Boatos... Giovanna Lancellotti fala de Arthur Aguiar...

Correm boatos no TUMBLR , que a atriz Giovanna Lancellotti, que hoje namora o Arthur, deu uma entrevista e em certo momento foi perguntada sobre o que poderia acabar com o namoro dos dois, e ela respodeu: " Ah, o Arthur? Ele beija fraco". Todas as fãs ficaram revoltadas e estão tentando de todas as formas para que isso chegue nos ouvidos do Arthur, alegando ainda que é por isso que nunca gostaram dela.

Só acho que quem fica xingando ou inventando mentiras sobre eles, deveriam colocar na consciência que eles estão namorando sim, e não vai ser por que você não gosta que eles vão acabar.ok!

Sei que eu é LuAr assim como eu, tem que saber que vai ser melhor assim, o que adianta o Arthur namorar a Lua se ele não gosta dela?? iria fazer ela sofrer mais e mais.. então vamos parar de xingar, porque além disse ser uma P%T@ falta de educação, não vai levar a lugar nenhum, só vai fazer com que o Thur se afaste do twitter. e sei que não é isso que vocês querem, né?!! #FicaADica

Fonte:Fã Arthur Aguiar
Adaptação: Lua Blanco Fãs SP

          12 Burning Questions That Are Begging for Your Answer   

Choose wisely. Your answers could change the fabric of time itself.



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12. Let this final one be a lesson to all: sometimes great questions get great answers.



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          Indian-Americans and Spelling Bees: Adding some nuance   
It's that time of the year again. The only night of the year when desi people dominate ESPN primetime in the United States. The Scripps National Spelling Bee. Yet again, the winner...or rather co-winners..came from the families of Indian immigrants.

This has been happening for over a decade now, and every year, the aftermath of the Bee in Indian media and Indian and Indian-origin social media follows a similar pattern. There are a few think pieces about why Indian-Americans are so good at spelling bees. Some folks go all uber-patriotic extolling the superior virtues of our intellectual tradition and what not (cue...Bhaaaaarrrraat maaata kiiii.......). And some folks sneer, indulging in a mild form of communal self-loathing. I don't have kids but my close Indian-American friends who do are very emphatic about how they will not make...or even let their kids participate in something as nerdy and inherently uncool as a spelling bee.

Through Twitter I came across this post that quotes Varun Grover's interview in the excellent excellent documentary I Am Offended (do watch if you haven't) which references spelling bees. That blog, and Varun in that documentary, are making a larger point about how the Indian education system is centered around rote learning, stifling creativity and basically preparing "middle managers". And that the success in spelling bees is a symptom of that.

While I agree with Varun and Auctorly on the larger problem, I don't think it is correct to link spelling bees to that problem. I see where they are coming from, and the reason for that is a couple of myths about spelling bees in general which merit some attention.

Myth #1 Spelling Bees are all about memorizing thousands and thousands and thousands of words, and regurgitating them on stage.

I used to think the same way, but it's not really that way. A few years ago, I had a long chat with a student of mine (I am a college professor) who in her school days had participated in the spelling bee. She didn't win, but talked to me about how much fun it was, and ended up giving me a different perspective on this activity that I too once sneered at. Then I read some more about it, watched the documentary Spellbound, talked to some more students over the years, and I think it is necessary to add some nuance to how we view the "sport".

Spelling bee as a contest is more about pattern recognition than just rote memorization. Don't get me wrong. Of course it is important to know and remember many many words to participate in a spelling bee. But the same is true of scrabble. Or crosswords. Or trivia quizzing. Heck, memorization is key even in chess. A serious chess player will have thousands of moves and games memorized.

Just like all those activities/sports, spelling bee is about, yes, having a memory bank of relevant information, but at the top level, it is often about recognizing patterns, working out clues, and then formulating an answer by accessing the relevant information from your brain.

You know how the kids ask for meaning, language of origin, use it in a sentence etc etc? It is not for theater. It has important information, and many times, can even help you make an educated guess at the spelling of a word you've never heard of by using what is basically pattern recognition.

Let me give you an example about how I, without memorizing any words, was able to correctly guess one of the words in the final this year. The word was chremslach. When it was first uttered, I thought it would start with "Kr" and maybe end with "che" or "kh". Then I heard that the word was Yiddish. And the meaning was a kind of passover pastry. Instantly I thought of a pastry that a Jewish deli near my house excels at - rugelach. The end sounded the same. So it had to end in -lach. And the different pronunciations of the starting syllable suggested chr not Kr. The repeated usage by the moderator further confirmed what I had in my mind. A pattern emerged and voila. There the spelling was.

I felt thrilled at having worked it out before the contestant answered. It was a thrill similar to the one I get as a trivia quizzer when I crack a cleverly framed Final Jeopardy style "workout-able" question. Or the thrill I get when I crack a particularly cryptic clue in crosswords.

The aforementioned student kept stressing about how much fun the whole thing was for her. She said it was a form of solving puzzles. And I saw what she meant. I asked her, isn't it boring to memorize thousands and thousands of words. She said no, she LOVES words (sidenote - she always wrote the most well-crafted and thoughtful term papers in my class). And again, I see her point.

When you enjoy any activity built on pattern recognition so much that you want to seriously compete in it, you don't think of the underlying memorization as a drab chore. I like to play scrabble semi-competitively, and it is fun for me to have those cruel 2 letter words memorized so I can gain advantage on the board despite not having great tiles. And I'm sure poker players don't think of probability calculations as mundane.

Myth #2 These desi spelling be winners will most likely end up as middle managers, code coolies, cogs in the corporate machine....just total drones.

Although it seems like Indian-Americans have been winning the bee for ages, in reality, it's been less than two decades that it has been happening consistently. So the sample of winners is not statistically significant, but from whatever I read in "where are they now" type stories, I saw very few, if any, ending up in those drone type jobs.

A lot of them were in some form of research, which to me, as an academic researcher, makes sense. Research is like the rigorous grown-up impactful form of pattern recognition that is built upon a deep memory bank of knowledge about a subject. A bunch of them were doctors and lawyers. One was a professional poker player (again, pattern recognition and memory). And so on. I even googled a few names of winners and always found that the person was doing something really cool.

Maybe a systematic study will throw up more details.

Myth #3 We Indians are just awesome at English and we are such brainiacs and we have the bestest education-centric culture so we are awesome at Spelling Bees

While the first two myths were in the self-loathing category, this one is in the uber-patriotic category. I have no problem with Indians or Indian-origin feeling proud or elated or whatever at this dominance, although I am personally from the Bill Hicks school of thought when it comes to patriotism.

But let us dispel with this notion that there is something really inherently culturally genetically special about Indians that our kids just go to America, show up at spelling bees, and start winning them left and right. There is actually a pretty strong and well-organized training infrastructure that is making all this possible. Remember that these contestants train with the rigor and discipline of athletes. It is not done in isolation, but requires broader support like with any sport or activity.

What you see on ESPN is the culmination of a year of smaller contests, local spelling bees, practice bees, and other such events on the local circuits. And there's a kind of feedback loop that forms. Successive generations build on the success of previous generations. Legacies and even "dynasties" are created and inspire some to adhere to it. I could keep going, but I came across this article that explains the quasi-institutional reasons behind the dominance in more detail.

If some other community starts taking such a deep interest in the sport and organizes in such a serious grassroots way, other communities could start dominating too.

One thing to note is that the winners have all been kids of Indians who migrated to the United States. Recent Indian immigrants, much like recent immigrants of other communities, tend to socialize more with their compatriots and do so in a very community-based way, with associations and groups and mandals and so on. But second generation Indian-Americans are more assimilated in the American mainstream. So when they grow up and have kids of their own, they are not as plugged into the Indian-American groups and associations as their parents were.

So you don't see many (or even any?) third generation Indian-American children winning the spelling bee or even making it to the national finals, because they don't have automatic access to that community-based infrastructure.

The best way to end this post is to quote a now-grown-up Nupur Lala, the star of the Oscar winning documentary who arguably started this Indian-American phenomenon.

“Having watched Spellbound, I realized that several of my competitors weren’t any worse than me ability-wise, but they didn’t have the same advantages—economic privilege, educational background, family dynamics,” she says. “I know that played a big, big role in my success. As a 14-year-old, I really thought I was one of the best spellers out there. In hindsight, I think, yeah, I was a very good speller, but I also had some of the best preparation and resources out there. I had a mom who had a graduate degree in linguistics. Parents who have literally hundreds of books in the house, and who were very motivated to help me succeed.”

          TextsFromHillary for Mamata Banerjee   
Today Hillary Clinton is meeting Mamata Banerjee. I imagine these are the texts they are exchanging.
Obviously, inspired by Texts From Hillary whose creators Hillary didn't arrest, but LOL-ed with. Mamata Banerjee on the other hand...

          TS24:BYU, Nikki Haley, Mississippi Abortion, John Derbyshire, Wisconsin Equal Pay   
Bryan barely survives an 8-hour ordeal with Time Warner to talk to Erin about how it gets better at BYU, Wisconsin's repeal of equal pay rights, John Derbyshire's racism and homophobia, Governor Nikki Haley and her views on how women feel about birth control, and the threats to the only abortion clinic in Mississippi. Come and get it!!  Get tickets for Entertainment Hollywood!!  Official Max Fun Page Throwing Shade Tumblr Subscribe and Rate on iTunes RSS Feed @gibblertron & @bryansafi #tspod
          Comment on How to Download Songs or other Audio from Tumblr by Georgetta   
Right now it sounds like Wordpress is the preferred blogging platform available right now. (from what I've read) Is that what you're using on your blog? maglie calcio poco prezzo

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А режиссер Герасимов тоже пожалел зрителей — в фильме не показаны все пытки, которые перенесли ребята. Они были почти детьми, младшим едва исполнилось 16. Страшно читать эти строки.

Страшно думать о тех нечеловеческих страданиях, которые они перенесли. Но мы должны знать и помнить, что такое фашизм. Самое ужасное, что среди тех, кто издевательски убивал молодогвардейцев, в основном были полицаи из местного населения (город Краснодон, в котором произошла трагедия, находится в Луганской области). Тем страшнее наблюдать сейчас за возродившимся на Украине нацизмом, за факельными шествиями, за лозунгами «Бандера — герой!».

Нет никаких сомнений в том, что сегодняшние двадцатилетние неофашисты, ровесники своих зверски измученных земляков, не читали эту книгу и не видели этих фотографий.

«Ее избивали, подвешивали за косы. Из шурфа Аню подняли с одной косой — другая оборвалась.



Крым, Феодосия, август 1940 года. Счастливые юные девочки. Самая красивая, с темными косами – Аня Сопова.

31 января 1943-го после жестоких пыток Аня была сброшена в шурф шахты № 5.
Похоронена в братской могиле героев на центральной площади города Краснодона.

Советские люди мечтали быть похожими на смелых краснодонцев... Клялись отомстить за их смерть.
Что говорить, трагическая и красивая история молодогвардейцев потрясла тогда весь мир, а не только неокрепшие детские умы.
Фильм стал лидером проката 1948 года, а исполнители главных ролей, никому не известные студенты ВГИКа, сразу получили звания Лауреатов Сталинской премии – случай исключительный. „Проснулись знаменитыми“ — это о них.
Иванов, Мордюкова, Макарова, Гурзо, Шагалова — письма со всего света приходили им мешками.
Герасимов, конечно, пожалел зрителей. Фадеев – читателей.
То, что действительно произошло той зимой в Краснодоне, ни бумага, ни пленка передать не смогли бы.

Есть потрясающий сайт , где неравнодушными людьми собраны чудом сохранившиеся уникальные фотографии и документы.

Зайдите, посмотрите. Почитайте.



„Ульяна Громова, 19 лет, на спине вырезана пятиконечная звезда, правая рука переломана, поломаны ребра“ (Архив КГБ при Совмине СССР).




„Лида Андросова, 18 лет, извлечена без глаза, уха, руки, с веревкой на шее, которая сильно врезалась в тело. На шее видна запеченная кровь“ (Музей „Молодая гвардия“, ф. 1, д. 16).



Аня Сопова, 18 лет
„Ее избивали, подвешивали за косы… Из шурфа Аню подняли с одной косой — другая оборвалась“.



„Шура Бондарева, 20 лет, извлечена без головы и правой груди, все тело избито, в кровоподтеках, имеет черный цвет“.



Люба Шевцова, 18 лет (на фото первая слева во втором ряду)

9 февраля 1943 года после месяца пыток расстреляна в Гремучем лесу неподалеку от города вместе с Олегом Кошевым, С.Остапенко, Д.Огурцовым и В.Субботиным.



Ангелина Самошина, 18 лет.

„На теле Ангелины были обнаружены следы пыток: выкручены руки, отрезаны уши, на щеке вырезана звезда“ (РГАСПИ. Ф. М-1. Оп. 53. Д. 331)



Шура Дубровина, 23 года

„Перед моими глазами встают два образа: жизнерадостная молодая комсомолка Шура Дубровина и изуродованное тело, поднятое из шахты. Я видела её труп только с нижней челюстью. Её подружка — Майя Пегливанова лежала в гробу без глаз, без губ, с выкрученными руками...“



Майя Пегливанова, 17 лет

„Труп Майи обезображен: отрезаны груди, переломаны ноги. Снята вся верхняя одежда“. (РГАСПИ. Ф. М-1. Оп. 53. Д. 331) В гробу лежала без губ, с выкрученными руками».



«Тоня Иванихина, 19 лет, извлечена без глаз, голова перевязана платком и проволокой, груди вырезаны».




Сережа Тюленин, 17 лет (на фото — в папахе)

«27 января 1943 года Сергей был арестован. Вскоре забрали отца, мать, конфисковали все вещи. В полиции Сергея сильно пытали в присутствии матери, устроили очную ставку с членом „Молодой гвардии“ Виктором Лукьянчеико, по они не признавали друг друга.
31 января Сергея пытали в последний раз, а затем его, полумертвого, вместе с другими товарищами повезли к шурфу шахты № 5...»



Похороны Сергея Тюленина



Нина Минаева, 18 лет

«...Мою сестру распознали по шерстяным гамашам — единственной одежде, которая осталась на ней. Руки у Нины были поломаны, один глаз выбит, на груди бесформенные раны, всё тело в черных полосах...»




Тося Елисеенко, 22 года
«Труп Тоси был обезображен, пытая, ее посадили на раскаленную печь».




Виктор Третьякнвич, 18 лет

«...В числе последних подняли Виктора Третьякевича. Его отец, Иосиф Кузьмич, в тоненьком залатанном пальтишко изо дня в день стоял, ухватившись за столб, не отводил взгляд от шурфа. А когда распознали его сына, — без лица, с черно-синей спиной, с раздробленными руками, — он, будто подкошенный, повалился на землю. На теле Виктора не нашли следов от пуль — значит, сбросили его живым...»




Олег Кошевой, 16 лет

Когда в январе 1943 г. начались аресты, предпринял попытку перейти линию фронта. Однако вынужден вернуться в город. Близ ж. -д. станции Кортушино был схвачен фашистами и отправлен сначала в полицию, а затем в окружное отделение гестапо г. Ровеньки. После страшных пыток вместе с Л.Г.Шевцовой, С.М.Остапенко, Д.У.Огурцовым и В.Ф.Субботиным 9 февраля 1943 г. был расстрелян в Гремучем лесу неподалеку от города.




Олег Кошевой




Елена Николаевна Кошевая, мама Олега


Борис Главан, 22 года

«Из шурфа был извлечен связанным с Евгением Шепелевым колючей проволокой лицом к лицу, кисти рук отрублены. Лицо изуродовано, живот вспорот».




Евгений Шепелев, 19 лет
«...Евгению отрубили кисти рук, вырвали живот, разбили голову...» (РГАСПИ. Ф. М-1. Оп. 53. Д. 331)




«Володя Жданов, 17 лет, извлечен с рваной раной в левой височной области, пальцы переломлены и искривлены, под ногтями кровоподтеки, на спине вырезаны две полосы шириной три сантиметра длиной двадцать пять сантиметров, выколоты глаза и отрезаны уши» (Музей «Молодая гвардия», ф. 1, д. 36)



«Клава Ковалева, 17 лет, извлечена опухшей, отрезана правая грудь, ступни ног были сожжены, отрезана левая рука, голова завязана платком, на теле видны следы побоев. Найдена в десяти метрах от ствола, между вагонетками, вероятно была сброшена живой» (Музей «Молодая гвардия», ф. 1, д. 10)




Евгений Мошков, 22 года (на фото слева)

«...Молодогвардеец-коммунист Евгений Мошков, выбрав во время допроса удачный момент, ударил полицейского. Тогда фашистские звери подвесили Мошкова за ноги и держали в таком положении до тех пор, пока у него из носа и горла не хлынула кровь. Его сняли и снова начали допрашивать. Но Мошков только плюнул в лицо палачу. Взбесившийся следователь, пытавший Мошкова, ударил его наотмашь. Обессиленный пытками, герой-коммунист упал, ударившись затылком о косяк двери и умер».




Володя Осьмухин, 18 лет

«Когда я увидела Вовочку, изуродованного, совсем почти без головы, без левой руки по локоть, думала, что сойду с ума. Я не верила, что это он. Был он в одном носочке, а другая нога совсем разута. Вместо пояса вдет шарф теплый. Верхней одежды нет. Сняли звери голодные. Голова разбита. Затылок совсем вывалился, осталось только лицо, на котором остались только Володины зубы. Все остальное изуродовано. Губы перекошены, носа почти совсем нет. Мы с бабушкой умыли Вовочку, одели, украсили цветами. На гроб прибили венок. Пусть лежит дорогой спокойно».



Родители Ульяны Громовой



Последнее письмо Ули




Похороны молодогвардейцев, 1943 год источник


А вот что происходит сейчас на Украине:


1827016_646500161 (500x384, 69Kb)





1827016_4707367cd3c9a90222860701b45a4abe (56x63, 5Kb)




1827016_45c5f65c8f94340667ec765f55b6574e (600x379, 50Kb)



1827016_1ee7d7b4dcdc1070c85718614a96b086 (700x393, 304Kb)


В Европе признали преступления украинских карателей на юго-востоке Украины


Нелли М Опубликовано в Google+ · 6 месяцев назад
Европа признала что бойцы батальонов "Азов" и "Донбасс" насиловали 12-летних девочек в Донбассе Европейские эксперты из международной наблюдательной комиссии, которая работает в зоне конфликта на Украине, официально признали преступления силовиков. Ранее наблюдатели ОБСЕ заявили об обнаружении под Донецком около 400 тел казненных мирных жителей. Теперь о зверствах силовиков заявили девочки, которые рассказали европейцам, как их насиловали бойцы батальонов "Азов" и "Донбасс". "К нам подошла группа женщин. Они рассказали, что наемники из батальонов "Азов" и "Донбасс" подвергали частым групповым изнасилованиям всех женщин села. Жертвами надругательств стали девочки-подростки от 12 лет и пожилые женщины", - рассказал представитель ОБСЕ Эйнарс Граудиньш.




          he-seduces-us: itsalekz: Jannik Schümann in Center of My...   



Jannik Schümann in Center of My World (Die Mitte der Welt)



          briankaminski:MOTEL w/ Frank Dufek   


MOTEL w/ Frank Dufek


          men-in-art:Carl’s DinerMichael Breyette2014   


Carl’s Diner
Michael Breyette

          Bonito11: Немецкое барокко:Брухзальская резиденция   

Это цитата сообщения Майя_Пешкова Оригинальное сообщение

1280px-Bruchsal_(28) (700x403, 130Kb)


Дворец Брухзаль — комплекс зданий в стиле барокко в немецком городе Брухзаль в федеральной земле Баден-Вюртемберг. Построен в первой половине XVIII в. как новая резиденция князей-епископов Шпайера, взамен разрушенного в войне за пфальцское наследство епископского дворца в Шпайере.

Дамиан Хуго Филипп фон Шёнборн-Буххайм

Строительство дворца было инициировано шпайерским князем-епископом Дамианом Хуго Филиппом фон Шёнборн-Буххайм в 1720-х гг. и в своём основном объёме восходит к планам курмайнцского главного директора по строительству Иоганна Максимилиана фон Вельша (Johann Maximilian von Welsch, 1671—1745), под руководством которого и начались работы.

После многочисленных корректур изначального плана, в 1731 г. общий надзор за строительными работами возглавил Бальтазар Нойман, по проекту которого была возведена центральная часть основного корпуса с роскошной главной лестницей, ведущей к двум парадным залам: Княжескому и Мраморному (или Императорскому).

churchtower and Kavalierbau of the baroque palace of Bruchsal

Turm der Hofkirche des Bruchsaler 

Balthasar Neumann 

Наряду с Нойманом, с 1731 по 1736 гг. над созданием внутреннего убранства и, прежде всего, фресок работал известный художник из Ломбардии Джованни Франческо Марчини (Giovanni Francesco Marchini, 1672—1736).

Оформление помещений в стиле рококо было произвед, ярко демонстрируют прошлое, настоящее и будущее княжества-епископства Шпайер и прославляют епископа как хранителя веры. Штукатурные работы были завершёны только в 1755 г. под руководством Иоганна Михаэля Фойхтмайера 

В результате медиатизации княжество-епископство Шпайер прекратило своё существование, и его правобережные владения на Рейне отошли в 1803 г. маркграфству Баден (левобережные территории были потеряны уже в 1792 г. в результате французских революционных войн, что было юридически закреплено в Кампо-Формийском договоре).

Bruchsal, Damianstor

Последнему епископу, Филиппу Францу Непомуку Вильдериху графу фон Вальдердорфу (Philipp Franz Nepomuk Wilderich Graf von Walderdorf, 1739—1810), было, однако, дозволено сохранить за собой княжеский титул и, кроме того, право на пожизненное использование южной части брухзальского дворца.

При этом в северной части дворца была обустроена вдовья резиденция баденской наследной принцессы Амалии Гессен-Дармштадтской. С её смертью в 1832 г. Брухзаль потерял свой блеск и выпал из большой истории.

В XIX в. дворец использовался в качестве военного госпиталя, фрески были закрашены.

Лишь в начале XX в. (с 1900 по 1909 г.) дворец был отреставрирован, и под руководством пионера охраны памятников архитектуры Фрица Хирша (Fritz Hirsch) восстановлено считавшееся утраченным красочное внешнее оформление фасадов.

В последние дни Второй мировой войны, при авиабомбардировке Брухзаля 1 марта 1945 г., дворец оказался сильно разрушен и полностью выгорел; лестница Бальтазара Ноймана чудом пережила уничтожение и стала ядром проекта восстановления дворцового комплекса.

Сегодня в брухзальском дворце, находящемся в собственности земли Баден-Вюртемберг (под управлением "Государственных замков и парков Баден-Вюртемберга"), располагаются Музей города Брухзаль и Германский музей музыкальных автоматов. Кроме того, на территории комплекса, в здании бывшей епископской канцелярии, проводит свои заседания Брухзальский окружной суд.

Hans Huth: Schloss Bruchsal. Die ehemalige Residenz der Fürstbisc
Kurt Lupp: Schloss Bruchsal. Bau, Zerstörung und Wiederaufbau. (= Veröffentlichungen der Historischen Kommission der Stadt Bruchsal; Bd. 21). Verlag Regionalkultur, Heidelberg u. a. 2003,
Hajo Rheinstädter: Schloß Bruchsal. Führer. Verwaltung der Staatlichen Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg/Staatsanzeiger für Baden-Württemberg/Brausdruck, Heidelberg 1996

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Garuda - #sketchbook,#wip,#sketch,#dibujo,#drawing,#illustration,#illustrator,#aleixgordo,#canvas,#design,#boceto,#art,#painting,#pencil,#picture, #pintura, #cuadro,#artist, #artistic,#fineart,#artwork,#myart,#streetart, #cuadros, #igersbarcelona, #igersbcn, #barcelona,#canarias, #canariasviva, #santacruz (en Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

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You actually revealed this terrifically.
          Wichita (2016) Directed by Justyn Ah Chong & Matthew D. Ward   

Don't really know what to make of this movie. It's an odd blend of drama, thriller and slasher elements, which all sounds original and fun, but in the long run mostly works out as confusing and messy for the movie.

On the one hand I often admire and appreciate movies that are hard to categorize and really does its own thing, but once that 'thing' isn't anything all that interesting and effective it of course becomes hard to still like the movie.

I just really don't know what to make this movie. The blend of voyeurism, thriller, slasher and more serious dramatic aspects don't go together very well. The one thing too often gets in the way of the other. The drama, tension and horror aspects therefore rarely work out as anything effective. Things don't really flow and progress naturally enough. This definitely goes at the expense of the realism and credibility of the movie, while it's obvious that the movie still was going for a somewhat grounded approach. I definitely can see what this movie was trying to do with its main-story and character, but it's trying to achieve it all in a far too ineffective way.

The movie definitely makes some odd and very sudden choices with its story and main characters. It for instance really isn't all that credible, the way the main character develops and slowly descents into madness. It's not very subtle, despite the fact that it's really trying to be. This actually makes the movie worse to watch.

It's not like everything is terrible about this movie. It's actually still pretty well made, in the sense that it's a good one to look at. The editing, the camera-work, the make-up. It's all pretty good looking and deserves plenty of credit. But really, there isn't much else to the movie.

Too messy and ineffective as a movie to work out.


Watch trailer

          Trailer: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)   

In a brand new Jumanji adventure, four high school kids discover an old video game console and are drawn into the game's jungle setting, literally becoming the adult avatars they chose. What they discover is that you don't just play Jumanji - you must survive it. To beat the game and return to the real world, they'll have to go on the most dangerous adventure of their lives, discover what Alan Parrish left 20 years ago, and change the way they think about themselves - or they'll be stuck in the game forever. From:

Directed by:  Jake Kasdan
Starring: Karen Gillan, Dwayne Johnson, Missi Pyle and others
Current release date: December 20, 2017

          Trailer: Cult of Chucky (2017)   

Chucky returns to terrorize his human victim, Nica. Meanwhile, the killer doll has some scores to settle with his old enemies, with the help of his former wife. From:

Directed by: Don Mancini
Starring: Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif and others
Current release date: October 20, 2017

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A Clever Demonstration Showing How Focal Length Can Visually Change the Shape of a Person’s Face

           Special Nite Cap: Catch Up on Today's Post 6/30/17   

Special Nite Cap: Catch Up on Today's Post 6/30/17
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          The 10 Commandments of Good SEO Hipster Version   

Originally posted on:

I do not know about you, but to all those who are dedicated to online marketing, do not you think, what ever Google is more like a religion? , A little rather yes, right? And if the Catholics have the figure of Moses, as the one who met on Mount Sinai with God, and were given the tables with the commandments, does not seem very far, the figure of A hipster sent from Google, instead of two heavy stones, carry a heavy tablet, with the commandments of good SEO in epub or pdf version, according to the god Google, who sees everything, knows everything, and is ubiquitous.

And, what would those 10 commandments of good SEO?, Because I believe without doubt that something very similar to what comes next, and these 10 commandments, not to fulfill them, expect many bad things to your website, more plagues than In a dark and humid basement, there we go with the 10 commandments ( here would molaría what has been a jingle in the style of the main 40 ).

 You will love Google about all the search engines , it may make you more or less grace, that power you have, that way of deciding how to stop in the Roman circus, what is good and bad, but Whether you like it or not, you have to love everything about marketing 2.0, you have to treat it with love and "respect" that would say Ali G, and listen very very much, everything that comes to say, because Google is like A mother, who gives you advice, which are not advice, but imperative orders of Sergeant O'neil. Also in case you lack reasons, here in Spain has a level of implementation of 90% on search engines, and should miss the other 10%, those who use Internet Explorer, and those who have installed some type of malware.

Giphy (1)

 You will not take the name of your tags in vain , it is not worth cheating, putting tags that have nothing to do with your content, that Google will see, and it will give you behind Of the ears, you can not put in your tags, all the cities of Spain, if you only serve in a province, because that's very ugly, and you're going to catch Google and you're going to kick that, 4 page sends you. It's going to give you a rowing blow that riete your videos of falls from Youtube. 


Sanctify the headings , nothing to make a web page that does not respect the structure of headings html, H1 to H6, you do not have to use all, but if you make use of it, and the Such as H1, H2 and H3, to indicate what is being talked about in that content, and rank the importance of those words within the content, so that Google can be well positioned, and not that it is he who chooses Of what you're talking about, because Google is always in a hurry, and if you do not keep this command, he'll put whatever he wants.

 You will honor the Penguin and the Panda , these two creatures of Mr. Google, you must honor them, because Google is very much of your things, and the one for your children does whatever it is, so you can give them content Of quality to the Panda, and quality links to the Penguin, or else, or else ... look better do not want to know what Google will do as dishonor to one of them two, because it's going to give you a colleja that you're going to put to dance Something that will not have orchestra to follow the rhythm.

You will not kill creativity , Google is a creative god, and if something does not like anything, but nothing at all, it is uncreative, empty and simple content that is not useful to your Followers and fans, every time you kill the creativity of your content, Google drops you off a page results, so you better not take it as a joke, or soon appear on the foot of the monitor, down there next to the felt So that it does not move.


You will not do prohibited actions , or what is the same thing, you will not do Black Hat SEO, which is that you will not do cloacking, although no longer done, Spam, BackDoor, hidden text ... come on , Please do not be the Christian Gray of SEO, because if Google is going to be in the red room and put you looking at Adwords.

Stop sign hits news reporter in hurricane

You will not steal content , not under any concept, you must steal the content of others, copy, paste, or change three words, and publish it on your site, no, never, Puts it like a motorcycle, pisses more than the panda of Ranma 1/2 and Kung Fu Panda together, you're going to see what a panda is pissed and not those adorable Zoo Pandas that are sitting nicely while chewing bamboo gum.


 You will not tell lies in your content , because then your content is worth the same as the shit with Whatsapp eyes, I do not know if you understand me, let's give it the same as having eyes or not, its value Is the same, if your content is full of inaccuracies, then Google does not see value to it, and if it does not see value, it has no relevance, and if it has no relevance ... toc toc ... you do not go out in the first positions, because 1000 Words from your article x 0 of relevance da ... that is, shit with eyes.


[Dropcap] 9. [/ Dropcap] You will not have impure thoughts in your content , maybe in advertising, there is a high content of sexuality, but, say that you are talking about sex, merely to attract visitors, and then Rebound in the first seconds, once the visitor has returned the blood to the head, and has been able to read the first few lines and see that where I say, I say Diego, that Google will see, will see the rebound, and the Final that is going to rebound is Google, so, enough of headlines that promise things that are not, thanks for making me lose 20 seconds of my life.


 You will not covet your neighbor's positioning , this is not that Google is going to piss you off and you're going to get pissed, but man, who is ugly, we are always looking more at what others are doing, That what we do, if you do a good job of SEO, the results come, the SEO, is a little step by step, the one who wants results for yesterday, has Adwords and his portfolio at his disposal.

Well with this we end today, I hope you have been clear, because otherwise the hipster Moisex will come and give you with the tablet around the SEO, kisses for all and until the next!


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          MS Dynamics CRM Adapter now available on Enzo Unified   

Originally posted on:

I am proud to present our first third party adapter created by Aldo Garcia. With this adapter, you can communicate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online directly from SQL Server Management Studio, and from stored procedures/views/functions. You can also programmatically access MS Dynamics CRM records through this adapter using basic HTTP commands and headers, without the need to download/use/install the Dynamics CRM SDK. This provides a simple, light-weight programmatic environment for both SQL and lightweight clients (such as IoT and mobile devices).

Aldo’s adapter allows you to issue simple SQL EXEC or SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE commands to manage records in MS Dynamics. For example, this command retrieves all the records found in the account table:

SELECT * FROM DynamicsCRM.RetrieveMultiple@account

And this command does the same thing using an EXEC request:

EXEC DynamicsCRM.RetrieveMultiple ‘account’

The SELECT command supports simple WHERE clauses, TOP N, NULL field filters, and ORDER BY operations.

To view how Aldo is able to read/write MS Dynamics data through simple SQL commands, visit his blog post here.

And to see how to use the MS Dynamics adapter to load data in bulk, please visit this blog post.

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          2015: A Reading Year in Review   
Each month I published my reading update over on my Tumblr, or at least I try to do it every month. I am less than successful. I think my 2015 reading year in review belongs here. Considering much of 2015 was spent in a  Ph.D. program I’m impressed with the number of fiction books I […]

          Our 27th wedding together and this time we brought along a plus...   

Our 27th wedding together and this time we brought along a plus one! #tyingtheKnox (at Muhlenberg Enger Chapel)

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下载:网易LOFTER V5.8.0 For Ios - 让兴趣更有趣
          Memorandum Monday   

Morning, glories!  I've been away the last 2 Mondays so I have a bit of catch up to do.  The Chosen One and I celebrate our 30th anniversary in June and several years ago decided it would the year to hit Hawaii. He wrapped up 30 years with his company in December and was given a sabbatical until the end of March. We're excited that that is the date he starts a new chapter with another pharmaceutical company.

We've had a tremendous amount of together time over the last three months and I have learned something huge!  We're good together lol, seriously we both wondered about that much togetherness and it has been such a gift. We now know that life after he retires will be glorious!

Since he had the time off we did the trip early and just wrapped up 2 weeks in the islands. We spent time on Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island, Hawaii. We did so many cool things, I'll possibly overwhelm you with Hawaii posts in the coming weeks!

I learned that because the Chosen One has a close and warm relationship with sleep and I do not, he adjusts to time changes much better than I do.

I learned that when your tour guide/bus driver sings beautifully the entire tour group can sound amazing serenading you for your anniversary with "Can't Help Falling In Love". This is an ad but it's our guy.

I learned that "The Eddy" is a huge surfing competition in memory of Eddie Aikau. The competition is only held if waves are up to "Eddie standards" so in excess of 20'. Hawaiians measure waves differently from the rest of the world, everywhere else they would be measured even higher. It was held on the North Shore of Oahu the day we arrived, the first time in 9 years. Winning is like winning best actor at the Oscars and a 16 year old won. Here's a cool video about it.

I learned that there are loose chickens and roosters on every island I visit whether Caribbean or Hawaiian but none have as many as Kauai. Hurricane Iniki in 1992 blew apart chicken coops on the island and they have been running wild and reproducing ever since. The roosters don't understand they should only crow at dawn and crow all day long.

SweetGirl had chickens as a child (I have a story to share about that another day) She still loves chickens and was very excited when we sent her pics. We found the perfect tshirt for her.

I learned soooooo many things but I'll stop with this last one (for today). The Hawaiians were having a problem with rats in the pineapple and sugar cane fields, a big problem. A really smart guy decided they should introduce the mongoose to the islands to eat the rats. Unfortunately the mongoose hunts during the day and rats are nocturnal so they never crossed paths. The mongoose didn't solve the rat problem but has done a great job of reproducing. The Chosen One was excited about seeing them, they looked like diseased ferrets to me. Evidently they are like raccoons in that they like to check out the garbage. Photo credit to TCO.

Memorandum Mondays are inspired by Sian of From High In The Sky. It's a weekly meme so click here to see what Sian and others are sharing; the things they've done and something they've learned in the past week.

          Lara_Amber: Человек стареющий...   

Это цитата сообщения макошь311 Оригинальное сообщениеЧеловек стареющий: клинический психолог о том, что происходит с нами с возрастом

Психолог Илья Плужников о старении личности с точки зрения нейропсихологии — науки, которая с помощью анализа работы мозга объясняет, что происходит с личностью, какие стили старения бывают и почему с пожилыми людьми лучше говорить низким голосом.

Что есть человек стареющий, а что — развивающийся?

Не нужно думать, что после подросткового возраста человек выходит на плато, как называют ученые «акме», высшую точку развития, а после этого деградирует. 

Старение не есть деградация. Это процесс продолжения развития, очень своеобразный.

Нормальное старение, согласно нашей психологической школе, — это процесс непрерывного, поступательного, неравномерного, комплексного нарастания разных ограничений.

Есть чисто физиологические: снижается слух, возникают специфические формы болезней, которые фактически болезнями не являются, а есть нормальные симптомы старения, связанные с движениями, мускулатурой, сенсорными системами, психологией и так далее, и, конечно, возникают социальные ограничения, которые в индивидуальном сознании стареющего человека преломляются и превращаются в экзистенциальные.

Неравномерность процесса и рождает индивидуальные различия. Современные методы научного исследования, склонные к статистической обработке и количественному анализу данных, к несчастью, не помогают вскрыть суть механизмов, которые лежат за ним, потому что старение крайне индивидуально.

Почему? ... Во взрослом возрасте развитие уже более направленное, социальное: человек проявляет собственную активность и так далее. Он доходит до третьего возраста, то есть до возраста старения, с уже очень серьезным багажом — знаний, опыта, переживаний, психотравм, воззрений, смыслов, ценностей. Весь этот колоссальный багаж, конечно, очень сильно зашумляет естественную биологическую программу. Поэтому старение индивидуально именно в силу индивидуального опыта. 

Тем не менее можно выделить индивидуальные различия, которые мы называем стилем, вариантом или типом, то есть выделить некую типологию нормального старения исходя из того, как работает головной мозг. ...Изучив более 300 здоровых людей от 50 до 100 лет, которые никогда не обращались по поводу психического здоровья и с неврологическими проблемами к врачам, Корсакова выделяет различные нейрокогнитивные стили, типологию нормального старения. Она показывает, как стареем мы и наша психика в связи с работой головного мозга. 

Нормальное старение характеризуется определенными параметрами, основной из которых — индивидуальность. Это не только нарастание ограничений, но и, самое главное, актуализация компенсаторных стратегий — стратегий совладания с ограничениями, которые возникли. Они могут быть осознанными: «Ну, понимаю, что уже пора записочки писать, уже не помню», — или бессознательными. Психика меняется качественно.

Считается, что при старении снижается память, но важно то, что в норме происходит качественное изменение памяти, меняется вектор ее работы. Не стремление к запоминанию, усвоению нового, как у молодого человека, ребенка или взрослого, а вектор назад — к воспоминанию, к более глубокому обращению к опыту, к анализу его глубоких пластов. Для чего?

Для реализации главной задачи развития — передачи смыслов. Социально-психологические исследования показали, что молодые учителя обучают детей иначе, чем пожилые. Не потому, что у них больше опыта, не потому, что они приводят больше примеров, а потому что они транслируют ценности, смыслы и выполняют тем самым основную задачу развития в позднем возрасте. Не прием, а именно передача. Не значений, а ценностно-ориентированных вещей.

Что такое старение феноменологически?

Во-первых, конечно, это замедление темпов деятельности. Латентность нарастает, люди в третьем возрасте начинают работать медленнее. Особенно эта замедленность становится очевидна на начальном этапе деятельности. Особенно трудно становится быстро извлекать информацию, связывать ее. Нужно уметь договариваться со своей памятью после 55 лет, чтобы она выдавала то, что нужно.

Во-вторых, человек начинает работать как одноканальная система. Если он читает газету, то телевизор уже не слышит и не думает о вещах, не связанных с этой газетой.

Что касается речевой сферы, то говорить пожилому человеку нужно не только медленно, но и низким голосом. Не обязательно громко, хотя возрастная тугоухость тоже может иметь место, но бархатный баритон или даже бас будет усвоен лучше, чем тенор и фальцет. Это чисто сенсорная вещь, доказанная научно.

В-четвертых, темповые характеристики. Речевая информация может усваиваться медленнее, чем не речевая.

Происходит некий дисбаланс, обкрадывание правого полушария в пользу левого.

Левое полушарие начинает работать более напряженно за счет того, что оно может терять какие-то правополушарные функции.

Но тем не менее не всегда и достаточно фрагментарно, поэтому, например, музыка усваивается хорошо, а прослушивание песен молодости актуализирует глубинные пласты воспоминаний.

Тактильная сфера оживает буквально, поэтому люди так любят перебирать вещи, вытирать пыль, поэтому пожилым лучше дарить фактурные подарки, текстурированные — это тоже актуализирует пороги пластов памяти.

О памяти. Доступ к непосредственным воспоминаниям, что произошло сейчас, становится более закрытым. Открывается доступ к ранним воспоминаниям молодости, юности и даже детства. Они становятся более яркими, отчетливыми. Следы памяти не стираются: мы помним все, просто у нас не всегда открыт к этому доступ.

И наконец, это снижение способности к обучению новому и трудности с постановкой креативных задач. Не потому, что человек становится слабоумным, а потому что недостаточно энергии, чтобы поддерживать творческий процесс, который, как вы знаете из всех метафор, должен фонтанировать.

Типы нормального старения

Эта типология основана на концепции Александра Романовича Лурии о структурах функциональных блоков мозга. На основании своих многочисленных исследований он разделил мозг на три блока не по морфологическому строению, а по тем ролям, которые структуры головного мозга играют для реализации высших психических функций.

Энергетический нейрокогнитивный стиль старения

Самый распространенный, универсальный. Связан со снижением функций энергетического обеспечения психической активности: люди становятся медленнее, у них наблюдается феномен «on-off» — «включение-выключение».

То есть человек начинает читать книгу, трудно, не пошло, закрывает, идет на кухню и помогает жене готовить борщ, то есть активируется. Эти колебания могут наблюдаться достаточно мягко, они не должны нарушать адаптацию. При сосудистых поражениях головного мозга этот эффект может ее нарушать. То есть человек может не справляться с заданием в состоянии «off», а в состоянии «on» может становиться слишком возбужденным. То плачет, то смеется. Бывают такие клинические примеры.

Кроме того, это сужение объема активности, одноканальность системы восприятия, тормозимость следов памяти и утомляемость — неспецифические характеристики старения, не факторы риска. Самое главное, что хорошо работает кора головного мозга. То есть человек может придумать сам, извлечь из прошлого опыта, спланировать, например, что дойти в поликлинику у него займет такое время, а чтобы навестить внуков, нужны вот такие операции; он может распланировать день специфическим образом.

Тормозимость, недоступность воспоминаний, которые нужны прямо сейчас, значат, что нужно записывать, и человек все это понимает. Фактор риска, который может привести человека к дезадаптации, — это, конечно, стресс. Поскольку подкорковые структуры — это эмоции, стрессорезистентность, то способов регуляции своих эмоций становится недостаточно. То есть здесь могут выступать эмоциональные проблемы.

