLB: Chicago Cubs x Cininnati Reds - ESPN+
20h30 - Campeonato Brasileiro Série B: Vila Nova x Criciúma - PREMIERE
21h30 - Campeonato Brasileiro Série B: Náutico x CRB - SPORTV e PREMIERE
22h30 - MLS: Real Salt Lake x Orlando City - SPORTV2 e ESPN

Todos os jogos do dia
Campeonato Paulista Segunda Divisão 19:00
EC São Bernardo x Primavera-SP

Campeonato Brasileiro Série B 19:15
Paysandu x Luverdense

Copa Paulista 20:00
Taubaté x Juventus-SP

Campeonato Brasileiro Série B 20:30
Vila Nova x Criciúma

Campeonato Brasileiro Série B 21:30
Náutico x CRB

Major League Soccer 22:30
Real Salt Lake x OrlandoCity

 Tags: Jogos de Futebol de Hoje, Futebol hoje na TV, Futebol AO VIVO Transmissões - Onde assistir futebol ao vivo hoje

          Gateway to Metal Casting   

Casting is an exciting and very useful pastime, but it’s not exactly common these days. That’s a problem whether you’re just getting started or have been doing it for years: everyone can use the advice of another. Fear not! The US Department of Energy is here to help with the Industrial Metal’s Program’s Metal Casting cornucopia.

Although not strictly a hack, this is certainly a facilitator of hacks and any experienced user would do themselves some good by perusing the site. Click on the maps to find complex issues presented remarkably well for papers at this level of rigor. Seriously, …read more

          Atlético-MG x Botafogo AO VIVO Online - Copa do Brasil   

Atlético-MG x Botafogo AO VIVO 29/06/2017 

     Atlético-MG x Botafogo AO VIVO Online 29/06/2017 - Horário: 19:30h -Transmissão - Jogo na TV: Fox Sports - Copa do Brasil

Hoje tem bola rolando, na Arena Independência, para o primeiro compromisso dos times pelas quartas de final da Copa do Brasil, o duelo foi marcado para às 19:30h ( de Brasília), na TV a transmissão ao vivo será pelo canal Fox Sports.  Aguarde o vídeo completo dos gols ou melhores momentos.

Fase anterior:  O Botafogo passou pelo Sport, o jogo decisivo foi em casa, derrotou o Leão por 2x0, na partida de ida o placar ficou em 1x1.  O Galo, por outro lado, derrotou o Paraná, no confronto de ida perdeu por 3x2, mas em casa respondeu com 2x0 e ficou com a vaga.

Desfalques no Atlético-MG: O técnico Roger Machado não poderá contar com  Marcos Rocha, que continua no departamento médico, assim como não poderá ter os serviços de Carlos César, que ainda continua se recuperando da lesão.

Mas como poderá contar com outros jogadores que estão recuperados de lesões, o técnico deve repetir o esquema mais ofensivo, com quatro homens na frente.
Reforços no Botafogo: Jair Ventura terá os serviços do zagueiro Joel Carli e do voltante João Paulo, os dois cumpriram suspensão automática no jogo contra o Avaí.

O técnico Jair Ventura fala sobre o jogo:
“Temos que fazer um bom jogo, buscar gols, pois é importante para o regulamento, e conquistar um resultado que nos dê condições de fazermos uma partida mais tranquila na volta, no Rio de Janeiro”, disse Ventura.

Rádios - Ouvir Atlético-MG x Botafogo ao vivo online

Atualizações de gols  - Aperte F5 para atualizar:
Primeiro Tempo:
00:00' -  

Atlético-MG 1x0 Botafogo

 Atlético-MG x Botafogo - Acompanhe aqui o tempo real 

Competição: Copa das Confederações 

Confira também: 
Futebol Internacional 
Tempo Real - Classificação 
 Gols - Resultado
Aguarde o vídeo dos gols ou melhores momentos


Local: Arena Independência, em Belo Horizonte (MG)
Data: 29 de junho de 2017 (Quinta-feira)
Horário: 19h30 (de Brasília)
Árbitro: Dewson Fernando Freitas da Silva (Fifa-PA)
Assistentes: Kleber Lucio Gil (Fifa-SC) e Bruno Boschilia (Fifa-PR)

ATLÉTICO-MG: Victor, Yago, Léo Silva, Gabriel, Fábio Santos; Elias, Rafael Carioca, Luan, Cazares, Robinho; Fred
Técnico: Roger Machado

BOTAFOGO: Gatito Fernández, Emerson Santos, Joel Carli, Igor Rabello e Víctor Luís; Rodrigo Lindoso, Bruno Silva, João Paulo e Camilo; Rodrigo Pimpão e Roger

Técnico: Jair Ventura

tags:  Atlético-MG x Botafogo ao vivo 29/06/2017,   Atlético-MG x Botafogo VIVO 2017,     Jogo Atlético-MG x Botafogo 29/06/2017 Copa do Brasil , Botafogo x Atlético-MG ao vivo hoje 29/06/2017

          How To MIDI Interface Your Toys   

There’s a great number toys in the world, many of which make all manner of pleasant or annoying noises for the entertainment of children. If you’re a musician, these toys may be of interest due to their unique or interesting sounds. However, due to their design being aimed at play rather than performance, it may be difficult to actually use the toy as a musical instrument. One way around this is to record the sounds of the toy into a sampler, but it’s not the only way. [little-scale] is here to demonstrate how to MIDI interface your toys. 

[little-scale] starts …read more

          By: Problem Child Bride aka wirepeach   
Hello you three. To be honest, I'm talking our actual danger up a bit, for drama's sake. Upper Ojai had to be evacuated but we down in the lower valley were never really in serious danger. They had 4000 firefighters who really know their stuff on the case and property damage is their primary concern so a number of houses and a school in the East end of town had already been sprayed with retardant. We all have to comply with brush clearing ordinances around our houses way before fire-season starts too. The ash falling everywhere and the air being thick with smoke was the main thing for us, which isn't really so bad when you think of the Arizona fires of a couple years ago. Hold up, I'll see if I can find a picture... Ran', I think they may have guessed. ;)
          Texas 47th State To Pass Statewide Texting Ban; Arizona, Missouri & Montana Still Allow It   
Texas recently passed legislation that will prohibit texting while driving in the Lone Star State. The new law, which will go into effect on September 1 and will carry a fine of up to $99 for first-time offenders, will bring the total number of states to 47 that ban texting while driving.
          Derek Crowden posted a blog post   
Derek Crowden posted a blog post

Facebook Promotion Tips For The Automotive Dealers

Facebook now has over 1 billion active users every single day so we can only conclude that any automotive dealer needs to have a presence on the social media network. Your potential customers are going to look at the profiles you have on social media before a buying decision is made. If the Facebook page associated with the dealership is not active or does not exist, trust is going down. Brand credibility can automatically be increased when Facebook pages are properly managed. Here are some tips to help you achieve just that.Photos And Videos Are Very EffectiveMost people think that a page like the Lemon Law Group Partners reviews works best in establishing trust but this is not actually the case. People want to see images and videos associated with vehicles and the dealership. Videos and photographs will do a lot better than the posts that have no visual assets. If you want to maximize the organic reach of the videos, just upload them straight to the network. That is because Facebook has an algorithm that will prefer uploaded videos. If you want to add pictures, use PNG with a length of 470 px.Timing Is VitalThere is no universal best time to post content on Facebook. Different times are going to work differently based on current audience. What you have to do is use the Insights Tab in your account so you can see when fans are online. This is when you want to schedule posts as there is a larger audience part present on the social network.Change Meta Tags For Facebook AudiencesThe Meta descriptions and titles are important for higher Google rankings but for Facebook you need to have descriptions and titles that are as baiting and as attention grabbing as possible. You can alter them when you make a link post before the post goes live on Facebook. Take advantage of this opportunity to make everything catchier.Keep Things SimpleThe text that you add to everything that you post should be as to the point and as simple as possible. Try to avoid the disorganized or spammy posts by simply using under 500 characters. You do not want to reveal many details since your audience should want to click to read and learn more. If more information has to be communicated to the audience, add links to the site so that readers can learn more.Tags Are UsefulMost businesses have a problem since they do not have advanced budgets available for advertising. On Facebook it will be a little difficult to have a very high organic reach. A trick to do this is to basically tag businesses and friends in order to get a higher visibility. This will increase the number of people seeing the posts. Alternatively, a great way to start is to find groups that are important for your industry and share relevant content there. Just make sure that you write different descriptions every single time you share on groups to also get more visibility in search engines. See More

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          Irene Simpson posted a blog post   
Irene Simpson posted a blog post

Financing Your Dream RV: A Few Smart Tips

A total of 430,691 RV units were shipped in 2016. This number itself is quite impressive, but what makes it truly interesting is the fact that it marked a gain of 15.1 percent over the past year – the seventh consecutive annual increase for the RV sector. So, there’s little doubt that motor homes are increasing in popularity among US residents. And there are plenty of reasons why—from IRS tax deductions to lifestyle needs. If you are interested in becoming the proud owner of a motor home, you will find plenty of models – diesel or gas – available for sale online. If you do not have all the money as ready cash, opt for other forms of financing.Now, the term financing makes a lot of people nervous, but the truth is, it isn’t all that complicated. It certainly isn’t the black hole people make it out to be. Sure, there are a lot of things you don’t understand about it, but that’s what we’re here for. Check out our handy guide to financing your own personal gas or diesel RV below:Establish a Strict RV BudgetEven though a used RV model is less expensive than a factory-fresh one, it still costs a lot of money. This is why you should set a budget before you start scouring the Internet in search of usedmotor homes. There is a limit to how much you’re able to afford, and under no circumstances, no matter how good a deal it is, should you exceed that limit. Keep your expectations realistic; otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.Arrange for Down PaymentFinancing your RV is a great idea, but you will still have to pay a sizeable amount as down payment. For this reason, you need to save money.  Down payments are generally at least 10 percent of the purchase price. The reason why you should try to pay as much down payment as possible is that the more you pay, the more your monthly payment drop. This makes it more cost-efficient.Learn to Negotiate ProperlyNegotiations are a crucial part of buying an RV. You need to proceed with caution since this is where most RV buyers end up losing money. Be tactful so that you do not end up agreeing to an interest that would add up to a whopping amount over the life of the loan, and even rival the price of the whole motor home itself. So, you need to be alert and play it smart.Make Sure Your Credit Score is GoodThe right kind of financing brings with it plenty of benefits. But to qualify for such financing arrangements, your credit score needs to be good. However, this isn’t anything to panic about, because barring a terrible credit past, you should be able to secure an RV loan in the vicinity of 10 percent or less quite easily.The chances of good financing also increase exponentially when you pay 20 percent or so out of your own pockets as down payment. This is because you assume a greater part of the financial risk associated with the purchase, and lending institutions prefer that.Find the Right Financing OnlineIf you browse for RV models on the Internet, you are likely to come across great financing arrangements. Though most of them are genuine, a few of them are scams. So, read all the information carefully before you proceed any further. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Loan companies specializing in RV loans should be your first choice as they know the industry inside-out and can fit the requirements of a motor home buyer to a T.Lots of used diesel motor homes are put up for sale on the Internet. Choose the one you like and then opt for financing to meet the expense. Enjoy RV-ing and unleash the adventurer in you.See More

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Hannah Whittenly posted a blog post

Can't Sell Your Car? What to Do with the Old Clunker Parked Outside Your House

It doesn’t take long for an old parked car to turn into an embarrassing problem. Within a short period of time, nasty critters that no one wants on their property often make these vehicles their homes. If you haven’t been able to sell your old car to a dealership or private party, then here is a look at some unique ways you can take care of the eyesore.Part It OutOne of the best ways to make money off of a car that is no longer in driving condition is to sell individual parts. Even relatively insignificant pieces can be worth quite a bit if you know where to look. Before selling any pieces, you should first spend some time researching the vehicle to better understand its value. Many older cars have interchangeable components, and some of your car’s parts might be worth a lot of money to someone who is restoring another classic vehicle.Recycle the MetalMany drivers don’t realize that nearly 100 percent of all automobiles in the United States eventually get recycled. While that statistic is quite impressive, a vehicle that sits for a long period of time can still do quite a bit of damage to the environment. Many metal recycling companies will come pick up old cars at little or no cost to their owners. After your vehicle is towed away, you can rest assured that almost every single piece will be put to good use.Donate the CarAnother great way to make the most out of your old clunker is to donate it to charity through an organization, like Action Donation Services. Not only is it going to a good cause, but you will most likely also receive a tax break. Some intermediary companies even fix up old vehicles so that the old owners can write off as much as possible. Just like metal recycling companies, most charities and intermediary organizations will come pick up your vehicle for free.Restore It YourselfThose who have the right tools and some spare time can generally make at least a little bit of money off of their old clunkers. A small percentage of classic car enthusiasts try to completely restore their vehicles, but that isn’t always necessary. If all of the major mechanical components work, then you will most likely be able to sell your old car. Cosmetic updates such as a new paint job or rims aren’t always worth the investment.No matter what you end up doing with your clunker, it is generally a good idea to take care of these types of problems sooner rather than later. In addition to being the perfect home for pest infestations, parked vehicles often end up leaking oil, coolant, and other harsh chemicals. What started off as a minor issue could end up being a serious hazard to your family and neighbors.See More

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Garry House posted a discussion

And then the GM said, “We used to do that!”

It was in late 1987, and I was conducting an in-dealership workshop focused on Financial and Operational Planning and Controls. I was describing an F&I process that I had recommended to increase service contract penetration, when the general manager said, “We used to do that.” In response to his statement, I asked, “Did it work?” “Absolutely,” he answered. I was tempted to say, “Then why did you stop doing it?”, but I was new to the consulting business and didn’t want to risk offending one of my few clients. As it turns out, it was probably just as well that I refrained from asking that question. Because in my 30 years of training and consulting, if I’ve heard a client-dealer or manager say, “We used to do that” once, I’ve heard it five hundred times. And in the numerous times that I’ve asked, “Why did you stop?”, I’ve never gotten a good answer (but rather mostly blank stares).Well, the two real reasons for why they stopped aren’t all that hard to identify:Either new people (managers, producers, or both) have joined the organization and brought with them their own way of doing things, orThe activity or process that was discontinued was never well-anchored in the organization to begin with.I’ve written previously about dealership cultural needs and deficiencies. One of the tenets of any strong business culture is Accountability Management. And one of the primary elements of effective accountability management in an automotive dealership is to:Develop and implement a systemic structure. (Because we know that dissimilar people operating within a systemic structure will produce similar results.)The “systemic structure” refers to clearly defined processes. So when we have a proven process that consistently produces measurable and predictable results, that process must become embedded within the culture of our dealership. It needs to be continually savored, enhanced, honored, and talked about.Would you like to improve your dealership culture so you’ll never get caught saying, “We used to do that?” Review my web site at and learn how Garry House & Associates provides Value First, and then call me at 561-744-2627. I’ll listen and recommend a solution that’s right for you and your team.Warmest regards,Garry House                                See More

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How to Find the Best Android App for Mileage Tracking?

Despite your excellent accounting and bookkeeping skills, you may find it intimidating to track the business mileage when driving your car. This is where you need an efficient mile tracking app that can manage your mileage logs and save you from the IRS audit trap. An app can automatically track the miles covered for business purposes. When looking for a mile app, there are many factors that you should consider for making the right selection.They include:Customization of Business Mileage Rates:In the USA, the IRS or Internal Revenue Service issues the standard mileage rates that are used for calculation of business deduction of a vehicle used for business purposes. When these rates are used for deduction, you can’t include the vehicle-related expenses like repairs, maintenance, and registration charges in the calculation. Hence, many businesses use their own business mileage rates. To manage the deductions according to these rates, you need a mile app that allows customizable rates for mileage tracking.The Calculation of Mileage:The mileage tracking apps use GPS or Global Positioning Satellite system for tracking your exact location and distance travelled. An accurate app will use GPS coordinates to log this distance covered for the business trips in a precise manner. The app will log this complete data and compute the total miles traveled by you. This distance will be multiplied by the mileage rate for tax deductions or for employee reimbursement. When looking for a mile app, prefer an automatic tracking system to minimize the hassles.Automatic Triggers:There are some advanced Android-based apps that use automated triggers to start and stop the logging of distance traveled during business trips. If there is a Bluetooth device in your vehicle, your Android device will automatically start tracking the mileage whenever this device is paired to the vehicle’s Bluetooth. Also, these apps allow mileage tracking through the current charging state of your device. For instance, if your Android device is plugged into the vehicle’s charger, the app will start tracking the miles automatically. They reduce inaccuracies in the system.Accurate Log Management:An app can effectively track the business mileage and record this data at a centralized portal. Now, it is essential to manage this data for claiming deductions. Here, you need a system that allows exporting of this data to a spreadsheet. This sheet should be prepared in accordance with the specifications of employer or IRS. If you are a business owner, you must prefer an app with a rich account management system. An advanced app can synchronize the varied travel logs to manage this data on the web and prepares rich reports in a prescribed format.These are the factors to keep in mind when looking for a mile app to claim tax deductions.See More

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Black Book posted a blog post

Car Segment Depreciation Slowed Last Week

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full report. This week’s Black Book Market Insights report shows car and truck segments depreciating at the same level, down by -0.25%. Out of each, Compact Vans performed the best, increasing their value by +0.07%, while Sporty Cars saw no price declines during the week. “Overall, the wholesale markets performed well last week. Weaker spots were seen in the Sub-Compact Crossover and Compact Crossover/SUV segments,” said Anil Goyal, Senior Vice President of Automotive Valuation and Analytics. Volume-weighted, overall car segment values decreased by 0.25% last week, lower than the average weekly decrease of 0.39% in values over the previous four weeks.Prestige Luxury Car, Mid-Size Car, and Full-Size Car segments declined the most by 0.52%, 0.45%, and 0.42%, respectively.Volume-weighted, overall truck segment (including pickups, SUVs and vans) values decreased by 0.25% last week, higher than the average weekly decrease of 0.18% in values over the previous four weeks.Sub-Compact Crossover, Sub-Compact Luxury Crossover and Compact Crossover/SUV declined the most by 0.51%, 0.47%, and 0.44%, respectively. New Vehicle Incentives: Percent of Typically Equipped MSRPNew vehicle incentives started rising sharply in late 2016 and have stayed up in 2017. With new inventories at nearly 4.2 million, a 12-year high, we expect incentives to remain elevated.2010: 9.7%2011: 8.6%2012: 8.2%2013: 8.3%2014: 9.0%2015: 9.4%2016: 10.5%2017 YTD: 11.0%  Click here to download the full report.See More

           Dom dworek , 7 pokoi, ogród 2477 m2, Brwinów    
cena: 1 398 000 zł, powierzchnia działki: 2 477 m², powierzchnia: 295 m², cena za metr: 4 738,98 zł/m², rynek: wtórny, liczba pokoi: 7, rodzaj zabudowy: dworek/pałac, liczba pięter: 1 piętro, materiał budynku: cegła, rok budowy: 1930 , stan wykończenia: do remontu, okna: drewniane, dom parterowy: Nie, zabezpieczenia: system alarmowy, ogrzewanie: gazowe, media: prąd, gaz, dojazd: asfaltowy, informacje dodatkowe: piwnica, garaż,
<p>DWOREK BRWINÓW</p><p>Oryginalny zabytkowy dworek z pierwszej połowy XX wieku, położony na pięknej działce w kształcie regularnego prostokąta o powierzchni 2477m2.<br/>Ogród porośnięty starodrzewem, krzewami i drzewkami owocowymi.<br/>Bardzo ładna okolica i miłe sąsiedztwo, w odległości 4 minutowe...
          GM/HBC Clerk (11065) Starbucks - Albertsons - Bakersfield, CA   
Provides superior customer service. Orders, stocks and displays non-food merchandise in accordance with company standards regarding merchandise presentation,
From Safeway - Tue, 18 Apr 2017 17:17:30 GMT - View all Bakersfield, CA jobs
          Chasing The Dream...   
Bali...The Island of Gods..Is it true?

We shall find out...

As beautiful as it looks, the padi fields are way too high for me to just jump and bath in all the glory. Nope, I took this picture on my morning walk on the last day, needed that high-intensity exercise and kept going back and forth the quiet road. All around our villa is padi fields and some halfly done villas and local houses of the villagers. Canggu is serene, and is the perfect location to get away from the Seminyak buzz....and the view is calming...

As my short trip unravels with a few souvenirs of aching sore throat and dry coughs, I realized that Bali was quite enjoyable as I arrived the previous days a true pessimist crying in my heart please let it be as painless as possible. Why the negative thoughts, well for a start I didn't want to go as my main responsibility still resides at Potato Head Jakarta but dream awaits and I needed to chase it.

My bestie, Revka is there with Minami whose a local girl - half jap half indo, sweet and very down to earth. Never spend holidays with Revka in Bali so we sort of treasure our little time we had downing fruit juices at Cocoon Bar which has a very nice view to the beach but I kinda felt out of place, too posh for me but hey for goodtime's sake!

It has been my full time "dream" to have my own shop, where I can take care of it and do stuff in it like my little polly pocket land. I know it kinda sounds scary but isn't every fashion designer's dream to have a long lasting legacy, a brand or a concept that they can share to the rest of the world? and hard work does pay off at the end of the day right? or are we purely now living in the age of "at the right time and at the right place?"

Potato Head Beach Club on its way to the opening on the 25th of November. Still a lot of work to be done but nothing is impossible and it will be open sooner or later so just keep at it! Big-Colosseum in the making, will be three times bigger than our next next door neighbor and no it's not the W Resort. It'll dam* well kick a** and yes I can swear on my blog.

As much as I am now in Jakarta, I kept thinking about Bali, not of Potato Head Beach Club, but of Eleven, the newly named concept shop. I guess everyone would be shouting to my ears now, of course I should be panicking and thinking about it as it would be open in less than a week! and we hardly have anything in it! hahaha we do work better when we're under pressure don't we?

Blessing Potato Head Beach Club by the local Balinese people, a traditional blessing ceremony. It was very peaceful and I think we need as much blessings as we could grab! Although we better get a priest asap as my mom would say...Hey mom since you're reading this maybe we should? Everyone was in the traditional get up too, nice to see....

But I have two lovely bosses and they are helping us all, how dearly nice of my brother to lend us his antique furniture to fill the shop and how nice of his partner to not go ballistic that the shop is still empty as of NOW! But I am losing sleep over this and my right eye is still twitching since the past two weeks and I'm getting worried....

The way to the fine dining, guess how many window panes we used...or here's a better question, is it almost 500 or 1000? It's amazing that now you can see how it all complements each other, the ceramics on the ceiling, the color of the wood, the washed green flooring, the retro railings and everything seem to be falling in love with each other.
I think my brother and his partner are both true romantics...

Every angle is photogenic.

Finally the grand entrance is on display!

Find Potato Head Beach Club at Jln Petitenget, next to W Resort, Seminyak Bali.
And find ELEVEN at the same address :)

          The Bostonian transforming Rotterdam into a start-up hotspot   
Melissa Ablett on why the Dutch and US are at two ends of the spectrum when it comes to risk
          Between Then and Now   
Image by Natalie Gunawan at her Farm in Melbourne Suburbia

It's been almost six months since I last blog, and this morning I thought to myself if I don't start again then I would forever lose my interest in lady macaron...and there are a lot of macaron bakers these days in Jakarta but you know what gotta stay true to yourself right...

Two of my closest friends, Revka & Putri with Minami whom I just met this week.
Work has been fun, intense, and has its up and downs but most of the time is really FUN/ no joke. I had my first year anniversary at work on the 21st of October, didn't really celebrate it but I had some terrifying thoughts of what I've achieved in the past year and whether this has all been worth it. Now that I'm slowly writing and contemplating my thoughts...let's see...

One of the things I love to do is exercise, and sweat it all out. It keeps me sane and it really does lift my moody mood 'slightly'. As strange as it may look I run around the pool in my ghetto 80s aerobic get-up every morning. Bikram Yoga is also a luxury and when you have the time, DO IT!

As much as my conscience is oppose to what I do at work, I am having a whispers at night, asking me why am I doing this when my passion since I was growing up is making beautiful clothes..designing, finding inspirations, and being alone in a studio...cutting fabrics, jotting down ideas and befriending my own thoughts... So you might ask what is it that I actually do at work?

Halloween Sunday Food Market at Potato Head outdoor patio.

The university of Potato Head as my mom calls it, when you graduate out of it, then you can practically conquer anything the world kicks back at ya! It is a Restaurant & Bar in Jakarta and it's one of the best place in town for cocktail, food, ambiance and everything else in one cool capsule. My second I tell the occasional strangers and friends who frequently ask me "Are you here everyday? everyday??!!! really EVERDAY???!!!!

This is an example of our flyer, we have a graphic team who designed the image, but all the context and ideas all comes from Potato Head.

My morning routine usually starts with me walking in to the bar- straight to the end of the bench, put my laptop on the round table, my bags down and mobile phone next to my mac. I checked the reservations for today, see if all the promotional flyers we currently have are on display on each and every tables. Then off I check my emails again... Although my business card says Public Relation Manager, I also manage our internal events with my tight-knit team and our director is very much involved in all the initial ideas right on through the implementations. As anyone successful in their profession would say communication is essential and I can't agree more. Used to be my biggest challenge as I tend to keep things inside emotionally and not let everyone worry or get stressed out but in the end it didn't help much...

This is Glass Candy performing Live at Potato Head on Saturday Nov. 6th. Ida No and Johnny Jewel of Glass Candy/Chromatics rocks! The most down to earth guy and Ida No danced her spirit away...They're a cool band I think, very psychedelic and different than the mainstream, however I find the music market here is either categorized as the indie young kids or the older types who goes for David Foster and friends...I still haven't figured out what the "yuppies" are into, and it's a challenge to bring artists here that would appeal to Potato Head young adult audience. Or perhaps they just don't care?

Since I love to write, I do most of the writing for the promotional flyers, I'm not an experienced copywriter, I have no background in professional writing, but fortunately I have a very good boss who is very articulate and checks what I write, corrects them and revise things to sound more edgy and appropriate. I make sure they are printed on time to be distributed and we do a big event check list to make sure when the artists come to town we are prepared for the big day. Why I'm still doing what I'm doing is because you get an instant self gratification when the event that your team and yourself spend so much on preparing and promoting does very well. It's jam packed, our guests are enjoying the music, cocktails, food, ambiance and at the end of the day you know it is a successful event and judged by the target sales the restaurant achieved. If I go back to being a fashion designer, there's an indefinite process of being shelled in a studio, spending similar long hours on a collection/project and at the end of the show can you really tell that the audience will love it, buy them and stocks them in their boutique. Do I want to go back living my days running around town looking for fabrics, chasing my tailor, going back and forth perfecting the right cut and at the end of the day will they sell? and it all comes down to how much do I want all that back...

This is the plan of what the shop one fine day will look like. With installations, pop up projects, artist exhibitions, and challenging the classic notion of the shopper experience. A gallery, a shared space or just a cool boutique all in one. Emotion is a big thing for me, to feel all your senses juxtaposing in all directions when you enter the space, intimidated, awed and shocked. Surprised, happy and sad.

I still have so much to learn from Potato Head, as I said I have not graduated yet, it is still a learning process and I love love love everyone at work. Why would I quit now when there are still so many things I can challenge myself, give myself more responsibilities, test my strength and lead a bigger team...Potato Head has open doors for me, I've been introduced to so many people in different genres of music, art and fashion. It's been whirlwind year, and people say I work too much, maybe sometimes I do and I need to spend more time alone and go out with my friends more often. Hopefully by getting back to writing here I can balance my life more productively and emotionally.

This is Potato Head Beach Club Bali, my brother and his partner current BIG PROJECT. A massive space with three restaurants, bars and a basement concept store (MY SECRET PROJECT). Measuring 150sqm the shop will sell everything from fashion to furniture. Think Merci in Paris, Corso Como in Italy and Anthropologie in LA. Yes that is my personal aim that it will be a shopper destination in Bali promoting Indonesian designers and produce.

So you might ask me now, am I happy, I don't know, am I enjoying my job, yes I am...isn't there a quote that goes something like if a man does not love his job than it is the saddest thing in the world...or what makes life worth living if a man does not love his job....and I could only use my brother as the perfect example. His work is his life, they embodies his spirit, joy, excitement, sadness, all the five senses and he lives for his work. And because they are all his passions and hobbies, everyone always tell me that "Oh your brother never works, or he should start doing some real job" and gosh I can tell you I hear that almost every day. But you know what now that I think about it, he doesn't need to show that he 'works' the conventional way to people because he only has himself and God to prove and the results is proven at the end of the day.

So salut to him and his partner who I have the utmost respect...and what I can only advise to you and myself having doubts at work is...

To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth. Pearl S. Buck.

My fountain of youth is having smoother skin and slimmer figure then I can say I am truly happy...ha ha ha

          It's been awhile...   
My favorite drink so far...Millionaire Martini by Dre Masso, World Renowned Mixologist.
In Dre's words: Vanilla vodka and fruit liqueur are shaken with passion fruit pulp and homemade organic vanilla sugar. Served straight up and accompanied by a Champagne chaser, we’ve layered this drink with our magical passion fruit foam

          the sweetest memory in egypt   

I was going to study on a normal day
And here's what happened on my way
I started running down the stairs
Digging into my pockets for the fares

Like most Egyptians I was running late
I wanted to catch bus number eight

It gets some to the underground up

In the bus I was looking for seat
No place and the chairs weren't neat

I had to face besides the broken do
Where I heard nothing except the loud motor

Everybody was sweating and feeling absurd

Especially the driver who used a loud nas
ty word

With a miracle I reached the metro station
Looking toward
to reaching my destination
Deep inside the metro, people are so loving

So crowded, they were nearly hugging

The metro kept stopping again and again

People started to complain and shout out in pain

Many passengers were falling on the floor
And there was great pressure on the door
Once it opened I found myself kicked outside

At the wrong station because of the pressure inside

I went to take taxi, I was so late
I only wish I could reach my work on the same date

Unexpectedly, a taxi breaks so violently
Yet he stopped some miles away
I was determined to reach the car
When he yelled, How much will you pay?
I said, don't worry, it's not that far

When I paid he said, this isn't enough
Just look everywhere if you are not blind

Check the price and the petrol, we can't efford

I got out closed the door with a slam
And walked away, leaving behind the traffic jam

          What's in Convergence? - Tables of Contents   

Here are all articles, classroom activities, and reviews arranged into annual volumes starting with 2004.

          Plenković i ekipa posjeli još par državnih tajnika u fotelje   
Vlada je u četvrtak na zatvorenom dijelu sjednice imenovala Milu Horvata i Ivu Milatića državnim tajnicima u Ministarstvu zaštite okoliša i energetike, a Majda Burić imenovana je državnom tajnicom u Ministarstvu rada i mirovinskoga sustava
          Mesti baca! Nma2 ktab n ulamak yg mesti kta tau!   
Salam pd smua ... lmer bnar x d apdet blog ni ... bkan per ... der r ... hehehe.

Dksmptan ni, aku nk kngsi sket2 ngan tman2 psl, per kitab yg perlu kta smpaikn kpd pnuntut ilmu, secara tertib. Tertib mengajar berdasarkn kitab2 yg akan dsbutkan nanti, bukanlah wjib. Bahkan ia sekadar meletakkn para pndgar sesuai pd tahap ilmu mrk.

Maknanyer, klu mreka dh hbat, maka dpilihlah kitab yg ssuai dgn tahap mrka. Bnyak kekawan aku kata, inilah kebiasaannyer, kitab2 yg dpelajari oleh mreka dpondok guru2 mrk.


Mule2, bg yg nk mle2 blajar tatabahasa Arab, seeloknyer mrk pelajari terlebih dhulu ktab;
1. Ar-Rof'u / ad-Dhom. Bila dh abis bca n pelajari ktab tu, maka dtmbah lg dgn kitab kecil, nama dyer;
2. Matan Ajurrumiah. Yg mnsyarahkn matan ni banyak, antaranyer:
* Mukhtasor Jiddan (tulisan Syeikh Zaini Dahlan)
* Usymawi
* Kifrawi syarah 'Irab Ajurrumiah. Ble dh abis bc syarah2 nier, bca plak ktab2 yg pyh2 sket n prbahasan yg luas sket scra tertib. Antaranya:
3. Kawakib ad-Durriyyah.
4. Syarah Azhari.
5. Qotrunnada. Yg mnsyarahkn Kitab Qotrunnada ni banyak gak. Antaranyer:
* Syarh Qotrunnada (tulisan Syeikh Ibnu Hisham).
6. Syuzur az-Zahab.
7. Matan Alfiah. Yg mnsyarahnyer, pon bnyak jgak. Antaranyer:
* Syarh Ibni 'Aqil
* Audoh al-Masalik
* Al-Asymuni
8. Mughnil Labib.


Klu sorof, seelok nyer bg yg baru nk belajar ilmu ni, seeloknyer dmulakn dgn mmbaca kitab;
1. Matnul Binak. Pas tu, nk power lg, baca plak kitab;
2. Matnul Iziy. Syarah bg matan ni antaranyer:
* Kilani
3. Syarh al-Talkhis Matn al-Binak.

Fiqh asy-Syafie:

Sesuai dgn suasana msyarakat kita d Mlaysia yg bermazhab Syafie, maka bagusnyer kitab yg paling ringkas, mudah dan padat dbac oleh mrk ialah kitab;
1. Safinatun Naja. Pas tu, bca plak kitab;
2. Sittin Masa il. Klu nk mndalam lg, maka dbaca lg kitab;
3. Matn Abi Syuja'. Yg mnsyarahkn matan ni, antaranyer;
* Fathul Qorib.
* Kifayatul Akhyar.
* Iqna'.
Klu nk hbt gi, baca lak kitab;
4. Matn Zubad. Syarah kpd matan ni, antaranyer;
* Ghoyatul Bayan Lil Imam Romli
* Mawahibus Somad
5. Matn Minhaj at-Tolibin. Antara yg mensyarahkn nyer:
* Mughnil Muhtaj
* Syarh Kanzir Roghibin Lil Imam Muhalli. Dan ada kitab yg wat hasyiah nyer yg bernama
Qolyubi wa 'Umairoh.
* Alib tihaj Syarh al-Minhaj

Jap jap. Aku nk cter sket psl sjarah prkmbangan kitab2 yg berkaitan dgn fiqh mazhab Imam Syafie Rohimahullah.

Stahu aku, Mazhab Imam Syafie ni dahulunyer, tersebar pd dua tmpat yg bsar. Iaitu d Khurosan dn di 'Iraq. Ulamak d kdua2 tmpat ni akhirnyer mngarang bbrapa kitab, mnulis berkaitan dgn fiqh Syafie.

Kemudian muncul Imam Haramain Ibnu Juwaini Rohimahullah, bliau mngumpulkn smua fakta berkaitan fiqh Syafie dr kdua2 belah tmpat ni, ddalam ktab beliau yg bernama Nihayah al-Matlo'.

Ada ktab yg meringkaskn kitab bliau ni, nmernyer Mukhtasor al-Muzani.

Selepas itu, Imam Ghazali Rohimahullah berusaha meringkaskn kitab karangan Imam Haramain td satu demi satu. Maka muncul lah kitab al-Basitd, kemudian al-Wasitd, dn akhirnyer al-Wajiz.

Kemudian muncul Imam Rofiie', beliau ringkaskn lgi ktab al-Wajiz td ddlam kitab bliau yg bnama al-Muharror bersama dgan tarjih nyer skali.

Slpas itu, Imam Nawawi Rohimahullah plak meringkaskn lgi ktab al-Muharror td dlm ktabnyer yg bnama Minhaj at-Tolibin. Yg mensyarahkn kitab ni, banyak sekali.

Ok, kbnyakkan ulamak kter, klu dtg khilaf antara Imam Rofiie' dgn Imam Nawawi berkaitan fiqh Syafie, maka kta hndaklah berpegang kpd pndpt Imam Nawawi. Kerana beliau lebih terkemudian dn telah pon mentarjihkn pndpt2 yg sblumny tulisan mengenai fiqh Syafie'.

