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Theodoor Rombouts (Antwerp 1597–1637 Antwerp), Card Players in an InteriorOil on canvas (Signed lower right: T. ROMBOVTS), 147 x 186 cm© 2017 London Art Week

ProvenanceBaron Corneille Osy de Zegwart (1757–1831); and by descent to Jean Osy de Zegwart (1792– 1866). And by descent to Baron Edouard Osy de Zegwart (1832–1900), governor of Antwerp. And by descent to Baroness Osy de Zegwart and by descent in her family until 2014.

NoteTheodoor Rombouts was the primary exponent of Flemish Caravaggism, a brief but important artistic phenomenon that peaked in the 1620s. Born in Antwerp in 1597, the history and genre painter is best known for his large-scale secular works depicting merry companies, music scenes and card-playing characters in compact compositions. His half-length figures, firmly modelled and always lively, wear theatrical costumes and are set in chiaroscuro lighting typical of the Flemish Caravaggisti, also known as the Antwerp Tenebrosi. The artist began as a pupil of François van Lanckvelt in 1608 and then studied under Abraham Janssens (c.1575–1632), whose influence is evident throughout his career. Sometime after drafting his last will and testament in 1616 Rombouts left for Rome where he quickly embraced the style of Caravaggio (1571–1610) and Bartolomeo Manfredi (1582–1622). There is little known about his time in Italy but the documentation that does exist places the artist in the Roman parish of Sant'Andrea delle Fratte in 1620, which means that Dirck van Baburen (c.1592/93–1624), David de Haen (1585–1622) and Manfredi were living nearby. Enticed by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Rombouts also probably worked in Florence. Rombouts returned to his native city in 1625; he became a master in the painters' guild and a dean of the guild from 1629 to 1630. In 1627 he married Anna van Thielen, the sister of one of his pupils, flower painter Jan Philip van Thielen (1618–1667). The couple welcomed the birth of their daughter, Anna Maria, the following year. The successful artist painted mostly for private clients and for the open market but he also executed some altarpieces, with most commissions coming from Ghent. Though best known for his work in the Caravaggesque idiom, Rombouts's artistic development after returning to Antwerp followed popular taste. As the fashionable interest in Caravaggism began to wane after 1630, the savvy artist moved in the direction of Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640) and Anthony van Dyck (1599–1641), towards greater refinement in his palette and surfaces. According to Leonard J. Slatkes, Rombouts's works were always only superficially Caravaggesque and were more profoundly shaped by the influences of his many Flemish baroque contemporaries.1 Little is known of his Antwerp workshop but his pupils included Nicolaas van Eyck (1617–1679), Jan Philip van Thielen and Paulus Robyns. Near the end of his life he attempted to replicate a house and studio in imitation of Rubens. The costly endeavour apparently incurred heavy debts, which he never had the opportunity to resolve due to his untimely death in 1637. The present work, Card Players in an Interior, belongs among the finest and most representative works of Rombouts's Caravaggesque genre scenes. Recalling Manfredi's merry company pictures, there is a marked sense of monumentality to the five figures that are arranged around a carpeted table, engaged in a game of cards. The individuals are realistic and expressive; the scene appears convincingly spontaneous and natural. Rombouts introduces repoussoir figures that confront the viewer and direct attention to the central bearded figure who stares down at his hand of cards, presumably a self-portrait. Rombouts also included a portrait of his wife, Anna, in the hatted figure seated beside him. The inclusion of self-portraits and portraits of family members was not unusual in Dutch and Flemish genre painting, despite the potentially negative associations of moralising subjects. Card playing was perceived as a time-waster at best and, at worst, was associated with any number of disreputable behaviours. Though no alcohol is depicted, coins are strewn about the table: a reference to the ‘unwholesome' activity of gambling. Portraits of Rombouts, his wife and even his young daughter can be seen in another of his works, The Backgammon Players, at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh (fig. 1), in which the lavishly dressed soldier bears the artist's likeness. This comparison not only confirms the identities of the Theodoor and Anna in our picture but also helps to date it. The Backgammon Players, painted in 1634, demonstrates Rombouts's move away from Caravaggism towards the prevailing baroque style as it evolved in Antwerp. Unlike our picture, the Raleigh composition is set in a deeper space with vaguely classicising figures. The palette is brighter, the lighting more diffuse and the costumes more sophisticated. The luxurious shimmering fabrics speak of the direct influence of Rubens and Van Dyck. Our Card Players was certainly produced earlier when Rombouts was still painting under the influence of Roman Caravaggism, adeptly applying chiaroscuro and local colour to his rustically expressive scenes.

1200 (1)

Matthias Stomer (c.1600–after 1652), The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomewcirca 1630-5. Oil on canvas, 44 x 62 in. (111.8 x 157.5 cm.) © 2017 London Art Week

Note: Matthias Stomer ranks among the most important and prolific Netherlandish masters of the seventeenth century who were active in Italy. This talented painter was among the last of the famed Dutch Caravaggisti. Although Stomer's birthplace cannot be documented with any certainty, the name Stom is of Southern Netherlandish (Flemish) derivation and it is possible that he emigrated from this region, like so many of his countrymen, to the Dutch Republic. Here he might have received his artistic training in Utrecht or possibly Amersfoort. The influence of Dutch painters from both those towns in terms of style and subject matter is readily detectable in his earliest work, in particular the influence of the prominent Utrecht painter, Gerrit van Honthorst, as well as that of Hendrick ter Brugghen, Joachim Wtewael or the venerable Abraham Bloemaert. In 1630 Stomer travelled to Rome and stayed there until around 1635. Our picture, The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew, was painted during this Roman period and is an important picture within his overall oeuvre. Saint Bartholomew is traditionally identified as one of Christ's original twelve apostles. After the Resurrection, Bartholomew is believed to have preached the gospel in India and Armenia. In the latter region, he was flayed alive and then hung upside down for refusing to worship idols. In Stomer's dramatic canvas, the doomed saint is posed frontally in half-length. He is stripped to his loincloth and one of the executioners has already begun his grisly task. Stomer has added the remarkable motif of a figure in a striking terracotta-coloured robe at the far left, perhaps a pagan priest, who holds a golden statuette of Minerva before the elderly saint, thereby contextualising the immediate cause of his martyrdom. Stomer was probably familiar with a picture of the saint's martyrdom painted in Rome by the French Caravaggist Valentin de Boulogne, datable to c.1616.

Thos. Agnew & Sons was established in 1817 and has since held a preeminent position in the world of Old Master paintings. One of London's leading art dealerships, the new Agnews, celebrating its 200th year under a new and dynamic ownership, are active participants in all areas of the market, from the 15th to the 20th century. Our selection appeals to a cross-section of buyers, with a broad range of genres, subjects, price ranges, and periods. We work with established collectors and curators to refine existing collections, while simultaneously introducing a new audience to the pleasures and satisfaction of collecting.

Contact information: Anthony Crichton-Stuart and Anna Cunningham, - +44 (0)207 491 9219 -

Address of Exhibition: 6 St.James's Place, London, SW1A 1NP

London Art Week, 30 June – 7 July 2017

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          J’ai rencontré un homme sur un site de rencontre sur Solitude affective   
J’ai rencontré un homme sur un site de rencontre et, pendant plusieurs semaines, nous avons longuement dialogué par mail et sur SKYPE et nous, nous sommes même vus à la CAM. Il réunissait tous les critères que je recherche chez un homme : gentil, sensible, romantique et, physiquement, tout à fait mon type d’homme.
Lors de nos conversations, il m’a dit qu’il avait créé une fondation en Afrique pour aider des petits orphelins qu’il avait pris sous sa protection. Donc, à force de discussion, il m’a convaincu d’envoyer une somme d’argent en Côte d’Ivoire à monsieur DUPOND Bernard. J’ai même eu cet individu au téléphone qui m’a informé que mon ami Franck LAROUX, domicilié à NICE, s’était rendu auprès des enfants et ne pouvait pas revenir car il avait eu un accident en allant à l’aéroport pour rentrer en France. Nous devions nous voir le 20 Novembre 2014 mais il a quitté la France depuis le 08 Novembre et n’est toujours pas rentré ! J’ai essayé de l’appeler, j’ai demandé à lui parler mais la personne que j’ai eu au bout du fil avait un accent africain que je ne connaissais pas ; je lui ai dit que je ne croyais absolument pas qu’il était l’homme que j’avais vu à la CAM et qui était sur les photos qu'il ma transmises par mail. Depuis ce jour, je n'ai plus aucune nouvelle. Pour me prouver sa bonne foi, je lui avais demandé de me scanner ses papiers d'identité afin que je sois rassurée. J'ai donc une copie de sa carte d'identité et de son permis de conduire : il vit aux environs de NICE, il est né le 22 novembre 1966 et il s'appelle Franck LAROUX mais tout est en fait faux puisqu'ils utilisent des pièces d'identité volées à des français. Cela m'a été confirmé par l'organisme de service anti-fraude qui m'a beaucoup aidé à récupérer l'argent envoyé tout en mettant la main sur ces arnaqueurs qui, a priori, habitent en Afrique. A l'époque, je l'ai dénoncé sur le site où je suis inscrite et ils m'ont conseillé de prendre contact avec un organisme Interpole en lutte contre la cybercriminalité. Tout au long de cette histoire, je lui ai fait parvenir au total 19,000€ afin de pouvoir l'aider et faire en sorte à ce qu'il me rejoigne très vite comme nous cela était convenu parce que j'y croyais vraiment ! Avec l'aide d'une amie, j'ai pris contact avec un organisme de cyber-antifraude en COTE D'IVOIRE et en collaboration avec l'inspecteur de police M. MICHEL CADOT ; eux aussi m'ont vraiment aidé à le démasquer car c'était bel et bien un Africain en complicité avec des collaborateurs escrocs et autres professionnels du net qui m'ont dépouillé. Heureusement pour moi, ils ont finalement été démasqués et arrêtés avec l'aide de l'organisme Interpole en lutte contre la cybercriminalité et M. MICHEL CADOT . Finalement, je me suis faite rembourser la totalité de mon argent suivi des frais de dédommagement ce qui représente un total de 22,000€. Alors, si toi aussi tu es dans ce cas, confie toi et n'hésite pas ! Portez maintes plaintes afin de demander plus d'aide jusqu'à la satisfaction et remboursement officiel ! écris ton témoignage afin d'aider d'autres personnes à ne pas être victime et, j'en suis convaincue, cela aura des effets positifs car ils vont t'aider à mettre la main sur ces personnes de mauvaise foi. Ensuite, toutes les sommes d'argent que tu as eu à envoyer à ces escrocs seront remboursées, accompagnées par des frais de dédommagement. Voici le contact mail de l'organisme qui m'a aidé :
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Conference -Talk Leu, E. , Hoppe, C. J. M. , Cottier, F. , Kvernik, A. C. , Wolf, K. , Wiktor, J. , Smola, Z. , Ghaffari, P. , Nøst, O. A. , Staalstrøm, A. , Rost, B. , Nielsdóttir, M. C. , Salter, I. and Berge, J. (2017) Future Arctic Algae Blooms: seasonal studies in rapidly changing times , Arctic Frontiers Conference, Tromsø, Norway, 23 January 2017 - 27 January 2017 . hdl:10013/epic.50373
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Job Description
IT Support Specialist

TimeTrade is looking for an IT Support Specialist for our Tewksbury headquarters. We are software-as-a-service development company with a wide range of IT needs. We have some users that could develop their own OS
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          Level 2 Support Engineer - VBrick Systems   
Herndon, VA -
23-May-2017 to 22-Aug-2017 (EST) Customer Support Herndon, VA, USA Full Time
Email Me Similar JobsEmail Me This Job

About the job:
The Level 2 (L2 Engineer) Support Engineer is the first point of escalation for all VBrick customer support inquiries. Inquiries may
          Ha-Ash - Dos Copas de Mas   

Letra y acordes de Dos Copas de Mas

(Letra y música de Hanna Nicole Perez Mosa y Ashley Grace Pérez Mosa)

Fue hace más de un mes que yo te dije adiós
porque no aguantaba más tu mal humor
Te sentías el mejor, a todo era yo, yo, yo, yo.
Prometí borrarte del teléfono
y quemar las fotos donde tú y yo éramos puro amor
Ahora lo entiendo solo fue mi ilusión
SI         DO#m    LA                SI
Nunca imaginé extrañar lo que odié.

                  MI                            SI
Aunque yo se que ya no debo hacerlo
                       DO#m                     LA
Dos copas de más me traen a tu recuerdo
           SI                   MI                              SI
Me hacen dudar si fui yo quien se rindió primero
              DO#m                    LA
En la soledad lo malo sabe bueno
      SI               LA
Y la verdad ya sé que me arrepentiré
          SI             MI
pero hoy te llamaré.

MI      SI     DO#m   LA   SI
Uh oh uh oh uh oh...

Es curioso como este corazón
se ha hecho preso de tener un mal sabor
Y dice que estoy muy mal,
pero te prefiero antes que esta realidad.
SI         DO#m    LA                SI
Nunca imaginé extrañar lo que odié.

                  MI                            SI
Aunque yo se que ya no debo hacerlo
                       DO#m                     LA
dos copas de más me traen a tu recuerdo
            SI                   MI                           SI
Me hacen dudar si fui yo quien se rindió primero
              DO#m                    LA
En la soledad lo malo sabe bueno
      SI               LA
Y la verdad ya sé que me arrepentiré
          SI             MI
pero hoy te llamaré.

MI      SI     DO#m   LA   SI           MI
Uh oh uh oh uh oh...    Hoy te llamaré
MI      SI     DO#m   LA   SI
Uh oh uh oh uh oh..

                  MI                            SI
Aunque yo se que ya no debo hacerlo
                       DO#m                     LA
dos copas de más me traen a tu recuerdo
            SI                   MI                           SI
Me hacen dudar si fui yo quien se rindió primero
              DO#m                    LA
En la soledad lo malo sabe bueno
      SI               LA                     SI 
y la verdad ya sé que me arrepentiré
Oh ya sé que me arrepentiré
           SI              MI
pero hoy te llamaré.

MI      SI     DO#m   LA   SI             MI
Uh oh uh oh uh oh...       Hoy te llamaré.
MI      SI     DO#m   LA   SI             MI
Uh oh uh oh uh oh...       Hoy te llamaré.

Ring ring…. Ring ring…. Hello.
Transcripción x javi29






联系人:BOSS 黑



          Capacitação qualifica empreendedores de São Bento do Una para Corrida da Galinha   
Além de muita diversão e descontração, a 20ª Corrida da Galinha, que será realizada de 1 a 7 de agosto, em São Bento de Una, também oferecerá o melhor da gastronomia regional combinada com excelentes serviços prestados aos turistas e visitantes do evento. Isso porque a unidade do Agreste Meridional do Sebrae em Pernambuco irá oferecer capacitação para os empreendedores da região, visando um aprimoramento do atendimento ao cliente e uma maior valorização da galinha como ingrediente culinário regional.

No dia 12 de julho será realizada a primeira palestra, das 15h às 17h. O chef Rivandro França, do restaurante Cozinhando Escondidinho, irá falar sobre o tema “Valorização da Galinha como papel de destaque”. O curso de “Boas práticas de manipulação de alimentos” será ministrado entre os dias 17 e 21 de julho, das 18h às 22h. Com o tema “Qualidade no atendimento ao turista”, a palestra será realizada no dia 24 de julho, das 19h às 21h. Já com foco no atendimento ao cliente, “Atualização para garçom” será no dia 25 de julho, das 19h às 22h.

“O objetivo é fazer com que o empreendedor se sinta mais preparado para receber o cliente e saiba valorizar o ingrediente regional não só para a Corrida da Galinha, mas para fidelizar seu público e deixá-lo mais satisfeito”, destaca Alessandra Mendes, analista do Sebrae/PE. Para participar do curso e das duas palestras o investimento é de R$ 20,00. “O acesso apenas às palestras é gratuito, mas é interessante que o empreendedor participe de todas as capacitações para que possa ampliar a excelência dos serviços prestados”, ressalta Alessandra Mendes.

Valorização da Galinha como papel de destaque  - 12 de julho, das 15h às 17h
Boas práticas de manipulação de alimentos – 17 e 21 de julho, das 18h às 22h
Atualização para garçom - dia 25 de julho, das 19h às 22h
Local: Sindicato dos Servidores Públicos Municipais de São Bento do Uma – Praça da Matriz, 15 – São Bento do Una

Qualidade no atendimento ao turista - dia 24 de julho, das 19h às 21h
Local: Escola Cônego João Rodrigues – Rua Ciro Mota s/n – Centro – São Bento do Una

Investimento para participar de todas as capacitações: R$ 20,00

          Sin Bandera - Sobre Mi ft. Maluma   

Letra y acordes de Sobre Mi

(Letra y música de Leonel García, Noel Schajris, Maluma)

LAm                           MIm       REm
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh
LAm                           MIm       REm
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh. oh oh oh

Tengo los recuerdos rotos y me mata poco a poco
MIm                           REm
El desierto en que me quedé.
Un suspiro más me queda, vivo en un toque de queda,
 MIm                    REm
Hace tiempo me resigné.

Y ahora tú regresas
                         MIm                REm
y borras de un beso toda tranquilidad
Y ahora tú me besas
                       MIm                   REm
y aunque lo intente ya no puedo parar.

Hey, hey, hey, hey... ¿Tú llamando otra vez?
   MIm                                REm
Y ahora que tú me buscas, no estoy y te disgusta.
Es que se siente bien que tú quieras volver
  MIm                                   REm
Y ahora que tú me buscas, no estoy y te disgusta.

Si hubiera sabido que eras un caso perdido,
          MIm                        REm
Sin dudar yo hubiera huido de ti.
Nunca fui cobarde pero es demasiado tarde,
        MIm                    REm
Tu cadera se apodera de mí.

Y ahora tú regresas
                         MIm                REm
y borras de un beso toda tranquilidad
Y ahora tú me besas
                       MIm                   REm
y aunque lo intento ya no puedo parar.

Hey, hey, hey, hey... ¿Tú llamando otra vez?
   MIm                                REm
Y ahora que tú me buscas, no estoy y te disgusta.
Es que se siente bien que tú quieras volver
  MIm                                   REm
Y ahora que tú me buscas, no estoy y te disgusta.

LAm                                 MIm        REm
Uoh uoh uoh, uoh uoh uoh oh oh, uoh oh oh
LAm                                 MIm        REm
Uoh uoh uoh, uoh uoh uoh oh oh, uoh oh oh

Dime ¿Qué tú quiere ma? No te lo voa dar
Ya no incistas más, ahora que estoy soltero voy a disfrutar.
Estuve tanto tiempo yo pensando en ti
Tú bien sabes lo que hice por ti
Fui sincero nunca te mentí
Si te hubieras dado cuenta seguirías aquí.

FA                       SOL       
Y cuando estás conmigo amor
              MIm                 LA
Se me olvida todo lo que juré
                 FA                         MI
Tu bien sabes que yo siempre estaré.

Hey, hey, hey, hey... ¿Tú llamando otra vez?
  MIm                                REm
Y ahora que tú me buscas, no estoy y te disgusta.
Es que se siente bien que tú quieras volver
  MIm                                   REm
Y ahora que tú me buscas, no estoy y te disgusta.

LAm                                 MIm        REm
Uoh uoh uoh, uoh uoh uoh oh oh, uoh oh oh.
LAm                                 MIm        REm
Uoh uoh uoh, uoh uoh uoh oh oh, uoh oh oh.

Tienes poder sobre mí, si me miras ya no sé cómo salir,
                            MIm                      REm
Si suspiras no me puedo resistir y decirte no.
Tienes poder sobre mí si me miras y me puedes controlar,
                            MIm                            REm
Si suspiras ya no sé cómo escapar y decir que no.

LAm                                               MIm
Si regresas me pierdo y no puedo pensar.
                            REm                        LAm
Si te vas no me acuerdo y te vuelvo a aceptar.
LAm                                             MIm
Si regresas me pierdo y no puedo pensar.
                                REm                   LAm
Si te vas no me acuerdo y te vuelvo a aceptar.
Transcripción x javi29





联系人:BOSS 黑






          12 Outrageously Delicious Hot Dog Toppings   

Summer is here. It’s time to do what men do: grill meat. That often includes some hot dogs, which is good because the hot dog is almost universally liked, generally fits anywhere on the grill, and is idiot proof. C’mon, has anyone ever messed up a hot dog on the grill? Here’s the best part […]

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Job ID 2017-5031
Location CT02-Meriden, CT
Posted Date 6/28/2017
Alternate Job Location(s) ..
More information about this job:


Business Sales Exec 2

Sells the company?s products, systems and/or services via

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          Mana - Vivir sin aire   

Letra y acordes de Vivir sin aire

(Letra y música de Fernando Olvera - Maná)
RE/FA# es (200232) o (xx4232) o si se les complica hagan solo RE

SOL        SIm  DO 
Como quisiera...
RE/FA#          SOL  SIm DO RE/FA#
poder vivir sin aire
SOL        SIm  DO 
como quisiera...
RE/FA#          SOL  SIm DO RE/FA#
poder vivir sin agua
SOL        SIm   DO
Me encantaría...
RE/FA#                 SOL  SIm DO RE/FA#
quererte un poco menos,
SOL        SIm  DO
como quisiera...
RE/FA#          SOL  SIm DO RE/FA#
poder vivir sin ti...

DO          RE     MIm     RE   DO
Pero no puedo, siento que muero
SOL                                 RE   REsus4 RE
me estoy ahogando sin tú amor.
MIm                 DO               SOL
Como quisiera poder vivir sin aire
RE/FA# MIm                  DO              RE
           como quisiera calmar mi aflicción
MIm                DO                SOL
como quisiera poder vivir sin agua
RE/FA# MIm                DO           RE
           me encantaría robar tú corazón.


SOL           SIm  DO
Como pudiera...
         RE             SOL  SIm DO RE
un pez nadar sin agua,
SOL         SIm  DO
como pudiera...  
     RE              SOL  SIm DO RE
un ave volar sin alas.
SOL     SIm  DO
como pudiera...
     RE                SOL  SIm DO RE
la flor crecer sin tierra
SOL       SIm  DO
como quisiera...
      RE          SOL  SIm DO RE
Poder vivir sin ti...    Oh no.

DO           RE     MIm     RE  DO
Pero no puedo, siento que muero
SOL                                 RE   REsus4 RE
me estoy ahogando sin tú amor.
MIm                 DO               SOL
Como quisiera poder vivir sin aire
RE/FA# MIm                  DO              RE
           como quisiera calmar mi aflicción,
MIm                DO                SOL
como quisiera poder vivir sin agua
RE/FA# MIm                DO           RE
           me encantaría robar tú corazón.

MIm                   DO         SOL
Como quisiera lanzarte al olvido
RE/FA# MIm                   DO              RE
          como quisiera guardarte en un cajón,
MIm                  DO                SOL
como quisiera borrarte de un soplido
RE/FA# MIm                  DO              RE
          me encantaría matar esta canción.

Transcripción x javi29

Video aquí
Maná - Vivir sin aire

Letra y acordes de guitarra y piano

Página oficial de Maná

          Polícia Civil divulgou balanço da Operação Força no Foco realizada em Garanhuns   

O Delegado titular da 18ª Delegacia Seccional de Garanhuns, Luiz Bernardo, convocou a imprensa na manhã desta terça-feira (27/6) para uma coletiva no Auditório da Codeam, no bairro da Brasília em Garanhuns, para divulgar os números da “Operação Força no Foco” comandada por ele nos dias 21 e 22/6 em Garanhuns e cidades da Região. A coletiva teve a presença de representantes da Receita Estadual, Polícia Civil, Polícia Militar, Conselho Tutelar, Guarda Municipal, Corpo de Bombeiros e Vigilância Sanitária.

De acordo com o delegado, a operação não era sigilosa, mas tinha o objetivo de prevenir as práticas de ilícitos criminais, administrativo e repressão aos Crimes Violentos Letais Intencionais (CVLI) na região, que são homicídios e latrocínios. O delegado informou que 15 pessoas foram presas e apreendidas 03 armas de fogo juntamente com 27 munições. As armas apreendidas foram duas pistolas e um rifle, além de um simulacro de metralhadora, toucas ninjas e rádios comunicadores que estavam sendo utilizadas para a prática de assaltos na região. As ações foram coordenadas pelo Delegado João Lins com a participação das equipes da Delegada Maria das Graças e Delegado Alysson Câmara, com apoio do Grupamento Tático Aéreo (GTA) coordenado pelo próprio delegado.

O Major PM Albuquerque, informou que as ações foram positivas, cerca de 64 policiais em cada turno das 48h realizaram diversas blitz, também foram realizadas ações integradas em bares e restaurantes que resultou em notificações e fechamento de estabelecimentos comerciais. Durante as ações da PM foram abordados 2039 transeuntes, 838 motocicletas, 767 carros e 84 bicicletas.

O Conselho Tutelar não constatou nenhuma violação de direitos relacionados à Crianças e Adolescentes nas diligências realizadas.

O presidente da AMSTT, Elielson Barbosa, informou que durante as ações da Guarda Municipal foram abordados 659 veículos, sendo 20 deles notificados, ou seja, multados e 13 recolhidos ao pátio da Autarquia, além de 03 documentos recolhidos por irregularidades.

O Corpo de Bombeiros fiscalizou 08 estabelecimentos comerciais, sendo 3 deles notificados e três interditados por apresentarem irregularidades.

A Vigilância Sanitária realizou fiscalização para verificação de irregularidades nos bares, similares e outros estabelecimentos comercias na cidade, com objetivo de diminuir o risco de agravo a saúde da população local. Segundo a Drª Catarina, 08 bares foram inspecionados, 04 deles foram interditados e 08 notificados. Os estabelecimentos apresentavam vários tipos de irregularidades que traziam agravo a saúde, inclusive com risco de morte, uma vez que sejam ingeridos por crianças e idosos por apresentarem imunidades baixas. A doutora ressaltou a importância de ingerir um alimento saudável e alertou o risco de contaminação, chamando a atenção para as filas em postos de saúde e hospitais, pessoas que na maioria estão ali com doenças transmitidas através de alimentos.

A Receita Estadual – SEFAZ produziu 19 Autos de Apreensões de mercadorias em situação irregular, no valor total de R$ 597.403,87; e 48 Autos de Infração por irregularidades fiscais diversas, num total constituído de: R$ 422.713,66, valores que ultrapassaram o valor de R$ 1 milhão.

O DETRAN através da LEI SECA realizou 226 abordagens, sendo autuados 27 num total de 61. Também foram recolhidos 12 Certificados de Registro e Licenciamento de Veículo (CRLV) e uma Carteira Nacional de Habilitação (CNH).

A Polícia Rodoviária Federal (PRF), abordou 296 pessoas, 283 veículos, realizou 105 notificações pelo Código de Trânsito Brasileiro (CTB), 03 notificações pela ANTT; 32 veículos foram apreendidos e 01 Mandado de Prisão cumprido. Além disso, 04 Certificados de Registro e Licenciamento de Veículo(CRLV) foram recolhidos, 03 Carteira Nacional de Habilitação (CNH) recolhidas, 173 Abordagens educativas e 173 Testes de Etilômetro.

O delegado Luiz Bernardo parabenizou a integração dos órgãos em comprometimento com a população de Garanhuns e ressaltou que mais ações deste tipo estão por vir.

Com informações do Portal Agreste Violento

Cohab 2, Garanhuns

          Omega - Te Deseo   

Letra y acordes de Te Deseo

(Letra y música de Diego Herrera?)
Canta Hugo
FA#  SI     FA#    RE#7   SOL#m
MI  FA#  SI    FA#

    SI                                                       RE#m
Deseo que te quedes sola y que mueras de frío
que nadie te quiera que busques alivio
                      RE#7                 SOL#m
y que solo encuentres tristeza y vacío en tu corazón
    MI                                             DO#m
Deseo que toda tu vida se caiga a pedazos
deseo que te ahogues en un mar de llanto
y que pidas auxilio y que todos se burlen al ver tu dolor.

FA#  SOLdim

SOL#m                                             RE#m
Deseo que usen tu cuerpo por simple placer
             MI                                             SI
que en ti desahoguen las ganas y no te vuelvan a ver.
SOL#m                                             RE#m
Deseo que todas las dudas se adueñen de ti
         MI                   DO#m 
de veras que me encantaría
que sufras el daño que me hiciste a mi.

Que te pudras en la soledad
que no exista un lugar donde vivas en paz
que te pisoteen y se burlen de ti
que no encuentres jamás a quien amar
                    MI  DO#m            FA#
eso es lo mejor que te puedo desear.
Que te hagan pagar tu traición
caigas en la locura y pierdas la razón
y que te condenen mil años de cárcel
por envenenarme el corazón
                        MI  FA#                  SI
te deseo que sufras lo que hoy sufro yo.

FA#  SI        FA# 
FA#  SOLdim

SOL#m                                             RE#m
Deseo que usen tu cuerpo por simple placer
             MI                                             SI
que en ti desahoguen las ganas y no te vuelvan a ver.
SOL#m                                             RE#m
Deseo que todas las dudas se adueñen de ti
         MI                   DO#m 
de veras que me encantaría
que sufras el daño que me hiciste a mi.

Que te pudras en la soledad
que no exista un lugar donde vivas en paz
que te pisoteen y se burlen de ti
que no encuentres jamás a quien amar
                    MI  DO#m            FA#
eso es lo mejor que te puedo desear.
Que te hagan pagar tu traición
caigas en la locura y pierdas la razón
y que te condenen mil años de cárcel
por envenenarme el corazón
                        MI  FA#                  SI
te deseo que sufras lo que hoy sufro yo.

FA#                 SI                    FA# 
      Y aquí se baila, y aquí se goza
        SI       FA#       SI     FA#      SI
con Omega.

FA#    SI    FA#     SI    DO#m  FA#  SI
Transcripción x javi29

          What to Wear This Summer – Chill   

When the thought of summer comes to mind, the immediate desire to take it easy is not far behind. When the weather is warm and things tend to slow down a bit, it’s a lot more acceptable—and almost required—to carve out some downtime to soak it all in while you can. Here are a few […]

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          UCG apparently again dealing with unitarianism   
UCG’s Logo for Beyond Today COGwriter The chairman and president of the United Church of God (UCG) sent out the following: The purpose of this letter is to encourage all of us to continue to fight the good fight of faith and be settled in the faith. … From time to time some brethren have become […]
          Alexio - Tumba La Casa ft. Daddy, Nicky Jam, Arcangel, Ñengo Flow, Zion, Farruko, De la Ghetto   

Letra y acordes de Tumba La Casa

(Letra y música de Alexio, Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Arcangel, Ñengo Flow, Zion, Farruko, De la Ghetto)

FA#m                                  DO#7
Tú tienes un booty mami demasiao ridículo
FA#m               DO#7
otro capítulo, róbate el espectáculo
FA#m              DO#7   FA#m           DO#7
esas chapas tan gigantes, imagina to' eso alante
FA#m                              DO#7
alerta de terremoto con eso sacude el building
FA#m                         DO#7
mucho likes y cuando lo sube el G-string
FA#m                             DO#7
una abusadora que está solida
FA#m                                  DO#7
y dale un ñaqui a eso baby amerita.
(This Is The Remix!)