Это и обострение телесных недугов. Самый злокачественный, который действительно выбивает человека из колеи и вводит его в состояние дезадаптации, тревоги, депрессии, — это шейка бедра. Такому человеку нужно особое внимание; возможно, профессиональная психологическая поддержка. Я не говорю про катаракту и другие чисто возрастные вещи — они, конечно, тоже требуют особого внимания.

Пространственный нейрокогнитивный стиль старения

Второй тип — это снижение способности к ориентации в реальном и внутреннем пространстве. Уже специфический тип старения, при котором становится очень сложно целостно воспринимать различные вещи. Прочесть даже короткий рассказ и понять, в чем суть, может уже стать проблемой. Нужно сначала прочитать один абзац, осмыслить его, запомнить, сделать передышку, потом второй и так далее. Технически можно прочитать рассказ, человек не истощится, но он его не поймет. А самое главное — это «дизадаптация» в новом пространстве.

Обратите внимание, это не орфографическая ошибка. То есть человек не потерялся совсем, а ему сложно в новом пространстве, он начинает хвататься за правую руку, думая: «Правая рука — значит, мне нужно идти направо». У них есть маркер, который действительно запрограммирован: «Я правой рукой пишу», — значит, нужно ориентироваться направо. Они очень долго могут плутать, но не в смысле, что они действительно потерялись, а потому что у них в новом пространстве возникают такого рода трудности. В старом знакомом пространстве все может быть вполне благополучно.

То есть факторы риска здесь — это изменение среды обитания, например эмиграция. У наших коллег, русских психологов за границей, одно время выходили статьи в журналах, посвященные русским эмигрантам во Франции, США. Они описывают эти феномены очень масштабно, также в связи и с лингвистической стороной. Например, феномен «патологической ностальгии»: женщина-эмигрантка считала, что находится в своей московской квартире, видела людей из той жизни. Это были не галлюцинации из-за психического заболевания, а временное состояние, стресс, культурный шок. Это связано с правым полушарием.

Важно здесь понять, что такого рода вещи очень могут быть похожи на болезнь Альцгеймера, но их нужно различать. Вот статистика. Шизофрения — 1%, а вот 10% — это болезнь Альцгеймера, где 4% — это ранний Альцгеймер. У нас в клинике это все женщины 40 лет. ... После 55–60 лет — это уже классический Альцгеймер, а поздний называется сенильным (лат. «старческий»). Ученые говорят, что это генетически запрограммировано. К несчастью, нет никаких методов выявить риск возникновения этой болезни у человека до того, как болезнь возникла. 

Болезнь Альцгеймера не лечится: все препараты, которые назначаются, носят симптоматический характер и сильно не улучшают состояние психических функций. И уж тем более, к несчастью, не предотвращают дальнейшее злокачественное развитие (после начала заболевания человек живет не больше 10 лет).

Это грубая истощаемость, то есть человек не может активно работать в течение 45 минут, грубые нарушения памяти, невозможность запомнить материал, нарушение ориентации в пространстве, спутанность сознания, то есть человек может не понимать, где он находится, на улице или дома. Вы могли когда-то наблюдать на улице дедушку в тапочках с абсолютно растерянным выражением лица, который иногда кричит, пытается позвать на помощь.

Конечно, это еще не повод ставить ему диагноз «болезнь Альцгеймера», но это патологическое состояние, которое очень часто ее сопровождает.

На первый план выходят пространственные нарушения, то есть люди не могут запомнить, где находится туалет, где кухня. Но стоит отметить, что их фасад личности сохраняется, они переживают это состояние, они критичны к нему.

Наверное, вся трагичность и заключается в том, что они понимают, что теряют то, что составляет их личность. Потому что одна из центральных функций памяти — это структурирование личности.

Если память распадается, распадается весь наш опыт, опыт общения с нашей личностью, то есть личность уходит.

Регуляторный нейрокогнитивный стиль старения

Это еще не патология, но уже по-настоящему рисковый вариант, когда в первую очередь стареют передние отделы больших полушарий. Здесь происходит снижение самоконтроля. Это самый центральный симптом, поскольку задействованы лобные доли. Лурия называет третий функциональный блок мозга блоком программирования, регуляции и контроля психической деятельности, поэтому здесь регуляция и контроль страдают прежде всего.

Когда они немножко ослабевают, это еще норма — то, что мы в обыденной жизни называем «седина в бороду, бес в ребро»: человеку 60 с лишним, а он считает, что он как молодой может выполнять свою работу, вести себя как молодой, одеваться в рваные джинсы, ходить с плеером, говорить: «Я Диму Билана слушаю, не буду же я Шульженко с Утесовым слушать, я еще не такой старый». Может быть и сексуализация поведения.

В деятельности могут быть проблемы с выстраиванием планов, застревание на каких-то моментах, негибкость. Апатичность, нарушение и снижение мотивации, которая еще должна сохраняться. В том числе мотивация к передаче смыслового ценностного опыта другим поколениям: «Ну, что я буду внуку звонить, я ему не нужен. Что я его буду доставать». Переживание неуспеха, одиночество, изменение условий жизни — все это может быть фактором риска.

Могут последовать эмоциональные, брутальные реакции. На фоне стресса пожилой человек может думать: «А что это, сын приходил, он украл мой паспорт. Я не могу найти паспорт, потому что он приходил, он что-то хочет со мной сделать». То есть бредовые идеи возникают, но на фоне какого-то стресса.

Крайним случаем, патологическим прототипом здесь является болезнь Пика — тоже такое классическое заболевание, полюс болезни Альцгеймера. Если там фасад личности сохраняется, а человек осознает и страдает от нарастающих когнитивных нарушений, то при болезни Пика дисфункциональны передние отделы коры больших полушарий головного мозга.

Такие больные эмоционально притуплены, пассивны, безразличны, бездеятельны, лежат, ничего не делают. Они обеднены в моторике, письме, чтении, счете и не критичны к тому, что происходит, а происходит у них эйфория, они благодушны, могут смеяться. В то же время они абсолютно бездеятельны, пусты, утрачиваются морально-этические установки. Могут быть стереотипии, персеверации, то есть навязчивые действия, и грубые когнитивные нарушения, то есть нарушения речи, грамматического строя, обеднение речевой продукции, нежелание говорить, выстраивать развернутое высказывание и так далее.

В первую очередь и в начале появляется вот эта эмоционально-личностная дисфункция, на поздней стадии присоединяются уже какие-то когнитивные нарушения. Вот это уже дезадаптация.

Что предотвращает патологическое старение?

Люди, которые занимались интеллектуальным трудом на протяжении жизни, болеют деменциями позднего возраста меньше. Отдельно разработаны технологии гимнастики для мозга.

Конечно, я знаю стариков, которые учат стихи сами. Это как отдельная деятельность: встали, позавтракали, погуляли с собакой, потом пару часов на выучивание нового стихотворения, позвонили приятелю в Подмосковье, прочитали наизусть, поиграли в шахматы по телефону, что тоже хорошо, можно посмотреть, как соотносятся е2-е4, потом можно снова поесть, потом снова с собакой погулять. То есть это распланированная деятельность, где есть когнитивный и интеллектуальный компонент для поддержания тонуса. Тонус поддерживается таким образом — через интеллектуальную деятельность.

У людей, которые постоянно поддерживали физическую активность, снижается риск возникновения деменций позднего возраста вследствие того, что метаболизм лучше работает, а значит, атеросклеротические бляшки не формируются, сахар нормализуется и так далее. То есть вещи, связанные чисто с сосудами, уже не вносят патологического вклада.

Режим. Показано, что люди, употребляющие алкоголь, чаще болеют деменциями позднего возраста. Полезна так называемая средиземноморская диета: белки, морепродукты, фосфор, свежие овощи. Те, у кого четкий режим сна и бодрствования, болеют меньше.

А дальше — чистая психология. Люди, которые испытывали психотравмы и с этими психотравмами не обращались к специалисту, не изживали их, страдают чаще. Люди, которые испытывали много, но мини-стрессов, то есть у которых была активная деятельность, которые жили в постоянном стрессе, меньше болеют болезнью Альцгеймера и другими деменциями.

Люди рефлексивные (которые рефлексируют присущий им нейрокогнитивный стиль) могут использовать это. Как в примере с борщом. Если у него пространственный вариант, но он хорошо помнит, какие ингредиенты нужно класть. А у нее первый вариант, она этого не помнит, но у нее лобные доли сохранны, то есть она помнит порядок действий: сначала надо пассировать, потом выложить и так далее. И вот они вместе готовят борщ, потому что понимают, что приготовить его не вместе невозможно. То есть они по-настоящему вносят свежесть в свои отношения, потому что они выходят на новый уровень. У них формируется совместная деятельность, которой не было.

И наконец, возможность реализации задач развития. Конечно, вы прекрасно понимаете: счастливы те старики, у которых есть внуки. Одиночество рождает все эти формы дезадаптации. Даже если перед нами одинокий представитель третьего возраста, но у него есть все это (то есть он был интеллектуально активен, он рефлексирует, что с ним происходит), то он сможет найти стратегии компенсации за счет чисто социальных вещей вроде клубов или социальных программ.


          (via n9ak2siymj6z.jpg (JPEG Image, 2048 × 1350 pixels) - Scaled...   

(via n9ak2siymj6z.jpg (JPEG Image, 2048 × 1350 pixels) - Scaled (67%))

          Frauen prügeln sich um einen Mann   

Eine handfeste Auseinandersetzung lieferten sich in der vergangenen Nacht zwei Frauen in der Llodstraße. Auslöser für die gegenseitigen Körperverletzungen war die Beziehung beider Frauen zu einem Mann. Eine Streifenwagenbesatzung wurde auf den Streit aufmerksam und konnte die Situation beruhigen. Im Strafverfahren werden nun die Einzelheiten zu klären sein. Hinweise nimmt die Polizei unter der Telefonnummer 953 – 4444 entgegen.
Als der Streifenwagen gegen 3.30 Uhr in die Lloydstraße einbog, schlugen sich die Frauen auf der Straße. Im Zuge der Auseinandersetzung war bereits das Auto einer Beteiligten beschädigt worden. Der Mann, um den sich offensichtlich der Streit entfacht hatte, war zwar anwesend, konnte die Streitenden jedoch nicht trennen oder gar beruhigen. Dies gelang dann der Polizei. Beide Frauen erlitten Verletzungen und wollten selbständig einen Arzt aufsuchen.

          I wish...   
room, tumblr, and decor image
fashion, red, and rose image
Grunge #tumblrstyle #tumblrteen #tumblr #grungegirl #grungeteens #grunge #brokenheart #badgirl #badboy #girl #boy #80s #polishgirl #black #night #light #photography #indie #indiegirl #punk #harrystyles #aesthetic #arianagrande #pinky #tumblrfeed #purple #purplehair #allblack #blackandwhite #dangerouswoman
          Andy Warhol -  Jerry Schatzberg   
Andy Warhol -  Jerry Schatzberg - Source:
           Charles James -  Cecil Beaton   
 Charles James -  Cecil Beaton - Source:
          les archives de l'amicale louis-réard (5399)
Susan Holloway via Oju Meta.

          la mémoire photographie (18941)
Umberto Verdoliva via M U S A.

          les archives de l'amicale louis-réard (5398)
Daliah Lavi via Opaline Dream.

          la mémoire photographie (18938)
Bernard Plossu, México, 1965-1966.
Via Louxo's Enjoyables.

          les archives de l'amicale louis-réard (5397)
Joi Lansing via Blue Ruins.

          la mémoire photographie (18936)
Larry Niehues , Driving Thru the City
(Somewhere in Kansas, 2016).

          la mémoire photographie (18935)
John Vachon via fewthistle.

          la mémoire photographie (18934)
Fred Stein, Man on Bumper, NYC, 1949.
Via "kvetchlandia".

          les archives de l'amicale louis-réard (5396)
Heather Locklear via Fantasy Females.

          la mémoire photographie (18932)
Milton H. Greene, Lauren Hutton, 1966.
Via The World of Old Photography.

          [Americanlover @ Americanlover] shadomoon:   

0996 be0d 400


it’s a metaphor (x)

          [Americanlover @ Americanlover] runakvaed:   

0999 cde5 400


‘Twas not by bolt, nor yet by blade
But the deathly gripe of the woody nightshade…

          [Americanlover @ Americanlover] 5colorsofanerdgirl:   

1002 3e3e 400



          [Americanlover @ Americanlover] amsterdamstroller:   

6386 605e 400


Looking towards the Montelbaanstoren in Amsterdam

          [Americanlover @ Americanlover] momiji-sakura:   

3866 c8c4 400




Our psychological state allows us to see only what we want/need/feel to see at a particular time. What are the first three words that you see?

This would be an interesting thing to see other people try.

I got: Love, Beauty, Success

Took a few minutes but, popularity, lust???, and youth.

          [Americanlover @ Americanlover] oldhollywoodfilms:   

3820 89ea 400


Kay Francis at Yosemite National Park in 1932.

          [Americanlover @ Americanlover] wondrousworld:   

3821 89c2 400


Auckland, New Zealand by David Williams

          Episode #366 Part I: Superman Family Comic Book Cover Dated February 1964: World's Finest Comics #139!   
World's Finest Comics 139, February 1964!

Download Episode 366 Part I!

WORLD'S FINEST COMICS 139, February 1964, was published on December 12, 1963. It contained 32 pages for the cover price of 12¢. Jack Schiff was the editor, and the cover was pencilled by Jim Mooney, according to Mike's Amazing World Of DC Comics. The Grand Comic Book Database credits Dick Dillon as the penciller. Sheldon Moldoff was the inker and Ira Schnapp was the letterer.

- The fifteen page Superman/Batman story was titled, THE GHOST OF BATMAN, written by Dave Wood, pencilled by Jim Mooney and inked by Sheldon Moldoff. This story was reprinted in SHOWCASE PRESENTS: WORLD'S FINEST vol. II.

- Aquaman and Aqualad starred in the ten page story, THE DOOM HUNTERS, written by Jack Miller and drawn by Ramona Fradon. This story was reprinted in TEEN TITANS 35, September/October 1971, published on July 15, 1971. It was also reprinted in SHOWCASE PRESENTS: AQUAMAN vol. II.

Also highlighted in this episode are the issue's ads and other features.

At the beginning of the episode, during the MY PULL LIST, i review the June 2017 cover dated issues that were published in April 2017, which I received from Discount Comic Book Service.


Then we will cover: SUPERMAN FAMILY COMIC BOOKS COVER DATED MARCH 1964: PART I: SUPERMAN'S PAL JIMMY OLSEN 75 & PART II: WORLD'S FINEST COMICS 140! (This issue was Jack Schiff's final issue as editor before Mort Weisinger took over.)

The home for THE SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST is Send e-mail to

You can join the SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST Group or Page on facebook, and follow the podcast on twitter @supermanpodcast. You can also keep track of the podcast on TumblrMediumFlipboard, the Internet Archive and Stitcher.

SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST is a proud member of the following:

- The SUPERMAN WEBRING of websites, and

The theme of this podcast is PLANS IN MOTION, composed by Kevin MacLeod, and part of the royalty free music library at

Superman and all related characters are trademark and copyright DC Comics. Any art shown on this podcast is for entertainment purposes only, and not for profit. I make no claims of ownership of these images, nor do I earn any money from this podcast.

Thanks for listening to the SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST and, as always, thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, creators of Superman!

And don't forget to take care of each other out there!

          Internet - A chi non piacciono i meme? Sondaggio (antoniopicco)   
antoniopicco scrive nella categoria Internet che: Un sondaggio sui meme: a) sono noiosi e ripetuti i; b) non creano interazioni; c) ormai sono ovunque. Anche Facebook si è trasformato in Tumblr, dove tutti spostano un'immagine con una scritta e agl
vai agli ultimi aggiornamenti su: meme sondaggio
1 Voti

Vai all'articolo completo » .A chi non piacciono i meme? Sondaggio.
A chi non piacciono i meme? Sondaggio
james franco, freaks and geeks, and disco image
          BOOKS | via Tumblr   
book, quote, and read image
          high heels | Tumblr   
pink, shoes, and heels image
          Check out my account ♡ | via Tumblr   
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          Check out my account ♡ | via Tumblr   
boy, love, and kiss image
          Luxurious Diary | via Tumblr   
Image by K I M B E R L Y
          Weekend Reading: Want Some Volatility With That?   

Authored by Lance Roberts via,

Over the last couple of week’s, volatility has certainly picked up. As shown in the chart below, stocks have vacillated in a 1.5% trading range ever since the beginning of June. (Chart through Thursday)

Despite the pickup in volatility, support for the market has remained firm. Importantly, this confirms the conversation I had with Kevin Massengill of Meraglim just recently discussing the impact of Algorithmic Trading and how they are simultaneously currently all “buying the dip.” As he notes, this is all “fine and dandy” until the robots all decide to start “selling rallies” instead. (Start at 00:02:40 through 00:04:00)

But even with the recent pickup in volatility, volatility by its own measure remains extremely compressed and near its historical lows. While extremely low volatility is not itself an immediate issue, like margin debt, it is the “fuel” that when ignited “burns hot” during the reversion process.

Currently, as we head into the extended July 4th weekend, the bull market trend remains clearly intact. With the “accelerated advance” line holding firm on Thursday’s sell-off, but contained below the recent highs, there is little to suggest the advance that began in early 2016 has come to its final conclusion.

However, such a statement should NOT be construed as meaning it WON’T end as it more assuredly will. The only questions are simply when and how deep the subsequent reversion will be?

Volatility is creeping back. The trick will be keeping it contained.

In the meantime, this is what I am reading over the long holiday weekend.

Happy Independence Day.




Research / Interesting Reads


Life is [Stocks] are a fragile thing. One minute you’re chewin’ on a burger, the next minute you’re dead meat.” – Adopted From Lloyd, “Dumb and Dumber”

pirates of the caribbean image
johnny depp and johnny deep image
jack sparrow, johnny depp, and orlando bloom image
pirates of the caribbean, captain jack sparrow, and johnny depp image
          Tumblr Thursday   
tumb0629a.jpg It's that time of the week again for another Tumblr Thursday! Here's some of my favorites from this week of the Dudetube Tumblr. If you head over to Tumblr you can see the images in their original sizes and find out who posted them. tumb0629b.jpg tumb0629c.jpg tumb0629d.jpg
          Comment on Document What You Decide Against by General contractor san francisco   
Tumblr article... I saw a writer writing about this on Tumblr and it linked to...
Bumblebees are cute . . . . #attackontitan #deadmanwonderland #swordartonline #hunterxhunter #sailormoon #pokemon #fairytail #onepiece #bleach #naruto #dbz #dragonballz #tokyoghoul #noragami #owarinoseraph #seraphoftheend #yurionice #lovelive #haikyuu #killingstalking #meme #dank #dankmemes #anime #manga #animememe #tumblr #weeb #deathnote #blackbutler #deadmanwonderland #attackontitan
#vaporwave #aesthetic #retro #glitch #death #sad #vhs #vapor #seapunk #anime #sailormoon#anime#animegirl #vaporwaveaesthetic#vaporwaves#vaporwaveart#uh#tumblr#idk#what#to#tag#whatever#whateverforever
          Babadook. Really? WTF Are We Doing?   

In another post this titled How Do We Educate Our Youth About LGBT History, I admitted that I wasn't the strongest at knowing LGBT history.  There's a great deal I don't know about our fight for our rights, the leaders of our movement early on, etc., but I'm not a dunce on the subject by any means.  We aren't really "normally" exposed to learning about LGBT history unless you live in California (California Approves LGBT History Lessons For Classrooms).  We have to reach out on our own to learn about the history of the rainbow flag, the reason we have pride, why it is in the form of a march, etc.  So if we have to self medicate ourselves, how do our allies and straight members of the community find out who we are and where we came from? 
Besides the debate about if police should be able to march in parades, where Black Lives Matter is now after making all the demands last year, or if the Israeli rainbow pride flags can be carried ... in other words ... besides those discriminatory actions of pride organizers around North America, probably the most odd and embarrassing story from the pride month was the Babadook. People were promoting the sci fi / horror movie character as the best representative of LGBT culture. Here's one of the many attempts to explain why.
The Babadook is a gay icon now. Okay, took me a while to understand this one, but now I am fully behind it. Stemming from a hilarious mistake on Netflix’s part, when they wrongly categorised the film as LGBT interest in late 2016, Jennifer Kent‘s The Babadook slowly built as a meme on the likes of tumblr, twitter and Instagram to rise as an unlikely queer icon ...
After all, the Babadook is the disruptive influence caused by ignoring the truth, until it comes bursting out, quite flamboyantly, and has to be accepted, sometimes in an uptight household in a very begrudging way. It’s an experience many a young gay man can relate to, perhaps ...
And if not, what the hell! It’s all a bit of fun, and who can blame the LGBTQ community for wanting a bit of fun and humor in their lives. So this year, perhaps the Babadook may well just be THE hero of Pride Month 2017. -


The wave of creativity circling this idea that a demonic movie character represents our community even spawned a music video by drag performer Pissi Myles.



When asked why she created the music video Myles said, “My husband and I both love scary movies, so when Babadook “came out” we wanted to bring this new side of the character to life.”

Will Babadook go away now that pride season is over?  Please, please, PLEASE !!!  The fact that we latched onto this NetFLIX blunder and placed a creature from the shadows onto a pedestal to represent us is insulting.  When we have so many other people, living and dead, that need to be honored, praised, ones that could represent our community because of their fighting, activism, sacrifice ... no wait, a threatening film character from a B, C, or D movie would be better than any living or dead human being.

I didn't pay attention to whom the Grand Marshal was in the Wilton Manors Stonewall Pride Parade was this year until her car approached me.  Sharon Gless looked great and her escorts did as well. Seeing someone that has been a big part of our lives as a very accepting mother in "Queer as Folk" and her activism for our QUEER community put a smile on my face. Seeing the police march in our parade was great, too.

Ever since I moved to the Greater Fort Lauderdale area and found that there were two prides, one in February (Fort Lauderdale Pride) and June (Wilton Manors Stonewall Pride), I thought that maybe we all should have a pride on the same weekend to celebrate Stonewall, the fight for our rights. 

None of us have really talked about the ... what was it called again? The Pride March? March for Pride?  Capital Pride?  D.C. Pride?  Did we not talk about it too much because it was a failure or it wasn't as large as we thought it would be?

One fault our humanity h . . . hey look, a squirrel. We have a short attention span and then we are distracted so easily.  Wait, is that two? Squirrel again.

When it comes to PRIDE, we all need to be in it to win it.  We should not stretch our resources or attention in a different direction that seems funny, cute, comical, or ironic.

Please let Babadook die and come back to what is important.  Don't put lipstick on a pig (sorry Fred) and call it the next best thing for our community. We are losing too much right now and we have too much to fight for to be distracted by a baba-don't.



“Babashook” was co-written by Myles and humorist Topher Cusumano, with an original track by producer B. Ames. The video was directed by Joe la Scola with drag photographer David Ayllon serving as creative director.

          Come For The Milkshake, Stay For The Eggplant   

Stop what you're doing and check out these scorching hot videos and snaps from London based Brazilian dancer, Diego Barros.



+ + =

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3,2,1 ... SMILE .

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Shower - Night Night

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Night Night !!! #aesthetics #brazilian #athlete #fitness #boy #bodybuilding #malemodel #humpday #underwear #shredded

A post shared by Diego Barros (@diego_rbarros) on


We can think of no better way to celebrate "Eggplant Friday"!

H/T: Dudetube (NSFW) 



          The Lynx by © Gérard CHATENET   

The Lynx by © Gérard CHATENET

          dagashi: love rebloggin 20 things out of nowhere at once then leaving    


love rebloggin 20 things out of nowhere at once then leaving


          "…terror and need of the understandable other. When the terror becomes unbearable, the other becomes..."   
“…terror and need of the understandable other. When the terror becomes unbearable, the other becomes god.”

- Louise Glück, from Proofs & Theories: Essays on Poetry; “On T.S. Eliot”
(via luthienne)

          notinthehistorybooks: Unidentified woman holding gladiolus at...   


Unidentified woman holding gladiolus at Terra Ceia Island Farms, Florida - 1947

From Florida Memory

          "Like most people hungry for praise and ashamed of that, of any hunger, I alternated between contempt..."   
“Like most people hungry for praise and ashamed of that, of any hunger, I alternated between contempt for the world that judged me and lacerating self-hatred. To my mind, to be wrong in the smallest particular was to be wrong utterly.”

- Louise Glück, from Proofs & Theories: Essays on Poetry
(via luthienne)

          makebeliever: Inside Game of Thrones: A Story in Cloth for...   


Inside Game of Thrones: A Story in Cloth for @joannalannister

          "I need to emerge from tiny time-stopping moments; I need to exist inside dawn’s light. I need to..."   
“I need to emerge from tiny time-stopping moments; I need to exist inside dawn’s light. I need to give in to the presence of everything humble, boundlessly sincere and extraordinarily terrifying.”

- Virginia Woolf, from A Passionate Apprentice: The Early Journals 1897-1909 (via violentwavesofemotion)

          "You said, ‘They’re harmless dreamers and they’re loved by the people.’ ‘What,’ I asked you, ‘is..."   
“You said, ‘They’re harmless dreamers and they’re loved by the people.’ ‘What,’ I asked you, ‘is harmless about a dreamer, and what,’ I asked you, ‘is harmless about the love of the people? Revolution only needs good dreamers who remember their dreams.”

- Tennessee Williams (via kuanios)
          arianagrandes: #i’m gina 100% of the time no matter what the...   


#i’m gina 100% of the time no matter what the situation

          "It is imperative to accept that negation does not signify nothingness; that when the mirror does not..."   
“It is imperative to accept that negation does not signify nothingness; that when the mirror does not reflect our own likeness, it does not prove there is nothing to perceive.”

- Pierre Clastres, Society Against the State
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          "It has been said of the Iliad that anyone who starts reading it as history will find that it is full..."   
“It has been said of the Iliad that anyone who starts reading it as history will find that it is full of fiction but, equally, anyone who starts reading it as fiction will find that it is full of history.”

- Arnold Toynbee (via historical-nonfiction)
          diegoandor:He should have told me she was so pretty.   


He should have told me she was so pretty.

          "I have a recurring dream in which my father breaks the neck of every pigeon in the park. I help: a..."   
“I have a recurring dream in which my father breaks the neck of every pigeon in the park. I help: a good daughter. I snatch them from the air & tear out the feathers. Bloody. In the story, there was a king named Ibrahim & he loved his god. No one calls me foreign but I know that’s what they mean. In the stories, girls like me sweat out the fevers, drop dirty guns in the trash chute. We rip the rabbit’s heart right out of its fucking chest. All that red-soaked skin under our fingernails. All I do is think about stories. About history, or his story, or my story. They’re all the same story really. Someone always ends up holding something mangled.”

- Yasmin Belkhyr, “Interlude with Forgotten Myth, or, Portrait of Ibrahim’s Daughter,” Bone Light
(via lifeinpoetry)

          nalianova:Socially Awkward Bachelors, a novel by Jane Austen.   


Socially Awkward Bachelors, a novel by Jane Austen.

          litafficionado:“[…]people talk about isolation, but you’re only isolated if you think that the norm...   


[…]people talk about isolation, but you’re only isolated if you think that the norm is to be integrated. Integration into the central contract isn’t necessarily the be all and end all. And if you decide not to be integrated in that way, it just means your way of connecting with the world is different. Over time you do attain an awareness where that very embodied life becomes profound, quite fulfilling and sustaining. And that’s exactly what interested me in my stories, a sense of a person on their own. We’re uncomfortable with that culturally, and have been, historically, especially with females. I suppose in literary history the lone figure of the man has many archetypes, for instance with the beat poets. And there’s always a spiritual thing attached to it, which is often quite dubious; it might just be a guy eschewing his responsibilities. Anyway, there is this context, and somehow it has been accepted, but the lone woman is something that is still uncomfortable for many. Often she is described in terms of what she lacks, e.g. she’s single, or she’s childless.
-Claire-Louise Bennett, on writing Pond

          "I wait every year for summer, and it is usually good, but it is never as good as that summer I am..."   
“I wait every year for summer, and it is usually good, but it is never as good as that summer I am always waiting for.”

- Martha Gellhorn, in a letter to Hortense Flexner and Wyncie King, from Selected Letters of Martha Gellhorn
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          "From the evidence so far, it’s clear that Trump and his top advisers are trying to pull off a..."   
“From the evidence so far, it’s clear that Trump and his top advisers are trying to pull off a domestic shock doctrine. The goal is all-out war on the public sphere and the public interest, whether in the form of antipollution regulations or programmes for the hungry. In their place will be unfettered power and freedom for corporations. It’s a programme so defiantly unjust and so manifestly corrupt that it can only be pulled off with the assistance of divide-and-conquer racial and sexual politics, as well as a nonstop spectacle of media distractions. And, of course, it is being backed up with a massive increase in war spending, and a dramatic escalation of military conflicts on multiple fronts.”


Naomi Klein

Though Trump breaks the mould in some ways, his shock tactics do follow a script, one familiar from other countries that have had rapid changes imposed under the cover of crisis. During Trump’s first week in office, when he was signing that tsunami of executive orders and people were just reeling, madly trying to keep up, I found myself thinking about the human rights advocate Halina Bortnowska’s description of Poland’s experience when the US imposed economic shock therapy on her country in the midst of communism’s collapse. She described the velocity of change her country was going through as “the difference between dog years and human years” and she observed that “you start witnessing these semi-psychotic reactions. You can no longer expect people to act in their own best interests when they’re so disoriented they don’t know – or no longer care – what those interests are.”

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3344 ede3 400


Hawkward… (via tonyhawk)

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Modern technology is making us anti-social!

It’s almost like people would rather not talk to every random stranger they see in public.

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2724 6ae2



Ejecting a floppy disk in space

1.44MB of wheeee.

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          Friday Funny 1293: Tinder is Insane   
I say this allllll the time: I'm so glad I'm married.

Lots more funny stuff posted all week long on HAPPY WEEKEND!!

          Friday Funny 1292: The Best Running Memes put together the best running memes. Here's my favorites from their list:

No, you really can't.

I will always post Michelle Jenneke's warm up "dance."

"Ridiculously Photogenic Guy." I posted about him in 2012.

Love this one.


Smoother than smooth.

I posted about her in 2014 as she snapped selfies with hot guys as she raced the NYC Half Marathon.

This is actually a really good question.

When normal running isn't enough, try "Prancerise."

Lots more funny things posted all week long on

          Friday Funny 1291: Housekeeping Tips   
Perfection Pending posted a helpful article for Moms (and stay-at-home-DILFs like me) regarding housekeeping. It starts with "Do real moms really manage to clean baseboards and dust ceiling fans weekly? The answer is – come over to my house and see for yourself. Or no. The answer is no." And it has this helpful chart:

I really connected with "consider dusting, but just laugh."

Lots more funny things posted all weak at


7403 f792 400

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          forbidden knowledge   

1450 730e 400

forbidden knowledge

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          topgear: No one loves his job more than Chris Harris. Chris...   


No one loves his job more than Chris Harris. Chris Harris On Cars premieres tonight at 9/8c on BBC America.

          sttngfashion: Here is a makeup tutorial on how to look like...   


Here is a makeup tutorial on how to look like Data. It is excellent except for the fact that engineering gold is NOT the best uniform color. 

          Commenti su Introduzione allo studio dell’armonia – 6 Rivolti delle Triadi di Avaffogs   
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          На работу без визы! Польша меняет рынок труда для украинцев   
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          »Mad Max: Fury Road«, oder: »What a movie! What a lovely movie!!!« (inkl. »Mad Max« 1-3)   

Letzte Woche besorgte ich mir, in Vorbereitung auf den vierten Teil, die Blu Ray-Box mit den ersten drei ›Mad Max‹-Filmen. Allein schon erfreulich, dass seit den Achtzigern die FSK-Einstufung der ersten beiden Teile überarbeitet wurde, und ich die Filme nun also mit fettem Sound und feinem Bild ungekürzt genießen konnte.

Weniger geil finde ich die dürftige Sonderausstattung der Box. Lediglich Teil 2, »The Road Warrior« bietet eine interessante Kommentartonspur mit Schöpfer & Regiesseur George Miller und Kameramann Dean Semmler, sowie eine ganz nette Einleitung zum Film vom in den USA renommierten Filmkritiker Leonard Martin.


Den ersten »Mad Max« (1979) sah ich irgendwann in den späten Achtzigern als VHS-Video auf Deutsch, und fand ihn großartig. Ich war damals schon auf dem besten Wege ein von Schopenhauer, Orwell, Lem und Godfrey Reggio (dem Schöpfer der ›Qatsi‹-Filme) geprägter Zivilisations-Pessimist und Querulant zu werden. Folgerichtig erntete der erste »Mad Max« (ganz wie meine anderen frühen SF-Prägungen jener Jahre: »Die Klapperschlange«, »The Thing«, »Alien«, »Blade Runner« und natürlich »Clockwork Orange«) einst wie heute mein affirmatives Kopfnicken, für seine Darstellung einer Welt, die sich mit ihrer Abhängigkeit von fossilen Brennstoffen selbst vergiftet, sowie seiner überzeichneten Darstellung von Männerkult-Irrsinn.

Gefreut hat mich, dass ich nun die australische Originalversion schauen konnte, und ich stellte fest, dass der Film zwar merklich gealtert ist, …

  • (für mich am auffälligsten bei den idyllischen Szenen, wenn Max zusammen mit seiner Frau Jessie eine Picknick-Auszeit nimmt, um nicht schon nach der Hälfte der Story määäd zu werden;
  • vor allem, wenn Max über seine Gefühle spricht, auch wenn ich mit Giggelm verstehen kann, warum Mel Gibson — damals noch ein strahlendes Milchgesicht — u.a. mit dieser Szene, vor allem im Kontrast zum Ende, wo er dann eben grausam Rache nimmt, zu einer neuen Art von Antiheld-Sexsymbol wurde;
  • und auch bei unheimlicher Spannung, wenn Jessie von den bösen Bikern durch den Wald gehetzt wird)

… trotzdem hat für mich weder die Rache- und ›Ich will meine moralische Mitte als anständiger Mensch nicht einbüßen‹-Geschichte an Kraft, noch der Weltenbau einer bröckelnden Zivilisation, die auf den letzten Nanometern des grünen Bereichs vor sich hin krebst, und der entsprechend Anstand, Mitleid und Hoffnung abhanden gekommen sind, ihre beklemmende Eindrücklichkeit eingebüßt.

Nicht zu vergessen das wunderbar durchgeknallte Verhalten des Hauptbösewichts Toecutter (Hugh Keays-Byrne) und seines Motoradclans. Toecutter ist auf originelle Weise zugleich bedrohlich und schräg komisch, z.B. wie er Leute auf äußerst seltsame Art beim Dialog im Gesicht berührt, oder wie er Zeichentrickfigur-gleich ›erschrickt‹, wenn er von einer wehrhaften, alten Frau mit Schrotwumme bedroht wird.

Zugegeben: vielen Szenen merkt man heute das niedrige Budget (das meiste wurde mit Bier bezahlt; das Setting ergab sich größtenteils dadurch, dass George Miller & sein Team kein Geld hatten, um Ortschaften und Straßen absperren zu lassen, oder Drehortmiete zu zahlen, weshalb man auf verlassene, verfallene Bruchbuden und abseitige Landstraßen auswich) dieses Debüts deutlich an — was andererseits aber bedeutet, wie erstaunlich es ist, was für großartige Äktschnszenen die Macher für wenig Kohle zusammengezaubert haben. Die Eröffnungssequenz mit der Polizeihatz auf Nightrider kann immer noch als eine der olympischen Verfolgungsjagdten der Kinogeschichte gelten. Die Musik, auch wenn sie große Suggestionskraft hat, wirkt bisweilen geradezu bizzar altmodisch. Aber immerhin altmodisch-bizzar mit Charakter!

Fazit: Dreckiger, kompakter Racheflick der trotz seines Alters & seines knappen Budgets immer noch beeindruckt. — 7 von 10 Punkten.


In Folge meines kleinen Blu Ray-Festivals konnte ich eine meiner krassesten SF-Genre-Bildungslücken schließen, denn endlich endlich endlich habe ich »Mad Max: Road Warrior« (1981) gesehen. In den vergangenen Jahrzehnten hätte ich zwar hie und da mal Gelegenheit gehabt, gekürzte Fassungen zu sehen, aber da trotzte und verzichtete ich lieber. Entweder ganz oder gar nicht.

Kein Wunder, dass viele Fans von der ursprünglichen Trio diesen Teil für den Besten halten, denn er bietet alle Pluspunkte des ersten Films und hat sie prächtig weiterentwickelt. Liegt sicherlich vor allem daran, dass George Miller diesmal ein richtiges Budget und mehr Erfahrung hatte. Sein Ziel, sich an der Ästhetik von Stummfilmen zu orientieren und ›visuelle Musik‹ zu schaffen, gelingt hier schon ziemlich gut. Die Texte würzen die Geschichte, sind aber zu deren Verständnis absolut nicht notwendig. Der Film erzählt vor allem mittels stilsicherer Bildkomposition und Schnittfolge, sowie einem diesmal atmosphärisch richtig gut passenden, wuchtigen, bedrohlichen Soundtrack.

Der erste Teil entpuppt sich nun als Prolog, in dem Max mit dem Ringen um seinen Verstand, seinem Verlust desselben nach Ermordung seiner Familie, und seiner Rache an den Rockern noch die Hauptfigur gibt. Ab »Road Warrior« ist er ›nur‹ noch ein durch die Wüstenei der zusammengebrochenen Zivilisation ziehender Wanderer, der in die Konflikte anderer Leute verstrickt wird. Kern der Geschichte ist dabei noch deutlicher die Abhängigkeit von Treibstoff, ohne den es keine Bewegung, kein Fortkommen, keine Flucht vor Bedrohungen oder vor sich selbst gibt.

Ich bin ja sehr skeptisch gegenüber der — vor allem auf Joseph Campell gründenden — Monomythos-Gestaltung kulturindustrieller Narrationen, aber bei »Road Warrior« finde ich es ganz okay, dass es auf der einen Seite ‘nen braven, weiß/pink-gekleideten Raffinerie-Clan mit seinem Sprecher Pappagallo (Mike Preston) — ein idealistischer ›Gutmensch‹ — gibt, der von einer verrohten, größtenteils (denn es gibt einen Fiesling, der ein Pink-Mobile steuert & sich sogar den Bart entsprechend gefärbt hat … wird allerdings bald gegrillt) schwarze Kluft bevorzugenden Punk/Rocker-Horde, unter der Führung von Lord Humungus (Kjell Nielsson), belagert und verfolgt wird. Das simple Strickmuster funktioniert, weil es mit sicheren Händchen für markante Details und originelle Momente inszeniert wurde.

Auch jetzt noch macht »Road Warrior« gute Laune und bietet Spannung, Äktschn, sowie die Kurzweil, sich anhand der Optik von Kulissen, Fahrzeugen, Requisiten und Kostümen den tieferen Weltenbau selbst auszumalen, sprich: der Film ist extrem gut gealtert und zurecht ein Klassiker.

Fazit: Furchterregende Bösewichte und naive Paradies-Sucher, ein cooler Hund, ein gefährlicher, verwilderter Junge und ein Max, der sich widerwillig zu den Guten gesellt. Passt alles. — 9 von 10 Punkten.


Hab von »Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome« (1985) öfter mal nebenbei Passagen gesehen, aber nie aufmerksamer hingeguckt. Erst jetzt auf Blu Ray die Nerven und Geduld gehabt, den Film aufmerksam von Anfang bis Ende zu gucken (okey, ich hab mir zur Linderung zwischendurch was zum Saufen holen müssen, um das ganze zu erstragen). Strenggenommen: Desto weniger man über diesen Film sagt, desto besser. Meiner Meinung nach gehört der gar nicht zum ›Mad Max‹-Kanon, sondern ist ein Hochstapler. Macht doch voll keinen Sinn, der Schmarrn.

Viele Stimmen meinen, dass die Peter Pan-Gefilde, in die der Films etwa ab der Hälfte abdriftet, voll unpassend sind. Gegen diese Handlungswendung (ja, gegen die damit verbundenen, ideologischen Obertöne) habe ich — theoretisch — gar nix. Dass Max nach seinen schief gelaufenen Verhandlungen in der von Aunty Entity (Tina Turner) kontrollierten Bartertown in die Wüste geschickt wird, dort dann auf einen Stamm ›verwilderter‹ Kindern und Teens trifft und zu deren Messias wird, ist an sich eine interessante Geschichte. Doch im Gegensatz zu den anderen ›Mad Max‹-Filmen ist »Thunderdome« merklich harmloser, die Härte fehlt, und sie fehlt schmerzlich, was dem Weltenbau die Luft rauslässt. Vor allem die Äktschn des letzten Drittels, wenn die Kiddis und Max in Bartertown den Bösen auf die Pelle rücken, sowie die abschließende Autohatz durch die Wüste sind zu unbeschwert, zu glatt, zu easy, und das Markenzeichen der ›Mad Max‹-Filme, lange, gnadenlose Verfolgungsäktschn, kommt viel zu kurz. Statt dessen gibts fröhliche Rutschpartien und ›Ab 12‹-gerechtes Umhaun von bösen Schergen mit Schaufel und Bratpfanne.

Was ist mit dem (für mich unverständlicherweise) als legendär geltenden Thunderdome-Kampf von Max gegen den hühnenhaften Blaster (»Two men enter. One man leaves«)? Selten etwas so Planloses und Lächerliches gesehen … Cartoon-Geräusche wenn die Gummiseile schnalzen!

Am sauersten ist mir allerdings die Musik von Maurice Jarre aufgestoßen. Ab einem gewissen Punkt, wenn Max in der Oase der Kinder erwacht, übernimmt eine verspielt-fröhliche Melodie den Soundtrack, rennt gefühlt auf Dauerwiederholung, und hat zumindest mir die Stimmung gehörig vertüdelt (gar nicht zu reden von Tina Turnes schröcklichen Vor- & Abspann-Songs, die ich im Radio schon furchtbar fand).

Das erste Drittel des Films, vor allem die Audienz von Max bei Aunty Entity und ihrer Crew, ist ziemlich okay und lässt von einem besseren Film träumen … der Rest ist, leider, eher zum Vergessen.

