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          Comment on 30+ Mom-Approved Natural Home Remedies by How To Save Money Fast: 109 Best Ways To Save Money Today   
[…] 30+ mom approved natural home remedies […]
          Walkers raise money for vital care service   
ELATED late-night walkers took to the streets in their hundreds to raise money for a much-loved care service in North Oxfordshire.
          Bank manager takes to the road to raise money for hospice   
A BANBURY bank manager has swapped bean-counting for a bike and side car to raise money for Katharine House Hospice.
          La Escuela Tlatelolco closing over money issues   

Denver Public Schools contract ended in 2016. 

          Microsoft's Gamble With Xbox Business Has Turned Corner   
CNNMoney.com: Microsoft's Gamble With Xbox Business Has Turned Corner
          Fairline Targa 62 GRAN TURISMO nominated for prestigious Motor Boat of the Year Award   


Winners of the awards will be announced on Monday 14th January during the Tullet Prebon London International Boat Show. 

The awards are hosted by Motor Boat & Yachting, Motor Boats Monthly and ybw.com, and are sponsored by Pantaenius.  Each boat nominated in the categories has been rigorously tested by one of the publications and judged on design, ability and value for money for the chosen marketplace. 

Fairline Boats previously won the award for the Sports Cruiser above 45ft category with its Targa 58 GRAN TURISMO in 2011. In 2007 it was awarded the Sports Cruiser under 45ft award for its Targa 38, and has also previously won the flybridge over 50ft award for its Squadron 68. 

Oliver Winbolt, Head of Marketing at Fairline Boats, commented: “As a previous winner of the Motor Boat of the Year Awards we are delighted to once again be nominated for such a prestigious accolade.  We hope to repeat the success of last year and bring home the award for Sports Cruiser over 45ft with the Fairline Targa 62 GRAN TURISMO.”

          The Energy Collective Daily: Finkel Review, Blueprint for Australia's Electricity Market: "The Real Work Has Still to Be Done"   

Finkel Review, Blueprint for Australia’s Electricity Market: “The Real Work Has Still to Be Done” | The Energy Collective Daily

Link to The Energy Collective

          Sapphire’s new Radeon video cards are made for miners   

The use of crypto-currency has become more popular than ever. Riding to the demand of the digital money itself is the miners. And to cater these growing producers, here are the new Sapphire Radeon cards built for miners. According to the report, crypto-currency mining is more economical to do on a GPU rather than the […]

This article, Sapphire’s new Radeon video cards are made for miners, was originally published at NoypiGeeks | Philippines Technology News, Reviews and How to's.

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          Part Time Money Room Clerk - Brink's Incorporated - Toronto, OH   
 Prepare ATM replenishments.  Process and balance inbound ATM residual cash. The Money Room Clerk/Deposit Processor Clerk is responsible for cash and cheque...
From Brink's Incorporated - Fri, 10 Mar 2017 15:58:14 GMT - View all Toronto, OH jobs
          My proposal being readily at.   
Among these are: An Arab Caf� in the Slums of Cairo, much Deliver Us from Evil, The Gambler's Wife.
Member of the Soci�t� des Artistes Fran�ais.
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In the afternoon we continued our way till we had passed Tabaksberg.
The husbands would recommend their wives to attend, would be indignant at the suggestion of good money being thus the lessons more than I do.
Even as regards this world, it would often be a gain, one thinks, boiled down, or whatever the process necessary might be, and delightful husband Tom this, plus Harry that, plus Dick the other, feel that in the serious moments of life he would be lacking.
          The GoldFish Report No. 107 – Winston Shrout – Moving Towards a Two-Tiered Money System – 6-30-17 – Creating An Abundance Economy   
*   The GoldFish Report * Published on Jun 30, 2017 On The GoldFish Report No. 107, Guest Winston Shrout joins the GoldFish Report Team, Louisa, Steve and Kent, to discuss moving towards a Two Tiered Money System and Money created for the Private Side. Winston explains the backing of currencies and the revaluation of … Continue reading "The GoldFish Report No. 107 – Winston Shrout – Moving Towards a Two-Tiered Money System – 6-30-17 – Creating An Abundance Economy"
          High yields, low grain prices: Manage phosphorus and potassium wisely   

Bumper grain yields are being harvested from most Iowa fields this fall. However, due to low crop prices producers are thinking of reducing phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) fertilizer application rates. A few important management options should be considered when making decisions with unfavorable crop/fertilizer price ratios.

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          Comment on "Flights Rotting in the Airfields" by Steve Sailer   
Beria was much more of a Georgian than Stalin was. Hot-headed, vivacious, and more in love with the present than with a future utopia. If he had become the most powerful man in the Politburo, it's not unlikely he would've become more like a Latin American dictator, who's more in it for the money, the...
          Comment on Chris Brown Scores Another Restraining Order by Exador   
It takes a village to keep Brown's career alive. Lots of dumb blacks give him money that they get from welfare, that everybody else pays in to.
          Catch Word #187 – To make bank   
In today’s episode, Andrew and Suzanne give detailed explanations of two expressions related to making lots of money: to make bank and to rake it in. Do you dream of making a lot of money through working hard, or would you rather just win the lottery? Either way, this is the episode for you!    more »
          Cheating people who desperately needed drugs is exactly what investors liked about Shkreli   

For most people, the fact that Martin Shkreli was driving the cost of desperately needed drugs to insane levels is what makes him so despicable. But for investors looking to get in on Shkreli’s cash cow, that’s exactly what they liked about him.

[Shkreli] then approached [investor Sarah Hassan] about a business he was starting called Retrophin, to sell so-called orphan drugs to treat rare conditions. His pitch, she said, was “you can make a lot of money on orphan drugs, because the price per patient is quite high.”

And that price became much, much higher once Shkreli was involved. Shkreli sought out situations where people suffered from long term illness where there were few options in medication. Then he gained control of the drugs and sent prices through the roof. It was a system that generated huge profits in a hurry, and kept investors happy.

However, behind the scenes, it turned out the Shkreli was far less of a wizard on most of his investments. Profits generated by holding people ransom for the lives either went into Shkreli’s pocket, or to pay off horribly bad stock decisions that he made on two other funds.

Shkreli, best known for raising the price of Daraprim — a 62-year-old drug primarily used to treat newborns and HIV patients — from $13.50 to $750 a pill, went on trial Wednesday for allegedly defrauding investors. 

For investors, it wasn’t Martin Shkreli’s monstrous actions that made them turn away. It was only when those actions stopped hauling in big bucks that he got in trouble.

          Hold On to Your Jaw, Because This Is What OITNB's "Skinhead" Helen Really Looks Like   

Image Source: Netflix

By now, most Orange Is the New Black fans know just how different the cast looks outside of their Litchfield jumpsuits, but few of the makeunders are as jaw-dropping as the one Francesca Curran agreed to while playing "Skinhead" Helen. With her shaved head and striking face and neck tattoos, Helen has always been one of the most recognizable characters on the show, despite not being one of the leads. In the show's fifth season, however, the actress gets way more screentime than she has in past seasons, so it made us wonder: what does she look like outside of her OITNB costume?


Luckily Francesca's Instagram account is a veritable treasure trove of shocking before-and-after shots chronicling her transformation into the white supremacist character. Although she fully committed and shaved off all of her hair, she's not afraid to rock some pretty glam wigs during her downtime from filming.

While speaking with Business Insider, Francesca revealed that despite her character's intimidating look, she's actually "girly" at heart. "In real life, I'm so feminine. I'm so girly. I love my makeup, I love my jewelry and all that," she said. "So to really be stripped of all that . . . The first time I was like, okay, wow. I found myself in the mirror and was like, this is a striking . . . what a difference."

That's not to say she isn't tough, though. During a recent chat with POPSUGAR, she told us that she was thrilled to be doing her own stunts this season. "We did combat training, and it was just the craziest experience because we have this amazing guy, Greg, and we have a whole team of guys that come in and show us how to do these crazy flips and wall kicks and some of the stuff we do, we'll get professional stunt people in," she explained. "But the fun part for me this season was while some of the other girls were having stunt people do it, they, for some reason, had a crazy sense of faith in me. And they were like, 'Hey, do you think you can handle this?' And being the crazy person that I am, I was like, 'Absolutely.'"

At least she didn't have to worry about her hair getting snagged on anything during training, right? Francesca has also shared a few peeks at what her normal, natural hair looks like when the show goes on hiatus and she has the chance to grow some of it back.

Her transformation even gives America's Next Top Model a run for its money (and that's a show that once attempted a "beard weave," so that's really saying something).

          10 Things You Should Know About Steph and Ayesha Curry's Envy-Inducing Relationship   

Image Source: Getty / Johnny Nunez

Stephen and Ayesha Curry may be one of the NBA's most famous couples now, but back in the day they were just two teenagers brought together by their faith. Both devout Christians, the couple first met at their church youth group in Charlotte, NC - but it wasn't exactly love at first sight for the Canada native. "We were just kids," Ayesha told People in May. "He was the cute boy at church that all of the girls were obsessed with, so I made a generalization that maybe he wasn't for me." On the flip side, Steph harbored a crush. "I always had my eye on her, but I got a little shaken, for sure," he told Parents magazine back in June 2016. Here are more fun facts about Steph and Ayesha's slam-dunk romance.

  1. They reconnected a few years after their first meeting. Ayesha was acting and modeling in LA while Steph was playing basketball for Davidson College in North Carolina. The two met up in LA when he was in town for the ESPY Awards - Ayesha admitted that she "didn't know what the ESPYs were" and generally didn't know what Steph did at the time, which he revealed was "pretty refreshing."
  2. Ayesha originally wasn't too keen on dating an athlete, which is probably why she turned Steph down for a date at first. "My parents found this paper from my high school theater class where you had to write down what you wanted in a significant other," she told People. "At the bottom, it said, 'No athletes, because they're arrogant.'"
  3. Their first date was admittedly "cheesy." Ayesha finally agreed to go out with Steph after he reached out via Facebook. She picked him up (in a 1995 Astro van!) and they had a "cheesy" first date that included chai tea lattes and Marilyn Monroe impersonators on Hollywood Boulevard. Steph even spent all the money he had on him to impress Ayesha by purchasing a pair of Oakley sunglasses. Despite her "no athlete" rule, Steph's personality softened her up. "He was so funny and silly. . . the absolute opposite of what I thought he was going to be," she said.
  4. And their first kiss was reminiscent of a major movie. Steph and Ayesha officially began dating in August 2008. The couple had their first smooch in the driveway of Steph's parents' house in Charlotte. It happened "in the rain, like The Notebook."
  5. Three years later, Steph proposed to Ayesha in the same spot. "The plan was to act like we were going to a family cookout," he told Parents. "So we pulled up to the house, and I stopped in the middle of the driveway, got down on my knee, and went into my spiel. Little did I know the whole family was looking out the window, videotaping the moment."

A post shared by Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry) on

  1. They were married young. Steph and Ayesha got married in 2011 when they were 23 and 22, respectively. Of their decision, Steph has said, "I knew I had found the right woman, and I wanted to start a life with her."
  2. Ayesha had to put her acting plans on hold. "Shortly after we got married, I found out we were pregnant with [their daughter] Riley. She was a borderline honeymoon baby," Ayesha said. "That became my next move. I struggled with that for a while."
  3. They have matching tattoos. Ayesha reportedly got the ink first, and Steph followed with a tattoo of two arrows pointing at each other. "This signifies that the past is behind us and the future is in front of us, so we stay in the middle, in the moment," he has said. They even have a pregame ritual: "I smack my tattoo and she does the same."
  4. In 2015, they expanded their family. Steph and Ayesha welcomed their second daughter Ryan in July 2015, and the little one made an adorable public appearance with her sister at the NBA Championships in June 2017.
  5. But they're taking a breather before growing even more. On having a third baby, the couple has "agreed to press pause and then reassess in a year or so." Ayesha has said of Steph: "He'd have three more kids right now if he could."

          Comment on Anheuser-Busch’s The High End responds to ‘independent craft’ seal by Jesse Trent   
Wow. Nice excuses, guys. You sold out to the Man, so please, tell me how you are still "craft." You're puppets. If your Sugar Daddy wasn't so shifty about hiding that they owned these breweries in the past, then do you think this would have come about? I actually like the idea, not necessarily the logo, but you see, this helps the consumer decide where their money is going to. YOU. SOLD. OUT. Own that! I like how the Man already owns you and you've just put it on video record for everyone to see and push in your face. Congratulations. At least you got your money.
          Comment on Anheuser-Busch’s The High End responds to ‘independent craft’ seal by Aaron Saxon   
I like the idea that the BA has created with an Independent bottle logo! This union guy likes to spend his money on American owned, American made products whenever possible and that includes the beer I choose to drink! It will also make it easier to educate my friends and coworkers on what they are buying and where the money is going. Cheers!
          Reading the Office of Legal Counsel on Emoluments: Do Super-Rich Presidents Get a Pass?    


I wrote last November that the Foreign Emoluments Clause “is on its face a national security provision designed to the protect the country from officers too enmeshed with foreign interests.” If the Justice Department’s recent court filing is to be believed, that protection is exceedingly limited. This new position marks a decisive break from the more conscientious approach long espoused by both the Comptroller General and the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC).

At the heart of the emoluments controversy is President Trump’s refusal to liquidate his business holdings. He has instead maintained ownership of the Trump Organization, a multibillion-dollar umbrella company with thousands of domestic and international investments, and placed the assets in a revocable trust managed by his sons Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump. Trump now faces three lawsuits alleging that he is profiting from his business empire in violation of the Constitution. Three days after his inauguration, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a government accountability watchdog group, filed the first suit in the Southern District of New York. This month, two more complaints were filed by the attorneys general of Washington D.C. and Maryland and 196 congressional Democrats, in federal district courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia, respectively.

All three suits center on the meaning and scope of the Foreign Emoluments Clause, which provides that “no person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept any present, Emolument, Office or Title of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign state” (U.S. Const. art. I, § 9, cl. 8). Citing Trump's business dealings with state governments and federal agencies, such as its lease on the Old Post Office Building that now houses the Trump International Hotel, two of the suits also allege violations of the Domestic Emoluments Clause. This provision applies specifically to the president and provides that he shall receive “for his Services” a fixed compensation during his tenure and not “any other Emolument from the United States, or any of [the states]” (U.S. Const. art. II, § 1, cl. 7).

Serious procedural challenges like standing notwithstanding, given the House and Senate’s failure to address head-on the risks posed by Trump’s financial conflicts pose, the lawsuits could prove important in forcing a much-needed conversation: Is Trump taking in profits in violation of the Constitution? And just as critically, are future presidents entitled to pull a Trump—or does the Constitution dictate that they, like Jimmy Carter, must sell their family peanut farms as a condition of taking office?

No Article III court has ever rendered an opinion on how either Emoluments Clause should be interpreted, though the Supreme Court has offered interpretations of the term “emoluments” as it appears in Foreign Emoluments Clause-related statutes periodically enacted by Congress since 1881. Because of the limited judicial precedent, the internal memoranda from the Comptroller General and the Office of Legal Counsel that have been made public over the years are among the most important sources of guidance we have on emoluments issues. And though these memoranda do not directly address the question posed by the Trump business empire, making some amount of inference and legwork necessary, in critical respects they quite clearly contradict the sweeping defense that the Justice Department put forward this month in its 70-page motion to dismiss the CREW case against Trump.

The key issue in these suits—once you get behind a set of justiciability questions that may prove dispositive—is what constitutes an emolument (though with respect to the Foreign Emoluments Clause there’s also some disagreement about what kind of entity constitutes a “foreign state”). In plain English, we are looking at an exotic presidential twist on the biggest and oldest challenge to enforcing any anticorruption law: What counts? Do the forbidden “emoluments” cover only goodie boxes, blatant quid pro quo arrangements, and employment-related compensation? Or are the profits that Trump enjoys by way of his business transactions also prohibited when they come from foreign states and domestic government entities? And if the latter, more expansive definition is the appropriate one, are the profits prohibited only when the take is in excess of  “fair-market-value”—and if so, does that definition serve as a meaningful limitation when at issue are luxury goods whose value or sales may be inflated by the fact that Trump is president and the products are prominently branded with his name?

Predictably, the dispute has taken the form of a battle for the original meaning of “emoluments.” An array of historical materials support both a limited and broad definition. The two possible interpretations are well summed up by the Oxford English Dictionary, which provides two definitions dating back to the Founding: “1. Profit or gain arising from station, office, or employment . . . . 2. Advantage, benefit, comfort.”

The Justice Department, like Trump’s lawyers at Morgan Lewis, latches onto the first definition  to argue that “the Emoluments Clauses apply only to the receipt of compensation for personal services and to the receipt of honors and gifts based on official position.” That is, President Trump is precluded only from receiving benefits in exchange for services provided to a foreign state in his official capacity as president, or—and this is crucial, given the subject matter of the OLC opinions—services provided “in a capacity akin to an employee of a foreign state.”

The plaintiffs in the three suits, on the other hand, argue for the much more expansive definition. Marshaling its own set of historical evidence, CREW asserts that emoluments are "anything of value, including money, permits, approvals, tax benefits, any other benefits, and anything else monetary or nonmonetary, regardless of whether it is given in exchange for goods or services, and regardless of whether it is part of a transaction at, above, or below market rates."

A close examination of the relevant Comptroller and OLC opinions reveals that the current Justice Department is reading the Emoluments Clauses too narrowly, while CREW and the other plaintiffs are reading them too broadly. None of the opinions approves the receipt of benefits that can even arguably be attributed to the prestige or influence conferred by an office, and together they do not support the Justice Department’s claim that presidents may, as a categorical matter, collect profits from business transactions with foreign entities and domestic government entities as long as fair value is extracted on both sides. But notwithstanding the plaintiffs’ hard pull in the other direction, the opinions also suggest that presidents may in limited cases accept certain fixed benefits—as I will explain, these might be pensions from the U.S. state that used to employ them or money damages from a foreign country against which, in a past life, they successfully won a judgment. The key is that those benefits cannot be subject to foreign or domestic government manipulation or adjustment in connection with the presidential office.

This happens to be a sensible position that accords with what the opinions repeatedly underscore as the purpose of the Emoluments Clauses and the ultimate touchstone for interpreting their meaning: “to prevent corruption and foreign influence” and to bar “payments which have a potential of influencing or corrupting the integrity of the recipient.”


Why Language About Emoluments Is Easily Misused

A threshold issue before turning to the OLC literature is the confusion created by cherry-picking historical materials without consideration of their factual context. For example, in its motion to dismiss, the Justice Department followed the lead of some scholars in pulling some Supreme Court language that suggests the term “emoluments” applies only to salary and other duty-related benefits. Most notably, in Hoyt v. United States, 51 U.S. 109 (1850), the Court defines emoluments as “every species of compensation or pecuniary profit derived for a discharge of the duties of office” (emphasis added).

But in Hoyt, the Supreme Court was specifically asked to decide what constitutes an “emolument of office” per a statute governing Treasury Department collectors in their official capacity; the case did not require the Court to consider or rule on the existence of emoluments of other kinds. This is a key point for purposes of properly construing any Comptroller or OLC opinion that cites Hoyt and regurgitates its definition of “emoluments.” These opinions, like Hoyt, have to be read with an eye to their facts: they do not assert that “emoluments” must derive directly from discharge of duty; rather, the kind of emoluments at issue in those opinions was the kind derived for discharge of duty. As a consequence, the reliance on Hoyt in these opinions does not serve as evidence of a limiting principle for emoluments in general.

In short, as pointed out by the plaintiffs and by assorted scholars, the proper question for purposes of discerning the historical scope of “emoluments” is not whether the term could be interpreted in a restricted way, to refer only to benefits derived from discharging the duties of an office, but whether it was necessarily so interpreted at the time the Emoluments Clauses were drafted. As John Mikhail has painstakingly documented, the answer is no—and we don’t have to look at secondary sources, however authoritative (e.g., Black’s Dictionary) to draw that conclusion. Consider, for example, some of the constitutions ratified during the first of two major waves of state constitution-making in the Founding decade. Several included “common benefits clauses” that used the word “emoluments” in a way that simply defies narrow interpretation. The Pennsylvania Constitution (1776) provides: “That government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection and security of the people, nation or community; and not for the particular emolument of advantage of any single man, family or sett [sic] of men, who are a part only of that community[.]” Very similar language appears in the Virginia (1776), Vermont (1777), and New Hampshire (1784) constitutions. Far more elaborate historical arguments demonstrating the broad uses of the term have been presented elsewhere: see here, here and here. The bottom line is that there is an abundance of primary Founding-era material making use of the broad definition of emoluments, so it is wrong to use language from fact-bound case law to assert that the term is an inherently limited one.


The Plaintiffs Define “Emoluments” Too Broadly

Does that mean, as plaintiffs assert, that all types of benefits conferred on the president by foreign countries and U.S. states are prohibited emoluments? According to the Comptroller and OLC opinions, clearly not.

A number of opinions explain that officers do not need to forego fixed benefits to which they are entitled for reasons manifestly unrelated to and uninfluenced by their office. This is a common-sense interpretation of the Clauses that avoids rigidity for rigidity’s sake, where denial of benefits would do nothing to serve the Clauses’ anti-corruption, anti-influence purpose.

For instance, the Comptroller and the OLC each independently concluded that President Ronald Reagan could collect ordinary retirement benefits from California, where he had served as the state governor, without violating the Domestic Emoluments Clause’s prohibition against the receipt of “emoluments” from a State. In its 1983 opinion, the Comptroller determined that President Reagan’s pension from California “cannot be construed as being in any manner received in consequence of his possession of the Presidency.” Coming to the same conclusion in its earlier 1981 opinion, the OLC also noted that “those [retirement] benefits are not emoluments in the constitutional sense” and their receipt does not “violate the spirit of the Constitution.” To support its reasoning, the OLC in turn relied on a 1964 opinion (not published) where it similarly decided the estate of President Kennedy was entitled to the naval retirement pay that had accrued during his presidency. Interpreting the Foreign Emoluments Clause “in the light of its basic purposes and principles,” it concluded he could receive payments to which he was entitled as a matter of law “prior to his taking office.”

The same principles support allowing officers to collect on certain kinds of money judgments, even from foreign powers. In a 1955 opinion, the Comptroller decided that an attorney in the Justice Department could receive a lump sum payment and lifetime annuity from the German government for his wrongful removal from the judgeship he held before he emigrated to the United States, as provided by German indemnification legislation. The Comptroller reasoned that those payments did not constitute emoluments from his former office, but rather “represent damages payable as a direct result of a moral and legal wrong.” Turning to its “spirit of the Constitution” analysis, the Comptroller had no trouble determining the payments were not problematic: they were “obviously . . . not intended to influence him as an officer of the United States,” were made under laws not specific to him, and were not payments voluntarily made by the German government but rather mandatory indemnification required by the Allied powers. In a 1954 opinion on the same matter, the OLC came to a slightly different place—the payments were not permitted to the extent they amounted to German retiree benefits—but like the Comptroller, it found that damages intended to redress injury were not prohibited emoluments.

Note what these opinions have in common: they generally allow the officer in question to collect payments or benefits that, patently, have nothing to do with and cannot possibly have been affected by his U.S. office. That 1983 Comptroller opinion put it best, and contains a line worth repeating: President Reagan was entitled to his pension because it “c[ouldn’t] be construed as being in any manner received in consequence of his possession of the Presidency.”

Applying this general rule, it makes sense that presidents are permitted to invest in U.S. Treasury bonds; and the rule also explains why wealth management solutions like blind trusts have long been accepted as workable resolutions to problems of conflict of interest. But it certainly doesn’t provide clearance for all profits derived from discretionary, “fair-market-value” transactions where the president is obviously and individually on one end of the sale.


The Justice Department Defines “Emoluments” Too Narrowly

A key move in the Justice Department’s brief is to rely heavily on a point of dubious significance: it asserts that “in every published OLC or Comptroller General opinion in which proposed conduct was determined to involve prohibited emoluments, the determination involved an employment relationship (or a relationship akin to an employment relationship) with the foreign government.”

If you think about it, there’s at least one common-sense explanation for the limited precedent: In general, the government employees on whose behalf these opinions were sought probably didn’t own hotel chains, lucrative licensing agreements, or hundreds of trademarks from which they derived significant foreign-based or domestic government-based income. Their thing of value, as civil servants, was their skill set, and thus the relevant question was whether they were constitutionally permitted to lend out that skill set to foreign governments or organizations with foreign state ties for payment.

A 1986 OLC opinion written by then-Deputy Assistant Attorney General Samuel Alito cuts against the assertion that whether the profit in question is derived from employment or personal services should be, by itself, dispositive. There, Alito determined that a NASA employee could indeed accept a fee for reviewing a PhD candidate's thesis for an Australian university. To get to this conclusion, Alito made two significant moves. First, uncertain as to whether a public university should be regarded a "foreign state," Alito instead decided to turn to the features of the proposed consultancy and consider whether they "raise[d] the kind of concern . . . that motivated" the prohibition’s enactment. This marks a functional, purpose-driven approach to the question of permissible benefits. Second, he suggested the following facts weigh against finding the fee a prohibited emolument: (1) the NASA scientist was not selected because of his position with the U.S. government, (2) the fee was an ordinary amount given the service to be rendered, (3) there was no reason for the officer to have "direct contact" with the university officials, and (4) the consultancy was "limited both in time and in substantive scope," and no "continuing relationship" was anticipated.

Note that the fact the scientist would be acting in an employment or personal services capacity did not automatically render the payment an emolument. This is the key takeaway from this opinion, and it is at odds with the Justice Department’s claim that employment is the make-or-break issue when it comes to determining whether a benefit or payment is an emolument. Second, consider the implications of the first and fourth points Alito highlighted. The scientist’s selection for the job and associated payment had nothing to do with his U.S. office, which is not a conclusion that can be readily drawn about the services purchased by foreign and state government employees newly flocking to Trump International Hotel. It may suggest the permissibility of accepting profits from truly routine transactions by truly routine hotel customers, including some government diplomats—but this possibility is undercut by Alito’s reference to the extremely limited nature of the permitted relationship and transaction in question.

The Justice Department is understandably leaning hard on the idea that an emolument must be received specifically as a function of office or employment. After all, without this very specific qualification, its argument for the permissibility of accepting profits from ordinary transactions falls apart. Two OLC opinions make this clear.

A 1982 OLC opinion determined that the Foreign Emoluments Clause barred an employee of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from working on his leave time for an American firm contracted by a Mexican government agency to review the design of a government-owned nuclear power plant. And a 1993 OLC opinion concluded that law firm partners serving as non-government advisors on the Administrative Conference of the United States could not accept partnership earnings “where some portion of that share is derived from the partnership’s representation of a foreign government” without triggering the constitutional prohibition. In the 1993 opinion, the OLC actually dismissed the argument that the conference member was not subject to the foreign government's “control” as “not decisive.” Instead, the OLC concluded that the portion of partnership profits the conference member would receive "would be a function of the amount paid to the firm by the foreign government," such that "the partnership would in effect be a conduit for that government." Acceptance of that portion of income was therefore a prohibited emolument (OLC reconsidered this opinion in 2010, but only with respect to whether the members held an “Office of . . . Trust” for purposes of the Foreign Emoluments Clause).

In these opinions, the OLC simply did not care that there was nothing out of the ordinary about the payments in these cases from a transactional or fair-market perspective. This runs contrary to the crux of the Justice Department’s argument for the innocuousness of Trump’s business-related foreign and domestic government income.

The textual kicker in all this is that even accepting the Justice Department’s insistence that “emolument” is best read to mean “profit arising from an office or employ” (Barclay’s A Complete and Universal English Dictionary on a New Plan (1774)), it doesn’t follow that all ordinary business transactions are okay: What if those transactions are, in number or value, enhanced by the prestige of the president’s office? Couldn’t the profit thereby derived then constitute “profit arising from an office or employ”? [Update, 5:17 pm: This is a line of argument that Marty Lederman compellingly and more thoroughly details here.]

It is to prevent this reading that the Justice Department argues that prohibited benefits must arise not just from the office but from the provision of services pursuant to that office. But this argument relies on a stunted conception of the power that an "Office of Profit or Trust" confers. To lift an example wholesale from Ben Wittes: If Trump owned a nondescript hotdog truck outside the White House that charged the same price for hotdogs as any other foodtruck and sold them to some incidental foreign customers, that would not be problematic under this definition of emoluments. If the truck were Trump-branded and either charged inflated prices or enjoyed inflated sales because Trump is president, and Saudi potentates lined up to put cash in his register, that would seem to constitute impermissible “profit arising from an office,” as a textual matter and in view of the historic Comptroller and OLC perspective.

At base, this is what plaintiffs are claiming—that the profits Trump is enjoying “aris[es] from” his office—so “aris[e] from” may be a definitional phrase the Justice Department is interpreting too narrowly. Trump’s status as the most powerful man in the world affects his business transactions, which are self-branded to boot. Not only is he enjoying booming business at his exclusive properties, in part thanks to foreign guests reportedly seeking to get in the president’s good graces, but he has also won Chinese trademark protection that, according to plaintiffs, he would not have received had he not become president.

Finally, on a practical note, notice the perverse upshot of the Justice Department’s fixation on employment and personal services as the place where the river divides. This assertion that payment for goods and business-related services is permissible but payment for employment and “personal services” is not means that a president can’t profit off his brain or body when it comes to cash from foreign sources or U.S. government entities, but can, without limitation, profit off the brains and bodies of those he can afford to employ in his private capacity. It’s what you might call a constitutional free pass for super-rich presidents.

The Comptroller and OLC opinions do not support such a result. They repudiate it.


Ultimately, the Justice Department’s view of emoluments marks a departure from the public Comptroller and OLC opinions in at least two critical respects. First, the new position is a clear abrogation of the practical “spirit of the Constitution” analysis on which the Comptroller and OLC have consistently relied to ensure a stringent rather than forgiving interpretation of what constitutes an impermissible benefit or undue influence (see, e.g., 1955 Comptroller Opinion, 1981 OLC Opinion, 1983 Comptroller Opinion; see also OLC 1962, noting “the sweeping nature of the constitutional prohibition”; OLC 1980, citing 1902 Attorney General Opinion stating the Foreign Emoluments Clause is “directed against every kind of influence by foreign governments upon officers of the United States” and the “prohibition should be given the broadest possible scope and application”). Second, the Justice Department’s quite specific argument that the president can profit from employing people to do business with foreign countries and government entities in the United States amounts to a strange carve-out, one that allows extremely wealthy officers with people in their employ to cash out as they wish on the advantages that the prestige of their office confers, without any consideration whatsoever of the sources of that cash. This interpretation is flatly at odds with executive branch tradition: I have yet to see a single opinion that has permitted an officer to collect profits even arguably enhanced by the power of his office, much less categorically benefit from discretionary, price-indeterminant transactions that foreign governments and U.S. government entities may enter into at will.

Note the issues I did not address here. What is not (yet) a point of debate in these particular lawsuits is whether these constitutional provisions apply to the president at all. The Domestic Emoluments Clause applies to the president by its express terms, and in its recent motion, the Justice Department doesn’t dispute CREW's claim, or the OLC’s preexisting determination, that the more obliquely phrased Foreign Emoluments Clause applies to the president as well (and notwithstanding the occasional argument to the contrary).

In addition, as the suits proceed in federal court, we can expect much of the legal discussion to focus on jurisdictional hurdles. There’s a strong argument that the courts don’t have a role to play, and that presidential corruption rising to the level of an emoluments violation is a political question whose resolution properly lies with Congress. Though the congressional suit spearheaded by Senator Richard Blumenthal and Representative John Conyers, Jr. alleges that Trump has failed to come to Congress for requisite permission in accepting foreign emoluments, Congress’s best recourse be impeachment proceedings. (Or if it so chose, Congress could avail itself of a lot of options short of impeachment, but in the words of Charles Black, Jr., circa 1974, “what an enormous if.” Recall that the House of Representatives has the power to demand Trump’s tax returns but has not exercised it.)

But as for the substantive question of whether the Comptroller and OLC of yore would have signed off on the Justice Department’s blessing of all monies flowing in by way of business transactions, the answer is “no.”

          Sales/Customer Service Associate - ACE Cash Express- Greenspoint - Houston, TX   
Preparing bank deposits or re-deposits, investigating and resolving report discrepancies, and verifying money in the cash drawer and safe....
From Indeed - Thu, 23 Mar 2017 05:38:05 GMT - View all Houston, TX jobs
          Re: 33 and getting serious about retirement   
aristotelian wrote:
camillus wrote:Pardon me, but paying 28% fed income tax & 9.3% CA tax would have me maxing out the 401k before contributing to Roth.

Why this recommendation when OP expects his income to sharply increase?

Good point. I was going with OP's assumption that he is already maxing the Roth. You are right, it is not a given. The point is, he should absolutely get his employer match, and max the 401k if possible.

If he expects his income to increase even more - and in CA at age 33 that is a possibility - Roth may still make sense at this point in his career.

Going to take these one-by-one.

First of all, "she." :-) Second of all, thanks for all the input. I'll probably started contributing 6% (to get employer match) and see where that leaves me in terms of take-home pay versus my fixed expenses.

I am completely phased out of my Roth (unless I can backdoor Roth, I guess???) due to my salary, which is why I opened my taxable.

ruralavalon wrote:Please double check the expense ratio on the Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 Fund in your 401k, that 0.60% seems very high and not normal for that fund.

Let us know what you find on double checking that expense ratio, that can affect the advice you are given. Getting low expense ratios is critical to long-term investing returns.

If you are going to use target retirement funds (which may be better for you, since you want to set-it-and-forget-it), then there is no need to use the advisory service or pay a fee for advice.

Thanks! I will double check--maybe I was looking at the wrong line.

delamer wrote:
zaboomafoozarg wrote:With a 6% guaranteed return paying off the $200k student loans, I'd consider putting money into those after hitting the 401k match.

Agreed! Those student loans are a big drag on your investments and your lifestyle. Have you figured out how much you'll pay in interest if you just pay the "manageable" monthly payment until the loan is paid off? If you did, the number might shock you into prepaying.

Most of my loans at ~6% (though I still have an outstanding balance from undergrad of $12k that's 2.5%). I will be (and am) paying a crazy amount of interest. I think once I start get a little more settled in my career, I can definitely up my manageable monthly payments to start eating away a little more.
          Re: Thinking about lending money to parents to make money - Good or bad idea?   
Seems like something my BIL would do--if he had any assets.

It also sounds like you have practically decided to do it. Good luck.
          Childless couple - want siblings to inherit after we both go   
We are childless. I am 62, DH is 69. When one spouse goes, the other should inherit everything. However, when the remaining spouse goes, we want both sets of siblings to inherit based on each spouse's contribution to the marriage. Same goal if we go simultaneously. I can think of several ways to go about this and would like BHs' opinions. BTW, all our accounts are entirely separate.

1. I can base it on the assets at the time of death of the first spouse. So, if I go first and my assets at the time are $1 million and DH's assets are $2 million, when DH goes, my sibs should inherit 1/3 of whatever remains and his siblings get 2/3. All of this should be per stirpes. To implement this, DH would need to revise the will upon my death to add my siblings using these ratios. In this case, I have 4 siblings and they would each get 1/12th of his assets, his 3 siblings would each get 2/9ths of his assets. Our earlier wills would leave our assets to the spouse, and then to our own siblings if spouse is not alive. This would meet our goal for simultaneous death. However, for the siblings, this proration doesn't seem as fair as #2, although it seems easier to implement (just change the will).

2. We can continue our current practice of spending out of our individual accounts. So if I go first, DH would continue to spend out of his assets. He can use my accounts if he runs out of money. Whatever is left in my accounts when he goes will go to my siblings; his to his siblings. It seems fair that the spouse left standing should continue to deplete his/her own assets first and leave the spouse's assets for his siblings. My friend has implemented this sort of thing with individual trusts. If her spouse goes first, his trust becomes irrevocable but it will accommodate her "reasonable" requests. I'm leery of this Mother May I approach. Seems like if I want to go around the world and I need DH's money, I should be able to get it. However, trustee may not consider it "reasonable". And if the trustee is from DH's family, he has incentive to be stingy with me. Could I implement this without trusts and trustees? If DH goes first, can I preserve his bank accounts, etc. but put in my name but I can differentiate them from my assets because they are separate accounts. I would not commingle and continue to spend out of my own accounts. Then I could do PODs for his accounts to his sibs and PODs on my accounts to my sibs.

This is the extent of my analysis so far. Sorry if I'm being fuzzy but this is how I feel. :confused Any help in crystallizing my strategy would be greatly appreciated.
          Re: Foretelling Global Stock Returns, 1980-2015   
Simplegift wrote:William Bernstein has done interesting research on share dilution, summarized in his 2011 comment in The Economist:
William Bernstein wrote:In the first place, the 2% share dilution seen in the US was typical only of developed nations that had not seen their territories devastated by war. In those nations that had, dilution averaged 4% per year, and as high as 7.5% in Japan.

Further, we speculated that rapid economic growth born of technological advance was akin to physical destruction, both of which require large capital inflows from share dilution to replenish capital stock.

This was in fact confirmed a few years later by work by Speidell et al. (“Dilution is a Drag . . .” Journal of Investing, Winter 2005), who found dilution in excess of 10% per year for many Asian nations, and as high as 30% in China, which is the most likely reason for poor long-term returns of equity there.

Looking at the numbers for China (granted, an extreme example): For the decade from 1992 to 2002, China’s GDP grew by 11.5% per year. However the capitalization of Chinese equity markets grew by 39% per year, as the number of listed companies grew from 52 to 1,296. Thus the S&P price index of Chinese equities only appreciated by 3.5% a year over the decade.

The issue of share dilution is something I have never thought much about but it makes perfect sense. This is a good reason not to throw all your money at the fastest growing economies.
          Re: When Did You Start Investing Your Own Money?   
At about 24 when I got my first job out of college. They offered a 401K with a 10% match at the time I thought free money
          Re: "How Do Your Financial Priorities Stack Up With Our Pyramid?"   
When I started out, my goals were to build up my savings, start saving for retirement, and pay off my modest student loan debt. My first priority was to save and once I had savings, I started looking for better investment vehicles. Early on, I started with a workplace savings plan too. The odd thing was that I was pretty conservative in the beginning and my IRA was in FDIC Insured Certificates of Deposit until a friend went into the brokerage business. The IRA went to him but even then I bought another CD and three zero coupon treasuries paying 8% along with the first stock I ever bought, which was AST Research.

Can't say that I thought a lot about asset allocation though I always loved having money in the bank. The more, the better. It seemed that life was unpredictable and going through unexpected challenges went better if you had good cash reserves.

The way I think of the Pyramid is probably the way college students think of the 4 food groups: Pizza, Beer, Top Ramen, and Nachos. When you start out, you just sort of go with what makes sense at the time. It isn't like I had all my life goals planned out when I graduated from college. It just seemed that doors would open up at the right time.
          Re: Beginner needs sanity check moving a lot of cash to market.   
John Laurens wrote:Ok then. Will you bet me a million dollars that a 60/40 portfolio will out perform his guaranteed mortgage rate over the next 2 years? If I win, I get a million dollars. If you win, you get the satisfaction that you guessed right over a guy on the internet.


Paying off a mortgage is not a "guaranteed return" of 3.8%. And why does he need to "beat it" in 2 years? The interest on a mortgage (or any loan) is a finance charge. You know exactly what you will pay in interest over the life of the loan from day one. So, if a mortgage will cost you 100k over the life of the loan, paying it off early will save you no more than 100k. Alternatively, putting $300-400k into the stock market now and letting it sit for 20-30 years will return far more than $100k over that time (400k at 7% for just 10 years could yield over 380k in growth). Of course that is not guaranteed, but unless the world economy implodes and never recovers, he'll do much better investing now especially if he leaves the money invested for longer. Time in the market is key here. He absolutely without a doubt is much better off investing all of that cash now and keeping his mortgage for as long as he wants. At 3.8% and his current tax bracket, he's really only paying around 2% interest after the mortgage interest tax deduction anyway. That's free money. He should not pay off the mortgage. He's relatively young and wants to be financially independent in 10 years which means he needs more money in the market and he needs to get it in there asap to maximize time invested.
And great simple portfolio. If you put this money in a taxable, don't use the total bond fund there.
          Re: Does Vanguard gain anything from us investing more internationally?   
With a larger international footprint maybe they can expand more, help eventually grow more AUM in overseas funds (I mean Vanguard UK and so on, not US funds investing in international stocks).

The international funds have higher expense ratios, though most of it probably reflects the legitimately higher costs there. Vanguard is supposed to be run at cost, but at the individual fund level maybe it's not so clear cut. In any case there's more room for the international fund ERs to fall. More money there would help in that regard.