                                 FA#m          DO#7
Quiero que tumbes la casa mami
diciendote ma', yo quiero sentir tu cuerpo
   DO#7                                 FA#m      DO#7
cuando te pegas, tú me tienes loco mami
                    FA#m                                  DO#7
no puedo mentir, tengo que decir, lo voy a admitir
estoy buscando una mujer,
           DO#7        FA#m
como tú que lo haga bien
               DO#7         FA#m 
lo que me pides eso te daré
pero antes de meternos en eso
   FA#m                                  DO#7
aguantemos el proceso y empecemos en esto.

FA#m              DO#7   FA#m              DO#7
Tumba la casa mami, tumba la casa mami
FA#m                          DO#7
que con esa cara tú puedes
FA#m                             DO#7
que con ese booty tú puedes
FA#m              DO#7 FA#m                 DO#7
tumba la casa mami, tumba la casa mami
FA#m                         DO#7
que con esa cara tú puedes
            FA#m       DO#7
y ese abdomen, también puedes.

                                 FA#m                    DO#7
Barbero tírame los selfies, que estoy bien suelti'
                  FA#m                               DO#7
camino en el aire, por culpa de las perqui'
                           FA#m                        DO#7
la combi bien freshbeach, se mueden los puerquis'
                    FA#m                        DO#7
las nenas nos ven y se mojan como jet ski
                FA#m                        DO#7
oh lara marcy, andamos sin persi'
                               FA#m                 DO#7
aunque me veas con Jordan, goleo como Messi
                FA#m                    DO#7
tumba la casi' con mi chapi fácil
                FA#m             DO#7
ya paré la foto, parecen paparazzi
                     FA#m           DO#7
refuercen la columna, se van de una
               FA#m                     DO#7
que ya pusimos el GPS para la luna
                    FA#m                       DO#7
tiraron por los celus, por las redes y los scanners
FA#m                                 DO#7
que partí en el remix, le pasamos en chipijamel.

                         FA#m                     DO#7
Ese booty de platino, no lo hizo ningún joyero
FA#m                                  DO#7
Que tumba la casa y Puerto Rico entero
FA#m                               DO#7
tú no te lo comes si eres un pesetero
           FA#m                      DO#7
ella le gustan los gangster, capos y killeros
FA#m                         DO#7
adicta al sonido de fuletes y motoras
      FA#m                                 DO#7
y parece que le mete al gym las 24 horas (nice)
FA#m                           DO#7
tú no tienes nada de sencilla
             FA#m                         DO#7
pero pierdes la finura con alcohol y una pastilla
FA#m                            DO#7
dale al guaro, prende un gallo
FA#m                 DO#7
como si estuviéramos a medallo,
FA#m                   DO#7
ponte luci' dale al tuci'
                    FA#m                       DO#7
con par de amigas, tu y yo en la piscina o en el jacuzzi.
(La Bruja!)

         FA#m                         DO#7
La bebota no respeta rangos, ni bota
               FA#m                       DO#7
al que se ponga dulcesito le baja la nota
FA#m                          DO#7
pelota, a ella le dicen el problema
            FA#m                       DO#7
estaba sola y ahora le hicimos remix al tema
          FA#m           DO#7
que la vua', esa chiquita peli black
      FA#m                   DO#7
nalgona sin hacerle squats
                                 FA#m                 DO#7
ya no es el indio, es la flecha, tiene de to' no está hecha
         FA#m                             DO#7
por eso las envidiosas caminan derechas
      FA#m                               DO#7
sospechan, que ando como Maicol y Manuel
            FA#m                     DO#7
para la chica que le guste el sex
              FA#m                DO#7
así que ven michu-michu ven, gatita
FA#m                   DO#7
ven michu-michu ven.

FA#m              DO#7   FA#m              DO#7
Tumba la casa mami, tumba la casa mami
FA#m                          DO#7
que con esa cara tú puedes
FA#m                             DO#7
que con ese booty tú puedes
FA#m              DO#7 FA#m                 DO#7
tumba la casa mami, tumba la casa mami
FA#m                         DO#7
que con esa cara tú puedes
            FA#m       DO#7
y ese abdomen, también puedes.

                              FA#m                            DO#7
Ella quiere el que mata en los views y los eventos explota
             FA#m                             DO#7
el que llegaba solo y ahora llega con la flota
              FA#m                            DO#7
el que canta bonito así que amárrense las botas
              FA#m                                     DO#7
que yo soy el que hace que ella mueva esa nalgota
          FA#m                  DO#7
abran paso, no me la miren payasos
               FA#m                            DO#7
que ese booty tiene dueño y no te va hacer caso
       FA#m                 DO#7
ella tumba la casa, cuando se desplaza
       FA#m                      DO#7
yo soy el único que tiene lo que le traspasa
      FA#m                 DO#7
me viola, cada vez que me pilla sola
        FA#m                                DO#7
dice no me des más na' que me duele hasta la cola
              FA#m                               DO#7
ya me quité de la piqui, pero mi pipi funciona
             FA#m                               DO#7
tú retumbando la casa desde Medallo a Carola.
(Dile Gheezy)

         FA#m                    DO#7
Mete miles cirugías, cero grasas, sin estrías
         FA#m                                     DO#7
las envidiosas están mordias, porque tienen todo partia'
       FA#m                               DO#7
está dura daddy, confía, te deja de psiquiatrías
      FA#m                                 DO#7
controla todas las redes, coge mil follows al día.

FA#m                 DO#7                FA#m
Tumba la casa mamá, tu tienes el poder
                       DO#7                     FA#m
cualquiera convencer, como tú lo mueves
                      DO#7                 FA#m      DO#7
echa eso to' pa' atrás, echa echa eso to' pa' atrás
pa que lo pruebes.

FA#m                 DO#7                FA#m
Tumba la casa mamá, tu tienes el poder
                       DO#7                     FA#m
cualquiera convencer, como tú lo mueves
                        DO#7           FA#m           DO#7
echa eso to' pa' atrás, echa echa eso to' pa' atrás
pa que lo pruebes.

                  FA#m                     DO#7
Tumba la casa, con to' y tormentera
                   FA#m                               DO#7
que llegó el huracán, nadie salga pa' afuera
                          FA#m                      DO#7
entró un macal de bayas, trépense a la cera
                         FA#m                               DO#7
si me invades el carril voy a impactar tu zona trasera
                    FA#m           DO#7
se te fue la mano, te quedaron bien hechas
        FA#m                         DO#7
esas nalgas, salúdame al cirujano
             FA#m                               DO#7
mami bájate el mahon que hay una orden de cateo'
      FA#m                               DO#7
te sacamos en la disco y te bajamos el de’o
FA#m                         DO#7
hey que hay mucho tiburón ahí al acecho
FA#m                        DO#7
mami a tu casa yo le voy a tumbar el techo
        FA#m               DO#7
yo quiero ver todo ese poderío
 FA#m                        DO#7
yo no soy tu pai' pero ese culo es mío.

FA#m              DO#7   FA#m              DO#7
Tumba la casa mami, tumba la casa mami
FA#m                          DO#7
que con esa cara tú puedes
FA#m                             DO#7
que con ese booty tú puedes
FA#m              DO#7 FA#m                 DO#7
tumba la casa mami, tumba la casa mami
FA#m                         DO#7
que con esa cara tú puedes
            FA#m       DO#7
y ese abdomen, también puedes.
(Ñengo Flow! RealG!)

FA#m                      DO#7
Tumba la casa y toma venganza
               FA#m                         DO#7
mueve el booty. booty fly, mai' a ver qué pasa
FA#m                   DO#7
nalga de acero, culo grandote
             FA#m                         DO#7
tiene gastando la funda a t’os los cocorotes
              FA#m                         DO#7
y no se explote, ponle pa que jangue en el bote
FA#m                                DO#7
patine en su charco cuando el todo le azote
FA#m                             DO#7
deja las amenazas hija'eputa tumba la casa
FA#m                         DO#7
you díselo Alexio bellaquera es mi raza.

FA#m                           DO#7
Muchos quilates en el cuello
                        FA#m                      DO#7
tumba la casa bebecita que llegué yo (Zidiri)
FA#m                        DO#7
si es soltera de Medallo
                               FA#m                DO#7
puedo tirarle con los ojos cerra’os al booty, no falló
        FA#m          DO#7   
ella es la que tumba la casa,
FA#m                         DO#7
la que muchas no soportan
FA#m                         DO#7
con ninguno de estos flojos se casa
FA#m           DO#7
le gusta los tipos con torta
FA#m           DO#7
y si tú no tienes la grasa,
        FA#m                   DO#7
pa’ allá no mires que no hay forma
FA#m                       DO#7
tu vida en lo económico se basa
FA#m            DO#7
poquito ella no se conforma.

FA#m    DO#7          FA#m             DO#7
Ah.. Musicólogo y Menes, bienvenidos
FA#m   DO#7        FA#m       DO#7 FA#m  DO#7
   Al parque de diversiones, de La Bruja Orion
FA#m   DO#7   FA#m             DO#7
Oye, este Es El Remix
FA#m    DO#7                 FA#m        DO#7
Ma' HijaePuta Del 2015  Di-Di-Dicelo Luian
FA#m                  DO#7       
Daddy Yankee Nicky Jam (Los Cangris)
FA#m               DO#7       FA#m         DO#7
De La Ghetto Arcangel, La Maravish (Dicelo Farru)
            FA#m DO#7         FA#m             DO#7
Ñengo Flow  Zion (Dicelo Pepe) (Santana)
FA#m    DO#7          FA#m             DO#7
AG, La Maldita Voz Saga White Blck  Dimelo Benni
FA#m    DO#7          FA#m             DO#7
Santana, "The Golden Boy" (Jajaja)
       FA#m   DO#7  FA#m        DO#7
Y El Mio Jowny Boom Boom
El que los tiene aprendiendo a usar Fruti Doo
DO#7       FA#m DO#7         FA#m
Pa Que Sepa Carbon Fiber Music
         DO#7          FA#m                DO#7
Gaby Music Chris Jeday (Los Del Corazon Negro)
FA#m      DO#7       FA#m          DO#7
A ella nadie le dice na'... ella no tiene dueño...
FA#m                DO#7              FA#m
to' el mundo la quiere y nadie le gana
janguea toa' la semana...
Transcripción x javi29

Página oficial de Daddy Yankee
Página oficial de Nicky Jam
Página oficial de De la Guetto
Página oficial de Arcángel

          Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris   

Letra y acordes de Baby

(Lyric and music by Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash, Christopher Bridges, Christina Milian)
MIb     DOm   LAb            SIb
Ouoh... ah... Ouoh... ah... Ouoh...

You know you love me, I know you care
Just shout whenever, and I'll be there
You want my love, you want my heart
And we will never, ever, ever be apart.

Are we an item? Girl, quit playing
We're just friends, what are you saying?
Say there's another and look right in my eyes
My first love broke my heart for the first time.

And I'm was like, baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I thought you'd always be mine, mine.
Baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I thought you'd always be mine.

For you, I would have done whatever
And I just can't believe we ain't together
And I'm gotta play it cool, `cause I'm losing you
I'll buy you anything, I'll buy you any ring
`Cause I'm in pieces, baby fix me
Just shake `til you wake me from this bad dream
I'm goin' down, down, down
And I just can't believe my first love won't be around.

And I'm was like, baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I thought you'd always be mine, mine.
Baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I thought you'd always be mine.

When I was 13, I had my first love
There was nobody that compared to my baby
And nobody came between us who could ever come above
She had me going crazy, oh I was starstruck
She woke me up daily, don't need no Starbucks
She made my heart pound
I skip a beat when I see her in the street
And at school on the playground
But I really wanna see her on a weekend
She know she got me dazin' 'cause she was so amazin'
And now my heart is breakin' but I just keep on sayin'

Baby, baby, baby ouh
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I thought you'd always be mine, mine.

Baby, baby, baby ouh
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I'm like baby, baby, baby no
I thought you'd always be mine, mine.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Now I'm all gone, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Now I'm all gone, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm gone. gone, gone, gone...
          MIb     LAb/MIb     MIb
I'm gone.
Transcripción x javi29

          Prince Royce - Stand by me   

Letra y acordes de Stand by me

(Letra y música de Ben E. King - Jerry Leiber - Mike Stoller)
LA     FA#m    RE     MI     LA

                   LA                     FA#m
When the night, has come and the land is dark
         RE            MI                   LA
Y la luna es la luz que brilla ante mí
           LA                            FA#m
Miedo no, no tendré, oh I won't me asustaré
            RE                 MI              LA
Just as long as you stand, stand by me.

                                  LA                  FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE    MI           LA
Oh stand... Junto a mí...  Junto a mí.

Y aunque las montañas o el cielo caiga
FA#m                                         RE
No voy a preocuparme porque se
                  MI             LA
Que tu estas, junto a mí
            LA                       FA#m
No lloraré, no lloraré oh, I won’t shed a tear
               RE             MI           LA
Porque se, que tu estás junto a mi.

                                   LA            FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE      MI                  LA
Oh stand....  Stand by me... Stand by me.

LA     FA#m    RE     MI     LA
LA     FA#m    RE     MI     LA

                                  LA                  FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE    MI               LA
Oh stand...   Junto a mí...  Junto a mí.
                                  LA                  FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE    MI               LA
Oh stand...   Junto a mí...  Junto a mí.

RE       MI     LA   FA#m   RE    MI   LA   FA#m
     Come on...
RE       MI       LA 

       DO#m                  RE    MI        LA      FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE    MI               LA
Oh stand...   Junto a mí...  Junto a mí.
Transcripción x javi29

          The 8 Best Pomades for Taming Your Hair   

You’ve got the best deodorants to keep your pits in check. You’ve got the best aftershaves to keep your face intact. It’s time to tackle that hairdo. Skip the gels, hairspray, and the goop you grew up with in favor of a great pomade. Whether you’re going side part, slicked back, pompadour, spiked or all […]

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          (بدون عنوان)   

این متن را بهتر است دوبار بخوانید

دو روز مانده به پایان جهان تازه فهمید که هیچ زندگی نکرده است، تقویمش پر شده بود و تنها دو روز، تنها دو روز خط نخورده باقی بود.
پریشان شد و آشفته و عصبانی نزد خدا رفت تا روزهای بیشتری از خدا بگیرد، داد زد و بد و بیراه گفت، خدا سکوت کرد، جیغ زد و جار و جنجال راه انداخت، خدا سکوت کرد، آسمان و زمین را به هم ریخت، خدا سکوت کرد.
به پر و پای فرشته ‌و انسان پیچید، خدا سکوت کرد، کفر گفت و سجاده دور انداخت، خدا سکوت کرد، دلش گرفت و گریست و به سجده افتاد، خدا سکوتش را شکست و گفت: "عزیزم، اما یک روز دیگر هم رفت، تمام روز را به بد و بیراه و جار و جنجال از دست دادی، تنها یک روز دیگر باقی است، بیا و لااقل این یک روز را زندگی کن." 
لا به لای هق هقش گفت: "اما با یک روز... با یک روز چه کار می توان کرد؟ ..." 
خدا گفت: "آن کس که لذت یک روز زیستن را تجربه کند، گویی هزار سال زیسته است و آنکه امروزش را در نمی‌یابد هزار سال هم به کارش نمی‌آید"، آنگاه سهم یک روز زندگی را در دستانش ریخت و گفت: "حالا برو و یک روز زندگی کن." 
او مات و مبهوت به زندگی نگاه کرد که در گودی دستانش می‌درخشید، اما می‌ترسید حرکت کند، می‌ترسید راه برود، می‌ترسید زندگی از لا به لای انگشتانش بریزد، قدری ایستاد، بعد با خودش گفت: "وقتی فردایی ندارم، نگه داشتن این زندگی چه فایده‌ای دارد؟ بگذارد این مشت زندگی را مصرف کنم.." 
آن وقت شروع به دویدن کرد، زندگی را به سر و رویش پاشید، زندگی را نوشید و زندگی را بویید، چنان به وجد آمد که دید می‌تواند تا ته دنیا بدود، می تواند بال بزند، می‌تواند پا روی خورشید بگذارد، می تواند .... 
او در آن یک روز آسمانخراشی بنا نکرد، زمینی را مالک نشد، مقامی را به دست نیاورد، اما ... اما در همان یک روز دست بر پوست درختی کشید، روی چمن خوابید، کفش دوزدکی را تماشا کرد، سرش را بالا گرفت و ابرها را دید و به آنهایی که او را نمی‌شناختند، سلام کرد و برای آنها که دوستش نداشتند از ته دل دعا کرد، خدا را پرستش کرد،او در همان یک روز آشتی کرد و خندید و سبک شد، لذت برد و سرشار شد و بخشید، عاشق شد و عبور کرد و تمام شد. او در همان یک روز زندگی کرد. 
فردای آن روز فرشته‌ها در تقویم خدا نوشتند: "امروز او درگذشت، کسی که هزار سال زیست!" 
زندگی انسان دارای طول، عرض و ارتفاع است؛ اغلب ما تنها به طول آن می اندیشیم، اما آنچه که بیشتر اهمیت دارد، عرض یا چگونگی آن است. 
امروز را از دست ندهید، آیا ضمانتی برای طلوع خورشید فردا وجود دارد!؟ 
لطفا این متن را برای دوستان خود ارسال نمایید، کسانی که برایتان ارزشمند هستند، اما اگر این کار را انجام ندادید، نگران نباشید، هیچ حادثه ناخوشایندی برای شما رخ نخواهد داد، شما تنها این فرصت را که به دنیای شخص دیگری با این مطلب روشنایی بیشتری ببخشید، از دست خواهید داد، کسی چه می داند، شاید یکی از دوستان شما هم اکنون بیشترین نیاز را به خواندن این مطلب داشته باشد.

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          Can't modified form-urlencoded response using FiddlerScript   

Hello everyone! I need help. I have this request:

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I need to change this parameters, like:

is_rooted%22%3Atrue into is_rooted%22%3Afalse

I'l try use this:

if (oSession.PathAndQuery("")){
              oSession["ui-backcolor"] = "lime";


But it's not work.

Regards, Ruslan.

          DVS Cinelli Shoes UK Availability   
The DVS Cinelli shoes will be available in the UK and Europe soon, pre-order your pair to avoid disappointment.
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          Installing Visual Studio plugin for VS2017   



According to the latest release notes for Test Studio Web & Desktop, the VS plugin now supports integration with VS2017. I have uninstalled all previous versions of VS and Test Studio, then installed VS2017 and installed Test Studio 2017.2.


During the installer dialogs, I have ensured that the Visual Studio plugin is selected for installation. I have attempted to uninstall and reinstall multiple times, including restarting the PC after each operation.


Regardless of anything I try, the plugin does not seem to install correctly. I can find multiple Progress extensions in the VS Marketplace, but not the actual plugin that is supposed to be installed via the Test Studio installer.


Is there anything I can do to further debug why the plugin is not installing? Any help would be appreciated.




          80-Year-Old Woman Thinks It’s No Big Deal That She Fought Off a Rabid Bobcat   
An 80-year-old New Hampshire woman who was attacked by a bobcat is recovering and back to tending to her garden, where the rabid animal left her bloodied over the weekend. Elsie Dabrowski was cutting the grass around her flowers Sunday night when she said a bobcat suddenly lunged at her and latched onto her face with its teeth and claws. Dabrowski grabbed a sickle and struck the massive cat about five times before her dogs scared it away. “I was bleeding so profusely.
          How to get event id in custom editor on document ready?   

I'm using a custom editor to incorporate some extra fields we are saving with our events. I am trying to set up the editor so that certain fields are hidden on an event add, but show on an event edit. I'm trying to do this by running some jQuery on document ready of the custom editor, to test if the event id is 0. What I'm finding however, is that on that event, the id is always 0 and it doesn't populate until some time later.

Do you know of any way I can get that id when document ready fires for the custom editor? Or is there another event I can use that would have the appropriate timing to get the id in time to hide those fields?

Please let me know if any code examples would be helpful.
          Make section fill page   
Hello Bhavika,

Such feature is still not supported. A request for this feature has been submitted in our feedback portal - check out this post. I can suggest you to vote for it as the features are selected for development based on the demand from our community.

In the meantime, you can use the custom image imitating the vertical lines in BackgroundImage property of the Detail section or PageSetting.BackgroundImage property of the Report.

Progress Telerik
Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans? Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed? Explore the Telerik Feedback Portal and vote to affect the priority of the items

          Wardrobe Specialist - Suzanne's - Dawson Creek, BC   
Go above and beyond to meet the needs of your guests and out of your way to support team members at all times. Wardrobe Specialist Suzanne’s & Jenny's....
From Suzanne's - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 19:58:16 GMT - View all Dawson Creek, BC jobs
          Charles Hurt on The Larry O'Connor Show    
Listen as Larry spoke with Charles Hurt, Opinion Editor and a columnist for The Washington Times, regarding his latest column, Mad genius of Trump drives schoolmarms of political press crazy.
          Valve Technician - King's Energy Services Ltd. - Dawson Creek, BC   
Required to work beyond the normal scope of work, including overtime & weekends. King’s Energy is currently seeking individuals to fill the challenging role of...
From Indeed - Fri, 28 Apr 2017 20:03:14 GMT - View all Dawson Creek, BC jobs
          Walsh & TJ - Whatever Podcast Episode 10 - Sports Radio Bromances   
Sports talk radio has produced some great duos over the years - Mike & The Mad Dog, Dennis & Callahan, Jim Rome & his ego. Locally, Irv & Joe are among the all-time greats. A budding star duo, Ryan & Danny, join TJ to talk about what makes their radio bromance work.
          Q&A w/ Kate   
Today on #DateFails, Kate takes the time to answer listener questions & give feedback. Topics covered include Craigslist dating, the importance of teeth, when to wait for sex, & why relationships are like pregnancy.
          In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of June 30, 2017   

By Rikki Niblett

Who is seeing Despicable Me 3 this weekend? I can’t wait to see what Gru, the girls, and the Minions are up to this time! This week, we have a bunch of patents that have been filed, we say our fond farewell to a dated attraction, and much more! Let’s get to it! In Case […]

In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of June 30, 2017 is a post from the Blog. Signup for a premium subscription today! Or get news via Email, Twitter, & Facebook.

NEW TIME CONSULTORES - Santiago, Región Metropolitana - Gran empresa, ubicada en Quilicura, REQUIERE CONTRATAR 30 AYUDANTES DE PRODUCCIÓN, con o sin experiencia, para sus líneas productivas...
          15+ Cool Must Haves From Indigogo and Kickstarter   

Business ideas and inventions occur to people all of the time, but turning an invention into a tangible product usually requires one thing – money. Funding for business inventions typically comes from out-of-pocket, through business loans or from investors, but a burgeoning source of financing has emerged through the use of crowdfunding. No two crowdfunding...

Read More at 15+ Cool Must Haves From Indigogo and Kickstarter

          Ayudante de cocina Part Time - Maipú   
SCHOPDOG - Chile - SCHOPDOG UBICADO EN MAIPÚ Requiere a los mejores Ayudantes de Cocina para desempeñarse en jornada Part Time (20 a 30 horas SEMANALES...
          Hearing God   
Hearing God June 30 “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27). I have discovered a pattern in the way God speaks to me when I’m faced with major decisions. I will spend a great deal of time seeking direction from Him and asking Him to speak to me … Continue reading Hearing God
          Mississippi Official Tells President Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission to ‘Go Jump in the Gulf of Mexico’   
"They can go jump in the Gulf of Mexico"
          ‘The Master Trials’ Makes ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ Completely Different   
Hands-on with Nintendo's new Zelda DLC
          This Is the Cuisine April Bloomfield Says Is the ‘Next Big Thing’   
Chef April Bloomfield knows a thing or two about what diners want. As an acclaimed restaurateur and chef at some of New York’s most popular dining establishments — the Spotted Pig and The Breslin among them — the British chef has spent more than 14 years honing her skills in kitchens and is a former…
          TLC’s Chilli on Kickstarting a Comeback and Making Music in the Age of Twitter   
Per their own advice, TLC isn’t chasing waterfalls. They’re sticking to what they’re used to, this time in the form of a new self-titled album. It’s the first new work that the group’s remaining two members, Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas and Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, have released in 15 years; their last album, 3D, was released just…
          See the Aftermath of a Plane Crash on California’s 405 Freeway   
The plane burst into flames upon crashing
          Venus Williams Sued by Estate of Florida Man Who Died in Car Crash   
Tennis star Venus Williams is being sued by the estate of a Florida man who died after a car crash police say she caused
          Ayudantes de cocina   
SCHOPDOG - Chile - SCHOPDOG PARA DISTINTAS SUCURSALES Requiere a los mejores Ayudantes de Cocina para desempeñarse en jornada Part Time Y full Time...
          Red Hot Chili Peppers Accidentally Write Song About New Hampshire   

LOS ANGELES—Unexpectedly penning lyrics about colorful autumn foliage and summer cottages on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, alternative rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers accidentally wrote a song about New Hampshire, sources reported Friday. “We just got into the studio and started jamming, and for whatever reason, we just ended up with this track about the Granite State,” said lead singer Anthony Kiedis, adding that he had no idea he and his bandmates had anything say about the pumpkin festival in Laconia “until we grooved on it a while.” “It’s definitely not the direction we intended to go in, but Flea started slapping this funky bass line that got everyone thinking about the pristine waters of the Piscataqua River. Before I knew it, I’d already freestyled two verses about how freaky it is that the state doesn’t have a sales tax.” At press time, the band ...

          Morning Joe Hosts Claim White House Tried to Blackmail Them With National Enquirer Story   
The MSNBC hosts say the White House told them a damaging story about their relationship would "go away" if they apologized to the president
          ‘I Thought It Was Empty.’ Dad Fatally Shoots Daughter During Gun Safety Lesson   
An Indiana man has been charged with fatally shooting his 9-year-old daughter in the head while teaching his two sons about gun safety
          Camp Counselor Assigning Kids To Horses Like Wise Town Matchmaker Presiding Over Marriage   

POLAND, ME—Studying the youngsters in front of the stable as if she alone possessed the insight into who belonged with whom, Rockbrook Camp counselor Melissa Burke, 19, reportedly assigned kids to horses in a beginner horseback riding class Thursday like a sage town matchmaker presiding over marriage arrangements. “Sarah, I think Nutmeg would be perfect for you—he’s a nice, kind horse,” said Burke, who skillfully paired the 11- and 12-year-olds with horses by character and temperament as if they were village sons and daughters for whom she was shrewdly brokering a wedding dowry. “Oh, and Alicia? You should be with Cookie. He’s a little anxious, but I bet you’ll be able to calm him down just fine.” At press time, Burke was guiding a shy camper toward a rambunctious horse named Shadow as though she were a naïve maiden being pressured into wedding the town ...

          Gunman and Victim Dead in Shooting at New York City’s Bronx Lebanon Hospital   
Police said it was a "very active scene"
          EPA Head Scott Pruitt Reportedly Launching Program to ‘Critique’ Climate Science   
The EPA chief has repeatedly rejected claims of mainstream climate science
          oM Staycation Agenda: 12 Ways to Celebrate July 4th in NYC   
  Staying in the city? Sail on a schooner down the Hudson River and wave hello to the Statue of Liberty. [ManhattanBySail] Kick off the weekend with old timey tunes by Red Rust – featuring Jason Ardell. Felix, & Red Hook Slim  at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn. [Jalopy] These are the best places to party...
          CEC officials inspect EMRC at Dibrugarh University    
DIBRUGARH, June 30 - The Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC), one of the Inter University Centres of the University Grant Commission (UGC) of India highly appreciated the state-of-the art infrastructure of the UGC sponsored Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC) at Dibrugarh University here and assured facilitating release of more grants to make it functional, university sources told The Assam Tribune.
          FDR3729 17 Intelligence Agencies Did Not Say Russia Hacked Election    
After the New York Times issued a retraction to the often repeated claim that 17 U.S. Intelligence agencies claim that the Russian government "Hacked The Election" - the Russia narrative is dead. New York Times Retraction: "A White House Memo article on Monday about President Trump's deflections and denials about Russia referred incorrectly to the source of an intelligence assessment that said Russia orchestrated hacking attacks during last year's presidential election. The assessment was made by four intelligence agencies — the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency. The assessment was not approved by all 17 organizations in the American intelligence community."Article: support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at:
           Studies on quantitative abundance of Euphausiacea (Crustacea) with special reference to distribution in space and time along the southwest coast of India    
Mathew, K J (1980) Studies on quantitative abundance of Euphausiacea (Crustacea) with special reference to distribution in space and time along the southwest coast of India. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 22 (1&2). pp. 123-148.
          Edition 1470   
Sets the agenda in Asia and considers what’s been dominating the day in Europe and North America. The programme is sometimes co-hosted out of our Toronto and New York bureaux and features regular interviews with special guests both there and across the Americas, as well as experts and analysts at our studios in London.
          Tell Us Which Project You ♥ the Most   
hero Popsicle Pool Party

Release the fireworks! A long weekend of American celebration is upon us! But before we grab our stars, stripes and fun summer foods, we are sharing this week's top projects from our project gallery. Check out a modern take on Disney (for twins!), a big boy room all about garbage trucks (with none of the garbage!) and two summer parties that scream "It's summertime!" [...]