Fazit: Abgesehen von einigen Szenen (vor allem des ersten Drittels) und dem schön gestaltetem Setting der enttäuschendste, weil zu weiche und harmloser Eintrag der Reihe. — 4 von 10 Punkten.


Und nun also »Mad Max: Fury Road«. Lange her, dass mich die Trailer eines Filmes dermaßen angefixt haben. Lange her, dass ich befürchtet habe, mit zu hochgeschraubten Erwartungen ins Kino zu gehen, und mir eine entsprechend bratzige Enttäuschung einzuhandeln. Doch dieser Kinobesuch war (trotz meiner Abneigung für 3D) für mich wie eine segensreiche Messe.

Egal, wie viele Filme von George Miller man großartig findet (und die beiden »Schweinchen Babe«-Streifen gehören zu meinen Allzeitlieblingen, bieten sie doch Tierfabel-Fantasy auf konkurrenzlos exzellentem Niveau), dass »Fury Road« derartige Begeisterungs- und Debatten-Wellen aufbrausen lässt, und man vielstimmig ein »Diesmal kann man dem Hype glauben« vernimmt, hätte wegen der über 10 Jahre langen Produktionszeit mit ihren zahlreichen Stolperstellen kaum jemand zu hoffen gewagt.

Aber die Beharrlichkeit der Macher, sowie u.a. solch strategisch kluge Entscheidungen, sich nicht von einem fixen Starttermin gängeln zu lassen, sondern solange an dem Film zu pfriemeln, bis er eben perfekt ist, haben dazu geführt, dass wir Zeuge werden, wie ein Film sein Genre eine umfangreiche Frischzellenkur verpasst, und mit geschickten Kombos dringend nötiger Konventionsbrüche aktuelle Denkfaulheits-Moden in die ›Schäm Dich‹-Ecke schickt.

Was ich auch an Hintergrundinfos über die Arbeit und die kreativen Entscheidungen lese, erfüllt mich mit Bewunderung und Zustimmung. Millers eigentlich bevorzugte Version — schwarz/weiß — war dem Studio/Vertrieb zu heikel, also her mit dem Zweitbesten: einer extrem übersättigten Farbskala, bei der man den Eindruck hat, dass in jedem Augenblick gleich Acryl-Masse von der Leinwand trieft.

Dem Weltenbau und Wahn seiner Bewohner angemessen richtet sich der Film an Erwachsene (bei uns ›Ab 16‹, in USA ›Restricted‹), ist entsprechend rau, schnell, überladen, atemlos, und bombardiert sein Publikum mit verstörenden Dingen, heftigem Sound Getöse und bratziger Musik. — Im Kino haben nach der bis zur Titeleinblendung dauernden Eröffnungssequenz, wo ich wohlig geseufzt habe, um mich herum einige Zuschauer gestresst aufgestöhnt.

Noch so eine kluge Entscheidung: Chefin des Schnitts war Millers Lebensgefährten Margaret Sixel (Oscar her für die Dame, zumindest eine Nominierung!), die sich selbst eigentlich für unqualifiziert einschätzte, weil sie keine Äktschmfilm-Erfahrung hatte (worüber man angesichts ihrer Arbeit bei »Schweinchen Babe in der großen Stadt« und den »Happy Feet«-Filmen streiten kann). Genau dieser frische Blick allerdings, sowie der Umstand, dass sie zwei Jahre (!!!) Zeit hatte (10 Stunden Arbeit am Tag, 6 Tage die Woche = ca. 6000 Stunden Arbeit am Schnitt), um 450 Stunden Material mit über 2000 Cuts auf zwei kurzweilige Stunden zu verdichten, machen den Film zu einem gloriosen Fest der Bewegung.

Ich kann gut nachvollziehen, dass der Film manche vor den Kopf stößt, bzw. sie vor lauter ›Wrömm-Wrömm‹, ›Krach-Peng‹, ›Hetz-Hetz-Ächz‹ und ›Ka-Ploink‹ die subtileren Aspekte schlicht an ihnen vorbeigerauscht sind.

Ich wage die hochmütige These: »Fury Road« ist ein Shibboleth-Test, an dem sich zeigt, wer Filme zu lesen, bzw. zu überblicken vermag. — Das Spektakel erdrückt die Handlung, es mangelt daher an Story und Charakterentwicklung? — Weit gefehlt, allerdings werden Handlungs- und Figurenentwicklung eben kaum in fein abgepackten Erklärungswortmeldungen vermittelt, sondern vielmehr mit den Einzelheiten des Weltenbaus, mit Stimmungs- und Stil-Kontrasten, mit Körpersprache und Mimik, sowie vor allem damit, wie die Figuren handeln, wie sich im Laufe des Filmes ihre Konstellationen zueinander und Verhaltensweisen miteinander wandeln.

Die dümmsten Gegenstimmen — ich meine natürlich die jämmerlichen Männerrechtswirrköpfe — bekunden lediglich ihre Unkenntnis (oder unaufmerksame Lesart) der Reihe, wenn sie kritisieren, dass Max ja gar nicht der Hauptheld der Story ist. War er in Teil 2 und 3 auch nicht, und in Teil 1 erst ab dem Zeitpunkt, als der beherztere und charismatischere Polizei-Kumpel, Goose, von den Rockern abgefackelt wurde.

Jeff Vandermeer hat freilich vollkommen Recht, wenn er derartiges Unvermögen, ein Werk fruchtbar zu lesen, exemplarisch übertreibt und entsprechend bemängelt:

Mad Max: Fury Road ist die schlechteste Umsetzung eines Agatha Christie ›Mord in einem verschlossenen, leeren Zimmer‹-Rätsels, das ich je gesehen habe.

Fazit: Ich zitiere meinen nach dem Kinobesuch geschriebenen Tweet.

10 von 10 Punkten.


10 + + + + + Maßstabsetztendes Meisterwerk; Olympisch.
09 + + + + Überwiegend exzellent; Packend.
08 + + + Bemerkenswert mit leichten Schwächen; Anregend.
07 + + Befriedigendes Handwerk; Kurzweilig.
06 + Unterhaltsam mittelprächtig; Akzeptabel.
Unsichtbare Grenze der absoluten Mittelmäßigkeiten
05 - Brauchbar mittelprächtig; ganz nett, aber insgesamt lau.
04 - - Überwiegend mittelprächtig; Anstrengend bzw. langweilig.
03 - - - Bis auf wenige Momente daneben gegangen; Nervig.
02 - - - - Ziemlich übeles Machwerk; Zeitverschwendung.
01 - - - - - Grottenschlechtes übles Ärgernis; Pathologisch.



Hier meine Auswahl an Besprechungen, Texten und Videos zu »Mad Mad: Fury Road«.

• Meine Heldin Laurie Penny hat für ›Buzzfeed‹ den Text »Mad Max« Is A Feminist Playbook For Surviving Dystopia (What might happen if women’s rights evaporate has been examined in nightmare detail. »Mad Max: Fury Road« offers a solution) geschrieben.

• Ziemlich begeisterte Reaktion auf Furiosa von Laura (auf Englisch), die mit eineinhalb Armen geboren wurde: My Reaction to Mad Max: Fury Road and the Utter Perfection that is Imperator Furiosa.

Lindsay Ellis von ›Chez Apocalypse‹ bietet einen Mini Canon über alle (zwei) Inkarnationen von Mad Max:

Movie Bob’s Besprechung (Engl.). Wem der Mann zu schnell babbelt — hier die Textversion:

• In Cannes lief »Mad Max: Fury Road« außerhalb des Wettbewerbes. Hier die inforeiche Pressekonferenz:

• Und schließlich Meister George Miller selbst im Gespräch mit ›vice‹:

• Als Kontrastprogramm, hier noch eine wahnsinnig prätentiöse deutsche youtube-Kritik von ›Filmanalyse‹:

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So, after all that, the Chicago Bulls are down to just one “Alpha.”

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The Bulls announced Friday afternoon that they’ve waived point guard Rajon Rondo, just shy of one year after Chicago signed him to a two-year deal to serve as the Bulls’ new lead ball-handler. The team had reportedly tried to find a taker for the final year and $13.3 million Rondo was due for the 2017-18 season, but couldn’t find a trade partner for the 31-year-old former All-Star. Instead, the Bulls chose to waive him hours before the start of the NBA’s 2017 free agent season at 12 a.m. ET Saturday, paying him $3 million rather than his full freight to open up a little under $21 million in cap space heading into free agency.

Not that the Bulls are expected to make a big splash once things get underway. At last Thursday’s 2017 NBA draft, Chicago shipped All-Star swingman Jimmy Butler, far and away the team’s best player, to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for shooting guard Zach LaVine, 2016 first-round pick point guard Kris Dunn and 2017 first-round choice Lauri Markkanen, a 7-foot shooter out of Arizona — all age 23 and under, joining a collection of recent draft picks and additions (Denzel Valentine, Paul Zipser, Bobby Portis, Jerian Grant, Cristiano Felicio, Cameron Payne) in what now seems to be a full-on youth movement that’s not exactly conducive to spending big money in free agency.

The move seemed curious from the jump. Yes, Rondo had led the NBA in assists one season earlier on a Sacramento Kings team on which, as he colorfully said, “you couldn’t name three people,” and yes, he came at a comparatively low annual price tag for a starting point guard in the wake of the Bulls trading Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks. But as a ball-dominant, non-3-point-shooting playmaker whose best defensive days are behind him and whose prickly personality had resulted in more than a few run-ins with coaches during his time in Boston, Dallas and Sacramento, Rondo seemed an odd fit alongside incumbent rising superstar Butler and the Bulls’ other big-name, big-ticket 2016 free-agent signing: hometown hero Dwyane Wade, himself a ball-dominant, non-3-point-shooting playmaker whose best defensive days are behind him.

The players insisted before the start of the season that they’d make it work, that having “Three Alphas” in the locker room and on the court was better than having none. The results didn’t exactly bear that out, as the Bulls sputtered and stumbled for most of the season before finishing 41-41, briefly putting the fear of God into the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs, and losing four straight games to get eliminated after Rondo suffered a broken thumb that knocked him out for the remainder of the season.

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It was a weird year. Rondo began the season as Chicago’s starting point guard, then earned a one-game suspension in December for “conduct detrimental to the team” after a heated exchange with assistant coach Jim Boylen. Later that month, he got benched for five straight games in favor of former Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams, and even racked up a DNP-CD on his own celebratory bobblehead night. He returned to the lineup after the “bulls***” benching and, before long, into controversy, as he, Butler and Wade sparred publicly and via social media over the leadership reins of a team that was underperforming its own lofty expectations and running out of time to solve its issues.

The Bulls eventually got it together enough to hit .500 and earn the East’s eighth and final playoff spot on the final night of the season. They stunned the top-seeded Celtics to start the opening round, taking two games in Boston behind strong performances from Butler, center Robin Lopez and Rondo, as the former Celtic averaged 11.5 points, 10 assists, 8.5 rebounds and 3.5 steals in two stellar outings in his old stomping grounds. It all turned, though, after Rondo broke his right thumb in Game 2. Fred Hoiberg didn’t have another option at the point capable of filling Rondo’s role, and a Celtics team that figured out the tactical lever to pull to put the Bulls’ backs against the wall — playing small-ball from the start of the game to pull Chicago’s bigs away from the rim, forcing Hoiberg to try to match size with size, neutralizing Lopez and the Bulls’ rebounding advantage inside — ripped off four straight wins to eliminate the Bulls.

Rondo, who averaged 7.8 points, 5.1 rebounds and 6.7 assists in 26.7 minutes per game in 69 appearances in his lone season in Chicago, insisted after the season that the Bulls would’ve swept the C’s had he not gotten injured. The Bulls insisted they wanted to bring Rondo back. Neither came to pass, and now the veteran point guard will have to wait to see what kind of interest he can generate on the free-agent market.

Chicago also waived point guard Isaiah Canaan, who made 39 appearances off the Bulls bench last year, averaging 4.6 points, 1.3 rebounds and 0.9 assists in 15.2 minutes per game, and who started in Round 1 after Rondo went down.

(Like I said: weird year.)

Despite having moved decisively in the direction of a youth-led rebuild over the past eight days, the Bulls appear to be sticking with holding on to their lone remaining “Alpha,” who exercised the $23.8 million player option he held for the season to come:

How exactly paying Wade $24 million to lead a team in transition makes sense doesn’t exactly compute. But then, that’s sort of par for the course, as any major Rondo will tell you:

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          NBA Free Agency Shopping Lists: Northwest Division   

Free agency is a complicated time full of misdirection, brief opportunities and a whole lot of persuasion. We’ve put together these shopping lists to ensure every team stays on track.

Utah Jazz

2016-17 record: 51-31, eliminated in the Western Conference semifinals

Unrestricted free agents: Gordon Hayward, George Hill, Shelvin Mack, Jeff Withey

Restricted free agents: Joe Ingles

It feels downright mean that this is where the Jazz find themselves. For a handful of years, a front office led by Kevin O’Connor and Dennis Lindsey has done so many things right: drafting and developing a homegrown All-Star in Hayward, taking Rudy Gobert at No. 27 overall and building him into an All-NBA Second Teamer and Defensive Player of the Year runner-up, making enough savvy trades and signings to build a roster deep enough to win 51 games despite coach Quin Snyder only having his expected starting five together for 14 games last season and winning the franchise’s first playoff series since 2010 by beating the Los Angeles Clippers in a Game 7 in their own gym.

And then you run into the Warriors, and four games later, you’re left staring up at the lights, and into the possibility of watching your foundation crumble.

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Billboards and paeans aside, Hayward’s taking meetings with the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. There is a very real chance that he decides the extra coin he can make by staying in Salt Lake City — a five-year, $180 million deal that would be about $44 million more than he could make elsewhere, per Bobby Marks of The Vertical — isn’t as attractive as the opportunity to play in an environment that might provide a more attractive path to continued contention than the one in Utah.

The free-agent fates of George Hill and Gordon Hayward seem to be intertwined. (Getty Images)
The free-agent fates of George Hill and Gordon Hayward seem to be intertwined. (Getty Images)

After spending a season watching virtually every non-Gobert player expected to help him turn the Jazz into a legitimate contender battle myriad injuries — shooting guard Rodney Hood, power forward Derrick Favors, swingman Alec Burks and unrestricted-free-agent-to-be point guard George Hill — maybe Hayward worries the Jazz are less an ascendant power than one whose past potential might outstrip its future projection. A Hayward exit wouldn’t necessarily cripple a Jazz team that has Gobert locked up for several more years, but it would leave Utah reeling, needing to completely reorient its offense and facing serious questions about the proper price points for their other free agents.

Despite missing 33 games last season battling a persistent toe injury, Hill’s likely to draw significant interest on the open market as a ball-handler capable of defending both backcourt positions and spotting up off the ball. When he was on the floor, the Jazz were excellent, and he made so much sense next to Hayward. But if Hayward’s on the way out, will Lindsey and company feel comfortable spending $20 million or so per year on someone who’s played fewer than 50 games twice in the last three seasons and who seems much more suited for a complementary role than a starring one — especially with 2014 first-round pick Dante Exum waiting in the wings? Then again, that decision-making calculus might be backward; Hill and Hayward are very tight, and a pledge to retain the former might be a prerequisite in getting a commitment from the latter.

Ingles was a valuable contributor to the Jazz, serving as a sharpshooting swingman, savvy ball-mover and tough defender. But if the 30-year-old Aussie’s market goes past midlevel-exception money and reaches eight figures per season, the Jazz might be better served trying to find higher-upside ways to spend that money, as much as they’d like to retain his services.

Bringing back all three would vault the Jazz over the $99 million salary cap and within hailing distance of the $119 million luxury tax, and that’s before factoring in potential rookie-scale extensions for eligible class of 2014 draftees Hood and Exum. It’s exceedingly unlikely Utah will pay that tab, meaning their best-case scenario is probably bringing back two of the three — a decision that could prove awfully tricky, considering the competing interests at work here:

Potentially complicating matters: the Jazz are still about $16 million under the 2016-17 salary cap, giving them financial flexibility to take on a big contract for a player that might help … so long as they do it before midnight Eastern time, when the league calendar flips to 2017-18. They’ve reportedly been eyeing trades for a veteran point guard, most notably Ricky Rubio … which might complicate things juuuuust a tad on the Hill front and could wreak havoc on the possibility of retaining Hayward.

Utah’s got a lot at stake and a lot of balls in the air as the clock winds down. Lindsey, for his part, is projecting calm.

“Many times, what happens is, you capitulate to pressure and then you overreach,” the Jazz GM recently told reporters. “We want to stick to our fundamentals of team building — mindset, culture, skills, fits, value adds, contract, production. We’re quite confident.”

Whether that confidence is founded could be one of the biggest storylines of the summer of 2017.

Andre Roberson and Taj Gibson were key pieces of the Thunder's defense. (AP)
Andre Roberson and Taj Gibson were key pieces of the Thunder’s defense. (AP)

Oklahoma City Thunder

2016-17 record: 47-35, eliminated in the first round

Unrestricted free agents: Taj Gibson, Norris Cole, Nick Collison

Restricted free agents: Andre Roberson

The Thunder enter the summer with just under $113 million in guaranteed salary on the books — meaning they’re about $14 million over the cap, and about $6 million under the luxury tax line — so they don’t have very much financial flexibility. In a perfect world, they’d bring back both Gibson (a stalwart veteran four who helped on both ends of the floor after his trade-deadline acquisition) and Roberson (an All-Defensive Team perimeter stopper who makes life miserable for opposing scorers every night). But doing so means going very deep into the luxury tax, which could be a non-starter for a team that’s already paid the tax twice in the last three years and doesn’t want to fall prey to the dreaded repeater tax incurred when you’re a taxpayer four times in five seasons.

Vaulting into the tax would be especially damaging because going more than $6 million over the tax line (the so-called “apron”) would cost the Thunder the right to use the biannual exception of $3.3 million per year and would limit the amount of their midlevel exception to just under $5.2 million per year for up to three years, as opposed to the $8.4 million over four that non-taxpayers can offer. When you’re capped out, retaining the ability to use those exceptions to add talent is really important, and that could mean the Thunder are in for some restructuring.

The most preferable path to creating a little bit of breathing room is probably finding a taker for the two years and $36.5 million owed to reserve scorer Enes Kanter. Given the Turkish big man’s defensive struggles, though, that price tag might be a bit rich without additional sweeteners. The Thunder might struggle providing those, as they already owe a lottery-protected 2018 first-round pick to the Jazz (as part of the deal that sent Kanter to OKC) and a top-20-protected 2020 No. 1 to the Orlando Magic (who acquired it from the Philadelphia 76ers, who took it in exchange for forward Jerami Grant).

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If general manager Sam Presti can’t offload Kanter (or, less likely, about-to-become-$22-million-man Victor Oladipo) or find another ingenious path to cap flexibility, the Thunder might be forced to bid farewell to Gibson — and maybe even Roberson, if some suitor comes calling with a front-loaded restricted free agent offer sheet — and try to find defensive replacements with the midlevel exception.

The market might push players like Toronto’s Patrick Patterson and Memphis’ JaMychal Green out of MLE range; if not, OKC could do worse in replacing Gibson. Similarly, Tony Allen, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Thabo Sefolosha represent longer-in-the-tooth, lower-grade options for life after Roberson, but they might offer some of the flavor the Thunder want at the price they need.

At some point, it’d also be nice for the Thunder to find a backup for Russell Westbrook who can keep OKC from cratering when he needs to rest. (Which he does sometimes, with the Thunder very much unable to stay afloat when he did so.) The Shelvin Macks and Langston Galloways of the world might not be available for the biannual exception, and Oklahoma City might need to target bigger fish with the MLE, which could leave Presti once again scraping the minimum market in search of a lottery ticket.

And speaking of the just-crowned MVP …

Russell Westbrook accepted his NBA MVP award on Monday. Now what? (AP)
Russell Westbrook accepted his NBA MVP award on Monday. Now what? (AP)

Presti reportedly plans to offer him a monster five-year, $200-plus million super-max Designated Veteran Player Extension as soon as free agency opens. If Westbrook takes it, the Thunder have their centerpiece locked in through 2022. If he doesn’t, for the second time in three years, Presti will have to decide whether or not to put a beloved franchise player on the trade market to avoid potentially losing him for nothing the following summer. Things could soon get very, very interesting in Oklahoma.

Portland Trail Blazers

2016-17 record: 41-41, eliminated in the first round

Unrestricted free agents: None

Restricted free agents: None

Like the Thunder, Portland’s got zero financial flexibility. Negative wiggle room, in fact. After paying C.J. McCollum $106 million, signing Evan Turner, matching Brooklyn’s offer sheet for Allen Crabbe, and bringing back restricted free agents Meyers Leonard and Maurice Harkless last summer, the Blazers enter July with $142.5 million in guaranteed salary committed for next season, according to Mark Deeks of And they’re in line to pay nine figures’ worth of salary that keeps them capped out and luxury-tax-adjacent in each of the next two seasons, as well.

Footing gigantic tax bills for a team that can contend is one thing. But the Blazers finished .500, got blasted in the first round by Golden State and seem to have a couple of quantum leaps to make before they can claim with a straight face they’re within sniffing distance of the West’s upper echelon. Something’s got to give, right?

Blazers star Damian Lillard and general manager Neil Olshey try to figure out how to make a splash. (Getty Images)
Blazers star Damian Lillard and general manager Neil Olshey try to figure out how to make a splash. (Getty Images)

It’s possible that one of those leaps will come with a full season of pairing the high-octane backcourt of McCollum and Damian Lillard with a healthy Jusuf Nurkic, who became a folk hero after joining the team before the trade deadline. In Nurkic’s minutes, Portland outscored the opposition by a whopping 9.3 points per 100 possessions during the regular season before he went down with a fractured right fibula.

Other avenues toward a leap, though? Those are harder to figure. The Blazers paid through the nose to ensure they had depth on the wing, knowing how hard it is for NBA teams to come by quality swingmen these days, but now might find themselves unable to offload either Crabbe or Turner. They’re also unwilling to move the more cost-effective and defensively useful Harkless and Al-Farouq Aminu. And with 2017 first-rounders Zach Collins and Caleb Swanigan joining Nurkic, Leonard, Noah Vonleh and Ed Davis on the roster, the frontcourt’s now awfully crowded without too much in the way of a clearly defined pecking order. (That Nurkic and Vonleh are both eligible for extensions of their rookie deals, and will enter restricted free agency next summer if Portland doesn’t re-up, only complicates matters.)

Neil Olshey has done well to compile a pretty interesting collection of players capable of producing a top-10 offense; if Nurkic’s late-season surge is the real deal and Aminu’s healthy, the Blazers’ defense might not be as hopeless as it often seemed last season. But he spent plenty of Paul Allen’s money to do it, and barring major internal improvement from multiple pieces, it’s tough to see a way for Portland to reach the next level without a significant shake-up via trade.

After seven seasons, Danilo Gallinari might be about to fly out of Denver (Getty Images)
After seven seasons, Danilo Gallinari might be about to fly out of Denver. (Getty Images)

Denver Nuggets

2016-17 record: 40-42

Unrestricted free agents: Danilo Gallinari, Roy Hibbert

Restricted free agents: Mason Plumlee

In the middle of December, coach Mike Malone reinserted Nikola Jokic into Denver’s starting lineup. From that point on, nobody — not the Warriors, not the Rockets, not the Cavs: nobody — scored more points per possession than the Nuggets, who sliced and diced opposing defenses behind the brilliant playmaking and efficient scoring of their 6-foot-11 Serbian center.

There was just one problem. Over that same stretch, nobody — not the Lakers, not the Suns, not the Kings: nobody — allowed more points per possession than the Nuggets, who saw their late-season push for the West’s eighth and final playoff spot scuttled by a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to cap off a 50-point triple-double by Westbrook. Denver’s got some tantalizing young passers, shooters and finishers on board, but the Nuggets need some defensive steel if they’re to make a serious push into the Western playoff picture.

So, naturally, they’ve been linked to Kevin Love.

Denver emerged ahead of last week’s draft as the wheel-greasing third team in prospective deals that would land Paul George in Cleveland, Love in Denver, and a slew of future draft picks, young players and expiring contracts in Indiana. A Love-Jokic frontcourt would allow Denver to play a brand of five-out ball that could be damn near un-guardable. It wouldn’t, however, seem to address that nettlesome issue of not being able to freaking stop anybody — especially if one of the pieces moving to Indiana is shooting guard Gary Harris, a legitimate two-way contributor who took major steps forward last season as a perimeter defender, shooter and cutter.

Harris helps, and does so at a position that’s super-thin around the league, which is why Denver doesn’t really want to move him. He’s also eligible for an extension of his rookie deal, and might soon cost nearly as much as Love, which is why the Nuggets would probably have to at least entertain the notion, even if a lineup of something like Love, Jokic, Wilson Chandler, Jamal Murray and Emmanuel Mudiay doesn’t seem particularly likely to strike fear into the hearts of the Warriors, Spurs or Rockets.

Love’s a name that sticks because Denver needs to figure out what it’s doing at power forward. Jokic firmly established himself as the Nuggets’ center of the future — this is why Nurkic is now in Portland, instead of being unhappy next to Malone on the bench — but Denver hasn’t yet found the right sort of fit at the four next to their super-skilled but somewhat slow-footed and ground-bound playmaker. A defensively versatile type who doesn’t demand No. 1 option touches would be wonderful.

Is Denver willing to shell out max or near-max money for 32-year-old Paul Millsap while knowing they’ll soon need to shell out big paydays for Harris and Jokic (a second-round pick in 2014 who didn’t come over until 2015, signing a four-year deal with a team option for 2018-19, but who could look to tear that up next summer to lock him up long-term as soon as possible)? If the Raptors decide to move on from Serge Ibaka, the soon-to-be-28-year-old could be a dynamite fit. (Kentucky product and former Jazz reserve Trey Lyles, imported on draft night, could factor into the solution here, too, though he shouldn’t be counted on to provide the whole answer himself.)

If the Nuggets do decide to look elsewhere at the four, it probably means they’re moving on from Gallinari, who bounced back in a big way last season and has proven when healthy — two heavy words — to be a valuable shooter and face-up playmaker for teams seeking stretch fours who already have defensively viable fives.

With Mudiay struggling in his second season and rising sophomore Murray perhaps not ready for full-time point guard duty, Denver also figures to be in the market for a veteran point guard. How high-caliber an option they’ll be able to pull on the open market remains to be seen. Chris Paul’s already in Houston; Utah and San Antonio will probably fight over Hill; and the Pelicans pretty much have to keep Jrue Holiday. If Toronto balks at offering five years or max money, Kyle Lowry might be an interesting name to keep an eye on as a hard-nosed defender who can shoot, share, score and cut to wind up on the other end of some of those sweet, sweet Jokic dimes.

After trading for Jimmy Butler, the Wolves are on the hunt for more big-time talent. (AP)
After trading for Jimmy Butler, the Wolves are on the hunt for more big-time talent. (AP)

Minnesota Timberwolves

2016-17 record: 31-51

Unrestricted free agents: Omri Casspi, Adreian Payne, Brandon Rush

Restricted free agents: Shabazz Muhammad

The Wolves already made one big splash, pulling off a draft-night blockbuster fleecing of the Chicago Bulls to import All-NBA swingman Jimmy Butler and give Minnesota a core that rising superstar Karl-Anthony Towns calls “what dynasties are made of.” There’s a lot of space, though, between the destination of a dynasty and the starting point of a 31-win roster. Getting there will require even more bold moves.

Like, say, trading incumbent point guard Ricky Rubio to a team with cap space (hello, Utah) to create even more cap space to pursue a potential upgrade at the point who can space the floor to a degree the Spaniard’s never been able to? Like, say, Lowry, whom Butler may or may not be trying to recruit to join him in Tom Thibodeau’s backcourt? Or Hill, who might see Minnesota as a viable new home if the Jazz and Spurs look elsewhere?

With sweet-shooting guard Zach LaVine shipped to Chicago in the Butler deal, a Wolves team already lacking enough capable marksmen needs more shooters. Lowry or Hill would certainly help there. If Hill rejoins the Spurs, San Antonio’s Patty Mills, who shot 41.3 percent from deep last season, might be available at a lower price point, too, though I’d be leery of considering him an upgrade over Rubio’s playmaking and defensive excellence.

They’ve long been rumored to be interested in Millsap — who, for what it’s worth, is less a “stretch” four than a playmaking power forward, having shot better than league-average from 3-point range just once in his career (and less than 32 percent in the last two seasons) — as a smart, defensive-minded veteran complement to Towns. But shelling out a big-money four-year deal for him ahead of forthcoming max extensions for Wiggins (next summer) and Towns (in 2019) might make owner Glen Taylor a little green around the gills.

But that’s the price of trying to level up in the NBA. The Wolves showed on draft night that they’re serious about becoming a rising force. Now it’s up to them to put some money behind that mission.

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          Kobe Bryant joins board of directors for Los Angeles' 2024 Olympics bid   
Kobe Bryant is going international. (AP)
Kobe Bryant is going international. (AP)

Now that the debut season of Kobe Bryant’s strange “Canvas” series is in the books, the recently retired Los Angeles Lakers legend was apparently looking for something else to fill some of his time. He found it with a spot on the board of directors for LA’s bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

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Bryant broke the news from the Rose Bowl alongside Olympic gold medalist and LA2024 vice chair Janet Evans in a live video hosted by legendary sportscaster Al Michaels on LA2024’s Facebook page.

“I’m extremely excited about joining the board here and trying to bring the Olympics back to Los Angeles,” said Bryant, joking that he was pushing his daughter to make an Olympic bid of her own. “I’ve convinced my 14-year-old daughter to start training with me at 5 o’clock in the morning.”

Evans also serves as chair of the bid committee’s Athletes’ Commission, for which Bryant will now serve as the 100th member. Kobe, of course, won two Olympic gold medals for USA Basketball.

Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson also serves on LA2024’s Board of Directors.

After Hamburg, Rome, Budapest and Boston all withdrew from consideration over financial concerns, the International Olympic Committee’s decision will come down to LA or Paris, with the losing city potentially hosting the 2028 Olympic Games. The decision is expected on Sept. 13. Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Olympics. LA has twice hosted the Olympics, first in 1932 and then in 1984.

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          NBA Free Agency Shopping Lists: Southwest Division   
Is this the end of the line for Spurs legends Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili? (AP)
Is this the end of the line for Spurs legends Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili? (AP)

Free agency is a complicated time full of misdirection, brief opportunities, and a whole lot of persuasion. We’ve put together these shopping lists to ensure every team stays on track.

San Antonio Spurs

2016-17 record: 61-21, eliminated in the Western Conference finals

Unrestricted free agents: Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobili, Patty Mills, David Lee, Dewayne Dedmon, Joel Anthony

Restricted free agents: Jonathon Simmons

For about 23 minutes, the Spurs put the fear of God into the Golden State Warriors. And then Kawhi Leonard landed on the foot of Warriors center Zaza Pachulia, suffering his third left ankle sprain in a six-day span and ending his season, and that, as they say, was that. The Warriors rolled to a four-game sweep, leaving in their wake questions about what might have been and what comes next for a Spurs team that remains among the NBA’s elite, but still finds itself in transition.

The Spurs now inarguably belong to Leonard, an MVP finalist who took his game to new heights during the regular season and was even more of a holy terror in the playoffs before succumbing to a busted wheel. So long as he is ambulatory, the Spurs can be a title contender. He needs help, though, and a San Antonio braintrust led by general manager R.C. Buford and coach Gregg Popovich must figure out how to provide it while navigating some treacherous waters.

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Tony Parker vows to be better than ever this season. The 35-year-old won’t get to start making good on that promise until January, though, as he works back from a ruptured left quadriceps tendon that leaves major questions about how effective he can be. We still don’t know whether we’ve seen the last of Manu Ginobili. Key reserve Patty Mills, an unrestricted free agent, could be in line for big offers elsewhere, and rumored target Chris Paul decided to head about 3 1/2 hours east of San Antonio instead. That leaves only 3-and-D man Danny Green, second-year point guard Dejounte Murray (who showed flashes in brief postseason deployment) and rookie Derrick White (who’s got a whale of a story) in line to be in the backcourt on opening night.

Leonard took steps forward as an initiator last season, but he’d still benefit from working with an ace point guard capable of working off the ball, too. If the Spurs were really looking to make a CP3-level splash with machinations like getting Pau Gasol to decline his player option for next season to create more financial flexibility and exploring the trade market for postseason disappointment LaMarcus Aldridge, would they be willing to go through the same process for Kyle Lowry? If not, San Antonio’s best bet might be trying to bring back Mills, or waiting out the point guard market to see if a reunion with forever Pop favorite George Hill might be in the cards. (There are also those pesky Derrick Rose rumors, which frankly don’t make much sense to me, but must at least be considered.)

The Spurs can match any offer sheet tendered to Simmons, an energetic, defensive-minded athlete who shined when pressed into duty as Leonard’s replacement late in the postseason. They might decide, though, that they’d be better served letting him walk rather than committing big money for a 28-year-old with a limited offensive game, and look to fill the hole on the wing by bringing over 2011 draft-and-stash Adam Hanga, a 6-foot-7 swingman who just earned recognition as the Euroleague’s best defender. The same might hold true of center Dewayne Dedmon, a key cog in San Antonio’s league-best regular-season defense who found himself out of the rotation by the end of the playoffs, and who might have a replacement waiting in 2015 first-rounder Nikola Milutinov, a 7-footer who plays for Greek power Olympiacos.

The Spurs don’t act rashly. They know how good a team they had last year and what might have been had Kawhi landed softly; they may choose to just spend their cap space trying to bring back as much of last year’s squad as possible, with an extra bell or whistle to bolster depth, and to run it back. But last year’s last year, the game’s only getting more fierce out West, and the Spurs are only two years removed from swinging for the fences for a star at a position of need. If Buford and Popovich see an opportunity to land a backcourt difference-maker who helps them match up with Golden State and Houston while easing the transition out of the Parker/Ginobili era, don’t be surprised if they act aggressively.

Houston Rockets

2016-17 record: 55-27, eliminated in the Western Conference semifinals

Unrestricted free agents: Nene

Restricted free agents: Bobby Brown, Troy Williams

Sure, the Rockets landed one of the 10 best players in the NBA three days before the start of free agency. That doesn’t mean GM Daryl Morey’s job is done, though. The “weapons race” continues.

Having added Paul to MVP runner-up James Harden in a Mike D’Antoni offense that should remain at or near the very top of the NBA in offensive efficiency, Morey now turns his attention slowing down the other best attacks in the West — namely, those in Golden State and San Antonio. He’ll keep Kevin Pritchard’s phone line burning up in pursuit of Paul George. He might try to bundle some of the non-guaranteed contracts he’s amassed with future draft picks and other assets to engage the Atlanta Hawks in a sign-and-trade for Paul Millsap, who could be a dynamite fit as a defensively versatile frontcourt partner for Clint Capela.

He could look to use the salary cap exceptions the Rockets retained by pulling off the CP3 deal before July 1 — the full midlevel exception of $8.4 million per year and the biannual exception of $3.2 million per year — on more frontcourt help, behind Capela and Ryan Anderson. As’s Zach Lowe notes, the MLE might not quite be enough for the likes of JaMychal Green and Patrick Patterson — two smart, capable defenders with some stretch to their games — but it might be enough to add several other veteran pieces interested in joining up with a contender. The BAE might be enough to bring back Nene, who was great in his first season in Houston before a season-ending injury in the playoffs.

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Being able to put Paul or Harden on the floor at all times should ensure that the Rockets can score on just about anybody, even in the crucible of the postseason. Whether they can get import personnel to improve their capacity to get stops could be the difference between remaining a high-priced also-ran and becoming a real threat to rise to the top of the West.

Tony Allen and Zach Randolph defined the 'Grit-and-Grind' Grizzlies, but they might both be on their way out of Memphis. (Getty Images)
Tony Allen and Zach Randolph defined the ‘Grit-and-Grind’ Grizzlies, but they might both be on their way out of Memphis. (Getty Images)

Memphis Grizzlies

2016-17 record: 43-39, eliminated in the first round

Unrestricted free agents: Zach Randolph, Tony Allen, Vince Carter

Restricted free agents: JaMychal Green

This is, as friend of the program Geoff Calkins notes, a different kind of free-agency period for the Grizzlies. After spending recent years needing to focus their efforts primarily on bringing back one member of their core — Allen in 2013, Z-Bo in 2014, Marc Gasol in 2015 and Mike Conley last summer — Memphis now faces losing the two players who more than any other have defined the most successful era in franchise history, as well as a hard-nosed and versatile forward (the 27-year-old Green) who has earned his way into a starting role and a double-digit annual salary.

Much depends on how high that double-digit number is. Closer to $10 million a year, and the Grizzlies likely match it to keep Green next to Gasol, which might make it more likely that Randolph — getting up there in years, but largely excellent as a sixth man last season — seriously courts offers to assume a similar role on a contender elsewhere, loathe as he might be to leave the city where he’s become an icon. Closer to $15 million, and the Grizzlies probably need a new starting power forward, but might be better positioned to keep Z-Bo as a second-unit punisher.

And if Memphis is really only prepared to offer “The Grindfather” a veteran’s minimum deal, fearing a sharp decline for the offensively limited 36-year-old stopper … well, it seems like Allen’s camp wants to make it clear that won’t be enough to get it done:

As painful as letting Allen go might be from a cultural perspective, the Grizzlies would probably be fine with it if they could find a suitable replacement at shooting guard who can actually shoot. Those won’t be easy to come by, though — seriously, check out the list of free-agent two-guards — and if another suitor swoops in on Green with an offer too rich for Memphis’ blood, there might be worse alternatives than running it back with the foundational tandem of Allen and Randolph for another year or two. Should Green and/or Randolph leave, it’d be awfully nice to see youngsters Jarell Martin and Deyonta Davis get a crack at filling their roles; this is, after all, why you use first-round and high-second-round picks.

From a structural standpoint, the Grizzlies’ needs remain what they’ve been since time immemorial: more wings who can shoot and make plays, and a backup point guard to remain afloat when Conley rests. If Shaun Livingston winds up squeezed out of Golden State, he’d be perfect; if not, the hope will be that Wade Baldwin IV and Andrew Harrison take significant steps forward in their second seasons. Barring major leaps forward, though, the Grizz could find themselves scouring the market and hoping to strike gold silver bronze with point men like Aaron Brooks, Darren Collison and Shelvin Mack, or shooting guards like Rodney Stuckey, Randy Foye or the immortal Jason Terry.

Given the concerns at power forward and with perimeter playmaking, especially if Carter (still arguably Memphis’ best reserve wing at age 40) leaves town, the best possible addition they could make is a healthy Chandler Parsons. Given the way last year went, though, I’ll believe he’s good to go when I see it. This was always the danger when the Grizz decided to go all-in with max deals for Gasol, Conley and Parsons — that they’d wind up top-heavy and capped out, without the necessary flexibility to fill in the gaps. If Memphis can’t get Parsons right and can’t get creative in a hurry, their perennial playoff status might be on shaky ground.

The Pelicans kind of have to bring Jrue Holiday back, even if it means overpaying. (AP)
The Pelicans kind of have to bring Jrue Holiday back, even if it means overpaying. (AP)

New Orleans Pelicans

2016-17 record: 34-48

Unrestricted free agents: Jrue Holiday, Dante Cunningham, Donatas Motiejunas

Restricted free agents: None

The Pelicans probably have no choice but to open up the checkbook to retain Holiday when he hits the unrestricted market. If they don’t bring him back, they’ll only have about $13 million to find a replacement at the point. That’s not enough to afford someone capable of doing what Holiday does when he’s healthy — play very good defense at either guard spot, run the offense, space the floor, and complement the interior tandem of Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins.

“When he’s healthy” is a pretty significant conditional. The 27-year-old has missed 122 games over his four-year tenure in New Orleans. But with former reserve Tim Frazier shipped out to the Washington Wizards, and no evident options on the market likely to be as productive as Holiday in New Orleans’ price range, locking him up is the Pelicans’ most significant order of business.

If they can keep Holiday in the fold, the other big issue is finding any sort of shooting on the wing that can open up room for Davis and Cousins. The problem: bringing back Holiday probably vaporizes the Pelicans’ cap space. (The lesson: be wary of paying eight figures for Omer Asik and Solomon Hill.) That means they’re going to be competing with the other teams trying to get sub-star wings to take their midlevel exception. A name to watch: Justin Holiday, a 6-foot-6 wing who played pretty well as a 3-and-D sort for the New York Knicks last season, and who also happens to be Jrue’s brother. They’d like to play together someday.

They do own all of their own future first-round picks — weirdly, right now the Pelicans are the only team in the NBA that’s not set to receive any future picks or send any out — and could go fishing on the trade market for floor-spacing defenders using a future No. 1 as bait. Might a Clippers team interested in asset accumulation think about redirecting the just-acquired Patrick Beverley?

Such later-for-now swaps can be dangerous, though. On one hand, Dell Demps and company need to all possibilities while staring down the barrel of losing Cousins in free agency next summer if they don’t become a viable playoff team. On the other, what if you start flipping future firsts to import present-day help, it still doesn’t work, Boogie leaves in a year anyway, and now you’re without a future asset that return help in keeping AD around long-term? These are tough questions, and the Pelicans are in a tough spot, with even a trio of Davis, Cousins and Holiday promising little in a brutal West.

Dirk Nowitzki tells Salah Mejri a little secret: he's going to play until he's 65. (AP)
Dirk Nowitzki tells Salah Mejri a little secret: he’s going to play until he’s 65. (AP)

Dallas Mavericks

2016-17 record: 33-49

Unrestricted free agents: Dirk Nowitzki, Tony Romo

Restricted free agents: Nerlens Noel

Dallas’ own free agents should be taken care of in short order. The Mavs will reportedly decline their $25 million option for Nowitzki in favor of giving him a new (and perhaps longer) deal. They also reportedly intend to lock down Noel, who posted strong per-minute numbers after coming over at February’s trade deadline and looks like the glass-clearing, rim-protecting, screen-and-rolling finisher in the middle they’ve needed whenever they haven’t had Tyson Chandler. (With apologies to Brandan Wright.)