Tulisan mengenai Fiqh Syafie' trus berkmbang, sehinggalah smpai kpd dua tokoh / pentarjih dlam Mazhab Syafie'. Mereka ialah Imam Romli (Syamsuddin ar-Romli) dan Imam Ibnu Hajar al-Haitami.

Sbgaimana yg kita tau, kdua2 mreka pernah berguru dgn Imam Syihabuddin ar-Romli, iaitu ayah kepada Imam Syamsuddin ar-Romli. Imam Khotib Syarbaini dn Imam Ibnu Qosim al-'Ubadi pon pernh brguru dgn beliau (Imam Syihabuddin ar-Romli).

Imam Syihabuddin ar-Romli pernah bguru plak dengan Syeikh Zakarian al-Ansori dan Imam Ibnu Hajar al-Asqolani.

K, masuk lek cter pasal Imam Romli ngan Imam Ibnu Hajar al-Haitami.
Imam Romli mentarjihkn fiqh Syafie' ddalam kitabnyer yg bernama Nihayatul Muhtaj. Manakala Imam al-Haitami pula mentarjihkan fiqh Syafie' ddalam kitabnyer Tuhfatul Muhtaj. Kitab yg mensyarahkn Kitab Tuhfatul Muhtaj ni ialah Hasyiatani asy-Syirwani dan Ibnu Qosim.

Kebanyakkan masyarakat Malaysia, Indonesia, Hadromaut dan sebahagian Asia yg bermazhab Syafie' lebih cenderung berpegang kepada pendapat Imam Ibnu Hajar al-Haitami. Manakala masyarakat Mesir dan negara2 Arab pula sekitarnya lebih cenderung berpegang kpd Imam Romli.

Ok lah, tentunyer ada khilaf dlm mntarjih fiqh Syafie yg dlakukan oleh kdua2 imam tersebut. Dan perkara ni dsbut di dlm Kitab Ismad al-'Ainain. Biasanyer kitab ni, sekali dicetak dgn Kitab Bughyatul Mustarsyidin, iaitu salah satu daripada kitab yg mmbincangkan pasal fatwa.

Maka, kita nk pegang pd pendpt yg muktamad yg maner? Kita tgok pd Kitab Hasyiah al-Baijuri.

Bg yg cndrung kpd Imam Romli, klu tdapt masalah2 tarjih dlm fiqh Syafie' yg tdk dsbut ddalam kitabnyer Nihayatul Muhtaj, kita leh rujuk kepada Muhgni al-Muhtaj karangan Imam Khotib Syarbaini.

Kbetulan cter pasal ulamak2 ni, kekadang kter cnfius sket nk mmbezakn antara dua Imam Subki. K, Imam Taqiyuddin as-Subki Rohimahullah tu ayah. Manakala, Imam Tajuddin as-Subki Rohimahullah tu anaknyer. Imam Taqiyuddin inilah yg menjadi qodi Mesir ketika Ibnu Taimiyyah masuk ke Mesir.

Salah seorang anak murid Imam Ibnu Taimiyyah plak ialah Ibnu Qoyyim al-Jauziyyah. Sedangkan Ibnu al-Jauzi, pengarang kepada kitab Maudhu 'at tu lain dan bukan anak murid beliau (Imam Ibnu Taimiyyah).

Satu lgi, Imam Ibnu Hajar ni bnyak. Antaranyer, Imam Ibnu Hajar al-'Asqolani, Imam Ibnu Hajar al-Haitami, Imam Ibnu Hajar al-Qustholani dn lain2 lgi. Kter kene teliti sket nma2 mrk.

          New Flavors of February 2010   
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* Spicy Green Tea
(Moody blend of green tea with a strong flavor of nutmeg)

These flavors are super yummy so get them at Potato Head restaurant only in the month of February.

Lady Mac
          Mengapa Yahudi?   

Mengapa Yahudi Terlalu Berkuasa?

Oleh : Dr Farrukh Saleem
Semakan Oleh : Mohd Taha Hassan

There are only 14 million Jews in the world; seven million in the Americas , five million in Asia, two million in Europe and 100,000 in Africa . For every single Jew in the world there are 100 Muslims. Yet, Jews are more than a hundred times more powerful than all the Muslims put together. Ever wondered why?

Hanya ada 14 juta Yahudi di muka bumi ini; tujuh juta di Amerika, lima juta di Asia, dua juta di Eropah dan 100,000 di Afrika. Bagi setiap orang Yahudi ada 100 orang Muslim (1:100). Namun, jika dicampuri semua sekali, Yahudi lebih 100 kali berkuasa daripada orang Islam. Mengapa ini berlaku?

Jesus of Nazareth was Jewish. Albert Einstein, the most influential scientist of all time and TIME magazine's 'Person of the Century', was a Jew. Sigmund Freud -- id, ego, superego -- the father of psychoanalysis was a Jew. So were Paul Samuelson and Milton Friedman.

Nabi Isa (Jesus of Nazareth) ialah Yahudi. Albert Einstein, saintis zaman moden paling terkemuka dan disebut oleh majalah Time sebagai 'Manusia Abad ini' ialah seorang Yahudi; Sigmund Freud - melalui teori id, ego dan super-ego ialah bapa psikoanalisis, juga seorang Yahudi; begitu juga Karl Marx, Paul Samuelson dan Milton Friedman.

Here are a few other Jews whose intellectual output has enriched the whole humanity: Benjamin Rubin gave humanity the vaccinating needle. Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine. Alert Sabin developed the improved live polio vaccine. Gertrude Elion gave us a leukaemia fighting drug. Baruch Blumberg developed the vaccination for Hepatitis B. Paul Ehrlich discovered a treatment for syphilis (a sexually transmitted disease). Elie Metchnikoff won a Nobel Prize in infectious diseases.

Selain mereka banyak lagi orang Yahudi yang hasil kebijaksanaan mereka berupaya menghasilkan keperluan untuk kita semua: Benjamin Rubin memperkenalkan jarum suntikan pelalian. Johas Salk mereka vaksin polio yang pertama. Gertrude Elion mencipta ubat melawan leukemia. Baruch Blumberg mencipta vaksin Hepatitis B. Paul Ehrlich menemukan rawatan untuk siflis. Elie Metchnikoff menang Hadiah Nobel untuk penyakit berjangkit.

Bernard Katz won a Nobel Prize in neuromuscular transmission. Andrew Schally won a Nobel in endocrinology (disorders of the endocrine system; diabetes, hyperthyroidism). Aaron Beck founded Cognitive Therapy (psychotherapy to treat mental disorders, depression and phobias). Gregory Pincus developed the first oral contraceptive pill. George Wald won a Nobel for furthering our understanding of the human eye. Stanley Cohen won a Nobel in embryology (study of embryos and their development). Willem Kolff came up with the kidney dialysis machine.

Bernard Katz menang Hadiah Nobel kerana kajian mengenai transmisi neuromuskular. Andrew Schally penerima Nobel dalam kajian endokrinologi (berkaitan sistem endokrin dan kencing manis). Aaron Beck menemui terapi kognitif (rawatan mental, kesugulan dan fobia). Gregory Pincus membangunkan pil perancang keluarga yang pertama. George Wald menang Nobel bagi kajian mata manusia, Standley Cohen dianugerahi Hadiah Nobel dalam kajian embriologi (kajian janin dan perkembangannya). Willem Kolff mencipta mesin dialisis (mencuci) buah pinggang.

Over the past 105 years, 14 million Jews have won 15-dozen Nobel Prizes while only three Nobel Prizes have been won by 1.4 billion Muslims (other than Peace Prizes).

Sejak 105 tahun, 14 juta Yahudi menang 15 dozen Hadiah Nobel, sementara tiga dimenangi oleh 1.4 bilion umat Islam.

Why are Jews so powerful? Stanley Mezor invented the first micro-processing chip. Leo Szilard developed the first nuclear chain reactor. Peter Schultz, optical fibre cable; Charles Adler, traffic lights; Benno Strauss, Stainless steel; Isador Kisee, sound movies; Emile Berliner, telephone microphone and Charles Ginsburg, videotape recorder.

Mengapa Yahudi Terlalu Berkuasa? Stanley Mezor mencipta mikrocip pertama. Leo Szilards membangunkan reaktor rangkaian nuklear pertama; Peter Schultz (kabel gentian optik); Charles Adler (lampu isyarat); Benno Strauss (besi tahan karat - stainless steel); Isador Kisee (sistem suara di pawagam); Emile Berliner (mikrofon untuk telefon) dan Charles Ginsburg (alat pita rakaman).

Famous financiers in the business world who belong to Jewish faith include Ralph Lauren (Polo), Levis Strauss (Levi's Jeans), Howard Schultz (Starbuck's), Sergey Brin (Google), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Donna Karan (DKNY), Irv Robbins (Baskins & Robbins) and Bill Rosenberg (Dunkin Donuts).

Saudagar jenama terkaya dunia juga dikuasai Yahudi iaitu Ralph Lauren (Polo), Levis Strauss (Levi's Jeans), Howard Schultz (Starbuck's), Sergey Brin (Google), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Donna Karan (DKNY), Irv Robbins (Baskin & Robbins) dan Bill Rossenberg (Dunkin Donuts).

Richard Levin, President of Yale University, is a Jew. So are Henry Kissinger (American secretary of state), Alan Greenspan (fed chairman under Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush), Joseph Lieberman, Maxim Litvinov (USSR foreign Minister), David Marshal (Singapore's first chief minister), Issac Isaacs (governor-general of Australia), Benjamin Disraeli (British statesman and author), Yevgeny Primakov (Russian PM), Barry Gold water, Jorge Sampaio (president of Portugal), John Deutsch (CIA director), Herb Gray (Canadian deputy PM), Pierre Mendes (French PM), Michael Howard (British home secretary) and Robert Rubin (American secretary of treasury).

Richard Levin, presiden universiti tersohor Yale Universiti ialah seorang Yahudi. Henry Kissinger, Joseph Lieberman dan Madeleine Albright (bekas-bekas Setiausaha Negara AS); Alan Greenspan (bekas pengerusi Rizab Persekutuan AS di bawah Reagan, Bush, Clinton dan Bush); Maxim Litvinov (bekas Menteri Luar Soviet Union); David Marshal (bekas Ketua Menteri pertama Singapura); Isaac Isaacs (bekas Gabenor Jeneral Australia); Benjamin Disraeli (negarawan dan penulis Britian); Yevgeny Primkov (bekas Perdana Menteri Rusia dan bekas jeneral KGB); Jorge Sampaio (bekas Presiden Portugal); Herb Gray (bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri Kanada); Pierre Mendes (Perdana Menteri ke-143 Perancis); Michael Howard (bekas Setiausaha Negara British); Bruno Kreisky (bekas Canselor Austria) dan Robert Rubin (bekas Setiausaha Perbendaharaan AS).

In the media, famous Jews include Wolf Blitzer ( CNN ), Barbara Walters (ABC News), Eugene Meyer ( Washington Post ), Henry Grunwald (editor-in-chief Time), Katherine Graham (publisher of The Washington Post ), Joseph Lelyyeld (Executive editor, The New York Times), and Max Frankel (New York Times).

Dalam dunia media, orang Yahudi yang terkemuka ialah Wolf Blitzer (CNN); Barbara Walters (ABC News); Eugene Meyer (Washington Post); Henry Grunwald (Ketua Editor Time); Katherine Graham (penerbit The Washington Post); Joseph Lelyyeld (Editor Eksekutif, The New York Times) dan Max Frankel (The New York Times).

At the Olympics, Mark Spitz set a record of sorts by wining seven gold medals. Lenny Krayzelburg is a three-time Olympic gold medalist. Spitz, Krayzelburg and Boris Becker are all Jewish.

Di Olimpik, Mark Spitz membolot tujuh pingat emas. Lenny Krayzelburg ialah pemegang tiga kali pingat emas Olimpik. Spitz Krayzelburg dan Boris Becker adalah Yahudi.

Did you know that Harrison Ford, George Burns, Tony Curtis, Charles Bronson, Sandra Bullock, Billy Crystal, Paul Newman, Peter Sellers, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley, Kirk Douglas, Cary Grant, William Shatner, Jerry Lewis and Peter Falk are all Jewish? As a matter of fact, Hollywood itself was founded by a Jew. Among directors and producers, Steven Spielberg, Mel Brooks, Oliver Stone, Aaron Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210), Neil Simon (The Odd Couple), Andrew Vaina (Rambo 1/2/3), Michael Man (Starsky and Hutch), Milos Forman (One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest), Douglas Fairbanks (The thief of Baghdad) and Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) are all Jewish.

Tahukah anda bahawa pelakon pujaan Harrison Ford, George Burns, Tony Curtis, Charles Bronson, Sandra Bullock, Billy Cystal, Woody Allen, Paul Newman, Peter Sellers, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley, Kirk Douglas, Willian Shatner, Jerry Lewis dan Peter Falk semuanya Yahudi? Tambahan lagi, Hollywood sendiri diwujudkan oleh orang Yahudi. Antara pengarah dan penerbit, Steven Spielberg, Mel Brooks, Oliver Stone, Aaron Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210), Neil Simon (The Odd Couple), Andrew Vaina (Rambo 1- 2-3), Michael Man (Starsky and Hutch), Milos Forman (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest), Douglas Fairbanks (The Thief Of Baghdad) and Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) - semuanya adalah Yahudi.

To be certain, Washington is the capital that matters and in Washington the lobby that matters is The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC. Washington knows that if PM Ehud Olmert were to discover that the earth is flat, AIPAC will make the 109th Congress pass a resolution congratulating Olmert on his discovery.

Washington yang merupakan ibu negara Amerika Syarikat, mempunyai satu pertubuhan lobi yang amat berkuasa. Ia dikenali sebagai Jawatankuasa Hal Ehwal Awam Amerika Israel (AIPAC) yang berupaya mempengaruhi Kongres meluluskan resolusi memuji dan 'membuat apa saja' demi Israel. Washington mengetahui bahawa jika PM Ehud Olmert sedar akan wujudnya bahawa bumi ini adalah rata, maka AIPAC akan mengadakan Kongres yang ke 109 untuk meluluskan resolusi bagi memberi ucapan tahniah pada satu pertemuan yang akan diadakan bersama Olmert.

William James Sidis, with an IQ of 250-300, is the brightest human who ever existed. Guess what faith did he belong to?

Tahukah lagi bahawa William James Sidis dengan IQ 250-300 ialah manusia tercerdik. Dia ialah Yahudi. Teka, apakah kepercayaan yang beliau miliki?

So, why are Jews so powerful? Answer: Education.

Oleh yang demikian, mengapa Yahudi terlalu berkuasa? Jawapannya: Pendidikan, pelajaran, ilmu.


Dermawan dan penyangak mata wang, George Soros ialah Yahudi. Dia menderma AS$4 bilion untuk membantu ahli sains dan universiti serata dunia.

Walter Annenberg menderma untuk membina ratusan perpustakaan berjumlah AS$2 bilion.

Jadi, mengapa mereka ini terlalu berkuasa? Mengapa umat Islam terlalu lemah?

Dianggarkan 1,476,233,470 Muslim di atas muka bumi Allah ini. Satu bilion di Asia, 400 juta di Afrika, 44 juta di Eropah dan enam juta di Amerika. Setiap lima insan manusia ialah Muslim. Setiap seorang Hindu ada dua orang Islam, setiap seorang Buddha ada dua orang Islam dan setiap seorang Yahudi ada beratus orang Islam. Mengapa orang Islam terlalu lemah?

Ini jawapannya: Terdapat 57 negara anggota OIC dan jika dicampur semua cuma ada kira-kira 500 buah universiti; atau sebuah universiti untuk setiap tiga juta orang Islam.

AS mempunyai 5,758 universiti dan India ada 8,407. Pada 2004, Shanghai Jiao Tong Universiti membuat kajian 'Kedudukan Akademik Universiti-universiti Dunia' - dan menakjubkan - tiada satu pun universiti-negara Islam yang berada di puncak 500.

Data yang dikumpul dari UNDP, tahap celik huruf di negara maju ialah hampir 90 peratus dan 15 negara itu mempunyai 100 peratus celik huruf. Negara majoriti penduduk Islam, purata kadar celik huruf ialah sekitar 40 peratus dan tiada negara yang mempunyai 100 peratus semuanya celik huruf.

Sekitar 98 peratus penduduk di negara maju menamatkan sekurang-kurang sekolah rendah, sementara hanya 50 peratus di negara majoriti Islam. Sekitar 40 peratus penduduk di negara maju memasuki universiti, sementara hanya 2 peratus di negara majoriti Islam.

Negara-negara majoriti Islam mempunyai 230 ahli sains bagi setiap (per) sejuta penduduk. Di AS 4,000 per sejuta, Jepun 5,000 per sejuta. Di seluruh negara Arab, penyelidik sepenuh masa ialah 35,000 dan hanya 50 juruteknik per sejuta (berbanding di negara maju 1,000 juruteknik per sejuta).

Negara Islam membelanjakan 0.2 peratus daripada KDNK untuk penyelidikan dan pembangunan (R&D) sebaliknya, di negara maju membelanjakan 5 peratus daripada KDNKnya.

Kesimpulan: Dunia Islam kurang keupayaan untuk menghasilkan ilmu pengetahuan.

Akhbar harian yang dibaca oleh setiap 1,000 orang dan jumlah judul buku yang dibaca oleh setiap sejuta orang adalah dua angka tunjuk bagi menentukan sama ada ilmu pengetahuan disalurkan ke dalam masyarakat.

Di Pakistan, hanya ada 23 akhbar harian per 1,000 rakyat Pakistan sementara nisbah di Singapura ialah 360. Di UK, jumlah judul buku per juta orang ialah 2,000 sementara di Mesir ialah 20.

Kesimpulan: Dunia Islam gagal menyalurkan ilmu pengetahuan.

Yang menariknya, jumlah terkumpul KDNK tahunan 57 buah negara ahli OIC ialah di bawah AS$2 trilion. Amerika sahaja, menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan bernilai AS$12 trilion, China AS$8 trilion, Jepun AS$3.8 trilion dan Jerman AS$2.4 trilion.

Pengeluar minyak yang kaya, Arab Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar secara rangkuman menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan (rata-rata minyak) bernilai AS$500 bilion; Sepanyol sahaja menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan bernilai lebih AS$1 trilion, Poland AS$489 bilion dan Thailand AS$545 bilion.

Jadi, mengapa orang Islam tidak berkuasa dan orang Yahudi paling berkuasa?

Jawapannya ialah: Kurangnya ilmu. Kurangnya pendidikan dan kurangnya pelajaran.


Daripada lingkungan 12 juta orang Yahudi, hanya 0,2 % sahaja populasi dunia. ( 2 setiap dari 1000 orang)


1910 - Paul Heyse
1927 - Henri Bergson
1958 - Boris Pasternak
1966 - Shmuel Yosef Agnon
1966 - Nelly Sachs
1976 - Saul Bellow
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2002 - Imre Kertesz
2005 - Harold Pinter

World Peace

1911 - Alfred Fried
1911 - Tobias Asser
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1978 - Menachem Begin
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Daniel Kahneman
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Physiology / Medicine

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gia vietnamitaEspaña se esta convirtiendo en una de las cuna del porno online más importante, en los ultimos años el prestigio del porno en España ha subido a cotas inesperadas hace unos años y todo gracias a productoras como Leche69 o entre otras muchas que han aparecido y cada vez más futuras pornostars visitan España […]

La entrada Gia la vietmanita se viene a en busca de verga aparece primero en Mr Videos Porno Gratis.

          The 10 Most Popular Articles Among Recruiters This Week   
In case you need a stimulating read, here’s a great list for you. We took a look at the articles staffing and corporate recruiters shared, liked, and commented on the most on LinkedIn during the last 7 days and posted them below. Here are the top posts for this week: 1. Efforts Increase to Bring Health And Other Benefits to Independent Workers --by Yuki Noguchi 2. How Starbucks, Airbnb, and LinkedIn Are Helping to Develop the Gen Z Workforce -- by Lydia Dishman 3. Ten Things Every Good Recruiter Does Right -- by Liz Ryan 4. Business Etiquette is Changing—and You Need to Follow Suit […]

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          12 Surprisingly Hilarious Moments From Pornhub's Twitter Account   

Of all the porn sites, Pornhub's social media team has far exceeded the rest. Honestly, step up your game xvideos.















          “More than half” of CITIC’s PB branches in China launched DPM services over past three months   

More than half of China CITIC Bank’s private banking branches in China have started offering their clients discretionary portfolio management (DPM) services, which the private bank launched three months ago. A person familiar with the matter tells APB Mandate that 20 of the private bank’s 38 branches in China now have active DPM client accounts, […]

The post “More than half” of CITIC’s PB branches in China launched DPM services over past three months appeared first on APB Mandate.

          Links – 29.06.2017   
Video: Nici eu nu as manca asa ceva [wtf/interesant] Video: Asa-si tine ziua de nastere un star porno (Dany Daniels) [fun/hot] Video: Explicati fenomenul! [interesant] Video: Surpriza! [wtf/fun] Video: Am avut un accident, o bere te rog! [wtf] thx to… Continue Reading
          Squirting Schoolgirl   

Release Year: 2017
Studio: 18eighteen
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Melody is pretty ballsy. Not only is she getting naked in class, but she''s gonna spray her teacher''s desk, too! She climbs on top of his desk and her super-pink pussy starts dripping right away. She finger-fucks herself and rubs her G-spot until she''s sitting in a puddle of her own juice. "My butt is sliding!" she says. Melody puts on one hell of a pussy show. We can see the inside of her pussy throbbing as she cums. When she gets on all fours we can see her cunt juice glistening on her asshole and running down the side of her leg. She''s doing this to get back at her teacher for giving her detention, but he might just like it. Hell, we would.

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          Mischa Cross: Naughty Before Naptime   

Release Year: 2017
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Mischa Cross is just about ready to get some mid-afternoon shuteye, but she can't quite seem to relax when she's so damn horny! There's only one way for this blonde beauty to get those erotic thoughts off of her mind, and that's indulging in a little masturbation! First, she slides off her slip, revealing lacy lingerie that show off her perky natural tits and tight ass. Her fingers trace the contours of her body, slowly building her anticipation to a fever pitch. Once she starts rubbing her pussy, she rides the waves of pleasure to a massive orgasm. Maybe now she can finally concentrate on relaxing.

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          GTA Online: Independence Day DLC is live – new supercar, star-spangled weapons and more   
Star-spangled weapons skins and free t-shirts, new racer Vagner available. GTA Online’s Independence Day content has been activated – login to the game and you’ll be able to access it right away. The Independence Day DLC includes skins and liveries for the Mobile Operations Centers and weapons. You can see prices for those right here. […]
          ¡¡Los presentó!! Se quedó sin Copa, pero Cristiano Ronaldo está feliz con sus gemelos   
La estrella del Real Madrid decidió restarse de la definición del tercer lugar para ir a conocer a sus mellizos recién nacidos… Tras la derrota sufrida ante Chile, Cristiano Ronaldo se retiró de la concentración de Portugal. El ídolo del fútbol mundial, con permiso de su federación,  se restó de la definición del tercer lugar […]
          Here’s an extended look at how to survive Fortnite’s enemy waves ahead of its July 25 release   
Fortnite is a complex game, and if you want to be good by the time it launches you’ll want to start studying now. This video from Arekkz gets into the key details about the Fortnite experience, and digs into the numerous skill trees and abilities at your disposal. Here are some of the highlights: Gathering […]
          Luxury Eurostar break in Bruges   
Enjoy a luxury three-night break to picturesque Bruges with Eurostar travel
          Starcraft: Remastered will release on August 15, and looks very faithful to the original   
Starcraft: Remastered finally has a release date, and new details and screens have emerged. Starcraft: Remastered, announced back in March, is not a radical reinvention of Starcraft – it’s essentially taking Starcraft and its expansion, Brood War, and updating them to look less rubbish on modern monitors. Earlier this year, the original Starcraft was updated […]
          Luxury Eurostar break in Paris   
Enjoy a luxury break in magical Paris with Eurostar
          John Romero’s personal Doom 2 discs sold for $3150, so expect more memorabilia auctions soon   
John and Brenda Romero have amassed a huge collection of memorabilia over the years, and they’re looking to make some space. Earlier this week we reported on the eBay auction for John Romero’s old Doom 2 floppy discs. The auction has since ended, bringing in $3150, well above the initial $10 starting price. Shacknews got […]
          Hello world!   
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!
          Do you have a rare coin in your collection? The Royal Mint could soon start offering valuations    
          Starbucks profit surges in Europe, Middle East and Africa despite Brexit slowdown   
          Menschen im Hotel   
Der neue Schauspieldirektor Manuel Kressin inszeniert eine Schauspiel-Symphonie nach dem Roman von Vicki Baum
Premiere am 29.  Sept. im Großen Haus Gera
Vanessa Rose, Mechthild Schrobanita und Thorsten Dara fotografiert im Parkhotel Altenburg von Sabona Sabovic Zur ersten Schauspielpremiere der Spielzeit 2017/18, mit der sich Manuel Kressin als neuer Schauspieldirektor vorstellt, wird am Freitag, 29. September, um· 19:30 Uhr ins Große Haus der Bühnen der Stadt Gera eingeladen. Der 1929 von Vicki Baum (1888-1960) geschriebene Bestseller-Roman „Menschen im Hotel“ gewährt nicht nur Einblick in Vorgänge hinter verschlossenen Zimmertüren, sondern auch hinter die Fassaden der Gesellschaft. Bereits 1932 lief die erste Verfilmung unter dem Titel Grand Hotel mit einem Staraufgebot in den Kinos und gewann den Oscar als Bester Film. Manuel Kressins Stückfassung spürt der gleichsam komödiantischen, kritischen und tragischen Geschichte nach. Als Schauspieldirektor setzt er ganz auf das Ensemble und hat für seine Antrittsinszenierung ein großes Ensemblestück gewählt, in dem sich viele neue Mitglieder seines Ensembles vorstellen. Als Schauspiel-Symphonie konzipiert, werden Mitglieder des Philharmonischen Orchesters Altenburg-Gera die Inszenierung live zur Komposition von Schauspielkapellmeister Olav Kröger und unter seiner Leitung begleiten. In den Rollen: Grusinskaya Vanessa Rose · Baron Gaigern Danijel Gavrilovic · Otto Kringelein Thomas C. Zinke · Dr. Otternschlag Bruno Beeke · Flämmchen Nolundi Tschudi · Direktor Preysing Thorsten Dara · Portier Senf Maximilian Popp · Suzette Hanna Petkoff · Hausdame Fiona Mechthild Scrobanita · Gerstenkorn Ines Buchmann · „Baby“ an der Bar Alexandra Sagurna. Bühne und Kostüme entwirft Kristopher Kempf. Für die Choreografie ist Katerina Vlasova verantwortlich, die auch den Tanzpart der Grusinskaya übernimmt. In diesem Hotel treffen Schicksale auf engem Raum aufeinander: Es wird geliebt, gehandelt, gestohlen, geredet und manchmal auch gestorben. Die unterschiedlichsten Menschen betreten durch die Drehtür eine eigene Welt, treffen aufeinander und leben doch aneinander vorbei. Da ist die Primaballerina Grusinskaya, die, einst groß und umjubelt, nun nur noch ein Schatten ihrer selbst ist. Sie...
          The Pet Parade Blog Hop #202 with Rascal & Rocco Co-Hosted by Basil & Barking from the Bayou   

 background image NextMars used under licence from 

Pawesome Friday greeting wunderpurr furriends

Welcome to another Friday on the blog.  Well we've come to the end of our regular programming schedule fur a while, Mandalas on Monday and Amber's Wordy on Wednesday will return in the Autumn or as our fabulous furriends offur the pond say; Fall.  

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          Aprendiz Administrativo - Brasil Kirin - Benevides, PA   
Uma empresa que já nasce forte, com mais de cem anos de história aqui, e no mundo. Prestar suporte administrativo à área onde atua, através do preenchimento de...
De BRASIL KIRIN - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 20:36:29 GMT - Visualizar todas as empregos: Benevides, PA
          Kommentar zu Starkregen führt in Berlin zum Ausnahmezustand bei der Feuerwehr von   
Schau mal da ist es auch ganz arg - aber noch nicht lila:
          Die Fuller-Story - heißer und kalter Krieg in Blankenhain   
Ltn. Leonard B. Fuller Der Absturz über Blankenhain - Ein Blick hinter den Eisernen Vorhang Unter dem Motto "Versöhnung über den Gräbern - Arbeit für den Frieden" soll an den US-Piloten Ltn. Leonard B. Fuller erinnert werden, der am 7. Juli 1944 in Blankenhain sein Leben verlor. Das Flugzeug des Piloten der US Air Force, wurde im Luftkampf über Naumburg von der deutschen Flak getroffen. Seine Mustang P-51 D stürzte in einem Waldstück hinter Blankenhain ab und zerschellte. Obwohl er noch mit dem Fallschirm absprang, überlebte er es nicht. Ltn. Leonard B. Fuller wurde auf dem Alten Friedhof in Blankenhain begraben. Eine Familie aus Blankenhain hatte jahrelang sein Grab gepflegt. Sie hatte selbst ihre Söhne im Krieg verloren. Nach einem langen Hickhack im "Kalten Krieg" und diplomatischem Tauziehen, gespickt mit Misstrauen der Siegermächte aus Ost und West, konnten die Eltern das Grab Ende der 1940er-Jahre endlich in Thüringen besuchen. Von Frankfurt a. M. aus starteten die Amerikaner ihre aufregende Reise durch die sowjetische Besatzungszone mit Polizei-Eskorten. Sie lernte die grabpflegende Familie kennen. Und sie trauerten gemeinsam um verlorenen Söhne. Die Fullers waren von der Begegnung und ihrer Reise so gerührt, dass sie nach ihrer Rückkehr in die USA über 300 Vorträge darüber hielten. 1950 hatten sie dann endlich die Möglichkeit ihren Sohn nach seiner Exhumierung in seinen Heimatort Linden / NY (USA) zu überführen. Am 9. Juli wird die Amerikanerin Donna Bonning, die nach der Familie forschte und unzähliges Material über den Piloten fand - auf dem Alten Friedhof in Blankenhain eine Gedenktafel einweihen. Gleichzeitig eröffnen der Heimatforscher Bernd Schmidt aus Weimar und der Arbeitskreis Stadtgeschichte Blankenhain e.V. eine Ausstellung zur "Fuller-Story". Damit wollen sie auf die beinah vergessene Geschichte aufmerksam machen. Die Ausstellung mit 15 Schaustafeln zeigt...
          ASAP, Afterschool jobs, PT, F visa, Incheon, Bucheon, Bupyeong,Magok st   

8. ASAP, PT, F visa, Incheon Nonhyen st, Afterschool, M, W

1. Working Hours: 1pm-5pm

2. Students: Elementary

3. Salary: M to F/ 130,000 won to 150,000 won

4. Start: ASAP


Sorry No F4


9. ASAP, PT, F visa, Bucheon, Bupyeong,Magok st, Afterschool, Tue, Thurs

1. Working Hours: 1pm-5pm

2. Students: Elementary

3. Salary: M to F/ 130,000 won to 150,000 won

4. Start: ASAP


Sorry No F4


Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 
Are you a licensed recruiter? : 

          Assistente Financeiro - Hoteis Bristol - Belém, PA   
Conferir a baixa de documentos pagos e recebidos; Verificar documentação e autorização de compras dos compromissos a pagar ( vistar cópia de cheques);... R$ 1.000 - R$ 1.500 por mês
De Indeed - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 11:36:21 GMT - Visualizar todas as empregos: Belém, PA
          ASAP,Sejong city, F4, E2,F6,F5,1 hour from Seoul st, All benefits, 3 JOBS   

6. Sejong city, F4, E2,F6,F5,1 hour from Seoul st, Nice good, all benefits

1. Working Hours: PM 1:30 ~ PM 9:00

2. Students: Elementary

3. Salary: 2.1-2.5 mil

4. Vacation: 10 days + National holidays

5. Severance: the same as one month payment upon completion of 1yr contract

6. Medical insurance and pension: 50% paid by the school

7. Housing- Furnished Studio

8. Air fare- One way ticket

9. Start: July - Aug

Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 
Are you a licensed recruiter? : 