          Podcast #329: Summer Salad from Jun 30, 2017   
Hypp Fractal - "Euphoria" - Midnight C_C - "ôll_llô" - Impendulo Audiobinger - "Head Knocker" Resonancedj - "Like This Hotel" - Volume 4 (V/A) Audiobinger - "The Cypher" D-Smoker - "Bizntrak" - Volume 4 (V/A) Artofescapism - "Half the Point" Lobo Loco - "Maximum Respect for YOU" - Little Caesar Komiku - "Xenobiological Forest" - It's time for adventure ! vol 5 Anonymous420 - "Bitcoin Day" - Startup Nation Anonymous420 - "Summer™" - Startup Nation Springtide - "Distant Thunder, Sunday Morning (Again) ." - Sounds strange, weird, but unmistakably romantic (beta) Jenny Hval - "Period Piece" - Live at WFMU for Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B, 10/14/2016 Tapes and Tubes - "Salad Days" - Retroactive PC-One - "A Dark Blue Arc (Instrumental Acoustic)" - PC-One Sgons (Instrumentals) Frederic Lardon feat Laura Palmée - "Dans le love" - Korgi Frederic Lardon feat Laura Palmée - "Dans la glotte" - Korgi
          249158-2017: Suède-Ludvika: Matériaux de bâtiment   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          Registered Nurse - MA   
MA-Boston, There is currently an urgent need for a Registered Nurse with interest and experience conducting home health care. This is a full-time, permanent position with a fantastic lucrative pay and only Monday-Friday shifts, flexibility with schedules, as well as a full benefits package which includes medical, vision, life, dental, retirement, and more. All candidates MUST have the following experiences t
INFOGRAPHISTE MULTIMEDIA POSTE A POURVOIR 1ER SEPTEMBRE 2017 Leader mondial de la C.A.O Electricité, 380 personnes avec forte présence internationale, nous concevons des logiciels DAO CAO en schématique électrique. Missions : Intégré dans léquipe...
          Re: Landrieu discusses Affordable Care Act, Trump, presidential ambitions in POLITICO podcast   
Wrong most of the time? Mitch, you truly are an insane moron.
Posted by Cowboy
          Patient Care Coordinator   
MA-Boston, Patient Care Coordinator PSG has teamed up with a leading healthcare provider located in Boston. This institution is affiliated with some of Boston's most reputable hospitals so there's unlimited potential for growth! The Patient Care Coordinator is a full-time, 40 hour work week. The ideal candidate will play a vital role as the organization's first point of contact. It's essential that the Patie
          Social Media Editor   
MA-Boston, Social Media Editor There is an amazing full-time opportunity to join one the fastest growing companies in the Boston area. This is a nationally recognized company and the industry leader for internet travel experience. Currently, they are working on multiple Social Media Editor openings. This is a unique opportunity to join an established team that encourages a high level of autonomy while still
          Business Planning - Project Manager   
MA-Boston, Business Planning - Project Manager-1704365 Description The Project Manager is a senior project management role that leads and manages all aspects of multiple large-scale projects and strategic initiatives with significant financial or business impact ranging in size and complexity. He/She will implement projects within scope, on time and within budget. The Project Manager III will manage and coac
          Avoid constantly freeing and reallocing small internal buffers associated with LSM cursors. Instead, allow them to persist for the lifetime of the cursor if they are LSM_SEGMENTPTR_FREE_THRESHOLD (default 1024) bytes or smaller. This change is based on research by Martijn Blaauw. (tags: trunk)   
Avoid constantly freeing and reallocing small internal buffers associated with LSM cursors. Instead, allow them to persist for the lifetime of the cursor if they are LSM_SEGMENTPTR_FREE_THRESHOLD (default 1024) bytes or smaller. This change is based on research by Martijn Blaauw. (tags: trunk)
Kathryn P. Boswell Memorial Chapel
Kathryn P. Boswell Memorial Chapel

 East Central University announced it is immediately withdrawing its efforts to remove religious icons from the historic Kathryn P. Boswell Memorial Chapel. The action was in response to a recent letter from the Washington, D.C.-based Americans United for Separation of Church and State letter to the state university. 
“We moved too quickly,” said Katricia Pierson, ECU president. “We regret not taking time to pause and thoughtfully consider the request and the results of our actions on all of the students, faculty and community members who we serve.”
Pierson said initially the university removed some items to show support for all cultures and religious beliefs. The chapel is used for various religions, student clubs and events.
“This requires a more thoughtful and deliberate approach to the request,” Pierson said. “That will be our next step.”
Pierson said the university will immediately begin convening a committee of students, faculty and community members who represent a diversity of viewpoints to study the issue.
“I commend ECU for reviewing the policies, and taking the time to thoughtfully consider the impacts on everyone in the university and Ada community,” says Senator Greg McCortney.
“ECU is committed to diversity and welcomes different perspectives. This is an opportunity to have a thoughtful dialogue,” adds Pierson.  “ECU will not take further action until the committee has had ample time to discuss and establish policies or guidelines for religious expressions in the art, history, architecture, study and areas of worship on campus.”
“Any further actions will be taken after our conversations with the committee and our valued community of students, faculty, alumni and Ada citizens,” Pierson said.

For Immediate Release: 

Friday, June 30, 2017

Contact: Brian Johnson or Amy Ford


          Thomson Reuters: Down the Hall with Practical Law : Why Litigators Should Take EDiscovery Seriously   

To a lot of litigators, discovery and especially eDiscovery is a time-consuming and expensive process. In this episode of Thomson Reuters: Down the Hall with Practical Law, host Craig Vaughn talks to Kelly Griffith, Senior Legal Editor with Practical Law Litigation, about the relevance of eDiscovery and how it has changed since she entered the industry. Their discussion includes social media, the internet of things, and potential pushback from clients who are new or unfamiliar with eDiscovery.

Kelly Griffith, is a senior legal editor responsible for eDiscovery resources available through Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law service.

          Art Exhibition: Flora/Fauna/Feathers of Richmond County   

Date: August 12, 2017

Come view original artwork celebrating nature and the natural environment of Staten Island. Flora/Fauna/Feathers of Richmond County is sponsored by Protectors of Pine Oak Woods, Staten Island’s land conservation organization.

Exhibition hours: Monday – Friday by appointment only, Saturday 1:00 – 4:00 p.m

Organized & curated by Gail Middleton / Creative Photographers Guild

Opening reception: Saturday, May 6, 2017 / 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Start time: 1:00 pm

End time: 4:00 pm

Contact phone: (718) 227-1463

Location: H.H. Biddle House (in Conference House Park)

          Central Park Tour: Heart of the Park   

Date: August 12, 2017

Walk straight through the heart of Central Park on this east-to-west tour led by Central Park Conservancy guides. Enjoy a great variety of the scenic, sculptural, and architectural elements the park has to offer. Visit some of the park's most famous landmarks, including Conservatory Water, Loeb Boathouse, Bethesda Terrace, Bow Bridge, Cherry Hill, the lake, and Strawberry Fields.

The tour route involves a few stairs. The tour starts in front of the Samuel F. B. Morse statue (inside the Park at 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue), and ends at 72nd Street and Central Park West.

For weather cancellation and other ticket policies, please review the Central Park Conservancy's policies carefully.

Groups of seven or more must schedule a custom tour three weeks in advance at

For more information, please review these Frequently Asked Questions.

Start time: 2:00 pm

End time: 3:30 pm

Contact phone: (212) 794-6564

Location: East 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue (in Central Park)

          Queens Botanical Garden Activity Table   

Date: August 12, 2017

Every weekend from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., please stop by our activity table to create something new. Activities are appropriate for all ages!

Start time: 2:00 pm

End time: 4:00 pm

Contact phone: (718) 886-3800

Location: Queens Botanical Garden

          Quotable: “Act Confident, even when you’re not”   
Larry Ellison via Startup Quote. Great quote, but easier said than done (by me) sometimes.
          The Un-Billable Hour : How Your Technology Mindset Affects Your Legal Business - Rebroadcast   

Everyone has had technology issues. Whether it’s yanking paper out of your printer, restarting your computer for the fifth time this week, or struggling to open certain kinds of files, no law firm operates free from technology challenges. In this episode of The Un-Billable Hour, host Chris Anderson talks to Tom Lambotte, CEO of GlobalMacIT, about the effect different technology mindsets have on legal businesses. Some of these mindsets include ignoring smaller tech problems, avoiding issues until they are severe, and lawyers acting as their own IT experts. Ultimately, technology can save you time and money but only if you look at it with a healthy mindset.

Tom Lambotte founded GlobalMacIT in 2007. He is renowned nationwide as an author, speaker, trusted IT advisor, and cutting edge, successful provider of the #1 complete end-to-end IT solution for Mac-Based Law Firms in the world.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Answer1 and Solo Practice University.

          Sunday Tai Chi   

Date: August 13, 2017

Led by certified instructors from the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA, these classes offer the opportunity to learn Taoist Tai Chi, improve one’s health, relax, and exercise in an outdoor setting among changing exhibitions of contemporary sculpture.

Start time: 11:00 am

End time: 12:00 pm

Contact phone: (718) 956-1819

Location: Socrates Sculpture Park

          Comment on Formula Drift Road Atlanta – 2017 by How To Remove A Mole With Baking Soda And Castor Oil   
<strong>How To Remove A Mole With Baking Soda And Castor Oil</strong> [...]the time to read or pay a visit to the content or web pages we've linked to beneath the[...]
          Huge Show June 30 Hour 2   
Huge takes calls about appropriate times for fireworks
          Rome fountains run dry as heat wave sparks ‘exceptional’ drought across Italy   
Preview Rome’s traditional water fountains will be shut off for the first time in more than 140 years as a punishing heat wave continues to affect much of Italy.
Read Full Article at
          ‘We’ve loved our time in Russia!’ – Germany Confed Cup captain Draxler   
Preview German international footballer Julian Draxler, who is captaining his team at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia, has shared his experience in an open letter to Russian fans and organizers.
Read Full Article at
          Revalidate in an evening – join us in Oxford or online!   

Do you hold CILIP Professional Registration (ACLIP, MCLIP or FCLIP)?

Do you need to revalidate but don't know where to start?

Then come along to this session and complete your revalidation in an evening alongside other CILIP members in the Thames Valley.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry, you can join us virtually! We will also be running the session via Twitter at the same time, so follow @CILIPTV and keep an eye out for #CILIPReval


The workshop will begin with a very short presentation on Revalidation and a demonstration of the CILIP VLE by South East Candidate Support Officer Nicola Beer.

The rest of the time will be self-paced, so you can log your CPD (20 hours over the last twelve months), ask questions and get writing your statements (it’s only 250 words!).

Free Wi-Fi is available but you’ll need to bring your own laptop or other portable devices.

We’ll be tweeting all the key info and if you’re following along online you can ask us questions and most importantly, let us know how you’re getting on and keep each other motivated using the #CILIPReval hashtag.


To ensure the session runs smoothly please do the following prior to the session:

  • Make sure you’re registered for the CILIP website and can access the VLE. Once you’ve accessed the VLE you can register for the Revalidation module. Remember to bring your login with you. Guidance on accessing the VLE is available on the CILIP website.
  • Bring details of the CPD activities that you have completed in the previous 12 months and you would like to log for your Revalidation (the minimum is 20 hours)



Thu, 13th Jul 2017 -
7:00pm to 8:30pm
Nicola Beer

OCVA Training Suite, The Old Courthouse

Floyds’ Row
OX1 1SS Oxford

United Kingdom


  • The session is free - and there is also no charge to submit your revalidation - you just have to be a CILIP member and up to date with your membership fees.
Free Event: 

          Reflection: The 3 P's   
On the 27th February, I received one of the best emails I have ever received. I had been selected to join a once in a lifetime internship with UNICEF’s Voices of Youth, working alongside young people ...
          NYT retracts claim that ‘17 US intelligence agencies’ verified Russian DNC email hack   
Preview The New York Times has retracted its claim that all 17 US intelligence agencies agreed that Russia was behind the hack of Democratic emails in an effort to influence the 2016 election in favor of Republican candidate Donald Trump.
Read Full Article at
          6-30 Kevin Anderson says collegiate athletes should stay at least three seasons   
The AD of Maryland Kevin Anderson joins Gary and Larry to chat about his time at CAL, friendship with Dusty Baker his relationship with Under Armour and their impact in sports and his thoughts on the one-and-done rule.
          Elon Musk teases ‘car pod’ in sneak-peak of LA subterranean highway work (VIDEO)   
Preview For a project only taking up ‘two or three percent’ of his time, updates on The Boring Company’s developing tunnel network have been filling up Elon Musk’s Twitter timeline of late.
Read Full Article at
          U2's East Rutherford #2 setlist, 29/06/17   

It was the penultimate night of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017's first leg, and tonight's concert in East Rutherford was also the last doubleheader in the United States this tour.

The setlist was largely identical to last night. Bad was performed for the ninth concert in succession; the last time it reached a streak this long was all the way back on the Zooropa leg of the ZooTV Tour when it was done 17 concerts in a row from 18 July 1993 in Bologna to 28 August 1993 in Dublin. Prior to this it was rare for the song to miss a concert at all. During Trip, Bono went on an extended reminiscence of when Edge and Larry briefly toured with an Irish country band called the Drifting Cowboys during U2's formative period, and advice they received from a band member to leave rock music for country.

The set changes came in the encore. Mysterious Ways was performed for the second time this tour after missing four concerts. The previous performance was on 18 June 2017 in Philadelphia where it replaced Ultraviolet. This time Ultraviolet remained in the set, coming directly after Mysterious Ways and retaining the Luminous Icons visuals. One closed the night. On a sidenote, it is worth pointing out that every two tours the band change the way they play Mysterious Ways. On ZooTV and PopMart it was done with a piano introduction which was dropped on subsequent tours. Elevation and Vertigo featured the song as on the Achtung Baby album, but retaining the Edge's slide solo from earlier tours. On 360 and I+E the slide solo was dropped from the performance, and now on The Joshua Tree 2017 it has reverted to the Elevation/Vertigo style.

The full set was as follows:

  1. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  2. New Year's Day
  3. Bad / America (snippet)
  4. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
  5. Where The Streets Have No Name / California (There Is No End To Love) (snippet)
  6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
  7. With Or Without You
  8. Bullet The Blue Sky
  9. Running To Stand Still
  10. Red Hill Mining Town
  11. In God's Country
  12. Trip Through Your Wires
  13. One Tree Hill
  14. Exit / Wise Blood (snippet) / Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (snippet)
  15. Mothers Of The Disappeared

  16. encore(s):
  17. Miss Sarajevo / The New Colossus (snippet)
  18. Beautiful Day / People Have The Power (snippet)
  19. Elevation
  20. Vertigo / Rock 'N' Roll Nigger (snippet)
  21. Mysterious Ways
  22. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
  23. One / Hear Us Coming (snippet)
All details for this show including reviews, videos and photos can be found here.

If you attended the show we ask you to share your concert review or photos with other site visitors. You can post your review of the show here and upload your pictures here.

          The 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters of All Time   
"There's no accounting for taste," said someone it seems rather a long time ago. Well, okay, some accounting. We wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't have rationalizations for our pick of gaming's most influential super-spies, brawlers, arch-villains and redoubtable heroines. But before you wade in, a note about "influential," which we endeavored not to confuse with related terms like "beloved" or "innovative.
          "It's as frustrating to me as it is anyone on offense, any time you're not getting it done. Dropped balls, we had a few of those. Poor throws, we had those. We threw too many interceptions. There were just a lot of things. It was not any one thing that got us beat." - Erik Ainge   
"It's as frustrating to me as it is anyone on offense, any time you're not getting it done. Dropped balls, we had a few of those. Poor throws, we had those. We threw too many interceptions. There were just a lot of things. It was not any one thing that got us beat." - Erik Ainge
          Estimator for Sheet Metal Job Shop - Innovated Machine & Tool Co., Inc. - Newport News, VA   
As contract manufacturers for over 30 years, we strive to give excellent customer service by providing accurately fabricated sheet metal parts, on time, every...
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          Palestinian fined $200 for wearing underpants instead of bathing suit on Israeli beach – media   
Preview A long-awaited trip to the sea has turned into a hefty penalty for a Palestinian factory worker, who went to a beach in Israel for the first time in two decades and got fined for wearing underpants instead of a bathing suit, Haaretz reports.
Read Full Article at
          2017 Le Tour de France starts tomorrow in Düsseldorf    
 The route of the 2017 Tour de France 
Starting on 1st July in Düsseldorf 
and finishing in Paris on 23rd July

Stage 1: 14km individual TT 

It's that magical three week of the year again – the Tour de France starts tomorrow with a 14 kilometre flat time trial in the centre of Düsseldorf. At 14 kilometres it is a least twice the distance of most prologues and long enough to create some gaps between the favourites for the Yellow Jersey.

The Tour is often not as exciting as the Giro d'Italia or the Vuelta but even so as the biggest bike race and sporting event in the world it has its own magic.

Will Chris Froome win his 4th Tour? He is yet to win a race this year and his time trial in the Dauphine was disappointing. However, form in the Dauphine isn't always real indicator to how riders perform in the Tour. If Froome is back to his best he might get a flying start from tomorrow's TT, at least over Nairo Quintana and Romain Bardet but unlikely to gain time over Alberto Contador or Richie Porte. 

Froome's rivals include Romain Bardet, who was second last year. Bardet will look to win this year but will the curse of French expectations in not having a Tour winner since Bernard Hinault won the 1985 edition. Richie Porte is strongly fancied this year after winning the Tour Down Under and the Tour of Romandie. However, he lost the Dauphine on the last day when he was left isolated by his team, although he fought hard to have his first place just losing out to Jakob Fulsang, who could be a contender if he can hold his form. Also Porte has yet to really perform over the full three weeks of a Grand Tour but this year could be different. And what of Fabio Aru, Fulsang's team mate? At 28 he should be in his prime and he was very impressive when he won last Sunday's Italian Road Race Championship.

Nairo Quintana nearly won this year's Giro d'Italia losing to Tom Dumoulin in the TT on the last day. We will have to see if he has fully recovered from the Giro. With only 34 kms of TTs this year he should not be in danger of losing important time on his rivals but that has to be set against there only being three mountain top finishes. Alberto Contador had the bad luck to crash on the opening stage last year. Although, he can be counted on making the racing exciting does Contador, at 34, have the form to win the Tour once again.  

Could it all come down to the final time trial on 22nd July in Marseille which includes the sharp steep climb up to Notre Dame de la Garde?    

Peter Sagan. 

Stage 1 contenders   
Will look at this in a post tomorrow.  

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Assist in the development &amp; implementation of the Master Contract with the City of New York, to provide timely access to City Capital funds....
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          Hottest Deals of the Summer   
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          Comment on Ontario Set to Criminalize Amateur BJJ And Grappling Competition As Of July 1, 2017 by James   
That's Crazy. BJJ is a part of military training and is a fundamental of MMA.How can you justify making it illegal. Having done BJJ for a long time now, I also believe females should learn BJJ and have experience given the fact that most attacks on women end up with them on the ground and on their back and in that case Boxing or Mauy Thai isn't going to help them in that situation. How are they going to get their experience and confidence.
          S. Korea to deploy digital air defense early warning system in 2019   
Preview South Korea has developed a new modern air defense warning system, relying on digital communications. The will allow fast sharing, real-time battlespace images among military units.
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We are looking for a Karate/Martial Arts Instructor with experience working with children who have special needs. Start time will be August. Please email us
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          June 30, 2017 - Did GOP run an Operation to Hack into Hillary's emails?   
Pat discusses an article in the Wall Street Journal which features an interview with a long-time researcher for the Republican party. Did the GOP try to purposefully hack into Hillary Clinton's email server and then give what they allegedly found to Wikileaks? Was Michael Flynn involved?
          Assistir Vila Nova x Criciúma AO VIVO Online 30/06/2017   

Assistir Vila Nova x Criciúma AO VIVO 30/06/2017 

       Assistir Vila Nova x Criciúma AO VIVO Online 30/06/2017 - Horário: 20:30h -Transmissão - Jogo na TV: Premiere PFC - Série B 

Em pouco mais de uma hora tem bola rolando, no Estádio Olímpico Pedro Ludovico Teixeira, para este duelo válido pela 11ª rodada da Série B, o jogo foi marcado para às 20:30h ( de Brasília),  a transmissão ao vivo será pelo canal Premiere PFC. Aguarde o vídeo completo dos gols ou melhores momentos.

Classificação: O Vila Nova está de olho na liderança da Competição, o time tem tido um bom resultados nos últimos jogos, vem no terceiro lugar, com 18 pontos, está separado do líder Juventude por apenas 4 pontos. Na rodada passada, venceu o clássico contra o Goiás por 2x0. Nos últimos cinco jogo tem apenas uma derrota.

Já o time de Criciúma, aparece na nona posição, está de olho no G4, com 14 pontos, embalado com três vitórias seguidas, se vencer hoje vai chegar à mesma pontuação do líder Internacional.

Rádios - Ouvir Vila Nova x Criciúma ao vivo online

Atualizações de gols  - Aperte F5 para atualizar:
Primeiro Tempo:
00:00' -  

Vila Nova x Criciúma
Assistir ao vivo pela TV online - Acesse:
Página 1 ou Página 2
Assistir Vila Nova x Criciúma AO VIVO Grátis em HD 30/06/2017

 Vila Nova x Criciúma - Acompanhe aqui o tempo real 

Competição: Copa das Confederações 

Confira também: 
Futebol Internacional 
Tempo Real - Classificação 
 Gols - Resultado
Aguarde o vídeo dos gols ou melhores momentos

tags:  Assistir Vila Nova x Criciúma ao vivo 30/06/2017,  Assistir Vila Nova x Criciúma AO VIVO 2017,    Assistir Jogo Vila Nova x Criciúma 30/06/2017 Série B, Assistir Criciúma x Vila Nova ao vivo hoje 30/06/2017

          Assistir Paysandu x Luverdense AO VIVO Online 30/06/2017    

Assistir Paysandu x Luverdense AO VIVO 30/06/2017 

       Assistir Paysandu x Luverdense AO VIVO Online 30/06/2017 - Horário: 19:15h -Transmissão - Jogo na TV: SporTV e Premiere PFC - Série B - 

Em crise, o Paysandu abre os portões do Estádio da Curuzu, para recebe o Luverdense, jogo válido pela 11ª rodada da Série B, o confronto marcado para às 19:15h ( de Brasília), vai ter transmissão ao vivo pelos canais SporTV e Premiere PFC. Aguarde o vídeo completo dos gols ou melhores momentos.

Classificação: O Papão da Curuzu, que já esteve na liderança, está rodada após rodada rumo abaixo na tabela de classificação, vem na décima quarta posição, com 12 pontos, já são seis jogos sem vencer - 4 derrotas e 2 empates - na última rodada perdeu para o CRB por 2x1. Em caso de mais uma derrota, vai acabar a rodada na zona de rebaixamento, isso porque o adversário de hoje, vice-lanterna, tem só um ponto a menos, e dois time da degola tem a mesma pontuação do time paraense.

O Luverdense somou até aqui 11 pontos, vem de derrota para o América-MG por 3x0, antes dessa derrota estava até vindo bem, vinha de duas vitórias e dois empates.

Estreia: O Paysandu mudou o comando do time, hoje vai estrear Marquinhos Santos.

Desfalques: Para o jogo de hoje o técnico não poderá contar com o lateral Peri e o volante Wesley, este último encerrou o contrato com o clube, acabou o tempo

Desfalques no Luverdense: O técnico Júnior Rocha,  terá desfalques quatro desfalques importantes, o  goleiro Diogo Silva, o lateral Aderlan, o zagueiro Pablo e o volante Ricardo .

Rádios - Ouvir Paysandu x Luverdense ao vivo online

Super Rádio Marajoara 1130 AM
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00:00' -  

Paysandu 1x0 Luverdense
Assistir ao vivo pela TV online - Acesse:
Página 1 ou Página 2
Assistir Paysandu x Luverdense AO VIVO Grátis em HD 30/06/2017

 Paysandu x Luverdense - Acompanhe aqui o tempo real 

Competição: Copa das Confederações 

Confira também: 
Futebol Internacional 
Tempo Real - Classificação 
 Gols - Resultado
Aguarde o vídeo dos gols ou melhores momentos


Local: Estádio da Curuzu, em Belém (PA)
Data: 30 de junho de 2017, sexta-feira
Horário: 19h15 (Brasília)
Árbitro: Jean Pierre Gonçalves Lima (RS)
Assistentes: Lucio Beiersdorf Flor (RS) e André da Silva Bitencourt (RS)

PAYSANDU: Emerson; Ayrton, Perema, Fernando Lombardi e William Simões; Augusto Recife, Ricardo Capanema, Jhonnatan e Diogo Oliveira; Bérgson e Marcão
Técnico: Marquinhos Santos

LUVERDENSE: Gabriel Leite; Gabriel Passos, Willian, Neguete e Paulinho; Diego Lorenzi, Marcos Aurélio e Moacir; Léo Cereja, Rafael Ratão e Rafael Silva
Técnico: Júnior Rocha

tags:  Assistir Ponte Preta x Sol de América ao vivo 29/06/2017,  Assistir Ponte Preta x Sol de América AO VIVO 2017,    Assistir Jogo Ponte Preta x Sol de América 29/06/2017 Copa Sul-Americana, Assistir Sol de América x Ponte Preta ao vivo hoje 29/06/2017

          Fluminense x Universidad Católica AO VIVO Online - Copa Sul-Americana   

 Fluminense x Universidad Católica AO VIVO 29/06/2017 

    Fluminense x Universidad Católica AO VIVO Online 29/06/2017 - Horário: 21:45h -Transmissão - Jogo na TV: SporTV - Copa Sul-Americana

O Maracanã vai ser o palco de primeiro compromisso dos times na segunda fase da Copa Sul-Americana, o duelo está marcado para às 21:45h ( de Brasília), a transmissão ao vivo na TV será pelo canal SporTV - Aguarde  o vídeo completo dos gols ou melhores.

Rádios - Ouvir Fluminense x Universidad Católica ao vivo online

Atualizações de gols  - Aperte F5 para atualizar:
Segundo Tempo:

E QUE GOLAÇO DE WENDEL!!! Camisa 6 recebeu e acertou uma pancada do meio da rua na gaveta de Mosquera. A bola chegou a bater no "V" antes de entrar. GOLAÇO NO MARACANÃ!!!

Primeiro Tempo:
Gol de Henrique Dourado! No seu estilo, Ceifador desloca o goleiro. Galíndez no canto direito, bola no canto esquerdo. 
Gol de Richarlison! Lucas lança, Carabalí fura. A bola fica com Henrique Dourado na linha de fundo, na esquerda da área. O camisa 9 cruza, Galíndez deixa a bola passar entre as suas mãos, e Richarlison aparece na pequena área para mandar para o gol vazio. Que lambança da zaga equatoriana! Fluminense amplia no Maracanã!
26:00' -  GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL DO FLUMINENSE - Gol de Henrique Dourado! Léo cruza, zaga afasta mal. Richarlison e Wendel dividem com a zaga, a bola sobra para Calazans na área, que domina mal. A bola fica com Henrique Dourado, livre, de frente para o goleiro. Aí ele não perdoou. Camisa 9 deu de chapa no canto direito de Galíndez.
Cifuentes recebe e colocado rasteiro, mas Júlio César cai para fazer a defesa sem dificuldade.
07:00' -   Universidad de Quito se defende com os 11 no campo de defesa, enquanto o Fluminense troca passes e procura espaços no campo de ataque.
04:00' -   Henrique Dourado tenta passe para Léo, mas a bola sai pela lateral.
02:00' -   Bola sobra para Gustavo Scarpa no meio. Camisa 10 tenta enfiada para Richarlison, mas Obando corta. Na sequência, lançamento longo para Cifuentes, que é flagrado em impedimento.
00:00' - ROLA A BOLA Fluminense começa tentando uma ligação direta, mas a zaga do Universidad corta.
Pré jogo:
21:37h -  Fluminense finaliza o aquecimento.
21:35h -  Bola rolando em 10 minutos!

Fluminense 4x0 Universidad Católica

Assistir Fluminense x Universidad Católica AO VIVO Grátis em HD 29/06/2017

 Fluminense x Universidad Católica - Acompanhe aqui o tempo real 

O time das Laranjeiras chega empolgado para o duelo, na última rodada ficou no empate em 1x1 com o São Paulo, estava vindo de vitória sobre o Avaí por 3x0, os dois jogos foram fora de casa, com esses resultados o time já está namorando a zona de classificação para a Libertadores.

Não empolgou na Sul-Americana: O time do técnico Abel Braga sofreu para despachar o Liverpool, do Uruguai, venceu por 2x0 em casa, e lá perdeu por 2x0.

 O Universidad, por outro lado, teve uma vida mais tranquila, derrotou o Petrolero pr 3 a 1 como visitante e fazendo 3 a 0 jogando ao lado de sua torcida.

O técnico Abel Braga, do Fluminense, comentou sobre o jogo:
“Sabemos que o Fluminense não vai encontrar nenhuma facilidade nesta Copa Sul-Americana. Muitos falaram que o jogo contra o Liverpool seria fácil e tivemos problemas para avançar. A Católica tem jogadores pretendidos por grandes clubes do continente e isso por si só já se mostra um grau de dificuldade. Ainda mais porque o time deles também tem aspirações”

Competição: Copa das Confederações 

Confira também: 
Futebol Internacional 
Tempo Real - Classificação 
 Gols - Resultado
Aguarde o vídeo dos gols ou melhores momentos


Local: Maracanã, no Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Data: 29 de junho de 2017 (Quinta-feira)
Horário: 21h45(de Brasília)
Árbitro: Gustavo Murillo (Colômbia)
Assistentes: Humberto Clavijo (Colômbia) e Dionisio Ruíz (Colômbia)

FLUMINENSE: Júlio César, Lucas, Reginaldo, Henrique e Léo; Wendel, Jefferson Orejuela, Marquinhos Calazans e Gustavo Scarpa; Richarlison e Henrique Dourado
Técnico: Abel Braga

UNIVERSIDAD DE QUITO: Hernán Galíndez, Marcos López, César Obando, Juan Anangonó e Elvis Patta; Wilmer Godoy, Romario Ibarra, Facundo Martinez, Matías Defederico e Wilmer Meneses; Jhon Cifuentes
Técnico: Jorge Célico

tags:   Fluminense x Universidad Católica ao vivo 29/06/2017,   Fluminense x Universidad Católica  AO VIVO 2017,    Jogo Fluminense x Universidad Católica 29/06/2017 Copa Sul-Americana , Universidad x Fluminense ao vivo hoje 29/06/2017

          Gateway to Metal Casting   

Casting is an exciting and very useful pastime, but it’s not exactly common these days. That’s a problem whether you’re just getting started or have been doing it for years: everyone can use the advice of another. Fear not! The US Department of Energy is here to help with the Industrial Metal’s Program’s Metal Casting cornucopia.

Although not strictly a hack, this is certainly a facilitator of hacks and any experienced user would do themselves some good by perusing the site. Click on the maps to find complex issues presented remarkably well for papers at this level of rigor. Seriously, …read more

          Atlético-MG x Botafogo AO VIVO Online - Copa do Brasil   

Atlético-MG x Botafogo AO VIVO 29/06/2017 

     Atlético-MG x Botafogo AO VIVO Online 29/06/2017 - Horário: 19:30h -Transmissão - Jogo na TV: Fox Sports - Copa do Brasil

Hoje tem bola rolando, na Arena Independência, para o primeiro compromisso dos times pelas quartas de final da Copa do Brasil, o duelo foi marcado para às 19:30h ( de Brasília), na TV a transmissão ao vivo será pelo canal Fox Sports.  Aguarde o vídeo completo dos gols ou melhores momentos.

Fase anterior:  O Botafogo passou pelo Sport, o jogo decisivo foi em casa, derrotou o Leão por 2x0, na partida de ida o placar ficou em 1x1.  O Galo, por outro lado, derrotou o Paraná, no confronto de ida perdeu por 3x2, mas em casa respondeu com 2x0 e ficou com a vaga.

Desfalques no Atlético-MG: O técnico Roger Machado não poderá contar com  Marcos Rocha, que continua no departamento médico, assim como não poderá ter os serviços de Carlos César, que ainda continua se recuperando da lesão.

Mas como poderá contar com outros jogadores que estão recuperados de lesões, o técnico deve repetir o esquema mais ofensivo, com quatro homens na frente.
Reforços no Botafogo: Jair Ventura terá os serviços do zagueiro Joel Carli e do voltante João Paulo, os dois cumpriram suspensão automática no jogo contra o Avaí.

O técnico Jair Ventura fala sobre o jogo:
“Temos que fazer um bom jogo, buscar gols, pois é importante para o regulamento, e conquistar um resultado que nos dê condições de fazermos uma partida mais tranquila na volta, no Rio de Janeiro”, disse Ventura.