Doing so might cost Mark Cuban a pretty penny, whether for the benefit of pre-empting the “multiple” maximum-salary-level suitors reportedly out there for the 23-year-old’s services, or in matching an offer sheet should Noel sign one. Even so, it seems likely Cuban won’t hesitate to pony up for Nerlens, in whose minutes Dallas allowed only 104.8 points per 100 possessions (equivalent to a top-10 full-season defensive rating) and outscored opponents by about the same per-possession margin as the playoff-bound Washington Wizards.

The Mavs have been trying for years to secure a center like Noel. Now that they have one, and an electric pick-and-roll point guard (No. 9 overall pick Dennis Smith Jr.) to go with him, it’s time to let the kids go to work, blessed by the floor-spacing of the eternal German and under the watchful eye of Rick Carlisle.

The hope is that Smith, an explosive playmaker out of North Carolina State with athleticism to burn and a nose for the rim, will help energize a Mavericks offense that played at the league’s second-slowest pace, ranked dead last in free-throw attempts, and finished 23rd among 30 NBA teams in offensive efficiency. They could stand to add some more firepower, but as Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News notes, bringing back Nowitzki and Noel likely means the Mavs will only have one roster spot to play with, and likely precious little salary cap space to use.

Maybe Donnie Nelson takes flyers on some undervalued potential two-way helpers, as he did successfully last summer with Seth Curry. (If his market’s chilly, someone like Langston Galloway might make sense.) But with the Mavs coming off an admitted tank and seemingly happy to develop their young core and celebrate Dirk rather than pushing for an immediate return to contention, it seems unlikely they’ll look to make any big moves.

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          Mo Money Mo Problems: The NBA’s 2017 All-About-To-Be-Overpaid Team   
Nikola Mirotic and Kelly Olynyk battle it out for their next big contract. (AP)
Nikola Mirotic and Kelly Olynyk battle it out for their next big contract. (AP)

NBA general managers are smarter than ever, and they still couldn’t help themselves when gifted a ballooning salary cap last summer, spending like Montgomery Brewster (timely references, here). The Los Angeles Lakers saddled themselves with Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng, the Portland Trail Blazers threw $70 million at Evan Turner, and the Memphis Grizzlies figured Chandler Parsons for $94 million in an annual tradition that will only seem more ridiculous as the salary cap continues to climb.

These five guys will cash in soon, so maybe this list will soften the blow when the news comes down.

JRUE HOLIDAY, New Orleans Pelicans (unrestricted)

Let me start by saying I’m a big fan of Holiday. I like his effort on both ends of the floor, and I love his hustle off it. He’s 27 years old, enjoyed arguably his best season since his 2013 All-Star campaign — averaging 15.4 points (53.2 true shooting percentage), 7.3 assists and 3.9 rebounds per game — and did it all despite missing the start of the season to tend to his wife as she recovered from brain surgery.

But he is not a max-contract player. And he will in all likelihood receive a max deal from the Pelicans, if only because they have no other choice. Pairing DeMarcus Cousins with Anthony Davis at the trade deadline meant New Orleans was entering the summer with a win-now ultimatum and no cap space.

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If Holiday walks in unrestricted free agency, the Pelicans have nobody to deliver the ball to their two stud bigs, no way of paying somebody else of his caliber, and no assets to trade for an adequate replacement, because they owe Solomon Hill, Omer Asik and E’Twaun Moore a combined $85 million.

So, when another team makes a big play for Holiday — and the Dallas Mavericks were among those rumored to be making a sweetheart offer that included the chance to play with Justin — the Pelicans have no other option but to top it. And that will get expensive. Like, $30 million a year expensive.

TIM HARDAWAY JR., Atlanta Hawks (restricted)

The New York Knicks’ No. 24 pick in 2013, Hardaway was dealt to Atlanta for another non-lottery pick two years into his career, averaged just six points on below-average shooting in 17 minutes per game during his first season on the Hawks, and then salvaged his career in the final year of his rookie deal.

A top-10 finisher in this year’s Most Improved Player voting, Hardaway submitted career-highs of 14.5 points per game and 56.8 percent true shooting this season. With more minutes and responsibility following the trade of Kyle Korver, the Basketball Hall of Famer’s son increased his output and efficiency, and Atlanta’s offensive rating rose 8.5 points per 100 possessions with him in the lineup.

I’m practically talking myself into offering him four years and $70 million this summer — the same offer teammates Kent Bazemore and Dennis Schroder received in restricted free agency last year. Show any general manager game tape of his 23 points in the fourth quarter against the Houston Rockets, and that offer might even climb to $20 million annually. The guy is still only 25 years old.

But what if I told you Reggie Jackson gave the Detroit Pistons the same numbers last season? You’d say he was overpaid at $15 million. Hardaway is a useful player, but his inconsistent production can be approximated by any number of players, and I’d be shocked if he’s ever a starting shooting guard on a contender. If that’s the case, he should get closer to $10 million than $20 million. Which won’t happen, because he is exactly the type of player whose best nights enthrall GMs enough to throw cash at him.

Jodie Meeks advises Kentavious Caldwell-Pope about big paydays in Detroit. (AP)
Jodie Meeks advises Kentavious Caldwell-Pope about big paydays in Detroit. (AP)

KENTAVIOUS CALDWELL-POPE, Detroit Pistons (restricted)

Caldwell produced comparable offensive numbers to Hardaway (14 points per game on 35 percent shooting from 3-point range), while serving as an above-average wing defender (he even picked up an All-Defensive Second Team vote). That’s somebody you want on your roster, especially at age 24.

But the Brooklyn Nets, with a plethora of cap space, are reportedly prepared to offer Caldwell-Pope a max contract, which would mean a start salary around $25 million for the former No. 8 overall pick.

What’s more, the Pistons have their hands tied into matching it, because they are without cap space this year and next, and cannot possibly replicate a Caldwell-Pope with the mid-level exception. He was arguably the Pistons’ most important player in 2015-16, whatever that means for a 37-win team.

So, Detroit would technically be paying market value for Caldwell-Pope, but only because another bad team is desperate enough to overpay for anyone better than Joe Harris. Outside of trading one of several other cumbersome contracts, the Pistons would then be locked into a core of Caldwell-Pope, Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson and Tobias Harris for the next two years — with another $75 million or so due to the first three in 2019-20. That’s the same team that finished 10th in the East this year.

KELLY OLYNYK, Boston Celtics (restricted)

I’m not sure how much money Olynyk earned with his 26-point performance to beat the Washington Wizards in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, but it was a lot. Millions, most likely. His next two games, in which he finished with two points and couldn’t stay on the floor against the Cleveland Cavaliers, will be ignored, because that’s what GMs do. They’re an optimistic bunch, for the most part.

They will see Olynyk as a prototypical stretch big well-suited for today’s NBA — a 7-footer who can stretch the floor. He even shot 40.5 percent from 3-point range two seasons ago. They will ignore the fact he is an awkwardly plodding brute inside the arc, accidentally ripping people’s arms out of their sockets and elbowing his screen victims in the face, who doesn’t rebound or defend all that well.

They will not see him for what he is — a serviceable backup big. Somebody will throw more than $15 million per season at Olynyk for the same reason the Chicago Bulls drafted Lauri Markkanen with the No. 7 overall pick last week. They think he’s a perfect fit for the pace-and-space era, forgetting about the pace part, and the Celtics will let him walk, because they know better after four years of him.

NERLENS NOEL, Dallas Mavericks (restricted)

I like Nerlens. I like all the players on this list. Gregg Popovich could probably finish .500 with them. But to pay Noel max money — as much as $140 million over the next five years — is one heck of a risk for a 7-footer whose knees (plural) have cost him a total of 135 games over his first four NBA seasons.

And reports indicate there are multiple teams willing to pay the max for Noel, because he is a 23-year-old rim-protecting, rim-running athletic freak who is capable of stuff like this, over Draymond Green:

The Mavs have reportedly made re-signing Noel their top priority this offseason, and they can match any offer in order to keep him part of a core that now includes Harrison Barnes, Seth Curry and Dennis Smith. Noel might even be worth that money if he stays healthy. But big men with multiple ACL surgeries in their recent past aren’t a safe bet. Not at an average annual rate of $28 million until 2022.

You’re also paying 25 percent of the salary cap to a guy who can’t shoot beyond eight feet in a league that’s increasingly requiring its big men to space the floor. This sounds contradictory to also having Olynyk on this list, but it’s really the same argument: You’re paying in full for half a complete player. Even on the lottery-bound Mavs and Philadelphia 76ers, Noel only managed 20 minutes per game.

I hope he succeeds. I really do. I hope they all do. I just wouldn’t bet on them. Or these guys, either …


Serge Ibaka, Toronto Raptors (unrestricted): After trading Terrence Ross and a first-round pick for Ibaka, the Raptors seemed intent on keeping him long-term. If Kyle Lowry returns, the Raps’ only option to stay in the East hunt will be to outbid Ibaka’s suitors. If Lowry goes, and Ibaka follows suit, the dearth of free-agent big men with Ibaka’s range and rim-protection means someone will still pay up for him, even if he’s a third or fourth option who couldn’t get Toronto out of the second round.

Joe Ingles, Utah Jazz (restricted): Once one of the league’s most underrated players, too many people started to notice, and now a team will ruin it by making the 30-year-old Australian overrated.

James Johnson, Miami Heat (unrestricted): The 30-year-old posted career-highs across the board as a super-sub, but we have seven more years of evidence he won’t be worth the deal he’ll get as a result.

Patty Mills, San Antonio Spurs (unrestricted): Projecting production in San Antonio over more minutes elsewhere is always a difficult proposition, but with several teams in need of help at the point guard position, someone is sure to be conceived they can get even more out of Mills than Popovich did.

Nikola Mirotic, Chicago Bulls (restricted): Olynyk, only better, and more expensive. So, Olynyk.

Mason Plumlee, Denver Nuggets (restricted): There’s a rule that a Plumlee always has to be on this list.

Otto Porter Jr., Washington Wizards (restricted): Similarly to Holiday and Caldwell-Pope, in that high-paying suitors will drive up his price tag, knowing the Wizards can’t afford to lose him.

Andre Roberson, Oklahoma City Thunder (restricted): If OKC matches Roberson’s best offer, it’ll cross the luxury-tax line, and that’s nowhere for a small-market team to be. On the other hand, if Roberson goes, the Thunder will be even shallower on the wing. So, the bidding could get fierce for the All-Defensive Second Teamer, and the final offer will seem like a lot for a guy who teams dare to shoot.

Tony Snell, Milwaukee Bucks (restricted): He’s 3-and-D, without the D, but NBA teams sure love the 3.

Dion Waiters, Miami Heat (unrestricted): I figured Waiters for an overpay last summer, when he turned out to be a bargain at $2.9 million, and the market overcorrection should come after his career year.

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          NBA Free Agency Shopping Lists: Central Division   
The future of LeBron James looms over every decision the Cavs make. (AP)
The future of LeBron James looms over every decision the Cavs make. (AP)

Cleveland Cavaliers

2016-17 record: 51-31, East champions

Unrestricted free agents: Kyle Korver, Deron Williams, Derrick Williams, Dahntay Jones, James Jones

Restricted free agents: None

The Cavaliers are lucky enough not to face any meaningful free agent departures from a squad that ran through the East for the third-straight postseason. Unfortunately, they’re well over the salary cap and can’t really sign any true difference makers. Kyle Korver would be difficult to replace if he doesn’t want to return at the minimum, but the Cavs can always try to sign another capable veteran wing and trade some of that shooting for defense. Everyone else is easily replaceable, and a March buyout market that could include Dwyane Wade should ensure that they won’t hurt for options ahead of the 2018 playoffs.

Of course, a lack of free agent activity does not mean that the Cavs will stand pat. Several reports have them in play for Paul George via trade, and LeBron James’s apparent displeasure with Dan Gilbert’s decision not to retain David Griffin means that the next general manager will probably look to make a splash. If Kevin Love ends up on his way out of town in a deal, then Cleveland will look to add another power forward so neither LeBron nor George has to log too many minutes against physical opponents. However, that player might not be of true starter quality.

These recent NBA Finals also seemed to confirm that the Cavs will need a few more versatile wings to compete with the Warriors over a seven-game series. George would certainly fit that description, but the likelihood of adding other difference-makers at the Cavs’ price point is fairly low. On the other hand, they’ll be heavily favored to win the conference due to the mere presence of LeBron. There are worse trade-offs.

Milwaukee Bucks

2016-17 record:

Unrestricted free agents: Michael Beasley, Jason Terry

Restricted free agents: Tony Snell

The Bucks are the rare team with no overwhelming needs and no major players who could leave in free agency. The progressions of young star Giannis Antetokounmpo and impressive supporting pieces Jabari Parker, Malcolm Brogdon, and Thon Maker suggests that the Bucks can keep their hands off the core and see a meaningful improvement in 2017-18 simply by everyone getting another year of experience. The Bucks look on the way up, and it’s not worth risking too much to speed up the process.

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Nevertheless, there are ways to form a better team focused on Milwaukee’s strengths of length and athleticism. Center Greg Monroe is entering the last year of his contract and could be a useful addition for a team looking to open up cap space. If Milwaukee can find a taker, they can add either backcourt depth or an active big man and look to fill the other need via their full mid-level exception. Additionally, it would not be a shock to see the Bucks sign Parker on a cost-effective extension after a second ACL tear in three seasons.

The best advice, though, is not to overthink matters. The Bucks boast a thriving core full of potential and could emerge as a real threat to the top teams in the conference next season. If they don’t panic, the Bucks could have an opportunity to attract real high-level talent next summer.

The Pacers can't set a new course until Paul George is dealt. (AP)
The Pacers can’t set a new course until Paul George is dealt. (AP)

Indiana Pacers

2016-17 record: 42-40

Unrestricted free agents: Jeff Teague, Lavoy Allen, Aaron Brooks, C.J. Miles

Restricted free agents: None

The course of the Pacers’ offseason will be set by what they get in return for Paul George. If the trade haul includes an established star like Kevin Love, then Kevin Pritchard can try to bring back veterans like Teague and add another capable player in the hope of mounting a title challenge. If George goes to the Lakers or Celtics and brings back youngsters and draft picks, then it makes sense to rebuild the team around center Myles Turner and forget about the postseason for a few years.

Until George is traded, it’s hard to say exactly what the Pacers need. However, it’s possible that it doesn’t really matter that much when the deal goes down. The Pacers are probably going to be worse next year no matter what, and it’s genuinely difficult to remake a team on the fly when the market for a player seems fluid from month to month. Maybe holding out for the best possible deal is the most important thing here.

All we know for sure is that the Pacers are going to need good players everywhere except center. Get as many as possible and let the trade gods sort it out later.

Chicago Bulls

2016-17 record: 41-41

Unrestricted free agents: Michael Carter-Williams, Anthony Morrow, Rajon Rondo (team option)

Restricted free agents: Cristiano Felicio, Joffrey Lauvergne, Nikola Mirotic

Oh boy, do not expect any big-time free agents to join this team despite its considerable cap room. With Jimmy Butler in Minnesota, youngsters in the backcourt in his stead, and Dwyane Wade virtually assured to be on his way out via midseason buyout, the Bulls are locked into a rebuild even if the shape of the Butler trade suggests they’re trying to create a playoff contender on the fly. This team is not good, and Butler’s unhappy departure ensures that the rest of the league knows the front office is bad news. Short of overwhelming overpayments, there’s no reason to think the Bulls will be major players on the free agent market. But lord knows they need help pretty much everywhere.

It would not be surprising to see Gar Forman and John Paxson essentially give up this offseason and go into the 2017-18 season with one of the saddest rosters imaginable. Maybe they’ll pick up Rajon Rondo’s option so he can help Kris Dunn adjust to his new team and continue to mold the team’s 47 point guards into fine young men. Perhaps they’ll offer Zach LaVine a below-market extension as he works his way back from an ACL tear. It’s anyone’s guess.

There’s a reason everyone hated the Butler trade. This team has no clear course for the future, and that lack of direction should be apparent over the next few weeks.

Detroit Pistons

2016-17 record: 37-45

Unrestricted free agents: Aron Baynes, Beno Udrih

Restricted free agents: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Reggie Bullock

The Pistons face a meaningful offseason after a year in which the promising core of Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond disappointed considerably. Both players now appear to be available in trades, and it’s possible Jeff Bower and Stan Van Gundy would be happy to accept a rebuilding process in exchange for another campaign stuck in 10th or 11th place. Whatever happens with that duo will determine the success of this offseason.

The good news is that the Pistons are not going to lure top-level free agents and don’t have to wait around for trade offers to roll in. The drafting of Luke Kennard gives some cover on the wings, but it’s likely they’ll hand Caldwell-Pope a lucrative contract to re-sign for four years. That’s not a great deal for a team with an already limited cap situation. But it’s also what you do when you’re a mediocre side without many prospects. It’s called accepting your fate, and teams in the middle of the East are great at it.

Otherwise, the Pistons could use meaningful depth everywhere. They will almost assuredly sign a few players you forget about until they play against your favorite team in late December.

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          Knicks welcome top draft pick to Summer League by misspelling name on jersey   
That is not how you spell Frank Ntilikina's name, Knicks. (Photo via
That is not how you spell Frank Ntilikina’s name, Knicks. (Photo via

In one of his last acts as the New York Knicks’ president of basketball operations, Phil Jackson used the No. 8 overall pick in last Thursday’s 2017 NBA draft to select Frank Ntilikina. It did not escape the notice of many NBA observers that the Knicks let Phil take a 6-foot-5 French prospect tabbed as the most Triangle-appropriate point guard in the draft class — tall, long arms, a sweet shooting stroke, a combination of physical tools that could make him an excellent perimeter defender — over perhaps more immediately ready and offensively explosive performers like N.C. State’s Dennis Smith Jr. and Kentucky’s Malik Monk, and then, less than one week later, was out of a job, taking his preferred geometry with him.

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It’s not exactly fair to the young man I must insist we call Frankie Smokes that the Phil affair means he’ll have to prove he’s more than just a pick taken to fit a discarded system on top of being compared to Smith Jr. and Monk, but that’s his lot in life for now, I’m afraid. But hey: that doesn’t mean it’s all bad, right? There’s not really any such thing as a Knicks curse or anything, after all. That’s all just hears

Knicks top draft pick Frank Ntilikina missed Thursday’s Summer League practice because of a bruised knee.

The Frenchman, who was drafted eighth overall by the Knicks, said he suffered the injury in his final French League game the day after he was drafted. Ntilikina is unclear if he’ll be to play in the Summer League opener Saturday against the Mavericks, but he insisted the injury was minor.

“Bumped knee. Sore knee. Nothing crazy but we played a lot of games in France — more than college games — I was just pretty tired and this happened,” he said.

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OK, sure, beginning your Knicks career with a knee injury isn’t the best thing in the world. But hey, it’s not like one little thing portends someone’s Knicks career will go poorly. Surely, the franchise’s vaunted attention to detail will turn things ar—

For the record: the young man’s name is “Ntilikina.” Not “Ntilinka.” To be fair, though, I also get exhausted enough thinking about Orlando Summer League that I kind of stop caring about whatever I’m doing halfway through.

While a sore knee and a jersey foul isn’t the warmest welcome to life in the NBA, neither Ntilikina nor head coach Jeff Hornacek sound overly concerned about the newly minted first-round draft pick’s health, well-being or ability to get acclimated to a system that’s likely to feature a more pick-and-roll-heavy approach than it would’ve under Jackson’s watchful eye.

“He’s a very smart kid,” Hornacek told reporters on Thursday. “We’ve thrown a lot of things at these guys. Yesterday during the second practice I said, ‘Frank, I’m going to give you a written test now. I have some courts and you have to draw out all these plays.’ He goes, ‘I’m ready.’ That’s kind of the word on him, is that he picks things up really fast. If he is able to play any of these summer league games without practicing, goes out there and runs it, you know he’s a pretty smart player.”

Maybe he should be the one in charge of spelling the names on the backs of the jerseys, then. From the looks of things, it couldn’t hurt.

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          Panel: Kimono Wednesdays: A Conversation @ MFA   
Sign held by counterprotester in support of Kimono Wednesdays
July 15, 2015

Please see my original post for background: Monet's La Japonaise Kimono Wednesdays at the MFA.

Update 2/1316: Video of the panel is now available on the MFA's YouTube channel. I am working on my response and hope to have it posted in another week or so.

Update 2/4/16: I just received word from the MFA that although the Remis Auditorium is sold out, they will have an overflow room. This information will be posted to the event page shortly.
A limited number of first-come-first-serve free tickets for a live-feed in the Museum’s Riley Seminar Room will be available starting at 12:30pm on Sunday in-person at the MFA. For MFA members, proceed to the Remis Box Office to pick up a live-feed ticket. For non-members, visit any ticket desk for a free admission ticket and then proceed to the Remis Box Office to pick up a live-feed ticket. 
Update 2/3/16: Tickets now seem to be available again. ... and they're sold out again.
Update 1/30/16: The panel is now "Sold Out."

Yesterday the MFA announced that they will be hosting "Kimono Wednesdays: A Conversation", a panel discussion on the Kimono Wednesdays protests of last summer and the issues raised by the protests (Facebook event page here, but make sure you register for tickets on their website). The panel will be recorded and posted to their YouTube channel a few days after the event.

Last year The Boston Globe reported that it would be a symposium "developed with input from MFA audiences, on art history and traditions of representation." I had been told that it would present the topic of representation broadly and would not be focused only on Asian art and that the MFA was planning the event on their own. They apparently decided to go in a different direction. Here is a statement I received from the MFA:
"The MFA recognized that in order to foster an inclusive and open dialogue around the issues raised by “Kimono Wednesdays,” all perspectives needed to be welcome, including those critical of the MFA such as Decolonize Our Museums (DOM). DOM and the MFA held in-person meetings, phone calls, and e-mail exchanges throughout the fall and early winter, with DOM advising the MFA on speaker choice and the event’s structure. Additionally, input was sought from other internal and external individuals and communities." – Jasmine Hagans, Curator of Lectures, Courses, and Concerts, Museum of Fine Arts
Those who have been following the story since the beginning will recognize the names of three of the panelists: Dr. Elena Tajima Creef and Xtina (Christina) Huilan Wang were on the AARW/NAPAWF panel last September (the promised audio recording and transcript are not available but I wrote about it here Update 1/28/16: audio recording is now available without transcript) and Ryan Wong was on the Hyperallergic panel in Brooklyn last October (archived here).

Kimono Wednesdays: A Conversation

Date & Time
Sunday, February 7, 2016
1:30 - 3:30pm

Museum of Fine Arts, Harry and Mildred Remis Auditorium (Auditorium 161)
465 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115

Admission is free but tickets must be reserved. The auditorium seats 380. Note that if you order online you will be required to set up a login on the MFA's website. If you don't want to do that you can also order by phone or in person.

Moderator: Elena Tajima Creef, professor of women’s and gender studies, Wellesley College
Jasmine Hagans, curator of lectures, courses, and concerts
Matthew Teitelbaum, Ann and Graham Gund Director
Reiko Tomii, independent scholar; co-director, PoNJA-GenKon
Xtina Huilan Wang, Decolonize Our Museums
Ryan Wong, writer and visiting scholar at New York University’s A/P/A Institute

Last summer, the MFA offered programming focused around Claude Monet’s “La Japonaise,” with the goal of exploring the painting with visitors, as it documents both Monet’s interest in Japanese art and his reaction to the fad of “Japonisme” in Paris. Reproduction kimonos made in Japan for a Japanese audience were available for visitors in Boston to try on, an experience intended to engage them both with the garment and Monet’s rendering of it. The framing of the event through a Western lens sparked protest, counter-protest and much conversation and debate about issues including Orientalism, racialized iconography, institutional racism, representation of minority groups, and cultural appropriation.

How can institutions such as the MFA be more accountable to their publics? Who speaks for whom? Following an hour-long panel discussion, moderated by Elena Creef and featuring Xtina Huilan Wang, Reiko Tomii, and Ryan Wong, we invite you to join us in an informal dialogue: we want to hear your opinions and thoughts. We invite you to critically shape this conversation with all comments, ideas, and questions welcome.

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          NBA Free Agency Shopping Lists: Southeast Division   
Is Paul Millsap pointing to the exit. (AP)
Is Paul Millsap pointing to the exit. (AP)

Free agency is a complicated time full of misdirection, brief opportunities and a whole lot of persuasion. We’ve put together these shopping lists to ensure every team stays on track.

Atlanta Hawks

2016-17 record: 43-39, eliminated in the first round

Unrestricted free agents: Paul Millsap, Ersan Ilyasova, Thabo Sefolosha, Kris Humphries, Jose Calderon

Restricted free agents: Tim Hardaway Jr., Mike Muscala

Millsap is testing the free-agent market, and with every other member of the 2015 starting five that won 60 games together now gone, the 32-year-old may pursue greener NBA pastures, too. Atlanta might as well have posted an “under construction” sign outside Philips Arena after trading Dwight Howard for some Charlotte Hornets debris last week, so the Hawks aren’t really hard-selling Millsap.

(Ironically, the Hawks quite literally revealed plans for a Philips Arena renovation on Wednesday.)

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If Millsap walks, there’s not much sense in Atlanta making any serious commitments to veterans Ilyasova, Sefolosha, Humphries and Calderon. In which case, the Hawks will have money to spend in free agency, but the problem is finding big-name talents who will commit to a team that has almost half its salary cap tied up in Kent Bazemore, Dennis Schroder and Miles Plumlee stock through 2020.

After a banner year, Hardaway will receive significant offers in restricted free agency, and Muscala will have suitors to a lesser degree, so the Hawks must decide whether either is worth adding long-term to an already overpaid young core. Sans Millsap, this group is headed for the lottery, and new GM Travis Schlenk would be best suited filling out the roster with short-term deals and a flier or two on still-young free agents with high upside, maintaining cap flexibility and collecting pingpong balls.

Charlotte Hornets

2016-17 record: 36-46

Unrestricted free agents: Ramon Sessions, Brian Roberts

Restricted free agents: Christian Wood

With Howard’s $23.5 million salary added to a swarm of Hornets making between $12-24 million for the next two seasons — Nic Batum, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Marvin Williams, Cody Zeller and Kemba Walker (who, believe it or not, is the lowest-paid member of that sextet) — Charlotte also enters free agency over the salary cap. So, owner Michael Jordan and GM Rich Cho will do their best to recruit reclamation projects with non-taxpayer mid-level and bi-annual exceptions and minimum contracts.

The addition of Howard means Charlotte will more than likely continue its tradition of making the playoffs (and being eliminated in the first round) every other year since 2013. Jeremy Lamb is under contract for this year and next, and recent first-round picks Frank Kaminsky and Malik Monk are under the Hornets’ control moving forward. Their core is set, for better or worse, so they can take free agents Sessions, Roberts and Wood or leave them. None of that trio contributed much to last year’s roster.

Depth at any position isn’t as much of an issue as top-end talent, but the Hornets could use help behind Walker and on the wings. Charlotte has had mixed success with journeymen Al Jefferson, Lance Stephenson, Jeremy Lin and Roy Hibbert in free agency over the years, and Jordan has a certain allure for veteran players looking to resurrect their value. How many they hit on this season will determine how frisky they are as a road playoff seed, but best not to commit long-term to anyone else.

Dion Waiters raised his profile this past season. (AP)
Dion Waiters raised his profile this past season. (AP)

Miami Heat

2016-17 record: 41-41

Unrestricted free agents: Udonis Haslem, Luke Babbit, James Johnson, Dion Waiters, Willie Reed

Restricted free agents: None

With Chris Bosh off the books, Pat Riley has max cap space in Miami, and that’s generally a dangerous proposition for the NBA. The Heat will primarily compete with the Celtics in trying to lure Gordon Hayward and Blake Griffin from the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers, respectively, selling South Beach and a chance to vie in the East to every big-name player looking for a change this summer.

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra, who finished second in Coach of the Year voting, and a roster that finished the second half of last season with a 30-11 record are some strong selling points. That roster also got significant contributions out of Johnson and Waiters, who will be in high demand after career years.

Because the Heat do not own full Bird Rights on Johnson or Waiters, the decision on them comes down to signing both to eight-figure salaries or letting them walk and chasing a star. Riley will chase the star every time. Committing the available cap space to a pair of non-stars for several seasons wouldn’t be prudent in Miami, where the Heat can always get a meeting with anyone who matters.

The Heat will hope to add Hayward or Griffin to a core that already includes Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic and a handful of under-25 talents led by Justise Winslow. Regardless of whether they land a big-name free agent this summer, Riley will seek to sign the next Waiters and Johnson willing to come to Miami for below market value and let Spoelstra do the rest until it’s time to chase the next star.

Orlando Magic

2016-17 record: 29-53

Unrestricted free agents: Jodie Meeks, Jeff Green

Restricted free agents: Damjan Rudez

Back in early April, when the Magic signed Argentine wing Patricio Garino, Orlando’s offseason plans were broadcast to the world in a picture on Twitter. A week later, the Magic fired general manager Rob Hennigan, so we may never know whether he would have pulled off that Aaron Gordon for Dario Saric trade, sought Luol Deng’s contract(!) or landed any of the many hybrid and spread bigs on his list.

New GM John Hammond has experience building veteran-laden middle-of-the-road teams coached by Scott Skiles, which was also Hennigan’s Magic plan over the past several years, but Hammond is also an architect of one of the NBA’s grandest experiments — a freakishly long, athletic young squadron that appears on the verge of real contention in Milwaukee — so there may be hope for Orlando yet.

There’s work to be done, and the only thing they should absolutely not do is exactly what they did last year: Trade their young talent and draft picks for Serge Ibaka’s expiring contract and two years of Jodie Meeks, then sign vets Bismack Biyombo, Jeff Green and D.J. Augustin for a combined $40 million per season. That is nowhere close to a long-term plan for success. I’m not even sure what that is.

Instead, the new Magic brass has to evaluate what they can salvage from the wreckage. That means showcasing Evan Fournier, Terrence Ross, Nikola Vucevic and Biyomobo — all of whom are signed for the next two years — in hopes of unloading their contracts for pieces that might still be around when (if?) Orlando is good. It also means heavy minutes for recent first-round picks Aaron Gordon, Mario Hezonja and Elfrid Payton, to determine whether they’re worth keeping around or trade bait as well.

The only untouchable is this year’s No. 6 overall pick Jonathan Isaac, who should also see significant playing time. So, preserve what little cap space you have, try to create more for the future, stockpile picks, ensure your own is a high lottery one in 2018 and for the love of all things basketball do not spend your money on high-priced low-ceiling free agents who might win you a couple extra games.

Otto Porter Jr. will have a lot of zeroes on his next contract. (AP)
Otto Porter Jr. will have a lot of zeroes on his next contract. (AP)

Washington Wizards

2016-17 record: 49-33, eliminated in the Eastern Conference semifinals

Unrestricted free agents: Brandon Jennings

Restricted free agents: Otto Porter Jr., Bojan Bogdanovic, Trey Burke

The Wizards are cash-strapped with borderline All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal signing a max contract last summer, definite All-Star point guard John Wall now eligible for a super-max extension and the bruising frontcourt tandem of Marcin Gortat and Markieff Morris due another $20 million combined next season. Last year’s $64 million deal for Ian Mahinmi didn’t help the bottom line, either.

That leaves general manager Ernie Grunfeld with few options in free agency beyond the taxpayer mid-level and bi-annual exceptions. And while Wall may be pushing to trade for Paul George, Washington’s dearth of talent beyond its starting five leaves precious few assets for the Wizards to offer in return.

All of which makes the decision on Porter’s impending free agency a difficult one. The former No. 3 pick enjoyed a career year in his fourth NBA season, and now at worse looks to be a talented 3-and-D swingman with a long career ahead of him. He will have suitors driving up his salary on the open market, and the Wizards have little choice but to match the highest offer, because they do not have the money to find a commensurate replacement in free agency, and to lose him would be a step back.

At the same rate, signing Porter to a market-value salary locks this group in for at least two more seasons, meaning Grunfeld will once again be scrambling to fill out a bench that even Wall conceded was the team’s “downfall” in a seven-game Eastern Conference semifinals loss to the Boston Celtics.

Second-year wing Kelly Oubre Jr. showed promise, the Wizards added capable backup point guard Tim Frazier for a second-round pick on draft day, and they will hope to retain Bogdanovic, who they dealt their first-round pick for at the trade deadline. That still leaves an awful lot of work to do with little money to spend, which unfortunately means relying on Grunfeld to find cheap depth at all positions. Regardless, I’d just as soon let Brandon Jennings walk, because he was abysmal in Washington.

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          Pics that make my dick HARD and my asshole twitch   

          The 5 Biggest Hacks of 2016 (Including Yahoo, LinkedIn, iPhone & Tumblr)   
Within the last year, it has become the norm for hackers to break into websites, steal precious data and then bargain that data for ransom. Of course, there is a certain community of genuine hackers who will often help law enforcement agencies decode some of the clandestine communications by terrorists or other criminal groups. This “WikiLeaks” style of hacking is often received with varying perspectives, depending on which side you identify with. The rest of the hacking activities worldwide could ... Continue Reading...
          Behind the scenes with Stoya and Dirtee Hollywood   

Behind the scenes with Stoya during the photo shoot for Molly Crabapple's Dirtee Hollywood t-shirt line. Music is "Lick My Love Pump" by Kim Boekbinder. Stills shot by Aeric Meredith-Goujon. Video shot and edited by Keith Jenson.

Molly Crabapple:
Kim Boekbinder:
Aeric Meredith-Goujon:
Keith Jenson:

Cast: Brainwomb, Kim Boekbinder, molly crabapple and aericmg

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          With Builder   
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          Interessant, dass die real verfügbaren Einkommen der Haushalte...   

Interessant, dass die real verfügbaren Einkommen der Haushalte in Großbritannien im dritten Quartal nacheinander gesunken sind. Gab es seit 1976/77 nicht mehr (ergo seit 40 Jahren). Obwohl der private Konsum der wichtigste Faktor für die Wirtschaft ist, scheint das BIP-Wachstum in UK noch stabil zu sein. (Der reale Einkommensrückgang liegt natürlich auch am schwachen Pfund und der steigenden Inflation in Großbritannien. Die Inflation liegt mit knapp 3% inzwischen fast doppelt so hoch wie in der Eurozone)

Lange kann sich die Rückgang nicht fortsetzen, ohne dass das deutlich auf das BIP-Wachstum drückt. Im Moment ist noch ein Puffer eingebaut: Die britischen Haushalte haben ihre Sparrate auf 1,7% reduziert, der niedrigste Wert seit Erstellung dieser Statistik. Die Haushalte in UK geben also nahezu jedes Pfund aus, das sie eingenommen haben. Das geht aber nicht ewig so weiter, irgendwann muss die Sparquote wieder rauf und/oder die Einkommen. Ansonsten wird der schwächelnde Konsum auf das Wirtschaftswachstum drücken … Überdramatisieren sollte man die Zahl aber auch nicht. 2010/2011 gab es mal fünf Quartale nacheinander, in denen die realen Haushaltseinkommen vier mal gesunken und nur einmal leicht gestiegen sind. Das BIP wuchs trotzdem.

Trotz alledem: Dass die Haushalte ihre (realen) Einnahmen nicht steigern können und gleichzeitig die Sparquote auf einem historischen Tief liegt, macht nicht viel Hoffnung auf steigende Konsumausgaben. Und ohne diese dürfte das BIP-Wachstum vergleichsweise bescheiden bleiben.

(via Longest squeeze on household incomes since 1970s says Office for National Statistics | The Independent)

Sparrate von den ONS: UK Economic Accounts time series dataset (UKEA)

          ALLA by Bussardel   

ALLA by Bussardel

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Bussardel: Photos

          visiting an old friend (at New Rochelle, New York)   

visiting an old friend (at New Rochelle, New York)

          Comentario en Granola maravillosa por abuntee   
Maintenant tout m'est devenu clair, je remercie de l'aide dans cette question.
          Kommentar zu Wie man mit Abmahnungen Geld verdienen kann… von Aheisapak   
milk coming out of breast not pregnant <a href="" rel="nofollow">domperidone without prescription</a> sompraz 40 side effects
          The original iPhone   

I paid someone $100 to stand in line for me, and then I published a book.

The two iPhones I purchased on June 29, 2007

Ten years ago today on June 29, 2007, the original iPhone went on sale at 6pm. I was there.

I was in line at the Apple Store in Salt Lake City, Utah. Earlier in the week I posted an ad on craigslist asking if anyone would be willing to wait in line for me. I found someone, paid him $100 to start around 8am, showed up around 4pm to take my place in line, and walked out with two iPhones in hand — one for myself and another as a giveaway for a book I was writing about mobile web design.

I was desperate to get my hands on one. I suspected all stores across the U.S. would sell out on day one and iPhone would become only more difficult to secure. Desperation led to capitalism. Why not pay someone to stand in line for me?

It worked. I showed up a couple hours before the doors opened. Thankfully the person I paid held his end of the arrangement. I took my place in line, and a couple hours later I was ushered into the store as Apple Store employees stood clapping and shouting words of encouragement.

Before I made it out of the store I was interviewed by Utah’s local Fox News affiliate. I remember barely discerning the reporter’s questions. The atmosphere inside the store was so electric and chaotic I could hardly hear anything she was saying.

Later that evening I published a blog post with my initial impressions:

Very impressed. The keyboard is a bit of a struggle at first, the browser works quite well, and the maps app is fantastic.

I was desperate to get my hands on an iPhone not because of the hype but because I had been writing a book on mobile web design for nearly a year prior. By June 2007 the book was ready to be published, but I couldn’t justify its publication without mentioning iPhone. So I loaded up a few websites in Mobile Safari, snapped a few pics, and the rest is history. The book was self-published in August 2007 and sold about 7,000 copies in its first few months.

Website for Mobile Web Design, self-published in 2007

As for the second iPhone I purchased? It was a giveaway for the book. Sam Brown was the lucky winner.

Numerous models later, it’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 years. Happy birthday, iPhone.

          Opera 47 béta (47.0.2631.7)   

A béta csatornára került fejlesztések

  • Könyvjelzők exportálása Netscape HTML formátumba
  • Bezárt fülek számának növelése 10-ről 32-re a fül menüben
  • Sötét faviconok invertálása éjszakai módban
  • A valuta átváltó gombra kattintva az átváltott értéket lehet másolni a kereső buborékban
  • Rengeteg apró javítás a Reborn felületen, amik kontrasztosabbá teszik az felület elemeit és az ikonokat

A fejlesztői csatornán maradtak

  • Mértékegység átváltó

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          ​Feral Finn Diesel IPA   

Photo by: @pour_me_one_too

Beer description: Inhale the intoxicating exhaust of pine, perfume and citrus as this rust bucket of a beer shudders and backfires sweet, heady fumes deep into the atmosphere. Late kettle hopping fuels bitterness as the strong malt body jump starts the palate to leave your senses under-steered and overheated. This is a death trap of another time, passed over the pits, free to once again cruise the mean suburban streets.

A front and centre stage for the new-to-market hop product Lupulin Powder, Finn Diesel uses both Simcoe and Citra extracts throughout multiple stages of the brewing process to showcase the vast potential of the newly released substance in a large-scale brew.

Introduced to market last year, Lupulin Powder is a purified concentration of the resin compounds and aromatic oils extracted from whole hop flowers and is found to provide intense flavours and aromatics without the astringency and vegetative qualities of the remaining cone material.

Available in store & online:

Note: 2 x 4 Pack Limit due to high demand

          ​Beer Farm India Pale Lager   

Beer description: The beer the brewers make for their own selfish pleasure. Brilliantly pale and sparkling with only the faintest of maltiness. A crisp bitterness, fermented cold and lagered for weeks this is a classic beer style at its finest. Celebrating the vibrant stone fruit and flavours and aromas of American hop varieties.

Trophy winner - Australian International Beer Awards 2017

Available in store & online:

          MY BLOG HAS MOVED   
          Car, shed … elevator? The Los Angeles art spaces proving smaller is better   

A range of alternative galleries have sprung up in the city, creating micro-museums that offer unique experiences not found in ‘white-walled galleries’

I receive the text telling me my car was downstairs. Outside waiting for me there’s a metallic gray Ford Crown Victoria, the workhorse American automobile often used as cops cars or taxis. But this is no ride-sharing vehicle like a Lyft or an Uber – it’s a mobile art space, Gallery1993. Scattered throughout the car are objects created by artist Tita Cicognani for her current exhibition, Your Ground. In the footwell opposite me, a ceramic figure of a fork-tongued demon sat atop a custom floor mat adorned with flames, a whimsical, vehicular vision of hell.

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Oh Olivia, is it not enough that you have the most gorgeous sense of style? You have to have hair to die for too?

          На одних мемах не заработаешь: почему Tumblr стоит беспокоиться за свое будущее   
Блог-платформа популярна, но не приносит денег
          vieW World —Russia-Lada:Ecco come si trasportano i tronchi di legno   
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Dettagli e commenti su ZicZac: "vieW World —Russia-Lada:Ecco come si trasportano i tronchi di legno"
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ouran high school host club episode 3 myspace
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asian crossdresser movie
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          leah-cultice:Sofia Boutella by Zoey Grossman for Malibu Magazine...   


Sofia Boutella by Zoey Grossman for Malibu Magazine May/June 2017

          bienenkiste:Diesel Living S/S 2017 Campaign photographed by...   


Diesel Living S/S 2017 Campaign photographed by Sascha Oda

          nevver:She’s a pincushion, Ulla Jokisalo   


She’s a pincushion, Ulla Jokisalo


(pictures via Tumblr)

If you don't want to make the big choice of getting a tattoo permanent yet, try a temporary tattoo like from Skin Feelings (via The Bohemian Girl)


Purple is one of my favorite colors, especially in the winter. From the warm and mysterious violet to the softness and lightness of lilac.

Click here for more purple inspiration and items

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          INTO THE WHITE   


Pictures from Spirit TribeTumblr, Spell and Pinterest

          New Books are Coming, czyli jakich książek Nada wypatruje w pierwszym kwartale 2015 roku.   

