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In case you are serious, here is my answer: Jeff (student): articulate, passionate, analytical, cares about this country's future, cares enough to stand up and speak his truth to authority possibly at his own peril, courageous, has integrity. Julie Phung ("teacher"):...
          Reply by Anonymous Coward (UID 1593102)   
In case you are serious, here is my answer: Jeff (student): articulate, passionate, analytical, cares about this country's future, cares enough to stand up and speak his truth to authority possibly at his own peril, courageous, has integrity. Julie Phung ("teacher"):...
          Fiber Engineer - Crown Castle - Dallas, TX   
Crown Castle is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Develop cost estimate models within Crown Castle Business Process Management tools analytically from preliminary...
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          Aerospace Tooling Engineer   
IN-Kokomo, 4510TMT Aerospace Tooling /Fixture Design Technician/Engineer - Indianapolis CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO! ABOUT OUR CLIENT: Our client is a leader in the aerospace industry - They have an immediate need for a tooling – fixture design engineer. ABOUT YOU: If you are the “on the floor” analytical engineer type, with NX unigraphics design skills and enjoy fixture design –you may have found a new home… T
          Production Engineer   
IN-Indianapolis, 4506TMT Production Engineer – Automotive Tier one – Indianapolis CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO! ABOUT OUR CLIENT: Our client is a leader in the tier one automotive industry. They have an immediate need for a Production engineer. ABOUT YOU: If you are the “on the floor” analytical engineer type, seeking a great growth opportunity as a production engineer with a very profitable tier one automotive compan
          How Long Can A Gingerbread Last?   

pyramid, you said pyramid?

I just noticed that the one that stands in the middle of the Louvre is not even yet in this blog!

And yet ... discreet and transparent, pure and clear, she said marvel at the majesty and the expansion of the buildings around it!

Architect is IM Pei (born in 1917 in Guangzhou (China)).
Open to the public on 1 April 1988 it offers visitors unique access to the museum and the "thrill" to enter and ...

Glass and metal we see through it,

and we see the sky and its neighbors are reflected stone.

Thirty five meters side, 20.6 m high, composed of 603 diamonds and 70 triangles of glass ...

Needless reviews ... it's the look he is here take it!

Here is a pyramid with these changes ...

him, Louis the fourteenth, he does not see ... he turns his back, he looks to the west!

And, below ...

The inverted pyramid ...

And The Museum ... and that, you know, is not it?

          Copper Pipe Freezing Point   
Paris on the Nile

To keep a little of that light, sunshine and sweetness, columns, plant, tops and bas-reliefs of sphinxes, which dream ... I ' I ran Paris to find traces of Egypt, I found it and ready to smile sometimes, follow me!

the 17th century already ...
A Pierre Aubert, responsible for collecting tax on salt, the salt tax partnership building in the Marais a mansion . Built between 1656 and 1659 , the scenery is especially entrusted to the brothers Marsy. It Hotel Salé (5 rue de Thorigny, Paris 75004), Picasso museum since 1985.
Two sphinxes (lion body and bust of woman), with front paws crossed . A garland covers the sides and nemes (Egyptian headdress) is topped with crenellated towers
(I admit not having seen such Egypt ...)
Here is one who watches!

Not far away, along the Seine , 2a Wharf Celestine, 4 th arrondissement, the hotel door Fieubet (Gaspard Fieubet, Chancellor of Queen Marie-Therese) is guarded by two sphinxes,
that as the left wing and courtyard garden on the back cover are from the time of construction and renovation by the Sweat and Vicott on plans by architect Jules Mansart Hardoin in the years 1676 - 1681 . For the rest, since 1857 the hotel is a pastiche of Baroque Italian-English.

Along the Seine - stop at the Louvre, Egyptian Antiquities destination, if the desire is there, of course! - You can reach the garden of Tuileries (75001), near la Concorde to find " the Nile," marble, by Lorenzo Ottone ( 1688 - 1692)

This Italian sculptor (1658-1736) is best known for its baroque statues religious (cons-reform) in Rome.

In the next century, 18 th , and a long way to go to the park Bagatelle (Bois de Boulogne Route de Sevres to Neuilly and Allée de Longchamp , Paris 75016). Sphinxes ... by two, before the castle (18th century Folly built by the Comte d'Artois in 1777 after a bet with Queen Marie-Antoinette) ...

Oops! these, the garden, are well suited ... Egyptian character really, is not it?

A pair, controlled by Lhuillier 1778 by Belanger, architect of the Comte d'Artois to the steps of the castle. Lhuillier subcontracted in sculpture at Philip Lawrence Rolland (1746-1816) and fought in 1781.

And ... Bonaparte and then the campaign and the shipment Egypt (1798-1801).
A fighter, Maximilian Cafarelli, General (Engineering) to the wooden leg , scholar and philosopher, who held a key role in preparing the expedition will give Egypt as far his talent to improve the protection of Cairo, facilitate liaison between Alexandria and the Nile, participate in the creation of the Institute of Egypt. Creations of bread ovens, construction of windmills, water supply, irrigation, urbanization, conservation of "objects antique ", etc.. its activities are manifold.
He follows Napoleon en route to Syria, attended the massacre of Jaffa, and died before St. Jean d'Acre: the failure of Bonaparte the end of the dream of the Orient!
Even if little known, a street named after him, close to Temple Street (75003)

Part of Toulon, the expedition took with her soldiers but also 167 scientists, engineers and artists Members of the Commission of Science and Arts: Dolomieu geologist, mathematician Gaspard Monge (a founder of the Ecole Polytechnique), the chemist Claude Louis Berthollet , Vivant Denon, the mathematician Jean-Joseph Fourier, physicist Etienne-Louis Malus , naturalist Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire , engineer Nicolas-Jacques Conté the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers are part of the trip, the sculptor Jean-Jacques Castex ...
Dolomieu Scientists (since 1879), Malus (since 1879), Berthollet, Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire and Monge have a street in their name in the 5 th Borough Street Monge constituting a sort of central axis.

Deodat Dolomieu (1750-1801), is recruited by the chemist Berthollet January 4, 1798 to participate in the expedition to Egypt. Upon landing on Egyptian soil, he undertook the verification of spatial data he had read in ancient authors, Greek and Latin . At the same time, following his experience in Malta he set up and monitor mills, grinding wheels, gears, flour and ovens for the manufacture of rolls of the army of General Bonaparte East. Urged by his friend Sucy, chief officer of the army of the East, returning to France with him, refuses Dolomieu, as two more months living in Egypt are necessary for the study of the Nile delta. This in turn will be captured in Calabria by Queen of the Two Sicilies. Stripped of its collections and manuscripts, it survives very painfully in a cell with almost no light with a few books he has managed to hide. This prison, as a criminal State in a dark dungeon of Messina in Sicily, will last 21 months. Dolomieu owed his deliverance to the military victory of Bonaparte at Marengo, June 14, 1800. Marked by his captivity, he died 17 months later.
It owes its name to the sustainability of mineral and rock that he discovered, dolomite.

Etienne-Louis Malus , physicist and mathematician (1775-1812) working to study Light . He participated in the expedition and became a member of the Institute Egypt

Claude Louis Berthollet (1748 - 1822) chemist , hand in Egypt in the Committee of Science and Arts, where he joined the Institute Egypt in the physics section and was elected vice president. He was elected president the following year. He made important research on natron to enable it to develop his theory on the affinities. In 1802 he was appointed chairman of the committee responsible for preparing the Description of Egypt .

During the expedition, Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire , French naturalist (1772 - 1844) passion for archeology to zoology as well as because he found in some graves animal mummies. He studied diligently birds, monkeys, crocodiles
(in Paris it!)
and snakes of Egypt, collected many specimens and made many communications various topics. After the surrender of French troops (August 1801), he played bitterly to the English collections he had so much trouble to set up and managed to return them intact in France they are so rich that their inventory it takes several years

Gaspard Monge (1746-1818) was a mathematician whose work touches to descriptive geometry, infinitesimal analysis and analytic geometry. After playing a major role in the French Revolution, both politically and in terms of establishing a new education system, He is responsible for mission in the expedition to Egypt (1798-1799).

Jean-Jacques Castex , (1731-1822), sculptor and is part of the Expedition to Egypt.
In January 1799, he accompanied the geographer Bertre engineer in his trip to Fayoum and is part of the commission led by Girard, who share Cairo March 19, 1799 for Upper Egypt . He creates a wax model, reduced to a third of Dendera Zodiac.
He is still famous to be carved on the great temple of Philae , registration
"year 6 of the Republic on 15 Messidor / a French army / commissioned by Bonaparte, / is down in Alexandria. / The army has taken twenty days, / the Mamelukes at the Pyramids on the run, / Desaix, commanding the first division, / has on undergraduate beyond the cataracts, / where he arrived on 13 of Ventose year 7. / The brigadiers / Davoust, Friant and Belliard, / Donzelot Chief of Staff, / Latournerie comm. of artillery / Eppler, Chief the 21st light / 13 Ventôse 7 of the Republic / March 3, year of Christ 1799. / Engraved by Castex sculptor.
Castex Street is close to the Rue St Antoine and bd Henri IV (75004)

" County has all the sciences in the head and all the arts in hand. " said Monge.
Nicolas Jacques Conte (1755-1805), invented the pencil as we know even today, consisting of a graphite mine and clay inserted in a body made of cedar wood. He was also one of the organizers of National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts . He took part in the expedition to Egypt with the dual capacity as head of brigade balloonists and director of engineering workshops. As such, it has created and is creating all sorts of instruments and tools.
From August 22, 1798, Conte was a member of the first Institute of Egypt, commissioned by the then government to lead the creation of great work that the commission would publish Egypt, Description Egypt.
Street County is in the 3 rd district, very close to the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers
Mentioned several times, the engravings of the Description of Egypt is exciting and always consult a reference. Do not hesitate, just one click! careful surveys that are the source of these illustrations are due mostly to two boys, Prosper Jollois and Edouard Devilliers . These two men, engineers fresh out of the Ecole Polytechnique, arrive in Egypt in 1799. Members of the subcommittee that studied the regime of the Nile and the irrigation system, they are much more passionate for ancient monuments they discover. Soon completed their tasks, they "devour" the monuments. "The temples of Dendera, Esneh, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Philae, Luxor and Karnak and Thebes, the ancient Antinoe" erected by the Roman emperor Hadrian, come alive in their pencils.

Enthusiast entry Bonaparte in Cairo, Paris gave in 1799 the name Passage of Cairo, and Cairo Street (75002) tract newly created site of the former convent of the Filles-Dieu sold in batches to the revolution.

Here the facade of the building au, 2 place in Cairo (75002), of style "return from Egypt", unique in Paris tree and surprising! Oh! Beautiful Hathor!

A fountain 'return from Egypt "Is the fountain of Fellah at 42 rue de Sevres (75007), right beside the metro station Lapwing. This fellah, it would Antinous, a young favorite of the Roman emperor Hadrian.
A semicircular basin collects water flowing from two amphorae he holds in his hand. At the bottom of the fountain, a grotesque head of a lion. A Napoleonic eagle dominates all under the roof of the fountain.

Designed by Jean-François Bralle (1750-1832) and sculpted by Pierre Nicolas Beauvallet, it dates from 1806 .

Directorate on 19 th borough and at 211 Avenue de la Villette The fountain of lions Nubian . Built Place du Chateau d'Eau (now Republic Square) in 1811, it was renovated and transferred to the slaughterhouses of La Villette, where she served as a watering place for animals, when enlargement of the square in 1867. architecture was made by engineer Pierre Simon Girard (1765-1835), designer Ourcq canal, and the realization by the workshops at Le Creusot.
It has its place today at the Grande Halle de la Villette.

Jean-Francois Champollion (1790-1832) decipher the hieroglyphics on September 27 1822.
At Pere Lachaise Cemetery (75020), it lies beneath an obelisk .
It is very close to his friend the mathematician Jean-Joseph Fourier, who participated in the expedition to Egypt ...
friendly hands still lay stones and beetles ... double click on the picture to zoom , and look carefully on the edge of the base! Then the cursor on the back arrow at the top left of the screen in front of you, and click to go back on the blog!
the Père Lachaise cemetery if eclectic, there are also pyramids !

Between the Louvre and Opera, Underground station Pyramids

Seen in a window on the Rue de la Paix ...

Well no!
"The body of a goddess" of the Middle or new empire (2033-1069 BC), now in the Louvre, a gallery of Egyptian antiquities. Beautiful, is not it?

the center of the Place de la Concorde (75008) the obelisk of Luxor, offered to France in 1831 by the Viceroy of Egypt, Muhammad Ali, arrived and erected in October 1836.
Transportation of this monolith of pink granite, 230 tons and 23 meters tall, was an epic: it took two and a half years to ship , specially created for this event, arriving in France.

Originally, the obelisk and its Twin carved there are over 3000 years were placed on each side of the door of the Temple of Thebes, Luxor in Upper Egypt .

The cartridge Ramses II ...

must pass through the Tuileries Gardens to meet a Sphinx on the intersection of the Quai des Tuileries, Avenue du General Lemonnier . It arrived in Paris in 1855 with the spoils of war taken in Sevastopol by General Pélissier. (source

On your way into the garden, you can cross this another sphinx, seated in front of marble the "Venus Callypige, after the antique" Francis Barois (1656-1726)

can certainly look back towards the Louvre pyramid superb which I do not dwell in deference to his architect, M . Pei who rejects Egyptian inspiration ... It's like you want!

To reach the Place du Chatelet 75001, just not from the bridge ... but along the Seine ... here the fountain of Palm!
Napoleon I shaved the Grand Châtelet in 1802, and there built a fountain by Jean-François Bralle, between 1806 and 1808 to commemorate his victories and give free drinking water to Paris .

Circled ring bearing the names of the campaigns in Egypt and Italy, the column the fountain is decorated with palm leaves that give it its name Palmier fountain.

The four sphinx crouching in foot of the basement, which feeds the lower pool, were designed by Gabriel Davioud (1824-1881), architect and collaborator of Haussmann, and sculpted by Jacquemart in 1858.

The Luxor is a cinema located in the 10 th arrondissement of Paris, built by the architect Henry Zipcy decorated by Amedeo Tiberi and inaugurated in 1921 located at the corner of Boulevard Magenta and the Chapel. Long abandoned (1983), it is now being restored .


Finally, the icing on the cake, then see the program of the Paris Opera! earlier Egyptian ...

Do you know that you can make a trip to Egypt on Blog
" Parisienne truant?

          Depuis l'antre et mon coin de ville   
épaules légèrement frissonnantes regarder le matin bleu depuis ma chambre
me reprocher de ne pas être sur la pelouse de Reuilly ne pas croire que ma présence aurait la moindre importance...)
Me laver les cheveux, un peu de ménage,
Ecouter beaux discours prononcés à Strasbourg par les puissants actuels en hommage à une Europe qui n'existe plus, (un peu même sentiment qu'en écoutant parler de Simone Veil avec le regard porté sur le féminisme actuel) – sentir mon âge
Lire, regarder, ce que je trouve sur la politique actuelle en achevant de purifier mon rire pour qu'il soit franc et non ricanant, même si pour cela je dois négliger les effets de ce théâtre minable sur le sort à venir du pays et des plus faibles d'entre nous
Mais me reste petite colère qui prend ce qui lui passe sous les yeux pour se distraire de son objet actuel comme en picorant chez les troubadours quand se faisaient critiques pour aller avec mes tentatives de photos (je continue à me maudire) dans l'après-midi
Ouvrir Campo santo de Sebald, et lire les quatre premiers textes (avant des essais) reliquats d'un livre projeté sur la Corse... avec, entre autre, après l'évocation des cimetières privés, ce regard extérieur rapporté par Stephen Wilson, dont je ne sais rien si ce n'est qu'il est un collègue anglais de Sebald, sur les voceratrici (qu'absurdement je ressens comme miennes) qui s'arrachaient les cheveux comme les furies antiques et s'égratignaient le visage, selon toute apparence hors d'elles de colère et de douleur aveugles, tandis que dehors les hommes se tenaient dans le couloir sombre et dans l'escalier, frappant le sol de la crosse de leurs fusils. Stephen Wilson souligne que des témoins oculaires, qui au XIXe siècle et jusque dans l'entre-deux-guerres ont assisté à de telles veillées funèbres, ont trouvé remarquable la façon dont les pleureuses d'une part entraient progressivement en transe, étaient prises de vertiges et perdaient conscience, et d'autre part ne donnaient absolument pas l'impression d'être envahies par une émotion sincère. Certains témoins, selon Stephen Wilson, vont jusqu'à parler d'une absence d'émotion frappante ou même de rigidité, quand la chanteuse, en dépit de la passion qui explose convulsivement dans les aigus, ne verse pas une larme. Devant un tel contrôle de soi, en apparence glacé, quelques commentateurs inclinaient à voir dans les plaintes des voceratriciun rituel vide, prescrit par la tradition, ce que confirme l'observation que pour rassembler un choeur de pleureuses il fallait déjà une bonne mesure de préparation pratique et, pour le chant lui-même, de discipline rationnelle (traduction de Patrick Charbonneau et Sibylle Muller) ce qui entraine chez Sebald, reprenant la parole Mais en vérité, il n'y a pas de contradiction.. un beau développement sur le deuil, puis sur le deuil moderne... et ses rites rapides. A cette époque, tous étaient indispensables, même ceux qui étaient morts. En revanche, dans les conurbations de la fin du XXe siècle, où chacun est remplaçable dans l'instant, et en fait superflu dès sa naissance, il importe de jeter sans cesse du lest... et recopiant cela il me vient à l'esprit que nous nous revanchons de nos émotions contenues en les exprimant, fort sincèrement, lors des morts célèbres, en pleurant l'image que nous avons de personnages qui nous sont en réalité étrangers.

          Libraries of Business Process Segment Links    
I think I have seen this before, but was reminded of it by some recent work.  Why not have libraries of the graphs of typical business process segments?  Then allow us to paste these together to create complete or partial business process models?  And then edit these to make them come closer to what is really done?   Model with simulation to compare the result versus the ideal?

The below shows how this is done to detect money laundering, using Linkurious, but I am suggesting could also be used to model and refine legitimate process.   That would require a library of graph segments representing specific and known common business processes, and a way to link them together. Perhaps from  business transaction flows?   And create a process model along the way. Anyone done this?

Fighting financial crimes and money laundering with graph data
Posted by Elise Devaux 

Fighting financial crimes is a daily battle worldwide. Organizations have to deploy intelligent systems to prevent and detect wrongdoings, such as anti-money laundering (AML) control frameworks. We’ll see in this blog post how graph technologies can reinforce those systems.

Using graph technologies to fight financial crimes

Media previewIn today’s complex economy, law enforcement and financial organizations fight against a wide range of financial crimes: embezzlement, tax evasion, extortion, corruption, terrorism funding or money laundering, to name a few. While tracking down those activities, governments and financial institutions have to deal with a fast moving financial crime landscape and a growing volume of information of various formats.

Graph technologies like Linkurious can be powerful assets to help fight financial crimes. They provide exhaustive overviews of the different entities and their connections. And they support complex data queries on large data-sets in a near-real time environment.

In this article, we’ll focus on anti-money laundering procedures and explore a specific case with a graph approach. .... " 

          Director, Delivery Lead Analytics (Next Gen) - Mosaic North America - Jacksonville, FL   
The role of the Director, Delivery Lead Analytics (NextGen) is to plan, execute, and finalize key projects within Analytics Technologies according to strict
From Mosaic North America - Thu, 01 Jun 2017 21:41:45 GMT - View all Jacksonville, FL jobs
          Retail Analytics Manager - Mosaic North America - Jacksonville, FL   
The primary responsibility of this position is managing analysts who provide integration of syndicated scanning data and/or demographic information into
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          Real World Statistics   
Its good to remember that statistics is the basis of all useful problem solving:

Making Statistics Work in the Real World

Wharton's Bhaswar Bhattacharya discusses his research on statistical methods.

The field of statistics is about more than just crunching numbers. Wharton statistics professor Bhaswar Bhattacharya is researching the best ways to apply statistical methods to solve problems in a range of fields, from health care to marketing to languages. Bhattacharya spoke with Knowledge@Wharton about shedding new light on one of the oldest mathematical disciplines.  

(Podcast) An edited transcript of the conversation follows. .... 

Knowledge@Wharton: Could you give us a brief summary of your research and what kind of question you were trying to answer?

Bhaswar Bhattacharya: My research interests are the intersection of statistics probability and combinatorics. Recently, numerous and very interesting combinatorial and graph theory-related problems have emerged in statistics, mainly because of the ubiquitous presence of network data and the increasing use of graph-based methods in modern-day analytics. As a consequence, many interesting connections have emerged between modern statistical methods and classical concepts in geometry and probability. You can use them to solve interesting problems in statistics. .... " 

          Senior Manager - Retail Strategy and Analytics - Mosaic North America - Jacksonville, FL   
The Senior Manager of Retail Strategy and Analytics will have a lead role in the development and delivery of retail intelligence reporting from our team of
From Mosaic North America - Thu, 01 Jun 2017 21:41:41 GMT - View all Jacksonville, FL jobs
          Sourcing Data Analyst, Advanced Analytics - Plexxus - Toronto, ON   
Plexxus member hospitals include Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Lakeridge Health, Sinai Health System, North York General Hospital, St....
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          Learn to correctly setup Google Analytics for Shopify Store while using Google Tag Manager   
Master the Essentials of Email Marketing Analytics This book focuses solely on the ‘analytics’ that power your email marketing optimization program and will help you dramatically reduce your cost per acquisition and increas... [article continues]
          Optimizing your email marketing   
It’s safe to say that a majority of small business owners would agree that tracking marketing analytics is important. These business owners would also probably agree that they don’t have much time to do so or a thoroug... [article continues]
          PATIENT SERVICE SPECIALIST-ED - Access/ED - Casual - Varied   
Posted on: 2017-07-01

Responsible for interacting with patients, payers and providers to gather information necessary for accurate registration including assigning of appropriate Medical Record Number, referral/authorization, point of service payment collection, document collection and arrival/check-in functions. Receives and routes messages received in the department appropriately as well as manages customer billing and payment inquires as needed. Effectively manages the patient check-in and check-out process from start to finish, which includes identification verification; updating or confirming demographic and insurance information on every patient; ensuring appropriate forms are provided, signed and witnessed at the time of the patient visit; verifying coverage including benefits, authorization, pre-determination, payer specific policy exclusions or limitations to coverage, collecting any patient responsibility and accurately preparing end of day reporting or payment reconciliation as needed.


Assisting patients with HPE eligibility, discussing payment arrangement options including financial assistance information, providing price estimates. Regularly displays a proactive approach to customer service by listening to the patient, taking ownership of solutions and is able to accurately identify the need to involve leadership in order to resolve concerns. Acts as a member of the patient care team by supporting the clinical care staff in the care of the patient.

Required Experience/Specialized Skills: Minimum 1 year experience in a medical front office and/or business medical office position. Experience with commercial and government health insurance and billing guidelines.  
Must be able to demonstrate proficiency of computer applications, excellent mathematical skills and ability to handle monies. Excellent communication and customer service skills. Strong organizational and analytical skills; innovative with ability to identify and solve problems. Able to adapt, prioritize and meet deadlines.

Preferred Education/Experience/Specialized Skills/Certification: 2 or more years experience in a medical front office and/or business medical office position.
 Knowledge of medical terminology, ACA requirements, understanding of DRG's, Medical ICD9/ICD10 codes and CPT/HCPC Codes and Modifiers.

Scripps Health is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.

Job: Access / Business Services


Organization : 435 H STREET

Job Posting :

Benefit status :

          PATIENT SERVICE SPECIALIST - Patient Financials - Full-Time Varied   
Posted on: 2017-07-01

Responsible for interacting with patients, payers and providers to gather information necessary for accurate registration including assigning of appropriate Medical Record Number, scheduling/re-scheduling, referral/authorization, point of service payment collection, document collection and arrival/check-in functions. Receives and routes messages received in the department appropriately as well as manages customer billing and payment inquires as needed. Effectively manages the patient check-in and check-out process from start to finish, which includes identification verification; updating or confirming demographic and insurance information on every patient; ensuring appropriate forms are provided, signed and witnessed at the time of the patient visit; verifying coverage including benefits, authorization, pre-determination, payer specific policy exclusions or limitations to coverage, collecting any patient responsibility and accurately preparing end of day reporting or payment reconciliation as needed. Assisting patients with HPE eligibility, discussing payment arrangement options including financial assistance information, providing price estimates. Responsible for accurately scheduling and re-scheduling patient appointments. Successful scheduling includes, but not limited to, exhibiting proficiency in appointment scheduling procedures, accurate documentation and routing of messages, scheduling and confirming appointments according to practice guidelines, entering appropriate insurance, initiating authorizations and referrals, performing Key User duties with minimal errors. May coordinate scheduling, meeting and travel planning needs, department communication as needed. May assist in gathering necessary reports, statistics, outcomes for the department as needed. Regularly displays a proactive approach to customer service by listening to the patient, taking ownership of solutions and is able to accurately identify the need to involve leadership in order to resolve concerns.

Required Experience/Specialized Skills: Minimum 1 year experience in a front office and/or business medical office position. Experience with commercial and government health insurance and billing guidelines.  


Must be able to demonstrate proficiency of computer applications, excellent mathematical skills and ability to handle monies. Excellent communication and customer service skills. Strong organizational and analytical skills; innovative with ability to identify and solve problems. Able to adapt, prioritize and meet deadlines.

Required Education/Course(s)/Training:High School graduate or equivalent

Preferred Education/Experience/Specialized Skills/Certification: 2 or more years experience in a front office and/or business medical office position.
 Knowledge of medical terminology, ACA requirements, understanding of DRG's, Medical ICD9/ICD10 codes and CPT/HCPC Codes and Modifiers.

Scripps Health is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.

Job: Access / Business Services


Organization : 435 H STREET

Job Posting :

Benefit status :

          SUPERVISOR, MEDICAL CODING - Business Services Admin - Full Time - Day   
Posted on: 2017-07-01

Performs a variety of medical specialty based charge capture and/or coding functions (entering charges, reviewing and resolving coding edits, adding/removing modifiers, validating medical necessity, appropriately selecting the correct codes (ICD9/ICD10, CPT/HCPCS add modifiers), ensuring completeness of clinical documentation supports medical billing, performs partial/full record abstraction of charges and other medical coding or charge capture related duties. Reviews, processes and posts transaction data from patient accounts. Gathers, classifies, tabulates and proofreads financial data. Performs arithmetic calculations. Scans and electronically files documents. Checks items on reports, summarizing and posting the data to designated accounts, performs a variety of other fiscal office duties. Performs regular coding monitoring and educational reviews for providers and coding team to support meeting billing requirements for governmental and commercial payers. Provides timely and accurate updates to key stakeholders relative to coding updates and performance to maintain and/or improve reimbursement. Responsible for assisting with charge reconciliation and charge corrections. Also responsible for reviewing providers who are on continued coding holds (aka Concurrent Coding Reviews). Responsible for assisting with the communication of annual coding updates to providers. Responsible for evaluating patient related coding disputes. Oversees and performs quality audits to assure consistency, accuracy and standardization of procedures and optimizes medical coding. Ensures compliance with policies/procedures and standards coding. Actively involved in improvement efforts, workflow design and validation with input on policies and procedures. Supervises departmental resources effectively. Performs quality audits, providing retraining or action plans as needed to improve accuracy and meet production/patient satisfaction targets. Generates and reviews reports to track performance outcomes, performs root cause analysis to identify performance improvement needs. Works with leadership on process improvement, tracks all efforts and outcomes. Monitors reports to identify additional process improvement opportunities. Assigns work based on staffing levels and work load to optimize productivity and meet department standards. Communicates with customers including clinical and non-clinical staff, physicians and leadership to manage department operations. Provides timely feedback to staff on job performance, improvement or corrective actions as needed. Provides input on and may conduct staff annual performance evaluations. Responsible for keeping abreast of current policies, practices and procedures and provide guidance to staff. Assists in urgent situations requiring immediate decision making. Responsible for assisting/preparing staff schedules and managing coverage arrangements to ensure excellent patient care.

Required Education/Experience/Specialized Skills: Requires 4 years coding or charge capture experience in ambulatory or professional fee billing with 2 year experience in utilization of spreadsheets, graphics, power point, analytics and database applications with focus on the performance of charge quality assessments. 2 or more years of supervisor or leadership experience strongly preferred. Requires strong working knowledge of commercial and governmental payor policies. Working experience in the use of medical terminology and Medicare regulatory requirements for coding, billing and reimbursement is required. Familiarity with HIPAA privacy requirements for patient information. Basic understanding of medical ICD9/ICD10 codes, CPT/HCPC codes and modifiers. Ability to multitask, meet deadlines and stay organized. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and customer service skills. Must be detail oriented with the ability to prioritize work. Requires a moderate level of interpersonal and problem solving skills. Knowledgeable on medical coding and billing specific to insurance and reimbursement processes. Must demonstrate the ability to establish/maintain cooperative working relationships with staff, operations and providers. Proficient in preparation and presentation of summary information to provide clear and concise coding monitoring and quality updates to focused groups and finance leadership.

Required Certification/Registration: Requires certification from either Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT); Certified Coding Associate (CCA) or Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) from American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) or a comparable certification from another accredited coding organization.(i.e. Certified Professional Coder from the American Academy of Professional Coders).


 Scripps Health is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.

Job: Access / Business Services


Organization : 10010 CAMPUS POINT DRIVE

Job Posting :

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          How to Build a Robo Advisor: Advice for Starting a Robo Advisory   

MyPrivateBanking Robo AdvisorWith the tremendous growth in robo advisor assets under management (AUM), financial institutions are scrambling to figure out how to build and become a robo advisor.

Starting a robo advisor service combines financially savvy with big data analytics, as well as a comprehensive understanding to how robo advisors work.

How Do Robo Advisors Work?

Robo advisors are platforms that leverage algorithms to handle users' investment platforms. These services analyze each customer's current financial status, risk aversion, and goals. From here, they recommend the best portfolio of stocks available based on that data.

And these automated financial services are poised to transform the tremendous worldwide wealth management industry. 

MyPrivateBanking's report, Robo Advisor 3.0, takes an in-depth look at the basic challenge of every robo advisor: how to craft a presence that succeeds in convincing website visitors to sign up as investors and then remain on board.

In this data-driven assessment, the report looks at the characteristics, business models, and strengths and weaknesses of the top robo advisors around the world. The research was conducted on a total of 76 active robo advisors worldwide - 29 in the U.S. and Canada, 38 in seven European countries and nine in the Asia-Pacific region. We've compiled a full list of robo advisors analyzed below.

The exhaustive report provides comprehensive answers and data on how to optimize the individual onboarding stages (How it works, Client Assessment, Client Onboarding, Communication and Portfolio Reporting) and details five best practices for each stage. Furthermore, the report provides strategies to appeal to different segments such as Millennials, baby boomer investors approaching retirement, and high net worth individuals (HNWIs), and analyzes the impact of new technologies.

The report provides comprehensive analysis and data-driven insights on how to utilize robo advisors to win and keep clients:

  • What a robo advisor platform should offer to successfully convert prospects into happy clients.
  • Which robo advisor features work and why.
  • What are best practices for the different stages in the digital customer journey.
  • How long clients need to onboard on the surveyed robo advisors and which specialized offers are given.
  • What the client assessment process should include 
  • How client communication should be (inbound for customer service and outbound for news, education and commentary).
  • What good portfolio reporting looks like, so that it meets the information needs of the customer.
  • How B2B providers are positioned in the development of robo advisory services and what they offer.
  • How robo advisors should adopt their strategies to appeal to different segments such as Millennials, baby boomer investors approaching retirement, and high net worth individuals (HNWIs).
  • Which robo advisors provide specialized options such as micro-investing, rewards schemes or hedging strategies, and in what manner.
  • What the impacts of new technologies are, such as the use of artificial intelligence for client interaction and narrative generation on the robo advisor model.
  • How the future of digital success will look for robo advisors.
  • Appendix containing data on the web presences of more than 70 robo advisors alongside the digital customer journey process.
  • And much more.

>> Click here for Report Summary, Table of Contents, Methodology <<

Analyzed robo advisors in this report include:

North America: Acorns, Asset Builder, Betterment, Blooom, Bicycle Financial, BMO SmartFolio, Capital One Investing, Financial Guard, Flexscore, Future Advisor, Guide Financial, Hedgeable, iQuantifi, Jemstep, Learnvest, Liftoff, Nest Wealth, Personal Capital, Rebalance IRA, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, SheCapital, SigFig, TradeKing Advisors, Universis, Wealthbar, Wealthfront, Wealthsimple, Wela, Wisebanyan 

Europe: AdviseOnly, Advize, comdirect, Easyfolio, EasyVest, ETFmatic,, FeelCapital, Fiver a Day,, GinMon, Investomat, KeyPlan, KeyPrivate, Liqid, Marie Quantier, Money on Toast, MoneyFarm, Nutmeg, Parmenion, Quirion, rplan, Scalable Capital, Simply EQ, Sutor Bank, Swanest, SwissQuote ePrivateBanking, True Potential Investor, True Wealth, Vaamo, VZ Finanz Portal, Wealth Horizon, Wealthify, WeSave, Whitebox, Yellow Advice, Yomoni, Zen Assets.

Asia-Pacific: 8 Now!, Ignition Direct & Ignition Wealth, InvestSMART, Mizuho Bank Smart Folio, Movo, Owners Advisory, QuietGrowth, ScripBox, StockSpot

Here's how you get this exclusive Robo Advisor research:MyPrivateBanking Report Spread

To provide you with this exclusive report, MyPrivateBanking has partnered with BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, to create The Complete Robo Advisor Research Collection.

If you’re involved in the financial services industry at any level, you simply must understand the paradigm shift caused by robo advisors.

Investors frustrated by mediocre investment performance, high wealth manager fees and deceptive sales techniques are signing up for automated investment accounts at a record pace.

And the robo advisor field is evolving right before our eyes. Firms are figuring out on the fly how to best attract, service and upsell their customers. What lessons are they learning? Who’s doing it best? What threats are traditional wealth managers facing? Where are the opportunities for exponential growth for firms with robo advisor products or models?

The Complete Robo Advisor Research Collection is the ONLY resource that answers all of these questions and more. Click here to learn more about everything that's included in this exclusive research bundle

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Data Analyst-Marketing','602829','Jun 30, 2017','!*!The Data Analytic Consultant provides support in making strategic data-related decisions by analyzing, manipulating, tracking, internally managing and reporting data. These positions function both as a consultant and as a high-level data analyst. The position works with clients to develop the right set of questions/hypotheses, using the..
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What your Press Release.png

How to understand and make press release analytics work for you.

The post What Your Press Release Analytics Are Really Telling You About Your PR appeared first on Cision.

          If Mobile is not the Future, then What is?   

During 2008, I have prophesied 13 things about Internet Marketing that came to pass in recent years. 8 years passed and I see many of them came true. e.g.

  • Google’s Search Preview (though it did not last long)
  • Instant search (or search-as-you-type)
  • Priority of social media over emails
  • The rise of Tablets (I called them Handhelds, back then)
  • The rise of widgets and connected data
  • Though some of them still have not taken full form, but they are prospectively waiting to be fulfilled:
  • The death of mobile operators
  • Web-based marketing analytics (Bigdata is now showing prospects into this prophecy)
  • TV Channel + Internet + Mobile Subscription coming into one single platform or service (you can find it in my comment)

​Though I am not a Prophet or clairvoyant, I have some predictions for mobile phone or mobility for 5-10 years ahead of 2016:

Mobile may seem like the future, but as the capacity of mobile devices grow, you might see a different scenario in future. Mobile is really not the future, but convergence of various devices, flexible screens and responsiveness of display, cloud computing and cloud OS, and supreme mobility are the actual future. 

When WAP was becoming popular, one friend told me, “This is the future”. But, WAP did not see much light after a few years. As the capacity of the devices increased, WAP was seem unnecessary. Now a days, many people are saying that “Mobile is the Future”. But, I oppose that, since mobile may not remain as THE mobile we know today.

If you look back into the evolution of the devices in your home, then you might see that Cassette Player, VCR, Camera, Radio, and even TV has now converged into one device. It’s really not about making the devices small. The most important factor here is to converge multiple devices into one to offer more utility.  

So, mobile is not the future, convergence is!

If we take this example of the past and apply it on the situations at present, then see that your laptop, mobile, tab, and TV are separate devices. If convergence is to happen, then these devices too will merge into one device or platform. But, how can you get the power and flexibility of a laptop in a mobile phone?  

The answer lies in your TV in the wall and its evolution. See how TV is getting thin day by day. As LCD is already in market, we might see foldable screens in very near future. Samsung and Oppo are competing to roll out foldable screen phones. However, these phones still do have steel backbone, but in future you might backbone-less Amoeba-ic phones (or lets call then Floppy Handhelds). It might be folded into a 6" inch and while spread, you might get 60" screen.  

Moreover, with Smart TVs, more and more people will start browsing the internet in their TVs. So, don’t think that the future relies on small screen, rather you may embrace the screen-size-you-like in future. Therefore, those who have not thought of making their site responsive for various screen size, they are leaving out the big picture.

So, mobile is not the future, flexibility (aka responsive) is!

Dropbox had made our file accessibility more flexible. There also, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, and many others including cloud storage for images. With the help of these cloud storage, you can view your files in any device.  

But, one thing you could not make it remotely accessible like your files, is “The Operating System”. You still need to install operating systems in separate devices. But, in near future, you might not need to install any OS in any device. You can use any Open Source OS like Firefox OS and get access to files and OS Arrangement in any device. Or have the same look and feel as you change from one device to another. All you might need is a browser or window. And you also can save file in the cloud as much as you want.

So, mobile is not the future, cloud computing is! 

Now a days, we carry many devices like flash drive, pen drive, SD cards, etc. But in near future, you may not need to carry anything as long as you have internet access. Any device in public place can be turned into your phone, TV, and/or laptop. As mobility of information and OS gets introduced, you might not need to carry anything with you.

So, mobile is not the future, mobility is!

          Analysis of Direct Traffic in Google Analytics - Understanding Direct Traffic in Web Analytics   

When you see abnormally high direct traffic in Google Analytics or other web analytics tools, then there is not much you can do, since most direct traffic is only shown as a number of views. With search engine and referral traffic, it is pretty easy to find out what happened. But it becomes quite hard to understand what really happened behind direct traffic.

Analysis of Direct Traffic in Google Analytics - Understanding Direct Traffic in Web Analytics

Referred visitors come through search engines and referring sites. And Web Analytics Solutions like: Statcounter, Google Analytics, Awstat, etc. can provide you good insights in understanding the behavior of your visitors as well as the performance of your online marketing campaigns. However, direct visitors may not be a strange phenomenon. It can also be the karma of your direct marketing effort, online branding, email marketing, and it may also result from returning visitors to your site. If you see any abnormal direct traffic then you should understand that the direct traffic is coming as a result of:

  • Email Links,
  • Bookmarks,
  • Offline pages loading web analytics script or
  • People typing your site’s address in the browser, etc.

Direct Traffic from Email Links

Email clients like: Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, and other POP or IMAP Mail Client Softwares generate Direct Traffic. Some assumptions of abnormal direct traffic from emails can be:

  • The direct traffic from emails can be the result of your specific marketing campaign. Usually during various occasions, like: Christmas, New Year, etc, many businesses air email marketing campaigns. During the campaign almost all corporations send greetings to their stakeholders. These include customers, suppliers, well wishers, etc. Sometimes it’s not about a single campaign. Your employees can run multiple spontaneous campaigns across channels. In those cases, the visitors’ click on the links located in the email can result in direct traffic to your site.
  • If an affiliate marketer is campaigning for you, then that is a good thing. However, you should allocate different and distinguishing mechanisms that can tell you an affiliate marketer is responsible for that. Otherwise, you may be depriving the affiliate marketer as well.
  • However, if you or your affiliate marketers are not responsible for the emailing campaign, then it may not be a good sign. Because, people may be saying bad things about your site or business and you may not know it. So it would be wise to investigate if someone is doing that. Google Alerts on your business name can help a lot to understand what is happening.
  • Sometimes you might have ads, highlights or mentions published in other corporate newsletters. When they are circulated, please remember that they may not be read at the specific date of circulation. So, throughout the week, you might have visitors coming in at their convenient time.
  • This direct traffic phenomenon can also result from sudden increase in sales and customer support activities. When you have a large pool of sales and customer support executives for your business, they send out many emails throughout the day. And from these sales & support emails, people may also end up on your site. This happens when the sales and customer support people send deeper links.

Direct Traffic from Bookmarks

Bookmarks are the simplest type of reference to your site. Just to define it: Bookmarks are stored links in your computer, either in internet browser or files that automatically generate URL for your browser. So, any content that automatically generates URL for your browser will be a bookmark. Most of the Web Analytics tools can’t differentiate the source of the clicks from stored links. However, they should be more valuable to you, since they are mostly returning visitors. The links from bookmarks mean your marketing campaign efforts are maturing into sales. Bookmark visitors can come through the following types of bookmarks:

  • Lot of people bookmark your site in their browser when they find a site interesting or they think that it might be useful in future. They store it in their browser, which end up as link files in “Favorites” folder. It also comes from custom links pasted in any toolbar, like the bookmark panel in Mozilla Firefox. These bookmarks are stored as very light weight link files.
  • The link to your site from a stored webpage can also be treated as Bookmark. People may also come from pages saved in their computer that contains a link to your site. In that case, it might be a referred visitor. However, some computer blocks the reference. In that case, it will be direct traffic.
  • Bookmark links may also reside in other types of files than HTML webpages. e.g. PDF, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, etc. These files provide links for your visitor to open the internet browser and go to your site. So visitors can end up in your site by clicking links in those files as well. And most of the Web Analytics systems can’t differentiate this type of link and treat it as a bookmark.
  • Bookmarks can also come from links in softwares. e.g. When you visit the About Window from the “Help” menu of any software, you can find link to their website. Again, many types of software also generate automated URL for the browser to visit. e.g. Customer Feedback form when you uninstall a software.

Direct Traffic from Offline Pages

Most Web Analytics Systems try to load a remote visible or invisible image into your visitors’ computer through the browser. These remote visible or invisible images are customized image that work as your identity. Web Analytics Systems provide some sort of codes (usually as Java Scripts) that generate the command to load these images. It may not always be the case that the codes will come from webpages located your servers aka your website. The visitors can also come from other sources such as stored webpages of your site in their hard disks. Often if the Web Analytics code is in a blank page, it’ll still show the visitor. However, now most Web Analytics Systems show them as referred visitors by showing the exact location from the computer (e.g. C:\Documents%20and%20Settings\You\My%20Documents\My%20Site\index.htm). Often many computer blocks this reference system for external servers. It is then; the visitors are treated as direct visitors. In case, if the Web Analytics Systems can’t recognize or block the reference, the offline stored pages direct visitors can come through various ways, like:

  • Someone extensively worked on your site for redesigning. Usually, when a webmaster loads the page in FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or other Web Design Software, the Java Script of Google Analytics is also loaded (if Java scripts are NOT turned off). It’s not unusual if you see that the hits are coming from various IPs. Webmasters using Proxy Servers can make their IP change from time to time. Again, the same webmaster may be working in different computers (perhaps in his laptop). Or people can be working as a team for various functions for your site. This action can generate abnormally huge traffic, since the site development work is done. The best way is to block this is by using visitor filters using their specific IP address.
  • Imagine the same case, but this time the webmaster is designing the new site for your competitor by stealing your content or theme. So, each time they are modifying your site, we can get direct traffic. And if you have not been working for your site, then there is very much possibility that someone is piggybacking on your content or theme.
  • However, looking at things in the eye of a pessimist is not always necessary. Someone may have found your contents very interesting and saved your page in their computer. This is good news if the visitor saves your site for future reference to generate sales for you.
  • Many businesses that does data-mining for other businesses may want to save your page for business purpose.
  • Again some student or researcher may also like your content so much that they would want to use them in offline or online versions. It’s always good to have contents for researchers and student to get links from .edu or .org sites.

Direct Traffic from Typing in Address Bar

Direct visitors also come from deliberate typing in the address bar of the Internet Browser. If they are doing that, then you have established your site as a brand in the mind of the visitors or your offline marketing campaign is a hit. A lot of people don’t come to Yahoo, Google or Bing through bookmarks or any reference. They really type the site name in the browser and press Enter or Ctrl+Enter. The search engine and referral traffic for these giant sites are rare. Every site actually strives to achieve this. Again, if your are running an offline marketing campaign, then the best way to go to your site after seeing an ad, is by typing the URL in the browser. There are thousands of reasons for this type of visitor typing URL in browser. However, here are some of them:

  • Make sure if your business or site has been highlighted in any newspaper, magazine or any other popular print media. So the news readers were typing the web address and making direct hits. Try to know if any article on your site was published in any daily newspaper. But that generates traffic for one day and consequent days have a bit low level of traffic. If you have traffic coming in throughout the week, then it might be published in a weekly magazine. So based on your traffic pattern, you can understand what happened.
  • You may have also paid for advertisement in local/national dailies or magazines. However, you might have forgotten the date they will be publishing your ad. Another way to say it is: you may have paid some parties earlier and forgot when they will publish it.
  • Viral Marketing can also influence typing of URL. Viral Marketing is a type of contagious marketing technique that spreads the news, contents, video, audio, etc. When you find a video that you liked, you would want to forward it to your friends and they forward it to their network. This goes on and creates a virally infected network that knows the news. If the spread information is in video, audio or any other format from where you can’t extract text or automatically generate URL, then there is no other way than just typing the URL.
  • Like Viral Marketing, “Word of Mouth” through traditional and social media also can influence the spread. The only media that “Word of Mouth” uses is the mouth or words of people, their comments, findings, excitement, etc.

The possibilities of Direct Visitors are endless. But, Web Analytics tools provide you insight to only a number, not the overall insight on what actually happened. So, it is up to you to investigate what has happened. The abnormal increase in traffic may not always be good news. So, it is always wise to watch out.

©  of SEOPPCSMM.COM - Source: Analysis of Direct Traffic in Google Analytics - Understanding Direct Traffic in Web Analytics

          Billboard-based Internet Marketing Campaign and Tracking & Measuring ROI   

Placing an advertisement on a billboard in a high traffic area will surely bring results. Measuring it however, can be a tough job. For each marketing campaign, measuring performance is crucial. Measuring the efficiency of a advertisement depends on 2 things:

  1. Clickthrough Rate (CTR) and 
  2. Return on Investment (ROI). 


For a billboard, Clickthrough Rate refers to the percentage of the desired action from impressions. Unless eye and camera tracking technology improves, it is not possible to monitor the clickthrough rate for a billboard.


However, monitoring the return on marketing investment or ROI from a billboard is very much possible - If you know your traffic sources. But, to ensure the tracking and measuring ROI of a billboard you have to turn it into an internet marketing campaign involving call to action using internet technology.

Hire us for Interactive Marketing - How to Turn Your Billboard into Interactive Marketing Campaign

If you invest in Billboard Advertising, then you can take some initiatives to make your display more interactive while effectively measuring it’s ROI. viz.

Using a Landing Page URL

A website on your billboard is good for marketing and branding but does not allow you to properly measure ROI from multiple campaigns that direct on your domain. The best way to measure ROI, is referring to an alternate URL, one that does not disturb your expected web traffic. For the URL, you can:

  • Create a new isolated/orphan landing page on your site (make sure it is blocked from search engines and not used in other web marketing campaigns)
  • Purchase a new domain and refer the billboard visitors to that site (you can also make it redirect to the landing page on your site or just use URL masking or use frames/iframes)
  • Use the existing landing page with parameters built by Google URL Builder (it allows you to see custom reports in web analytics from ad variations reports)
  • Use an easy to read shortened link. specifically delivers analytics that you can use to measure traffic from your advertisement. Other URL Shortener Services that supply analytics will work just as well.

The URL visits can be easily tracked with Google Analytics or any other Web Analytics application. This gives the campaign transparency and allows for high ROI visibility. The URL you refer on the billboard should be easily readable. Long URLs won’t typically generate action. Often, most conversions happen after the fact, so it is wise to help the readers remember your URL.