Rádios - Ouvir Atlético-MG x Botafogo ao vivo online

Atualizações de gols  - Aperte F5 para atualizar:
Primeiro Tempo:
00:00' -  

Atlético-MG 1x0 Botafogo

 Atlético-MG x Botafogo - Acompanhe aqui o tempo real 

Competição: Copa das Confederações 

Confira também: 
Futebol Internacional 
Tempo Real - Classificação 
 Gols - Resultado
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Local: Arena Independência, em Belo Horizonte (MG)
Data: 29 de junho de 2017 (Quinta-feira)
Horário: 19h30 (de Brasília)
Árbitro: Dewson Fernando Freitas da Silva (Fifa-PA)
Assistentes: Kleber Lucio Gil (Fifa-SC) e Bruno Boschilia (Fifa-PR)

ATLÉTICO-MG: Victor, Yago, Léo Silva, Gabriel, Fábio Santos; Elias, Rafael Carioca, Luan, Cazares, Robinho; Fred
Técnico: Roger Machado

BOTAFOGO: Gatito Fernández, Emerson Santos, Joel Carli, Igor Rabello e Víctor Luís; Rodrigo Lindoso, Bruno Silva, João Paulo e Camilo; Rodrigo Pimpão e Roger

Técnico: Jair Ventura

tags:  Atlético-MG x Botafogo ao vivo 29/06/2017,   Atlético-MG x Botafogo VIVO 2017,     Jogo Atlético-MG x Botafogo 29/06/2017 Copa do Brasil , Botafogo x Atlético-MG ao vivo hoje 29/06/2017

           Fluminense x Universidad Católica AO VIVO 29/06/2017 - Transmissão TV - Horário   

Assistir  Fluminense x Universidad Católica AO VIVO 29/06/2017 - Transmissão TV - Horário

SporTV - 21:45h ( Brasília )

Assistir Fluminense x Universidad Católica AO VIVO 29/06/2017 - Transmissão TV - Horário -  Hoje o primeiro compromisso válido pela partida da ida da segunda fase da Copa Sul-Americana será no Maracanã, os times voltam a se encontrar no próximo mês, dia 27, no Estádio Olímpico Atahualpa. O duelo está marcado para às 21:45h ( de Brasília), com transmissão ao vivo pela SporTV. - Aguarde o vídeo dos gols ou melhoresomentos.

Saiba mais

Mais informações sobre o jogo: Fluminense x Universidad Católica - Aguarde o vídeo dos gols ou melhores momentos. 

Placar - Fluminense 4x0 Universidad Católica 
Assistir  Fluminense x Universidad Católica AO VIVO 29/06/2017

Fluminense x Universidad Católica - Acompanhe aqui o tempo real 

Confira também:
Tempo Real- Classificação
Gols - Resultado:

          By: joeinvegas   
Poor excuse for not posting. I think we all spend too much time reading (well, maybe not too much, perhaps not enough, or, OK, too much)
          Ponte Preta x Sol de América AO VIVO Online - Copa Sul-Americana   

Ponte Preta x Sol de América AO VIVO 29/06/2017 

    Ponte Preta x Sol de América AO VIVO Online 29/06/2017 - Horário: 19:15h -Transmissão - Jogo na TV: SporTV - Copa Sul-Americana

Logo mais tem bola rolando, no Estádio Moisés Lucarelli, para este duelo válido pelo jogo  de ida da segunda fase da Copa Sul-Americana, o confronto com transmissão ao vivo para o Brasil somente pelo canal SporTV, está marcado para às 19:15h ( de Brasília ). Aguarde o vídeo completo dos gols ou melhores momentos.

Empenho: Apesar de jogar ao lado de sua torcida, onde não costuma perder, o técnico Gilson Kleina não quer ser surpreendido, ele pediu ao jogadores o máximo de empenho para começar com o pé direito rumo às oitavas de final, o jogo de volta está marcado para dia 26 de julho, no Paraguai.

O técnico da Macaca falou sobre o jogo:
“Queremos, de alguma forma, ter algum tipo de vantagem. Primeira situação é não tomar gol. Conversamos com os atletas, em momento algum tem que achar que não é uma equipe forte. Eles têm jogadores experientes, têm linhas defensivas próximas, marcam forte. Temos de ter o espírito da Sul-Americana”

Time quase completo: Kleina deve promover apenas duas mudanças no time que perdeu para o Palmeiras na última rodada do Brasileirão, uma delas é a entrada de Fernandinho, primeiro jogo com a camisa da Macaca.  A outra mudança será o atacante Claudinho no lugar de Lucca, que foi expulso na primeira fase e vai cumprir  suspensão.

Rádios - Ouvir Ponte Preta x Sol de América ao vivo online

Atualizações de gols  - Aperte F5 para atualizar:
Primeiro Tempo:
00:00' -  

Ponte Preta 1x0 Sol de América
Assistir Ponte Preta x Sol de América AO VIVO Grátis em HD 29/06/2017

 Ponte Preta x Sol de América - Acompanhe aqui o tempo real 

Competição: Copa das Confederações 

Confira também: 
Futebol Internacional 
Tempo Real - Classificação 
 Gols - Resultado
Aguarde o vídeo dos gols ou melhores momentos


Local: Estádio Moisés Lucareli, em Campinas-SP
Data: 29 de junho de 2017, quinta-feira
Hora: 19h15, de Brasília
Árbitro: José Argote (Venezuela)
Assistentes: Não Divulgado

PONTE PRETA: Aranha, Nino Paraíba, Marllon, Rodrigo e Fernandinho; Fernando Bob, Elton e Renato Cajá; Claudinho, Lins e Emerson Sheik
Técnico: Gilson Kleina

SOL DE AMÉRICA: Agustín Silva; Aldo Olmedo, Víctor Velázquez, Víctor Hugo Mareco, Gustavo Velázquez; Tomás Rojas (Adrián Vargas), Richard Franco, Claudio Vargas, David Mendieta (Walter Araújo); Rodrigo Ruíz Díaz (Isaac Díaz), Martín Giménez
Técnico: Fernando Ortiz

tags:  Ponte Preta x Sol de América ao vivo 29/06/2017, Ponte Preta x Sol de América AO VIVO 2017,     Jogo Ponte Preta x Sol de América 29/06/2017 Copa Sul-Americana,  Sol de América x Ponte Preta ao vivo hoje 29/06/2017

          Ponte Preta x Sol de América AO VIVO 29/06/2017 - Transmissão TV - Horário   

Ponte Preta x Sol de América AO VIVO 29/06/2017 - Transmissão TV - Horário

SporTV - 19:15h ( Brasília )

Ponte Preta x Sol de América  AO VIVO 29/06/2017 - Transmissão TV - Horário -  O Estádio Moisés Lucarelli, em Campinas, vai ser o palco deste encontro válido pela partida da ida da segunda fase da Copa Sul-Americana. O duelo está marcado para às 19:15h ( de Brasília), com transmissão ao vivo pela SporTV. - Aguarde o vídeo dos gols ou melhores momentos.

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Placar - Ponte Preta 1x0 Sol de América  
Assistir Ponte Preta x Sol de América AO VIVO 29/06/2017

Ponte Preta x Sol de América   - Acompanhe aqui o tempo real 

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          Hacking On Mars In “The Martian”   

It’s been 6 years since the hacker’s treat of a book, “The Martian” by Andy Weir, was self-published, and 2 years since the movie came out. We’ve talked about it briefly before, but enough time has passed that we can now write-up the book’s juicier hacks while being careful to not give away any plot spoilers. The book has more hacks than the movie so we’re using the book as the source.

For anyone unfamiliar with the story, Mark Watney is an astronaut who’s left for dead, by himself, on Mars. To survive, he has a habitat designed for six, …read more

          Atlético-MG x Botafogo AO VIVO 29/06/2017 - Transmissão TV - Horário   

 Atlético-MG x Botafogo AO VIVO 29/06/2017 - Transmissão TV - Horário

Fox Sports - 19:30h ( Brasília )

Atlético-MG x Botafogo AO VIVO 29/06/2017 - Transmissão TV - Horário -  O Estádio Independência, em Belo Horizonte, vai ser o palco deste confronto válido pelo jogo de ida das quartas de final da Copa do Brasil. O duelo está marcado para às 19:30h ( de Brasília), com transmissão ao vivo pela Fox Sports. - Aguarde o vídeo dos gols ou melhores momentos.

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Copa do Brasil

Mais informações sobre o jogo: Atlético-MG x Botafogo - Aguarde o vídeo dos gols ou melhores momentos. 

Placar - Atlético-MG 1x0 Botafogo 

Atlético-MG x Botafogo - Acompanhe aqui o tempo real 

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          Alemanha x México AO VIVO - Copa das Confederações   

Alemanha x México AO VIVO 29/06/2017 - Copa das Confederações

       Alemanha x México AO VIVO Online 29/06/2017 - Horário: 15:00h -Transmissão - Jogo na TV:  SporTV e Band - Copa das Confederações - Semifinal 

Logo mais tem bola rolando na Rússia, para este duelo que vai definir que irá para a grande final da Copa das Confederações contra o Chile, que despachou ontem Portugal por 3x0, nos pênaltis, o goleiro português pegou 3 pênaltis. O jogo tem agenda para às 15:00h ( de Brasília), Na TV, a transmissão ao vivo pelo canal Canal SporTV e na TV aberta pela Bandeirantes.  O torcedor assinante do SporTV tem ainda a opção de assistir pelo SporTV Play. O vai acompanhar o jogo em Tempo Real. Aguarde o vídeo completo dos gols ou melhores momentos.

Time de jovens: Os grandes nomes do futebol alemão não estão nessa Copa das Confederações, praticamente todos os jogadores são jovens, que estão despontando no futebol.

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00:00' -  

Alemanha 4x1 México
Encerrado - Alemanha encara o Chile na final!

 Alemanha x México - Acompanhe aqui o tempo real 

Competição: Copa das Confederações 

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          Comment #12   
and what sort of lawyer forms a trust and then mis spells its name on the snip ed ticket!

Yeah that bearer instument is a load of malarky, they match video footage of EVERY claimant with footage take at the time of purchase. and prob check the tickets for dna and fingerprints. im glad there is an investigation. someone bought it, and are either in dead or in a lunatic assylum/ jail rotting. im guessing dead.

not spilling his guts , is prob only thing lawyer has done right.

Th... [ More ]
          Toilet paper tablets will revolutionize your camping trips   

Next time you're camping, forget bringing huge, space-wasting toilet paper rolls. Instead, use these incredibly compact tablets. 

The post Toilet paper tablets will revolutionize your camping trips appeared first on Holy Kaw!.

          Comment #10   
It was me I turned it down. I had a job back then, now that I lost my job and unenjoyment ran out its time to claim the ticket
          ​SoCal Independence Day travelers to pay record-low price for gas   
The number of travelers over the Fourth of July holiday is expected to exceed a record high of 5 million statewide and 3.1 million in the Southland, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California. Those travelers also will pay the lowest Independence Day level prices for gas since 2005 in most areas, AAA said. As of June 29, the retail statewide average was $2.94 a gallon for regular unleaded, four cents less than a week ago. In 2005 at this time, the average California price was $2.46…

          Snoozing in the car has never been easier with the Carvet   

If you have a tendency to fall asleep while driving, this is not the invention for you. If you hate to waste time arranging a comfortable way to get a few zzzz's after pulling off the road, though, has inventor Colin Furze got you covered...literally.

The post Snoozing in the car has never been easier with the Carvet appeared first on Holy Kaw!.

          Piers Morgan’s cohost seems to hate him   

Susanna Reid is Piers Morgan's cohost on Good Morning Britain. And, as the title of this video indicates, she seems to die a little inside every time Piers Morgan opens his mouth.

The post Piers Morgan’s cohost seems to hate him appeared first on Holy Kaw!.

          Iowa officials trying to solve lotto mystery, may release surveillance video   
Investigators in Iowa may release surveillance video of a person who purchased an unclaimed lottery ticket in hopes the public will see something that will help a criminal probe.

The investigation, which was launched after the Jan. 27 deadline to claim the $14 million Iowa Hot Lotto jackpot, includes a New York attorney who briefly tried to claim the prize but refused to answer officials' question about how he obtained the winning ticket.

There is some point in time when you open it up [t... [ More ]
          Great Places in South Jersey to Eat Crabs, According to You   
Recently, we asked where you love to get eat crabs during summertime in South Jersey. Here's a list of places you recommended!
          Mixing Booze and Pot Is Serious Threat To Traffic Safety, New Research Shows   
Drivers testing positive for concurrent use of alcohol and marijuana are more than five times more likely to be responsible for causing fatal two-vehicle crashes than drivers who used neither substance, according to a new study.
          Texas 47th State To Pass Statewide Texting Ban; Arizona, Missouri & Montana Still Allow It   
Texas recently passed legislation that will prohibit texting while driving in the Lone Star State. The new law, which will go into effect on September 1 and will carry a fine of up to $99 for first-time offenders, will bring the total number of states to 47 that ban texting while driving.
          This South Jersey Beach Was Just Voted as the Garden State's Favorite Once Again   
We are in full beach mode here, South Jersey! Many will be spending time on this specific Jersey Shore beach, which just got voted the favorite beach in the state for the fourth year in a row!
          Production Supervisor - 2nd shift - Innovated Machine & Tool Co., Inc. - Newport News, VA   
*Supervisor for Sheet Metal Fabrication – 2nd shift* *Monday through Friday 3:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., some overtime required* This position *requires* *Sheet
From Indeed - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 20:07:03 GMT - View all Newport News, VA jobs
          Derek Crowden posted a blog post   
Derek Crowden posted a blog post

Facebook Promotion Tips For The Automotive Dealers

Facebook now has over 1 billion active users every single day so we can only conclude that any automotive dealer needs to have a presence on the social media network. Your potential customers are going to look at the profiles you have on social media before a buying decision is made. If the Facebook page associated with the dealership is not active or does not exist, trust is going down. Brand credibility can automatically be increased when Facebook pages are properly managed. Here are some tips to help you achieve just that.Photos And Videos Are Very EffectiveMost people think that a page like the Lemon Law Group Partners reviews works best in establishing trust but this is not actually the case. People want to see images and videos associated with vehicles and the dealership. Videos and photographs will do a lot better than the posts that have no visual assets. If you want to maximize the organic reach of the videos, just upload them straight to the network. That is because Facebook has an algorithm that will prefer uploaded videos. If you want to add pictures, use PNG with a length of 470 px.Timing Is VitalThere is no universal best time to post content on Facebook. Different times are going to work differently based on current audience. What you have to do is use the Insights Tab in your account so you can see when fans are online. This is when you want to schedule posts as there is a larger audience part present on the social network.Change Meta Tags For Facebook AudiencesThe Meta descriptions and titles are important for higher Google rankings but for Facebook you need to have descriptions and titles that are as baiting and as attention grabbing as possible. You can alter them when you make a link post before the post goes live on Facebook. Take advantage of this opportunity to make everything catchier.Keep Things SimpleThe text that you add to everything that you post should be as to the point and as simple as possible. Try to avoid the disorganized or spammy posts by simply using under 500 characters. You do not want to reveal many details since your audience should want to click to read and learn more. If more information has to be communicated to the audience, add links to the site so that readers can learn more.Tags Are UsefulMost businesses have a problem since they do not have advanced budgets available for advertising. On Facebook it will be a little difficult to have a very high organic reach. A trick to do this is to basically tag businesses and friends in order to get a higher visibility. This will increase the number of people seeing the posts. Alternatively, a great way to start is to find groups that are important for your industry and share relevant content there. Just make sure that you write different descriptions every single time you share on groups to also get more visibility in search engines. See More

          Jeepers (It's Christmas) in July Giveaway Hop   

Welcome to Jeepers (It's Christmas) in July blog hop! Sponsored by Aroma Foundry, giving one lucky winner a $25. Gift Code. Hosted by, and co-hosted by The Mommy Island and The Kids Did it. Brought to you by Mom To Grandma! After my entry form you will find many more bloggers with great prizes for you to win, Enjoy and Good Luck!

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We have had the opportunity to receive some essential oils from Aroma Foundry for a review.

So many people are turning to essential oils. Essential oils are liquid extracts that are distilled from plants, flowers and trees. It often takes the entire plant or more to produce a single drop of oil, making essential oils very concentrated.

I received Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint Essential Oils from Aroma Foundry. I found, compared to some other places that sell Essential Oils, Aroma Foundry has very affordable prices. Other places can get costly.

Eucalyptus Essential oil is 100% pure and all-natural. This Essential Oil is sourced from the United States, hand bottled in California, and hand-inspected and boxed at their facility in Santa Barbara.

Eucalyptus Essential oil is highly effective for treating respiratory problems, such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, pneumonia and even tuberculosis. It is good for colds and flu, hair nourishment, odor removal from air and more.

Tea Tree oil was first extracted in Australia. Aroma Foundry sticking to their native theme, sourced their 100% pure and all-natural Tea Tree oil from down under.

The Tea Tree, which has become my favorite, can do just about anything. It's Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. Can you imagine the list I could come up for the uses of Tea Tree oil. If your going to invest in essential oil, I would recommend putting Tea Tree oil on one of your first orders.

Peppermint Oil is 100% pure and all Natural as well. A hybrid of spearmint and watermint. It has a reputation for bringing calmness and serenity when inhaled. Grown in Washington in the United States, smelling it creates a sensation like a cool northwestern wind. The smell of this is amazing! Use it in a difuser.

Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most useful, unique, and popular essential oils. Aroma Foundry gets theirs in the United States; when you catch a whiff it'll recall lavender flowers you walk by in a planter or garden. Steam distilled from the violet blue flowers, its 100% pure and all natural and is also 100% made from lavender oil.

I have used these essential oils in my difuser to make the house smell amazing. I have used them to replace some of my chemical cleaners. I love them and I don't think I'll be going back to some of those cleaners. Aroma Foundry makes getting these essential oils at a cost that wont hurt our budget.

Aroma Foundry is a Santa Barbara, California company founded by a team with a goal to create quality All Natural products that let Mother Earth show off what she can do. They put the customer first, and rest assured they use all of our products ourselves before we offer them to the public.

You can connect with Aroma Foundry via Facebook , @AromaFoundry , Instagram and Aroma Foundry Website .

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          Caretaker - Maintenance II - Columbia High Manor - Morristown, NY   
We're looking for a part-time caretaker to work at Columbia High Manor in Morristown. Job responsibilities will include general maintenance duties including:
From Indeed - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 17:41:20 GMT - View all Morristown, NY jobs
          Hannah Whittenly posted a blog post   
Hannah Whittenly posted a blog post

Can't Sell Your Car? What to Do with the Old Clunker Parked Outside Your House

It doesn’t take long for an old parked car to turn into an embarrassing problem. Within a short period of time, nasty critters that no one wants on their property often make these vehicles their homes. If you haven’t been able to sell your old car to a dealership or private party, then here is a look at some unique ways you can take care of the eyesore.Part It OutOne of the best ways to make money off of a car that is no longer in driving condition is to sell individual parts. Even relatively insignificant pieces can be worth quite a bit if you know where to look. Before selling any pieces, you should first spend some time researching the vehicle to better understand its value. Many older cars have interchangeable components, and some of your car’s parts might be worth a lot of money to someone who is restoring another classic vehicle.Recycle the MetalMany drivers don’t realize that nearly 100 percent of all automobiles in the United States eventually get recycled. While that statistic is quite impressive, a vehicle that sits for a long period of time can still do quite a bit of damage to the environment. Many metal recycling companies will come pick up old cars at little or no cost to their owners. After your vehicle is towed away, you can rest assured that almost every single piece will be put to good use.Donate the CarAnother great way to make the most out of your old clunker is to donate it to charity through an organization, like Action Donation Services. Not only is it going to a good cause, but you will most likely also receive a tax break. Some intermediary companies even fix up old vehicles so that the old owners can write off as much as possible. Just like metal recycling companies, most charities and intermediary organizations will come pick up your vehicle for free.Restore It YourselfThose who have the right tools and some spare time can generally make at least a little bit of money off of their old clunkers. A small percentage of classic car enthusiasts try to completely restore their vehicles, but that isn’t always necessary. If all of the major mechanical components work, then you will most likely be able to sell your old car. Cosmetic updates such as a new paint job or rims aren’t always worth the investment.No matter what you end up doing with your clunker, it is generally a good idea to take care of these types of problems sooner rather than later. In addition to being the perfect home for pest infestations, parked vehicles often end up leaking oil, coolant, and other harsh chemicals. What started off as a minor issue could end up being a serious hazard to your family and neighbors.See More

          Seagull USV Demo Unique Operational Capabilities in Belgian North Sea MCMTrials   
Seagull, Elbit Systems’ groundbreaking Multi-Mission USV,participated in the bi-national MCM trials for unmanned maritime systems that were organized by the Directorate General of Material Resources (DGMR) of the Belgian Defence Ministry.Taking part in the trials conductedat the beginning of June off the Belgian Zeebrugge Naval Base,were several companies operating different types of unmanned underwater and surface vehicles. Seagull isa 12-meter long USV that can be operated from a mo...
          Garry House posted a discussion   
Garry House posted a discussion

And then the GM said, “We used to do that!”

It was in late 1987, and I was conducting an in-dealership workshop focused on Financial and Operational Planning and Controls. I was describing an F&I process that I had recommended to increase service contract penetration, when the general manager said, “We used to do that.” In response to his statement, I asked, “Did it work?” “Absolutely,” he answered. I was tempted to say, “Then why did you stop doing it?”, but I was new to the consulting business and didn’t want to risk offending one of my few clients. As it turns out, it was probably just as well that I refrained from asking that question. Because in my 30 years of training and consulting, if I’ve heard a client-dealer or manager say, “We used to do that” once, I’ve heard it five hundred times. And in the numerous times that I’ve asked, “Why did you stop?”, I’ve never gotten a good answer (but rather mostly blank stares).Well, the two real reasons for why they stopped aren’t all that hard to identify:Either new people (managers, producers, or both) have joined the organization and brought with them their own way of doing things, orThe activity or process that was discontinued was never well-anchored in the organization to begin with.I’ve written previously about dealership cultural needs and deficiencies. One of the tenets of any strong business culture is Accountability Management. And one of the primary elements of effective accountability management in an automotive dealership is to:Develop and implement a systemic structure. (Because we know that dissimilar people operating within a systemic structure will produce similar results.)The “systemic structure” refers to clearly defined processes. So when we have a proven process that consistently produces measurable and predictable results, that process must become embedded within the culture of our dealership. It needs to be continually savored, enhanced, honored, and talked about.Would you like to improve your dealership culture so you’ll never get caught saying, “We used to do that?” Review my web site at and learn how Garry House & Associates provides Value First, and then call me at 561-744-2627. I’ll listen and recommend a solution that’s right for you and your team.Warmest regards,Garry House                                See More

          CNA- Dillsboro, IN - Professional Case Management - Dillsboro, IN   
Certified Nursing Assistant – New Grads Welcome Location: Dillsboro, IN Part-time schedule Compensation: $12.00 - $14.50 Professional Case Management (PCM) is
From Professional Case Management - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 21:01:42 GMT - View all Dillsboro, IN jobs
          Rachael Murphey posted a blog post   
Rachael Murphey posted a blog post

5 Health Problems Mechanics Should Be Concerned About

It is no secret that working as a mechanic is a difficult occupation that requires strenuous labor. Doing repairs on heavy vehicles and putting constant strain on their muscles and back are all things that workers face every day. However, there are some less obvious health risks associated with this type of job.  Exposure to Carbon Monoxide Running vehicles produce a gas called carbon monoxide, and in shops that are not well-ventilated, this can prove deadly to mechanics. Furthermore, the gas is both odorless and tasteless, and toxic levels of it may be impossible to detect until workers are already presenting with physical symptoms.  Eye InjuriesThose who work in body shops or are more at risk for eye injuries because they work with many small, metal parts. Parts may fly off and unexpectedly become lodged in a worker's eye if they are not wearing safety glasses. Bench grinders are well- known for launching pieces of metal with some regularity. Approximately 7% of all workplace hazards to mechanics are eye injuries. Hearing Loss Regular exposure to loud noises, especially in enclosed spaces such as a repair shop, can cause devastating effects to hearing function. Hearing loss due to car horns, power tools, grinders, and other equipment is sometimes irreversible. Like damage to vision, hearing loss does, in some cases, get worse over time. Experts say that noise levels over 90 decibels is harmful to the ears and should be avoided by wearing proper hearing protection. Asbestos ExposureMechanics often risk exposure to asbestos in the workplace. When replacing the clutch or break, sanding and grinding occurs and sometimes creates asbestos dust, which is extremely difficult to avoid breathing. There are many dangers related to being exposed to asbestos for long periods of time, and doing so can cause life-threatening pulmonary diseases and even a deadly type of cancer called mesothelioma.  Exposure to ChemicalsThere are a variety of volatile chemicals in repair shops that cause injuries to the mechanics working in them. Regular exposure to degreasers, solvents, and oil can cause skin burns, irritation to the lining of the lungs, and eye damage. A skin condition called hand dermatitis is commonly found in patients who work in auto body shops and is the result of regular exposure to various chemicals. While these problems have the potential to be quite serious, the likelihood of them occurring can be drastically decreased by using proper safety gear and adhering to all health and safety regulations. References More

          Comment on Keith Darrell: Shattering Hearts of Stone by Concerned Christian   
Kieth has often come to my university, the University of Idaho, and incited little but hateful arguments and crass insults. When asked about specific bible verses, and to compare them to other translations or interpretations to better understand the meaning of any one translation, he resorted to calling the science of translation as "a semantic tool of liberals". When anyone with legitimate knowledge of the Bible asked him any sort of question, he immediately would say that, "these are what I'm here to fight against; those who think they know the truth when there is no truth but the Bible." Now, obviously this is no way to answer legitimate questions, but what was more shocking was the fact that he would take time then afterwards to insult the individual who asked the question in a relentlessly cruel and ignorant manner. He accused people of having evil parents, he accused the entire audience of being rapists and sexual abusers, he told myself and others that he "could just tell" that we were abused as kids, and then proceeded to tell us that we had deserved it for turning away from the God that we must surely have known since birth. What's more, his knowledge of the actual bible seems greatly lacking, as myself and other students were forced to ask him about claims he was making which were unsupported by the Biblical text. For example, he told a colleague of mine that because my colleague was formerly Christian and turned away, he could never receive repentance even if he returned to living life the way the Bible dictates. This is obviously not supported in the text, let alone an incredibly unprofessional, rude, and blatantly uneducated thing to say. If your intention within this organization is to spread God's word, I suggest you either lean upon a stronger speaker, or simply redirect him to the text which he is supposedly preaching. What's more, Keith had a long tangent about his own childhood traumas which he has actively suppressed which make me incredibly sad for him. There are an innumerable many Christians who understand that without coming to peace with the psychological battle within, one can never truly live the life of God though. Living as God tells you comes from pure love of God, not a twisted vengeance towards their abuser through God's wrath, or using faith to validate self-denigrating thoughts and actions.
          My dreams are finally coming true...   
Sometimes I get really nervous when strangers read my blog, some of the things I've written are so personal and endearing to me I wonder how will people react when they read it too personal to share, how do I draw the thin line of sharing my inner thoughts and trying to pick which ones get audited and then hidden somewhere else under my subconscious?

Bali..yes I've written a lot about Bali in my recent posts, the charm of the little island has finally come creeping into my soul and surprises me along the way. Traveling every other week to Bali at the beginning was painful, mentally than physically as I'm not used to shorts jolts of adjusting quickly to being in a new I recently learned too (I guess I thrived in a familiar place, my comfort zone and I'm sure most people are - as much as I want to be known as the adventurous Sagittarian). As a co-owner of a recent boutique in Potato Head Beach Club Bali called Eleven, officially opened two days ago, one of my responsibilities is to make sure everything is well placed, running in order and all merchandised accordingly. We all divide our jobs (four of us) pretty equal, however I on the other hand like being the queen bee and so everything has it's sacrifice. Being the queen bee means you are the first person everyone calls for when things does not go right, you get chased by both my partners and my brother and his partner. But being a queen bee gives you power over everyone else, and that I think that is an "evil" trait I can't let go... not yet at least...for now.

The opening of Potato Head Beach Club Bali on the 29th of December attracted 5000 people in and out throughout the night! It was one of the most anticipated party of the year and boy was it a success! All the VIP guests arriving from 8 to 10 pm had to go through Eleven and OMG I didn't realize Bali has a LOT of CHIC people, I thought they would all be wearing all these sandals and khakis (there are still some)..but wow some where wearing purple linen shirts over burgundy pants, beautiful silver necklaces, checkered preppy sports jackets, leather french soles, and ahh I can't wait to post the photos! (still being edited)

I think I gave about 500 - 800 Eleven business cards to all the guests and every time I handed a card I tell them "Come next time and shop cos Eleven is now opened!" and most of them were very enthusiastic. Most guests were in party mood so I knew as much as we want to sell and sell it will take a couple of days for them to come back again. I had a lot of fun just seeing all these mix of people from all the different races coming through... My creative juice is flowing and flowing, I can't wait to release my line, it'll be men shirts for now, with a strong emphasis on fabrics the patterns with checks, plaids and a few embroidered details. It will be called yes, you guess it right "EMMELYN". I'm proud of my name, and it's very unique...don't you think so? a feminine menswear line, for someone like my brother, who is more consciously aware of fashion than I am :)

I'll be flying to Bali again the next couple of days, to make sure everything is running in order. My mom is coming with me, she said she wants to learn how to surf, sure why not... and my brother is also moving out to a new villa, and yes that includes me and I'm really excited because it's our own place, and he's getting married so it's important that he has his own enclave when wifey comes with him. It didn't feel like I was working when I was in Bali, perhaps because I am now truly doing something I really love and I can't believe my dreams are finally coming true, I have it in my hands. I can touch it, feel it and I know it's up to me to make it successful. A lot of things had happened along the way, but it was all well worth it, and it made me and my partners closer and stronger as team. I also met a lot of new people, genuine individuals who are now good friends, some are visitors of the island, and some left already to fulfill their own dreams. I can only wish that they will find their own dream catchers, grab it and truly hold on to it. The hardest part is always the process of getting there, of the uncertainties not knowing whether you are on the right path, always doubting your decisions and losing sleep over it. I'm still learning and curving my way around juggling two equally challenging jobs of maintaining Potato Head Jakarta and running this new shop. Jakarta is so different to Bali, I arrived last night and find that the city is so flat, and yet I woke up this morning and when I looked into my garden and knowing I had a good night sleep on my own bed I felt refreshed again and Bali is now just a good memory, with sweet glimpses of the best times I had with new friends and my partners.

Close the chapter they say and move on. I will be back very soon, too soon I think but it's okay, I need to get my system used to all these sudden jolts. Jolts of joy I hope and more blood, sweat and tears to come...Let's play!

          Chasing The Dream...   
Bali...The Island of Gods..Is it true?

We shall find out...

As beautiful as it looks, the padi fields are way too high for me to just jump and bath in all the glory. Nope, I took this picture on my morning walk on the last day, needed that high-intensity exercise and kept going back and forth the quiet road. All around our villa is padi fields and some halfly done villas and local houses of the villagers. Canggu is serene, and is the perfect location to get away from the Seminyak buzz....and the view is calming...