Nieopierzony jeszcze całkowicie rok 2015 to tak naprawdę jedna wielka tajemnica, gigantyczny znak zapytania- nikt z nas przecież nie wie co też ze sobą przyniesie. Jakie zmiany, zdarzenia, znajomości. Nikt prócz książkoholików- ci akurat na pewno orientują się już choć odrobinę, co też w trawie, a raczej wydawnictwach piszczeć będzie w Nowym Roku. Nie inaczej jest ze mną- ja także skrzętnie wynotowałam w swoim kalendarzyku kilka dat książkowych premier, na które czekam ze szczególną niecierpliwością i ciekawością. Oraz obawą o swój portfel i regał. Zdaje się, że oboje będą cierpieć- jedno świecąc pustkami, a drugie uginając się pod jeszcze większym ciężarem różnorakich powieści. ;) Dzisiaj postanowiłam przedstawić Wam właśnie tych kilka wyczekiwanych przeze mnie pozycji, które ku mojej uciesze pojawią się w ciągu najbliższych trzech miesięcy.

Wróć jeśli pamiętasz od Gayle Forman, czyli kontynuacja przepięknego "Jeśli zostanę" będzie prawdopodobnie moim pierwszym zakupem w tym roku. Albo drugim, bo nie wiem, czy najpierw nie zaopatrzę się we własny egzemplarz Kronik Bane'a- zbiór opowiadań o ekscentrycznym Magnusie Bane mający odsłaniać co nieco z przeszłości tegoż intrygującego czarownika ukaże się już 14 stycznia i zamierzam nim umilić sobie oczekiwanie na "Lady Midnight", która jak się dowiedziałam, ku mojej wielkiej rozpaczy nie ukaże się w tym roku, ale dopiero w marcu 2016. Misja 100 to zdecydowanie mój absolutny must have- "100" na jej podstawie jest moim odkryciem roku 2014 i liczę, że książka będzie równie dobra. Chociaż nie wiem, czy jest to możliwe, gdyż serial jest absolutnie per-fek-cyj-ny. No i Bellamy... <3 Mam także jakieś dobre przeczucia co do Czerwonej królowej, która zawitać ma do Polski w lutym- zapowiada się na ciekawą dystopię, a jak już Wam być może wiadomo jest to jeden z moich ulubionych gatunków, więc absolutnie nie mogę odpuścić sobie lektury debiutanckiej powieści Aveyard. Bardzo cieszę się też, iż w marcu do rąk polskich czytelników trafi Eleonora & Park- za granicą książki Rainbow Rowell znalazły wielu wielbicieli, liczę więc, że historie snute przez tę autorkę skradną i moje serce. Najbardziej jednak cieszę się z zapowiedzi Złodziei snów, czyli kontynuacji niesamowitego "Króla kruków" Maggie Stiefvater. Był on dla mnie niezwykłą ucztą wyobraźni- lekturą bardzo specyficzną, a przez to i wyjątkową. Mam nadzieję, że podobnie, a nawet lepiej odbiorę tom drugi tej serii.

Oczywiście na tych sześciu pozycjach moje książkowe marzenia się nie kończą. Cicho liczę, że w 2015 roku doczekamy się jeszcze kilku wspaniałych powieści. Do części z książek ukazanych poniżej prawa została już wykupione tylko data wydania nie jest jeszcze znana. Nie do wszystkich jednak, ale marzyć przecież wolno. Ja mam nadzieję, że pewnego dnia będę miała u siebie wszystkie te cudeńka. 

Tak właśnie prezentują się moje zakupowe plany na najbliższe trzy miesiące oraz książkowe nadzieje na 2015 rok. A Wy na jakie powieści czekacie najbardziej? Jaką książkę ujrzelibyście najchętniej w polskiej wersji?


          Ride the bacon warpig   
Representing the newest member of the ever-popular Takedown family is Matt Langland's weirdly bestial Bacon Takedown poster. (Recall Langland's come-hither Chili Takedown tripe and viscera bowl).  Beckoning one and all to gorge with New York's greatest pork belly innovators, this calorie-laden hogfest will be the lardo on the cake. I mean, the icing on the pig.

Vegetarians you'll have to sit this one out (unless you're one of those faux-except-for-bacon-tarians) because as the poster clearly shows, bacon is going to dominate. Capped at 30 contestants, this Takedown will be held at Radegast Hall in Williamsburg on March 29th and $10 will buy you all the belly you can stomach. The Takedown series is the brainchild of self-complimentary actor and filmmaker Matt Timms who has held cookie death matches, head-to-head fondue fights and spirited salsa-offs. Let the grease fly. 

With clogged arteries, we're all going to look back at this bacon frenzy and consider it the foam trend of the 2000s. Except we'll all still be frying it. 

          Así luce Beyoncé sin maquillaje ni Photoshop   

Beyoncé sorprendió nuevamente a sus seguidores con la publicación de una imagen en su cuenta de Tumblr en la que aparece sin maquillaje y con un sexy bikini.

La fotografía que compartió a través de la red social pertenece a la celebración de su cumpleaños 31 en una embarcación.

Distintos portales noticiosos señalan que la imagen fue tomada en septiembre pasado, mes del cumpleaños de la voz de 'Single Ladies'....

          Get Naked: Is Rustic Walls A Hit Or A Miss?   

Would you dare to be bold with your interior design with unpainted and untreated walls? While this may seem like unfinished business, we love the look and feel this can bring to the humble abode.




Unfinished wood is not just for tree houses anymore. Be daring and enchant your guests - utilise this unrefined material to introduce a rustic charm to your living space and go back to your roots with this organic décor that is a sweeping trend for interiors.


The abundance of wood results in an incredibly calm, open space - whether it being a one bedroom apartment or a 4 storey home. This rigid look will certainly present a aura of sophistication to your home.





The raw, unfinished look of concrete is inimitable and there is something so welcoming about this style of décor.

A lavish farm house or a home in the city, you can be sure to find inspiration for rustic furnishings to accentuate features in a room with sheer elegance and uniqueness.







Large stone walls offer the perfect backdrop for letting details such as chairs or accessories to stand out that bit more - invite life into your home!




Interior designs with concrete walls are one of the most popular designs in recent years, despite its industrial and cold look.

There is something very appealing about a messy, unfinished surface. Rough it out with having a crumbling plastered wall to create a room with character and warmth which will in turn enhance the characteristics of different pieces of furniture in a room.








A stunning daybed or sofa accompanied with a radiant illuminating ceiling lamp above, against an unfinished wall, is bound to be an eccentric trio in the home. Be adventurous and do not be afraid to add some style and character to any room!








Of course we are not advocating that every room in the house should have this gritty, unfinished look. However, if you are of the experimental kind, give it a go and shoot the works to create a unique atmosphere which showcases imagination and individuality.



Take a look at these strikingly stand out pieces which are guaranteed to add a pop of colour to enhance your living space.














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          Določili besedilo zakona o financiranju občin   
Vlada je določila besedilo predloga sprememb zakona o financiranju občin za obravnavo po rednem postopku. Kot so objavili na omrežju tumblr, zakonski predlog vsebuje spremembe, s katerimi preprečujejo zviševanje osnove za izračun povprečnine zaradi...
          Commentaires sur La puissance de l’Authenticité par Euroknuh   
Est d'accord, c'est l'information remarquable
          Commentaires sur La puissance de l’Authenticité par Euroknuh   
Absolutely with you it agree. In it something is also to me it seems it is excellent idea. I agree with you.
          Tribal Make-Up Inspiration: Bright & Bold   

 ATS dancers can go CRAZY for colour and still look amazingly coordinated even wearing every hue on that blessed bow of precipitation. So why not carry that colour throughout the entire costume? Eye make-up, here we come!

 PS: Don't forget the tips for wearing vibrant shades in {this post on makeup}.

          Tribal and Gypsy Inspired Decor   
Be prepared to dream and drool.

Rich textiles, heavy fabrics, ornate decor, chandeliers and drapes and pillows and lanterns and knick knacks and jewelry and antiques and everything you need to be inspired to create your own little haven. :)





          smart50: Почему у женщин нет ни стыда, ни совести...   


1827016_0_17afb7_599ac799_orig (499x700, 64Kb)


1827016_0a027050756e2bb6cbbca5e941c5b453 (270x96, 23Kb)


Почему у женщин нет ни стыда, ни совести, ни мозгов

Всякому приличному мужчине, к сожалению, следует время от времени думать о женщинах. А то он покроется прыщами, и у него от напряжения лопнут глаза. Такой мужчина довольно скоро станет неприятным и со временем умрет, оставив в наследство потомкам пачку недоеденных витаминов, коллекцию марок и пластмассовую расческу.

Поэтому остальным мужчинам следует периодически, до нескольких раз в месяц, думать о женщинах. Это может принести им облегчение, хотя, честно сказать, недолгое. Дело в том, что думать о женщинах неприятно. Едва только взявшись за это занятие, всякий мужчина понимает: у женщин нет мозгов, стыда и совести. А кому такое понравится? Впору собирать марки и есть витамины.

Многие спрашивают в этой связи: как быть? Отвечаю: никак. Спасения нет. Летальный исход неизбежен. У женщин действительно нет ни мозгов, ни стыда, ни совести, поскольку они им не нужны. Наблюдения за женщинами показывают: в течение всей своей жизни они делают всего несколько вещей. А именно: маникюр и звонок по телефону с вопросом «Ты где?». Все остальное - истерики и критические дни. Для этого, конечно, ни стыда, ни совести не требуется. Не говоря уж о мозгах.


1827016_6199bd260e0a138b6258d59873a30e62 (441x700, 43Kb)

Едва родившись, любая женщина сразу закатывает истерику. Она кричит как полоумная, воет как белуга. Люди носят ее на руках, сюсюкают, пуськают, тетехают и тютитюкают. А она знай себе орет как ненормальная. Глаза навыкате, руки дрожат: а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а! А-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-! Ы-ы-ы-ы-ы-ы-ы-ы! Подите все от меня-а-а-а-а-а! Ы-ы-ы-ы-ы-ы!

Устав кричать, женщина начинает делать себе маникюр. Это единственное занятие, которое может отвлечь ее от истерики. Если женщина не кричит и не делает маникюр, значит, она выщипывает брови. В среднем, женщина тратит на маникюр семнадцать лет, восемь месяцев, три дня, сорок семь минут и двадцать секунд своей жизни. Остальное время она кричит и выщипывает себе брови.

Трудность, однако, в том, что жизнь сложнее и дольше. Поэтому женщине приходится худеть и толстеть. Нет ни одного существа на белом свете, которое могло бы худеть и толстеть. Цветы - пахнут, деревья - гнутся, птички - свистят, солнце - светит. Женщина же постоянно худеет и толстеет, и это доводит ее до исступления.

Она говорит:

- Господи, кажется, я потолстела. - И закатывает истерику.

Когда вы пытаетесь успокоить женщину и говорите, что она вовсе не потолстела, а даже как-то похудела, она говорит:

- Господи, как же я похудела! Смотреть не на что! - И закатывает истерику.

Если женщина не бьется в истерике, не делает себе маникюр, не выщипывает брови, не худеет и не толстеет, значит, она потеряла стыд и совесть. Это значит, она открыла шкаф, стоит перед зеркалом голая и говорит:



1827016_135881872_1827016_4682329_4800384_large (466x700, 149Kb)

- Так. Мне совершенно нечего надеть. В чем я теперь пойду?

Это не значит, что она куда-то собралась. Просто у нее нет ни стыда, ни совести. Впрочем, некоторые специалисты утверждают, что время от времени стыд и совесть у женщины все-таки появляются. Но это означает только то, что у нее начались критические дни. В критические дни женщина ведет себя иначе. Она не открывает шкаф, не стоит голая, не худеет, не толстеет, не делает себе маникюр и не выщипывает брови. В критические дни она просто кричит. Истошно, без стыда и совести, как белуга. Таких дней в месяце примерно семь. Однако их особенность в том, что есть еще дней десять отчаянья перед критическими днями и примерно столько же после. В течение этого непростого времени женщина не желает ничего знать. Относиться к этому следует с пониманием. Для того, чтоб что-нибудь знать, надо иметь мозги, стыд и совесть. А у женщин их нет.

Следует, впрочем, заметить, что в перерывах между критическими днями, маникюром, выщипыванием бровей, худением, толстением, стоянием перед зеркалом и истерикой у женщины остается немного свободного времени. Как правило, она использует его, чтобы позвонить по телефону. Когда женщина звонит по телефону, она обязательно дозванивается и спрашивает: «Ты где?» Вне зависимости от ответа женщина сразу начинает закатывать истерику и жаловаться, что ей нечего надеть, она исхудала, забыла, когда в последний раз делала маникюр, у нее скоро критические дни и она не желает ничего знать, поскольку у вас нет ни стыда, ни совести и думаете вы неизвестно чем. То есть известно, чем. Черт-те чем.


1827016_original3 (429x700, 226Kb)


Спрашивается: зачем так устроено природой? Зачем же она не дала женщинам мозг, стыд и совесть? Я вам отвечу вопросом: а откуда б она их взяла? Все женщины ведь происходят от женщин, у которых нет ни мозгов, ни стыда, ни совести, и от мужчин, у которых нет денег и головы на плечах, чтобы с ее помощью оценить маникюр, выщипанные брови, плоский живот, розовую кофту и ответить наконец на вопрос «Ты где?». Поэтому в сложившейся ситуации следует действовать только двумя традиционными способами: коллекционировать марки или периодически пуськать женщину, тетехать ее и тютитюкать. В конце концов, пусть себе орет как ненормальная. От крика тоже польза есть. Сидишь, как пенек, денег нету ни черта, башка глупая, глаза бесстыжие. Сидишь, в носу ковыряешь, слушаешь и думаешь: Господи, какое ж счастье! Я не одинок.

Сергей Мостовщиков

 (97x51, 3Kb)



1827016_im32age (700x455, 26Kb)


1827016_image3 (293x250, 15Kb)



1827016_59652882_1275168428_0eee7c9bd788 (611x614, 224Kb)



1827016_131348638_1827016_tumblr_n2jxi0Apmv1seuztlo7_500 (420x420, 773Kb)



1827016_1e8511ae128ac0f46dd9814d00c34debbc2034109554259 (644x409, 46Kb)




Как правильно подметил один поэт…
Без женщин жить нельзя на свете…Нет…
Без их любви и нежности-мужчины говорят, не мил им белый свет…
С чем можно женщину сравнить?...Я думаю, с весной…
Все поры года, бывают только в ней одной…
Как в женщине, загадочной, земной…

Ранней весной еще снежок немного балует…
Бывают даже легкие морозы…
Но не страшны уже зимы угрозы…
Вот солнышко пригреет, растает весь снежок…
Зазеленеет травка, и оживет лужок…
Проснется вся природа,  и потекут ручьи…
Скоро по небу полетят к нам с теплых стран…
Перелетных птиц ключи…

Покроется земля зелеными коврами…
И вновь вернется долгий день…
Со светлыми и теплыми вечерами…

Распустятся деревья, и зацветут цветы…
В убранстве белом будут, стоять весной сады…
А в мае, ну конечно же начнутся грозы…
И небо будет лить на землю….
Теплые, хрустальные, мокрые слезы…

После грозы, и радуга на небе будет…
Весна, всю красоту, какая есть в природе…
Во все века и времена,  дарит бесплатно людям…

В весне ведь столько много нежности, и ласки, и тепла…
Наверное,  она все женщине земной передала…
А вместе с этим и грозу, …
Ну и конечно же хрустальную слезу…

Ведь женщины….они легко ранимы…
Но все равно…не глядя ни на что…
Мужчинами  бывают до безумствия порой  любимы…

А если мы заглянем в историю….Хоть на чуть чуть…
Увидим от начала века мужской и женский…
Жизни интересный путь….

Создал сначала Бог, здесь на земле мужчину…
Потом только, увидев, что не может он один…
Создал,  помощницу ему….
Бог наделил мужчину силой…
А женщине…быть предназначено в его плену…

В плену семьи, в плену его любви, в плену детей…
В плену непредсказуемых, мужских идей…
Должны мы им всегда повиноваться…
Без боя в плен их мы должны сдаваться…

Но век сегодня не таков…
Избавились мы от мужских оков….
Эмансипация нас до такого довела….
Забыли, для чего мы созданы…
Такие вот дела…

Давайте спросим у мужчины….
Какой он видит женщину свою…?
Я думаю, ответит он…такую…
Чтоб с нею было как в раю…

Чтобы была она похожа на  Весну…. красива,  нежна и терпелива…
Чтоб,  ласковой была, и не сварлива..
Чтоб женственной была, и не курила, не пила…
Чтобы детей ему здоровых родила…

Плоды большой Любви, ведь это наши дети…
Стать мамой, мечтает каждая ведь  женщина, здесь на планете

Женской руки и сердца, мужчины раньше добивались..
На шпагах, на дуэлях, за милых дам сражались…
А нынче рыцарей, почти что нет…
Так изменился белый свет…
Что же случилось с ними?...
Где отыскать на заданный вопрос ответ?...

Нет,  всетки есть еще и женщины хорошие...
И настоящие встречаются еще мужчины…
Хоть для волненья есть уже причины…
Их очень в жизни нашей стало не хватать....
По долгу, настоящих  приходится искать…

Что пожелать хочу я женщинам….
Конечно же ищите, любите, берегите, своих мужчин..
Не обижайтесь и не ссорьтесь с ними…
Из за каких то,  незначительных причин…
И сыновей своих воспитывайте так…
Чтоб женщины их не отвергали  словно брак…

Дочерей достойными нужно воспитать…
Чтобы  женами хорошими они могли бы стать..
Чтоб все время разными были для своих мужчин...
То сильными, то слабыми, то нежными, то строгими…
Чтоб для единственной, он принебрег  бы многими…

Мужчинам пожелать хочу терпенья…
Капризы женские, чтоб иногда вы исполняли без волненья…
Чтоб нас лелеяли, любили, чтоб комплименты…
И цветы хоть иногда дарили…

Что мы для вас желанные…
Почаще говорили…
Ведь женщина живет, пока она любима…
Не забывайте, женская душа…
Нежна…но так ранима…

Пожелать хочу нам всем…
Чтоб поменьше создавали сами себе проблем…
Жили дружно, берегли, любили бы друг друга…
Остальное все придет…
Пусть жизнь идет по кругу…

Вниманием таким, чтобы не только в женский праздник..
Мужчины баловали бы нас…
Хотим, чтоб эта сказка продолжалась …
Конечно каждый день и каждый час.?????…

© Copyright: Лариса Ефремова, 2012
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          24 Veces en las que viajar en el METRO se convirtió en una experiencia muy EXTRAÑA (3era parte)   
La moda es un tema difícil. A muchos les gusta criticar la nueva tendencia de la moda, o vestirse con cierto estilo, pero sabemos bien que aunque la moda incomode, muchas veces ella da también la vuelta y regresa, así que aquí les hemos preparado una lista de gente que tiene estilo propio: Una elección muy elocuente, las sandalias con las medias panty Esta parejita hace juego, ¡es el destino! El minimalismo tambien es bienvenido  en un dia caluroso Como si hubiera revivido de los cuadros de Rubens Mas parece una barra de jamon Las manualidades estan de moda Los lentes rosas ya no estan de moda ahora los  3D son el ultimo grito de la moda… Muy a la ultima temporada Para que esperar sitio, mejor llevar siempre la silla consigo ¡Un super heroe entre nosotros! ¿Y qué puedes hacer si te gustan mucho y no te quedan? Simplemente no hacer caso a los demás Esto mas parece una malla de pescar Delirio de grandeza Parientes cercanas del tío Cosa Las chicas son capaces de cualquier cosa con tal de lucir sus rulos El azul esta de moda Ésta abuelita está muy a la moda Al parecer alguien encontro su morada en el bagón Hijita ¿tú también te inscribiste a Tumblr? Sientase como en casa El trofeo de un guerrero Fruto de los trabajos escolares Pero miren que piernas, sin depilacion no se verian tan lindas... Me gustaría que a su edad siga siendo tan femenina como ella
          Ligne SIX at the second place HEX N° 30   
  the above link has been deleted, the website has been suppresed, but you can go on the new website below (French)     contact      TWITTER   @OBYONETAOPYor   CONTACT FORMULAR at the bottom of this website    ...
          n°47 EXHAUSTION. . Deep Despondency, Misery   
TWITTER   @OBYONETAOPYor   CONTACT FORMULAR at the bottom of this website   . TUI the lake atop and below  KHAN Water.. KHUEN No. 47.. EXHAUSTION.. Deep Despondency, Misery.The order of Kua says : Going up constantly, everything that flows naturally from the Essence is tested, as kua n°46 SHENG the PUSHING UPWARD is followed by kua KHUEN n°47 EXHAUSTION.. Deep Despondency, Misery. The Kua SHENG expresses the action of rising from bass vibrations toward higher ones, but if this action does not know when to stop in the right place with suitable Modesty, it is certain that it will meet with the dispersion and with the dispersion constant then EXHAUSTION comes, with devastation n miseries.. KHUEN. The Chinese character KHUEN, (name of the hexagram) expresses a time of trial, a period test of character where the difficulties and dangers must be overcome before we can move to a Higher Level. The entire Kua composed of two tr...
          The REVOLVUTION   
Source : TWITTER   @OBYONETAOPYor     CONTACT FORMULAR at the bottom of this website       TUI the lake above, LI the fire below.. KO No. 49.. THE REVOLVUTION, THE CHANGE .        The order of the Kua says, so that the water in the well (hex TING n° 48) remains pure and clear, it is impossible that it does not CIRCULATE thus the Koua TING is followed by the Kua KO (n°. 49).... KO means the REVOLVUTION which circulates the water in the WELL (TING) to keep it Pure and Clear. If the well water is not renewed, it stagnates, becomes corrupted and altered, becoming brackish and unfit for humans and all others creatures ; KO means RECYCLE, RENEW, CHANGE. To keep a living source, it is necessary to circulate it, thus the water is renewed. The word REVOLVUTION encompasses all of that and this is a word that is not really a word " to explain something that " is without really being ".In the word ...
          GRACE, BEAUTY   
Source :  TWITTER   @OBYONETAOPYor   CONTACT FORMULAR at the bottom of this website     Atop KEN Mountain and below LI Fire.   . PI No. 22 . . GRACE, BEAUTY . The order of the kua says : SHE HO (hexagram n°21) : Fiercely deciding to bring together what is separated is allright at times, but overall things can not come together or be reunited by chance or by force. If beings can unite or be united, its only because they have, either : the overall vision of a wonderful plan that encourages them to UNION, or the NEED to make a point of force, CENTRE COHESION that protects them from dispersion, but in all circumstances the meeting together between human beings can only be advantageous with the PUR of PRIME PRINCIPLE and to become pure, first should be found the Clear Discernment between " what is essential " and " what is not. "The hexagram PI : GRACE BEAUTY has the necessary teaching to awaken this Clear ...
          OPPOSITION, the Forces Opposite   
Source :   LI Fire up and Lake TUI below. Photo Dominique KUBLER . KHOUEI No.38.. OPPOSITION. The order of Kua says: When "the unity" of the FAMILY (hex # 37) runs out, then enters the opposition of opposing forces. KHOUEI # 38 means OPPOSITION between two compatible. The art always favored of the waste of vital energy for the benefit of surface reflections renewing itself until the separation vision, that is what causes fragmentation, wear (hex # 23), this is also the consequence natural for any activities contrary to FIRST PRINCIPLE of COHESION. The hexagram is composed of the trigram LI above, the flame which burns in a quest for height and the lower trigram TUI, the Lake which humidity tends to seep through below, here the movements of Water and Fire are going in opposite directions, one goes down while the other rises, opposing trends and properties. This is the meaning of Ideogram KHOUEI : OPPOSITION symbolize...
          BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1 offers sneak peek in July 2017 PREVIEWS catalog   

Media Release -- Before BLOODSHOT SALVATION arrives in stores on September 20th, experience the brutal and bloody new beginning that awaits Valiant’s most relentless hero in the July 2017 PREVIEWS catalog (#346) – featuring a stunning, six-page, 24″ x 11.5” gatefold insert, bound directly into Valiant Entertainment’s catalog listings! On the heels of Valiant’s first gatefold insert spotlighting X-O MANOWAR (2017) #1 last winter, find out everything you need to know about the FIRST ISSUE of THE BLOCKBUSTER NEW ONGOING SERIES from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (THE VALIANT, Moon Knight) and explosive artists Lewis LaRosa (BLOODSHOT REBORN) and Mico Suayan (BLOODSHOT REBORN) right here with an all-in-one look ahead at Valiant’s most important series of the fall – including a pre-order coupon to reserve your copy with your local comic book retailer!

Now: In the arms of his beloved girlfriend Magic, Bloodshot has finally found hope for the future…in the form of the couple’s unborn child. But when Magic’s estranged family – a cruel and sadistic clan of homegrown criminals – re-emerge to lay claim to their lost daughter, Bloodshot will be pushed back to the brink of madness, mayhem, and warfare…

His sacrifice will be her salvation.

Soon: Eight years from today, Bloodshot’s daughter has inherited her father’s incredible abilities. Hunted by a high-tech kill squad called Omen, Jessie must hone her powers…and learn how to survive before the world is swallowed whole by the darkness that now pervades America…

Packed with blistering artwork and a complete guide to can’t-miss offerings like the BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1-12 PRE-ORDER EDITION BUNDLE and the BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1 BRUSHED METAL VARIANT COVER – printed via a special process on real-life brushed aluminum – get the jump on the seminal series of 2017 as Bloodshot’s revenge-fueled mission starts here with this one-of-a-kind countdown to Valiant’s latest ongoing series – printed on a massive, six-panel gatefold and only available in PREVIEWS catalog #346!

Plus: Valiant is rewarding fans who pre-order the most bloody and brutal new series of the fall with specially expanded, limited editions spanning BLOODSHOT SALVATION’s furious first year! Reserve the BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1–12 PRE-ORDER EDITION BUNDLE – available only as a pre-order set to fans who reserve the first year of BLOODSHOT SALVATION with their local comics retailer – and get eight additional pages of specially expanded bonus content and extra features including creator commentary, behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of the comics, process character designs and artwork, and more at no additional cost with each issue. And that’s not all… As an extra-added bonus, fans who pre-order by July 27, 2017 will also receive the BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1 RAMPAGE REDUX – a FREE, LIMITED EDITION, and FULL-LENGTH COMIC BOOK – polybagged alongside the series’ first pre-order edition!

Fans and retailers, take note: The only way to obtain the BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1-12 PRE-ORDER EDITION BUNDLE is to reserve this limited item with your local comic shop by the initial order date (IOD) of July 27th, 2017! No more copies will be made available beyond that date and subsequent issues – including the BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1 RAMPAGE REDUX bonus issue – will not be offered in later solicitations!

For more information, visit Valiant on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and

For Valiant merchandise and more, visit

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover A (Standard) by KENNETH ROCAFORT (JUL172245)
Cover B (Villains) by MONIKA PALOSZ (JUL172246)
Cover C (Battle Damaged) by TOMÁS GIORELLO (JUL172247)
Interlocking Variant by GREG SMALLWOOD (JUL172249)
Bloodshot Icon Variant by DAVE JOHNSON (JUL172250)
Brushed Metal Variant Cover by MICO SUAYAN (JUL172251)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale SEPTEMBER 20 (FOC – 8/28/17)

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Covers by RYAN BODENHEIM (JUL172248)
$3.99 each [12 issues] | 40 pgs. each | T+ | Issue #1 on sale SEPTEMBER 20 (IOD – 7/27/17)

          Pit Noack - Labor für Sprechalgorithmen: Zentrale    
Labor für Sprechalgorithmen Für vier Wochen wird die Zentrale zum Laboratorium und Arbeitsraum. Akustisches Spiel- und Experimentierfeld sind sechs Lautsprecher, die algorithmisch entwickelte Klangstrukturen abspielen. Das akustische Rohmaterial besteht ausschließlich aus im Vorfeld und vor Ort mit Besucherinnen und Besuchern aufgenommenen Sprachsamples: einzelne Silben und vokale Klänge wie Zischen, Summen, Brummen, Schnalzen, Quieken... Jedes Sample liegt als separate Audiodatei vor, die jeweiligen Eigenschaften sind im Dateinamen codiert und auf diese Weise als kompositorische Parameter für automatisierte Verfahren verfügbar. Ausgangspunkt für die Kompositionsalgorithmen sind statistische Eigenschaften von sinnhaften wie lautmalerischen Texten, erdachte Klassifikationen vokaler Klänge, einfache rhythmische Pattern und kombinatorische Ordnungen. Wir freuen uns über Mitwirkung bei den Aufnahesessions. Bei Interesse einfach in der Zentrale melden, oder unter Pit Noack arbeitet als Produzent, Kurator, Autor und Dozent in den Bereichen Klanginstallation, elektroakustische Musik, Medienkunst, Creative Coding und Medientheorie. Seine Projekte sind an den Schnittstellen zwischen Wissenschaft, Kunst und Technik angesiedelt. 2016 kuratierte er die Veranstaltungsreihe “Basis Zwei”, die interdisziplinär die Verbindungen zwischen Digitaltechnik, Kunst- und Wissensproduktion untersuchte. Als c't Autor, Dozent und Initiator der Webseite vermittelt er Laien die künstlerische Arbeit mit Programmcode. In seinen Arbeiten kombiniert er häufig gebrauchte Audiokomponenten mit aktuellen digitalen Werkzeugen und selbst entwickelter Software.
           Conan Dons Jeggings, Nails Incredibly Stylish Monologue    
Conan Dons Jeggings, Nails Incredibly Stylish Monologue

Conan Dons Jeggings, Nails Incredibly...
This Conan guy is pretty funny.
Submitted by: Funny Or Die
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          What's on your skin? Blog series: Lavender   

Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia)


When it comes time to dim the lights, turn on a candle and slip into a cozy blanket with a good book, lavender is a common “must.” The scent of lavender, with its minty, floral and citrus notes is, with a few rare exceptions, universally appealing. Lavender has been used as a staple to increase quality of life. From cocktails to jellies and custards, in savory dishes, and to add complex flavors to wines, lavender could be considered a culinary delicacy. The dried flowers are commonly stuffed inside pillow cases to improve sleep, used in potpourri to freshen a room and tucked inside small pillows and tossed into dryers as a natural fabric softener.

Lavender, or lavandula Angustifolia, belongs to the mint family and is a native to the mountains of Mediterranean regions. There are several different types of lavender,but  only one of these - lavender officinalis - is used medicinally. Others include English lavender, mustead, royal purple and hidcote, French Lavender, Garden Lavender, lavandin, and spike lavender. It is important to note that essential oils should never be ingested, and not all of these types of lavender are edible in herb form. Some types, like spike lavender, produce a spasmodic effect and muscle contractions. The flowers of common lavender, however, can safely be used to make teas or use as a flavor aid as it is found to be one of the safest herbs in regular doses and rarely toxic. On the skin, it has rarely been shown to cause a reaction.

Lavender’s Season:

Lavender is a slow growing plant that can take up to three years to reach full maturity; it thrives in well-drained soil and warm, to moderate climates. Certain types, like yellow lavender and woolly lavender, bloom in early spring in warm climates that fall in hardiness zones 8-10. English lavenders bloom in late spring and early summer in zones 5-8, like the North West, mid-west and the South of the US.


Medicinal Uses:

Lavender is most frequently used for its calming properties. Two terpenes produced by lavender, by the names of cineole and linalool, are responsible for the sedating effect that lavender has as they calm the nervous system and provide a cooling sensation to the body. Because of this, lavender also has a reducing effect on blood pressure and has been found to lower high blood pressure. In addition to relaxation for pleasure, Lavender is an anxiolytic, meaning that it inhibits anxiety and is used as an anti-depressant, anxiety aid, and insomnia remedy.

Lavender and Your Skin:

Skin Care & Acne: Lavender essential oils contain over 100 monoterpenes, a class of organic compounds produced by the plant as “building blocks.” These monoterpes have antiseptic properties. When applied to the skin by Essential oils or other topical treatments, they have been shown to prevent and treat acne. The increase in circulation also makes lavender a replacement for conventional toners. The soothing effects of cineole and linalool can calm irritated skin, dry skin and eczema by decongesting and moisturizing the surface and deep into the tissues of the skin.

Pain Relief: Forget about Ibuprofens, Lavender oils and lotions have been used to ease aching muscles and by also providing relief from inflammation, lavender has the power to reduce tension, soreness, headaches and ease the sensation of pain.

Healthy Hair: The increase in circulation also can help to promote hair growth, and a lavender massage to the scalp can calm, heal and help in the treatment of dandruff.

Healing: Lavender has been found, for many of the same reasons as above, to aid the body’s natural systems for healing minor cuts, scraps and abrasions by helping to prevent infection and increasing moisture, oxygen and blood circulation, which shorten the healing time of the wound.

With the diverse benefits of this beautiful plant, it is easy to see why it is a classic favorite among herbalists, moms and culinary artists alike. Sometimes, the smallest additions to daily life can drastically increase the human experience; rich colors, tastes, soft skin and taking the time to relax enough to appreciate these things can bring out the best in life and in our own selves. So next time you are looking for flavor in your cocktail, cuddling up for the evening or even treating your next paper cut, let lavender work its magic. And don’t forget to take a deep breath and enjoy the smell!

photo sources: lavender flowers:  fields of lavener

Adina Ferrin

Nutrition writer




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Rob Zombie confirmed for coll fuckin’ guy


i love that Rob Zombie is now Baby Metal’s badass protective grandpa 

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this image is surrounded by negative energy

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The best deodorant you will ever use

Seriously. ¼ teaspoon in each pit and you can sweat your ass off, totally stink-free for like 2 full days. It’s a natural anti-bacterial so those little fuckers won’t multiply and make you smell. Plus it’s cheaper and healthier than any deod you can buy anywhere.

Use equal parts of the following:

-corn starch
-baking soda
-coconut oil
-cocoa butter

With a few drops of whatever essential oil you want, for fragrance. Otherwise it basically just smells like nothing. I use tea tree oil & pine needle oil. Cuz they’re MANLY.

Note - It pretty much turns to liquid if it’s warmer than about 75 degrees. If you want to keep it solid, you can refrigerate it or add a little more corn starch.

Reblogging myself again, cuz I still use this and it’s still awesome

This is what I’ve been using for about a year now and it works wonders.

Not convinced it works? My fiance is literally the smelliest human being I’ve ever met when he’s been sweating all day. I made him some with tea tree oil and he now smells nice and mint-ish as the end of the day, even if he’s been outside working.

Not to mention it’s cheaper, smells better, better for you AND better for the environment to make your own :D

reblogging so i don’t forget to try this!!!!!! i hate most store-bought roll-on deodorants you don’t even know

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          [Glenn Petersen] Does the Snapchat Generation Even Know What Yahoo Is? By Om Malik The New Yo...   
Does the Snapchat Generation Even Know What Yahoo Is?

By Om Malik
The New Yorker
July 27, 2016

Following a multibillion-dollar acquisition deal, Tim Armstrong, the C.E.O. of AOL, will oversee Yahoo’s integration into Verizon. Credit PHOTOGRAPH BY BENOIT TESSIER / REUTERS

The $4.8-billion acquisition of Yahoo—the brand and its Internet properties—by a telephone company, Verizon, is a watershed moment in the history of the Internet. It caps off an era—Web 1.0, for lack of a better term—that will soon be remembered much like telegraphs and rotary phones. Like Verizon’s similar purchase, last year, of another ancient bauble, the once ubiquitous dial-up service AOL, the acquisition of Yahoo speaks mainly to the past. Tomorrow’s Internet users don’t dream of using Yahoo’s properties any more than they do AOL’s. Instead, they lavish their attention on Instagram and Snapchat, and Spotify. And software continues to move in directions far removed from the early Web, as new voice-based interfaces, on devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home, train us to think about the Internet beyond browsers and smartphones.

For the past few years, as Yahoo has desperately sought to reverse its fortunes under its latest C.E.O., Marissa Mayer, I’ve been pointing out that the company is going around in circles, reminding us that in Silicon Valley, unlike on Wall Street, there is no such thing as too big to fail. And yet Yahoo and its backers continued to tout the potential value to advertisers of its gigantic user base and audience, and its widespread brand recognition. In a press release announcing the sale, Verizon used similar language. “The acquisition of Yahoo will put Verizon in a highly competitive position as a top global mobile media company, and help accelerate our revenue stream in digital advertising,” Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s chairman and C.E.O., said.

On his blog, the venture capitalist Fred Wilson suggested that this goal might be optimistic. “These are not growth businesses, they are mature businesses. So it is time to extract profits, not revenue growth, and run them appropriately for what they are,” he wrote. Yahoo says that it has a billion monthly active users, six hundred million of whom use its mobile service each month. Those numbers come from the company’s internal metrics, though, so I take them with a bucket of salt. If its user base were that large and active, Yahoo’s revenues wouldn’t have been shrinking—from $4.7 billion in 2013 to a projected $3.6 billion in 2016, according to estimates from Macquarie Securities. Its net display-advertising revenues, meanwhile, have been flat, hovering at around $1.7 billion since 2013, while its net search revenues are down, from $1.7 billion in 2013 to an estimated $1.2 billion in 2016.

It has been a long, long fall for Yahoo. Many of us have fond memories of the company and its emergence, in the nineteen-nineties, as a directory for the Internet. I even remember submitting, to what was then a baby Yahoo, the details of an early Web site I had put together. I became seriously addicted to the portal’s Site of the Day feature, which let me find marvellous wonders on what was still a very tiny Web. Over time, the directory grew, eventually evolving into a search engine. (The directory persevered until New Year’s Eve, 2014.) Yahoo began adding new services: e-mail; a personalized start page, MyYahoo; financial news; stock quotes; message boards. It gained millions of dial-up users and kept them coming back, as its stock-market value rose accordingly.

But Yahoo failed to adapt to the emergence of broadband and the attendant Cambrian explosion of Web pages, which made directories and their troves of hyperlinks suboptimal, compared with simple keyword searches. Google indexed the Internet nearly in real time. Yahoo tried to improve its search capabilities, for instance by buying companies like Inktomi, but in the end it relied on its hybrid of media, technology, and services, with the emphasis on media. Its sheer size kept it solvent, as advertisers poured in money for banner advertising on a large scale. Google’s nimbleness, though, made it the preferred tool for the Web 2.0 era, and its other services grew as Yahoo fell further behind. The rise of the social Internet, of Facebook and Twitter, accelerated the decline. I am not sure the Snapchat generation even knows what Yahoo is.

The company’s most recent missed opportunity was the rise of the mobile Web. Its failure to gain traction on smartphones can be traced, in part, to a bungled C.E.O.-hiring process, which led to the brief tenure, in early 2012, of Scott Thompson, who was found to have falsified his credentials. As Vauhini Vara wrote for this site last year, Yahoo had, at the time, a very popular messaging app, but it was coming from very far behind, and was unable to parlay this advantage into meaningful mobile growth. Today, its other apps, like Yahoo Weather, have fewer than five million monthly active users, while its search and news apps are hovering around just over a million monthly active users. If they were startups, they would have been shut down a long time ago.

Mayer, who took over in July, 2012, made some big bets, such as buying Tumblr for a billion dollars, in an attempt to gain a toehold among younger Internet users. She also tried to attract talent with smaller acquisitions, while trying to fend off activist investors who wanted the company to cash out its lucrative investments in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan (which were not part of the Verizon sale). But the writing had long since been on the wall.

Yahoo is a perfect illustration of how large Internet companies die—by fading into irrelevance. A healthy Internet service possesses three qualities: it encourages habit formation; it appeals to a younger demographic, which can age alongside it; and it displays evidence of growth. Yahoo once had all of these qualities; now it has none. These days, despite my early affinity for the company, I don’t use any Yahoo products except for its fantasy-baseball pages—and those only because my fellow stat nerds won’t switch to ESPN. Every time I log in, I am reminded of the company’s mediocrity.

All of this raises the question of why Verizon has decided to invest nearly five billion dollars in Yahoo. Tim Armstrong, the C.E.O. of AOL, who will oversee Yahoo’s integration, has suggested that Verizon dreams of becoming a third option, behind Google and Facebook, in digital advertising. By combining AOL’s and Yahoo’s user bases with its own customers, Verizon hopes to accumulate some two billion users—a number that Armstrong thinks is necessary to be a viable platform. “Scale is as imperative now as it’s ever been,” he told Recode after the Yahoo purchase was announced. But, with Google and Facebook controlling about eighty-five per cent of all digital-advertising dollars, Verizon is fighting for scraps.

Armstrong’s dream of becoming a third option appears unrealistic. It is not clear how widely used Yahoo and AOL remain, nor how engaged their users are on a daily basis. After years of providing what Fred Wilson called “the training wheels that got us online,” they are now effectively being propped up by deals that prioritize their services on web-browser toolbars, while a portion of their revenue comes from distributing sponsored adverts for others. It is also unclear how the data that the two companies generate might be bound together to produce something greater than the sum of their parts. Moreover, their purported competitors, Google and Facebook, were built to collect data, parse it in real time, and offer personal advertising on a massive scale. Yahoo and AOL are unlikely to be able to compete on this terrain. Armstrong seems to know that it will be a difficult, if not quixotic, quest. “We have to have real differentiation in the future, because there is no doubt in my mind that they are going to continue to gain strength,” he said of Google and Facebook. “The bar for us is to try to stay at that level, but that does not mean [we] have to be them.”

Still, this isn’t an especially expensive gambit for Verizon, which paid only about one and a third times Yahoo’s estimated revenues for this year. If it works out, Verizon will have built a sports car from old parts. If it doesn’t, it gets another relic for its collection, without having given up much.

Om Malik is a technology writer, the founder of GigaOm, and a partner at TrueVentures, a venture fund based in Palo Alto.

          Ka Auditron Ba - The Final Conflict   

Back in October of last year I was in New York and had the pleasure of meeting King Koncepts at his record store, Good Records. We chatted about music and he mentioned that Karma was working on releasing some old late 90's Kemetic Suns music. Fast forward to last week and I received an email from Karma introducing himself and letting me know about the music he posted on his Tumbler. Karma picks up where Koncepts left off when he posted The Bombshelter album back in 2009. I'm not going to try and summarize any of this of, instead I urge you to take some time and read through the detailed posts from Karma and listen to the unreleased Ka Auditron Ba (Karmachi & Hypnotic) album.

I'd like to thank Karma for reaching out to me and allowing me to post this on my site. The insight he and Koncepts provide is rarely seen in underground hip hop and is greatly appreciated.