          Schönbach lockt mit Dorffest   
Am 8. und 9. Juli 2017 ist es wieder soweit. Der Dorf- und Feuerwehrverein Schönbach e.V. und die FFw laden herzlich zum diesjährigen Dorffest ein. Für alle Altersgruppen steht auf dem Festplatz neben der Straßenbahn ein buntes Programm bereit. So startet der Samstag ab 13 Uhr mit einem Zwischenstopp der Oldtimerrallye des MC Greiz. Von 17 bis 19 Uhr findet im Festzelt für die Jüngsten eine Kinderdisko statt. Abends ab 20 Uhr spielt die Band „Memory“ zum Tanz auf. Dazwischen wird die Verlosung des Maibaumes ausgetragen. Der Sonntag beginnt um 9.15 Uhr mit dem Gottesdienst mit Carsten Weigelt und dem Posaunenchor Zeulenroda im Festzelt. Danach wird zum zünftigen Frühschoppen eingeladen. Ab 14 Uhr herrscht dann wieder Jubel und Trubel rund um den Festplatz mit historischer Landtechnikausstellung, Handwerkerschau, u.a. mit Sensenlehrer Klaus Hofmann und Maler Torsten Knoll, vielseitige Kinderbeschäftigungsangebote sowie leckeren Speisen und Getränken. Im Festzelt werden die Wisentataler Blasmusikanten aufspielen und für beste Stimmung sorgen. Der Eintritt ist an beiden Tagen frei. „Im Dorf- und Feuerwehrverein haben wir mit 40% auf die Einwohnerzahl gerechnet eine gute Quote hinsichtlich ehrenamtlicher Tätigkeit. Seit nunmehr 20 Jahren bilden auch wir eine verlässliche Gemeinschaft, um Traditionen zu pflegen und uns gesellschaftlich zu engagieren. Vor allem aber wollen wir durch die Vereinsarbeit im Ort gute Bedingungen schaffen, damit sich jetzt und in Zukunft Jung und Alt hier wohlfühlen. Dabei dürfen Spaß und Freude nicht zu kurz kommen und deshalb muss man auch ab und zu zünftig feiern“, so Angelika Ose vom Dorf- und Feuerwehrverein zum bevorstehenden Fest.
          Steffen Schroeder : Was alles in einem Menschen sein kann   
Portraitbild Begegnung mit einem Mörder 2013 stehen sich Steffen Schroeder und Micha im Gefängnis Berlin-Tegel zum ersten Mal gegenüber. Ein Gespräch über ihre schwierige Jugend bringt sie einander näher, bei allen Unterschieden: Schroeder wurde Schauspieler, Micha rutschte ins rechte Milieu ab, brachte einen Menschen um. Es beginnt eine besondere Beziehung: Schroeder, bekannt als Kommissar Kowalski in «SOKO Leipzig», der sich auch im Weißen Ring für Kriminalitätsopfer engagiert, wird Vollzugshelfer des lebenslänglich Verurteilten. Er lernt den Gefängnisalltag kennen, erfährt von Rangordnungen, Drogen, Ausbruchsversuchen; über die Jahre dringt er tief in Michas Geschichte ein, erfährt immer wieder Neues, Überraschendes. Für Micha wird er wichtiger und wichtiger, er begleitet ihn bei Freigängen, ist ihm Auge und Ohr für die Welt. Bald sieht Schroeder sich selbst und sein Leben in neuem Licht: Was unterscheidet ihn eigentlich von Micha? Und welche Entscheidungen und Wendepunkte führen überhaupt dazu, dass ein Leben gelingt oder scheitert? Steffen Schroeder schreibt mit viel Gespür für das Menschliche über eine außergewöhnliche Begegnung und stellt dabei existenzielle Fragen nach Schuld, Schicksal und der Verantwortung dem eigenen Leben gegenüber. Schroeders Buch gibt wichtige Auskünfte über den Alltag in deutschen Gefängnissen, über Risiken und Chancen für Langzeitinhaftierte sowie darüber, welche Resozialisierungsmöglichkeiten und -perspektiven sich für Menschen wie Micha mit rechtsextremer und schwerstkrimineller Vergangenheit ergeben. Der Fernsehkommissar und der Mörder – ein starkes, glänzend erzähltes Buch. Steffen Schroeder Steffen Schroeder wurde 1974 in München geboren. Nach seiner Schauspielausbildung war er zunächst Ensemblemitglied am Wiener Burgtheater, dann beim Berliner Ensemble. Er wirkte in Fernsehserien wie «Der Kriminalist», «Bella Block» und «Tatort» sowie in Kinofilmen wie «Der Rote Baron» oder «Keinohrhasen» mit. In der erfolgreichen ZDF-Serie «SOKO...
          Busco amiga   
Me gustaría conocer mujer para encuentros ''amistosos''. Vivo y trabajo en valencia, no tengo ataduras de ningún tipo. Hasta unos 40 años. Liberal, guapita, con algo de cultura. No me importa estado civil. No profesionales del sexo.
          Para mujer inconformista   
Hola me llamo juan. Tengo los ojos verdes, mido 1,74, 49 años. Soy monitor de fitness y me gustaría entablar amistad con mujer casada k tenga un interior bonito y sepa apreciar bonita amistad sin hacer daño a su pareja actual. Tengo pareja pero se ha perdido la emoción y la pasion. Soy de madrid. No cobro ni pago.
          Busco amigos posible pareja soy pasivo   
Busco amigos de 40 hasta 70 años busco hombres para compartir salidas ,ir al cine,ir a cenar o almorzar,salir a tomar halgo y charlar. me gustaria si es posible formar pareja o encuentros esporadicos de sexo soy pasivo y dotado. si tienes una fantasia de quedar con un hombre masculino y discreto llamame 60341475cero. if you like to be with discret man in bed talk to me only in madrid your place or hotel. solo en madrid tú lugar o en un...
          Estas obras de arte han sido creadas por una doble red neuronal y logran gustar más que las pintadas por humanos   
Dicen que hay relación entre la creatividad y la inteligencia, y puede que ésta sea otra cosa a comprobar con la artificial. Y la verdad es que resulta bastante curioso ver cómo se desarrolla y defiende esta especie de “creatividad artificial” si hablamos de una inteligencia artificial que es capaz de crear arte mezclando estilos
          Price Drop: Coloring Book Stories - Kingdom - Chapter 2   
Coloring Book Stories - Kingdom - Chapter 2
Kategorie: Spiele
Preis: 3,49 € -> 1,09 €
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A beautiful coloring book adventure for our little ones with English speaking voice acting and wonderful background music! Fully featured with: - Soft brush coloring! - Story told in 2 chapters with beautiful, hand-drawn, high resolution illustrations for the children to color - Wonderful story telling voice-acting! - Background music for every part of the story - Voice and visual guide of the menu (Starting the story etc.) - Instant replay of the coloring!! ( Press the play button to see a video-like playback of the coloring the child just made! ) - Save the colored illustration in high resolution to the device’s photos, no watermark or anything! - Color the same illustration any number of times! - Storybook & Coloring modes available. -> The story is told with the child being at the center and it progresses as the child color the pages. -> Coloring jumps straight into coloring any illustration from the story (without the story). - The story is divided into 2 chapters, each chapter being a different place in the Kingdom. 1. A colorful kingdom ( The old town ) 2. The King & Queen ( The Castle )
          Emmanuel Macron et Xavier Niel, stars de l'inauguration de la Station F   
L'inauguration du "plus grand campus de start-up au monde" quelques jours après la prise de fonction d'un président de la République qui prône l'entreprenariat individuel ne pouvait mieux tomber.
          Maestro divorciado, 60 años   
Maestro, 60 años. Sin hijos. Actual, atractivo. Muy deportista. Un caballero. Sensible. Le gustaria conocer chica de 55- 60 años de vitoria gasteiz. Femenina, que se cuide. Para amistad sincera y posible relación estable. informese sin compromiso. Agencia unicis.
          Price Drop: Coloring Book Stories - Kingdom - Chapter 1   
Coloring Book Stories - Kingdom - Chapter 1
Kategorie: Spiele
Preis: 3,49 € -> 1,09 €
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A beautiful coloring book adventure for our little ones with English speaking voice acting and wonderful background music! Fully featured with: - Soft brush coloring! - Story told in 2 chapters with beautiful, hand-drawn, high resolution illustrations for the children to color - Wonderful story telling voice-acting! - Background music for every part of the story - Voice and visual guide of the menu (Starting the story etc.) - Instant replay of the coloring!! ( Press the play button to see a video-like playback of the coloring the child just made! ) - Save the colored illustration in high resolution to the device’s photos, no watermark or anything! - Color the same illustration any number of times! - Storybook & Coloring modes available. -> The story is told with the child being at the center and it progresses as the child color the pages. -> Coloring jumps straight into coloring any illustration from the story (without the story). - The story is divided into 2 chapters, each chapter being a different place in the Kingdom. 1. A colorful kingdom ( The old town ) 2. The King & Queen ( The Castle )
          How Indian start-ups are taking on global rivals   
Flipkart's appointment of Kalyan Krishnamurthy as CEO and Ola's choice of PepsiCo's Vishal Kaul for COO speaks to the growing trend of bringing in exp...
          Price Drop: America.n - White House & Famous USA Land.marks   
America.n - White House & Famous USA Land.marks
Kategorie: Reisen
Preis: 2,29 € -> 1,09 €
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*ANIMATED AMERICA STICKER PACK* Be the first to sticker your iMessages! iMessage is a whole new game with the release of iOS 10! We’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival to release a series of travel-inspired stickers - Travel-Mojis - specially designed to send to your friends and stick all over your text messages. This collection is all red white and blue. Let the twinkling stars transport you to some epic landmarks and sights you’ve probably seen or want to visit located in the United States of America: • Las Vegas Strip • Alcatraz Island • Yellowstone National Park • White House • Mount Rushmore • The Statue of Liberty • Golden Gate Bridge • Niagara Falls • Grand Canyon Download them now! As always please email with any issues or help you need. Mak or Ann will respond to you quickly! Made with love (and a bit of sweat ;) The Daneco Crew
          Empresario busca chica   
Buenas, tengo anuncio en este sitio y han respondido varias mujeres pero cuando no se les dice las 4 cosas que quieren oir desaparecen sin más. A ciertas edades creemos saber todas las respuestas el problema es que la vida te cambia las preguntas y si no evolucionas quedas desfasado/a. Sé que lo que digo es interpretable y ambiguo, si quieres hablamos. Simplemente me gustaría conocer una mujer culta, con empatía, que sepa hablar de cualquier t...
          Chica madurita   
Hola, "busco" amistad y quizá algo más con; chica entre 35-45 años (mas o menos) que, quiera conocer a un chico soltero, maduro 51 bien de físico, no drogas ni alcohol, deportista educado. para que...?. Sencillo, conocernos, pasar buenos ratos de risas, comer fuera, pasear, dialogar et. si, se diera el caso y empatizamos puede que, algo más en principio amistad sincera. por que hago esto...? sencillo, soy soltero y me gustaría con...
          Mujer soltera    
Hola, me gustaría conocer: mujer soltera que, viva en benidorm ó cercanías. soy hombre 51, soltero de buen cuerpo (me cuido). no drogas -alcohol. para; amistad y algo más si,llegamos a empatizar. vivo en benidorm y tengo apartamento propio. si, quieres nos conocemos el resto ya se verá (día a día) gracias!.
          Floyd Mayweather's fight with UFC star Conor McGregor is 'good for boxing', says Carl Frampton   
Frampton thinks that the fight will be better than the vast majority of contests
          Now Free: Othello Crush   
Othello Crush
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Othello Crush is a variant of the old Othello game, but with a little twist. Start by choosing a nickname and login with Facebook or a Nickname/Email. Invite your friends to play for fame and glory on the highscorelist. You can search for friends by email, nickname or just invite them with facebook. When your friends starts to accept your invites, they will start to appear in the game table. The one who sent the invitation will be Black and will also make the first move. You can swipe left on a friend to show available choices. Watch your opponent play by staying in the play-scene while waiting for the next move. You can also Resign or Pass on the left bottom meny, or use a gadget on the right menu. For every game you win you will earn 1 Othello Crush Gold, so keep on gaming! There is a in-app-purchase where you can buy Othello Gold which you can exchange for gadgets that will maybe give you the upper hand in the game. There is extra moves, bombs and flip a piece. You can also buy other stuff to make the game more customized just for you. Who will gain fame and fortune and become no.1 on the highscorelist!!!
          Price Drop: BeatS (AI1 Edition) - Royalty-Free Instrumentals of Various Genres   
BeatS (AI1 Edition) - Royalty-Free Instrumentals of Various Genres
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BeatS is a collection of Hip-Hop, R&B/Pop, Reggaeton, Afro-Pop/Kwaito and Christmas BeatS All-In-One. BeatS was put together by extraordinary people with vast music industry experience who have a great appreciation for music and pay attention to detail. In addition, these individuals appreciate the need for world-class instrumentals for professional record making hence this app. All BeatS where produced using cutting-edge sequencing software alongside live session musicians and also using high quality grade samples. Ultimately, BeatS is your pocket-sized Beat Dispenser for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Features Download BeatS • It has never been easier and effortless to kickstart your music career or better yet impress your friends with Chart-Topping Quality BeatS. Preview BeatS • Audition BeatS before you purchase to find the Beat that resonates and fits with your needs and style. Transfer BeatS via E-mail or Itunes Filesharing • Transfer your BeatS to your e-mail or use iTunes Filesharing to transfer them to your Desktop and get ready to lay vocals. Auto-Resume Beat Downloads • BeatS Auto-magically resume incomplete Beat Downloads so you have more time to focus on your craft and downloads two BeatS simultaneously. Support Portrait and Landscape Device Orientation • BeatS adjusts itself to suit your preferred orientation by supporting the appropriate orientation. Get Help • When you are stuck or thing seem fuzzy get in touch with us immediately fro...
          Corbyn kicks off campaign to unseat vulnerable Tory MPs, starting with Amber Rudd   
Jeremy Corbyn is to hold an election-style rally in Home Secretary Amber Rudd's constituency of Hastings on Saturday, as part of a series of events around the country aiming to consolidate growing Labour support and demonstrate that the party is a "government in waiting".
          Price Drop: Tangible Things   
Tangible Things
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You value your property. That’s why we’ve created the Tangible Things™ Home Inventory application. A useful, simple to use and fast tool that will allow everyone to quickly create an inventory of all your items and easier to protect it. In the unfortunate event that you experience a loss, you’ll usually need to document what’s missing or damaged in order to get the most out of your insurance coverage. Remembering everything can be surprisingly difficult, not to mention the serial numbers, model numbers, defining characteristics, purchase prices, and other details that are all important in processing your claim. Tangible Things™ allows you to create and manage a virtual inventory of your property. If you experience a loss, you can export your virtual inventory to an email to send it to your insurance carrier, or even share it with police to help them locate your property in the event of a theft. If you enable iCloud storage, you can rest assured that even if your phone or tablet is lost or damaged, you inventory is still safe and can be restored to your new device. Inventorying your home is crucial, whether your home is owned or rented - apartment, condo, or house alike. Start your inventory now before you need it. With the Tangible Things™ Home Inventory application, you can: • Quickly take/add multiple photos of your belongings • Add item details (UPC, EAN, Serial, Model, Product numbers, etc.) • Catalog each item by room and/or by category • Assign purchase price, pur...
          Mauricio Pochettino determined to give youth a chance as Tottenham's players report for pre-season training   
The Tottenham manager is determined to give younger players such as Josh Onomah, Harry Winks and Kyle Walker-Peters a chance of starring for Tottenham this season
          Now Free: Super Happy Fun Block   
Super Happy Fun Block
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"[A] pretty amazing puzzle-platformer with a nice sense of style" - Touch Arcade, 4.5 Stars Ball's world was black and white until vibrant alien Blocks fell from the sky and destroyed civilization. UPDATE: game does not run on iOS 7. Super Happy Fun Block is a puzzle game in which changing the color of the world alters reality. Maneuver through treacherous obstacles, uncover hidden secrets, and outsmart the Blocks to help Ball save what remains of humanity. Features: - Challenge: It'll take a clever mind to solve these increasingly complex puzzles. - Animation: Hand drawn animation bring characters and the world to life. - Humor: The end of the world doesn't have to be dark thanks to expressive characters and entertaining dialogue. - Secrets: Hidden secrets reward astute players with additional content. - Control: Precise controls built for touch screens, plus gamepad support.
          Star-studded affair as models and props from TV show are displayed in Didcot   
IT was a star-studded affair at Didcot Railway Centre as models and props used in a popular TV show were on display.
          Smart Fortwo: second generation is smarter than the first   
When Mercedes first started this sub-brand, even it can't have fully envisaged just how relevant a Smart car with an electric drivetrain would be in 2017
          Tour de France 2017: Mark Cavendish readjusts expectations after narrowly winning his race against glandular fever   
A spell of glandular fever left the Manxman wondering if he would even start the race at all
          British Airways strike: Airline to borrow nine planes from Qatar Airways   
'Wet-leased' aircraft start flying to Munich, Brussels and Zurich on first day of stoppage
          British and Irish Lions vs All Blacks: What time does the second Test start and where can I watch it?   
Follow all the live action from Westpac Stadium, Wellington
          Tracking Attributes like Grit and Character–There’s an App for That   

Startups can help schools mine education data to measure "fuzzy" traits and abilities, like enthusiasm, joy and teamwork.

The post Tracking Attributes like Grit and Character–There’s an App for That appeared first on Market Brief.

          Dave Grohl fuels rumours of an Adele appearance on new Foo Fighters album   
Frontman previously said that the 'biggest popstar in the world' makes an appearance
          The fall of Mosul is a defeat for Isis, but it remains a deadly force    
The movement was written off previously by overconfident adversaries in 2007 and 2011. It survived by lying low and waiting for the circumstances to turn once again in its favour, as with the start of the uprising in Syria
          This résumé for Elon Musk proves you never, ever need to use more than one page   
Let's say you are Elon Musk, one of the most influential entrepreneurs in tech history whose career spans two decades of successful startups.
          Jack Black's Hilarious Sundance Comedy 'The Polka King' Is Coming to Netflix   
Netflix has risen to the top of the pile when it comes to festival season acquisitions, the streaming giant cleaning up at this year’s Sundance, and poised to do the same at TIFF after causing Cannes to go into a tizzy. One of the funniest and most rave-reviewed films out of Sundance this year was Jack Black’s The Polka King, which starred Black as real-life Pennsylvania polka legend Jan Lewan, and Netflix has just snatched it up. Continue reading…
          I’m Starting To Think They Have A Vending Machine For Everything These Days 16 Pics   

The post I’m Starting To Think They Have A Vending Machine For Everything These Days 16 Pics appeared first on Dump A Day.

          Roku TV devices still banned in Mexico   

Roku TV devices still banned in Mexico

A Mexican tribunal has upheld a ban on the import of Roku streaming devices in the country, citing piracy.

Cable TV provider, Cablevision, had successfully managed to have the import and sale of Roku streaming devices banned in the country on the grounds that some owners are using them for illegal television streaming. Roku did manage to have that order suspended for a few days, but has now suffered another setback.

This week, a Mexico City tribunal upheld the initial import ban, keeping it illegal to sell devices from California-based Roku in the country.

"Cablevision cannot allow the content that it licenses from domestic and foreign companies to be illegally used," Cablevision spokeswoman Maria Eugenia Zurita told Reuters.

"We would also like Roku Inc to better supervise the use of its software so that it's not used inappropriately."

Roku devices are set-top media boxes that are intended to be used with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Starz and plenty of other legal streaming services on the Internet. In recent years, such devices have fueled a growth in cord-cutting, the practice of dropping cable and satellite television services in favor of online streaming services.

Not all services are legal, of course, and devices can be modified and configured to access illegal streaming services. According to the Reuters report, Roku owners in Mexico are frequently contacted by providers of illegal television streaming services offering them cheap packages of hundreds of television channels, without appropriate permission and licensing.

Roku does not advertise its products for illegal use, and rulings that ban digital media products due to their misuse by some customers could have terrible consequences. Roku is keeping optimistic about the future of its products in Mexico, however.

"Today's decision is not the final word in this complex legal matter, and it is not expected to prevent consumers from purchasing Roku products in Mexico at this time," Roku General Counsel Steve Kay said.

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          Oregon Fears Eclipse Watchers Sure to Start Forest Fires   
It's not that Oregon forestry officials are being pessimistic. They're just being realistic. MILLIONS of people are expected to visit Oregon for the Aug. 21 eclipse of the sun. With that many people coming to the state and most of them camping, or at least spending the day outdoors, wildfires and forest fires will be INEVITABLE... Continue reading…
          Kickstarter success RuuviTag is now available, first batch almost gone overnight   

Kickstarter success RuuviTag is now available, first batch almost gone overnight

A Finnish startup by the name Ruuvi introduced its Bluetooth beacon project to the internet in a Kickstarter campaign last summer. In mere hours the campaign was funded and in the end it crushed its goal with pre-orders exceeding $170 000.

Now the company has officially released the product, which according to their press release came quicker than expected. Since yesterday's launch RuuviTag has been selling like hotcakes. The founder of Ruuvi, Lauri Jämsä, told us that the demand has been so high that the supply has almost been depleted.

In the upcoming batches the company aims more and more in the B2B markets where orders might exceed a thousand units.

RuuviTag is a small Bluetooth 4.2 beacon that has radio and NFC connectivity as well as a multitude of sensors that can measure temperature, relative air humidity, air pressure, and acceleration. It can be used as a Eddystone or iBeacon, and the RuuviLab community has already created a variety of applications, including the likes of portable weather station and vehicle locator. Of course because it's open source platform anyone can join in.

You can buy RuuviTag's from the company's website where they sell for 69 euros (approx. $79) per 3 beacons plus shipping.

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           John McEnroe's autobiography shows star's vulnerable side    
Brian Viner says John McEnroe's autobiography 'deserves to be seeded No.1' as an 'acutely vulnerable side' to the bullish tennis star emerges from its pages.
          vakantiehuisje in Zelhem, Nederland : Het Kruisselt voor 6 personen   
vakantiehuisje : Het KruisseltEen bijzondere en authentieke vakantiewoning in Zelhem door de rijke geschiedenis van dit gemeentelijk monument. Het vakantiehuis is een voormalige opzichterswoning uit 1920 en is gelegen aan de bosrand van landgoed ’t Zand in Zelhem. Het vakantiehuis heeft een enorme tuin waarin u veel vogels kunt horen fluiten. Vanuit de tuin kunt u direct uw boswandeling starten. Het huis heeft een authentieke keuken die voorzien is van alle luxe apparatuur van nu. De woonkamer is voorzien van een zithoek met houtkachel. Vanwege de landelijke ligging is het TV signaal onbetrouwbaar, vandaar dat u ook de beschikking heeft over een DVD-speler. Op het terras geniet u van het zicht op de enorme tuin en komt u helemaal tot rust met alle natuur om u heen. Zelhem staat bekend als het groene hart van de Achterhoek waar u kunt genieten van de rust en ruimte. In de regio kunt u prachtige wandel- en fietstochten maken. Bronckhorst, de gemeente waar Zelhem onderdeel van uitmaakt, wordt bestempeld als het kleinste stadje van Nederland. Hier vindt u veel gerestaureerde boerderijen die nu fungeren als galerie, winkel of restaurant. Ook de Hanzesteden Doesburg, Zutphen of Deventer liggen relatief dichtbij.
          Ellipses and Splines to Lines and Arcs   

I know there is a lot of posts out there of people trying to convert splines and ellipses in inventor to lines and arc's to be compatible with CNC machines.  There have been solutions as far as using AutoCAD commands to retracing geometry. 


As anyone found a different, possibly within Inventor process for this?  Or something that is what they feel a viable solution? 


We typically start by having views of the part on a drawing file and then export that into a DXF.  If the pieces aren't modeled flat/aka curved surface projecting up the result is typically a spline. 


Retracing over these manually is not an option for us as we have 1,000's of custom ones a year. 


What we are trying to come up with is a work flow:

1.  If it's possible in inventor somehow to clean this up prior to exporting and being able to programmatically follow an existing curved surface if we have to retrace it with lines and arcs,

2.  Is the best solution to post process with auto cad commands, flatten, etc...

3.  Do we combine our process with a 3rd party app, or

4.  Is there a really good command in another more cam software (NX, MasterCam, Rhino, Spaceclaim, etc...)


If we convert items into polylines from splines/ellipses we can't have a trillion points along that polyline.  Saw will not be happy and process inefficiently.


Thoughts?  There something that has been developed in the past few years maybe we are missing?

Is this programmatically possible via the API?


We know we can create a sketch, project the geometry of the spline and start placing lines, arcs but can't find a way to know programmatically if we are following the original geometry close enough.  We also couldn't see that there where any type of control points in and inventor spline object other than the start and end point.


          Inventor 2018 - AddInLoadRules customization   

I have been struggling with Inventor 2018 to load 2 plugins, pre-loading the program, when I load up inventor now, it blocks my 2 add-ins and then I would manually have to go to add-ins manager and enable them on startup.


For some reason I can't seem to get this working in our pre-captured image file that we deploy from.


I have in previous version been able to modify this from the "AddInLoadRules.xml" as shown in the following guide:


But in the 2018 version it seems this is no longer handled by an .xml file, but by a "FILE" without file-extension, that I can't seem to edit.


Any idea how I can pre-define theese 2 plugins to be auto-loaded, instead of blocked on first time startup?



          Replace reference file for a specific drawing view.   



I am trying to add a specific workflow into our Inventor but I am failing to do so.


 The situation

We draw pressure tanks and vessels, on these tanks there are many nozzles that are the same (components), but only vary in size.


Our workflow now is draw 1 nozzle and create a copy design, change the size and there is a new nozzle. We do this until the 3D model is finished.

Then we start to create detail drawings for these nozzles, which works quite fast, but.. (here is the problem) We copy the drawing view to another drawing, and then use change model reference to create the detail the next nozzle.


The problem

The copying to another drawing and then copying it back is too much work.. as we do this alot... So what I was attempting to is eliminating these steps.


I tried having the user select a drawing view, and then replacing the referenced file. But when I do this the reference for the other drawing view is also changed.. ughh bummer!


Here is my code ( quick code for testing) but how can I change the drawing view reference file for a specific drawing view?


        ' Get the active document
        Dim oDoc As DrawingDocument =

        ' Get the selected view
        Dim oDrawingView As DrawingView =

        ' Return the model reference
        Dim oReference As String
        oReference = oDrawingView.ReferencedDocumentDescriptor.ReferencedFileDescriptor.ReferencedFile.FullFileName

        ' Browse for a file
        Dim fd As OpenFileDialog = New OpenFileDialog()
        Dim strFileName As String

        fd.Title = "Open File Dialog"
        fd.InitialDirectory = IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(oReference)
        fd.Filter = "All files (*.*)|*.*|All files (*.*)|*.*"
        fd.FilterIndex = 2
        fd.RestoreDirectory = True

        If fd.ShowDialog() = DialogResult.OK Then
            strFileName = fd.FileName
            Exit Sub
        End If

        ' Replace the reference


FileDescriptor.ReplaceReference Method


Parent Object: FileDescriptor



Method that replaces the referenced file.



FileDescriptor.ReplaceReference( FullFileName As String )



Name Description
FullFileName Input string that specifies the full file name to which the reference should be switched.



The file being replaced and the replacement file must share ancestry (i.e. they must have the same InternalName). Documents have the same internal name if they are copied using 'Save Copy As' or a file explorer copy.



Introduced in Inventor version 11





          Custom Bom Export to excel template   

Hello All! I have been gaining a lot of knowledge from using this forum but I need some help exporting an Inventor BOM.


My employer uses a standard excel template that all manufactured parts are entered into. (We use this for standard or custom jobs). I have attached that template here. The goal is to loop through the top level assembly and place the description in the G cells starting at G4, the Rev starting at F4, and the PN starting at E4. The top level assy will be made up of subassemblies (all I-Assemblies) whose node names at the top level are 101,102,103, etc. The program has to loop thru 101, enter the node name in the column header, enter all the qtys for that section in the j column, then 102 and put the parts in K column, etc. If a bracket is used in 101 and 102 then the program has to look thru the spreadsheet and rather than enter it on a new line, it needs to place the qty in the correct column.


My first stab was to look in the help files. I found the loop portion that looks through all BomRows one item at a time. I see the ItemQuantity variable but can't seem to access it. For now I was just trying to see if I could get a simple message box to appear. (error: object required. ---didn't I declare the object a few lines before?) See bolded below.


Public Sub BOMQuery()
    ' Set a reference to the assembly document.
    ' This assumes an assembly document is active.
    Dim oDoc As AssemblyDocument
    Set oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument

    Dim FirstLevelOnly As Boolean
    If MsgBox("First level only?", vbYesNo) = vbYes Then
        FirstLevelOnly = True
        FirstLevelOnly = False
    End If
    ' Set a reference to the BOM
    Dim oBOM As BOM
    Set oBOM = oDoc.ComponentDefinition.BOM
    ' Set whether first level only or all levels.
    If FirstLevelOnly Then
        oBOM.StructuredViewFirstLevelOnly = True
        oBOM.StructuredViewFirstLevelOnly = False
    End If
    ' Make sure that the structured view is enabled.
    oBOM.StructuredViewEnabled = True
    'Set a reference to the "Structured" BOMView
    Dim oBOMView As BOMView
    Set oBOMView = oBOM.BOMViews.Item("Structured")
    Debug.Print "Item"; Tab(15); "Quantity"; Tab(30); "Part Number"; Tab(70); "Description"
    Debug.Print "----------------------------------------------------------------------------------"

    'Initialize the tab for ItemNumber
    Dim ItemTab As Long
    ItemTab = -3
    Call QueryBOMRowProperties(oBOMView.BOMRows, ItemTab)
End Sub

Private Sub QueryBOMRowProperties(oBOMRows As BOMRowsEnumerator, ItemTab As Long)
    ItemTab = ItemTab + 3
    ' Iterate through the contents of the BOM Rows.
    Dim i As Long
    For i = 1 To oBOMRows.Count
        ' Get the current row.
        Dim oRow As BOMRow
        Set oRow = oBOMRows.Item(i)

        'Set a reference to the primary ComponentDefinition of the row
        Dim oCompDef As ComponentDefinition
        Set oCompDef = oRow.ComponentDefinitions.Item(1)
        Dim total As Long
        Set total = oRow.ItemQuantity
        MsgBox (total)
        Dim oPartNumProperty As Property
        Dim oDescripProperty As Property

        If TypeOf oCompDef Is VirtualComponentDefinition Then
            'Get the file property that contains the "Part Number"
            'The file property is obtained from the virtual component definition
            Set oPartNumProperty = oCompDef.PropertySets _
                .Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Part Number")

            'Get the file property that contains the "Description"
            Set oDescripProperty = oCompDef.PropertySets _
                .Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Description")

            Debug.Print Tab(ItemTab); oRow.ItemNumber; Tab(17); oRow.ItemQuantity; Tab(30); _
                oPartNumProperty.Value; Tab(70); oDescripProperty.Value
            'Get the file property that contains the "Part Number"
            'The file property is obtained from the parent
            'document of the associated ComponentDefinition.
            Set oPartNumProperty = oCompDef.Document.PropertySets _
                .Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Part Number")

            'Get the file property that contains the "Description"
            Set oDescripProperty = oCompDef.Document.PropertySets _
                .Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Description")

            Debug.Print Tab(ItemTab); oRow.ItemNumber; Tab(17); oRow.ItemQuantity; Tab(30); _
                oPartNumProperty.Value; Tab(70); oDescripProperty.Value
            'Recursively iterate child rows if present.
            If Not oRow.ChildRows Is Nothing Then
                Call QueryBOMRowProperties(oRow.ChildRows, ItemTab)
            End If
        End If
    ItemTab = ItemTab - 3
End Sub



Any help is appreciated. (I don't expect anyone to write the code for me, I would rather get bits and pieces and stitch it together myself.) The excel portion I have no idea what to do there. I have not written any code to interact with excel from Inventor.


ps - can anyone explain what the output of this sample program is from the help files? It doesn't seem to do anything except throw a message box....

          ilogic Rule for "update properties"   


im looking for an ilogic Rule,

thats starts the exisiting Inventor command "update properties" (in the Vault-Tab) with an ilogic Rule.


Ideally with automatic "OK" when window appears; but not necessarily ...


Can someone help


Thanks in advance,




          ilogic Rule for "update properties"   


im looking for an ilogic Rule,

thats starts the exisiting Inventor command "update properties" (in the Vault-Tab) with an ilogic Rule.


Ideally with automatic "OK" when window appears.


Can someone help


Thanks in advance,




          ¡Manos arriba!, la niña hondureña que sueña con ser policía   

La Prensa

Colón, Honduras.

Luciendo un uniforme azul celeste, un quepí y una insignia con su apellido, Lara, llegó la pequeña Anyely Andrea Lara a su escuela mostrando con orgullo a todos su más grande anhelo: llegar a ser una Oficial de la Policía Nacional de Honduras.

La niña vive en Sabá, departamento de Colón, y cursa el primer grado en la escuela Brassavola de la localidad donde su maestra le pidió que se vistiera de la profesión que le gustaría ejercer cuando sea mayor.

Su padre comenta que la pequeña Anyely siempre ha expresado su deseo de ser Policía por lo que en su casa están dispuestos a apoyarla para que vuelva su sueño realidad.

También el progenitor comentó que a la niña le gusta jugar con pistolas de juguete y tiene muy buena puntería.

Esperamos que Anyely pueda cumplir su sueño para que en unos años ayude a mantener el orden en la paz en nuestro querido país.

La niña asistió a la escuela luciendo un uniforme de la Policía Nacional.

La orgullosa niña estaba dispuesta a capturar a "los malos".

          GMAT Sentence Correction (SC) | Re: Starfish, with anywhere from five to eight arms, have a   
anandch1994 wrote:


Is it possible to eliminate option (A) because of ambiguous antecedents as there are two "IT" and each of them could refer to Starfish or Arm?
In option (B) though "IT" should logically refer to one arm, it may also refer to starfish. Is the use of "IT" right in option B?

Dearanandch1994 ,

I'm happy to respond. Image

Yes, the two occurrences of "it quot; in (A), referring to two different

          Trabajadores del IHSS convocan plantón tras despido de 200 guardias de seguridad   

La Prensa

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Tras el anuncio del despido de más de 200 guardias de seguridad del Instituto Hondureños de Seguridad Social (IHSS), empleados de esa institutición anunciaron un plantón para esta tarde en San Pedro Sula y Tegucigalpa.

Un vocero indicó que con el despido se les están violentando los derechos laborales a las personas afectadas ya que algunos forman parte de organizaciones sindicales.

Además indicó que hay varias empresas de seguridad que le deben cantidades millonarias a la institución y que aun no han pagado afectando a los empleados que hoy serán despedidos.

El plantón está convocado para las 3:00 de la tarde de este viernes.

Por su parte, las autoridades del IHSS emitieron un comunicado en el que indican que las empresas se seguridad que ganaron la licitación para prestar el servicio en la institución están obligadas a contratar la totalidad del personal despedido.

Sin embargo, según los empleados, en la institución circula información que sólo se contratará a personas de 21 a 45 años, quedando los empleados de mayor edad fuera de las recontrataciones.

Los despidos fueron anunciados esta semana a través del Sindicato de Trabajados del IHSS (Sitraihss) generando el malestar dentro de la institución.

           Nytt nätverk mot rasism har startats i Askersund    

Ett nytt nätverk mot rasism har startats i Askersund. Nätverket planerar nu för en manifestation mot rasism på Sjöängen den 20 oktober.

          POL-SE: Kummerfeld / hochwertiges Fahrzeug abgebrannt   
Bad Segeberg (ots) - In den frühen Morgenstunden ist heute in der Bundesstraße ein Pkw Jaguar vollständig ausgebrannt. Durch die starke Hitzeentwicklung geriet auch ein neben dem Pkw Jaguar geparkter Pkw VW Polo in Mitleidenschaft. Die Polizei ...
          JYB TV Recruitment Into Vacant Positions   

JYB TV is a 24/7-television station on Startimes Channel 361 offering indigenous content for children, teenagers and young adults. It is the go to station for quality children’s and youth oriented programming and promises to deliver wholesome content that will enrich the lives of its viewers.   Job Title:  Presenters (Female) Job Description We are looking for […]

JYB TV Recruitment Into Vacant Positions

          MBLM’s One-Month, In-Depth Study of Apple Watch Users Reveals that Millennials Express Dissatisfaction and Guilt   

Millenials in the study claim that after using the watch for 30 days, it has started to feel like a weak extension of their iPhones.

(PRWeb June 25, 2015)

Read the full story at

          Goretzka fires Germany to the final   

A 4-1 win over Mexico, inspired by a quick-fire start, saw FIFA World Cup holders Germany tee-up a FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 final with Chile. 