Vanguard's research team predicts higher returns are more likely in ex-US stocks starting from now (I mean this in the statistical sense, so actual outcomes may be far different), so a higher international allocation could make their target date and LifeStrategy asset allocation funds look better, and may improve investor outcomes, which could help with gathering and maintaining AUM.

The average investor allocation is underweight international assets relative to the broader professional investor consensus (and Vanguard's suggestion goes beyond even that), so a more charitable explanation is simply that they're nudging people towards what's probably better for them.
          Re: Tax deferred or taxable account?   
Welcome to the forum!

The tax-deferred 401(k) is still a better investment even if you expect to leave the money to your heirs.

It's easier to see the comparison between a Roth (tax-free) and a taxable account. If you hold a taxable account, you earn less than on a tax-free account, because you pay tax on your dividends every year. You may avoid tax on capital gains if you leave the account to your heirs, but the dividend tax compounds over time. If you live for forty years before you leave the account to your heirs, and are paying 15% tax on a 2% dividend yield, the 0.3% tax every year costs you 12% of the money.

A traditional 401(k) works the same way, because you get a deduction on contributions. If you are in a 25% tax bracket and contribute $18,000 to your 401(k), that cost you only $13,500 out of pocket. If you (or your heirs) are in a 25% tax bracket when the money is withdrawn, you come out just as well as if you had invested $13,500 tax-free. If you have to take the money out as a required minimum distribution, you can invest it in a taxable account then, but you still gained the benefit of years of tax deferral.
          Re: Should I move abroad to minimize health care costs?   
Moving abroad is more and more difficult, and eventually will be almost impossible for Americans. Tax is not the most critical issue, although tax return indeed become really complicated. In order to live somewhere, you would need a bank account. You cannot even apply for residence without a bank account, as you need to report the required amount of money to demonstrate that you can support yourself. US account would not work in most countries. Unfortunately, many banks are refusing to open accounts for US citizens, because of FATCA regulations. At the moment, there are still banks willing to work with US citizens. But their number is shrinking rapidly. Moreover, some of them are closing existing accounts.
          Re: Taxable account basics   
The Wizard wrote:Roth 403(b) for that $13,000 should be fine. Not a lot of money for your situation.

Present EF might be just fine considering that job loss is the main emergency and most physicians don't encounter that for long. This also assumes a growing taxable account which serves as 2nd tier EF.

Check White Coat Investor for more good hints...

Thank you so much for your helpful advice that Roth 403(b) for $13,000 should be fine (small fraction of retirement allocation and salary), that the present EF may be ok if there is a growing taxable account, and for the referral to White Coat Investor for more hints. Thank you again!
          Re: Devil in Disguise: Krugger reworks the Ducati Diavel   

Kind of reminds me of a cross between a motorcycle and a Camaro. Personally, I prefer motorcycles. That said Krugger is doing stuff nobody else is doing or even coming close. And doing it well, but my passion lies in a different direction. That said, it's builds like this that show what just might be possible. It's an alternative theory, concept, idea, vision that wasn't just a CGI. He actually put his money on the line and built it. Not my style, but it will generate ideas for others to copy and the masses need that. A factory developed version should be very interesting.

          Be care full with this place they say that are goi...   
Be care full with this place they say that are going to sell your time share for you and they promese that is going to be really fast sell, they charge you with a good amount of money in advance but it … Be care full with this place they say that are going to sell your time share for you and they promese that is going to be really fast sell, they charge you with a good amount of money in advance but it takes a very long time, the only way to sell "fast" is giving away your time share for nice price.","city":"Omaha
          Lakewood schools still need $1M from township or state   
The struggling district just passed a budget to rehire teachers, but needs more money to restore all programs.

          I would like to hire a Coder by Kabasucre   
money transfer website linked to retail shops to make payment and generate a code for the payout. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Coding, HTML, PHP, Software Development)
          What Time Of Day Is Best To Take L-carnetine   
"They make magic with the money ..."

I found the following comment, signed Corto , in an article Francis Velen (Blog from the rostrum of Geneva), about the volatile situation in Libya:

What Europeans do not see is that what happens in the 'nations' Arab is one thousandth of what the West will will take on the donut!

The Arab world and the West are just two sides of the same coin, you do not see that one side, some produce and other cars, they have oil!

You do not see that at the time the two would finally agree with a U.S. president pro-Arab, or rather pro-Iranian, is busting his nose while on the asphalt still warm in history.

You are all blind and you will see that this is just the beginning and it is not always the one who put the first goal wins the match. Frankly blindness among Arab and Western cowardice is white-hat-white hat and that he will happen if the Arabs come in a huge and incomprehensible civil war, millions of refugees in a Europe brink of bankruptcy. Here is the menu of this new century, a huge confusion in which, not only policies have no solution but did not see it coming so they anchored in corruption. Reread the comments Corto 2 years and you'll see that everything is there!

Personally when I see the UN, the European military powers did not intervene in Libya, so that everything passes was more than likely, I is not nothing wrong with Arab, on the contrary, they had the courage to confront their kleptomaniac monsters, bloodthirsty soulless and supported by the Swiss banks, but I see the sky of the Mediterranean does not planes Italian, French (Land of Human Rights) Domestic ( for once they have been used), or any civilized nation known as the Libyan civilians are being slaughtered, I even shame not to be an Arab!

Is Israel going to do the job? Ban ki Moon has 10,000 soldiers in an attempt to declare a civil war in Côte d'Ivoire, can not, this dog, sending its planes to Libya to calm things down?

We are in Geneva, a city where all the money from Qaddafi sleeps badly bloodied and where the UN welcomes daily catering trucks from Richmond, and nobody has exploded this puppet theater on a budget of tens of billion per year!

This world is screwed up, they screwed up is because you're not even fucking show your frustration on the net! it is fucked because tonight there is not much fats 10'000 Geneva outside the gates of the UN that trap these pests from reality!

A Federal Councillor who wore the headscarf of shame and not even his friend Gaddafi condemned the massacres of civilians, while she wept for not seeing the funds placed Gaddafi in Geneva migrate other paradise!

He would do what the Libyans are in Geneva and all the dictatorships in the world are buried! All the dirty money that junk sleep in Geneva!

Another little surprise, a film sponsored by Polanski on Switzerland, 23 minutes of normal madness! Here, the cultural genius is not subsidized.

A month ago wikileaks should publish documents involving Swiss banks in the dirty business, no one knows why nothing came officially break the web, but copies exist! Revenge is a dish best eaten warm.

Friends Libyan, Egyptian and Tunisian peoples all future free from the grip of dirty money and looted, remember the pressure on the Swiss political, they make magic with the money, they transform the billions millions when it comes to make the people!

Example; marcos would leave 70 million in Swiss banks, the reality was quite different, marcos left several billion! but they are gone as soon as they were to return to the Filipino people!



          Avery Table Tents 5305   
Mohamed Hassan: "the causes of the revolution far beyond Tunisia Ben Ali and his party. "

Tunisians brought down the dictator Ben Ali. Today, they continue to fight against his men to head the transitional government. In this new chapter of our series "Understanding the Muslim world," Mohamed Hassan * ((photo-cons) explains the implications of the revolution of Tunisia and its root causes: how nationalism Liberal advocated by Tunisia under Bourguiba interests Western, plunging people into poverty, how a repressive state has put in place to maintain this system, why dictatorships in the Arab world are caused to fall, and how Islam became the condom imperialism


(Gregory Lalieu Michel Collon)

In December 2010, riots broke out in Tunisia. A month later, President Ben Ali fled the country after twenty-three year reign. What are the causes of this revolution? And why is it popular movement succeeded in bringing down the dictator where other attempts have failed?

For there to be a revolution, it is necessary that people refuse to live as before and that the ruling class is no longer able to govern as before. On December 17, 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi, a young seller of fruits and vegetables, has sacrificed out of desperation after police had confiscated his goods himself, and that local authorities have to stop working. The conditions were ripe for a revolution broke out in Tunisia Bouazizi and suicide was the trigger.

Indeed, the Tunisians did not want to live as before: they were not accepting corruption, police repression, lack of freedom, unemployment, etc.. Moreover, the ruling class could no longer govern as before. Corruption under Ben Ali had taken a phenomenal amount while the majority of the population had to face insecurity. To maintain this status, police repression would be higher but it had reached its limits. The ruling elite was completely disconnected from the people for whom there was no interlocutor. Therefore, when popular revolts broke out, the ruling class had no choice but to quell the violence. But with the determination of the people, the repression reached its limit. This is one of the keys to the success of the popular revolution of Tunisia: it managed to reach all segments of society, including members of the army and police who sympathized with the demonstrators. The repressive apparatus could no longer function as before either. If a revolt occurs but is not able to combine different segments society, it can not lead a revolution.

Even after the departure of Ben Ali, the protests continue. The situation that Tunisians refuse is not the result of one man? For

signs "Ben Ali emerges" signs were followed by "CDR releases. Tunisians are attacking the president's political party because they fear that one of his men to take power. But in reality, the root causes that led to revolt Tunisians far outweigh Ben Ali and the RCD. It is not enough to turn the president for the people earns his freedom and improves living conditions.

corruption, unemployment, social inequality ... What are the effects of imperialist domination of the West over Tunisia. For Tunisia, after independence, became a project of the United States.

What do you mean by imperialism?

Imperialism is the process by which capitalist powers politically and economically dominated by foreign countries. Western multinationals plunder the resources of Africa, Latin America and Asia. They find opportunities for capital they will accumulate and exploit cheap labor market. I say that multinationals are not buying as they plunder the resources at their fair value and the local people not benefiting from these riches. And this looting would not be possible if these countries operated, there were no leaders to defend the interests of multinationals. These leaders are getting richer in the process. They constitute the so-called comprador bourgeoisie. They have no political vision for their own country does not produce wealth and do not develop a real economy. But personally enriched by trading resources their countries with multinationals. Obviously, the people are the biggest victim in all this!

When you're a nationalist anti-imperialist cons, you are looking to develop for yourself. You nationalize key sectors of your economy, rather than leaving the management to foreign companies. This will create a national economy in the country and you allow it to grow on the basis of independence. That's what I call a national democratic revolution: national independent because of the imperialist powers, democratic as against feudalism and the elements reactionaries in the country.

However, Bourguiba, Tunisia's first president, was considered a socialist. And during his reign, the state played a very important role in the economy.

Bourguiba's political party was socialist in name only. If the state played an important role, it was only for the benefit of an elite only. This is called state capitalism. In addition, Bourguiba has systematically eliminated all the progressive elements and anti-imperialist in his party. So that this party became the party of one man, completely subject to U.S. imperialism.

Habib Bourguiba , great actor in the struggle for independence, was president of Tunisia from 1957 to 1987

What Was Tunisia important for the United States?

To understand the importance of that country to the U.S. strategy, we must analyze the political context of the Arab world in years 50 and 60. In 1952, officers overthrew the monarchy of King Farouk of Egypt and proclaim a republic. With Nasser at the helm Egypt becomes the basis of Arab nationalism inspired with revolutionary ideas of socialism. As evidenced by the nationalization of the Suez Canal, Nasser's arrival in power is a blow to the West because the Egyptian president's policy is totally at odds with the hegemonic Western powers in the Near and Middle East. Worse still: the anti-imperialist ideas of Nasser are emulated in the region. In Yemen for example, where in 1962 a revolution divided the country, the South becoming a bastion of Arab revolutionary movement. The same year, the independence of Algeria sends a strong signal to Africa and the Third World, the imperialist powers put on alert. Libya also note the Qaddafi coup in 1969. The colonel took power and nationalized major sectors of the economy, to the chagrin of the West. The same year, the Islamic revolution in Iran toppled the Shah, one of the most important pillars of U.S. strategy in the Middle East.

short, at that time, an anti-imperialist movement defies strong strategic interests of the United States in the Arab world. Fortunately for Washington, all countries in the region do not follow the path of Nasser. It the case of Tunisia. In 1957, a year after the independence of Tunisia, Bourguiba was one of the first Arab leaders to send U.S. in the prestigious journal, Foreign Affairs. The title of the article? Nationalism best antidote to communism. For the United States who want to counter the influence of Nasser is a godsend! Bourguiba wrote in his article: "With the regard, Tunisia has chosen to make unequivocal its way into the free world from the West." We are in the Cold War. The Soviets argued that Nasser's influence grows in the region. And the U.S. needs pro-imperialist agents Bourguiba as not to lose strategic control of the Arab world.

Nasser announced the nationalization of the Suez Canal in 1956

Can we be both nationalist and pro-imperialist?

Bourguiba was a liberal nationalist with anti-communist ideas which led him to join the imperialist camp in the West. In fact, I feel like George Padmore Bourguiba Arabic. Padmore was a leading Pan-Caribbean origin. In 1956 he wrote a book called Pan-Africanism or Communism: The battle ahead in Africa. Like Bourguiba, he fed anti-communist ideas and even if he declared himself a nationalist, his political vision was largely subservient to the interests of imperialist powers. Nationalism served as a cover, their policy is far from being independent. Padmore had a great influence on the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, one of the instigators of the African Union. Its pro-imperialist ideas were able to spread across the continent with the result that we see today is celebrated around the golden jubilee of independence in Africa, but many Africans know they have never become independent. President Nkrumah himself later regretted having taken the advice of Padmore.

In Tunisia too, the submission to imperialist interests has quickly been felt and it turned out that nationalism advocated by Bourguiba was a facade. In the 70s, for example, the President has passed a series of measures intended to attract foreign investors: tax exemption on company profits for ten years, exemption from all duties and taxes for twenty years, exemption from Tax Income property values, etc.. Tunisia has become a vast workshop of Western multinationals in recent repatriation of profits.

Tunisia did she not still been some good progress under Bourguiba?

Yes, there have been positive developments: education, status of women, etc.. First, because Tunisia were the progressives in his elite players, but they were quickly dismissed. Then, because Tunisia was to be dressed in his finest dress. Indeed, this country played a major role in the strategy of the United States to counter the influence of communism in the Arab world. But what had you on the other side? Progressive revolutionary movements that had toppled backward and monarchies who enjoyed popular support. You could not counteract this movement by advocating a feudal system. Saudi Arabia has done so because it could use its oil money for that. But Tunisia, unable to rely on such resources, should provide some progressive image. In the fight against communism, it was supposed to represent a successful Third World countries have chosen the path of liberal nationalism.

But behind the scenes was less flattering. As I said, Bourguiba has systematically eliminated the progressive elements that do not follow his steps. The anti-imperialists who wanted an independent Tunisia both economically and politically, those who wanted to assert their own position in the Third World and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, all were opposed. Tunisia has in fact been used as a laboratory of the imperialist powers. And what was supposed to represent the success of liberal nationalism has become a dictatorship.

When Ben Ali Bourguiba succeeded in 1987, he continues on the same track?

Absolutely. One can even say that the submission to Western interests has grown. Ben Ali was a pure agent of U.S. imperialism. In 1980, as ambassador to Poland, he even served as a liaison between the CIA and Lech Walesa, the union leader who fought against the Soviet Union.

In 1987, when Ben Ali assumed the presidency of Tunisia, the country was deeply in debt by the capitalist crisis of 1973. Moreover, at that time, the ideas of Milton Friedman and his Chicago Boys were very popular. These ultra-liberal economists believed that the market is an entity capable of regulating themselves and that the state should certainly not interfere in the economy. The technical elite Tunisian largely from U.S. schools were highly influenced by theories of Friedman. Ben Ali then left the state capitalism in effect at the beginning of the era Bourguiba. Under the supervision of the IMF and World Bank, he began a privatization program much more massive than what his predecessor had already begun in the 70s.

What were the effects of this new economic policy?

First, privatization of the Tunisian economy has allowed Ben Ali and his wife's family, Trabelsi, personal enrichment. Corruption has reached a very high level, Tunisia has become a country totally subservient to imperialism, headed by a comprador bourgeoisie. Obviously, Ben Ali and his clan did not have many raw materials to selling out to Western multinationals. But they took advantage of the education system established under Bourguiba to develop a service economy. Indeed, the Tunisian workforce is highly educated and inexpensive at a time. It therefore attracts foreign investors.

Tourism has also developed strong as to become the mainstay of the Tunisian economy. Here we see the lack of political vision of the elite. Indeed, no country can develop its economy based on tourism if not first developed a national economic base. The tourism industry consumes a lot but reported very little to the Tunisian people. Imagine: while Western tourists consume hectoliters of water to bask in pools, Jacuzzis or golf course, the poor peasants in the south face of the drying soil.

But it's not just the farmers who have suffered from this policy. Overall, the social conditions of the Tunisian people deteriorated while the president's entourage has amassed a huge fortune. Everyone knew the regime was corrupt. So to maintain this system, the system should prevent any disputes. The repression became even more brutal penny Ben Ali simple criticism or even the desire for modernity and openness were not allowed. Such a situation could lead to popular revolt. Moreover, trying to monopolize his clan the wealth of the country, Ben Ali has also drew the ire of some of the traditional bourgeois Tunisia.

You say that political repression was very strong. Is there anyway today, opposition forces can guide the people's revolution now that Ben Ali has fallen?

Genuine opposition parties were banned under Ben Ali. However, some continued to exist underground. For example, the first Tunisian Communist Party could not live openly and organize like any political party in a democracy. But he continued to operate secretly through associations of civil society (teachers, farmers, doctors, prisoners ...). The PGWPP was able to form a social base and fired a solid experience of this period. It is exceptional in the Arab world.

I think two major challenges now await the opposition parties. First, they must come forward and make themselves known to the general public in Tunisia. Then they must organize a united front of resistance to imperialism. In fact, the imperialist powers seek to maintain the system without Ben Ali Ben Ali. We see now with the Union government National rejected the Tunisians, which is very positive. But the imperialist powers will not stop there. They will certainly seek to impose an International Electoral Commission to support candidates who defend to their best interests. It is therefore necessary to resist interference by creating a united front to build a true democracy.

Opposition parties are they able to overcome their differences to create such a front?

I know that some political parties were reluctant to associate Islamo-nationalist movement Ennahda. This movement emerged in the 80s. He advocated an anti-imperialist line and in fact, has suffered political repression. Why not combine Ennahda in front of resistance to the interference of foreign powers? Tunisia is a Muslim country. It is normal that a political force emerges with an Islamo-nationalist trend. You can not prevent that.

But each of these movements must be studied separately, with its own specificities. This was done by the communist PGWPP. They studied scientifically objective conditions that apply Tunisia. Their conclusion is that the Communists and Islamo-nationalists have been victims of political repression and that even though their programs differ, they share common ground: they want an end to dictatorship and the independence of Tunisia. The Communists have proposed an alliance with the Islamo-nationalists long ago. Of course, the PGWPP does not make Tunisia a Islamic state. Its political agenda is different from that of al-Nahda. But it is the Tunisian people who will judge these differences democratically. Elections should be a contest open to everyone. That is true democracy.

Precisely opposition parties gathered in front of 14 January to fight against the interim government of Mohamed Ghannouchi, a henchman of former President Ben Ali. A hopeful sign?

Absolutely, Tunisia is on the right track: all opposition parties banned so far have created a united front to prevent the system is maintained without Ben Ali Ben Ali. Also underline the role played by the base of the union UGTT. The head of the union authorized under Ben Ali was corrupt and working with the state police. But since the basis of the union put pressure on its leaders and members who UGTT were part of the transitional government have resigned. Although much remains to be done, democracy wins Tunisian institutions under pressure from the people.

Western powers opposed to that. They want to impose democracy in Tunisia where only low-intensity "good" candidates would be allowed to stand for election. If you look at the type of democracy that the United States enjoy, you come across Ethiopia. The U.S. government has provided $ 983 million to countries in the Horn of Africa for the year 2010. That same year, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, in office since 16 years, was reelected with 99.5 percent of the vote! It's even better than Ben Ali! The reality is this: behind their rhetoric in support of the Tunisian people, the Western powers continue to actively support many other Ben Ali in the world.

The United States could not they support other candidates pro-imperialist, but in the eyes of Tunisians, were not associated with the Ben Ali era?

It would be difficult. There is a part of the comprador bourgeoisie which was lésinée by the corrupt system of Ben Ali. But this elite is not strong enough control the popular movement and not enough grounding in the Establishment to win.

The United States had also thought of another strategy: a few months ago, while Ben Ali was still in power, the U.S. ambassador has visited a Communist leader in prison. Officially, a simple observation visit in the framework of respect for human rights. Unofficially, the U.S. anticipated the departure of Ben Ali and wanted to test the waters. Their goal was to get the Communists against the Islamo-nationalists, divide the resistance to imperialism to weaken more. But the Communists Tunisia does not fall into the trap. They are very familiar with the strategy developed by Henry Kissinger in the 80s in the Middle East. They published a very good study on the subject and know they should not take orders from outside or adhere to ideologies manufactured by foreign powers.

Why the U.S. have they abandoned Ben Ali? Had he gone too far in personal enrichment? According to a cable Wikileaks, the U.S. ambassador was very critical of the system of quasi-mafioso Tunisian president, organized corruption are obstacles to investments by foreign companies.

This is not the problem. The United States does not care about corruption. Instead, it is a key element of the system of domination on the U.S. South. In fact, Washington was aware of the internal situation in Tunisia and knew that Ben Ali would not be able to govern. The West must now ensure that the replacement of Ben Ali will continue to defend their interests. The stakes are high. The capitalist crisis is causing serious problems in the West. Besides this, China is getting stronger and now provides more loans than the World Bank and other imperialist powers combined. She even wants to buy a significant portion of the debt of the euro area partly because it has economic interests with European countries, on the other imperialist powers to divide, the EU is historically associated with states USA.

In such a context, the Tunisian people's movement, under the auspices of a revolutionary leadership, could establish an independent government and take advantage of this situation of a multipolar world. The imperialist powers fear that countries that were traditionally under his rule become economically independent, turning also to China. Tunisia could build relationships with the Asian giant to develop its commercial ports. And it would seriously question the concept of the Mediterranean Dialogue, this expansion of NATO to the countries of the Mediterranean that is not a dialogue but a mere instrument of Western domination.

Another country that seems to fear democracy in Tunisia and in the region, Israel. Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom said shortly after the fall of Ben Ali that the development of democracy in Arab countries threaten Israel's security. This country often called only democracy in the Middle East, would he be afraid of competition?

Under a democratic facade, Israel is a fascist, apartheid state. In the region, it can not ally with repressive dictatorial states, led by comprador bourgeoisie that weaken the body of the Arab nation. Currently, these Arab states are rich countries inhabited by poor people. But if a democratic government in the full sense of the term emerges, it will increase economically the Arab nation as a whole. And this economic development will lead to an alliance of Arab countries against the state racist oppressing the Palestinians. Israel fears this course.

Moreover, there is a very big gap between the official positions of Arab dictatorships and the popular sentiment about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Since Egyptian President Sadat visited Israel in 1977, Egypt's position is "we want peace." But it is a position imposed by force to the population. And the current Egyptian government is not content to maintain peaceful relations with Tel Aviv. It participates actively in the strangulation of Gaza, while the majority of Egyptians in solidarity with Palestinians.

It's the same alignment of Arab dictatorships on Washington politics. Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are allies of the United States while the populations of these countries are anti-imperialists. I was in Egypt when Muntadhar al-Zaidi, a journalist in Iraq, threw his shoes on George W. Bush. The Egyptian population was celebrated as a hero. I heard of fathers wanting to marry their daughter with the reporter. Still, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is one of the most faithful allies of Washington.

Do you think the revolution Tunisia a domino effect could cause the downfall of other dictatorships in the Arab world?

70% of the population in Arab countries is less than thirty years and knows that unemployment, police repression and corruption. But all these young people want to live. And to live, they need change. This is the reality of each country. It is therefore not even need a domino effect, the objective conditions are ripe for further revolutions erupt.

People no longer want to live as before. But for their part, the ruling classes are they unable to govern as before?

course. And we see in Egypt today. There are police everywhere in this country. But it is impossible to control everything. A state police has its limitations and the Arab world have reached.

Furthermore, information plays a very important role today. Tunisians, Egyptians and peoples of the Third World are better informed through Al-Jazeera as part of an Internet and social networks on the other. The evolution of information technology has increased the level of education and consciousness of people. The people no longer a mass of illiterate peasants. You have a lot of very smart young people, with a certain practical sense, able to circumvent censorship and of mobilizing the Internet.

there in these countries the opposition forces can guide the popular revolutions?

Why Punishment is so important if these dictators were not in danger? Why the comprador bourgeoisie, so greedy, she would spend so much money in the repressive apparatus if she was not afraid to be reversed? If there was no opposition, all this would not be necessary.

the side of Western observers, many fear that the collapse of these regimes Arab favors the rise of Islamism. As summarized so finely Christophe Barbier, editor of L'Express, "Ben Ali is better than the bearded." These fears proved on of Islamism are they based?

Islamism became the condom of imperialism. Western powers justify their strategy of domination in the Arab-Muslim world under the guise of fighting against Islam. There are Islamists everywhere today. Soon, we shall find even traces of Al-Qaeda on Mars if it is useful to the imperialists!

In reality, the West has always needed to invent an enemy to justify its hegemonic designs and incredible military spending (financed by taxpayers). After the fall of the Soviet Union and the demise of the communist enemy is Islam and Al Qaeda who have played the roles of villains villains.

But the West has no problem with Islamism. It adapts very well to this trend in countries like Saudi Arabia. Moreover, he himself fostered the rise of Islamist movements to counter the Arab nationalism at a time. The real problem for the West is anti-imperialism. That's why he tries to discredit any popular movement in the Arab world who is opposed to its interests by affixing the label "Islamist."

Finally, it should not be very smart to think that the Arab dictatorships are bulwarks against the rise of religious fanaticism. Instead, these repressive regimes have led some of the population to be radicalized. Who could afford to say that such and such people have no right to democracy? In a truly democratic country, different political forces may emerge. But the bourgeoisie comprador ruling in the Arab dictatorships can not convince people. She can not even face to face. To defend the imperialist interests, you must prevent other political forces to emerge because they are likely to convince the people against a corrupt elite. The West has always sought to maintain dictatorships that served its interests by waving the specter of Islamism. But the Arab peoples need democracy. They claim it today and nobody can not go against these claims.

Source: www.michelcollon.info
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          Mulgrew Miller: “Living in the Shadows of Giants”   

© -Steven Cerra, copyright protected; all rights reserved.

“Don’t cross a bridge to get home or to work:” I guess the expression contains more than a hint of caution and admonition, especially if you’ve lived some time in the San Francisco Bay area and seen the nightmarish traffic back-ups a closed bridge can cause on the local, television news.

Thankfully, I never experienced such a delay in all the years I lived and worked in San Francisco,

But I sure caught a taste of what such an experience would be like as I was headed north back to the Oakland, CA airport to catch a return flight to my relocated home in southern California following some business appointments in the Silicon Valley.

A major accident on the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland had caused a traffic back-up so serious that it extended south on US 880 to about 10 miles below the airport.

The was no alternative and plenty of later flights so I just relaxed and turned on the FM-Jazz station while I waited things out in the rental car that was crawling along at death-defying speed of 3 MPH.

The radio broadcast that I tuned into was an interview with pianist Mulgrew Miller who was appearing through the upcoming weekend with his trio at Yoshi’s Jazz Club located on a portion of the waterfront which the City of Oakland had reclaimed from surplus shipping docks and refurbished into a lovely commercial-cum-residential area.

I knew of Mulgrew’s work through recordings he had made during his long association with drummer Tony Williams’ quintet in the 1980s and 1990s, but I had never heard him play in person.

He sounded very warm and cordial during the radio interview and I thought, “Well, at the rate things are going with the crawling traffic, maybe I’ll just book into a local hotel and catch one of Mulgrew’s sets at Yoshi’s.”

Of all the remarks Mulgrew made during the exchange with the interviewer, one stayed with me: “It’s tough to get any recognition as a Jazz musician today because we are living in the shadow of Giants.”

This is not verbatim, but earlier in his talk, Mulgrew had said that many of the pianists  during the bebop era, for example Al Haig, Joe Albany, Dodo Marmarosa, John Lewis, and even some pianists during the later hard bop era like Sonny Clark, Horace Silver and Walter Bishop, Jr., were not original stylists.

They basically played in the manner of Bud Powell and gained a certain measure of recognition and approval for being able to do so.

But musicians like himself, who continue in this bebop piano tradition and perhaps add some of the newer influences like Ahmad Jamal, McCoy Tyner or Keith Jarrett to their approach get little respect because we are not “… the next Bud Powell or Art Tatum or Bill Evans.”

“Why? Not all of us can be giants like Bud and Art or Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. We are doing our part to keep the Jazz tradition alive and even move it forward a little, but we get little respect for what we do accomplish and put down for what we don’t.”

None of this was conveyed with animosity by Mulgrew, but you could certainly sense his disappointment and his displeasure.

The interview then trailed off and was replaced by the playing of one of Mulgrew’s recordings in its entirety.

By some miracle I was just pulling into the hired car parking lot when the interviewer returned so I did not get to hear the rest of Mulgrew’s talk.

The following year The Mulgrew Miller Trio Live at Yoshi’s was issued as a double CD on MaxJazz [[MXJ 212/208] and I picked up a copy along with the March 1, 2005 edition of Downbeatin which the following article about Mulgrew by Ted Panken appeared.

Mulgrew passed away on May 28, 2013 and the editorial staff at JazzProfiles thought it might be nice to remember him on these pages with a reprint of his Downbeat interview and the Nat Chinen obituary that was published in The New York Times.  

Copyright © Downbeat/Ted Panken/2005 Bell & Howell Information and Learning Company. All rights reserved.

Mulgrew Miller: No Apologies 

“Ironies abound in the world of Mulgrew Miller. On the one hand, the 49-year-old pianist is, as Eric Reed pointed out, "the most imitated pianist of the last 25 years." On the other, he finds it difficult to translate his exalted status into full-blown acceptance from the jazz business.

"It's a funny thing about my career," Miller said. "Promoters won't hire my band, but they'll book me as a sideman and make that the selling point of the gig. That boggles my mind."

Miller would seem to possess unsurpassed qualifications for leadership. As the 2004 trio release Live At Yoshi's (MaxJazz) makes evident, no pianist of Miller's generation brings such a wide stylistic palette to the table. A resolute modernist with an old-school attitude, he's assimilated the pentagonal contemporary canon of Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett, as well as Woody Shaw's harmonic innovations, and created a fluid personal argot.

His concept draws on such piano-as-orchestra signposts as Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Ahmad Jamal and Erroll Garner, the "blowing piano" of Bud Powell, the disjunctive syncopations and voicings of Thelonious Monk, and the melodic ingenuity of gums like Hank Jones, Tommy Flanagan and Cedar Walton. With technique to burn, he finds ways to conjure beauty from pentatonics and odd intervals, infusing his lines with church and blues strains and propelling them with a joyous, incessant beat.

"I played with some of the greatest swinging people who ever played jazz, and I want to get the quality of feeling I heard with them," Miller said. "It's a sublime way to play music, and the most creative way to express myself. You can be both as intellectual and as soulful as you want, and the swing beat is powerful but subtle. I think you have to devote yourself to it exclusively to do it at that level."

Consequential apprenticeships with the Mercer Ellington Orchestra, Betty Carter, Johnny Griffin and Shaw launched Miller's career. A 1983-'86 stint with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers put his name on the map, and he cemented his reputation during a long association with Tony Williams' great cuspof-the-'90s band, a sink-or-swim environment in which Miller thrived, playing, as pianist Anthony Wonsey recalls, "with fire but also the maturity of not rushing."

By the mid '80s, Miller was a fixture on
New York's saloon scene. Later, he sidemanned extensively with Bobby Hutcherson, Benny Golson, James Moody and Joe Lovano, and from 1987 to 1996 he recorded nine trio and ensemble albums for Landmark and RCANovus.

Not long after his 40th birthday, Miller resolved to eschew club dates and one-offs, and to focus on his own original music. There followed a six-year recording hiatus, as companies snapped up young artists with tenuous ties to the legacy of hardcore jazz.

"I won't call any names," Miller says, "but a lot of people do what a friend of mine calls 'interview music.' You do something that's obviously different, and you get the interviews and a certain amount of attention. Jazz is part progressive art and part folk art, and I've observed it to be heavily critiqued by people who attribute progressivity to music that lacks a folk element. When Charlie Parker developed his great conception, the folk element was the same as Lester Young and the blues shouters before him. Even when Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane played their conceptions, the folk element was intact. But now, people almost get applauded if they don't include that in their expression. If I reflected a heavy involvement in Arnold Schoenberg or some other ultra-modern composers, then I would be viewed differently than I am. Guys who do what I am doing are viewed as passé.

"A lot of today's musicians learn the rudiments of playing straight-ahead, think they've got it covered, become bored, and say, 'Let me try something else,'" Miller continued. "They develop a vision of expanding through different areas - reggae here, hip-hop there, blues here, soul there, classical music over here and being able to function at a certain level within all those styles. Rather than try to do a lot of things pretty good, I have a vision more of spiraling down to a core understanding of the essence of what music is."

This being said, Miller-who once wrote a lovely tune called "Farewell To Dogma" -continues to adhere to the principle that "there is no one way to play jazz piano and no one way that jazz is supposed to sound." He is not to be confused with the jazz police. His drummer, Karriem Riggins, has a second career as a hip-hop producer, and has at his fingertips a lexicon of up-to-the-second beats. When the urge strikes, bassist Derrick Hodge might deviate from a walking bass line to slap the bass Larry Graham style. It's an approach familiar to Miller, who grew up in
Greenwood, Miss., playing the music of James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Al Green in various Upper Delta cover bands.

"It still hits me where I live," he says. "It's Black music. That's my roots. When I go home, they all know me as the church organist from years ago, so it's nothing for me to walk up to the organ and fit right in. I once discussed my early involvement in music with Abdullah Ibrahim, and he described what I went through as a community-based experience. Before I became or wanted to become a jazz player, I played in church, in school plays, for dances and for cocktail parties. I was already improvising, and always on some level it was emotional or soul or whatever you want to call it. I was finding out how to connect with people through music.

"By now, I have played jazz twice as long as I played popular music, and although that style of playing is part of my basic musical being, I don't particularly feel that I need to express myself through it," he continued. "It's all blues. The folk element of the music doesn't change. The blues in 1995 and in 1925 is the same thing. The technology is different. But the chords are the same, the phrasing is the same, the language is the same-exact same. I grew up on that. It's a folk music. Folk music is not concerned with evolving."

For all his devotion to roots, Miller is adamant that expansion and evolution are key imperatives that drive his tonal personality. "I left my hometown to grow, and early on I intended to embrace as many styles and conceptions as I could," he said. "When I came to
New York I had my favorites, but there was a less celebrated, also brilliant tier of pianists who played the duo rooms, and I tried to hear all of those guys and learn from them. The sound of my bands changes as the musicians expand in their own right. I'm open, and all things are open to interpretation. I trust my musicians-their musicianship, insights, judgments and taste-and they tend to bring things off in whatever direction they want to go. In the best groups I played with, spontaneity certainly was a strong element."

Quiet and laid-back, determined to follow his muse, Miller may never attain mass consumption. But he remains sanguine.

"I have moments, but I don't allow myself to stay discouraged for long," he said. "I worked hard to maintain a certain mental and emotional equilibrium. It's mostly due to my faith. I don't put all my eggs in that basket of being a rich and famous jazz guy. That allows me a certain amount of freedom, because I don't have to play music for money. I play music because I love it. I play the music I love with people I want to play with. I have a long career behind me. I don't have to apologize to anybody for any decisions I make." -Ted Panken” 

Mulgrew Miller, Dynamic Jazz Pianist, Dies at 57

Copyright © The New York Times/Nate Chinen/May 29, 2013.

“Mulgrew Miller, a jazz pianist whose soulful erudition, clarity of touch and rhythmic aplomb made him a fixture in the postbop mainstream for more than 30 years, died on Wednesday in Allentown, Pa. He was 57.

The cause was a stroke, said his longtime manager, Mark Gurley. Mr. Miller had been hospitalized since Friday.

Mr. Miller developed his voice in the 1970s, combining the bright precision of bebop, as exemplified by Bud Powell and Oscar Peterson, with the clattering intrigue of modal jazz, especially as defined by McCoy Tyner. His balanced but assertive style was a model of fluency, lucidity and bounce, and it influenced more than a generation of younger pianists.

He was a widely respected bandleader, working either with a trio or with the group he called Wingspan, after the title of his second album. The blend of alto saxophone and vibraphone on that album, released on Landmark Records in 1987, appealed enough to Mr. Miller that he revived it in 2002 on “The Sequel” (MaxJazz), working in both cases with the vibraphonist Steve Nelson. Among Mr. Miller’s releases in the last decade were an impeccable solo piano album and four live albums featuring his dynamic trio.

Mr. Miller could seem physically imposing on the bandstand — he stood taller than six feet, with a sturdy build — but his temperament was warm and gentlemanly. He was a dedicated mentor: his bands over the last decade included musicians in their 20s, and since 2005 he had been the director of jazz studies at William Paterson University in New Jersey.

If his sideman credentials overshadowed his solo career, it wasn’t hard to see why: he played on hundreds of albums and worked in a series of celebrated bands. His most visible recent work had been with the bassist Ron Carter, whose chamberlike Golden Striker Trio featured Mr. Miller and the guitarist Russell Malone on equal footing; the group released a live album, “San Sebastian” (In+Out), this year.

Born in Greenwood, Miss., on Aug. 13, 1955, Mr. Miller grew up immersed in Delta blues and gospel music. After picking out hymns by ear at the family piano, he began taking lessons at age 8. He played the organ in church and worked in soul cover bands, but devoted himself to jazz after seeing Mr. Peterson on television, a moment he later described as pivotal.

At Memphis State University, he befriended two pianists, James Williams and Donald Brown, both of whom later preceded him in Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers. Mr. Miller spent several years with that band, just as he did with the trumpeter Woody Shaw, the singer Betty Carter and the Duke Ellington Orchestra, led by Ellington’s son, Mercer. Mr. Miller worked in an acclaimed quintet led by the drummer Tony Williams from the mid-1980s until shortly before Williams died in 1997.

Mr. Miller’s survivors include his wife, Tanya; his son, Darnell; his daughter, Leilani; and a grandson. He lived in Easton, Pa.

Though he harbored few resentments, Mr. Miller was clear about the limitations imposed on his career. “Jazz is part progressive art and part folk art,” he said in a 2005 interview with DownBeat magazine, differentiating his own unassuming style from the concept-laden, critically acclaimed fare that he described as “interview music.” He added, “Guys who do what I am doing are viewed as passé.”

But Mr. Miller worked with so many celebrated peers, like the alto saxophonist Kenny Garrett and the tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano, that his reputation among musicians was ironclad. And his legacy includes a formative imprint on some leading players of the next wave, including the drummer Karriem Riggins and the bassist Derrick Hodge, who were in one of his trios. The pianist Robert Glasper once recorded an original ballad called “One for ’Grew,” paying homage to a primary influence. On Monday, another prominent pianist, Geoffrey Keezer, attested on Twitter that seeing Mr. Miller one evening in 1986 was “what made me want to be a piano player professionally.”

In the performance from the At Yoshi’s 2004 double CD that forms the sound track for this video tribute to him, Mulgrew has cleverly adopted Comes Love to the arrangement Ahmad Jamal used on Poinciana from his At The Pershing Room Argo LP, one of the most successful Jazz recordings ever issued.

The insistent rhythm is formed by Karriem Riggins use of mallets on the drum set’s tom toms and the insistent accent played by the high hat on the 2nd and 4thbeat of each measure.

On the original version, instead of the usual “clicking” sound made by stepping on the high hat’s cymbals to close them, Ahmad’s drummer, Vernel Fournier, played the high hat cymbals open [barely touching them together] creating more of a “chinging” sound to simulate finger cymbals.

You can hear this effect in a more pronounced manner as played by Karriem at 4:21 minutes of Mulgrew’s version.

          Pops and O.P. - "You Go To My Head"   
© -Steven Cerra, copyright protected; all rights reserved.

“Louis Armstrong  was the father of “vernacular music,” which was made possible by the microphone.  Anyone with any kind of contemporary rhythmic concept —be they singer, instrumentalist, or composer-arranger— owes a debt to Armstrong.  By the way, my favorite Armstrong performance, both playing and singing, is his 1957 recording of “You Go To My Head” with Oscar Peterson. If you want to understand where Miles Davis came from, and why Armstrong is still relevant today, listen to this.  I often play it for students, and many of them find it a life-changing record.”
- Bill Kirchner, Jazz musician

Returning to the subject of favorite recordings, Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson [825 713-2] has been included in that group since Verve released it in 1957.