As my short trip unravels with a few souvenirs of aching sore throat and dry coughs, I realized that Bali was quite enjoyable as I arrived the previous days a true pessimist crying in my heart please let it be as painless as possible. Why the negative thoughts, well for a start I didn't want to go as my main responsibility still resides at Potato Head Jakarta but dream awaits and I needed to chase it.

My bestie, Revka is there with Minami whose a local girl - half jap half indo, sweet and very down to earth. Never spend holidays with Revka in Bali so we sort of treasure our little time we had downing fruit juices at Cocoon Bar which has a very nice view to the beach but I kinda felt out of place, too posh for me but hey for goodtime's sake!

It has been my full time "dream" to have my own shop, where I can take care of it and do stuff in it like my little polly pocket land. I know it kinda sounds scary but isn't every fashion designer's dream to have a long lasting legacy, a brand or a concept that they can share to the rest of the world? and hard work does pay off at the end of the day right? or are we purely now living in the age of "at the right time and at the right place?"

Potato Head Beach Club on its way to the opening on the 25th of November. Still a lot of work to be done but nothing is impossible and it will be open sooner or later so just keep at it! Big-Colosseum in the making, will be three times bigger than our next next door neighbor and no it's not the W Resort. It'll dam* well kick a** and yes I can swear on my blog.

As much as I am now in Jakarta, I kept thinking about Bali, not of Potato Head Beach Club, but of Eleven, the newly named concept shop. I guess everyone would be shouting to my ears now, of course I should be panicking and thinking about it as it would be open in less than a week! and we hardly have anything in it! hahaha we do work better when we're under pressure don't we?

Blessing Potato Head Beach Club by the local Balinese people, a traditional blessing ceremony. It was very peaceful and I think we need as much blessings as we could grab! Although we better get a priest asap as my mom would say...Hey mom since you're reading this maybe we should? Everyone was in the traditional get up too, nice to see....

But I have two lovely bosses and they are helping us all, how dearly nice of my brother to lend us his antique furniture to fill the shop and how nice of his partner to not go ballistic that the shop is still empty as of NOW! But I am losing sleep over this and my right eye is still twitching since the past two weeks and I'm getting worried....

The way to the fine dining, guess how many window panes we used...or here's a better question, is it almost 500 or 1000? It's amazing that now you can see how it all complements each other, the ceramics on the ceiling, the color of the wood, the washed green flooring, the retro railings and everything seem to be falling in love with each other.
I think my brother and his partner are both true romantics...

Every angle is photogenic.

Finally the grand entrance is on display!

Find Potato Head Beach Club at Jln Petitenget, next to W Resort, Seminyak Bali.
And find ELEVEN at the same address :)

          Between Then and Now   
Image by Natalie Gunawan at her Farm in Melbourne Suburbia

It's been almost six months since I last blog, and this morning I thought to myself if I don't start again then I would forever lose my interest in lady macaron...and there are a lot of macaron bakers these days in Jakarta but you know what gotta stay true to yourself right...

Two of my closest friends, Revka & Putri with Minami whom I just met this week.
Work has been fun, intense, and has its up and downs but most of the time is really FUN/ no joke. I had my first year anniversary at work on the 21st of October, didn't really celebrate it but I had some terrifying thoughts of what I've achieved in the past year and whether this has all been worth it. Now that I'm slowly writing and contemplating my thoughts...let's see...

One of the things I love to do is exercise, and sweat it all out. It keeps me sane and it really does lift my moody mood 'slightly'. As strange as it may look I run around the pool in my ghetto 80s aerobic get-up every morning. Bikram Yoga is also a luxury and when you have the time, DO IT!

As much as my conscience is oppose to what I do at work, I am having a whispers at night, asking me why am I doing this when my passion since I was growing up is making beautiful clothes..designing, finding inspirations, and being alone in a studio...cutting fabrics, jotting down ideas and befriending my own thoughts... So you might ask what is it that I actually do at work?

Halloween Sunday Food Market at Potato Head outdoor patio.

The university of Potato Head as my mom calls it, when you graduate out of it, then you can practically conquer anything the world kicks back at ya! It is a Restaurant & Bar in Jakarta and it's one of the best place in town for cocktail, food, ambiance and everything else in one cool capsule. My second I tell the occasional strangers and friends who frequently ask me "Are you here everyday? everyday??!!! really EVERDAY???!!!!

This is an example of our flyer, we have a graphic team who designed the image, but all the context and ideas all comes from Potato Head.

My morning routine usually starts with me walking in to the bar- straight to the end of the bench, put my laptop on the round table, my bags down and mobile phone next to my mac. I checked the reservations for today, see if all the promotional flyers we currently have are on display on each and every tables. Then off I check my emails again... Although my business card says Public Relation Manager, I also manage our internal events with my tight-knit team and our director is very much involved in all the initial ideas right on through the implementations. As anyone successful in their profession would say communication is essential and I can't agree more. Used to be my biggest challenge as I tend to keep things inside emotionally and not let everyone worry or get stressed out but in the end it didn't help much...

This is Glass Candy performing Live at Potato Head on Saturday Nov. 6th. Ida No and Johnny Jewel of Glass Candy/Chromatics rocks! The most down to earth guy and Ida No danced her spirit away...They're a cool band I think, very psychedelic and different than the mainstream, however I find the music market here is either categorized as the indie young kids or the older types who goes for David Foster and friends...I still haven't figured out what the "yuppies" are into, and it's a challenge to bring artists here that would appeal to Potato Head young adult audience. Or perhaps they just don't care?

Since I love to write, I do most of the writing for the promotional flyers, I'm not an experienced copywriter, I have no background in professional writing, but fortunately I have a very good boss who is very articulate and checks what I write, corrects them and revise things to sound more edgy and appropriate. I make sure they are printed on time to be distributed and we do a big event check list to make sure when the artists come to town we are prepared for the big day. Why I'm still doing what I'm doing is because you get an instant self gratification when the event that your team and yourself spend so much on preparing and promoting does very well. It's jam packed, our guests are enjoying the music, cocktails, food, ambiance and at the end of the day you know it is a successful event and judged by the target sales the restaurant achieved. If I go back to being a fashion designer, there's an indefinite process of being shelled in a studio, spending similar long hours on a collection/project and at the end of the show can you really tell that the audience will love it, buy them and stocks them in their boutique. Do I want to go back living my days running around town looking for fabrics, chasing my tailor, going back and forth perfecting the right cut and at the end of the day will they sell? and it all comes down to how much do I want all that back...

This is the plan of what the shop one fine day will look like. With installations, pop up projects, artist exhibitions, and challenging the classic notion of the shopper experience. A gallery, a shared space or just a cool boutique all in one. Emotion is a big thing for me, to feel all your senses juxtaposing in all directions when you enter the space, intimidated, awed and shocked. Surprised, happy and sad.

I still have so much to learn from Potato Head, as I said I have not graduated yet, it is still a learning process and I love love love everyone at work. Why would I quit now when there are still so many things I can challenge myself, give myself more responsibilities, test my strength and lead a bigger team...Potato Head has open doors for me, I've been introduced to so many people in different genres of music, art and fashion. It's been whirlwind year, and people say I work too much, maybe sometimes I do and I need to spend more time alone and go out with my friends more often. Hopefully by getting back to writing here I can balance my life more productively and emotionally.

This is Potato Head Beach Club Bali, my brother and his partner current BIG PROJECT. A massive space with three restaurants, bars and a basement concept store (MY SECRET PROJECT). Measuring 150sqm the shop will sell everything from fashion to furniture. Think Merci in Paris, Corso Como in Italy and Anthropologie in LA. Yes that is my personal aim that it will be a shopper destination in Bali promoting Indonesian designers and produce.

So you might ask me now, am I happy, I don't know, am I enjoying my job, yes I am...isn't there a quote that goes something like if a man does not love his job than it is the saddest thing in the world...or what makes life worth living if a man does not love his job....and I could only use my brother as the perfect example. His work is his life, they embodies his spirit, joy, excitement, sadness, all the five senses and he lives for his work. And because they are all his passions and hobbies, everyone always tell me that "Oh your brother never works, or he should start doing some real job" and gosh I can tell you I hear that almost every day. But you know what now that I think about it, he doesn't need to show that he 'works' the conventional way to people because he only has himself and God to prove and the results is proven at the end of the day.

So salut to him and his partner who I have the utmost respect...and what I can only advise to you and myself having doubts at work is...

To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth. Pearl S. Buck.

My fountain of youth is having smoother skin and slimmer figure then I can say I am truly happy...ha ha ha

          It's been awhile...   
My favorite drink so far...Millionaire Martini by Dre Masso, World Renowned Mixologist.
In Dre's words: Vanilla vodka and fruit liqueur are shaken with passion fruit pulp and homemade organic vanilla sugar. Served straight up and accompanied by a Champagne chaser, we’ve layered this drink with our magical passion fruit foam

          Organic Market   

Polaroid 103
Originally uploaded by rob.spicer
Yes it's time we go organica

          New Flavors of February 2010   
Hi Everyone!
It's February already, phew time goes by way too fast!

Here are the new flavors in the month of Feb...

* Ogura Cream
(a blend of red bean paste, cream and a hint of jasmine)

* Peaches and Cream
(with a blend of pistachio for a thicker texture and earthy scent)

* Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate
(a hint of star anise for a bitter scent)

* Spicy Green Tea
(Moody blend of green tea with a strong flavor of nutmeg)

These flavors are super yummy so get them at Potato Head restaurant only in the month of February.

Lady Mac
          Mengapa Yahudi?   

Mengapa Yahudi Terlalu Berkuasa?

Oleh : Dr Farrukh Saleem
Semakan Oleh : Mohd Taha Hassan

There are only 14 million Jews in the world; seven million in the Americas , five million in Asia, two million in Europe and 100,000 in Africa . For every single Jew in the world there are 100 Muslims. Yet, Jews are more than a hundred times more powerful than all the Muslims put together. Ever wondered why?

Hanya ada 14 juta Yahudi di muka bumi ini; tujuh juta di Amerika, lima juta di Asia, dua juta di Eropah dan 100,000 di Afrika. Bagi setiap orang Yahudi ada 100 orang Muslim (1:100). Namun, jika dicampuri semua sekali, Yahudi lebih 100 kali berkuasa daripada orang Islam. Mengapa ini berlaku?

Jesus of Nazareth was Jewish. Albert Einstein, the most influential scientist of all time and TIME magazine's 'Person of the Century', was a Jew. Sigmund Freud -- id, ego, superego -- the father of psychoanalysis was a Jew. So were Paul Samuelson and Milton Friedman.

Nabi Isa (Jesus of Nazareth) ialah Yahudi. Albert Einstein, saintis zaman moden paling terkemuka dan disebut oleh majalah Time sebagai 'Manusia Abad ini' ialah seorang Yahudi; Sigmund Freud - melalui teori id, ego dan super-ego ialah bapa psikoanalisis, juga seorang Yahudi; begitu juga Karl Marx, Paul Samuelson dan Milton Friedman.

Here are a few other Jews whose intellectual output has enriched the whole humanity: Benjamin Rubin gave humanity the vaccinating needle. Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine. Alert Sabin developed the improved live polio vaccine. Gertrude Elion gave us a leukaemia fighting drug. Baruch Blumberg developed the vaccination for Hepatitis B. Paul Ehrlich discovered a treatment for syphilis (a sexually transmitted disease). Elie Metchnikoff won a Nobel Prize in infectious diseases.

Selain mereka banyak lagi orang Yahudi yang hasil kebijaksanaan mereka berupaya menghasilkan keperluan untuk kita semua: Benjamin Rubin memperkenalkan jarum suntikan pelalian. Johas Salk mereka vaksin polio yang pertama. Gertrude Elion mencipta ubat melawan leukemia. Baruch Blumberg mencipta vaksin Hepatitis B. Paul Ehrlich menemukan rawatan untuk siflis. Elie Metchnikoff menang Hadiah Nobel untuk penyakit berjangkit.

Bernard Katz won a Nobel Prize in neuromuscular transmission. Andrew Schally won a Nobel in endocrinology (disorders of the endocrine system; diabetes, hyperthyroidism). Aaron Beck founded Cognitive Therapy (psychotherapy to treat mental disorders, depression and phobias). Gregory Pincus developed the first oral contraceptive pill. George Wald won a Nobel for furthering our understanding of the human eye. Stanley Cohen won a Nobel in embryology (study of embryos and their development). Willem Kolff came up with the kidney dialysis machine.

Bernard Katz menang Hadiah Nobel kerana kajian mengenai transmisi neuromuskular. Andrew Schally penerima Nobel dalam kajian endokrinologi (berkaitan sistem endokrin dan kencing manis). Aaron Beck menemui terapi kognitif (rawatan mental, kesugulan dan fobia). Gregory Pincus membangunkan pil perancang keluarga yang pertama. George Wald menang Nobel bagi kajian mata manusia, Standley Cohen dianugerahi Hadiah Nobel dalam kajian embriologi (kajian janin dan perkembangannya). Willem Kolff mencipta mesin dialisis (mencuci) buah pinggang.

Over the past 105 years, 14 million Jews have won 15-dozen Nobel Prizes while only three Nobel Prizes have been won by 1.4 billion Muslims (other than Peace Prizes).

Sejak 105 tahun, 14 juta Yahudi menang 15 dozen Hadiah Nobel, sementara tiga dimenangi oleh 1.4 bilion umat Islam.

Why are Jews so powerful? Stanley Mezor invented the first micro-processing chip. Leo Szilard developed the first nuclear chain reactor. Peter Schultz, optical fibre cable; Charles Adler, traffic lights; Benno Strauss, Stainless steel; Isador Kisee, sound movies; Emile Berliner, telephone microphone and Charles Ginsburg, videotape recorder.

Mengapa Yahudi Terlalu Berkuasa? Stanley Mezor mencipta mikrocip pertama. Leo Szilards membangunkan reaktor rangkaian nuklear pertama; Peter Schultz (kabel gentian optik); Charles Adler (lampu isyarat); Benno Strauss (besi tahan karat - stainless steel); Isador Kisee (sistem suara di pawagam); Emile Berliner (mikrofon untuk telefon) dan Charles Ginsburg (alat pita rakaman).

Famous financiers in the business world who belong to Jewish faith include Ralph Lauren (Polo), Levis Strauss (Levi's Jeans), Howard Schultz (Starbuck's), Sergey Brin (Google), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Donna Karan (DKNY), Irv Robbins (Baskins & Robbins) and Bill Rosenberg (Dunkin Donuts).

Saudagar jenama terkaya dunia juga dikuasai Yahudi iaitu Ralph Lauren (Polo), Levis Strauss (Levi's Jeans), Howard Schultz (Starbuck's), Sergey Brin (Google), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Donna Karan (DKNY), Irv Robbins (Baskin & Robbins) dan Bill Rossenberg (Dunkin Donuts).

Richard Levin, President of Yale University, is a Jew. So are Henry Kissinger (American secretary of state), Alan Greenspan (fed chairman under Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush), Joseph Lieberman, Maxim Litvinov (USSR foreign Minister), David Marshal (Singapore's first chief minister), Issac Isaacs (governor-general of Australia), Benjamin Disraeli (British statesman and author), Yevgeny Primakov (Russian PM), Barry Gold water, Jorge Sampaio (president of Portugal), John Deutsch (CIA director), Herb Gray (Canadian deputy PM), Pierre Mendes (French PM), Michael Howard (British home secretary) and Robert Rubin (American secretary of treasury).

Richard Levin, presiden universiti tersohor Yale Universiti ialah seorang Yahudi. Henry Kissinger, Joseph Lieberman dan Madeleine Albright (bekas-bekas Setiausaha Negara AS); Alan Greenspan (bekas pengerusi Rizab Persekutuan AS di bawah Reagan, Bush, Clinton dan Bush); Maxim Litvinov (bekas Menteri Luar Soviet Union); David Marshal (bekas Ketua Menteri pertama Singapura); Isaac Isaacs (bekas Gabenor Jeneral Australia); Benjamin Disraeli (negarawan dan penulis Britian); Yevgeny Primkov (bekas Perdana Menteri Rusia dan bekas jeneral KGB); Jorge Sampaio (bekas Presiden Portugal); Herb Gray (bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri Kanada); Pierre Mendes (Perdana Menteri ke-143 Perancis); Michael Howard (bekas Setiausaha Negara British); Bruno Kreisky (bekas Canselor Austria) dan Robert Rubin (bekas Setiausaha Perbendaharaan AS).

In the media, famous Jews include Wolf Blitzer ( CNN ), Barbara Walters (ABC News), Eugene Meyer ( Washington Post ), Henry Grunwald (editor-in-chief Time), Katherine Graham (publisher of The Washington Post ), Joseph Lelyyeld (Executive editor, The New York Times), and Max Frankel (New York Times).

Dalam dunia media, orang Yahudi yang terkemuka ialah Wolf Blitzer (CNN); Barbara Walters (ABC News); Eugene Meyer (Washington Post); Henry Grunwald (Ketua Editor Time); Katherine Graham (penerbit The Washington Post); Joseph Lelyyeld (Editor Eksekutif, The New York Times) dan Max Frankel (The New York Times).

At the Olympics, Mark Spitz set a record of sorts by wining seven gold medals. Lenny Krayzelburg is a three-time Olympic gold medalist. Spitz, Krayzelburg and Boris Becker are all Jewish.

Di Olimpik, Mark Spitz membolot tujuh pingat emas. Lenny Krayzelburg ialah pemegang tiga kali pingat emas Olimpik. Spitz Krayzelburg dan Boris Becker adalah Yahudi.

Did you know that Harrison Ford, George Burns, Tony Curtis, Charles Bronson, Sandra Bullock, Billy Crystal, Paul Newman, Peter Sellers, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley, Kirk Douglas, Cary Grant, William Shatner, Jerry Lewis and Peter Falk are all Jewish? As a matter of fact, Hollywood itself was founded by a Jew. Among directors and producers, Steven Spielberg, Mel Brooks, Oliver Stone, Aaron Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210), Neil Simon (The Odd Couple), Andrew Vaina (Rambo 1/2/3), Michael Man (Starsky and Hutch), Milos Forman (One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest), Douglas Fairbanks (The thief of Baghdad) and Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) are all Jewish.

Tahukah anda bahawa pelakon pujaan Harrison Ford, George Burns, Tony Curtis, Charles Bronson, Sandra Bullock, Billy Cystal, Woody Allen, Paul Newman, Peter Sellers, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley, Kirk Douglas, Willian Shatner, Jerry Lewis dan Peter Falk semuanya Yahudi? Tambahan lagi, Hollywood sendiri diwujudkan oleh orang Yahudi. Antara pengarah dan penerbit, Steven Spielberg, Mel Brooks, Oliver Stone, Aaron Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210), Neil Simon (The Odd Couple), Andrew Vaina (Rambo 1- 2-3), Michael Man (Starsky and Hutch), Milos Forman (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest), Douglas Fairbanks (The Thief Of Baghdad) and Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) - semuanya adalah Yahudi.

To be certain, Washington is the capital that matters and in Washington the lobby that matters is The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC. Washington knows that if PM Ehud Olmert were to discover that the earth is flat, AIPAC will make the 109th Congress pass a resolution congratulating Olmert on his discovery.

Washington yang merupakan ibu negara Amerika Syarikat, mempunyai satu pertubuhan lobi yang amat berkuasa. Ia dikenali sebagai Jawatankuasa Hal Ehwal Awam Amerika Israel (AIPAC) yang berupaya mempengaruhi Kongres meluluskan resolusi memuji dan 'membuat apa saja' demi Israel. Washington mengetahui bahawa jika PM Ehud Olmert sedar akan wujudnya bahawa bumi ini adalah rata, maka AIPAC akan mengadakan Kongres yang ke 109 untuk meluluskan resolusi bagi memberi ucapan tahniah pada satu pertemuan yang akan diadakan bersama Olmert.

William James Sidis, with an IQ of 250-300, is the brightest human who ever existed. Guess what faith did he belong to?

Tahukah lagi bahawa William James Sidis dengan IQ 250-300 ialah manusia tercerdik. Dia ialah Yahudi. Teka, apakah kepercayaan yang beliau miliki?

So, why are Jews so powerful? Answer: Education.

Oleh yang demikian, mengapa Yahudi terlalu berkuasa? Jawapannya: Pendidikan, pelajaran, ilmu.


Dermawan dan penyangak mata wang, George Soros ialah Yahudi. Dia menderma AS$4 bilion untuk membantu ahli sains dan universiti serata dunia.

Walter Annenberg menderma untuk membina ratusan perpustakaan berjumlah AS$2 bilion.

Jadi, mengapa mereka ini terlalu berkuasa? Mengapa umat Islam terlalu lemah?

Dianggarkan 1,476,233,470 Muslim di atas muka bumi Allah ini. Satu bilion di Asia, 400 juta di Afrika, 44 juta di Eropah dan enam juta di Amerika. Setiap lima insan manusia ialah Muslim. Setiap seorang Hindu ada dua orang Islam, setiap seorang Buddha ada dua orang Islam dan setiap seorang Yahudi ada beratus orang Islam. Mengapa orang Islam terlalu lemah?

Ini jawapannya: Terdapat 57 negara anggota OIC dan jika dicampur semua cuma ada kira-kira 500 buah universiti; atau sebuah universiti untuk setiap tiga juta orang Islam.

AS mempunyai 5,758 universiti dan India ada 8,407. Pada 2004, Shanghai Jiao Tong Universiti membuat kajian 'Kedudukan Akademik Universiti-universiti Dunia' - dan menakjubkan - tiada satu pun universiti-negara Islam yang berada di puncak 500.

Data yang dikumpul dari UNDP, tahap celik huruf di negara maju ialah hampir 90 peratus dan 15 negara itu mempunyai 100 peratus celik huruf. Negara majoriti penduduk Islam, purata kadar celik huruf ialah sekitar 40 peratus dan tiada negara yang mempunyai 100 peratus semuanya celik huruf.

Sekitar 98 peratus penduduk di negara maju menamatkan sekurang-kurang sekolah rendah, sementara hanya 50 peratus di negara majoriti Islam. Sekitar 40 peratus penduduk di negara maju memasuki universiti, sementara hanya 2 peratus di negara majoriti Islam.

Negara-negara majoriti Islam mempunyai 230 ahli sains bagi setiap (per) sejuta penduduk. Di AS 4,000 per sejuta, Jepun 5,000 per sejuta. Di seluruh negara Arab, penyelidik sepenuh masa ialah 35,000 dan hanya 50 juruteknik per sejuta (berbanding di negara maju 1,000 juruteknik per sejuta).

Negara Islam membelanjakan 0.2 peratus daripada KDNK untuk penyelidikan dan pembangunan (R&D) sebaliknya, di negara maju membelanjakan 5 peratus daripada KDNKnya.

Kesimpulan: Dunia Islam kurang keupayaan untuk menghasilkan ilmu pengetahuan.

Akhbar harian yang dibaca oleh setiap 1,000 orang dan jumlah judul buku yang dibaca oleh setiap sejuta orang adalah dua angka tunjuk bagi menentukan sama ada ilmu pengetahuan disalurkan ke dalam masyarakat.

Di Pakistan, hanya ada 23 akhbar harian per 1,000 rakyat Pakistan sementara nisbah di Singapura ialah 360. Di UK, jumlah judul buku per juta orang ialah 2,000 sementara di Mesir ialah 20.

Kesimpulan: Dunia Islam gagal menyalurkan ilmu pengetahuan.

Yang menariknya, jumlah terkumpul KDNK tahunan 57 buah negara ahli OIC ialah di bawah AS$2 trilion. Amerika sahaja, menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan bernilai AS$12 trilion, China AS$8 trilion, Jepun AS$3.8 trilion dan Jerman AS$2.4 trilion.

Pengeluar minyak yang kaya, Arab Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar secara rangkuman menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan (rata-rata minyak) bernilai AS$500 bilion; Sepanyol sahaja menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan bernilai lebih AS$1 trilion, Poland AS$489 bilion dan Thailand AS$545 bilion.

Jadi, mengapa orang Islam tidak berkuasa dan orang Yahudi paling berkuasa?

Jawapannya ialah: Kurangnya ilmu. Kurangnya pendidikan dan kurangnya pelajaran.


Daripada lingkungan 12 juta orang Yahudi, hanya 0,2 % sahaja populasi dunia. ( 2 setiap dari 1000 orang)


1910 - Paul Heyse
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World Peace

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          Happy New Year from Lady Mac   
Happy New Year!
Here's a short clip of my highlights in 2009

Potato Head's NYE Party 31 Dec. Celebrating New York 1930s
"If I could have a photobooth all day long, I would take pictures all night long!"

My mom and I infront of a Plymouth 1948, I turned out be a Pocahontas from the 30s!

My 1st featured article in AMICA magazine on french macarons and my time in Paris. A journey I shall never forget!

On the bridge of the Seine river, goofin' off with my friends from our French class, we had fun that day, and that Berthillon ice cream sure is the best I've tasted so far!!

My macaron display at Potato Head, selling only on Sundays! my precious little project...Fashion et Macaron=Pourquoi pas?

Sunday Brunch @ POTATO HEAD will never be the same again~
Available from 10AM til SOLD OUT as we always do :)

          Hidup Bersama Ilahi   

Bening hati melihat kebesaran Allah Taala, melihat ciptaan kejadian makhluk yang teramat unik. Alam terbentang luas tanpa hadir rasa pertelingkahan pada sebuah sunnatullah, semua akur pada takdir dengan memberi ikrar taat setia. Setiap saat dan detik memperagakan aksi tersendiri, seolah-olah telah lama menekuni sebuah skrip dan dialog drama, tiada rasa kaku dan kekok padanya tika beraksi di hadapan layar dunia, cukup indah.

Alangkah indahnya jika setiap saat dalam hidup kita dapat dilalui dengan perasaan bahawa diri ini, sering diperhatikan. Melindungi diri daripada melakukan kesilapan yang kelak akan dipertanggungjawabkan di hadapan Tuhan. Utaian manik luhurnya akhlak menghiasi diri seperti bintang-bintang menghiasi cakerawala. Namun, mesti lebih indah, kalau setiap masa dan ketika kita diperhatikan dan dapat memerhatikan Allah Taala.

Terlalu banyak cabaran dalam hidup ini. Kadang-kadang tanpa kita sedari, kita lupa dan alpa, bahawa Allah Taala juga yang sebenarnya memberikan halangan itu, supaya kita check balik, dan perbaiki kelemahan diri. Kita bersetuju, setiap apa yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. Menekuni hikmah, serta bersedia belajar sesuatu selepas itu, kewajaran yang tiada taranya. Kita bersedia untuk berubah dan mengubah keadaan. Tidak akan berlaku buat kali seterusnya.

Kadang-kadang Allah Taala patahkan hati kita untuk selamatkan jiwa kita. Allah Taala patahkan hati kita untuk membuatkan hati kita bersemangat. Allah Taala memberi kita sakit supaya kita menjadi kuat. Allah Taala memberi kita kegagalan untuk membuatkn kita rasa rendah diri. Allah Taala menghantar penyakit pula, adalah supaya kita boleh belajar menghargai segala nikmat yang diberi oleh-Nya.

Anda sedang berjual di sebuah gerai di Pasar Tani. Ramai orang melintas gerai anda, menoleh dan terus berlalu tanpa membelek, apatah lagi membeli. Tiba-tiba datang seorang ke gerai anda dan dia berkata;

“saya tak suka barang awak sebab cara awak susun memeningkan saya”

Anda mungkin terkelat-kelat muka, tetapi anda faham komen tersebut, dan boleh mengambilnya sebagai pengajaran dan cabaran untuk meningkat maju.

Tetapi bagaimana kalau ketika anda sibuk melayan pelanggan. Tiba-tiba datang seseorang ke gerai anda dan terus berkata;

“saya tak suka barang-barang awak”

Kemudian dia terus pergi meninggalkan anda terkulat-kulat keseorangan. Apakah yang akan terjadi kepada diri anda ketika itu? Rasa ingin berubah kerana orang tidak suka mungkin tidak kesampaian, kerana diri tidak pernah tahu, dan mengerti di manakah kelemahan yang dimaksudkan tadi.

Walau dalam keadaan apa sekalipun, jangan biasakan diri untuk mematikan idea orang lain tanpa memberi alternatif kepada idea tersebut. Beradabkan lebih baik, dan tidak punya masalah.

Bagaimana dengan seorang insan yang bekerja sepanjang hari, hingga hampir tiada kerja yang perlu dilakukan. Oleh kerana tidak suka membuang masa, beliau lebih gemar habiskan masa dengan melayari internet. Hanya menunggu telefon berdering dan satu, dua pekerjaan yang dilakukan setiap hari. Sekiranya ada tugasan pasti akan dibereskan sebaik mungkin.

Setiap kali ada kursus dan sebagainya, beliau tidak pernah claim perjalanan, overtime dan sebagainya. Ini adalah untuk recharge semula dengan apa yang dipakainya semasa di pejabat. Beliau cuba untuk tidak menggunakan phone office, sebaliknya .Namun hati manusia sering berbolak-balik, sesekali terbabas juga gunakan telefon office untuk menelefon ke pejabat kerajaan atas tujuan peribadi.

Itulah, dalam beringat pun kadang-kadang memang terbabas atau ‘membabaskan’ diri. Ada juga terfikir untuk kerja sendiri supaya hasil yang diperolehi adalah bersih dan lumayan. Terbabas dalam konteks menjaga kepentingan bersama, tidak menjadi suatu masalah, tapi andai untuk menjaga kepentingan peribadi, kena-kena beringat sedikit. Kalau baik, tidak mengapa, namun kita sering mengundang hal sebaliknya.

Namun ingat, sekali anda terbabas leka melakukan maksiat, CCTV Allah Taala tidak pernah sirna atau leka seperti anda dari terus memerhati gelagat buruk anda. Matlamat menghalalkan cara, bukan itu caranya. Awas!

“Hidup Kita Bersama Ilahi”
          A Night At Yhe Belgian Triple Pretoria..   
Hi guys, hope everyone’s been well and keeping warm , I’m having the hardest time with f
          Worst IPOs of All Time   
These three IPOs are perhaps the worst of all time because of their unworkable business models and rapid declines after IPO.
          For sale - power steering pump for ranger ... assy lifetime... - $58   
Saint Cloud MN, United States
...Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm cst. Recycled Auto Part power steering pump for ranger ... assy lifetime warranty Notes: assy,lifetime warranty Mileage: 102,000 Miles This part comes with a lifetime warranty Track your ebay order here. About this part You are bidding on a power steering pump that will fit the vehicles listed below in the Fit / ...

          Blackwood, Richard L.   
Funeral Services will be Friday, June 30, at 12 pm in Blount County/Cleveland Funeral Home Chapel. Visitation 10am until service time on Friday.
          For sale - steering column column shift without tilt wheel... - $149   

Saint Louis 63199, MO, United States
Item: Steering column w/wheel and key Make/Model: Ford Ranger Year(s): ... Part #Stock # 437 Location: K Please match part numbers to ensure proper fitment before purchase. Many items are compatible by part number only. Year/make/model information is sometimes provided in the listing, but not guaranteed. Check with your local dealership to verify fitment if you ...