           David added 'The Best American Short Stories 2005'    
The Best American Short Stories 2005 by Michael Chabon David gave 5 stars to The Best American Short Stories 2005 (Paperback) by Michael Chabon
bookshelves: best-american-short-stories

           Big B completes Thugs Of Hindostan first schedule    
Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has completed the first schedule of the upcoming film Thugs Of Hindostan in Malta. Amitabh on Wednesday took to Twitter to share a picturesque image of the set. Back to base... Travelling now after completion of my first schedule of &#39;Thugs Of Hindostan&#39;, Amitabh tweeted. The 74-year-old took to his blog and wrote: The unit of &#39;Thugs Of Hindostan&#39; gathers about me in numbers. I wonder what it could be. I think and apprehend some wrong that may have happened. They all stand in silence...I in apprehension...looking about...Then the Director steps out from the largish crew crowd
          Sprint pulls plug on legacy landline service   
Sprint Corp. ended its landline voice service for business customers on Friday, the end of a century-long legacy, the carrier announced in a customer advisory. Sprint’s (NYSE: S) predecessor, the Brown Telephone Co., started its first long-distance circuit in 1900. “The telecommunications industry is constantly changing and improving. These products are end-of-life and the industry is moving away from Legacy voice,” the company wrote. “Due to changing market conditions, Sprint has determined…

           Ranbir Kapoor sheds 11 kilos for Jagga Jasoos    
Ranbir Kapoor appears to have worked really hard to ace the act in his next — Jagga Jasoos. The actor shed nearly 11 kg of flab to do justice with the character of a school boy in the upcoming musical adventure directed by Anurag Basu. Also, this is his first project as a producer. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in the lead and Pritam is the music composer. Known to be a director&#39;s actor, Ranbir Kapoor effortlessly slips into his onscreen characters. The actor has been associated with the project for over a year. His admirers are
          Fighting climate change could trigger a massive financial crash   
The risks of global warming go far beyond the physical. If we don’t start preparing for the transition to a low-carbon economy we’re in for an incredibly bumpy ride
           Saifs Kaalakaandi to release on September 8    
Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan&#39;s new film Kaalakaandi had been locked for release on September 8. He says the movie is fun, yet moving. The film&#39;s release date was announced by Cinestaan Film Company, read a statement. Directed by debutant Akshat Verma, writer of the cult film Delhi Belly, the dark comedy is the story of six characters from different worlds -- urban, ambitious Mumbai and its dark, neglected underbelly. Saif said: Kaalakaandi is a film I&#39;m so happy to be a part of. It&#39;s a cross section of Mumbai with underworld goons, doomed bankers and idealistic lovers all mixed
           Raj Kundra to announce Punjabi film soon    
Actress Shilpa Shetty&#39;s husband Raj Kundra is planning to produce a Punjabi film. The 41-year-old businessman took to Instagram to reveal his plans about the project and also shared a picture of himself alongside Punjabi film director Rakesh Mehta and producer Munish Sahni. What happens when a Talented Punjabi Director, A Punjabi Producer and The Finest Punjabi Distributor get together? Announcing something special on 21st June #watchthisspace #punjabi #RakeshMehta #MunishSahni, Kundra wrote. Mehta is currently awaiting the release of his directorial Vaapsi, starring Harish Verma, Sameksha, Dhrriti Saharan and Gulshan Grover. However, it&#39;s unclear whether Shilpa would come aboard the
           Disha Patani to star with Tiger Shroff in Baaghi 2    
Actors Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are soon going to be seen together in a new film - a sequel to Tiger-Shraddha starrer Baaghi. Several industry names had been doing the rounds for the coveted role, and rumour mills have been working overtime with names of the actress who will be paired opposite Tiger in the sequel to Baaghi. Putting speculation to rest, producer Sajid Nadiadwala announced the name of the leading lady of Baaghi 2, and she is none other than Disha Patani. When we did the look test of both of them together, we were convinced with their
           l dont take stardom seriously: Salman    
Superstar Salman Khan says he lives his life in the present and does not take his celebrity status seriously. Asked what he wants to achieve in life, Salman told the media: I live my life moment to moment. If I can make this moment the best one, I know I will get something out of it... As an actor I&#39;m doing my job. The persona you are seeing on screen is a contribution of more than 100 people from the different departments like camera, make-up and lights. How can I take that madness that you guys (media and common people)
          Netflix: Verbesserte Klangkulisse durch Dolby Atmos   
Neben der Optimierung des Bildmaterials in Form von 4K-Auflösungen und HDR will Netflix künftig auch die Klangkulisse verbessern und setzt hierfür auf Dolby Atmos. Zum Start hält das Streaming-Portal fünf Eigenproduktionen mit Dolby Atmos vor. Unter anderem der 90 Millionen Dollar teure Action-Film Bright mit Will Smith.
          StarCraft Remastered: Am 14. August für 15 Euro erhältlich [Notiz]   
StarCraft Remastered wird wie angekündigt noch in diesem Jahr erscheinen: Am 14.
          GeForce 384.76 WHQL: Treiber für Lawbreakers Rise Up und Spider-Man VR [Notiz]   
Mit dem auf Versionsnummer 384.76 WHQL aktualisierten GeForce-Treiberpaket bieten Grafikkarten von Nvidia nun Optimierungen für den am heutigen Freitag startenden geschlossenen Beta-Test des Spiels Lawbreakers Rise Up.
          New Classes?   
Due to a conversation in discord I thought I would start a discussion on what classes everyone would like to see in squad. The whole point of this is to just brainstorm and share ideas and have fun! So I'll start it off I think there should be a Team Leader class. The whole point behind the...
          Ex-bosses stand trial over 2011 Fukushima crisis   
Tokyo (AFP) - Three former executives at the operator of Fukushima's power plant start their trial Friday on the only criminal charges brought over the 2011 disaster, the worst nuclear accident in a generation.
          Lobbing koncernów i polityka: dlaczego w USA troszczą się o polskie prawo   
Rząd USA nie wpisał Polski na listę państw, w których dochodzi do łamania prawa ochrony własności intelektualnej, mimo rekomendacji amerykańskich firm farmaceutycznych zrzeszonych w PhRMA. - Działania tej organizacji odczytałbym jako aktywność lobbingową, która poprzez autorytet stojącego za nią państwa, czerpie korzyści z działalności koncernów i stara się ułatwiać im życie - komentuje dla portalu amerykanista Wojciech Kwiatkowski z Wydziału Prawa i Administracji Uniwersytetu Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie.
          Vogue desata polémica con portada para celebrar su 125 aniversario   
Lo que pretendía ser un buen mensaje, terminó causando malestares entre sus lectores.
          Sam Elliott On Career Longevity, Playing Tough And His Iconic Role In 'Lebowski'   
Copyright 2017 Fresh Air. To see more, visit Fresh Air . DAVE DAVIES, HOST: This is FRESH AIR. Sam Elliott has been acting in movies and television for nearly 50 years. You may have seen him in any number of Westerns such as "Tombstone" or playing a bouncer in "Road House" or in some memorable appearances like in the Coen brothers' film "The Big Lebowski." If you don't know Elliott's name, you might recognize his distinctive voice featured in a lot of commercials. (SOUNDBITE OF FILM, "THE HERO") SAM ELLIOTT: (As Lee Hayden) Lone Star barbecue sauce - the perfect partner for your chicken. Lone Star barbecue sauce - the perfect partner for your chicken - got it? UNIDENTIFIED MAN: (As character) Can you do one more? ELLIOTT: (As Lee Hayden) Do you want something different? DAVIES: Elliott's done plenty of voiceover work, but that's a clip from his new film, "The Hero," in which he plays an aging actor whose career is stalled. Elliott's career, by contrast, is surging. He got critical
          Детска седалка за кола Bertoni Lorelli EASY Black&Red Stars 2017   

Седалката Easy, Bertoni отговаря на стандарта ECE R44/03 и е за деца от 15 до 36 кг.

Цена: 24.90

          todo para una porrista... :)   
                                  Todo para una porristas... :)

Plan de entrenamiento de 2 semanas para porristas
Las prueba para porristas generalmente se llevan a cabo una vez al año , así que es importante prepararse bien por adelantado si quieres formar parte del equipo. ya sea que quieras ingresar a un equipo de porritas de escuela primaria , secundaria o universitaria , de todas las estrellas o semi profesionales , la competencia será más fuerte , y la mayoría de los equipos tienes un número limitado de vacantes disponibles. Podrías estar compitiendo contra miembros anteriores del equipo , porristas experimentadas y gimnastas , haci que es mejor llegar a las pruebas bien preparada.

                             como ser una buena porrista??????????????????

1_ practica gritar desde tu diafragma , enunciando claramente tus palabras. Las porristas usan este método cuando hacen ovaciones y cánticos , ya que les asegura que tendrán la suficiente potencia mientras desempeñan saltos y bailes.

2_ estira todos los días por 20 minutos antes de las pruebas. La flexibilidad  es clave para lograr buenos saltos , sino que te mantendrá a salvo cuando des vueltas y hagas bailes acrobáticos.

3_ haz entrenamiento de fuerza al menos tres veces por semana en tu camino a las pruebas. Las bases , los observadores o los volantes necesitan tener fuerza; las mejores porristas son tan fuertes como flexibles. Puedes comenzar haciendo tres o cuatro juegos de 8 a 12 repeticiones de cada uno de los siguientes ejercicios: sentadillas básicas , estocadas hacia delante y hacia atrás , abdominales  y flexiones de brazo.

4_  corre , trota o camina 30 minutos al menos tres veces por semana antes de las pruebas. Esto te ayudará a fortalecer tu resistencia , que es crucial en la animación. Si prefieres puedes usar una máquina elíptica , una bicicleta.

5_ salta frente a un espejo para revisar tu postura y la posición de tus brazos. Si no tienes aseso a un espejo lo suficientemente largo como para ver tus saltos , has que un amigo te grave cuando saltas para que puedas ver tus imágenes. Alternativamente puedes pedirle a un amigo que tenga conocimiento sobre animación que te ofrezca una critica de los mismos. Si bien es ideal que tus pierna puedan elevarse alto , lo más importante es que tu espalda se mantenga recta y tus brazos fuertes. Por sobre todo lo demás , demuéstrale a los jueces que estás en buena forma.

                                       rutina de porras :)

CHEER: Dentro de esta categoría encontramos todas aquellas rutinas en las que se pueden admirar las impactantes pirámides y fabulosas acrobacias.
DANCE: Son todas las rutinas que poseen únicamente baile (sin pirámides) y gimnasia, pero que nos maravillan con la perfecta coordinación y la originalidad de los pasos


FEMENIL: Aquí se encuentran todos los equipos ya sean cheer o dance conformados solo por mujeres.
MIXTO: En esta división están los equipos integrados tanto por chicas como por chicos, éste necesariamente debe ser cheer.
PIWEE: Aquí se encuentran todos los animadores, ya sea como equipos mixtos o femenil, cheer o dance, cuyos integrantes son menores de 12 años.

¿Qué es una porrista o cheerleader?

Puede resultar difícil considerar que los porristas ocheerleaders(como se les conoce en casi todo el mundo) sean deportistas en forma, quizá porque no los veamos tras un balón , esto puede llevarnos a pensar que esta actividad carece de elementos para considerarse un deporte.
Para muchos participantes esta actividad más que un deporte es un estilo de vida, ya que engloba una gama de actitudes y valores formativos tales como: lealtad, disciplina, liderazgo, trabajo en equipo y unión; necesarios para formar un grupo verdadero deporristas.

Una cheerleader o una porrista es una mujer practicante del arte de realizar rutinas que son una mezcla original de baile con música haciendo énfasis en efectos visuales, levantamientos, extensiones, pirámides, movimientos de fuerza, precisión, transiciones de figuras y secuencias que integran distintos cambios de altura todos creados para contagiar de entusiasmo a los espectadores durante las exhibiciones.
es bastante difícil. Sin mencionar que es de los deportes donde más lastimados hay además del fut-ball americano..

CHEER: Dentro de esta categoría encontramos todas aquellas rutinas en las que se pueden admirar las impactantes pirámides y fabulosas acrobacias.
DANCE: Son todas las rutinas que poseen únicamente baile (sin pirámides) y

Una cheerleader o una porrista es una mujer practicante del arte de realizar rutinas que son una mezcla original de baile con música haciendo énfasis en efectos visuales, levantamientos, extensiones, pirámides, movimientos de fuerza, precisión, transiciones de figuras y secuencias que integran distintos cambios de altura todos creados para contagiar de entusiasmo a los espectadores durante las exhibiciones.
Para participar en un equipo de porristas será necesario desarrollar una excelente condición física, disciplina, elasticidad, potencia y fuerza para que todo el equipo se vea tan coordinado y preciso que parezca uno solo.

Los practicantes de esta disciplina se caracterizan por ser desenvueltos, con liderazgo, que saben inyectar entre la gente que los rodea su espíritu de lucha y triunfo, además de mostrar jovialidad, carisma y facilidad para impulsar a sus compañeros a lograr sus metas.
El Deporte de Animación es tan completo que los participantes desarrollan sus habilidades psicomotrices al practicar diversidad de patrones de movimiento, habilidades gimnásticas, acondicionamiento físico, etc., brindándoles una salud y mentalidad óptimos para enfrentar cualquier situación que se les presente durante su desarrollo.
tecnica de elongación
Este método de elongación y preparación física consiste en la fusión de las mejores técnicas y ejercicios, combinados en secuencias diseñadas para lograr:
·                            aberturas que pasan los 180º,
·                            rotaciones máximas,
·                            flexibilización de la columna,
·                            altura de posiciones,
·                            corrección postural y
·                            reubicación de dorsales para una espalda plana.

Herramientas que obtiene al Certificarse

·                                 Video en DVD y Audio (15 horas),como parte de la educación de la certificación.
·                                 Nueve presentaciones en PowerPoint con todo el material necesario para presentar a grupos, a clientes actuales o clientes potenciales.
·                                 Cuestionario de evaluación de clientes con las 55 preguntas críticas para conocer y evaluar el estado inicial antes de desarrollar un programa de cambio.

·                                 Paquete de apoyo (9 elementos), para el mercadeo de su servicio en base a la certificación como Asesor.

·                                 Certificado, Logo y derecho de uso de imágen como Asesor Certificado en Estilo de Vida Saludable.
·                                 Exposición en 2 zonas de la página de Balance Natural como parte del apoyo para la adquisición de nuevos clientes.
·                                 Enlace a página propia. Obtiene un link de enlace a su página personal con objetivo de que los clientes de Balance Natural puedan conocer sobre el asesor y tenga mayor exposición en redes.
·                                 1 hora de coaching con Donald Vega para evacuación de dudas.
·                                 Educación continua con acceso exclusivo a material nuevo dos veces al año.
·                                 Posibilidad de aportar a la sección de Recursos y Artículos de nuestra página.
·                                 9 documentos con 7 tips cada uno sobre los 7 Principios Fundamentales de la Salud, estrés y un Estilo de Vida Saludable para que le entregue a los clientes a medida que van cubriendo cada tema en sesión de educación.
El programa de certificación facilita las herramientas necesarias para ayudar a sus clientes a lograr mejores resultados y un Estilo de Vida Saludable. El programa se enfoca en las siguientes áreas:
·                                 Estrés
·                                 Alimentación
·                                 Pensamientos
·                                 Hidratación
·                                 Respiración
·                                 Ciclos de Sueño
·                                 Movimiento
·                                 Luz solar
Bajar de peso es posible. Sin dietas estríctas ni dejar de comer
ReduceNat es Líder en pérdida de peso en América Latina.

ReduceNat es el plan natural elaborado por especialistas para eliminar los kilos de más, sin poner en riesgo tu salud. Al contrario, con menos kilos y evitando el sobrepeso podrás tener una mejor calidad de vida. Por dos motivos, el primero es que tu salud no estará en riesgo ya que tu cuerpo no tendrá excesos de grasas ni calorías de más. El segundo es que te sentirás mucho mejor teniendo una figura más estilizada y atractiva.

A veces, más riesgoso que tener exceso de peso, es intentar perder esos kilos de más con procedimientos quirúrgicos peligrosos, con costosas pastillas o remedios riesgosos. Es por eso que en ReduceNat nuestros especialistas están para responder tus consultas. Un grupo de analistas y orientadores tomarán tu consulta y harán una evaluación para ofrecerte un plan a tu medida. En ReduceNat nos importa la calidad y nos aseguramos de que todo el proceso se conduzca bajo estrictas normas de calidad. Éstas, están aprobadas y auditadas por las autoridades sanitarias.

"La metodologia de estudio es sencilla para el alumno ya que uno puede manejarla a su propio tiempo... 

"La metodologia de estudio es sencilla para el alumno ya que uno puede manejarla a su propio tiempo... 

Articulos Deportivos

·                               Bolsos Deportivos
·                               Tableros Electronicos
·                               Bolsas de Tackle
·                               Arcos Deportivos

Pelotas Deportivas

·                               Pelotas de Rugby - Basquet
·                               Pelotas de Futbol - Voley
·                               Pelotas de Handball
·                               Pelotas Papi y Baby futbol


·                               Atletismo - Boxeo - Fitness
·                               Esferodinamia - Hockey
·                               Paddle - Tenis - Ping Pong
·                               Cestoball - Rugby - Sofball

Articulos Varios

·                               Silbatos - Pizarras magneticas
·                               Flota flota - Reglamentos
·                               Infladores - Pecheras - Juegos
·                               Cronometros - Tanteador

Plan de entrenamiento de 2 semanas para porristas

Con el fin de preparar tu cuerpo para los rigores de las porristas, necesitas resistencia, fuerza, flexibilidad y equilibrio. Cuando sea posible, elije ejercicios inspirados en las porristas, ya que te entrenan de la misma manera que lo harías al hacer porras. Un plan progresivo que aumenta en dificultad durante un período de dos semanas es una manera efectiva de ganar los beneficios que necesitas.


Como porrista, necesitas resistencia para realizar los aplausos, bailes, volteretas, saltos y acrobacias requeridas. La actividad aeróbica que hace latir tu corazón y pone a tus pulmones a trabajar más duro es lo que necesitas para desarrollar resistencia. Haz por lo menos tres sesiones de actividad aeróbica a la semana durante el programa. Si lo deseas, puedes hacer actividad aeróbica en cada entrenamiento. Para una actividad de resistencia inspirada en las porristas, considera realizar tus aplausos y bailes en sucesión rápida, similar a una rutina de danza aeróbica. No tomes descansos entre los vítores y los bailes. Realiza cada elemento varias veces si es necesario con el fin de llenar el tiempo asignado. El objetivo de la primera semana es hacer al menos 30 minutos de actividad aeróbica. En la segunda semana, aumenta tu sesión de resistencia por lo menos 10 minutos.


La fuerza pura que se necesita para conseguir levantar tu cuerpo del suelo en los saltos complejos y difíciles habilidades de giros. Levantar a otra animadora del suelo no es tarea fácil. Incluye un componente de entrenamiento de la fuerza por lo menos tres veces a la semana en tus dos semanas de entrenamiento. Toma un día de descanso en el medio para permitir que tus músculos se recuperen. Los ejercicios que utilizan tu propio peso corporal para la resistencia son más fáciles de incorporar, ya que no requieren ningún equipo y se pueden hacer en cualquier lugar. Considera la posibilidad de hacer sentadillas y estocadas en tus piernas, flexiones de pecho y los brazos y abdominales para construir una base fuerte. Un gran entrenamiento de ejercicios de torso que imita los movimientos de un salto es el situp V o navaja. Parte de espaldas con las piernas estiradas y los brazos extendidos sobre la cabeza. Levanta los brazos y las piernas, al mismo tiempo, que pones tu cuerpo en una posición en V con sólo tu trasero en contacto con el suelo. Baja la espalda hacia la posición de partida, pero no dejes que tus brazos o piernas toquen el suelo entre repeticiones. Realiza levantamientos en V en grupos de 10. En la segunda semana, haz tres a cinco series de 10.


Las porristas tienen que ser extremadamente flexibles. La posición de saltar con las piernas abiertas y tocar tus pies y la postura arqueada de la llamada posición de picadura de escorpión requieren de músculos flexibles y una amplia gama de movimiento en las articulaciones. Estira todos los días durante tu programa de dos semanas. Calienta tus músculos antes de los estiramientos y mantén todas las posiciones de estiramiento durante 30 segundos. Incluye abrirte de piernas, ponerlas en casi 180 grados y estiramientos de puente. Mejorar la flexibilidad lleva tiempo. No hay que esperar milagros al término de dos semanas. El entrenamiento de la flexibilidad es algo que tendrás que continuar mucho después de que tu programa de entrenamiento de dos semanas haya terminado.


El buen equilibrio te ayudará a balancearte en una postura de acrobacia, proporcionar una base sólida para la acrobacia y aterrizar con seguridad después de las volteretas y saltos. Entrénate para el equilibrio en cada sesión que hagas mediante la ejecución de posiciones de acrobacia en el suelo. Por ejemplo, párate con los pies al ancho de las caderas y los brazos encima de la cabeza en una posición de V alta. Practica la alineación correcta tirando de los abdominales hacia la columna y relajando los hombros. Realiza posiciones de un pie, como una libertad y estiramiento del talón también. Durante una semana, ejecuta tus posiciones en tierra firme. En la segunda semana de tu programa, intenta estas posiciones en algo que ponga a prueba tu estabilidad. Si tienes acceso a un colchón de oscilación, que se asemeje a un balón de estabilidad aplanado, realiza tus posiciones de acrobacia sobre el mismo. De lo contrario, sólo tienes que mantener el equilibrio sobre una almohada o un cojín de sofá.

          Grinners still guiding better living   
IN A NONDESCRIPT building on the fringe of inner Brisbane’s West End, the four members of revered Australian rock band Grinspoon are meeting up to start rehearsing for their first major tour in almost four years. When The Courier–Mail heads along to catch up with the ­members of the band for a chat about their forthcoming 30-date Australian tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Guide to Better Living, bassist Joe Hansen and drummer Kristian Hopes are the first to arrive, and set up a makeshift pew in the corner of a cramped room.
          Radio 4: Uma banda a ser respeitada   
itunes pic
Voltando ao trabalho, depois de shows de: Franz Ferdinand, Rockz (duas vezes), Cooper Cobras, Moptop (duas vezes), Binario, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Patti Smith, Mombojo e The Bravery Minha história começa em 1998, nos cafundeos de Nova Iorque, 4 amigos começam a perceber seus gostos em comum: Gang Of Four, PiL(alias o nome da banda veio de uma musica deles), Sex Pistols (?).... 2 desses amigos tinham uma ideia de como fazer musica, 1 tinha uma ideia do basico e outro não sabia fazer NADA. dai surgiu o Radio baixista (que pelo menos é vocalista), um guitarrista, um bateirista e um...PERCUSSIONISTA, criaram o Disco Punk/Punk Funk você deve estar se perguntando: mas perai! o Rapture nasceu na mesma epóca e eu devo responder: é meu amigo...mas o Rapture em 1999 só lançou um EPzinho... em 1998/1999 o Radio 4 ja tinha até album!!! A partir do novo milenio começaram a aparecer bandas como !!!, The Rapture e Franz Ferdinand, o Radio 4 acabou desaparecendo mesmo com o lançamento de Gotham! (que junto com Is This It dos Strokes é até agora o melhor album do século que vivemos) que tinha os hits Dance To The Underground, Struggle, Calling All The Entushiams Hoje em dia, tudo que ouvimos de dançante, é um plagio/ ao Radio 4, as guitarras funks-angulares e a batida dançante, a unica coisa que fazem de diferente são as letras que não são contestadoras porque afinal, ninguem mais tem coragem de ser macho hoje em dia, então acabam fazendo letras sobre amor, o que não viria a ser uma ma-ideia, tirando o fato que a maioria são iguais. E o Radio 4, hoje vive de abertura de turnês, pocket-shows em Nova Iorque e remixes da DFA Mas o que parece ser uma desvantagem, virou uma das maiores diversões do mundo, os shows do Radio 4 ´(devem) são os unicos shows em que você consegue dançar pra caralho e ser esquerdista ao mesmo tempo! Sim, meu amigo! dançar! não é que nem esses shows que nego fica parado ou pulando é dançar, sabe, dançar ao ritmo! REVEJA: -Eles criaram o Disco-Punk/Punk-Funk -Todo mundo plagia dele -Se você ouve ele você é esquerdista -Os shows deles são um dos melhores da face da terra Enquanto isso você acha que os (glams-gays) caras do Franz são inovadores.....plish plish, faça me um favor! musica: Dance To The Underground - Radio 4, a musica mais dançante que ja ouvi na vida
          Rock 'n Roll (é) Alternativo   
itunes pic
Alguem se lembra da epoca de Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC....ou da epoca do Ramones, Clash, Sex Pistols, ou da epoca do....bah.....deixa. Não existe mais o termo "Sexo, drogas e Rock 'n Roll", o unico lugar que vc pode achar isso atualmente são em filmes pornos de bandas de bandas que nós diriamos Rock'n Roll hoje seriam: Subways, Wolfmother... mas não me lembro delas causando estragos, vc pode ter sitado o Oasis, é ai que nós entramos nesse assunto Como ja falei as bandas Rock & Roll, com aquele som sujo e guitarras vigorosas, até existem hj mas não podem botar o "& Roll" no estilo, e sim um "Hard" ou um "Garage". Até onde eu sei esse "& Roll" só entra se a banda tiver o tal bordão "Sexo, Drogas e Rock n Roll" ou quer dizer "Faça merda e um Rock pesado" duas primeiras caracteristicas, não existem mais...Ninguem tem coragem de ser um mongolóide. Esse tal bordão hoje: "Lutar Contra o Sistema e Rock" (opa, o Bono entrava nessa) só que não tem nenhuma graça...todo mundo luta contra o sistema, mas sem saber oq faz. Então poderemos mudar esse bordão para "Polêmica, Lutar Contra o Sistema e Rock" que ai entraria quem? quem? OS IRMÃOS GALLAGHER! não só ele entraria tambem, entraria tambem: Thom Yorke, Johnny Borrell, Eddie Argos, Pete Doherty (esse até entraria no primeiro bordão, mas só quando era do Libertines) etc. OLHA SÓ TODOS SÃO DE BANDAS DE ROCK ALTERNATIVO (Oasis, Radiohead, Razorlight, Art Brut, Babyshambles....) é por isso que é assim o titulo desse texto! o "Rock" que conhecemos não é nada mais que uns indies mandando todo mundo se fude! HA! quem disse que o olho esquerdo de Thom Yorke não servia para nada ein? musica: Rock 'n' Roll Star do Oasis, afinal é isso que eles são!
           Курс: Мастер-класс Дмитрия Лукьянова    


8 дней
4 500

Мастер-класс Дмитрия Лукьянова посвящен работе со светом в документальных и арт-проектах:

"На занятиях мы не будем глубоко погружаться в теорию. Я постараюсь дать только самые необходимые знания и навыки, которые наверняка пригодятся любому практикующему фотографу. "

          Quando um "garage", não é "garage".. Sera um "Shoegaze Experimental"   
itunes pic
Certo dia postei na comunidade de Shoegaze do orkut, falei as 10 bandas nacionais shoegazer que eu mais gostava. Em 2º lugar ficou uma banda Fragile Arm, me arrependo...afinal to ouvindo o novo CD do Fragile Arm (This Shinning Youth Days Are Running Faster) e esta ultramegadupersupermariobros de bom, deveria estar em 1º. Porra, as pessoas que tão comigo agora tão falando que é muito "garage" o disco, MAS ESSE É O LEGAL! tem todo aquele clima "Foda-se tudo". Ok se você não concorda com o que eu to falando...o F.A(que é formado só por um integrante secretamente chamado d "Miu") vai assinar com a Midsummer Madness(mesma do Nervoso e os Calmantes, Vanguart...). Certas musicas do TSYDARF chega a soa como um Post-Rock(como em "Flores Mortas"), ou uma mistureba "Shoegaziana". Outra coisa que me chamou muito atenção foi os diversos vocais de Miu, e da musica "clinical death" que é estranhei...achei que ele queria dar uma "estranheza" no som mas não conseguiu, depois ele me falou que era hum... que passese um odio idiota (o odio do timido). Isso pode parecer loucura, mas você fica muito mais drogado ouvindo Fragile Arm do que Radiohead. musica: In The Dark (do Fragile né !)
           Курс: Интенсив по кинорежиссуре ТЕХНОС    


14 дней
30 000

В Московская школа нового кино идёт набор на двухнедельный интенсив по кинорежиссуре для молодых людей от 15-ти лет.

Курс вводит в контекст современного киноязыка и режиссуры, подготавливает к тому, чтобы начать снимать кино, помогает обрести индивидуальное зрение, научиться понимать природу визуального, дает общее представление о том, как устроено кино. 

Даты проведения курса: 1-14 августа 2017 г. 

Заявки и творческие работы принимаются до 20-го июля. 

Преподаватели курса – выпускники режиссерского факультета МШНК.


Режиссер — это взгляд, угол зрения, видение. Если художник использует для выражения своего видения такой инструмент, как краски, а писатель и поэт создают образы с помощью слов, то режиссер в качестве своего главного материала использует реальность. Но как выразить реальность? Мир повсюду. Чтобы рассказать историю, нужно сузить реальность, сфокусироваться. Это не обязательно пересказ событий, скорее, это попытка при помощи различных инструментов уловить и выразить состояние мира, образ, в котором заключена правда о человеческом опыте. Что это за инструменты? Какой опыт можно и нужно выразить кинематографически?

Режиссер — это «охотник за привидениями», потому что мир ускользает от прямого описания в кино. Образы — привередливые призраки. Чтобы их вызвать, существуют заклинания, то есть актуальный инструментарий киноязыка. Эти заклинания нужно поймать. Для этого существуют «ловушки» драматургии и формы фильма.

Каковы элементы заклинания?

  • Люди. Лица. Кастинг
  • Локации
  • Монтаж. Ритм
  • Звук
  • Камера как взгляд
  • События и конфликты
  • Что показать, а что скрыть?
  • Условность и документальность
  • Время фильма, внутреннее время

Все эти понятия многослойны и дают возможность обрести свой голос, если они верно применены.

Чтобы не спугнуть призрака, который дарит жизнь, вселяясь в мертвую куклу сюжета, нужно быть осторожным. Чем приманить призрака? Как его не спугнуть? Чем питаются призраки и духи кино? Во что их заставить вселиться, чтобы вовремя захлопнуть ловушку и получить фильм?

          Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots - 2014-WHITE-10   

Price: Rp4.200.000 Special Price: Rp4
Special Expires On: 5 Mei 2020

          Graças ao Bom Amigo Inibié (entrevista com Gustavo Martins do Ecos Falsos)   
itunes pic
Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: msn de mac Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: q merda --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: o teu? Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: é --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: gustavo...arctic monkeys não tem nada de revolucionario musicalmente... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- nesse momento estavamos falando da participação que Gustavo fez no programa "Tribunal de pequenas causas musicais" na MTV ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: vc podia ter falado radiohead! Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: é q meu ponto era Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: a juventude do rock está só 50% vinculada à músicaa --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: un...tem razão Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: só o jeito q os Monkeys apareceram e fizeram sucesso, pra mim, já os coloca como revolucionários Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: mas na verdade eu queria ter lembrado do Radiohead Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: é q tv ao vivo é mei difícil --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: entendi...então vc chamou ele não musicalmente e sim "impactamente" Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: hahah, é, por aí Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: tb pq não me ocorreu muitos outros nomes q a audiência conhecesse --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ai que tu mostrava pro povo o quanto se sabe --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: porque vcs botaram o thiago como ator? porque o daniel, ele é JAPONES! quer exemplos de japones famosos? Jack Chan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nessa hora eu estava perguntando sobre o novo clipe "Reveillon" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: aí q eu ia bancar o indie pedante, não era a idéia! o thiago é melhor ator. O Daniel não tem expressão Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: hahah --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: thiago fez faculdade de TEATRO --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ?? Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: Fez, LLH Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: hahah, fez nada Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: mas ele é Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: vc vê pelos vídeos das promoções --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: a... --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: que pedaleira se usa --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ?? --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ... Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: eu? Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: tô trabalhando, né nego --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: desculpa Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: não fica cobrando resposta rápida --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ok Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: eu uso mais de um pedal --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: certo... Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: eu tinha pedaleira antes Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: mas acho meio ruim Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: o som não é bom Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: daí eu troquei por um Tube Screamer da Ibanez, q é o q eu mais uso. Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: Tenho um RAT tb pra fazer barulho Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: um tremolo meio merda Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: e um wah --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: legal, eu uso uma da Jekyll & Hyde... --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: pronto Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: q marca é essa? --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: é a mesma que o doidinho dos strokes usam Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: hummm Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: preibói Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: hahaha --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: auhauhhuauhauhauhahu --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: aqui é assim: "ai prei, para de cao que a gente vai toca o terror na parada" é assim que os garotos de rua (sem nenhum preconceito falam aqui) Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: sinishtro --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: olhe duas musicas: Reveillon e Issumi Kansa a primeira vc ta com uma voz mais grave e SEXY, na outra sua voz parece de um moleque que ouve Charlie "Brownie" (Sandy e) Jr querendo montar uma banda de hardcore o que aconteceu?, e qual (obvio) vc prefere? Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: eu não canto Issumikansa Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: hahah --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: a por isso! Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: mas eu gosto dessa música --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: quem seria o Speedy Porco? Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: eu q canto Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: vc tá me entrevistando Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: ? --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ahan olha que interessante! mas a pergunta é: quem vc esta se referindo em Speedy Porco? Tia, avó, papagaio, papai noel, amigo, japones, jack chan... QUEM? Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: cara, essa música surgiu tão rápido, foi tipo um arroto musical Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: acho q ela serve pra designar um monte de gente Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: extremistas, em geral --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: por isso que tem o sambinho no meio? por ser um "arroto musical"? Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: o sambinha veio depois Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: ou não? Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: não lembro direito Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: acho q era um toque de nonsense, de mike patton --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: a... --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: eu ja falei que vcs parecem Art Brut? as guitarras são parecidas, são ditos "rockeiros alternativos", o conteudo das letras tambem são parecidas, os 2 cantam mal (vc disse isso na comunidade do orkut!) e na teoria é a mesma coisa : "Queriam um rock sinceramente barulhento, bem-humorado sem ser patético, com letras decentes e refrões inflamáveis". Você acha certo essa comparação? --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: (não venha com a historia de rotulos) Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: acho, cara! Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: mas não escuto muito art brut, pra ser sincero Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: hahaha Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: não q eu não goste, eu nem conheço --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: a tem em todo lugar: vc incomodaria se eu enviasse o disco? --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: aé vc ta no trabalho Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: o seu disco ou do art brut? Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: é q eu não tô no meu comp agora --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: art brut Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: depois vc me passa --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ok --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ultima pergunta: e o treco em New Jersey, vai ou não vai ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rolavam boatos que o Ecos Falsos taria acertando com uma banda para fazer shows juntos em Nova Jérsei, o nome da banda é The Grazz Daz ( ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ? Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: não vai, acho q é golpe Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: o cara falou no msn q agora eles querem vir pro brasil --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: eu não aceitava nem por um milhão ( ta eu aceitaria) mas... PORRA GRAZZ DAZ, ESSA BANDA É UMA MERDA Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: escrevendo em inglês tudo errado --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: é? ai é golpe mesmo Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: ah, eu achei genérico Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: ele disse q o empresário dele tá vendo de tocar na Melt, aí no rio Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: hahah --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: se eles tivessem... --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: porra e pense bem, seria um grande négocio vim pro Brasil só pra toca num bar? --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: mentira, mentira --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: eles tem que ouvir george belasco --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ai eles iam gostar --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: posso botar no meu blog essa "entrevista" --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ? Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: haha, vc conhece o Belasco? --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: muito bom Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: pode, uai Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: nossa, eu conheci o Belasco em 2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------- George Belasco & O Cão Andaluz, uma banda muito boa que usa muito guitarras fuzz...ouça eu te aconselho! eocaoandaluz ------------------------------------------------------------------ --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: insonia e mondo negativo são as melhores da semana Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: como jornalista --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: é --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: sortudo Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: a gente foi cobrir o Goiânia Noise 2003 Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: hahah --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ta nesse ramo da mtv desde quando? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gustavo Martins trabalha no site da MTV ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: no site? desde 2003 --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: a... --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: ouviu o novo do muse? --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: não gostei --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: sinceramente --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: e vc? Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: achei o BICHÔ Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: olha o CSS na capa do youtube ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CSS = Cansei de Ser Sexy, famosa banda paulistana ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: CANSEI? --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: i é! --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: eu ainda não tinha visto --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: mas faz o mó tempão que eles gravaram...só agora que tão botando no ar --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: tchau --Guerra-- criticas!) diz: Ecos Falsos - 12/07 lançamento do clipe na Funhouse! diz: tchau! musica: em homenagem ao Gustavo, PENSAR É UM SACO
           Курс: Архитектура бровей    


2 дня
19 500

Интенсивный курс «Архитектура бровей BASIC» – курс-бестселлер Академии дизайна взгляда Lash&Brow by Irina Levchuk.

Двухдневная программа подходит для начинающих бровистов, а также косметологов и мастеров по ногтевому сервису, которые хотят расширить спектр своих услуг. На курсе вы научитесь уверенно подбирать форму и цвет бровей - индивидуально для каждого клиента. И сможете сразу после обучения создавать безупречные работы.

Методика обучения была разработана в 2008 году, с каждым годом она дополняется новыми тенденциями. И с тех пор по ней обучились более 5000 студентов по всему миру.

По окончании курса выдается сертификат международного образца.

          Quem Avisa Amigo é...   
gente, desculpa eu tar devendo matérias, é pq eu to em semana de prova...proxima semana eu vou postar MUITAS! musica: aproveitando o sucesso desse podcast (eu tbm estava devendo essa musica) A ULTIMA PALAVRA EM FASHION DO ECOS FALSOS
          Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots-BLACK/WHITE-12   

Price: Rp4.200.000 Special Price: Rp2.500.000
Special Expires On: 2 Nov 2022

           Курс: Архитектура бровей    


2 дня
19 500

Интенсивный курс «Архитектура бровей BASIC» – курс-бестселлер Академии дизайна взгляда Lash&Brow by Irina Levchuk.

Двухдневная программа подходит для начинающих бровистов, а также косметологов и мастеров по ногтевому сервису, которые хотят расширить спектр своих услуг. На курсе вы научитесь уверенно подбирать форму и цвет бровей - индивидуально для каждого клиента. И сможете сразу после обучения создавать безупречные работы.

Методика обучения была разработана в 2008 году, с каждым годом она дополняется новыми тенденциями. И с тех пор по ней обучились более 5000 студентов по всему миру.

По окончании курса выдается сертификат международного образца.

           Курс: Архитектура бровей    


2 дня
19 500

Интенсивный курс «Архитектура бровей BASIC» – курс-бестселлер Академии дизайна взгляда Lash&Brow by Irina Levchuk.

Двухдневная программа подходит для начинающих бровистов, а также косметологов и мастеров по ногтевому сервису, которые хотят расширить спектр своих услуг. На курсе вы научитесь уверенно подбирать форму и цвет бровей - индивидуально для каждого клиента. И сможете сразу после обучения создавать безупречные работы.

Методика обучения была разработана в 2008 году, с каждым годом она дополняется новыми тенденциями. И с тех пор по ней обучились более 5000 студентов по всему миру.

По окончании курса выдается сертификат международного образца.

           Курс: Архитектура бровей    


19500 дней
19 500

Интенсивный курс «Архитектура бровей BASIC» – курс-бестселлер Академии дизайна взгляда Lash&Brow by Irina Levchuk.