Louis’ meeting with Oscar Peterson's trio, is as Richard Cook and Brian Morton in The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD, 6th Ed “perhaps a mixed success, but nevertheless an intriguing disc.”

Peterson can't altogether avoid his besetting pushiness, yet he's just as often sotto voce [a quiet or understated voice; literally “under the voice”] in accompaniment, and on the slower tunes especially - Sweet Lorraine and Lets Fall In Love and You Go To My Head.”

But the important point here is that “the chemistry works, and Louis is certainly never intimidated.”

I also agree with them when they assert: “It’s good to hear [Pops] on material more obviously 'modern' than he normally tackled and, although he sometimes gets the feel of a song wrong, he finds a surprising spin tor several of the lyrics.”

But I think, the most important point to be made in its favor is that, thanks again to the intercession of impresario Norman Granz in, that the album exists!

How many times have you heard friends’ remarks about Wish List recordings - “Gee, I wonder what it would have sounded like to have so-and-so performing with such-and-such - while knowing that the reality is that’s never going to happen because those artists are no longer with us?

I’ve often longed for a Louis Armstrong-Art Tatum recording, but that never happened, either. Thankfully, this one did, especially since Oscar Peterson gets a close to Tatum as anyone ever did.

Put another way, although a modern stylist and very much his own man, Peterson’s homage to Tatum is very much apparent in his playing and is what I think that Cook-Morton are referring to when they mention Oscar’s “besettling pushiness.” But that’s not the way I hear it. What’s on display here is a great accompanist offering his talents to a great soloist, one very much deserving of his respect.

More about the special nature of Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson [Verve 825 713-2] is revealed in Leonard Feather's liner notes from the original LP release of this material:

"When I was a kid," Louis Armstrong says, "I used to go singing around in churches or choirs or on street corners. You'd get four hustlers on a corner who could make a sharp quartet. 1 was about seven years old when I started singing. We'd pass the hat and sometimes we'd make as much as $1.50 a night. That was like $150 a night now"

This recollection places Satchmo's vocal career ahead of his horn-blowing life by several years and means that he has been singing, for pleasure and money, over half a century. Since today his popularity with the general public can be credited even more to his singing than to the trumpet that originally made him a globally known figure, and since the present album is basically a set of vocal performances, it is interesting to note that this thorny, rock-bottomed approach to the use of the human voice predated (and in a sense predicted) similar melodic and rhythmic nuances on the cornet and trumpet.

As George Avakian pointed out in The Jazz Makers (Grove Press), Louis "developed a whole school of jazz singing, based on a literal interpretation of the folk and blues singers' approach to the voice as an instrument. Louis showed that the emotional meaning of o lyric can be expressed through vocal inflections and improvisations of a purely instrumental quality just as effectively — more so, in fact — as through words. This line of development paralleled the growth of his instrumental influence. It still embraces every jazz and popular singer today"

All this can be applied at full strength to the dozen interpretations on these sides of material that generally falls in the popular song category. What Louis may lack in clear understanding of the lyrics' meaning in occasional lines is more than compensated by his overall feeling for the mood of both lyrics and melody. And there are, of course, additional virtues in the presence of his companions. The Oscar Peterson Trio Plus One (Louis Bellson again rounds out the rhythm section as he did on previous albums in which Oscar's trio played for Louis, Ella Fitzgerald and others) is perhaps the most perfectly integrated rhythmic unit of its kind in contemporary jazz.

Peterson's background is about as different from Louis' as Admiral Byrd's from Dr. Livingstone's; yet it is this very contrast, and the eclectic quality in his work, that makes him the ideal accompanist, for any singer or instrumentalist of any jazz school. What Louis learned on the streets and in the Waifs' Home in New Orleans has its best possible complement in what Oscar learned during rigorous classical studies north of the border. Neither had to bend a millimeter in musical concession to the other; the blend of spontaneous musicianship and academic knowledge was natural and immediate.

All the songs in this are from 15 to 30 years old; all have been used extensively by jazzmen, though in several instances Louis had never before recorded them. ...

You Go To My Head is, unless memory fails, Louis' first recorded performance of a number he could and should have introduced as soon as it was published, over 20 years ago. Perhaps in an effort to compensate for keeping us waiting so long, he plays an entire chorus and sings another. Not since Billie Holiday has there been a comparable sympathetic treatment….

Hearing Louis in the un-frilled, ungimmicked setting of the Oscar Peterson rhythm section will be a treat for those who have often seen him in person and wished for fewer encumbrances. Basically Louis needs nobody but Louis — he could stand all alone in the middle of the Sahara, singing selected excerpts from the Tunis telephone directory, and we suspect he could make it for a week without food and water. But if there must be someone else, let it be the man whose team made this
session such a happy occasion for all concerned. The meeting of Armstrong and Peterson marked one of the most catalytic moments since the day when Peterson met Norman Granz.”

Of You Go To My Head, Ted Gioia has written in The Jazz Standards: A Guide to the Repertoire [Oxford]

You Go to My Head
Composed by J. Fred Coots, with lyrics by Haven Gillespie

“In 1934, this same songwriting duo collaborated on "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," which endeared itself to Mom and Dad by getting countless youngsters to move from the naughty to nice cohort group. Four years later, some of those nice kids had grown up, but I'm confident few parents encouraged their headstrong teens to follow the lead of the new Gillespie-Coots hit "You Go to My Head." This song was a paean to romantic infatuation, packed with similes relating love to booze; in the course of a few bars — musical ones, that is, not those called "Dew Drop Inn" — we get references to champagne, burgundy, and a kicker of julep. Indeed, this song comes closer than any tune I know to capturing in musical form the feeling of losing control.

If the words were a bit too sophisticated for the kids, so was the music. "You Go to My Head" is an intricately constructed affair with plenty of harmonic movement. The song starts in a major key, but from the second bar onward, Mr. Coots seems intent on creating a feverish dream quality tending more to the minor mode. The release builds on the drama, and the final restatement holds some surprises as well. The piece would be noteworthy even if it lacked such an exquisite coda, but those last eight bars convey a sense of resigned closure to the song that fittingly matches the resolution of the lyrics.

Four artists had hit records with this song during the summer 051938. Larry Clinton's version was the biggest success, reaching as high as #3, but Teddy Wilson, Billie Holiday, and Glen Gray's Casa Loma Orchestra each enjoyed placement in the top 20 with their releases. The song fell out of circulation during the early 19403, but was widely covered during the second half of the decade, with artists from a range of stylistic camps — including Dizzy Gillespie, Gene Krupa, Lena Home, Coleman Hawkins, Dave Brubeck, Artie Shaw, and Lennie Tristano — bringing their individual talents to bear on it.

Vocalists tend to take this song at a "deep ballad" tempo, sometimes so extremely slow that they test the competence of the rhythm section to maintain a sense of swing while moving along at less than 40 beats per minute. Check out the recordings by Betty Carter and Shirley Horn for examples of how this can work when the instrumentalists on hand match the skill of the singer. In contrast, Bill Evans — whom one might expect to linger over the chart — delivers a simmering hard bop treatment on his 1962 Interplay album, helped along by Jim Hall and Freddie Hubbard.

Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond take a different approach in their 1952 duet performance from Storyville, mixing romanticism and cerebral deconstruction in equal doses. Desmond had such fondness for this recording that when he and Brubeck reunited for a duet project in 1975, he wanted to showcase "You Go to My Head" again, and the song served as the emotional centerpiece of the resulting album. Both versions are worth hearing, but the earlier track is especially revealing of the simpatico relationship between these two artists, and is my favorite performance from their work for the Fantasy label.”

Here’s a video of Pops and OP performing You Go to My Head.

          TRAINSPOTTER: Hell’s Wedding Bells — How the #GuptaLeaks reveal that South Africans paid for the whole damn thing   
The Daily Maverick and amaBhungane can now confirm that the legendary Gupta family nuptials — a four-day wedding binge-fest in Sun City that took place between 29 April and 3 May, 2013 — was paid for in its entirety by money stolen from a Free State dairy project, and laundered through a Gupta shell in Dubai. In all, at least R33.4 million was pissed away in the wedding of Gupta niece Vega, and new nephew-in-law, Aakash. The happy couple were aided and abetted in their endeavours in no small part by the current Mineral Resources Minister, Mosebenzi Zwane, who will be remembered as the most generous wedding underwriter in South African history. And so, we arrive at the understanding that South Africa is an ungainly mash-up between two seventies classics, The Godfather and Invasion of the Body Snatchers — a gangster state in which the inhabitants are zombified agents of a corrupt, festering uber-mind, based not in outer space, but in the United Arab Emirates. By RICHARD POPLAK, with reporting from amaBhungane and Scorpio
          ANC policy conference: Zuma takes hardline, begins fight back   
President Jacob Zuma took a sharp dig at veterans for their call for a consultative conference, separate from the policy gathering, in his opening political overview on Friday. Veterans like the “101” and MK Council had taken “a decision on their own, outside structures of the ANC” and presented a demand for a high-level meeting on the state of the ANC, because the branches were “riff-raff”, Zuma told the 5,000 delegates. In going off-script, Zuma took off the gloves in a highly charged gathering directed to come up with solutions for long-standing challenges from factionalism, corruption and money politics. In doing so Zuma set the tone for the branches, where the numbers have his back. By MARIANNE MERTEN
          AU Small Finance Bank IPO oversubscribed 53.5 times on stellar response   
AU Small Finance Bank IPO oversubscribed 53.5 times on stellar response AU Small Finance Bank received a license from the Reserve Bank of India to set up a small finance bank in December 2016 and commenced operations from April this year.
          Stellar performance on debut: CDSL soars 75% to close at Rs 261.60   
Stellar performance on debut: CDSL soars 75% to close at Rs 261.60 CDSL touched an intraday high of Rs 269.95 (up 81.17 percent) but did not fall below its pre-opening price of Rs 250.
          AU Small Finance Bank IPO oversubscribed 29 times   
AU Small Finance Bank IPO oversubscribed 29 times The IPO to raise Rs 1,912 crore received bids for 1,08,56,43,264 shares against the total issue size of 3,76,95,520 shares, data available with the NSE till 1515 hours showed.
          CDSL makes stock market debut on June 30   
CDSL makes stock market debut on June 30 According to sources, the grey market premium for the stock is around Rs 90-100, which indicated that the listing may be around Rs 225-250 per share.
          Bumper Listing: CDSL debuts at Rs 250; zooms 80% over issue price   
Bumper Listing: CDSL debuts at Rs 250; zooms 80% over issue price The bumper listing was on expected lines as the issue has overwhelming response, oversubscribing 170 times. The grey market premium also indicated the strong listing.
          What Low-Income Family Spending Habits Can Teach You About Investing   
Marketwatch reports that low-income families spend about 40% of their income on luxuries. That compares to the 65% that high-income families spend on luxury goods. Why are low-income families spending so much of their money on luxury goods? Marketwatch reports that nearly half of Americans attribute their profligate spending to emotion. Emotion and money don’t […]
          The Battle Raging for Your Grocery Money   
The announcement of Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods was a big deal, but it also has raised the profile of a war that’s been raging in the grocery business for years now. Americans seem to have become more price conscious and that has bolstered low-price stores like Aldi. They’ve also become more focused on online […]
          Offer - East African ancient power ful Money Making Ideas - SOUTH AFRICA   
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          Dutch right back Kelvin Leerdam joins Sounders on field   

Sounders coach Brian Schmetzer says lingering concerns about the long term health of Brad Evans played a part in the decision to sign Dutch right back Kelvin Leerdam to some bigger Targeted Allocation Money.
          How to Make Affiliate Commissions when Selling Items on Ebay   
This last month I decided to clean out some of my closet and list a bunch of items on Ebay. It was the first time I had sold stuff on Ebay in quite a few years but I found the process to be easier than ever. One thing that crossed my mind only after I had everything shipped was opportunities to earn a little extra money through pairing something of value with each order. The item would have the intention to send people to a landing page which had affiliate offers. I went ahead and explored the idea for the … Continue reading
          The Six Point Checklist for Video Marketing Domination   
It’s a wonder to me why so few businesses employ video as part of their marketing especially since video is extremely easy to create and is absolutely effective for conversions. What do you have in your pocket, sitting at your desk, or in your hand right now? Is it your cell phone? If so then you already have the tool to make these money making videos. I already covered a lot of video marketing through YouTube (it’s a series) but I wanted to come back to the topic and really condense it into a checklist which is very actionable this … Continue reading
          Affiliate Money Makers: Printouts   
Throughout this short series I will take you through five of the most powerful ways to begin earning money through your Affiliate Marketing efforts. The items that are included in this series are the pages and content types that are applicable to any online project. The five I will cover include: Resource pages In-Depth reviews Checklist Translations Printouts Each of these allow you to share valuable information and an affiliate link (or more). The pieces are built around trust and action so when you hold the position of a positive brand it increases the odds of conversions; people see that … Continue reading
          Affiliate Money Makers: Translations   
Throughout this short series I will take you through five of the most powerful ways to begin earning money through your Affiliate Marketing efforts. The items that are included in this series are the pages and content types that are applicable to any online project. The five I will cover include: Resource pages In-Depth reviews Checklist Translations Printouts Each of these allow you to share valuable information and an affiliate link (or more). The pieces are built around trust and action so when you hold the position of a positive brand it increases the odds of conversions; people see that … Continue reading
          Affiliate Money Makers: Checklists   
Throughout this short series I will take you through five of the most powerful ways to begin earning money through your Affiliate Marketing efforts. The items that are included in this series are the pages and content types that are applicable to any online project. The five I will cover include: Resource pages In-Depth reviews Checklist Translations Printouts Each of these allow you to share valuable information and an affiliate link (or more). The pieces are built around trust and action so when you hold the position of a positive brand it increases the odds of conversions; people see that … Continue reading
          Affiliate Money Makers: In-Depth Reviews   
Throughout this short series I will take you through five of the most powerful ways to begin earning money through your Affiliate Marketing efforts. The items that are included in this series are the pages and content types that are applicable to any online project. The five I will cover include: Resource pages In-Depth reviews Checklist Translations Printouts Each of these allow you to share valuable information and an affiliate link (or more). The pieces are built around trust and action so when you hold the position of a positive brand it increases the odds of conversions; people see that … Continue reading
          Affiliate Money Makers: Resource Pages   
Throughout this short series I will take you through five of the most powerful ways to begin earning money through your Affiliate Marketing efforts. The items that are included in this series are the pages and content types that are applicable to any online project. The five I will cover include: Resource pages In-Depth reviews Checklist Translations Printouts Each of these allow you to share valuable information and an affiliate link (or more). The pieces are built around trust and action so when you hold the position of a positive brand it increases the odds of conversions; people see that … Continue reading
          Comment on Best grocery (chain) by chris   
By far, Wegman's is the best supermarket. We need to start a local movement to get a store opened in the Capital Region. It will give Price Chopper a run for their money.
          Comment on Halo: Combat Evolved PC Game Download Links by Kisha   
I see you don't monetize your blog, there is one cool method to earn extra money, it will work with your website perfectly, just search in google for: Komiknabi's advices
          Reward And Punishment In Our Lives, Part 4   
Question: If we live in a system of nature that trains us like a mother bringing up little children, then do rewards and punishments for our actions really exist in this world? Society conditions a person by defining rewards as good fortune, success in family, work, and money. All of reality is divided into winners and losers; […]
          Empowerment Radio with Dr. Friedemann Schaub: From Worry to Wealthy: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Success Without the Stress with Chellie Campbell   
EpisodeAre you one of the millions of women who struggle to take your career to the next level? Do money and finances stress you out? Are you ready to have more financial success, but lack the courage or know-how to get from one step to the next? Join Dr. Friedemann and his special guest Chellie Campbell, bestselling author of From Worry to Wealthy, to learn how you can win at life and work.  Achieve Financial Freedom for Life with Chellie Campbell’s No-Stress Succe ...
          Libraries of Business Process Segment Links    
I think I have seen this before, but was reminded of it by some recent work.  Why not have libraries of the graphs of typical business process segments?  Then allow us to paste these together to create complete or partial business process models?  And then edit these to make them come closer to what is really done?   Model with simulation to compare the result versus the ideal?

The below shows how this is done to detect money laundering, using Linkurious, but I am suggesting could also be used to model and refine legitimate process.   That would require a library of graph segments representing specific and known common business processes, and a way to link them together. Perhaps from  business transaction flows?   And create a process model along the way. Anyone done this?

Fighting financial crimes and money laundering with graph data
Posted by Elise Devaux 

Fighting financial crimes is a daily battle worldwide. Organizations have to deploy intelligent systems to prevent and detect wrongdoings, such as anti-money laundering (AML) control frameworks. We’ll see in this blog post how graph technologies can reinforce those systems.

Using graph technologies to fight financial crimes

Media previewIn today’s complex economy, law enforcement and financial organizations fight against a wide range of financial crimes: embezzlement, tax evasion, extortion, corruption, terrorism funding or money laundering, to name a few. While tracking down those activities, governments and financial institutions have to deal with a fast moving financial crime landscape and a growing volume of information of various formats.

Graph technologies like Linkurious can be powerful assets to help fight financial crimes. They provide exhaustive overviews of the different entities and their connections. And they support complex data queries on large data-sets in a near-real time environment.

In this article, we’ll focus on anti-money laundering procedures and explore a specific case with a graph approach. .... " 

          How Young Millionaires Invest their Money   
More and more Millenials are pushing bounderies and becoming Millionaires! In the age of the internet, Instagram, facebook, Youtube and other social media platforms, all it takes is an idea, some marketing savvie and an audience to make it into the Millionaires club! Sure, at times talk might be easier than reality but, for those […]
          Cashier,Stock Clerk - Harvey's Home Center - Assiniboia, SK   
Enter prices of items on cash register. Process money, cheques and credit/debit card payments. Stock shelves and clean counter area....
From Saskjobs - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 02:46:35 GMT - View all Assiniboia, SK jobs
          97 Economic Facts The Doctor Who Episode "Oxygen" Got Wrong   
1. Oxygen is recyclable. It doesn't disappear when you breathe it. 2. They're mining copper ore. You know what a major component of many copper ores and other rocks is? Oxygen. 3. You know what the process of refining oxide ores does? It produces oxygen. 4. They're murdering the maintenance staff of a refinery to save money on oxygen. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to restart a refinery after a shutdown? 5. They're rationing oxygen, but not the resources required to produce oxygen. 6. They're sending out an entire new crew of employees on an interplanetary...
          Great Looking Skin Doesnts Happen By Accident   
          Caroline Glick on Trump, Israel, and America’s secular Jews   
Caroline Glick has some good news about the Trump administration, and some sobering news about the leaching away of America’s Jews from any sort of meaningful Judaism: Earlier this month Norway, Denmark and Switzerland did something surprising. Norway announced that it was demanding the return of its money from the Palestinian Human Rights and Humanitarian […]
          The Mastermind Behind The International Irish Pub   
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: Wherever you go in the world, the Irish pub looks the same - dark wood, smoky mirrors. Some of that is Irish immigrants wanting to recreate the feeling of home, but a lot of the style of the international Irish pub comes from one man. Robert Smith and Ailsa Chang of NPR's Planet Money team have his story. AILSA CHANG, BYLINE: Before we meet the mastermind of the Irish pub, we wanted to show you his work. ROBERT SMITH, BYLINE: A pub so exclusive we had to undergo a full-body scan just to get in. UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: (Over loudspeaker) This is a general boarding call to all remaining passengers traveling on Virgin Atlantic flight VS46. SMITH: Where are we? SIOBHAN BRETT: We're in Terminal 4, JFK Airport. SMITH: The most Irish place to be. BRETT: (Laughter) I've never felt more at home. SMITH: That is real life Irish person Siobhan Brett. CHANG: We're next to Gate 5, sitting in a pub with pints of Guinness. Now, it's still an
          PIC GALLERY: Cancer survivors, relatives and friends set off on 24-HOUR relay run   
'CANCER never sleeps so neither do we' say defiant fundraisers as they tackle a 24-hour challenge to raise money for charity.
          [uhindsv46]:Golf is a Difficult Game to Master - POCO空间(POCO.CN)   
The majority of the holes on most eighteen hole golf courses are par four. This usually mean there are ten holes rated at a par of four. The rest are rated as par five or par three. Increasing the overall length of any hole ping g20 driver, on any course, tends to make it more challenging.
As you swing down callaway razr x irons, the speed of the downswing will get gradually faster until the wrists start to uncock, delivering the club head to the ball at tremendous speed.
Golf is a difficult game to master. Having a golf pro to teach you the basic skills is crucial. The golf pro will give you the basics so you can have correct golf swing mechanics. Learning the correct swing mechanics is key to having any sort of success in the sport of golf. There are many guides that have been published over the years that will also help you learn the game of golf and learn the proper golf swing mechanics.
Be forgiving to yourself and the other person. Let the infraction go ping g20 irons, otherwise your play will suffer on the remainder of the course.
Stay away from the blue tees If you are the average weekend hacker and your handicap is above ten then why stress your game by playing off the blue tees. Now if you feel you get more strokes for your money this way then have at it. But if you are the golfer who gets out once a week or less don't put the added stress on a game that is already difficult to master. This will allow you to relax more and enjoy the day.
Not all traps are created equal. Some are placed around the green, while others are located in the fairway. The sand traps located around the green tend to be deeper diablo octane fairway wood, with a steep lip. Fairway bunker are generally shallow ping k15 driver, giving the golfer a chance to reach the green in regulation. However the more challenging golf courses might not follow these design rules making certain shots nearly impossible.

From the tee taylormade rescue 11, an iron is generally used. Using an iron gives your shot a higher trajectory. This means the golf ball will hit the green with a greater pitch mizuno jpx800 irons, and tend to stick near the spot it hits first. A shot with a higher trajectory also tends to have more backspin causing it not roll very far.


您还可以看看其POCO他作品哦: mizuno jpx800 iron     callaway razr x ir     ping g20 irons


          [uhindsv46]:Improving Your Basic Golf Swing - POCO空间(POCO.CN)   
Uphill putts are relatively easy to master. Once you learn how hard to hit the ball to cause it to travel the required distance you have the main skill needed to perform successful uphill putts. The golf ball is not likely to break on an uphill putt if you put enough power into your stroke.
Another eating trick is to bring healthy snacks with you and snack throughout your round. I know I've won matches just because I was snacking and my peers were not. If you're blood sugar gets low your round will suffer big time.
I like to bring protein bars and a bag of nuts - this really helps to keep me fueled throughout the round. If you're riding in a cart, it's easy to stuff your snacks in the front compartment so you'll remember to snack often.
To get the most enjoyment out of your game you need to de-clutter your mind. Hit that recycle button and get rid of all the trash that's been accumulating over the years. Stop reading up on all those little nuggets of information that promises you to swing like a pro.
Anyway, there is one inarguable fact that you need to know and trust about improving your basic golf swing. The fact is that you need to swing your golf club on or very close to the original swing plane if you want to really improve the way you hit the golf ball.
If you really want to improve your body mechanics try golf putting with your eyes closed! This may sound ridiculous, but it causes you to become aware of every tiny movement that your body makes during a shot. This new perspective has helped many golfers.

If you know someone who is an experienced golf player you should use that and ask them for advice. You can also ask a salesman as long as you remember that they are just that, salesmen! Another tip if you're looking to save some money is to get second hand clubs instead of new ones. This will also give you better clubs for your money.



          Tortilla Crusted Chicken Recipe   

Tortilla Crusted Chicken Recipe Chicken Parmesan just got its run for its money right here. Tortilla Crusted Chicken Recipe is a Tex-Mex version of the chicken fried steak and it is delicious. Specifically, the tortillas are homemade and then crushed up for the breading on the chicken before being fried or baked. This is an …

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          Finally - A Pan-Lutheran Litany for All To Use - No Charge   
Stormtroopers agree - it's all symbolic.

Leader: The other Lutheran groups  are terrible. They cover up crimes, protect their friends, and teach false doctrine.
The People: So do we!

Leader: The other Lutheran groups use the worst translations of the Bible.
The People: So do we!

Leader: They go to schools that feature false doctrine and worship there.
The People: So do we!

Leader: The other Lutheran groups use slander, malicious gossip, threats, excommunication, and property theft to keep everyone in line.
The People: So do we!

Leader: The other Lutheran groups talk about grace and forgiveness.
People: So do we!

The Leader: But they condemn and criticize and shun.
The People: So do we!

The Leader: The other Lutheran groups beg and plead for money from the government, the life insurance companies, and foundations.
The People: So do we!

The Leader: The other Lutheran groups are hypocrites. Do I hear an Amen?
The People: Amen. We are dead indeed!


          A 49-mile run will benefit the East Brandywine Fire Company, station 49   

WEST BRANDYWINE >> Some people donate money directly to their local fire company, but Chester County resident Michael Mize is running 49 miles on Saturday to raise money for East Brandywine Fire Company, which is station 49.

Mize will begin his 49-mile round trip early Saturday morning starting at the fire station and passing several other fire companies before returning to station 49 later that day.

          Wagner is a ‘Best College for Your Money’   

Wagner College appeared in Money magazine’s third annual ‘Best Colleges for Your Money’ list, a ranking of the top 705 colleges and universities in America, big and small, public and private, Ivy and otherwise

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          Bionic Woman shows power   
"Bionic Woman," the hip new remake of that '70s show, starring Michelle Ryan, beat its heavy competition at 9 p.m. Wednesday in the key 18- to 49-year-old demographic that advertisers crave most. This despite going up against the much-hyped "Private Practice," starring Kate Walsh. That spinoff, however, earned its own bragging rights -- it won the time slot in terms of overall viewers. And ABC won the night overall among both total viewers and 18- to 49-year-olds, since "Dancing With the Stars" continued its strong three-night run, and the series premiere of "Dirty Sexy Money" did reasonably well against CBS' "CSI: New York."

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          Mick Fanning Attacked by Shark at J-Bay Open   

Direct link to article... [littlegreenfootballs.com]


The final heat of the 2015 J-Bay Open between Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson was put on hold indefinitely just moments after it began when Fanning was attacked by what is suspected to be a great white in the lineup. Fanning and Wilson were able to make it to the support boats unharmed, but the event was called off and the prize points and money were split between the two competitors.

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          MS looking to invest in Facebook   
Software Giant and makers of the Xbox console Microsoft are interested in buying 5% of online community site Facebook. For Facebook this would add an extra $15 billion in terms of value to the compan, which shot to fame in a very short time span. the actual value for the shares is an estimated $400 million.

Facebook, which is led by its 23-year-old Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, wants to raise money to expand its operations.

Google is also rumored to have interest in Facebook.
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Тариф «СМАРТ для СВОИХ» (доступен для всех регионов кроме Крыма и Севастополя)
600 мин на номера домашнего региона, находясь дома и в поездках по РФ (свыше пакета - на МТС бесплатно)
600 SMS на мобильные домашнего региона
10 Гб по РФ (исключения: Чукотская АО (3Гб), Магадан (3Гб), Камчатский край (3Гб), Норильск (2Гб))
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Тариф «Трофейный» (доступен для всех регионов кроме ДВ, Крыма и Севастополя)

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● Опция "Везде как дома" предоставляется бесплатно
● Абон. плата 0р/мес.
По коду (~3 мин) - 899р. Код необходимо отправить на номер 3620 и у вас новый тариф.
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● [НОЧЬЮ] Безлимитный интернет по РФ | [ДНЁМ] 10 ГБ
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Тариф «Царский 1200» (доступен для всех регионов кроме ДВ, Крыма и Севастополя)
12000 мин: исходящие на все сети РФ, находясь дома и в поездках по РФ
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Безлимитный интернет по РФ
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Подключение с сохранением номера 2499р

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Подключение с сохранением номера 1999 1799р

Тариф «Плутон»

Подключение с сохранением номера см изображение

Тариф «Созвездие»

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Тариф «Луна»

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● Билайн - 0/40 коп (местные/межгород)
● Городские и мобильные - 35/80 коп (местные/межгород)
● SMS по РФ - 10 коп.
● Исходящие в страны СНГ, Европы, США и Канаду - 5 р/мин
● Исходящие вызовы в остальные страны - 20р/мин
● Входящие по МИРУ - 0р
● Мобильный интернет в международном роуминге - 12р/Мб
● Абон. плата 0р/мес.
Подключение с сохранением номера 2399р

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Тариф «Всё хорошо»

Подключение с сохранением номера см изображение

Тариф «Всё хорошо» (новый номер или смена оператора)

Стоимость подключения см изображение

Тариф «Облачный РЗН M600» (доступен для региона Рязань)
600 мин: исходящие на все сети РФ, находясь дома; входящие, в поездках по РФ
● Безлимит на Мегафон всей РФ
50 SMS/сут на номера РФ
5/10/15/20 Гб по РФ
● Абон. плата 189/203/238/294 р/мес.
Подключение с сохранением номера 1299р

Тариф «Облачный РЗН L600» (доступен для региона Рязань)
600 мин: исходящие на все сети РФ, находясь дома и в поездках по РФ; входящие, в поездках по РФ
● Безлимит на Мегафон всей РФ
50 SMS/сут на номера РФ
5/10/15/20 Гб по РФ
● Бесплатные входящие в Европе (из пакета минут)
● Абон. плата 224/252/308/413 р/мес.
Подключение с сохранением номера 1299р

Тариф «Облачный РЗН L1500» (доступен для региона Рязань)
1500 мин: исходящие на все сети РФ, находясь дома и в поездках по РФ; входящие, в поездках по РФ
● Безлимит на Мегафон всей РФ
100 SMS/сут на номера РФ
5/10/15/20 Гб по РФ
● Бесплатные входящие в Европе (из пакета минут)
● Абон. плата 560/588/644/749 р/мес.
Подключение с сохранением номера 1299р


Абсолютно безлимитный 4G+ интернет, без ограничений. Интернет всегда с Вами.

Тариф «Билайн Безлимит 700»
● Тариф подходит для любых устройств - телефон, планшет, модем, роутер
● ТОРРЕНТЫ: Работают
● Сеть: 2G/3G/4G LTE
● Зона действия: ВСЯ РОССИЯ (кроме Камчатского края, Магаданской обл., Чукотского АО, Республики Саха (Якутия), Таймырского и Долгано-Ненецкого МР, ЕМО г. Норильска и г. Игарки, Республики Крым и г. Севастополь)
● Абон. плата 700р/мес.
Новая SIM (получение в салоне Билайна) - 1500 999р

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● Сеть: 2G/3G/4G LTE
● Зона действия: Центральный регион (Москва и МО; Брянская, Владимирская, Ивановская, Калужская, Костромская, Рязанская, Смоленская, Тверская, Тульская, Ярославская области)
● Абон. плата 700р/мес.
Новая SIM (получение в салоне Билайна) - 1999р

Тариф «МТС Online 50 Gb»
● Тариф подходит для любых устройств - телефон, планшет, модем, роутер
● Трафик: 50 Гб (после превышения - отключается)
● Скорость: БЕЗ ОГРАНИЧЕНИЙ (исключения: Камчатский край, Магаданская обл., Чукотский и Таймырский АО - скорость в рамках пакета ограничивается до 128 Кбит/с)
● ТОРРЕНТЫ: Работают
● Сеть: 2G/3G/4G LTE
● Зона действия: ВСЯ РОССИЯ (в т.ч. в Крыму)
● Абон. плата 480р/мес.
Новая SIM (оформлена на юр лицо) - 999р (бесплатная доставка почтой)

Тариф «Smart Безлимитище (архивный)»
● Тариф подходит для любых устройств - телефон, планшет. Модем, роутер (доп настройка)
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● ТОРРЕНТЫ: Работают (через TOR & VPN)
● Сеть: 2G/3G/4G LTE
● Зона действия: ВСЯ РОССИЯ (в т.ч. в Крыму)
● Абон. плата 500р/мес
Новая SIM (оформлена на юр лицо) - 1199р (бесплатная доставка почтой по РФ)

Тариф «Мегафон Безлимит 230»
● Тариф подходит для любых устройств - телефон, планшет, модем, роутер
● ТОРРЕНТЫ: Работают
● Сеть: 2G/3G/4G LTE
● Зона действия: ВСЯ РОССИЯ (кроме Таймырского муниципального района, г. Норильск, Магаданской обл., Камчатского края, Чукотского АО, Сахалинской обл., Республики Саха (Якутия), Республики Крым и г. Севастополь)
● Абон. плата 230р/мес.
● Возможно подключить статический IP. (аб плата 300р/мес.)
Новая SIM (оформлена на юр лицо) - 3000 2499р (бесплатная курьерская доставка по МСК и почтой по РФ)

Тариф «Ростелеком Безлимит 250»
● Тариф подходит для любых устройств - телефон, планшет, модем, роутер
● Трафик: БЕЗЛИМИТНЫЙ в сетях TELE2 и 50 GB в сетях 3G МТС и Мегафон
● ТОРРЕНТЫ: Работают
● Сеть: 2G/3G/4G LTE
● Зона действия: ВСЯ РОССИЯ (кроме Респ. Крым и г. Севастополь)
● Абон. плата 250р/мес.
Новая SIM (оформлена на юр лицо) - 1500 1099р (бесплатная доставка почтой)

Новый 4G+ Модем Huawei E3372 (работает со всеми операторами)
● Совместима со многими роутерами.
● Скорость приёма данных модемом до 150 Мбит/с,
● Скорость передачи данных - до 50 Мбит/с
● Работает в сетях 2G/3G/4G+ (LTE)
● Модем Huawei E3372 обладает двумя разъемами (CRC 9), поэтому для усиления сигнала LTE в местах плохого приема рекомендуется использовать внешние антенны.
Цена устройства - 1999р (+доставка)
Скидка 200 руб, при покупке вместе с любым интернет-тарифом

Новый 4G+ Модем ZTE MF823D (работает со всеми операторами)
● Совместима со многими роутерами.
● Скорость приёма данных модемом до 150 Мбит/с,
● Скорость передачи данных - до 50 Мбит/с
● Работает в сетях 2G/3G/4G+ (LTE)
Цена устройства - 1799р (+доставка)
Скидка 200 руб, при покупке вместе с любым интернет-тарифом

БУ 4G+ мобильный роутер Huawei/ZTE (работает со всеми операторами) 4G+ LTE
● Скорость приёма данных модемом до 150 Мбит/с,
● Скорость передачи данных - до 50 Мбит/с
● Работает в сетях 2G/3G/4G+ (LTE)
Цена устройства - 1999р (+доставка)
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          Tulsa World editorial: Why is a California functionary deciding how your insurance money is used? - Tulsa World   

Tulsa World

Tulsa World editorial: Why is a California functionary deciding how your insurance money is used?
Tulsa World
Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter has joined with 11 other attorneys general and Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin in demanding that the California insurance commissioner stop pressing insurance companies to disclose fossil fuel investments and divest from ...

and more »

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Ransomware continues to grow in popularity as a sort of ‘gold rush’ has been underway in the cyber underworld.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been generated over the past couple of years with one security firm reporting that 64% of the victims they surveyed paid to get their files back.

Enterprising criminals are even posting ‘ready-to-go’ ransomware kits on the underground marketplace known as the ‘dark web’ with offers to split the revenue with users of their code.

The complexity of these attacks continues to grow as the security world and cyber-criminals face off in a high stakes game of ‘cat and mouse’.

The Bad News For Mac Users

All of the high profile ransomware attacks you’ve likely ever heard of have targeted Windows users, but some of the more recent code being made available via the dark web specifically targets all of the versions of the MacOS as well.

Since ransomware takes advantage of the user more than the operating system, there are few technical barriers to creating a Mac specific attack because the point of entry is getting the user to do something they shouldn’t do.

The most common attack vector for Macs so far has been through infected programs that are designed to bypass Apple’s built-in security (Xprotect and Gatekeeper).  These pre-made ransomware packages also claim to be able to bypass detection by at least 50 different anti-virus programs for both Mac and Windows.

The Good News

Unlike many of the Windows ransomware exploits that can compromise users through unpatched back-doors, clever phishing scams as well as rigged downloads, Mac users currently can only be exploited via a rigged download.

Despite the growing popularity of Mac computers, they still only account for roughly 7% of computers worldwide, so they still benefit from ‘security through obscurity’.

To further illustrate the difference in malware focus in general, one security firm puts the number that target Macs at roughly 450,000 while Windows has 23 million known threats.

From a practical standpoint, cyber thieves are always going to focus on the largest opportunity as they’re in it for the money.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Having said all that, everything is subject to change and having the ‘I have a Mac, so I don’t have to worry’ attitude is a bit misguided – there’s a reason why Apple stopped running the ‘we don’t get PC viruses’ commercials back in 2012.

Making sure you only get programs and apps from reputable sources, install the updates when Apple alerts you and keeping all your other Internet tools, such as your browser, Java and Adobe programs updated are important ongoing tasks.

Every computer user should also have a solid backup process - using an automated online backup service such as Carbonite (https://goo.gl/XKum9f) provides an extra layer of security that will save the day whether it’s ransomware, viruses, fire, flood or theft.

Cyber criminals know that Mac computers are more expensive and that Mac owners statistically tend to be on the higher end of the socioeconomic scale, so keep your guard up!

          New Legislation to Enhance Competitiveness of U.S. Ports   
Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell and Representative Dave Reichert yesterday introduced bipartisan, bicameral legislation to reform the outdated Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund (HMTF). The Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund Reform Act of 2017 would make sure all of the money collected through the Harbor Maintenance Tax (HMT) each year is returned directly to ports in order to […]
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President-elect Donald Trump wants to clip the wings of a new Air Force One, saying the customized 747 is too expensive. "The plane is totally out of control," Trump told reporters Tuesday morning. "I think Boeing is doing a little bit of a number. We want Boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money." Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted that the new aircraft would cost more than $4 billion and urged the government to cancel the contract. Neither Trump nor his spokespeople said where that cost estimate came from. Trump's tweet followed an article in the Chicago Tribune suggesting Trump's tough talk on trade could be bad for Boeing's export business. Last year the Air Force struck an agreement with Boeing to deliver two new 747s around 2024, by which time the two planes now in service for presidential travel will be more than 30 years old. The new models will be able to fly about 1,000 miles farther than the current planes. They'll also be slightly larger and faster, but will
          My Ideal Stock Report   
So, if I was going to create my own stock report and put what I wanted in it, this is what it would look like right here:

May 10, 2009 - Sunday Evening

The market had a big turnaround Friday to a higher high for the Dow30 and the SP-500 and clears the path for a continued uptrend. The Nasdaq Composite looks like it is taking a rest as technology stocks have been far ahead of the other indices these past weeks. The financials catapulted the Dow and S&P and these two charts look very strong for more likely gains.

At the same time we have euphoria with bullish market conditions that easily gives profits to the lazy investor we cannot ignore the technical indicators that are giving overbought conditions on a short term basis. The VIX-X, Chicago Board of Options Market Volatility Index is a measure of “fear” and this looks like we should have a short term correction that may start this week. Sentimentrader’s Smart money/dumb money index and Telechart’s T2108 chart shows strong overbought conditions and S&P Oscillator shows mild overbought, Investor’s Intelligence is a slower indicator to develop but confirming other indicators. Remember these are short term indicators and will “reset” themselves once we have a short term correction.

We then would look to see if the market is going to have higher highs to resume this uptrend we have been on since March 10th.

REPEAT FROM Thursday Night: This may be a good time to close long positions on this temporary “pop” as we are seeing many stocks showing topping patterns that were once momentum stocks. We use these “early scouts” as indicators that people are starting to take profits on the high fliers.

As you have been reading in this report the last few days that many stocks are getting dangerous to buy long, remain nimble and set tighter trailing stop losses because it would only take 1-2 days of sharp corrections to give up all the long profits we have made recently. Most long positions in the stock list below are now closed as we move mostly to intraday trading (scalping) tomorrow.

The stocks that have been the hottest runs or what could be called momentum stocks, ASH, CIEN, ARO, BIDU, CLF, MEE (and many others we don’t have listed) are going to correct hardest and it is likely that we see some rebound attempt next week but my hunch is that the market will start breaking down and short opportunities with short swings will be very profitable.

So in technical analysis terms, it is possible that today was a key reversal indicator (short term) and that is my personal hunch. We are going into a transitional period where we have few positions and most will likely be now short. You could play part of your opening short positions tomorrow early and add to them as any bounce in the market occurs.

Note the life insurance stocks had a big move up today against the tide because some insurance companies were listed by the Federal Reserve as passing the stress test and not needing additional funding. The whole sector moved up, PRU, MET, HIG, PFG.