Using QR Codes

QR Codes have been around for long time, but the use of these 2-dimensional codes for Interactive Marketing is a new trend. It helps you to download information or generate a specific action on your mobile phone using widely available bar-code scanners. For the iPhone (Semacode), Android Phones (QuickMark), Blackberry (ScanLife), Symbian Phones or Nokia (UpCode) are among several competing apps that can read QR Codes from any printed media or digital screen. QR Codes are now being used for Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and even Word of Mouth Marketing. With QR Codes, any camera-enabled smartphone users can:

  • Be referred to a specific URL
  • Get a phone number, allowing them to can call instantly
  • Download business cards to save on their phone and make calls at a later time
  • Get an email address and/or enable them to send emails from phone instantly
  • Be referred to a geographical location on Google Maps and help them to come to your place of business
  • Can be sent an event invitation, which can be saved in phone’s calendar
  • Be shown a text message (This can also be a coupon)
  • Get an SMS template to send queries to your business cellphone number
  • Gain access to your sponsored WiFi Network, etc.

The interaction with QR Codes are increasing day by day and steadily becoming the bridge between the real and virtual worlds. Determine the type of interaction that will deliver the best visibility of your ROI. There are many sites that allows you to generate QR codes (e.g. Zxing Projects QR Generator). A major service currently in use is the Google Chart API. Here is an article on how you can generate QR Codes in bulk with Google Chart API.

Bluetooth Advertising Near the Billboard

Bluetooth Adverts are the newest trend in mobile marketing. If your billboard is in convenient location, then you can send more interactive information and coupons to your billboard Bluetooth users. You can easily transmit richer content to your viewers. Moreover you can also digitally track the Bluetooth downloads.

Email Tracking

Email is one of the most convenient ways of communication, even on mobile devices. Make sure you have a different email address on the billboard than the one you use in other media campaigns. This will allow you to verify the emails you get on the allocated address are coming from billboard advert. If you incentivize people sending emails to that address e.g. with coupon, then you can also trigger the behavior of the billboard audience to send emails to the custom address rather than other addresses or web contact forms.

Using Call Analytics,, and Mongoose Metrics have call tracking services that you can be monitored from Google Analytics. However, there are several other call tracking and analytics softwares that your can use. They generate a unique phone number (even toll-free) that you can use on the billboard. When someone calls, you can see how much traffic came from your billboard advertisement and then use Google Analyitcs to see how long they were on the call. Again, it is imperative that this phone number is not made available elsewhere. There will always be a risk that word of mouth marketing will ruin your direct analytics. This information being shared is beyond your control.

Using Coupons

Coupons are one of the best ways to track where a customer has come from. You can mention an easily readable coupon code for all (e.g. gimme20%less) or generate a custom coupon code from any specific URL mentioned on the billboard. The URL can be a purchased domain, a landing page on your site, or a easily readable shortened link. This enables you to distinguish between regular web traffic and traffic from your billboard. Numerous softwares and online services will allow you to easily generate custom coupons through the URL. If you are sending the billboard reader to a URL with a custom coupon, it is recommended to have them visit a custom landing that is blocked from search engines. Once people use their coupons, you are able to retreive information on traffic sources using the database. It is imperative that you make sure that the coupon codes can be tracked. To get a true ROI on that particular segment of your campaign, ensure that it is not made available in other forms of media (e.g. search engine, word of mouth, etc).


          Why the #1 Position in Google and Other Search Engines Sucks   

If you are involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), either for your or clients’ site(s), you know how important it is to get the number 1 ranking for the most important keywords. If the keyword is popular, then it is a dream come true.

Or is it? How can getting the #1 ranking for your keyword can be a nightmare? Well, the answer is: ROI (Return on Investment). Your ROI can be disturbed in many ways for having number 1 position.

Why Does #1 Position in Search Engines Sucks - An example on Google SERP for the Keyword "Internet Marketing Agency"

Why the #1 Position in Google and Other Search Engines Sucks

So, it’s not the #1 ranking that you should rely most on. Even if you do, don’t over-emphasize it, also don’t feel sad that you don’t have #1 position. You should have realistic SEO Mindset, depending on your financial and operational capabilities. 

We are mostly ROI driven and strive to achieve the best ranking to boost your ROI. Without a good ROI, the #1 ranking in search engines can disrupt your business operations, marketing, and branding. Here is how:

Searcher’s Intent Does Not Match Your Commercial Goals

Even with sophisticated web analytics tools, it can be difficult to identify the search intent. i.e. you never can learn what was the intention of the searcher, when they made the search and landed on your site. Most of the searchers don’t merely come to your site to buy your product or service. Bringing visitors is good for your site. But, bringing visitors with varied intentions and expectations may not always be good or turn into sales. These varied intentions can be like:

  • There are many visitors who constantly look for information for academic purposes or research
  • Some think you are a potential client (usually spammers)
  • Some are competitors, spying on your promotional activities
  • Some that have already been sold and looking into what others are offering
  • Some are future prospects that are yet to fall into the final stages of your sales funnel, 
  • Some are not that serious and just trespassing 
  • Few are your present buyers, who still are interacting with your site. 

Most visitors will have different motives to visit your site, but it is obvious that it will not always match your commercial goals. Moreover, if you always emphasize your commercial goal, then you might not be successful both commercially and SEO-wise.

Increased Cost for Sales, Support, and Operation

If you rank #1 for a popular keyword, you will get substantial amount of traffic to your site. However, all the serious and non-serious buyers will come knocking on your door for queries. The bad thing is, you may think all of them are leads, while most are queries. To keep up with the pace, you need to put more pressure on sales and support team or increase the size of the team. If you are offering free trial or samples of your product or service, then the increased number of non-serious visitors will seriously increase your operation costs, including sales and marketing costs.

Again, in any industry, contacting or comparing more than 2 suppliers is usual behavior of all the customers. And for B2B-customers or customers-of-costly-products, the number can be more. So, just being the first company they find is not enough. So, by being on #2 to #5, any site can do equal business as you, if not, better than you.

Low ROI and Competitive Disturbance

As mix of serious and non-serious visitors come to your site, it is obvious that the number of sales against each query or lead will be low, hence a low ROI. As the cost of goods sold increases, your ROI will also decrease automatically. Because, when the cost increases, you are increasing your investment, while the return is actually the same.

The intention of the searcher to go beyond the #1 position is directly related to his/her seriousness to purchase. So, the ROI of #2 and #3 position will be high, if  they make the same number of sales. If you have a good sales approach and give better value than your competitors, then being the #5 or even the #10 company is not a huge problem.

So, what happens is, you spend your budget to entertain the non-serious lead generators, while the #2 and #3 position competitors get to eat the same fruit with less effort. Moreover, if your competitors’ sales approach more efficient or has better product, then they will just be piggybacking on your position.

Actually, the #1 position will be kinda like a philanthropic position to educate customers on what to expect. As the searchers go beyond the #3 position, the level of seriousness generally increases. Traffic on the other hand decreases. But, with the amount of sales that the site generates, it is able to generate a higher ROI.

The clear winner from a serious buyer will be the company/site that has good sales approach, quality product/service, and offers good value to the customer. i.e. if a searcher knocks almost all the companies/sites in the top 10 list, then there is no competitive advantage of being the #1 ranking site.

Decreased Reputation at Increased Level

So, you are thinking about decreasing cost and increasing ROI, by not being philanthropic and being selective on who you reply to and not? Then, be ready to face the invisible wrath. When you don’t reply a customer, it has some ripple affect. Some of the affects are:

  • You throw away the customer and give him/her away to your competitors by your own hand
  • You create a perception about yourself and your brand, that you are not serious about sales
  • The negative perception of un-attended customers spreads to other potential customers and starts to ruin your brand and reputation
  • If the traffic is high, then this will happen quite frequently and you may one day find someone blogging negatively about your site.

No Advantage for being the First Shop in a Mall

Think of a real life example of a shopping mall where you can buy similar products. You try to see all the offers, products, features, and prices at all possible outlets. You make the final decision based on the outlet that offers you the best value. However, there is really no advantage to be the first outlet seen.

The Disclaimer

The #1 position for your main keyword is highly desirable, if you can bear the expense. Moreover, it also helps to gain strong reputation. So, I am not discouraging your SEO effort to get #1 position in search engine. Again, if you don’t have top 10 rankings for your important keywords, then you have no chance in getting leads.

I am again not encouraging you to obtain ranks beyond the top 10 positions. It is really hard to find so serious customers that go beyond top 10 results. Only people that are data-mining typically do that, who may never be your customer.

However, if you are a mom & pop company and striving to make maximum profit with less cost, then you can use this mindset to stay happy with little. But, if you are a big company, then go for the #1 ranking, which you truly deserve.

©  of SEOPPCSMM.COM - Source: Why the #1 Position in Google and Other Search Engines Sucks

          Google Penguin Recovery Tips by Barry Schwartz and Others and My 2 Cents   

Compiling all the suggestions presented by experts in last few days, Barry Schwartz   wrote some of his tips for recovery for the recent Penguin Update by Google. This blog post an elaboration of the tips he place of his blog.

The Penguin Penalty Update was made to attack bad sites and level the gaming field for web spams. This is not actually another version of Panda Update. Because Panda is not actually a spam filter, it is rather a priority inbox :-) i.e. Panda was introduced to like better contents, not hate bad contents.

Google Penguin Recovery Tips by Barry Schwartz and My 2 Cents

Image Courtesy: Dave Naylor

Let me start by describing some of the tips by Barry.

De-Optimize the Web Site

Just put only 8 (max 10) keywords in Meta Tags. Google has mentioned several times that they don’t use Meta Keywords for ranking. But, after the Penguine update, they are saying that they are now using it to hunt you down. So, it is about time you stopped stuffing your keyword meta tags with keywords.

I usually tell people to optimize site for only one keyword. And use multiple deeper pages for longer tail keywords or keyword variations. But, it is ok to optimize a page for 3 keywords. I know, I said 5 keywords few years back. But, things are getting pretty competitive, now-a-days.

I know many people that are still obsessed with keyword density. If you still are, then you are still in old school. Reanalyze your keyword density and try to reduce the keyword density of any page, if it is more than 5%. But, 2012 is the year of thick contents. i.e. quality 500+ words articles perform better than others. So, you can guess that even 5% would be more. Usually try to keep the keyword mentions right, i.e. not more than 5 times in the page. Do not manually or automatically count the keyword density percentage.

Try avoiding keyword stuffing in Page Titles. It is actually useless. Doing such things are also over optimization. Page Title is the major place to put your important keywords. But, the keywords that are available at the end, have no power. The influence is algorithmically discarded, but since Google is punishing you to have keyword stuffing in meta data, it can also be true for keyword stuffing in page titles as well.

Another place for keyword stuffing are the URLs. For Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs, make sure they are also not stuffed with keywords. So, de-optimizing your site is more about re-optimizing your site so that keyword stuffing is taken down to a tolerable and natural level.

According to the article by Google on the Penguin Update, there are really some hints about what you should do for de-optimizing your site. Other than Keyword Stuffing, Google also mentions other aspects that they are also looking into:

Outgoing links are completely unrelated

This means that you should be careful in what anchor text you use and which site you link to. I don’t think that the anchor text is much of a problem, but try to link to relevant site from your article. Even LSI keywords are also relevant. Try to link to the sites that talk about relevant stiffs.

Page text has been “spun” beyond recognition

I searched for the keyword “spin”, “spinning”, and “spun”. Looks like Google Inside Search Blog has mentioned the overly popular term Content Spinning for the first time. Though some are based on guesstimation, but see this old video from SENuke to understand the level of intelligence that Google uses for identifying near duplicate and spun contents.

Increase Quality Links to Pages

I get many questions from people asking me what is quality links. Well, this should not be answered from the perspective of an SEO professional, rather from the perspective of Google. A Quality Link is voluntary in nature and is provided naturally (or organically) to your site from relevant pages. A Quality Link is always a free and enthusiastic link and not influenced by money or any other benefit.

If you have been doing link building from high PR but irrelevant pages just to increase the Page Rank, then you might be a Prime Prey for Penguin Penalty. It is pretty easy to suggest you to remove the bad quality links, but I know how hard it is. If you have already purchased links, try to find highly relevant pages on their site and try to get links from those relevant pages. If you are out of luck in finding relevant links, then propose them to create some relevant pages and have them linked from their high PR pages and get a level deep link, but from highly relevant one.

In future, make quality contents, so that they are either newsworthy or share-worthy. Actually social media marketing plays a great role in having your contents found now-a-days. And getting mentions is secondary. e.g. I found Barry’s article in Facebook and now giving link love to his blog with very relevant page title. I am not boasting, but this is indeed a quality link to Barry’s article.

You can also try to use link baiting technique on related topics to your business. e.g. if you sell Diamond Rings, you can start celebrity gossips around Diamond Rings. Or talk about most controversial story in your industry. Another good way to get quality links is by providing  a news faster than CNN, BBC, Reuters. The first provider of a breaking news always gets link love.

Make Sure Link Anchor Text is More Natural

Anchor text has been the driving force in passing relevance to a site. But, in recent years, exact match keywords in Anchor Text is thought to be manipulative. If you evaluate the anchor texts of voluntary links, then you might find that most of them are not using exact match keywords. So, it is high time to alternate your anchor texts from backlinks.

Those who were complaining about Penguin Penalty, most of them were complaining that the sites that were targeting less than 5 keywords were affected in some way. But, those who targeted more than 10 keywords, were in sound health. This is also an indication that anchor text alteration is crucial now.

It is ok to have exact match keywords in anchor text. But, try not to make it wide spread. It looks very much manipulative in the eye of Google. Always try to get links from relevant pages and don’t care about what your anchor texts says. Google also recently announced that they have turned off some classifier for anchor texts. Not sure which particular classifier they were talking about. But, you can help yourself in making the anchor texts look pretty natural.

Actually, Google Webmaster Tool does has this insight here (change with your site). If your anchor texts are natural, you should see varied keywords and many anchor texts listed in Google Webmaster. So, if you see limited number of anchor texts, then you have something to worry about.

Remove Links from Blogrolls

Actually the suggestion should be: Avoid Sitewide Links. Site-wide links does pass some page rank but in most cases, it may also link to you from irrelevant pages, which does not help you in ranking. In recent Penguin Penalty, sites having sidewide links have been affected. Sitewide links are actually indicative of link purchase.

Try to avoid getting sitewide links from other sites, unless the site has all article or contents related to the keywords you are targeting. However, for natural looking linking, always try to get links to deeper pages, instead of the homepage. If you are using topical satellite blog or topical spokes in link wheel, try to link to deeper pages as much as possible. By topical, I mean having separate blogs in specific topic, not diverse topics and building it as micro-authority in a relevant niche. 

If you are selling links from Blogrolls, then Google also tells you to use rel Nofollow tags on links. It is also a good idea to nofollow link to your homepage from spokes as well. But, favor only the deeper links.

Scale Back the Internal Link Anchor Text

Not sure what exactly Barry wanted to mean by this. But, in most cases, keywords in anchor text plays a great role in passing relevance to deeper pages. That’s why for sites in flash, footer links with relevant anchor texts plays a great role in making Google find the most relevant page for your keyword. However, there are people that over do it and try to get as many links possible without considering Content Siloing. Content Siloing through anchor texts in now more effective than just random internal links.

Exact Match Domains Hurt

In Penguin Penalty, many exact match domains have seen less traffic. Exact match domains have been a part of the manipulation process. But, I personally don’t think that Google would be hurting your site if you have built a good brand and authority around your keyword. If you don’t have a good brand or authority, then there is reason to make Google believe that you are manipulating Google. So, to get out of the penalty, you should build a good brand as well as authority around your site.

After the Penguin Update, I really don’t think, exact match domain are NO (totally zero value). There is still some value in it. It is just that, sites that does not have much authority, should not get the Google love for having exact match keyword name of the domain.

Practice Negative SEO

Recently, Google has sent mails to many webmasters through Google Webmaster that they have suspicious backlinks for their sites. This has led to the idea that you can make a site look suspicious in the eye of Google. May not be a good one, but this is also another idea to make your way to the top by hurting other competitors.

But, personally I think you would be wasting your time. Because, Google has been working with Google Bowling for long time. Google Bowling is the term where Google discards any back link influence, i.e. they become nofollow even if they are dofollow. Moreover, Bruce Clay in SEO FB Group suggested a nice option in Google Webmaster:

I am hopeful that there will be a WMT disavow option soon so that recipients can essentially “nofollow” a link from the receiving end.

And with the Penguin Update and the negative SEO fear, I also think Google should be serious about Google Bowling and you might see similar feature in Google Webmaster soon. So, all the time you spend on negative SEO will be waste of time.

Move Content to a New Domain

Well, I don’t think you need to do that. Actually, sub-domains are also ok for doing this. Google treat each subdomains as separate sites. And that’s how you see WordPress and Blogspot blogs multiple times in SERPs. But, this might also deprive you from age scores. I’d suggest you to build your site as authority. If you are determined, then fight it, not quite it. 

Build a Smaller Site with Very Few Pages

Not a good one and I really don’t support it as an option. Sites with fewer pages rose in rankings as other heavily optimized sites’ ranking dropped. But, sites with good authority still are standing strong. Having fewer pages does not help you grow authority. Moreover, it is like doing nothing for your site. Serious businesses prefer having more and more contents. That is how they reign by becoming authority in their industry.

Write Better Content

This is perhaps the most important piece of suggestion for both Panda and Penguin update. The better the content you have, the more the probability that others in the same industry will prefer you above your competitors. That will also help you build natural links.

Add More Social Elements, i.e. Google+ Sharing

Social SEO is real guys. You can not deny it. Many webmasters are running after only dofollow links. But, Social SEO made nofollow links worthwhile. And having only dofollow links also looks suspicious. But, to make proper balance of both nofollow and dofollow links, enabling social sharing is a good way.

Search Plus Your World was not only meant to make searches more meaning, but also to convert Google from a search engine to recomendation engine. If you asked someone, what is better than a search engine, then the obvious answer would be a freind or trusted person who knows about the keyword I am searching for. And Google always wanted to be that recommendation engine. And Google+ was not just meant for a social media, it has much wider purpose.

Social Signals from Facebook and Twitter is also important. Banded3 did a nice research and found that twitter mentions has great influence in rankings. If you are looking into the marketing in future, you should also invest much time in Social Media Marketing.

Site Audit to Determine Problem Areas

Whenever a new algorithm update happens, this is the first thing you should do. In perspective of the Penguin Update, the audits you should do are:

  • Various diagnostic reports in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Traffic analysis in your major web analytics app (Google Analytics)
  • Keyword ranking analysis for your important keywords
  • Competitor ranking and search engine performance analysis
  • Backlink popularity and quality analysis

Think More Long Term, Stop Taking Shortcuts

This has always been the last suggestion for every algorithm update. And Shortcuts were never an option in White Hat SEO. Every shortcuts are actually manipulating Google and Matt Cutts is also simultaneously taking actions against such short cuts.

Long term thinking also helps you to reduce the loss of effort you spent on your site. Moreover, the effort you put into the site steadily becomes an asset. Otherwise, the spammy links you made through money and effort are now a disposable expenses.

If I talk something about the future of SEO, then my opinion is that: SEO can not be done by agencies anymore in future. Though, it is still possible through agencies. But, people will need to build inhouse SEO team that understand the business well. SEO Agencies in recent times, need to have training centers or resources to train companies to market themselves. Or they can build specialization in specific areas. I already see this happening, because you can find Real Estate SEOs, Celebrity SEOs, Mortgage SEOs, etc. and in future you might see more product or service SEO specialization.

Moreover, Google is steadily transferring the power of SEO to individual level. I predicted this shift long ago in May of 2008 on my blog 13 Prophecies of Internet Marketing on Marketing Pilgrim (Prophecy #10: Personal Power to Influence Purchase will Increase). Some of the indications are shifting power of influence from forum to blogs, search plus your world, social signals, etc. Moreover, I strongly support AJ Kohn that Google will bring AuthorRank soon, which will revolutionize SEO to the next level and SEO will be more person oriented than website oriented.

So, it is not sites that can make another site rank well in future, it’ll be individuals or group of relevant individuals that can help a site or business rank well in search engines. So, SEOs in future will be great marketers like Oprah who’s endorsement is worth millions of dollars.

Additional Penguin Recovery Tips

Penguin has hit sites that were doing much spamming and building low quality links. While Panda hit mainly onpage factors, Penguin has targeted offpage factors. Many people already have mentioned some nice tips to recover from it. Some are:

Link Pruning

The term Link Pruning was initially invented by Bruce Clay, which is really the opposite of link building. It is the process to keep quality backlinks and delete the bad ones. The best tool that can give the the insight for quality links is Majestic SEO’s ACRank (replace with your site). See the video below to understand more about Link Pruning and also read the blog on Stone Temple. 

Create Microsites or Micro-Authorities

In a recent post in Microsite Masters, they have suggested using Microsites. Initially this has been a greyhat technique. But, personally I think that it can be a good option to Silo Contents from external sites.

I think microsite does not need to be outside your domain. it can be in subdomain. Specially after panda, subdomains have been good way to Silo Contents. If you target and promote keywords and services like: Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, etc. then you can use External Authority Content Siloing for each keyword. External Authority Content Siloing from authority sites will help you to become bigger authority. But, for that you need to create separate authorities. 

For commercial sites, there is really not much engagement. Rather, you can start the engagements on external educational and news sites or subdomain. I really don’t support having 20-50 blog for Graphic Design only. Just create one blog which you create as an authority (which is not really that easy). And another blog for Web Development and try promoting deeper pages of the bigger authority site instead of homepage. 

Affiliate Marketers actually do that for you and it is already happening. Large companies are already doing it. But, their microsites are really not that micro. The philosophy here would be External Authority Content Siloing and I think since Microsite has less reputation, “External Authority Content Siloing” would be the best word that I am trying to support.

Again, if I support that future of SEO will be more people oriented than website oriented, then if you can create a strong supporter for your domain from external domains, you can stay at top in future as well. So, try not to create crappy microsites, just create a strong supporter for you.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is actually not a new concept. It has been around for long time, as Ann Smarty has been supporting it for long time. And when I am speaking about AuthorRank, guest blogging will be more prominent in future. Since you really can increase your AuthorRank even by blogging on other sites.

It’s pretty hard to get quality links. Again it is also hard for people to get quality contents for their blogs. This is the phenomenon where synergies can happen. While other blogs are looking for quality contents, you can jump in to provide that, even by buying quality articles. That’s why in recent future, I think the SEO industry will be seeking for quality contents than backlinks.

Update: In recent discussion between Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan at SMX Seattle, Matt Cutts revealed that Google is coming up with new feature in Google Webmaster that will help Webmasters to disavow some bad links, which will eventually turn a dofollow link into nofollow. This mean that the suggestion for such feature by Bruce Clay in SEOFB Group is finally seeing life. And this will help webmasters to fight negative SEO better and also make link pruning more effective and easy. Here is the exact word for the news:

He also mentioned — and this will be good news to many search marketers — that Google is considering offering a tool that allows web masters to disavow certain links, but that may be months away if it happens.


Google Penguin update is relatively new. The update went live at April 24, 2012 and this article was written a week later. So, most of the suggestions based on best guess and some of the strategies have not yet been tested. 

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          SEO Click-through Rate (CTR) Influence Ranking in Google, What to do now?   

Which CTR Counts in SEO?

Click-through Rate or CTR is a popular term for PPC. But, here we are talking about SEO CTR, not the CTR related to PPC. And yes, SEO CTR now counts and has been confirmed by many experts that it does influence Google Rankings. In SES 2011 @ London many experts has confirmed that it does influence your ranking. 

What is Clickthrough Rate (CTR)?

CTR = Number of Clicks / Number of Impression

This usually tells you what percentage of impression that makes an actual click. For PPC, CTR is a great measure for you to understand how well the ad is. For SEO, this also can tell how well the content is in the perspective of the keyword searched in Google. 

Is it Possible to Know the CTR for SEO?

For SEO, evaluating CTR was tough. However, Google Webmaster now provides this insight, which can also help you understand how you can improve your SEO. This is an earlier step, before the clicks get stored in your web analytics application.

SEO CTR in Google Webmaster Tools

Take a look at the new feature by Google Webmaster from where you can find the SEO CTR for your site for individual keywords.

What Would be the SEO CTR?

The SEO impression is how many times your site get ranked in Google SERP. Even if no one clicks your site, you will get a impression count, when someone searches for any keyword that you rank for. And based on the clicks and this impression, you can get SEO CTR.

Calculating SEO Click-through Rate (CTR)

e.g. Your site ranks 5th for the keyword SEO PPC SMM. Searchers made about 200 searches in a day for that keyword. So, you will get 200 impressions as the 5th site every time. But, only 20 people among the searchers actually clicked your site. So, your SEO CTR would be 20 clicks out of 200 searches or impression, i.e. 10% is your SEO CTR. Good news is that Google Webmaster does show you the SEO CTR to you:

SEO CTR in Google Webmaster

Why SEO CTR is Important?

Searcher or User Vote

Pagerank and inbound links are external vote for your site. But, Google also needs to evaluate the user or searcher vote for a content. So, if you have quality external votes and also get many searcher votes, Google may like you a lot for the keyword.

Google’s Perspective

If Google sees that a site is less clicked from 1st page of search result (SERP), while another good page in 2nd SERP is getting good amount of clicks. Then Google has every reason to believe that the page in 2nd SERP is more meaningful for this search query.

Evaluating Search Intent

Google has been heavily emphacizing on Personalized Search for few years. One of the thing they lacked, was to analyze the search intent of the searchers. The CTR can also be used to analyze the search intent of the user. But, my assumption for using CTR for search intent is not something that is prevailing now, may be in future. CTR has been applied by Google to not only rank the pages, but also to understand the search intent of the searchers.

Why Many People Did not Realize it?

I guess no one realized it since, Google may not be emphacizing heavily on this signal. Moreover, the searchers’ behavior stayed the same for clicking more on top 1-5 and less on top 5-10 search results. So, the external links’ vote is still prominently responsible for getting your site ranked. And very less people go to the 2nd or 3rd page of SERP. But, low quality and irrelevant Page Title can wipe out your site from 1st page of SERP and place you in the back seat.

What to do for Getting High CTR for Your Keyword?

Character Limit

Place the most important message including the keyword on your Page Title in the first 65 characters, anything beyond that will be replaced by 3 dots (…) and the searchers will not be able to see them.

Keyword Prominence

Keyword Prominence (i.e. how close the keyword is on the Page Title) is an important factor for SEO. So, try to complete the whole message in first few words; don’t just push the main keywords back to the end. e.g. title like “A Comprehensive List of Tips and Tricks for SEO” can be “SEO Tips and Tricks - A Comprehensive List”. This way, by reading first few words, people will know what the link is about.

Using ASCII Art

To increase the CTR, you can use ASCII Art (e.g. ::-::-:: Link Title ::-::-::) on Page Title to attract more attraction. However, this is not encouraged, since absurd use can lead to spammy looking titles. If you ask my opinion, ASCII Art does attract my attention, but I’d also evaluate the relevance of a search result aka page. So, be careful in using it.

Category and Brand Keywords

You might have other noises in the Page Title, like category keywords or brand/site name. Try to push them at the end of the Page Title or beyond 65 characters. Don’t bother about the brand keywords, if you have the keyword on your domain name. Moreover, for having multiple pages of the same category, the category page might also get some boost.

Keyword Usage Limit

Previously, I used to suggest people not to target more than 5 keywords for a page. But, to gain high CTR, I’d advise you not to target more than 1 keyword for a specific page. Why? If you want to keep Category Keyword and Brand or Site Name Keyword in the Page Title, then 1 keyword is your maximum limit.

Human-friendly Optimization

You have to frame the Page Title within first 65 characters and choose the best title that can create a spark of attention in the searchers. Apply the Human-friendly Optimization of Page Titles. e.g. many SEO software will tell you not to use any stop words. But, can you really make a good Page Title without using stopwords?

Short Page Titles

Long Page Title does not influence CTR, since Google does not show the keywords that are used further at the end. But, also make sure that you don’t have a short Page Titles.

Link Baiting Strategies for Increasing CTR

All the Page Title developing strategies of Viral Marketing and Link Baiting also apply for choosing the best Page Title, so feel free to Google around for “titling strategy for link bait and viral marketing” for more tips to increase CTR.

Keyword in URL

The Page Title is the most prominent thing that attracts most searchers. But, keyword in URL also is bold in green. So, that also can attract the attention of the searcher and create more relevance value in the relevance analysis in the searcher’s mind.

Keyword in Meta Description and Body Contents

Keyword in Meta Description and Body Contents is also very important in creating more relevance value in the relevance analysis in the searcher’s mind. It creates the text chunk, which is called snippet below the page title in SERP. This part becomes useful to searcher, when they think all the page titles in the SERP are relevant. So, in those cases, this can give you some competitive advantage.

Place the keywords in the body content with more relevant information. That way, when the adjacent relevant information will create more relevance value in the relevance analysis in the searcher’s mind.

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          Facebook Optimization (FBO) or Facebook SEO - New Social Media Optimization (SMO) for Your Site   

Event: F8 Developer Conference
Date: April 21, 2010
Place: San Francisco, California

The F8 Developer Conference has determined a new fate for Facebook. Previously, all the activities of Facebook were behind the great blue and white walled garden. But, after the introduction of Facebook Connect, activities spread beyond the blue & white garden and after the F8 Summit, the spread became widespread.

Open Graph Protocol was introduced in the event. Facebook has planned to use the properties of the non-profit organization in various ways to make the web more social as well as semantic.

So, a new form of Social Media Optimization (SMO) has evolved which is called Open Graph Optimization (OGO). Well, let’s call it OGO or Website Optimization for Open Graph Protocol. But, this is not the only thing  for Facebook Optimization. Facebook Optimization consists of several other technique you can employ for your site to perform well in the social media.

Objective of Facebook Optimization

According to the source of the activity in Facebook, you can classify them into 2 separate categories, viz.

  1. Internal Activity (Link): Link sharing instance that happens on
  2. External Activity (Like): Facebook Like button press activity that happens over external sites

Internal Activity - Link

Internal Activity for Facebook Optimization (FBO)

The internal activity refers to the link sharing on Facebook using or any other widget or tools. Internal link sharing was the oldest reason to have your website optimized for Facebok. Please scroll below to see the old technique for Facebook Optimization.

External Activity - Like

External Activity for Facebook Optimization (FBO)

Previously, Facebook was very much within walls. But, with like button and Open Graph Meta Tags, there are many external activities.

These two activities are also the major objectives for Facebook Optimization for 2010. But, I can prophecise that more things will come in near future. However, it will still be possible to categorize their activity into these 2 major categories.

Open Graph Meta Tag Myth (No Like Button, No OG Meta)

There is a myth that you don’t need Open Graph Meta Tags if you don’t plan to use the Like Button. But, what happens if you share the link through various sharing plugin (e.g. Hootlet), Share Button or the link sharing page in Facebook (

When you share a link in Facebook, the Link Share Interface collects the Page Title, URL, Meta Description, and a random image. But, if you have Open Graph Meta Tags in place, then the Page Title is replaced with og:title, Meta Description with og:description, and the random image with og:image. So, with the Open Graph Meta tag, you have the control to place the right description, title, and image to attract more Clickthrough.

Old Link Sharing Optimization Technique

Before the Like Button and Open Graph Meta, Link Sharing Optimization was the only thing you could do to optimize your site for Facebook. Facebook also had the documentation for that. But, they have recently moved it. You are right, they brought in Open Graph Meta Data. So, the old technique was void.

But here is a glimplse of the old optimization meta data and the description inside the meta tags:

Common Meta Tags

<meta name="title" content="The title you want to appear in Facebook when someone shares your link" />
<meta name="description" content="The same description of SEO Meta Description optimized also for Facebook Sharing" />
<meta name="medium" content="medium_type: audio, image, video, news or blog (any one)" />
<link rel="image_src" href="The URL of the thumbnail image you want to share in Facebook" />

Audio Meta Tags

<link rel="audio_src" href="The audio source URL" />
<meta name="audio_type" content="mp3 (or others)" />
<meta name="audio_title" content="Title of The Song or Audio" />
<meta name="audio_artist" content="Name of the Artists/Speaker/Singer" />
<meta name="audio_album" content="The Name of the Album" />

Video Meta Tag

<link rel="video_src" href="The URL of the video" />
<meta name="video_height" content="200 (or any pixel you like)" />
<meta name="video_width" content="300 (or any pixel you like)" />
<meta name="video_type" content="application/x-shockwave-flash (or others)" />

These old meta tags still work, but it is always good to go with the wind and embrace Open Graph Meta Tags. You can read more about it here.

Facebook Optimization (FBO) Preparation

Open graph and Facebook tags are one of the tags that are not certified by W3C Consortium. So, you might get W3C errors if you use the tags. In some cases you might not be able to get the right utility you want. So, for that you need to add these two lines as attribute to the first <html> section, that should look like this:

<html lang="en-US" xml:lang="en-US" xmlns="" xmlns:og="" xmlns:fb="">

The added attributes are:


Open Graph Meta Tags

Open Graph Meta Tags are currently used for making sharing the links and also for the like button. Open Graph has been adopted by Facebook for it’s social graph purposes.

According to the Open Graph Protocol site:

The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to enable any web page to have the same functionality as a Facebook Page.

According to the Open Graph Protocol, several new Meta tags came into being for making your site optimized for the giant social media, Facebook.

Here is a glimpse of the new generation Meta tags:

Basic Open Graph Meta Tags

<meta property="og:title" content="A Good Title that can Attract More Clickthrough (within 100 characters)"/>
<meta property="og:type" content="blog or website (visit Open Graph Protocol site for more names of types)"/>
<meta property="og:url" content="The URL of the Article"/>
<meta property="og:image" content="The URL of the image you want to share in Facebook (usually square images perform well)"/>
<meta property="og:site_name" content="The Name of Your Site. If this is not available, then Like Button press will show someone likes"/>
<meta property="og:description" content=" Clickthrough (CTR) is the key. But, og:title should be most attractive. And you can also put more attracting messages in <150 character description.”/>

Open Graph Meta Tags for Contact Information & Location

<meta property="og:email" content=""/>
<meta property="og:phone_number" content="212-904-1240 "/>
<meta property="og:latitude" content="40.705213143114925"/>
<meta property="og:longitude" content="-74.01103019714355"/>
<meta property="og:street-address" content="55 Broad Street"/>
<meta property="og:locality" content="New York"/>
<meta property="og:region" content="NY"/>
<meta property="og:postal-code" content="10004"/>
<meta property="og:country-name" content="USA"/>

Facebook Meta Tags

Other than Open Graph Meta Tags, there are some special meta tags by Facebook that you need to use for claiming administrative powers, view Facebook Insights, and connect the External Activities with your Facebook Page.

Facebook Admin Meta Tag

<meta property="fb:admins" content=""/>

Please note, this meta tag does not start with fb: instead of og:, because it is a meta tag specific to Facebook, not Open Graph. In this meta tag, you can specify the name of the admins that can have insights of the site activity. Adding multiple admins never hurt.

While mentioning the admins in the meta, you can use the user name that is followed by (e.g. However, if your profile looks like this:, then you can use 1234567890 as admin value. To find this number, you can use or open any album on your profile and if the URL looks like this:, then 1234567890 is your admin ID.

Using this meta tag helps you to get admin access to the page in Facebook and change and update various contents. 

Facebook Page ID Meta Tag

<meta property="fb:page_id" content="####### (The number of your page)"/>

When you have both internal and external activity going on for Facebook, it is hard for Facebook to identify which page is connected with the You can also get access to Facebook Insights for the page. Facebook Insights is the Web Analytics for Facebook.

Facebook Insights Preview

Facebook App ID Meta Tag

<meta property="fb:app_id" content="####### (The number of your app)"/>

This allows you to utilize the app engine of Facebook for your site. You can create an app from You can associate your website with your app. In the comma-separated list, you have to mention the app(s) that administers the page.

This is an introductory part of the Facebook SEO aka Facebook Optimization. I’ll come up with more details in another blog. Also Blueliner has plans for a free webinar on best practices for Facebook Optimization aka Facebook SEO. Please follow the blog to get the updates.

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          С начала года количество просмотров страниц сайта ИА «PenzaNews» достигло почти 6 млн.   
Количество просмотров страниц сайта независимого информационного агентства «PenzaNews» с 1 января по 30 июня 2017 года достигло почти 6 млн. Об этом свидетельствуют данные сервиса статистики Google Analytics.
           Calibration of NO sensors for In Vivo Voltammetry: Laboratory synthesis of NO and the use of UV-visible spectroscopy in determining stock concentrations    
Brown, Finbar O. and Finnerty, Niall J. and Bolger, Fiachra B. and Millar, Julian and Lowry, John P. (2005) Calibration of NO sensors for In Vivo Voltammetry: Laboratory synthesis of NO and the use of UV-visible spectroscopy in determining stock concentrations. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 381 (4). pp. 964-971. ISSN 1618-2642
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          Trentenni high tech   

articolo tratto da

Diecimila euro. Tanti sono bastati a Luca Ascani, a 25 anni appena, per lanciare nel 2004 GoAdv, società di servizi d’informazione dal 2007 quotata alla Borsa di Parigi e che oggi ha una capitalizzazione di circa 60 milioni di euro. Scommessa vinta, dunque, per un enfant prodige «senza agganci», che in pochi anni ha saputo trasformare un’idea apparentemente irrealizzabile in una macchina da soldi: stando agli analisti dovrebbe chiudere il 2008 con un giro d’affari di 40 milioni di euro e uno staff di 100 persone in tutta Europa (vedere l’articolo a pagina 19). Ma Ascani non è certo l’unico «genio tecnologico» made in Italy degli ultimi anni. Anzi, nonostante che il nostro Paese sconti un ritardo storico sul fronte dell’innovazione tecnologica (e non solo), le buone idee non mancano: secondo i dati espressamente elaborati per Economy dalla Camera di commercio di Milano, alla fine del 2008 erano esattamente 130.731 le imprese hi-tech italiane, il 3,6% in più del 2007. E la sola Lombardia ne vanta 28.470 (vedere la mappa a pagina 20). A mancare, semmai, sono i fondi di venture capital: quelli che, per capirci, negli Stati Uniti hanno finanziato migliaia di grandi e di piccole aziende tecnologiche, da Google fino alle miriadi di società da anni presenti nella mitica Silicon Valley, l’areea a sud di San Francisco che è tra le regioni più hi-tech del globo.
In Italia più che altrove c’è un folto gruppo di imprenditori di prima generazione, trentenni o poco più, che hanno saputo rischiare nel settore tecnologico. E di fronte alla carenza di capitali hanno iniziato chiamando a raccolta parenti e amici per racimolare i primi soldi da investire. «È quello che gli anglosassoni chiamano l’approccio delle “3F”, ossia family, friends and fools (cioè famiglia, amici e folli, ndr)» dice a Economy Alberto Giusti, 36 anni, «imprenditore seriale» ormai giunto alla sua sesta avventura hi-tech

I business angel. Alle «3F», in alcuni casi, si aggiungono poi i cosiddetti «business angel», ossia gli investitori informali, manager o professionisti, che sono soliti intervenire quando l’attività è ancora in fase embrionale. «Sono privati con patrimoni accumulati sul campo, generalmente nelle stesse attività che vanno poi a finanziare. Per questo motivo, a differenza delle banche, sono in grado di valutare i rischi dei progetti di start-up» specifica Simone Bassanini, senior manager della società di consulenza Kpmg che, con il supporto dell’Aifi (Associazione italiana private equity e venture capital) e di Intesa Sanpaolo, ha tracciato l’identikit dei «business angel» italiani. Il loro investimento medio si aggira sui 180-200 mila euro circa, pari, in genere, a una quota del 30-40%, o anche meno, del capitale sociale. Portano soldi, dunque, ma anche competenze e in 3-5 anni escono, vendendo le proprie quote a terzi, di solito investitori formali: private equity o, ancora, partner industriali veri e propri.
Purché sia possibile trovarne. In Italia, infatti, la strada in questo settore è tutta in salita. Nel primo semestre del 2008 l’Aifi ha calcolato che su 170 operazioni di private equity e di venture capital, per un totale di 2,77 miliardi di euro, soltanto 40 interventi per 52 milioni di euro complessivi hanno riguardato start-up al livello d’inizio. Queste operazioni, oltretutto, sono state coperte nel 50% dei casi da finanziarie regionali e solo in minima parte da banche (7,5%) o da società di gestione del risparmio (2,5%). Eppure «se c’è un momento in cui diventa vitale puntare su nuove idee di business è proprio quello attuale» interviene Alessandro Spada, presidente di Innovab, l’azienda per l’innovazione della Camera di commercio di Milano, Monza e Brianza. «Solamente così si può dare nuovo impulso all’economia una volta che la crisi sarà passata».
Tanto più che con il decreto-legge 112 varato il 25 giugno scorso, meglio noto come «decreto Brunetta», sono state introdotte per la prima volta in Italia misure fiscali che incentivano gli investimenti in start-up. Che sia giunta l’ora della svolta? I tre giovani imprenditori intervistati da Economy nelle pagine che seguono si augurano di sì. E ricordano: «C’è chi pensava che fossimo folli, e invece…».
La loro è una vera professione di ottimismo.

Una ventottenne di Milano ha unito gioielli e tecnologia e oggi vende le sue creazioni nelle migliori gioiellerie d’Europa. Un trentaduenne di Vicenza ha fondato un’azienda di telefonia «low cost» per le chiamate all’estero. Un romano di 29 anni ha fondato un’azienda che ha scavalcato le Alpi per quotarsi a Parigi: ora capitalizza 60 milioni di euro. Antonella Fiorentino, Manuel Zanella e Luca Ascani, nonostante le difficoltà di accesso al credito e le ritrosie di una cultura «made in Italy» che non agevola le start-up tecnologiche di giovani imprenditori, ce l’hanno fatta. Ecco come ci sono riusciti.

Antonella Fiorentino
Gioielli che suonano molto bene
(e le star stanno ad ascoltare)

Si dice che alle spalle di ogni grande uomo agisca una donna forte. In questo caso, una giovane di carattere e dall’indubbio talento imprenditoriale sta dietro un’iniziativa commerciale partita nel dicembre 2008 e che, nel giro di un mese, è già riuscita a conquistare ordini e commesse per un valore superiore ai 100 mila euro.
Lei è Antonella Fiorentino, 28 anni: a cavallo fra il 2007 e il 2008 ha fondato ad Azzate Varesino la società di trading Double Crazy, dalla quale è sorto poi il marchio commerciale «Kiwie Jewels». La missione era trasformare gli oggetti hi-tech più popolari e affermati in veri gioielli, incastonandoli in cornici e in supporti fatti di autentiche pietre preziose. Grazie ad alcune precedenti iniziative commerciali, durate circa un anno, Antonella e il marito Daniele De Molli (37 anni) hanno incamerato la maggior parte del milione necessario all’apertura della nuova impresa.
Hanno sviluppato contatti cruciali con i produttori asiatici di prodotti digitali, tra Mp3 e cuffie per cellulari, mantenendo il design in Italia. «Quello dell’elettronica» dice Fiorentino a Economy «è però un settore maturo dove è difficile riuscire». Per farlo serviva qualcosa di innovativo, che differenziasse l’offerta. «L’abbiamo trovato nei gioielli» continua Fiorentino. «I prodotti Kiwie Jewels oggi sono in 42 vetrine in tutta Italia».
I guadagni dell’azienda hanno raggiunto gli 80 mila euro nel giro di un mese, già alla fine del dicembre 2008. Ma è stato solo l’inizio, perché dopo avere preso parte alla fiera mondiale dell’elettronica di Las Vegas e dopo avere trovato spazio nei punti vendita più chic di Londra, ora Kiwie Jewels vuole ampliare la sua rete. Da febbraio sarà anche in Spagna e in Svizzera, dapprima nei negozi di Foxtown a Mendrisio e poi in altre dieci gioiellerie.
In Italia le creazioni di Kiwie Jewels sono in boutique «trendy»: il Cielo di piazza Duomo a Milano e Brusco, il distributore di Rolex e di Bulgari del centro di Roma. Ma tra due mesi i tecnogioielli saranno in altri 100 negozi: «Naturalmente siamo molto interessati a mercati come gli Emirati Arabi o gli Stati Uniti» dice Antonella «dove però abbiamo già una serie di testimonial di primo piano: ci hanno garantito un’ottima visibilità internazionale».
Sono cantanti come l’emergente Rihanna o famosi come Mariah Carey; ma anche attrici del calibro di Eva Longoria (Casalinghe disperate), cui il marito Tony Parker, campione della pallacanestro, ha appena regalato un ciondolo a forma di cuore che si schiude per scoprire due lettori di file Mp3: è il modello «Twinheart» di Kiwie Jewels. «Crediamo che possa essere un successo per il San Valentino 2009» dice la giovane manager «ed è in vendita a soltanto 80 euro».
L’idea di base è che il lusso hi-tech debba restare il più possibile alla portata di tutti, anche se i prodotti di fascia alta con diamanti, come l’Mp5, partono da 400 euro. Progettata e disegnata nell’atelier di Azzate, in provincia di Varese, ma realizzata in Asia con il supporto delle sedi aperte a Shenzhen, in Cina, la linea Kiwie Jewels è rivestita con pietre incastonate di provenienza certificata, lavorate in Italia da maestri orafi. La gamma, che oggi è fatta di sette «famiglie» di prodotto (compresi gli Swars, orecchini-auricolare tempestati di preziosi), accoglierà presto creazioni inedite: «Il 14 febbraio» dichiara Fiorentino «sarà anche la nostra festa, perché presenteremo le nuove proposte proprio per il giorno degli innamorati. E se tutto andrà bene, il prossimo passo sarà un negozio monomarca».
Intanto c’è la soddisfazione di essere cresciuti senza aiuti. «Abbiamo avuto credito dalle banche» conclude Fiorentino «ma per piccola parte del capitale iniziale. E solo la Popolare di Bergamo ha creduto davvero in noi».

(Roberto Carminati)

Manuel Zanella
L’inventore che convinse il «mito»
della sua infanzia a entrare nei telefoni

L’ufficio di Manuel Zanella è una macchia di colore arancio-verde nel grigio della zona industriale di Vicenza. A pochi centimetri dal computer, sulla scrivania, la foto di suo figlio nato il 12 dicembre 2008. Sulla parete di fronte, due copertine di un mensile economico. La prima ha in primo piano il volto di Silvio Berlusconi. Sulla seconda campeggia Ennio Doris, numero uno di Mediolanum. «Un giorno metterò lì accanto la terza copertina: magari quella di Economy» dice. «E ci sarà la mia foto».
Presuntuoso? Forse. Di sicuro ambizioso e determinato. Zanella, 32 anni, è figlio di un perito elettrotecnico che aveva una fonderia venduta nel 2005 e il mito di Doris, vicentino, imprenditore «fai-da-te» se lo porta dietro da quando è bambino, da quando voleva fare l’inventore. Dopo una laurea in ingegneria elettronica a Padova, inizia a lavorare come «family banker» proprio in Mediolanum. Nel 2003 si sposa e parte per il Kenya. E lì nasce l’idea che nel 2006 lo porta alla fondazione di Zero Mobile: «Per telefonare e ricevere chiamate dall’Africa all’Italia spendevo 6 euro al minuto, un’enormità» racconta.
Come evitare quel salasso? «Non ho fatto altro che guardare a quanto già esisteva in Inghilterra e Stati Uniti» risponde«e ho fondato Zero Mobile, un operatore globale di telefonia low cost rivolto solo a chi viaggia all’estero per lavoro e per turismo».
Particolare è anche il canale di vendita: solo agenzie di viaggi e società che forniscono servizi business alle imprese, oltre alle agenzie Lottomatica. L’idea c’era. Ma servivano i soldi: almeno 250 mila euro, per iniziare. Zanella sapeva che le banche difficilmente avrebbero finanziato una start-up. E voleva che fosse proprio Doris il suo «business angel».

Un incontro difficile. Così decide di andare a casa sua: a Tombolo, vicino Vicenza. Tenta due volte di consegnare una lettera a Doris. Poi ottiene un incontro, ma con un suo collaboratore che non si mostra interessato. Zanella non si arrende. Torna a Tombolo e consegna una terza lettera. È il luglio del 2006. La segreteria di Doris lo chiama e gli fissa un appuntamento. «Questa volta Doris c’era» racconta Zanella. «Mi ha detto: io di telefonia non capisco molto. Ma voglio fidarmi della tua determinazione».
E ha finanziato Zero Mobile con 100 mila euro attraverso due società personali, H Invest eH Equity. Altri 150 mila sono arrivati da Daniele Bortolotti, che è il cognato di Zanella e il titolare di Petrolvilla Group, 400 milioni di ricavi da prodotti petroliferi. Nel 2007, poi, è stato fatto un aumento di capitale fino a 400 milioni. Oggi il 75% di Zero Mobile è in mano alle due società di Doris, il 10% a Petrolvilla Group e il 15% a Zanella. L’azienda ha otto dipendenti e coinvolge una rete di circa 100 agenti. E le sim di Zero Mobile sono in vendita in circa 900 agenzie, più nella rete di Lottomatica. 
Il meccanismo è semplice: Zero Mobile ha un accordo con un operatore di telefonia estone che gli mette a disposizione la piattaforma di roaming internazionale e un sistema («call back») tale per cui la chiamata viene trasformata da internazionale a nazionale. I risparmi arrivano all’85%. E dopo la sim è nato anche lo «Zerofonino», un cellulare dual sim Umts realizzato dalla cinese Techfit (la stessa che produce apparecchi per la Nokia) in cui inserire due card: la prima dell’operatore tradizionale, la seconda di Zero Mobile per i viaggi all’estero. Il business plan prevede 15 milioni di fatturato entro il 2011 e il break even nel 2009. «Gli accordi che abbiamo già in mano ci consentono di pensare che rispetteremo gli obiettivi» dice sicuro Zanella: l’«inventore» vicentino che ha convinto il suo mito dell’infanzia a rischiare con lui.