Двухдневная программа подходит для начинающих бровистов, а также косметологов и мастеров по ногтевому сервису, которые хотят расширить спектр своих услуг. На курсе вы научитесь уверенно подбирать форму и цвет бровей - индивидуально для каждого клиента. И сможете сразу после обучения создавать безупречные работы.

Методика обучения была разработана в 2008 году, с каждым годом она дополняется новыми тенденциями. И с тех пор по ней обучились более 5000 студентов по всему миру.

По окончании курса выдается сертификат международного образца.

          Eu faço, tu fazis, iii errei   
itunes pic
Na teoria Rapture é Electroclash, Na pratica Rapture é ROCK & ROLL, Na festa Rapture é Dance, Na dancinha da Foquinha o Rapture é Funk. Pela 6167643264723423462346234626462346236427394283482349802347297842739472374239472379472934729932482834289409889018 sei la quantas vezes eu fico entorpecido tentando (GERUNDIO!) falar que estilo é uma banda mas essa eu consegui decidir, ela é...(você sabera se ler tudo). Bem o excelente disco "Echoes" foi lançado após o megaultragreatdupersupermariobros EP "Mirror" e que idiotice nós gostarmos! uma banda que faz letras toscas, com riffs toscos, com acordes toscos e com guitarras totalmente toscos, com show totalmente toscos. Mas esse tosco significa ruim? nhenhenheca amigo sebinho, esse tosco significa simplesmente "Extravagante","Alternativo","Genial", "Cult"... eu tenho uma guitarra tagima... e tenho guitar pro 4, AGORA eu posso fazer uma musica do mesmo jeito que o Rapture faria...mas não daria certo, sabe porque? porque o Rapture tem toda aquela tosqueira DANÇANTE, isso parece coisa do bonde do rolê mas ta (um pouco) longe Faz 3 anos que esses adolecentes que-iam-as-raves-da-virada-do-milenio-e-que-usam-roupas-urbanas-e-calças-jeans-fashions estão sem lançar um disco.(quem disse que tosqueira dançante é facil?) lançaram a pouco tempo o single "W.A.Y.U.H" e provavelmente sera lançado esse ano, um dos mais esperados do ano. Essa é uma das atitudes mais roqueiras, mais sex pistols e ramones (ELES TBM SÃO DE NOVA IORQUE) do mundo atualmente...uma banda super-hypada ficar um tempo sem lançar disco...isso mostra que a banda não lança disco só pra não se perder no tempo(até pq é dificil esquece-los) eles lançam disco achando que fizeram um bom trabalho, ou quer dizer, confiantes, não que nem alguns que lançam o disco ja com um pessimo presentimento. Ok, talvez eles acabem do mesmo jeito que os Stone Roses,musicas inovadoras, um disco G-E-N-I-A-L, um segundo disco que demora muito tempo pra sair e depois é DECEPCIONANTE. Mas quem liga se o Rapture faz musica ruim? da pra dançar? ja ta bom! Isso ja é um "Cull Status" que o Rapture conseguiu o primeiro disco conseguiu uma tosqueira tão grande que ninguem liga pra musica e só veem o aspecto dançante! sex pistols + cull status (1990s) + bonde do role = FUNK PUNK (merda falei era pra vcs descobrirem!) musica: W.A.Y.U.H o novo single que tambem é tosqueira pura!
          Scrum Master - Scotiabank - Ontario   
Active in the Toronto startup, agile and tech scene. Significant experience acting as Scrum Master in a fast moving tech environment....
From Scotiabank - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 06:46:02 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          RIO vs. TRAMA -ou- SÃO PAULO = TRAMA   
itunes pic
50% do meu tempo na internet é na tramavirtual, descubro bandas na tramavirtual, não seria um "indie" se não existisse um tramavirtual, aconselho sua bandinha de garagem vagabunda a se cadastrar na tramavirtual, mas uma coisa vem me chamando a atenção: 99,9% DAS BANDAS CONTRATADAS PELO SELO TRAMAVIRTUAL SÃO PAULO! (e 73% ja apareceram na TV da musica). Exemplos? pois meu caro amigo seboso: Cansei de Ser Sexy(obvio), Rock Rocket, Pullovers, Telepatas...(posso citar mais, mas seria uma lista gigante) Gosto dessas bandas (principalmente Pullovers) mas vamos combinar que a Trama não da uma certa atenção pros cariocas,porque sera? >porque nós temos tantas bandinhas "riocore"sem a minima originalidade? não, a Tramavirtual não diz que tem que contratar só bandas Indie, Punk Revival, Elêtronica, Garage Rock etc. >porque a tramavirtual não contrata banda de outros estados? obvio que não! eles contrataram o Zefirina Bomba e o Mombojó que são la do NORDESTE Sobre a primeira pergunta, tudo bem ela não tem o direito de escolher como critério estilo de musica! mas vou falar uma coisa: O RIO DE JANEIRO ESTA OCORRENDO O TAL RETROCESSO MUSICAL!. Poucas bandas se salvam aqui do Rio!(temos alguns artistas solos, mas eles só tocam MPB e como recompensa só ganham uma matéria no Segundo Caderno do jornal superpopular O GLOBO) o nivel de originalidade e inteligencia é pessimo! hoje, você vai no sarau de qualquer escola particular e ve aquelas bandas que imitam FORFUN e DIBOB, e com nomes simplesmente idiotas, usando a péssima tatica de usar numeros para fazer um tocadilho (Sun7,4ever...). As primeiras bandas boas do Rio de Janeiro que vem minha cabeça é: MOPTOP, SEX NOISE, HEREGES, NERVOSO E OS CALMANTES, PESSOAS DO SÉCULO PASSADO... musica:hum....acho que vou botar Zefirina Bomba, a bomba que me fez postar essa matéria (todo mundo ja conhece Rock Rocket, Cansei de Ser Sexy, eu tava em duvida em bota Zefirina, Mombojó ou Pullovers, escolhe a primeira porque eu descobri ela foi contratada antes da segunda, então ela que começou toda essa revolta!)
           Курс: Архитектура бровей    


2 дня
19 500

Интенсивный курс «Архитектура бровей BASIC» – курс-бестселлер Академии дизайна взгляда Lash&Brow by Irina Levchuk.

Двухдневная программа подходит для начинающих бровистов, а также косметологов и мастеров по ногтевому сервису, которые хотят расширить спектр своих услуг. На курсе вы научитесь уверенно подбирать форму и цвет бровей - индивидуально для каждого клиента. И сможете сразу после обучения создавать безупречные работы.

Методика обучения была разработана в 2008 году, с каждым годом она дополняется новыми тенденциями. И с тех пор по ней обучились более 5000 студентов по всему миру.

По окончании курса выдается сертификат международного образца.

          RIO vs. TRAMA -ou- SÃO PAULO = TRAMA   
50% do meu tempo na internet é na tramavirtual, descubro bandas na tramavirtual, não seria um "indie" se não existisse um tramavirtual, aconselho sua bandinha de garagem vagabunda a se cadastrar na tramavirtual, mas uma coisa vem me chamando a atenção: 99,9% DAS BANDAS CONTRATADAS PELO SELO TRAMAVIRTUAL SÃO PAULO! (e 73% ja apareceram na TV da musica). Exemplos? pois meu caro amigo seboso: Cansei de Ser Sexy(obvio), Rock Rocket, Pullovers, Telepatas...(posso citar mais, mas seria uma lista gigante) Gosto dessas bandas (principalmente Pullovers) mas vamos combinar que a Trama não da uma certa atenção pros cariocas,porque sera? >porque nós temos tantas bandinhas "riocore"sem a minima originalidade? não, a Tramavirtual não diz que tem que contratar só bandas Indie, Punk Revival, Elêtronica, Garage Rock etc. >porque a tramavirtual não contrata banda de outros estados? obvio que não! eles contrataram o Zefirina Bomba e o Mombojó que são la do NORDESTE Sobre a primeira pergunta, tudo bem ela não tem o direito de escolher como critério estilo de musica! mas vou falar uma coisa: O RIO DE JANEIRO ESTA OCORRENDO O TAL RETROCESSO MUSICAL!. Poucas bandas se salvam aqui do Rio!(temos alguns artistas solos, mas eles só tocam MPB e como recompensa só ganham uma matéria no Segundo Caderno do jornal superpopular O GLOBO) o nivel de originalidade e inteligencia é pessimo! hoje, você vai no sarau de qualquer escola particular e ve aquelas bandas que imitam FORFUN e DIBOB, e com nomes simplesmente idiotas, usando a péssima tatica de usar numeros para fazer um tocadilho (Sun7,4ever...). As primeiras bandas boas do Rio de Janeiro que vem minha cabeça é: MOPTOP, SEX NOISE, HEREGES, NERVOSO E OS CALMANTES, PESSOAS DO SÉCULO PASSADO... musica:hum....acho que vou botar Zefirina Bomba, a bomba que me fez postar essa matéria (todo mundo ja conhece Rock Rocket, Cansei de Ser Sexy, eu tava em duvida em bota Zefirina, Mombojó ou Pullovers, escolhe a primeira porque eu descobri ela foi contratada antes da segunda, então ela que começou toda essa revolta!)
           Курс: Курс обучения учителей йоги в Устке, Польша    


29 дней
100 000

Теория и практика всех аспектов йоги. Сертифицированный 4-х недельный интенсивный курс. Обучение на английском языке с переводом на русский, польский и литовский

5–24 СЕНТЯБРЯ Каникулы йоги. Для всех уровней подготовки. Свободный выбор дат.

Шивананда йога +7 495 505 04 21 +7 916 499 82 13

           Курс: Психологическое консультирование родителей    


35 дней
9 800

Курс повышения квалификации будет интересен специалистам, которые работают с родителями. 

Что вы получите в результате прохождения курса?

  • Научитесь определять цели и задачи работы с конкретным родителем.
  • Выстраивать рабочие отношения с разными родителями в разных ситуациях.
  • Освоите навыки прояснения ситуации клиента.
  • Научитесь определять в каких ситуациях стоит активно поддерживать клиента
  • Научитесь практике конструктивного общения с родителями
  • Узнаете о различных стратегиях и тактиках в работе со сложными ситуациями.
  • Узнаете о важных родительских умениях и о том как психолог может помочь их развивать.
  • Узнаете об отличии психологического консультирования от психотерапии, о возможностях, целях и задачах психологического консультирования.

           Курс: Digital Marketing Course (дневное обучение)    
9 дней
55 000

О программе

Digital Marketing Institute — это обучение Digital-технологиям и интернет- маркетингу на мировом уровне. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing — первая и единственная международная программа в России. В отличие от других курсов по интернет-маркетингу в России, все программы Digital Marketing Institute аккредитованы по стандартам EQF/Europe, QCF/England and North Iteland и SCQF/ Scotland. Это признанный уровень подготовки специалистов в области digital-маркетингового образования. Программа DMI разработана в Дублине — европейской столице новых технологий. Ведь именно здесь располагаются штаб-квартиры Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, Linkedin, Yahoo!, Ebay, Dropbox и др. Наш маркетинг-интенсив подготовлен ведущими профессионалами, представителями компаний: Facebook,Twitter, Ogilvy, Microsoft, Google, PayPal. Прогрессивный международный опыт интернет-маркетинга и digital мы дополнили лучшей российской практикой. Вот почему наша программа не имеет равных. 80% (европейская практика) + 20% (российская специфика).

Программа состоит из 10 модулей:

1. Digital Marketing Introduction. Введение в Digital Маркетинг.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEO). SEO маркетинг, оптимизация веб-сайта для Yandex и Google.

3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Контекстная реклама — идеальные объявления, планирование, таргетирование, эффективность.

4. Web Analytics. Веб-аналитика — оценка эффективности сайта и рекламных компаний, изучение поведения потребителей, поиск наиболее эффективных стратегий продвижения.

5. Social Media 1. SMM — как создавать сообщества и увеличивать аудиторию в социальных сетях.

6. Social Media 2. SMM — как продвигать компании, товары и услуги в социальных сетях.

7. Mobile Marketing. Мобильный маркетинг — взаимодействие с аудиторией через мобильные телефоны и планшеты. Мобильная реклама и приложения.

8. Display Advertising. Реклама на цифровых дисплеях — от торговых центров до аэропортов.

9. Email Marketing. E-мейл маркетинг — новые возможности привлечения и удержания потребителей, увеличения клиентов и продаж.

10. Digital Marketing Planning. Разработка Digital Стратегии — от постановки задач и подбора инструментов до размещения в медиа-каналах и оценки результатов.

Формат обучения. Вы будете погружаться в интернет-маркетинг и digital 10 дней подряд. Все, чем вы овладеете, сможете сразу же внедрять в практику своей компании или начать выстраивать новый проект. Программа digital-маркетинга в DMI это еще и увлекательно — изучение кейсов, рабочие группы, разбор полетов и новые идеи! Диплом Digital Мarketing Institute означает присвоение выпускнику профессиональной квалификации, признанной во всех европейских странах. Гарантией высокого уровня доверия к специалистам с дипломом dmi является экзамен, проводимый в Ирландии (онлайн) и серия тестов по каждому модулю. При этом важно, что процесс обучения построен на выполнении реальных задач с использованием практических инструментов интернет-маркетолога. Все занятия проходят на русском языке, но для вашего развития и роста мы сохранили английский во всех электронных брошюрах и презентациях. Практика показывает, что уровня Pre-Intermediate достаточно для обучения и прохождения экзаменационных тестов.

Время занятий: ежедневно с 10:00 до 17:00. Требования к слушателям: английский язык не ниже Pre-Intermediate. Занятия в классе проходят на русском языке,все учебные брошюры и финальный тест на английском языке.

Тел.: +7 (495) 775-12-80, контактное лицо: Дарья. E-mail:

           Курс: Основы композиции    


10 дней
6 500

Одной из целей курса является передача импульса, который поможет внимательнее отнестись к визуальной составляющей снимка, а также позволит переосмыслить существующие стереотипы и штампы в фотографии. 

          Comment on My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend: Caught Staring – Brooklyn Chase XXX by john   
booger in her nose when she is kissing!
           Курс: Интенсив по персональному стилю    


15 дней
10 000

Интенсив по стилю подойдет тем, кто хочет найти свой стиль, научиться правильно сочетать цвета и принты, найти свою "фишку" в образе, подчеркнуть достоинства внешности и выглядеть современно. 

Цель курса — научить участниц самостоятельно выбирать и миксовать одежду, найти свой алгоритм сочетания вещей, не прибегая к услугам стилиста в будущем.

           Курс: Основы студийной съемки    


16 дней
15 500

Курс рассчитан на фотографов, которые хотят овладеть азами постановочной студийной съемки. Цель курса – на конкретных примерах научить работе со светом в студии. 

Курс включает в себя практические занятия, на которых подробно рассматриваются основные световые схемы, использующиеся при портретной съемке, съемке модельных тестов и стилизации.

           Курс: Интенсив по брендингу    
15 дней
65 000

Международная Высшая Школа Бренд-менеджмента и Маркетинга совместно с партнером запустили программу "Интенсив по брендингу". Объединив западные образовательные стандарты и технологии развития брендов с практическим опытом на российском рынке, в IHSBM была разработана довольно редкая для нашего образовательного рынка программа, состоящая из 45 часов "чистого" маркетинга и брендинга.

Программа в первую очередь предназначена длямаркетологов, бренд-менеджеров, руководителей компаний, директоров по маркетингу и продажам, а также для всех, кто хочет получить бесценную практику в области бренд-менеджмента, систематизировать свои знания и обновить имеющийся опыт.

Курс разработан с практическим уклоном, что позволяет сразу же внедрять полученные знания в практику своего бизнеса. Уже с первого дня слушатели активно участвуют в рабочих группах и семинарах с экспертами из реального бизнеса, решают настоящие маркетинговые задачи из российской практики. 


По окончании программы выпускник получает 2 диплома: российский и британский. КАЖДЫЙ Участник курса становится  членом КЛУБА Выпускников IHSBM, а это: 

  • Возможность консультироваться с экспертами после обучения
  • Другие цены на "звездные" мастер-классы, открытые конференции и другие проекты бизнес-школы
  • Широкие связи бизнес-школы с ведущими работодателями дают выпускникам возможность получить содействие в трудоустройстве  

Ключевые модули курса:

1. Бренд-менеджмент как инструмент маркетинга.

2. Стратегия бренд-менеджмента.

3. Запуск нового бренда.

4. Управление коммуникациями бренда.

5. Управление развитием бренда.

6. Маркетинговые инструменты.

7. Моделирование процессов работы с брендами (case-study intensive).

Контактное лицо: Екатерина.Телефон: +7 (495) 775-12-80. E-mail:

           Курс: Как начать свое дело, которое станет масштабным бизнесом    


10 дней
92 000


Вы узнаете, как строится бизнес в реальном мире, а не в сухих учебниках. Никакой воды, только выжимка настоящего опыта мастеров своего дела. Будем разбирать, что такое бизнес, как оценивать идею и принимать решения; анализировать конкурентов, решать конкретные бизнес-задачи и искать выходы из разных ситуаций.

Что вы получите

  • Составленный бизнес-план и готовую первичную бухгалтерию;
  • Анализ конкурентов, ниши и спроса;
  • Умение выходить из кризисных ситуаций и принимать операционные решения;
  • Принципы построения команды и работы с подчинёнными;
  • Идеи, как выстраивать маркетинг и PR и многое другое.

Программа состоит из 10 занятий по 4 академических часа: 2–3 часа — теория, 1–2 часа — практика. Вы будете выполнять домашние задания: изучать конкуентов, общаться с людьми, работать с цифрами. Скучать не придется.

Преподаватели Мастерской

  • Сергей Абдульманов, директор по маркетингу Мосигры, совладелец PR-агентства. Консультирует ряд компаний из ТОП-20 российского рынка. Обладатель премии "Деловая книга года" за книгу "Бизнес как игра" (2016 год).
  • Дмитрий Кибкало, учредитель Мосигры и ещё десятка проектов. Знает, как строить стратегию, известен в узких кругах своим здравым смыслом и очень адекватным подходом к бизнесу. Построил с нуля Мосигру — бизнес с оборотом 700 млн рублей в год на свои.

          Celana Cross Anak Alpinestars RACER Blue Yellow   

Price: Rp800.000 Special Price: Rp480.000
Special Expires On: 5 Jun 2022

          Celana Cross Anak Alpinestars RACER Brown   

Price: Rp800.000 Special Price: Rp480.000
Special Expires On: 5 Jun 2022

          Celana Cross Anak Alpinestars RACER Green   

Price: Rp800.000 Special Price: Rp480.000
Special Expires On: 5 Jun 2022

           Курс: Art as Labour / Труд будущего — искусство

Летняя Школа Global Practice Unit в Никола-Ленивце    


13 дней
28 000

Мы приглашаем молодых архитекторов, художников и студентов принять участие в международной летней школе Global Practice Unit, которая впервые состоится в России этим летом в арт-парке «Никола-Ленивец».

Занятия в школе проведут всемирно известные художники и архитекторы – Николай Полисский, основатель парка «Никола-Ленивец», возродивший местную сельскую общину через искусство, и Александр Бродский, художник и архитектор. Задача летней школы – исследовать, как искусство меняет содержание понятия «труд», создает и поддерживает сообщества, и сообща создать архитектурный объект в ответ на этот вопрос.

Global Practice Unit – единственная в своем роде международная мультидисциплинарная архитектурная школа, которая дает студентам возможность выбирать образовательные модули в нескольких ведущих архитектурных школах мира одновременно, и участвовать в живых проектах в различных мастерских. Одной из них станет этим летом арт-парк «Никола-Ленивец». 

Куратор летней школы – профессор Роберт Малл (Rober Mull), основатель Global Practice Unit, глава архитектуры Брайтонского университета, в течение 10 лет возглавлявший школу The CASS, один из учредителей МАРШа. Преподаватели – Томас Ранделл-Пейдж, глава студии в университете Оксфорд Брукс, и Ксения Аджубей, архитектор, глава международных проектов МАРШа. К нам также присоединятся преподаватели Umea School of Architecture (Швеция), Limerick School of Architecture (Ирландия), Oxford Brooks University (Великобритания), и МАРШ (Россия).

Летняя школа Global Practice Unit организована совместно с арт-парком «Никола-Ленивец», крупнейшим в Европе. Арт-парк Никола-Ленивец предлагает участникам богатый материал для исследования, имея в своем распоряжении 28 произведения современного искусства на 650 гектарах территории. Мы рассмотрим связь между искусством и трудом в контексте современной роботизации и изменения понятия «труд», опираясь на опыт работы искусства и архитектуры в формировании и поддержании ценностной самобытности сельских сообществ. Работы Ильи и Эмилии Кабаковых, Николая Полисского и Александра Бродского – центральные темы наших исследований.

Летняя школа Art as Labour – не только уникальная возможность, но и вызов создать архитектурный объект собственными руками, развить навыки проектирования и строительства, вдохновляясь общением с зарубежными преподавателями и современного искусства и архитектуры.

Результатом школы станет архитектурный объект в парке, публикация исследований и презентация на симпозиуме идей в «Никола-Ленивце», а также в Москве. Подробности о симпозиуме следуют.


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В стоимость входит: мастер-классы, лекции, экскурсии; проживание в хостеле или палатке и трехразовое питание; материалы и инструменты, необходимые для создания объекта,  

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          The Resurgence of Matt Kemp: How He Went from $160M Bust to Potential All-Star   

ATLANTA — On a late afternoon in June, Matt Kemp settles into the right-handed batter's box at SunTrust Park to take his cuts.

The first few pitches tossed his way during batting practice end up sprinkled in the outfield grass. Then the power from the 6'4" Braves left fielder starts to show. Shots from his bat sail over the outfield wall. One flies over to the right of the 400-foot sign in right-center. Another lands in the Braves bullpen.

His swings, like his demeanor, are relaxed.

He looks comfortable. Happy. Free to be himself and free of distraction.

At 32, Kemp is having his best season since 2011, when he was 26 and playing for the Dodgers. He's hitting .309 with 12 home runs and 37 RBI—numbers that have him in the running for a starting spot in the All-Star Game. He's reminding baseball fans of the player who nearly won the National League triple crown in '11, when he led the league with 39 home runs and 126 RBI, finished third with a .324 average and also stole 40 bases.

Back then, it seemed like he would be a Dodger and a superstar for life.

But life beyond baseball was swirling around him.

There was the tabloid fodder—like dating Rihanna in 2010. There was the expectations-setting eight-year, $160 million contract extension. There were the injuries. And then there was the trade to San Diego. The weight gain. Then a second trade, this time to the Braves, and chatter about his San Diego mansion not selling at auction. He admitted in a post on the Players' Tribune that he had "let a big contract, the Hollywood lifestyle, injuries and bad relationships" get to him, which earned him a "reputation for being selfish, lazy and a bad teammate."

He was trending dangerously toward another label: bust.

But not so fast. Kemp's story wasn't finished. Not yet.

His resurgence in Atlanta—and his jaw-dropping transformation in the offseason—is eliminating any inkling of those perceptions. He's hitting. He's healthy. By all appearances, he's having fun.

And the Braves organization loves him.

"He is one of our leaders," manager Brian Snitker says. "He is a guy in the clubhouse that people respect. … He's just a great guy to have around."

The difference?

It's simple, Kemp says. He was hurt then. He's not now.

"It was just very frustrating," Kemp says. "It wasn't fun because sometimes I wasn't getting the results that I wanted. I was working hard and doing what I needed to do.

"It's hard to overcome injuries. It takes time, and once you get past those injuries, then you start to become more successful again, and the confidence level comes up, and you get that swag that you once had.

"It'd be tough to hear some of the things that might have been said, like, 'He lost it.' I didn't lose it. With injuries and things like that, it's not easy."

Kemp is in the Braves clubhouse, comfortably settled in a soft black leather chair as some teammates nearby shoot pool. Conversations surrounding him provide a pleasant hum.

He looks laid-back, wearing a black T-shirt that reads "EQUALITY" on the front and "42" on the back, in homage to Jackie Robinson.

The topic of conversation is recent incidents of racism in sports. Seventy years after Robinson broke the baseball color barrier, it remains one of the game's constants. The hate comes in various forms. Trolling on social media. Screaming obscenities from the stands. A fan in May uttered the N-word and threw a bag of peanuts at Orioles outfielder Adam Jones.

Racism isn't exclusive to MLB in the realm of sports. Someone painted the N-word on a gate at LeBron James' Los Angeles home before the 2017 NBA Finals started, according to the L.A. police.

Kemp acknowledges fans have spewed hate toward him dating back to his days in the minor leagues. He declines to name the cities where it occurred, "but it definitely happens, for sure," he says.

"That's not new to me or to LeBron or to Adam," Kemp says. "It's something that you've got to deal with all the time. Like LeBron said, it doesn't matter how much people admire you, how much money you have, how famous you are. Racism is still alive. It's sad. It's disappointing. I guess it's something that I guess we have to deal with. It's tough to deal with, but it's sad."

He didn't pay attention to things like that when he was younger. Maybe it didn't exist because all he was doing was playing ball and wasn't yet famous. Maybe he just didn't recognize it. He's not sure.

"But when you get older you start to realize, like, 'Dang. They just really said that,'" Kemp says. "It's kind of crazy."

Growing up in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Kemp and his cousins were "pretty much" the only African-Americans on his teams, he says. A two-sport athlete, his basketball teammates teased him for playing baseball—"What are you doing? Why do you have the cleats and a glove? You play basketball," he recalls them saying—as football and hoops were more popular where he lived.

"[My friends] never came to games," Kemp says. "They didn't know how good I was. They didn't know that the scouts were coming to see me play."

He's shown a photo of himself from his childhood.

He says he's not sure how old he was, but the picture depicts him holding a bat and taking a mighty cut—"I don't know if I was swatting flies. Hopefully I don't swing at pitches like that now," he wisecracks—with a look of determination on his young face, long before the glitz and the glamour ever entered his life.

"You look at a picture like that, and that's like—that's me as a kid dreaming about playing baseball, and now I'm living that dream," Kemp says. "Not a lot of people can say they're living their dream."

Kemp grew up in a single-parent household, with his mom, Judy Henderson, a nurse. Even though Atlanta is more than 800 miles away, it was easy for him and a cousin to get hooked on the Braves, whose games were broadcast on TBS.

"We, like, lived for the Braves," Kemp says. "We'd come home after school, turn on the TV and watch the Braves play baseball games. It was the best thing in the world."

The dream became tangible in 2003, when the Dodgers drafted Kemp in the sixth round out of high school. Three years later, he was playing at Dodger Stadium. The lights seem to shine brighter in Hollywood, and he showed signs of becoming a budding superstar in 2009, when he hit .297 with 26 home runs and 101 RBI and won his first Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards.

His marquee season was in 2011. He finished second to Ryan Braun in the MVP race, but after Braun's subsequent PED admission, many think Kemp should have received the award. As a consolation prize, he did win his second Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards that year.

Life was fast-paced. He ascended the fashion ladder, seen as one of the best-dressed players in baseball. Paparazzi surrounded him when he dated Rihanna in 2010. His average dipped to .249 that season, but he still hit 28 home runs.

Fast forward to seven years later in Atlanta, with a reporter trying to tiptoe around the Rihanna question with Kemp. It elicits a laugh from him.

"I think that life. That's just part of L.A.," Kemp says. "You're in an industry where you meet famous people. You have famous friends. That's just part of being in L.A. I mean, that took a little getting used to, but the injuries were something I was never used to. That was harder on me that anything."

The injuries. There were many of them. A snapshot:

Kemp had two stints on the disabled list for hamstring injuries in 2012. The first one ended his streak of 399 consecutive games, which at the time was the longest streak by an active player. In late August, he injured his left shoulder after crashing into a wall at Coors Field, but he continued to play. In the offseason, Kemp underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum and damage to his rotator cuff. Doctors told him not to swing a bat until January.

Kemp made trips to the DL in 2013 for a right hamstring strain and joint inflammation in the surgically repaired shoulder. His return to the lineup that July lasted for one game, as he suffered a left ankle injury when sliding into home plate, a play in which Kemp later said he wasn't running hard. He headed back to the DL.

Kemp returned in mid-September, but it was a short stay. He missed a game later in the month because of soreness in his left ankle and was ruled was out for the playoffs. Kemp had a minor surgical procedure to clean up his left shoulder and also underwent microfracture surgery on the ankle. He ultimately played just 73 games in 2013, and he would start the 2014 season on the disabled list.

Through it all, the low point was suffering the ankle injury and eventually needing surgery, Kemp says.

"My shoulder was tough, but I think the ankle was the toughest because I was used to being a speed guy, stealing bases," he says. "Now it's not as easy to do that because my ankle doesn't allow me to be as fast as I once was. But I've just got to deal with it."

In 2014, his last season with Los Angeles, then-manager Don Mattingly moved Kemp out of center field, first putting him at left and then later in right. After the season, the Dodgers traded him to San Diego. While he put up solid numbers (.265 with 23 home runs and 100 RBI in 2015, and .268 with 35 HRs and 108 RBI in 2016), he was a guy with a lengthy injury history and a huge paycheck playing for a bad team.

His mammoth 2011 campaign continued to get further away in the rearview mirror.

2011 was also the year when Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman, who was a rookie, first met Kemp.

"He was on another level," Freeman recalls. "Every time he got up to the plate, I was like, 'Oh no, here it comes.'"

Through a mutual friend, Melvin Upton Jr., who played for both the Braves (2013-14) and the Padres (2015 through part of 2016), Freeman and Kemp hung out a couple of times. Since Kemp arrived in Atlanta, he and Freeman have grown close. Freeman calls Kemp's personality "infectious."

"It's a great personality," Freeman says. "He draws people to him, and you just want to be around him. Every day, obviously when I'm healthy, we would go get our Starbucks together, we go out to the field together, we do pretty much everything together. ...

"He wants to win. He works hard every single day, and that rubs off on other people."

Kemp's intensity is visible. But so is the joy, which he credits to his teammate and friend.

"Honestly, you know who has a lot to do with that is Freddie," Kemp says. "I've played with a lot of guys that like to have fun and joke around, but he's just one guy that—I honestly never see him, like, mad."

The chemistry worked in the lineup, too. In the 56 games he played with the Braves in 2016, Kemp hit .280 with 12 home runs and had an OPS of .855.

"It was great," Snitker says. "You get a guy, a middle-of-the-order lineup guy like that, he was a welcome addition. It lengthened our lineup, kind of broke up all the left-handers we had going."

With Kemp on the team, opponents could no longer "pick and choose" who they pitched to. "He legitimized what we had going on," Snitker says.

But not all was perfect. At the end of the 2016 season, Kemp wasn't always finishing games, playing seven innings before being replaced for defensive reasons in left field.

"Every time that happened to him, he'd come up to me in the dugout and say, 'This is embarrassing. I don't want this to happen anymore,'" Freeman says.

Heading into the offseason, Kemp was healthy, which hadn't happened often in the last few years. He took advantage of it and got to work, saying there were "no limits."

When asked what was the catalyst for change, Kemp all but shrugged it off.

"I haven't really had too many offseasons where I didn't have to rehab anything," Kemp says. "That's a big difference. You know, if you go into an offseason hurt and you have to rehab the whole offseason, that's just very frustrating. I was pretty much able to work out and do whatever it is I wanted to do."

Snitker says Kemp told the team at the end of the 2016 season, "You're going to see a new me when I get here."

"And he did," Snitker says. "Obviously, he was very dedicated to that and worked his tail off. It was real refreshing when you came in and saw the guy's dedication to what we're trying to do, so it was really good to see, and it told you a lot about the person."

Freeman got updates from Kemp during the offseason—sometimes in mid-workout.

"I got FaceTimed every week...usually when he was on the elliptical," Freeman says. "He was doing two-a-days. He would do lifting in the morning, and he would come back and do conditioning later in the day."

When Freeman was with his wife in Bal Harbour, Florida, celebrating their anniversary, he ran into Kemp. The change was already noticeable.

"You could tell after a month-and-a-half, he was already looking different," Freeman says. "People were asking me what was he looking like, and I wouldn't tell them. I said, 'You guys can just find out for yourself,' and he came to spring training obviously so much better. I think he had lost like 25 pounds."

Kemp's work continued through spring training and into the season, and the results are evident in his numbers. He started the season 8-for-16 with four doubles and two home runs in his first four games. He made a brief trip to the 10-day DL for a tight right hamstring in April, and he missed one game in June with left hamstring tightness. Aside from that, he has picked up where he left off. On April 29 at Milwaukee, he became the first Brave to hit three home runs in a game since Mark Teixeira did it in 2008. He hit his 250th career home run on May 31.

Kemp says there's been no change in approach. It's just a byproduct of being healthy and putting in the effort.

"He was first there, last to leave, was very consistent in all his workouts, and he was always out there doing his drills, in the weight room, workout room, practices, everything," Snitker says of Kemp's spring training work. "It was really good to see—and even now. I mean, the guy shows up to play every day. That's the thing. He's signed on to play the games, so he is a guy you can depend on every day. You know he's going to be there for you."

The house in San Diego hasn't sold yet, and Kemp doesn't know if there will be another auction. These days, his home base is in Prosper, Texas, about three hours away from Midwest City.

How long he stays in Atlanta remains to be seen. Despite his production, the Braves are under .500 and are struggling to keep pace with the Nationals in the NL East. Could Kemp get dealt for a third time? Speculation is slowly heating up, with Bob Nightingale of USA Today mentioning him as one of the top 25 players who could switch teams this summer.

But even as the team rebuilds, Kemp is a good fit in Atlanta. He helped protect the Braves' cornerstone, Freeman, in the lineup—before Freeman fractured his wrist in May—and his teammates are thankful he's there.

"It's nice to be able to have a guy like him—and Freddie and some of the other guys—but he's kind of my big brother," shortstop Dansby Swanson says. "I feel like he's always got my back. He kind of, like, protects me. ... He'll take me out to dinner when we're on the road and kind of just gives you that family thing. We've been able to hit it off really well, and I feel like I can go to him and trust him with a lot of things. So he's special to have around, and I am definitely very, very grateful to have him."

Will this get rid of the critics? Even if it doesn't, Freeman doesn't think that factors into Kemp's mindset.

"We play in a game of what-have-you-done-for-me-now, and the thing is last year people said he wasn't very good, but he had 35 home runs and [close to] 110 RBI," Freeman says. "That doesn't happen. He's a superstar. He's been a superstar his whole career.

"After his 2011 year, he had shoulder surgery and he dealt with hamstring problems. It's hard to compete at a high level when you're not feeling good every day. ... I don't think he's trying to put away what people are saying; he was just doing him. And if it comes along the way that it shuts people up in the process…"

Freeman pauses, and then says, "But that's not his ultimate goal.

"He's here trying to win and get back to the playoffs because he hasn't been there in a few years either, just like I haven't. That's his main goal. It's not about shutting people up, and people can say whatever they want about him, me...that just comes with the territory.  If we go 0-for-4, then they say we should be benched and stuff like that, but if we get two hits the next day, we're the greatest people ever. That just comes with it.

"But he's not trying to do that. He's just trying to do his job and help win games."

There's another element as well, and it's visible when Kemp's megawatt smile is caught on TV broadcasts. He's having fun, reminiscent to children who are playing simply for the love of the game.

"I've been playing baseball since I was four years old," Kemp says. "It's supposed to be fun. It's not supposed to be super-duper serious. I mean, you get serious at times, and of course you get competitive and you want to win, but I think a lot of people forget about having fun."


Jill Martin is a sports news editor for CNN. Follow her on Twitter: @ByJillMartin.

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          Bartolo Colon, Mets Reunion Reportedly Under Consideration   

The New York Mets will consider a reunion with veteran pitcher Bartolo Colon, but they're skeptical of his struggles this season, per Anthony DiComo of 

The Atlanta Braves announced Thursday they'd be designating 44-year-old for assignment after he produced a cringeworthy 8.14 ERA in 13 starts this season.

Colon spent the past three years with the Mets, producing a 44-34 record with a 3.90 ERA. He showed impressive consistency while throwing over 190 innings per year, winning at least 14 games each season.

He even earned his fourth All-Star nod last year while producing a 3.43 ERA. He's also a former Cy Young award winner, having taken home the prize in 2005 with the Los Angeles Angels.