          12 Industries Millennials ACTUALLY Want To Kill   

The greatest serial killer of our time is...MILLENNIALS!!! They keep killing industry after industry, and no amount of bloodshed can quench their thirst. Well, either that or baby boomers crashed the economy and twiddled their thumbs as wealth became more and more held by only the richest 1% and Millennials inherited a job market that makes stuff like "buying diamonds constantly" a little unrealistic.

Either way, millennials definitely ENJOY doing whatever they can to destroy certain industries - especially these 12:



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Industries Millennials ACTUALLY Want To Kill

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And because it can never be said enough: BROAD GENERATIONAL LABELS ARE FAKE THINGS INVENTED BY MARKETING EXECUTIVES AND HAVE NO MEANING OR SIGNIFICANCE. But don't take my word for it - take Adam Conover's!

          12 Surprisingly Hilarious Moments From Pornhub's Twitter Account   

Of all the porn sites, Pornhub's social media team has far exceeded the rest. Honestly, step up your game xvideos.















          13 Cringe-Worthy Tattoos That Might as Well Say "Poor Choices"   

Next time you want to get a tattoo, think long and hard about it.

Do you really want to pay to get that #covfefe tattoo lazored off in 5 years when it's no longer revelant?

Take a lesson from these guys and think before you ink. 



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13 Cringe-Worthy Tattoos That Might as Well Say

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          15 People Admit the DUMBEST Reasons Someone Got Mad at Them   

We all get irrationally angry, sometimes.

I often find myself furious with people who chew like a horse eating rocks, but I stop myself from lashing out with the rage of a thousand suns.

The people over at /r/AskReddit aren't so lucky, but it does make for a great story. 



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          12 Burning Questions That Are Begging for Your Answer   

Choose wisely. Your answers could change the fabric of time itself.



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12. Let this final one be a lesson to all: sometimes great questions get great answers.



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          5 Attractions at Yosemite National Park that Can’t Be Missed   
(This is a guest post by Scott Moses from Yosemite National Park is one of the most well-known and appreciated natural parks the United States has to offer. From the time of the famed naturalist John Muir until now, millions of people have been left in awe at the natural wonder and majesty of […]
          Selfie Gift   

Release Year: 2017
Studio: JoyMii
Cast: Mary Kalisy

There''s something incredibly sexy about girls taking selfies. Sharing themselves with us in private, we feel super close to them. And it''s even better when, like Mary does here, they decide to show us everything. After changing into a cute oufit, she lies down on the bed and opens her legs. With a gentle but firm hand, she pleasures herself in the warm afternoon light. In a variety of positions, rubbing both pussy and anus at the same time, she reaches an earth-shaking climax. This is a really cute girl who loves to have us close when she plays with herself. What a time to be alive!

Format: mp4
Duration: 10:05
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5844kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 440.7 MB

          Nhà thầu từng cắt giảm chi phí tân trang chung cư Grenfell Tower   

Ngày 30/6, báo The Times (Anh) cho biết đơn vị quản lý tòa chung cư Grenfell Tower tại London đã từng yêu cầu nhà thầu phụ trách “tân trang” tòa nhà cắt giảm nhiều chi phí, trong đó có chi phí của tấm ốp sơn phủ bên ngoài tòa nhà.

Các tấm ốp này được cho là nguyên nhân khiến ngọn lửa lan nhanh trong vụ hỏa hoạn tại tòa chung cư Grenfell Tower hôm 14/6 làm ít nhất 80 người thiệt mạng.

Theo nguồn tin trên, Tổ chức quản lý nhà cho thuê Kensington và Chelsea, đơn vị quản lý Grenfell Tower, đã gửi một bức thư “khẩn” tới nhà thầu Artelia UK, trong đó nhấn mạnh cần các sản phẩm tấm ốp với “giá thành phù hợp” trước khi trình lên lãnh đạo Hội đồng Kensington và Chelsea xét duyệt.

Một biện pháp được đề xuất là sử dụng các sản phẩm tấm ốp nhôm với giá thành thấp hơn thay vì kẽm, từ đó tiết kiệm được 293.368 bảng Anh (khoảng 380.000 USD).

Nhà chức trách Anh đang tiến hành cuộc điều tra nhằm làm sáng tỏ nguyên nhân vụ cháy kinh hoàng tại tòa nhà 24 tầng căn hộ nói trên. Cuộc điều tra này được tiến hành đồng thời với cuộc thanh tra trên phạm vi toàn quốc đối với tấm ốp sơn phủ bên ngoài các tòa nhà cao tầng bị xem là nguyên nhân gây ra vụ cháy.

Theo kết quả thanh tra, đến nay, có tới 137 tòa nhà chung cư thuộc các khu vực khác nhau trên cả nước đều không đáp ứng tiêu chuẩn an toàn cháy nổ.

Trước đó, hôm 26/6, Arconic, công ty của Mỹ sản xuất tấm sơn phủ trên đã thông báo ngừng bán sản phẩm này trên thị trường toàn cầu sau khi các kết quả điều tra sơ bộ cho thấy lớp ốp bên ngoài tòa nhà có thể là nguyên nhân khiến lửa lan nhanh khi xảy ra hỏa hoạn./.

          Mischa Cross: Naughty Before Naptime   

Release Year: 2017
Studio: Babes
Cast: Mischa Cross
Genres: Solo, Masturbation, Indoors, Strip Tease
Video language: English

Mischa Cross is just about ready to get some mid-afternoon shuteye, but she can't quite seem to relax when she's so damn horny! There's only one way for this blonde beauty to get those erotic thoughts off of her mind, and that's indulging in a little masturbation! First, she slides off her slip, revealing lacy lingerie that show off her perky natural tits and tight ass. Her fingers trace the contours of her body, slowly building her anticipation to a fever pitch. Once she starts rubbing her pussy, she rides the waves of pleasure to a massive orgasm. Maybe now she can finally concentrate on relaxing.

Format: avi
Duration: 14:55
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4241kbps
Audio: 250kbps

File size: 492.3 MB

          The Next Day   
It finally stopped raining in Eastbourne long enough for us to see some tennis matches. This is Kuznetsova, a long time Russian player. This was on one of the outer courts at the tennis tournament and you can see how close we are able to get to the game. It’s a lot of fun for […]
          Destiny: Xur location and inventory for June 30, July 1   
Xur’s weekend plans have fallen through again, so he’s at work flogging guns in the Tower. Xur: Agent of the Nine isn’t out of a job yet, so being the little trooper that he is, he’s selling his wares to Guardians in the Tower and the Reef. He’s an hour late today what with time […]
          FIAT S76 Beast of Turin Limited Edition Print by StefanMarjoram   

22.00 GBP

Every year in December I draw a car picture a day and sell the originals. The 2015 series was extremely popular - and for the first time featured actual cars rather than invented ones. I was really pleased with the finished collection - and when I got an invitation to display some work at Bicester Heritage recently I thought it would be great to print out the entire set - I never usually get to see all of the drawings together.

Just 24 copies of each drawing will be printed and then individually signed and numbered. They are A5 size (210mmx150mm), printed on 280gsm museum quality paper with archival inks. Apart from being a tiny bit larger, the prints are almost indistinguishable from the originals.

(Please note: this listing is for a single, unframed print only. Some of the images are simply to show how they would look framed or as part of a set)

          VG247 reinvigorated with new staff line-up   
Matt Martin takes editor-in-chief role, Shabana Arif and Sherif Saed join full-time, co-founder Garratt leaves site. VG247 has strengthened its staff as it prepares to crush the last half of 2017. Matt Martin, who joined the site in January 2014, takes on the new role of editor-in-chief and will lead the biggest team the site […]
          Here’s an extended look at how to survive Fortnite’s enemy waves ahead of its July 25 release   
Fortnite is a complex game, and if you want to be good by the time it launches you’ll want to start studying now. This video from Arekkz gets into the key details about the Fortnite experience, and digs into the numerous skill trees and abilities at your disposal. Here are some of the highlights: Gathering […]
          A bug in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare turned a sniper rifle into a smart bomb for one day   
A new gun introduced into Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare this week was, for the day it was left live, able to clear a screen of enemies every time it was fired. This news comes courtesy of PCGamesN. The gun is identified as the Proteus, which is capable of switching between sniper and shotgun modes. […]
          GuardianCon, a Destiny fan convention, raised $1.2million for charity before it even began   
Sometimes, a game’s fans can come together and do great things. GuardianCon 2017 is a Destiny fan festival being held in Tampa, Florida, from June 30 until July 1. It will feature special guests, live podcasts and streamers, keynote speeches, meet-and-greet sessions, and competitive play. The event has also been heavily focused on charity, and […]
          249688-2017: Espagne-Reus: Services de réparation et d'entretien d'installations de bâtiments   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 07-08-2017 | Document: Avis de marché
          Führung durch Lutherhaus in Neustadt an der Orla   
„Wo Luther wahrscheinlich niemals wohnte“ ist der Titel eines öffentlichen Rundganges am Sonntag, 9. Juli 2017, durch das Lutherhaus in Neustadt an der Orla. Die Führung, die um 14.00 Uhr beginnt, gibt einen Überblick über die verschiedenen Ausstellungebereiche des begehbaren Schaudenkmals, das am Reformationstag 2016 eröffnet wurde. Das Lutherhaus, in dem auch die Touristinformation ein neues Domizil gefunden hat, ist eines der schönsten Bürgerhäuser in der Neustädter Innenstadt. Mit seinem steilen Dach und dem schön gestalteten Erker beherrscht das Gebäude die Ostseite des Marktes. Im Inneren finden sich neben mehreren Bohlenstuben auch spätmittelalterliche Wandmalereien und zahlreiche kunsthistorische und architektonische Besonderheiten. Mehrere Bauphasen hat das vor 1450 errichtete Bauwerk erlebt und führt die Besucher auf einem spannenden Gang durch seine Geschichte. Dabei steht das Haus als Exponat selbst im Fokus der Ausstellung. In einer Dauerausstellung, die aufwändig konzipiert und multimedial umgesetzt wurde, werden neben der Hausgeschichte auch die Stadt- und die Reformationsgeschichte dargestellt. Es wird empfohlen, Eintrittskarten im Vorverkauf in der Touristinformation zu erwerben oder reservieren zu lassen. Das Kontingent ist begrenzt.
          Manfred Morgners Vogtlandorangen   
„Wollt ihr wissen, wo die Apfelsinen wachsen, die euch zu Weihnachten der Weihnachtsmann bringt? Bei mir nämlich“, überraschte Manfred Morgner die Kinder und Erzieherinnen der evangelischen Kindertagesstätte „Arche Noah“ Bernsgrün, die das ihm nicht glaubten. Große staunende Augen bei den Mädchen und Jungen, als sie dann den Orangenbaum in Morgners Garten besichtigten. „Das sind meine Vogtlandorangen. 13 reife habe ich schon abgenommen, 38 grüne und viele Blüten sind noch dran“, berichtet Morgner stolz. Die Früchte haben einen Durchmesser von acht Zentimeter und sind für manche Äste schon zu schwer, so dass sie brechen. Der über 10 Jahre alte Baum trägt bereits das fünfte Jahr. Gekauft hat ihn der passionierte Hobbygärtner als „ausrangierter, für den Abfall bestimmter Baum ohne Krone“. Doch unter Morgners grünen Daumen gedieh und wuchs er prächtig. Der Baum überwintert im frostfreien Raum, und im Sommer hat er einen sonnigen, warmen Platz im Freien. Neben den Orangenbaum hat der mit Lust und Liebe zu „außergewöhnlichen“ Pflanzen agierende Morgner natürlich noch andere Raritäten: winterharte Palmen, Baumpfingstrose, Wunderbaum, Bananenstaude, Olivenbaum, Blattlimette, Zitronenbaum, gelbe Wachsblume, Tulpenbaum, Schönmalve, gelbe Wildtomaten, Yucca-Palmen, die jetzt schon eine beachtliche Größe von zwei Metern erreicht haben und weiter wachsen. Und natürlich gehört zu seinen Exoten auch die Blaue Bergfeige, mit der er im vergangenen Jahr bei der Gartenolympiade punkten konnte und einen Ableger schon wieder selbst gezogen mit einer Feige dran im Kübel stehen hat.
          The Pet Parade Blog Hop #202 with Rascal & Rocco Co-Hosted by Basil & Barking from the Bayou   

 background image NextMars used under licence from 

Pawesome Friday greeting wunderpurr furriends

Welcome to another Friday on the blog.  Well we've come to the end of our regular programming schedule fur a while, Mandalas on Monday and Amber's Wordy on Wednesday will return in the Autumn or as our fabulous furriends offur the pond say; Fall.  

But neffur fear, we've not left mew empty pawed as on this weeks posts mew can download our new perma free Colouring With Cats Book II ~ Easy Mandalas and mew have today to get yourself three of our Kindle books fur free too!


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          Comment on Addicted to your iPhone? Try this one easy trick to seriously curb your screen time. by JenO   
Also a lovely way to prank any unsuspecting friend who hands me their phone unlocked... (the locked ones I just open the camera and take silly selfies)... ;)
          Dolphins Throwback Thursday: Ajayi Ices Bills   
Eric Roddy unveils another Miami Dolphins Throwback Thursday. This time, it's RB Jay Ajayi icing a cold game against the Buffalo Bills in Week 16.
          Full time and part time job in Kindergarten around Su myun area   

Full time and part time job for kindergarten and elementary.

E2 visa (native speaker) F visa holder ( including F4)

Jun po dong area (subway station)

Every good conditions

Please send me your message.

Thank you. (010-2573-0493)

          Schönbach lockt mit Dorffest   
Am 8. und 9. Juli 2017 ist es wieder soweit. Der Dorf- und Feuerwehrverein Schönbach e.V. und die FFw laden herzlich zum diesjährigen Dorffest ein. Für alle Altersgruppen steht auf dem Festplatz neben der Straßenbahn ein buntes Programm bereit. So startet der Samstag ab 13 Uhr mit einem Zwischenstopp der Oldtimerrallye des MC Greiz. Von 17 bis 19 Uhr findet im Festzelt für die Jüngsten eine Kinderdisko statt. Abends ab 20 Uhr spielt die Band „Memory“ zum Tanz auf. Dazwischen wird die Verlosung des Maibaumes ausgetragen. Der Sonntag beginnt um 9.15 Uhr mit dem Gottesdienst mit Carsten Weigelt und dem Posaunenchor Zeulenroda im Festzelt. Danach wird zum zünftigen Frühschoppen eingeladen. Ab 14 Uhr herrscht dann wieder Jubel und Trubel rund um den Festplatz mit historischer Landtechnikausstellung, Handwerkerschau, u.a. mit Sensenlehrer Klaus Hofmann und Maler Torsten Knoll, vielseitige Kinderbeschäftigungsangebote sowie leckeren Speisen und Getränken. Im Festzelt werden die Wisentataler Blasmusikanten aufspielen und für beste Stimmung sorgen. Der Eintritt ist an beiden Tagen frei. „Im Dorf- und Feuerwehrverein haben wir mit 40% auf die Einwohnerzahl gerechnet eine gute Quote hinsichtlich ehrenamtlicher Tätigkeit. Seit nunmehr 20 Jahren bilden auch wir eine verlässliche Gemeinschaft, um Traditionen zu pflegen und uns gesellschaftlich zu engagieren. Vor allem aber wollen wir durch die Vereinsarbeit im Ort gute Bedingungen schaffen, damit sich jetzt und in Zukunft Jung und Alt hier wohlfühlen. Dabei dürfen Spaß und Freude nicht zu kurz kommen und deshalb muss man auch ab und zu zünftig feiern“, so Angelika Ose vom Dorf- und Feuerwehrverein zum bevorstehenden Fest.
          Campsite Baked Apples   

Summer times are all about enjoying the outdoors, be it in the garden, out camping or for the more adventurous hiking holidays. I adore hazy summer days and alfresco cooking and the first chance I get to go out doors, I am happy to pack a picnic basket, a blanket and a portable barbecue and set off for the day.
The smell of the charcoal on a hot summers day brings distance memories of brownie camp and girl guides where we we went on our annual camping trips. In those days putting up our antiquated tents was painstakingly difficult, not in this day and age with all the new easy to put up waterproof tents and camping equipment that are now readily available, making camping and outdoor holidays so much more fun and civilised.

As a brownie, I remember trying to cook veggie sausages and baked beans on the trangia cooking stove in the aluminium pans, which proved to be a challenge in it self. I have strong memories of surviving on a packet of biscuits that I used to sneak into my rucksack. As an adult, my outdoor cooking skills have improved by far and I love barbecuing a variety of fruits and vegetables and making homemade mushroom and veggie burgers on the barbecue. Most of all I love cooking desserts on the barbecue, charcoal roasted bananas in their skins, toasted marshmallows sandwiched between two digestive biscuits and cinnamon baked apples. Nothing beats opening a baked apple foil parcel and adding dollops of Greek yoghurt before devouring the whole thing. My baked apple recipe is fail safe and drool worthy which would be perfect to create on any camping holiday or home barbecue.

print recipe

Campsite Baked Apples
Cinnamon spiced apples baked on charcoal and served with greek yoghurt.

  • 4 Braeburn apples
  • 2 tablespoons Dark Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons Crushed walnuts
  • 1 tablespoon Sultanas
  • 1/2 tablespoon Butter
  • 4 tablespoons Fat free Greek Yoghurt

1. Light the barbecue.2. In a bowl add the brown sugar, cinnamon and crushed walnuts and sultanas and mix together and keep aside.3. Wash the apples and remove the core.4. Fill the cavity of the apples with the walnut, brown sugar mixture packing it tightly.

5. Get a double piece of foil square and place the filled apple on it. Add a dollop of butter on the top of the apple and wrap the foil parcel up securely.

6. Place the apple parcels on the barbecue and cook for 30 minutes, turning them with tongs to ensure an even bake.

7.Remove the parcel from the barbecue and open it, sprinkle the apple with the remaining walnut and sugar mixture and serve it with a dollop of fat free Greek yoghurt.

Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: serves 4

This post is in collaboration with simplyhike.

          Comment on A postcard from the past: Shaw House and Lido by N Narayanan   
Thanks again Mr Jerome Lim, for this latest post on Orchard Road. Like the proverbial bad penny, here I turn up again (please feel free not to put up my comments if for any reason they are unwelcome, but believe me they are made purely as incidental to your commentary) 'A nation of shopkeepers' is reportedly a not-too-complimentary phrase referring to England going back to 1794 (Wikipedia). Much in the same vein, one could say we Singaporeans could be dubbed 'a nation of shoppers'. 'Orchard Road' is apparently the 'flavour of the moment' with pleas being made 'to restore the vibrancy of the area', mainly by those whose memories &/or experiences go back to more recent times. True, their attitudes may be reflected in the phrase 'Orchard Road, Singapore: Asia's Most Famous Shopping Street ..." as one description goes. But time was when it was less 'glitzy' and a more sedate and respectable upper-middle-class residential area, as would be fitting for its proximity to the 'Governor's House' - in colonial times - and 'The Istana - President's Residence' since Independence. In sharp contrast, Orchard Road has today earned the distinction of being 'Every Shopper's Paradise', with much of the credit being accorded to those who have developed the area. While giving them their due, I personally find it sad that in this context, all-forgotten now is my then-boss the late Mr Moshe J Nassim, founder of the Auctioneers & Estate Agents firm 'Nassim & Co Ltd'. Circa 1950 he persuaded the Hongkong Bank to buy the land where MacDonald House now stands, confidently assuring them 'Orchard Road will be the place of future Singapore'.He was eminently qualified in his observations, as he had been resident in the area from pre-WWII years. Surely Mr Nassim needs to be remembered for his foresight. In property matters, he was largely responsble in opening up the then undeveloped ulu areas of Frankel Estate, Loyang and Sarimbun. Returning to 'Orchard Road, quite by accident, I just stumbled upon a video blog titled 'Singapore in 1956' - MichaelRogge. 'Published on Jun 19, 2013 -- Singapore as a world port more than half a century ago. I see bankers walking around in white tropical suits as I did myself at the time in Hong Kong...' (Source/Link: ) The clear views of the Orchard Road/Dhoby Ghaut corner are stunning, as too Union Building (now Tung Centre) at Collyer Quay, and these, along with others in the clip, will surely evoke nostalgic memories in those who were here in Singapore more than six decades back. For a more recent appreciative view, this post ( sums up:- ''Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned shopper, Orchard Road, a 2.2km shopping belt, is the place for retail therapy. 'Who'd have thought that over 150 years ago, Orchard Road was just a small lane lined with fruit orchards, nutmeg plantations and pepper farms. A look back By the 1850s, these humble origins had changed. People moved in, along with outdoor hawker centres, wet markets, cemeteries, temples, and even an open-air laundry basin. It was only in 1903 that Orchard Road’s shops sprung up, with Singapore's first supermarket, where The Centrepoint now stands. The first department store was opened by local merchant C.K Tang in 1958 on a plot of land facing a cemetery. When it was demolished in 1982, it was replaced by the landmark Tang Plaza, which houses a local department store and hotel. In the 1970s, cinemas, a bowling alley and ever larger malls followed, and Orchard Road’s reputation as an entertainment hub grew. Spoilt for choice Today, Orchard Road is flanked by iconic shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, choc-a-bloc with retail, dining and entertainment choice for every taste and budget. Designer threads, fast fashion, upscale restaurants, ethnic wares, art galleries and relaxed hangouts – you name it, Orchard Road has it. Here’s a tip: while the almond and jambu trees are no more, huge angsana trees lining the large pedestrian mall give ample shade from the blazing sun – making this still a nice place to stroll'''' Thanks for the memories!
          Comment on A postcard from the past: Shaw House and Lido by rhonda deering   
Of course - many times - I never wanted to leave and 2 more sons born in Singapore are very proud of their heritage. I loved the OLD Singapore. We saw it at its best ! Older 2 sons went to Yio Chu Kang School, then St Stephens and St Patricks
          Amazing/Fail of the Day: People Are Awesome… and Not   
As a friend put it, “I’ve never been so impressed and not at the same time.” Seriously, my reaction watching this was sort of “wow!… cringe… wow!… cringe… wow!… cringe…”  It’s like the more amazing a stunt is, the more you know the next clip is going to hurt.  On the flip side though, you […]
          Dazenelevator you ambition to add a blow of affluence   
The Aging Assistance You Charge It’s important to you that you’re able to adore the home you’ve lived in a lot of of your developed lift. This is the home you aloft your accouchement in and that your grandchildren appointment on the approved basis. In adjustment to accept the accessibility you still charge for your home you charge to accept some advice to abide to accomplish use of your home as you get older. Custom Home Elevator can advice you with added than just the custom Elevator China lifts offered in the Muncie, IN breadth so that you can accumulate on active in the home you love. Custom Home Elevator has over 100 years of acquaintance in the acreage of elevators and lifts, but they aswell accept a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) on agents to aid you in the adeptness to abide to reside in the home you love. This specialist can appraise your home bearings and advice advance items you charge that will advice you break in your home including the bulk lifts that you can accept installed in your Muncie, IN home. With the advice of this specialist you can abide to adore the home you adulation for abounding added years. In adjustment to accompany you the alternative of lifts that are appropriate for your Muncie, IN home the Certified Accessibility Technicians (CATs) of Custom Home Elevator charge to appointment your home and appraise the stairs and areas of your home to advice you accept the appropriate way to admission every allowance in your home. With the advice of this team, you’ll be able to activity in the home you adulation for several years added and be able to admission every allowance with ease. Let Custom Home Elevator advice you adore the abandon you want.

Want all the allowances of a home elevator, but aswell ambition for castigation to be one-of-a-kind? Artisan Elevators articles custom home elevators to access both the advancement and administration of your home. Their ultra-luxurious elevators are abundant for anniversary customer, affair your exact specifications.

When you plan with Artisan Elevators to actualize your home elevator, you get the ability of architecture engineers with over 20 years of experience. Their high-end articles are for those who ambition to adore the accessibility of a residential elevator, but aswell ambition a adult architecture to bout the décor of their home. You will be able to adjudge on aggregate custom elevatorfrom which drive-system the elevator will use to what abstracts will be acclimated to actualize it.

Choose amid hydraulic, ambagious drum, apparatus tractor drive, and even aeriform drive systems for your home elevator. You can again adjudge on added data of the elevator, such as what the doors will attending like and exoteric design. Afterwards all of the abstracts are absitively and designs are chosen, basic sketches are drawn. Those sketches are again adapted into 3D models for the chump so they can see absolutely what their custom elevator will attending like.

Having a custom elevator in your home is the next ambit in affluence living. Not alone will you account from the convenience, but you will aswell adore the aesthetics that comes with a custom home elevator. Artisan Elevators will aswell actualize custom works for bartering backdrop too. Whether you ambition to add a blow of affluence to your home or business, Artisan Elevators can help!

One of the best affidavit to install a residential elevator is that it abundantly improves the accessibility to the high levels of your home. This is decidedly benign if you accept earlier ancestors associates active in the home or if you yourself accept advancement Elevator China. An elevator can annihilate the accident of falling down stairs for ancestors associates and guests who ability contrarily accept a harder time aggressive up a staircase.
           See Jože Plečnik's Unrealized "Cathedral of Freedom" Animated For The Very First Time    

Jože Plečnik is often described as Slovenia's greatest architect despite his passing over seven decades ago. The trace of his hand, which was trained in Vienna under Otto Wagner, can be seen across the country – and especially so in Ljubljana. Although Plečnik is often most keenly remembered for his restorative work and renovation of Prague Castle in the 1920s, the impact he left on the Slovenian capital is unmistakable.

          Chinanitrogengenerator the bulk of change is zero the capital antecedent   
At present, there are two capital requirements for the acquirement of air purifiers, the aboriginal is the a lot of accepted anti-fog haze, the added is the anew adapted ancestors of formaldehyde as the Nitrogen Generator of abounding aerial amoebic (VOC). Of course, the air bactericide can break the botheration is not alone the two, but these two needs is absolutely the calm market, the a lot of boilerplate air bactericide demand, actuality to these two archetypal needs, for example, to explain why the air The bactericide is an able band-aid for advancement calm air quality.

The aboriginal is fog haze. The online analysis of air purifiers is varied, but it is still not a problem, for those who do not accept to buy air purifiers, it is still difficult to explain to them why air purifiers can actualize one in their home Can bear the brume of the haven. It is harder to explain why the air bactericide is not boring filtered once, and the charge to consistently broadcast the calm air. There is aswell an insurmountable mindset that we charge "fresh" air, and in actuality we charge apple-pie air afterwards boundless air.

Simple to accept that a bactericide can be absent into a aperture abeyant in the air, the aperture inhaled the aforementioned bulk of calm air complete contaminants, alarming out the complete cleanliness of the CADR bulk afterwards algae [1]. As apparent in the bulk below, the average box draws attenuated air from beneath and assault apple-pie air to the top. In the complete test, the CADR is aswell abstinent in a accepted apprehension environment, the connected aperture of the purifier, and connected almanac of the absorption of pollutants in the analysis chamber, and use this ambit to fit the bulk of the ideal archetypal to infer this ablution The agnate CADR value. So the CADR bulk is added absolute and able than the individual adeptness or air volume.

For a anchored room, if the alien altitude do not change, again the allowance will anatomy a activating balance, that is, the acceleration of ablution and abuse bulk is flat, the assemblage time into the arrangement of chapped bulk and acquittal arrangement particles equal, again the calm air The superior does not change, that is, the bulk of change is zero, that is, the sum of the sum of the ante of the two routes of abuse in the aloft 5 approaches is according to the sum of the ante of the three ablution paths.

In the case of astringent haze, the capital antecedent of calm chapped bulk is infiltrated by the outside, and the calm abuse antecedent apparent as No. 4 is altered from room, which is difficult to quantify and is not acceptable for abstract calculation. Nitrogen Generation System it is anon alone here. The activating calm declared aloft becomes the bulk at which the particles penetrate, according to the sum of the ante of sedimentation, bactericide purification, and accustomed acquittal of the three ablution pathways.
          Automotivedrivingbelt models for absolutely altered operations   
Conveyor units accept got a decidedly advanced arrangement of uses, so abundant so that a ample bulk of automatic sectors abacus on abounding kinds of agent models for absolutely altered operations, from accumulation to packing and supply. Two of the foremost Timing Belt Manufacturers uses of agent units will be in food administration added packaging. For absolutely possibly the a lot of part, agent systems are usually implemented in any operation that will absorb relocating some affair from 1 atom to accession in a ceaseless abiding stream. This agency food managed by agent systems may ambit from some affair as ample as cars in accumulation lines, to an account as ablaze as bare artificial containers and sticker labels. They're additionally active not alone for automatic acceptance about will aswell be apparent on a circadian base in affective walkways in arcade malls.

Conveyor systems are absolutely approved afterwards attributable to the abounding allowances they offer. One of the greatest advantages of agent systems is absolutely the automation of abstracts moving. Therefore beneath artisan handling, consistent in beneath absurdity or added productivity, appreciably beneath basal assurance fears, abbreviation plan expenses. However, this may aswell aftereffect in appreciably beneath chiral roles. The operated manually duties apropos to acrimonious up and alteration however, are in actuality replaced with a claim for added accomplished technicians that are alleged aloft in adjustment to accomplish the complete conveyors, accustomed that the majority of agent systems commonly are not absolutely automated, and in abounding cases some of those which are would charge the accepted administration of workers to authorize assurance added optimum all-embracing performance.

Colored accept straps are the appraisement affairs usually called for a lot of angry styles and angry techniques. It is accomplished to accept a ambition to accomplish towards, and if you accept able difficult and you accomplish that arise next atramentous belt you appointment a faculty of success. But, there are some out there that just appointment that the accomplished Elastic Timing Belt appraisement affairs in accepted has just gone downhill, or is at atomic a far cry from the times if Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee endemic the angry styles cine screen. If anyone was a atramentous belt you knew they had plan out difficult for years, and was mentally arduous and in actuality fit.

Timing belts began to alter chains in the backward 70's and aboriginal 80's as auto manufacturers were researching agency to aftermath lighter and beneath big-ticket vehicles. Lighter weight meant added mileage. There are abounding questions that are frequently asked about timing belts. Learning about what belts do and if they should be replaced will advice you in befitting your car active while alienated cher breakdowns. Accumulate in apperception that not all cars accept a timing belt. Timing chains are authoritative a improvement due to backbone so be abiding to analysis your vehicle’s architect adviser to actuate if you accept a belt or chain.