(Ilaria Molinari)

Luca Ascani
Partire su internet con 10 mila euro
e arrivare a capitalizzare 60 milioni

È del 1979, ma tiene moltissimo a dire che «non ha ancora 30 anni», perché è nato in novembre. Luca Ascani, romano, sventola all’estero la bandiera del talento italiano alla guida di GoAdv, società di servizi d’informazione e di comunicazione, quotata al listino Alternext (Nyse-Euronext) di Parigi, con una capitalizzazione che oggi vale circa 60 milioni di euro. La sua è la classica storia dell’enfant prodige «senza agganci». Non ha una laurea nel cassetto perché, dice a Economy, «ho fatto due anni di giurisprudenza, ma non faceva per me», ed entra nel mondo internet in maniera casuale. Era il 1999 quando, a soli 20 anni, viene reclutato da BuyCentral, società specializzata nella comparazione dei prezzi su internet, per fare uno stage a Parigi. «L’unico punto di forza che avevo era la buona conoscenza della lingua francese» dice. «Ma non ero un patito di computer e anche oggi non so realizzare nemmeno una riga di html».
Essere italiano, invece, gli dà la possibilità nel 2000 di diventare il responsabile del lancio del progetto BuyCentral in Italia: e come partner e amministratore delegato. Quattro anni dopo BuyCentral viene acquisita da Lycos e, nel luglio 2004, Ascani si lancia in un nuovo progetto: la società di servizi d’informazione e comunicazione online GoAdv. Con lui c’è il socio Salvatore Esposito, 34 anni, che dopo BuyCentral ha fatto un’esperienza in Altavista.
Partito con un investimento di 10 mila euro, Ascani è riuscito a crescere sviluppando una società con un fatturato di oltre 18,4 milioni di euro al primo semestre, che si è chiuso il 30 giugno 2008, e uno staff di 100 persone in tutta Europa. La chiusura d’anno è attesa alla fine del febbraio 2009 con un fatturato che gli analisti stimano sui 38 milioni di euro. Ascani ricorda di avere avuto da subito una visione paneuropea per lo sviluppo della sua impresa: «Ho iniziato in Italia, che non è considerata il punto di partenza ideale per avviare un business online: ma sono andato contro gli stereotipi e ho dimostrato che non era solo una possibilità, ma una vera opportunità». Così l’imprenditore ha deciso che la società non si limitasse al mercato italiano e in pochi mesi ha aperto un ufficio nel Regno Unito: «Un anno dopo eravamo attivi in otto Paesi europei e questo ci ha consentito di sviluppare velocemente il business».

Diciassette milioni di utenti. Adesso GoAdv conta su 17 milioni di utenti al mese, con una rete di siti web ad alta visibilità attivi nel Regno Unito, in Germania, Paesi Bassi, Francia, Italia, Spagna, Svezia e Polonia e sedi a Roma, Dublino, Parigi, Manila e Casablanca. La rete include il gruppo di portali generalisti Excite Europe, acquistati subito dopo la quotazione in Borsa;BetterDeals, una serie di siti verticali personalizzati che aiuta gli utenti a sfruttare al meglio le ricerche sul web; e Track Set, società di Pisa che opera nella web analytics, ovvero analizza i percorsi di navigazione degli utenti sui siti.
«Per una crescita reale è di vitale importanza adottare una prospettiva paneuropea e una visione che vada oltre il territorio, specialmente nel mondo internet» dice Ascani che va fiero del fatto di non essere mai ricorso alle banche. «Il nostro sviluppo è sempre stato organico, non ho mai avuto bisogno di investire al di là della liquidità che la mia azienda produceva» dice. La gestione oculata del denaro la ritiene un’eredità familiare: «Ho sempre seguito il prezioso consiglio di mio padre: prima fare profitto e poi investire» dice.
Per questo Ascani procede sempre a piccoli passi, attenendosi a due punti fermi: «rentability and scalability», ovvero il business deve essere in utile e scalare, altrimenti si crea un limite alla crescita. «Momenti difficili ce ne sono stati» ammette «ma lo stress negativo può durare qualche ora, poi bisogna trovare la soluzione, positivizzare sempre».
Un passo fondamentale, però, lo ha fatto due anni fa, cedendo al mondo della finanza con l’ingresso in Borsa. «Siamo stati fortunati perché siamo entrati prima della discesa e abbiamo tenuto bene» dice. La quotazione è avvenuta con un private placement interamente sottoscritto, per 5,5 milioni di euro, dal fondo di private equity Truffle venture.
E l’impatto con la finanza è stato positivo, visto che nel giugno 2008 Ascani è tornato sul mercato con il lancio di un’obbligazione convertibile da 11,5 milioni e scadenza cinque anni, sempre rivolta a investitori istituzionali. «Adesso abbiamo 20 milioni di euro in cassa da investire in acquisizioni e strategicamente nel 2009 ci guarderemo intorno». Per crescere ancora. A piccoli passi.

          Junior or Intermediate Fluvial Geomorphologist - Ecosystem Recovery Inc - Kitchener, ON   
Demonstrate a willingness to travel. Strong critical thinking and analytical skills. Sediment mobility and transport analyses. Possess a valid driver’s license....
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          HSE Manager - Trina Solar - Strong, ON   
Ability to develop and implement report templates, analytical tools and. In prioritising own work load and assigned areas of responsibility to others....
From Trina Solar - Thu, 30 Mar 2017 13:44:00 GMT - View all Strong, ON jobs
          Εξωφυλλα με ... αισθητική   
Άρθρο της Athens Voice, με απίστευτο χιούμορ, για εξώφυλλα album με μοναδική αισθητική...
Απολαύστε και γελάστε...

(του Γιάννη Νένε)

Εντάξει, ποτέ δεν το χορταίνεις αυτό το θέμα: φωτογραφίες από εξώφυλλα δίσκων παν-άγνωστων γκρουπ των πιο περίεργων μουσικών ειδών (χορωδίες δημοσίων υπαλλήλων, ορχήστρες με γιουκαλίλι και κλαρινέτο ενοριών, πολυφωνικές οικογένειες βουκόλων κ.λπ.), από μακρινά χωριά χωρών που δεν ήξερες καν ότι έχουν «ποπ».
Ο Alex Wain μάζεψε μία σειρά με αυθεντικές ‘70ς φωτογραφίες Σουηδικών ποπ συγκροτημάτων που όχι, δεν είναι οι Abba, αλλά είναι φανερές οι επιρροές τους από αυτούς, και μας την προσφέρει ελεύθερη προς σχολιασμό και fashion tips (από το «τύψεις»):
Πουκαμίσες με μανικοκόλληση σε γραμμή αμπίρ και σατέν διχρωμίες σε προσεκτικά επιλεγμένη παλέτα: ντομάτα, βατόμουρο, αποσμητικό ελατάκι για το αυτοκίνητο, καταρράκτης και ομελέτα.

Οι Toreson σε ένα παιχνίδι οφθαλμαπάτης όπου, ενώ φαίνεται ότι φοράνε πουκάμισα, στην πραγματικότητα έχουν μπει σε έναν άνετο τριθέσιο καναπέ ΙΚΕΑ, το μοντέλο DIVÄNOKÄSELLEN.

Αθάνατα υφάσματα κουρτίνας για κουζίνα, σε σπιτάκι σε γραφικό ψαροχώρι (π.χ. Φουάαλμπακαα), σε χρώμα πορτοκαλί της σημαδούρας με μοτίφ κουτσουλιές γλάρου σε μπλε-γκρι ελεφάν και ασορτί παντελόνι πολυέστερ περασμένο ατλακόλ, όπως άλλωστε και τα πουκάμισα.

Καούκες προσεκτικά επιλεγμένες από μαλλί της ίδιας ορεινής κατσίκας ράτσας Γιούλ, σε πέντε διαφορετικές κουπ: 1) Με φαβορίτα και χωρίστρα δεξιά 2) Με φαβορίτα και χωρίστρα αριστερά 3) Με φαβορίτα αντροχωρίστρα 4) Με φαβορίτα – μουστάκι και αρχή καράφλας και 5) Με χρυσό κόσμημα στο λαιμό για βραδινές εμφανίσεις.

Ένας ύμνος στο κλασικό ψηλοκάβαλο παντελόνι που αρχίζει από το ύψος του οισοφάγου και απογειώνεται με γιλέκο κομμένο σε γραμμή στροφή-φουρκέτα. Προσοχή: το ρέλι θέλει πολύ πολύ λεπτούλι.

Οι Shytts μας προτείνουν άνετες καμπάνες σε γήινο χρώμα καστανόχωμα-κομπόστ με σακάκια οφθαλμαπάτη πάτσγουερκ, ταπεινό φόρο τιμής στον Μοντριάν και στο κόλορ μπλόκινγκ. Αν παρατηρήσετε αρκετή ώρα, θα δείτε την εικόνα να κινείται.

Ελεύθερο φλοράλ θέμα, με πέτα Ιπτάμενης Καλόγριας και μπιζού τάματα στη Μεγαλόχαρη (τα οποία δεν απέδωσαν).

Στολές αεροσυνοδών από δροσερό, καλουπωμένο πολυέστερ στο μπλε της κακοκαιρίας και σατέν λεπτομέρειες στο χρώμα της χολής. Οι στολές είναι ενωμένες αναμεταξύ τους με βέλκρο για να βοηθούν στον συγχρονισμένο βηματισμό του γκρουπ.

Μία ροζ πανδαισία επηρεασμένη από τη σουηδική άνοιξη και την ιδέα της μονογονεϊκής οικογένειας: στο κέντρο η Μάνα-Σύμβολο (“Mamma Mia”) και γύρω τα παιδιά της.

Μινιμαλιστικό λουκ για τους Zigana με σικάτες πουκαμίσες από χασέ και γιούνισεξ λεπτομέρεια τις αγωνιστικές τιράντες rainbow pride από λάστιχο σφεντόνας για την περίπτωση που σκουρύνουν λίγο τα πράγματα.

Ιστορικά προγονικά κουρέματα με θέμα το κρανίο του Θορ. Διακρίνεται το καπελάκι μπολ στην κορυφή και η μαγνητική αύρα του μαλλιού καμένου από πιστολάκι. Θυμηθείτε ότι στα τετράγωνα θεληματικά πηγούνια ταιριάζει ένα ελαφρύ παζάκι προς τα μέσα.

Σχέδια της σειράς ανδρικών εσωρούχων από υαλοβάμβακα με τον προφητικό τίτλο «Παλιόκαιρος 2013». Ψυχεδελικά ντεσέν, τσέπη για προφυλακτικά και αξεσουάρ από ανθεκτικό καουτσούκ (πορτ-κλε ελεφαντάκι, σαμπρέλα νταλίκας, μπρατσάκια κ.λπ.).

Με έμφαση στο αγαπημένο χρώμα της σουηδικής ποπ: το κολοκυθί, οι Tickies μας παρουσιάζουν την ολόσωμη φόρμα μπάτον-απ, σχέδιο γοργόνα, με κουμπιά κοχυλάκι το νούμερο τρίω, με αληθινό λέπι στην ουρά και στα πτερύγια (μανσέτες, πέτα) και κούρεμα αλογάκι της θάλασσας.

Σετ σωβρακοφανέλες από ανθρακόνημα, με μήκος μέχρι τον αστράγαλο και λαιμόκοψη χαμόγελο, σε ποικιλία χρωμάτων από μονωτικές βαφές που προστατεύουν από την υγρασία και το σκάσιμο. Ταπεινή αναφορά στον Σουηδό Υδραυλικό.

Γιουροβιζιονικό τόταλ λουκ με μπυτζάμες σε ροζ κυλοτί χρώμα φορεμένες από σουηδά χόμπιτ, ερμηνεύοντας την επιτυχία τους «Εκεί που ξερνούν τα πινκ φλαμίνγκος».

Αμπιγιέ σύνολα από ανθεκτικό ντουλαμά σε φωσφοριζέ χρώματα που τρεμοπαίζουν όταν τα χτυπήσει το Βόρειο Σέλας. Πρόταση για βραδινές εξορμήσεις στη Λαπωνία, κυνηγώντας τον τάρανδο των ονείρων σας.

Φίλοι μας, μην πετάτε τα βαφτιστικά σας κουστουμάκια. Μπορείτε έξυπνα να τα μεταποιήσετε προσθέτοντας με συρραπτικό, ρετάλια από βαρύ ντουσέζ σε ακανόνιστα σχήματα, στο χρώμα του σουηδικού μύκητα «μούγκελ» (μούχλα).

Στολή σερβιτόρου, μαύρη, που δε λεκιάζει. Πανταλόνες από ακρυλικό ατσαλόνημα με κουφόπιετα που δένουν με φαρδιά βρακοζώνα. Πουκαμίσες από πολυεστερική ίνα με ανέμελα απλικαρισμένες επάνω τους πετσέτες σε χαρούμενα χρώματα. Το μαλλί της σαξοφωνίστριας είναι από κατσίκα ανκορά, ελαφρύ και δεν μπαίνει στο πλύσιμο.

Αυθεντικό σουηδικό σχέδιο κουρελούς σε αλατζά με διακοσμητικό μοτίφ το ριγέ της τροχαίας. Ταιριάζει με μούσι, goatee, γενειάδα βογιάρου ή και απλή τριχοφυία στο πηγούνι, φίλες μας.

Urban look για το γραφείο, με πουκαμίσες στις αποχρώσεις του μαλλιού της γριάς και αλεξίσφαιρα ζιλέ από μασίφ καουτσούκ. Για τα πιο τολμηρά αγόρια, μία βαμπακέλα δεμένη στο λαιμό είναι ό,τι πρέπει.

          «Βλέποντας» τη μουσική   

«Βλέποντας» τη μουσική
Το CymaScope μετατρέπει τις νότες σε εικόνες και μπορεί να αποκρυπτογραφήσει τη γλώσσα των δελφινιών

«Βλέποντας» τη μουσική
Οι νότες ενός πιάνου αποτυπώνονται για πρώτη φορά σε εικόνες ενώ στο βίντεο μπορείτε να δείτε το «Welcome to the machine των Pink Floyd Πηγή CymaSound

Πώς θα ήταν η μουσική αν μπορούσαμε να τη δούμε; Η απορία αυτή λύθηκε – και μάλιστα με φαντασμαγορικό τρόπο – χάρη σε ένα νέο επιστημονικό «εργαλείο» που απεικονίζει τα κύματα των ήχων στην επιφάνεια του νερού.
Κάθε νότα – ακόμη και κάθε ανθρώπινος φθόγγος – φαίνεται να έχει το δικό της, μοναδικό αποτύπωμα, μια ξεχωριστή «υπογραφή». Το εντυπωσιακό είναι δε ότι σε πρόσφατα πειράματα φάνηκε ότι τα δελφίνια είναι σε θέση να αναγνωρίζουν λέξεις με βάση αυτές τις «υπογραφές», χρησιμοποιώντας τες κατά κάποιον τρόπο σαν ένα «αλφάβητο» άγνωστο – τουλάχιστον προς το παρόν – στους ανθρώπους.
Νότες και κύματα
Το CymaScope (σε ελεύθερη μετάφραση «κυματοσκόπιο») καταγράφει τις δονήσεις που παράγει κάθε μεμονωμένος ήχος στην επιφάνεια απεσταγμένου νερού. Όπως δείχνουν οι εικόνες, εξ αιτίας της υψηλής τάσης της υδάτινης επιφάνειας, οι δονήσεις που προκαλούν οι αρμονικές ενός ήχου αφήνουν ένα απολύτως ορατό «σημάδι». Ο κάθε ήχος φαίνεται να έχει ένα ξεχωριστό αποτύπωμα που τον χαρακτηρίζει και – όπως οι νιφάδες του χιονιού –αποδεικνύεται ότι κανένας δεν είναι πανομοιότυπος με τον άλλο.
Πρόσφατα το Cymascope χρησιμοποιήθηκε για να οπτικοποιήσει για πρώτη φορά τις νότες ενός πιάνου, κατόπιν παραγγελίας του νεοζηλανδού καλλιτέχνη Σάνον Νόβακ. Εχει επίσης καταγράψει σε εικόνες τον ήχο φωνηέντων που απαγγέλλει η ανθρώπινη φωνή αλλά και μουσικά κομμάτια, όπως το «κλασικό» πλέον «Welcome to the machine» των Pink Floyd που μπορείτε να δείτε στο βίντεο.
Οι έρευνες για τη δημιουργία του CymaScope ξεκίνησαν το 2002. Αρχικά οι επιστήμονες χρησιμοποίησαν μια μεμβράνη από PVC και στη συνέχεια μια μεμβράνη από latex, το νερό όμως αποδείχθηκε τελικά το ιδανικό μέσο οπτικοποίησης. Το αποτέλεσμα ήταν εικόνες αντάξιες ενός φαντασμαγορικού καλειδοσκοπίου, οι οποίες αποδεικνύουν ότι εκτός από ακουστικό, ο ήχος μπορεί επίσης να προσφέρει πλούσιο οπτικό θέαμα.
«Αν τα μάτια μας μπορούσαν να δουν τη μουσική δεν θα βλέπαμε κύματα, όπως πιστεύουν πολλοί, αλλά όμορφες ολογραφικές φυσαλίδες με λαμπυριστά σχέδια σαν από καλειδοσκόπιο στην επιφάνειά τους. Το CymaScope μάς επιτρέπει να δούμε αυτή την ως τώρα κρυμμένη ομορφιά» γράφουν στην επίσημη ιστοσελίδα του νέου εργαλείου οι δημιουργοί του, Τζον Στιούαρτ Ριντ και Ερικ Λάνσον.
Μιλώντας με τα δελφίνια
Εκτός από τη μουσική το CymaScope έχει αρχίσει να χρησιμοποιείται σε ένα ευρύ φάσμα εφαρμογών για επιστημονικές έρευνες, από τη Σεισμογραφία ως τη Βιολογία. Μια από τις πιο πρόσφατες επιτυχίες του ήταν η συμβολή του σε μια μελέτη που υποδηλώνει ότι τα δελφίνια έχουν μια δική τους γλώσσα με την οποία επικοινωνούν μεταξύ τους.
Το σόναρ των δελφινιών χρησιμεύει σαν ένα είδος συμπληρωματικού ματιού – τα κητώδη μπορούν να «δουν» μέσω αυτού σαν σε υπερηχογράφημα και επίσης μπορούν να μεταδώσουν το ένα στο άλλο μια ηχητική εικόνα – όπως π.χ. ενός ενδεχόμενου θηρευτή. Ο Τζακ Κάσεβιτς, ερευνητής με έδρα το Μαϊάμι, σκέφτηκε να χρησιμοποιήσει το CymaScope για να αποκρυπτογραφήσει τους ήχους που παράγουν τα δελφίνια.
Ο ερευνητής κατέγραψε τους ήχους που παρήγαγε ένα δελφίνι  όταν «έβλεπε» διάφορα αντικείμενα – π.χ. έναν κύβο από πλαστικό, μια φουσκωτή πάπια ή μια γλάστρα. Υστερα μετέτρεψε τους ήχους αυτούς σε εικόνες και τις πρόβαλε ξανά στο δελφίνι χωρίς ηχητική συνοδεία. Όπως είδε, το έξυπνο θηλαστικό μπόρεσε βλέποντάς τες  να αναγνωρίσει τα αντικείμενα που αντιστοιχούσαν σε αυτές με ακρίβεια 86%.
Ακόμη πιο εντυπωσιακό, ο κ. Κάσεβιτς πρόβαλε στη συνέχεια τις ίδιες εικόνες σε ένα άλλο δελφίνι, το οποίο δεν είχε καμία σχέση με το πείραμα: και αυτό αναγνώρισε τα αντικείμενα με την ίδια ακρίβεια, υποδηλώνοντας ότι οι ήχοι λειτουργούν σαν λέξεις σε μια γλώσσα που τα κητώδη χρησιμοποιούν για να επικοινωνούν μεταξύ τους. Το μεγαλόπνοο σχέδιο του ερευνητή, υπό τον τίτλο SpeakDolphin, είναι να αποκρυπτογραφήσει αυτή τη γλώσσα και να χρησιμοποιήσει τις εικόνες για να ανοίξει έστω και μια στοιχειώδη συνομιλία μαζί τους.

          Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου - Παράλληλη Δισκογραφία   


ΠΛΑΝΟ ΕΞΟΔΟΥ (Νίκος Χαλβατζής)
(2006), Lyra

6. Καθαρόαιμο (Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου)
(Μουσική – στίχοι : Νίκος Χαλβατζής)
Tips: Η παραγωγή του album ανήκει στον Σωκράτη Μάλαμα.

(2006), Minos EMI

10. Μόνο για κείνη μη μου λες (live) (Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου – Φίλιππος Πλιάτσικας)
(Μουσική – στίχοι : Μάνος Ξυδούς)
11. Στο αίμα μου αλλάζει ο καιρός (Interlude) (live) (Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου – Φίλιππος Πλιάτσικας)
(Μουσική¨ : George Delarue/Hal Shaper – στίχοι : Φίλιππος Πλιάτσικας)
Tips: Το album κυκλοφόρησε και σε έκδοση με DVD, που συμπεριλαμβάνει όλα τα τραγούδια από τη συναυλία στο Μέγαρο Μουσικής Αθηνών.

(2003), Virgin

2. Σε θέλω (Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου)
(Μουσική – Στίχοι : Γιώργος Μίχας)
6. Ψάχνω να σε βρω (Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου)
(Μουσική – Στίχοι : Γιώργος Μίχας)

(2003), DNA Records

5. Σε θέλω (I want you) (Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου)
(Μουσική – Στίχοι : DNA)
Tips: Το τραγούδι που ερμηνεύει η Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου είναι το μοναδικό ελληνόφωνο του album.

(2002), Minos EMI

10. Αγαάν Γραν (Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου)
(Μουσική – Στίχοι : Νίκος Ιωακειμίδης)

(2001), Minos EMI

Α4. Μόνο για κείνη μη μου λες (Πυξ Λαξ – Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου)
(Μουσική – στίχοι : Μάνος Ξυδούς)
Α13. Στο αίμα μου αλλάζει ο καιρός (Πυξ Λαξ – Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου)
(Μουσική George Delarue/Hal Shaper – στίχοι : Φίλιππος Πλιάτσικας)

ΙΙΙ (Mode Plagal)
(2001), Lyra

8. Τα παιδιά της γειτονιάς σου (Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου)
(Μουσική – Στίχοι : Παραδοσιακό, Διασκευή από τους Mode Plagal)
Tips: Το album επανακυκλοφόρησε σε remastered edition το 2008 από το label El Capitan.

(1998), Lyra

5. Ο δραπέτης (Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου)
(Μουσική – Στίχοι : Βαγγέλης Γερμανός)
Tips: Το album περιλαμβάνει διασκευές παλαιότερων τραγουδιών του Βαγγέλη Γερμανού με νέες ενορχηστρώσεις.

Για να δείτε
την Προσωπική Δισκογραφία της Θεοδοσίας Τσάτσου
πατήστε στον παρακάτω σύνδεσμο

  • Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου - Δισκογραφία

  •           Δίσκος είναι και ραγίζει   
    Ενδιαφέρον άρθρο για τη σημερινή κατάσταση της εγχώριας δισκογραφίας από το ένθετο 7 της Κυριακάτικης Ελευθεροτυπίας.

    Πηγή : Εφημερίδα Ελευθεροτυπία

    Δίσκος είναι και ραγίζει

    Μια ολόκληρη βιομηχανία υπό κατάρρευση. Τα δισκοπωλεία αποτελούν πια είδος υπό εξαφάνιση κι έτσι οι δίσκοι ξεπέσανε στα περίπτερα. Τα κέρδη των εταιρειών συρρικνώνονται. Οι χρυσοί δίσκοι όχι μόνο χάσανε τη λάμψη τους αλλά κινδυνεύουν να αποτελούν πια κιτς ανάμνηση από ένα ξεθωριασμένο παρελθόν. Οι καλλιτέχνες εγκαταλείπουν τις παράλογες απαιτήσεις και εξασφαλίζουν μια θέση σε αυτό το παρηκμασμένο τοπίο της δισκογραφίας, πληρώνοντας μόνοι τους τα έξοδα ενός άλμπουμ. Την ίδια ώρα, νέες ανεξάρτητες εταιρείες καταβάλλουν φιλότιμες προσπάθειες προκειμένου να στηρίξουν τη νεανική παραγωγή. Η κρίση φυσικά της δισκογραφίας δεν είναι νέο φαινόμενο, ωστόσο η πτώση συνεχίζεται αμείωτη.


    Αρκεί να δει κανείς πόσο έχει μειωθεί η παραγωγή δίσκων: Το 2008 κυκλοφόρησαν 1.849 δίσκοι, πέρυσι πέσαμε στους 1.125 και φέτος (μέχρι την 1η Σεπτεμβρίου) βγήκαν στην αγορά 452. Είναι βέβαιο πως πλησιάζοντας προς τα Χριστούγεννα, ο αριθμός θα αυξηθεί, αλλά πόσο; «Ο αριθμός των νέων παραγωγών έχει όντως μειωθεί και αυτό οφείλεται κυρίως στο γεγονός ότι τα κόστη παραγωγής (στούντιο, αμοιβές μουσικών, χρηματοδότηση βιντεοκλίπ κ.λπ.) παραμένουν στα ίδια επίπεδα τη στιγμή που οι πωλήσεις εξακολουθούν να μειώνονται» λέει ο Βασίλης Κωνσταντουλάκης εκ μέρους της ΕΜΙ, και συνεχίζει: «Η πτώση δεν σχετίζεται μόνο με την πειρατεία δρόμου ή το παράνομο κατέβασμα κομματιών από το Ιντερνετ, αλλά και με το γεγονός ότι η ύφεση εξαφάνισε τα παραδοσιακά δισκάδικα. Ωστόσο, αν κοιτάξουμε το σύνολο των εκδόσεων, τότε βλέπουμε ο αριθμός αυτός είναι μεγαλύτερος τα τελευταία χρόνια, διότι ως παραγωγή δίσκων καταγράφονται οι εκδόσεις που πάνε στις εφημερίδες και τα περιοδικά ή εκείνες που πωλούνται στα κιόσκια χωρίς απαραίτητα να συνοδεύουν κάποιο έντυπο. Αυτό που σίγουρα συνηθίζεται πια είναι να συγκεντρώνονται όλο και περισσότερες κυκλοφορίες στο β' εξάμηνο της χρονιάς, αφού η αγορά "ανοίγει" λόγω Χριστουγέννων».

    Η πρώτη απονομή χρυσού δίσκου έγινε το 1970 για το άλμπουμ του Απόστολου Καλδάρα «Μικρά Ασία». Από το 1970 ώς το 1990 χρυσό ανακηρύσσεται ένα άλμπουμ με πωλήσεις 50.000 αντιτύπων και πλατινένιο όταν ξεπερνά τις 100.000. Από το 1990, ο χρυσός δίσκος πέφτει στα 30.000 αντίτυπα και ο πλατινένιος στα 60.000. Επειτα από μακρά κατηφόρα ο χρυσός δίσκος για έναν ελληνικό δίσκο ξεπέφτει πια στο όριο των 6.000. Σύμφωνα με τα στοιχεία του Πέτρου Δραγουμάνου, στα τελευταία 10 χρυσά άλμπουμ συμπεριλαμβάνονται τα «Live» των Φωτεινής Δάρρα, Χάρη Κωστόπουλου και Δημήτρη Μπάση, ο δίσκος «Το παιχνίδι παίζεται ακόμα» του Βασίλη Παπακωνσταντίνου, το «Καλοκαίρι στην καρδιά» της Ηβης Αδάμου αλλά και τα «Τραγούδια κάτω απ' το φεγγάρι» της Ορχήστρας Νυκτών Εγχόρδων Πάτρας!

    Για τα σινγκλ τα σημερινά όρια (ισχύουν από 1ης Ιουλίου 2008) είναι 3.000 για το χρυσό και 6.000 για το πλατινένιο. Ενώ από το 2004 καθιερώθηκε και ο θεσμός του χρυσού/πλατινένιου μουσικού DVD με πωλήσεις 5.000 και 10.000 αντιτύπων, αντίστοιχα. Από 1ης Ιουλίου 2008, έπεσαν ακόμα και αυτά τα όρια στις 3.000 και 6.000 κομμάτια.
    «Δεν έχει σημασία σε ποιον αριθμό έχουν πέσει πλέον οι χρυσοί κι οι πλατινένιοι δίσκοι. Σημασία έχει να υιοθετηθεί ένας νέος τρόπος -όπως γίνεται στο εξωτερικό- ώστε να υπολογίζονται όλοι οι τρόποι πώλησης που έχουν δημιουργηθεί τα τελευταία χρόνια», σχολιάζει ο Β. Κωνσταντουλάκης. «Η δισκογραφική βιομηχανία βρίσκεται σε μια φάση επαναπροσδιορισμού τού τι σημαίνει χρυσός και πλατινένιος δίσκος. Ο Πασχάλης Τερζής, ο Φίλιππος Πλιάτσικας, η Ελεωνόρα Ζουγανέλη, η Πέγκυ Ζήνα κάνουν ακόμα πλατινένιους δίσκους. Σημασία, όμως, έχει να προσδιοριστεί μια επιβράβευση που να περιλαμβάνει όλους τους τρόπους πώλησης -όπως για παράδειγμα τις digital πωλήσεις- και όχι μόνο του φυσικού προϊόντος, που ελάχιστα αντικατοπτρίζει πια το εάν ένας καλλιτέχνης είναι δημοφιλής ή όχι. Για παράδειγμα, τα στοιχεία δείχνουν πως το έντεχνο καταναλώνεται περισσότερο στο φυσικό προϊόν, η τζαζ στα βινύλια και η ποπ στα digital. Αρα υπάρχει ένα ολόκληρο κομμάτι και μάλιστα πολύ δυναμικού κοινού που παραμένει αμέτρητο».
    Κι ενώ τα επίσημα στοιχεία δείχνουν ότι για το 2011 χρυσό δίσκο δεν έχουμε μέχρι στιγμής, οι εταιρείες επιμένουν πως αρκετοί καλλιτέχνες τους έχουν ξεπεράσει το όριο των 6.000 δίσκων. «Η αλήθεια βρίσκεται κάπου στη μέση» εξηγεί ο Νίκος Στεφανάκης, υπεύθυνος της IFPI, του ελληνικού τμήματος της διεθνούς ομοσπονδίας των δισκογραφικών. «Οταν οι εταιρείες διαπιστώσουν πως οι πωλήσεις ενός δίσκου τους πλησιάζουν τα 6.000 αντίτυπα, τότε οφείλουν να ενημερώσουν την εταιρεία ορκωτών λογιστών Deloitte & Touche με την οποία συνεργαζόμαστε. Εκείνοι πηγαίνουν τότε και ελέγχουν τα στοιχεία για να διαπιστώσουν πως πράγματι οι πωλήσεις πλησιάζουν τις 6.000 αντίτυπα και στη συνέχεια δίνουν την έγκρισή τους. Ομως αυτή η διαδικασία πιστοποίησης κοστίζει στη δισκογραφική εταιρεία ένα συγκεκριμένο ποσό για κάθε δίσκο. Χωρίς αυτή την έγκριση εμείς δεν μπορούμε να δεχτούμε ότι υπάρχει χρυσό άλμπουμ. Ομως, λόγω οικονομικής κρίσης, οι εταιρείες αποφεύγουν να πληρώνουν την Deloitte & Touche. Αρκούνται, λοιπόν, στο να κάνουν δικές τους απονομές χωρίς την επίσημη σφραγίδα».

    Μόνο που οι σημερινές απονομές δεν είναι σαν τις μεγαλομανείς φιέστες του παρελθόντος. «Κάποτε οι απονομές γίνονταν για διαφήμιση» λέει ο Πέτρος Δραγουμάνος, γνωστός στατιστικολόγος του ελληνικού τραγουδιού και δημιουργός του CD rom «Ελληνική δισκογραφία, 1950-2011», στο οποίο εμπεριέχεται ο πληρέστερος κατάλογος της ελληνικής μουσικής δημιουργίας. «Τότε που το χρήμα ανακυκλωνόταν, ο ντόρος και ο απόηχος μιας απονομής είχε ως αποτέλεσμα να πουληθούν 2.000-3.000 αντίτυπα ακόμα. Σήμερα που αυτοί οι αριθμοί είναι μακρινά όνειρα, τελειωσαν και οι πολλές απονομές».

    Ο Γολγοθάς, πάντως, των καλλιτεχνών έρχεται πολύ νωρίτερα από τις απονομές. Με δεδομένη την αδυναμία των εταιρειών να πληρώσουν την παραγωγή των δίσκων τους αλλά και να συναινέσουν σε κάθε είδους υπερβολική απαίτηση των ερμηνευτών, οι καλλιτέχνες καλούνται πλέον να φτιάξουν μόνοι τους τα άλμπουμ τους: συγκεντρώνουν τα τραγούδια τους, βρίσκουν μουσικούς, νοικιάζουν στούντιο, ηχογραφούν και πηγαίνουν στην εταιρεία με το άλμπουμ έτοιμο. «Η παραγωγή ενός δίσκου και η χρηματοδότησή του μετακινήθηκε πλέον -σχεδόν αποκλειστικά- στις πλάτες των καλλιτεχνών», επισημαίνει ο Π. Δραγουμάνος. «Θα μου πείτε, αφού τα 6.000 ή 10.000 ευρώ που θα ξοδέψουν δεν θα τα βγάλουν ποτέ από τις πωλήσεις του άλμπουμ, γιατί μπαίνουν στον κόπο; Η απάντηση είναι απλή: Διότι χωρίς δίσκο και νέα τραγούδια, δεν υπάρχεις στο μουσικό στερέωμα και κυρίως χωρίς κάνα δυο δυνατά σουξέ, οι περισσότεροι δεν θα βρουν ποτέ δουλειά στην πίστα, η οποία τους εξασφαλίζει την οικονομική επιβίωση».

    Ενα τραγούδι με ολοκληρωμένη ηχογράφηση, μείξεις, αμοιβές μουσικών κοστολογείται περίπου 1.000 ευρώ. Ως εκ τούτου, ενώ παλιότερα τα σιγνκλ των 4-5 τραγουδιών κυκλοφορούσαν ως προάγγελοι του επερχόμενου δίσκου, σήμερα έχουν αντικαταστήσει τα άλμπουμ. «Επειδή το 80% των τραγουδιστών πληρώνουν από την τσέπη τους, είναι σαφές ότι δεν έχουν χρήματα για να ηχογραφήσουν 10 ή 12 κομμάτια. Ετσι εμφανίζεται πια το φαινόμενο των δίσκων με 4-5 τραγούδια, αφού τόσο αντέχουν να χρηματοδοτούν. Ολες αυτές οι εκπτώσεις βεβαίως, έχουν αντίκτυπο στην ποιότητα της ηχογράφησης και της ενορχήστρωσης, αφού το βασικό ζητούμενο είναι το ελάχιστο κόστος, συχνά και το τζάμπα», συνεχίζει ο Π. Δραγουμάνος.
    Ριγμένοι, βέβαια, παραμένουν σε αυτό το θολό τοπίο και οι μουσικοί. Δεδομένου ότι οι τραγουδιστές βάζουν από την τσέπη τους χρήματα, έχει καταργηθεί κάθε έννοια κασέ. Παλαιότερα, τα μέλη μιας ορχήστρας ήξεραν πως η αμοιβή τους θα εξαρτηθεί από τις ώρες που θα απασχοληθούν στο στούντιο. Σήμερα άλλοι τους πιάνουν στο φιλότιμο, άλλοι δεν τους πληρώνουν ποτέ κι άλλοι κάνουν εξαντλητικά παζάρια. Υπάρχει και πιο πονηρή μέθοδος: «Ελα να παίξεις δωρεάν στο δίσκο μου κι όταν κλείσω εμφανίσεις, θα σε πάρω μαζί μου και θα έχεις ένα αξιοπρεπές μεροκάματο».
    Κι αφού οι δίσκοι δεν πουλάνε, οι εταιρείες βρήκαν άλλο τρόπο να βγάζουν χρήματα αλλά και να παραμένουν στενά συνδεδεμένες με τους καλλιτέχνες τους: Οι συναυλίες αλλά και οι εμφανίσεις του τραγουδιστή σε ένα κέντρο είναι σε στείρες περιόδους ένα πολύ καλό εισόδημα. «Πράγματι, η δισκογραφία εμπεριέχει πια στην δραστηριότητά της και τις συναυλίες. Αγκαλιάζει πλέον τους καλλιτέχνες μ' έναν διαφορετικό τρόπο απ' ό,τι το παρελθοντικό δούναι και λαβείν που περιοριζόταν στην κυκλοφορία μιας δισκογραφικής δουλειάς και την προώθησή της. Εχουμε μια συνολικότερη εικόνα της καλλιτεχνικής τους πορείας. Κι άλλωστε οι συναυλίες αποδεικνύουν πως η μουσική δεν έχει σταματήσει να καταναλώνεται. Ο τρόπος άλλαξε. Η Ελεωνόρα Ζουγανέλη, με μια καριέρα μόλις δύο προσωπικών άλμπουμ, γέμισε με 6.000 άτομα το θέατρο του Βύρωνα» λέει ο Β. Κωνσταντουλάκης.
    Ωστόσο, η βασική πηγή εσόδων μιας μεγάλης δισκογραφικής εταιρείας παραμένει η στενή συνεργασία με τις εφημερίδες, δηλαδή τα λεγόμενα premium άλμπουμ, τα οποία για πολλούς έχουν μερίδιο ευθύνης για την απαξίωση των CDs και την κατάρρευση της δισκογραφίας. «Αυτός είναι και ο λόγος για τον οποίο οι μόνες εταιρείες που διασώζονται είναι εκείνες με πλούσιο back catalogue, δηλαδή με παλαιό υλικό» λέει ο Πέτρος Δραγουμάνος. «Πριν από αρκετά χρόνια οι άνθρωποι που κινούσαν τα νήματα σε μια δισκογραφική ήταν οι καλοί παραγωγοί και οι άνθρωποι που είχαν διορατικότητα στην ανεύρεση νέων ταλέντων. Σήμερα, οι εταιρείες κρατιούνται από ανθρώπους με γνώση και εμπειρία που μπορούν να γεννούν ιδέες και να πουλάνε το ίδιο ρεπερτόριο με διαφορετικούς, ευφάνταστους τρόπους. Αν, για παράδειγμα, δεις σε μια εφημερίδα μια προσφορά με τίτλο "Τα καλύτερα τραγούδια του Λευτέρη Παπαδόπουλου", σε μια άλλη μια δεύτερη "Τα καλύτερα του Σταύρου Κουγιουμτζή" και σε ένα περιοδικό μια τρίτη με τα "Καλύτερα του Γιώργου Νταλάρα", είναι πολύ πιθανό να περιέχουν πολλά ίδια τραγούδια. Ομως, η εταιρεία το έχει πουλήσει με τρεις διαφορετικούς τρόπους και έχει εισπράξει χρήματα από τρία διαφορετικά έντυπα».

    Και όμως υπάρχουν. Τόλμησαν να προσεγγίσουν το νεανικό κοινό - σε αντίθεση με τις πολυεθνικές που το θεωρούν «καμένο χαρτί», πιστεύοντας ότι δεν αγοράζει, αλλά «κατεβάζει» μουσικές. Σε ό,τι αφορά το ρεπερτόριό τους, ειδικεύτηκαν, αγκάλιασαν τους καλλιτέχνες εκείνους που οι πολυεθνικές απαξίωναν, αναζήτησαν και ανακάλυψαν ταλέντα μέσα από το δυναμικό του Ιντερνετ.
    «Η ιστορία διεθνώς δείχνει ότι οι μικρές ετικέτες αναπτύσσονταν μέχρι του σημείου να αποτελέσουν στόχο εξαγοράς από μια μεγαλύτερη εταιρεία, η οποία λόγω όγκου και μακροοικονομικών στοιχείων είχε καλύτερη πρόσβαση στην τράπεζα για δάνεια, στους ειδικούς νομικούς για να την απαλλάξουν από βαριά φορολογία -μεταφέροντας την έδρα της σε παραδείσια νησιά. Με αυτούς τους τρόπους συσπειρώθηκε ένα μεγαλύτερο κομμάτι διανομής και έλεγχαν τους κανόνες της αγοράς. Τα στοιχεία που διαφοροποιούν μια πολυεθνική από μια μικρότερη εταιρεία είναι δύο: το κόστος του χρήματος και ο "έλεγχος" της αγοράς από τη μεριά των πρώτων και η δημιουργική μανία σε σημείο αυτοκαταστροφής από την πλευρά των δεύτερων» λέει ο Πάνος Θεοφανέλλης δημιουργός της Archangel.
    Από την εταιρεία του κυκλοφορούν τα άλμπουμ της Μόνικας, συγκροτημάτων όπως οι Gad, Ρόδες, My Wet Calvin κ.ά. Εκτός, όμως, από το νέο αίμα της εγχώριας alternative σκηνής, δισκογραφικές σαν την Archangel και την Inner Ear συχνά αποτελούν ιδανικό τόπο δημιουργίας και για καταξιωμένους καλλιτέχνες, οι οποίοι είτε βαρέθηκαν την ψυχρή αντιμετώπιση των πολυεθνικών είτε δυσαρεστήθηκαν από τη συνεργασία τους. Για παράδειγμα οι τελευταίοι δίσκοι του Παύλου Παυλίδη και των Xaxakes βγήκαν από την Archangel, ενώ η Inner Ear φιλοξενεί πια τον Φοίβο Δεληβοριά, τη Λένα Πλάτωνος και τον Θανάση Παπακωνσταντίνου.
    Στην εποχή της προχειρότητας, η τελευταία φιλοξενεί στον κατάλογό της φιλόδοξες παραγωγές από το χώρο της indie και electro σκηνής, προσέχει την εικαστική πλευρά των άλμπουμ της, κυκλοφορεί βινύλια, πληρώνει και κάποιες παραγωγές. «Στην Inner Ear με τιμούν, γιατί θεωρούν ότι δημιουργώ έργο. Ηχογραφώ αυτά τα κομμάτια εδώ κι ένα χρόνο. Για μια πολυεθνική, αυτό θα ήταν αδιανόητο» μας είχε πει ο Φοίβος Δεληβοριάς. «Επίσης αισθάνομαι ότι μπορώ να πιω έναν καφέ με τους υπόλοιπους καλλιτέχνες της εταιρείας. Δεν μπορούσα να με βλέπω πια στο ίδιο ράφι με τραγουδιστές με τους οποίους δεν είχα τίποτα κοινό».

    Σήμερα, έχοντας ξεπεράσει την αβεβαιότητα των πρώτων ετών, οι «εναλλακτικές» εταιρείες αναζητούν πλεόν έσοδα και από τις παραγωγές συναυλιών. «Αναζητήσαμε τρόπους για να αντεπεξέλθουμε στη συνολική ανάγκη έκθεσης των καλλιτεχνών μας. Μία από αυτές τις πρωτοβουλίες ήταν και η καθιέρωση φεστιβάλ όπως το Ark Festival» λέει ο Π. Θεοφανέλλης.
    Δηλαδή, κάνουν πλέον ό,τι και οι πολυεθνικές; «Εμείς το κάνουμε με μεγαλύτερη επιτυχία, διότι όσο μεγαλύτερος είναι κανείς τόσο περισσότερο κινδυνεύει στη φουρτούνα. Οπως δεν μπορείς εύκολα να μετακινηθείς στο κέντρο μιας πόλης με φορτηγό, άλλο τόσο δύσκολα μπορεί ένας μεγάλος πολυεθνικός όμιλος να είναι ευέλικτος στις απότομες αλλαγές» προσθέτει. «Δεν είναι τυχαίο πως καμία πολυεθνική δεν πέτυχε στο χώρο των εκδηλώσεων. Αργησαν να μπουν, καθυστερούν να βάλουν τα χέρια τους στην φωτιά -καθότι είναι υπάλληλοι και όχι επιχειρηματίες- και κυρίως αναγκάζονται να αγοράσουν ακριβά τις υπηρεσίες που προσφέρουν οι κατά τόπους παράγοντες που διακρίνονται στο χώρο των εκδηλώσεων. Τρανή απόδειξη αποτελεί η "ανάποδη" κίνηση της "Live Nation" να προσφέρει και δισκογραφικά συμβόλαια στους καλλιτέχνες που εκπροσωπεί στις συναυλίες. Το εισόδημα από τη δισκογραφία ήταν και είναι ελάχιστο σε σχέση με αυτό από τις εκδηλώσεις». 7

              Vice President, Risk Based Analytics - Protective Life Corporation - Birmingham, AL   
    The Risk Based Analytics team of the Product Development division of Protective Life Corporation has an opening for the VP of Risk Based Analytics in our...
    From Protective Life Corporation - Thu, 06 Apr 2017 23:43:28 GMT - View all Birmingham, AL jobs

    While selection tools and techniques like tests, interviews etc. provide good data about an individual, they fall short in providing real life data of how an individual would be performing in a real life situation especially a group situation. Team work being an integral part of the any work profile, it is important to ascertain group and inter-personal qualities of an individual. Group discussion is a useful tool to ascertain these qualities and many organizations use GDs as a selection tool along with Personal Interviews, aptitude tests etc. A GD is an activity where
    Groups of 8-10 candidates are formed into a leaderless group, and are given a specific situation to analyse and discuss within a given time limit, which may vary between twenty minutes and forty-five minutes, or

    They may be given a case study and asked to come out with a solution for a problem

    They may be given a topic and are asked to discuss the same

    1. Preparing for a Group Discussion:
    While GD reflects the inherent qualities of an individual, appearing for it unprepared may not augur well for you. These tips would help you prepare for GDs:
    Reading: This is the first and the most crucial step in preparation. This is a never ending process and the more you read, the better you are in your thoughts. While you may read anything to everything, you must ensure that you are in good touch with current affairs, the debates and hot topics of discussion and also with the latest in the IT and ITES industry. Chances are the topics would be around these. Read both for the thoughts as well as for data. Also read multiple view points on the same topic and then create your point of view with rationale. Also create answers for counter arguments for your point of view. The electronic media also will be of good use here.
    Mocks: Create an informal GD group and meet regularly to discuss and exchange feedback. This is the best way to prepare. This would give you a good idea about your thoughts and how well can you convince. Remember, it is important that you are able to express your thoughts well. The better you perform in these mocks the better would be you chances to perform on the final day. Also try to interact and participate in other GD groups. This will develop in you a skill to discuss with unknown people as well.
    2. During the Group Discussion:
    What do the panelists assess:Some of the qualities assessed in a GD are:
    Leadership Skills - Ability to take leadership roles and be able to lead, inspire and carry the team along to help them achieve the group's objectives.
    Communication Skills -

    Candidates will be assessed in terms of clarity of thought, expression and aptness of language. One key aspect is listening. It indicates a willingness to accommodate others views.
    Interpersonal Skills -

    People skills are an important aspect of any job. They are reflected in the ability to interact with other members of the group in a brief situation. Emotional maturity and balance promotes good interpersonal relationships. The person has to be more people centric and less self-centered.
    Persuasive Skills -

    The ability to analyze and persuade others to see the problem from multiple perspectives.
    GD is a test of your ability to think, your analytical capabilities and your ability to make your point in a team-based environment.