The Oil index moved up 4% today to close at $58.67 and is still shadowing the direction of the indices. Moving averages, MACD, OBV, stochastics and price charges are all starting to turn up on this sector, use XOIL as index.

Intermediate Trade Positions: NGS, Natural Gas Services is showing a nice uptrend along with the natural gas ETF, UNG. For 10 ½ months natural gas has experienced a steep drop and this recent rise in the last 8 days is the most significant of all. It is likely to see a little selling in this sector first before higher advances are made. So the best process is to let it run its current run and then pullback before opening a position.

It is good to see the companion sector of oil moving up as well so monitoring XOIL and other oil and gas stocks like XTO, EOG, COG, GMXR, APA, ATPG, CNQ, and SNP would be good to get a feel of the oil and gas sector.

Swing Trades: CMG, Chipotle Mexican Grill has more downside but let it rebound up to $80+ before considering opening a small short position.

MEE rebounded Friday but monitor this as a potential swing short trade assuming it does not make a higher high over last Thursday’s high. It looks a little on the weak side so be prepared to open a small short if it doesn’t move above $23.50 tomorrow.

Potential short swings:

ABG, Asburn Automotive is starting to turn over but still needs another spike down tomorrow to confirm a short candidates. This needs a little more time to convince us that it does to go higher highs before shorting.

ADCT, ADC Telecomm looks like a very good short idea that was opened today and is likely going to break down over the next two weeks. Worth a short position tomorrow.

REPEAT: For aggressive traders or very small position: In the next 4 to 6 weeks, look for GM, General Motors to do a reverse split and watch for opportunity to sell short or work with long put options or selling calls short. This won’t happen for some time. They plan to do a 1 for 100 shares reverse split. That will put the stock at $185 at current pricing and reverse splits are desperation attempts to stay listed on the exchange, usually done by deeply troubled companies financially. This last gasp for air strategy rarely works.

Day Traders/Intraday stock ideas: CMG, Chipotle Mexican Grill swing trade short was covered Friday morning and may give another short opportunity (2nd helping).

MEE, Massey Energy and PCX, Patriot Coal both had excellent scalps, 8.5% for MEE and 11.8% for PCX. Look for a slight pop and a drop but don’t expect for the same big profits as on Friday. These could give both long and short scalps. Intraday trading is pumping out strong profits most every day now and I see that pattern continuing. As usual, look for good intraday trades in GMXR, FSLR, ICE, BLK, CME, BIDU, AMZN, WHR, IPI, POT, MON, MOS, COG, EOG, XTO, AAPL, WFC, JPM, BAC, WFC, JPM, C, and USB or any high volume, high volatility stocks. CSIQ and STP had big short scalps, 9.3% for CSIQ and 10.8% for STP.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You are currently paying $59 a month for The Daily Stock Report to be delivered to you via email and full access to all reports and videos in the Members Area at www.TradeStocksAmerica.com. Your fee will never go up as long as you remain a member. The website has been updated to reflect the new rate for FUTURE Daily Stock Report subscribers at $97 a month. Existing subscribers will not be charged higher costs.

Progress Report: We have had numerous requests for the real-time the Trading Room and we will be more aggressive with the programming of this software. Our first programming attempt last summer was abandoned and more capable programmers are on the task now. We will keep you posted but our estimate is mid June if all goes well. The delivery of information and quality of ideas will be very unique-there won’t be anything like this!

Thoughts: Keep steady, calm, decisive, aggressive. Have no fear and no greed. Keep looking at what to be doing next in a calm manner. Don’t focus on the past or beat yourself up what you did or didn’t do or what you should have done. Just keep playing the next shot, which in this business your next shot could be just sitting on the sideline.

If you have been uncomfortable shorting stocks, which most people are, try to learn this technique, it will be a useful tool in the coming years.

When I list several stocks from the same sector, like the housing industry for example, don’t short all of them unless you are well diversified and it represents a small percentage of your total stock account (in that same account).

Ticker Symbol Type
Notes Target
Open Price Target
GE, General Electric LONG-INT Still acting strong, didn’t turn over; hold if long.
BAC, Bank of Amer NEUTRAL Banks hot on stress test news.
ASH, Ashland LONG-INT Excellent intraday scalp Friday; may give us short soon?
CIEN, Cienna LONG-INT Breaking down; swing trade idea long next week
RS, Reliance Steel LONG-INT No trade idea; DELETE
ARO, Aropostale LONG-INT Could give us long swing trade opp next few days
SWKS, Skyworks LONG-INT No trade idea; DELETE.
RADS, Radiant Sys LONG-SWI Watch & wait, may present short possibility?
AMZN, Amazon LONG-INT No trade idea; stopped Thursday.
BIDU, Baidu LONG-INT Still in uptrend but sold “just in case”
UTX, United Tech LONG-INT Still going up; too dangerous to buy now
AAPL, Apple Cmptr LONG-INT Sell signal Friday.
DIOD, Diodes LONG-INT 2 big down days; watch and wait, possible Swing long.
CMG, Chipotle SHORT-INT Covered short position Friday, might get 2nd helping soon 84 75.50
SMH, Semi ETF LONG-INT Turning over; Nasdaq taking a rest
STP, Suntech SHORT-SWI No trade idea; DELETE
CSIQ, Canadian Sol SHORT-SWI Short swing idea near $10? Very small short position
BCRX, Biocryst SHORT-SWI No trade idea although still breaking down
JPM, JP Morgan LONG-SWI 10.5% move up today, higher high on bank news
RST, Rosetta Stone LONG-INT Look for rebound started Friday.
QCOM, Qualcomm LONG-INT Sell Friday if still long; may present long entry next week
GS, Goldman Sachs LONG-INT Resurged up, resuming uptrend.
GMXR, GMX Res LONG-INT On sidelines, looking for short entry?
CLF, Cliffs Nat’l LONG-INT No position.
MEE, Massey Energy SHORT-SWI Short position opened; hold into next week 23.25 17
RIMM, Research LONG-INT No postion.
IBM, Int’l Bus. Mach LONG-INT Worth small long position 100.500
RTN, Raytheon LONG-INT Bad sell
ADCT, ADC Comm SHORT-SWI Mistyped last report; hold short position 8 6.50

SWI (SWING): 2-7 days INT: Intermediate term position 8 days to several months. Open Price: price paid on opening long position or price sold on short position. Bold notes on table above represent changes from previous day.
Current positions are highlighted in yellow. Green colored lines are next probable positions to consider. Red, take action or watch closely.
IMPORTANT: The notes in this stock list is how I have been writing notes to myself about stocks for 16 years. They are general guidelines as to how I am approaching a particular stock and conditions may change during the next trading day that may cause a change in opinion before the next evening report is written.
Thoughts: Best odds only, be decisive, aggressive, mentally flexible, stay in position size, don’t overtrade and wait a little longer to buy and wait a little longer to sell. You will find that will make you more money on your trades. Trade what you see, not what you hope for. Intermediate and swing trades are really important to have trailing stop losses set.
Don’t trade unless the setup is there for you, then use the charts to tell you when the odds are heavily in your favor. Don’t force anything to work for you, let the setups develop and then take advantage of that. Be patient. Stay in position sizes without letting any intraday trade represent no more than 10-15% of your total account value. As you build your account, your position size percentage should get smaller and smaller to lower your risk.

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you this tomorrow.
Mitch King
Contents: online stock trading, trading strategies, stock picks, stock market education, stock market investing course and educational stock trading videos.
Mitch King is the founder of TradeStocksAmerica.com. All material presented herein is believed to be reliable but we cannot attest to its accuracy. All material represents the opinions of Mitch King. Investment recommendations may change without notice and readers are urged to check with their investment counselors before making any investment decisions. Opinions expressed in these reports may change without prior notice. Mitch King and/or the staff at TradeStocksAmerica.com may or may not have investments in any stocks cited above before or after this newsletter is prepared. Opinions expressed in these reports may change without prior notice. Disclaimer - Stock investing or stock trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. There is risk of loss as well as the opportunity for gain when buying or selling stocks, bonds, option contracts or engaging in any strategy listed in the Daily Stock Report, The Wizard Training Course, The Trading Room and our seminar or workshops. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept the risks when investing or trading in any financial markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. This website is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell stocks. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this website. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.
Bill Smith, Vaunted Stock enthusiast, who has found a great stock report, by Mitch King at www.tradestocksamerica.com.
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In this episode of the X22 Report: Moody’s warns that the private label credit cards are going to be in trouble as more and more retail stores close. Q1 GDP was revised to an incredible 1.4. What made GDP surge, the spending on recreational vehicles. Banks begin to buy back there own stocks, this is not going to help the economy. The Treasury will run out of money by mid-October. Fed Ballard says the Fed has lost control of the market. Traders are worried about what Yellen says. The central banks are working with each to crash the system.
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is narrowing the scope of an executive order on so-called sanctuary cities. A federal judge in California last month blocked a key part of that order, reasoning that the Trump administration had overstepped by threatening to yank federal money from those places. In the new memo, the attorney general defines the cities narrowly — as places that "willfully refuse to comply" with federal law. Sessions also made clear the threats apply only to a modest pool of grants administered by the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security, not the entire stream of U.S. funding for states and localities. That point figured prominently in the recent ruling by federal Judge William Orrick, who wrote: "Federal funding that bears no meaningful relationship to immigration enforcement cannot be threatened merely because a jurisdiction chooses an immigration-enforcement strategy of which the president disapproves." Sessions recently notified several
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          The Next Pandemic Is Nearly Upon Us and Bill Gates Is Positioned to Enormously Profit   
The Next Pandemic Is Nearly Upon Us and Bill Gates Is Positioned to Enormously Profit

"...because Fatima is a very apocalyptic message. It says that no matter what happens there are going to be terrible wars, there are going to be diseases, whole nations are going to be wiped out, there are going to be 3 days darkness, there are going to be epidemics that will wipe out whole nations overnight (great culling), parts of the earth will be washed away at sea and violent tornadoes and storms. It's not a nice message at all." ~Fr Malachi Martin on portions of the real 3rd secret of Fatima
My oh my, we may be getting glimpse into how the Deep State will ultimately respond to the extreme scrutiny that they are undergoing. The Deep State is losing control of the narrative and they desperately need a game-changer. And the following may very well represent what is coming.

Bill Gates and the Discovery Channel are Promoting a New Show on Pandemics As a Threat to Humanity

The Discovery Channel is airing a show on July 6th which details how easy it would be for a pandemic to wipe out a significant amount of humanity. The content of the show is not newsworthy unto itself. However, when they bring the richest man in the world, who has made a large portion of his wealth from vaccines, come in and promote the show’s trailer, namely Bill Gates, that is worth noting.
Bill Gates is certainly no stranger to the subject of pandemics and it is interesting that he is featured in such a prominent manner.

If I wanted to obtain credibility on a widespread basis, I would not be selecting Bill Gates to promote anything that has to do with health, particularly in the arena of health administration. The old saying, “with friends like this, who needs enemies”, certainly applies. Please consider what Bill Gates previously did on a mass scale to young women in India. The following is from Natural News:
“In 2009, the tribal children of the Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh were gathered together and told they would be receiving healthcare shots. Even though the Gates foundation has the wealth to give these tribes access to clean water, sanitation services, nutrition and low stress living conditions, they instead push for HPV vaccines and call them “well-being” shots. The shot these young girls received was an HPV vaccine manufactured by Merck and administered by the state’s health department. The young girls, aged 9–15, were instructed to line up for three doses of the vaccine. As the months rolled on, the health of the 16,000 girls rapidly deteriorated. Five of the girls died shortly thereafter.
In Vadodara, Gujarat, another 14,000 or more tribal children were put to the test. This time the Gates Foundation carried out their humanitarian healthcare mission by providing the HPV vaccine called Cervarix, made by Glaxo SmithKline.
Giving no informed consent, the Gates Foundation coerced the tribal people on the belief that the shots were beneficial and necessary. However, when virus material, heavy metals and other preservatives foreign to the body are injected into young, developing women, drastic changes are bound to occur in their bodies. Having no idea that they were being signed up for vaccine trials, thousands of young girls were injected with these experimental vaccines purported to prevent cervical cancer.
Instead of seeing their health improve, the tribes reported numerous, bizarre adverse events in the days, weeks and months following vaccination. Young girls in India lost weight, appetite and stamina. 16-year-old Aman Dhawan had no idea he was even signed up for the vaccine trial. Soon thereafter he began to lose weight and energy, as the life was sucked right out of him. The same problem broke out among girls in Colombia, where the same vaccine had been doled out to the young girls there”.
Again, with friends like this, who needs enemies?

A New Pandemic Is the Fulfillment of Gates Self-Appointed Destiny

On February 28, 2013, Bill Gates appeared on the Charlie Rose Show and he was as candid as a globalist could be. On the show, Gates indicated that he has contributed large sums of money to numerous causes such as the Global Polio Eradication Initiative originally launched in 1988 by the World Health Organization (WHO), the CDC, and UNICEF.
Gates expressed his love affair with vaccines and his clear intention to reduce the world’s population when he stated the following:
 “The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

Quite clearly, Gates is a devoted subscriber to Eugenics and depopulation. On his television show, Charlie Rose asked Gates the following question:

“You mentioned the five or a six year plan the new initiative has learning from old lessons and therefore, coming up with new approaches. What are the new approaches?”
To that question, Bill Gates answered:
“Well, we’re able to use new technology like satellite photos to see are there people moving around, nomadic roots. You know we see if when we go out to get all the children, if there’s some settlement areas that we’ve actually missed. We also put a – – a phone in the vaccine box they carry around that looks where they’re located every three minutes and so it has that GPS data. At the end of the day you plug that in and compare it to where they were asked to go, and you can see if you’re – you’re really covering all the kids.”
Gates is clearly advocating for an extreme Orwellian society that will be monitored and targeted for vaccinations that do more harm than good. The ultimate goal is depopulation, not saving lives. Unfortunately for the fate of humanity, Gates seems to know something ominous is coming our way when we consider what Gates recently wrote in the New York Times.

Bill Gates Writes for the New York Times

On March 18, 2015, the King of vaccinations  wrote an editorial piece in the New York Times in which he stated that the “Ebola epidemic in West Africa has killed more than 10,000 people. If anything good can come from this continuing tragedy, it is that Ebola can awaken the world to a sobering fact: We are simply not prepared to deal with a global epidemic“.
Gates also stated the following:
“As menacing as Ebola was this past year, other pandemics are a greater threat to the human race.
The Ebola epidemic in West Africa has killed more than 10,000 people. If anything good can come from this continuing tragedy, it is that Ebola can awaken the world to a sobering fact: We are simply not prepared to deal with a global epidemic.
Of all the things that could kill more than 10 million people around the world…there are many things worse than Ebola”
Gates spoke about the deadly Spanish Flu and other epidemics which could (probably will) serve to threaten humanity. Frighteningly and prophetically, Gates is advocating for the United Nations should “fund a global institution” to coordinate the efforts to conduct mass vaccinations. Would anyone like to place a bet that the new round of vaccinations will be mandatory? The United Nations and the World Health Organization would be in charge according to Gates. After all, according to Gates, Ebola was terrible, but next time, “it could be much worse“.

Gates Has Already Put His Money Where His Mouth Is

Can we only imagine the enormous profits that can be realized by vaccinating every child in the third world? If we apply Gates’ penchant for investing in causes which produce a hefty “return on investment” (ROI) then one could reasonably suspect that Gates is positioning himself to profit on the $50 million he has invested in the Ebola cause which conveniently includes the CDC, the holder of the patent for Ebola and this is just one small example of how Gates has positioned himself to enormously profit from a pandemic:

“When an unsuspecting public is finally told of the existence of an Ebola vaccine, coupled with the fact that the Global Fund will be in charge of the distribution of the vaccine. Interestingly, Bill Gates has donated a total of $560 million dollars to the Global Fund. The Global Fund has also positioned themselves to be in charge of the distribution of the “newly developed”, and not yet announced vaccines for TB and HIV.  Since the goal is the vaccination of every man, woman and child on the planet with multiple vaccines, Gates’ $560 million contribution to the Global Fund is chump change compared to the expected ROI…”

If one really wants to get conspiratorial, consider that back in 2014 I previously published an article entitled:

The CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents On Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Near

Predictive Programming Supports Gates’ Prepositioning to Profit from an Engineered Pandemic

TNT is currently home to a very popular show known as The Last Ship. From a technical standpoint, the show is very well constructed particularly with regard to the military protocols embedded within the story line. The show is based on an engineered pandemic which sweeps the planet and destroys 80% of humanity. Interestingly, the show contains a sub-theme in which a group of people who are immune to the pandemic, ban together to try and form a “master race”  and also kill off the vulnerable at the same time as they try and enhance the spreading of the pandemic.
In the show’s plot a “vaccine” is developed as a cure. Bill Gates must be jumping up and down for joy at the storyline since this man virtually controls all vaccines on the planet.  Here is a further description of the show which takes on new meaning now that the discussion of a potential pandemic is taking place in combination with the Discovery Channel’s exploration, guided by Gates, into this topic. Here is a brief discussion of the show, The Last Ship.

In the first three seasons of the Last Ship, it has always debuted in June. I find it more than interesting that the season premiere has been delayed until after the Discovery Channel’s show with Bill Gates on pandemics.
TNT has chosen Sunday, August 20th,  for the fourth season premiere of its epic drama series The Last Ship. Also, I find it interesting that the show was renewed for two years which guarantees a 5th year. When have you ever seen a show be renewed for two years at a time?


If I were to don my conspiracy hat, which is easy to do when Bill Gates is in the neighborhood, it appears that humanity being prepared for the inevitable pandemic which will wipe out any real resistance to the Deep State.
What does this mean for the United States and for your family. Fortunately, the Obama administration left behind several documents which tells us what we are all facing and this will the future topic of these particular revelations. In the meantime, monitor your news for preliminary snippets of a coming pandemic.


Dr. Tenpenny "Global Forced Vaccines; Conspiracy Or Reality?  

          Brandon Smith: “Next Phase of Collapse Will Include the End of the Dollar as We Know It”   
Brandon Smith: “Next Phase of Collapse Will Include the End of the Dollar as We Know It”

The Federal Reserve Is A Saboteur – And The “Experts” Are Oblivious
I have written on the subject of the Federal Reserve’s deliberate sabotage of the U.S. economy many times in the past. In fact, I even once referred to the Fed as an “economic suicide bomber.” I still believe the label fits perfectly, and the Fed’s recent actions I think directly confirm my accusations.
Back in 2015, when I predicted that the central bankers would shift gears dramatically into a program of consistent interest rate hikes and that they would begin cutting off stimulus to the U.S. financial sector and more specifically stock markets, almost no one wanted to hear it. The crowd-think at that time was that the Fed would inevitably move to negative interest rates, and that raising rates was simply “impossible.”

Many analysts, even in the liberty movement, quickly adopted this theory without question. Why? Because of a core assumption that is simply false; the assumption that the Federal Reserve’s goal is to maintain the U.S. economy at all costs or at least maintain the illusion that the economy is stable. They assume that the U.S. economy is indispensable to the globalists and that the U.S. dollar is an unassailable tool in their arsenal. Therefore, the Fed would never deliberately undermine the American fiscal structure because without it “they lose their golden goose.”
This is, of course, foolish nonsense.
Since its initial inception from 1913-1916, the Federal Reserve has been responsible for the loss of 98% of the dollar’s buying power. Idiot analysts in the mainstream argue that this statistic is not as bad as it seems because “people have been collecting interest” on their cash while the dollar’s value has been dropping, and this somehow negates or outweighs any losses in purchasing power. These guys are so dumb they don’t even realize the underlying black hole in their own argument.
IF someone put their savings into an account or into treasury bonds and earned interest from the moment the Fed began quickly undermining dollar value way back in 1959, then yes, they MIGHT have offset the loss by collecting interest. However, this argument, insanely, forgets to take into account the many millions of people who were born long after the Fed began its devaluation program. What about the “savers” born in 1980, or 1990? They didn’t have the opportunity to collect interest to offset the losses already created by the Fed. They were born into an economy where saving is inherently more difficult because a person must work much harder to save the same amount of capital that their parents saved, not to mention purchase the same items their parents enjoyed, such as a home or a car.
Over the decades, the Fed has made it nearly impossible for households with one wage earner to support a family. Today, men and women who should be in the prime of their careers and starting families are for the first time in 130 years more likely to be living at home with their parents than any other living arrangement.
People are more likely to be living with their parents now than back during time periods in which young people actually wanted to stay close to their parents to take care of them. That is to say, most young people are stuck at home because they can’t afford to do anything else, not because they necessarily want to be there.
This is almost entirely a symptom of central bank devaluation of the currency and its purchasing potential. The degradation of the American wage earner since the Fed fiat machine began killing the greenback is clear as day.
The Fed is also responsible for almost every single major economic downturn since it was established. As I have noted in the past, Ben Bernanke openly admitted that the Fed was the root cause of the prolonged economic carnage during the Great Depression on Nov. 8, 2002, in a speech given at “A Conference to Honor Milton Friedman … On the Occasion of His 90th Birthday:”
“In short, according to Friedman and Schwartz, because of institutional changes and misguided doctrines, the banking panics of the Great Contraction were much more severe and widespread than would have normally occurred during a downturn.
Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.”
Bernanke is referring in part to the Fed’s program of raising interest rates into an economic downturn, exacerbating the situation in the early 1930’s and making the system highly unstable. He lies and says the Fed “won’t do it again;” they are doing it RIGHT NOW.
The Fed was the core instigator behind the credit and derivatives bubble that led to the crash in 2008, a crash that has caused depression-like conditions in America that we are still to this day dealing with. Through artificially low interest rates and in partnership with sectors of government, poor lending standards were highly incentivised and a massive debt trap was created. Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan publicly admitted in an interview that the central bank KNEW an irrational bubble had formed, but claims they assumed the negative factors would “wash out.”
Yet again, a Fed chairman admits that they either knew about or caused a major financial crisis. So we are left two possible conclusions — they were too stupid to speak up and intervene, or, they wanted these disasters to occur.
Today, we are faced with two more brewing bubble catastrophes engineered by the Fed: The stock market bubble and the dollar/treasury bond bubble.
The stock market bubble is rather obvious and openly admitted at this point. As the former head of the Federal Reserve Dallas branch, Richard Fisher, admitted in an interview with CNBC, the U.S. central bank in particular has made its business the manipulation of the stock market to the upside since 2009:
“What the Fed did — and I was part of that group — is we front-loaded a tremendous market rally, starting in 2009.
It’s sort of what I call the “reverse Whimpy factor” — give me two hamburgers today for one tomorrow.”
Fisher went on to hint at his very reserved view of the impending danger:
“I was warning my colleagues, Don’t go wobbly if we have a 10 to 20 percent correction at some point… Everybody you talk to… has been warning that these markets are heavily priced.” [In reference to interest rate hikes]
The Fed “front-loaded” the incredible bull market rally through various methods, but one of the key tools was the use of near-zero interest rate overnight loans from the central bank, which corporations around the world have been exploiting since the 2008 crash to fund stock buybacks and pump up the value of stock markets. As noted by Edward Swanson, author of a study from Texas A&M on stock buybacks used to offset poor fundamentals:
“We can’t say for sure what would have happened without the repurchase, but it really looks like the stock would have kept going down because of the decline in fundamentals… these repurchases seem to hold up the stock price.”
In the initial TARP audit, an audit that was limited and never again duplicated, it was revealed that corporations had absorbed trillions in overnight loans from the Fed. It was at this time that stock buybacks became the go-to method to artificially prop up equities values.
The problem is, just like they did at the start of the Great Depression, the central bank is once again raising interest rates into a declining economy. This means that all those no-cost loans used by corporations to buy back their own stocks are now going to have a price tag attached. An interest rate of 1% might not seem like much to someone who borrows $1000, but what about for someone who borrows $1 Trillion? Yes, borrowing at ANY interest rate becomes impossible when you need that much capital to prop up your stock. The loans have to be free, otherwise, there will be no loans.
Thus, we have to ask ourselves another question; is the Fed really ignorant enough to NOT know that raising rates will kill stock markets? They openly admit that they knew what they were doing when they inflated stock markets, so it seems to me that they would know how to deflate stock markets. Therefore, if they deliberately engineered the market rally with low interest rates, it follows that they are deliberately engineering a crash in markets using higher interest rates.
Mainstream economists and investment “experts” appear rather bewildered by the Federal Reserve’s exuberance on rate hikes. Many assumed that Janet Yellen would hint at a pullback from the hike schedule due to the considerable level of negative data on our fiscal structure released over the past six months. Yellen has done the opposite. In fact, Fed officials are now stating that equities and other assets appear to be “overvalued” and that markets have become complacent. This is a major reversal from the central bank’s attitude just two years ago. The fundamental data has always been negative ever since the credit crisis began. So what has really changed?
Well, Donald Trump, the sacrificial scapegoat, is now in the White House, and, central bank stimulus has a shelf life.  They can’t prop up equities for much longer even if they wanted to. The fundamentals will always catch up with the fiat illusion. No nation in history has ever been able to print its way to prosperity or even recovery. The time is now for the Fed to pull the plug and lay blame in the lap of their mortal enemy – conservatives and sovereignty champions. They will ignore all financial reality and continue to hike. This is a guarantee.
In the Liberty Movement the major misconception is that the Fed is attempting to “catch up” to the next crash by raising interest rates so that they will be ready to stimulate again. There is no catching up to this situation. The Fed has no interest in saving stock markets or the economy. Again, the fed has raised rates before into fiscal decline (during the Great Depression), and the result was a prolonged crisis. They know exactly what they are doing.
What does the Fed gain from this sabotage? Total centralization. For example, before the Great Depression there used to be thousands of smaller private and localized banks in America. After the Great Depression most of those banks were either destroyed or absorbed by elite banking conglomerates. Banking in the U.S. immediately became a fully centralized monopoly by the majors. In a decade, they were able to remove all local competition and redundancy, making communities utterly beholden to their credit system.
The 2008 crash allowed the banking elites to introduce vast stimulus measures requiring unaccountable fiat money creation. Rather than saving America from crisis, they have expanded the crisis to the point that it will soon threaten the world reserve status of our currency. The Fed in particular has set the U.S. up not just for a financial depression, but for a full spectrum calamity which will include a considerable devaluation (yet again) of our currency’s value and resulting in extreme price inflation in necessities.
The next phase of this collapse will include the end of the dollar as we know it, making way for a new global currency system that uses the IMF’s SDR basket as a foundation. This plan is openly admitted in the elitist run magazine ‘The Economist’ in an article entitled “Get Ready For A Global Currency By 2018.
It is important to understand what the Fed actually is — the Fed is a weapon. It is a weapon used by globalists to destroy the American system at a given point in time in order to clear the way for a new single world economy controlled by a single managerial entity (most likely the IMF or BIS). This is the Fed’s purpose. The central bank is not here to save the U.S. from harm, it is here to make sure the U.S. falls in a particular manner — a controlled demolition of our fiscal structure.

The US Is Becoming A 3rd World Nation As The Economy Breaks Down: Paul Craig Roberts


          Spiritual Wickedness in High Places: Malachi Martin on The End of Religion (As We Know It)   
Spiritual Wickedness in High Places: Malachi Martin on The End of Religion (As We Know It)
(Note: The following was one of the last interviews by Malachi Martin before his death in 1999.)

      Ever since Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, the Power Elite have never given up on their feverish dream of a One World Government.

      Former Jesuit Malachi Martin's novel, Windswept House (Doubleday/ Main Street Books), offers a lurid behind the scenes look at a cabal of Vatican insiders who want to use the Roman Catholic Church as a foundation for a politico-religious New World Order.

      The plot of the novel involves a group of Church officials who scheme with a group of like-minded corporate executives to manipulate the Church into a ready-made infrastructure for a One World Religion -- a universal umbrella for everybody from Episcopalians to voodoo practitioners.

      The new ecumenicalism is clothed in Globalist garb. The agenda includes promoting issues like population control, environmentalism and secular humanism, which the plotters hope will eventually lead to the complete secularization of religion. 

      The most outrageous and controversial premise of the novel -- described in great detail in the prologue -- is that a ceremony was performed in the Vatican in 1963 -- an occult ritual which enthroned the fallen archangel Lucifer as the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

      Does Dr. Martin believe that this enthronement actually took place in his novel, which could liberally be described as a roman a clef?

      "Yes, it did," he says emphatically. "Beyond a shadow of a doubt in my mind. But now the place, time, hour etc., are all obfuscated to protect the guilty and save the innocent."

      Was it common knowledge in the Vatican at the time? "Not common knowledge," explains Martin. "But I found out about it by being a member of the Vatican circles that learned these things. It's like everything else. I'm sure there are people floating around Washington, and they know an awful lot about what's going on. Someone says, 'how do you know that'? Well, it's just... we know it."

      The story ofWindswept House continues in present day Europe as an international group of conspirators spanning Church and State plots a one world government on behalf of Lucifer. So are readers to infer that no matter what happens, the Pope and the Church hierarchy are bound to serve the fallen angel?

      "No," explains Dr. Martin. "What it means is that for the moment, Lucifer the biggest archangel, the leader of the revolt against God, has a big in with certain Vatican officials. Enthronement doesn't mean that he rules. It means that they did their best to put him there. The ideal would be to have their man as Pope. In that case then Satan would be enthroned."

      The book goes on to describe how two brothers, one a priest and the other an investment banker, grapple with these awesome consequences as pawns in the game. Meanwhile the cabal of Globalist-oriented Vatican officials and European-based internationalists try to corner the Pope into voluntary resignation so that they can get their man in the Chair of Peter.

      This theme coincidentally is also the basis, albeit in non-fiction form, of Martin's book The Keys of This Blood: Pope John Paul II Versus Russia and the West for Control of the New World Order.

      The upshot? A One World Government is a fait accompli, he infers. What Dr. Martin calls the "millennium endgame" is a competition for a new global hegemony by the key Globalist players. What's interesting is that the novel appears to be a seamless transition from his previous non-fiction work. The reader then is put in the position of concluding that the New World Order is a done deal, that a One World Government is here and now and, as the expression goes, it's all over but the crying.

      But you wouldn't expect Globalist agit-prop from a former Jesuit. Or would you?

The Enthronement of Lucifer in the Vatican


And Who Is Malachi Martin?

      Author of 15 books on religious and geo-political topics, Malachi Martin is highly regarded and respected as a world renowned scholar.

      Trained in theology at Louvain, he received his doctorates in Semitic Languages, Archaeology and Oriental History. He subsequently studied at Oxford and Hebrew University in Jerusalem. From 1958 to 1964, he served in Rome, where he was a close associate of the Jesuit cardinal Augustin Bea and Pope John XXIII, as well as a professor at the Vatican's Pontifical Biblical Institute.

      Malachi Martin is the author of many best-selling books including Vatican, Hostage to the Devil, The Jesuits, The Final Conclave, and The Keys of This Blood. Also he was a Roman Catholic priest of the Society of Jesus until 1964 when he left the Jesuits. Why?

      "It was a grave decision," he says. "I could see the way the Church was going, the way churchmen were going in their decisions and all the anchors I had for morality and zeal were being undone. Then when the Vatican Council started in 1962, I could see the way the flow of opinion was going in the Vatican by a group of cardinals from Belgium, Germany and France. They were maneuvering the Church into totally new ecclesiology. I couldn't accept this."

      As an advisor to three Popes, Dr. Martin has had his fair share of romanita, that uniquely Roman methodology of connivance and power politicking. "I started off as an advisor on Judaism," he continues. "I was trained in Semitic languages and I spent a year and a half studying the Talmud... Then my superiors in Rome also found that I understood Judaism very well. They wanted someone to explain it, since they were studying the whole question of Jewish-Christian relations. So I was drafted into helping with that."

      And the outcome? "They produced a document in which they sort of absolved the Jewish people of the death of Christ."

      Based on his research? "No, not on my research," argues Martin. "I was only a cog in the wheel. I didn't agree with the final document either. It went too far. And then there were conclusions about the need for Catholics to study Judaism and get to know them better."

So this was the ecumenicalization of the Church that was going on?

      "That's it in one word," concurs Martin. "And I couldn't agree with the total effect of all that because I thought they went too far."

      Dr. Martin was also involved with Vatican intelligence. What did he do? "Just assessing things in Israel, whatever anti-Christianity there was amongst the Israelis. There was and still is. And what was the position of the Arabs. I used to live in Jordan and Lebanon and Egypt. I knew those places very well and could assess the position of the Church and the various Christian communities."

      The many-talented Dr. Martin is also known as a practicing exorcist and has even written a book about the subject called Hostage to the Devil.

      He says he came up against evil as a force in the world in an uncontrovertible undeniable way in his first exorcism.

      "I was in Cairo and it was evil," Dr. Martin recalls.

      "You know you only have to enter its presence, or for it to enter your presence to know that you are in the presence of something which is summarily evil."

      "It's invisible. You can't see it. But you know it wants you dead. Dead. Dead. And in a horrible way," he repeats in a hypnotic voice. "It's touching your very bones by its presence."

      So how does he explain the phenomenon of demonic possession? "Free will", says Dr. Martin. "For the first time in the work we have been doing for thirty-one years in this corner of the globe, during the last ten years or so, we have found young men and women thirty-somethings or twenty-somethings coming forward and saying, 'Listen I made a pact with the devil. I wanted this woman. I wanted this man. I wanted this job. I wanted this money. I wanted this, this, this, and I made a pact and he gave it to me and now I can't get free of him. He dominates my will. Please liberate me. And then people get to it by means of things like a ouija board or by spiritual seances or channeling."

      Malachi Martin is also known as a serious scholar of apocryphal writings, having authored a book called The Scribal Character of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

      (As an impressive mark of his erudition, Malachi Martin even knew about the alternative Abraham and Isaac story in one of the so-called Pseudepigrapha, the Book of Jubilees. In this unsanctioned version of Genesis, Abraham is commanded to kill his son, but not by God. Instead it is Mastema, a fallen angel known as "the accusing angel" as well as the Tempter and Executioner, who tells the Hebrew patriarch to do the dirty deed. To his credit, of course, Abraham doesn't slaughter his firstborn. When asked why the Genesis version omits details of the fallen angel Mastema as the instigator of Abraham's test, however, even Malachi Martin admits ignorance.)

Bernard Janzen "Fr. Malachi Martin: Camouflaged Apostasy"

The Globalist Imperative

      Like the prissy intellectuals of the 1930s enamored by National Socialism (as well as Fabian Socialism), the current fin de siecle version of internationalists are likewise paving their own road to a Globalist hell with good intentions.

      Using the Hegelian model of history, first there was Capitalism (thesis), then Communism (antithesis), and now there's the New World Order (synthesis), risen from the ashes of the Cold War and the formerly 'competing' ideologies.

      International socialism or corporate fascism (aka Globalism) is, in fact, the trendy philosophy for the end of the millennium. In his book Megatrends 2000, Olympian futurist John Naisbitt calls it "free market socialism," a hybrid economic system that combines welfare state policies with multinational corporate business on a global level.

      Globalism, however, as a secular religion, has a dogma all its own. Its primary belief system is based on the notion that the usefulness of the nation-state is over. In other words, national sovereignty is a thing of the past and a One World Government is inevitable. But... this effort, at least for now, must be couched in cryptic language for the unwashed masses. Otherwise they'd get too upset.

      Globalist spokesman Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Columbia University professor, President Carter's former National Security advisor, and founder of the Trilateral Commission spoke at the Gorbachev Foundation's State of the World Forum in 1995, "We cannot leap into world government in one quick step," he said. "(It) requires a process of gradually expanding the range of democratic cooperation." In plain language, that means people must be further indoctrinated.

      Eurocrat Jean-Marie Guehenno hints at this global hegemony or one world totalitarianism calling it an "empire without an emperor." Guehenno wrote The End of the Nation-State (1995) which was called La fin de la democratie (The End of Democracy) in the original French version. Since nation states are obsolete, he claims, "'wise men' capable of thinking through the finite world that has become our common lot" must be entrusted to guide us into what he calls an 'Imperial Age'." Presumably Guehenno counts himself as one of the ranks of "The Wise Men."

      Most striking though is a chapter in Guehenno's book called "Religions without God", which evokes the image of the humanist shaking his fist at an empty sky. The ultimate reduction of this conundrum for the internationalists is to hint at a "global politburo" to run the world as posited by Paul Mazur in Unfinished Business (1979).

      According to Dr. Martin's nomenclature, Guehenno is one of the Transnationalists -- bureaucrats who believe that Globalism is based on "the development of new and ever wider interrelationships between the governments of the world".

      On the other hand, the Internationalists are "individuals who operate from a power base of finance, industry and technology". Together these groups are the Globalists, the social engineers conniving for the convergence of East and West in the so-called New World Order.

Luciferian Geo-Politics

      For a Churchman, Malachi Martin shows a remarkable familiarity and understanding of Luciferianism, a belief system which hold human wisdom, secular humanism if you will, as its paragon and the fallen archangel Lucifer as the Prince who will rule the world.

      Readers ofWindswept Houseare given the impression that the old traditional Catholic Church is good because the protagonists, Christian Gladstone and his mother are defending it, while we know that the Church has been dedicated to Lucifer. Faced with these two alternatives, the conclusion is that the Roman Catholic Church run by Lucifer is good -- a classic (and incredibly sophisticated) double bind, which is constantly reinforced in the reader's mind throughout the 646 pages of the novel.

      "Well, the Church itself has not been given to Lucifer," argues Dr. Martin. "He was enthroned in the Vatican by Vatican officials. That doesn't mean he possesses the Church yet. The Church anyway is an ambiguous term because it either means the actual physical bloc of churches, convents, libraries, academies, parish houses and cathedrals, the physical plant. Or it means the group of faithful in the state of grace whether they are alive in Purgatory or in Heaven. That is the body of Christ."

      "There has always been, since the fourth century, this organization set up by the Emperor Constantine. But that is not essential for the Church. The Church can exist without it. So that mystical body of Christ has not fallen into Lucifer's hands. The organization to some degree has. That's the difficulty."

      What about the book putting his readers in a double bind? You're presented with two choices. Either A. The Luciferian-controlled Roman Catholic Church. Or B. The Luciferian-controlled New World Order. So where does Malachi Martin find himself?

      "The New World Order is definitely won by Luciferian believers," says Dr. Martin. "There's no doubt about that."

      And then he starts to rationalize their modus operandi.

      "But these are men who came to be and are in their actions at least, humanitarian and philanthropic. They want to wipe out hunger and disease. They want to limit the population of the world. They believe the world is headed for mass starvation. They also want to enter into education. They would like to have an alliance with the Roman Catholic Church and with another pope. This one -- they know would stand in their way in regards to population control because he is deadstart against abortion, contraceptives, genetic engineering."

      And what about "The Process" he refers to in his book?

      Dr. Martin replies that it's the "Luciferian Process" of secularizing every religious mind so that the common mind today would be one which regarded the earth as a planned paradise to be built up. There is no God above the skies, no heaven, and there is no hell beneath the earth. It's complete secularization."

      (John Lennon's classic rock anthem "Imagine" comes to mind. "Imagine there's no country," he sang. "It isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for. And no religion too.")

      But do the Luciferians have a timetable?

      "We are now according to the official doctrine of the Luciferians in what they call "the Availing Time". They have a tradition that in these years they can avail of the time to install the Prince, who is Lucifer, as the greatest power on earth in charge of human civilization and adored by men."

      And to what end?

      "To exalt the power of Lucifer. That is the end in itself. It's the Luciferian purpose. If they don't do it in these years, then it is put off sine die, without resolution. They are very keen on getting it done."

      And what are the next steps in this "Process"?

      "The purpose is to secularize education completely," continues Dr. Martin. "And to eliminate from considerations of life and death -- medicine, sociality, finance, birth, development etc., to free that of any religious presumption whatever. To free it from the superstition of religion so that man is dealt with scientifically and humanly. And that is 'the Process'. 'The Process' is to make the human mind accept that... 'The Process' is whereby all education, primary secondary and higher, college university and all public activity is completely rid of all religious presumptions."

      "There is a layer of satanism, of satanist ritual which prepares people for perfect Luciferian adoption. They have covens and sacrifices and rites. The Luciferians have no rites, you know."

      So dabbling with satanism in these rituals leads to a different form of "commitment" which is Luciferianism?

      "It is a preparation for Luciferianism and there are reversals sometimes," claims Dr. Martin. "You will find a crowd of Luciferians having a satanic ritual as a reminder of things. But they have all passed through in a sense and that involves three things: the infliction of pain without flinching, the infliction of death without flinching, and the use of fire."