If in doubt, you should PK Belt alter your belt rather than cat-and-mouse to see if it lasts. The bulk of accepting a new timing belt adapted will be abundant lower than the bulk of acclimation a damaged engine if the belt snaps unexpectedly.
          Price Drop: Coloring Book Stories - Kingdom - Chapter 2   
Coloring Book Stories - Kingdom - Chapter 2
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A beautiful coloring book adventure for our little ones with English speaking voice acting and wonderful background music! Fully featured with: - Soft brush coloring! - Story told in 2 chapters with beautiful, hand-drawn, high resolution illustrations for the children to color - Wonderful story telling voice-acting! - Background music for every part of the story - Voice and visual guide of the menu (Starting the story etc.) - Instant replay of the coloring!! ( Press the play button to see a video-like playback of the coloring the child just made! ) - Save the colored illustration in high resolution to the device’s photos, no watermark or anything! - Color the same illustration any number of times! - Storybook & Coloring modes available. -> The story is told with the child being at the center and it progresses as the child color the pages. -> Coloring jumps straight into coloring any illustration from the story (without the story). - The story is divided into 2 chapters, each chapter being a different place in the Kingdom. 1. A colorful kingdom ( The old town ) 2. The King & Queen ( The Castle )
          Pai backs Murthy, says Infy COO 'pay hike spectacular, not performance'   
Pai argued that at a time when the salary for entry level software engineers had not been raised in the IT industry in India for the past seven years,...
          Price Drop: Coloring Book Stories - Kingdom - Chapter 1   
Coloring Book Stories - Kingdom - Chapter 1
Kategorie: Spiele
Preis: 3,49 € -> 1,09 €
Version: 1.1
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A beautiful coloring book adventure for our little ones with English speaking voice acting and wonderful background music! Fully featured with: - Soft brush coloring! - Story told in 2 chapters with beautiful, hand-drawn, high resolution illustrations for the children to color - Wonderful story telling voice-acting! - Background music for every part of the story - Voice and visual guide of the menu (Starting the story etc.) - Instant replay of the coloring!! ( Press the play button to see a video-like playback of the coloring the child just made! ) - Save the colored illustration in high resolution to the device’s photos, no watermark or anything! - Color the same illustration any number of times! - Storybook & Coloring modes available. -> The story is told with the child being at the center and it progresses as the child color the pages. -> Coloring jumps straight into coloring any illustration from the story (without the story). - The story is divided into 2 chapters, each chapter being a different place in the Kingdom. 1. A colorful kingdom ( The old town ) 2. The King & Queen ( The Castle )
          USA-libertad prensa: Cuesta abajo   
El presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, que ha acusado a los medios, en repetidas ocasiones, de difundir falsas noticias -antes y después de su llegada a la Casa Blanca- ha colgado portadas falsas de la revista 'Time' en las que aparece él mismo en varios de sus clubes de golf.
Otra muestra indica hasta dónde ese tipo de libertad va desapareciendo en Estados Unidos.Así lo reflejó este miércoles un artículo aparecido en el Nuevo Herald…

          Now Free: Wear Air mate   
Wear Air mate
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Wear Air Mate is an App which uses the QrCode of your traveling ticket for scanning, and user can also set Reminder to remind you about traveling time and also give you Weather Information. To use this app user has to crop an QrCode Image in mobile app and then user can use crop image to scan from Watch. User can also set reminder for Ticket Traveling Time in Mobile App as well as Watch App. User can also View the Current Weather Information in Watch. User can also add Images on categories based like Bus, Train, Flight, Coupon and Event. Features: - Nice User Interface. - User can also add Images on categories based like Bus, Train, Flight, Coupon and Event. - just crop QrCode from images which is used for scan from Watch. - User can also set reminder for Ticket Traveling Time in Mobile App as well as Watch App. - Current Weather Information. - Easy to Use.
          Wimbledon 2017: Jelena Ostapenko eagerly awaiting the return of her 'all-time idol' Serena Williams   
Despite winning the French Open there is one burning ambition Ostapenko has yet to fulfil - facing the most successful professional-era tennis champion across the net
          Price Drop: Date and Time Calculator (Find future dates)   
Date and Time Calculator (Find future dates)
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This app helps you to find out interval between two dates so you could figure out how many days has passed by or how many days until holidays are here etc it will help you to add or subtract Years Months or days to a particular date Which means no need to look at the calendar to figure out a particular date This app has a hour and minute calculator so that you don't have to convert the time into it's decimal parts every time in a regular calculator to figure out your working hours The week days and weekends between two dates is a feature that could come in handy if you have to meet deadlines and figure out how many actual days you could work between those two dates So this app has multiple features that will help you with your calculations with dates, time, years etc Share what you find with your friends & colleagues using the share button, Easier navigation to switch between features
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# USERS' COMMENTS # "Brilliant!! At last, a cycling specific training app that is clear, concise, simple to follow and provides a level of structure." "Awesome app, great explanation of every work out. It is truly your personal coach." "I'm impressed with the training schedules in this app. Those reviews who wine about the lack of integration with HR or GPS forget that training is about motivation and hard work not tech gadgets per se. For the weekend road warrior to serious amateur this is a good coaching app to set you in the right direction. If you are pro-am then no get a real coach but for most cyclists this is all you need. There are enough training options to keep you interested as you develop and the programmes are creative and the commitment and passion of the coach comes through. The time taken to think through the coaching programme and develop this App must have been extensive and at this price is a real bargain!" # YOUR CYCLING TRAINING APP # CoachMyRide is the cycling training app for iPhone, to coach and structure your velo ride. Ride smarter ! Want to make your come back? Want to improve your cycling performance or your level of fitness ? You choose the training adapted to your level, your schedule and your goals in order to maximize your progression. CoachMyRide, help you to ride better, longer, faster and harder. Content has been designed in collaboration with expert cycling coach Lionel Reynaud. # FEATURES # ● 105 structured cycling workouts avail...
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BeatS (AI1 Edition) - Royalty-Free Instrumentals of Various Genres
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BeatS is a collection of Hip-Hop, R&B/Pop, Reggaeton, Afro-Pop/Kwaito and Christmas BeatS All-In-One. BeatS was put together by extraordinary people with vast music industry experience who have a great appreciation for music and pay attention to detail. In addition, these individuals appreciate the need for world-class instrumentals for professional record making hence this app. All BeatS where produced using cutting-edge sequencing software alongside live session musicians and also using high quality grade samples. Ultimately, BeatS is your pocket-sized Beat Dispenser for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Features Download BeatS • It has never been easier and effortless to kickstart your music career or better yet impress your friends with Chart-Topping Quality BeatS. Preview BeatS • Audition BeatS before you purchase to find the Beat that resonates and fits with your needs and style. Transfer BeatS via E-mail or Itunes Filesharing • Transfer your BeatS to your e-mail or use iTunes Filesharing to transfer them to your Desktop and get ready to lay vocals. Auto-Resume Beat Downloads • BeatS Auto-magically resume incomplete Beat Downloads so you have more time to focus on your craft and downloads two BeatS simultaneously. Support Portrait and Landscape Device Orientation • BeatS adjusts itself to suit your preferred orientation by supporting the appropriate orientation. Get Help • When you are stuck or thing seem fuzzy get in touch with us immediately fro...
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Cradle - Baby Sleep Trainer
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Ahhh, sleep. That thing you did before you had your bundle of around-the-clock joy. Let’s get back to that magical place where dreams are made with Cradle, the custom sleep trainer for tired babies and exhausted parents. Sleep Training is intended for babies between 5-24 Months of age. If your baby is under 5 months old you can take advantage of Cradle’s advanced tracking and sleep routines. Cradle is best suited for sleep training one baby at a time. - iOS 10 and iPhone 7 Ready - Get push notifications on your Apple Watch FEATURES SLEEP TRAINING - Cradle is the first app to hit the App Store with a custom baby sleep trainer built for what fits your family's life. Create a custom sleep plan with pre-approved crying supports and learn how to teach your baby to self soothe so they can sleep through the night. UNLIMITED TRACKING - Track your baby's diapers, feedings and sleep with ease. Add reusable notes to track behaviors and provide helpful reminders. TIMELINE - Quickly see everything you have tracked throughout the week in your timeline. Edit each event from the timeline or add past events. TIPS - Learn about your baby’s development and what to expect while sleep training. MULTI-USER - Easily sync with other caretakers, friends and family to get up to date info on your baby's progress STATS - Get a quick peek at your tracking stats in the historical view APP FAQ - GENERAL FAQ -
          VanGinhoven, Jack   
Jack VanGinhoven – an 86 year-old native of Babylon, New York, longtime resident of Wilmer, Alabama, and a devoted family man, passed away on...
          Saudi GDP falls for first time since financial crisis as oil output cut   

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Mach dich auf eine Reise auf, deine Körperteile wiederzufinden und dir den Thron als König des Landes zurückzuerobern. See what the critics are saying about Zombie King: * Selected as one of Eli Hodapp's Top 10 games of 2016 * * "Return of the Zombie King is a fun and creative twist on the endless runner genre we all know and love." - Touch Tap Play *"Return of the Zombie King is certainly worth some of your time." - PocketGamer Mit: - Mehr als 100 Leveln in 4 Umgebungen - Haufenweise Upgrades, wie den Doppelsprung, Stachelstiefel und ein besserer Hippokampus! - Tolle Pixel-Art und Effekte - Mehr als ein Dutzend Feinde und Hindernisse - Ein Bart Schließe dich dem KOSTENLOSEN Abenteurerclub an, um besondere Cheat-Codes und Geheimnisse in deinen Posteingang zu erhalten: Twitter:
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Top Love Making Tips for Him and Her
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Beschreibung: - Free Online Video Downloader from Facebook, Instagram & YouTube! Sometimes we meet someone and we just know: it's love. However, it isn't always easy to see the wonderful qualities of the people right there in front of us. They may need a little push to realize that maybe they love you too. Remember that there is no way to make someone fall in love with you and that you wouldn't want love that was forced anyway. But, with time and effort, you may be able to be for them all the amazing things that they are for you! Also See in App Store: The Great Planner App (All in One) This app is collection of Love Tips (more than 500 tips ) and has three top topics: - How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You; - How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You; - How to make people fall in love with You; What are you waiting for? Want to improve your love life, your relationship, and improve the romance in your life? This app is for you!!
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Wotja Pro 2017 for iOS is the *non-subscription version* of Wotja for iOS, a powerful music & idea generator. Whether you need beautiful royalty-free "ambient" music, new ideas for tunes, new word combinations, or an aid to relaxation & sleep, then Wotja is for you! Users say: "Best generative music app", "best MIDI composition tool in my toolkit", "hands down the best generative software that I have ever used". Wotja Pro 2017 has the same features and capabilities as the subscription version of Wotja with an active PRO In-App Subscription and has no In-App Store. It will be updated in tandem with the subscription version up until the end of 2017. If you want further updates after this time you would need to purchase the *next* relevant Wotja non-subscription version or simply get the subscription version and purchase the relevant In-App Subscription. GENERATIVE MUSIC: Mixing, composing & designing YOUR OWN custom generative music can be creatively rewarding on so many levels. It's like enjoying freshly brewed coffee; there's nothing quite like it. You don't need to be a musician to enjoy Wotja; as you use it you will gradually find yourself learning to master its power (it's a very deep & unique tool, and you can share what you make, too). USE WOTJA TO: • Create & record high quality, royalty-free totally custom generative music such as ambient, drone, relaxation, mindfulness, sleep, soundscape, experimental, EDM • Help break composer's block with new ideas for melodie...
          Watler, Donald J.   
Mr. Donald Jared Watler, age 69 a native of Mobile and long time resident of Foley, AL passed away in his home surrounded by his loving family....
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Fourth Grade Learning Games School Edition
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Fourth Grade Learning Games has 13-games, including English, Math and Science games. It is perfect for all fourth graders to help them develop important skills to top their grade 4 class. Learning the basics has never been made this fun and easy. With a variety of carefully designed activities to choose from, your kids will surely enjoy studying as much as playing. With the cute character, Bunny, this learning tool teaches fractions, factors, spelling games, adjectives and nouns, parts of the body, abbreviations, matter, trivia, decimals, and many more! Parents can participate by being involved in coaching and monitoring how well their kids are doing in each of the activity. Be amazed at how easy this rabbit adventure of fourth grade learning will make. Help your child become the top of their class by mastering all the activities in this app. What a fantastic time of learning! Let the bunny motivate your child with positive encouragement and playful music. Activities include are: 1. Abbreviations – Covers the basic abbreviations in the English Language 2. Adjectives and Nouns – Helps the student identify the adjective that best describes the noun 3. Capital Letters – Proper use of capitalization is vital for Grade 4 students as they learn formal writing. 4. Sentences – Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences 5. Spelling – Spell the word or identify the right spelling of the word 6. Synonyms and Antonyms – Identify words that mean the same or opposite 7. Matter ...
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Learn Farm Animals - Point Listen Learn
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I made this app for my daughter. THIS APP IS COMPLETELY FREE FROM ADVERTISEMENTS AND IN-APP PURCHASES. We tried to find a good app that had animal pictures with animal sounds (farm animals). The apps I've been testing for my daughter are all either too complicated, filled with advertisements and in-app purchases or simply just not visually appealing.. so I made this custom app for her that I'm hoping you and your little ones will enjoy as well. This is the classical memory game with animal cards. Tap on a card to see the hidden picture behind it. The animal sound and name will be played every time a animal picture is shown. Match two animal cards and they will visually move to the center overlapping to highlight that they are the same and then get removed from the game board. Match all the animals to get a thumbs up! A new game will begin again with new animals, new cards and a new background. It contains 9 different animals with a total of 54 unique, high resolution, beautiful photos along with the sound each animal make. On top of this, I recorded myself voicing the animal names (since I figured my daughter might as well learn what the animals are called while she's at it). The sounds and background music are all configurable through the iPad's settings section (not inside the app). This way, there's no risk of tapping on the "wrong" thing inside the app. You can choose to disable/enable the voice and animal sound independently, decide the order they should be played...
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Mars Information: the Red Planet atlas
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Discover the Red Planet today! Explore Mars using simple gestures to rotate a globe, tilt, zoom and select locations. Credits - Viking Orbiter MDIM 2.1 map of Mars - NASA NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio: GMM-3 MOLA (Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter) Topography map GMM-3 Free-Air Mars Gravity map GMM-3 Bouguer Mars Gravity map GMM-3 Crustal Mars Thickness map Features: - Ability to pinpoint about 80 the most interesting areas on the map of Mars, including volcanos, craters, plains, mountains, spacecrafts. - Displaying some information about the location, such as its name, type, short description, size and coordinates. - Ability to select locations on the 3D globe and on the plain list. - Zoom, rotation, tilt of the globe.
          Price Drop: Slow Shutter Cam   
Slow Shutter Cam
Kategorie: Fotografie
Preis: 2,29 € -> 1,09 €
Version: 4.0
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Reduced price until July 6th! - Slow Shutter Cam brings new life into your device's photo toolbox by letting you capture a variety of amazing slow shutter speed effects that you only thought you could get with a DSLR. Continue reading to learn more about this unique app! - • Featured numerous times by Apple: - App Store Essentials: Camera & Photography - Photography for Professionals - Total Control - Shot on iPhone 6 - Shoot Beautiful Photos - Extraordinary Photo Apps - Best New App • Nominated for the 2010 and 2011 "Best App Ever Award - Best Photo App" - "It’s one of those rare photography apps that creates effects that few others are capable of, and it does it easily and with better results." — Marty Yawnick, Life In LoFi - How many times have you tried to capture artful images with your iPhone camera but were left wishing you had more features to work with? Slow Shutter Cam puts an end to mere snapshots and gives you some of the most powerful features of a DSLR camera. All this, in a package that fits in your pocket. Slow Shutter Cam offers three capture modes to capture unique images: MOTION BLUR: Equivalent to the shutter priority mode on a DSLR, the Motion Blur mode is perfect for creating ghost images, waterfall effects or suggesting movement in your photographs by adding a blur. LIGHT TRAIL: The Light Trail mode allows you to 'paint' with light, show car light trails and fireworks or capture any other moving light in a unique way. Unlike shooting with a...
          Now Free: Alien Taxi Adventure   
Alien Taxi Adventure
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Move all passengers to the correct destination overpass all handicaps of the environment. Remember, passengers patience is limited, everything should be done fast and clean, also price for space fuel is high. In the game you will face as a single trap and barrier as a combination of them that organize logic puzzle. Only after player will find correct solution for it he will be able to complete all tasks in time. The levels are organized not only on different locations but on different planets which change Bobs point of view of his major task. During Bobs journey, between levels, the player will be able to track the history of Bobs space love.
          The Right Ethos: Interim Media Manager   
£31,500 - £34,500: The Right Ethos: This is a full-time role on a 13 month contract. The organisation An international health charity. The role Responsible for the development of me... London (Central), London (Greater)
          Health Services Specialist (RN) part time New Minas, NS - McKesson - Nova Scotia   
Participate in the development of reports and tools for identifying signals that will flag misunderstanding, misconduct, fraud or other out of protocol program...
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          Roaming Analyst - Meridia recruitment solutions - Nova Scotia   
O Roaming Fraud prevention. Review of existing Fraud process in place, investigate and propose alternate solution which balance resource time vs fraud risk...
From Meridia recruitment solutions - Mon, 08 May 2017 05:38:54 GMT - View all Nova Scotia jobs
          Retro Encounter 89: Fresh Produce!    
Springtime for Ferris and Lemele
          Full-time and Part-time Members (all streams) - Social Security Tribunal - Governor in Council Appointments - Canada   
The most frequently appealed decisions cover issues such as voluntarily leaving, misconduct and undeclared earnings or fraud during the course of a claim.... $470 - $550 a week
From Governor in Council Appointments - Wed, 24 May 2017 03:59:08 GMT - View all Canada jobs
New to the market this fantastic 2 bed #apartment with a pool, gym, bar and #tennis court just in time for #Wimbledon. Set in 6 acres of land and close to #Blackheath this has to be our #property rental of the week. Happy property hunting. Call 0333 4441 007 or visit to find out more.

國內住宿享優惠  八客加碼送健康
凡以電話預約10411/20 ~1052/29住宿,且擁有交通部觀光局發給之折價電子序號碼者,可享有當日房價的30%優惠。(一個序號限折抵住宿11間,最高折抵金額為新臺幣1,000元,訂房時需先告知電子序號。)

「2015台灣設計展」在宜蘭  優惠住房專案(不適用於單車客專案)

凡以電話預約10411/20 ~12/6住宿,且於入住時持有「2015台灣設計展展覽摺頁」,並蓋印「台灣設計展」或「設計精造」任一紀念戳章,即可享當日房價9折。

秋遊宜蘭優惠方案系列一 遊鴨鄉  品鴨香  

凡以電話預約10410/8 ~ 10/11任一晚一般住房者,每人只要300元就可以品嚐12道融入宜蘭12鄉鎮特色的佳餚(原價每人550元),還可免費搭船遊冬山河,9/15前訂房還有精美小禮物,一年只有一次,錯過要再等一年喔!  






     五結和風櫻桃鴨            頭城魩仔鴨手卷            礁溪金棗鴨香肉

     宜蘭芹香鴨鬆寶           員山蛋酥西魯肉            羅東金沙松花蛋

     冬山極汁蜜茶鴨           蘇澳鯖魚貴枝翅            三星蔥餅鴨天下

     大同刈菜薑母鴨           南澳腸腸韭韭菇            壯圍蜜瓜蒜鴨賞

秋遊宜蘭優惠方案系列二  中秋佳節闔家遊 柚香送健康  

凡以電話預約104年9/25 ~ 9/28任一晚一般住房者,每房贈送柚子酵素1瓶(市價250元)  



住八客  遊童玩  最優惠

凡以電話預約104年7/3 ~ 8/23住宿者,不分房型皆可以最優惠價格(180元/張)購買童玩節平日個人卷(12歲以上適用),不限購買張數,請於訂房時告知需購買張數,以便為您備票。


凡以電話預約1047/1 ~ 8/31住宿者,每房送童玩節平日個人卷(12歲以上適用)一張,或現金抵用卷300(參加割稻體驗活動或購買八客單車屋嚴選友善耕作農產品或自製加工品可以抵用)




凡以電話預約104年2/18(除夕) ~ 2/22(初四)  住宿者,可免費參加金棗酵素或米食DIY活動,讓您新年大吉又大利。訂房時請告知您欲參加的活動,以便為您備料。


凡以電話預約104年2/18(除夕) ~2/22(初四)  住宿,且連續住房者,每房贈送KKF自然農法"事事如意"有機米禮盒一份(2公斤,市價440元),祝您新的一年豐衣足食。(使用背包客專案訂房者贈送"三羊開泰"有機米禮盒一份(1.5公斤,市價330元)),祝您羊年行大運。


羅東夜市吃透透觀光工廠DIY休閒農業體驗賞荷趣清涼一夏遊童玩假日暢遊傳藝 看家戲再現(以人計費者不適用本優惠活動)





Masculine design with steez for master bathroom remodel. Calcutta gold on Calcutta blue with the now timeless white shaker. Design by Me. #Marble #Calcutta #Luxury #Remodel #Design #Renovation #Bathroom #Architecture #Interiors #ContemporaryDesign #InteriorDesign
          British and Irish Lions vs All Blacks: What time does the second Test start and where can I watch it?   
Follow all the live action from Westpac Stadium, Wellington
          Investigator, Case Assessment - Ontario Securities Commission - Toronto, ON   
Training or experience in fraud or other investigations, and/or computer evidence analysis is an asset. 1 Permanent Full Time Position....
From Ontario Securities Commission - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 19:56:29 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs

房  型
定 價
假 日
平 日
藍 雷 小屋(雙人房)








[104年度宜蘭縣 四大旗艦活動及重要賽事優惠,平日每房再減100元]





 [104年度宜蘭縣 四大旗艦活動及重要賽事優惠,平日每房再減100元]




[104年度宜蘭縣 四大旗艦活動及重要賽事優惠,平日每房再減100元]

          Le irriverenti sculture di pietra dell’artista Hirotoshi Ito   
Le irriverenti sculture di pietra dell'artista Hirotoshi Ito

MILANO - Hirotoshi Ito può essere considerato a tutti gli effetti un figlio d'arte, in quanto la sua famiglia lavora la pietra dal 1879. Anche se inizialmente l'artista giapponese era intento a proseguire le orme della sua famiglia, decise comunque di frequentare il Dipartimento Metallico dell'Università delle Arti di Tokyo. Gli incontri stimolanti nella scuola con altri artisti del metallo e il loro lavoro sono diventati il fondamento del suo pensiero e della sua creatività.


Un post condiviso da Hirotoshi Ito (@itohirotoshi) in data:

LE CATEGORIE - Il lavoro di Hirotoshi Ito può essere suddiviso in due categorie. Una è la scultura solida scolpita in marmo o granito, dove Hirotoshi Ito altera la superficie naturale della pietra dando vita a forme scultoree che non fanno neanche pensare alla pietra per quanto sia bravo a lavorarle. L'altro gruppo è fatto dalle alterazioni delle forme naturali delle pietre, che conferiscono al materiale diversi caratteri. Tutte le opere in entrambe le categorie si riferiscono a immagini, oggetti ed esperienze ordinarie della vita quotidiana. Una caratteristica importante di entrambi i tipi di Hirotoshi Ito art è il suo tentativo di conferire alla pietra un'altra natura, per darle una nuova vita. Hirotoshi Ito è molto attivo nel promuovere le crescenti tradizioni artigianali della zona di Nagano in Giappone. Vent'anni fa, infatti, l'artista e i suoi amici hanno avviato un progetto che è cresciuto a tal punto da diventare un festival annuale di artigianato a Matsumoto City, del quale oggi è il presidente.


Un post condiviso da Hirotoshi Ito (@itohirotoshi) in data:

LE SCULTURE - Nella mente dell'artista le comuni rocce diventano delle bizzarre sculture di pietra dal carattere inquietante e divertente allo stesso tempo. Un modo per mettere a frutto il suo potenziale attraverso l'umorismo e il calore. Le rocce usate dall'artista per le sue creazioni, provengono dal letto fluviale del suo paese e che lui considera come una tela perfetta. Matsumoto City, dove vive Hirotoshi Ito, è circondata da splendide montagne ed è ricca di una bellezza naturale. Le pietre consegnate da queste montagne sono state lavate da flussi freschi d'acqua per lunghi periodi di tempo, e ogni pietra ha una forma unica che è stata plasmata naturalmente. Mentre Hirotoshi Ito raccoglie pietre sulla riva del fiume, immagina storie e opere d'arte che può creare attraverso la loro lavorazione. Tuttavia, Hirotoshi Ito tenta di evidenziare le forme naturali, i colori e le bellezze di queste pietre e in generale cerca di non modificare le loro forme originali. Rispettare e utilizzare le caratteristiche naturali del materiale originale è un aspetto molto vecchio e importante della cultura giapponese. Si tratta del concetto di creatività conosciuto come Mitate, che implica la creazione di nuovi valori assumendo qualcosa che abbia un certo significato in un contesto e collocandolo in un altro. Anche se Hirotoshi Ito è ampiamente considerato come artista contemporaneo, ritiene che tali antichi concetti giapponesi siano profondamente incorporati nel suo DNA.

Potete osservare il talento di Hirotoshi Ito sull suo profilo instagram :

L'articolo Le irriverenti sculture di pietra dell’artista Hirotoshi Ito sembra essere il primo su Libreriamo.


國內住宿享優惠  八客加碼送健康
凡以電話預約10411/20 ~1052/29住宿,且擁有交通部觀光局發給之折價電子序號碼者,可享有當日房價的30%優惠。(一個序號限折抵住宿11間,最高折抵金額為新臺幣1,000元,訂房時需先告知電子序號。)



2015台灣設計展」在宜蘭  優惠住房專案(不適用於單車客專案)

凡以電話預約10411/20 ~12/6住宿,且於入住時持有「2015台灣設計展展覽摺頁」,並蓋印「台灣設計展」或「設計精造」任一紀念戳章,即可享當日房價9折。

‧贈天然生機早餐2客 ‧贈友善大地午餐或晚餐2客‧贈米食DIY及微生物益菌酵素製作課程2份,並贈酵素2瓶 ‧贈單車漫遊1.5小時/每人 ‧加住第三、四人時,國中以上加收NT$1400元(含上述贈送內容各1份)、6歲以上兒童加收NT$1000元(含上述贈送內容各1份,酵素除外)、6歲以下兒童不加床免費(無上述贈品,若需加床加收300元。)



住八客  遊童玩  最優惠

凡以電話預約1047/3 ~ 8/23住宿者,不分房型皆可以最優惠價格(180/張)購買童玩節平日個人卷(12歲以上適用),不限購買張數,請於訂房時告知需購買張數,以便為您備票。

凡以電話預約1047/1 ~ 8/31住宿者,每房送童玩節平日個人卷(12歲以上適用)一張,或現金抵用卷300(參加割稻體驗活動或購買八客單車屋嚴選友善耕作農產品或自製加工品可以抵用)

凡於104年2/18(除夕) 、 2/19(初一) 、 2/20(初二)、 2/21(初三) 、 2/22(初四)  住宿者,可免費參加金棗酵素或米食DIY活動,讓您新年大吉又大利。訂房時請告知您欲參加的活動,以便為您備料。  

華德福師訓學員優惠方案(2014.8.302015.7.4) 此方案僅適用於師訓上課當週,不提供早餐。

慢遊宜蘭優惠多,好禮五選一(包含宜蘭童玩節優惠) 進入好康  (包括2014宜蘭國際童玩節住宿優惠活動送童玩節門票)




          Victor Hugo's powerful, poignant last words   
His virtue rings through time
          FULL TIME PHARMACY TECHNICIAN - North Wellington Health Care - Ontario   
Graduate of a CCAPP (Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs) Accredited Pharmacy Technician Education Program required....
From North Wellington Health Care - Sat, 27 May 2017 03:50:15 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Cassatt Quartet featured in 15th annual Seal Bay Festival, with world premiere of music by Elliott Schwartz, July 12-20   


Jul 18 2017 - 7:00pm

The Seal Bay Festival of American Chamber Music returns to Maine from July 12th - 21st, 2017. This year, the Festival explores the theme “Seeing Sound” and in addition to the public concerts for which it is known, there will be master classes for composers and a visual arts component. The featured guest composers this year are Augusta Read Thomas, Victoria Bond, Daniel Strong Godfrey, Elliott Schwartz, Vineet Shende , Peter McLaughlin and Delvyn Case. Music by Elliott Schwartz in a concert on July 12 (see full program here) will feature photographs/powerpoint video of artwork by Maine artist Deedee Schwartz.

artwork by Deedee (Dorothy) Schwartz
The featured string quartets are Thomas: Helix Spiral, Bond: Dreams of Flying, and Godfrey: Intermedio, which are all receiving their Maine premieres, and the world/US premiere of String Quartet No. 3: "For Deedee" one of the last works composed by Elliott Schwartz, प्काश आिण सावली (prakash ani saoli) by Shende  and  Not Sad Songs by McLaughlin.

Cassatt String Quartet will be performing these glorious works at the New Era Gallery on Vinalhaven, Waterfall Arts in Belfast and Portland's Space Gallery. In addition, there are four composer fellows whose music will be featured in a concert at the Vinalhaven school. 

          It's A Trap! Hermiston High Club Defends State Shooting Title   
Any time a group can repeat as champions in any sport at any level there is a sense of pride, appreciation and respect. Respect the Hermiston High trap shooting club members who defended their state crown... Continue reading…
          quel porte greffe choisir ? (3 réponses)   
bonjour , a tous
je souhaite greffer se petit gymno a fleurs roses qui pousse un peu trop doucement a mon gout ,
et je ne sait pas quel porte greffe choisir...,?

pour tenter l experience , je dispose de cereus peruvianus, myrtillocactus geometrisans , echinopsis oxygona et subdenudatum , neoraimondia herzogiana , polaskia chichipe et pachycereus prêt a se faire décapiter si necessaire...

lequel serait le mieux adapté pour tenter la greffe ?
sachant que la plante n est pas bien épaisse cela ne va pas etre facile

j ai pas beaucoup d experience avec les greffes , mais cepandant reussi a chaque fois (pression avec des élastiques et cales en polystyrène)
un astrophytum 4 cotes greffé sur echinopsis oxygona suite a une pourriturre de la racine ,la greffe a 2 ans et se porte bien , et un astrophytum huboki greffé récement sur myrtillocactus et qui depuis gonfle bien (tu)

voici la plante a greffer
[attachment 115243 DSC017602.JPG]
[attachment 115244 DSC017622.JPG]
j attend vos conseils
          Avis important aux grands voyageurs cactophiles (cf2) (3 réponses)   
Bonjour !

Toujours à la recherche de taxons impossibles à trouver sous forme de graines, je fais appel à tous les voyageurs cactophiles qui iraient visiter quelque pays d'Amérique que ce soit, y compris les USA ou le Canada.

Pour Taxonomie des Cactaceae "Description des espèces" vol.3 et 4, j'ai besoin de compléter la galerie des photos des graines au microscope numérique. Il reste encore environ 600 taxons à trouver (j'en ai déjà 2000...).

[attachment 115240 ArmatocereuscartwrightianusRE.jpg]
[attachment 115241 LeuenbergeriaguamachoVenDRRMSD151.jpg]

Je serais heureux de trouver des volontaires pour me rapporter quelques graines des espèces manquantes, notamment des Opuntioidées, que l'on ignore généralement au niveau graines, surtout le genre Opuntia et Cylindropuntia, et d'une manière générale, toutes les graines manquantes sur la liste actualisée que vous pouvez consulter et imprimer.


Comme cette liste concerne tous les taxons, si vous désirez une liste des taxons manquants du pays que vous allez visiter, je peux vous en envoyer une via mon e-mail (

Vos conditions seront les miennes (je ne paye pas le voyage ! ;-) ), j'offre à tous les contributeurs, les droits sur toutes les photos qui seront obtenues des graines, et ils seront dûment cités dans les ouvrages.