    These are some of the sub-skills that also get assessed with the skills mentioned above:
    - Clarity of thought
    - Group working skills (especially during a group task of case study discussion)
    - Conflict handling
    - Listening and probing skills
    - Knowledge about the subject and individual point of view
    - Ability to create a consensus
    - Openess and flexibility towards new ideas
    - Data based approach to decision making

    While, it is not possible to reflect all these qualities in a short time, you would do well if you are able to show a couple or more qualities and avoid giving negative evidence on others.
    Participating in the GD:
    Generally, with the topic you are given 2-3 minutes to structure your thoughts. Make good use of this time. Note down all the points that come to your mind. This would help you not to forget any important points and also to listen to others during the discussion. If you have been given a case, reading it carefully, underline salient points and make notes.
    Should I start or not:Start the discussion only when you are thoroughly conversant with the topic/case or else let others speak first. If you decide to start, it is best to elaborate the topic and put forward various dimensions of the subject in front of the group. If it is a case, list down the facts briefly, mention what needs to be done and details factors that you think are crucial to decision making in that case. Do not put forth your opinions, arguments and conclusions to the group as the next speaker might argue against them leaving you with a feeling that your best points have been knocked off. Elaborating the topic for discussion would reflect upon your clarity of thought, holistic approach and leadership skills (providing the group an approach to discuss a problem thread bare). Speak for not more than a minute as others would be too anxious to speak and you might be interrupted in-between. If you decide not to start, make sure that you are amongst the first 3-4 speakers. After that, the best points would already have been taken and you would not be able to create an impact. Some effective ways to initiate a discussion would be to make/give:
    i. Quotes
    ii. Definitions
    iii. Questions
    iv. Facts, figures and statistics
    vi. Short stories
    vii. General statements

    How do I take my chance to speak:
    Trying to interrupt others while speaking would only harm your chances. Instead, you may try to maintain an eye-contact with the speaker. This would show your listening skills also and would help you gauge from his eye-movement and pitch of voice that he is about to close his inputs. You can quickly take it from there. Also, try and link your inputs with what he has spoken whether you are adding to or opposing his arguments. This would reflect that you are actually being participative rather than just doing a collective monologue.
    How do I communicate in a GD:
    Be crisp and to the point. Be fact based and avoid making individual opinions that do not have a factual base. Make eye contact with all the members in the group and avoid looking at the panelists while speaking. The average duration of the group discussion provides an average of about 2-3 minutes per participant to speak and you should try to speak about 3-4 times. Hence, you need to be really crisp to reflect the most in those 30-40 sec. slots.
    How do I convince others and make them agree to my view point:
    A lot of candidates make it their mission to make the group reach to a conclusion on the topic. Do not forget that some of the topics have been eternal debates and there is no way you can get an agreement in 15 mins. on them. The objective is not to make others toe your line but to provide fact based, convincing arguments which create an impact. Stick to this approach.
    Do leadership skills include moderating the group discussion:
    This is a myth and many people do try to impose their order on the GD, ordering people when to speak and when not to. This only reflects poor leadership. Leadership in a GD would be reflected by your clarity of thought, ability to expand the topic in its different dimensions, providing an opportunity to a silent participant to speak, listening to others and probing them to provide more information. Hence, work on these areas rather than be a self-appointed moderator of the group.
    This is a key quality assessed during the GD about which many participants forget. Active listening can fetch you credit points and would also provide you with data to discuss. Also, if you have an average of 2-3 minutes to speak, the rest of the 20-25 minutes is required to spent in active listening. For this, maintain eye contact with the speakers, attend to them (like nodding, using acknowledging words like -I see ok, fine, great etc.). This would also make you be the centre of attraction as you would appear non-threatening to the speakers.
    Behaviour during the GD:
    Be patient; don't get upset if anyone says anything you object to. Stay objective and don't take the discussion personally. Also, remember the six C's of communication - Clarity, Completeness, Conciseness, Confidence, Correctness and Courtesy. Be appreciative & receptive to ideas from other people and open-minded but do not let others to change your own viewpoint. Be active and interested throughout. It is better to participate less if you have no clue of the topic. You may listen to others and take clues from there and speak. You would be assessed on a range of different skills and you may think that leadership is key, you need to be careful that you don't dominate the discussion.
    Quality Vs Quantity:
    Often, participants think that success in group discussions depends on how much and how loudly they speak. Interestingly, it's the opposite. Also, making your point on the topic, your views are important and the group needs to know. This will tell you are knowledgeable and that you participate in groups
    If you have not been able to initiate the discussion, try to summaries and close it. Good summarizing would get you good reward points. A conclusion is where the whole group decides in favour or against the topic and most GDs do not have a closure. But every GD can be summarized by putting forth what the group has discussed in a nutshell. Keep the following points in mind while summarizing a discussion:
    Avoid raising new points.
    Avoid stating only your viewpoint.
    Avoid dwelling only on one aspect of the GD
    Keep it brief and concise.
    It must include all the important points that came out during the GD
    If you are asked to summarise a GD, it means the GD has come to an end.
    Do not add anything once the GD has been summarised.
    Some Positive Task Roles in a Group Discussion:You may want to play one or more of them:
    Information seeker
    Information giver
    Procedure facilitator
    Opinion seeker
    Opinion giver
    Social Supporter
    Tension Reliever
    Negative Roles to be Avoided
    Disgruntled non-participant
    Some suggested GD Topics:
    Is coalition politics here to stay?
    Does India need a dictator?
    What ails Indian sports?
    Success is all about human relations
    Borderless worlds - Dream or reality?
    Quality is a myth in India
    Will China overtake India in IT
    India - the back office to the world by 2020
    Does Indian IT industry need to focus on products rather than services
    The BPO age - heralding a new employment revolution
    The BPO revolution and its impact on the society
    Education and success - Is there a correlation?
    We don't learn from history, we repeat it
    Do we need a global policeman?
    Indian villages - our strength or our weakness?
    Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business
    Kids today are not what they used to be
    Repeated elections - Who should pay for them
    Indian bureaucracy - foundation strengths or colonial hangovers?
    In India, the whole is less than the parts - Do we lack in team spirit?
    "" companies - Is there room for everyone?
    Artificial Intelligence - Will man be ever replaced by machines?
    Materialism - Have we sold our souls to the Devil?
    Role of ethics in tobacco industry, liquor industry etc.
    Are we unfit for Democracy?
    Survival tools for the new millennium
    Examinations - has it killed education
    Should doctors be tried in Consumer Courts
    Is E-Commerce the best thing for India
    Feedback template: While doing mocks for GD preparation, you would get benefited by the feedback of others. For the purpose, we are providing a template for feedback - both quantitative and qualitative. The items described over there are a suggested list and not a complete one. You may make changes in it depending upon your need.
              SELF IMPROVEMENT   
    'Self-improvement' is a concept that is not so easily understood by common people. They do understand the literal meaning, but they really never think seriously about improving themselves. In fact, the first step on the ladder of self-improvement is to realise the need for improvement; and this, of course, is a realization that demands a good deal of emotional as well as intellectual clarity and strength.

    It is difficult to confine the meaning of the term 'improvement'. It can be there in any walk of life. Right from one's own appearance, one can have an improvement in life-style, attitudes and even in intellectual level. So, let’s take the term in its wider meaning. What does the term actually mean? It means change, for sure. But can every change be called 'improvement'? Not at all. A change can be called an 'improvement' only when it is positive. If a graph showing one's health goes down, it is also a change. But we don't call it improvement. Thus, the term inevitably takes with it a sense of positivity and this positivity is the key to all improvements.

    How can we improve ourselves? On this they arrange numberless seminars and lectures, and people take part in them in such a large number that can surprise anybody. But one who is determined to improve must keep in mind that unless and until it becomes a two-way process, such seminars and lectures will turn only into a useless activity. Only the conviction for improvement is not enough. It should accelerate the desire to achieve the goal in the way that one must learn to force herself, to stretch herself. We must learn that to improve is all about going against the habits that are once set. The keener one's desire to improve is, the more forcefully she will be able to drive away the old things. The keenness of desire will help in becoming even rude to the old self, and this will lead to create a new self. One should view herself more and more objectively in order to have a better self. In this way, only 'wish' to improve is not sufficient. It should turn into a strong will. Then only some seminar or lecture can help one.

    Conviction and will-power, if accompanied by organized efforts, result into a great success. Methodical efforts should be made in order to achieve fast and exact results. For example, a lady has some problem with her memory. Her long time memory is good; she never forgets her own residential address. But she often forgets the things that are there in her short time memory. From the market, she always rings up at home to ask her husband for what she had gone there. Tired and determined to change herself, she starts listing down the things to do and keeping a diary of it. This works wonderfully and gradually she overcomes her weakness. Now she is more organized, happier, and works more efficiently and effectively. This example indicates how methodical efforts help a lot in improving one's self. The only thing needed here is a highly analytical approach to one's problem and its possible solutions.

    Added to all the things we have discussed, to be aware of the current concerns of the world around us is also of equal importance, if we want to walk with the world. Comparison is the base of improvement, and when we look at the world around us, we compare ourselves with it. This motivates us for improving ourselves.One who succeeds in self-improvement gains a great self-confidence. To hold and mould one's own self is not an easy task as we already discussed. It requires a great deal of understanding, self-discipline, patience, analytical power and practical point of view. It is well said: 'One who wins the self, wins the world'. In order to be successful and happy in this world, let’s start from the self.


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    Big Data Management and Predictive Analytics Practice, Statistical Modeling and Predictive Analytics, Hadoop, Cloudera, Horton Works, MapR....
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    This is an exciting opportunity to join a Centre of Excellence team working on Big Data, Business Intelligence and Customer Experience Management projects.
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              E2E Solution Architect for Ericsson Expert Analytics - Ericsson - Piscataway, NJ   
    This is an exciting opportunity to join a Centre of Excellence team working on Big Data, Business Intelligence and Customer Experience Management projects.
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    Excellent analytical, financial modeling, problem solving, and critical thinking skills to manage the farm's budget and general fiscal management....
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              Quanto mais leve, melhor.   
        Quando você está caminhando com uma mochila pesada, todo seu corpo sofre, os joelhos, as pernas, as costas e até os braços. É um alívio tirar a mochila, que você solta no chão fazendo um grande barulho.

        Existe uma nova cultura que atualiza antigos padrões de peso. Na cultura antiga, sua mochila não deve pesar mais do que 30% do peso do seu corpo, ou seja, se eu peso 70kg não devo levar mais de 21kg. Na nova cultura o peso da sua mochila é avaliado em algumas faixas de peso. Estes são pesos base, ou seja, não incluem consumíveis como: alimento, água, combustível para o fogareiro e qualquer item que você esteja vestindo.

    • Militar - acima de 30kg. (com muita munição)
    • Pesada - entre 20kg e 30kg
    • Normal - entre 10kg e 20kg.
    • Leve - entre 5kg e 10kg.
    • Ultraleve - entre 2.5kg e 5kg.
    • Super Ultraleve - abaixo de 2.5kg.

        É claro que para se conseguir galgar as faixas mais leves existem algumas opções:
    • Comprar tudo novo, escolhendo os equipamentos mais caros e leves.
    • Fazer seus próprios equipamentos, ou utilizar recicláveis e descartáveis e coisas que você já tem em casa.
    • Uma combinação das opções acima.
        Antes de preparar a sua mochila, espalhe tudo em cima de uma mesa ou no chão da sala e olhe atentamente para cada item. Considere se você irá utilizar cada item nesta viagem e deixe em casa o que não precisa. Mesmo se você concluir que irá utilizar este item, considere se pode ficar sem ele. Por exemplo: Você pode ficar sem pentear os cabelos durante este período? Assim pode pensar em deixar em casa a escova de cabelos.
        A melhor maneira de reduzir peso é deixando em casa o que você não precisa. O que ficou, pesa ZERO na sua mochila.
        Cuidado com mochilas grandes, você sempre acha que precisa ocupar todo o espaço dela e termina levando coisas de que não irá precisar. 
        Consiga uma balança e pese cada item da sua mochila, inclusive a mochila. Faça uma planilha no computador, relacione todos os itens e seus pesos, experimente ir trocando opções e some todos os pesos. Considere se você pode utilizar algo mais leve para fazer a mesma função em cada item.
        Procure utilizar itens que possam servir para mais de uma função. Por exemplo: Os bastões de caminhada podem ser utilizados como estrutura para a montagem de alguns tipos de barracas que por não utilizarem varetas, são MUITO mais leves. A minha barraca pesa 810g por usar esta opção.
        Repita este processo várias vezes. Você vai se surpreender como a cada passada por todos os itens da mochila, e ponderando se realmente vai precisar dele, você vai deixar mais alguma coisa em casa.

        Na foto acima podemos ver TODO meu equipamento para trilha. Uma mochila de 22 litros que, carregada, pesa menos de 4Kg, uma pochete com duas garrafas e um bolso grande, dois bastões de caminhada, luva para trilha, calça com zíper nas pernas que fica como uma bermuda, relógio com bússola e um tênis bem leve que ficou fora da foto.

        Vou descrever primeiro os itens que carrego fora da mochila:
        Bastão de caminhada Quechua Forclaz 500 Light (230g)(Link do produto). Sua estrutura telescópica pode ser ajustada até 1,3m da altura. Andrew Skurka, uma Super Celebridade das trilhas nos EUA, recomenda o uso de dois bastões de caminhada para aliviar o esforço nos joelhos e ajudar no equilíbrio. 

         Pochete Kailash KTR 5L (320g)(Link do produto), possui duas garrafas de 750ml cada. Seu bolso frontal permite que itens frequentemente utilizados estejam sempre ao alcance da mão. É ideal para guardar alguns chocolates e guloseimas que serão consumidos durante a caminhada. Nesta foto podemos ver também: canivete Guepardo Atom 22 (128g)(Link do produto), repelente em creme 100ml (93g), A maravilhosa lanterna Petzl Tikka RXP (115g)(detalhes nesta matéria), protetor solar fator 40 com 50ml (65g).

         Luva Gripworkx para trilha (Importado), repare no reforço de couro do dedo indicador até o polegar na área de maior contato com o bastão. Toda a palma da mão é de material anti-derrapante.

        Relogio Guepardo Eletronic Adventure (Link do produto). Este relógio é muito interessante, possui: altímetro, barômetro, termômetro e bússola. Seu maior defeito é de não ser muito resistente a água, o que é um problema para um produto que se destina ao uso selvagem. No site diz que aguenta chuva, mas não pode ser submerso na água. (Veja detalhes no blog Sobrevivencialismo).

        Mochila Sea to Summit Ultrasil Dry Daypack (90g)(Link para o produto). Isso mesmo, esta mochila feita de tecido Cordura, que é um nylon siliconizado pesa 10% do peso da minha mochila anterior.

         O fecho é impermeável como um saco estanque. Esta mochila é realmente a prova d'água. Possui vedação interna nas costuras. Esta cordinha é para permitir a fixação de alguns objetos na parte externa, como meias penduradas para secar enquanto se caminha, permite também que se comprima a mochila para reduzir a movimentação do conteúdo caso ela não esteja muito cheia.

        As alças são feitas do mesmo tecido da mochila, neste caso foi necessária uma pequena mudança. A alça é feita de duas camadas de tecido costuradas, mas quando se coloca a mochila nos ombros este tecido não fica confortável. Eu cortei uma pequena parte da costura e inseri duas peças de EVA de 3mm de espessura em cada lado e costurei novamente. Agora é muito mais confortável nos ombros, mesmo com a mochila cheia.

        Por falar em mochila cheia, este é o conteúdo dela. Vou descrever na sequência:
    • Saco escrito Exped (957g). Saco original do isolante térmico Exped Downmat Lite 5 que vai dobrado no fundo da mochila formando uma estrutura para apoiar as costas. Este saco agora contém a barraca para 2 pessoas Trilhas e Rumos Flash 2 (810g)(Link do produto). Esta barraca custa menos de R$ 170,00 no site (detalhes nesta matéria), 6 estacas de alumínio (90g) e também a bomba para encher o isolante térmico.

    • Saco de dormir Deuter Dreamlite 500 (Link do produto) + roupas (816g). Este saco de dormir é indicado para temperaturas: conforto + 13°C, limite +10°C e extrema -3°C. É muito compacto e bem leve (580g), seu tecido é bem confortável. Caso esteja muito frio, este saco de dormir será utilizado em conjunto com o SOL Scape Bivvy (descrito abaixo). No mesmo pacote, também consegui comprimir um par de meias e uma troca de roupa.

    • Rede mosquiteira para cabeça Nautika. Utilizado como bolsa para vários itens pequenos(591g):

      1. Kit de higiene (66g): Escova de dentes, pasta de dentes, toalhinha, protetor labial (ChapStick).
      2. Kit de emergência (41g): vários Band-Aid's diferentes, gaze, analgésico, cortador de unhas, sachet de limpeza para ferimentos.
      3. Kit de utilidades (140g): vários sacos de lixo, Silver Tape, 20m de cordinha, Antiséptico.
      4. Kit de sobrevivência Bear Grills (319g): Kit original (detalhes nesta matéria), pastilhas Clorin, isqueiro, bússola, kit de reparo para o isolante térmico.
      5. Toalhas humedecidas (Baby Wipes) para limpeza pessoal.

    • Saco escrito SOL Scape Bivvy - Kit de Cozinha (173g): Este saco contém os itens de cozinha: Uma pequena panela com capacidade para 450ml e tampa de papel alumínio grosso, fogareiro para etanol feito com latinha de refrigerante, corta vento (papel alumínio), colher plástica Quechua, Sea to Summit X Bowl (tigela de silicone), garrafa de etanol (álcool de posto), pequeno tubo de detergente, pequena esponja, filtro de água e garrafa flexível de 32oz (quase 1 litro) Squeeze Sawyer.

    • Saco de alimentos: Talharim, Risoto de arroz, Sopa instantânea, Suco em pó, Clif Bar, Energy Gel, chocolate Snickers, Protein Bar, Knorr Quick (sopa de copo). De acordo com a duração da trilha a quantidade de alimentos vai mudar. Algumas dicas: O chocolate Snickers tem uma quantidade imensa de calorias, muito bom para repor energias durante a caminhada. Sopas instantâneas são uma grande fonte de sódio, que no dia a dia devemos evitar, mas durante um período de grande fadiga muscular o sódio e sais minerais são muito necessários.

    • Corta vento Track & Field amarelo (160g) (Como estou bonito nesta foto!!!). Esta blusa é impermeável mas ao mesmo tempo é respirável ou seja, permite que o vapor saia mas não deixa a água entrar. Tem dupla função pois pode ser utilizado para sinalização. Na foto vemos também o chapéu com abas Quechua.
    • O pequeno saco azul é a embalagem original da mochila. Sim a mochila veio neste saquinho minúsculo que hoje leva um pequeno canivete e uma pequena lanterna que posso utilizar em caso de emergência. Abaixo vemos: Estacas de aluminio, Lanterna Petzl e+lite e canivete Leatherman Style PS.

    • Travesseiro Klymit Pillow X Recon (68g)(importado). Este travesseiro tem um desenho que ajuda a manter a cabeça no centro, assim como permite um conforto muito maior para a orelha, quando se está deitado de lado. Cabe neste pequeno saco acima na foto.

    • Saco de dormir de emergência SOL Scape Bivvy verde oliva (226g)(importado). Este saco de dormir é composto de um material que é ao mesmo tempo resistente a água e também respirável. Pode até parecer frágil, mas tem gente usando ele regularmente a mais de 2 anos sem problemas. Mesmo no frio, nosso corpo libera uma grande quantidade de vapor, por isso é essencial que não se utilize nenhum material impermeável como isolante, ou você vai amanhecer ensopado. Este material também é aluminizado pelo lado interno, refletindo o calor do corpo de volta. É muito eficiente. Vi muitos relatos de pessoas que utilizam somente este saco para dormir na neve, obviamente também vestindo agasalho durante a noite. Minha idéia é utilizar este saco de dormir por fora do Deuter 500 e somar as capacidades térmicas, além de proteger o Deuter de água pelo lado de fora. Assim como o isolante térmico vai dobrado na traseira da mochila, este saco de dormir dobrado vai na frente da mochila por dentro.

    • Isolante térmico inflável Exped Downmat Lite 5 (613g)(Detalhes nesta matéria). Este colchão isolante é revestido internamente com penas, sendo além de confortável, indicado para temperaturas de até 5 graus negativos.
    • E por último esta pequena bolsa preta é um aquecedor Nautika para saco de dormir (Link do produto). Muito útil quando você é surpreendido por um frio maior do que estava preparado. Quando você abre o saquinho plástico e o ar entra em contato, o material interno se aquece até 50°C por até 10 horas. É indicado para ser colocado nas axilas, ou outro local onde o calor seja rapidamente espalhado pelo corpo para evitar hipotermia.

        Já fiz uma trilha carregando este equipamento. Foram 9,5 km sendo ida e volta com uma boa subida acima de 1000m de altitude. Durante todo o trajeto e mesmo ao final, pude sentir como se estivesse caminhando sem nenhum peso.
        Recomendo a todos o objetivo de reduzir o peso do seu equipamento para a categoria Ultraleve. Sinta a liberdade de poder explorar todos as maravilhas sem o fardo de uma carga pesada.

        Obrigado pela visita.

        Walgran e familia.

              Lanterna Petzl Tikka RXP - Iluminação como você nunca viu.   
        Existem algumas inovações tecnológicas que não somente agregam facilidades e conforto, como aumentam muito a eficiência de dispositivos que nos parecem tão triviais como uma lanterna.

        Estamos falando da Lanterna de cabeça fabricada pela Petzl, modelo Tikka RXP, que é parte da linha Performance de iluminação desta marca francesa.

        A grande inovação deste produto é a chamada Iluminação Reativa, que permite que a lanterna auto ajuste a sua intensidade de acordo com a necessidade, ajudando a reduzir o consumo de energia e aumentando a autonomia da bateria. Na imagem acima podemos ver que a frente da lanterna possui 4 lentes: um sensor de luz; um farol baixo, com distribuição difusa e horizontal da luz; um farol alto, com foco bem dirigido e profundo e um farol vermelho.
        Quando você está lendo um mapa, a luz reflete no mapa e retorna para seus olhos, retornando também para o sensor que automaticamente reduz a intensidade da iluminação, bem como utiliza uma iluminação mais difusa e suave, facilitando a leitura. Nesta situação a intensidade é da ordem de 7 lumens. Este modo é mais do que suficiente para procurar coisas dentro da mochila, bem como qualquer outra tarefa dentro da barraca.

        Quando você levanta a sua cabeça e olha para um caminho mais distante do que o mapa, a luz que é refletida de volta para os seus olhos é drasticamente reduzida, sendo também percebida pelo sensor da lanterna que automaticamente aumenta a intensidade luminosa, bem como utiliza um combinação de fachos difusos e focados, aumentando a intensidade a até 215 lumens. Sendo que esta combinação de fachos permite uma perfeita visualização do caminho mais próximo dos seus pés, bem como o foco dirigido permite uma clara visão do caminho em distancias superiores a 150 metros.
        Toda esta variação de intensidade acontece de forma contínua e proporcional, suavemente variando entre o feixe de luz difuso e o farol dirigido de forma linear e suave.

        A iluminação com capacidade de atingir 215 lumens é algo realmente útil. É muita luz e o mais importante: A qualidade do conjunto óptico é incrível. Não existem manchas ou anéis no foco de luz. As lentes possuem difusores "Fresnel" e sua qualidade garante uma homogeneidade de luz que nunca vi em uma lanterna. Parece o foco dos farois de Xenon dos mais sofisticados carros importados.

        Um toque no botão superior permite alternar entre 3 níveis de intensidade máxima, ou seja, em todos os 3 modos a menor intensidade é de 7 lumens, mas a maior intensidade pode ser selecionada entre os 3 níveis, evitando ofuscamentos por luz em demasia, bem como mantendo a autonomia das baterias.
        O video abaixo está em inglês mas mostra o funcionamento desta tecnologia em mais detalhes.

        Como se não bastasse tudo isso, ela ainda tem outras surpresas. Você pode selecionar com um botão na lateral entre 3 modos: Reativo; Constante e Vermelho.
        O modo Reativo é o que acabei de explicar.
        O modo Constante desativa o sensor de luz e permite a iluminação com intensidade regulada, ou seja não varia de acordo com a carga da bateria, mas a intensidade é mantida com um valor de lumens continuo. Este modo também possui 3 níveis de intensidade estáticos e selecionáveis manualmente pelo botão superior.
        O modo vermelho é utilizado para sinalização, mas sua principal função é de não ofuscar nossos olhos, mantendo a visão noturna. Imagine que você está apreciando a noite com a luz de uma grande lua cheia, mas precisa pegar algo dentro da mochila. Se você acender uma luz branca, suas pupilas irão de contrair e sua visão noturna será grandemente reduzida por muitos minutos depois que você apagar a lanterna. Com a utilização da luz vermelha, suas pupilas terão apenas uma pequena variação e após o desligamento da lanterna, a sua sensibilidade a luz da lua estará pouco reduzida, eliminando a cegueira temporária até a acomodação dos seus olhos à luz natural.
        Além de tudo isso já mencionado, ainda tem mais... Acompanha o produto uma bateria inteligente de Lítio de 1800mA/h que pode ser recarregada por uma porta USB. O tempo de carga é inferior a 5 horas, mas o mais incrível é que esta porta USB pode ser conectada a um computador e com a utilização de um aplicativo, que pode ser baixado gratuitamente no site da Petzl, podemos programar como queremos que a lanterna se comporte. Isso mesmo, podemos programar como queremos que cada modo utilize as baterias, ou até qual distância queremos iluminar. Notem na imagem abaixo que você pode ajustar cada um dos 3 níveis, tanto para o modo Reativo, como para o de luz Constante. É possível escolher uma autonomia desejada em horas e ele vai calcular quanto de intensidade máxima será possível para garantir este tempo de trabalho. No meu caso eu já ajustei o nível de intensidade mais baixo para uma autonomia de 20 horas ao invés de 10 horas que era o padrão. Ainda assim, acredito que mesmo no modo econômico, seja bem forte para os trabalhos normais no acampamento.
        Ao final da carga da bateria em qualquer dos modos, existe ainda uma carga de segurança, onde a lanterna ainda possui capacidade para mais 1 hora de funcionamento na intensidade de 7 lumens. Isto para não te deixar na mão no meio de uma atividade.

        No modo econômico e com uma utilização de cerca de 4 horas por noite, ainda teremos uma autonomia garantida de 5 noites, podendo chegar a 10 noites antes de precisar de uma recarga, que pode ser feita facilmente com um carregador solar ou um modulo de bateria com saida USB, caso você não possua uma tomada por perto, isso em menos de 5 horas.

        Ainda com tudo isso, esta maravilha pesa apenas 115 gramas, ou seja, é muito leve se comparada a outras lanternas de mão. É claro que é pesada se comparada com minha outra lanterna da Petzl a e+lite que pesa apenas 27 gramas e uso como backup, as duas estão na minha mochila.

        Espero que vocês tenham gostado da novidade.
        Deixem seus comentários.

        Walgran e família.

              Aventura na Floresta. Navegação com Bússola, GPS e o conforto de uma rede.   
         Eu sempre tive a impressão de que andar pela floresta fechada era algo difícil, mas ao mesmo tempo achava que não teria muita dificuldades para, pelo menos, andar em uma linha reta.
         Nesta matéria gostaria de contar a minha primeira experiência nesse ambiente, onde muitas lições foram aprendidas.
         Eu e meu amigo Rodrigo Lacerda estivemos conversando sobre esta aventura já faz um bom tempo, e eu estava me preparando a alguns meses. Conseguimos então marcar em um sábado e, após alguns e-mails, combinamos o local e o horário, bem como alguns equipamentos que seriam necessários.
         Na data marcada, acordei cedo e me vesti com roupas apropriadas: Calça conversível em bermuda com tecido de secagem rápida, camiseta, Anorak, chapéu com abas largas feito em tecido de secagem rápida, botas de trilha feitas em tecido impermeável, mas respirável. Levei também a mochila com os equipamentos: rede de selva, saco de dormir, isolante térmico, bolsa de hidratação 1.8L, comida, lanternas, faca, facão, kit de higiene, kit de sobrevivência, mapa, bússola e GPS.
         A bússola que utilizamos é muito precisa e possui as melhores funcionalidades de uma bússola combinadas: precisão de 1 grau no "limbo" giratório; anel externo também graduado, que pode ser girado para compensar a declinação magnética; lente para visualizar a escala e mira para você poder identificar no horizonte algum ponto (arvore, montanha e etc.) que esteja exatamente na direção que você precisa ir, assim você não precisa ficar olhando o tempo todo para a bússola para ir na direção exata. Além disso tudo, ela possui réguas e escalas para marcação de mapas e pesa apenas 50g. Link: Bússola Quechua 500

         Assim que chegamos, fomos encher o cantil com água para a caminhada. Caminhamos um pouco por uma trilha, mas logo resolvemos sair da trilha e praticar um pouco de navegação com bússola e mapa. Preciso confessar que logo de cara descobri que caminhar entre as árvores fora da trilha é muito difícil, pois há muitos galhos e vegetação fechada.

         O que mais me surpreendeu foi a questão de direção dentro da mata fechada: sem a bússola é quase certo que você vai andar em círculos. Eu me considero uma pessoa com um bom senso de direção, mas ao contornar uma árvore a percepção que eu tinha de em qual direção estávamos indo, em comparação com a direção real indicada pela bússola, estava bem equivocada: eu estava errado em até 30 graus. Isto significa que a falta de visão do céu, bem como a densidade de árvores, compromete muito a percepção de direção.

         Minha recomendação após esta experiência é: NUNCA saia em uma trilha sem mapa e bússola.

         Havia também vida "selvagem", como o pequeno esquilo desta foto.

         Após a experiência de caminhar pela trilha usando o mapa e bússola, contando passos e marcando com detalhes cada mudança de direção no mapa, utilizamos também a alta tecnologia disponível atualmente.

         Meu celular possui instalado o aplicativo "Trimble Outdoors Navigator", disponível para Android e iPhone. A Trimble é uma das maiores fabricantes de GPSs de alta precisão para geólogos e aventureiros. Link: Trimble Outdoors NavigatorEste aplicativo é muito útil e permite que você faça o download dos mapas topográficos, com o nível de zoom desejado, da área que pretende explorar para poder caminhar tranquilo, mesmo se a área NÃO tiver cobertura de celular. Note que não estamos falando dos mapas de ruas do Google, que não servem para nada dentro do mato: são mapas topográficos, com as curvas de nível do terreno, e até as trilhas que fizemos estavam marcadas no mapa. Achei que não haveria este nível de detalhe nos mapas aqui do Brasil, mas fiquei muito surpreso. Na versão gratuita já é possível fazer uma boa aventura. Com a versão paga, é possível configurar uma quantidade muito maior de memória para armazenamento de mapas entre outras vantagens.
         O video acima está em inglês, mas é um pequeno indicativo das facilidades do aplicativo.

         Na hora do almoço não poderíamos deixar de esticar as nossas redes para descansar. Fizemos um sanduíche de mortadela bem caprichado e também um suco. Depois de horas de caminhada e muita subida, almoçamos a cerca de 1000 metros de altitude.

          A rede que que utilizei é da empresa canadense Hennessy Hammock, e já inclui a tela mosquiteira acoplada na rede. Não há riscos de insetos como mosquitos, aranhas, escorpiões e outros te atacarem se você estiver lá dentro. Na foto abaixo estou deitado fora da rede, por cima da tela. Nesta configuração a rede pode ser utilizada como cadeira para facilitar o preparo de alimentos ou mesmo para um bate papo.

        A rede possui elásticos que ajudam a abrir a largura, facilitando a entrada, bem como garantindo um grande espaço interno, quase como uma barraca nas alturas. A entrada é por uma abertura na parte de baixo, que possui fecho com "Velcro".

         Possui também uma "Tarp" para proteção contra chuva (não mostrada nas fotos), que já vem acoplada na própria rede, não sendo necessário pontos de amarração adicionais nas árvores.

       O modelo de colchão auto-inflável abaixo é o Therm-a-Rest LuxuryMAP e além de ter um "Valor R" de 6.8, tem 3 polegadas de espessura. Além disso foi projetado com o conceito de máximo conforto para garantir uma noite revigorante de descanso. Cada região dele tem a densidade da espuma dimensionada de acordo com o mapeamento de distribuição de peso do corpo, garantindo conforto para cabeça, costas, quadris e pernas. Claro que estamos falando de um colchão que lá fora custa cerca de US$ 160,00 e por aqui vai com certeza custar bem mais.
       Para dormir bem no frio o mais importante é o saco de dormir. O modelo abaixo é o North Face Inferno. especificado para até -29 graus C.
       Afinal, como se escolhe um saco de dormir? Temos varias perguntas antes de começar a procurar.
    • Qual a temperatura mais baixa que pretendemos enfrentar? Em graus C ou F?
    • Qual o meio de transporte?
    • Estarei abrigado do vento?
    • Qual o tipo de ambiente? Seco, húmido?
    • Sou homem ou mulher?
    • Que roupas usarei para dormir?
    • Terei a disponibilidade de uma bebida quente antes de dormir?
    • Quanto posso pagar?
       Agora que já temos as perguntas, vamos falar um pouco dos tipos de sacos de dormir. Depois voltaremos às perguntas para nos ajudar a escolher.
       Como funciona um saco de dormir? A característica mais importante que retém o calor são as cavidades fechadas que mantém o ar quente junto do seu corpo, que emite calor e estes espaços impedem que seja irradiado para o ar frio que está ao redor. Quanto menores estes espaços e quanto maior a quantidade de camadas, mais eficiente a isolação. Sacos de dormir de camping são mais espaçosos do que os especiais para trilhas, em compensação são menos eficientes.
       Quais são os tipos de isolamentos? Basicamente são utilizados isolamentos sintéticos ou de penas de aves. Os sintéticos são em sua maioria mais baratos que os de penas. Normalmente Poliéster. Os mais modernos utilizam um fio sintético muito fino e oco, como uma micro mangueirinha que aumenta muito a eficiência e que são chamados de "Hollow Fiber".
    • Isolamento sintético
    • Secagem rápida
    • Isolante mesmo quando húmido, claro que bem seco é muito mais eficiente
    • Mais barato que os de penas
    • Resistente para crianças
    • Não alergênico
       O isolamento de penas de ganso. Utilizado em alguns sacos de dormir é mais durável e principalmente, leve e muito compressível. São com certeza bem mais caros. A característica mais importante das penas são suas micro ramificações que criam micro cavidades de ar. Existem penas tratadas para ficar mais resistentes à água, mas não suportam longo tempo até encharcar e perder eficiência
    • Isolamento de Penas
    • Secagem demorada.
    • Praticamente não isolante se molhado.
    • Mais caros
    • Requerem cuidados especiais. Mesmo em casa, não devem ser guardados comprimidos na bolsa de transporte, devem ficar esticados como em um cabide para não perder eficiência.
    • Delicados e de durabilidade menor do que o sintético.
    • Por se tratar de um material orgânico pode criar fungos e ácaros se não bem cuidado.
       Revestimento: Normalmente de Nylon ou de Poliéster. Alguns possuem tratamento repelente de água tipo ScotchGard para reduzir a absorção de humidade. Lembre-se que mesmo no seco, seu corpo libera vapor de água que irá molhar o saco de dormir de dentro para fora. Assim é indispensável deixar o saco de dormir bem aberto quando acordar, se possível sobre a barraca para pegar um pouco de sol. Não deixe muito tempo, pois a radiação ultra violeta irá destruir todo o revestimento.

       Formato: Muitos sacos de dormir são retangulares e tem bastante espaço para os pés. Alguns sacos de dormir possuem versões com zíper na esquerda ou direita, não é para destros ou canhotos, mas sim para permitir que dois sacos sejam "Ziperados" juntos para formar um saco de dormir de casal. O desenho mais eficiente é o do tipo sarcófago como o da foto acima que cobre a cabeça para reduzir a perda de calor. Já mencionei em outro post que podemos perder até 30% do calor corporal pela cabeça.
       Sacos especiais para mulheres: Sim elas precisam de características diferentes deles. Desenhados para o contorno feminino tem também outras diferenças. Mais curto e mais largo nos ombros, mas largo nos quadris, mais isolação na parte superior e nos pés. Além do mais são "Super Fashion" com linhas sensuais e cores femininas como o modelo acima da marca REI.
       Construção: Semelhante a um edredom, os sacos de dormir são feitos com um sanduíche de camadas. A camada interior é normalmente de Nylon em alguns casos de algodão para ficar bem confortáveis, caso do Nautika Viper na foto acima que custa cerca de R$ 70,00 no Mercado Livre e é especificado para 5 a 12 graus C, apesar de eu não apostar nele para menos de 15 graus C. A camada de isolação utiliza os materiais já mencionados e a camada externa também já mencionada. Este sanduíche é costurado no contorno e também algumas costuras formando linhas ou desenhos para manter o revestimento no lugar ao longo de todo o saco de dormir. Note que no ponto da costura os furos da agulha irão deixar passar um pouco de ar, bem como o revestimento estará comprimido ao longo das linhas da costura, reduzindo em muito a capacidade de retenção do calor, principalmente com frio intenso ou vento. São os chamados pontos frios. Para resolver este problema foi desenvolvido o sistema de camada dupla, onde duas camadas são sobrepostas mas com as linhas de costura desencontradas. Minimizando os pontos onde as costuras se encontram, mas este recurso só é utilizado nos sacos de dormir mais caros e para temperaturas mais baixas.

       Agora que já conhecemos as particularidades mais importantes, vamos voltar às perguntas para poder escolher nosso companheiro de muitas noites.

       Qual a temperatura mais baixa? Só por precaução é aconselhável reduzir mais 5 graus C, já que se ficar com calor, basta abrir um pouco o zíper e controlar a temperatura. Podemos também escolher um para a temperatura dos dias mais comuns e compensar usando mais roupa nos dias mais frios, como sugerido abaixo. MUITO importante: Os sacos de dormir normalmente vem com 3 indicações de temperatura. Qual devo considerar?  Existe uma norma internacional chamada EN 13537 que ajuda a comparar sacos de dormir de marcas e tecnologias diferentes. Mais importante ainda, muitos sacos de dormir importados vem com indicações em graus Fahrenheit e não sempre em graus Centígrados. Esta temperatura é somente uma referência para comparação, pois cada pessoa tem uma tolerância diferente ao frio.

    Temperatura de Conforto – Temperatura onde uma mulher dormirá confortavelmente.
    Temperatura Limite – Temperatura mais baixa onde um homem dormirá confortavelmente. Conhecido também como Temperatura de Transição.
    Temperatura Extrema – É a temperatura onde a tecnologia empregada no saco de dormir já não consegue deter o frio externo e existe risco de danos à saúde ou hipotermia.
    NUNCA compre um saco de dormir com base na Temperatura Extrema! Entenda que aquela medida é um padrão de SOBREVIVÊNCIA em caso de emergências. Cuidado com marcas que vendem seus produtos com variações muito extensas, exemplo: “Serve de 10ºC à -20ºC”.
       O video acima está em inglês mas explica um pouco sobre o critério de temperatura de um saco de dormir. Interesante o que eles falam da temperatura limite. "Nesta temperatura você irá viver para ver o sol nascer", ou seja é uma temperatura de MUITO desconforto.

       Qual o meio de transporte? Isso irá ajudar na escolha entre sacos recheados por penas ou sintéticos, já que se não houver grande restrição de volume e peso, pode ser escolher um bem mais barato.

       A pergunta sobre o vento indica se será necessário utilizar um saco de dormir de camada dupla ou ainda um "Liner" que pode ser um tipo de saco mais fino dentro do saco de dormir principal. Alguns sacos de dormir mais simples e compactos são normalmente usado para isso, mas existem também "Liners" de tecido tipo "Fleece" que são também usados para roupas de trilhas.

       O tipo de ambiente é muito importante pois o saco de dormir precisa estar SEMPRE bem seco. Se no caminho molhar já era, você vai passar uma noite terrível. Neste caso recomendo que o saco de dormir seja transportado num saco estanque de compressão tipo os da Sea to Summit, que além de serem resistentes à água, tem tiras de compressão para reduzir o volume. Tenho um destes com capacidade de 15 litros onde levo algumas roupas e também o saco de dormir, para que fiquem sempre bem secos.

      Quanto à pergunta sobre o gênero, masculino ou feminino espero que todos possam responder sem pensar muito. Os estudos mostram que as mulheres tem menor tolerância ao frio, principalmente sentem mais frio nos pés. Considere comprar um saco de dormir correto para você.

       As roupas que você vai usar para dormir são muito importantes, pois podem compensar em uma noite mais fria ou o uso de um saco de dormir mais barato. Você deve adicionar quantas camadas forem necessárias, mas tecidos especiais ajudam a reter o calor e secam super rápido. Roupas de algodão são aparentemente bem quentinhas mas se molhar demoram muito para secar.

       Uma bebida quente antes de dormir é muito importante em noites frias. Com o aquecimento gerado por uma boa caneca de chocolate quente, seu corpo estará irradiando mais calor o que irá ajudar a rapidamente aquecer o saco de dormir quando você entrar nele. Esteja bem alimentado, pois se você estiver com fome seu metabolismo estará muito reduzido para economizar energia corporal e assim produzirá menos calor.

       A última pergunta é a mais importante. Não adianta você descobrir que o melhor saco de dormir para você custa mais de US$ 700,00 e que não existe no Brasil se você não puder pagar por ele. Eu optei pelo Marmot NanoWave conforme já mencionei no post Equipamentos Ultra Leves Para Mochileiros. Existem muitas opções no brasil das marcas: Nautika, Quechua, Trilhas e Rumos, Deuter, North Face e muitas outras. Um rápido giro pelo Mercado Livre pode te dar a referência de valores, mesmo que você opte por comprar em uma loja.

       Agora só passa frio quem quiser.

       Boa aventura para todos e obrigado pela visita.

    Walgran e família.

              Como dormir bem no camping ou na trilha   
       Recentemente tenho visto algumas matérias sobre isolantes térmicos e colchonetes. Notei que existem dúvidas e informações incompletas ou até incorretas correndo por aí.
       Além de tudo que explico neste artigo, confira também o vídeo que eu fiz explicando detalhes dos isolantes térmicos.

        Os sacos de dormir também são muito importantes e são explicados em mais detalhes neste vídeo.

       Muitas são as opções para dormir, dependendo de quanto peso e volume você pode levar, como já comentei aqui no blog no post Mobiliário Campista e também no post Equipamentos Ultra Leves
       Quem vai para um camping de carro, levando uma barraca grande pode com certeza levar um colchão inflável de casal, se não, terá que ter outra opção.
       Se a idéia é algo mais leve e menos volumoso as opções mais comuns são isolante térmico e um saco de dormir, mas não se engane, o isolante pode ser muito importante dependendo da temperatura durante a noite e não deve ser ignorado. Alguns podem se achar super machões e dormem com o saco de dormir direto no chão, outros acham que um colchão inflável comum isola o frio mas isso não é verdade.
       Aprendi ainda bem jovem quando era escoteiro, você precisa mais isolação sob o seu corpo do que sobre ele. Assim não adianta se cobrir com 4 edredons, deitado sobre uma toalha. Mesmo no verão, o chão ficará bem frio de madrugada.
       A opção mais comum é o isolante de EVA (Espuma Vinílica Acetinada). Diferente do colchão comum de espuma de Poliuretano Expandido que tem células abertas e permite a passagem do ar, o EVA tem células fechadas, o que ajuda a melhorar o conforto mesmo com espessuras bem finas, mas principalmente aumenta o isolamento térmico. Alguns ainda possuem uma película aluminizada como na foto abaixo que refletem o calor do seu corpo de volta para você. Pesam cerca de 400g, têm espessura entre 6mm e 15mm e custam pouco, entre R$ 15,00 e R$ 30,00, mas enrolados ocupam um volume grande.
       Existem também o tipo de isolante dobravel que tem uma característica bem interessante: seus "buraquinhos" criam pequenas bolsas de ar que ficam cobertas pelo saco de dormir e aumentam bastante o poder de isolação. São feitos de vários tipos de espuma, mas a mais comum é de Polietileno. São mais confortáveis do que os de EVA pois têm espessura de cerca de 20mm. Dobrados formam um pacote em forma de paralelepípedo. Os mais sofisticados como o Therm-a-Rest Z lite chegam a custar quase US$ 50,00 mas pesam cerca de 300g
       A confusão é muito grande quando de fala de isolantes infláveis. Muitos dizem que o simples fato de ser um colchão de ar já o torna isolante, isso não é sempre verdade. Assim como o vento frio te faz passar maus bocados sem um bom casaco, o ar dentro do colchão irá esfriar rapidamente em contato com o chão frio e durante a madrugada irá gelar as suas costas.
       Para eliminar as dúvidas quanto a capacidade de isolação de um inflável existe uma qualificação especifica que se chama "Valor R". Os colchões infláveis encontrados em supermercados ou aqueles que são usados para piscina, não possuem nenhuma capacidade de isolação. Os bons isolantes tem "Valor R" acima de 4.
       Um exemplo curioso é o Klymit Inertia X Frame que é um tipo de armação inflável que se pode usar dentro do saco de dormir. Foi desenhado a partir do mapeamento do peso do corpo, e alega apoiar o corpo nos pontos de apoio tanto para quem dorme de costas como de lado. Sua maior vantagem é o seu peso de cerca de 280g. Quando enrolado fica do tamanho de uma latinha de refrigerante. Sua forma minimiza os pontos de apoio sobre o saco de dormir reduzindo a compressão e consequentemente reduz a perda de calor normal do saco de dormir quando pressionado, mas não se engane, ele não tem nenhuma capacidade de isolação, possui "Valor R" zero. Custa cerca de US$ 100,00.

       Outra opção bem famosa aqui no Brasil são os colchonetes auto infláveis, que não se inflam tão sozinhos assim. Como são caros, são famosos na internet, vi bem poucos destes nos campings. Existe um modelo da Quechua também. Tem uma ótima capacidade de isolamento graças a espuma interna, passando de 3 no "Valor R"

       Uma ótima opção, inclusive é a que eu escolhi é o Exped DownMat Lite 5, feito com revestimento interno de penas, o que aumenta a isolação pra 4.1 de "Valor R", garantindo uma boa noite de sono mesmo em noites frias, para padrões do Brasil, sendo especificado para até 5 graus negativos. Pesa apenas 650g e fica com o volume de aproximadamente 1 litro quando enrolado. É bem confortável pois tem mais de 5 cm de espessura. Custa lá fora cerca de US$ 89,00. Existem muitas opções deste tipo de isolante, mas poucas disponíveis no Brasil e quando encontrados aqui, tem valores bem salgados. As marcas mais famosas são Therm-a-Rest, Big Agnes, Exped entre outras, que são especialistas nesta área.

       Existe ainda um bom recurso para usar com o colchão inflável comum. Claro que isso só se aplica para acampar com o carro, pois é necessário levar o colchão, bomba e etc. Trata-se do Nautika Kuple, que é um tipo de saco de dormir misturado com um lençol com elásticos para se usar junto com o colchão. Emprestei esta foto do blog do Ricardo que já usa o Kuple faz tempo. Veja em Camping e Família. A meu ver o único problema é que não tem isolação entre seu corpo e o colchão, por isso é indicado para temperaturas amenas, se fizer muito frio será necessário colocar algo entre ele e o colchão.
       Uma sugestão de quem tem MUITA experiência nisto o Sr. Luiz Campista. Utilize um isolante de EVA, se possível aluminizado por cima do colchão. Além de isolar o frio, ajuda e deixar sua cama mais lisa, uma vez que o colchão inflável é cheio de ondas, o que pode incomodar um pouco. Já vi sugestões de utilizar o isolante por baixo do colchão, mas assim, as laterais do colchão expostas ao ar frio da noite vão permitir esfriar o ar de dentro e te esfriar do mesmo jeito, só vai levar mais tempo.
      Acredito que estas dicas podem ajudar bastante os campistas de primeira viajem. Minha idéia é evitar que tenham uma noite muito desconfortável e desistam de acampar. Você campista experiente, não deixe seus convidados desconfortáveis, pois assim eles só terão boas experiências e se juntarão à nós, viciados por acampar.
       Obrigado pela visita.

       Walgran e família.

              Equipamentos Ultra Leves para Mochileiros   
       Quem acompanha meu blog sabe que estou me preparando para fazer umas trilhas. Muito que tenho lido mostra que nunca devemos carregar mais do que 30% do nosso peso, mas quanto mais leve, melhor.
       Os adeptos deste tipo de aventura garantem que se você viajar bem leve, pode aproveitar muito melhor a aventura. Consegue chegar nos pontos de pernoite muito menos fatigado, consegue dormir melhor e consequentemente acorda melhor, disposto para explorar as belezas e curtir melhor o passeio.
       Pensando nisso comecei a pesquisar algumas opções de equipamentos que caberiam no meu bolso.
       Os principais equipamentos para trilha são chamados conjuntamente de "Big Three" ou os "3 Grandes" que são os itens mais pesados e volumosos: Abrigo; Cama e Mochila.