Limited room in the Mets rotation caused him to sign with the Braves in the offseason on a one-year, $12.5 million deal. However, he struggled mightily with his new team, allowing six or more runs in each of his last four starts.

Meanwhile, New York suddenly has a need for starting pitching with 80 percent of its opening day rotation on the disabled list, including stars Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey.

Although the club entered Thursday with a 35-42 record and is unlikely to give up much for a new starting pitcher, Colon could be the perfect fit.

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          Bartolo Colon Designated for Assignment by Atlanta Braves   

The Atlanta Braves have designated starting pitcher Bartolo Colon for assignment on Thursday. 

The Braves announced Colon was designated for assignment and Rex Brothers was called up from Triple-A to take his spot on the 25-man roster.

The move comes one day after Colon returned from the disabled list and started against the San Diego Padres. He lasted just four innings in his first game since June 5, giving up six runs on eight hits and three walks. 

The 44-year-old Colon has struggled all season for the Braves with an 8.14 ERA and 1.78 WHIP in 63 innings. 

The Braves signed Colon to a one-year deal in the offseason. He spent the previous three seasons with the New York Mets and has played 20 MLB seasons with nine different teams. 

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Africa The targets need to be linked like so: --> Jump to events in North America or go international with events in Africa and Middle East Asia and Pacific Rim Europe and United Kingdom Central and South America ## North America ## Africa ## Europe ## Asia and Pacific Rim --> North America Monday, July 3, 2017 Mississauga, Ontario: Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo Wednesday, July 5, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Thursday, July 6, 2017 San Francisco, California: Tech for Good Monthly Mixer Friday, July 07, 2017 Saint Paul, Minnesota: Tips and Tools to Doll Up Your Data | Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (Free) Tuesday, July 11, 2017 Naples, Florida: How to use Technology to Communicate and Manage Volunteers Vancouver, British Columbia: Full Spectrum Civic Engagement Columbus, Ohio: Nonprofit IT Forum Boston, Massachusetts: Tech Networks of Boston Roundtable: Nonprofit Organizations, Civic Data, and Civic Faith Phoenix, Arizona: Phoenix: QuickBooks Made Easy Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Los Angeles, California: Summer Social Phoenix, Arizona: Data Management: What Nonprofits Need to Know San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Monday, July 17, 2017 Kitchener, Ontario: Mail Management Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Greensburg, Pennsylvania: Bagels and Bytes — Westmoreland Marietta, Georgia: Easy SEO Fixes for Your Nonprofit Jasper, Indiana: Social Media Wednesday, July 19, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Portland, Oregon: QuickBooks Made Easy Thursday, July 20, 2017 Seattle, Washington: QuickBooks Made Easy Friday, July 21, 2017 San Francisco, California: Mobile Apps for Change Demo Day at the Salvation Army Monday, July 24, 2017 Nanaimo, British Columbia: "Free Money" (Microsoft Volume Licensing and Google for Nonprofits) Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Buffalo, New York: Why Nonprofits Should Use TechSoup and NetSquared Houston, Texas: Net2Houston Refresh! Wednesday, July 26, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Friday, July 28, 2017 Seattle, Washington: Roundtable for New Nonprofit Executives Tuesday, August 1, 2017 Naples, Florida: Tech4Good SWFL Meeting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Bagels and Bytes — Allegheny Wednesday, August 2, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Phoenix, Arizona: Defining and Targeting Your Audience: Marketing for Nonprofits Thursday, August 3, 2017 Cleveland, Ohio: How to Remarket to Website Visitors via Facebook and Twitter Monday, August 7, 2017 Mississauga, Ontario: Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo Tuesday, August 8, 2017 Columbus, Ohio: Nonprofit IT Forum Ottawa, Ontario: Review Progress on Data Analysis Projects Wednesday, August 9, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Los Angeles, California: Web Accessibility: Designing Inclusive User Experiences Friday, August 11, 2017 Saint Paul, Minnesota: Optimizing Your Communications for Mobile | Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (Free) Wednesday, August 16, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: The Internet of Things: You Only Live Twice? Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Houston, Texas: Net2Houston Refresh! 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Objets Connectés — IoT Renens, Switzerland: OpenLab: Visite du Fablab de Renens Thursday, August 31, 2017 Edinburgh, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Edinburgh Image : Michele Mateus / CC BY Siobhan Aspinall with Umbrella at The Digital Nonprofit 201 : Elijah van der Giessen via Michele Mateus / CC BY-NC 2.0 --> spanhidden
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Hey hope all is well cause for me i am kicking it strong blessed God for Life!

So Paps and i had been working Our ass off recently to make life easy for us and Our little Prince !
And becus of the hard work we Dont have to Much time to chill out there during the sunny whether ! I work from in the morning to 3 and once i return home Paps is off and when he leave i take shower ,play with My baby for a while ,feed him and put him to bed then i take a power nap to get My energy back .So we spent most of Our days home and besides Paps jr Will soon start moving around which mean he need space thats why we decided to update Our house with feed New stuff .

Stay healthy ,eat healthy and live healthy !
This is Actually the third time we have changed furnitures! And we have waste a lot of cash but not to worry because once there is life there is possiblity for everything !
Thanks to those of you who Love My design ! I cant wait to bild My massion in africa and design it like a palace(wildest dream) Anyway that is Actually a bedsoffa so you turn it into a bed and sleep on it !

I Know few of you Are like she back after ages Hahaha yall miss me right !! (Wahala diva)
I have too Much geeess oooh My thoat itching but not today lol and the true is i am not sure whether i am back to start bloggin as alway, i am free from work today and i am up early this morning doing nothing and that is why i find Myself here !

I Will try to gees yall before the day end Dont think i can hold it longer now i have to paid attention to My Fine baby .
Stayblessed /ladydiva .

          Father Goals !   

My babies Are looking Classic and shit haha!

Paps be like Kanye West is getting out of his Car with his son and paparazzi is taking pics Hahaha yall see My trouble lol this nigga is making him self to feel special he wish he was Kanye west !lol

Anyways yesterday Paps got us a car because the struggle is about to start ! As i stated in My last video i got a job which means i have to stop My Mama ledighet and started working !! Yessss ! I Found it a bit boring sleeping My ass off till 14:00 most days why i can be out there counting hours!

So i made up My mind and decided to work ! I Know it wont be easy beening a Young mother and working at the same but Will try My best , all and everything for My baby (Pamodou Morris Fatty Jr)i need to build mansions for him(Inshalla)

Paps is working in the evening so i had to work in the morning ! The car was needed for them (Mina boys!Papss) to drop me off and pick me up from work !
Yall may probably be thinking that i could take to bus , i would have but i am very bad at catching busses lol i live like 10 second to the bus station but i always missed the buses and perphars that is because i am a African !(we Are noted for not Knowing time! 2. I have to take selfies before i step out Hahah beside Our working place is a bit far from where we live , I finsh at 15:00 and Paps starts at 15:30 ! So getting a Car is one of the easiest way to Lessing Our bruden!!!!

THe is not brand New because it it just for us to get around but it is up to standard and Pretty Much cool for My little family and guess what i choosed it ! I did not had time to take a proper picture of it because i was busy tryin to get Myself a computer yesterday too but i might use My camera to snap some pictures later!

Right now we are at Paps 's mother house cause Paps little sister was straving to see Pap jr so we had to bring him to her ! The good thing about coming here is ....... i do not have to wake  up at night to take care of Paps jr because His Grandma  usually takes Over but the sad part is i Do not hold or play with My baby alot cause his anuty ,uncles and grandma Dont allow me to !

Poor me !! I Am here laying down and My babyboo pap jr is not close to me ! I missed his small feet that his use to kick Mama face i missed his morning smile and i missed him telling me his dreams Hahah he always wake up with a smile and start Talking so concluded that he be telling me his dreams !Yessss

So amma let yalll be for now see ya soon

am about to Go and grab My baby


Lady diva

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A couples of months ago when i was pregnant i stated here on My blogg that i was going to start vloging and upploading videos in feb but i could not keep up to My promise because My lil man did not wanted me to vlog at the time he was in My belly! So  he started pulling out some tricks that get me worried and i could not film at all !
First i had countless number of pain in My stomach and i thought i was going to give birth but that was just some of his tricks!
Secondly he delay and passed his due dated !
And because of that i could not sit infront of the camera ! I was stress and worried about when My baby was going to Come out !
Yesss !!! I sincerly apologize!!!

So now that he is her and is so cute ,smart ,and kind its just the perfect time to start!!
I've got most of the equipment that i needed and My film teachers Paps has taught me a lot about filmning ,editing and My camera so i think i am good to Go for now ! Thanks Paps for the Help thats just why i Love you My Big baby!

Anyway i ve got Myself a chanal now yall need check it out ,subscribe, like ,comment and share the videos!

The link is on My instagram page so feel free to hit me up !
My instagram Name is Laddy_diva for some of you that is New on here !

No negative creatures should appear there tho cause i ve got the Holy ghost fire to burn them!
Love you all

Stayblessed laddy_diva
Mamma paps

          Il faudra débourser 14,99 € pour jouer à StarCraft : Remastered en 4K   


Blizzard Entertainment a ouvert les précommandes de StarCraft: Remastered. Jouer au jeu culte avec de meilleurs graphismes réclamera une quinzaine d'euros. [Lire la suite]
          Jersey Anak RACER Alpinestars Blue Yellow   

Price: Rp400.000 Special Price: Rp240.000
Special Expires On: 5 Jun 2022

          Jersey Anak RACER Alpinestars Brown   

Price: Rp400.000 Special Price: Rp240.000
Special Expires On: 5 Jun 2022

          Hawkeye: Worst Fight Club Ever   

Project Mayhem: Venice Chapter

Come one, come all to the thing we can’t talk about…ah screw it, fight club! That’s right, on August 2, return to a blood and sweat soaked Venice basement reminiscent of the Hotel California to work out your frustrations, and then maybe never leave. Hosting, as always, is creator Kelly Thompson and her partner in creation, Leonardo Romero.

Location: We plead the fifth.

Time: When the need for violence arises.


  1. Do not talk about fight club.

*We understand that by making this you probably think we broke this rule, however, see rule 3.

  1. No rules! We don’t play fair.

*This is fight club, not whine about someone blinding you with dirt club.

  1. We do what we want.

*We, the people running the club, do what we want. You, do whatever we say. It’s the golden rule: He who runs the fight club makes the rules.

A word from our Sponsor:

Introducing our newest gladiator: Kate Bishop! That’s right, super hero Hawkeye has joined our ranks and will be fighting her way through not only our seasoned champions, but also some heavy daddy issues. Poor thing got caught up tracking down someone else’s father in her latest case, but it’s her own she’s really after.

“We’re finding Kate in a much more emotional state than we’re used to finding her,” says Thompson. “She really grew up with her father mostly believing there were some aberrations there but she thought he was a really good man in general. So peeling back those layers and finding out that’s not really true not only calls into question things about him, but it makes her question things about herself.”

Looks like daddy Hawkeye may just end up on his daughter’s super villain hit list…talk about your family drama. Good thing she has come to us in her time of need. It’s time to punch the pain away, Kate.

“Kate is a very good fighter so even if she doesn’t look like the guys who are down there in these cages, she’s going to do well in a one on one fight. She’s incredibly smart, she’s well trained, and she’s a super hero,” warns Thompson. But let’s not forget that, that means she must stick too a code, she can’t just hurt people willy-nilly. Sounds like prime time for you newbies to make your mark, so come on down!



            Deadpooled: Kate is going to wipe the floor with you.

Clint4life: Whatever, she’s not even the real Hawkeye.

Cagedfighter16: Is anybody reading this?! COME AND RESCUE ME!!! They’re keeping me in a cage and I don’t want to be here!!!

TheRealKateBishop: Okay I was playing along with this at first but now it’s on. I’m not the sad seal at the zoo, for one thing I can’t balance a ball on my nose…I’m busting everyone out, finding Molly’s dad and taking you creeps down!

Deadpooled: Oh snap!

Be sure to grab seats for Kate’s fight club debut and find out if she solves her case or gets lost in a whirlwind of fists and emotions in HAWKEYE #9 out August 2, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Leonardo Romero.

          Jersey Anak RACER Alpinestars Green   

Price: Rp400.000 Special Price: Rp240.000
Special Expires On: 5 Jun 2021

          Entering Contest of Champions: Punisher 2099   

Bullets and blades blast and slice across Battlerealm as Jake Gallows, the Punisher of 2099, brute forces his way into “Marvel Contest of Champions” as the game’s 100th character.

We talked to Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Character Designer Simon Cameron about what makes this particular Punisher tick like a time bomb. I gotta ask, how much effort does it take for The Collector to reach through the past and future to snatch up a specimen?

Gabriel Frizzera: The Punisher 2099 was captured in the original batch of Champions for The Contest. But it wasn’t necessary for Collector to reach through time, since Jake Gallows had travelled back to the 21st century to execute Carnage, as part of an initiative by the future Hydra regime to punish criminals in different timelines. They’re very proactive at the Secret Empire— they won’t let small things like the space-time continuum get in the way of their punishment! And what makes Jake Gallows so special that he gets to fight it out in The Contest?

Gabriel Frizzera: Gallows was one of the characters Marvel allowed us to redesign for the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS comic book, and appeared briefly in the last issue—before being quickly dispatched by Frank Castle. We had plans to put him in the game for a while, and when the opportunity to do a Secret Empire tie-in came about, we decided to have him as the villain. Turns out he’s also our 100th playable character, so it worked out great that he’s one of our original designs! 100 characters is a super cool milestone, and outside of Angela, this may be my favorite looking combatant in “Contest of Champions.” Seriously, this Punisher looks absolutely awesome! What can you tell us about his design?

Gabriel Frizzera: We are fond of his ‘90s garish outfit and gadgets, but we wanted to push him to look more like a “futuristic shock-police on steroids.” The central piece of the design is the chest skull made of knives and guns—which teleport into his hands; not a second to spare in the future. His whole arsenal is white to contrast with the black and red suit, but also to speak to the nature of 2099’s technology: all weapons would be freshly formed and reconfigured on the spot by nanotechnology. His original concept had way more weapons—like mag-blades on his arms and an electro-baton—and a tactical helmet, which ended up having to be cut for memory reasons. But we kept his bad-ass disintegrating gun and “Grenazers”! Aside from his bad ass new look, what sets him apart from Frank Castle?

Gabriel Frizzera: We joke in the office that Jake Gallows makes Frank Castle look like a soft-hearted hippie! We had a lot of fun writing the contrast between the two, the same way other writers love to contrast Frank Castle among more “straight” heroes like Captain America. In the story, when placed between Jake Gallows’ and Steve Rogers’ radically different views of justice, Frank Castle is forced to admit he might be a bit closer to Cap than the fanatic Punisher 2099. It was fun for me to write dialogue where Gallows calls Castle a “half-measure,” the same way Castle called Matt Murdock [“Marvel’s Daredevil” on Netflix]. That shows how far Punisher 2099 has strayed into villainous territory. Tell me a little about Punisher 2099’s abilities…

Simon Cameron: Punisher 2099 gets much of his strength from his Nano-Tech, which is powered by the Nano-Tech Battery. This charge builds over time, and his Special 1 gives him an Overcharge Passive effect, giving him additional Nano-Tech charge for a few seconds. This charge is spent by a number of automatically triggered effects—things like: Triggering a Heal Block on an Opponent when they trigger a Regeneration Buff, Draining the Charge to Regenerate Punisher 2099 if his Health drops below a threshold, or adding a Stun effect to his Heavy Attack. He also enters an Overdrive mode if his Charge reaches 100%. This drains his Charge over time, but grants him additional Attack, and reduces the amount of Power his Opponent gains when they’re struck by Punisher’s attacks. And what’s Retribution 2099 all about?

Simon Cameron: Retribution 2099 is Punisher’s Signature Ability. It lets him start the fight with his Nano-Tech Battery partially charged; it also adds a new automatically triggered effect to spend his Nano-Tech Charge on. This ability triggers when his opponent hits full power, draining a small amount of it, and power locking them for a couple seconds. It’s a little like a Special 3 get out of jail free card. And when can we hope to bring the Punisher’s weapon mastery to bear on the bad guys?

Simon Cameron: Punisher 2099 opens fire on The Contest June 29!

Stay tuned to and @MarvelGames on Twitter for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews!

          Jersey Anak RACER Alpinestars Grey   

Price: Rp400.000 Special Price: Rp240.000
Special Expires On: 5 Jun 2022

          Celebrating Star Wars #22   

We all know that the first Star Wars film changed the face of pop culture forever when it hit theaters 40 years ago today—but it’s not just the movie that’s celebrating that milestone in 2017. Star Wars comics arrived with force in 1977, and hundreds of issues later, they’re more popular now than ever.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, we’re looking back at our 40 favorite moments from the history of comics from a galaxy far, far away—one day at a time.

Classic Star Wars (1992) #1

Classic Star Wars (1992) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

By 1979, the world started to understand that Star Wars went beyond just a blockbuster movie. Kenner’s toy line proved incredibly successful, Marvel’s STAR WARS comics flew off the shelves, and soon enough, our newspaper funny pages took fans to a galaxy far, far away. The CLASSIC STAR WARS line of comics reprints these strips.

If you’re inclined to assume that these stories never fit into Star Wars canon, CLASSIC STAR WARS #1 will squash such presumptions right away. The comic reissues an early-‘80s tale by Archie Goodwin—who also wrote many Marvel STAR WARS comics of that era—and penciler Al Williamson released by the LA Times Syndicate. Goodwin used knowledge gleaned from “The Empire Strikes Back” to craft a throwaway movie line into an entire story set between the first two films. Remember when Han tells Leia he’s leaving the Alliance because “The bounty hunter on Ord Mantell changed my mind?” Goodwin introduces us to Skorr—i.e., said bounty hunter!

The story of this encounter lasts through CLASSIC STAR WARS #2 and remains remarkably readable as a cohesive comic book arc, despite the chopped-up nature of its original media vehicle. It’s classic Star Wars, indeed.

          Schooling Spider-Man: Marvel Adventures   

Celebrate the Wall Crawler’s return to the big screen in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” by heading back to school with these adventures available on Marvel Unlimited!

One of the best parts about being a comic reader? Bringing new fans into the fold! Comics might not be exclusively for kids anymore, but there remain plenty of all-ages books to share with children and other new readers including MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN!

Renowned creators like Jeff Parker, Sean McKeever, Mike Norton, Zeb Wells, Peter David, Fred Van Lente, Pop Mhan, Ryan Stegman Todd Dezago, Roger Langridge, Paul Tobin, and Chris Samnee all jumped in at various times to tell tales starring not only Spider-Man, but also a variety of other characters from the Marvel Universe! Instead of fully re-telling the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko stories, these take cues from those while branching out in new directions along the way. The first issue covered the origin while the next two pitted the Web-Slinger against the Sinister Six and the fourth teamed up Spidey and Human Torch first to fight a guy called Street and then the giant monster Goom!

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) #1

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

No matter the threat he faced or the fellow heroes he met up with, Peter Parker balanced all of that with the usual life of a high school science genius whose classmates just don’t understand him. In other words, MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN worked with all of the building blocks of Spider-Man without getting too dark.

Whether you get your hands on the original issues, trades, or the digital versions, these stories make for a fun and exciting entry-point for new readers. In addition to getting to know the basics of Spider-Man and the Marvel Universe, they also offer a great entry course in the ways of actually reading comics.

A Tangled Web

If you’re looking for even more all-ages Spider-Man goodness, go on and check out this book’s precursors: MARVEL AGE SPIDER-MAN and MARVEL AGE SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP. You can also look for the more recent MARVEL UNIVERSE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN comic that takes its cues from the Disney XD animated series.

          Building a Healthy Relationship from the Start: How to do It   

In case you do not know, building a relationship especially one that will withstand the test of time is both an art and science. You cannot just leave everything on the hands of fate; you should be exerting conscious efforts to make sure that it will work. With this, as well as the rest of...

The post Building a Healthy Relationship from the Start: How to do It appeared first on Confidence Coaching for Professionals & Organisations.

          Spider-Man Returns as Vulture Attacks ‘Marvel Avengers Academy’   

Spider-Man and some of his spectacular friends swing back to “Marvel Avengers Academy” as Peter’s other school—the Midtown School of Science and Technology—prepares for their homecoming celebration. But the villainous Vulture has other ideas! He launches an attack on both learning institutions and it’ll take everyone at the Academy—plus some new pals Peter’s made over the last year—to thwart his plan and save the dance.

We sat down with Allen Warner, Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, to learn everything Spidey brings with him in this latest event. What’s bringing the web-head and his spider-powered crew back to “Avengers Academy”?

Allen Warner: At the end of our previous Multiverse event, we learned that someone had been scavenging Maestro’s collection of “trophies” for tech and weapons, along with various labs and superhuman battle sites across New York. Nick Fury tasked Spider-Man with finding the perpetrator, and he’s coming back to report what he’s found. It also coincides with the homecoming dance at the Midtown School of Science and Technology, so Spidey will be bringing the party to Avengers Academy, and bugging everyone for dating advice. Why is Vulture so set on laying waste to Midtown Sci-Tech and the Academy?

Allen Warner: Vulture is a brilliant scientist and inventor, but was turned down by both Avengers Academy and Midtown Sci-Tech after being accused of stealing other students’ tech and ideas to further his own goals. He feels like his fellow super-scientists don’t respect him, and the entire world is conspiring against him, so he starts using tech and weapons found in various superhuman battle sites to rebuild and repurpose mechanical monstrosities into things like an army of Vulture-ized Octobots. He wants power and respect, and he’ll destroy everyone and everything at both Avengers Academy and Midtown Sci-Tech to get it. The event district gives us a peek at Peter’s life outside the Academy; what new things will players discover?

Allen Warner: The event district is Midtown Sci-Tech itself, decked out for homecoming. It’s completely different than anything we’ve done before, and really cool because it brings a lot of fun, school flavor the campus. Unfortunately, Vulture shows up to ruin the party, so he’s perched atop the school with his prisoners and minions, plotting his attack on Avengers Academy. And the event building carves out a space for one particular Spider-heroine…

Allen Warner: Yes, we’re big Spider-Gwen fans over here too, so we wanted her to share the spotlight. The event building is a multi-tiered punk rock venue where Gwen and some surprise guests are going to perform, and throw their own brand of homecoming bash. The building represents Gwen really well with its gleaming white exteriors, colorful neon blue and pink graffiti, a unique stage and dance floor, and some other really cool surprises. How will players battle Vulture and his refurbished Octobot army?

Allen Warner: Players will battle Vulture’s tech on the campus as a team, while battling Vulture himself, and a couple of foes he’s tricked into fighting by his side. Part of his plan is to create chaos and keep the heroes busy by setting Symbiotes loose in New York, so your heroes will also battle in the streets of New York to protect the city. What new faces will join the Academy—and the fight against Vulture—as Peter calls on more of his friends from across the multiverse?

Allen Warner: A really cool collection of various Spider-Heroes, amazing friends, and one grumpy newspaper publisher. Players will be able to recruit Silver Sable, Spider-Girl, Agent Venom, J. Jonah Jameson, and Silk. J. Jonah Jameson was really popular as a cameo character during our first Spider-Man event, and I’d forgotten how fun he is to write until this event came around. His personality is great to bounce off of the students, and I can’t wait for everyone to see his visual upgrades. Silver Sable is one of my favorite Spidey characters. She looks amazing, and is a cool fit alongside some of the spies and mercenaries running around the school. Agent Venom is one of the most awesome Symbiotes, and he brings something completely unique to the table, and of course [his alter ego] Flash [Thompson] and Peter Parker have a classic rivalry. Spider-Girl and Silk are two of the coolest spider-powered characters in my opinion. They both were very close to making the cut in our first Spider-Man event, so I’m really excited to see them finally make it into “Avengers Academy.” As always, our art and animation teams have knocked it out of the park with everyone’s designs and actions, and I think players are going to love having all of these characters at their school. And there must be some cool new outfits on the way as well…

Allen Warner: Definitely. There are new outfits for Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Mary Jane, Venom, and Doctor Octopus. It’s a cool mix of some iconic looks, some seldom-seen but awesome outfits from the comics, and a couple of classics given fun Avengers Academy-style re-imaginings. It’s a really cool group that I think people will love. With the second Guardians of the Galaxy event, players were able to recruit the heroes from the previous event; will we see something similar here?

Allen Warner: Yes, we got a really positive response from players during the Guardians 2 event who enjoyed that opening week featuring characters from the original event because it gave them a first or second chance at characters they’d missed out on before, so we decided to do a similar thing here. The opening week will give new and longtime players the chance to get one of the outfits and a few of the characters from the original event, as well as a new character and outfit. Over the course of the event, players will have a chance to get every single character and outfit from the original Spider-Man event, including Miles Morales, Mysterio, Black Cat, Electro, Green Goblin, and many more. Once the Vulture is thwarted, what new adventures will players be able to look forward to?

Allen Warner: We’re going to find that Vulture isn’t the only person who’s secretly holding a grudge against Avengers Academy. He’s been sharing his scavenged tech and weapons with some faraway enemies, and they’re ready to go to war.

For all the latest on “Marvel Avengers Academy,” stay tuned to and @MarvelGames on Twitter!

          Black Bolt: Royal Likeness   

Over the years, Blackagar Boltagon has filled many roles: leader of the Inhumans, husband, father, intergalactic ruler—and now, prisoner! Writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Christian Ward set up quite a challenge for the one-time king when they launched BLACK BOLT a few months back: escape from an epic space prison!

Teamed up with the likes of Absorbing Man, Black Bolt continues to figure out how to flee the seemingly inescapable jail in the stars so he can find his way back to his family. We talked with Ward about designing Black Bolt’s cage, working on the silent hero, and making his mark on a childhood favorite. This book has definitely taken Black Bolt in some unexpected directions. How has it been crafting these stories with Saladin so far?

Christian Ward: I’m drawn to stories I can’t predict. I think that’s one reason why shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones” are so enjoyable. Reading Saladin’s scripts for BLACK BOLT [has] had those same unexpected elements and I’ve loved reading them. Bringing a story to life that you’re already enjoying in its script form is easy. I have a background in creator-owned comics; I’m used to working on books I’m personally invested in and working on BLACK BOLT with Saladin has felt no different.

I think he would agree that we’ve really clicked working on BLACK BOLT. It’s been an absolute joy and I feel very lucky to be working with Saladin. I felt like we’re telling one story together infused with all these personal elements. I definitely feel like we’re trying to say something with BLACK BOLT, whilst remembering it’s a super hero comic and it should also be a lot of fun. Even with his first comic, Saladin’s going to be [among] many peoples’ very favorite writers. He’s certainly one of mine now and hopefully this will be the first of many projects we do together. The story mixes elements from classic prison break tales with sci-fi and super heroes. Do you enjoy playing with those pieces and building new structures with them?

Christian Ward: I do! Lots of my previous projects—like ODY-C for instance—have been about clashing genres together. I love the tension you get from mixing disparate ingredients. With BLACK BOLT, as well as the genres you mentioned, I’ve been having fun approaching parts like a Gothic horror, not just with the scenery and the lighting but also trying to use page layouts to make it feel foreboding or claustrophobic.

There have been pages where I’ve tried to make the panel [borders] feel as much of the prison bars as the ones I’ve actually drawn. Becoming narrower and narrower as our characters are contained or crushed within them. It’s been fun to allow the different genres, like horror, influence how certain elements of the book look and even let each issue feel a little different. For instance, in issue #4 I’ve been playing with formal nine-panel grids and half tone textures as a way to exaggerate the old school comic book-ness of the issue. It keeps me on my toes and hopefully it keeps the [book] exciting from issue to issue for the reader. You’re setting much of the action inside of this jail. How much of it did you have designed ahead of time?

Christian Ward: Lots of great design is about tension and what Saladin had in mind for our prison was perfect to play to that idea. He had this idea that it would be equal parts Victorian gaol and [Jack] Kirby techno, so for every stone pillar there has to be this contrasting piece of insane, impossible machinery.

I read about Panopticon so I knew I wanted there to be eyes everywhere because big floating over-watching eyes are always creepy and it had to feel huge, I wanted Black Bolt to feel insignificant there. I certainly didn’t design a physical place like an architect would, rather I spent a lot of time thinking about how it would feel, or maybe how the inmates would feel being held there. I wanted the prison to feel intangible, like a monster glimpsed in the darkness, a place that was ever changing. Somewhere it would be impossible to get your footing or stay sane. An M.C. Escher drawing come to life. BLACK BOLT has incorporated some interesting characters from Absorbing Man to Death’s Head. How has it been putting your own spin on them and making them work in this story?

Christian Ward: The first thing I have to say is what a huge and continuing honor it is to be drawing these characters that so many greats have drawn before me. It’s very exciting to, as you say, put a spin on them. It’s a tricky balancing act to honor what’s come before and try to shine a different light on them. Hopefully success comes from loving the characters in the first place. For instance, when I was a teenager Death’s Head was my favorite character growing up in the UK. He was my Hulk, my Spider-Man, my X-Men. He was my number one. So when I came to design my take on him I let that love guide the design. What I love about the character—that’s what I bring to the forefront.

And oh boy, Absorbing Man! I love drawing Carl. This might be Black Bolt’s book, but I think Crusher’s the heart of it. It’s been so much fun to draw him not as a bad guy, but as a man, and try and make him feel real. Whereas I’m trying to keep Bolt at arm’s length I really want readers to feel very empathetic towards Crusher. I’ve really grown to love the guy so I hope that’s coming through. Does Black Bolt’s silence offer any particular challenges when you’re working from panel to panel?

Christian Ward: It’s a huge challenge. I remember reading about the difference between TV, movie, and stage acting and the “volume” in which actors have to project or emote in each. Unlike in theater, for instance, on a giant movie screen the smallest of facial movements can be read. I’m aiming for giant movie screen acting here. I’ve always enjoyed comic book acting and it’s huge fun to try and convey all the subtleties of Bolt’s face. I really wanted to have him feel reserved and withdrawn from us but that as the story progressed the wall that he’d built up around himself—his own personal inner prison wall—would break down and we’d see more of those emotions showing on his face and in his body language. You know, as much as I love the big cosmic moments of the book, it was the challenge of drawing Bolt that made me take the project on and I’m having the time of my life with it.

BLACK BOLT #3 breaks into stores on July 5, with issue #4 following on August 2, thanks to Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward.

          Celebrating Star Wars #21   

We all know that the first Star Wars film changed the face of pop culture forever when it hit theaters 40 years ago today—but it’s not just the movie that’s celebrating that milestone in 2017. Star Wars comics arrived with force in 1977, and hundreds of issues later, they’re more popular now than ever.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, we’re looking back at our 40 favorite moments from the history of comics from a galaxy far, far away—one day at a time.

Star Wars: Tag & Bink Are Dead (2001) #1

Star Wars: Tag & Bink Are Dead (2001) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

In 1966, a play known as “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”—later adapted to film in 1990—dared to retell “Hamlet” from the perspective of two minor characters. It offered a comedic take on key moments in Shakespeare’s masterpiece by implying that the bumbling duo in some way influenced key events.

Much along those lines, TAG AND BINK ARE DEAD delves into the background characters of “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back” to offer a little more “actual back story” to moments you’ve probably never thought twice about. Starting with the battle aboard Princess Leia’s Tantive IV that kicks off “Episode IV,” we follow two Rebels—the eponymous Tag and Bink—as they eventually escape Empire imprisonment and decide to disguise themselves as stormtroopers aboard the Death Star.

The comedic consequences result in “back stories” for moments like the lone TIE fighter that the Millennium Falcon encounters near the Death Star, the real reason Boba Fett showed up at Bespin, and how the Rebels acquired the shuttle Tyderium they’ll later use to infiltrate Endor in “Return of the Jedi.” Oh, and those two stormtroopers discussing “another drill” as Obi-Wan disarms the Death Star’s tractor beam? That’s Tag and Bink in inaction.

Writer Kevin Rubio masterminded TAG AND BINK ARE DEAD, and followed with a sequel in 2006—and this wasn’t the first time Rubio showed us “what really happened” in Star Wars movies. In 1996, he made a name for himself as the creator of “Troops,” a parody of “Cops” from a stormtrooper’s perspective largely responsible for ushering in an entire era of Star Wars fan films.

          Schooling Spider-Man: Mary Jane   

Celebrate the Wall Crawler’s return to the big screen in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” by heading back to school with these adventures available on Marvel Unlimited!

High school’s rough for anyone, whether you’re a web-slinging superhero or a teenage girl with a crush on one. Sean McKeever and Takeshi Miyazawa explored the latter with a series of books called MARY JANE, MARY JANE: HOMECOMING and two volumes of SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE, though other creators helped bring the story to a close. 

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (2005) #1

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (2005) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Set in an alternate universe in which Peter, Harry Osborn, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Flash Thompson and Liz Allan all attended high school together – Peter met Harry and Gwen in college in the 616 – these stories explore Watson’s ever-changing feelings for the masked man of her dreams!

Initially launched with the four issue limited series MARY JANE in 2004, the overarching story focused on a young woman dealing with the intensity of her feelings while creating a carefree persona. Mirroring the reasons readers initially fell in love with Spider-Man, Mary Jane worried about making money and appeasing her parental units, but not to make web fluid, she wanted to go to the homecoming dance. 

Mary Jane (2004) #1

Mary Jane (2004) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

In fact, much of the drama in this series revolved around the big dance, MJ’s desire to buy the perfect dress for it and also figure out who she wanted to go with. She and Harry Osborn might have seemed perfect for each other on paper, but she had another in mind: Spider-Man.

Of course, her best friend Liz Allan thought her crazy for wanting such a thing, but she really lost her mind after seeing MJ and Flash in am apparently romantic moment!

All the while, a nerdy kid named Peter Parker started appearing more and more in Mary Jane’s life, first as a tutor and then as more of a friend. We all know how that relationship evolved in one version of the Wall-Crawler’s history, but to see what happens in this one, you’ll just have to read all of SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE which ended with a five issue limited series second season volume in 2009.

A Tangled Web

While MARY JANE and SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE didn’t see the title character become a super hero, that’s not the case with every other version of MJ from the various realities. In EXILES we met a version of Watson who not only became Spider-Woman, but also joined the Avengers as seen in EXILES #20. She and the dimension-hopping Sunfire strike up a relationship as they all battle the spreading threat of the Phalanx aided by Asgardians. Later, during a time when the team found themselves displaced on various dimensions, Sunfire and MJ got to spend six weeks together before the Exile teleported away on another adventure.

In the next installment we take a look at the all ages books SPIDER-MAN ADVENTURES!

          A Review of Succubus Sex Tales 1 by CJ Masters   
Sex alone is not a story, at least not a good one and certainly it lacks in many ways if one is looking for interesting characters. Describing sex isn’t telling a story, it’s sort of like watching an adult movie and then trying to tell someone that hasn’t seen the movie what the porn stars …

Continue reading »

          X-Men: Gold – Young Mutants in Love (or Love Is Golden)   

The on-again-off-again roller-coaster romance of Kitty Pryde and Peter Rasputin’s become the stuff of legend among X-Men fans, and it’s about to receive a new wrinkle in X-MEN: GOLD #9, out August 8.

The two star-crossed lovers first met in UNCANNY X-MEN #129 when Kitty first walked into the original X-Mansion and met the man-mountain mutant called Colossus. An inauspicious beginning to such a star-crossed love story, to be sure, but by UNCANNY X-MEN #174 they’d recognized their attraction to each other and shared a kiss or three.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #129

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #129

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Peter threw the first monkeywrench into the mix right around the time he’d returned from the first Secret Wars in UNCANNY X-MEN #183 and declared his love for the alien Zsaji to Kitty, though said Zsaji’d perished by that time. Ms. Pryde ratcheted up the anti-feels by joining Excalibur and heading into a hot-and-heavy thing with a guy named Pete Wisdom—a relationship Peter gave his “blessing” to, but also kept one metallic eye on. 

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #183

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #183

What is Marvel Unlimited?

When the Legacy Virus later tore apart the mutant population, Colossus seemingly sacrificed his life during the chaos in X-MEN #110, prompting Kitty to sort out her feelings for the big lunk and insure his ashes traveled back to Russia. Imagine her surprise when Peter turned up hale and hearty in ASTONISHING X-MEN #14, strange situation which led to a passionate reunion and a new outbreak of dating. 