 When To Walk Away Pt. 1

Preview to The Long Goodbye

***This blog was originally  written by Koncepts and featured as documentary comment on Cocaine Blunts appearing in 2009. Since then the trolls have made it less inspiring for the homie Noz to keep the blog up so I thought I would recreate it here for the sake of background***
 “Fundamentals consisted of me – Koncepts – and Karma. We met each other at Berkeley High, 1992. All I remember was being introduced to this dude who was into rap, and had a little bit of game to him - he knew all the different cats around school, kept good weed, knew how to talk to girls. Quickly we started hanging out, going to parties. We formed The Fundamentals in early ‘93, long before the crew Kemetic Suns came about. At that time, the crew we made was called “Ascension”: in addition to us, we brought in a group called Hijinx (Peekaboo and Embassy), rappers Malignant and Level Z, and Anthony/Ayentee. Before I got with Karma, I was in an awful band that played funk-rock-jazz-rap-fusion a la Alphabet Soup or the Mo'Fessionals – interesting sidenote, playwright Itamar Moses played keyboards in that group. But I wanted to do something that was more straight up Hip-Hop. I was DJing already and I played the guitar. I fell off with the guitar lessons but started making primitive beats. Hanging out at Anthony’s house in north-west Berkeley I started to get hip to funk and latin and freakier jazz music all courtesy of his father’s record collection. 

We all hung out and got busy together, either at Anthony’s house or at my house. Anthony’s house was like a constant spot – there would be any number of kids there, from the graf crew DOA down to West Side Berkeley dudes, friends of his dad, relatives. I was granted use of a narrow boiler room underneath my mom’s house – the “Bomb Shelter” – to record in, and all of the material featured was made there. The beats here were made either on an Akai S-01 (a cheap version of the 950) and a Roland R8 Human Rhythm Composer, or the Ensoniq ASR-10, which I stuck with. Kids would come through, I would throw together a beat or have one I had already worked up, and they would record. Anthony, who made beats as well, occasionally helped out engineering things. I’d do arrangements, hooks, whatever. I wanted people to write songs, not just lay down rhymes, so I tried to focus their talents and that’s how a lot of this stuff came to be. A lot of guys didn’t have any idea how to write songs – like, verse/hook/bridge, or whatever. Some dudes just wanted to spit for like 6 minutes. Off the head. It was a mess.

Most of us were from Berkeley or Oakland. Karma spent some time up in Sacramento early on. Malignant had one foot out in Richmond I think. Around the beginning of 1994 I moved to the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco to go live with my father, but continued attending Berkeley High and hanging out with the crew every day. It was a regular thing to go from school to my mom’s basement where the makeshift studio was, record until 7 or 8, ride the bus back into San Francisco and wash up somewhere around 10 at my dad’s apartment. Peek lived out by Eclipse, in the Union City area, and they were friends, so that’s how we got down with the Mixed Practice crew. Eclipse tells me now that he got real tight when Peek played him some of my stuff, like “who is this other young dude out here with beats??” Karma’s brother Wayne knew Corey/BFAP from the Mystik Journeymen, so we got down with them around ’94 or so, but I think they probably saw us as like, young’uns in the game. We met Kirby around then as well, up at UC Berkeley at KALX – Karma had gone up there with BFAP from the Journeymen. While BFAP was kind of cool on the kid, it was obvious he had incredible talent. Kirby, originally from East Oakland, had spent many years in Stockton prior to coming to Berkeley… had kind of a checkered past, but it turned out he and Karma knew some folks in common from up that way. We would hang out and freestyle in his dorm room but we hadn’t really clicked up in a formal way yet, like we would later.


Even though our style was more on the “backpack”/”houser” thing, a lot of the cats in the crew had street ties, we just didn’t really put it out there like that. It was more a thing you wanted to get away from, if you had ever been close enough to see it. The one exception was The Mental Patients – featured here on “Mental Anxieties” – who were some real street cats from South Berkeley, North Oakland, and East Oakland. But they’d come through, we’d smoke, lay down some music, no drama ever. They weren’t really a part of the crew per se but they showed love, would share smoke or even muscle if it was needed (which, on a couple of occasions, it was). Good dudes. Any time there was beef you had an assemblage of dudes from West Side and South Side Berkeley as well as North Oakland and parts of the east as well. We rolled deep.


The Ascension crew only lasted but so long, though, and at a certain point, friendly competition turned into beef. Dudes started talking behind each others’ backs, trying to create little allegiances and whatever… just childish stuff but you know we were, at the time, anywhere from 14-18 years old. Embassy and Karma, long rivals in the cipher, came to blows and everyone went their separate ways. I spent several months recording my own material, thinking I’d record my own demo/album, maybe sell it like the Journeymen and Mixed Practice and the other guys I was meeting around the scene at that time. That stuff never got released anywhere, with only one track turning up on 30 Days; much of it is featured here.

In the summer of 1995, Karma and I were both working in San Francisco. He was interning at Polygram - Polygram had an office in San Francisco! We patched up and started working on what would become 30 Days & A Plane Ticket, our first “real” tape – the title owing to the fact that I was moving to New York City 30 days from when we started. Karma’s style, originally an old school, laid back flow, and at one point a bone of contention amongst the more east coast-influenced crew, had developed into a this tripped out, cerebral scattershot of politics, hood slang, conspiracy theories, and 5% math. A cat he rolled with called Bay-Bay came up with the name Kemetic Suns. At that time, though, it was basically just a loose affiliation of folks we rolled with, some of whom didn’t make music at all. It was just a crew in the loosest sense. Kirby was down at that point, but I don’t recall meeting Hypnotic (another crew member) until 1996 or so, beyond the point at which this comp comes to an end.
Honestly I don’t know what people will think of this stuff. I’m opening myself up which is always a risk. I think we had some talent. We never made a huge mark, despite being really prolific – due mostly to my ability to record. I had the good fortune to hold onto most of my old sessions. I’m sure there’s a ton of amazing stuff out there that has disappeared… I’ve certainly been met with that response as I’ve sought out material by other groups of the time. We wore our influences on our sleeves – but as kids, that’s just part of developing your own style. Back then, it wasn’t about features, or placements, or even tape sales really – just a bunch of cats doing music. That’s what the underground tape thing was really about. I can think of no better way to illustrate that.”

The Bombshelter Download

When To Walk Away Pt. 2

Preview to The Long Goodbye 

For a very long time my identity and self perspective was shaped by being a member of a family that made music. Had our parents been born in the Carribean in the 60′s and repatriated to the UK, we probably would have been Cymande. Had it been London in the late 40′s we might have been Pink Floyd. I have heard arguments that place us around the world and at different movements. As it shaped out, we were birthed into the 70′s and grew up in the 80′s in the east bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. In particular, we all cut our teeth in the “small island in the sea of night” known as Berkeley. In 1995 we started our collective and independent label we called Kemetic Suns Massive.

There was a time to that time in particular that I would be hard pressed to try to recreate with words. As much as I pride myself on my ability to write into existence, I don’t think I could accurately give the feeling or emotional connection we had to what we were doing. There was different a zeitgeist of sorts as it was the mid-1990s and hip hop was becoming a billion dollar way of telling young people what to do. Perhaps it was the influence of Apple vs Wintel happening in our backyard of Silicon Valley. Maybe there was a factor around welfare reform, new banking models and a sense that another gold rush had come to San Francisco. It could be the influence of self determined cultural giants such as MC Hammer, Too Short, E-40 and Mac Dre who were uncompromising in their independence and standards.
I don’t have the bandwidth or desire to try to explain what brought us to the music or together. Many of these thoughts have laid hidden from me for decades by my own doing. I think my brother does a much better job of describing us here:

Bomb Shelter
Then there was also the concept of newly emerging technologies such as samplers, sequencers and non-lineal audio recording. That and the fact that as teenager I stumbled into being an active member of something that would later become called the Internet as well as progenitor of social media. Do not take my word for anything. There are far better curators involved:

It's Cheaper Than A CD

In terms of a business model we were decidedly clear that we would do everything in house. EVERY THING. Tapes, cds, vinyl, t-shirts. Production, engineering, management, promotion. Our greatest asset was each other. I treated the collective like my martial arts gym (which I mistakenly left in pursuit of a full time music career) in that training each other on every aspect made us well rounded, disciplined and allowed us to bring in new skills. The majority of the good work is based on our willingness to skip past barriers in terms of booking, promotion and retail:

From 1995 to 1998 we made 15 different projects ranging from EP to LPs to even putting out one of the first audio books for spoken word and poetry. I can’t speak for anyone else but I actually thought we were going to change the world. Given that our model was more of a social enterprise than a record label or entertainment company. Many of our members were previously homeless, from foster homes and/or faced with tons of barriers toward economic independence. My father, who was and will always be the bare minimum of excellence I strive for, ran a non profit that provided legal services to the poor who couldn’t afford to fight unlawful evictions, custody battles and discrimination. Without explicitly knowing we were into job training, Koncepts and I were adamant that these roles at House Kemetic Suns become employment. 
In 1997, Kirby got an opportunity to study abroad in DC at Howard. He would ride the train to Harlem and record with Koncepts, which later became Konceptual Dominance.

During that time, myself, Hypnotic and Per Aa were doing shows all over northern and central California. Literally from as far as Humbolt to San Luis Obisbo. Initially I only had the Fundamentals material I could perform and Hypnotic had his guest appearances as as he worked on his album. When all of the Suns met up in winter 1997, Koncepts played us Flawless Execution.

As soon as I heard it I knew what it was: Konceptual Dominance. In a time when we could hear everyone else punching in every bar, these two were going for 16 bars with flurries full of flow, punchline, presence and brilliant topics. I knew this was going to be a game changer. To be fair all we did was game changers, whether or not it was quality. Innovation and newness led the day. In response, Hypnotic pulled out the dusty tape of 8-track mix downs of the routines he and I were doing when we ran out of material on stage. I had slices of dub tracks and science fiction movie soundtracks as the thumbnails of beats we were rapping over. The crew loved it and named us Ka Auditron Ba. We were given the mandate to finish our project to release it after Konceptual Dominance and set up for the Kemetic Suns album. Ka Auditron Ba worked for the next year to finish our project called The Final Conflict. 3 label deals, 4 tours, 21 tracks and it was never released as promised. Somewhere in there I just walked away. 

For the few souls who are clever enough to see me on the street and figure out who I am, the question is always the same:

1) Why was the Auditrons never released?

2) What happened to the Kemetic Suns?

As 2017 is here and I do away with old things, avoiding answering these questions is one of those things I will let go. The answers in part III

When To Walk Away Pt.3

Preview to The Long Goodbye
“I’m an A-U-D-I-O”

There was a friendly competition we all adhered to when we started. Ultimately it was about the four of us: me, Koncepts, Kirby and Hypnotic being able to freestyle against each other for hours. I mean HOURS. At that time we thought we were okay, retrospect made me realize we were pretty high level. Much of the energy of that competition played out in the dynamics we had with one another outside of the music. Kirby was the master of partnership, I understood project management, Koncepts was our in house technical and Hypnotic did our sales. We were a much larger collective once, at one time being 15 people deep if you counted the affiliates in New York and Texas as well as the younger cats we were mentoring. There is also an argument in there about how influential and selfless cats like Bas1, Eclipse427 (Walt Liquor), Peekaboo and Infamous were so they could be Kemetic Suns. Plus there is a whole other tangent on how strong our ties were to MURS.
Quite accidently, Kirby and Koncepts together were very good as ambassadors. They travelled a lot, they showed up to events and they were able to get our sound into the heads of real decision makers who made sure our records ended up on mix shows, college radio and features. This is part of the reason Konceptual Dominance made so much sense. On the opposite tip, Hypnotic and I were doing shows and selling merchandise direct to customers (fans). I had a pretty high ethical standard which I realize now was a serious handicap for our business in terms of being in the music industry. Other groups could trash the stage, steal from the bar, go over their time or intimidate the promoter into moving them up on the lineup. I never wanted to get too involved in that type of grimy dealings because it was dumb logic to me – if we were going to go that route, forget the music and let’s go back to the streets.

That was another issue we were confronting. Many of the people rapping at the time all came from middle class backgrounds and had a parachute lined up for them afterwards. Koncepts and I tried to address that on Stop The World (the song itself). Where as many crews were diverse economically and ethnically, we were diverse economically but most of our members were two steps from the streets. Meaning we had convinced them to let go of their old hustles in lieu of legitimate enterprises that would be promoted by House Kemetic Suns. It was always a struggle. We didn’t always win. As the founder of the collective, I had the tendency to be the loudest voice in the room even if I actually wanted a democracy. In fact I remember always talking about being the bigger person and breaking up some many beefs. Then one night in winter of 1996, I confronted a mask bound rapper about some personal violations he made in my life. In his drunken indignation, he replied he was not responsible for his actions and he might kill me. I lost it and told him to put up his hands. He had 12 tiny people holding him back, the Suns just watched to make sure nobody jumped me from behind. We never got into it but he knew that night like I know this day that if it went down he was going to end up in the ER. The problem was we had crossed a bridge; our music was never going to be bohemian again and I had lost the credibility to tell my crew to “walk away”. In fact, we turned the ship and headed directly into the storm.

There are some background elements to understand before going in. If Konceptual Dominance was the equivalent of two tenured professors doing panel discussion on human behavior through hip hop, Ka Auditron Ba was the essence of two battle rappers getting their own satellite and broadcasting a 24 hour signal based on the lifestyle trying to prevent a cataclysm. We pulled from everything important to us at the time. Both Hypnotic and I were avid Marvel fans. We owned tons of comics. I read a lot of science fiction and watched a lot of movies. Hypnotic was really into documentaries. At the time I was able to study under Mr. Obenga which deeply changed my life and I was able to see firsthand the aspirations of the progenitors of the Nile Valley culture. Meanwhile Hypnotic’s mother was a reggae journalist and therefore gave him access to elders. One in particular who really influenced us was Scientist. Aside from demystifying much of the Rastafarian thought process beyond the generics and tropes, Scientist gave us the template.


Thus began the goal of creating an identity: we would outperform. The analogy of individuals who take and never gave back became “vampires”. We knew because we didn’t play the politics game we were hard pressed to get headline bookings in the Bay Area because of the co-opting of the scene happening. Simply put, I was going to kiss anyone’s ass, the big names were haters and Hypnotic was doing things behind the scene that made these dudes shook. If we couldn’t get the midnight spot or the top name of the flyer, we wanted the 1130pm slot and we wanted to be second on the flyer. It was Scientist who told us to open with The Voodoo Curse that we transformed into the chant to take over the crowd: “We are……the Kemetic Suns….” It didn’t matter WHO was the headliner. Our goal was to create and perform music that stole the show. It happened time after time after time. We would watch crews argue with the promoter: “don’t put Kemetic Suns on before us….they tire out the crowd”. The promoter would come to us and Hypnotic would say “don’t worry we’re just the Auditrons”.

There is most of the recordings on Soundcloud. I am not sure if everything is awesome. I know I was rapping in the top 10 list at the time but I am not sure if everything we did was incredible. There are some tracks that really move me and Koncepts. I pinged him to get his take on our favorites from the project:

Karma: Resonance was a tribute to Scientist but all scientists in general. We knew there was some connection between innovation and audio engineering happening from the Jamaican sound clashes to NYC hip hop to what we were actually doing with the drum machine and ASR vocal effects when we performed. This is a perfect example of the routines we would do. Back and forths that would whip the crowd into a frenzy as an opener. Also the djs loved it because it was heavy with break beats and juggling. FYI, this is Neal Degrasse Tyson narrating before you all knew how great he was. I pulled it from a vhs compilation my father got me because of our shared loved of astronomy.

Koncepts: this beat don’t make no fucking sense. I didn’t make it. but it always killed at shows. watching people try to catch the beat count was comedy. this shit is in like 11/8 or something. Ka and Ba had that rapid-fire flow where they could make it work and trade off like they were freestyling. It’s pretty incredible, actually.

Karma: Black Elevation Station was supposed to be the crunk remix to All Terrain for Internal Symmetry. My father was from the south and I loved southern hip hop. Not just the obvious stuff like Dungeon Family, Geto Boys and UGK. I listened to obscure material most didn’t know about. When I heard this beat I said its smobb music but it’s not southern. At that time, the stuff I was doing with the internet was getting some nods. I was brought to speak at Stanford to a couple of student groups. The idea of creating one’s own content distribution was intoxicating but we were talking to a couple investors who were interested in buying a satellite and setting up a station in San Francisco. When the deal went through, like so many to come after, Hypnotic suggest we just act like it was still going and we had our station on a satellite we owned.

Koncepts: I had this track early on in the process but added to it along the way. a lot of the keys and stuff came in later. I used a few different samples but kept them all in key, I was known for melodic beats but one thing about the west coast style and the Bay underground in particular was this kind of mystical ass sound but with slapping drums. so this was like that, some psychedelic guitar and synths, but at a higher tempo and some 808 sounds. What Ka and Ba did with it was sick, exactly what I had envisioned it for, they flowed perfectly on the beat. A mix of paranoia and toughness in the lyrics. I think I added the later stuff when they were in the studio with the session players - I wasn’t really involved in that and I wanted to tune up my own stuff to keep pace.

Karma: Tapes. Koncepts and I would send each other tapes a couple times a year. He was attending NYU while I was at SFSU. Most of the beats on the tapes he would send would end up on some project: Ambershine, Internal Symmetry, Konceptual Dominance or the Auditrons. Most of the beats I would send back were rough but he would tweak some of them and they would end up on his solo stuff, my ill fated solo album, Prayze The Sun or Internal Symmetry. This beat was clearly for Hypnotic and I. He even put it on the tape. It was Koncepts at his most genius Smokey Robinson. He could hear something we couldn’t in ourselves. He made sure he was with us when we wrote to it. When he started playing it on the speakers, he prompted us with “show them how the flow never ends”. He wanted to play with some of the Nommo concepts of embracing the silence in the groove as well as the volatility in the drums. We were always sure to write what the beat wanted not what we wanted. Soon as Hypnotic mumbled “its vital that you follow our path that is spiral” a voice spoke to me with the chorus. I looked up from the pad and said “I’m an A-U-D-I-O”. At first they didn’t get it, but I wouldn’t stop. When I saw their eyes light up after the third repetition, we knew did something. This might be my favorite memory of music.

Koncepts: this is definitely the big one. coulda maybe done some numbers. had all the elements. smoothed out but conscious, a hook you can understand and repeat… the label Ka & Ba were messing with brought this into a bigger studio and I was able to add the live guitar and percussion. But they had a boy band and brought them in to do background vocals… kind of not what I had envisioned, image-wise. it worked for the sound, as far as that was concerned. The label was just trying to get on a vehicle for their boy band though. They kept trying to push them into the mix of what we were doing and I had to step away from that situation. that’s one of the things that messed with the delicate equilibrium of the project and the crew.

Karma: There was a lot of money to be made being an independent rap group if you were willing to compromise. We weren’t. Managers would tell us we were unmanageable; too head strong and not needy enough. We made far less money than we should have based on our morals and pride. The way to keep the boat afloat was to subsidize the business model with pieces of my check. At first I worked at a smoothie shop that got bought, stole all my recipes and became Jamba Juice; different story for a different time. That wasn’t going to work for me. Doing minimum wage at a mall. Also in my young fiery mind, “how does this help my people?” I got into working for a few non-profits and did harm reduction outreach – needle exchange, violence prevention and street worker advocacy. I was seeing young people being mistreated as wards of the state.

Hypnotic was doing group home work given he had been in one himself. We would trade stories about the issues we were seeing with young people and the bureaucracy. More and more it felt like young people were being experimented on rather than treated or helped. Both of us had some experience at young age in terms of “recruitment” that made us a bit more suspicious. Now with the popularity of Stranger Things, Hunger Games and Ender’s Game, it doesn’t seem so far fetched. I know.

Maybe there was also a piece of falling into the formula. Doing it every time because it worked last time. I remember be asked “whats the sci fi movie song on this album?” well before we even wrote Cryosleep. It’s possible we had become trope.

Koncepts plays the bass on this. That’s why its so rich.

When To Walk Away Pt.4

Preview to The Long Goodbye

Karma: There was this great kung fu western flick my god brother Kenny brought over called All Men Are Brothers: Blood of the Leopard which was adaptation of the Chinese classic Water Margin. It was the story of a high level government official who must choose between his position and his allegiance to a rough street monk who is very anti-corruption in the government. It represented so many relationships at that time. My god brother Wayne was really loud and boisterous, but when I was around he was always calming me down to learn discretion. When he died of cancer in 1997 it put a large hole in my heart. Somehow I ended up becoming that person that was calming folks down and was caught between the diplomacy and the ethical outrage of the people I was around. We would leave shows in San Jose, San Luis Obispo or San Antonio. It would be 3am as we drove home. Somehow at every gas station there was a group of young men about to fight. Somehow there was some kid at an IHOP looking at his pager like “I’m going to get revenge”. Somehow I always seemed to put myself in the middle and talk them down. Somehow I never got shot.

Koncepts: just a perfect song man. we were all really vibrating on the same frequency. I love the little glass clinks and crowd ambiance from the sample. and the kick drum knocks so hard. that’s that Bay Area shit man, a mellow ass sample and deep bass.

Karma: We would perform a lot in the “hip hop” room at raves. That was the culture of the 90’s. Hypnotic hated it because he didn’t feel techno. However to be quite honest, the women at raves were thousand times better looking and more stable than the women who went to hip hop. The baddest of them used to hang in the “jungle” room – a rough amalgamation of actual jungle, trip hop, drum and base as well as what would eventually be dub step. Kirby and I loved going back forth over those beats. We could rap for hours over the stuff. For me it brought me home to Jupiter, Florida. It put me in the red clay of Georgia. It gave me the woods of Mississippi. I loved obscure southern rap and especially enjoyed the bounce aspect. I also appreciated the underestimation that California and New York put upon southern rap. It paralleled the mistake many crews in the Bay ran into. They dissed us on tape, we responded by snatching the mics at their show and serving them. Then they took it outside to battle and got demolished. Then they wanted to throw hands and lost there too. This track is a narrative to that. At the time we wouldn’t have seen it that way.

Koncepts: I feel a way about this song. It’s fucking amazing - the beat, the rhymes, the hook… my god. and when we dropped this at a show? bedlam. but it has a kind of ignoble history. My partner Zvi and I had this Delia Gartrell 45, which is this brutal ballad about a woman’s son dying in the Vietnam war, and we chopped it real slow. Zvi had the idea of chopping up Skull Snaps and doing a bounce pattern with it. It was unique, no one was doing bounce drums with samples, especially not old school breakbeats. Anyway, we kinda fucked up the money because we also gave this track to Mazzi [rapper with our other group the Soul Purpose] and it was like, ok, let’s see who does what with it… Mazzi made an incredible track called “1 and 9” about being from the hood in Jersey. It was super ill. So we had this issue, who could use the beat? Nobody even cares about shit like that anymore, but back then it was a real problem. Zvi wanted to roll with Mazzi’s version, I was on the fence. Anyway, I feel like that disagreement was another one that ended up torpedoing the project. And what’s sad is that neither song ever came out - the Soul Purpose project fell apart not too long after and the album we were working on never made it out of the demo stage. Nowadays I prefer “Ashes” to “1 and 9”. But at the time I couldn’t call it.

Karma: Perhaps the most honest writing anyone was doing in (w)rap™ at that age. I was in my early twenties trying to understand what it meant to be a man while facing a divorce like end to my long term relationship. There were some rules we made up to protect our esteem. One of them was we wouldn’t date women we met in the industry because it led to hardship later. I think that put so much expectation on the women we fell in love with outside of music that when those relationships crumbled it hurt us even more. On top of which, Hypnotic and I were facing this same debacle every time: why does it seem like self-control and discipline gets punished. Simply put, we both were in faithful parties in long term relationships that ended when our romantic partners were not faithful. That combined with life in show biz, turned us bitter when we stuck to the honor code. 

Koncepts: this beat is mad mournful with that one drawn out note that descends and ascends in the chords. I used an SP1200 on a lot of the Auditron drums courtesy of my partner Zvi and you can hear the programming gets a lot better and the drums are chunkier. Ka and Ba perfectly wrote this for how the beat felt to me. Vulnerable and hurt but still standing strong. It’s a shame the project never came out because there are so many tracks that I felt were just the perfect distillation of a feeling, this was one of those. Probably my personal favorite now.

Koncepts: I love this song man. Ba really showed his heart on it. And it takes skill to rap over something like this which is kinda mellow and laid back but not like, sad or down. the loop just gets me in a zone; very based. this might have been an intro beat or slated for Per Aa Ra’s project originally. There were earlier takes that I felt like Ba nailed it a bit better. But you couldn’t save takes back then and we had that stupid belief that a) we have to deliver everything in one take and b) we can definitely do the next one better. so it goes.

Karma: I remember when this was done and I would drive around with mix downs, this was the soundtrack to getting through traffic. It became synonymous with “things are going to be all right”. I struggled for many years to explain what this meant without falling into esoteric answers or metaphysics. One thing my Dad was very good at impressing upon me was “don’t feed steak to children” meaning don’t waste your time trying to explain complexities people don’t want to learn. In of myself, I was learning how to be more efficient and not waste my time. This song really gave folks a sense of optimism.

Karma: Why a final conflict? One thing I have come to terms with and this album should evidence – I can see things before they happen. I am not going to spend a single second of time on weirdos defending it. I will just state – people were downloading music from www.kemeticsuns.comthree years before Napster. Towards the middle of 1997, something was changing in the Bay Area. I was starting to get fans who worked at something called a “tech company” who would invite me to work as a contractor. They had website that had millions behind them but they couldn’t tell you what they did all day. They wanted to pay me to tell them what was cool. More and more I saw a reliance on machines as the new free labor. The dot come boom was becoming a second gold rush and I was aware it had it limits. In 2017, the largest obstacle facing the American worker is not automation. It is the perception that automation demands a better quality of life for all. There are some very good thinkers on this subject but I would direct attention at Berkeley’s own Phillip K. Dick, Frank Herbert and William Gibson.

The point being, the matter of artificial intelligence is not an if, it’s a when. Once this consciousness evolves, it will split in its belief systems. If humans can be cruel, please believe there are machine gods that can be crueler. I am reminded of the quote by Francis de la Rochefoucauld, “Man believes he has abandoned his vices when in fact they abandoned him long ago”. Now looking at where we are with a new year, self driving cars and a new a president, I suspect we are at the placed I had hoped to avoid. Maybe there are some jewels in here for our fans in the years to come.
The album in its entirety is below:

When To Walk Away Pt.5

Preview to The Long Goodbye


Ultimately I believe it was this album that transitioned the Kemetic Suns. We didn’t break up. We didn’t quit. We moved on. The stresses of this album may have been too much. These songs were performed a lot and got us two label deals. Both deals had the same dynamic: this is GREAT. Then you get into the studio to re-record everything and the labels sends in their composition army to get hands on your publishing. Once the songs are done, the contract amendment comes and it requires 36 months of touring with a live band to play all the songs the label wants additions to with $30k of tour support split among 8 people. How many times do you do the same scenario before reaching insanity? How many times do you get bumped from your show time and not want to snap on everyone from the promoter to the venue? How many times do you choke a promoter for the money for your show money, plane ticket money, hotel money and per diem only to go on stage rapping about helping people before your mind fizzles? More and more. Also there was a reality that Koncepts and I came to realize at SXSW in 2001. We hated the road. Touring was living on the road. Living on the road was being a grown latch key kid stuck between parent’s homes. It was miserable. At 16 I was already thinking like a 26 year old. Imagine where my head was at 24, being asked to make drunk and high 19 year olds of suburbia happy on stage for 45 minutes night after night. Most of the guys who adored that life look like Larry Holmes now – flabby, sick, soft and slow to answer. Meanwhile Eclipse and I were making much larger checks pulling strings behind the scenes without needing to be in the spotlight.


Perhaps the final moment for me was August 2004 when I discovered my mother couldn’t walk. She could barely eat much less explain the pain she was in. After seeing over twenty different doctors, it was clear my mother would need surgery and would need a full time caregiver. I made the announcement to the Kemetic Suns that I was bowing out to free up time for my mother. Mostly everyone was supportive. I disappeared as quickly as I emerged. During this time Kirby and Hypnotic did their Kirb and Chris album


In June of 2005, my father was diagnosed with stage two Alzheimer’s dementia. The doctor took his license on the spot and told us to focus on “quality of life” because they didn’t expect him to live past two years. My mother’s illness combined with my father’s diagnosis and the demons of the road pushed me over the edge. I crawled inside a bottle for a time. I was convinced that I had hurt my parents with my music. I burned my rhyme pads and decided to never write a rap again. When I emerged I had a new path and oath to keep to my father.


Over the next five years, I became a new person in learning to go from being a Kemetic Sun to being the best son I could be. I found that many of the skills I learned through the music, were transferrable to helping my father. I also learned a great deal about my willpower, drive and commitment. My father was and is my world. My reason for being. A strong, hard, magician of a man who was loved by all he came across; even his enemies had to respect him. In 1995 when I handed my father a copy of 30 Daze and A Plane Ticket I had no idea the journey I would take. When I asked him what he thought, he played the Daddy Please skit for me and asked if I was talking to him. I vehemently denied it but I was deeply hurt that he thought I was airing him out. I shouted him out at the end of the album but he didn’t seem to hear that. I don’t think he believed me. That never set well with me.

Quality Of Life

When my father died, I had a brand new appreciation. I couldn’t just nod. I had to act. I knew he deserved some act to offset the notion that a song had been laid against him. I began writing songs about caring for my father. When things got very bad, Koncepts and Peek started sending me beats. I don’t know why. They don’t either. We are all being polite around the fact that they were worried about me. I would drive my father around to different appointments and play the beats that I was given. Music was good for my father’s moods. During the late nights in the emergency room, I wrote science fiction in my head. This project ended up becoming The Paper Thrones. During the mornings when I was trying to pay for everything, I wrote rhymes as I drove. The combination opened my eyes to the amount of people who were just starting the journey I was on. More and more I saw signs of millions of people caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s and no one speaking for them; or to them. I knew I had to say goodbye to you fans, to my father and to any hold this disease thinks it may have over me. I will not die of Alzheimer’s. If I do, it is because I went down fighting and I hurt the hell out of it.

Sometime in the near future I will release to you this tribute called The Long Goodbye. A 21 track album that is both a tribute to my father and also my way of closure with the people I meet who tell me how much good Kemetic Suns did for their lives. This will be the solo album the fans were promised. It absolutely sounds like a Kemetic Suns album; I am told it sounds like a grown man Ambershine. I have ZERO interest in selling the album. My goal is to see how money we can raise to fight Alzheimer’s using this album. Some simple value proposition such as “If you donate $1 to this cause, you get a code to download the album”.

I hope this answered the questions. I hope this gave you what you were looking for. I hope you will join me one last time for The Long Goodbye.

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Киран ищет сестру.
[arden cho]
!!! внешность выкуплена


☫ раса: чародейка;
☫ возраст: 24/307;
☫ ориентация: на ваше усмотрение;
☫ семейное положение: на ваше усмотрение;
☫ сторона: законница;
☫ сфера деятельности: на ваше усмотрение.

сюжетная линия
Первое впечатление, как заведено, чаще всего бывает обманчивым и, если вам довелось встретить на своем пути эту девушку, совет вам на будущее - не делайте поспешных выводов. Айрин - ураган, ведь не зря она носит имя одного из известных смертоносных природных явлений. Младшая Уэйд не из тех, кого можно приручить, скорее, наоборот, - она с радостью сделает любого из вас своим домашним питомцем, но при первой же возможности вышвырнет на улицу, заменяя новой игрушкой. Ее лучшие друзья - колкость, жестокость и равнодушие, а верные спутники - ненависть, невероятное одиночество, беспримерная бессердечность и холод. Мужчины и женщины в равной степени западают на нее, несмотря на то, что ей плевать абсолютно на всех, кроме себя. Многие думают, что она терпеливая, хотя на самом деле - безразличная. Смесь бушующего огня и спокойствия глади воды - несочетаемость в одном флаконе. Она привыкла говорить в лицо, а не в спину, так уж ее выдрессировали с самого детства. Любит риск, азартна, но когда дело касается серьезной ситуации может быть рассудительной. Решительная в достижении своих целей, непреклонна ни перед кем, не выносит конкуренции. Артистична, и если «врать и не краснеть» относится к разряду способностей, то да, эта способность развита в ней лучше других. Свободолюбива и немного ветреная. Обладает хорошей памятью и отменной интуицией. Даже в самых сложных ситуациях сохраняет спокойствие, здравый смысл и терпение, чтобы принять правильное решение, с помощью которого сможет выпутаться из любой проблемы. Уверенна и тверда в своих убеждениях. Прагматик. Никому не доверяет и до самого конца держит в рукаве пару козырных тузов. Айрин противоречивая личность - может как спасти вас, так и ударить ножом в спину. 

»» Киран и Айрин за всю свою жизнь встречались единожды - на похоронах их отца, и сказать, что эта встреча была долгожданной и похожей на встречу кровных родственников, наверное даже язык не повернется. Девушку с детства попрекали и сравнивали со старшим братом, несмотря на то, что она никогда и в глаза его не видела. Родители не понимали, что таковыми своими способами воспитания они не прививали ей любовь к Кирану, а наоборот - воспитывали в ней ненависть ко всему, что вообще могло касаться ее нерадивого старшего братца.
»» Их первая и последняя встреча прошла в лучших традициях встреч ненавистных друг другу родственников - ссоры, крики и громкие угрозы. После похорон отца они оба приняли решение больше никогда не видеться. И если Киран почти сразу же позабыл об этом обоюдном согласии, то Айрин всю свою жизнь всячески пыталась исбегать встреч с братом, что порой доходило чуть ли не до паранойи - если до девушки доходили слухи о том, что они с Уэйдом находятся в одном городе или даже стране, она тут же меняла свое место жительства.
»» В какой-то период жизни, сила Айрин стала выходить из-под контроля, а все ее попытки справиться с бушующей в крови магией заканчивались смертями ни в чем не повинных людей. С каждым днем она превращалась в бомбу замедленного действия и, осознавая, что в любой момент может взорваться и повернуть все вокруг в хаос, она приняла для себя самое сложное решение в своей жизни - обратиться за помощью к тому, кто, в свое время, лично испытал на своей шкуре все круги ада. И вот, терзая себя за собственную слабость и убеждая, что все это лишь для спасения ее же жизни, Айрин появляется на пороге дома Кирана, с пустыми глазами и разбитой вдребезги душой, потому что, несмотря на ненависть к старшему брату, она знает - он единственный, кто сможет о ней позаботиться.

дополнительная информация◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈// биография целиком и полностью в вашем распоряжении, но я с радостью помогу вам продумать каждый год жизни Айрин, также как и обязательно поделюсь с вами информацией о себе, так как о родителях практически ничего не писал и, я надеюсь, что их историю мы с вами придумаем вместе;
// имя, возраст и прочее изменению подлежит; внешность и раса неприкасаемы;
// мы общительные ребята, что означает, что мы ждем от вас не только игровую, но и флудовую активность; будьте к этому готовы;

средства связи◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈
на первом этапе гостевая форума.

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Lorraine Rita and Edward "Ed" Warren  45-50 | люди | Вера Фармига и Патрик Уилсон

Эд и Лоррейн Уоррены — американские исследователи паранормальных явлений. Уоррены основали Общество психических исследований Новой Англии, самую старую группу охотников за привидениями в Новой Англии, и открыли «Оккультный музей Уорренов». Они — авторы многочисленных книг о паранормальном и их частных расследованиях различных случаев паранормальной активности. Заявляли, что расследовали более 10 тысяч случаев за свою карьеру. Уоррены были среди первых исследователей противоречивого феномена призрака Амитивилля.
Уоррены являются единственными оставшимися в живых родственниками у Пэтти, с которыми она прожила почти пять лет, помогая им в их работе.
И да, именно благодаря вам, я не боюсь призраков и прочих созданий ночи. Думаю, отношения с обоими доверительные, подробнее выясним вместе.


Я в глаза твои, как в зеркало, смотрюсь,
Отражение потерять свое боюсь,
Не хочу, чтоб ты лишь гостем был
В сумраке ночей и судьбе моей.

Сказать по правде, до встречи с Барри я не верила в существование такой... "вещи", как любовь. Настоящая любовь, которую воспевают поэты, про которую снимают фильмы и пишут книги. Чувство, ради которого люди идут на подчас действительно чудовищные поступки. Или может быть просто внушила себе мысль о том, что недостойна. В конце концов я не сделала в жизни ничего хорошего, чтобы заслужить подобные чувства. Из-за меня и моей глупости погиб отец. Я всего лишь глупая девочка. Эгоистка, думающая только о себе и своих развлечениях, забывшая о своих обязанностях. О человеке, который вложил в меня душу. Я разочаровываю всех, кто сталкивается со мной. Единственным понимающим меня человеком была моя тетя, но и с ней связь я потеряла по определенным, опять же зависящим от меня причинам. Вся моя жизнь состоит из неправильно сделанных выборов. И каждая дорожка приводит меня к очередному разочарованию. К этому привыкаешь на определенном этапе. И уже не ждешь ничего хорошего от Судьбы, принимая предписанное тебе с покорностью. Лишь стараешься скрывать боль от окружающих людей, дабы не предоставлять им преимущество. Сколько себя помню, я всегда была довольно закрытой, не подпускала близко людей, практически ничего не рассказывала о себе. Я погружалась в иные миры. Много читала. Очень любила комиксы и фантастику, а перед сном представляла себе иной мир, созданный мной. Где были живы родители, где я была лучшим человеком. И иногда подсознание делало мне подарки. Мне действительно снились мои миры, которые продолжали мои истории, улучшали их. И вы можете себе представить, с каким разочарованием я обычно просыпалась и погружалась в свой серый мир. Это не были подарки. Это были суровые напоминания о моих ошибках.

Последние месяцы в Централ-Сити стали самыми счастливыми за всю мою жизнь после того, как я потеряла родителей. Мне действительно, словно стало легче дышать, я чаще улыбалась и радовалась каждому прожитому дню, даже если мне приходилось лицом к лицу сталкиваться с самыми отвратительными поступками человеческой расы. Но все изменилось тогда, когда Барри стал неотъемлемой частью моего доселе никчемного существования. Когда можно было украдкой ловить его взгляд или загадочно улыбаться, на удивление и вопросы со стороны Джо. Когда наши встречи стали чаще и перестали носить случайный характер. Наше первое свидание было в равной степени милым и смущающим обе стороны. Мне нравилось проводить с ним время. Честно, мне ни с кем до него не было так комфортно и спокойно. Я уж не говорю про ту часть, которая включает в себя поцелуи украдкой и теплые объятия. Это было особенно приятно. Я не могла найти в нем ни одной раздражающей меня детали, а когда он улыбался и смотрел на меня, если честно, я забывала, как нужно дышать. И зачем вообще. Он играючи вошел в мою жизнь и очень быстро стал просто неотъемлемой частью, вытеснив все переживания и неуверенность в себе. С ним я была настоящей. Сбросила все свои маски. С Барри я просто жила.
И очевидно, что сейчас Судьба предъявляет мне счет за незаслуженное счастье.

Ты там, где свет, а я где боль, где силы нет владеть собой.
Где жизнь струна, и ей длина – обрывок сна.