       Abrigo inclui algumas opções: Barracas; Tendas; Rede ou mesmo Bivvy Sac, que são sacos de dormir fechados que se pode, em alguns casos, dormir no relento sem barraca. Em outros casos somente uma tenda de tela mosquiteira.
       Cama inclui saco de dormir e isolante térmico. Em alguns casos são utilizados colchões infláveis que isolam ou não o frio que vem do chão.
       Mochila é bem óbvio que se refere ao pacote onde se transporta todas as tralhas.
       Eu como prezo muito pelo conforto, quero ter coisas leves para poder levar alguns itens que em alguns casos são considerados luxo, como por exemplo um colchão inflável. Assim comecei pela mochila: REI Flash 45. É uma mochila da categoria ultra leve com apenas 960g, comporta 45 litros, tem uma estrutura de alumínio aeronáutico, seu boné superior possui bolsos para coisas pequenas, possui também bolso interno para uma bolsa de hidratação que é um cantil com uma mangueirinha para você beber água enquanto caminha.
       O mais interessante é que a funcionária da loja vestiu em mim um gabarito para medir o tamanho da minha coluna, tendo como referência o ajuste da mochila no quadril, para somente então recomendar o tamanho exato de mochila para mim.
       É muito importante que a cinta do quadril seja bem confortável e esteja bem ajustada. É justamente no quadril que deve ficar apoiado a maior parte do peso, por isso que a mochila tem as estruturas para "esticar" as costas, e também tem a cinta barrigueira. Cerca de 75% do peso deve estar sobre os ossos da bacia e apenas 25% nos ombros. Assim a coluna não sofre com o peso e você consegue ir muito mais longe com o mesmo peso. Note como as tiras inferiores das alças dos ombros são finas, justamente porque não precisam suportar todo o peso.
    Link do produto: REI Flash 45

       Para o item cama, optei por uma combinação de saco de dormir + Colchão inflável.
       O saco de dormir Marmot Nanowave é do tipo sarcófago e acredito que olhando para a imagem abaixo entende-se por quê. A idéia é reduzir a perda de calor, pois perdemos 30% de nosso calor pela cabeça (ainda mais para os calvos como eu). Você literalmente veste o saco de dormir e cobre a cabeça, puxa dois elásticos e deixa só o rosto pra fora. Muita gente pensa que é desconfortável, mas é bem legal, e você fica bem quentinho. A temperatura limite deste modelo é de 7 graus Centígrados, mas se ficar calor basta abrir o ziper. Pesa apenas 920g e na sacola de compressão que acompanha, fica com o volume pouco maior que um litro.
    Link do Produto: Marmot Nanowave Sleeping Bag
       Para aumentar o conforto e principalmente a isolação térmica optei pelo colchão Exped DownMat Lite 5 que conforme o nome indica, possui um isolamento interno de penas (Down) para chegar a um nível de isolamento térmico (R value) de 4.1. Acredite, é um isolamento excelente para um inflável de 2 polegadas de espessura. Ele possui as laterais mais altas, o que ajuda a não cair de cima dele. Pesa apenas 640g e enrolado tem menos de 1 litro. Acompanha uma bomba para encher, que nada mais é do que uma pequena bolsa com um pedaço de espuma dentro, que você aperta, empurrando o ar para dentro do colchão, quando solta, a espuma expande a bomba para você apertar de novo. Possui um exclusivo sistema de válvulas planas para reduzir o peso e o volume.
       Mesmo estando em um hotel bem confortável em Atlanta nos EUA, eu não resisti e inflei o danado e estendi o saco de dormir sobre ele para passar a noite, e ele passou neste teste com louvor.
    Link do Produto: Exped DownMat Lite 5

       Para o item abrigo, eu já tinha uma barraquinha Nautika Amazon 3/4 que antes era um item leve dentro das minhas opções aqui no Brasil, não é tão pesada se considerarmos que cabem 3 pessoas + equipamento e seu peso pode ser dividido entre as 3 mochilas. Já mostrei esta barraca em outro post aqui no blog. Link: Qual Barraca Ideal?
       Para padrões ultra leves a Amazon fica bem pesada com cerca de 3Kg enquanto as boa barracas ultraleves para 4 pessoas ficam na faixa dos 1,8Kg como a Fly Creek UL4. Todas as varetas são de alumínio e o tecido super leve. Mas ainda é um desejo não realizado, fica aqui só a titulo de comparação.
       Link para o Produto: Big Agnes Fly Creek UL4
     Existem ainda opções mais leves ainda, que nem sequer utilizam varetas, somente a lona, que é esticada utilizando o bastão de caminhada ou um galho de arvore cortado na hora de montar a barraca. Um exemplo está na foto do início deste artigo, uma barraquinha triangular que pesa menos de 800g.

       Para garantir uma caminhada tranquila um bom calçado é fundamental e por isso escolhi o Merrel Moab Mid Waterproof. É um calçado muito interessante pois tem altura do cano suficiente para proteger o tornozelo de torções, é bem acolchoado e o mais legal... é à prova de água! A língua é inteiramente fechada e você pode enfiar o pé na água até o cano sem molhar dentro. Ao mesmo tempo, seu material permite que o vapor de água passe mantendo seu pé mais seco.

       Eu também tinha já a muitos anos o desejo de comprar uma multi ferramenta de qualidade tipo um Victorinox, mas aqui no Brasil é MUITO caro. Aproveitei a viagem e consegui um Leatherman Wave.
       Suas lâminas são excelentes, o aço é de alta qualidade, o alicate é super útil e ainda vem com uma bainha de Nylon para se usar no cinto. Seu serrote pode cortar galhos para fazer um abrigo, tem ainda uma mini chave de fendas para apertar parafuso de óculos, além da tesoura que ajuda na hora de fazer curativos.
       Espero que estas dicas sejam úteis para os mochileiros e campistas. Aguardem os próximos posts com mais utilidades.

      Obrigado pela visita.

    Walgran e família.

              IV Encontro dos Blogs Campistas.   
       Claro que o maior evento campista do ano não poderia ficar sem um post dedicado.
       O entusiasmo dos acampadores no Grupo dos Blogs Campistas do Facebook estava "bombando" muitas semanas antes do evento. Eu não estava menos ansioso.
       Consegui sair de São Paulo por volta das 15:00hs. Pegamos um trânsito super pesado e só chegamos em Itú perto das 17:00hs. Corremos montar a barraca (T4.2 XL Air) depois tomar um banho e ir para o Barzinho Campista. Logo de cara já tiramos uma foto com os bagunceiros da turma. Esta foto tem outras versões em outros blogs que estavam presentes no evento. Caraca!! Como eu gosto destes caras!!

    Finalmente pudemos conhecer uma galera da mais alta sociedade campista. Desvirtualizar era o objetivo da noite.

    Para completar a noite ainda teve um parabéns para o Tih do blog Trips. Esse bolo estava muito bom.

     No sábado chamaram as crianças para um jogo de futebol. Não teve muita presença, pois as concorrência com as piscinas no calor foi injusta.

    Visão geral da área central com vista das barracas da turma do blog Camping & Família e a SUPER barraca da Podinha Camping Clube.

     Galera do blog Camping & Tecnologia (este) uniformizada. Aliás foi uma aventura conseguir bordar estas camisas no Shopping de Itú.

       Ahhh. não poderia esquecer da dupla de Zumbis... Freddy e Krueger (Tiago e Ricardo). Foi um espetáculo musical. Clássicos do anos 90 acompanhados por um coral de campistas.

       Leonardo, Kitty e Giulia ao lado de nossa nova amiga Meire e a sortuda da noite Maithê, que ganhou no bingo o melhor prêmio da Quechua.

    Um dos churrasqueiros da noite. Tive o privilégio de ajudar segurando a lanterna. Afinal cozinhar no escuro é bem mais difícil.

    Seguem fotos de nossa barraca + Gazebo. Curtimos uma chuvinha leve durante a noite.

    Hora de arrumar as coisas para voltar pra casa.

    Limpando bem para guardar.

    A viatura quase pronta para sair.

    Fomos embora já ansiosos para o próximo encontro.
    Agradecemos a todos os participantes que fizeram este evento tão legal. Agradecemos especialmente aos 4 blogs organizadores: Podinha Camping Clube; Trips; Camping & Família e Os Costas. Agradecemos também aos patrocinadores mesmo que nenhum dos brindes tenha vindo aqui pra casa. Kkkkkk.
              8 Bugigangas de Alta Tecnologia   
       Este post é dedicado aos "Nerds" que inventam tecnologias que podem ser até excêntricas hoje, mas que logo serão uma realidade nos campings e trilhas tupiniquins.

    Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System Água limpa com a facilidade de apenas encher o frasco flexível e espremer a água através do filtro. Vem com 3 frascos e é ultra leve e compacto quando vazio.

    Petzl E+LITE® Ultra-compact emergency headlamp Esta lanterna de cabeça ultra compacta e leve, pesa apenas 27g, mas nem por isso faz feio. Sua bateria de Lítio (CR2032) em forma de botão é do tamanho de um botão de calça jeans, mas produz um facho de luz de 26 lumens e dura 30 horas. Ideal para se ter no porta luvas do carro, pois pode ser armazenada por até 10 anos com a pilha dentro. Ainda por cima é à prova d'água em até 1m.

    CamelBak All Clear Bottle Encha o recipiente com água de origem duvidosa. Acenda a luz Ultra Violeta na tampa e agite por 60 segundos para ter água esterilizada. Utilize uma porta USB para carregar a bateria que suporta 80 "esterilizadas". Ideal se combinado como "Squeeze Water Filter" para filtrar antes de esterilizar.

    Handspresso Wild Hybrid Esse foi o mais surpreendente que encontrei. É uma maquina de café expresso portátil. Basta bombear um êmbolo no cabo ate que o manômetro indique a pressão correta, Adicione água quente e o "sachet" de café, capuccino, chocolate e etc, segure sobre o copo e aperte o botão para liberar o ar com pressão. 

    BioLite Campstove with Portable Grill Por incrível que pareça, isto abaixo é um fogão portátil com grill para acampamentos. Tem uma capacidade térmica bem alta, pois esta parte cor de laranja tem um ventilador para "avivar" o fogo. O mais peculiar deste equipamento é a fonte de energia elétrica para o ventilador: O próprio fogo! Ele utiliza um sistema que converte a diferença de temperatura entre dois lados de uma placa em energia elétrica. Exatamente o oposto, mas utilizando o mesmo princípio das geladeiras termo elétricas, utiliza o efeito "Peltier". Tem ainda uma saída USB para carregar algum dispositivo como um Smartphone ou lanterna.

    Meet Earl Survival Tablet Este tablet de sobrevivência é incrível. GPS, Sensor Climático, Barômetro, Termômetro, Bússola, Rádio AM/FM/OC/OL, Carregador Solar, Bluetooth 4.0, Rádio "Walkie-Talkie" intercomunicador para até 20 milhas, Sistema Operacional Android 4.1 a ainda utiliza uma tela do tipo "e-ink" para uma longa autonomia da bateria. Pode se conectar a monitores cardíacos para registrar o percurso juntamente com o seu coração e ainda roda vários aplicativos do Android. Ahhh ainda é à prova d'água, podendo ser imerso até 1m.

    Heimplanet Tent Esta barraca cabe em uma bolsa pequena e NÃO usa varetas. É sustentada por tubos infláveis em configuração diamante. Pode ser montada em cerca de 2 minutos. Este modelo para 2/3 pessoas pesa cerca de 5.2Kg. 

    Victorinox Expedition Kit Uma Multi Ferramenta que cabe no bolso, combinando 41 funções incluindo: Relógio com alarme digital, Altímetro, Barômetro, Termômetro e lanterna LED.
       Cada um dos leitores tem necessidades e diferentes aplicações, mas imagino que vários destes itens são pelo menos uma curiosidade interessante.

    Deixem seus comentários.

    Walgran e família.

              Mobiliário Campista   
       Além das barracas, precisamos de algum tipo de mobiliário para termos conforto num acampamento. Acredito que os sacos de dormir são os equivalentes de nossas camas, então considero-os mobiliário também. Assim, mesmo os acampamentos mais selvagens têm algum tipo de imobiliário.
       Cama, sofá, mesa, cadeiras, fogão, geladeira e armários têm os seus correspondentes campistas. Este post tem algumas de minhas sugestões.
       O primeiro "móvel" que gostaria de comentar é a cama. Cada campista tem a sua preferência para dormir e acho que é o item que possui a maior variedade. Muitos utilizam colchões infláveis com um edredom ou cobertor, outros utilizam sacos de dormir.

       Eu utilizo um híbrido que combina um colchão e isolante térmico com um saco de dormir. Muito confortável para temperaturas até 10 graus ou mais frio, se você dormir com um moletom e uma blusa. Ele também pode ser utilizado sobre um colchão inflável normal para um conforto maior. Quase como dormir em casa.

       Link do produto: Quechua Slipin'bed 15
       O Quechua Sleep'in bed 15 tem um colchão auto inflável que também é um isolante térmico. É como um colchão inflável feito de tecido de poliester e com "recheio" de espuma comum. Seu uso é bem simples: basta abrir a válvula que o ar começa a entrar sozinho. Isso mesmo, a espuma interna começa a se expandir e puxar o ar pra dentro. Normalmente ele não se infla totalmente sozinho, mas nada que umas duas sopradas antes de fechar a válvula não sejam suficientes. Para agilizar pode se abrir a válvula e deixar o colchão se inflando enquanto você arruma outras coisas no camping, pois a espuma pode ficar muito compactada se o colchão ficar fechado por longos períodos. Para poder guardar é necessário abrir a válvula e, começando pela extremidade inferior, ir enrolando bem apertado. Com isso o ar é expulso. Quando chegar ao final basta fechar a válvula para que ele fique bem fininho e enrolado.

       O segundo móvel a ser comentado é a mesa. Como temos uma preferência clara pela marca Quechua, por sua qualidade, não poderíamos escolher outra. Na realidade temos duas mesas.
       Link do produto: Mesa Quechua 4 Bancos

       Uma delas se fecha como uma mala e já inclui 4 banquetas, muito firmes por sinal. Não é necessariamente compacta, mas é uma ótima mesa para 4 pessoas.
       Temos também uma segunda mesa que não dobra o tampo, somente as pernas. Mas cuidado, ela tem uma sequência exata de fechamento das pernas sob pena de danificar irreversivelmente o tampo. Uma das pernas é ligeiramente mais curta e tem o seu ponto de fixação elevado, para se dobrar por cima da outra já dobrada. É bem leve e bem fina quando desmontada.
       Link do produto: Mesa Quechua 4 Pessoas

       As duas mesas têm a mesma altura, e combinadas formam um belo espaço para cozinhar e comer. Ambas as mesas são bem firmes para uso normal, mas nem pense em sentar sobre elas.

       O terceiro móvel que considero super importante é o de cozimento. Novamente optamos pela marca Quechua. Seu tampo superior é feito de várias peças de alumínio. Isso permite que o fogareiro seja utilizado diretamente sobre ele, sem risco de derreter ou queimar o tampo. Uma chapa corta vento se encaixa em pequenos cortes nas placas de alumínio, e facilita bastante cozinhar com vento.
       A parte inferior do móvel é um armário bem generoso, e nele cabe toda a comida que utilizamos para 4 pessoas em um acampamento de 5 dias, e ainda sobra espaço. Possui portas com zíper e janelinhas de tela no fundo: perfeito para manter os insetos longe da sua comida. Desmontado é uma sacola grande, que tem como comprimento a largura total do móvel, mas é relativamente leve se considerado o tamanho dele montado. Possui ainda dois bolsos nas laterais para guardar objetos.
       Link do produto: Móvel de Cozinha Quechua

       Também tem uma série de coisas que não gostamos de deixar no chão, bem como queremos manter fora do alcance dos insetos. Isso se aplica para calçados, roupas, lanternas, repelentes, produtos de higiene e etc. Para isso o Móvel de Arrumação da Quechua é perfeito. É compacto quando dobrado, leve e igualmente bem projetado. Fechado com zíper na frente e tela na traseira, tem ainda um tampo superior que permite se deixar objetos de uso cotidiano. Também tem bolsos nas laterais.
       Link do produto: Móvel de Arrumação Quechua

       Como considero que as banquetas da mesa de cozinha não são muito confortáveis, cadeiras de camping são igualmente importantes num acampamento mais longo. Gostamos muito das cadeiras dobráveis da Quechua, mas na ocasião nenhuma Decathlon de São Paulo tinha em estoque. Felizmente, uma similar, a cadeira Nautika Boni, estava disponível. Por enquanto estamos bem satisfeitos com as cadeiras, pois são bem confortáveis. Podemos ficar horas sentados apreciando a natureza. Este item não está disponível no site da Decathon, mas pode ser encontrado em outras lojas.
       Link do produto: Cadeira Nautika Boni
       A geladeira é um item dos mais importantes num acampamento. Pode ser utilizada para manter alimentos como queijo, presunto e outros frios, bem como bebidas e etc. Caixas de Poliestireno expandido (EPS), conhecido pelo nome comercial "Isopor", são a solução mais acessível, mas existem opções mais avançadas, que dispensam gelo e molhadeira. Já fiz um post falando em detalhes deste equipamento aqui no blog: Refrigerador Termoelétrico
     Link do produto: Refrigerador 35L Mobicool
       Existe também um tipo de móvel que ainda não possuo. Todas as opções parecem ser bem confortáveis. Trata-se do sofá, perfeito para a sessão de cinema no camping.

        Espero que gostem das sugestões.
       Com exceção do sofá, já testamos todos os produtos deste post e estamos bem satisfeitos com eles. Vão nos acompanhar por muitas acampadas ainda.

       Obrigado pela visita e deixem seus comentários.

       Walgran e família.

              Qual a Barraca Ideal?   
      Muitos amigos me perguntam sobre qual a barraca ideal. É claro que esta pergunta não tem uma única resposta, pois depende de muitos aspectos:
    • Quantas pessoas?
    • Quantos dias?
    • Qual a expectativa de chuva e vento?
    • Precisa de espaço coberto para preparar alimentos?
    • Qual o meio de transporte? Carro, moto, bike, caminhada, avião, etc.
    • Qual o valor que você consegue pagar?
    • Precisa ser montada e desmontada rapidamente? (em caso de longas trilhas, não dá pra perder horas montando e desmontando uma barraca enorme)
      Estes e possivelmente outros aspectos são muito importantes na tomada de decisão de qual barraca comprar.
      Muitos são clientes cativos de algumas marcas, outros compram por impulso.
      Seja como for, a maioria dos campistas que conheço são apaixonados por suas próprias barracas, já que foram compradas com muito carinho e considerando muitos dos aspectos citados acima.
      Os questionamentos sobre barracas são sempre respondidos com algumas opções, assim vou relacionar abaixo alguns exemplos de uso e também algumas informações sobre como decidi por cada uma das barracas que possuo.
      Por exemplo: Se você vai caminhar mesmo que não muito longe, vai precisar de uma barraca leve e rápida de montar; Se vai viajar de carro e passar muitos dias, pode se dar ao luxo de montar uma barraca grande e complexa, pois ficará bem mais confortável nela; Se vai de avião, não pode levar muito peso, mas pode levar uma um pouco maior do que se fosse a pé.

    Caso 1. Acampada rápida com até 4 pessoas.
    A minha primeira barraca foi uma "Quechua 2 Seconds T4.1 XXL IIII", sim tudo isso é o nome dela.
    A marca Quechua é realmente uma das preferidas aqui pela região. Digo isso porque fora do estado de SP só existe a Decathlon em Curitiba, Londrina e no Rio de Janeiro.
      A característica mais marcante desta barraca é o processo de montagem. Ela não requer que você monte varetas longas e fique passando e arqueando as varetas. Basta soltar a fita que prende o pacote fechado que ela se abre, faltando apenas prender os 4 cantos sobre a lona de chão (footprint) que já vem com ela. Nem mesmo o quarto precisa ser montado, ela já se abre com tudo no lugar. Ela também não é muito alta tem apenas 1,35m o que dificulta a movimentação dentro do quarto bem como trocar de roupas. Apesar do nome, não acredite que você vai armar em dois segundos, na realidade com alguma prática em menos de 10 minutos todos os espeques e tirantes estarão no lugar
      O problema é justamente que ela conflita algumas das perguntas acima, ela não é muito leve, (9,2 Kg) e não é muito compacta (uma grande mochila em forma de disco com quase 1 metro de diâmetro). Isso me deixou um pouco desconfortável pois arrumar ela no porta malas do carro é semelhante a um "saco de siri" como diz meu sogro.
      Independente destes contras, é a barraca predileta para acampadas rápidas para quem curte a marca Quechua. O acabamento (assim como de qualquer Quechua) é primoroso. As costuras duplas e até triplas e seladas são perfeitas. O desenho é muito moderno e muito funcional. Ela possui saias para neve, o que mostra que não é necessariamente ventilada o suficiente para nosso clima.
      Diferente de outras marcas, quando eles dizem que é pra 4 pessoas, realmente cabem 4. Como utilizamos os sacos de dormir "Quechua Slip'n Bed 15", que tem pouco mais de 60cm de largura, o espaço da barraca tem que ser de pelo menos 2,40m e esta barraquinha passou no teste com louvor. Ainda assim resolvemos trocar por uma maior.
    Meu primeiro e único acampamento com a Quechua 2 Seconds T4.1 XXL IIII

      Caso 2. Caminhada com pernoite.
      Ainda não realizei este projeto, mas já estou me preparando.
      Pesquisei bastante tempo por barracas pequenas e leves, e é claro que não poderia gastar muito. Comecei avaliando as pequenas iglus, depois as barracas especializadas da Asteq e Trilhas e Rumos, mas são bem caras (podem passar de R$ 1.000,00). Descobri uma opção intermediária, a "Nautika Amazon 3/4" que pode ser encontrada por menos de R$ 260,00 em alguns sites, mas cuidado, porque achei sites vendendo por mais de R$500,00 então pesquise bem antes de comprar.
      A linha Amazon, tem uma impermeabilização pouco melhor do que as barracas mais baratas, mas o seu grande diferencial é o peso de cerca de 2,9Kg (sem embalagem) justamente por ser feita inteiramente de tela mosquiteira nas laterais e topo do habitáculo.
      Podemos notar que a ventilação é extremamente favorecida e em muitos casos se não tiver previsão de chuva, é utilizada assim mesmo, sem o sobreteto, servindo como proteção contra insetos e animais, sem contar que permite visualização de qualquer aproximação através da tela. Ela é auto sustentável ou seja, fica armada mesmo sem espeques e permite que seja movida sem desmontar.
      As varetas são muito boas e a barraca ainda possui duas portas em lados opostos, com janelas de tela mosquiteiro. Suas medidas são de 2,10m x 2,10m x 1.30m de altura, muito maior que as barracas de trilha, que só cabem uma pessoa com mochila, ou duas, se for pra dormir juntinho e com as mochilas pra fora. Nessa dá pra colocar 4 pessoas em sacos de dormir numa boa, mas os meus "Quechua Slip'n Bed 15" só cabem 3. Existe também a opção da Amazon 6/7 que é quase 1m maior e com o dobro do peso.
      Ganhei ela de presente do pessoal da minha empresa e como fiquei ansioso para testar o que caberia dentro dela, arrumei um jeito de tirar a mesa de jantar pra armar ela no meio da sala (apartamento pequeno é dureza!), conseguimos uma maneira de dormir nós 4 dentro dela. Deu vontade de dormir ali mesmo, mas minha esposa queria a mesa de volta no lugar.

      Caso 3. Acampada rápida com a família.
      Para acampar com a família precisávamos de uma barraca pouco maior, mas não muito difícil de montar, precisava também de um avance para uma mesinha para podermos fazer as refeições, seria uma substituta para a "Quechua 2 Seconds T4.1 XXL IIII" (ufa!). Depois de muita pesquisa escolhemos a Zeus da Guepardo. Achei ótimo que eles tenham uma versão de 5 pessoas. Encontrei um preço excelente na Zreu Equipamentos e fui muito bem atendido pelo Rodrigo e sua esposa. O custo benefício é excelente pois custa cerca de R$ 260,00. Desmontada é uma sacola pequena e pesa cerca de 5Kg.
      Levei a barraca pra casa, tirei a mesa de jantar, montei a novidade e, Surpresa!!! a barraca de 5 pessoas não cabem 4!. As medidas externas são de 2,40 entre os extremos do sobreteto, ou seja tem menos de 2,30 internamente e novamente meus 4 "Quechua Slip'n Bed 15" não couberam, além de ser baixa, cerca de 1,35m. Entrei em contato com o Rodrigo e trocamos pela de 6 pessoas.
      Gostaria de saber quais são os critérios para estes números... A Gigante Zeus de 6 pessoas é enorme, devem caber uns 7/8 pelo critério da barraca anterior. Montei na minha sala e... Aí sim!!!... Não coube na sala, encostou nas paredes e faltou um pouco, bateu no lustre e ficou toda apertada, mas coube tudo dentro! Desmontada é uma sacola média e pesa cerca de 7,5Kg, custa R$ 380,00.
      Essa "belezura" tem 2 metros de altura e tive que esticar o braço para prender a lanterna no teto do quarto. O avance tem 2 metros de largura mas não ache que é tudo de área útil, pois com a inclinação do quarto e do sobreteto não sobra tudo isso, cabe uma mesa, mas objetos e sacolas pode ser colocados nos cantos sem problema.
      Tivemos uma super ventania na estréia da Zeus e ela ficou MUITO firme. Nossos amigos Rico, Tih e Edu estavam com suas "Quechua 2 Seconds T4.1 XXL IIII" (caraca! que nome difícil!) e elas estavam quase deitando como nos vídeos da Quechua que mostram as barracas no túnel de vento, foi impressionante, mas todas encararam o vento muito bem. O que mais gostei da Zeus é que ela quase não envergou, as varetas são bem grossas e fortes e tem muitos tirantes para esticar a lona.
      No dia seguinte sem a ventania e com sol ela ficou bem quente, até soltei a ponta do sobreteto pra passar mais ar. Se precisássemos ficar na barraca teria que levantar mais, no entanto isso não foi um problema já que a piscina era o melhor lugar para ficar no calor.

      Caso 4. Acampada "de lei" com vários dias.
      Sonho de campista que toda acampada fosse de pelo menos uma semana. Neste caso temos que ter o conforto que temos em casa. Nada apertado, dois quartos, varanda, sala de estar, cozinha, despensa, armário embutido, garagem para 4 carros. Kkkkkk.
      Nossa escolhida depois de muita pequisa foi a "Quechua T4.2 XL Air". Assim como muitos a dúvida é na hora de escolher entre ela e a "Quechua T6.2". Ambas são bem grandes, a T6.2 é bem larga mas não muito ventilada, tem somente uma entrada e não seria, para mim, a melhor opção para acoplar ao gazebo.
      Esta maravilha é realmente ventilada. Os quartos são altos e tem estas "varandas" com arcos para ventilar e não deixar o sol esquentar, que podem ser fechadas de noite. A sala é alta e tem 6m2, tem janelas com tela, tem dois espaços altos de 1m2  ao lado de cada quarto para deposito de malas e objetos. Tem duas portas sendo que uma delas pode ser esticada como uma varanda. Tem saias de tela ao redor da barraca para evitar a entrada de insetos e favorece a ventilação. Ela também já vem com o piso (footprint) que inclui a sala. Sua porta principal pode ser fechada totalmente ou ficar só com a tela, e tem um bolso para guardar a porta aberta (nada de porta sendo pisoteada e cheia de terra), bem como bolsos para guardar as janelas da sala.
      Além de todos estes fatores que deixaram a T6.2 um pouco desfavorecida, eu queria fazer uma "expansão" da barraca com um gazebo, e as duas portas da T4.2 vieram bem a calhar. Encontrei na Internet uma tela mosquiteira para o gazebo e queria fechar tudo de modo mais hermético possível. 
      Com o gazebo montado bem encostado na parte traseira da barraca, as pontas da tela mosquiteira foram esticadas sobre a barraca e fixadas com a salvadora do camping, "Silver Tape". Uma lona de 5x7m foi esticada com elásticos, cobrindo todo o conjunto e sobrando uma varandinha em toda a volta, que ajudou e reduzir o calor quando sol e os respingos quando chove.
      O acesso é pela porta frontal da barraca e com a porta traseira aberta temos acesso a uma copa/cozinha de 9m2 sem insetos.
      Passamos 5 dias ótimos, os quartos são bem confortáveis e como são separados, são perfeitos para quem tem filhos maiores (os meus tem 12 e 15 anos) que gostam de ficar ouvindo musica e jogando antes de dormir, enquanto nós adultos já estávamos roncando. Quem tem crianças pequenas preferem os quartos juntos da T6.2 e acredito que seja o fator que mais diferencia uma da outra.

      Espero que este post seja útil para quem está tentando escolher uma barraca. Claro que as minhas opiniões podem ser muito diferentes das de muitos campistas, sintam-se às vontade para comentar e discordar.

      Um novo post ajuda a completar estas informações. Veja também em Qual Barraca Ideal II - A Missão

    Obrigado pela visita.

    Walgran e família.

              Água Potável?   
    Água potável é uma necessidade para qualquer acampamento, trilha ou até mesmo para o dia à dia.
    Quando somente está disponível água de qualidade duvidosa, algum tipo de tratamento é necessário antes do consumo.

    Muitos utilizam pastilhas de cloro potabilizador como o "", mas ele apenas mata organismos na água, não reduz a turbidez, ou sólidos dissolvidos. Seu uso é muito simples, bastando colocar uma pastilha na água e aguardar cerca de 30 minutos. Existem pastilhas com diferentes concentrações de cloro, para serem dissolvidas em 1 litro de água, 10 litros de água ou até mesmo pastilhas para 10.000 litros de água. Estas pastilhas são facilmente encontradas no Brasil e tem uma validade de dois anos da data de fabricação. Atenção na hora da compra, senão você pode comprar um produto com pouco tempo restante de validade ou até mesmo vencido.

    Existem algumas outras opções que não utilizam cloro, algumas utilizam Iodo e são compostas de duas partes. São dois vidrinhos com conta gotas e uma das partes contém Iodo e a outra alega conter um cancelador do sabor do Iodo. A maior parte dos relatos que encontrei mencionam que ainda assim o sabor que fica na água é horrível. O cloro não deixa um sabor diferente do que já estamos acostumados na água da rede pública, e após algum tempo não resta sabor algum.

    Existem alguns tipos de filtros portáteis que podem ser utilizados como o próprio nome indica, como um "Canudinho de Vida" numa tradução literal. A idéia é simples: "Imagine um lugar atingido por uma grande enchente, pessoas desesperadas para salvar suas casas e seus bens, tudo está cheio de água, mas estão todos sem água potável. As comunidades se unem em solidariedade para enviar água potável, alimentos e roupas",  mas calma aí... está todo mundo nadando em água e precisando de mais??? É aí que o "LifeStraw" entra. Com um destes, cada um pode beber diretamente na água que estão nadando.
    O problema deste tipo de filtro é que ele somente consegue filtrar bactérias e protozoários, não tem eficiência para vírus e organismos muito pequenos. Assim, ele precisa ser combinado com algum tipo de cloro antes da filtração para poder eliminar todos os microorganismos e deixar para o filtro somente o trabalho de remover partículas em suspensão.
    Link para LifeStraw Personal Filter

    Existem ainda outros tipos de filtros, mas que pela regulamentação dos EUA, somente pode ser chamado de "Purificador de água" quando possuem alta eficiência para filtrar microorganismos pequenos como vírus. Este filtro possui uma bomba manual pois seu elemento filtrante é tão fechado que não dá pra "chupar" a água por ele, e uma pressão muito maior é requerida. Este tipo de filtro com bomba é chamado de "Filtro por Osmose Reversa".
    Notem que nem todo filtro com bomba possui características de "Purificador", sendo que a maioria dos que encontrei, apesar de terem uma bomba, só tem eficiência contra bactérias e protozoários e não contra vírus. Podem entretanto ser combinados com cloro e o problema está resolvido.
    Link para o First Need Portable Water Purifier

    Juntamente com o filtro eu comprei um pré filtro, para segurar todas as partículas maiores de água barrenta, folhinhas e poeira, aumentando a vida útil do elemento filtrante do "Purificador".

    O conjunto vem numa sacola de Nylon, mas que possui uma bolsa plástica interna. Essa bolsa serve para armazenar água e tem capacidade para 2 litros. Pode ser pendurada e tem um bico na parte inferior para a conexão da mangueira do filtro. Excelente para armazenar água quando se está esperando o cloro agir.

    A saída do filtro é pela parte de baixo e possui uma tampa de borracha para evitar a contaminação do filtro durante o transporte. Ele possui dois padrões de roscas para conexão em garrafas e cantis normais, bem como para as garrafas "Nalgene" de boca larga.

    Muitos devem estar pensando: "Como posso saber se meu filtro está bom? Será que ele vai filtrar como promete? Ou vai deixar passar contaminantes?"
    Para matar a sua dúvida ele vem com um potinho de tinta de grau alimentício, com partículas bem fininhas, simulando microorganismos. Basta pingar duas gotas em um copo de água, que se tornará uma tinta azul. Após isto filtre esta água azul e confirme se irá se tornar cristalina e sem traços da tintura azul. Se estiver tudo OK o filtro está íntegro para garantir a potabilidade da água.

    Água é realmente essencial e considero útil ter recursos para purificar praticamente qualquer poça de água suja.

    Obrigado por terem passado por aqui e fiquem à vontade para comentar e perguntar.

    Walgran e família.

              Encontro Campista das Pedras   
    Depois de algum tempo tentando, conseguimos combinar um encontro de alguns blogs campistas no Camping Fazenda das Pedras em Itú.
    O fim de semana contou com a presença dos blogs:
    Camping & TecnologiaCamping & FamiliaTripsOs Costas; e Podinha Camping Club e mais alguns convidados.
    Eu como iniciante ainda não conhecia nenhum deles pessoalmente, e também estava ansioso para experimentar a minha nova Zeus da Guepardo, por isso consegui fugir de São Paulo por volta das 15:00hs e fui direto para o Camping. Chegamos lá por volta das 16:20hs e já fomos direto para o local combinado. Montei a barraca nova e gostei muito.
    Eu tinha pesquisado muito entre várias opções de barracas médias, escolhi a Zeus da Guepardo, pois eu queria uma barraca mais fácil de montar do que a "Quechua T4.2 XL Air" que, apesar de imbatível no conforto, é bem trabalhosa para montar.
    Podemos ver acima, as barracas na manhã do sábado. Como nós só pudemos ficar até o início da noite do sábado, não tivemos a oportunidade de conhecer a galera do blog Podinha Camping Clube, que chegou depois que saímos.
    Foi realmente muito divertido. O pessoal tem muitas histórias pra contar e também muita experiência, sem contar as aventuras culinárias. Tínhamos combinado de fazer uma feijoada mas não achei que seria tão sofisticada. Usando palavras do Ricardo "Os loucos fizeram mesmo!!!" Eles explicaram que existem várias receitas de feijoada, mas optamos pela que chamaram de "Feijoada da Laje".
    Para começar alinhamos nossos fogareiros de camping, pois com certeza somente um não teria autonomia suficiente para a tarefa de cozinhar a feijoada. Nesta receita as linguiças e outros aditivos são colocados para cozinhar junto com o feijão numa panelada só.
    Descobrimos que da linha de Fogareiros da Nautika, o modelo "Cheff" é o mais poderoso. Tem um queimador bem grande, se comparado com os outros modelos, mas por outro lado também gasta mais rapidamente o tubo de gás. Sua chama é bem mais forte e ajudou a preparar a feijoada com a performance do fogão de casa.
    Como estava ventando um pouco tivemos que fazer uma combinação de "Corta Ventos". Notem que o dedo do Tiago na foto, está apontando para o recipiente com as costelinhas pré cozidas, que foram adicionadas depois no cozimento da feijoada.
    Em resumo. Feijoada, arroz, couve, farofa e vinagrete. Combinação perfeita de ingredientes. Definitivamente uma das melhores feijoadas que já comi.
    Ricardo, Tiago, Eduardo e Eu.

    Criamos também um estacionamento de geladeiras. Aliás estamos com galos na cabeça por causa deste quiosque super baixo. 

    O camping é realmente muito bonito. Segue exemplos da paisagem.

    Queria agradecer a todos pela oportunidade de curtir um ótimo acampamento. Gostamos muito de conhecer todos vocês.

    Até a próxima acampada.

    Walgran e família.

              Camping à Prova de Tudo???   
    Muitos campistas assistem ao "Bear Grylls", no programa "À Prova de Tudo", e sentem vontade de fazer uns acampamentos mais selvagens. Claro que quando conversam com as esposas são logo lembrados da realidade.
    Comigo não foi diferente, mas não tirou minha vontade de fazer trilhas com pernoites e experimentar algo de "BushCraft", que são técnicas mateiras, mas ainda não consegui realizá-las.
    O Protagonista do programa "sobrevivencialista" acima mencionado, é um ex militar, especialista em ambientes inóspitos. Claro que no programa é tudo preparado e até ensaiado para demonstrar os conceitos de sobrevivência. Muitas críticas ao programa chegam a chamar de charlatanismo, mas acredito que algumas dicas são realmente úteis e válidas, bem como o programa é bem divertido e um bom entretenimento

    Depois de tudo o que li na internet achei interessante que a empresa Gerber, um dos maiores fabricantes de cutelaria e ferramentas, lançou uma linha com o nome do sobrevivencialista "Bear Grylls".

    Decidi conferir dois produtos desta grife: a Faca de Sobrevivência "BG Ultimate Survival Knife" e o Kit de sobrevivência "BG Ultimate Survival Kit".
    Fotografados sobre minha mesa de jantar, podemos notar as iniciais do "Bear Grylls" BG e sua assinatura dividindo espaço com a marca Gerber. Nesta foto temos também um Curvímetro/Bússola/Termômetro da Guepardo, item que adicionei ao Kit da Gerber por absoluta falta de uma bússola. Que kit de emergência vem sem bússola???

    Vamos começar pelo conteúdo do Kit.
    Vemos acima os componentes do Kit, que vem numa bolsa com zíper, e dentro dela um "Ziplock".
    Dentro dele há uma manta de emergência aluminizada, que pode ser usada para construir um abrigo; um serrote flexível com duas argolas para segurar; uma pederneira; fósforos de emergência com lixa; um rolinho de barbante encerado (quase um fio dental); um pequeno pedaço de arame para construir alguma armadilha; um rolinho de cordinha fina; uma "multi-ferramenta" com um pequeno alicate; um kit de pesca com alguns anzóis, linha e chumbadas; um apito de emergência; um espelho de sinalização; um "enorme" (minúsculo) chumaço de algodão para iniciar fogo; um pequeno kit de costura com linhas, agulhas, botões e um alfinete de segurança; um guia do "Bear Grills" de sobrevivência com sugestões (em inglês) para um abrigo, conseguir água e sinalização; e por último uma pequena lanterna chaveiro.
    A manta aluminizada é muito útil em situações onde não existem muitos recursos para se aquecer de noite, e pode ser utilizada para conter água.
    O serrote flexível é muito interessante: é um arame/corrente com uma série de nós, que é utilizado passando-se ao redor do galho que se deseja cortar e puxando-se as argolas uma de cada vez, num movimento de vai e vem. Corta mesmo! Apesar de não parecer algo muito duradouro é muito útil para uma situação de emergência.
    A pederneira e os fósforos são alternativas para se fazer fogo. Para quem nunca usou uma pederneira, não ache que basta riscar e as fagulhas magicamente irão acender um grande fogo, exige prática. Os fósforos são revestidos com parafina para ajudar a impermeabilizar. Os dois podem ser utilizados junto com o algodão para iniciar o fogo, e depois de aceso deve-se colocar sobre o fogo gravetos finos, e ir gradativamente adicionando galhos até que o fogo esteja estável.
    O barbante encerado e o pedaço de arame podem ser utilizados para se fazer alguma armadilha para pequenos animais, mas o material não explica como utilizar.
    A cordinha tem muitas funções numa situação de emergência, entre elas: construir abrigo, armadilhas, ferramentas de campo e etc.
    A multi-ferramenta é realmente de ótima qualidade e é um item fabricado pela Gerber, também vendido separado do Kit. Tem uma pequena lâmina, abridor de garrafas, uma pequena chave de fendas e uma lima/lixa, mas o melhor é o alicate.
    O Kit de costuras é muito importante, pois no mato você pode rasgar sua roupa ou perder um botão.
    O Kit de pesca vem com aquilo que você não vai conseguir com facilidade, restando para você encontrar uma varinha e uma bóia se for necessário.
    O apito parece redundante, já que também existe um apito na ponta da cordinha usada para puxar o zíper, e outro na faca.
    A lanterna dispensa comentários de utilização, mas possui uma intensidade bem baixa e parece útil somente para se localizar alguma coisa dentro da mochila, no porta luvas do carro ou dentro da barraca, se você já estiver no escuro por um bom tempo.
    O espelho de sinalização é muito bom e possui um furo no meio, essencial para que você possa ver exatamente aonde está o reflexo do sol, o que facilita sinalizar para alguém bem longe. O folheto explica como utilizar o espelho com o reflexo ente os dedos para conseguir tal façanha.

    Só não entendo como este Kit NÃO possui uma bússola!!!, por isso adicionei uma bússola com um termômetro e um curvímetro da marca Guepardo. Tive que pesquisar na internet o que raios é um curvímetro. Ele serve para medir o comprimento de uma estrada cheia de curvas sobre um mapa, e vem com várias marcações para mapas em diferentes escalas, como por exemplo 1:50000. Aproveitei e adicionei também alguns comprimidos de para tratar água e um isqueiro, afinal é muito mais fácil acender fogo assim numa situação de emergência real.

    Agora vamos à faca:
    Essa faca é MUITO legal. Tem um acabamento excelente e sua bainha tem pontos de fixação horizontal e vertical. O receptáculo da bainha é todo em plástico resistente e trava a faca com segurança. Note que ela tem uma cordinha com um apito na ponta. Uma cinta com velcro prende o cabo na bainha.

    Na frente da bainha tem uma pequena peça em forma de T invertido. É uma pederneira embutida.

    A minha pederneira tem marcas de uso, já que brinquei um pouco com ela. Faz faíscas bem fortes, que deixam qualquer pedra de isqueiro morrendo de vergonha. Parece ter uma durabilidade superior a mil raspadas, conforme o fabricante.
    A faca possui uma parte usinada no dorso da lâmina para raspar a pederneira e fazer fogo. Podemos ver também que a lâmina é bem reforçada.

    O cabo da faca possui uma espécie de batedor ou martelo.

     A lâmina tem um aço muito bom que, conforme reportado por muitos usuários, mantém a afiação por muito tempo, mesmo sob o uso mais severo. Metade da lâmina é com corte liso e metade com corte serrilhado, que já vem muito afiado. Lâminas é o que a Gerber faz de melhor e esta irá durar por muitos anos. A lâmina atravessa todo o cabo (Full Tang) até o pomo (martelo).

    A empunhadura da faca é muito segura e permite trabalhos com precisão e segurança. Os furos na parte laranja permitem que a faca seja amarrada a uma vara para se fazer uma lança.

    Para completar, a faca já vem com uma pedra diamantada na parte interna da bainha, para afiar a lâmina.

    Com este Kit no bolso e esta faca na cintura já me sinto preparado para sentar e assistir ao programa "À Prova de Tudo". Brincadeirinha!! Ainda não tive oportunidade de testar os dois, mas vi vários videos onde a faca foi duramente abusada e martelada com pedras, rachando lenha como um machado e resistindo bravamente. Não pretendo fazer isso e com certeza irá durar muito.

    Ambos foram adquiridos no site mas podem também ser encontrados no mercado livre.
    Segue links do amazon:
    Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife
    Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

    Claro que é uma faca diferenciada, que não faz feito pra cortar uma picanha em um churrasco. A linha de produtos da grife "BG" possui outros itens, como cantis, lanternas, vários tipos de facas e canivetes e etc.

    Espero que tenham gostado e se divertido com o post, e se tiverem alguma dúvida ou sugestão basta postar um comentário.


    Walgran e família.

              Acabou a Bateria? Fique Ligado.   
    Acredito que todos os campistas tem uma preocupação quando estão em um lugar sem tomadas: Vou ficar sem celular, máquina fotográfica, lanterna etc.

    Existem algumas maneiras de permanecer "Ligado" mesmo sem energia da rede elétrica.

    Na foto acima temos alguns exemplos de "bugigangas" que podem resolver este problema.
    Placa Solar Instapark 10 Watt Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger with Dual USB Ports
    Radio carregador Ambient Weather WR-111B
    Carregador de Pilhas AA and AAA Solar Battery Charger
    Bateria Recarregável EasyAcc 4 x USB Output Port 12000mAh External battery pack

     Vamos começar pela Bateria Recarregável. Ela possui 4 portas USB com diferentes capacidades de corrente. Desde a USB normal de 500mA até uma potente USB de 2000mA capaz de carregar um iPad. Sua capacidade de carga é muito grande e tem energia suficiente para carregar um iPhone 4 vezes (ou 4 telefones ao mesmo tempo). As luzes azuis são para indicar a carga restante.

    Você pode carregar a bateria ligando em uma carregador USB ou numa porta do seu computador até que todas as luzes azuis estejam acesas. Os cabos e adaptadores (acima) que acompanham o produto permitem que você ligue praticamente todo tipo de dispositivo USB, assim iPod's, iPhone's, lanternas USB e quase todos os seus apetrechos não vão ficar sem energia tão cedo.

    Este carregador de pilhas é muito interessante, pois pode carregar pilhas pequenas AA, ou palito AAA.
    O compartimento das pilhas tem uma tampinha para proteção. Possui um indicador de carga das pilhas com 3 leds nas cores de um semáforo. Pode ser dobrado ficando assim do tamanho de uma saboneteira. Para funcionar bem, precisa ficar bem posicionado para a luz do sol e é claro que se o tempo estiver nublado vai levar mais tempo para carregar suas pilhas.
    Olhando de frente vemos uma saída USB para carregar um telefone ou outro dispositivo USB e também um porta mini USB para utilizar como um carregador normal, ligado em uma fonte USB.

    Este radinho é um dos mais interessantes. Possui uma placa solar em cima que consegue carregar a bateria interna dele. Mas caso você não tenha luz solar suficiente, pode utilizar o dínamo interno com uma manivela. As funções dele são: Radio AM/FM/NOAA (NOAA é uma banda com transmissões continuas de tempo e utilizada para alarmes de tempestade, furacão, tornados e etc. nos EUA), Lanterna, Carregador de celular via saída USB.
     Ele tem incorporado uma lanterna de 3 LED's e pode ser carregado girando a manivela, Luz solar ou ligado em um carregador USB.

     Por último deixamos o melhor. Esta placa fotovoltaica (solar) tem capacidade de gerar até 10W de energia, isso equivale a 2000mA, ou seja pode carregar até um iPad num dia de sol forte.
     Possui dentro de um bolso duas portas USB o que permite colocar o telefone para carregar protegido do sol.
    Ele possui algumas alças para que seja pendurado na barraca ou até mesmo na mochila, assim você pode caminhar com ele nas costas, sobre a mochila, recarregando seu telefone ou outros dispositivos USB.
     Ele fechado tem o tamanho de um iPad e tem um acabamento em um tecido preto bem reforçado. O conjunto fica bem protegido, mas não deve ser envergado ou forçado dentro da mochila sob pena de danos irreversíveis.

    Bem, acredito que muitos tem alguma curiosidade sobre estes tipos de equipamentos.
    Sintam-se à vontade para perguntar e não se esqueçam de comentar

    Obrigado pela visita.

    Walgran e Família.

              Cooler Termoelétrico 35 litros Waeco Mobicool   
    Se você olha para a foto abaixo e enxerga uma copiadora ou uma impressora multifuncional, provavelmente está precisando sair do escritório e ir acampar imediatamente.
    Trata-se de um "cooler termoelétrico", uma caixa termica com um dispositivo chamado "Peltier". Sim é o nome do francês que inventou a tecnologia. Não era pra gelar bebidas, era usada em laboratórios para resfriar componentes eletrônicos.

    Acredito que não vai ser necessário explicar o princípio de funcionamento do "Peltier" nem como funcionam as junções semicondutoras, mas em resumo, existe uma plaquinha de cerca de 15x15cm que quando alimentada com 12V tem a propriedade de esquentar de um lado e esfriar do lado oposto. Assim basta colocar um dissipador com ventilador de cada um dos lados e está feito uma mini geladeira.