X-Men (1991) #110

X-Men (1991) #110

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Alas, right around the time of the X-Men’s latest disagreement with the Juggernaut and his power source Cyttorak in UNCANNY X-MEN #543, Kitty broke it off again with Peter when she disagreed with his well-intentioned noble thoughts to die for her in battle. Sadly, that meant that she and Colossus’ couple-ness still existed in a state of suspension when Kitty got stuck in a giant bullet traveling around the solar system in GIANT-SIZE ASTONISHING X-MEN #1. Peter tried to move on with his life, but to his credit, he tattooed “Katya” in her memory on his chest in UNCANNY X-MEN #507

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #507

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #507

  • Published: March 18, 2009
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: February 11, 2011
  • Rating: T+
  • Writer: Matt Fraction
  • Penciller: Terry Dodson
What is Marvel Unlimited?

No good mutant hero ever stays lost, though, and so Kitty Pryde returned to Earth, thanks to Magneto, in UNCANNY X-MEN #522 and reclaimed her claim to the big metal guy in UNCANNY X-MEN #522…which of course hit the skids by UNCANNY X-MEN #543. The former Shadowcat struck up a few new relationships in the aftermath, in particular with Iceman in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #14, and with Star-Lord in X-MEN: THE TRIAL OF JEAN GREY #1-6

Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #14

Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #14

  • Published: July 25, 2012
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: April 08, 2013
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Writer: Jason Aaron
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Today, Kitty’s done with star-hopping scoundrels and Peter’s, well, Peter, and the two of them, as seen in X-MEN: GOLD #1, believe they can fight alongside each other as “just friends.” But, anybody who’s ever been in their position knows that trick never really works, right?

Stay tuned…we should be finding out whether or not our beloved Kitlossus will ever be a thing again very, very soon.

          London Prize / Kensington Star / High Command (3 6 10) - 80/1 to 66/1   
Tricast - 15:00 HANDICAP 2m 56yds - NEWCASTLE
          London Prize / October Storm / Kensington Star (3 12 6) - 80/1 to 66/1   
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Tricast - 15:00 HANDICAP 2m 56yds - NEWCASTLE
          October Storm / High Command / Kensington Star (12 10 6) - 250/1 to 200/1   
Tricast - 15:00 HANDICAP 2m 56yds - NEWCASTLE
          London Prize / Kensington Star / October Storm - 22/1 to 20/1   
Combination Tricast - 15:00 HANDICAP 2m 56yds - NEWCASTLE
          London Prize / Kensington Star / October Storm - 7/2 to 10/3   
Forecast From Three - 15:00 HANDICAP 2m 56yds - NEWCASTLE
          London Prize / Kensington Star / High Command / October Storm - 15/2 to 7/1   
Tricast From Four - 15:00 HANDICAP 2m 56yds - NEWCASTLE
          No Shelter From the Woj Bombs   

On Wednesday, Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted out some cataclysmic NBA news.

This was a blockbuster move—the Los Angeles Clippers’ stellar point guard signing up to play with recent MVP runner-up James Harden—a transaction huge enough that it may affect which team loses to the Golden State Warriors in next year’s conference finals.

If you read the replies to Wojnarowski’s tweet, though, one of the biggest NBA trades in years seems secondary—overshadowed by the man who broke the story.

In the parlance of NBA Twitter, Wojnarowski dropped a “Woj bomb,” hence the deployment of mushroom cloud GIFs.

In his 10 years at Yahoo—the company gave Wojnarowski his own website, the Vertical, in 2016—the NBA reporter built a reputation as the basketball world’s Eye of Providence, a mysterious, all-seeing entity who breaks news with terrifying speed and accuracy.

Judging by the reaction to his tweets, one might get the sense that he is actually the one setting these deals into motion—that teams make moves because Wojnarowski reports them rather than the other way around. It’s all part of the mythos of Woj, a cult of personality devoted to a man who doesn’t seem to have much of a discernible personality beyond “reporter who is always on Twitter.”

On Saturday, Wojnarowski will be joining ESPN, a move that coincides with (and in certain exceedingly nerdy circles perhaps overshadows) the start of the NBA’s free agency period. For years, his identity has been wrapped up in the fact that he doesn’t work for the Worldwide Leader in Sports. He’s been known to pick at ESPN in his columns, sometimes referring to them as an unnamed “cable sports company.” His defection to the world’s most powerful sports media company at once feels surprising and inevitable. It’s a marriage of questionable harmony but undoubtable impact, the equivalent of hiring a T. rex to hem your pants.

In his tenure at Yahoo, Wojnarowski has been a one-man wrecking crew, often out-scooping the world’s sports media hydra on the strength of his connections and unparalleled ability to type with his thumbs. Earlier this week, in his last days at the Vertical, he broke the news that Jeff Van Gundy—who works for ESPN—will be coaching USA Basketball’s World Cup qualifying team.

Wojnarowski’s unique ability to delight his fans and bedevil his rivals has been most evident during the NBA draft, when he managed to report, via Twitter, the upcoming selections well before they’re announced on ESPN’s live broadcast. The fact that one guy could ruin the drama and pageantry of a manicured television event infuriated ESPN execs and undoubtedly contributed to the company’s decision to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

In tandem with Wojnarowski’s hiring, ESPN laid off a number of talented NBA reporters, many of whom covered individual teams and contributed postgame recaps and analysis. They also terminated Marc Stein, who has long been Wojnarowski’s biggest competitor. Stein is a prodigious reporter in his own right, and many within the company have expressed dismay at his departure. Given that it seems like the network is shifting toward breaking news and scoops, there’s only one logical explanation for laying off Stein: ESPN’s suits feel it’s important to have Wojnarowski be the unquestioned leader of their NBA scoop machine. If you’re looking for an explanation for why that might be, you should ask someone who has better sources than I do.

ESPN, which pays $1.4 billion annually for the rights to televise NBA games, wants to claim total ownership of almost every NBA storyline. The network’s coverage of the NFL provides an instructive example. In 2013, Deadspin did a nice play-by-play of a story the network created out of thin air and subsequently covered to death. It began on SportsCenter, when one of ESPN's NFL pundits said, “I truly believe Colin Kaepernick could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.” ESPN got Kaepernick’s response to the statement, and that response was then covered at length on the network’s myriad shouting-head programs. The pundit who made the comment eventually became a featured guest across its various platforms, and the issue was debated for days until a natural endpoint was reached. (It somehow became about Tim Tebow.)

ESPN has been built to trim every last edible bit from a story, and with basketball’s greatest rumormonger and scoop-getter at its disposal, there’s no telling what the Worldwide Leader will now be capable of. My best guess is it will look a lot like what Gustavus Swift did to cows back in the 19th century.

Swift owned and operated one of the largest slaughterhouses in Chicago, but selling salted pork scraps wasn’t enough for him. In the late 1800s, the market demanded fresh beef, which meant cattle were shipped live to Eastern population centers where they would be butchered and sold after transit. Swift had a nose for inefficiency, and he got a great whiff of it with each and every steer-filled boxcar that passed through Chicago on its way east. If his company could somehow slaughter and butcher the beef in Chicago, he’d be able to expand his operation while more efficiently meeting demand.

To facilitate this, Swift hired an engineer to design a refrigerated train car that could ship dressed meat over long distances without sacrificing freshness. The Swift-owned cars were loaded with ice in Wisconsin, packed with beef at Swift’s Chicago slaughterhouse, and then sent east and sold for maximum profit. The supply process was so efficient and direct, a side of beef in the freezer of a New York wholesaler would hang off the same hook as the cow from which it was cut back in Chicago weeks prior.

It is perhaps a bit on the nose that the process Swift pioneered is known as “vertical integration.” The man ESPN lured from the Vertical will provide the grist for a never-ending mill of debate shows, news programs, and interview segments. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the NBA receives as much attention on Twitter during summer free agency as it does during the regular season. ESPN is counting on its ability to grab that attention by harnessing the multikiloton power of the Woj bomb.

Consider, though, that the two biggest NBA stories of the past five years—LeBron James’ return to Cleveland and Kevin Durant’s move to Golden State—got broken via personal essays published in Sports Illustrated and the Players’ Tribune respectively, not via reporters on Twitter. If a player is savvy enough, he can circumvent the scoop machine and take ownership of his own breaking news, Adrian Wojnarowski be damned.

If history is any indicator, the establishment won’t give up the means of production without a fight. In the words of Karl Marx, “Tune into First Take for more reaction.”

          For their next trick, Distil Union kickstarts sunglasses that stick with you   

You might know local design collective Distil Union for its previous six Kickstarter successes — the Wally series of wallets and the Stanley stand. Maglock sunglasses, the firm’s latest creation, continues that trend. more…

          Live Music: Bun B., Hivehead, and The Old Paints   

[event-3]Pinpointing the start of Johnson City, Tenn. garage-punk duo Hivehead is a tricky one since members Samuel (vocals, guitar) and Silas (drums) Bowman are brothers, so you could say the chemistry has always been there. Influenced by everything from At the Drive-In to Smashing Pumpkins, their debut single dropped in December of 2014 — the ’90s indie-flavored “King Garbage, “ off a three-track release. more…

          1coin Inv Limited -   
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          Erst Friseur, dann Star – Die Berufe der Berühmten   

Die eine verkaufte Hustensaft, der andere wusch den Kunden im Frisiersalon den Kopf. Viele berühmte TV-Moderatoren haben früher in wenig glamourösen Berufen gearbeitet und danach eine kuriose Karriere gemacht.

          Sarung Tangan Anak Alpinestars Dual Blue   

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          The Fallen   
2 angels are cast out of the heaven as punishment and they are trying to start a war using man who worship them
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          Fecal Bacteria Found In Ice At Starbucks   
A BBC investigation uncovered a disturbing fact: Starbucks, along with 2 other coffee chains, have been found to have ice contaminated with fecal bacteria. BBC’s consumer-affairs Watchdog program found ice from three of the U.K.’s […]
          Sepatu Cross Alpinestars Tech 7 2017 Black White Yellow Flo-11   

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          REMINDER: You Can Start Buying Booze On Sundays In Minnesota   
Since I moved to Minnesota from my home state of North Dakota back in 2012, it’s happened to me more times than I’d like to admit. I’m guessing this has happened to you, too. It’s a Sunday afternoon, and I’m picking up groceries for the upcoming week... Continue reading…
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          First Official Trailer for Norwegian Horror Short Adaptation POLAROID [starttext]POLAROID is the feature film debut of Norwegian filmmaker Lars Klevberg, based on his award-winning short horror film. High school loner Bird Fitcher has no idea what dark secrets are tied to the mysterious Polaroid vintage camera she stumbles upon, but it doesn’t take long to discover that those who have their picture taken meet a

          MareNostrum 4 Begins Operation   

BARCELONA, June 29 — The MareNostrum supercomputer is beginning operation and will start executing applications for scientific research. MareNostrum 4, hosted by Barcelona Supercomputing Center, is entirely aimed at generating scientific knowledge and its computer architecture has been called ‘the most diverse and interesting in the world’ by international experts. The Spanish Ministry of Economy, […]

The post MareNostrum 4 Begins Operation appeared first on HPCwire.

          New Full Trailer for Adam Wingard’s DEATH NOTE with Nat Wolff & Lakeith Stanfield [starttext]DEATH NOTE is an upcoming supernatural thriller film directed by Adam Wingard (You’re Next, The Guest, Blair Witch), based on the manga series of the same name by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The film stars Nat Wolff, Lakeith Stanfield, Margaret Qualley, Shea Whigham, and Willem DeFoe as Ryuk. Light Turner (Wolff), a bright student

          Global shipping feels fallout from Maersk cyber attack   

By Jonathan Saul

LONDON (Reuters) - Global shipping is still feeling the effects of a cyber attack that hit A.P. Moller-Maersk two days ago, showing the scale of the damage a computer virus can unleash on the technology dependent and inter-connected industry.

About 90 percent of world trade is transported by sea, with ships and ports acting as the arteries of the global economy. Ports increasingly rely on communications systems to keep operations running smoothly, and any IT glitches can create major disruptions for complex logistic supply chains.

The cyber attack was among the biggest-ever disruptions to hit global shipping. Several port terminals run by a Maersk division, including in the United States, India, Spain, the Netherlands, were still struggling to revert to normal operations on Thursday after experiencing massive disruptions.

South Florida Container Terminal, for example, said dry cargo could not be delivered and no container would be received. Anil Diggikar, chairman of JNPT port, near the Indian commercial hub of Mumbai, told Reuters that he did not know "when exactly the terminal will be running smoothly".

His uncertainty was echoed by Maersk itself, which told Reuters that a number of IT systems were still shut down and that it could not say when normal business operations would be resumed.

It said it was not able to comment on specific questions regarding the breach of its IT systems or the state of its cyber security as it had "all available hands focused on practical stuff and getting things back to normal".

The impact of the attack on the company has reverberated across the industry given its position as the world's biggest container shipping line and also operator of 76 ports via its APM Terminals division.

Container ships transport much of the world's consumer goods and food, while dry bulk ships haul commodities including coal and grain and tankers carry vital oil and gas supplies.

"As Maersk is about 18 percent of all container trade, can you imagine the panic this must be causing in the logistic chain of all those cargo owners all over the world?" said Khalid Hashim, managing director of Precious Shipping, one of Thailand's largest dry cargo ship owners.

"Right now none of them know where any of their cargoes (or)containers are. And this 'black hole' of lack of knowledge will continue till Maersk are able to bring back their systems on line."


The computer virus, which researchers are calling GoldenEye or Petya, began its spread on Tuesday in Ukraine and affected companies in dozens of countries.

Maersk said the attack had caused outages at its computer systems across the world.

In an example of the turmoil that ensued, the unloading of vessels at the group's Tacoma terminal was severely slowed on Tuesday and Wednesday, said Dean McGrath, president of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 23 there.

The terminal is a key supply line for the delivery of domestic goods such as milk and groceries and construction materials to Anchorage, Alaska.

"They went back to basics and did everything on paper," McGrath said.

Ong Choo Kiat, President of U-Ming Marine Transport, Taiwan's largest dry bulk ship owner, said the fact Maersk had been affected rang alarm bells for the whole shipping industry as the Danish company was regarded as a leader in IT technology.

"But they ended up one of the first few casualties. I therefore conclude that shipping is lacking behind the other industry in term of cyber security," he said.

"How long would it takes to catch up? I don't know. But recently all owners and operators are definitely more aware of the risk of cyber security and beginning to pay more attention to it."

In a leading transport survey by international law firm Norton Rose Fulbright published this week, 87 percent of respondents from the shipping industry believed cyber attacks would increase over the next five years - a level that was higher than counterparts in the aviation, rail and logistics industries.


Apart from the reliance on computer systems, ships themselves are increasingly exposed to interference through electronic navigation devices such as the Global Positioning System (GPS) and lack the backup systems airliners have to prevent crashes, according to cyber security experts.

There were no indications that GPS and other electronic navigation aids were affected by this week's attack, but security specialists say such systems are vulnerable to signal loss from deliberate jamming by hackers.

Last year, South Korea said hundreds of fishing vessels had returned early to port after its GPS signals were jammed by North Korea, which denied responsibility.

"The Maersk attack raises our awareness of the vulnerability of shipping and ports to technological failure," said Professor David Last, a previous president of Britain's Royal Institute of Navigation.

"When GPS fails, ships' captains lose their principal means of navigation and much of their communications and computer links. They have to slow down and miss port schedules," said Last, who is also a strategic advisor to the General Lighthouse Authorities of the UK and Ireland.

A number of countries including the UK and the United States are looking into deploying a radar based back up navigation system for ships called eLoran, but this will take time to develop.

David Nordell, head of strategy and policy for London-based think tank, the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace and Security Science, said the global shipping and port industries were vulnerable to cyber attack, because their operating technologies tend to be old.

"It's certainly possible to imagine that two container ships, or, even worse, oil or gas tankers, could be hacked into colliding, resulting in loss of life and cargo, and perhaps total loss of the vessels," Nordell said.

"Carried out in a strategically sensitive location such as the Malacca Straits or the Bosphorus, a collision like this could block shipping for enough time to cause serious dislocations to trade."


Cyber risks also pose challenges for insurance cover.

In a particularly secretive industry, information about the nature of cyber attacks is still scarce, which insurance and shipping officials say is an obstacle to mitigating the risk, which means there are gaps in insurance cover available.

"There has been a lot of non-reporting (of breaches) on ships, and we’re trying efforts where even if there could be anonymous reporting on a platform so we can start to get the information and the data," said Andrew Kinsey, senior marine consultant at insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty.

There is also a gap in provision, because most existing cyber or hull insurance policies - which insure the ship itself - will not cover the risk of a navigation system being jammed or physical damage to the ship caused by a hacking attack.

"The industry is just waking up to its vulnerability," said Colin Gillespie, deputy director of loss prevention with ship insurer North.

"Perhaps it is time for insurers, reinsurers, ship operators and port operators to sit down together and consider these risks in detail. A collective response is needed - we are all under attack."

(Additional reporting by Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen in Copenhagen, Keith Wallis and Carolyn Cohn in London, Euan Rocha in Mumbai, Miyoung Kim in Singapore, Alexander Cornwell in Dubai, Michael Hirtzer in Chicago, Noor Zainab Hussain in Bangalore, Adam Jourdan and Shanghai newsroom; Editing by Pravin Char)

          His Name Is Chewbarka   

His Name Is Chewbarka


The post His Name Is Chewbarka appeared first on ThumbPress.

          Debut Trailer for Justin Chon’s Sundance-Winning Drama GOOK [starttext]GOOK is a drama film written and directed by Justin Chon (Man Up). It stars Chon, Simone Baker, David So, Sang Chon, Curtiss Cook Jr., and Ben Munoz. The film premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the NEXT Auidence Award. Eli (Chon) and Daniel (So) are two Korean American brothers that run their late father’s shoe

          Hefty Politics   
Hefty Politics Beauty is, to some degree, relative. Check out the example of "female intrasexual competition" in this question from the Philip Galanes column in the NYT:
Thin in the Midwest I am a single woman in Manhattan. I was just offered a great job in Chicago. When I went to visit, I was struck by how thin I was there, compared with women in New York. Is this a horrible reason to take the job?


I assume you are joking (sort of). But having come from a spate of New York City meals where women and men seemed to believe that balsamic vinegar and mustard are two of the major food groups, I get it, sister. We all have self-image issues, and you probably won't escape yours by moving to the Windy City. (Off the top of my head, I can think of 50 qualities more important than "thin.") Still, you mentioned that the job in Chicago is "great," and I've always loved visiting. So, you tell us: What have you got to lose?
This isn't a "self-image" issue; it's a possibility of a tradeoff between the place she probably wants to live -- NYC -- and getting a leg up in the mating market by moving to a lesser pond. Would you -- if you were this woman -- make the move? What about if you were a guy writing about going to a place where there's a lot less competition on wealth and achievement? Understanding and being honest about how well you compete in a mating market is the best way to make the most useful decisions -- including, perhaps whether you should move to another area. In short, as I wrote in the column that I sent out earlier this week, "context matters."
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          Take That "Cultural Appropriation" Ban All The Way   
Take That "Cultural Appropriation" Ban All The Way I've had this idea, vis a vis the college students and others screeching that Israel must be boycotted. I strongly suggest they take the first step and toss their iPhones (Israeli technology within) and refuse life-saving medical care that stems from Israeli researchers' discoveries. At Foundation for Economic Education, Pierre-Guy Veer applies this to those seeking to ban "cultural appropriation" -- which I like to think of as human cultural and intellectual progress. Imagine, "No, no, that fire thing is our shit -- don't be cooking your meat or we'll come club you with big rocks." Veer writes:
After years of complaining about such "problems" as a white chef cooking Mexican food or about "insensitive" Halloween costumes, it looks like Social Justice Warriors have finally prevailed. The United Nations will soon discuss, at the demand of indigenous groups, a ban on so-called cultural appropriation in order to "expand intellectual-property regulations to protect things like Indigenous designs, dances, words and traditional medicines." It is rather ironic that those Natives would only want to ban "appropriation" of "their" culture. Why not push it to its logical conclusion and call for a ban on all cultural appropriation? This means that they would have to forgo every single technology that was imported from the rest of the world since 1492. In other words, they would have to abandon mathematics, writing, any form of metal casting, currency, all languages not originally from Pre-Columbus America, modern medicine, etc.
They would also not have beer. Any takers? Yoohoo? Veer traces what I think of as Canadian cheese fries:
Through contacts with other people from other cultures, any given cultural idea or tradition has become better. Take poutine for example. This meal composed of French fries, curd cheese and brown gravy has become a cultural symbol of Quebec. Some Quebecers are complaining that Canada is "appropriating" it as a national symbol and that there are poutine festivals from coast to coast. This is a rather strange way to celebrate the fact that what used to be seen as vulgar junk food is now seen as almost a delicacy with many variations - with sausage, chicken, hot sauce, etc. This "appropriation" should be celebrated because it shows that "poutine culture" is alive and well. Had it been kept within the border of Quebec, it might not even exist today since stagnation and lack of evolution is what kills ideas. Imagine for a moment that Céline Dion had decided not to start singing in English because she wanted to remain "Québécoise pure laine". Despite all her talents, she would have likely run out of authors to interpret and would unlikely have become one of the best-selling artists on the planet of all time.A slow death is what awaits Native culture if they have it their way And considering that narrower range of French-speaking culture, she might even have stopped singing. This slow death is what awaits Native culture if they have it their way. Keeping "non-Natives" from using traditions not typically associated with them means that only a handful would be exposed to it. Fewer people showing an interest means that their products and ideas will get less exposure and will, therefore, become a sociological or archaeological artifact rather than a living idea, limited to a few multicultural festivals.
I tweeted this and got this back: My reply to Clay:
@amyalkon @clayroutledge
That is hilarious. Also all the MacBooks & iPads at Occupy Wall Street. (Shouldn't you people be using *cuneiform* tablets?)

          Microsoft kauft mit Cloudyn Spezialisten für Multi-Cloud-Monitoring   
Das israelische Start-up bietet Firmen im SaaS-Modell Tools an, um die Cloud-Nutzung transparent zu machen, die tatsächlichen Kosten zu ermitteln und Prognosen zu erstellen. Hilfreich ist das vor allem bei hybriden Cloud-Umgebungen, die mehrere Plattformen umfassen. Die Integration dieser Fähigkeiten soll den offenen Ansatz von Microsoft bei Azure unterstützen.
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          'Imprint' Exhibition Presents Collage by Ingrid Bittar and David Woodward at SomoS Berlin   
NewswireToday (newswire) - 2015/09/24 Berlin, Germany - A new collage exhibition series at SomoS Art House in Berlin Neukölln starts October 2015 with the "Imprint" collage exhibition by current SomoS "Artist in Residence" Ingrid Bittar (Brazil) and David Woodward (Canada)
          ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ review: Andy Serkis is riveting in grimmest battle by far   

In this forbiddingly grim entry in the franchise, Andy Serkis again proves that, in the highly specialized realm of performance-capture acting, he has no peer. “War” opens in Seattle on July 14. Rating: 3 stars out of 4.
          Re: Brennan's Colony   
Brennan's is closed and has been replaced by The Tavern Co. Do you ever update this thing?

Brennan's Colony
Rating: 1 Star
Posted by Squid
          Lights, camera, action: A midnight to remember   
Bridal finery, expensive Kanjeevarams, traditional dresses, chic Indian wear — all were on display as guests started arriving in Parliament by 9.15 pm.
          Comment on 7 things you should know about eggplant [5 ingredients] by Anne Lemieux   
Last week I made some fried eggplant. Six small eggplant....I diced to bite size pieces. Put in salad lettuce spinner with salted water for 30 minutes. Lifted the drainer and poured out water. Spin eggplant to get dry. Then I dusted them with organic corn starch. Fried in 350 coconut oil .... OMG so good I ate the whole thing over the next three hours. Couldn't get enough. Will be cooking again this week. I just sprinkled hot out of the oil with Maldon Salt for some of the eggplant pieces and Harrissa for some others. Smoky Paprika got put on the rest. All were delicious. Pick your spices and enjoy. Very little of the oil got into the eggplant. Some I cooked some longer and they were actually crispy like potato chips. Probably best served right after cooking....although that didn't stop me from finishing the batch over a three hour period. Blessings, Anne
I have said before that RISC OS has found itself colliding with modern requirements, causing a lot of comparison with Windows and other operating systems. I believe that this kind of comparision is a detriment to the platform. RISC OS isn't Windows or Linux or OS X, it shouldn't try to be those things. Once you start trying to be Windows, you will fall short and feel that things are indaequate. I don't think that RISC OS is inadequate. It's a very nice Operating System, good for emebedded spaces and very low power consumption / cooling. It runs on ARM chips, available in many PDAs. I feel that if RISC OS tries to be Windows, it will die or stay in a perpetual state of inadequancy (Amiga). RISC OS should instead be focusing on doing what it does best, Castle and ROS could be making mintage off of expensive embedded computer contracts in the industrial manufacturing industry. edit: PS. Good article, the author is honest but humble in his opinion. Windows/Mac/Linux users could learn something here. The author should have linked to the specific RISC OS browsers though, instead of bypassing them for Firefox. For example, this article on Drobe, compares and contrasts the main browsers for RISC OS: 2006-12-07 12:48
          Khele India drive across nation soon: PM Narendra Modi   
“We must adopt a culture where sports is appreciated starting from the family,” Modi said adding Khel Mahakumbh has encouraged a sporting culture in Gujarat.
          ‘I, Daniel Blake’ review: 2 nightmares of the unemployed   

This finely crafted movie examines two cases of unemployment benefits for the vulnerable going cruelly wrong. David Johns and Hayley Squires give impressive performances. Rating: 3 stars out of 4.
          ARX and other thoughts   
To me the biggest problem with RISC OS as a modern platform is its fragility. The lack of pre-emptive multi-tasking and decent memory protection are big problems. These problems IMHO limit its usefulness as an embedded or PDA OS. Indeed IMHO RISC OS is probably a worse starting point for a PDA OS than Linux. The GUI is not at all suited to pen-based working, so it would need to be replaced. (PDA pens don't have buttons, so what do you do for menus?) What that leaves you with that is of use is the kernel, Filer, Font Manager, and Draw Module. Whilst the Font Manager used to kick arse, it's now looking quite dated, and the Draw Module was always lacking. What's sad is that Acorn were developing another OS for the Archimedes. It was called ARX, and was being developed at the Acorn Palo Alto Research Centre. It was to be a modern OS, with memory protection and pre-emptive multi-tasking like Unix, with a GUI similar to Mac OS - the guys working on it were experts in OS design. Unfortunately the project was poorly managed (as most Acorn projects were). Management decided to kill the project because the predicted finish date was long after the launch date for the Archimedes - Arthur was thrown together in a hurry, and the rest is history. For those that don't know, Arthur was essentially developed by a bunch of BBC Micro games developers who had little experience in OS design. I believe that none of the folks that had been working on ARX worked on Arthur. It was designed to be compatible (to an extent) with the earlier BBC Micro OS - much of the early software on Archimedes machines was ports of BBC Micro apps. It was never really designed to be a serious OS. IMHO what Acorn should have done was get in some decent management for the ARX project. Had they done that they'd have ended up with a serious computer system and things may have turned out differently. They could potentially have competed in the spaces that Unix and Mac OS were dominating. Unfortunately Arthur meant they were only suited to the education and hobbyist market.
          Fahira Idris Ajak Ormas Keagamaan Tolak Starbucks    
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- CEO Starbucks, Howard Mark terang-terangan mendukung dan mengkampanyekan kesetaraan kaum Lesbian, Gay, Biseksual dan Transgender  (LGBT) lewat Starbucks. Tak terkecuali dengan kedai kopi Starbucks yang ada...
          Ryan Zimmerman Still Leads All-Star Vote   
It's a slim plurality, but Ryan Zimmerman's electric first half has him right where he deserves to be, come the All-Star break.
          Scherzer, Who’s Thrown 116 More Pitches, Admires Kershaw’s Efficiency   
clayton-kershawMax Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw have made the same number of starts.
          Austin Aries, WWE’s Healthiest Wrestler   
Austin Aries WWE Healthy EatingAustin Aries, WWE star of the cruiserweight division, champions healthy eating in his book 'Food Fight' and around the pro wrestling world.
          WordCamp Sevilla 2013   
Una nueva edición de WordCamp Sevilla se dará el 14/15 de diciembre. Todavia no se si estaré por ahi, pero parece una buena oportunidad para conocer esa ciudad. 🙂
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          Si alguna vez necesitan ejecutar código de manera   
Si alguna vez necesitan ejecutar código de manera asíncrona en PHP, pueden darle una mirada a este proyecto Consiste esencialmente de un demonio y una interface web minimalista para ejecutar y administrar los diferentes tareas (jobs).
          RE: Changing floors relative elevation   
I upgraded from "ABD Release Candidate" to ADB CONNECT.

Then I downloaded ADB CONNECT from the Student Server, (it didn't specify what Dataset it was using), then I started a Workspace and a Workset like any other CONNECT Edition and now is not working.

Where can I specifu the dataset?


          Re: adams county marriages   
Hi Linda, I had to remember that G names sometimes start with C or K.In the 1800 Census for Adams county The Spelling Crupe is used . So in Huntington we have Casper, Peter and Philip Crupe in Huntington Twp. so it looks like Ludwig was married after the 1800 census.
As an aside my Great grandfather went from the Hanover NH area to Chickasaw County, Iowa in the 1860s and my grand father was born there in 1865.
Still looking for marriage.
          Comment on wreck alley scuba diving by Franchesca   
Skype has opened its website-dependent consumer beta towards the entire world, after starting it broadly from the United states and U.K. before this 30 days. Skype for Internet also now can handle Chromebook and Linux for immediate messaging connection (no voice and video yet, individuals demand a connect-in installment). The increase in the beta provides assist for a longer set of dialects to aid reinforce that international usability
          Problem with encoding while recieving e-mail to Help Desk   

are you on latest version of spiceworks? and i think you are using language pack. right? have you tried to restart the spiceworks server? is this behavious is with all tickets or some tickets?

          Nuevos rumores sobre la cancelación de DLC en Mass Effect: Andromeda   
Kotaku asegura que ya no hay contenido para un jugador.

Según informa Kotaku, el mensaje publicado en Facebook asegurando que BioWare había cancelado el contenido descargable de Mass Effect: Andromeda es un bulo -de hecho, BioWare aseguró que se trataba de una empresa falsa-. Sin embargo, este medio afirma que tiene algo de cierto: no habrá DLC para un jugador.

Kotaku ha contactado con tres fuentes de BioWare que corroboran esta noticia. Los tres juegos de la pasada generación sí recibieron expansiones tras el lanzamiento. Los fans esperaban algo similar para Andromeda, pero la fría recepción y el desprestigio por los memes de bugs y animaciones habrían cambiado el rumbo de la saga.

Reestructuración del estudio

El estudio de Montreal redujo su plantilla en abril y desde entonces colabora con los equipos de Edmont y Austin. Parte del personal trabaja en otros proyectos, como Star Wars Battlefront II, Anthem y el nuevo Dragon Age. Sólo un equipo pequeño trabaja en el multijugador y soporte. Los planes de la secuela están detenidos.

"Estoy muy seguro de que Mass Effect: Andromeda no recibirá DLC para un jugador. Hay personal en Bioware Montreal que podrían estar trabajando en él. Pero he querido estar más seguro, así que en las últimas semanas he confirmado la noticia con tres fuentes familiarizadas con los planes de la compañía", explica Jason Schreier. "A menos que BioWare decida dar un giro drástico -los planes siempre pueden cambiar-, Mass Effect: Andromeda no tendrá expansiones de historia".

La única declaración oficial al respecto dice que "no podemos hablar sobre el futuro aún. Lo único que puedo decir es que nosotros diseñamos nuestros propios contenidos y no contratamos empresas falsas para hacerlo", pero no confirma la existencia de expansiones.

Nuevos rumores sobre la cancelación de DLC en Mass Effect: Andromeda
          Re: Fitzgerald family of Adams Co.,Pa.   
Hi Don, Sarah Ann Fitzgerald was listed as single on her death certificate so the obit was in error. The obit did have the son-in law's name. I didn't copy it. It may have started with a L. She may be there in the 1900 census. At the Adams county Historical Society they did have a family file for a combined Fitzcharles and Fitzgerald.
I know that the York County History Center has several Items on Conewago Chapel. Some are by John T Reilly. I'll look the next time I am there.
          Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR   
Se puede visitar hasta el domingo en el centro de Madrid.

Desde esta mañana y hasta el viernes hay en Madrid un espacio para relajarse y disfrutar. Se trata del PlayStation VR Resort, la carpa del Gran Teatro Bankia Principe Pío dentro de las instalaciones de la antigua estación Norte de tren de Madrid, junto a la actual estación de Príncipe Pío. Allí, en un entorno que recuerda a parajes exóticos y destinos tropicales se puede disfrutar de cerca de 15 experiencias de realidad virtual con PlayStation VR.


Tres de estas experiencias se están desarrollando en España. Mindtaker es el nuevo trabajo del estudio vasco Relevo (Baboon!); se trata de una historia de terror. En la demo hay un gato, una mujer muerta y la necesidad de salir de la casa en la que está el jugador.

Mindtaker tiene una buena ambientación y el estudio ha tomado nota de aquellos puntos donde han tropezado los juegos anteriores de PSVR, de forma que el jugador se mueve con el stick izquierdo pero para cambiar la dirección tiene que ir dando toques al stick derecho y cada golpe gira la cámara 90ª. Esto hace que sea un control inicialmente algo difícil, pero luego demuestra que es muy eficaz para evitar mareos.

Una aventura gráfica con la ciencia como generadora de ideas y de jugabilidad

Flipi´s Tesla! Inventemos el futuro es una aventura gráfica desarrollada por Animatoon, Mediapro, 100 Balas y Sony Interactive. Surgió a iniciativa de Enrique Pérez, conocido por su personaje Flipy, quien gestó la idea del juego hace medio año. Aunque el desarrollo comenzó hace sólo mes y medio, el juego ya apunta maneras interesantes, funciona a 120 imágenes por segundo y propone averiguar lo que ha sucedido en un laboratorio llevando a cabo distintos experimentos científicos.

El juego tiene poco que ver con proyectos anteriores de Flipy relacionados con la ciencia, y aúna la divulgación con el rigor científico. De hecho, cuenta con el asesoramiento científico de Javier Santaolalla, físico del CERN, y se está desarrollando apoyado por Creations, un proyecto de innovación educativa financiado por la Comisión Europea. Está orientado a jugadores de entre 8 y 14 años, pero, dice Pérez, "le gustará a quien le guste jugar aventuras gráficas". La idea de su creador es utilizar la VR para educarse y divertirse a la vez, y tiene la intención de llevarlo a colegios o fundaciones que acerquen la ciencia a los más pequeños.

La protagonista es una científica, Bio, y el personaje de Flipy que puede servir de reclamo en el mercado español, ocupa un lugar secundario mientras el jugador va recorriendo el cuerpo humano o construye distintos aparatos en primera persona.

La tecnología de Drawfighters se adapta a la realidad virtual

El tercer juego español disponible en PSVR Resort es CoolPaintr VR, obra de Wildbits, que permite dibujar en entornos tridimensionales virtuales utilizando la misma tecnología RTSE utilizada en el juego anterior del estudio, Drawfighters, se pueden generar objetos sólidos asignando huesos a partir de simples contornos hasta conformar un esqueleto, lo que da múltiples posibilidades creativas.

También están disponibles PlayStation Worlds con una demo que lleva al jugador al fondo del mar, Dick Wild con oleadas de cocodrilos a las que hay que disparar, Waddle Home, la conocida franquicia Gran Turismo Sport (jugable en realidad virtual por primera vez en España), las naves espaciales de Mortal Blitz, el tower defense Ancient Amulator en el que juegas con un cetro o un arco, la experiencia en la sabana de Virry en la que puedes encontrarte con una hiena cariñosa, los juegos de feria de Carnival Games y dos juegos que ya hemos analizado en Vandal: Farpoint y Arizona Sunshine

Para poder probar los juegos que hay en PlayStation VR Resort hay que apuntarse en aunque también te puedes acercar a Principe Pío directamente, aunque te tocará esperar. El acceso al teatro se realiza en grupos de 20 personas y la visita dura 30 minutos en los que cada visitante podrá vivir tres experiencias, ampliables a cuatro tras subir una foto a Twitter con el hashtag #resortPSVR. El horario de apertura es de 11 a 14 horas y de 17 a 21 horas.