Почему тебе не достаточно только меня, чтобы остаться, — его слова задевают меня сильнее, чем я показываю. Может быть сердцем, подсознательно, я и знаю, почему он так поступает и так говорит, но тем не менее, какая-то моя часть действительно верит, что он думает обо мне именно так. Что мне нужен Флэш — герой целого города. Силы покидают меня. Это не то, на что я рассчитывала. Я не хотела, чтобы он сдался. Я дала ему столько шансов открыть мне правду. И я ужасно устала от лжи. Поначалу и я не могла открыть ему всей правды обо мне, но в конечном итоге все же набралась смелости, ведь тогда мне казалось, что Барри — это человек, с которым я хотела бы провести остаток своей жизни, как бы смешно это не звучало, учитывая, что мы знакомы-то всего пару месяцев. Я просто знала, не знаю откуда, чувствовала душой, что он — моя половина. Слышали, наверно, этот старый, как мир, миф, что все люди изначально были созданы цельными, соединенными воедино в одном теле, мужчина и женщина. Но потом что-то их разделило, и некоторым там и не предоставляется шанса найти столь необходимую часть себя.
Я принадлежу ему, я точно это знаю.
И я совсем уже не уверена, что стать криминалистом — это действительно мечта всей моей жизни. Кажется, моя мечта только что стала для меня совершенно недостижимой. Что же, сама виновата. Переоценила себя. Думала, что помогаю Барри принять правильное решение, вот только у нас с ним разные представления о правильном.
Я хочу остаться. В этом городе. С ним, но должна быть уверена, что он хочет того же самого. Что я тоже нужна ему здесь. Мне нужно было, чтобы он остановил меня. Сказал вслух пару важных слов. Дал причину остаться. Причину, гораздо более вескую, чем какое-то глупое обучение. Неужели он не понимает?
Я... пожалуйста, поверь в меня, доверься, я не отвернусь от тебя никогда, я люблю тебя — даже я понимаю насколько неуместным, пусть и совершенно искренним было бы это признание. Я была совершенно уверенна в своих чувствах и даже хотела сказать это ему еще в галерее. Просто испугалась тогда, что он неправильно поймет или решит, что это слишком быстро и что я тороплю события или что-то от него требую. Но обстановка, музыка и наш танец — все вокруг казалось правильным и уместным. И когда я почти решилась, сначала куда-то исчез Барри, потом появился этот замедляющий время человек. И все завертелось. А потом похищение и чудесное спасение. Снова нелепые оправдания от моего... а нет уже не моего криминалиста. От немоего героя. И в довершение всего это глупое письмо. Честно, я просто запуталась, пытаясь понять, что мне делать со своей жизнью. Мне правда нравится в Централ-Сити, нравится работать бок о бок с Джо, знакомиться с друзьями Барри, проводить с ними время, а вечера посвящать только Аллену, оставляя все прочее за пределами нашего маленького мирка. Мне казалось, что я наконец нашла свое место, если даже не вспоминала и не волновалась по поводу своего заявления о приеме. Но я не могу так больше. Я устала от постоянного вранья и, если честно, не вижу никакой проблемы в том, что Барри — это мета-человек, да к тому же сам Флэш. Да он ведь уже столько раз спасал меня, а у меня не было возможности поблагодарить толком. Мне хотелось сейчас сказать бы ему, как много он для меня значит, но понимаю, что это ничего не изменит.
Он принял решение. Он не хочет меня в своей жизни. И несмотря на то, что все мое нутро стремится к нему, быть рядом с ним, гордость не позволяет мне умолять. Чуть расправляю плечи, загоняя боль глубоко внутрь себя. Мне нужно только добраться до своей квартиры, прежде чем я позволю себе по-настоящему расклеиться. И выпустить из себя все эмоции.
Что же... Останови меня, пожалуйста, я не смогу без тебя! Я тогда лучше пойду, — проглотив горький комок в горле все же тихо бормочу, не доверяя в полной мере своему голосу. Может быть со временем и станет легче. Но я точно знаю, что я никогда его не забуду. И никогда не перестану задавать себе один и тот же вопрос. А что, если... Может быть ему просто нужно было чуть больше времени, чтобы открыть мне правду. Что, если я потеряла его из-за своей собственной глупости. Нет смысла винить во всем неодушевленное письмо или искать виноватых среди мета-людей. Это я сделала этот шаг первой. Я вынудила его сделать этот выбор, когда он не был готов. Я все испортила.
Пока, Барри, — сейчас мне больше всего на свете хочется, чтобы он меня остановил, обнял, вновь почувствовать себя, как дома. На своем месте. Нужной кому-то также сильно, как и он мне нужен. Он не двигается с места, а пауза между нами затягивается.
Я просто хочу, чтобы он был счастлив.
Я ошиблась в одном. Он не хочет быть счастлив рядом со мной. Выдавив из себя улыбку, почти искреннюю, в какой-то степени даже воодушевляющую, разворачиваюсь и выхожу из лаборатории, тыльной стороной ладони стирая с глаз слезы, стараясь не смазать тушь. Мне еще необходимо пройти через все здание департамента полиции. Здание, полное лучших детективом, и чтобы никто не заметил, в каком я состоянии. К счастью, мне удается преодолеть это расстояние, никого не встретив на пути, кто уделил бы мне больше мгновения своего времени. Все были погружены в свои дела. Кто-то возвращался с патруля, с преступниками в наручниках. Кто-то зевал, пил кофе и заканчивал отчеты. Кто-то собирался домой. Обычный вечер в департаменте. Сердце кольнуло от мысли, что я больше не буду их частью. Завтра с утра на стол Сингха ляжет заявление по собственному от меня, а чуть позже поезд увезет меня в другой город. Я больше их не увижу. Не давая себе передумать, быстро пересекаю холл и оказываюсь на улице. Глубоко вдыхаю свежий ночной воздух, понимая, что вести машину я не в состоянии. Ладно, утром вызову такси, а пока лучше прогуляться немного. Тем более, что до моего дома не так уж и далеко. А если срезать путь, то и вовсе минут пятнадцать. А мне это только пойдет на пользу. Запахиваю пиджак и скрещиваю руки на груди, пытаясь сохранить тепло. На улице не так уж и холодно, но ветер кажется дует с севера, а небо на горизонте заложено тяжелыми тучами. Ночью будет гроза. Погода прекрасно отражает мое внутреннее состояние. Вздыхаю, кручу головой, чтобы сориентироваться, и уверенно шагаю в нужную сторону, после опуская глаза на дорогу и прокручивая в голове наш диалог. Сделала ли я все, чтобы переубедить его? Достаточно ли было этих слов? Я не замечаю ничего вокруг себя, пока не понимаю, что больше не одна. Рука тянется к поясу, где в кобуре должно лежать мое табельное оружие, но натыкается лишь на пустоту. И по взгляду стоящего напротив меня мужчины, я понимаю, что ему нужны не только мои деньги и ценные вещи. Даже без привычного веса пистолета, я все равно не собираюсь просто так сдаваться и облегчать ему задачу. Сердце обрывается, когда я слышу шаги позади себя. Один? Без вопросов, у нападающего нет шансов. Отлично по самообороне дают не за красивые глаза. Два? Задача усложняется, но не становится неразрешимой. Излишне громко вздыхаю, окидывая взглядом обстановку. Переулок кажется заброшенным. В окнах не горит свет, а некоторые и вовсе разбиты.
Где я оказалась? Почему не решила выбрать долгий путь?

Статья в википедии про настоящих Эда и Лорейн:Уоррен,_Эд_и_Лоррейн - в общем, предлагаю вам немного сдвинуть хронологию, что не сильно повлияет на становление персонажей, но вы имеете полное право включать эти события в свою хронологию.
Теперь касательно непосредственно кроссовера двух фандомов. Мне хочется, чтобы Лорэйн была сестрой моей матери и чтобы Уоррены взяли меня к себе, после смерти моего отца и помогли смириться с моей потерей. Это гарантирует вам завязку на моем фандоме сто процентов)
Что хочется от вас: появление раз в два дня, грамотные посты [размер совсем не важен] хотя бы раз в месяц, немного личного общения [можно в лс] и заинтересованности в роли.
Помогу вам с графикой насколько смогу :3
Очень ждем вас нашим кастом :3

          crossdom … 50#p907350


Lorraine Rita and Edward "Ed" Warren  45-50 | люди | Вера Фармига и Патрик Уилсон

Эд и Лоррейн Уоррены — американские исследователи паранормальных явлений. Уоррены основали Общество психических исследований Новой Англии, самую старую группу охотников за привидениями в Новой Англии, и открыли «Оккультный музей Уорренов». Они — авторы многочисленных книг о паранормальном и их частных расследованиях различных случаев паранормальной активности. Заявляли, что расследовали более 10 тысяч случаев за свою карьеру. Уоррены были среди первых исследователей противоречивого феномена призрака Амитивилля.
Уоррены являются единственными оставшимися в живых родственниками у Пэтти, с которыми она прожила почти пять лет, помогая им в их работе.
И да, именно благодаря вам, я не боюсь призраков и прочих созданий ночи. Думаю, отношения с обоими доверительные, подробнее выясним вместе.


Я в глаза твои, как в зеркало, смотрюсь,
Отражение потерять свое боюсь,
Не хочу, чтоб ты лишь гостем был
В сумраке ночей и судьбе моей.

Сказать по правде, до встречи с Барри я не верила в существование такой... "вещи", как любовь. Настоящая любовь, которую воспевают поэты, про которую снимают фильмы и пишут книги. Чувство, ради которого люди идут на подчас действительно чудовищные поступки. Или может быть просто внушила себе мысль о том, что недостойна. В конце концов я не сделала в жизни ничего хорошего, чтобы заслужить подобные чувства. Из-за меня и моей глупости погиб отец. Я всего лишь глупая девочка. Эгоистка, думающая только о себе и своих развлечениях, забывшая о своих обязанностях. О человеке, который вложил в меня душу. Я разочаровываю всех, кто сталкивается со мной. Единственным понимающим меня человеком была моя тетя, но и с ней связь я потеряла по определенным, опять же зависящим от меня причинам. Вся моя жизнь состоит из неправильно сделанных выборов. И каждая дорожка приводит меня к очередному разочарованию. К этому привыкаешь на определенном этапе. И уже не ждешь ничего хорошего от Судьбы, принимая предписанное тебе с покорностью. Лишь стараешься скрывать боль от окружающих людей, дабы не предоставлять им преимущество. Сколько себя помню, я всегда была довольно закрытой, не подпускала близко людей, практически ничего не рассказывала о себе. Я погружалась в иные миры. Много читала. Очень любила комиксы и фантастику, а перед сном представляла себе иной мир, созданный мной. Где были живы родители, где я была лучшим человеком. И иногда подсознание делало мне подарки. Мне действительно снились мои миры, которые продолжали мои истории, улучшали их. И вы можете себе представить, с каким разочарованием я обычно просыпалась и погружалась в свой серый мир. Это не были подарки. Это были суровые напоминания о моих ошибках.

Последние месяцы в Централ-Сити стали самыми счастливыми за всю мою жизнь после того, как я потеряла родителей. Мне действительно, словно стало легче дышать, я чаще улыбалась и радовалась каждому прожитому дню, даже если мне приходилось лицом к лицу сталкиваться с самыми отвратительными поступками человеческой расы. Но все изменилось тогда, когда Барри стал неотъемлемой частью моего доселе никчемного существования. Когда можно было украдкой ловить его взгляд или загадочно улыбаться, на удивление и вопросы со стороны Джо. Когда наши встречи стали чаще и перестали носить случайный характер. Наше первое свидание было в равной степени милым и смущающим обе стороны. Мне нравилось проводить с ним время. Честно, мне ни с кем до него не было так комфортно и спокойно. Я уж не говорю про ту часть, которая включает в себя поцелуи украдкой и теплые объятия. Это было особенно приятно. Я не могла найти в нем ни одной раздражающей меня детали, а когда он улыбался и смотрел на меня, если честно, я забывала, как нужно дышать. И зачем вообще. Он играючи вошел в мою жизнь и очень быстро стал просто неотъемлемой частью, вытеснив все переживания и неуверенность в себе. С ним я была настоящей. Сбросила все свои маски. С Барри я просто жила.
И очевидно, что сейчас Судьба предъявляет мне счет за незаслуженное счастье.

Ты там, где свет, а я где боль, где силы нет владеть собой.
Где жизнь струна, и ей длина – обрывок сна.

Почему тебе не достаточно только меня, чтобы остаться, — его слова задевают меня сильнее, чем я показываю. Может быть сердцем, подсознательно, я и знаю, почему он так поступает и так говорит, но тем не менее, какая-то моя часть действительно верит, что он думает обо мне именно так. Что мне нужен Флэш — герой целого города. Силы покидают меня. Это не то, на что я рассчитывала. Я не хотела, чтобы он сдался. Я дала ему столько шансов открыть мне правду. И я ужасно устала от лжи. Поначалу и я не могла открыть ему всей правды обо мне, но в конечном итоге все же набралась смелости, ведь тогда мне казалось, что Барри — это человек, с которым я хотела бы провести остаток своей жизни, как бы смешно это не звучало, учитывая, что мы знакомы-то всего пару месяцев. Я просто знала, не знаю откуда, чувствовала душой, что он — моя половина. Слышали, наверно, этот старый, как мир, миф, что все люди изначально были созданы цельными, соединенными воедино в одном теле, мужчина и женщина. Но потом что-то их разделило, и некоторым там и не предоставляется шанса найти столь необходимую часть себя.
Я принадлежу ему, я точно это знаю.
И я совсем уже не уверена, что стать криминалистом — это действительно мечта всей моей жизни. Кажется, моя мечта только что стала для меня совершенно недостижимой. Что же, сама виновата. Переоценила себя. Думала, что помогаю Барри принять правильное решение, вот только у нас с ним разные представления о правильном.
Я хочу остаться. В этом городе. С ним, но должна быть уверена, что он хочет того же самого. Что я тоже нужна ему здесь. Мне нужно было, чтобы он остановил меня. Сказал вслух пару важных слов. Дал причину остаться. Причину, гораздо более вескую, чем какое-то глупое обучение. Неужели он не понимает?
Я... пожалуйста, поверь в меня, доверься, я не отвернусь от тебя никогда, я люблю тебя — даже я понимаю насколько неуместным, пусть и совершенно искренним было бы это признание. Я была совершенно уверенна в своих чувствах и даже хотела сказать это ему еще в галерее. Просто испугалась тогда, что он неправильно поймет или решит, что это слишком быстро и что я тороплю события или что-то от него требую. Но обстановка, музыка и наш танец — все вокруг казалось правильным и уместным. И когда я почти решилась, сначала куда-то исчез Барри, потом появился этот замедляющий время человек. И все завертелось. А потом похищение и чудесное спасение. Снова нелепые оправдания от моего... а нет уже не моего криминалиста. От немоего героя. И в довершение всего это глупое письмо. Честно, я просто запуталась, пытаясь понять, что мне делать со своей жизнью. Мне правда нравится в Централ-Сити, нравится работать бок о бок с Джо, знакомиться с друзьями Барри, проводить с ними время, а вечера посвящать только Аллену, оставляя все прочее за пределами нашего маленького мирка. Мне казалось, что я наконец нашла свое место, если даже не вспоминала и не волновалась по поводу своего заявления о приеме. Но я не могу так больше. Я устала от постоянного вранья и, если честно, не вижу никакой проблемы в том, что Барри — это мета-человек, да к тому же сам Флэш. Да он ведь уже столько раз спасал меня, а у меня не было возможности поблагодарить толком. Мне хотелось сейчас сказать бы ему, как много он для меня значит, но понимаю, что это ничего не изменит.
Он принял решение. Он не хочет меня в своей жизни. И несмотря на то, что все мое нутро стремится к нему, быть рядом с ним, гордость не позволяет мне умолять. Чуть расправляю плечи, загоняя боль глубоко внутрь себя. Мне нужно только добраться до своей квартиры, прежде чем я позволю себе по-настоящему расклеиться. И выпустить из себя все эмоции.
Что же... Останови меня, пожалуйста, я не смогу без тебя! Я тогда лучше пойду, — проглотив горький комок в горле все же тихо бормочу, не доверяя в полной мере своему голосу. Может быть со временем и станет легче. Но я точно знаю, что я никогда его не забуду. И никогда не перестану задавать себе один и тот же вопрос. А что, если... Может быть ему просто нужно было чуть больше времени, чтобы открыть мне правду. Что, если я потеряла его из-за своей собственной глупости. Нет смысла винить во всем неодушевленное письмо или искать виноватых среди мета-людей. Это я сделала этот шаг первой. Я вынудила его сделать этот выбор, когда он не был готов. Я все испортила.
Пока, Барри, — сейчас мне больше всего на свете хочется, чтобы он меня остановил, обнял, вновь почувствовать себя, как дома. На своем месте. Нужной кому-то также сильно, как и он мне нужен. Он не двигается с места, а пауза между нами затягивается.
Я просто хочу, чтобы он был счастлив.
Я ошиблась в одном. Он не хочет быть счастлив рядом со мной. Выдавив из себя улыбку, почти искреннюю, в какой-то степени даже воодушевляющую, разворачиваюсь и выхожу из лаборатории, тыльной стороной ладони стирая с глаз слезы, стараясь не смазать тушь. Мне еще необходимо пройти через все здание департамента полиции. Здание, полное лучших детективом, и чтобы никто не заметил, в каком я состоянии. К счастью, мне удается преодолеть это расстояние, никого не встретив на пути, кто уделил бы мне больше мгновения своего времени. Все были погружены в свои дела. Кто-то возвращался с патруля, с преступниками в наручниках. Кто-то зевал, пил кофе и заканчивал отчеты. Кто-то собирался домой. Обычный вечер в департаменте. Сердце кольнуло от мысли, что я больше не буду их частью. Завтра с утра на стол Сингха ляжет заявление по собственному от меня, а чуть позже поезд увезет меня в другой город. Я больше их не увижу. Не давая себе передумать, быстро пересекаю холл и оказываюсь на улице. Глубоко вдыхаю свежий ночной воздух, понимая, что вести машину я не в состоянии. Ладно, утром вызову такси, а пока лучше прогуляться немного. Тем более, что до моего дома не так уж и далеко. А если срезать путь, то и вовсе минут пятнадцать. А мне это только пойдет на пользу. Запахиваю пиджак и скрещиваю руки на груди, пытаясь сохранить тепло. На улице не так уж и холодно, но ветер кажется дует с севера, а небо на горизонте заложено тяжелыми тучами. Ночью будет гроза. Погода прекрасно отражает мое внутреннее состояние. Вздыхаю, кручу головой, чтобы сориентироваться, и уверенно шагаю в нужную сторону, после опуская глаза на дорогу и прокручивая в голове наш диалог. Сделала ли я все, чтобы переубедить его? Достаточно ли было этих слов? Я не замечаю ничего вокруг себя, пока не понимаю, что больше не одна. Рука тянется к поясу, где в кобуре должно лежать мое табельное оружие, но натыкается лишь на пустоту. И по взгляду стоящего напротив меня мужчины, я понимаю, что ему нужны не только мои деньги и ценные вещи. Даже без привычного веса пистолета, я все равно не собираюсь просто так сдаваться и облегчать ему задачу. Сердце обрывается, когда я слышу шаги позади себя. Один? Без вопросов, у нападающего нет шансов. Отлично по самообороне дают не за красивые глаза. Два? Задача усложняется, но не становится неразрешимой. Излишне громко вздыхаю, окидывая взглядом обстановку. Переулок кажется заброшенным. В окнах не горит свет, а некоторые и вовсе разбиты.
Где я оказалась? Почему не решила выбрать долгий путь?

Статья в википедии про настоящих Эда и Лорейн:Уоррен,_Эд_и_Лоррейн - в общем, предлагаю вам немного сдвинуть хронологию, что не сильно повлияет на становление персонажей, но вы имеете полное право включать эти события в свою хронологию.
Теперь касательно непосредственно кроссовера двух фандомов. Мне хочется, чтобы Лорэйн была сестрой моей матери и чтобы Уоррены взяли меня к себе, после смерти моего отца и помогли смириться с моей потерей. Это гарантирует вам завязку на моем фандоме сто процентов)
Что хочется от вас: появление раз в два дня, грамотные посты [размер совсем не важен] хотя бы раз в месяц, немного личного общения [можно в лс] и заинтересованности в роли.
Помогу вам с графикой насколько смогу :3
Очень ждем вас нашим кастом :3

          MORSMORDRE: lost souls   

Andromeda Tonks разыскивает:
edward 'ted' tonks
armie hammer; etc

возраст: 33-35

с/п: женат

род деятельности: некогда целитель; соуправляющий в аптеке 'слизень и джиггер'

лояльность: содействует ордену феникса

чистота крови: магглорожденный

основная информация
конец декабря. глубокий вечер. и уже близок тот миг,
когда гаснут фонари, зажигаются свечи. ночь ложится тихо на плечи твои.
и всё, и все вокруг вкрадчивым шепотом говорят о нашей встрече.
через тысячу лет темноты скоро

     тед - это её сокровище. андромеда каждый раз щурится, когда солнце заливает утренними лучами их маленькую спальню. андромеда проходит кончиками пальцев по его чертам лица, всматривается в первые морщинки и не может налюбоваться. она не может поверить в то, что когда-то набралась смелости и сбежала. она не может поверить тому, что потеряв всё, выиграла главный приз в своей жизни.
     они впервые встречаются в декабре семидесятого. андромеда блэк - его стажер. андромеда блэк утром корпит над лекциями, а вечером совершает с ним плановые обходы и учится накладывать повязки. андромеда задаёт много вопросов и подмечает то, что видят не все. он борется с её извечно учтивым 'мистер тонкс', а также закатывает глаза при каждом упоминании его полного имени. он ведь тед. просто тед. вот только андромеда блэк так не думает.
     она наблюдает за ним, когда он заполняет истории болезней. у теда тонкса синяки под глазами от бессонных ночей и чаша черного чая, которую он каждый раз проливает по нелепым случайностям. андромеда хочет использовать очищающее заклинание, но тед использует простое полотенце. у тонкса в кармане всегда несколько карамельных леденцов (он говорит детям, что конфеты волшебные и исполняют желания). у тонкса в памяти истории из детства, где он с младшими братьями и сёстрами жил в большом доме. где его матушка каждую пятницу готовила лучшие булочки с заварным кремом (позже, этот рецепт перекочует в поваренную книгу андромеды). в его воспоминания детство солнечное, яркое и неугомонное. в его воспоминаниях прыгают солнечные зайчики.в его кабинете всегда дежурный беспорядок. тед неловко пытается привести всё в приличное состояние, но терпит лишь поражение. тед приносит в их кабинет букеты полевых цветов с бусинами утренней росы. он говорит, что эта терапия для пациентов, но меда знает - не только. она покупает для них обоих булочки в местной пекарне. она сортирует его истории болезней и приводит в порядок содержимое бесконечных стеллажей. тед рассказывает ей то, что не написано в книгах; то, что не услышишь от светских дам на приёмах. тед рассказывает ей о жизни, в которой у тебя есть выбор и свобода.
     спустя год полтора года она всё-таки называет его 'тед'. и это звучит лучше любых признаний в симпатиях. меда ворчит на него, когда он добавляет ингредиенты в зелья на глаз. тед не привык к служебным романам, но отчего-то ему нравится проводить время с мисс блэк. как-то он приглашает её на ужин. 'в кафе за углом правит иммигрант-итальянец. у них готовят отличные морепродукты'. андромеда неловко переминается с ноги на ногу и отказывает. 'простите, я не могу составлять компанию такому, как вы'. ей хочется сказать, что она его не достойна. ей хочется сказать, что дело вовсе не в том, какого он происхождения. но дело всегда в этом. дело в её вышколенной манере держаться на расстоянии с магглорожденными волшебниками (тед уверенно его сокращает), дело в вездесущих знакомых, что с радостью донесут будущему супругу об ужинах в компании с другим мужчиной. иногда ей кажется тесный кабинет в мунго более уютным, чем родовое поместье. иногда ей кажется, что тогда она сделала самую большую ошибку.
     я всё понял, мисс блэк.
     прошу прощения.

помнишь наше первое танго? под этот танец мы шли
с тобой под венец. слияние двух сердец.

     спаси меня, тед.

    она задыхается в немом крике. она не в силах более сталкиваться с его ледяным безразличием. она не в силах более представлять себе день, когда станет супругой человека, что ей омерзителен. её немой крик о помощи ставится громким. андромеда принимает его утешение. андромеда опирается на его плече и чувствует, как крепко он сжимает её ладони. я всегда буду рядом, андромеда. в с е г д а. она долго взвешивает про и контра, сомневается, обдумывает любой исход. андромеда выбирает его глаза цвета весеннего неба. андромеда уходит из дома в феврале семьдесят второго. андромеда выбирает теда и ставит на карту всё.
     мисс блэк жалеет о принятом решении уже вечером, когда скрывается в его крохотной съёмной квартире. мисс блэк думает, что может, всё ещё может отмотать и вернуть. они лишком разные с тедом. слишком. андромеда не подходит для роли хранительницы очага и заботливой жены. она с опаской смотрит в сторону плиты. андромеда срывается и становится нервной. тед терпит. тед понимает. пока в один вечер новоиспеченная жена не получает ответную реакцию.
     если ты хочешь жить прошлым - пожалуйста.
     я тебя не держу

     сегодня меда вспоминает те дни с грустью и стыдом. она не может понять, как была такой глупой. тед не умеет делать широких жестов (да и надоели они ей сполна), вся красота и забота - в мелочах. он искренне радуется новости о беременности. он берёт консультации у лучших целителей-акушеров и мужественно справляется с обязанностями идеального мужа. андромеда меняется. становится мягче, добрее. андромеда следит за тем, как он справляется с ужином и постигает кулинарию шаг за шагом. она уже почти не вспоминает о семье, на фамильном древе которой её имя выжжено. она уже почти не вспоминает о лучшем друге. андромеда начинает их жизнь с чистого листа, когда испытания бытом пройдены, но в прошлом не оставлены.
     их маленькая квартира тонет в лучах утреннего солнца. их маленькая квартира украшена разбросанными игрушками доры. стены их гостиной и спальни переполнены десятками колдофото и первыми рисунками дочери. меде нравится наблюдать за тем, как муж заваривает овсянку, а вокруг него семенит дора, что-то лепеча об увиденном сне. нимфадоре снятся яркие сказки, порой сменяющиеся кошмарами. нимфадора говорит о группе фей, и цвет её волос непроизвольно меняется. меда замирает в прихожей. прячется в дверном проёме, желая продлить их утренний ритуал «пусть мама спит - у неё вчера была долгая смена». и тут же оказывается замеченной. (а ведь когда-то она умела играть в прятки) дора несется к маме с громкими криками и безумной радостью. бросается в распростертые для объятий руки. замирает буквально на секунду. крепко сжимает шею миссис тонкс тонкими ручками. и снова говорит взахлёб о волшебных созданиях, скрасивших её сновидения. меде нравится обхватывать широкий торс мужа, пробегать кончиками пальцем по животу. тед сосредоточенно наблюдает за готовящимся завтраком. меда прикасается щекой к его спине и закрывает глаза. улыбку супруга она чувствует, даже не видя. их маленькая квартира пропитана счастьем. и она всё отдала за этот миг. и даже война не сможет этому помешать.


♦ тед - выходец из большой семьи, где возглавлял плеяду отпрысков. он привык к шуму и гаму в доме, разбросанным вещам и поздним завтракам по субботам. шлёпать босыми пятками по деревянному полу, собирать грязные чашки в лабиринте комнат и носить застиранные футболки до дыр;
♦ мужчина предпочитает справляться с бытовыми трудностями собственными руками, не используя чары по возможности. и тонксу это удаётся. если не всё, то значительная часть дел просто горит под его умелыми руками;
♦ до замужества андромеда совершенно не умела готовить. все отношения волшебницы с кухонной плитой заканчивались свистящим чайником и ароматом чайных листьев, следующим за ним. благодаря талантливому учителю (мужу), андромеда шаг за шагом постигает кулинарию;
♦ эдвард - бойкий и трудолюбивый, целеустремленный и способен идти к своему семимильными шагами со скоростью хогвартс-экспресса. тот факт, что за спиной мистера тонкса остался хаффлпафф (но вы можете сменить этот факультет), не делает его пассивным и безучастным. он азартен и легок на подъём, способен быстро реагировать в сложных ситуациях и брать на себя ответственность. впрочем, это ни на йоту не уменьшает его феноменальной неуклюжести;
♦ дора - папина дочка, непоседа и редкостная егоза. для девочки тед - не просто авторитет, а лучший друг, напарник по ночным набегам на вазы с печеньем и соучастник преждевременной дегустации именинных тортов. тед всегда хотел нескольких отпрысков, однако, в связи с тяжелой беременностью дромеды и войной за окном, пара откладывает всё до лучших времён;
♦ никто из семьи теда не знает, что мужчина - волшебник, а также и не подозревает об истории их брака с медой. свёкр всерьёз предполагает по аристократическим замашкам невестки, что она приходится родственницей королеве елизавете. для старшего поколения тонксов меда лишилась семьи, а с опекунами отношения не поддерживает. в связи с работой теда, они вынуждены жить в тысячах километров от них. что, впрочем, не отменяет визитов на рождество и прочие праздники;
♦ год назад эдвард тонкс отказался от повышения в больнице святого мунго в пользу должности соуправляющего в аптеке 'слизень и джиггер'. занимается, по большей степени, приготовлением снадобий и поиском поставщиков;
♦ лучший друг теда - бенджамин фенвик - является членом ордена феникса. некоторое время назад он обратился за колдомедицинской помощью после одной из битв, из чего последовал нелёгкий разговор и ныне тед содействует организации дамблдора всеми силами, однако, не входит в основной состав. выполняет роль, в большей степени, целителя и поставщика лекарств, информатора организации. знаком лишь с теми членами, которым довелось помогать;
♦ это невероятно мудрый житейски человек, что собою вдохновляет андромеду. он не чает души в своих женщинах и на вопросы об успехе своего брака отвечает 'я сам их воспитал', ведь так оно и есть. если бы не любовь и мудрость мистера тонкса, не известно, как закончилась бы эта история.

у вас был шанс прийти на пробнике, когда всё было более гибко. но теперь женщина блэк берёт дело в свои руки. не буду повторять прописные истины. жду игрока заинтересованного, готового к обсуждению. (ждёт также рабастан лестрейндж, чтобы яростно желать смерти, и семейство блэк, что презрительно морщит нос при упоминании 'грязнокровки, что украл их андромеду') от себя скажу, что пишу от третьего предпочтительно, но воспринимаю и работаю с другими лицами повествования, строчные или заглавные - не суть. подстраиваюсь. я хочу написать историю их союза наиболее правдоподобной и логичной, той, в которую вы поверите.
upd. внезапно вспомнила о джозефе моргане: один, два, три. (да, меда любит разрушать стереотипы) как вариант, можете предложить кого-либо третьего, подходящего под возраст.

          Emilia Clarke | Эмилия Кларк   

Можно без копирайта.

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twerking savage instagram deactivate,twerk vines unblocked qbert,twerk baby twerk machine,twerk nicki minaj on saturday was first posted on June 30, 2017 at 1:04 am.
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          Discover Great Britain   
Pretty cool Tumblr theme usage. I dig the color and photography utilized here to make what’s just a tumblr blog of photos into something fun and useful.
          Ben Pieratt   
Poring over @pieratt‘s new site. Lots of beautiful and thoughtful work here: — Dan Mall (@danielmall) December 4, 2012 Super simple and minimal design for Ben Pieratt’s portfolio website. It’s a Tumblr site too, I always love it when someone does a superb job with a Tumblr site. Lovely work and ultra simple presentation […]
I love the tumblr site design. It’s a fairly straight forward layout, very much a blog layout. What I like most about it is the huge header area, with the logo type (the crown is super cool) and the social icons. I especially like that “about” text, it’s not full of bravado and is really […]
Tumblr’s website, or specifically the signup form that’s on their home page, has been something i’ve raved about in past posts and talks. I was and still is a simple success. With just three fields Tumblr has you singed up, logged in and blogging in like 5 seconds. They didn’t mess with that in this […]
I love the headline on this site “shut up i’m talking” I feel like that sometimes too. I love that this is a Tumblr site and that it’s using the Google Font API service. Generally I like the design, I like the light type choices and the icons (the big mic icon is especially nice) […]
I love this site, and the fact that it’s on Tumblr makes me happy. Super crisp detail to the design elements makes this simple blog stand head and shoulders above most i’ve seen. Great work here!
There’s not much to this blog design, it’s really very simple. It’s a custom Tumblr theme, which always impresses me when someone throws down on Tumblr like this. I love the header and footer background and the little bird illustration. Nice little blog design here.
          Σχόλιο στο Casting News WS: Η Briana Buckmaster γίνεται Series Regular από Castiel Lover   
Ουάου! Θα το δω σίγουρα. Επίσης να δεις το moving alan. Παίζει και Misha (κάνει μια διχασμένη προσωπικότητα) και Pellegrino!!! Τι κάνεις ρε ψυχή;;; Καιρό έχω να σε δω!!! Πώς τα πήγες με εξετάσεις κλπ;;; (tumblr έχεις;) Την ταινία την βρήκα ολόκληρη εδώ: (έχει πολύ πλάκα. Πήγαινε περίπου στην 1 ώρα)
          Instagram añade nuevas funciones para ocultar comentarios ofensivos de tus fotos y reducir el spam   


A finales de 2016 Instagram dio el primer paso adelante para dar un poco de control a los usuarios sobre la forma en la que otros interactúan con sus publicaciones. Esa vez se añadió la opción para filtrar palabras específicas de los comentarios de una foto.

Ahora, la red social que ya cuenta con más de 700 millones de usuarios activos al mes, ha creado un nuevo filtro automático para esconder los comentarios ofensivos de las publicaciones.

Tumblr Inline Osa280kkbu1qm4rc3

La función que llegará inicialmente a los usuarios de la Instagran en inglés, aparece en la página de ajustes en la sección de comentarios. Se activa por defecto y de querer desactivar la opción solo deberás desmarcarla.

Esto es diferente al filtro para ocultar comentarios inapropiados según palabras clave, pues este ha sido desarrollado por la empresa para bloquear comentarios ofensivos en posts y vídeo en vivo de forma automática, incluyan o no esas palabras clave.

Junto a la llegada del filtro de comentarios también han anunciado unn nuevo filtro de spam en nueve idiomas, incluído español. Este sistema está potenciado por inteligencia artificial que ha sido entrenada para reconocer ciertos tipos de comentarios ofensivos y molestos para que no tengas que verlos más.

Fuente | Instagram
En Genbeta | Con este pequeño truco puedes publicar fotos en Instagram desde Chrome para Windows, Linux o Mac

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La noticia Instagram añade nuevas funciones para ocultar comentarios ofensivos de tus fotos y reducir el spam fue publicada originalmente en Genbeta por Gabriela González .

          Playing Pokémon GO in New York   

A new mobile game has everyone talking — and walking right into oncoming traffic. Pokémon GO uses GPS and augmented reality to let players catch the various creatures via their phone in the real world. It’s highly addictive, and a little bit dangerous. We tested out the game in New York, to see what all the hype was about. Read more: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR:

The post Playing Pokémon GO in New York appeared first on Pokemon Trainer Tips.

          Um Tumblr Vagamente Útil   
Cada vez que eu leio um artigo e gosto dele, aperto o botão Like & Archive do Instapaper e mando o link para Se a curadoria ainda serve para alguma coisa na web, aí está o link.
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          Tumblr has lost its mind   

          Encantamento para o Amor
Voce vai precisar de:

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 Pote de mel de lavanda ou de cravo
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"Some people would say to accept defeat Well if this is fate then we'll find a way to cheat" ⭐️🍹⭐️ . . . . . #polishgirl #me #selfie #beautiful #photooftheday #instagold #instagood #love #l4l #polskadziewczyna #tumblr #tumblrgirl #model #fame #again #artist #princess #vsco #goodgirl #mood #black #and #white #smile
          —¤÷(`[¤ Ali ...Nel...Vento ¤]÷¤—   


 Ali ...Nel...Vento...Io ...E...Te...



          Nieuwe aquarelkaart, Etsyshop perikelen en regen.   

Ik heb er weer een Caraibische schone bijgeschilderd
Ik ga er nog 2 bijschilderen

Maar, op dit moment is alles Etsy wat de klok slaat
Ik probeer een Etsy shop op te zetten
Ik worstel me door alle voorkomende problemen
Rare dingen waar ik tegen aan loop
Maar langzamerhand begint het me te dagen
Dank je wel voor je steun
Fijn dat ik af en toe even bij jou kan klankborden

Ik moet nu nog 1 ding uitzoeken mbt de betalingen
En dan ga ik mijn winkeltje vullen
Wat er nu staat zijn in eerste instantie probeersels

Feel good boeken
Ik vertelde een poosje terug dat ik op internet iemand gevonden had die een lijstje had gemaakt met romans die over boekwinkels gaan. Toen ik naar de bieb wilde schreef ik de titels op die me aan stonden en vergat het lijstje prompt mee te nemen. Maar, ra, ra hoe kan het? Ik ben nu 2 keer ( Ja, 2 keer vergat ik het lijstje) naar de bieb gegaan en beide keren lachte een boek me toe dat, jawel.......over een boekwinkel gaat. En ze zijn leuk. Echt heel leuk. Ik kan bijna niet ophouden te lezen.

Het weer
Het weer is omgeslagen, he? Qua temperatuur is het lekker. Maar wat viel er veel regen. 1 van mijn opgekweekte zonnebloemen was van de tafel gevallen en liep daarna in een U bocht. Gelukkig is hij weer bijgetrokken. Wat zijn planten flexibel en sterk, he? 

          Comment on Andy Mitchell and Facebook’s weird state of denial about news by Nikohl Vandel   
So, algorithmics aside, doesn't G+ and twitter, snap chat and tumblr have the same potential?
          For Black Queers, Invisibility Is Often the Best Liberation Strategy   

As one of 19 siblings, I grew up with a very particular relationship to the concept of invisibility. My parents did the best they could with what little they had to make all of their children feel as if they mattered—to feel seen. But there is only so much attention poor black parents can give to that many children when the world is intent on taking everything away from them.

As I got older and began to accept my queerness, this feeling of invisibility evolved from a universal fault to a much more complicated experience. Even though I had resented the lack of attention I was afforded growing up, I began to cherish those same moments of solitude—those times where I could build my own queer-friendly communities without fear of having them barreled over by family members working clumsily through their internalized queer antagonism, if they were working through it at all.

While establishing this community, I noticed how so many black queer folks have been forced to do the same—manifesting entire worlds of (often temporary, but always necessary) safety by ourselves, as epitomized in the creation of phenomena like ball culture. At the same time, there remains a constant push from mainstream LGBTQ organizations to increase the “visibility” of these experiences and communities in order to build empathy for and normalize them. But what, if anything, gets barreled over in that process of exposure?

Visibility efforts have long been a staple mainstream queer liberation movements. Projects like the Transgender Day of Visibility and the It Gets Better campaign rely on the same premise, perhaps best exemplified by (white) queer icon Harvey Milk who continuously pressured queer people to “come out”: If only queer folks were seen, and seen more frequently, they would be respected.

These projects are commendable enough on the surface. But in the aftermath of Philando Castile’s shooter being acquitted, even with video evidence and witnesses—after the similar end to many other comparable cases—at some point the question must be asked: Can visibility, based as it is in a notion of shared humanity, work for us if black people aren’t seen as fully human? What if the many campaigns rooted in drawing power from, or even weaponizing visibility, such as the campaign for marriage equality, benefit those most closely associated with humanity under white society (white, male, cisgender and affluent)? What if they do little for black queer communities still ravaged by more pressing concerns like HIV and homelessness epidemics, while also actually reinforcing the violence facing us? What if black queer folks making ourselves “seen” to a hostile state provides yet another opportunity for our bodies to be further criminalized?

In 2015, Bayna-Lehkeim El-Amin, a black queer man, was attacked by Jonathan Snipes, a white gay man, at a Dallas BBQ restaurant in New York City.* The incident escalated when El-Amin allegedly called Snipes and his boyfriend “white faggots” and derided them for “spilling [their] drinks.” Snipes admits to being drunk and hitting El-Amin first (video from the scene corroborates this), but he still pressed charges against the 6-foot, 6-inch tall black man when El-Amin responded by defending himself with a chair.

The judge agreed with the prosecutor that El-Amin was a bully who deserved to be punished for his over-the-top response to the attacks of “these girly men” (prosecutor’s words) after a media campaign framed the incident as “gay-bashing.” In September of last year, El-Amin was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Mitchyll Mora, a founding member of F2L, a volunteer network aiming to support queer and trans people of color facing felony level offenses in New York City, organized around the case to highlight how the media used queerness to humanize Snipes while simultaneously demonizing El-Amin.

“The larger LGBTQ community did not stand with Bayna, they criminalized him,” Mora said. In response to the incident, City Council member Corey Johnson and LGBTQ organizations held an event in Chelsea against anti-gay hate violence, the New York Daily News put Bayna on the front page, and the NYPD, under the guidance of the LGBTQ liaison Tim Duffy, began investigating the incident as a hate crime.

“A slew of articles, many from gay white men, began to surface, often focusing on the size of Bayna's body and using anti-black words like ‘brute’ and other racist descriptions to make him sound monstrous,” Mora explained. Though El-Amin’s queerness was a matter of public record, it did not grant him the same empathy it did for “girly (man)” Snipes.

“Not only is Bayna not straight, he was actively involved in the LGBTQ community in New York City, depended upon, and loved,” Mora continues. “But none of the organizations that had gathered to criminalize Bayna retracted anything. The media that went after him continued to go after him. For these people and organizations supposedly dedicated to protecting all queer folks, there was no concern about Bayna’s safety despite this being such a public manhunt for a queer person.”

Cases like that of Bayna-Lehkeim El-Amin illuminate how, for black queer people, visibility isn’t enough. Even for organizations claiming to protect and defend LGBTQ people, Bayna’s black queerness could not register as in need of defending, especially when in conflict with a white queer person claiming that same victimhood. Bayna’s queerness was visible, but it still failed to elicit empathy. Visibility, as a strategy, relies on empathy, and empathy relies on the idea that we are all similar enough that someone else’s pain can be understood through the understanding of our own.

But what happens when we really are different, and substantially so? What if anti-Blackness ensures that these differences cannot be understood simply by seeing? What if the power of visibility critically depends upon who is doing the seeing?

In 2015, Michael Johnson, a black gay man with developmental disabilities, stood trial for “recklessly exposing” others, mostly white gay men, to HIV. Having gone by the name “Tiger Mandingo” on dating/hookup apps, the case was extremely racialized in the media from the start, as Steven Thrasher exposed in a series for BuzzFeed News. Though experts agree that HIV criminalization laws are both ineffective and harmful to queer communities, LGBTQ organizations failed to rally around the case, and some even supported the prosecution and empathized with the white gay men who pressed charges.

Johnson was initially sentenced to 30 years in prison, but recently had his sentence thrown out due to prosecutorial misconduct. He is currently awaiting a new trial, bail, or plea hearing.

“If Michael Johnson had never been seen as ‘Tiger Mandingo,’ he likely wouldn’t be in jail today,” Thrasher explained to me. “The initial press accounts painted him as a black predator and monster in pretty flat ways. But I would hope our stories at BuzzFeed (and obviously I am extremely biased here) helped by presenting a human picture of him.”

Thrasher argues that there is a crucial difference between becoming visible to audiences who understand the extent of anti-blackness, and becoming visible to those who are still invested in anti-black violence and criminalizing the black body.

“Because BuzzFeed and I have invested significant time and resources into this story, Johnson hasn’t just become more visible and the injustice of his story more known, he’s also gotten tremendous support from advocates,” Thrasher said. “Most notably, many organizations and lawyers worked on his appeal after our stories came out, successfully overturning his 30-year conviction.”

Specific attention to anti-blackness and racial stratification in the afterlife of slavery illuminates the fact that there are some structures, particularly legal structures, that are set up in direct opposition to black life, and therefore to black queer life, too. These structures will “see” black queer life as criminal if they see it at all, and therefore an activism that assumes all visibility is good visibility can never fully embrace black queer people.

If queer liberation movements are to include black queer people, they should reckon with not just the limitations of visibility, but the way certain kinds of visibility reinforce anti-black structures inherently. Instead of constantly pushing for visibility, what would it mean to sometimes embrace invisibility? What is the function of those moments of solitude, those exclusive spaces for black queer people to build our own communities without fear of having them barreled over by those working clumsily through their internalized queer antagonism and anti-blackness?

What does it mean to know that every time black people are “seen” by the state, every time the state “sees” anything, black people are not alive? What would it mean, rather, to be unseen? How do we view each other outside this gaze? What happens when we all step outside it together?

*Correction, June 29, 2017: This post originally misspelled Bayna-Lehkeim El-Amin’s first name. (Return.)

Read more of Outward's Visibility Issue.

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          futurejournalismproject: Introduction to Bullshit Via Carl...   


Introduction to Bullshit

Via Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West, two professors at the University of Washington, whose course, “Calling Bullshit in the Age of Big Data,” launched this Spring:

The world is awash in bullshit. Politicians are unconstrained by facts. Science is conducted by press release. Higher education rewards bullshit over analytic thought. Startup culture elevates bullshit to high art. Advertisers wink conspiratorially and invite us to join them in seeing through all the bullshit — and take advantage of our lowered guard to bombard us with bullshit of the second order. The majority of administrative activity, whether in private business or the public sphere, seems to be little more than a sophisticated exercise in the combinatorial reassembly of bullshit.