    Agora vamos falar desta belezinha. Bem, primeira má notícia, ele não tem essa luz azul dentro como na foto acima.
    Na foto abaixo podemos comparar o tamanho dele com uma garrafa PET de 2 litros, vemos também a fonte tipo de notebook para ligar o "cooler" numa tomada 110/220VAC e os cabos para ligar na tomada 12VDC do carro.

    O painel de controle dele possui  uma tecla vermelha de Liga/Desliga; uma tecla para alternar entre os modos Quente/Frio; luzes indicadoras de modo e indicadores de potência e por último a tecla para selecionar a potência desejada.

    Na foto abaixo podemos ver as grades de ventilação externas e não devem ser obstruídas durante o uso.

    Dentro dele cabem, como especificado, 35 litros. Podemos ver como uma garrafa PET de dois litros se compara ao espaço interno. Uma informação importante, de maneira alguma coloque gelo, o sistema trabalha seco por ser eletrônico e deve permanecer seco.

    No interior da caixa existe uma grade de ventilação que também não deve ser obstruída, o ideal é deixar um espaço para que o ar frio circule dentro da caixa, semelhante a uma geladeira normal.

    Vemos aqui em um novo ângulo, com a tampa fechada.

    Seguem especificações do site

    Refrigerador Portátil 35 Litros DC12/24/AC Bivolt Waeco - Mobicool
    Agora ficou muito mais fácil conservar bebidas e alimentos por mais tempo com segurança! O Refrigerador portátil da Mobicool é leve e compacto, mas possui grande capacidade para armazenar alimentos e bebidas - seu espaço é de 35 litros.

    O Refrigerador TC 35 possui alças retráteis para fácil locomoção, divisória para organização dos mantimentos e acomoda garrafas de 2 litros na posição vertical. Com tecnologia exclusiva é capaz de resfriar até 1ºC ou aquecer até 65ºC, pode ser utilizado diretamente na saída 12/24 volts dos veículos e também em tomadas 110/220 volts.

    É ideal para transportar de forma conveniente alimentos, bebidas, cosméticos, medicamentos e outros produtos que necessitem de temperatura adequada. Conta com cabo de 2,8 metros que possibilita mantê-lo no banco traseiro ou porta-malas enquanto conectado ao painel, possui baixo consumo 60 Watt e garantia de 12 meses. Bonito, leve e resistente... ideal para momentos de lazer, viagens e trabalho!

    - Função de resfriamento e aquecimento
    - Painel para ajuste de intensidade de resfriamento e aquecimento
    - Conector 12/24 volts
    - Alças para transporte
    - Fonte 110/220 volts
    - Capacidade 35L
    - Cor: Cinza
    - Voltagem: 12/24 volts, 110/220 volts
    - Consumo: 60 watts (resfriando) e 45 watts (aquecendo)

    Nos meus testes com uma duzia de latinhas dentro, ele chegou próximo de 1 grau. Este é um dos mais eficientes da categoria e é o único que quando chega na temperatura ajustada entra num modo econômico que também é mais silencioso. Sim, o ventilador faz um barulho suficiente para se escutar dentro da barraca durante a noite. Nunca deixe ligado na bateria do carro com o motor desligado ou vai ter que empurrar o carro de manhã. Quando eu paro em um hotel para pernoitar durante a viajem, levo pra dentro do quarto e ligo na tomada.

    Conclusão: Nunca mais ter que ficar atrás de gelo, poder ter dentro do carro suco geladinho, bem como queijo, presunto e etc. para fazer um lanchinho quando chegar lá é um conforto sem igual.

    No Mercado Livre existem muitas opções com preços mais acessíveis, a qualidade com certeza varia bastante entre os modelos, mas o princípio de funcionamento é o mesmo. Se utilizado com cuidado, não obstruir as passagens de ar, nunca molhar e de tempos em tempos passar um ar comprimido para limpar as aletas e ventiladores, deve-se ter muitos anos de acampamentos com o conforto de uma pequena geladeira.

    Obrigado a todos pela visita.

    Walgran e família.

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    From ALS Global - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 22:00:34 GMT - View all Whitehorse, YT jobs
              Comment on Which Tomato Varieties Are Right for You?  by Larsnum   
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              Hiring for Project Manager - Analytics/sas - BFSI Domain - Kpo/bpo - IIT + IIM in Delhi/NCR(National (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:Role Requirement : - The candidate should have excellent exposure and track record in high value global client Management - Having regular engagement with client to present results and insights about project - Need 2-3+ years of experience...
              Hiring for Business Analyst - Model Monitoring - KPO in Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region), Bengalur (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:Skill Matrix : - Strong SAS Analytics Experience and knowledge in Statistics is must - Proficiency in SAS and MS Excel is a must - Proficiency in SAS modeling - basics is desired - Strong QA acumen - Excellent communication skills - Prior ...
              Hiring for AVP - Analytics - Healthcare Insurance Domain - Bpo/kpo - IIM / ISB in Delhi/NCR(National (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:AVP - Analytics - Healthcare Insurance Domain - BPO/KPO - IIM/ISB/MDI/FMS Education : Premier Institute Client/Location : Our client is one of the NASDAQ listed BPO/KPO company and this position will be based out of Gurgaon. Role Requireme...
              Hiring for AVP - Analytics - Healthcare Insurance Domain - BPO / KPO - IIM / ISB in Delhi/NCR(Nation (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:AVP - Analytics - Healthcare Insurance Domain - BPO/KPO - IIM/ISB/MDI/FMS Education : Premier Institute Client/Location : Our client is one of the NASDAQ listed BPO/KPO company and this position will be based out of Gurgaon. Role Requireme...
              Hiring for Associate Vice President - Analytics - Authorizations & Existing Custo in Delhi/NCR(Na (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:Role Requirement - The candidate is expected to lead a team of 10-15 analysts working on portfolio risk reporting and analytics in Customer Management and Authorizations work functions for US Credit Cards portfolio of a Top Global Bank - 7...
              Hiring for Assistant Manager - Fraud Analytics - Consulting Fim in Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:Desired Experience : - Require professionals with Banking analytics experience (4-6 years) preferably in Credit Card Domain would be ideal. - 2 to 3 years of banking experience. - Has worked in a credit risk environment within acquisitions...
              Hiring for Assistant Manager - Analytics - Reporting & Business Intelligence - Ta in Delhi/NCR(Na (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:- Provides design support for the development of business intelligence solutions - Works on multiple tasks /projects as team member - Provides subject matter expertise for key BI core Functions - Participates in work stream planning proces...
              Hiring for Senior Business Analyst - Model Monitoring - KPO in Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region), B (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:Skill Matrix : - Strong SAS Analytics Experience and knowledge in Statistics is must - Proficiency in SAS and MS Excel is a must - Proficiency in SAS modeling - basics is desired - Strong QA acumen - Excellent communication skills - Prior ...
              Catastrophe Modeling Analyst I at null,Delhi (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:Job Description: Job Highlights: The role will perform account level catastrophe modeling and operate within the Modeling and Analytics Group of the India CoE. She/ he will report into a Team Lead or Technical Lead Cat Modeling. Key res...
              Hiring for Manager - Analytics - KPO - IIT / BITS / NIT in Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region), Benga (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:Desired Experience : - Require professionals with Banking analytics experience (6-10 yrs years) preferably in Credit Card Domain would be ideal. - 2 to 3 years of banking experience. - Has worked in a analytics domain - The role will suppo...
              Hiring for Associate Vice President - Credit Risk - KPO - Iit/nit/bits in Delhi/NCR(National Capital (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:Role Requirement : - The candidate is expected to lead a team of 10-15 analysts working on portfolio risk reporting and analytics in credit risk portfolio of a Top Global Bank- 7+ years of experience in reporting and analytics is must - Ca...
              Hiring for Manager - Credit Risk Modelling in Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region), for Exp. 6 - 9 yrs (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:Manager - Credit Risk Modelling - SAS + Credit Risk + Modelling Manager - Credit Risk Modelling - The candidate should have analytics experience at least 5+ years in BFSI domain with sufficient exposure of Fraud Analytics - Must have a str...
              Hiring for Assistant Manager - Analytics - SAS Studio in Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region), Noida f (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:The technical skills required are basically SAS DI Studio and Base SAS. Detailed requirements below : - 3+ Years of Experience with data management and analysis using SAS - SAS DI Studio, SAS 9.1/9.2/9.3, SAS Enterprise Guide - Exposure to...
              Hiring for Senior Manager - Modelling - SAS - Analytics Firm in Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region), (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:1. Leader in the Analytics industry. 2. Known for their quality of work. 3. Employee friendly organisation. 4. Excellent in regards to future prospects. 5. Strong exposure in different domains like Banking, Healthcare, Retail. 6. Excellent...
              Hiring for Assistant Manager - Analytics - SAS Studio in Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region), Noida f (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:The technical skills required are basically SAS DI Studio and Base SAS. Detailed requirements below : - 3+ Years of Experience with data management and analysis using SAS - SAS DI Studio, SAS 9.1/9.2/9.3, SAS Enterprise Guide - Exposure to...
              Hiring for Vice President - Health Plan Analytics - IIM / MDI / ISB / FMS in Delhi/NCR(National Capi (Delhi Job)   
    Job Description:Vice President - Health Plan Analytics ( From Premier Institute) Primary Responsibilities: - Develop and execute Business Strategy to develop solutions and offering to drive revenue in healthcare analytics - Differentiate Analytics among e...
              Fresher Walk-In @ Botree Technologies : BSc/ MSc (Maths/ Statistics) : Ahmedabad : On 7 May 2016   
    Botree Technologies Pvt Ltd [] Walk-Ins For Fresher B.Sc / M.Sc (Maths/ Statistics) On 7th May 2016 @ Ahmedabad Job Description : Basic Programming in C or any other language, knowledge of Data base and Algorithm Designing with Analytical, Reasoning and problem solving skills Salary:INR 50,000 – 1,50,000 P.A Role: Trainee Qualification : B.Sc / ...
              Zymr Systems Hiring For Openings For Java Freshers @ Pune, Ahmedabad   
    Zymr Systems Pvt. Ltd. [] Openings For Java Freshers @ Pune, Ahmedabad Job Description : Looking for Java Freshers for Ahmedabad and Pune Education : B.Tech / B.E / M.Tech – Computers Good knowledge on Core Java. Good knowledge on OOPs concept. Good in analytical skills Must have good communication skills Candidates having good educational ...
              Vodafone India Hiring For Fresher : Associate at Ahmedabad   
    Vodafone India Services Pvt. Ltd [] Hiring For Associate – VOD00081X at Ahmedabad Job Description: Skills: Primary Skills: Excellent communicaiton skills,analytical skills and should be a team player,experience with chat environment. Role Purpose: Role purpose is to identify and hire and agent who would be able to cater to Vodafone Ireland consumer customers on chats.The ...
              Senior Network Engineer - S&P Global - Hightstown, NJ   
    We’re the world’s foremost provider of ratings, benchmarks and analytics in the global capital and commodity markets....
    From McGraw Hill Financial - Wed, 31 May 2017 10:36:41 GMT - View all Hightstown, NJ jobs
              Director, Security Engineer (Cloud) - S&P Global - Hightstown, NJ   
    We’re the world’s foremost provider of ratings, benchmarks and analytics in the global capital and commodity markets....
    From McGraw Hill Financial - Sat, 03 Jun 2017 10:31:40 GMT - View all Hightstown, NJ jobs
              Field Construction Manager - Tetra Tech - Henderson, NV   
    Strong analytical skills and excellent writing are fundamental to this position and are required. Field Construction Manager – Henderson, NV....
    From Tetra Tech - Fri, 16 Jun 2017 22:22:41 GMT - View all Henderson, NV jobs
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              SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGY MANAGER - Q.I. Leap Analytics - Canada   
    Work with graphic designers to cra &gt; excep@onal marke@ng materials. Marke,ng &amp; Sales Strategy Manager....
    From Q.I. Leap Analytics - Sat, 24 Jun 2017 10:25:07 GMT - View all Canada jobs
              Director, Consumer Knowledge - Sports Equipment   
    Responsible for building and deepening a holistic view of our consumers through data and analytics, and applying those insights to inform the development of incredible digital and physical services and experiences (Sports Marketing, Sales, Sports Marketing, Retail)
              A Recorded 1.4 Billion Smartphones Shipped In The Fiscal Year Of 2015   
    In the year 2015, a record of 1.4 billion smartphones were shipped — despite the fact that the market faced a slower growth — irrespective, this figure is up by 6% when compared with the fgure of Q4 in 2015. According to a report from Strategy Analytics, a worrying global economy and market like China being […]

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              Digital Media Reporting Analyst » - Women’s Marketing Inc. - Westport, CT   
    Google AdWords, Google Analytics, MS adCenter certification(s), DSP experience a plus. Women’s Marketing, Inc....
    From Women’s Marketing Inc. - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 10:41:23 GMT - View all Westport, CT jobs
              Software/Electrical Development Engineer - (Crete, IL) - Holland LP - Crete, IL   
    Background in data analytics and DSP. To apply sound engineering principles and develop technical solutions supporting the strategic growth of Holland’s railway...
    From Holland LP - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 01:30:04 GMT - View all Crete, IL jobs
              UEBA: Artificial Intelligence Just Got Intelligent   
    There is a real buzz in the industry around artificial intelligence, machine learning, automated network monitoring and user & entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) at the moment. Artificial intelligence (AI) is hardly a new concept, but part of the norm...
              Data Analyst - BazaarVoice - Austin, TX   
    Familiarity with web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, and IBM Coremetrics. Integration of internal Bazaarvoice data with client...
    From BazaarVoice - Fri, 19 May 2017 20:45:41 GMT - View all Austin, TX jobs
              Terminos Informaticos   
    1- ¿Qué es Software?
    Bajo esta definición, el concepto de software va más allá de los programas de cómputo en sus distintos estados: código fuente, binario o ejecutable; también su documentación, datos a procesar e información de usuario es parte del software: es decir, abarca todo lo intangible, todo lo “no físico” relacionado.
    El término «software» fue usado por primera vez en este sentido por John W. Tukey en 1957. En las ciencias de la computación y la ingeniería de software, el software es toda la información procesada por los sistemas informáticos: programas y datos. El concepto de leer diferentes secuencias de instrucciones desde la memoria de un dispositivo para controlar los cálculos fue introducido por Charles Babbage como parte de su máquina diferencial. La teoría que forma la base de la mayor parte del software moderno fue propuesta por vez primera por Alan Turing en su ensayo de 1936, “Los números computables”, con una aplicación al problema de decisión.
    2- Diferencias entre Programa y Software.
    Programa es una secuencia de instrucciones que se le da a una computadora para que haga determinadas cosas, hay programas que van desde lo más simple hasta los muy complejos, un programa que te pregunte tu nombre y te dé una respuesta ya se puede considerar como programa. Y software es aquello que es intangible, lo que no puedes tocar, es la parte lógica de un programa, entre el software están videos, imágenes, sonidos, textos, bases de datos, etc.
    3- Evolución del Programa.
    Los programas de computación nacen en 1950 junto con el diseño de las primeras computadoras y estaban escritos en lenguaje de máquina. Es decir, estaban formados por una sucesión de instrucciones, cada una de las cuales era un grupo de 1’s y 0’s. El usuario codificaba estos 1’s y 0’s directamente usando interruptores pare codificar cada instrucción. Posteriormente, fue creada la primera máquina que habría de funcionar con un programa almacenado en 1943. Esta máquina recibió el nombre de EDSAC y fue fabricada en la Universidad de Cambridge. Sus autores Wilker, Wheeler y Gill fueron también los primeros en elaborar un texto de programación. Los programas almacenados diferían de los anteriores en que la sucesión de instrucciones se codificaban en una cinta de papel mediante perforaciones. La cinta era leída por la computadora y de esta manera si el usuario deseaba ejecutar el programa una segunda vez, no tenia que codificarla nuevamente, sino que solo alimentaba la cinta.
    El codificar en lenguaje de maquina resultaba difícil para el usuario; así que se comenzaron a desarrollar programas en lenguaje de máquina que interpretaban instrucciones inteligibles pare la mayoría de los usuarios y que eran traducidos a lenguajes de máquina. A este tipo de programas se les denomino lenguajes de “alto nivel”, mismos que subsisten hasta la fecha.
    En 1951, surge la primera computadora disponible comercialmente a gran escala, la UNIVAC I, la cual estaba diseñada para ser fácilmente programada en su propio código. Era una maquina decimal alfanumérica con instrucciones mnemónicas fáciles de recordar y utilizar. La aparición de las computadoras en el ámbito comercial es crucial en la historia de los lenguajes, ya que entonces se vuelve importante la facilidad de programación y la posibilidad de transportar programas. A partir de aquí comienzan a surgir una serie de lenguajes de programación cada vez más lejanos al lenguaje de máquina y más cercanos al usuario.
    Por ejemplo, la UNIVAC I de 1951 tiene los lenguajes AT3 y B-0 que tuvieron gran influencia en el diseño de otros lenguajes de maquina más avanzados como son el FORTRAN y el COBOL respectivamente, ambos de difusión mundial.
    En la segunda mitad de la década de los 50’s y basados en las ideas de los lenguajes anteriores, surge con gran rapidez la primera generación de lenguajes de “alto nivel”, mismos que siguen vigentes veinticinco años después. Dichos lenguajes son:
    1. FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslating) resultado de un proyecto encabezado por John Backus y que llevo 25 años hombre esfuerzo. Se utiliza principalmente pare resolver problemas científicos y técnicos. En ocasiones, sin embargo, se emplea en aplicaciones comerciales.
    2. ALGOL (ALGOrithmic Language; lenguaje algorítmico) se desarrollo con el propósito de contaron un lenguaje común pare diversas computadoras. Este lenguaje se parece al FORTRAN y es de aplicación particular en los problemas matemáticos y numéricos, Este lenguaje es popular en las universidades, y en la actualidad es utilizado en los Estados Unidos pare fines pedagógicos y la comunicación de algoritmos.
    3. COBOL (COmmon Business Oriented Language) el propósito de este lenguaje es el de contar con un lenguaje que resultara común pare las diversas computadoras en el mercado para el procesamiento de información comercial. Es un lenguaje que se utiliza principalmente para la programación de problemas de proceso de datos comerciales, por su naturaleza descriptiva y su adaptabilidad pare resolver los problemas de proceso de ficheros que entraña el proceso de datos comerciales.

    4- Lenguaje Maquina.
    Los circuitos microprogramables son sistemas digitales, lo que significa que trabajan con dos únicos niveles de tensión. Dichos niveles, por abstracción, se simbolizan con el cero, 0, y el uno, 1, por eso el lenguaje de máquina sólo utiliza dichos signos. Esto permite el empleo de las teorías del álgebra booleana y del sistema binario en el diseño de este tipo de circuitos y en su programación.
    Una visión típica de la arquitectura de computadores como una serie de capas de abstracción: hardware, firmware, ensamblador, kernel, sistema operativo y aplicaciones
    Claude Elwood Shannon, en su Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits, y con sus experiencias en redes de conmutación, sentó las bases para la aplicación del álgebra de Boole a las redes de conmutación.
    Una red de conmutación es un circuito de interruptores eléctricos que al cumplir ciertas combinaciones booleanas con las variables de entrada, define el estado de la salida. Este concepto es el núcleo de las puertas lógicas, las cuales son, por su parte, los ladrillos con que se construyen sistemas lógicos cada vez más complejos.
    Shannon utilizaba el relé como dispositivo físico de conmutación en sus redes. El relé, a igual que una lámpara eléctrica, posee dos estados: 1 ó 0, esto es, está activado, encendida, o está desactivado, apagada.
    5- Lenguaje Ensamblador.
    El lenguaje ensamblador es un tipo de lenguaje de bajo nivel utilizado para escribir programas informáticos, y constituye la representación más directa del código máquina específico para cada arquitectura de computadoras legible por un programador.
    Fue usado ampliamente en el pasado para el desarrollo de software, pero actualmente sólo se utiliza en contadas ocasiones, especialmente cuando se requiere la manipulación directa del hardware o se pretenden rendimientos inusuales de los equipos.
    6- Lenguaje de Programación.
    Un lenguaje de programación es un lenguaje que puede ser utilizado para controlar el comportamiento de una máquina, particularmente una computadora. Consiste en un conjunto de símbolos y reglas sintácticas y semánticas que definen su estructura y el significado de sus elementos y expresiones.
    Aunque muchas veces se usa lenguaje de programación y lenguaje informático como si fuesen sinónimos, no tiene por qué ser así, ya que los lenguajes informáticos engloban a los lenguajes de programación y a otros más, como, por ejemplo, el HTML (lenguaje para el marcado de páginas web).
    Un lenguaje de programación permite a uno o más programadores especificar de manera precisa: sobre qué datos una computadora debe operar, cómo deben ser estos almacenados, transmitidos y qué acciones debe tomar bajo una variada gama de circunstancias. Todo esto, a través de un lenguaje que intenta estar relativamente próximo al lenguaje humano o natural, tal como sucede con el lenguaje Léxico. Una característica relevante de los lenguajes de programación es precisamente que más de un programador puedan tener un conjunto común de instrucciones que puedan ser comprendidas entre ellos para realizar la construcción del programa de forma colaborativa.

    7- Herramientas de Programación.
    Las herramientas de programación, son aquellas que permiten realizar aplicativos, programas, rutinas, utilitarios y sistemas para que la parte física del computador u ordenador, funcione y pueda producir resultados.
    Hoy día existen múltiples herramientas de programación en el mercado, tanto para analistas expertos como para analistas inexpertos.
    8- Lenguaje Orientado a Objetos.
    Se le llama así a cualquier lenguaje de programación que implemente los conceptos definidos por la programación orientada a objetos.
    Cabe notar que los conceptos definidos en la programación orientada a objetos no son una condición sino que son para definir que un lenguaje es orientado a objetos. Existen conceptos que pueden estar ausentes en un lenguaje dado y sin embargo, no invalidar su definición como lenguaje orientado a objetos.
    Quizás las condiciones mínimas necesarias las provee el formalismo que modeliza mejor las propiedades de un sistema orientado a objetos: los tipos de datos abstractos.
    9- Encapsulación.
    En programación modular, y más específicamente en programación orientada a objetos, se denomina encapsulamiento al ocultamiento del estado, es decir, de los datos miembro, de un objeto de manera que sólo se puede cambiar mediante las operaciones definidas para ese objeto.
    Cada objeto está aislado del exterior, es un módulo natural, y la aplicación entera se reduce a un agregado o rompecabezas de objetos. El aislamiento protege a los datos asociados a un objeto contra su modificación por quien no tenga derecho a acceder a ellos, eliminando efectos secundarios e interacciones.
    De esta forma el usuario de la clase puede obviar la implementación de los métodos y propiedades para concentrarse sólo en cómo usarlos. Por otro lado se evita que el usuario pueda cambiar su estado de maneras imprevistas e incontroladas.

    10- Análisis y Diseño Orientado a Objetos.
    Análisis y diseño orientado a objetos (ADOO) es un enfoque de la ingeniería de software que modela un sistema como un grupo de objetos que interactúan entre sí. Este enfoque representa un dominio en términos de conceptos compuestos por verbos y sustantivos, clasificados de acuerdo a su dependencia funcional.
    En éste método de análisis y diseño se crea un conjunto de modelos utilizando una notación acordada como, por ejemplo, el lenguaje únificado de modelado (UML). ADOO aplica técnicas de modelado de objetos para analizar los requerimientos para un contexto - por ejemplo, un sistema de negocio, un conjunto de módulos de software - y para diseñar una solución para mejorar los procesos involucrados. No está restringido al diseño de programas de computadora, sino que cubre sistemas enteros de distinto tipo. Las metodologías de análisis y diseño más modernas son casos de uso guiados a través de requerimientos, diseño, implementación, pruebas, y despliegue.
    El lenguaje unificado de modelado se ha vuelto el lenguaje de modelado estándar usado en análisis y diseño orientado a objetos.
    11- Interfaz del Usuario.
    La interfaz de usuario es la forma en que los usuarios pueden comunicarse con una computadora, y comprende todos los puntos de contacto entre el usuario y el equipo. Sus principales funciones son:
    Manipulación de archivos y directorios
    Herramientas de desarrollo de aplicaciones
    Comunicación con otros sistemas
    Información de estado
    Configuración de la propia interfaz y entorno
    Intercambio de datos entre aplicaciones
    Control de acceso
    Sistema de ayuda interactivo.
    12- Lenguaje Poliformico.
    El polimorfismo es la presencia de dos o más variantes heredables para una misma característica que coexisten dentro de una población. Esta característica puede ser apreciable tanto a nivel morfológico, como el número de cerdas en Drosophila melanogaster (mosca común de la fruta), como a nivel molecular, tal es el caso de las alozimas.
    13- Polimorfismo.
    Polimorfismo es la presencia de dos o más variantes heredables para una misma característica que coexisten dentro de una población. Esta característica puede ser apreciable tanto a nivel morfológico, como el número de cerdas en Drosophila melanogaster (mosca común de la fruta), como a nivel molecular, tal es el caso de las alozimas.
    14- Gestión de Proyectos Orientados a Objetos.
    Las técnicas modernas de gestión de proyectos de software se pueden dividir e as siguientes actividades:
    • Establecimiento de un marco de proceso común para el proyecto.
    • Uso del marco y de métricas históricas.
    • Especificación de productos de trabajo y avances.
    • Definición de puntos de comprobación.
    • Gestión de los cambios que ocurren invariablemente.
    • Seguimiento.
    Para aplicar estas actividades hay que tomar en cuenta que todas hay que enfocarlas usando un modelo propio.
    Marco de proceso común para OO. (Orientado a objeto)
    Este tópico define un enfoque organizativo para el desarrollo y mantenimiento del software. Identifica el paradigma de Ing. De software aplicado para construir y mantener software. Tiene la cualidad de ser adaptable, de forma que cumpla con las necesidades individuales del equipo de proyecto.
    Para el desarrollo de proyectos de esta naturaleza no se pueden aplicar modelos lineales (ciclo de vida), sino que es necesario aplicar un modelo que contemple un desarrollo iterativo. Iterativo significa que el software evolucione a través de un número de ciclos. El software OO debe ser evolutivo por naturaleza. Existen autores que sugieren un modelo recursivo/paralelo para el desarrollo orientado a objeto.
    15- Productividad de Programación.
    La productividad de programación se refiera al rendimiento de un programador en un proyecto de programación, este tipo de productividad se mide por las horas que el programador aplica a la programación del proyecto, comparado por la evolución del programa en sí.
    16- Tiempo de Programación.
    El tiempo de desarrollo del proyecto es indefinido, puede mantenerse durante el período que se considere necesario, la ventaja que tiene es que se pueden involucrar distintas comunidades donantes y receptoras, el objetivo inicial sería lograr la capacitación de los mediadores en los aspectos técnicos necesarios para llegar a una instalación de computadores con software Libre.
    17- Cantidad de Código.
    Es la medición del tamaño en líneas de código, generalmente se utiliza en programación lineal y en lenguajes de programación antiguos.
    18- Protocolo.
    Protocolo de red o también Protocolo de Comunicación es el conjunto de reglas que especifican el intercambio de datos u órdenes durante la comunicación entre las entidades que forman parte de una red.

    19- ¿Quién es George Boole?
    George Boole, (2 de noviembre de 1815 - 8 de diciembre de 1864) fue un matemático y filósofo irlandés.
    Como inventor del álgebra de Boole, la base de la aritmética computacional moderna, Boole es considerado como uno de los fundadores del campo de las Ciencias de la Computación. En 1854 publicó “An Investigation of the Laws of Thought” en él desarrollaba un sistema de reglas que le permitía expresar, manipular y simplificar, problemas lógicos y filosóficos cuyos argumentos admiten dos estados (verdadero o falso) por procedimientos matemáticos.
    20- ¿Quién es Norbert Wiener?
    Norbert Wiener (26 de noviembre de 1894, Columbia, Missouri - 18 de marzo de 1964, Estocolmo, Suecia) fue un matemático estadounidense, conocido como el fundador de la cibernética. Acuñó el término en su libro Cibernética o el control y comunicación en animales y máquinas, publicado en 1948.
    Su padre, Leo Wiener, fue profesor en lenguas eslavas en la Universidad de Harvard. Norbert se educó en casa hasta los siete años, edad a la que empezó a asistir al colegio, pero durante poco tiempo. Siguió con sus estudios en casa hasta que volvió al colegio en 1903, graduándose en el instituto de Ayer en 1906.
    En septiembre de 1906, a la edad de once años, ingresó en la Universidad Tufts para estudiar matemáticas. Se licenció en 1909 y entró en Harvard. En Harvard estudió zoología, pero en 1910 se trasladó a la Universidad de Cornell para empezar estudios superiores en filosofía. Volvió a Harvard al año siguiente para continuar sus estudios de filosofía. Wiener obtuvo el doctorado por Harvard en 1912 con una tesis que versaba sobre lógica matemática.
    21- API
    Una API (del inglés Application Programming Interface - Interfaz de Programación de Aplicaciones) es el conjunto de funciones y procedimientos (o métodos si se refiere a programación orientada a objetos) que ofrece cierta biblioteca para ser utilizado por otro software como una capa de abstracción.
    22- Aristóteles
    Aristóteles (en griego clásico Ἀριστοτέλης Aristotélēs; Estagira, Macedonia 384 a. C. – Calcis Eubea, Grecia 322 a. C.) es uno de los más grandes filósofos de la antigüedad y acaso de la historia de la filosofía occidental. Fue precursor de la anatomía y la biología y un creador de la taxonomía.

    23- Lógica
    La Lógica es un término que deriva del griego “Λογικός” (logikê-logikós), que a su vez es “λόγος” (logos), que significa razón.1
    Se considera que Aristóteles fue el que fundó la Lógica como Propedéutica, herramienta básica para todas las Ciencias.2
    La Lógica es una ciencia formal. Esto quiere decir que no tiene contenido, porque estudia las formas válidas de inferencia.3
    La lógica tradicional se basaba en el silogismo como razonamiento basado en el juicio categórico aristotélico. Hoy día la lógica utiliza como unidad básica la proposición y las reglas de inferencia en la argumentación discursiva.4
    24- Lógica de Aristóteles.
    Como su nombre lo indica, el padre de la lógica aristotélica es el filosofo griego Aristóteles; primer pensador en formalizar el sistema lógico de tan acertada manera que sus propuestas han trascendido hasta nuestros días. Aristóteles planteó sus ideas en varias obras, para difundir su conocimiento sobre las leyes del razonamiento, argumentando que estas eran vitales para adentrarse en el mundo de la filosofía.
    La lógica aristotélica supone que la mente reproduce sólo la realidad, la existencia de las cosas tal y como son, por ello es una ciencia objetiva que se dedica a estudiar conceptos, desglosándolos en predicables y predicamentos. La lógica analiza juicios y formas de razonamiento y su manera de expresar resultados es el silogismo o razonamiento deductivo categórico. Concepto: Este representa un objeto en la mente del hombre de manera que no pueda ser afectado por los sentidos, la memoria o la mente. Un concepto tiene comprensión (características del objeto) y extensión (hace alusión la cantidad de sujetos a los que el concepto puede aplicarse). Cucharón (siglo III d.c.), en los que se clasifican los conceptos estableciendo entre ellos una relación de jerarquía y subordinación, de mayor a menor extensión.
    La que es conocida como lógica clásica (o tradicional) fue enunciada primeramente por Aristóteles, quien elaboró leyes para un correcto razonamiento silogístico. Un silogismo es una proposición hecha de una de estas cuatro afirmaciones posibles: “Todo A es B” (universal afirmativo), “Nada de A es B” (universal negativo), “Algo de A es B” (particular afirmativo) o “Algo de A no es B” (particular negativo). Las letras sustituyen a palabras comunes como “perro”, “animal de cuatro patas” o ‘cosa viviente’, llamadas “términos” del silogismo. Un silogismo bien formulado consta de dos premisas y una conclusión, debiendo tener cada premisa un término en común con la conclusión y un segundo término relacionado con la otra premisa. En lógica clásica se formulan reglas por las que todos los silogismos bien construidos se identifican como formas válidas o no válidas de argumentación.
    25- Lógica Difusa
    La lógica borrosa o difusa se basa en lo relativo de lo observado. Este tipo de lógica toma dos valores aleatorios, pero contextualizados y referidos entre sí. Así, por ejemplo, una persona que mida 2 metros es claramente una persona alta, si previamente se ha tomado el valor de persona baja y se ha establecido en 1 metro. Ambos valores están contextualizados a personas y referidos a una medida métrica lineal.
    26- OLAP
    OLAP es el acrónimo en inglés de procesamiento analítico en línea (On-Line Analytical Processing). Es una solución utilizada en el campo de la llamada Inteligencia empresarial (o Business Intelligence) cuyo objetivo es agilizar la consulta de grandes cantidades de datos. Para ello utiliza estructuras multidimensionales (o Cubos OLAP) que contienen datos resumidos de grandes Bases de Datos o Sistemas Transaccionales (OLTP). Se usa en informes de negocios de ventas, marketing, informes de dirección, minería de datos y áreas similares.
    La razón de usar OLAP para las consultas es la velocidad de respuesta. Una base de datos relacional almacena entidades en tablas discretas si han sido normalizadas. Esta estructura es buena en un sistema OLTP pero para las complejas consultas multitabla es relativamente lenta. Un modelo mejor para búsquedas, aunque peor desde el punto de vista operativo, es una base de datos multidimensional.
    La principal característica que potencia a OLAP, es que es lo más rápido a la hora de ejecutar sentencias SQL de tipo SELECT, en contraposición con OLTP que es la mejor opción para operaciones de tipo INSERT, UPDATE Y DELETE.
    27- Trivial
    En matemática, el término trivial se usa frecuentemente para los objetos (por ejemplo, cuerpos o espacios topológicos) que tienen una estructura muy simple. Para los no matemáticos, son a veces más difíciles de visualizar o entender que otros objetos más complicados.
    Algunos ejemplos incluyen:
    conjunto vacío - el conjunto que no contiene elementos
    grupo trivial - el grupo matemático que contiene solo el elemento identidad
    También, trivial se refiere a soluciones (a una ecuación) que tienen una estructura muy simple, pero que por completitud no pueden ser ignoradas. Estas soluciones se denominan soluciones triviales. Por ejemplo, considérese la ecuación diferencial.

    28- Digital
    Se dice que una señal es digital cuando las magnitudes de la misma se representan a través de valores discretos en lugar de variables continuas. Por ejemplo, el interruptor de la luz sólo puede tomar dos valores o estados: abierto o cerrado, o la misma lámpara: encendida o apagada (véase circuito de conmutación).
    Los sistemas digitales, como por ejemplo el ordenador, usan lógica de dos estados representados por dos niveles de tensión eléctrica, uno alto, H y otro bajo, L (de High y Low, respectivamente, en inglés). Por abstracción, dichos estados se sustituyen por ceros y unos, lo que facilita la aplicación de la lógica y la aritmética binaria. Si el nivel alto se representa por 1 y el bajo por 0, se habla de lógica positiva y en caso contrario de lógica negativa.
    Cabe mencionar que además de los niveles, en una señal digital están las transiciones de alto a bajo o de bajo a alto, denominadas flanco de subida o de bajada, respectivamente. En la siguiente figura se muestra una señal digital donde se identifican los niveles y los flancos.

    Señal digital: 1) Nivel bajo, 2) Nivel alto, 3) Flanco de subida y 4) Flanco de bajada.
    Es conveniente aclarar que, a pesar de que en los ejemplos señalados el término digital se ha relacionado siempre con dispositivos binarios, no significa que digital y binario sean términos intercambiables. Por ejemplo, si nos fijamos en el código Morse, veremos que en él se utilizan, para el envío de mensajes por telégrafo eléctrico, cinco estados digitales que son:
    punto, raya, espacio corto (entre letras), espacio medio (entre palabras) y espacio largo (entre frases)
    Referido a un aparato o instrumento de medida, decimos que es digital cuando el resultado de la medida se representa en un visualizador mediante números (dígitos) en lugar de hacerlo mediante la posición de una aguja, o cualquier otro indicador, en una escala
    29- Análogo
    Se refiere a las magnitudes o valores que varían con el tiempo en forma continua (distancia, temperatura, velocidad, voltaje, frecuencia, amplitud, etc.) y pueden representarse en forma de ondas.
    Las computadoras emplean lo digital y, por lo tanto, si entra información analógica, se debe convertir; este es el caso de la conexión a Internet por Dial up, donde un módem convierte la señal analógica (el sonido) en digital.
    30- Neurona.
    La neurona es uno de los tipos de las células nerviosas que se encuentran por todo el cuerpo; son el elemento fundamental de la estructura del sistema nervioso. Son células excitables especializadas en la recepción de estímulos y conducción del impulso nervioso. Una neurona está formada por un cuerpo celular y diferentes prolongaciones. Está encargada principalmente de trasmitir el flujo nervioso. Un cerebro humano contiene aproximadamente 100.000 millones1 de neuronas (1011). Las neuronas se hallan en el encéfalo, la médula espinal y los ganglios nerviosos; forman una red de contacto en todo el cuerpo. Se unen entre ellas a través de una unión discontinua llamada sinapsis. Si dicha sinapsis ocurre por contacto físico se trata de una sinapsis eléctrica, y si es a través de una hendidura, se le llama sinapsis química.
    31- Claude Elwood Slawnon
    Claude Elwood Shannon (30 de abril de 1916, Michigan - 24 de febrero de 2001), ingeniero eléctrico y matemático, recordado como “el padre de la teoría de la información”.
    32- Algebra Booleana.
    Álgebra de Boole (también llamada Retículas booleanas) en informática y matemática, son estructuras algebraicas que rigorizan las operaciones lógicas Y, O y NO, así como el conjunto de operaciones unión, intersección y complemento.
    Se denomina así en honor a George Boole, matemático inglés que fue el primero en definirla como parte de un sistema lógico a mediados del siglo XIX. Específicamente, el álgebra de Boole fue un intento de utilizar las técnicas algebraicas para tratar expresiones de la lógica proposicional. En la actualidad, el álgebra de Boole se aplica de forma generalizada en el ámbito del diseño electrónico. Claude Shannon fue el primero en aplicarla en el diseño de circuitos de conmutación eléctrica biestables, en 1938.
    33- Lenguaje de Alto Nivel
    Los lenguajes de programación de alto nivel se caracterizan por expresar los algoritmos de una manera adecuada a la capacidad cognitiva humana, en lugar de a la capacidad ejecutora de las máquinas. En los primeros lenguajes de alto nivel la limitación era que se orientaban a un área específica y sus instrucciones requerían de una sintaxis predefinida. Se clasifican como lenguajes procedimentales. Otra limitación de los lenguajes de alto nivel es que se requiere de ciertos conocimientos de programación para realizar las secuencias de instrucciones lógicas. Los lenguajes de muy alto nivel se crearon para que el usuario común pudiese solucionar tal problema de procesamiento de datos de una manera más fácil y rápida.
    La programación en un lenguaje de bajo nivel como el lenguaje de la máquina o el lenguaje simbólico tiene ciertas ventajas:
    Mayor adaptación al equipo.
    Posibilidad de obtener la máxima velocidad con mínimo uso de memoria.
    Pero también tiene importantes inconvenientes:
    Imposibilidad de escribir código independiente de la máquina.
    Mayor dificultad en la programación y en la comprensión de los programas.
    Por esta razón, a finales de los años 1950 surgió un nuevo tipo de lenguajes de programación que evitaba estos inconvenientes, a costa de ceder un poco en las ventajas. Estos lenguajes se llaman “de tercera generación” o “de alto nivel”, en contraposición a los “de bajo nivel” o “de nivel próximo a la máquina”.
    34- Lenguaje de Bajo Nivel.
    Un lenguaje de programación de bajo nivel es el que proporciona poca o ninguna abstracción del microprocesador de un ordenador. Consecuentemente es fácilmente trasladado a lenguaje de máquina.
    La palabra “bajo” no implica que el lenguaje sea inferior a un lenguaje de alto nivel; se refiere a la reducida abstracción entre el lenguaje y el hardware.
    35- Ciencia Real
    Una prueba segura de cualquier afirmación verdaderamente científica es su capacidad de predecir el futuro: de decir qué sucederá bajo circunstancias dadas. Cuando se la somete a medidas válidas y objetivas de predicción, la pseudociencia no obtiene mejores resultados que la mera adivinación, en contraste con la ciencia real. Piense en la historia tal como la predijo la astrología, comparada con la gravedad y la certeza experimental y verificable de la ley del cuadrado inverso.
    36- Ciencia Fisión
    La ciencia ficción (también fue conocida en su origen como literatura de anticipación) es la denominación popular con que se conoce a uno de los géneros derivados de la literatura de ficción (junto con la literatura fantástica y la narrativa de terror). Nacida como subgénero literario distinguido en la década de 1920 (aunque hay obras reconocibles muy anteriores) y exportada posteriormente a otros medios, el más notable de ellos el cinematográfico, gozó de un gran auge en la segunda mitad del siglo XX debido al interés popular acerca del futuro que despertó el espectacular avance tanto científico como tecnológico alcanzado durante esos años.
    Entre los estudiosos del género no se ha podido llegar a un consenso amplio sobre una definición formal, siendo éste un tema de gran controversia. En general se considera ciencia ficción a los cuentos o historias que versan sobre el impacto que producen los avances científicos, tecnológicos, sociales o culturales, presentes o futuros, sobre la sociedad o los individuos.
    37- Inteligencia Artificial
    Se denomina inteligencia artificial a la rama de la informática que desarrolla procesos que imitan a la inteligencia de los seres vivos. La principal aplicación de esta ciencia es la creación de máquinas para la automatización de tareas que requieran un comportamiento inteligente.
    Algunos ejemplos se encuentran en el área de control de sistemas, planificación automática, la habilidad de responder a diagnósticos y a consultas de los consumidores, reconocimiento de escritura, reconocimiento del habla y reconocimiento de patrones. Los sistemas de IA actualmente son parte de la rutina en campos como economía, medicina, ingeniería y la milicia, y se ha usado en gran variedad de aplicaciones de software, juegos de estrategia como ajedrez de computador y otros videojuegos.
    El matemático sudafricano, Seymour Papert, es considerado pionero en esta ciencia
    38- Programas Tradicionales
    Los programas tradicionales se denominan a todas aquellas aplicaciones que los usuarios normales utilizan, tales como paquete para oficinas, email, en general todo lo que se denomina programas de utilería.
    39- Generación de los Programas.
    Los equipos (el hardware) han pasado por cuatro generaciones, de las que las tres primeras (ordenadores con válvulas, transistores y circuitos integrados) están muy claras, la cuarta (circuitos integrados a gran escala) es más discutible.
    Algo parecido ha ocurrido con la programación de los ordenadores (el software), que se realiza en lenguajes que suelen clasificarse en cinco generaciones, de las que las tres primeras son evidentes, mientras no todo el mundo está de acuerdo en las otras dos. Estas generaciones no coincidieron exactamente en el tiempo con las de hardware, pero sí de forma aproximada, y son las siguientes:
    Primera generación Los primeros ordenadores se programaban directamente en código binario, que puede representarse mediante secuencias de ceros y unos sistema binario. Cada modelo de ordenador tiene su propio código, por esa razón se llama lenguaje de máquina.

    Segunda generación Los lenguajes simbólicos, asimismo propios de la máquina, simplifican la escritura de las instrucciones y las hacen más legibles.

    Tercera generación Los lenguajes de alto nivel sustituyen las instrucciones simbólicas por códigos independientes de la máquina, parecidas al lenguaje humano o al de las Matemáticas.

    Cuarta generación Se ha dado este nombre a ciertas herramientas que permiten construir aplicaciones sencillas combinando piezas prefabricadas. Hoy se piensa que estas herramientas no son, propiamente hablando, lenguajes. Algunos proponen reservar el nombre de cuarta generación para la programación orientada a objetos.
    Quinta generación Se llama así a veces a los lenguajes de la inteligencia artificial, aunque con el fracaso del proyecto japonés de la quinta generación el nombre ha caído en desuso.
    40- Que es Case.
    Las herramientas CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering, Ingeniería de Software Asistida por Ordenador) son diversas aplicaciones informáticas destinadas a aumentar la productividad en el desarrollo de software reduciendo el coste de las mismas en términos de tiempo y de dinero. Estas herramientas nos pueden ayudar en todos los aspectos del ciclo de vida de desarrollo del software en tareas como el proceso de realizar un diseño del proyecto, calculo de costes, implementación de parte del código automáticamente con el diseño dado, compilación automática, documentación o detección de errores entre otras.
    41- Programas Compactadores.
    Son programas que permiten comprimir o compactar un archivo y/o descomprimirlo o descompactarlo . El objeto de estos programas es reducir el tamaño de los archivos que se transmiten o se transportan en disquetes, al reducir su tamaño se reduce también el tiempo de conexión. Este software se basa en el algoritmo de compresión ZIP, que ya se usaba antes del windows con programas como PKZIP y PKUNZIP.

    Muchos archivos en la Web están Compactados. Y es Fundamental para el acarreo de grandes volúmenes de información que pueden viajar “zipeados” en lugar de ocupar demasiado tamaño en su formato original. Entre las ventajas que posee esta la de ser posible su uso como herramienta para ejecutar y realizar BACKUPS de archivos y productos, la opción de utilizar claves de seguridad para que solo quienes estén autorizados puedan descompactar y acceder a los datos comprimidos.
    42- Lenguaje SQL
    El Lenguaje de consulta estructurado (SQL [/esekuele/ en español, /ɛskjuːˈɛl / en inglés] Structured Query Language ) es un lenguaje declarativo de acceso a bases de datos relacionales que permite especificar diversos tipos de operaciones sobre las mismas. Una de sus características es el manejo del álgebra y el cálculo relacional permitiendo lanzar consultas con el fin de recuperar -de una forma sencilla- información de interés de una base de datos, así como también hacer cambios sobre la misma. Es un lenguaje de cuarta generación (4GL).

    Como principio, el Diccionario de la Real Academia de la Lengua Española define interfaz como una palabra derivada del término inglés “interface”(superficie de contacto) y la define de la siguiente manera: 1. f. Inform. Conexión física y funcional entre dos aparatos o sistemas independientes.
    Por confusión con el término anglosajón “interfazear”, “interfasear”, “interfacear” suele utilizarse en muchos manuales de motherboard, pero no debe tomarse esto como correcto ya que existe una palabra muy simple de referencia de este artículo.
    43- ABI
    En los programas informáticos, un interfaz de aplicación binaria (ABI) describe el bajo nivel de interfaz entre un programa de aplicación y el sistema operativo, o la interfaz entre una aplicación y sus bibliotecas, o que entre los componentes de una aplicación. Un ABI es similar a una interfaz de programación de aplicaciones (API), sin embargo, este último define una interfaz de código fuente. [1] En pocas palabras, abis permitir la compatibilidad binaria, mientras que las API de permitir la compatibilidad de código fuente.
    44- Loger Susana Catherine

    45- OLP
    OLP (Open License Program) lo cual es un programa de licenciamiento por volumen en el cual una empresa puede adquirir sus licencias con un solo contrato, entre estos programas esta el Open Business y Open Value.
    46- OLTP
    OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) es un tipo de procesamiento de transacciones a través de una red de computadoras. Algunos tipos de aplicaciones OLTP pueden ser banca electrónica, procesamiento de pedidos o comercio electrónico. Es un programa que facilita y administra aplicaciones transaccionales, usualmente para data entry y transacciones en empresas, incluyendo bancos, aerolíneas, etc.
    47- Data Ware House
    Es un repositorio de datos de muy fácil acceso, alimentado de numerosas fuentes, transformadas en grupos de información sobre temas específicos de negocios, para permitir nuevas consultas, análisis, reportador y decisiones.
    48- Data Monts
    Los Data Marts son las bases de datos locales o departamentales basadas en subconjuntos de la información contenida en el Data Warehouse central o maestro.
    49- Lisp
    Lisp es el segundo lenguaje de programación, después de Fortran, de alto nivel. Lisp es de tipo declarativo y fue creado en 1958 por John McCarthy y sus colaboradores en el MIT.
              Analytical Chemist - Cambrex Corporation - Charles City, IA   
    Cambrex Charles City, Inc. Thank you for your interest in Cambrex Charles City! Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter with salary...
    From Cambrex Corporation - Fri, 28 Apr 2017 05:54:00 GMT - View all Charles City, IA jobs
              Grave violazione della privacy   

    Negli Usa pubblicati per errore online dati personali di 200 milioni di americani

    Washington - La Deep root analytics - questo il nome della società di marketing Americana ingaggiata dai repubblicani - che ha causato la  diffusione accidentale on line dei dati personali e delle opinioni politiche di quasi 200 milioni di cittadini usa (il 62% dell'intera popolazione americana), causando di fatto una delle più gravi violazioni delle privacy mai avvenute. "Non crediamo di essere stati hackerati", commenta il fondatore della compagnia.