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR

Sony abre PlayStation VR Resort, donde se pueden probar 15 juegos de VR
          Re: Fitzgerald family of Adams Co.,Pa.   
I use Heritage Quest for my census searching & I couldn't find any Fitz's on the 1840 Adams Co.,Pa. at all.
The only family that started with Fitz on the 1850 Adams Co.,Pa. census was John FitzCharles age 46 & his family.
The only Fitzgerald that came up on Findagrave was Samuel 1835-1890 & he was buried in the Heidlersburg Cem. so did not find a older as you did.
If you get up to the Adams Co. Hist. Soc., be sure to check & see if they have any family history already done for either FitzCharles or Fitzgerald.
          Three & Out: Marquee Games of 2017   
The Commodores sport one of the toughest football schedules headed into the 2017 season. Several games for Vanderbilt will be more important than others but which games will the fans be talking about the most and which teams bring the most star power to the field during the upcoming fall football season.
          Fumito Ueda: 'Mi próximo juego será algo muy diferente'   
Es el padre de ICO y The Last Guardian.

Fumito Ueda es parte de la actualidad del videojuego. Hace unas horas, os contábamos los cambios que ha pedido que se realicen en el remake de Shadow of the Colossus en PlayStation 4, y ahora, en declaraciones a Eurogamer, confirma que su próximo proyecto irá en una dirección muy distinta a la vista en ICO, el citado videojuego o su más reciente obra, The Last Guardian.


El nuevo proyecto de Ueda

"Me gustaría terminar mi nuevo juego tan pronto como sea posible", comentaba entre risas. "Múltiples problemas fueron los que acabaron retrasando The Last Guardian durante tanto tiempo", explica. Ueda, que habló de este proyecto hace unas semanas, quiere tomar una dirección distinta.

"Cuando comienzo a crear un videojuego, pienso que será distinto. Pero al final, siempre surgen algunas similitudes"

"Los últimos tres títulos que he creado han sido muy similares entre ellos, y sin intención alguna. Cuando creo un videojuego, siempre pienso que crearé algo distinto y diferente. Pero el resultado es que al final, los tres juegos tienen algunas similitudes. Hay un momento en el que un juego se junta con otro, pero no está planeado desde un principio, es algo aparece durante el proceso", comenta Ueda. "Así pues, una vez más, creo que estoy haciendo algo muy diferente. Pero, ¿qué pasará al final? La verdad es que no puedo decirlo con seguridad", concluía.

Fumito Ueda: 'Mi próximo juego será algo muy diferente'
          El juego de aventuras Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles presenta un nuevo tráiler   
Llegará el 18 de julio a PC y PS4.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles es un juego de aventuras desarrollado por Prideful Sloth que estará disponible el 18 de julio en PC y PS4. Con motivo de la proximidad de su lanzamiento, el estudio ha distribuido un nuevo vídeo que podéis ver a continuación:


En Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles los jugadores deberán recorrer el maravilloso y colorido mundo de las islas de Gemea. Encarnarán a un agricultor aventurero que se esforzará por devolver al territorio su antiguo esplendor, llevando a cabo actividades como la artesanía, la pesca, la cocina y la propia agricultura.

El juego, por otro lado, contará con estaciones cambiantes y un ciclo de noche y día. A su vez, habrá 8 ambientes para explorar y deshacerse de la oscuridad que reina en las islas.

El juego de aventuras Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles presenta un nuevo tráiler
          GTA Online recibe los contenidos por el Día de la Independencia de EE. UU.    
Los añadidos incluyen armas patrióticas.

Hace unos días os comentábamos la posibilidad de que GTA Online recibiera nuevos contenidos con motivo de la celebración de un nuevo evento por el Día de la Independencia de EE. UU. dentro del juego.

4 de Julio en GTA Online

Ahora se ha confirmado que el evento tendrá lugar, pues los contenidos ya están disponibles dentro de la faceta multijugador del videojuego desarrollado por Rockstar Games para consolas y PC.

Los contenidos para celebrar la fiesta de los norteamericanos están vinculados a Tráfico de Armas, el último gran descargable lanzado para GTA Online, e incluyen armas con skins especiales y otros extras.

Previo pago de dinero virtual, los jugadores pueden conseguir tanto armas personalizadas con barras y estrellas como elementos de personalización para nuestra base de operaciones central en el nuevo descargable.

Los precios varían en función de los accesorios y los diseños, pero te adelantamos que vas a necesitar desembolsar entre 100.000 y 200.000 dólares de moneda del juego para ser un verdadero patriota.

Los nuevos contenidos también incorporan el supercoche Dewbauchee Vagner y la variante Asalto al Alba para el Modo Adversario.

GTA Online recibe los contenidos por el Día de la Independencia de EE. UU.

GTA Online recibe los contenidos por el Día de la Independencia de EE. UU.

GTA Online recibe los contenidos por el Día de la Independencia de EE. UU.
          Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards 2017 | Watch 7 Short Docs on Famous Canadians   

This year, seven of Canada’s greatest performing arts stars and champions were awarded a Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, a prestigious annual distinction presented in collaboration with the National Arts Center. As is now tradition, we produced a series of short documentary films that celebrate the artistic achievements of this year’s laureates. Enjoy the films! Michael J.

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          Dustin Fowler and Moonlight Graham have something in common   

In case you weren’t watching — because Thursday’s game started at 11:00pm — Dustin Fowler ruptured his right patella tendon in the bottom of the first inning running into the wall going for a ball down the right field line. He was one spot away from his first major league at-bat. Watching him sit on the […]

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          Conga Master llega a Xbox One y PS4 el 21 de julio   
Un poco más tarde lo hará en Switch.

Rising Star Games ha anunciado que Conga Master, el juego desarrollado por el equipo español Undercoders, llegará a Xbox One y PlayStation 4 el próximo 21 de julio. De esta versión se encarga PM Studios. En PlayStation 4 incluye el tema Conga Master – Black Samba y cuenta con un 10% de descuento con la reserva en PlayStation Store.

Este adictivo título consiste en formar la cola de conga más larga posible. Bailar cerca de la gente en las pistas de baile atraerá su atención y ampliaremos el número de integrantes hasta el mínimo necesario para pasar a la siguiente fase.


Además del modo para un jugador incluye multijugador con seis modos diferentes, más de 30 personajes y siete discotecas, y un modo Conga infinita. Podéis conocer más en nuestro análisis de la versión de PC.

También está prevista una versión para Nintendo Switch, todavía sin fecha anunciada.

Conga Master llega a Xbox One y PS4 el 21 de julio

Conga Master llega a Xbox One y PS4 el 21 de julio

Conga Master llega a Xbox One y PS4 el 21 de julio
          Tai Chi Class   
When: Thursday, July 06, 2017 - 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Where: Long Branch

Integral Tai Chi is a series of exercises, relaxation technique and meditation that combine Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and meditation into a self-healing system that integrates body, mind and spirit. Participants start with a warm up before the movement exercises and then follow up with a cool down, relaxation, and meditation.

✔ Avoid eating right before class because it is difficult to exercise with a full stomach.
✔ Please wear comfortable clothing for stretching and moving.
✔ Bring a yoga/ exercise mat, water, and a towel.
✔ Please arrive 5 minutes early.

All Tai Chi classes are free and open to the public.

          Montgomery’s repertoire continues to improve   

CHICAGO – The New York Yankees travelled to the South Side of Chicago to take on the White Sox Monday night, and came away with a 6-5 victory. Southpaw Jordan Montgomery dazzled in seven strong innings for the Bronx Bombers, as he allowed only one run and struck out nine batters. Seemingly every start the […]

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          Bungie da más detalles sobre los clanes en Destiny 2   
Se podrán transferir los equipos del primer juego.

La desarrolladora Bungie sigue ofreciendo detalles sobre el sistema de clanes de Destiny 2, que incorporará novedades con respecto a la primera parte para ofrecer un sistema de juego más social.

Los clanes en Destiny 2

Según se ha detallado desde la web oficial del juego de acción que llega en septiembre a consolas y en octubre a PC, los jugadores podrán transferir sus equipos de Destiny a Destiny 2 con un procedimiento.

Para ello, es necesario que acudan a la web del título desde el 25 de julio para realizar la transferencia de equipos desde la cuenta del líder, que podrá asignar un nuevo mandatario si es necesario.

Si no quieres que el clan tenga presencia todavía en la secuela o prefieres hacerlo en el futuro, podrás cuando Bungie active el sistema de creación y gestión de clanes para Destiny 2.


Este sistema previo tendrá una duración de un mes y tiene como objetivo hacer que los jugadores del primer juego puedan reservar sus nombres de grupos para usarlos en los clanes de la secuela.

Los clanes son uno de los contenidos sociales más destacado para Destiny 2. Los jugadores podrán asociarse a ellos de forma prolongada o alistarse a equipos para realizar misiones de manera específica.

Bungie da más detalles sobre los clanes en Destiny 2
          Yankees sending pair of prospects to All-Star Futures Game   

While a handful of Yankees prospects are receiving the opportunity to showcase their abilities on baseball’s biggest stage, one pair of youngsters will also appear on a major league field — just during the All-Star break.  23-year-old pitcher Domingo Acevedo and 19-year-old outfielder Esteven Florial will play for the World Team during the All-Star Futures Game […]

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          The Lurking Fear : : Launch First Single, "Vortex Spawn", From Upcoming Release, "Out Of The Voiceless Grave", out August 11, 2017    
As Swedish death metallists' THE LURKING FEAR prepare for the release of their debut album, "Out Of The Voiceless Grave", on August 11, 2017 via Century Media Records worldwide, the band is excited to share with fans the first single, "Vortex Spawn". Vocalist Tomas Lindberg gave insight on the song's meaning by stating, "To us, this track sums up all the raging, interstellar evil that we tried to convey with this album. We want the riffs to slither out of your speakers like torrents of tentacles, crowned in festering doom. The vocals pulsating with aeons of filth and death. Spewing out of its cosmic, voiceless grave: the "Vortex Spawn". Timeless Death" Take a listen to "Vortex Spawn":
"Out Of The Voiceless Grave" Track Listing 1. Out Of The Voiceless Grave 2. Vortex Spawn (LISTEN) 3. The Starving Gods Of Old 4. The Infernal Dread 5. With Death Engraved In Their Bones 6. Upon Black Winds 7. Teeth Of The Dark Plains 8. The Cold Jaws Of Death 9. Tongued With Foul Flames 10. Winged Death 11. Tentacles Of Blackened Horror 12. Beneath Menacing Sands "Out Of The Voiceless Grave" was recorded at Welfare Sounds (Bombus, RAM, Bombs Of Hades, etc.) in Gothenburg, Sweden. The album is available for pre-order now:
          El BCRA crea un tipo de cuenta bancaria que solo permitirá hacer compras con tarjeta de débito (La Nación)   

Busca formalizar los pagos y dotar a personas y empresas de un instrumento para un mejor control de los gastos de la denominada "caja chica"; no está habilitada para hacer extracciones en cajeros

El Banco Central (BCRA) creó ayer un nuevo tipo de cuenta bancaria con la que apunta a facilitarle el control de pagos a las familias y de la denominada "caja chica" a las empresas o comercio ya que, aunque puede manejarse con una tarjeta de débito, no permitirá la extracción de dinero en efectivo.

"Es una cuenta específica para compras, los fondos que allí se depositen solo tendrán ese fin. Su apertura podrán solicitarla tanto las personas físicas como las jurídicas, aunque no será obligatorio para las entidades ofrecer este producto", confiaron a LA NACION desde el ente monetario.

La cuenta "para compras", además de su titular, tendrá un habilitado más a usarla ya que la idea es que la tarjeta de débito que la acompaña sea un instrumento de utilidad para que, por caso, las empresas puedan controlar los movimientos y gastos que encargan a un cadete, o los padres puedan confiársela a un menor sin riesgo a que extraiga el dinero y pueda darle otros fines. "Para depositarle fondos con los que hacer las compras al albañil que contrataste o para que la maneje el personal doméstico ya que es exclusiva para cancelar compras y está pensada para cancelaciones con débito, básicamente", insistieron.

Foto: Archivo

Se trata de un instrumento más en busca de facilitar los pagos on line y desalentar el uso de efectivo, de manera de ayudar a formalizar más las operaciones, cuya creación validó en su reunión de ayer el directorio del BCRA.

La circular que oficializa el nuevo tipo de cuenta, con sus detalles operativos, se dará a conocer en el día de hoy por lo que se estima que las entidades interesadas en desarrollarla podrán estar ofreciendo este producto en algunas semanas.


          Hello world!   
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
          Harry Potter Women's Racerback Tank by So Effing Cute - Made in USA by SoEffingCute   

30.00 USD

Harry Potter Women's Racerback Tank by So Effing Cute - Made in USA

Please check processing time during check out. If a Rush order is needed message me before ordering, it can usually be done :)

▼▼ DESIGN ▼▼
A Tri-Cranberry or Athletic Grey Tank with White or Black text

Women's: S, M, L

I use American Apparel because of their high quality and and sweat shop free environment here in the US. A sexy tank with generously cut arm openings and a slim racerback in our ultra soft Tri-Blend fabric (50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon construction).

Should be washed on a gentle cycle with cold water and hang dried

Ships First Class Mail, for orders in the US typically 2-5 days (tracking included).
For orders outside the US, usually 1-3 weeks (please check with your area's specific rules regarding customs/duties/or other taxes that may or may not cause delays and extra charges. I am not responsible for these charges and they are not included in the shipping cost).

This tank comes in other colors as well. You can also change the font or get different text all together. These options are $0-5 extra each, please contact me if interested.

Check out the STAR WARS Sweater:

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          (IT) Architect - Cyber Security - Contract - London   

Location: London   

An exciting FinTech start-up focused on the Financial sector is currently looking for an experienced Architect to join and support the Cyber Security team. The role will focus on design and architecture across all aspects of cyber-security. In order to be considered for this role, as an experienced cyber-security architect, you will have had experience of: Authentication, authorisation and application security; Cryptography and PKI Network security (with a focus on cloud); Multiple detection systems exposure; Mobile and web security; and Payments systems The cyber-security architect will be able to demonstrate hands on technical strength as well as the ability to engage with multiple stakeholders across all necessary teams. For more information and a confidential discussion, please apply with an updated CV.
Type: Contract
Location: London
Country: UK
Contact: Michael Nsiah
Advertiser: Trilogy International
Start Date: ASAP
Reference: JSARC30

          How to Fix Err_Connection_Refused Error   
Google Chrome is a world-famous online browser however when it discovered some issue in your internet link it will begin to demonstrate that this ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error in your computer’s display. Occasionally this error happening while obtaining a few specific site or perhaps occasionally it shows on each site that which you have tried to start. […]
          (IT) Security Analyst - SIEM tools   

Rate: Market Day Rate   Location: London   

Security Analyst required for 10 week contract in Inner London to develop plans to safeguard computer files against accidental or unauthorised modification, destruction, or disclosure and to meet emergency data processing needs. Confer with users to discuss issues such as computer data access needs, security violations, and programming changes. Monitor current reports of computer viruses to determine when to update virus protection system. Modify computer security files to incorporate new software, correct errors, or change individual access status. Coordinate implementation of computer system plan with establishment personnel and outside vendors. Experience required: Experience working with Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) tools Significant experience of system operational security, network and/or application security Technical knowledge in security engineering, system and network security, (authentication and security protocols, cryptography), operation of a PKI, and application security Knowledge of system security vulnerabilities and remediation techniques Analytic skills to understand security implications of technical events Extensive troubleshooting and research skills with a positive and proactive approach to customer service and getting things done Strong experience working in an operational role in a secure environment Knowledge of network and web related protocols (eg TCP/IP, UDP, IPSEC, HTTP, HTTPS, routing protocols) Strong Scripting skills in at least one of the following is highly desirable: Ruby, Python, Shell (bash, ksh, csh). Working knowledge of Linux Clearance Level Required: BPSS (DS) - Baseline Personnel Security Standard (with a Disclosure Scotland) IR35 Scope: Outside If deemed inside IR35 - Please note that the client has determined that the off-payroll working rules will apply to this assignment and where a worker elects to provide their services through an intermediary (such as a personal services company) then income tax and primary national insurance contributions will be deducted at source from any payments made to the intermediary. If deemed outside IR35 - Please note that the client has determined that the off-payroll working rules will not apply to this assignment. CV closing date is Friday 30th June at 3.00 pm. GSA Techsource Ltd operates as an Employment Agency when recruiting for permanent vacancies, and an Employment Business when recruiting for contract vacancies. All contract rates quoted are to Ltd companies.
Rate: Market Day Rate
Type: Contract
Location: London
Country: UK
Contact: Jackie Dean
Advertiser: GSA Techsource Ltd
Start Date: July 2017
Reference: JSJD/C/16866

          (IT) Security Developer - Cryptography   

Location: Northern Germany   

Security Developer - Cryptography Task: Work in German/Japanese projects with a focus on the development of security and safety functions for In Vehicle Infotainment systems Requirement engineering, architecture and design of the corresponding components Implementation in the team and protection function and quality up to product maturity Skills: Very good degree in (technical) computer science or electrical engineering Experience in embeded Linux, cryptography Professional experience in security, especially 'Secure Linux' necessary Very good C/C ++ programming skills, Self-employed and goal-oriented work, teamwork Very good knowledge of English. Willingness to international project work, travelling (Japan, India)
Type: Contract
Location: Northern Germany
Country: Germany
Contact: Simon Gould
Advertiser: Jet Consulting
Start Date: ASAP
Reference: JSSG_SECDEV

          El Nación anunció líneas de crédito y promete ser más ágil y flexible para prestar (La Nación)   

Quiere desembolsar $ 35.000 millones hasta fin de año en nuevos préstamos, a tasas atractivas

El Banco Nación se propone colocar nuevos créditos por un total de $ 35.000 millones hasta que termine el año. Así lo anunció ayer su presidente, Javier González Fraga, al explicar a la prensa la fuerte demanda que está recibiendo de préstamos hipotecarios y anunciar el lanzamiento de una línea básicamente destinada a financiar capital de trabajo e inversiones de pequeñas y medianas empresas de todo tipo de actividad, pero que tendrá capítulos especiales para emprendedores, desarrolladores inmobiliarios, empresas de colectivos de corta y media distancia y hasta municipios.

Las líneas estarán disponibles en "pesos, dólares y UVA", explicó, en relación al indexador que se aplica a la moneda nacional para abaratar cuotas y alargar plazos.

Los créditos en pesos llegarán a 15 años de plazo y se ofrecen a una tasa fija del 15% anual por los primeros 3 años, y luego variable según tasa Badlar (la que paga la banca por plazos fijos mayoristas).

Pero serán adaptables al tipo de actividad: "La línea aplicable a economías regionales mantendrá el plazo máximo de 15 años, pero tendrá hasta 5 años de gracia, para adaptarse a las necesidades de cada producción; la que vamos a destinar a productores agropecuarios y lecheros contempla hasta 3 años de gracia", explicó González Fraga, en relación al período en que el tomador sólo estaría obligado a pagar el interés por el financiamiento recibido, pero sin devolver capital durante ese lapso. Los créditos en dólares, por normativa sólo accesible para exportadores, sus proveedores o quienes integren una cadena de exportación, tendrán una tasa del 2% anual a un año, que sube al 4% cuando el plazo se ubique entre los 3 y los 7 años.

A su vez, la opción en UVA, que ya se aplica con muy buena aceptación en créditos hipotecarios, se generalizará a una tasa del 5% sobre el indexador que replica la inflación. Precisamente por la demanda que tienen esos créditos para la vivienda, González Fraga estimó que la mitad de la meta de colocación que se puso saldría en nuevas hipotecas. "Tenemos 94.000 pedidos en evaluación y estamos financiado la construcción de otras 17.000 viviendas, porque queremos operar sobre la oferta y la demanda inmobiliaria tratando de prevenir burbujas en los precios", explicó. Incluso confió que el banco está tercerizando la evaluación de riesgo para ganar dinamismo en la colocación.

El presidente del BNA se preocupó por transmitir que el banco será mucho más activo en la colocación y oferta de créditos. "Cuando asumí el banco tenía un exceso de liquidez", dijo, en elíptica crítica a su antecesor, Carlos Melconian. La expansión crediticia se fondeará "desarmando cartera hoy puesta en pases o Lebac", detalló.

El plan, presentado hace más de un mes a los gerentes de la entidad, y denominado Carlos Pellegrini ("es alguien que admiro", dijo), se basa en ganar agilidad en la colocación de los préstamos que estarán disponibles desde fines de julio. Y dijo que eso ahora es posible por los cambios que aplicó a las normas el BCRA al simplificar trámites y flexibilizar criterios de evaluación".


          Nuevos dueños de la energía: cuáles son los nombres que se reparten el negocio estrella del modelo macrista (iProfesional)   

Las inversiones en producción y transporte de gas y electricidad se suceden mientras crece la lista de empresarios que apuestan por un segmento antes alicaído. La decisión oficial de avanzar con las centrales nucleares eleva las expectativas. Los protagonistas que picaron en punta en un nicho clave

El atractivo volvió con el cambio de Gobierno, casi de forma automática. En medio de promesas de políticas orientadas a sumarle valor a la producción y transporte de los insumos, y una modificación en el esquema de tarifas, el segmento energético rápidamente derivó en un magma de inversiones, compras y ventas.

Y comenzaron a aparecer nombres de empresarios y compañías que entendieron al nuevo clima político como un escenario de oportunidades.

De Marcelo Mindlin a Eduardo Eurnekian, pasando por la familia Werthein y más de un "tapado", un estamento de inversores nacionales movió rápido sus fichas para hacer de la energía una opción de rédito en alza. Para el Gobierno, cada uno de las apuestas que llevan adelante hombres y compañías locales representa otra forma de atraer el interés internacional.

"Que empresarios como Mindlin lleven a cabo compras de envergadura, o que se conozcan inversiones de relevancia en el sector, es una manera de reposicionar a la Argentina en el mapa de los mercados atractivos. Son acciones que nos vuelven competitivos", sostuvo ante iProfesional una fuente cercana al ministro Juan José Aranguren.

En torno a los equipos oficiales predomina el optimismo ante una perspectiva positiva dada la riqueza que posee la Argentina en combustibles como el gas o el aprovechamiento que todavía queda por realizar en lo que hace a la generación hidroeléctrica.

"Tenemos una situación auspiciosa en energía. Tras algo más de 15 años de malas decisiones, hay un interés creciente de los privados, sobre todo en la producción y el transporte del gas. También interesa la distribución de la electricidad. En ese sentido, Mindlin está marcando el ritmo por ser unos de los primeros que entendió que hay que apostar por el sector energético", comentó a iProfesional Emilio Apud, asesor de Cambiemos y actual director en YPF.

Para el experto, las compras y ventas de los últimos meses muestran que el empresariado ha dejado de "sufrir las inseguridades que generó el kirchnerismo". Al respecto, destacó al gas como el activo que marcará los tiempos de la inversión en el mediano plazo.

"La electricidad es importante y un negocio de relevancia, pero el gas es el futuro energético de la Argentina y el mundo. Esto lo están entendiendo empresarios como Eurnekian, que prefieren resignar posiciones en la distribución para direccionar los esfuerzos a la extracción del combustible", ejemplificó.

Justamente la expectativa que genera el futuro mayor consumo de gas es la variable que mejor explica el permanente interés por invertir en Vaca Muerta, en la provincia de Neuquén, que vienen sosteniendo compañías internaciones como Chevron, Shell, Petronas o Dow, además de la estatal YPF.

Mindlin, en punta
Si hay un auténtico protagonista del segmento tras la irrupción de Cambiemos, ese es Marcelo Mindlin. El mercado energético, ahí donde supo hacerse fuerte en tiempos de otro viento político, sigue siendo su principal ámbito de apuestas.

De ahí que, en mayo del año pasado, la compra de los activos de la brasileña Petrobras en la Argentina a través de Pampa Energía lo colocó en el pelotón de los que deciden el escenario de las naftas a nivel nacional.

Y algo más: la operación también le aseguró el control de más de 30 reservas hidrocarburíferas, una red de estaciones de servicio, dos instalaciones petroquímicas y hasta una refinería ubicada en la ciudad bonaerense de Bahía Blanca.

Hoy por hoy, Mindlin genera casi el 10% del gas que se produce en la Argentina.

Al mismo tiempo, mantuvo su participación en CIESA, la compañía que controla los destinos de TGS, considerada la mayor transportadora de gas doméstica. En tanto, septiembre del año pasado fue el mes elegido para la compra, previo desembolso de u$s100 millones, del 100% de Albares Renovables Argentina, adjudicataria de licitaciones gubernamentales en materia de energía térmica.

Dueño de Edenor, Mindlin posee más de 20.000 kilómetros de líneas de provisión de energía al controlar las firmas Transener y Transba. En paralelo, el titular de Pampa es un "peso pesado" de la generación dado que posee las hidroeléctricas Los Nihuiles y Diamante, y las centrales térmicas Loma de la Lata, Piedrabuena y Güemes.

A través de la compra de la ex IECSA -rebautizada Sociedad Argentina de Construcción y Desarrollo Estratégico (SACDE)- a Ángelo Calcaterra, primo de Mauricio Macri, Mindlin también se hizo con un activo que le abre las puertas del renovado negocio de la energía nuclear. SACDE ya participa de la licitación para la construcción del edificio donde se desarrollarán los reactores CAREM en Lima, provincia de Buenos Aires, y también podría salir a pelear contratos para lo que será el diseño de Atucha III.

"Tiene un auténtico ejército de ingenieros con todas las especialidades posibles. Es una empresa en permanente expansión, por lo que de seguro también estará entre las candidatas a las principales obras", comentó una fuente vinculada al Ministerio de Energía.

Siempre Caputo
Otro de los nombres que pisa fuerte en el ámbito energético es el de Nicolás Caputo. De la mano de SADESA, participa en la generación de electricidad a través de Central Puerto y Central Mendoza. También posee participación en distribuidoras de gas en el centro del país y la región de Cuyo.

Al mismo tiempo, Caputo cuenta con una porción muy amplia en Edesur adquirida a la brasileña Petrobras en enero de 2013. En ese momento, la petrolera vendió su participación del 48,5% en u$s35 millones. Dichas acciones las adquirieron Hidroeléctrica Piedra del Águila (HPDA) y La Plata Cogeneración, ambas bajo control de SADESA.

En enero de 2017, la firma presentó proyectos para levantar una planta de ciclo combinado de 1.600 megavatios en el complejo industrial de Zárate y Campana. En simultáneo, el empresario ha triunfado en algunas de las principales licitaciones que el Gobierno llevó a cabo en materia nuclear.

Por poner un caso, a principios de este año se quedó con la construcción de un sistema de almacenamiento en seco de combustibles atómicos para la central de Atucha I. La obra está valuada en algo más de $500 millones.

Ya en enero de 2016, Caputo se alzó con la construcción de la obra civil de los edificios del reactor RA-10, en un contrato valuado en casi $800 millones. Al momento de informar los resultados de la compulsa, la CNEA argumentó en un comunicado que el empresario obtuvo "la ejecución del proyecto de diseño, construcción y puesta en marcha del reactor de investigación multipropósito RA-10, fundamentalmente, para aumentar la producción de radioisótopos destinados al diagnóstico de enfermedades".

Por estos días, Caputo está entre los finalistas de la competencia por la obra civil del edificio que albergará a toda la producción de CAREM. El presupuesto para dicho emprendimiento alcanza los $1.300 millones.

Pagano: el tapado
Más allá del despliegue de Mindlin y el movimiento creciente de Caputo, una de las movidas más significativas en tiempos de macrismo corrió por cuenta de un "tapado": Rogelio Pagano, un empresario del "riñón" del titular de Pampa Energía y que a fines de mayo de 2016 compró una serie de compañías que lo transformaron en una suerte de "zar" de la electricidad bonaerense.

En ese momento, el empresario pagó u$s250 millones para quedarse con Edelap, la firma que brinda electricidad a más de 400.000 usuarios en La Plata y su área de influencia, además de garantizarse también el dominio de EDEA, la empresa que provee de suministro a casi 530.000 clientes en Mar del Plata.

Al frente de Desarrolladora Energética (DESA), Pagano también opera EDESA, clave en la provisión de electricidad en la provincia de Salta, y las distribuidoras EDEN y EDES, con operaciones en el centro y sur de la provincia de Buenos Aires.

Pagano no es ningún improvisado en el negocio energético: integró el directorio de Edenor entre 2005 y 2012 y acompañó a Mindlin en Pampa Energía durante varios años. También ocupó diferentes cargos en Citibank y Bank Of America. Producto de sus últimas maniobras, Pagano pasó a disponer de una cartera de usuarios que supera con comodidad los 1,5 millones de clientes.

Macfarlane y Werthein
La venta de Edelap a Pagano corrió por cuenta de otro "viejo" conocido de Mindlin: Alejandro Macfarlane, titular del grupo Disvol y también con pasado en Pampa Energía.

A principios de mayo de este año, Macfarlane hizo un uso concreto de los fondos que recibió del actual dueño de Edelap al cerrar la compra del 31,5% del capital social y los votos de Camuzzi Gas Inversora, controlante de Camuzzi Gas Pampeana y su homónima Gas del Sur CGP.

Camuzzi Gas Pampeana distribuye gas natural a 1,3 millones de clientes residenciales e industriales en las provincias de Buenos Aires y La Pampa. En tanto, Camuzzi Gas del Sur asegura el suministro a 650.000 usuarios en toda la Patagonia.

Otro actor que se sumó en el último tiempo corresponde a la familia Werthein, que a mediados del año pasado generó una de las mayores sorpresas del segmento tras desembolsar unos u$s240 millones por la mitad de CIESA, la compañía que controla TGS y aún cuenta con participación de Mindlin.

"Se trata de una empresa que, sin problemas, debería facturar por los menos unos $3.500 millones anuales. Capacidad industrial no le falta", comentó a este medio una fuente cercana al ministro Aranguren.

La compra de TGS les aseguró el control del principal distribuidor de gas domiciliario y para complejos industriales, con monopolio del fluido que proviene principalmente de la cuenca Austral.

Asimismo, la firma es la mayor procesadora de líquidos derivados del gas, actividad que la compañía desempeña en la planta que posee muy cerca de Bahía Blanca, en la localidad de General Daniel Cerri.

En concreto, TGS produce a razón de 300.000 toneladas de etanol, 550.000 de propano y butano, además de 150.000 de naftas. Las principales productoras químicas de la Argentina operan en vínculo con la transportadora, que además cuenta con una potente instalación de poliductos en Puerto Galván, siempre en el sur de la provincia de Buenos Aires.

Eurnekian, en retirada
La contracara de estas expansiones corresponde a Eduardo Eurnekian, que en los últimos meses hizo evidentes sus movimientos para salir de Transportadora Gas del Norte (TGN).

A través de Compañía General de Combustibles (CGC), el empresario posee la mayoría accionaria de Gasinvest, controlante de la transportadora.

TGN cuenta con una de las mayores redes de gasoductos de la región, con una extensión que alcanza los 6.000 kilómetros distribuidos mayormente en el centro y norte de la Argentina. Ocho distribuidoras, diversas generadoras y múltiples industrias dependen del fluido que acerca este entramado de alcance nacional. El negocio de la firma está valuado en algo más de u$s750 millones.

La retirada de Eurnekian no concluye ahí: a mediados de mayo intensificó las conversaciones con Gas Natural Fenosa, controlante de Gas Natural BAN, para transferirle su participación en el gasoducto GasAndes, un tendido que hace dos décadas permitió la exportación del combustible a Chile. Este proceso se realiza en coordinación con el Banco Itaú.

Fenosa cuenta con más de 1,6 millones de clientes en el Norte y también provee de luz a miles de hogares en San Juan, Jujuy y Tucumán. En el ámbito energético aseguran que Eurnekian impulsa la venta de estos activos para, fondos frescos mediante, intensificar su apuesta por la producción de gas, sobre todo en la cuenca Austral.

En definitiva, el ámbito energético aparece como uno de los segmentos que mayor expansión viene exhibiendo desde que Cambiemos define el rumbo económico del país. La decisión del macrismo de profundizar la generación nuclear deja en claro que la política dista de ser momentánea.

Y para el empresariado nacional semejante apuesta representa la certeza de que es un buen momento para volver a hacer negocios de envergadura en la Argentina.


          Alert Notice 585: Monitoring of Evryscope targets requested for follow-up   

June 30, 2017: Dr. Octavi Fors (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and colleagues have requested AAVSO observers' assistance in following up on some targets from the Evryscope survey.

Dr. Fors writes: "The Evryscope team is running a survey of transiting planetesimals around white dwarfs (WDs). To date, WD1145+017, discovered by Kepler, is the only WD found to have disintegrating transiting Ceres-mass objects. The debris/planetesimals transits candidates found by Evryscope need to be confirmed with V or R Johnson filtered, higher SNR (~50) and faster (~25-60s) cadence photometry than Evryscope. We encourage AAVSO observers to follow up these debris/planetesimals transits candidates.

"As a by-product of this survey, Evryscope is also detecting WDs and hot sub dwarfs which show variability of all kinds which we encourage to follow up too."

The first set of targets in this Evryscope-AAVSO follow-up collaboration is given in the list below. The targets will become increasingly observable over the coming weeks and months. Please add them to your programs if possible as soon as they become observable from your location.


R.A.(2000)   Dec(2000)   Range

Observing Interval*

EC 01541-1409 01 56 31.90 -13 54 26.4 12.29-12.33V 4-5 (u) V361HYA (very rapidly pulsating hot sub-dwarf B star)
GD 1068 02 00 13.26 -17 28 43.8 11.95-12.13V 5-6 High proper motion star**; R (close binary with strong reflection)
HE 0218-4447 02 20 24.49 -44 33 28.5 12.89-?V 2 runs x 5 Variability type unknown
HE 0218-3437 02 20 59.77 -34 23 35.3 13.39-13.40V 2 runs x 5 ELL (rotating ellipsoidal close binary)
2MASS J05144393-0848064 05 14 43.93 -08 48 06.4 11.21-?V 4-5 (u) Hot subdwarf
ASAS J102322-3737.0 10 23 21.89 -37 36 59.9 11.61-11.83V 4 EA+R
JL 94 22 01 52.22 -75 52 04.4 13.03-?V 2 runs x 6 Hot subdwarf
EC 23073-6905 23 10 35.60 -68 49 30.5 12.59-?V 4-5 (u) Variability type unknown

*Number of hours each target should be observed in  a single night. (u) means debris-like targets which need uninterrupted photometry for 4-5 hrs.
**GD 1068 proper motion values (mas/yr) are RA -20.7, Dec -40.5

Dr. Fors adds that "Transits/dips due to debris-like/planetesimal eclipses around WDs have periods of 4-5hrs (at least in the case of WD1145+017). Thus, we would like to obtain uninterrupted (except for readout time) photometry runs of 4-5hrs imaging the same candidate. If target visibility prevents doing so, at least 2.5hr-runs would be valuable; 2 or 3 runs of 2.5 hrs each would be great."

Johnson V photometry is preferred; if V is not possible, R is okay. Remember that when you are submitting your data to the AAVSO, the letter 'R' stands for Cousins R; 'RJ' stands for Johnson R.

Cadences of 25-60 sec should allow resolution of a debris disk or period determination for the variables on the list. A SNR>50 or higher is requested for all targets.

Charts: Finder charts with comparison star sequences may be created using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter (VSP). For GD 1068, a 'D' or 'E' scale chart will need to be created to see the comp stars. Also, observers are reminded that GD 1068 is a high proper motion star.

Submit observations: Please submit observations to the AAVSO International Database using the names given in the target list, making sure to include spaces between parts of a name as given.

This campaign is being monitored on the AAVSO Observing Campaigns webpage and is being followed on the Campaigns and Observation Reports Forum at

This AAVSO Alert Notice was compiled by Elizabeth O. Waagen.


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