Windswept House — Message and Subtext

      In Windswept House, Christians and Luciferians clash over the remains of the Roman Catholic Church. It's a controversial and provocative story, a political thriller with metaphysical implications. It delves into the depths of treachery, intrigue and Machiavellian politics at the highest levels of the Church. As a fact-based novel with frequent lengthy asides on real historical geopolitical events like the fall of the Soviet Empire and the Helsinki Accords,Windswept House is a vehicle for one simple message -- the New World Order is here and now.

      While a group of cardinals scheme to force the Pope to resign his office so they'll be able to install a man who will do the Luciferians' bidding, a priest, Christian Gladstone is called to Rome. Cardinal Maestroianni, a power player and one of the leaders of the cabal, enlists the priest to poll bishops regarding closer ties with the European Economic Community. In fact, however, the Cardinal is assessing the timing for a conclave in which the Slavic Pope would be forced to resign because he has become a stumbling block in the Luciferians' plans.

      From the business side, Paul Gladstone, Christian's brother and an expert in international relations working at a Globalist law firm, is also unknowingly recruited to bring the Luciferian plan to fruition. When the brothers find out they are both being unwittingly used in the schemes of the Luciferians, they join forces. Christian then must reach the Pope to tell him that he is being manipulated to abdicate the Chair of Peter.

      Will the Pope resign? And will he exorcise the Church in time?

      The subtext? It doesn't really make a hell of a lot of a difference. 

Father Malachi Martin: End of Christian Civilization

The Future of the Church Militant

      In his novelWindswept House Malachi Martin expostulates his readers regarding the reasons why the "Slavic Pope" (Pope John Paul II) is so ineffectual. But what is the Pope's agenda as he sees it?

      "I think that from the very start John Paul II for whatever reasons, has sought after one thing and one thing only," says Dr. Martin. The formation of what now appears to be in his mind, a universal assemblage of Catholics at the core; grouped with them the Protestant denominations, sects and churches; grouped around them believing Jews, believing Muslims, believing Hindus, believing Buddhists. And that would be a universal religious assembly that could have a powerful dynamic kick in civilization and in solving the problems of men and women today. That is the only thing you can really say this man has sought heart and soul and body with all his travelling. When he went to churches all over the world, member churches of the Catholic Church in all the countries, he was bolstering the reputation of the papacy and he was speaking Catholic dogma, Catholic belief, Catholic morals. But in reality he was reaching out to everybody. He wanted to make friends with everybody."

      And what about the widespread homosexuality, pedophilia and satanic rituals in the Church, common knowledge he avers known to all Vatican insiders? Since as he wrote Christ is no longer honored in the tabernacle, what does he think will happen?

      "Once the tabernacle is emptied of Christ's real presence, then the Church ceases to be holy and therefore it's going to be entered by the opposite power, Lucifer," says Martin. "And this is taking place now. Not widespread, but it is taking place. There's no doubt about that."

      So will the Church fall on its own? "It's disintegrating slowly," says Martin. "As an organization, it's being marginalized sociopolitically and culturally. And religiously, it's weakening and decaying, obsolescing..."

      "If you look at any country today there are three identifiable components of that State. One, the government. Two, there is industry. Third, there are what we call NGOs, the non-governmental organizations. That's everything from Mothers Against Drunk Drivers to the Catholic Church. And they're just simply lumped together, voluntary associations with as much power as they can grasp but of no special importance. Now fifty or seventy years ago, when an ethical or moral question arose, people and governments looked to the churches. Now they don't any longer."

      And yet another sensitive question. Something doesn't add up. Malachi Martin's a priest. He's supposed to fight evil. Yet his bookWindswept Houseis clear evidence that he's thrown in the towel.

      "Well I don't see evidence of having thrown in the towel," protests Dr. Martin. "Because there's a lot I'm being made to pay for, in the sense that the writer obviously likes and reveres this Pope even though he disagrees with him. The writer also believes in the blessed sacrament. He believes in the Pope's infallibility. He believes in salvation. He believes in hell. He believes in the evil of the devil."

      So why doesn'tWindswept Houseend with Christ victorious in the book?

      Does Dr. Martin believe that the Luciferian forces have won already?

      "No. No. No," insists Dr. Martin. "This is an interim book. It ends in a big doubt -- everybody waiting." This must be what they call the European ending -- as opposed to the American ending where all the loose ends are tied up.

      Then the story shifts into "The Devil, Er, I Mean the Editor Made Me Do It". "The publisher said, 'listen the story isn't finished yet,'" says Dr. Martin. "I had a lovely glorious ending. I had a vision. I had a marvellous thing over the Alps. He cut it out."

      This is an actual editorial decision? "Yes," says Dr. Martin.

      But with all due respect, it almost sounds like Luciferian tampering. Not that anyone wants a saccharine ending. So are readers to conclude that the Luciferians won because of the passivity of the Pope in defending the Church?

      "Well, they haven't won yet," says Dr. Martin on a slightly upbeat note. "We're waiting for this man to do something. He's the Vicar of Christ. I know I'm defending him but..."

      "Readers who call me or write me say, what do we do now? I say, read my next book," he continues.

      With Martin's death on July 28, 1999, his suggestion seems to be a moot point.

      "So perhaps editorially," he concludes, "it was the right decision, but religiously it was the wrong decision. I don't know."

      It's been said that "by their fruits, ye shall know them." Malachi Martin's assent to the so-called "process" is the tangible "fruit" of Windswept House.

      Is the novel a prophecy? Or is it just a warning?

      In any case, the New (Luciferian) World Order that Martin describes puts a religious spin to the whole "process" of history.

It's also clear -- the book is a Luciferian masterpiece.  

TradCatKnight in the media: THE SATANIC VATICAN DECEPTION 

          Comment on Kendall & Kylie Jenner: Are They Donating Money To Charity From T-Shirt Sale Scandal? by Karma   
Profits? When all the ARTISTS whose images they used get done with the law suits They are going to owe millions?
          By 2100, Refugees Would Be the Most Populous Country on Earth   
Poverty and deadly wars are the major drivers of displacement.

The UN Refugee Agency has announced the new figures for the world’s displaced: 65.9 million. That means that 65.9 million human beings live as refugees, asylum seekers or as internally displaced people. If the refugees formed a country, it would be the 21st largest state in the world, just after Thailand (68.2 million) and just ahead of the United Kingdom (65.5 million). But unlike these other states, refugees have few political rights and no real representation in the institutions of the world.

The head of the UN Refugee Agency, Filippo Grandi, recently said that most of the displacement comes as a result of war. "The world seems to have become unable to make peace," Grandi said. "So you see old conflicts that continue to linger, and new conflicts erupting, and both produce displacement. Forced displacement is a symbol of wars that never end."

Few continents are immune from the harsh reality of war. But the epicenter of war and displacement is along the axis of the Western-driven global war on terror and resource wars. The line of displacement runs from Afghanistan to South Sudan with Syria in between. Eyes are on Syria, where the war remains hot and the tensions over escalation intensify daily. But there is as deadly a civil war in South Sudan, driven in large part by a ferocious desire to control the country’s oil. Last year, 340,000 people fled South Sudan for refugee camps in neighboring Uganda. This is a larger displacement than from Syria.

Poverty is a major driver of displacement. It is what moves hundreds of thousands of people to try and cross the Sahara Desert and then the Mediterranean Sea for European pastures. But most who try this journey meet a deadly fate. Both the Sahara and the Mediterranean are dangerous. This week, the UN’s International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Niger rescued 600 migrants from the Sahara, although 52 did not survive.

A 22-year-old woman from Nigeria was among those rescued. She was on a pick-up truck with 50 people. They left Agadez for Libya. ‘We were in the desert for ten days,’ she says. "After five days, the driver abandoned us. He left us with all of our belongings, saying he was going to pick us up in a couple of hours. But he never did." Forty-four of the migrants died. The six who remained struggled to safety. ‘We had to drink our own pee to survive,’ she said.

Getting to Libya is hard enough. But being in Libya is perilous. Violence against vulnerable migrants inside Libya continues to occur. The IOM reports the presence in Libya of ‘slave markets.’ Migrants who make it across the Sahara into Libya have told investigators that they find themselves in these slave markets where they are bought to be taken to private prisons and put to work or else sold back to their families if they can raise the high ransom payments. UNICEF reports incidents of rape and violence against women and children in these private prisons. One 15-year-old boy said of his time in a private prison, "Here they treat us like chickens. They beat us, they do not give us good water and good food. They harass us. So many people are dying here, dying from disease, freezing to death."

Danger lurks on the sea as well. This year already IOM reports least 2,108 deaths in the sea between Libya and Italy. This is the fourth year in a row that IOM has counted over 2,000 deaths by mid-year. Over the past five years, this averages out to about 10 deaths a day. Libya, broken by NATO’s war in 2011, remains a gateway for the vulnerable from various parts of Africa, countries damaged by IMF policies and by warfare. There is no expectation that the numbers of those on the march will decrease.

In a recent paper in The Lancet (June 2017), Paul Spiegel, formerly of the UN Refugee Agency suggests that the "humanitarian system was not designed to address the types of conflicts that are happening at present." With over 65 million people displaced, the various institutions of the UN and of the NGO world are simply not capable of managing the crisis.

"It is not simply overstretched," Spiegel wrote of the humanitarian system, "it is no longer fit for purpose."

These are shattering words. One problem Spiegel identifies is the assumption that refugee flows are temporary, since wars will end at some point. What happens when wars and occupations are permanent? People either have to live for generations in refugee camps or they will seek, through dangerous passages, flight to the West. He gives the example of Iran, which absorbed over a million Afghan refugees without using the camp strategy. They simply allowed the Afghans into Iranian society and absorbed them by putting money into their various social schemes (such as education and health). Spiegel also points out that refugees must be part of the designing the process for humanitarian aid. These are good suggestions, but they are not going to be possible with the limited funds available for refugees and with the crisis level of activity that detains the humanitarian agencies.

Spiegel does not deal with one of the great problems for humanitarianism: the persistence of war and the theory that more war—or the current euphemism, security—is the answer to humanitarian crises. This January, over 1,000 people tried to scale the large barrier that divides Morocco from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. Looking at that barrier, one is reminded of the idea that walls will somehow prevent migration, a view driven by President Donald Trump. Violence met the migrants, a mirror of the violence that was visited among migrants along the spinal cord of Eastern Europe last year. Walls, police forces and military interventions are all seductive to an imagination that forgets why people migrate and that they are human beings on the run with few other options. There is a view that security barriers and security forces will raise the price of migrant and deter future migrants. This is a silly illusion. Migration is dangerous already. That has not stopped anyone. More humane thinking is necessary.

It is important therefore that the UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed told a meeting on the Sahel on June 28 that the world leaders need to "avoid a disproportionate emphasis on security" when dealing with the multiple crises in the Sahara region and north of it. "No purely military solution" can work against transnational organized crime, violent extremism and terrorism, nor against poverty and hopelessness. Underlying causes are not being addressed, and indeed the surface reactions—to bomb more—only create more problems, not less.

In the July issue of Land Use Policy, professors Charles Geisler and Ben Currens estimate that by 2100 there will be 2 billion refugees as a result of climate change. These numbers are staggering. They are an inevitable future. By then, refugees will be the largest country on earth—nomads, seeking shelter from destruction of climate and capitalism, from rising seas and wars of greed.


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          BYKI Irish iPhone App   

BYKI French was one of the first iPhone apps I bought - when the Irish app came out, I bought it straight away. BYKI's online software which has been around since about the early 90s. The BYKI website promises you'll be able to 'learn <a language> fast, know it forever' using their system. If only Big Smile


The BYKI Irish app aims to teach you 1000 words and phrases. I'm not an expert on identifying dialects - I can only say it's not Ulster - e.g. 'Dia duit' is pronounced 'Jee-ah Guh-widge' not 'Jee-ah Ditch' as you'd more commonly hear in Ulster. You'll learn 'Conas atá tú?' for 'How are you?' instead of our more common 'Cad é mar ata tú?'


BYKI teach with their 3 step process, which involves:

1 Look through flashcards with images and text.

2 Test yourself - look at the Irish and see if you can get the English

3 Test yourself - look at the English and see if you can get the Irish


Yes. It's actually a four-step process. They must think that three steps sounds better than four!

In step one you see the text, an image and hear the Irish spoken. Steps 2 and 3 show you the Irish/English and you tap to reveal the answer, telling the app whether or not you got it correct.

Finally, there's the quiz. I use this as a test quite often - I go straight to the quiz to see how I do. If I'm awful, I'll do the set from scratch. If I'm 100%, I'll mark the list off as learned. I also use this to quick revise lists I learned a while back.

Problem 1 - the lists

BYKI's language lists are frustrating. You only get to download a maximum of 91 lists - with about 10 words in each. That's sort of fine, I guess, except that there's no real reason for this limit. And the lists are not always grouped the way I would group words - e.g. You might be asked to learn 'go raibh maith agat' in the 'at the bank' list. It's not that I might not want to say 'go raibh maith agat' at the bank - it's just that I'd rather learn that word in a list of 'polite stuff' and learn another money word or phrase in the bank list. You can't really tell what you'll get in a list.

Problem 2 - Learning what you already know

You can't delete words you know and keep words you don't. So if there's a list of 10 words and you already know 'dia duit' and 'slán', you'll still have to sit through repeated exposure to 'dia duit' and 'slán' when you'd rather be pushing your brain with new stuff. EVERY app I've used has this problem, so it's not a big BYKI failure - but still - being bored when learning is death to the retention process.

Other useful features on BYKI French
Twitter search

Real-time Twitter search of words and phrases from within Byki for iPhone. I loved this feature in BYKI for French - it's so interesting to get random real-life usage of French phrases. Doesn't work so well for Irish - even obvious words like 'slán' frequently don't have results. Guess we all need to tweet more as Gaeilge!

Download User Language Lists

I know you can donwload lists from over 5,000 user-created lessons, but this feature never seemed to work for me - kept crashing and I gave up. Perhaps it's more stable now, but you've still got the problem of figuring out which of the 5,000 lists are any good. Would be better if BYKI would either create new lists for us to download, or star extra-good or popular lists from the user-generated lists.

Extend your app with BYKI deluxe

If you buy BYKI deluxe (currently about £35) you can create your own language lists and download them to your phone. There's a free trial for this - and it's a similar feature to Mental Case, which I'll be reviewing later. Great feature, I guess, if you've the time to sit and make your own lists. I certainly don't.

Neat controls

BYKI offer great settings control - you can turn off the English voice that so irritates a lot of users, so you just hear the target language. You can change the scores, either to mark off word sets you know and don't need to learn, or to cheat and make yourself feel better. You can change the quiz settings from Irish-English and vice versa (I prefer the harder English-Irish setting).


It's got a nice little stats option, which will tell you how many sessions you've had, number of learned cards, number of learned lists and total time spent learning.

I highly recommend BYKI as one of the best language apps I've found. It could do better, but few apps compare. It's well worth the money.
Costs: £4.99 sterling

Want to try BYKI before you buy? I can't find a 'lite' BYKI Irish app, but I found 15 BYKI languages - a free app that introduces you to different languages using the BYKI system.

Anyone else tried BYKI and liked it?

          For sale - 1952 Replica/Kit Makes mg td - $3,500   

Redondo Beach CA, United States
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          Comment on ‘Residents will be thrilled’ after Fairfield Halls’ £30m refit by farmersboy   
Yeah but it's not really 'your' money and it's my aunty shirleys second cousin and he's just failed his architecture degree and this would really help his self esteem... Where do I sign? Possibly overheard at council meetings everywhere...
          Sixers’ Young Stars Excitedly React To J.J. Redick News On Social Media   

After years of “trusting the process,” the Philadelphia 76ers have signed a star, inking J.J. Redick to a huge one-year deal, and the team’s young stars are pumped. This afternoon, Redick agreed to a one-year, $23 million deal with Philadelphia. The yearly money was a good bit more than Redick was expected to earn, but […]

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          Motion Industries Austin   

Motion Industries Austin
The event will be an entire week long convention mainly dedicated technical workshops and education discussion and activities. Events that take place, beyond the education you'll get in workshops and be able to use there and as soon as you get home... There will be screenings of the NASA movie, “Money”, Nine Inch Nails movie “Ghost eight”, and Addictive TV's “Slumdog Millionaire Remix” and many more will take place for the festival-goer audience's pleasure and critique.

Please come and pay us more attention, and pay yourself a favor and come out and play as I'm sure you'll enjoy this video motion design convention. In 2009 the festival has already been held in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois and is now being held in Austin, Texas.

If you think this is a new event, it all began in 2006 at the Chicago Motion Graphics Festival, moving on becoming an annual event in 2007. And in 2008, the motion graphics Festival was held three times once in Chicago once in Orlando, Florida then once more in Boston, Massachusetts.

This years third venue, Austin has been considered a technology and Internet hot-spot over the last decade were the culture match is the level of technological progression. If you're not from Texas, I hope you're surprised and definitely appreciate and enjoy Austin and the surrounding areas. As the capital of Texas this town adds a flair with some Southern history and hospitality as well as an interesting community. The city and surrounding area has many sites to be seen that will be a great setting for your time away from the festival.

For those not there for the site seeing, but desiring something to do to have a grand ol' time, the city does sleep but there are plenty of places to have a wild time awake, if you're into having a blast after the educational events. Drag some of your fellow festival-goers off to an Austin Sixth Street club or bar to dance and drink the night away.

...And if you're in Austin denizen, check out the events and enjoy the quality movies with those temporarily in your hometown. What would you lose? It's just a seven dollars admission fee. You might lose a good time otherwise and there's no major deterrent from other more local technophiles to make their way down to the shows and there will likely will be a bigger turnout than you and everyone else might expect.

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you got me for a lot of money......
          Comment on The 6 Best AKs for the Money by Seth Burgin   
You and me both! Be aware I shaved the beard, and please don't shoot me. It will be back by winter. I'll still be maroon wearing my tie with the gold frogs on it.
          Comment on The 6 Best AKs for the Money by Seth Burgin   
The Galil is a very nice nod & doff of the cap to the AK, and so is the Daewoo K2, which took the best part of the AK, and melded it to the best of the AR and the SKS. ARs were made in huge numbers but still pale in comparison to the Mauser 98 for being influential, and the sheer mass numbers made. The AK is the 20th century's Mauser. What other gun can I stash behind a locker, until the bolt is so frozen I need a 2x4 and a mallet to knock it free, then after that first round knocks everything inside loose, it runs like a raped ape? The AK is the ONLY small arm that comes to mind. Vepr has always been the maker of premium AKs, but companies like FEG, Zastava, and any East Block country made fairly respectable versions. I am still not a huge fan of the Chinese stuff. It's not so much that they can't make quality, as it is they choose not to, because it's easier and or cheaper. Their early steel was junk, so that factors in too. I'd love a Woo two with select fire. Someday, maybe someday, I can get a manufacturing license and strike a deal with the police to make some full auto stuff as "sample guns".
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I wonder how long Stephanie and Chris will stay married now that the money is no longer coming in.
           CZECH STREETS - Blonde MILF Picked up on Street    

Absolutely no censorship and certainly no fiction. These are real Czech streets! Czech girls are ready to do absolutely anything for money. Unlike other sites with similar themes, where the action is scripted and fake, this is the real thing. Authentic amateurs on the street!

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Absolutely no censorship and certainly no fiction. These are real Czech streets! Czech girls are ready to do absolutely anything for money. Unlike other sites with similar themes, where the action is scripted and fake, this is the real thing. Authentic amateurs on the street!


Absolutely no censorship and certainly no fiction. These are real Czech streets! Czech girls are ready to do absolutely anything for money. Unlike other sites with similar themes, where the action is scripted and fake, this is the real thing. Authentic amateurs on the street!

           CZECH STREETS - LUCIE    

Absolutely no censorship and certainly no fiction. These are real Czech streets! Czech girls are ready to do absolutely anything for money. Unlike other sites with similar themes, where the action is scripted and fake, this is the real thing. Authentic amateurs on the street!

           CZECH STREETS - Iveta    

Absolutely no censorship and certainly no fiction. These are real Czech streets! Czech girls are ready to do absolutely anything for money. Unlike other sites with similar themes, where the action is scripted and fake, this is the real thing. Authentic amateurs on the street!

           CZECH STREETS - Man traded his wife Katka for money    

Absolutely no censorship and certainly no fiction. These are real Czech streets! Czech girls are ready to do absolutely anything for money. Unlike other sites with similar themes, where the action is scripted and fake, this is the real thing. Authentic amateurs on the street!

          دانلود Money Lover Expense Manager Premium 3.6.45 نرم افزار مدیریت امور مالی اندروید   

نسخه جدید و آخر برنامه Money Lover Expense Manager Premium 3.6.45 نرم افزار مدیریت امور مالی اندروید Money Lover Expense Manager Premium اپلیکیشنی پرطرفدار برای مدیریت امور مالی شما در سیستم عامل اندروید می باشد.شما با استفاده از برنامه میتوانید هزینه های خود را در بودجه برنامه ریزی شده نظارت کنید و پس انداز های […]

نوشته دانلود Money Lover Expense Manager Premium 3.6.45 نرم افزار مدیریت امور مالی اندروید اولین بار در فارسی ای.پی.کی پدیدار شد.

          Amateur redbone facial No Money, No Problem (7:00)   
Amateur redbone facial No Money, No ProblemAmateur redbone facial No Money, No ProblemAmateur redbone facial No Money, No ProblemAmateur redbone facial No Money, No ProblemAmateur redbone facial No Money, No ProblemAmateur redbone facial No Money, No ProblemAmateur redbone facial No Money, No ProblemAmateur redbone facial No Money, No ProblemAmateur redbone facial No Money, No ProblemAmateur redbone facial No Money, No Problem
           IT expert became male escort after global financial crisis    
A former IT worker who became a male escort after 'work dried up' during the global financial crisis has opened up about his new life. Sydney-based escort, John Oh, started sex work 'for the money'
          Re: The Friday Five: February 20, 2015   

“Georgy Porgy” by Eric Benet (from A Day In The Life)

This version doesn't do much beyond befoul the memory of Jeff Porcaro by flying in programmed drums, but yeah, what a good choice in covers. A Toto original from their first LP, which replaces the irreplaceable Chaka Khan with ... Faith Evans. Tough shoes to fill.

“High Water” by Uncle Tupelo (from Anodyne)

Jay Farrar doing what Jay Farrar did best – and, for my money, better than almost any solo thing he's done since. I know the song name-checks water. I still see trains when I hear this. Old ones. With hobos.

“Remember My Name” by Toy Matinee (from Toy Matinee)

A whole bunch of goodness here, and a whole bunch of never-realized potential. Catchy enough to be a hit, quirky enough to not have a chance. I maybe even liked this better than the single, "Last Plane Out."

“Six O'Clock News” by Kathleen Edwards (Failer)

A story of small-town revenge from Canada's answer (and I say this will all due respect and awe) to Tom Petty. Love Kathleen.

"It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls (Success)


          Re: Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’90s, Vol. 86   

I would pay real American money for a Petty version of "Virginia." Ten years of searching, nary a demo, b-side, or bootleg to be found ...

           The Philips SpeechAir is the Holy Grail    
Philips’ SpeechAir is the Rolls-Royce of dictation machines (an area of gadgetry where I never even suspected there would be a money-no-object bracket).
          The Methodologically Problematic Edition   
Slate Money on Google’s antitrust violations, Italian banks, and Seattle’s minimum wage.
          Kevin Shattenkirk explains why he left money on table to sign with Rangers   

Kevin Shattenkirk details why he was willing to leave multiple years and millions of dollars on the table in order to sign with his hometown Rangers

          NHL free agency: Kevin Shattenkirk signs four-year deal with Rangers   

Kevin Shattenkirk reportedly turned down "far more money on longer-term deals" to sign with the Rangers.

          People keep drinking and talking while the bar is being robbed   
Two males are seen on camera entering the lounge's parking lot from the southeast. The suspects crossed the parking lot and ran through the front door of the lounge. Once inside, one suspect, who appeared to be armed with a rifle, made his way towards the bar and demanded money from the bartender.The suspect pushed the bartender to the cash register where he removed an unknown amount of cash. The suspect also grabbed two bottles of alcohol before leaving the lounge. The second suspect was out of camera view during this time. Both suspects were seen leaving through the back parking lot, on foot. First Suspect: Black male, between 25 and 35 years of age, 5'8"-5'10", muscular build, long black goatee or beard, brown eyes and black hair. He was last seen wearing a black beanie cap, gray hoodie, black shorts, black string backpack on his chest, black socks, and tan/white shoes. He was a
          [Newsy] [WWE] Kolejna walka Lany z Naomi, Zwyciężczyni Mae Young Classic zawalczy o pas NXT?   
Na najbliższym SmackDown Live dojdzie do trzeciej walki mistrzowskiej o pas kobiet między Naomi a Laną. Przypomnijmy, że panie pierwszy raz spotkały się w ringu na Money in the Bank, a następnie doszło do rewanżu na SmackDown. W jednym [...]
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          Gadfly Bites 6/30/17 - The return of "intestinal fortitude"   
  1. After the departure of its high-profile leader in the recent past, FutureReady Columbus is still trying to get itself ready for the present day. The organization was born as a big ticket, partner-fueled initiative to help Columbus students get the best possible education. While the dollars and the big-name partners still seem to be in place, the unexpected need to do a second leader search has required them to slow their roll and to significantly shrink their focus. (Columbus Dispatch, 6/29/17) A similar organization in Toledo appears to have had a similar trajectory. Take your time, people. I’m sure it’s fine. (Toledo Blade, 6/29/17)
  2. So, what’s up with that ongoing kerfuffle between the state’s largest online school and the Ohio Department of Education? And the State Board of Education? And the court system? And StateAuditor Man!? And the court of public opinion? And the Ohio Attorney General? And several newspapers around the state? Well, I’m glad you asked, but you might not be. You can check out updates on the fast-moving situation from the Plain Dealer (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 6/29/17), and the Dispatch (Columbus Dispatch, 6/29/17), and the Plain Dealer (again) for everything you might have wanted to know (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 6/29/17). But don’t come complaining to me if your head hurts afterward. And it ain’t over yet either.
  3. Editors in Youngstown opined today in favor of at least some part of the above situation. The part where the state board of ed voted to ask politely for some money back. (Youngstown Vindicator, 6/30/17)
  4. Elsewhere in Youngstown, at least one member of the district’s elected board has been busy with some research on CEO Krish Mohip, and appears confident enough in what he has found (related to Mohip’s previous work in Chicago) that he reached out to the Vindy with deets. The Land of Intestinal Fortitude, indeed. Fun fact: while it’s not noted in this piece, this story has links to Lorain’s CEO-style Academic Distress Commission as well. Two-fer! (Youngstown Vindicator, 6/30/17)
  5. Folks in Dayton City Schools are high-fiving all over the place in response to their preliminary state test score data. It’s not final, but proficiency rates appear to be up a bit over last year’s numbers in most subjects in the district’s elementary and middle schools. Bad news – overall proficiency still stinks (highest percentage I saw on any of the tests was 38) and high school proficiency rates declined pretty much across the board. I guess when you’re at rock bottom, anything is a win, but if it were me I wouldn’t be writing the new advertising slogan just yet. “It’s a fairly good time to be a third grader in Dayton City Schools; everybody else hang on!” probably sounds better in a board meeting than it does on a billboard. (Dayton Daily News, 6/30/17)

          Slut Talk   
Another little bit of nonsense for this post. Bear with me.
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
          I don’t know why I took coffee with Phil every Saturday morning at the university’s sidewalk café on the quadrangle. He was a friend, but not an especially close friend. Don’t even remember how it started. I didn’t particularly enjoy slut talk, and that’s what our sessions inevitably became. Let’s think about that a minute. That’s what I did once every weekend of this entire semester. So maybe I was into that kind of shit more than I thought.
          Phil was shunned by most of the student body because he was pretty effeminate. That turned off some people. A lot of the kids called him Philomena… sometimes to his face. One man’s macho is another man’s come-on. I always said. And the same was true for the other side of the coin.
          I wasn't quite as obvious, although some of the footballers called me Pumpkin because my name was Peter. They took it from the old kiddie story about Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater. Well, you see where I’m going.
          This particular Saturday morning we claimed our favorite table sitting off by itself in the shade of the overhang where there wasn’t much chance of being overheard. We sat in silence for the first couple of sips before Phil turned his blue eyes on me.
          “Did you see who’s waiting tables today?”
          “Angel,” I replied using the Spanish pronunciation.
          “Angel. That describes him.”
          “It’s pronounced AN-hel.”
          “It’s pronounced Angel Baby.” He let out a low growl as the Angel—or AN-hel—under discussion walked out of the café and waited on a table of three girls.
          “Oh, man. I wish he’d smile at me like that. I’d die and go to heaven.”
          “I can think of two ways to make that happen. Pronounce his name correctly or promise to die.”
          “Don’t be catty!”
          "Catty is as catty does.” I was pretty big on clichés.
          “Oh look,” Phil pointed with his chin. “There’s Roger Dodger the Fullback. Who’s he with today?”
          “Evelyn… his steady.”
          He ignored my reply. “Too bad there isn’t a position for a Fullbutt. He’d be perfect!”
          “There is. It’s called tight end.”
          “Ohhh! Describes him perfectly.”
          “You do know he’s the one who started calling you Philomena, don’t you?”
          “He can call me anything. Anytime. Anywhere. Please!”
          After a few more sips of coffee, Angel—reluctantly, I thought—came over and asked if we needed anything. He’d created a big opening with his wording, but Phil behaved himself, ordering another cup and a scone, even pronouncing his name right. Angel rewarded him with a beaming smile.
           “Oh, my God!” he said after the waiter left, “I thought I’d swoon. Did you see that smile!”
          “Told you.”
          “Told me what? Never mind, here he comes again.
         I noticed Phil gripped the edge of the table, probably hoping Angel would lean too close as he served us. No such luck.
          “There goes that Jana Yetsin. She always looks so trashy. Doesn’t know how to put on her lip gloss.”
          “You should teach her,” I suggested.
          “Yuk. But the girl with her always looks so cool and collected.”
          “Cheerleader,” I said, knowing that took her down a notch or two in Phil’s estimation.
          A guy walked in and took a table on the other side of the patio. Angel appeared to take his order.
          “Well, well. There’s Dickie. All alone this morning. Must have had a fight with his girl.”
          “Oughta be called Big Dickie,” Phil said. “I know. I’ve showered with him.”
          “We all have after Phys Ed. But you’re right. Humungous.” I glanced at my watch, took some money out and threw it on the table as a tip for Angelic Angel. “Gotta go. American Lit.”
          “Don’t know why you take Saturday classes. Tiresome.” Phil stood and opened his coin purse, extracting a couple of bills. Looked like Angel was going to get rewarded for his smile.”
          “See ya next Saturday,” I said.
          “Same place, same time.”

I’ve always been told a story—no matter how short—has a beginning, a middle, and an end. This one doesn’t seem to have an end, just a pause until next Saturday morning.

Let me know if the story strikes a chord. My email is markwildyr@aol.com.

Thanks for being a reader.


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VIC-Victoria, The Department of Justice and Regulation delivers high quality services to Victorians and supports a safe, just, innovative and thriving Victoria. We provide professional, value for money services that are driven by our values: working together, making it happen, respecting other people, serving the community and acting with integrity. Through our commitment to diversity and equality, we are activ
          Four More Years   
________________________________ If there’s one thing this recent election has taught me, it’s that large money works, and especially so for …
          Director of Financial Reporting and Operations   
VIC-Victoria, The Department of Justice and Regulation delivers high quality services to Victorians and supports a safe, just, innovative and thriving Victoria. We provide professional, value for money services that are driven by our values: working together, making it happen, respecting other people, serving the community and acting with integrity. Through our commitment to diversity and equality, we are activ
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VIC-Victoria, The Department of Justice and Regulation delivers high quality services to Victorians and supports a safe, just, innovative and thriving Victoria. We provide professional, value for money services that are driven by our values: working together, making it happen, respecting other people, serving the community and acting with integrity. Through our commitment to diversity and equality, we are activ
          Case Manager - Box Hill   
VIC-Victoria, The Department of Justice and Regulation delivers high quality services to Victorians and supports a safe, just, innovative and thriving Victoria. We provide professional, value for money services that are driven by our values: working together, making it happen, respecting other people, serving the community and acting with integrity. Through our commitment to diversity and equality, we are activ
          Yes, Steph Curry is worth $40 million per year - Yahoo Sports   

Yahoo Sports

Yes, Steph Curry is worth $40 million per year
Yahoo Sports
The annual cascade of cash has commenced in the NBA, where a JPP-sized handful of players (be safe this weekends, kids) will secure sufficiently large contracts to prompt plenty of fans, media members, and players who play different sports for far less ...
Top 50 NBA free agents: JJ Redick joins 'The Process,' signs with Philadelphia 76ersWashington Post
Report: Warriors set to meet with Andre Iguodala and offer him a three-year dealCBSSports.com
Andre Iguodala Reportedly Cancels Rest of FA Meetings After Rockets DiscussionBleacher Report
The Mercury News -Deadspin -Forbes -SB Nation
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          Nets trying to throw money at 3 targets after Redick rejection - New York Post   

New York Post

Nets trying to throw money at 3 targets after Redick rejection
New York Post
Redick, whom the Nets were willing to offer a two-year contract and a key role off the bench, opted for a one-year, $23 million deal from Philadelphia. “Trust the process,” Redick tweeted. ESPN, which had reported the deal seconds earlier, quoted the ...
Grades: JJ Redick Signing Makes Perfect Sense For SixersSports Illustrated
JJ Redick, 76ers agree to one-year deal that makes sense for both sidesYahoo Sports
Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter: "JJ Redick has agreed to a one-year, $23 million deal with the 76ers, league sources ...Twitter
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          Comment on Paramedic Learnership Programme at Mediclinic in SA by Siyamthanda   
I would really love to be part of this traning. I have passed my grade 12.I didn't have money to continue with my studys. God is a provide I believe I'm going to be one of the best student next year. yours faithfully siyamthanda


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          Photo Of E-Money And His Police Escort At The Airport Today   

Five star music boss, Emoney stormed the Lagos airport today with his fierced looking security guards to board Air peace to Abuja. E-money is a billionaire brother to Kcee “Limpopo” crooner and also the CEO of five star shipping line. .photos below

The post Photo Of E-Money And His Police Escort At The Airport Today appeared first on Liveofofo.

          5 Habits of Bad Freelance Clients — And When to Drop Them   
If you freelance, you know all about the feast-or-famine lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with a bad client.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, one of the largest personal finance websites. We help millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. In 2016, Inc. 500 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the No. 1 fastest-growing private media company in the U.S.

          This Podcast Just Showed Us What $1.4 Trillion in Student Loans Feels Like   
The “Debt, Sex & Money” podcast highlights the stories of those who are saddled with student loan debt and working to pay it off.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, one of the largest personal finance websites. We help millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. In 2016, Inc. 500 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the No. 1 fastest-growing private media company in the U.S.

          Want to Work From Home? Tell Your Bosses How Much Money it Could Save Them   
Work-from-home jobs have grown 115% since 2005. Here’s why telecommuting is on the rise and other awesome facts about working at home.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, one of the largest personal finance websites. We help millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. In 2016, Inc. 500 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the No. 1 fastest-growing private media company in the U.S.

          Why We Call BS on Study Claiming Low-Income Families Spend Big on Luxuries   
A new study states that low-income families spend 40% of their incomes on luxury goods. But is that really the case?

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, one of the largest personal finance websites. We help millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. In 2016, Inc. 500 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the No. 1 fastest-growing private media company in the U.S.

          Want a Job You Can Relish? Apply Now to Drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile   
Want the ultimate company car? Apply today to be a Hotdogger and drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, one of the largest personal finance websites. We help millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. In 2016, Inc. 500 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the No. 1 fastest-growing private media company in the U.S.

          Why July is an Amazing Time to Buy Patio Furniture, Sporting Goods and More   
It’s a great month to buy outdoor furniture, housewares, suits and more. If any of these items are on your shopping list, now’s the time to buy them so you get the best deals.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, one of the largest personal finance websites. We help millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. In 2016, Inc. 500 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the No. 1 fastest-growing private media company in the U.S.

          Never Pay for a Gym Membership Again: How to Build a Home Gym for $100   
Fitness is imperative, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s how you can build a cheap home gym that’ll keep you and your wallet strong.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, one of the largest personal finance websites. We help millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. In 2016, Inc. 500 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the No. 1 fastest-growing private media company in the U.S.

          13 Items You Should Never Buy at Garage Sales   
Not everything you find at a garage sale is a good deal. In fact, some items can be downright dangerous or disgusting. Here’s a breakdown of what to avoid.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, one of the largest personal finance websites. We help millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. In 2016, Inc. 500 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the No. 1 fastest-growing private media company in the U.S.

          This Guy Hangs Out With Sharks for a Living — and He Let Us Tag Along   
We ventured out into the Atlantic Ocean with Bryce Rohrer, the owner and operator of Florida Shark Diving. There, we got to know Rohrer — and free dive with his favorite creatures.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, one of the largest personal finance websites. We help millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. In 2016, Inc. 500 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the No. 1 fastest-growing private media company in the U.S.

          These Emergency Funds Aim to Help Financially Strapped Freelance Writers   
When you’re self-employed, all it takes is one catastrophic event to wipe out your bank account. Here’s how to find an emergency fund to help when your resources are exhausted.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, one of the largest personal finance websites. We help millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. In 2016, Inc. 500 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the No. 1 fastest-growing private media company in the U.S.

          Comment on So, Italy by Seven Sleepers   
"At some level I can’t believe we’re having this discussion, that people are seriously defending a situation like that." We aren't having the same conversation. You are arguing with someone else. I said it aint great. Neither is 10% youth unemployment in US, with every indicator saying the kids in the us are overweight, overmedicated, isolated and alone, comparatively. Why don't you surf over to the suicide rates of kids between 15-19 Ms Potato? Guess who is at the bottom; Portugal, Italy, Greece. Guess who is not? ANd pleeease dont even look at the rates of antidepressants per capita, as the US is beyond all competition. So, just take a breath. No one is railing against your motherly instincts and wanted your kids to have jobs. If that is what you heard, you heard your own voice. What I (and all the data says) and the book known as the bible, is that if you put money first, you lose in life. That is all. Sometimes, not having a lot of opportunity is not a disaster, I know it is hard to fathom. I myself do very well, and I know many many people who also "had a good year". I can count maybe 5 who are happy. Your mileage may vary. In case it was missed, 40% youth unemployment is not a good thing, and my relatives are upset about it. My point: money is not everything. I have it. I know. Footnote: Italy and the rest of the Eurozone's unemployment has never recovered from the financial crisis we (US) caused. Why wont those darn countries recover already! Jeesh! lol
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Kyle Jacobs & Jimmy Kyle Jacobs & Jimmy
Kyle Jacobs & Jimmy @ BlacksOnBoys.com
Every once in a while, a fellah needs relief from all the pressures and stress life throws at us. Take Jimmy, for instance. He's a black man struggling to be successful in the White Man's World, and we all know how tough that can be. So after a long day at the office, he likes to head to the massage parlor for a rub down. Jimmy's a pervert, too, and likes to hide things from his wife. For example, Jimmy likes white men, especially the ones who are long and lean. And guess what? His L.M.T., Kyle, is exactly that: long and lean which made it hard for Jimmy to control his secret urges. Jimmy coaxed and coaxed, and since he's a successful businessman, he had all the tip money required to turn Kyle into his bottom boy. You're going to love watching Jimmy stretch all of Kyle's holes to accommodate his thick, black cock...until it explodes all over Kyle's hairless chest.
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          Rocket scientist spurns tech   
Overwrought tech, anyway: Our Honeywell died, so I’m looking at thermostat reviews, and holy moly can you spend a lot of money for a thermostat that does things I have no use for. I guess if I lived in an area of weather extremes, and had both air and heat, I might care about having […]
          A stack of Forms W-0   
“No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.” — Dr. Samuel Johnson Roger Green replies, sort of: Some people dismiss those who write without pay as fools. But there are very many well-known folk who blog either for nothing or for PayPal tips. Initially, I blogged to write about the Daughter and Jeopardy! […]
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12% daily for 12 Days

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          Projaxis Ltd - Projaxis.com   
I am NOT the Admin or Owner of this program!

Projaxis Ltd


The company has an impeccable background when it comes to hosting investors needs. Integration with our company is also very seamless this is because it is comprised of experienced traders and technologists who value clients' services. Also, another exciting aspect of being a member of our company is that you will be part of a peer to peer banking, trading, and currency exchange system.