    Tutte informazioni che sono state raccolte da diverse fonti: dai social network come Reddit, ai comitati di raccolta fondi per il partito repubblicano. Stiamo parlando oltre ai dati personali: data di nascita, indirizzo, numero di telefono, anche di appartenenza religiosa, pregiudizi etnici e politici, e prese di posizione su argomenti controversi come la legge sul controllo delle armi, l'aborto e le cellule staminali. Tutte informazioni raccolte da varie fonti, dai social network ai comitati di raccolta fondi per il partito repubblicano.

    La scoperta ed una copia dei dati è stata fatta la scorsa settimana da Christ Vickery, un analista di rischi cibernetici, ed è ancora disponibile a chiunque abbia accesso al server di Amazon cloud. "Ci prendiamo la piena responabilità della situazione. In base alle nostre informazioni, non crediamo di essere stati hackerati", ha commentato Alex Lundry, fondatore della società di marketing, assicurando che sono state prese tutte le misure per prevenire ulteriori accessi.

    I nomi dei files e gli elenchi indicano che i dati dovevano essere usati da influenti organizzazioni politiche repubblicane: l'idea era di creare un profilo per ogni elettore. Secondo la Bbc questa è finora la più grande violazione di dati elettorali in Usa.

              May 2017 FFL Analytics for BATFE FFL Licensees   
              Vice President, Risk Based Analytics - Protective Life Corporation - Birmingham, AL   
    Lead the mining and analysis of underwriting and experience data to find associations and define predictive qualities of certain data elements....
    From Protective Life Corporation - Thu, 06 Apr 2017 23:43:28 GMT - View all Birmingham, AL jobs
              Vice President, Risk Based Analytics - Protective Life Corporation - Birmingham, AL   
    The Risk Based Analytics team of the Product Development division of Protective Life Corporation has an opening for the VP of Risk Based Analytics in our...
    From Protective Life Corporation - Thu, 06 Apr 2017 23:43:28 GMT - View all Birmingham, AL jobs
              ClickFunnel Builder with Graphic Design and Marketing Experience - Upwork   
    Project-Based Ongoing Funnel-Builder Position – starting salary: $4/hour with potential for long-term employment for the right individual

    We are looking for an enthusiastic and creative individual to help us quickly and effectively set up our ClickFunnel account and create funnels to sell our health supplement products. Experience in ClickFunnels ( is a MUST for this position. If you have experience in the health supplement niche it would be a great BONUS!

    You will be given a template of the funnel to follow and you will be provided the marketing copy - you will not need to write sales copy yourself.

    - You will be given the marketing copy, templates, and some images that will need to be modified or recreated - from this you will create the complete marketing funnel in the ClickFunnels software.
    - You will be given the email copy for the autoresponders - you will be required to set up the native clickfunnels autoresponder and connect it appropriately to the marketing funnel, including: upsells, downsells, cross-sells, and abandoned cart sequences
    - Connect all necessary tools like Facebook pixel and Google Analytics for Ecommerce

    Required Skills:
    - Graphic Design to enhance, create, or modify images
    - Creativity
    - ClickFunnel Software EXPERTISE
    - Fluent English
    - Attention to Detail

    Posted On: July 01, 2017 23:10 UTC
    ID: 210629993
    Category: Admin Support > Personal / Virtual Assistant
    Skills: ClickFunnels
    Country: Canada
    click to apply
              Director, Finance & Business Planning - ONTARIO HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION - Toronto, ON   
    Our focus is to support our members and partners in many ways, particularly in the areas of advocacy, learning &amp; engagement, data &amp; analytics, and collective... $110,626 - $130,000 a year
    From ONTARIO HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 14:52:04 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
              Financial Analyst III - ASSURANT - Atlanta, GA   
    Join a team that is maintaining Assurant's growth momentum by applying your analytical and problem-solving skills! Take charge of a demanding role! You will:
    From Assurant - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 13:22:17 GMT - View all Atlanta, GA jobs
              Implementation Leader – Software and Analytics - General Electric - Jebel Ali   
    This position is responsible for implementing various new and existing NPI programs, in support of commercial product development, ranging from delivering...
    From GE Careers - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 10:24:11 GMT - View all Jebel Ali jobs
              Senior Analyst, Predictive Modeling & Data Science - BMO Financial Group - Toronto, ON   
    Ch. The Advanced Analytics &amp; Journey Science group partners with internal Personal and Commercial Banking Canada partners, and various lines of business across...
    From BMO Financial Group - Sat, 24 Jun 2017 00:46:45 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
              Clerical Assistant - Life Story - Eagle Mountain, UT   
    3-5 years of experience in an administrative capacity for an IT Project Management group is required.Solid Infrastructure, Analytical, verbal and written... $8 an hour
    From Life Story - Fri, 10 Mar 2017 02:51:34 GMT - View all Eagle Mountain, UT jobs
              The Atheism and Wicca Series So Far   
    by Eric Steinhart Some folks have jumped into this series just recently, and others have had some trouble following due to the server problems in the last two days.  The point of this series is to critically examine Wicca (and other neo-paganisms) through the lens of atheistic analytic philosophy of religion. So here’s the list [Read More...]
              Enterprise Performance Management Manager - Verizon - Basking Ridge, NJ   
    Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, HBase, Machine Learning, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Oracle Big Data Discovery....
    From Verizon - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 10:58:49 GMT - View all Basking Ridge, NJ jobs
              Data & Analytics Consultant - Erie Insurance - Pennsylvania   
    Analyzes the financial implications of business decisions and identifies approaches to resolve business problems....
    From Erie Insurance - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 12:17:50 GMT - View all Pennsylvania jobs
              Ramp-Ups Specialist (zachodniopomorskie)   
    LM Wind Power Blades (Poland) Sp. z o.o. - Opublikowano: 01 lip 2017
    LM Wind Power is the world's leading supplier of blades and service to the wind industry, and the only supplier that operates on a global basis. The wind turbine industry is becoming increasingly complex, with radical progress made over the last few decades, providing great opportunities for professional development and a work environment that promotes initiative and creativity. If working in a company which creates state-of-the-art technology and processes attracts you, LM Wind Power has a career for you Ramp-Ups Specialist As our new ramp-ups specialist, you will become part of a dynamic department, working closely with internal stakeholders, such as production managers, engineering managers and industrialisation engineers. You can be based in any LM factory in China, and will report to the Manager, Global Ramp-Ups. Your key responsibilities As our new Ramp-Ups Specialist you will be part of a global team. You will work with factories to provide on-site support for production ramp-ups. This will involve coordinating support from other departments as well as being on-site yourself. You will become one of the company"s leading practical experts in what happens in factories, helping solve a variety of problems from production supervision to technical skills to hands-on production to maintenance to logistics. This position will have a broad impact on ramp-up speed, which in turn is strategically critical for the company A varied background Our ideal candidate has A high level of experience within wind industry, particularly when it comes to production processes and implementing changes A demonstrated ability to work with a variety of different cultures and job levels effectively Production Supervisor experience is strongly preferred Extensive experience leading blade ramp-ups in a factory Willingness to travel which, during peak times, may be 60% English is our corporate language, and we expect that you have a high level both in written and spoken English. As a person, we expect that you are a consummate team player, outgoing and proactive. You set high quality demands on your own work. You are analytical and a good problem-solver, who is comfortable handling internal and external customers. We especially expect extremely high standards of calm professionalism in the midst of high-pressure situations. Exciting career prospects We offer a challenging, international position in an organization of professional and highly qualified leaders and colleagues, where you will have ample opportunity of gaining influence. For the right applicant, the job offers possibilities of career progression and personal development....
              Baseball’s Analytics Society Sees a Problem: Avg. Age, Members   
    Think Comic-Con, only with gray hair and a slightly stooped posture.
              Henry Mintzberg on MBAs   
    From Robbie's MIT Musings

    # Can't create a manager in a classroom
    # MBA programs don't create managers
    # Management is the intersection of craft, art and science
    # Don't close MBA schools, just recognize them for what they are. They are teaching analytical skills to future analysts.
    # If you want to be a manager, get in an industry and be promoted to a manager. Then join a educational program that lets you enhance those skills
    # MBA programs should be part-time so they don't cut students off from their experience
    # Should earn managerial stripes, not get it because you have an MBA
    # You are being trained well on business functions, but NOT on being a leader of tomorrow
    # Cases are not a way to learn management (several digs at Harvard's style of teaching)
    # Students should build the learning around their experience
    # Management isn't like engineering or medicine – there is no such thing as a natural surgeon, but there are natural leaders, i.e., some leaders have never taken a single leadership course
    # The problem with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you are still a rat
    # MBA is so hyped up
    # Only 5 of 19 Harvard superstars from 1990 were still "successful" in 2003
    # He has a pretty dire perception and outlook on American business
    # After Enron, schools added a course on ethics next to the 12 on shareholder value
    # Shareholder value is not a value
    # Softkills are blended in all courses, you don't need specific classes on it
    # The biggest problem in leadership today is selection
    # We almost never consult the people who have been managed by the candidates we evaluate

              Analytical Engineer - Performant Financial Corporation - Miami Lakes, FL   
    Performant Financial Corporation is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. Performant Financial Corporation is committed to creating a diverse...
    From Performant Financial Corporation - Sat, 01 Jul 2017 19:30:33 GMT - View all Miami Lakes, FL jobs
              Analytic Engineer, Jr. - Performant Financial Corporation - Miami Lakes, FL   
    Performant Financial Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Performant is a government contractor and has specific client requirements....
    From Performant Financial Corporation - Sat, 01 Jul 2017 19:30:32 GMT - View all Miami Lakes, FL jobs
              Health Analytics Practice Lead - CORMAC Corporation - United States   
    Internal and External Customers. Ability to conceptualize, document, and communicate solutions to meet business objectives....
    From Cormac Corporation - Fri, 12 May 2017 22:19:53 GMT - View all United States jobs
              ЦБ установил экономические нормативы для микрофинансовых компаний, привлекающих займы   

    Банк России установил экономические нормативы для микрофинансовых компаний, привлекающих денежные средства физических лиц, в том числе индивидуальных предпринимателей, и (или) юридических лиц в виде займов, и микрофинансовых компаний, осуществляющих выпуск и размещение облигаций. Соответствующее указание № 4382-У от 24 мая 2017 года опубликовано в пятницу, 30 июня, на сайте регулятора.

    В указании перечислены четыре экономических норматива для таких МФК: норматив достаточности собственных средств, норматив ликвидности, максимальный размер риска на одного заемщика или группу связанных заемщиков и максимальный размер риска на связанное с микрофинансовой компанией лицо (группу связанных с МФК лиц).

    В документе приводятся формулы расчета нормативов, а также устанавливаются их предельные числовые значения.

    Так, минимально допустимое числовое значение норматива НМФК1 (достаточности собственных средств) составляет 6%. Минимально допустимое числовое значение норматива ликвидности НМФК2 устанавливается в размере 100%. Максимально допустимое числовое значение норматива НМФК3 (максимальный риск на одного заемщика или группу связанных заемщиков) — 25%. Максимально допустимое числовое значение норматива НМФК4 (максимальный размер риска на связанные с МФК лицо или группу лиц) равно 20%.

    Указание вступает в силу с 1 января 2018 года.

    Напомним, Банк России в конце марта этого года объявил о завершении законодательного разделения микрофинансовых организаций на два вида: микрофинансовые компании и микрокредитные компании, они наделенны разным объемом прав и обязанностей. Право привлекать денежные средства от граждан, не являющихся учредителями, осталось только за микрофинансовыми компаниями.

              AM - Records Management Services - Deloitte - Hyderabad, Telangana   
    Open to work in night shifts (2:00 PM to 11:00 PM and 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM). Records Management Services – Assistant Manager (Reporting &amp; Analytics)....
    From Deloitte - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 16:38:36 GMT - View all Hyderabad, Telangana jobs
               Radioactivity levels of U-238 and Th-232, the alpha and beta activities and associated dose rates from surface soil in Ulu Tiram, Malaysia    
    Ramli, Ahmad Termizi and Abdul Rahman, Ahmad Taufek (2007) Radioactivity levels of U-238 and Th-232, the alpha and beta activities and associated dose rates from surface soil in Ulu Tiram, Malaysia. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 237 (3). pp. 653-657. ISSN 0236-5731
               Assessment of the health of a river ecosystem due to the impact of pollution from industrial discharge using instrumental neutron activation analysis and inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry    
    Mohd Yusof, Alias and Thanapalasingham, V. and Wood, A. K. H. (2007) Assessment of the health of a river ecosystem due to the impact of pollution from industrial discharge using instrumental neutron activation analysis and inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 273 (3). pp. 525-531. ISSN 0236-5731 (Print) 1588-2780 (Online)
               Effect of templates on the synthesis of organized mesoporous alumina    
    Ramli, Zainab and Chandren, Sheela (2007) Effect of templates on the synthesis of organized mesoporous alumina. The Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, 11 (1). pp. 110-116. ISSN 1394-2506
               N,N'-bi-(5-methyl-methylsalicylidene)-2,2-dimethylpropane-1, 3-diamine palladium(ii): catalyst for heck reaction    
    Wan Ibrahim, Wan Nazihah and Shamsuddin, Mustaffa and M. Yamin, Bohari (2007) N,N'-bi-(5-methyl-methylsalicylidene)-2,2-dimethylpropane-1, 3-diamine palladium(ii): catalyst for heck reaction. The Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, 11 (1). pp. 98-104. ISSN 1394-2506
               Removal of Cr(III) from aqueous solutions using zeolite NaY prepared from rice husk ash    
    Nik Malek, Nik Ahmad Nizam and Mohd. Yusof, Alias (2007) Removal of Cr(III) from aqueous solutions using zeolite NaY prepared from rice husk ash. The Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, 11 (1). pp. 76-83. ISSN 1394-2506
               Biofunctional Nb/Ti-MCM-41 catalyst in oxidative acidic reaction of cyclohexene to diol    
    Ramli, Zainab and Abdul, Mazidah and Prasetyoko, Didik (2007) Biofunctional Nb/Ti-MCM-41 catalyst in oxidative acidic reaction of cyclohexene to diol. The Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, 11 (1). pp. 117-123. ISSN 1394-2506
               Delaminated zeolite, ITQ-6 as heterogeneous catalyst for friedel crafts alkylation    
    Ramli, Zainab and Mohd. Yusoff, Noor Aishikin and Hamdan, Halimaton (2007) Delaminated zeolite, ITQ-6 as heterogeneous catalyst for friedel crafts alkylation. The Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, 11 (1). pp. 84-92. ISSN 1394-2506
               Characterization of novel diorganotin(IV) complexes with O,N,O donor ligand. Derived from carbohydrazide: X-ray crystal structure of [Ph 2Sn(H2CBS)]    
    Affan, M. A. and Liew, Y. Z. and Ahmad, Fasihuddin and Shamsuddin, Mustaffa and Yamin, Bohari Mohamad (2007) Characterization of novel diorganotin(IV) complexes with O,N,O donor ligand. Derived from carbohydrazide: X-ray crystal structure of [Ph 2Sn(H2CBS)]. Indian Journal of Chemistry - Section A : Inorganic, Physical, Theoretical and Analytical Chemistry, 46A (7). pp. 1063-1068. ISSN 0376-4710
               Radioactivity levels of 238U and 232Th, the α and β activities and associated dose rates from surface soil in Ulu Tiram, Malaysia    
    Abdul Rahman, A.T and Ramli, Ahmad Termizi (2007) Radioactivity levels of 238U and 232Th, the α and β activities and associated dose rates from surface soil in Ulu Tiram, Malaysia. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 273 (3). pp. 653-657. ISSN 0236-5731 (Print) 1588-2780 (Online)
              Industrial Technology Advisor – FinTech, Software and Data Analytics - National Research Council Canada - Toronto, ON   
    We are frank, but with a gentle helping hand. Industrial Technology Advisor – FinTech, Software and Data Analytics.... $49,670 - $140,418 a year
    From National Research Council Canada - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 19:58:34 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
              Age Related Conservatism   

    a few weeks ago I received an invitation to join YouGov, the polling firm, to provide input to many of their polls. No idea why I was selected, but I thought it a good idea. YouGov has daily polls on some three subjects that are in the news and the result of the polls are fed back to those who participate. The results are broken down by gender, political leanings, UK region and age group, and they show some interesting trends, the most obvious one being that people move to the right of the political spectrum as they get older.

    Psychologists have studied this age related conservatism (with a small c) and have identified a number of factors.

    1. As we grow older our thinking slows down, and intellectual curiosity stagnates. This leads to us becoming less inclined to seek out new experiences, which are proven to open us up to alternative views.
    2. After the age of about 40, and accelerating as we enter into our 60s, this slower thinking tends to make us see things as either black or white and we dismiss views that conflict with preconceptions, shutting out new knowledge.
    3. As we age we prefer to navigate life on autopilot, feeling more comfortable with the perceived certainty of our isolated views. Remaining open-minded causes uncertainty, leading to insecurity and self-doubt. Older people are less willing to admit they've made a mistake and cling tenaciously to old, discredited mantras.
    Time after time, the daily YouGov poll feedback shows those over 50 generally have more reactionary views, while those at the other end of the age continuum are more progressive.

    The strange thing is that the older I get, the more I seem to be moving to the left. It could be a lot to do with the fact that the older I get, the more frugally I tend to live life, meaning I've become less acquisitive and much happier in my skin, which makes me think a bit more about those less fortunate than me.

    Having said that, like most people, I inherited my politics from my father - a Conservative - and voted that way for decades, not really questioning why. In my 40s I moved a tad left of centre and remained there, having developed a more analytical approach to politics and a social conscience. To be honest, I've not moved further left; the left seems to have moved closer to me. I'm constantly horrified by the number of people who never read a manifesto and vote on the basis of either blind, tribal allegiance (as in the parental example above), or the presidential attributes of the party leaders.

              Account Manager 1- Saskatchewan - Maxxam Analytics - Saskatchewan   
    Do you believe in the power of teamwork and sharing ideas? Do you take pride in delivering exceptional quality and service with everything you do? Do you seek
    From Maxxam Analytics - Tue, 23 May 2017 21:04:50 GMT - View all Saskatchewan jobs
              Русский заговор, который действительно сработал против Запада   

    Как сообщает телеканал Fox News, главной проблемой многомесячного расследования девяти команд (включая федеральные агентства США и комитеты конгресса) по сговору Дональда Трампа с Россией стало то, что они так ничего и не нашли.

    Без подпитки фактами скандал начинает чадить — и скандал-менеджеры, чтобы он не потух, уже сдвигают фокус общественного внимания с вопроса «был ли сговор» на вопрос, не пытались ли Трамп и его команда препятствовать следствию. Грубо говоря, за отсутствием реальных дров в топку разборки пошла макулатура. И всякая лирика вроде былинного «Россия десятилетиями пытается подорвать США».

    Впрочем, как показывает практика, отсутствие доказательств еще ни разу не помешало ни одной кампании по демонизации. Всего каких-то пятнадцать лет назад, как мы помним, из-за несуществующего химического оружия была разрушена даже целая страна Ирак. И ничего.

    Но мы сейчас не об этом. Во всем этом для нас с вами интересно другое.

    Есть один потрясающий факт. Вся эта горькая паранойя — расползшаяся уже на весь условный Запад — была заранее и детально описана в России, причем давно. И вовсе не антизападниками, а совсем даже наоборот.

    Вот пишет нам из лета 2016 года московский колумнист Андрей, ярко стебущий российскую «психологию осажденного барака»: «Ильинка… Лубянка… Охотный Ряд… Кого или что ни возьми, за всем, по мнению обитателей этих домов, стоят Соединенные Штаты Америки. Когда у кого-то что-то не получается, нужно найти виноватого. Просто как у Ильфа и Петрова: «Ярбух фюр психоаналитик унд психопатологик». Никогда российский народ не жил так плохо, как при Обаме. Но нет никаких сомнений в том, что он будет жить еще хуже при Хиллари Клинтон. Фантастически живуча эта мифологема, которая питала своими соками харизму советских вождей, — во всем виноваты и за всем стоят США… Им нужна слабая Россия. Вопрос: зачем? Чтобы иметь перманентные проблемы с нашей страной? Чтобы обладать ее пенькой, медом, мехами, лесом, нефтью, женщинами и детьми, содержанием телефонных разговоров россиян? Они сеют нестабильность по всему миру. Чтобы что? Иметь перманентные проблемы со всем миром? Вопрос: зачем им это?.. Антиамериканизм — верное компенсационное средство собственной экономической дистрофии и политической недостаточности».

    И так далее. Таких текстов можно при желании нагуглить сотни за час по ключевым словам «во всем виноваты американцы». Под текстами стоят лайки и восторженные комментарии, раскрывающие архаическую, отсталую психологию российского народа и власти еще прямее. Горько констатирующие: общенациональная шиза на тему «англичанка (американка, турчанка) гадит» — это просто показатель незрелости и отсталости. Все наши проблемы на самом деле — из-за нас. Но некомпетентные власти, неспособные догнать Запад, предпочли закуклиться и кормить «пассивные 86%» антизападной паранойей. А инфантильные 86% ведутся — потому что куда проще валить все на Обаму и будущую президента Клинтон, чем взрослеть.

    …Ну и вот.

    Сегодня, неполный год спустя, мы видим, как внезапно эта паранойя стала мейнстримом у наций, у которых вроде бы нет никакой «экономической дистрофии». У которых — многовековые традиции демократии, политическая зрелость, конкурентность элит, люто рыночная экономика и все такое.

    И вот что самое поразительное. Подрубающее всю стройную концепцию «плохое управление + отсутствие демократии и рабский менталитет = во всем винят зарубежное влияние».

    А именно: всю антироссийскую параноидальную кампанию проводит вовсе не туповатый и необразованный фермерский плебс, по «либеральной» версии, выбравший Трампа.

    Всю эту кампанию ведут носители самых передовых и качественных политических убеждений — ведущие СМИ передовых стран. Пропагандирующие попутно передовые технологии Маска, невероятно захватывающие спиннеры, прогрессивные формы любви и брака, а также социальные права настолько экзотичных гендерных меньшинств, что мы в своей северной стране о них даже пока не слышали.

    Из этого можно сделать только два взаимоисключающих вывода.

    Первый: на самом деле в пресловутой либеральной демократии и свободном рынке нет никакой магии, которая бы гарантировала нации трезвый взгляд на мир и удерживала бы от поиска внешнего врага. Взрослость нации определяется не передовитостью айфонов и спиннеров, а образованностью, культурным багажом и системностью мировоззрения граждан. Если же эта системность, дающая стержень для самостоятельного мышления, отсутствует — то при возникновении проблем в параноика, ищущего врагов под кроватью, пропаганда без всяких фактов легко превратит даже трансгендера-вегана, разрабатывающего приложения для Apple.

    И второй вывод: нет, магия либеральной демократии и рынка существует. Просто «русский заговор» по подрыву Америки, демократии и свободы Запада — сильнее. Он настолько дьявольски эффективен, что сработал. И потому на наших глазах передовые нации погружаются в вековое рабство и отращивают себе «психологию осажденного барака».

    И за это, конечно, русских надо наказать.


              Marketing Automation and Lead Generation Manager - GlobalEnglish - Brisbane, CA   
    Working experience with Google Analytics, Salesforce, Pardot, and other Business Intelligence suites or other Marketing Database Management Systems....
    From GlobalEnglish - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 00:27:45 GMT - View all Brisbane, CA jobs
              Software QA Engineer – Mandaluyong City   
    Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila - Mandaluyong City Permanent 2 to 10 years experience Essential Responsibilities: At least 3 years solid experience in Software QC/Testing Experience in Scrum, XP or other agile practices. Clear understanding of QC goals, practices and activities within Organization Knowledge & experience in the most recent standards depends on the problem, application, testing goals and test types in QC and recent process standards in QA Knowledge and usage of the most recent methodologies in practices and on the projects Knowledge and usage of the recent QA/QC tools and frameworks Writing and executing test plans and test scenarios Raise issues relating to testing and follow through to resolution Ability to generate and analyze metrics and explain them Experience in both functional and non-functional testing Participate in identifying areas for improvement and suggest solutions Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills Analytic in nature, a proven problem solver, d...

              Comment on Weekly Musings: June 21st-June 28th by macspak   
    baseball also goes in cycle. Right now it is swing for the fences and hit home runs or strike out while pitching and defenses are using more tape and analytics. Defensive positioning has never been more prevalent.
              Director, Product Analytics - - Austin, TX   
    Ability to use or write basic JavaScript as part of analytics implementation. This involves setting technical analytics schema, writing a few pieces of...
    From - Sat, 24 Jun 2017 05:22:36 GMT - View all Austin, TX jobs
              Treasury Analyst (Manager) - Morgan Stanley - New York, NY   
    Support development of ad-hoc Treasury analytics and ALCO reporting to further enhance measurement framework and controls of liquidity risk, interest rate risks...
    From Morgan Stanley - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 18:06:32 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
              Fixed Income Analyst - ZM Financial Systems - Raleigh-Durham, NC   
    Prepared ALCO and risk management reports. ZM Financial Systems, headquartered in Cary, NC, develops, sells and supports quantitative analytics software for...
    From Indeed - Thu, 06 Apr 2017 13:01:32 GMT - View all Raleigh-Durham, NC jobs
              Senior Treasury Analyst, Balance Sheet Analytics - Discover Financial Services - Riverwoods, IL   
    Assist in the development of key strategic communications and presentations to a broad range of stakeholders including Board of Directors, Executive Committee,...
    From Discover Financial Services - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 22:12:45 GMT - View all Riverwoods, IL jobs
    (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[“GoogleAnalyticsObject”]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,”script”,”//”,”ga”); ga(“create”, “UA-42995679-1”, “”); ga(“send”, “pageview”); Es la pregunta del millón y la que más nos habéis hecho estos días en la Feria Creativa de Barcelona, y  es verdad,  hoy día hay tantos materiales nuevos y bonitos,  que no sabéis cual elegir para hacer vuestros proyectos.La feria fue una locura! mil […]
              Superintendent NE Purdue Ag Center - Purdue University - Columbia City, IN   
    Excellent analytical, financial modeling, problem solving, and critical thinking skills to manage the farm's budget and general fiscal management....
    From Purdue University - Wed, 31 May 2017 18:58:37 GMT - View all Columbia City, IN jobs
              Marketing Automation and Lead Generation Manager - GlobalEnglish - Brisbane, CA   
    Analytics and Data Insight. Marketing Automation and Lead Generation Manager....
    From GlobalEnglish - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 00:27:45 GMT - View all Brisbane, CA jobs
              Manager Data Analytics, Go-To Market Analytics & Insights - Adobe - San Jose, CA   
    Preparation of business analytics in support of the Quarterly Business Review Process with Senior Management. Adobe is an equal opportunity employer....
    From Adobe - Thu, 01 Jun 2017 18:23:09 GMT - View all San Jose, CA jobs
              Rejoignez le groupe HR Analytics France sur LinkedIn   

    Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer la création du groupe HR Analytics France sur LinkedIn. Échanger sur les thématiques décisionnelles RH, découvrir de nouvelles idées et tendances en matière d’analytique RH, apprendre à décrypter le big data RH, telle est l’ambition de ce groupe HR Analytics France sur LinkedIn. Ce groupe dédié à l’analytique RH […]

    Cet article Rejoignez le groupe HR Analytics France sur LinkedIn est apparu en premier sur HAVASU.

              Communiqué de presse : HAVASU annonce sa solution DéciRH   

    HAVASU, éditeur de solutions HR Analytics en mode SaaS annonce la disponibilité de sa solution DéciRH®. Issu de plusieurs années de R&D et récompensé de trois prix d’innovation, le logiciel dédié aux RH et contrôleurs de gestion sociale facilite le pilotage social et le diagnostic des risques sociaux (absentéisme, présentéisme, roulement du personnel, gestion des […]

    Cet article Communiqué de presse : HAVASU annonce sa solution DéciRH est apparu en premier sur HAVASU.

              Entry-level reporting job @ U.S. News & World Report   
    The News & Opinion section at U.S.News & World Report is seeking college graduates with backgrounds in writing and Web production for one-year internships. The duties of these full-time (37.5 hours a week), hourly paid positions include:

    • Researching and writing stories for the News section, including the Opinion and Whispers sections
    • Assisting with the production of Web packages that include stories, charts, slide shows, photo galleries, and other elements
    • Writing and editing SEO-oriented headlines
    • Helping to develop social media efforts for the section
    • Assisting with tracking traffic, keywords, and other online trends on major portals and other sites
    • Coordinating with outside writers and contributors to generate content for the section

    • A firm grasp of current events and strong news judgment
    • Strong research and writing skills
    • The ability to work on deadlines in a journalistic environment and manage several tasks and projects simultaneously
    • Strong communication and organizational skills
    • A demonstrated understanding of social media and ability to effectively promote U.S. News content on social media networks
    • Working knowledge of HTML and Web production. Familiarity with content management systems
    • Knowledge of SEO best practices and online analytics reporting via Google Analytics or Omniture is a plus
    • Knowledge of image-editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, is a plus

    Applicants must provide 2-3 references and 3 writing clips in addition to résumé and cover letter. Please send all materials to tsmart[ay] and include the phrase “News & Opinion intern” in the subject field.
              Analytical Specialist (Development) - Regeneron - Rensselaer, NY   
    All resumes submitted by search firms/employment agencies to any employee at Regeneron via-email, the internet or in any form and/or method will be deemed the...
    From Regeneron - Sat, 01 Jul 2017 04:47:29 GMT - View all Rensselaer, NY jobs
              Analytical Specialist (Bioassay) - Regeneron - Rensselaer, NY   
    All resumes submitted by search firms/employment agencies to any employee at Regeneron via-email, the internet or in any form and/or method will be deemed the...
    From Regeneron - Sat, 01 Jul 2017 04:47:29 GMT - View all Rensselaer, NY jobs
              System Administrator - Boeing Intelligence & Analytics - Virginia   
    Experience with Red Hat Satellite Server, diagnostics and troubleshooting RHEL and RHEV environments, and AIX and IBM technologies....
    From Boeing Intelligence & Analytics - Tue, 13 Jun 2017 09:14:23 GMT - View all Virginia jobs
              Need for Speed™ No Limits v2.3.6   
    Need for Speed™ No Limits v2.3.6
    Need for Speed™ No Limits v2.3.6
    Download Game


    Need for Speed™ No Limits v2.3.6

    Need for Speed™ No Limits is an Racing Games for Android. Download latest version of Need for Speed™ No Limits v2.3.6 Apk + Mod Full for android from 

    Read on for important info below!

    Race for dominance in the first white-knuckle edition of Need for Speed made just for mobile – from the developer that brought you Real Racing 3. Build your dream ride with an unbelievable range of cars and customizations. Launch yourself between chaos and control as you hit the loud pedal and roll into underground car culture. Win races, up your rep, then kick into more races, more customizations, and more cars. Make your choices and never look back. Tonight we ride!

    This app offers in app purchases. You may disable in app purchases using your device settings.

    Pick up the real-world cars you’ve always wanted, from the Subaru BRZ to the BMW M4, McLaren 650s, Porsche 911, and more. Then trick them out with the hottest customization system on mobile, from spots like the Mod Shop and the Black Market, giving you over 2.5 million custom combos to play with. Your rides are waiting – take them to the stages or streets to go head-to-head versus the competition and prove yourself.

    Steer onto the streets of Blackridge, driving reckless and juiced as sparks fly. Accelerate over jumps and around debris, into traffic, against walls, and through high-speed Nitro Zones. Flip on the nitrous and thrust yourself into another level of adrenaline-fueled driving and drifting. Around every corner is a fresh race as you clash with local crews and local cops. It’s a world full of wannabe drivers – can you stay in front and earn respect?

    Never back down as you race anyone crazy enough to take you on, leave them gapped, and increase your rep. Dig, drift, drag, and roll your ride to wins with police on your tail, hitting each inch of the map hard by the time you reach the big end. Burn rubber in over 1,000 challenging races – and that’s just the starting line. Be notorious, own the streets, and score the world’s best cars. Because one ride is never enough!

    User Agreement:
    Visit for assistance or inquiries.

    EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on

    Important Consumer Information:
    This app: requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply); Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13.

    By installing this game, you consent to its installation and the installation of any game updates or upgrades released through your platform. You can turn off automatic updates through your device settings, but if you do not update your app, you may experience reduced functionality.

    Some updates and upgrades may change the way we record usage data and metrics, or change data stored on your device. Any changes will always be consistent with EA’s Privacy and Cookie Policy, available at You can withdraw your consent at any time by removing or disabling this app, visiting for assistance, or by contacting us at ATTN: Privacy / Mobile Consent Withdrawal, Electronic Arts Inc., 209 Redwood Shores Pkwy, Redwood City, CA, USA.


    The biggest underground race event of the year, Devil's Run, is here and so is your chance to bring down the competition. Jump behind the wheel of the 2013 Porsche 918 Spyder and tackle the treacherous new Blackridge Mountain Track. Plus, now you can:
    • Drive an all-new Proving Grounds, featuring the 2016 Mercedes SLK55 AMG
    • Revisit some of your favorite Need For Speed No Limits events in a series of exciting Flashback Events

    Need for Speed™ No Limits v2.3.6

    Need for Speed™ No Limits v2.3.6

    Need for Speed™ No Limits v2.3.6

    -: Game Info :-
    Name : Need for Speed™ No Limits
    Category : racing
    Size : 784 mb
    Version : 2.3.6
    File Format : Apk+Obb
    On/Off : Online/Offline
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    How to Install?
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    Download Links

              Senior EA Data Architecture   
    Scotiabank - Toronto, ON - expertise for enterprise technologies. The incumbent will research, plan, define and support enterprise data & analytics architecture in support... of the director’s mandate. He/she will proactively work to progress the architecture, and overall design of the Bank’s Information Systems...
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    Da Sembox - Mon, 22 May 2017 07:13:54 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Milano, Lombardia
              Manager - Predictive Analytics - Verizon - Basking Ridge, NJ   
    Previous use of Business Intelligence tools, such as Cognos, Business Objects, Tableau, Hyperion SSRS or others preferred....
    From Verizon - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 10:58:20 GMT - View all Basking Ridge, NJ jobs
              Business Development Representative - Bigdata Dimension Inc - Remote   
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    Analytics , Datawarehouse and ETL , Datawarehouse and ETL , Teradata. Business Intelligence Data Center Analytics....
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              Microsoft DataWarehouse Architect - Convergence Consulting Group - Tampa, FL   
    Are you a Data & Analytics leader passionate about helping clients leverage their data to make better business decisions? Are you knowledgeable of Data
    From Indeed - Mon, 26 Jun 2017 15:39:05 GMT - View all Tampa, FL jobs
              Reunion Weekend highlights: Alumni recognized for doing great work   

    Reunion Weekend is always a time for alums of any class year to return to campus, catch up with old friends, connect with professors, and celebrate their Gettysburg spirit.

    This year’s Reunion Weekend was no different. With the annual Sara Lee/Butter Krust Baking Gettysburg College Golf Classic celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Alumni College providing attendees an opportunity to return to the classroom, and an all-class reception and fireworks show on Saturday evening, there was plenty for our alumni to do.

    The weekend—along with Commencement two weekends before—also served as an opportunity to elevate select alumni for accomplishments in particular categories: Distinguished Alumni, Meritorious Service, and Young Alumni Achievement in the areas of Career Development and Service to the College.

    “These alumni are shining examples of what we mean when we say that a Gettysburg education sets you up to do great work and lead great lives,” explained Susan Pyron ’83, Associate Vice President for Annual GivingAlumni and Parent Relations. “These awards are the highest ones given by the Alumni Association, and we are proud to recognize these alumni for their accomplishments and service.”

    The alums recognized this year join the ranks of other distinguished alumni like Three-Star General and Judge Advocate General Flora Darpino ’83, Executive Director of UNICEF Carol Bellamy ’63, former NAACP president and CEO Bruce Gordon ’68, and founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Conservation Fund Patrick Noonan ’65.

    Check out photos from Reunion Weekend—and of the alumni award recipients— on Flickr.

    Dr. Inga Musselman ’82, President Janet Morgan Riggs ’77, and Dr. John Hohneker ’81.

    Dr. Inga Musselman ’82, President Janet Morgan Riggs ’77, and Dr. John Hohneker ’81.

    Dr. John Hohneker ’81, Distinguished Alumni

    John Hohneker ’81 is President of Research and Development at FORMA Therapeutics Inc., a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on finding new medicines for people with cancer and other serious diseases.  He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Dimension Therapeutics Inc, a publicly traded gene therapy company.

    Over the past 25 years, he has been committed to drug discovery and development, including 14 years at Novartis – where he was most recently responsible for the global development of the immunology, rheumatology, and dermatology product pipelines.  He has played a key role in the development, approval, and/or commercialization of 14 new drugs.

    Hohneker, a medical oncologist, has served on the research committee of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, as well as the Institute of Medicine’s Cancer Policy Forum. Today, his contributions to the scientific community appear in numerous publications.

    A member of Skeptical Chymists and Phi Beta Kappa at Gettysburg, Hohneker graduated with a BA in Chemistry. He received his MD from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Rutgers Medical School (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School), in 1985.

    Dr. Inga Holl Musselman ’82, Distinguished Alumni

    Inga Holl Musselman ’82 is the Interim Provost and Professor of Chemistry at The University of Texas at Dallas. She has received numerous research grants and has contributed to a host of scientific publications, all while handling a progressively larger administrative workload. She also has six patents/patent applications for her exceptional work in the lab.

    Following her graduation from Gettysburg, Musselman earned her PhD in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1988, and completed her postdoctoral research in Materials Science from North Carolina State University in 1991.

    Musselman was a member of the College’s field hockey team and Skeptical Chymists. She graduated in 1982 with a BA in Chemistry and received departmental honors for her academic achievements.

    President Janet Morgan Riggs ’77, Fred Reimer ’07, MacGregor Jones ’67, Sarah Hitch Burdi ’87, and Marsha Comegno ’94.

    President Janet Morgan Riggs ’77, Fred Reimer ’07, MacGregor Jones ’67, Sarah Hitch Burdi ’87, and President of the Alumni Board of Directors and College Trustee Marsha Comegno ’94.

    Sarah Hitch Burdi ’87, Meritorious Service Award

    Sarah Hitch Burdi ’87 graduated from Gettysburg College with a BA in Sociology and a minor in English, and served as an Orientation Leader, a member of PanHellenic Council and Alpha Delta Pi, was active with the campus radio station, WZBT, and was part of the American Marketing Association.

    As a devoted alumna, she served on the Alumni Board of Directors from 2004 to 2013, including four years as the vice president of the Outreach Committee, and was also a key player in the birth of the Board’s new Development Committee. Her volunteer service began immediately after she graduated as an Admissions Volunteer for the College’s Key Alumni Resource Effort, and also includes service on several Reunion Committees—including co-chair for her 20th—as an active member of the Baltimore and Chicago Alumni Clubs, as a Class Agent, and as a Gettysburg Career Connections volunteer, through which she’s hosted student externs, among other efforts.

    She currently serves as Director at the Baylor Health Care System Foundation in Texas.

    MacGregor Jones ’67, Meritorious Service Award

    MacGregor Jones ’67 graduated with a BA in Business Administration and was a member of Phi Gamma Delta and the golf team.

    Despite a demanding career in the computer field and as a business owner, he has made service to Gettysburg a priority. The pinnacle of that commitment came as a member of the Board of Trustees from 2000 to 2006, and he was conferred Trustee Emeritus status in 2010. Prior to that, he served on the Commission on the Future’s Economics & Management task force, the Life Safety Task Force, the Sophomore Rush Advisory Committee, the Board of Fellows, the Alumni Executive Board, as a Class Officer, the Athletics and Recreation Facilities Committee, and as a frequent Reunion Committee volunteer.

    He has been retired for the last 18 years, while still engaging in a variety of energy projects aimed at improving fuel and engine efficiency, as well as reducing harmful emissions.

     D. Alan P.J. Manning ’02, Young Alumni Achievement Award for Career Development

    Alan Manning ’02 is the Executive Vice President at Planetree, Inc., a mission-based non-profit dedicated to pioneering methods for personalizing, humanizing, and demystifying the healthcare experience. Also, he is Co-Founder and Vice President of Kisses from Katie, Inc., an organization dedicated to providing resources to critically ill children, their families, and the people who are dedicated to caring for them. His inspiration for both of these endeavors was the loss of his daughter, Katie, at six months of age due to a congenital heart defect.

    As a student, Manning was heavily involved at Gettysburg College, serving as Residence Coordinator; President of Campus Activities Board; Service Intern for the Center for Public Service; Program Coordinator for Sandtown Projects and Literacy Programs; and a Student Representative to the Board of Trustees.

    He received a BA in Psychology and Sociology from Gettysburg College in 2002. He later received his MA in Public Administration from Fairfield University in 2016.

    Kimberly Wojcik ’02, Young Alumni Achievement Award for Career Development

    Kim Wojcik ’02 has served as a Special Agent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) since 2007 and is currently assigned to the Counterterrorism Division in Newark, New Jersey. She has worked investigations for both violent crimes against children and counterterrorism. Her efforts have earned her the designation of a Subject Matter Expert in Domestic Terrorism.

    Wojcik operated as both a Uniformed Division Officer and Special Agent in the United States Secret Service from 2002-2007. She was entrusted the critical responsibility of providing protection to the President, Vice President, foreign heads of state and their families.

    She graduated from Gettysburg College with a BA in Psychology and minor in Religious Studies in 2002. While at Gettysburg, she was a member of Gamma Phi Beta, a Project Manager for the Center for Public Service (CPS), an Orientation Leader, and she participated in the Semester at Sea in 2000.

    Troy Cassel ’02, Young Alumni Achievement Award for Service

    Troy Cassel ’02 graduated from Gettysburg College with a BA in Political Science and was a fully engaged student. He was a leader in Student Senate, the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, and Allies, as well as a recipient of the Linnaean Award in 2001.

    That engagement has continued as an alumnus. He has participated in the Garthwait Leadership Center Alumni Mentor Retreat, the Allies 25th Anniversary Panel, and the National Campaign Steering Committee for Gettysburg’s Unfinished Work Campaign. Cassel served on his 15th Reunion Committee and currently serves as an Admissions Volunteer for the College’s Key Alumni Resource Effort.

    Professionally, he is the Director of Special Projects at Mobile Health, an employee screening and occupational health provider for more than 300 New York businesses.

    Fred Reimer ’07, Young Alumni Achievement Award for Service

    Fred Reimer ’07 was an incredibly active campus leader as a student, and that has continued to be his mantra as an alumnus.

    He graduated with a BA in Economics and a minor in Mathematics and was a member of the varsity lacrosse team, President of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, and Student Senate Treasurer.

    Reimer has been a key link in strengthening the nationally recognized Gettysburg Network by hiring 10 Gettysburg graduates, and has also served as the Phi Delta Theta Alumni House Corporation President. He’s also involved with Phi Delt nationally, serving as a regional representative and resource for other chapters. With Gettysburg, he has also been an active and frequent participant in the Garthwait Leadership Center Alumni Mentor Retreat, served on the BOLD Council for five years, co-chaired his 5th and 10th Reunion Committees, and promoted Gettysburg to prospective students as an Admissions Volunteer for the College’s Key Alumni Resource Effort.

    Professionally, he is the Managing Director of KWA Analytics US, an energy and commodity trading consulting and software firm.

              Financial Analyst - NESCO Rentals - Fort Wayne, IN   
    JOB SUMMARY This position will contribute to a wide variety of projects and analytical resources to provide executive and middle management teams with
    From NESCO Rentals - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 03:05:50 GMT - View all Fort Wayne, IN jobs
              Account Manager 1- Saskatchewan - Maxxam Analytics - Saskatchewan   
    Every day we go above and beyond to deliver innovative solutions to help our clients make important decisions that directly impact the community and the...
    From Maxxam Analytics - Tue, 23 May 2017 21:04:50 GMT - View all Saskatchewan jobs
              Shipper - Renaissance Repair and Supply - Kanata, ON   
    Strong numerical aptitude and analytical skills. Empowering customers to take control of their network lifecycle.*....
    From Indeed - Fri, 26 May 2017 11:18:23 GMT - View all Kanata, ON jobs
              Executive Director, Strategy and Administration - York University - Toronto, ON   
    Advanced numerical modelling and analytical, research, interpretative and evaluative skills; Applications for this posting will be accepted until 4:30 pm on... $134,690 - $151,526 a year
    From York University - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 17:42:31 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
              Director of Product Analytics - Data Science   

              SDA and AGI to Launch Next Generation Space Traffic Management Service   
    PRZOOM - Newswire (press release) - 2017/03/06, Exton, PA United States - The Space Data Association (SDA) and Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) have entered into a long term agreement to launch an upgraded Space Data Center (SDC) Space Traffic Management (STM) service, powered by ComSpOC - /
              AGI Partners with Singapore’s NTU-ATMRI to Develop Urban UTM Solutions   
    PRZOOM - Newswire (press release) - 2016/11/08, Exton, PA United States - Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) has entered into an agreement with the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and its Air Traffic Management Research Institute (ATMRI) to assist in the development of a UAS Traffic Management (UTM) solution
              Analytical Specialist (Development) - Regeneron - Rensselaer, NY   
    All resumes submitted by search firms/employment agencies to any employee at Regeneron via-email, the internet or in any form and/or method will be deemed the...
    From Regeneron - Sat, 01 Jul 2017 04:47:29 GMT - View all Rensselaer, NY jobs
              Analytical Specialist (Bioassay) - Regeneron - Rensselaer, NY   
    All resumes submitted by search firms/employment agencies to any employee at Regeneron via-email, the internet or in any form and/or method will be deemed the...
    From Regeneron - Sat, 01 Jul 2017 04:47:29 GMT - View all Rensselaer, NY jobs
              Proposal Manager - Professional Solutions, LLC - Alexandria, VA   
    Excellent writing, editing, proofreading, analytical, research and time management skills. Manage proposals from initial conception through final delivery,...
    From Professional Solutions, LLC - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:38:21 GMT - View all Alexandria, VA jobs
              Book Club: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (June 2017)   
    Kalid Azad and I discuss June’s book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. We discuss the practical implications of the book as well as some of its loftier philosophical ambitions. If you would rather read the transcript, download it here. Below are some highlights: …on the analytical “knife” and what is created/destroyed in the […]
              How to Stop Expecting Others to Change   

    Aired Thursday, 29 June 2017, 11:00 AM ET

    How to Stop Expecting Others to Change

    Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati at Parmarth Niketan discusses the following topics and answers questions from seekers from around the world, during her daily Satsang from the banks of the holy Ganga River:

    ~ How to Stop Expecting Others to Change

    ~ How to Eliminate Anxiety

    ~ The Importance of Spirituality in Every Action

    ~ How to Balance between Spiritual and Analytical Thinking

    Connect with Sadhvi at:

              Elsevier and Wiley collaborate to provide more trusted and accessible answers and insights to engineers in industry and academia via Knovel platform   
    , the information analytics company specialising in science and health, is enabling engineers, researchers and students to confidently solve engineering problems and prepare the next generation of engineers through its collaboration with Wiley and the Knovel platform. This collaboration empowers companies and institutions to create what's next based on a rich foundation of trusted, credible and authoritative engineering answers and insights.
              Geophysics- and geochemistry-based assessment of the geochemical characteristics and groundwater-flow system of the U.S. part of the Mesilla Basin/Conejos-Médanos aquifer system in Doña Ana County, New Mexico, and El Paso County, Texas, 2010–12   

    One of the largest rechargeable groundwater systems by total available volume in the Rio Grande/Río Bravo Basin (hereinafter referred to as the “Rio Grande”) region of the United States and Mexico, the Mesilla Basin/Conejos-Médanos aquifer system, supplies water for irrigation as well as for cities of El Paso, Texas; Las Cruces, New Mexico; and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. The U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the Bureau of Reclamation assessed the groundwater resources in the Mesilla Basin and surrounding areas in Doña Ana County, N. Mex., and El Paso County, Tex., by using a combination of geophysical and geochemical methods. The study area consists of approximately 1,400 square miles in Doña Ana County, N. Mex., and 100 square miles in El Paso County, Tex. The Mesilla Basin composes most of the study area and can be divided into three parts: the Mesilla Valley, the West Mesa, and the East Bench. The Mesilla Valley is the part of the Mesilla Basin that was incised by the Rio Grande between Selden Canyon to the north and by a narrow valley (about 4 miles wide) to the southeast near El Paso, Tex., named the Paso del Norte, which is sometimes referred to in the literature as the “El Paso Narrows.”