De votre côté, pour chaque taxon, il sera nécessaire d'avoir la localisation et une photo, car les identifications ne seront pas toujours possibles sur le terrain et il peut y avoir confusion.

Je sais que c'est un travail de titan, bien pire que celui des deux premiers volumes, mais je souhaite cet ouvrage le plus complet possible ! Et on est près d'y parvenir !

Les graines peuvent aussi provenir de collections si elles sont bien identifiées ou avec photos des plantes et des fruits si possible.
Le facteur temps est avec nous, la publication ne devrait pas intervenir avant 2021 ! :-/

Merci aux 50 personnes qui travaillent déjà sur ce projet de collectes de graines : je viens de recevoir de la part de "forumeurs" une offre de graines de Cleistocactus candelilla ssp piraymirensis, Selenicereus vagans et de Micranthocereus violaciflorus : les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières ! Merci à Fred et à Philippe !

D'avance, merci !
          CD Release - new works for trumpet including "Fall" by Robert Gibson - with soloist Chris Gekker, on Métier, July 21   


Jul 21 2017 - 12:00pm

A new album from Métier presents a range of new works for trumpet by American composers, with the soloist Chris Gekker, acclaimed soloist who is also Professor of Trumpet at the University of Maryland. These are all first recordings and include works by Robert Gibson, Carson Cooman, Lance Hulme, David Heinick and Kevin McKee. Performers alongside Gekker include Rita Sloan (piano), Chris Vadala (tenor sax), and Clara O’Brien (mezzo-soprano). To be released in July (Métier MSV 28572).

Full track list: ‘Ghost Dialogues’ – MSV 28572
Robert Gibson: Fall (trumpet/piano)
Lance Hulme: Ghost Dialogues (trumpet/tenor sax)
Carson Cooman: Equinox Sonata (trumpet/piano)
Lance Hulme: The Street has Changed (mezzo-soprano/trumpet) (setting of poems by Randell Jarrell)
David Heinick: Served Two Ways (trumpet/tenor sax)
Kevin McKee: Song for a Friend (trumpet/piano)

sneak preview of "Fall" for trumpet and piano:


excerpt - Chris Gekker (trumpet) release date July 21, 2017


          Hybride C. smaragdiflorus X C. colademono St Pie (6 réponses)   
Voici les premières fleurs de l'hybride Cleistocactus smaragdiflorus RFPA 119.01 X Cleistocactus winteri colademono clone St Pie.
Semis 665 de novembre 2013

Les parents

[attachment 115237 1914-X-1774-CF.jpg]


[attachment 115238 Hybride-Cleistocactus-smaragdiflorus-RFPA-119.01-X-Cleistocactus-winteri-colademono-St-Pie-CF-0868.jpg]
          Jardin de Repenti à Gonfaron c'est fini :( (aucune réponse)   
Comme presque tous les ans je parcours la région Paca pour faire le tour des producteurs de succulentes B)

La semaine dernière départ pour Gonfaron pour le Jardin de Repenti, pour les plantes en ventes, mais également pour le superbe jardin avec ses plantes magnifiques (cf2).

Une fois sur place je découvre quelques plantes succulentes et autres sur des étagères et le superbe jardin réduit à quelques gros cactus complètement mangés par des chèvres :'(

Passé mon étonnement j'ai découvert que le terrain est repris par un couple qui avait pour objectif de faire du fromage de chèvre, mais qui à décidé de faire une petite ferme pédagogique et de vendre des plantes succulentes et autres.

Cette ferme pédagogique est la "Ferme Ailée" en référence à la légende de Gonfaron et les ânes volant []

En résumé si vous êtes dans le coin pour voir le jardin c'est trop tard, pour acheter des plantes pourquoi pas, pour faire une pause avec les enfants c'est sympa
l'entrée est payante mais très abordable.

          Identifications Ebo (aucune réponse)   
Coucou, j'avais mis ma nouvelle demande d'identification à la suite de la précédente dans le même message, mais peut être avez vous pensé qu'il s'agissait d'une réponse seulement et c'est pourquoi vous ne m'avez pas répondu. Je vais faire comme cact88 un post unique pour toutes mes identifications vu que je vais tout étiqueter au fur et à mesure :)

Enfin voici du coup un copier coller de ma dernière demande :)

Identifications suite, je vais rester sur ce post pour ne pas polluer le forum trop souvent et pour garder une trace de vos réponses :)

Aujourd'hui, journée spéciale Haworthia encore (j'adooooooooore), en voici 4 mais qui sont en fait 3 identifications il me semble :

Haworthia translucens ?

La coloc d'Harworthias ! Il me semble que 2 d'entre eux sont les même (fasciata ?), et le troisième celui qui est en bas en fleur (oui on ne voit que la tige mais promis je vous montre bientôt la fleur, la photo est dans mon autre) a l'air différent, des idées pour son petit nom ?

Vue de plus près. Les 2 qui se ressemblent ont leurs rayures de taille légèrement différente, mais j'ai quand même l'impression que ce sont les même (fasciata ?), je me trompe ? Un petit nom ?

Le substrat est le même que pour la coloc d'Haworthia et Gasteria publiée plus haut, donc trop riche. Il s'agit d'une terre spéciale cactée, pot bien sûr percé, et fond garni des gravier sur au moins 2cm. Même condition géographique, à Nîmes, dans la cour lumineuse mais sans soleil direct. Je précise car un certain nombre de mes plantes se trouve à l'intérieur derrière la vitre. Il s'agit d'une cour commune avec pas mal d'enfants alors j'évite d'y mettre certaines plantes fragiles, onéreuses ou trop piquantes hi hi !

Merci par avance si vous connaissez les petits noms de ces haworthias.

Elles ont pris l'orage d'ailleurs hier soir, du coup ce matin je me suis levée tôt pour checker que tout allait bien. C'est tout bon, pas d'eau stagnante et la pluie a lavé les caca de pigeons ! (Le principal problème de cette cour ...:X )

          id (aucune réponse)   

Tout simplement, auriez vous une idée de son petit nom ?
A gauche, pilosocereus palmeri, bouture de Philippe Richaud, que je n'ai pas vu fleuri !!!
Jean Luc

          Roku TV devices still banned in Mexico   

Roku TV devices still banned in Mexico

A Mexican tribunal has upheld a ban on the import of Roku streaming devices in the country, citing piracy.

Cable TV provider, Cablevision, had successfully managed to have the import and sale of Roku streaming devices banned in the country on the grounds that some owners are using them for illegal television streaming. Roku did manage to have that order suspended for a few days, but has now suffered another setback.

This week, a Mexico City tribunal upheld the initial import ban, keeping it illegal to sell devices from California-based Roku in the country.

"Cablevision cannot allow the content that it licenses from domestic and foreign companies to be illegally used," Cablevision spokeswoman Maria Eugenia Zurita told Reuters.

"We would also like Roku Inc to better supervise the use of its software so that it's not used inappropriately."

Roku devices are set-top media boxes that are intended to be used with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Starz and plenty of other legal streaming services on the Internet. In recent years, such devices have fueled a growth in cord-cutting, the practice of dropping cable and satellite television services in favor of online streaming services.

Not all services are legal, of course, and devices can be modified and configured to access illegal streaming services. According to the Reuters report, Roku owners in Mexico are frequently contacted by providers of illegal television streaming services offering them cheap packages of hundreds of television channels, without appropriate permission and licensing.

Roku does not advertise its products for illegal use, and rulings that ban digital media products due to their misuse by some customers could have terrible consequences. Roku is keeping optimistic about the future of its products in Mexico, however.

"Today's decision is not the final word in this complex legal matter, and it is not expected to prevent consumers from purchasing Roku products in Mexico at this time," Roku General Counsel Steve Kay said.

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          aide identification (7 réponses)   
Si vous pouvez m'identifier cet opuntia qui vient de Martinique où il fait des arbres là-bas ... Merci d'avance.

          Le fruit plus gros que la fleur (6 réponses)   
Lobivia albiflora KK 1794
Encore une plante qu'il va falloir surveiller parce que je me demande qui a bien pu lui faire ça :S et dans mon dos :D

[attachment 115219 1811-Lobivia-albiflora-KK1794-Fleur-CF.jpg]

[attachment 115220 1811-Lobivia-albiflora-KK1794-Fruit-CF.jpg]
          Local Police Say You're Probably Using Your Child's Car Seat Wrong   
Moses Lake Police shared a video recently saying they see this mistake all the time. Despite your best efforts, you could be endangering your child: The rule is knowing the weight limits on the anchor restraint belts... Continue reading…
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Jig &amp; Fixture making for production welding. Full time position for a fitter / fabricator in Vaughan, Ontario....
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          JIG MAKER/FITTER - LEMA FABRICATION - Greater Toronto Area, ON   
Fitter / Jig Maker. Jig &amp; Fixture making for production welding. Full time position for a fitter / Jig Maker in Vaughan, Ontario....
From Indeed - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 21:50:36 GMT - View all Greater Toronto Area, ON jobs
          CNC Machinist - Mississauga Jig Grinding Inc. - Mississauga, ON   
Hello, We are a custom tooling shop looking to add a Part-Time or On-Call employee to our team. We are looking for someone with experience and capability to
From Indeed - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 20:02:27 GMT - View all Mississauga, ON jobs
          SHOP FABRICATION SUPERVISOR - Paul Bros Nextreme Inc. - Yellowknife, NT   
Jig maker, Fitter, Welder. Fabrication Supervisor, Jig Maker, Fitter, and hands-on experience in a Shop. Full – Time.... $115,000 a year
From Indeed - Sat, 20 May 2017 15:53:31 GMT - View all Yellowknife, NT jobs
          Obchodní manažer s AJ – dentální sortiment   
Na začátku se musíte rozkoukat, ale naším cílem je najít ve Vás samostatného obchodního manažera dentálního sortimentu. Začnete v obchodním oddělení na pozici a
          NEWS: Petition seeks air link between Arviat, Nunavut and Churchill, Manitoba   
It may seem illogical to fly north to head south—but that’s what people who live in the central Nunavut town of Arviat must do in order to travel to Winnipeg in Manitoba. And they tired of the long travel-time and delays due to transferring to southern flights in Rankin Inlet. That’s why hundreds of people in Arviat have signed a petition that asks for Calm Air International, the only airline that serves their community of roughly 3,000, to resume flights from Arviat to Churchill, Man., which
          Inventor 2018 - AddInLoadRules customization   

I have been struggling with Inventor 2018 to load 2 plugins, pre-loading the program, when I load up inventor now, it blocks my 2 add-ins and then I would manually have to go to add-ins manager and enable them on startup.


For some reason I can't seem to get this working in our pre-captured image file that we deploy from.


I have in previous version been able to modify this from the "AddInLoadRules.xml" as shown in the following guide:


But in the 2018 version it seems this is no longer handled by an .xml file, but by a "FILE" without file-extension, that I can't seem to edit.


Any idea how I can pre-define theese 2 plugins to be auto-loaded, instead of blocked on first time startup?



          Mourning the Passing of Friends: Forthcoming Funeral Services    
“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.  All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” ~ Helen Keller

Forthcoming funeral services are planned for the following friends from our community. Complete versions of these obituaries may be found in The Payson Chronicle and on our website at

Michelle Hone Hulet
An angel on earth is now an angel in Heaven.  
Michelle Hone Hulet of Payson, Utah returned home to her Father in Heaven June 28, 2017. Her family finds comfort in knowing she is welcomed by loved ones on the other side of the veil.
Michelle was born November 22, 1960. She was the seventh of eight children born to Clyde LeRoy and Geraldine Francom Hone. Michelle married Chad Hulet on September 2, 1994 in the Manti, Utah temple. They have one son, Tyler Chad Hulet.
Michelle will always be remembered as being unselfish and kind.  She was very talented and made many gifts for family and friends that will be cherished always. Michelle had a contagious laugh, and always made everyone around her feel special and loved. She loved her nieces and nephews and cherished her relationships with them. She loved working as a librarian at Taylor Elementary. She was overjoyed when children from the school would light up and give her a hug when they would see her around town. 
Michelle is a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She obediently served in various callings throughout her life. She has especially loved her time serving in the Payson Temple. She knows and loves her Savior, Jesus Christ. 
Michelle is preceded in death by her mother, her brother, Joel Hone, step-mother, Dixie Jarvis Hone, and her mother-in-law, Leah Pauline Hulet. She is survived by her husband, son, father, and her brothers and sister: Lee (Linda) Hone, Craig (Kathy Lee) Hone, Michael (Lana) Hone, Annette (Craig) Draper, Scott Hone, and Kent (Sue) Hone. She is also survived by her step siblings, her father-in-law, Carlisle Hulet, and brothers and sisters-in-law.
A viewing will be held Sunday, July 2, 2017 from 6-8 p.m. at the Walker Mortuary, 587 South 100 West in Payson. Funeral services will be held Monday, July 3, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. at the Payson 2nd Ward Chapel, 274 South Main Street. A viewing at this location will be held from 9:30-10:45 a.m. prior to the service. Interment will be at the Payson Cemetery. 
Condolences may be sent to the family at:

          Custom Bom Export to excel template   

Hello All! I have been gaining a lot of knowledge from using this forum but I need some help exporting an Inventor BOM.


My employer uses a standard excel template that all manufactured parts are entered into. (We use this for standard or custom jobs). I have attached that template here. The goal is to loop through the top level assembly and place the description in the G cells starting at G4, the Rev starting at F4, and the PN starting at E4. The top level assy will be made up of subassemblies (all I-Assemblies) whose node names at the top level are 101,102,103, etc. The program has to loop thru 101, enter the node name in the column header, enter all the qtys for that section in the j column, then 102 and put the parts in K column, etc. If a bracket is used in 101 and 102 then the program has to look thru the spreadsheet and rather than enter it on a new line, it needs to place the qty in the correct column.


My first stab was to look in the help files. I found the loop portion that looks through all BomRows one item at a time. I see the ItemQuantity variable but can't seem to access it. For now I was just trying to see if I could get a simple message box to appear. (error: object required. ---didn't I declare the object a few lines before?) See bolded below.


Public Sub BOMQuery()
    ' Set a reference to the assembly document.
    ' This assumes an assembly document is active.
    Dim oDoc As AssemblyDocument
    Set oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument

    Dim FirstLevelOnly As Boolean
    If MsgBox("First level only?", vbYesNo) = vbYes Then
        FirstLevelOnly = True
        FirstLevelOnly = False
    End If
    ' Set a reference to the BOM
    Dim oBOM As BOM
    Set oBOM = oDoc.ComponentDefinition.BOM
    ' Set whether first level only or all levels.
    If FirstLevelOnly Then
        oBOM.StructuredViewFirstLevelOnly = True
        oBOM.StructuredViewFirstLevelOnly = False
    End If
    ' Make sure that the structured view is enabled.
    oBOM.StructuredViewEnabled = True
    'Set a reference to the "Structured" BOMView
    Dim oBOMView As BOMView
    Set oBOMView = oBOM.BOMViews.Item("Structured")
    Debug.Print "Item"; Tab(15); "Quantity"; Tab(30); "Part Number"; Tab(70); "Description"
    Debug.Print "----------------------------------------------------------------------------------"

    'Initialize the tab for ItemNumber
    Dim ItemTab As Long
    ItemTab = -3
    Call QueryBOMRowProperties(oBOMView.BOMRows, ItemTab)
End Sub

Private Sub QueryBOMRowProperties(oBOMRows As BOMRowsEnumerator, ItemTab As Long)
    ItemTab = ItemTab + 3
    ' Iterate through the contents of the BOM Rows.
    Dim i As Long
    For i = 1 To oBOMRows.Count
        ' Get the current row.
        Dim oRow As BOMRow
        Set oRow = oBOMRows.Item(i)

        'Set a reference to the primary ComponentDefinition of the row
        Dim oCompDef As ComponentDefinition
        Set oCompDef = oRow.ComponentDefinitions.Item(1)
        Dim total As Long
        Set total = oRow.ItemQuantity
        MsgBox (total)
        Dim oPartNumProperty As Property
        Dim oDescripProperty As Property

        If TypeOf oCompDef Is VirtualComponentDefinition Then
            'Get the file property that contains the "Part Number"
            'The file property is obtained from the virtual component definition
            Set oPartNumProperty = oCompDef.PropertySets _
                .Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Part Number")

            'Get the file property that contains the "Description"
            Set oDescripProperty = oCompDef.PropertySets _
                .Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Description")

            Debug.Print Tab(ItemTab); oRow.ItemNumber; Tab(17); oRow.ItemQuantity; Tab(30); _
                oPartNumProperty.Value; Tab(70); oDescripProperty.Value
            'Get the file property that contains the "Part Number"
            'The file property is obtained from the parent
            'document of the associated ComponentDefinition.
            Set oPartNumProperty = oCompDef.Document.PropertySets _
                .Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Part Number")

            'Get the file property that contains the "Description"
            Set oDescripProperty = oCompDef.Document.PropertySets _
                .Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Description")

            Debug.Print Tab(ItemTab); oRow.ItemNumber; Tab(17); oRow.ItemQuantity; Tab(30); _
                oPartNumProperty.Value; Tab(70); oDescripProperty.Value
            'Recursively iterate child rows if present.
            If Not oRow.ChildRows Is Nothing Then
                Call QueryBOMRowProperties(oRow.ChildRows, ItemTab)
            End If
        End If
    ItemTab = ItemTab - 3
End Sub



Any help is appreciated. (I don't expect anyone to write the code for me, I would rather get bits and pieces and stitch it together myself.) The excel portion I have no idea what to do there. I have not written any code to interact with excel from Inventor.


ps - can anyone explain what the output of this sample program is from the help files? It doesn't seem to do anything except throw a message box....

          iLogic Subassembly virtual parts in being created in Top assembly   

I am using the attached code, "Calc_Hole_Assembly", "VirtPart_Creation", to count holes and then create virtual parts in my iCopy subassembly for purchased parts and cut lengths of purchased material. I create the iCopy in my Top level assembly and run the code, "Run_Rules", before I save the file to update all of the subassemblies in the top level that have those rules. When I run this code, the virtual parts are being created in the top level assembly and are not updated in the subassembly.


I have attached a screencast as well of the operation. Inventor crashed on completion of running "Run_Rules" in the screencast.


I am running Inventor 2016


Thank you in advance for any help you can give!

          Postdoctoral Fellowship in Robotics - Zayed University - Dubai   
The Opportunity The College of Arts and Creative Enterprises seeks a qualified candidate to fill a full-time Postdoctoral Fellowship in Robotics at the CACE
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          timethief on "Deleting MENU in phone mode."   

You're welcome.

          Multimedia Designer - Zayed University - Dubai   
The Opportunity This position is part of the Marketing and Publications teamthatdirectsthe development and execution of all Multimedia designprojectsfor
From Zayed University - Thu, 30 Mar 2017 11:08:30 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
          timethief on "Deleting MENU in phone mode."   

If you still have an unresolved issue type modlook into the sidebar tags on this thread for a Staff follow-up. How do I get a Moderator/Staff reply for my question? Also subscribe to this thread so you are notified when they respond and be patient while waiting. To subscribe look in the sidebar of this thread, find the subscribe to topics link and click it.

          nevilwarbrook on "Deleting MENU in phone mode."   

timethief, I don't have all that info. I have partially solved the problem by switching to another theme.

          timethief on "Deleting MENU in phone mode."   

You refer to a phone. Which one?

Please post this specific info here:
(a) Exactly what kind of device you are using to connect to the internet and to
(b) Exactly which browser (and version of it) you’re using by checking here if necessary

          GMAT Critical Reasoning (CR) | Re: RATT RACE: Music Archivist: Accomplished musicians typically leave beh   
E is wrong because of "sometimes"
A and B are out of scope.
I picked D, but C is the winner because of "revised"
D sounds like a strengthener.

          GMAT Verbal Section | Appositive vs Relative Clause   
DmitryFarber Thanks for the great explanation. I have a somewhat similar query from a question that I came across on the actual GMAT and I am hoping you can resolve my confusion.

I have difficulty in using 'about which'. Sometimes I understand it, sometimes I get bogged down by it. Can you please tell which of these two sentences is more preferable per GMAT vocabulary?

He works for a TV network, about which I know nothing.
He works for a TV network (which) I know nothing about.

The actual

          GMAT Sentence Correction (SC) | Re: RATT Race: The West African lungfish uses their   
souvik101990 wrote:

Solution to problem #1: West African Lungfish
Correct answer: C

(A) Incorrect
Singular vs. Plural: The word fish can be both singular and plural. In the original sentence, the singular verb uses signals that the word lungfish is singular, but the plural pronouns their and they signal that the word lungfish is plural. Both can’t be true at the same time, so the original sentence is incorrect.
Modifier: The adverbial modifier surviving long periods of dormancy logically follows from the lungfish’s


          Sunday Times Style June 2017 Lara Stone by Jem Mitchell   

Photography: Jem Mitchell. Styled by: Sophie Pera. Hair: Stephane Lancien. Makeup: Charlotte Willer. Model: Lara Stone.  

The post Sunday Times Style June 2017 Lara Stone by Jem Mitchell appeared first on Fashion Editorials.

          GMAT Sentence Correction (SC) | Re: The new government requires employers to inform an employee   
vishalkumar4mba wrote:

The new government requiresemployers to inform an employee of their legal right to holidays and overtime pay.

(A)employers to inform an employee oftheir
(B) employers to inform employees thathe has a
(C)employers to inform employees that there is a
(D) thatemployers inform an employee oftheir
(E) thatemployers inform theemployees thatthey have a


          Distance Library Degree   
Distance library degree programs offer a student the opportunity to earn a degree from home, while still making full time outside employment a priority.

          GMAT Reading Comprehension (RC) | The new government requires employers to inform an employee   
The new government requires employers to inform an employee of their legal right to holidays and overtime pay.

The question tests the usage of "that" and SVA( their, his andhave)

The new government requires the employers of the company to inform X.
X: The employee of a company has a legal right to holidays and overtimepay

The entire sentence has one action. The SVA must agree with the corresponding noun

(A) employers to informan employee oftheir
Employee: Singular

          GMAT Sentence Correction (SC) | Re: Despite a growing population, in 1998 the United States used 38   
Despite a growing population, in 1998 the United States used 38 billion fewer gallons of water aday when comparing it to the period of all-time highest consumption almost 20 years earlier.

A. day when comparing it to the period of all-time highest consumption almost 20 years earlier ---it refers to the US. The US is being compared to a period. Wrong comparison.

B. day than it did during the period of all-time highest consumption almost 20 years earlier -- That what the US used in 1988 is

          Sketchfab’s models of the month: June 2017   
See the month's best real-time 3D models, including this detailed, downloadable medieval character.

          GMAT Critical Reasoning (CR) | Re: My neighbor's dogs bark and howl every time their owner lets   
Merged topics. Pleasee, search before posting questions!

          Climbing Arborist/ Tree Trimmer # 16889 - USA-DE-Wilmington   
Requisition Number: 16889   Company Name: *******   Service Line: 1RES - Kent-Residential & Commercial Services  Employment Type: Regular  Job Type: Full Time  Education Level Required: High School...
          JYB TV Recruitment Into Vacant Positions   

JYB TV is a 24/7-television station on Startimes Channel 361 offering indigenous content for children, teenagers and young adults. It is the go to station for quality children’s and youth oriented programming and promises to deliver wholesome content that will enrich the lives of its viewers.   Job Title:  Presenters (Female) Job Description We are looking for […]

JYB TV Recruitment Into Vacant Positions

          Business Support Assistant Job Vacancy At The United Nations World Food Programme   

The United Nations World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide.  The mission of WFP is to help the world achieve Zero Hunger in our lifetimes.  Every day, WFP works worldwide to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry and that the poorest and most vulnerable, particularly women and children, […]

Business Support Assistant Job Vacancy At The United Nations World Food Programme



Genderless by raphaellakay on

Vendredi 30 juin 2017. Featuring model #Yutaro instagram here: I'm happy that some media talk more about genderless fashion in Japan, this is my style :) It reminds me that last time I went out, I was wearing jeans and a shirt with sandals. A little girl saw me and said to her mother: "Look! The boy is wearing sandals!!" This was funny, I'm sure she believed I was a boy mostly because of my hairstyle, which is like this: Also I don't do makeup at all haha

          It’s All About The Shirt Dress!   

Oh yeah, ladies it finally Friday! Cheers to the weekend! Today, as we were searching through the net, we came across a few stunning shirt dresses that were worn so effortlessly and yet still look super trendy and very sexy at the same time, so we decided a blog post was definitely in order! A shirt […]

The post It’s All About The Shirt Dress! appeared first on So Sue Me.

          How to Respond to a PR Pitch That’s Wrong for You   

If you’re a blogger or digital influencer, you’re probably used to getting pitches from public relations professionals all the time. Unfortunately, too many of these will be wrong for you because people do not do their homework. Oftentimes, they just have a general list that they send every ask to, not understanding that it’s no way to connect authentically. I get pitches that have nothing to do with my work, and there are some that are so off-base, I wonder if they’ve ever even visited my website. It’s lazy, it’s annoying and sometimes frustrating. Our inboxes are already full of […]

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          How To Properly Ask for Business Advice Via Email   

We don’t live in a vacuum and there’s someone out there who we admire and who has valuable knowledge that we’d love to tap into. In the world of the interwebs, they are often people we’ve never met. Sometimes, these are people we have been in the same room, at networking events or whatever. We want to learn more from them and emailing them is a great way to open the doors of communication. There is nothing wrong with asking for help but how you do it makes a world of difference to how you’re responded to (and IF you’re […]

The post How To Properly Ask for Business Advice Via Email appeared first on Awesomely Techie.

          Blood doping: Were Armstrong and Russia wasting their time?   
Doping with EPO appears to offer nothing but placebo effect in amateur riders. Is this the end for the drug that Lance Armstrong abused, wonders Chris Cooper
          Comment on DRM Removal Tools for eBooks by Potential Nooker   
I found a Windows copy of Nook Study, but couldn't log in. After sitting there for a while, it said something about being unable to find an Adobe account (message disappeared after a short time), which leads me to believe that this is a couple DRM schemes back and is going to be unproductive. I could not find a version of Nook Study for Mac, and reportedly it doesn't work any more anyway. Looks like I won't be buying any ebooks from Barnes and Noble.
          Where things stand on the AT&T and Time Warner deal   
AT&T’s (NYSE: T) $49-billion acquisition of DirecTV took a whopping 432 days to win government approval, eventually earning clearance from the Federal Communications Commission with a list of conditions. Now, 251 days since the Dallas-based telecom giant declared its intent to purchase content monster Time Warner, Inc., the process could finally be turning toward the point in which the two sides discuss the same type of conditions. Bob Quinn, AT&T’s senior executive vice president for external…

           Farhan Akhtar opts for new fitness regime    
Farhan Akhtar, who is a known fitness freak, has opted for a new regime to maintain his chiseled body. This time his fitness equipment was a bicycle. Farhan was seen taking an early morning cycle ride in the city with his friends. The actor along with his friends went for an almost two and a half hour ride till NCPA and back home, covering a total distance of 42.04 km. . The actor later shared the pictures on social media. “Super ride to NCPA & back this morning with fellow Cycos (hehehe .. yes, thats the group) Zubin & Sohrab.
           Shraddha Kapoor expresses her love for dogs!    
Actress Shraddha Kapoor, who is an ardent dog lover, shared some adorable pictures of Mohit Suri&#39;s dogs on her social handles. The actress took off some time and was caught in a candid moment with Mohit Suri&#39;s daughter Devi Suri and his dogs. Shraddha shared the picture captioning, 4 dogs & a baby. @mohitsuri squad! pics were taken by @mohitsuri ❤️. The actress is currently gearing up for her upcoming release Haseena Parker and has also begun preps for Saina Nehwal&#39;s biopic.
           Disha Patani to star with Tiger Shroff in Baaghi 2    
Actors Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are soon going to be seen together in a new film - a sequel to Tiger-Shraddha starrer Baaghi. Several industry names had been doing the rounds for the coveted role, and rumour mills have been working overtime with names of the actress who will be paired opposite Tiger in the sequel to Baaghi. Putting speculation to rest, producer Sajid Nadiadwala announced the name of the leading lady of Baaghi 2, and she is none other than Disha Patani. When we did the look test of both of them together, we were convinced with their
           Sara Ali Khan parties with Harshvardhan under Saifs roof!    
If rumours are to be believed, Sara Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor&#39;s son Harshvardhan Kapoor are the newest couple in B-town. Although they have remained tight lipped about their closeness, their PDA says it all. The two, who were spotted multiple times, were snapped together again on 6 June but this time the venue was closer home. It was at Saif and Kareena&#39;s residence. Harshvardhan accompanied Sara to a party at her father Saif&#39;s residence. While Sara looked pretty in a simple yet elegant dress, Harshvardhan flaunted a simple white shirt for the evening. Sara is yet to make her
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Actress Yami Gautam went out of her way and did something truly special to make her mother happy. Like every dutiful daughter, this beautiful actress has planned a surprise vacation for her. The actress herself has taken a six-day break from her busy schedule and planned a holiday to Maldives, sources said. “This trip is special, as we will be ringing in mum’s birthday. It’s been a while that we, as a family, have been able to spend quality time together. We are looking forward to relax and also try some adventure sports.” Yami was quoted as saying. The actress
          @mike_pence Like that time #MitchMcConnell said this? (You hypocrite.)   

from my Twitter. follow me on Twitter.

posted: June 24, 2017 at 11:54PM

 500 USD 1d 18h
Estimated end time: 2017-07-02 19:50 CEST
Current Bid: 500 USD
Reserve met
Bids: 1
Domain Language: English
          SpaceX has launched and landed two rockets in one weekend   
On 23 June, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket using a booster that had already been to space, only the second  time SpaceX has flown used boosters
          Join us at Story Time!   
Join the fun at the Library! Story Times are listed below, in Calendar.
          Summer Hours at the Carnegie Library!   
June – August, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Story time every Saturday at 10:30 a.m.
          The Hong Kong-built junk that was once Ripley’s, believe it or not   
How stories about the Mon Lei, which served several owners in its lifetime, including Robert Ripley of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! fame, took on a life of their own
 750 USD 3d 11h
Estimated end time: 2017-07-04 12:50 CEST
Current Bid: 750 USD
Reserve met
Bids: 1
Domain Language: English
          LatAm Viva: Commodities forever   


Forget the glitzy wedding of footballing giant Leonel Messi this weekend. The big event in Argentina this week has already happened: the Financial Times Commodities Americas Summit 2017in Buenos Aires.

Read more
          Los looks más icónicos de Nicki Minaj en un vídeo   
Una joven fue maquillada y peinada tal como la cantante en los videoclips "Playtime is over" y "Anaconda".
          The pursuit of lasting peace in Colombia   

At this time last year Colombians were invigorated with hope for a lasting peace agreement between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

          Building the future in a time of war   
Student in Lebanon practicing numbers on a white board

In Lebanon, MCC-supported education programs are reaching out to young Syrian refugees, providing space where they can continue to learn and grow.

At home in her village near Aleppo, Syria, Nisrine Issa had a clear vision of what she wanted for her young daughters.

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