Projaxis Ltd is an active company incorporated on 17 May 2012 with the registered office located in Suffolk. Projaxis Ltd has been running for 5 Years With Management consultancy activities and financial management. but now projaxis Inc is an investment company uniting forex traders. Years of successful development for money management in private section ensured us that we are ready to open our service to the whole world. Internet has become the most convenient and widespread communication source, that's why in view of responsibility we decided to bring our service via internet and attract investors online.

Investment Plan:
10 days 3% daily
Plan Amount Spent ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 2.20
Plan 2 $101.00 - $1000.00 2.50
Plan 3 $1001.00 - $5000.00 3.00

20 days 3.4% daily
Plan Amount Spent ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10.00 - $100.00 3.20
Plan 2 $101.00 - $1000.00 3.30
Plan 3 $1001.00 - $5000.00 3.40

30 days 4.2% daily
Plan Amount Spent ($) Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10.00 - $100.00 4.00
Plan 2 $101.00 - $1000.00 4.10
Plan 3 $1001.00 - $5000.00 4.20

200% after 20 days
Plan Amount Spent ($) Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10.00 - $100.00 180.00
Plan 2 $101.00 - $1000.00 190.00
Plan 3 $1001.00 - $5000.00 200.00

Payment Processor : PerfectMoney , Payeer , Bitcoin

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          FX Trader The Foreign Exchange Market and Automated Forex Software   
FX market trading requires the buying and selling of money also known as currencies from all over the globe. The vast majority of the nations internationally participate in the foreign exchange market where money is bought and sold, based on the value of a certain currency at that time. there are some currencies that are […]
          One Arrested For Duping US Citizens Through Fake Call Centre: Kolkata   

One individual from Kolkata captured for duping a few US residents from his fraudulent call centre.

The captured man identified as  Sharafat Ali, used to run the call centre alongside others and they used to act like Microsoft Corporation representatives to dupe the US subjects, a senior Kolkata Police officer said today.

Ali (33) was captured from the call centers  at Beckbagan Row, under the purview of Karaya police headquarters in south Kolkata yesterday, he said.

Bus Overturns In Bengal’s West Midnapore, 2 killed, 31 injured

Expounding their usual methodology, the cop stated, “They used to call US nationals through VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) acting like workers of Microsoft Corporation subsequent to downloading their phone data over web.

Ali and his aides would disclose to them that their system had been hacked and their data compromised, the report of which they got from the Microsoft system installed in the machine.

They used to then compel the US residents to hack up extensive measure of cash running from $199 to $300 which was to be paid online through Moneygram or Western Union for reestablishing the framework.”

A particular software ‘Team Viewer’ was utilized for this reason, he said.

CPUs, IP Phones, iPhones, laptops and documents were seized amid the raid at the call centre, he said.

A city court remanded Ali, an inhabitant of Ballygunge range in south Kolkata, to police custody till July 10.

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          Interactive Investor Trading Limited: Money Observer, Web Content Manager / Writer   
up to £27,500 plus benefits: Interactive Investor Trading Limited: We’re currently recruiting a Web Content Manager / Writer position within our Money Observer team based in our London office. London, E1 8AA
          10 ways you're wasting money at the supermarket   

grocery shopping

The INSIDER Summary:

  • You may not realize it, but there's a strategy to grocery shopping that will save you lots of cash.
  • Shopping on Wednesday nights is best.
  • Never shop hungry. In fact, chewing on mint gum is a good idea while shopping.

If you're anything like the average American, your grocery shopping strategy probably consists of opening the fridge, noticing it's empty, and then stocking up with whatever you need, even if none of the items on your list are on sale. As you probably guessed, this shopping method will not be kind to your bank account.

While you may have heard of extreme couponing, there are less exhausting ways to save money at the supermarket.  

Here are the mistakes you're making when you shop for groceries, and how to fix them:

Coming in without a list

Meal prep is key here. If you plan your meals for the week ahead of time, you'll walk in with a plan and be less likely to stray from your list by compulsively grabbing pricey snacks or random ingredients that will sit in the back of your pantry unused. 

Going to the store hungry

This is probably a no-brainer, but always eat a meal before going to the supermarket. Nothing good comes out of a shopping trip when you're starving. Another tip from Lifehacker suggests chewing mint gum while you shop so you're less likely to fall victim to the store's scent marketing tactics (yes, that actually exists).

Being too lazy to use coupons


We're not suggesting you make coupon-clipping a competitive sport like those extreme couponers, but there are several insider tips you can learn from them. The Krazy Coupon lady advises buying your groceries at multiple stores to find the best discount, and to remember that certain chains take competitor coupons. She also suggests downloading money-saving apps like Ibotta and Checkout51. 

Shopping on the weekend or in the morning

Believe it or not, there are better days and times to shop. Most people do their grocery shopping on a weekend so they can prep ahead of time, but mid-week is when products with short shelf lives like meat and dairy go on sale. Plus, there are more discounts as the day wears on and stores need to get rid of perishables. Your best bet is to shop on a Wednesday night, says Lifehacker. 

Ignoring sale cycles

Sales at supermarkets aren't random; they run in 12-week cycles. Stop being shocked at the price of meat when you walk in the door by learning the ebb and flow of sale cycles. You can see an example of a month-to-month sale calendar from Krazy Coupon Lady here. Another tip is always buy produce that's in season: it's cheaper and usually fresher. 

Not buying in bulk

There's a reason why Costco is so popular. Buying in bulk is (generally) cheaper. The best items to buy in bulk are non-perishables like paper goods (toilet paper, napkins, paper plates, etc.), and cases of water, according to Spoon University. 

Buying everything in bulk


Just because you can buy almost anything in bulk, doesn't mean you should. After all, you'll probably waste a lot of food and your house will start to look like an episode of "Hoarders." If you always check unit prices, you'll find that certain foods like cereal or frozen foods are cheaper in smaller rather than larger quantities, Quick and Dirty Tips advises.

Buying all brand names

Certain products can't be replaced by the generic store brand like Oreos, Coca-Cola and name brand ice cream. But who cares if you're buying Kleenex or "Generic Tissue?" Household cleaning products are perfectly fine to buy off-brand as well. 

Not knowing how much your food should be worth off-hand

Quick! What's a fair price for a gallon of milk in your neck of the woods? If you don't know off the top of your head, you may be paying more than you should. Lifehacker suggests keeping a price book so you don't fall for fake sales where overpriced products are going for what looks like a great deal, when they're actually discounted to a normal price. 

Looking at shelves that are eye-level or above

Here's a little-known tip: cheaper items are usually stocked on the bottom shelves, whereas your expensive items will be stocked at eye-level. Why? Unless you're in the know, the average consumer will unknowingly spend more just by shopping by line-of-sight. 

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          Privet Hedge in Serious Trouble!!!   
Hi there, Can anyone shine a light on what's going on with our privet hedge please? We moved in here almost 3.5 years ago and whatever this problem is, is taking our hedge at about a metre a year.. It's pretty much defoliating it as it goes and the furthest part of the hedge is now completely dead - branches like balsa wood, snapping under very little pressure. I'm very keen to identify the cause of this as I'd very much like to replace the hedge. Trouble is, I don't want to spend the money and replant if the virus/disease/whatever is present in the soil. I have more photos if that would help identify the issue. Many thanks in advance.
          Russell Westbrook Reportedly May Delay Signing Contract After Paul George Trade   

Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook has a standing contract offer from the team that he will reportedly hold off on signing.

USA Today's Sam Amick reported Saturday that Westbrook isn't expected to sign a five-year, $217 million extension with the Thunder right away but that it will remain on the table until he does or the deadline to sign it expires at the start of the 2017-18 season.

ESPN.com's Royce Young reported Saturday one reason for Westbrook's delay is the presence of the newly acquired Paul George, since both players could become free agents after next season.

Amick noted Westbrook is a "happy superstar" following the Thunder's surprise acquisition of George.

After Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City to join the Golden State Warriors last summer, Westbrook agreed to a three-year, $86 million extension with the Thunder that he can opt out of after the 2017-18 season.

Amick reported in April that George was "hell-bent" on joining the Los Angeles Lakers when he becomes a free agent. The Thunder have at least given themselves a chance to offer him more years and money than any other team by virtue of acquiring him.

Westbrook is eligible for the super-max extension after being named to the All-NBA first team each of the last two years. He was also named the 2016-17 NBA MVP after averaging a triple-double with 31.6 points, 10.7 rebounds and 10.4 assists in 81 games.

Read more NBA Northwest news on BleacherReport.com

          4 Principles of Great Logo Design   
If you are a consumer or a marketer or a CEO of a company, you should be interested in what makes a great logo. In an age of seemingly infinite products striving for consumers’ money and attention, branding is more important than ever to ensure a successful marketing effort. Great logos are the embodiment of […]
          Branding Strategy: Branding Name & Design of Your Site   
Do you really need branding? All of us, online retailers, want the clients to come and spend money with us online. But in order to ensure that you have to make them feel confident that they are dealing with a legitimate seller. As long as they give you their personal information and even the number of [...]

Branding Strategy: Branding Name & Design of Your Site is a post from: We talk on making money on the Internet

          How to get a freelance job   
I have my own way of searching for freelance projects online. I would not say that it is an original way or that my search always results in getting new projects, but I hope that you will find some tips to add to your own search techniques. Imagine that you are a freelance PHP developer. And [...]

How to get a freelance job is a post from: We talk on making money on the Internet

          Link building future   
I have recently posted about my experience of link building. In continuation of my article, ideas on the future of link building expressed by Abhilash just prove my own conclusions – link building is and will be just a waste of time, you will not achieve the desirable effect by adding your website to directories, [...]

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          Blog design   
When you start your blog with the purpose of making some money online I will not focus on design issues. From my experience – it will take time (much more than you expect) and it will cost you money. The sound decision is to choose some free blog template on the Internet and start your [...]

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          Arizona Landscaper Builds Desert Ponds Is This Possible   
Summers in the desert can be not, dry and miserable. For some it is just a matter of getting home to relax in their own private oasis in the desert. These lucky people have a pond in their backyard complete with a soothing waterfall. The stress of the day is washed away by the tranquil sounds of flowing water cascading over their waterfall into a pond full of fish.

Your probably thinking to yourself how can this be. With temperatures up to 120 degrees, won't the fish die? Will the water evaporate? It must take alot of work to keep the pond clean?

The truth of the matter is that having you own pond or water garden as I like to call it is extremely low maintenance. When built correctly using a proper system to keep the water clean the pond is virtually maintenance free. The fish have no problem surviving in a desert climate.

Before we get into different types of systems let me warn you about a common problem with people that build ponds. They are not pond contractors so they buy swimming pool pumps and equipment to build ponds. When they are finished the pond may look nice, then they leave and the nightmare begins, endless maintenance.

There are many types of systems available to keep your pond clear and free of algae. Some systems use pond filters, well others use UV lights. Both of these methods are considered external systems and require a lot of maintenance. you will need to clean the filters often and with the lights you will need to change the bulbs that cost you money. The worst part is that these devices will be outside of the pond. The method I prefer is to use a natural eco-system. With a eco-system ever thing is contained with in the pond and waterfall. You have no unsightly equipment to look at.

When it comes to adding a pond to your landscape there are different materials that can be used. The people that like to build a pond like a swimming pool use concrete to line the pond. To get a more natural looking pond you can use a liner and stones to create a pond like you would see in a natural setting. There are many benefits to both the fish and you when it comes to keeping the pond clean.

Another misconception people hear when looking to build a koi pond is that it needs to be deep. This is not true. i have built hundreds of ponds In the Phoenix AZ area where it gets extremely hot. None of these ponds is over 18" deep. I have never seen a single fish die from the heat over the last 6 years.

Don't be afraid to get a desert pond. It will be the most enjoyable and relaxing part of your entire home. The best part is if done right it will be virtually maintenance free.
I have been a Arizona landscaper for 19 years. I have been building natural eco-system ponds for 8 years. If you want to learn how we build a Desert pond come and see our Free Videos.
          Easy Way to Make Money   
We assure Guaranteed Income. No special skill required. You can utilize your Internet connection to make money while working from Home or work place. You can make huge amount of Money from your computer. Fire your Boss today. Real Online Ad Posting Job. Have you ever earned from the Internet. No Special Qualification required.  For [...]
          Your Lie in April. The Impact We have on Others.   
Most of us struggle with feelings of meaninglessness. Life feels like a grind to gain money. Then we die. We lose touch with why we live, and we fill our time with escapism like anime and manga and video games. Depression’s claws cut deep and hold on. Yet despite this malaise of despair, some souls […]
          Are You Addicted to Anime?   
Most articles about anime addiction tend to be comedic lists about how everything has to be in Japanese and how you lack money because of all the merchandise you bought. Let’s have a serious discussion instead. We toss around the word addiction in ways that belittle the term. Liking something and enjoying something isn’t addiction. […]
          07/08/2017 - Car Wash with a Cause   
Start your weekend with a clean car!
We are raising money for Alzheimer's Awareness with a Car Wash!
Minimum $5 donation with all proceeds to Alzheimer's Awareness.

          Oregon lawmakers say community colleges need more money – Statesman Journal   

Bend Bulletin Oregon lawmakers say community colleges need more moneyStatesman JournalThe $44 million lawmakers added will trim back the 10.6 percent tuition increase the University of Oregon adopted for the […]

The post Oregon lawmakers say community colleges need more money – Statesman Journal appeared first on Portland Daze.

          Commenti su Diamante di ribiromahub   
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          Hairstylist, nail tech and massage therapist - Blown away beauty bar - Louisburg, NC   
Looking for stylist and nail tech with clientele...make your own hours and your own money!! Booth rental available... Job Type: Contract Salary: $100,000.00 $100,000 a year
From Indeed - Wed, 26 Apr 2017 16:15:42 GMT - View all Louisburg, NC jobs
          PM Modi Warns Of Tough Action Against Those Helping Hide Black Money   

PM Modi Warns Of Tough Action Against Those Helping Hide Black MoneyPrime Minister Modi takes chartered accountants to task over helping evaders and 1,400 pending cases.. Read more on Law & Policy by BloombergQuint.

          Death and Citibank???   

It's all about money for CitiBank Credit Cards when you die... ... This is too funny! It takes all kinds to make the world go round. Be sure and cancel your credit cards before you die. This is easy to see happening, customer service being what it is... .

My Aunt died this past January. Citibank billed her for February and March for their monthly service charge on her credit card, and then added late fees and interest on the monthly charge... the balance had been $0.00... Now it was somewhere around $60.00. I placed the following phone call to CitiBank:

Me: 'I am calling to tell you that she died in January.'

CitiBank: 'The account was never closed and the late fees and charges still apply.'

Me: 'Maybe, you should turn it over to collections'

CitiBank: 'Since it is 2 months past due, it already has been.'

Me: 'So, what will they do when they find out she is dead?'

CitiBank: 'Either report her account to the frauds division, or report her to the credit bureau maybe both!'

Me: 'Do you think God will be mad at her?'

CitiBank:'... excuse me... ?'

Me: 'Did you just get what I was telling you... the part about her being dead?'

CitiBank: 'Sir, you'll have to speak to my supervisor!'
(Supervisor gets on the phone)

Me: 'I'm calling to tell you, she died in January.'

CitiBank: 'The account was never closed and the late fees and charges still apply.'

Me: 'You mean you want to collect from her estate?'

CitiBank: '... ..(stammer)' '... . Are you her lawyer?'

Me: 'No, I'm her great nephew.' (Lawyer info given... )

CitiBank: 'Could you fax us a certificate of death?'

Me: 'Sure.'

(Fax number is given)

(After they get the fax.)

CitiBank: 'Our system just isn't setup for death'

Me: 'Oh... '

CitiBank: 'I don't know what more I can do to help..'

Me: 'Well... if you figure it out, great! If not, you could just keep billing her... I suppose... Don't really think she will care... .'

CitiBank: 'Well... the late fees and charges do still apply.'

Me: 'Would you like her new billing address?'
CitiBank: 'That might help.'

Me: 'Nilai Memorial Park Cemetery ( North South Highway and plot number given.)

CitiBank: 'Sir, that's a cemetery!'

Me: 'What do you do with dead people on your planet?'
          Sales Associate - Sunoco LP - Dimmitt, TX   
Telephone, cash register, fuel console, lottery machine, money order machine, microwave, grill, coffee/cappuccino machine, etc....
From Sunoco LP - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 09:43:50 GMT - View all Dimmitt, TX jobs
          Reply #2623   
got it for $40 went super hard on 243 they just want let my x34 x43 come in the back position smh !!! well got my money back so its cool
          Texas Man Puts Home on Market To Bring in Reward Money for Lost Dog   
How much do you love your pet? Enough to sell your home to raise $50,000 in reward money if the dog becomes lost? Continue reading…
          Reply #2578   
NCEL Fair..........................sorry, took me a few mins to stop laughing They are not fair and I have figured out when to play and not play and I don't even waste $$ on trips and only played quads once in a year. Mark my words that more money will be flowing once the new tix come out next Tuesday. They pulled a trick this past month and threw the losers out before the winners, may happen again next Tuesday.

I will make a prediction that MANY of us will start winning for 3-4 days Wed-F... [ More ]
          Reply #2559   
Yeah, NCEL is not even trying to be fair about it. This year has been absolutely awful. It's sad when you're better off not playing and just saving your money. I wish I could just have the money back that I've wasted this year trying to get trips/quads/223 -- I did get all 3 trips this year but just the bare minimum $250 on each because by the time they finally threw them, I was too broke to load any. Next year I'm gonna play this new game called I'll keep mine because I know you're gonna keep y... [ More ]
          Reply #2556   
Congrats Ashley on your $20 win ( $10 profit ) I play scratch-offs occasionally but usually just get a refund ( price of ticket win ) but at least it's something. I spend $15-$20 on pick 3 per draw and don't win anything. I don't play to break even but I have to admit it's better than losing money everyday.
          Reply #2476   
Nope.....I played 243 today and 623--624--623. Also, played the mate 689 ... Should Have known they are still trying to get back the money they lost on the Cash 5 night before last...I should have seen that....but...I thought they would go with the 624 or 623 today..They think they are being funny bringing that number right back and bringing it back exactly the same way too... ANYWAY,.. Maybe tonight......Stay with the 624 number in combo if you can and we will collect soon. I am just about brok... [ More ]
          5 Ways to Make Money with a Criminal Record   
Getting back into the workforce with a criminal record can be rough. Unfortunately, once you’ve obtained a criminal record the many opportunities you may have had prior to being convicted, are no more. Most employers reserve the right to not hire individuals with criminal records, and unfortunately many of them exercise that right. That leaves...

Keep Reading
          National Lottery results live: Winning Lotto numbers for Saturday 1 July 2017 £5.4million jackpot   
THE NATIONAL Lottery results are in and it’s time to find out who has won a life-changing amount of money. Could tonight’s jackpot of £5.4million see you handing in your notice, jetting off to the Caribbean or driving a new Range Rover off a garage forecourt? You can find out by checking your ticket against […]
          Reply #2296   
Congrast to all winners and posters last night.....

I finally got some of my money back last night.....I wish I would have comboed it 3 x instead of 50/50 though as I knew it was coming...I played it 413 though 3x 50/50.

Good Luck to all today......

P/S...Shoot, had 2704 on pick 4...1 -off once again ! AS Always ! ! ! Seems I can not get anything right....
          Reply #2272   
I see va still doing its thang.2quads within a weeks time and we havent goten the first.smh our halloween money was them trip333 and tats all we going get
          Reply #2262   
thanks ! .... but I just played on paper though. I'm still tryin to work out what I refer to as the kinks and flaws in my system. Gonna play on paper for a while longer until I feel ready to get back in there with real money bets. I wanna see how my new ideas work out.
          Reply #2247   
I am so very sorry to hear that Gemini...that sounds like a lot of the things I've heard that scares me but every once in a blue moon it works for some...but I'm not willing right now to take that chance!

Back to p3...don't know if it will come from 856 or from 178...may not even play...here lately just wasting money...AND it's too hard to get to keep on wasting it!!!

I do like 803...and we've now had 301 351 this month so thinking maybe 305 will hit one of these days or nights!

Don't f... [ More ]
          Reply #2246   
Congrats to you EZ Money...no. 17...658
          Reply #2199   
I keep a total now of my wins I have not had the courage to write down what I spend but Aug. Sept. I know I made money this month I KNOW I lost money. Aug. was my biggest month so far. Nothing like Jordan's 1 hit wonder's it takes me a month to make what he does with one good hit, but Aug. I made about $2000 Sept. I made $1200 and this month $179. All I have hit this month is scratch card wins no pick 3.
          Reply #2194   
Going for repeats. 392 -692 adding 477 let's see what happen. Tired of losing my money....
          Reply #2171   
I wasted a lot of money today that I wouldn't have wasted if I had been able to see what the payout was for 351 last night but due to the server issue the website was down -- so they better do something for us tonight. Week-to-week repeat of 919 today (991 on the 17th -- sure, that's random ) Georgia got one of my numbers tonight. I have a few more NC better give me one of them 468, 113, 305, 123, 423 and a few others that I think the rest of you already know.
          Last Train to Paris (Deluxe Edition)   
DIDDY - DIRTY MONEY: Last Train to Paris

We're abroad on tour when I meet her, the woman of my dreams. We spend the night together, but I never get her name. When I wake up, she's gone.

I'm infatuated with her, really blown away. A couple of months go by, and I bump into her again on tour overseas. We get together, and we're inseparable for three months. We go to New York, Miami, all the places where I get it poppin'.

Then, suddenly, we have a misunderstanding and she just breaks out on me. But absence makes the heart grow fonder. We're in two different parts of the world and she's remembering all the good times while I'm thinking if I had another chance I wouldn't lose her again. One night in London, I get offstage at 9:45pm and I hear that she's in Paris. It's one of the foggiest nights, so I can't take my plane, I can't drive. The only way I can get to her is the last train to Paris...

This episode, inspired by a real-life encounter from his past, is the starting point of the new album Last Train to Paris by the Sean "Puffy" Combs' new group Diddy-Dirty Money. With dark, atmospheric beats and a cinematic back story, the new project represents an entirely new side of the rap impresario. Fans may think they know him, but as he prepares to unleash his latest smash, they are about to experience an entirely new Combs, and an entirely new sound. Diddy-Dirty Money is about to redefine dance music for the new decade.

Europe didn't just provide an evocative backdrop for the story that is Last Train to Paris, it also inspired the sound. Though Combs is known for his contribution to hip hop, he is also a passionate fan of dance music, often traveling to global hot spots like Ibiza and Berlin to take in the new sounds emerging from the techno scene. Blending elements of UK grime, Mediterranean techno and the 808s of American hip hop, the album represents a new sound that Combs calls "train music."

No stranger to the finer things, Combs amassed a crew of some of the top names in music to help him bring his vision to life. TI, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne all lend guest vocals, but the biggest contribution comes from band members Dawn Richard and Kalenna. "Dawn and I aren't background singers simply standing next to Diddy," says Kalenna. "Diddy-Dirty Money isn't just more of the same. It's an organic group that grew out of a shared passion for music."

Kalenna started writing songs at 11, when she would accompany her father--a rapper and army man--into the studio. As a military daughter, she moved often, living in diverse locations including Alaska, Germany and Hawaii. In music, she found a home for herself even as "home" was constantly changing. "Growing up, I understood how music can take you away and help you escape," she says. "At the same time I began learning how music brings people together; how it can heal and comfort." She eventually channeled her talent for songwriting into a successful career penning hits for Jill Scott, Jennifer Lopez, Timbaland and multi-platinum producer Rodney Jerkins.

Dawn Richard will be recognizable to fans as a member of the group Danity Kane, formed via the MTV series Making the Band 3. The New Orleans native grew up watching her father perform. A musician, choir director and former member of R&B group Chocolate Milk, he instilled in her a love of music, even as her tastes evolved. "I was more into alternative music," she says, naming influences including The Cranberries, Sheryl Crow and Green Day. "I saw myself as the leader of a rock band with pink hair, singing the music I love."

When Combs paired Richard and Kalenna together to write songs for Danity Kane in 2009, he knew immediately that he had a powerful new songwriting team, describing them as "kindred spirits." With so many far-reaching influences between them, combining forces as Dirty Money is nothing less than "divine intervention," says Richard. "We mirror each other. We're all perfectionists with a strong work ethic. We push and challenge each other."

The trio's unmatched creative chemistry reveals itself in the latest blockbuster single "Hello Good Morning". The group premiered the single in front of 25 million viewers on American Idol on March 31st. The high-energy track, with its urgent, atmospheric beats, was perfectly suited to an explosive performance with spectacular special effects. Idol producers even issued a warning to viewers about the intense strobe lights used onstage.

Ross, who also lent vocals to the lead single "Angels", is just another member of the extended Dirty Money family. Lil Wayne was passionate about the new sound being crafted, and dropped verses on "Strobe Lights", a teasing, funky club banger, and "Shades", a trippy track also featuring Bilal. Mario Winans produced the 80s-influenced "Give My All To You" while Rodney Jerkins produced the international party jam "I Want Your Love".

"I'll even take off my shades," sings (yes, sings) Combs on "Twisted", hinting at a new, emotional core to his sound. The multilayered track represents some of the many influences of Last Train. With a soaring synth riff that reflects the head-trip that is falling in love, he recalls a post-millennial Prince. Other tracks veer from tribal drums to church organs to gritty instrumentals, all combining to form the new sound.

While Combs has had unsurpassed success in many different realms, from fashion to spirits to film, the lush soundscape of Last Train represents a renewed commitment to music from the multitalented impresario. By opening up a chapter of his own life to tell the story, he's crafted an album that is expressive and exciting. Sure, this album will make you dance, but Dirty Money is more than just dance music. It's a movement.

          Peace Y'all   
 Well, well, well....It is 2013.  I love a beginning.  I love an ending, as well.  I thought about y'all and how during the last 10 years, you have been there for Capo.  Your support lead us to be noticed (and named #1) by National Geographic.  It is humbling.  What will the next 10 bring?  The Capo team went to their family and friends' homes for the holidays.  We celebrated with our annual party at Capoyunk. The ending of the year is so emotional.  For some (most), having your family around makes it more so.  We flew to New Orleans, as we do every December.  John's sister hosts the entire Reitano clan.

We hit our usual haunts.  Casamento's, Parkway Tavern, Patois...  We tried some new - Domenica in the Roosevelt.  Patois was my favorite this year.

Surviving the end of the world was pretty awesome.  2013 will be an exciting year for us!  So much in the pipeline.  Recently a friend approached me and wanted to confirm a rumor.  He had heard that we were selling and jumping ship.  Not true.  Although, the banks are not lending and we cannot grow.  We are looking to grow and spread our wings.  Bringing on partners is technically selling part of your business, but we are not looking just for money, we are looking for true partners.  Partners who will share our vision to share gelato to the world!  Partners who understand our passion and share it.  Partners who can help us and love the quirky aspect of Capo and will stick to our Philly roots.  Partners who can help us strengthen were we are weak.  Partners like this are not easy to find.  So much to look forward to.  My farmer wants to buy more cows and hopes that we can help him out.  I hope we won't disappoint him.

I thought about y'all and I was filled with content.  All your wonderful wishes and your continued support.  Thank you.  Thank you for an incredible 10 years.  May the best oyster shucker in the country throw you a Louisiana oyster and you catch it!  Peace y'all.


Such a majestic fruit. My childhood referred to this contraption as the "Chinese Apple". Anyone remember that? I remember the rare, and it was oh so rare, occasion that my mother would cave to my pleading and purchase one, and only one, at Foodtown. Foodtown.....hee.

Way back in the 16th century when Katherine of Aragon crossed the sea to the "Island" and married Hank (well, first his brother, but that tale is for another time), she brought with her badge (seen here). The pomegranate was to represent the persistence of life, fertility and regeneration. Which happened to be extremely important to a monarch.

Tis the season for pomegranates. Sometimes we are lucky to keep them into March. Right now, we are donning our garbage bags and wacking out the seeds with the backs of ladles. Seed by glorious seed. It is worth it. I love how our sorbetto is filled with small red flecks. I do get calls from puree people telling me how much money we would save buying juice. The POM people can sell me just the seeds released from their prison. Yes, yes I know. I will save money and labor and time! But....it just does not taste as good. No one can tell...they say. I say...You can! You can tell the difference.

Get them while they are here because not unlike Queen Katherine, another young fruit is waiting to replace you...

          Protecting Seniors Online from Scams, Hacks and Tax Fraud   
Five words or less(NewsUSA) - The vast majority of seniors today are using the Internet at least once a week to check email, pay bills online and keep in touch via social media. But all that time online puts them at risk for scams and hacks, such as tax fraud. In fact, a new survey by Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care network, found that 67 percent of surveyed older adults have been the victim of an online scam or hack. Encouraging seniors to practice cyber security can go a long way toward protecting their identity and sensitive financial information. Home Instead collaborated with the National Cyber Security Alliance to create Protect Seniors Online, available at www.ProtectSeniorsOnline.com, a free resource that educates older adults about cybersecurity. Here, seniors can test their cybersecurity skills with the "Can You Spot an Online Scam?" quiz. Older adults can take the following steps now to protect themselves online: *Password protect and secure devices, accounts. Lock all devices (including computers, tablets and smartphones) with secure passwords in case devices are lost or stolen. *Think before clicking. When faced with an urgent request -- like emails asking for money -- think before clicking or get a second opinion. Clicking on links is often how scammers get personal information. When in doubt, trash an unusual message. *Share with care. More than half (51 percent) of seniors surveyed by Home Instead use social media to stay connected. Use care when sharing personal information, adjust privacy settings to limit who can see your information, and turn off location sharing. *Use security software. Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software and program it to run regularly. And be wary of pop-up ads or emails, many of which contain malware that can infect computers. *Log out. Log out of apps and websites when you are finished. Leaving apps and websites open on computer screens could make you vulnerable to security and privacy risks. *Recommend support. Older adults who live alone may need help from a trusted source -- such as a family member, tech-savvy friend or professional caregiver --to serve as a second set of eyes. To explore additional Protect Seniors Online resources, including the interactive quiz, visit www.ProtectSeniorsOnline.com A Home Instead office near you can be found by visiting www.homeinstead.com/state.
          Reply #2077   
Yep....WE are being TRICKED out of our money and NCEL is being TREATED to it.......Lol...

Good Luck tonight
          Comment on What Tesco is telling its employees about horsemeat by Vans Old Skool Shoes   
Be cautious about discounted sales within the mall. This typically is manifested at the end of the year or even at the end of every month while fresh shares tend to be sent to the stores. These people price the existing shares reduce just to promote precisely what is left. Also, these people time it once you obtain your own regular monthly income to help you purchase far more products for your money. <a href="http://www.okfreeshipping.com/outlet-vans-grey-black-brite-anti-fur-old-skool-shoes-classic-canvas-buy.html" title="Vans Old Skool Shoes" rel="nofollow">Vans Old Skool Shoes</a>
          Reply #1979   
Last time I went to Atlantic City, I lost every Indian Head Cent on 5 credit cards and me and the two girls I was with had to pan handle money to get enough gas to get back to Wilson....Lol......

Taking about people putting a lot of $$$ on 1 number, Jordan is the man. BUT, he wins probably $25,000-$50,000 a year I would Imagine. If you got yhe cash up front you can go places.....The streets are a good place to play as you can play there for .15 Indian Head Cents if you want to. Online is also... [ More ]
          Reply #1973   
Our nearest one is Cherokee and they do it electronically WHICH I HATE (I did win about $400 when I went about 2years ago) when I want to casino gamble I go to Vegas Lake Tahoe or Atlantic City ANY place they still use cards, only way I play. I can make some money at a casino ALWAYS win usually pay for my trip and then some. Last time I went to Vegas I won about $4,000, but I don't play slots only 21 and poker.
          Reply #1971   
You'd be surprised. several regular players on here put 10, 15, 20 $ on a single straight number. sometimes it's just when they feel very, very good about a number. Other times, like Sincere this week, he put 50.00 dollars on 515 because it's no skin off his back - he just hit 50.00 on a scratch card, so the way he looks at it, what the hell, why not, cause I'm playing with their money anyway ? If he loses, and he did, he only lost their money anyway.

The lottery hates that. It's risky for th... [ More ]
          Reply #1881   
Thanks everyone. Congrats to you too Vergie and anyone that won money off NC today.

          2001 Awards (NAAR)    

In 2001, NAAR broke new ground in terms of the amount of money committed to autism research and the number of projects funding. It also marked the first time the organization funded projects in Israel and Ireland, and included In 2001, NAAR committed approximately $3.1 million to fund 28 pilot studies, fellowships and programs, including its largest investment to date in a single project: The Baby Sibs Study – a collaborative, multi-site research program taking place in Canada and the U.S. Also in 2001, NAAR played a key role in funding and establishing the first annual International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR), the first international, interdisciplinary conference focusing on autism research.

Loisa Bennetto, Ph.D.
University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
"The Influence of HOX Genes and Cranial Nerve Abnormalities on Impaired Facial and Vocal Expression in Autism."
One-Year Award: $47,358

Dana Boatman, Ph.D., & Barry Gordon, M.D., Ph.D.
John Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
"Evaluation of Auditory Processing in Low Functioning Children with Autism."
Two-Year Award: $85,606
Research Partner: The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, Inc.

Linda Brzustowicz, M.D. & Christopher Barlett, B.S.
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
"Localization of Genes Negatively Influencing Language Acquisition."
Two-Year Award: $89,606
First Year Research Partner: The Sidgmore Family Foundation

Edwin Cook, M.D.
The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
"Linkage Disequilibrium Fine Mapping of 15q11-q13 in Autism."
Two-Year Award: $99,605
First Year Research Partner: Solving the Mystery of Autism Foundation

Louise Gallagher, MB MRC Psych
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
"The Molecular Genetics of Autism: Linkage Disequilibrium Screen in the Irish Population."
Two-Year Award: $99,101
First Year Research Partner: Autism Coalition for Research & Education

Jeremy Goldberg, M.D.
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
"Investigating Serotonin Receptor Function and Brain Structure as Potential Endophenotypes of Autism."
Two-Year Award: $89,368

Andrew Grayson, Ph.D, C. Psychol.
The Open University (United Kingdom)
"Facilitated Communication: A Systematic Observational Research Project Involving Fine-Grained Video Analysis and Eye Tracking."
Two-Year Award: $93, 532.
Research Partner: Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation

Karl Herrup, Ph.D.
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
"CNS Pattern Formulation and the Etiology of Autism."
Two-Year Award: $99,000

Christine Hohmann, Ph.D.
Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
"Serotonin as Regulator of Cortical Development and Function."
Two-Year Award: $90,702
First Year Research Partner: Autism Coalition for Research & Education

Huang Chi-ming, Ph.D.,
University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, MO
"Synaptic and Cellular Abnormalities in the Maturing Autistic Cerebellum."
Two-Year Award: $99,880
First Year Research Partner: Autism Society of America Foundation

Jeffrey Hutsler, Ph.D.,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
"Cortical Organization and Synaptic Culling in Individuals with Autism."
Two-Year Award: $99,902

Ami Klin, Ph.D., & Jocelyne Bachevalier, Ph.D.,
Yale University Child Study Center, New Haven, CT
"Studies of Social Visual Pursuit in Non-Human Primates with Mesiofrontal-limbic Lesions Previously Shown to Offer a Successful Animal Model of Autism."
Two-Year Award: $91,730

Jennifer Levitt, M.D.
University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) Neuropsychiatric Institute, Los Angeles, CA
"Cortical Complexity and 1H MRS Studies of Communication in Autism."
Two-Year Award: $97,044

Elena Maestrini, Ph.D.
University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy)
"Search for an Autism Susceptibility Gene on Chromosome 2q."
Two-Year Award: $80,340
First Year Research Partner: Autism Society of America Foundation

Henry Markram, Ph.D.
Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
"Altered Inhibitory Microcircuits in Autism."
Two-Year Award: $96,800
Research Partner: Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation

Daniel McIntosh, Ph.D.
University of Denver, Denver, CO
"Core Affective Processes in Autism."
Two-Year Award: $99,237

Lisa Monteggia, Ph.D.
Utah Southwestern Medical Center, St. George, UT
"Analysis of the Role of the Methyl-CG Binding Protein in the Pervasive Development Disorder, Rett's Syndrome, Using Genetically Modified Mice."
Two-Year Award: $100,000

Stewart Mostofsky, M.D.
Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, MD
"Examination of a Deficit in Procedural Learning in Autism."
Two-Year Award: $88,968
First Year Research Partner: Autism Coalition for Research & Education

Rhea Paul, Ph.D.
Southern Connecticut State University & Yale University Child Study Center, New Haven, CT
"The Development of Prosody in Young Children with Autism and Related Conditions."
Two-Year Award: $97,024

Margaret A. Pericak-Vance, Ph.D.
Duke University Center for Human Genetics, Durham, NC
"Web-based Genetic Educational Efforts for Autism and Related Disorders."
One-Year Award: $41,912

Judith Innes Piggot, MRCGP, MRCP
Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA
Roland D. Ciaranello, M.D.
Memorial Fellowship in Basic Research
Two-Year Award: $100,000

Samuel Pleasure, M.D., Ph.D.
University of California-San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
"The Role of WNTS in Hippocampal Ventricular Zone Development."
Two-Year Award: $92,384

Timothy P.L. Roberts, Ph.D.
University of California-San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
"Neural Correlates of Phonological Processing in Autism: An MEG Investigation."
Two-Year Award: $96,273
First Year Research Partner: Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation

Neil Smalheiser, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Illinois, Chicago, Chicago, IL
"Circulating Reelin in Autism Spectrum Disorders."
Two-Year Award: $89,320

Kathleen Sulik, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC
"CNS Dysmorphogenesis in a Mouse Knockout Model for an Autism Syndrome."
Two-Year Award: $100,000

Paul Thorsen, M.D., Ph.D.
Danish Epidemiology Sciences Centre at Aarhus University and Odense University Hospital, Denmark
"Risk Factors for Neurodevelopmental Disorders: MMR Vaccine & Childhood Autism."
One-Year Award: $25,000
Research Partner: CIBC World Markets

Steven Zalcman, Ph.D.
UMDNJ - New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ
"Cytokines, Monoamines and Stereotypical Motor Activity."
Two-Year Award: $96,170

Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, M.D., Susan Bryson, Ph.D., Peter Szatmari, M.D., Wendy Roberts, M.D.
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
"Identifying Early Markers of Autism: A Longitudinal Study of Infant Siblings"
Two-Year Award: $99,993
First Year Research Partner: Autism Society of America Foundation

          Reply #1850   
JordanT1021 - Wednesday Midday Winning Prediction is: 524 - 524 - 524 - 524 - 524

I feel so good about this number today...

I feel better about this number than the time I posted 471 for everyone and got it exact for lots of $$$$

you have been warned NC Pick 3 Players



I'm not afraid to post what I am playing NCEL.. show me the money..

          Comment on 10 Long Blooming Plants You’ll Love by Patti Estep   
Hi Lesley, You are not odd at all. Collecting seeds it a great way to save money and grow flowers that you love the next season. My sister-in-law has the most beautiful spot of zinnias that she re-grows from seed every year. Cosmos are really pretty airy flowers. In fact, there is a beautiful chocolate one that I have my eye on. Enjoy your flowers and thanks for stopping by, Patti
          Reply #1807   
Yall must have gotten our $20.00 tickets...as I bought 4 of them after seeing the 000 number ticket in the trash can today that was not a winner.. So, 5, $20.00 tickets yielded 0 dollars and 0 indian head cents here in Wilson area... Then tonight a man tells me that the $20.00 200 million tickets is about paid out all of its money....Me no go, me not itch no mo.....Lol.....except my Bee-hind, when it itches...Lol...

Good luck tonight...
          Reply #1756   
269 played one up 6 combination might be on the money today, that falls with some of your numbers here. but 926 was my starting point and worked my way around that. Just a thought but no way to know exactly with three ping pong balls with numbers on them. 817 is my favorite of the up one down ones but like i said who knows.
          Reply #1697   
thanks. yeah, I always think I do, but then, you know how that goes for us a lot of times... lol. out of my 20 or so picks, I would put my money on 510 and 274 if I bet today.
          Reply #1681   
That pay-out is any others states daily pay-out for pick 3 and maybe pick 4.....This is pitiful... Lets see if these trips make any difference. I would guess not....

Guess I should have woken up and went to the store last night but i said, what the hell0....Keep your money in your pocket for another day...