    Previously published geophysical data for the study area were compiled and these data were augmented by collecting additional geophysical and geochemical data. Geophysical resistivity measurements from previously published helicopter frequency domain electromagnetic data, previously published direct-current resistivity soundings, and newly collected (2012) time-domain electromagnetic soundings were used in the study to detect spatial changes in the electrical properties of the subsurface, which reflect changes that occur within the hydrogeology. The geochemistry of the groundwater system was evaluated by analyzing groundwater samples collected in November 2010 for physicochemical properties, major ions, trace elements, nutrients, pesticides (reported but not used in the assessment), and environmental tracers. The data obtained from these samples (with the exception of the pesticide data) were used to gain insights into processes controlling the groundwater movement through the groundwater system in the study area. Results from the geophysical and geochemical assessments facilitated the interpretation of the geochemical characteristics of the groundwater sources and geochemical groups within the groundwater system.

    The groundwater-flow system in the study area consists primarily of the Mesilla Basin aquifer system, which can be divided into four hydrogeologic units by using an informal classification scheme based on basin-fill stratigraphy and sedimentology with an emphasis on aquifer characteristics. The four hydrogeologic units are (1) the Rio Grande alluvium, which is the shallow aquifer of the Mesilla Basin within the confines of the Mesilla Valley, and the three hydrogeologic units that compose the Santa Fe Group: (2) the lower part of the Santa Fe Group, which is the least productive zone, (3) the middle part of the Santa Fe Group, which is the primary water-bearing hydrogeologic unit in the basin and is generally saturated, and (4) the upper part of the Santa Fe Group, which is the most productive water-bearing unit within the Santa Fe Group but is only partially saturated in the north and largely unsaturated in the south and western parts of the Mesilla Basin.

    The helicopter frequency domain electromagnetic survey results indicated that approximately half of the resistivity values were less than 10 ohm-meters at depths of 50 and 100 feet with a transition where the resistivity values changed from relatively high values (greater than 20 ohm-meters) to relatively low resistivity values (less than 10 ohm-meters) near Vado, New Mexico. Slightly more than 25 percent of the gridded resistivity values from the three-dimensional grid of the combined inverse modeling results of the direct-current resistivity and time-domain electromagnetic soundings were equal to or less than 10 ohm-meters with large regions of low resistivity becoming apparent in the southernmost part of the study area near the Paso Del Norte where these low resistivity features are spatially the widest at or below the top of the bedrock. These low resistivity values might represent clayey deposits, sediments composed largely of sand and gravel saturated with saline water, or both. Historical dissolved-solids-concentration data within the surface geophysical subset area of the study area were compiled and compared to the inverse modeling results of the combined direct-current resistivity and time-domain soundings; this comparison was done to strengthen the interpretation made from the combined inverse modeling results that the low resistivity features were representative of sand and gravel deposits saturated with saline water and not clayey deposits.

    Water-level altitudes within the Rio Grande alluvium generally decreased from north to south, with a west to east decrease in water-level altitudes near Las Cruces, New Mexico, as a result of groundwater pumping. Groundwater flow within the Santa Fe Group is more complex than the groundwater flow within the Rio Grande alluvium because of the larger lateral and vertical extent of the Santa Fe Group compared to the Rio Grande alluvium. Groundwater from the Organ Mountains flows directly south towards the Paso del Norte. Groundwater from the Robledo Mountains, the Rough and Ready Hills, and the Sleeping Lady Hills generally flows to the southeast. Groundwater flowing near the north end of the midbasin uplift generally continues east towards the Rio Grande and then flows south on the east side of the midbasin uplift. Groundwater flowing near the west side of the midbasin uplift generally continues south parallel to the faults that make up the midbasin uplift and then flows east towards the Paso del Norte when it reaches the south end of the midbasin uplift. Groundwater from the Aden Hills and the East and West Potrillo Mountains flows to the south end of the midbasin uplift and then continues east towards the Paso del Norte. Throughout most of the Mesilla Valley, the vertical hydraulic gradient was downward because the water-level altitude in the Rio Grande alluvium was higher than it was in the Santa Fe Group, but in some areas (typically in the middle and southern parts of the Mesilla Valley), the vertical hydraulic gradient was substantially reduced or even reversed to an upward hydraulic gradient.

    The geochemistry data indicate that there was a complex system of multiple geochemical endmembers and mixing between these endmembers with recharge to the Rio Grande alluvium and Santa Fe Group composed mostly of seepage from the Rio Grande, inflows from deeper or neighboring water systems, and mountain-front recharge. Five distinct geochemical groups were identified in the Mesilla Basin study area: (1) ancestral Rio Grande (pre-Pleistocene) geochemical group, (2) modern Rio Grande (Pleistocene to present) geochemical group, (3) mountain-front geochemical group, (4) deep groundwater upwelling geochemical group, and (5) unknown freshwater geochemical group. The ancestral Rio Grande groundwater was water that recharged into the system as seepage losses from the ancestral Rio Grande; this groundwater generally flows from north to south-southeast towards the Paso del Norte. Groundwater on the west side of the midbasin uplift generally flows south until it reaches the southern part of the study area; from the southern part of the study area, the groundwater flows east towards the Paso del Norte. Groundwater on the east side of the midbasin uplift flows south-southeast towards the Paso del Norte where it mixes with groundwater from the modern Rio Grande, uplifted areas in the west, and the deep saline source. The water type of the modern Rio Grande geochemical group ranged from calcium-sulfate water type in the northern part of the study area to sodium-chloride-sulfate water type in the southern part of the study area; from north to south there was a substantial increase in specific conductance, strontium-87/strontium-86 ratio, potassium, and the trace metals of iron and lithium, changing the water chemistry such that it became similar to the water chemistry of the deep groundwater upwelling geochemical group. From age-dating results, water in the modern Rio Grande geochemical group was recharged to the Rio Grande alluvium within the past 10 years. The mountain-front geochemical group was generally old water (apparent age was greater than 10,000 carbon-14 years before present) that was somewhat mineralized and has relatively high concentrations of fluoride and silica, which might indicate longer exposure to volcanic and siliciclastic rocks or aluminosilicate minerals. There were five different locations of recharge determined from the groundwater geochemistry within the mountain-front geochemical group, all having a slightly different geochemical signature: (1) the Rough and Ready Hills, Robledo Mountains, and the Sleeping Lady Hills, (2) the Doña Ana Mountains, (3) the Aden Hills and West Potrillo Mountains, (4) the East Potrillo Mountains, and (5) the Sierra Juárez in Mexico. The groundwater from the Rough and Ready Hills, Robledo Mountains, the Sleeping Lady Hills, and the Doña Ana Mountains generally flows toward the Rio Grande and eventually mixes together and with the modern Rio Grande groundwater. The groundwater originating from the Aden Hills and East and West Potrillo Mountains generally flows east to southeast at a slow rate and eventually mixes and continues east, where it mixes with groundwater from the ancestral Rio Grande geochemical group and with the groundwater from the Sierra Juárez. The groundwater from the Sierra Juárez flows north and then east towards the Paso del Norte where it mixes with groundwater from the uplifted areas in the west, ancestral and modern Rio Grande groundwater, and the upwelling groundwater from a deep saline source. The deep groundwater upwelling geochemical group had the highest concentrations of bicarbonate, potassium, silica, aluminum, iron, and lithium within the study area, indicating that it had been in contact with carbonate and siliciclastic rocks for a much longer period of time and at higher temperatures compared to the other geochemical groups, and was most likely ancient marine groundwater originating from the Paleozoic and Cretaceous carbonate rocks which was upwelling into the Mesilla Basin aquifer system in the southeastern part of the study area through the extensive fault systems. Direct-current resistivity and time-domain electromagnetic soundings support the interpretation of ancient marine groundwater upwelling into the Mesilla Basin aquifer system, as do the analytical results from wells, and the helicopter frequency domain electromagnetic data collected along the Rio Grande. The hydrogen-2/hydrogen-1 ratio and oxygen-18/oxygen-16 ratio isotopic results for samples in the unknown freshwater geochemical group did not plot on the Rio Grande evaporation line, indicating this group did not have a Rio Grande signature (that is, there was no isotopic evidence of a component of Rio Grande water) and it also had the lowest mineralized content of any geochemical group in the study area.

              Quantifying drivers of wild pig movement across multiple spatial and temporal scales   
    Background The movement behavior of an animal is determined by extrinsic and intrinsic factors that operate at multiple spatio-temporal scales, yet much of our knowledge of animal movement comes from studies that examine only one or two scales concurrently. Understanding the drivers of animal movement across multiple scales is crucial for understanding the fundamentals of movement ecology, predicting changes in distribution, describing disease dynamics, and identifying efficient methods of wildlife conservation and management. Methods We obtained over 400,000 GPS locations of wild pigs from 13 different studies spanning six states in southern U.S.A., and quantified movement rates and home range size within a single analytical framework. We used a generalized additive mixed model framework to quantify the effects of five broad predictor categories on movement: individual-level attributes, geographic factors, landscape attributes, meteorological conditions, and temporal variables. We examined effects of predictors across three temporal scales: daily, monthly, and using all data during the study period. We considered both local environmental factors such as daily weather data and distance to various resources on the landscape, as well as factors acting at a broader spatial scale such as ecoregion and season. Results We found meteorological variables (temperature and pressure), landscape features (distance to water sources), a broad-scale geographic factor (ecoregion), and individual-level characteristics (sex-age class), drove wild pig movement across all scales, but both the magnitude and shape of covariate relationships to movement differed across temporal scales. Conclusions The analytical framework we present can be used to assess movement patterns arising from multiple data sources for a range of species while accounting for spatio-temporal correlations. Our analyses show the magnitude by which reaction norms can change based on the temporal scale of response data, illustrating the importance of appropriately defining temporal scales of both the movement response and covariates depending on the intended implications of research (e.g., predicting effects of movement due to climate change versus planning local-scale management). We argue that consideration of multiple spatial scales within the same framework (rather than comparing across separate studies post-hoc) gives a more accurate quantification of cross-scale spatial effects by appropriately accounting for error correlation.
              Integrating count and detection–nondetection data to model population dynamics   

    There is increasing need for methods that integrate multiple data types into a single analytical framework as the spatial and temporal scale of ecological research expands. Current work on this topic primarily focuses on combining capture–recapture data from marked individuals with other data types into integrated population models. Yet, studies of species distributions and trends often rely on data from unmarked individuals across broad scales where local abundance and environmental variables may vary. We present a modeling framework for integrating detection–nondetection and count data into a single analysis to estimate population dynamics, abundance, and individual detection probabilities during sampling. Our dynamic population model assumes that site-specific abundance can change over time according to survival of individuals and gains through reproduction and immigration. The observation process for each data type is modeled by assuming that every individual present at a site has an equal probability of being detected during sampling processes. We examine our modeling approach through a series of simulations illustrating the relative value of count vs. detection–nondetection data under a variety of parameter values and survey configurations. We also provide an empirical example of the model by combining long-term detection–nondetection data (1995–2014) with newly collected count data (2015–2016) from a growing population of Barred Owl (Strix varia) in the Pacific Northwest to examine the factors influencing population abundance over time. Our model provides a foundation for incorporating unmarked data within a single framework, even in cases where sampling processes yield different detection probabilities. This approach will be useful for survey design and to researchers interested in incorporating historical or citizen science data into analyses focused on understanding how demographic rates drive population abundance.

              The spatial distribution of earthquake stress rotations following large subduction zone earthquakes   

    Rotations of the principal stress axes due to great subduction zone earthquakes have been used to infer low differential stress and near-complete stress drop. The spatial distribution of coseismic and postseismic stress rotation as a function of depth and along-strike distance is explored for three recent M ≥ 8.8 subduction megathrust earthquakes. In the down-dip direction, the largest coseismic stress rotations are found just above the Moho depth of the overriding plate. This zone has been identified as hosting large patches of large slip in great earthquakes, based on the lack of high-frequency radiated energy. The large continuous slip patches may facilitate near-complete stress drop. There is seismological evidence for high fluid pressures in the subducted slab around the Moho depth of the overriding plate, suggesting low differential stress levels in this zone due to high fluid pressure, also facilitating stress rotations. The coseismic stress rotations have similar along-strike extent as the mainshock rupture. Postseismic stress rotations tend to occur in the same locations as the coseismic stress rotations, probably due to the very low remaining differential stress following the near-complete coseismic stress drop. The spatial complexity of the observed stress changes suggests that an analytical solution for finding the differential stress from the coseismic stress rotation may be overly simplistic, and that modeling of the full spatial distribution of the mainshock static stress changes is necessary.

              Secondary ionization mass spectrometry analysis in petrochronology: Chapter 7   

    The goal of petrochronology is to extract information about the rates and conditions at which rocks and magmas are transported through the Earth’s crust. Garnering this information from the rock record greatly benefits from integrating textural and compositional data with radiometric dating of accessory minerals. Length scales of crystal growth and diffusive transport in accessory minerals under realistic geologic conditions are typically in the range of 1–10’s of μm, and in some cases even substantially smaller, with zircon having among the lowest diffusion coefficients at a given temperature (e.g., Cherniak and Watson 2003). Intrinsic to the compartmentalization of geochemical and geochronologic information from intra-crystal domains is the requirement to determine accessory mineral compositions using techniques that sample at commensurate spatial scales so as to not convolute the geologic signals that are recorded within crystals, as may be the case with single grain or large grain fragment analysis by isotope dilution thermal ionization mass spectrometry (ID-TIMS; e.g., Schaltegger and Davies 2017, this volume; Schoene and Baxter 2017, this volume). Small crystals can also be difficult to extract by mineral separation techniques traditionally used in geochronology, which also lead to a loss of petrographic context. Secondary Ionization Mass Spectrometry, that is SIMS performed with an ion microprobe, is an analytical technique ideally suited to meet the high spatial resolution analysis requirements that are critical for petrochronology (Table 1).

              U.S. Geological Survey external quality-assurance project report for the National Atmospheric Deposition Program / National Trends Network and Mercury Deposition Network, 2011-2012   

    The U.S. Geological Survey operated six distinct programs to provide external quality-assurance monitoring for the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) / National Trends Network (NTN) and Mercury Deposition Network (MDN) during 2011–2012. The field-audit program assessed the effects of onsite exposure, sample handling, and shipping on the chemistry of NTN samples; a system-blank program assessed the same effects for MDN. Two interlaboratory-comparison programs assessed the bias and variability of the chemical analysis data from the Central Analytical Laboratory and Mercury Analytical Laboratory (HAL). A blind-audit program was implemented for the MDN during 2011 to evaluate analytical bias in HAL total mercury concentration data. The co-located–sampler program was used to identify and quantify potential shifts in NADP data resulting from the replacement of original network instrumentation with new electronic recording rain gages and precipitation collectors that use optical precipitation sensors.

    The results indicate that NADP data continue to be of sufficient quality for the analysis of spatial distributions and time trends of chemical constituents in wet deposition across the United States. Co-located rain gage results indicate -3.7 to +6.5 percent bias in NADP precipitation-depth measurements. Co-located collector results suggest that the retrofit of the NADP networks with the new precipitation collectors could cause +10 to +36 percent shifts in NADP annual deposition values for ammonium, nitrate, and sulfate; -7.5 to +41 percent shifts for hydrogen-ion deposition; and larger shifts (-51 to +52 percent) for calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chloride. The prototype N-CON Systems bucket collector typically catches more precipitation than the NADP-approved Aerochem Metrics Model 301 collector.

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              Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) | Re: GMAC OG Online Content Vs Printed content   
    Hi Paras,

    Questions in OG online access and in book are same. you can use anyone

    Yes this is better to use online version which you can use on your smart phone or ipad etc.


              Comment on Eyes on prize! by Ian Clark   
    Why is Independence important and how do we show its importance to us? "Independence ... is fundamental... It is the root concept from which all else grows. Just as the constitution is the starting point for all politics, so independence is the starting point for the constitution. Independence is not merely a means to an end...Independence is the prize. Commitment to winning this prize must be unequivocal, unconditional and unwavering." I can imagine the fervent gleam in your eyes when you formulated your catechism. However your narrow nationalism means little to many of us. But, hey, who cares about the opinions of a bunch of self-regarding intellectuals and self-righteous radicals who self-indulgently attack the SNP. The original article (by WGD or George Kerevan?) was relevant. It's hard to see how you interpreted it as an attack on the SNP. But more importantly - whether you like it or not - for many of us independence will only ever be a means to an end. You disagree. Fine. Your position is a perfectly reasonable one to take, but why the invective? Is it because we fail to recognise the SNP as God’s representative on Earth? Or perhaps because we fail to recognise that there can be only one version of truth and that it has already been passed on to us by you? I’m exaggerating of course, but perhaps all of us occasionally need to see ourselves as others see us. You have good reason to be concerned about the consequences of a lack of single mindedness and discipline on our part in the face of a powerful and ruthless enemy. I share that concern to a large extent. A consequence of this is that the vital importance of the SNP must be recognised and the party supported. But not unconditionally. Your implicit ‘SNP never baaad’ attitude lacks credibility. There is also a problem with your obsession with ideological purity. Many (most?) of us do not share your beliefs about why we should want independence. But, irrespective of arguments for and against, on purely practical grounds divisively lashing out at and demeaning fellow independence supporters is counterproductive. The efforts of all of us will be needed to defeat the UK state. Your analytical, evaluation and polemical skills are formidable and highly valuable, but you occasionally go off on a non productive rant. Sometimes we all need to pause before reacting. In this spirit, I refer you to Ms. Sturgeon’s recent reflective speech as a fine example of how to assert one’s beliefs and yet keep those with competing visions on board.
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              New Semantic Publishing Benchmark Record   

    There is a new SPB (Semantic Publishing Benchmark) 256 Mtriple record with Virtuoso.

    As before, the result has been measured with the feature/analytics branch of the v7fasttrack open source distribution, and it will soon be available as a preconfigured Amazon EC2 image. The updated benchmarks AMI with this version of the software will be out there within the next week, to be announced on this blog.

    On the Cost of RDF Query Optimization

    RDF query optimization is harder than the relational equivalent; first, because there are more joins, hence an NP complete explosion of plan search space, and second, because cardinality estimation is harder and usually less reliable. The work on characteristic sets, pioneered by Thomas Neumann in RDF3X, uses regularities in structure for treating properties usually occurring in the same subject as columns of a table. The same idea is applied for tuning physical representation in the joint Virtuoso / MonetDB work published at WWW 2015.

    The Virtuoso results discussed here, however, are all based on a single RDF quad table with Virtuoso's default index configuration.

    Introducing query plan caching raises the Virtuoso score from 80 qps to 144 qps at the 256 Mtriple scale. The SPB queries are not extremely complex; lookups with many more triple patterns exist in actual workloads, e.g., Open PHACTS. In such applications, query optimization indeed dominates execution times. In SPB, data volumes touched by queries grow near linearly with data scale. At the 256 Mtriple scale, nearly half of CPU cycles are spent deciding a query plan. Below are the CPU cycles for execution and compilation per query type, sorted by descending sum of the times, scaled to milliseconds per execution. These are taken from a one minute sample of running at full throughput.

    Test system is the same used before in the TPC-H series: dual Xeon E5-2630 Sandy Bridge, 2 x 6 cores x 2 threads, 2.3GHz, 192 GB RAM.

    We measure the compile and execute times, with and without using hash join. When considering hash join, the throughput is 80 qps. When not considering hash join, the throughput is 110 qps. With query plan caching, the throughput is 145 qps whether or not hash join is considered. Using hash join is not significant for the workload but considering its use in query optimization leads to significant extra work.

    With hash join

    Compile Execute Total Query
    3156 ms 1181 ms 4337 ms Total
    1327 ms 28 ms 1355 ms query 01
    444 ms 460 ms 904 ms query 08
    466 ms 54 ms 520 ms query 06
    123 ms 268 ms 391 ms query 05
    257 ms 5 ms 262 ms query 11
    191 ms 59 ms 250 ms query 10
    9 ms 179 ms 188 ms query 04
    114 ms 26 ms 140 ms query 07
    46 ms 62 ms 108 ms query 09
    71 ms 25 ms 96 ms query 12
    61 ms 13 ms 74 ms query 03
    47 ms 2 ms 49 ms query 02

    Without hash join

    Compile Execute Total Query
    1816 ms 1019 ms 2835 ms Total
    197 ms 466 ms 663 ms query 08
    609 ms 32 ms 641 ms query 01
    188 ms 293 ms 481 ms query 05
    275 ms 61 ms 336 ms query 09
    163 ms 10 ms 173 ms query 03
    128 ms 38 ms 166 ms query 10
    102 ms 5 ms 107 ms query 11
    63 ms 27 ms 90 ms query 12
    24 ms 57 ms 81 ms query 06
    47 ms 1 ms 48 ms query 02
    15 ms 24 ms 39 ms query 07
    5 ms 5 ms 10 ms query 04

    Considering hash join always slows down compilation, and sometimes improves and sometimes worsens execution. Some improvement in cost-model and plan-space traversal-order is possible, but altogether removing compilation via caching is better still. The results are as expected, since a lookup workload such as SPB has little use for hash join by nature.

    The rationale for considering hash join in the first place is that analytical workloads rely heavily on this. A good TPC-H score is simply unfeasible without this as previously discussed on this blog. If RDF is to be a serious contender beyond serving lookups, then hash join is indispensable. The decision for using this however depends on accurate cardinality estimates on either side of the join.

    Previous work (e.g., papers from FORTH around MonetDB) advocates doing away with a cost model altogether, since one is hard and unreliable with RDF anyway. The idea is not without its attraction but will lead to missing out of analytics or to relying on query hints for hash join.

    The present Virtuoso thinking is that going to rule based optimization is not the preferred solution, but rather using characteristic sets for reducing triples into wider tables, which also cuts down on plan search space and increases reliability of cost estimation.

    When looking at execution alone, we see that actual database operations are low in the profile, with memory management taking the top 19%. This is due to CONSTRUCT queries allocating small blocks for returning graphs, which is entirely avoidable.

              Vectored Execution in Column/Row Stores   

    This article discusses the relationship between vectored execution and column- and row-wise data representations. Column stores are traditionally considered to be good for big scans but poor at indexed access. This is not necessarily so, though. We take TPC-H Q9 as a starting point, working with different row- and column-wise data representations and index choices. The goal of the article is to provide a primer on the performance implications of different physical designs.

    All the experiments are against the TPC-H 100G dataset hosted in Virtuoso on the test system used before in the TPC-H series: dual Xeon E5-2630, 2x6 cores x 2 threads, 2.3GHz, 192 GB RAM. The Virtuoso version corresponds to the feature/analytics branch in the v7fasttrack github project. All run times are from memory, and queries generally run at full platform, 24 concurrent threads.

    We note that RDF stores and graph databases usually do not have secondary indices with multiple key parts. However, these do predominantly index-based access as opposed to big scans and hash joins. To explore the impact of this, we have decomposed the tables into projections with a single dependent column, which approximates a triple store or a vertically-decomposed graph database like Sparksee.

    So, in these experiments, we store the relevant data four times over, as follows:

    • 100G TPC-H dataset in the column-wise schema as discussed in the TPC-H series, now complemented with indices on l_partkey and on l_partkey, l_suppkey

    • The same in row-wise data representation

    • Column-wise tables with a single dependent column for l_partkey, l_suppkey, l_extendedprice, l_quantity, l_discount, ps_supplycost, s_nationkey, p_name. These all have the original tables primary key, e.g., l_orderkey, l_linenumber for the l_ prefixed tables

    • The same with row-wise tables

    The column-wise structures are in the DB qualifier, and the row-wise are in the R qualifier. There is a summary of space consumption at the end of the article. This is relevant for scalability, since even if row-wise structures can be faster for scattered random access, they will fit less data in RAM, typically 2 to 3x less. Thus, if "faster" rows cause the working set not to fit, "slower" columns will still win.

    As a starting point, we know that the best Q9 is the one in the Virtuoso TPC-H implementation which is described in Part 10 of the TPC-H blog series. This is a scan of lineitem with a selective hash join followed ordered index access of orders, then hash joins against the smaller tables. There are special tricks to keep the hash tables small by propagating restrictions from the probe side to the build side.

    The query texts are available here, along with the table declarations and scripts for populating the single-column projections. rs.sql makes the tables and indices, rsload.sql copies the data from the TPC-H tables.

    The business question is to calculate the profit from sale of selected parts grouped by year and country of the supplier. This touches most of the tables, aggregates over 1/17 of all sales, and touches at least every page of the tables concerned, if not every row.

                                                                             n_name  AS  nation, 
                                                     EXTRACT(year FROM o_orderdate)  AS  o_year,
              SUM (l_extendedprice * (1 - l_discount) - ps_supplycost * l_quantity)  AS  sum_profit
        FROM  lineitem, part, partsupp, orders, supplier, nation
       WHERE    s_suppkey = l_suppkey
         AND   ps_suppkey = l_suppkey
         AND   ps_partkey = l_partkey
         AND    p_partkey = l_partkey
         AND   o_orderkey = l_orderkey
         AND  s_nationkey = n_nationkey
         AND  p_name LIKE '%green%'
    GROUP BY  nation, o_year
    ORDER BY  nation, o_year DESC

    Query Variants

    The query variants discussed here are:

    1. Hash based, the best plan -- 9h.sql

    2. Index based with multicolumn rows, with lineitem index on l_partkey -- 9i.sql, 9ir.sql

    3. Index based with multicolumn rows, lineitem index on l_partkey, l_suppkey -- 9ip.sql, 9ipr.sql

    4. Index based with one table per dependent column, index on l_partkey -- 9p.sql

    5. index based with one table per dependent column, with materialized l_partkey, l_suppkey -> l_orderkey, l_minenumber -- 9pp.sql, 9ppr.sql

    These are done against row- and column-wise data representations with 3 different vectorization settings. The dynamic vector size starts at 10,000 values in a vector, and adaptively upgrades this to 1,000,000 if it finds that index access is too sparse. Accessing rows close to each other is more efficient than widely scattered rows in vectored index access, so using a larger vector will likely cause a denser, hence more efficient, access pattern.

    The 10K vector size corresponds to running with a fixed vector size. The Vector 1 sets vector size to 1, effectively running a tuple at a time, which corresponds to a non-vectorized engine.

    We note that lineitem and its single column projections contain 600M rows. So, a vector of 10K values will hit, on the average, every 60,000th row. A vector of 1,000,000 will thus hit every 600th. This is when doing random lookups that are in no specific order, e.g., getting lineitems by a secondary index on l_partkey.

    1 — Hash-based plan

    Vector Dynamic 10k 1
    Column-wise 4.1 s 4.1 s 145   s
    Row-wise 25.6 s 25.9 s 45.4 s

    Dynamic vector size has no effect here, as there is no indexed access that would gain from more locality. The column store is much faster because of less memory access (just scan the l_partkey column, and filter this with a Bloom filter; and then hash table lookup to pick only items with the desired part). The other columns are accessed only for the matching rows. The hash lookup is vectored since there are hundreds of compressed l_partkey values available at each time. The row store does the hash lookup row by row, hence losing cache locality and instruction-level parallelism.

    Without vectorization, we have a situation where the lineitem scan emits one row at a time. Restarting the scan with the column store takes much longer, since 5 buffers have to be located and pinned instead of one for the row store. The row store is thus slowed down less, but it too suffers almost a factor of 2 from interpretation overhead.

    2 — Index-based, lineitem indexed on l_partkey

    Vector Dynamic 10k 1
    Column-wise 30.4 s 62.3 s 321   s
    Row-wise 31.8 s 27.7 s 122   s

    Here the plan scans part, then partsupp, which shares ordering with part; both are ordered on partkey. Then lineitem is fetched by a secondary index on l_partkey. This produces l_orderkey, l_lineitem, which are used to get the l_suppkey. We then check if the l_suppkey matches the ps_suppkey from partsupp, which drops 3/4 of the rows. The next join is on orders, which shares ordering with lineitem; both are ordered on orderkey.

    There is a narrow win for columns with dynamic vector size. When access becomes scattered, rows win by 2.5x, because there is only one page to access instead of 1 + 3 for columns. This is compensated for if the next item is found on the same page, which happens if the access pattern is denser.

    3 — Index-based, lineitem indexed on L_partkey, l_suppkey

    Vector Dynamic 10k 1
    Column-wise 16.9 s 47.2 s 151   s
    Row-wise 22.4 s 20.7 s 89   s

    This is similar to the previous, except that now only lineitems that match ps_partkey, ps_suppkey are accessed, as the secondary index has two columns. Access is more local. Columns thus win more with dynamic vector size.

    4 — Decomposed, index on l_partkey

    Vector Dynamic 10k 1
    Column-wise 35.7 s 170   s 601   s
    Row-wise 44.5 s 56.2 s 130   s

    Now, each of the l_extendedprice, l_discount, l_quantity and l_suppkey is a separate index lookup. The times are slightly higher but the dynamic is the same.

    The non-vectored columns case is hit the hardest.

    5 — Decomposed, index on l_partkey, l_suppkey

    Vector Dynamic 10k 1
    Column-wise 19.6 s 111   s 257   s
    Row-wise 32.0 s 37   s 74.9 s

    Again, we see the same dynamic as with a multicolumn table. Columns win slightly more at long vector sizes because of overall better index performance in the presence of locality.

    Space Utilization

    The following tables list the space consumption in megabytes of allocated pages. Unallocated space in database files is not counted.

    The row-wise table also contains entries for column-wise structures (DB.*) since these have a row-wise sparse index. The size of this is however negligible, under 1% of the column-wise structures.

    Row-Wise    Column-Wise
    MB structure
    73515 R.DBA.LINEITEM
    14768 R.DBA.ORDERS
    11728 R.DBA.PARTSUPP
    10161 r_lpk_pk
    10003 r_l_pksk
    9908 R.DBA.l_partkey
    8761 R.DBA.l_extendedprice
    8745 R.DBA.l_discount
    8738 r_l_pk
    8713 R.DBA.l_suppkey
    6267 R.DBA.l_quantity
    2180 R.DBA.o_orderdate
    2041 r_O_CK
    1911 R.DBA.PART
    1281 R.DBA.ps_supplycost
    811 R.DBA.p_name
    9 R.DBA.s_nationkey
    5 l_pksk
    4 DB.DBA.l_partkey
    4 lpk_pk
    4 DB.DBA.l_extendedprice
    3 l_pk
    3 DB.DBA.l_suppkey
    2 DB.DBA.l_quantity
    1 O_CK
    1 DB.DBA.l_discount
    MB structure
    13087 DB.DBA.ORDERS
    5181 DB.DBA.l_extendedprice
    4431 l_pksk
    3072 DB.DBA.l_partkey
    2958 lpk_pk
    2918 l_pk
    2835 DB.DBA.l_suppkey
    1618 DB.DBA.PART
    1156 DB.DBA.l_quantity
    961 DB.DBA.ps_supplycost
    814 O_CK
    798 DB.DBA.l_discount
    724 DB.DBA.p_name
    436 DB.DBA.o_orderdate
    1 DB.DBA.s_nationkey

    In both cases, the large tables are on top, but the column-wise case takes only half the space due to compression.

    We note that the single column projections are smaller column-wise. The l_extendedprice is not very compressible hence column-wise takes much more space than l_quantity; the row-wise difference is less. Since the leading key parts l_orderkey, l_linenumber are ordered and very compressible, the column-wise structures are in all cases noticeably more compact.

    The same applies to the multipart index l_pksk and r_l_pksk (l_partkey, l_suppkey, l_orderkey, l_linenumber) in column- and row-wise representations.

    Note that STRING columns (e.g., l_comment) are not compressed. If they were, the overall space ratio would be even more to the advantage of the column store.


    Column stores and vectorization inextricably belong together. Column-wise compression yields great gains also for indices, since sorted data is easy to compress. Also for non-sorted data, adaptive use of dictionaries, run lengths, etc., produce great space savings. Columns also win with indexed access if there is locality.

    Row stores have less dependence on locality, but they also will win by a factor of 3 from dropping interpretation overhead and exploiting join locality.

    For point lookups, columns lose by 2+x but considering their better space efficiency, they will still win if space savings prevent going to secondary storage. For bulk random access, like in graph analytics, columns will win because of being able to operate on a large vector of keys to fetch.

    For many workloads, from TPC-H to LDBC social network, multi-part keys are a necessary component of physical design for performance if indexed access predominates. Triple stores and most graph databases do not have such and are therefore at a disadvantage. Self-joining, like in RDF or other vertically decomposed structures, can cost up to a factor of 10-20 over a column-wise multicolumn table. This depends however on the density of access.

    For analytical workloads, where the dominant join pattern is the scan with selective hash join, column stores are unbeatable, as per common wisdom. There are good physical reasons for this and the row store even with well implemented vectorization loses by a factor of 5.

    For decomposed structures, like RDF quads or single column projections of tables, column stores are relatively more advantageous because the key columns are extensively repeated, and these compress better with columns than with rows. In all the RDF workloads we have tried, columns never lose, but there is often a draw between rows and columns for lookup workloads. The longer the query, the more columns win.

              Introducing the OpenLink Virtuoso Benchmarks AMI on Amazon EC2   

    The OpenLink Virtuoso Benchmarks AMI is an Amazon EC2 machine image with the latest Virtuoso open source technology preconfigured to run —

    • TPC-H , the classic of SQL data warehousing

    • LDBC SNB, the new Social Network Benchmark from the Linked Data Benchmark Council

    • LDBC SPB, the RDF/SPARQL Semantic Publishing Benchmark from LDBC

    This package is ideal for technology evaluators and developers interested in getting the most performance out of Virtuoso. This is also an all-in-one solution to any questions about reproducing claimed benchmark results. All necessary tools for building and running are included; thus any developer can use this model installation as a starting point. The benchmark drivers are preconfigured with appropriate settings, and benchmark qualification tests can be run with a single command.

    The Benchmarks AMI includes a precompiled, preconfigured checkout of the v7fasttrack github repository, checkouts of the github repositories of the benchmarks, and a number of running directories with all configuration files preset and optimized. The image is intended to be instantiated on a R3.8xlarge Amazon instance with 244G RAM, dual Xeon E5-2670 v2, and 600G SSD.

    Benchmark datasets and preloaded database files can be downloaded from S3 when large, and generated as needed on the instance when small. As an alternative, the instance is also set up to do all phases of data generation and database bulk load.

    The following benchmark setups are included:

    • TPC-H 100G
    • TPC-H 300G
    • LDBC SNB Validation
    • LDBC SNB Interactive 100G
    • LDBC SNB Interactive 300G (SF3)
    • LDBC SPB Validation
    • LDBC SPB Basic 256 Mtriples (SF5)
    • LDBC SPB Basic 1 Gtriple

    The AMI will be expanded as new benchmarks are introduced, for example, the LDBC Social Network Business Intelligence or Graph Analytics.

    To get started:

    1. Instantiate machine image ami-eb789280 (AMI ID is subject to change; you should be able to find the latest by searching for "OpenLink Virtuoso Benchmarks" in "Community AMIs"; this one is short-named virtuoso-bench-6) with a R3.8xlarge instance.

    2. Connect via ssh.

    3. See the README (also found in the ec2-user's home directory) for full instructions on getting up and running.

              SNB Interactive, Part 3: Choke Points and Initial Run on Virtuoso   

    In this post we will look at running the LDBC SNB on Virtuoso.

    First, let's recap what the benchmark is about:

    1. fairly frequent short updates, with no update contention worth mentioning
    2. short random lookups
    3. medium complex queries centered around a person's social environment

    The updates exist so as to invalidate strategies that rely too heavily on precomputation. The short lookups exist for the sake of realism; after all, an online social application does lookups for the most part. The medium complex queries are to challenge the DBMS.

    The DBMS challenges have to do firstly with query optimization, and secondly with execution with a lot of non-local random access patterns. Query optimization is not a requirement, per se, since imperative implementations are allowed, but we will see that these are no more free of the laws of nature than the declarative ones.

    The workload is arbitrarily parallel, so intra-query parallelization is not particularly useful, if also not harmful. There are latency constraints on operations which strongly encourage implementations to stay within a predictable time envelope regardless of specific query parameters. The parameters are a combination of person and date range, and sometimes tags or countries. The hardest queries have the potential to access all content created by people within 2 steps of a central person, so possibly thousands of people, times 2000 posts per person, times up to 4 tags per post. We are talking in the millions of key lookups, aiming for sub-second single-threaded execution.

    The test system is the same as used in the TPC-H series: dual Xeon E5-2630, 2x6 cores x 2 threads, 2.3GHz, 192 GB RAM. The software is the feature/analytics branch of v7fasttrack, available from

    The dataset is the SNB 300G set, with:

    1,136,127 persons
    125,249,604 knows edges
    847,886,644 posts , including replies
    1,145,893,841 tags of posts or replies
    1,140,226,235 likes of posts or replies

    As an initial step, we run the benchmark as fast as it will go. We use 32 threads on the driver side for 24 hardware threads.

    Below are the numerical quantities for a 400K operation run after 150K operations worth of warmup.

    Duration: 10:41.251
    Throughput: 623.71 (op/s)

    The statistics that matter are detailed below, with operations ranked in order of descending client-side wait-time. All times are in milliseconds.

    % of total total_wait name count mean min max
    20     % 4,231,130 LdbcQuery5 656 6,449.89    245 10,311
    11     % 2,272,954 LdbcQuery8 18,354 123.84    14 2,240
    10     % 2,200,718 LdbcQuery3 388 5,671.95    468 17,368
    7.3   % 1,561,382 LdbcQuery14 1,124 1,389.13    4 5,724
    6.7   % 1,441,575 LdbcQuery12 1,252 1,151.42    15 3,273
    6.5   % 1,396,932 LdbcQuery10 1,252 1,115.76    13 4,743
    5     % 1,064,457 LdbcShortQuery3PersonFriends 46,285 22.9979  0 2,287
    4.9   % 1,047,536 LdbcShortQuery2PersonPosts 46,285 22.6323  0 2,156
    4.1   % 885,102 LdbcQuery6 1,721 514.295   8 5,227
    3.3   % 707,901 LdbcQuery1 2,117 334.389   28 3,467
    2.4   % 521,738 LdbcQuery4 1,530 341.005   49 2,774
    2.1   % 440,197 LdbcShortQuery4MessageContent 46,302 9.50708 0 2,015
    1.9   % 407,450 LdbcUpdate5AddForumMembership 14,338 28.4175  0 2,008
    1.9   % 405,243 LdbcShortQuery7MessageReplies 46,302 8.75217 0 2,112
    1.9   % 404,002 LdbcShortQuery6MessageForum 46,302 8.72537 0 1,968
    1.8   % 387,044 LdbcUpdate3AddCommentLike 12,659 30.5746  0 2,060
    1.7   % 361,290 LdbcShortQuery1PersonProfile 46,285 7.80577 0 2,015
    1.6   % 334,409 LdbcShortQuery5MessageCreator 46,302 7.22234 0 2,055
    1     % 220,740 LdbcQuery2 1,488 148.347   2 2,504
    0.96  % 205,910 LdbcQuery7 1,721 119.646   11 2,295
    0.93  % 198,971 LdbcUpdate2AddPostLike 5,974 33.3062  0 1,987
    0.88  % 189,871 LdbcQuery11 2,294 82.7685  4 2,219
    0.85  % 182,964 LdbcQuery13 2,898 63.1346  1 2,201
    0.74  % 158,188 LdbcQuery9 78 2,028.05    1,108 4,183
    0.67  % 143,457 LdbcUpdate7AddComment 3,986 35.9902  1 1,912
    0.26  % 54,947 LdbcUpdate8AddFriendship 571 96.2294  1 988
    0.2   % 43,451 LdbcUpdate6AddPost 1,386 31.3499  1 2,060
    0.0086% 1,848 LdbcUpdate4AddForum 103 17.9417  1 65
    0.0002% 44 LdbcUpdate1AddPerson 2 22       10 34

    At this point we have in-depth knowledge of the choke points the benchmark stresses, and we can give a first assessment of whether the design meets its objectives for setting an agenda for the coming years of graph database development.

    The implementation is well optimized in general but still has maybe 30% room for improvement. We note that this is based on a compressed column store. One could think that alternative data representations, like in-memory graphs of structs and pointers between them, are better for the task. This is not necessarily so; at the least, a compressed column store is much more space efficient. Space efficiency is the root of cost efficiency, since as soon as the working set is not in memory, a random access workload is badly hit.

    The set of choke points (technical challenges) actually revealed by the benchmark is so far as follows:

    • Cardinality estimation under heavy data skew — Many queries take a tag or a country as a parameter. The cardinalities associated with tags vary from 29M posts for the most common to 1 for the least common. Q6 has a common tag (in top few hundred) half the time and a random, most often very infrequent, one the rest of the time. A declarative implementation must recognize the cardinality implications from the literal and plan accordingly. An imperative one would have to count. Missing this makes Q6 take about 40% of the time instead of 4.1% when adapting.

    • Covering indices — Being able to make multi-column indices that duplicate some columns from the table often saves an entire table lookup. For example, an index on post by author can also contain the post's creation date.

    • Multi-hop graph traversal — Most queries access a two-hop environment starting at a person. Two queries look for shortest paths of unbounded length. For the two-hop case, it makes almost no difference whether this is done as a union or a special graph traversal operator. For shortest paths, this simply must be built into the engine; doing this client-side incurs prohibitive overheads. A bidirectional shortest path operation is a requirement for the benchmark.

    • Top K Most queries returning posts order results by descending date. Once there are at least k results, anything older than the kth can be dropped, adding a date selection as early as possible in the query. This interacts with vectored execution, so that starting with a short vector size more rapidly produces an initial top k.

    • Late projection — Many queries access several columns and touch millions of rows but only return a few. The columns that are not used in sorting or selection can be retrieved only for the rows that are actually returned. This is especially useful with a column store, as this removes many large columns (e.g., text of a post) from the working set.

    • Materialization — Q14 accesses an expensive-to-compute edge weight, the number of post-reply pairs between two people. Keeping this precomputed drops Q14 from the top place. Other materialization would be possible, for example Q2 (top 20 posts by friends), but since Q2 is just 1% of the load, there is no need. One could of course argue that this should be 20x more frequent, in which case there could be a point to this.

    • Concurrency control — Read-write contention is rare, as updates are randomly spread over the database. However, some pages get read very frequently, e.g., some middle level index pages in the post table. Keeping a count of reading threads requires a mutex, and there is significant contention on this. Since the hot set can be one page, adding more mutexes does not always help. However, hash partitioning the index into many independent trees (as in the case of a cluster) helps for this. There is also contention on a mutex for assigning threads to client requests, as there are large numbers of short operations.

    In subsequent posts, we will look at specific queries, what they in fact do, and what their theoretical performance limits would be. In this way we will have a precise understanding of which way SNB can steer the graph DB community.

    SNB Interactive Series

              The Virtuoso Science Library   

    There is a lot of scientific material on Virtuoso, but it has not been presented all together in any one place. So I am making here a compilation of the best resources with a paragraph of introduction on each. Some of these are project deliverables from projects under the EU FP7 programme; some are peer-reviewed publications.

    For the future, an updated version of this list may be found on the main Virtuoso site.

    European Project Deliverables

    • GeoKnow D 2.6.1: Graph Analytics in the DBMS (2015-01-05)

      This introduces the idea of unbundling basic cluster DBMS functionality like cross partition joins and partitioned group by to form a graph processing framework collocated with the data.

    • GeoKnow D2.4.1: Geospatial Clustering and Characteristic Sets (2015-01-06)

      This presents experimental results of structure-aware RDF applied to geospatial data. The regularly structured part of the data goes in tables; the rest is triples/quads. Furthermore, for the first time in the RDF space, physical storage location is correlated to properties of entities, in this case geo location, so that geospatially adjacent items are also likely adjacent in the physical data representation.

    • LOD2 D2.1.5: 500 billion triple BSBM (2014-08-18)

      This presents experimental results on lookup and BI workloads on Virtuoso cluster with 12 nodes, for a total of 3T RAM and 192 cores. This also discusses bulk load, at up to 6M triples/s and specifics of query optimization in scale-out settings.

    • LOD2 D2.6: Parallel Programming in SQL (2012-08-12)

      This discusses ways of making SQL procedures partitioning-aware, so that one can, map-reduce style, send parallel chunks of computation to each partition of the data.



    • Minh-Duc, Pham, Linnea, P., Erling, O., and Boncz, P.A. "Deriving an Emergent Relational Schema from RDF Data," WWW, 2015.

      This paper shows how RDF is in fact structured and how this structure can be reconstructed. This reconstruction then serves to create a physical schema, reintroducing all the benefits of physical design to the schema-last world. Experiments with Virtuoso show marked gains in query speed and data compactness.




    • Orri Erling: Virtuoso, a Hybrid RDBMS/Graph Column Store. IEEE Data Eng. Bull. (DEBU) 35(1):3-8 (2012)

      This paper introduces the Virtuoso column store architecture and design choices. One design is made to serve both random updates and lookups as well as the big scans where column stores traditionally excel. Examples are given from both TPC-H and the schema-less RDF world.

    • Minh-Duc Pham, Peter A. Boncz, Orri Erling: S3G2: A Scalable Structure-Correlated Social Graph Generator. TPCTC 2012:156-172

      This paper presents the basis of the social network benchmarking technology later used in the LDBC benchmarks.



    • Orri Erling, Ivan Mikhailov: Faceted Views over Large-Scale Linked Data. LDOW 2009

      This paper introduces anytime query answering as an enabling technology for open-ended querying of large data on public service end points. While not every query can be run to completion, partial results can most often be returned within a constrained time window.

    • Orri Erling, Ivan Mikhailov: Virtuoso: RDF Support in a Native RDBMS. Semantic Web Information Management 2009:501-519

      This is a general presentation of how a SQL engine needs to be adapted to serve a run-time typed and schema-less workload.



    • Orri Erling, Ivan Mikhailov: RDF Support in the Virtuoso DBMS. CSSW 2007:59-68

      This is an initial discussion of RDF support in Virtuoso. Most specifics are by now different but this can give a historical perspective.

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    A Bachelor of Computer Science degree typically takes about four years to complete, but some colleges also offer it on a fast-track schedule. You can earn this degree on-campus or enroll for online degree at an accredited institution.

    Computer Engineering: This is an engineering degree that combines elements of both computer science and electrical engineering. This computer degree program is suited for individuals who want to work on the hardware side of computers. Computer hardware engineers are responsible for designing, developing, testing, installing, and maintaining computer hardware. As a result, a computer engineering degree imparts training in electronic engineering, software design and hardware-software integration. The types of courses it covers include computer architecture and organization, digital electronics, circuit analysis, embedded systems, etc. A candidate's science and math skills need to be strong for this degree as well.

    Computer Programming: This computer degree is the most pertinent choice for individuals who are singularly focused on programming. A lot of aspiring programmers gravitate towards this program because it combines the study of programming languages with courses on databases, networks, and Internet applications. This type of degree is available at the Associate's, Bachelor's as well as at the Master's level. An Associate's degree in Computer Programming is the preferred choice for students looking for a quick entry into workforce as it can be earned in two years or less.

    An Associate's of Science in Computer Programming degree qualifies graduates for entry-level programming jobs. Programmers or developers, as they are sometimes referred to, are required to convert a software design into a logical series of instructions called code that will make a computer perform a specific task. In addition to writing new programs, programmers also update, repair, and modify existing programs.

    Computer Technology and Networking: This is another computer degree program that has captured the interest of many students aspiring to become a computer technician. As a computer technician or a support specialist, you help people to use their computers. You install software and tools on machines, fix problems when they arise, and are responsible for maintaining system upkeep. A Computer Technology and Networking degree also trains graduates for the job of a network administrator who designs, installs and supports computer systems in an organization. However, it's possible that you may have to work as a support specialist before you're offered the role of a network or systems administrator.

    This is typically an Associate's program and can be completed in two years' time or even less on a flexible schedule from some colleges. Graduates of this program are encouraged to complete additional professional certifications to expand their knowledge and boost their job prospects.

    Computer Information Systems: This computer program is also available at the Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's level. Depending on the type of degree you earn, you will be responsible for designing, building, and implementing technology in an organization in order to drive its business forward.

    A graduate degree in the field is more focused on the management of information systems in a company. A Master's degree will qualify you for the role of an information systems manager, who plans and directs all IT-related activities in his or her firm. An Associate's degree can help graduates obtain entry-level positions, while more responsible and superior roles are reserved for candidates who have a Bachelor's Degree in CIS.
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