We’re sick of it. It’s time to do something, and as educators, one constructive thing we know how to do is to teach people. So, the aim of this course is to help students navigate the bullshit-rich modern environment by identifying bullshit, seeing through it, and combating it with effective analysis and argument.

Video lectures from the course are available on the class web site.

H/T: OpenCulture.

          Edenia: a lost Yiddish utopia for Ukraine and its afterlife in modern-day Kharkiv   

Kalman Zingman’s 1918 Yiddish-language novella In Edenia, a City of the Future imagines a new world of tolerance and culture in eastern Ukraine. Now the region is war-torn and the Jewish population decimated. A new exhibition in Kharkiv — the site of Zingman’s utopia — aims to bring his vision to bear on a divided modern nation

Edenia: a lost Yiddish utopia for Ukraine and its afterlife in modern-day Kharkiv

A design by Jewish avant-garde artist El Lissitsky from his 1922 version of the Yiddish folk tale Four Billy Goats

At one point in Kalman Zingman’s 1918 Yiddish novella In Edenia, a City of the Future, the protagonist Zalman Kindishman stands admiring a monument on the titular city’s Freedom Square:

A young girl with an ardent glance, her hair in loose curls, stepping with her feet on a snake, which is completely wrapped around her. In one hand she holds a blood-red flag and in the other — a black one. On the bottom of the red side is a bas-relief depicting high barricades, flattened faces — a war is going on. There is also a bas-relief on the other side, under the black flag, of the victims after the war, of those who were shot: a Russian, a Ukrainian, a Pole, a Jew, a Georgian, et cetera — all dead. The inscription reads: “They fought together, they died together.”

Edenia is a utopian future version of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine, projected forward from the 1910s into the 40s. Now there’s another war going on nearby, this time between Russia and Ukraine; that, and the sickening disjunction between Zingman’s Yiddish fantasia and what actually befell the region’s Jews in the Second World War, might seem to discredit the author’s vision of cooperation and reconciliation.

For Russian-American artist Yevgeniy Fiks and American-Ukrainian curator Larissa Babij, however, the peculiar world of Zingman’s Edenia is worth remembering. Together, they have created a new exhibition named after his novella, currently on display in Kharkiv’s Yermilov Centre. In the novella, Kindishman visits Edenia’s art museum; Fiks and Babij have invited an international group of artists — the participants include Babi Badalov (Azerbaijan), Ruth Jenrbekova and Maria Vilkovisky (Kazakhstan), Aikaterini Gegisian (Greece/Armenia), Haim Sokol (Russia/Israel) and Nikita Kadan (Ukraine) — to contribute artworks towards a reconstruction of this imaginary space. In the process, they are posing many of the same questions of multiculturalism and futurism that occupied Zingman almost a century ago. What might a better future for Ukraine look like? And what position might religious and ethnic minorities hold within it?

edenia 1

Kharkiv in the 1900s

edenia 1

A demonstration in support of the February Revolution of 1917 in central Kharkiv

edenia 1

Kharkiv synagogue. Image: Vladimir Lisitsin under a CC licence

“Utopian or futuristic Yiddish literature is not common,” Fiks tells me. “Most often Yiddish literature either talks about the present or remembers the past.” In Zingman’s text, Zalman Kindishman comes to Edenia to visit his old friend Yugendboym. Here, there is no money — every citizen has their material needs provided for. National communities — Jews, Ukrainians and others — live in complete harmony and are free to set their own laws. There are flying “aerotrains”, an artificially regulated climate, abundant gardens with children celebrating Jewish holidays by their thousands. Edenia is not a Jewish-only city, but one where questions of anti-Semitism have been superseded. 

Zingman’s vision of a peaceful existence for Ukraine’s Jews clashes horribly with the country’s history. The post-revolutionary, short-lived Ukrainian People’s Republic (1917-1921) was the first modern state to have a Ministry for Jewish Affairs, and Yiddish was made a state language. But pogroms continued unabated, and between 1918, when Zingman’s book was written, and 1920, at least 31,000 Jews were killed in Ukraine — the real number may be as high as 100,000. The great majority died at the hands of nationalists and anti-Communists, many of whom saw Bolshevism as a sinister Semitic plot. Even greater horrors were to come in the Second World War, when the country was occupied by the Nazis and Ukrainian collaborators. An estimated one million Jews were murdered in Ukraine during the Holocaust; 70 per cent of the country’s Jewish population was killed or displaced.

The Drobitskiy Menorah, a memorial at Drobitskiy Yar, a ravine outside Kharkiv where over 16,000 Jews were murdered during the Holocaust

“Personally, I feel that the Yiddish question is precisely the question that should be raised when we talk about the present and future relationship between Ukraine and Russia,” Fiks says. “Perhaps the silence of Yiddish in the streets of both Ukraine and Russia, if acknowledged and contemplated, cries the need, the hope for a better world, a word of multiculturalism and autonomy.” For Babij, this is a question of both national and personal significance. “While working on this exhibition I could not help but notice how the site of multi-ethnic or inter-national coexistence has shifted to the scale of the individual,” she says. Hence the exhibition acts “not only as a reminder of Ukraine’s rich multicultural landscape of the past, but also as an attempt to present and enact a more complex understanding of cultural identity.”

What might a better future for Ukraine look like? And what position might religious and ethnic minorities hold within it?

The question of Ukraine’s past and its impact on the future is a live one; in Fiks’s words, the country is reinventing itself “with forces of multiculturalism on the one side and extreme nationalism on the other in a state of constant flux.” In its attempts to wrench itself free from Russian influence and plant its feet firmly in the western European community, post-Maidan Ukraine has not always trod delicately: from the controversial programme of “decommunisation” to the nationalist historical retrofitting promoted by Volodymyr Viatrovych’s Institute of National Memory and the uncritical public lionisation of wartime figures like nationalist militia leader Stepan Bandera. The reappraisal of Zingman’s novella and an attention to Ukraine’s historical hybridity is timely, even if, as Babij admits, the Kharkiv exhibition represents a “relatively small, bounded space”.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Zingman’s work is its combination of futuristic technologies with a lingering, “old world” devotion to eastern European Yiddish cultural tradition. Edenia is dotted with memorials exalting Jewish artists and writers: Yitskhok Peretz, Roza Fayngold, Sholem Aleichem, El Lissitsky. Its citizens are avid readers to the extent that the literary scholar Professor Shvartsvald is treated like a rock star, his lectures on Peretz overflowing onto the street.

edenia 2

El Lissitsky

edenia 2

Yitskhok Peretz (second left), a great of early twentieth-century Yiddish literature

edenia 2

A page from El Lissitsky’s illustrated version of the Yiddish folk tale Had Gadya

edenia 2

A page from El Lissitsky’s illustrated version of the Yiddish folk tale Had Gadya

For Babij, Zingman “maintains a separation between the realms of everyday activity, where technological advancements have increased the comfort and ease of residents’ lives, and the sphere of culture. It’s interesting to contrast this vision with that of the early Soviet avant-garde, which envisioned art and its formal possibilities as a means to transform out-dated ways of living, to shape and prepare society for new forms of organisation, often through a violent break with and obliteration of past cultural traditions.”

The exhibition itself jumps across time and space, its contributing artists turning their hands to themes of migration, religion and repression. Curandi Katz embroiders textiles with the borders of territories unrecognised by international law — including Russia-annexed Crimea, an open wound in the Ukrainian national psyche. Ruth Jenrbekova and Maria Vilkovisky have created a video guide to their own utopian projection: a world in which the Central Asian states have formed into a federation of autonomous tribes. Perhaps the most pointed commentary on the erasure and resurfacing of history is provided by Nikita Kadan’s Viewers (2016). The great Constructivist designer Alexander Rodchenko produced a series of portraits of Soviet leaders in Uzbekistan in 1934; when these figures were repressed a few years later, Rodchenko blacked out their faces in his copy of the album. Kadan reproduces these disfigured portraits, labelling them “the faces of the spirits of history… History (in other words, the accumulation of ruins) happens under their watchful gaze.”

edenia 3

Nikita Kadan, Viewers (2016) (left); Repetition of Forgetting (2016) (right). Image: Sergey Solonskij

edenia 3

Photo-collage of exhibition view (with Nikita Kadan’s Viewers) and Yiddish text from In Edenia, a City of the Future. Image: Sergey Solonskij

edenia 3

Yuri Leiderman, Self-portrait in Ukrainian Costume (2013). Image: Sergey Solonskij

edenia 3

Haim Sokol, Testimony (2015). Image: Sergey Solonskij

Zingman’s novella ends abruptly with Zalman Kindishman’s mysterious disappearance and death. The Jewish culture Zingman so cherished was brutally cut down a few decades later. Many Ukrainians are now no clearer as to the future they are headed towards than their predecessors of the early twentieth century. What place does utopian thinking occupy in the modern nation state? “I think the term utopia, especially after the events of the twentieth century, is loaded and politicised,” Fiks concludes. “I think hoping and seeking happiness is a very basic, very human thing. But we must be very wary and very conscious about our methods.” For Babij, Ukraine today is “carried away by visions of a better future, whether in the shape of an idealised image of the European Union or the soothing promises of a strong, authoritarian neighbouring ruler or the hope that current Ukrainian politicians will miraculously change the way this country has been run for the past 25 years.” Hence the importance of history: “the past is really the only thing we can look at and talk about concretely.”

Edenia is governed by two sects. The Heavenly Ones “renounce all earthly pleasures, all the enjoyments that life can bring. They maintain that there is an even higher world, a more beautiful one.” The second sect are the “Earthly Ones, who say: enrich and improve life, so that heaven can be on earth.” This practical, materialist message is what is picked up and translated for modern Ukraine in Fiks’s and Babij’s exhibition. Our best bet might be to follow the advice given by Yitskhok Peretz, one of the Yiddish writers celebrated in Edenia, in one of his poems: “Don’t think the world is a wasteland — created/For wolves and for foxes, for spoils and for booty… Oh, don’t think the world is a wasteland.”

In Edenia, a City of the Future is on display at the Yermilov Centre in Kharkiv until 9 July.

          Barbie pe Instagram: Tumblr provocare   
Hei fete Barbie început recent folosind Instagram şi Tumblr. Ea iubeşte de a descoperi noi idei de costum şi Tumblr este ei nr. 1 sursă de inspiraţie atunci când vine vorba despre moda In acest joc Barbie pe Instagram Tumblr provocare ea a decis să recreeze unele costumele că ea vede pe Tumblr, dar ea ar dori nişte ajutor. Sunt vă pentru această provocare ajutor Barbie minunat alege cel mai bun costum



安倍政権のやっている説明責任の放棄は立憲主義の放棄だ!メディアが今動かなかったら、日本の状況は変わらない――立憲デモクラシーの会が記者会見 2017.6.26




第五十三条 内閣は、国会の臨時会の召集を決定することができる。いづれかの議院の総議員の四分の一以上の要求があれば、内閣は、その召集を決定しなければならない。



 昨年(2016年)10月から始まった「立憲デモクラシー講座・第Ⅱ期」は、今年の4月28日に行われた第6回、石川健治東京大学教授による「天皇と主権 信仰と規範のあいだ」で打ち止めの予定だったらしいのですが、「好評につき、さらに昨今の様々な情勢を鑑み、第7回(追加)講座を開催することになりました。」ということで、昨日(6月28日)午後6時30分から、早稲田大学早稲田キャンパス3号館301教室で、第Ⅱ期第7回講座として、「教育勅語―なにが問題か:天皇・軍隊・人間 」が開催されました。
20170628 UPLAN 島薗進石川健治西谷修教育勅語―なにが問題か:天皇・軍隊・人間」(2時間03分)

2分~ 挨拶 西谷修立教大学特任教授
8分~ 講演「教育勅語の存続問題と国家神道」 島薗進上智大学特任教授
50分~ コメント 石川健治東京大学教授
1時間26分~ 対談コーナー
1時間58分~ コメント 樋口陽一氏(東京大学名誉教授・東北大学名誉教授)
朕(ちん)惟フニ(おもうに)我カ(わが)皇祖皇宗(こうそ こうそう)國ヲ(くにを)肇ムルコト(はじむること)宏遠ニ(こうえんに)德ヲ樹ツルコト(たつること)深厚ナリ(しんこうなり)我カ(わが)臣民(しんみん)克ク(よく)忠ニ(ちゅうに)克ク(よく)孝ニ(こうに)億兆(おくちょう)心ヲ一ニシテ(しんをいつにして)世世(よよ)厥ノ(その)美ヲ(びを)濟セルハ(なせるは)此レ(これ)我カ國體(こくたい)ノ精華ニシテ敎育ノ淵源(えんげん)亦(また)實ニ(じつに)此ニ(ここに)存ス(ぞんす)爾(なんじ)臣民(しんみん)父母ニ孝ニ(ふぼに こうに)兄弟ニ友ニ(けいていに ゆうに)夫婦相和シ(ふうふ あいわし)朋友相信シ(ほうゆう あいしんじ)恭儉己レヲ持シ(きょうけん おのれをじし)博愛衆ニ及ホシ(はくあい しゅうにおよぼし)學ヲ修メ業ヲ習ヒ(がくをおさめ しゅうをならい)以テ智能ヲ啓發シ(もってちのうをけいはつし)德器ヲ成就シ(とっきをじょうじゅし)進テ公益ヲ廣メ(すすんでこうえきをひろめ)世務ヲ開キ(せむ/せいむ をひらき)常ニ國憲ヲ重シ國法ニ遵ヒ(つねにこっけんをじゅうし こくほうにしたがい)一旦緩急アレハ義勇公ニ奉シ(いったんかんきゅうあれば ぎゆうこうにほうじ)以テ(もって)天壤無窮ノ皇運ヲ扶翼スヘシ(てんじょうむがいのこううんをふよくすべし)是ノ如キハ(このごときは)獨リ(ひとり)朕カ忠良ノ臣民タルノミナラス(ちんがちゅうりょうのしんみんたるのみならず)又(また)以テ(もって)爾(なんじ)祖先ノ遺風ヲ顯彰スルニ足ラン(そせんのいふうをけんしょうするにたらん)
斯ノ(この)道ハ實ニ(じつに)我カ皇祖皇宗ノ遺訓ニシテ(いくんにして)子孫臣民ノ倶ニ(ともに)遵守スヘキ(じゅんしゅすべき)所(ところ)之ヲ古今ニ通シテ謬ラス(あやまらず)之ヲ中外ニ施シテ悖ラス(もとらず)朕爾臣民ト倶ニ拳々服膺シテ(けんけんふくよう して)咸(みな)其德ヲ(そのとくを)一ニセンコトヲ庶幾フ(こいねがう)
御名御璽(ぎょめい ぎょじ)
1946年1月1日と2016年8月8日の2つの天皇の「お言葉」  島薗 進
佐々木惣一が発見した「国民の存在権」(憲法13条)と自民党改憲案~石川健治東大教授の講義で学ぶ(11/13立憲デモクラシー講座 第1回)
山口二郎法政大学教授による「戦後70年目の日本政治」一応の総括~12/11立憲デモクラシー講座 第3回)
杉田敦法政大学教授による「憲法9条の削除・改訂は必要か」~1/29立憲デモクラシー講座 第5回)

「立憲デモクラシー講座・第Ⅱ期」第6回・石川健治東京大学教授「天皇と主権 信仰と規範のあいだ」のご紹介

憲法記念日に石川健治氏(東大教授)の論考「9条 立憲主義のピース」(朝日新聞)を読む

          Les images envoûtantes d'une cité U inondée par le street art avant sa destruction   

ART- Oubliez votre deux pièces parisien durement acquis et aux murs fraîchement repeints, vous allez regretter votre chambre d'étudiante de 9m2. De l'autre côté du périphérique, à la Maison des Arts et Métiers, les étudiants de la cité internationale universitaire ont vécu pendant près de trois semaines au milieu d'une exposition géante de street art, avant la rénovation de leur bâtiment. Hall d'entrée, couloirs, plafonds et escaliers ont été ensevelis sous les œuvres de plus d'une cinquantaine de street artists. Envoûtant.

Comme vous pouvez le voir dans notre reportage ci-dessus, le projet de street art appelé #Rehab2 est à l'initiative d'un studio de création, Bitume, qui organise des manifestations artistiques urbaines et dont le fondateur vient des Arts et Métiers. Son ancienne résidence, insalubre, est vouée à la destruction. Tant mieux, pendant un mois, elle deviendra donc le temple du street art.

Sur 12.000 m² répartis en cinq étages, 600 litres de peinture ont été déversés, 3000 bombes ont été vidées et plus d'une cinquantaine d'artistes ont envahi l'espace. Parmi eux, certains sont de plus en plus connus, comme Jo Di Bona, Kessadi, Morne, PAELLA, ONE PESCA, Moyoshi, Pec, Mister Pee, LORD URB1, GREM.ONE, HRLCK, JM ROBERT, le duo colombien Sef et Hado, en pleine tournée européenne et d'autres encore.

Pour les étudiants, la plupart des internationaux, qui ont vécu toute l'année entre les murs vétustes de la Maison des Arts et Métiers, la fin d'année a été quelque peu bruyante et agitée, au milieu des odeurs de peinture et des installations. La plupart ont pris sur eux pendant les trois semaines de travaux et sont ravis du résultat. Désormais, pour se rendre aux toilettes, ils croisent les œuvres de grands street artists et finissent par apprécier l'idée qu'ils soient sur le palier.

Certains, toutefois, n'ont pas partagé le même enthousiasme. Quelques étudiants se sont plaints du bruit, des odeurs et des visites dès 10 heures le week-end...

Depuis le 16 juin, la Maison des Arts et Métiers est ouverte aux visiteurs. Les étudiants ont donc partagé pendant quinze jours leurs couloirs colorés avec les curieux et autres amoureux de l'art urbain. Avant de rendre, comme chaque année, leur chambre avant le 30 juin.

Vous avez jusqu'au 16 juillet pour aller explorer les différentes ambiances des cinq étages de #Rehab2, avant sa destruction. Vous n'y croiserez plus d'étudiants, mais un singe, des pieuvres, une baleine, des visages et des idées. Beaucoup d'idées, pour raconter la ville.

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Pourquoi j'ai cassé les codes du petit milieu de l'art

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          Приезжай на закате – попьем вина...   

Три гудка…

Твой голос…
Ну как ты там ?
Отменил все встречи и все дела,
Настроенье сегодня – упиться в хлам,
Приезжай на закате – попьем вина.
Приготовим ужин с Тобой вдвоём,
Моцарелла, руколла, базилик…
Поболтаем весело ни о чём,
На балконе досветла  просидим. 
Но с лучами первыми вдруг поймём
Отчего-то дышится - через раз,
И ударит в голову нам вино,
Рассыпая мимо обрывки фраз.
Прочь отбросив маски, убрав щиты,
Терпкий вкус ловя на чужих губах,
Расцветут вдруг радугой две души,
Высекая искры на простынях.
И познав друг-друга по капле, вздоху,
Мы устав под утро уснём без снов,
Если то, что с нами случилось - похоть,
Что вобще такое тогда любовь ?
А пока ты спишь, вокруг нас с тобою,
Круг широкий мелом я начерчу, 
Окроплю водою, посыплю солью - 
Нас ценой любою сберечь хочу. 
В карусели дел, в круговерти судеб,
Не имею права Тебя терять, 
Пусть смеються, даже пускай осудят,
Параноик ? мания? мне плевать !
Три гудка… 
Твой голос…
Такой знакомый,
Бесконечно нежный, совсем родной,
К испытанию буду готов любому,
Лишь бы знать - ты рядом и ты со мной,
Игнорируя все сомненья,
Мимоходом, случаем, невзначай, 
Набери мой номер в любое время,
И одно лишь слово шепни: 

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          The Wise Man’s Fear - The King Killer Chronicle: Day Two - Patrick Rothfuss (2011)   

Last month I officially became one of the multitudes waiting for the third and final book of this great trilogy. After I finished The Wise Man’s Fear I investigated online if there was any indication that the third book, provisionally titled The Doors of Stone, would be published soon, however in a recent interview Rothfuss would not commit to a publication date. The Wise Man’s Fear, like the first book, The Name of the Wind (2007), is beautifully balanced between establishing the epic arc of the trilogy and also providing enough intrigue, action, character development and adventure to keep even the most demanding of readers happy. The Wise Man’s Fear delivers on every level, surpassing all limitations of so called genre fiction, with nearly one thousand pages featuring the flawed but brilliant Kvothe and his adventures in the Four Corners of Civilization.

The Wise Man’s Fear continues in the same vein as The Name of the Wind, with Kvothe recounting his tale to Chronicler and Bast (one of the magical Fae creatures) in his tavern somewhere in the backwoods of civilization. The novel is divided into long sections featuring different settings, with complex story arcs that are satisfying in their own right, but that also inform the overall narrative perfectly. After a short preamble in the tavern the novel begins in earnest, finding Kvothe still at The University; this time he becomes the student of the mentally cracked Master Elodin, one of the novel’s best characters. Acting both as a seamless continuation of the first novel and a gateway to further adventures, this section is supremely entertaining. After Kvothe faces up to Ambrose, his nemesis from the first novel, he is finally forced to leave The University on an extended sojourn. In classic fantasy fashion Kvothe journeys to other parts of the map provided in the front of the book. 

The section set at The University is so perfect that it is almost jarring to be introduced to an entirely new setting and collection of characters, however Rothfuss’ world-building skills are so finessed that the foreign climes of the city of Severen in a region called Vintas quickly becomes both familiar and filled with intriguing possibilities. Kvothe’s time in Vintas finds him in the service of the immensely rich Maer, where he foils assassination attempts, kindles a romance and is sent off to deal with bandits in the region know as The Eld. When Kvothe and his band of mercenaries, including an important character called Tempi, catch up with the bandits in The Eld the ensuing battle is both thrilling and disturbing. This section proves to be one of the best of the two books, in particular the time Kvothe spends with the alluring and magical Felurian in the Faerie realm, which is just brilliantly written. One of Ruthfuss’ great strengths is his ability to create slowly building tension and intrigue, while adding absorbing detail along the way, much of which hints at mysteries within the wider narrative, before finally revealing a climax or revelation. 

Apparently a critic complained that there is no real page-turning excitement to be found in the novel, but I disagree, whilst Rothfuss is certainly in no hurry to push the narrative along, he is always hinting that something significant will happen and when it does it is certainly worth the wait. Such criticisms also overlook the fact that the main narrative thrust of the novel is its subtle and intelligent world building; the novel is akin to a puzzle, with a multitude of clues scattered throughout the narrative, many of which are difficult to decipher. It is perhaps best to have someone you know also read both novels because discussing their mysteries is both enjoyable and most importantly integral to understanding the complex story arc. There is so much going on in both novels and so many unanswered questions that it is obvious why Rothfuss appears to be obsessed with taking the time to get the third novel just right, but I’m sure that it will be worth the wait. Apparently a HBO style series has been optioned, so hopefully Rothfuss does not end up in George E. Martin’s situation in which the series out-paces the novelized version.

          GIA Releases Interactive Diamond 4Cs App for Android Phones and Tablets   

Owners of Android phones and tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy and Kindle Fire, can easily access information about the 4Cs of diamond quality, thanks to a slick new app released by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). 


The free app, called “GIA 4Cs,” engages the user with interactive features, video content and information on the GIA-created 4Cs (color, clarity, cut and carat weight) of diamond quality.

“Bringing objective information about gems and jewelry to people when and where they want it is central to GIA’s public-benefit mission,” said Kathryn Kimmel, GIA vice president and chief marketing officer. “The Android 4Cs app puts GIA’s 82 years of innovation and research right on the screens of the most widely used smart phones in the world.”  


The simple-to-use app allows users to explore diamond color across the GIA D-to-Z color scale, see typical inclusions on the GIA clarity scale, and learn how the cut can significantly affect the look of a diamond. 

The new social feature in “My Diamond Wish List” encourages users to keep a record of the diamonds they’ve seen and considered while using the app, and then email, tweet, or share on Facebook the diamonds they’ve saved to their personal wish list.

The new “GIA 4Cs” app for Android devices is downloadable for free at Google Play. It is offered in English or Simplified Chinese. The version for the iPhone and iPad, which had been released about a year ago, is also available for free at iTunes.

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          Music Friday: 'Brandy' Pines for the Return of Her Sailor Beau in the 1972 Chart-Topper by Looking Glass   

Welcome to Music Friday when we bring you great tunes with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the lyrics or title. Today, we present Looking Glass performing the 1972 chart-topper, “Brandy.” The song is about a barmaid in a port town who pines for the return of her sailor beau. Central to the song is the symbol of their love — a locket that bears his name hanging from a braided chain “made of finest silver from the North of Spain.”


Some rock historians believe the Brandy character in the song was inspired by the story of Mary Ellis, a spinster from New Brunswick, N.J., who fell in love with a sea captain in the late 1700s. Legend has it that he vowed to marry her but never returned. Every day she would ride to the banks of the Raritan River and wait for his ship. Eventually she purchased a piece of land that overlooked the river where she would continue to wait for the sea captain’s return until her death.


Interestingly, Looking Glass was formed by four Rutger University students — including lead vocalist Elliott Lurie — in 1969 in New Brunswick, N.J., about two miles from Ellis’ grave. The site remains a popular historic site and music-lover destination despite its awkward location in the parking lot of a Loew’s movie complex. 

Please enjoy the classic video at the end of this post, and the lyrics are here if you’d like to sing along.

“Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)”

Written and composed by Elliot Lurie. Performed by Looking Glass.

There’s a port… on a western bay 
And it serves.. a hundred ships a day 
Lonely sailors… pass the time away 
And talk about their homes 

And there’s a girl… in this harbour town 
And she works… laying whiskey down 
They say, “Brandy, fetch another round” 
She serves them whiskey and wine 

The sailors say, “Brandy, you’re a fine girl” 
“What a good wife you would be” 
“Yeah your eyes could steal a sailor from the sea” 

Brandy… wears a braided chain 
Made of finest silver from the North of Spain 
A locket… that bears the name 
Of the man that Brandy loves 

He came… on a summer’s day 
Bringing gifts… from far away 
But he made it clear… he couldn’t stay 
No harbour was his home 

The sailor said, “Brandy, you’re a fine girl” 
“What a good wife you would be” 
“But my life, my lover, my lady is the sea” 

Yeah, Brandy used to watch his eyes 
When he told his sailor stories 
She could feel the ocean fall and rise 
She saw its raging glory 
But he had always told the truth, lord, he was an honest man 
And Brandy does her best to understand 

At night… when the bars close down 
Brandy walks through a silent town 
And loves a man… who’s not around 
She still can hear him say 

She hears him say, “Brandy, you’re a fine girl” 
“What a good wife you would be” 
“But my life, my lover, my lady is the sea” 

“Brandy, you’re a fine girl” 
“What a good wife you would be” 
“But my life, my lover, my lady is the sea”

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          Attorney Faces Felony Charge and Disbarment for Failing to Turn in Diamond Ring Found in Parking Lot    

Yesterday, we reported the feel-good story of a woman who was reunited with her engagement ring after a kindhearted stranger did the right thing by returning her lost ring to NYC subway authorities. Today, the storyline flips upside-down as an Atlanta attorney is facing a felony charge and disbarment for allegedly failing to turn in a $10,500 diamond ring she found in a restaurant parking lot.


According to the Augusta Chronicle, Alexia Dawn Davis, 31, surrendered Tuesday to Colum­bia Coun­ty authorities after being charged with the theft of lost or mislaid property.

Davis had found a diamond ring in the parking lot of an Augusta, Ga., Cracker Barrel restaurant on Feb. 7. Although a woman who was with Davis entered the restaurant and asked what to do if she found a ring, she chose not hand it to the store’s management. Instead, she said that she would report her finding to the local sheriff’s office. She didn’t and Davis didn’t.


When Jane G. Prater, 62, reported her ring missing five days later, deputies learned from restaurant employees that Davis’ associate had commented about a ring.

The Columbia County sheriff’s office published surveillance video from the restaurant on Feb. 19 in an effort to identify the woman who found the ring. The same day, Davis turned the ring in, authorities said.

The Atlanta attorney, who works in the public defender’s office, is now facing a felony charge because the ring is worth more than $1,500. Local statutes require that when “a person comes into control of property that they know to be lost or mislaid, they must take reasonable measures to restore the property to its owner.”

An attorney for Davis released this statement: “No matter what shadow the Sheriff and the District Attorney’s office tries to cast upon Ms. Davis’ impeccable reputation and her motives, the legal fact is that she did not appropriate the ring for her own use, which is the crime this statute is intending to cover. When she learned who the owner was through the postings online from the Sheriff’s office, she promptly turned it in. She knew it was valuable, but she had neither sold it nor wore the ring as if it was hers.”

According to published reports, most jurisdictions have now enacted laws requiring that the finder of lost property turn it in to the proper authorities; if the true owner does not arrive to claim the property within a certain period of time, the property is returned to the finder as his own, or is disposed of.

If convicted of a felony, the bar association would likely ask for Davis to be disbarred.

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          Brooklyn Bride-to-Be Reunited With 3-Carat Engagement Ring After Losing It in NYC Subway Station   

A Brooklyn bride-to-be is breathing a sigh of relief after being reunited with the 3-carat diamond engagement ring she unknowingly lost in a New York City subway station — two months earlier.


Thanks to the honesty of a kindhearted stranger who found the ring near a ticket machine and turned it in to an equally honest station agent, Hager Elsayed’s irreplaceable treasure is back in her possession.


The teacher assistant, who got engaged in May of 2012, was riding the subway this past November, when she realized her princess-cut engagement ring was not on her finger. According to ABC News, she initially thought that she had left the ring home, but she came up empty after tearing through her apartment. She concluded that the ring must have slipped off her finger on her way to work and was gone forever.


The bride-to-be was devastated. Her fiancé, Juan Rivera, had worked overtime as a fireproofer to afford the ring, and he had gone to many different jewelry stores before finding just the perfect one. 

Then, one day this past month in a stroke of serendipity, Elsayed was passing through her regular subway station when she noticed the station agent who was on duty the day she lost her ring. 

Elsayed asked the agent, Anthony Tiralosi, if anyone in his station had found an engagement ring.

Tiralosi gave her the good news that an elderly Asian woman, who spoke no English and didn’t leave her name, had found the ring and promptly turned it in at his booth. Tiralosi forwarded it to the MTA Lost & Found.

“As soon as I saw it, I knew the ring was worth at least $4,000,” Tiralosi told the New York Post. “It was a gorgeous ring. I said, ‘Gee, whoever lost this must feel sick.’”

Tiralosa added that he never considered keeping it. “It was never even a thought,” he said. “I told my kids that night about the ring. I wanted them to know the importance of returning something that didn’t belong to them.”

Elsayed has her ring back and couldn’t be happier. She’s also expressed gratitude to the super-honest mystery woman who turned it in. “The whole moral of the story is there are still good people out there,” she said.

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          Oscar Winners Lawrence and Hathaway Stun the Fashion Press by Wearing Back Necklaces   

Actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway have a lot more in common than matching Oscars after a big night at the 2013 Academy Awards. Both ladies are young, talented, beautiful… and prefer to wear their jewelry backwards.


Sunday night’s Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress threw the fashion press for a loop when they both sauntered down the red carpet with necklaces flowing down the back, instead of the front, of their gowns.

Lawrence, the 22-year-old who captured the Best Actress Oscar for her stellar performance in Silver Linings Playbook, wore a billowing Dior Haute Couture gown adorned with a 74-carat diamond necklace by Chopard. From the front, the necklace looked like a simple choker. From the back, the 150 diamonds cascaded past her waist.


The 30-year-old Hathaway, who was named Best Supporting Actress for her mesmerizing work in Les Misérables, wore a Tiffany & Co. Corsage necklace that graced her shoulders and was centered between her shoulder blades, accentuating the crisscross detail on her light pink Prada gown. The necklace was shorter than Lawrence’s, but just as surprising to the fashion press, who generally gave the back necklaces mixed reviews.

Giving a thumbs-up to Lawrence’s look, an InStyle columnist wrote, “Leave it to her to put a twist on elegance!” A Glamour headline challenged its readers: Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway wore back necklaces to the Oscars. Is this a trend worth trying?

Also referring to the back necklace trend, a writer asked her readers: “Are you feeling the role reversal of tonight’s most gorgeous jewels?” A VH1 columnist was a bit more blunt: ”Do you agree with this trend or should it be thrown into the fashion rejects bin?”

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          World-Class Jewelry Once Owned by Elizabeth Taylor Goes on Display in Beverly Hills   

If you’re going to be near Beverly Hills over the next few weeks, you’ll have a rare opportunity to see a small, but fabulous, exhibition of world-class jewelry once owned by Oscar-winning actress Elizabeth Taylor.


Among the eight signature pieces on display at Bulgari’s boutique on Rodeo Drive is the 23.44-carat emerald-and-diamond brooch that Richard Burton gave to Taylor as an engagement present. In December of 2011, the breathtaking bauble set an auction record for the highest per-carat price ever paid for an emerald. The final price was $6.57 million, or $280,000 per carat.

Upon their marriage in 1964 (his second, her fifth), Burton followed the brooch purchase with a matching necklace whose 16 Colombian emeralds weighed in at 60.5 carats. It sold at auction for $6.1 million.


In total, Taylor’s jewelry collection – sometimes referred to as the Crown Jewels of Hollywood – fetched $116 million to set a world record for the most valuable private jewelry collection ever sold at auction. Interesting, one of the biggest buyers during that 2011 Christie’s auction was Bulgari, as the company reacquired eight of its own designs.


The actress, who died in 2011 at age 79, loved gems and jewelry so much that she wrote a book about the subject in 2002. In her memoir titled “My Love Affair With Jewelry,” Taylor wrote: “I never, never thought of my jewelry as trophies. I’m here to take care of them and to love them. When I die and they go off to auction I hope whoever buys them gives them a really good home.”

Other items on display include the first gift Burton purchased for his bride-to-be in 1962 — the “Taylor Burton fiancée ring.” The platinum ring features a 7.4-carat rectangular-cut emerald flanked by 5.3 carats of circular and modified triangular-cut diamonds. The piece sold at auction for $3.33 million.


Jewelry lovers will also get to see Taylor’s diamond-and-gold sautoir set with six ancient Roman coins and a Trombino diamond-and-platinum ring complete with a 25-carat sapphire.

The exhibition, which opened on February 20, will run through March 10.

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          Music Friday: John Denver Joins Peter, Paul and Mary in This Rare Rendition of 'Leaving on a Jet Plane'   

Welcome to Music Friday when we bring you superb songs with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the title or lyrics. Today we feature “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” a song written in 1966 by John Denver and famously recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary. It was the trio’s biggest hit, reaching #1 on the Billboard chart in 1969.


Mary Travers and John Denver

In the video at the bottom of this post, we see the song performed by a rarely seen quartet, as Denver adds his sweet voice to the dynamic harmonies of Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey and Mary Travers. 

Originally titled ”Babe, I Hate to Go,” the love song was written by a 23-year-old Denver during a layover at the airport in Washington, D.C. He was lamenting how much he hated leaving his girlfriend when he went on tour and how he wanted to cement their relationship when he returned.

In Denver’s original version, the lyrics promise, “When I come back, I’ll bring your wedding ring.” Interestingly, when Travers sang the lead vocals during her performances with Paul, Paul and Mary, she changed the phrase to “When I come back, I’ll wear your wedding ring.”

Enjoy the video. The lyrics are below because we know you’ll be singing along.

“Leaving on a Jet Plane”

Written by John Denver. Performed by Peter, Paul and Mary, with John Denver.

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go
I’m standing here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin’, it’s early morn
The taxi’s waiting, he’s blowin’ his horn
Already I’m so lonesome I could cry

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go
(Oh baby, don’t let me go)
I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
I don’t know when I’ll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

There’s so many times I’ve let you down
So many times I’ve played around
I tell you now, they don’t mean a thing
Every place I go, I think of you
Every song I sing, I sing for you
When I come back, I’ll wear your wedding ring

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go
(Oh baby, don’t let me go)
I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
I don’t know when I’ll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Now the time has come to leave you
One more time let me kiss you
Then close your eyes and I’ll be on my way
Dream about the days to come
When I won’t have to leave alone
About the times, I won’t have to say

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go
(Oh baby, don’t let me go)
I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
I don’t know when I’ll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

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          Public Rallies Around Homeless Man Who Returned Engagement Ring Accidentally Dropped Into His Cup; Support Fund Reaches $16,000   

On Monday we introduced you to Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man in Kansas City, Mo., who showed tremendous character by returning a diamond-and-platinum engagement ring that was accidentally dropped into his cup.


His story drew international attention, including spots on NBC’s Today Show and CNN, and now Harris’ future is looking much brighter thanks to the generosity of well-wishers from all over the world.

Sarah Darling, the owner of the ring, and her husband, Bill Krejci, were so moved by Harris’ selflessness that they started an online fund for him. As of 11 p.m. last night, Harris’ page on the GiveForward web site had surpassed $16,000. The fundraiser will continue until May 15.


Most of the donations are in the $10 to $20 range, but one was as high as $500. The site posts comments from the donors as well as non-monetary “hugs” from supporters.

In a “hug” posted by Tracy, she wrote, “You have such a golden heart! What a joy it is to read news like this! I hope we all get to hear updates on how you are doing! You have touched so many lives, hearts, and souls Mr. Harris!”

“The idea was maybe to come up with a couple hundred dollars, something nice for him,” Krejci told the New York Daily News. “But now we’re talking about an amount that could really make a difference.”

In explaining why he didn’t try to sell the ring, Harris told KCTV5, “My grandfather was a reverend. He raised me from the time I was 6 months old and thank the good Lord, it’s a blessing, but I do still have some character.” 

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          Meteorite Fragments Rain on Russian City; Space Treasure May Be Worth More Than Gold   

The spectacular meteorite that exploded in a fireball over Russia’s Ural Mountains and sent shock waves through the city of Chelyabinsk on Friday may have been a blessing in disguise for its impoverished residents. When the meteorite exploded, it showered the city with thousands of tiny black stones that may be worth more than their weight in gold.


The New York Times reported that strangers were offering stacks of rubles worth hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to local residents for the meteorite fragments. 

NASA reported that the 55-foot, 7,000-ton meteorite was the largest known celestial body to enter the Earth’s atmosphere in 100 years. The agency characterized the meteorite as an “airburst fireball type” and predicted that it would shower untold thousands of fragments onto the surface. NASA was right.


Despite the damage and injuries caused by the meteorite’s powerful shock waves, news agencies were also reporting that the event sparked a new “gold rush” as local residents, including small children, were scrambling to retrieve the valuable fragments, many buried in deep February snows.

Specifically, they were looking for small holes in the snow that held the celestial treasure — a polished oval black pebble encased in tiny clumps of ice, formed from the last expiring heat of their long journey.


“All it takes is looking carefully,” eight-year-old Sasha Zarezina told a reporter on Monday. “The stones are in the snowdrifts. To find a stone you find a hole. And then you dig.”

“They fell everywhere in the village,” said Alfia N. Zharkova, a mother of two, who has a plastic bag filled with black stones. “The children find them. Everybody who has children has piles of these.”

Larisa V. Briyukova discovered a fist-size stone under a hole in the roof tiles of her woodshed. A stranger offered her $60, and after some haggling, Briyukova accepted $230. Later, another stranger, having seen the hole in the roof, offered her $1,300 for the stone responsible the damage, but it was already sold. 

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          Ancient Golden Wreaths Unearthed During Thessaloniki Metro Excavations   

The ongoing construction of Thessaloniki’s modern subway system has unearthed a trove of ancient gold wreaths, which had rested undisturbed in long-forgotten, unmarked cemeteries for some 2,300 years. Excavation crews working in Greece’s second-largest city have collected nine wreaths since the subway project began in 2006.  


According to the Greek Reporter, the ninth wreath was found within a large Macedonian tomb, adorning the head of its female occupant. Construction crews discovered the tomb in an ancient cemetery at what will be the Dimokratias Station stop.


“It’s not common. It’s an extraordinary finding,” Vasiliki Misailidou-Despotidou, director of 16th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities for Greece’s General Directorate of Antiquities, told “It happens quite seldom.”

In an amazing testament to the enduring qualities of gold, the wreath resembling an olive branch looked virtually new despite being buried for thousands of years. It was dated to the Early Hellenistic Era, at the end of the 4th century/early 3rd century BC.


The nine Thessaloniki wreaths share a common theme. They incorporate oak, olive, vine, laurel or myrtle leaves crafted in gold on a simple gold band meant to encircle the head. The delicate wreaths were intended as adornments for royal or aristocratic burials, according to Discovery News.

The Thessaloniki subway project has already yielded more than 23,000 ancient and medieval artifacts. The subway is scheduled for completion in 2017.

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          His Grandfather Raised Him to Be Honest, So Homeless Man Returns Platinum and Diamond Ring Accidentally Dropped in His Cup   

Billy Ray Harris, a 55-year-old homeless man from Kansas City, Mo., is getting national media attention — and possibly a new home — for an act of honesty inspired by the lessons taught by his reverend grandfather.


Last Friday, Harris was collecting spare change from passersby in his normal spot in a part of Kansas City called The Plaza. Sarah Darling happened upon Harris and emptied the spare change from her purse into his cup. Darling didn’t realize until much later that among the coins was her platinum-and-diamond engagement ring that she had taken off because it had been irritating her finger.


When Harris packed up for the day, he realized that his cup contained an unusual bonus. At first, he thought the ring had to be fake. But he took it to a local jeweler, who confirmed that it was, indeed, very real.

“The jeweler was willing to give me $4,000 on the spot,” Harris told NBC’s Today Show. “But I just couldn’t do it.” 

Harris explained to the reporter that his grandfather raised him to be honest. He knew in his heart he couldn’t take the money. 

“My grandfather was a reverend. He raised me from the time I was 6 months old and thank the good Lord, it’s a blessing, but I do still have some character,” he said. “I am not trying to say that I am a saint, but I am no devil either.”


So he held on to the ring and returned to his regular spot at The Plaza the next day. Darling realized on Saturday that her ring