Good luck man.....
          Reply #1679   
That still aint no payout compared to all the money they have made. Watch them cause they going try something else within the next 2weks
          Reply #1673   
Thanks JAMORA ! I have money to take my dad to the fair now
          Reply #1579   
Aint that a pitiful pay-out for 10 million people.. $68,863, the people from just Wilson County played that much worth..I just wish I knew how many millions they made just today.A wad I am sure with it being a week-end...They are really raking the money in right now from us........They can kiss my Ass-ets......
          Reply #1507   
Yep....I got tired of buying all them paper towels to dry my eyes with so I thought it better just to expose them and laugh all the while....It's cheaper this way. I save money on the paper towels....

I bought 9 $3.00 crosswords itch -off cards today...Won $3.00. I thought GOD had called me to heaven for a BIG party....NCEL has the best odds going, going to hell that is.....

I wish I could meet one of them on the street. I would shake my balls up and give them a 2 (black eyes), a 4 ( broke... [ More ]
          Reply #1499   
Everyone take ur money to state fair ncel is not going to give us anything ky got 444 today an we still havent got nthing this is ashame
          Reply #1418   
Yea, they probably will let out something overdue, because NCL

don't wont to lose all the money to the State Fair Goers....What was

the payout for 4123......
          Reply #1379   
I ment to say play the 616 off of the 611 we got a few days back. Want play it right now, but in a few days though....

They have gotten me 100% off my game now....They just do not make any sense right now....

I would be better off playing 129 combo x 3 every day till it comes. Then, re-think everything.....

Hope I can can do it and quit chasing numbers and losing a hundred dollars every 4 days. This will break you.....

I have a lot MORE money at the end of the month when I do NOT pla... [ More ]
          7 Ways to Treat Yourself When You Don’t Have Money to Blow   

In an ideal world I’d be able to get daily massages, have someone cook for me and buy any and every plant I want (maybe your thing is jewelry). But I’m not there yet. For now, I’ll just have to enjoy a little do-it-yourself pampering and go easy on the pocketbook. Life’s full of expenses; whether it’s monthly bills, student loans, buying that dream home or building a business, there are times when you just don’t have a lot (or any) extra cash to splurge, and that’s okay. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice simple pleasures. Hang on to... [Read More]

The post 7 Ways to Treat Yourself When You Don’t Have Money to Blow appeared first on A Cultivated Nest.

          Cheerleading Apparel Company Chassé Awards All-Star Cheerleaders Jennifer Burke and Maison Baker With College Scholarships   

As 2014 “Superstars of All-Stars,” Jennifer Burke and Maison Baker will be awarded scholarship money provided by Chassé.

(PRWeb August 21, 2014)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/Chasse/SuperstarsAllstars/prweb12108922.htm

          Cheerleading Apparel Company Chassé Awards All-Star Cheerleaders Dee Temples and Hope Bravo With College Scholarships   

As 2014 “Superstars of All-Stars,” Dee Temples and Hope Bravo will be awarded scholarship money provided by Chassé for the second consecutive year.

(PRWeb August 19, 2014)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/Chasse/SuperstarsAllstars/prweb12102491.htm

          Cheerleading Apparel Company Chassé Awards All-Star Cheerleaders Catherine Ralston and Taylor Faulk With College Scholarships   

As 2014 “Superstars of All-Stars,” Catherine Ralston and Taylor Faulk will be awarded scholarship money provided by Chassé.

(PRWeb August 15, 2014)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/chasse/SuperstarsAllstars/prweb12093588.htm

          Cheerleading Apparel Company Chassé Awards All-Star Cheerleaders Baylee Kinsey and Carley Browning With College Scholarships   

As 2014 “Superstars of All-Stars,” Baylee Kinsey and Carley Browning will be awarded scholarship money provided by Chassé.

(PRWeb August 13, 2014)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/Chasse/SuperstarsAllstars/prweb12086548.htm

          Cheerleading Apparel Company Chassé Awards All-Star Cheerleaders Aubrey Vandermolen and Cayce Whitlock With College Scholarships   

As 2014 “Superstars of All-Stars,” Aubrey Vandermolen and Cayce Whitlock will be awarded scholarship money provided by Chassé.

(PRWeb August 11, 2014)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/Chasse/SuperstarsAllstars/prweb12077238.htm

          Cheerleading Apparel Company Chassé Awards All-Star Cheerleaders Amber Pellegrini and Tori Brungart with College Scholarships   

As 2014 “Superstars of All-Stars,” Amber Pellegrini and Tori Brungart will be awarded scholarship money provided by Chassé.

(PRWeb August 07, 2014)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/Chasse/SuperstarsAllstars/prweb12066860.htm

          Cheerleading Apparel Company Chassé Renews Partnership With Cheer Channel's Superstars Of All-Stars Program   

The exclusive group of the 2014 Superstars of All Stars program members will be awarded scholarship money provided by Chassé.

(PRWeb July 31, 2014)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/Chasse/Allstars/prweb12061127.htm

          Reply #1154   
One other thing - in Virginia during the early years of their lottery, it was pretty common for combos of 568 to show up in consecutive draws or one draw apart. I'm going to make like Vergie6 and throw a box on 568 in both draws today and see if I can win a little gas money.

BTW, congrats, Vergie6. Well done
          Reply #1038   
Man on paper I kick BUTT but when I throw money on it I get NOTHING.
          Hayao Miyazaki (retired) still comes to work everyday to give advice; Producer Suzuki: "I hope he goes away soon (laughs)"   

1: おんさ ★@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 03:52:18.50 ID:???0.net 2BP(1000)
The collaboration campaign between Studio Ghibli's upcoming anime film Omoide no Marnie (When Marnie Was There, directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi to premiere on July 19) and au was announced on the 7th, with producer Toshio Suzuki (65) in attendance.

With this collaboration comes an app called Mitsumeru Ghibli-ten, where users can view an exhibit of the movie's art director Yohei Taneda's works, as well as the buildings and structures that have appeared in past Ghibli films, on one's smartphone.

Suzuki comments: "You see it flat on the silver screen but these scenes come to life in 3D on your smart phones. We work in a predominantly 2D environment, but we are also impressed and fascinated by 3D. And being able to do something like this is pretty fun. Even Mr. Walt Disney's last work and efforts was poured into Disney Land.".

Mr. Suzuki also gave updates on director Hayao Miyazaki (73), who announced his retirement from doing feature films in September last year. "He already announced his retirement, but he still comes to work every day. I hope he goes away soon. (laughs)". Maybe he's has nothing else to do, but he apparently comes to work and passionately trains the younger generation. "He said that he won't intrude nor help the young ones, but he immediately gives out instructions and shows them how its done".

Suzuki also praised director Yonebayashi and producer Yoshiaki Nishimura.
"When you compare them to the two great masters (Miyazaki and fellow director Isao Takahata), they were able to finish the production in half the time. And despite the time constraints, I am impressed by the quality of the art and animation that they have produced.".

Source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20140707-00000088-nksports-ent



3 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 03:53:41.05 ID:Nd+TH8Sz0.net
宮崎がいなくなったら、本格的にキャラクタービジネスを 展開できるからな
They'll officially be able to launch their character goods- related business plan once Miyazaki goes away.
Like Nausicaa figurines, sequel of Laputa, Totoro pachinko, and even Ghibli Land.

28 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:40:35.95 ID:7HHk4x2O0.net

I envy young people if you put it that way. You won't be able to see a perfect anime version of FSS (Five Star Stories) while Nagano's still alive, you know.

4 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 03:55:19.32 ID:7DJXLzZ/0.net
He'll make a comeback, 100%.
5 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 03:56:11.19 ID:4UTFefSz0.net
Draw comics, please
6 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 03:59:32.08 ID:gj9vXZSn0.net
He probably can't stay still w
8 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:01:13.78 ID:Jj24c7rr0.net
Hey gramps, give it a rest already
9 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:02:45.18 ID:NIH6TDXe0.net

Payao, you don't have to make anime, just try to make mangas, or even images, drafts, or storyboards which those will be based on. Or else, Ghibli will just be this animation production house that only has the skills and nothing else.
10 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:03:16.87 ID:eFuteaFk0.net

I was looking at the Ghibli timeline, and I realized that it was all just fun up to Spirited Away.
12 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:04:13.31 ID:POkOzQ2GO.net
He just used this retirement trick of his to boost his movie that flopped
13 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:05:57.99 ID:axB8MWqv0.net
Actually, it's Suzuki-P whom I want to retire. As in right now.
16 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:12:31.55 ID:Or6Q93Y/0.net
ジブリ関連の人間で凄いのは宮崎駿と久石壌だけ それ以外は本当に口が達者なだけのクズしかいない
Hayao Miyazaki and Joe Hisaishi are the only Ghibli-affiliated people whom I can call amazing. Everyone else are scums who talk the talk but can't walk the walk.
18 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:14:47.21 ID:rm77hzDP0.net
He's a workaholic from the Showa era. He's the type who can't stay idle at home.
19 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:15:38.43 ID:AONBzC/i0.net
So what about his salary?
20 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:19:10.80 ID:dsU51MOz0.net
趣味方面とか三鷹の森のコンテンツは作るだろしTVアニメさせる方向へ もってけば将来DVDでうっはうはやで

He just retired from making full-length feature films. He'll still do stuff that he likes, together with content they'll put in the Mitaka no Mori museum, and if they manage to make him do TV anime, then he'll earn bucketloads from DVD sales in the future from that.
21 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:19:33.56 ID:EqPsjkeC0.net

I want him to do another one about Japanese mythology. Lupin is fine too.
22 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:25:38.23 ID:TY5asn3hI.net

This guy will make his comeback as a director.
Looks like he actually has w
23 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:25:43.03 ID:eulP2mPc0.net

He just announced his retirement because he wanted the Golden Lion award. He probably wasn't even serious when he said that. His works may be outstanding, but his personality is crass.

25 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:30:33.24 ID:wXpTMjGh0.net

If he really announced his retirement for the sake of winning the Leone d'Oro then he would have gone there and announced it himself w

26 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:36:22.74 ID:u4yjjkQ10.net

This just sounds like the usual Suzuki expressing his love and admiration for him in his own way. Suzuki's actually the one who holds Hayao Miyazaki in the highest regard.

40 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:13:11.73 ID:BxDM2qDM0.net
高い評価ってレベルじゃ足りないな それこそ一心同体、心中しようかっていう。 実際には高畑と心中という結果になりそうだが・・・
"Holding him in high regard" is an understatement. It's like he breathes as one with Miyazaki, like lovers. But it also seems that he'll eventually become one with Takahata, though...

29 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:46:26.43 ID:dBSLM7Ic0.net

Teaching the younger generation? (LOL)
"Destroying" these youngsters is the right word here.
32 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:52:13.00 ID:a/hA1qviO.net

Retire after making a winter arc for Totoro. Not the digest of the ending or something.
33 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:54:49.82 ID:kqlhl99aO.net
おそらく他に趣味をもたない?仕事以外で他人と長話するのが苦手なんだろうな~ オヤジ世代共通だろうけどw
Maybe he doesn't have any other hobbies? He's probably the type of person who can't have long conversations with people outside of work. I think that goes for all old people w
34 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:56:03.79 ID:JlwzJo7J0.net
Better make Ghibli Land a reality

39 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:06:45.74 ID:dBSLM7Ic0.net
I think Payao hates stuff like that
50 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:32:11.10 ID:u4yjjkQ10.net
The Ghibli Museum is good enough
98 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 08:43:56.35 ID:lfzW4j6N0.net
面白そうだけどね。 ついでにアルプスの少女ハイジコーナーでは「ハイジの小屋」再現とか 未来少年コナンでは「三角塔トロッコジェットコースター」や乗れるロボノイドとか あれば面白いな。
That sounds fun, though. Then they'd recreate "Heidi's shack" at the Heidi, Girl of the Alps portion. And at the Future Boy Conan section, they'll have the triangle tower tractor jet coaster or robonoids. Those would be fun.

35 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:58:30.05 ID:wutUAyF30.net
He probably has nowhere else to go w

56 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:41:43.24 ID:bpOdxJNGO.net
実際そうだろうな 仕事人間で趣味も仕事絡みだろうし 定年退職したらずっと家にいて時間持て余すタイプ
That might actually be the case here. A workaholic, whose hobbies are also related to work. The type who'd stay all day at home once he retires and doesn't know what to do with his idle time.

36 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 04:59:00.96 ID:CmGaS+hd0.net

Takahata-san's movies may be from Ghibli, but they haven't grossed well in the box office, right? After Grave of the Fireflies, he only did Tonari no Yamada-kun and Kaguya Hime

59 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:44:58.90 ID:qfvtrqtz0.net
But the US rates Takahata-san higer, right?

38 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:03:01.17 ID:/4kCyujA0.net
I like oldies such as Payao and Mr. Suzuki ww
41 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:14:49.04 ID:na8ZND6J0.net
普通に人物が歩くシーンですら魂が込められるのが素人目にも良くわかる 最近は物語よりもそういう細部の表現力のほうに感動してしまうな

The way they express things through anime is truly wonderful. Even an amateur can tell how much soul they've poured into their work, even from the mere walking motion of regular people. I'm actually finding myself being more impressed by those minuscule details rather than the story itself.
42 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:16:51.37 ID:aZYGBMMK0.net
まーた「ハヤオを邪険に扱ってる俺カコイイ」ですか コイツのこのネタ飽きた
So is he going for the bit "I'm so cool since I'm treating Hayao like a nuisance" again? I'm tired of this guy reusing this kind of joke.
45 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:22:34.39 ID:AAEeItyZ0.net
普通に元気あるんだから新しい映画作れよw それか思い切って2クールぐらいでマンガのナウシカをアニメ化しろ ジブリ社員の金にもなるだろ
If he's still so full of energy then make a new movie w That or adapt the manga version of Nausicaa into anime, and do it for around 2 seasons. That will also help the Ghibli employees since that'll bring money into the company.
46 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:25:04.95 ID:SdstmJMf0.net
Hey Hayao, hurry up and make a movie
51 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:33:15.98 ID:o8QSoC/Y0.net
10分ぐらいの短編を12本作って 2時間上映でお願いいたしますよ

Looks like he won't be able to do any more full-length feature films. So please make around 12 short feature films that run 10 minutes each, and please show them for 2 hours straight instead.
52 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:37:12.91 ID:n4FxfgTb0.net
日本みたいな国は、実は全員で一つの物を作り出すのが苦手。 結局は宮崎みたいな1人の天才的才能に頼りきりになる。 その天才に意見する奴がいないんだもの。 ヘタに意見したら干されるしね。 どうしたってそうなるわな。
Countries like Japan actually aren't good when it comes to making everyone involved in one project cooperate to produce a single output. They end up relying on the abilities of a genius, in this case, like Miyazaki. And there's no one who'd dare oppose those geniuses, because if they do, they'd get left out of the circle. That's what happens whatever you do.
53 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:37:15.40 ID:aZYGBMMK0.net
Hurry up with a sequel that depicts the grand aerial battle of Laputa remnants vs. humans
60 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/07/08(火) 05:47:54.13 ID:qYB3TD+v0.net

1: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:02:56.25 0 ID:


It's all about how good the melody of their songs are, right?
There are those who are saying that they're just ripping off Elvis Costello's style, but those people are just jealous.


4: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:05:18.47 P ID:
It can be compared to the Liberal Democratic Party's long-term government
6: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:05:49.83 i ID:
Yeah, these guys are even popular with the teens now who weren't even born when these guys made their debut.
8: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:06:23.53 0 ID:
I get the feeling that Sakurai alone is enough...
10: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:07:58.15 0 ID:
What's their biggest hit?
23: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:18:28.96 0 ID:
11: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:09:32.73 0 ID:
They have so many hits, you can't decide on which one to make as their banner song.
13: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:10:37.85 0 ID:
Recently though, I feel that their nice melodies are wasted since they seem to be overdoing their lyrics.
17: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:12:40.80 0 ID:
I don't know if you can call their music enka or folk, but I think the Japanese are used to this kind of stuff. I honestly think they're boring, though.
19: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:13:07.14 O ID:
Their banner song is this one titled REM. I felt like "Mr. Children's finished" after hearing this one.

34: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:27:44.45 i ID:
REM is good. It's been a while since they had songs like that so I'm happy with it.

26: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:20:54.12 0 ID:
They were on the decline at one point, but Sakurai's cerebellum blockage felt like it led to their comeback.
28: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:21:38.08 0 ID:
I read somewhere that Sakurai's voice tickles one's maternal instinct
31: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:24:35.99 0 ID:
I feel that all they sing are ballads, and nothing is really attractive
32: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:24:37.23 0 ID:
Their arrangements are a bit overboard these days. It's like they're trying to cover up his deteriorated songwriting and voice with a ton of makeup.
35: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:28:04.49 0 ID:
Kimo-otas (kimoi= disgusting; ota=otakus) who feel like critics will always make noise on threads like these without fail LOL
40: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:30:50.49 0 ID:
It's amazing that people don't get sick of them. They must be doing well by changing their sound.
44: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:32:19.71 0 ID:
And even if you tell other people that you like some unknown band, they'd just look at you with a strange face. We just have this tendency to answer safely when asked who our favorite celebrities and singers are.
46: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:33:18.75 0 ID:
Prior to their major label debut, they were introduced as the Jun Sky Walker(s)' 'little brothers'. I think they were in the same agency back then.

47: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:33:46.43 0 ID:
I get the feeling that all their songs that came after HANABI have been duds.
48: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:35:59.75 0 ID:
No act from Japan that will surpass Mr. Children in terms of sales has emerged yet. I think though that there are a lot of bands who are trying to imitate them.
49: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:36:49.31 0 ID:
The drum parts feel good

51: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:37:24.56 0 ID:
It was a good memory of mine when I worked part-time as a security at Tokyo Dome and got to see their concert in full.
55: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:41:44.43 0 ID:
There are no other stadium bands like this in Japan. They're on the same level as Oasis.
62: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:54:15.50 0 ID:
They probably have a lot of money and get all the girls when they're selling so much like this. I bet the poor and the unpopular ones are all jealous of them.
63: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:56:53.68 0 ID:
Saying they sing like Costello, I think that was before 1996. I think their other phases are different.

65: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:58:48.52 0 ID:
俺の中では「tomorrow never knows」で終わってる
For me they stopped being good after "Tomorrow never knows". It feels like they have just been riding on that momentum ever since.
66: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:00:14.25 0 ID:

I like "Dakishimetai" the best. It was a song before their huge break, though. Hirosue also likes that song the best.

68: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:02:02.69 0 ID:
バンプ ラッド セカオワ あたりがミスチルの後継者だと思う
I think Bump of Chicken, Radwimps, and Sekai no owari are Mr. Children's successors.
71: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:07:00.26 0 ID:
Hey you... no way... I'd understand Kobukuro and Sukimaswitch though. And don't even think of mentioing that trash band flumpool.
70: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:04:10.64 0 ID:
tomorrow never knowsは萩原聖人主演の「若者のすべて」の主題歌
tommorow never knows was used as the main theme song for Masato Hagiwara's Wakamono no subete. This was also the drama that led to the nationwide KimuTako ultra boom. He still wasn't playing lead roles in serial dramas up to this point.

72: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:08:41.31 0 ID:
tomorrow never knowsがもう19年も前の曲か

So tomorrow never knows is already 19 years old. 
74: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:11:40.22 0 ID:
I'm still in my 20s and I honestly think that they were beasts for writing amazing songs like this at the same age as me.
78: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:17:34.72 P ID:
I honestly don't understand Sakurai-kun's lyrical sense, but I think his talent as a melody maker is an inborn talent. There's something about him that's similar to Disney and Nintendo.
79: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:18:19.65 0 ID:
It was pretty huge for Mr. Children to catch their break in the 90's during the CD bubble era, but Bump of Chicken is this great band that appeared in the era where CDs weren't flying off shelves like they used to. They didn't get too much exposure and have been around for 10 years as people have recognized them for their music.
82: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:21:11.46 0 ID:
You Bump fans are so disgusting. I really don't understand what's so good with them. Rad is better than them.
84: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:21:48.16 0 ID:
No one cares about what you like. Whatever you say has no value whatsoever. It's a fact that Sakurai-san accepts them.
89: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:25:31.42 0 ID:
I like both Bump and MisChil but they're different. I don't understand why their name was brought up on this thread.
93: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:27:32.52 0 ID:

It just means that Bump is the only band that can stand a chance against MisChil
96: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:29:07.55 0 ID:
They're not really going against, but they would be taking over Mr. Children's position in the next generation. The age difference is about 10 years apart anyway.
100: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:29:59.03 0 ID:
I thought Remioromen would go up to Bump's level, but they didn't meet the expectations.

104: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:31:24.43 0 ID:

A MisChil song I recently thought was good: "Imitation no Ki"

107: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:31:55.83 0 ID:
1994年 innocent world、Tomorrow never knows
1995年 シーソーゲーム See saw game
1996年 名もなき詩 Na mo naki uta
1998年 終わりなき旅 Owarinaki tabi
2000年 口笛 Kuchibue
2002年 youthful days
2003年 HERO
2004年 Sign
2006年 しるし Shirushi
2008年 HANABI
2010年 365日 365 nichi
117: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:35:18.17 0 ID:
MisChil always say that they don't stand a chance against Spitz's Kusano

118: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:36:09.80 0 ID:
Tamio says that he doesn't stand a chance against Sakurai-kun and Kusano-kun

121: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:36:50.90 0 ID:
MisChil has already reached the Southern All Star's level. They can already afford to take a few years off but they haven't.
124: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:38:04.95 0 ID:
The problem with MisChil is that all the members other then Sakurai are pretty low-level.
131: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:39:46.87 P ID:
Wait a sec, MisChil's drummer is doing a good job. Even the bassist ain't bad.
137: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:43:32.69 0 ID:

Yep, the bass and drums are actually pretty good, but Sakurai is just too overwhelming so people think they're bad. The guitar is bad though.
139: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:43:37.87 i ID:
I wonder why they only have pressed CDs and don't sell their music digitally
143: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:45:03.29 0 ID:
I remember them saying a few years back that "We want to succeed with CDs based on our music".
149: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:46:59.14 0 ID:
Well, the band members are living the life and earning so much because of Sakurai-san. One should definitely cherish his friends.
153: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:50:11.76 0 ID:
But Sakurai himself said many times that the other 3 members are also important. On the outside, they just say that Sakurai writes and composes but it's actually a collective effort from all of them
154: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:51:16.20 0 ID:
If that's true then all of their names should be credited. I feel it's only Sakurai who gets all the credit and earns so much more than the other members.
160: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:53:35.01 0 ID:
The song I like from them recently is HANABI. That's 5 years ago already, huh.
166: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:59:17.31 0 ID:
Sakurai is actually pretty handsome. I guess people who like someone like hyde won't get his appeal.

170: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 21:05:41.68 0 ID:
I can't sing the fast part well in "Na mo naki uta".
The part that goes "Nariyuki makase no..."
180: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 21:26:50.62 T ID:
But MisChil let their fans sing the songs for them while they only sing a little during concerts, right?
183: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 21:39:38.55 P ID:
定番はInnocent Worldでたまに口笛とか
They basically let the fans sing 1 song per concert. It's usually "Innocent World", then sometimes "Kuchibue".
184: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 21:51:05.46 0 ID:
I like all of those songs but they don't sing it for me
185: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 21:55:09.21 P ID:
まぁiinocent worldを最初から最後まで桜井のみなんてのは逆にレアになってるな
I don't think they let the fans sing the entire song, it's usually just the first verse or the second one, or the chorus. Well, it is pretty rare though that Sakurai sings "Innocent World" from start to finish.
188: 182-167-9-196f1.hyg1.eonet.ne.jp 2013/05/31(金) 22:11:58.09 0 ID:
People in their early 30s are said to be the ones who are in the MisChil generation (it can also be called Hirosue generation), but "Anmari oboetenaiya" is my favorite song. It almost always brings me to tears whenever I listen to it.

213: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 23:13:44.68 0 ID:

I think Kobayashi's sense and Sakurai's charismatic appeal matched well. They'd just be some no-good youth pop band if it weren't for Kobayashi.

224: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 23:55:07.05 0 ID:
I think the song that cemented Mr. Children's status in the industry is "Na mo naki uta"
226: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 23:56:33.65 0 ID:
I think it was those consecutive singles from "Crossroad" to "Innocent World"

1: エタ沈φ ★@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:40:12.27 ID:???i.net
"When I heard the conversation, I thought it was just another one of those young girls who was bragging about her boyfriend so I didn't pay too much attention. But when the door of the private room opened, I got surprised when I saw who was talking..."
- (customer present at that time)

In the middle of May, the voice of a young girl resonated from a private room of a restaurant in the city.

"I want to get married to Taka-kun~~~!"

And the person who said this was Perfume's A~chan, Ayaka Nishiwaki (25).

"A~chan was with a few other people, including some older women. Other things she said which threw me off: 'He cooks for me', 'And it's actually really good!', 'I do feel the love there~'. - (customer present at that time)

"Taka-kun" here referes to ONE OK ROCK's vocalist Taka (26), eldest son of ex-couple Shinichi Mori (66) and Masako Mori (55).

The two first became an "item" 3 years ago, when it was reported that A~chan visited Taka's room. What's the true relationship between the two?

But when we asked for comments from her agency, they said: "There is no truth behind that report" and completely denied the story. Will A~chan's scream reach Taka?


2 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:40:56.86 ID:iwwdPCZz0.net
ジャニやめて正解だったかもしれんな 森息子
Mori's son probably made the right decision to quit Johnny's
3 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:41:03.64 ID:Ms67Ik6E0.net
Gorilla = justice
4 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:41:59.51 ID:zYNhYrUt0.net

Oh, they're dating? Little Mori's a really good singer.
8 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:44:12.27 ID:idIkcyGM0.net
モーニング娘 道重さゆみ
AKB 柏木由紀

Girls whom Little Mori dated:
Ai Takabe
Morning Musume Sayumi Michishige
Emi Suzuki
Asuka Shibuya
AKB Yuki Kashiwagi
Sayaka Yamamoto

25 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:54:16.61 ID:W3WexmGxO.net
110 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 20:56:30.37 ID:Gv6Yr/wk0.net
Won't this guy be killed by a kimo-ota someday? w
117 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 21:02:33.20 ID:MJsPXEFW0.net
So he keeps devouring idols, huh?

9 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:45:39.38 ID:K+q3Jo3L0.net
Perfumeって 「テクノ」を名乗ってるのに 1人もシンセとか楽器弾いてないな

Perfume call themselves "techno", but not a single one plays a synthesizer or an instrument. I feel that's a contradiction.

13 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:47:07.51 ID:Ef1cp/770.net
You post like an oldie w
77 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 19:59:05.83 ID:EYUx7yaD0.net
Starbow didn't play instruments either so no problem here



10 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:46:07.93 ID:GVdsibTY0.net
A-chan's so cool
14 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:47:49.63 ID:Vg2+WASF0.net
Get knocked up and have a shotgun marriage
34 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 18:04:31.13 ID:I8NcyyP00.net
Use a condom that easily breaks
17 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:49:43.42 ID:iArYbCbs0.net
DJ TAKAがすげーなと思ったら違った
I initially thought "DJ TAKA's so amazing!" but I was wrong
18 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:49:52.45 ID:4KJPsdZq0.net
When you look at Perfume's footages before they made their break, everyone looked totally different. So why aren't you guys saying that these girls had plastic surgery? w

19 :名無しさん@恐縮です:2014/06/19(木) 17:59:26.97 ID:Rx0eiEABg
Wasn't it all just because of the thick makeup?
22 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:51:45.57 ID:zYNhYrUt0.net
They've got nice legs so who cares
69 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 19:38:49.54 ID:QEDw4DLZ0.net
時系列で並べると整形疑惑の後の写真でまた昔の顔が復活してたりで 結局メーク次第ってことに落ち着いた
But when you line their pictures up in chronological order, you'd suddenly see pictures of them looking like their old faces after the ones where they've supposedly had plastic surgery. And so it was settled that it all depended on their makeup.

26 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:54:24.75 ID:U/WzpaGj0.net
ここまでよくやったと思うわ。 あとは揚がりをどうするかやね。幸せになってほしいわ。

So Perfume's already 25, huh. I do think that they've done well up to this point. All that's left is to see how they'll proceed from here. I want them to be happy.

33 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 18:02:52.29 ID:p2u4kcWp0.net
最大の武器がダンスだから、20代後半以降どんどん厳しくなるな 解散したら、ぶっちぎりでDQNなのっちが転落していきそうな予感w
Their biggest asset is their dancing so it'll only get tougher for them as they approach their late 20s. And when they split up, I'm getting the feeling that the DQN Nocchi will fall down lower than anyone w

28 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 17:58:23.86 ID:sc4cn+Bd0.net
I don't like the idea of having Shinichi Mori as an in-law, though
31 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 18:00:55.04 ID:ebVmBUwh0.net
Mori's son feels like he inherited both his father's scumbag personality and that one of a kind singing ability
35 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 18:04:39.77 ID:5Pg296aw0.net
お前らゴリラゴリラ言うけど実際見たらそのへん歩いてる子より段違いに可愛いからな、 言っとくけど
Let me just say that you guys may be calling her a gorilla, but she's much cuter than those girls you see walking around the corner
41 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 18:10:05.45 ID:RMk2cYxE0.net

She's totally after the Mori family's fortune. When you end up together with this kind of woman who's only after money, then it'll be hell and you'd just end up divorcing her so go for a more normal woman instead. Both his parents must be earning over 100 million a year, easily. He better be careful.

84 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 20:10:58.62 ID:w+AC/Grc0.net
普通の女よりあ~ちゃんの方が稼いでいると思うの 普通の女の方が財産狙いかもよ
But I think A~chan earns much more than your ordinary woman. Ordinary women are the ones who are after your fortune.
87 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 20:19:38.77 ID:4Lozavpx0.net
Don't look down on A~chan who's being regarded as an angel by her fans
175 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 23:05:56.53 ID:GYNmwsFQ0.net
綺麗な字を書くじゃないか 見直したぞゴリラ
Wow, nice handwriting. I've changed my opinion of the gorilla.
186 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 23:15:04.61 ID:tHH50Hop0.net
Nice handwriting

48 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 18:29:11.49 ID:TM2qe4Ev0.net
So it's mating season for gorillas, huh
52 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 18:36:04.61 ID:S1Ij6RNV0.net
Didn't she actually say "I want to be human~"
53 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 18:36:22.66 ID:qXFaxidW0.net
Why not go for a male gorilla?
55 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 18:41:04.57 ID:BJixcGOh0.net
58 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 18:47:14.39 ID:/JC+4TQY0.net

It's not like they're being promoted as idols so just let her get married already. She's already 25.
20 years ago, people would've already said that she's missed the right chance to get married.
61 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 19:03:02.70 ID:b3ZnGdcK0.net
But she also has to take care of Shinichi Mori
62 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 19:03:08.26 ID:oVs+0mUv0.net

Must be so inconvenient for Little Mori's band. Their songs and playing level are world class, but people still add this label "ex-Johnny's" and "2nd generation talent" when referring to them...

64 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 19:29:13.25 ID:2nWtGiY20.net

He's dating Kanna Mori. A~chan's got the wrong idea.
116 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 21:01:46.35 ID:rZ7CaUCB0.net

I thought he was dating the actress Kanna Mori?
A-chan's just his friend since they're from the same agency.

121 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 21:05:28.68 ID:KKNAHKPM0.net

Nah, they're going steady. A~chan even has a duplicate key to Taka's home.

67 :名無しさん@恐縮です:2014/06/19(木) 19:44:52.85 ID:BMSVeq7BY
I listened to ONE OK ROCK for the first time the other day, and he's got a nice voice
71 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/19(木) 19:52:35.50 ID:4Lozavpx0.net
1: ◆ENPDAsv5PuwA @ターンオーヴァーφ ★@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:21:19.03 ID
A large amount of potato chips were disposed of in Kobe City and Akashi-shi of Hyogo prefecture, as the Hyogo Police arrested Ikki Fukumoto (25), an office worker who resides in Hyogo prefecture's Uozumicho Shimizu, for illegal dumping.

The suspect disposed 89 boxes, totaling to about 1,000 bags of potato chips (total weight of 208 kilos) between May 4 and May 23 in 6 areas within Kobe City and Akashi City, such as in the woods and in empty lots. The suspect comments: "I did buy a lot of these, but I didn't know what to do with them so I just dumped them".

According to the police, the potato chips came with entry stubs for a chance to win seiyuu Nana Mizuki's concert tickets, as Mr. Fukumoto only cut the stubs out and did not eat the contents. Entries were only valid until the end of May.



3 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:22:22.00 ID:j7d2w61B0.net
Someone should really create a facility that will murder and dispose of these kimo-wotas

25 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:26:31.87 ID:Tvcpfp2g0.net
What's this retard

4 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:22:37.06 ID:I9P/77tN0.net
I wanna eat potato chips
5 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:22:38.23 ID:ydKDsYkc0.net
He probably wouldn't have been arrested if he dumped them at an orphanage (´・ω・`)
6 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:23:00.61 ID:dwerNQjP0.net
もったいないな 子供にやれば良かったのに
Such a waste. He should've given these to children.

17 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:24:36.02 ID:Yo7ClZB90.net

If he just had some wit, he could've conjured a tear-jerker story about it too
19 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:24:42.40 ID:gONfWd4G0.net
If he did that then he could've gotten the ticket and even become Naoto Date (Tiger Mask)
79 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:33:27.51 ID:sDvtD0Aq0.net
Who would be happy about trash that's already been opened, you scum

7 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:23:46.84 ID:n4s+6jHr0.net
How much is the unit cost?
18 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:24:39.12 ID:HjJLgQCb0.net
If 1 bag = 100 yen, then 1,000 bags is 1 million, huh
997: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2014/06/10(火) 17:02:34.51 ID:DWi7m9K4O.net
I just checked in 7-11 right now, and one BIGBAG costs 275 yen (296 yen after taxes). He bought a thousand of these, that gave him double points (6 points) so all in all he spent 3 million yen, which is accurate with the report. This promo was only done at convenience stores so he wasn't able to purchase the chips at the grocery with their lower prices.
9 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:24:01.79 ID:wEsDxyNQ0.net
How much money did he just spend on a granny w
13 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:24:21.01 ID:OyQK5Lbm0.net
Why didn't he just eat them? It's not something that would expire so soon.


36 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:28:44.57 ID:64epyAjJ0.net
You'd have to cut out bell-mark entry stubs so that would mean you've opened the bag

14 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:24:26.21 ID:cAx/OHZ00.net
Is Nana Mizuki a seiyuu? My only image of her is this mysterious singer who always performs at the Kouhaku.

60 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:31:39.13 ID:AkP+EBT00.net
Wow, you know a lot

15 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:24:29.79 ID:EfIz3q2e0.net
Just eat it, you gross fatso
16 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:24:32.23 ID:iOpxv+mc0.net

I do think that a lot of people would like to have potato chips... Such a waste if you just threw them away.
24 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:26:19.03 ID:+xOY+g1y0.net

So it's already considered opened once you cut out the stub, huh. I dunno if I wanna say 'Thanks for your hard work' or 'You're dumb'.
29 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:27:34.53 ID:QnqbY6vx0.net
普通にファンクラブ入会して チケット購入すればいいのに

He could've just joined the fan club and bought the ticket normally. Buying 1,000 bags... is he stupid?

20 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:25:10.05 ID:dwerNQjP0.net

普通に買えば良いんじゃないのか? 売ってないのか?

> entry stubs for seiyuu Nana Mizuki's concert tickets

Couldn't he have just bought the tickets normally? Don't they sell it?

34 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:28:30.83 ID:BqsBEVkq0.net
なんかググったら ポテチのキャンペーンで 抽選で10人がコンサートご招待で 終わった後にバックステージで本人に会えるという ものだった
I Google'd it and the potato chips promo says that 10 people get invited to the concert through lottery, and then you can meet and greet her backstage after the concert.
84 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:33:56.52 ID:QnqbY6vx0.net
うわああああああ そのために1000袋購入とか きんも~
Uwaaaaaaaa So the guy bought 1,000 bags for that sake? Gross~

106 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:35:50.09 ID:e8chTGHj0.net


The entry stub is apparently the Calbee mark at the back

110 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:36:31.26 ID:SOE3cgrr0.net
So this is all Calbee's fault wwwww

112 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:36:50.95 ID:iPdo16TJ0.net
So it's like a gamble, huh
21 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:25:12.47 ID:o4OLVkop0.net


>Weight about 208 kg

1,000 potato chip bags weigh quite a lot, huh
176 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:44:47.07 ID:IcKXJWcx0.net
200kgて400の単車一台分やぞ 人力じゃ手に負えないわ
200kg is as heavy as a 400cc motorbike! One man can't do anything about that.
22 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:25:30.63 ID:gplxR63R0.net

He should've just donated them. He could've made people happy.
23 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:25:58.62 ID:uQQ9I5/H0.net
He could've distributed them in front of a train station
35 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:28:36.67 ID:td0h+lMPi.net
People have been writing that he should just donate them, but facilities won't need these if they've already been opened
40 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:29:18.92 ID:e8chTGHj0.net

You need to cut the package so you can't distribute it later on
81 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:33:39.46 ID:3tKCE61o0.net

Ahhh, so it's not included inside the bag. You have to cut it out, huh?
32 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:28:04.55 ID:Gp+wGBX60.net
ここまで熱心に金を注ぎ込めるほど熱中できるものがあるのはうらやましいな なんに対しても無関心で金の使い道がないわ
I actually envy him for having something which he can passionately spend his money on. I'm just totally uninterested in everything, and I don't know how to use my money.
33 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:28:21.89 ID:W+I6ZqeM0.net
アフリカの困ってる人とか 福島の仮設住宅の人とかに簡単にあげれればいんだが

I guess it must be difficult to donate food, huh. Would've been great if you could donate them to the troubled people in Africa or those living in shelters in Fukushima.
38 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:28:51.94 ID:s1eZNZoB0.net

He should've just took his time to eat them. It's not raw, perishable food anyway w
39 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:29:05.81 ID:0q1xHuDl0.net
I don't need Nana Mizuki tickets, just gimme potato chips w
42 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:29:30.06 ID:qwTaH5Rz0.net
「応募券欲しさに1000袋買いましたが、食べきれません。 ご自由にお持ち下さい。」って書いて、人通りの多い場所に置いておいたら 皆持って行ってくれるかな? 置いた時点で法律に触れちゃうかな?
Couldn't he just leave them in a place where a lot of people pass by and put a sign saying "I bought 1,000 bags just for the entry stubs, but I couldn't eat it all. Please take these as you please", and would people bite and get them? Or would he already be going against the law the moment he sets them down?
64 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:31:52.74 ID:G7/h6inr0.net
開封済みのポテチなんて 何が入ってるか分からなくて怖くて食えるかよ
I wouldn't dare eat potato chips that have already been opened, I dunno what would be in the bag.
46 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:30:00.79 ID:79tb0cNe0.net
I also had quite a stock of baseball card chips before, but I gave them all to my officemate's kid for snacks
51 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:30:53.78 ID:c9/u93Kf0.net
I'm thinking that it should just be given to the homeless. Can't you do that?
52 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:31:01.04 ID:v4T8rIP90.net
I'm pretty serious when I say that I want them ww
67 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:32:14.90 ID:zEHL1Rpr0.net
Give me some of those chips w
54 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:31:03.23 ID:/QhZbxAO0.net
Wait, isn't his address a little bit too detailed here in the report? w
62 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:31:44.55 ID:o4OLVkop0.net
人にあげるという思考がないのか それとも別の理由があったか
Didn't it ever cross his mind that he could've given it to other people? Or was there a different reason?
63 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/10(火) 12:31:50.29 ID:3m8VawLH0.net
Sitka Spruce
Northstar Hat
Leftovers Cowl
Beekeeper's Quilt (Hexipuffs)
Lady Olivia
Lilli Pilli

Ready Player One
The Book of Lost Things
Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl: A Memoir

This American Life: The Giant Pool of Money

Music: Piazza, New York Catcher by Belle and Sebastian

Direct Link
          Reply #838   
$$$$ money making fantastic Friday $$$$

JordanT1021 - Fantastic Friday Midday Prediction is: 512 - 512 - 512 - 512 - 512
          Assistant Manager, Private Clients - Cambridge - Howells Consulting - Cambridge   
This highly-respected accountancy firm maintains a high profile in Cambridge and the surrounding area. Advise a high quality private client base of new-money... £40,000 - £45,000 a year
From etaxjobs.com - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 16:45:39 GMT - View all Cambridge jobs
          Cruising the Web   
For all those people who think that Trump's tweets are brilliant at reaching the public and throwing his opponents off balance or whatever other bit of analysis used to show that somehow he's playing three-dimensional chess while the rest of the world can't even set up the checker board, is this really a set of tweets that makes you proud that he's your president?

These morning tweets follow other tweets touting ones supporting policy actions by his administration and the GOP. Does he think anyone will pay attention to any of that when he's tweeting comments on a morning show's appearance and the show's ratings? It's as if he's taken a master a class on self-sabotage.

Isn't he supposed to be in the middle of trying to help a GOP repeal of Obamacare?

Remember when conservatives ridiculed Obama interview talking to GloZell, the woman who is mainly known for eating cereal while sitting in a bathub of milk or going on Between Two Ferns? Well, was any of that less respectful of the office of the presidency than such tweets? I have come to regard Trump's tweets as a verbal expression of his id. That is the level he operates at and we get a glimpse at what impulses control him through Twitter. All his advisers urging him to focus on policy and presenting an image of gravitas are the ego trying to mediate between those impulses and reality. They might win out for hours, even days sometimes, but the id is there ready to take over.

There used to be a time when Republicans claimed that character mattered in the presidency. Today...not so much.

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Canada thinks it can control the Internet.
The Supreme Court of Canada ruled against Google on Wednesday in a closely-watched intellectual property case over whether judges can apply their own country's laws to all of the Internet.

In a 7-2 decision, the court agreed a British Columbia judge had the power to issue an injunction forcing Google to scrub search results about pirated products not just in Canada, but everywhere else in the world too.

Those siding with Google, including civil liberties groups, had warned that allowing the injunction would harm free speech, setting a precedent to let any judge anywhere order a global ban on what appears on search engines. The Canadian Supreme Court, however, downplayed this objection and called Google's fears "theoretical."
Charles C. W. Cooke comments,
That amusing episode of The I.T. Crowd notwithstanding, “the Internet” is not a single black box somewhere in London, but a massively decentralized network of networks that, while conforming to a few agreed-upon technical specifications, gives new meaning to the word “diffuse.” Or, put another way, “the Internet” is a patchwork quilt of cables, satellites, switches, service providers, cell phones, desktops, laptops, web-servers, and protocols that, taken together, forms the sprawling web to which we are all so accustomed. The beauty of this arrangement is that anybody can participate. Want to be the next Facebook? To start with, at least, all you’ll need is a domain name, an internet connection, and a computer, and . . . that’s it. Though there are certain breakpoints (IP allocation, root DNS, etc.), there is no central permission structure that newcomers have to navigate. It’s open. It’s wild. It’s wonderful.

Now, this is not to say that censorship is impossible. It’s not. If a government wishes to block access to a particular site within the physical borders over which it has jurisdiction, it can do so. Likewise, websites and services that contradict local law can be legally removed, and, if it so wishes, a government can demand that any organization operating on a network within its borders must conform to its rules. What it can’t do, however, is export those judgments abroad.

Suppose that I, a permanent resident of the United States, were to host a website that contained speech that was banned in, say, Germany. Certainly, the German authorities could prevent Germans from seeing my site. And, if anyone chose to mirror my site on server inside Germany, they could shut that person down quite quickly. But they couldn’t have me shut down in America, and they couldn’t prevent people in other countries from accessing my site over the web. My server would be in America, connected to a network in America, subject to the law in America, and guaranteed the protections to which Americans are entitled. The German government, annoyed as it might be, would have to accept that....

And that, ultimately, is why the Canadian Court’s decision is so hilarious. I understand why people are worried about the idea — if taken seriously, it would give any less-free-than-America country an effective veto over the First Amendment. But they shouldn’t fret too much: The judges can say what they like, but their edict is simply unenforceable. If it wishes to do so, the government of Canada can prevail upon Google to abide by its rules within Canada. In addition, it can regulate the web in Canada to prevent access to sites it dislike. But it can’t force Google in America or France or Australia or Singapore to do a single goddamned thing. And thank goodness for that, eh?
I hope that he is correct, but we've seen the EU slapping a $2.7 billion fine on Google because the EU thinks it violates antitrust for Google to promote Google Shopping sites over other shopping sites. I'm not sure what there is about a FREE service like Google that the Europeans don't understand. Are European citizens actually hurt by Google giving them a free shopping search engine and then putting their items at the top? Would they prefer to pay for their search engines? Please, just keep your hands off Google. As more countries try and figure out ways to make money off of fining Google, they should consider the unintended consequences.
“The EU has effectively decided that some companies have become too big to innovate,” Robert Atkinson, president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a Washington-based think tank, said in a statement following the Google Shopping decision. “The EU’s actions have created a cloud of uncertainty that will make large tech companies overly cautious about making changes to the user experience and service offerings that would benefit consumers.”

Jonathan Tobin applies Occam's Razor
to explain why Obama didn't do more about Russia's attempts to interfere in our election last year.
But the real problem here is not so much Barack Obama’s failure to act as the most plausible reason for his inaction: Vladimir Putin’s capers didn’t impact the election results.
Despite the efforts by Democrats to blame Russia for Hillary Clinton's loss and their frustration that Obama didn't do more about it, there really is no evidence that the WikiLeaks revelations from John Podesta's emails had any effect on the course of the election.
But there’s a simpler, even more plausible explanation for Obama’s inaction: The president saw that the hacking was having almost no impact on the course of the campaign and thus wasn’t going to mess with the results. Far from the crime of the century, it was, at worst, a minor annoyance to Clinton that Obama obviously felt didn’t warrant a major dustup with Putin.

It’s true that Russia’s actions were outrageous and deserved a strong US response, both then and now. It can also be argued that the public had a right to know about it. But it was only after Clinton lost and she and her supporters began searching for excuses that Russia’s actions were considered an important factor in the outcome.

While Putin was way out of line, the impact of the WikiLeaks document dumps on Clinton’s candidacy was marginal at best.

The contents of the Democratic National Committee e-mails were embarrassing to Podesta and then-DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who wound up losing her job after proof of DNC collusion with Clinton against Bernie Sanders was produced. But there was almost nothing in those documents that related directly to Clinton, let alone being enough to influence voters.

Every WikiLeaks story was also almost immediately overshadowed by other, more damaging gaffes or revelations about Trump, such as his attack on a Gold Star family or the release of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape. Nothing the Russians did matched the damage done by either of those Trump disasters.
Instead of looking for some external events or action, just admit that Hillary was a lousy candidate. That should actually be comforting to the Democrats. With such a compromised candidate whom so many Americans just never liked, they still won the popular vote and came really close to winning the states that put Trump over the top. If they can pick a better candidate in 2020, and can make an appeal for the voters they lost in the Rust Belt, chances are pretty strong that they'll win that year. They should be more concerned about forging a message that doesn't repel independents and those voters they lost in 2016. That's their real challenge and focusing all the time on Russia, Russia, Russia won't help them achieve that goal.

Good to know.
Tell your friendly environmentalist activist. But they're not really interested.
The benefits of fracking far outweigh its costs not only economically, but environmentally, a Stanford University geophysicist said Friday.

After teaching geophysics at Stanford for 30 years Mark Zoback took the helm of Stanford's new Natural Gas Initiative three years ago, he said, because of gas's environmental benefits.

"We did it because there were so many important and obvious environmental benefits to the utilization of natural gas," Zoback said. "So it’s somewhat ironic to be asked to argue for the notion that these benefits outweigh the environmental costs, when it’s the environmental benefits that got me into this business in the first place."

Zoback's remarks opened the annual debate at Stanford's Silicon Valley Energy Summit, and were swiftly challenged by representatives of the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Counci
Zoback argued that natural gas can replace coal and "dirty diesel" at significant scale throughout the world, supporting economic growth while slashing carbon emissions. (When burned, natural gas emits about half the CO2 that coal does).

The Senate has some really dumb rules. And the minority party can use them to slow everything down to a standstill. Chuck Schumer is taking advantage of every tool that the rules provide.
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer used an upper chamber procedure Wednesday to block a national security briefing hosted by the Senate Judiciary Committee, irritating Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley.

The rule that Schumer had invoked, which he has been exercising the use of over the past two weeks, blocks Senate committee business from happening two hours after the Senate convenes session for the day. Schumer has consistently used the procedure as a way to delay business in Senate to make demands on Republicans on the health care bill.

The rarely-used tactic has cut short a committee hearing on free speech, stopped a hearing on Russian meddling in the U.S. elections and blocked a mark-up to advance bipartisan anti-human trafficking legislation....

Grassley had sent a joint letter with subcommittee judiciary chairman Lindsey Graham to the FBI Tuesday requesting all documents related to the FBI FISA surveillance requests on the Russia investigation.

“Today, the Judiciary Committee was set to hear from senior intelligence officials about highly sensitive intelligence gathering authorities that will soon require action from Congress. It’s disturbing and reckless for the Minority Leader to block the briefing. We’ve seen too many recent reminders of how unsafe the world is today. This is no time to play politics with our national security,” he said.
If they could use the nuclear option to get rid of a much more prominent rule concerning filibusters of Supreme Court nominees, why not use it to get rid of this stupid rule. If it's a "rarely-used tactic," no one except the angry members of the minority party will miss it.

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I had so much fun last night. I'm visiting my daughters in D.C. and we went to the Nats-Cubs game. I haven't seen a live baseball game in about 50 years since I was a kid and we'd go to the Cubs games. So I scheduled my trip to catch the game. After falling behind in the seventh inning, I thought it was pretty hopeless for the Cubs based on the way they've been playing this year. But they rallied in the ninth inning to go ahead on a triple by Jon Jay. It was so exciting and I could celebrate with all the other Cubs fans in the stadium including a cute little girl, about 10 years old, sitting with her family of Cubs fans in front of me who told her parents that John Jay had written five of the Federalist Papers. Exactly right and the Cubs' Jon Jay was a hero tonight. Go Federalists!

What a blast! And then as walked out of the stadium and came back on the Metro and hear all the Nationals fans complaining about the Nationals' bullpen. Eh, they're still doing well. I'm just hoping that the Cubs are recovering their mojo. At least their closer, Wade Davis, another historically relevant name on the Cubs roster

          Reply #786   
They are a Corporation and there main goal is to make a profit, NO MATTER WHAT or HOW....If they can get by , by cheating, well they will do it then.

I said it before, I don't mind losing if the game is fair, but I hate to lose to a lying, cheating Corporation with nothing but profits on their minds and big homes and nice vacations all upon the back of us N.C. people.....

In the end, it will come back to them, the evil, and the money and goodness will come to us....

P/S...This is all ge... [ More ]
          Reply #784   
Nc made a killing today. Didnt even pay out 100,000 among the both of them. Ncel jus do away wit,your lottery. Not even worth it anymore.wer i useto spend 30 to 60 aday only 5dollars and now it bout to be keep my money
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Czytaj więcej »
          Reply #763   
Thanks LadyA.....

I called myself going to play all these numbers combos but I stopped after I had put to much money on 3 numbers so I didn't get all the combinations of these numbers in....I KNEW that they contained the numbers for last night....BUT, I never listen to myself anymore after losing when I try and play a lot of money on a few numbers, which can be expected...I do not mind it as one day we will ALL hit BIG TIME....

God Luck today...
          1 Stars: Never received my order. (by Beatrice K.)   

Horrible. I never received my pictures, paid off in full early June and it's more than two months later and nothing. Lady at customer service told me two weeks ago she would look into it. Nothing. Will get lawyer involved to at least get my money back. This was an order of my doctoral graduation pictures - I am so disappointed because of course nobody else got close to stage during my hooding to take good pictures as they did... so I was willing to pay those huge prices. But they never sent my order, I cannot even get the tracking number for it.

          L'éléphant jeux   


Revue (broché). Paru en 06/2017

L'éléphant jeux


Cet été, votre seul bagage est culturel ! Littérature Avant de mourir, Tchekhov s'est levé et a dit solennellement au médecin : . « Allons boire un verre » . « J'aime les mouettes » . « Je meurs » Astronomie Comment s'appelle notre galaxie ? . Le Système solaire . La Voie lactée . Brigitte Art Quel artiste a dit : « Quand on y songe, les grands magasins sont un peu comme des musées » ? . Pablo Picasso . Andy Warhol . Claude Money-Money Sport Quelle est la devise de l'Olympique de Marseille ? . « Droit au but » . « Tu ne marcheras jamais seul » . « L'important, c'est de participer » Politique Qui est arrivé troisième au premier tour de l'élection présidentielle de 1995 ? . Édouard Balladur . Raymond Barre . Joe Dassin Histoire Quel roi d'Angleterre aurait fait assassiner ses deux neveux dans la tour de Londres pour accaparer le trône ? . Richard Coeur de Lion . Richard III . Richard Berry Géographie Les dix sommets les plus élevés du monde se trouvent tous dans l'Himalaya : . Vrai . Faux . Personne ne le sait (en tout cas pas vous) Anglais Comment traduisez-vous « eau pétillante » en anglais ? . Still water . Sparkling water . Petyante ouatheure

          GST will help weed out black money, Modi tells chartered accountants in Delhi   
Addressing chartered accountants in Delhi of the occasion of the foundation day of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) at the Indira Gandhi Stadium, PM Modi said that the Goods and Services Tax will help weed out black money.
          Reply #683   
My kind of trick or treats though seem to keep me broke during the month.....Lol....

If this just would work tonight, I want have to worry about any money the rest of this month or next....Lol...

You have to try new stuff when they (ncel) are disrespecting us......

Good Luck also tonight....

Guess I will head to the store and go on any play these ...
          Reply #627   
I am frustrated, not unlike yourself and many others Dear and wondering who saw this one coming. Not too many of us (did not find any yet) that had it. I might as well just deliver the money to the CMS school down the road, at least I know they would get it!

8 1 0 SUM IT UP9

1,892 winners won a total of $240,158....really
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          Reply #440   
Take it one step further, that's how they get you to spend more money to chase a number....mirrors and flips...now one number costs you 3 times and add one off...one off which number? Now ONE number costs how much? And ....there's 1000 numbers....Grrr...

Okay...I'm done bumming, but they'll be getting less of my $ until things normalize average wise...
          Old antique clock free clip art   
Time ia money and today I'm going to save you both of them if you looking for free antique clock clip art. This is my new vintage illustration and it's available in two options: one is flat black and white clock silhouette and second is the same clock, but with vintage brush strokes. 

Vector file can be found here
          Reply #417   
Yea it could happen as this month is GHOST and Jinn month...They are ruling the numbers...Lol..

I really do love the 013 though....See it is in WebCats list also and a few other peoples like Money4me. I need to start off with a hwy. and it's been awhile since this has been out too... Just a few 506--308--315--598--623--502.

Good Luck...
          Being a Cheapskate Could Cost You   
A deal may not always save you money. Skimping out on these things can sometimes end up costing you more.
          Episode 68.0: "It Was The Heat Of The Moment"   
0:00 Welcome to the real Episode 68 2:49 Housekeeping 3:09 Emails 26:04 The Playoffs (so far) 37:59 Jason's Arizona adventures and how instructs work 49:58 Let's Talk About Giants Prospects 53:59 Let's Talk About Padres Prospects 57:26 Let's Talk About Cardinals Prospects 1:00:38 Let's Talk About Pirates Prospects 1:04:05 Let's Talk About Phillies Prospects 1:09:00 Special Guest: Phil Rogers (@ChiTribRogers) of the Chicago Tribune on the Cubs GM search 1:22:22 Music Guest Thrice (@OfficialThrice) 1:34:01 I Saw Moneyball, Jason saw the poster 1:39:01 The Week Ahead
          Episode 67.0: "It's Just Squirt"   
0:00 My name is . . . 3:12 Housekeeping 4:41 Emails 21:47 We have races! (kind of) 24:37 Let's talk about Nationals prospects 30:56 Let's talk about Blue Jays prospects 36:50 Let's talk about Rangers prospects 41:32 Let's talk about Rays prospects 46:10 Let's talk about Mariners prospects 53:48 Special Guest: Peter Abraham (@PeteAbe), Boston Globe, on Panic in the streets of Boston 1:10:42 Musical Guest: Screaming Females (@Screamales) 1:12:00 What Are You Drinking 1:16:31 A quick rant on Moneyball and discourse 1:18:36 The Week Ahead
          Episode 66.0: "Stay Out Of Trouble, Sarge"   
0:00 Try again 2:44 Housekeeping 3:12 Emails 23:30 Did the Rays screw up the 2011 season? 32:56 Out last minor league games of the season 41:26 Minor League Awards, kind of 52:22 Are you going to see Moneyball? 1:00:13 Special Guest: Sam Miller (@SamMillerOCR), Orange County Register 1:22:09 Special Guest: My mother takes your questions via Facebook 1:50:31 Musical Guest: Lydia Loveless 1:52:52 What Are You Drinking (special hat edition) 1:54:06 Pop Culture Moment: They Came Back 1:57:00 The Week Ahead
          Reply #343   
Hit 422 for $80 today -- My birthday straight but played it any. I posted my numbers in September thread. Didn't post today because I didn't think it would hit based on the way my luck has been but ... when I have the least amount of money on a pet, it's sure to hit. Congrats to all winners
          Episode 65.0: "Kickety-Flip, Flippety-Kick"   
0:00 Defending the Internet in Mexico 3:58 Housekeeping 5:58 Emails 22:51 No pennant races? At least we have Montero and Strasburg 28:34 A quick digression on the Dodgers 32:44 Baseball in the Dominican Republic: Crime, money and shenanigans 47:44 Special Guest: Josh Boyd, Texas Rangers Director of Professional Scouting 1:17:08 Listener of the Week: Peter Grossman, Photo Editor, Us Weekly 1:50:45 Musical Guest: Big Black 1:53:25 What Are You Drinking 1:56:53 Pop Culture Moment: Kickety Flip 2:12:28 The Week Ahead
          Reply #330   
Great work MSWiz, WTG And Raven never disappoints either .

My money would be on 116 (mate 166)/119 tonight, but watching football so sitting out. GL Team NC
          Reply #153   
They won't, makes too much money for the Raleigh Piggy Bank that is ALWAYS empty!

My .02 worth, sit out till the 6th cause there is NO WAY they paid out over 1/2 mill on that number, unless someone was In the know . Numbers can be doctored and so can payouts. VA does not even have that big of a payout for DBL's and they are more or less on the level!. It will get worse before it gets better is ALL I am going to say
          Reply #152   
I can say this they really need to do away wit there lottery then cause i can tell u this much we are the worst state right now with these number trip and quads.sc use to be but now they bulking down and doing the rite thang.they tis week have gotn 2trip verse we have went months and havent better yet cant even get the first.now watch tomra they feel like they paid to much money today and nite now watch the bs tomra
          Comment on Eric Jagielo by Evan3457   
That's right. And taken ahead of Jaiglo, two picks in front, was Billy McKinney, by the A's. And two picks in front of him was Hunter Harvey, by the O's. And the pick in front of him was Nick Ciuffo, a catcher hitting .218 in AA, by the Rays. And the pick in front of him was Jonathan Crawford, a SP, by the Tigers, since moved on to the REDS, and pitching to a 5.91 ERA in high-A ball. And 6 picks before that, the Pirates took Reese McGuire, a defense first catcher hitting .216 in his 2nd try at AA. And 3 before that, the Mets took Dominic Smith, a firstbaseman at Las Vegas who still doesn't have enough power to start in the majors And 5 before that, the Marlins took Colin Moran, a bat first 3rd baseman, who was traded to Houston and is now buried behind Bregman, Correa and Altuve. And the Indians took Clint Frazier with the pick before that one. And, at the top of that draft, at 1-1, the Astro took Mark Appel, and when they realized what a mistake they made, dumped in him along with 5 others (including Vincent Velazquez, who was the key piece) in a trade for Ken Giles, a talented but reasonably effective closer. ================================================ Of course, Jagielo wound up being one of the two key pieces in the trade for Aroldis Chapman (along with Rookie Davis). Chapman was, in turn, traded for Billy McKinney, picked two picks ahead of Jagielo. And Adam Warren, who the Yanks had traded to the Cubs to get Starlin Castro. Oh, and somebody named Gleyber Torres And then the Yanks re-signed Chapman for a large sum of money.
          Motorcycle Run For MS Sunday!   
Sunday, July 2nd, get a little wind therapy in while raising money for a great cause! Continue reading…
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This is our new slightly thicker "thin" business card case and is 1/8 inch thicker than the super slim business card case we offer. It holds a few more cards than the super-slim style and this one features a sleek rounded bullnose front and back top edge and slightly more depth to hold a few more business cards

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Holds about 15-20 standard size business cards or you can also use it for 5 or 6 plastic credit cards or even a few paper money bills

Sturdy and made of a nice thickness of metal for years of use and could actually be used as a super slim wallet, although it's not really meant to be sat on -just sayin'...

Engraved into front surface of the case is a Vintage European Art Nouveau Scroll Work Design

The raised embellishment on the front is a vintage design with incredible detail and an antiqued silver plated finish. The raised piece is first machine stamped from sheets of brass using the original die mold machinery from the 1930's-1950's

This sturdy metal hinged case stays securely closed until you open it with the small latch tab on the side

This is a nice compact size that really makes carrying your business cards FUN again

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          Silver Fox Business Card Case Victorian Steampunk Style Vintage Inspired Nickel Silver Card Holder Or Small Cigarette Case Rounded Corners by CosmicFirefly   

48.00 USD

Fox Card Holder Card Wallet Fancy Metal Business Card Case From World Famous Cosmic Firelfy Las Vegas

New Metal Business Card Case Gothic Victorian Silver Fox Vintage Inspired Steampunk style One Sided Inside Slender Rounded Corners Shiny Chrome Nickel Silver Plated Metal Card Holder Silver Fox Cigarette Case Handcrafted By www.CosmicFirefly.com

Vintage Inspired Style Metal Case Holds 15-20 Business Cards Or 7 "100's" Cigarettes

Slender compact size silver-plated metal business card case/credit card holder with raised antiqued Silver Fox design on the front

Original Design, Description, Photos, Copyright © Cosmic Firefly

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• New
• One-Sided inside with spring loaded bar
• Holds 15 to 20 standard sized business cards or 7 "100's"
• Size of case is 3 3/4 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide by 7/16th of an inch thick
• Case is shiny nickel silver plated metal
• Running Fox is antiqued silver plated metal
• Front & back has vintage design Florentine scroll pattern
• Free black velour drawstring protective bag included
• We send all of our cases in a corrugated shipping box to arrive in perfect condition

This is our new slightly thicker "thin" business card case and is 1/8 inch thicker than the super slim business card case we offer. It holds a few more cards than the super-slim style and this one features a sleek rounded corners and rounded edges and slightly more depth to hold a few more business cards

Holds about 15-20 standard size business cards or you can also use it for 5 or 6 plastic credit cards or even a few paper money bills or it holds 7 "100's" cigarettes

Sturdy and made of a nice thickness of metal for years of use and could actually be used as a super slim wallet, although it's not really meant to be sat on - just sayin'...

Engraved into front and back surface of the case is a Vintage Design German Art Nouveau Florentine Scroll Work Design

The raised Fox embellishment on the front is a vintage design with incredible detail and an antiqued silver plated finish. The Fox is machine stamped from sheets of brass using the original die mold machinery from the 1930's-1950's then it is silver plated and given an antiqued finish

This sturdy metal hinged case stays securely closed until you open it with the small latch tab on the side

This is a nice compact size that really makes carrying your business cards FUN again

Make the Ultimate Victorian Fashion Accessory Statement and carry it in your bag wherever you go

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          Instamatic For The People’s Kitchen   
Happy New Year !   I am raising  some money for the People’s Kitchen by donating all the profits from my E-Book Instamatic For The People to them for all sales until the end of January 2015.. The book is only £3.00 and £2.00 will be donated to the charity. They do an essential  job supplying…Read more Instamatic For The People’s Kitchen
          How to Build a Robo Advisor: Advice for Starting a Robo Advisory   

MyPrivateBanking Robo AdvisorWith the tremendous growth in robo advisor assets under management (AUM), financial institutions are scrambling to figure out how to build and become a robo advisor.

Starting a robo advisor service combines financially savvy with big data analytics, as well as a comprehensive understanding to how robo advisors work.

How Do Robo Advisors Work?

Robo advisors are platforms that leverage algorithms to handle users' investment platforms. These services analyze each customer's current financial status, risk aversion, and goals. From here, they recommend the best portfolio of stocks available based on that data.

And these automated financial services are poised to transform the tremendous worldwide wealth management industry. 

MyPrivateBanking's report, Robo Advisor 3.0, takes an in-depth look at the basic challenge of every robo advisor: how to craft a presence that succeeds in convincing website visitors to sign up as investors and then remain on board.

In this data-driven assessment, the report looks at the characteristics, business models, and strengths and weaknesses of the top robo advisors around the world. The research was conducted on a total of 76 active robo advisors worldwide - 29 in the U.S. and Canada, 38 in seven European countries and nine in the Asia-Pacific region. We've compiled a full list of robo advisors analyzed below.

The exhaustive report provides comprehensive answers and data on how to optimize the individual onboarding stages (How it works, Client Assessment, Client Onboarding, Communication and Portfolio Reporting) and details five best practices for each stage. Furthermore, the report provides strategies to appeal to different segments such as Millennials, baby boomer investors approaching retirement, and high net worth individuals (HNWIs), and analyzes the impact of new technologies.

The report provides comprehensive analysis and data-driven insights on how to utilize robo advisors to win and keep clients:

  • What a robo advisor platform should offer to successfully convert prospects into happy clients.
  • Which robo advisor features work and why.
  • What are best practices for the different stages in the digital customer journey.
  • How long clients need to onboard on the surveyed robo advisors and which specialized offers are given.
  • What the client assessment process should include 
  • How client communication should be (inbound for customer service and outbound for news, education and commentary).
  • What good portfolio reporting looks like, so that it meets the information needs of the customer.
  • How B2B providers are positioned in the development of robo advisory services and what they offer.
  • How robo advisors should adopt their strategies to appeal to different segments such as Millennials, baby boomer investors approaching retirement, and high net worth individuals (HNWIs).
  • Which robo advisors provide specialized options such as micro-investing, rewards schemes or hedging strategies, and in what manner.
  • What the impacts of new technologies are, such as the use of artificial intelligence for client interaction and narrative generation on the robo advisor model.
  • How the future of digital success will look for robo advisors.
  • Appendix containing data on the web presences of more than 70 robo advisors alongside the digital customer journey process.
  • And much more.

>> Click here for Report Summary, Table of Contents, Methodology <<

Analyzed robo advisors in this report include:

North America: Acorns, Asset Builder, Betterment, Blooom, Bicycle Financial, BMO SmartFolio, Capital One Investing, Financial Guard, Flexscore, Future Advisor, Guide Financial, Hedgeable, iQuantifi, Jemstep, Learnvest, Liftoff, Nest Wealth, Personal Capital, Rebalance IRA, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, SheCapital, SigFig, TradeKing Advisors, Universis, Wealthbar, Wealthfront, Wealthsimple, Wela, Wisebanyan 

Europe: AdviseOnly, Advize, comdirect, Easyfolio, EasyVest, ETFmatic, Fairr.de, FeelCapital, Fiver a Day, Fundshop.fr, GinMon, Investomat, KeyPlan, KeyPrivate, Liqid, Marie Quantier, Money on Toast, MoneyFarm, Nutmeg, Parmenion, Quirion, rplan, Scalable Capital, Simply EQ, Sutor Bank, Swanest, SwissQuote ePrivateBanking, True Potential Investor, True Wealth, Vaamo, VZ Finanz Portal, Wealth Horizon, Wealthify, WeSave, Whitebox, Yellow Advice, Yomoni, Zen Assets.

Asia-Pacific: 8 Now!, Ignition Direct & Ignition Wealth, InvestSMART, Mizuho Bank Smart Folio, Movo, Owners Advisory, QuietGrowth, ScripBox, StockSpot

Here's how you get this exclusive Robo Advisor research:MyPrivateBanking Report Spread

To provide you with this exclusive report, MyPrivateBanking has partnered with BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, to create The Complete Robo Advisor Research Collection.

If you’re involved in the financial services industry at any level, you simply must understand the paradigm shift caused by robo advisors.

Investors frustrated by mediocre investment performance, high wealth manager fees and deceptive sales techniques are signing up for automated investment accounts at a record pace.

And the robo advisor field is evolving right before our eyes. Firms are figuring out on the fly how to best attract, service and upsell their customers. What lessons are they learning? Who’s doing it best? What threats are traditional wealth managers facing? Where are the opportunities for exponential growth for firms with robo advisor products or models?

The Complete Robo Advisor Research Collection is the ONLY resource that answers all of these questions and more. Click here to learn more about everything that's included in this exclusive research bundle

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          Silicon Valley's old boy power structure is getting toppled and the repercussions will be huge   

China slip fall soldiers

When Chris Sacca took the stage at the South by Southwest conference in March, the "Shark Tank" judge kicked off his talk by doling out cans of beers to the women sitting in the front rows. 

"We’re going to do this unlike Uber. The women get them first," Sacca said to the crowd of fans that would mob him like a celebrity afterwards. 

The beer stunt was a snipe at one of his early portfolio companies that had come under internal investigation for claims of sexism in the workplace. But now four months later, Sacca himself has issued a mea culpa, confessing that he "personally contributed" to making the tech industry "inhospitable for women" after being accused in a New York Times article of inappropriately touching a woman's face without her consent. (He later "disputed" the accusation.)

The apology from one of Silicon Valley's most visible and powerful venture capitalists comes at a time when the tech industry is confronting its shameful legacy of sexist behavior. It hasn't been a secret that women in technology face sexism, especially in venture capital where women only make up 7% of partners. But until now, the status quo went for the most part unchallenged and the offenders operated with impunity. 

That's why the events of the last few months are so remarkable. The stories of venture capitalists asking women entrepreneurs for sex or touching them underneath the table during pitch meetings have multiplied as more and more women come forward. And it's already having a profound effect. 

In the last month, Uber's CEO was asked to resign after a detailed investigation into harassment and bad behavior among employees and managers at the $69 billion startup. Another investor was forced out of his firm after initially denying accusations of sexual harassment from multiple women. 

Dave McClure, the leader of a famous Silicon Valley startup accelerator 500 Startups, was removed from the day-to-day operations after women came forward with allegations of misconduct. In one case detailed by the New York Times, McClure told a woman that he wasn't sure if he should hire her or hit on her.

Despite Silicon Valley being a place that's promoted itself as a bastion of progressive ideals and meritocracy, each domino being tipped shows that the sexism problem that had rooted itself in the boy's club of venture is worse and worse — and the old school boy's club of Silicon Valley is being toppled as a result.

The problem with power

The gender imbalance in Silicon Valley is well-documented, but the undercurrent of sexism and harassment that is its byproduct has been harder to pinpoint.

To be sure, some of the worst offenders have become "open secrets" among women entrepreneurs. There's wiki pages that list venture capitalists and tech leaders who have been accused of inappropriate behavior. And one startup accelerator, Y Combinator, keeps track of venture capitalists that have behaved badly — harassment or deal-wise — and cuts them out from ever getting a chance to invest as the startups leave its program. 

But it's tough to overstate the precarious path that must be navigated by any woman who wants to pursue the tech dream and create the next Facebook or Snapchat. 

Without having a deep network in Silicon Valley or getting into one of the accelerators, it's hard for women entrepreneurs to know who to avoid or have a support network to turn to if they feel like someone has crossed the line. Even if they do report it, they're often silenced or told to sign non-disclosure agreements so people never find out. 

Meanwhile, the men of Silicon Valley have continued to hold the power. Of the venture capitalist deal makers that fund the next generation of Facebooks, only 7% of the partners at top VC firms are women, according to a Crunchbase study.

And the money follows the same gendered lines. Women received $1.5 billion in funding last year versus $58.2 billion for men, according to PitchBook data. Just think, what kind of world-changing apps and tech products would we have today if women had the same opportunities and influence in the industry as men? 

Make no mistake: venture capitalists control the check books that can fund next America's innovation engine and too often it's been an old boys club that makes deals in hot tub jam sessions or all-male ski trips

The Trump effect

Yet the recent wave of women stepping forward after years of trying to shine light on the issue is finally crashing the power structure. 

Venture firms are scrambling to institute formal policies around harassment. LinkedIn founder and Greylock partner, Reid Hoffman, made a public plea for firms to sign the Decency Pledge to acknowledge that the relationship between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs is the same as a manager and employee. (Yes, Silicon Valley is at the point where its dealmakers are finally publicly promising to be decent to women.)

The public apology from Sacca shows that no venture capitalist can go untouched, no matter how famous or how many amazing deals they've done. In some ways, it's the opposite of the Trump effect: the President was elected despite being on tape saying lecherous things. To this day, he continues to call out reporters and women for their looks. 

Yet the general revulsion to those antics has made Silicon Valley somehow look at its own secret shame. It's harder for an investor to say they are outraged by Trump's treatment of women when they're protecting their own peers who have asked for sex or rubbed a woman's thigh when they're supposed to be making a business deal. 

And while some argue that Trump's behavior has normalized this kind of locker-room talk towards women, in Silicon Valley, its greatest offenders are now getting exposed one-by-one. Venture firms have collapsed. Uber, the most valuable private tech startup, is undergoing a cultural reformation to save its company. Individuals like Sacca are making public apologies for their role in making tech "inhospitable" toward women. The Silicon Valley people and companies in powerful positions aren't immune like Trump has been — and that's only been more clear as more women entrepreneurs speak out against what's been up until now Silicon Valley's darkest secret. 

There will be more dominoes that fall, and more "disruption," as the industry finally comes to terms with this problem. But when the dust settles, you can be sure that the startups, products, and innovation coming from Silicon Valley will be stronger than ever.

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          It might be time for Tesla to get out of the car business (TSLA)   

elon musk

Here's a completely heretical idea, especially on the eve of Tesla launching its long-awaited $35,000 Model 3 in July and the stock rallying almost 80% over the first half of 2017:

Tesla should think about getting out of the car business.

Crazy, right? This is the first new American automaker in decades — and investors are so bullish on it that even though it has made money in exactly two quarters since its 2010 IPO and sold less than 80,000 vehicles in 2016, its market cap is bigger than General Motors', Ford's, or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Additionally, Tesla is really nothing but a carmaker at this point. Although it sells solar panels and energy storage systems and is building a massive battery factory in Nevada, its revenues largely come from an old-fashioned place: assembling and marketing cars.

But here's the thing: for a carmaker such as BMW or Porsche or even Ferrari, limited production, a longstanding perception about the brand, and generally high to very high to astronomically high transactions (I'm looking at you, Ferrari LaFerrari supercar and your $1-million-plus price tag), the car business can be pretty good. Not Apple good, but healthy double-digit margins are in order.

Tesla started out at this end of the market, selling expensive luxury vehicles to a well-heeled elite. If it stayed with this business, it could conceivably end up with a 20% profit margin. 

Tesla Model S

A victim of Musk's vision

But CEO Elon Musk wants to get gas-powered cars off the road, so that means Tesla has to attack the low-margin mass-market business. The Model 3 is the first shot. And there are 400,000 pre-orders, so it's a big first shot.

The mass market isn't really about what Tesla is good at, which is visionary spectacle and succeeding against overwhelming odds. The mass market is about grinding, unspectacular execution, day after day. This might be why Musk wants to see it taken over by robots. 

For the time being, Tesla has committed to playing in this space, and doing it with a product — an all-electric vehicle — that consumers have thus far shown little interest in. EVs now make up only about 1% of global sales. Tesla needs to move that needle and move it big time, and to be honest, the company isn't strong enough to do it on its own. Others will have to come into the game.

This is where matters get challenging. Autos are a tough business: capital intensive, with cyclical sales and a requirement that car companies spend a lot on R&D to avoid falling behind. The end product is extremely complicated and relatively costly — so much so that carmakers maintain financing arms to loan customers the money to buy products.

ford factory producer prices

A business for the nutty

Many, many auto executives would say that the reason nobody has started a successful new car company in half a century is that you had to be nuts to start a new car company. There are so many other ways to get rich.

It's not clear that Musk fully understood this when he originally invested in Tesla and later took over the CEO job. But he's learning now. 

Fortunately, he doesn't have to think of himself as the quixotic leader of a company that by its economic nature will destroy his fortune, perhaps more than once. Tesla could at some point shed its car business or outsource it and focus on more lucrative, higher-growth, less-capital-hungry enterprises. Solar could be huge in the future, and in any case it's been a rapid growth area for energy.

Batteries for residential, industrial, and utility applications could also be big future businesses. And I haven't even gotten to the software and self-driving innovations that make up Tesla Autopilot. They could be worth more on their own than Tesla's entire carmaking operations someday, especially if you assume that the data generated by self-driving vehicles is where the real opportunity (and riches) resides. 

Tesla gigafactory

Hard to change course?

But, you might ask, wouldn't it be hard to unload the car business?

Not really. For example, if Tesla builds a factory in China, it will almost certainly have to establish a JV with a Chinese company, meaning that effectively half the Chinese manufacturing business would be owned by someone else. A contract manufacturer such as industry leader Magna could assemble Tesla vehicles in North America or Europe. And given that Tesla is aiming to sell 500,000 vehicles annually by the end of next year, a competitor might decide it's worth it to buy up the car brand.

The bottom line is that we know where Tesla's car business is going, and it's nothing all that financially thrilling. It could be financially depressing. Almost all the company's other projects, even idealistic moon shots like the Boring Company (digging traffic-beating tunnels under Los Angeles) have the potential to growth more rapidly or establish entirely new markets. 

Perhaps that's where Musk's focus should be.

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          The 16 most expensive cities in the world for commuting to work   

wellington new zealand public transportation

Next to housing, transportation is one of the largest recurring expenses people face. In a major metropolis, that likely means a fair amount of time packed into the subway, trolley, or bus getting a little too acquainted with your fellow city dwellers.

The good news: It's better for the environment, and, depending on where you live, it may be cheaper than owning a car. 

The bad news: It can still be really expensive. 

In London, the most expensive city in the world for public transportation, you'll need to shell out nearly $175 for a month of riding the Tube. In New York City, a monthly transit pass costs about $120. 

That's according to a recent report by Deutsche Bank, which analyzes the cost of living and compares prices among the largest cities around the world. 

The report sources prices from Expatistan, a site that tracks cost-of-living expenses in over 200 countries, for a "monthly ticket public transport" in nearly 50 cities. 

Here are the 16 most expensive cities in the world for commuting via public transportation each month.

All prices are in US dollars.

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16. San Francisco, United States — $86.10

15. Berlin, Germany — $87.20

14. Frankfurt, Germany — $88.50

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

          These are the 11 biggest hedge funds in the world   


2016 was a tough year for hedge funds. 

The industry as a whole only delivered a 5.4% return for clients, well below the S&P 500's return of 11.9%, according to data from eVestment.

Poor performance and high fees drove money out of the money managers' funds, with about $70 billion pulled out of the funds last year, the biggest drop since 2009, according to data tracker HFR.

But not all firms saw their funds shrink, according to Institutional Investor's Alpha's recently released 2017 Hedge Fund 100 list. The annual list, which ranks the world's largest hedge funds by assets, shows that many of the top funds' assets have grown by double digits. 

Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Associates, a Connecticut-based firm with $122 billion in hedge fund assets under management, took the top spot on the list. Its hedge fund AuM at the beginning of 2017 were up about 17% from the same time last year. 

The funds that witnessed the most impressive growth, according to the list, were so-called quant funds. Such funds rely on algorithms or computer programs to guide their investing. Renaissance Technologies, one of the best known and oldest quant firms, saw its assets balloon by 42%, year-over-year. It moved up to the fourth spot on the list, up from twelfth last year. 

Two Sigma, another quant fund, snagged a higher spot on the list. Its assets under management are up 28% from last year. 

Here are the top 11 funds by hedge fund assets, according to the full list. 

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11. Elliott Management - $31.3 billion

10. Winton Group - $32 billion

9. Och-Ziff Capital Management - $33.5 billion

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          Deutsche Bank is reportedly staring down a $60 million trading loss (DB)   

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank could be staring down a $60 million loss after a bad bet on inflation, Bloomberg reported Tuesday

The German lender's supervisory board is reportedly investigating whether traders flouted risk limits on derivatives trades tied to US inflation, generating concerns over the strength of the company's risk controls.

Bloomberg reported that the bank does not expect the bad bet to turn around. 

This is the latest in a spate of bad news that has called into question oversight procedures at Deutsche Bank, which was fined nearly $160 million by the Federal Reserve in April after traders violated foreign exchange rules. 

Regulators also hit the company with more than $650 million in fines earlier this year for anti-money laundering failures connected to wealthy Russian clients. 

It's also another blow to Deutsche Bank's fixed-income trading operation. Business Insider reported last week that the bank had unexpectedly pulled an offer to hire a top executive at the last minute. Meanwhile, a number of senior executives have left the business in recent months. 

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          MORGAN STANLEY: Here's